Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1850 Page 1
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TH ? *! MS NO. 5926. INTERESTING FROM BOSTOI THIS EXECUTION of PROFESSOR J. W. WEBSTE1 for nut MURDER OF DR. PARKMMT. His Last Month, Week, Da Hour and Minute. THE EII1TEMENT ?TH8 SC*N See., fee., tcc. Ho?toh. August 30. 185?) la fulfilment of the ill out unpleasant duty whiel hare been called upon to perform ainoe my conni tloa with the pablio preen. I proceed to place b'X your reader* an full, accurate, and coraprrhenalTe acoouiit of tha lml hour* anil iccutloD af the ?af< tuaate Professor John W Wt baler, ae I hare been < Wad to make from witneaalng the execvtlon. a collecting information on the apot, yesterday and ' up to the laat moment of hi* etay upon ean For the facilities placed within Indebted to several of the public autboritiM. eapeoi iy Mayor Blgelow. recently nominated by hla fries far tha important and r*?ponMibl* oflloe of dereraor tha Commonwealth of MasFacbueetts. who kindly i arted hla personal Influence In my behalf and euabl aa to obtain all tha Information which I here trai ait, connected with the deplorable and melanohi occatlon. On my arrival hara. yesterday. I made It a part ay business to Mingle with th? public, for tha purp< Of ascertaining, a* correctly aa poaaible, the prec atate of public opinion in refermoe to the oondean man and hi* situation a* wall aa to team wheti there wu any fonadation for the various rumor* abc confessions, and the probability of hla oommllti as In New Tork, for aome lime past ad firat, la relation to Profoaeor Webater p aonally: I found but little. tcj little. tympathy him Individually, but a great deal for bin unfortum wife and family. Indeed the gnueral opinion 1* tl the murder of J)r. Park man wat premeditated; tl the verdict oi the jury wa* in accordanoa with I .acta of the oaae, and that the judgment of del paaeed upon Profeeaor Webster la a:oordanoe with 1 verdict. waa rlghteou* and proper. From all that I have bean able to gather, hower the general ImpriMion la. that but for the xenond c< feaelon of Pronator Webeter. it ie at leaat probe that the eentenee of d>?th would net hare be carried out Previous to that document being m to the Governor and Conacil. a great many peri< war* confident that the flret atateiuoat wa* trueai aorreet; that ha wa* innocent ot ibe crime for whl he waa this day executed; but ?ben that paper 1 came known, tbere were but few who deaired to I tarfere with the coume of the lew Public aantime remained the ua* from that time to the hour of ei -cation la relation to the laat cocf??nlon, whi it waa raid in ?T?ral of the newspaper* the i fortunate man had written, and deposited in t hand* of the anthoritlea, to be publiabed af hi* death, 1 hare not l?-en able t" learn tl there i* any foundation tor the report I am lnrlln?fl tn thtnlf tli^t nn an<?k /tsv* n mi 1( In nirt<Dc?, and that It will lontir remain aaac whether the killing of Dr i'arkman n> pronadltat or rtnlhw It waa done In the bait of pualoi and . hi'excitemti?t ot the moment. It m confidently tipmltd that I'rofeeaor Webi w< uld not b? alive on tb? da; appointed fnr hi* txf .ion. at lra?t by uany ; while other* >uppu*eJ tl having tiperienced religion under the ministering tli* Ke* Dr. 1'utnam and other*, he would not I another crime to thet lur which he convicted, committing aaicide I do not beliere that h* a* owl) Bit dilated taking bi* Ilia at any. time ill bt? conviction. He ban been known to *ay that suffered mora than llirea death* (mm tba elf* ot the large doew of ?trj chain* klrt he took I mediately after hi* arrnt, and which, If it 1 been mailer, would hare ?p?r<d in* public e eutioner the |>aln ot performing hi* duty to-day. haa llkewl** been known to ??y. that from the gr shaMge which he eiperteoced to hi* religioua leelii and knowing that hi* day* acre numbered, he wai lunch of a Christian to commit luiclde I proceeded to the Jail la?t evuuiug for the purp Of gathering a* much iaforkiaii<>a a* pnmible in rcg to the condition ot the unfortunate m?n but obiaii hut little In addition to what I wai prerl?u<ly In p *e**lon of. Indeed, U being mate add* ' the etfl.'l'i of public offloer* the deputy jailer* ami turnkey* s necuu *IIH in# ?<#T?r*M ?'r.*i jau in 11 >ai?u sr? moat rfllmtat 1 ?w >? or hrarrt of It U trua. u brra atai-ad. that Prulemor Wvt>>t?r'? laajtly wrra. n tba drrUloa. and ar? to tbla limn. Ignorant of tlia < Appoint Ml tor bla aiaamtoa l'h-j tn?? aot r any of tha public journal*. or taliad with aoei? Mm* bl? arraat, and nprrtalij alaca bla aoafaavi Hafara that document wa? wmtwn ibrjr wara on fid tbat ba waa lunaocnt <>1 th? orlma ailrgatl a*aia?t b NotkatthiUKllai bia atonl, bftwarar, tbat ha taka tba Ilia of l>r Park man Mi wif* ??<! obil lr?n I took him sot. Twlea a ??? bar* th-y rl?ita<l bin bU call, aad a<J?lm?t.r. <1 to bla ?ll>ka com tort ?b afTaatloa aloaa raa |i?f Id enam|aaoo>-of tba pertInrat anrtoalty of a portioa of tb? public, who nbHxI ! tha riolaity i?t tba jail fbr iba purp <im aaalag Mia Vtbat?r and faaiily oa tba day* appola for krt int?r*ta?i with tha Pr-.f?*?aor. -u-j a>n eba ad from Friday to Tbur-nay l'*%*tually at tba pOiBt-d haar ik>; w?at to >k> ovudraar4 nana i yaatarday. and *ltb< u#>? th? j kt>* It aot rubra bla for tba iaat oa aanh H* did an. a laara inMKi inrm tbat bafui> anotbar ana bad Mt *?gid byn a ant bar world Oa rhur-oajr nast tl wl.l ftpf--d aa uraal ta tha >all la th? rain hop< aaatagfUai Thrjr will ba lutnrmad tbat all la o< MafL* ^raaloaa aad a ? >?<! Ood aoaifort aad ooai th>aTa> tbalr afllaUua. aad tortlfy thaa to baar I ?4 I tkv LASr xoiin. I fcr U| laat thr?- r four ?> ? Pr?*?MDf Wabt |?t up aM kop?a M ?tHftlbf it>a oooa tkltk I I iiroaouaoad apoi kla and a?v-irv4 hla tiaa la r* I l>| U* lid; ltorip??raa Ulli( up I vovk i? rknablr; of ableh ??>? h? vaa r?ry fo I U? <r?>k M wa?, ?llt t pml tpiitUI*. frt I gnitnilll *llt tha thai Iff and Jatlar tlxiyl that I vhl.h trakal hla i*d lb? to; appotntad for I aiaratioa Ha ha at atrtc' mhii of tha tlaa, i I ?i>r??< kki M"'" viiiiagaaaa to tahalt to 1 un ir vhlah ha had lanirr.d Ha froqaantlj apaka I tka aabjaat of aulatda. but repudiate tha M?t baaaaa pyaltant and WlkWWi^l thajuatlra of Bt ??>mi *1) ka h. p.4 f r in bo world vaa that " IkaM; vaaid bo h*pt la Ipat.raaoa of tha day of I aiaonttoa. Ha patMtl; aad rnl|i*4li avaiiaj i tklrtklMr Aaauat ik- day oa which ka vaa to U H laara af tka vorld aad all thing* earthly I 1KB un WICK I DaHagtha laat vaah. Profaaaor W abater' daaaai 4 4 not at aU altar Ha a. parfaaily hobmwii tl I tt? batu vara aaaharad aa-< tat raJa aad raalgi to hla fata Ho frrqaaaily ailud'd tn tko day appoi ad for hla 'loontloa aa v?u aa to tka atacntloa. I aald that b? *a< raaigiad to a>at bio fota. Ha Ma aaala aa araal. and vaa onraalonally aboarfal at la I aa anrh ao aa a aaa could ba ia kl? attaattoa I apltl'aal adrlaar attaadad .u n hla tbraa tlaa. day durlag tkat parted at kla aad y-.-ar: I the Re* Dr Pntnaa vaa la kla call far faar nr I koara Mag all for kla that ko roald In foot. I Fataaa vaa aarealttlni ia hfca attfatlon* to tha \ I fortaaata aaa Froa tha tlaa vhaa fmfawif Wi Itar f rat railad a pea hla. ta tha vary laat aoaaal. vaa n eat aaatdloaa |a hla atfeatloaa u> hla. raaalal vMh him haar after h ... w. aad nigM alvt arfnei..* hla alaarlty to vail apoa hla. and giro b all tka roaaataUoa la hla pover I rn? ijtar mqht. I Froteaaor Wahaiar aaaarad tha ' Mrara c4 tha prii that hta faallj vara aaarqauated with tba day gi fhr hla taavttra. aad tha fart that tbay vara i?i yaat af It yiKaaday, *haa ha t ihaa for tha li tlaa on thla atda of tha ?r... aeldeatly gara hla I groat d??l * aaMfort. aad no doubt aa? ra?l hla aaotMa doaa ?r?a? pala* v,r? >akaa hj tha hi riff aaa hla depatiaa to cor al fraa Hra Weba aad haa dangh'ara. all llHWI I of tho preparattr that v? , he. n c aada laat alght far tha 'rageay .hi vaa tv haear al aa aarly hoar tha aast anrnlng Fro* 'aa aravd of pacaona ?r. ater thaa a*u*l * eavgr fa'la tha atraat la froat af tha jail. h< !? ?, I faar thay a art ha*a kaava that t I tlaa tppafatad lor tha aaaoatlaa vaa alaaa haad aoaa aa thay tao? thadr dapartara t thartflaaaad ordaaa for tha .r. .'I?* af tha . alT. ' cart vaa ?r.Wia.n~-<l fortkvtth Frafaa Wakatr vaa Mm warrkad. ta #rdar to taka frmm h :e ne fev- B anything by whlc is* could commit suicide; but no* thing was found upon him. II* *u cln??ly watched ! laat night. le?t he might attempt to take his lift*; but ( there vtk uo n?ceeeity tor it He had evidently made up hi* uiiail to die in pursuanoe of bin sentence When inlormed that he would be watched by two officers. he requested that Mr. J 0 Leighton. the clerk of tbaiall, and officer Kdward J. Jones who had charge of him during the trial, might be the pers*na appointed. "> , III! request ?ai attended to. and thoee puuilem-u ?1 accordingly took their poeta, and remained in his ' cell till De wai taken to the eaatfcld. During the night he eonveroed freely with thoee officer!, and road the Bible diligent)* and earnestly till about twelve o'clock, when he felt wearied and laid down on hi* cot to take hi* last sleep. At about halt-past four o'clock thi? morning, ha awoke and . appeared much refreshed by hie repose He then pray y, ed audibly; and from what I have heard, there is no doubt that he waa extremely penitent and ailuied to hi# approaching execution lie ate a light breakfast, and teemed prepared to meet hia fata While convarsing on the subject of hie execution, and during hi* , meditations. he exclaimed, in an impreeeive manner:? ' If it be possible, let this cup pans from me; yet not my will, but 'thine. O Lord, bedone!'' lie smoked a segar. too. I believe; but lest any wrong impressions should be formed from the circumstance. 1 will say that he was addicted to the use of tnhaooo in that "I form, and wa* not comfortable unless be had a segar ic- in his mouth lighted or unlighted At about dusk iu >rs the evening, a wagon, containing materials tor the scafTold, entered the jail yard, and from tUa olose ftn proximity ot the entrance to hia oeli, he must have ?r- known the object of the movement ,B TH* I .AST MOK.NI^a nd Bktkk o'clock ?At seven o'clock. I proceeded to the t>) 1 Laverett street jsll. and on artirlng there, found the . carpenters employed In erecting the aoaffold There were not more than two hundred parsons in the street km opposite the jail nor mora than flfty in tha Jail yard, aj_ at that time Among the latter were officer* deputed . to preserve order, and several mltathn ot the press ?dS rtf Krmtjin an.l ntlmr Tk? nnlu m?il> !? / K ? of Mechanic* In hammering the nail*, mutt h?v? been (I beard by the unfortunate oondemued A? blow : after blow war made tbe oountenanoea of | all prefect became graver, and perfect aileaoe waa ?*- ' maintained by tbe spectator* If th.ra wan a*y con,1 vvraation. It waa In whUpera Th<- rt>pe waa then rova, and by a quarter to eight the laat null waa driven, aid all tbe arrangement*tot tbe execution were coui plated. Kicht o'clock.?At tbia honr,the whole police fore* >ae t elected for tbe aeeaidno wae in attendano*. oonaiating of one hundred and tweaty-f?ur men Here and there, . in tbe yard. I observed deputy aberifla with their iwordf. (the handle* of whlcb were covered with crape.) ler tome police (jfltcer*. and about one hundred apecta,ut tori. All eyea were (llranted to the aoaffold In the centre of the jail yard, and particularly to the rope DC with tbe noo?e at the end The rear of the houaea In ell Lowell atrert looked into tbe jail yard, and the window* and roof* of aome of them were panked with peraoa* of both *exea. and of all age* It grieved m> to *ee ladle*and er" young girl* manifeat their morbid ourioeity In tble way. for I am happy in being able to my hoettxr, that three ita of thoaabouaea war* ahut by the occupant*. who went out of town, rather than wit neat the execution, or ba " in the vicinity ot tbe place abn theae *oi?mn prepara?at tion* were bring made, and where a fellow being waa to expiate bia crime* by a violent death. If 1 had ' . tlm* I would have procured the number of thoaa boutea. and the namea of their occupant*, and inaerted ha both In tbla report On the door of one of theee houaea a bill wa* pouted, to tbia effect?''Not at bom* ; opposed t? capital puiiinbuaent." ' llnr roT Kiuht o'cLota.- The witaaraa* to the >n" execution, a certain number of wtom were aummoned bla . by tba Sheriff, in accordance with tbe law. arrived, eD and took their aeate in the ofBre ot the jailor. The : condemned and tbe Hev Dr Putnam were at tbl* ,n time converalng on religion* aubjecta Tbe number of >n* ' apeetatora lncreaaed. and they momentarily expeoted ttti i to we the Professor come forth to b* executed leh I A Qvaiti* iu?ti Nm? o'clock ?The Sheriff and . ; hla ild( visited tbe condemned. and Informed him that i Id law minute* they would be sailed upon to dliia nhnrgo their pad auty Prnfeaaor Webster Inlarmed ml than that btra ready, and awaltwl their summon*. | Me thanked them InatTiUunlly and collectively for | the kluan<-e* and attention extended to him during eh > his Imprisonment. in- Nim o'dtci?Professor Webster and the KeT Mr. ha ' Pntnam In the cell of the condemned, engaged In rellt gious e*creisea. nt QVAiTrn hit Ntar.?Tbe Sheriff informed the wltf aboTa referred to that lh<-tr sad duty wan abant ra" to coaDrirr and rt j>! -! .1 thru to accompany him snt i to (he Jail They walked arm In arm. followed l>y the r(,t reporters for the preea. and spectators. into the aorrl, (lore ot the juil. aid to the door of l'rofes?ar VV-b-ter a > cell which wan thrown open Tlie Kev Mr. Putnam on then. In tbe preevne* of all aaet oibled. oJm?4 im following prayer, Proteaaor W ebatar tieinn on hla kn-e? ? ler " Ob Ood! Wow that a brotbermaa Isaboat to pan from ui, ru_ to be removed from thle world to a better, we invoke fur him Thy mercy and tbe spirit of Thy charily. Oh God! accept '* ' hia repentanoe aa siaoere uad eHectlve la tbe eight of the 1 ?' Teacher of all hearts; and oh, thee Ood of all mercies, take *44 Liu. forgiven aad r?deemed, to Thy botom. Let the humble by hope which he eatertalns be realiied. let tbe tavioar. wbem sri- h? baa humbly sought for the sake of biseoal. receive tin Bea and eonfesa him befere his Pnthar wkieh ia la Heavea. Oh Cod: accept now hia beartielt thanks for all the morales roaobsafed to hla, aad for ite snpport eiteaded to Mm in bis lunaly prison boars, wbea be humMy addrsserd the 'n>" Throae of Grace, aad eommened ia spirit aitk nod, and ><td found peace. W? tkaakTbee for Tbygoedneae Oh God : we so- pray for thoea who are near and dear to bin, that they may lie bate, from on High, strength aad fortitude to tear the blow flt which awaits thsm ; aad that bis ardent prayer to Heaven may be anawcrad, tbat their days (-a earth aaay be erownod with Meetings, aad tbat spiritual joya and blteslaga taay bo voaclualed to them; aa! aban their days shall pass, may Ood re-?aite the fond ties of life, so be broken no mora, n a anile with him in tbe prnjer, that tboee eonneo<ed with aril him may baee blaesiags from on High Aad, ah Ood ! wa nod pray for tba ministers of the law, who have now a solemn oi- aad tad ofhoe ta perform; that they may da It with a tender iey heart and Christian ebnrl'y. Ws pray that all hearts, every on_ alters, n aj be lof'ened with brotherly kindness, aad charity, sad forglienssa, aad fraternal sympathy tnaards their fallow rlaner, who Is going to meet llini whom all mast meet, 'lM We pray that tbe lasaoa of this benr may be eanetlfled to all D0( who witness It. Oh, God! be II oar most aaiioae dssire to jay prt|ara >< ? '??? *r*at noar. uif* ua truo rcpaataaca. lor .ad ? aro >11 aioB-ra. Or*ni ua thy taftalta Borey, for we do All ,tji htj It. Aad bow *? cuteintt a?r hrathar to Thao. ?n<J whila oa ha t?*i ttkaiuitil; to hiniu Im which ha ttiiUtW, ^ aad tha M?U of earthly jaatiro, hahold him aonppliaat it thr tut rf f tlst of Una who ti?i *11 liHlta, ?h? Jaatlaa wi'.h Barry, kid who aooapla tho aaatrlta la htkrt<"<' take hia to Thyoalf. aad tvubtr him with the ridoomed. 'of- Lot hie aine Ko washed whit* io nn*. Iitod to Ua Tk; 1 lefai.e utrej, that ha at; for itn root with On.I. l?. ?troB*th*a hia la tkio bte hoar of trouble Lot tho light af lt" Thj eeaateaance akiao upoa kim. Hoar wo aad enewerui: i 0f ?o aak U fi r Thy aarr y'a oaka, ia tko aeae af Jaaui Chriat, V-J a?r Parlour. Amen" When tha rellgioua aarrlraa wera eoorluded, tha P- ?p?ct?tore tko ?no latlud In to hear It raturoad to rail tha Jail yard Dr Webetar wu tbaa planned ami a d arcx-eeawn farmed of tha wltaeaaea, preceded by tha Pherllf, with a eorked hat. aad aaora attached to hit 1 alda Tha Sheriff directed tha to UKa thalr placet Ha tbaa aaceaded tha aeaffold lor tha 1 ?? purpo.. of Malng that nothlag wa? laft nadoaa. .' IlaLr roar Niwr ? Tha Sheriff ratlr? d from tha araf tha utl"M that tha arraiagaairnta for tha aiarutloa vara c< npleta aad proea*4*4 to tha oall of Profloaaor Webatar. to lafor? bin that bla tlaia waa up (tar fwrnt-ntt marTti Ta Ti? a'aari -Inrtthlaf waa belag raady Aar tha aiacutloa, I'rofWaaor Wabatar a ad- ariao ttro plaloard. aad ha waa dlraetad to taka hla , , plaoa la tha aoaUncholr praaaeetoa trhiah waa halag ad formed llalldao Tha High Sheriff had tho way. followed by tha jailor aad turakeya of L??or?tt atraat at* J?" Na it eaaia Prnfaeenr w. h-ter oapportad by tha tha R>* Mr Pa'Dam whoa tha aafortuaat*man raqiieat,nd od to May with him to tfca laat noaant aad aoaalabiaa tha Deilar aad Haatarhrook Profwaaor Web-ter walkad ioa flnaly bat dejaatedtr ta tha aaaffold amid tha moat H* fforomj aUtiM llh rt'f ?w Ira kl> hl? at?r? Mrtri' l? otlM. Ila Inokad at tba rrnoad, hti end waa arparaat I j raalaaed to tha dooai which awaitIlia ? h'm MMtaNMI MH of hlark. hat Lb. bad bo Batkeloth. HU froek coal waa bultoaad the to* |fHUt part af tba way faMTi'tain ra Tan ?Tba ywmilwi raaahad tha wafold and tba condaaiaad waa aao ... tlonrd to pier* blMaalf dJraatly aadar tba ropa. whloh M ba did arroidlagly lad TwaaTtTwe Mnniu ta Taw a'citn ?Tba Sheriff at- raad tba Trarraat fnr tb< umlliart ftbgTT Web .nd atar far tba rrlaia of murder WbUa ba waalelBg aa, bit tha aondaaaaail aad tba * ? l>r Pntsaai vara eareat aa?tly angegad la goa??natlM tha dmaaf rapaatadly III bowleg. aa If arqgiaaalad la what tba rlarffaiaa wl4 l I Ha than ahook head* with Dr Put ma aad tha o? lay rar? taanrtd thalr raid datlaa 'w TwrrrTTowr Mi*i ik to Taw o'mar* Prof Wabatar 1,r- waa ran a aa ted to taba a aaat oa a abair ao that Ma lag* ' sight kcwlMi Tha Depaty Sbarlff tbaa aire P pad to **" __ Twtarr Miarraa ra Tr* aVi.aci.? Ppofaaaot Webatar a laga bar lag baaa feat a wad tha Sharif took la* re iL af tha aafartaaata Mt. Prof. Wabatar Mtfaldnl; ahook tha thariff a haad aad rataiaad It la hia for a tew armada. bat did aa* apaak M HioHTtrw Mrat tea ra Taw a'nae*-- Tha rapa la pUa_j ad aronad Piaftaaer Wabatar'a a oak aad tha blaak rap pat a?. Ah lateaea feeMag la aaalfaaM by tha m ap a? tater*. a h?iirtn? B"Ai? to Tie a'exact?Tha Ikaflt adta draaalaa tha people eeaeahied apaakP aa fbllowa. bald aa- lag la hia haad tba warraat of eieeatloa:? Ut " la tha aaaa af tk? C?aa?awtali> af Haaaaeftaaatta. aad |*l? af tha (aad paapla tbaraaf. I aaw praeead la taeeata <he ar__ 4ara rental aed la tble iaaU warraat." * THE EXECUTION (,a I <n,# "tariff tbaa tar aad mad, farad tha prl?oaar, at taak a alagla atap planed hi* foot aa a aprlag tba part af tha plattrma a* wblah ProfWaaor Wabatar atood fall, Mf aad tha vafnrtaaata ?a?a waa haaglag by tha Bark. Xm ; Tha fall waa aba** right fart, aad to appaaraacee hi* W YC CORNING EDITION?SAT | neek wm dislocated. Do (trugprUd bat little and *vl di-Dtiy lutrtred bo piln. The only evidence >1' the deatb struggle, which be m^olfeited m alight con ulnire kioti mmt of tho leg*, which were pirtially drown up lor an inaiant Id I?m than four iuiduUh II Flgn? of III* ware extinct, aud Krofoscor WelMter was Id the other world, there, we truet. to reciive lurgivcnraa tor hi* orima. After remaining suspended juit half an hour. Ds~ Henry 0. Clark and Cbarla* II 8t*dman xamloedthd body, and inlorriing the Sheriff that life wa* extinct, that officer ao declared it to the left! wltae?*?* and spectators. and at the aatae tint* thanked the witretre*. in the name of the cnmuioiiveaih. for attxndinjandalding the officers of the law ia th* painful duty which bad ju?t been performed A pine coffin, painted black. wai then placed Ivueath the body. Tbe corpse w*h lowered, the rope r?mov*d from the neck, the lid of the oi.ffia waa nailei down, aiid the bod wanj then removed to thaoeM whioh Profesfor Webster recently occupied according to the Profecsor'a express desire. It will remain there ti'.l evening. and then be delivered to the friend* of the unfortunate criminal. While living. Profeneor Webst?r enjoined the Sheriff not to permit any perron to look at hi* remain* while they were in '.he jail 1 understand that late in the evening the body will be taken to Cambridge. ?hnr? arrangement* will be made lor tLe funeral, which will take place on Bunday next. The ko<Jy will be depoaltnd in the family vault, at Mount Auburn, one of the most l beaatiful cemeteries in tbe world Kvarythiug oou! nicted with the funeral waa arranged by Profeeaor i Webeter himself. CONCLCSIOW. I am Informed that Mr*. Wot. H Preacott. a near relative of Mrt. Webster. will dine with the family of the late Prof. Webeterthia afternoon, anu afterward* break to her and bar daughter* the melaanholy Intelligence that her husband and their father i* no more This conflict* with what I have stated in the btgiunin; of tbia Utter, tbat Prefeuor Webater'* family will cull at tbe jail on Thnrtday next, a* uxuiU. for the purpc ia of aeaing him. I give you the report not withstanding. It waa rather lingular that at the vary lnatant when the aondemned man dropped, tba whiatle of a locomotive, on oaa of the railroad*. w a* Bounded by the <>ngiIneer. The noine waa peculiarly melancholy? resembling mare a loud and diatlnat moan than a whistle. Amen* thoee who attandtd the execution In tha ! performance of bis cfBcial duty aj Depoty dh irtff iu a ion of* former proie?*or of Harvard University. The crime irr which Profenaor Webetar suffore.l vu committed on the *i8d of November. 1M1>. He wa* *r reetf d on the 30tb of November, and has thu* been In confinement for nine mnath*. I underitand that the proprietor of an a<ijolulng homo, from the roof of which the melaaoholy scene could be wltimaead, rented standing placea to all who | applied tor tiiem, at the rate of a dollar each. One i b< u?e waa forcibly opened, and occupied by partem who wanted te *ee the executioa. Professor Webster win in tha fifty-sixth year of hit age. 1 waa informed, lmm*dtat"ly after the execution took plaoe, that Professor Webster waa interrogated at to whether he wished ta make any furI tber confession. in reply, he laid thnt he did not? tbat the laat confection wan true, and that ha could not add to nor ubtrant frem it ? He died, th'-refore, with the assertion that the kilting of Dr Parkman waa not preix,<>jitat?d?that, in a m jment of pasalon be struck him with a piece of grape vine?that Jeath wan the result, and tfcet tor the pur. pone of concealing tha act. be attempted to dlapoee ol the body la the manner specified. Theatrical a?d Hnitcak Ituuk Orrai at Cs'tlk Qsaoin.?Last night then wa* another lmmensa audleaee preaeat, on the ooc.4 ion of Boalo'a benefit. There were sot far from flv? thousand person* preaent, who seamed, like Words worth'* flock, to enjoy the entertainmeat like oae individual The enthusiasm wa* tremeadoa*. and Bo?lo Balvl, Badiali and Marinl came lb for thair tall sb?r? ef applause. At the end ot the ft rat aot. BeeioanJ Halvl were called 'or, a* Ra liail had been before, after bin teena. and thin waI the commencement of enthu-i*MD Arillti and Botteslul. oa 'be > lolln and douMe bees. added to the excitement, and the tceae cannot well be detsrlbod It was truly a great oae On Monday, Carrliae Viettl will hare ber benrit here, i it!*tead of taking it at Havaua 8he will perioral Ariace, la which she I* truly art .stlc ?nd emineutly dUliDKOiah'd. a> all well know who haw lieard ber id ] title roit Hadiuli ae Aasur. and Ted -too ai the beuil 1 ramlde. will add to the Interest ot the ooeasiou Biioii i Tm> ii Tbi< evei Ing. *.he uraiad vautioa^ | ah rb Ku iVi-ca.) M ?tar I'M | entitled "The H? ?." will l>? produ<'?<t with new ee?naty drr?ee? and dcoratlona During tha p? rf"rm*0',e i : Dumlwr of aplendld tableaux will be exhibited?aart ti the grand ptoceaalon of the Spirit uf trim De-p tea , peatuoua hurricane, wreck of the Wiud?>r (VU< 01 the rout ot Africa. murine view on Ulo rrXLrt of Kn* land grand Oothle Hall. aul Tarlouf other beauttlu | painting* Th* rranager. aleaya tniloua to ?riri tha ntmnet )ltu?ur? to hta patrop*. will alau pr -nl the grand romantle *p?ctrcle ot the Pirate of th> Ialca " Tha Bowery wlU, undoubtedly. be cranime< l to auffoeatlon to-night. Faoaowar Yimair.r - The ernellent en? ol th? I " or a Ti ip to Bath." waa performed !??t i??e Ding. inartmirahle atjle K.tery raa.-aoier Id the pteo? waa "natalm d with great dramatic ability? Coooajr Daeidge. Kfliirf 1>y> it and Buaw. Mi .Vbbott. Ura llield and Mlea Aodertoo were all at hoaie Is th?li teapectlte cbaracure. We bara seldom area a com I au; t hat ica*e aueh general aatiafartiun Thl. are ntng. KbowIo*' admlreu play of the " llu:,chback"MUa Anderton aa Jalla. Mra Abbott aa llelen. ant CYnway a* Sir Thorn a* Clifford Ob Monday evening the taii.Kua ?wail*t. Anna Miebop, whowaweet lutona tiona. exquisite exec a'ion, and beautiful atyle of to , calixatioi. have gained for her. not only In ih? (MM but ail OTerMixleo, imperlahablw lame at an muff will make her fir?l appearance at the Broadway In the grand pertaclr of Judith ' which will be produoet with gorgeona and magnilloant aeeoery. dreaeer, an< decoration* l'hla will be a nouroe of great preflc t< the n>?na?eo>>'t?t aa all thoaa who hare ie?n thl< operatic 'h-teh. and heard all the e.?re and Iwautliu g'in? of tha reepeotlve operaa warbled forth In thi aweeteit acc-ntn ami the moat Die|odl<<M?. tlirillim atraina by Anna Biahep. have pronounced t'i? ar , rang<ment by Bochra a apleadld alfnlr Niaio'i Oaaoe*,? Mil* Cvoiata'i ArruiamiThia Irxv.m parable queen of the American drama wai wtleonad. laat night al Mblo'a on bar return froa Kurope hy a u?t ar Hence, ?uc?> a < la aeldom aeei within the walla ot a theatre rail; half an boor be fere the rlalng of the curtain, erery eeat waa occupied obliged to occupy Sh? al?lra and lnb?l*a of lb* h"u?a Tb* pl?c* aalect< d waa < (Jut Mannarlug,'' aud ot Ml* Cuabaan'a tar faai* d r*pr***tita(!?n ol M*g M*rril*? It U DffJlar ?* lo ipftt -etUu. ui "B tb?f rharao i tar In bar hand*. wuuid ba luparerogant; aba ha ! Bad* It p*euliarly har own, till ilu4i un*quatl*d nnrtaailad < b ?o j ?tagc, u tba Glp?y Lax U>'f ?ra ' truer ?u tba tl|Ml for i apnaiauaoat outburst o applauaa which van rapaa'*<l ay tin and again unit tba rrry walli raarboad wi>b tb* brait atirrtag wal c> a* t? thia grant woman Tfc- tin*- wi wban tJu; Manaarlng" ?a? parformad aapacially to - ahow off' tb* llrnry Eartram? and Julia ttauurtiag) of formdaya, but Xag MallllM <'?. aa i*pr*a<-nt*d by Mia Ouabmaa. laaara all otbar ebaractara In tU* pl*'? oorn tlatalylatha ahad*: y*t w* nuat ia jaatlo* aay tbai lary Taylor aa .>u!U waa aa lia*ly aud eapiiaating a Tar, and L'blppandal* waa " prodigl m" a* Doalnl< Pampaoa Mr. Nlblo baa nbcwn h'oiaalf a via* th*atrl eal aauagar. la aacarlng M'.aa Cuahann aaan lor tir< alfbta. aad It la aa axtraordiaary faatura of lb* pro graaa of tba t1m*a tbat bat a fortnight alar* Mlai Cufbaiaa waa delighting aa Kagltah aujlaara. at th? otbar aid* of tb* AUaatle. Tbla aa*alag aba will ap pear aa Mr a flallar, la "Tba 8trang*r. aa a^nallj *l*hrat*d part, aad bar praaaot a?-ag*a*Dt tb*i tarainata* Bi *To*'? Timnr -It la a*art-aty aaoaaaary to aay nor* la ragard la tba aaaarmaataof tbla popular aa tabMabarat. than m*r*ly to aaaoanr* that Burton I whom a a tara tba graataat roa* t an ,1 tb* a**, will 3P?ar Bat aa It U aaual, w* will rauamia th? ? * to ba prvdu**d Tb* ilrat la tba anenoaaful dra aa of "Coaaatlo " which baa b**n r*?*l**d I r fl? algbta wltb tba warnaat Bark* ot approbatloa Tblt I will b* followed by I ha taaaalaaly aaualag pl*ca aa tltlad Criaaoa rrla*a." wbiab will latrodua* Mr Bartoa, aad tb* aatartalaa*ata will rn?ela?* with Harkatoaa'i roa*di?tta of Rough Dl*aaa4a" Tbla la a grant Mil. aad will til tba bona*. NariawaL Tiir.taa.-Tbia *a*alag la aat apart for tb* b*aatt of tha ascallant aetraaa and arwat flarnrlU, Mr* B William*. wkoaa wymmtetlmi of Tanka* |trla klft kwii ao gaoarally ?*ioft??d Ska w(U !> a* aiat?d ky Mr R WUUuii who ?IU ip^w ? two tororlta Iriab drama* This Ml? I* Woalu mac* **pear twrj day. ib< kin tymittilw of lri*h nUr?fi?r? U kl|bly ? I og |?*d Tb* (Imm Mlwtwl irt lb fare* of the Ltmartok Boywhich will H? ?u"- *d?d byth*r*re*ot Oar Oal ' la which Mr*. >. Wiiliam* will nitoli two rktivUm; aad tk? amn?*n?*aU will lo** with tka eaWbratad 4rw> af"Imlu4 a* It la." Awtair** MunM.-TM ' Drunkard'' will h* a*r| lotmrd both In tk* wl craning It will h* | a r?0 npportunlt* far h.*4* of famlll- < Uk* th?lr rhildraa to thl* *itr*aaly mnrml tad ln?tra?tl** drama Tk* lmm*a?* numtwr at aartoaittoa la tka mni?um will |lva tkaai aa aaaaatag aaJ iatoUaataal tfl*raoog'i rnjoyaaat Oi ruric-Tkta poyalar hand of Itklaplan mlaatr.l* ar* do tag aa ar?l.*?t haMaana Th.ra w?U h? aa aftaraooa y?r*>rai*nea at thro* o>l?ak Th? r-aia? parformaar* la lor tk* b*a?#t at II Nora a graat Ikto fit a an daaM Ma rrl.nda wtU crowd tka koaaa toal?kt Tn* Rarat. Familt ?Tkla aalabmtad anaiaaay apaaa on Hoaday arvalaa. at Ntbla'a Oardaa with a oaw baJIM. rallad tka Ftaharaua'* Draaai " Alaa " Ranul. ot tk* Mafta Star," wklak araat*d aoak aa *?alt*Mam Ilaat wiaUr. tkat tk* aaiooa eould mat aaatala all tkaaa who wt*k*d ta aa* It Oananat Taw Tarai Tkia IttUa kara M sotalaa aoldaa honor* throoah tk* Ia?t?? DUUa Ha waa at 1 fc *?ynrt awrara) day* laat maafc, kaMla? ManwMla laaaa* altaraatl??ly at tka Oaaaa aad katUwva Hrwa* ta orowdad aodlaaoaa dtrtdlac h"i?ar? with Bat. IIawry ( lay Ha la www at Naataak* aid aooa prnpnaaa ta j *Mt BalHkt. H Jokna. ft* If* kail*** k* U atUl aadar tka aaapicaa af |>iim >R K H URDAY AUGUST 31. 1860. ARRIVAL OF THE AMERICA'S MAIL8. p Tit fteainfblp Amanna. Capt. Shannon, arrived at thia port eaily yenterday morning. 3lit* left Liverpool on Satarday. the 17th inat. We tad that our telegiaphio abstract of bar news vu tall and complete. ffhe American frigate Independence, having on < board h!? excellency. Mr. filay, tbe United States ( chart;* d' affalrei to .Port ugal. In tow of la* steam frigate MUaisslppi passed cm the 25th alt., for Naples. The American store (hip Krie, 13 daya-frcM Marseille*, baring en board tbe Turkish ermmlimioBer to the United State* and unite, arrived at Gibraltar on tbe lat. and Milled on tbe 2d Inst . tor New York. Tba Hanoverian government, anxioas to promote tbe interests of lti new free port at Horburg. on the left bank of the K)b?. ha* granted, by an order of the 0th ol August 1860, the r<*ml>iftion of tbn State duties on all gooda arriving by see at that harbor. Anuexed were the <iu<>tatien? of America* aeenrtti n In the London market on the 16th last.:? f nitea Biatea 6 per et. doUar. 1*6S ?Dl<a fl w Pitta 6 " " lv.J loi aUM* IHtie " " 18*7, 1*H Uli^all*. Pitla " 'Bonds, iMt Iflrt alO", PamnaylTaaia 6 " " tafa Ohia.:. " " 1875 1(? Maryland 6 " " Sterling Hoods, 90 a HI

Canada " " Uekentu??, ItlHain Spain, TH? REPORTED IKM1.T TO TUB AMKRTCAN MUflSTTR t ?T?K DUTH or ?KW. TAYI.OU?THE CUBA AK- p FAIR. B Our advioes from Bpaln are to tb' 4th instant. C The government are about ending a large reinforcement to Cuba. There are four battalion* of infantry ' of liXlO men each, to b* formed by volunteers from the li regular army; four quad run* of oavalry are organ!- 0 log tn Aleala; and General J. Concha. wbo Is going out K 10 Cuba a* captain-general, still acting at present a* * the director of that arm. *nabie* him to w that this 4 corps it ar> efffotlve on*. A brigade of a.-tlllery and a company of sappers and miners are alao to be Bent C there The o?llo?r? are. It iiaald, to ha.-? a step in rank eonn dtd tu them. The Madrid correspondent of th? London Timet, q write* under date of th* 3d lost., a* follows The prejent (tat* of C'nba, and th- marked disagree- N Bent which exist* between the government and the o captain-general *f the island. and which hare Induced 1 the withdrawal of th* Covnt deMirasoi and tth oommi'sion which accompanied him. and th* appointment " 1 lieneral Jet* d* Sa Concha to that oommand,ar* th* ob;*eta ot every conversation. and may be regarded a* * tie moat Interesting matter i/f th* day. There are no * doubt, many just eauae* of complaint against the mil- * itary authorities of th* island of Cuba wbioli bar* * come to light, notwithstanding 'he d;ffluulty which the ?' Inhabitants, who have been loug condemued to ?uOer d in silence ih. abuses of the NMMm bnd in making c tbeir complaint* heard. It appears that serious taota. Veil authenticated, hare made their way LoiheOouncil * ol Ministers, and hare enlightened tneui as to the real I tat* of the celt ny and the perils which hang over It. A petition has been presented to bhegovernment demandipgauoreliberal policy, a more enlightened and c^uit- 1 able administration, and an efficacious guaranl** against the depredation* and excesses ot the oflclali. 1 ' In a letter received a few daj* since from the Heraanah, it Is stated that th* slave trade aud the importa lion of negroa* have been carried to th* highest pitch during the governnti-nt of tha present Captain Uane- ' ral According to this curious document, written by ' on* hi the most respeetable inhabitant* of the island, ' it a^m ara that on to* very day when the band of Nar- 1 , eUo f.opei was attacked and d?leated In the streets of ' Cardenas >>y the Spanish troops. I,0u0 negroes wer* landed in the island oi Cuba, vhloh produced the Cap- ' tain General 3 000 ounce* of |-old-thre* ounces for * each nnlortonat* slave whom enlightened Europe has *' not bevn hi" to (intend rxcept *y v?in declamation * ' ' and Ineffective armaments The government hu at 4 I length acquiesced in the petition ot the fu'ure Captain '< General o| the Island ot Cuba, aud given the n?ce?-ary P orders for assembling th* tore* which is to forn tha expedition to be commanded by Don J oar Concha and * which will be oomposed of 4,010 or 6.000 iuiantry. 000 b cavalry, with a snfflclent equipage, except horses. i shir K tnww ,*411 H?,il .. n t Kitir mrriva.1 in tha Ul&nil mil t fear romy>ania* of rtiglD*?r? The njutilrom ol o?ralr j arc at jirufvnt leing organized In lit* nclgiiborhood of Ht lrli [Irotn th* Madrid Ilora'do (offlrltl) July 2] OaJi^nani of tba !Mt)i Juti". eupira from &u lugliah parlodlcai. thr Sun. lh? foil *1011 paragraph ft? : ? ] -ti. 1.. ." m.--i4 yx.-? 11 . ..w to - *<*. I kill tha l>uk* of Hi tpe r Itlatiao aid, that at a ???11 uttan by th? Neapolitan Miaiatar, (lb* | PrtLta da CaBiai,) N?v?n ilfercd a (tr ?? inault to tha I Amnic .i Annaaaadcr, wlo approaabad 10 aaiuta *iim "1 will hava Botulr* to ?>," ahoutad M?i??ar, " to a ptnoi I lual rtiwaaata a nation that Imrl.ira pirait*. and aacoarngaa ptiblia i?l niaa." Aftnr aaymir tb?a? w?rda. iu a ton# of ? uiea i??id ?no?rh to ba hi an all over tli* rocin, Nar/aat tuiaad hia back on the Autrman riaulpataauaty. who w*? aU? " ml" by all tb? Spaa'arda prtwit. H> nra abia to contradict (drimmfir to glra th.i lia.) In tha moat dtoiib-d manner. tha absurd rumor* which tha l?r*going p?ra?r.'?>h ha> raproJucad. Tiiara I* not uow. bor baa tbara bf-n an; difftrauc*. oitliar graat or avail. of lb?i kiu<t apokan of And In regard to Ilia auppoa?d torut with tha K|irrMij|*ll? ol lha United fltata*. in ordar to bailor* tbnt til* In traa, Ii not to know Ututrnl Nwrni, nor havaany knnwlodga of the courti ay an i urbanity becoming a Kantlaiunu, ! and a pwrann of bit alavatad MrKnii. with wbii h ba trrata not only tba rrprraautnMTP* of fri< n Jly powara, but all poraon*. ?ha'<M may b* tbalr rank who Utae tha h' L.or to approach him *> daciarv. than ibat the whole paragraph which ? ha?o ju*t ijuut. J la abaolataly lala. (onetuva.1 ; Im. acio> 11 iam 1 ar? 1?- canah en brnt. } i Manain. Ai|mt 4, W?/. i It bacoaaa my pailful doty ta aaaouaoa t? ?< ?, ?iB iaHy, 1 tin dr< I aa> of>rral Zatihary Vu?l"r. lata 1'iraiaaal of >ha I laltad Ptataanf Awe. a. Thi< 1 i/laLfh- l\ aaaal tnok placa, attar a hrial 11Ibb*?. at <ba iiauMN maaaloa in <t'aabin|t n til< pb 1 uaaday, tna Mb nl'lain, at thirty lalautaa |>a<t IU c'clock la tlia axting A fctuat and (oad ban ha? lallaa. ' A tta'had IB am I; Ufa t? tha pmfi aaiua loaa ttataar of vaaiul and ardaaat military ?*r?'a ', laarkal by ' ?T?ty virtaa tint (aald adarn tha auiillar, and orownad ; by a a*rl?a i f trlnmi 'ia?i aobiairaniaat>, which aiairulail tha ?iatcrl">ja In to al b a i riliiaal renawa. aad raS?"iad >a hla 1 tuantrj aa Itaoar hatiafana. Ilia aiilita'y lifa bat aaraad to daaalapa ai d illaatrata 'ha nnbla a trl^uia. f itl.araatar ? a man. Ii ta iidnt aia|>lialtr aad aia?ar t / uaad JadaBi;i>t, nodaratian, iBtaicrltyand parity, hla Jna'loa al- I way? tim|*nd with mara . eaara^a wtWinat raabaa a firm- ] aaaa witbcat abatikary, kind witboat waaka?a. aad hia aalf< tacrldrin* and aMdiri daaotina to tba uoaaaMnU*** a I a- j okarpa Of bla Jut? ut>iai all ciianiuataaMa, had tad trad kin> IB tba ilt'i" K>? M th< pa. pl", and war - rawaraad l>t a aratafni anaatr) wt'.h tha hiabaai I nnra ia ita lift. Tka _ n Mm* aaaarma aaa ' 'tt. !. ?? ?>ii baari. ahlab ha4 *ta?> 1*4 If* and tha 'i It**, t alia?*4 to U?n that'hiaf Maclairata ?I * irtil ??tl?n, ? I <o raaaar ' >? lata lllaatrloa. rrnw <?n' ' ?'<< 4 kt kau ud r?-p-<>a<i ?kr' ?d. Tr la tha v? ra nairi uf audi a lit.-, Ha m ?ttkla4 to >i) la 4>-*tfc, t a? raa*? I ba a ?lr?>i *aaaa*ar?4 to 4a m) 4atjr " Such Ufa ?i>a ra'.a4 m a.ath. maih^ud, and ri|>?r ag?. to tM alalmaraa' i aarah Y hia riantrj ? ? . kar 1 aat lataraat, la ika ?r?arr<*tlaa rf l.>r laaltianoaa ?ad . Ibi t*t)< talu ti nt hall<i>t4 I a it.atli ?l?a>a iaa>*la a ' krtfhi aaaaifla if Amavi* .a tharaa'at a?>' pairmtia*. 4a1 #ar? ia? tha ccuataa. louli.ior A ?a? omriaai la all tha talatK aa af pafclir and pr ??ia aia'li.u. I tb*raf ra r*'p**tfol'j taalta thaCaaaala Vi*a t' aaala. ka4 atbar afll<-ara t?f tha I attad Rtataa, and alh*,a ujr r ^ariryfaaa la thla Panlnanla *?4 tha Ialanda M)a?lt to Join la Ua cut rat aa4 4aap rrxrat l?r tkU taaxp?ot*4 a Unity, aa4 ?a iha kaaemtai 4aa>?aatratl< aa < f a/ivpatkjr au4 annua- abiab ??w pnaja a *hal? aattoa awr wlx aa aaat lataraata ba |.r?ai4a4 with (a mail difai'7. boavr, aad aaafnla-aa _____ D. M. BARftlNUia. PMtBfkl. Adalraa from I laboa to tha wth laat ara raaa-lrad Tba only fbralra aaaaala of war at anchor la tha T?<aa oattaMb aata tha Dllta4IH?taafH||alallt Laaraaaa, aa4 tin. fardluian brij < olombo Th? ivrlwi ft.. Bta aatarad I.Ubon tha Ith Ignorant al Mr Clay'a t ring takar. bla paaaporta and raaa?d ana* alalia- ? ant by a??laatlD( to aalata th> l'ort >gn>-aa. |u , antll o'clock o* tha ith ahan Oapt PaulHag had a aallrrt apoa tha Admiral to aiplaln tba data; aa ?ol-ly attrlbutahla to tba daogaroaa III* aaa af naa it bla aa. aad to tha faar .hat tha dUobarga af tha ?a?i Blfbt raaaa bla d**th. tha Laara?'? araa to laaca L'ah*>B la a fa? daj a aad la llkalj to aall a?*in at f < ob. vbara bar otUeara Bad a Uianaotroa , ( ?arj popular liwt yaar ! c t?n. nng'i viriiaiar. , ] lt-10'ClMt F. M ' Wa hiTi llttia nhtift W aotlaa (a roarkau tkla ??l Tk# bon< trada nilifce'nrtlf, Ml C a^ n at] m p tIon u going aa a jan-rall; Iaar*aaa4 * *? ! , aotfaa, (till fonalr.g U? a*~aptloa J Cotton It >?4 laaar, with aara diap xltloa to raailaa * PHeaa of aara ten km fairly Maintain**, tkj >l?t 1 of larf* aopplUa of foralga abaat aad Jour kartag ( kaaa imiMmM by partial aaaiplalata of U? whaat t arr>p Moaay riaalM trry akwfaat Tka bwlMM kaa kaaa rirjr llalM I* Ammmtcam f Ito?i tkla tt?k. Bam* 1?IU4 Itatoa 4'a, Uaapaa , Inali, kaft kifi plaoa4 at 1MK; maa MaaaaahaaaOta ' 4 tar I lag koada at IM; faaaaylraata 4'a. at M a*4 U (# M taklgaa. at M; Iadlaaa Btata at Tt; aa4 TlLaate ? lataraal tMfrarwtat at 44 far aaat Iwaa eoatlana to ka Ml traily. bat traaaaattaaa J kaaa kaaa 11*1 tad. Wa quota pata Ma . poarla Sla i'mhi?hi ! ratkar akaapar Kalaa aaada-4 ta 144 i tag* af aU aarta Wa aoota Roadaraa hlaak ka M a ka M. allaar k Nik 44 . Mamlaaa Maak la Id a 4a M atlr?r Sa T4. a la M , Taaarli ta 14 a ta M Can**.- too ha*a frtaidarf at aaaitaa y?ai.rday aat4 fraaly at tla 44 ft?r ordinary ay ta 4Ta 44 tor gn*4 bold I?4. batng ratk-r d'arar an4 aavarnl a?aU paraata I kara akaagad ku4a by prirata aoatrvt at ttaallaa I rmtaa j Carrra raaialaa aaglaotad. kat llttla dlaaaatttoa la i arlaaad by koldvra ta aooaat lowar rataa. NaMra Oarla* kriaga 40a a tla la ratall Of Mo oaaha 400 kaga floatation at aartaaa aattlaa> karaiy aaa half ?aa raallaad at a partial ra4a?tt*a af b ah 4.JTt ka?a Oaata Maa la rata to day vara, baaarar, aU aa!4 at aary fair ra*aa. win 44a 44 a 41a . aa4 1 404 tap M fta ago kaaa kaaa tafcaa at Ma la 4oatlag aar^aaa aotklaa 4aaa k?t far eaa at gnad (rata fcla datlrara kla at Trtarta. 40a kaa kaaa ?Hr-a-4 aad r ifkaad (a tka aaar aorta Utara ta Itnia aUrala*. Nt Oottaad MM aata la kfca wa4Mt rataa ftt "good ad" o B|Mf ERA Java. We subjoin a not# of import* and look* onlhe lft luatant : IHHtTI. 184# 185-). Qrrat Britain lbs 33 000 000 29.100.000 Other ports of Kurope. . - 21S.MO.OOO ld8.200.000 Total 241 500.000 10T.300.000 tocki. 184?. I860. Brett Britain lbs. 3fi &0u,000 44.400.000 [>ther ports of Europe... 117.000 XX) llfi SOO.uOO Total 164.100 000 100,700.000 Corn* ?The price biu fallen ?4 10* per ton We now quota English Til* ?78 10* , Cake, ?79 101. par H'O, clieathiug Ml., mod yellow metal 7>,d per pound Tba Cork market *u firm on Monday. notwithslwidIng tta large tupplie* of foreign wheat and flour, *s !Le weather ww very stoimy and unsettled, and tlao report* of tbe ?b<ai orop ami tbt< accounts from Iraland respecting potatoea were considered less favorkble. Ob Wvdnesday, with Aner weather. there wa* rarcely anything doing, but factors remained Arm. ro day tks weather has assumed a more settled ap jearanoe and is all (bat can be desired for harvesting, shich ia now proceeding rapidly; the iaark?t was Terr lull, and wbaat and lour boch cheaper to aell. though actors would not give way. Indian oorn arrlred. or lear at band, aeglcctod, but oaa or two paroali ol Me litermnean hare been contracted for, for shipment la >ctober and Naveiaber, at Wa. fid. per quarter, coat, reigbt and insurance. Cotton?The sale* for the waek do not eicsed 1170 lalea comprising 1070 balea Surat at G\d a fl^'d , and 00 balea Madras at 8>,'d. >6\d . being about ', J ower. At Liverpool price* are '^1 cheaper; mid. ?rleans la now qacted 7\d. Dauus. 4tc.? 1'urliey opium ia firmer at 13a . owing 0 the greatly reduced atock. aud abeeare of Iresb ?upliaa. Camphor steady at Sfia 12 ca?e* fair to good ingaporo tartoWbell have been sold from 21* a 27a.; ulcb bald at 18*.; Oainbler lis. fid a 12a. Ini>iuo--2SO cbest* Bengal barn been taken by a peculator at prices rather above the currency of the tat aalea. and the article continue* Arm 670 serous uatemala,at public rale oa 14th instant, weat off with reat apirit at aa advance ot ad a 5d, and nearly tbe 'bole wa* disposed of; Mores 4s fid a 4* 8d , Bobrus a 2d. a 4?. 5d? Cortes 2a M. a 4a. Id The Iron market remain* without Improvement, lonaen Bar ?4 12a. fid. aad Ralls ?4 17s. Od. a ?4 lis. a Wales L*bd?Price* have a downward tendency. We now uote Western 34*. a 32s Linsrco Caaaa?Foreign ia fair request, best thin few York, In barrels. aell at ?7 &?. a ?7 7a 6d. Of ther American none in stock Marseilles held for ?7; ><>ndon made a alow sale at ?9 10s a t'B 15. Oil*.?Sperm isoi reaJy aale from ?83 a ?81. Bouthrn ?31 Its. a ?34 6*. Pale aeal in few bauds, and its alue baa laitber advanoed to ?36 a ?S6 lu*. Cod, ?34 ?35 For olive there i* still little inquiry; but holder* how mora firmness. Ad areleaa disposed to prwae aale* t present pricea, say ?40 a ?43 per ton. Palm dull at 8s. Cocoa nut heavy at 28a a 32*. Lioie ed is offered paringly, but in limited request,at u'J*. fid tor present livery. Foreign brown rap* is otiering at 36s. par wt. Ric*.?There has been an active demand, partly for iport and on speculation, aad upwards ot 4U.000 bags lengal bare changed hand* at a further advance of 3d. , fid , shiefly in low to good white, from 10?. a lis fid f?i.TrrT?r ? 800 bags Bengal at auetion held for ilgber prices, were taken in from 25*. to 20* fid lor!5X . t lbs refraction; but 4 000bags this afternoon were old privately from 25* a 27s. Nitrate soda 13* 0d. Raw 8n-a Tcry Arm, and higher prlo?s confidently mtlclpated. BrKLica flat??16 10a. a ?15 5s the present aearest luotatlons Prices ?W* notice sale* of 100 bag* Pimento at fid. 1 6J;d . 300 pockets common Bengal dinger at lfia a I fis fid . aud 1 000 bag* fall Penaag Pepper, imported I *om HiMtoa. at 2*id a 3d He<;*a ? 2.400 bbdl Weft India, and 15 000 b't?a I Jaurltlu* ha*a been taken by th* trad" thla week at teady price*. but th? raw market wa* rather (Utct^r 0-day At public rale. 200 caae* Kahla bare b< ought Ba a 41*. Ad . 3V0 hhda Porto Ri .!'>? a 3*., it 000 boxra II avnna 3d* a 42a . with a ainall >t of cbolea at 44* An *xt?n?i?* dnmaid baa retailed for foreign Sugar and upward* of 27 000 out Havana ha*** changed hand* at varlou* ptiwi, ijulvalent to * ? Od. a 23* M *hort prl< *; *.rt cam* rown Patiia at 10a ; 200 too* Porto Rico on terun n?t uade public. an<l I) 000 bag* clayed Manilla at I't* In he tear continental port* holder* are frm hut danand la Dot active; in the Mediterranean aticfca ara arge. and little doing \V? ha** beea without trmui ctioua in whit* lla*ana. which at laat >la'a* from St. 'eter -burg wa* quoted Ko 27 v," a llo 28'?* Tallow doea not Improve Prioea ara beary at 30a i Id. on tb* "put. and 37*. for lata dellvary T?? rh?m bax been !< * activity n the markat ' ?i> hin tba Ia*t (aw day*, bat price* remain ancRangvd, <taH*eriee prooeed vary aatltfaetorily Tii.?The ptloe ol Kugileb ha* born advanced .Si. Block In now K3* and bar H-U.; tin plat) * in demand at !!*?. *nd 88a. per box tor 1 C eoka and charcoal r? peclively Kvt India ha? bet n in great r.-qu. *t. and lolly 8 OU) flab* *tralta hare l>*m aold lr?tu "tt? a "*2* . lb* la*t with certificate. To-day at public tale 800 labt Maura brought Ha. a hla tid while l.otU alalia Haiti war* bought In from H0? Od a M* (id . being above tba value. but 320 *laba hare tinea been placed tt WO Toncct Tlmri li no change la 'he market, the t i nad. hate purcbeaed eparingly and th* only ale for export ha* been a parcil at 00 hhd* low Keni cky It at at tHd per lb Ti *r*">Tiat ? One or two parcel* of rough. lately ar. iTid, bare been diapoeed n| at A* M.. Out tHt? price III hardly be obtainable for. fur'h?r arrival*. aa Rri1-h aplrlia do not oonamand over 2t? aad American #* ea a 29*. WHiii* nr In limited r?qu**t at ?176 for SauUicrn md North W**t Polar qnlte nominal The n*xt public *ale* of Colonial wool will co?nDtnre on tha 23d laat.; th* quantity arrived i* about ic.ow uiti The larhrUt Littarooi Corrnt MaaarT. Prlday Aug. Id ?Tha iritk and general demand which pre railed In the early lart ol iba moalh. 1*11 ?H at iha eloan o4 laat ?i ak. th" i*ila bnd then nbtalm d a preeent aupply. and the iigh priiea eatabilafcad checked tyiwiiwii Th* iteet advice* from tha llnlteti nt?t*a have al*o re- I xirfed the weatbar to be favorable and ha** tended ta > Imlt the demand During tb* piewnt aw k. the earn* ?*aa ba** Induced fh* trade to limit Ihalr purutiaaa*; ad eottcn baring been freely offt-ied *? * aeoneatKi u price* ba* been mad* Speculator* biteauapegded hnr purchaaea In tb* xpeata'lon ol mae an*niag* roKi d-'af; but a confidence In the maintenance ef ii? fi ,<rlcc> under tbe joint lrflu? u<-< of a limited *npil* ot cotton and a great alanilaoc* of utnaey gen r'"1iy prrratl* To-day. there la a fair aftead a."* ttl 1 kd? trad* knt Bon* Itiiv lir#?l* ih? It* *r* about 6 000 h*l?* Including 1 Mi Amvrlaan. itm on >prrulitl"ii or lor export Aro?r|r*n daaarlp Ion* tr? frarly oHerrd? tba b*tt*r daanrtplhm* M*> mt?. ud tb?y fully Dilgiiln tb*lr ?!> , lh? ?ub< rl?ad quotation* ot hlr Halted* and <1oblU-a ara ba *a?? a* la-t ??fk but fair Orl<-an* *r? ?l**n<-a<i ,d par lb ; ) the lowvr and ml Idling quail))** a da- , IId* ? ? i,d par lb baa vi-ry g?n?rally b<?i< *ut>iultta4 o Urania and Bgyptlana arc la r?4 raquaat and bay rnnniatid aitr?*a rata* Bar*'* ar* dull of *aia, , md tbay baaa d*<-lln*d ^d par lb IMl)4tal>i of | lurrlrin 170 Prrnami 1% Habla* HAMaranbaa *30 F.gypilaa*, and 1 MM) of Burnt bar* baaa t*k*a ?a *paMilatlnn, and 1U9K Anxrlraa T90 Parson*. I 1<D , Maianbam, M Egyptian, 1,Mo Sural* aad Hi Madras , fcragport iaUw d. 4. Irtlr*. 4. 4, ] tM Baa Ial d Oa.1l I7H *UID Naraakaia .. .7ft a , 1<*? Btaiaad ? 7 all I7in B^pMaa <S aHl| ; 0#mi (alaa*. bv'd <H ? "H Par* . 0 a u I IM N**0rUaa< 7 a DM ?? ?**t ladia* 7H a ?** ?aru H, Mia..... 7U a -W * **? IS ? ? IBM Or'* a Far 'S a vvj AO N*4raa ..Bad | ifci BaklaB Ma* ?)< B?a?al Import*?Ta tbla data. IBM. loalfc.j bag*; aaa* !?*. IB4B. l.dTBMI bag* fltoak* On tbla dal* IBM 71 MV ba(*. aan- tlaa 1MB T.? ?00 bag* Bala -to al >air* to tba 17tb Au*u*t IB4P. I BM S70 baf*. total al** ta tba Sth A^u*t IBM. 1 ?1T.IU0 bag* liraarool Cm* B?cha*??, Friday. Aag IB ? At thlt nornlng mark*t thara ?a* only a ?l*ndar ait-ntaaoa f huyar* and tk* bu*ln?** In any artM* waa on a -ry Bodrral* *?ala Wbaat *aa bald vltb t?l*rabla iran< a* hut la a la* laataneaa tba tnrn af prlaa *ai tavnr of tba pnrefcaaar Pl"ur ?onawnd?d fall irlaaa and goad and *upariar quality *aa nu* pUaMfal lata wtra Hd par buakal rhaapag Baaaa ?ar? M la * par ijuartar big bar Bar I* 7 aad naaa *ltk*?l , banira Indian corn ?aa Bd ta ! par quariar law** ban on Tnaaday T < . 13 Having nn aatlaa bnyara a* oar ! 'ma Bichaag* to day aal tba waalbar baa uli fall y laar. al'b a aattlad aapaat. tba allla** ?ad da alar* r*ra aitt ? ?!? eanlloa* la tbalr arn*?*dln?? aa ra udl ?h?at of *U d'arrtptloaa wklak loata? tk?*it?lit xrdtaMl of Friday r*?irl?4 to ika ?tmU ratoa of kl* day aa'falgkt. to whlok Impnrtar* atoadtlr *4i rad Plata* u4 ('aaadlaa tour, m <?ll h rroiwk > 4 Irtih. kltrMtx) jiMl od?r?(? ahara of att*alo? ill tliUlwl UU pbiH Rtrli; ti4 naif npoa a llBltod aaala. Moraly m>Mlni4 oar a*t qnoullMi Tba fMMl run of li|iM m4 ot?i<b war* rtaai* la nlH; and RayatUa* oai standing ratkor Mora taoatr?. tfc? tarn inni 'raa ratkar a?ar1a?W <<a tka Ural ItM notad tat* la MtklatUna of twtur aappliao, and iko ak ' m of o?k watat titUmt H d to 14 par 4ft Ika i ad oatMoal karoly *a?p*rt*4 iko curraany af tht? do* >i?k Indlaa aara upon a *ary llaltod daaond tkU (nralaa m< >*o? Inqalry tor laaaatsoat. waa aliaktl? lat aat (raa rally dapraaaad la aalaa ?. d. ? d Iimi. | d t d. nat.prTtlV, Bcj.o, DT tfiu n IB I ( aaadiaa rod ... Id PaS.WtU.Ta., fScm:::| j!} SSJTiVS IS t B^mI S i j n*ar?r?.?. t>?. him ? 9 T I C dtataa. ?* j M j SSmMl.f 1 ?? 5 I Efevv-J a*. E&sfM IS f InittMi fiMu ry**BWT-d? - 'J' FVwIan. Ar>H Id 1M0.?0agmr "?V7 '!T^'W rood d?a?nd aad lk? aalaa ?aatat af 7?n hM< f , i.OkO ?? of koajal aad I JN**' M*arfMaa^k> IT. M to Ida pot * < !*?* aalaa kaaa kooa n_ j, [B Mnlaaaaa Porto Rlao at Ida (14 ta Id* oa Iko pot Oafca Tka BUM I. Bat, aad lha Uadaaef I LD. TWO CENTS. price* U downwards, Jamaica 43*. to XOda., Mid Pl*nt? Hon Ceylon ft'ia to S3*. per ewt ?wt India ginger IMi to 17?. and I'ara core* 27* pur ewt. Rlee-Thr aala* are 10 000 bag* bengal at 8a (Id. to Hi for low broke* to rery good white Hum -last India lor export only, at 1? 6d par gal proof. Tea The market ha* be?a ieM actlTf thl* week, bat no alteration In pricaa can bail noted. Garnet abelllac 41* to44a.. Ian dyeDl^d.. Baat India gum arable 46?., Prague catob 18a 6<1 , ?igo Hoar II*. to IS* fid,, eaMor oil to0>?'d ; rayrabolam* 3a M. to 4* Gd. for damaged. 'iptolOe for *>und. and StraH* tin 81a Malt pcire 2Ti. t*d to 28* M. for 4 to 6^ P** rent retraction: nitrate of aoda 13a 3d. fromabip. aa4 IS*. 6d. to 13a 9d from xtore. Dyewooda?St Uutulago logwood ?4 to jt'4 2a. 8d.:<'uba fuatlc A'8 16* tt XV, HaTanilla 15: and Kokeile camwood ?31 per ton American roain, of fine quality 8i ttd per nwt Avhca, on tbe *pct and lor delivery, 86" to 37a 6d for poti. and 31* od. to 32a ttd per eat. for pearl*. IIIde*-The market la Tery Arm. aad bigber price* are aaked. Oporto red. Italian an 1 Bologna argol* aold at ateady price* Turkey madder root*. 48* to 4S*; French ?t pnrloua rate* Oil re oil baa continued la good requait at tally pr. rlom rata*. Ileal oil ?'33 10* per tun for pale, and colored at proportionate prloe* Lard oil. 34* per ewt . and i-pirlta of tarpeatlue, 28* fld per ewt Palui oil, A'JSliU 10 * i.18 16a. Tallow?1*. V C range* from 37* 3d to S7?. 0d? a* in quality. Jute ?14 fta to X10 10*. per ton, Ik. I.M.r K.i.., tr,r t? k.I.. ,,fft*.. liotiroul PaovmoN Makkkt. Friday, Auguat 18 ? Thrtii bar uot been much activity tor beef: a few salei of inMdIitig quality ar.' reported. at about tirmef prioi-n Id pork, the atock bring chiefly of a miidllng description. tk? aalea have not been exten'iv* Wt have aptin experienced a ?ood demand for baron from th? I Hah buyers. and full price* have barn realurd lor ordinary deacriptionn ; Una quail Ilea have been very little inquired lor. Of (houldera theie have been a few arrival*. which will meet with a free aal? Ham* r> main viry dull. The Mlai of lard reaoh 100 tans at about laat week'i prieea. the market closing aearitely " firm We note Improvement la the demand fa> cheese PalUa lat?lll|cnce. *1nInfamou* -Itlrmpi at A'lrfn.ipr. "* - On Thursday Ia?t. a moot eutrageoua and diabolical attnmpt wae made by nnrkl pereoaa to entrap and kidnap a oolored woman, by the name of Julia blunt. evidently with the Intention ( conveying her in a rental xouth, and to tell her into alavery Julia appeared yesterday afternoon before Jualioe Lothrop. at the pshoe ooart, where ahe told her atory. the nubMauoe of which we give It a ppeara that Jnlia wm In the eertIci of Mr. Riley, keeper o< the publio hoaae ia West Broadway, and had been there about a month On Thuradav morning, about eleven o'clwck. a man called at Mr KUey'a house, and represented that he wan aa ofllerr of the Kighth ward, and had a warrant for her. reepeeting some wearing apparel which she waa charged with dealing from a captain, and further, that be wanted to examine her trunk, eituated at No 1M Chr jailer street. Julia knowing herarlf to be Innonent, agreed to go with him, he exhibited a paper which he aid waa a warrant, he aaid ahe muat go to the Tombe, and ahe waa conducted accordingly, by thin Individual, to one of the room" In the police court, aud told to ?M down and keep atill. After alttlng down a few aeoada, a man came into the room and told her ahe muat go with lim fifflratr anil her trunk this ibn WAJI willing to do. and nceomi *nled by tbe ma' min who brought her to the oflce. lelt the room| on pa*?laf I from lb* Tom ha a abort distance, a carriage waa procured, and Julia rerjueated tu jump in. with the understanding to go to where th? trunk >u However, I net* ad of proceeding to Chryatle atreet t tie bnikmaa drove to tbe Kouth terry, for llrooklyu JulU remarked that ?h? thought they tun going to riaolM her trunk Id C'bryatie etreet; no *i ai? aaid the man, but we nuat go to Brooklyn and *? the captaia tir.t The carriage croeaed tha terry, and proceeded to Ke4 Llook. on tbe bay litre ?h a man with a beat tm waiting. and at a distance waa a brig with her ?alla et. apparently ready for e?a Kbe wan then re in.'.ted to leave the carriage. get Into the boat, for tbe purpoM a they alleged to go on board the veaael, aud tue% tee tbe captain, and If he did. or did no4 rerogniee her. he would aeod her bark to tbe eity Julia uow Iregaa to brieve tbat toaa trlek eat intended and moat poaiUvi ly refuaed to go. eioia.iaiaf that the woald eooner dl? than goon b>ard th- abip The* Were about to u?e force, alien ehe acream-d ail Diaae considerable noiae. which brought to her aid come perron* at work Dear l>j The parti ia then bacauie aiarmid. the oahrnan drove off. and the a>eu Is the boat rowed off from thore. with the lat?ul.n>u ae they represented of bringing the eaptaln to lilieljff her In accordance with thla tart ?he remalaud o?a? two houra on the beach and finding tbe pertl?? ;u tha boat did oat return ahe walked ba k uulertne pro. tectiou Ol a stranger to tbe Mouth Kerry and raiuroad to the city?one ol the tuen Mine lug altar her initH within a short distance of the terry rn * oat) drir.-t ronnbi rale, the story aa told by Jillla fhia c >1 >re4 woman ia not a fugitive alave a? aba >< born In | Maaeachuaetta and ha- teen lu New Tort a<> ml ua ! yeara The whole affa ?? evidently an Intaae u ! attempt to kidnap har . j J throw h.-r Into alaver* The** laet* b?w fx en I? H?t. to th* torui of mitt l nil, mid rurh fur. her Action wt'i b? l*K?ii In the m>u?r tij the niMKl ithi . u lb?- th * *iU juitltjf. Wr htlltft ther* h?* h-eti ?u nrg*nl*e I ??nf o? rural* who lor i?ih tluio pt?t h ?r* irtl. d nu th* bu?ln??? of kldt |Iuk Mmnv eilrf^l p>r">m i*>? Wo tuliu>ing ?>d ar* now b ll**ed to ?\t-< i> ? ?f rl*d off In tb? manner attampt-d, u 4**crib* I <o>?? ' fbrtijf Ctfrnlry r?. Jwticr Hl' tk! ^ T * T ???* ISumidritj ? A number ol ??rj *u?pl.)lou? I > >< n< Individual* *?n- inn ho?eilo? about t'i? ttiw ft i ofllr* at ?n early hour Thou l*y nr-rain* ? p? 'If l In anticipation of a tnu ? " to f"?? off m | breaking the gr*at *?al affiled i? aa old trauk Hut, In* ?h? ceremony and |>l>-anng gra'iOaatiun of of blo<>4 ?a? knocked oil the brad hy una of J utile* flleakley'? ofllorr* Mr l>a?l? at a quarter paat eleven o'ch ek entering the lit.*i 111 * oflW tl'Wr iu ??*ry nojnllc mnmr carrying in hi* ar?? H? ideal!cal tmbk" rlalrard by Mr Jam-* r B-yd Thto tiunk th* i fflrer pitched Into Ihr Hlmt ? rnnn *ltk a pfrfrrl nonrbaUn.e a* much ?? to *ay thorn, thorp I* jour tiunk. but th* oatvau Jn?tm* Rl~akl*y ha* kept to aid him In Ikr further i>rn?*<iiitloa of ihr *uU " On lb* trunk Itelng eanmtned It *e?n tioo?lu-l?*l? that th* tape and ?e?l had heea broken ami th* lo->k of lb* trunk lorotd off ami the eoatanti of ill* tiuok renn.?ed therefrom at l?a*t all th? d?*d*. <lo'-iim?ota, Idler*, fcn of any ?on**<] iiann*. afi'ialng tba' tbl* ?b<.|* a flair ha* maoatad lr?n topping hl?a"*lf aid that b? Id fact. If about a* much to blame la tba mkt*r a* Mr* Starr or Mr Hoyd W? jl?? btlo* a r of t l*itar rra*l?ad by Mr* Mtarr fro? fra Topping. Thl* I* I he only on* found In tb* trunk oat nf I h- i>4, *tIdantly o?*rlook*d by I boa* who *gtraetad th* other* ? Lmrart *ulll?aa Caaaty J*ly H 1**1. r>*?p 1 im*-I r'c****4 th* >**/ y*a <aai * ?? a'<*rt *t"l* >* III* laat l*tur I r*e*a?e.| Mr b?yi* Utiar i"Jai *a4 **elkg h* ** n**ka> at ? ill th* m?a?y I (haul I *a?l i ?f,a t* 1*1 ? ? a* that f had r" *h* lattar I hat hi* fer tb* Lime tut lleara ?a* a' th a b*t Ik* Liia* aal pla*<?r ihara. f*rk*p* th* *tb*r thief* III k* ahip*4 i* ib* * it *?* . I h*?* >1*4 a Bill** wtih (la carpaaMr* H?| h*>* a*****tra* M the bale *f th* work "at aa<t think I *h*ll a* ?*n trvabl* ?b< at th* a*r* W- a t all mil **c**t yaar fath** ltd b* I* not ai<l* t? 4* biit <ery llitl*. I bar* I* hi"* th* hay ??t I bar* a great 4*al* ta **o ?**!' !**?pU iat bear* ar* ?*r) Ia4ej?i*4*ai aa4 Laiy I kau a* a*ra a* riibi al naiNl g?u?i4l uy. _ _ Yean truly IRA TOPPINO. Halt Jin Lmnaaraw. A44rM**4 a* f?ll**i ? K. 0. LtTIIOSTOir. Vew T*rk, 47 J*a* aire**. Frca th* appaot of tba abot* letter o*arla?k*d br ' Juaiia* Bleakky It ippea * by Toppiag *?a han4wrltlag Ikat ha *ai reaelrlag aauney* Iroa Mr* LI* inK-tco I?"T' ?<i or paying ' a?r ? w?, >ii-|x h? baa dona Tbla latta. la only naa ( a a?r1?? of cu? nairatl< aa ra?-al??d Itva T?ppla* la vfelrh fc* aakao?l*d(M tba racalpt of aion*y ft that Joatloa Rl'akia* praTlotia Ic anrraadarlng tha trunk ? da? lagal kdvir?. brnka It opaa aad aitra?<>l tba daada. lattara. and aucb ntbar dotuaaata M la Ul Jadgaaat >m aa?aaaary to aarry na tha a*ld*oaat a boat to b* prodarad agalaat tk? aaracl part laa >4 Caaa y Mgraftfada Oa Moaday la*t a torei??er, Mtln of tha Hauth at f raaw akn atrlral la tkM ell* aboat a month ago from Para by way of i^a^na, aad had baan ataylag at a franrh boardlag bou-a la faltraatraat luok tha oppvtualty of piuadar ?? a tallow boardar'a traak af a*arly ?lgbt bundrad lollan la gatd aad a quantity af apparal. wltk abtah ha ha* ad* bfa aarapa. It l? aaprwd. aa board tba OMa fat Haraaa What raadara tba raaa atlll aora uagratafal la that Ma Mia* aaaatryaaa whoa ha nkM at aaavythlag ha poaaaaaad bad hahaaad la 'b? a?l kia4 aaaarr ta Ma prorara l him madlrtaa wh?a atak aataadad hla aa aaaraa aad had glaaa ?>>aay ta pay hla lndglt>ga vhaa Ik li aad hla daatltata V-thiag la kaowa with rartalaty aa la tha Jaati nation of tba thlaf tor whoa tha poll** ara na tha lonk nat bat aafar> oaataiy It waa aot ohaaraad arhat wm tba a?ak? at tha raraaa vha raaoaad hto ha.tag- from tha haaaa la Paltaa atraat oa Monday aflaraoua arraaaU af Dlatlnaalabad Piafla. A 0 Mala Varaoat. f J. Kayaalda Hnaloa, D A Carlagtaa N 0:0 Ohavalllar taia* 0. Mnatt, Vtrglaia. aad M atWf arrtrad yaatarday aad tnat w aa at tha Aaartaaa Metal I aptala flhaaaoa aiaaa*r A Bar laa; J II I'nrtdT, Ohln, L La?y ?. O : J U Kaai Alabama. M. Itaaaay Canada, aad 1M otb.ra arrlr-d r~?ardaf. aad taak tanai at tha Aitor Hoa*a Ma|M WHItoaa C A . Waah ngteej Cap tale do W j wmm mmm ---- L ~ T" 1 atk?M. arr1??4 y??Urda; ?4 k?" * * * It tk? I'alM H?h H?H*I . CtutM JaokMm Rb^aM # * ? ' K Jok. iiaa?aaa. ifi?4. Areata t R rkrtaaokw Caaa4a Chart* * *?. K.,|,,rk>: 1 Hr~r? Math Oarallaa; aad TO MkM, arrlt.d r~?ar.?af .1 th. Harvard llo*al Or Wao? P # A ? ?r* *7"0"r ' ' A. LW,K 0 F. C A , l?aat VI * rtUhaara V 4. Ltaat J C Jraleaa >34 * w. firil-n. U??t 0. <araa???r do. r F llarrla 0 M Df fl?lft, <U, a a m~?t 4? C C tllhmrt da < iaa nUm aff. HtH yx??r<?f a* ?k? Ift* H"? Boa llfhtH Bor4aa. Km . Wm fl*M, Ala.; Dr M r Monro Haw Tot*. Jake I.W>j4. Jokn llo(* Iwim J Hirltai <'aaa , J W Mwr?(l <la , lU H MhMi. arrlrod y aatarday u< t??* i*??i at tk* OII? lot HnW aa. * (i ftaward I* lT1a? aartoaal? 111. at kW n* tNM a* i*ktn Rx Jaook W Mil]or to 01 at hi* ra??4aaaa at Kw rM?**. M. R. Ro* Kofw I Ta*?f an I hall;. war* a* NarMk tha ffth laat Ra rtolM tha T I ahlp Paaaaflaaa^ a*4 ? r??l?a? wHk a ?ai?U af wfiHw |Ui I