Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 1, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 1, 1850 Page 1
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TH NO. 6927. PHOFESSOB JOHN W. WEBSTER TO TH* REV. DR. FRANCIS PARKMAN, THE Brother of Doctor George Parkman, arc &c Arc The following letter, written on the 6th ult., by Professor Webster to the Rev Dr Francis Park, man, the brother of Dr. George Parkman, waa I published yesterday, in Boston, by authority. We ! hfui it t#Ucrrnnh?i(l in full Fat ik* Vj?i* v1I BY HOl'Sl'S PRINTING TgLKQRAPH. Boston. August 81,1860. The following latter was communicated to the Tianicript oi thli evening, by tb? Rev Dr. Putnam, he uthorised to inake It publio by the late Prefessor Webster ; ? Bosron, Augast #, 1850. ' Bet. Da. Piiuilr? Dim 8i?? | I cannot luave thli world in the j peace tf mind for whieh I pray, without addressing { yon M the head of that family whieh I have so deeply injured and afflicted, to make known to you and them ! the bitter anguish of aoul. the sinaere contrition and | penitence I have fait at having b?en the causa of the ( affliction under which you and they have been called i to mourn. I < I oan offer no excuselfor my wloked and fatal ebnlll- j tion of passion, but what you already know ; nor would j l|attempt to palliate it 1 had never, until the two or | three last interviews with your brother, felt towards I him anything bat fTatitude tor bin many aeti of kind- j n?ss and friendahip. That I should have allowed my | , feelings, sxcitad on the ocrulim, to have overpowered ; me so as to Involve the Ufa of your brother and my own temporal and eternal welfare, I oan, even new, ! hardly realise. I may not from you receive forglreuses In this world, ;et I cauuot but hope and bill* ve you will think of ma with companion, and remember ma in your prayers to Him that will nit tura away j uv? ui> uumDie ana repenuai Mail 1 many ll>M, with wh\t joy would I lay them all dowa could I in the lea?t atone tor the Injury I hare done, or alleviate the affliction I have caused , but I oan now only pray for forgiven*** for myielf, and for every consolation and MoMing upon every member of your family. In jostle* to tbos* dearest to me, I bug to assur* yon, and I entreat you to btlieve urn. no one of my family bad the illghteet doubt ot my entire lnn'>oeno* tip to the moment when the ceutrary >41 coiumuntrated to them by Dr Putnam That thev have yoar | nlnoere pity and sympathy. I fetl assured There Is no I family, toward* every member ot wbirb I have always felt a greater degree of reipert and regard, than that " ?f which yon are tbe head, from more than one I have received repeated acta of friendship and kindness, i for which I have over been, and am. mo?t truly grateful. Towards yourself, in particular hare not only tuy own feelings been thos* oi the m?*t sincere regard and gratitnd*. but every individual of my family has felt towards you that you were their |ta.tor and their friend. Often ha* my wile recalled the interest you took in her, from her flrat bee train* your parishioner; and often ha* sh* spoken w4ih feeling of doep gratitude, of the influence of yonr public ministrations and i of yonr private Instruction* and conversations, and of your direction oi her enquiries al r adlng, In what related to her religious viewK Tim** she hai ot ten I recalled and referred to. an having (irmly establlshed the religious faith and tiu-t which are inw such source, Oi consolation and support to her aud our cnlldren. A* to myself, nothlag that has occurred ha* weak' <*n*d tho*4i feelings; and although th>-n I leave behind a* may not meet yon without the keenest an^uith, I trust you will exonerate theia trorn any participation in, or knowledge of, tbe lather's >ln. up to tbe moment I have mentioned; and may you remember them in yonr prayers to th* " Father of the fatherless, and the wi4owi'0od I beg yon, my dear sir. to cou?iJ?r this striatly a private letter and by no mean* to give It publicity; at the same tlm* I will re.ju>*?t vua to make known ta tha Immediate member* of your family the iUIi ol my Jfctliag*. and my ooatrllloo That every cou.*oUtion and Wi'i-lnj m?jr ?ou:b?afed to jninK ami lo every ui?iab?r of yoar family, -ll the heartfelt prayer of Y"iir? J W WKHS .'Kit BV THl^ MAILS. ! lntliltnll or the Ia?t 0?y? of l'rof??*or %% eb.?* r |Frr tn the Boaton Journal. A of 30] Puring a great |>?rt of ihr d*y beiore the execution, the |>ri?oiier occupied him->rlf *i h getting ?nde liule memorials Tor tl?>?. fr-<w frond* iu I, ?* horn charitable feeling* towaid* hi n, wlira he M war gone, h>* hope. Ilr wl ( tail a tiuiuhar R of hi# hooka, and wroie in them the n>m>-aof ?e> || veral per?on? toward* whom he wmhed to e*. l>rt ? aotne recollection of i??ot ohllrfitiona tnd fdvora. He aerri>< <1 to take much iiitereat in thli oc< piMiil Om m< den', which permed to nflect (uppity the a^irihi of iIt* pttfott-r, during th>- interview *ith h a family, i my be wor<hy ol inemiM Kor nev>rtl n>?n*he I he y have hrru in the of reading the B?Ma lo turn in bia cell, taking the ch ip'rra of the New Teatamcnt , w ih .ut tkif,'ing The chapter which ihu? c mo* up ye-'erd ijr, i ad wm tend, w?a th it etu'tant and conioling <ba,4er, the |.Vh la P411IV Kiiaf Kpietle to the t 'otinOi.aiia, in whit n ncc <r the Wt?rd? :? "Now ifai? I My. brethren, lli?t Heeh and blood * -MUM Mlkertt the kingdo n if God ; neither du:h i otra^4M>n H.h' r.t Mm rm,'ion ' It-h?IJ, l h"? toa atojraiery ; we ahall not all * atee*. k?i we ahall he chaw d "fa a ftomeat, la the twirklinsr of an eye, at the II ? run.! . l, r Hi I ui I - i| - r >|, ant .h" ! ?l riwll M iwr^ iacorru.4ihlr, ?n<i we ahatl be ! h?ae? H far th.a f rr i|t i,|. ni">i p t on iac rT.Jt>(,i?Bt lltta MMftal ( > ? put i.n t'ii?f>r'aMy "? k?-?i thia ni| h ?n h .* pm on incorr* '???, ??4 th ? fl> fltl -t,?ll Hive |l It 00 IIDTI'irlaltty, tke* efcaH hr tnoayh* ? |Mi? llir Hfing that ?a wrilire. Iv-alb m ? *l'?ar><4 >i|i m victory (' 4eaik. ak*ir ia llijr aim* ? U grave, wh<re it tfcf wnrj1 11* -?H.* of .Iratk ia mm, atd the ?'i.neth i f am 4a Ike law "Hot lutrkake l? <? M, Hti. SpivrtliiM Ikf nr< U?np. ikn <i k n?r l<o?d le??a i nn?? " Thf r ""KI i.i'irh in >'Mw4hjrlWeaitridrM". wkirk katf, wn!?o?it escalation on any ow'l Ban. fi?rn ik>a ch ptT In ha rr*d ?l kit Uat interne* ?nk kia fam ?, an<? rn thr Uat d?v of hie eartkly nat'i II.- re< .irnd t.? th* mmj- et afirr the inlrfMX, wit). ?>r? ?>,>vi..ita |'l'a?urr, aad aermerf l? (Wur at'" k hi>|?" and i oo?..lalion froew the tan*rrd aieeranrr ol thr Ar"'1* aa in the rraarrfiim ot the 4<-ad, i?>wb " in diakaaor" end " la Wfaktra* " [Froa Uw Imi>* Vtll A ( St.] After beta* ukrn 4<-a>?, ik?- rerniiaa of I>r WI kwrr were | Uced in Ike cell which h- hat ao lair If ncciij-ed, and ke,* audi laal evening, wkea they were 'firi.trd la Ihr reetdrace of hia family at < amlrtdaa. We uarferataml that kia de?'h wp? ramovinica'e.l to Ike family vratrrday ?f'. ?>i., hy Mra W H. Preertrtt, ?i?t?r of Mra Welaner Re* I*. Pntnam w*a | re?eat whrn Of r nm mi> tt,,.n waa made The f?mi!y rec i*rd th?- i r? f?-11 irf- ace with calm reaifnaiioa and ChneiieN fortitude Tke fnaeral will, it ia aaxl, i?k?* place on Su?daf. With aa li'tle dt?f>lay aa |> ?a?>>l* The cnrpae will be depnaitrd ia lh<- family t?.mk at Mmiat Auhura Her. 1*. W.lker will oHicitte at tke "1 fuierai. [From ?h* Beaton Ang >1 ] (>?e rkrrim?t?r?or orcnrred at the cloae of the * 1 interview of l'tvf-aaor Weh-ter with hi* wife anl ' j ifih"r?, on Thursday ev-innf, whirh K Ix-yood donM tKat the ftmily ?k>i they left the Imctor that evening anticipated aering him again, for, when they were notified thai the coach wna in waning for them, one of the dunrh'T* eapre?a?d a f deaiee to remain a little l<?n?er They were very politely pnd kindly Informed that the hinir for M rlomtif tHe priaon had arrived, ? herenpon Mra '* Wrheter ?kkc(l Mr |Anrfrew? ' Will tbi* he vour *? honr for cloning in future V Mr Andrew* aaid he waa confuted for aa anawer al firat, hat finally V an?wered her that it would It In aaid that Profeenor Wehater mad* no tieV failed co?fe??inn'<? fo I-forr IK'paMia II- haa h, miked freely on the *nh|eCt of the mnrdar, with I ii j fl,re?? indn '.ial*. W aUaya with the peomiae j from ?h?" th?C they wonld not make any ifcing J '"TV Rer. Mr. Wateraw? revived a varying J E NE u ?? nd Tery singularly written letter from the Professor, before nil death, and several other clergymen received similar letters. Our CuibrM|i Correspondence. Cambiums, Mass., Aug. 25, 1890. The Tomb of Proftnor ffehtter? The CollegeCity Exyentet, jrc., tfc. Some of the Boaton papera have been publishing some lines, ssid to be upon the monument owned by Professor Webster, at Mount Aubarn. I examimed the monument the other afternoon, and found nothing but the name of John White Webster. The vacation of the University at this town closes sometime this week, and th? young gentlemen will return to their studies after six weeks relaxation. The Freshmen Class will not probably be quite so large as usual this year. The following comparison between the exi>enditure of the city of Cambridge, for common school education, and the amount derived from the College funds, applicable to the purpose of instruction, was made by President Everett, in a tpesch before the school committee. Mr. Everett said that the annual expenditure ofths city of Cambridge, for the support of its schools, exclusive of the' building and repair of its school houses, exceeds $20,000. The whole annual income of the fund of the college, applicable to the imi?iuccu> ui moilucnuiij iim lucnming me proies*ional and scientific schools connected with the University, is less than this sum. In this comparison the buildings, cabinets, and libraries of the University, at well as the co*t of school houses, apparatus, and libraries of the schools, are excluded. new hotel, called the Brattle House, which loes great credit to its proprietor, Lyman Willard, Esq , has been erected this summer, near the coleges It is beautifully situated on Brattle square. It is admirably arranged, containing more than one lundred rooms, and it is really what it is called, a irst-class hotel. . Our Paris Correspondence. rhe National Jlttrnbly?Commission of the Prorogation? Louis Napoleon and his Journey ?BanquetI?flo't? Kings with and without Crowns - *1ffair s in Piedmont? Rome?Naplet? Portugal?Spain and Cuba? The <*Jerman Union?Denmark and the Duchies?The Turkish Jlmhatiader to the United Stales ?Political Qossip, <Jc Pakii, August 15, 1850. The National Assembly have separated. after a sesilon of fourteen months and six days; and if yon ealmlate the length of time which will run from now till he end of Its prorogation, you will see that the legisatort of France have but eighteen menths more to iceupy their portion?from the 15th of November, 860, to the 28th of May, 1851. The three last days of heir sittings have been narked by the greatest uegli[enoo ; the half of the msmbers were absent, and, as itated by tomejourn Is,"the comedians had departed >*fore the end of the comedy." Kven the mouutaneers llssppenred without utterinK their last cry of Hn lepublique U'inocra'ique et Sorialr. In short, during his frit period of the session, if yon wish to point out that useful la w has been veted by the Representatives, [f>u will be untitle to dUcover ft. and you will say, 0 ! everything i? but a sketch, which will be revised ln icon u.a rtrrfail.lf - anil It (a tn U je eocn.'' The commission of the prorogation Assembled on ruetday but. In order to ecustitute ltmif. It ii com>oc?d or thirty-nine members. Including those belougpg to the bureau of th* Assembly. and lb? three iu.<?m. M Dupin. the Freaident (sp-aker) of the House, eft Pari* luet night, and hla seat (u taken by on* of he Vice Presidents, foi it it understood that the comnisaion will always be presided over by on* of them. L'he order of the commission is, thst twenty members >111 always be preaent, and that their deliberation* ill be lecret. I hare, among there gentlemen, one iho promise* to let me know when .anything Intrrestng takea place. Of course, it will be for yon and tha eadera or the lltrald Our President left Pari* on Monday morning, on hla ray to Lyon*. by tha way which I atated to yon In my aat letter. At the last account*, which we reoelvej sst night by the mail, he had reached Dijon. and had net wtlh a ver> indifferent reception, with the eicepion ot that of tha public /mcfwaiwim who had utered tha warmest ories in his hon r I'revloun to hla leparture. It *?> <|Uai>tloned whether he would leare he Klysi e for many lettirahad been received from he province by which tha enthusiasm wa< described is very poor in ita aapact. At tlie suburb of I.yon" I.a Julllotine, the Mayor and the Corporation had astem>led. end declared with unanimity, that they would jot pay any visit to Louia Napoleon Curb a protestalon wis vuhr. and <f course it was Maine i by all .hore who knew the fact; but. leaving aside Its imr.blitene.*a. it proved. n< vertbel.?? that thera would be ound men In power who were hostile tothi President. I.mils Napoleon ia accompanied, in hla journey, by the Minister* of War, I'ukllo Works. Agriculture. Com nerce. end bis Aide* da-Camp M kferoche, the Ml* ilstirof the Interior, remained In I'aria; but. as a *1 < *# \r intt^vlm'inn was presentej. by an ordinance of 8atur. lay last, with ll>* eross of (,'<>wni?u<ler of Uie I.eiiou oT irnir frnch a dl/i.lty *ai cerlslnly merited by tha ilurtrtons crusher and d?.>Uuyer of all our liberties IV >1, tlinr fcuee me world. I rawnnt pj-i in silent)* the two banquets given by be President to diOereut corp* cl the Frwurharmy. is they were marked by vary curious incidents, log till And la the newspapers the detail* of these pretoiau fe?tlvi la, during which cries ?t" I ire I'Kmpeiew Umi? SujMH'an"1 ".A mi au* 'J'uiUn ie?!" were uttered >y many of the guest* As far a* I can judge from rbetlseesnd hear such a mauift statlou met with to echo among the I'm laian population It hae only >roved that theie wu a well un<lerett*od plan to ttmy*t I* ifrmis, snd And out a good occasion to reach ur am fi munition h> lonj urt ?m> a <>| 07 louu .>npnirn bi.J hi" rntmu*gr Without ?tiy rt.iubt out* may ill"'w M>ia? Ubi-itjr to th<> ?Dthu-U>ui whlrh I* crt-aiad tj a hot! I* of llurgunrfy. and n dl?h of g>htloltt, but it I ?tty cuiioua to aea how ollent 111J I'lttirnnl Iiiik mo tin- gotiriinivbt toward* mi'u who wara *0 inm'h u apportion to tb? Uwa of thf country. and had c m lilllid >0 if!' uri- toward* th* ro6itltutlon Tha u"kt elu.r polut of all thin. Ik that 'h-r?l< a well orlaontU Naprlron conrplrary-a | l'<r tu carry on tha ??i-tli* tlcc'td of tbalUth l*n?a.b?r 1MW Thl* if ti.lii d aoeiety, wfilch In nam - d tha - A <*o<-latirn of to 10th of !??<-. mWrr." ba? aluady many parttaana m.. dh tha mlltltry n?n and mfmb. rt of tb? 1,-ji laJti Atumbly 1 uadrratand tha* tu rwr of a |?r >plioiip wfintaa, th* y would*.* ImmadiatrlT arm> I aud urnl'livd with ?<a|ona of all aorta No doubt that a |ilot li> Inraifd in favor of thr >nbltlo( of tha Kl)a ?, !>ut it rrmaira to ba kn*wo It it raa ba carried oat Itfa aarcaaa Tb* Hrlrailtli and L'-cltlmlnta nra al?o lot 1 ir? aarh on th>-lr (Ida. ami whil?t thu fo'm-r nrt at London at tha Drat c rtununlon of Ik* Comta if f'arla, during which rrrannnv It la raid that tha Ducb??? of Orlaaaa atjurrd l'rot?ftantl*ni. and anIrii'd lha "in of tha Mi Bai <'a'b"lir rhorrh. tba latlar a??' ml.Nd at Wiarhadrn on Ifcr 12th ln?t . t > pay k>li r?apacta to tha Imka of H?rd?aui. C'>ont of haMbold. Ilamy V of ItHri. Koocrai toll abat a ll ba tha ?<>a*?r??ttofia and |ir< j?rt? whiaparvd at kliU ?id pilgrimage of tha legitimist party No J'.ul t ikr; will apeak of frun of tha position In ftbirh *? ara of the need whl< l> wt feel of aacurily ibd r?-|?aa Th? journay of tua fount of (,'bamNold. [mm I rodiboitl la WrSad. 11. ba< beea a aort of tritBptaal Bamk Rrarj where be paa?ad ha m t alth lha Boat sordini reception At I'otadaiu. tha Kins of I'ruwia raealard him a* a brother an l Mlla KacB> I had U.a hot, or to part' in In bl* pr<-?aaae B? certain II a' > urh a tint 10 U i< rl>?<i- n ? ik? kaWIlt tl ?f Prance la I algi !# *nt fact. Iron whlrh may grow 1 future loll rf lacldaata. Tlnie will prn?? II I am rcrrae* Wbtiat Our f?f*r rtvrtmnen a rr thin lenklif for l<r MTMti ' Ml U) W?*ll I b<(hrr a'ep In fof#f, lb* " kmc* wlth'-nt a erowa, tbo.e ?brm wa call the wiilty nd tfpubllcM* ?r* plotting la tha dark to * lk> pr***at tut* of the government I>?lly ? h?, I* tb* ueweptper*. dl?rnr.rim m?l *<j tb* ^ tic* of lb* rl>fid> attne manufacture of fill p*4>r, M l?i?ef mu-k*t< pt?t?l*. and da*if^ra. found oat b tb* lodglrg ef Indlrldual* c?nn-ct*<l with tb* l?fl A ?*ry *il>Mlf* tMaplraaj *h dlano?*T d at llareetll**. and It* ramification* *it>nd*d Ima Ibat tllj to tb* north of Franc* ; hat in prwma w*r* principal!/ at Valeaca. and otb*r vltlea "I tb* Department d* la !>mai* for tb* la*t t#o W?k? the of oar prefer* of poll** war* op*a pea tb*lr m*a?-a*r**; but tb* plaa ant rip* raoapb. aad. when H waa deemed nec-a.arj ordera *?r* Mat to tb* prafrcta to aet with aaergj. aad d?tr'f atoaeath* a*?t of tb*** bird* of pr*y. Mnr* two baadrvd of tb*** aaarrbuta aad Head> of I'aarder hai e I ?? raptured Tb* ?( coe?pieuona a'ateaaien of oar country bar* il?o l*tt I'arl* for 'ai* tiai* wUboat letting a* bio* lb* nty*rt ot tb*lr j?ura*y M*?*r* Thl*ra. Ualaot. aad M> le aa^ap tbea. ar* now la Gerraaay. aad It la ni *r*d tbat tb*y ara Ixarora of proanaltlnna aad* bj lb* D Otlaaa* taally ta tha liaka of B< rdeant Mr d* Rl**ll*f. MiBl*t*r of Ruaaia la Parla bad bi?bj I a tar rl*wa wltb Loala Napoi*?c b*lor* bla departure, ilariag wbtrh tb* probability of aa ?rraa?*ai*at M??? tb* two taalllr>. aad tn* foara* which ougbt lo b* followed la ra?* M It* aa?e**dtag wa? mentioned Tb* a*wa Iroai Piedmont I* of a ?*ry bad klad A tort nl|iwm A rrJiiwa aeema to b* d*clar*d b*t**?n tb* rlcfgy aad tb* gor*rna*at. aad I f*ar IU end will b* latalto tba blBfdoa af l'l*dmont Toa will ***. In l*tall la th* column* af tb* paper* which I forward lo )o? by tbi* Itr*a>r bow kir d* Santa Roaa. Mlalat*r of Agrtcaltar* aad Comaiaro* of Turin waarafoa*d. i* arfwaL mm lit. *oaf***tra and aacraaeata hr tb* pfcrgy of the charrh of 8k Cbartca. becaa** b* had beta on* of tb* a app?rt*r? wf tha 4lceardl law After hi* death burial waa a*arl* il*al*d ta bla remain* by tb* mlal?t*r of tb* Cakbalfe religion. aad tb* government waa obliged ka Int-rfeia la or Jar to prevent i M-aadal la *ona?q*?B** of all th**a laot*. tb* Rl'bop Vraaaoal waa eoa#aad la tba nri*oa of Penortr.lla and an owe can tell what will b* tb* laaw* of that epiovaM* affair It t* mneh Narad tbat tb* Pop* will pat tb* klnpdn* of rtedw??nt aad** lat*rdlotloa aad taw kaow bow lerrlbto wawld h? fa*b a atata af Iblapi la Italy Oaly Imagta* tb* fbwrrb** abat. tb* war*, atntaaaaara gt**a. tb* tnweraJa witbnwt a prtaA. and y*w will >* ?t owao wbat aa inRa*n** aach po. Mtl*a won Id bar. ap*>w ancb a anp*rr*iM*wi peopl* a. W Y ( SUNDAY MORNING that ot Italy. The young King of Sardinia and Pli moat is. untortuateiy. a* badly surrounded aa Lo Napoleon, and he ought to remember. In hii quar with the Pom, the worda (aid by Napoleon to Plus I Til " HoIt father, you have a control orer I souls, and I hare but a power upon the bodies?j are, therefore, a hundrtd faet higher than I am." ! to be hoped that this affair will soon have a pea able termination. Thera is no important new* from Rome ; but at 1 pies, the discontent has grown on the population, whom tba maintainment of the constitution bad b? promised, and who saw that King Ferdinand was a s of goirwi. promising, but not keaplng his word. D url a review of troops, a aort of riot took placH, dun which cries ot Fj I? - created much trouble A large number ef rioter" w arrested. and no doubt will be put to death, or at le in mM Auro (or life. The claim* of England tor ' brimstone of Mount Etna were nearly fettled at ( last accounts. In Portugal, though Mr. Clay has retired from I bon. It app< ars that the government desire to en into arrangement with him, and settle tin affair of i '-General Armstrong " It in to be hoped that no i will arise from that alight misunderstanding betw? nations. News received from Madrid gives*wo different fa which will be interesting tor the United t Count of Alcoy is to be recalled and replaced by ai ther Governor Don Jore de la Coucha is about bel sent in the place of the Duke oi Mlrabal, and will lei the shores of Spain In a short time, accompanied several men ol war carryiug mare troops The disci tlon between France and Mpaln, relative to the not natian ol a consul general In Havana, has been sattl 1 as follows? I ranee will be allowed to have a oom Seneral in that part of Cuba but with the express c< ltion that this public functionary will never int< | !<-re in any political affair, and that as soon as t | other powers of Europe shall have settled the quest!' I and sent thither only commercial agents, l rance ? withdraw from her consul the title of ''general " a will no more authorise him to take it on any oocaiic | The question of the Oermanic confederation. In sp of all tfce'babbling" of the newspapers. Is inarobl towards it* termination. Austria has declared wt was In project for the re-establisbuiant of the old d ol Frankfort. A protocol wlU be presented from t 1st to thel&th of December, by the cabinet ot Vieni and will sueoetstvely be accepted by Itavaria. Wi tembuig. Saxony, ato. ; after which, It will be subm ted to l'nuria and the Carman Union, by whleh a m hi an l of opposition made at this present moment. So after these powers .' hall consent to the protocol Pri sia will sign it, in order to prevent a division In Qi many, ana thus will end the comedy. You will s?c I am not right in my prophecies. The question ol the Duchies will flud. also, I hope satisfactory solution, l'ho "question, by itself' h ur?u rpuiiru uy mo spirit 01 propagandist ud r?i lution ; but now. when diplomacy baa interfered, t question ?U1 certuiiilj be out lu two partK They w proclaim the auaerainty of Denmark according to ti treaties oi 1815. and. at the Mm* time, t be hi; torlc nationality ot the Duchiia. I a in under the Iropri lion that all the chance* of victor/ are for the Dam who are openly ruppoited by Kueeia and Sweden, b tbe power ot violenoe and biutal force li only recognl* by a levolutlonary principle There are right* juat tiled trom the Almighty and history.which are the lau datioo ol dynaatle* and people.and canuot be deetroy by cannon and wiMortunef. Tbia makri me peraua ed that diplomacy will noon interfere to aaauri' tl ?< tt lenient of the Danlah queation. A Turkish ambaraudor, you have announced, h embarked in the I nlted State* store nhip Krfe," ( hi* way to Wai-hlngton. where be goea to arrange i i affair relative to tbe ceMion ot the port of Maomariai fltuated juat oppraite Kbcder, which haa been poet lated by tbe Ami rlcan government to eatabliih a ne tral port in the Mediterranean M Mr de I.amartlne arrived at Toulon on Friday lai i ard after having remained a few da) a at the hospit , of tbe Hoard of lleallh, waa allowed to re-eut France Mr. Terte. theMini-ter of Loaia I'hlllppe. who w imprisoned in Pari*, having finished hia time, w ri leaaed on Monday la?t. and allowed time to pay tl remainder of the fine to wbleb he had been condnmne 1 he Duke, heir of Meekleaboorg. vw betrothed < tbe'Jd ini>t to the Durbeee (atherlne. niece of tl Ciar Mcholaa, and daughter of tbe Duke Michai : who died one year ago I Tbe Frt nch fle*t arrived at f 'b> rbourg on RatorAi | last and will remain tbere to wait tlie vlait ef tl I President Leula Napoleon I Chernunhi. tbe Italian refugee, arrived at Ma | Mtttea t n the 7! h Inet n board of a Kr< i rb man < : war. and waa allowed to go free on shore Mr lx>ul> Horg vice-consul of France in New Yor ia here in Paria. ? here he came uu the allaira of tl ' trotheii Mont?M|Uiou at St. Luuia Adieu. B.11R Jtuny Unit nt the Llvtrpenl Milltiaruiniil [I'rom tbe l.lverpo<l Chronical Aiut 17 I The flrat of tbeaa lo?r andiagerlj antioipted fe?tin MM off laet r'clit. in ?t?% ?| l'odij D< ? hull ot the Ph I barmcnle 8celety. Tbire w?rr upwardacf tLrea tb > I rami p?r?on? pneent. Incluiilug the NlMn T appearance of the hull. magnificently lighted clu?t? 1 ed with kraut; Mich a< only I.a in .ir hr<* can l>'>a?t. <j ' ll|iht and eipectatlon animating every counteuaoi ?w )ionrthing which tba pen faila to Ueacrib*. In I Knglaml. p?rb*pe in Kurope. there I" not xuch a bea 1 tifut edifice devoted to murt'a! performance* a. tl I'Mltvicuuir Hall, and on no pravtoua oceaalon ei w? rail to mind to brilliant an Muakli aa that eo j greeted la?t night within lia walU lhrgr?ai?|M tf attraction waa. of .Inn; Lind, lb.- Idol ir. rmar.j and Kngtaud. wboaa naai.< baa oni-r on failed. lino* tbe beginning ot ber triumphant caret whether iDDiinoril In the ditls* eati?e of charl or c^rrrd aa a *ftnple m- dium of public amuaeinent. bilni- together tfce rrowd thun virtue* are <ri nit re rfairllng tban b> r g. i. lun unparalleled a* that - and whote Hwrnat hate thrown r<>m,detely In the tbade ll.i? ?if every other vucalUt ot model tiL.i? Tbe know edge tl iat Jenny wan on tl point of liavirg 1he?e rhorea not to return fi?r at lea a twelvemonth?that hhii> tcr and-twenty hou aft. r her wrcid ard la*t y- tformance w< uld ?'-e h launched on ibr bowm of th* va?t Atlantic, on h way to a dlntant, though a ut.ndij country cloth< tba event with tenfold eignlflranre and lnter< ?t Th ?ncl? a diMii rtion an Jenny l.tnd'a la?l public appea ame In Knglar.d ih' uld bare been aecoid*d t > o i loan. Iti the face of iiiuulfieebt propoaltlona from tl gnat loetropolla the modern Haliylon mu*t b? I dillbly rreordid aa th* bfighaeet page In the inu?le at.1 all of l.lverpcol. Wltb Mr Hudlow. f be act I re ai h>M! > a' firnfatj of tb* I'tflliirin'nle Society ai witli fbe <(uimtlfte of that society wbn. with the I defatigable evartlona of tbe agent of Mr llarn'im ?n ceeoe d in perroaditg her t<- fold her wlnira. arr. at b fllj'bt for a few ahort day?. and scatter yet oace mo litiii ot tboaa Ultery note* that tor three or fo yeaia part, bare barn tbe enchantment of Kuro - with k'tr aha resalna the credit of having inwlt< her to >lrg tbe ' Meaetah" of the great Handel for tl brat tlite In tbl* country and for tbe lirat time In ?i language Tkat Jer.ny (.'ml baa agi -e.l to do thli al it u* ihtmii* knntn and 11 iiitrfat ttivhl will i# *a<. tl- la a >1111 nor* m> m< ratla<io than that yattarday aaarlig. Hut Dot ratlaflad awaa with lh? gtmr of Jrnnjr I,In which al' tia wi IIM Miflrr to ah?d a hi'trr an any m iral parfurmaura, t>- V hilharrronlr PnrMjr rtnelfi to tandar lh? eonrart In nffj way Irraproa-htbl* ai fBf ad a ho?t of talant to ??onl har, 8l(an? llall?t' j-rimm L*i? at har MiJmIj'i Tb>t(ri> ?ho h?? plafi In r< Bjuaetfoa with M Mr.4 not only la I n^lar bat In Stockholm. Tirana, *r.i p. rliri t? an admirah mu'lrlaa ha* a very powerful and * no" r > a vola?.a> la in all ra?paeta. worthy of tba frlaudafelp and patroi aga wllh wblr-h ha baa (???>? long an I roaatant bonarad by tba a?l?bratad ?or(r?trv?a No mora ab and taaloua olrartor ar uld bair t>aan ?MH than tl araompll?bad Banadlat. w|r?? raputailon aa a mm cian an'l planl?t of tba hlghrat ordar. la by no n>ai ronffoad to thia country hat aatandi to (iarman Italy, and Franra. whtra bla eompoaltloaa for tl ataga aad for tba ehambor ara ganaraily kaowa at thoroughly apprarlatad. Long bafbra tha hour annnnnrad for aommana m>nt?alght o'rl> <*b- tba wbola of tha raat audlani bad aaaamblad M Uanadlet. on appaarlag la tba o rbiatra. waa racalaad with tha warnaat damonatr tlOBS ami tha r^nrart h.f?n with Moiart'a grai o?i rtura to'Kanbarflotta." wbl-h wa? atraadlagly w< flay d by tba hand Tba wall known duat of Araa< and Aaaur, Balla Immago " from Roxlal'a " fornir tnldr.' moat ?ffaatl?#ly rang by Mla< William* at Big Hallattl, who wrra loudly applaadad on tbalra hi*, put tha andlaara Into good humor, and pr?pari tbt m for tha grand avant of tba aaania< tba aarat ot Jinny Llad wblah l?m?dl?t> ly Mlowad Tba appaaraara of tba ' Mgbtlngala ' wit tha alga for a d?-mf>r?trafl< n that Wg?r? 'la?rriptl<?? Tl andlaara ?tond op to wInMM, aad auab a roll?y n aa rtat tha air wa? parhap* a*rar bafora h?a within tha walla of a tbaatra or roncrt room Tbaatl waa thrlaaraltaratad and at l?nirth thr aonaatraaa wl lmrwi otrrrnair by th? aarmth nf bar rae* tlr-a ntUrd In obtain ?ll?ar? m l b>oot?>ln A rary f.a bar* of tb? pi* ftitor j rarltatlra to B?lhn popular Inn wm Quid fa ?nr?,' fro? " I Parltaal "at Herd to t h< w that Jrti; l.lrid* tolft bad M nnn? M? llrWfliiMf churn, al.llr la ?"lnai? and ;i w?MT.n Ultft thaa bafnra Th? ?u?l rated Hbrotfuaatu Uadtraaaa. th# |>hra*ln( lar t.d flalrhrd lb* latnaatlna aiqnlattalp par* ai I truthful Tka ra<f*ata at the <iinliri?ii vaa <m? b' ao?t original aad beautiful * ???r kanrd la II Milllt Mad rartrd tka m>i>i4 roaplat ?l rm? drllrlon* wiiarati aad tkaaaaa wklrb addad It* brllllaarp altbnat takl?? fro* It* rbaraatar Tl auditor* ll?t<a?d thf uah^nt vltb rapt attrntlna a< at Ibr ?ad broka oat latn nnrnatrnllaM* applaaa ablrh did not abata until tka ?lft*d ToralWt Wad I app?arrd upna th? platfora, aad arkaowWdgad tl araipliaant bp oaa of tboaa gallalaaa aad alaali aalutri that toprrallari? ba?o?a h?r Tbl* ln< ao ?a* quit* rnraph to rnnrlaoa tka aadl<nna that M It. n? dirt bad nag|?rat?d notklag la kla aaaaaat tba e< nr?rt vbleb J?nny Madjaaa far ?M?r at Had* Radrn oa th? Mb ln*taat Tna rrfaa of tka " Vlgk lagala" I* a* fr??h aad paaatrattag a* *?H ai flrtlhl* a* pnarrfol aad ai'llaw, aa bftkarta. vktla b laglag la ?ora tkaa a?ar aarWallad It aa; a at ra par liana ta rtata that Mdlla Mad baa raatlp li prorrd la (and Imk* Uar laag r??t baa baaa avldant ban* final Ika la *to?tar aad hll?r la tka Ikaa ?kll a* ai II aa va Maid aiaka aat kv tka aid at a pn??r1

plaaa tka palraraa rf k*r ?k??l haa ka?n?a altgM tlaard alt tka raddj kaa nf kaaltk, ahlak anafara additional rhana apaa h?r plaaafag aad lat<dla*t? naaWaaaaa Aftar a iarrarafr bp Had (a paradp af ftaartal I )RK I i, SEPTEMBER 1, 1850. ?4. due Marinarl,") sung with great ipirit by Bellettl, and nil Benedict'* lovely ballad. ' Scenes of my Youth, ("Giprel ay's Warning,") which wa* nicely rendered by Mis* he Andrew*- a young mtzxo tojnant, deatlned to aooom,he Pany Mdlle. Lind to Amarloa? the queen of the evenou (ng one* more appeared, and In the oemlc duet, " Per It placer*," trom " II Tnrco II Italia." with tHgnor Belce lettl. displayed all the treasure* of her florid art, and all the genuine humor of her oomedy, whieh even away (a- from the atage eannot be concealed. At the end of to the?i<fan<t Mdlle. Lind introduced acadmxa. which wan ien almost Imh in it* originality; but. daahed off with ort the eaae and energy that make every thing paas nru*Ing ter in her hand*, ft pleaaed a* much aa it surprl*ed the n* connoisseurs The Jlorilurr and ornamenta in the <o,nd kaUiia were aa elegant aa they were wondertully exeere cuted, and another recall followed the conclusion ol aat the duet, throughout the whole of which Signor Belhe lettl seconded the effort* of Mdlle. Lind with musiolan:he like effect. We cannot enter Into minute detalla about the ,U- whole ol Mdlle. Lind'a performance*, which were mere tor than usually numeroua, and were turther increased he by the enoorea Kvery on* knowa with what perfeor*r tion ahe alnga the pathetlo cavatina in A flat, (with the en violoncello) from " Der Krelachuti and equally celebrated ia her veralon of Moiart'a line air from eta " Zauberflotta," "Non paventare." whioh. having been 'he expreaaly composed I or a soprano endowed with unuiual to- cotapaaa. la beyond the reach of the majority of mo,ng dem alngera. In both ol theae Mdlle. Lind created a ,fo furore, and waa unanimously recalled. The laat, an by aatenlshlng display ol flexibility and energy, waa ennr. cored In an uproar of applauae. Be delighted were the ni- audience that they became selfishly exacting, and. raie<l aardlesa of the Inevitable fatigue of the singer, would iul near of no denial That Mdlle Lind, after aome healID. tat ion. consented. and repeated the laat movement of the aria with augmented power, taking the extremis be high note* (up to r in alt) with the clearness of a bell, >D| and with the utmost point and oertainty. will easily rill be credited by those ? ho have had prool* of her eoui,4 rage, stamina, and Indomitable will. ,D We must not pas* over another encore, and one not lte to arduous to ct mply with, which Mademoiselle Lind i,g obtained. We mean a very beautiful ballad by Mr. U?ii edict, " Take this Lute," composed purposely for let the accompliahrd aongatres*. and sung by her with in mense approbation at the London concert*. Mdlle. ^ Linda pronunciation ol th* Kn^llsh tongue Is exceedir inglv pure and articulate, with juat so much of accent it- u gives it a special and lascinating quaintneaa. In the m. ballid style?which can he said of very few dramatic un singer*- she excels quit* aa remarkably aa In the florid i(. and Aroi ura sohool. There in a combination of aim,r. plloity and earnestnea* in her manner that has a pelf culiar cbarm, while the few aadence* and ornament* she introduce* only aerve to give increased sentiment k and character to the melody Hereto lira the secret of HJ goad bellad singing. by which many who are exclu,0. sively devoted to that atyle ol art would do well to be study and profit. Nothlrg could be more hearty and HI apontaneoua than the emorr awarded to this ballad, |je which wax accompanied on the pianoforte br Mr. ,al Benedict himself. )g. The laat effort ot Mdlle. Jenny Lind, and. bacausc #i the laat. perhapa the moat captivating, was one of tbo?e delicious Swedish melodies. which, from the lips e(j *f the "Nightingale." may vie in oharaeterUtio beauty I,. with the national melodies ef 8cotisud and Ireland. Q Immortalised in history and poetry The song of the t,j Bhepberds in which, by a lingular melodic interval, (a abarp 7th?turn A to U sharp ) frequently repeated, ti e peculiar call by meana ot whirh the flocks are btovght together ia tellcltoaaly imitated, gives Mdlle M Llnd scope tor indulging in certain caprices of electa>n tii n that aniidtt an apparent aimplioity. present mora in than uaosl vocal difficulty. The exquisite intonatloa ,a with which the uuaint interval alluded to wan iovarlUJ ably taken, and the rich expreaaiou *f humor aud archQ. MM that gave a meaning to the worda, in pile of their Hyperborean < rlgln. and let every one into the secret ,( of the story. thoroughly enchant* d the audlenoe Mauj demoleelle l.ind accompanied heretlf, and, on quitting rr the piano, the uproar waa absolutely deafening Twice did the gifted aongatrees re-appear, but the applauae M still continuing ahe once more came back and. tripu P'?g "*ht.y MM the platform, reaeated her.-elf at the ll(a piano. Ihe rllence waa now aa universal aa th? noiae 4 had been just previously Kvery breath was held, )D leat a single drop of the rain ol melody" should be ^ lost Thia time Mdlle Llnd rang a pant oral lovesorg. | j ro full ol wild tendi mesa that It turned the torrent of jubilant entbui-iaam into a more sober atresia of eadtie**, but when Hurhcd with triumph, she rose to take her leave. every tongue waa loo?ined in aheera. every paliu extended to b?st against ita ri-nrhhir In honor of the gifted and admirable artiat who had afl<>rd*d , such intense gratification to all present It was really a act ne to remember. ^ Tb* reception ot Mif> l.ind has been In the higheat J degree flattering Bhe baa b? en staying a' the Adelphi i Hotel ainee her arrital tfo great. wa? the an -itetv oa I the part ot the public to get a glimpse ot the talr { vocalist, that a large croud asie-tnoled on Thursday ^ | evening in liO|?< atrcet and Mjrtle atreet. whowi pro" longed cbetriug. a> ahe prooeed?d to and Iroin ber ... U'l (I"|.Ujj, larlty. The atmpla. uuafTrctad tbuxUr ot .tinny ,j. Llnd wa? dl> played at th? rfkruui. whi-ra *h? mm(lad u ?lth the ^rou|'. anil IliIuIk?'1 in all lh? lno<? ent l!, frtakaof a iiilltltH heart. Tfc<- ttrhnrH u>uorj >r- hy ffift ilimnat atrmi to ba lort-ign to hrr nature ; 1^. ill* ba? no idea cf n-hr'.ii'! i i.g h.'-elt In the raid lorm ilily an t lotly <1 itnity ?hu h ar'.Utaa intiiii:?i)r k|j l.M giltcd. ?o fn .|U*nlljr ape I.i<'A M ah- Ai;m\ - We fir><i the following lo in the jIutmMtr Hattmuiit, iu,.. ii Irum th- //?//< j lie Pari* :?"The trnr'i'V.I quarter of ih* \ ill* ?f lteauion w.ia on Sunday tlirowu into Hgitnlion by ( ne of th*-moat atriking i icUJeLt* Mid'Hf* l<?U *. Minteahad trkrn for Iftein ?>?ri in rnificcnt ly hotel b? l< nging to M. Hot* ^he cauaed* it to be to fumuhed with extraordinary fpkwinr. Turkey ,n carpets of gnat value ornam* nod all the h|mi t'* tin lit* duiii'U the wintt r aeaaon The moat curioua J" and mre furniture w a* bough'. of a tradeaimn, win, tl? acdutcd liy the reputation of the great fortune of the r? n antic ad?cLtotrr, hud linii -ufficien' conlir* deace lo give credit lor at* month*. t >n Sunday, ?r the d?y en which a large rnni fell due, the furui#r lure mun pteatnird hunaelf, hot Madame l,oU fj l>eggt d him to mil iigain at tin end of the week, ' on account of the ahaence of hi r liuahand, w ho lr had lorgottm to leave the nioney. Ihirirg thin ||r tin i Mail. tl" I.ola tun<) ' |.ri'|i,|i 'ia for le.ivmr, and catix d vrhiclea to a-nt for to remove her ,l good*. '1 he upholatcrer, inform d < f thia, hutrnid t-d to the Villa lleaujon, and found himaelf in lb" d niidfl of the confuaion cauaed liy the removal of_ ? hi? fimiturc. A creat uproar took place,.id the* * On n i?aary ?f J'ohce, and aorne of th?- other *T cnditora, who had lieen api.ri.--eI of what w?a going <n, arrived. Among the creditors waa M. Jac.fUabd, a celet.rated painter, to whom a luge mm waa due lar ioitraita ol the Uilv. Sur,iria<d I, in the n idM of theae pr-piritions fur tli/ht, the ur laHy waa not disconcerted for a aini?'e tna'ant; ahe an pretend* d that aha waa diapoaej to p*v, tint her d- huabt.nd had a< nt her the money lor that purpoae, l ot that ahe liad leal the key of her ca*h-t>ox. . hhe hefifed the creditora to wait for a moment, B" ?hilar the v?rnt fur a lorkrmnh, hut neiiher Udy .,1 nor lock (Tilth appeared Madatne Ula hiden' t< red a m hiele, which waa wattinL'f?r her in thtl An-niie de ( hateauhrian.l, near tl>> I'.trncre :e it I I mile, and had diaapi eared like a ahadvw, withid ^ out aaying when ahe would return." 1,1 A^ r a'C4^ Snirri>o ti l.m i ii. t,.?Pnratnnt to 'he l-te ordera of the l>ock t'omn it'ee, the 1J ; laaac Wehh, Captain Crosier, and Tuacarrra, I, I ; ptain Turlev, went into the d.?cl? ;i , r. iinated ,1 to the Am#ric?n trade, htn Kxh wh- the r?dl of a ' the re* Lwh< n the ratra were < ned dun IP I -t j. \ Fiiila)'* *nH 8*tutda)'a brrwe, that thru* fcaeile. !> mm hiuM ihrir rhino out of tha dock, and want ?" into th* WkIciIxo l?ock for aafrly ?l.irtrpori f Chrr.nttU, Avg 17. " ?*n Aatraic Ptraw Naticatioa Co*??*? ? , Tha aattlamtr.t and winding up of lb* alfalra ot thia ,4 t< mparj ha- h?. n rafarrad to tba M ??t-r la I'haaoary. >11 PIT (iaorfa ftoaa oa IK* patltloa M llftr; HatabriJ*' e. atil Cbartaa P.ndarby. whottalr that tbapropoaad aapl? tal waa ?1 COO OOO la 10 W-0 ihar>a of ?100 aarh tor,j 'alia of ?11 par abara *? mala anl with tha proearda tba er>?n*aj aoaatrartad aad aqolppad tha BrltUhguaan aad Praaidant whloh mada aararal ?a?a ?t jaa fcatwaaa tbla rmntry and tha I altad Jtataa; hat tha lattar taaaal halnf Wl aad ao protta hataf mada, ?! tk? rrmpanj ? ?? tip hnataaaa aad aold th* Brlttab h# l)a?? Calla wara mada upoa tba abaraboldara to par ot iffliahilltlaa. making with tha ana* pra?lo?a|y railed, r< a total pa; ma ot of ?00 aar abara Tha pattttoaara r0 atata that tbay hara paid raapaatlraly ?4 000. aad ?S 960 towarda tha llabtlltlaa ot tba aoararn, haaldaa - tba ?M par abara upon K) abaraa aarh It la apw ' aonpbt. iiodar tba art to aiaka thoaa puf tha ?.1 aalU !*? who hava not paid In ordar that thoaa who tiaaa paid if. >?t? man inair qattaai* akara mar t>o manina n( * thora in i>oillrtli| rlilaa aari| tk? tHIIort Ik to* imoh| th?m fairly tka oaly aaaata that . NMll, o?D|ln( to ?M?-Um<Un Ckr1k. lt l? ' W?lltla?? IMrUlftnr*. .. . aaaaiaaa rs-nat ho T M??r.alM Ckurah Foattk atraot . * ? Ik taltaa. Borainc to I ai??raallat ( hur*h Hoath ?<r?t . Ra? H R Wy*. I?a ' Ifltfofal Fro* Chnrck. Moaroo atroot , * ? * ?, Hryt a>or?ln( a. t kapal, Saffnlk atr??t . Hilar l?arr. morning ko Roooad A4*.nt Otiarrh. Hawtor *r~i , Bid** >? r>? anrnlap ?f M#dl?al Col lor* Croaby ?tr*ot KM*r J t Wo?*af. Ir ova bIS( f hk????tlo, Rr*a4?ay , lit MrJTfcoapooa. Bin ? ^ iok? P LaaAy, of Mr. not Ploaaaat Ckar?k, at * kaa rooai**4 a rail (VoB Ik* Oo^ra (Mkmtal Ckaroh at W?a? *arla(?al4 Maaa lata aaAar _ 'ko oara of R.t a a WaW. a a. paatar of Ik. Paarl *_ ?*? ? Ckaroh. at tkla any Rao 8aa 1, froatlaa of *a? R?*or4 Maaa kaa >a| Mopt?4 aaiaiBoaa rail from tko iaaaai Fraakytaly f1* Ck*ra%. Ravart, aa lata paator ?*k D?. 1 ** .' Rartkr-ay W r??ol?a4 iMalawi aall *im tka rirat Pvaakytarta* Okarak ?m4 nnnHlu 1 ta awiilnl, K. f. [ERA > . . ti InUrtithi| from Mexico. COIWBKM?THK PKKS1DKNT1AL CAMPAIGN?TIIK TEHAt'NTKMc tkkaty?(H01.XRA, &cc. Arc. [From tba Mobil* Trlbuus, Aug. ft.] The Great Western brought us numerous journals from the republic of Mexico. Tliey are filled with moat interesting information, from which we eeUct a few items. The extraordinary session of Congress, which haa been awaiting the departure of the cholera, was finally opened on the Hth instant. Don Louis Coot? was elected President, and Don Jose Maria Blanco, Vice President. ri mjr ? i* ?? - 1'Mvniiur nrimvnrano contains the address of hia Excellency, the President of the Republic, to the senatora and deputies assembled. It is a model message (if that term may he applied to it ) It is wonderfully short, dignified, and graceful in compoaition, and present# forcibly the true stale ot the country. All the journals unite in saying that the war of the Preudential canvass wages with fiercer fury than was ever known before. Eight journals have united in a protest (una prolata) against the election of General Mariano Arista, as dangerous, unpatriotic, and even criminal. Many of them publish incidents concerning the private life of Arista. The Trait d' Union, which muv I* considered neutral, says The protest of eight independent journals against thd election of Arista, and the contra protest of the liberal pH|>ers, have both appeared. Never have we seen the press of the country in such a state of agitation There is a perfect fire of accusations, of recriminations?not to mention charges of falsehood, and threats of violence and of vengeance. They wauld amute us, were not the'position of allairs calculated to awaken raaurnfnl reflections. In every other country, the press is considered the expression of public opinion, but were we here to deem it such, we should say a fearful and awaited us.? Each patty has resolved to spare no ett'orts to effect their object, and these violent commotions may end in civil war. The Notocioto dtl Panurof of Tampico, has a long article on the subject of the treaty between Mr. Letcher and Senor Gomez Pedraza,which they say was written by Clayton and sent out. It is evident the Mexicans fear the power the Yankees will obtain in their country, if once they, Archimideslike, obtain a space whereupon to rest their fulcrum. A despatch waa received in the city of Mexico, dated Washington, July 90. It reached the packet stesmer on the eve of her departure, and was for warded immediately to the tit v. It was only eight days tn route, having travelled more than 1,200 ItMMI. Don Louis de la Rosa has demanded permission to return to Mexico, the climate of Washington being unfavorable to nis health. He is one of the candidates for President. The war in Yucatan does not rage so fiercely. The heavy rains have calmed the ardor of the combatants. The Minister of War has received a letter from New Ijeon, containing intelligence that seven hundred Indians, of both sexes, and some negro slaves, have entered the country. They nret>-i.d it is their intention to locate themselves there. Among these Indians are one hundred and eighteen Seminoles, belonging to that war-like people who held the I'nited States at buy for years, and cost them millions of treasure; the others are CJuika|?>ot and Muscog'es. These aivage*, say they, are weary of war, aud wish (o become citizen*. The whole frontier country ha* suffered greatly Irem the incursions of the Apaches and the Csmar.rhes. Ilenve, it is not remarkable the people should be alarmed at the vicinity of the remnants ol warlike nations. The ai-sHM-in of Don Cauillo Burros had been condemned to b? hung. The cholera had appeared in Tampico, but as yet was not so terrible in its ravages as elsewhere. The cholera is rapidly disappearing from Vera Cru-/. Th<| SeoM Comtrcio aaya there is great sufle ring in Vera Cruz, in consequence of the enormous price ot tlour. It ia proposed that a vessel be at c nee sent to New Orleans to f<iirclia?* tlour, wbirh can be sold ut achenper rate than at present. The authontits of the city nave forbidden an export ot Hour into the interior, an the city requires j e\ ery JuM of it. Beside* the hinh price of the article, it is dreadfully bad. All description* of 1 provisions ?re farce. Sugar is above the purchase I of any but the ni h There is a call upon the m>vttrment to do away ?iih the duties upou foreign j produce, and allow it to enter free There seems a ( prospect of famine on the i-eii shore. j Th> re were rumors of a primummtnrntt in the I cp tal, and ninny of the nulituiy supposed to l>e engaged in it have 1 ? ? n ordered to qptl the city ni mediately. The Poulliciii Convention at Dlsron, (is, The following ni>-Ho revolutionspawed to the Southern Mass Convention, recently in session at Macon, Ga i? Itwdrtd, That we approve the resolution* and addreti of tt? Ha IitIIIi I nn*.'alien smt r'-mnmo n I tl m to ilif rrtdlst support of th? peopt* of lirnrilt. MteelnJ. Xi>?l in i oouiliicuiliUK lb* p?upl? ot Oi orgta to irqulnt* in th? application of lk? Missouri 1 C( inpir n>!*" line of COM' to the Territories ot the I mien Pimm Willi a recognition or Iitftt aouth of tl hi lie* w< pr*po?r that ir>|uirtr?ar? tor Ibn nk? of tlir pra< of the country, anil th- preaarvatlon of the i l ekia That It ia lb* cooft itutioral right of the cli iaru to I* protected in tk?- enjoyment. la th? public tmltrry of : ny property ?Hrh. by tha law* of lb* ftat> < t atlrh he ia an in) aMtant, be la auUmrli.d to nun; and to witbb*M fr m him their protection, ia to debar Mm 01 constitutional right llMiltid That tl.i< ft tmlnaloti of t'allfornlft Into th* C'nlnn. with htr pritanded nrganlaattou. will lie tha nf Iki noil niijuallllttbla MrnMiona ot Is* tiudnaupou lb* public l?rrlt< ry on the right* of (Iftri n i o??r?-lirn Hale* nf thla I'nlon. In-mItkI t bat lb* territorial policy of a majority ?f tb* I?''Iktiiif ? (.' ngr-aa la t?> pi< r?nt lor. rer, the aiiblii lor ft an> th< r al*?? State lam the l.'nl on. aabtert the right* of the South In the public tarritofiaa, ai.d e??i lual.y to aboil.h alaaery Id the f*t?te<: Ihu* convHtlng a government which *uaattbll>hNl far the protec lion nf all. an angina of attack ami tprllatli n ol a portion of lt> unn.Url>iM>l?d lliat we Inait* thoa* who meditate theaa a*ir?aalm? In | ? . . before they perp?tr?te a a rang hick tkay c?ni et remedy, and to wbieb a people l.aalnf the aplrlt nf freemen will n< rer ?*l>mit. Hr?nl?<d. That abonld tha rtaal occur la which It at all Ucm e the duty of the Ooaernor. under the direction of tb>- laet legislature to call a convention of lb* people ol Oeergia to ?on?ld< r ol the nec*e-ary nra'ureaof fftfety in the Plate It 1a the opinion of the ti ertlng that ntir RenftWa and Repreeeatatlvea In Ci nj n * bould Immediately return to their Mat* and* witb 'b<lr constituent* In eonaullatiow and action ra inch miaaurca. |te?o|??d. Ibat the terrlter* claimed by Teta* to be within hir boundary, la her a. cm a*ny prio 'ijrle of fcatlrnal law. that It la r*? ogniard by the reaolutlwn* <f Cntlaaa, admitting bar Into the I nb>n, that the <21 nai.4 of a portion of It now by the government. wfth aiwird In one hand and a par** In tb* other, ia nab* remit the d i.lttrf Hi nation laaroula lumnral i.<1 aad wfil n-1 b* j f tfTrJ or auntalocd by , ?IMtloO? nod *Bllfht*B*d propl* Rnolttf Ttittbf rnnwf* ?( Pmldrat rillmn In C??in?, ?tron?ly iBilmollnir hi* ilMrraltilhg. by f' rc* t>f ?ra to t mttri l|t n?ib>r of th# r orfnJ- Tmry ftopi enforcing It* lt*t In t*rr1t?ry which it**/#* ttoHM lo h* within |t? bonn lary I* wlthoot warraat In th* ?>tll?ll"B or l*w*. nod If b* *i'?apta to carry hi* pnrpoa* latn< ff?#I. th* public liberty aid Ikf riM; if llir roitttttlinn demand that bin enp loot fhruld h* lare?tl|rat*d at lli? ln*t?nc* of lh? , branch t-t < hi* fnrrraa^at holding th* pow*r of Im I >? r biuret Rnoltrd Tbat In th* *rr?rf nrr In which th? *t?t* (if Triu I* placed by her relation* with tb* f*a*ral r T>rtni<i.l ?h* ha* lb* *yaipatbi** of tb* p*opl* of rorpla ??.d will ha?* tb?lr aid and >apport lo aay n.?*?ur'* ib? icar adopt to ?a?* h?r hnn? r her pro I crty and b#r political and *oB*tttaUi>Bal rt?bt* R*?olt*d Tbat ? appro** of tb# via* fotbaaran** of tb* Na*b*lll* CnnMlN ) BOt pr*a*titln? to tb* |?np|*B r??*dy lor th# ai*dltat*1 a?fr*a*l<.Ba of Co? *n ** no M*tb*ra rt|bt* tbat aat propnattlon nf tbat tort tni?ht ha?a br?n *np?tra*d late an In <?- 1 tiMldal* lb* public autbnrlttaa la tb*lr d*lib?r*tl"?a nd ?* appro*# of tb? roar*e ?f that body la a<tj"iirBIrjr orer uatll lh* aclloa nf tb# g*a*ral t?**rnaMat lath# d. Ileal* aad #tclttn| (U??tlo?? blob I'd to It* | cf.n?<<-a'l<'n by lb# p*op|* alioald b* known and If of ] a harartir tn rrqalt* It b# r*a*o*abl*d Rraolred. Tbat wa disapprove at tb* ia*a**ra banwa a*th*< lay < oMpromtM. for Italatrlaal* daai*rlta. aol Ita adoptioa la >l*ta-b*1 part*. will Hi u aa I It* rr.ctaimt u a whol* aad tb* pr*t?n < ? lit! It eoat Ir> th? |>rlnrl|>l* of o<in Iswrritlot." In an at t<mpt to ytartlr* a g*oaa traad um tha p?<pl* tor It latarpo*** ta *a*ar a pnrtloa of ta* t#rrHory at Taia* la ahlrh It In kaowa no fraa Atata ran ha crratwl *ad j.lara It I* tha p??*r of tha goT*Taa?*nt ta fa?r>r tha I ^naotlfii of fraa Mate* th*r*la . It lat*rp?a*a to I rra??rt a dlatrlat whlah had fora??<1 a mnrtltatlno ahlrkfr**aa<-tad th* right* of th* Wouth lato a Territory. while It a4alt? California whoee eoaet It at la* ] rfntaln* a dlrtrt aagreeeloa oa tkm right# Reaolrad That tli* eoateet la thick *? ere mp|i4 l? so Mara part* war far*. It la a rtraggl* for Ik* Ona atltatloa and the rltkti of freaaea. egelast eeattoaal I and aaaoaetltatlaaal enaetrartlona aad we ball ea bra I tbraa all who eater lata It with *?al aad Irairaa. aad | with a iplrlt to aak nothing hat what It light aad tab I Bit ta aotblax that la wroaf R*aol**d That ,we highly apfrora tba rally whlah Poatbera aaaihare of Coagrae* ar? making la de?*aae af oar right* and ?a tract that I bay wtll aarry eat la tbHr fall aataat thalr raaolwlloa ta apaoaa by erary oaetHatloaaJ aaui ta tha laat atlnaki. tha o#aa< Ma* aad aaanaetltettoael ?awawre? wblfth tha Wartb bat raaairad to Ihraa apea tbaa aad ?yaa ajoa aa. A dlaaaaa, >l?Uar ka etolera baa appeared l? ?n akia WW Thar* war* to* #eatbi aa th*?4 ??4 i MVl. N. - I ? * LD. , TWO CtfNTS. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Highly Important from Texas, dec., See.. Arc. The R tnatc Bill* In Ui? Home?Oceurrencea In M aihln|ton, die. OUR SrECIAL TK1J-.OKAPHIC CORIUCSPONDIW*. Wi"Hi*?To.T, August 31, 1N60. XI"' la tied up. and cannot budge, expect to break tbe nbacklei next week, and get under way. Moderate mm n?y ihtt I be Hanate blllo shall paa*. And tb.'jr can command etrength enough to carry them. 11 IS contidrntly asserted that Charles J Jenkin*. 0| Qeorgia. ban b?en tendered Mr McKennani plaoe. Mr l.enis s cbfh In not settled, nod Mr. Cooper oa* sumed most of the session against him. Mr. Maxwell U untouched; only a lew minor confirmations were mail* - among them Postmaster John, at II irrisburg. The Southern mail having failed three nominal is succcssion. Fit* Hour/ Warren ha< gone to investigate tbe difliculty. No mail agent arrived with l*at bight's train. The ?outhern mall is in a wrstehod condition. Important and Intcreatlng froin Tenia* N?:w Ohlhiii, Aug 27. 18S0. The Texas Governor's message was referred to a committee of both homes?111 in the Senate and 21 the (louse The Brut resolution. passed un tniinously by the committee, wu as lollowi' That Texas will maintain the Integrity of her territories at all hazard." On the leth a bill was introduced into the Senate aathon/.ir.g the Governor to raise tire regiment! of 1 009 men each-the pay rame an tba United States troop* ol the same class; each volunteer furnishing bis owa horse and arms The bounty half a section of land for thret monthseervice; whole section for six; two sections for twelve months. The Oovtrnor la authoiit?4 to command personally. Captain Love has returned from an exploring expedition up the KloOranda. lie atoended 1.400 mile* with a keel boat, and reporta steamboat navigation practicable 1.000 miles. Indian depredations, murders, he , continue Tba papers notice several skirmishes with our troops B*i.timos> . August 31 1840. Two Bcutfcem mails have arrived to-day, leaving on* till due. The Ualveston AV?? says that Senator Pearte's bCI w II be hailed with satisfaction by the citlien* at Texas generally. The whole country on the Kio Grande was seriously alirmtd by the dally occurrence of Indian outrages. A part of Capt. Trench's company were attacked by a party of twenty-five Indians, about sixty miles from Corpus Chrlstl. and two of the party, named Sulllraa aad Wilbargen, were killed, and another, named Neill, was dangerously wounded. The Indians enter?4 Corpus Christ), and stole Si herses The citliens of Texas were petitioBlsg the Governor to raise a force te expel the Indians. '1 hr N <> I'tcmyumr contain* tb? niMnage of Governor Hell. of T?**? In full The corn and cotton cropi of Teiaa promi?? larg* yl.-ld. A tretnendou* I roe bet bw occurred at Auraito, Urorpla Tbrri?iTb?arii.?ii twenty fret, a nl fear* m rv entertain' d that great dAmagr would ennui A fever* atorin wan experienced at Key Writ, but no lerivut damage hat occurred to the ablpplarf Tht (holtra. Com Mm ?, Augnat 31, 1HM Tbeje bare b**o 10 ch*lera <1>ath? reported Tiring tbr peat t?ea?y-four boar* Tb? w a'.btr h*< b**? cooler, nnd It ban commenced raining Moi nt Vmioh. Aug. .1], Wf are In hop** the cholara baa disappeared bar*, a* no cin) are now mown. Hallway Arrltleut, 0*n.o, AiigUKt 31, IH'iO. The *xpr*M train on the N*w York and Krl? line, wblrb leavee Kaw York at 1U1? A. M . wbila eroaalag a road about a mile from tbU village, oama In eonlaot with a two horre team, b'longing to a Wr ti W II >11 n. of tbia place Tb? man driving wm thrown from .n n at but llttl* Injured; tbr boron w^rr driw|ril ?> n dtetance our b< mg killed and th- other hadly injur I. No daman- ? ? i-atml lo the train of any moment, an 1 It |ioc?*tf*d after a lew on mitre' d. la/ Kntnl Iri'idraUi CaLo raiwn, Augua' 31. 1UI William flmilb. a r**ldeat of Sixteenth atreel. N?w York *aa killed to day oa board tba ?loop I,red*. of Troy, on brr trip up the rl?er, by the fail of tha gaff. II* Uv*l about an hour after the a< cideat The aloop twppid at Ibla Tillage, and an Inuueat ?a? held oa tb? I" dy. which will be conveyed \>aek to New York ! I D the ?lOOp , lluph McCarty, of llreaknerk. ?< drowned thl* ' murt It it ali' ut 1<> A M . In attempting to board a ?l?ip I In (he ilv?r III* body ha? uot been renovated i TlllHTV-riUHT CORURICM. riBsr acvmoM Houm Of ItffftMnUttTN. bv bain'* h.k tho-m *a-.(crit rn.nau.AmWmnn?t*?, Auguat 41, t?M tni uiiaiio Mr Pmmthi. (ahlg) of Not York ?k>il I ?? to<H?r a r*?>lutloa r*<iu>" t in* th* Fr?*t<l?nt. If not , InromfatIM* with tb* public lnt*r?ala, In ?<iaautU ?U (b? r? rultof lb* ulwlni of K it Uarl?y l> ;h? I'.i psMIt f>f*rla. ind bla r*p >rt, no tba r.U? of tba Stat* l>?p*rtm*nt Otj'Ttloa wai ntilf Tin >unt?iiil. mi i a. Ifr CaBTta. (d?m ) nfOMo. ino??l tb* tloua* go i lata Cominltt** of tb* Wh?l# oa tb* *tat? of tb- Dai^ and tab* up lb* territorial bill* Dlwfmd to thi fluiTi (iirnil Mr. Diaiii., (<lrn ) of North C.rollaa aam-r^aafally mo?*d tbat tb* Iloo?* fa I a to e<>?m?t?a ?a tba prlvata ralaadar lamta ?rn?r?i?Tnai. Tb* Hon** tb*a took op tb* ladiaa Appr>prlaiiaa PUI. vblek ?m paaaad Tb* Ilouar took uptk* raporl sad* by Mr. *t?al*y, rnn tb* waalllii appMntad to laijalr* lata tba rbara* af *lM-tlna**Tln? by 4*mo?rata la thl* Hty a a d*r Mr ftdmlhl>triitlr<?i And Bihlfi* tt,m n? rafural "t *'?li Rltehla tad K*D?it?r? it aaawad nwltlm. Mr Iti'lkt, (whig ) nf North I'arolin*. rapli-.| to tha ( tnaika ir.?d? fritirtej by Maaara ritrk aa<l NrvM, *h? kill aond'H>D>-'l tha lm|nUit?lii rbarwuf of tho r< mialttao floapoko in of th? and ladnlgad la aoa. aarraatk ranarka ? to lia?ra I>t ln?rt?THM la ?l?n(f>a? by lafaalxiu aad?* h? laat admial?tratl<>n llarlag rtaclaiM tha qooailoa iu about to ha put oa tha M?ml ^rn^Mttloal ponding ?hm Mr lor.*. iJ?m ) of Alabtma ?or?d to lay tha *kn|? rabjrrt oa tba labia Tba Motion waa dlaagraad to - yaaa tt aaya M. Mr. olfarad a raaolutloa rapturing tba poahar In U?aa bla atrrant to tba Barg-antat Kt a* to arr>at Maaara Rltehla and Paagatook. to bo bmaibt bafora tba bar of tha ttoua* for aoatamat Mr (<*(?( ?, (whig) "d Ohio, offarad ta ??ada?at to aaka tba writ rataraabia oa tbo a^c^nd Hoiday ?f Darambar aait Mr fe'NC*? a anondiaaat au rajaa'od j??? T4. aay* 104 Tba qaaatlon roaorrad oa Mr Cartor'a aabatltata to Mr fttaalay'* raaolutloa that tba whol* totyaot b? rarntnnlttad to tha alut romalttoo wlih iMtraotloa* In prrraad by tha ordlaarj proraaa of laaaatlfatloa. I? i lha dlarbarga M thalr Imp'-rtant dattaa | Mr WituiM. (whtgl "f Taaa, aiorod to lay t?> abol# aohjart oa tha tablo .. Tha yaaa aad naya rotaaad. aad tbaqaaatlaa M tokaa by a riling aota aad darldod ta tha aa*?t.?aThO big ?ld? rotol to lay thaaajj'Ot oa tha labia aaAth* dataoaratlc * Ml* tbo Mr '????. (whig) <4 Pa . ??" to proraoa ava too hu at o aaa o a tha H^aakar . tabU. bat tha m?Uoo ? *'T*h '*!*??attoa waa takaa no Mr rnrtar'aankaataont. II waa aaaatlaad yaaa H naya IS Tha linaaa tba a TO?ad oa Mr ataolay'i noolaltoa to bring Mawra RMrhlo nod *?ogotooh bafota lk> Hooa* for ailagod roataaiyt aad tbaaooatloa ?n Jaoldad ? tha aaaatlra yaaa < nay* 1H Mr mowad to lay tba whola tahjaat oath* labia, aad tha ?o*.lon waa Ifraad to by a rtatng roU, able* < ? rata anting I* tha afltrtoaMra Mr Hiaaai' Matad that tha Ham o4i"om l>mngraad to Mr fcif ? r>aoB laafootaolly ?orad that tha ffo^M go lata aa*nntMoa on tha prt?a*a aalooda*. Tha Howaa toot'w^a^taMM boondofy MU. *+ witfco* ifaUartH yw? ? *<) ?