Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1850 Page 1
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TH -> -' ' NO. 5928. "double sheet. NEWS FROM EUROPE, j, A R ft 1 V AL OF THE AMERICAN STKAMSHIF ATLMTIC. rovft DATS LATER. -ANOTHER DECLINE IN COTTON. ARRIVAL OF JENNY LIND. The Swedish Nightingale, Aihore and Afloat. ^Tremendous Excitement in Liverpool and New fork. THE LEGITIMIST CONGRESS AT WIESBADEN.' Important Movements in Spain Relative to Ouba, inc., Sec-, fee The American mail steamship Atlantic, Captain Jamea West, arrived at her wharf at halt-past one o'clock yesterday afternoon. She left Liverpool at half-pant eleven o'clock on Wednesday morning, the 21bt -u!t , and has, therefore, made the passage, from wharf to wharf, in eleven days and iwo hours. < She had very severe weather, and head winds, for five days after leaving Liverpool. Oa the third day she experienced a tremendous westerly gale? ! the severest she ever met with. Daring the last , six days she had favorable winds and weather, and { -made ever three hundred miles every twenty-four hours. Her highest speed tra$ thret hundred and Uetnty-thrtttniUi?? ont day. The Atlantic comes crowded with cibin passen- j gers. Among them is Jenny Lind, the Swedish : Nightingale. It w^s with the utmost difficulty I :hat the Nightingale made her way to the At- | i lantic, so great was the crowd in Liverpool to ?et a parting sifcht of her sweet and benevolent features ; and it would have been im- i possible to have got her on boa'l, wer i j not that Messrs. Brown, Ship'ey Si ^ . pngaifd a steam tender for her e iu?ive u e. She was very popular with * on board, iind made herself extremely agTeenble. She danced and sang almost every evening, and enjoyed herself very much. i*he gave a concert lor the benefit j , of the sailor j, which realized the handsome sum Df seventy pounds sterling. ( The wildest enthusiasm prevailed on her landirg at the foot of Canil street. Thousands hid ( congregated th re to see her. They followed her ?am?g* in thrunif* to the Irvina House. She up- I ] peared aev?rul timea at the window, and bu?red ( :? the people. She aeemrd delighted with every :hing around lirr. Annexed i# a list of the paswogc ra:? MMU OF HIE PAS*esOER"? II ritK ATLAVTJC i M*d llr Jenny Mini and H (liek? . Philadelphia, j twi Mrnnl- 8?reJ#a. Mm Ki?*un. <lo. Mtd'lli lliDkntus, J. R Wi:iB?r, >lo. I , ' A Prieot, San f ranciaco. J 11 io<ol i W .1 *cr k l.i ly, | Mm. Prltrt. do do M T Prl??t <!o J*? Dunn. l?dy and child, U\n N M iehnclr Girrafcny Londo* Mr W Tl'lnny I'aMlmor*. j)r W A Jon-j. Ala. ttlraVWtny do W H. Oohorut. MtnllU. >U?t?r Tiffunj. do. J O A.. |i r? >:i. Florida. J. A Applatun Nv* York. Jm A urty. Albany, Mr Applotnu do. .Intin T?;|ir. do. ilm P AppM. i, ui'IMIm t'h?? drjiuour, It'iriia^Applrton do toa. Mr and Mr- f. Kdwln Atw.-?t?r. Montreal. t>)rh<. Inl>nt nfMhr. A * Ka inma Traiio* II >ro?t Mr W W HOneaadladjr. Cot J. Cbarlaa. tloMirm to*. Mr X<>r|tU<oa. }lr. k Adi(?". I>?7. otiilJ Mr Htrur r and ?ur??. Tti ir>?toa 8. V Hu' r? th h.'ircr l'r MoClam aiid lady. N. of <1* r?">b.t from ,-i. U'lean*. Ntrribuiifli Mlm Mc< !nr?. da. K J Br . u Tork. Mr A Poody and lady, J. t'?id?i* r. A binj Rocbort'r. J Jaj S.uith, b ar?>r of deXt Tli or Pit aid lady, rpalcbm hi children ai d ??r?'t, J. * iJUtk?on Phllad. N York. Ml>? M iry WeU-tory, do. | . J. W O vJd.rd, do I. W til-o. do I. M K<b|>. d". W Mrr,(V.Iu<aoi?. Inlr Ummuo * 'irtuwy. Im V*n ida. W I. AMvlt. V iladilptii* .* And-r-io Vlrcloi* R Abbidt. d.i Wilm. r W.lm r f. >a loa. 'tji.or H.-IMH <(*! Jovi Kat?a S crl-aaJ. .Mr VI M n y' i l.lphl* K 1 " :m .1 ?' W l'alr.' i;nc"'i II II* l| riffp.vil. V lt? n????- i I'htiad , ' ** J". I'llU'lj I II '. I I v ll I I >1 Jolin 1 Oitada, Mian Viimi B ill ?-'?y. lilref' A K . I.a Vlin *i <. d<>. p*/. W Madhai'til v-? t'Mk, r. i: I" 'V iv.rtmora. Mr T L< adn "ttrr. do. ltob. it <o?il"d Lirnfunl. .V". II l?lfhr<? do. Will A >aatn4 Jajjuca, I) 1, l.*-ha< I.' iiilitti W Indi^w. I | fy|| M,|'. , Ilia O ? N rti- till )*?. Mr kMM, H ; ?.! r?. Mr N nil V i . .m. l<ii>?kl*y. i?" Mr. H>.?t >u i T >randi I -.dno Mr 'U :i I) limit.>1. mi, t:i?a. U?l- ii.**. Kwror of d?a 4 f*t*iYork. p*i ill i v< Mr IT?'*-1 H l> i.l u- 'itla-irlpfclt (hw I'. llinn>i 0 Arli.j: ':.i J?. J A H i'??t . d >. W J . i ! I. H?Ml'! i. L ? M- ..WV rk. I> A KiIK'k/ JII J K r. .. .-I Kh;UU. J II f! .I|> ? N |? < ork 4T Ktijanki .'r do. K loMiaraarf*. Jd V \\ I,. Hi -.f| <"l W O Jaukx j> do. Ja? A ''ihapiark. i M ' "I 1 ii f. ~N W k?ur ,i ' ic'*i'd A >i K. 1 ?. i tlofn Iny .1 It I n >- i . * I Mlllu'# i ill .'i 1. W V.tlk'i. " li I I. r? " J5 W Tf,on. Jo M?\ II. J . i. rt O? W. W!,ii?*T. Pa. Ti'tal. I4.V Thie. *e b> IwV, it tf?* lari'rut guuh'f of cabin r-i ;?r. i^il ih.',; ," i?*r I': >rn \urope. Tw Aim ui' o mail weanuhip Washington, Capt. "lo>rt, left b<>u'h?nipton on Tuead^y the ?th ult , for New York SV liu a tail cargo, mid a Urge niiinl?rr of j -?> l:' >? The MiNiitt from Schl'twig reiiT's^nt a fom lete nir^' .i u of the r,*-r?i i ?f > h nriniea n the Ik lit, out the corral n that :he tillbn v nl not l*-of |. i .? . - -i ;^>ine af the kw German ncruit* are aoi.i to be alu-ariy it. m t.m,; m ih? mn '.vi'f t'l winch Vy are compelled to ttibmit. Advice* front lVliium Mate th?t a larg* tract of he couiitry presented a mr*t m?! tin !?.?ly harreal *cene; frr r.??riy ?i*tjr tnileaall the lowUf I- were Mfloofifd, and ihe corn floating *t I rh"">?n<l?of trre'a of wm<T ?;rrt< li'd on e?> h I ol khf r j 11 1 ??jr, and nuglit be taken for lab* * * re it U'rt for l he row?o< u. e iop? that i.ixik< <1 th<- m irum* of I he aul>m> rg.-<i firlda I The Austrian government haarfiertrd thr pro<miuoa of Iff LoinhtMo-v?nrli?n .|? > ! ? rrliive to til' l"*n "I iai,00ll,n?0 fl.?rn:*. I v 'rrn^ nent no* W nhine to pledge itaelf nut to iaaac an/ " ^*|ier WKHH-JT in thi'M- provin ;r?. I T* r>rri.tina of the Treaidt-nt of the Fi?nch Li fiejmMir, in the province*, coolmnm to he of the M" no*! entiiu?ia?iic chitrnrifi The datea Iron Labunn are to th* l*i?h Jul*. Thf Aiik:ii an lurty k*d C*ll?d ..t th*t pUro, on hoard ihr (' H frigtte Plymouth, and in pected th* coal mine a ' There haa I " a ? decline in eocoa in th? I.iverpool mnrkrt. r Th? corn market dull. Wheat Id. to 2d. per 70 lb lower H->tir atr*Hy in price, b it ?1a*ofntle Indian com W cheaper. and not m i- h doing Market alti*e<ber of ? reuiM?i?? ri,.ii.?u In I>otim??o wr bare no than** t.? not Atk? irmmii it Uir denuiiH, ?' th? quoUlinrwi f?r A?erim freight a were doll. Hut an ianpror<4 feeling in E JIN" E the market Quotations unaltered since sailing o the America. Money and discounts for good paper easy. Con boIk closed Inst night at 964 10 I 0|> account, am to | j>er cer t. Bullion in the Hank of Englani steady. American securities are said to be steady in Lon don, hut we have no quotations. Commrrciil n?ws not so good. Accounts i England from America and India not so flittering from India especially?whence, instead of a de pressed market, large orders were expected. The English news i* not important since the sail ing of the America. Parliament having dissolved and most of the political character having left Lor don, the uauttl bustle of [tolitics had been succeeded by an unusual dullness. The Court had left fo the Isle of Wight, and it is proposed that he Majesty will proceed to Scotland almost imir* di ue!). 1 er Majesty intends, however, paying vii.tto tti? l?'i is; of the Belgian*, at the port c Os'ei.i!, previously to her departure for the High lands. Viscount and Viscountess Pulmerston have en tertained his Excellency the American Miniate and a select circle at dinner, at their mansion i Carlton Gardens. On Sunday, the 18th ult., the port of Liverpoc was visited by a severe storm, which caused great number of outward bound vessels to pu back. A boat was upset in the river, nnd nine pet eons drowned The brig Williim ilushton, boun from Lhkuiib, in Mexico, to Liverpool, was ru down in the channel, by the steamer Minerva, am seven of the crew drowned. A serious acciden happened to a steamer in Li>ch Lomond, in whicl Lord Gough, the hero of India, was voyaging, bu fottunaiely no lives were lost. The Bntaunia bridge was almost completed. The British and North American royal mai steamer Caledonia has been sold to the S^anisl government. It is said she is destined for a uev line to be established betweeu S|tain and Cuba The same parties are in negotiation for the Hiber nia. All about Jenny land?On Land and on Sea hhK KMHARKATION?I1KR SKA SICKNESS?HER DANC 1NO AND 1IIR CONCERT ON HOARD TilK ATLAN FIC? 1ICK ARRIVAL. IIhyiiiit some time Rin^r nmiriivii vnn nf mv Hi termination to return home by the vessel whic should chance to convey Jenny Lind to our shorei i caw ot resist the temptation of transcribing sue (acta and circumstances, with regard to the fai cantatrire, as have cotne under my immediate ot servation, knowing full well that any properl authenticated article, having for its subject-mitt? the sajing" and doings of Jenny Lind/will be re* with the Liveliest interest. ' To begin at the beginning," it will be seceti snry to refer to the enthusiastic reception of Jenn Lind at Liverpool, and to her two brilliant concert l<rior to her departure on the "Atlantic" steamer. When it became generally known that Hirnun had effected an engagement with Mad'tle Linii and that .-he was in raality to visit the Unite States, Mr Sudlow, the Secretary of the Pliilhui momc Society of Liverpool, was deputed t? elite into un arrangement with the fair Swede, with th view to giatily the thousands who had bee* dn*a[ pointed on her former visits to Liverpool, and esp* ctally in January 1849, at which time she stng fo the benefit of the Southern Hospital of that citj ?om< li'tle difficulty was at first exi>erieured, U< by holding out great inducements, Mnd'lle Jenn was prevail'd upon to revoke her det-riiiination i not tinging again in England, until after her retur fiom America, towards which all her though' had Ions been 11.dus1riou.~lv turned. When tli announcement wu finally made, and (lie time fi the conct rtj fixed u, <-n, a perfect fwort aeemi to pervade the whole western coaat of Kngl ia-1ai (1 in Liverpool, which appeared to enjoy the e-;n cial fdMjf hiui regard of J ony Liad?which, in word, had Seen the recipient of her generous char ties, the ([.-rate** j?o#<-it>le excitement prevailed. Ft wi < ka preceding her arrival, tliop win low* teem d article* of ornain-nt iu< drew, of <-v.-r conceivable form, and f.i hioa, and ah ipe, all beai ing the niUoical name of " Jenny Lind;" whil porta ard far and near, ex-rcia?d their jmi* era of rhjmc and }<enct!, in the production of ful pome Mrfuieta and flaueriug picturaa, A i>erfec rug" f xiaied for everything S >edi?h The const lar agent of that kingdom ffM overwhelmed h culla Horn hnndreda i)< di*ti<iguial>ed perton* nc onhia vi r.iiiu Itu. It wti even ?ml Out Saediiron luuu in lite mark and that the price of .StooV holm tur Mti-'hly advanced; hut whtirver wa? th '"fc?." concert ucket* were aold with the rapidlt of "Eitru Ih ra I eit." In ihort, "Jen ty Liud" w.? in ever) , ody'a mouth, and uj |*-rm(>?t in ever/hn dyV mij.d. Grave merchant* ,-.?tued on *0h nig to lauJ her thar;U<'a?church rhonater# and yoju, I it die th*ew aaide their gl run and their UN i Jlllltli, N ?he l ew "Mraoiah," i?nd the a<?ree "in^ 1'n'iea" of jiwidok Kditora d'etar griphu rkrtche? of the routing Bonfire**, and nrwauuin g?i?i?l>ed u i j 'ale iiiecilat'H from the duaky re iiio-i ifi i;?-lfutnrn??wid "btivi.m, a* eminent ct the ih?r.cier?atied of J- jiii/ L'nd s*>v I ?ti aotgt, 11.fore iu Mint*.- meaaitre hackneyed .niU un * U aMe, uep- f>o if'it up at the tune of ?i* to th |k s?*etlirig- ?u?et iit'i'icinin and ofchratraa il tempted |?it? ol "11 T?roo"?nd"Not P^vent ?rej' wmle H.e wall* >! eury puMic ror>ni in Liverpwl fioid ih- fluklonible rr>uuidi:t of the Aft -l+jhi, t the nnaneet heer-tap in I>niKiO at.*eel, give ech to the prakea ol Jenuy Lind. I'ih i r th< f<-? /',tiui{ circurmUacM, 'Ke Ni^hl inaaJe n.ade her rj.lrft to Lir<r,wl, where apl ? did a|mritneaia ? re provided f?r her recji lion at the ArfelpM Hotel Bat I pws ov.the rMI>v*U?m which greei'd her, will the ?i?i-!e remark, thit even Vic'ona heriel CotiM riot have drawn louder cheer* or w<rni? eipre?e1?ni ol icjf ird, th <a lh?*ae winch weli!iiiii?< Jeuay L-md on the evenin*of the Ihthof Augu I A t( oo pi.m irij! her waa Mile. AhmaH<?Hi, (* co i in, I i liev?}; Aiona. Benedict, (he allahl*' an taieii id rf.ntnctor; Sguor lt>'lletti, aad Mm' Vnitr. together *?nh a of i;e|#-t?.?te arOtfr*. wtntae nainea I win it a ?h|e ro oSt tin. Mi Win frndtow, ihe S. rrrfrry of ihe i'hiiiMrmoni fy, .m1 Mr. Kald, il?? <Vm*>iI, ?rr-r in " p,l?nc^ 'h~ nllvajr t.ition, ind fc?iv* the Niidmitvalr ?li* alighted fr?M?i the carri'iy w? Icni oii her once more t?? Liverpool, and feet fymg ihnr *pp?eei*rt??? <>/ the honor ?he vmmlerr* by hff |f'i< wr. Jenny Li >d a|y-?irrd ill trr e*?*ller>t ?pni??, an<1 ?ra? evidently non? th w< r?? U r her rsrrMe among Hills md d ?le? i lirrnwiy. I'iiim mat to her engagement, MHile Lind pai lock of wiw flight r> tie?l<nn nt at th- Adelph tb? null b?it nn hour in town. Mil out in priv?i cnrii.-ge for tlif Mhearnal *? the conc-n rm?n< nhirk ?b? rnxM M h?lf-;>*?t aeven. H'rf ?h wan received with thr m?.?i imhcund'd an I in.ti acrit>ahle enthm i ?*m. It would t>r difficult to r?*il i*e the *ceue, even in imaeinatinn. T*? aplendi halt, lighted ip prcmllv tor th* ?.*?*?aion - th rnemheta of th?- orrheatra, all in'i?tr-loving fnpta and, ?>f courae, admirer* of .Irony l.ind, wedded t her by the toe of aym;>nthy? th>- hreathlean *\\+t Uuoo o?tr?the awelling hnrnt of a|n)Uoae-it? graceful, unaffected, hearfrlt acknowledgmentihe reitemtnl nmrmnra of admlratioa and lo*? buraiitg lonh again in more tntrnae e*prr*aio?the waving of hitndkercliirfa and !>hotiia of |of *11(1 aninwi r>m m.rir nil' woan ..... the lir??nrfn'hm* elw ia forpnt'en, tuat i the mom-tit of that ?rtnm|. Throughout th evemnif. ih?* sit*"* fnthusttain waa manifested mid l.ind left the co-"-ert rnom at IOoYIocI t>ut to great waa th? crowd n itnnlf th? hti Idini that it wm not without antne difficulty that ?h gamed the carnage Jmmedi?t?ljr *he nade h? abearance, ard waa recofnireH, ahe waa haile with a hont of applause Wircelj l>-aa hearty th i thai which freetad her ia th* interior of th* hal She pffmed deeply to appreciate ?hia aec?r?d d< numeration of eMeeir. and e* identlf felt that all r<>?ild not Ho too niirh, aa an ade.piate arknoa ledgm?nt. 1 Hiring it,* oral day, Mllle !.t?d n mair?-d in cvw>|> rutive privacy at Ifet hotel; aid i W YC MORNING EDITION-?MOIN f the evening, shortly before eight o'clock, she left lor the concert. An entering the carnage, aud Hgnin when she reached the ball, she wu most warmly greeted by thousand*, who had assembled 1 to catch through th- fading light a glimpse of hei J fotm and fettures. We cotne now to the first concert, the programme of which did not bespeak any very great display ol musical taste, for it was delictum both tn uovrlty htill i ll ifHi lnr Hilt h.'fVire mvinir fh? ilionlnl ? routine, I subjoin the list of pieces:? Ovrrtura?Die Xaubcrflot* Moiart. ! Duct?" Iifilit luim?K'>" Hossiai. Aria?Mdlle Lind, yui lft Voce" Barcarola? Sulla i'oppft'1 Kicrl. Dut t?" 11 Turco" . ... SlJlle Lin J and Sir 1. Ballettl. Solo?Horn Vlrier Oaratlna?'" Und ol die Wolka" Mdlle. Llnd. I- Overture? 'Jemonda" Spohr ,i Duet?"I would tbat my love''.. Mendelsuhn. Ballad?'Take this lute," Mdlle. T Mud Benediot. r Solo?llora Vivinr. Part Suag Benedict. '* " La Dauia'' Kauiini. a Aria?" Non parentare1 SIdlle Llnd. - Ballad Miss M Williams. Madrigal-Morley, 1786. i- f? wri'iph Melodic* Mdlle Llnd. Wedding March MendeUiobn. Having fortunately obtained a seat winch com'* manded a tine view of the orchestra and the audi' r I ence, I passed the hour preceding the opemnj. n | overture in scrutinizing the nail, and its thousands of etiger and happy occupants. That the Plulnar monic concert room of Liverpool far surpluses auj 1 1 similar establishment on the American comment. a is h lact, which, 1 opine, none will deny, while iti 1 acoustic properties are such as to huve excitec 1 (and veiy justly ,loo,) the warmest encomium, from all the great vocalists and instrumentalist! d 1 who have performed there. The interior is decon 1 rated with a degree of simple elegance which i: . I truly tasteful, while the arrangement of the gm ' 1 cannot fail to strike one as particularly agreeable, it by producing continuous lines of light arou.'d the h i root, the effect of which is to murk the outlines i and cornices in a most orilliant manner, ut the swim time obviating entirely the usual intervening glare of foot and singe lights, which not only intercept! but destroys the view. i The audience, which numbered at the least 3,00C , persons, was perhaps the most fashionable evei 1 I gaihertd within the walls of the concert room; v and there was withal au air of quiet respectability (1 mean in the English sense of ihe term,) considering the multiiude, and the excitement preced,lw, wr.anl ..{ I...1..1' I in,I ut I .,1'cm'Mll w quite aurptiaed me. Purlieu were there from all purls ot Lnglaud, lrelaad, and Scotland; and ii wut eaid that one gf-ntlemtn wu? present, who had * i peil'ormed a pilgrimage all the way from Vienna, - | purpotely to hear the jn mut d<mna. A nucube! j of distinguished persona were pointed out to me I among the audience, but their uinies I do not no* i remember. I, ho*ever, recognized the Kev. Geo. n < Cop way, who appeared in Indian costume, and j, ; excited a connderable decree of curiotity, and a ^ 1 few quiet taicuMie puns. Everything was orderly, 1 and, be it the credit of the committee ol r arrangement*, everybody comfortably provided for. >- There was no impatient stamping of feet, no noise, ? no bustle. no cio* ding. Mozart s overture to " Zauberilote" comnenced r the concert, but was on I j tolerably well executed, d owing to the rapidity of time which M'uu. Banedict took, and the inter impossibility of ih<* wind int-iiuimnta to produce the requisite number ot notea. Indeed, to quote a musical notice of tlii? y poruon ol the concert, *' tlu-y lagged m a melana clioly wa) behind the rent ot the hand at the moat critical part of the overture." The duet from " Seinirumide" followed, and was much mure 1 eulihlaoiory. The contralto notes of Wisn WilI, linfiib were rich, aud lully expreauive of lui- cha* j i racier of the young Araace. She wus agisted by Sit nor U. IIMU, whose tine barytone voice filled ; tb-' audience with delight, lie is in truih a most r ' etiective tinker, and, v uhal, a aound and accome j ph.- hed musician. ! liut now came ihe period of breaihlesa cxpeci tancy?that kUf>peni<c between aiiucipiti'm aud "" I r-sliiy, when t(*? boHtrn heema io s i-pen-i even it<i ir hi'i-Dt beating*. Not a wnwper wnt h> .ir<l throughr, out ibrft vuat iir.d hriili aot ???< mbiagc; and nil cyen wi re bent e.-j:' ily and atMioUsly towards ilie p >inl Iti m win bet- ih? y worn to behold tlie tweet ojec! y which had Wooed au<l ch armed io many heart* >f with h? r powers of M ug. Io an iMtMt more, t ?* lig t i.nd itract fuI iorm of Jenny Lind wu e' er bounding m m the "grteu rovoi' entinnce io th> fror.t of the orchestra. Never were ih>.? aucli ie j thundera of upplause as greeted hei then. Ii ,r ; wtik indeed a most exci ing specucle to wilae..: the \uM audience which (i'!<-<! the u'ea ano a galltntii and oich-atru of (hat Kr?Mt lull, rmnu ~ uk oti? iiihu. niid j?i> mii; it* ei<<liu> iuatir tribute wi <, ) arfiniratiiui to the grniut> of oneot tin most accomch;iriMii|| ?or?lii ta <>f thu or any a?e. AkMtn mmI ngnia the altouta <>l aftyUuar w?re Vr< iter?ie<}?hiM Hibtidiui; l?k?* a wiu4 a->iil r ii rrMmd t l?* loot in the dn anoe?then lUilmilly I. riMl aiiii aai Unix, il t* tuim d j.miii, au<l tiec ?ie, aa it >?ere, a perfect burn (mm. N?wr b<vr I hid 1 tin* (l.-ttpUir to witiifb * audi a hinO't'" an J eotlruir? i>' i i?r> | ii< n. e Until tht?, I have r?fr<in?-d fr<m veuturinff n(>oii n c.' .-iti| tm ii ut Jenny Lnnt, mid my imprfmiont ni * 1 ber |?inu>l r| iiftiHLct?h.M, t?v.r<ae, until th< P 11 ...> ! of al.i Ii f *ri i , I lu l not obuiMd in.if* ;t than tin* u-i.'l N-itu; glance ot a hirnel an I UU' H|<i ied in iniivotiuui uid ttcuitd. ht^iuw 1 ma L< r then un : r i ircninMai>ci - wlp< h vi rr ultoixctt- .|i?- atHMig'-rt Mnottona in kfT, *u<i to l givr vark-t/tYexi n i inn to h<-r couniru^.tii'i*. C?l i, the jcrfi'ition *iid yrw > fitl aynimeiry of Jenny Liiia'n hfiutr there em be no 4Uf?fl'??ij and in 'tin r? hi ' it a wu'ild I* difficult hi>!-cd t"< liu'l a f"rn ' !? ! ? I it>lth>a; lilt I oi.d'dly con'e^s thnt her fsct y cMnrw llil". ?ll-<n*l> riot*il Ifir, b'fHOaO. Iltaeeeery ^ hoc y elae, (who il**inj>r- to identify ea-ricier m i teuiuie, Kiid to in?ni{ii?' t>.'|i.imt id the un' " . if nrn.n ii'y an lafidiaf orl |mi( tklMtn e j id The Mh?-r,) I hud i!i *r an iih ;< in my ,, tii iid wliii b loin not the moat f*u>. ie ? m* bounce tu the vrrit th e Jenny l.tinl. S ill, fol all tine, hit titfulr i? C?> iimii><1ii;', her a<: t >u tliaji flu", and her vwice ihe freak-at and a?*r-te.-i eirr heard Her f..ce, winch ta of un oval ~ Cait, ha* nil the chiifrti:trri*tie* of it 4Noriheni clime; i nd our can wan.**ly f'tl lo recount* the * uitiniotrlieahle hneani' uta of birth an! i vnitry. I hoti.Ji lucking What the Wi rid caNa "h.'i.i.,," " her l?i e ta tieveithek?< > iireniely |> -oni;., k.. i ia p ttiortty indicative of |>ure m.d n-<b.e ci. it -r, ?liicU tiBda eapteaMoa 11 a c'? ..r, o^-n brovr, an ! i > ol i? mIn.r l>righ<DP??, U'l ? fWri i, kin-l inil<*. ' lli<.i i*? niK for pver to I hi'er ?r<n?ad hernniU ifid well foiin'd month ll ?%e 1*1 to tin" l.ixif ?!? *i i - > rc ol nut.urn Iidi% ?ikJ h tn<i? no'l le? t ol I riiitw dnliKH mi htiiitir, joii lnvr ? faint, * Iiih iii mrunir trutliUl clutch < >( awrrt, '* clwtiun'g, |< itrrom Jruu> Lin J Oa th* tvemny * in qwrt'u ii ?h?* *u m tired in n r?-4*-pnk dtrm ?* 5 f.'l*?c ?ilk, llounced wnli I no*? honi* r* ol the nifue color, ?? oil' l?*mitiful p?l Htklw wm ' alto Wuro, with n ppndaat of <>n'4i*, uml mi htin et of ? mrriililx llrr hp^ii dr"p? c >u>in>d of i * ii"ti|*i'g of wiM flowers >?u I fierii'1* entwined wi'h tifMrjr** of frn n. The r<m/> H'atl of thp j liou*e w..? nii|w ih Mllif extrenip, thronged u? il win in p*er> p*rt l>y beauty mil f?*tit?a. tnd prp? n'li'if a tcviip ?hich apptspd to p-rukp of the ' cli ifMi'iPr of rii< h?ntm?*nt; I.'it lo mxnd forth tlj* ' tnnnrrd of to many admirer*, and r?CPi*Pth?? mutation- if an midi-nce ra *i f, mn<i il , lm\e h<? ii it fr> ii.2 rnonn n?, wbiuh r>' (iire-1 o?rv*-? , ol no ordinur) |>oaer to ><-<r with anything lih? . ralmoe-*; and tit lho?e who h-nl H'-vr I) *nl J? uny I.ii.ii fh* atvliuftr mutt havpupp*uri-il I ke the e*ce?u 11 fulaotnr It^icry. I.ut ?ho could d??uv th* J jii?!lip ?l (hut rpplatMP : who iIppih a untf'e che?l . ol iIip thousand* ? il!ir gly u;t? rpd, one loomiiy, a* the firat thiilling ti>n? a rf her voice, la " Sfm U ? ?*," becume audible 1 Ittirtni ihp ei?r?e of thp foil 'Wing day, M I'llr * Lind rptiMirpd in >:oni|>nrative privacy at her hotel 't ? tl,p only undent worthy of note which trim * rpind, w * ihp presentation of * ti mrh of grapea, ir.eainrug 3 ! et h Inehea in rimimtereiHje, II l_ iik h? ? in diameter, and I foot H im'hei in length, j and weiiihinff Piuhl |<ound< The irru>e*, Willi h ? w? re bp^urtfully grouped, nnd quite ih rleri in form color, were ?u?pendrd fr^m ?ii|>,mrteH ero*v 1 tree, whii h wan covered wiih wh le aatln, whll? 'aae of ihf tand beautifully trrtnginl with Cl#rrr? of the chmceat flowera. 'I i ward* Capt Wm, of the Atlantic, Cllll d ?l'h' Ai1rl|'hl, Int th> |<ur|K)l? of pn)rlR( hli 2 lr*|?iU to Mfl'lle l.iflil, who ?m noon to ! ??* r for the r?li??r?*l of the "Mea?i*h,M at the Philhar tn< aic Koom?, or'-parator* to the grand <oacert of the full"* u p Monday Far and near. th* atreetn ^ wire tht?n*e-l wuh the |">|>ulacv, all aaltou* Ui tni |^rp at the fmr melodiat, whil? the hotel i ntrance w?a crowded to f *reaa with the anativ ' rmcy of Ij?erjini>l, and the aurronmliitg conatry. f' Md'lle Liad received ('a|>t. Weat with that gr^ce' ful eaee i'f manner and that op-n he?r?ed irrvpli. city of ch*riict?-r which form the di?tlngiii?hinij fratttrea in her attraction*. After the uaual later change*, ?he inquired if he had h?-ard her aing1 ^ to which Capt W replied "No, mxd-moineUe " that'a a pleaanre 1 hare yetia aattcipalinn." "Ah that'i well," retnrned the amiable J*nny, "for rot ' a hall go with me to the rehearaal to-night;" and m eirtiaed Heraelf, aad withdrew to prepare. Ia tba meantime, her carriage *u drawt >RK I IDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 18! up before the door, and a strong guard of police distributed around to prevent dday. or any farther encroachment from the throng in the street. Presently an opening was made by the eager admirers of the Nightingale in-ide the hotel, and in a moment more, Md'ile Lind i came tripping al"ng, leaniug upon the arm of M. f Benedict. Another instant, she was sealed in the carriage, the door closed, and the horses reiued I in for starting Just then, how.-ver, JeunT Liad discovering that Cap'nn West was not present, gave orders to wait; but no sooner was the voice of the songstress heard , than the gnliant captain, ' who had been struggling through the crowd, wis uuiiii/l u rwl Kansi**rl uliintr Willi uit/'Vi u ilwirrwM caiefui attention, that on?* might reasonably suppnred him to have been a part and parcel of charming Jenny herself. Not exactly fancying his narrow esca|>e from the low of Inn passage," Captain Went quietly released himself from the public grasp, with an intimation that he could helf> himself under all circumstances," and took hia peat in the carriage, which soon went rolling off to the concert rooms, amid the cheers of the thousands in the street. On Sunday, Md'lle. Lind attended morning service at ihe Lpiscopal church of St Niohol is, much to the disappointment of au immense throng, who crowded St. George's to such an overflow, (in anticipation of seeing the Queen of Son?.) that many ladies were carried out funting from the eisles In the afternoon Jejiry Lind visited the Atlantic, in company with Messrs Benedict, Uelletti, Wilton and others. All other visiters were excluded for the time being, and the ptrty ptrtook of a superb i/ijevne, which was laid in the ladies'

drawing room of the ship. Md'lle. minutely inspected rvery part of that truly magnificent vessel, asked hundreds of questions, and showed a degree of knowlfdge in marine matters scarcely met with in her sex. On leaving, she expressed herself in terms of satisfaction und delight. t'xi Monday, the 19(h, all Liverpool were astir, in sHtitipatK n of the concc-rt of the " Messiah, and rhe haul adieu of Jenny Liud. But it would be d'Hicult, indeed, to give .ioy detailed account of my own, and I must content myself by simply saying (hat (he frtnui rionnti't singing was above cntieifm and above comparison. Oli Tresday, the d*y previous to the departure of the" Atlantic MdUe Lind visited the Soidwrti and Toxteth Hospital of Liverpool, for the purpose ol r? reiving the "tea kettle," which had been prepared by the commit'ee of that institution, in testimony of their regard for her charitable efforts in its behalf. But as it inay be somewhat interesting to know the history of these proceedings, I give I you a fewbtief facts, such as I have been able to lile&n from the jwjiers :?At the "lose of the year 18t8 Mil'lie Lind, (then at Leeds), wm solicited by the committee of the Southern and Toxteth Hospital to Ring in aid of it* funds. This request sin readily complied with?a numerous audi-nce assembled, and the result was-that upwards of ; XI,ul)() were collected in support of that institution. For aid thus upeedily and generously offered, the | committee thought some testimonial neceswiry, , ' and at length "I " tea-kettle" Whs proposed ami r . a^iet d u|x>n.|?s ? notion both novel and original. The form ot the testimonial is Eutru*can, with irt.tlis supporting the handle; on the body is a meI dalhon. in Impio-relievo, representing hsculapius, I the Cod of Medicine, introducing'he Muse of Song to the (ienius of Liverpool; and oil the wther side ] the lolloping inscription:? 1 G< o< oooooooooooocoooooonooooooooooooooooooo i fo mamncmkllv ami lino, s in fJRATEFl'f. TKSTIMo.nv uF 0 nil; mvnificcmt skhvii c kcvpkrkd t.i ntn 2 1 SOUTH! KM AND ToXTKTH NortPITAL OK MVEKFOOL, X BV 11IK imatllK or IIKR TOklVALLKD POV.tKS OF SUNO. o whwiip hy mm mniiwi rwiwuAm ? 7IIR IklK'il.s OF THAT INSTITITTION z mrvaIT NIR, kdctcuo. 5 ooooooooi'ik ol'ooooom ooolh'oihmkkhiotooooooooo The base is a votive tripod, at the angles of wiii -h *r'-statuettes ol (>hnrity, Hope, nn.l Vaith, ami in the celitre is an antique lamp On the wreaths of laiinl whieh connect the horns of the altar are ihrte gri'Ups of figures?one showing a body of navigators carrttug to the lul tme of their <on.iauin.ns, wb? hns h?en aocidi utslly injured; ! ih< t<ei nil, a : iir?,ei.i. attending a Lascar, who has . ! fallen Irom the ryiiiiK of a si y h id by ; and the ; ttoid if composed of it m iti, Ic inna ?u the arm of 1 lie. v rli till ir < iuMrf n rt their aide, iu the ! a(*i </f tea?mg the ho?pi'*l. J I 1 lie pt? sent* lion, which was, at the request of Wd'lle. Lind, strictly privs'e, t>Hik pi tee at the J ! hospital; und in the evening *h<* relurne I to the Imi el fo pifpare for her trsJW-v Uutic trip Karly . i:v the to!'owing ( VWoneeda) ) morning, tbouitnds p i were ie>,n wending their vrny to l'ruice's ; ' pn*r, with the view to catch a parting gli*njH<* of the ew. rt fotigttreu, ?lii-n the eltould tni'vtrk in ij At'* tit ic'? tender, and miriV wa* the number <* kx l.;;d ered thereut ?>?x o'clock, ih-it M-.?era. | 1 * wn, C^t?i,.l?-y ?V C* found't necepaarv to eml>l? y h rteemrr cially to " rnonlr " Jenuy Lind ?.n board ihe Atlantic. This w?? k aorry (lla' ' apiioin intent to u.uny, who. im. lile to obtain adn>ifMi it io thec?n rta, vouieht itu.< o|ijiortuiii<y to n e one whoii chitrms h id won-ill lie.iru. Oi oar ainval nli I- I Me .?. Meaner, th-iet'ore. we w.-re j- quiie gurj'riiM ?i to fir d Mn'ile. Initial already on M 11, and friM at home. Pwtfl? to g*-itiii4 ui d? r ?ay, ** vral entail rte?n?.-rn, filled with the lntn<i? aril admirer* of lit:' fit'r rual ifrirr, iiliml around the hip until the |>< rto.t of leaving the nioonugt, alt heered whenever h*r n mtMiseu* the | form or fare of Jenny w*t dietiiMNtahihlr hidomi < i the Uiton/ u ?n? the AtU?lio'i deck; even ?a l<r *h I tbi i >e i >>iilit |wt,? irate in the ifi. tnnre, th>- i?ierI liend* end I. 'ilinji Mmfea were hUck with ; -o(i|?, wfmae e(n true bent in 'he direction ofiii" vea1 M I ih.'t vur to InMt froin them the ohji-ct of 't?? ir warm* tt rfomirMron and their k in<1li?-?l wishes. It w< Id he tin tMk-Mtull, indeert, to reci,aiuU?e Ihe mi nife-ta'ionw of enthuaiaetn wnieh tran^jured on ihe 4> y if eatlirp f om Livrrpooi; and I m i't leavr yon ai'd jO'tr te.iden to toiaitin* what wnrda<1 ?ci-rc?ly describe All ti?e t'lif ateimera ar>d other vt m |? ihit couldb- lilted, were en {itf?d Mi it crowded, to *atl round the en,(i, tud, if pi?- .il.le, pi 111.? flinifr** at the favorite- Jenny. A' I M , the A?l?n'ic waa in inotiou. und sltd'-d, w th all the niHj<>iy-ei>nceiTHtile, al<Ki< the crowded liiir of JiJ^kj- The i .iniortal .l>miiy, fully iitii re-?e.| witli the jjff at honor heing roi*Wt>-d U(?'id In r h) mteli diinonatrationa of H-gurd, iac**ded th> f. diile Uii, neoi tni ini'd by |>. ? l tdy cwn.uiiien, aluiMr. Hrinrtii'i and M/nor U'lietti l|i*r ; aii'iraner wtl ike lugnal for one thrilling ?h<>u', w I irh waa echoed along the lite of wti?r,e? of 1 fully two mile*, ami rci*-*ie<J With, if pnwiM", ill aritt'er erithiieotem. Atioiit thi* time, the I'oval , . f*iesirer Aata (jot uncer wei^h and fired a ; lu'e. i n<1 l ailid irnumi the A'Unue, 4 e<.in-hm-nt i, n. li t ateemrd hy < iyt>la Vk rat, aodf?hich h f I'd ' imk !< the acene At iMIffiK awlutee were . | pd from tha o|n*?ite aide of Ike river, iitid the AI?II ic ua\r on* <>i mine^n puna i n< ?ni,v"'.; \ <n the rivr wpf al'.rned in tfwir be*t color*, an<l lit- *?rw* wm ill ruinmiioi\end plt-naii'*. The A1I<<1<11<* k?-(4 aa n?ar lh?! anote %a ( ' "ililr, | id orrtet to aH<?td the *aM MvniNt of the Mriirera of the ranl'itrirt an t*f?portuati?y of t tfcii/ a l?< 1 lor<f look, mid rnrh turn ?f the whf?l? c-itle I f<>nh aj rri.?we(1 buret ?>f ?|i|iUuk-thouaaii^a of hita nil white h*n<1lterchtrfu w?*re Been W(*ini|, iml |.i thrmr n-M'imrti (I with hurrah'"' "l..frw. II'" ani "(?o<| hfa m jou!" During all ?ti?? 'ime, J<-nnir r*. n.HiB< d ?t h?<r |?>on the near paddle Nil. and, although deeply affected, coiirtaritly wm*?d h*r 1 handkerchief, hikI breathing a<?ftly her re?potae of | "C}<>d Met* yon?to ymi I owe n itch " At length the moment arrived, wkfi di-tanc e afpara'e I from J t tew the great'at concourse of I***???!? ever h'ed, and "fwml'N *hi n r?rh hrart wm overflowing n ith reapect and mlrniratum of one ao worthy of all At the leaat ea'imaie. reckoning the 1 crowded e*ftinuon ateartiera, and ffce it* atmhled lone the vaat line of piera and d?r*?, ' not leaa than 70,0ti0 or ND.OIIO i*rM>n? could hive hem liferent; and when we retiecHha', in proportion, the aame eicitrment prevailed dmiag her *t?y in Liverpool, arid ex^rvwhet' in buro|w, on?- tini-t wonder, why ia thill A* amuaing Incident, however, oectirred ai?out thia time, which minted the mirth eveo of J'-nny heraelf, and wh>cn I 1 quietly notrd a* one of the imny dea,?eraie caaej ?ii i.inn ir?fr mm irii unaer iny dj'-i'"linn. Accompanying na in thr tender, wi" an elderly mu of rery genterl appearance, who ed the deck in evident anxiety and impatience, nil whoar luggage a*rmrrl 19 ronnini of aoliury pair ot iinrmnnoiiahlra.whirh werecareleinly rolled ?ii and " tucked" under hin ?nn. Arrt*mg along??de of the Irtiaihan Atlantic, he *|>rang over the eargway with miri-rninK afihty, and ?*claimed, ''Wh. re'a Jenny l,i?d1 Can anybody fc-ll in* if Jenny Und ? to he nrri t Oh ' where the dertl i? Jenny I .inrtNot obtaining a very oatiaf*etnrf reply tohiaheaerrhingqnertea, (and eapeciaily to the laat, w lm h wae uttered in a tone betokening the atl^ngeat kind of d^npair,) and being informed that he muat either leaee the aki|> or auhtnii to a aummary '>rtme?t, ho broke away from the gaagwav, aid j rnahrrf forward, muttering, " ImpoaniMe ' Imrt go Can't ho helped Borrow clAtbea on hoar4, j no donhf," Arc. Amid the nrttae and buttle? the mar of cannwn?the eacape of ateam, all the roafuaed miaghng of cheera and adteaa, I lo?? alf ht of ' my "patient.:* But, glancing orer the inarter aa * the mail boat left aa and dropped aatera, I dearly 1 rerogaw J him, aaUide of tke piddle bo*, cheer [ERA 50. ing most vociferously, and waving, in a prrfect frenzy of rxcitrmtnt, not tii? hat or handkerchief, bill them there imntaloona! As w.- atuod dotrn the river, cheer hfter cheer greeted um until the dim an<i dingy t-piret. ol Liverpool were loat to view B?fcre entering into a detailed account of our delightful voy our, 1 cwnnot rebist the temptation of fX(resnr.g here my unqualified condemnation of tome annoyances to which Md'lle Lind wan subjected in Liverpool?not that a murmur hug ever escaped her lips with regard to them?not that 1 with to invade the sanctity of her pecuniary aH'.urs, but because 1 feel a thrill of inex,.rHssibIt- pleasure in holding up to scorn and contempt the man who, regard!'st* of the obligations of coinmm honesty, avaiU himself of the opportunity to plunder ?n unprotected lady, by presenting ch rges so barefaced and exorbitant, as to amount to little lees than ?pen robbery; and all because Jenny Lind happens tc be a distinguished urtn-t, who is s.ipposed to b< made of nirnev. That such was the case, no only i s reg-mls her billt, but in sevpfai other in stiiiices, is u far' which 1 have from a source per fectly and positively authentic; and I refer to thi ciicumManee now, t Kjieci illy in the hope that he vi^it to the Umtr.d St-ites may not be accoiu?H'ite( by any "rt'ar whi ties" of that sort touching U)on this subject, i? may u.<t t>e s'toge therannsf io hue, f.?r the inform itio.i of all p r sons whe '<<olr'1, 011 .lei!t,y Lind as pressed o grt at we. lib, M.i.i su<'> if hy no me<nii th- case and 1 am <om t) pamec whose relations to her en titled them to credit, that she does not allow hei inc ome !? exceed jCIJKH) per annum, while aliovei and abov* that snia is generously and faithfully dispensed ii> charities Iudeed, there is scarcely h cause to wnich Jenny Lind has not contributed ; not in the genre of mere "mites" forsooth, bu: tho'i sands and thousauds of pounds have been yearly dispensed by the free heart and baud of this gen<rous and exemplary woman. Nor are her bout1' ties ulone confined to great public institutions, in l.irgi cities, with the rich and noble to I.iud them nut in obscure places, and in secr*t as well, doe: her purse pour lorth its golden Nestings. It is i cry ing t-hsme, and a crime, then, I say, to attemp to plunder, by extortion, such a woman as this. J>u' l? t us r? turn to our voyage. Need i say as crmirrrc*ni'nf. 'hut Jenny Laid w-ti throughou " the Tery 'iff of the ship? For tie first three 01 four o-!) ? 'Kp werth<*r whh exceeding a'ortuy, an^ all hands vt?e more or less sick, not excepting Mni i mi ifi Hp. who, however, was nmong the tirsi tosh-.le- < ir 'lie nutiseoint effect* of her introduce tiou to Neptune's dome in. <>ti the 23.1 we encountered a wevt-re gale, which iii?i?ri two days, anil which, though r^r irdiii^i our progress greatly, tested the ship in such :: raaii<>'-r as to satisfy all paitieg that she i-.auls unnv.ill-d as a sea-hoat A; length the wind at/o'ed, mid the ocean became smooth. Hows came again to pale checks, ami hearts and eye* assumed their accustomed buoyancy and brightness. livening after evening Jitiie, and with it the <1> nee, in which charming Jenny was sure to lead ott, with all the grace of womanly beauty, and all the joyousneas of merry girlhood. Anon, when th?- atmotphi re was too d<tntp, or the sea too rough for theae amusements, then Jenny's sweet and hell-like voice poured forth the rich melodies of her native Sweden. True to hrr nature, and to those pure and holy impulses which Hdorn and beautify her character, she at once conceived the idea of getting up a concert for the benefit of the crew, whose frequent exiK?sure and h irdship sremi d to arrest the best ami noblest symptoms of her heart. The bare mention of it wiia efficient; in lestt than un hour X70wa* subscribed by (he | ntsengcrs, and Jenny sat hers< If to work to prepare the programme, of which the following is a copy CONCERT Fi.r the benefit of tli? pallors. flreuiri ?u i servants of tbi- A m? rlcnn Mall flteaaiFbip Atlitntle, Wrduesdar, August 28. I860, to begin at 6 o clock. raouBAMMi. Ftrt I. Duett for two performers ou the Piano?Messrs Underuer ?nd Benedict,,. Htrakesch. Dio-tto ^uaiito AnirTa?M'lli- I.IdJ and M Be list tl ? (Kllfir D Ami ra). . .. Donlsttti. Cat ktma V liavixu- Sig lieiletti,- Aonnauibula) Bellini. B< limn/* Quango hacral* la Koruiandla M'lla.* -(R< into il biaeilo.) Meyerbeer. | Art" l.aiyo at I'ai'tutuB,?8lg. Bsllatti? (battler* oi Bitltflla) Rossini 1 Alb' At. 1 ecu )|| ut.k> M ils. I.lna I'unI nun. I its) Bellini I'art II I)i'?(t?v I* L<gisn?> ill t'snto- M'llo. l<lnd sr.d -Sis lt?11?tti (Vlitunal Auibjlantl.)Horav.intl Air - YLe Oli uds M He La Tarantella Tiff faff >1,! J rallnd -Take tbls t.ute M. Benedict. | pm CIHD jitiuu) 11 u- i.ina Conuurtor, M. Hint-dirt. The concrrt o|>rnt d with a j/T-tiid duetto on On liu ll>flM?, li? l llil" riiT, <1 Vl'Miiy, >ir?* ( Voik, and th>* fcrrst coinjiOMrr, llriirdict, in a ?tyl? littlr i'l|*i'(cd to hi vr ta;ru hraid on thr blond At i laniic. Thr ringing of JlHIrtti quite aatoundrtl all on , bMM. i!<a |KVtl| rxecutlou and taatr la truly grrat. Ax .i barytone, h> la iiuqueMtonahly th? liirtlfklvl thr day. II" elf?r aevrat (in inc.milium in l>a,^ei> grurially,) rrmtera hia Minting no< only *U|'<tioriu joint of ait, bui i'Uihuk io ih< rer, tiiiil con\? > n ? itia'irg lni)>rraMon of rvery note The MLginii of Jruuy I dare not ttteni|>t to de pctihe. Tlu- auat'iire in the irr.tnd auloon, which lar^c M it in, * iia ciowd< <1 * oh nexrly t?ro hun dlid |'l>< iik, Wf n tivrtti d IO the ?|>ot with -vointel niul utliyht- the hmt-likr warlilf and modalnuot of her f?Miou? ii|i|h i note* and cadi ujum, pmi Iihii of'? iitiinea to F ill alio, and the divine in ll<iwn> ' nl h? r lower note*, 'herally ? ulIi iiiIi iI evrry one Itlhort, to aji^friutr ami t iaty the woudi-riiik ti urn ix hut to oi/iv* hctl hrr, and thru thr epr.l will not onl> broken bi'i hnghteard, f?r *? evrronce 'irxrx Jrr.uv Lind, terrri-ihut time?ho ik ffnW.Ot lli't I Ild-'i II xliould re nnve 10 Kttil * oh' tin Stif muk N'Vtlll litiiri during th* ranurit rinl '?r? r? pottcrd to thr (1 ? ? goto - to aay anIMnnwhlr) d< i|i iid Ii r m rn, nr lo tti t h* .i itu'il '.atliid i I lt? n> ilici'a, T Hun Lite," win, n, -ii aauit ! ? Ji nnr, <a almoat enough to m*kt- our mm l>i??( I" in? r, n il hi* the i- not huui'ii. ("Ii- u hi fr-w roiah? Iter na'i?e m Indi-*? how ran I cou?. y to ) o* thr fmty-likr charm with which tteoM wn I'lr rein* iitr ati .>;i|?iiird b> the will, aw.-et trl.o aid cri^ Du! WaiMr, ktown hy nnor It-it J*t njr, kin] to rude?vnr to iiiiitrtt" wpirh would (? . < liflf T nernied ** lii.uiwh w*|?ire.l Sy he?. j vrn,ai.d by *Ihm kind mil ?he li? impart wcrrd tip li dy In rtTf nolo, and Irtive r ich littener rpeH-lcit'd with i*<1iiiir i > ?. Her H*r.-.|i*h lin ii ?1i< k roi eluded ihe <-otirert <>tj ih?- wiM nee in, rn the Hanks nf NnrhudUnj), it evMit nev< r to be It A If* hour* Iw fiif th' titn? ajipointed for tin crW'iti ? ?? of th>*<* thick f"fe, ao jifrv<|.-ir in ik'>f*, caw on, ami the ci^nm, ?r< r kl? rt for th? rar^ of hi* khi(>, wa* ?t?'n>ur4 ?t the l?.w?, watching with tax ion a care the prt%r?M?f hi* noMe and to if po?*ihlr, any an nieiir rct urni t! Ky way ofeoHinin, V? Jenny ngirtfid exceedingly, an <ti I the *h ? yr'y, that he could not lie down to |iarrab* of thf T'-iiinif'* n?nt. Mull, tfi^r* **? l> it one feelm^ ?f recard at d adinir .Hon of hi* conduct tibtmi, th it he trlt It hi* ill.It to watch over their *?fety and the mrrrenU of nil Concerned The fW nnh|<?J?d Jenny aenta me*?tge to (' ,'? 'Wrat, toaay tliat a? cucuma'ancea win h tie could not cMi'rol had prevented him being present, b> ?ould 1^ happy, before hir ??nv?T. to give another concert for the exp?*r? graiin'-ati >n of hitn *e|f*ndh>* gallant and ahlr officer*, which atw? did Ike following evening, wlw-n th' waa clear, and *11 fay. Hhe aang the whole . I the previru? |>r?gr*n>n:e, and with many addition*, including Minie of her inimitable Swrfi?h aim. The deni?anor of Md'll*. lenny Ltnd onhoird ha* lieen mote than anf one expected-aimple, bud, graceful, ami free; no ?fl- tution; ni> ftl?e tilcfc nf her loftv ofwilirin Mhe h ? tven tl>f> httitt tiff"I of admiration, ?nd there in imi a mil <>n l.oard th?t do? not join in eapreaaioua of rharm and delifcht, ami anxiety for her welfare and ?ucrrM. In the evening* during the panMge, -h? (tared aeveral ti?ne*, and r?fii??. 1 none the honor, wh?*e Introduction warranted her acijoiNon J?. She f|?-ali* thr Knglieh Itntfti.igi with fluency and correctoe**. and, ia aliorf, ' Her month l? the iKittlr "f r?plur? Th? ?nMt from which purity t?n " Of h?r amiahle Udv comptaion I kmw ho 1 little, hut h it little ia all excellence. 8h? it much eneemed hy Miaa l.ind. and dcaerredly no. <>f Mraar*. Benedict and Helletti, th'ir ?hare of thr admiration v* every one on Imard ia ia none hortof that of Mtna I.ind, for more amnhle, I'ti'rom and ag? .'ahie gentlemen it haa never Been m? lot to meet, and I feel convinced that I rfienk the aentimenta of nil on hoard Mr llenodict in a gentleman of high atanding in Knrope, not only aa a great romimaer of opera*. >Vc , or a* a inanial of the firat order, hat an a m-ia of powticn in ' aociety, raurted fur hi* private worth and nohle character. Hiynor Belief u iaeqnally *o; and I nri* any America i* ahout receiving a part* af aneh high order and merit aa they little dream of, aad Mr Bar am, or whoever in the caaae of the latrodaction of each talent, deaervea the higbeat pralae, and a few daya will prwe all I aaaert I cannot rnnclntia rhi*. 1 fear. already ?oo long letter, withrtr mentioning the *erf MfVtoV tc LD. TWO CENTS. [ commodatinns of the Heamor Atlantic The cora! niodious rooms and great attention of all on board are all that could be wished, and far exceed nay 1 ever called 111, uud I have made a considernblt number of trip*. 1 feel sure wbrn these steaine s become known, and which ought to be very oin, they will command a large share of the transit scroti the, and none more richly deserve it, mid more particul<irl> under such a commander as : Capt. West I had almost forgot eu to mention that Miss Lind, in addition to givme li-1 valuable services to (ho ; concert for the benefit of trie 8 rum and firemen, guve a very handsome sum as her subscription, ajid bo did Messrs. Benedict and Belleiti. During the. pass,igr, Miss hind frequently went mi.i itu iin- Milium .nut ti.-rm-n and inquired legardi inn their hour* of lutior, th ir families and other J matter:-, mid iud< ed w .is quite familiar with tliein. | She Hhked <>ne of the ti. men, u !:i*hmin, if lie bed it in Ins power, would he exchange pi ices with her t " Kttix, 1 n-rtnuily would." lie replied, - "if 1 coull sing us well." And why 1 asked Miss ! Lind " Faix, and because," said he. " the wane# r are tetter. i On l-uturduy, t!ie day previou* to the arriyil of ' J lie Alluii'ic, as iti custom iry, the ,.iia? 112 ra w , m invited l>y the Captain to take a tjla.aa of wine with liitn, the meaning of which is, that they wtro iriNited (to tak" iviue v<1 libitum, and to inika ? themselves i,t I 't'PI?y hs tit. y could. Dunai; th? fettivitief, C it. ta West as oa^ted, and, in reply, ' he ?poke hh folti *'?}? r I tl.unk you : ?j tha compliment juot paid ti. 11. I har? alvra.T rt .j?a?.jf. J to inaku tbe paaaen' 11 iMtlioar4 iuv ritip i-'M'.fortaais and contented au<l ; j "h?t. tbe} tell ui* '.it! baen nueca-Kful. they | will 'y ri'W?iu u.y oar*. On 'il riyagti, however, wm t | rim- ?r)o>.'Ui. p! iwore tV t I noj'.il not contribute? |.| tai.n n nt a >i)j ?tn?m" 1 lnnu been ario up AuJ are'mte uat ?ujtha lew the d?t li 1 . f tn a toWuta, mat the) bate been cbeurtully uj'J to our s ?viac .tlou in tUu uioai obl.^iu# uU umiitrti'U m?"ii?r. Tli ? lady La ahial to rsi-it Am.iica, "bete ?? * tame baa guar bot'ore liar ~n>t I 1 uly ber fanji lu. ii<e aioti ot aim oftti rir."it t |iitti ot uau. i,ut V tati. as a moat kin<l aud >ji?r1 table w<> iat.. fh ; t n ? mnooi< u?. I ma? a?y on 1 Vnurli u ?t U, n?t 'I 1 ie ir ^pau^l^ J llatin r tVe. . who aracillieoa tile t ailed Htatea are tile tint of r eiir eounlrj oi r who h ive !:al the ch-tnoe to bi t tha etiaiifter ??li ' ice mil I am certain, that uudvr thraa ' nlrcuiaatanet - )uii <ti.l houor tb.t toaat i u j v pro po?e ' Jenny Liud! iba nigni'neale'? Jenny Hod! tha Mod b< prti J. iio.irt?.'?! rtaeduh glrl-wnloome to tha Unitnj Jiat. h Amr'al ' On tlif f in" t '? UK i> -*ennera held a meeting, ? and pat. ret Uie followwz ?' solutionis:? On IIoahi) U. S M STK*Maa Arnnnc.) il d*?. Aug 81, IH-'iO i At a meetirp, 01 ihe paimengera, held on board, i4 [ wb tliWin W Stone, k,a j , of Maaa , waaclectad 1'balrmau aiiu Kduiutidt! Cliarlea of Ntw York, 8?or.?tary, thf foilntlnff r*-AoIuti<>DH ?wri> adotiLttd : ? A'e the undargigned. parmiugerii on boarj theU 8. M. Ptinnmr Atlani 10 at. the conclusion o( h?r ttiir i watii voyage. take tbli opportuulty to erpnws our admiration of tbe nhip, and our appr ibat.ou ol hur captain, <.fltcer?, and engineer*, Therefore. bo 1; hi sohtd. That. In beauty ol model in t)ninb aud power ol machinery elegance ot eijuiptm-ut, the arrangement* for tha.eemtort and convenience of ber paM> ngfr*. ai iu her ?p?ed in fair w-attmr or in foul, tbe A Untitle I* uneurpaerad. if equalled, by auy t'aamer afloat ; aid we heartily recommend in r toatravnlling public Kefulved, Tliat in her commander. C%pt Jaa H'. l, we bare an t flli er, wtioee skill an I ability ar.; proclaimed In 180 pan' ?; * acroea the Atlantic In him, tbe mauly bearing ot tbe aallor. hi* constant p^r.tooU euperlDieotjaiice and admirable mar a/ainent ot tlia ubip In all her dttalln have gained onr ooufld nc* aad ettoni, a hi let bin urbanity to hi* pa?*eogere, hl? ear* vt the aick, and hie eager promotion of tne cuifu t of all, have confirmed hiai with thoae atnoag t u.i wao were hi* frit nd*. and made friend* of thou wba cut* ttrauger* ou b >ard Kcrolved. That i be f tflc.T* an! engincav. by heir ekiil and watcbtuluoM at all tim*?. day m I t. <ht, and their ready diacbarge ot all duty have won tor thiniwlve* our e*tnem aud reaped, and we regard thrill He model officer* of a model -h'p KtM lveii 1 h i in lakiug leave of tha Atlantic, U-r raptatu ami < Hi r?. we wiaU ibcm every ittiww, aad aiucerely truat their vojaga through life im;b, aa pit aeaiil to tb?ui t h v iiaV" male uUrs ou oar trij* Iroin l.ivirpot I to New York. i.eiolvid That the?e pro** dirg? be pi oed by t!ja 1 rl.aiiniati ami wi-roiary, i*n*1 pohl <ie*t m tt;> >'< t? Voik paptra. and a o<*py furnished !> t'ie officer* of b* thin WM W HTONK Chairman of Meeting. Kt Monti C. OHtat.Ka. Secretary It tipptMaeri that in cominK up the bay there wr* everal t>w?di?lt veeeela at author, with their m.l.onal 11 ti? at their nm-'tieada The wi'jlil of th-in n ntle an evident iiii|ittj>eii>n ?n Mi ? i.'u.l, Miitl it was wrh ililiuuliy thai ahe re*tr?ined her ?nmtitiiN The ?nnie ihuiij ooeurred wli'ii ti?i Atlantic reached her do-k, where the ni'tiefiif ?us delayed In oont|>any with the Amercin. ' An Minn ae the ateeniahip Ifot rl *e to h r o>clr, ' ' Mr. John ('ollin*, Jr., ??'ii of fc K U?>ll a?, ? 1 | the originator itf thia apiendid line of nekwklpfc " | vwte ll'rrduced to Jenny l.ind, hy < epf Wear, nuii 1 pi**Ctr l t.i her a lit iitnitieerit bun pet, winch ? # 1 hwi n to hi in for the |i.irpo?e, n S unity, i>y Jiihn ' i 0. tin eta, haq., and hia Itrty. Mr. (i. h a wie In-law m Mi O r. (iruwuld, Ike wealthy I'hiua meiihant, Mnd i id tha he wuuM furnish .mother 1 I ye?tt iday, if neceaeary. 1 Tlit t'?rrli*rl?l l|a?ftoa to tmerlca. [ j (KlOjl the tiojvi u CI r,.ulel-. tug 2J J A fi.rii'*lii n(4'i tiu.e e nued t > rv re i<na f.# ! | thmkuiK lha>, by ti.< ... > f 'if. Fill H'W '* . the I'lealileui-y Ol the i '.iied fllal'S an I '?V ti?a I , at li t in n ol Mr 1 nifl Wi fur l'i chl I ?? . hie li r?t r i >i/ief, r h? aticfexe if Mr. ' 'In * "i>~ , | (irrheii?ive at h?Bte lof ilie .nljti *m *ri id li? ! ivn , II bill VetM hi ll well I1I,?|| Im O'iIII" nn'lefof ' . It'. .1 . .. . i . .. .1 .W.J . I l ' y , I J"l mil NIT II r I ir - 11 j Int j wlmh fr. i I r? u ihr i'nt??'* ??' sh.i* the . i b'.l' at vi in?> i" t<i inkr M( nuit, ami '? e*t>' my* | i/ni'V, frurii !#?? ,,i' .!, ,> !/ ( . i /I .1, r. n e? ili< ? Tii? /"# ..! < .1111 ' > m?r I'. ili. i r? c- inr?f ?h?- fi.rri-! -...i m - . I* 11 m a | in I | . - r i >(t 'i* | dr. I of ft Qt ?' '.mi I" , I ll 'I'" in i ? f thr I i i it ?< r ii'| r .: ?<? w i< 1.1 . t i Ii r>-f??|i' f i rr< ir* II. wiitilr 11r*n' iol thft Ali 'li' t* S .i iii ihim>|lHMl ih* niosi ?rd .'?ui i>< , i r tncr Ihr i./iidMinn .c? ? ? rrd?i?ii*, hy ?' ? -Bi*r in mi In'. Hi*. 04 l.v* mrf'r iiMiriiiiijt i.f.lnlv 911, to <J?riM.*7 pi >irct hit i;n 11 |f? ir rfil'i'itil rnriB'iii 'inn to tl?r Itllw .it j 1 iiinmudity rfl/inh. Thn?<- who h-mr vr i"- i--<i i tin riouiirp rii'' rktnini ?f ilnmMi <*? it#-, finwi Hi . nnmi Kripem in l> c? inl..-r i?> IU cl. w fini'nr lil r jfi?, n?y lw forgt*?-i fur ?-rtnf --?? Ihr.if iiidi nut* in ihr c tl ivrn..h?, rnid in ihr aiMiimii *h r* h* r.. Hi "<1 m ' Vrt H-?iiirriiv ih?- m<N il 111 whi -h tb* f it' w br ?,i?nl?miil Ird, I* ill' nf ?rrH :i ? ?<! r- 1-iuB c i i?in Thr d- rr?l liO(.r? ?i| .A m n > ?iihfi" k?te rni rait.' rd m ih</n ii . i -M of dl'i-IH^l"!!!! Cr- lh' lixili* I > 1 f>*l 'hn wm nil MliD of ih'lr ndvrnl in all Ih* I* Mtctl 'ik'H 1. I hrr mnc il.r , rim'ii h ?? ( A'ljiv. MW -ih? |rn?.d ? *toieh ?i' tiia' pnmlr.t our 1 r i-l - *M?nlinti If'h* flr-rr cmitliri in whirh th'- \ inh-n j ?nil Nmihrrn tMalea wrrm nvowrdly i>r :'*riri/ in ! rtgnfr? ih# pror|?n of an aifrrrniru' wl?i >'? *rc>iiWi mill Ihr driiinwMr l-?nr c.f ri*il Wir.ornf i h.-'lily Ir f*lal r?lran?*menl, tn? vni' il 'd 10 g%lber h i?l ln?i* *N'k ll* wrrk. K"0TY #.iii-r? :? I'H'i h l>roui(hl na npi onnix of n?T?|f?nal frrvnc cokIiiij rid* 11, 11I ?lii inn if com ro-ni* KitiuHf f H'l, and nt liiMiirrilml .lull ? .uvi r'i .i 1 _ the of peacc. I'm t'h * ctirf??ni ??f ini(. oei li"? >"? *rr'i<fil in a atflffle day ; arid i A?K?Wt i*M>, aeenta dcntined 'o n-krr h Ihr innf I *inl?n?-e, the a-me provoc4tion*, ho i tbe mdc ill* 1 omened whi'h m.irkrd the corfapoti tm^ ! of ih?- |w*t year?to identa woieS mirh h < oil wind of | nun, Ir- will *1 w*?? draw ?tti tt, ! ? ( i * hn??- ilim* n?iori? ? .11 l>e (enfully 'Dlaryd, now ( that nv n are tir*d of ri.ikmif overt urea, aid iio,*lera of arriving at a |??i?tt nf wmit ii aatiafi 1 >a. The C?mffi?iw (or < 'inrih'i ) hill of Mr CI at, I Mir reidrra ?ill remeinbrr, embraced, ia ita *."th ecion, arramt* |.ro*i?i"o? for e? ria?ui<linu( ih? ] rlaitna of Texan ?o the rwiiri, m>ru<m o| ttw Hf?IW,(alM H.mta F>?for rn'i'itmi ind e*? fot< in* the ritradi'inu of fugitive rTave#?-Tor f < the intermediate ?rtr?niJ<tion?f Terri'?rien to Nea Mnito anl Utah (or l>e?*ret, a* il l? aofn?fttn?? called), trilhrtit prohibit on of aetfro aeriltud'- ? and for coariitiitiag f'alifTnia a auhetaatiee M Htate," or member ?f th? Federal l.?at'?n, ?e?f4 mch a prohibition. PmmH t? iMieffect. II wfl lie aeen that tt loncbed every ring le p-?int of il>? alave qneetion The*?-roente which item1 bodied had beea approved by all the eminent and all the mrderate men la I he North aarl South j every leading newnpnper eupport-d tt; the taarmWe of the meaaure bad heen formally rerom nended S? ; a ajvrtal committee; the Senate had negatived oroe arore of moitona to reject itfi? toto / and tb? debate oa ita aeveral departmeata had reached au< h a drgrrr of forwardaea* that it waa daily especied to cloae with aa affirmative aad favorabte deciatoa Hach waa ita aitnatioa thre? or 'our weeke ago?whea a turn of circumatancea, which ( on?reaa had ao ehare in producing, led rapidly aad dertetrely to ita defeat TV pnpalatio? of New Mexico, impatient of 'ha tardiaeaa exhibited by the catral liegbdatare. elected rerreeentativea nf their owa, ?bo mat aad declared the whole province, Riaterntad WeeWB. a coaatitated territorial government Texaa, inW fated at what it deemed aa act nfrehellH* mi tha part of ita Mbjecla, deternuaed at ttn ta r?4uM

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