Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1850 Page 7
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Ttka CUoUr*. PirraauauH, Auguat 31, 18W>. Tha city ia haaltby. Tfo eun of eholara Occam yaattrday on canal boaU lying abom Alleghany Cirr, August 31,1840. Th? ehoWra U d?or?a*iug rapidly herd, only t* n??a occurring yenterday. We*tarn Navigation. , " pitt??t'*c.(f August 31, lSt?0. Th? wtUr in tbe ehanni I of tha Ohio ri?er ?*. th point, is 31 iuehef in doptb F wight U 37 ^ o-nU I y Cincinnati. The kiUIist inilieiiu that w? ihii' ?oc have rain. . Klovcuttlitt of UlatiiiguUlicd Peaple, Mdllv Jrnuy Liud. Sweden; J. .thmwi* >o. do. Jalra Henadiot. (lermany ; Albert I'riant, 8t-i Krai ctvco; O flelletti, ItiJy ; IV W. Tnnneli, Kugland W. M. Nrill. Livarpoel , Thomas Day. do ; aad uiaet; right other*. arrivrd yest'-rday at thu Irtin* (louse Mr Hallttt London; Madame Pol It unto. St N abolas ; J. C. Peat-. Mobile , aud lorty others, arrive yesterday ai the American J W Brooks. Texas; P Kwin* Scotland; O.iptai W?' U. ft. steamer Atlantlo ; lion. W. 11 Kui4m Illinois; Hobctt Smith. Illinoia: and niuety-fi< atbers, arri?? d yesterday at the Antor Col Wslworth and family. Arkansas ; W 0. Br??s Cincinnati , Mrs Broke and ?-n. Boston j mil thirtj _ three other*. ha?e arrived and taken apartuieaU at tfi Cnien I'laie Hotel. Dr WeodwortE 0 8 N. ; Madame Tennant and U mily. Havana; 0. Adams Whitcomb, Court ; M Whit< htud and lad;. N. Y. ; Mrs. William* and famil; Georgia ; and thWy six other.'. have arrived an * taken apartments at the Union Place Hotel Hon W A. Redd W Cowley.Ua : Captain Richar OriOith, Cuba ; V. W. Both. Wu>. MeClure, KnitUnd Charles U. Nun, N Y ; K Bennett. Conn ; and thii ty eight others arrived yesterday, and took rwtus the Clinton HoUl. Captain Nones, eutter Forward ; Dr White. K"i tacky : W. D. Bowie Maryland : M A. Wrou?:i?li Oeoifia ; U R Laughlm. Wiaennain : W 11. Mi'ili-v* North Carolina; W H. Harml'D Boston; Coloni Hughes Kentucky; A darnel ({uebee ; and one hu: 4red and twenty-ttve otb-ra. arrived on Sa'urday an Sunday, and took rooms at the Howard Hotel. Court Calendar?This Day. Hvprkmi; Couiit?Circuit Cover.? Hon. Justic Mitchell, presidlan ?No?. 754 to 757 759 to 7611 0><k.->ioN Hon Itidif<* Woodruff presiding Vox 8M 411. 413. 415 421. 4 !3, 4*5 426. 433. 437. 44 445. 447. There will he hut one,branch ?f this com open during the September term. The even numbei mil commence at 544. r Conlry 4k Ktenr'a Trade Malt Bulletin.The eleventh and last day of the present srle will op"ti wit li vo ce ?.f Fowler k Wells; to befi'llowel with tho?e "f Wil lis P. Dsttrd. John Lock*", and othera. The I.a<r Booka w b- ai-lij at 10 < oleck, and the sale < t English Books will com ntnti) at 1 .clock. Amldon'i Fall Fa all Ion of Gentlemen' Bats aie now ready, will h in ttie eaaential qnalitias of light n*a*. eluaticitv. riureb aiid taate. cannot be furnittei Also Gtntlemsu's and Boys' Cloth Cans, of every van?r< Particular mention paid to Army aud .N??y Cape. AMI . DON, 301 Broadway, near Duauestreet. Waters & Berry, 44? IS roadway, exhlbl a superior assortment of Pianos at their ware rooms The! A?l'in Pianos set-in to be takirg the ( lace of all other#; an ire won?Ur not. at his, for a* a mall advance, yon get beautiful parlor organ with your piano. A* L. Col umbo, full Gentlemen' Hair Cutter, la'<* of Kdward PHaloa's, under the Fr&ukli ^ Bouse, respectfully informs hia friends that he has o-.tene a l>r?.?siry f!? ?>iu at No 1 llaferv Place, un ler the Wash in*'on Hi tel. eorner of Broadway and Battery Place. 11 feels criitiJen* that to su^h as will h< nor him with their pa tronage, he will give ample satisfaction. Or. Wheeler, Oculist, 268 Barclay street devotes his eaolusire attentku to diseases of the Eye. fi har just imj> ;(l<t from Pads, Artificial Kyea of impiove structure. which he insert# so as to resemble the natural ey< and uefy the strictest scrutiny. Olfioe hours W to 3. A pain Lhlet. wiih reia?rkatle cures by l>r. W., oaa be had gratui >nsly at hia residence. Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Abdominal Sup Erters H dy liti s ftnspensors, Bandages, a . ko. Ov< en > y different kiuua of the most approve'* makers, makm tie largest antl best assortnirnt in the ci*y. Yot sale b CH AH U. KING. Druggist. 11*2 Broedwaj, forner of Joh Street. Freckles, Tan, Hallo wness, Pimples, Krup Hons. ami a 1 skin tiiseasea, are it U well known, poeitivel sired oy using Gouraud's Italian Medicated !>oAp. Th I'oudre Vufctlle eraatcuees hair from any part of the bod< Liquid Ht wge for "pale lips and cheeks Lily whitef or roug! flnstiud, slogsish eomolexioas at 67 Walker street. 3r*#. stoi from Broadway. (allend?r. South Third etn Philadelphia Comb *t an u factory, 303*{ Broadway.'-Th snr.'nai manufacturer of tn* celebrated Open Chain Shtl C' r?<b? and the only toanufaotaror in Broadway, invitee to ladie* to call and eaamine his In'e improved patterns. Pro Mhj in Opes Ohsira, $d. tombs at wholesale. E. U. QUI MB V. MM Broadway. flair Dye ? Ratctielor'0 Ocnnlns Llquli Huir CKe. ran ruii he procured at the manu-faotory, 4 Wa! Strict. Yhe puVbethosId *uard against imitations. Scorn ram ns dipl mas. Peraons whore i?aJr has a-*sum*d s ha so'( r Mom the nse of the imitatim dye* can have It Oor reoud by ?aUisg as above. t>i v the address. Wigs and Toupets?Another Medal ha Uib Aiiiruss to H a. hatoneior. for tl>?* beat Wigs and T??ti ree* T>'<> rullio ?r? lavtied to innpect hit now ?ttie ft U?|, ?t HAl< Mi l "k'8 <-.l?hr*??il K'l| Feciurf. I U'?l! B? ki'Hi P end belt ?<??rtme?Hn the eity. (J?r the DIU.VKI BAHUKT. SwNOir. Sipt 0, P. M The iiock-nnrket eloeed jerterday, dull and <! preeevd. Throughout the ?eek, the operation* .hai been t<'a veiy limit* d extent aod the prlnilpal pui ?ba <f<Mhe btaie TinTe aie bo outeider* la the niu ket; no purcbaeea for speculation; no appearances < arty Id wed at* or important lDprovem^Dt lu prloei no indication* of a epecuUtlT* inevement of the i?n niode-?t<' character. Thr ntnck market 1* literally dea aaii 11 ai'pearr to b? alrnoet beyond th- power ot (a vanUm The fart 1?. prien were carried op *o repidl la?t fprinz and wete >o well 4u?taln?d by the abui daoreof money, even in the abeeuce of ou**ld? pui ?ha??r?. th?t there 1* no margin for a farther Impnr* mi nt and tie one f.'ele di*po?ed to enter the market i eurr* at rate*. l..-tor? a ep-oulatire moT?m*it ot e?i \at rice cooU be pr>d:tced, It would be necseary 1 let price* down several per cent Holders of lane itock* hare a *tron>; head wind to beat un again* and they IUU. t take a ?hnrt taek backward tn tli* pulton* of gittlntf i* taok forward Tin id'.; hi hold on where ihey am for a Minx lcng?r, i mean* ul tai lltrien ;.Q?rd< d by an ?a#y mouay mark* but t hej ? i I gain iio: hiu* hy It. and finally will bat t< glv* way, and rno before th? wind, with eyerytliii fl>\vg H i' It *ur'i a taat quautity ot (took* of a kit. if- vf _pon tb* market, that it wxol i rerpili an liroini!*- rx|.t'?l to >?? th?ra up nm on* or t? per rent, and It 1? douh'tul w*r* tb* mnaai to b* o! talLMi wbi i r a ?ti81cl< at number of operator* eoul b? f<uud cU|M-m d to take tbe tiak. At preaeot petr< for ttartii.f p<d?t?, tb* prof ability li there could no Tb* pr< >frt thri?for' for aa advance li wrj poi Iba only ba?l? frr an lmp-^T?mant la price* U tl !iN|iutn till tbnr.Jaafli uf n n*? ^bou'd thl* *w ttali ri tb* ?ark<t continue. br'd?r? of atooka I I yr< tl <ca'lr>n. n>ay carry them-eiree for tin lot? -t. and ray p >-? diapn** of email Iota >t not t ??iB *t a Mna'.l profit; bat It will b? utterly impo It e to |i?t tip tic *iclt*tn*nt tifMary to ?t?< pi (ttonMy Ui a. y ituit The public rain I not properly <i:-po.. d lor tuck a Ken It. and uutil eoi doner b- ine? nat< fi atabiiehed, w* mu*t I *I|-W wltb l>il?|? m tbey Itf. Tl financial and e. mm ;tclal world I* In i cr'.oc rnditlon. Tbrti-la a rap rahun labe? of errry'bin to tupply Ibe want* of man. and it ia tbia ?-ry - ?p?i bntidam* that **?rta ?uh a depreailuf IkltK'Oi my price* l'??.d all klrd*. both nrrw?irU ' ai lux nil** the raw material for the anppty of all tl manufacture cap tat *r*dita. aacn.ttlaa. to an ui lisi >t- d < }t*t>t. eti*t l iter* u no reardiy ot any 01 in (">rtar * article i f ti u?i ?. and t? tbia plettira a mar nuribtr* tb* r*i ral t!*p.*a?1on In prl#? Tfc aoratoat er*M of -rain wi,'*h h?T? bean harraat" tfcli j??r?tb? tar>r?l>1? pfcanir r*??ntly ro.*H??>l I tli' t'f'iNiictfilit rdtion trop th? <011" i??oqti?i tttjr el |i?4| kuuImIw^, and tba larg-? imp >rU tir>?.? lr>ia> tj,,, eoimli j-th* apid lu;r*??? In luoiaa i iiuniiiilfitkn brtvnn all Wlo?"f tbo Caton in It parta ol tb?* world and i-oaaequenlly a (["'?< ' Itrut in evmpetitioa ratfaclrg price*-nd praflt'1 ?41 tfcr aeruuiulallou of c pi??l ici 'b'i reduction il tl r*t?p of iatereat the iwr ?iti ehieh public >*4 prl??' HIU are it ft - tb? emtiot ol W* iftriti* all kinda and iheMeady d?pr?clatlon anperUncai I not of them. from tb<> period nf iaaae? all tend to tl dortiopruient rf a crUia that wtU aweep aoay #"?l |hr ??id?nr#-? rf pro?|.rrVjr tbat lot flirt and Wii thing" to a aowoter and nmri h-etthy rut* F.vvr thin* at (ifwii la artificial and unnatural. and i mot n|?ft thai gr btforotbe lapMnf many m >ntl The cour*e par* tied durlag the paet eighteen aiont by oar bun kin* Institution* ?h< w? hTw rapidly we a harttria* to?ard? the t rt?x tbat will awollow i lhoo?ard" who hare b*> n ?i dur?d by the ea?o wli which ci?dlt? bar* been espanded; tho loan* to hr k-r? "bo# to *kat **t-at fhcllitlea hare been fnrniiih< to hidden of atoek* Th" aoxumulation of ipecio the "ub-tr???ury abowa tbat w* ha?? Imported th a*a*na lmmen?ely. The ahlpmcate of "poele "how th oar ciport" #ad larf? r*mittano?? of public atoel har? not iifn ?nflt Unt to liquidate tba balan agaln't ui on our foreign trad*, and tbo lr?cr?a?? aprf i.- in tba l.aab raulta la aafflclent to create tl aoat alarm In* api iehanaloa? that It will b? mod* tl baaij of a f?aat#t #*p?h"ion and coaae joently th* pr I, nnor of great*r evils. We look forward with fear an trembling. and cannot r**i*t the conviction that th future U tilled with dlflUuitU* aud danger*, and likel to r**ult la *xten4ad commercial embarrasment. #J The United State* mall >tearash!p Atlantic, froc Liverpool, brlr-i four day* later newt from all part of Europe The decline in cotton was expected, am rQ it la the impretaion that th* next (teamer will brin| a further detlico. Thi* la the effect of the favorabl account* taken out by the Alia In relation to thi growing crop In ihU country Hreadstad* re malt about the same a* previously reported. The harvest* ii* thro'igVout Great Britain are not likely to be si to abundant ad anticipated. The potato disease wui >u rapidly spreading. There was every evidence *f th< quality of the erirm being below an average The H nan clal account* are favorable Ho change had taker place in th? money market, and tha rate of interest I. continued at the lowest point. The political uewi > i does not um?unt to much. TLe annexed statement exhibits the operation* Ir 1. theot!ioeif th* assistant treasurer during th* montt ><1 ( August: Assistant TuKtirar.n's Orrici. Ai'uusr, 1850. a .. i i.tinj.u. ' On account of <'ustoms .. . . $3,4D2.79# 1*8 " " Patent fees... 1,519 73 " " P. O Dept... 41.495 .13 " " MitciUtiuucus, 38,975 31 ' .S3 574,790 85 le $8,533, $50 3; I'ayntrntt. Treasury bralts ..1,423.030 58 Post Office do. , 34,029 3d J 1,458.295 94 '* August 31 1R50 -Balance $7,075,584 4i I Auk. I860?Balunos oi fundi to pay in. tt rest on Coupons 110 060 '.H Additional appropriations 30,170 'MI V $140,037 1? ,j On Instalments due Jan. 1. 1850.54.210 (5 " ' " July 1, 1850.44.833 78 " Treasury Notes 747 8S " Coupons . .39,l'0& 00 88 877 21 a August 31,1850?Balance... $51,059 9.: Treasury Note* funded $10,4')0 0(1 The amount ci? deposit in the hand* of the Assistant Treasurer on the evening of the 31at of August, wai .t larger than ever before known. and is accumulating at the rate of nearly one hunlred thousand dollars pel _ day. The Sub Tn asury will soon be drawn on l&rgelj h under the Appropriation bill. II The annexed table exhibits the quantity of certaiz i- articles exported from this port, for the week ending the|'J<lh ult, distinguishing the destination and ex ' tent of shipments to each place:? ... tu.' Pn.t ?> N? Vox-Vrril. Ml. 1. - -- - ? - ? ? r, FORT J. i- TO LIVKKrOOl. Flour. Mil* '20.102 Ohee*?, lb* 9.2ofl Kodin. do 711 Bacon, do 683.443 * Pearlaab. do 60 Tallow, do...... . 33 9 >7 '' Wbeat. buvb 12.395 Sapan wood. tons.. 20 I. 11 8boe*. mm ... 9u Lard oil. gall 450 Port wim. catka. . . 305 8vavea, No 11,010 Tobacco, hhds 1U0 * TO l.OHD0"?. n Flour, bbl* 2,600 Oil cake, ca*k? 10X d Turpentine, do 1 266 Port wiue ck* 344 Ki'fin. do...*. 625 Tallow, lb? 5 214 * Tobacco hhda 10 W'bite ?ax. do 2 035 8kia*. pkge 164 BtaTe*. No. ....... 7,000 TO liLiKiOW. t, Flour, bbl*. 2.930 Tallow, lbs...... . 0 6*5 In potash. do 235 Butter, do 6,366 <1 Pe?rla? 5 Pickled mutton oka u5 Rokiu. do... . 916 Ptuvei, No 6,000 Tar. do 200 TO HAVRE. Potafh. bbl* 235 Spoiige. bales 39 i- Chrome ore, do.... 100 Cedar, lop* 3S0 it Ko?in do 400 Tallow, lb? 12.M74 ? (jum copal, canes. . . 10 halcbouf. do 28 2W ' TO MEXICO, Flour, bbl* 389<<*? 100 Corn, buih 2.172 Sperm randies, bxa. 25 y Cocoa, bag* 160 liutter. Id* 300 j Paper. ream* 600 head 'pig? 150 ? Oil, backet.'' 100 Powder kegs 100 TO ST. DOMINQO. i Flour, bbl* 230 l.ard, lb* 2.558 Mackerel do 95 Fish, do 36.ot>Q Herri? g. do 50 Sugar, refined, do.. 1.720 Beef. ?4 Batter, d*> 1.061 m Pork. do. ........ 126 Chsose, do 920 , Alealv*. do.. ..... lf>0 Ham*. do 829 i. Soap, boxei 400 Lunber, foat 13 000 to ?rai?i*ii west runts. Pork, bb'.i 2) l.ard. lbs 12423 Bet f 30 llama MM * Rice, tc* 30 Ki*h .1*954 ' Paper, ream* 612 Batter .....1.095) j Soap bx? 64 Cheen, 1.764 Caudle*. bx?. ....... .24 liried B?ef 10.514 Nail*, catk* 193 Tobacco Mfd 1 6*1 8alt,*acka 800 lloop*, N9 4 000 a to British wt*r i.idiki. fluiir ?,l.!a 1 -iA.1 I... II >r Potk 617 Mould Candle* 7i ' Mral 060 Cordage. evil* C '* Beef. 23" Tobacco, iuf'4 I>14? Coin, buxli. ...... , 6V2 llam- 25<: 1 i'chu . lOii ...........3<0< I, urn Ik r. ft., i 090 Butter ?1C 10 uKrri*n noniH ivimu, Flour, bbl* 4 U83 ToImuko, hlidi 21 ?- Mi al 2M Do. md f, lb 71,7V ra l'oik 1,341 llutter 1 72j K) a Flour 4UI Tallow, lbs 5,?t*n Naval Store* Co l\ in* 1,3th r* Bread 4b Pamestlc*. pkg* I ,f Klca 6S 8tare<. No SOW Wheat buih. 1.610 Trenail* 14.u0c it The movement Id flour, during th<* week. waa quiu j, arflra. the export being principally to Liverpool. I* otbir artielf*, th? ra ha? beeu ab'Ut the u?aal nhip f Birnt . b* export ct breadstufl? from tba United Statei to Great Britain an 1 Ireland from September l?t lHI'.i r. up to the lateat da.e?. 1K50. amounted to 463.085 bbl? i. flour Cd^fltbln m-al. 481.270bjah wheat, anl 4,8drt kt #t3 bunt U'ilat corn. ag?ln*t 1.007,U08 bbl* flour. 83, i. 268 bbl* iii. at u83 ".8,'> ba*h. wheat, and 12.70,1,071 to bu*htl* Indian ecru, during tba corresponding petit* ij the pn rivUH jeat. t, In relation to the Important *nty??tof depraoiatioi r of railroad property In 0t at BMtain. tbn taut Tarlta jj mrnlnty rc|iort Rite* the following Inforuiatlou. 1 ,y given. In a tary t. w word*! tlia roxnll ot a *a?t ileal o t, lnv??tlgatl<'n and r<m-arrh Tba Incn-iau in th< re leuitii of I'ne cyon for publ!? trufllw during ?aeh -if thi ig y?ar* 1*47. IS48 nod 1819 b?* been at the rate of H>*8<] >11 24'2ft. and 21-^.: per cut re?i,ac'.lr?!y; wnll?t tin re hrerage receipt* p? mile from all description* o ro ! InOc hara d*creaa*d during the eaae yetrr in lb' i ratio of about U*22, t JG. and 18*37 |>?r coat re#peotl?a Id ly aiid tM? whllet tba gr..?* reueipt* upon all the rail ,.a way* bar*'y lncf.iaa'1 In th? ratio of IS'19 t. 16-71 and 1J-T3 p?>r cut for th? ranis pariud*. anllr.| r. In Jud? In itch of th? j?at? 1147.1V4*. *o I 1SH. re la ajaMlTalj Tb* praaant floani'fa) atailatlra of railirav1 iy ara dla??arig<t)( anfu-h. Tho Bra th-MiaaO', >y nlna btiudrad anl ulnatyaix tnll?? la aeu' .1 op:>r? i? tl ii rapraaant. ?f ?r? tlM, I n^Mai ( abiot CV7. it, 60?iMK) yUHIrp annual r?rt?u? of XII M4.IKK %. ? Irran %hlth. if the irorkluK * *,?nwa b* dad*ct?<l a ;t tb? tat* of 4.1 1'i-r c?nt. tbara rrr.aln* * ??t arallaot' ,< profit of aHont i'rt t JO. bate* ?t tba rata of -1-4.) p"i - tmt' a thr ii?.??tni :>t. 'If thcrrfi.^a appear* ' '%} ,? tba ( Bitiil??io?*r?. 'that all sum* raiaad at a hl?b?i rata "I mt?ra?t than tbi*. nnft radue* tba afcr<g*:< la rarer tia arailatla for the rain una ration of tha aiUla* if prO}rtatnr*."' t?5; ' K\T,< HESKWEU FVKRV 0\V. la HKMARiM. *' f f>ft-a i.fTrrn mtr*f>iiT a.vf mu*01100, 1* MJ Cal r*r iklt el?y, n .1 r l? nalaadanaM data I ... la... ! ?, I'4\l? 'tf A, 1? 2. ? .-"a? ?ti<'i?a?'M >flar?. a??? I '? 'i.a I r< t'Kk b?ak tkaaiiy of Na? V?rk. 14 ?"?? ?a fin-a ??a."?V r*?al>i >< ??i-t Ink n?'., Plf(d ?..rt tb?i' -f baa at- a ppad. a lihttal ra??fi *111 H i>ai? - " \ IAS. U. IIART. 1 W%H at, H. f. '* UH'l.r N.-FPuM ALONO?lttX( rait#wKDt8n HHIQ tJ 1> ilium, lj.11/ * I, if s, M. 8., tha ?r.? ? L"?' ?' k?i? ?n It of ..a* II Ntt fotg ??1 * fart *<la. t>?l?'a4 "t Mark i>. ?ll? la?t^?, V??t.-IP pal*t*4 laa 1 a l"r an^ aula" id ft." n In im imoty if ?H t ? i'iM? r???r1 will n J I'l. i>b ?| |lv?tl?? < I k >?.! h-r*. n- \<fm ' t? I I V UK h M Kl Ni H, r?'a I >!. ' \ (Miad. k r H.4HP *ili its CiH*?n nv ti? 1 .1 . .!>?'. ?'!' ruin 'k?l i: '"ini >? I.? J. i ?|. Ill ? - N ' , I ?-ri < I f p^tlr. k V?>, 0r?<- . oirli b?l k, Ha* K? >/ ? ? Him wfckh w??f tUl.ti lott ?r i? /% SlRVNfAII O'DU.S <hl |? l<HII.\nKf.PflU. P*I'? hihM.iM;> . f me - T!I - iiv. r.A^rmiN, I tn4 ? <t*ra -r ?i i?. i \ "t n ' nil nfltty ?( Wilt fwiw, kail?*in? ?kn ?? >?%* If e k*? iMcriiiit 1* >hi> ' n'n, ml will *>11 ?k kMtar??. U>1fl*T??l1 Ik RftiiTMR*. We. 7 No-th TVH ?.. I*MI*??I|MA. (fI H\l I I i: i v.- . Kit II K< S???>OP, lll.?i * tAlfll'T, AND *%h.,r?or f-'* in CR k MiVH *< r riljp t n.ftifm litx-an I'nyU I In m m U hi ? * '? !lr ?v .'i?.. ? ? , .? . h-?*4 ? , 111 *1: I ?l"r.>ir- *m< r Tl-T r,f I > ? n ""M Ctf ? Far^n- r? ? > wl.iffc m- m it- <1 > ?' ?n if t?.? a f)tminr> ( t)i? ikin. waonbr Mb Broadway. ot>r"?i'? 'h? ?'hiM>?? .?ram. f>??'?r? nft>'leil i>k oar aaakl ? >am 'di'l^ii **rma. Da routers nri.BK.rMi> i axiihinaBi.b r> mm. mr? < ? I | in Iiiiii , Mil ?.f n??r ijr <> ? t ?> t< Ik* It* u? If .'! ?.-a* tali'?t?a?l*? an i mu.nlfl<'?B% fur *l?nr* R?i?l.h?k<r*tt (??.< !'?4 bj no ih?f' m*f k? .?4, ?t?ry *rji<"??4 *??te o# I'nraifara, wh*1fc'-r I,. ?i# |4tk, U?K il itk'o lifiiUtii. Iui*t??hw. or 'k* ^?<*>?i rmir <lw. far parior*, i.iiatf"(n, lihrarl*#, ?1, anl Ami ~ia. A "- !? ri -? la ?? if fl* af 4a wraaaa>i?r>>i. f' t " 'fkiH J ir a. ImM Ml ?wpM M Tlf KWa> BH? lkUf?. i WAnn | * WANTBI>_By A TOUNO man, who understands f , Tf bu*il?OSS COBSrally, ft ftitftftUo*, U IftlMM, im ft wholoealo or retail dry good* or other eeore. ftitd woold aseitt ftt books- Cftft give ibo boat of reUreuee Addraee m. , h Herein oflv?. " Waww^-a/itoatioii, as light poaTE*. oa | "* assist an*Aook-k?*i*;r, in a wholesale or retail dry , poods store, fcv ft voubfr man who has haul considerable oipe- , i rioter in th? Susitieaa. halary nut so much as objout m pet,, nianent employment. Good city rcterenvoe as to integrity, Ac., eun be furnished. Address fc), othi eof the Herald. I 1I/ANTKD ? a SITUATION, IIY A ?BdPSCT.tBLI ! " youag wotrac. on Cham<<eraa?iid or.Waiter. The best M of city relcri-me givvafrotu brr last rlaee. Inquire at No. 6<?6 Honi*ton strut, second door from Mutt. Can bo seeu lur . ] ' two day*. , ' ViiniD-i situation, by an aMBKICAN (jiru. j tt to trftTftl with ft family rai| Sonth. of ftftf other part j of the I'm tod Mfttr.s; or. w?.uld do plftift n?ia| in a is a diets- maker by trade?or, aeuld attend a confectionary 1 bCoti Addrasa 0, Per ft Id f. . whU 1 wutild be attend 1 I > Mj'ANTEII-i 'lit ATJEkft BY A RBil'Ei'TAIil.S I Tf young to do < baai*. rwork and waiting, or to take care or chiioriu. has th?? best eity reference from her , last place. Plcsee call at 1(U Bowery, in the boot store. x t an do mob for two day a. l liT A N T K i>-A SITUATION, BV A RK^PE( T\IJLB ) oung WftMftfti as SftMMtMflS and Chambermaid in a ! mall respectable private family. None others need ap^ly. t ail Le *c? u, during a period of two days, at 21 Mott street, j \JU AMED-A CON FICTION ER. OK A PERSON AC- ; " \juainfed with cake b.tkinrf. To a peritoe of good i?orsl?, iteadv employment and fair wages will by piveu. Direct I box 4or Provideuoe Post office, Rhode Island. ( WANTED?A SITUATION AS COAOHSIAV, BY A ! I *ohi r, ind ustrious ic&n li >ut Ea^laud. (,'na kivu g ??d eltv reference* a? to his skill in the tnan-ig* moot or hmeet; w?fl make hims.lf otherwise useful. Uatt no objeetiou to J city or country. Please call or direct to Geo. Uope, No. 68 Beekman street, New York. j ! \LrANTET> ?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE > f* j I'Udk woman who un?'er.naade her business; is a good oook, vuhir aad irouer. Good ? ity refcreac* oan be given. Apply at M*3 IKuit.n street, in the rtar. > j \Lr ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ww i? bituation to oook, wash and iron, or to do the hou?e' work of afima<l |?ri* ate tamily. Good oi*y reference. May I be MI & at if Ksmi elt si r- et. for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE y-un; womsa. as proiessed C? ok or nuperior Laundress, in a private family; co. k's place prefers i, as sn? understands all its G??oo eit> reference. Maybeaeen ^ at W? Crosby ?< r?et, in the Tear, for two days, if not enraged WAMTVb A TOI kq LA d\ . AM AM1K1 an, f|0 uudrrttands creiitmakinK. to tak* "barge <>i an esia: b'tshmeut; one that would board in the boo?e preferred; Good iefer?nee given and ie<|Uired. Apply for two lays at W) It e?t Sixteenth street. \MT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RBSPEvTABLE f middle aged man, aa Waiter in a family or a re.<peotablo b oaidiig him i Rives no reference. M he 1'ved |t a ftotel. but warrant* himself to be both honest and sober, and thorough!% understands the business with both. Any p rr>n satisfied with this advertisement mn;. adirss* U. 11., llerald * ofl.oc, shall meetwith prompt attention. 1 wanted?a bit(< ation, bt a niat and tidv j * T? ir!. to do ehaiuberwik and waiting, or taking care ' of children and sewing; >? a first-rate washer and inner, j and a g?<od chambermaid ?n?i waiter; n au n i " | seamstress, can cut and tit dresses, and it vry fond of 1 children. Ha* geod recommendations from her la?t *?m- j a plover*; would make her it If generally useful. Please call t , at WO Br? ad way. a WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RBSI'EOTABI.E | n ! WeMI, MftVVt rat* 1'. ok. Ill ii MlUmUmI , 1 lake*, understands pastry. Would hare no objections t<* j assist in the washing and iroaing. The best of city reference Siren. Apply at t'6 Twenty-first street, three doors from I J ixth avenue. i ' c WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A KESCECTABLE 1 younfl woman, as Chambermaid and Seamstress, or j , | Nurse and seamstress. W old do chatnberworl and waiting I in a small family. City reIVreuct if required. Please apply i at i!32 West Movent* ? atb street. J WANTED-A VAN TO AMIST IN MV I'DAL OFFICE, J to neifh. sell and keep book accounts, and avsUt in '' , I the general trai'*acuone of the busiucss, for whie?i a liberal * salary will be paid to a competent person. Heference, with 1 \ P II M rt q . ir? i to fMlafftOtisi A| ly. in pere< n, to P. I'., at the corner King and Ur?? nwioh si*. J WANTED?BY A YOUNG RESPECTABLE GlilL, A t situation as Chambermaid, or to do general hou??w? rk k iu a mill pviiitl(tnilv,ar togs ftottli aa Hamui au stieaa. riea*e call at >io. 3tt Hamilton street, in the rear, j third floor. 1 nTANTKO-BT a USriCTAIILI touno ifoka-v, , Tf ast'uation to cook, wash aad iron; La? a two ye*rt t , city reference fr< m her itui place. Please call in the inilll < ner's stove. 370 wery. : UTANIID-by A KEM'ECTa I.I.K VOUMG WOMAN, A J Rf't'd vMlitriil irontr, haj excellent oity referen<-?*. la s quire at the milliner'! s*ore, l'7u Bon?ry. AIT ANTED?A 81 TlA T ION ASCLLKC IS Til* CDiTd1 " in* basin****, by a Yfung b ib ?ho bkH ha?i ? yt*r >>>4 " ; a I fclf experience at thu biiMut-". Geod vity reference en. I Aaure>-? a bote to U , fltraid ?lhea. I Ayovko>v iooomaiD to bcsikbss, j wiibn a situation in a c??ateeiionary or fancy go. ue 1 ftor**; ?i.?! speaks. bt.*id?s the Frtuek, me iierui?n And i lj- * i lifrh taa^ii **.es. Can k1v? the beat recoin m-u Jan >ns. 1'K.ue 1 applj at corner ?1 Eleventh street and ae^nue A. MRS. r. HARDER. ? Hot wanted-a mot u tow tears at- tttd in un Die*. Ouc refilling on th? east side cf ?iit 1 4 ity preferred. ttu.ary, first )ur, tifty dollars. Apply at J No. ktti dontli street. ^ BOY WANTED?ABO! T 16 YE\KS OF AOR, TO AT- t tend in oflUo; ii"n* but thoie having n?jM? 'US!* B re:* r*n;es. r.nd wii< are dispes*-d to attend-trie .ly to u> sinptojtr's *?us aeas, need a|fly. Salary %'mj nrai / ar. Ai! 4j ?a fax Jf*7 l'os?e. Am* age and reiereace. J Bak BOX M ami B. k lt\'i BUT "1 GOfID A'l- j drtss. and n?th the be?t of refWeiKve. Likanise an 1 7 ??\?trr kov. At ply et M?-tita?ue Hall, Brooklyu, of D. j|. 1 1 UaUes. r, *. ktji preferred. | Barkeh-eks situation wanted I V a yoi;sa I insn, a ho ha* 'cr?4 d in that oapa? ity m one of onc f.r t vlacr boteU. 9atist'a#%ory lefertnf'-f ean ba ftvea n ar.'llcaiiin. by p?st or, toC.tAMl.E5 W. H ILLlo,97 ' East 1*' ?it)*fuurti- S<re#t. 1 COOK WANTED?IN A SMALL rvMII.Y IN BROOK- ( lyn. A pr?t.ataA', %h? ! a ftrat Cwuk, W'uh.r ?n 1 Iroacr. A.ply At 4>. Vo.y irnt, M. V. i G. IKI? WANTED, TOR W ON CAIU'kT BAD1-" O* ^ f 1< good MV?r? can Hud empl >msn' at u eking ear pat f ? a i | Iv s. N t Mbi'lti ] | WATEJao A'l ? AN rt.i' rn roUN LABIS* or vet A a ho a?a desrons to get in irrt**. It. f r*r.' v? tequired. Call or a4iar as ( p< st pa.d) to l'. M I LLt ri . (.'<?'3 j | Marriage Aieney. ill llroa I < I ttona airlnly ewnMnital. j J \l n v ' Fill MAKV \N'K I" vt'if I. ' 1*1 t.>kf? tail et 'Ve ll?r. ld ffW. thf will lud a au.i ; * r > \> 4 i I I TRAN!>LATOK.-A SCNTLtMAN H II ) U.\ ENJOf. 1 IH^H e4 a ht*:t rii. ,i, al ?<i ipati I emt li'}Bi*nt In fanslatini: prone or pot try fr-m tke Fr-jn ?h, ' ! Ital aa, ??r Germaa He ra? had tanrU ixpcrtcn<- %H Ull I [ I traa*:ati< n* >ari yieira great s?' . ( i.? aill ^ K#firrti.?> a4dr??.- fe| itMl, B?rsM ' J fro v t .4 M. yesrs old. und and kind: his fatt is fro? twulvo to i t; t??o a il?s an h ftr, a ame 4ri .?r, and a p' ( i roai U< rea. he is per tfttly ftsnlle and ran lu drit?;a up m* a l? -Ire. ' ; Ah a ieanilul meddle end nnru- si li. . ? e. Ai.? T. p ? . j t lid RirifN, ifHrl) r,?ar. 1he?a will ?e II Wlon Mi*lr I j . va'ne, en a4 net ??f the o*ncr Iravinf l >r th?? 1 urI Apt* 1 u Urs. iKo tok'e Tavata, foar inilvs fram .Xewoaoi, M. 1 on the 1.4? ?? roed. TO ni l -~<;Eri!l AMD trie rr. I.E aT'.JKK MHI ! I X * ?? V Mf i i lud'j *ely, ? |?*?r- n of ^ ' f-ripti' n, ard who is a g<>e4 s i r k?a? an 1 f ^e?a^er?oa f.s- , fclte, in..- l.tar ? r* d linu ?, hy apply . J i*n f to rrma. ? A" : ,'o?n. N *. % >i , y. j A p4 reon ?ho seized his apf reutic'eaf?ij?m k. cU. # w aid U. t t ' prrfffiS4. . j i tl >>? til>! -? . < U(M K !> HAMiD A GfMtKMW AV^'.OV J ' O ?c?N li^f In miiM tith ? V* II fni" ? |.it fkll f?r (hi * *.+ u itft >.p iq, Wit! * d >?#4 1*4 4 jr, on tha Wftit jlflft of :b? rnljr ? ? <1 be n*f?ir?4. N' ra *-kr4, * r rtf*r??v? fWeft. I ?a ftMvftfft J. ft. I'.. Barftl4 O 4** S \ : f? fA > I f i ?AKl> HI T II . >0 4 # it. thft M i 4 r? I MfH hy ft f?ttllin*l, ?lf?, ?'*?? A h mi irtforrv^ ?> * kroi^vft)', Wtw?ft?x 0??rUi?4itn i Onnftl > ??rrifrrr ?h>'I f' >HI* are i r?! r 1 t>? , j h ? '# t U Ad'ir. > : : r . , with ??tot, Uftttnfi ftii4 rwfftrttM. TT 11 i* (. - ft \* \ r,ow i r>v * : 11m r. \ I# I . f %' i p n- .a ( r i men t ?. ? i - i I lv 'J N?* lw??rdaw ia h<?w ?. r?* *uu ' ? . ! f l< * . >!*> ' i a a? Aft'lrtia "J a- I ' I i?." tt til l ffIfcr tf 4nya J I1 "JlOA *f> I\ Rf?nf?KI.W W ITlflN -ft I ' ?r VM 'f* ' w? k ? f Paltca fftrv. with | airf hi r # <**. ArfflftM ,V?i *. otllf*. ^ |J M<1> W A 111' 111 TWO TOI >iU fc.Nr.lftl V. IN ' I' -r ym. A'Vtf.'aa*. a??tU 1 | t? ra?a and ion. Mi ' ti P*t 0%e?, PlftASANT rrniVMIIKD KW?Wft TO |.*r-TO SIN?> with an4 laft, ? ft 4? ?AraM? " a I, ? ' * I n ? t ' i v ' Mr m B ?. ' I i i 4 A ( KKVAn ritfVATr. rwn.r. OHr o* TWO I A t. II l#?i ar l* a* *frfft<ift pl-ftaa it wiih. i t ' t* Vfftai i?-1 t*ft. Hit #it*?ftt? ft'? ift t*t Uarcr ?| f?rt of ira AiHrtu C r | H I'llhHIItiP 1W>TT<;*-TM rof RT?f E*'"TI* fiFHrrOFfUR BT ' H <M an-W tha trm of IIBBAl " a ' \*t. ? i? , I iiy aiaa?lva* kf antitl aoaaaal. Tl 118A 1*4 ft CASK. ' At' it>?ian?a ?'?!? (?a4 4?M# *n?> ^-"n will ha J 1 . !?.. I ' r >ha atil.arrlltrf. ?t.n mil f?nl.n?a ? ??.y tha , llh ? ' " '1. OS'AB ll'llia*. It J^aH. I fA1?TNKH. IN a ??irn 'I *1*0 ? [ T? ... .?)?* ?!.*? ??h ' ? ta tha ?|*< >*. I ?? ??. t-taali.1,.4 y?M?. ??4 paf? ??*Aaif-|r? I ?<?t. Addri?a, p?? r?|, r , __A J HfMTAT >(-..< V.II r * T. Ababk oppoktvtity n *'?* orriati) r<? * i mart a*ti<a, knMM>i;mt( dim. ?iH t rt?h v? 'al J ?f S>. *> ?'>?' It a p?i in-1 I* ; h? Drag ta- UNI, itrala ratftklMkatt, and wa?<i'?"t?rl?f f fitm-r ; ?n'r '? > a forma* *a? M In a ?h. itata. Allr-"* i?M in ' C. T. . H?ra(4mIn, a*atlat >hm ?a li'MiMf M* MM A i A Hi* Km 'iMkii, In * una \ ?*f? f A * l? l.Vfr|i m "?rif an wan. Il?li?n ?>?ttanrant. In IS* ir madlao ?tr ?i v ' f * all J'?a* a* f-hr in' ??AItr?'lr? a if pr.. Ak|- bti inrnti in iWI'f, far >h? f tirr?** i f r?l??ln? If 'f ? p HVa 1 th? tah a't- a lar an l?? ma- a an* n-, if it?lrn? <rt farmla? a < .na??tlan alth la a?M*r and tntaili ?ai |>ara"n nltlia* i? dartt'a fi'r rr I' ra A It mi 11 "n t > I ha f n tlr * *a, piat? *ta4 ' * a ^ aa*t capital ai Bra th* naaa'f <t'illaf* Tt an unf^Miif'f ! la hara pwiirt if raalitlar la a rhnra lima, a ma-trnt lntl*p*a.ia*ra, alilwat aay aaraibla i iak af < *aital. A Jiraaa 1 <1. I.. at alt a*. Ci i R *?Aiii?,i5 BARCLAT K I C\1tO nl i ca'"lT?taH ? ' a ara ' rata**\ , fra II, #i?aaaa ft?tr<l. 1a.ftS. ( tan, Htllaf tait rati rstaaat altjaiaiAna, aa a affaataal ra-a >jffrt RLaart ati*ai. Irrr'irl il Piaaa-?. la.t Klt> am. Vr.fnla, ! !? h, H.< chad ar Pl?ar>!t?a'l a?iBi J >lstr, fila dnlar A^??tl< a?, aad all ?n Aaaana iramptiaa < >a^a<M nf |K? akin MM.IATtb ?AP?"I AM* IOPIN* n\tH^ B i. i a*r?ll'?. ?A Barclay atraat. al*aaa*a an.l pnrl aa ilia l>l t,?l. la pnrta a haalth? a?'I a !' t ta 'kta, larl(?rat < if * , ahnla tratatr ?a? nfli r liaaltn t . lh? '' iltfu- ar l Kitiaf J ' talk. ?la rallrf t<t Ika laaalM. ta >MN af (wli K"-n?n%- ' tum Brtalralaa. Kr..aatntl?. Maarakft >, Litar LVoaUui.'.a, t P)?|?filt, t.r?fral Dtkilitf, It. DuWIRT THKATBK-M :NOA* EVENING, 8?PT. 2, I XJ will U Mlrd. MAtBSTM-Duaaaa Mr. N. Jul.ue.n, J Mavlwth. Mr. J. ftaliack it i M' l.ulT Mr Tlltoo, lUloolaa, t Mr P.|?t; ftejrton.Mi. Seyu.abn loaae,>o, llmtu, hi Mr. U.u.ilu t., let Sraaku.a WlUh, Mr.; 31 Speek- 1 l?* witch, Mm Nndl.eui; Ln>ly Macbeth. Mia J <r?ll?<jk. ? Jr. To eonclude with the nautical drauia .it Till SKA OK A f Hf. OCKaN t'UJLU?('apt V?htl?vill?, Mr. Pim' * Ape. * ttuiuv, Mr. War'ttb; Hurry Htlui, Mr. Iilton; Peter Poul- of tire, Mr. ? iui?; Htmi 0'Tr I, Mi M^n to. Jack Juak ? Mr Klo?1.?; t"U..wb?II, Mr Oohldaiu; Mary Helm Mr* n Jordan. Opto ai a suarter to 7; curtain at 7>? ./cloak. Tl Bl'HTON? THEaTKH, CHAUUtK.-) i I Kfc? r - MO V- * day evening, 'tuLcr 2d. ?ill t? urodaoad Sliartdan'a A ri ni"(i) of the SCHOOI. Ktill ?CANDaF.?-*ir Peter Tcaile qi Mr. W. Kufui Blake; Sir Oliver Suffaeii. Mr. Uurtou; Chnrlee J? Burtace, Mr. J. tt'sillx-k l.reter: Lady Teatle. Mi>. Kdeedl; Iv I.ady ?ui-erwell, Mra Hughe*. Mra. C?nlour. Vrt Skerritt. >1 A new Paa de iseua, ty M:a? W.ilirrs and M. Kr."le- ! tl tit. To oouvlude with a ?? local eketch, culled MIB'J ! M L'l'ME? Mr. Itlarueyeui Mi. Burton; The Mayoral the City, M Mr. lila*d; Iiliu'M'd Lun^fave, Mr. Hkerritt; Mr. Von Humbug, 1 tl Mr U< Iman Boxea, Oreea Cirolc, and,l'*rn.iette, Atli uta; ! ei I tnnly Cirile it mta l>o*ra open at 7'4; in heg,n at 7\i. I t' ATION al.TUh ATRJLt'UA'l LlAM iTHAKr?M0ND&7, I lw evening, Septt mher 111 the an'.ertainrrenta *|U o?m- 7 muare with the tarcc of THE MAKKIE1) KaivC?Mr. ' ruderick Flight., Mr. LcFavur; Mra Trictrae, Mra. U. ?' Mill mine. Afurwbicb will oe ihtrodh;ied to the uudieue, ? JEVNY 1.IND IN aMEMICa teiur a vaudeville writ ren e?l lerely for thla theatre?lien t ie licSlianu, Mr. a MMliainf; Jenny Lind, the initaicnl plienotnem n, Mrii. H. M'il- ' liaiua. To be followed b) a new Ounnu Uraiua. called "O I- f TIM. S W IS I MS. To ooaolud* with ilia t'arca <>f MOOTS AT TIIK SWaN. K xea. L'ft I'oota; I'it, 12!a o?nt?. Doora H>?n at 7l t" commence at 7W. pre i*ely. t'AKU.?UbHlbTV'8 OfCKA UOtsfe CLitilJCO fOH A \ ' abort aoaaou.?The patroua <>f (thriatj'a Miaa'relf, and ihe pablie Keutrally. are r??pettful!j in(.rmi,l that, for th* T SurpoMof altering and renovating the building of Hechanioa' [all, tkey will discontinue their popular ooaoeria for a ahurt ? leu-ian. Durum their rattui in ihia ulty, ibe ooaipany will l pv? Concert# at Niagara, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chi- J ?aRO, HiUvaukia. kc. One notiat will be nivtn of tkair h ru-ofeu'o*, ?t tkair lon?-?aUbliahod and aniiiu* Hall, la . Nkw Tork. 1. P. CHR1STT, Dlroafr. J] I^ELUlWr N*W iroRk ST hum a.N u I'lltATIO 1,1 r Troupa, late Piar'ie'a Miaatrcla, at the Ohoipia, No. 444 P' Broadway, betwaen Howard and Orand atn.? lfoauay, Aug. !? 12. and erarv n<?ht uncil further uottce. The eonttnuad lUCOeia that baa favotod thia inimitable baad of Etiiimiaa Kl performer*. bu et.tnfod tktu) a* 'oeir.g the ne plot ultra of 11 >11 Ethiopian bande, uompriitaj * anmpany of thirteen per:eno*r*, antUr the direction of J. K. i'ellows Th '> trill C late the Uoiior of giving itacir anginal inimitable entertalm- k im.t? aver; nigLt antilfurUiar notice. AdniMion f oont*. ? Doer* opts ?t 7, Concert to commence at H o'clock. An after- loon Coo*ert on W*d?*p4ava and Ha'.nrdayt, enntmenoiu I hi I P.M. J

TiiK uiiaakLOont a'auliu. o? n\t, aki>.- \ N?? painting* recently arrived from Kurope, among '' irhieh la "Uarttiaria," by "ioehler?a work of art ot the ? ligliegt ?tai?. The exhibition of paintirga by arriatt of the JJ ikove ackuol hat r?c?iv*d ciany fcdditiunf. ami remamt op.iu " it the t?u rooms over th* ball of the rhurth of tk* Oivin* n t'nity. In Broadway, between Spring aud Prince ?treew, D rom H) o'clock A.M. nntll 10 o'clock P. M. Adimaittcn 14 J? lent*. *ea?on tiek*?? ventt. OaLal"gn** Iterant* J 1i i r ii f. \ r it i' a i. am \ ru h > i hi; \m r.Ki t\ li lliet.rinnio Ateoaiattan, Gothic Hull, It road way op,Mi?, or tha regular *??!>un. with th* play of IIunlet, on th > Ath "1 nst. The Aaeoriu ion it desirous of obtaining a few more 1 I ntlcmea of r*>pectahilify (not n:.der the ac? ol L'l yeari) nj mcrah*r*. Apply at the room* on Mouilav, Tunday, ?j, It Hint/Ja\ and Saturday eteniogt. between 7 and J o'clock. a through No. 5.Vi l'*arl tlreet. lu CASTI.K GARDEN 18 NOW OPFV TOR THE RSCCP- !',! tion of vialtera during the day, from 7 AM. till S P. M. ' H largest and nott beautiful room in the country, ?| iffordiDg (uperior oppoltunity for reading, meditatiout. or intiiturbeJ iroui'.nadet, while viewing the sea, ah'Ppiag, '' mil delightful tcenery around, md iuhalmg the delioivn* en kiieerc. All million, 12^ oente. VOR MAUD M.NV VO LKvT JTE\M ENUlNK FOB 9AI.B, Or MNI HORSE POUT- I ^ er, in flrtt rata running order, with a good boiler, nearly lew. Inquire of J. A. RHODES, c rner of North Seooad ana '* renth ttreeia, Williamthnrg. P"iae $A2S t? L^OR SA1 K?AjURfl CLASS DINING SALOON. DOING * r a larve buaineaii. in ntn of 1 lie greatest Ihur uehture* in P bit (it v. Any perawn wUhing to in auch a bu?iucaa n< ml und tMe the beat opportunity 9ver' ffered. A note,ad- | *>' rff?ca J. D , lie raid ottice, atatin* whwre uu interview may K e tad, will bo promptly attended to, and full particulars T\ irfB. ar 4 m'BiN'Bsa FOB *AI.B, PAVING BORE THAN 200 [V per cei.t profit ,|will Le *i>ld for B'ahi. The invent >r intends 'th'lifcl.iiig the HHDifl in han Franciaco, and will aail in a x. tw da>a. A rare chance, btn^ the only manufactory of the "m jnd lu the United State*. Apply t # J C. B UOlTKd. S.H Na^aii street. r OFTS TO LBT IN THE NEH' BUILDING JUST n IJ retted on I'ly Gr ? nwioh a'reet. third door a juth of Bar- J <a> street, well calculated for the clothing, ahos, or hat Te utir t?a, or for aay maon'a* tunnf bnainfai 1-iiuir* of m. ^Ll RlI) J. LAQIIAV tC 210 Green wi -it-. LU KN ISBfcD ROOVS.-TO LET, TO SINtii.K (! NTI.K- I " 1 en, (without be. .rd,) lira ur thrvr furut.'toJ Kniou. li he hoti?* is |iIkhi, l> im.ffld. A|>| Ijr At No. 1 8tat. th trtvt, vomer of U hitehall ?tre?t. a?waiXAiawa> C POISONS. 80AI-S. M1TAI.S. AN O J>HIN FJCTINO LI- J," quid.? Johnson's ftospa, transparent, n^r l?, military, ^ 1. h< ne>, j urate* una uaeJicaied i?<?ape a'aroh po!i?n, enny Liad hair r1 <a, ?c 1 *? o^rante ? bent transparent wa?h C alia To..'>na. aarranteu ?fit >;tuai t> r eMIrvaahaa rat% JC nd l.ioe, motha, bedbuf* and ante ; fly paper diainteotinf th< Iqtud, Die beat and cheapen ia market ; precioua met a la, en m h u? plauna, palladium and aio*?l. I r aal? at wholeaale la*c ad ratal, by VH LKH 18 t'EUCU TW \ Sf.EH. ret 141 Muid<*n Lane. bi DAUl f RKKOTVi?E fLA TEa --T II K 6 ttttfttRi 18 tfie only agent for Loni? L. Bi>bot) a pla?e?, w<*rraet<*4 tvti " lcwilli''U'-4jcmai h the prtT*gs olratarning thoeo that ./?nl?i not gite entire <ati9fat? _ , n. A ao. Jnsf received Dagurreotype Prams, I'vkeia I lo?|c. Ho. * VICTOR 0ISHm|?. Importer. 23 liaidtn Lane, np a aire. LMKVI PKE? 11 M CJJBBICaL 01 I Vk Voai'. uV5TTI factured by T. 1*. Mi'it ain. Trovidtnie K. 1. Thin 3'iap > well and favorably kooan aa a m at at?peri'<r article for amtliea and lam.driea. and ia warrv>t<4 to waah free ia ' laid, &oft or salt wat sr. For a;?1e !.y N. AM.'CLIt, Jr IM H nU* Late. UOODW1 I BV BBBM I l < ia a j Miaaneat c??ter*rc f*?r na\ia| tiu, /in", r ? ?.ri?? roe I a ti|Lt; d-ir.? lor .'i H centa per f??ot. New r- <?fa ?l i u|h |>larV? .ievar?4 far < ?. ?ad warranted. This . hrf ia wt 11 adapted f ?r i'ahferala Heu.tea. and ia n??w nai ulactnre<i to ?uit tlmt rliuia'.s, ty 3 GOJD'tt'lN, iJ4 L aral rarser of Lj?nrena street. PI!IU?BBD BV B. LEVITT, DENTIST, NO. Mr. a?asy?** l*i irvian th< i trt tl 1 Uaefufearte Tree# re, ?e.," hand??vnely illnatrated with a 0 red ilih? araph. ^4e caneauidsntly ree< tnt&end iiu? u?*<- , 01 wofb, eoming. as ia doea. from a man whj haa ?le?ot**d k life to tlivotndy of auat Us urofelaea to treat up?n.?S. V AlMea. MaRD?Bat^. KRr?r??TER. MO* I'BILADELl'ffl A, L t?-?id?: f er aerrices to ladua aad Mtlnnaa ( thia eity ii i*? tt 'or >, l? ve. an-4 law 'jstt?re. in sri r?tm< lr*a'u?,tr. ?y t< <a ard aeienae eons aatly relied on by N *p ; and mil i?li tne aauie of the lady or t,e*t|*tnan th**v will marry, , iK tlenu.oof fije tiaitar. K'aidente 117 < 'inton atreei. Lsile* aeeerty.five rents : /rent'.?-n?#i . "ne duller ' "I F. iUlllBT BXCUINIO NO IS. M TIE A >> rtferriug t > *hl? l?iur,?p**?k it a* ' ?m-b a- T ottl," 0MI in|, ! Q?iur thut ll U B #"Od I'Oiat m \ I? % - " utd ?.? pmrv -ftl *r? Uk 0>r?*i I ? A* r. *t I iJ iivUtli?lir4. Tut thr*? Ms vis " M - /, >? \ < . * a, *f.t Mi 0 hah??," ?rt I?. >* ' a Mi ***'.<?, J ll * fi< ? Ant! ?!? ? rr. 14 Ann Itreot, ? it l? A1L1N rn* IaD-X lliriMl IIVIK AN D I! TOM 1 I U?!? * *11*)?thtil d A11 * the I 0W? 1 ?h?r Mir; ||> -i 1.4 11*14 ih? ir?',!?-niutiwtirc tn? Hftft? oJ ? .? ????* .1 a Mir" Mi KItk ^l, BI/O.IK'M r I'wr'.y fn??p >i I Trut ? 11 m.?.pc?rtrr I'mJh fin v > r'toii at M Uatl i Tru*? OA**, 4 . t .| , | .1 IH l 11 . I irxi'ir foi thi u?uio,iiii) n . n>t 4 I J rh>* l>?vt. ~ A t | * %y in ,?< filfl <1 % Ml. ** ';l tfcft m? .Id . I Of* .J m* *tit*h will bh<f . ? w.choQt f-.r # ? 7 l l ?rf? t f.rnt?ctt?ft ??il??r ?o?r,tfi.j|| ? Hir il v *, i?i flaw fti?4 htvu.ful in. mrp* ii/ r.i; .?* ? , ' m-f [U9f ??*> a C- rift Ct* >, #*? ? M. i , I. f'ftn r*mstft* |m r|i?L-jftj|v 4 f >. t?r< r*i? Fr\. * 'a !! Vin?ii Ur yeur* m?r|? lUnrnM^' f !%?.;? 1 ftHtv **iftix?, ?, Ut*ft<1*, Uu' f* I'iftft# ft'"1 -v " r< ? 'sr mrr m>? in 'aftuty. *ui . j?. !tr*? t. - y ?ad irr^ihtr. all |m ??r ftl", ? V '? < > - ii I i *?l. >i* *ioft4-ft?. if tn? 4* ?? %?rt*l %?.' fruit Vftst l!*' tl PHfCriOl't BTONCP A VI) f < KNC'H fAH-T ?*Ol 8 *' f ft lft >9 ** YlClOfc lilia-u*. ku mil;, 2 Mi' Uu 1,4b*. ? * ft. P?>*!ft. f*tft? ib4?. ftfid %|. kind* J n> pftT'StMA II ?? l\r A*ill!?U MAWC ?A?r. OKHOW TOTA*'!! I'TllfS ithoW 1ftI ir t |jf ? r?* $) ' in ' h * t j ur > ? ma-hin*#, pu?. i?4?r? t i?ftr- "" l*? loitruolioii * *lkii.irlir.M?k?*f?. ? * -v T*fJ. o?il/ $f f? i r t y Ceil ??t *r ?4 I ?vt?i?# I 1 "ILT, 1*1.41 *r n fi"' wH fl< or) v.,ell bill ?s?. Ah . ?* ? '.' i OHOf ' ijai rtipt?ii> ?f. .?r ?1 ??/ . i . I?rk. pn-k -1'iBi *? " "M?a-i- - v,? <? M * Hit i?*< i*. Ttt? him ir? i itpiatfaUr ? 4 < 1. rtui hi Mka Mijmi' <<if?fnr Ml H"?' ? K*!, - "?> ?> KilWri'. Ft ?a?n '111 \y iMM?ir Mmxa.-n?ftTt>v8 cir-i a*d k; mil" lia?, irwitlaa'l Ik- ? : m kaliag l>? Itr 1h, 1'Mnlk I'iru, fc? , 'I'll- ? -iH'llt, ?? h ' ? i|i ??ir i-ar-, n.. atv> I a> * ft i?l 'I t - if. I ' 1 .f J ? li -h ibny iri I .11 a< a fa'r li ia< *' ' *11 '*! ?? < i i V'VJJI m ltt,> 1,T ,l '1 < '?" "'? *nroli??,? will I N'lW blaWlKT.--i OS? I ' k J I I ML v v v \H. I J lllH< l?r Ittria, Ufttt, tai*? a-vl ?*?? ' ? r:prl-?aaf I *' I. ii ?, rk. ?*> k>r' a j#- ': ?.-* wt t h I " p lub *? ' ? k t la?t Ifcaia Hair l>?*. * (f?it i-i t t lit lit i>*ir bi hi or l.l??t Kt. l .. t ttain II # ?kik is ??r ** llkl P J ha #fr?** l>r, |jir??' !' v mill- OU. I F* i? r*klti rwrr frr 4?afna*k nf |ram ?' a ill it KIKOI TIIB Ml. i-1 TS OF |? Illl'lu Im nlliull > aaa-l kn> H i ' ? kink iki. *? ?l ' ' ' ?? .. .-mi i? k. ?.?4kr|l n? Iky'IrH n KM i "t r-ll I r t .I. i it El,f ftTHLK, V ?>. i <> T I IT* lHMlUIICl.-Jliri?|ltb MMk !,%? Lift I" * AW.IUritwi Utthi U< S. '.' ?* ' n . tl rrjil-ia P.i- . t. i . \ ' ?*k4 la fca? talk, la tl-a tktnaa < f tM'r l'?n fr??- if ?M. 1,1 Ik It Vi.iiU'll ik?,..?-?ii|ri|V-; NlntMlttl '*?? n?r< ?, H in T?n 0? \'t ' im K kt. i. I n, .' ?I'll G?IIUr< Jr. 2^ Ki?t? nkm tm fk?'*< I* ?t a?4?tait ?k?rm rmuiiiii, 1 Lrtf.r?ft? 1T*KH. liinirtl Acta*. , Nii-r tii Tin. i-'fftii w? * ?? Ml* ~ r'??i ?ait -??i? -tnu'i -r nf tk rial ktn?ri?aa mi T -n ?' li* nr.4 I.H.IT li'ia.-r* 'i. K. Mum (k???? k?'ii??'l? I r?l?i> likirkl MflNtiM ?tiJ .m|'rurt, ? 1 l?< 'tik ki trxnma rf ih mr- li?*:lli?tt ml >if-i, #?k >.? l|lh M.-nn- Mr* } .r? * fi*<OK^.|rA*iU I.At II , Ill-i? ? |"?| mr* krr?l.? r< ll? luf >t I k?t < r f?ll ? -1?? J .lllnt-xH ia caak, Iwr II <! t hailanl ? ?* ki ll ma hr ) M II lk?af "W "Mark ? ?f n*'. II, Of tat a?h .fca i> | ?t * " " I" '*ptly at U. .1 Mn??i r i - ? ... *< tuiyvu i It TkM nt WtMWf. nmtri Itim **4 / ' : r 11.' I ' < " if ?m>< n fculTM. ! <) , > n ?, Ward. it,, toola, ..I final ?r 5 "i l l lit IIIKII null I'rr-.M "anil** lh? ak.T- ?r. * ii I" ?. ti1,1 ft *a|| ?>? c?ITir? .p-"" K- rir k?:.ra ' ha?t?( f|M* PK<> r ?*. ? __ II Aft? p " r ?l ?T/ ti ' I : n r . M I M - N ; \K 4. k . *..w .,ii r i I ft. . ?? ? r ' I v* * ?i>?u.l taa rapalla (a.t lo mata '*? >!? la i ft Miaaa * >ar??faf. V t' i * i boil i. i \k i> or kbi> a-'i ?>?i. ii ! I *? itta. karfiar fr? m Ka<t? Vt? a t I 7 . , r ?. , . ?k? far*?f af h ?y?<^t'cWW I _ AMvmmMmtrrn. OROA JfiT THEATRE?E. A. MARSHALL. SOLI LMSLJ aee; O. H. Barrett, Maaa?er II Uixhu, Ceadactor <1 l?-rfct?r.? Monday eveuiuc, September M, JML trili * preaented iho grand (peranu ape< t?eUjmtK 0JIIll ? tliakim. Huh rn??(. 81*11 <r NovdV^PhMM*??. Mr. Mueller; Jotbua, ?r. Ututler: Jedifll boa i'inhoi; Itraphael, a Spirit (tat to Judith, Vila, d.llue. Prttinua to the apectacle. the laughable o-imediei ta r the HENIiALTIGEK?Six Paul Paaoda, IT. Davidge; Edard bttd< raon, Mr. Reynolda; Miea Yellowleaf, Mia I Held, reaa Circle and Parquetu, 75 eeate; family Circle aad bird Tier,21 ceata; Gallery, i.\ centa. tflBLOS C A HDEN.?TICK KTS SO CENTS TO ALL * parte of the ealoon; private boxee, gi; doera opea al lartar paat T. to etniwDoe at 0 o'clock. Mai wr. Mr. ha SeftoQ. Monday evening, September 2, 1SM>, Overire by the Orcbeatta. To be followed by daring aol egam achieves ?nta <>? the Tial.t Rope. Altor whioh e FISHKHMaN'4 DHBAM?Eudia, Mile. J. Bartm, . lauie, Kona. P. Brilliant; Martha, Mme J. R:tvel: t Lehman; Andrea, Jerome Havel, Fairy of le Like, Mme. Axel. To coailude with anew grand fairy ?Bilc pantomime called HAOUL--Or, The ttagio Siar?in * '1 t 1 lahleaua, compoaad by Jerome Ravel. ^ASTLB GARDEN.?POS1TI VEI, V TUB LAST WEEK J of the celel rat?<i IIa* nn? Italian Ot?*ra Coniuanv. uu- I pr the dircctmu of bignrr ?. lladiali.-?Monda> ownin/, j rjfcnber 2d, l*6o, will te performed, for the last time, j onbetu's favorite opera. LA KA VOKITA-Elda, Hignor* ! .Tejesco; Ida tjignora L Hell ni: Alfonso. Kiuu of Ca* I?. Plan or 1 . Hadi&li; (Silberto. higii<>r L. Salvi. EverarJo, J itnor I Marini; Ciuflredo, Suimr T. Baratia.; Cavaliere, l or Martinelli. Maestro, bignor Ilotte?iui, Leader of the ' ^attrt, biimo/ Arditi. Books if the opera, in Italian nd English, are for sale at the loor. Tickets of admission, c?n'>. To P"ronmncf at h o'clock D tKNUM'd AMERICAN USEt M -l\ T. I4AKM M, LJVmi ager and Proprietor. J !m Ureenwocd, Jr. amiku ut Manager. THE DKUNKaKI) NWT WiriinitWtN. he People will not permit it! The rNrgvwill not permit ;! The Tetctallers will not permit it! Tne Drunkar I every veiling thin week, and the astonishingly precocious Kate and Hen Kat'tuan will a||?ear everv attwruooa thin we?*k, comleucing Monday, September I'd, I>50. The llatema-.i Ohllren, only four and six yean eld, ere the wonder of the ate, I ml will represent, on Monday and Tuesday evening, Kichrd III., and 1 he Swiss Cottage. In the evening "Thr l>runkri, or the EalUu faved:" *1 h? N-gro Turning White, bv a roces# of his own, << itill at this Mukiudi. Also Quee*i Ada* idt's Carriage; Titania, the Fairy Queen; an immense on Constrictor. Ifcc., lie. Evening performances commence j 1 . \ lMI . Knl ii ".ii at AuuMMM IB NI U cu uuder 10 years, 12>n cents. lira COMB-JENNV8 COME!?GO TO BURTON**, ' Chambers street, This Evening, *nd lee Her Cire ir Rtpi ion, Procession, and everything else. A chunk ol JlKA N KLIN MUSEUM. 176 CHATHAM 5^DAKK.-TdlS elegant place of amusement is n.>w open for th season, so performances are given every da/, eommencing at 1 m le afternoon, sad half-rasi 7 in the evening. The IBHf i i. ' 11'? consist of Lea's unrivalled company of Female inn rels: the celebrated and < nginal Arab Uirle; a troui ?? ul odel Artists, who will pern, nity some new and splendid pr? eentations of Living Statuary, and who ar? exoell?d by ne in regard to btauty and figure. A variety of enter* .iiimsnts every afternoon and evening. Fir full parti urs, see bills of eaoh day. Admission?Soate in private ix. i>? cent#; Stage seats, 37>4 cunts; Boxes, 26 cents. Pic, >* cents. VALI HALLA.MCAN m - rBBBT ?TBI OBBAT cess of this Temple of Pleasure?M >u*es crowded ghtly to witness Jei.nv Lind ? * emale Op?ra Troupe, conning of mbi of I hi Mil fiBsli Mrieiioi iu tne world, lae, ti'?- put Dr. Golly* r', siilisllsl group# ef Living res, the only true li\in* representations, having sotue of ie niost lovely i ormtd women the a* rid can produce. The lautitul Arab Girls will appear ea?ih day an<i evetiiur. tother with the Sable Iflelodiets, making the bent company a ie I i?ned Mtatee I'riree of admiiewn?Orchestra ?*ars, >,o.; Para' ette. 25 3 Comment* at 3 o'clock in the al'^er>? n. ard 7>? in the evening. Police iu attendanoe. Ball try night. AIHISKHKNTS IN PHIiiADKIjPHlA JAHNUM'rt MUSEUM. PHILADELPHIA.-P. T. BARMBi piefHetor ml Itaq 8?ndf r i rt maneger. First appearance of Miss Alexin* Fisher, afi a most successful engagement at the Aui'-rloan Museum, ew V? rk. Also. of Mr. H Rogers, w hose peculiar talent :is comedian ha* rondeiud him tu lutmonoe favorite with bi!*4e!piiia au<li< i <? hi . * > i?<-n , i. \ im Imlly, who virt 00 popvlKilor 11 >> period it it.?rum's Chiame Museum. New York. A pair of Llks fr?tn the ..cky M ovntairi. The Boa Constrictor found in a cellar in | ilbert itreet. and Curiosities without nuiuber. Perform ices in the Lcoturc R"om at Jft *?d l4 to 8 o'clock Admitmce 26 cents; children under 10 ve *c? , 12^ cent*. KDlCATKhl. HS TUIIU1L1 8 8' UOOI, FOR VOL'NO LtlHKC. rj. No. 15 Washington Place, willfrtopen on the eovt nth of pteml er. rllE MlSSEi TAVLOR RESPECTFULLY ANNOCVCK to their frifnde that iheir School for young ladies will -oren this day. Sep*. 2d. at 103 Ha vtrleyjlace, two doors L-et fiom Wsalt 1 >:|et? 11 square. )H. 5I.MUK - ? CC KSS <K TO A 1?Y I KN Mi the pleasure of intorunnK bit friends aad the public at he has commenoed giving leseous in 9pmish. umtiug to ie inuispeut-aMe i|ueli?? ol a olear and distinct proo inoiaon, sn eaaot knowledge of his langusg", by a method at ict? easy for the pupil and of remarkable brevity, fie* it] \e instruction at hie rooms, tiki Hroadway, and has no obelion to attend pupils at ttieir residence*. For term* aud rther particulars apply, either by letter or penr-eaily. at S Broadwav, where he may be seen from 7 to 1? o'eh-ek M.. sad fr m S to 7 P. W. * PI ( A TION?IN STKI'CTION ON Til C PIANOFORTE. d A r*i?0??n?n. Proteaaorof th? Pianoforte, familiar w ith e Kusli'h aad Gt rtnan languages. having a few hours unpi >td, is desirous to ine lessons on the pian."> to a I *w lies and pentlrmcn. Terms reasonable. Any letters dit< d to Protester cf the Pianoforte, at No. U Fulton rt.. ooklya.aill receive imm< dtate attention. N.B ? Pisnoi ued, examined, and selected fer purchasers. rVRLIOATIOHI. 1AKPVRA' S t* MOM 01.V MAO.lZI.VE?CONTESTS ot lh? ft'p<?Bil ?r Nuoiltr : uioiiaaul Miki Itn. Curler Hy lira. S. C. 11*11. with a Hur'rait ami Two lllnntratinna. ofllmr Mara at .1 Mrtecrla Sfiiaira, with Six lllnrtrallina. Fira l)a)?'Ti ur in tha Odeuwald. A ftkatch of Uorwo l.ifv. If, W lllihm llowllt. iv M/atarUua 1'reaclivr. >t>r??. Soota. < Apr'"1" h Cliriatmaa (Poolry ) ?lin >> Kac. ai.d ? A Tola of a London Dual Utap. From Pitkaiia'i U< o??iio.d H > Ida. latelaa of Ei,kli?h t'l.arantor?THo Old H'lulro?TU? Youm t> intra. lit William Howtti. rramrn of bind?A Hia|Mil. Hy Th> tna? Aa Qulnoy. aarfnl Tragedy?A lu*aaita| Uai. liy Uumuiin^a. la llaua*(d M?w In I l<ftrnwoid P'>r<it. adru Kollin A Hinirapliiral akatcli. t 1.1p ir mi k Smlur a l.i'C lie Two Tlnuiptoui. Ialil i a ' f < l.c a Irlca n I.ino. i ? Id Clidrch VardTrai?A Proa#-potm. 1 < Liigliali I'eaaatii. hy llwlU. aimer Tlarnay. by Charlea l.cYer (Continued ) trial Voyage of barralaid Bixlo. nilrew (.nrron'a Hunav. A Sl?ry of OoM. tat.drr A liiigraphiral "ketch. with a Portr*li. lie Imaatera of a Man who w,.uMn t troat hia H'ifa?A Tala of a Pallor. By William llowitt. Iiilt >?ry?A Tale of tlia Iriah I'aniua. From Dickeoa'a Howiebold Wort a )< Old W*i; Ir I anjrotdo*. tirn ir l'?#t in>-(|' .?trr). ?.t of * <ai.?Or ?? H\it? n?u? \ ?np?rt A T?lf of th? Sar*rnAtirtl. A ir*. 1 rAn?Utt?n fr?*tn th? G'tioan. i H W< rtliV l'?>?t|iUbl U? pm.m hr I .t?i%iy rrof???t?n~ Author# *ad PuMUhtrt. Fmo tht N- rth Bntnh I.? brother# rhctrjtU. k rl in# for al?. fl < dot* of i/H rilrt. lie Udv ,it*r?ry ?i?l cnntiftc MUe?'Uny-T., .r>i A*<*o*i?% ?f \) * Or ?*in 01 iht C?Ji?l>nrf !> H?\ ? Chat rttr of Mr K trt H^I~Ti#()?rnr hip of I Mf l if t A* Out ? <' r\rr^timi of H?n of In"i ? i?r?- ^'hiiuyl. ili? IWkct ? f th?. i ?? *? ? ? lh? 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T?ri?? r? ? m?W?. thoiip?O? * ir? cook, an**?* ??d ?? tMirl ? < ? ? \(1i)RP? HMM (Rtrirp I. OODt?.T??H J " WholrMl <niltl?ml rminkt*"""!! S uFiiififMLl'ililiril*. l>rtM?<ii?t?ii<<n'<' ??i'i I t r'n"* k ' <-H ??r iMf ?< f l? t?W Z /?** I .-S*lk*?ll ?-<??. \**ri $!" ?? T fk I j??>pkT. I zt.:znwjalx> ik-iiter*"'1 | ?A I.KB BT tVCVwn, HENBY U I.BEDS, A U? Ei glial: t? tl'ar.-HIkHY h. I.EBb-> ell at auetfon on H ed: c'dat Hapt. 4th, at llt'cloah, a?\j!z Me' hi<-ht. /(? aBiacn SotutSllvar HtlU: miLiufk . tur?d in I oadon lor Udt rvilH', Baa , m4 praa?ato4 t? h(? t.. Th??M W J'-h* B-q . u a uuioioa? <* Htim, IM L I a Id la e n*"<|tii et ol th? naoaaaitv of tha ovate. Thjf ?U|MT< pU't ia elegantly ang a?ad aad chafed, aad ooat $309 lb Lundi a. it con i.? l-ro a oar lUrt one day prarloaf U tli? ??le, and, until tliat time, at Maura 8tabbiaa?Co.'?, N?. a I >;, B\ J. ULUAUaN, Al t TIONEBB.-TI'BiDAY, IIFT. 3-t, at '0 u'cI'M k. A M., a? No ? Bntlar itroat, M4r < ur' ??rt ! '. Hr<i?kl-n lieu tool Uouaabold Furmtura, ?a me'ltui I'iauo. .na- $.'.() Bookaaaa, elegant Bagraviaga, riii ly frame 4. ?i |i a ,ci inl wortiDcnt of parlor, chamber ?? 'Vit< I ?u fu autre Calaltguea at the aaiea room, \V\ W ?>h UKton Mieet BOA Bill BR. All TliiNKBK -household furni tun-. Urtf I l?r ii'iun at' , <?f a family break lag ap In lxIe? pin(r ) v M' 7J* Hronlwa., oppottlt tha Na? fork llo< tl - H < A K DIN f K will mii at aunt ion. thia day, at o'otic'k.m u>i al>? naaii ?? tkt autira Faraiinre of fail l> jiait f bp hoi ea-keeplng th> whole of vhioh iala goaB ortei aad willt"'?o'd ?i li u mint; ooaaijiiag. ia part, af bum. Ii iira'a >mrp?ta -o'ea, naaahat. chaTra, diraaa. la rue Frenoli plate mur r? r'????ud kookcaae. centra aaa pii r Krtuch aad.teadt, mat'raaaaa, feather bode. Ba. ('atatcguea bo? rvadr. Term* oaak, and eaary article inuit fce iva< ?a" ? n the day h'h t T^fcKEM E KOl I h. al'UTiOK BBB.?THIS ll A Y. MONday, a III t,'clock, a' No. H East 12th ttr?t, keiweon 111 and yd avrun"), ?' fk f groeeriea, oonaiatliig of tna nriiat \ariety ai.J fix'urea?tr.e fluturea, auoh aa aoalea, w?M !> ?, oil. box, (a itw and komirabla arrangement foe h( lding oil,) ira-l> I, feo mpkmal iwtickt. Masonic-tlb *e*bf.r? ofst joiiks lodob. .No. I and 'h* lla'enity in good atandiar, are r*|uaati>(l io meet k 11-1 m>>' i.a i n I No Alio Broadway, tiiu day, IK'I.'HI. JuVI rk Io attend the funeral of oar daoaaaad br. thei. I'rt.leiiaor J H Johaatoa, of St. Ix.iiia. By order of theH.M. B, M. CON DON, S?a'y. ?pilE rn.MI.KHS (if lindiiKi TN I.ODOB, NO. 3tL I, M. o nf O. p., are te<|ueated to attaad tha fnaarai of I. "th. r'lt . b.k < ii iiom lua la'a rtaidanoa. in Myrtla av.i nn. Bro'ikli i . < < rn. r "f t> ?v? a' reet, thU (Monday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. B) older JOHN CURTIS, p. 8?B. NOT1CB-THE Honorary aNH ACTIVE BBMHBBS of I 11 111 A lit. ? IUBIV N 11 'fri BrM r.-rww-f fi.lK ia. viif" t?> infcvt at the carriage hou?e, this (lion<lav) afternoon, a* 3 uYltk, t> ptv ?he Ium ?id tribute of reopeot te <jurdecc.i.-td aMoeiate, Nicholas \ Conner. , . CiEOfcCJE II. CLARK, Foreman. JA? C. I.00KR .. .IM., Secretary. M i" 3. Vc? tl.l.OC WILL < ONFBK A FWOK BT *<<,uaiui in* ho ? hpvribar with h?r pieeent nlaoe of I . , JOB * Mel KTK r' K.W .\4 t , Brook vn. EDUAKI>5, SAHiJKmkJ/ * TRANSATLANTIC I'ackage ?xpr?t? and fcuropean Agency at A<iam? fc Co.'* E*pr?-* Office*, |H and 1* Wall street. S*a>i?l?e, parade nacknyet. valuable*, bierchandi??. fee., fee , forwardod to end from w 11 p?rr* of Kur*>pe, in euanoctioa with ChapUa & Uornt, of Kn?Jand. ?ua the MftMageriee Nationals aad Grii rule, o* Freer*. (?' od* bought un oommueicn. and par* titular attcntion riven Kbroed to shipment* for the United I^fneift received, e?<1 clajm? uf every kind collected Lu? of oredi gran ed at oar houses in Kmc lend. T?u>:?? i? in Au?ert<-n Dr*ft? I ?r sale, which will bo oaahea at any > ink ium hou^e in bnglund, Scotland or Ireland. 1 he Transatlantic '"idmd? have re?id?aft partaora m?i ?ttic?e in Now York, IMuUdefphia. Baltimore. Liver 1 Yt I v..? KilCMi. tvKuuun I? all nimiuene o?>nti.l? <l t?* Miem. OH?r? and gooda recwived at ill the of Ada rut fe Co., in the lulled StaUa. The liOrdoa and l.iv*rpo< ? Directnrie* an J British T?r?!f may b? teen a- aHo** TO ARTIST*-<*> ARTIiJT. H'lltt UN f> ICR STAN D9 Miniature I "itrait Pointing in oil and water Oolora, and who tan *ir* Hr??? f ?f I ie tiileote. can And employment at th* National Mm amrr uallery. No. 247 Broadway. Nona b?t rompe'ent lerx'-n" n>ed aj r'y. MITT. 1,A Niir-NHRIH ? rANSflAW. |> kNk i'K s.m i |,i ;, \ i uk .notes or nit: rank mJ of Kaliebt ry *re v?Hn?mau uromp' ly ab one |*r cent dLiac-uLt,b> k lloll'ill lON. ((3 tfilllani itrfit. -I'Ott l l ?1>. pEMKEVIl.lE 4'OIRSK L. I.?TRt iTTING.?PUR8E lut!- heata, l>ea? 'hrre in five in harneie, free for bursa* never won purae over Alao a purse of $30, mile heme, to ari>i ?, ?jn>n aud drver to weigh 400 I ha..for b> reea 11 ht i.ever *on a puree over $.'! ?. Alao a pume of f1*?, iuil?' heat b, h hat ne?>, for horeee thai nerer won a purae. Te Oouie off hrfiicnUr 4th Entnaa to cloee M'>nHiy evening, S'l ?niUr 2, i>y 1?? a'tlnek. at Grevu fc M iddea'a boieL 1 htee to make a Held, aid two to itart J KI, ? ON < LfN, PropHeUf. F T NION ( ol'kM , L 1.--TUE Koll.oWINU PI RSE8 aw r.fTeied. free for all troMin* a'allioaa ?Sept .HHhf pur?? $7*4* it ?li h?a<?, hp?t'hre?in Ave, in haraeae: Oat. 7th, pure* of % to' tn. rutle heat.?, in harne?a Katrim to bo taade at (irr- a a. Vaddend, Sep'. I4?h. be nine "'clock, P. M. Three or m-re to make a ra e, and to atari. "Ptt'lir It MrV\!f<r, Proprietora. TBI PMOPRItlOh 411 rut ATI.ANIIC hotel. a 11a - ilt. ii atrnae, HmiVIjh, nff r ? Silver Cup at a priKO to > e < otr eated >nr I y aaventeen feet smooth worked w rkinic loata. ?.|? Till r a.\, Sept. lih, lift). CwSMTii ks ? r tma Rack ? Thaaaeta t-? ?tart from the Atlaat ?' Hotel Ht d pr<H'?i 1 aevoad the ttake hoat. wMeh ia to hoMtuatada the -, vth ?*f U*-veraor'a I land, and theuoe returning i n \ i,d toe a<eftriy ei?'e of vaid Ulaad to their tar ap pon t Three or in-re boats u* make the rae? Each h a tvaat tao datjar- a* en rare# m^ecy Ttebatt that firat artieea to the ?<a?in* po'at hail re^etre ?ke ailver enp. The Rcroad hear h< a* t.. ret i*e all I he eat ranee tn .aey. Tha trua ar?* to he r a< e i.? ti.erday aicki. .14 i?epi fcoeh mau en'-'ira boat, la e*?jnired to n?me hia hoat. aa alao tha r?.'. ra he will ^r.o? hteh will i?e d?- ignite I bv eolort aoin a hi* head The ra e will e?fnm?nce nre^l*<Uy at 4 a'* clo< k on the af*? rimm ?i T*?? radar, "ept .Vth. IMC HORftRM, I?M|< ?AVE?A CHI V MAKE. EIGHT YEARS OLD, a. ir ?9 nan' niRii, ??>ui>'ikuu aiuu. rficf, +IM. at If!" to ru r atraoi. Ui WAMI K-A I'aIK OF |K<?\ OR grv ? ? ti r m ; mu*? fent ^ <tirar ft t?? ?l vvara *44, H ^ i<> 17 ItAi.Ot hmh. Iowa ?atla, alvliah drivara. &n<) i*rfect\ gcimd Ann nfit'lf V r m?h a aaak |?ir<'h%aar m U* fiuvii*, l-y *4tir*aato|i l ? *6M? Lowar P mi -flic*. M V ? C^UAMi I'll Mr ami (UllLIUf EX' l/KSlO* TO * liiddli K *i?tr .?n, J, in ma a( Si. i t.lumMU'f ' li? r?I*. In n?y- nf?l. ?ir? .-Tn# ba\? 4 tl ???n iintf ! ? ?W?iu<vr NKW JLK4KV. an4 Huf 90 l> r l|\. aImi, VaMRiiii't ffUVrftiril RruM nut otill. u IV i ti. i i?*kr* .*1 ralita. r? tihi*in?"i frtu? li? J? ?t n- f t, f* rwat Ca'liohe rhan>ha , aim* alao at f ' utf?-r*i t .< ti ti"? * 1 i In i of* i ha m min* of tlia Ki( rluB, in ti n 1i . f.?l|? ?idn i.onnriltt*? ? ! \rraa**?a?nf.*: -lam kt-ai, i a|>l%m Jan?i <|nv John Phclaa. Mathaw H'ki. I'lk hnd) J nit H*kli? Ci*a ), i>?*n K*.w t, AntTa* I ?a \. ? ttii.iir ?\ Fl?jr?. Putar Kaho*. Rmh >r M? .il > l?r J V k.att t, AaUh. fetwart Kilejr. Franrt* a r y. TV * Mi*fe??rnan and J*? K*aaiy. Tha I i nn -f |-lt *r f*?in*? ! ?? that *" ?rll| t*apar*4 ta t ? ? t r I# i i } * in t ficiiniou ?f r>?? ?*a? ii "111- m at aitti * I I# ?t ih# fMt T Unuitoa . 1.1 * hi * " Uh I a. II . Nlifatii k at i a ' - > <, N K , f ?i 'ink s H -iNftiNif ara ra | j??t?<| u> attend i crlt?(. in ?t-Kt?I ru in attar|i?J t ?aid rharok. n? ? i nay avcniM. ' 7S Vl ?r ?. mal? ''?*ir Anal arraa**una I HU\ f! HOC*. Chain***. < C. KiO"i ard J? ti* I'hii an, t-^re*ariaa. rnv t. ARM ?< K t*D raTrrxojf AND I u ? |L It II - I"I ' r??hiB* Unci la*4. *n t k.a la/, V ' IJ .) f pt ' M *4.1 *<l ?1 !.a larfr a*??l ??" n Jl**f .1 \ u ? 11 * 1 a I. M M R i.l lCff , m f,r lia <t .?i ?? a?- < H*i In'wlt' rtM liraas .* <1 t iPi>i Ili44? T ?n4 har.-w a>111 C%nal : m, H??*r a> 7^, \ ptat >a. 9 Rurar. I v. ** r l < r l-i'fan 1. t ? ?r . ? ? ??r- ?, R*?t Ht*ar, | al i? *. 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