Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1850 Page 1
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TH NO. 5929. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. VERY INTERESTING FROM WASHINGTON. The Texan Boundary Bill Made the Special Order of the Day. TBI TARIFF. Destructive Strom in Pennsylvania and Elsewhere. SEWS FRO 11 ILL PARTS OF THE COCITRT, ilrc., <fcc., 3r.c. TU1HT Y-V1KST CONOKESI. rjiysr session. House of IleprcHnUtlTN^ ' BY BAlN's KI-KCTRO-MAOXKTIC TKLMRAPH. Washuqto*. Sept. 2. 1860. ?Hr KirriCl'LTV ItTM Its MUIM HAVI-* A> D IWCCrlKR. [On Friday aud Saturday when Mr. Bayly urgently moved to take up the Indian Appropriation bill, Mr. Bweetzer otjeotrd and Mr. Bayly, on each occasion, uttered language towards Mr. Sweatier, which was considered extremely Insulting by the last ntmed gentleman, and by those who sat la their immediate neighborhood. Words wero expressed In an und?r tone accompanied with a significant shake of the fingsr; and on Saturday Mr Bweetzur picked up an inkaluod, but was prevented from throning it by the inttrpoiition of Mr Bayly's irlends. These things were not hoard and seen by the members generally; it Tras rather a private affair ] This morning. Mr. McLaib arose and alluded to the 1 "iset that a personal difficulty had occurred between Mtstrs Bayly and Sweetsor. and said that a mutual explanation bad taken place aince, through Mr. Dlsnty's .'ind Mr. Pimtser's friends on ono side, and Mr. . J1rf*sne as Mr Hnyly's friend ontheOther. All offensive targuage had been withdrawn and atoned tor, and the foi mer friendly relation established. Hifomm' SK*TS. Mr Jortra1 resolution assigning the Gl?l>e oflljlal reporters to the lleuse. seats near the Clerk's table, w itbln the bar, was adepted. IHt: MAIt rrK4Mr.Kl. Mr Oatrv. (4?m i <>t Mi . a?ked leare to offT a resolution calling on t be President to communicate the rout ot the ms'l Kt'?miTi now iu aerrlee. the tm mat j of their f *pen?ea and inaome. ml whether soy ot the raid ?tiaiu> r* in win i" or In p*rt. htre bemi bypotfee- j rated to individual Statea, allien, or foreign (rori?rnmn t?. n> u? to preclude their oee in the erent of wir. Objection I" lug tnndr. bemoreda au-p?Bflon of the TOlm which was njreed to. and the resolution w*s th?n adopted. a ar co"i*u>raiTto>r. The rote on the p:i?aage ot th" mXiitln a?'!<nlng ee*?a to the (llvbr reporter* within the h*r. w?a reeOaiidered. aud the resolution w*? 1 iid on tbu taSle. MIDI If 10 flKKaiA. Mr. Pit.rr?rr?, (whi?) et NerVo-k utla m* l? na >n>fl>*ct?ial flnrt to ia'.rnduce a resolution calling on the I'rrfid.-nt to nunmuiiiiMt* the result of the Iter. Mr. Qvrley'a mIhIai to Liberia m l t"> furnish tb- report ot that grntl ai.iii now on the tile of the State - Jepaitmeat. A reflation olf.r?il bjr Mr. Dkici.. (Jem ) of Xortb j ?*i.rel!?a rM adopted. emjlovtnjc additional cl*rka fi>r thedlyeM lit eloiuirf preteultd to an I aesipted bf, .'urprvn Jn oi the otuin ol the Lulled ataten |{0?rn- ) .aieiit totU? yi'.?t time. ma n.iu aotuDaav. C;? motion of Mr Born, (dera i of Kentucky, the Oexan boundary bill ??? mide the >p?r!al order of the mbjt tor evtrjf Uay at 12 o'eijck uutil It ahall be di?- ! jiof* J ot. fuoL or ioi aril Mr. Start ion, (i. in ) uf Tuiiii . a*ki<l lain to a . Iit'blution t r the a 'J<'urnu.??; il CouKrw* ou the | onrth of lie ptetabir Objection UctuM ni.tda .In; moved a a<i?f n-d in of th* ] iu. mi* u mi mi aiu uv. av><, 8'>? liCl t?o-thirJa. 1 HI. klCTBNUK 1.1*1. ?Tr V?i> Dm. "t N#? J<t?-y. ?<k*d l?*v* to n ilum . TMwilu'lm luu'it'ctlnj t ir Oui? tf.-? oa ' Vi'nyaar. J Mi?d< to t> port, a* ap> *uiljr m p w ?it>l* a ' !i !l m uio*t?i our ft' 'rut reranm- W?>. and to InTfa** 1 Ut d*'ii? nil I or1 t^n ii'lm ? hlch fjmi la to Fompitltbi??ltli mtovn ^ro>lii<-tr. no ? to (ir? tatr an I r?ai? i f id* t loti to ti c Inbcr and lndnatry of lb* I f?l'i try mill it.nt ?u< h rt itle* b? tu4? tpceltlo. wb?irerirttuiay b* prmt'leaUa to d? ao o'Jerlkn w*k >ij ? >, and a mo't ti to tutperi'l tha ru;. ? wim oi. i ^rrrii to?) e?* Hi* nnj:> 1?i Hr. fn tr? Ki> . (fi?a roller) of Now Tot* Mk?<( .!? ?? lo Intro la a rt-eolutloa lot-truo'ln* tbat'im i iiw ku Vtjun'l Mmu? t? r<-p*rt * bill miking ib? tl*? in lion fprrl'i" ?nd equal t??I vlortm at lb* III 'l.fU tl bill In 1* I'i b?: .! :?? 1* ? -L> T . it wm tuort-d that the IIoum adjourn wnlrh *?< no;?tir?d lit to A tuotioa* to ?u-,.?-ud tha ral??. to IbtjIjc Mr. *\ LZ 4 i??fiiuti i? ?M i!l??jrrel Ic-J -al ,v?. U1I |i 4. Mr. 8>ai i.. ti two n'clo?k. uiof?d tint tb U' ji tu? an . Um untioii preTkil -d \tua licm Wntlilnjtani tit n-v.nt ami ins 'urtit bilu?m? rt-vr a. i --.avir\ i\ thk i> -r. r or cm. f ovulation or xx. twuMt, 3cc. W,??Mi*rn.>w. tijiUmliir '4. IIM, Th Rmi It Mill tied up tn rnrvd to tbt fl a?t? ' 111* t Vbiinttnl tbtt tha Preallint Ium b??n t? r*<cBm-nd ih? i'iiit? to rally Hi* Northern ? lit i. an. 1 t/.at b? Lai Lnu routul'.inf with Vf abater t b I ti* ?u*j-ct Mr t.'.ay failed to rraeh the ."tare Trad* %H1 for tha liiotrlrt cf ColuBit.l* Snma frlandi of th* adjunt m*ot Amt* i?/*d bin againat It, bat bn app?art raaolrad to :>a?h It ^T*?rd. and to pla foulh I'mJu to th? b?D, Ire moiimmli la modify tha tarlfl vara ditcatod to day la tha lloinr Thar* ia ao c banca for It W p l<arri that a ?p. rial nMnn^r w'l) b willt Tnw to raredibraid Gortrnor Brll to auap?n J hl< 4a<l?i3ti ufon Rati'.a f* aid erdori will br arot to C<>l->r.?l M?rr? to rubnlttotb# Btata aathorltioa af \i? Mixico. bu" to aUad prapartd t* raal?t I<IW. 'ill fir* tba tumor far wkat It la worth i pullrBii. <lrfet from T*ia> ?ay? tha 9anU Fa vxprdltka a ill U ar?- lu Ootobar I: inn r ?aya, that Mr Jaakla* will Aalla* th? laerc t?n fcip i/1 th? I)*p?rtiiii-nt of tb? Interior 1/ m. Ibi il't 'Mnl alll ofl?r tk* nan to Jn4<* laain, of Vti.' i \ Irflaia. fcr MrLaa* ibM Moralac aanouaeod tk* diMnalty i^i*i-n M**?r? and Barret'.-r u harlnf h?*a ai?>'raVp r*tllr4. ? r Ci'J.b >D'I hi - Ifli Mb thin < iliat th- t # to Uy, ijitli'ik Hi? T*sm kaialuy bill th* rpmltl ord?r rack >la;, aatll dl?po?rd of Ii4IhIh that tb? adjn?tm*at Mil artU f?" Mr P.* ha ah afUr a loon drbat* <ti eon firm *4 a* :i?t.lw?in of rilflU. bf AnIiM majority ; Mm. Mr Irwla. a? Marahul ftor Writm I'raMplraal*. 4 aoeio olkm Ik* raw of Mr Lowl* ?> liM aald*. la ??rr?t mfUa l?4iy. u| something flw w*? Uk>a np. .'oka Irwla kai ko*a r??ofalfr4 M tfc? Portaguaaa /'.'catul lor lai fnwlMo. R??? fr?m Africa. \X?C OP A* AMBXICA* DCaKWII, AID PltllTlo* <1? 1 I CAKW N> PIS >1 ABI -'.AUI. 1 TBI I.MLM l| IK. B lapt 3, 1 MO Tko brig riatal. frtiai Capa d? Yrrd*. roort of AMoa, 4uga?t2d arrived at tal>M p?cl*r4*p Bk* r*p?U tPat th* I alt?4 Ptate? alnop Jokn Adaiaa, t'aptala Ponll, l*ft Port Praps, for Oaaibla, Jalp 10, by nr4or of Co*. Oratory who had roo?4rod laforaiatloa of tk* !o*a of aa Amtrlraa voa**l to tta northward of that tlrrr. aad tko capture and 4<-t?atlon of kt offl<?r? ?a4 tr?t kj tk* wrap p? opl* oa tkat part of tko nura Inr tIr rrlaaae Ik* VarktOTi ?? aft >?* ! Jaly 17ftk. u< dally f ftl Port Pr?y? Tha Trrtj I* r^ptrH U) | ?? aiJ.d for Rio for ?nf p i*? Th# I'orpnir* Capt | ?.?rdn?-r. at Port Prays. J ul? at. from Norfolk, I. Ma*. Ira and l?lt oa thr ev h lor Moarorla All r II. At Port Praya !? ral?a had ?t la. aal *r?r wa? t any praralroi. B?aa? at th? ar ?t ? ila Inhabi IH,I. Wfomini !! lint, anion* tli-,1. J ? * ^ in-iii??. eriBBtoBly aallad thr > ?p ,.-. B of Ouln?a I i.kd ? a la ?- r a->Br.-m- I tn >h. >l.t- ftr.i" until a frm yrar* p??*. Thr l'ai'-4 ?> ? ? aMMdmn wrrt ia ftba ?nJ>jro?at j at carWiaat k**lih i Tl?a Varli ?t?H Fair. Ai.aawt P*pt?fBb*r 1 ifcvn Tkr bM ritawh* arrai?????Bla ar? latklaf fM it,. *|.pr?arkln? *?? ' fair ?h.. h 'o I- op.a tath. jvMta a* Tkar?ta* ?*it. T*? t?a p~?t?a? day* HI ka ac?*?K4 k| tha jad?M E NE .) Damage* by the Storm. Baltimore. Sept. 2,1850. The rains hare caused great rise in the 8 usquehani.ah and other rUer#. The dam at HofTman'a paper mill, on Gunpowder rirtr. has been washed away. The Parkton and Whitehall bridge*, on the same rlT*r hare been carried away The cars from York. Pa.. > were detained Are hoars, by the destruction of a bridge > across the water eourse The water at Jones's Falli Allektowk, Pa , Sept. 3?9 P. M. I The freshet in the Lehigh is u high a* ever knows, i and the water is still rising. Immense quantities ol j lumber are Hotting by. Several xmall builiing* hava been wept away trom here, and much damage hal been done to the eaual and bridges. The other streama in tha vicinity are only bank full. Bethlehem. Pa., 8?pt. 2, 1850. The raina yes terday, last night, and to-day, bare raised the Lehigh eleven feet at this place, and it Is now rising rapidly. By telegraph, we are informed thnt tha water at Mauch Chunk, at 10 o'clock, was three jeat on the streets of the lower part of the town. The telegraph office cculd not be approached, except by wading through the water, which was higher thin ever before known although no da tin hid been broken. I Great iiaantitles of lumber and drift w?od were passing Bethlehem. Pa . Sept. 2?8X P. M, ! It is itill raining hard. The Lehigh has risen sixteen feet, and is still rising. The water covers the lo wer part of the canal. We expect bad work to-nisht. Tho inbabitaBts of Bonth Bethlehem are leaving tlielr houses Judging from appearances, at present, the mails will not be able to pass the Lehigh tomwrow. Kastob, (Pa ) Sept. 2-8,V P. M. The water in the Lehigh is now as high a* it tu in the July in-Khft. The Lehigh Caoal is injured as much as it was then, and it will take two or three weeks t'> repair damages. The Delaware has out yet cemmcnctd rising. n*R?iS:irRf;, Sept. 2, 1850. The rains hare caused considerable damage to the Fennsylranla Canal, on which we hearof twe breaks, one at Buckleather. which w'll take from six to eight days to repair; and the other at Middietoirn, and will lake two or three days to repair. Rkadivh, (Pa ) 8ept 2 1850. The frcebet in the Schuylkill river is the greatest ever experienced at this place. It has risen to a fearful height. A nnmbi'r of houses hive been tubmerged. and some bare been entirely swept away; ani< ng thirn several lock houses on the canal. A run b-r of lives are reported lo?t. The damage to property Is imneus<>. The loss to the Schuylkill Naligatiun and Heading Kaflrovl Coapany Is v-xj bnvy. Muny bridge.-nn the public roal bar* been swept away; an^oug them the Latcastor and Harrisbrig erosnnj; tfc? Schuylkill Ii iu tlii- place; also, the Hamburg. Birdsboronpu. Dauglt svllle, and Pottstown Couiity biidges, and several on tit Heading Railroad. Felix's dam and the Mg dam I It where, nave been furpt amy and probably will r < , b>- in order this *enrOb. Several persons baveb J teen floatloj down the riter on togs, beds and ho n r. J t. fmunatniu P.M. The Pot'.iTllle tials. due hen't' noon has nit yet Hired It bits bees d'ttlned aV ie Heading where the railroad is covered by two tuet (:watcr. Km titer from Tciki. Nkw OiLtu> Aug 29 15J0. We li.tTe received accounts lrr>m Austin to tbe 17th ?!t . tu* they are of littli Interest. The Legislature hat b > n tliicusslng a resolution to prooe.-d ta the ebctic n of a Senator. ia place of Kir Rusk: also, a rcM-lutfrn u (> calling fur the correspondence bctwten li e Oovernor an 1 other State*, regarding HsUlnne*. with ainty. met and arms, from such Sta'es-which were portp^ned <>a a dl?Qus?i<ta It wa? stet d t1 at I 700 m<-n were n'-ees-sry iu H*ita Fe, to V ep titer federal troops in eheck: besidea 1.3<r) orer ail Insurgents D?iriMOar. J*pt. 2,1 V>0. The mail U through. T*ie Oalvfrt^tt CiitiM acKuowiiditek that the fena*e bill ollors full inlrmtilty fur Texas ttirl'r.ry: bat object- to receiving 0?>0Ci> for serula orediurre. doaie ot tue Tex?i pip-r* op. pose Senator Riuks re-election lbs Iltitre (It- Urate Uank Ki plosion, Ac. Baitimisi S pi 2 116't V. Collier the Cin-hier of the Havre d? Ora.-* Il iak. lift* Ixin coimaUteu tv )<ritox TUu pre-td -nt I ami kll tt<- MirylnJ director! in under arreet, The ft&irtx ?ru hot wrrtfc J4. with $UD (iOj llnhihtlee. Jtiu uid J*v Orer. -?n<- wbo were oonrlcied of pirjur> icmi time not" ware firJou.J to-Jay by iim. i 'ftolbk*. Conj;rtulaiiil "Voml.i ntluti. fHiutti rNit. 8?-|?t. 1 1S">0. Ihalfon Mr RoM>'n?. demosra' h?f b-cn unanlirru?ij re-m m'oat. d fur Uox?gr<*t. >u the Vourtb ConJTt-'UL*; dWtrtrt Anrottl Tor Mrcratlng RUvoi. B*t.riwoar. !?pt. t 1850. Cfpt WillUmem of the ?.hooner Celerity. of Xe? Yttk. has tern am-e'ed is lilclimoa 1. on a eti irge of liatiofc Mtifti-Jon b>ard two tlavm, owned In the 1 >t?r part <4 V Irftnla. W.lllarii- ir and the two iltten bare In n coinrHWed for eiawtnatl ?n on Wedue-d*y '1 tat- t holt I'M. Virfr* m.H, Sept. 2 H">0. I T1 rholera baa brn)r?n out In Pujiiiwne b ruigh. Four cifei to dKjr and three yeeterlay. TU? dlv,?"e k?? dlMppeared irou thla and All'(ban? C'lty. The UI1I4 (titer. PtTT?M< N ill, f>ept. 2 1M0. Tl.e rlrer mraeflrre nearly three feet with a pro p.-ot of lurlhrr rite. K'. had hear/ rain ynterJay M"((? nr and fa In I ('maaltf. Uoiron l?r| t 1 1W0 A man. named Cotter, a ma??n r.O year# old b- lunula* lo Toj ?fleld and hi* ?oa. a (e.1 N while rrne?in< !:? 1> on Krldty ni'irnliir annk ti ih-ir i.?-rka la mad or bog. and there *turk fa?t until the nil* came up and drown*'! tb?m Tl?a l'ro|>?, Tlie Mhlii jorda ( I' * ! ) i > itrunr, of the 9;h u't., ?*) *:?Wf i>? gratified to kmr much more f tvora, Mr account* from the com dc crojn in our |>l tnting diMiirla than I ho hirkward would h??? i teemed to waftant. The weather for Ih- piat *ix w?el>* ha* been remarkably tiae, f?n-l not withatanding the calamine* attending the Ubnra of our planter* in the e uly part of the ?* i*nn, theft atill i remain* h< p? a In the favorable ch&ugt- tb it th-y ma* jrt rra|> aomrlliiiiu like ait *.! nnte return. The lAt>rnoc (Teiaa) A/wimii M, of the 7th alt., aaye:?The Hoe weather ?ince the Ute h-avy rait.a, baa improved the ap|?e*raBce of the cotton plant vt ry much during the Mat week, and aa there ta tio mch of the cott?n catterpillat aa yet, eropa in thia nnuhhi-od, promiae a fair yield. There are many iiidic*tiona of more rain thia month, hat if we thould have good ahower*. inatead of llood* of ram, until the |a?t of Auguat. th>' planter* oiay Iw.ik for a rich reward from their c otto a field*. Auguat tathe month o< danger here for the cotton crop. If tb?.* i* no aign of the catterpillar till the month of September, a f?ir crop la almoat certain * ? m-iture before a a'lfTici#nt mimher appear* to dealrny the leave*. J It. Heed, of (ion/aler county, Tela*, ha* already picked two bale* of cotton?one of which he rend* off by thia w??k'? sunnier. Thia , i* the earlieat of the nuoi. Mr. It. inform* ns that hi* wtin* crop hua nearer looked better. We bare heard of no damage* by the worm* on the 1 Uuadaloope thia *ea*on They nuat make their anwaraare *oon, or the crop* will be *af* from i thnr de|>redatlona. The cutworm ha? made it* apfiearence in San Auguatiae county, and deatmyed ? bole field* of cotton. Tlie cotton waa flonrI Mm well, u lib I lie prosper! of a fair yield, *ho?ld the dreaded worm not appear, in Kuak county. The IfoWtoll (Tetaa) Tr'rgraph, of the 4th ' ult., ray*:?"We underaiand that the anfar crop on tJ?e lower llraao* and Colorado will Tie very lat^ki* neuaon. The *ra*on haa been remark nif VTIITIMC iui i nr Hrvwin >1 m?- cmr, muck larger qiuniitf wm planted thin year than there waa l?.?t urmoB The planter* are nI?<? h? > r?d with th>* ta of li gh pri< e? for thia *taple,|*?, owing to the fitenaive inundatioaain th* Mt*M**im>i valley, or mmif o'h>r rauae, tho pric^ of augar naa hern MNHjf a<tvan< mg The f?reen*hoTo'(Ala.) Bwm, of the 17th nil , M)? - " The CottM, nfrclillx on the aanoy land, ha? niflcred very much wiihio the laxt ten daya, from the drought. Owing ui the intense heat, which ha* characterized the weather for the laat two . month*, the e llecta of the drought hire hern e?'"reedtngljr injurtoua npon every apeclea of vegetatioa. Trie rwtton Mooina, lenv-a and eqmren, and even omnll holla, are rapt 11 jr dropping ,,f'. and onleaa we have rain very e?n>n, much of the cotton an thirMy landa will yield little or nothing. The I'tiiatt Cowpee (La ) A.'-fco, of the 17th n't, any a ?M The intensity of tha heat haa, within thi la?t few Hay a, been much reduced hf light and plen?ant alto were. The rropn in onr pariah?that la, wh?re there are cropn?nre of the mo* promt* appearance. We are informed, aome *>f the |airiah, th*t have heen overfln n, and atn? e jlaM'd in torn, will yet yield a!>unduitl/. W Y C MORNING EDITION?TUI Interesting from Central America. We have received by the schooner Kawson from San Juan de Nicaragua, letters and paper have been received from Nicaragua up to the dit of the 15th of July. ' The steamer Oris failed a second time in its at ! tempt to cross the bar at the point where the rive 1 empties into the harbor. Attempts wrre about t be madetocarry her into the river by the Colorad mouth. Advices from San Juan, state that the Eng i lisli agents are proceeding witfi the erection c 1 their new custom house, bringing their material chielly from Jamaici. The British Consul, Mi Green, who is dictator there, exhibits publicly i letter from Lord Pdlmers'oa, in which that func tionury states that, by the lately negotiated treaty between Great Britain aid the United State*, th latter power is as much a party to sustain the "ex isting order of things"?i. e. Anglo-Mosquitan pre tensions?as Great Britain herself. So it seems tha England does not intend to back out after all. The coals sent out by the canal company, for"th< use of their proposed steamers on the rivers am lakes, were obliged to pay duty to Mr. Consu Green. It was done, however, under protest. NICARA8LA. All is quiet in Nicaragua, and the crops pro misiag. The Bishop had received a bull from thi Pope, under date of Portici, March 13, 18.V), con ferring on him special power, ki the name of hii Holiness, to consecrate the first practical oi?*ratioa: in opening the oroposed canal, and invoke the spe cial blessinopi Heuven "on the first enterprise o the age." The government had established i regular monthly comco, or mail, between Sar Juan and Granada, to leave the former point or the 24th of every mouth. This is done, in iht words of the decree, for the purpose of suramins relations with foreign nations, but principally witli the United States. The'oflicial paper, oftneSOih of June, inserts a formal protest agiunst the new and oppressive tarifl, arbitrarily established by the British agents in San Juan. U|K>n the exi>orU of Nicaragua. The Aniericau Consul hai also proteMi 1 strongly against this tariff, as interfering ruinously with the trade with the United States, and us contravening the ermistice entered into between Nicaragua un l the Bnti*h forces, on the 7th of March, 154S. We shall publish this protect in full to-morrow, h relate!, to a matter which it ii the of our government to injure into. Th? treaty ii? utwern Bulwer and Clayton it pnMfrhrd in full, Nat without comment. T(iUi< Hpnifionnt of the value set upon it there. The export* of Ke alejo, on the Pacific, for the tix months ending ihe 1,1 of ivlay last, were? HuarJi and plunk. tret,. 507 IKX frinlliug. piece* . 2.46< MUlxtonrs ll< liruT.llirt.oa. tone 1?'(9.' lliJ.K 51TI Cotton, tiales. 66" I ii'iiHD ccrn. bushels 18Q0( ! Hire It. 5T.W | ttfRiif. bunhela t,2M Nulei ffl ! Saddles aud burneM Hi The meat of thia went to California, antl the project ii tint the next six mouth a will ipi ttiru >1? i thene amount*.*t arrangements were mi?mi to receive the new nationil representation of the thrte united fcj'atet>?Nicaragua, Sio Satvatorand Honduras? which was to meet al ChiumJ.t;a ill September. Great excitement prevailed ia eoo?e<iu?*nce " i?or:ie new tind preppsterotoi claim.* whictt 'h<- I?rit'?h A'ice Consul h nl ?-?t up in heh ilf of a vn<rib?>uH < .errrian Jew, in Shu Juan, under the pretence that said Jew, who i- n.lined iierclwr, a Mo-tjuitu Mihject. It don't net in ?eijr clear whit the lirUish ( I'tibul in Xicar.141 ha? < 'o wi:l? <?- r .1 lua in the ao-Cf.Urd kingdom <f Moij'iito. It Mem.-, 1 owever, to ! ? pretty well unJer^tno I th <* this it tiicU t?> ifet ?oni* Vind ol a recognition of Aii^loMut<i'nio pretenaioi - by the Nicaragua* (jov?ri\' neiit?a thine which lh> llriUth ag'lita lnv? I Lithtrlo failed m acootnpUxhiug. LOST A U104 The attempted re?>'luUo.i in this 5S te_ ha been put d'W-n. tii'?l a lot of Mr. ChitlMd'i i ^etita ( uml'fi n'l* 1 ir t 1. 1 t lores waa :.hi>t, a* wm at tirat r* ,*?rted. iininrutAN. Tic f.f pialnture ?>i I bin 8ut9 hn? ond-*! ci'ii ideMtion the rt'c-Bt a- i.ulli by Ore 4 J'?rtI (.tin upon its sovereignty mid Hrri'oriea. Tm m? wayt <1 ib*- I>imlori*'l? ikun r?rlii in i "irons j li^ht. ui.'l dn?c?ly Mt'tth*-* ihn L;ilfh*h un--a <>l huwiij: incited th- a tic 11141' *t rev 'utiu.i u> JrW ; rua'y I1 I Tlic ipterc.'jM 1 < i i ,r: < ! I rhatfi. M. ?n?i his atatloia, luu been I til before | the memffm. *ai Mt.wn >* 1 In* Male ij rxcearfiagiv pro^nt. Acuj> to the i? iiih of Jaly, '?, ? nt th?i Ih- iiKii^u tf *ill ha nearly ihribli I'i I ?>l ! at.y prrviotu>eat. Arranjeiiiettaaw foi | rpenin^ i n acme tr.'de with California. A cotton null i?> in r-'H- fs of erec'l >n b? M?\ Koyt, *n A in.-nc- u ?t nth nun, In wi?i; h a c > I'ideraM r.'imU l i-f im'lV" rn|>itft!i;.la il. Th' n!ver ti.tnes cf Tal'&iic* h*ve be? i very I hi." }eur. <iA'T?niAt * , I* ftill under Anglo Carre ra Influence. The in troti;>nl commotion* l?nJ n> j<whit .ti> i tI, and hoi** were eotertalaetl if i<*rnnuietit i Tli?* uifuriiM d furcigorrf, mwfvr(iin ofapi*. ion thut this u ill not h<tji|>cu while the wtvile c>i loit/imint mintocr cy are at the brwl of nffv.t--. A decree his been published conceding ta Iht htcainera of the I nitf d Slates, which nny'toucli a' J the l'aeific ports of this State, entire freedom ri | all port ai.d tonnage duties. Thia ptivilege {? also cobcrded to veaaew which in \y be rnfxjjed in porting the productions of the couatry. This hai hern done in ordrr to draw there vooie of the Ur? i trade which ia g riming up with (\hforoit. Ail eacort, with 2,IM) b les of cochineal, wis to |i>a?e lb" < >iy <1 (ilcuvil*. fur I aH? I, t i'- 12 h >( .lane, and it w is auppoe' d Mr. Cbatiield wouM r?" irn under their protection. He ia so ui,>opiil-u lint il ia not ?aft for hiin to travel alone. Anothir luitlmi l>t prrrtntliti la i ONCLK i i i.rwM.a tum ua CA TAIS I <NU>?? M?N Alli TWKMTT-riVS lltllAW. [Pmai tb? I'nrpii* Ckiiotl Vml?y Anj t| Wf >r? ugaia rallr i apnn to raeord on* ot the m >?t I m*l?nr bol; <! unOrtunits <>< iun>M?< th?t ban tak* u plsr# lot Mime time oa this Iruailvr Thr?? iji'wrp nil fl'iifu s% i**i , ixiim n ana i"T* Bullirau Miamhar* <>t < ?p ale Purd aonptay on Tua 'lay la?t ??ro attacked by t? nlj flf. Indian*. In Ibtoprtptlti* Oltk'* 4 M<l( Ol Ikr itaUdtt ri|4N. ?lll) ff'tn Tpu? ( hrUM Tliay war* nt?rnmj to tbait ?a< at fan Anlnnlo Vla'nwh-n Uiay Mroaitrttd tha I u4ito> Tlx !'l,oain| aeroant ba* baan roiuiiiRKtN by Mr Nlot. lb? otlj on* ?f th? tbraa wb? ?-w<?al. nd who I* v? lying dangerously *"unl 1 1. i?lim Imi fbot lb?u|ti Ik* lilt lan| tllli plttol kill b* Hide* bvii'tf p?arca4 with ?l* arrow* li ai , a Ir in his account of tin* mtltatkol; affair that Ibrjr war* rldlag along tha rtaad ati?n Ilk* Iudtan* charga I upon Uirm. Tbay ilUnoiiim and |>n |>ar?4 tnd. r?n4 Ui-ai * !*.? TV<- Indian* ru-baj upon th-m and **lt| tan'a hor?a at dlataa^a 'f oi r lnm lr- l *mIruy yard* A i > tb< r >Ik t pa-*ad tbr? i(h b>' Vwly ol f'ullfran nrar tba haart . *b<> r?mark<-d I hat ha van d?a<l and laid down Tlia I mllau* lb lWl(MI dMflUh , rd bin by 'hooting bin tbmafh tha haad arlthnn arm* Mai and Wllbargi-r Cndlnx turtlar r*ria?a??*?* aaalna* tha lattar balag wnund*-J and an poaatM* rhaam ol arlng tbrlr lltaa a*e?pt by flight, tnoutuad thali boraa? and andaarnrad to ta.-apa Tha Indian* war* now tloaa apnn th- in and <la*bad ati?r WiHiargar. arbr want In ona direction nbll-Ntalt'mk aaolhar ilhala| l?|K>*?)bla for thara to k?a^ togi th-r, ? tb'iy vara In tha mlibt of Indian*. Tha la at <?nr Informant ut ! Mr Wllbargar ba ?a? hotly pur-u* J. an 1 th-ra it vary 11 tt I - (loiibi but that ba a ?? iratUk-n and k I ? nothing baa b?< a b?arl of him alan* Anutbai party of Indiana nur?a*d Noll, ?bo ha I mot raaoha^j oTrr thr?a hundiad yard* nhatr tbay ?mnlrl W" "VJ MW "urr i uiRHiniiai in pilfll RQ'i fiuni" II'I hlmralf being wounded by no anna *?? i||< An Indian no gi m l <b>l h n through | Ihf M; with tltr(i hol>l?r lit NliM aad | fall. 1b? Indian* ?lrtp|>Ml him. (Ivrwd hi* Mj with wtchI arrow*, aad latt him for daa I In thli altaalloa h< rtaalMd Imaorahlr liir (ouii llm*. feul od r?? >?atlan and Indlng hlm?a!f abla tt rtaa. altiiong* ???k from the la?? o< blood ba madabln ?r into the tat t lament*. ThU U one al the mo*t r *m*rkabta ew?pe. on r-roid That a man after raeelalng ih wound- in bit l.ody nad a large bullet ho|a tbroakh hi* laft Ian* .inrt abota tha b-?r? hauld be abla to trarni alttj mile*. during thta warm weather. without any aoarinh | n>lt and jarfaeMy naked III* ettua'lon la pnaa I rlowa. yat baya* ara eatarlalned ?f hi* rraoaar*. Thaw tbraa yowag men war* all ra' <ad on tha froatlar. am bara baea In fra-jneat attloai altk Indl*n? They wan all with Oa^t ro?4 In hla !?? ' nt anragamant* o* o j f. on tl?r Their drath will ba ?ln<- -raly regretted by who haaw them l>arh iulll??n waa on* of the Vaj who aaoinpanl'd tha memorable MI t h p*1l?i.,? an nffart4 with hla rompaalinf la tha duit{?oa< n iMexlan Thalr |oa| nyarl ? a In Tndiva warfat muat Mlkly n'Tj oa? that they hal ?? y<>a?lbl ahaare twr eaaaptwg tha r m?~iianee* thlt m.*n holy aaaat It I- poaaibla. thoagh tary Ilk-It , i hat Wr wmt*rfar may bar* gnr. %*?r bat b wa i badly wounded aa<l U *o aa >ai hla film J ' tor feu taiaty >RK H SSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 181 Tk? UU Storm at (h? Baattl. AKrom the Montgomery (Ala.) Journal, Aug. 36 ] fter nearly two months dry weather* we were s viaitrd ob Friday ni^ht with a regular old fashioae < d January storm ot wind antfraw, which continued with great violence during the night and Saturday morning, doing, we fear, rast injury to the crops. The extent o? the damage we cannot T ?f certain at i-resent. Most of the open ootton is of 0 course whipi*d oat aud lost, and the plant and tqnares alto greatly injured. The storm, from its 0 violence, reminded us of that of Ofctober tfth, 1X37; thoegh thie, occurring earlier in the NUOa, when L there is much lee? one* cotton ia the fields, will r not hkely prove so disastrous. Soch a atom, of such continuance and violence, is very unusual at 8 thia season. We anticipate accounM of much dumage. u [ From the MUladftville (Oa.) Recorder, Aug. 27.1 An easterly storm commenced with is on Friday night last. Throughout most of the day on V Saturday, the wind blew a complete hurricane, ace cotnpanied by torrent* of rain. It appeared to have been general in ita effects. Many trees in tliie ' j'lace, as well as in the country, were prostrated? '* in places obstructing the roads Cotton is materi,t ally damaged. The gale commenced from the euat, then changed and subsided when blowing from the west. Tt thus twisted the cotton, corn, e and all other growth in every direction. All the 1 cotton open was totally destroyed, and the atalk ?>f 1 the cotton divested of a considerable portion of it? fruit. It being court week with us, wre yesterday una an opportunity or conversing wan a number of planters Irani the country, aa well as others from - adjacent counties. Their accounts are gloomy. - They generally think that cotton has by this catas trophe been cut short at least one-tenth of what * otherwise it would have made. Corn, in rather an J mm atute state, has in many instances had the stalk broken off, and the residue thrown in every f direction on the groiiud. Fodder not pulled pretty

i much destroyed We certaiuly have never experii euctd in this place a more protracted and severe i gale. We hear of no lives lost, hut dread the ' consequences ujon the country, especially on the I seaboard, where we apprehend it must have been i far more destructive. [Prcai ttas Savannah Qtorgian Aug. 27 ) A telegraphic despatch received iu this city yes( terday, btates thut I he Savannah river had risen 1 23? feet, at Augusta, up to 10 o'clock yesterday morning, and that serious apprehensions were en' teriaiu'd of injury from an oveiilow by the planters i ou either side. [From the Colua>ba* (Ka ) Enqnlrer. Aug. 27 1 1 Un Saturday last we were visited by one of the 1 heavu.-t stoiinaol wind und rain we retn.tnber to | have witnessed for a dozen years. It commenced about 12 o'clock on Friday iiu/lit. and continued 1 until near meridian the next day, blowing a perfect ' gale and raining in torrents, la our city tinny trees and much of the fencing wan blown : down. In the country the timber h ts been every where prostrated in lari;e quantities, mi much so > indeed aa to leader the higliwavs in sum'' places | aln.oxt iiupastuble. The greatest injury, however, 1 winch bus been sustained, has been by the growJ iiig cro|*. Tin-* cotton crop h is suffered im:ii<'rvse) ly. Almost all thut was o|ien baa been blown and 1 > beiiteu out, and nuw liraburied in the soil; besides r tint-, the bolls tad squarta have been beaten oil ) and bruised in such u manner a* to seriously inJ jure ihe prospect of the firmer#. Mich ol the ' corn has al. o ben injured, p.irtic tUrly that portion from winch the loildcr was not *inp|>ed. On the whole, the storm has been the inc^t extensive ! , and iro.-t destructive iu its effects of any that has ; passed over this region of country since itsearliett I ; settlement. Aa lur aa liearj If 010, immense i.ijury i has been doce. i [From the Georgetown (SO,) Obwirr 28 | ' Chi Saturday the wind blew v-ry h ird Ironi tlie Soirh-west all day; and towards rci'iiag bictia' , a jerb ct gale- It continued until an boar after dar!<, v. h> u we bad considerable l ^btuiug an 1 ( thunder, follow* d by a heavy rain. Tiie gale thin 1 i subsided. The trees were blown down, b it we i have heard ot no material damage, ll u tear >1 1 ' that the )Ou i_, lice wluvHh iu uios;om wnl be I ( it jured by the ilow. The rn*^ sull coutinurs to 1 look Weil. Some of our pbin??*r? on Suteeaud ' ! \\ Kucaniaw ciiinmetcfl euttinv ye^erUy, and t many otliew will oacMurhj follow thcu* e*\m- , pie. in I ii d .}* time all i : i t | ' r . will bs i ' el r Ted in getting their ^rain iu th<i y ud 0 h# town ! ' i eui iK?i i,f, " te-ar of U'i 1 " of .my kind. [f roai tb-* Clisraw (3 0 ) Osittte, Augmt /7 | ('ii ?atiiiil- y eveaiu,.'la?i, w-? v .-it -J wi'.li | a i vere ir4le of wind. Ji cf>T.riftie>-d blowing , between six and seven o'clock. utan th - Sooih, I b?ii touu > e?.red to the W?*t>i, i roiu wiienoa it con- I tinned ttil lat ? ut tug'it. Mu?.;i dau.'^e his been I ' don* to the corn ?nu onttou crops. T ia 1>I i lea of I : ti e corn t* hieh Were not "Vlieped pre split inlo | iravuit r ts, and in. ch of the corn Unk i off or | blown down. T' j. Id i lh?* forw.ixd corn will , ' nt" be much le** n-d; hut tY Ute e.w -i. cl_wliich | Hi* rr in n '/too ( hi, is aim > t <v tr-yr ?. J ti* in- ! jury to tlie cnt'ii eroj> ni'iit <onM,l?Talik I iVl.niy u( Uir hind'! If* - nl' nu totvu li. prostrate, t bt ibu i-iUirr iKokra < < <>( tlu? a We uu.trr- 1 alntol dimli uf tu ; trl?graj>b Witc la ilowu bt i .v. en 1 thia ttd Camden. [Fk ui tlv- Augu-ta ffli ) Coc-tllutlonaltr' A'ij )}) Wr irr ffitlul, frwui the ?u'com<.ra rcichin j u? | b) e^ry mail, f:om Hie rtor .1 with ?-l. ' | visited on baturiUy la*t,an4 tb - heavy rams which lidVr I'llco, thut ' riuuo .l.iuii |U tx/cu doue to thr cotton corn crop*. Wt un.l'T i'ii.l in IJ'ul'- County, thf wind blew a perl'Tt gilr front tlir tk)Uih' ?Nt. Ail iiiiriw-iinimiher of f?-ni ? *rr# overthrown, and in Wnva?-,ihor?iii7li p-'veral kiiimII hcuM'H were. thrown uiiwh, ami ijMriuu j ttma <v< i* u|j|iioi?-d. Ja ttcrivea, coii-ij.'.uble in'r jury * i dour to (lie crops. 1 1 * ) Common Councilt ROAR tl OF A I. DERMK*. f I.t't ?t< Bin*, at 9 n>l'?ck tb* stated nf th* ('"loni'.n <'oui<ll for Hr^Unlitr. op-md. A. l'rmio Morgana pr*?tdrd In thi il >u<l < I Aideiiumi. i ftiun or tor i itv or annum,* ? wirn n* mm I A romtriiolratinn from th* Mnjor, In relation to uniting tb? city ol l-rooklya with W*w York ?u rrtirrtU to a rpvckal eommitte* coifi^Ung of Aid?rin.'U Mlu't. I?mltti aidl-rltton i i *l? HOM **? I.. A petition from m*tni>*ra or lit* #r?i il p?rt ment for a n*w fir* alarm bell in lb* Orat Jlntri t in th* rlclalty olturlek Klojr and Canal etr< eta, w?a r*f?rr*4 to lb* appropriate ci mmllt** ?09i<rt i n'nit Hutu I Th* petition el l>atiM tf**r?. obj-oting to the r* bnlldleg ol H'u l?*y 'a augar r*ttn*rj, wfii.h w?a lately bfirn*4 tai r> l?rr*d to th* Ully l*ap*?tor. Ib* Hoard then adjourned IH>ARI> OP A.?!llftTA*T ALBnilUt' Tbia board ntl at bo clwk j*?t*r l?y <\ -nin* r>iitiom inrtlio. Tn 1 ar? Croton watvr pip* laid In Ninth arenu* ; W l>o?rltiK. lo rh.. uge roatx ol trlegrapli wir?* lr' ? th* pilnji'iatl) uc?upi*ii b/ biui and tb* ralisd*lphl* lin*. at tL* crn*r of Brooai* an I rullir?a ?tr--*t?. Tn- r*p?rt ot th* Orol?m D*|iatttn-nt. itli an ?b*ira<-l nt **tiia?t?? r*e*lv*<l from U?t r-p >ri ??< . j ii'Dlmtil b*r?ral other nporla, rneo?nn-n llag a I j conrurrenr* with th* Hoard of A'd< rmnn In tb' Ir r. ?o! Iutlout frr certain impair*, and tola* du<rn arn*a walk*. 1 kt . w*r* rra*l**d Th* r*p?rt af tba Commit'** on i Ui* Law D?parlm*nt. In lator ot fioLhriniag Ih* ?? atnat from lb* S?coad to tba Tin: J a?*aa?, wa? i adopted. i ki-M I A report of th* 0'iiuiuitwv oa rer mmrndlng ff>ni with the flnatd of Aid'rman la the | adoption ot the revolution tdatln Is aontrart mx for | lb*' kiM intririit frcm tUe Uoiulrd Warabouaa in i truilai] 10 MorrU (treat, III Ol drr?>l (o Uj upn the labia. rMKl *|< aTI?* r*0M.TIIK ??>?? r Kroai 'b* rrtaiiu Ma li* i>p tbv m|i(Mai ol poll**, for tb> 14aart< r ending lb" Stttb of Juiu*. It appeara that tin total Dunibrr ?.f trrtrli mad* <Uvia< iiitt period we- h kit; ot ib*** * uu?4 wTr r >r lai<>&i??iwa. I W! for dleordefly ndu.-t. 1.11*4 lor wait and battery, aiid 1*i*f for lighting In th? atrwtd- ofl'Oee* u>u%lly rr.ut* .|MI ot npo* lutomln.tipii. SI e lHill?r of <'oafUI?l? (i?4f hf lk< fflllM to the Ooeporation Allot aej, during the >uu p. nod an, i.i'X lb* numb?r U I'l'Ci at a bleb tfirllaniu Ui^iiwi ar- uli. a< ? ported by the raalalax of pence an ?'tia of Jnae, war*. 1U1 i ot t9V peranaa keeping ttieae plaaea, k 4*1 ?> n reported aa HMU?t d and 1 Mia* unlleanaad The whole aunikar rf ptrivni in Irmiwl to a. pi- j riloona M<|iioralr tbla ettj. I? 41*1 hurlag th* abo**. | maiifl?B< d <|iw<ar. ib?r>-wer> Uadg*d la tba atatlon lira** 11.U6V peraana . k 7 47 lot ehlldr*a r. alArad ; I 161 alrk and h.juaed perxoa aldal j 42 r. a wd trim i droaniag . 4V baa eitlngui?h? l, 4V0 atere? and I dwalltaga fctiad optn a?4 eto*-d ?a<l 41JUW43 take* irak draakea panwav a ad r-atotad by tba I'Ollaa. i irnao nil cinaa ar a*-? ?oa? 4*0 ?? >*i i' SAtiatber ataieagp trom Iba Mayor ?aa read. -talin* 4 ha bad r?ial??* a e?ln?unii-?llon Iro* a is'?- , u ?t?*a at tba Biard af Aiderm. 1 ttoaclt) M Brook- I Ija. a'a'lrgthat th?j hat* barn appointed a ielerl I a "i* wit tee ta riainkae at.d r? po?e upe/i tba egpedienoj | i ol Billing tba ritlai ot Naw York a ad li/aalljb and ! to eaal.le ib'm ta jndg* of tba Matter* tbey aa\ tbat r the Coaaaian Coaaalt af tht? altj ?bo?il<> appoint eoaa Mltteea from th?lr two Ha-, da with wbou tba j ioa> it?hr Keterred 4 Paaaral reanlotlraaa fraarn tfca Heard af Alter ?*o fa* , f rapelr* aere eAarwrr< d la and tk? ll??id e-lje ara* 1, V? I ? ? at agala la ainrrna araumg at 1 t'alWl a _ r Daknrah Rlgbtar nkargad arltk lb# ainrdar o? tba i lt f'?iatar wtta >? bar Haahaad aaaapad from tua pr:?*a , la ?l??lta???ly * 1 ? f.a jar? *>T .rf IBlaar k>)l. [ERA 50. ~ r * The Stu r an< Tapping Caac common i-leas?in chambers. ?rpt. 2 -Before the lion J udge Daly. The examination ot the chute against Mary Jane Starr alia* Livingston. for exacting property freia Ira Topping by threats and menaces, was resumed Mr Toppiag's examination couUaned In answer to Mr. A. A. Phillips he said that Ike demand for Bioney b? Mr*. Btarr to keep house, wm la July, 1M8; it was after that she threatened to come to my house; that must have hewn In February. lMtf t). When was the first threat to send you to prison made-'' A That was in the fore part of February, 1849 The most of these threats W?ra icade at Williamsburg and at my boase. Q Give us. as near as you can, the language used by Mr*. Starr when threatening to send you to the 8tat? prisen A. Her language amounted to this '-thai 11 I did not mm ml V And taku ti?*r in tt\ m? fomll* give Iter the choice o! tie room*, furnish berth* same a.- the rv?t of the family- in fiact, if I did not do thus with hi*r, and give her raeans and money. aha would either sen d me to the Stat? prison er take my life In April. 18M), she wai received into my bouse It waa h March. 1S4S. ahe threatened U> take poiron in Williamsburg; the threat* so alarmed mi* that I consented to ber coming to reaide in my family. V l>id she come to Ike house alone, or 4td you take ber there ' A. She cume into the bouse with me; by an express understanding I was compelled to do so. Mr Boyd escorted her over from Williamsburg and I was to meet her at the corner ot Jane street and Greenwich av.-uue; I did, and she went to my house with me The compulsion to take her to tke bouse was the same threat as I before mentioned, y Did he name any ortenoefor which she would sen<tyou to prison ! A. For forgery. y. What forgeiy .' A. That was best know n to herself. What] have mentioned was the principal language she made ?*e of when threatening me Q Has Mrs. Starr ever threatened you with mi7 other offence except that ot forterj and to charge you to the Chief ol Police with beig the came ot her death ' lbe Judge excluded these questions, as they osiy tended to complexity, and the witness had already answered them separately. 1/ lias she ever threatened to go into a court of justice and make a false complaint against you? A. Not to my knowledge (J. Where did Mrs. Starr go when she left Williaairburgh the first time? A. To 111 tlainDiond street, to keep bouse, I am not able to say who hired the house: I did n?t go security for the rent (< Wire you referred to as to the character and standing bf Mm Starr when taking the house' A MrHoyd > came to me in company with the landlord, and asbnd ; me it I was acquainted wHh Mrs Starr and I said 1 was; the landlord asked rae whether I would let her a house of mine, and I think I said I would, y. Did j you not ray that Mrs Starr was very much of a lady, j and that he would tiad bar a good tenant' A 1 can't ( nay that 1 did or did not. y Who paid the rent' A.I tun inclined to think the rent was not paid, lieoause the landlord commenced a suit against Mis Starr and j Mr Boyd tor it. and they brought me up to prove that j I had a mortgage tor f.SOO agaiuet tba furniture; I was 1 examined as a witness on the trial and I swore I had a mortgage on that property; 1 did not testify why that tuortgage was given to me ar for what purpose, because 1 was not linked. Q. Was not that mortgage glv?n you in direct opposition to Mr Boyd's advice' ' A. I know this?that I owned the furniture; it was 1 bought t>y my on aim. and she wished to secure it by I ] giving me a mortgage; that was the reason it was j given. The mortgage was before the bill of sale wm j j iiiven She rem oted ftom Hammond to 1*11) Fourth ' si rt tt; ?h? kept house there; I don't know who hired I , the house, but I paid the rent, which was $'270 * year, ; payable quarterly in advance; the day sbe went there 1 | I gave Iter *IU); from Fourth street she came to my 1 bfcufe, 07 Jane street y. How camo she to go thore' 1 , A. She said sha would go My family ware living ia the house tillu. but they moved on the tuno diy. j tv. Wbat caused them to move' J. Because Mr* Starr a turned <b?m out ut the bouse. 1 had pr' ti led my | family with a house elsewhere. I am not certain that 1 to'.d them who the person was that was coining to lite in 1 he b?u.-e iu Jane street; I hired the 01 her | bouse lor my. family about a w?ek before that y Did > vour fsmily'uiove wlllingly from tb- house' A No ' ib?y did not Mr* Topping knew tha house was sold. | lor ska "Xeculrd the d> d (. I'id you ever oonvey | my real estate to Mis. Starr' A. n j. Mr.laimiT Brady ? It wan conveyed by her thread (i Mr. Applaby. . J Sir. McCvUu - Mr. Appluby *u a tool, an instru- j 1 iitnt I I Mr Tofpltn continued?Tho largest ?nn I wr i ;?> Mi?. timtr at a tunx war ><>0; tlio aiioie a:n [ ( tihtc ictri-a Lrr l> in tile neighborhood of ilfrjj, li , , ni) lnvt b?>n icorn or 1'-* y It id yon erertay to j ?ny i. iabef of your larnlir that Mr- Surr > juld miuiironycu if tbe wrrw no ditpc.-cdf A. I tniuk uc>t. " ( When did you flrtt convey any r?*l et-'.M' f >r tlie ' l.t i.i tit ol Mr* t tari' A. "r? the 1Mb ut Vabruvy, l-.'O y. What property, anit) whom! A.. 1 eonvuy ?1 h"t?w null P?t id <*? an iih>rhou?? i i AU)i ?a i PW?. toaMr Ai>pt< by. and it wait understood to i>? hit tli* bi. twutol !Ur?. atn?f ?{ Tail u< wbv you c o 1 Tfj ed thl? |>top'tty to Mr. Aj>:>1 I) ;/ ?.i i >' Br*. I fliair dtr?r.t! a 1 wai rmnpulnj byine ' tin. at * tor a ru #r n wn l.-.xulth 1 bar* -a ly txpref f -d. to convey it t >r her Ij??uiiMnc war or | other: Mr*. BtarT knew' that the opi n?ltin?i of Urn Topping wai ?uch tl>? t alia >nuM n<X I rn Hi t Vr ma- i f< r of tba jr< prrty either t* her or Jm 1 iloyj, an .ihe I ?*? perrotially ?> luaminl <r;th them bo;b an I ?hi> ' (Mil*. Marr.) anid itiat Mr. Moyrt would ifet a frirad of i Li* to lake it in bi* u.'iui?, and then courry it to ber; the tao place* of property in Julie *tr<-et anil 'nor'.b j | tre?t were put in oaa dted, for the purpara ut droel*. I Iny Ura Xopfiiift; AH Appiaby gana iirr l-eo ? ;> irate ! J< da for tbo*v I' t?j tbry were pot in! a myhaj*; I 1 fitereil th?-m ami paid tb? *ip<-n*"? of theiu I/ Huf Sid'you Indue* ttra Topping to aitfu tfcede.d to Ap- I plehy' A I t 'i i b?r i tya 1 "old tlie property ; i>U* I h'ui oP>r. d it for *?1? ; I d i?'t >ria-mii?r my. )< ai<)tliiuK t . Mr. Apfla y at tb? time ot oon ?yiii{ ti e u?-ed to blm. U I?id jou rem i?? j our fur..tore Itotn .'ane ?tre<1 at the time joor family left II? A I 'i?'l and Mr* moved in lor lum'ture frtm 1 uiutliitrtrt, I iliit J Mr S'air in llieb ?n?^ InJa >e *tr?'t af*er t-be tarri? 4 ib? and my fa-ntiy oa' o* our b< u*ii tn Ninet'-entb *tr<?t; ilii ?al.l to uiv irite lint I ui?lit oomr tu htr bon-i'II 1 lilted, I ?>< well nijb j eraiy at t etlme and difln't oare *)i%t I dll IJ. 1>id ! jou not >l?lt ber a!iuo*t ilaily In Jana atiaet before \uu aere tutnu.l cut i<ltli? houn InMlnetaailtliatrwt' . a 11 i>. i". ? e ii < iti wi immi nare ? r.i. ?j n, j?i.t i_, tor ( II 1 ?rll and laoillt ainl Ml h?f to lot IB" M?u?; ] INItM luMv nagvti lre.(uei?Uy wiiU In r iftar tint. ] l.ut waa eoippollij to ill I) hy It? f tiireu'< attnr hi- toi?k |ii>?H'i?lor I remainii4 wlili h r for four tlaya In Li J a IP' ?lri t. li t luriov injc where to go I > ij All* r ILe t iiu? >?? tM.k per*' i"ii d!d )<>a fiilllttrM 'I'l n In Jdm- fli'it m job (J <1 bitore' A. I dmt ( doubt but I did, but it wae at her r nuoatj I left i jt , rll j- biraii-e i-Ii#- I lauatgotu a Ihhh aha cut In I hn country I paid for tha farm, and I aoppoae I bad aa gr.od a right there a* any oao ol?e. I fmulalnd >t(/0 to hwy It. I pa id It to M r? Starr an I Ur Uojrd, |..ri(t,i::) (i Dun I you |p iato the eiun'ry fir tli- i I urpn?e of building a houae for Mra. tarr'a lather and mother f A t na. and to bulhl it at mt own .<p.o,?; I rtr?l?*d f&dtfrom Mra Ftarr while I wa? there but II *a> Bion< y I bad ! fi with her to kxep t r me. thl? all took pUeo a'ter lb* occurrence la .laae itraot; I law bar latbrr and muth-r wbm In the rounfrjr (la Bitllltan racnt;;) Mia Mur ana not lo||n amanji' I Inn* f< r building the hon?e , I built It with iu y nan mom ji that hniiiii la i*t conveyed j the ooitipul?loo lo ooaret th? proju rty waa (rtaimn the J?t of February and tbe'inh; 1 went with Moe.*t?rrla?t Ull latothe country for Ilia purpoae of looking tor a (arm n pur* <ha?e, wa want to Motitlerllo; wa "topped at a hotel I ept by a 1' an named Ulgglae i( J>id you BOt inault Mr> fiiarr thara. and did aha not raturn to towa an! Inrbid y? u frnai heragnin ' A No. ahe returned abruptly to town. I waa unwilling lo go any farther j aad aha got angry at 11. and that ax th a leaaon aha returned to town, tltemitdea dlatla't demaad thai I ?b?uld roavey to bar the bona?e anil lit* In Jana atreet. , Albion I'laae. and alao Iialld a houaa fur bar father and mother in f he enuntry. Ihia property waa anav?y?d lu ' roraeqn-nre ot robilauoaa tan ate tlao greatea fear I I had waa the latter dlreoled to the CbleJ of I'ol.oa; 1 . naaar eommltt"d tba rrima'.f fi r^>ry; I did not t II inj peraoa that I wineeyed the property to Mr* Ptarr ' lor Ler be neflt. to prevent ay aiaditori gotliuf on- < i?a-ii n of It lifreet etarainaHon by Mr J?a T. RraJy <; Pll Ihe |.tiarvB?r erer lend or adaaiioo to yua. i>r 1 f?oi.|t , ' witb jib for aalo keeping, any money ' A Hlie n-rer lid g. Pld you e?ar o?e bar any money! A Mo, , Kir >4 I'M you tear reealee any eonald ratinn for I ay mnnejr or property whleh you tr?n?ferr?d lo her lor her brMtfit. la an* way t A I nerar did. the pa- < per a?knowthe ilel?t of jaat to Mra Starr aa I dated April, 1*U>. waa written by m? In 1(1 , MV.? oiaber demand ano'.bnol the pap?ra waa written ' f i r.ayd; another t aper datad At-rll Hih. KMi waa glv??i 1 bf me oa I be ?*th or 2Mb of May: ahe tdd me w'aa I aaw her Aral that aba waa a pour glil from tb o<?B vry wlibrat tilenJa. V< I>id ahe arer teU yo* thiVr'i? , pnaeeeaed rny maaaa Of had any way hy willed ahe i-rtold bat og|e poe-ee?* d ol vueb a aam aa ?0 *?ior [ ^Biigo' A Xo, air. neeer. >i iMd yim gira bar any nait of the money ahe raeeirod from yon. of y * : nwa fie? wUI. or waa U aader leor eauept aa to lb*. w<*eklf 1 allow an e? ' A. '.I waa all lo leal, tho whol" ?.t it <i Wbat All tbe ? *' b?ub lr> m ' A from th? tht.?tr I b?ie n Whrt, | |||? |nter*l?*? uk? >laae la July. i'm * a At h. r h n<e l? fourth ?? nt , tb? Hr?t nionry i e? t, h-r 1 wl.b t? *s.j>uib i *?*? hrr thm??h nj, tram tb? re ^iikii?iw< ?b?about her |.o? ,rtf |b?| .r fa ally asiituij b?t ( marry lb* ma 4 .h? ; t to mtbvfjldk lb* reel ecta'*, an 1 tbreaUnt-4 to ran away ; b?-r rept? wa? that .v old foil >w me tub ^ BBd letcb ?c hack . *t?, | rrlicod hx rr b>hi! tkiIkfrila u fom? to t'bona* with lira: i need to aea Boyd at art Uterfc h?u*>. la | ? arwiugim luitt j t can t ,y h- Hod with her he uwi to . on* u irty houee > .*,1 ,i,|t her In h?r r <on tb*t?, la ?? ftont parlor In the day and ecea|?4 vi - l?u jou m a y where elae with her ' A -I u??d to m Mo) d w ,{fc ,frtj tiw* 1 w?at in WUl!?a?-fc??nb ; I ba?eheard IJoyd call bet Mrc LI*?ff?tn? awd ?n?at' *>.. Mary j ehe ?"d to call him iii uajd - rnaactlB' j j ?nt*? and aomctlaiM ' J a4*e." (langbter ) he boa im witi, t,?f j? Uaoin >n i ?tr-et, i b?ll?ee alt of ,y,rr . | ,nm met enjfe^d la aay law bun act (or ba* ehe aanijled tba whole boo?e la lla 4bllt4 itreet. i u> ana Boyd at ?'>arth ?tr?< . > ha war alwaye tbara la tbc c??bIbb. a? i ,oa.< raw bin la tb* af?rra?w? *r'mt uc ?n ' u?lnk 1 h??e 4??u?y4 aU the nut?a i farelewd fr in fc. jd. fr?ia bl? mt*r? t nerer e?|?e*t*d that the tht*< would h?eearrived at tbc iMMw It 1 b" s. i ba rrnc* rat i"b bare d'>c<'4. V.t Piilitic" to wttBeM Old bM Mm jtarr Ml ? u that aferwar.K fiunl la tbc .! ?">< b-f j i.tHfcct m4Mt f?rw 1 LD. H#-* > . TWO CENTS. lo*t in WiUiamsburgh T A.?No ; ill* did not. Q.? Vou *aj you nerer recalrad a sent from her ; what ladaeed you to gir* her the paprr marked No 1? A ? It ?( given under thoie peculiar threat* that I have before described ; so were the rooeipts , I kept a memorandum book of the transaction* with Mr*. Starr, y.?Have you from the 0r*t time too taw Mr*. StaR had improper Intimacy with her r The Judge?for what purpose do yoxt ask that qna*tion ? Mr. Phillip*?To show hi* intimacy with her. an4 the probable reason* fur hia conveying Mir property. Judge?If it i* for the pvrpoie of iaapaaohing hie testimony it i* not admisiible. ' Mr J T Brady and Mr. McKaon, the Btetriet Attorney. contended that the question was not admiwlbl?* Mr Phillip* said b* would put tha question; and tha witness might aruil himself of the privilege to-det-lln* answering it. Th? Judge said It (u not a question Of prtoilag*. The counsel for the prosecution olyected to It, aadtk* couri belli that the .junAjn cannot be asked. Mr. Phillips?Then I ^vt the question for the pur|>o?e of showing that thin money whs paid In consldaration of tbu iutereourhe he had with her. Mr Brady objected They, at the other side, conten* that this poor girl, who cauie from the country, and without a friend, not even knowing the uamea of Iht Jtreets. hat, by some fortuitous combination ot fortunate event*, become possessed of .such a sum of money a?>$8,0<X), w!Mch she gave Mr Topping in trust to hold lor her; let them prove that Alter some further argument, the Judge ruled that the inestton fir the purpose ot showing illicit intercourse. was foreign and inadmissible. The Judge then asked the counsel for Mrs. Starr, it she d?manded an examination. and he answered that he did. The Judge, accordingly, interrogated ber. My naiaa is Mary Jane Starr; 1 can't say my age, but I am orer .0;mj last plaoecf residence was 07 Jane street. U-? W sat It your occupation ' A.?I don't do aoythiag at h11 Q. -What have yru to say to the charge that ia preferred (gainst you ' you may decline to answer it vou like. A.?iwith great emphasis) 1 say that it Is totally (aire. y.- Have you any statement to make, or explanatloa that you desire to give ' A?.Nut at p reaent Mr Phillips sai l he was instructed to say, thit ha bad evidence to refute the whole eharge, but was net prepared, at present, to produce it. Tne Judge then decided upon committing Mr*. Itarr for triul on the charge. Mr. Phillips said, as it amounted but to a nviedeaieanor, he hoped the aocused would be admitted to kail. Itwasaeise which, even li a conviction wtwa Itad, would subject bur to sis months imprisonment tad a fine of V-^'O. lie proposed to give fiou ball. Judge?What amount ot property is Involved ' Mr. MoC'oun ? Abaut $8 000; and Mrs. Starr i-. ia possession otlt. Mrs Topping has possession of tfca bouse in Jone street. Tbe Sheriff is in possession of the tarm in Sullivan county J udge?What property ha* she actually in her po?Q sutsion. tbat did belong to Mr. Topping ? Mr. MeCoua?There Is no personal eitate. but there Is real estate to the amount of $U.twO. besides uboat $1 paid to h?r sad Boyd. Mr. SlcKeou and Mr. J. T. Brady urged that $609 bail was too small Judge?I think the ball offered (fSOO) is too small; the abject is to secure her forthcoming Mr Drinker said tbat to put $1,000 bail would ba xcenire. nnd tantamount to remanding her to jail Judge- tor a charge ot this nature ^500 is entirely .00 small?we therefore tlx the bail at M.UUO. Mrs. Starr's counsel then said they woald be pretared-with the bail in tbe morning. (The wUe and daughters <>t Mr. Topping were agala n chambers to day. aud the hearing of tho ease was t tended by as huge a number of persons as coul'l well e accommodated in the room ] Kakhlonablc ln<?lllfgenea. MEWroItT fANCV AND MlK-iS UAt.L. The fashionable coteriet? sojourning at Newport, lave made preliminary arrangement* for the fancy all on Wrd lit witty nett. An arrangement ha* wen nmile i? ?ive piquancy to to Ihe accd.iiiti, by :r.niti*n ! < to the ladt"s lo wear nmki>. '>ther iegulationa will be seen iu the account ot be nie' tint; held !a?t week, which ia annexed : At h me?-!inir held at 'he Ocean H.ou*e, Newport, >ii th>* 27th d/jv t>f A'titiist. 1 for tlw uurn >*e of unking etttf tor h gran I fancy and lire** .nil, to he given i n WedneaiUy cvmni(, tit lilt of SiiltiulxM next, J, C. Van Reu?a?rlt?ar, , was :nil'<i to tLe i liair, and Bri , w \? >]>pnini>*4 Nectttury. A committee to .--lect niHiihL" rs for the hall was tti-n J, who selected the follewiiig Hoard ol'ivl iri.ii/rra: llou lltnry It. Anth >ny, Col. U?ao Moaro*. M*ryK I. 1*1 1 lira VT C iMbl*. It T Col J Tl II Latraba.Ma* Uon.l'nhu ?tld*:l. Irylu'd. Uim W. M Onlun, Call- Col K W'?ri,N.V. farnla Col. J W A. t 'intor !, 1*9, lint. Mkhtc! Hyan. 111. l>r. Ili-c't, fa M.h Wm.S Mill?r. N Y !l 0 Ward MarylniJ. Ilrta. 1. Pr??e?tt Hill N Y. tl? rK? V. M'V r f, v. lion. John W. Colvnian, <i?oi(?> >1 Tlitch r. Men. Otio. <J <> >'!> JilO'll. Wui. Ilea J T. Van AN'b. V V Jo-pli DrMfti. - i. S V. lion IV in Mr Marry V. Y T IV llurj?rj n. N. 0. Miljiiliy N Y. J 0. Nan Urn* #l?ri' X. 1T. IJMlral Wwioil-y, Kag .tolm Jay. N Y ' I. ll?tM. V f A. ChariM Alotoa # 0 ;ol. Alitnlitm Vau Ilurea, J. 'J'n-ari Uau. 1 I A Dr. May* S I VI I>at<*nport. lT 8 A. J .1 I'rluyl* 8 0 M. W II. l>niu>tt. I'a. J. If. Marah. Ma??. ilnj Jobn K. Kolantl, I. L. IV UeUaa l.t. H. A. J ? T Rti??. II. III. tat. U 8 A. i?li?rl?< l?. Iiiekny. Ala. I -j. KkmiH, do l:. H K Y. >r. JilnM fllmon? I' 8 A. I4 Hitting* V?rrlan I. Jnjjt * Ilk ? I M N. Wui Ur jnhar*. I.a I A. I' It. Allmi * rlglit. N Y. [l.i in??\?iii?ti It N V J Hunt Btrxti<-r. Ml*< >?ri. i| i>!n ? nm| lnll KrltlPB Ami (><*(? , MirylaaJ. Army. W V, llrun*. do. Mimutl KlaVlann I.a Oairna TltTmy, <1 l?0Tf-? .Ion." ?> < ri ia. li*n iinin ll >i>i>ln Jr K I. in ini ? M, I it if, NY. Dr Dii> pluwi. It I. I'tinn. d? Itlmm. do. I: M> >l*r N Y .1 H^nch I.BB ranea, N )t M'lney Hurll*tt. Jr. Maaa. A 8. Izanl 8 C. Mr H liraio Hiitf. Joiepb (.'ootid**. Mini. J II Heiiott, i'a J (1 hmr>l f hilt I. a Wm V X. I.<11 Jrlio .< VI -; N.I f!..l OilV ird Mix UUitll;tl?r ft. N Y. Cut ttlatbrop. I.a T !?? following erotic men were dea<gnate?l at a ( ?i'l Ihr^rtKif), to liiVr tiif t-xi'luriw rhi.rge of h< h II, >ni?l lo wir M i" hdlfesi! Urntgr y MIU?f Col Wiothrop ]l C. Ward J 0. >aa Raawalaor. l'<W hi d CblfT O?o M Thfi'b r. It?nj ilofplr jr H id lleMurd Chaa. l'? Khaai. TLe l?llowi?? rulm fur the Koterawni <>i th? l'? I wen* ili> ii miopted: I.?Tickf M of ndmitaion fi>rn geaileman io f.i*cy fo?fnnie, With or without lo<fi?**, fi?e dollara, ?? I without faiiuy ooalume len <lollarr, l? be prtKtifeJ of ihr r? lutiiiitre of direction. It.? I.tiili? miiily are prrniiMrd to npf^ar in rna<>kK iiitd a tick audi -ire to wf*r tbeni, will rnw application lo l<e nmde lo the oriwniilea of dirwimt for ticket* fi i timt j/uri"-***. All iztoak* t*? be removed I ii, ! . r 111 ?f.tdie* and trntl'-nien are feqtieafH ( on me their eoitunaea io the committee of <Mr?ol:? r?? IV?The manager* will wear actrlet tiadiea. 1 V ?No i^r-fii will fw admitt'ii without n ticket. V> ? I nirce and prownade m nin?* oYlnek. S n- ,-r ni t*i ive>m' o aro imrtu uUrly rej'leMed to make early application lor tirketa, M tha I Ilo i?e. tn?rl of Oytr anil Ttrmlnw. Llii?f Juatkaa Rdnmnd* and Aid-- mt-n MlUof an drouth. fiiii.iiii 2 Thin lb* H??t day of T?rin Tba Strand Jury wara n?li?4. and nin? MtlUa?n only l?a?inir aai*ar?d tatb*lr iiiuh. tb> j war- diarhargaA a-.Ill Monday tnoralof n.-il at 10 o'alock, and tka Court iwpo-ad a flaa of $'ift tuck nn tua ton all?ndlac i.raiid Jnrora ItuMa )ilM? wrrr (baa put Inraw) and airaAfii* d ClUrn v A#m#?e.?FatrWk I>?laay ??> ?m?if??d lor lha aiaidcr ot Mary Mrlailr* M b?r In tba rUmarb a lib a hmfe. oath* fc'.b of July 1 V.O Tba ptUonar b?t?( althnut an* Mr A. A. Phillip" and a?*tb?r lawyar aara acl(ii? 1 a< hi? lotMtl. a ad tba rial >ai mi down fi.r nrii Monday. Thf Ihuty. Tb* AlUirney ?*ra nntlwgtbak It ?a* bin lateatton to dliipaaa of tb* capital eaaa* frat. and that ha wnald than proeMtd with tba hrarya. lo??l for tba Urury* wtabed U> hav* th*lr trial ?t d??n tor tba aarltait d?y noaalbla Ma pomplaiaa4 that l b> aaaa h?d baaa frnai d?y to day agitau l la tba ).iiblla v?par? m m* najlac that th? prl?oni-r? wara not ready; and Mh<r? that the l>l?lrl*t Atloraey dW nM lai<ad to pr?'e?a4 altk tba trial dnrlaa tbla taea. Tba blilrlrt Attoraay utatmt. that ao a?w?pap*r adttor, rltliar dlreetly or Indlrartly, war aaihnrliad le aiaka any otalraiant fnr him with ra?p?et to tb? trial ?f tba rorya, or inr at her maltar la ahlah ba *a? o*^laily r' ne?r??d Tba Court rrpudlatad lha IJaa of lw tlae b*laf ttkrn up bye^unwl tfr tha "T*,1ri **_ raaiarba ap^a a? wppaprr*. Th* Irtal aaa vitlaiM| ??t Ooaa for Mon-la* n?li ~ ? nan Inr th? m?r<l?-r of KH?* Orarta?y otkaralM Mr?4 |r*. Kt Itiroalof hrr tain th* M*rtli *fw, on th* Mh of Jalf INti. ?n4 ?<?h?r* ?fofr?t. foT tk? warlof >? M< vHo Ann* Moffat, by atrttmi h?r on tk* l>*?4 wit* | lor* *1 ?< oJ la .'air. I*60 w.r? al?o poMpoa?4 I* M'.ndny a< *t ?n > III* Court th*a !) ^urn?4 , Domnllr Mlwrllanjr. A Mr* Vnaa*. of rrrr Mfwriafl. attraipt<-4 to naiwlt ?al"i'l?. >1 N. m Orl?aa*. on tka 34th ult bf lr??nli| h?r . If |hi Mil h?r ha?b?o4 w jraloa* of h#r Ti ?r?p.ioa? of tk? iiioainrit ta <k* lata Mia* Wright Itld lif (Infill fiwt it IT'fbH Jg". y% , tatK'tTIk Angaat. la of Mr* Wr1(St tka Hm H Vaa P?r*a. K. F Mair aa4 otkrti. tt la built of (r?y m?r bl? Oa tk* ???t ?I4? I* in a??l plaaa of ahifp irarklr oa ?k>?-h I* fat prnDI* *a4 aa*?rgnlh la lorf? ctafeato It tk* atar *1 Aiiaa thrl* M HO ?iJMf WKtirUa*.

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