Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD.!; J1IEI UOROOR BKHETT, U PROPRIETOR iND KD1TOR. fri JI, ?FF1CK JI. W. CORNKR OF FULTON AND NASSAU STS. THK DAILY HER iLD, 2 < < /? per ropy?$7 ptr annum. ' n TUL WEEKLY ?wry 6* <-?n/? ptr I . uopy, or per annum. the European edition, $* ptr annum, " to any part of Great Hnt,ti<i, ana $4 to any part of the Conti- S ? nent.uuh to ira liuir 'he pott a ye. " Al.L I.ETTERS Lu tor ?ub*eriptiont,or vntA advertue- ' f, wtenlt, to be pott-paid, or the pottage utli be deducted J'rum the mTflLl*STAItY ( ORRESPOSnESCE, tmlalMnv important ! Urn t, toJi< ifrd from any quarter of the \eorld : i f uteri, will be 1 UbtraUy j.iui for. OrK FoRKKiSi CouKMPOiinBiT* auk j Pahthmm.ahlv ?1x41 Kfrrci> to Seal tiimh Lkttiks a*d FA( iacm I ] M) SOTU L takm of iindnynwiff communic>ition?. We do j not r, t urn ejeett it ?>/??. . u I 4i'l i K I lf>E.V1KNTS renewed every morning. Alli;?EMfVTA THIS KVlMINfl OrERA?CASTLE GARDEN-La Fatohta. BOWERY THEATRE, Bowery?Tmi SrRA*o*R-rMJ? ' |u, o? Twit Ockan Chii.o. i ROADWAY THEATRE, BroAJw**?Jumtm-Sba*?rA- j tuk Whitkhcau. NIBLO'SGARDEN,Broadway?Tax ruiiKHMAVs Da*AM j -Raui L?Rum DA9ci.1t. Bl'RTOK S THEATRE, Ch?in?)?r? Mrtct-OiciR at Lawtut'a Com. NATIONAL THEATRE. Ch?ih?ra S.(o*re-G?iat 0*im al?J i.nnv I.rwD? Forti-ik'* Wh:m?-Mv PnsciOVS Brrsv. AMERICAN MCJErM-Amnixr. piararmascca every Am !< < < > abii ivkiko. OLYMPIC, Bro?4??y?Fiu???' New Yo?k Ethiopian otika tkm m. i Mew York. Wcrinrnlay, September 4, 1SW Telegraphic Hiunukary. Our intelligence from Washington is not very inil-ortiint, although it is interesting. No conclusion was arrived at by the House of Representatives, yesterday, on the Texan Boundary bill; but , lk&t body of legislators are evidently approaching , a point in regard to it, and before the week it out, we think it very probable that measure will be parsed, in the form in which it came from the , Senate. We have not yet seen any argument op- , pcx-ed to it which contained anything new, or , which ought to weigh against its passage. As we | Mid a day or two ago, the House must work rapidly if the members desire to get any credit for passing that and other kindred measures If they 4o not look sharp, thf Jenny Lind excitemeat will iwarap them. The Swedish Nightingale will jive her first concert in the new world some day i ?ext week, and her harmony will take the wind j ut of the sails of all the ultraists, of every action, m Congress, and out of it. If Washington, instead f NVw York, were the place selected for Miss j land to make her debut iu, before an American J aadience, we would not give muck for what would ke left of those who are opposed to the Senate bills, if they be not disposed of very soon. The Senate were occupied all day with the last of the measures embraced in the Compromise bill f the Committee of Thirteen. We mean the bill for the abolition of the slave trade in the District ! ml Columbia. Several objections were made to it, and tome mlntitutes ottered, all of which failed ! or were wrihdrawn. It will probably pass in the ' form in which it was introduced. The bill does ; not pro|x'se to abolish slavery in that District, but I m? rely The traffic in slaves?the making th? Dis- ; trict a mart for the reception and sale of slaves, ! whence they wouM be sent to different parts of th** Soiithfrn S'hIfh Yhrmta-of an Karuptan Balance ?f Power In intrka. I Wr published, in Monday'# K. rald, a very in- j | ?ere*ting and important article, which we extracted ! ( from the I/ondon lima of the twenty-brut of , Au^iibt last, "otiuining some strange hint*, innu- | . ndo*, and menaces, concerning.the territori il (>oli- : y of die United States, as well as numerous expressions of alarm of " this powerful people," who, "when they declared their independence, did not steed three millions of souls, but who now amount to above tw?-nty-five_ millions." After adverting to the eaUbhshir.tnt of the b iInnee of i*>wer in Europe, Ike wnter saysth?* due &rmn?''m?Qt of it, as regards the world at large, would do! appear to come within the sphere of duty i ?eIf irr|*>eed upon Kuropeaa statesmen. This, he says, is a dangerous opantoa. He then ref-rs to . the treaty concluded recently at Washington, between S?r Henry Hulwer and Ifce American government, in relation to Pritish ag/remions in Central America, und says, that if the doctrine were BiuinUined by the fatted Stafs that baglaud ha.I no right to enter into any treaty with the j Central American republics?rf il were aswrt- j ed that such a treaty would be deemed a ratut i*U\ by the United States, then the interests wf | tb# world would have be*-n sawrifcced by assenttog :o such sn absurd j.retension, and permitting (!) I ik?- I nitnl'Stttn 10 nutlieb atieh tn imum <joc- ( inne, which, m f.ict, lay# iiimr feet the whole i Amencan continent from the North I'ole to Cap" Horn The next subject which tie writer takra hp ? wli?: i? technically i?li<d thr Monroe doctrine, Hrt-lanr.jr :hnt nc i uropeaji S?ta!e ah..11 acquiri additional power t>r territory *to tht* continent, au.l ?uf| i ? ,> .1 hinted pretty troucly, recently, | Krplif h interference would o<>t be tolerated m Cen- i mi Amencii by the I'm ted Bute*. Thi? al irni* I I John RiD, nod hurt hia pride "pretty ?< naiileraMy," whereii|?n lie exclaim*, in C>ne of olK'nili*] tin* I jeaty, that if the United State* ?vi?ih to keep on ! aniu-aMe term* with Engltnd, we iiiua'. be satiafied . with what temtory we have, and if we litem,* t<> j |fet Nnv rr.< re. ill^be a mattei of al<olut>- nec:*. mty fur hagluk! to inf.'Ure and ptrml it Tl?e j writer did not ro m> far aa to thr- ntcn an l! uroptoit j aHi.mre utfimt ua; that h? reoervt*, douhtlea*, (it a n;l?eqeeet atucle, in winch. probal i* he will * >re ua a benefit in that way, and threaten ua with an invaMon liv th. comtined force a of the | rtncipai r..tten iti'>nurtht?s of the old world, if we object to h?*e ncr atl'iira reeulated kjr them A. h|w *y?be. a eonvm< *<\ li. . ? meiif* of Kurofe, and e*.ciiilly tua: of England, ? W ? iii.' r. i .r -r-..*r>2 , ? ? r, .- fi. and r> unmea <4 th* young hut gig u* tic r-pwb'ic. .VII < r f yearn th* v < . to i a|?ee ii>, aid en* ijjrrnl it RKritonoui to !>e it; i^oo i 1 n* it. hi f < nr ncrrh>i! jr jfjw^r. Tfieliwt wir. Imr?v*r, H . i ?!> : :.r i i : matin. Hhir ci'*?rn <H>i?ii^r? whjcd tl??m mi 1 r.n<l. hi?H ou. a?IUnt little na?>- ilirufh-J ih *m on I 1 IKr m,inikrirknrti' roMnrt. Tlf ncni *irWilli I Mnkxiatlll farther cowriaoed lk?m that w? wrfe 1 ovt So b? < onki lrr< <1 ??jr l'm**r a w?ak na'ioa ; on j tk?- tit trary.tbatwe tk-poaWnaof onof Um m>Ml powerful nation* in ihr w .rl.l Th< ' qwni'i ;i of Califoraia follawrd, I y a conrnmiUai 1 ai?t in< -( uniric'-ti'-n: <1 i?cr-??r iu i wr coaawrcit, i I wuh ih- |*o ? ??, louR.'h:?t w?- ntnil ni?ipc , to a I'" i' ?Vi a?, tl- nrr, in* r . i. ni the wit-M, anl *>f('unM wl?at d-atiny l?n< ?m - <l?cr?? J w, * h ikl i t.V< (fi- * ??: ntiou of aanen' or uiojrra lim**, the <;ur<*n <>f liie ? ?*, iuv acili on In.l, :> hop- ?>f the lo?a:ri-<kt?n p<W|>4e of the tr? of the world, nn?l f-rhapath- iaw/'ti*eot tl*at willyrt Indict re- I ' ?n' n'ioa, wh.i l. the rotien .!<* ; twiM of Tlaropa m> 1 wall4$?UfB for trami-kagaa the ttphu of h'tmiai- j ' lrL- - *L- ?-J alarma V K.t? 1 1J. in. - ..ur,., ..... fomr too Jale. A* to I'agJaad. we hut; Ihru back in definnc*, ukI d?r? her to brr teeth to lift a finri ugainat the t'iiW4 i*Ulea. J'he know* it Ul h?r li'itrt, <W ia rotten to th* cor*, thtt it |.?.ntrd aepnlohre, tha! ?b? if nothin*; bni a ftsirriniK iitMiiinfil of putfesceat cor?, hf .1 *h*t ?.<n for :h.? very . l'rjr, hirh ?hr occasionally, in the agony of her di?*?. j . r* not h:-.., -?- ?i . i i ni? hefr-re thiahave met the fate which her ceaturiea of ini']<iiti?s entitled her to. The London Ttma ' :* in douht wh her the Monro* d atrine wa? 1 ciarty .nfod'.i to apply to Knglan I W* can inform that wurnat th*' it w*?, and what i* more th* ' writerof the ar.wle referred to may, if he plaaae, r inf. rm 1 ngl*n<l> Lur??pe?n Tin.'f, -h? I ?'rnr of Knofia, that, if qecaoary. it Willb?enforced a(>uaat hiru , ao'J th? *! ti i. : v .hi . .1, ^ mi the hig Seat to the lowest of iU despotisms. I hat principle will never be abandoned by the 1 nited States. The American people would hurl om office, with indignity and contempt, any adlimstr&tion that would not promptly apply it when ccaaion demanded. The United State i is the tost powerful nation in the world, and [ will increase in strength from year to ear. It will net be diciated to by any oreign power, nor by any combination of foreign towers, nor any thieves' alliances, in any part of he globe. It will pursue its designs, and acquire 'urther territory in a fair and honorable manner, I its interests require any intmase. We will not [day the deceitful and despicable game which Kn^'land did in India, and whijh she tried to play in Central America, until^she was estopped by the L uited States, and compelled to retrace her steps. We were astonished to see such a ridiculous irtu le in the London Timet, as that to which we iave referred. The writer of it exhibits a deplor ible ignorance of the power of this country, and oi he determination of our people, if he suppoaea that he threats of Europe combined would have any other ?flect on thin side of the Atlantic, than to provoke 'idicule and contempt. He has yet to learn that are despise threats, come from what quarter they may, and that w? know our rights, and, knowing them, dare maintain them against any alliance that Europe could form to oppose us. So much for English threats and bombast. The State Agricultural Pair? Modern Improvements in tbe Science of Huebaadrjr> The regular annual fair of the New York State Agricultural Society will commence to-day, in Albany, and will close on Friday, at five o'clock P. M. From the preparations that have beenmide, there is no doubt that this will be one of the grandest and most imposing agricultural exhibitions that hus ever taken place in the State of New York. The previous exhibitions were praiseworthy in every point of view ; but we expect that the fair of this year will so far outstrip all others in this State, that it would be unfair to institute a comparison between them. It was expected that Millard Filluiure, President of the United States, would attend this year's exhibition, but we perceive that he cannot leave I is post in Washington to be present. There is no doubt that these State fairs h*ve, in past years, tended greatly to promote the welfare of the community. Any one who will take the trouble of inquiring into the condition of agriculture as it waa twenty years ago, and compare it with what it is now, cannot but perceive that vaat improvements have been made, that in fact the science of husbandry?for it is a science as much a* anything else?has been completely revolutionized within that time. So apparent is this change, that any farmer who tills his land according to the old system cannot make a living for himself, while those who avail themselves of the improvements which have been developed within thtt time, make money,and wax tot and rich. Sir ohn Sinclair, Liebig, ltuel, and a host of others, theoretical ftrmers, and amateurs as they have been foolishly termed, have done a great deal for the benefit of agriculturists in this and other countries, by pointing out to farmers the means by which they can moat profitably cultivate the land, and fertilize and renovate old soils which have been tilled from generation to generation without manure. The great truth lias been manifested, that soil, like everything "Ise.must he supported, and that without such sup;x>rt it will become impoverished and barren. It (las been eatipfactonly exhibited to the meanest camcity, that indiscriminate sowing and reaping, without regard to manuring, and rotation of crop*, Kill not do, if the agriculturist desiree to become rii'h, but that it is the best method possible for ma hicg iioui tne liner arm me s<ni poor, in bringing that truth home to our farmers, we are indebted in d very great measure to the State Agricultural Society of New York. The improvemen t made within the period referred to in agricultural implements, has been fully Rt- great aa that ?Inch nrirUnthe tilling of the land. In plough* find harrows there ia an much difference b'tween those of the present day and those of tu?uty yeaia ago as can be imagined, while theie ir an infinite numl>er of new implements now in use wlucli were not then dreamed of. Corni>are th?* plough or the harrow of the prevent day with the unwirldly instruments which went under those oiimes a quarter of a century since, and it would hardly he said that they were intended for the aame purpose*. The old ones require twice or three timea ? much power to draw them as do those of the preaen' day, and impose aa much additional labor on the ojierator. The one ia handy, compact, and compute?the other* are awkward, imperfect, and hardly managenMc. Aa to the additional implementaand machines of husbandry that hare been invented within comparatively a few years, they are as numerous as they are useful. They apply to agriculture in all its ramifications?to the held aa well as to the dairy?to the barn as well as to the cider mill, the cheese press, or the threshing machine. We have notopace within w hie.h to refer to them individually, but we can't help noticing the cultivator, the new reaping machine, and the new subsoil plough. Hie reaping machine is very modern; ;ind the want of surh an implement has been much felt in the western P'.ates, where labor ia hiirh ami scarce, and where it is not unusuil to see a field of jrrain rot for want of hands to harvest it. Three thousand five hundred of the?e mat-h'nes, it is said, will \ 0 aittf in um< ns*vt 4f.i?iiri at fhp UVit nnrl they ar?* chjniM* of doing the work of pcventrrn thoupnnd five hnrdfd m<*n. Thu Alone is mihfit lorv evide-nc^of th^ revolution which baa characterized ngricul: ire in the I'mted Statrj within e f?w yrarr A ?knil?r revclution h i* been expern nerd in >tock The N-?t hr?*ed? of hojjs, ?hee,i, horn?d cattle ?ud hnriws have been Kii|>orted, an t no fainter, eicfj"! h* belong to ' >* old fa?hion??d ard ii!i>ornn! nchoolv will have anything todo with llf old etock. It i* expected that th<? St*t? fair of MM will b<* b?*tt>>r attended thin tl * precedvig on>e, and that th -b^n'tit* which it wiHcoalei on the agrioiltur.l?U-"of oar population will he propertionaMy gwitrr. Three fair*, and th" N*w York Statr AyTi ultural Society, otif h' to be rnroor?^"d by nut citizea* anw'll us Ci> the fetate. It i? not rn<>";'h now-o-dtjr* to otako two CUde? of gra* ^row wk?r<* but oil" grrw before? ?e mu?t nuke ;ie iacrraai* fifty inttead olone. JfiM n; Nicaraot a, <a Canrrown.-In ,nr tlimine Will be found a letter Inwi Lfinl Tel* ner?*.< n. ?n*l th" rn?lf of !)?> Halim*. with r?c ?>ct t? thr orctipa'ion of taan, or Gr^ytowa. ..y the IU.ti?Y The rorrr?j>o?l<*nce pT->m.?**fn ?rnir!hta( i -orr thin a w ir ?*' word#, anJ th* ?otld rinKot Ve nrpri^d if ihr conduct of l\*l.n tJnmul Itvoltf tkc peace of thia country u. i C'fat J'.rit. ia We hive a ?! ma ?Uity to in Ji' e\eot of trouble between Nir trait,:-* an<IGrt?t Bntvn,and are too marh interested infr^iniiitr roowkiiKoii rf Hmiah pntrr i n thi* c nntio'iit, to b* mere paMtrr ia?tmminl* in icIiimuw. Wf kit* matotatoed, m theory, ihr Monrre doctnne, and. if n??-d be, tnuat ?t?'*in i' by ) rartU-r. To that fai the treaty new befor* Hi** fenate should br wieHy adopted, and t ?< 1 -acttful itiplonia'i: letter# of Sir llvary Hulwer be thruet hmJ* ai> aa impertin?at iaterference >a our What hia Ore*' Britain to do our trrattpa wuh natioaa on thi* roatiaent? It might ? ? -II have flidmg pan^la, and chink* in the wall, to bmr ? b<t i? going on at rabint-t m* >mg<, or at :jie White among th? ln.ii* who Vi?it her#. Tbe tune ha* coine when action *h<mld rupj'ly th? ol |>iocraetinati?n and drivelling krquieaface to the will of aa avarieiont power. What i? to be done?-and wh?n ?hall the bii?iae*? # cornj^ted ? We shall not pauw long for a *&? I', ? Dlalrlct tanrt. B tt? preti lint rirtxin Tb?< ?vr'. ?l tad un*<l Iu??day ?e4t. City and Suburban !f?w? . jtxrr i.iwd's tiif c.*sn.k ov*dbn TUIM?THK N1QIITI.NUAUC TO ?INO TilKRE N K K f WKEK. Thf Castle Qarden hu been taken by Barnum. Jenny Lind.andthe artist* whe aoeorapany her. having expressed their eatlafactlon with it, partl<sal*rly U i** I.ind, who, though aha haa no pecuniary Interact In the receipts. daalrea aa large a place aa possible, ia order that the tickets may be low, and that all may have aa opportunity of hearing her. It ean be made to accommodate about 8,004 persons. The first concert will be given on Wednesday evening, and another on Friday evening (treat imprarementa will be.meantime, mada in the building. The curtain will be rep'aced by a soundiacc board and the stage brought forward two or three feet A new and cipacloux mode of egress t? to be opened In the rear, to take away the pressure from the front pannage The band Is to consist of sixty first late musicians. It is expected that the Mayor will permit carriages to enter the Battery, as on the occasions ol the agricultural shows. The tickets are te be sold by auction, on Saturday next?the plaee wilt be duly announced h?reaft*r. ? All the tlckcts not disposed of by auction on that day, will be sold at (3 each. Those sold by auction will be lor the choice seats, and, no doubt, will bring high prices. Mr. Barnum has received numerous applications for tickets, by prirate rale, and enormous prices are offered, but he has determined not to aocept any prirate offer, sal* by auction being the fairest to the public. It will be well for all persons who wish to hear tha Nightingale (and who does not?) to secure a ticket while she sings in Castle Garden, the capaoity of which is more than double that of the new hall now ' in course of erection?the chances of hearing her far $3 in the Castle Garden being as two to one. If tha I house is always kegt filled, of course the entire ona ' hundred and fifty concerts wili be given in New Tork; and Jenny Llnd has determined that she will remain so long here that every person may hear her for tha minlnum price. 1 Mr. Barnum has received an offer of $5,000 to give a ; concert In Toronto. And he has received letters also from St. Louis, Cincinnati, and from othar cities of the South and West, urging upon : him to favor tbem with concerts ; but it 1* ' qtiite evident that it will be Mr. Barnum's policy to continue the concerts in New York as long as the house continues to be filled, even at (3 per ticket, Inasmuch > as na building can found in any of thosa cities | sufficiently large to pay as well as the Castla Garden ! at that price, though the tickets should be all sold at $10 each. The excitement about the Swedish Nightingale (till continue* as strong aa ever, and yesterday the street in front ot the Irving House wax crowded, just aa on the two preceding days, with pers ns anxious to eateh a glimpse of the qneen of aorg. Kven to a late hour la?t evening the crowd did not diapers*. In the forenoon aha received several presents of bouquets oi flowers, and other elegant tokens of respaat and esteem. Ft* felt overwhelmed with gratitude for these attentions, and seemed quit* distressed when aha waa informed that the persons who brought the presents would not accept of money; but would feel Insulted if it was offered to them. She said, what can I do to expreaa my gratitude for such kindness ?" She asked to see the persons who brought the articles, and upon being informed that they bad gone, she insisted that no presents should be received again unless she saw those who conveyed them, as she wished at least to thank them Mademoiselle Llnd received an invitation yesterday from the Blind Asylum to visit its inmates. She not only consented to do so. but Intimated her intention to sing for the pleasure of those afflicted with deprivation of sight. In the afternoon she rode out in a carriage with Mr. Jules Benedict. We have heard that her object was to fnd tome place more retired than the Irving Iloure. to stay at during her sqjourn in New York. She is of a very retiring disposition, and desire* aa much quiet aa possible. Bhe visited the New York Hotel with that view, and it is understood she will put up thera in a day or two. While ah* find* it dealrabla to take thin etep. ?h? i( greatly pleaaed with the attention of Mr Howard and with hit magnillsent hotel. Attar returning from her drira, *bw dined at the public tahle. at half paft three o clock baring Invited Mr llarnam. and Captain Went, of the Atlantic, to dine with her She wan delighted with the arrangement* and with tba company, and tt l? naadlaaa to Bay that they war* delighted with her," the obeerred of all , observer* ' I w.l.arn that Mr. Barnnm li about to praaant to I Mr Wilton, the agent who engaged Jenny Liad, a ?erviee of plate. It may be aeen at Tenney'f. in Broadway. TUK rRESK-NTATIOW or A *wohd AND T?) oen. MMM IAMB. A committee having been appointed, oonaliting of tour member*. (Mr Tolon a* Hreaident) to preieut a I (aerd and (lag In behalf of theCubau iadiex and gentlemen fram New Vork. Hortoo and 1'hiladelphl* to i tienerwl Lopoi. the preaentatlon took place on Saturday afternoon. 21th Augu<t, at lieneral Lopet'* I room*. In Harnum'ii Hotel The banner la a rich ona, made of water (ilk. and the atar trimmed with ailver. The addrvue wan delivered by Miguel T Tolon. ! 1'rneident of the Committee, and ia a> follow*: ? Qc-hbai ?A lata* aumbfr ef t'uhana. reeideat ia New j Tork. have doae bo the hoa< r to eonmieaion ? to pnual I to you thia eword. together with this tl*<. wrought by the fait I nada nf aotne beautiful daughuia of t/ whoathat j taik h*? baea * labor of love. Ueaeral, I'm proof nf ir?lt??*e aad ajrmpeih; for jroar aaertioaa aa I aa?ritce* ia Behalf of oar beloved eonatry. and of the ronnirn * and ! tm"t irpostd In job a* the in* ruinant which Proridanoe I eeeini to have dt-ianat. I ^?rr> in* ff--; ;li? ( I revolution ahieh eill brin* ia ita train liberty. peaoe and | proafwrny to ike r.aforiaeate inhabitant* of i aha. At the one > Biholuaa the nationality of Cuhv free, in leiomdant. | ?a.t h?|.p j, n? ah* ought la b*, an I >hall la. 4 .* tha othat I f*PTT*?at the aol? m>'*na t y which an ntlavoi n?opl? raa i br*ak th* yok*?f a r<ir*iia d**i>otitai. Th* n ihil ? of I I ukmi alr*ad) >h??n by you, mark* yon n ' tha man worthy or ralatait *l?ft 'ha. tit*. til ?*aria? It j along lit* (?ih of ?lvry tv vtrtain triumph, m l th* haraia I p. raatial aalor of which irou hat* |ltin ta hUlory ao taany prooi,. Hurt! ua that that aword ran n*tar b* wirldcd b/ a hand w rthier or braitr. M * know. <J a*ral all th* pari tlrulara of yaar lata attampt to h*rtn th* raaolntloa oath* toil of < uba; v * uadamaud wall all th* impurtaaoa af aarpri'in/ kaiiBUi, by landia* at Cardaaaa; and know, too. that ' admrahla a tuhibation tailal by r*aa?n of ua< of thr?* raaaal'ira whtrh of'*a dt*;oao?rt th* nnl trilliaat mili'ary plaa*. Nothlra aa-urr*d which roald ispatr th* roahdtnua of lb* tatalli(*at, a<?r <,i'n*t.B th* cuaa * of th# j??t. mhrtbrr in ra*ard to your rapacity a* a laad*r, t* your ttlor at a aaldiar. or to yuiir popularity aad iaitu*a?a aaar th* P* pi*, and ataa orar th* ,?| aa an I" op< i ham a* <** la ftiLa?tro.ifa ? hi*r. oaly r?*.*t*d uadtr th* r?*or aad habit af ait'itary aitatplla*. aad in lfn< raa?a I i .? saaat aad of I th* ihlat thty w*r* opp.aiaa, ami whiah, with apintaa**** aiha-lana. ]*laod that rat.*' aad that rktaf iia> a?ih* d*v* *1 at* ritnc T?d aad*r whtrh 'hoy w*r* ditriag tka roaiS*i of that alfM. W* know al*?.that your opartuaaa war* int rraiptfd *ad fruatrawd by tk* uraaia* hack of a porti. a af your talaataara. who aot oaly r?fa*? J la I ' ? yau. al'ar laattaa b**a tnamphant la lart*na<. n?iat,a? at Mian mtlll ta Eay Viit. roatrary ta yoar * a proa* <>rd*ra l ot alao dlaroaardad yoar an r*atit? that y a your* arlf mlthl h* 1at.d*d a'aay patat *f th* lalaad with tk>*a ka a ?ha4 la mtfty yaa. Bi t whil* wa I pi r* y?a ao i nlortana** a alrliir"*, ? M "i* that hi othar ' tail haa raaaltod (r m It but ta* d*lay for a f*w daa of '.ha I la*Tlt?hU C'ukaa faaalattoa. It la aawllaa*. hiwaror, ta paak of th* paat, aad atlll mora aa*dl?aa |i ra a'ad yoa of 1 tntrrai datlat yoa hat* y?" to *ta>m|liah. I'ati aapwt* | It all from you?you ka'a It; aad roaaiatad a* w* af* af I j?i?r lad-mUaM* *aar. y. T?ra*Mfa-> # aad r?* luUoa ?< all a? of yoar axp*rt?n?# aaa know'. da* of tl* Hjwaatt ! at.ii \ aalat ta Caat for aa triia?diat* aai happy rcahi i <a, 1 not I ta - mora rraaata* for ua. tioa?ral. thaa ta await, haw* ' a**r m.i>*-l>at. th* aioaiaat wh*a y a may latit* na t . tka II* Id af latilo, t?? a-nquor or to 41*. a* worthy aoaa of i u'.a, aadart'i a tdow <f that fit*. la th; a* at ? aura t< f d th* daairw aapraaaad ay yaa raalf, aa k*ia< < J 1 ? tka a>> p at><i?t ta ka tak*a it t i t't >.?* aatH ta rwi I- , la Naw Vark. I'kilada Ipl.ia aai I It.-at a; aad w* pr***at It ta . yaa. if h aa alit aM k* tka airurU daatiuad ta a*??r t i? otiai nri'r* raa'nrlaa. hara aarbrat>ir?a , I . ba-a w.i(?. O r<T.' n r?? It MKip'r III rnaaaat, but ( .!?M. ? In tna4 ml l-mi-r 1 w'.#a ai>l-t> I kr lit >li t| itm (ktoh M M nm it t|i Ml tha fi*ry > I af lm>n-? . aor4 ?bo?r .IM tha' it la ??? f il that i^irfMil ban * mux ha a.tnal.t bakMlh I'.a nha-lia of llb> ,} : * ?? l??lt plv-w^.m ?u?' liVr'ata oaiaba'a." IOfl'lll, mhmrrt f<m ? ; jrou will ba f Ilaaa4 br ontiriMiiiil fiit hwn. |I !?? ?ii'' tha aaa r*l f loaa of an* III art . am I wl.ila ara ail par?-*t m th? | aahlapura ?. >n fM>< ti' i'f ilkmii ti <(ii<a< ? l?i a? tl.a- avaatfy, ihm aaaat^la >?? i?Mt I a?4 latarl mmi ui. Wor'iMt ? i ' ru'j * its ? >? '? aaaaraaoa ?l a. i< ? ?>f ? ahafl rata* ta i*a?>4 ?ha rrj of UK. rtr, , ?? ) a>*a to Ik* a ia4 tha t*ahaa *'* (''B tar oar# ah >raa. t a ahali Ha4 by jaar at4a ? ib????i taraMa aa-afcar ~f cabana, 1 roHtli la ta l'alt*4 fttaiar. aat aim lha blaa ,a,- ?f 11*4 ni a (fr moat ?aer?4 rauaa fat arhlrk Uit aaart ! ?r? na- i ( lihfd. ?f t?a?t that tb ? will aat mw tSaaarlaa* aami tii of Ibalraoaatry an* tkalr rhiaf Tija Hanaral (h>n rrn|l>4 la lha fillnwlat ??rnt? Waaitlamaa ? f*?m tha l?>tt?.ai of aarb<art I 'bant t*>a baaadial 4a??>it*r> <* Caba. aa4 tlai a .tlhj on,,|j.?irlnfa a-h n faa rapraaant, forWi-aa naif. I aaania. u<ala af tfi?ir >raaith? a?K' ali l?n> a, lbaa?). ra aal f-allat ta at t va Hi- m hi aha ? la tha t;r? p.-* iraaithahia.ilait- | aaaa Ibla ??l4aaaa "4 patrl >ti?ai. a?..raj?, faraaTajranaa, ai4 area In aat<r?al*nf lho?a a?a-im??*?( I am. -a raotar, I wall aatma4 that ji.a aarra> il? ra|>?a?-a< ?b?fa?ar*l |>#? . ]0(ira af aar raaalry, aba" I bar- r?aa.??4 from that* aana. Ml ?r I rrllabla a<a*raa?aa vbiib 4a aat |<tait m* ta i 4**M I' a' aa ar Maatal far fr u> lnh?4rtann? lb? ( .|iia. > a.? but aaraaai>!?4 thair ar4<?r, aa<l baa ?? I i? raraj far l?rw%rA tha rtn?n "t ?ba raralntloa; a pro^ na ln-Mly (.nr. t.aa*4 f?r Caba br ?r?aiar ?a?-l?-aa >bm li ^a? ? ?t (aal xaljr u aiiraal.aa, bat atan Hfiuff tba niH--t i'lntaaf it.ia rawatrt, aba bara aa haaarabla part ia :b? a-' 'fH?a. I tj mart bl >?< tbui aia/ haaa ba?a aaal aa4 i>y all tta cri?f II may haaa at aa ta a<>a har laTt attll la h?r . ha'aia. a km aa hat4 h?f li?*rt/ aim ta aar aafy ?faa?. R<Ti |nllia< ar? afnafca af trial *? tb? larafarif |b? toala that a?iira ba h* Ir?a. aa4 tn |Im fraa4 aa ta Ikair r?jairy; thaaa wka taka |>art la mam inn >t a<>! aal/ ha I ro?'?at la paaa tbrnafh tha 4arb aal raiafnl han't ..f tha al(K- lafata Ibrf raa kail Ha ifaratlaatly t?alta4 ana, i>at I'.af mutt raa.,ta tkamaajara, too, to ralnra, la nabla atiaiiaa, aatil anacaaa haa <'a *pa4 tha aaal n# |l?r? nr .ii tl.alr aark. tha ralaaaia* af 'a-miaa -th? ?"l taa?a of allaa rjaira'Waa? aa4 tba ba? ilnf of t'tat aall-fafular farty ?hl?k haa a ooaiaiaa aai.?t?a*a aal a raai*aa rbarar-ar. I* ail aonatrxa aa4 aalar all f >r-aa of fatrtanaa* lint all ihlalaaaatly Voraa b/ tka anra <>oaftaaaa, Iba aiatWl hofa, aal tka raanlala ?il1 af patrlat. I?ai -tha- rvriatlaai ahlak la a?w oar roianta t?latll?la >f atllan. aa4 tha baa4 af oar aar4iaJ anlan. Tbla tat akall ba tba raa maa'al fa* >.f tba I rat ba4 r t bat akall ba ar?taIia4 aa ?arr-aa'ra'aaoil. abiak ahallbaar bha aronl naaw f Iba mia?iL af "Tha IHntbtara of Caba. It ahall ??t? alara b? lai?. ?It aball ba mr tbftt ia k Cuban rraae, iliith ball aorva to mark aaother itap is th< onward aaarcb of the ravolutiaa yea juatly call iaavitahle 1 Uauk torn, too, aaatl ? ??. (or your atteattoa to my Aeaire thai all the (Utter of thia >okl? weapon ahoald be (mi oa ita tla<U. ana tbat tka ooat af aay auperfluoua adoramea ,L \.l J rather b? applied for tha baaeSt of thoea bra?e Spaatal Idiera who, with ao much eatbaaiaain. voluatarily Joiaet our reaka aa aeoa aa I bay knew who wa wara, and what ou olyeot. A aword of aereioe, of a rapublieaa alaplicity, ku atroag ia ita ateel fur tha overthrow of tyraaay, la Iadooi tha oaly ?a? hebttia* tha time, or which woald bo aeoept able to my owa feelia*a. Ia tha apirit of ita motto, I aay U..d apctJ tha hour when that, libarty aad tranioil h?ppi aca? leiBft aetured to Cuba, which the aword aloaa oa achieve, it ?ay be coaverted iato tha plouKhahara of pea^e. i ku acaocmt ?The Free Academy will csmmeoo it? nfxt term oa Thurnduy next. 6th lost., at 8 o'olool A.M. Uikuold AMoiruTiof.?Wa leara that thin com pan ot citizen aoldiera yiit Keyport thia morning, in th ntcamer Cinderella, from foot of Chamber* atrret. a bS * M tor target practice, accompanied bj Dod worth'* Cornet Band. OiurAuifii. or BHirrna and Puimsua.?On Moa da) Uat, mere arrived at thia port, tttirty three nail fl mtuare-rigged Teneelv from foreign porta, bring log -11 ataerage paeaengen The packet thlps Eatrrpri** Went Point, and N?w York, from Liverpool; Yorktow from London, and Helena from Canton. were amon the arrival*. There were also (our vessels (roin Ri Janeiro, including the U 8. stoia ship Southampton all of which were detained at the quarantine ground At sunset. there were several large ships near the bai which hauled off (bore on account of the appetranse c the weather, and having no pilots on board. Baoon vn Police News.?A precocious youth. name Chariot Whulock. who waa arrested some time siuci by officer Felt, on a charge of having knocked down young lady in the bakery of Thomas Burns, corner < Hicks and Atlantic streets and by thin meaus robbe the drawer of about three dollars, in bills, was brough out ol jail lor examiuatiin. tie plead guilty to th charge, when the Justice thought the best course t pursue waa to give him money enough to pay his fei riaife. snd a recommenlatkun to clear outot Brookly forthwith. Ahmiiiidto Bail.?Aaron Bradley, the colored lav Ver wlio has been confined in the count v jail, in Brool lyn. for a term of several months, he having been am io procure bail, on a charge of seduction, wuic had been preferred against him by some frail one froi the village ot Williams burgh, waa, yesterday, brougt

out on a writ ol habeas corpus. Issued by J udge lire*i wood, and by him admitted to bail in the sum of $1 ih? The Gkhm?> Tailobs in Bsooklt*.?Two ot the Oe man tailors who committed the riot on the boundai lina between this city and Wlliiamsbarch. were a rested, a day *r two since, and brought into court They gava ball for their appearance to answer at higher tribunal. The names of the parties are lieui L Holsappls and Lewis Bethen. Tub (booelth Oitv Corkt?Landlord awo Tlia^ Case.?John 0. Murphy, against the Brooklyn Phcenl tilasaCompany.?This was an action brougut by tt plaint ill to obtain a dispossess warrant lor the ejec nient of the dafendants from premises owned by hii Plaintiff claims that defendants continue. uolawfuLl to bold possession of the place after receiving noti fn ni blm to vacate. The defendants answer that thi hold a lease on the premises for the term of three yea from the first ot August. 184!'. and deny that they a holding over, as alleged by the plaintiff. The trial the facts in this case commenced yesterday aflernoo hut was not concluded. City Politic*. Thi: DemOciatic Oi-iual Committee.-The democrat general committee recently elected, met last night Tammany llall. to dispose of the contested Fifieeni ward, and to permanently organise the commute After considerable discussion, the -Jtoss" ticket Wi limit teil The following delegates were then DUt ucniinallan tor the office ot Chairman: Wester Ktraban. O Couinr. Rem-vtlt. and Sbepard. Thathr latter dfcHmsl so that, at present. the honor la b twn*u WeKtern and Strahan There wan oo cicetM lart evening; und it is said other candidates ar? ta ! put in nooiDttion this evening. when the eommilt will again meet to proceed with the election. Cornnoi Co mnell. BOAED OF ALutimn. Present, the President and a quorum of membei The uiinutes of the last meeting were read Approve Petition ol Edward Lcgae aud other*, for a sewer Orange street Referred Of sundry persons. for ower in Thirty-flnt atreet, from Seventh arenaKigbth avenue. Referred Ainu lor a newer in Re wick (tract. Referred Application of the Uorernc 01 Hie Alum House lur the use ol engine No 13. to placed on Hlackweli'i Inland Referred. Reaolutlo to appoint James U Wilsou Deputy Clerk of the Boa of Aldermen Also. John 11 Chambers 1st Asslxta Clerk and llenry Teueyck 2d Aseistaut Clerk Adoj ed. Resolution to rescind the resolution empvwerii the Ommitte n Police to appoint a physician to .li farson market and Essem market prisons. Adopted. EKPOETS. In fsvorof lighting Auin street. from Fourth stre : to Oreenwich av.-nue and Anthway street. betwe< We?t Broadeay and Broadway, with ga< Adopted In Iavor of building a se?i-r In Katavia street, fro James to Roocevelt street Adopted. Advene to amending the ordinance for a sawer Thirteenth street and Kirst avenua Adopted In favor of building in Thirty-seventh street, fro between Ninth and Tenth avenues, a sewer In Nlnl : avenue. Adopted. in ffcvor of building a aewer in Dnane street.Thorn* | and Jay streets Adopted In favor ol building a sewar in Twenty-ninth stree from Third to Second avenua. Adopted. In lavor ot building a sawer in Seventh street, fro I Avenue B to C Adopted Adveraa to relieving Thoma#9aiter from assesemei for regradlng fulinan street. Adopted. In lavar at placing two gas lamps la front of sundi i ehurchcc. Adopted In Ikiw al U|kUsa Fortieth street, between ligbi , and Ninth avenues. Forty second street, from Fifth Tenth avanne, and forty-tifth street, from Seventh Tenth avanue, with oil lampc. Adopted. 1* fator ot repenting eo much of section SOI of orii 1 nanecs, organising the'department, ns requires a su ol money to be paid for making connections wii ewers Adopted. ( AmnlitM In favor of tl old arieual yard to the New llaven .Kailroa.l Cniapan ?M taken up and a resolution waa adopted, grantu lb* compauy a iNur of the ground lor 21 year*. >0 Owi per annum with tale* aud MMMMM ?ubj?to ititfal at the apprnl?*d value ?ritb tba foliowii amrDdarDl. which >a> offered bj Alderman fhaw : Provided that nothing lh?irin contained hall I construed or taken u a consent or aaaent on the pa of tba Corporation ol tba city of New Tork. to tbe u by tbe raid railroad company, of any of tbe ?treet? ar avenue* of tbe >aid rlty. for tbe porpxi ol runnli cam thereon by virtue ! an agreement with the lla lam Railroad t ompany. or aa waiver of tbe right a( power of tbe Common Counell of *alj city, to regula aad control the aaid New York and Naw Haven Kal road Company to the came extent It can now eontr tbe New \ ork and Uarlem Kali road Company Adjourned. HOARD OF *S*t<TAXT AI.MCRMKN. Pirx.S The Board met thi* evening, at the um hour rtraaa ??r??avD A petition vi< received lr<n the Inhabitant" MadUon ninare, praying for th? tl ?<juare oa Twenty third atreet and alao on tb? Klfl avenue. M a uniform line with the Men jrarli i tbme etreetn A petition from Captain Turnhnil. I enlargement. Improvement, and repair* for tbe Kigbi ward elation houae A rein .n?tr?ue? from own* and agent* af property adjacent t" the park at t! Flu Point*. *galo?t the nail park being drvotej t > place of public wa?blng and bathing The petition ay that the park wa< purchased and paid f>r by a?m-??aent ou their property, that It vh guarautei to lb- aa a park and thu' :hey are gnwlllinj to ha< it appr priated to any other purp.*e They al?i r w< netraiM that the Common Council have not tl power to divert the park fmjn the u?e fit which It wi originally Intended A memorial ft >m the In l i iri C?itgi?e? in relation to the manner In which th<< pu lie work* ?f owr ally are now . arrlel on A re noi etran< e ftom f amuel It H Norton. arain?t the raWli of Oak etreet, from Pearl to Cath?rlii" *ir??t A p ttll"ii from w tlliani ? TinM**r an inrm?n r.ri: au|>ola>tia?nt of b<-!l rtngar at oim of th" publ'fl at linn* ;a 'fltlWr" would bo a vory ?ppr >pna ff??B for the niployra?nt I A rraoliatlo?. io l???r ofr?pth' pUtfrra* m tkrct nc ihrplif prison ?i'h thr Coart of.^uljK wi adapted A n port of Commit!** o? Road*, la favor of r?c latlrg and grading taoo?4 ar?nu?. fr?oi %th to liJ rlml *? aj?> a<l<>pt. I A trp <ri of ibo roaalUw on *tr?K?. rrr >main llr a coururrmc* with th? Board of Ald*rn?o In tl adoption of th* rwntntloii nlatlni to contracting ! th' l!u-? parvmint. from th* bout-J warrhouw I I>t> adwajr. to Norrta Mra??t, wa? coDOurrod In A p> litmn trow Jar oh Hharp for paym?at of artrai owa?r?' proportion of roat for bull ling pb-r at la* ft* of Twrnli l(hih atr<>#t. Kaat rt??r -r'farrrd a rvaolwl<>a of th? Hoard of A;d?rm?n gr^nrla f I '? V i * >1 art la for It nn?a >u>taln d hjr hi ft"m falling tain aa ??caratioa la Kldg* atr??t. la I >4 ww ron.-urr. d in A rr?l?tlM e< oru-rtng with th? II ard nf I'J# m?n. ta la* aidowal k of Kottrto?ath atro?t hatwrf'-nail aa?i fbwl himm wa* paa??d It wa? r?-"lr-4 'hat ? from Toath to Thli Iwtth atr?'t. Im lighted with ?a?: and alao that L? ? ilraal, from tloaatoa to Rtghth attwet. bo Il|ktr4 wit f?? A(journ#J to to-morrow evening at i o'cloek Patllro tiiti-IHgi-iarr. Rafi'arf -foaia bold rtft". on Honda? nigh rlambrred o?*r th* rear f*n?? aad f"r#*d an entr-in' throuah the baek window of the hardware at >r?. No I i li?ll llfNi. nwn.' l hy 1?ih?u l> Uir<t??ll aixlin th?r?fi' in a M "I |?*s> It ii I f* v 11 'i I ' IT?T-100, at* (rum th* oitfV *17 Th? bu'glara h??? <*i raped frf the |?r?aant ?|fh th? f>r"p?rty J)iM mi Ik* Wip .<?(nr /Vtfrr - four of IK? Iri?h |oa horn m?n called lam?? W?l?h Johu Donovan llu< and Ml'hael Pr*l!y. ?#re lff"l?4 durtn tb?- riot which look *t th* -hip 4ndre? Ko >i rxpreiis< ilt?| ni? which occnrml between ? '" th.' llf print ?< mmf l'rnt?*tanf? on h >?.-1 I he (his ti f ?ri|ruUr? ot which ?r puMi*li*J in yefterjay //. ,1, They wera taoiubt b-?ora .Ta?iiw 0*borna oa th rharc*. ?ho roaimlttad them to pri-on in 4-fm,t ? tall. HuriloU ?The dwelling "f Mr flettaf. atta?t*< I Mo ft'JPIxth ??reet enteral <>n M m l?r night hj *>nv burglar* wh? raact'bad the pr?ral>?? from top u bottoai The fatally ocupnog the biuae art ail In tin country Haarreat. /V liii' wii /' !( w - 0?n 0 Ttiat'?. tha Ji? k"??t pnataiaater. who. a fh"rttlnie ainic. rohbel th< mtll m I after hi? *rr-?t ipe I If m the ?fll- -r?. < reward ha* l.m offered by the (uTcroiniat, of foi bio n umt IT. I. ( ?nml?l*n?r'i OBc?. Pert S ~r?rt<i, IS' ?t warraat from thi Dcaartaant. at WDhln^ii. ha* h??? ad<tr?"?<! to (Its. W Morton E? | , re|Ulrtn{ him ta I'll*' ! fottaa. committed oa a -barf "* r,Tt,ry^' the officer wta followed him from Ici|hi<I or to other aaraoa aa ah all ta antherlce by th* Br;?.I?h Coarol. rarbM taiof a ?nbj???t of tat the Swn ?f wt*ai kinim i parttof lnUUl|?aM. CcRTIETILLE Coi'HE, L. I. T*OTTIH .?Thr** fVNI will be tretted for, thi* ftwnoon. by torn* ot til* iDMt nag* that cam be produced. The first field comprtaaa ah. m. Fanny, en g. Sorrel Ned, (of Philadelphia), bl. g. Stranger, and eh. g. 8film They will aaauredly maka a splendid race Kor the aoooad puree. Balls, Kantuck. and Centre rllle, contend aad lor the third parse, four good horae* *tart, which will certainlr well repay a Man. food af trotting, for the lima and money requisite to wltnea* the (ports, i On Thursday, there will ba great trotting eontaet at the Union C'eurse. between Lady Moaoow, Tom ? Oarniey. and Petham. 1 Oaicarr ?The first game of the Iloma and H*tn* match between the 8t. Ueorge and New Kngland y Criokat Clubs, was ommnnced on the ground of the e St George'* Club, Red llouae. Harlem, on Tuesday, t The rain prevented more than a single Inning* of one club, which was playad by th* Bt. Qaorga's, between the showers Yesterday was more propitious, and the New Knglander* went in and soored 00. The St George then followed and, with aiz wiokets down, had mark id . l'io of whieh 8. Wright had (not ont) 65, and IS. Waller 26, when he was eanght by Mr. Lalng. There ^ waa, alao, a soore of 13 plao*d opposite Mr. Bates'* name. * The N*w Kngianders bowled and batted admirably; _ their only tault waa In their bowling, whieh wa* en7 tlrely underhand. , To-day the game will be played out, on the same ground : the wicket* will be pitohed at 10 A. M. We ubjoin the *cor* ? st oroaca's club. d Fir it Inning?. > R. Waller, b. J. Johnson 1 a B.Bates, b. J. Johnson. ( >t 8. Wright, b. T. Johnson 41 <1 T. Green, run out Q it J Walker, b. J.Johnson < >e H. Groom, b. Laing ? < o J. Tieknor, b. J Johnson T I r- J.Buckley, b. J.Johnson I n K Waller, e Haneatt b T Johnson 11 A. Vinton, (notout) < r- T.Tinson. b. T Johnson 2 I- Leg byes 1 ? _ h * 7< Second Inning?. it Bates. b. J. Johnson 1! i- B.Wright, not out N II. K. Waller, c Laing. b. Bennett . 4! r- J. Walker, b. Bennett 4 J J. Buckley. b. J. Johnson ( i- 3. Tleknor ' " " C ? Vinton ((tumped) 1 a Groom ' 7 12i rr 1IW K*OLA*D Cll'l. Ix Fir it Inning i. le T. Morgan, (run out) i l- Bennett, b. K Waller n. Lalng. b E. Waller 1* y, Towle. (1. b.w ) b E Waller ' ee T. Johnson. (run out) I ?y J.Johnson, (not out) 3' rs Lam, (run out) re Tilt. o. Groom 1 of Draper, do I n, Gorick. c Tinsnn. b. Groom Gardley, b. K. Waller Leg b;e( Byes : I, Wide ball 1 u ~~Z ih PKruTRiAmiM?A foot race, of a quarter of a mill n, for tau(>. came off yesterday afternoon, at the Centre in Tille Course, between Hugh Cvrren and P. Closej D The latter-named won hardily by about fifteen yards ,,a Curren was the favorite at ICO to 80. and oonsiderabl 0. money ?aa lost on him. The parties were in traialn ,D only ten days, and feeing but amateur* at thl* buci t>,. nrss they acquitted themselves very well, the winne performing the dlstanee iu fifty-aloe seconds. Movement* of Distinguished People. Captaia Luther. U. 8. A ; Major K. E. MoLuan. U. P A . J W. raleeno, I'tutni; J. Tlffln, Montreal, an 132 other* arrived yesterday at the Irving Uoum. * 81|tnor Ponrt* and family, Havana, Madam* Btrtl?an family do.; W.J Bchenek and family. New York; W B. IlwfTmao. K*<j . New York; Mr?. Col. Grayion D? * troit; Captain 8 L. Briin. D. 8 N ; Captain TayUi Arkmimn; Hob. C. Coleman New York: t Diion. ke i n Niagara, Mr. Kunll and family, L. Inland, and ninety three other* have arrived and taken apartment* at th b* Union I'lace Uotel. Dr Weblett. Virginia; W II. Power*, Alabama; C ""J Brown. Toronto; Allen Haine.J K Staplaton. Haiti Qt more; 8aml C. Morton. Philadelphia, and **T*nty-on other* arrived ye*tardaj. and have taken room# a the Howard Hotel. " E. P. Handy. U 8 N ; T. <3. Pitcher, C. 8. A ; A. W Hutchinson, Ala ; H Bayard Va ; and ninety-savei other*, arrived yesterday, and took room* at the A*tu *' Houxe. ?? J K Harrison U. 8 N ; Msj Wayne. U 8. A ; O fl Johnson. ila , I II Rhode* Va , Dr Hare Philadel ra phia. and seventy-four other*, at rived y eater day, an took raoma at the American Hotel ' MIm Krederika Bremer 1* at Albany, N. T. Court Calendar?Thla Day. -h Commok Pi r ? ?No* 411. 867. 480. 4*1, 403, 406. 407 4WU. 601, 6( 3 606. 613. 616. 617. 621, 628 u Ci ntfiT Coasr ?786 to 7M, 7#?X to 800. '' A more eaan plate and beaatlM a*aort _ ment of Gold and Mirer Watches we bare aeeer *e?a oefur then that offered for aal* by J. Y. Sav*?*.!? Pultea *traei We would advise wholesale dealer* aad olher* te eaataia< it The Kicbalian Ever-pointed GoM Pen*, whieb bare born high reputation for y-ara, are sold a* above. 1 Haad Lagta-Brwka'* Cutamer* (mate th tbat be eell* neater, ebeaper, aad mora durable ba?M l0 1 *hoe*. (alter*, fee., than any other dealer la to?a. W i would advise our reader*, who are al.out m?kia? purahaae, ' ( wboleeale or retail) to call at No. ISO ralten *tr**t, wh*r ( : they will Sad a large assortment,at low price*. Tliana 9S HalLa? An Klegant and Paihltn ' all* a*e?rtm*nt hae Ja*t com* to baa<l, eoaaiauujc ef Olet Cnata Caseimere Psats. aai Faacy Veets. sleo, Overeoai lie 1 ant Cloaks $1 to $11. C*r**r of Naaeau nad Beektuaa, al* y, 1 eoraer of Oread nad Centre etreet*. Opera Ulaaaaa. WO Ulaeava of wary urea ?? msanifyinf newer, luet received, aad for aale law, at w'tela " ealr or retail, hy GILBERT, RO.'KH'tLL k bAVIS, . 'a | Conrtlaadt atreet. ?e The PI am be National Da|a?rraan Uallery rt No. ZM braadway.?Tbl* Ju*tlr celebrated Gallery rvery ?u < should vWt. It rna'atna the larj|eat collection of |>ertraii ,j ef diatingulahed Individual* In tola eouatry. eieeated la iai | mitable atyla by the . Ideal artiats in the United State*. [j Elegant Bridal Carda, Knvelopea, Cab _ i IWea. aad Bridal Wafer*. ?'f the lafat and m at ffaitlene , kle *?tlr?, caa be had at lriRD[|.L'I.M Broadway, eor ner of Luans atreet. Mr Kvtrdcll baa a bieach *ler* at N< 01 2 Wail atieet. fur the aceomruodatioa <1 kis down town cue tamer*. 1 omb Man ul?< l?.r> . ill I , UllM<l? u> ? Til nriaal iiualHitrtr of tn? r*i*krat*4 ( ?? Chaua 8h*l 1 C->'?1'*. *B?t th* naljr niaaafaclarar m Hrn?<lw*jr, lavita. th U4ta* I" a*II ??'! aiamiaa bia lata ta?pr?*ad pattaraa. Ft* mi?in i >p*a I'Iimii. ?<t. Comb* at wV^Uaal*. nf t M. OtlMHT. *UH Broalway. " llnlr Dya.-Halrti'lar'i U?aaln? i.l.,uli H*tr Dy*. *au only b* pr?<*ar*<1 at th* inaaiaiaotory, * Wal Iti il. Th* ptiMI<i*h'>al? fuarJ aiuul imitatlua*. Br* rutom 4lpl..maa I'arauna ?h>/?* i air tia*aa?va?4 a ba y tur (rum th* n* cf th* Imitati- n Ija* eaa ba?*it ??r ra*t*<I by aaliia* u abor*. C??T tit* Wdrti*. H'l(l and Tvupru?Another Medal ha b**a a to fa UaiahaUr, for th* b**' Wi(? an i T?a (? < Ilia riil It* ?ra ,a?i'*4 Va inaiMet hi* a*? atria fa 1-Ml. * l?ATrilF.I.OH i ralal.rated W? Tatt rj I Wall ?l a br?i? tt.a lat(**t aa4 > *? a**?rtataat la vfe* ?l?f. C ? thr a* Iraaa. rilrrhnih'i Wlri and Tv?|hm, fill holt th-tr . hara. iar f?r tb? baat aa4 *h*ap*at la th* coaairf Thai* l^bt.i a.n.?r labri", aatn-al cailal hair, parif ua ' it. a? *1 . i* t lar anit aataral appa iran**, ha?a >taa|e4 thai auprriint) m>t all tu* ***14; J*4(* lar r >ur**lr**. *iaaia aaa Mt<atU?4,il 179 Br *i*a;, ap lUiri., Illll, Ihr Inimitable C'Mtfrr af Hair am Win.Vara, at II Naaaaa, *?*??r nf Plna ?tra*t. cat* lath % A" *rtran Kr.iliaK. Iran ... ?*4 *?i-ry;. Mf ?' ill. Mm m? waara-, |- i I?> ma ? r? Blrat aamillj. ?T? ' tonfnaa n w tfca futam ?4 rratnl rm"" g' ?k u RnrrrN t'n|*riill(lr(l?ll Irhlnf'l Ofprp >t ? Tt ? Miiawh prtfMM tl>? ilr .it>.> .( *11;i> j. flii'di *' lah ! a I aa4 I Ilia. To |' at mia all latafaa |i ?? rr1?n> frnnJ i ?n4 ?n? U * ra?4tf la Wl la'r l??4 tal'hia "?r tltaa ttat m*<m4 f ataiiraM a41| a 1 raat r? '*a it attaa titiri tah*a 4akilitata4, t C Uiit fall r ? ihia wo?4rrfal rahiaaMaa it t a taait " al'ara >a, aa4 r <ir??Mrf friMipltt. Ir 4t<papaia. Mlt.? r i ??a?ral 4ak(Wtj, itraont alT* aa<i all a l??| ,a??l dii'tMi whif > f irm tl?? a*laa< a< It I'll" 4a af >') ?.(?" iNil4>f It th? nl| aira. aafa. aa4 rati |f ??lr??i?4j. Na>i|?l kIIn, ir r<li?a tunt. ' Jart.ij l.lnH ? It would Mill)' i?rm llir l>a ?r**i flrat !?*? , Ik' mi?htj ariainal 4-atratr an' " fraa> r of Ilit aalaara*. ina<* btn fill na |l?n af ?.!< all ' ia? ?yo tataa*4? k? ?al?i ?! ' af tka aiaiariaia tLal aa?i t f'? ?*.i? ?falj ?-?n4arfnl ortamrt TTa laliaa >a iv fxaatrv t*.I Bat ka earrta4 awa j ?ltfc tha aanit j thai th?j raa a|pt?< ?ata t* in r*a?aa!>.?aaa, aithai la ik>'i?V " i W"f4. r aril', a af l*n pnr?t ?l aatara'i * -tia ' a>?rh kt aav talta ai4 Tl?; aa<l. h? a la?M<, ftr.fa" ) of l>r. K-lhacr laia,!ikia|Mnia?nt. a? Did - 1 Hai4. ?M?k la raataia ta rl?a? 'k? aktn. aoftaa the ? la aa4 r?a-??f aatara aiar'akta ? > li?fT? ?? w r. *<14 at al h arlm. ai.rra Ika IWl<-r'aa k* a??a, at rvattaar, aa< ?? faarl. II. & r. Hlrhnt r. to 116 WlllUm alrrrl a-atalra. k#.-a aaaataailr *a kaa4 rkalak Vetal. *ilrar W I atiH l*Tm*n Hr ar? Paalara >1 Mif^atrk llaiuaaaa a aat> ?1?r atMlw'Krt v g_| . -.all kaaaa if B >|< . |Va4aT< ata at tar raa ..I ht aaj alilr manafac turt. Ii thaarata >l< daratilit j af t .lott. Krttklfi, Tan. Mllotfmaa, I1m|>lta, Kraptlcaa and a I ?k n ii tata, ara It a anil ka?*a. |">aiUT?i| fnr?4 l.j aatn< 0<aran?'a l-tlia* Ha4ica *4 *.>ap, fna | Tralra >n kit la ?f?4i. ilea l.alr fr^ai tar fart ?f tha ki4jr I Li |?i4 Rn?a? f?r | al? li|>a aa? rhaaka. r * hlkal a* rau*n, laak*4. aln??l?h oplm. pa at ?7 k?r Ir" ,l"" ' fr> k llr a4?aj. < anni4af. *?atK rhir4 at? rhila4*lpkia. Tha llriltala llralih. or rathar lh? l.aaallarla, atakttai aa4 4a<> 'apt i<? if aptrtti. aa fra^ i-?( ai? a< f" B-alca ar^ fana?4. la alaa 'aa?a out al I a a. kj iaa<-tl?a an4 t-r?i4Hf of (In ilnaarh. til UH It it?*twt |i ramot" ikla aaraa, a a 4 r?a""? t! aatara" ?ti k -41 ly aal irantal haalth. la a aa-nrta af kVAI'l' V Uaallk *?al raiiri Hitt'ta fiaaaral l>^r,t, ?;? Ha<*a?ti Naw tliaativrrjr fow Driaforaa -Ur.l.alanar'i aaw aialhatl f>?f tka !ra? -ntat < f 4?af ,?a> kaa kaaa aa^raaariaot. I all i xplaaaaat anl ia Ilia n- a4, an?t 4la- na-t-a Iraa tha aaf, ?aia4 althoat rl?k "t r>l?. at bit "Itt. It. t'< Wartaa atraak. Tl" lallara ai'an4?1ta aal-at |<r T?'<l. ?ai c >aiaiai*? $1 aiaaaltatl in faa. dHaa kaara frata ttill 1 "CopltCa A1il-tlr-Ciatat|? I'hla till* haa kaaa ?iaaa It B *la'a Maparl' ? l ull; for tha Ia4l>i 4a-lata It in M "it |u a: fi?rll I alia -.1 It 111 at* U 4 of Utt. It If rartualjr UU m aplana.'! rrart-tti'.a for tha (iBir that II iareotor. WM BOUI.B. Wo T7t W KhM'"! untt. K.atan ft ?... if A II k D. <?n ta. V t. 1W> Faltoa itraat: latitat, Clark k C?., W?. II* Hr>i4wif, J Ha? *?rk. M?lhfr?, Attrition I?If > >? want r?. rap?4, ao4 aa?at fafliaf nrr, f?.r S?IH of Hnkii Rrwi'< 4 ?-r? Nipp'aa, r'l HjIIm a c?nui?? Paia Bt'.rfior. AtaM t?M f?aat?r<Vla -a tit* olt ?nrp-r. fta I IM tb? la* Mti-lt is ib? at m itm. at *?? >% 11. OALLtr. Ill II tJatf. 1m Jtnnr LU4 uyUnUd by Iwilw MlUlxri.-Oi iter, Mrs. Ly?a i?-,T- >k( . Fraaok Milliner. af & and Divlaloa atre?t. prmiM tu li vely Quaaa of Bone with oh of bar saw fall atria af Bo? aU. On plMine it ? bar baad. ud *eelu ke? w41 ifw11M bar beaavoiaat faaturat. iktsu daliihtod witk it aa* iBmadlataljr Mat tke foliewia? wU af thank, U Ua fair dunur : Cofv.?Mita Jaaaj Liad piaaant* k?r kaat eeaalimenU to Mr*- M. A. laaaca. tad bagi to ufMi bar aiaaara tkaaka far thti baautiful preaant Mr*. laaaca baa keen kind iimh 1? and bar, and nhich aha (hall faal piat pleaaare la wearlaa haw Tola, Papt. 1, lHiO. Tha original oaa ba aa?a at Mr*. L. Ium'i atom. Naa 9 and rlTlaioa atreat, aad alao thaaama il))a af Beaaeta which Jannv Liad takaa *o math pleaaart in wearing. OAKY 1ARKBT, Tnmir, MptMMI. '1 There i* no animation in tha itook market. FritM 1 art slowly, but *t*adily, attllng down, and It will b? impotaibie to arrrit the downward morement. ?T I few of tho brok?ri at tbe board hata any thing to do, and there are no (peeulatire operator* in the atrwet. No one ha* an; order* to buj for aaeount of ontMdew, and holder* hare to wait the morament* of the boar*. A* contract* expire, the bear* are compelled to eater the market a* purchaeer*. which eraatea a demand from tim? to tlm?. anl Unda tn luaUln nri?M Thii la probably the extent to which a demand tot faaoy storks will be carried thla fall, unless holders let prices down to a point that will attract outside iynnlrtm. As lor starting a speculation from current rate*, It la utterly out of the question ; it is one of those laipoa ibilltiea to aeldona met with la the stock markat. Prices must fall back at least ten per cent, on an average, before we can ezpeet outsiders to take hoML It la almoKt impossible to saae a stagle stoek that la not selling at prices ten or fifteen per eent above what it Is worth. Kven the best and sou?4eat securities are too high. At present, they pay a very moderate rate of Interest. The margin for deprecfattoa is so great, In most of them, in the event ef diSoaltles ariaing In the financial world, that prudaat mea refuse to touch them, preferring to wait the devtlopern en ts a few months will probably produce. Thai* la not the slightest doubt, la our mind, but that wa shall aee a different state of things, three months haaaa, than eilit at this moment. It matters little how much gold the banks may have piled up in their vanlta, or 3 how abundant money may be la the principal market*. It oannot sustain and strengthen puhlla oeafl8 dence. wltkout which It Is impossible to preeervs a 1 healthy state of credit and to keep in motion all the q machinery of commerce. 3 The pr< sent abundance of money, an4 the redaoed '0 rate of Interest, are some of the results of a want ef 0 confidence in the rommerolal world. It ia lit possible I 9 to make loans at the lowest rates of interest, ex| espt on call, snd upon the best seenritiea la the ] market. Business paper cannot be negotiated with - ont submitting to a shave varying from one tc 3 two per cent per month, a rata sufficiently high g to satisfy any one that the money market la not ao i, easy as Is represented. The banka have discounted pretty liberally at the legal rate of intereat; bat their lines are so much extended that they can. e take bnt a small per cent of the paper offering. Thla * compels holders to take It into the street, and pay the r rates there demanded by the reguler| note shavere. The (allures which hare recently taken place have had an unfavorable influence upon the street ratee tor paper, and have made the banka more eantteas. d There are so many houses left, which are shaking in thai wind? (> man* hooeletitlv Insolvent, and have Wc ?o fct years?eo Kitiij whe manage to disguiae the i- actum state of affair* ao suocesafully that their r> credit continue* comparatively good up to the moment of *u*pen*ion. that all who deal in commercial paper may well be cautious, and demand high rate* ef Interest for the rhk* incurred. It ! thin a bee nee of . j "w confdrnc* that is going to undermine. and, to a ear > tain extent, destroy individual credit, and expo** the t rottenness of individuals who hare for yaara been able to keep the HeM to tbtmselv**. During the pa?t a two y<nrs private credit* have been rapidly *r landed. They have now reached inch an expand** , condition that It require* an tinmen** voiiana of [. currency to meet the demand Thi* volume mnat bt i maintained, 01 the whole system booome* deranged, and difficulties and embarrassments follow In rueb rapid succession that the mo*t deeply involTed cannot extricate themiielvc* and suspension U. *oon*r or later ' the reeult. On* failure at one* restrict* the resources aud Increase* the liabilities of. perhap*. dose** ?fr other houses. and *o on until almost the entire oom" merclal community becomes Involved In bankruptcy. When credit* become so mnch extended, the mercaa^ tile ela**e* are so dependent upon each other for rapport, that, when they commence going down, they got like a pile ef brisks-all Into one k<*> Bwsb to tt?, * lifting condition of the commercial clasee* of thi* '* country ; aud while so many of them find it diScult ; to sustain themselves from day to day, it i* not very. ' probabl* that a speculative mevvment in fancy stock* . j or anything *l*e. will take place. h At the flr*t board, to-day. Brie Ineom* Bond* de?lin? ed X per cent ; farmer* Loan, ?'; Krle Railroad, >< I The transaction* wet* almost *ntlrely eonfiaed to the I fancier, and m< st, of the tlm* rale* war* sellers' op. >. tlon. " The receipt* at lb* ?fflc* of the Assistant Treararerof this port to day amounted to 9100.M0 ; payments '? 82 ? balance %: 161 It# 58 Several packet* is have lately arrived with lull and valuable cargoee, , id4 u mcd i? they iifitcred, th? ptjatat tfdatlM will K. 1 sirivs. * Treasury arte* ou.(landing on the IK of ?*ptembei ~ amounted tof4*ffl?9 They will probably all be re?. deemed b 'or. t h- lap*e of another month The receipt* of (he Krie Railroad Company tot thr( notith of Augu't amounted to ?12S<20<1 I'd again ?t *70.ti24 ?"*> for the correepondiag maath laet year. * khtwlng an Incieate 'or the month, tU* year, of | f!>9 1M 40. The total gron Income of the rooipany i from January 1, to Augu*t 1. lHfio amount* to fWW | #77 TO ; >>iu? time (ant year. I44D.OOO 4V -hunait II tbl* year >640 677 21 The rarclnr* for the remaining J Ave m> at 1m la 'be year mu?t amount to $010 421. or. * an tfrif ot >122 iiM per month, to reach the eetlaiMe of the riitr iany for 1 kS0 Aa extactloa of torty-tvc mile* i f r<ad b>* jmt he?n openej. from which, lr j roue' ctl<n with the old line, the company will draw It* income during the remainder "f the year. Tb<reLa* not Ken a very octlre d-iaand for ?tar? I llnir exchange lor remittance by the Bontva packet to "j morrow Drawer*. konttr. were Inn, tad obtained r ra?'? rrerloaely current Wo i^uote oa Lea Ion 10'*.. * a 10% per cent pr-mlum; oa P?ri?,f.f. a1, ?M >); Raalmri. Ii\ a M, Sit nun 7. K a M. Am-trrdair, i 10 a 4t?'? * Ttf J> fferer.0 Insurance Company hare d ctarwd a r ?eml annaal Jitid. o< of two dollar* and acven'.y ?*aU * per rhar* The P><. t>i* Hat) of liartf rd ha* d?? areu *em, , ' anneal dividend if fie* per eent. J i The ( bampla.a and ft l.awtMiee Sallrowl have y (Wen out the oi'ntraet for the eiteueioa of tVlr line. * It will Jrla on the Vermont line at Unaae* Point Th? * ffl'rwwr I* to be paid by 802 -haret rf x'M each be! 1 (n? l'JS.104. and the talance, ? 16,(1*), h? wiU reaatro > i t.i the *bap? ol b nif payable In 1M<>. the two ram* i amoant to ATAftO, for ehlrh he aaJ*rtak?< the wort I Theccmpan* p?y for the land* w' iol* It I* f'-wiated \ will coat A'&oflQ. The old portion of the |ln? c*t flroooo but owe* a balance of All 000, tearing ' 1 A'77 0<i0 a* the capital actually brioght Into the new ^ eortrera. The director! Intend to create J 40 > f har?*. of * A'60 each of ?hi h |a*nt'ty they pay the anatraotir i ?>M ?h"B th?-y think j>rop?r 1 Tht iB'iuat on d?jx>?.t la th* Mfrral J?palton?? to lh? ci-4lt of tb? Tr?a*ur.-r 01 tb? Hll>] 'tat-*, } >1)4 #t?hjTl to hi* draft, r* tb* 3>>th Aiji't an a* aannrii ? I C * Tl' ? ?r?Awn' *t ?r Prromn Troararj of t utted *:ata?, Waahlagton. A t 1 * ot fr< ?'iir?r 1> ?tnr> JTrtl M 7t Ar Wul Tcwirrr N>? 1 < ik . . ? n; .it ' Aoltart Tr?a?ar?r l'hila<UI|<bta I i.wi 4J 44. 1 A??i?t*at Tt'MJT* r <"harl???o? 147>..*>M M ' A??l-'?at Tm mt?f > ? Ort?aa? W?U ff ! A?n?t?at Ti.?*?r?i 81. l,oai< I.ssvkm I' T--It" J Hi Mil! i! ' a I 441 ?? Defoat'rry at Wnlllmot* M.739 41 ' I>?po?il Tf at Kiclint'inil l>. pi nt..r> . > *? '* 4?r, !? frrttiTj at tl'Uaxnfton. M. C AIMU I Orfw-rtiory at Paraanah 2* A VI <> i t>*p ?lt?.rj at Msbil* i no 7T, n^whory at Na>h*tll? l.liriM 4? prpoalto j at ?'lrr|nnatl 14.! 417 117 P?p?aitcrf at Plt'.Mtrjti, Pa 3)j OJ l). p??lt?r? at tlarlvnatl (Cnllln?( .1 J1# .17 j T>. poaitnry at LIM1# *o?-lt. Ark ? 75.1 S9 J at Jrfvraonrllla. la 100 71144 ' I>?po?ll?T7 at '"Mrafo ||| li*N fl I iirkc?tt?rT Patroii Mich 14 *' I'<p?.?it< 17 ? TatMlMN*. Ft* 2 114 ST . Philadelphia 2*41 1A) 0? , flrkn?b Mint < har!ott*. H 0 31000 O* Mint, Palilnti?|tN U? M.*V) 00 Brum b Mist. V f . XaVOrtoM* iVXWO <*l iawT-xM 4i tlmlnet ?unp???? *f?unt 1 w4 74 !*tt amount ?ahj*et t? draft. *1311# 100 M | Plin tb? data of th? *b??? r?turnr 111 ' , b?t?l?rir*iy l*rr*Mtd at lk* principal J

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