Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1850 Page 1
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TH 5 - 51 - til U NO. 5932. BOPBLB SHEET. | mteilisksck fhom uurom imnn mti una. IKftZTAt 1 STEAMSHIP EMPIRE CITY. { ?- I [H1EME IMPORTATIONS OF GOLD DUST. 1 ] OVER TWO MILLIONS EN ROUTE* ( Terrible Ravages of the Cholera. TROUBLE IN THE MINES, icc. &c. Arc. Th? steamship Lmpire City, Capt Wilaon, arrived yesterday morning from Chtgrea, via kingston, Jamaica. The Kingston Advtrtittr of the 29th ult., gives , the following paragraph relative to her and to the Cherokee: ? I The Kopirt City ramp ap to the wharf of M?aern i J llitchins fc Co.. at about one o'clock tbia mernlog. ' and the Cherokee to lb* Kail way ? htrt at about mmn -o'clock, both from Chagrva, on tteir wnjr to New York. | J Tha latest dates from Mew York are to the 13th Inst. I 1 I Tbete ia no later Kuropeau news tbau that bruught by j I the packtt. The Kmplre City will leave In the oourse j of to day: the Cherokee at daylight to-mnrrow. Thv Empire City ha* cu freight $75,600 to Davis I Jc Brooks, and $2,800 to lkrkenhead iV Pease. | ! Additionally, there are aoout $100,000 in the hands I of the pueeogers. ibb c.m|>tr? t>ny arrivea on i/tiagreson tie eve| ning of the 23d August, uhd the merchandije fur ? P mi una and San Fraicisco was duly forwarded I on Saturday and Sunday, the 24th and 25th, by ' large barges, aud on Sunday by the steamboat Ralph ' Hives, the barges to Crusrs, and the steamboat to Gorgon a. The passengers left on Saturday. ' The steamship Georgia, with the mails, left ' Chagres the day previous, for New York, via 5 Havana. 1 The passengers state that it was very healthy oa the Isthmus. The sttanibhip New Orleans arrived at Panama on the 23d August, and would leave fur San Francisco Sept. 3, and will probably take up the pas*nger3 intended for the Panama. The steamship Panama arrived at Panama, from >an Francisco, on the evening of the 2lst, bringing /tro tntlhons thrtr hundred thousand dollar* in go/" rfujf, and about two hundred and forty passengers. The P. left Acapulco August 10. On the 17th, the cholera broke out amongst ihe passengers The We are ii.debted to Major Hill, of the army, who came passenger in the Panama, from San Francisco, for the following relative to the cholera on board the ship:? The greatest postible excitement prevailed from 1 the time the cholera ap|*eare?, aud especially in j consequence of the rapid fatality which followed i ita attack*. On the 21at ult, between four and x sleven o'clock P M , thirteen persous were at- j lacked, only one of whom aurvived until eight i o'clock the next morning. The average time front ' the attack until death, wai about live hour*. In { one or (wo instances the peraon aiticked aurvived j , from twenty four to thirty aix houra. it The s-hip arrived oli'Panama about eigh'. o'clock 1 in the evening, when it waa determined, by th<* passenger*, to land at all hazards, derpi'e (be authoritiea ana the officers of the Custom lloase. The natives w ere apprised of this desire; aud before j <*ight o'clock the next morning, all the paaaenp-ra who were able had left the hhtp. The wa* i a*ill taging upon the ship, and the panic was very vreat. One man had his valise in band, and was luat proceeding to get into (he canoe in waiting for him, when he was attacked, fell uj>on the deck, and ilied. Another, who had Ai? trunk, and was opon (he gang )>Unk, waa attacked, returned to the ship, and died in a very abort time. After the landing at PanHnu, tlio igh they atirte.l immediately for C'bagiea, several died before the mules could b?- packed to convey their btg^tge ?cri-s*>. At a thantre on the r?ad three men topped with the cholera, anal died. Mi). Hill aa)s it ia impoasihle to pictu*v> the tceue; from the tune the disease appeared on board (he Panama until th'V were on lio.tni the I,mpire City, But one jwrxon died on board the latt?r ?te*?iiert and iliat w,i* C?(ii itobinson. It 1 ia, m yrt, impossible to trll how tinny have died, j and wiio they arc: and it itquite carina th it irmiy j of ibe namrt of tbu*e who h i?e died will Dot be I loowa, an there *? very little mierc#ira< a una,' 1 tboae who were attacked and thooe who earaprd. j Itev. Mr Mmr-a was ill, during the whole voyag*, >rcM a hemorrhage of the 1'ing*, and only catne on nub * \it w to Improve hu. h?*l;h. i ' 'I here it no dowoi but the divenae was iadored | lijr the too free u?e of fruit* at Acapvk-o, u (he fatal mer?erger tnade ita appearauoe nooa after the teain*! left that port. Many wete already *nrt?r- j 'nc f:*ui < h-ooic dyaeutery. contracted in Ctlifor- < mi. n.'i ihe?ceMt into whrh they went ouly 1 Uiuhd '? make the cholera more fttal. Not a , ?n ,;le peracn, of the whole number attacked, auri *ived. At I'anama tea died, fire on the road to Crncea, and three al Ch?gre*. It ia estimated that aho it i .fty had died d*<l op to the time the Km,*re City ' lefl I ha*re?. ; IIohikh are aome of the name* of the ptaa? ucr* 1 that died ? ?i| 1" Mr JohnMtLaaahej of IMjranatk eaaaty J Mr ?? <! 14 jwii Norn ?n C? ?l? of .lok???<iwa. N V . x?l M jr?ar? Million lt>< u?a? ?t Koch??*?r, ladlaua a* .1 at t??i' of Pblla (late of Lima.) Avt, It W J*ntton, of MaJlaoa county, N V, tgrd ; BiiJjlr* of Haiti*.>r? ?f?4 27. t ?fi?Vu * !,! ? of MyiO?. Oaa I'lrttM J t Maaok??l?r o? MmUk'i Vlnyard RtMinoi. o lilTtlo . Vr Rt^rr. l?alWt. ill I kUiiirl^kll rmt.i Mllft ol tk- ttnt* of N?? Vork, bat f<tc >mn?l tatr< a rmidanl af AtM ah'?ii firrty other* who* name* could not V If arm j The Panama, oi her pannage down, net the I'tmrr Nthmua, one dijr out of Pann<n?. The tletmin Northerner and llefmhUc left Ac^ai<u4cn reuooa to the arrival of th" IVnann, Anj?rt W Theflriti-h ateanwhip Kocadnr, from Panama 'or Nin F ram .?co, waa met hjr itw Panama near AMWo. The areamer Phenix haa heen r?ia??H, and ia to 4red*e for ?oW In Ynha rteer. The a'eamer I,hut* in alao hf ing titled fnr tbe ?rw pnrpnae Sti Mr.lxnt Mut ht Jan#, m her ptmifr up ?f"eatl?er river, atrach a aaag about mil*-* be- ' tow Yuba City, and ?nak. The freight a ltd furni- ! iirfM A' k"1 w?r* nH. N? Kw loot. The |, iwidert oecarred on the evening of the ??h <4 , fwtjr. Haaaiirr mf ?* Wav?a h**a the Paclfl*. (Vinn th? PmIIc >??*. Amu 1 ) fMnce the Failing of the laat atrnnier, the Condi- , lion of the overland emi?r.ti.m haa taken (he , atrongeM hold t4 public aiteminn The inimenae , -rrowa who are coming to California \.j the route ( j the plain# ia bey?n d the capacity of that region to | t matain their teama; and toward the latter end of 1 the jovmry, when witJiia almat three hundred 1 nulea of the Pacific a*de, about the atnk of Mary'a ' titer, the teama have |t?rn o<H, and theee will ha an niter inability on the part of thottwmd* In |M? , the Pierra Nevada, tnUrn aaaiat-d ft-nm thia aide; ( ifii? w atiradjr prejwd in Ik done hy private eater i E N E prior, and there if no probability of fatality from destitution before the end of the journey is reached. Another great object ol iiublic interest has been the great number of murders and a?sas?inationa which have lately taken place in the S.m Joaquin miner, most of which have been traced to the foreigner* of Spanish descent, and but one opinion is expressed, viz: that theythall and must quit the country, or abide perhaps extreme consequences. Meetings have bf en held to that eflect, and some of the iir?t citizens of the country are appointed to aee the undertaking carried into effect. The foreign miners' tax has worked well, either compelling aliens to pay for their intrusion upon our treasures, or compelling them to leave the placers for our daily arriving fellow citizens. Tbemineaare yielding largely at present, but there u more aasoriated labor in the forming of dams, Xc , than formerly, as isolated enterprise bas not been so successful as heretofore. The gold region has rcarcely been scrutcbed yet, but the surface of the richest placers have been superficially dug ovt r. although not a tube of the mineral depoait has been extraeied. A settlement has been formed at the eastern side , I' ik_ V. J- ' - ' - - . .OT, t'dauii, HI lUC U|'|H I euu Ul V rir.-OIl Valley, by the Mormons, and from ita u^ncsliuml capacities. ia likely to flourish, although the sold on that aide has tot been found in grrut abuodaaoe. A pennant nt settlement there will be of great itnporthnt e to future emigration overland, as they will be within a short distance of that desert where all real danger is apprehended by the belated or exhausted immigrant. There has b* en no further news of collision between the American settlers and the Indiana on the Trinity river. The mines there have not turned out well to far. The San Francisco Herald, of August 1, says:? " The numerous murders that have taken place in the Southern mines, have extsperated the citizens nf Tuolumne county to such a degree that, assembled in mats meeting, they have issued peremptory order, for all foreigners to leave the county forthwith. Fifteen Hay a ia the limit allowed by this manda'e tor their preparations to depart. A committee of citizena have been apf-oiiued to determine what foreigners shall l?e |<*rnntted to remain, and ill the Americans in the countv have been called upon to lend their aid to carry the order into effect. Hands of foreigners are already leaving, and it is highly probable the expulsion will take place without any disturbance. The four Mexican* that were found in the act of burning the bodies of two American*. near Sonora, have been acquitted of thecharge at murder. The waters have fallen in the upper and lower mines, end already the miners are availing theinlelves of the advautdgea of the season tor the nma?. :ution of their op* ration*. In moat instances, the iverage yield is greater than iu uny former reason, ind there is every prospect that more gold will be colected thi.' mimer than ever before. Several crushDg machines are being put in operation in the Maripoaa and other mines, where the gold-bearing piartz is found in sufficient qunntity to repay the outlay. Kxplonog parties have found gold farther jp the slope of the Sitrra Nevada than it has niheito been Mou^ht for. Parties are every day mending their explorations and while the dry seaion lasts, the miners seem determined to employ heir time diligently. The law for the collection of tme? from foreign innerr, although carried partially into execution in one of the counties, has generally been inoperaive. The amount of revenue derived from it is >ery small, and it has had a very injurious etiectin he Southern mines. A development hits recently been made ia the r< klM C'ouit of this caunty whi?h has taken our MM* by suri?ri*e. The Judge liar been charged ?y Captain Foifeom, one of our moot respect ible :itizens. who is ageat for the hr^e LeidesdorfT state, with having nought a bribe tor deciding in iia favor a suit commenced by the Public Adminrator, to gain potaeaaion of the eatate in virtue of lis office. The charge implicates the counsel of the public idtmiiittrator, Alei-srs. I)winellr and Holland, a hose fees in the transaction were lixed at tive housand dollar* each. The case will l>e brought jefore the lHaUict Court (or investigation. The moat gratifying activity prevails in this city it present. New liuildinga, t.:oatl> ol brick, are jEoing up in e\ery 'iuaitet, aud the most exlciinve inimitwIk* taMtnii it ia expected that a very large amount of business m ill be transacted during the coming season, Hiid ihe ?ti pa rations for it ate on a scale itfoportiouate to its anticipated extent. Intelllgenea from the Nlnri, The pews Iroiu the mines ia exceedingly good; lie yield j of g< id are daily inareaaing m- the waitis recede. I xtenuve dams and trenches have Ixen made in seveial part* lor the purjtoae ol turning Ihe streams. An aatM-ijiaiioB shared ia by too*! ol the miner- u>. that when the waters tubtide ihere mill te liund id abundance of du?t. j> < ! wirii mr.. nave i?>'n out, ill ore |h>i. iu Murphy's I'nuwKr, in Irii limn aeven wetka, fl.'.tW) in gold du?t. Thia la thi*ir net |in'(Ttdit,clnir of r Acotlit r roni|*uy of mi look out, io the mine ji^gina, Itfi wet I, forty-two i-ouude of duat. Thi* rt'iii|?w) i? working titty-lour fret beneath tlte > LI face. Tbf ?rit poiuti of coDf*DtMtion are tlir Mtrtedtf, 1 uolutnhe, and ?taun>l*uc. i.ucoutaginj ?couiii- have I rucheJ ui from the CaUvera*.? There ir no kck of {<ft?isiuna, a. id the health of the while district is ? \c? ll. n'. In nee |<ortu>n of the nii?i,:i party of Mcaicaa*, vri kuig limit r A mr Henna, have |? rchrd iliciitaelvra i n a |'H e'e of table Und, existing ou tin' lop of a tin111 m a in, iiml li< re, ??(irti il from I lii- ty 1 ol the tux colli ctor, thi y are niakioi a pile. The Sacturnriiioiiiaiia buaal now nod thru of a l?ii or im iry ?<j'iuil lum^i. At Murphy'* a miner haa in hi# i*.??r>-mii a lump w? ighiii|t mm ty three |<iUiid>, of kl.irh :t h*.-Im-cii laceiUiaed al least t?r.e lii it iajurepold. Tun thou ami four hund* led hoUa * are rrgittered at Murpliy'a aa prei n.pturn claim* 'I hi?e i>oi prmeut at the first of Auatlal to intMrr iu the matter of pre-emptions, f.tli ii thi ir rNirii* A Ii i ky hi inhie. in (Le head wnleroof the Meruit, h a extract* d a lump weighing eighty-three |4>unn?, u? rl) all (aire gold. A' Ran AiiU'i.lo, ?? h i t. w?* deaetted laat winter, Irr nilk Im\t inm trlnrni vut, nn an ait rage, aeii ti oMcra each lor the i art eltwn daya. Tli? irii'tl ii litmlile lion iN (be mining re(ion ititith; a*'I ihe yield la unJoul>tedly greater ihan at any ^nviixM sen*on. It th? tnmblea which afiita'e c r itiatikt, aay< the Sitmkiom J<>nr~ an/, Wt re < nly at an riid, which * r leel aM-uc <1 Ifiey m i w ill t>e, th S?n Joaquin district wuuld t.''|4dly lit-tariff any other Hiimu of the State. 1 ha 1 tilia Otg|lii||?, I 11 I'M I lie I'larrr Tints ' WTi ?r? |<lrm< d to haar f?t< r?bl? m*i from thla rr|Vrn Col J t.g It Witt taa litil; rtturird IVua thr >?i1h I <rk of tha \ obi *ni hrinp* with him < ??r> Mlliuettr; raldmna < f tb? amraaaof Ha l>art* iln y M infc' arid op-tat i id* at piara rallad ih? It '.li Ftel abMt tit* 16th i f Apitl. i>< la tkf?? a<ct.tLa ?*. arct n ul?l. <1 ?.T?r t?o I. audi ad paanda >t < !?. or alx>iit |..n< li ?. an a*-ra*? ol aaraaty o4J l?llai?p*r da; to ?a<h n>a Mr W. haa no d->ubt It at tkr |>aaral r<-*uU<f op?i att na in t ha plao-ra ok tb* Viita. aottld r<|twl luily laa dollara p*r Jaj to rraty raal wrtkar. Inir< tlatt tlwDTfritl ar? raport*"! oath* North ftatbar lltrr, and l*r*? tumkira wrra tnoTlag tht at. Nilien a( r?k liax lot lataad nut aa ri?h aa a Int atitli ipatrd Tb? dl/nln?? ar* not *tt*n>t?a of prtdaclito Mr W. j?la?4 OM of tb* trat partari os tba Gold Lata adatatarara. and trat? lad cn.f day* ?Hb IL'M. Thar axplorrd tha ronatrf I rntifMy la tb* dlr*r*loa of thaaappo>rd lak*. bat atthoat aar*??a Tbla tart* raaia op trout IH??r t'ratk td?r tba ynKaaao of Thorna* R< Mnaon l.nlard, a no r?pra??tit? d that b* |had fl'ltril tha laka irtanl mom ha prtrloaa aad aaaa Iba dHalla of aaar I, I.T. .ll... I*.l-. ill * Ll. 1.1. .1 lk.l U: KHMfObtl all hi? had br*a killed by lk? India**, a* **11 * ****ral of anoth*r I iad >b"m lk*jr *i?t I* tk* aionatala* aad*r tfc* load of a traa t tiard ? ?m?t<n Th? iall*;i klfh ap mo*i tba ><> ?* * of Ik* I *atk*r IMrt r. ara iMfrIM a* ?ihm4. bfiilthl. til not powttlai *>nr ot Ik* raMirra at Ik* lirtl'roii r*fl?a Ik* ap**lia*a* aklfk Mr Witt and kla a*ao*lat*s hat* attktkrn at* ol |>?*a)lar k*a*ty. Tkrra or four of tk* larf*at a*l(k lt( m f' rly to lilt; oaa<*a *ark. Tk*jr ara rkl?Aj of F*ionik porta r*. aad la l'*ai nf p?kbl*< iiiiiek ?or* by attrition Tk* gold vklak la ***n la 4alt? krlfkt Th? q?ari > pr> hahlj r?m?tltat*a akont tt?r ih*lr**lfkt }*t th*y will r*adtly hftag :k*lr 1*11 w?lfht I* M*a*y. from tk*lr arttaiatloa aa i^Mtani 1 h*?* I* ilttl* dnakt fro* tka *}Bpto?a -<>*?taatla pcrrbtid. bat that **laa of <,uart? r*rk alll ?on? k* dl?*ot*r*4 al laHalUly gr**t*T ii*k?*aa kaa ?oj tkat kif* j*t k?*a t**t*d Tka atlratloa ol la*ra la k*li>| t*n*r?llj tarmd .* tka aatt*r. aad atifUdiln* *lil ha m tk* al*rt la all dlr*rtloa* II* ata>a of tka foitnaat* Mlnva *ko kar* aatk |*od lark o* tka t'??>?r Yak* at*. Cat. J I. Witt. I hl*aao. Ill j Jo?*pk /.am >*lt a*d Ikraa mm, lotlat. )klo. Patrick Ol liar, kf *. B< ? York. Tk* Tr??alala In laaari. A r*rtona *?lllalo* kaa brok*a o*t k*tw**a tk* larllraM. aa tka ??? haad aad tk* fnr*4f**ra I* ii?ra ob tk* otk?r. aklrk ka* ka*a att**4*d ?lr?*df altk frartal aad ?*taa*koly r*?*lt? Tk* C'*WW*** r**rt'*r latrv da*** tk* arr *at ar* ft** Ktow ia tk* Mlowtaa *i*tti 4 at rata ? ' kaia>i aaarrki *at r?kk>ry la Ik* !**? ka*? N**k*d a ?fMa. Tk* aim* ?o*d> 4 * tka aUril. taj aad Ma hi hi kaada nf * **?! * and aat !** kat< ratV'a-daud 4*t*r?iard ka aa iin( W Y C MORNING EDITION?FRI ditlonsl and immidUte expulsion ct all foreigner! " except persons f iig*itnl in permanent busiuesi ant of rmpeotable character " All mluing op?r?tloni ; bare ceased. and the people. as our man. have untt<-< to rid th? country of tbcm evil-doers The policy la I proper one. We are iratiM tbat the miners hart adopted our uggestlon?to stop all labor until then ' susMKiuK and robbers are driven out and extirpated Tbt> other mining districts ought to irane the sami decree and carry it out. Tba whole country will tx ottrtus by Mexican guerrillas, outlaws, pirates, ami the villains and deeperadots of every laud, unlesi prompt measures are adopted to expel thtm. at all haiard* ftom the country. To this deeislnn we mini come at last The outlaws and criminals ot erery hui and color, and from every clime are coming to Call luruia ftou ar? auvnipiiut; to vmrenrn llimn?elrei Krslitanee to buch villaia* U obrdienos to Qod '' Anarchy In tkt Mine*. (Prom the A It a California, Aug 1.] The miners are up in arm*, irritated beyond endurance, and there is a universal sentiment 01 hatred against foreigners. At the Mormon Gulck resolutions have been passed to drive all Mexicani from the mines; they nave received notice to quii in fifteen days, or they will be ex|>elled by force. The citizens of Stockton recently held a meeting at the Owen House, in this city, and in view oi " the alarming state of affairs in the San Joaquii District, consequent upon the recent cruel murdert perpetrated by l>ands of lawless robbors who infest the rostra to the mines of that region," adopted measurea lo restore tranquility and bring the guilt) to justice. They determined to raise a corps o! volunteer mounted rangers, and oi>ened a subscription to organize and equip them. They opened t roll at once, au<l a number of citizens subscribed their names. Overland Kmigration to California. [ I'rcm the ?a< ram?nto Transcript.' A great variety of estimates have been made oi I iiie probata* number on the way to this country ! All accounts agree that the ruah this season is unprecedented. Fifty thousand is the most moderate computation, and some of the first papers in the States think 100,000 people have started on the lonj journey across the plains. Occasionally we heai accounts from advance parties, which are trul) surprising A Mr. Collins, late a member of the Illinois Legislature, has recently arrived in thii country. He left home on the 8th of May, and hai had a remarkably quick trip. He states that be fore he reached Fort Laram>e he passed 8,00(1 tennis, and after leaving that |oiiit, although he could not keep count, he thinks he passed twice that number of teams. Tbe following letter was tent to the Mayor of Sal Ftanel*eo 1 information of a direct and reliable character hai reached ut. of extraordinary Buffering among the overlaud immigrant! Several, who arrived a few dayi tinea at Sacramento cUy, etate that tliey caw fifteen or twenty dead bodiel on tba road. Tbete came t< tin lr death from atarvation l'rovliiona gave eutlrely out and tbe only rubsi?tence now left to the immenae train etlll on tba way arc mules and home*. Thi art*a** have given nut. alto, and even tba mulea and hornet. tbetr only hope, are dying. The following ia an extract from a letter in the Sacramento Ti an w f ijr ; ? 1 be number nuw on the plaint It variontly eatimated )r? m iO.OOO to 100 000 touU deitlned to thla Kldora do. tbe one half ot whom will not reach here without suffering. and one quarter without eubeitting on theii animalt. or enduring itarration. I have teen hundred* iu< than 150 intlea on tlie other tide of th? Sink ot Mary'i river, that were out of provision*, ot bad but a tew ponndt to suttaiu a miterable anil wntclid exiatence, with animalt that could aevei rtacb tbe Desert by reason af the scarcity of forage. Mary 'a river ia aix or tevan feet higher than it wai ever known to be beloie ; tbe bottoms, where the onlj fi i d grow* are almo?t entirely under water Not beirg able ay?elf. for several daya. to get graaa on tbii ride ot tbe river. I hired tone I udiani fur )li to swim aeroM and float aonia over to keep my animals from perishing llad I bi-en entirely deetltate of means. ai tbouaanda are, 1 would bave tuffared in that particulai in tte >ame manner. from this circumstance alona, it may be pi.Mible that tluee fourths of the animal* now ua the plaint mu t perieb from hunger aud tbe immigrant with bit rcanty fair muit foot it till life itn-lt b?ci met a burthen Thou- wbo started late will fare -till worte ; a'the kiicu beconict warmer. Teed leat and provision* shorttr I *aw one man with tw< email boyt. l'iu in ilea bejond the aink. who bid left bit wagon and lost all hit animal* but on and all tbe piotiMou ha bad waa thrat or tout ponuda o< ric? . another witb lilt wile ami <-hil 4r?s. 1 aurraak levmijfive mtW> beyond lb* fink witb tour borrea that were Ju?t able to move with thi i n | ty wa^ox. the wife walking ahead In the burnlni < rand at.d sccrchiig tun. to relieve th? poor laden am malt, tbat were detained never to aee tbe Sink I aaw 1 M the read tide abere siloes had been taken out o I dead hor-ea :>?d mnlet to appaaa* tb* gnawing appe III., oi milligram* Th* hrtkairuto Timrt mji Mr T. A. P|rtng<r. lute puMiahar of th* fldtni Jtitrrtitrr, iriix<1 on HrduMila} la-l lis left bit i | art; at l'lacirvllle, bat log reached there in l ight/ (it* (!?) !:uBi ft Jo?epbr whvue* I lie) atarted (> the ' 211h Ap* 11. Tbe Itrmigration are reported p norallj ! ehort of provtaton* but ia good h'alth No eholcri bad been heard of among them a* far llr 9 ?ai Infcrand. Tb* only airknea* waa a mountain f- i r iilth *? ?i Idem at a >erloui character I A great difficulty encountered on t b*lr journey *11 Ibe belgbt <>t tbe liftr*. About tirolj milrl thla !<!? i cl tbe houtb I'aaa ot tbe kwkjr Mountalna. they toul J tb* Ee nblettc CM off, thenci the dletaace to Utwi rl*er flft]-t*o n lie*. w*? entirely without water Th. j found th'i atrn m very blgh. requiring them to rati I their wafosa and aalni their animal* Again at llam'i Fork Of Ureen river, tb* aame thing had to be d'-ne | a- al?0 at fcmith r lor*, on Bear rlrer. and Thoma* > 1 Ink I print to tbe Soda Spring* the pm?* wai | ) lmtj aid |i< (1 and road ea*)r. liere tbe> took the | II udapvth I ut rff. a icry hi'liiittlucni route, to ltafl and tlooae TlTt r?; thence to Slaty'a tlver. win rei then ttoiiblea ruiliiiiiiil The lalley la almoat entire!* liurdated wllb water for t'iree hundred rulte ?. While In It? th>r? were hut three) night when they were no! I ?i n>i tiled to rut tbe grata l -r tin Ir antmaia lu watei ' frcm * f?*>l 10 'wluiinii'g depth ind in man/ inataucei to rrpe add haul It over tbe rifer At thia place th* animal* gar* out and lelt the immigrant* with'tit the U' an* of carrj ing the aupply ol ; water teqiileite in trotting tbe dee<rt. After leavlo| the Huu.bildt a painful atem ol d> variation and n.lf ?f ? ?ta iiu-n ?l.f) A nrt a hauV frtttti tbliM and <(T>iln|t |wh?n fort una! a raotigh to baaa It) lir4il.inl?i?iw di tilt of anlin?l? daad and I djii* by lb* path pfoiwlcm. <ri|taii amlMrrji art! *la ill tba tratall r a Pwwlt) or n.aifort raat Mr h|>rinitai r patty I. niU l?t??ia vu ami <m> |?r , H ot al Ibr Sink < I Mary a riut on Ua 1Mb ol tali ; U "Mh At tba I'm n \a 11 -> th* j llrot mat |>ro< i?lotin | a train of t?ant? jack trial.' frtiii a hnuw la tliia rllj i ablrb th?y adalMrt to jiyab on to tba dr i rt Thr tra^ dar'hita i^arn.n fall, j) hut li'k.n 4' ft anlmala al firm i ?a to t*?tity itollara - tb? Immigrant" ara r??l?l>UtoMi| tin in at any j-rli?a Mn| too poor tc tuitl fcttbar Ilia ?itn and |ni> an* An*. <n<l th? arituala ?ill won ri emit, to haoi ii>r parbajia to Uiom abo arrlit tbata a month baaa*. 1 In> (Mr 8,'a pattj) rani* la on th? I.i?-p? rotita taklai Ibr Tiurku i, al I t oir tn in tba a*r>a< )>*al I rf lb* tut untalna, tai'.ag tbtnb/ about Ofin a lull*' for park animal* lb* aam*? <>f 1b* <li gantlaman aho ram* through with Mr tprtngar ar? Orant J Tacga.t lialma 11ii nola; L I> flf>tlti(rr Kariknk loaa H Htllata and I J. Jaaatt I'anagr r. Ohio Hinrj 'bnaoo LoiUtaaa, and Kdala Jtaka hoaro* Kllaula V?H?labl?ii In Callfwtnla. (frrni tb* Alia California July 'il ] Thar* || notbli if ablrb abowa tba a*ttl? butpoa* ol hi ? ?hi hat* roni* la Catltrrala ir?r? than tba cu. tart of Ibr ai.ll Rraa la oar fill > miiUl thatraiamaar a*r? fla* pardana tad a f*? mil" dlatant aii-r* *it*a?l?i Ioaaa Hurrlu la now wall aappllrd with **jr*tabl?a at d at ci?) arallti'lr mod*rata prlr.a w* baa* Udtlci d upon tba labia nt tba it I macli dotal ulna oi (reatb Md ill ol Ibr awt iKiil'tl lltfuf Oar mar ?t U ?u| |?ll< d with p?a? I?>m. b>?ti i |iu>hM taka- l Mur?. r>n?pklr mitn? rarr t*. turnip* i?? (otitdN. fabliau** rii> hbS'k, rajl-hr* <-aull n>i*ir??4 imirma and hi th? ?a? rf fruit* *1 ba?* aatar and aiatk m? l?n?, and blark karrla* M bat would t'ol dm a* of th<- !> m /? ' *ay ?a tbli hrlkiMtlkllliHhi Irttrtaw. ?krr? f??r a?n a < and I OHIO *. ra lookfd aj iB ? iittirUni ttiloii f ro iMtlou o( utun. Ihr < allforula Rtltltr*' Am#< laf Ion* tlx m tli* Alta California A ( 1] ' Thb !ady, alia it> tnakia.- (T?at atlr In ->a?T*ai?n ta CH), b< Id awtlnf oa th* Mlk rl )m\f. ta d?*Ww IK- a a* to <1. trad tlirlt ti ila* I b< J tiv.k a tar f ar m >tat <1 and danoanrrd tli* t*a |r*f"i aad tkatr rna . diielon Ik tki t?>kr?t Biiart lb* Miowla* raw I Inlt< r>? aara ad t?t# J V ) ?? ?? th* ?i?j? i, f that th tun! !n Waetmnli r? not/ Iwloi ( to tbo I nli< d la brroaiag rl?ai *< kotr r??i; 4i;. >l (?ll t< lb* ?orra*t 4 ?? rrtarlpli d ti ndtirt of Ikf tb?r?f v Krtiiird 1 hat ?? will hold our hold r ?r??MJ II irrii, torotbly If ??' tkit a d?. I.l >n hall b? bad upca iliU qn?klt*n 1? tba . ftfan C<?urt >f ?h? I I nttrd fttatM l!?.',|T,a. That Ittha hall of an art??tnl fqaattar r?liind. ? < ?.? ih? hor.<i???i? ii not i u jd h?*d?r nrdt r lift Satt.r w? >h?ll rn?irld?r all M<ri tin* lM)?dll IMIHIfV# th*T?of aj art* ?f At* t?f? i*tid (ball art armrdlnily n??nlftd. Thtt a maatitw of Ikrw b* /^oiat?< lo Irqntr* iato tb* ?a??a of forclMa tatr? r?v*ri?d ibi ?* ntaft ?nd ha** tha aiuttar M>ul?d RmoItid ll>il * ?ui ???taia that .-mmlUn Ii rirr)lt| i tljo*"'* HwNtwIrthlailm Maatf. |Ttea 'h. Alia l.atltoraia. %?,.,* I , Thr Hiitiali ffcip Carfhajf*-.?, from Liverpool ? Ku h atritttf \ rafetitajr, h> ?? Ixtar4 an r*t#pm. ir? * I oat*. ?id?rrd awn** ,?,f *.??-* by our fwrrra rat, to b?- ward aa U* .n#tom hoot* far tint part B4T TV ?%*> ? * tad daath* an I a?Wt? ia Call tn*?t?, ?! t'^%1 ct th# ftgbth (wf* IRK H DAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1860. . THE LIST OF Till WiTEIHfi PL1CES FOB !M. . tb? THE GRAM) FA1VCT DRESS BALL AT HE W PORT. ? I EXCLUSION OF MASK8. J ) The lMt fancy Jren ball of the aeaac*? the grand n) J featuie of Newport fu*hioaabl? life for 1840? carno c0, 08 at the Ocean llout laet Wtduailaj night, and 1 til really a Tory flae affair, notwithstanding the many prediction* that ft would be a failure. The t?,r dining hall wae appropriated for the occa*to?. aad Bee wan beautiluily ornamented by He?*u. Taylor <1 *d^ I PhllHpe, the coetumer*. who displayed their tasto a* jU f artist*'en thi? Occasion, by repainting the ornament* na| i prepared tor the faacy ball of laet year. The manage- "'J I Bent were ? nie time debating the matter aa to t),e I whether th?y had better u*e the dining room or tho wae r regular dancing hall which ie math smaller. They ?*tc | finally determined, however, upon using the largo i room, and it wae therefore arranged for the oocaelon. al?b ( A aurceeRhien of archee were ftprung along both eldea M of the hall, aad the column* supporting them wero T] ' painted in lattice work. Other aud appropriate deco- ? oi J. ratione were added, and the whole room wae lighted by fifteen grand chandelier*, auepended from the oeilL eg betide* numerou* imaller auxiliary light*, which i a At I were appropriately disposed in other places, so as to t,0< aid tte illumination moit efficiently. An excellent t fleet was produced by row* of wax candles which sur- her mounted eaeh arch When lighted, they gave the *fnl f arches the appearance of being highly geuimed. The "J"1

entrance to the hall was ralaed a number of steps from the floor, and tha (l?or was handsomely ornamented. M The managers, at a lata meeting, canvassed the mat- ',<u ter of allowing masks in the room, and it was finally 3" decided that no masks should b? admitted. This mea- m< n sure was, in tact, found to be indispensable, as a num- HU(1 her of papas and guardians had positively forbidden ^(>l" young ladies under their charge attending the ball M if dbguixrd faces were admitted. They said that "*1 under masks many improper characters might bead- } mitted. As soon as It was announced that no masks 7*"' were to be In the room, the interdiction was taken off, '"v and all the dancing company conclude 1 to go to the ball Telegraphic messages were sent to New \ ork and , elsewhere, and many persons arrived on the last day, d"rl * lie bad before concluded not to attend Iben mpauy assembled at Newport had hoped that the ball would have added to its oth?r charms the company c>i Jenny Llnd, who was invited to attend; but . at a late hour the managers received the following , n letter, addresstd to the Chairman of the Committee ol ('*?" Arrangement* :? } ' M? I)? *a fiK ?I beg to acknowledge the reeeipt of r"jj your flattering invitaticv for the fancy Hell, through the hand* ol Mr. Barnum. and feel sorry that the fa- ^ ja tlgues of tbe journey, and the necessity of preparing ?lt] aijteif tor tbe coming concerts, prevent me from M having the pleasureof availing myself thereof. v (Signed) JENNY L1ND tum ' New York, September 2. 1850.'' M i ? ho the company were obliged to content themselves Mac with such resources of enjoymrnt as they liad within beai tb< UiKelven. Independent of the hoped for company of M ' the Pwedleh Nightingale. M r Tbe usual preliminaries to the lull were settled by a Atti committee of managers, selected for the occasion. vili > The following are the names of the slip HOARD or MANAOKKS. >' ' Hen. II. II. AhIIkdj.K.I., Dr. Jsmt Sib, o?, L .8. A., tuui r 11. n. ? . C. Clbl ? iu , Capl. Wilkes, U. 8. N., M Ilea. John 6li4cll, La., (J. A Treatise. Jo.. M I Hen. M MOut, ? sl , Thomas Vauiaadt, N. Y., . Hon. hs i< basl Kj*?, 111., f. 8. Tsllmsdfe, ds? Hub. Mm. S. Mill, r, N. T.. ('apt. C*arbsT<, B. A . 0,?' li< n. J I'ntiott Hall, do., fsniutl NlohilsoB, Ls , ' > Bin J W. CoIsiusb, Olite., Oeurre Jones, Us . Ore. I Its. i. T. Van A'ea. N Y , J mie? M. Otis, N. Y., Tt I Hua. Hat Ml Uurrr, d... t'hs?. I>e hl.srn. do.. Pers , ABtlMB} Barclay, do? I. B<sch Lawrence, do., | Adn.l.slW mlsy, Knx , 1I.M.IC., i'nl. (,?!??. I. 2* A., CmU4|*, Mmi., 311 Col. Atrahaoi \ fiurcn, do., arra l C? I. Pa* pii? rt, do., Uom. Juhl J. Vielt, N. Y., uuit i C?.? W.Jl. Diireftt. Pi., Col. I???c JM"uru?. Mil , Ml H?i J. V. Holand, t . > \ l'ol. J . II H I,'itruhe, ilu., I-I. M?j IM.oak.4o., C?l. K M wd, K. V, H Sli intl, do.. Col. J M A H?uturd. Ga., D'c! lit. ln< k,l'i., I..ttiitiax*. Mar.)laad, ?tu<J H i:. Ward, MarjUad, Waa I r-iukart, La., Ml 0< N. Wilier, N V., I. Hrilkt, N. V., rtol (.11 riia M 1!ia< lirr. Huan , J llunt 8tr 'h?r. Mu??uil, <tit . <>. ft'Dor an II, Maaylaaid, U'orat dentin. Mar) It ad. Jon 11. HrKUham, N. V., ?'. ? llrvar, <a. *"* 7. fr.liiir??>ai, N. C.. Oaoma'I lllaajr, do., J. C. Vaai M<-n>?)a r, n. Y.. Bitjamui I., tl t>r. F. H Smith, Mt??oorl, Dr. Khtphard. (In , jniri A b llan.ef.laj N V . E ?. No?i*r. N. V.. I baik> aUin, t C., Sida*? llart ?tt, Jr., Mat*., J. Tuiatr Sarat at, Matt., Mr. M kiu, Ea(laad, (.r. Ifajro, N. T.. J II fcTiott, Fa.. LI J J Pnaala, II. Ci ?m. tl.biard, N. V., J. > Xlr-1, tax, ( ol. Ct, l?rd. Mia... I. v > liat la, Kul.ri Ujaiop.Jr.. M. Y.. " J |i r Jo??ll. Ill, < ?i M rnihr i>. la., ??' II ?rlr? 1> . IHrkey, Ala , A fiaka. Mia>. 0 b V. ailliaaa, >. V., Tt* l< 111 wiii* jteutlemen were de?l<nated u a com- A mtU.e of dlroctmn to btir tlir axcluolvv charga of jc, tbc ball, and to wrar blue badge?:? (;, (iMtf \ Millar, Col Wlatkrop, fm CiHard, >l,at HI War*, A. flak*. ? lie. Ur Hkaa, ... I'.aaid find, J t. Van Riirlltd T. f llar??n ? * II I D II la, Jr., Oo. fc. Tlatk- r Tlul. Taa/aadt 1 lb* tol.owlcg mice for the goTtrnmeut of tbe ball. ! .., ir Tlrkfta 1.1 admU?lon f?r a grntlnn-n In hoc; tM- ; tiiair with or wlthnut laillaa !1ted<>Iler? and without rI-,' fat.ry roi-tunie tua ti< llara to br pre crt-d of the Com- . ^ mlitio of Dtreetloa. I .. Miuta ritladrd (Thla war tk< final order , ,, No admitted without a ticket. ? tuliNiiid frroirnadt at V o'clock? aupper at 12. ?'ir M-a rral oaya belor* the ball took place tho<? * moat iutaieeted apptarrd apprebvualte that it would ... net a lalluir. an un-ucn ?--lul enierprli. llut tbe eti nt pron d thi m to be BiMaken Tht r? tta . ftt at <3?-*al ol lite and all thin** went on admirably A j III n ral flood feellnR (earned to p*r*adi' and In ahort tlie ?lita'tprl>e w?- i iai et ?aful Tlie ball ll?i |l wan pre- (| i neuea nun nrnnuipan i> u uy me u?uai in'-iuente wmon , Wn m b?' 'Mim lilt*. Th<- MtMiN wera ran | J; r down by trntthlMom* cuetouier*. who had n?i Idea of , , l vblt llr) tutfil. Walter* and maid* were running j ,'** after balr di**??-r* Met?r* Murker, of Itroedway and '' ' Jtlker ?! P.iiat'K" w^re tn great d'niaud to dre*a , . . r be*di ai.d Me?*t*, Medburat au<l IVnUoi. the ton-ora " t (it Ikflwin Hon e? would hare needrd the <|Ualltla* inn, I of the hundred handed l.rlareu* top?rf?i%i all th# l MUKHlht *u> d<maad?d ?? tlialr bald* But It j. at aa all other ncutlon of the I Imii been. at ' I the l?et tfay, Iboae who bail procraellaatad. for- T? pelful of the fart Ibat th* titlnl*. wboee all U re- , l' jiiUlte ;.tr few In u amber a at a plu-e of thl* kind. ' ec?>e in <!rt>?e* and more or le>* nurt go away mmitil or wait till a la*e hour forthe performance of ?urti 'miff aa thay are la aeed of All ' V wae. therefor*. roiitataion. and ' buetle. Ii'wlh" waa . the otdtr of tb? aa; oa Wed need a J uaa fact la .. [ i citli ai> I tioah < Tha r?lwin 'u ol Me??ra Tlltaay, ? louag & illlta. ;?well?r?. of llrafaif. hariag baen 1 i liatiUIat XltMtl. Wat* parking uptu. ir ("oda, 1 . > ptapatatarj to departure fur boaie ?a Wrdnoday. . ?t'nlhij were to ouiueriualy bcaet by eu*toinara .,f flat Ih) ware raaMraiael to re open their aaeort- (. n ewt aid from an eaily hoarof the day to quite a ?f late on* In the arealng thry were elllaf their ware*. . )( la tart, the day'* rale* ?up*t**ded anything whlrh ? I they had arrc mpllrbed la the height of the teaaaa (j i | A great many ilUaoadt, k< , were purrbaaed t?r Ala- v ' f lay at the hall , , I All ll'iuc* b?lng ready, at half paat nlaa o'clock the . J OiTBiablamad rtiurk ua th? flr?t air a?rk?4 out la tt. fo.lowl,, { *?' rttOOItAXTOS or I>A?('K?. ban (letetmlxlnn ol flee uitantea li?t**~n each da arc ) ^ 1 I'naienade K (relator march Ptt*u??. y I 3 drill*. " Najait. a '- l>iraii*< I 1'iika Allaa,''? Bttaaae y 4 UuadiUle. f>ewport Haaaon.2erraha > ft. Walt* Adelalcen,"? Utiawa* .?tln 6 IfVadrllle, ferdlnard* ' ?tn>n?? I ? " fehoflUrh, " the <>r1?laal J Brua< *rt < ? <>u?dtllle " Mtlltalre."?0tim?W 11 i 9 M alt*. " Malden'a I>re*m*."?J. (Jai*t{ ! dun :? k^badiille " ChailraH." tlraua* ((|, il. I'alka Hi ilowa. *" lanay Hall."-H> r?aaa ^ , hi v?> oritir ' irtampB -rutiw* i 13 Walt*.'*liiibila ''?Lablttfcf. A It <Jtia4illl* Ptekporkat,"?Caavftt bit.* I IS I'olka and Vrb' tllM h . 1# (juadilll*. ' limit* \ olrr Mr?u?? i I? "Itt'iDiith '-LiitT l.p ! (4 a a drill* "lltaaa t'atalial llrw't |m ? IV Mtw. "Rltln.' - >?ti Ml . nan Colllli D Wrdlir , , , * >?!? of arerarlty. bt!*(!.,'. >?? foUaaiBf li?l of ,|t^ khiu mniit. tip i Mlfi AIbjp of Newport. aifxarrd l? braatlful (, 1*11 dt*??. aa J attrart *il much att*ntioa b; h.r amia- I tliliy of tiiai?r. )a r| 1h? Mlaar* Br?n4l(r? of Nrw York nnr*lt*M>*~ | ?< l'?M dork mioot itlifl tilBiai' d wti k light fall#. yj, ?nd rlifm (tlxt(. brat lag la b*f band ll? prfif* 1 |M| In a?a apptoptiat* to tho < hata?l#f. ?H'I ?k? w- M| 1aln?4 admirably ; h?r coatfiaa; ?? ?a*h ?n?(|ht d,tk dutlagtba ?r*al?( l|. r ?l?l.r MIm Mar.a Ktaa ??**. i | >r <+r? a b> autilul t.r**k dr*? total pury'.e lMmm*d ? a lib (i 14, ?i* ?a> nurh a<iailt?4 I't ki-r ^racial d?* ^ in i ? nor ? Mli* rt?Dt tlradfoil. of Boitos ap**art4 la a fkaBjr , > I all 4tn. I : Madtta Purrfetllr la a T>lala bail 4r**a b?n Milk Bin l?jr of BkMliaot* a|.p*ai?d la lb# brant/. 1 lot tbarartrr of lad; ot lk> tlBrol Lnlilkt I luMk _ t, | lb. MiM-Mhotb of Wt.b ulm " ? * , lad; , ttdtkltl blaakbrddU* fltb Mark laar>.?rt all. | , t?f halt WautlMly ta?l*tallj ' rnt??r>4 with I M , ii tttl llrt f latrr a|>p*ar*d to a fantf bo'A pmIubi > Mitt PoMarltV ot II J ht %nrj ball dr*M f H aktt* B.atrrlil oilb rlairy rotorcd tf and ' B t?t? f? k?t kt id i tlrk (ln?i rap | , Ml>> Crffial all MM \ . lr*ao. 4 la , lain attlr* I . , Mr* Con. of Hi U?U ihh' A la ? rbftol I . , timfc riit?a>-.?hiU aolla ak>t afcrttf ?ot^ir?4 , j?< k?t and ltmi?t> tap ot nr , rot..r, at' b rt?b taa- f|J < ;. r b?rt jf c*|atr? I a* a |l>4 vara OB hrr arrk a M 'l aa. -i.d a*rklai a of (tnt Nlm *ad b#r * *faat ,(t Ht? t- V*uapy, of * worr a Hah ball draoa enrrvf lat M\ ottvkirt ?t vroufM lata, I E R A ji ped with Bower#, tattefully arranged Mr*. C. li of 11 end <-lc(.Rut I trurr and ?u? < ou*picuous among 1 CI'Blpanj piepent. Ilwtiiollnt Chase. of lloeton wore a plain bail ia*. fit Cab. U. of Hoiida. *m attired ia lull ball drew pink ltgurrd ailk dWa Julia l>erby, of Newport?ball dreii. ilia* I) brighten, of Scotland-plain ball dreM li>iD?l|ht. ot Ji. Y.?dresaed a? Ilaldee. Ira. R. 8 Uaroie. of N V.? bull ooatume of white terial. Klegaut figure lr*. Col. tiatra. lady of Col. Oaten. U. B. A ?ball tame lire Itillrtt. of Providence?rloh, auperb ihwi; mail colored jacket, trimmed with Hllver; Use aklrt 1 troaaer*. al?o trimmed with Mirer; turban of ?iltlrrue ard blue gauie. She alao wore a pearl klace of great thVu? She excited a great deal of Dlratioir iFcm her r*tii? figure lias Hayden, of Button?ball dreaa. Ira liorton. of New OrlrMta? elegant ball drene; [niflcent aad costly bracelet. with jewela and rings ;rrat value Im liart, of Aejlum 1HII. Hartford, appeared in dhH room i.? the oourw of the evening, she na plainly attired, but wore on her Demon, in an unntatiou* uiHinn a variety of rich jewelry She imanded the respect of ail who apprcached her 1m V. o. Hallett. of ProvMwnca- dreaeed a* a Spai lady ra. Halbrook. of Boeton pfcun ball room dreae i?? Hainea, of Saratoga?Disk ball draaa. lie two Miaeea Jar via. of Portland. Cows , appeared le. KlUabtth. dreraad in tbe ooetuaae of the taee in the play ot 0b? Rnebantreu: Greek dreaa. wore a diamond necklace, with twa atringf ria and diamonds. Her slater, Mlaa H. Ja*via. wore ere from tbe Feast of Roaee: white nut In skirt an i isers embroidered with blue, blue cap fasten* I > diamond*, from which waa pendent a large iao? She also wore a erota and necklaoe of diamond*; eap waa lecured with diamond (apriga with penta. She had diamond earring*, with tventail gniol. it-a Julia Levy, of N Y , aa Katella. ra. K b Meafer, of N. V.?Marchloneaa is time o 1* the Fourteenth Her dreaa wan a magnlOoent dw tatln and powdered hair, diamond h<-ad orna t, tarring* and bracelet atudded with diamonda, broaches formed of beautiful rose*- altogether a itiful coctume, and well borne by the owner ra. B V. Moore, of N. Y.?plain ball dreaa, of Canary n. trimmed with red. ia* H M Meraerole, of N.Y .aa a Vivaodlere ? ow skirt. trimmed with red; red jacket, light yelbravtr hat. with red ttreamera M.aaM was roted brllr of the ball, and wore at on* time a*Ten beauI bouquet*, which wers pre*ented by her admlrera ng the evening. Her band waa sought la the i-e by numerouH admirer* laaS.M. Monday, of New Bru>*wlck. N. J.?ball >* ik* Montgomery B Parker, of Boaton. a* I.uela di iinermoor. She 1* the lady of the Con*ul at tbe e de Verde Ialand*. r* Orr, ot Havana- blue brocade ball dre**, very and beautiful. ra Klch, ot Boaton, plain ball dreaa. litM. K Bchuyler. of Mobil*, in the character of lglaa. In tb* opera of "Norma "?deep white nivalin, i wTeath of gold leave*, and a golden xona. In Helen Stoppel? plain ball area*. r* Bloc urn. of New Orleans, appeared In plain Mle lier daughter, Ml** Augusta Slooum. appeared a Hlableree- deep red aod black, trimmed with ik figure*. rmall cap. pfimt it <oyue, secured by a utllul rpray of diamond*. ra K B. Smith, ot St. I.oul*, rich ball dree*, l-a Klliabeth Turnbull. of S 0., aa the heroine. 11a; crimaon *alln akirt. whit* trouaer* and green 'it bodic* opined on white lace; crimson velvet per* amall rap with ostrich plume* ra. Thatcher. ef Boaton. In fancy Scottish co?i?. la* Van Boren of New York. In plain ball dree* ia? Koealie Van /.andf. of New York. In Urerian ume? Haldee remarkable for herluauriant bead air. and a generally graceful deportment laa A. W Wilkin*. ot Flahkiil New Vork In a k coMum*. Mi**e> Ward. New York One wore a beautiful I lun cortunr, and tbe other ? ? In a very pretty uidp tin- name of which we did not lurn in Witton, of florid* appeared In plain ball i. Ilrr da* figure and elegant deportment cau*?d I a frneatlon wherever (he came l*a Wiight. (an heire** ) of New Jersey. wore a rich dre**. net iff with jewel* Bbc bad on a rich i lace of pearl* and dlumondf, and a bracelet richly Idrd with diamond* of great arllllanry. r*. W B W'tmora, ol New York entered tha n at *n mrljr hour, attired in a rich ball cnitumt, lined with floaera. Hbe wore a crnae of diamond* ended about ber nrtk by a jewelled siting of grrat i*. ! * Rata Weaver. of Newport R I , wan much adrd ia ber unique Chinese oohtumr She attracted rral admiral ion OKNTLRMKK IS ( OHTOfl. 'rut Alvtry. LP. N.. eoitume of a Chilian riding lieman iiun At wood wan dreaied a* a Neapolitan nobla> II. Bier, of I." p. Rtirine Service, wa* diaa*?d l>. garb of a pallor J. Illanrbard. Mafi . a* a brigand ieki? I Faker NY ** a Neapolitan fisherman >1 Ward II Ilurnett appeared in the full uulfurm ! be were during the Mexican war. pt Drown I.'. 5 A.. In lull uniform Capt 11 It Trramrer at Fort a dam* Policek llurgwya. N P. wa* dresaed a* Carlo ito of hpaln H.atk *ilk velvet cloak and trunk. ! mid with gold l?e<- scarlet |luxa*t ?diamond , on tha treaet?*t*el trimming* jor Butler. I' ft. A .cititen'* dret*. lima*Crare Bank*. N V . citiren * Ire** W. Ccoper of Providence wa* dressed in tha 1 orm ol the l'rovld? n -e marine corp* cf artillery . I'uacan. of Provldt uca, in eitio-u'a drew t>. I'aiby.of Nawprrt. appeared diaiiuicl with a i noae. He maile himreil quite agreeable in tha to? in by hi- jo*o*? manner and htarty laugh*, r Beck, I'hlledelpbla citizen * dre** - ; I. I dgbaa In \ '>rk, citiien* dre**. nk lli'itjamin. Newport cltUeu'* dress. !> I'rovtdi iie?- in?t lii>- ci>r| ot nttlUary k?iar IIr 11>kIj im Nawport. ?? a brigand nitre* Ralahi Idar, V.'<i , of Old Cauibridgr wh? ! ad Id* II in.inn mo cwatuMa. Murk rt-lrrt.rlaborata- | a Bird witli fllrar Thin Mr IJ. In tb* mom g?utl?known to fime 'at Newport) ? the author of lb* l yitiaurui." or th? " Ban terpvot." n work b t ba i?d to b* apprrrlnt'd. The military mi? wblcb br txyiini. and Ul? natural]/ grar.-ful | It i ad.b-d to bt? wrll know n fa lantry and <*a?y | nrri, ahan in company of lb* fair ?i mad* blm tiiilrudiii rbararti r In i ha ballroom. W.llapp of Rnaton watdrcM-d a* n ftnay ?f WAt a latrr b< ur In tbr riaiilng La cbangad tba i tni- to tlmt of a frlnr r. Crugt-r *ai> ilrriwd a? a fln? old kngilab j(?otl"- 1 , la Otorga tlia 8*rond tlma n> t'tyraulf. of Saw Oilaan< ?a< la a Folka'to > llla.k ??l??t trloini'd with yallow and ebarry, ; r button*, full rlrh mbrmdarad ahlrt blark vaiaat an. whit* iMthi ra murl Colt, of t'nnnartleut, wan draaaad In tb<* ?"?- ! of a Turkish mglnvr Tbla ?u a apl?ndld a. and *a? In tnr-t admirable kaaplng tttaln Cuilrr. of England, rltlfn dr?-a? H t amp ball tllb* Kiltub Artaf rlllwn'idrm Oottlratt afNrw T< ?k French Snllnr int I irljilt.iif I' I N . full uniintm ?>? t'o?'k 11 New * ork, a* n > rtnr. I., (it ill rtoildttilr. rltlian'a dr?M 8 K Dull* of Niw >ork. w?? rMunrdu * Irk grntb man of tin** |n*> by f>ark aelart tab tt. with trunk* of iia' material. ilnahej with y*lat.n 0?ep lara icIDtr. buf boot a, tad t"p? al?o mdwilh tare; br?wn b?ater hat, turned up. or nled with r |i t?d leather* l> fltld < f thf <>< an llou?? Newport *a Punch W IUk? of >ew f?rlran? ritlien'a drew inofl K (ilti at l.onton. ritiwn <lr??^ iii| Urain rrlrrl trlmmxl with gold ud whit* ilar* ji ll< w booti. Inn* lopa I ?!?? ISA , In uniform Col 0 U ttmnwiil it lh? 1 9 ffiI at Nrapcrf. B 11<>f pin Jr . I*rt>?ld< t.rr, in an H uIWi j'wkf 1 i l:rd rial buff Mn?U i lotbaa. tap brota, >-ok^jr | E Ile.lnway of Nrwport II Rc??*r Hliaralrat i? I with n'lt 'ty aid irath m Thr .barartar nnirkaU; wall p>t ?aalrd f llMfitl*;, > I . at>i*?ad a/ Run*o ?ky | .Ilk vditl trn>a>>d with wblto iat)?nad ailiar, I lalarrrt rap hlna ami wtOia fratbaia. rich lara, I. allk t t|lita. it w I mord. Viff toota Wit ll>tlaf J* > V -llunxailan nontnma? I ? ?i< trloimi J with g. IJ lata, blun tight*. rlrklf I roldaitd with (old turn, amrlrt jaekat gold U?a rollar of laoi?rd rkia, black i?l?rt cap. trlmin?d , uoj.a"! >ki? Mm ulli utb hanging Iratn tba l ilth gold taoavU aaklii llvtta. Cwttti faltod Ititn dab Tr?nr ?> *! I'd Pr*?tdiat 01 Ihr Merchant* Bank wm HfOtl'a *f M W llark*. Ttoy ?cBltaa'a draaa llulu wan. Au^tiian Mlalatrf to Walkinga dtiM. i-'a-t Hottna of Niw drWna fancy ro.tura? talari panta. taata.'ally tr1?m?d wlfh n?n?lln #. whlta ihltt and Jai kat of dart ralaat a rary t| imIbbi W Hrnry of Baltlmoro- draw '0, W IIall* tt. of l*r??ld?nra- rltla?n a draaa hn Xalwaad ol I* V rltla-n a dr??? * Hiidnth B?atn?-r?*Uah Jorkay draaa It itrafkr aatitliaian wall N Jaril*. rf Foitland ft.. U I harlaa '.'4 , hla< k t ji V?t aid tinaka trtmmad With fold lam ball 1 ?< *? of tlko 0(?aa llowa Nawport. apr?d ? I'arrMt Tkf hara. lar wai admirably ana*4. t I .a Baa In rltlna'i draaa t Mtilrr of Ki w York, appaarad ia lb* matuma Miln fltit Thla waa a ??ry b?ad?oa* roatum*. halt *_"t *! ?* ??t?at Jaakat aad trnaka alaabad k lli h Miia (tr ja purplr) ant IB and .lat.wat.lf I d with da* II I ana: |om rtn?lataaad maootaaba, trbad bat w tb t.laa ttthin brota trlmmad with >?aHorathir a ?bo?y roatnmo Tb? akaraMar i ?rll rairlid Mi? by Br M. laalar I nli Ha^-r ami ol tha abar-, a bar abaat y, an h4 a?? wnaa a mlalatar* draaa of a *paa.?h Mary man hat aaord and mmata b? If J \ Mr.'aff If ? ' Haw \C!k.?? 4 tka 4r-a, LD. TWO CENTS. I ti Sir Walter Raleigh T>rnu Uluk ?i?? . . .. Iraakx alaeheJ with yellow jatln and hand??tn?<* trimmed with Uce, a beautiful bearer hat, with iratbtr*. *?? jauntily warn over a protueton of rio?letf. Thf oortint became the weurer. and the wearar became the cuntnme. It waaom-af the bent character* Id the room Mr. F. P. Merchant of Nvw Bedford wore a French court drfM-niibwtiJfri'd *?et aoJ coat 8. C Melotire of New Vorh, wan present, in plaiw eltlaen'a ooatMBP. Mr B V Moore, oi Kfw York appeared in tbe uniform drm of i member of (ha Naw Vork LlgU (?uard. fobn March, in the coetume of French caller Mr Jamee K. Otla appeared' a) French drlxmUur; drrn?royal purp'a velvet trouaerr trimmed with tllver braid; a Mlver gliLT> atrip*; light blue velvet jwckct. trimmed with the omne; fancy cap to matoh; embroidered ablrt; blur ribbon; rich white allk Mah. Witb gold bullion friuge, Slur striped atacklnga and pumpc W T. Parker, ol Boston, wore the vary pretty coatunie si a praxant oi Bern*? very l>eoomiag. Montgomery i> Fark-r. U. 0. tlonaul at Oape 4m Verde Inland*-fiiat in Sottish Highland dreaa. them changed to hlaoomular uniform. Col Pitman of K. I., late of the Hhuda l?laa? Volunteer*. appeared In bla uniform. Afterward* (hanged to ii Mexican rantbaro. Lieut f!eo Patten. C. 8 t . in full Bnlform L. A. PbiiMpa came into tl? roam, al a lata hour. aa Sirilobn Fahtnff lie euact< d the rhNvaoter wondertul>j well. ai>d claimed the a Imiration of all who obi errwi bio pertormewce H C Paruell of Washington. In eltlten I dteaa Oewrga \Y Prentice, V U. NiiJ, in jitl>ea'? drevi Hurry I'ltmaa. of Providence. 'a full un.form af the Providence Light Inftmtnr. K.A. Pout. N. T . in ritfaen'c drcaa Major Holland, cflf 9. Army, was eoitumrd aa !> Cirrar de Batan. Oeo Roberta, of K-ton Trmrt. a* Low in Napoleon ? military uaitora;ri?rnii with white plume; diamond* of H 000 value, aenl IVora California W K Kiker. of M. V , aa n blaok fria.i rank P Beabury MVa . court drea^tinfof Louie XVI. Thomaa BhMlingaford S. Y., aa Karmer Ash fluid, in " Speed tba Plough.'' Mr. gplcer. oi tFi U B: Revenue Bsrvlse fane* brigand'* dree* C. It 81oan. ct N Orleann; a* a Chaa?eor d'Afriijua. I)r Hhepbard. <>l Kkode Island, in ultlaaiVa dreaa K Bhlfffof New Oriean*. ic citizen'* dreaa. l>r. J SimmonH, II. t). A . 1* uniform l?r. K. V Smith. 8t. Loula. !? eltlzen'a draaa Matthew tftarbuck. of Nantaeket. is citizen'* draaa. Dr. Htltt. of U 8. A .in oltlzau'i dreaa Col. J W A. 8andlord. Ua . l^cltiiea'* draaa IC B Bohott. of 1'blladelphla, a* a debardeur Samuel K Slater, of Webater. Man* at a faaoy debaideur?yellow *ilk ahlrt and blue pauta, with ft beautiful full wig?an excellent coatume. J 8 Tllley of N Y . in citlien'a drew Mr. tlenry Thornton, of Mancbe*ter. England, la full Indian vc*tume. A 11. Tbumton. ofN Yi, aa a New York firamaa Geo M Thatcher, of Boatoa, Uauiah Consul appeared In hla cooKular Uniform. Mr. Vri|uhart. of N. 0 , In eitisan'a dre??. Thomaa \ an /.andt.of New York. In citizen'* draaa. W Van Zandt. ot New York, aa a Greek efflcer: crlmion bodice, white rklrta. trimmed with gold . re4 boot*. Mr. Simeon White, of New York, a* a lire Yankee ; character well auelalned E. W Win if ot New Itedford, In cltiaen* draaa. K It. If. Wilkin*. ef I! on I on aa Bob Aerea Frederick Wiggln*, of Knglaad. in altlzea'* draaa Charlea W utaoa of New Verk. a*Uraadtalhur Whitehead. Mr Wiliiumton, of Savannah, lia., a* a Spanlah neblaman. W. W. Ward of Savannah, On , in a Neapolitan ooatume. II C Ward, of Ilaltlmoia Md , in citiian'a drafa. Panuel H ard of !> York, a* a I'ranch itilor l'adio MSanchtz Yznaga. of Havana. la aitlt-a't drraa Jacob Zcpey. of (Jrecoa, la citizen * dreat. tiik rppsit, rrc. At little aa*t twelve o'clock, the company adjourned iron the danaitig room to the mala hail, wheaa the anpper table wu laid. Itwwa beautiful aitfht. I'lace* were provided for abaut two hundred aail twenty flv* gurata The meata were handaomely dlaplayed. and there ware about a aaora of ornamental piece*, which taking appropriate fomx, gave a gariitah to the whole which waa exceedingly agreeable to lb* aye The company were noon seated and hard at work, and mauy a l.andeome piece of b.<ef, many a turkry. I."in, toague, eblckeu. and other t laude of the like deacriptlon. quickly dl-appeared undw the knlvea and fnrka ol lb* hungry dancara Chainpagce flowed (under the happy management of Mr. lion/ale*. the inafter of the wine room) freely, and the ittact* aire *oon dlacernlMe on those wha partook ton liberally of the hunutiful fare. After (upper, the company returned to the room and re engaged in tin dance. which waa K. j.t up io Ilia una ciumod oj me nrogmmmo wiui Irrati ?|>tiIt Indaid Tlewtn# tha ball a* ? whala. It ? ? m i?t iplrttrd affair, and many who In th* iuorniuj( of W-dickilii). *rr< full of foreboding* vera no* b irJto u?? r*preaaton? of delight In In-IarcBoa to th.-dao"Uamrit Tbe nunih?r of attrodaoti at tLa l>Ul a<>t large tut the goigeou*n<?? which prevailed narred to Burr eom|>rimatr for paucity ot number* Th?rw w?> no dulara*. but kb the catrarj. all wa? Joy anil entbu*la*tio Birth If tb? ia(? for law; ball* vboulit continue, wr predict lhat It will be fou ad aeoaeaary for tbr manager* to taka aoma manure* which ahall prwcludr lb>- attendance of ?o mam peraon* la plaia coatume Tba mere addition ol to the pnn of licktU. will not accomplish tbia It li la fact, a matter of eear.rniy fur periion* to pay the $.V aad a?nld ao?t limit* fi>r no r??p<ctaU< cwtuun ran ba obtained foe ar.itbli K lika tba amount of difference In tba prlra nf tirk*la There muat of couraa be exception*. all wlU ?> t abulia a fancy cottuaic. bat an far a* pnaibla, dr?i?i of lbl< kind at.ould ba aacouragcd There war* at tbl? ball by far too many gentlemen In plain atUru. It take* fioai tbr (i-arral fl-et aad ihulJ ba diacoiiBtr naucrd Bo far aa tba par Molar; remit* of tba t all aia rouc'ititd Mr #Vm?r tbr proprlator of lha Oj?an llru.<*. tiprmn btntnelf perfectly ?atUn*4. Ona thing di-iwrri notice aamrly thit no unpl ??aat recurrence transpired to mar tba harmony of lha i veiling The aiperlcBca of tboae alio hare bran rai;iiImr attendant* at thaaa ball* will aatya to *Uow that tlili* liaa not al*ay? baru tha raaa. Tbla ball may ba **t down aa tba Inat fruit* of tha faeblonabir fraioa at tba watering plaee? It waa perhaps port|>on< d nntil too lata a day. If It bad osrnrtid daring the height of tba aaaaon It woild uodoabtedly l>arr U?n a mora magniflerst aff .tr than It waa until r aalatlog rircumatau'-oa Many of lb? rWt?n at tha watering plaae* dorlag the itnimi r ara n> or rha at* whose busiaeas reqalrv* t heir atteatloa la ha city ttir latti r part ol Auiuat or at farthest ? tba 111 id Aei.teiubrr. aad an kutltcu maa will Befl?ct lha datlaa of tha warabnaaa or e.noHng room for tba ni< a. ure of aiti tulm^ ika f?t ?ii h?i i# i- -n ?'??* ??? and ni'ncy a?kli( wto uU tbo pins* of lo' H'y abiding with roaoy of th* fo-|**nt*ra of 'h* ?ilirl?? |'I?n? Hit anotb*r annm-r tilt ?h*n ? mar bM form. II to th* th- m> W < earn-* rloM rur r > :>< ?< without rotnraUf tliaaka to Mi?ti Wmrt WMt? Martin Ikl4> Lara*. and Mai lain, if lb* Oeraa lion**. who r-n-l?r?4 a* rtrty a>?t*taar* ?> al*n aabnowbadir* ID' politaarN ( Mr Multtaa. of th<> "t?a?a?-r Kaiplr* Ollf, aptala *> !?*y tad Mr llitbnpn of Ik* - *ia*r l>rrr and IH* roadurtora of th* -art on th* froat i-i ' 1 Wnn>f?l?r and thr W?>'?ra rmlr??la ; nbl*h f'BlUm>n ?ld*4 a* In mtr *?l*a*ora to (>i a rapiil of ?b* ball throngb to tb a rtty In tl?* for publication thla ?ornlnc Tmk'Tb cai. P?E-tntt!?**<-??Fomc <nC<MirKT?TKiD -?Tbr Martrii l*(t?r* aprak luf It ia Iti'le trtniMf to brc|> th<* nation in ordrr, but that pluJoaophtr ha* not >?i hrvn found who la M?? to kumoniir all*ire wh> rr ibrtlrictl "omprlion i? a# warm a* it U iHw iruo?. Tli* ?<rf rirrllrni manngrr of thf BrnHw?jr Th**tr* oa MM lk? ai?le, iuxi oI NtUo'a on tkr oilier, want to <>ccu|>/ ?irh I he top ct a column in the r\UM llntalH, wbiW our mrua* are wwilni u" '*' m*?t l*t full firiann<i? of both. lint Iwar th*m? *rpt a IftQ*. M< Coin at - Dim fir - I bar* **1*d at t?i* (?Un n h< ta have ?*%n you r?ip*c U ? tb* dlaplactof nt my a4t**tl*otarnt. Mr .fi>n*? |>romia*d to Inform ma j*at*?da j nba? your daUrnJnntlon vaa. >a4 bt MM ?* to lay. tbat laa rall*d ay la*t eight to do m. bit did nat >** > la raaa ran wilt not r*olar* | ba aa (nod aa to l*ara M ont ia?iitkf until Mr Mufti r*tuia< Yf<nfa, raapertlailf. WH HttLO. Daoana*1 Tuitrar. N*pt Uh, V*# Dtir Hr:? I.aat J*n?, tibia Uara u aanv dlHanUf li?aruin? tb* p<>aUkoa ?f tb* lh??ti ?aj arirrrtlaawmta Mr M*nn?tt anu?id tbat tlta U??rj. Halloaal aad OljmpW. ?b??l4 ba pl?r.d at IM band of fir Column ?H<1 Ibat tb- Hr?a.taa? >. .? I I.. U.'rn polltaa tbeatr* tkoald W plarrd it Ur W*4 af (k* mktrrvlvBi l<'llo*r< b; MMo'i iwl lnHrni a. Avar* af Mr kia<Ja*??. 1 ?m |in?w>M Utt wtoa h? U wad* aa^naiaWd wHk tke tori. h? viil gtr? oa car plara. \ cr* rr?p.-elh?ll?. ynar*. aAiuiitWk. Ta R. II. C??xiii. ?' ( . Herald UM' Now, Wf are rralljr pi/rM. What ia I* ha Two nwi cannot ilud ia on' pill af bo**, and it is of vaa? coiar^nrMv, it ar?aw, mt to grown children, to be al the head of the clnaa. Sball wf leave tbi? matter lot ailpiatmnlla lb* charming Jenny l.irnt! She har nnm* *n arerjtking; but nhe ia too much engaged with bar owa mattera We hereby offer n rtw*rd of A/'? 4nHmr* to any human being who will Inra.nh an with % anlntloa of thia difficulty wiib the twa maMgn^ and till tbea we shall try ta *|i rear them bath into the b< ad of the tame column Marina AOMva. In ?|h - Tbaaktf Rktn- *h U?mM lt*? tba fa?it n? l?>'?tk at*w?, y-?*rdar *fc. la U aalt tatka : n>?kia'< I * Havre ? ka>r kinrad/g ? <a hat U| ac

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