Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1850 Page 4
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We are at a r lose to conceive the reasons that influenced mem- a bers to vote as they did, and defeat one of a se- a Ties of raeatures which, wfcen they were sane- ^ tioned by the Senate, were hailed by the public t generally as harbingers of peace, and as providing ^ the means of adjusting a question which has t caused a great deal of excitement throughout the t republic. We can find no reason for such a course r except a party one, Vizthat as several elections i re about to be held in different States, mem- ! j tiers were afraid to act as tree agents, or to use , t their own discretion. Forgetting the reaction that I ^ has taken place in public opinion on the question of i u slavery since ttie meeeting of Congress, they voted t] in accordance with the sentiment of their constitu- j j en if, it was some montus since. A ^ re iter mistake ^ was never committed; and if we are not very much c mistaken, the gentlemen who voted'in opposition to a the hill wtll yet find it out?jwrhaps when too lateThere has been a great deal of pettifogging in the House, this session, on this subject, as well aa on others; and some members inay discover that instead of forwarding their political interests by Ihe course they have pursued, they have done the reverse. " Look to the Senate," was at one time the watchword; but it is changed. " Look to the Mouse," is now the cry,asfaras the slavery quest ion a concerned Some new plan of settlement must of course now In* proposed by that body; for we can kardly think (hat they will dare to adjourn without disposing of this unfortunate question. We shall probably glean some intelligence on the subject to-day. The Senate passed the Post OlHce Appropriation bill, with some amendments, and also a bit' establishing a line of mail steamers between New Orleans, Vera Cniz, and Tampico. From present appearances, we do not believe that the Civil and I linlnmiitip A nnPnnrintinn Kill tarill lu> u.aJ k? tUi. * I"""?-v VIII ?*aaa |>nppr<i iry nun body until the slavery question be settled. We kope not. The IVewa from California. Tlie arrival trom California brings the painful intelligence that the cholera had appeared on b*ard the l'anania steamer, bound from San Francisco to Panama, causing between forty and fifty deaths among those who were returning to this country. The afflicting intelligence will carry sorrow into Btanv families. The eommercial news ls the only other feature f great interest; and that is confined chiefly to the fact that between two and three milli<?* of dollars w gold dust, is tin its way to thfci country. Such a pit ee of intelligence will be received with great satisfaction by the mercantile community, which, 4<r?ctly or indirectly, is interested in this great retarn for value* received by the Californium. The continuance of these large remittances ol gold affect* seriously all classes of the community also as will be evident upon a little reflection upon the subject. The trading classes, the laboring and producing lasses?in fact, the entire national mtss of enterprise and energy, must fesl, soouer or later, the stupendous rfleet to be realized by the transmissioq i so much of the precious dust to our shores. Flowing into the community as soon a* it is dislodged from the mines, it starts sloth into energy, and the patient laborer into an ambitious adventurer. Consequently, there is a tendency to emigration, on a very extensive scale, the effects of which must be felt not merely in this country, but throughout the world. Already have the nations f the Kast?the Chinese empire, India, and the island* of the Pacific?been aroused to action; but 1 liw remotest regions have sought a closer connection with the golden land. The folly of the small politicians at Washington, whose vain and rmpty speeches only add to the ridicule to which they are entitled for their obstinate procrastination, becomes more and more obvi ns, as we are taught to prepare for the great futvre of this continent. The unanimous opinion of ?k' whole republic in, that the tenia of a mighty I mpire are now burning forth u,x>n the slope of * tfce Hmritic Oregon commands attention for her tut naval resources and other wealth ; California 1 for her eahauMlenn mineral treasures; and yet the t stupidity of inM|[nitir?nl and narrow-minded poll- < ttrtaM holds this great country back from the des- t (any which nature has pr*i?ared for her. A small, ? nniuportsnt, ridiculous frivolity of smaller |>nliri- i mis, takes the place of the great duty c f legmla- c tore, to make th*-ta*elves conspicuous rather thaa i tkeir country K very body knows that it is a mat- I ter of very small convenience in what way the t California, Texan, and other territorial questions t re ud|u*?ed. The oar thing needful is their p etil* men;, mthont 4elay Thi- is the grand de a sMeratum. < VcnmsUuces imperatively call for a r eseaiion of political wrangling?for a sol<?r hour's a devotion to the wishes of the people?n view of it Mae ?re at hereafter of this tnighly nation, wh<?e u mentations are destine,! to eihilitihe most ! n won.ierful ?,<ectacle of national greatness the I u world ever saw. l*t na get rid of the l locks an ! stones that ( ?i knavish ytWtcia? are always throwing, in their k folly, upor. the path of entire, and then oj>en, from ; " U?? Atfoatic to the Pacitic slot*, facilities for the {j l*edy iraiiS|?>rtaUon of n errhandiee, and the com- j tl fcirarf pow er* of the earth will not be able to shake ' " "a the supeiklrtit'tnre, iiiim h less the foundation. 11 *4 ?.nf hn|,tn>*a and pro?|<?rity. Not only iK<- ? "bonadlrM continent' will be maa'a, t>jt ih<- , U whole wuil.1 will pay wilnng tribute u> that grrat 4 mem by which 'He variova racea of he rati will br improved nod b?a? fitted, .-hallow aectioaal i| prrjudica, contemptible party atrife, ir? jt j>nde of pkmcr nod hope of prrfrrmeat, nhoiiM not >ei>t ardu* |] ikf mighty ini'rrft of th* future of tin* con- , fnirrMC). From the extreme North to ibe lathiwa ? aa:nre i? worhn.g out a treat political problem, ? upon which all the nation!) of the earth are (aaiac \ with ?<hmW and coriuMtp. I: i* a , tiful a^eotacle, c Uyr, to m# lb* r?*?? of thin people play ' Hm bo-neep ind Miad man'a bull at atieh am?>ine?t, J J brte*mf u,>oa lUr preai aad if" iaetitutwaa which n we rn/ay, the ;eera of aatiraa uid th* coat'-raft of " all r-?> h|e nien. The ?tate* hare a unity of ift> errata. Let Tnaa have iadrmaiir, and all the ? moa- y fbe deeirea ?run botiadariea to wait the n people?k nor It dowa the poMtirlaa* who *FP*M ^ reaaoaablo m<n?urea, or ? a J th?m to A frict, and ^ kri the anitrd coaf-doracy hare one coamii ta- r rreat far tha r?mmnn ffnod Aa aooa an the facilitiea are affordea!, t>7 pl?ah ?[ raad*, cakal", mho.!*, or by aay other projecia, |( far a apredy paeeage t? the PactU we may It apect the viaitle jflory of Ihnt fnt<tre jri-atac;* to J" wfcKi thia ccautry drained Chi,*, !a-ln, I ipan, the inland* of the ocean, New HolUnd, are oa to be near to us. Our influence will sooa be on them. Fleets, navies, armies, will sot consi, subject, repress, or hinder the progress of numerce. Commerce will carry civilization with The merchant wilt be the true missionary, as always has been, aa?l as he alone can be; and e mighty republican empire of the Southwest ill be the Mecca of actions. Away, then, with jueensical personal diftsrwices of opinion?away i'h party lines, and withtbo*e who stick to them, id let us prepare to enjoy-die future, of which we innot be deprived if we are true to our country. he Report of CUs Chief Kngtnser of the Flr? Depart me n t?The Osrraptlos and Imbecility of the present Common Council. We place before our readers to-day, one of the ioet extraordinary and important public document! Inch ever came under our notice. We allude the annual report of the Chief Engineer of the ew York Fire ]>|>artment, which is addressee i the Common Council, and was sent in to thai Ddy a day or two since. It is a remarkable docu' i?mt in every point of view, and discloses mor* orruption, imbecility, and deplorable diaregarc > the wants, interests and wishes of the public, nd those of the noble band of hremen who peri lieir lives and expend their time in the service o he community, than ever came under notice. W< ecommend it to the careful perusal of every mat ,ud woman in the city, of high and low degree, a i pa|>er which discloses much information concern ng the utter corruption, and, we might say, crimi lal negligence, of those whom the people of thii joodly city, in the innocence of their hearts, elect d to preside over the destinies of this city, and t< ake care of their individual and collective inte ests. No one can rise, after a perusal of this extraor linary document, without being impressed witl he idea that thrre never was a time when Nev fork and its interests were confided to worse, mor nworthy, or more corrupt hands. The develope iicuts in this reiKirt of the Chief Kneineer of tli "ire Department, present an amount of corruption ias? ness aud villany greater than we have ever hear if. We have carefully watched Common Counci ifter Common Council, city government after cit [overnment, tor more than a quarter of a centur >ast, end we candidly confess that the present Coir lion Council outstrip, in an infinite degree, all thei iredecessors of every party, and of every shade t politics, from defunct nativism to democrats an ivhig*, in every thing that is base, corrupt, an mbecile. This is the first time,?witliiu our exper ?nce, that the two heads of the Common Counc nave been publicly aud solemnly charged by public otiicer, holding a high |aud responsible pos lion in our midst, with malfeasances in the dn charge of their public duties, which almost amoui tocnmea?and which are,morallyspeaking,crrnei in much so as if made such by statute. We cerUinl H uulr! like to know how Morgan Morgans,GeorgeU Franklin, Police Justice Muuntfort, Messrs. Bare llawes, Gntlio, Crane, Smith, Ackerman, McCai thy, and others, will feel whenthe8edevelopem?>ni are read and [Hindered upon by the commumt] Some of these gentlemen, we understand, are cat didates for the next Mayoralty of this goodly bi much abused city, and will, no doubt, use ever exertion to secure the nomination for that ottioi and their election afterwards. What a nice hgut they will cut, to be sure, when the time tor electiu comes around ! How will they be able to explai away the very important and serious charges thi are publicly made against them, id this document In what niancer will ihey get rid of the chirge < discharging from arrest rowdies and scoundrel who lime been in the daily habit of tusaul.izig tfc ire men of New York with deadly instrument*, an Milting, and disfiguring, aud destroying the hre ei tines, so as to enable those bad chjra:ters t 'esuuie their wanton and disgraceful conduct th lext day ! llow will they, aa well as Mayu tVoodhull, free themselves from the charge of a| ointiiig. luetlicieni and ignorant men to the im|M>i am una responsioie omces 01 oeu ringers, ana irmi oleraiiug, 40 we are informed they have done, tin ?|'M neglect ?.( the duties which pertain ti !ho*e bell ringers 1 How can they explain the iin |>lied, if lot direct, aharges of briliety and corrup lion, inide agaiotl them in certain cases ! Tito* gentlemen must certaialy ruake an attempt, at nl vents, to clear their skirt* of those serious aui tremendous charges. For many vears |>ast the firemen of New Yorl have been used, if not abused, most sadly by th city government. Notwithstanding that they ar a iiMiat important and mtluential class of our com nmuity, they are, and have been, maltreated b the powers that l>e, no matter to what party the may belong. This is wrong?decidedly wrou* 1 he New York firemen are the real demosrae of lli?* city?its very bone and sinew?and th Chiel Li>gioeer whcni they elect is their repr? m ntative. With such a body ?f men in Francc or any other European country,'there would l?e n difficult v in remodelling polncal institutions, an in establishing a government like outs. Althoug it may not be immediately felt, the lirrinen of Ne? V otk exert a powerful influence over our ciiy, ani hroughout society, in all its tVHried ramification! rhtir iBt?re?ts as firemen should he attended t< >y the authorities, and every suggestion thi ninnates from them through their organ, th< "hief Engineer, should be res^iectfullv listened to li-t- nilot this being the case, |we learn by tL>< hief Kngtneer's report, that their representation! re totally disregarded?that, in fact, they an tealtd as if unworthy of b?ing heard. We ?hal rr huw um um wui cum. Saw Yob* UsuvKmniTT?Mbpicai. DKrAnrMKfi -It will be seen by an advertisement in anothe 'olumn, that the appointments to the vacant chaif n the medical department of the New York Um rerslty are mnde. Doctor Khsha Hartlett, Frofei tor of Theory and Practice in the University r [. ouiaville, ami liocior Samuel I). ?IroM. Profit lor of Surgery, in the sain* Institution, hare rt ugned their respective chairs, and accented h ante in the I'mvrrtiity of this city. Of the excel encc of these is almost unnecessary o speak. The medical profession throughout ih ountry, will rejoice at the translation of th^ae em> tent men from the |><>Mtions they have so well fill d in Loaisvtlle, to th' more extended field of thi n>'tro]Ktlis ; and we doubt not thit under the Fa uli> as it now exists, Ihe t'niveraity of New Yorl s destined to a ctreer of uibrok'n prosperity >r. Uartlett has long been known as an etmnen earher of t?ie hran< h now under his charge ; *n< lis emlite writings on typhus fever, the philoto >hy t/f medicine, <V~c., have secured him at hum nd abroad an enduring name. l>r. tiro-*, loni ec< trnued as the eminent surgeon of the Weat j3<l wbow treat work on pathological initomy ranked ?i ng the r'.andard medical authorises iov of tiir mo?( loquent trukfri of hi? depart [.rut now lh ing, and f?*<* mm, it i? Mid, e^ual bin a th?- dnlrn>ai unr of ihf Imifr Nrw Voik ha* always offered to the inedica lu<l? ot iinnu n*' facilities for acquiring a pr*ctica acwleffgeof hia profe?*ion. In a population o vrr hall a million, all th* varioua diwaa^a lac* i n' lo immunity ate to be found ; and it reqnirvi ut lh' aid of the eiptrienced teacher to .levHoi* irK great reaourcs *ud 111-tke them ?ul*ervi<-iit i the advaacr of mntn-al nci?*nce. "l ht* ii 0 city on thin continent which can co no?r? 1 ith tin J in ita rraource* for anai rtic>-l (formation?none that ran abroach " ui M W ? (i lor th?> practical atudy of o ?ielnr?. (Jre*tin<? " ?i t{ri ran id i(rrai cnirp. mm ini roapent) which the Inivrrmty ol New Yorh hai oil. imly eahib?t? d,ia !> ??? d. in great,meaaure, wn Itr >wiHt i<?iiiU|n itriMuK from iu locition Wr 'iB.trtMmiit from the p?bMc announcement, Sat the faculty ha*e rna.le very ronai-lemhle im?oveme?t? in their co-irae of instruction ft?r th* turning winter Inotrnl rf a ningle clmls >e eacli i ? k, heretofore, there are to be three? ?>irical and medical ciiuaiue eve ry ><tur.tay by Pro ??.r a Bifdlcal and ourgical climatic every \ educadaj by Prol^aa?r? llaitirti nad I'atdaoa, an Uuinc cum ,ue every Monday bj I'r >fea*or IVdi?rd fo tbe?e ill he |f?rnifd to the undent all l?f tariouo wtereatlng rnwi which c?n lllnatrat# lie dr,?rtni> nt of aurgery, r>ra< tier, aod obatetrlc n? I\. the cti?ir chetniatry h-?a l>een ?it<d that ol pbyaiology , and in addition to hi* ciureaogchenilatrf.Profeaeor l>r?j<er a til deliver, no evening* m lite wr?k, lei-tare* on tbai moot ].,? turn and |mt?reaiing, auhiect.g. In ibe aanie *.uia#r Profcaeoe Patuaon will give, m addition to an regular oonrae. evening lectnrea on airgical ntofity. 1'i.drr tbe rare M Prt.feaaor Pain*, the ? . -in et of ma ria m?dna and u i ont -antly receiving increaaed m'-ana tor demona'rv on ^uecflNM ul the variuu* ag?uw, alaff ldrawi i^?, re|>r? ?enudg tbe dill* rent ohircta F irl. reet in tbia braucli, are au^ied in fvrofnaion i ,< nd? ntiy of alt the tairinaia advautagea of iia m bool, there are tboar which tbe hoa^iuU, hrmartea, diejwnanTVn, eta , furniah We a<*w edie* lor tbe enamng Mwnnn tbe Inrgeat alaaa ever Tit-led wihig the walla of tbe I'a ?t* y Jcnnjr Llnd?Tk? ofbar Pupalailljr? Har avrtBMnU TMlwtafi The moat popular woman la tha world, at thla mo' sent?perhaps tha moat populai that ever was la it ? U Jenny Llnd. Other women hare been favorite* with a portion, and even a ma.oritjr of tha pubiia ; he appeari to be a favorite with all. Why la this T It U not lor her beauty ; for in thla ra" spact she doaa not equal many other women who hare bean bafara tha peapla; and wa know that beauty, at beat, U only admirad, and that not by allIt ll never a source of raapaot or aateem. To give tha reader an idea of tha wu In which some people regard bet looki, wa may mention that, at tba serenade, ona of the crowd, an Ameriean, who hall adored har, said he was juit like a Dutoh woman A lady observed* when ihe waa at the Art Union, on Wednesday, that bar face closely reaembled that of a Scotch woman. Neither Carman nor Sootch women are remarkable for what we call beauty. Jenny Lind 1 has not a classical lace, but, on the contrary, has a good deal both ot the Scotch and northern Uerman outline of leatures ; while she possesses, at the same | time, all their sense, prudence, and high order of Intelt lect. The southern Germans are more like tha Italians?fiery, pasMcnate, enthusiastic, and impulsive. These southern Europeans fall into error* from which I the calculating caution of the northerns protects thrm. Jenny Lind has the enthusiasm of genius, ' but it is regulated by a cool judgment. It is not. then, far her beauty that she is so popular, though * she poaaeaes a lair share ol personal attractions, and : has a remarkably fine pair of blue eyas, revealing > a bright intelligence within. It is not for her musi9 cal genius alone that she is so popular tbfoughout the world, though it might account for the admiration with which she is regarded in her own country, where s great musical artists are "like angels visits, few and far between." Women of vast powers of songhave ( arisen before her- aoma of them her superiors as general artists, who yet have never obtained a tithe fit her nnnnUrftv Vhtt than \a thf?*a?nr?t of Iimp an a - ot-Hfl In addition to her unlqe and original warbling which she spins out Iron bar throat 11 k? the attenuated ^ fibre from tbe silk worm, dying away so sweetly and so ' gradually.till it seems melting into tbe song of tbe serae phirn and is lost in eternity? It is her bigb moral oharacter? her spotless name, which tha breath of slander t> baa never tainted?her benevolence?her charity?her amiable temper?the religious sentiment which she so j caretully cultivates. Thousands upon thousands of religious and moral people go to hear her concerts i> who would net be found under the same roof with some ? of tbe best Italian singers who have not been equally * chary of their reputation. It isjthis moral and religious y feeling that is ber trump card, which has won and will l- win golden opinions for her and gold,itselffor Barnum, in a cemmuuity remarkable for the universal preva>r lenoe of piety and churches Why, the very concerts she >f gives for charitable objects, are returned fourfold in an . increased harvest ot popularity We do not mean to J insinuate- lar be it Iroui us? that such is the intent ot d ber beautilul charity; but we are very confident that i- it is tbe inevitable result to which it leads Barnum it need not. therefore, feel alarmed tor tbe dollars, if she ft gives a concert to Bishop Hughes, for an orphan so: ciety. or to Rev. Dr. CummingH, for a school, or for the BUid Asylum, or any other)public charity, should she have health and strength to do so It will coma back " to him with interest upon iuterest. A Swede in this '> city said, a few days Mgo. that Jenny Lini was the y greatest woman Sweden ever preduced; and we be[. lieve bis arsertion i* perfectly true. Take ber moral |, and intellectual <iualities. with her originality of vocal r- power, and we shall probably "never look upon ber 8 like again.'' 1(ut there is one little secret ot ber suceesa yet untold. and without which her virtues and her talents '* would be alike unknown it is the press. This is the 11 levr that moves tbe world?the wings npon which ber y fame is waited over tbe earth. We are Informed she never rea<is what is said of ber in the newspapers, 'e lest it should make her too proud. But the eOeot Is ,q tbe same, whether she does or does not?the press : ? echoes and multiplies tbe strains of tbe Nightingale. lt till tbey are beard Irom pole to pole > Since tbe above was writltn, we have learned that ? Mr. barnum ha.* voluntarily proposed to Jenny I.ind i that tbe former contraot be set aside, and a new one Id made and she has agreed to that arrangement. The ie do arrangement is. that in addition to the (1,000 per d concert for one hundred not! fifty night*. ?be raoeire l. halt of the net profit* of Mr. Vtinua. on condition 0 that she *ing for him. not only In th* United Statu*. e but in any other part of th* world, and mora particu. larly at tb^I.endon lair. Both parlies seem pl<-a**d with the change. and It appear* to be about tha fairest arrangement that can U made. The bill for Wednesday esntalm Don of the finest > gem* of the Nightingale e The following document* will *how how the prli* 9 for the "Welcome to America, " ha* been awarded - I The undersigned ha* the pleaaure of announcing - that after a laborious and faithful examination of the p pong* prevented in competition for the two hundred | dollar prite to the be*t *ong. to be sung bjr Jenny Llnd j as a greeting to Amarioa. the committee hare unanimously awarded the prisa according to the statement in ihe following letter, which Is herewith submitted * to the public P. T. BAK.flM Kiv? Yons, Sept. ft, I860. New Yoak.Pept ft. 18>0 '* r.T. l>> ?s His- The committee Invited by you to select a y prixe song, to be sung by Md'lle Jenny Llnd. have *x|. amined ail the productions that hare been offered t-r y that surpoee, consisting of orar seven hundrtj and ;? th?y herewith present you the result of their eansul>_ tat ions Among the songs which hav* been submitted ta their examination, a large number were found to be destitute ot the poetical merit whieh would entitle J1 them to be tsk'-n Into account Uf th* other*, two ' were unanimously selected by th* committee a*, in v In many respect*, being equally d-serving of the prisa; 1 i but In the opinion of Mr Jules Henedic L on* of them 1 i. was superior In point of musical a lactation, and on 0 that account ha* received their unanimous rote. 1 The sealei envelope accompanying thi* song, was found to contain th* name of Bayard Taylor, and he is accordingly pronounced the successful candidate W v are. dear fir yours sincerely r OKOROB REP LEY. ? Jt'l.Kfl BENEDICT, r L. tIAYLOKB CLARK, i J. 8. RKDKIELD. GEO. P. PUTMAN. The following i* a/*? stasis of th* inscription on th* l*ce of th* card lor th* balcony:? j y^tarrrrrwrrrtartarrrrjaf,r . > C A IT I t GARDEN 8?r 11TH 7l . la B.iicewK, .Va-*J Y M LLE. JENNY LIND?8 3 u * w *: a ?'IR?T taia*4, to ss- *? potMfl? CONCERT. m?rila| "ti - TUM"I?rtI; * ? WIOSKSRST, siriLMsa* Htm. be 'ak'B pus- "** * esMina ef be- "*? a f?rs 8 s'slock, ** So,*t?lateJeJefa4 etal et st et ? et etetetef et e! sf* s ? On th* bar k of Iba tiekat will b* tha following NOTtCI TO VlfUTUS. >" Moth aoafsaiaa will ha aacidad Vy ekaarTta* til* fallawiag l dir*?ll?aa ? l>?n ratatlng th* rain. a. a t*lar*4 u?r ia froal of tha ' kalcoa* will (. ?, ?ort>-rnliaj ?ith Ik* , a|?r of yoar i tiakai Ii4lrillii| lit iwiltmi ( lho hnara, i, whi<-h Jour I it Htl ' IwihI, iMk? is Utleaay ar r>ni?l, Alt*, iilirK will W iltiluial ia 4ill>-r*at portita* af th* 1 k< r-?. Willi ro.atff aa I wan l? .f rlbl. n?, of i ar. ai colura, i K corrr>a?a4lat wltk tha o?lnf ?f i ha tlokat. H aka raataiaia* ?ha pracraaint. with tha ward* of th* < an 'a Kr<li?h an4 ih?iareiar* la whloh ?h?y ar* la k? laag, taalndia* th* aaw Naiioaal Tnu Hony, ky Bay- I s ard Taylor l?n . aatif'ad "Urrcliift t* la?rlM|" alao, a p<-r- I fa. i plaa af tka lalartar, aiUi *?*ry ?aat aa?t>*ro4. may > * ' oktatar* ia tha Oar4aa al?. A*4 ta praraat irapoaiwan*. ! arraat aditloa* will ka ?ol4 oaly by tka |>ahlt<a?r?, wh> ha?o tl.e aacln ?iat prirllag* of 4i>p< ?ia< <.f th??. l'rt-? i". 1 'f aoata. t I aria piaaa af acraaa kaa lata p?n?l ia tha raar ?f tha alooa, wkiok tkaa*Ta?ata? ia that |-.rli a < ( th? k?ii4i*> . will 4? wall ta avail thamaalTtt ?f. ' N? chock* will ka ir*n*4. Mr. Howard baa writ Ian tha following ia raply lo an , artirla in tb* JrirnmJ if Coat aw <r* ? laaiau Hot-ay. lafl t 1160 [ TV 1*1 P.4%t9r mj ill JrwiuJ ?/ C?mm*r<? : i llaaing r?ad an artlal* that i^uatl In yur cnlnmna thli morning, Mating thai I had >|r?'i| to 1 pay M I la Jaany Lisa flOO". for th- purpoM of meuilng bar praaanoa at tha frrlag Ilr ur* I d>?a It no I*** dan to M 'lla l.lml tban i?j<rtf to proannn** I th* (tatomonl aotlraly fal?o Thl? Jan'al l< mir? a?f*a*ary on my part *a I had pr> tiiu ly niM'to <1 | that ?uoh a report had b?*n rlr-nlatad la rarica< jtiaMar* for tha awrpnaa of arrjadlclng ay tatar*?t*. ) ? far from paying H lla l.laU *l<X?i or aay othar ?rm iktkw kHoarm; *n**t o? the giul 'oniti>t' n*. Mr Haraua ft>r til* lural*b*d to hat*?lt and ?nit* rn n<> ntharr farm* thaa I Ikm a?h> d tk? public la (t?n?r*l Yoari k* . ?i?o?d p D IIOVtBn Tr<t?ril?j mxranf Mr Tryen of John *tr*?t prv?*M?d Madamoiaalla J*any Uad with a map alfleaat bontt. H- r?iKrt tad BrlUtll TUIt?d ^Coatl* Oard*n ImI . t.nlr* fi r th? ?orp ?-of (titiau lk< tMuttle ?tf?. Hltiln.f th* la oth*r word*. to *< * If It ia* ad*it?d to tli- vole* and they b"th d**id*d that, in *T*?y rM.ntUI qnajity. wh?"? th* import*at altar*- | lkt< *rr mad- It will, In thalr judtarRt. b? (nily rqual to llrr Th*atr?, In (.oadon aad that i J tony Mad will b? both hib |aad heard to tba grrnun advantage A rr*at namlh-r of lad?*? and fpatl'inMiralladattb* Trying Hr??# y**t?rday fcrraoon to ?l?lt Ml*a t.lal, but *h* w*? #o *nf?**d la aroffMtoaal bitala*** that *h* bad llttla or a<> tlm# to a*tol* to tb*m It waa r?- | port<-d la theatt*rnocn that ?h? want to ?*? th? High Hrldga. b?t *h*droT* tod rr*n wood. with ''ar'aln W**t, of tb* Allan)'*, and hi* f???itly. and *a* gr*atly d? lltht*d with th* te*n*ry. 0% b*rr*turu to tha Wring lUtir fh? wan rl?1(*d by Uon R J Walk*r.** Saar*tar? nf th* Tr*a*nrT. and I' W C?wT?n*a. * i'?lt**trr i of th* Tfrt ot N*w York. <> IT> dn??d?? rtvniog ?h? rUltrd Ih* fn* prlrat* mansion o? Mr Trlplar. Klfh- | t?-'B(h atrrrt. own*? of th* J?nnt L.'%4 Hall It *ti not l>l*brow'? riding reboot, *nt that of Horar? p ,rrn.? \St ?ndlS9 Marear ??ra*t. that J*aay Ltad Tl?lt*d rt W*d?*?d?y t? try a fewg hi'ra* which ?h* ?a? about to pnraha<* Th* animal ww too jmr g (or h*r. 8h? waata a ?*a?iM*.ol I N im Ml** t.lnd la **UI at th? f rt?rg If on**, bat In locking ?*t fo? r*ttrra>*at ?b* w?n g< it Trinityc? I "B?day j VERY MPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON Defeat ef the Text* Boundary Bill in the House. fiftBAT rcCITUKIT UMfl TB ULUE8 InformtUoi (roa ill tatiooi ( Um Coutry, Ar.. Jla. Mm. THIRTY-FIRST COHOBKSli flMT SESSION. lemUi B* HOftSX'a ALtANXTIC TKUWRAPH. WA)Hin?Ton, Sept. 6,115#. rnuattr the tbti orricc ArraoraiATiow hill. The Post Office Appropriation bill ?u taken up, fal ther amended In relation to the Ilarre and Breme line ?f steamships. and passed. the mails iktwekw the imited states amd mexico. The bill to establish a mail communication, b steamer*, between New Orleans, Vera Cruz and Tan pioo, wai alto pained. THE IH mount INDIANS?GENERAL CALENDAR After the consideration of additional morning bus: KM, a report, made bj the Committee u Indian a' lain, in favor of pay ing oertain moneys to the Ctaerc kee nation, was taken up. and debated at considerabl length,after whirl) the report waa oonourred in. The Senate then took up the jpneral calenlar an acted upon several bills of a public and private chi racter. of no general interest. The Senate then adjourned. lleaM of KeprMentatlTM. BV BAIN'S KLKCTRO-CHEMICAI, TKLKORAPH. Wasmimoton, September 5,1850. old claims. The mvming hour waa occupied with the reading the report made yesterday by Mr. Richardson, fro the Select Committee aouointed to investigate tl j until Ms of certain claims re-opened and paid by M Ewlng, while Secretary of the Interior, and conclud< with the resolution* which were published in Thar day'i lUraU. the teia* soi ni'arv bill defeated. The SrEAEEa annocnced the tpecial order of tl day, the Texas Boundary bill. The question was o 1 the motion ol Mr Boyd, to reconsider the vote b which the ilouse refused to order the bill to thlr 1 reading Mr. Bovd. (dem ) Of Ky., being entitled to th floer. said he supposed every gentleman knew h! object. It was with a hope that the bill would b ! dually passed, with the amendments he had hereto fore offered to provide a Territorial government fa Naw Mexico. II* had no further remarks to mak' j and moved the previous question. Mr. Iim.e, (dem.) of Ala , moved to lay the metio: I to reconsider on the table. Several questions were put to the Speaker In repl to one of them, he said that if the vote be recousid | ered. the question will recur on orderinj the hill to b j engrossed for a third reading. The House refused to lay the motion to raeonside ' on the table-yeas 71, nays 13S-aadthen reconsid?re< the vote by which the third reading of the bill was re tused-yeas 131. nays 76.

A doxen gentlemen struggled for the floor, and the* ' wss much confusion The floor was aasigned to Mr. Qmikkell. (whig,) of Mass . who moved to re consider the vote by which Mr. Boyd's amendmen was rejected, and moved the previous question. Mr CAiirxLiL, (treasoil ) of Uhio, moved to lay tha motion on the table, which was decided In the nega I tive? yeas (Mi, nay* 108 Mr Vandvxe, (whig) of N. J . wished to move tha the bill be committed to the Committee of the Who! on the State of the I'nion The SrKAsrR decidfd that he could not make th motion, the House having passed from the origins bill, and were not acting with reference to the anend ments. The question was taken, and the House recoaslderei the vot? by ahlch Mr. Boyd1* amendment was rejecUi > i .<? 100, nay* 99. 1 De quefllieu ncurrrq UD B|iciiu$ bv Ml. vwjv tmrnlmmt ani much confu?K>n prevailed. Gentle mm In ^direction* ?m ? jumping to their feet and itruggling (or the floor crying. Mr 8paakar " I Mr. UorD, (team ) of Ky., wim recognised, anil aft* order bad been rentered. Mr M>ai>k. (d*m ) ot Va asked the gentleman ti yield him the floor, ai he wiahed to offer an amend nient which would not interfere with that of the .--n tlcman from Kentucky, bat which. If adopted, wouli give ftrength to the bill Crte? of read it for information." Mr Yiwt01, (whig) of Ohio, roee to aik a qucntlon. Mr Bi ?t. idem ) ot Ohio, called hla to order, am derind te know whether the gentleman from Kan i .1 Ky had yielded the floor to him to make a m>tloi or luqwlw*. The 8rt*kc* Mid Mr. Boyd could yield only for el planat ion Mr Bovi' ?ald he waa aware of the raaponaibllitj which be aaaumed. lie had been aekrd on each eidi to yield for amendment*. but had refused became h< wai* aware if be ihonld. the bill would be destroyed lie had an amendment to the original bill; it waa as eeedlngly ilmple. and ha would call theprevioa* <{ tion Mr. B< at?I hope it will ba voted down Mr Bo* i> ?1 with to propoia an original bill. WU It be in order to do io The Brt.?ma?Mo amendment can be offered axoep to that now pending. Mr Bom demanded the pravioa* quaatioa. Mr K ?i i?i?, (dem.) of Taiaa. moved an amend ment, but tha confaoiou prevented u< from hearin, what it waa. Mr r??i.ka, (whig ) of Mat* wiahed to aik a <iue? tlon The ? >**? a oaid it coald be done only by nnani nnu conant. Mr fovLKi did not obtain It. and ba (aid aometbin WI.CO. lift* mom UI wo? UK wee uiwn:ii1 ?w mwiw la the general tumult. Tbs Brissita vigorously applied hU hammer. eallln gentlemen to order- tboee In the aisles tu take thei seats end saying that It was impossible to traasao kuiilrM unless quiet *w restored Mr Hunt |>f( notice tbat be would offer bi amendment Tbe demand for tbe previous question vaj negatlve< ? ayes 18. na;i N There ?a? now a volley of voices like tbe discbarg' of musketry. In tbe endeavor to obtala the tuor. Mr To. Mas, (whig) ol Georgia was assigned II and be proposed an additional (action to tba amend Dent ?l Mr lloyd. to establish a territorial govern ment lor New Mexico, by adding that no eitli>o of tb I nited Matei shall be deprived of bU lite, liberty, o property, except by tbe judgment* of his peer* am the lawa ol the land, and tbe constitution ot th I'aited states. and such statute* thereof as may not t locally inapplicable ta the eoanonlaw aa It exlsto. with the llritlah Colonies ol America. until the Kuurtl of July, 177#, which shall l>e the exclusive law of *ai< terrlt- ry on the subject of African slavery, uati altered by the proper authorities ' Mr T'i?*Mes refrained from argument, at he did nnl wish to open a protracted debate. And be did not deslr to move the previous question Mr W>siweaiN, (d>-m ) of llllaols, was realy t< vote on the amendments, and (squired whether I would be In order to propose a substitute for Mr Toi mba' amendment* Tbe Hrssara said aa amendment was now penling Mr Wisiioiih moved to commit tbe bill to U>< Comniltte. ol tbe Vb?l< on the rtate of tbe loion with iattrui'li' us so to amend it a* tu exclude slaver; from all the territory acquired fr >m Moxi?o uad? tb# treaty of the Wuadaloupe Illdaljf) lin< east of California, and lor tba purpose of accom mandating tbe gentleman. and ol getting septraU votes on the various subjects, be consented t? add a pn position which was understood as strlk tloo oftb* definition of th* t.o?n'l?ry of N?* M*tlc.i and Itwttlni "down th* m?ln rhann*l ot th* Ru liritdt to point ?hfi? it rro?f< th* 1014 mn-itlu of loaxltti J* n**t of llt*anwlch." and. alao. * propo*! tion to atrtka out th* pro*l?o In th* tlfih rl?u? or tb< original bill. ' that no mot* than fir* million* of i?U lock "hail bf Imu?J until th* tr?dltof? of th* St?t? holding bond* and oth?r r*rtlflfat?a of tb* KMlt Tmm f'<t which dull.-* on Import* ar* ?p<.uatlj pi. d*< d at th* tr> a?u'j e.l th* Vmt?d Sta'aa r*l?a?. all rIntra against tb* t n11*<t Stat*a. for. or on a<*eonnt of aald bond*. or e*rti*cat**, In ?n<-h lorm ?i *btll b< pr**erlb?d by tta li*r?t?rjr of tk? Tr**anry am if priurd by th* Praal4*nt of tha I'nlta I Pta?? ' Tha Iiuiii *> und*r?tood to ?ay. tb*t a*pirat< rot** aauld b* Uku on th* acrtraJ *ubj*ft* In tb* la atruati?na Mr Wr?T?(?tH (?? wjr W Mr F? *. (4*m ) of Mfaa .who of*r*da aabatltut* for tb* bill.nam*ly that tb* honndary of th< Hat* of T< I a* a? d*At.<d and aatahitahvd by ih* act ol b*r *?m?4 0onfr*aa, an D*9*mb?r. 14M, la h?r*bj raeainiird by tb* flo*?rn?*nt ot th* I'nlU^ 'tat? Altar aoma tnrihrr pro?>*4ing*. Intarmln4l?d wltk aoatii*ton. th* <i*iuan 1 lor tb* pr*?lou? j<i?*tnn wa? ?**ond*d. and naJ*r It* operation Mr 1 *ath*ratoa i ab*tltnt? aa* r*)*rt?4?V*aa, 71. naya II* A dlalalon of th* InMrnettna* ? ' ?all*d tor. and th* fp?a k< r bat'r* rw?l*?*d hi* foraitr daelaloa J??ld*4 that tb* *aly rota to b* ukan on tba mutton U roiamlt with ln?tra? lion* amlthi* wa* ladi*l?tbi? M r I a.i a ?ld thia aaa In dlraat coafliat with pr**i. oa* d**l*toaa H? bad a ilcht ka ?ofa<?n aa*h branch af th* Inatrnatlosa, and ?pp*ala4 from th* d*-t?l'-a ol th* t'bali Mr Wtaiwoarn *aid aa *??* ml*ua4*r?tan Jin? ** l*t*d. b* wh*4 to riplatn Mr C?au>, ( !*?) of Ohio, ebj*?'.?d to th* Hon** permitting hlr. to *ia!aln Mr Vimxmh wl*h?4 to withdraw that part o| tha lnatra*tlona which b* had a*e*?tH from otb*r t*ntl*a*a bat b* ??? not p?rmttt*d to do aa Tb* d*rialon af tba Cbatr aw au*tair>*d. yaaa 141, ** M Furthar pro<-?a4lnfra war* had whan tha Houaa rafu?'d to commit tb* mil with th* Infraction* V*a? *?, raja 121 th* qu?aMon * rarnrrad on th* am-ndm-nt rf Mr Tocmb*. Pa**T*a ;fr*a ar U) of !l*w Tork, a*k*d for a IhkNn ?h(ab ?a* *?<t*r-H and th* flr*t part of th* aa<*4ir*nt aaa a?r**4 to a* tollowa ?That no altl f tb* t nit?.| Ht?'*? *hall b* J*prl**d of in tt or nroi>*rt*. In *ald twrrltor*. *ma*i4 b? tb* t??l? ? ?< if hl? and tb? l(?? of tba Itt^ ' Tb? poftrt ?f ik* Mi?ada?nt ?m (*j*?to4; tm> M 131 Mr rt t??m. of !* ? York *??t?4 to iwmil4*t tb? *ot%.nn tta? (Imt < !?? of tb? an??n<fir?at. Mr M i4*m 1 (if lj . o???4 *n ?4j?<vnm?tif. kirk ? u oat Mr rrt???r? notion to r*r?n<ri<?r wm UiJ on tba liklr Mr botM tc t4.>?w?, bat IM MHlot 414 aot |>ravali few. tka i?*??ti<>n ornrrxl on **r~in? to Mr, l"oj4 f nr-n<m-?t whisk th. M|(M the (fiau>i Haw Mexleo bill with few verbal altera ui? Ml;.and m mmM by the Ant part of Mr. r " tkattni'maA anxiety ^ ?T* m4 the aoiee lnllad la to qafetude. Mr Beyd* witet wee ?gf?a< te? yeea, 104. nay*, W. n>? wrttai aow ?u. oa ordering tha Tesaa bouna dery bUl, u ub ended to a third reading. Mr Inaa unsuccessfully ?utb4 that tha Qouae adjourn. He than moved to lay tha whola subject on the table. Mm or six gentlemen only voted la the aOrmati ve. Daring tha roll call, en ordering tha bill to a third rwdlii, gentlemen were (tandlng all over the Honaa. The gaueriae ware arowdad, and great excitement and anxiety were laaalfeetod. aa it waa thought there would be a tie rota. Before the raault waa announoad, rotaa were changed, and there were criea at -'report," ' report," ''the result." report.'" Onat confoiioB prevailed, and scarcely a (eat waa occupied The Iriiirt called to order, but It had no effeet, and In a loud tone he announced1" Yeaa, 90; nay*, n 107."? Yeas-Messrs. Albertsea, Alatoa, Anderson, Andrew, Bay, Bayly, Beale, Bokee, Bewie, Bowlia, Boyd, Brack, Unfaa. Brooaa, Brotra, la ; Buel, Butler,Pa.; Cabell, Fa.; Calda^l*. r Kv ; Caldwell, N C ; Casey, Chaadler, Cobb, Ala.; Deberry. t. Dimniick, Dim ay, Duer, Diroki, Dunham, Bdiauaiaon. Klint, Swing, Tenn.; Fi'ch, fuller, Gentry, Qerrj, Qllmore, Gorman, Gnu, Grinncll, Hall, Hammond, Harris, Tenn.; . ThoIrian L. Harris, llaymond, Hlhbar*, Billiard, Hoagland, Boustoa, Jackson, Ga ; Andrew Johnson, Tenn ; Johnson, f- Ky.; Jonea, Kauftman, Kerr, LaSar, Lavia, Littleheld. Mann, i- Fa.; Marshall, Mc demand, McDonald, McDowell, McKis0 eocki McLanataa, MeLane, Md.; McLean, Ky.; Morehead, Morton, Nelaoa, Outlaw, Owen. Parker, Pea ilea, PlioaU. , Pitman, Potter, Richardson, Kobbiup, Robinson, Rose, Ross, J Savace, Shasberd, Stanley, Strong, Taylor, Thompson, Pa.; k- Jno. B Thompson. Ky.; Tnurman, Toomka, Wa'den, Watklna. Welborn. While, W:ldriok, Williams. Wilson. and Young. Navt? Menri. Alexander, Allen, Ashe, Baker, Bennett, Binjiham. Booth, Brown of Miss , Burrow*, Bnrt, Butler, C. J. Cable of Ohio, Calvin, Campkell, Carter, Clark, Cliagman, Coelock, Cole, Conger, Cor* in, Cruwell, Daniel, Dickeni, DUon, Doty, Durkee, Kvana of Ohio. Featheraton, Fewler, Frcedley. Gidding". Gott, Gould, Halloway, Haralson, Harlan, Harris of Ala., Hebard. Hour), Holladav, Betaes, Howard, Howe, llubbard. Hunter. Inge, Jackson of Ga., Jackson Of of N. Y., Johnson of Ark., Julian, Kind of K. I , King of N. J , John A. Kin*, Preston King, Lasero, Mann of Mass., m Mason, Matteson, McQaugbey, McQueen, McWillie, Meaoh>o am, Msade, Mitteaon, Moore, Morrij, Morse, Newell, Ogle, Olili, Orr, Otis, Peck, Phelps, Powell, Putunm. Reed, Revr. nolds, Rockwell, Mass, Root, Rumi>ey, Sackett, Sawtelfe, (j Schetick, Schermerhora, Scbolcraft, Sedilon. Silvester, 8|>raguc, Stanton, Tenn.; Stanton, Ky.; Stevens, Stetson, 9- Sweatier, Thomas, Thompson, Miss.; TackgUuuderhllLVandyke, Venable, Vinton, Waldo, Wallace, Weutworth, Whittloey nnd Woodward. Kx<-laaa*tion? of rejoicing were beard on en* (id*. le ana sorrow on the other. Mr. llowaBD. (dem ) of Texaa, moved to reconiider n the vote, but the Speaker derided that the motion, y haviDK onoe been made, could not b? repeated, d Mr. IIowmD appealed, pending which the Mouse adourned, having killed the bill. le . > Interesting Itm the Capital* * THE DEFEAT OF THE TEXAN BOf'.ND\KY BILL, ETC. r [ova sraciai. TiLcmarHic coaaurortoBnci.] >i WasHincTo*, September 6. ISM. B lap new ? or* city wnigs ana come omen were drummed in to-day, and It resulted In adding New 7 Mexico to Texas ; bnt this omnibus was rejected by ^ seven rotes. Mr. Bpeakei Cobb has decided a second ^-consideration to be out of order. If his decision Is r confirmed, Utah will probably be taken up. and the 1 Texas Boundary and tbe New Mexican bills hitched on. There is still great confidence of success. The administration is moving in the matter, as I learn, and it is believed a lew more whigs can be drummed In. " Col. Weightman, Senator from New Mexico, visited the Senate to-day. . Senator foote threatens to taek the Senate bill* to the Civil and Dlplomatio Appropriation Bill, If they be not passed by the llouse. in order to stop the sup, plies until tbe slavery agitation is settled. * Mr. Colcock's fugitive slaves were captured, after a desperate chase, and imprisoned. l'ostmaxter llall has gone on a tour of Inspection to ' the North. Nothing definite has been heard of Mr. Jenkins, but it is understood that he declines the appointment. ) Verment Election. pMsnaw, Sept. 5.1850. A letter received here this morning, from Brattleborough, Vermont, state* that there Is a comparative majority of 4U votee for Williams. the whig enndidtte for Oovernor, as tar as beard trom. In the Kepresentatives, the losses and gains are equal. Windham county has elected 14 whigs and 6 . oppositionists. For Congress, Lyman will have 175 plurality in Windham county. There Is no choice in the district as yet. A friend of Miner says that he I has hopes he (Miner) will lead in the district. Lyman starts off with a large majority in his own county Bcblihcto*. Sept. 6?A. M. The following arc the returns as far as received:? i Burlington. Brandon. Windsor, West Windsor. Weatherfleld. Hartford,Springfield. Woodstock, Bridget water, Bradford, Newbary, Cavendish. Bethel and Redding, are all whig. Koj alton la free Soli. Kalrlee Pemfret. Norwich. Northfleld, Roxbury, f Williamstown. Waitefield and Burling, are demo, eratic. i In Barnard, Richmond, or Waterbury. there has been no eleetion. In the twenty-two towns heard from, the votes stand . thus:?Williams, whig, 184; for Peek, 2.44*; tor Robeits. 411. The majority In three town* for Williams, whig, is 126. 1 Mo*?rEiiKa, Bept. 4,18.10. All of Caledonia eounty has been heard from, exuspt t Ryegate. The votes stand as follows:?Williams, whit. 1,431); Peek 1WI; Roberts. 68. Net whig gain. lUd. The representatives are, 12 democrats and 6 whigs. g The Mew York Afrlealtaial Pair, Aliiiv. Sept. 6?1 o'clock. P. M. i- Tbe ground eneloenre ol the fair is a .mile roanj, and it Is supposed there are from 75.000 to luO.OOU peoi pie en tbe ground. There is one continuous streamer vehicle*.ana foot passengers over two miles In length, g between the city aad the ground, i-eatlnnally passing J Kvtry kind of machine on wheels, from a dray to a roach aad four, is In regulation, and erowded with X all i|n anil HIM. Anlmala, kc . are too nu*?roua to r watloi. -1 mi' ii- of ikwep from Vermont tad t 1) utche* acounty. ittnet much attention. The collection of cattle. fowl* and Implement*. I* on a > a acale The aon of G W Lafhyette, grandaon of (!fn?rtl Lafayette, of Franca, ta on tha ground; alio 1 Marehai P Wilder. of Boaton. Preaident of tha H?<achneetta Agricultural Society; W L Sullivan, Pra*l dent of tha Ohio Agricultural Society. General Hun tlaflon. 'of Rome; Jamea 8. V*di*orth of OtaoiM; Charlea W Brown. Boaton; Thoa. A. Anderaon. Ky ; A (Jiloour. Maine; D W. Hoyt, Indiana; N. Morgan - Ullnol*; U. U.Woodin, Vermont; I. Whitman. Marye land, K A. Kandall. Maryland; A. P. Little, Nf* r Hampshire; E. D. Smith. Delaware; Lawrence R Jari rol. New York; Charlea Will, n New York; and a large a , number of other dl*tlnguUhad gentlemen.from Burop?; i and from tin Southern and We?tern Stated, wh >m> i name* cannot at praaant ba ascertained Twelva a hundred and Afty different Individual* hata made en1 tried ol article* fur exhibition, and abont 4.000 hava i rendered their nanu at Binbori for tha eneulng year. j Concealing llavH. Km hmoid, Va , September A, 1&'i0 0 Captain William*, of the acho'iner Celerity, ol New t York, arrived laat we- k. far conoealing alarm on b >ard hi* ve*?tl. i?< examined. yeeterday, and remanded tor trial In King W illiam Co The iapraaeion la, that b? unwillingly Involved himself. Vaaaal laa Dlalreaa, dkc. lavtMUg, Aug 31,1M0 ' Tha >'ln? n-r l.yaander. from San J nan for Nan York, put In here on Saturday, abort ot provlalona. and leaking badly, with lot* of aalla, ta All tha er?w " i have been tick with fever Mr Noble, of Staten laland. wrecked In the bark ' I.ucy Rllen of Baeton on tha eoaat of South A carl lea. wa< a paaeenger In tha Lyaander K?i er In Flerlda, Ar. , B?i Ti?ioat Hept i, 1IJ0 Tha Southern mall l? through , The broken bone fever had broken nut in Jnekfoe1 rllle, Florida, where forty caaaa occurred within a ahnrt time f Mr John McDonald, condnctor of tha burthan train . on the Ohio raii-nad. waa run over on Tuaaday. uaar , j IIDwtt'l Mlllr lie died yeaterday The He form Convention. Bai.viwoit. Thursday Wept 6. MKinii nmrf ?m Miewfl mi" flij lo ins Reform Coavatition la the county lira 1 *?rr tlwl) <. u< pr?ktM; oi? *hl| la Ana* Arua<|.| runt J At* whig* u4 0a? democrat ar* ?! ?? < | Two In Allagbaay coanty har? rhwUd tbr?? 4<ao<r>l> and two vtitga T1i? bi|i in Harford county ar? ab?ad A? la? al ! bni< fton rr?d?rl< k City ft?aa i*0 majority for th? ' union ticket. composed of both parti** r KI#??-b rouatlon ha?? b??a h<ard from whl^h raturn thirty whl*? aad twanty iltn'Xrali clarwd Th? wbl?* ha?? itala?d caa -rnt-r and will bare a m vr"j la A* wartaUw. The ChaUra. f itraa' Bo t'pt I, MM. Darlnf tka p??t *wk n?T rtti*an? <-<->nfld -ally hoped i ?fc?lera bad fin vlljr li?*j peared foMteBmiM llarf'U d again la tbe Allth ward ?bar? th?r? vara aoc ?lfht fatal saaaa, and ain <af?t Ih'm Orlando Hfiralir a dt-tlncuwhed la?t?r. hi* ana. aarraat >lrl. and <?artiiua? Matralf* w?? nulT-raaliy **l**m*4. and hi* d< alb nuMi (*n?ral *rUf. alaa mu<h iltrm Th? (Mrf I'cllowi at Pltukar|. Pittwiii, fift J. 1W0 Th* 044 Frilowa' pro<-*?*|na y?t*r4ny. ?*? on? of tb* lw|'it *rrr h*l4 la th* W?t km mtloi m <? ll?*r*4 by tha Rar. Mr MaCaba, Eplacopal r|*rgyaan j fWkwlii|. Th* rl*?r BNiarn >H fr*lght? to Cln.-lnnnti ar? K?. Buola*M If getting hrlalt. tWH Frltowi' CtltbrMlan In Nutarhaittll. *r?i?nrirt.n. C*pt I. 1110 Th* 044 Follows b*l4 a **labmtlon h?r? la-lay Tbcra w*r* about TOO la th* pr?**a*1aw. which mafh*l through tha principal ?tr?-t?. l.o4<a* vara pr***at Aon Ltaa. MaJ-bl*h*a4. t!hl<-op?* Northampton. 0r**aS?)4. W*at6*l4, Ilolyaak. Il? Tb* *44r*?a waa la Court P^narr to a larg* aadiaa^a, bjr J. N . Moat Worthy 0 M. o< tha Grand l.odg* ol Maa?a*h6**tt? The dlau'r via arorl4*4 by Jab a | Wrifht. of Hoatoo, la hl< m\ram <*h t*at Th* w*atk*r ?a* flna. and th* pagaaat baautlfkl aad lmp"?leg Oram Load off Paaaait(*ra. Aiiiat, fl?pt t. IIM Th* ataambaat laaae N?wtoo. troa Ma* Vark, broniht up laat night. 2000 pa***ag*r<, l.loil of whom war* cabin pa**>ng> r?. and tha r*at4a* 4*?k Tb*y war* *M-(j (migrants. amang whom a birth oarnrr*4 4aring ib* aight. Thl* *|?? It 4*a**ly orow4*4 by *t?tt?r* to tha Plata fair Th* r?lin? lien* ilow ^ Ciwt CakMUiwTklt Day. Cibcpit Cw?i-Nm Tte, iu, ?1?, to MO *>**??0?1, 6?, 637; 429, 433 637, 4M, 60, to 447, MB, MO 44T_ ' A Cud ? m? Paklk.-4a rimqi??no mf the uui Utter* we are daily receiving from dl pun of tti for the pnrpoM ?f beoomtag aubiciiber* to the lateri atlanal Art Union fir the year lSflU. we beg leare M ? that, ewiag to the eaerMtait Uualom Hoaac dutiee InM upon worka of art, we havo been compelled to iui i* epecatUna until further notice. The Amerioau people mar root aaaured that we deeply appreciate the confidence eo liberally beatoaed upoa our houw and thai we ehall apare aa efforle la a taate for the beautiful. We roe pae if ally inform the aubtenKr* of laat year, that the pile* of twalrc hundred dollar*, aet apart by the IatarnaUonal Art Dal a* for aa A merle aa Student of Art, ha* baaa awarded, by the Katloaal Academy of Deaign, to Ale*. W. RutlierfnilM., who la now in Europe la aucceaefnl puriuit of hi* art. Ha l.aautlf'il engraving, " The Prayer," 1* ready for aaboerlber*. from No. 1 to 6.UW, end the impre**loaa in rrarw raaaiat choice and perfect. Member* holding ticket* will plaaaa eall at our office, Ko. 2M? Broadway, crery day, (Sunday* excepted,) from 8 A. M. to 0 P. M. Very reapaetfully, C01TP1L h CO. ' Mew York, Sept. 4, 1*60. Mtalto'i Hanlfeato torn tbe Kail o11880.? Tbe Mealio Hat.- For the rail aad Wlaier.?1M0 Wl.?AjalA the fierce competition now goiag oa ia the Hat trade, MIA> LIU, of 41) Broauway, whoae faahioaa for tbe varioaa mI *<>ne, without the aid of grandiloquent puffing, bare long 1 been proreibial for their claaeie beauty aad faaltlee* proI portion, claim* for hia Fall and Winter llat, for 1880-41, tha eapeoial attention of eonaoii sear*, the faahioaable world, aad tho public at large. A hat M admirable ia it* model, eo rioh la its material*. t>o elegant in all ita appointment*, aa well adapted to the j>re*eat faahioaable coatama of a geatleaaaa. and *o strikingly lemming in lta general appaaraaaa, ha# perhape never before been iaaned from aa America* aatabfiat. rev u n t *?^ l..aoi.rtai.lLaa?*rk*fnaa tiaan aiirnuiAil hff any chapeau of I'ariaian manufacture. Ia foot it it fat above moat of tli* vaunted "chef d'vuvrei" of the MUCItU the price. Four Dollar*, ia below their aasuuaed value, ab* riulry ia the business hax resulted in bringing the iatrlean fabric to a point of f?rt< ctloa unknown abroad, and the M?alio Hat, for tin* season, it eonfidently offered to (be rubHe u oae of 'he ?.?; pin1 ? ' elewaut and stylish coveriut for tbe hea<t f * ger.'Kuc n. ilia. American skill, under the tlmnlui '< eiia*-?v>.i.i. ?i!.. v?t -acceded la produolac.? lnpeintnf danMtfty. n well aa shape aad finish, it will be found all tint th> c< ncmiat ran deeira. Mealio would also invite ihi attention of hernia of families to hia eatonsiv* assortment of Children Fancy Bate aad Cape, for the fall antf f winter, emlmrtng l ie latert Purii faahieae, aad a ear.. 'y-o' f new and beautiful tabrios. manufactured after hit owu ia-- 7 i|De. Hm Military and Naval l'n lress Cape arc alao cot ap in a very ?ur?ti"i" style. and ai regards model and riehncaa will ccmpare vith thoec of any manufacturer in the country* Cheapness and excellence are at thia day the true element* of success. and it ia the aim of the subscriber to eombintt them. and to make them, ia Tact, tbe law by which hia business Is regulated. M LAI.IO, 418 Broadway, eoner Canal etieea, and next dcr to the New-Haven Railroad Depot. About Halt?A Hint to tb? UiihiltlateJ.At the issue of each succeeding faahioa, custom seems te require a certain amount of solf-glorifloation ia the form of an attractive aavertiaement, and the hatter wbo ian employ the largest amount of superlatives, and declare, (even thongs it Le at tbe expense of truth.) thut his new style it the most symmetrical and "racherehe, its finish ibe most eoetly aad 'eauuisite " its contour the most superb aad becoming ol J any fashion ever yet produoed, while tbe Quality ia "alto- it gether superior to any ever manufactured ia this or any , other country," is considered the great hatter par excellent*, is entitled to and l y right ought to bave the privilege of w furnishing all the hats wanted during the ae?4on. Whitnout deciding upon the philosophy of thia. neither presuming t* determine for a " discriminating public" what batter they ought to patronise, yet for tbe benefit of all whom it may concern, we may be permitted to auggeat. that thera art acme hatter* unpretending, though really meiitorioua. If gentltnien would, in the exureiae of their usual gooii aense. examine lor tiieD.?eii et, sua purchase only that which theii Judgment appr>\es, their telcotioa would k? note becoming1 sod satisfactory, wLile they would tender to maritita doe rcetrJ Fur ourtclveii, we bars only to my, that we hare not keen without onr encouragement, but induing from oar incrtnseil ralee the p:i*t year, feel justified in antioipatiair for our beautiful fabric of the new chape, a large demand the coming season. W.\ KNOCKS, Hatters, 2>C Broadway. Can't Spare the Ttme^Tfce Tribune rap. Ciea that KNOX will ceud Jenny land i K.dini; lilt, bnt It for once, mistaken, ai Knox it e> i-v supplying hi) cuatonifrt with hit Inimitable Oats of the tall faanian. that he " cannot epare the time " If the " (jueen of Scbr " will but vieit I,in etteblifhmetit, N). I2S Fulton ttreot. he will readily present hia offering to her genins. It ia now ready for her, and cm be examined by the cnriouc until called for. To Htadl off Families.?Genln ipeelallf InTitce the attention of heade of familieeto hia rtack ef horn* manufactured and imported Chlldrene' Bate. The assortment la altogether tin-i-ielled ia uuat riehnote and variety on this aide of t'e Atlantic, aad the price*, ia perenance of the Genln plun. are extremely reasonable. GIN IN, -'14 Broadway, opposite 8'. Paul's. A mldon ?Fall Kaahlon or Gentleman**' Batr, which, ia the essential qualities of llchtaeaa, elastic! ty, durability net* tave, cr.nnet b: surpvised. Also, Gentlemen's aad Boys' Cloth Caps of every variety. Particular attention ]>ai< to Army and Navy Cap?. AMI BON, 301 Broadway, near Duaae at. Coleman'a Fall Style off Hat*, at $3 90,. traasonJt everything of the kind ever offered to the Ame\ rican pal.Ilr. Be invites comparieon with aay hat that can } be part hated in Broadway, or elsewhere, at any price. Hie ipaclont talet rooms are at 119 Neteau (treat. American Railway Oialde, for SeptemberIs new ready.?While se maay changes are taking plaee In the running time of Railroads, tho?e who wish to employ their time to the best advantage, and avoid vexations delaya, cannot he too carei'ul to obtain the la let t edition. Publiibed at 1JH Fulton itreet. New York, by C. DINSMOKE Prise only 12>a cemtt. Ordort from the trade promptly (applied. J. A H. Btrkner, No. 1M William street. a). eteirs keen constantIv on hand Dateh Metal, Silver Tisat aad German Bronte Powders, of Blrkaerk lartatu'e taperi or manufactory. N. B.?It l( well kaewa that oar Bronte? Powders are aot surpassed by any etlser maosfactars, la I cheapness aad durability of colon. Jenny Lliid.?'Those heantlfal colored DaI guerreotrpoe ia the new Jenny lind cases, are daily beta*. I sent to all parts ef Europe and America by the snbeeribere. New styles c' Cameoe, fiom life or fancy, aad dagnenoo typee, taken dally. MEADE BKOTUKaS, Zl3 Broadway, oppoeite the Park Foaataia. Gen. Scott.?The Maaaldeent Portrait off thit diitiagaithed Chieftsia la No. 9 Uailery of Ulaetrioae Americans. together with Brady's laimltable Dacnerree \\ I e. may be seen at his spacione Gallery, Nsg. 5*5 and MV Bresdway, .oraer Fulton street. Kief ant Bridal Cards, Knwelopoa, Cako Boxes, aad Bridal Wafert.of the latest and most Ifaehleaahlc stiles, eaa bt had at EVER DELL'S, S"2 Broadway, earner or Duane street. Mr. Bverdell kat a breaoh store at Me. I Wall (tract, for the accommodation of his dew a tewa (astomers. The Plnmlie National Gallery, No. Breadwsy, should be visited *y thooe who hare tatted t? have beea pltae. d nith Dagaerreotyaee, for the/will there see why they are to highly appreciated by theee who have the ^ood taste to diserimiaate bet?eea good and poor pictures. Truaaea, Shoulder Braces, Abdoaalnstl lapporters. Body Belts. Sespeasen, llaadaget, etc.. eta. Over twenty d tie rent kinde. of the moot approved ma k ere, m okica the largest ard beat aseertineat ia the elty. for sale by CIIAS. H RING, Druggist, IM Breadwsy, ocrner of John street. Hair Dying? baton's Magic dalr Dps tocolor '.he tair or whirkers the ii'iaeal it ie applied, witkout injury to the hair It can !be waabe<i amediateli vithaul dialart>ii>? thr rolnr, and haa > had It la ap . t.linl ?.r ?> l?i at fflAoUN & H H u4 T"?r-a Naaafaatarjr, IK Br.adaajt. Win! Wl^U'ttlifM and artlaTltadta laapa? i I'BiLOH'j aaw at)la of H'idi aad Taapii. D<k?|4ilK lir,:ul n't km biwtatiii n iIm <11; it k.i NlfbrauJ Wil|i Hair Dt* hMior;, IN Irottn;, n liar of Da J iltMi. V?n tba a 'U r?aa. Kracklaa,Tun, Unllownaa*, Plmplaa, Kr?ptluaa and * I >km difn -a, ara ll la wall ka.ian, pudtlvrly nrad by aalng Uoaraad'i Italian Madlaatad *oap. Tba Poortra Inktila irilitilu bill rma ur Mrt ?f IM Mr Li'i'iU Roa*e for pal* IIpa aad cha?ka. I.ily Whltaf at raugh luakad, lor?|ah < otr rlrx nai al 07 Walkar atraa-.. Ural atufbfrom Braadaar. Callaadar. a.,?th Third it.. Pbiladalphka. New JUrorrrjr for Uratfneaa ?Or. LaUnar'a I* aathod fir I'll Irraii .aa- i I dea/aaaa baa baaa aaataaadtntad all ai^ltwul naiatt la tba bead, aad dtaebaraa* fr?ai tba aar, land ailhiil rlah rrpala, at bla #??, Ma. K Warraa atrart. Ma latter* Mlnl'd U aal- praaaid, aad aaatamia* $1 roaaultatlnn fa*. OUna bonra Ir la Mill 2. Hair I > ?Rair n?l*r'l Staalnt Uqald air Djliu aiy ka praaared a* tba aaaafaatat}, I fiin Itraat Tt? paklm .!i?al? (aard if.laal laiutdoai. Baaa* rarloai dlplmna* Paraoea ?kiaa hair baaaaaaaad a bad alar frca tba aaa at tba lailatiaa dyaa aaa karall aarraatad k? aalliaa aa ak"?a ''aa? ib? addraaa. Wl|a and Taapraa dawlkw Mldal haft tor a awardad ?f? t.aiabalar. fur tba kaat Wiji aad Taapraa Tk* pallia ara lavlx I w laapaat bit n* a'il?f i IMO. at BAT' IIII.OH S e. la brat ad W,g ra. t ry, ? Wall al U* k V/" '^a 'ar*,"t aad ba?t aaanrtaaal la tba ti'.y. Oapr nir?hu(h a \VI;a anil Taapta*. atlll bold thrlr eharattar f?r tba krat aad iSaap>-t la *b? anaa'.n.? Tbair llibt. r??a?iE'r'a><ria. ar taral aariad bat*, yaraataal t, a? abrlakiac, aad aataral app i. .a , tatt I'aiapad tbatr ] *p?rtaritjr iwr all ijka world; jadpa larfurultta; tuaial HiHr'KUnt,ti 17V nr elway.ap tuiri., Thtnoil Klr|inl tdidlM KIm* Rituklltlim*at ii Aiarrfa. la I Ullll'S TT7 ?kew ike Ipi'm: ftrftl;ef tt'eml el< hiliti' M I Tiaa, eeer teea 18 tfclt roaatry. may ka kau at tne"a?all? mi pnaaikle prlee At?", a ri-ril awUMnl ef ?eatl?a?a> vara, ee?prlalai #u. Gait art. u4 ail "< tka ??** ?ti f- ri r Hoati, Hoola.-rhr Im?I (tlaa-a In (It* cl?> la rat kea't. 'h?\ ar aa t. f, II at 41 t >i-e'ta4? ?tr?' . na4?r tk? Mrrrhaat N >te|. rint rr*a?k >11 <mi k*?w f<r f I w, worth ??_?r ?7- ICaip're ll~ t aal St ea C'mpanj CoarlnalTl ArgumentPaaklkr Oplnlan hi> l?a| tiara 4ael4el Ulti llreeka a km'l tll"?. Itlllfi. kr . ?i? all tkal (aa * wi>ka4 for, l?rl?M'f. 4araktllty en4 tkraiaeee Wlnwr 4 "iV >.*U at 4'ei Tatira ?*r-?v aai < aar wart tut l?. lfc?j will ka talt-4 la mailt/ aa< price. _____________ Ttia A4aalr*lt?tu of ttia Harm af *?ng art II<m a** a a* fceeaufal I'ataat Tai ee?ry Tkra* Hy an 4 Pat?a> Ikirala Carpeta. P?>ltl?aty, tk*r ere ta Va f aa4 "air at ita ram na anal I'atekl k-naat S?. * Riatrr, Hllil *NDrk>**'S. Tka alt aparlaa < (ka* r^aata < f t ,at eataa alaa warakoaaa ara 4ail? thrr.a*?H wllii 1a<* ?a, la tnaet af tfcoat aew eat rartaae larpata ra tally iatr-4 .**4 la tk|t aiarkai. ___________ Jrnay I.lnrt anal the l.adlea mf law Vark eta k*'. al Ika ta?akll>k?aaal af J n If ILt kH'rt aa a<eelItai a?aartaiaa t ?f Hatter U at* fall tka faakiiaakka ea'ara, Ifta.'S."** aa4 To |e ta *1 aperi t ?atke aril* aiaeea aee I k'Mrea . Oaitet a', itf ~aa la great variety. Va rt?maul 4-aar an! tka I.a4tea ta Iklt n>r< ia rV'Htf, karlei keaH Ike arualae huMy ep-<kea of wkiek aaai frea J n HILULft ?, im Caaal H. Th? haal Hair l?? e !?Mallard'* Prantlnitt L<aai4 *alr iMe. far tale n arptt?< Wkl-kert ealare4. ear tha4e. la ?? naatea; the Hair. ale*, la thirty alaataai at fin. |A4 felloe alraat. ee?e?4 i*ar aaat < i Itraiway. 4 like* ral 4?>eeaat Be4a ta 4r.(?l>t*. per ir?. ar 4a>ea. I'leaea tapy t44reaa. wmi tit* litwi-.oar city la nvtrfl*wlh? r^tVTHB^g1 fc*1 ' J"nt m"1 . '?h? *??"?' M?ln "t IUU f.rTill mr r.f,.'. .. .m.L . ' Tt*CMtkw *m4 P-?rf ?V ** A""'. aMlfHlM t h? Dfl'1,1 ui TZXr*?X.?,h!r.1' i U\M?T" IttTtLlSJ y.r.g.'r*!** t"<? >? ?* >? A..i * I. *< ?- ?? brm?" fw ,. ??! l*rprr<.ion -Tfctrf arc rtW" wt1h.?t II, I^IA, r~l ?wk. ?.h Jr. ' ?*!?. ??4 !? ?? .M. of .ffnrt. Tj kit KN?PP S a.?"\ RntvratiT* WM-m. Tr ?.t t>Mr c n.i. IMHI- * * "> ? . *?* ? ? >* ?? MM?Tly, .Wtr kM4 Mi ff. f?r???il?n n< Hrinnm. * ill H 0?a<nl Dvfvi, Ml H?d* i nitvt.

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