Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1850 Page 7
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City and Itbwku Hew*. Most Oiutn fiiid-Kiai'lition fob Pbicm.? Ob Saturday, Mr NMm 1th. merchant, of Pin# street complained at the Mayor'? offloa, of a driver, named ldBood Watson, who bid charged bim too muoh. and refused to ?how his bill of ratal, lie was fined five dollar*. A euriou* ca*e ooenrred a day or two before. Mr. Henry 0. Tim, professor of music, Houston etreet, tai returning from Newport, and bad landed at one of the piers on the North river, whan William Ogden, driving hack No 254, engaged to convey him and a friend who was with him He had not gone far. when the driver took a person into the hack, without asking the consent of Mr Tim.who felt somewhat annoyed, but aid nothing. In a short time afterward*, he took another person ia, and then Mr. Tim objected, and with hi* friend, got out of the hack, upon which a dispute occurred, end some of the spectators, who were cabmen themselves, set up a shout ot aristocracy, and 'pork," in allusion to the religion of Mr Tim. wbo is i a Jew. He got into another oab, driven by John Brown, wbo overcharged him, so that it was ''out of the frying pan into the Are.'' He complained ot both eabmen at the Mayor's offlce. and his honor fined them j 46 each In every case that a complaint ia made, the Mayor fines; and ii people who are cheated orinsnlted. 1 will not take the trouble of going to his ia their fault if such abases are continued They have only to , go and swear to a short affidavit, that takes only two ! or three minutes and they are rarely required to call ! afaln, the Mayor generally acting summarily on the ' prtmu/iuit ea??. , The following is a copy of the bill of fare* required to be posted up in each hackney coach I? The prices or rates of fare to be taken by, or p' id to, the | owners or dr.vers of hackney coaches, carriages or cabs, I Iall be at follows, to wit:? 1. For coavtjiBf a psmengsr any distance aot exceeding i aae mile, t?rut>-*ve cents; fer conveyiug two passengers ifce Mhr dutAnre. tkttv cent*, or twantv-tiTe ?&Ah: &nd i vary addm ual pu?i>|ir twenty-live cant*. - fur CMLveyiuK a i ??> : <er any diaianee exceeding a Bile, an.l wiihin two uiilei, filty cast*; and for every additional pawtiiger, Iwcuty-tivt oenta. 3. Foi conveyiug una paaeengrr to the New Alma Home, ifty eenta, and tor returaing fifty cent*; tor conveying two paatengera th a >ame dia'ance, aeventy-ttv* cents (or the two, and twenty- live evaiegoiag. and twenty-live oenta retnrniag, lor every additional paeaenger. 1. For convey ing une paa?enger to Forty-iccond atreet, and remaining t all an hcur and returning, one dollar; and for very addm u'al paaaenger, twenty-tiTe ceata. 6. for cutvtj iug one raaaenger to Sixty-flrat atreet, and remaining three juartere of an hoar and returning, one dollar and Miy centa ; and Tor every additional paaaauger. thirty- aum and a half oenU. I. For conveying on** paaaenger to Eighty-aixth itraet, and rtmaimiw a> honr and retuiuing, two dollar*; and for every additional (aaaengor, 111ly ceata. 7. For conveying one or laoia paiaengeri to Harlem, returning, with tie privilege of remaining ihree houra, four dullara 8. For conveying one or mora pasaengca to Kingibridge, and raturnin/, with the pmiltgcof keeping the carriage or ah all day. five dollari. 9. For tie i..n of a hackney coaeh, carriage, or oab, by the day, with one or more paaaengera. live dollar*. 10 For the une of a hackney coach, carnage, or aab, by tha b ur, with cue or iu< re paaaengtr*, with tbe privilege af going from placa to place, and of (topping at often aatnay be required, a* iollowa, via.:?For the tlrat hour, ana dollar; for the teeond hour, aaventy-Uve ccnig| and for every iuoceediac hoar, II ty <;eat*. II. For eluidrea between two and f~>nrtaan ytarf of age, half price oaiy ia chargtd; aad for cbildren under two yeara I aga. ao charge ia to ia mad*. 12. Wl encver a hackney eoaeh, carriage, or cab aball be detained, excepting aa aforesaid, tbe owner or driver-hall ha allowed after the rate of eeveaty-flre centa for an hour, thirty-aeven and a half ceata for each and every *ub?eii*ent hour, aad ao on ia proportion for any part of tbe ft rat and Mbaaqaaat hoar which tbe earn* may be so detained. 13. For attending a funeral within the lamp and watoh dlatrict. two dollar*, aad the Fotter'a Field, three dullara: which charge ahall include for th* neeatiary detention and returning with paaaengera. 14. Every driver or owner of a backnay each, carriage, or ah, shall carry, transport, and coa ray in and up>n hla ?ua?ht carriage, or cab. in addition to th< person or persons therein, one trunk, valise, .addle bag. carpet baa, portmanteau or bo*, It be t>e requeued so to do, for each passenger, without charge or compensation therefor; but for every triioi or other s"ch llllllll above named, more than oat for each passenger, he shall be entitled to demand and receive the turn > fix centi. 1. In caae ot dirajn-eement ai te dlitance or rriM, the nine hall be determined by the Mayor vr Superintendent of hackBey coaches. carriages, aad cabe. 5. The owner ef any hackney coach, carriage, or cab, (hall mot dtmaad or receive aay pay for the conveyance of aay paeaoager, unless the number ?f the carnage and the ratee ami price? of fare ehall be fixed aad plae d in a manner hurnaafter direjt. l by (action second el title fourth of thla law, at the time autfa passenger may he conveyed In sueh carriage or cab. 4. The owner or driver of aay hackney ooaob, carriage, or ab, shall aot be eatitled to recover or receive any pay from aay peret n ironi whom he ihall have demanded aay greater price ef ratei than he may be authorised to receive as aforeMid. 6. Upon the trial of aay cause commenced for the recovery Of aay of the aforoaaid prices or rates, it shall be incumbent poa the plan, i>A or plaintiffs m such action, to prove that the number aad price* or ratal were placed aad fixed in pursuaace of the provlaioas of tbic law, at Ihe tlm* t tic ?;r Viois were rendered for which the suit may be brought. 0. No owner or driver of aay baokaey coach, carriage. or ah, la the city of New York, thall ask, dunaad or receive, aay larger sum than he or they may be entitled to roccive as ouuti iut i^bbut wi iti uuiisri i?r itwj auon okeaae, to b? sued lor and iitoTml from tb? owaar or owacra, ur annn, of anj lu*b httknj coach, carria<?, or ab, Mvtrall) auil respectively. Conplaiau of any violatioa of tbc backaey coach or cab law, C?a he mdi at tha Major's iHoi, City Hall, or at ta* Scant the t hi.l of l'oliee, 1'ark. There are two inspeolcra of backs whose duty U It to look after tbuM* One of them has been lick for aoae time. and. in lieu of hi* nervices three active policemen have been detaekad to aasiat the other inspector There la plenty of work for tbem nil. Tai*L o? a Mew DcaraiPTiO* or Loiomotitb ? A trial ol a new locomotive, invented by Mr t t. Ilimpfel. of I'hlladelpbia.a Frenchman and for which h ' haa obtained a patent at Washington wan proceeded with Ifekadlataly alter tttojfe-ent trip ot th* Damrn/ The trip was from the of the Uudson Hirer Railroad to Dobba' K? ^jHuty mllea) and back. The ottjiet of tlie invxntlo^iVi substitute anthracite r ial lor wood in lncouiotiva*. tBereby I'fft-ctiug a great sav- ] tag oftuel. liilberto Anthracite ban not be?n used Tor two reasons?first for waul ofsuAdant draft to kindle It and krrp it burnning, and secondly, becauae when kindled, it burna up the flue*, destroying a boiler In a eery abort lime Mr Dimplei baa invented what obviates this cifllonlty It la the employment of tubaa or piP?? within a boiler which communicate* at both ends with the body of water In the boiler and through vmru vuf ??irr iivvi/, iur ruua vi kU' muni , beibg b* tit to ?- to glee the naee?<ary .? ! li . jr. *oatraction and >ipt?iiiB reuniting from the ch?n<e of to which they are eipoeed There la ? tor bottom with which the atraigbt indt af the tubal freely aouaiuoleata anil thua a cooatant aupply U ob-* tained and tbe circulation kept up. Io other boilrr* tha heal fc< < ? in aeareb of watar in tbl*. the watar a'lDin to th? heat la other tubular bnllar* the ntir It outalde tha tibrl-lo thia the watar li In-id- la other MbM one portiou of tha watar li ha'ed to an aitreme degr. a, while the watar in aaolh-r portion it aonparai ivaljr n lJ ThU Inequality <4 hut I* daatruetiT* to the bailer. la Mr uimpM'* lnrentlon the brat la diffu?? d all mpi and equallird by the ciraal*tlon of the watar. and alio by tha produoU of eon!>n< tloa being carried iu it* way to tha chimnay rrixht along the tube*, and tbu* Imparting the haat ta them, liraot tha 'atlng of fuel, avery portion of tha watar niulag rapidly In nunlast with tba h> a'. aad thin pre entlDg m .'foajilnK I'hoiijfa there wax twtoe a* much ati-am aa w.n wantad in tha angina. the lluea of tba boiler ware nearly aa eold aa any other ptrt of It. when em mined on Thursday, The appearauaa of tha lubea and Bre-plaee wax perfectly clean lU'rr ib iuuv wi du ruucn ??i Dur?iia| ur boiler ol Mr bimpfel '* eoo?truotl.>o. ttotiM l?-t the water kinrr ? f*r rnjut'il there I* * remedy utlml tho uyp?r (trt ol lb> butlrr brla( afirhnttil By attaching the upper abd bent end* uf the lub*i to tht luinn |iUt< <>r roof at lb* Are hot. It U thut prorented Itom bung beated to piim. for the boat la the flreb< I art* ii| eard* Had lafrlBf* on the under *t>rta-e of tbl* |>Ut>. and tend? to boat It to thigh decree, ml If by n|. tit tbo water bo allowed It tlnk I >w, tbl? Slate bt?ruo< DTtrhnltJ and endanger* the *afety of be boll, r and ol huBan lifo. but by attarhlng tho and* of ibe tub* a to tbl* plat* tbo rurreat of water dirrbaicxl by them notllim It* uppor turfaso and Ihu* keep* it co?ori J wlib walor n?i alt*r the lerol f tbo b?.dy o| water la tbo holler baa fallen b-ioe It To reaUer I hi* part ol tho larantloo complete thoro It a ria. or projection around tho edge of tho arown lata to retain on It* tarfare tbo watar di*eharic-d In'" It by circulation through tho tabev A low daytagoa aaeoeager train w*? roa?ey?d by thla engine with an little water In tha boiler that If act of that peculiar e< n*truei Ion It ai<t laerltahly have bant l.tetly. I forned*'!> a I* g!**a lo the water la the b nl-r hy Brrbaiilral ami, whereby the water I* raua-'d to pa?* with greater t. Iorlty a??r the heated turtare. and thereby to take up the b^t mora rapidly Abort the top floe plate there I* a cyllader or ea?e prortdel with a refl|meitlng platon the rod of whl?b pa?ae? through the head of tha holler. that it may ba connected with any anting part of the tar chine to fir* It a reciprocating motion Thia oylloder It prorldel with two indnttmn ralro* oae at oarh ead and oa tba other tide *ith two eluctlnn ralree leading down lato one of the outer tpaee* Tba* the rerlproaatlag moUna nf tit* nitton will i>rn liir? * iMirmnt nf >(? down the ?*' rt 'pnrm id which tho pip' la l??ated. an t thl* Will ItiM (tlmMIn t'ir"Oich thr bollor t' retnra th? *>ttr to th? Induction tiIth and tfc?r?(iy Cdua? a cltriitilnn ov?r lh? b?aUd aurfaeo of tb? Irr villi tTtlMit; ii?|-?nd?-nt fit th? of Ihe oyllmi'r and the motion of the pt?tot Tbi* eootrtnar* nh dwrrtm ytl>nl Tbw# ?wf jrnt many eirr'lftc m?ri pr??*nt. who ripr?**rd their doll|bl with III' whole pUn Wo (ibirfT'd Wi| the Mr K K Collin*. Captain Oomato.-fc, Ool Richard I'md-n profraanr Oliver Ryrno and Mr. U?. op*rtot< adoat of tho Hudaoo BI?m Railroad Hi ooot IUt Ivma* MiMintAitr.?The Hev Mr. Jacob*, llud*?n Hay miaaionarv, c?n? from Siut Ste Marir on the London, oa ner I ?*t trip down, with hi* family, on hi* way to l.ondon. Kngland, hums been called there hjr the Hudton Bay Coni|>?ny, in *hiw > mplor he' haa b?en a? a nt*atonary in the far North-We*?, for 12 year*. He atopprfl a couple of diya In thia city, and left yesterday on ihe Mayflnwet. Mr. J i* one of the red men of the f<>re*t"?a native of Canada. Ha belong* to th? Mrthodiat denomination, it well fdii' atrd, epeak* the English Unguage quite tln< ntly, and i* quite familiar with hiatory, and well informed on matfer* and thinr* in general. He ha* travelled 3.000 milca in reaching ihiacltf, hr land and cntiorn He had hi* travelling tenia with him He informed na that, where he had been, the hay wa* clear of ice only about five week* In the yew He exhibited a specimen of their priacifwl article of food? I'ineia. or prepared bulfilo meat. He goes to Hoflslft? thence to (>aaada, where he will leave hi* family? wife and five sprightly, interesting lit lie children?and then will cron* 'be ocean to London Hi* wife la a*id to he a whit* woman? (?e should think from har brawny countenance *h< waa a Canadian (reach woman.) of wealthy parent*, but owing to little romantic a^air, in her youthful daya, in becoming enamored with Jacob*, and a clandestine marriage, abe waa dtotnkented from a large estate, and ha* vine* elnng to her liege lord, ihnriag ho fortune whenever he wandered, with all ihe sincerity of a woman** l?r? ? thtrml Aditrtimr ^ mnciii. AHBlAGB l WHY SO OFTEN UNHAPPY. THJt 0 AD 8 B 8 AND TUB R1M1DY. Many and many a win imditui years o? bodily aufferibg and of mental anguiah, proetrnte aad hetoieee. embittering her lift, that of her huiband, and haiarding the future welfare of her ohildren, ariaiag from him which, if known, would haveepared the aulferiug, the anguiah to the wife, aad to (ho husband embtrmimsnU tad peouni- . ar> diCoultiea having thair origin ia the mind being weighed down aad harraaaed la ooneequenoe of tha liokneee of the companion of hie boeom. Bow important that tha eaueee ahould be knowa to every wife, to every husband, that the ureadful aad harrowing aoneei(uenoee to the health and haupmeaa of both mar he avoided ! Life ia too abort aad health toe precioua to adaall any portion of the one to be ipent without the full enjoyment of the other. The timely poaeeaaion of a little work entitled ae followa, haa been the meana of earing tha health and the Ufa of thouaande, aa over TWO HDNDKBD THOUBAND oopiee have beea eold einee the flrit edition wm leaned. The author haa been induced to advertiee it by tha urgent aad preeeing requeet of thoea who hare beea indebted to it* publication for all they hold dear (that all may hare an opportunity of obtaining it), and who hare favored him with thouaande of let ten of enoomium, aeme of whioh are annexed to the advertiaement. THE MARRIED WOMAN'S fB1VAT1 MKDISALCOMPANION BY. DR. A. M. MAt'RICKAlJ, raoruaoa or Diataaaa or mau. 1\o?nlietA Edition. lHmo., pp 250. Price. $1,00. TH18 WORK IB INTBNDED ESPECIALLY FOB TH1 MARRIED, or thoae contemplating marriage, aa it dieoloeee important aecreta which eaould be known to ttiem particularly. litre, every female?the wife, the mother?the one eithei budding into womanhood, or the one in the decline of year*, in whom nature oontemplatee an important change?oan diecover the caueee, eymptome, and the moet efflcient remediee and moat certain mode of oure, ia every complaint to which her eea ie eubjeot. The revelation! contained la lta pagee hare proved * bleaeing to tnounaade. aa tha innumerable lettera received by the author (whioh be ia permitted by the writer* to pah SICKLY AND UNHAPPY WIY1S. Extract of a Letter from a Uentleman in Dayton, O. " Davtow, May 1,1847. Dl. A. M. M At'BioKAtr?My dear Sir: 'The Married Woman'* Private Medical Companion,' for whioh I enoloeed one dollar to your addraae, cane safely to band. I would mot have troubled yon with then fow linee, but that I am impelled by a aenee of gratitude, for myeolf and wife, to fire utterance to our iincere and heartfelt emotion*. " My wife ha* been perceptibly linking for mmi threl year* or more, in consequence of her great anguish and suffering *ome month* before and during confinement; every tueoeaeive one more and more debilitated and proetrated her, putting her life in imminent danger, and whioh was, OB the laat occaeion, despaired of. I auppieed that thi* itate of thinga wa* inevitable, and resigned myself to meet the wont. At thi* time (now about two month*) I heard your book highly apekea of, a* obtaining eome matter* reaching my ease. On It* receipt and perueal, I cannot express to you the relief it afforded my distressed mind, and the joy iU page* imparted to my wife, on learning that the great diicovery of M. M. Deaomeaui provided a remedy. It opened a prospect to me which 1 little conceived was poeeible. No pecuniary consideration can ever repay the obligation* I am under to you for having been the mean* of imparting to M the matter* contained in 'The Married Woman'* Private MedioCl Companion.' But for thi*. ere another year wouid have pa**ed over my head, in all human probability, my wife would hare b?ea in her grave, and my ehildrea left motherle**." > Extract from a Letter. nniiPETiNri and health. UKotirn, Pa., Oot. 24, 1M7. Mr Dul Bib?i kaow yon will have the kindness to beax with mo Id encroaching upon your time, vbilo I acknowledge (in behalf of myeelf and wife) the obligation! we foal ourselves under to you, in having made known eertain matters ountained in jonr moot Invaluable Married Woman'! Private Medical Companion. It has been worth its weight is gold to me. If I express myself atfeer warmly, you will M? that I oannot do so too wainly, when I inform yon of ths axteat to which Ibava, through it, been beaelittad. I will tate my situation whoa I obtained yonr book through th? merest curiosity. I look upon it as ono of tha most fortunate eventi of my life. 1 had been married some ton years, and was tho father of aoven children. I waa loag struggling unceasingly, to the end that I might gain a moderate ootaaeteacy.Dnt the resalts of my utmost exertions at the end left mo about where I was at the beginning of eaoh year, and that oaly, with the moat stinted economy, sufficing with barely the necessaries of Ufa. Pinally. this constant effort was beginning to have its effect upon my health; Ifeltle** eapakle to endure its oontinuanoe. while 1 felt the neccaaity of perseverance. This constant, anoeasing struggle on my part was laperativa, in oonaaquence of the ijrotraated condition of my wife (with occasional intermission) for six years, muoh of the time confined to her bed, and of course incapable of taking the charge and management of household affair*. Her condition aroae from eaases of which I waa ignorant. Ob! what would I have given had I the six years to live ovet a-a i. F What would my wife have given to have been pared the loag days and still longer night* prostrate on a Md ef sickness 1 all of which would have been avoided, had I then seen a copy of The Married Woman'* Private Medical Coapaaiom. Prom a Phytieiaa. DANGEROUS DELIVERIES. OBSTRUCTIONS, IRKlUULARITItt, It*. How maay are suffering from ekotruotlea or Irregularities peon liar to the female system, which n ad ermine their health, the effects of which tkey are ignorant, aad for whioh their delicacy ferbids seeking medical advice! How many suffer from prolapsus uteri ('ailing of th* womb,) or from fluoralbas (wsakaeaa, debility, fee. He.)! How many are ia ooastant agony for many months preceding conbnementl How many have difficult, if aot dangerous, deliveries, and wboae lives are Jeoparded during such time, will find in It* page* the meaas of prevention. amelioratloa, aad relief I Extract from a Latter. to tiinai just married.?" mad i knownr " phii.ahei.rHiA, not. w, 1847. "Dl. 1.1. MiviictAF: Bad 1 knows of tha Importaat Itttri imltl ?f li 'The Married Wonn'i PriTlU Midi al (.'ompaBioa ' y*ar* a?*. h<>? mnch BiHrjr I mijht hire aacapad ! I h?r? yaar* fruai nam whioh yoa Glut out in yoar book, without bnowing what to do. I obta*d a ??|>7, aad foaad my cam traa-.odof. I trutt trary female will arail beraalf of tba iafonaatioa ooataiaad la it* | L*ttar* ara daily reeelred of tbla ckaracjar, aaaaaaaaary to praaant. To tbaaa ya? aamarrtad. bat eontemplatta* marrta?a, ar l*rh?|? heaitatlB* aa to th* propriety of incurria* tba ra ponatLilltici attendant upoa it, th* im|mrtaao* of badaf |H?mn4 of tha raralatioB* aoataiaed ia thaaa paca*. aa latin, atvly iivolfiai their fatar* bappiaaa*, caaaot b* appraaiatad. It la. af aaaraa, Impraetlaabla to eaaaay mora fally tba Tartu u i mbjerta trcatad of, aa thay are of a natur* ?triot1? latanded for tha married, or tho*a auatamplatiBf marriage, B'.tber I* it aaeaaaarr, aiaea It la arory ona'* doty t* bacoae p<aaa?**d af kaawledp* wharek^ tba offering* to whioh a COPIES WILL BE SENT BY MAIL, FREE OF POSTAGE, TO THE PURCHASER. On th? raeoipt of Oo. Dollar, "Till MARRIED WOMAN'S PBITATB MEDICAL COMPANION" ii Mat (mailed froo) to aay part of th? Cat tod Siataa. All louort mual bo at- |0>d I rictpt tboM (oiuliiu tnailtun,) nd addroo?d to Or A. M MAURICE AU. t>oi I2M. Now York City. PahUaklat ofioo. No. IS Uborty itml, Now York. OVER 30,000 COPIES HAVE BEEN SENT BY MAIL wtthia throo mnathe. with porfoet oafetr aad oertainty. For oalo at XCI Broadway, and at tho PoMiahia* OOoo.lM L brrty atroot, Nrw Tork; Uttl? k Co., Albaajr, W R. l>aria. Boatoa. T S Potorooa, (A Choottnt otroot. Philadelphia, aad Bnskoollora throoihout tho Hat tad Rtataa. IMPORTANT NOTICE.?DR. VALENTINE MOTT SAT* that "Jadd'o Modioatod Liquid Cailolo" ! aa lavalnablt artiolo, aad ohoald ho la tho poaooooioa of itory lunilv. It U tho boot propafatio* oror diocvvomd, Nr droooiac Buras. Csto. Staldo. Broiooo, ?r any kind offrooh woandi. Poafold K Camp. Mi idiotowa; Coaa., *olo pr?riri?iora aad aaaafaotarota. VI T. HI CM k CO.. It* aad 151 Pront at.. WbnUoalo ijoata For aalo by William Borrer k Co., Bchioffolia k Brothor, Barilaad. Eaooo k Co, Boyd k Pa*I, Haydock, CorUf k Cloy. r'M I" ABA 1.1.El ED CURBS to) CI BED ME IN omb i day, of aa old uoaorrb**.?1>. Corbya." "inimh oia ahwhnn, of aa old ptlrato diooaoo.?Dar?aa." "I hod liphilio otor a yaar. I ?a? onrorod with aio?ro| aftor ho?l?? booa aador tko oan of tbo othor phyairlaao, ith. nt boaolt, yoa rorW m? ia a abort Hat." u?<iro. t to 2. aad ital. . DR. LAHMONT, No. <i Roado airart. Boroad door from Broadway. Tub mabbibd woman* private mbdicalcom |?ama. by i?r A. M. Moortroaa, Prufoaaorof Ltiooaoooof ?'0"n Toath oditioa, Ilao., pp. W; prtoa |l Totriol oufliriaf. of phyoioal aad moatal aaroioh. tauaay aa affaotloaato wifo, aad pooaalary diStaluoa to tko haabaad, might btto booa aparod by a tiaoly poaoaataa of thto work. II ii ,nt?k4ai MMMikllt for tk? BRrrift^ nt tkaaa aAiifmBlfttiiu | ntt maga. it 4l*al?aa* taparkaat aaarau wklak ibnM k? ; k? *n in thaa partiaalarl p. Tathoaaako** kaalth 4n?a aat permit af uikdmi fan117, It I* <A ??>iet?l la^rtMM. Rrn. ?! ?. it<T7 ft iaala? tka wtfa, tka aatkar - tka W aithar Wa44iai lata or tka aaa la the 4aallaaaf frtr*. la whaa aatir* aaataaplataa aa importui akaara r> dwmiln mw, a>apt?aa, aa4 tka ?n?t ifllfi.m i*v 4im. aa4 nit arfrfala a?4t af aara. la aaarr coaplaiat ta ahlek kar aaa laaakfcaat. I Irnrt af a Wtm fro? a (tatlaaaa la Daptaa. Ohio J Dam mm. Hay I, 1847. , Da. A. ijraitMr!ki ???a Sta Uj aif? ha* kwi p*r?*ptlkly ataklag fm bi ikm v *T aa**. ta niM|?nn af k*r nr??> aafx<ak a*4 laffanni aoaa aoatka kafara aa4 4artaa kar aaaniaaat; at<r* aaaaaaatra aaa aiara aa< aar* 4aMHtata4 an4 |-r<'a?rat"4 kar. rattiaf kar Ilia la laalknt aal ak? >i aaa. ?a tha laat aaraaioa, 4a?ra?ra4 af. I aopp aa4 that tkla (lata af thlaca oh tarrltakfa. ae4 r?atra-l STaaU t* a aat tka ? ?rat At tkta tlaw (at* akaat twa aaatkil. I I t>ir4 raat kMl hliklr iMkaa a(, M ti>auiala< ?iar|Bitl?(l ! raaaklKf my aaaa. Oa lia ra*al?t aa4 paraaal. I caaaat ??f?? ta ?aa l>i raliaf It a#nr4a4 my 4latum t aiai, u< tk; jay lia pa?aa ilaparla4 to my wtfa, aa laarala* that tb* j fraat 4iaaararv ?f M Daaaaaaaa trarlM a raadf. II ' apatia4 a praapaat ta aa whlak I II < t la a aaaa I aa4 wax j~.aat kla. Rat far tkla, ara aaathar aaa* w*al4 kaaa raaaa 1 aa? my haa4, la all kaaaa pmkakintp my wifa aaa 14 kaaa kaaa la kar irara. aa4 ar akil4raa I aft aatharla**. It U. af aaaraa. lapraatiaakla ta aaa ray a?r* fally lha Tart' aa aaktaata traata4 af. a* tbty ara af a aatara atrlatljr lat?n4a4 fr>r tka aarrta4 ar tkaaa aaataaiplatlu aarrtaaa. P?r aala at m BraaAvay. aa4 at tka Palillaatloa o?e? l? Likarty atraat, Raa T*r? , I Ittla I C*, Alkaar . w7m Daala, Raataa. T. ft. Pataraaa. IR Ckaataat atraat. I'hila4ali.hla. Oa tk* raadpt af fl. a aaa* will k? tra*altt*4 kr a all.frtt af paataga, ta aar part af lha L'aM*4 Stataa. All lata*** ant k* Ml raaaa*. poat pat 4, ta Or. A. . MAI'RICBAO.kai I ( Ha* Tort * *. ORkaa l?Ukarty atraaa g\i|l| REWARD Jlffllll' AMTIOOTR, A Pr?. F\J alia Millar* far tka aara af U"aarrkaa. Qlaata Ktrtatar**. aa4 at a liar flanr4?ra. It aakaa aap**4p**r* altknat tk> laaat raatrtatiaa* af 4l*t, 4rtafe, ataaMra, at * * Ia a. Th. nn.rrUtAf I IititI* 'IN which tka aim *r? will ? Mr*, ntn lli* forI feltar* of ?? lna4r*4 Mltn. Partkar?tk* 4t***a? aaaaoi b? rnatra*'?4 If * 4naa?f Ik* ?lt'nr* ! takaa whoa m|">**4 i It la r?t at ta k*tUaa, wttk fall 4lr**U*w*. *t tl ( * l*?tlt Urn itHt-anr miatti la m 4??i htitla k?c. UNO IM >nalw?>i II* Bnarl UrNt. Dm. k OKTAMOKB Wul I.D ?AT TO TII'MIB WBO kava Maitvwl IIomm, - Car* at Tnlaaa." llitlli, I Tak* m of tk* kaaltk. I t>a?a 4a*ata4 auf r?ara ta Bl K?f**at?a. ar>4 kin traat*4 wnn<illj Mi*a*aa4* of p* rata. wka with ta oaaaal; at* aa tk*a* aavpUlat* may 4a ? lfr*a af *ka*?*) tn? U.I kIP taa aft a*?*pta4. If aaa *alaa faaf health. JO a will *?*I4 th?*a kill" w* rahlnaklacl* tall fwa nal <ktr milt ?a nn ; fca, aa l that tkat* ta* ila4 *f ?*4i<*1ae la an tk?t la no*ta tarjr for 4l?*aaala all It* fnraaa." Pat**** ?k'n health hat I laaa r*ia>4 tr rtw *?iiim. **ll a|N ? 4atlf. 1M T'*. I liata itrMi NBW IIMCkl OOKt.-A OOlPim NUCTICA1 wark ta tk* aatar* a*4 maiaiai *f frlta't 4laoaaa* I ttrl'tafaa, ai>4 all kta4r*4 *rr*t|?*? *f tk* anaary npa*lllaiirtM >J ? imt aa?kar *4 ktaaWlalgw atlmi pliMk k? lar*? at lift. It loan B?*twt*k. O. I *ta* flirt* IW|*na, M fiatw*. Prlta|lt. |i?ra*l fr<ia lb Mn al aa4 Sarfltal Jonraal:?"It m%y ka aai4, faaHaaaW, *a k* *qaal ta Ilm*r4 * af toMt'l wwrk *a tka *aaa* raaif) I ?4 *i ?**?*. m4 Amp aapaxai ta aafthtw* *4 tka M*4 mi . aakli*h*4 la (kit oaaatTy." Aatkar *4 tfk* wwrk *a ftxaiatJ iBwitalaaa. Iiat ? ???*. k*., *awa*4 k? laartftr h*bltafc5 StooprfeJOT Jn?x?3t ( u? aatktr. IN Br?a4???. | HUPPU*. TO PASSINGIR8 or STEAMERS GEORGIA AND CHEROKEE.?Many fatal aiMiuf cholera hMlif oecurr?d on board the PatMcitMBun, which might ban b? ?n prevented by the timely uh of a proper remedy,?*11 pereoae travelling thit route thou Id provide theniaelvss with Volpeau's celebrated, Preventive and Remedy, whiefa vaiuMil with almost unfailing sacceee during the cholera of IMitf. and recommended by many of the tir?t tiuytioiaus. Prepared and old u?ly ky KUSBTON. CLARE ft CO. J10 Broadway, 11) Ast->rH?use, and 173 Broadway. l'?# LlVIRPOOl-TUI UNITED STATU MAIL X tramthip PAC1 PIC. Captain Kara Nya.?Thl? steamer will depart with the mailt for Europe, positively, on Saturday, Vi.tember 2Mh. at 11 o'elook, II , from her berth at the foot of Canal etreet. No berth secured till paid for. All letters must i-aes through the Post 0?oe. For fraight or paatage, having unequalled accommodations for slegance ur contort, apply to IDWARD R. COLLINS, M Walt street The ATLANTIC will saoeeet ths Pacific, and tall October 12th. UNITED HTATES MA ATEAMEK BETWEEN NEW Tork and Liverpool.?The ships oempoeiag this 11ns art kk.f.llowi?,:-TLAN PACIFIC-, Capt. Nya, AHCT1C, Capt. Luee, BALTIC. Capt. Comstoek, ADRIATIC, Capt. Orafton. lues* ship* having been baflt by contract tapreeely government service, svery care hat been takes la theireo struotion -as also m their engine*?to ensure strength*il peed, and their accommodation! for passengersari I quailed for elegance or comfort. Price of passags from New Tork te Liverpool, olusivo uss of extra site it ate rooms, tXii. An experienced surgeon will be attached to eaohship. No berths secured until paid for. P., ireight? ^mT'SoLLINS, X Wall stmk. o, BROWN. SHIPLEY It Co., Liverpool. The Paoifhj will leave New Tork August 14, 1-tfc " " ' Liverpool September 11, " " Ati.a?tic " New York September 7, " " " " Liverpool September 35, " " PACino " New York September " " " " Liverpool October 10, " " Atlantic " New York October IS, * ' " " Liverpool October 3D, " The ownerc of thece (hip* will net be accountable for geld ailver, bullion, ipeoie, Jewelry, preoioue itonea or metali nnlea'a bllla ef lad in* are allied therefor, and the vain thereof expreaaed therein. After the lat er April next, the rate of freight by thcaboTl teamere from LiTerpool, will be materially reduced. H1NIW YORK AND HAVRE Si'BAH NAViQATIOB Company fer Havre and Southampton. The United 8tatea Mail Steamahip FRANKLIN, &3U0 tone burthen, J Wottnn, commander, will take her place in the line fron New Tork, on the 16th September, leaving Havre on the lUth October, touching at Cow e to land and raceivo the maib and paaeranrra. For freiabt er paaaage, apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON. Agent, A3 Broadway. The Franklin will (hortly be followed by the Quakoldi D. Liaee. Commander. FOR 8AVANNAU.-RK0U1.AR STEAMSHIP LINB.~ The new and ip.ondid eteamiliip FLORIDA, 1.4MI toni, Capt. Thou, Lyon, will leave New York, for Savannah, fron pier 4, N. K., at 4 o'clock. P. M., aa followe:?Saturday, September 21; Satarday, Oct. S; Saturday. Oct. 19; Saturday, Nov. I; Satarday, Nov. 16; Saturday, Nov. SO; and on the intermediate Saturday* will leave Savannah, for New Terk. Cabin pateage, ftS; tteerage do., #9. For freight or paacaga, applyjo SaMUIL L. MITC'HBLL. i!*4 Froat at. F~ OB CALIFOBNIA, VIA CBAORKS, WITHOUT DBteatlon at Panama.?The Uaited State* Mall steamahil Company will deapatch the epleadid double engine (team hip QBOBQIA. on Wtdneeday .September 11th, at 3 o'olook. P. W , from the pier, foot ef warren ctreet, Nertb River with the government mail*, and paaaengeri for San Fraaoiae< and lntermcdiaie porta. The connection at Panama will be oarefully kept op, * n to prevent any detention beyond the gnu it ay in port. The book* in bow open. and paaeage mi b? aeenrod at tht following ratee noa ??? VOKK TO CHA6IH. State room berth $101 Staadee berth, forward aalooa 8C Steerage berth, found bod aad aeparate tabla K from rtxiai TO (An rRlUCIMO. State roem berth... ., . |V) Steerage, found bed and aeparate table 1M raoM naw voaa to _ Bute Room. Standee Stearin Charleeten ?M 30 1C Savannah it SO II Havana. 7V M It Mew Orleam 75 60 I freight to Chagree, 70s. per cnbie foot, pre-paid. Freight to Havana, 26c. per en bio foot. Consignee* to receive their go?% at ahip'i tackle* immediately after her arrival at Havana. To aeenrc freight or paaaage, apply at the ottee of the Oompany, 177 Weet (treat, oorner of warren, to II O. ROBRRTR. Bpeelal notice 1? given to ahinpera bj thla line that tb> oompany have prepared a form of bill or lading adapted ti their bniinew, which will be farniahed to ahipnera oa appUeatioa at the oompaav'e offloe, and with which they are reaneeted to previae themeelveo, aa no other form will M gned by the agent* of the oompany. All bill* of ladlnf mttit be aigaod before the aailing of the veawl. List or litters kemaim.noin the mlw york Poet Office, September 7tb, 1880. Omciiur rviLONtD in tm* rarnn Marinathi Liieor (IlCVUTHm. Platte meatioa the data of tha lift ia which thty art adrtitittd. LA BIBS' LIST. A Adtna Miat MaryH Alaxtndtr Rebeeea AleianderMiaeEmtAlbtrteoa?lliaoeth Abbott Mita EliiaM line A Alloa Mrt Mary F Atklaaon Mite Emily Atkcmaa MraGar- AnderaoaMrt.Cudtr Aikelta Mitt Rota rat itraat Bltkt Art Aantliae Bejle Mitt Alitla Berry Mitt, foarth Bla< k Koaanna Bouike Mrt. Rovat- atraat Baldwia Altiaa valt atreit Breaaaa Mitt CaBrady Miaa Bridget Btirk Miat Mary thariae Brady Catherlae. Hnraakln Ann Breaaaa Mitt Mary Cllaton atreet Barton Miaa Fran- Ana Braatioghain Mitt tat C Briaoek Margaret Mary Bntler Mra Marca- B<ate Mlat. VaaBatre M Mary rat Jam at?2 BatmaiiWidowSallyBaat Mra Lillah Br>aa Bridaat Bleeker Mm I Burkmaa Mrt Meaj Broau Miaajuttiae Lonina I M Bell Mra SarahAaa Blaek Mra Aan BlootaMitaCaroliat B*iry Miaa T J Bla<- kit Miat Mar- Broad If y Alice Breaaaa MiaaBllta- rat Boyle Ann beth Baldwin MiteCaro- Buyhaa MiaiCathaB*rraid Madam C l< nae Bltliop Miaa Ea>n? Brady Calhafiae. Bourke CatLariae Brer Id Mary Bowery Bnrk Mra Aarah Brown Mia A T Braaiel Miat Rata Rnrtoa MlaeAmalla BrowaMreJulittttJ Baty MiaaAnn Elite llarnalta Miaa Ana Brooke Mra Ann Bathe Mr* William Ilium Mra, Third at Bordley Mrt Caro- Batman Miia M A Bnakar Mitt Alliae Bell MiaaCathtriat beruat Brvkaaaha Rlna A Brig?a Mra Helta C Bruthtr Bridge' o Clark Mrr Aan Coadoa Miat Mary Caaady Mrt. PtrtyClark Mra Rliaa- Caalaa Miat Marta eateaih at balk. Croaky at Ctaaory Mra Mary Creaa Mary Chalk Mary Jane Cheaaut Mra SliaCalley Catharine ( orvier Miaa Adelt beth lallahan MiaaMary Creao Mrt Cora a- Co bora Mita Martha CraadallMrtBC liaaa E Caraata 8i(aora Crot?v Miat Aaa Cuu'thaH Mrt Louita C'aatello Miaa Aaa /oeiaa H Tarty Mary Camming! MargarelCtlllae Mitt M.MarCenrr Mrt Elita- Clark Mretlliabelk ktt it bath Clark Miaa ialia C-merlord CathaCaranithael Miaa A Clark Miaa Mary riaa Caatletoa Mra Rota Calhoaa Martha Coalaa Latitia and B Ctlleader Mra S Phebe Cleaieat Mrt J O, Cahill Bridget Canaan Martarat Cliff at Craaa Marr C'ordiel Miaa Maria Coatee Miaa Cecilia Caray MraUarriat J Ctrrraa Miaa Aaa Coddiagn a Mary Carroll Miae.Laight Crott Mra Sarah j Cole Miaa clariaaa atreet Crowley Marr Colliaa MittCatha- C<rmodj Miaa H, Crager Miaa Sarahll riaa Hope atreet Carry Mitt Naaey CeHetaa Eluabeth Collin? Jokaaaa O T>?lv Ur? fl Diiw Mm Ihar- Da rhalt* Raarra I>?ilj Nil Madlira it lntta Am I-l Ham* Mr. Anaia Dr.l.aaay Brldot, I>?aa Mra F Piii>l llri*??t Doalraa Mr? Mar- l>?.?an Mill Fumy Darin Mri ratha- Karat Dlcharaoa Mra D L tine l> W'llf DtrarjrMn AllaiaM D"?*harty Ann Daant Mri Rnplila lla'llo MIm Kllau Illlworth Blanor Drlaay Mar/ Ail Italy Mri Mary fi.tfnoa Mri HaaDirkmtiMriWilliamDalioa MriMary?1 Bah I)iDon Mariaret Danfor.l Mim Julia D. Ian Mary Ik ?a" Mr? William Dri atoll Mim Mary Dtvlay Maria Da;h?MriIli?abalb Ana ^ E<i?ar<l. MraC aUa-KllioU Sarah Jaaa Eataa Mr? A11*t? rlaa Bain* Mim Ja?? F.ndlaott MriEdward Baaaa Mri Jaa?a ?1 Bmat Mri ?li>a 8 EmaxmiMra Williaai Eataa Mih Judith Earl Mrifirol r Fahy Min Briifat Falat Mlai Mary F-r*aanp Mary Franr Mr- Ami Flo?4Aaa ort atha- Flint Mim Mary Fail.r Mill Maria rlaa rtatiar Jnhaaaa Faranaa MliaPally Fardr Mary Fit?*atriafc CalhaK F"i Mim (fatharlaa rtaa FarrallMnMary Aaa) ajhaar Mim. F.lay Mim Mary B FarrlM Mill talha- loth at ForhaaMlM llaaaah , rtna raraa Mn.Nawaoil B Pitta MlMBtaa Farmar M m Ana F?aMraH.Havana It I Flrhar Mr* Farrali HrirtiM I uMar Mr* Sarah S , Fituihbau tllaa Fayaa MlaaBtUiat Cala Mn Martha Rucirty Mri Mar*t Canat tMlMCar?alia Oral Mn Ma A t?<.raam Mra Marjr 01 >? -niMmIlrl?l*at Gradr li. flora ??>m Mil fiiliaora Elua Ural aa 5arah fluti Blma M Oola Mra Daai?l Carray Mill Clltl- Gnrnay Mn A B OaHmiMra. A tally l? nra Qallaafirr Mam rat llarmaa Bllaa? 2 Gaaly Kithar Oraa4y Ca'hanaa Oould Miaa Julia (.laaana B1l*a Ca*nay i a'hanaa Oiaa Mr* Baal aal Gi'"aJaaa uriiiu aniiii uaaa-a i CI mr( athariaa?1 Gmjh .karah at ar Bar(ant Or*<a Mix Laataa w n nmii *>nh Ha*klaa In iiaflil>iK>?Fllfi.ClUi* Ilaaaat M>>Marfi Hnr>> Cat'>ana? *r aa atrval ral H"irlO? I'tlkttlU Bl^ka; S?a?a Dulirr III* Bar?H"?aH Url'( * lllrrfa- BraEliaafiai<r. v B'^Baryl.Pnibaa ?? kath n?rtTra*B"l.l>?'<?Uam?a Biaa Ba'Ma II II Jnl.a hiitfk11??*mnlr?t IH ^'IImI IIhh. Ba 'h BraI?ra?lT- JHalf'a Bl?a Bary artak atraat Uaakiaa H' ? C A. Ilaa. v?? n?rr*r I'aifcariaa li atraat aaai>a<l<- tliaa H"re?n fclTm B??l? Ali-ni Hart Rrt?r>t Bn.r1*a. KlUa Hair n?"i'l Barta Hara?BlaaBapk?aia Hn*"* Bra n ft. Mix Maria Itaailaaa **? B Klaa M?rr H m Mr*, ('lit "t IIivm Miarfaaaa IH"wpkr??? Bra 11(1 p itBrai Rl??<-kara IUjhi Mra Jaaaa Hjatt Bra If?rlr I II Brallnf?a?allall?r Abb Barjf > B?la? K R<Ibm ItiAu ?. ? I A J Irala Biaa ifih J<ihaat?B Biaa Bary J-?kaat?B Mra. CWJ tr> ? Biaa Mr* John TJ at JifkM>? Bar'ka W l??h-k Bra A<iliM Bkr*?rat J"?m Nia* Aai?lia Ji'kxt Ia< r?r-l Jaakar Biaa, UraaaJi kaiua Im Aa Jat?raaa Bra R wlak at (tlit* JihailoB 11 ta K Kataa Niaa ?>1 Katallaa M m Cart Baaraaj * ? Raally hri/B* I lint K?aaa Abb laMr Bra I'taa Hi ?pf Mra r B K?r1a? Biaa Bar* Kill; Bar* Ua Bally BrH*a? Oak R>aa*4yB1laa R-rtu Bra aaali t a'taat Rib* Ana R?a??aj Bary B*ll? Batr Rake Km Julia Kiaf Bra. B"it a* R?Hy f aaay Raaahaa Bar* la I* T' tt* Biaa Barjr IJa4aay Aaa Klira lawraaaa Bra l?rr 11 aarat traaT BIm Vary U* Bin UarUwila't* Bra Jala akl. W..II. I ail.? Hr. M*J.. ll laaaalarr IIHRu Lfnrh III.,, |,.<U?^HFj'ilO rm rf?? I M! Blaa Ufhlt t??4 Br? ClIkwlM L>" MX l.amtirt Mr*, rik ! l/fath Patharlaa Uhnatar In - Iaw Bta>*a?aa l.raah Iwr u* imwii* i.y?M a?ki* Lawla llHr; Ba?*'? An Di>?- W?rrl? Aa\ B??r Bra, HoHaaa aaily Im Hin itroM ?>lf llnl *"K'??r'<n*ol ?? m? rrtnl'c Parr Batliaa Mo* Wart A B?<-ra Blaa ?? * w?il>?> mim lirt BalHraa him ii B~>?ayJkuv*t 11 Barraj Blaa Mary Bakaa BrKcat VimflMnJiU* *"'?! ? ll? Ihrab Birhal BaJ'lla I ml M?rf' f Halts B li? S Ba<M?a Jaa. aatla Biaa ?ill?r Bt?? * J Baaniat Bra till* Barr Bttrtatl Blaa Biry Ba" >?' ftllaaWtk B?aaa Bratorlaa B B"?ra Blaa ABM Baa-) Bra Bar7 L Balliaa Bvainl n?.ta liaa >>*a l?an Bnllltaa Bantral B">ra Blaa Ba?f*t V44|a?<?a Bla-BatyBarra* BrUpi Baara Bra laaM Biliaai-ar??r Ba4 ifaBnrrar B?rr Barbara Bra, MMI- A BnrjhfMara ,a ?>rra? B-ara Blaa *>? J Balk? Blaa H*r? Bilair Ilia til; Bf r?ai Bra Aaaa A a B-*r4ta lirr B r.lUa N'aFaral B-TfeannaS km* t- *T\* a Barr Baflli aa Br*. H* B? Draa?K Bra Jaaa Oak* iHtta iH It MeCiriaa Mia* II- McKaana Catharine MoElivea Mi** Huh* 1*? Mogiuley Ku B McUinn Mary MeDonaelly Klilt- Way M< Ul. ne Bridget beth McLieah Mia* In- Melntyre Mr* Juha M*I>< neugh Ml** phenia Mclii-nna Betty Biddy--i Mc.Vally Ellen H. K.nm Kate Mcbonough Mix McAaufty Margaret McLennan Mr* Mary KfUcu McCal.r IlUu McMaglin Mia* Mary Medina Mn Brid- MeCaffrr Mary Aan McNnhy Mary net MeCurdy Mn Julian N Naah Bridget Noah Mi** Judith Niohnlaon Mary Jo* Naahten Bridget Narraway Mn E Nrrl a Mn C M Keill Mim Aan Neal Mr* Kelieeca K Noonan Bridget N iic.ii Jtll*n NeUon Elian o ftdgtre Miu Jin* O'Reilly Mary O'Hanlan Mrs Dr O'Brien Mian Anne Owen* Miu Mary O'Neil Mn Mich'l O'Connor Mi** Ellen Ann O'Korke Mary O'Garra Bridget O'llnen Mrs Mary O'Suliivio llano r a O'Neall Mary O'Conner Marx't P Plaice Ml** tydia-2 Perry Mia* Finny J Phellen Mri, CathPlmt Caroline Phillip Mr* Mariano arino *t Parker Louiaa Porter Mn Miry Phelpi Mr* A H LinUr. y>r. Vairn Miu Ann H

tha-2 Parro' Mdlle Eu- Peimtto Mre RaPayne Misi Mury A gnine chel SeUe Pearson Mr< llua- I'triun Mrs Joie- P?nnrll Miss R heth phine I'reuim Mri Laura Plica) in lllaa Par ah Payne Mill, 8tU W PeUotto Madlle Ka- street Pierson Margarat W chel Louisa Pearoe Misi Emiley Purdue Catharine Pendleton Mri Lucy and Christiana Plonkett Mrs Marg t A Piatt Mr* K ? Quilivan Miii, Ca- Quinn Sarah Querapoi Mri Mary nal at R Ray Mill Mary Robinion Mri Jane Rider Alice Melville Redman Mils Ange- Rogeri Miss lliry E Rigley Mrs Ann line Rose Mrs J as Rippley Hiss E Reid M m Margt Rouslon Mrs Ann Robb Miss Cecilia' Riley Mrs J A Ryam Catharine Rehins Mill Sarah Riley Mill Mary Reagan Eliiabeth Rubiuaoti Emily S Rice Mrs Flora Heart! Miss Mary A Rodgeri Mis KliiaKi< hmond MraC 11 Reynolds Mri Cyn- l eth Riddle Mrs Martha tliia Rollin Miss Mary A Riordan Mary Ri'cy Miss Catha- Rourke Mrs John Rilfer Mill, Letpe- rinc Ryan Bridget nard it Riley Marat Ryan Ellen Robimon Mill M A Richards Mrs Sophia 8 St Jehn Mra George Sammes Mm EliiaF BalTord Mrs Mary ShadwKk Misi Lu- Sherry Ellen Shaughneaay Bridoindia Smith Mri.Cherry it get and Catharine Bhalliy Mill Julia 8mith Mrs Catha- Sweeney Margaret Spaford Misi M A rino Sherry Catharine Smallon Mri Bhaw Mri Sarah Stevens Mrs Ellen Sheridan Mm Mary Slater Mill Ann Smith Bridget Beifmaa Mrs, Bank Sackei t Mrs Julia Smith Mil* Caroline it Ann Byrne Miu Catharine Smith Mri EHia Stoville MistMarion SkiJdy Mrs R E Smith Misi Marv Sullivan Bridget?2 SimmiMrs E Smith Miss Sarah J Sullivan Miisflanna Simpson Mrs Emily Smyth Mrs Mary Bmith Miss Jane Seott Misi Nanoy Siniggs Mary E Smith Mrs Nanoy Stuart Miu Marv EJ Billica Mri Ann Bmith Mra Oreen- Sullivan MissElizaf Simmons Miss leaf W Sutherland MliHarScott Mm Harriet Smyth Rose riett T Tilbert Mile Jnlia Teahey Mrs, 12Ui it Thompson Mra Tball Mn Ephraim Tie* Catharine ThompsonMrsBeboB Thomas Mrs K A rah Trash Mrs Israel Thompion Mi?i Dt- Tliomrson Mrs Mary Terrill MissLoniia lany Thompson MrsAaroa TnckerMisi Sophia L?2 V A Van vauariao sea a m mo ntu ii??- in ayciiciiHLtVoorhia Mrs A Ulda ^ tima Ward MrrElnabeth Weed MlaaEmeline Willigaa Mits HarWard Mary 0 Weal Mra Abi*ailW ri?tt Walker Mra D E WyleaMreM A White Mia? JoieWalker Hra I.ncina Weaver lira An- nhine Walter Hra Ellen iruata Whittakar MieaC Walton Mi? Jane Wlldmaa Mra Dr Wbitty Mary Wa?bbura Laara Wilkia Mr? Catha- WoodruffMiaa A an riae Woodruff MiaaCaroWelch Mici Mary Wilkin* Mra Fran- line Whealen Mara't eaa E Wolvertaa MraMary Wetater Mam t Willie Mr? Wm A W byte Jane Y Toung Mr* , ICtbiireet Young MiaaMam't J. Z ZavyiUwiki Mr* C GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A Adami Bei S Abbott M Acololy I. A Adama L D Aiklina Francois Allan Wm Aeacblinian P Alaar J fc F W Alderiek C J Amea Grume Allen E A Allen WmC Almy Gilea M AllenJame* AltenaiJ Allen Wm Allen Tbea Armatronj Henry Aabton k Bird Anthony DC Atwill J V Ayre? Wm H A ?h bridge J H Aaipack, Brother It Andtpe< n fc Co C T AndrtmUao Co Auetin W'm Anthony CO Arthur Franela J Andereoa C V A Anderaon David Atterbary Thus W Atkimoa Jamei Atklaa Wm Aadaraoa Thoa B Harbaioa Jamee or Braeka* J Br?dr Ow? Tbo? Bahcock F A Bradbury IrU S Bradlaa Jae U BtUihiw B B Back Baa J BUctoa Ws Brabkaa Jo? Black Petar Br?d.h?wTho? BraiaardC W Bland JTohn Brandie Jr J Banco* k Drlla Banna Thoa Bak?r Robart Baker Hiram Baker 1F?P Baker In Daaial Bailey Ward B Branle.Jamaa Blair J W Baker. Brothera k Bl?k* {M 0 Bailey Greenrilla Co .... if* j'V Back! Georja Ba?ar i J k J BanckerJ W BlandrJW tteraan Banke BanJ Baraard U Bar?er Jamee Barker ?r Bartly Mr Barraaan A?* **""7. TV*.*. Bairv I>a?id Barry l haa Barrett Patrick Bartlett C W Bart, a B N Barla Hr, Willett Barrel) Jamra Boruelt John etraat Ration O J Barnee Blnk.Wa Barnom Z C Barker Lutber BaraemOP 5 li'i! n Barnee I. K Barker Charlea Baradollace k D Bartlett r C Bartoa W? Barry Bdmond Barrj Th..a Barcla> Dr J T Barryn.aa Jamea Par fcllne Barry Jamee BatoryJ Hanmann L-reni BayUe. Bnekmnnn B??rU C Batee Jamee M Baitart.ury Rich d BraaloaOw Batea James Bear. iol>a Be,ta? Patrick Backer Valeatine Breelea CI Braadl Uoa Baatoa K M Ball Jaa M Barry Thoa Ball W B k A R licldaa Cjreasi Ba'i>t?aa Uufh Barry H Baaaett ?! W Breoetar A A Baaaatt Albert (aaMtl Pkiacaa BaattMa BarthaiaBeaadict J T B?ui?m J F maw Berry Jaka BUiln H J Baaett Geo Bell Wm BikMa?CaptJ Brtaham E S Bilker IF Briid J.ha U ff" *?? Billa (> A Bllllata Mr BricSUaaa L L Bikblaa Caft J Baaakla Phlilipr Baaly Uartin Blaack Gaorca Baaton Au?uataa BaataJajaaa Bean MaJ B V Bradcaaaver C Backer Uvraaoa L tledaoa A T Bratke U 1F_ Beach k Co Beaeley Joeerh Board Cant Thaa BcameaWm Beala Dr A BaanattiWm BaJlaa Tbol Bertaaby Fredrick Berth K 1 B.aaaUMarija Brraaeahold P Ileaaaatt Rlehard Bcnedlat WilU?-J Bratliyjoha BennlaiTC Ballkrajr J II. r,, Bler*aet W Brtd??maa Tbaa Kiddle J B Bnntaall Capt J Bolnad Jamee BrillenmaerTh A B?nUae Antoale BrookeC?1 SJF Block Bi Borland LT Brodley Patrick Blood**. d k Co Booth Joeeph B?cdar Wm Bromon H Bloadgood L' S'" i. * n Bobber liaeit Block Uaoraa Booth w tn l> Bond Will Rnikiti t L Vi<?kliii< Unr; llrinaxr Qn ltoad John C llr HaKiwin Bn?itColI Booth rbnrlnt Brtutu Ch Biker B Br?? bSV Urona.n II Vr (rku Ctttr B >|urt Daaitl M Boltn Jibii Bnn Tlnu Brnwi T Brown li t trail* Bron I U Blown II Browa Fraarta Q Browa II Brown Win? 1 Browa W?llli.(t?a Brown k Kirkland Brown *amn?l Brtwi l.tttlw Bri ?a Starr k Co llrova CharlM K lln.wn k Co Wm Brow a A Browa t'haa 8 llnauKM Browa Prank llanry M Bn an K'lnhard Bo?l I'knll Brnwi! lanno Brown I'm Bowin Henry M Bojla A>i?a?taa f lirowa Martin Haaa Ja. W Brown William Bowrajnbn Bo|laJoh?0 B7I Andrt* Bntirkt Ollrar Biiffwa W 0 Bnrk Kami Broairan ( haw Buehan Wm Baaklajr % M'linlwjr Barklajr Jama* BnanlL Hullar llenrv I, Bu'klty Joa Butlwr A P Bunnell k Allan Bnnrll t haw 0 Burrowi W A Btirr Capt Ephraim kn'UHl laaae Bwrnhaia U W Ilrn?man U?nrr Mm Uarai C?at luraa < apt W j Fudd T P braiUkl'o Bu?h Chaa Hurlirt ' A Ba rro a * h a I. W Bntlwr Prank BurkJi ha Barton H>ar; Balklarl'haa 8 Bath ? haa Ball Ua? Bl Bfro Job* BulUa k t o Jaha Horde it MepUa B>rawl.nkw Bnrk Tina h> mei Mirhl Bjrna Timothy T Bntti Br? Jaabak Bryant I. B>am A Brtaa B?kt?II Bow-a Wm BjraaJaroat Brjant H MnMii C Cadwall Kdw'd 8 ClantoaCwIT CraicJaa t'kalaiwn Uaw C ('amp- K B C raw* '"apt J*b> 0 1 akill l.aartntc Cadvwll Wm Cnm-rtm Laopold Cadiaui Jaha Catawll Joha H Caldwell Juha T llvartklrf Thai ( atrmill Wm Chartdwr'oa J .ha Canp Pliat a & ? aaa a Praaeta Ctiafar P.dwla M UtW'1 ll'i|h Cain < haa (.raaaJohaC < i..I. 1 a 1 i?a * an. 1 1.,a ! .>.? r? C'aiklfc?>0 lloigr Jin'i tlir* llara Rtifk Clark. Oill-art k Clark Hart Clark Kb I Broan Clark I. I lark AAaatraa J Clark >att Clark H'ary ?-? Clark illvrt Clark On f Cart-r f (lk| ?irJ. ?K ta>n*;|n Or Cfcaylia B Taf??J ! Carior J u, Batata Cliar p-I Hm-na Cahlll (<<*ar4 Afrat Carriafna Ja? H Carr-.II I'atk Carroll Thoa Cant) Joka D C?nil'?t Ju l C arr?a'?r Nathaa l ar^ntir TkM Chaafall Joka B Haitian l.?i Carroll A f (!?'?Jw?C I Catlnak Wb M Caraickal W P Carr-n I W Ca| ?? ft A III*- ? Caaa SpaaMia* Call RiakaH Carpratar BoMtaC f air lflrka?l Carroll Joka Carroll Mlohaal Careathora *aaT1 Caaoy Jf H*arl lan-ai- It i aaj tlauhr Carrolaa Path ( tllli C (Wheat J 0 CrawftM Chaa Clataoal J 0 Clark ?f Sur na* Claarlaa* W ClaaioaU Ka? Al*a CoaM Carv Cl<ik of Citr aad Clilrr; Uali Croaa Ilaaotii CaaatyJTT CkiM. fart A Co Clllf ird IHala Ctillrcra Wrn C'"*.ran H< <tn?y hrtatm Jnaafh CktMa fiao W Calollla Joka Chiaholia RaJariah C- ckhanciat Collar II H C-tkrofi Thaa Coaitan Juki X. Cola Fiaacla B Cro'kor Ttxaaaa Cfnaat Vafi atlaa Collar ? a? i Wai S 0< ? "I ??r * CVIomaa Pa*a C?lmaa Patk Coiior Joha A t Calwaa Jia? ('< ? CI Cokaly Cora f CoibranlS I c al??a Ki'-hard Collar IMar Caaaiaatiaa H- C*d?l1a?toa Ja?a? Ckarlaa ?aaa<t Cranna J'hi Cam?> aa Hoary Co?a at i Ital. a W Onar Ma Caalaa Jaaiaa CaaraaUra Croanpua J"ka fora-rJoka Caaaoll lUraari Otflli Irto?r? Caararaa f A I'aanar Tt.oa c*al?a Biok'l ? aai/aal Pat'fc Caak C?"k M>b:t C'aa4fay Jakft Cara> J f C?r! P- ajaialB C ?aaj D"H Coaarota Daaial C" k B T ft L Caar*' 'rl k Cook C W Cory Jot,,, W I oral a* J-ka Corauh Joka < oror J.>a Cerraraa I'aCk Ca'taa < l.ailaa Coifta* C Caty John W Comob T B <r?*J'ha ?>aall Jolaa Cot,rill Ooo Caaati ftaoar Coat-.lair Juha Coarioaar Joka Cavanaia Law- Caitoa Ckaa (I I artioa J?l a ra?aa Carl?aaOua O-rokJK'i?n ri CATfll 0?ol? IniMlWrka Cutter < in T Cnwaiiat* UN Caalaaham Jaa J Ctl%* J ? l?a i to f * P ClaaTWukf Curl.7 Ojj W ( tiljAHrfJ CaiuM'w ft Co Calli** Mlek 1 Cnmhri C J D IHUiJfhn l?l'o? A?<lr??r l>a''? Andrew UrR H Pkhoa r?i?? Danaaaltlm Wiiai* II kL D?*it JI. .l?rt Dtai'iwilrlti DtrlHJtka II P'F ' ? . y l>.? luptira !>?? ? Eakt wrt'1' <" Pay Jan K l... It |>a?ia? Ba.nTV*yto pavl. n n PR?i? Pa??-a J-ha Oaanal-ta John P*!* .. I trapntt Br PiriMWfk't Da?l4aaa Ckaflaa I at*upon <Ihnpn.i U?li Tp TV'- a Al'f.oa?? btaij to* W<I?'T ? ? * ? DrLi>ra?iLttaM)frkn B?ra?r< Dwrfcar kt p.laa?a? R p* Br- a?? t ? I " ?" gj * rwaa. Mlthaal Da Trt-a *? > . j? f*?S.O?F' l>?a>a?i*r Rokt r>?'Vtr Ri'k?*4 I>a?i?? Da4la?Ca>i IH?|tt R?t Wa \H-r* Jaka Da T?h? 1 T iHlamlUM Mar - Kranaaa Jaaaa A ^1" Praoaaa Jaaiaa t> P",1IH ?a r? i patta 1 H ? '*? * B f?a?aifc Oiriata- I>trr? Willi** P1."* **? . ?*?r l>'?lla rkarl?* IHI l*??j Matt $ W [t Ilea Bl^a.1 '"V**' !><r *tal F F V **? J?kR R {*' ? _ IM?*a # TV44 iaha P***? Da*14 W I ?aaW?.l.ka lM-tl4mi S*k I>*a<iaa Tlaxtkf r*??K?riT v KiStr- bsyii.-'?nv^ , P*fM|?C iarat A (tail* Daftaa r Dlltoi Patrick Doiu * Doao?ka Mi Doti CurM Doa?h?rt? Jun l?J.a U Dowdal) Juba Doaoraa Daa I< u?l W T Sail* Ttoau Daaonl A Doan*r U?nry Tia Durlach Markka l>?tan Joha ^D?'k _ Duhig Noey Pualap Tkoiaa* T Dyckaian U W Duibu Franco Uuaa Cjrraa Darooiinon A?(aat? Dudley Juih L Duaham A C Uumkiu Jn W Du u bar U C D?" Thomaa DuBlhoaT Dunn Miebael Dully Edward fitbtuMll Daitia Ceorga Dnnncffan I'etac EaaartyThoa Eldtn Wm Bdwarde 1111a M Edwarda Iltrvev Erkatcin Darld Elaon ?'a EU,worth II W EfolfM Ellmakcr ffath 1 KlhtChaa llirta Arthur Elton Jaba T Elli. MajBB Eddy Fr?rc . Ellon Kubt Earlua Damal E*tin??r Saial II laaton Jaa 0 Ellia Rowland *?gan Park Eitli-r l.adwi* Edwaraa Alfred Bmona 0?) Kt hatha Auguitae K?p..ud I'atk liaai Va Errir Cap! EatiRii Ctiaa Era It Co ChM K>rlan lierah Eu.uraon Captain Baal* BbirwaU k Evan? Edwin B Enoch A Co Eairtla Juo Kugliah Miuhacl Italaad Michael Kdetel J w Fay Cba? Francr John Farrell Arthur Farwell Thoa Eraser Lealic FlafK Sutnnwr ? f Farlly Patk Flumlord F Falmf Joaiah Fauacl Geo Fay J A Kairtield T C Faiit cld Charloa D, Farrell Jaa Fnrnam I, M'D Flaltcly Jaa Faaaia Eu*?aa Fani SII FaraahTkoaU Fanneu Cbas 11 Fannaton Patt Flanagan Jaa Flaary Mr Farrelly Jaa Frttmu Kubt Faucett Joha Frailer Joha Fre. man 0 I.ojd Freeman H Feghan l'atk FentunJohn French Juha M Fenitermarkaa Mar French Juaeph S Fnea M tin Frludlandar Quata- Ficlda Dr Win Firaion Oliver vua Klin* Thoa Fialier ( has Fiahcr F H Finnelly Win fimay niun ruenjonn ritiMtiiii John Flood Patk Foley Thoa Foly Palt FollettRJ Folkinburgh Capt F"gerty Mi 111 Foater Win Fowkea Win Ferr?>e;er Ju ForbeaJohn Foi W Fnrniy Uu tf Fondly J D Forriaur Edwd Floranoe Ju Foater Haratio Foater W W F il ti W"m C Floury Wm P Fortune J R F"eter D?a! Ford Sanil Fordliam Tlioa B Fromm A Ch Fowler Jin W Foater Herat 10 Fogeraon John B Forater F Fullurton Chaa Fr>?t Richd Fuller Joicph C Flynejaa Fuller C A Fulton Joaeph Fry Dan 1 Flyne Miohl?2 FrielJaa French J at A O Gallagher Bernard Quideton Mom Grace Michael Graham Joaeph Calbraith Geo GalluJy M Gallalaky I.rwia Gadnder Jamea Gabonapau Moaa Gargan Inula Gallagher Math'w Gaab i'eter Gr mai han Mich'l Carrey Thomaa Geran Dr F Grattan George Grant Hugh Gardner Ed war J Gardner Odin Gaakill B Gardner II B Grant William Uarbutt George Grant LI M Gamer Mr Grant George K, Garner JameiQ Gmvea John M P Gray John Cray Wm Gray Geo Franklin Oray Owen Gray Michael Geary John II Geanmiire L T Green B R Get A L Cm David Grtene G E Greenwood Thoa Greene Wm D Gregory ( apt Ste- Green John W Gleaaon William plien r Gertam M Gunner l)r Abh'in Gargan Ihomaa Gentil Thomaa Gentra Zacharia Genrard John B Gewiah Horatio W George Trne Gleahre Henry Gehhart George Gilman A N Gilbert Mr Gilderaleeve J D Giliaon Robert Giba Jacob Qilderaleovegamael (iibaon John Griffin Henry I W Gilgan Michael Gilmore Jamea Gill in M E Gibbe Jaeob R Giliaon Robert Griffin l-?vi Gill Hon William Glldden Cordia S Crimea J Stanley Gioamna Sig Retta GwianJno Gegerty William GrootGileaF Goodman A G Clovet Henry Goharm Henry GouldingWra R Gorton Wm CI Gorman Hugh Goodrich J F. Geldachmidt MaJ F Gordon J Wright Groreanor Augui-Crovea Capt Tlmo-Gorman John tna 11 thy Goodwin John Could Capt Benj Gorman Michael Goodwi* Im Gould Capt Uenl C GoldachmidtJno Goodwin FA Gonnly Bernard Cyi Mr GuyerChaaQ H Hannah Hy N Halliaey Patk A Hall Jamea Halfpenny John Hamilton W Hall Edwin ltobt Hampton R Hall N P-S Hall W C Hancock John Haile John Hall Ltander C Hammer B Hammereley A B Uadley Lewi* HalketeI'hai n Haeach John HamorJohnC HnaleyThoa llr?an Dan or Cob Hanaelow Moaa liana Bernard Baoh Johannea HaanaThoa HaneonWm Han,mar John HaaloaMlchl Barrel* Michl Bartnetjohn Baatinra WmH Harria John UarruBton ffn H Bart Mlehl JJ"J 5 i a HaiWfio Chaa Harria Cap I .. . Harrlaoa Cha? Harria Vn J,lnei Haakill Win B Harria J.haB ?. ,r?. . ? B*rt ,ehil Harria Klina . HarrlnftoB JoLn Q Harriaun Geo L Hartford Capt Harrington Jer'h Harriann K W Harley Wm Hatch Stedman Hart Win Harrington Danl Hawea Judge W llaydea Hr HawaoIJohn Hay nee Dudley Haywood fm Haymaa J liana Soliiraiier Hart Wm Haaor Joaaiih Haven k IjringaUn n l!5Vi ' lleiteami. c liailmaan HersHn led Thoa Health O ' ma no H Healey John Healey Dennia Helm Rot Jaa J llrrht IrartiB Hea.lraC H-a?an Pat II. flermai n Talk Harriman Cart 8-J Handaraon *dwd Henry Joeeph Herbert Cap Haw- Herrairo Saml W Herrty Moaoo eon Henry Newton fjerriag Paml L Heynemana Chaa Hanaeaay Jor'b L lit Dime Mr HiwiueJohnW Heiaae Can J U llrmeway 8 HillJaj BeydonHW i#h" ? 2J?.k' A llicka Aaron H Hfilaa Phillip Hill l.aban am "mKk e? Hi<-kaiaB Mr Bill Geo C Jij8 Hmdman lliram Nunma Jamea i! 12* ?"br0M 1 "dnea E H HinCiey Cap Da?id Hindu John llol'-nmb lly T W 5* Thoa IlollUtar John B Ilncaa Jaa I'oe Jan ea llulmra B il.'dgaon Chriat'r J o^a JohB IlorriKMi John Hf-gin Patk J '? ?'?.? .. Ilomaa Wm A Ihraa Maator Jul llopnar Kd* d Hopkina Moaea Hopkina Petar ll< |<ktna W iu R Howell John Brown llepf Jaaob g? . Hn?tGW Hoolkaaa P Hinahtea John 8 Hndaon D BieerThoeD l|eadareMB Geo Hurtiae Jamea Hoover II t. Ye. . Banter Jotaph Hunt Wil.nn HnatJohnP Hugh. D M William i!"! 2J RT Hull John G f "V*^0" W" C Staphen Allumlat Wm .1 . "2 Humphrey k PrBlt llanter B I Iluwy Brwin nuatodJN lurdJaelf Hadeon limn Hull Wm B HuaeeyJoln Hi.ri.on Milaa lluae John Duuif Jhd ?-* Hydi T II UtrtH-r Jtni* R}l?s Hi httl flutbftrd SA Uuard Thorn** Ia?eraall J Ingham k Ball Innaa R V IreiB Oeorra Ir. in J??ib Ir?in William Iterajaaea Inaaoa Samuel Irelaad Jamaa J Jaaaaa* Plaaeoa Jacob Jamaa Jacol.a rapt J I! Jarokaa Cnra'i B Jarlard 8 Janay Patrick J'r'i'ini k< > ert Jaet Rev C Jarrla J J Jaaea Pa-elnl j.nlian Thnmat Jrnklna Wm T Jen me W A Jenke Albert J.,(1er l Chaa Jrffrreen J Page J-nklaa Ahn?h Jeaaiaga Thm I, Miicn N Jnha#oa K H Joo?lji ft Purdrll Jobaaea W II Johaatoa J? O Jnkaatr n Jimn Ji In. a?a Ilea Johaaton Martla Johaeoa Sdauad J< bnat< n Joha Johaaton Dr Jobneoa Joha J'lm'M w B Joaea Pr Owen Joat M aa L Ji an I' C Joaea J?ehua J Joaea <> V Jordan C??t W-2 Joyce Joha J"B?eelia And Joaea D?i|4 Junnd Al'i t Joaea II C Jnne. f, t Jonea Karid L Jonea T>iuaac Joaaa ff L Jcaea llenry Joaoa W at K Kaapp Bradford Karpaoae J no J Kanlbaek J 0 Krra ( harlca Ktea II H Kell?(* (ieo W Krllojv Jakea Kelly, Mcaara k Kelley Jamaa Kelley Ttnau Co Keatfag V? m Keating T:..maa Keary Thoaaa Ketl Jaook Keeler Fredrick kratta* Jaiaea Keller I'atrirk Kelley l>taaia or Kelley Joka Knhar t Joha Kelley Mirl.aal Kllleaa Jamaa Keaaey K Kent W O Keaaeaae Miekl keramjno Kinney Bernard Keayna l<**ia Keanleb M m Kmni-ilay ft C Eendall W II Knltht t. K W Krte*e Herman Kearedy John kid ley H C KillirkU Kalfkl ?r l<uo D Kit tier If Kiiik Win 11 Klll'-n M?nry Klrkup Joreph Klieing k Moll- Kim'all Wm H Kiaemaa nuatarai tnann Klrky Caleb Kirk/ Wm J V Klnaley B?nJ Klrky R M Kirraaer Jacob Kiryeki Moaalaar Klrtlaad J T KorUjobn Koake M Netta KnwIl-nD* Kaoaltca D A Knha E Kualr Wilbelm Kagar Patrick Ia Laacelott Mr UapLafh Wm Utdatreat Wm T I al ake 1 null ! Lia*ae l*nai-l l.aaalnc Clia U I l.afttn t> I) l.'eatee Mr l.alio lie , I.fli Mr LaaTilla WO Ull; Johi U?t I. Ua( Jiwb I.HI Vn l4t?mir Ml Law Henry Labia Klward UiMnUI'iim Unaiii ( till Ju Urr" Ifm U)<at iw-1 Inlii Ptriti U? Dull Ijthio Mont Lawr?nc? Win Laikia Mirkl Uwaoa Wm Uit?? j?>rtnr? * m H U*tot J *-| l.?l>r Juki Utlirkii A ndon Uum Mr l.?wr.-?i'? Al?a U?nnH C t lM<h Mathi Las band IhHAO Lniflfctoa Oil M Uhniuli Aba Mil < o Wm M l.?? l?*li l.oaraod J I> l.?d?>?r Mlckl l#'r H A I-a? H?n fl'll U*li John LaaacaJohn l<awia CM>t I> I toaard J A Uxag Jiha l^itiH W fe IlrowB l?nard Coaaor L? Patrlek loll FiimIi C I.m Jan Laoaard Joha Lla ntllia Llawallia LmtiiiOn I ?at Ahrai.m I.ibiM J?r*miah Llama Wm l.l(htf?ot Tho??2 LlUoa J M iJUlakald BaaJ Llira'a O W l.oaailn m Chaa iMlttrl I T'Hii| LlMlacrOao l < rrliT Latrjojr Thoa 11 LokPiiaoa l.arj I>r lowill 6? 0-1 I.-at Mr, tailor Lord Jan Loop MorllBO I. wlar J ha l^ ilir K ai Latia Jaaa l/al?*h Aadraw L'aaaoJoha Ix>* Jubaaa Lotkrup Jaramiah Ual 7 J"h? I nomla Rojrtl H ?2 I t< ita Mr I *dl"? Jaj 1 Lo?rl? Joka I j airh H llllp l.?a?h John LlordWm I jark Jii l.iixh Wm Laff N W Laaaal? Joha 4 l.jnck Ja? M Mifoira 0*?a Mar"- Waltar Bandy Jaa Maine M??a Maddan John Maok?r Alair I Madd"> E J Mifnier Aiaiakla liMair- Wa I Hat pa t I aa A Hti.l..k?J Na<a?n?a J A Maekrall Bohart Maiaa Idw Mai* all Wa ' Ha*'??n Joha Ma#ataJoha Madlaa Jaa I Magiorelhaa Mfaa I'latra Ma?rath Bdw lata fa I, Hailorj l.haa ktuaa !i?*ia I Maaa Wm B Mailer? Joha Itaaa Wm II I Mali 7 N A Mahoaj Mm M aaaiacCkaa A Maaeria Cialda Maan? Ju Maa(oa Tkoa Mala* Wm I' 'Li b Ra? Mr Mala Jaa I Marian JaaaR MaiHrllt Jaaklai Ma/oa H kaah'l r 2larihall Wm Mai to liar Rlraa I Vaioa I'mf C- f Marrina Tho? Marataa H P Martia Jaa Martia I'atld Matron Filar O...I. H.... i? It..., .J.. M.r,!.. ai. May Frmiiklln II l?y?f C Vti*>ll llnrr Maartall Anknr Ma t>a?ika Karl M.trail II f Mrari fc Prima ? Rrrr>n>an I. A Mo-til in* J J M?r?lf*ld B?a?fC lirai* Pn|>*?I M'ad L N?rrtllO?n>Uh N?ai*r l/o*t? R Hmr> ? > M?m IC Km) P J Rataialian <( > ? ill Maart Rl<tid R M?ir> M'u(t> D?n A riai-a j. i . r rth w c rawuu r r. Mia 9 R Mlirh.IIB.iirT RUN ( hu T ThM R Mlia?r Cha* Rilla fa Mil** Df t f *11. hall Dul R r?t JnhB ft Middlatoa HaarT Millvt J' !>* Rl'ahalt Jw H Millar H'irj Rltahall M m I. Mi??r Umil P RnatJ ft??l Rilrkall p.nall O M n>>al frdrk R??tt R * R?itanutrr >ra?- Mttri Jaha I, M?t?j Atikar f?ri pawik M'l'Mj r?n? Raiiayja* M..?ri,^H h??n R. 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