Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1850 Page 1
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TH NO. 5943. DOUBLE SHEET. OITB WK K K L A T B 'l FEOS4 ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. >vs/vvyvVAA^vw TELR URAPU1C TO TH* VEW YOXLS flZKA&D. ARRIVAL rtF TUB STEA?I$niP f.IK IDA AT HALIFAX. AX OTHER SHORT PASSAGE. ARRIVAL OF fHE PACIFIC AT LIVERPOOL ANOTHER MCUSK IV COTTON. Tlio Warm Reception of General Haynau in London. The Way He won Lrfiggfd Thronjli tiie Slreels. j Narrow Fscapr of the Austrian Botcher from tfsp Indiana nl Populace. TSS r.lA2L3Z2rS, See.. Jfec.. Occ I I The eteam?hip i, Capt. llariison, arrived at Halifax at half phjst tive o'clock yeater la/ morn- , iug. 3be left Liverpool on Saturday, the 7th iust., at ' 11 o'clock. She 1( fr llaltftx for Boston at7 o'clock, i and will arrive at that port about tour o'clock this afternoon, af rr a pasture of ten d.ivs aad five Lour??one of the quickest on record. The parage of the Canada to HaHfax ia one of 1 the three ahorteat ever made. We give a atate- j nient of the three quick passages:? Total Ti?*. I A<mifr>, Ci'ffutm. If'Arn. 'taut. Uvurt. j ?utO|4 Lo'.t Out. 1KH 4 14 Asa -'ti.'.mciB . . . ?t 1ki,u 8 16V^ | Canada listricou... Hrpi. lhM> H ;?>, The liuro|M, it thua appe&.-a, 11mi ;..ade the quick- j <?st run to the wl irl at Halifax. Thi* btfai'uhiu Pdctfir, IrtHH New York, arrived i at Liverpool <-a Wtdueiday, the 4ih inst , a: 11 I ?'<lock A. M , in ten <Uy? and twenty-three hours ] i from New York. Cot!..n Liil declined Mt<*ii;hih of a peany per ' ponr ' Sulfa'ir the werk,80.8n bulea. T!. birvedi iu KngUud hud nearly all been se. <tmd ic good order. No cimn/.e iu w U''&t or Hour; full prica obtained, in* -in cr-rn had declined a per quarter. The *team?.hip C*m<>ria arrived at Liverpool ally or the 'M ;? ' , in a little over eleven days 'am Ijofttc. Tli? London money ma! *t continued enay C'OLHlIt . Nothin r at importance done in American atoek*; prices merely romird. M'R inSPATOH. JI.? i ax Tfci.aaaAPM Orrtoa, > Moan/ v iVlun, ?*e,>t Iti, 18S0. J iV Cuiadi took th< hi*a by aurpriae, aad anncnnced he. artiral to advanc* of the telejrtph, a JUT part liv. After landing her taaiN aid coal ug, nhrMik<ii?r to.; at i b'vloisk, wralhef line and rain (J left Liverpool at II o'clock, and '.as h-J u very rmcoth pat?*#e. acngtaaa. tu fi.aTT- *i > iut< tr ukickaT. uatwafr s* I i-mwn-thk atstkiam hutche* kraooed ?r IHK ("Ori LAi C 1**'I OH IVk Ml mutt?MIA nar ROW KM-AHK? Tin tniCT <<r LOftH I'uiLin k'? ri.'T; -tia.1', i ; , Krc. On WrdncKdHjr, ??,a?*r?l li?iya4u, callcd Hie / u>>triu lintcliT, i et iv il ? du'H in lic4it;on of the rrgnri. whtch the Engli h p-ople rillfrttlMd fur him. lie arrival m Loido.. <-a M.mdiy, m*1 ?>i Wi HiirixU), h'_> .a? pr? r?'Cf ivrd ft letter ofi??wxluction lro?n Huron I.'oibv.hild, in which tfct L*rou If ) uv> u? Ln ptriicalwfriril, Lc to ri-it th brewrrjr of M< ?sn. D.m-iijr, | l'rtkin* A Co. li.iynio wum accompanied by hi* ulc-rir-iump ?r.J hi* intnpKKr, According to ih* tegular pracke of vmiirr*, thry were r?<j'ie?ted t" | their najn*-a in n book in Oieolliee, aftrr whin"' Ibry rroMttl the yard without- cf tM clerin. On is^rtii-s t vi, it'-r* took, >fi? c!.*rk dii?eoirerrd that one ou" the *:<i'cni wa? uo oth?-r ibac Manhal JUynau, Ike lair eommiuiifi of inr Auau.aa f?>i< ? , Hur'nf th? utiforut' - 11 aa-Mri <n w r It kccr.ue known an oTrr the brewery u leithan Iho iMLiit'f1! iiiiii b?ftrr the (ient-ral and hiaconr puclnci bad ciof'i-.l the yard, urarly all the Usurer* and drnymrn ran out *it.i bro mu and dirt, aboutiag out " 1 >*n with the Altaian I'utclitr," ud (itkfr rfiiibtii. of an alfming oaura to th* Manhil. The M~n-YO, finding bow mu'lera afcod, aad likr'jr to grt r warm ncrptioa from the aturdy brewrr?, Hvou^bt prvdrncr the h"tter part of ralot, anu t-egan to brat a retr?at} but thi? waa aot ao / arily duo; Tot- i .tack w?* co n.nrucrd l?jr or^i^m# a tru?* of ?'raw upon hia head, after whirl grr d and ini??ir?? of wrj kind werr freely Uitoaid Oi'<:a him. Toe inra neat auuck hi* hat ovet hia ?ye?, i.nd hnatl-d kirn from all diTftO?<aa ; ki. r lot bra *rra torn otf hi* bark The Mar?h:! r r- *i" trr nrd r.ith rjual ?mknr?. The (< !(>' i<aally ?v>creedrd ia react tag the ratrarr* fate, but no eooa- * h%d th'f aa?da tli?ir rxu, ?' i> >? ciowa pi c>'.1 n?-iTtra, who wailed upoti Ilia tuglmeaa, a?ued u|i -a him: he , pelted, wiih <?ery a v?i'*(> ?? miaaile. .tad (tri drac^fd nlvnn ''V nwMiaUche, which d am.<> faeililir from ii.? excea** e leanth. Ftili battling wi'h hia aaaaiiauu,he rati m a fraatic iomubt ilnrf the bank ? ? ?, until he raroe to the Oeorfe public bouse, wfcrre be raa up atalra atd em?<?aled Itima'-'f id a ninall do?#t. The ftirioiia oinhniali'd in afur Imn, thieai?i?m* t:> do fur the An ''mm I , r whit he d d to ih* ! < r Hub fmrtune. b>i, fortuoMely for him, th*y did ent ivrtced in ftrdin# hia -etreM. Ultimately :be j?l?ce ? am-* to hia reacoe, an I he waa remoter In a olicabaiv :e tin other i nd of the city. Thi* t want! htu' the atthjrri of coTitucal ia nearly til tli? LovdM w! pttiviacial p.ip> ra, and whilst tl.e majorti* aeree ii oroe;mi ig the act, nil th?jr frankly adni.;, thit the ptear icr of aodiarepauhle a ilwrac*r La I r^Ui.rt ?m .? t rov.>e?tioa *r?nt ? nov?h M? t * cur ton i> i-n , t -r outr i(je. Th? efibc?* %!iii h the rleu'.l of the ex-Kiru of the *'Jl l??ve on lvirAptia poltiicA, ha* hfl ina^h ?li*' i<nm in the fcnf'inh I MhImBenn-ally thojcht thit the event *i!l li?r" t' *ftVct of arn - in* the U"?i am'miov <f tie l'fin?-. ? ' Jf in*ill*. 1 li" Input* no* pi aiin ( in the B'1' Nmily will, it ii ihMfM,ta If tM, did an *15.4". inmle ?? flae* hi-n n ifcr h?a<J of th? Firnch I fiiNic. yjet * ) ? anil adjourning m tH* Hi;VuH?. The L 4 I.ii tileUM itf INm rumrifiier I a U>?r in in* wi>h the *tf?r?f nK-rturn! i;.e ei*xliit ft'?th?* 'i#ru alt?r%l a.vl inia-flneturiiiz ??-i?t*>*. <A iaat ?JiMnct. tifrai |T? <*r?uo?i" ha* i lr*? BMrlo fi>r Lt* f -*rM??i in IMUtt. Tho tn<f nt fu*ei iti 'etai iHoatnwsn ?f hn l.t * ll*n? h?? ?i*m gr?-?t ifti f ??<ird Oil. adn? ap^? <wa .o hi** h-;um-r?th?r poplar it jrelaad. Th* rrf*?J ?fr vj.-t lui beta jf ?: r?*<T*l by E NE MO I O'ConneM, but the attempt proves almost an abortion. The Irifch Tfwmfnt for the enforav ' mcnt of tenont riyh'H, i?i beginning *o attract conj eideiable attention both in Bosh iid and Ireland, and all |*rtieaare fu ly iroprewu-d with the ncce*aity of pla-ias the law of landlord and tenant oa a , more equitable footing than it Laa beon. The ureceedirgst of Congress, at Washington, I havj t 30 attracted coneidarahle 8'tention, and the I eBcroMaient, by the Senate, of the Fugitive Slave bill, hn? bern urootfly condemned The ero^a have be?n nearly *11 harvested, and it is now confidently asset !ed that there will be <ii least ail average crop ot graio, and ih it the potato crop is much sounder than was inticipated. The aubmanne telegnph between Calais and Dover baj broken already; thf wiie gave w.iy through c hnfn g on a rock, withitt about two hundred yjirda of (lie French ahore. Arrangements are being made for re-hiying the wire on an improved principle. The firm of Karris Jr Co., cotton merchants, of Maiich-ete: and Calford, have failed. The Pacitic'n news wuh published in Loodoa at two o'clock -vn the d>iy of her arrival in Liverpool; her actcnl running time from New Vork ia sta'ed at ten days and seventeen hour/. It ia reported that the Chamber of the Kxcheqver haa determined to advice the abolition of the pa|?ef ft* *tam;> duty on newbpjpere, aud ' the duty on advertisements. ' The trade and nnvigntion return? for July have been pul licked, ar.d the result bears ample testimony to the prosperity of the general bj -ineas of the country. There is a eligbi falling off in the exports?principally, bo rover, in cotton goods. In th.- aggregate, the exports for the list last month fall below the corresponding month of 1819, of over the hundred veasela, and in tonnage about 85,000. Viae Prauch Repnblle* m? MtTiMI'KIT's SiCO.?lf> Tori ? T1IK I?r.\TH OF LOT'IS philippe and tdk of tux politicians, ktc., rrc. The President started on Tuesday on another provincial tour, commencing with Cherbourg. He ia met almost everywhere with mixed cries of i'tri la iirj-ublK/nr. Vivt la PrtndtH/t, and in son. - ios'nucrs with lriw fEmptrtw, and I'iw la NayU-vn Stc< ml. fc iuie of the socialist journals asaert that the President is about to change hia ministers, nad to call vi>ii M. Dutaiire to form a uew cabinet, The report is not credited, however. It is not true, aa stated last week, that the Preaidt Dt was unconcerned at the news of Louis Philipje's dtath. lie did not hear of the event till af:er his arrival in Pans, and whrn he did so, he at once expressed himself in terma of deep regret tor the hfiiictinu which hud fa lien upon th- house of Orl?-*r?. He a!so exprct-aed hm gratitude for the inugDiticert funeral given by th it family to tl?e remi.ina of hi* uncle, on th?'ir removal from St. Ht-lriiu, and ottered to tike the initiative in having similar honor* coiifei.ed on the remains of the ?>xkn<g. It appears, however, th t there nre tome J dihuultico in tfle w -.v. which have already been I brought under diM-u4?tnn in the Committee of IVr- j ntenrnce, of the Asremhly. Tbe (Ynncil (.?eri?-ral hive rinde*:ron? rno\rtr1 nf ir favor of hiving the CGnatitiitirin r-vised ! The WouncL', however, doeo nut propoae to hare ' th< state of ciegr removed, nor are they willing to j have the ei< i-tnrul l?* repealed, *o there in not much ?yr ^ithy between the Council and tlie aocialiMa. 1 he price of hread in advum .ng in Parie. Inttlligrnc- h?? been received, which indicate* that a atj org deiire for ? revision ol the couutitutton eaiat* in he vanou* provincial couneiis. M n?h have h*en celebrated for the repot* of the paiiI of i^ouii* Philippe. It i" reparian that the Duch< bh d'Orl-an* haa w ?uten to M. Thiera, to inform him that the Queen, her mother-in-law, and the other member* of the family. ar? dertroue of hi* presence at ? roinuit 4* fam'tit, to he held at Clan rnon?, in the courae of -I th' prtM'ni month. France ia -apidly Improving in general t ade, Bod in counequmc.e of tbe difficulty of tmding wffinest baud, wage? haa riacn to a price nevtr before ?>rrn. 1 here *aa no ntwa of the leant moment on Tl.uradny the 1th is?t. Th- B>ur?* nrm, fivea ? 40. Utaaurk ?od th* Cachlaa. Nothing of importance, i lat ve to the poatuoaa of w?e arrviee or to the aettlemmt of the dilute. baa I r** apt red ?.dfr ina' *???. k appear* inai inr RuMixo rie? t hua formed a hi. fccrune tin' buy of Keii, huuog stationed itarlf with aotne I >aauh < iL?u-i l ???r clore to tb" ectrnncf ol 'he harbor, to i INWtt ?d) ol tlx' uiMtil gtiuboata and ateanter* raving their prre?ut anch ra*r A d??p?'eh from K?il, of tin* thud, nu.tri that The iiolatetn Diet ha* he< n con\okrd by the Stadtholdera, tn timet at Kt tl, on Monday, the 9th ie?tant. The German Fnplrf, A t*leiaph deepHirh from berun, of the 3d mat., atme# tha' the a? iri-oifii ul pawr* of that date announce that, in<iuenre of a reaolution which the oiuntil of prmcea affired to on the i??th ult., n'l the i>o?en>nieiiie ol the l.earfue hive imitated the example of I'run*m in <n riming in wttrnd or Mmi to the Auatrinn 1'ederal Diet at Frankf>rt. I ord IVImer?toii iMttHMl another note to the J'ruMian Cabinet, with a ?i?w to induce Prtiaeia to j in add aaeuit in ?hc execution of the protocol of:h?2<< of July We find it aMe<tedtnit thin KijurK, :oo, haH been met by a peremptory ttfuaal on the part of Prussia Aadfti, . Advirea from Vienna, of the 19th uit., aiate that the Kumiu cabinet In reaolved to induce the German t?wra to torn a grand diplomatic cong r- M, M l<e h?-l?l at V i? una. At thia congrea* th? pending queetton of Kmopean policy ia to M decided. aim a new baaw fur the ayatern of Mtati a ia to he -labl.rbf d luili and China < < lonel King. tf the 14th Light Infantry, had ctriiiiiiurd auicide, in coM^itmce of the com m'ftii'T-ia rhi"f biting ptrdorteu urie of the men of the colonel'* regiment, ?ho accused hi.n *t being raw a: 4. Hombty money waa ea?y. Conmdenble activity prevailed in tbr rottor market. the purnhaaea Umg made < mreljr for exportation to Lapland. r-osnr mannfartand good* were io rrqaett, but for mo<t (irtcnptioM >f faacjr goodi, there waa no d?m.iDd wha:?ref. At Calcutta, tbrre had been an increased acti*ity in the expert rra'Vet, whirh, however, waa checked > the import* There wai little change, unaltered low prxea ruliea without p nliicioff any eteitem'Ot to ro?#e ftirchaaera fram their apathy. The actcuata from C'hira ata'a considerable kicbBee* i***ail> d at llong The new f'ortugvrx* Governor of Macao, Senbor IVcnmha, ha? armed in China, together with three ?n>all hi;* ot *nr, an I about one 4h?u?an<l tro*|*. I iw minor rl that he ir MncWl Uitawii nc nbtclute n a i<-n ( the Peamaula of Mtc?o to the P?rtrpneae, hn force li, bower-r, r-maiden-d tonifficitnt for energ? t.c roercive metanraa abould hi* <b m*tid? be refn?e4. Tmdf waa 'miroving in l.oth Canton and Hong Kruf In Sb?n*hn\ commercial afT?ir? were not ?o "britk. The pititra t ad been | it duwnTke NtiKMa. I.ivknr ?ept. 7, 1<W. Cotton i.irther de< lirert J.I. Fair Orlraua fluted rt|d. Total aalea for tfir week, S?,*W title* Hread* ilia firm. Tir wrather durioj the week Ita* <1 if|it "I lenra ahnot Hip harteet, which h it be?n nearly *11 wcuinl iu very k wl order- All ?per<tlali?li h*acr*?. rl. tut ih< la contianea ?t? ?<ly demand for ?hni nod flo-ir, v fall i-ricea. Indian com h rtul', at a red'tction or 1| ,*r 'juarter. I*io*teio?ia ?!?*-f trerjr dull I'urfc?K*cej>t a tpeeulwtWe porehare of W) hM* at a lew Hf ire, the ?!? h?*e twe? u tnruallv liah' B icon? TSe atuvnl of a lar?j? parcel hy the P ilic hna weakepei the maike but qiintviit)* are mialterrd. SUIe* loowileraMf bel?>w the ?iver?ie e*teut. Should* r? *ell lowly ai f.ill rm'ee. II* na?Nearly in .ilrahl-* Lnrd"-I50 rnai miM it aliahtlr 111 fa' or of M?r w-Hrr Che***?Mnr? in<iuirjr. Tailor ?Arrive dunitd. at Mil udraiK-*. 8uga:.?Hold*ft int'i'itg ii|Hin hitfhrr ratfn, l.m iii? ? hn? f?< n cl rtkirt. Tfcr mI<?made b<t** Ihth ?' .*? fail iJirf". Bft.'-htnii' J demawl, nod jwico* at Litrerfool t* * :? At on Friday, ill' ma-krt wan dii1'. and |?nrea rtdured about I*. Iroin lb* loj? j?rir* i?n Thuradajr. I J,,, _At Livn?"olth*r* ha*He*n * mnrf limited ?? Mann fit the trade, ind nil ktnda (rf Miel ?r* a rliade mwrr At tx>ndon, on frtdar, tli*re wut lurpi do'di, unH ordinary Co?iflo? rnnld r.ot oMained at J ?? thus llld.; |i?u *?*?<)?, and cmmmmM full prie*a. M"l*Mra? A f-H-li tfTi and, at r*ff fnll |rie ?. N?r?l f if -? a 'WjO l>hl? nf farp*Btla?, of ft.r ! i??ln<r, h?t? heei, aoiil during Ui* w**k at b*.t W YC RNING EDITION?TUESE and common icwia has been in demand at 3*. p?r cwt. Tobacco?Virginia leaf and atripa are higherma rk?rt gnu-rally firm Ki<-<* id lets ealeuble. Carolina quoted at 1(>*. a 18h fid. A?hr8.?Prices eaw r. Salea of pots at 31 j. a 36?. lVarln offered at 32a., but few a^leg. Qorrci'ron B;irk?Philadelphia, on the spot, comiiihihI 12-.; to arrive, aulea a', lit). 6.1.; und H.iltimore I* leu*. Oila ?Olive le*a active, hut holders firm. Linfeed firm at 8Sa. 6d , with little ottering. Rape firm i t 87?. Cod?Small Haled at XU 10 per | ion Wool.?Good desmnd at full prices. Public shI-'b i at London considered one penny per lb above forDIT lk't-9. Freights ?Vcti^ln Ij-ps nbjadaat, an! rates a blind? belter to nothern porta. Mmm v rimiket conunu'H eaay. IIiIIioq in th* Bask of Esglitd >im? igcwnd to ?16,800,000. Couyol* have closed, tutli d?y of lilt- week, at9u} for itioo* y ?r>d Recount. The London ChrimtcU, of the 6ih inst., mye there ban been nothing done in American Sute Siotlfa thia week, and pnceH are ijuite nomin 11. Tbi: <jnotution? for Untied State* atocka are unaltered There in reported to l?- lr*s activity in the cotton dirt nets, hut in the woollen and lace districts huaineea cotmnuea bri.'k. Hexra. Blown, Sklpley, A C?.'a Circular. Li?: I'.ruOL. t'mut K?kNII)?. St ft. 6 1H6U. Wr bave bad another Quit week in cotton with a ' partial dei-llim iu price*, ot S J pur lb , tb? latprmr. | ino: urofpi pta lor th? gvowiuic crop baring omatnd ! anxiety emoogut hold*r? t<> lealtie with so Inrri ared drtkroiiuatlou on th? part of cunnunn ri to e"B"<n? tbi ir purchase* to the owt limited ?oal?, until tb* r< ci ipt ot later account*, wblnh are now lookrd forw?rtl lo by all ptrtb-k with daily 1ut<kp'iik Intaeert Tbe Mock of cotton in tbi? port ii ivJ(hn) bale*, ot i which luH.Ott) are American. a^tinrt a ?to k at thl? I tlm? !a?t yeai ot 876 OOO baiun. ot wbioh DM (AM wrre I AniaiU'an. Unvre Intlers ut" Tu??d*y e?-uitig. nla?* tbat tb- tutrktt for cotton ooutma * Inactive at j port. The fair* on Vaodaj hud bet n only 870 b?lc? ana ni Tuesday rnijaio at ui;uu< rud {iritofl. Balm lor th?> ??** !*( ? it?D C.? t?i b*in In colciiiul vrnJuoilooH ihi re la nrthlog of monmut dwisg, bolikucb in other artlcU-s. Pa?*cii|(ct? by the Canada. Br ki d llr> Oii-x tl. Mr Enu Mrs >1 r ? n 1 MrtCioU?r>. Mr ami lira W.aditrlj, *ri Beit, Ui<?i Ma?bei?, Crcthrrr, Kft Hr ft'indtLgtou M>nr>Cutting.Tliarer. Unit, L?i>l, Hulklcr. ll lUfca, Wla?lv<r .ii?? ?rt, Mn'r, Cr??U'i4, W ii]> d, mo?U), Alloo, ('aDtislil. I <illrtti*?a, hat. I . liiir, Ur>?r", ?111. O" air, Ma.i no? M-..I11., Il?rrl?, S>n At, hobcrts Tun*, Wot.dtiurjr, Vary, Jack. Mulr. B chants. Frna?ll. bi lit, lVrai<?i-, U n.-r. All<n. itarjuj, Clifford, H?n\ HaU. French, Ijai, Ul?i?. ik'nn^li, H"Vtu. An <i?, aattiuae, MaeVaill, W ittiail, uardlaor, Oj.o, CiiaUt, Lakirict. Klilpplnn Intelligence. Ast*rsr, Ai<k ?? *rr Cotton tiai.wir, i? V^rk. A'-limia*, Ati{ .it? Arr l.aueoiliia. Uainnxm, V Verk. Uiiiao. ikfl I-irr En:t, framniiu NtVrk. ItKkUHK. 2a?Atr .Nord(root Ki.h.r, NVurk. ti?S?n 3~*rr tuamar U?.i..ana, Urabtraa, NTork, Ui f?r B.nruen. C'l ofivaitr, ask M? Air laurirta. Beaton; C'.isort, ll ln.1., <iu. t'At i*. Aug I3--Arr Hulln, UtUali..! J. NVwk. tAirura, Ji.lj I"- lid UroChari, U'.ato i, Britiah Kaipii?. do. Ci.w.a. An* .'II?A rr lluthl'i Viatjarl. NTark. !Ud3l??, If ui n, Meik. i'umsTiANj. Air ZO? Arr Archill*'. Blc NVork. D kaI. A c* il-S11 Miuiaalppi. K> ?a. .NVurk: *pt I Hn4nk liuoat d. H artrr. <i?i bin. Asti-i-.>|?, Uriib;> mo: i, Hi.uUvp, 0j, iih, i'?tl:*sacnt, iitowii, Jo; Kuiwa, Lij><? a, Co. Eijunuuu, At.# 21 ? fitiiltrM'*. Flur, NTork for Utatk?r?: m ' H . 1 ai 'm Units. ' Ik i"?Tk 'is l?eal .'Itit. tifKAirAi, aii .'I?Arr *ara,U??tou. Hkatunt ml t~kn (MM| t;i ?. n, OrtcwaM. NVurk. Hack*. au? ?t> Arr Harica. Ntotfei aopt t. Daohaaaa d'uiltna. Ilut:*?, Jo. & <! i?u., b.r.ria. Aa*.h >ay, a Vork. E-rii < "la. lioatoa, da. 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Skulk ltat.liUi.M|t>-kld Uil) Cati, Nfml. H'limit* Am Jfr? Arr, WTark r Fit" Ami iI ? Iff Onti, daka **-rk, ltd, II a* Raluk a rianwa. d?. Ink. I ilfriol. Pelurawa, 4>; S?tli. Suauialda Vi 1,-kt, f altarrr da. fn ?T?m. 8-ptd?Arr Hrilliaat, B xkaa. UtLii, Au< *1? Arr Wilnaliutua. mark. ? Vaik. MlMllti.Al myi Cairt rrA. Jalj-1J?Tim KtiWroa Sa*tia, koaad ta Baaiaa. rat karfc Itakiac. 8aTTr?rr?o, Aa* Tt.? Aokltla*. Vlllwf, fro N?r Yatk aid tfct? p rt toStaakhala, aaa atr*ad"d a*ar llalm kad, tSJ Aa?. LMiKMU lt|4]-Tk? ClBkr a a* tflk Aaf. lak 10. loa It. piaiad Lta aiaol af A klakii I iaa taaaai. kant kv kka water i 'd|?. TELLiftAl bK L1TKLUGEXCK. , Rrviral of the Slater) Agitation la the House. Psuarr flf the Slare Traffir Bill in the Srulr. THE PUBLIC PRINTING, fee., Arc.. Arc. nui MBMioa. MM. BT MUMS'* HMNITIC TBLMIAfa. 16. 1%M rrmintio or ink t?tut?? A Jolet raaolutlon tor tta? puhlicillon of lb# ttalilM it larg?, ?m i>e*Wc4 frrai tha Joi1?t?ry Coamkl**. <1 <1 j imi rim **!? i>tnoaitic irrioriuriH mil. Mr. Dirainaoo, ton lb* CIuin CuaaittM, ??pr.rud tb? C1?U*ad Dl^Uatlif Appropriation bill. *ltb tiH< u ?o<l tU kill iu atd* tb? [>*<1*1 ?rd?r tor Vrlmtef Mlt uniti ii 14 rti WM?u. Mr. r*tMit?T lptr"<n?nd bill lor lb* **tU*n?al o4 prbat" land rl loi? la Caltfkral*. iMIHU Mill Mil. Mr. rtitt latmd?M>d a blU W frn?a: Ih* railflai i at iUin Iroa tbt lr aul>ri tiii ti>?i??* m cturH>ii. Tb? blU ta r?? p**r? altli lb* I ad as trlbo* la California, paurd tni atLi na tm *trra***iMi or tut at art tiim i< THi nmicT of rai rurii. Tl? Mil to itpprfi lb* lam trad* ta tb* Di*tri*t of Colambl* tw rr*d third tia* Tb* ???*tloa Ma( rt*t?d npoa It* pM?*ca, Mr fli-MV brUUy addraaar-d tk? Mill* Ha ohNTt'd t bat H had IWfl th?t ftrk and WffJ of tha mruufM r?p>ru4 by iktl'iaaKtM^ThlrUM bad b*?n p?M) I n. had. Trtm tbr km. appua*dthalr rotUuaetloo la naa Mil a* caa a?wir? T h? araom-at la taaor of -urb aritiaeUaa tw that th?y vaald p?a ann *p*adiiy. II* had eoaUaa*d iktt ??% a a?ur*? ; eonld out* d-tay thin) >? aua tirat aacb m bad p??-r d the ancartrf of bla ?? ? ? ? I at* aia*M aad II >m pr rtd ib?? a-a#ral n?ath< id tha liad Itrra aauraly thraaa aaay la aa attempt u ?n tbat *hl>-h w?? aap?rttaai~atar; aajatt I and li??laatlaabla H bi|? tnaaa aata aal ir?f ??? { llrdt?g*' by thalr tan*. tb#y laa?ll aad alraiiN alaioi to ?b? ilf'iraill -a u1 rati mbar; bat a* ">a aa Ft|<aralrd. aal ran 'Uto bla oan Mr fllknal far1 thar Irtablf (Ur> at Uafhiar ) by l?>Kln? o< vr ta? I ??l>? n^i iha ar.ral a>a*urr< It aoald b? taaad ! that rnly rrrmtaati P*aa(?ra aotad tor all lb* mraaai** Ml flay, ?ba aa? aba* at b> lad c?aal?4. a>ad? rigbtara I at. ha b'ld "aa Iba "rja \ ?tata ?f ?br-otaalbiia of tha loraTillt'-* at Tblrto-a Oaly fatir. Hti n l a a t.'nop. r l<itkia? >* an I Kri*V. Vidad fir all tbr a? n<?*ar>a Ma laitai illdrati at thr truth 1st kit |rwdu?a rvald b? llrri Mr Olat thn>gbt that Um> aaanta of tht lul Ira vat I* War* nil! | r. paa -ahj-tr at ladialdaal triumph ?thay *>rr thr- triumph* uf tboauaairy at Iba >a. <* baiairi') aad -f Th* >?nr?tloa i.f aaltlag rf arpantltr Iba m-a>ar*a. an ib- aartanc <|<iaati'>a W filar laarlaal'lr. and It tt bad aat boa fur thaoppoI altlr.B tO tbl aim|'l? H?laattoa of term Iba r^aMj-l an aauraa aoald. la bi? I'jiiva Haa* Ma fa-r?I loig ayo hat (bay had all |-*aar>d wa, aad that td tha only p- liit id impurianr*. Mr II, . ,i-. ? . : ?? > l? - | lain tfc>-tint* ?l'fc |lia (>l M'lm ?..J raj Ittl in>Mk?ftttii lUt >tm?ldh- ?d*jp.?d. I Mr. F'?t* ur??? tea: patv.l- Mii'u*lt 11 a alt tb*?? airao'irv* i ad m< -itnM .ft <"???? |a?-n?* -,| tk-dtMaoinii ?t th?** ftmhun 4 ibat . It It ha<1 not k>>o far t k??a n-i<a'?' at d thl? rrlahia?d <??*? ?? , Ih? ??* >!r ?? ? sM iritt hata ntk?r paralrlf or ) aaf I ?tb?r form If tntr* kad k?*n ?? ana I ?? far nil.jt |>?r< k?rt rlavid b I;r?at talk* ! ' lie frji lf t Ititt lk>; niybi n- ? /, ' It'hald IN tyrant >- ?tr*t? I* tk? u?t,' tad H agaia la j bf? {Apfianr* I t lv ii^ai r*mark'4 that, U tar <>M af Ik* >*t >RK B )AY, SEPTEMBER 17, 185 combination of mfuorci bad hwn taVan up aton? It Would b??? rrvaiMl u-otinnal txKlioK and d'noumtoii, wbloli would h?T? pr?prr action upon any of tin in It waa a i;nod plan m brine thn quxatlont *11 ui'drr oou?ld?r?tkio at out tim.i. Ilo that, tally th?' |rop?-r 01 u'fr ?n to pont'd>-r ?arh qui-nlon by It"*!' b'tt aodur th'to i>x'.raririlio ?ry eireuniMtau'-r*. tbe oouibu iT^ and prt|>?r Sobjb turtk?r d- hat? or< urr?d. alUr whleh the HU Wat pinK'd ??a*.fc3; Najo 1W till HOI'MrT l.?tl Bill. After aa li>? IT?" u?l root Inn fi.r ail t-xarutlrr aaMlon. tbt> Bounty I.and bill waa taken up. PmdiuglW oon*id. ratimi ?u ainmriiDi ot ? ?? ?tf>-r?i) m.kioii pr irltioa | for th?* ta(li>fa<-tl?nof ib? ViriiUla rwolutl >u?r( boun- j ty land warrant* Tin mneCdtmut waj debatud und , rijieirn ny in mm m .< i.?j? Mr Yuiik too*?d iin amendment e*t.??ndlnn the bn-fii* ?.f lb* Mil t?lhe tut-mlxm of th? na?y and ni?m>e who ei-teed en thee?a?t of Florida dnrlug the ft uiioni. ?u ami in the Unit, duriOK thu war with Hit- euiM duieut alter a long d?bato, ?*a grtedto Yeaa 5i9. Kay*. 81. The Srnat?> then adjourned. riONM Of HcpfCMIlUtlrM. BT BAI.l'S BI.5CTKK-CHK.MICA I. TBI.KURAPH. Washinimun, Sept. 18, ISiO | Mr .HiiLi, (<! m ) of Va , by uaaalar>ii4 commit, reported from lbs Committee of IV*f* and Ueaai a bill niaklDg npproprlutlan* for the army, wlilch w?? referred to th? Committee of tfca \Vh?l?. on the itato of thal'iilon. On hi* ui >tioo, this bill and the nary aid Mexican Indemnity blllt ?iTf mid? the ?pecla| or l?r o: to d.?y, ;o continue until dUpoftitd of. Mr Wh i uni made an Ineffectual effort to net ap%rt : Friday Brit. for tbn onnHidaratlon of billi relation ' to the IMftrlet ef Columbia. Mr II?ii moved, end the House, by one hundred and taeoty tbri e to flfty-tao. hi-p>i.d> J the rule*, wlnnbv liitiodiH'< d a blil that lhepiu|>er . fllivn ol the goTernrnenr Id aujudlratin? rlaiuif for hill pay to irrolutiouaiy cfticira of Virginia, uudor the third * otlon of the art of 1831 ?lii*li In no c?? allow eouinmtktlon and intcrnt la lira of heli-pny. Mr B.-.ti.r. (ifrin.) of V* warmly opposed lb* bIM. aod I Drift t d that it Intelfcred with the vrated right* of cltin i.t. of Virginia Mr. (Ini nald he hod Introduced the bill to throw additional taltgtiardf around the treasury, flintier rou claim ?ae orlgiually eeeet.leen Uiau**ad dollars, but Lad been li>cre?-?d by the drpailaieut to ?f?r tlilrl) tx< tbmiennd If ?uob inrrea>n ahould be made in relation 10 other V ugima cUiuin. three or four mil- I

11< 0e of dollal* will I"* taken oui of tl)? treaeuiy. Mr Havlv niort'd but the II >u*e would aol lay the Mil on the table VialU, nayeli!'. Tli bill wun fir-ally p??>*4 nir rei>Tino After other buriniao. uf no eapecini public luiport i.<-e. Mr Mi Wii.tir, (dent.) of Miw , lYoir> th* Committee | on Printing, icadx a report, on the memorial ol iVm. n rt It a*k'Dtf to be uiir.h*rgr<l Irotu DM rou r?:t Yfer ctnitLltt** atato that. Itk'iut ?on* in<><iia?atl?a of tbr law l( ?III not b? iu Ihw pu?cr of tile tontrtiiloi torxcrnif ilm work tor ilir ptokxnt ilnntfrv-a In >l<* ol tbio fut tb'j prop?f? tbat Mr Hrlt be rrllr?oU fr?ir hit rcntrart. and tbni k? br patd for whut h? n is doiJ?. ibf price* of the resolution ot IMP, with redui tic n ot tnitj In pt r (rot ; and that Tlioui?? Itllcalo ?l-J tlalm L. fceaton ba iaiploy?d to rcnouie tba p> li'tli'K ?t entaiu t>in, wlilrb ar?-a littin mora ilmn dot Mr ihr*< now allowed to tb*? contractor. Mr. MeWilli* ob.atrrd lb*t, although Mr lt?-lt ajp?nr? to be lb? ??blrar(or, It tii ripht to inform tbe H"U? Ibal Mr K tehi? waa tba pnueipal pernor, iutrrt atril Mr M ta?t*ai. , (whig ) or Kru'ueky. did aot b?lma a moid about tbr rvtlrietcr lia?lur aulfer-d a I'M*, and tin ii?vt It nna aalatrnlar at rat* h of fcen'<rofi'.j to ein5rao? tba editor* of <h? intrUiufiurr la tli* Jl, ti ibul ion of the pairona^r of C'ou<rep* H'na' would the country ^biok If thay ? ? .-* told that tbu oonublnai Ion hnn berll Rf'Xlt ?Tt T t b? romillMIKIMmi nt of tfclu M-anloa ' lla mo?"d to rrfar tba re?olii. Hon (>f tbe Omniltrtoa PrtaUi{ to lk> MnlnrtOocaiult!?? ou I'riutlng Mr <>??, (d*m .) of South Carolina, naid that. If the prtfFDl cootraalor ?bou)d b? rewarded a? proposed by tha n mBitlM alter d. d istrnf torty-flre t?ro< ot tioui tba prlmta ot 1819. bo would wake t wenty tbrve Ibou>and dollar* oath. fr?t part"! th" Patent OUlen report. Mr Tiiim (whl|(.) of Ohio. Ia*t*w d tb?t aa tba rcntraator l ad failed toeoaply with hi* "Miration* ba uliould br dlaubar<ed. aud ttkr Clel k directed to j bat* ili? prtailag |rimpUy axenuted I ad'r operation ol ta? pi*?loua<|>i?.>tl'>a the report j I 04 the Committee on frilling ?a< irtrrrrd to a a -ia-t ; ftiniicttiea oa prloiiBf. 1MB l?l~KKWMI<Ulf W tMHIW ' 1 A. MAN Mr IniMk ( kin) of Conn uad?r tka rate, ?a?a | actio* of bit liumioi to latrnduoo t bill to altar th? rmUliDH r??? run to >< r?uri(' tmrlna labor. MOIIK tHII'llillll MLLI A bill ru ialroduood lo rapaal n< ai*rb of tba net* aatabluLlaf tairltoriai g?Tfranrnu in N?t Haiio u< I'tah. * rwrfalaw titur; la mM tiTrttorli " aad j a? plfrtuM tba ratloa l" admit Mare IuIm Into U>" Cnloa *Uo, a bill to rapaal i.4 annul tba fuulllT- ?l?r? law. raerr.tlj paaaad. aillllT Ibtllttl ?!??? Mr Hitii. fr'>A tba Commltltr >a Way* and Maaa*. rrporUda bill to rroata to ofl.'t ?l 4.j!?l?nt Vac rr tar? of Stat* abtrb altar 4?bat?. ipfi?rr?d to tbo CuHBtlttx* of tbr W bola ua tba flat* of ttu> 0 aliia trrcati taoM nti<i4m utiMiiTtii apnrta war* aiad? from tba rtaadin* firfaiolttaaa. ft ad tbra* pri??t? btlli pa-aad. innni HOT 11 >i Mr. Hantaan, (whig ) ot Mati . from tba Commlttaa oa Ci ta??rc*. iaport-ii a bill lor lb* pntcba-a of ?u- ? aad tba arreuou ol Marina lloapitala at liatroii, Butlalo. ard Wtlalnftoa Paudlag tba eonaldaratlou of a Mil to giaa to tba Ctata of Aikaaaaa oarialn aaamp land?, tlx llou<a djorraai Kraui Waabla|tan. Ot * MPKCIAl. rii mo*\MI!C OORIKTONMK'B. Waatiinuion, flrptaiabar 18. 1*10 Orn nou?ton mala lila *pp??r.inia la lb" lariat* rbambar to dai bating r?oot*r?d Iron tba ebolark morbut. wltli ?hl<-h bo wa? atltnkr'l la*t Krlduy Captain O. T M Darin. aid d? ea?ap lo ?l?B??al PbMdi daring tha Mriieaa ?ar tK'k hi* pf-ltl"n it eblrf rlarfc I* tbo War Drparta^at to day TL? fnUea og rcmmareial a^. ut? bar* baaa appoint' 4 by t*? froaidvat Cor tha raihitud I?laa<U Va H HaHu*7, <>f H 1., (or Ur KlariU of Coylna. Joha Biark _____ The TatrltoiItU (iatiHaa-KcfiliiR al lh? Ho nth fiMMNt*. aptraibot 1?. 1KW. AU th? Tfiti paprrt with th? * ?|?l? <n oi tha ii*tmlaa Cmiw<i. an rtr; Wtlir.ti lu a<, r?r%r>la tha iaana< r la whlrh tha tarrilortal difficult!"* ha** ba?a adjaaUd by I'oagrw* <>a tbo otbar b*oJ th- I fl?Utura, aad th? p^flr of fasaj, nppaar to b* v?U plaaood with lb# at rar>|*tr *at A jr?a4 many at tha (iooraU jcaraaii arr (II lad "Hh r*ry turbuUat llliitp. but U* p*?pl* i??tn t > b? | iat?t It I* ot??tally nr>nr'? l that procMaatlnn f? !( ( OottmtlM *111 > !- o*i by tli* Ootarno* l? f?? d*y* Tbo Ml.l*dg?*tll* f Vmon lb*t th* C??rw?l?t V|t|. ilnuhtfc ? rt-rld* ap?? tt)? l???dta<* *?< ? Pt?a <4 Heir* la TH- Wt*??r1n* l*sr?|? ?( It* t>?? U rldlruid b/ tb? -*t??nab l<p-Hnm?. Tb* iltlitii of Cb*rl??t<a tr? fatiit* allh r?t?t l to Ui? i4nlui?? of raltfirala and tb?ra ?pi??r? id b? ?o *itlt*m?at tbroafb >ut th? Slat* ?t iout? Carolina Inter*atlr?n Tata*. iui.tim***, **>t it im* Pritat* t4<lrat (roa T*xa*. r?HH by t? a!fbf? Poutb*r* mail. MaU th,t th* war t**lln( la tb*t *tat# b*? *r?atly ?Utrt r*ar? arr atrrtala?<l tliat th* altrao will aakr itroag to In l??* Totvr* to rfjwtMr fwtn B?aad*ry h|| t?aatar llotjrtra Inflorar* l? Buck b ?4?1 hf tr?* f'i-?i? of tb* Mil *nd hi* return but* t< l**k*4 t*r Ofllatal l*tUr?, 4a t *4 lad in la. T- ia?. Aiirfvl lUt, fr?ai M Itariirtt. C'o*ml**liurr of ih? N*m?,*a bona daty ?f podltloa ??*t* >b*t tb* pr'tlMoa baa a?o^at?-r?4 w??lfcr?M? M'ka*** >|t<> tt? 4?partar* r i'hattlir. of tbtiao-lpHIa 4>-t*ta*4 by *trka??< at N*? Url'vtnt bad bocmua era*al?*r*at aad ?? H<t*d ta tb* party at Haa AainnM Mr Wotiblfigtoa. "f Washington b*? r?tara*4 oa of )?>Mf bialtb. fc'af Huutl arland r ?*nt d? d Tn* r*?t of t1>* M.i'ltlin rrt ttll. *a4 l?ft lailaoi'la ?a | rww.-, n .u-nn N?W lark Kturarn Chi I art# I|>h la. PKl?.?MfHI*. I'fl I#. IW III Marlon IlMf CcBptii;, ?f M?a T?r*. I?a4"l ?t i il? W iImI wbtt I Ikla a?ornt?< Th'j ??r? l? p?m<l by frw?Mlni of <>?r ?ko rarort* I tbrai tkroaph ik? r Rliininu titration. L?rt<*ii i r. Srf?t IS. IM Atriri* fY?m Winnarrta ?? <tiib? th?- ?! * ft It' d?W*atr Mr II il IW'f.l# ?'? I'w kj -"*-0 najo. iiy. &?n. Ill>it?i>? I'lir Mall M?h'??ry. Ohiiliik la HV> Tha pr*llai;B?rf nanlaatlnn <>f Ud'-nl tlinfJB. ?* ?l"?-?t r?? filnriU; *t<mi>( II' * ? ?*IHj itul bail *m |i <> I a* ?I m?< Th 0"??r?l a * a? ii || N? t? frr. a.ra km far in lar#? ? am<*MH l?ft Hi? rtt/ hr 11 (! '? nb?* I ny ?Wh Utmil I p Varatal. !*? M atll I a?all bin trial, la lb* ? raaktia oaaty jail nallraail tnlilmt. Iih... ?-*t *H?r la 1?.t> An Iri.bmaa, ramil f>a?t I ^bahaa, ??? k'llrd i *atar<lay, by ! -'?? tbtaaa ttnm tb? frafaj 'r?'o ?a , I U' r*jvf% an 1 aaqaafcaan* *al'r-??*. [ERA 0. Court of Ojirr and Terminer. U?4ort> t.'lilvt .lu?lloe l.naiuudo ami two A!Jerin!*n. U?*T. lb ? M html M JutiHn?lh? *!'> attending jureI- wttf ralltd no a Itiw ol tiO . aoli ao.l Mi? Court ordrrid ibki i?ij* liuudrwl HtldltiuBal jurors sum- I tum.ed lor 10. morrow TLe 11 In! of frolany w?i poet |<.u-J uut.ll ! Tburnloy ( kjritr rf Mviftr Robert Moffat wax then pVteeil at the bar. wlih ib? murder ol hit wir?, Ann MofTat. ou the 71b Jui]r litnt. ill street. by plriltmc ber on ih.- bead alih a piera of a-ojd. of wbiuh Wow kit* iuMuasly died Tb? );ru>< ut-r i* ? powerful and rather (r<>od lookln,; tuaa, ol Ueo?ut epprbrauo?. and ubwut lorlj years of 8ee?rel juror? were challenged, ami two beloif swjru an tiler*. tbt> npou U >> li?tlilli) ut tbo*ii who were hUb?e<|uetilly called anil cbitiipugt'd by th? priacberV cwhiikI Jan Kariey . on belli# queHioood a* to w hut tier h? ttocd ludlUi rmt betwaea tU? people aud ih? priaoaer, hai'l he bad a bias li oui i> taint itie particular* ot the tranraci loo In (be iie?>^.?|.ern Tie Jud,:" r niti I bat b? ahoald U'.t rud newt paper* t: hta n.i.ili mi ?o caput.le ot beiiiit pirjuuicud Mr railey In Kii-?. r 10 ILu mairict Attoruey, faid tbat niitk*llbrt*iiaiE{ what ii*- had read. itnd tha Opllil. O tic tlaU totuied li? WOUiJ gin H VFlUiCt UVOOl J ing to tbu ? videnc* The Jud.r aaid that, from what the juror bad ??ii. bp aould dliect ior Ititti to bud against him. lie wan therefore t?i tilde II KII?rl,tniitNol (< runny, was cbnlle'iired. og the pround ill at ihirr might l>e . nm points in tUo < videncn. or tu the .lud^n's 'barge, nhicb b* eoud not Miffiuieutly i 11 ft pi I l;cLd Oo Ihihk lot. rp'gatoii, ilr, Klbrrl fb.mi u that lt? understood th. Kngltab lin guige perfectly well llie Juil^o Miit tbat be "a- confident Mr Klburt would understand hmi io bis ebarc a.? w?ll na any : oibci n.Hii m Court, aud ! ifcirdore overruled tftu I objicttou, whereupon the juror was cli.UI?uj?d pert Hi piorlljr. A juior. Lau el Brodtrl^k, ?ui objected to on the ground that tie bad loruit d a **ltlud uud bied opinion ot ibe guilt i t t&c prisoner. IwutiiMi oan ol rit ; carmen hiw tb* woman lying dcM. hh'Iii- btH'>?i d t it, n into custody at the ttiue Tbu Judge eaid it wm a curious riati'U on wtuc'i to fiirm uu opinion of ibe prirtmr* (fniit Tim juror wan cet aside Sovitral ollitra wen ai-o w t iuiui-on the r;iiu? ground, alter which the number l?. awi.iu. Hi primmer wat givtn in < haijrr On tbe indictuent balng nail, h<i ; e> ttii d deeply afli'C'.efl. ulil wept hit Hwtttie)'. wh? waa a.n . lateJ with th? District I Attorney. C|'*L'<d th> aai?< uu th? part 01 :h? pro?ecj ticn aud bri tl> etatrd ttiu tireuiuriaw ea a? > uoaaqiiently (ietalled in o'ldt uce lie tUt >S ) saidibey | would i-Low that tbe prisoner bad mvaril noj"i I tliM.UBi d Hie III* ot lua wita with wboiu Hi- waj tu 1 the ot frtquenlly o narrcllun and alao that at'tir i cnU'ltiltllbg tbe act b>; gathered up b!e ftolhet and ' we* preps-lug to e-rape *fc?u lie ?*- taktitt into eu' tidy fVinmel then w?lit on to -tite tbu injuria* 1 which hatt bten InflieleU on the defeated : "ti til* C* Lit f ?* I I IK' Iti)tb?N'l ?tP r"n . ? u mru tun mvi pi-L?tl?t?d to tb? skull. running to to* uiwo uiil acrora t*o im hf? ourb >'?? . on- il-.p cut up u (h? itlia). ttiriv?|i>*fur< ol ftD iuc h in U urf'ti, oa? ojt kriD's tbi too biebtci^rwl It, tblcv cut* tin<Ur t!ia ritibt ?.) ? ah. ui on* i?-ca la I. ugth. a v'ui u? tb* rijhl clink. a ?ii Mime to ib? I <i, * Uaap a? ui.urr .an acd fiijt* I1 bind tt>? l?t< Nr, p?Dnli*t>'d tha al vll Tiitw Injurlo' ?niif. it bit tenth Patrkk('ainpb<-ll ?aa tt. Br?* wltnari nw.ira a-.l 1 akatuu>ni b} tiit> Uuirn-.t Alt ra?j, br bad been - am Uii tad tc pilHiunr m ftltlive, k**torr iliat L tnuriinti la 111* bou.r ?ub tliH priM i -r .ma bi? Hr , I an lu tii- ; Ti u.l'? ar a wlliicr* nr. Tib Jul); batv knowu I hrm tout tftrrr j. nr. tin la'.ltr ?n4 ?f Htj teat; ri-'o'iact I ib? cia;h o* Ami MtC.*l . ?he wan iht wife of tli? i pi lunar f.ti tli* Tib of Jul; I p t.'4-o i.i ili.i i Bcmltn atdaltwnf rrtun baiwmu 11 all I MuVI-.nk, i 'oin><t ><i? IMoPat wnii bar nri? hlMutlio/. tble wan ia #7 llidir- attest ; tli? pl??tii*r wn*. nut; h? cauta Id I.11* I waa I1h.iv ; bo to<k ou? of hiiotililrn on hip i ki?a aid kfui.loci) and laid, "Im.k Iht atatx nt btu-a In lu. i.u J lujr cbnulvu , ' l?? tlii'u ojiuuVi . f *i j callug lii r a drui aril ? proQIg. t.irrln ; ?tia Ikm litt. d up a fork and . ultl It b> would c.itl h..r -out ft liar triii. ?h? would run Mm Ihtouxh wlt'i the to k . b? ib< c roi' up iiml knock a In r ''own w'lh ln? I.mlJ , t. tr-,#t. lo< k> d tha aoi.r an.: put the * y ia hi* Irtwhcl . b? lb*b Itll h Ilckiiijc W *ud I jeet !?-? IWV.U tie'Ui ; flic ought hold ol Bin . b- aliu?-.| in? oiar lotir timet and w ? m tl.'n? a kirk at aer ab?a he bl'? ui- In the ?Mn , 1 ihm i>*t down In tbe w:t.dow km I i,rt I ho k:ch, and V. Tat Kr - n pli rt ol a h trrrt a?*; t b? iw ?cro-a t he hi d and whl'a In that p IM ia be kmc kort her actoea th? Mad and ntim and ur. tf?b?re Iw c< ?|.| hit h?r i k. th?o kno'-k-d h?r off t!.? km i't I If floor , b* (rave h?r a kick altwrwardr ; bi thin a-kid mi to bvlp l.ui with I.U UJDk uptut'ia luik o liou.? ?lo r- b> uldaocur* bar nf a , drt-ukard; 1 help, d bun alth h ? trunk in ih? cnrun 'f I'.Ui i ) ubd AtK ri.i v ctraatf , It wa. i b?m oppo> '.Sr" ! itbtico Imim, t!i? polK-i-t'aptala arr-?t?d bin io J tn-i alio (Th. ban. I Mavc? * r? hi ra aruitit " >! | i . a< ?iia i.. 4 ll ... IUma*. ..I I ... _ | c?r !o?l at.i I alt lone b? j '.ruak hft aruh ; [aararal | II Ml lit ?r ?rd*rdii*a t?N *Im< prod.xHd c -r?r< <t m ill tlxxt ] WI mllnc-d. TV p*lira?**kMC4 till tiilil M iba ia'Ua hail n . t b 4n- ?u(l bled .tut n! Ilia Mat and li-ad ; flia ? :il)laK Mr. ling (oar ilia lira riant ?h n ?? I tha h>u?? ; be ur?? c>t at.ln t" rp?ak rr at l> a?t aba did not ?|.?ak al?( a> arara U r?in(t bila fca ?K b-a' li; bar oo tha hi. i.h hM, ' f??T (It d'a aaka do i.o* crila o a aejr m r?," 11. r? ?ara M4MMII iba NM at lb- lluir bat I don t lawr If cm of itrn wm* |a U?' cradi*, ab<- aald. - for linf'< ?K- J. m'I ' uefe' bi?- at r mora. and I will .jult iilik," I kin U> n to mueb to truuMr ni *?li I can t l>r.illiat li<t u ln|iM)lUa^ ha ftii bar worn i UiUlk 'Vm iiiJii'41-iUiillif ij IIiKijnn ha1! IV) Kiittl at Ion tlta lha (t'tcuat wbUi yea ha*a !?>?!? Ikt A \h. I *41 allotrl to lib b in , I iiim d tha <W?n"d off i (if iwr oor- *'i?r | be k?d t.irn h- r iu4 at> 4i?tl><'4 tlfkl i^ilt, l tfc?r? ?aa ti oao la tba rnnia tut tn> >*lt aod tha la ) , rbildriu, and lb* piUoaa' anil tha d?- aaad. ano'h?r i Baa aan-dJa- Mrl.nut,bita r?m? lu with Modal, i hat a*i.t a?aj hifcra tk-affair ?ora?ati-ai tba?ld??t I ibMbkl I i r?M I > *r? Id Mrl.' Uibiin walla?l out ' ii I raaali; ill" di i I Ix.kxd *?tf bad, 1.1 I aita all Mttarafl ntar a-ii b bit. d. ha klrkad h> r mcrr than i oitra, ba kirkad hat an; |n*<i" tar eould | ItHi.riamiM'l I r m a ?|*ik*ntak?r aa<1 w-rka.| In j l.aarl# tlraal, f>r boaa frlw a', lb- Mm* of (hit uefltir; raora, workad ftr Imaa ih iasiron for u.ora than tan I J*ar? pri aluiia to that I im l? In tka oil/ .if , j?i ?_i oik CD tnr rr-1 01 it) aat. i i.a?? uo?n niikliK 1 ton* suit* part i f ili? liaiK. 1 boardad wttk Mutt*'. , at <1 bi? ?if- "bra* or f< ur i.m ?. [A ttrrti mm* Ultrn. ?' ..txut nr 0'fl'"k. gotl'. two ] On il:? rr mbllo* of tba Court. tba eft?? axami pr?l?n of ramp bail otlaumi Th? pila<aar waaa ! bald ? m k lr* MaitaMIrtl pM i . al tb> l<all<ilii| tl kMia Mrxl; It kapp- nad on Hunday, July 7 lb and I 41J nut a** from tha H ardMaaay |>r?Tlou? . L bad b-an to f'biiad* :pbia ; I a. at out at at'ii o rloek in tb* moramjc , I Irank btlorr I t>liji|i4 I'llnrfi I tra aaui' l t > pVa nt al.irb ba itriiik ) T< < k two of braady anil I gUft cl ! ? ?; |><t here" a lltilaallar luotloak, In altut M butt il'fr that MfCat r?'grn-d, I ?a? in b< d bwauaa I had a p?ln tn It)y b?ad , ( liad an tha wr?.t oat Is Via morning , my roam l?'t a* aotrloaad I | llaia lb? Mayor aatirrd tka Coart, aarampar >?d by th? tarkiah ?nlnia?l<>r. bla lo?-rp??'. r and unit* , Tb" Mayor la'iml'X'H Ib" tiqtttfwlfif tiltrCan^ and mbiai)?>?atiy to ih? LUtrlat Atiori?y i iJ aoai , ?lka* a>-oii>?!? vf lb* l?gal prof?tat< n aa<l att.r a abort Ha> thr pa:t? r? Mr>d ) kl'kiit rr(itau>d I ?a< In M ah-u M Itt art Mr|.o?iv|i|aa farna la; ( got up : I did not ?*n M'fhi atli aip? to go oyi hi 4 Mnl>< ut'ilaii ?nl?a*?r ta 11??> at htm . b" war rutin* ai a rt-alr t aauldtaka Mrl angblaa to b* drunk at th? ilo? Vaaataoo by iba Jadg? - M?a aa* bl< If- ' A. Ska i r?a druak too. IWaiiantkalliit ecttllatad Mtfatt aailad an w tv |m k at iba atata kit l ?>? aaa n? ; I duo t r? fdlr't what bia alia a.ud tniaul/. II-lla?a <*all?d bi r tha?< bar** Iba' I bat* Kmllooad aad ?h totk optki t<rk Irvlk th-> tabti 4uttat *ai na one ill? oi tt.r tahla aul iba at :iia ?:h?r . *ba - m? loaard* bilfi a? ?b? ItfWrf lh? f .fk b? bivrk'd vf thatoik ard katokad bar down j ta tra'k b-r ah" >' th* ?ar lib Bin Dana : ? Drurr It nni or am I "in I l*li >ki (rr t up nff ih? rt or < ?? t mj l? il> b<l lie 1 tviV l? k?r bend nh?? ??ir * -: ap M - biJ ?b? nr ??t rutbslfcia ???crt4 tl<n? ?h?n ?ho III (,( tb? n <r A ?I I?? k ?; I ?-*nw I r\a M mm kin k>r, b??tfmb h?r tr-r nif ?h?ul.!.r Ith M> fi??, ?h*n I ? "tinlm# h-Hwn-n I ho lb, U If.l >r<ln rlln.imwf h? h??liif * h- M ot mo l>? II ? m' In l?<>nt. ?i'l *? M-Mtnr tb- ailru if - W?nlb?f? nrf M?*d n? brr M'rt ib? Mink ?n oi.rt ' A V?? im b?r h?f in* N ??l?| til lb* tin** II ?l" Ht lk??r vMnh f??? h'f thii Iiii.'ih Ur ii?m "l? lli? m M I k?-t * mt**. lb* 'tatif ??t m Ikf knrtk Mot>.m t )U| I r ??J li't Ike ttupox *' ro?bla? 4'nn?rJ 1lb? J?< ?? fk? *? mn'i-ilM W !(?? # > utlnu-ri I k?? h.i'l cukorulinll tl'k nk?f # ( ' D If r?|tll?m |? ?h'? ?w??fr??nn W l>? !? r*f*l!" *t tnttlng Hf W?t#ii? thtt nfv-r *lr? M?f hi |il (( lb? b'?f fbn rtuki-j ? m^ipot th? lis.* .ib tb? f?ib ' A ? I 4><n I fi-Mlwl *? kin upi'k itlii I know Tn< mo* Allan tj Ml jn? ?? r im mfif <> li Ihinftn Itim ' A - No. Dm both nf lb' ? I ?n ruibt t.i i?i> m w* ?tial I nl.l l.? for Moffat in mT rairfaaoa, I kn^w ,'nhn Hin?n; I ill | ant m m.) m>h Ikiit l? lum I lom U.|4 W?i?n? ihu t ih mi ihwrMt n.ii in i l '14 not kn< * li?i I km -lolng 1" lk? Jkil(> - tlHl Ik'l wrtm Intei1??t?d Ili? f ?t to ln*i- ft><|a*ii' *|it iff* l? Ik'M ?*? . n? I'll' aka 4t4i. i driiik nix iwk'.ki *n I ih?j b* 11* qnam la fiuilii* that limn hw ?>ii M"(fat ilrlkf hrl K..'? id . M I f?> m b?*. a 4*?<?c ?tl?-a4-4 k*r It t hi ?l hmr ik? ntfa rw mora fr> I|MtUf otui.k lb** lit I 1 lan ). I htia ? hlM K- > ? h? ti ?k? ?m drur.k and ha air -.*> r I n<i?t h-?H ar.y'i r a Iht- put ol ciih f t.1 t tv- m 11lb* i?th rr t *'?t wl aitb ^Ta'. ff. ?h? f-irr nf f > It j to >lat|i 1 hints' a? kr aai I b? a<?|rt to j tW|? > oripi^tiil aftifc-t tw r fit <Jr?nt an I I lUlilM ll II r ktl t ?(} l? Ml k'? 'ft <f *?? 1 ! *tki il< ra *!'h t n 111 ct<l?r that h* 11 I'll ha ut'* ??t lb# mm<* r>( hi-?!? .. rr ^h-r M "Ikk'M , lit a> mil ?1> * J al Ifcat I rf ?fl?l >? j Hat f ? * 'it ??i *r<fj an ah tt?t |a lb? ? Ii*4 h? tin Atl'foay hi If | rM'Mli I ( ? M-fa? thai hr ??ill r<m la f?*ri?h?il, I MM I ?naH iall '? tWIftj All?fl at'I V it. m a.?ki4 lh? aan- an I I (atatbiaia a kilir ai??ai? ?, ?*; - h/'h* JimIi M4 ?? ?% * V> M?f?t la frli-*? fl at. tbV * Tt-a. q What iiJ b* aaf L D. TWO CENTS. I A ? Somrtimen ftp exported fo t>? htm>! uml mor* | (iia>? to l,? K'ti* to lbs State prima for life; | B?*?r | ppokft to him itiont It Dut li# br((?n 10 err fx hi* oblldien. To qu?*licn by Vr A I, Jordan - !! he* 1 _mr chilJ rm liviDfr. nil t>> the he c?KI ?* m\t> aorry f ?r ?lim.i b* had don.-, b? nbi J be did not aimn Co Kill b?r I ('?tb?i Ino KhjiIbt jr ?ro. end f**min?tf the Dint Attorney? 1 knew Mr*. M. fT?t about t?o moulds b?forr fb? died: I lif-d Id tb? r"im? houpc wWh tb?m, 1 now Uto Id Klr?i<r>th atr?-??t; my room in KXIi? atrert ??* o i ibf (Mvxnd floor. ? I Vollait ?nd hi* witnoocapl?d tbe La+<njrnt. my 't indoiri1 hatm up nO'l hoard MBit' now* ilht< chair* hilling and a* 11 itomx <* ? * ! kliucli ?t'liii Wil. I h-ard uv hiik tk n?ia?* ?? pi-urru to c uii' ircrn tnr 1 i'ikw o?iim. *tr><ip, an J "till J th? HikDirt ii'il-f; I atoul on ttl? ctoop lur Hb< ut t?:i miouiea. ni 9nr n?l em |urii ado u if* ui'uuu* ilicrwhrja i *?w t*l? m#p go *~ut ?ltli ii trunk; th? prisoner *?? *n?; I cnu't t?ll ?ho til* otbrr wm?; I kenttntbn n*??nnnt ?lodd*. ??'! fh?? Sirs M jffnt Ijtiu on lh? II >'T ?>tti h?r IikI t*??iil'.'h? ?!',?, 1 .Jiii not tft* it? f*ce ?r?? *11 ? * with Hood. I not b?*h h?r ivut tk&l Tbi rn van nolniug mst?rial on th* omul entwIhH IfB Autv K? tll> jr. ?ifcter of 1 .jit wKcvmi, rgriobmrtod b?r totiiucuy. C?th. r.n* Dti)*n <1 ]irn?<i tr> b? vi* .?r<i t!j* prtJOCIT !lir? B'l U to tnk? M hi* tx-loru tlu< -.tit of .laty ?? e*wr. but d<?? i.ut know vvb<>?? It In I On rroMi (itanliwIliiD <b* admitted h*?1oe; axlUd | th-|>rl?oD?r ? u (1 Irlub uri?cno:u?n; h? utca to oil | nit a l'ap ft w j b? lm? ?'r>i?r?-?l me no" to coibi"o | bt-< rnoum, I iltrn druuk wrh Mr? iM'ot sntrural ! tiiofn; I ?? not lo U'i< habit ot goioj ? ? *? tore* lo drink nl'h her ! M?'j Jkck'Pn, n Miiart lcoklng, but inmiftwtiat i <*)<Jcilr woman <l?pi*idio th* f?i t of ib* pT(aon*r'* I.h< Oh h. in* Llo-dj wlirn In- we* h!?k o'j! of tbo I tioiic**. cm tbc avt'tiiD^ in i^u.iitlon 1 Ka?n rim fir* c<>tipl> 'I month* ; I wim iuio tUc b.?? iu?ct ?b?u ifc?- two mm w?r? (jon* , ?h?i won uioanlnjr ; f' upO'l* to l i'i'.bwt nbfdiil vol |?n'i l.iine; hIi? w?? ljtag on tb' (tour, ro*> r< ii wilb blood Ju n? ? Ltd j uii tb? Hihrm ' K?1 w ? i.d'luj th? alattn all tlin .lit- tltuo hr was b { her , I b*?e LviiiO ibur: quarrr! bitore thi? ig l ti?r.i suro am ?r k?'li?r , b? iilwayt, raid wroi.ld h*?? tarr life for buOK Mirb an old ? ? whxfi br w*n l?a'lng )it? ?ilt, I bura 1 ?r t?j, Tbi? l? (kn last br Uiub i ll rvtv iiIto u? ibi juu kava aillrii " In nm-at-i'to tka Judgu, tli? vitiiM *?ld rhi' bad oiw I. h'mu Ml flat ? y l,r aculu b..r kt r lif? , and that b?> ?? Mai biut for odo tlini with a tiuall Mink *bt!a tfct* ebild a a* on b~r k To tbu liisulct Attomry 1 run t rer itawUti; lh!? Wi>* b? It r? th? last ufTnlr, tint nrvtT *..? a t<m k without MK'tibinit of i.ha kind CroM axawiDi d If Mr A i. Jordan - ' ain troiu tli? Count) i itid. Ir?lEtid. Q. l?o au b-l< n< tj lh? Orange | ?r ? ' A OB ' thov woulon I b.v?a woman lu tfcat fariy, (laughter) ; 1 nut n Catut'lla. I aoa I know y t ut M< Hat is ; 1 Dover <j* btia ?" 1 to e'.urcti, nin?? or n i t naif j wb?M. Mr, (la di ...1 I li?a.'d | tlat >\i- ??? a Cattolln, and bo ? ? a I'rct'-atan' ; 1 cik'l *?? *ltrtl.?r Mm. R'lffat ?i.h Jruufc or K-bir ?b?D aba bad th? ohll'i on kn? It n tltn Maff t | itruak bi r, b??id I o-?.T had any hard wu "li t >Kar; 1't >ay wbotlit-r "Moffat aaa abir at tb* kuih 1.x at rock b>r I d> n't know wbvtbtr tUay In. a 1. ?! <'JT t?K?-tb-r w>:.?a aka wan a^b;T; t filter Moiia! aoi kii wifa rvrr ord :?<! aw onto; hi* ten-. Ij -DMjuu?it(i1 |i|i'j )onn"ll, Mri Jiwkion ! A - Oiler ?l??tijr'it i , km i ;i?j ?ur? I wat ?.?na* tba night I aaw tin atrlk* b?r witb rtf-V.rk. <i ?)n an K.ttpr. Mm Ji-rkr u. bow olt n lta<? yon gai druiik ' A H'rli. 1 cau i ?ay, 1. it i an olv. a that 1 ran i '-li, I uv??r ({?-1 n f ( cjk r bit w"i,ilj I ?a* <Jr t.k I tikf) t nt nj arm bit; uj i >n It law (lid If, H. ? ?!.?. . p.-rba- -. 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A l 'nrdtnaa'l tl at tb' j w -f ? r ? !/ t? ??V laH th? ta'f n? th? tl wa wf tka ?iitt. ?r!ti?ut off-rlaj ' a? at i<lia>a origmanfui Th? than lnl<-1) ..14 th? j-?ry th? aalwra a< th'lrdalj ?od<"r tb a* r.rcutu'".anr -t It a^p?r< ft> Blttr tltallB' KJ.lhal Ula [tU?a*r had tilled hi' a I fa fc? it>n? h-r la ? ?. U ill uaauiial oaauaar. ard tha atldittra f r tfc* 4< Irafa < O'tld u"t try t?.? ttaa. It la tf.a opltioft of t^? ??'i't tl'^ IV itMHllaa^MMiia lha ..Ml*** II ' h'lf I a' nia tw r??mf ?!?nktor I lh- *-< ait ?r<J job mil rnitaall uptlnf *n1 If yo? >(na lib u< Ir tttl oplal>>a Tl>? jufj hat dk eoeftrr?4 f^r i ft m or tb'D > 4 It B.inrl* .j r n tli - >n I I* >ha e< ?l ?riB.? la Ik*: if mufj-r ?'..i.ik tVy <v.aWI r>ln>nl?tV'^?-itr> < rlHkni e ill flad km FB'Hy ?f l?n?l\?#r In * It #r?t 1af*? Th? 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I'rWt r?'V '? tn lit* tinf->rina? rbtll draa aad tha ial" k* ?ii(M feKfOM tfca a??. tar<-? oiril Monday ?o?t 1 ha font; th?a a<i;onra*^. i. a q Tartar ta am o clatk. antll I* a ot tbla Jay. ?b-n U?? trial ..f tha J will ba ?' aim-a-rd Mptlaa AWalra. Ati' llhlp Warran Maikart orfl*?d joatrtdav Ilea 0 largoa. raporla apaakla? alha Wtk in-1 , In lat ?n ? loo ?,1 ?> o iar*a Himr, I ?laar an a*?t. but ?t? ooabta tn o^'artala har otr?. Ni. do?jbl tb? * tlan'l ka < A* llf?p?nl. U.a? M . ? to Th? folloolaf *<!d1l??-f particular* ?n>rc?raiBf tbt* i.nfrrtaaaba ??t I tern t pliin Hhtttaa. ofib? ?bo a pot? "f tba ?r?m 0? Mulii WU in?f ? # r m /??ai r?u?ni off <;.? ?.w?. t?*rtrf IV. R ,M ?"' ? br?r 1 a htll nn I '"(">? hf ?>>? (! ic ?!l?r?tn ??y?Mn?ln ?I*M, ?! 1? K?l anil* a?<l fnoad I*. ?i x>?'|-4li>mtlirigr?lfnM 1| tb? rr?w rf %> ?#??< * of M Jnhm. H*9 Hiaatwlrk. a n?? ?Mwl nn l??r flr?t tojujb. h?na1 \n Ui>r|K'| atib -art" m Tlt? > :* ?? ? lb- ) >; pra?l<.?? at 4 t M ilurtnc a rar? ?? ? 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