Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1850 Page 5
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'. 1 _ a the Mm# month tha previoiu jaar-lnoraase Aifiik, KM. (3,047 44 In con*rqueoe? of k> apprehended deflci?oey la tha tupply of coal thl? year. eo*l J. hare, withiu a It* lijf. put op priera and thli advance ao far ha* gttsrally l..?u submitted to by eonaumere That thtrawi'.l be id ovxiploo. U ijaite improbable ; that theie will beta Hb??lutf detioleney i* e itremrly doubtful, At the rrtnmpiion of oanal navigation, this pring. there w*? a rtoek of coal on head ol over Jzi OuO tona, uot*iih"taudlug the ooaoerted efforts, for week*. of tbe eolllera of ?ebuylktli county to reduca tba *to?k at Tldo-WnUr, by appending mining op rations ?ntirely. At the eommeneement of this month and prior to the disastrous damage! toatalaed by the tkbujlkill and Lehigh Canal*, tha shipments this >*. ton had eioeeded tlioae of laat yaar. It la now adin ttad, that not a ton of coal can b? shipped by tha Schuylkill Oaual tfcla year. possibly not a ton bcfora aat May or J una ; and that the Lehigh Uaaal la in nearly ai bad a predicament tt tha SehuylUll, ao far aa tbW. year's shipments nre concerned. From ?hanc?> tfcea, I* the deficiency to come, caused by tha unexpected suspension of these works ' Va fully baliava thai thia deficiency ran bo n?>a>ly, If not qultf. mada up through tha medium of tha Heading Railroad Tha rteeipts by tbe Reading Railroad. during the month* ?,f October, NoTiinbrr, D?mb?r, January, aad Pobrur; are light, eomptrnd with tb? pprlng tnj lummer raetlpts. But this jur th? necessary demand will lntrttw those receipts ; and n the roa4 ku the faelllMh lor transport lag about 46.000 ton* of *oa) a week, It follows that the Reading Railroai can, aad nodsubt will, place In the market, during tha Are months uantd, the eaoraious amount of abont 000,006 too*. A large stock may accumulate at Richmond, through lea abstractions in the Delaware and the want of vesscli; but the Philadelphia operator* will taka good oara to lear tba wharvas at Richmond iu anticipation of tlieaa contingencies. Tb<> annual meeting wf this company wm h*ld In Hartford on Wednesday The income of the Ilartlord and New Haven llallrcad Oompnny, for th? rear ?ndlo{ Argntt 81, 1850, wan tm follows :? lliiriotn ?nli Ntw Haven Riiuoid. rwrg,T? $303,069 Vi Fraight 147.718 Tfl Kant, wharft^x, staambo-ita. mUls, fcj. . . 4) 173 77 Total >490 931 41 The expenditures wore : ? Bcnnlng expense? repair-.fcc. . .$.147,039 87 Bqaipmcut, lie 4V41ft OS luUtekt o8(ji0 tw 831 475 80 Net rfc?!pt? ?i'it)4io 65 'Hie gross receipla ol the ro?d for four yarn, were as follows : 1847 f'207*14 32|l?Uf> $373 970 04 IMS 344 :*? M7 I 1850 440.767 M Th? whrlx oumtvr of p*v*n*>r? t r.itupjT'od on the ro?a tL? rurrint }H?r ?* < 381*70 bring *n ioorea?? oitr lb* la?t jc?r?>? CO Itfll ThW l?ri{? tr?f. Iiih bt'fU tramurt*iJ ?uh ?om? vxcuiptlon Trouie*HiHy. IMock Rirhnrigt. JTOHO I S.V?rf SS Ht.'V. m 'lis iUfeliurf KK ?3 81* 7n> i'lty *7?> Iti'. Ml do nil 8.V.J <1*0 kr? hoc da, 14&9 '.f\ SO do Sl?. IMKil ?||? '.'7 100 do eois hC <0<ii Eii? In*'me M? H \ do ?oC(i ho Kill H WW tin ??1 i'i If0 tint K?r'? Trot >3 4 '.ntt da .lit S>\ 100 do ?S 4 ^ iwt do kit ft;> f<? to 4?V Mil do 143 liU lit* do < S -w Br>? MH 71 j 1(1 Sjrcoli' It Kuci Imi I..1 do 73 M do '*u 2.'<0 do 73 l*W Murrlt lo do 7'Ik l?> do (CO Id Ml C?ntou Co M0 47\ Stl' i.VK ItoARO. ^C^'60Tr' t Infonio 4d? */ !> c 3 llirleui Kit ?S^ SS it' rh? Miiiitoftaa tiu lJi '"H do lfrl CtliMbd' > 'IS ll>? / Ml do 8-v? iO UK m'ii -> l'fl do k'V'i ins l?0 J.. 1)10 57 MM do ?I0 b-'i M0 do 1.1 17 II u r?i > rratt 43 11*1 do Wt 87 "<" do MO 43 8tt <tn ft7 300 do blO 44 S8?ItI?RR 7'< 100 tlo ?>0 41\ ?ftil|CKTr*K1MT? f-VHK) lut. MJIIti* W1MED-AN ITALIAN UIML AS MAID. ArfLV AT tM? olbuo. Hr ANTrU? A HalD ? UO t'AN 1PK \K ruENOH AND (>?i?on, to nit oa a loly ?bo U aboat to ira?iL Cillu 41t> lit Min A-? * Pi VERA, TO ttOK l.V A n.Uou faeiory. G?"d ?M?a *i.'1 anady om|>loyiu?at ?(m ta h?'l lij ?ri'l}li>I to No HI tVal'r atrrot. WANTED?A SITUATION, BIT A RE<PICr& 1LE kii.lunorl aA t .hamharmai J and Kor-, or fanoral kaua*?eik Apply M Ji Mail* > <> >, urn r uf Mli> tu*aih atrorl Wanted-two scotch, o* kvulhb Uirla?I'M aa MW ai.t-anit iioiioratiod dr?a?makia( nail fUar-?t? tch ng. and anil bo willing to tak> chart* ?f a child ihraa jeara *11? tha ?t!?T an a*i>matr?a? Apuly at Ml loath ttro*t, oa Tnraday, 17th ia?t., batwaon 1." aao io'ulook. WA N T K L?A SirtAl ION. BY A KESPKCTA UI.E )ona| an, m eha?borBiaid aad waiter, nr wcold taka oar* < ( olnidxca. i? one ?Lo fully badrratanda hor kuaimaa. the hut of i?f?r*noo on. bo (iron. PUaoe call at l?4 W*at Foorie?ntb etro?i. bat area fa.aath aad Eighth attiio. Ian tt loan l"i two da>a. WA?Tll>-Al!Tl'ATION. ir A RKIPUCTAMIR f?aa? wuiaan, who U a ??r? jood twk. an eiealltat aaahrr aid ircaar aad ean go wall r?ct nra.nd.d from h?r i act eltaalioa. r'aa??-all at TV fiitk a?aaoo. la the euro. WANTED-BY A RE?PB<TARLS YOONO TOVAN, a litmln aa e???atfra? ar i dreacmakrr. it4-r?iauiia 4ol?? rp floe maellaa; ean I* highly rrooma-rnded from bar laat p'noe. wb?r?. aba lt?ed MT?ral ytar*. Apply At No. Ill Utaad atra*', ia tka a tore. W ANTEH-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID VND V* to aa>let la waahia* an 1 Iroamg. k? a raepootable naa| atcat. *ht cat irrniaM tbr be-t of ally reference, rail at N?. r. East Eleventh airoet, Votweoa Third and Foarxh avrame. WANT! D? A SITUATION, BY A REf PECTABLE girl, aa a goad plain coik.jncd waahar and lr?aer, r to " geaaial 1. aaencrW, baa I of M'y reference; ? <ik1 . Icae to in tlin country. laqulre at IV Tli rapaaa lUMt. |Lr AK1IU-VI m >1.11 M rtUI.I I'mimiABI TT yiunt votaan a altaaaioa, M Chambermaid and Itai^rni. or M aurar, ?a4 to do plain H gH pralor MM .?in? with a lati.llj (ola* to trarol for Vha uni'r Tt. IwtlminltNMMi bo (ir*a. Apply at IZ> H'tvtrb I ' eornrr <>f Antb a?en??. WANTED?BV A kE&FXCTADl.B Vot'kiG WOMVK, a aituanoa to do ?oa?ral b> w.*rk; tha btit of rafat?r->-?l??a. Inquire a'. 17* Maarva airaat. WAMIO-HT a rur.vo otBU a situation as tt aralrrtnnld a>< ta H- rlaia a-wtaa^ or to ! akr tara af uhlUria. caa (anwh tha 'Ml af rafaraaoa from har laat [la?a Caa ka a?an, tor t?a 4aj-a, at 134 Craaaanoh nraaao WAMIU-BT A BB?FBCTAHI.B TOCNO ffuVAN. A TT (HaatlOB to do ptaia to< kin*. aaa?blo( and Iroaiu. Iii a ptlrata family O?od rity rtf?raa?a (Iron. PIUMttU at i.? Th. mwn atraat. Caa aa ?* tor tan Jara. WA STH> I1W \ ..I N ; * "M s % VITI ATION TO aa r non^-r* o> k an4 unit at ?'<ll?( aad iraa:n( ho eljt-iiin i <la | lain Cjokia* la tao?aall prifvta family, (an |iia iba tilt rf ?itj r*i-r?naa. a an aa a??? for two d??? . |>lraaa <ali at 24' ttoa-ri. in aha Shaa MM*. U' *Mll> \ *111 A HON. BV A ?B<?COTt*I,t TT )?nn( * man, ? c' kiatariaaij ar w.ltar la a prirata ( a I). Ha> tha ?? af r?i?r-n-a ti >m tar laat ptaro, whrra ahf kaa l???4 ? a?a kaa (> -? in thia wastry. Piaaa all at Na M (lal llfi-t, mm laar.tMa Na.Tl tabaoaan for taa tap, If ?ai ????<- <?fr><aa fht m ik> moraia( tiU aatatf.a ?T?ii ?*. Th?ao*ntry praf?r'?d. AWTED -i?T A BIaI'BCIaBIB TOtlXa WO?aN. A I. a! u? 'an " '".arl> ?' tln?ta dc^aaral hoa?? '.rk /. :?* II .a.':- Ca? (flra rrf?tti',M ' No 7* Wm? fif^ llftM, fwil t ?? TT > - - < " " Wt N T II*- t MrUlliiN BV \ I! IStPBt f ABLI Jaorttlrl. aa ?- a w a ?ond vaatw-r an4 iraaar, aa4 la ail io* to i.nka h.taoll ((asrallp aaafnl. Daa *l?? tha t?<l rttjr rff'iat<ra Piaaaa iaq?ir? at I.W NarUl itmk Cm IM *# f<4if* WASTKD-a mtcatiom, bv 4 bllcf :fa 'li 7*?*g a girl. %? ? I ?*# tag. ?r liatwiM ? M PtMN r?U ?i h?. 174 ILiaMtb *UMt, tfnt rct.m ?f k!hir#. WIMID- HI T?? VUtNO WOMEN Of BMPtQTA i 4a A fH?, ?rtikt,lr *>n? f >r r*l < th?*r m < htnlrrai 4 *n4 Tm tf if r?i<i wi. !*) 'tli ti Stf Rifiiii* 1 <? -, r %r fl ?*f fritl r*nf|, ^ -I I'ATMI* B1 i IkKSPICTARLl "" fr*r M ' hint rafttd. *r ? 4 ti??*? BilWrr; iimt, i?f??d n.i?r, (fit ??? >. Ci> V? far (? __ _____________________ W*Mi i? \ \ot nt. wihi i vi)ih*t?mos .,? II th? r*Ti? IMum< In l?mil * t j n Hit ?'Wa.? < >11 it I--A a. l?i* * IM-llk i|i 1*il IbiltMii. Ii lMi?M. WAMRD a MTUaTIoN HT a rr<f'r< TAlll.c HOI4?t*a' ?irl la a iMfauMtliai'lr. M Cnak, or i:k??b?M?ift. ?r ?. at** tl- ?r.urr.',r??'?iit.i i'l-ad* aall II ^ llf?fc l!l?V ( ? tW HI! Tot tWO d?f?. If ? ? * Want'II 'iv A -?a\Pir. ?i u*? ><n M i w<n\". ? a aa or i:K> >.htrrni'4 Hh* |a*rf**tlf lt<i-illl<'?nnr ??d |< m urillfii n.k?r and imoff. ?? i r? ?n?f|i l?i??l* iwnm. Tf >f <I.t 4?>? ! !'? ...... ,,r , fjrrtl, ,i, |?K|| WA>TRD-M 4 roirifiNT i RRAOV. a mtcali?m i?<l < I)km?iLii, lilt l? iMtrnt <ai>lMiil<? , I < ' It > * <n .t.-n AI ! ,?? ,; ? t>il|"r?i> m I'T?I?1I|?? r i?4; ard?r? **4. I 4i?a' iirni ? ?p a??n|l ? Ml It* Irantkai .? #f r*f>rtt.~** ||ia, i' ivrt?.' <<? Vit>rlirpli? ?jL'AMT?U~~* ..riAtiow, Bt A SHART. AfTI VR Tf iniln *??A* *i r*Hik, *1 h wa?Ula* *a4 Irraia* ar V4' f if??l I- tf?w f r a mi,.11 Isatiir Sho l? a i *4 alaln ?"??* *t.4 * t?f?l -M ?*?W IM Iroaar. *nl r?a pr i lf?f t?f > ' ?' r?*? h?r I?m 4Sa vtU U it11 lui ilir- 4*j>? ?t l?' f. rfc h a*4aa*. il.trJ fliir, fnal totm. ?V l?T> r>- |:i T ?? TdCfO WIIBR*. MfUATIOOV f? *r? i< I ',?? ??rfcfl4 ?ni Oal'ra?*. or rtunhraui tni U 4n 4?? *af? l*t ??< ir*ol*?, fr ?-t flui iiaiii|; lHa ?t?>f f? i - **?? "ad ? '**? "*r? of ?MI#r?i??thtt *?4.rf??ti4? ihr ??t|ir? aa* 1111*4 t1 afc Mraa'a imhM. **4 v rid dorian " Ik fndfrw. r>f hcfl *f o tf r?f*r?aa* 1. I , i- I-* ?ail fl ' v?r?> M ? Iti^raa __ M/AwrM'-4nre*tiifie, rv t?r?? RR^m'-r*ntn ?f laWi) ?<r<i fit' * r??4 r<M>* ?n4 *l"?f *?4 %?4f??A-i ?? utiu otr-frtl-Of t? 4?M4' ! 114 o?rh 11 ??<) i ? i 11 <>' hft t? t?>f ??jn or *"i4l4r-a 4* *>ia'" t * ?l nm'" "Wfid **1 Do* *iS?hfi **4 ?*? *>4 ipu1f???1t. l\l^?l lk? ( ?tl *?f t?. wi ft i?t th.irlvM llhll'. fl-o *4 ?4 Mil *i B?. r*fci-???'!i *?* , ! ????? tA4 riflA 4*4 4*40*'?. c?4 Wr ?? (< ?U; 44 t?T>' i ? miiUfwm. | Wanted-a nest rati mu.linbk anb dress. maker, ta go Soutb. Apply At No. IN Bowary, from HI to 12 a II _ WANTED?BY A RfcdPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN, liutiunn. .ijdiLkili eook lug, luMld.tii ronleu. n<b<it ?fr?(ti?aMCu bo rivm. Plain o?U n At. liagb Huraa, S3 Praak'ori airoot To l>? aoaa for two J*t? WANTED-BY A K ESP EOT AIILE PEOTESTAM VI BAB, A eitnalion to Mind Children, or to naeiat la boueewoik. Noil- bat a r*tp? family n?o4 Aptly Can h* >?> for two dnya, if Bot engaged l'lea?? OA 11 At Utt Hudeon at., iblid floor. WANTEB-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN. a dluktioD iu Chambermaid. or Childron'a Nnreo. and run do plain tewing. aud inAko boreolfgenerally uootal. ftoo ii A ProltitAut. Good cily referonee. Caa b? ?ooa At No. 74 Chrlltie etn et, till CBfkgeil. WANTED-BY AVERY RESECTABLE YOUNG WODID. A litUAtioBA* Cook iu A reepoetablo prifBtO family. A {o good plain ci.ek, A trot rAto waeher and ironer, ; or to doth* general boaeowork of a email family, and ran git* the eery brei rity reierencea A* to capability and indue- ! try. Pltaee fall ax 40 Prlne* atroat. Ca? bo aooB lor two day*. WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE PROTEST- i ant yonag woman. A aituAtloa, to tAko ohnrge otohil- i drra; aadereiaBde (awing. And wtuld kA*o no tjaotion M Dak* bcreolf oeeiul. All letter* pro pAid will b? Atundod to ; add rue M. M.. No. .11 Hifk a treat, Brooklyn, where : aha a An k* aoan for A fow dAya. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIEL, A 8ITUA- 1 Uod, tu Cook, *ukir and lroner, la a private family. She ear give th? Wet *f city rvftniw. rliui hU at No. lit Eighth a treat, Clinton Pfacu. Wanted-a situation, bt a respectable wom>B. U I Aral r>U nak : the iiry beet ?f alt; reference given. riun e.U >t 213 Moil atraet, third floor, front ' room. I WANTED- BY A VERY RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SIT- ! nation to do fin* waahiag and Ironing, and euamlerwork, or to travel with a lady tfoan tuuib; is capable of taking tbe ebtm of children. The belt ef oitr reference from her laat place, where ehe lived two yean. Please call at 171 Cbembore etreet, for two daye. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A R15PE3TABL1 young woman, to do ehamkarwork, take care of children,or do ehamberwork niidaaeist in wa*higa?d ironing.(ioo4 citv reference given Apply at 16*, Ninth street, between 1 bird and Fourth Bvennes, In tbe rear. Can be seen for two dajfc WAN'TED-BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG wo't?, a situation in a email private family, to do general work, oras enamieraiaid and to aasut in the laundry. Best ot references from her last place. Apply at the corner of Uioki aud Stale etreete, Souin Brooklyn, drit floor, j tier a bakery. { j lI/ANTED-SiTl-ATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE I TT young girls?one as cook, la a first-rale washer and | ironar ; the other aa chambermaid. baa bo ohjeetiin to do (lain lewirg, or to take cere of children. The oeai of city rtftreave gives, both wieh te be in on* family. Picaau tall at 61 I aight street. J WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRLS, itoatione-ene aa good plaia O'?ok, washer and ironer; the other ?> ebainbtrmait or waiter. Tbe bent of oity reference given. Please call at No. 4 Great Joins street, in the rrnr. I an be seen for t wo daya. u'aNHD -Br A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO VAN I vv a situation as chambermaid and waitdr. No o>-*e- i tioae to r.ssist in waslm g and iruuiag. Inquire at l*i *nt? sttii i,of Mrs. KEENER, in the rear. Cm be aeea for two day*. \VT ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESi'Kt T Vttl.R vv j mi ,? w i,it,an, as Cock, Washer and Ironcr, or to do chumberworkSLdwesiiiiig. The best of city reieruucoe given. Please lu I'all at 236 Iweifth stieel, in tlieVar WANTED-A SITUATION, bV A RESPECTABLE younit woman, to do plain c>*king, washiug aud iiou- . log, or at Cliatut>?riiiaid in a small reap, utable private fam* ! ily. The best of city references will be given frmu her laat I late. Pli ass address to 110 Twenty-eighth etreet, between Seventh aad Eighth VL- ANTED- BY A IliriCTglU TOUM0 WOMAN, I vv a situation as I hasu hernia id aeil Nurse, aud to as?;at in tbe f*? washing and iroriag Iha best of city referent a riven. I'lease call at No. 211 Thirteenth e'.reet, beiwicn Eirhth and Ninth avenue*. 1X7AMID?BY A RF.Si ECTABLK YOUN3 GIRL. A vv situation to take cure of children and do plain smv ft t r i mi t rfikTtaiM rvkcr*. Mie t an corny well r?*' mintnd~ ? ! Pitapo call at No. I7M Aviduo H, fourth dovr Iroto 1'ruth "uttt. \lrANUD A 8X1L'Al ION, BY A KE3PEC fAULB ww |H?| vtaia, 13 do boinvttrh liiMiiUfia mil}; ><r wcuM act a* chau. ( ei i?aid an4 a?-?at iu waahinjf ?Bd (rn ?Bii iiv*d two ytin la ]. i Imi plMtt MfNi* , 1 riidi r? ?l '1 * Ltr Iumdmi m h^th capacities? of city NfiriiN <11 b^ivtt flvB Imt lm |Un C4a Lc ?:ea for , If lift i it> iff t, ' n tin bookatort. I 11f AN TED? A HTI'ATION, f'.V A HI4PK TABLI ?? jouo* wo?>aa, in a private family. Sua is * *o.??l |Uia cfr.ard ui.dtrrtax.aa L?r buaiLea* will. K* otijNti.a ' a??iat Id fl?a wattir* aad irouitg if r*iatrad. Can tkow aha b? ?l of city ref*rcaor. Pkaea till al Nu. 2*v? Mulberry atraet, UtwMu llonaton at.d Priaca ilri?tf. Cau ba j-aa f r 1*0 u?j?, il LoliuJed. HTAN t r ^ M i A . ION, b\ A VERI COMPETENT girl, with gvod cfttw rcfcrcnco, a* Cook. in a private family; the i- a *"od rook ntd flr*t rata waihar aud Iroaar. A EE1* al Hiith aiaaaa, ia tha took atoro. WANIED-A MITI'ATION, BY A VEKT COMPETENT girl, wt?b good attv r?*f< rau1 o. u tVaitar, in a private famih; or would io fnaml>ar?ork aad waiting. Can )>a it^a Irr two days. Applr at 174 Twalftb a treat* coraer of I iiivrr^it> Plaoa, ' ad fl??or. WAHTED-BY a kuticvaili OIIL, A iitva* tlca aa b*am?tre??, or to to ohamUrwrk au.l aaw. Caa %iva aaod ral>i#aca. 1'laaaa call at 121 iiaaur alroot, eoraor Fartjlh * treat. Wamf.i)- A KEHPECTaBLE and intelligent young woiaaa. to attaad a N?l<" a ?u lir<>adwiv ? all at 42.VBr?ad?at. Hotvtc* lU hmn of II nn.l 1 WANTfcD-A MTlATlON, BT A PROTI^TlNT your ft woman, aa Cook, who andarataada I.or k?ai?oaa la all ita Kra^hea-pamy,^?llia#^crcam??. *o?pa. Good city Piltb aad Siith ITfnvn. Wixm-i BITCATION. BY A RBIPRCTAliLK jf'im* ?"iaan. a* Nun* and Chamtirmatd. ?r u VhambormaH ill Waltar; 1* w?U inuiloati to tklldra*. ami 1a 11?4 MWir Goad city r*ftraa*? given. Pluaaa * ap c'y it ? Ctryilli frwi ww. WANTED?A BITCATION, BY A RRBPBCTA BLB AND *?)1 r* r m?.n i -I I r - - iiit (Irl, to eaok, >ut aad r . |h< try " -k ul bak*r, and a ' r.i rata vuli?r aad iroaar ; lui tk? baat ruoonanadatloa from hor laot emrlnyor* No objiaiion ?o go la lh? country. Plaaaa oali at MO Broadway WANTRD?A BIICATION. BORA PRRNCH M RSI aad !?oa?*tr"?, who i|?aki Frrath and Ra?Ha>i. Will fira |Mi rafaraa**. Apfl; at V Oold *tr**t, third floar. WANTS D-A BITCATION, BT A RISI'BCTARLR yana* who la a *ocd Cock, aad undoroiando bakiaf. aaa la wtIlia* to aaalot with tho wa*hlag aad Iroala* la a .u.a.i 1 r:?a? .-aiaily. Caa (It* ih- baat or 'tty ?. famaea PUaaa ta apply at N Ortti* ilmt, la tba nar, Htoil Door. WANTED?A BITCATION. BV A YOCNO WOMAN, ao Baam*traa?, >ha uadunlaad* MBBBBM>ag, aad la (Md plain to war. Caa ??! w*ll rarommcadad. rlaaaa laqnlra at *1 Ora>a* ?tro?t, In tha r?ar. WAXTI D-A BITCATION. BY A REtPBOTABI.I yumi* flrl, In do hi'uiawtrk la a omaH urltatafamily, to a aoiid wafiior aad Iroior, or do *b*ml>arwork ta a r**p*?ciaklt rait 11/. flaa ka ?n*a for two da>* If not n(u<d. Tha baat of !tjr rof*roa?? |iroa Pl*a*a tail at No. 17 Raa*T*lt tritl, la Ik* roar, Brat floor. |irANTllV>tr A RIBPECTaBLI PROTRSrANT : TT gtrl, a ritaatloa U cook, waoh and Iron, la a small fomilj ? a I'fona family piafarrad. City r?far*n?>a Kiata. I >'l?a*a tall at 11* Prlao* (traot. flrit fluor, t.aak roam. WANTED?BT A YOCNO GIRL. A BITCATION AS Nai** aad Saamotrm Caa cat aad mako drow. aad do plala orwiag. aad light ahamhrraork. Plaaaa la.iiiir* a? I> I Blub aftaaa, la tha raar, ?b?ra the ?? ka *?*a for twa day*; WAKTBD-BY A RRSPRt'TASI.R YOCNO WOMAN. A itaavloo u laaadrtao. or to da thamkarwork aad a**l*t la ta* waiting aad Iroalag. Uo'.d city rrforoara oaa be (l?a In b*r laat plaoa Caa M a*?a for Ihraa daya, at til Malbarry itraat, a?ar friin. WANfEP-A BITCATION. A* CIIAMBBRMAID AND Walter, ar Child i Nnroa. by a fripaeiablo yoaag ** ai?a, with tb* ban <lty r\f*r?a<e. Pioaw uaijaire at M WANTID-A SITUATION AS M HJ. < IliHBBKaai.l, cr k) toting ? man wba <*aa gt?a ? >? kaat t( lit? A| |-!j MM Nlaataaatb ittHI, (taar.) hi?m Suit ?4 IwwU WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A yoinu WIDOW, aa Wat Nar a*. AU?. a ia?r?Mabla (irl u Cbambarfaaid aa4 H aitar, or t? Mill la tba waablag an4 ksoatag. Apt'r at .Na t firat aaaaaa, batvaaa fravaatraatb aid Mraata. ttara fla' r. f aa k mi lur lira 4>ri. tf aat Beth aaa pra*na? >nt ally rtfrraaaa. WAMID-A JITL'ATIOM, BV A TOl.N0 WOWAW. aa I'banbarBM, *r a? Laaa4r?a4 1a a *> atl-maa'a i famll), aa Uualraaa, aa<l >a ca^abla of bar i baalaaaa aa4 all IM braaahaa Tha baal of airy ralaraaaa , ?l?aa a* to koaaaiy aa4 aarabtlitj. Plaaaa aail at M Croak; treat, roaaa Na. *. j W AN T 1 D-A SITUATION. Ilf A lliriCT4lU (t'rl. aa ??ak. waabar. an4 Iraaer: tba ban any ratar? asaa aaa katitta fraa bar laat plar. laa b? aa. for two da>a a) 7a lariatiatb atraat, la laa raar, bat??a? auto aa4 Saaaath ataaaaa. WAM1D IT TWO KB8PBCTARIX TOl'NO WO- 1 aa. atlaati- na, oaa aa a*aa>atraaa. and to aaatat la r ??Bbarvark; iba atbar aa eba?karaai4 aa4 *aiur, i* >4 Itl; tafaraaaa aaa k? ?i?aa, eaa ka aaaa far two 4afa. Plaaaa aall at 17*1 wal/tb -iraat aa4 Uataeratt? f laaa Wants i>?a hti ation, bt a bbjpbctabls wraiaa. aa IVk; baa Iiaa4 la bar laat f>iaa? tra yaar*. k? la ?"a|?tnt ta 4n bar taaiaaaa I aa ftra tba baat af > ltjr rafaraara Plaaar aall at ill Baat af Ta alfih atraat, apt a tlia in* Birriii ??r??aa. WAftTRD-nr A EESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN A tilaatioa l??k Pka aa4?rttaa4t kar katiataa Ut raatklj. ) tutor aa4 Iraaar. aa4 h?? aa ..hjaail.?a %? 4i? tka tarrraT k?ana?tk of a tmali family Oa?4 rafaraaaa Slits tr< ia ?r la?t plaet Hat no okj?- u?n? |o a ihtti f?H ia tka ? uatry A fflr at 91 S'*??ath ttra". katwaaa #ir?t aa4 l>r?i I imM Caa kaaaaa thraaAaya. WANTED-* aiTTATIOR. HT A R ESrEOT t BLR I joaag ?Me?a. u kagnlator Efaltar. ?r I'SaakarI?al4 n< aalirr Ika k?at af ??; filirtIM ran ka ,I'ta fr?Bi I tr la.t taplaytr. MTftlllli airaat, ia tka raar I WiDTBD-A HTPATIOW, BT A R E8PICTABI E jatil aoaaa. ta aaak. waak, aa I tin; U go >J pkaia ttik.tHiaA'i ltiOuMr n4 iraaar. Uotlciirr f'tCu h? wit ftr i*i It;I. Apply at liu TaatltA i. ?i n tl.a Iff. haiaaaa f?f>k aa4 Wiath at'aaaa. WANTED-A MTtATION. ur A K4?PECTABi E joan* wamaa, aa C?ak; waaM k? irlll'M ta mom ia a. .bin and iroaii,*. << > 4 attr r-'?r?n<-a tan ka aiaaa. v > a' ta' a priaata ft milt ar?4 apply. riaaaa rail a. M I ai?t t'?j placa III ka ?r?n f'.r tw.? day* WAi,?i> RVIKO B^PFCTABI K VOIMI WOIIKV |rl?t"?) tltlMlNt. '?na p?rt?r ly aai?rt aa t??kti>? ? i?tii? i r >alx Th? . a? l,tia?krni ?'4 a?4 Aml.tait HatMr; ata> an4?ratanat aaitia* O?. i ally nfrrtaaa. Inkf ??aa far two 4aja. Pl?"?a? arptj at Wa. Ill Nla?i?> ath t?., Iatwa?a ?ha itntk ai>4 Haraata ar*aaaa. 11/ AH71V A HBHT.RATE Bit UNI R.TOM P?R v TT ,,,4 , kailtiM, ia ??aa"?il..? with a Paa?f Dry Ca<4t knatrraa. I? afaaktvaakla ?*?t'*r? >lly. To aa ; ar.wpli?h?4 la<*>. wk? aixtara'kndt ika an?|? aaa h , ati4 an h?? aa alHil-l* patlilot, wr k a Jall'htfnl rari'awa <a a ?-r?l?l i liiaata. Iilaral larr.1 will >* i(r<r?J r?4??kt < , f.l?Ki??r?^riirt t< f?|?r4t ?ka?a?'<r la^'ifaaitf. At- ! i !?- J t , tW. I"a?f I'aat WAillllV ?rn??T?M< AkOM *?rET01TR?a?f? li tai w*iaaa. ta f - "-nk with a faaiilf. ta I ra??i !. ?a4 iV? aarann o/ f?ai t' 14 -?. fr> at aa? a ai?o? >?a'?>iJ kba iratt la a paiwa a f lata.ll>*aa<>a, f*4 man ?rri,aa* a Pr. ???t; wlll'a* *a mat> km I tnaially at tal la r.vk???-(a< ?.(?' ? |i0 ta|!f|>w m->rl V ' Mlraii M.t I 5*. I* Pet Vha. ? ? wla'aaa PfUlH. | WASTS. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A eittatinn, a* Ciiamb^raaaid <>r WaiMr. Nu objection te do g?n?ral kn Kwnl in a null privata family. 0<>o*l (it cu, Flea** apflj at 41 Chart** (treat, ooraer ef Icorth. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A S1TUAtioa. to do general lioneewnrk. Bert of city references i given Inqnirr at W7 UaaMond atreet, Arat floor. Oaa b? i a? f?r ^wi^daya. WANTED?A SITUATION AS PASTRY OK ME IT ' conk, ar b*th. if required. by a reiptctabl* voung w>maa, i who p*rfeetly tiniiareiaade her bnaineea ia all it* hraaoh**, ai.d ran he highly recommended by the lady *b* ha* Jue? I lr't. Can b* ao< a for two daye, if aot previonaly aagnged. Plraee addraia A. W.. 39 Stat* *tr**t. Ia the ilore, 4vuih Bro? Vlya. WANTED?BT A YOUHQ AMERICAN GIRL. A 81. aatioa a* Num or Ladv'a Maid, or wonld do chamber work or waiting Th* b**t or ei*y refereaee caa be mea. Can h* teea at (M Hooetoa atr**t, for two day*, if aol fUltcd. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT j oung female, a eituatioa a* Chambermaid aad Plata Sewer, ia a private family. Kefarenoc caa be got fro? three cr four i lergj men. Cult'm. for two daya, at 'in Eighth avenue, tlret butitd toward* the Ninth avenue. WANTED?BY THREE TOt'NO WOMEN. SITl" ATIOffS one t* onoh. wuh, and iron, or to do th* g*a?ral home work of a email private family?tba other*,t? 4? ehamberwvrk and aniet la waehiag and ironilf|; .of eewing. Oaa oom* well rocooaieaded. rU*?? ?i" ai(No. ?1 Oraraerry park, orner of Lciipgtna avenue Twoatr Firet street, where lh*y remain in theii preteat aitaatione, and l*?ve on aoaonnt *1 tbe finally icl~g cot of the oity. WANTED?A PaLEBMAN IN TI1K LACK AND KMbroidery Bui'hAii, aone but one familiar with tbt trade will suit. EDWARDS * MA?r?EN, 657 Broadway. WANTED?ATT1IF. LAMP STORE,318 CANALSTREBT. a young man acquainted with with the eity, aad baring a knowledge of businoss, aad a good raoommeudation from bit latt employer. Apply Lei ween eight aad two o'cloak. 8QLOMOM >. E BILLY. WANTED?A DRUG CLERK, HT GOOD MORAL CHAraetor^ well educated and eompetaat in hie profession; one faxniiiar with tho French language pn?f/?rred. Salary liberal. Apply from 12 to 5, et No M Broadway. WANTED-** WHITE MAN, AS WAITER, WUO Understands bis business, aad can be well reoom'Aoniud. None other awed apply at Kw 11 Washtagt*ia > |-um. WANTED? BY A MAN Of LONG EXPERIENCE IN the Geld Pern and Case Maanfaetariug. an o?rorrunity of becoming a partner, by an investment of a email sum. or would Le willing to fupcrin'ead and t?ke charge of an establishment a here he could bo remuaeratcd for fils sarrioes. Addre.-s T. 0., Iltiral 1 office. Refereaecs exchanged. WANTED?A SITIATION AS GARDENER. UY A yorur man vrbo haa l.i.d thirteen years xpsrisnce, aad lived in tome of the moht resptetab'e places in ?ngltnd aad Ireland, also. one year and eix monthe in this country: tie hk. a thorough knowledge of hif profession in all its va?ioni branches ten pi sifc| tn< management of start and grcenbomeplaat* the forcing of fruits and vegetables, Re. Adrtree* T D. FA1)DEN, No. 2 Font street. Wanted to rent, in a genteel neiguborhood. a modern Housu, suitable for a ?m?il fa laily -losation not above Twentieth itreet. and rent not to exceed Qve uimdivd illlin. Ad.lrts- Pott fXBce. boa No. '2 Wanted to .hire-a etore in notiHfif, west side between the Park aud Fourth street; or. ia Canal street, north side, on either of the thtee first ti cks from Broad* sy. Address A. l> lleralo otttoe. WANTED TO RENT, BY A HIGHLY RE9PB0fABLE smi.ll family, a smalt houpe. or part of a larre nouec, with kitchen, either furnished < r unfurt ished. ia tbe neigh1 orhocd f Broadway or any of the stage routes to tne city. Please addrasj to R . box 1.334 Post Otfic. WfA'STVblO RENT-ON OR BEFORE THE FIRST OF v? O. tober, a house. cr part of one, suitable f ?r a email ; ft.TitiVy without children. Location berxrtra T*n?h and Prince streets, near Broadway. Esfereaccsexeliaa<ed. Address X V. Z this office. ADOI'T.?ANY HFiPECTaHMC FAMILY WH-flVr. jit f t a ht aatiiul mftlo child na? year uoU a hnlf !<'., ran h tr cf one hy AJdr??*>inc; a hue to Mrs. t'Utk, box 4, llarald nlhco . st a iitj r*?i?Jr r?cc kr. \rftxnca>Y. wmo rnoiftsrurm dimI '.'t -t * 1?, I mill 4mm, ilI I I . n drrff-ep, a!?<?, clonh making. wliket to e";'*n<? in a f imUy ?*y the tiny, .*?r to tuke Iho drcNsea to h#?r ho.iae, at r? anonabln j rice*. PUare call \t her houe?, Fourth at root, eioond w, boat the vvu?himT?n PtrMi Oroii4. \rRf>'CH UDY. WHO UNDMVTINDS CLOAK ii i\ L. lllli 0? fast* -.j cI? uki*. U? troa i '? v rk ?t that biMinr an at her linn~?i. f r in:p..rur? ?r.l mer- ? rhaata. Fulfill a* 2V9 Fourth street, aaona story, ?ar VrrM'N'J f-A 1>Y WANTih-S11 f: *lTST RF, OF PliCv< ttnuitt/ Hppcsrsurr, ?n?i bo * il!in^c a*er Jato uny 1 ire of a|.?rcnla: un which will m?uro her a ni"firrace fortune ir a very j'lort tiir.#?. Ad ire?a, atatioc a*r, formoroscql ai iwD, aid wit re an interview iaa be bed, I. A. L , at thi? otacf. A> 01 NO WO MAN WtNTS A M!TATIOV IV A KC-| oiablo in>ai? famly a* S*an.??..r*Mi and to doehamberwtrii etc u n'eo a lira* r**e *h?rt irea?r. City reference enn be ^ivra. PUaae call a* ."7 t'roaby at VNFSI'FCTAfil.F. WOMAN WANTS A*iri'ATlOtfftte in a ford cook. waaher and tron*rf-beUinc. or any otfeei rk bei . 1, ar. i tilUte to r.m r h'r*?rviroa for the hacrfit <>? her employer. ana ie ^ood eliVnn. Pr* the heat of eit% rof^r^nc* Please lall for t\?o <U>a at y* Wt at ?er*att'?nth etroot, aecond floor. ^ >1 4 I | ' M AflK.N V4 \\ 1 Kt), BV quit* wall, and would intkt haixlf aoinpaaionabl* a* wr-11 t< v*<fal, in * T??t>r*taMa tan,i)y, ?r ua a a"iiip*ai?a fi r ft lady. M.e U alao ? food aaanmtrea*. drat *lty rafarliiwtHMillUI. Pleaia nil at 88 Mro*t. AYOI N(1 It a V. W IIO HAS BEEN P<>H MAN V VF. lR1 ia Uia f?r via* of I ha l:ra* 'a in lite, ia Knglaad,Frnmw?i"m l,i CM livMl.r l~t rtnlSctlN, *nl liu travailed oa til* cniimat at Koa?|>*. iaan*t?ua to obtain a an nation with a (( nil?a.fcu tra? ; ?, wraid ?ak? ?k?rsi"f an lai?tM t ntiamar. Apply to W. I. , at th? ifica of tbi* |?pur. Two (jo'id mi.l.fVKHS wanted to oo to bidtoo. Ttay muat ha toad trimmer'. Apply to j ii ba ri kt. Fur (tor". Na. 40 Aaidaa laaa. SKilAMS WANTED.?WAN T?D. A LOT OP 8BUAR3 IK aii'har*" for fcna FraaoL olaih. AJdra*a " California,'* ikiioSia SITCAT10N WANTED?HT A BE9PICTARLB TOL'NO womaa. to Cook, Waak and Iron, or (faaral kouaawork ; my rafaranaa *> > *a. ri< *e? to fall at 71 Tba a*a atr*?t. SITl'ATION WANTBI-?T0?f>0 ('If a MBER wobk. AND altar or aa Nuraa and faaeoaira**; aad<'rataada Drnaarrikiag; fan prednea city rafaraaaa u to akaraetar and ability I'laa-a aal' at 4C? Brcx taa atrtal, I>a*?aeut. Caa ta i?(? fct ?w? dayj. DI.'H l.\ A I.AWVI'B BITBKR IN UtaoTtr i at, or id Wall, ia*r Baaavar. Addraaa Y. A., thl* afloa. TO LAWTBBS? WANTED. DESK ROOM IN BOMB REapt'taM* law office, for wblah literal ml will ka )a.d. Addrt !> E. R . thl* offle* TO BOTBL rBOPRIETOBS?THE ADVERTI4BR. HATl*? had taTtral yaara'alpariraaa In 6r?t elaaa liot*Ia la thl* ally, ( daalroui of oklataia; employment la a t-od Kaa*. Ilia rafcraar* a? to aapaeity. iate.-ritr, aia.. will ka f?u*d to k* of It* moat uneieaptinnahie ekaraetar. la a food bookkeeper. Addraa* " llUackar," Harald alfi-a, N. T. HOVBtKKXPBB'a SITUATION WANTED??r AM Aairrlrat lady, wltlioat any laennkr?n''ra: eaa *l?* It* I,aat ally raferaar*. karla! officiated In tba abnr?mea'ion-d mparlty la of the 4rat !? < hetela aa w-ll ax prirata J faaiilJei, is ihneltTi wo?i? hart t? ohjaatloai to #n to iir piitt of llii MtttK. A iot? iiMiiitti t? L P., HirtM i IT.' Will be promptly attoadid to. TO DITILLER* AND OTHER* ? A VOI \ft HARRIED EnjtHrhir.oa It deetrane of oktaintsi a alluauoa oa Ho<kW< |ir. ?t Axi ltnl Mookkaepar. baring a jrtod praotloal lnon!od|e of double entry. Ho hai el?o a rood ko?wlode* of Lho llitlllilloi uf ran, hafli( boo* *err >u'tooafol la afaa acaeemtlre tropa In Jaaiaira. Oood roforoaaaa 04 to eharaeter, At. I'l-aao od Jreee O. R. at tkia tTI'-o. PKtlAL IVI'llikl*. M KB A If ICS, ATTENTION-LAND FOB DO|f. Meade. ladoatrl' ni poreona are lamed to alum I lho ant twilti bhi?? of tho U B Ua4 flooto'v, oa Too-day Kail. l7tb, at 1 o'oloak P. I., %t tiio Baton' M-aioof Call, 1*7 Oread at , l-ttrooa llr?d??y and >la A toaa aita will h? purchased and derided amnMft tho taota'-en at rot root. Fayaeati iaey aad wiihla the roark of all It. B All tha menlere are r.iai*ivd t? to proaoat oa Important kaataeaa. W. Pa RK ER, Praaideat. Ctiaai 'a Itia, Ra?'y. CA O-TBE I N SERMONED REO LEAVE HOST ?e?pa*tfal>T to ratora tkoir elaoere tkanka to iAo R-? Iir K-oa-dr. of II a*kl*a: t. Mr Hrartaksra. ta Mr Coak, lad tha Boakara of Warroa Ckop-or, Na. d, O of r t F< totally, for ika latoraat Ibar aaaifiitod la tha Intaraei.t of aar kratker. who. tk?a?h alaiet a a'.ranfor aaonj thaai. board that tkojr ? ? hla frlende JOHN R MM I. V. No. lit Eaa: Trr-at a-foarth M. JaVEl UN LEV, No <10 llonim-r^ley at. AMiKfw H P INI.IV N.i *i frank fort (I. Hzc/iii nititiif tZM.irftit'c pto?i tpta rn nakrl aid klrdkhll. Tali a/dk allfVa elth r.vlatl. "?! ?yae ndhalyai TihyjL O lykl baa all aid nib all aokaa aaA ye It*. PI'HMCATIURt. MERCHANT'.* PAT HOOK -A *RA*< H PfllLIC ittaa c.ffi. a ia ao* ?p?o at Na. 1 Wall atraat, at wkiek I laoa art TANNBRt TBA V Cl.l.l N(. MA PA ?TH B MINT IDIllr B at t),?*a S'kJa lt|>. Ifli >1 trXI lllh?l IB till. B?4 *'>ktkiktkt all I'l* rallfuaHa. nasal*. *l? )u?l rstliah*4 an4 for akl* at ?hs Map Star*, No. fe)l Br <?4wk]r. A to*. E*U*r Mapa af *11 >???. TKLKOHtPHIO. BOSTON ANDNBW VOBK TBLf.U* A P? OOMP* N Y, I'Am N . A Wall nrwi, I ?a?oa4 tLory )?Thl? Im, saiti| ! * Ft'nt Printing ln?*ruro?*?. In in M Na? Harts, llartf'M BpnspltaM. PmrHassn tM B??tl?? Tl? otMtf h? tn piiiM h| ib* iMtriamu la lataan Ca|aial l<-H>ra-thua lk? nanmif ( tr\naKtlkc nt transcribing, aa4 roaa>|a?at liability t?armr ??taaanrtlr >it?a4?ai span all athsr irataau af Mlacrapbisg. TVa palrtta allbla II aa nt) 4?paa4 ap-a pnn?*i?al traaas>l??ias and tallrarj "f ihtif aa, w. %? s? 4aapa?alta? *111 Vi FixalTi^ II Ibalr nftroa aala lha ?|raan-a in working ?r?*r. I'rfaa-ftr m*aa*?*a *f Ua *tt4i. XIraau and far Mk a44KI?anJ w?r4. % oast* JAMBA ft TV ROT*. PrasUasl. *A*irr-a fl full, Clar% . f lb* Carparati .a. Ilaa Turk. Bapt. 1.1 IfMU IBNllMikBiikB, Ambsican litb ?t?mb inm.kancb compant v? m?ia?a Capttai ?.">.<? ? all pal4 la. BfcaakkaMtn In4>r44a?llj llkkla IXrasmr*? Hoa J Map* U. Bnaata, Han Tbaa>aa Hiakap. Dr. Iliraaa Itarkar. laaaa Maaa. ikil.ia a~|,>. pan >1 .? ? > >.r T till* 1 km. <;# ?* h?r. ? i . ai?t? w. Tt?j r.w. Uu>. JoPtt'H U. lor?l.?, Pr-<44**t. /ow* 0. *?? **, ftwj Via. Bv?t*h, Tr?mr?i. ?f Ui? WlMh ti Um 6m?? B?*k ( IMUn* - Wladnv, Lul<f k 0* . b*?k?rt, W*J1 fr?* ff'pn?l?r Bt?? (XxitlM Ht?; * T. J>rO?. l? i . 101 rrmit (trMt: John WlHIuu, 111 OarUt I f?? In- ? M'HoixU. \jr?? M m M ? V?t* m4 % Jm>*. Ik* W.H ?n?l r?A 4iri> am not biii.I"hd um rot * M mm ? * ,? < h?lf part -? r it-, kj JOHN potts* tftOj, (iul*r' )fr-T* r>?* W?. I. *?r?li Fv? rif? ?W*a ???' > >m ?, Ntw r?m avd rhn?i>ki.? hi* -mv tore * 4 l*1HU4*>ptiU Utiu4 ' * ci Mill U?? T*rf??fc la *. ?? \?? l*rnj R.h %* -T%r- t*t*r*4 t* |i fur *r?< rlM a*4 il H* tmr ?Um I-?t? r?? Y?rk M ? A.M.. fr?? ?f OwJtMt Iimvm A li :?4 r. I., *?n <W* ?f UMrttitMt. Utn M 11>4 < i. I. ?< ir i.ft^i t?t if Vlbv'.MMi J?WT LMP. | CA1TI.I OARDIN. -M'l.LI. JKXNT LIN0*3 Till HO grand Cuaim will take plaaa, it Ca.llu Uardou, on Taataay trtmiag, bapUuatjr UUi^UK. MHT I. Orar??r\>?"dulllaaaie T?U," . .Roaatnl. I Cavatiaa?"VI K?ttib# '* Si*. Ucllettl. 4oiun*m*>u>a, Halllni. Ari?~" (Jul l?,Voc?," M'llti. J tun J UuJ. l'urli??l . U?llul. i Diitt-PiuoLru ud Viclln, on faiorita lliamu of Bolliai Mmn. Binodiat Mil Noll. L? Tui>t?l!?~"Oi? ) Luck," Sl<. lk>M?ttl tluMiui. Aria Men Paraatar," MUo. Joany Liad. Cimui JtUnieo., Monait. ' ? YAMT n. Ofirlnra?" U MnetU d? Partial," ManaaaUlloAntv'r. Bnliad?"T?ka Tbi? Law." MU* Janu; Liij BmxIi"). Bulv?Piaavtxrta, Mr. UnOinaa Li do Ifoytr. Aria?"Nua l*iu Aadrai," Bi*. BeUttU. Nj<? dl Paiaro IimtI Bomanaa- Qnaadu Laaeiai U Kbriaaada, Mll.i. Jonay Lisa K)bvrfc? il lhavulo. Final#?" Ah noa Oluagt," M^ortnor, Mil?. Joany

Land. Koninaiobala BaKliti. Bw?dl?b Melody?"U?rd???n'< Sony, (known a? the Bo ho Sung.) run* by M'!U. Jouny l.iad. Conductor?Mr. Bcaadlot. 'Pic Oroa?*tra arlll oun?l?t of B.lty Porformara. laolBoiaii tha Brat uJanl ir ut ojuntrr. Priaaa of tickata, from Si to (IS. uoeordiu* to loeatina. Proaaaada 1ick?t? $1. P'aoaa taaurad, and tiokata ubta-ncd at tha Amartean Iguia. iMora mil fti o u moo*, uonnert to muiMM at o oiooa. , Mo cheeka will to leaned. ChieUliu'n <r*ai FI??o? will b? ?m4 ?t ?hJ?, *oBS?rt. 1\]? tunny Lind a Feaith ItrehJ Oen?er? be Riven ft* Caatle Garden on Thureday Partlcolart hereifUr, JOINT LINO'S THIRD CONCERT. ON TURSDAY eeealng, ITU" mat., ?". Caatlt Garden.? .1 lane portion oftb? boat aeats are foraale by Wui Hull it Son, it) Uroadway. W. H. It 8. ban bought ft! thta e-meert on'y the g?..d abd deeiraM* eeata. and perinua purohnN iqr from tb?m will mura th* beat placea is tbo boaae, both fjr bearing aad aeeing. JENNY LI N D'8 CONCERTS --YISITEK4 AKR KEQTTESted to procure their book* oontai?iug tbo pr.*ramiu? aad worde of iLeai'DgH Id Italian. Gorman and Sweeuiab,with their tranalationa in I.ngUah, on the Bndg* er >t tbo eairanee of ti.e Caatle. aa it ia Impoaatble for p?r?cm? to g-t botwnen tlx aeata to tell the earn* after the audleuoe art aentftd. JENNY LIND.-A GOOII LIKENESS RNORATED ON ateel, in the firet atylo of the art, painted on a boautifnl enamelled card, 7 inot-oa by , priee ten eeata. Jnat -nMietiol, yJoha Nrall, M Cam ina atrort, aad 119 Fulten atreet. The Herald of the I4tb nit. eontalaa an advertlsem-nt of an enflattertJ likeaeaa of Jenny Lind, by a >me peraun in thi? city, trnly unflattared. I* ie no likeoeni cf JI*dniaoiei'lie Jenny Lind. mote thtn it il of a country ?-hou! h"r. ?r an I nnmeaniM Lead of e*M aje. Take your opera gii;>aa> rod Jndga for jonmlaca of M. J. lind'a likenee* In the roncert ma. Vine iiwi T*H* DCSSELDOKi ACADi - M >F FiN V AKTla. * Ni* paiatiaga recently an *otl r?m 2nr<>pe, imcy whiob la "Oern auie," by Koehlti- a work of art of a.. bigheet elaaa Tee exhibition of pnin'inge 1)7 artlita of tfca abort aehooi bia received m:nr addition*, and remain* o|wa at the two renin a over tbe ball of the Cbu-sfc it tke Un .ru , Unite, la Broaowar, between Brrl.jg and l'rlaoe atieei* from W oVloek A.M. rr.tlt 10 o'elcok V- M Adm;?ion t? MM. Roaeoa tiofcnta IW< jonta. Hataloaree 11% nenta. DAOCRHRFOTVPI I*LATB?.?GREAT REDACTION in pnre. H e *re now enabled to a**U Loula L. BUbop't plater, at $:*> per hundred, full aiia They are wa.rantcl uperior to auy other, and rold eHtli the privll g* of raturn* tbf tnooe Ifcat would cot give on'ire ?a* iiw.on. VICTOR DlStlOH. ? Maiden lane. or uttirt. | PRBt'lOl'M STONR*, JEU RLRT, CHALKS. AND ALL kindtof Fr?noh fancy arti^leo, ?%! hy TiCTUK UitUOf, ?t Me?den Lune, tp i tftlrt. N. E. Fear! , Diamond#, ?.nd all kin4a of Wem* pnrohn?>d 11 their (all enlne. TtIK Fltf KittfC*. At a Ml i (NO Of 'i nr. MAZIPPI FIRS B9T01MI Ci rnj toy. Iirl4 at the l.ntiine ll> , va M < ?Uay evttiioc. >*H*m?*r lb, the following rtaolutions wiro uuaaiioouhiy ao< |?t*d W liettti the Chief E:iine?T ?>f tho Fire Department.. in hie ui.bual re) <rt to t>,? C< rnuon Council, rcfl-scten <>a I erfon* hirli in authority, vhi'h ha* cxcit<Jth*lr wrath, | ami indue ed thrrnt* of his removal fr>io the depart :tieLt whi<*h lie lion h 1* 4 with honor and credit. ,| Tt*rtfotf, renolrcd. Tin v? will fully iu*t&in Alfred Carton ia the rcurse be ban taken, and feol titiafied with lie her c?t> ?nd purity of hli ia'cnlkf*#, and that w? 1*. li?%t ho h*? no othtr u.otive than iho od and welfare of the dt partiumt. Ktfrl***, That at?v inmittcc appointed t> investigate the thorp* * man** hy hiw?, -h*uld he person* dtfintematt-d, and nut tltuM tha*. aro iutpiietled iiy Ma report: an.I that to bijou, t anv other would only tend to anotner t'e chaip?R, and ahuld the p*ra? u* cliur<?d frcm tliu ounfure tbt f bo joatly m* rit. Knohrn, Tiia a e^py of tl>* e reaotnti^a* fee forwarded to the CLirf Luimr * a tealiinony that we appr v?of hit erninet and ? ill euataiu him Rc?olv*>d. That tho proettdinff* *> puMfeheJ in the tTerald I ALd Fireman * Journal JO^El'li li.\MA.N, Foreman. JoH* *1 K14.HT, S*t lutary. UN UM 1 \ {?) (1(H) PO LOAM?ON BUND AND MOBTOAOB, ; v #4jl/vl/ on .inpr>>rod fral eftaie in th?i ciiy -tr j liro>kn ii. It will We 1 >an?d fur a t?:rm of yeari, in eum-t to auit aitlicanta. Apply to J II ROBI8QN, 1# Wail itrott. WANTID?A PABTBBB. WITH A MODB1ATB I APItal. to purt-ha?e an iatoro?t in tn? ot the be't eihibitioirie tine ooontrv. Tho exhibit) r ia a liviei cnrl%>?ity. For tnrther parti* afar*, aj?H> at tho llmadway II ?n*i, c?>ri.?r c I Itro.i'iw ay and Grand atrott, Ir ta i A. d. till p |M. I To fo South thi? winter. Wantei> a i aktner. wiirkk pajmftfaftth*t fur tho impr<?vmn ?f two tn?moM fiuaj in Preach th? > e:t*.r re?Ml*, r-^mrian a .noderat.i capital and amaaif title if a large eattnaiou. Apply at ti9 honae of If. !fatiit. No. f,U rrai.klm atreet. aleb mm al'cfloil or jafou r n att?l. <i. cirsieatov. aitc J) tir???r ? Dardwara anil ( utlarr. Sa-idlary, KHUi, ( rbiata. ?e ? Itiia day, at 10 o'clock, at tha Aortloa doom No. SSIlatt TO'', rtn-inriorf "t IvlRl) oof l>tlM h?tl ?)Ulil outta'ka: t?" koura fcrada, ??.,?'? !>.. < Banting nailn. aad on* boa oltui naiN; tight bm *r?d ?roaa flat u l ronadboad plated c? rfia atraaa, tri m lLa houM ul Jarratt k Soat; al?>, ana (?( pT-uaaK a rap* ; and oaa tua liuiWgi, daruarad; alaa, a uuaatltjr af U*rmaa ataun* ?hi?L aro thr?? kriianala ladlai. alao. hairptaa, kalttl?K do ; tkiaklaa, awl?. aoadlaa alao, two oa?ka naw imported laddlera, to ko >la fur oa.b, for Mrotn of aad? rvrftrra. tha ian? aaaia| ka?a dwai^ oa tbo <?)Wa?f i?t>ortatioa. annotating of Japaa?d aad allrrr ai.d kiaaa plataa baraaai. ' ja<-b R, <11 Hu, buck lap, ate.: alaa. Baa japti'l watrajn hx-ka, kniaaa aad forka, vtkv aud |?a ItlfMk ruori, aaiaeora. akaara. a*' . ala?\ rardad eatlary, brara eaviloeliakt, aauffara. ata , ate. l'atal>fti<a uajr r-a had at il a Aurtlva Ho <a, bad thi fooJa may ba t a*?iaod till tlabour of aalo. CORPORATION NOTICE.?84I E OK PRorERTT FOR apatd Taiao?Public notlra la boroby tiaaa liiat a eaU of property lor aapald taiaa fur the yaate 1M7 *<d IKK. will tak?r>la*? at pablio anttl<aai the rl.y Ball of tba etty of No* l ark, aa koaday, tho eliteeatb 'lay af Doeemberant, at IIo'rljak at soua. aad ka rwauaued friat it; to day aatil tha wholt of aaid MMtl eheil l>? aold. aad that IM datailal tii'Bfit of th? uiiHr'.i It k* aold I r uni aid tai.a la pahliahod la Uia Nov Vark C" arcIv Ad\ artiaer, a Jul/ a-wipapar printed aad ptiUtahed la ttie flty of Naw V"rk. JOSEPH R. TAYLOR, C mi tr^Uar. OMRptrellor'e Ofllee, Nan Yr>rk, S?p?. III. I Wta< ANAL ?OAT!?. ATJtt'CTION -O.y WEDNEII'A V, AT ?*l Rvait. araily nnw. ?lt?fh? K. lloj.rt, of Mo'nuitna*, aa 1 lb* I?kI? of lb* Vail**, oath rnrrjr<Kiku, or 7W larr?l?, i.adni 4?ek. Tha abort hot It art ujvlyin^at lhf> Ailikli' borkt, wh-iix tbtj ean k? ?-" mill th? m'-raing ?f kit. nlikoat raur>i', to elo?u MMf, fOU tALk AND ?? LKfi rLirrow,stativ isi an?. >?tar ti? kaiiov?? fvi itli? U Mot, Co?t?(? Mm aa4 Rnll .1114 Uti, * " *' ??**< (teuti. la lli? aioat central trnJ <mIr?kl? |.?rtjhf Chit a, la tba Ticlaltt of ftrrt. ?h?r*ln>o, ?n4 t< hobl* Tho ?lr?t tofaatad tho oitj, l*?y, tnl N?rr.wt. fart a<?r la ?<?il? 1 i.ri -? ? ?ik? a? I lmu kr pit t a r*a<)V an4 hoauufo], UntMU a/aiaat aalaaa*m will la rt>|uirt4. la4ao?"i*at* will to iltan 1 far lb* lf?llm ?( 4aalraMa buil4iaita. Horn* lot* nffotM *r? a?*r tk* w*i?r A holkli?*4 la araati 4 in fraat of ihla ,T?|nrif, ta< It 1a lnt**4?4 to eosplala a at* farrjr-Uudiafm In* *pf V A map ran ka laan, ane larmt k*>wa at B. U l ait >t a Bnilkcr, 15 R.aal* atraat. W W VAN WtMMN V 4. Ilaao a* MM. Tii?. lart opportinitt To fi'Hi.i'Asr. utn on Um Mi af RUlitk tinaa. id Oia V I! ?*. M ?"? *far>?. Prm* *f rath la?. 26 ?j l?l faal, |I4U. '" o% a. h lat ta ramain aa I. .ad and morttM* far i?a jpaara. Tta kalaaaa ? i-a iai4 haa*rdi(J? 4? tha i*awua ul tha pwrabnaar. 4l*taoal44tk atiaat. S lata oa 14.W attaat 4 lata"* 1424 Hr**t, aa4 3 lota oa 141*4 Mraat. Partiaa who a?ar Iataa4 4a (at a buna far tkalr ohtldmi r* ail !"** ?t lb* 1**4, th?w a*IJ *4 kha ?la4<?1ha1- atra, I71 an4 ITT VllUaa Mmt. (AHl'KI. r BABTOI. DI>I*aHI L RKHIDBNrB IN HRO"hl \ * PUR HAM. laaaa or t* ltt, tha T*ry *.>nr*nirat aottnft. bona*. *> a'alma* taa mama, wl4kf*ar lota of ir?**<l *n4 atnMa in tkaraar. 1 h? prawila*c ?ra 4-litht alia I ?n.*4 In CllaUa aaana*. R4m?* paai itva 4*or anr; ft w mla?'.?*. If 1a*lr?4. tka wh*la of tha faraianr* **4 biaa*h?i4 iJfli wi.l b* aal4 fnaornkl* tara* Par fnrtbar part., ulaia ** i*ira an tha pr?tBMo* <>r af M JOHNSON, at Baaara ArptaiaV*, If I Hr??4w*j, N T. JIlhWY LlhU- A OkNTIir OPPIC1 P1WN11III0. f'.f I4l'?Aaifallrnt at*n4 In ? la* ba*aa ?n4 ?-nn< * t<? 4 hwnaaoa; It will ha a-14 4* tl.a hu haa4 brlf .-r lna?rae tali *la? if r* iair*4 at * low r >a I* k ?44t'a aal<*aa to k* kr4. tn4 will Ja an ioitaa !1? ? k**. Aa4r-a* Dantlat Barnl4 nflra, far thraa 4ara ASI I.INDID CHANCB TO BNIiAQP. IN A < ??? h?*taaa?* - T*. ** *ol4. n t?la ai !?nl .aa ul Bai' anr**4. 1.4a4*4 bat'iw Wall Mrrat, pa'raait~4 4ailf *y hnn<r-4a of a?r moat napo-tah'a aiiaana Ik* I;*** of aaratnl f**r?, wi4h tka timr**. will h? aal4 nt * h*r*aln. ??ll 4* B HO n |<M Nnaann ?4. TOHornrrHH and writs*- ?'?<>r 4M> RHOB Ua-alar* ?Par anlw, lawor4*4 Pranrh boat* ha I ahoa*, A*., af lit* boa- *>?i<--ial ant workaiaaatoa. la 4*t4"i4i*a la ania ptuakaaara T HBIOBMBAUKB. N* ? lH>p airMt. a* wrtw. _____ TO MT-IN DRIMIILVK A PI*." TCI.AS* IIOI'HB. 44 ^ J*aa4a atra*t, wllkta a abort 4iaiaa-a af Tnlwo ?-rt)r. ill *l?>k aa?, ud af Mail.Iq| attlaa. (Ill ka aold it UM' ral 4lwnnB<: !*** oaal tu iltaa ?n n* k< f.ra l?t. Apply ua lk? fr'.laoo, or la WAI.lRfc . HAtntvn H*?arJ It N- 1 T" i *T rii\|i'nii|.iiri.rimilH ro<m?TiMJ af 4lsl?| nti lr??ik| r?B?t>- th# tral H*" r. Ii4 iHraa tl ithitnuM Mtw?i ?nl pantrtw l'rl> ??' laMo ie-t ?U?><l?r # fnmi.N.I Th? k?*<4 I* MpUla wl'kall lh? sio4frn i,pr.?a?.?a ia. na< llgkti 4 ?lik ' at ? < ' i. |i >ai<n airaat BA?KMK>T OPrii.K TO LBT-KMWl'laC O* Till V I' I'.rl ll..| Lorw **NTIO mm *TI * m ro*??. r<>* A Pnaila* ?m<". ??Hf ' J. C. ACrmiCL?>?9 k \ li'liuN i-/ ful'fimvfvi. A I'LkASANT RfK>* To LET, ? ITU A LA?'?? TA*iff, III(I||I| ami ar 4 vifa, or l?? rtuli p?U?a??, *nia?l?li atraai. kilvnm <i>ta*H' RXrREM AUR1 II?. E? ime* % co . N wa i.i. f?TR?itr, WTU. ro? wail ik-ir a?it a?.*tal 'aara.? *a ??nrt?r, *?*k Inai. \f !? aplomb* ?'!</ All Ur ka tiia^ la in ?f hol?ra frW?? Cvk *??J1 r?ri-4# r^if'A till ij M. > </a 4*. ,f Mulia?. I**-*' ? ?< "pan till fWa'ela'k. Karl? ai*li-a?i. m??t ka fof lor?a kw. T>rar4i>Ml4a: Mtan<laM?>M I?fo4<>aa?ao? *?'f aartilM at wk> Win k-a- aa* r>a*4a4 la*iiktk( t?ia. I II HIT"* I W?Urtf*i [> iti r>> r"k*?>"im< A* A ?:?n*aaia.r>*?r<ta ? ? # ara aaarr*. IV A to Irrr ra ail > *4a n?i ?a ?af ? ?. k??'a?| Hrkl t-atfki Ha?ta. <rnH India nUnwm. ?l>aoa???ja. oa Of faar-naor* l>i 'fljM * ka*o alaa aa4f arfkMa?a*?a w1?* vlaa?.? a 9a., ir?n<r-TVi?J?a ?*?nla. a* "'.nc?a aa< 'fmaaa. ?o that tkora will ka a* <*?a? "Hi * lr>> Baa El. TATUilUlaM af nulr.wfr*. 1 II Dl Ba|T<1, 'aw <A Wa? Will. Mvnw In T"1 J. Mmaft a ??na. M Wf?4paw. iter Arawara L llua. ?* Raatn rtiwij 0*r?1na, lp. Cn? V. 1 Caarokaaa. (Mk >aCa?4arr k C-a^ taa f n 'lava. r.i|Ma __ ftflSSfifififffih IIOWHT TBJATKE.-TUE3DAV EVENING. SEPT. J) I7tb. *11] k* *<t*4 in* plaj < ' fclCHELIEU-LnaU I3tb. Mr. S Jnhaava: < anliaal hkholi'a, Mr. J tVa'laok, Jr.; >"'?dn, Mr. TiltoB, Th* Ch.r.lior do Maiiprat, Mr. Pop*; Juli* 4* Uortlm ?r, Vr< J Willuk. Jr, Marioa <1* Lorm*. Mr*. J tu: ?, I rkinH'ia, Mlc* u l'cniB. To ooBolad* witb tb* I1K9TI kh ami THE Bandit-Th* Marquis Kobuo. Mr. Du?b I kr. M???b?! liaroa ld*nb?rg Mr. Martin; C1?u?*n, F.^bU'db: I'hai Im, 11 Jordaa; Zjr'illo, V Dioa, lb* Lady Ml? B*rh?r. LoaiM, Mr* J*r4aa. Daorf ?pta at ? quarter lunscbti at 7)? o *lo*k. Prioat ?f *4?!**!??-B"i?. ? ?an; rtt **ata. _ Burton s theater, cuaubbm irRKT.-ti ts- i , ,d?? **pi*?lir 17th, will t>? pland lh*?urofJy or 01.1 It EADt< AS I> VOHNU HE AltriS?fcarl uf I'utnpivB, | Mr. H.,lmar; CoIjb*I Kork?t, Kr. Skirratt; Littleton Cok*. | Mr. Ui*r;Jrur huial, Mr. Blab*; Bob. Mr. Jokajtna; lady | All'* Hawthorn, Mr*. ?k*rr*tt. A new b.Uad, by Mix Julia Ualy. 1 a Caeburha, Mr Ml** WalMr* To ?uaUa'** with th* , kttrb ral.ed SHI'S COMB. Jeuay'a C*B*t?Mr. B>ara*/ea, Mr. Burtoa; lehabod Loa^ae* Mr. Moor* Mr. T*a Humbug. 1 T Jf'ahtiim*!*, li**r*a too J**i*a. Box**, l>r*a* CiruU. and Par*u*tt?. flu*eat*; Family Cir*W, II *?uta. ' Door* *i in at 7, to bagis at haU-pa*t 7 ? alo*k. Rational tbbatbb. cbatbim street.-tves- ' 7. "I"-'"'"' 17 iW), th. .Bi.rtu& 7Ii?? *' * ?.fru* MiDviuur iunOl'IT-lh* Inkiowi, M;<1, A y,ttJ fl.., Mr. H.rl.rt; e4,1j(jii k? B?rb*rin?, Mr.. Jotreiaon. /4ter ?hioti, the new moral drama of the LAST til.ASH, or, the Reclaimed Drunkard?Michael Qray, Mr. H. A.P?r?y; Mr. guttle, Mr. F. C. H'etnyeo; Daeid Martin. Mr. Jefier.toa; Dame Dirinty, Mrs. HaatoaviUe; Biiaah?ih Martin, Mr*. Jeffereoa. To eonlnde with tfte farce of PEEP1NQ IN AT b P. M.?Felix Fl\ boy. Mr. Jefferson; Corporal caaey, Mr. l>)?otr, Mary Matcheai. Mro. Jefforeoa. TaLEKNACLE ? MR. DEMPSTER'S LAST DALLAD Entertainment will be given. at lb** Tabornacle, on VfeJ neaday evening, Sept. 18, Uioludiaf the following eon^e '"lhe Indian'e Complaint," 'Oh, why does the white Man follow iuv path 7" " 'Tisaweet to lcve in Childhood,* "John Andtreon. rnv Jo," "Louely Anld Wife," "Morning- Na m and Might," "A Roue in the Heart," "My boy Tammy. * "Lament cf tho Irish Em I grail," 'Let n# lore oneauother," My aie. O," "I'm al?ne, all alone," 'Duncan Gray." at?i bio cantata* "The May Oueon," in three parte. Tiokatt ?a> ceau. fo ^cnamH at a o clo^k. OPEN OK MONDAY. RIPT16tm oPERA Hoaee, Mechanic*' Hall, 172 Breadwvf, at re Grand etrtet.?Chriety'e Minstrel* roepactiuU/ aui?t?wr $ to their IT treat, and the public geaorally, that they w i havo the honor of reeommeacioK a t?eriee of their |*of?ula- eoaoert i :a this city, on Monday text, at their lea* ee*ab1 >bod '* Head(inariere." which haa recently uadorgoa* a?- itire renovation an J improve meat, rendering the Mail .e of the moat eoneenient au i comfortnMc placet of amtuomontia the city. Ticket*, 2ft ronta Duore open at 7 ; commence at 1 o'clock. AKet n*n eeaoert every Saturday! atS P. M.?the eomiiaiT eomrrininK an efficient and veioatile "eorpe" of taloatei and experienced porforioote, ander tho aaanugezaent of F- P. I'hiitt). tfELLOWS'ETHIOPIAN OPE It A TROUPE?J It FBU *7 Lt>HS. Maaagfr cl thlt- popular of Lihi*piun Minstrdt, reepectinlly informs hi* friends and natrons that In cctfoouen< e of the spl'ndid Hall now Ik mg built on the Tattcritall greund, not istbeijp finished, -* will olo?e ?i? Concur to in thf* gr? at Metropola for ehort eetaen. They will reopen in ilieir now Lai 1 about the fust of Oototor i aext. I?JUL* KLIN MCBElTM, 175 CUATIIAV IQUAU- Phi? ! JF ologant pine* of axanscmeu: is nc.w open for t>* e*a??*a Two performancee are rtveu e?ery day, soauen^ni xt 1 is tae afternoon, lr.d half-past 7 in th evening. The eater* tamuK ntr connrt of Lea'a unrivalled company of K. xrik K:!?ntr*l* Uhe ' elibrarod and original ArabQirl<); a lro*'p? of Model ArtUte, wbo will tMrre* tiify ecme nwW and spleadii reprose;atati"Bt st I.irtns; statnarr. ard who ar? 9SN1M -J fi"n* in regerd to bvaoty cud ftruro. A ?riet? of ?^nt*T tainm^nte every aftrrnoon and evenin# For full r%rti?m* lars. .^te bill* of ea.-h 4.?y. Adu?i*.iion?in rnve^e lox. oo ceats; 9'.xf* mate, t7H ouoU; Boxes, 1A oentt; Pit, 13H v?nU. ZOBBB v BTBIOP1AM OPERA COtUQPB?VM n^w^y eelabliehed company, com.fuae I of the beMt e'%*# of talent., as W 'il la hinkti<K ^e In Ethiopian dc!Ueaiion, ii . ite k' a*??i ana moat approved atyle. will, undor the eian, Hjc*ir?^n? *( Max Zorwr, comitnce p rlctnjin^ at Blo?? .Iff i Hull, Blaaokartiraai.ooraer of Kartoi atraot, on Moa4ay evraia^ ac xt, the Vth of ^ept. Doors op^n at 7 o'clock, oua>n>Huem? at 8 *V?o?k. A1 nisei on 'IS o?m>u. N. R-OmnibUMeoi. from all parts of she oft>, n-tss eftrior ?y the oor, 1 ot within or two blocks of the IIs'l. AMI MftCfrlfcNTS MM nKOOKLIIIi 11IUOKLTM BUMCM, CDBNIH or rn.TON AhD 9 O'uiip* etrs?u?i ii* above popular \ lac* of n * !?' in i?> w ?>(fn with a rhjicc online * n I lurtvaiiin. " I * l?ifhl% ?*lffi?fM coinpury ot prf no?r?, in if* new *n<i Ittouuful I *t li re l>v??ai. Car ina ni^ht of tf?* ('tivles DiUiH P?ti Ibi* 1u*?d%y evrnini, Ikp rra^r 17, mill It i>rc?? ntcii i'hak* uagtif ot Kit fc?e)? iru Mr. C. f>. Put; Klchmuiia, Mr. Lorell; Kiu< IKnry, Mr leylnr; l/ne? 2?e i t \*ik, Wre. C'haptan t^uceo Hr? I * \?]t l)rnr? h fc e. Alhertti?. To ? udn with the 1kfi of FKM'M'TI ?Jf ? A?r Li#M?e?f Mr. Tajlor: Kat* CHiien. Mr* f xti. iS <?uta* To C3aim<ii?a at halt | a?t 7 o'clock. DAM4 i\<? Dim INO Ai aobmtaiup4>I CIOOCA theOV... . as '.atilifrLed in tlir principal fcnr'p-.*t. TkMtrM, en-i in every ?41> ia the 1 i ii.ii, . k? ?wy H<?por 'v apprise whe public, th*t be has iuit o|? a.-t a Dun. In# Ac i No 6 ? Br^idaay. A|'fl>. lor r rv ilari and tafjimwiioa, at the l>*nctn* A-a4lr*i? , ( >'.'> li 1 ? -y. DANCING AND H A 1.1 /.ISO ACAM^V, 21 HOWARD ettaat ?ftlgaora * .4 -itnor Ferraro ?>ll re nj u thaif j ?er>o<>l i n *uti.rday, the IJth ?( Outi ltr. I>aya of Imtmotlr?n, W?'Iih- lays and H turd*??, ati'i M< n-U> ani 1 i ?riI At fc?lf-p**t ;hre?* for yeuji;' ladies ana tua?i?r* Mvnia| lid Thur?dfti r*aia|#( a- lilf*|Mt NVia? fw |M tea. Private toii/at. iw In* *tvea at mnal. PKITATIMWCIHQ AM? f ALTSIRQ kCADBMY W IU bU at real.? Mr 4.11 tkarinff will re-of*n hie e*h< ?1 ia Oc?< her. at ueaat. D .? nt tier * il I > # *\vn t?f l'.* days and h??ur* for the film#. Hchoole una fatn"i?i attended aa 1 bli^alt |i??? ?*? ftU ?lma aot ?x>eit|ied. A|>|4icai i?a? nay U nal* any hn?r durinf th? day ar arable*. Ml It* o'clock, at hia rt<?td* ao* ?? ab?n. DANCINU AND W ALT/INO.- MR. L llftOOkKS WILI. open hi" ?r1 u . i aa r?i?dif, Icii. If, IMO, *t ibi lull h(kjBI-, aorner of Hiriltit an 1 l??faucey rtmetii. la the eourta of tha araaoa will ha inirxiurad La Polka, Rodeaa, Polka Matoarka. C<oria&n Cntul-n. ienaf Ltad g:i \drilU, Ktynea Wait*, frkatiiaah, Dnu T?-bm. rachu?ka. Oaoo* *) . U'*Man.l Fling, tfailor'f fit rnpipe Ac , tocathar with the aee and hriKieat ealtr La Pronhete. Alio, ?e??ra] danca# Joe: re*eiv? d fro? JCura|*. wuich will ha pr9duo.<d ia u< PriJan. Tr*m 3 ?? I P. II..for Udlao, awn .a I tar*; aod frvia * to 101% P K . for a aod lad?. Tha ladlao' ?< I marjr (linn m iU*t tha itirwtha of Mr*. HiKIlM, ?h? wtU likawlia tak* eharg* >r aa ovoain* elaa* for ls4i?* ) ?i her r**ld?a-*. CIS uraol icmI a<ta?r Boairy ob tt laaoday* Bad ftatardaya f-> 7 to f o'rlaak. m?i< ItHoii lo ?rrti vitk it> timo of tka ?ppliraat Torai? ?ad? ka>>w? at Mr. B ' raaidoara. saj Crtad mat aoraor if IK -ry r ai tia E**!* loom#, durluf MM hour* af taitluB. UMT, *r. ? > REWARDLOSr-TW? SMALL OA I 'lKR 1 BOOK ?O Hn?k?. 4 IB a dark roa?a aa?ar. ?o|pu??<l # liar* taaa Inat la ?a? of the Or??aw1eh Uaa af la***, or ia I tka *rt ?f |atiiMI nt Tka will rffati lha ahor* rt. ward and ikaBk? af tha uwaor, b; laatlaf U?a at No 6 I Praal >trtat. wi^Hunu, *? . BOARD IP TOWNrf?FOl'H ROOMSON TIIR (P.C0ND uor, t>>i*l bar ?>r ??t>arai?- would *?lt a family af ?li?r hub. AH'I) at JV St. Marki plaao. BOARDINll-A RITTIffO ROOM AND BEDROOM, AND Ul|> riant at tar had aultaol* fur naa or I wo (aatlia^i; a J *, a Mtgla rata- caa b? bad ?a appl/laf at No I C'*ll'?* pla<* _____ BOAUDIKU-ri'kNItnRO OR UNPUBLISHED r ?aia. na cf ?l aad third * > ?, with larca olaoata adjoialaf. Tbo >t?ara ia mapartakl; aad pltaiaaili loaaud, aad Boar t?? ataaa row la*. Alan, a<*i>BaiJati?at f-r alalia f*aU***a. Haiti* la tNa koaa* : M Blt-a'kar otroat. BOARKIMl IIRAMNT RIM'MI i \N RR OBTAINED at 12 Nalo?a I'laaa ( Horror ?tr?a'| batwaaa #??rlf Bd CIibkb f'lacar, fai a aooilnn-a aad lady, ar for ?a>*rnl at Kmc a. Ilk rutl ar i arual kaar4 K-af?r anaa ranairaA. BOAHI?IMi.-TWO OR R.iRK PLBA*ANT BOOH! ON th? ?< ?. nil Mary. w.lh paa Ulaa, ai.<t >m <ar two la tli* thlr.t atary, ai?y ka ha? with (all or partial * -ril, It la? at Da ItmaarM atraat, aaar llailata ar Hleaokar |>OARD IR WANTED. RT A THT i.OMPITENT LADTIt waara taitUn la tpnatc Raflia'i kraaihia. Rc , a j iM ha. r?**ira4 M t'.ia|?a.? ia? Apply It tha I'. 8. Pi-kaol Altai), VI Ui 'Maaf, wkata fall iaf?r?i a'loa ? ill b* (iraa. I. II. WII.COX, Proprtatar. Board wantid-a (.bmti.rvan and hi* wirr. wlak A piraaant vail faruialad ant a? aa ' k-< I r-m, ilk kart lor iha wiatar ar parmaaaally A altaatloa la Rr<>a4way pri-farml. ar a?ar Hroa4aar. abaia Brroma l-rial. la a ha.aa .f tha frit raa paa lability. A44raaa ft. U. ft. Ba;4'a ?.( > IIBm, r-"ata?a aaM. Bo* H 0 ? IMID?A UDT. WITH AN i?lll,l rfclK aa4 nara*. wl kn ta Ia4 ?*a4 p>rnti'ai 1^4 | la a final* faaiily. ahara tkara ara a* ath?t kaar4kra. Tha loa. r tan af Ikaaitf prafarra4 ar Bra -k l/a Kafaraaaaa at. rlaarr4 ririn a'ilr.M R f. >i ika "f ihi.( ?|<r DOABD WAMBD?IT A TOON I.A6T, IS A .'?iD rata 'aanly. whara laairaatlaa apaa tha ptaa farta a<aU ha r>aai<a4 a* pwytntat. Uatiiaa la Br .om? lit f.iafct atraai. aaar Braaaaay. prafarra4. A44r>aa ' M ian." Kerala rflaa i BOAkD WANTRD-A SCITB OP ROoBl ON TUB a a* aa4 Bwaaf, with a ari? a a takla. waat*4 ki two yona? la- ir* I o?atl?a kal Ki?ktk aayyat prafarrtl. ta at aaar B"?4aay A44r?aa II H A i*aaif tkia pap?r BOARD IN <-Ol Tit linu'iKLt N A OB*. TLB* AN AND alia, aa4 iwn ar, 11.raa a ?(l? taatlaiaan. -ta ka it. a- nit*a4a**4 a Ilk pl?a??al r? aa a. with fall ar partial luart at Nait Toaipkiaa plaaa aaar Dr. (l^aa'a akarata. R ! * h hr t'kltn t all aa ak< r, ?r a aata ?4<iraaat4 M B. tkia ?'H r?aai?aatt?a'iaa. PRIVATE BOARD A LADT A"? D ORN TLB* AN. OK ..a* ar ttra nagla |t?at'a?aaa. aaa ka arcaaaa.lata4 with Iartitl'a4 ar ar(araalia4 rwaa aa4 k-.ar4, ai hi I tan T?a naih h> t a aaa P*artk araaaa aa4 it-aa4way. At HARD?ORB snip OP BOOMS TO LBT. IN A PBIrata family. fnraiakaa r aafaralaka<t anh ar without lamal ? ar4 Hia latallaa la vary {alifhtfitl aa4 raaaa mat, >i>i klaak *?ai < ( BraaftaaAf. Iiiiuin At lul PniM iimi I A I UHOI BAT* F A R LOR, with W A ROROBIt. Off HI * ?, u ; (, u > i?ni>m in ?od IAJJ, ?r itaor tkiiratkila fatUiaaa; k'aa a h*ll krft roam ? lit. na ftr-t ft"> r *t .J Mv4< npi-Mit* Aithoar H?* kaft ?jM kail la Ik* Mlk Ail \ * r>?o*i mw pmsi'iir* Roog TO LIT ?itk | . f kith, la a part of tin city, aur ft itl|l liala, V?li Ulitu>)li||1? ailaw .n aa l !.' aif? Ntirlarwi rrqnlrail. AMim In. R. C ff at fiaaaHaar t .it ?># *, mum whan ftn Itutru* ni> k? fcftft. f^l k MtHltl lixil, W ITII BOARD WXSTRDPORA ! ?>. *l*r?tkara ara ac i Miar kaarliri. anft aUara aa 3 will ka aaka.l: ?|.|| i aH-.a. Iftftrprafrrraft. A?r? CIuIn," a? ika ?< ? i f tkU pap?r. itnlax Ural anft aanal |>a?ii<-alar?. TWl ri RNI IIMI RRDRoONV ITITII f'l/O' RT ft II It I lata*. kail Ika IH nt hatha, Ara ai?'a<l kp t?i -iaj * t>itl?mas, ' f mala' hAklta A kaaaa ??at al aaft aaar lt?i{ai), sal a Kara F?ar'f*iK itr*?t la ftailrakla, aa I a f?*r pTl - Sill ka aatft fat aaat aa-?aaiia?4ati aa. ftftftraaa 0. C ' It IM> Tv i.*t-a ri'Rwifthrd p*tio* a*d brdr ?o?, m ftrama itraat aa a mila gaaOaaiaa. of a?a raaa la A nankta laaaili, a?t oa* Binua walk Ira* Braaaaap. Arffttaia I. |) Mil ??.' WAffTRD- A l'K1? AND PABT1AL POR A J i>A< la??, Ik? a Ait ait a at Ik* taaa. al thta a-ialr laaiat aklk l ( l<> Ball. *" lft ki prafarraft Pka pr>r? at k, a4ar*la. H*.p.ltak|a rafaraara# ?IA k* ?t??a. Aftftraai A 1. ll.raM . m. . ________ WAknn ro? tmr riitT or <>' t* n cr, bv two alain gaat'aaaaa, aaa lary* ar In ftaualt furalahaa f???. a tab partial kaarft la a prtraia faaklp Uitl?t ta k? tuiwa I aait ilmt aa<l ika Rattxrr Anwar. HAtiaR l?r?i, aklafe ?a.? la m?ftara'?. aa tka aaryaa aiah ?o ka nanaaaaal R>'mi<?i, Waafaft \4ftra-a far 4?>a, t. H-taJ<l .?? ? I JlB ! B*l2 .WnT? JSWlfc-W liHUU, MM 17 ifi! ?i Bmt"' U*ut<(?r. Taaerfar ?BiwJhgj?. r??Trk? El.TVii11"* " ? ?<"<* ??1U< Ua JBJM I with f J!11 -Gerald L>???ioa4 Mr. C?l?f. - I m r , r!?. ? ' UuV "4 Utl"d' #r <?*'4 T?" ?h' i * 7 C<'Qu ry, BpIuti m? if a I ihuM | X0?*? Mr. Skiun*r, Mr. Frsek IkilMr. ' 2 I'm ofiVijL lliti!(UEtk Aimfctll# tklflMV, i ?' wUTii, Mfttild* oktoDtr, Mu? u.> ?? ,h?iB <yw MB? :'dl* * *5*51 TIUR??ITf5I ?:: f"d*, Mr. W. DikTid|?; Cdwnr4 lUndaraoa Mr B??b?Mi* Charlotte UenderaoaTWe i>|?? ?r. KajMMl. NI BLO'B (JaKl>k.N.-1 It.'hkih To all Pill* OP the houee Ml hku; private boxes |V Muinr Mr, Jae beftoa. PerforBiaaee t? eoiuiuencr il ft o'clock.?Malar * taiuat'atf, bow l>at.ct>, tod not el l'.m<?ime?, ny ike F'ri'ljr. >'raaeoir Ib kie o?rok |*'t uf Mmou tit* tMtau. Tii"ed?j, Sept. 17th, the p*rforioB4<a?? x. o?mu>eaea with erolotloae ob the Tight Itop* To l?? let lew Ml ky Ike MIU LIMKS-Mbob, Fraacoi* Rare ; t'erntek. Mr I ikaMa; Miet Jallk Vkrktah Mad." K?? I. T.i eoaelade wltM KAOl'L, or The Mafie Star?banm Za uanl, J?re?a Bavelj feeiel.KAntoin" K?veJ ; Aloili*n. Frauaaik Hare* Uut| lU?al, Beery WeHe: Oaealla ?>ruM> OLYMPIC Tin AT**, MflOAl>*At. A HRANCM OP Bur'.ua'i.-Tneedny Sepm?fc?r 17th, MM, th* eatort&ii aaut* will aeiaroaaaa Witk the u-medj of the SKKlOl 9 KAMI '?Y?AoilaaOab ?l?k. Mr. Burton C*pla.ol Murptij Maaaira, Mr U J?rden, Mr. C'l arlea Torre Be, Mr. lioakrd; ? idow I) laiaiBt, Mlee I' ?*?; L*4i 8ew?tJI Cremulr, Mre. Djett; Mr.. Cktrlx T rrrue. Mre bI?M Af? tor w' leb, Lb ZioKarella, t y Mlee U I'rtjr. To n nlefr irtl^ ti e 1a?t uew oiD-edirttB I the 11A > hlo*B HL'UHAWD? Mr. Windham, Hr Uowerd, U.urt t\ . i.orkert, Mr.fl /er? den; Mre. W iadham, Mre < hep. en. urwi Moiu kMfU' unei. 60 ?!(, Id an* V Vte-e. l'< ee?'? Italian omka uotst, istdk ri.>tE.-iuxiU'< releek, Sole l.e?ee? and M>na?er.? Arrival ?ad Malll the (rreat French Mallet Company. from the Greed OWM* Peru. Opealac ->f a .h.n tutuiuu o with Uru4 Itllal d'AfttioB, auder tl.e divootlou ul Muti?ir?r Hubert ILlUk Bad a parfert Englirh Vaudeville ICnipaoj ? Mr. Joha Ml?(? lB?'k, Slaae Maneittr Ihe following arii.u form a porttaM of tke llaJlet Con paay:- MuaonoUelie tu Iwtian Kraiik, pra* litro dbB<eo*e, tri m the Glan^ Opera. Parte; Mile. TlaMWM Mile. E?p>no?n, premiere pai>toniiiiii?te from the Tlttln Porte ttt. Martina, 1'ane; tocnainur Uon K-fiaofk, pnmiut daaatur. *tp?d the P-ru St. N artin* I la*ire. f?rie; Hoiakvi Gredeloe, from the Grand 0|Mr?, Parti. and ?. .-?rnl oiker diatipguiahtd artiate Aiao a rpe do ballet ef IwentT-flae ladles. The f.v?k*h V?-.dc?i i? ompany will ' comprise the namef of many well ?>?t tbii.oed favoritaa, wb# wiil appear ?n quick auuceaaion, and ^ut'ii'y is entir?ly now vaudct ille*. written or tramiated eai'resalj for ihui eataHiahuiont. The l.e?a?<r pledge* ?urt?eil t hat ha Orohea? tru aiiall be full, and r.omr, e* I ?f t ha n*??t ar?iata, and ttel it aha]] ha uf*rii?r to anyUiahea-ra #?fr before ernpUyadL for a n?llet or Vaudeville Company in thia city Dae a?4 timely aoi iea will he c van of i * rmt.icm. BARMM'S AMERICAN MuMo? t' f. b\HHUM0 proprietor aud man- aer. j?hn mintiwul, ir , aaaial-* avi iaiain#r-r*roHi Sou**, ? ts?! wanctit, every nf 'trnoei. The ' Dmiikard" every en-nut* th" waei. o ? .uu'itoiuf Mob? day September lii, 1KM?. A eep*rb net ef J auv Lind^ a uioat admirable pie<*e uf an will \m at 'he Mueeu^ am< tha otbar cut io?inr? i h s t'trunm will ?e per? fbimcd the comical far?? f ?b* II \ I % 1 l h C t? \ M tlftK.? Altai f> t.ieh, b?>b|ck aad da*?-e.< by the ? -hinny. with marches nalt. ana *? , t* tLe l-u.. * if. I ringer*. Th?a ?? ? nu.a. (he Diuvh admired d<iir,?#r? ni"i*?l Hrn .a of THY Dl! I' ?N k AKl>. a ith the u?nal (i*At i m a million of earl? oa.tit-N are to be ect-n at ti.4 M >h*uni. toed. l.iiuuut, ibm treat twrtuae taller, la there i :.? tl?*ei??r infant, t^uoen Ada? Ieide'a carrin^e, TUaui?, tlie fair> que d, <>uiu -?i?e boa oon? atrictor, etc. Aft*ro<o perl' -i "ia? ?-e* ai X evening a% 7K o'clock. Admiaaion 25 ccnia; ohildrm un'er tea yeare, 11){ cent*. A?TLI; OAKUEN I? NOW t?? a.^ t ?is li^ctrJ tif>n of vitit^ra drnofc the <i?>. (rum 7 A ti till 5 P. H* It ia ihe larrvit ?\nd ta<*at b<ativi -' r?- m <n -lie conntry? af!' r?!jnt Knpirior ??***i \ < r r< a.uu*. \t??*iona. nc utilipvuirnd ? romouaden, uh.te *ic*?ng 'be k a, rUioi?Ia4U auU d? Mahtfnl acenury ar??u:j?i, an*4 *ha r?*a ^rco:". A'ni lim U jM.Lii^lJ.A, .?? \ ANAL -IhtM oP.O^IYt TUB ft ,\c* lla^en Railroad \t \> t me a??J li-.ea to ?Iib I'cmala MmatreU, and ?fe tin r*h il rlf, tc^ethee m 11 bftbw fftiat L?r. t'oliyi r'w ??|?lfiioia Living l'i"tirw,thi ?rl? 1 riptinal n oc*?l?>. Mr I Iviie 'Ir^rrAt ('nweiioniat. i< <?<h?r vl h H??rr Kar?|ue, trie ^r? a- .uni? r rrha fa?iad w ill a| pear. in? Ih y it !,? r in tua Di >. Iioora ones at 3o'rlo< k in the nftitrnocn, 7 in ? ??r A Ba!l every DUht. AiTlUtlCifllfiAl ril I* Hi ii^l>H.iJ'!IIA D.\i;Mk'9 MlBirM, I'OII. . DKI.IMi % -? T l<A& J .> I tt . 1'roprit tor aed MaKa;(t r. it* mi . rd, A?Matati* W kt.a^ti - (ireat h i i.,r |i ? t *?. ? !, prepMrt^ ?ith ef|?ecial rtf> runca to th? j.u ii nj ,wut. Mi?n Ki?htr. il:a H<?<ara, Mra. Ilaeknrt l??a v .her, M. aea Morti* mtf, iaalia?Mttirt. Gvodatl, K .- i? lu**r. Tnayer. \ak? trct Aa an auuir tM?* fi'c l- iit uy K<Ma?*in?B% f tli'rt^ ralahrat?-l obil><r?'?, Kite end ftC ?? liatateaa? I ih in atatnre and yer i, v: vi . ?,.? ??. d?>?Mi i?ie naUnU They ai j?ear er? ry a\?n??.? T ? ?r a?nal 'h?ne?# Family ri:uik?J. All it ?' nrei ii'.v .1 i> mi. ?r Tw' pai I is* j;? ilail* . a' t <S ' ! ?**. A4fell'auc?-2A utBta. Chilarku uii.l.-r n" IWKTI ? CrSTBBVin.B COl .? <?.. (I.. 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I .. faMaa at. JIN.vr I IMI' nrm uumka II ?T HcllfD *a U?at?? af tklai>a patiara -if "ma laaa** far aaM kr ?icto? birhop si m*.*... t?,,a. .*atau?._ m'widwurtin ri imm. m\.,iimc miriimon "T ar wood fraiaa*. af all aura, ai.d aiti. all taa laud lif ictfaiaaM. wailttlli ca baud, ?i au*? 1" ordar a* alai* Butii-a. Tlioaa marhlaaa kaa* |'i >4 tha iaa? f *' faara. aa4 ii i |<rnilia>| la (>h*r? i> nail rarofallf at? l-alrjt? JOHN M V r.l.K ****ai. ir AM'IMi HA UK HI) ON HUM lo * tMI i viTHU aitbaal l?'?f ? Vha M ifrtB n ikia a?rM. N^ilni aa. hlaaa nkKrt. ao4a. -f o-k** lajarlaaa %r-? t|a|?a. latlmUn) ?r? rl'lt. M?| nkthtA rrm??l| II ''all ?* *?? t? lUxt I fA? B4.T, I'llnl La?a<r.aa u Aaa nr.i ? (4 Im. !ii> T?fi. ^ Cos* lllUI t? aia for A iaaa?ia, A * Kl la ? k>|i'> it, Tkar* a **.a*ttitac <a it, B? frty } Hi attaati 4r? | ll ? all USUI Hi kiti .l.i. 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