Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1850 Page 3
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< SECOND BOARD. *Ti?7>,lW9 97X SU> Reading KR 6*1, Ma*) Read Bond*, 18i>0 79 (0 do ?30 SHV 7??k? fci #1 foui, full lOfiV^ M Morru Ctwl 10% UA Harlem KR W60 do ICS UK 4o l?o M M Farmer*' Trail blO ?.'<S W do .% <?' ;i<) da , 1200 Reading RR ?3 s-^ 50 Cantoa Co b?0 ?#;.? **> do fts% 1UVLRf!SETlK\TS RfcMWKD BVEUV DIV. POLITICAL* SECOND WAR I).?AT A MEETING Of TUK WHIG Lirei< r> ot the Second Ward. held at Stoneall'? (lotal, Wedi.nuay. September If. motion of John N.Sayre, ? 1 airm.n ul the Ward Coiuaiiter, James Kelly wu tailed ?<i the oliair. and A F. Ciimiiiejer and George W Elmer were appointed Avvratariee. It wai m .ved by Mr. liadani. and earned, itat the report ef the Cenferanoe Committee, noBiiaating E J. Merger, Geo. W. El aer, M- P. Mnaeey, W. A. Hra,.-ri'l. and Hrjor Lined a* delegate* to the Convention, to nominate a delegate to th* Syracuse Convention, te adopted. The following revolution, by llr Welah, wan adopted That the whig* of the wara ta*e pleasure in acknowledging the conciliatory lourn of Meimr*. Riley, Butlor, roster, Chaee, Hertr.aacc and H'hitney. in withdrawing their narnea a? candidate*, to facilitate a union of.the wbiga of the ward, at the aliening election. It nai rea>'lved, That the delegate* hare power to fill raaaaeiet. On motion of Mr. Warner, it waa raaolead, That the proceedings be luhlulied iii the Courier, Eiprasa, Tribune, and llrrala. On motion, adjourned. JAMES KELLY, Ckairmaa. 0??k w 'f'er*; ( Secretaries Du<ri a Post OFFICE, chatham sycare. CORNER east Broadway.?U S. mail steamer Washington. Maila for Europe; letter bag, tor Bremen and Southampton ; all parta of Germany and other foreign eonntries.wlll cloee at thi? office on Friday, 20th intt., at 1 o'clock P. m. aaron swabts. ADJOURNED MEETING or PRINTERS-THE ADjourned mretini' of the employing printer! of thie enjr, to bear the report of the o-mmittoe en the e^ale of prices, will be held 011 Thursday evening* Sept. 19, at the Printer,' Library, at half past J o clock. By order of Committee. Members of the pry gooos clerks' mutual Beuetu and Protective Association are called upon to at en l on Friday evening next, S. p'emb. r 20th, at the Collie of Physicians and Surgeona. Croeby itnet, to consider the Propriety of changing oar night of meeting. All who are in favor of the peimanent establishment of the early cloeing aystem, moat not fail to be i>rea? nt. By order of the Aasooiation. WILLIAM HENRY CHADDOC, R. cording Sec. KNICKEKBOCKKR LODGE. MO. 2J I. O. OF o r ?THE Meinbere of Knickerbocker Lcl^e are requested to meet at their rooms on Thursday evening, the litth inat., to bear the report of the Committee on Bye Lawa. Br order, G. S Mawhojt, Secretary. EDWARD SMITH, If. G. Pnnctnal attendance ie desired. NEW YORK LODGE. NO 10, i. 0. OK O. I'.-THE MEtfberi of New York Lodge are - queated to at tend at their ledge room this day. (Thursday). a- 1 o'clook, to pay the laat tribute of respect to our late orthy brother, r. G.J. R. Yuung. The mcmberi of the order, in general, arc invited to attend. JOHN C. FRY. Sec. NOTICE-A MEETING FOR THE PROMOTION OF Temperrice will be held by the Now York and North American G I mon D of I'., at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Friday evening, 2*>th inet. Hon. James Harper will preeide. Addresses by John B. Go'igh and P. T Barnnm. Ea ia. and otkere. Suitable music will be provided This is the only meeting Mr. Gcugh will bo able to attend in this city at nreaent Tickets 25 centa, way be obtained at the offi?*e of Oliver k Brother corner ef Fulton and Na?*au atr*eta; Organ office, 150 Fulton street; D. Cady, office of New York Ca4tt, 9 Spruce itrect; office of G S . corner of Broadway and Et'ado ' reet; ftqvire <* Brother, 181 Bowery: Mrs. J bikeman, 268 Elizabeth atr*et: Mrs D? nzau l.'MJ Aran* atraec; Mrs. J. Van Bur en, 56 darks' n at reel; Mra. II Bessy. 84 First street; llr*. J. Pra*e, IM) Clinton street; Miss L. fjrntee *orsym street; n . ti i*win, i?i taAinam street; tod at the door on the evening of the m*-etiiu By ordt r of the CcBmlttte. L GRAVE*. NtW YORK STANDARD-TIIE CONVECTION OF the subscriber with tiie New Tork Glebe ceaied in July last. 1U purposes to re* tstablitfh the New Tork Standard tew | aj-er on the Wth instant, liis < ffice i?. for the prekb? at No. 2t> Ann afreet, ?hen* u subscripts? booa ie otM ncd, ?nn to which all communications for him should be addressed. JOIIN I. MUM FORD. New York. Sept. 18, 1?0. , Red ash coal ijy the caruo-froh thecelbtrated Sp<?hn and Lewis veins of the Belmont Col- i tlsry for sale only by F Tt LER It CO , Philadelphia. STOPPED, AND SUPPOSED TO BE STOLEN, THREE stiver Koihs. two silver spoons, sad one Butter Knit*, , for which a proprietor is %?ant? d. The proprietor ?*aa obf sin ih# sin*, bp sailiii at Mr <i Mltlllfl *. H Broadway, i roving ownership, and psying for this advertisement. TI1K f lltfCNICIV, AT A SPECIAL MEETING OF NATIONAL HOSE CO No i?4, hold on Tuesday evening, 17th ieet., en motion a committee wsa appointed to draft suitable resolutions expressing the sentiments of th* eompany in regard to the repc.rt ot tbs Chiet Engineer, whereupon the committee prelented the following preaml le and resolutions, which were nnaniDoutly adoptedr? W ha re a#, the Chief Enr'neer of the Fire Department, in his last report to the Common Council, has deemed it his Atj to bring to light certain acts of a n-?rtton of their body detrimental to the interests of tne Department, amain tha flaanat ia that if uainic ? a?lf-made authors y, in duohargiaK front coatoJy rlntaua persona amikt, nr caoaed to be arrested by him, thul eneotiraa ng riot anil diaordar in tha Impart).ini; and ? wharaas, an'h oaduot a tha part af tha t.aa>la of oar oity, tend tn loircr th Dapartsieat la th* aataam of tha eublia, thirefora. keaolaad, that the tbaaka of thia nompany la dna, and are harabv (aadarad ta Alfrad fiaraoa. ? ).. '< r tha bold m i a ba baa raiaa ta thai a?p'?ia( thaoaralaaa and eorrup; manair ia wbieii auna of war ail; Itibm perform tbair otti tal duty. Haaolaed, That thia company haaa tha a'mait aonfl4 ara ia tba hoaoraad iatarrity of tha Chief. and that thaa will aaataia him ia a-a?4 ha haa takaa ia tbair behalf. Raaolaad, That a pap* of ibaa* raa..luti..n?, ai(n<-d by tba of aara of tha company, l a transmitted to Allraa ('araoa. Ba i , aad ri Miilicl ia tha Naar Tork Uarald. Firamaa'a Journal, a&d Sun-ay Pifpateh. JAMF.S PI.ANT, Fon-maa. JAMES WIIITB. Sac y. JlinOltv, ) Jacoa r. Ra mi, s i ummiltaa. JiMljWlllTI. > AT A MEET1N0 or THB OCEANA UOU CO?PA*V. No M, hald Maplamber l?th, I MO. tba followia* praambla and r*a<>latlaaa aara unar imonaly adapted:? Whar-aa (ba Chiaf EairiBBor, Alfrad I'araea. Ea| . la hi? anaaal raporl. Iiaa called tha attention vf tba public to a aria* af ahn?aa ? hu b haaa ailatad la tba govarninaat of tha aflalraaf the Fira Dapar'aiant for loug lima paat, aad wbiah, aalaaa speedily aherkad. will laad to r-aalta tba aoat diaaatrona. aad, pot ha pa, ta tba final deatraatina af tba whole ayatam of tba baa*rtBeot aa now enaatilatat. aad wbaraaa, bel'eaing. aa wa da, that tba faata aat forth by kin ia hn faptrt vara ma-la boaaatly aad aouaoiaatlonaly, aad with a Tiaw aoly ta tha baat lataraata af tha whola body af Fira 'i, tbarafora, Raaolred. That ahila wa daaa It naaaoaaaary t<i antar lata lanrthy arinmaat to aaataln tha truth of aay or all of tha ahargaa aaatalaad la tha raporl of tba Chiaf Eaciaeer. yat wa wauM o'-aaidar It a daralietioa of 4aty war* wa to withhold aa aipraaatna of oar vtawa with ragard ta tha ataad lih i hj hiB tor tha wall baiaa of tha Dapartaiaat. R??at 11ad, That tba thaaka of thia Coaapaay ara dur, and ara harahy tandarad ta tha Chiaf Ea?ia> ar, BJt only for tha ladatxudaac' Baaifaalad by him la thua bringing ?o light iheafcuaaa whloh haa* aa load haaa lallictad en the Dipartmanv bat llkawlaa for tha llaaly lutaraet aaar aainaed by him la all mattara pertnlnint tharato. Ram. I a, d. That a anpy of tha abova preambia aad manliilloai duly anthratlnatad, ha trauaalttad '<> Alfrad Unraoa, Eaq.. and pabliahad il tba Naw lork llarald and riraaan'i Journal. W D. WaDE, Poramaa. R. B. Faaaia, Hatt'y. At a kpecial meeting or pjonbbr hose co. Na. 43. bald aa Tuaaday aaamag. Saptonbar 17. ibm, tba following i raaiabla aad raaoluUout wora uaaalnimely tk'T'M, tka Chief En*in**r. in hiaaaaaal rapoft. hw !* ftrUm rlitrfn <**rMet?rp to Ike fotiiax* tad ooa4aot of of ear aaaalxtpal >?mt. wklrh har? ?iim4 th*ia I* 4?e<.ua<-* hla, aa4 tvH in itiaaM hi- rea?tal aa I ii (I rUrrc. ?? ' ?M< h ?' ?I kim to k?>.. aa<la. u< ?H? ta pnti, tharefero iHolnf Ikatare fael pf' ?i4 la keria* Alfred Cwwn. i<|. unr Chief liilmr: thai n *111 nittia km uJ ??*J by him ib tkle mett-r. ?t all h??er4e; thit w? h?In?? kit report I* k? ik* Until. tk* wkele treth. aa4 aetklaf kat tka irath. RneWti That n reepia<l to tba mtlaiati of IkiH of ar U'oriau * rapaai?e ?h? kat* a!r?*4) mad* pakU* tkair irtea'loaaef aaetaiaia? Ik* Cki*f Batterer. Iiwlnf That a ropv of tkeoe ro*?Tatma* h? forw?r I'd to ik* Ckl*f Ea?iaoer, aa4 piihlial.*4 ta tk* N*? York Herald aa4 rmmtn ( Joe rail t. D. W JONI J, Far*naa. Wm. t. iaieerk, Secretary. nn ?N? i *L.. C7 \ (MX) ''' ,0*M *T ?'* PER < ENT INTE Wjvvt' feet. far -a* ?t a> r* pear*, la nai ta *alt appli' aai*. *a pf 4**iir* rtal ettal* la thl* elt* Apply ta job.v t ^n;r7.:,-* :: w?uitna?. aoraer of Irati. Partner wakted. in the iikanob and M *'1 Br*k*ra?*. ?k? ka* froa ?!.' *? I* Et ?i apttal, t* Jala Ih* e4?-m*or ?k? ka* ?ea ?f tk* kaat eiaaAe la Wail troo*. A44r- ?* CHS'H. k"i No. E.4M >*o?t -m*? PARTNER WAHTE!- I> TilE IIOTEI ROIIMM. IN a (r*t rat* laaatloa . * ? -etebltaked T? a p?r?-? *uk ll.OWta ll.WOIa aaeh who *?tH Ilk* to tak* aa aatt*a part alik th* rrteoet proprietor, aa *iirathaa*e will ha iToa or a *al* M *t**k eat (Kara* ea4 fe?4 will. al?ht ha ,n.. t4 A-Mr. a. a r *1 T'?. o.n,- aa* rooldeare, ttklrk will ko ??ak*oatlal. Rare chance iarthsr w?nuu the in4*r?i?a?4 la tk* lareal'<r of a rrrtale tod *?*etaal tare for lelkaaatery aod *?raal? rh*oeiau*a. white Ilia** *tiV?*o* rf tk* jelat*. fe*. It* tirtaae kat* koea fall? te*t*4 i* maay *f tk* *?>*t raeea tkat ?r*r thetl*a*e4 a*4l**l kill. ea4 ar* atte*<*4 kp tka oertlkektoa of th* aoet iii* M**al*k*? f*ail*a>*a la tka Calve. ?kl?h mat ka makf oalllac ?a tka e4t*rtl**r. at Hn?ar4 B <t*l, termer *f Ef a* *at aa* Vnl*a lea*. kotareea tka koart *f l? eat II A a . at 1 aa* ? P. I. MUTI N Lift MILKOAH. N*w t0?? and philadelphia -kbw tom 4 f'KiU*?iphia Dtraat leitod (talo* Hall Uae.? T?r?a*b la koara, tla No* Jatt*f Railraa4. - far* r*4aoo4_l" t.ifor trat olaao. aa4 $3 M far a**oa4 'lao* l^ata fw Tcrk at A. _ froaa faat of C*ar.laa4t rnaat. aa4 at A M 0*4 I I' I If* rf I k..-t*?r?.? I *??* rtiila4*l4hla. at aa4 A. IL aa4 I P. 4, fr?? faat al Valaat unit C*f.n,b7 a.wd raii.boad una roi Vv rhila4fiinia. ata***a ^ . l-.ok. A M .a* h?lt pa*i naa **< ?%. r ?a?h^? JOHW POTTER. 4aO*. (faaTil TUvn IH? iiiiivh Kill rn .via ai prainl 1 aa4 afoa> tam-al llaa MnH Bal'laart tail Pra4art?katar?. Bl?tiia?a4. Patarakara Ta, gtaaat * >n<i l.aaahharr, ?>r?>?ia: laUh . W"Ttk Caraiiaa, aa4 CharlaftML #. nth airllaa Hi* paklla ara karak* ta' rtn?4 that tfca iar?. aa4 aplaa4i4 law paraaaira rtnmr IIAl.TI ?<>RE raat Al?a Ma(:aaataa4. *f?4 at with atata roow aa4 If) Mrtka. 1*4 attairwa*4i i? tf*4 ?a<t a*"<>taoi"<latiaa hf aa? kolt Aoatk at Haw Y??k. la a?w nmtiai hat waaa luiflaora a*4 Aeiaala Craak, ?ta tha ia?a?h IPunf aail Piaaa Polat, la ao? action with tha Rlahmn?4?aJ Pra4?riakahnra. aa< Riak?aad aa<l Pataraharah wwtmmth. lui-niti hy thia llaa. Ifa?ia* C?ta?a?*a ttr?at trKair. at 4 o'aloak, F. oa Taaarfajr" *a?t Prl4aya, r?aah IMVMriari ha 7 A. M. tha aaat >Ut. *teh?*a4 kr II A M anf ^tartkarak akaal IP.*. ""< whlah Mat tha? pr?r?a4 farthar SaatV, with ?a#?nra?a kj tka *raat mail llaa. Paa?ar?ra ( ma waat laka tha aara of tha Vlrtiala Caatral Ra lria-1 Ctia. Ca ?t tka ia ' ' ?a<l ft h f a-; ' aula. Ta. *t I P, ha 4ay a'tar laariat Ral'mi. ra, haiaa r>aa tar ta alaa??a ?? aat ttkar ratita. Thr<-?*n tlaaata ky tkn aap-rtf llaa, fr?? Haltiattra ta Praxtaft'kakari. H 4a. 4a. *|ek a-ail i?*fl;4? Pftf rakara. J* taia??a, Va . til Ik* 4a Ckarlaaiati, K C, ?'* ? < ? r-^aia aatra. parwat* < ' k ?a>'??? " *l-h?aoa4, iaolttdiaa aiaal* aa4 ~4a<a? t\ Par fartlaar laferwatl^a ?nl; at tha oaut?ra Rallr- a4 aflra, a4J.-iala? tka Waahta<t?a IUi1r?a4 Of aa, Pratt a?ra?*. at ta Ckarlaa WarthiakloR, acaat. Ca*. mmf r-aat wharf, at aa T*aa4ara aa4 Prt4ajt aa kaaH |K? 11*1*, 4* AIBXANPCI Nr*'AI*9UAIT, C'aRtals. aMhaara llM Hat. MW \V ARTS. j WANTED-AN ITALIAN OIRL AS MAID. APPLY AT I hi* flirt. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE jo?*k woman. in a private todoOookiag, ?'whinn, tnd Ironing. Can Rive two yata And ail irontbi r<jfereice from h?r lui place. To b< for two dajra. I'kut call at ?'.) Back itrcet, frost buvaei ' WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE l-UBg woman, aa Chambermaid A .4 Ataiatant Waaher. I No ob)?ctiona to do waitiag. Bcitof oil. reference given u to aetriet; tad boBeatjr. Plcaae call at No. ti Eaat Twelfth tr??t. WANTED?BT A COMPETENT YOUNu WOMAN. A ituatiou u Cook, Waaher, aod Iroaer; ao objemoua to cook io a |.ublic placc; ah* thoroughly undcretaada bor baeinnea. Plcaae call at 230 EUaabetli (treat, brat floor, front room. ; W ANTED-B Y TW O TOUNO_WOMEN, SITUATION! ?t one u i ooi, tne oilier aa i-naniuerraaia or 10 ?o ml homework; both have goed city referenoea. Can be aoen for two daya, at 34? Twelfth atreet. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE-AGED woman, a* Cook, and to aaaiat with the washing an! ironing; alto, by a young woman, aa Nun* and Seamatrea*, r would bo willing to aaeiat with chamberwork. City reference from their Ta?t place*. Inquire in the store. No. Ui. corner of Sullivan (treet. To be aeen for two day*, if not trifled. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A VERY COMPETENT girl, with good city reference, to do chamberwork and help at the waahing and ironing of a private family, or aa Laundrcn* or Cook. Call at 74 sixth avenue, in tka boekatora^ WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, in a private family, aa Cook, and to aaeiat in wa*hlng and ironing. The best of refereacea given. Command* addrt*e*ed to 3Ui Hudaon at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Q1RL. A 81TUAtion aa Dreaamaker and Seaaatreaa, who le willing to make heraelf uaeful, and who can bo well recommended from her laat place. Pleaaa eall at No, K))* Uammeraley atreet, corner of Bndaan. _________________ WANTED-BY A RE3PECTABLE YOUN0 WOMAN, ajaituation to do chamberwork and to aaeiat in til# care of children if neoeaaary; or general honaawork in a email family. Sho ia a good plain cook, waaher and irobar, with the keat of city reference. Pleaae call at No (1 Fourth aveaue, between Ninth and Tenth atreet*. Caukeaeenfor two day a. WAVI ED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO G1 HI., A ait >i at ion aa Chambermaid and Waiter, or to do general houaework She 1* a tire! rate war her and ironir. Hae no objection to go a nhort diatance in the country. 11a* the the beat of city reference. Apply at No. 7 Seoond uvonuo, in the rear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRI.. A SITUATION aaCook; ia a firet rata waeher and ironer; ein do ' chacilerwerk, or aa waiter, or can do the houaework of a amall family. Can be aetn for two daya; the beat of oity reference*. I'leaae call at 142 Wooater at. WAMLU-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS Chamlnmiaid and Wai'?r. B ?t of city r*faririo? given. Apply at 228 Wooatcr *trwt. Can be Been for throo ] daya U'A.MEC-A SIIIATKIN IN A SMALL RBSPECTA- ! f b'? family, to do cooking and |t* ra! f INVWk, by a respectable girl, mho can give the best of oitr reference. Call i at 6 Batavia atreet. fan be seen for thr*** days. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS ! lharab< rmaid, or to do washingaud ironing. or plain ewlag Apply at li*6 Gretu strtet. The best of city rtl'er- , eace given. | WANTED-BY A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN. A ?r nation IS Brit Cook in A h o t 1 || th?- city. II i r- - 1 frr? nces frotn h?*r lut pla?e can give entire aatiafactioii. Please * all ai 14 Bridge strict. WANTED?A SITUATION AH HOUBEXEEfKK. BV A middle- ag? d AnxTitan woman; ui.d> ratands h >u??? keeping in all its details. The beat of references given. Ad- I di*** Matron, U? raid office, bo* 2S1. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a ait Mati- n to do ch.unh? f * . rk and plum *... aaaiat in waahitg and ironing. Quoil city reference gitea from her laat tu i ljj er. Can be ?een for two days, if not | engaged, at 2.^7 Mott atreet. corner of llouaton. j 1X7ANTEB?A SITUATION, BY A KESt'fcCTABLE j jwnTiiii It ill |lil? nonklag f hl?| >i< Im I ing, in a amall nrnate family City ratcxence given. Calls | Boer, front rot m \|,TANTEI>-A PITCATION. BY A RE3PECTAIJI.B i TT yourg as Chambermaid and 8, nmtrriH. The I best of city reference given. l'lcasc call at l;il Grcenwieli avenue can be aeen for two day*. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOCNO WO*AV* a situation a* Latindrees, or to do chain'nr* irk and to aaaiat in fine washing and ircniag. Heat of city ruferenoo run be given from her last place. Apply at 21b Mulberry street, ( an be aeen for two days, if not engaged, II'JNHII * SIII ATIIIN, 11V A RESPECT Mil.K " girl aa Chamber?aid, or to do line wmhing and IronIng, aad has ao objection t? take care of children. Beit of I city references. Apply at Crft Fourth avenue. I WANTID-A SITUATION, BV A PR0TE3TANTUIRL, 1 to take care of children, aa<l make hereelt generally useful in a small family. Beit of city reference. Please call for B. Green at No K1 Mott street. , WANTED?BY TWO VOINO GIRLS, SITUATIONS in a teapeetable family, one ae eametress Bad to assist in chamberwork, the other ae chambermaid and waiter. Can be seen for two days. PltiBee to call at Mo. 17!? Twelfth itreet. Univer>ity Placc. WANTED?BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATION*, ai chambermai<ls or waitetr, eeamatressee, or to min i children, or do gcnerel homework. The peraona wishing three situatlcas reaiee at No. IMGreenwich street, eorner of | Cedar. Apply for two daya, at the grocery (tore, No. ISti, as above, on the third door. ___________________ I WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE GIRL. A | titnatioa to do general housework in a private family. or ebaisberwork. Is willing to make hereelf generally 1 usefal. Is a good washer aad iroaer. lias ne objection to i go ia the roaatry. Please call at No. ISO Momroe street, oa the (ret floor, op stairs. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPBCTAHLB young womea, who hare lived In oae plaee for three yeere. Caa be well recommended; one to do eookiaf. washing aad iroaiug, or ehamberwerk. and help with washing: the other as Nunc aad Seamstress, or chambermaid aad seamstress. Is a food sewer. Please eall at No. 547 Twelfth a'reet. koiweeB rlret aad Secoad avenaoe. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RBSPICTABLR PRO testaat girl, aa eaastr'-ss aad Chasbcraaid. or Childrea's Nurse; she undentaads her buslaess. aad oaa give tsed refereaee Inqaire at 61 Atlaatie street. Brooklya. Oaa e seea tor throe days. WANTED-A riENC'B WOMAN TO QO SOUTH. AND ; take ebarge of two snail children. A middle a?ri womaa pre re red N?ne need apply that la aot well recomn.eadtd Call at ABierieaa Hotel, ketweoa oae o'clock aad tferoc, this day WMH AN TED-SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECTABLE mil wobii, to do ci ok n?, waahiat and ir oini, the other to do nltlii at nltlai ul chamberwerk, or ( aeral houaework B. at of oily nlinvi ca be ?i*ea PI u< call at SA Tweatiotb at root, betttcea the Second and Tiiird atreaooo. WBBantep-a bititation, by a respectable y?u(| (trl. M Walter in a private ram iv Be t of city reference ran be itrm Ilea llrid la h< r laat place three yen. Plaaee call at %\% Mott (tract, third WHANTID-AkUPKTABIJ WHITE MAN A> W ailT, la prlrate boar-ling hone-; oar who nnJaratandt hia boaiaeaa, aad can dirt th? b?at elty refer*ao?a. Airly ta No. |6 WeafNiuttttntb etr-et, foar doori from Fifth ati aoo. WHHanteo-a lad. ra'im u to is tears oi.d. in a kola' fnraialiiaa aad faaor atoro Noa- a*od apply ; eoept nab a* eaa I i" tl>a boat of r'f-reaee aa to hoaeat* , ?4 IHiwty. a> M. MOIENBaUM, WOwmlrt air?i. ANTED-BY A KMPBCTABLB OIRI., WITH good city r?fereaoe. a altaatloa to da plat* aewlag. aad tako taraot a child or ehlldrea Ilaa aa ubjeetloae to ?n>rel hoaa< work ia a private family Apply at No.M Ea*t Ilet-bth atr*< t Caa be a?-?a for two daye. , \E' ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOl'NQ WOHAN TT a altaatloa aa Chaail-eraald, or ta aaaiat la waahiai aad Iroalai. or to do koeeowerk for a arnall private family. Sho baa aa abjaatlaaa la fa a abort dtateaee ia the eeaa'ry. Beat of att| referen- a *i tea Pleaae apply at No. 21! Twalfth treat, oaa doer fro? Broadway. WHAhTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION ^lle do cbaatberwork. waahiat. aad iroala*, or eha?N?r- I work aad waitla|. baa aa ahjectloa ta do honaework ta I a avail family, baa Bead two yoara ia h-r laat place, la- ) ^air* at Ne. IU Hudaa ataaua, ap ataira, eec>ad Bo r, I Mraoklya. j aat > ?o o n. l (ITI iTIim IIV a IMPII'Timt n1 ?k". aadarataaila >11 kiada ?f aaoktaa." Uu Kara ia htr !* ' ?! > for tk* laat Tkabaat of ApHf *l If#- ' >lm?. Brovklya, aaar r.lua f'rrrf W*nt?r> a mti'ttio*. bt a tbrt co*f*rtM ???? . wltk aaad Htf rafaraB'-a,?? aaek. aaak. aad ly-a. for a artrai* foailh, x a ? cmk. and trat-rata vaahar aad Ir atr waald go u laaadraaa. Apply al 74 Bttth araaaa, la tka kank at?r? WANTBD-A SITUATION. BV A RBM'Bl TABI.5 yaaaa anmaa. ia a amall pri.ata familvi la a (ami vaahar. aadlraaar aad plaia aaak. Apply at in Ik itraat, Ka. II. (rot Hoar, fr"B< room VjyA>Tlr?->T A RBSPBCTaBI.B TOUNO GIRL a WW ai-nsti*a a* < - ?*>>raa d, and take aara of ohildr?a. it ta da (aaar a I ka?a?0?ork n a all prlaat* family Plaaao fall at Pranklla Mr*#*, r""i?>o 7 f'aa ka ? > far iw? laya. TTia Wti ( ttfina< tan ka giraa fraa har laat ylaaa : *? ' Wants l??BV A hem'Bl'tahit PRhTRITANT jr?aa( ?oaai<. lataly arrived ft m DaMtn, a malt n aa f'amatraaa Ia a raapa*takla irlaata family Pl? aaa tall at M Oraat iaota ttraat. la tka roar. Cat ka a?WAN ri? - BV A BBtf BCTABLB VOtHO WttNAM. A if'iatl"a aa rkaalaraai i aad ?? do ftaa waaklaa and iroaiaf. ia a |>i?ata family. Haa tka k?a? af alta rafar-n Plaaa* rait al H Nialk iraal. - aad (oar. kaak raaaa, kanad aad Third a?aa?aa _________ I WAMBD- BT two BBSFBCTaBI.E rni \a womin Mtaatloaa Ota i? aa tf*ll'*l ra.k, waahar aad' Iratar, bt J ha. (ka k??? < f r?frra"<a tr-m kar laat j>la<-a tlituk'r l.ararr **J apakla of dalai tka*k*r?ark and waltlr a. ?? akaaikarvork aad plalB aaain*. and kaa tha ka?? of raf rur# Apply at .VWia h tra?% kataaaa araaaa* B aa l C. Caa ka aara f"T lt? data. W1KTI D-*ITi ATH'NS B* TWO RB^PRi'T * BIB yonaa aoa?n; saa aa Took, aad ? > aaatat a waahin* aadir-ninr. Tfr rr at t kaafc?rm?i'l an I *a r. or do i lain 'aviaa th? kat? of a,ty rof.-ranaa (iraa. Applf at i'.t Cir"aB?irl, a'r?". I'aa i?-b ' r ? '?y WAKTBD-A mi ATION. HV A BB?PB< TA1I.B yaaaa traaaa. ta wait aa a lady (Mai Soalh ar to Rarapo; lta? >d faa waah-r aad tr' aar. < an rWa r 4-nj rafaraara. Alio, aa aiparlaaaad prinntkn ali'mtt a(*(a la faBlllaa, ky tka day ar waak, laoraat of tk? fit*. I'laaaa call at 7? ilitk araaaa, la tka kook iter*. Caa ka aaa fat a waak. I Uakt bi?-bt a tsrv RB.?PR( tabi.b emu a altaatloa to d.'tka rhaaib?r*ark aid ?aa wtahiar ..f fami'.t. or ? old Ilk* ? r (!< n h a a lady . - U<-?r?tlrnf l?ki?? U-.- fh?ri? of ?hil?r*?. H i < I I Th* t*?r of eltj < ?? ?? *!? ?. call 1*1 llo?*sth I'mt. (r?t floor, k? k r*o?. C?? b? hii f r tw <??? U7ANTBD-BYA RMPSCTADM Y?vnn WOMAN, A M tltnatioil Ch?mi.?rin?i4. nil* lolit I* th? ?? *Mhia? * <( ?r it?iwlj VMtna, is t P( ?ih*ri*?4 ItMNlMM Th? h??t of Hit ffttr. Film "?ll ?? H? II R'l4|l iirw>, froit lw?mt ' ?? W hw ft l?* Wawth. r.v * nurtrTAat l rot no irom*. i 17 r-?i?. ? to tr???l with f??ilf. it ? i? ft a it < f >111 atai ' r?lf ? ful * 1o?; tr**!* th*?? ifrfil langatft ??ll?Or *??. Pf-?* ' < ?n<t M lltlM ? *"> t" mr |>?f? "f th? ??|M, l? ??*?r tie* With t*rra? an4 ?<dr ?? *1 ?< But (' ? J llrKh?ii, tn I |? ?ti?'l |? r??ftr?ltj ?lt?a<?4 to VH< f*f-.r?DO?? 111 ?i (f?(. WAWTW. J WANTED -A MAID WHO CAN SPEAK FRENCH AND ; German, to wait oo a lady who u abeut to travel. , Call At 436 Broom atreet. WANTED?bv A 1ESPECTAHLE YOUNG OIBL, A j aitualioa A* Chanilerinaid. Plain Sewer, or to MBt oare rf children. The beet ol city lefcrtncea can b? given. Apply at No. 16 Fifth avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV a RESPECTABLE >oon|t woman, an Seaniitreaa or Chambermaid Can produce the tut cf city reference* from her laat pla.o. Pleaae to eall at SM) Mulberry atreet. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN. If yeara of an*, a aitumou aa wet nurae ; the bent of referenee given ; baa no objection to going in tbe country. Pleaae adureaa, or apply at No. 1W Eaat Heycuth atreet. Wanted?by a respectable ciri., asituation ae Chambermaid and Waiter, or to aaeiat in waahinn and ironing; ia willinf to take care of children, and mak<i heraelf generally uaeful. Good referenoe from her laai pla?c, where the has lived four yeare. Pleate oall at .124 Eighth avenue, third door from Twenty-ainth atreet. Can be ateu for two day a. WANTED-SEAMSTRESS AND ASSISTANT Nl'RStA tidy, midrila- aged. refpectable woman, -ither fc.'tch, Engliah or American, to act in the above rapacity. None tut the moat capable, and with th? very beat of rcfarenoe*. need apply at H6 Tenth atreat. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A VERY COMPETENT girl, who knowe her buaineaa well, aa Scauietrei-.t in a private family; ean oat and tit cbildren'a clothing, and Iadiea' dreaaei; ia fund of ahildron. Apply at 71 Sixth art.? Due, In the boek atore. _____ WANTED-A COOK, WHO THOROUGHLY UNDKRataada her buaineaa, aad who will aaaiat with the waahisg. Beit city reference poaitively required. Apply at 7i?6 Broadway. None but Proteatanta need apply. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A situation to take care of children, and to do |>tam sewing, or light chamber* ork. She ran oorae well wrommrnded. Pitas* (All at No. 178 Aveuuo B, fourth door from Tenth street. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A FIRST RATE COOK; she ii a good washer and ironer. in kind and pleasing to children, and will take an interest for her employer!. Apply at 17 Readc street. WANTED?BY' A VERY RESPECTABLE PROTEStant girl, a sit uation to do chamberwork or take care rf chil<tr? n. PllMi sail in the ."ear off 1.1 Ion Mitt IkM floor. whtre good city reference* can ho given. Can he seen for three a ays. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?AN ENTRY CLERK NONE hut those having city experience need apply. A. T. STEWART It CO.. Broadway an<l Reade at. WANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT S\LESman, for our Silk Department. None but an < *perienced hand need apply, between the hours of i?v?b ani eight in tke evening, at Seamau & Muir's, 3*21 Broadwav. WANTED-A VOt NO MAN HELL ol'AHFIED IN the drvgoods' business, to go to Richmond, Va., to whom tteadj employment will be given. Address a letter *o Drygoods, el the office of this paper. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A WHOLESALE DRUG orOwmj lift, by a young man who h.u been faff , the last live years in a dru< and grocery store in Onoid* county. The bost of|0ity refcrenccM gi\er. Salary moderate. Addrt ss P. < . Hall, stating wkere an interview ran be had WANTED?A MASON: ONE THAT UNDERSTAND building furnaces. None but a steady, sober man n<ed spply at Franklin Forge, corner of Fust aveuuc and Twentyfirth street. WANTED?BY A YOUNG M AN. A GOOD PARLOR and bedroom, or rooms, in the upper part of the city, n^ar Breadway, with breskfant only. Board in a French family preferred. Addrtse P. L. II., Unisn place Hot* !. WANUD-BY A YOUNG MAN OF EXPERIENCE pood character and ability, a situation in a grocery establishment. To meet an engagement in a respectable house is more his object than a salary City refersnct of tlio highosI nipntftkilfty gi vwn. The Mvartiaif being a single )? unir man, he coii?d devote the whole of his timo to his ?m Ii'jits intirett. i ommnmcatiunn addreaaed J. 3, Herald ot!me, will mtct with attention. \ATANTED?A HOISB, OR PART OF A UOt'SE. FOR " a (mall family, between El?*enth and Twcn'ioth atr>eta and Second und Si*:h avenue*. Addr?(i>, poat-paid. Cox I,MM. IL'ANTEI)-f3R A SMALL FAMILV, ?N STATES ?? Inland, a *ood Cook. None need apply except with tho best city reference a> to qualifications aud character, at tha office 01 M Hard a Hen..'>4 Wall atreot. W ANTED TO HIRB, A SHALL TWO STOBT 10 I In tha vicinity of Broadway. bctwa n Prl?. -n aad Franklin l'oiacxion r.qoired on tha 1st of O Jtober. A iiif " J r B . N". ril P.r t'Uiv. i 1. i f11 !!' HpANTED IBUEDIATELV, TILL FIRST OF B A V. A hou?c is the lower part of tht -ity. ?atainin* rmlit racma, itoludu,* baaementa Apyly by letter, statm* rent. Ho . to 0 K.. MCity Hull place. WANTED TO RENT, IN A GENTEEL NEIGIIBOKhood. a modern Ilnuac, (citable for a (mall family -location not above Twentieth (treat, and rent not to axcaad St# hundred dnllara. AJdr>>" Tout Office, km No. t.V.oi. AVOlNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS 8BAM(traaa or Dre?pmaker, in a private I?mil>; ahr aleo undrratanda tn'llin?rv perfectly well. The beat of relorenc* tan be given; can be ??? ? for two da>( at 122 Twelfth afreet, between tha Fifth and Sixth avenuej. An ice, tidt, imabt todno woman, wishes employnxnt in a prlvata family aa Chambermaid, or to take care of children. and nndoratanda cutting and fitting children'* dreaaee; U a yood plain cook, a ftret rate waaher and ironer. City referen< e alien Inm bar lait placa. I'Uaae call at W.1 Broadway, flmt Moor. A WIDOW LADY W ANTS A SITl.'ARIoN AS MURIE. tog'? Bvotk. to New Orieana preferred; ?h?- liaa a IIQ.L 1 child or her own, *0 that (he i? experienced in the ?>arc of yonaa cbilile,Tk? W?a% *4 eitr r*fn?i?t ?1v?h. A<l4rei< oog K Herald oflcf. AYOUNO (.BR II AN LADT, ACQUAINTED WITH TH E Iniliah lu|o(||e, it deiiroua of obtaiaiitg a reapeo table altaatioa a* Teacher, Govaraeaa, Be , in ft family ?l r?p<otabiliiy. I'leaae direct H. L , Herald office. ATW'NO LADT. EMINBNTLY QUALIFIED. WISHKB for * titration M Coinpaaioa and BumkMpw. or M lake charge of a widower'a aetabliehmeat. or aha wonld hare no bj'etloa to travel. A liberal ultr; fipiatgd, Addreee C. C , Herald office. A RESPECTABLE TOl NO WOMAN WANTS A BIT. aatioa ae hcoeeaiaid in a email ptiiiu family. City rtf>nii?|iT?. Addr?aa No. liU Mulberry atraet. Ui l>< imu for two 4>/l A resectable oirl want* a situation as chambermaid or geaeral heuaea ork, in a awall family; good rtftrtiM! en bo n?n. Enquire at 7S4 Br?td<rijr. A SITUATION WANTED. BY A RESECTABLE OIRL ae Cook, waeher aad lf?? The Wat of city ref-r-n'e cm b* g1?ea from her laat plac.- Can be N<n for two day*, it No. 86 Niaeteenth trie", is the rear, betweea Sixth ui (??tb tvnoii. ATOUNO FRENCH GENTLEMAN. JUST ARRIVED fr< -m Europe, who apeakl fluently, and 1* thoroughly acqualated with the Freach, German aad Latin laagaagea. and alao able ta teach matheaatle*, aad the ft rat rndimeata of Craak, woald ba harry to Had a ettnatloa ia a School, ?r la a private faintly, to give taatraatioa ia all or aay of the above braaebea of edacattoa. AI pi) to C D. lleraU office. TO CVTT1BB Of BOYS CLOTHINO-WANTED. TO go te Boaton, a peraou who failjr undaretandi cutting Youthe and Bolt* Clothing, ta whom a coiKtaut itaation will l>? given. Apply pareonally from 10 to 12, A M., thle day, at itn Naaaaa (treat, rooai IB, ay etalra. CI TTER?WANTED, A SITUATION BY AN EXI'Krn-ne.d Cotter, ia a flrat elaee Hi n liant Tallnr'a JeiabliahiiM nt. None ether a^ad apply. Good ally reler?aoe givaa. Aaer-ea M W., bo* N". . thia office. TO MEECUANT TAILORS. OK CLOTUIERA.-A eattar of Brat rate ability wiabea t" ear eg' with cither. l?i. noj. ciii n ?" in oi i??w rera. ??>u pni<r an ?riirmt at in the aity, U heeoold hrln* lane trad'. Tinu r- . nail' Adtr M " Pheara. ' ll-rald oflla.\ TO MKBCBANT TAII.ORS-A VOCNO MAN Of IXr?rl(iH li aattla* la 4aalroaa af nktalalai a ?ltaati'<n In I laaptftahla talabUnhntfit, and woal4 reefer ItTotia* hit atiaatiua to trowaara aad wairtcoau In intra af R P<1TT*. No. ? John aim'. < I Ml wan Tin. in a i'rivati pamm r Ao<>?<r> flIIUv Brick H?aea In Mroaklya, ant Bora than Nun miaataa walk fr< ?i *-itkar J'altoa or South Parrlaa, at a raat of But ?i?f |WI ptf year R. f.-mn <ia ?i?an, if repaired. A'ldre.a I'trmaa'a' Timii' Bail ll*r?liottae LM INItHID BOUSI WANTKD?Till Sl'BSCRI BIR * wtahaa t? r*at a fnraiel.aj haute, fr-m Naaamkar to Mar, ap tawa, two tad a half of tbraa atoriaa knh. far wklab a reatoaaMa riat would ka pti4. Addrea. N. C. O., cln af Mnralag lipr'H. | *NFl |NI?HtD HV"",' BV A f'mlly, is th? r .fliWorK'oJ of Foltoa,Vteaaa, at William (tratta : aaa tarn niim? rx>ta and bedroom w.-ild Sa niffi Icat. Itnt mutt ka m> derma. A J treat T. H B Rm of 'kit paper, atatla* fnll partloilara and price. TO DISTII I RK? AMIOTIIIR-'. - A VMM, MtRRIM> Enalithmaa ta datiroaa of aktalalai a attnati a u It< okktf par, < r AoU'aat Bookka* per. ha?ta? ago-dprajtical kavaladat of d.nhla eatrv. rta haa alt a <ood kaow]'4f af the <i?tiiUtiaa of mm having kwea ?ary aaa?o?af?I la aiaa enaavntlra rmpa la Jamaica. U?od rafar*?cnt aa to tliatMtar, ki at tkla oftta* INFORMATION W ANTKP -Rlf'B A RD IfRI. or AN4o?tr, Bnaaai rauaty. N. J., myaterlonaly di-appetr d from tl.ia <-lty, aa Fr14ar a'lkt laat. Be waa laat mi a Uia Park. akoat twelaa a clock, na hit way from tkt Broadway Theatre ta Tammany Hall Mr Kirk waa a mta tVitl tea feat tit laakaa la t>- ?h? aandy aomplailoa: wore a 4ark krawa >aak aoat. klack aalTat ?wt, bla. k raatal??ne. aad a krawa plael. caa. He ta akaat Vt yaara af a?a. Aay i?l ?mail"! af kia wheraahonta. or fate, will be thaakfnlly ra X T ~ UK* U4IOM. 4M. nBBRB TR1MBINGR. NBB' RTTI.B.-rASIIIOWABT.B L>tom Makara, l>*alora, >n l ?r- Iarita4 to oall > 4 ftaalaotha liiMt t'lUol Parlo Ganiroa Rlbhaaa, at wl,<.l?.ala an<i ratail, at the Bna.l way Taria'y 8t?ra, N?. Til Broadway. RI< B RBiWLB.?LABB ft FORI BR. of M CAT Ulna* at root. kat? Jirt a fraali lot ( tho am oararb t)raoa Rhawta thai ha** baaa iaport?<l tk>iMM?t.wl * ? Rrlolaa a *r?at ?ari?tr of '?!? whih th'f will Mil at a ?nat raaaatlaa froa tha ataal priooai alao, a naat.-ai aa??rm?at'f Dry Oa?4a. AM. ft R. DAVIE, M BROADWAY, IMPORTERS II ph"lat?ra?'? tt^o, whnlooalo an t ratail, hava jut racal*o4 fr?a Pan*. I.aea aa<! Waalta Ciri?la?,lilll('?t> al?aa, ? lodoir Rho4?a, Paper lionrinra. HanHi. *< . toM'h will ho ?N at t??aty r*? < < 'ooo (has at aayotbar oatabliabaaat la tbt olty. Call aa4 tiamino thoa A M a R Oavir*. r? it- ii?tr TO RIIIRT NABVPACTCRBB*- AN ENTIRE!! SBW t I* of Rklrt H .at, nato >.v aa.'hiaa ??ry loaitlfil, aa4 4iBoraat fr<.a rat |mt raeoloo! aa4 far aalt by OfSTAVl'S DKll KHR Impirtrr, IIJehn atraot. BATHI. ' ITimaiATIII RJ OAIKpLL'8 IIMCtTID TA? ? pof, ?olphnr, a?4 l.ilina Hatha, all Barclay t'raat.? Tap< r Batht aro "oaaatlal to haalth at tM? t at .tt at i tha tear: thay aanaa ih? ?kia to raja't a abaUn>a that woa 14 ana y oaa who ha I * t " p*ala4 >?" tba 4' a I anttelo fr<a tha hit. tl if tin of tka a?ot 4a1l(htfal aa4 laaarir ai ! r'an?atfr?. COl'(;nR.( OLDR. BROMCBim.LirBmcOBPtilUT" Bryo>pala? Bh>Tiaatlaa ? B J. Carroll a o. laWai< ' *al" f Botha. ?A Barclay froat. ara M?My ft onta'nlM ? , l?t. Hott. ht.ooa*. Boy*. Ha?No?o? Nata-a, tmltk, 0 a, Millott, a?4 athor -aila'at ph ytteiana, Ma lanot <afr > >4 | oVftaal toaady fr r tka alata camplalata, a?4 all - ?ra | arUloa ft. a'h.-bwl | rtjirati-a PRimoRI Of THE RBI*. ?AtT BHBl *. RRRU'MJ rial Brarttaao, Itoh, Barlor't I'ah, Ra'-?a?ry Rtph'l a. otkor 4taoao*o ?rl?io? frma i?r aritl?a ~f Sa bl ?-4 ?Tno y?tf?a if? f tho Rntha, an4 r?<!o?m' aiatmaa fr> m tha at-4iral faaaltj far ?h.' ja?t ?? aiy-t ?? r-?r? yrova tha ofRra?i pf B J larroll t * i>h?r Bath?, Bar lay iimt.Hi a?<?t far tm at- fa ? apialaia. t 4 JCNNV USD. (1ASTI.B GAKDIN.?U'LLl. JINNT LiND'S FOURTH J grand Concert, and the lul bat two far the preeent, will lake alaoe at Caaile Uardea, on Thursday eviunx, September lvtb, leflO. FROORAMM*. PA H T 1.

Overture?"Gnillaiimo Tell," Roealnl. Ca?atina?"VI Kavviro." Sig. B<ll*tti. Aoiunambula, llrllini. Aria?" Jul la Voce." M'lle. Jenny Lind. Pariranl.. Be' Dxvi La Tarantella? Pianoforte aad V'ollu, on fatsrite themea of Belliai Knar*. Benedict and Noll. "Gia la Luna," Sir. Bellctti Roaeini. Aria?' Nub PaTentar," M'lle. Jenny Liad. Flauto JMaguo Moiart. I PART a. Oci art?" La Muette da Partial." Maaaaniello An Her. i Ballad?"TakeTbia Lata," M'lle. Jinny Lmd Benedict, i Bulo?Pianoforte. Mr. Uolfiuan Lit de Meyer, j Romania?Quandu Laaciai la Normane*. M'lle. ?enny Lind Roberts il Diayolo. Aria?"Non Pin Aadrai," Big. Belletti. None dl Fagaro ,. .. Motart. "Ah non Glnnge," Meyerbeer, M*U?. Jenny Lind. Bomaambula Bellini. And by ( articular deeire. the Swedieb M?lody?" HerdaoiHn'e Bung, (knoa n an the Iclio Song.) Sung by M'lle. Jenny f ind. Cendietcr?Mr. Benadiet. The Oroneatra will ooneiit of Biity Performer*. including the (Irat talent in tlia oountry. Price* of ticket*, from %t to $'1, accordiag to U ration, Promenade Ticket* SI. Place* Mcurtd, and ticket* obtained at the American Mimeam. Door* open at ft o'olock. Coneert to commence at 8 o'clock. No check* will he iaenad. ('bickering'* grand Pianos will ba need at tbl* Coneert. M'lle. Jenny Linda Filth Grand Concert, an 1 last t, it on-, will he given at CactU Garden on Saturday doling. Firtlnlin hereafter. Vf AD1MOISELLE JENNY LIND'S FOURTH CO.VAvS cert.?The holder! of promeaade tickets will not be adB.itied till 7)? o'clock. 1'. T. BARNUM. JENNY LIND CONCERTS -MESSRS ?K H4LL fe BON. corner of Broadway aid Park place, offer fur tale a few choice seats fer tbli evening's concert; and also for the concert on Saturday eveaiug a selection of seals as per diagram, varying 1b price from $2 to $7 each. JENNY LIND'I CONCERTS.?VISITERS A HE REQl' I3? ted to procure their booka eoBtaining the programme and ?ori sof the sonns in Italian.German and Bweedisli.with their translations in English, ob the Bridge or the enfant i of the Cattle. aa it ia impossible for persons to get ho.*?eu the settt to tell the aame after the audience are seated. JENNY L1ND'8 OPERA GLASSES.-JUST RECEIVES an invoice ef thisnew pattern of Upera Classes. for sale by VICTOR BISHOP, 23 Maidoa Lane, up stain. Dancing. DAMCIMO ARB WALTZING ACADEMY. 21 UOWAP.Il sticet ?Siguor* ?nd Sii;aor rerrero will re-oix-n their HChool < n Saturday, the 12th of Ootobtr. Days of Instruotii n, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Mondays ai.d Tl.urnduys, at half-past threo fur yeung ladies anil masters . Hon* day and Thursday evenings, at half-past seven, for geailo Bun Private soirees to bo given at usual. PRIVATE DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY 46 Bond street.?Mr J. II Searing will re-op n his *ehool in Oct her, as uttial. Due notice will be given of the d?"s und hours Rr the classes. Suliools and families attended and private Insiructiou" given at all timus, when not ocsupied. Applications Bin? to made any hour during the day ?r evening, till 10 o'clock, at bit residence as above. i a) st. ac. Clfk R K W A R D.-I.OST, ON TUESDAY EVENING ?7 ?" last, ob the buttery, or |near the entrance toCas'.lo'lin. a large G"!d Brtoefet. set with a pink topa< stone, with a latge gold taesel attached. Whoever will return tail Uracelet to 241 Broadway, will receive the above reward. I O 8 T ?YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, IN OR NEAR MJ Hroadwsy, a Child * G"M llrac?let. with gold clasp, ml the initial* marked "A. F. T." on the in?ide. The ftnd.-r will be suitably rewarded by returning tlio same to No. 129 Unrtn Hmt, near Prince stret t. LOS* a king CHARLES SPANIEL BOOf If AMB IS Drumo, medium s'ta. f?ur white toed, white on throat; otherwise Llack and tan. full fringe on (be leg*. The tinder will he rewardev by leaving him At 5^ Amity street LOS1 01 MOLM A SOLD BRACELET, SET WITH three Uarnot *t?n?*s. Whoever will return the name to No. W Liberty street, will receive t suitable reward. E. V. WEHSER. CLOTIIl!Vti? *" CAST OFF CLOTHING?CAST OFF CLOTHING.?LAdiea ana gentlemen can obtain the highest priee f >r east off clothing and fnrnitur**, sending through post, or oth?rwiae for T. LF.V IN8TVNE. 466 Broadway, upatairs. 1 adies attended by Mrs. Le\?ustvne. CASH ADVANCES IN BUMS FROM $.'? AND UPwardj, can be had for any I- ngth of tim?-, on nta of gold and #ilv r watches, diamonds, silver and plat* 1 war*', jewelry, merchandise, furmtui**, Ac., to. G<><*ds boasl ' and sold on com nnpsioa. UBOKSK J. LEVY, Note ani Money Broker, U.I Maid* n lane, up siaire. CASH A D V ANCED IN SV.US OF S2, OR To ANY amount, on eonsignment of furniture, . late, jewelry, watches dry goods. clothing,groceries. wines. Ii juors, boaki, atationery, kc , either on storad?, for private sale, or for disposal at auction, >v F. Of,DF2ELD, auctioneer, real e-tate and house agent, 1H8 William street. Every kind of bu?4u* as negotiated on eon mission. SALES BY AUCTIOM. ^ RC. KEMP, Al CTltfNEER-LtRGE AND PEREIf P tory auction sal. of l.andeorre Furniture, Piano Fortes, Vur rn CarMte, China, Silver and Silvtff Plated Ward, this .l?v At 10 fi'rWk ? n. up I'rui.kl.n mtr-mmt I oa Mat ingot ? lar<* and valuable uiorlntDt of ruio-r <> 1, ui*li"<tary, inJ wamat parlor, dining room, and chamber furniture, of the t'Mt quality, cmirt 1 with ri h aatia, I rof I'(lie, ailk velvet, plu?h anJ heir cloth; .1 pianoforte*. ail vcr lorke aad {>""??, ( Inn* dinner a?4 tea *ea*, nrnnt-I*. tl.ree pi?. ??-* "tti* r earpeti. *ilvfr plateii ware, tea tray*. il nurro**. ?ut hUmihw, <%**lofu?? itid?v ready. TVKRCNCB BOY LB. AI'CTIONZBR ?BTORI 10 I Latham ?treet ?On Friday, put tall., at 10 o'alock. II No U i h*rry *tre*t, tl>* *to*k *f a wbolnale and r tail I.iunor Htore. ironnlatlna ol Brandy, Gil. St. Croix R im. Jamaica Spirit*. I'?rl Win*, Madeira and Sherry, Raapberry, |Vpi?tnilul, Iriih and Scotch W Ui*k*y, fliampao* Thee* II qo*r? ar* of lb* moet approved branita. Sagar*. stand oa*k*. kega, d*< antam, counter*. h*?r and *i<l*r p*iap?, liquor d* 8*T* poaitir*. Term*, ca*h, and city uoaey; nothing *1** fmm KOH HALK AND TO LIT. CoONTRV f CAT AND r A KM r<?R SALI. OR RXchaag* for Improved praperry is the rltl** of New Vork >r Brook I) a. 11 ha* a haad*om* eottag* bnllt hoa*e, with a boui* f*r a farser and family la additioa; bara. crr.nary. It* h**?,. kt Tber* ar* about I J>i a*r*? of land, about oa* half la (nod ealtivalloa, the re*t woo* laad Th* place u w*U *toeked with (bole* varictie* of api>l*, peach, ae>tarine, Llam, poar. and quiaoe tree*, la fall fi?artn|(. aad la * lliahad with ornamental treen aad ahrubhary 11 a* rood f*ar*? Thi* fla? i* *itaat*d in Smithtova, ?a th* public Mi leading from that t>lac* to lalip, two mileg Mf k 4 Suflolk Statica. aad la withia thra* hoitr* travel from New Vork b?* Ulaad Railroad aal atage*. The land can i * coavealeatly divided, aad part *f the parcha** money may r*maia oa taad aad mortgage if daairtd by the |rarcha**r aeraa of laad at SafT'lk Station, aa 'ho lone lalaml Railr<<a<l. Thia laad ia ?>no?| tible of (<? 1 ciiltnation. u< ia .unable for p?rf>?>*a on tha Htatioa It vill be fold in qnaatlceto nit |>unkurTL laialr* <>f Mea?ra CharrhUl k kittel, K! Maiden l.ane, Mr Wm Chnrehlll, Jr , ll But,let atreet Ilr??fclrs. nr Mr N I Sniitii. a; Rufli.U St atii NMOUTH RIVER PROI'BRTT. NH4R WAMMfUTOW li tla?'a, for aale, at from 110" to SIp?r pint or ffi>m k to t aeraa ?aeli. Tkat haautitH pi.'... , f I a n 'I. lata the ptonert t of Caorge Job**, K?|? l?ln* about balf a mil* north of the vearaaa tatlna containing fnrtr urn. with a front nf I.UUO feet on the llndeoa Hlrar.and eurroaaded b* the r?aldeaeea at Mraablajrt^a Irvin*. Moaea U firiaaefl, A. C. Kianalan l. Edmund ( <<ffin, ? Tlmiaaa, Gen. M m. I* tultiin*. I'., baa leea 'llvi<l?>4 latr plot*. with referees to th? uadu* lativa of tk? jfroaa<i. whi'-h for |lelnraa<|a* beauty aad ronmaadiBK Tlaare, it naaurpaaae t They alU be 1011 at lro? kb* t.nndred to twelve haadr*d dellara par plot. For partienUra apply to O. A. RACCHI. ar E. <J. Ill Itl.INO, ( Hroad "traet, CLIFTON.ftTATBN IM.ANIt. NEAK Till N ARROWS? Pat nla a to > ***. Cottage Kltaa anl I! < 1in* I. >' . oa a< iiad aad derated rrouad, la the ai<<at central aad d< airabla i<art rf Chftoa. la tha vleiaity of farrr. ehorcuee, aad ...k.J. TV, - -- A -V- - - ' ?-< Pura watar ia . >aailj> ?<t, a^klr. and tha walka m i Jri ?aa arpictarta<4B? u< kaaatlfnl. Coraaaats ajaiaat auiaaac*a ill ha ra^i'lrad. ladaootaoats will bo offared for tlio >rHtin* of doBirahla bulldlafB. 9uni lot! offertH in naar tho atar. A bitlkhH^ ii la frost of thli pcnpartv.aad It I* latandod to c-.Bidota a at* farrj-iandin* in tha Spring A map ran k? BOOB. Bad tarma kaowa at M O'Coaaor Uuildar, 11 Road* atraat. wm.w VAN WACENEN. Na. I. ilaaoaar .tro.t, TO FA MM BRA?tilAHO AT ONE (JINT I'tR LR,_ Kaa'lah a prarard hu koan taatad I.; fuairi dariac th? IbbI foar paara. a* b?i?? tb? b'?*, ah?ai?<?, agd o il diirahla frrtlHarr ???r air^rad. Q.rti#??'j., ? J, 0f ftn.rr*. i? l*??M.U. m " at ' ' !' ' KENTIMI aiii. i ai, h^f'R RALE?MERCHANTS' (orPEE HOt'BE. No. U B'arar ?tr?M Tha loaaa. ^traltnrr, H?turaa, and *nod sill nf thl? trpt rlui raataaraat will b? Bold ?t a harja.a. Call oa tho pr*Bla?a. _____ FOR B A I.I-A I.ADIEU f BOB RTORE.PNOWEOPTBB Wttttmti la tho city, a?> la fall biiamaa* Priaa ?->>< r r I irii'M.t. addraaa 8h??a Ifarall "I TOBOITHERN AND W ERTERN ROOT AKIt SHOE Doalort.?For aala, iaporaad Fraaoh bn?to and aii?oa. ftr . af Ika kaat aaatanal and wnrkiaBBalnp, m iiiaat aait urttyaii J HEIDEI BEHt.EH. No S l?at atrnt, ap otaira. FIRE r.Kit u v.tNtr*( TORN -fm: BAIiflnan !? r tt arka Bra (farad i raalo na >ui torma. For lurthrt part irialara. applp at tha and .lopot, No 4 t.'aaaoa atraat. Ma* Irk. oral tha Work a Woodirid??. N. ioroap. TAKR NOTICE DTBAMBOAT k UTEAUMIIP BltlData Hair Palt for rarann* hoilara??.MB aSoato sill ha old at oaarlj half prt- a, If appliad I r itntnadiatalp, at No. < IN h artato, N I Office to iet-part or an offi. b. with ?aak. atr? l??at-d n aaa of tha kaat parta ?f 8?ath Itraa'. roartai-at to Pooh ftllp aad Taltoa farrioa. Ultara ad Iraaaad to M. !?., at thla ollao, ill ka attaadad to. KXPRBHtl AUEWCIICI. Eb srrron b co.. m w am. rtkeet. will runa <aaad Iboar aait apa. tal aapr-aa na AaiaMap, JH?h iaat. kjr tho a| laadtd atoaaiar C'raaooat Cltp. All Ura* avkuM iaat ka bandad la oa or kofora Friday 27tk. Kaaall parboil rwi.tad till 12 M. oa tha dap af aailiag Ultar tia?a op?a till IMa'?l"<k. Earlp application m-iai ka mado fur larjo lota. Tana raasraaMa i papmaat ia adaaaea. laaolaaa auat k? lair aartiRaW at tka ra?t"m L<nao. aa I baadad la with tha |0?*?.~ E. f 8VTTOK k CO . M WallMraat. / IHBliOBVH ALIPOKNIA PACK t'.B BIPBB??, PBR Maamar >111 Olta, ptk Th? abarrlk?< will ???p?lrh Bpa lai B>?mm ki tka akort lliaaairr, H ^ivllt^Mnn nxMier. ak? will tapariataa* lh? traatpnr'atl' n of ik? t?o*l ?r?f th* l?lh?ti?. aa<l |>arf?'t tkair raoklfiaaa* at r?r.?r.i?. ti l a*c??r??J? ??? "> til lhaa ara ?alli?t?J la tbiHi ?l ' i??aati W UiMory ahn h?? atari faollitf At bin I far tkafr .a.n.adiati 4all??rj t? tha aoaai(a**a la Am rraanaer ?nl ?*fi< aa i*ru of California. Tkt ta at tbi* Liaa ara r ?? ?t, aa* lo > aa'ur t??t at* >? pr*?l4?4 ra*tlfr4 aatil tkaanralnft af ika lay af ailiaf. an4 lattara aalil I l-a P < ?a<? kaarjr fraitbl Kail ka dali<ar?l at car o?c? rrmf ?? --ha taf of aal'la*. TH'.-rfOf k WIT* * <V * aa< 4w?'?; ll? Paarl atro?*. *"ra?r af Wall ttraat. r I. 91 f para >/ l)|a T r aai-kat ?t ??r*a*? ia -)?ana? ihalf at tk? Canaia IWaa. Taraa ma.aaMa I'ATIO* A*D M BirPRB f??tW?*l?lNO AMD . C>?Bl?a(..B Htrahaa-a.) l.Mfr* v ?' ?oaraaa?oraCa?4 la'-'taH all ...Aa -? ' T *? '?? ??*ht kaa ?. *,<k f?4l- <r???-?, ?.,-a> Uf-rtkaana. maaaaaf (iiwii.fa aa* rralikt Wak??aal?a aU? *?I??an>anti w|.|Tr.?,|, k iraa?a-r?a?. ? ?vmu a* G*r??aa aa4 Oiw,r bat -t?M a ll V 4alaf ? tk? 'atkaaa. * K. TiTUi*. I?? ' lUluaiaq. ? ? PI P A ! ?? ? Wa?r?rlaa?k. Ufaraaaa la * ,? r??k, I H?aat4 k * ?? * ?f-???a? gar Aiyaara L liaaa. ?i *?a??f ??raa?; Carniy. Bra. k I Ca.. tJ.?. Caaaaia<a, ?uim, - a4an ? (?- Praa1 ? -I? | A MI'S* MIC NTS. DOTIRT THEATKE.?THURSDAY IVINtNO. S1PT. D ID. viU be repeated UuI wer'e<roat play of R1CUEL1E0I.oaie XIII , Mr. N Jokaaou; Cardinal kichaliee, Mr. J VTal! lick, Jr.; Cutu, Mr. Uowea; Baradae, Mr. TUtoa; Chevalier dc Mmiji.ii Mr. i*ope; Uuftuet. Mr. bteveae; Julie ae Murii u, Mr* J. Wellack. Jr.; Marlon do Lorme, Mra. Jordan: Francoia, Mtea 8. Weni*. To eonelade with the draaa etyleti the SONS or KRIDIN-C'.lonei Walateln. Mr. Tiltua; Captain Albert, Ur. Pope: Bernard, J. Leater; Cokaakl, Mr Jordan: Couat Bonatedt, Mr Hamilton: Ulrica. Miaa H'amya". 1>?t? ojen at a quarur before 7; eommenaa at 7)( a alaak. l*rleoa af admlulon?Boxee Iflcenta; Pit jBgW BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.-THUR3Ja> aveulaK, September I'.'th. will ba played tha oomedy of OLD lltAl'S ANl) VOUNG IiEaRTS?Earl of Pomnien, Mr Uolinan; Lord Charlea Hnot.u k, Mr. Copland. Coloaal itceket, Mr. Skerrett; Littleton Oka. Mr. loafer; Tom Coke. Mr. Bland; Coneteaa ef PuLiploa, Mra. llnfchee; Lady Alice Hawthorn, Mra. tfkerrett. To eonalnde witk tha akatoh cnihd SHE'S COME, Jenny'f Coat* 1?Mr. Blarneyea, Mr. Itui'.oa; I' kakod Lonfface, Mr. Moore: Mr. Tea Huabng, Mr. Hainan; Tlie Ni*hun?ala, Boaren Ynajaaeoa. Boxee, i Lireae Cirele, and I'arquatte. SOoente: Family Clrela, V oeata. Doora open at 7; to tafia at 7X o'alook. National tueatrm, Chatham street.?thtrs- ' day evenisy, September ID. 1*60. the enter tatmaonte ' will oomiaence with the draaa of THE MIDN1UIT UANCUET?The Unknown, Mr. U. A. Perry; Jeremiah Pine, Mr. Herbert; Conntee? BeaaldS, Mra Myare, Mar ban a a, Mre. Jeffereon. To conclude with tha popular drama of SIXTEEN CTHING JACK?John Kanu. Mr. U. A. ferry; Mr.Colrille, Mr. F I. H'enjyaa; Chriatopher Clarion, Mr. JelToraon; Frederick Panvera, Mr. Ciaaccr; Conatanco llinl.y, Mite Crocker; Marr Ferrera, Mra. Myara. Bum. i'i eenta; Pit, ii.V Hrl?a:e B $.1 Seate la Private B i. SI. Doorivill r; jb at 7: perforgiaiict will oonaKonoe at o cloak. DARNIMS AMERICAN MCSEUM.-P. T. BARNUM. JD proprietor and r.iu(tr Join Greeawead. Jr , naaiatant manager.?Fareaa. S<.a?e. aa: Daacea. every a/ternoea. The "Drnnka-d" tvrrv eveninx '-U weak, coaaeactaa Mumday 8eptem>*t K, W"1 A report buat ef Jenny Land, a moat admirable piece ef art a ill ba at the Maaeua, amunget tue other enri utiea. afternoon, will ha performed : >>e comi *1 farce ,t Ike HAlNTEL) CHAMBER- ? After whioli, ?oa?a aail dae .ee by tbc cuapaay. with marehea, waltiea, airu. kr , by the lAaeaahire Beilnncera. Thia r?er.og, the much * ' red dom< >tl< moral draaa of THE Dl< NKAKI), wMU the tiaaul freat caet. A million of ourionitka are to b? - n at tin Mnaeum. Mad. Lamort, the xruat fortune tell r, la ttera. Tiie Hoaicr infant, (juaen Adelaidt'a eartiaic, I ilauik, Ibt fairy queen, immonae boa oon trictor, etc. Afternoon | i rl-rmancpe at .1; erenin* at 7M o'clock. Admiaaion rente: children under ten ynnra, IJh eenta. oPEN ON *ond.>v -EPT. icth?CHRISTrS OPERA Uoute, Meehauii.. clall, iTl Broadway, ibora Grand itr?et.?Chriaty'a Mlnatrela reapectfully annouaee to their pairons. and thf public penera^y, that they will ha to : he honor ' f mommoLiiD? ?..?rn*i of their popular eoncert* in this city, on Monday text, at their Un? established " Head(juarteia." which has recentl) und orgoae an eutire renovatien and improvemeut, rendering ihe Ball one of the m<?at c avcnifnt and comfortable ptocea of amnaeuienti* the oitv. Tickets, 'ift eonta. Doors op?a at 7 ; eommence at "t o'clock. Afierr-' in concert every Saturday! at 3 P. M.?the company ootnprisinft an efficient and versatile "eorpa" of taleated and expericnood performers, under the management of K. P. Chriaty. ZOKSft'S S'tIfIOP1 AN OPfiKA COMIQUE--11118 newly establish*"! company, oomposed of the oeat cUaa of talei.t, aa well in singing ai in Ethiopian delineation, is its ncweat and moat a..proved atyle. will, under the management *f Max Zorer, commence performing at Bleeoker Hall, Illeetker street, corner of M >rton atroet, on Monday eveniiiK nex:, the 'Jth of Sept. Doora open at 7 o'cleok, ommcncinn at H o'clock. Admission 25 cents. N. B?Omnibusnea. from all parts of the eity, nana either by Ihe door, or within one or two blocks of the Hall. WALL II ALL A. 36 CANAL STREET, OPPOSITE THE New ilavcn Railroad Depot.? Oreat Attraction.?The l>ircl Uics'rel Hand. comprint!.i; the beat muniml talent in th? I'mted States ; also, each la'iy being proficient on three ukiioical instruments. The Lunoii;,! Arab (itrls, together with the true and only original fVmalo Living Pictures, comm-nly called Model Artists. Power's lireefc Slave, personated by i>ne of the most beautiful worn' n in the world. Pcrtoricance to commence at 3 o'el ?ek in the afternoon, and at 7S in th* ening. Prict of admission, Orchestra Scats. 17K cents; Paruuette, JA cents. Police m attendance to keep i rd< r. Bit' l every night* . uiiir..i..a, lien vni.t.,1 10-ni.i. > r. i? J. gong, north nt Louieville, having my bin r?? arranjeii" ii* i t" ipnke wi*h thia theatre. mill coiumum >ta with W. II. CliipH tidal'-, ef>|? who ia my appointe 1 a*ent. THUS. PLACIDE. W Ii CHttrrNnAt.a, 121 Mcrcar atrctt, Maw York. AMUBKMICNTH IX BHOOKLVR. |)RtOKLY.N Mt'Sll'M, CORNER OP FITI.TON AND ll Orange atr3r>e.?Choice enaction of Curioaitifla. M.i citm open iTcrj evening at i.>* . I.centre Room pcrformatu* commencing at 7). o'cloek Open nay and ev?n'og. Triumphant aiieceea of th- u> w ton rpriaa. I.aat nig^.t but one ot tli>* c ItlrateU tragedian, Mr C. Dthdin Pitt. I'irat night of the young Irilh Nightingale. Thia, Tliuraiav evening, Sept. 19. will 1 e pre?? ntcd Shak-peare'* tragedy ol OTHEl. 1.0 ? Othello, Mr r 111; I arc, Mr Lovcll; lJraf.antio, Mr. Taylor; Caaaio, Ur. Kin*.Im; Dead. tu na. kr>. Lovell; Emilia, Mr<t. Cbaimm. After winch. the Venn. Irtah Nightingale will appear and em? a variety of I'ln^a. Dancing by Mill*, al'trtitie. Admiaaiou 1!1 centa. Ki avrxd >?at> ia i'arquette, J7ft cekta. FOR Aitrs. DA0UERREOTI I I. PUm-aiUT REDUCTION iu pti?e. We art now enabled to *ell Ionia I.. Btahop'a platoa, at J!?> p?r hundred, full an*. The) are warranto* eupcrlor tn any other. and eold with the privilege of rttaraing thoau that wrnid net give entire aatiafaction. VIC'ltiR BlSllOl'. Xi Maiden lane, ap gtair*. DAt.l KKKEIiTVI'E Il.ATI.S f>R SAl.E CHEAP, A imall conaignment of Dagnerre Itjrp* Platea. I E UAL fc llOt I,AN D, !Hi William ?tro?t, up otaira. PRECIOUS STONES, JEWELRY, CHARMS. AND ALL kmdaot French faaey article*, for aala ?y VICTOK ttlSUOP, *1 Maides Lane. ?P atalra. M.B. Pearla. IIiihidi,. and all kindaof (lama p*rekaa*d attSotrfnM valna. 7 aOAHPlWO, M. ____ Boarding?fi\ k or am gentleman can he a?c.,num.d.ti d with )>le?|Vt room*, alao full or partis board, atlMi Duan* etreei, tWoaoora w*et ot Broadway. BOARD--A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN be ACCOM o<??t*d with mod rootna and breaklaat and tea, ?r break'aat only, by api'lting at 477 Hudaoa atiaet. The location ia very btautirui, being altuated seat to Bt. Luke'a Church. BOAKMNO-A HITTING ROOM AND BEDROOM. AND large eloa?t aititM, amiable for oaa or two gantfaaen; alaa, a aiagle reem-caa be bad on applying at N?. 3 Callage |WW. BOARD WANTED?fill BOARD TOR A LADY AND two gentlemen, in a prlvata family, above Aalty atroal and III tba vicinity cf Broadway. Addreaa K. M , Herald Am. BOAKD.-TO LET, N'.W AND WELL FURNISHED r.oma. oa the Brat floor, for a gent and lady? board for tba lady rnly. No <|U*atioaa aaked Addreaa L. L. D.. at tha (flic* of tkia paper. Board wanted, in a small private family, ?ho bavu luora roon thin thay want, board tor a aentleinan, v ifa, nur?* and child. Addreaa C- I*. 8.. tlerald of#e?, etaing term*, k? , which muat b* reaaoaahle. iUfelenee?evenanged Boarding-rooms furnished or cnfi rnisii. ed. on ataoad and third rt-"ra. with alaaeta adjoining. Tha hove* ia reapaviahly aad pi. aaantly l?catad. and aear two ata?,e i*nt?a A*enmm<>dattoiii for a few daykoardara. Bathe, ?o|il. warm ?a'l ?tiower, at M BUeoker atreet BuMIIi IK) It n 111W N . A t.INTLEMAN iMi IIH wlf. "to obtain a very pleasant front r*'>m, with pantr.ta nnd b< droi in attach*!, if r?'inir?d, ftirniahed or d N. 11 II... ....1. B? L..-1 ? ?nr?rW. lioiinlmiii itWon and ro tulrrl. Alaoarory doatraMr rri,m fur a in?cie rentl. i??d. |> ' <i I MJV or RBRI'BCTAIlll.lTY MJ aiding is tho opp- r |iart of th ci tjr. withi'i on. U at a? ront< aa<l r?ilr?ad, tn?in? ? froat rooa and brd r . m on >cd atr.ry, aBoccajiod, la J-alfna of g-ttint a f?utl. tin aad hi* o11 to hard. Tl>. rr *r- bo chtldron, and a t'Tjr aioall latnlly. Th* 1'X-atmn la v.ry pl> aaaat aad dr. ?iral>I?. Noar hat |?ro?aa of otoal ataalia* will >> troaird alth. Ad Irvaa, ?ith r-al r.?m , "No. 1M, at the ?Ait of Ihla i if" i. PR1TATK BOA nil A LA DV AND OENTLBMAN, OR <na or two aiacl* yoatloaoa,?aa bo Areoaaodatod ?ith (umiah<i? or narnralahcd (Maia aad hoard. M Mo 34 lul Twoattoth atr?ot. t?tw? F<nrt h avoaaoaad Mroadway. TTKION SQl'Alll.-A LADT AND OBNTI.EMAN, *- (wlthoat childroaor aorvaau.) or oaa or two olaclo gaatlaaaa. aaa ho arcoaaodatod with furaiahod or aalurm?> H r m- ar, I I it I a \ . II i. n |Uar?. AIIANDSOMB SCITE or ROOMS TO LIT, IN A PRItaio family, fnralotiod or oafaraiahod. ?|th or wtthoat partial heard. Tho luaatloa ta ?arj doll?htfal aad mitili<|t.oM hUtkaoittl Broadway. laqairo at ItU Prmoo >tro?t. ADAND90ME NBW ttRNIflUEB ROOM TO LRT, . with |rt?ll?n ?' bath, la a flaaaaat part of thooity. arar a ?ta*? roato. H'oald h? lot to aatatla(oatlamaa an-l hiawlfo. Noroftroaoo r*'i<nr?d. Addrooa Mro B. C II . at Broadaay foot OIRca, alalia* wboro an iatorvlo* aay ho bad. Ltl'RNIBnBD ROOM, WITH BOARD. WANTBD roR A " ladr, whoro tharo aro ao fthor hoardaro, aad whort ao Ioootioaa will ho aahod; with a widow lady praforfwd Adroaa "Charlao," at tb? tdloo I lb la papor. avatlaf toriaa aad aanal pMtltllfl. I'd ram11 ir? BoMin i r r<<rs vi^v dooirahl* aad coaroal'at rn' tna may la ohiaiaod at U St. Mafh'? | la - ______ TOIKT-A ri RNl.tbBD rARI.OR AND BEDROOM, la Brooaa atroot. to a ola?lo yatloaaa. or 'a ro- ia la a rrlvxo faa.ily. aot caa Btaato a walk froa Broadway. A Jdrooo B. S at tl.ia oft. o. ______________ WANTED A ROOM. AND PARTIAL BOARD f'.R a yon*? ladr, tho >an aldo of tho Iowa. wlthia twaaty taian'oo wilt of City flail, w old ho praforrod. Tho |>rt?-o aoat ho mndorata Roapootablo roforoaoo* <m ho giToa. tddraaaA. 1 . Uorald ??. ROIIII) *Bo pO? * A L B ? A BAT B'lR^R.^ StV^BN TBtRI OLD. kf*ka to harnru aad ?a4 lit. Alan, lt? Ww??. aa*at?4. i *1(1) tl D r. CA MfBILL'S U<wr Static, No. < Il??r4 atrrat. I F'or f?I.E a pa' or iiorart, roan andqrrt. ?<! Ultra a Ikm, ?>rraata4 '<* 4. kla4 aa4 gaatla i? ??atj rarpaat; will trnt tkalr mi a to?ather it tliiwm;>?i ara mppjaaJ tat>a fill# a> ??lu?kl', a? if ?o'4 In rnn?t inaara of fh?lr o??<-r'? gofrt in Ramp* la intra at I'll Ml. ??r\ ? ?: ? n? llUa- k?r ll l*f ir H. L'OR walk aiimvrr amd a wintrr <'a h rl a 0 p. r thay ara la *<m>4 c>,a4ltl?a. Alao. a ftaa naif ol Horioa, aarraali"! a?tia4 aa4 frrr from faalt. Thoj arr rol l ??. tanat of tka 4?|arura of tha nvnat. Aaplteatl a t ka a?4r at th* Srat ttakl* ra thr ri*ht fr"?a Rroa4 war. la Attar Plaaa. ?-l ra ll a'flaot, A. II 1IVRRT. PAI R. AND R.\< HANOI RTABI.R, WO IX J fnak; <tr?t, l?l*?', ll'?<t?ii ml Ma< kar ? H"rra takra r? Itrarv V; tk? 4ar, * ! or month. Ha* and faaV l?iakl? anaahrt tokiraatall h'ora fUrrm an4 light ti- , ("si to I.Ira. Ba4dta kora?a tn hira. Aprlr a> a1 it*, to W ll nrRH i.v; it .< v .-,..t Po>r.r rnr rair-omrv, switch t?il. sound . tad (trlxt It til ratftilt, an'I raatla far l?'lf ?t W; tart la a aaiyn la k? *n at tha a->al raH 177 W -Attar >. T*Ullt IMlOa |>'?irroN and nh* torr tri.rura pll COJfAWf, IJ Offi.r Na. trail it raft, (an*?a4 ttrrj J-Thit liaa, aaiag H-a?- ? ra'rat Prla'iaf ia?-mt?aa'.. it la nj?cati<JB . ta N?? llavra, Hartf?r4. rfnafh?M. i"ra?l4???a aa4 r?M?r. y>n< ?& * )?? * "?? " 't k%^ t??rr?>r np?B ?tl tll'f ?? ? ?"? n. . MM. lim ! ? ?r? ?? '? *! ?r?M- . .?' ?f ?h?tf ? ?iii 1 k? ?? tb?ir of* h ??l~t !? (' r* l? " *' ? . nltr frt-w ??r # *> ? . *? f?? iHk t44lvt?*kl w*H, I . . J ?W?? >TV WOTS, Pr?*i4MV ??uv? P. Ci ri??ll of llH Owrttiom. ?* Ttr*. 8??t. 14k 1M& AMI RKHEKTII, 11 ROAD WAT Tnr-ATkl A. MAR4UALL. SOL* ,y '*?a?a.O. H.barratt, Muh?r Thuralay tvniiqr, >?r?VOBTI'nV WliVli B"w 00??dj called til* ina _ * "unT?B- -Uerald Da.oioBd. Mr. OalUaa, with theimp af Trust t0 Mtk oh I Erin, mj CaonAl M Miv i"' fr*?k Skta?ar, Mr. Dyotkg' Si.7li. Vi Arabella IhniH Miaa Olltiaf THE TilMA1ter wb '"h, TEDDY* f I Jr. K ?' Malum) . ?r Colliaa; Lmt D?o4..r. Orifl .lny u i,"ri,cl"'1'J wiik S HOC CI Nil iviNTS? kfuv Mui Oli*S: DmU?*> "muihjr, Miss Go<i(e>bda; N??tO? OARbKN. -TICKET* TO ALI. PARTS OF the honac &> ceBla, prtvaui ft. Manaaer Mi Jaa. ??rtoa. Perforaaaee tv eoaurnoe at n o'olocT. -The woa? derlul Karal family m ihtee uDierteinmenta. New <??. ? aad aovel pantoiniinia Finn <ois in liia o? (part of Sim.a the Footman. Thnraday. fcep'?-inl.?r l?th, tho performance* to eonmenee with evolutions on the Ti?ht Rom, by rrano^la Ha?el Urn*. Alel. Iji Hetfe Ant.iu., and I.eon Javalli. T? ha followed by the MI LI IN F K< Sim m. Franeots Ratal; Tarnish, Mr. Lehman. Mian Julia Varnlah. Hue. Jerome ftarel. To conclude with RaODL?Harou Zametti, Jncmm aval; Conrei, Antoine R??l . Alalbiaa. Francis Ratal. OLYMPIC THEATRE, BHOAOWAT, A BRANCH OH Burtoa's.- Thuraday inuiu, sepieabcr l.'th.lWw' will h? played, the drama of J K NN YPBOBIA?Mr. V-r-e Jaice, Mr. Bkenrett; Patrick, Mr. Muaa, Ornmn Land Utt ar. Mr. Howard; Jemima. Mra Cinover. Tha aery favorite tare* vf POOR PILLICOUDY?John I'eter I'llliooddy, Mr. Bur-a toa ; Mrs. 1'illipoddy, Miaa J. Hill ; Mra. O'ScuitU, lln, Coaover; Sarah, Miaa Chapman. To uoaclnde with tha (era* of the HKEKC'H (CS POL ITICIAN-Caleertou llal, Mr Jordan, Orrgory Thiuiblewell, Mr Burtoa Maud, Mra. Djmu Oram Beies and rarqnal. Ul cacti, Id aad M Tiara. JtX Beats. ITALIAN OPERA HOI? It. A8T<itl PLACE ?MAXMA-? the great Fronnii Ballet Ceaipany. fruin the Urul Om. Pari*. Opening of * abort autumn seneou with Otullil* let d'Aotioa, under tbe dlreorioa of Moa*leur Robert Kena, and a itrfect English Vaudeville CumfUT-Mr. John Km? ia?oa, Stare Manager. The foil owing artists i rm a portion of tbe Ballet Conpaay:?Mademoiselle Celaetiae Frank, premiere ianneuae, from the Grand Opera. Paris: Mile. Tloteria* Frank, premier* danaeuae. from the Craod Opera. Paries Mile. Esplnoaa, premiere pantominiiata, fro-n the Theatre Porte St. Martina, Paris: Menaiuer l?n Eepinoaa, pnniaiv danseur, from t-he Port* St. Martin* Theatre, Pari*; Monsieug Gredelue, from the Grand Opera. Pari*, and aeveral othee dietinguished artiata Alau a perfect eorpa de ball at if tw*nty-flv* ladio*. Th? Krglish Vaudeville Company will eompria* the name*of many wall established favorite*, who will appear jn quick aooceaaiou, and generally in *ntir*ly new vaudevilles. written or translated eipresaly for thin ealahliahment. The Loaa*e pledges himealf that the Orohoatra shall bo full, and ootnp?*?d of the beat artiata, and than It ahall be superior to any Orchestra ever befire employe* for a Ballot or Vaudeville Company in thi* city. Ou* aid timely notice will be given of 'he Are' repreeentati oa. The minstrei/scur e-a <;Roirp in marbl>~ by Charles Muller.?This work nf art, which received tba freat gold inedal at the Nat unal Exhibition at Pari*, 1*19. [a now open to the public at i lia new r i iuia of the National Academy of Beslgn, titiS Broa I ? a v opposite Bond it. Admittance '-Scents. Season ticketa .10 cent*. from 9 A. H till XI P.M. c'ei.LOWS' ETHIOPIAN Oi-fc.t . TROUPE?J. r LOWS, yinU'r ot this p pular Band of Sthieptam Minatrola. r?specttii||y infer a > I i. Irindi and patron* thak in conse'iuenee of the splendid Hull now being built on th?i Tattereail ground, not yet being hniahed, he will eloee hi si Concerts iu 'his great Metrupnlla for a eliort aoasen. They will reopen in their new nail al>nnt the first of 0*wb<C MIL riANUIH MUSEUM, lib Cual'UAS MlVAlE-TIll F elegant place ol amunemeut u now open for i*? iMMis Two periormances are aiveu every Jay. omoienom* at 3 lm tho afternoon, and hall-past 7 in the evening. Tbe enter? tainmenfa oonsiat of Lea ? nurivalleJ oomrany of Femala Minstrels.'the n*lebra'.ed and orig'nal Arab Ulrla; a troupe *? Model Artiata, who will pe.rac nily some new and aplendlC ropreaen'^atione of Living muary, and who ari excelled by none in regard to b?aut> ard incuro A variety of enter? tainmenta every afternoon and evening For full par Honiara, see bill* of eavh day Adansaioa? hot's la private bn, 60 oeal*; BtM? Mat*. Hole*. Kft oeatr, PIW llKsoate. _ n?HTI.P. HARntN IH .%! ? lll'CN rilUTIII tiniPa \ s tion of visiter* daring the dxv. from 7 A. M. till 6P.1L It is the largest and Bust hrantitol ronm in the ooaatry# affording anterior opportunity for r*-edin?, meditations, eg undisturbed i rotneuadrs, vlnlu vittwieg the esa, Abirpinju an 1 4alifhifu! emery iwm^m4 inhaling the ?aueiti| ea kreeie. Admieeion, 12^ c**nte. AnrsicaticwTs IK rif?L.AI-I*IHA DARMM'B MUSECM. I'll I La DELPQ1A -P. T. MARU NUM. Proprietor and Manager; Henry San ford, Ae?i*t-~ ant Mana^er-~-Ureat Ibills l r tin* present week, prepared aith ospwial reference to the public rnjovment. Miss fisher. Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Uaekurt. Mrs Mueller, Miseee Mortimer, Leslie? Messrs. Uoodall. Ra?ra, linker, Thayer. Aehmcr, kc.,aroitison2 thin ea? ellent cempany. Engagement of those <elebrat?'I ehildron. Kate end Elb-n H*umas? babes in stature and yearn, but veterans in dramatic talent* They api*ar eviry evening The Anginal Chinese family rctaimd. All the wonders ? f the world in the splendid saloon. Two performances daily, at ard 7)6 o'oloek. A(U mit?an< e 2ft eente. Children under Hi years, ?ta. upokTinu UNION COriSB (L. I.)-TROTri!fO.-THtT*SDAr# Sept. 19th, purse $100, mile heats, best three in five, harness, ti. Young enters rh. g. Sorrel Ned. U. Dimmiekc enters br. g. Stuck*; L. M. Qui vey enters gr. g. Grav Eagle| P. McLaughlin ent?ra ch. a. t ooMnnce. The eare will leave the ft&uth ferry, Brooklyn, at o clock, and return *4 eoon as the iporte are over. ftPItKR k M? If ANN, Proprietors. CENTRBT1LLE COURSE L. 1?TROTTIKO?MONDAY", September IX Purer $.*), with an inetde stake. Mil* heats, best 3 in 6. in harness, ?l??eed with the followicg entrie*. ?O Dimnii' k s Young T??m II'n ton, L. McUnivey's k? h.Ka'l r: E. Simneon's ch. * t?*u. Ji'KI. CONKLfN, Proprietor. Red ii<>i-e. iiaki.i:* irottino ? a ri'KSi on $75 will rum* off I.n Frida* th. 10th taut ; nil* haata| but tliroa ib lira, to barucaa. lot h?r?aa that B??at tr?tta4 fit it.1 iifv Katrira to aloM at Uraaaa * Madd??'a, < Thiui-daj *<ralu(, at 10 o'clock. l?cicLLA?KOt?. nlNING PA LOON FOR SALE, WITH A BAB ATtai'tiA. I oated in th* tnidat of the marraatilt fiaau> mty. An t?|*ctal-lo |vr?ot? ?iaMu? to ?a<a?a ia >ocb. thl? i( .ta opportunity mUuiu oINrcd. for funbar r>rif catara, apply to C. D. no WIS, M Kami itnet, up ilairi. WM. DI9BROWS Kims.. HCUOOL. NO JO FOLRT* atiaji, afar A?tor plaoa, opaa daily (Saadayt aacaptcd) for La<li> aad Uantlaanta. boar* far I allaa, fro a 111 to J P.*.; to Oratlaaaa. 6 to S A.M. aad 1 U? f.f BROOKLTNIIt.x WILL FIND IT TO THEIR A It VANUn to irif* Mr. Shaw a call at tha saw (Brat ilaa) 6n? cry and Wia? Mor*. No IS* luUm at a?t. I'Ciora parahaa? ia? tlaaa hara. vhara thay aar a-loct frn?a a c mp cta aaaortmi-lit of laa-lly Urucvriaa, H iaoa. Traa. t'Uara. ate .at Naa York priaaa. JOHN P. SHAW, 1.11 Fultca atraat, a -ar Daail. Lot 18 NAPOLEON ON THE Kori-AND AO ARB tb'.nranda of ur a*a ritn-nr th. Aril to add to hi* p polarity, th? latt?r t" Urd th plaaa wkrra lac calf a. ?? ; h?at?. aad j at-at 1 -ath.-r ahara. arc ?fM at BatnBi*b? ia? low pnr It ia trrj fo. ead>*r?tn?4 u W al ?h tttla bat MiOEvRTit. ?7 Maid.-a lu>, a. mar of tr.lliam atra t. ABIRIias AND HUM VI -UEANMIIP9-THB llrittab tanntl.ip Aaia. a?a in port. >a trail worthy of fe mil Iron all adn><rar? af tha btauntul ia palatini, if Ills oaly Inr tha plondid .p' im?n >1 1'aptvr Marha nanal wi.rlr Mi'h < taaiaaata ita ml'" n H r lali'ava lli?* ?>n aiaaatot bjr tha I'.lmnt b n?? Jannaaa k B*ttri<i?>, whoa* a#an% h-rr, ? I. am, > II K.N k> I IBHOTSON, ( 210 Paarl airaat. N?w York. A 1 D.?MRS. PHEW STKR. r ROM I'm L.ADELPHU, J t? ra har Mtmn tu ladioa tad tontlaincn >f (hi* city. IB ? . Bad law ma: tara, laiarpratlnf draama, fca.. bj -iad - i?nco. rni'Milj r*li*d by Napolaoa, uv ? il lb* a*u.a i.l tha ladjt ?.r <aailoa>aa tha? will Barry, ?!.? tha DBS' of tka *l?lt?t Rraidanra 117 Cllktaa lirMl* l.adlaa aaraaty-flT* rtati, (tatlaBfa out dollar. TU HE WISE TONICS-Til ISE ARTICLES HAVE AC.nilrvd a atkndlBi and hrttr with tha public uaparallalaa fur lh' th'.rt time th')F l.a't V > a Kilmdar d. Tb>) ark Id, whnl- ?al< tad Mill, t? l? j ai.d e< aatrjr d-al?ra, at No. '7 Cliaail.-ra atraat. Naw Vurk. W< raaprctfallj ia?it* ranatry mcrthanta to fira a* a call. Ord ra promptly attaiidtd to. WEN" MF. ONE DOI.I.AR. ANI). IS RETURN, TOU O will raaalT* a ?ff of b> pamphlat, irfhia* how la (? through alaaiU'l aaah M?f? braakfaat. at a? nt of I a- than ?? t?ala. wttk?at holy <>r a marhia*. aiablar waahiaaday ?U?a dfad - f marrtad m-a?a* laial aa athar 'laya W arran*-d a ' ta lajnra iha Boat aaliaa'* fair. . n TV* EI.VETREE. Rom XI, No. Mi Naaaaa at. N"'.im to CI aba. ?Von r pomfh'ota for El: *>> rasahlat* for II ?i(ht pain| hlata f?r E ton pamphlau for thirtooia r.ampMttl l r ?7 Sii'oaa pawiphlola for E*. kfty pampt.Wtk ior ?in ? All im?n ?< ? ? |>?lt-paid. AM I Ann - Til C IMVK.NION OF Till ORIOINAO faun l.l*?? i* * ???* *f Third a**aa* m4 T< iiif tbiH ilmt. ?r *?rlru Wmiti ||? ln>t*l* > hi* riiy, - A*t?r. lr?la?, Uoaar4.aa? It lln ffittu I h><? ilM I i*iBt rrmrmt tha' ill ttop aay luky raof, u< nr? r?nl it a ill tait th* *"* !?' B'y af lt?? ?r (lata la fat* Till I" ?b arti'l* sol ki.< ? t? tha ruMli la ?-a?ral, ? I h??? i?lj Ut*lf lat*?4n *\ It to my particularfn*a4*# rv?r? ' !.?' I1 "I ll 'ir 1 ?l mi'iriioa All ?r4*fa *4<pc"l W(<KO H llOilR, * ira?r af ft>lr4 aimii n| Ta*atjr-tklr4 itfMt, pnaMnaltj ati*n4a4 ta. |?i: BROADH A V DR RkLI.INOIRt LIN IBBJfT OR I " *?/ ? F1 a14 l? *nl4 la k?'tl>* fr?i? If. ta IB. mt. It it *arraa*?4 t? <**t*n an I t***<* th* hair *ur? *11 *kla .1 ?? * . *ra<lir*t? rh*n*iat|* aa4 othat rata*. It ha* k**? B?arlf ??**a ) *ar? >*? r* th* fuhll*. aa4 It* tr*t frt*a4* ara n *it*i??' T" l?r I.a* at in *'f t. ?ara? aa4 r*f*r*a*aa that a III *<t*atah aa? na* who will rail aa4 laa th*a It la, ka4 ha* ?*** ?*?4 ? r ?a*r* i? th* Una. ?** B Orlaaall'a lanillv, t- r?t>i'f "It* <?' '"*a?4* < I a'h*r* Th* *4i?al aaa ay. tltat ll I* th* ? *? aa4 rh> > ?* ; th* 4rau'?u ?a4 ?*rtl.*at* *?. th*r a* 11 I an4r?4t <<> ?* af aa ? atnar affkraa lot al*. ltl??'l4hyR la**f?Al a Rr'thar. C. Rial. Joha aaC Br< a4?aj i C. . Cllrh?a?r O . II Barclay ?tr?at; Bra. If a aa. hr kltt > J 11 * Rn.fcf at It.aiatar*. Th?a*? H*y? ('? . t t an.h.rt aa4 Ila4a a atracta. Lara* *4a*tl..a?,? ar*i?n tr*4*r* MAiTir TARNISII -<I>ITT k CO. An PlARf. ltr*at N aJV' f*. taaaafaaiarara of para Baatlo Var ?h. iiri>t*f a t to kl> ai n ??atw ( haap Tar l*h' a'l' I lu . Bra k*ln? ia>r 4ii-?mI lata th* taarkat, I II* It" Oitp M??tl* a a* >' huh prlc*. 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