Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1850 Page 3
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?AL?S BY ACCTIOI^ Terence uoyle, auctionier.-groc?ri*s awd Liquors, en Monday, 234 mat., at 19 o'clock, at No. SI Lndlow street, euruer of fleeter, cuubietinc of Tui. Sugar*, Ciflie, Barley, Rico, Flour, Soap. Candlee, Brandy. Wia# Wine. Cordials Smalts and heights, H?aeurei, Coantere, Boer Pumps, Stsnd Caeka. kept*, F>ooonUr? ko kc. JW. BROWN, A U0T10N KLR?NEW AND UCOVD bend Furniture, Pianoforte. ko.?Haturdar, topi. 2ft, at H% o'clock, at 94 Proadwa*.?J. VI* Brown will etll at amotion the Furniture of a family leaving the oitT, removed ror the convenient)* of a*U. ouL'-Ut iu? of Wardrobe, Froaen Bedatiade, Dresaing Bureaus, WashMands. Spring and lluir VltlriiMt, 1>1diii2 and Centre Table*, Hocking and E?"y t'Laira, Si Ir.i and Parlor ("halts, Carpets. China, Croekery, Glaaeware, Pianoforte, tc.; t..gather with a large aeaortment t ixiillm new Furniture, Hi.uec Furniahini artlelea, >?. BUAEDJ.NEK, AUCTIONEER.?VALUABLE LEASB, Future*. ke., ?/ the largu Hotel, No. ?* Broadway, (Bait door to tnc Broadway Theatre,) kaown aa "ThaOi-m."? It. Gardiner wi'.l tall on Thureday, inn., it 11 o clock, on the abors pr-mices, the Uaic of ike building far th.> four intxiiirtd term of rears, from the 1st No*, neat, at the anneal nut of Sl,rt<0. The building is four story high, with a large basement, occupiad as a Bowling saloon, lit story contenting large bur and lilliard, two large parlors; en the id fUor, f. ur parlors aid ten lod a/ rooms abe?e; affording a most eligible opportunity for any person desirous of entering in'o a publie business. Aa th- fowling aaloin is rrnied at f'Sti it annam. also the twv largo parlors en the I'd ? or at the rate of StiOO, having the rent at the prMt nt time 'or the balance ot the building only fZtO per anantu. Also, imBo.di*' !v after the salo of the rase, the entire bar xocm (Inures billiard tables, counters, paintings, marble tep tables, glass ware, sic. For parti?i> airs spply either on the premses, or at the Auction Rooms t3? Broad?ay. up stairs. APCTION NOTICE.- LAKtaE 8AI.E OF c IOICF. FUR .tun?*ll'-ndld Plaao.?MoiUap1 sale of i iegaat u> tr Cabinet Kuri l tore, Frmeo ISedsti ads. Book Cases, Beds, Huir Mattrasc s, ilouse-kc ping articles hue Orgta, lie., by h N. Btish, This Day, at lu>^ o clock, in the Sale rooxus, 10 North William sir.* t. Monday closing shI.- at '?12 Bo*.-r>. By order of administrators of the late Win. Brans. Sales very day next week, ahicli will La duly anuonueed. THoSliEI.L, Auotlonoar. AUCTION NOTICE?FURNITURE, PIANOS. fcc.-THIS day, at lOo'clock, at 1J Spruce stren, will be soil an assortment of 1 urnttiu*. reused for eonveni'nee of sale, consisting of two piancforttsvfa besteads, sofas, bureaus, arm Had chairs, soi* neat ehatrs, teuihica flats ware, rosewood sola tables ko.; also, kitc.ieu furnltnr*. U U. UcCOKMICK k CO , Auctioneers. FOR 84L.K ANU TO LET. COCNTKV SEAT AND Fa it it FOR SALE, OR Exchange for improved peeperty in tbc cities of New York nr Brookl>n. It ha* a hands'.mo cottage built bouse, with a houi e frr a or iwi<1 l.m.i!a in addition: barn, irraaarv. ice home, fee There are about lit) a?r?<a of land: about one half ib go?.d cnltivation, the n t wood ltnd. The p*uce ia will ttoc led e ith choice \ ariotiet of opi^e, r eeh, ne . tnrine, T>lum. pear, and quine?* tree*, in full hearing, and i? euit>elh*Led with ornamental tret* and eh rubbery. 11 at good Thia place ia rituated ir Smithtunu, on trie public read Uadinz fr*m tbnt plooe to 1^1;p. t*o mi)*-! north of ?nHoik n andiavubin three innir.t travel from Now York by l?>r* Inland Railroad uui atJgea. The land can be Oonvenuntly divioed, and part of the purchase m -ncv may reu,ain on bond and if dusired hy the purchaser. Tbe prtu.ibee nill be ?htwu oy Mr. J*ob Nlchola. Ala>, 370 Ocre* ot land at Suftoit Sta'-ion, on (he Iconic bland Railroad. Thia )a d is auiceptible t l *?* -1 ? ultivat:on. and is auitable lor bnajne<*e pnrp??ea on the Oration. It will be fold in <jirtntie> to twit purchaacr^. of Rebara Cherchtll & Kittel, 82 ilaidcn Lane; Mr. VV'ai Churchill. Jr , 21 Buttler ?' i- c l. Bri'? ? v r N ! n..*-*u:V U .v a- t: Ahobbstiad for t% -arothii morusania Twenty- tw fnrn , of from four to twenty acr a, worth from $900 to $l,"U) eaih. T*ie greattat chance ever offered to atture a hi'mratead t. r 11 ? tin til aum of $i&. 6,40) lots rU 21 faiMi* will to dJ*t rihuU d a nonfat NJO ncb'ciitar*.? Ka( b ib ril i la ei I ltd to?Ight . > a, SB oy 1'" fi M, -r a ri to farm cf fr*M 4 to?u tcrea. The aha roa are limited " S-i'" $10iOf-h ' hen tQbaeril el for, and $ in in r?tilly in* (MBiiti I v" or fhrt pei ml llmnitf yiM ta % Itmo*. lit iota ate alti-atcd in th? village of IJt r:nannvile. kite B iWafiT Nee Vcrk, in Hnffo'.k eoun*y. oa the L< u? I*l*u I K .road. Tit- earn will atop at thin village f or or aig timet a day. It it toe *1 ' he healthiest placcs iu the Uai't-1 St&t wiih-r. one mile ol Konk< akon a laac, which ia ia thr ruidttof an exten?i?e forett, three mile* in c rcamferen ?, of am^alar trantpertney. and of w ?ndurfaldep?h The villa* < I * but four mllea dia'ant from the beautiful villa,; of SiyvIHe and Ihe ^r at r'octk liny. * bi^b ia ii\e in ) w*do an 1 f .riy mil-a lo'. 0. ant* * rll mpj'led with oyar "a, .in-.'i?, and tUb ia *bondancr. Building* and impr cm *nta t<Mlie a ao j tt of over $h',? lt? have been naJc within t?o mile* of this pr*>p*rty dunng be 1 ait year. ? F'p'y t ? Til' A H ^'OOD, m l ion- r, 117 Jobn itKet," a ar I'earl, i A rL%MMBR"S r^<*l e a*e office, Tit> Wooater atrert. or Al CI T18 I'UKDY, M Lu ilow ttreet where mapa and pampMou ean beaten, N??rth ' | ron Ir*l?.g'a, lor a.J?. at from $HM) to $1J00 y.or plot of from % to 2 acrta each. Tliat I nutif 1 p.o e <f Ian I late the fi? i-t rty of George J jnt*. Km|., lyiui about half a mile nor h f tr.t Deamaa |. ?. i ^ ree, witk a front e^ l.*M?u leet "ii the lii.i'.n River, and aarr?? m?i**d bv the retolence* of U aahiT.f t' r. Irvine Joeca li. iJrtouv'l, a. Kingelacd, Edai'jcd C"ili?t, ? Thonia*, Gen. Win. ^anlding. kc.t haa beeu dh ?.?.! plots, m. referenoe t<> the unlulati< n of the ^ro .rd. m ?, ^ I.imiy ?-nd eon n.andicg views, U unaurpa/ted. They will bo said fr*?u one hundred to twaWe Lun<iu*^ d lUra per plot. For lattlculora apply io G. A. 8AUv'Ui, or L. G. UL'KLINU, 6 liroad ttreet. EH>ft SALE A TVO-SfOKT AM) ATTIC UOCSB. ri VJT ithM la?t Muy, replete with every e?nvenieac? and all twa modem improveiif uta, vety pUa^antlv situated, corner lianover l'lace and Liviug ton atreet, brooklyn, diatant fi.l3 a ohorl bli.i k fr in Fulton avenue. Tho houae I > fitted w i witli fi\a a*arble maaiela and modern (rtatca. a and pntnp In hurhen, ag od bi^enient. a hath r*"tn, with aopi^r foeee- pnmp. ?ho?er an-l plung** bath. He ?Pe eraien fivau lo medial*ly. Price, 1VJI*?? $ltftit? of the p.?r? katc HtM| . the pr*mi?e?, Mo. I Uan* ver Place. BriLDINO H1TF.S, IN THE VILLAGE Of MOTT Ua>en ? 1 he eueMa and annuel in thia village are far advanced that pnrcba?*rt * an f rm an i lta of future r a?l?% a matter ( I mute Importance than apreare lo mauv. run improvement* mad and iu pr*gr?*e, ihotc who think b? \ond the hour may juage ?ha\ will no d<n? J l^^oir, V \ H ater atr* et,or Mottlla^en. lottert adirrvt^d to him I hi - n-h Mult Ha \ en Vvn> of!., a. * :ll meet witk illeiilott Oir lYDRoaiN atpakati s ro? ?alb v plendid Clay-L*y4iOg?n Hi?-r >?e*>pe OUtolving Viewa and PalarUeope?one hnadrei microteupe ohie.'ta; chroiaa W< pea; thirty til tit.* |>a.ntiagt of eitwt in lurep* and th Holy Laad; relenil* deaigna erjatalt, fcr , for timbitiag the earfout tffectt ? f p< larired light, together with tcreewa an l improved gat cen?rating apparatut, ail in p^r*ert order for ibibilloft. Alto f? r tale, two Equatorial iefleeting Tele* ocepea, with ipvenla IU in. nad 5 in. in diameter. O. I) lll?('OX31 J ay atreet. I^IRST-RATE Llgi OR ATORR TO BR DIM'OSID orX Located in a principal atreet In Brooklyn, near the Market, tad Uading fr< m the ferry, with choir* of leaae f??r f ?r yeara nod a b-lf. beiag an e?M lent ttand to Join wilb Ike pret' at trade a large grocery bnaiaeae. Fixture* <|?i?e n< n . ail, i?itb ?he ?l*?ek or part. ? :ll a- 1 i ? heap Apply to JOBN B. RF 11.1 Y A CO. No. IT J Front atreet. N.Y. A RARE chance-FOR 5 ii.E. A p( BLIC llol -r dots tovn. with all the ner. *aarv fiatnr*e The (>nlv ptaaoa for i?Ult? l?. that tho propriotor hu elhit t?naiB*?a to aroad to. It Willi* Bold ch?ap kjr appljiafat IK) P*arl *tre?t, <t JV? Uu^m d ? r> t, HARNBSRIS. SADDIIS. A?, TOR SALE. TO CLASI Ik* tMolili *f u bull ?Oar d?ukl* IIhuh is fata ordar, aaad* la a ?u|? nor ainat. kfflUtw oa* nw't tarn***, hw oiod l? thru tliwi; mo ?<- ! Haddloa. of which la ararlj lit. Alto, kriklo. wkip*. blukrl kx>d*, liar* ud cloth r*??ra. tor r h?, ilmh holla, and utber aril*!** portaiBinc V a?tah'? Apf>l v at 7" Broadway tJOR 9AI.I VRRV CHCAP?A SPLCNIHD KlILIUNO ob tho oathoaat coraor of Nlatk avoauo aad Thiru-tlrat atroot. Th* atroot* aro paM, pa*od and oaor?d la nnlj tilork and a all (roai lha lludaaa Rror Railroad, Tha OWMP fcflon aU<fl4 to a. II. will ? > > m low prlia, oa omj tat ma. luiuir* of F. N. Cl'RKt', J* RabliMl alroot. _ L'OR BALI-A PAIR Of IIORKRS. ROAN ANDORRT, r iiiad Aft**a thr??. oarraii'od aoand. kiad and fatla in arory ra*po*t; will trot tholr ml to*ath?r <a tlir>* oaiauioa. aad ar**opp<>*od tot* quit* aa raluaAl'. bj If a*ld la oMaaonntar* of their owarr** ("lot W> Baropo Io|ilr* at 1'ILK S Ll?*ry Rtahlc, Jeat akofr llloork*r, la <;rftr at. fOR RALB-ie TWO OR fOt'R IIOR"E WAOONS. 30 r ( ar'a. aad 10 haad ( arta. and a gr*at naay vbooloarK*a, all ooaiploto; aad tiara*** ol all ki?d? wad* fur tko CaUUraia atarkot, of aa\ otbor, at iho la<<* ??<fi'i r| ..f BK'HABI. aCLUOMRi. f M"Bl|i nir; itmt, JamajrCUy. DOM MLB-A VRRV >l rlHOI lOlir, I.IOIT CAW, r With top *ompl*i*. atari? a*w Alao. a **t of am raio atari* kanioao. Apply to dr. faadaca Li?*r> !>tahlo?, Priaio at . i?pp9*it* Mklo'a Tkoatr*. Prir*. turn for can J aad feMMIS. fJOR SALI ? S OM.rACruRY.SI ITAHLS P?>R LARD, wkalaoro*k?f (Mia: k*t>loo aad katnraa oaapl*'* * rot raia ahaaoo (or pora.aa ?oio? IB tko kvalaooo. Addra** X. Marald lAlo. Till Mill! R, nTRAWBOAT A *TEAMMIir BIILOoro?Hair P?lt for nnrn k?ll*r?? ah*?ta will ko 14 ai aoarl; half rr< o. If a| plied for lamodiatoly, at N?. 1 Biatk maaa. k. V. TO I AI A STORE. I>B.?IR.i BLV I <>< < I CI> IV A *?ooiry <llla#o iitjr mil*** diataat froat tho ait* Tko oaao iata aid kaalaoao **aa<t, aad afford* r>od fa 1.11*0 for tko aaaaafartnio of olothlaR. ImaoMa |?a> aa.. a ' aa k* kad. All roaiaanloatlna*. a Urau-d to U. B , a< iko ilko o4 tax papor. atatm* fall a4drao?, will rwcatra ia*?i<i i'oati?a. T<? i ai a ii.* Mi"i?* titi.r k<>ub? < finini no ?#tala? aad drawing noai oa tk? (rot Aa..r, aad tkroa or >?ar Kaaoaatao Mrwaa. wttk paatrloa al-irkH PrU ?oi. to'I* aad a?toadaa?o faral*ko4. The h ?io lo r?plii| ?i'k *11 tko ?. <d*ra iwiwoToaioata. Bad li(ht*d with (a* ttr.O(fc ?t All1' Raallat IINII. 'IKM-'H' II' I k I" I. AI ? '.OTRBL tWO a ttorp h*a*o. wlta attlo aad i ?aa??H. w*ll fanliM, ta Cr-oo a'?r? i aaal ?'r?o<. X" r*'?r*a?var* )?lr*4 Applp at Bo. II I'ark Row, California Dopal. iiMNUii A PARTNRR. ?ITH T i t?l> IN A * aaaafaatartra bualaaaa, la tb* twill! ?l UiUattr, a kaM<?*a t-rofl ?*i aaa aaaaHarahly hcttwil. K.rt ? omn th* tin ? iKIItuiH, ul > Ull>l>4 Will ftltH Itfwa tk< ?k?r? > litinli* m b? ha I b/ i44i?iIm H< i I IH Uwn Pm< 0#? Hr a h i ti> * r?Ki>m. Kithkh Ai-tirc or atla?t, I? alraaHr <wibllih?1 maaataat *rini knai?aaa ! ? fr??? V t? l'<> I" T * "* ' "> ?pttal ' I out (-.(Ml ?r | I?.m?i, |<t anIarfr tbr aani> Tb' tw?t tf r?l?f ?n? ilwa air I r? imral. A Hr? * It U k U, llar*l4 ..?l. a Htm mAKcif -r**TH*? wamtfd tur rw> J?r>imd u tha ra*a*t< f of I nrttn n4 ataalaal ear* ar latlan,i?atarj ix akr?aia rkaantatiaia. akiia aw>l)ta*a, 't tktj?ftu,tr. Ita rlrtaaa hira kaaatallj inu<f u miaj of tha ?ar?t < aaa* that aaar ?hall-??a-t ? lical a It'll- *"4 aaa a'taata* kf th* a?rt!(laal?? ?f tka ai^atdia* a aaatlamrn ia tha t'ai'a. ?hl<-h mar k* >aaa b? ?*l ifif ?a tha ?4*artlaar, at Hnaart II-tal. aoraar ?f Pi adaar an* >?i !' laM, katwaaa tka fc?itaa ?f I ' aa-t It A ?.arjM4? r i. jimr.i'ii *. i.c > r. n>iir r|R(> I V . IB'T | 1-TRoTTIVf. ?RI?rl?BBR 1. jatli fxria at-l? h*a?a. I-aat thraa la dta ia ha?ti i, I t kirt- iliat aim **? a f.iraa mn Int. at at at lia* ' n 44*a*a. fit a a F.kttr, K rrall. 01 ram. a->r Kh Ja . I.laaa Ek'riaa ?? ba ?<!? at uraaaa k Va<M?r <. V, ifa'aMk. Tkra* ar trora ta a rara, ?al iat? , f at? a k m \ % Pf t arar.STHtTILI.ClOI. Rf I I. I r K< >TT. h (I -1*. M> \ T, pta?b-r tX 1'iiraa ?Ji. witli a. >na<4a >-aka M K kaa'a, ka?? il la ? l? hataaaa. rlaaa<t auk tha Mlnvavt aa,n,. -O IMwml'l a Vonna H-n-a; 1,. NrUalfa* a k jk. Ratlrr; B. Minpaoa a rh. a f>M. JMRI , ?.VHLT?I. prnr-i..,f >?tRTRlvll.l r {'M H<I -TRorriiwo a im r<i .> \ *1H ?? l'??V *?? *" "/"a. *-? aal 4r,t*r ta ' 'aaa fi?f knraai that att?r inn r,r?a-T-r M< ? *' t* f a ta tkiaifal haat h-r.a. Ta ew,a ;* Oa%ahar f fairta# ta ?W.aa ShMH. ?. ?<?.nWr il.t, kr V a ?l.?? ' " kt Or???a k Nk44aa a H^tal. Thraa ar mwa ? _,ia ? ra!4. kkd ? 'tart la mak* ra-'. ** Ml'IIUIIV, l'-,r,., risinrTm mumi TH< ITI^ - nr I i'flRalll WlJraa.fraa fat all atalli'aa la.a>rtla| t'a? ?.rT?ll? li'kla, W?' Ikraa ta <ra, la lunw. i>l l? n M I rat ttal'ioa, ( '"? ' Vp'amKa' V?k. BntrTaa la laaa *oa<?a? aaaala*. .*a?ta?k?r M, by l?a aloak at Oraaa k Ma?4?n > atol. T>ir?? 8?li, aa?t?a ?< natt to ?tff J9ML COfl&UN. ^ WANTS. A- 0* FELLM FKAM9AIBB%-UMB DAME DKMA.N1 an* All* FTtncain |>our alltr i la t?mp*jrn?, i pja d'inatauc* 4* la till*. B'addrciMr No. 1 willow ltr? Brooklyn. WANTED-AN ITALIAN GIRL AS MAID. APPLY i thia xfflce. Wanted?a maid who can speak French an g*-raaan, to wail on a lady who if about (o tra? Call a' fit Bioom treat. Wanted-A FIRST RATE DRESS MAKER. ALSO, Milliner and capmaker. Nunc bat competent baa need ai>i<!v. Inuuire for Mm. W . at No.74 Uaekiaan ?trai between 9 and 11 ' lock. WANTED?SITUATION 8. BV TWO RESPBCTABI girl*, m Chambermaids and Waiter*. or ohildrei Purees, (an be aeon fur two day a, at 63J Broadway. B< of referenee given. \tJANTED?A WOMAW TO DO THE ClIAtfBl A WOfl ww f a Willi firu;!y, Mtllt id the car*) of children, ai make h?r*elf generally u?eful. Applj at No. 80 St. Mark p!cc?\ between 10 and 2 o'clock. WANTED-A 811 ART AND INTELLIGENT BO from In to 17 yea re of a?e, to learn the barber's bu* in-.-i. Ket<rencea re<|Uired. One that partly underetan the buainesa would be preferred. Apply to N. llarashe, I l'tilton etreet, Brooklyn. \Lr ANTED? B V A It E.?l'E(TA It L?. WELL EDtfCATI ww y ung man, who ha* an income independent of bu< nera. a situation in a goad othce, as oaahier, collecting olei or auv other trustworthy capacity; the moat satisfactory r fer#uce? will be gi*eu; a permanent situation is desired. Aigrette W, box I.H19, P*tt Olfcee. WANTED?A COOK. WHO UNDERSTANDS WASl ing *r-d ironing; also, a woman aa waiter and eh am be maid; eity reference* required. Apply, between 10 and o'clock, at No. 30 last Th.rteenth street, between Cnive tit y place and Fifth^renue. \JLT ANTE D-A SITUATION, BY A RE3P1CTABI m >ouug woman, ait ehuin1 ermaid, and to aseiat in was. ing and irouing, or general housework, or to take oare children; lood city reference can be glveo. Apply ftt MANtifcNB, Sfti water street. WANTBD-A RESPECTABLE 0IBL, AS ( IIAMBEI maid and * aiter in a small family. A Proteetao vj-.h g- od tecummcLdations, may apply at No. U1 Tea meet. WANTED-AN ENGLISH GIRL. WELL KECQ! mended, to take earn of ohildr* u A'so, two oth girla, either German ?*r Engtiah, aa Cook and Waiter, tor in Ui sklyi Applj rt 188 Irw4tiy. II7ANTED-BY A RESl'fc<jTABLK YOUNG 1TOMA! m a situation to do ckamhui work un l plain n?*irig, or assist in washicg and ironing. Good tily r^Ureuf j z\ v< from h?r Uit ?mpl>}er Can be reen for two days, if n engaged, at *J-7 Mott street, earner "f II uston. Wantep-by a middle-aced industrioi man, with uaexcepiinuaMe raferanees, a situation Clerk, 01 clerk and porter com l ined. Termi moderate. i*loa addre** Y. H?rald ntf ce. WANTED?AT NO ,H NA8SAU bTitkfeT, SIX VE msker* who a- II have permanent employ iu ?at, vhm tfce highest :a*e of want's will be ( Aid; none need a ply miles* such us a*-<? fully competent, faniea calling w please piodnce .ample# of th-ir own work. r\ ANTED-IIV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM4 " arfd *7 yrm, a *>t initio* to travel ?it?? a fnmily. or tt>wurde*e; is fwnd of children: aill muc herself useful either aituation: fpoak* ihr?* different languages well?Qe man. S| aLifh and English: is rilling to go to ?>ny part of t vorld; in never p*a ni' k. With termi and ad'lrc??. anpljr bill street, N? w Haven Onn . J Kebhto. and it snail pnn<?tnaUv attraded to. Good roforenc-s will b* civet. \1TANTED?A GOOD JOURNEYMAN UtKliEK.?A! h ply at No. 42 Eighth avtnue. \V A b TED IMMEDIATE*/! | - I fUL HOI It but thore hav tag city experience need apply. A. T. STi.W AUT \ i O. Uroai m ly hu i K'*ado *t, 117 ANTED?100 AGENTS, TO SELL ^ IlPIOfl t editi- n of WulU'a Lau>< r and L'. 8. Form Hoik. Tt is the ro? st vslnuble I'orm li<?ok ever published ; 300 pag iu ttroLtf binding. Price r. in ad to o > aent.4. Oar agct ara ma?iug from $! .' 0 < $3.0G0 per annum. H LLI?H tt <'??.. iu Vassnn strrjt iy ANTED-A SITUATION IN A WUOLEULE Dill ww tfOVMtrj Bum, by a ><>ungiraa wke ktt b?en I the Isnt tWe in a drug ard grocery store iu Ou?i county. '1 he best of('ity re furs noes g.ves. Salary modetv Addrt f#P O.Hall, Hating wkere ai Ittirvitw Hi W hi \\' AM kD I'U \T UNDERBTAJH v? bntldit g furnaeee. N? t ut ;i str&ty, sober man n ai | ly at Franklm for^c, cornerof Fust avenue and Tn? nt fifth street, 11* AVTBD rwo roi (OW.flO VATIfOU m attf? bookbinding. ?in to learn extra ftrishing t tker extra f twariUng: thai wlllha%e a vi ry good opport til i y to learn their bo.siness. Apply at TJ'Y% Pearl street, talrs. 1JL* ANTED?BY AYOINO MAN, WIIO UAH RKCEN wJ ly arrietd from tha Id eouat.y. a d who un-lcrstac th- lnf>in?*aaot an Aceoantant an'l Bo*fck??p-r imtasfi who* lii? fcervlf?r* ran h? tr.adr %\aiUhN*. Th* adrarti ha# aer*< d o ith an Acoooatanl and l*r >k r upwarta of ai^ ttar*. aa<i ia cor.*' iMni <atth thr jrmaral routine of aa oft du?Il< aa. Ad're-a X. Y., at this office. i| ANTED TO RENT. IN A ft ENTERL MIOlfRO ?? hood, a modor* Howm*. fTmeM? f ?r a tnjill lam i r 1 alios ?'?t an-?vo Tvmtttth a'roat, and rea' net t?? exceed ti rd doUara. A H r - Oiw, Wi Mo.l^W. WANTED?I Ml K* MULD AT \ R , KN i 1??4 i^nftrna <a I u < deratr rrni. Addreaa.with par ticolara, to N. T., b<>*2,l poet ulliie. U'ATI ii IMKI.h H >rM, mint. sn:n .MTI f ) < . :.Aru?" a?4 Hfacitj. A111 v at >1 Wall atteot, ap-laire A OEM LEMAN WlftftE* A SITUATION AS CL1I , In oh"le*al" h..?..?> . r ttlwtflii bvt ?? nuch an okjcrt aa pi ruiauent aituati<>o. Addrcja D . ( hatl*a? Pftii AkQUU WANTED-A SMALL ROOM IS WWTI I* the advertietr*. In the vtntnt} of Market it?n?t a fcaat )tr?aJ?ay, to t?* iurd for the n?^M?M of I rlul i?f a? j peraoa?. Addreaa " Hah." Herald ttfcj Afren< h woman, or middlin ; a?.e. dkiik a hituation aa liot.aektcper ia a baobolor'a or indent |lim> lit h? ktl 111.* . I.- ? t . luir a?d ahep. ate Satisfactory reference* cao te *?*ea. / U r ?a M I. , I Am of lliil fayw. AVOl'VO FEMALE 18 DKfllROtS <?i OUTAININC itaatioa aa lflouaeko*| er. or to take ehart* of a aa faallj r fee apulai u i lad > la well i valoted with drvaanakinji. Ha* a ? obj-?.|iwi? to travail or ?< in* t?? the eouatry. i'leoee addreaa J B . 2it Bleocl Irat?7new Ycrk A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, WIIO IS D troea of rvturaia* to Lo?d<?a, wuald a* clad to go i with aoae ladjr aa maid or nunc. She ual> do. iroa t?> hi her paa?a*e paid. Caa ho w.-ll reenmtueadrd, aad aa> ae?a at 21 H oat Fift+aath atroot. An active"man. and a g 11 c k accounta* nhfi l? ilitum k ulakti.iii ti h -kmr orvtahl make himtll ittiitll; untul to ki< tmrW for ohr.Mj, Kinl; lid IkJmr; |i'M. J ply it am Hi4hi iuwI. AS HOI IN A TUDnatm OR M rbmc'i Hall) ?A n.iddl.ij 4 liiii-h nun tii< f r til ai< r? Iiigiimi. M.r aidaratiKli thr Bkia^w 1 tlildtfo. ti< ii i * od hlili moIu lat;nlra for tau di iflrr p?" I'dark. It Mr* < ampl. Il'a. tS? - Maori from At ?>t firoilh ilreat. nir Hr. MTIioalar'i ^r iffy ATOVSO ,?IINCH OINTt.XMAN. JCST illiv fru I urnrr.abo ipaibi md Ii tlinroujily I 'imlklad Willi tb? I'rrirb, Orrmii md l.itin I ?n< 111411, I MH kbli t? lri< li IthaMMtl ami tli? Iril riidlmmti Ortrk, anuld lit bk|>py U Hud k itnktlon la k ioli?ol, 01 I'tUktr family, to *fri loitrmtlno In kll or kny of kl'.? I.riiirb?? of din'kti"n. Apr'yti?<' D.. iMMlfi A a rmtT RATI CARDtWBR. WHO IA9 IMD i ??t-tillr? latabllal. *?nt of hii "?n la Qrrnnay. I at ? bkl K-n ?d n ill tbr lirtt rayil and impaiiil (ird> lu ftiirof*. ?id bki baal la tba Iifaror af Hum rwomniridi binnrlf to th? piblie I ?n ky for ??ploynirit, wrll lor arranciri kad tuif lp (irdaaa rntlralp low. btmrmp and ImiIm thim la ?rd?r. H* ! porftatlf l inkiatrd aiib, ill inaitrr of, all Irimhia al tha liartlai luralkrt. n aall ki af lha fkralit part of th* bmtkririlii la nil if a InMati lailinr art r?|iiHl>4 Irkfi tlwir kka kt il sbillar (total, 1/ Hrikaaa >tn rata III 1 run IIT-A LiDT, W 11.1. wCALIIICD FOR A' bind i I ?ri'i?>. I* d?alr'>a? tf b- a? mpl??*4. A 1; <fr>url i" R.R.kl tbii ?tw will ba 14 fa aaa >a. B'.\- "AMI l> IN K WI1<>1.E*AI.C DRV i.i?<> dffl. Sliry Illy lulUn. k'Unu "JkIni, tfcl* ofllra. Orrn c wanted ^ r.onu >i. in LiuiiT orru il lb* loarr pari af lb* tltr. villi lam* lt< fa r??? > |>?t im 11 if ?- ti i utak' fin Addr'?a t" I' II. II aril I ' I'O HiiKB BHUIMK TI R*tR* A ?l II KM HOIIIMj?ai|I inki, aba til bid |r**l aiparlaaaa la th? r?i? I tiriie laralii. Il l.aidoa. farMnlkrlf lll??r?ilttha wm blccki far laitkrr intbiMiikf. kid |liiai frr Waal priatl ii of aiaatik* illh in itHrint a? j araajmai Plain kddra-i W 11. II* raid "!* * I'll raiih'Mli a>D ATBaII ilii.i I MKI'a.mii A A prinlcll bmia.a mi, M nn ld!? w. n?? a?i ?T?ry d flrsblaia stall aini'm' Ml la . *> rulr" or alaliai' kt C.Hi.ianp- IraallM t* Ml ibllltl ta iii" kll a if atlaama for l*t pari tn-a?). ad iraaa (ailfcla i ttikof.c.,i(ni n?? v?tk To papir m tm pactcrir*.?mra*TKD, a sit ll?* >i r-n?*n. by a aailtl- a??4 raaa. ?h? krimiiiti li i.f uic i ??*? ! iiu'ilwiorlm la in ian4 a hart ?h?> a a fa aaarr 4aa<r ptiea ?f f ??ar, #f ?m ka iii* |?rf*rt tojathar wtth (l< lit' ll>trkla|. aatla*. til kiii ia?4? of ! < (, ?u4 * >l?rinf |at >r aaart ?ka4a, list, la.i i r ( .?ir 'n. k ?%? >' ? i k?f>r?rn - an 1 a ?l?*n tlthar li tkx ?r l?t i try. amrh a. h . !! r?i<1 itu. PI MOXAI. John mown, latb or in rr*i.n. is Rinnan toraavaaltala ?:*h oaaial >ra. at i'.hiuII M, cnrtlaill mn?i, na? twl IiroR ? AT ION * * ITRfTLr L'ATII r R1N ( II ?i,mr i !> ttj. it'lta4, ?*>? ' ? fmm olaaiiia %? i'hilat | h i. aa4 tk**?a in n?? v?tk, a f?? montha ac?. ii aa?tk'tt paikarlma it batw?4 i" tk?* r-aar. af fmn ?ull( |^li?l"f hit t?* iatl4 kii uilitl an4 aanta t?. htf h. ?lll k? f?an4 ?) tprljln* *1 tka mtram ??}#. I srORRAT.OS W a N Tl ,> ? Ul< II * Kl> K IK (, or Al 4n??r. * -? taaalp, n 1 . vtttrlon.lj' 4taarv**r if m ll<it rtlv. " pnitar alaht l?f ii* my laat aaan tl># fatk, al?ai m?l*? a 'l<?*, < ? hit ff>m tka dr<? wy tl ??ti? it tamaiaav ii til mr kirk w?a a mil aha f??t an iathra i? k? th' ?aa4f t r.ia?l*t i<>a: ?r>va a >l? kwaa aatk klark ?a?', mark ft laliaoat. tail trr?e flnah .-alit la afcaat i'< jatra of *?* aar lal ??<i. a ?f ma ak-rtakntt ar fait, will k? t> aakfullf r rti-?4 k? tkoiaat Mtltaa, 8<-mkaatt, t'a'.nim aaaal N T. MIIIIANM * > urn ?nn i rrt <>v hoard <>*?: or hi* rr lp'f t?a f<tt? *< ' sap *'||, a inlll li ib'11', ttalalai m4tnl |4m hat ti-i-ft ai 4 knntt. tl>* ht4?r will i f?iat tk* thivt raaarii i > ) <!*? ibt kaallttl *1 hi' ii i!, i)fa?kl|?. rll hi al.. poRfAlB IX.. 'T' M>-i1and ri*NoroHtt?. f r li ant '? < tta? ?t. r<--??iM.<l eatr. 11 rv?rfr nr |?r, had ktta is att onlr a almct tiir? ai? fur t*f? thuf by krrr?ibo brki sivo, i ft mat ' 4 ji rr ->.|?-ir I . M > I' cf |vl#p?a lit tht f iaao-fcrta, k? B<>jrr, iiiir*iaall< 1nat?a. Ii'tallea, Otna Carcl. Pr?4?al, tvi. lAtil. TSa Ka r? 0?t?t'l.alk. ta4 ukrt ??'rkra?W tntnaiaara, ?J?tyt |,aa All tkt ftthmaaklt Pill at, IU4"waa. Val>M, ^th? Mttv ?a4 Matonrkat. r?*?lTt4 frnm Parit at m f"1 llthtA. Jtaay Lia4'a tanxt aa4 flat**. an4 Rta>4wt't ta.i poti'lok* R'tt kalla4t ta4 oa?ra to act la rtrlalf. Piaa< fr>Ttta aft1 alu'Ur.aa fn talt at maaafai" irtr t frl.a Par ?.I a R. ?ta tlnlia aa4 (laitar Striata. k? 'k- ^aaatll Itahta tj?ra taartt, Rt DmM. taarlaart aa4 tamMarii if piit4 with akaat aatio. ftr?l?a ta4 4?tiaaaia, aa llh-n TTi t t. WllZa L Ilirallon r?., a4)tialai Sarlafi' Baa iwrav LUID. I 9B f AITLI 6AKDKN.?MDLLi. JENNY LINO'S flFTH 4* v> (Tand Coacart, and tba lul bit ooa for Ik* praaaot, : ai, will Uka plan at Ca?Ua Oaidaa, Saturday anu>t (iliuobuutt, 1810. ~ fKOGRAMMI. ? r*mr i. Ovarian?< Daf Tt-iithnu) ..CM. tod Wabar. , Cavatin*?"Jtoco il p??oa, Si(. BaUattL Uamma 'D dl Vargy DoDuetil. | tl. Aria?"Pratidi per ma," Madtla. Jaunj Liod. l. tll <r d'Amnra Duaiiattl. Crana Marok? "The Crtnadcra," firit lUua of parA ftrmaac.' laaadiot. | a* l)ao?"Cod jpalirsia aopurtia ?o ? MaJlla. J?m j "> Liud aad Sinnor Baletti. Ii.iiuuoo par la mu- 1 , 1m..... Fioravaata. j B Fan'aaift?PiaDofurta, Mr. Ualmaa Tbalbarj. ! -- uuika?"Bjr trie ana >*? w?n, Mad lie. Jinny 1 * Lind. The Brides of Veniue Best dig t. , TAUT U. _ OT<rtorc-(Zampa) llorold. Trio Concertantc for roue and two flute*. compos4 >K m|rml) fur Mdllc. Jennv Lind. MdU*. /tuny "d Lied. Two Flnte), M?**r*. Kyi* and Siedi, (Camp ' of Sileaia) Moy.rbecr, Barcarole?"iulla poppa del mlo brick," Sig. Beletti. 1a Frlgione d'Edinhnrgo Rloei. > Finale?"Ah non GiunKC." 8onnaml>nla. Balllni. I- "The llrrdamau'* Bonn," by |ren*ral deaire, Mdllc. ' Jenny Lind. 00 Conduct or?Mr. Benedict. The OrohMtra will eoniiet of Sixty Perfumer*, lncludta* the flrat talent in the country. ,n Price* of tickcl*, from (1 to (6. according to location. Promenade Ticket |1. Plaoei locared, and ticket* obtained "" at the American Moetim. '* Door* open at t o'clock. Contort to commence at tt o'clock. " No chcek* will be iaaned. ~ Checkering'* grand Piano* will be nscd at thl* Conoert. _ M'Ue. Jenny Lind'* Sixth and la*t Grand Concert, will , _ be riven at CMtlc Oar J on on Tueaday evening. 1'artlou* _ lar* hereafter. /^ASTLl GARDEN.?DLL'S. LIND'S CONCERTS.?TO vv avoid confusion, it Ui been determine i to -ease dis? roping of promenade ticket* at the Annn-sn UuMum for ,1 Mile. Lind's two rutnainisg runocrtt. A limited nmxlor h- have already b?en sold, but no more will be lasued until the of hour of half-past seven o'clock ou each o>ucort nulit, at II. Ote irate of Cattle l>ardcn. Purchasers. however, will uut t e permitted to enter until eight o'clock has struck. ProBit rade tickets one dollar eacb. ?, I JENNY I.IND'S CONCERT, THIS EVEN (NO?A FEW tb ** r"-?ii??ti<i? ui-kctn for die, ontit'lt-K the holder to ?dniipsion at half- past a*Ten o'clock. 8. H. DOUGHTY, Wo. tip John itrcot. M I TENNY LIND CONCERT PROM EN A DITIl KETS, TOR ?. " the concert ot Saturday evening. ??t>'erub?r 'J'rt, f*r till Arjlyto H HUBHEl ! Iff 't.-r a'-reot. , s? TINNY LIMPS LAII COMQ1R1 k I BIT or the to ! tkoioMt likti (or JetiNy Liud'l laat concert, ??n Tuesday en ev* uini. Sept. 24th. mav be obtained at i?-.iaonab1e prices of 01 H M. U *LI- & M>N8, 2% Broadway, cor Park Plato. ItNNY LIN D'SCONCERTS.?VISITERS ARE RfCQPCS a ??o provuro vueir uuon cut mat >14 rn- program mmi na I ? w rdeof thefonu# in I talian,German and Mvee>listi,with their ' t rsnnlations in kniilish, on the Ur dge or at the antranc-t of tie Castle. ns it is impossible for p?r??ni to gat I *' wieu ths __ | teat* to ?ell the same alter the au tienc ave seated. II IENNT I.IND OPKRA OL*S-<H AT WHOLEK4LC tl prices, iu the Optical Stare. 7* Bowery, between llcner j.j aud Walker streets. Thi? establishment is well known for tl e superior quality of Spectacles manufactured there to _ iklt c^ery eye. * ?ENNT LINO'S OPCHA OLAS.1ES.-JC3T REOllVC# in *1 an Id voice ef this new par tern of Opera 'Masses. for tale r by VIC'TOH BJSliOP. 23 Hail-n Uuc, up stairs. t LOST, ?JU . b% J ?A*VWVVWVWVVVVVVVVVV%/Wt^VWWVV%/VWS/VWWVV*<VV LOhT-ON Wl.l)NKSDAr, A I'aIK OF tiOT-D 8KC0taeles, in Mttiag oat ?! til? car in Um 4th AVMia Sup| - <1 to have bom 'lr- pped n?ar flth tr?? *. Anv per.??n who _ i will briag them to 12 l??.nd straet, will he liberally rewarded. lg ? OPT-LAST BVENINO, IN CASTLE OARD&N, OH 1.J the Lattery, or iu S>uih Brooklyn, a Gold Bracelet, | with Amethyst none aud with a King and Chaiu attached. | ? Tt e ring is of gold, with turquoise setting. Th* tinder aill j CD t? ?ui inMy r< ?ard? *4 l?v returning it tu No .162 Atlantic j , street Br^klyn, or Barllai Slip, Ntt York. its /VIaRMJ LMT.-LOST, ON TH?JR<l>AY, THE 1PTII V.V in-1 . a imull bnnca <<f Charm*. <.ue of wnioh was a ??*rv j mi.all 'vu bladed knife The ftuder * ill be lii erally rewarded by l"a\ :dk them at ho. 7 li**kver stteet, up flairs. , !r nitCUK I ??n LOST, VKftTSKDAY y : m \ . ,IA J-J n going from tVarr< n atre* t. *kroutb Greenwf -h to Caa- i 6< tie Csrden, a corsl chain Brsc**??-t. with M*sai'' Th-* i(j' t r d. i will be suitably rewarded by leaviug it at J(\d*ui ? UUi 's itsideuce, Nr. 07 W trr? n street. ' ,1 SPECTACLES I.OST- $5 KK1VARP -UHT. VE^TKIty. dsy cveting. between y and It) o'clock, hctu*? a Iti K n. wi< k ?tr* t ana Caual stec# t. a pair of Ciold Bfl * ML M a ? pmple I- roceo ca*e. Vl'h ?eeir has found them, an 1 will gl) dt livrr tN-in at 16 K- awi * street, a ill receive the abjfu rejl0 uaid, and the thanks of th** owner. up BPlkClAli NOTICED P XTOT1CE.-A MA?3 MRE1INC OF THE rOI RVRVHEV ,* Tailors of the city of New York, *ill ho held at i?*ri< k'a * t?th Uvd Hotel, oa Vaa4ay n. m n t mpl 234, lnW, at ' !l < cl"ck, for the | ur|-osa of raking mea*ur<s %<> utain tti* -kT 1 f?;?*#at of bill of irioea reo?ntly ador'ed by the aoeiety. li> ? t U t ? tl.r I'rrn fMt. iOSfclMl ? ATM Ki:-< r-ta. >. Of. A - The numbers of Franklin < hip? r, No.'*, are r? . est'd to l.e rn ri ' u a 1 in l tn .sue* on llondae I " mMj.jt. 2tfd iiitt.. a tt< in* of great imj> -nance will come " Itfuro lie t'Lfti tir. lly ord?r, 1 * I i A AC II OSTR\NDEK S. N a v a. ttuvcMY. i or v. i iv mnov, |f " ?; !' H . .! l I ' l&; C i.?Bc*ry of this Sta'e h? resonated to puV?|taii that this ) cj dw? r.' t reeoffeiM thft p*f er clited by E C. Judion, ? Vd flunthne* Own," as brtag the orrau of *h#- Ord r of 1 i i'? ri Aiii?nr.a? -. ttid thfti thl? Cbftnacry do not hold tcr thini?>?lve? r? for ft?? opinion* *iirv.oftii. JOHN L. \ANUtWil'KK, U.S. ? C. C.Bovc r.O C ofth?C IK i ~ ' 7 i ry A HFETINO HILL liE HII.D TOMOKRuA EV ENbJ Iftft.jn thft M?rr?n?r'? Ut tkvl, Ch< rrv ? > ?(, Utw? n <>n rrr pnd Cliutou ?tro?itft to *td thft iih?uo?<i yf thftt church. Mr. JuM B. Cough mil addrv*? : fte nit tin 4 <u CD Ih? 'H|>ortftrir?-of rfti < ft ftmoBir lotto* n. The t ru.(*? ? lt.d r r? t tl ?t tkey lt?. eorupelled to mftkft a^e fnr ftluii* ? of ?i n. Lierri??-? millcf lugtfBi'ft ftt 7lt o'cloc k. Admit tans? , ifi tftfttf, to h? f.ftid ftt the door. ES fro ( < > NT K.\ < I l K oi o ?AI 5 Will. HE KT>r*ft 1 enffd until Or trior lit, for drilling rookt *t U 'bukrB. Intuit* Bt the Boboktn Laad Offlr?. ?f n- I 1.1. iiirriFr, ~~ 1 V*w YORK STANDARD.?Till CONVECTION Of 3 A ll thft ?!>?? rihrr with tbft New Vorfc Olobe ooaved to mil j Julj lfttt. He purpose* to re* t*t?hli?h thft New York 4tand!? i ord Bcwraper ob th? 3Uth inatont. Ill* aflo# is. for thft pro' bl Hftj 36 Ann llntl, vMl - kttfftl booa it let i utwftod. Bad to wkieh oil comMuaicatioa* for him fthould b? ; addr?ft**d. JOUS 1. ML'If FORD. ~ New T*r*. *ept. 1*, MM. ,y| TOIV i.9IU0V ANDKICIAK0O ?km \N, ATT >K*[* *+* CftftBMllftrf, \y William ?tr??t. N?? fork. " I J?hft B Dill, n ha? r?mov?d from II Htli ttrftot to thft abort adftrftftft. ____________________ ]11 a i>iks ' have ioc keai. kstatk or ant ' J\ kiml' l knn?riiluml?' l( fou k?v?. rail Fla.a, ' D>rt'? K??l F.?tai? (tltcf, Mo JJA Wouaiar dnrt, l'.iau?? hit p" ci irf< ?r? irif in. a. I t.? la t^rr ?ticr??.'nl in ??ll m INLH tMiINT 1 OH'K F. I < ' 1 Otcrco K' lj's r??i? sUully iaf?ra>< Bankiu luatttvtlu l>>arw< M?r<-k>at? ar i titiarx ?rn-r?Uj. '>.ai t* Will !> |il Mi J |? Mrn ih?in aa Meat, aith r la trimiual ?r ?i?il bm a.aa, ihr?oih..?t ifcr Vuitxl sta'-a >r I tr?|?? ! ?? ! *> moajwaj 111 am trarai apua ?utt_ I |?M |TlH|ltW<t *? 1\TKM TOliK, SKI'TKMHER IsAti TllECoPART* * it ?t?Mp >?rat?.(ort nl?i lng httatni u? unltr ttia Urn "J "< A k J. I' K?<|iia, i> t my li?? b> mutual too ? ?>' t ha k<nl nara af tha firm aill l? ? !< t?4 ui> hy tilt aafcr'" ? rtltr, Auatin Kaiiia, all* It al?at *uth-rl<tl I" M'Ut Hit M Air.VIIN KEQIA, I H? At torn') f. ft. ffr*? roa n. J IMltCv^t'A. ILi kniii'i til) U ( *?4ictt<i ? bifora, kv ** __ AUtTlfl RCWl A.fll ftMCnCftUlfi ibi A T A 8B?!-MO?TflLY WBETIHO Of TUB N K W YOBK kit. l\ V i|hl?n*l liaftfit. t?U at t hair ana-ry. rt*pt. I7lh, tha , IpIIovIt f r???-1uti na n*)?niifir>u?lv ? m |-w|vv4, ThilfU (ordi?l lU?k< tkf Mtt fork Hifh* ??- |ib4 i.ii?i 1 ba. a*4 at a horrby t?ri4 r <1 to <# ?? ral Mo I- Itamll, fnvki* r??T'n? ho<|?t?*]nj t?. aa4 ? ourtraat r*| I ||M liNU M r. tun. ! ?! ?? t MBr?ra. lad f rl t<> ?ata4f ihst o? thair lata ?i"irai?n to th# b#utl?(, fal ?il)a*a r.f Fl?a?htaf ?.n thr *?th altlani ^ ?r ran thef fail t*M?rnBiid tli* lirl gf Mr*. Il M * >r??l4. %n4 M iflltif ll ll4tM 11 (. I ral (r I r tlwr ?n *Y b?t'*?trc na???nt??r* attfithi tf* ih? >mp*aj. laah laa frn?r?n? aa4 mruni ktn4ar?a will to Un( ehariahad la trt maniitr of n.m?tr r af tha Uifthlaud UiaNa, with \ it aa4 I'I'rh. [)1 Kr-?l?r*l. Tkat tla ahrt* reiolnM h* pini i hf tSa at C * iitoaaa'aa*. aa*l a ? f v pr?a??ri ..| ?n V. naif of tb# r? in ran jr. la O* n?ral Mcl??nli ALftl tAUI.S^t.V, ,jj B. Ct aik> 8*#. Caftata. ' ? pi itur i i ima k V'n,*.-T'ir. ck >rnt I Mtfcarftlaa hiM*r<tH I ."Droit. to k* a?Ha4 forth vita . tn ?ha I r?' <f lha f'laa Arta at.-l Pi"t? ra QalUry. "J Itll llovary. Th# tatt toaaflta I t.% tl w rk[T . lag rlaaiat fr? an thta lr i'i'iMoi ar? iten l*. a(f ?r4taf. *' ? i* 4 m, iatalWiaal amna^aiint. aiahtly, to thouaaada ? > ** tl.a la^oit rial r. n>faut.|*j , that voill, pro) iMt, n'hiraiM *9 at U? :at? ra ar -'T g ?h | fir anar, an t hat# for yrara ? |>'?t.frr?atnMia?at la a illaaiaauil hall. ?tih .? a tall >at4 of aa>l?. till t?n m'? look avary a*#aiat. ?nai??? t I inftka ?i? at plta^il nlltatloi of aaKratura, paiit.axi, <i ?ratuar), rnr1' <Mt?a?, At. ?' fiAfrtio* AIT n;*# % ? abb infitnr rAr^ ' tlati-l aa* tfnat <t ra? any an ??#y n m? a^fotan*. f*A\i II HfiNTf v rkit JU. ? Itayalayatraat, U. f. I'AITI.I* MTI > M HKAKHV ?. I I V T. Kir rf f?.r T*'IrJ tfl4 I'lflh f If'U, I Stl Ivt |?ft 11. ? th h'l, tr? mtf r >r i*i - firpntt *f ?r , ?4 nna*Brt? I'MTUf* Mo. 17 Ttn f'otn?# |?Mt halt tff-"llll?< " irh |v.'T*ot,t, tn1 ht< ii ! l-an-J littt f?r' h? ? !?? Ar?*trd >.? *'if 4?l'*r* (iii l>t ftlil f?T ->j >tl'?llrn tkt tf"??'lf?lt ?* ? h??? |M|"M>4 "pit th? p?KII* N n P.r, ?. that h?vt Imr ??( o[>*? will _ t**f*r la??T Mlllrt "? t?i? or.ltr - ? HA* !1\1TA, J??,(?iRMlt?fm \\T t'SOM .1 Kt???H I^IO H\nR Br HAS* rr| Ww IMMMMi Armt C"*>|w?* f< r !> >i> r watt, W? H ?BJTH k t o . ? ??|4 I.ant Dan a coal ai mi cabio noirii celbI\ kfa'?< 1*4 l??lt ??iat f 'lit IMimnl CflI,'; lt-ry. fat ?ala . air hf t Tt I.Rd A rO . PhiU4?lrM*. m f>\ aUOATMIRS. |f. p? RIISnED T^IIS DAV. KATV?D?r. HBP*. *1, *0. 4 I -4 ' m.ARo A niM? anaWr ?( I* t a* t. , .? etitalr>lap a Lit* *a4 at 1 H . Walla-^ Jr : fir4. M??l Hrlrlt'iC H It t?r |*.|? tkt l**r|ia> Dr?ni1 l*< Vl alt ll'i1 1va*tH*>att af lh' H ?tli J nay I in4 ! Alt, l*n?i.' aa* rh Itrttat; I ** * , frrtf* aa4 Oraan 11ip Pri^a, |a " < " 'i ' I Na. , . . N-a i ,T\. L. tl.llnia a a' at "' Aaa V .. . V V ttit prxumit, riioirirttKnuinroVLini I ' ft *?l ' Vami irt I i"??ry ?THtt .?i? lit>r?r?. nmtatlrr . f Htm lar.? l.'mfl ttlnmr . af Ir t 'H | fmx. maialrt all .,f mp tiatt'a I'm hai !? ? piM<?h*4 na Ika aatar mra tn tarof a?4 Ama-lfl? F?<al? I ll*? al h'? ??ll a? r^> ii?v dm ta th|? liKrcf | I . 4tr*"l"?? f?r ika t??atw<-ti af a ?r?a- Vart'r "f 4iaa???i > ( a( a. II f ;i?'?4 k j4f | |ria> r1- iFlth tkt? Itkrarj, | a- all al ? m?r *??? ?r * 4>? r? ?? ?i main* tlia?- . ki ? !?' al?S ifct ??l?Kttir? praa?i?a ??; 4a an a* tf>alr I. laura, 4 wiit aialltat laatraail* * f r a?|a? Tha |>tul<.ani?hy k*4 1 _ ttxl nfiha??t?r f?ra. tntf?lk*r wltti th >? ?f t ? IIf. ta4 b??li >? >*w in In.nrr n.a ana an4 nr.l.nx tSa r t ?r- a?? I?i4 4'>?? la 1 k- ? ln>?-? P-ia? |s f .r ?h? I fWi'n. a or! I III 1 '* kf ? >* IT ILL*. Clin! H?ll I -I &? <? ' tr+t. *'w tar* M 1 \|l MtAl. I I*'II.ATIHfJ U riHA AT-T.l? t s r>IH- ? ifl !i<Klri'p" fvllj inform Mia aaateal nk'l< af Mow I > r rV 1 i aad ? ,'jr, lka? m a?ni? ?ith lh?i? ( ?? / IT * ?? '?? ? l' ?' "?' 'h*4 a ?.a? eal I alatm? f ,, III i*f> 'B I I ? I n ?rI I ?* p!?r. til a. aaakl m I'n 1, i. I???r?' af made to liart 'r??'??il|. f a iaa-<arat? ,tp.? - * t <kanr? if tk? ir??t* ? ?an? y f * l*rn aa 1 t a-xal mi ? t 1. af >1 tkt ral??f???4 aa4 faiorlta tnr??a?ii at?M.,n Tka I k> ea'?l ?ti? r. , ! ? in1 ff???l i(iaai4<W I' iw?taii?f(, f a I r < > ra II 1 rt of r?? aa<it ! tiia krrtral at a raff '1 ? ti?>. *! > - ? m r T?t" if r 1 , a. J I ' r ....a ft # ft?T ?'tk iN> ft T !.?? It ft??i?a ai>4 Xn 4hat?> ai^'iaaai-, |i ?aa.i" far ?m trtrt -a 1-t ?n a?4 tkraa p a ?vath.? lir* r ft a (ak?*nk*ra f?r tha wk'4a f?%* ftra # 7] ,?k tl#4 la lha ?m?a?t af ill 4all? fraila. a< " mim'ifii k nunr ? I Ib|<'| mif rrnUi Ci Btitilfir. It AHUBBHBWTS. | _ ROWMT THBATBB-SATURDAY BVKN'O.MPT. n- R U.B.Ot of Hn. J. W?ll??k, Jr.-Will oummruM with the ** pl?jr of THE STR ANUBK - Th* Str?n*?r, Mr. J. ITalUtk, Jt.i Cvhi Wintanea, Mr. HumUon, M.huod, Mr. N. John- *? >ou; Mr>. HalWr, Mn. i. W*ll?ck, Jr ; Annan*, lli<? HiflTurt, * ' who will (io,i tbi' bmutiful too* of "1 h??. anUot norfw "J hitf." To aonoluili* vith tLi trtirtdv nf PI/aurii n? ?.. ' All Death of Rolla-Holla. Mr. J. Walfack, Jr ; flitrra, lir.

Tiltoa; Alonao, Mr. Po.e; Sentinul, Mr N.Jvhuaon; Com. T" Miu Wauijaa; Elvita, Mr< J Wallaok. Jr. l>?ore join at a the Huarter before 7; commence at 7X <> clock. Pnoea ot idmit - fon lion ? Boaee 24 centi, Pit 12S cea'a. \ c'" BCKT*N'S TBCATRE. CBAMBERS STRICT. -SATlit- % dat evealag, September 2lit, will bo eiaved the o..iu?Jy -I * of SPEED TUB ri.Ul OU-Sir A>>?1 Handy, Mr. *. K. Hlako, termer AahSeld Barteu; Bob llendy; Leiuor; ifcdr 11 r llaudy, Mra. Bolmoa; Him lllandford, Mra. KuaacIL itarau tra A ah field. Miaa J. iiill: L)a?>> Aahhrld, Mra. filiation. 1e e?a Lit tin** will the laughable akatrh connected with Limlmtnia, fori aalled HUE'S COMB. Jenay- Come !-Mr. HlaraeyeB, Mr. T'n Ilurtoa; Ichakcd Loagfaee, Mr. Moore: Mr. Vsa Huanbag, A> Mr. Bolniaa; The Nightingale, Hecren Tan Jaaaen. Boiea, "" Dr?M Circla, aad rar<<aette. SO aaaW; Family Circle, IS cent*. *an boor* op* a at 7; to beuia at 7>4 o'clock. Cot National theatre.?tbis establishment |t will remain cloeed for thia orcein*; for the parpcae of 1 1 I her" ik renovation: Repainting, Carpeting, I'eaorating, Pai k<- . to.: Aad re-open oa Monday evening next, the 2U in- eea plant, with the Juatly celebrated tragedian j. (I Booth, Pai mpportad by a powerful c.nupaa). aad under tha proprietor- l)p? ilup and immediate management of A B Purdy tioi OPEN ON MONDAY. SEPT. 16th?CHR1ST1TS OPERA J*' Boaae, Meehaaiee' Ball, 47J Broadway, abort Grand aioi atreet.? Ctiriatr'a Minatrele reepectfully anaouaea to their Op< aairoae, and the pablio generally, that they will have the fret honor of recommencing a aariea of their popular ooaoertala Vic thil city, ou Moaday teat, at their lung eatabliabed " Bead- 'ell t^uartera." which haa reeently undergone an satire renova- Po? ti.n and improvement, rendering the Hail one of the moet Ope convenient and comfortable place of amuaementta the oitr. feet Ticketa, 2A cento. Doora open at 7 ; commence a'. < o'clock. Krc Afteraoea eoaoert every Saturday, at 3 P. M.?the company St. "niprlainc as efficient and vereatile "eorpa" ot talcated and the experienced performere, aaUer the management of E. P. aepl Chriaty. yea FELLOWS'ETBIOPIAN OPERa TROUPE?J. U K EL- tail LOWS, Manager of thia popular Uiud of Ethiopian ' N Minatrela, reapeotfully informa hia friend* and patrona that t'"; in eoaeenucnce of the aplindid Ball now being ouiltoa the tnt Tatteraall ground, not yet being flnialicd, he will oloae hit Rad Cmeerta in thla great Metropolia for a abort aoanen. Thoy ; tan will reopea ia their bow Ball about the Arat of Ooto>>ei 1'r ? Beat. Paa by i TnE MINSTREL'S CURSE?A GROUP IN MAKBLEbv Charles Muller.?Thla work of urt, whioh received the M ? jrifut gold medal at the Natonal Exhibition at Paria, ls|*?. J? < is n<iM open to th* pablii at t he uttw ro-um of the National <*an Academy of Eeaiga, 663 Broad way, opp iaite 11.. ni at. Adnm la no* 26 cent a. Sea?on ticket* 60 c?nt*. Open from 9 A #| M till 10 P. M. V/ l.r | CASTLJS GAUUKN 1H NOW OPJfiN rjKTUfi KrfCtFMon of viaitera during the day, from 7A.M. till 6 P. M i J'- ' It is the largest and most boautitnl r<?um in the oountry affording ( nttnor opportunity for rcadiu?, modi tat ious, ?>| ! 'J * MlifiarkM iTomouaden, w lale fUviif in a a?a, ahippi-ic j and delightful aoenery around, and inba'ing the ceuoiou* A" wakr * *.> ilaMttt, lt)i Milt. |0kANh.Lif? Mtaitl*. s/h t.liAl tiAil TJ ! r elegant plauo of awurteuiont ia now o^eu tor bfee aea* -a. , b i Two p'.rTt-r'nanoea are givtm every day, acntru^ncinn at 5 in ? the afternoon, and h&lf-paat 7 in the evening. TLa enter- , Ia taintn?*B'a conaiat of Lea'a unrivalltd oou.j^ay of FoniaU 13 Minstrel i ?the celebrated and original Arab 0irla. a troupe ol j ii?, Modal Artiatu, who will Deraonify s'-me oew aud aplenaid | f?a r jprrHCTi'ati<>r.B cf Living Statuary, and mho are oxoelled by Kn.j u ?>*> in regard to btauty and t.gure. A variety of enior | whi ^ainmenta every aftarnoon and ovening. For full parti*u- fori iara, n-e bills of eaefc lav. Aac*i??ion- t?ea*a in private j ?ii> tea. do cents; Stag-* n?ats. S7K oecU: Dotes, 34 cents; 1*1 v | tbe ">* "?" I j-., *17 A 1.1. IIAI LA .V> CANaL STK t fcT, Ol*i*OSlTE TllE j H',' vv > < v? iiaven Railroad Depot.?Croat Attraction.?The j * Fciral? Mliitrtl Band, comprising the best i.mai ?al talent !, in tb* I'nited States ; also, each lady being proficient on thr-e | __ nin?i?al in'-trumeutr. The D?.noii g Arab <; r.'n, together with j . , tbe true and only original Fen?ale Living Pict ur?*?, summon- T ly called Model Artists. I't wer'i celel rat*! (.reek Slave Performance to coaunsnce at 3 o'cl-xk in tbe afternoon, aud I J*1 a* 7H in the evening Pries of sdinirHon, Orchestra Suata, j 37 o-nta ; Par<iuette, 25 centa. Police in atteudauce to I ^ ke?p older. Ball a%try night. * A9lt?fCnUNTS IN BltOOK LVN* d mouth Hvsnra, eowu ov ruLToa and j J3 0>ange atr^eta.?i'hnioe collsetiOB el C nriositiea. U i> i R|ll reum c pen evrry evening at f#>* ; lecture Room performance i ? crtntnr-ncirg at 7,*a u'cToek. Open day and evening. Trtur ptaiit lucrt-M of tlie lew oatcriirif*. Benefit and lu.t | of Mr. C. I). Pit?. ThU (Saturday) ev nins. ! VI v ill be t?rof enWd, the IRON t'Ufc^T?>ir Elwurl .* llnrtituer, Mr. i\ i>. Pitt; Lady ii< len, Mr? I* veil; Biauol..', . . Mr?. lit rk?. After * hi? r?, t! o y iing Irta'i Ni/h'<n^?*b ?>ill ?<, n?j?*ar Danee by Mdllr. llh.*rtiB?". T? < ncfule with the p 1 r<NLV IIOON ? D-ke Atau/.a, llr. Pitt; Juliana, Mr?. i riKK A HTM T 1 AO U ERKKOTV f B IM.ATES.-OKK\T R*OlfCTIO?l p a " in price. He ar? n? w vi.abled to 11 Unia L. Biehop'a ?< piat<?, at per hundred, lull tire. They art warrantee' . auporior to any other, and aold with the privtlact of return- .or lag Uim? tilt w??M not aire entire entiefaetion. th_ VICTOfc HISHOi'. 23 Maiden lane. up etaira PMC'lurB UTONKP. Jfcwn.KV. CHARMS. AND ALL kind, of /rcurh fancy ar'iclea, f'.r ?a)? kjr V It Toil blMJi'P XI Maidon Uuf. up lain. T K. It Peerle. DlLooBdi, and all kiadj of Oiej pareh.?i>4 b.r at their fall iiloi, CDvrATiun. J BAN f Bt'rrET, or TUB I'NIt ER^ITY or rRAMCK p'ofi-wor of tnr Ireneh laigunge and literatnre. reepeotf iU> aa&ouar** tj hit friend* an<l patroaa ikit he haa i \ , * . : . i itrtvta, and ia ready to eoiuinaiirc hi* Vrenvfc olaaaaa. Pri- _. tate lotrofei Kivth and Khooii attended. AN KNU1.IMI MI DENT, CAPABLE OF TKACII1NO I atii>. I.a .bet. n tea. and Vocal Mu i?, ia il?<u<>ui of a I'1' situation in a <*>.? I or ttivate family. No ebje?u*? t? I v1 tia>el- Addret* I . \S . P. lie raid otftce. 1 .... ... elu l?C KI .U <VKO IH 1 nr t I M>tRSTANJ) T1AT T IB LO.VP. PRrtTR\CTK'> ' nit, Involving the right te tli? patint f ir In>li i Rj-htr c ar Srriajcf, ia th? form of diem, haa at leaxth ix-en d?- Th eided ia fetor vf tlia Autnna invontur, Mr. Ft)W1.BR M. RA V. W H. I'lfBHOWH RIDING 8CHOOI., NO .? rOLKTH ?? attiM, Bear Aetor place, op?b dally (riunda/e as- ? eeptvd) for I.adiea aad Geutlem'a. itoare fjr Ladiea. frua 1 HAM to 3 P. M i 4a. U>n'l.m.n to - a * and .1 'of P.M ?|, yKlMll Mtl llAM Al. I,1WPS,<C. HHOUH'At I I' V * aiaira, oppoaite Ol^ mpia: nr?*a4 choir# of French Lamp*. . c.f etery d??tri|>ii*i; rlah lliaidiliira, Suepeneion* t. Hra? kitta, atndiv and oftr# Lam|>?. !<aropa cleaned, repair**, ? tma.ed, and regilded in the eh< rte*t tima : the Heet oil forwarded. 11. MA KDON VI U.K. Brooklynncs will find it to their ahvajc. h! lair to tive Mr. Shaw a eaU at the new (Ar?t Maaa) (ire- Ne< eery and Wine 9tere. No. 151 Vulten vtrtct, before ,>ure\ee- van il.C el?*whtre. ?L#lr !i:CV mt\ I?lr<flt fr >m irxmalrtc ta.?rt. mt?t of fta iljr Uroctntt, tflnof, Tim. Cutrt. ?t?., ot Now Yotk pntot. JOHN IV Ml AW*. II l'ult"u HM(, ii >tr s?o I T Tm MNXAB MTItl A WBOLB SUIT CI liNID, Ji'iMd ric-fd ?k< tht f lor m?i tf4 f'-rfl; wuolea |? dnt d>ed. fr tc 75 <?n ? to fl A?? filkt w%'er< d . ?hft?U 1J ii *\9TJ 4?|rrl|*(ioi lIunH. 1U0* crape r?rpeU ten cUaard f?r c rtti per Tir l, alao, f*W* c???r?, h?%nh r*a nfi, tta., by T. 9MITH. 7? A 7iH% Alien atrott. aear (iraad fil rAST n| r ? I OTII INC. < \sT OP| B !f? U? M 41m *nt ir^Mtlf mfB con ht*m th? hUh*at pri? * t r r.?i Ian < fl loiiuBn **? ! fornittire,!?>y trndiBd ihroutli p??<*. or "liter- fl?< i i # \ * v M VNB ?'*?IrtMtiy, ?,< a.r?. Unu attended by Mn Levenatyot. P?i nK. (Jf.BN EK'fl I'AIKNT A CKOS t. N f. < M.I. Alfplicoliont for right* for > m A ?aid patent.. to Ue inn-It L1 to lit aaltorifcort, lio. * t% illiam ?tr??ot. uv ?tn:rt. ' KlOtNE I- < A I.. I. . h* HEN AY <iSS?El. \ M% A*enti- oVI - H'? F^ATfTIONS or TBI BKIN, MLT HrTBi;M. ITCH. frti J H*fl r ? Itch, H*?i?<Ury Syphilis, Mirmriil to . t Srold fl#od. on t All dto? .>*r? Ari?iii. fr m impnn- ? iim Of the blond. rodi< oily nn ??4 fr ui ?ht ?itteni t?jr the I? etoM E.J. rorroll c etl? brottd Bulplmr both*. 44 Barclay F Ntil'iihcil l'ZV C'oi ?? All (M?| CII*.COLT>9, MfErUATISIf. VfKcl AI AI. PAIN J H. J Vry?i|<elat. Taw free Ii loo. !>i?joI f d 4 A in. Ll*rreu?- wit llnMv k<- ft J Ctrmll . || dlciud Vap?r ond Iodine ! < ttatht. '* Barclay t?re?<t, Are hifhiv r?-r? nan-ad* d bir Dr?. T Mom. Movant A??n?".n B T n. 8:nith L>no. baj Bilio't and other tmineo' t . * ?i iaa?, * a r> tuvdy for the mT ?beee ?>m plain to. Ml NTITtH, *IN*K THE H ORLn BKOAN. 0?H tnflit r. ?r?r. will, Tw> l> >r.t'? |1ii; It ?ft*h<4?Utfcvim inich, so vtll, Vaa'i ?hlatk '?*? h/ mwic ?p-U. It tnn tronl.l* m?i' r, tint*, /> r >?* ???h ft r htlr a ilm?. *' ' Jh t-.d i* U T?>l??<r?'. I Him mm twm tmnty-1_ If ! lV ?u??tr?. I?att It hf . Jf" II tn tk? f|ty !! twill I km.r. /"IRAhD RXCt.^tOH (IV SUMDAV. ??r TK H UK* 2J. * ' * t? ^^wl orfh kn4 ?r?nt P .|?? - r?r* ?*. <>ni> < firry- P I ??.? Ij?4i?t at iHtm, llt>tincn, II .i.l? P?rrr. Tirr?- ? ' ?? lliyt rilrto, \ rr| lairk I'>m - Pf?k?kill. I M 'rr ?? ??<J ( rn??ll tk i-< ? ml ?j lr?<iil tuwir "i' J'" I rll KP.I K*?r?r S\NT* ( I US -.,1 !-?? ?h? r>?r Tl tm til Chamltr* SunHtj in. h>m ?' T', ?! >?*, I'l'Mll M ll?irim"H t r'f I K. jl.t.rn ?ir~- ??.' > ? ? hi I 'niry. ? ill lr??? Ntrli.r; . ?t J P. M , ?rn?! ( , J ' ' "v lh?l MA.TIC TARM9II -Ml.ITT k CO, ft I PK.RL ",V, root, N?W|V??rk, mooofo?f orert of p?ire Mooti* Var- 2,._ ?ith. iM'iiH Mot |? liloArn In mr **o* ?r. rhoop Vir- Baa Ithot etlled Bt? ie, trt k?lnc ^atrodiimd iott th# a.aroot, ' *1 Gui?i Hi.tti wotni*iN* if i t' pr,? 1 ? t>t '%p rr,i^*-r th#u iftdM "f\ f.. ?nK?* tt m-.0 ir.?**ri?r r?i in?. "ft"H r* ti?i' *o? rnoifi, it that moot frtoklt ?f til rome. damor. . * Mr, from lit t< ?fhnra?, it th" ime. rftpoeity for rlooMt fm? tl e picture. +* ?tH ood^r*! od ty artttta, i ht? for l*e* tppm?od of. Thor* i? ?thioi ntw In |imi ?K?t tt *l! 9 j?ol< thf ) i m f ,f rhtof i*** in I ifcere *,? if ? MB?r trrnM?>t* M??u< Taralah th?? im|>r?|>?r l. is?nt "f 'h^fnro 1r< m ?*nl ?f knn*l"U* in ? >? maiirr of (M T?r?t?h, ?J th* t? Mih?-|tai* rl>??p*i r'im f <r E.P I'.f. * ll'thiiil'm'*" r*Bfp?r? r.1 Ihli <w??tln??t, ' ifffully p??k<-H. Cii|?l V?rnn?? f?f r HK IWllt, p(<nMfl( |>arf >? #, I'lnlxt- rI,, '! 1 n .,<r,ri,( ?| KM III i- n I lh?? diHrMBt rU?.? ?f * rite f y TI<?> TO TUB PI (.Rf. \T ropu- '??' Yk M?*n?tl* f.,w4?r ," f..r th* l>* nf * k,r,.?, *. moth., ??i?. fl?... Tl? ! ??! ? ??< *11 ?ih?r lioru. hi. rr.apt*4 ?r<iii ? ?? L '* I'T*" ?rnrle., tal ^'T ?n<?f p?? ' -** **'"f.,r ,,1. ,f ,h?w< nl<vi.1n If * ?* ""*,T* !?? l?lon* rat a* "fr*e of ?<> ?? ." Tii? th* , f rl?f?t ?f th? > .rtglfial artlr!*ha*. In Klin ritr, only th* 1 |r'w?r?? I" <*? CT1 l:r?4??j, ?tor? kla>> may l.a ?t>al>?4 P??I? fit th? im'm- O ' ???. ! K-.*ri.. iK.fl cf r?la an4 mica M?th in > imtNl frr? fr?n potaaa. an4 11 alt Arv; '> ? k**l triad ia| a ) aunftnsa (aatla?*n M??.l lh? ! llmriai laMar - a.,, Haw roan M'lar r?i, Ja??*. IW. ?r?, I f ??? mired K l yi i,> *?<??li. p. a4?ra, for Ik* t?arar'lnn <>f m*?<-ia. ar4 thai it ia fr*a fM mln'fal 4I, r atlar rnrrnalta |<"la?n. Aa tha raanlt nf mr ??ami??tl??, uMnfthlllt It a < n f rati ?t>?a'aMa I/O ul.?ta??ae, ? p*, aliar m? !h> i?aaatkl>i?- r 1 ??4 lk?t It )?? to na?4 ?l>l, aafaiy. Wlft F*A to Ita atillty, In rftr-ta a. ?.! nl?l :! ? I tollaTt II bar ' ' la a tklllally i>f nUim^ liy t'li'S ? ?ala?M? U??< -tali la nkta Wki. I, 4n? ,f, P, ?(,? n, |.T >n lara, ?a4 mi a aall daaaralM nf |nkln pa?n?ia?? I A* HIM I n rifi |'rnf?a??r ff rhamlMry. Fattfiar r?f?r?-rr. -.!.,??? 11 I'ht m, la,. Aaalattnl Ci 'latriM AHoraay. * V ; Jahn I. K >om. l-i , 4it~fia??)i4t?? Y>rk ll< arltal: Iianltl |i HowaH l>'|. Ir'lnr M a?a, "" ra??i.n || H?MM, K?t , f'arltn* H?ia?: fc^.l It ti < a? II ul I k -in. I . * r II - . 'J 1?? r aayh<i*aa4 in . - ,r l n r fr ? th? I r"j."?'>r|ttoi,tfi!.| ?.,4 rn'...r n < "' * I lb* r Arc Tf aa art al? 1 r?<-?I-a4 tka I i?t>aa? rrami'im J?r* i ?l? ai? r?lr ft A??riran laattta'a. *? r.l#--?? ? L*?* 'ork CH? ?fll'katr k Co. HI Hartal ? ' ,A II II), aa^a I" r? I n?r 1 *..f. ? -l?a,4.? * ?* N tM n. I Int. k ( , , || i,|., > % Oi tl'tl t r It ita.lM 4* l>nvtl*fi4l atr??? - " '< arafcin w*'? 4 j.l,a raat, r. S k II Rnrai n. r? tl ??fr Katr.??? J VailKg ... , . .?< Taraaji. I * fill attaat Rrtil aia k Ml 11' r. 17 ataatia l> aar TlPrd V, Ir?.t: l?T I... C) en>4 I O I ??(lr..4 lf??J. IW'*klfi In Htnn i;*|r?ll?? ?a?lk "7 ??H|i kn..Arr?. MtMt t'frt k?* A Jmmu* IWI4 mam ANt'lKMKRTS. ROAD WAV TUIATKI.-K. A. MAK4UALL, SOLI 1 Lum; O. II. Btmit, lUsi^r. Saturday tnibcr 21. will br primul the eoiuody of tilt IR13U HTUNI HUNTXK?Gerald lliwoil, Mr. *;alliui, li tke .f Trull to L?ok. And Oh Erie, my Ooua- I . Mr. Skiueer, Mr. Datidee, Frisk SWiur, Mr. Dyott; Mij, Mn. Abbott; Arabella Skiaoer. Mie* Olivia; lilda Skinner, Mix Oou|eaheiB. After whteh, TIDDV E Til IK- Tiddy Mal?ney. Mr. Collina, with t n? eeuge of Lo* Burk'dC'*r aud the Widow Mahoner; Lent Dvadtr- ! i, Mr. Whitins l.adv Duaderford, Mr?. HieM. To voa- , d? ?ub the f*r<? of AlABMING SACRIFIC*. i it l us garden-tickets to all pa firs or t) e houM 60 ??bu; private Uim Eft. Manager, Mr. Jae ton. Performanee te ?ibbiioi At 8 o'eleek.?La*t ire*k the auoc?e?ful new pantomime. witk its 93 trick* in I nsfonuations. Francois Ravel. Aatoine Ravel, Adelaide < man, Leon Javrlli.?Monday ev*ni*& Sept. IS, the per- | nance* will toinmeaee witk daring achiev*m?nia on the i ht Kor*. by the Havel family. After whioh, ROBERT | D BERTRAM D? Robert Maaaire. Aatoine Kavel; Berttil. Francois Rav< 1; Mad. Eloi, Ma<t. J:r?me. The whole to t elude witk RAOUL?Baron Zaaaeftti, J?reaae Ratal; i iroi, Antoine Ravel ; Aloibien, Fraaoei* Ravel. a LI AN OPERA HOUSE, a 8 TOR PL\CE -MAI MA* retiek, Sole Leasee and Manager.? Redn tion of prioee? >(?e< te and B<>xe? fifty aents; Auiph .theatre, twont y-ftve ta Secured Beats, scveaty-tive o?nu. Debut of the Great j iaian Ballet Ticupc, from the Grant Opera, Pana. tninjc of a akort lutomn seaoen. (Jrand Bullet d'Aoi, nnder tbe direction of M Robert Kern*. aa l a parfeet tiith Vaudeville Company, nnder the direction of Mr. n Nickins n Firat appearanee in America at Madeaelle CaUatiaa Franek, prtsiere daaaeuse.froin the Grand ( ra, Parin; Monaieur Leon Esplnos*. preinieri daasenr, n the Theatre Porte Si. Martia. Parte; M*<Umeitulle toriar Fraak, from the 4rand Opera. Paria; Madomoi- I e Ei*p'nosa, premiere pentomimiste from the Theatre 1 te St. Martina, Paria; Moneian r (JreUelne, from the Urand ra, Paris; Mt?* Lmily VValdejcrave, ko He. Alio a per- I ccrpa de ballet ai twentv-five ladlea. Leaders. Mr ; otaer aad Mobs. ?ie?m?ohcnk, fr*m the Theatre Porto Martin. The English Vaudeville Company oompriaos natnea of well eetaoliabed favorites, anion/ tneiu Mr. Joi Co well, liia first appoaranee in New York for twive ra; Mr. John Ni<-kinaon, Mrs. John Set ton. Mies Jfickinand otheis. On Monday, September 24th, the enteriiucnt* will commence with the favorite Vaudeville of CLE SAM?Sam El<bba, Mr. Jo Cawell. After which, for f.rat time in America, the prraud fairy ballet d'aotion, itldOMUNE?I'rbaiu, Mons. Leon K?pinosa; Ondine, IfUiUMH U rVlMtinn franuk. Aft^r ?hi?h (li? e of COX fc COX?Box, Mr. Jo Cowell: Co*, Mr. B. Phil. Tha whole to conclude with LA BOH KM I fc.\ N K?Grand ('? ini'iue, composed l?y Mona. L. Ef-pinona anddnrved ktllu. I elestin? trsnck and Mont Leon E*pinona. I*re m to the Vaudeville, and between tho act*. Overture, ltrea, ?e , by t he Orchestra. Doors open at 6^ o'clock. < rameuec at 7.^' o'clock, precisely. For particular* of cee, kc., tee stnsll bills. LYMF1C THEATRE, BROADWAY, A BRANCH OF burton's.?Saturday evening, September 2let, will la,v<-d the new sad popular |#iece ot DOliSOX & CO ? Mr. Skerrett; fcdward Stanley. il ward; Pe-le, T. Browne; Mm. Dobeon, Mrs. Sloan, Mr* Harvey, Mrs. tr; ( e^tlia Mu?a liutler. To be followed by li e buri-Ki'ie A L<'KSTIS, THK ORIGINAL STRONG-MINDED WON?Apollo. Mro. I'onover; Orcu?, Mr. (i. F. Bdwoh. ei which the a<TKE!MOF ALL WORK ?Mi ^ Chapman support five character*. Te eonclule with .JEN NT OfclA?Mr. Veijnice, Mr. Skerrett: k*a?ri<ik. Mr. SUan; hi ma. lire. Con*v?r. Dance* bet we*? th? piocea. l)v.n tea and Parquet. W? ?pnt?: ?d and .VTiu-e. I* eents. A KM! MS AMERICAN MUSEUM.? P. T BARN I'M. Jfcana^er avid Proprietor; J Cir*? J r , A<*?itrant -er. Saturday, 8? pt. 21, 1M.M). In ori- r to ac^onunoda'.ft ?ilie?, snd ilio lor too convenience cti uMic ieties, the nt U'oral and doinrstic drama ?f TdK 1)KI VRARU, ioh he* created such trewendou* excitement, will be perned twi?*e to-Hny?that Is, both in th?? aft*moon andeveR iu t!ie usual talented and n rikir* manner Anion><?t <urio?itles at the Museum it a richlyu'od ll??t of my Lmd. The N??ro Tumliit \\ me i? ?till there The i?si?-r Infart, i/ueen Adelai?l*'? CarTia/e. Titama, the ry^n.en; an immense t oa (' ritriefcor, fr?' Aficraoon 'ormaneee at 3; Evening at 7li o'clock. Admission ?5 cts. Si'reii under 10 ve^r* 124* eta. flKATRE VARIETIES, NEW ORLEANS ?ALL PER si iia, north of Louisville, having any business aTranjeenta to make ?i h this theatre, will communicate with li. Chippeudale. E-i., whoi? my app* iuted aitent. THUS. PLACIDE. V 0. C'MifPFNi Ai r, 121 Mercer street, New York. * "It SKUAi^ I'.H 11 IMIlLAUhUMHA ARNi M S Ml'SEl M. FBI LAD EI PIU P. T. BAB 1 M M, Proprietor nuil Manager; Henry Saoford, Assist : M-nafjcr.?Great .bills for the pr**ent wook, prepared .h uspecir.l r? to ranee to the public enjoy ment. Ume /ishMrs. R'ftre, kit. llackurt, Mrs. Manlier, MUse* Morti* r, Leslie--Mesera. Uoodall, Rogers, linker. Thayer, Ash? r.kl^inftBOU ikil cacellent ttOMIT. E*irAK**me?l those celebrated children. (Late and Ellen Baseman ? 4 iu stature and years, but veteran* in dr* rustic ta)< ot appear av* ry evening. The original Chi wise Family *?u?<1. All tlie wonder* of the world in the i ?an. Tw'? performances daily, at UK' and o'eWk. AJcar re 31 cents. Children under 10 years, li1^ * is. hipfibg. I O R LI V hi H POOL.-THE UNITED sTAlEJ* VAIL s?ca<n?hip PACIFIC. Capteia fcsra .*'ye. ?Thie strain * ill depart mith rho mails for Earop*, nosutveiy, on S;vtday, 8*r>?eajber ?>th, at 12 o'eloclr, M . Nom her Le-th at foot ol Canal street. No bctfi a*-cured till paid f >r letters mnst pass through the Poat Offloe. F?r freinht or ?a*re. having unequalled accommodations for eUxac e oi fort, apply to EDWARD K. COLLIN*. M Wall street he AT] ANTIC will anoeend the Paottto, and eail Octo17th. . MTED STATE* MAIL STEAMER BETWEEN NEW tork and Livtrpool.?Tho ships eompoaiug tins Lne are follow llift ATLANTIC, Capt. West. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye. ARC11C, Capt. Luee. Baltic, capt. om?toek. A liKl AT1C, Capt. a raft on. hear ships having beeu built by contract eipreaaly for I 9i i let iTirjf Stft haaNWUllt It tiftreonucti? n?ae alto in the r "nume*- t?? entire strength and sd. and their a?<-ommo<l<>tUna for passengers are nnekllt-l for ?1< rtbt i or cu.fort. *nee of pa*?iK> fr?m New Y?rk to Liverpool. $130. Eiiltvt rse of antra sue state rooms. *n np* ri'-n<*ed sturgeon will be attacked to each ship. lohr'hs e*cured until paid tor. I'oi freight or pa'tece. apply to KUWARIi IL k OI.LINS. M Wall streot, er to IlkOW N. ftltlPLEV * Co., Liverpool. ? Pacirir Will leave Liverpool ttcptomber 11* Ati.amic m Liverpool topUmbtrZS, " ' 1'a< iric " New York September 2*<. " Livmoel October If, " ' Ati.amtic m New Tork October 12, M M ** Liverpool October .**), ** f*he owner* of these ahipe will not be accountable for fold, rsr, bullion, specie, J??elry, rrrel.ue atone* or metals, k?s bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value irnof expreeetd therein. it trr the let of A prll neat, the rate of freight he the iboii amer* from Liverpool will b? materially reduced. f EW YORK AND HAVRE PTE 4 M NAVIGATION I CompearFor Havre and *outhampton.?The Cm ted tee Mail BUamehlp FRANKLIN. J.*** ton* burthen, J it?n, uDHiKBdrr, win n^T I'll"* in *?* now 'r"? 1 ..rli ua th* 1th Ootohar. Iravtag ll??r? oa th* lat Noibar. toothing at ('??? i" land and r*riiro lb* BtlbH< * aitr*. for trritlt or p?wu' ?rp'/ to MORTIMER LlVINdBTU*. M Ti* Franklin *111 k* (hertlj followed by U?? Humboldt* r?BBi?nil?r. _____ RITIflH ROYAI. MA II. STEAMERS FOR nfRMI DA and !?t. Th< mm ?Th* aew it?a |>r"P?ll*r M ERI.I V a. built f? th* Cl/de by Mr. Job* Woo*. will *,. ? Bte ibIbc cm month latweea Kf? Y? rk *nd >t Tbnmae, line at llf rn.uda *"tnt aa l merman 8b* haa e<)ell*Bt ob>in".latiom tor tuiiufri, tail aa thare < at*aia eoa it alio* b<t?**a Mt.Tlmmai aa l all U Writ India lada. \ tra Orni. lUvana. Vea< inrla. ftp . MMflll a ill I ibla ili? mi?l mavalaat roal* for lb* W?et ladia lalanda I lb* Main N"tie* will It* *.?aa of tb* da/ el (ailing r lr*i?bt iit MMa^r, il l '; _ t. *?l'NAWD. Jr. .'W Broadway OH NI.W OKI.F.tNS. VIA KEY WHT-THI FINE >?atrihl|i f Al.METTO, J. 5niitb, maal*r, will laare lot ? Orl'aaa, via Key oa Saturday, O-t. 6th, at S luck, h?n pi*r 2, N K Tar* t* Now OrUaaa or Hrj t?Cable. *lat* ro'.m, %!t\ fl'-*raf*. aad fonnd. t.n Pot hi or tuu|*. harln? atip*rior ueitnaalalton*. err'/ J. <> W A kli ft M?N. U Broadway. OR 1 A I.I FORK IA. TIA CMAURES. WIT1IOIT DR. t?an?B at Faaana.?Tb* l'ait*d Btaue Mall Rieaaehli airanT will dMi?tob tb* anlendid doul I* engine ittaa 6m OlIIO. aa Tl.aradny, B*t>teab*r ?th, at 1 a'eloak. , tr"iu th? p*r. IhI of Rama *tr*?t, Nartk Rival b th* g-ttraa^at maila. aad paeMBgar* for baa Praa*t?*I lnt?ra*dia.? f rt*. ha roBBaciioa at raaaaa trill k* aarofally k*?t aa. aa ai fr???at Bay d*t*atlaa b*yoad th* a*aal itar la Fort W l^*ki *r* n epea, aad t>**aaga *aa k* aoaarad at tb< owltf raua ? rnnw a aw ro a a To ramaia. t* rw*? Worth (IM ada* barth, forward nlwa || irage k*r?h. r< aad k?d and **r*r*t* tablo (0 raoaa raaaaaa TO aA? rftanriaoo. i* r.)?? k?nb ... . * iH*. foaad bad *ad f?i?rat? takla lav raott ?iw raaa to luta Room. Itaadat IIMrvi ?* ?i 19 aaah M g B '?"? SB R t Oi I*ana 75 Hi r?l#bt to N w (>ri*?n?. 15- yar ?*kla lact. r*lfht to Havana, fce F*rcilit fo*t. >a*lra*?a t* r?*?i?* tbalr road* at *ftir'< kMklaa Ml/ after b*r artiral at UtTaaa. i "arc fr*i?!it *r r?'??. apr-jr ?t tha alaa *f tb*C*a r, :rr fmt itmt. **raar *f arraa. t? M. O. RORRRTR. MiHal a*tl*a I* rif?a to ahl>|>*r* b* thi* llaa ibat tfti 1 * 7 lilTI l*T*d a form "f w II of India* .J..I.J.. r fcnaiarM. which will k? fnrai??.?4 ? ?hirion ?PP>I on al ikaMariat't i>Im, ?4 wlih wSi?h ih?f *r? r?it?4 ?n prr?IJ? ? aa ath?r form will to | 4 ky th* wont* of tha *o?paoT. Alt bllla af Ia4ia? 1ha at*a*4 ??(?? th* Mill** ? iM ? ! ] mMRB ( ITT LINK TM KOIOH TK K K TS T? ?A* I FrM<iM?. ?la Chaxr**, ^a'nrlat, Jaih *ap<a?haf. -Th? <l>4 ??? ' >r ' "" < ? * r ( ITT I ' i kxrtm, I I. tt?44ar4, ?"Tnm?n4?T. will l??l Mr 4o?k, Pur No. I >b IK??r. for CI*?'? . ?9 Katar4ay, Jar???har * <h. a? > I ?f ' < *r>.r ?!>??, Ilm f..rwar4 4n? ; Inm aaiaan, f-' imrip (Mwrm ??4 f'4 area to Raa frar'tioo. In iha??w an4 iplaadtil "laaraCeaall'atloa-firti ?aMa, I*< t#?rto, Rl-W. Tui iht or ! ? , a?tlr ? j iKtWARn ? sow. M nrf?.iw?r w. T. RII I QB UNB roi ltd r*? ' V I I!*. ir?> || >r*rt m<t ly>i,a I' ? in.II iitinira th? l*?. \ - Th* m I??4i4 I. IP I'll 11, * Its I. fill A. H h?rt II in, i n.man4?r, will laava liar 4... k, Pitr 4, N. K . fa? it?* 4ir?at. o? KaiaHay, !<?j>*ni< ?t X?t S a'cloak rh'ta4?lphia >a4 >harokaa ar? th? only ran 4ir?M to ? IiWtm ia ?< ka??lt<>? with ih? l'ait'4 Vim ? r ail HHIi'n frm r?a?ma to Aaa Fraarlaco Pa? ra hy tha 11a will aaaaart at I'aaama wlik fflmdil a aaaohlp T*tiaaaa?? ftr irpl; to IOWLAMi k ?'I'IN? AI.I M ai I vi , rait. 1A?FK KlN lk?N. ln.i 'in . i>u v i? !> A I *n< f??' * >! M|iM I'M 1011 J??.. Mtrko. "Ill l???? ?M? I ? *?? port. "> '? t Kio i?n?in>. V?lp?r?l?? ??4 P?n??>?. >* *f kW???M .... H.. I, t. r ?\< nni-"N k < r , , i ? .Mr i ms lih I. LlHfoUN k Ok, MV.4 r???. rMI?4.lf.l>lk. m POBTLand, ontuoli Tiit si jam tiitM. rrr>r??*4 "ft** ? "? < ??rr?* ? '? *i ?n A*f> LOIISk. Mkjpr. *.?.?> *r 1S^\" trivrxt i'*. will h??? tik??4i?t* 4Mk?" * I I f ft?l?ht Of ? * . b?rin fsr?ith?4 * aodatt n. l???4l*M kkklloWtok ?> ! ?k?k ? I r k r> pl.Vi.r v *? ????.? or m All.l.tH k Minn. WW W*11 t?rr*? pttlk 1??T* Ml* of oomttkinkit*. HAlUIUAUa A tW TOM AND rillLADU.riltA .ih Ik ?H h?r.. rlk *.*Jr'~r * >??< /"VJ, I m> t*f??*n% ! ?. ?? *ifor 'iLVtr.,*.' T?rf kl ? A *'t?m fr-t .f C?k?tlkM? M k?4 ir.i, *-<m foot *f f^T.f k4.l4hlk. kt ?? A. H -* *r ' I ? *n*X A*? A??OT A CITY T1AOI REPORT. Faioar, 8?pi 80 - 6 P. M. I A'Hr? The markot wi* staadf, with a modoraU. ! inquiry, and sale* of 100 bbla. it $0 Iff poarlf aa4 | ?? liH t*t pot*. Hhhi.?!. ?>, _flour Tbnra ni law flrmnM* In the markrt forth* oommoo gradat of State flour, while tbo demand for eiport aod for hen* um ill fair. Tho bell*t Ktad?* were !? attire, and prloM war* moral7 (imported hate no alUraliona to report in the maiktt for Canadian ?hiob >aa unlet; mIm bare boen made of 16 000 bbl? at t,ivt a M for aour- with Mo 'i eiir-enine at ill: T.') ? *4 fr ? h a.-.- -? * A u common to atruigbt State at $4 lit a >4 o?}^ mix-* t# straight western at *4 i.2H a *4 ?u(1 pu're oanaaa* at >4 04 a f& 06. Southern lour vw weak?r while the >5 12X for old mixed and utrai^ht brand* and |t inquiry wan fair; *al<-g reaohed 1,100 bbln at $4 94 * a 15 lt>i, tor new Kyt Fitur ban decliaed Soma 400 barrels told at $3 12.H ? >S 18 V Tha market for I'lirn Mrat wan hoary with aalea of 'J00 barrel* J?rt,y at *3 10. aud Hoo barrnU oommon Htata at >260. Theaupply of W*aa< waa ii<ht. while th? dmiaud was good The aalea embraoed 1.000 buehela prime (Jeneeee at $1 Id and a portion of a oargo ditto hi terina not aaoertalBwd The market tor Hyr waa butter, with haln* of J.OoO bu?h*l? at 74c. afloat. Oait were in mod* rata r?i]u?i<t, with aalee ol rirer and canal at 4'Je. a 44l,e , and Jereey at 40o. a 4io There wa? a large quantity of Inferior /tmley ofered. lor which there ?a? no demand, and prioaa were nominal Ctn. *?k aearce, and the market wai aboat ane cunt better Th? demand wae good, with ..alee of 7.500 buahela at I'.'c 0 Bi},c for Weetern mixed Bound yellow was held at title Cotton ?The market waa quia! to day and the huniueM waa limltted to about #00 bale*. We oatinuw our nuo-atlcrs Livaiiroot. claji'vuinon. K.Oi !?* ?, Ml OfiaruU. fUrida. biU*T?m*. Inferior ? a ? WW a ? 12V a ? Ordinary 12v, a ? ik a ? 1? a ? Oood ordinary 1:1 a ? 11 v a ? 14m ? Middling l.U a ? 11U - _ mB a ? Good DilSiil.l.f mil k ? 14** i _ J4jj 2 ? MMiUinf Ifcir 14V, t ? UK a ? Wtf a ? fair 14 w 4 ? UjJ t - i|v ? rull* f?ii 14? fc- ???? 14 a ? Good 16 a ? ion IOM F1a# B<??? loui sont I'komhioii ? There was a bruik J*m%nd for pork. aqJ hoi !*r* wert rery tirui Salt- * wht* inad* of H00 bbl> . at $H 81'? tor print*, f 1' 44 a f 10 50 for mess, and $1'2 50 for clear uo., f >r th?* California ourk?( Beef wan Pt? aJy. wit 1> rale* of 1f>() bbli at $7 25 a $H for Country mem, an1 $o a f6 for prime The latter wan wary quirt Cut moat# wfr?- firm hut not active We noticed a l?ri?k Inquiry tor lr-d for manufacturing. with hale* ot ;J60 bbln at T^'o ;t ' 'a? . which vie rather better; kegs were nominal at 6k4o. Butter and fbeeHw* *tre firm and more artire 22 AUKKT9 KIJHWIlfiRR 0TOCR SAI.EH run m ri.pir A, September 40?fV?f Ho ird - 14,000 7*eua~ r\ 1 v :it.ti? A'f.?!?y 3 s ?r?*? Ph ad-*lpLia Hank, 140; 5 do. K*ntliijrtcu Bank. 14; $.*?,?Che?aj??ake andhelitwart il'i, 'Jt; $7,'t0 do . 8.'?; $7* 0 do * ?7#,; * ' do., 5 ?harta Peariayf\ mi tu K&i'.rca i, 44># $/. um? i Miadolphu i> a, W(l, 'OrtJ*;$1U0 do b'fi. ?"i %*<* do . 1S71f $|gn do , 1*>J, ?; ft* a) do., ljAd, 1 . &oahare>? N-rr-tom., ^chii>)kiTl N' a * i %.*4 I*JU Allegan* City 6 a, 1 7'?; K5W: Headi*#^. 7.VV do 7M? $2,000 do., 76#; i nrn iloirit. 17. 4"0 do. (Undine **?ilr- ad, 11 d ?. Keotnckv Hunk. IliV Srr.'mf lt >> (1-1 it'tm Louisville flank. H^;S4?'oo *?he*apcake and L 'aware t'? 1 JWt, '*ft; 110,oVf S? t tiyikill Navig*tn?ni?'? I 3V\: $1.000 C intitinali W W 0V \'V\ 1'< S 4 ahar< ? l'?i>rn\Ivaaia Bank. 114; 100 do. I ait*?l 5tHank. J' ; 1' OtH) IV*ai H j^r oen* B>nd* 45^: $.<ti4lU Kradlrr Bonda, (?'*, 76V $">.000 Uh |ii 6 n, 7*V UlW IVuucjlvama 6>,K >% Kaltimoik, S-pt I'J ? $1000 lTnlt#4 8t%?ci 6'?, )8f?7. 11^; lialtin.- 14 C'p. lfeiM) ? lo^1.,: 14 ?harc? Merchaata '.I ink, ; v; ift do. (Ultimorc a d Ol.i ita^'r a^. lima, 71%; 25 do. d- .d?'.,74K 10 do. do.Tt.U: l(' ^?* ^, lj* U0, TISJs 10 <1o u .74 ) d?? ?lo 14 . 10 d do. "I. - do flrk ml C'nuit- rHi..l Kailroad tim?, li?v?i 2 ? do. 1'.*; it do. town R??ad. .* %. IT Hi . nt. On the l'.'th 5 -?t . by the Ker. Df Lanain^. Mr W. II ??? .>-.<'1 PaTatiuali. to llluJiM Am 01 York. Ob Tburidsy. the l'.'th Inst , by the iter T. O Bed?ll. JuirH Ciiii 'V J? ,#f Bmtoq, to Kutibuh. daujbtber of tht late llrnty Krm-ru Eaij , ol' thi< city. do V t ilnchdny, tli-* 181 ti ln?t.. by the Kev. 8 M. I-??< ? Mr 8 W 'in mrrohan*, of >' w l!"ford. M**? , to M.ns Run'?. thirj <i.u^ht?r nt XorrU II. Cohen, K?q . pt fhta ritj On Sapt . IStli, by the Re*. W'm Kennedy HtopforU, J<kii AMiriiaon. millwright, ol M?w Vorlt loC'imn i't l.oa?. eldetl daughter ol Jamea Lowe, printer, ot Scotland lllrd. On Friday, the i!0tb iuat . A->wa, <lan*her of William It tin 1 Laura A Van Am ,uri(h. aged Qve year* and four ntntlii Tbf frlendn rfthe family ar? reapectftilly iDvifa'd to atl. td thi l Jo.rul, I " n tlii-r-i<iieu^* of h-r parent*, No lltl lluane at lent, thin (daturday) afternoon, at j 0 cloak, F M Si-pu mt?r lOtli StMici. K Diuji.i aatireofKoglvud aged ?8 jaara aud 7 month*. Kutieral on Saturday afternoon,at 2 o'clock from bin ! ? * r?xldcBc?. (7 Itiwery Tb* friend* and acqua'titaiicx .ri- reapectfully ln?lted to attend. without further Invitation aUo the Marshall Lodge of Sod* of Tt-mparani'i' aod the M jii l.odge The remain* wlU b? taken to Ureenaood lor interment 00 the lUth iuat., ot typkoid farer Mm Ki.i.b* only daughtter of hvati aud Klitabrth Darts. a^ei ltyaara, 1 u.oblh at J 9 day* 1 he relatlTi a and til- ml* ot th? family, aiao the m m bi ra of the Amity atreet aud 8ixto?nth itrait Uaptiit Churchea are reapeettully lu tiled to attend her funeral trom the meeting houw ot tba Sixteenth Baptlnt church. Bixt.rni li atr.i.l, near Kighlh are dm, on dunday aftarn<ou, tbaSSd iuitat 1 o clock I* M . without fLrtlmr ii.ritAtiuu Iter rimaina will be taken to Gree nwood < Vm???ry for interment On KriilN.v i'. h i. -t aMer a long aal aerere illneta Chiim ? . only (on ' I'a'rick and Margaret Kin nay The Irirtidn and rijutU.' a irm of the f*mlly ar* rani cotluliy invited to atteud hi* funeral from hia Ik to realdatce, liu (ireeuaicb etreet.on Saturday, ilat ln*t at 2 o'clock. Id Brookhn. on FriJay morning Fiiiiit II . ton of Harriet and uwOWMh ?ged I yearaud II moalha Thr frl?od? and ac<|ualulannra or the family, and the aai)ni*ker? la grurral. ir< rea|?> etfully larltad to atj tend I he fun< ral. on K u n day afternooa at 2 o'clock, from the reaidenoe of hia father. 74 Waahlngtoa (treat. Brooklyn On Tueaday Iftfh laatant. of acarlet feeer, liana Omiou, aged 6 jiara 0 nionthi and 4 daya. only child of li I ram aid Martha J Mora* At Havana. Auguft ilth. A ear M Smrarnan, daughter of ('apt J I. fharklord. of brig John t rench At i olnma. California on the ?lli ?f Julr oftypbn* ferer. Ciiaai llenaau U a Lrow. of Sew York, In tba X)d year of bin age At Fayette. Pa 17th leaf. Major Jo?ii II. Hn i >, 1' f A lie ?i< the aon in law of the lata lion Jobr Nortell. rf )l ii l.igan. and tau-band ol lira Millar, wb< va? aaid to have committed auiside at Niagara t'alla hut mace returned to tba raaideaceof bar m >ther. aval Detroit ARIVIMIC INTKLLIUKNCBi Port of New York, l?|K??b?t V, IH?I. tvm a i-ea. i wotm irra. m?r? tr.'l wiaw ill Cleared. Steamer- W aah ngton, ri?y I. Ilremaa. N .liar k *aa4. ?hlpe?? Iarea4 .a. Br>*a. Haa frtariNu. I, II ttibarteea: V""l- ?[, William* fc Uutuu. Fl?adi"a (Br|. I, a?m, ti J a. Ml, I* J \.?i a i^a, w ? Whatt.a. Oatra (jeltettoa Praaela KM- NOrleaaa. J W R?.1'.-*7..."'l ?.1''* H " l! o i'ajkley - .... 111. 1?iui?. Ila?ua, * *tu. D'r? A Umckta; Albatroaa, 8iack? bnmt. Kutaca kyrr*, ? II D. tnrant k Co Int-tMrkH, M aa, <a?aanah Ouabain k Dim > . 11bra? !?lharia (llr). H .lhm Halifax. B N (>t(v Itr; K tbippall. Baa4, Sataimah Lamamiaa Chiimiu, Vtlmia*l?a, A i Hulan, I iimi n.nMi. Nt\ ? Jan*. DifWi, Alaaaadria. r llohrr Haltimtra; Pitt*. HanHinn4. d"; Aaa Kink faka. Kn.ii" It Kh i ladatrhla, AtlaaMa, AI<?aa<tiT ?. Caawall, Wa-ahaia; * A Ap?l*t?ii, a, ??>''? Rutl. Thoaptng, NHiTn, Elfan Rrdmaa.Rl^ariBio. N Ba4f r4 Moopa?(Malar, Aaarjr RS.ia lalaa I. Oall, Pr?tUtnta, Ju L l<oa*, 4a. Arrtvail. t' > Mail 0*aaaiaM|> Pi tia4alt>?ia, Paarana, Cfca#*aa,Rapt ?, Ktn?a'os. Ja. 1Mb. auk ar*"aaa< III'puaaaaara. t? II ?land A?i mnall Bbia Job a llan???h (?r Ph.la4?lrhla). Borr'a*. I.i aarjool. An* m, witb a?4a? an i #11 i.?. ?b ra ia l> ?'|u ia?t?a. SI I In ra with abipa *aw Wi? 14. aa4 *tla?. fnf Waw Tofk. Vpt lit. Ia> ?; .*< I'-n 111 <1. ?p ik? acbr (> ?aa, fr m Bank Qaaraaa for rratltolaaa. 8bta llamiai l>aia, WblM'??ar. Uaarr'al. A?* 1*. trlthia4aa a4 WW i??tanr> ?? k t;a<r, fnl>r a l'?. "Hh laal, oa I.raa4 Hank* < r?f"aca I a ? va aala from tha waat?ar4. ?bi''b arri?4 ?? > f-.a? aa<t mti| toptalla* t auU Mir Cvhariaa, Nmuwa I?ta| f . Ai>| II, ailk ir it" aa4 V> | ivrr r?, to nah?r< k I a'4*. Iiarb .")< fna (frr), II- laml tiramaa, Nurway, 4J Java, la hallaat, with If7 paaiaaaara, ta nrJar, llafh John ll?r? n Want, Havana, 11 4*?a. wilb an far. ta Mill" * I IIaa h. an In ' .?? Nrthi.l llaitaraa. with a an i'l ? aad s I, talaa, ai.4 baa t n ?o 4aya ia iba [i*ia?ar> Brtakna'ar. BriaTrwtia (Sat) I ia^ri, n>.|t>abat?. II 4a)i, ntk itaa ir i 'J i.a-a. i ? ta. i R ll?i a ( iebr uiaaaa ( Bf Tra-k, l*i?i?a N *. * ilaya, with aaal. la ?<" W 'not k i 9?hr R? il? J .ban a. l.antoaa Rtltlmir* tl <ar?. M>r H? 8ia>ltran, I'hiahaatrr A**nma > 4aja. ? hr 8?|Ma i >>lllata, llayilaa tiaalat. IIO,lll|a r. ..r a .itiiwn, < irm, ? * aai> r. , aa>v will ?? al Hani, ?c lit J II Mitkar, A*T?, Bill'mara, 14?fl. Hi Tkatia, fioiln, N amani"h*t. S 4aj?. Irkr Mfrlm kamim. riiiiaiilt-l.ia. S 4??a. S?hr J H H*rr< . T-iaia. Vtmaja, 1 <<?. M.r J !> twxi.O i'ib, W iiu'Ditni, >*?', 1 i 4 an with I > >1 P .r I W lllata. Smith, Pkl'a4alt>Ma, S 4ayi. Pahr ??nara?. * Ptfrabarg, |n daii Mr Klliafcith Ana, Cm*'r, VuSii(<?i, Sl',1 4iyi ?.th M<ll *ri>rCran4 Turk. Waihkarn. PM1a4al|M?, .14aj?. B?hf I>ll*ira4, , I'MIH'Uli I Ik .1 4 < r? frbr J l/moi, Kf t?l, Philadelphia, 1 4m. Mt liktll li? Alltn a. 1 4i/a. Hi" lliaiy Claj. Philllf*. Baaa in ml ,l-laj?. *M Is via. Cr .Kt'l. 14m Imilii, ll'i??ri. VhiliJilfKi. B'low. Oaa krli, aatnaaa. S<?t*iMr WiiMm'fi. ? nthMBi.* n ??l O ?*, *. ( f..? i r. In ' " ' ' ? ' rtlt! "? ? V?rt, lafBa.r- karka lot 4mMt, l?f< harlMtta; in J ?tkm. Wl?4 4ana? i?a 4ty tr*m J? li*f. Hi-ri a?n.~-!'Mi> Hakar. Pa'?ari?a, haaa. 1?t a Inftailk* II >?? / *?f>l?T wraiaj, %an< >*4 i>i ihi mtat, " i*1 r ' '? ? "> "* ! < ?? kjr tb? I lira la/ M raalia, < ?r' Harrall Pobt or Mi r*A*ci*co Aaaivm>. rlf-fkil Ma*H??la. ha'>? M .ti-a.'.*7 4ira (Ma Kmr*t<>a. I hk-owIi, Panama. 'it <4aya. BiiV kilty, n ?la?4. fco-x>o. I-Hm tiraa l-ark I o-a, B"?al|o, Panama. M 4aia Dark Bnrakam llall. Aan P?4tn, It 4ara Baik C nka. ( hair Boa I* a. Iftii 4ayi fcrir II"" <'?*aiMl>a?i. ktiiAi, lift 4ara. Bllf I'llH'l. . Hi II na . 1M .li T?. k<kr III? Mala, l.a?aj Nl?'a4n?, IA4 4aja Br hark Altai, Blaak. Ma*at-'ra, 74 4aja. RM> Tlr?laia, I,a IT. ?a paraiaa, H 4ay.. Ci.aaaan I 14? J?a lulir, R?? Or. . ft ihia ('athal 'i, t?Oran4. 4lilaa4?. <i Mkr Unit, llrai, Caraaiaa.

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