Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1850 Page 1
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TH NO. 5948. | VERT LATE FROM EUROPE. SPLENDID TRIUMPH ?F AUI'.RItlN STEAMERS. ARRIVAL or the MAGNIFICENT STEAMSHIP PACIFIC, APTKU I'HK SHORTEST PASSAGE ON RECORD. Time from the Wharf at Livtrpool to Uic Wharf lit Wrw Vork: I'en Days, Four Hours aud Forty-Fire Jliuutcs. 01 irsur r>ri .*.?tr im r*r% TTAM OLIUn I ULV'Lt^L 11^ VU I I Wll. The Grand Naval Review at Cherbourg, Frauc8. die.. Ah-... Ac. The -ifleadid stean*ahip Ptcilic, (Collinb line,) 'apt. lifc * Nye, w<in t? lrj;i?Aphed oil* Sandy Hook at'OUt hat nut 3 o'clock vrsterdtiy aftt rnoon. She came up the bay and h.trhor in rrugnificent style, and arrived at iu< whh f m iij o'clock. She left Liverpool on UVdaesd.ty, Ihe 11th inst., at 2 o'clock, P. M , m:d 1ms therefore mode the patKigf cureu the 6 g. hrtful AiUtntic in ten day niui four liourt a>u/ /.rty/ivt mi* utu?niru kvurt tuirker than any otht- American ttramtr and ttvtnittn hour? quicker than any DrihJi tlcamtr ever nadt the run front l.ivtrpnol to JVew York. Amassed are the ei>.'ht ahoitept passage oa "record i? rric shortcut PASSAGE ruoM I.tvkhpool TO N::W TORK, FUOM tVHAUr TO WHARF. r-Tint of Puitag'.?s J*(r inert, Vnpftll'ni. H'Ain J) y* Honrt. Mini Jturopa. . .L<>tt, Oct 18H, 11 2 oO Atlantic. .. . W>?t, Juii?, 11 4 80 Caropa. . .., .liny. 11 7 30 Allantto. , . .Writ, .luiy. 1? 38 ? l'brlfle Nje, A is 0, 11 T ? ttlautio. . . .Wnnt. 1HV), 11 S ? A Ma Jadklnt, K-| Ih'.O 10 22 30 ,.'i.ui8c Kjd, Bfft. lWt', 1? 4 4i TI18 UHOliK A T A QLA9C1. . ?L<rt??t Cutikid wrMrm tl>? A?U, duck to <l<>ok .10 21 80 Shortcut Collin jiaimage ? tka l'aoiic. <fcok to dock 1U 4 44 la lavar ot tL? P.iei"o 17 4A Allow Aaia'a d? t?nit.>b at llallfai 4 ? Still ia t*jut *1 tliu l'acitic IS 4 j It thu ?pp?us tlirt', of ibe eight short poi&s^es, Cotliaa' MruH-r* h<nr ustJe rivuut them, although hejr ha?e been mat ci; hut oue trip per month, while tha Cwnar ^Tt- m kr two tri|>? per moaik. * Tke folUwin;' an* the piita^njers rAV>KMilk? BY rut: PACIFIC. Hi It.ltt * ? iMj, Mi M?liao. IfT lir lU,.!. am laCjr, V U? Carrie, HIhIhII'i. Mr WtJaaorlk, Mr J I'Do!???y ant Kri runi, Dr Uimm. I'r V%Uatlae Mott. Mr U Matter, Mr Mall *n't lady, Mriheyaaa, lit' rr Bill ?il tuvtll, Mr Font*. Mr W Jackava aal earraal. MlMn, K.'. am il, Mr Vi4t*Ua, V, p.,!.., Mr Aakery. kf i.m. u. Mr J Tirtu. l>r * fl*?4lage. Mr OalUer au4 lady, Dr WrdJ'rbam, Mr A Star ay. l> A 11 Cou, Mr H A Faiaaam, lady tad 2 Mr Hawaii aaA laly. ehltdraa. M. ? Moutfiatry, <r?CA Mitmi. Mr k whiltrt, Mr W VkiTfU, Mr K Oimtn ilrBRIifUUtf, Vir Cbrioara, KrJti F Ikti, Mr l'?fl?r, Mr Uim. lady an4 rhilJ, Mr Kr iiaoai, Mim Byraa aad atrvaal. M Mlr?k. Tapt 0 B Terry and lady, Mi?? ?e?*. MrHM-wley kl>iNf?. <Man Mo?nM Ml notUr. Mi.a ( larea-l?a. Mr knvfur, M.h InnMr. Annexed is he r cirgo :? 2,065 twiu tin. to Phelpe, Dodge k Co W ?a*e? (upper S3 kdl* Iron ti.Ue, to Thot Prraeer Ik Seae 400 bdU t?ar iron, to Uatbbone k Co. H k"im ropp. r 411 < ? > ? 1>?I"? 10 rub and 41 pare?U to Tarts aa eon>4(ne?i>. TV> atraMuhip Niagara, from New York, arrived it Livfrpo?j on Monday night. Tk acocuata fr?ra Madriu confirm the extraoriinaiy aueceu obtained 1 y the g?>*?rnment io the ?1? ctu r.a None of tlie chief* of the pr^grtau.'u i>arty, nn<i tux mere than twelve of the opwai'ion Jepuuea, hid been re-eU-cted. One of tlie Komiin jomnnla pma currency t? a r-pori tlmi !,oM I'tlmrtXiit has uddre>aed to the tottrt of th? Vatican hii energetic note, m which he tautinn* it aginut adapting violes; titeaturea toward* Sard.nia, an! persevering in the ayst -m Hitherto'd by the Pope with regard to the lovcrcment. A Coetoma' Leagtie, it ia alaf*J, baa been concluded brtween Auatria and the fluchie* of Mod-m and Parwa. Tuscany du<*a not at i-reaent form putt i f tke league, but negotiation* on the subject arc pearftaf. Th? Minister of Fininre at Home has .ubhahed a n*tiheation of the isaue cf Treasury Bond* to the vmatiatof o,tXM)/MXJ of acndi, for the purpose of eit'idrawinff from circvla'i<>n the grritcr part of :*l*r ?-urTeBcy. The accounts from Soli'eaw g announo* that nartial Inw ha? been precluiri'd '0 Huattin agaiakt ill persona eoucaliutf arms t.r holding conimun.;?ti<>a with the Da<.i*h canjp. A grnad aavil r*vi?w took place at Cheil>ourg an Saturday, the 7th irat , in the prr ence of the TVsMut of tL I-'rcnch Republic. Ttw article otcoilfe app"ara to be tuutcting consul' raMe?. teation ia the co tmer.tal maHteta. At Antwerp, An -tTdjtn. ii.ut"-.larn, liamhurp. Ttieat?, lla^re at.'. Berlin, holdera are represented io fw \?rv firm, a ! p: rat Yit-e a<i* anced. When :he t-anll of ib'-Jate | ?Mi. *!*? n? Amsterdam ha.l 'jue come l?no?n an i?c wised iisioea* liaJ beta lose , parti.ulatty at f' <t??. Th* \V?r Ii< IthlMn>|. Tli? fan' nii'd t? m irirt'ie siij 1% 'run* afffiHi>|r in (he I iri it cf juitif wrti hu< wii U' 'he cnrnau I?ra, foil* to the TilUI rf th* trill ,? 'I l? wrc???rj lo prorc 'his itll mtiHhty l?y a prtifu ! ??| n fRt. For tfct* fftM.g idi? P-fwoolf^iU! toward* FrHeriehiUdl a* un !<r;?kt*n ; hi* in : sr*n with th'ir own tj'* ihti th.. flat Or aroutwi tint town wrr?> all under ? ?ti*r, i . pi nv 4>l?r<ii <> iWi> thit only tiia oof* >( nuny l*w m m ,p to ?.'< u ahnvf i?, :li* itcf-* r? Jiit'll to tli'-ir qi-.-ter*. To the aorth of Fr jfnch?t i 1: t - l ?.tn> * have establish* I i?rr.M?n?n <*nni|>, w*r .lantS'eii:; l)*twe^ti tin* lacf *?J f u.tUi.k . tin in - !? ? liv/ bteii fW4#d, >k us') hy tl?* .mmr-i m<v?*, hu: >17 dan. i??r mii>' tit* 'iw Tte-^r. I ? th" ?lio' of tl." u' nonh .rr m of HmdfU'irq majr bt ronmAcfii t f ?r nuy military p irp ; ?bd r?,,t*?ith*t?..i<t;ii i|i? rii*cnut?nt of th* G*tm?m t i'?r p-tii* it ife of faactkw, ny movement s^e-ars mi, 1 mM?. (n (fMiibura nat'(.;i(>t ? nn* ii:'?tni to raise \ voiulilirj lc n for t:.? f-i , * hall r rlul', and ihs to-(!fc?u? i i I 'a taken ru 111 U iu-^- to h ntie; U it t fin!s fflN siuon uir*,iii(l 1,1 ii?is com ifcifi ci'y (here m: |>-i-)? esublnhn at* thst ? ill not fwi rrr, .rr th* f>'i?r tnitiej .tf *tuthat fi i'? "wq tirh Whit rh?nc? lnuit 'its hs such a mte rf thirds m?y i?e diem-d The X /' 'fr>*wjf 7. f ? n;aiu? th? fillowiflf iiotr, wi " h; h th< Liiij>t if rol Ru?? 1 pre ?ei?i?d <J?B? '1 ?h, tho I i.uti.h rnmiu<in lei inchief, wl'li lit* nrd-'f o( S A -if:? A?0"4"f"H ?" "? il-h'd br?i?ry tad fit t?i>r? )un ?i'?, ?yi-J in ikmia^intih of ih? J4th aod 'f."lj W iil ' U lo "tit h tlm hrsr* Bantnl't <W y r wiraiiim.l. wonhily Bain* t?l' #1 UrllU ?? rt<t ? 11I ?hrt? ainnarrb. oar k?. 1?t?4 )rl??4l an4 ally ?nl? !i '< - ta 71a ??r <y?< 1 <1 ( *"! ? # ? ?? ! T"'l ?' ' ?? of it A nn* i t th? ? ? rl? < ' Ha t y>m i " ii?m >u I lllft rflVi'ilt ord?f r?tirk?<; ii|> t T, I'.l. msMuui, E NE 1*3/ 1 * --f The Kient It Rcpaltllc, Wt hive advice* from Pari* dated the evening of the 1Mb iow. Accounts from Cherbourg dated yeaterday morniug, half-past nine o'clock, rU'.e that at that moment the Presideut was in the act of leaving Cherbourg, on hia return. The Council-Gmeral of Clermont Ferrand hna derr.andrd, by a lurjje majority, th** revision of the couatitutii'u by the preaeut Assembly, should it be deemed necessary. The. Council-tienr-ml of the Ch&rente Iulerieure haa bdopti-d a resolution expressive of regret at the death of Loins Philippe. A funeral service w?* performed on Saturday, in the church of St. Dominic of Bordeaux, for L.ojia Phil>pp?. Accounts from Toulon state that letters received from the province of CoutUutine, announce. the | decline of cholera in that place. The Impnytuii,of liou< n,mentions that a aeaman, who had been sentenced by court-martial to th'S boulet, attempted to as^amate Admiral Dubour* dieti at Cherbourg. The nrm of the assassin wis carght as he was shout to strike the Admiral in the breast with a ioniard. Account* from Lyons, dated Saturday morn in I, et !i o'clock, state that some dis.urbancea tooa place on the lih in the town of Ciiouselet, canton of Loriol, anil department of the ltronte. in consequence of bom>* arrest* having been made at Mirmande. The rappel was braten by the National Guard* in the cauton, with th? object of renewing the prisoner* who w<- re in custody or the gendarmes. The Natioual Guard of the neighbouring canton in the Ardtche having manifested a disposition to cooperate for the rescue of the piison*-rs, General Lepere, who commands the district, gent for orders to General Castellan^, the superior officer. General Castellane instaaiiy pent order* to disarm the National Guirds of th?- five enntons, and, moreover, iUQietwl his subordinate to act with rigour I in the repression of the riot and the restoration of i tranquillity. The tiade of 1'ari* is more brisk at this moment j than it usually is at thi* season of the y-Jir. The [ Cans manufacturers continue to he fully employed i in the execution of ordtrsfrotn Italy, Spain", ilus! hit. and Turkey, \"c. If th-r^-be u!iy HtntlTN I unemployed it Mires Irom their own f*ult, as the ' mitei Iscturers ccniiUin of the difficulty of finding sufficient hands. The accounts from the agricultural districts are more favorable th-in those re|K>rted Isst wi 4 The ni.ithi.rn d> | anov nis, which suffered most from the late ruins, will, nevertheless, produce nevrly an average crop of wheat, although the quality will he inferior, and ! tl.e consequent loss to the f irmer considerable, i Fan* is abundantly sitpplitd with wheat; the price | him falJsn three franca the hectolitre during the ' W'fk. The |M<tato disease tint irtunately is nutting ; Onher prcitrtr, < vrn in deprfrunen's which had hitherto escaped, ."-till the corn itiamets IhfouiMii out Prance s'mw a downward tendency, toe fall in prices va'.ying from 50c to 1 if. the hectolitre. Letters fi<i(ii the southern departments ; fctate that the markets were more abundantly sup' plied with raw nlk during the I**i week thtri for i Mine wttkn and thai a further decline iu j price haa'altr 11 plwe At Avbcnaa tlie average | price of mlk im from62 tn(M frames the kilogramme, i and at Joyeiibe fiom 67 to 60 fraucb- Very aut?,?rior quality, howrver, ib scarce, and is e.igerly Bought e.fter. The wine market at Mercy hia f?een 1 well attended tkij week, and wines of Btiperior | quality wer?- iu good demand. Or at fnntreeii- i ter'aiued mat the tpality of the present vintage ; w.ll be frry inferior, a d that in many diatricuthe grapes will r?t. White Iropt has already been observed in the Cole d'-Or, which has occasioned ! some injury. In champagne the grape* ar* no | oe.ekw-i.rd that tr>e vintage i< not exacted to comi nience before Octolier. The disease which attacked the gre|>*ain ih>' neighborhood of Pari* h :? I nearly ceiued ; and it r.pi'-irs from u retort addressed to the Minister of Agriculture and Ccm! n'erre on the subject, that the laat heavy rain ! completely washed awav the inaect* which canard I the injury. j TUB HIAPMilD BF.VISW BV TUB l-B*ainmT Of TUB HUM * ri.KKT AT CHBRHOCHa. [Frens the London Chronicle, Sept 10 ) i This grand and impomug rUt*|>l*iy of th< iiaeat lire' i ever arm I* am by I a l/tlh- Fra net ha* long cngag?il ' the attention of all ?-iu^ people iu thit eoun! try, aa well na in PuNiawt and, ia might be i enMiy du ,i,?.i, tke number c11uitrra to CkrtMnv ' during thia week h:m never before been equalled! I In fuct it wai<, an Mnneirur Jullien would phraae it, vn month f; to Kienchnien a proud national Ueal?an epoch in the naval history of France. liy special invitation of the President, the gentlemen of the I'iifi?U yacht cluli* had, for the greater part, a^a? milled in ihe port wnh their beautiful vee*f|a, and anchor-d under 'he batteries on Wednesday, inrbiiiiig the Karl of Wilton (whoaaloted with 1 15 guns the Admiral of the fleet, who romiilimen'ed I the noble eemtrodore with a aalufe in return. The I>uLe of i\liirllx<rou>:h,ihe Murqueanof Couyngh tin, the Karl of Cardigan. .he Mar ,nr?a of Orinond, the Lett of Mouataanriea, and other distinguished arrateura had arrived on Tuesday The liritiah ?lU>i<!ron nad arranged to pre?eut thr visiters a I ei*c:ea of ?nt? r'fisnvnt |v*:f?et!y new te the Frent h, ai;d wliii h none hut l..igli.ihmen hiTe the | meai c tor dn-['la)ing?namely, a'cruise of all thair j ; tudioDii' yachts, accompanied by a variety of ! bMMtfnily i *ccut? d ni\nn u.res, out of the bay at i | one extremity of the gr-at breakwater. w hich tn?-y I woiked rout.d. returning by the other again t.> i ' mad<i u?rc in the tiay. to the great delight ?nd s'ir? I I prise of the French of bn?h eexet, who could hirdly cred' that aui h a acieatihc of a-am in*hi,i could l><* run.If, even m a lilh, ini m fleet, by m"u no! nil "i 'he naval itoOmichi. The niuan' r of rxecuiinut thHr evolution* and getting uptuthrir anchorage in two lines, g*v w> much a&uafai tioa that tliM' w?re loudly rli^-red i>y the (ieoi<|e of the I i>ort. The captain of the French line of bat'le ahif> ; C>raa|>pe?, a%owed hi* admiration by exclaiming 1 that the diaplcy of their rrow?-*a and tactics w?? j ' Suftrbf it /rit dfliretwr." At eleven, m , the y.tchta got under Wfi^h hf ten. I, uii.l htooii nut to the ? Mtw<trd ol the Irrakwater, ahxr, by nignal, thry formed into tWO ill." > . at nn???D Ditriato^. 1. Xatifa. arhooc r>' ummodore, Karl of Wiltoi . 2. lirilliaot, whoon*r, O. Ii. Arkera, I>| , Ceruinodore, I!. V. Y. C. tl Alann. rwtt -r, J W?lJ, Kf), I Fair Uneartucd, achooner, W. Lyon, l.*;., th<* Hon. ii T- L. Curry on bourJ i 0. Coral Qutu. achooner, l-.arl of Mountf lnrl?*. | H Anaconda, ?< hoort'T, ."Sir C. '^betaou I 7. Arrow, cntter. T. Chamberlavne, K?j. I x Souk. ,?choou?T I !? 1'renk, rutter, W. Cuiling T>j. i III. fcipM, HW. I II. Aurora, cutt?1.1> Marchant Thonu/*, K* 12 Will-o'-the-wi?ii, cutter. ! IS Hornet, crttei. If. Stu.ldy, l,aq. i II. Cyuii^t, etitte', ii 1. "hMn, i.*|. 16. h aw*. rehemer, C. Wrb*t< r, Kaq. M'RI DlUkllrt. 1. Cap? corn, it Itoov r, Vicr-Comtno.'.ore Til* ! bo,. M 1?. 2. lotnlance, ?-chn?mer. Mi"iue?? of Conyng1 bant, <><imiri:><'wr<* lioynl Oeorge'a. IJt. Mlrt|[?, rr hot r?er. M?iyne?? of t 'rmonil*. 1. I'iIh, Mhwiner,?\ tif, li< ft. Merlin, achotoer. Col li) | Markhain. J f, 1 ili>: iaii,ci;li>*r, Co rhi i Smith, U. Ii. 7 l.ii li i, miter, T. Ii< h, Kaq.. M. 1'. | i. Storm twh. cut tar, Colonel 'tnwera. I !?. (.??oteat, nchrv-mer, \V. IVir.l, K?|. If*. Ktlli?f, Hitlef. II. Medin.i, r.l?t r. ' 12. Ititlrra. cortff. ; ir; Forent Fly. ratter, J. Putter, II. lit*'ii??,cutter. 15. I'.liv.a, r. I' K*achinf* to ?hr fwtwiMt'tl fov* P. ?t , wh?n, l?y kiyti*', * h*>t*u,'in *<)rc*fttiMi, the -*.? ' n<t of if"" hi. trr oil r-iirn to iti'ir . er.chctiee. Ail dipt 1 tl.rr-ir color* to <he lug- ' 'mi,, cOtiiUaf txi.i^ fi', the bar.1* uf j aevrinl iS t!.e lit I |.N?ur* " lull* tli? flthutf ! '-ic-h liri? W?re i ?ini/, lli 'i i ! the t.ifri'i I roncltii i|i 'g with, "??od ive lb** < ir?n." Kfh !io? i ihri'Hi?h"tji the >hv vw ptff*r?n| with wr.ti?|i'rfiil I r<*fulnritv, r?. Hrtmfl i].> dillicultr "f t* irtiling I ih< *i-ee<1 ?*f tru- ?l?I fhr cutteri in rrlntioo to th I ft hnon?t?. > h rli iH- y h'.if to fo'lutv ac ordingto I ,<tn ion. The |.i?t irvn the \>nft w?? m (trknowli ittfineri' ?f the / ?1 dir , !? > erf by ail. In ntkliiiou to the l.o>*| \ ? lit S{ natron netfour te*a is f|? in I' n:h, wi'h thr Hfio'i l*nHnnt: th?e armred on W?,loei?rt iy evening, rp 1 j **re? the t?ifiiininr.'--? !, with AduiMl Sir J. 0?m -n?e? N. t 11 , \ irr Aitmir?l S r T, ( nrhrnnr, K. C. B., lieir SirO Nn ii?r, K. C. ll.,C?|iliii* W II Hall sn^Opi in liO'ln-f 1 Muarfy; ihi- Fire Qneeii, ateam*r, with (^pttin 1 Cha.lii mid ih?- ?i.Wm i>l h? College at Portemouth; th< Portsmouth, fchi, wt h Cn(?t?lo 0. Kden nnrl c'h?ra?Mr* I iring ? ?! ? in this 1 vwls and the Fanny, tender, wi'h Comrnind*r j l ?*!?-, Ting l?i*itt? Bint Coehnne, \ c. f*aturd*y btok* taiih n? farnrahla * promise of fine wenthrr a* the preceding d?ta. The first ac, tire movement afloat m*a the mmoliene^ns dri**? injf ot the *hij?, and in I he rour*1 of a fear minnfa n(t*felahf 'h* I''r?-n?.h H???, aeenfd'nf to th^lr , iMhifcu, bringing >!i?ir U?g? an lunUei do*a iliiu > W Y C ;? SUNDAY MORNING, ? the lowrr yards, and totally omitting to decorate the stuys from the bowsprit end to the spankerboom end; and the yachts, according to the more tasteful hnglish custom, wore the color* of nl! nation*?the tri-cnhT, however, in honor of the Flench, formed the in out numerous and most con spicuous. The French haii only signal Hags, with tne tri-culnr at each mast-head, and also at the peak. Yach'a now begun to weigh, boats cornDieneed to ply, Bteamers. with crowded frei?uts of all clanes, and apparently of ali counties, steamed out from the harbor, round the fleet and through the yuchis, and multitudes assembled oa the piers, w harts, toots, and shores. First, there was a regatta, commenced at nine o'clock on Saturday morning The first race run was o,??'i to all gig", aiid i-everil of the gigs b<?lo?igin<; to th* K*gltth y.ieht squadron were entered, and ran f >r the prr/e, which, however, whs won by the French boat Maumn. Th> ceurse was run twice round, which taahoilt a mile and a half in Ivngth. The second race whs for pinnaces, being boats bef. filing tt> the Fr?nth fleet, and run also twice rou*"t the fame conrae. This wb?, as well ?s the fornix, stoutly contested, and a Horded much amusement to the immense crowds which hud congregated on eveiy spot in the tows, or on the fortifications and esplanade, which afl'orded a good view of the sport#, sb well ar to manv humire I |*roans, including s large portion of the fair tex of Cherbourg and its vu initv. Almost nil the towns on the coast within f>0 mi'"* of ibis plate, including Din in, Crm.u.ll. l.,.,1 IKn. / m.lrihiitxl nm.'h to crowd the town, in which it is calculated net legs itiHB thirty thousand stringers were to lw? found on this occasion. The President and stall first proceeded to the arsenal ; a royal culnte from the b:"tt?rie# welc'HTiing his ?rrivtil. Kvery department of this inaguiticent establishment, si'll incomplete and in its int'-tccy, whs vi-ittd, and industriously inspected; the basis, the finest work iu the world, cupuhle of holding forty ?dil of the liue; the seven superb butldinr sliif, on one of which was a large frigate half finished, the mm^it-e range of t'urnacea, all of which were in full work at the time, and the substantial buildings and storehouws, with their in vuluuble contents, formed ttie subject of iuquiry, comment, adi.iirutiou, and congratulation of the Presfdent The Prince was received at the dockyard by the maritime pref?*c(, who accompanied him all over the work*; but on ^uitring the establishment, at half past twelve, under another salute of the seawara I * tery. the vice admiralcommanding the j fleet received the president on board the atate btrge, a very hsndfome boat, painted white, with scarlet awning and gilt decoration?, rowed by Iti oaie. T lie procession of boats then rowej out towards thf ll-c ship, and, on neanr-g the guardship BuctphHe, 'he first salute Was lirtd fr^m btl? a*, conuiieno d by this ve..??-l. This wat a signal for ? deafening roar of urtillery. The j nrds of e?ch sh op of war bad bee>\ instititaneoutiy me.tilled, but not higher than Hie topsail vukIs, (ihe l.nftln-h always man their yards up to royal*;) the jacli's that hid y?iida also numfd t h? m, m4 iIm MlMn mdm th? ir rinlas. Tkc most rti|-H firing was tnede by the 'i ,e of btitle ships; evetygii'i wts fired, oa both sides, to the nuniUrol 101 each, tud with the mott excelleut titne. The tUg-sli'D Frioilaud, in pir'ioular, fired with louh r*gul-;rity and tekri'v, that her ii u7*hc miii ? ?|n>t an'u in our tncri or mri I name The yacht?, also, that hid guns, fired salute* of 21 pupa, und apiid ih? thunder of cannon. e.ud the roaring cht era of the rre*r?, c .u^ht up from thip to ?h?p, and tuuuiag for many milea, from tlx* breakwriter to thr town bridgen, and Irom the eastern atfe to the dockyard shores, the President boardtii the Ftiedlaml. Af'?r *tnyiiu? here for thr*e-<fwtrtera of an hi ur, the Prince proceeded to the breakwater, a mighty und stupendous work (exec--ding ia length (he breakwater of Plymouth), with a battery of heavy gone in the centre. From the breakwater the Prince visited each line-cf-batile ship in succession, each alupcheering ?a he arrived and (putted?? new feature in the French chr.rncter, and undoubtedly 111 inutauon of the Lrphsh. "1 lit- Preaid' ul must have minutely inapect* d every one of th? leet, for he did not >41111 the labt ve??el. (he Minerve, Til guo fnrate, until nearly at vtu o'cle< k Whi>at on board the Inflexible, c.f AO K'Mif, the crew were exercised hoisting to;>?aiia, tojig limit mill? and lib, and dropping coimes. '1 hey did not, in the eatmiation oi the English, perform thiaevobuion eo wi ll aa they had b?? 11 led to expect, sails being furlrd in three minute*, bvt no rr* f* tnk?n in, wi. reaa the Prioce Pegent, 5 0, would have perform- d the evolution in from a minute and a he.If to two minutes, With two retfa t in. Whilst tn board of (be frigate three target* were placed out to aemva'd, and auty round* ol shot weie fared fror her s;dea at thein, but we believe only one of tfca target* waa destroy! d. On b-avipg the frigate, the ''resident came in thrtt'ih the yacht*, and pud a viait to the noble commodore of the lioval Vacht Squadron, the Eirl of W.iton. on board of hiaaprndid schooner the '/.ar>f. , and .1.'.' wfnt on board (he EnckutreM, t-a pay a visit to th;- 1-arl of Cardigan. t>n leaving fbeee v?a?'l?" b< th l^ord Wilton and Lord Cardigan manned yard* and tired royal ailute*, ati<! ar the Prince then pam d through thf line avery yacht'* crew on the yard*, ia the rigging and on tb< d<ikst;ave him three beany Eugi-fi cheers. The Prince ytt.h evidently mnRt [jsaufied by thia hural of good feeling, for the (targe w i* frequently ?topi*d, smiwas rowed ??ryVl?wly until the laat yachi wr.a passed; w hen i?earin? the guardabip again 'hi wa? sa!ut"d rounda of ch< era once mote iri imitatiou of tin Liighah "hip, hip, hurrah'" The prrcetsioo now ri turi.ed tothi dockyard, iunt I aa the sttn took hi* l?-ave of a moat t'lorlou? day. This waa the moment for parting tnlu'e, ?? it \ also the time for undressing the ehtpe, when a scene waspriduc^d of which it is impossible togive a ftint description with justice. The raysofth' irreat 1 luminary beautifully ili?(v r.W their golden tint* : aero** the road', brightening every object that a'oed ? ut in relief *geinkt the Itor.son. from the <9.*tk frowning ?idea ot th* line-of bsttie < Sipa to the tcpmoet irurhtoi' nil tbe iniif rruft i?n mblrrt within ?li?- rant cupanae of tb? *|>irkling d*ep blue reran wat?r?, when the li^hioiot! fla?h??j of neatly 2 W/0 piece* of ordnance craahi d form with a trrmtDi>ou? roat?abort, aharp. and *vMea were th* h?ir?ta, eavrlopior ?uch *fi rl in the I wreathed-amolie gunpowder cut.lop op to ma?ta' ! heart", and only now ?nd th<-n diviiti'-g or rlcniing to allow the tvaufiful flag of tbr t-icolortohe , wen; CO,' f'i voicet on th yard* nnd decka all'iat, and <>a tbr whir It nod f.ier?, nwelled in'1 gladdening din, and, in n moment, nr.d aa if I y n t?x, the hulky ?bi|* >tnd the deader y*cb? hitting been atripfd ot their llaunorf color*, r^r"-? d in Mlcat ureitentatiouyneaa op I hi r own ?hi i>wn In the eteninff> a ball waa irivra by th* inhnbttf.nta of CherNwrt, to 'lie vwitrr- fer.erallr in the I arcoal, the buildtm-* having h?-en luiidaomHy fitted and UUcfu'ly decorated for the flccnaioo. It Vim, of covmr, a?rtieh tilir tli- ball oI the (ire* ccding uigM, but thia who only to ! - expected(Jertun'ty, Ipfrli fT' e baa arnvfd trorn Vicuna th it th1 Aiutrinn c?U-i't tejec-* the l*ru?ai?a I'rofnl of a fire C< of'-rt ucr of mII 'h?- government', in wh eh to acttie the mutual reltti-.i- of *h< * ?i mtan ^ut -a. I'rincr 8cbw.m(nbnrg will iui?' U|?a n fi-rriag the aHi>ira of t,?rinHuy to a plenum, > j'fujeat whi< b < aunot be cr.rru d out,peitly hec nier ill ihe 1111.CM cori.f11* 'I with ike an .?, i?n Urn** irk, have declined, with ('rami*, the A<i*trMn in?iu?i tinu to I rar M?T'; end f.U'ly l"ca"v- 1'rnner and , I re land hi."* rfecltr*l that thry cannot i>cl<nowi politi**! lodya* the ren' i ( mi of <i? imznj- in wh>< h I'm* ?ia u tot r?j ni*l. The tirtl' 4 thread of Ofrntu pnltlie* i? i renily about to lie cut by An trii Th* limited I or rt?tnct?d ('rrnta*|e |>et (that U, the f?rm of ! rcprei*i.tatK-a of th~ viri'>i?3 tea in which the , *irte* are re?tri< '*d to a lower | roportfciMMe namj l>- r then in the Plentim) met nt Frankfort on the 2d imtunt, iinder the rre?iiencjr of Aiiotrta ? 7 b* ftwi ri je|>fe?nt<d ai th<- 1**1 rre A'>atrin, i? i, Wrrieaifoorg, Hiaitrr, ~'i? > *, Klectoral III ?w, *!??? UnaM di, liram >W for 11 >t *teia, lloihnd f?r IiSirmbmirj, M< rkimburg r?rriii*, anil miMM *1tl h<"f wlio *i 'lie! f- \vr it miji-tiiy of tct?? if prTMHt. hn?'' rffuird to Ukr nay jmrf In 0 pn ffHftipo, nnd will rot rrergniae th?* I> ?-! 10 ?; y ??> whatrvrr. Th' jr rfrclirr !har th<* <Wnitric r?Tft drt?fi?u dird * log*! druth in Mifch, !? ;?} that An.'inn Ims no imwrr In r?vi?e it, Mil ilmt lift ?hnli d'?n j%rd thr rnmltiiim* of fl'p n cnllrd I'i?I. On !>" other hand, Amtrm mid hT ?l'i?,? Im?* nfinli?d their ^minllim to m< !>? ihrir rrm>l lion# and net? rnip^-rrd, e /rn fr'rr nf mm?. Tl?* important fact :? Mid to hnv?tw*n rflirlnlly ntilifi'd hyAustri* to th<-French Hi'd Fnclnh |fOTrrii?irnt? If thi.? be - >, and 'li? rival partita adhere to their itd?termm4'ions tkf qrrtinn tf German 'mity may jret precipitate (Jeim.'nyinfo the ronliict wiiirh ht? h#rii fore> ? *!? d. T In" ?fmHiffi"i?l p*tiem of Berlin, of the .*th. ?'afe thu' a ilfrliiri'wn k?> h?en wrlvrd fron Km Und nnd Fniic', retting fur h that tho? pow? < ?? w ill rot lir iryfr Died Ht t!ia nt'lnj of an? led<t?l ?wmhly In wl.irh Pro?aia KflMri to like a pert. If IM( NMWnl V MrMlr, Iht A: n?, r,ni.<!? rg will *vm t t| r > r'' >f ' i . i 1 liyia* IRK H Jl?T>T171Vmi7,P 99 1ftS0 f I J1 rwrmtf XWWI ll?w? Caucl. A con^'itutiona! conflict Im* arisen in ! Cun-el Th? new Chamber of State*, which m-t 1 atxiiit a fortnight avo, ha* proved an stanch na ita rnor. It refused lo vote the direct taxen iu I the way demanded by the notorious and unp?t>ular ! minibier, Ha!*?eiipfl"fr, and the reguit was that on i the 2d mutant it wua dissolved. afrer n week'* sit! finji. aiid a new cliamher la to be called within nix J trnr.tha The member* separated with three chten fur the constitution, and aorne person* in the callery called f>>r a curse for Hi^upfluir, (?n the 3:h a ducal ordoiisunce wait published, iu inoat- j iiiR that lioth the outstanding and future direct m d indirect taxes will be levied, to meet th current expenfcii of the atate. In order to prjviHe

fRBins-t popular commotion or resistance, the army | has been got iu readiness. Baron Humboldt and the P??(e ('oiigrMS. The following letter from Huron Von Humboldt to the IVact- Congress at Frankfort, which did not a./l-,f ip lime to la: rend at the meeting, his now n< m mrwarutu ?< u? >.v me ?i?irni!t<-e K.r puiiietlion Tt 111E I'H K>il?K.NT AND .VKMllKRS OP T*k j.RACK CO NO K liftS I regret ?o ranch the n?i>re that my per?i>?^l portion mid k.I a^r. which warns rae to comple'e whtt work I have commenced, should binder in ? from assisting at a muetiug having so noble an aim iu view us ; It would bave afforded ms tbe gratiiration of coming into dote content with ?o many taen <11-tiiif >iisl? d lor talent and humanity. I hav? alriaov verbally ?'*- ; pressed this regret a few wwkii ago when I had the pleasure to fee Messrs Henry Hi. haul and Kiibn ll'ir. ritt and Yisechers. and to eonvtrse with ttieui on tiia probable influence which your society may hope to exercise. Tbe general peace which our continent has now so long enjoyed. and tbe praiseworthy efforts of many go>? rnmetita to avert lh? ott-threatening i1nn^> rs ot a general ?urop? an war. prove that the ideaa whii-h so pmniinently iceupy jour mini* ar-- lu acinrdaade with tbe reutlmrnts calhd forth and diffu-ed by th? incrcastd cultur? of humanity. It i> a u??tul mterprlse to inspire such sentiments In tbi> com monaealtb by putlio conferences, and nt the lame time to point out the way through whir!! ?l.? j Bill sincere Kuvi rnaientl may. ly fo-teria^ til* pro. prer?ive nod legitimate devetop-ment anil p?rf?rtj. b'liiy of fiee Institutions. wis ken the longai r imulated i Ucii iito ot unimoMty. How ujL' h mildness of manners and an luipt >ve<l order in the c.rgauisa'lon ot (*iaten have n .nltneil ?.'tin narrower limits tile wild outbursts of pbvaical violence uiay be s-. n by comparing the Brst midaie S|i< a aith Djrrru tlinei The whols histtrjr of the past shoos that. inner the protection of a auperinr pow#r a leap-nourished jearuii'g alter a noble alia, iu Hie life ol nations will at length find Its eiioiiiig n alien. IIa* not a ii!>*iar.-ful lobulation, connving at tea. encouraging the iufamous system of slavery si.d Ihe traffic i-i human N'oirs. at least cn o-ircia tinent am' iu i he IthI. p. nl htat** of forinar Hvanish Aim rica. ti?ld?il to the unittd tfftuts of the belter | . i .. .. k . .? ' We miift not than. ndlnquhh the hop? that a path ; will op. n by whir** *it )io-tii? division* and roolr?ct- j It* j?ttlourt.'j will gradually dl??|ip.?r, Tk? whole : liift i?> of lb? voil'l tritbrii. to u # Ike Hpwulun of ? ?tat. Dm long d< p trtfd. " tbat the id. a ot humanity ; 1 rc< ir.m ill III* rtmrrfl ot r*nturi?ft inr BON llriDII, Id a tnlnrrt-u acceptation, and proclaim* it* aul- ' Mill | * r lorpired with <hef? and wmbrt. honored mra, , I beg to cublurnJ njn 1 to your kind rmneraii'nn ?, ?< AtEXAMlBll VON HUilBuLDl'. j Pi>tldani. Au.'utt 10. Italy. The Hainan J uruul ol the 13th ult. publisher a notification ordering the p tytnent of ttie i indux due down to the elo e ot the month, together with the itddilional t?x i f three ceuitiurs levied for tht; purpoe of delaying the ri|ieii<".< occasioned by ! the dettrncion of locuata. la \ittu?o? Mtiotner notification tlx i>[> hi'dtion to niuort foreign win?t Civita Vecchia, which w?e to comm. tic* on tvI>t Oct. next, h not to he carried into effect until the 1st (>Ct , |n51. The I'tuicr Gaittn of the 4ik li nt, qnolfi the following, und't date Paragii, 26th ull.t?" Kouri tern individuals, arrested it? murd?rera, passed | vebterduy through onr town. The priaontra moaty i belong to the hitt fntnilie? in the country. awioaa ' th-tu ore the m itquia Hufalmi, c<>uut Signoretn, Oiefctini, <Vc. They were concluded to the citadel of Ancona ?>ther arrects h;i?? tiken t>lace in the province." Tlie Siututv, ?f the 2d mat., my a;?" We leave the Jtcliun Courier th'.* responsibility of the fallowing ituti tnent:? It i* repotted that Lord palmerston haa add'ea* d to the court of th? Wictua ino?t rnerip tic note, iu wlucn he caution* it <t^jiu><i adopting v io!ent mniures towards sardinia anl prrtevettaff in tl.r i-ye'em hitherto panned bf tinfS ie with ret?a'.l to the government " I^-ti-ra ?r?>ni Hore?ce, of the id mat , announce I that M. de Monten-njr preaeutcd, 09 that day, to the Cirynd Duke ,1 kt'er from the President ol the Republic, mi erf diting him aa KiToy Extraofdi* iry nnd t?? in later I'it nipotcntiuy of Ire.nre at the Tuscan court Hpatln Accoruta front Mbdrid of the 4tb itutMit a?*te , that all the mfived from the ,-i.min; a ectitttmed ?h<- extraordinary suecea# obtain* d by the ItTfttttirBl in the elections. .None of tlie chief, of thi i'utitnn or i'rogremnta paity h id *wa returned, and it watt culculuttd that n<>t met' than tWeUe of ihe i '.ro-Hion deputica #ould bf ( - j urea, j iir icrnKr Mini?icr 011 iunuc vi. wm I'tururd h' Cutii h* mi itnm*n*e mrionty. i The I'r?m.Jept of ihr t'ountil WI1 et ' i-t-il ;.t Macip loo the IO:b, atulQuern M-iria t'h:n>tiea 4; t : the cii'W < I tl.e month Thf k!ii|lllh l.ottit C? Houlit Auiirlnj , Htinhlin. t'r?m tti* Lim'oti M?rr?nill"0<ti*tl?. 10 ) j 'ihc hiatury ol' hum trauattiiou*, il UmuhI trum , their curli'm introduction, will diacovrn <i 10 li'rcirli ?m;l<- viiUuc* of ihr uufrr'w. t'n i!t? ' Ot.nifiJ upoflfbc ctjf rnl?I mf of the communi1 fjr ?hn lw?? fml< <rk'<| in Ihiii dnc||iiio(tt( ??> *- 1 ; ry r,*rn!K?n. Ai,d It the future i? in hp jn<l<>-d | by Ihr tJL|i(rlfiKf of tit; f?i I, v??l a.utiou >uv;it j tc l.< ijerciaed to ilie |?tr;n i?>aiioo in any of ihc*'fditMdu|ii caMMill l?irtr h'ought to twtir ; tifon the ifttrd doacripttonn or foreign d*bt?, th? i>fruinit? of wfcirh ttr uahipv'ly'??" liritHv re( in tin* couniry Atiove nil niner?. Hjutc I ?nd i'ortuaal, nnd ihr Mpatiiah ?Wi i.c?n U< ,>uV Ik , have rxtnl.iuU m d'(itr of tnilrMi 1 <uU J irregularity in k'-rpmg faith with -hrir cT'ditu't. and it ia |>kirful iu the to < ,'i:nite the imoun' ct in in entailed h) their .l?,ii'-ncif? | It ia ml? w hen th* '|iie?iion nf rotrmii?r, c irtailniM'tof im?r? ?t, a< <\ amnh.r I ;novrmrr.n i arc idmilI) ii,, Ui.i.B, tbi>t*e aie ea.thltd ivarrite 1 at fart* in r<ui,rtliwa wob tbi* ?,it,jeO, *ni tbnt thri< f-,<*t* run h* pr? atrd 111 a f?nti lothof clearly riifl concir> ly tit* r?al amount of injury | which bat been inflicted l>y the* low a iif' - > f rn<n?i uvi?a J*j?ii>, at the |'Te?Tpt moment, ia i?rt>[*>?i3g tu do , , < n*? ihipe ft r t' f clmm tuU 00 li?-r tr> ?i?ry The 11 tijon w!ii< I iut' reat hA* nc?t be*n | u* f r th* l.??t it n > ?">, aft* r MM t? :>? 1 W . n>w ia the ?hrce t,f rrdttciov* |-ei?ci|?l apd loter?a?, i? | 176,0W?,'?> Meflm?. Now, I <m a flvr per rrat Mtl, it it pr< foot il that >li ?h .1: ?i*<!ii il!y lewt dm<ito<U, Vkibii ' r'j oco per ccat? an<i, by a *mall |.rojT?ei< ii ol r ci-n! r-.try t*? jeara, pm unic ai tail a reriioittible pd)iiKnt ki U r tale ( ' Ikief |T rep?. 'I (if fi>rei-:n ! h* of l*f?rt-,tcil, , who k m v t,r . 1 4 11 11. lll.OPOf?C erkaf, aftf r ?'jtl viiaST from the aftMary ? u 1 u?nr eo p"i>olar Mionnt' I mm 11 ron'tacora aiM tfh id id' wilh Ml k tj bxiil j'lbbif .iy , 0? j OMKHMt ?f h< r bl>l:(iit . n , (.? , ft ur, hi..I tl.c < 111 ??-?t; ki lhe*?-di?i?Jeini? ifr n'lt ulrniy* t' ,'ular, ai.d ale 1 irnie to h. r th? htitd?*n of local imniion in a I ira? thu' i* a di*r to iti i n?tio<i Tk f?r; eigo ?l< U of M'tKn ia aWrbrff. Ilrre, ] "> iB, hi,*e claima l>ren j.ned down, tlivid* drj cutwi fioni *ix 10 live |**r rent. anJ, u a fi0xI 1 pot?;*, a *ul> ttrtite | rrpn*itio? it al ?t, to the efi. (1 ihel il?e dnied helrie** nb^'t ?r< < |>t a ftrrr |?-r !?! d?vi leotl. tni# I *!i?ir ibe m ir. 11 afro 1' ii 1 " htMrrf lb- trt??brv r*n >i-|iiirut>* Th** ''ni?mil>?*ft I .Nut#'#? N#% (rraiad), Vrwitx-**, ? i<l Km i *< *>', unior-f i?t?m nliiriir'ly, n'tn^r 112,'*' .'**> I tH-rUne ihr fitt-t nfttuiU akine ti? li>./ ?nd? tonl , ti>r / > t OO/n fl, mi ?ncfi of h>?. -. 'k m !ffaut(>r*. two h?*!rp Mfit'A. fi: ? '. '? ' P>J" * <V nirn'ttrO ral? (i difiit# ml t in! ill" llu?<f. wnh ti.# rhmwifiMk iiunchil'n # I N;.?ni 'iAim1 ' nl rhmi r, ?cl>m , m n>ii? u In , ihr muiIm nti> * writ brow will n"'"' I I?ir?d fViu?owip/H| w?nl? i 1 Jt ' 1 -In* I l?t- Ijr, ?fi# r i ?n?p? nrion i>t Hiv i?l?-.??lii fni qwanrfnf cent uy, found it '? r-'itv ? t? ?m?; not htcitir, h?>?iv?r, ilwlirnioB'hun#?<y | rc ii,|.i?d *vnvi miM-nt to 'H?- ??: , "t that ' i?i<r?rr w up r<u,?nl# rt<l to nltmli t? lh?- efr ii.?i ilf t' |iuMM fn r t the > h?eii> e <>' p" ctualiijr <fl | he fulfil?;# it i't en ^*ki iii' ??'C, '' it Iieem!** 111 I-.nySi?It litHib#t *m the tw-nt Mid the ItKWt lorrwti*f d?j(#>t tot tW nlf of puntm. Tf*e Wnloct T f!uei.? Aviet?<!. fureiRii lonn, ?t h atrurr inter#?l, m g ni |e*i>i ?"i,y 0 (1U>??: ,nu?t l?* un.ti'U ?ir #ktil to nil cnc*n?flii?r?? l#> many of ij,r oiher r* < under re*i*#r; hut let, etwrnirrinf the ?nil>rt tied #i?te oi t!*?- i (HMMirMtiliii ir^inl in rr*nil p" itir*. num# I lull t.j nlliiw Mi.ce n h> I*- m ule (of the lu-Mlerefti* wnh whirti th#-?* tUi'nalutr hern irexied. Cfci't, I |<eij??r#( of all ti.r republic* mentioned, ircmipw* | it># pr<mif#*i p*?|ti r.; In r t'Bwriwti. newrt'i ' ?# , t, iif,.r, * ? ii?| II iii ? #??.,. 'i #|>VkU ak c> MlIU* <M ft .. I'Wll- HI ERA ' ?V? it \+i 4 aince given hi?r a place in the foremost r inks of dividenri-jMiyini countries In a measure, tier condi'ion lin? heeu favored by the small amount of debt niid the improved policy addled by her Inter Fftiilenta. In glancins over this fearful catalogue of indebtedness Hint without unending by implication to cent odium upon tli?- .-imracter of moat ot our liuropetiu investment*?which have been, through the ?linnet iiiiivprwtl perturbation occasioned by the French Revolution of February, 184H, singular!) well maintained, and their dividends faithfuliy discharged?-it mu?t rouse t!ie attention of any cnmiul nbaerver to the almost unparalleled sacrifices sullered by the supporters of the capitalists who negotiated these loins. When we talk ot th?- money that has been thrown broadcast over railway* or into mining at home?which must, iht?,uj?h some channel or other, be the means of invigoratiug tr.ide and creating a beneficial iniluenoe, ixcept at the precime periods wh"n niuiUs arn-e mid panic follow?we should not forg't the large sums that have been contributed to aasist enures not immediately connected with our own hd'ntr*, imd which, >ittcr having been contributed, are nnrr likely to find their way luck, or the intfret*t *i>pu'a:cd to be p>ud upon them liquidated *?>.*> common punctually. Ki(*i..lou 0f itx, Klcetrle TeleRmjili U ,,r- itclnixt, America. Tk *'T *''* *-nC">b Mechanics' Magailn* ] T bets'abi^hinek|0/j:,ut.i?.l.tio telegraphiccotiimu I i<u!(>ii <i< m-h in> .-:raiiH between htiglund and r rnnce ha.- been f >r a ?- uiriderahle time foreseen, a* o::e of the most natural Hi ?.?> jrconsequence* resulting from the inodtrn mvli, ,,f electricity to tin* ir-in-imi><.iion of intelligence u-\wrea (|ist-mt parts. It' a line <>f wire could convey tl<, electric impulce for thousands of miles over the ?i..- 0| the earth?us it has done. arid i- doing -there .< he nothing in the nature of thingf 'o prevent it from ht mi; equally efficacious if Carrie I nnlertho earth, or even under water; i: runted always, what no oiie hasbren he-rd to dispute,that it i? in the power I ol art to protect the wire from whatevr antagonistic influences it may b. exposed t*i when hud down mirier earth or water. Trials of ?ub nerved of wire had ini'act, bt n made w h perfect suece:-? across the Thames ur..i bt "II. l.-ou?both to!erably hroaii river*; wac not to he doubled what could lie accomplis!."! in '.his v^y tor oue mile, could be accompli* lu ii foi '.trty or fifty, or, iedted any number lof ni1 tea It iw*s but, ii any case, to make the line of HUbmer-nd wire longer? to sink it, |? rhai'f deeper * and, if deeper, to protect it better. The simple;.! ot thin';*, hcWt'V'-r, when carried out on a larfce scale, require ofttn, ua iu thi.-t instance, lor Hie doing of ihcrii, qualities of a order?great enterprise, treat perst V' r .in *, great executive powers of construction and direclicn. 1: v.'aaayieu' tliir 2, a-.-uredly, to uiidert.nie to underlr.) a tea of wme thirty nnlei wide with one continuous liae ol comma.ii'M'ion?a eii2le break ot tiaw in which would be I iltil to the whole; there w?* a ritk ol failure to be braved, and iu any event much expenditure ol nom y, time, and iro ible, to be adventured oil 'he ismir; ,iud bryoud hll doubt or question, it is h grea^ thing to have suecestl'uMy accompli.-hed To all such honor as belongs ti> the | ciluinniitjof -i lire <t undertaking well, Messrs. lacob and Jc.rin itreit, the "irrttieer.-: of tile I >over atid Calais line ot telegraph, me richly entitled. 1 he newrpauers my tint ihvy nave obtuiued " tlie ex.'lu'-ive ris'bt of eWtric communication | between this c !uniry wed r'rauce tor ten years '* j We do not well ?erbowtbi? can he, looking ui I ihe legal ?<tfii 'ulties iu the w?y; but we *re stirs | lliat no rt-waid tiiey can but srCU id to them- I ..I... u.ll I . r..t ?... Ik Ujjer which they luvi- secured hy their indivi.l'inl exeitiona, not only to bolhKnglafidaadl'rdni-e.but ;<> the woihl at large; I <r m< elecwic tel< gr.tuh 10 CaUie, la H it h ihn i? wbit )i ? .11 ttop there. 1; la a ( lt^r?ih to Vienna, <o Ma?<ow, jo ConaUutino11<, t?> i.-p:ihan, ti) ]>lhl, to C ilcutta?to the remote*! bouudH, hi ?ho(t, ol t.erfpe and A-id A lew year* people laughed wliea Lord l'ulmer ?on predict! d Kt the Southampton nutting of ti.e lirilitdi A?ociat;op, ih-it tim-* micht conn; m-Ii'-q the minister of the d.-y heing a*k? J :o I'url.dtii-nt, " WImiIii r ti w?a trwethut'i war hid broken out in India V wouta r?-pi), " Wait an tnatiut till 1 telegraph the CisriMprOorrnl, an.l 1 will tell you." Wliet wa? thought but a ;jn(id joke io IS'.S, w now, In 1HC0, l.i tl>?* fi'tir"* oi Ix ioi urtu.illy accompli htd, ?rid i re a f-w yr?r? tnCf'--, f !ik> !y to :ak? ii- |'lw?- omotK'ftt t'i? !>er rea!itiea of th; ?ge. >or to the C'lcl 'A oilti alone need our view* j oT the ultnnut" pro^reio of el ctro-t?-l?*at.i;>Uy he > nufiued ; lor, amc I.'- !-ii_; 1. fi l iiiuc 1 bm I ciu croaattJ, the cmeain;1 of the frirth mint follow next, dm hut a matter of comn-r ; nnd Ireland oare reached, tkrrv lift hut a couple oI iIiOjh -n i milca of water or ?o Irtweeu the <'Id World the New. Wt n?y fcrifrriB where i* (lie practical (iifficvlty T Not in producing tl?e length ol wire required : lor any hugth ot true can tie *pen?But in covering uud inaul.itiuif the wire: for thouraoda of tiiiln ol wire can he eoitr'ii and inauhiled JuM aa readily and atirely \r one? nor yf t ir laying dowu.aa ih" I Mirer iod Celeta etpenn.tnt baa fully ?ho? n Thr onlf real dificu iy j in tl>e c >ae, we u>|>(eli? ud. Will Ik to tiU'i ihl,? | for the e-ortnoiit- coil <t wire th*t wou'd be r *- } ?j?irre<v hut th'i in an object '.i which rianhrt he- i ltre the lett Lection or au< !i i?. a ruciu.'i na thr ('in:ml t nu < i >.it hilUlc. )i<- ijra, I' l li I n>*v . < i i n<! Io ?li. " in ' i.tli" le) i lf-down *t:srl a j>eif?it 'ii.iMi-a of different I* uvctli-* of j w ire, m> as to aliuw of two, three, or more reela I boing etpplojed. V'e *> -me, of ooarae, ih it hatteiy pov i r a?:l?ici* r<t to trn.uin'it the el-ctnc ; imiittlre illi< >!..It H wir< i f >< * tm> thoiiiAr.i milea l>. 11? at <mr ro iini.ii d; h it th<.ii'{h w - aro j nor iwnri- (I any recorded e*^ nmenti inn' wo ild I ii. tuy no ir (nku,y iht p -nilnliiy of th. . >r i fraatcd, He I,u.,ilut ti ; retfully reeeivii-ff ' tiiafnet of M? w ij fo in !<-il on th- tnei|iieof i ct ur'iii* fur Bothnia the n < ,r diotfise tl?e elro"ic i ua? id ,;t iriDMin n ; uiu, ;'l .11 >'? 'CW, , tlir laet i* one tapai. r of it-native (leie.'fiun.iii i.i j en l'ir.?l t? f.ire a im,'lr yuf.l oI an Atlantic liar, uridf'r 1< id iloMa. Tm t <14 ua<i S"W World i i bt inr tht't mitr.f, we hIh.uM thru nr*- the drritm . ?<f itie l<x'l rvn im-lr tt?*n fenli^d; Ihr e.'lth . "rirUi? d r?>ui.d nlniiit' -eel id "forty tn'iiutri"? 1 I'utm u itiousui i!'h |nrt ol i!i? -n mofl'- IhmI i ilihr ctr>c-k. Vint ?roi<M nil nibrr tnami'hi of ; liMitin r< diu? !,< to tbiit ' a ad diauure | 1:1 fltli> flifnlii'MrcJ |J||)HI||I| 'lit Ihr hound* of III" I l>li)lit-! w fin u h - inhabit! A trii?n>|>l. only ?n I I irnnycDd'tf wit- n *?? |>lt.a<'a thill thfOW'-irr* j berln io i??K"r?,'h onf cpoihrr? whwb Is M^of . tl?<- very fo*t ih'n?? whu !j, in t*?i# ig* tt art- [ mi r it 11?, i nr would vtuiutr without hraiutiun to My w.ii tnrr l?a.? ,<n. Inrnl of tan?t IIIbih Tbr f?ll"Wn?f inn rfrtaiird in-cunr, fu?m <iahg- | r?w'i ifitur/tn, cf ll'" f it u.,i lit ni Mult I lilaM i?" Wi li i* t- i* .civej tlie M'-i* ma fr. in a r< tri?i?.rtVr.t*? b tnotiii. d tr.i ihr 'ih iili ? j 'Grrat ricitriMli *a? t * *tf in ???f i< ?,i uf tjfii- j iiiovtaijc on Ik*- i. irnu v id H.dn. ?, 4S. ^i|, In cfo-? |?i? i?r.? ?d t.s<* if , r nr of Mr liffilai, | -Vh t u.'il* rri, .n<f V. r Hiek>rli,oftkr cnitj t?f Wi ioid, Irrimtd, whIi h ,'inr ?f (< <* bMr'ironiiti .?*? r? of < bnmwti, for t?i? nr(r<?? of in. I ct mliiiu to ilf miiiiii it 11 Mm Mint. Crowd* 1 ar u.Ll?i| to wit?i>a tl?iir *Uri?a# tii Ua*ai?l.><tf I MM of th* pi!' ''ntnrr wn* w< d 1 v*n, dM find ? I.Miuj I'ft fh?ir v i'c-Ii ? an i litif- val i.i- I lii' ? l*hin(i, iinii ll.' lv < v ut. i. u am i. iiitrit wlltMi'l |;iM>?r> d lor '.li * ' rat. - re .t Anintv , awif.i'ii en many afar ?? t|t?- little b-tu (, l.? *d? d by ntir two ei lu'ryuiep. ' f ?.iN M tli? ' fotr<tat ihr f<'? t t 'H) MiiMiu%it. Tut . vnt i< | al?a)?a< tn, t lv.i. ?? a? atc|>a h tv? | i? I.i' ni ip tin' '""i n ; < of i ?, a?! O'l' . t4 thr I it. i ' ?'a7.i*ra H i?!o i " -d, whrr?' onr ln|a>- tnimlf err'aii' i aili, aa tu?- nnf.irttiiMie lalM ii?'o t cri'vii-' of al*. m known d' j.-H. i.ti.H w'ik li no bum m In.. I c mil ritrc iif birr. A i '?;bt !?.? to !? -td pi (be r >l>i jo? It ?li?< r : li i in I' ,? > l h li?*i* no word I tin lr r|?'ki n I'M ltmn? :??!. of loan >i| r ?oi? , ?l i >iW Le el in liio'ii b, h .K Ittvr! i?i<'. n'y in u Ifihllt, ? i* let iii? Miiti" %rim h.rli ?h"t 4 ttfniUr r.t'rmi * wi< nn1?. A* * nVk't ih> "*i>ort ol ibinin *' < k#tiir.i imx nioiineril th*t nti *<i*?TIU,' li? rntliifYmeii |i i| umiw >1 th* ?ir.Ulrf Mil- i 1*1#, ilif ri fir i,ti wht- fi lit- i 'stre to Ul r ? i thru qutiiitft fi-r ih* nifcht T' 11. ?) %!l ?r? ?? ) ni?n ?it*; noihM*tb > ^h: o< t> ;i?-t<iwn. 'i I H?p?r? mi Brft-n ?t cro*Nt?<| w*fh <?n\j< n? lit >1 r?. A ui 11 #'i ' l?. tlit U-it rU ?rmf ! few?y U<>m ih* tni* mi ( ilir tuihrr ol !?* Al|> , j tlf linli* Iwirn wi rr .? to he lowly |f^o4> hi n? iht 'op, " >? ? ituwiH mt??, ih? frpoft nta** I i.i n in t.Ii?? * m nn<i?wi *hi* nnrfw ihinj ?u ' I rr#?(ul. I lit lie* . -r, noon iiSnpurcil ih?' n ' liim r'ii %wwr, mm ?? . .w running morf ol i?m- h i.iitil ?t (iut h*lf , <?t i J'. ,M , nh>n, (ir-critil M j the t. -i n - < CkaiMi'ii'ti niJu-iV.!, .iit'l i'' > I M (He (writ nf Mif Willi* iMIc Kwfh'in-n, iV? I ?itf 1'iM'filnt ikr lluin Ht l^it 'ti ?iH> ?'i'< I rh?f r?, firing of c?Mii.n. and n( r*?-?io iW iiru ;li n! Ili 'tk .lf I in Tk?|?ii " v-It ( in Niili if? rn? n for ?br ro lnr?a ko<i . lli'T d' " K? ?ir*4i. or r?i? L*nIkiww Riitiw*!! ?* Till* li?? rmny, lh?" fmwinl of ?!? " 1 '* i RmL i> . ii'im k|4??r. Tfc- r?i:ii.4?wel? hf*?l* I 11"in Ilif < tr? r ? M* i '' ' i ') ? ?? ti* In i m J ??v.14.^10.f'l LD. TWO CENTS"1 containing the principal members of the family, and a great number of friend*. The funeral procession wat closed by a ;;reat number ol priv*u carnages A c., which were ioine l l>y o'hrr^ on th^i road, to the cemetery iu North atrtet, Mils Ka4 road The shops in lloundsditch and the ficiuity were closed, out of resect lo the memory of the deceased.?London Ulokt, Srpl 'J Tlte Corn* of l"-urt^?. [From th* Mark Lane KjpreJ*. Sept 9 P. M.J I-or *i*-arly a fortnight we have enjoyed unint?rrU|>te<i line weather, and harvest o-eratiw* have pio^re?.-< d very rapidly in all , aria of the kiap<loi?. South of the river Ifuinlier hut lit'le wheat n? ho* ebr</ud; and larpe I ireadllia of ti <rley and oaW bars likewise, heeu carried. Most of the corn cart?J Mice the middle of August haa b?*rn <rot in'o tha nUck yarla, it excellent condi'iou. a circumstance* of immense im|>orit?iiec to the furm'-r, and an* which, to a certain ex'ent, will cans* the result of th<* harvest 10 be more favorable that) it could powibly have been if the weather had not taken up, inasmuch at th?re hni b^en lens wae'e; mill, we are decidedly of opmirn that the cro,n will prove short </ an averuue. Kennies, tha Iom* eaiiM i! |>y blight. mildew, Arc., great dame* wat done by the high wind an . h^avy rama experienced in July. The mischief thereby occasioned appears to have been most severe oa tne fen I tndn; and in Lincolnshire, Cambrid.'/esuire. fee , the i r? duoe on thin description of ^oil is-, in many Caret mis? rably deficient, and of wretchedly I .d quality. On the other hand, we can he^r of no district of importance, where, ev? n with the undoubted advatitage afforded by the ime fine w-ather, ihc yield of whetit ij estimated ?0 exceed that of ijo?d average season*; and wetherefor-, com* to no other conclusion Ku:tliai if' a;;i{rei'.?:e /rrwtb if the kingdom wil' f<t'l nn n.tliy short of (.?* j.^'ity usually proofed in * ">d average years. VV hut v. i? J i- - ? i- - - ?! i?i ii"* a in;irnry ni?v i?''f no <m?*t til prtWHt, r n v. ?(,(| tt siiy with a* drgfe ?f accuracy; ?r have . lt \urioutily eatim-it'd, but intoo looee anrt veBn. .. Uiu?r lo w^rrdat i.'h m placing the auni'' hi u 'e out ... .-vrj tiit* cun, hnwev? r, be no rlonht thai, with Itn tied !(li'-iency hi the princjptl ifraiu erovi, aid n , #( h considerable portion oi the potato crop, wr sink., i.avp to import largely n^xt ?priii(i and HUnvnar fiom h reigu countries; and the knowledge of th? f l( t If- likely to h-Ve I lie Hli'Ct of keepm* ftp p: ?ea on ti e continent. We art, iievertl.ei>-..rt, ru' to think lhut tiic value of wheut will not und<*i(o mj in meriinte improvement in oir mnrketf; hoi* it ti'?y rn-te next year will .!?*iw-n-i on circuanancri, < f ? hicli notliu j can at |.e knnwa. However deficient ihe v. hi* it er?'|> o| < Ire..' HrlUia may be, no ymil ncarciijr can t? ex;>eri -?? -?! far many month* af'er harvest, unle?i firmer* hold h?<"U Ni^iliri; u:.d* i r? n.l it a* crrtam iliv ibi? will be liltpOM ibi wiili i)! i iv; III** loiuft) t!i"f Ima been Mil jected to by th<* d yreriution of their r>roprny, in conf*<;u< nc<* 01 the It iji.-l.iim iuti.'e,< n wiili the corn U? .?. L. vin# no redujed their n'ernt- ft* t? ullow them o<> choice hut r? uell luetr produce u' whatever it will hring m ?oo:i a* nmcured. We ue, therefore, <d nmiiioii ihit f-'em thi* time unlii the urt im.ii'ion of ilie Innd for an fiiiui ?i w'ii " shall require their undivided atten.ioa. k1 till lia>effe it* ivcri'# fri>ni the grower* ; and, at here w uo reason to ?r*p?"i;i h ivmhtion of foreign impp'iea so long h.< the ni> 'mm ports ot Lurope remain free fromice, the o >n*>imptive demnnd ih likely to fx* ampiy provided for. The wheat tr?<> ha* remained m a very qaiei ?:?'< at all the I 'adiag provincial maraM!; u?d. i tioi'uh no quotable cl??nv'" haa occurred ia n ! ? *, t(:?* U'lld* I1CV IliiH beet) Tatljrr di*n* 'r id ol bailey and natt bt.v, on the to:;!rriy, ?.?' i ?aeej ir?>re r le?a, which hi * I uccount.'J 1.1 b ih* horinef? ofthr >irl?-: i-iiift corn o?cr a lafjjo IM.rtion of continental 1. < iw. By ib? mo I rt crntadvitvt fr:ua Scotl :?<i?e Wn? that similar w?arher ? n ? nt*ri?nrr<i thee :o iti?t w>?t> * hifh Wf iiave lately tn fmntii, and that tin* harvest ea.l tnaif^coui !' rnN? progrvM. Ia he neighborhood of l!diribuil'!i two third* of the croi* hjd brtn im- ured i.i capital oril r and further to th* *r>i Hil l north Urge qu inutiea ot coin had uifo l-een carted lleyood the loja occasioned by the norm which took place nhoui a fortnight ai'o, *r hem of (?"V ti n i>luiqU, either in reiraM ( ? he?t or t?prir?-<*nrii PiKUor* *een, al<" ; > hav? ?ca|*d bett? t thru thnn in the South T it mrm lnhrlkt-ti liail uoi I < > ! I.m iy iii|i,?li-d, and wheat v. i.a quite mm dear on 'j . at IMinburgh .tad Gteiraow, ii- on that day m 'u.irht ll iNMlkinfll WM h?a h-'eu tu-iive'v i.ndtdwth Wfutt in ttutr d \> iv >'?ort, Imi ti irood quality. '.t'e ?re wen fcjoli.-n o'. xithMtw y it Id and quality, lie i* to blight i* aaid t? t*? let 1:1 ii< nl .1. the no: tb? in miu the aonthofa i art* ot th<- i?iaud. Toe alarm on th>? ?ul?jeot hid cooled down; but th'-rt ia ri.oant to believe tint the loss will, in tome catea, amount to one-half of tic crop: ii.-iti ?hi? rriu?t tell later laihc year. H< nee we ar* inclined to think thai the attipiiMn'a ai >a'.a to this country will be comparatively *:iiai|. We have hid fair ani?ali of wh' r.)a?t<aiaa inio the port of l.on ton during III'1 in'?vt of what w>ia rold on Monday hy ??ui| le haviu^ aino? ? ome tu iiaud. The total j'ianti y reported up la :hta (Saturday ) ? venmg aim nol' i. 3,< ! *< (jt?. At preteut our miller* ?|>|*'ar 'o r?e in no nn uedi?:o H'lii'. Mi>d little iririni ilion in ?hiiwn t>i t.ik? wtrx ihan n?v did lor '.t? ?ent uiw Tht lyr itioaa k iv? llulffurc, bfr:i qtritr tTlflsitfi ilii'T Mimdiy, bat fuc'cri h Ar iltr'ii, 1 makim; an f ei>itf?Mw, >n<4 .li'i'f-iriv ! a\c undergone Utile or no chnnire Oa WiiUciiUy tV l.fv-x-x MMKln * nearly tair, bad the fr* |iarf> ] exMN -d fro .1 Keut w-r* ?ui?|.le? Irtt over Irrm Monday T? f^in: m ?*,i? tb** imniily, It proxril milt'k it for :hr il-initnd, 1 hI ml' n re mill!- Mi'li dlliirlllly Mt printout r*l?a. 1 >n ' .t-1"y irmtt? r? r? muiuiii 1.1 1,1 ?.,|j tlir una Ktnte; then* wji ai'di'ion t> it' uu -nii') cf! Ii client on ??!? ( ittplin} a fr* otiara fr? in >ft' r. Kt roi-t), md iv r* **? .parr tly rdili<*f more 11 iirif to realize thin in tli* I- j-.i.inng 1 f lb" week, o r .|j' <<u, *?- auli iiit-il to. A few **nip|e of n- ?v wy-nt, the gr.-ivth of Lincoltiakite, ht>v l*? a , of M:i? <111 wit* sad C?.o4 WeiJUt; lut ll." Jt'-W til ti utl ot 'lie r( <p a lint nnghlMirho-d i> t ?-1.?? 'i 1.1 in \ -rv ?>ma ?.(tin twniplea ft >m tt'-ii-'-. ?howa ? M ira l.?a?. J.a*?* prow >1 ct wretctwl *??i- Itty, ad *cr? light ' Tho'-'fih ti wtt)4 h-i* n tair (<>t ?> ??f! < cominff thr Baiuc, lite arroal* ttl for--in %?>l>e??i have In-ea vilte n,. .1> r(faring ih* ?w k. 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