Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JA3IK.N (iUHUUd UttNllKTV, i'ROrUIETOK AND t D1TOR. DFFICI M. W. COK.NEK OF FULTON AND NAMAT7 81*. THE PAll. Y lil.h ALU, 2 inili Mr rovw?$7 p*r iaiuvi. 1HK li H/. V IthKALD. tviry 8at*trday, ttf 6*% cr/i/? *H/*r UMftwm- thf Aura**** edi'ton, %i ;*r nt .Ml, f. if'<>/(Ireat Httiin, una %5 to any part of Ou *V. MA tHclvif* the pc*taae. ALL Lr. rTRRS k ?uil. for It. W/ Itx'ion*. or vn6k n- '..J. ' br pott. p. ul, erlitt po%lay tnil bt lU'lufttJ /roll Ou mMM rmitttd. rol I 'NTARY CORKt:SPOSl)t:.\< ?, <-<>;* imp.rrt.trU SV* fr"<* in> tj*urt*r vt t\t world / turd mil bt tu rnlly paid fcr. Ova fi KDiiH iJonanironuiuiT* ABB PARTICIM.ABLV RMIUKSTKW TO KXAI. THKJB L*TTBB? *"D PiCItCD. Ki) NOTICE token of unor^mnut commuiueahons. W< da n* r*Ut rn rrjteted conttnunicatum*. APVKKTlSKyiKSTS rrtiewft rvrry mornini. JOB h HIST ISO ???.?! tntM ,*< />??? ?"d 4ttp,lUh. AMI MiltlMS Til IS BVWu'lNB. BOWER? TI7IAT**. Bowery-TH* Afnrau-Boss or &WB1IEN. ____ UOlDViT THEATRE. Bro?dw*r?ImiH Foarnsa Oaaru-BAfir Mas-Jaji. i* thi (iBBr.x. tTTBLO'S CARDItN. Br??iiwa)r ? Rnaaar MacaibbRAOIX. _____ BTRTON'S THIATHB. Ckkmhar* ??r*???Backbi^b's Tobb??T?? SUBKHS Fauilv. NATIONAt- TTIKATK* t'haina* KIOIAKB III. ? II (KM KB KIM. OI.VMfTC THEATRB?J*w orHOHA?D?m> * Co Khisas?A i.c ur m. A*T<>K PT,A< Z OPERA HiiU H?Urclb Sam?O.NBISB? BOX AW II i'OX?l.A hOUIMIIHtti. CHRISTY'S OPERA HUVSK-tmionis MimTnu.*. AMERICAN Ml'SEl'M? Amv<isb FinroBuiasrs IrrsK MH UIC IVC(U>?. CASTLE OARTiF.V- Oupha-.". Vtvtnr. ktu 'oik, numlHy, 9?|iltuib?r ill, lt>5U. ilir TmiIIT In tlit ltou*? or Kcprtaenti' tlvea. < >o Monday last uriotlit r ineffectual effort was *.->iie by feme members of the of Represents! \< ?, to h.ive tlie tarill of 1HJK altered during ih pusent session of Congretre ; but we are given l<> underi-tand that another, and perhaps sevenl attempts will yet be made to do to. The gentleis. n in favor <>f such a movement are irr.tated tn?*um the Southern members will not back them np, and Miy, in the agony of their die ippointinar, in ihr- settlement of the slavery question th? atecsicn wax all on one side, and th it the fri<'a I: fawhom they relied have deserted them. T!iii Koes to show, to a certain' at, th it sane Northern members voted in favor of the terntori il <iuesrtcss, witli an understanding with tome Sjauura tueinbeis that the latter would assist th'-m in pr icurmg a modi lie itioit of the tirift' Notwithstanding ihi* defection on the part of th^ir " alii *," they are about to try the exp-riment a:jiin. We ure |>erf etly well st'tsli.-d thit any to nliei the tariff, during this session o( Conffr.>g<( if i very imiwlitic and unwise movement, an I th il it oiigiDHtes only w h ? few -peculators and iron founders, who have more of a particular kind ol go?-<!s on hand tha.i th. y can dispose of with pro'it. If ?ueh is the case, it thould not receive any attention. li lt tv> a ifit 14 not, this is not an appropriate time to enter tipon the dis'ussion of a subject so iiKI'.runt in ail itJ bearings, and so intimately con erted with the industry of the whole country, as 'kf turifl ix. M.ioy members of ho-h hounct have gfnr to their homes and families, hii I it is very daub'lul if there will be a cuoruin 111 either house by Monday next The subject of the turitl 'm il l be discuhsed before it full Hous* and a full Seua'e. in addition to thin consideration, there are others of equjl iin;)ort-ini.T. The m liiafactnniu iaduetry of ilua country m m a mate of transition. J*iuoe the tettleiii'lt of the ta. if) of 1HM?, a revolumoh lion taken place in manufactures of very description. At tune, they were codteued to the North; but since then, the South htve g?;ue into the business so earnestly ami an deeply,, in all probability, before very Ioiik they will be mote engaged in that branch of industry than the North The following talde will show the umber of cotton lactotien iu <>i>eratiou in four of the Southern States, ui the y?ur 191V, together with the number of tpicdles, the qnniity of cotton contained, and the amount of capital invealtd i ? COTTON rAirTOKU.> W TIIK MJl 111? 1H|?? Cutl >n (M< Sr Cn/utul >WM?J. ?<#! 1??i>*???e So $luu U00 Alabtna 10 ll?. ' i'?i uoo o MM ?*?rgta ui u uj ui mm a; ..'HI Catoiiua. . It" ?S 4o0 1 Oou iH,'t 16 IM1 TataU U 141 o40 #17-1 uoo ?MJ uug Duru >v the yr*r, it lar^e number of Uc. trncs have Item erected in the Smthera &utr?, w h it !!, added loth" aSme, wovld preaeut a very niOMiiK allow. I. i.4 computed tli?! aoutlt an I wmI of Mnryl?r.fl there are more thin three liuu4rrd factoriea in operation, which cAdiun' at the rate of three hundred th?u*ao 1 haUs of cotloa per nm-ni. We hear of new ftetonea beiaj; erected every day in ditiereut parti of the So.ithern .Matea; and Ircm what ha* come to our knowledge. ? t are tauataitonly ronvini ed that within a few year*, bii.i-liville, in Tenneaa?e, mul Coluinbun, in tfeorgin, will rival, if not iMiMtip, Lowell, in the number of their lactone* and the quantity of cotton which they will re?;?< lively cnuaiittli'. The Southern Sta ea have discovered tint it ia fillacioua in tkern to yrow cotion and aend it lo th? North or to KbtfUbd to he in tuufaclured, t<? be trni hack to tin m in fat?rii:a for their ooMeuni,r Moil, when they have every facihtv lor niannfaeiurinK >1 at their own doora. They mm that ibey have abundance ol water pewer; tint their i limate ia much better adapted to nnaafactnres thua that of the North; and they h?ve tried the esprtimeat, and lound that ?lave lab?r can be pictiiably oitiployrd in manufjitiiring the raw material. They have, be* dea, rn aluudiare of roal aad iron, two very et? ntial resm*tea ia tail di * n-uon ?f m auf-c'urea. Pnttmg all theae thine* together, tkerefere, it ia a,-|>arrnt that tliia i? not the proj^r tune to agitate a modihca'ioa of tie tariff. The So?tfcern f'tatea are deej |y interertrd in man ifacturea, aa we have hown, >t?l they are m,t treatise any kiiMtub a) out "he ||i ? nt ?r?le of dutiea All the noiae proc?ed? f?? ni the North. It will i* nuHt better k wait till the nevt aeomon of i'?nrr?i, when we have no doubt the whulr louutry will be in favor of r?vi*injt it io a peeper muuer, ealmly and deliberaMy, f?>r the he?>>|it of ibe itdaairy of ti. whole ranitry, in*'.id ?l that ?>fa |*rt:i lUrmtHon Tka rauntry baa now *nii du uton m ?? t?wt of induatry <nd ? *? Tk.- alarrryagitauon h*? hem arijuMrd ia m inner ati-fartory to nil r?r<-|4 frw rnKid 4b?Uii?a a> niauogura ?ii | h?.?I new and 4 U*uar rH?r o( tltinir* ' about to be commenced. A vac; It** !? * n made to onr territory, n? m Ua?> w 1 *'rir?hi|? are la tirngreiN', and additional Iii?? a are ! < ?' Ir b? cinatruct-d; *aat? haaffeeare t tkiaf p'are .a Kuroj* and in India, in r?i;*rd *? eott<m. k.i>u/' a (??tiiK rruiou or nnt ui thia country If win id b? ^itfnirlv uaw'?p, in our ojHp?o,i, at tliia particular tunc-titf, *k> i Dot aaly nvw if-icturea l?i U?e aounirv ii*> If ta in * >uir /if ir ?n?rh>n, 10 tatH h tlw |'re??rit law md tinker il If will he time ent u?4? 10 attend to K at the n<*? firioi, ken no entirely nrw ?)at?u? of protMiioa to Anieri'au inUuatry af f*H? kind, of a na'tonal, *ad t?t af a aer'iott il character, raa ? ituderi.ib'.), and, 11 t>rtrtimMe niut junt. carried iaU> rflrc' 1*1 Uw ' ject ke ditwweH for the |>'?arn'. (>i * cot m t. 1* s i tmaxit11 ?It git" <i? fr?#t pleasure fat observe tin- re appointment of J R. Ctoakey, Eaij , to thta ron alare, *hi.:k,wi'h the 111 fia> il itra-tirif to Hatrr and Hf'-m-n, ni'lat b*e?>nie vrry ifn^ortanl in future. Mr O ?-k?jr baa on all < roac-ion- Jour grrai credit to oar coan ry. And m highly r am il in Kigianf, wh?l?? fcia gr?at kiodn.'aa, . .lity and g?o<"ri'-'ty t<? il rmr fallow cttmna, k ,*r frratly ei,.Je4fed him n all Americana 1 i?i'ing - >|.'Ui.tnij'toii Catrt ai n, $, ftia Nark Marta. Matttaaa ar llrad yaataMay fr?* t antnn via ?t. tf.lana raporta lb>- ?rM?al at tlM ?, t nn tt,? l i b Au?a?t. at tbr?a RrifUtaa ?r~f aiifc Ji alat<-? > B (nrl r-p *uit4 by liriW a n ??-f>t *af I Thk Rkv. Henry Ward Jlrnritrn and Ma I i ci >akl<?S.wa?4, IVita rons.?It api*tirb thit the 1 Rev. Henry Ward Beechcr was a paw age r mthe 1 Royal Mail Steamship Aain, whichjrecently arrived ' 1 at this port, and thut during the trip a passage of I ; words occurred between him and Mr. Canard. ' ' '1'he difficulty grew ?ut of some misunderstanding 1 in relation to preaching, there having been nine j clergymen of different persuasions on board. In a j ' J ? l.i-K *-'? Iuh uiKliaK?/l r\( tk? caru iiitii *?? -? i ?*? j niMtter, he s?ys '-hat uone but ministers of the rgtabliehed Church of England, or that of Scot'and, w< re permitted to preach, and that, on one occasion, when he ?;>oke to Mr. Canard on the subject, tu<i told him that sui.h an arrangement would produce ill-will towardu the Cuntrd line among j Americans, Mr. Cuuard replied that he knew very well Americans would patronize their own j steamers as soon as th<-y had as much confidence in them aa they had in his; that the Americans might stay away if they did not like to go in his fchipe; and that, if they did not choose to do so, J ''they might go t? h-11." j Now, we happen to know something of the Rev. ; Henry Ward Beecher, and something of Mr. | Cunard, too. The former, for a series of years, has I K^r. ...... I.... 1 I. rir?n.ij 01. >111^ iiuiuurij, aim ruuciHuij lng, by every means ia his power, to be thought I something of in the world. He has succeeded in acquiring notoriety of a certain character?assuredly net very enviable?and is generally aci counted a disturber, and a moat meddlesome person. As to Mr. Cunard, we know him to be a ! polite, urbane, and accommodating elderly gen1 tleman of the old schuol ; an ! it would take much more than the unsolicited and prejudiced ; statements of the Rev. llfnrj Ward Btecher I to convince us that he so far forgot himself as to make use of the expressions laid to his cliaryc by that notorious clergyman, fliey are entirely inconsistent with his chancer as a gentleman. So 1 much for the Rev. Henry Ward Beeeber?;.u I we may add, in this connection, that iu our opinion il was a mo?-' ungentleni-Mily piece of business far him lo w ate such a card as lie has publLlt' d. It 1 sbnunds with malice in every line. i j In relation to that parr of ihe card m which Mr i : Beecher seeks to elevate the Collins line of aieamships at the < of the > unaiders, to gratify hts own ill feelings towards Mr. Canard, it i* a nio?t i ! cmtei.iptible piece of busiue^s. If we know aay; thing of Mr. Collins, he will despise it as r>idch as we do. Mr. Collins is an upright and high-minded n .m, who, rather thin take advantage ? !' Mr. Beecher's spleen, would m ver all connection wi;h steamships, lie is eng;i.:< d with Mr. Cunar 1 in an Loriorable, tr.unly. geoerouj titid prai-eworthy ri: valry for the navis; ition of the ocean hy steamshi/s ? r.v .l.. ,1. .1 tl._ I. ?? i.:... ?_ u ? *? i !**.?? ?? ' ? )"' 31 Vl* UM vu uc we 11 Jit* ou hit* gtm lenowily ?>,tpoai>ai?a r.vilry that will in n iew year* do more ro| romot* civili/ttion, i | afid thr hi}|i(?i:fKa of mat. kind, thill nil the Wird F ' I!ei ulirrf in creation could . Ilect in u century. N't iili^r i irt) wibheato ! il.c any un !u-' of thr til her, and neither deairea the in*ol<?nl bud uiibolicitrd endorsement of the Ilev. Henry Ward lli rchi r, or miy on* like him. In thin t.v.ilry both i m ill do ih? ir bes'; and we hope tr see, be hut- hut*;, u llct t 01 Aiik ricaa t-ii nrnshi.o nlloat thai will put all competition at drfunce. The Collins line ie only the commencement of the enterprise. H-it none of them cart exjwet to m.tke good pa*sagea with nine clerjryir.' n on board. It i* a wonder that the Atid did act fouiider, h-t\in? had ninegrntIt men of that cloth a* paavengera. Compakativb Cf.".m * op CrriK* and towsi in thk I'mriri Statts ?We hive leturns of the cenfeim sow Icing taken, for the f.dlowin? im|*?rtant citie* and town* in various parts of the I'uited Mates, m hich we compare with the census of 1310. A few of the Me return* art estimate*, iufpirt, hyfhe | ir.ntlhuli taking the ?;ei:::ut>, but are sullicten'ly i n? ar correct to < nable an to make the comi^rijon. We ha\e published tiumrroua other returns, partial or complete, which aie not included m this table ? I our object at iirrnent beiug to ?how the proKTese of I population in the large citiea andtown.t:? Cf Un). CMfl.ft. Bta't mo IH4> I<alilB?rc Mnrj laud .... , , IflJ 000 102.318 j t'tnelniiaii utii" ... . . .150 COO i'l 5'W | rt l.oui- >ll??< ml V0.000 ',9 (Oil I I V ?. York U) 000 lit <13 i I I r?.ft<l^iirH lih. (lr Itltad .. 4'iWKl 1M.171 i Willi turl>ur?b >r? York S.oW I i Hi. I.u lid 3" jut '."J IVI > lowHt Mit vkrhufrtt* . . 38WI 'JO TM ft N>w York KOW 3 .VW ( biraic IIIin >1# tf\O0O 4.470 . >lil?*.ik:? Wli*on?ln fOOftl 1 700 1 I I'ttoa. New York 17 ftA* 1S.7M I V iiBii?><'<>b l>?l???r<* 13 700 ? 1i>7 i Ot??-yo Nrir Yoifc 12.1KV 4,*.'* I'OUf hki?p?? Nrw Yolk 11.0*0 7 jOI N-viiutt. Kl.udo 1-UnJ,. .. V 341 I.S3S PoUivlUt Prpu*} i? nm. . ?.41M 4 j->7 Nrrri.-trvD, do, 6 060 !W7 1 <>??., atcl.l*. K>? T'tk. 7 K? 6.Tt# kr* lliuuokk Sr? Jt??J . . 7 t"?3 1W Nmfcu* N*w ItMiipchtrr. . 5W0 3 7<?> N? lit 111*. do. 3UJ 2 444 ; CoftOM*, d.i *,740 4.901 i Kmh. u.i awn x030 N<nb*Bi|itto. MtwMHl?u?.. &WW 3 *.*t ! <ir?nn. Ith U.411 Alio ! M . Hi?r?fWW Ci<nn.?ikut, . . . Hinder. do 3M7 1,2*1 liii.hur;, do.. ....... 1 Ml 3 Ml i ktlubuir, do 3,li :t lUI I Nun port. K eutaeky ?? 1.100 I III4|?l| 4 KM W 1 r?d?r'f k?bur|r i ,f*li.i? 4 MH? 3 >74 Cbkllwin. N'w Yuik J Mo 3.M* ib, do 4 4C4 4 171 | J.bB.IOWB do 1 544.1 1 loo Million. <>hlo fl .Mj0 SOU# I'llirrldl. hrw JrT-rf . . , 3.1)10 J ?'<i Cbarlott?rvUl? Mr?lnl? I W I >00 h.t|>ri Full" N?-? York I l?0 000 I Ivltl In 40 tin** lowu- bb4 ? ?? ?nUt?? HI *0i M? ?13 icrrtb-.' ib trn ;rtri 440 ! ? rqUBl to 117 |>?r rent. 1 hp ?N.?r ?h*w? *n a>.ti>tii>hinc m> n iw, ani I |?r?>*r? ihr ifrr?t prr?prrifjr r>l th?* country during thr l#i?t trn j?hf? n-. the ciuef sa l iv?n< i comprtoe Urgr |?o|.oni?a of the rn-nmerciAl ul miMiUctunor iiiurk of :itr Cmon. Thc?e return*. | kowrtfr, 4(1 ant form a corract pnule or ind-* to lli?- |ener?l ini-re** of iffilitmn ttir<?<ifkout 111* country- ir?ny cf the *nn? jI urnl dmtncta h t?iA_' temaiued <lo?t ?tai?o:iaiy, and other* showing out a rmall trnfiK. Tl.- agriculiuial region*. whub will e? lnt it the RTrai^at torrraae, are, of rouriw, I bore in tb* vailey of tin Mi*ai*?i|>|>i, and too frw return* of entire connue? have ye; co ite in to nahie u* to form any mkulation of the general 1 ran" of MMMM With re curd to the ^mlaiioa located in citiew, ?il'Hge# an I compart tr * n*, to which our atte it ion I i? pun directed?the totW ,m>| illation in auch cine*, town*. .Vc , in 1 ? ** a* follow*: B clt|#? aod < ?!! f> ??tag *li>T* 1? 000 pop . IJUt W7 bo <lo b-t*??n IMuJ lO W. !*i *?o T'-ta town f i piilatiuo 2 til J>t! ? U .o; nearly one re*enth*?f the total po/uletion i of the I mon. I l I.I t?> - ?et? n* recuse.I of the cen* i? of ItOO, ih? in-t i atmn* ar* thit the po|>.ilati< n iftheciUm, i lnr>" town*, and < tilace* w II eir er<< la ar million* , Cm T?\? ?A j>ro|?>mtion i? now l>e4ore *ome j <?f the trading rwnitwr* of the city gtJ?rrnni'ut, j i?kwrr c?r n? ?* a mlvflim of our torhNr liiiin>n U> lltr nn.wial of about a ti.i.non of doll?r? * y< ai ft> m ihr jirr<*m rutp. Thia r- Jur. ihii, i i$ Mi'i, .tul'ioin Hy e ?r j? iii>prorrnirnln tfin( can fx- urfrodurrd in Mr** ? ?ra*?'l, an i ) a Jui'K*r ?i;|-| ly of Ontn *?irr. Th* tir?* fffj'ri to il>hi4> nil in th* iiy.iul ft ii- n i railn .! hi *x*ty It dintf drrft, u|> au4 d??n Mi?l*? tltf* riljr, *iih ihf v*|!ioo ?4 l'.ri *ajr, ? .:i r to I If II rU u. railwijr, wkn h . i Id Innliij lv tbr rjtilMi f'>r tin" tran.?if of p|9r rlrl?- ii ? i uIiI Jini'ntfh tii* nu iil^r of hot?r* and v?fin '- * A r>-v u ,r from th.?> onre* a; m? i Mir !?i half a inilli >n of dolJ^ri Tur t nfi ) of I mm wat*r. ? Hon a *hor? nnv. ha? ' hf*n Intrfswd n?*?ily Ihrrr-foU* mil tin* ritf atitivHtfi ? couM it* diftriSu ion to ia<qii frf< ruriof ??*'' 'ihT |?ir,^ ?, f >r ?lilt-li i< i??>t rr w u-?d, l? id*-* ?uiv') ii?? ''f rity of Hr.malyii. 1 h- tfntiiir from ??? wonrrf, H i? ?vl, woni.l tr? Ii h?lf a ii'illi"* of dollar-mojiv IWtwr-mHr two, ii? r?f<>!?. ? ?o?il I h?*?an?ni~r ik m mil rt .Mil.- in- nntiitu a million of dolt ira, and a I d?rrof hiatif* to a tTilar amount Th? I ti > ? m < o inif *h? n it will he wwwwify t? ink-* uf 'hi* mhjrri The Law of Libei ? Revkt.ations of L\w *vd of Iniquity.?In our paper to-day will be found a re? poit of the proceedings in a ease of libel, wherein D. A neon I'ratt appears as plaintiff against George Wilkep, John Thomas, Henry Dexter, iind George Dexter. The article published again.-*! Mr. Pratt appeared n the I'olice Gazette, under the editorial fiujieivieiot f Wilkep, while that paper was printed, and virtual].* published, if not owned, 1n some way or another, b> 'he other ;>artiee. The point of law, therefore, is, whether or not the parties who have been instrument^ in issuing the libellous matter, are liable for the injuries received by the plaintiff. The uclion has been commenced, doubtless, with a view to reach the actual offenders?the person* without whose aid end encouragement the libellous sheet could not have In-en published. Wilkes being irresponsible, the plaintiff, naturally enough, feeke to recover from those who have derived profit and advantage from the criminal publication. This, it appears to us, is a very proper mode o( proceeding, and well calculated to abridge the licentiousness of the preto. If irresponsible persons, without property or character, can astail the motivei ar.d characters of men with impunity, while individuals in the back ground supply the means foi such criminal attacks, it is only ju*t and pr?pei thkt the latter t-hould be made to pay the j>enul:y for their ]>ortion of the acts v. Inch disturb the pt-ac< and happiness of the community. It may seern ti be very hard for au innocent man, who vends new*papers, to be liahle f>>r injuries done through the columns of sheets which lie is daily isvuin:j; but il , is a great protection-against lawless publications, I got up by bad nien, to have the law reach those b> i w hose influence such sheets are really encjura^ed ! end t-ut-tained. The Lnglish law of libel, upon | which our own is very wisely founded, has frei qut ntly decided that all the parties engaged in issuing a.\d vending libellous matter fir; liable tc penalties. Chitty says, in citing Cuthell'a ca>e ' Kr.-kine's t|>eechest and Lovell'acafee: " li is no excuse for a printer, or publi-her, that ho was ignorant that he was allonlini; the means of circulating; and even thocgh lie is absent from the oi!ic? 1 or shop at the time, he ?ili be held criminally lia j ble and he nd?is, aUo, " ev< rv copy of a libel -old by a i any in a separate publication, and therefore : aubiects him to a distinct prosecution." All this is well for th? community. It strikes a blow at thr.M* n.any lawless publications which inI'ict injuries ii|k>ii the community, while the au| tbors of the inn cht< f, fr? in th< ir want of visible means, go " uri*? hipp< d of justice." Au editoi who rutin t p?.y d pcnUtj ft r his wrongs, there fort brccn > a pcwi rlcis, b? oau.-e business men will noi risk the is-uing and publishing of offensive Mutter, unless tli*-y bite some posi'ive security that they will le held hurnitfts* Iu the present case, Oeorg< Wilkis, whose hit'ory is irtinniMly blended with scurrilous theets, sustain? J by making and c<rr> iujj ' c.n attacks on private character, is found to be beI yood the arm of the law. 11;s agents and abeitors, I ihrrefcre, M ho are respon; i'de rti**n, are discovered ' and made to answer for his evil deeds. Can any' thing be more priyer 01 .iiist ] At the pre tent tirr.e, ' we find Wilkes coi.nni cud wi'h no lc_-s thau thr c of our courts, i.t.1 about to be tried in anothei I court in Colombia county, lit the Niles case, re| poitrd in another column, he appara under a sin ! gulur charge of malpractice and wrong ; in the torpedo case he figure* as a (iriaeipil character; and j in the liU I can', I f iii ih< ?# a.| jnd front, for which I others will !? iii.xi- t? filler lar?:> Iy S.irdy, such a |?rm>n is a gtea' p? -t to the community?a severe charge upon the ^ute ; and the sooner ihe law find^ mentis for checking his course, the better will it be for the great int* rr*ts of sock ly. To ceuaure the press in such bands, in to m lintain its liberty geueruliy ; and though we may regr? t the punishment of any one who is not morally guilty of injuring his ft llow-ir.en, yet we cannot deprccate any application of the law that may abridge the lawless delun.rr iT character and the shameless contriver of tnChief Lv:i\cm axi> m Common Coi v i it.?The joint coninntter* appointed to inveatiX?lr ihr ( l,ar|ji - madr by thr Chief l.nginrer ol j thr Fire lVi?rtm? nt agmnat the Common Council, I will Hit-H iIns rvrnmg, at M-vrn o'clock, in No. [ 4 City Hull, for the purpose of | roc*eJinj with the t>t:Mnrs* which they have beeii appointed to prr1 lorm. Wr undrrMand th?! it is that portion | of thr report of (hr Chief l.ogiurt-r that relates to thr bell ringers which will occupy thr attuition of thr committte at thr meeting ihix alteruoon A nuaiher of witaetses have hern Fiinmionrd by thr Chief Kngtarrr, for th<- purpose ol substantiating hia ilwi^t in that respect. it i? exprcud that rach and all of thrm will b?- in atI lendance, without fail. It is to be krprd that thr investigation will no' h? conducted with dosed dimr*, as was originally decided by thr Conttnou Council committee. Ii 'he Common Council a* ianocrnt of thr charge* alleged humus'thrm, thr nuirr puhlir thr investigation is, thr |iett?r; and any a'trmpt to givr it a stsr>cksmber character a >11 l?r uhrn aa evitJ.nce eil ihr truth ol ilir clinrifi * Thr public d? I'imnd In know all relating to llii* rn Ulrr, unl thry will uot tolerate any investigation with clo?rd door*. It i? quilr irnmutrrial, howrvrr, whether thr coimnittrr sit with closed doora or not. Wr have received revrral communication*, rating that Mr C.u?oo would make a capital Mayor, ami, aa hr is a blaeksnuth by trade, and no doubt a first ritr Workman, he Would, alt>-r hi* ?Irctioa, draw thr nails, and n|?-n thr door* of t hi * and othrr ab'isrn, in a mii niilic manner, wiih h ? big hammer Wr I??r lu a irmiK'- ? n, nun u wo'nfl no' mirpriw *at all if AlfrrJ C.iraon, fir* man, w.-re the n?-?t Mayor of S?w York. GlUl.n'l Kit I.AHtTION* o, S 1.1AI"-*.?The l?>litical phil??ar?pher of the 7YtA?*s attrm|4a to cover up the drforniilit a of M.n.ili<in and hu ini*e<| political character hy a aeriea of eiphnationa. (irerley, |lrii>har>e, and ih? otKrr member* of the tocitliM cliqar, bo*rrer. hare given the world ae feral practical e?|?lr nation* of thru theories, w hi'-h air n.orr valuatde than the attempt# at revoacilins ?'nr|f cMilritlftl** of opinion < 'n* of tbeac e> plana in na the hiatoiy? f phalanx after plulm* ertahli?lK<i in ranoni part* of the country, which miltril m Heatro) io|T the character of many inditidvala an! in 8*neral bankruptcy, m f*r a? they werr nnt*w*<, of ideaa an<l of the aiit>?t?ntiala iu Itfe Another exjltnation of acciait<w, e.j m)Iv marked, ?m 'he attempt of these jutj.nnet m i Bfc.lo*<>| licra t> amy the trvlea of thia city in a bcadlraa and fnnti.->? opposition to their own interna!*, until they m?<I incited the induntrioue body of tailor* to lnarlfM a -la, and h?i placed half ~a tlo/en of them in prison, where they now in th? ir trial for outrun* * upon the law* of ao. eiety Th't* ia a thilit prartiral e<i I tu.11< ?. alao, which will not aooi In- furfotien. It cam*- tni i tiilfr <br immediate . ? ?f the hr.mtifiii an. ctali?t ? !?ne of the f iAu? Ir w?a ruide at 'he fc?lno*r<t>le feativil of ai cialt*'*, recently, at Molohen. hrte lufVfcrtMM lHi?"litatN>?a loudly <f>-pretaird ?#ie urh?ii> deptiiainn of American <rici?, liMHf wc h'd it.i RtnllfXine ereced in th? ....... , . .innal Hi.I ? . I J.. .11 .... .l. rwu? ?i?.I f??' 'loiiwnr/1, ntar .in4 |>hilomi|<Hr. lo/Mtlfc* lb* l?l?ii Tin (W ll|l*f Ml'lnAlltiimf, ?<| of a (>r<r 'iral cliar*ct?r. will >.rryr ?I y m t.-h, r-iiil *nt* him inniMf i.f pur?<iiii( hi# l?ol'tic?t mwn nt. WW ihrjr not t Mod*II* J*i ?| i intf. >t <1 - aioi?*il* J>any I tn ln 'ttll (?**? <I m Hi?*'< n tit ??1I Klwf, ?? * lmv<i<;?* ??]*n*?t' fcy Ik* tttaaboat Kmpir* ^l?'? Tit* flr?t rt .*>ft til <-|ty will lik* pl?*? nil ItiJa- ??nl*f ?k* ptn|?r(?foni of th# lin* k??? |it?<-*4 fh? tint* nwnw In Ir ( III* <1 p >*al of Htl'K Im)I> 1,'nd anil Ihf (HTtr bt< twn ?"<^-p(*J At Hi* ?ri?rtalnir.??t lt?n I M > Li?<l ky ?% r n Frlilny *?*nlnv. ?h? a?k*<i inning in nr ?! ? to -ko? tb? tu?ll'j of her ??! ? In ? pr ?4f? ??>'<?. PI* ??ry gra*?f\il>y r*fu??il ?" ?iti; ra ih? grotm-l that ?k- 1 ad > !* a rnntlM* ?l'h - Hi-ium. bn llnj h*r (n ?ir nnly for fcin>. ny rkatlly and th- Mayor. a? a *t?n ltv*<nr?* fear* m?H ni kivak K ?h?l ^ I I : ja?t in ik *>? a***^t tk? hivttatina of lt> M? jit ntily ? III* W|r*?HiUII*a ?l th* f r Hi. i aa?i)*in? *? kw 4**;'???1 a in; ? ii yii?t>n# m th? ayp*rt*a. ' TELFCB4PBIC INTELLIGESC1 Michigan Democratic NowlntltoMi Dkthoit, >1,1810, Th? Democratic State Con?e"itlo? hma jn?t ?low4 I lion after Baking t.i* following nomination : ? For Judgrr?Or??n Win,: an<l Abut-r Fratt. Auditor-Otneral? Gen. John 8?e< gle?, jr., oi II il dale. | Tr?a?ur?r?D. C. WbUinore. heerctary of State C W. Tarnter. ! Attorney General -William Hall Superiutendentof public Institutions -T W. Sbi I man- ____________ Klduajiptr Arr< at til. Baltiuoni. Sept '12.18.10 A man named Kay, ban bee* sent to Jail In Virgil lor kidnapping negroes in Rockb>-idi(e county. IMIm Brenaer, ?Ve. , C'MiabO, Sept. ?1, 1S50 Trederika Bremer la still Maying here i The damage* on the llllnoia and Michigan eai I hare been repaired, and navigation ia rmuaivd City Intelligence. A Man fnmni m ?n? om Wirr.?A man naui Maxwell wal stabbed on Saturday afternoon, by ! wife, at the corner ef Bond aud Baltic atreete. Bro< i lyn. under the following circur stance*. It appei , that Bridget, the wire, lias been in the habit of drli leg to excuia, nepleetlng to provide Ler Iih* band me* aud behaving. othvrwiie. improperly. On Maturd r afternoon Maxwell came ho-ui aud could tuid nothi ol 1 u wife, anil after aiar.-bing some time, fnuud 1 ' at last In a gMg (hop An WNtlttN enaued wb the woman snatched up a fork and plunged It into 1 , husband'* left aide, which passed about thrte incl In in the apex of the heart, and into the left lung. ) flictlug a very serious. if not fatal, wound 'J'hu woui ed n an was conveyed to the city ho.ipital. whtre now liea. But Kuiall hope is entertained of hi* re< > Ttry The woman wad arrested and is uow iujaii. t Kit Mn Thohiso-i's Slhmo* o> f.ulrivl 8:ivt? The Kev. Mr. Thompson. pafoer o.'tbe Tabernacle cc ' gregatlon. prrach'd a a< rmon la>t n,;:ht. ut the Tats ' uarle. on the subject of fugitive eUre*. lie co | menced by reading thr whole epistle ot I'aul to I'hi nion and hr Lin t? \t that rinrtlnn iiiHn.l I between the llth and 16th Term TimrarmiiE wui . I a poMtlcal one. and oaly glann d ft the ; ugiuv" o'.ii ; low in a pacing remark The Taberuajle wa.<crowdi but many ptobably : hinking th< feriu< u would c ? , pate the ' fugitive slave law c>f the uew te with the fugitive clave law of the I'nit-d 3t?* '* u therosehcii dUappoiutei'. Hud left tne hou-e v, lii t prcaohar wa? delivering hi* difc urse The c dl-eti wax taken up. bcw?r*r, before the i?rm<n vu co nienced. liiMui l'.-> In On Friday, 15?) boys from Ha , dall e Itdand vL-itcd this city, with Air Cipley, t ?up?ilrtrndent. They look'd remaikably well" 1 j number* at pres. o; oa the Uliicd *r? u* follow):? I H'amrti. B< ;f. (jtr/i, 7*.<f .f'- 1S6 740 ^79 1,1 ' Poi iti? ?i..?Tbf whl^i ot Brnnkljn held th' lr tn.'i lugs in the recpectivn ward*. ?.n Thursday ..v?ni iKft tor the purpose of election delegate* to the A 1 feiubly convention* an J tUoo to the cnnimiun Hatbu*l\ tor the uonnnatlou f county officer*. Aloivh it J'aim.t?The e:tj authirl' leu bare lo irce proved ttuiu.'lvM incapablu of managing urt afiail*. Ktd tbty are e.|uai.y proverbial frr !> i prr^fiy unmindful oi ruiutl natter* the old Ci lia 11 hai been In a v?rj tiltby Mate for a Ion* tic pa^? acd though the.<s w*? a tacati u iu tile 1

[ court* f?.r elx or ?i;-l.t week*, notfciug wa? done in t. fchj it rep-i:M until the term egaln onitmnced w>i ' sweeper* wa*h*f*. whitewashes :;nl j>ai at era w? re found bard at work in the d<4er.nt passages, the great acncjui .? of the JuJge*. l?wy?r*. jur.> wltnesru' aad all fr*.,u?ntir? it ib< rourt*. The r, > etiUi.?tacci hay bteu to tub complained Ot, and in *? > to be at lea*t a very ftupid procedure. 1'ik*.?A fire bri ke out on inday at No tuillixl* avenue Brooklyn. whiuh <'.ami>g< ! the Ixiildiag to t i etnrnttof VJlu, cov?r*.d by inforanee. The I'ity H I bell truck fr-r the flret di trict in-.ead of the fiti which caufed considerable cocti.tion among th" nir hers of the tire ('epartinent The Are ia btlisved ( lifcTe been cau>ed by a lai.i; which had bten placed t mar a bed in the apartment* of Carney. lint ?A br took piae.* yrtferday. at halt past o'clock. In the smoke hoa*? ufdeorg,-i> Crania v.hl a* exliiiguihht d lna uhort time. Pin: i**< -A Bee bi<-ke nut on fa'urj afternoon at '.bout tonr o'clcck. in a brick 4?-ilii No. llh 1'ierrepont street, occupied by >1 It Brow | Knj., a m> rch:int doing biisiu'-r* in New Vwrk Vr little daicage wn* done to the hu'lditig by the fire. 1 the luckt t company w- tc promptly on the *pot, a i insert ill'J iu riuBgtti'BiuK tin* flam i iieiorr tlu> ? gloro arrirrd Tbc roof wa? flightly burnt, an I w r?wt about $40 t?|npAir Thu lire I* auppoaad barr originated fioni a dafact in th? rhinj'iry. T City Hall hail Mrurk for thr 'ir?t dlatrlot ioatrad oft, tcrond, in whi sk tfca lire win lixattl Cat hum lOTiir 1'raLic.?The public fb^'tld b? i thrir puard wtm rub' criptlon pMprr* a.u pna**ut< to tbrro. purporting to i 111- frrui tlr< tu"ii Thi Akki <ioh Fim K<< tar I'nynn -Th? Ar*? ?rob J'ira bii(tii<.- Co . No "i. of Jrra-y City, paaard tl ; tlxtul i.flicM on Friday. on tlirir trtura baton wii thfir ntw rrgiic. Tbty nunibrr 104 mamhara, at w?-r* arrriupatii-d by Mr tirorga Weutwurth'a c?l bi atrd city btu? baud. T*ar.i.T Entapiov-For tarrral paat. t Dimibut of tba t'w| ?'Dt<r OitkTda numbrrlo* abo Im Wokin tuxn and named fler C .|'t? farpntn.tif tlir fifth aatil likfr Wf u dtiilii and pri |a:ii;|t for their annual turret *irur*loa whi 1 It ok plare on fnday Tb'y ?ro< a< d?d to Kort Lea mm- o'cloi k In tbe mcrninp in company with a nu' l?r of It.Titt J cm-jtp I v thr ftranirr t rank. aud w> under tba aj.i < ial riminnoJ of Captain Wauph. of t Independence Ou?rd*. abo ia on? of tha be*t di?< pl'lird 0fTir?r? in tbr Statr After flrlnjj at thr tar*, thry part'ok of a aumptucua dinner at th? PavlUlc ana Murnul to tha city ab> ut artru o'clock, ai Barrbed to tb- Kilth ward a'.ation hovir. aacortrd 1 fkilt' t a Hr > Hard wbrre they wrr? di>n>i??ad ai riotrd thr ricureiou by waiting upon Capt I'arpan t Li* r*?idn rr T?i Citt Cn!iiiiini4H-Hil? roBpuf. which e< n.n.aadi d by ('apt. K napp will niaka tbair Drat ft dnaa parada thta roroliv Thla ta a nrw O* tmratal xnptiji and upon thi- oaraalou will pr r? ad to F lu-h;i g ib?? thay Kara mad" arrangaman Icr dianrr. I'p.'n thalr raiurn. thay will l>a racalr by lb> Cntliftttl Guard ('apt Van Dyka. who w rwort th*m to tialr ijuartar* at tkr Braailat; Uoai l'?k*ow* Mi< |l*o?<na.-Tk? b"dy ol an uukaoa nan ?? found laat Fil'iay It. a?m< lo the rlaar at t! foot of Roorarrlt (Imt U? hii li ag bU< k bilf ai *a? dra?aad iu n rod flannrl hlrt and dark vnolli |anlr IIw a| paarrd to h* about 30 yi ar? of ayw and baa* htm in tha water aorna tan or iwolra daya Tl Oeroaar In id an tn^urat, and tba ri-rdot waa daalh drowning Nti?uitti Pi ii ira C?H?a*fi##? oa Kri lay, h>M MMa 07 Bowar) raifei ? !t i *a?u?l iMngla. ag'd ;:<t yaara. a nalltr of f.d<1?ii I who w found hanging by tba i.trk In a rloaat. on Tliuradi ailatiioon 11'.a dt a. aai .1 II mm. ronalltnl aulci la rathar a alrgular iraouir Tha rtamt wa> on t tama floor abut- hi* lau.ily ra*M<d andtnaffaet h ?alf daatruati n b? obt* . J a rlatbaa plu. U) wblsb I ttarbad a plar.- i,ln tJ tbll |ll fca | !a?ad through knot hoi* about tm f>at In m 'h- *.>or and the nth nd ol th* rop? ha ai?d- faat to bl< a?rk. and th? a rkalr. a uapand. d hlai>a|f ky tha n-r and I n< rtrii kla own >laatl il tlon Tha body of tl daraaaad *aa dbfoarrad In ab*>ut half an hoar aft* Thi i I. t .1. r ? a k. j l 'I.?-d In aonaa?jn?n -a Of ?I J'fiii. J bod) banging ag>mit it on tit* tnairia. whie r??IMy ?i< tl a o*U' of Ita a-.t brine llNofari lora Mr Dlngla had b >a UWlu^ uadar d?pi?a'n n of aplilta for tima p*?t In roa* l ajuaara a* allefd of a dIBI-nlty oearrln| bftww l.iiuralfand th> ir.anib*r~ of tha Saail of which tl daataaad waa fornarly tha liadar Tha J. I h ' laftawlfaatd twochilJraa to aionra hl? lo?* Tl jury rmc* rrd a vrllrtnf talrida wkila liViria| und a d* rang* d lUta of Bind Alii >>lti aii?. A am *11 hoy. ag"1 all yaara by tha nana of W m Wada. aoti of poll*, mi \k ada of tha Kl?ianth war I r>alding at No ?*? Kifi rraat, wii dr> wi. d <>u W rJnaa.|ay laat. by tailing In ih# rirar ff' B tha afcip Ma*?a<'h??otta M of Foarl Ktaat Tha body waa found ya. tar.'ay and tha Cor a?r hald an laquoat and a aardlrt waa r?ad?r?4 a aatdlaf iy I>?am at I>aow?i\ ; Cor.mar Q?r yoatarday. hal an l?.|Oiil oa tha body of Jotiaa Harlia ?? yaara >! a natlaa ot Fw??|. a. a ?allor oa h"ard tha bai tiafla I)log at I'tar No il North riaar ah?aa Myai fi 1 a ailok In til. i-?. ? i % i..i.*.|if m.o-i hi Tba d- laa-d It waa fall martnanl on tl Kth Inat ahlla ?ndraao?ln< to on board I ha ?a t?l Ufidf th> Itifluanta of |<<,....? Tha body waa o?| ra. oTir.'l J.ft.f.lay Mr IVpwIy . Ulab-I poiltaly callad oa Oapt Hyollri nf tha bark to alio fro ol hi* 'ailor* to aan >t In takla* tha body ft " tha watar Thr raptaln ra#.iad to r~a<lar any aaala anrr lotwlthoaadlng tha 'nuail waaoaa tJ hta oa laitiai \ i rdirt daal h hy drowainf Tiir W.iaito *r Baaoai.i* U.aaiiai TV ? Mary llaaay. who waa a" aaaataly burna I by th" *ar lata H' a of ram phi* a |( |y IV| at, |)r ll.fpltal Ir a *t < batwaaa Itfa and daa*h Mar Abe* wa 4-arn la unli jnrad bat marly all th?app*r nan of Bar body I* h nblT Vurnad ai.d b-iai i B*4 af? aiM* ' ka< to lila In Ib'ir Mr. Fah an. Iha lady wh? waa Iwian at lha Bra la I'olnaihia itr?a'. I* a* lk? 'l <anHai a? drlr ff wall liar ilttla girl, whoa* I*| w?> frarturvd i jnr am'" nrr. i* r?tPi?7 rr-T irwia^ r>< rtAfr r?i < V< ! ?. f-pt M 1*W Mr M? 1>? ?? fi* I ?h?>?ii<? llk? tr> mak? in 4 jirjr lkro?,y???r lararlj flrrnlal- 1 mr.Mmn ?( ?. ?< ?h.r> ?*i lh? t>nltrk?m no dlltf In frarl .|r""t. k?tw?"? I'MU it 1 kaikam ?lr??-*a ni?h?. at half paat alara i> rl >"k A* I waxaalk'IK throw,li P?a'i ??r?at la< mull <u) at 14 t.iinv ?aa in* wit tn o?e?f lh? rr llhil* It) lkr>aM<l of p?r?nn? flrtiMna. an I thrr??w Ikraa ?> ranna pn??i.i,n? awa* at nu?. I laat-l a?< I* liitfil In h)a h?i? b-f.-r | ?-rlt?4 t barf iwfcl t?> n< 'h^n. la li" lllrl* m.thr rarth >ri ?*a (rhttlK ill" IMr?l a# I ?m? if> Th* a*n;ia<1r"l a a* lb"} aav an 14 it toil on ihi- ?i I mmlr i 11 f 'a?t ? tkr* ?uM tr ??"t I ??l'dii>'j"i?'i man !l? r< lh<* ll?,arhaa-* h" nM thai > al l not ?n #? h? li-?rl a woman ? lor Mp ?n4 i > h?r a-id f *i- 4 thit I w? of id . tkfflit- li' 14 har rnii?v, Mf In i|r?| har In' * tli ?H) ""? *h'l" "a i hi r4 h* I hn'd r>f lirr lit' ) i ill. r a k ? i.b?>nl a|a**a ftt / ? <?a t k"<| til la<*> ?!>? U-?a? - > U'? nnrm>rt?l ;?:> ' rai l >! l>?'l b?? at?r In Jff f CI I T ?? ? rliii I ?. a a til' i "I* an J " rv? iraiag e kajr It "in-' I* K V li,, iJt>i tbtouah l'i iH I'f-d. hy k 1,1 r,(, f r *? ' < n ?l,a |) - -rt?>4 lh> a? tfaiaai ? iw ta ti f <iai*t kit. (n't twaal iktii ilih iifi.rt'M tn? r t > r! ? fc h,r ' h** ? '?< '? '? a?k 4 Ik aa?> >>? lit-ra?? rr?- *"* t,n' " J " it h l a I ?t< ?" * * ' I r"?i -n.o aiiiht ?o II )|. ?. ?r I k*1** H? jat-r* wan ?rrj ?.|l >? . (|ir an.1 rut ?a?i'y a?"?rt?lu kla aain- ahvh |f | 4o rhall not (ail la |>i? " b-f?r? tk? pikiia ll^la|llit i von III I nhli'h tka fM'i oattln>4 In (ha laiff I nmiii'i" * * t*l PAYKR, J, Trap? MtillK^ at th? TatMrnaele. Lait Friday avetlng, a tamperanea meeting wan UrU at the Tabernacle, is Broadway. ax-Major Harper in tb* abair. it* Mr. B.?a?t u *u tbe first ta addrc?? the meeting on tba ctIU < f intemperance 11a contended that alcohol waa poUoncuc in all its !crni ana in the smallest quantltiea. The argument tn?t exoae* In food iu bad aa wall aa axaam in driok. did not apply, for bread iu wbolnaome and fit tor man, bat aloobal iu poiaoa. er It produced an inja.kutt ellect upon body and uilnd. No diunkard ?i?r tuostejr-l in bubine*e, aud every man who drlnki becoaiei a drunkard in tb? end if ba is not eul oil uy ajciueut lue cLud Omi not demre strorg drink?Du young man at Bret ear** lor lia segars; on the contrary. they Tiake hlmaick-coit It with tt? quid ot tobacco A!! these things *r* aiiiticial and unnatural, and. consequently. prejudicial to health. It if fashion, therefore. that leada men into tbe.e babita at Ural, and tha artificial appttile onug one* creatad. it grown by what lal it feed* upm. It if proved by st-\tii>ticB that seven (Ut ot every teu who drink, die of draakennaaa .When God created the world, ho sa?d that everything he made wai< very good; but he did nut make alcohol. It |(>l4 Is round dovIick in nature?not in the grape, nor b&rbi4 ley, nor potat* *hi Unjust become rotten and their ik. Mgauic aubatancu be changed, before t~ie alsoholio poi" son i* pioduced. Water in the drink inteniUu by God t aid nature tor quenchiu^ thirat. anu nothing > l?e will i." do it. Alcoholic drinking incrtae** thirst. and It ia weU known that the brewtra put salt in their ale and JL pottci is order to make people drink the more of it. . ? Alcohol if. the greatest evil in the world, bat thure are other evila otnvr artificial appeiite?tL?tareinjurioua lwr to Ben such at rnuiUrg chewing and smoking No. body liken those things at flrat: but when a false I desire ia created for them. It inrieuea daily Ue reeol,,j* leeted when be smoked t?eniy-two segars a day. Since . 0 he gave op thi* practice hie appetite for Irirte loor< d d ,'0 It ia the raine with liquor If all the moderate dr.uuera ayreert to Urlnk none for thirty daya. jvery rest e"\VU? tore would be tlua*d ; tor who support the ilr'iukin* faloona ' Not the poor nieeraWe drunkard, tor be would >n* not be let in. but the u.oderu'.e men No man wh" ban "r" not siirntd the pledge can nay. " I am sure that 1 shall not die a drunkard " No reason for the contrary can be assigned, that ha* not already been relied on in v . j " " by thousands ot virtima 1'he ladies can win the vw,ot tor* It id uo sacrifice to them to identify tlieniselvea '*e with tbi> cause of temoeranee. We are not llt'ng in Arabia ?r Tuikey. wh.r? they say women have no aouls: but we are under petticoat government. and '' let that government only t "t about tho wortt of reform, "I tt,d it must b< accomplished The majority i:' u ,v in I favor < f the principle. and thai mujority Is uaily inon treasiijg The Daughters of Temperance who tat in the orehes tra and wore the bajgts ot their order, here auui' a '" Hujpiriace b)QU. e Mr J"iin B Got on, whe is an actor la his way. next sddreshed the n.? t ting .md uia fe n "ps-ch full of anecdotes and tun He si.ated that he wa3 ouve a greit iliuokarj Lim-flf but ta? now crgauu< \ ku Co.ton, tL* )OUDg itm it w?-r* about being ^xaui'nMd ?od it wan'>rc** )lHUoiiH tlet were wauled to eosiplet" tli? u? *o.k hi rucfai Ilr concluded by sayin% he bciicred tb? Hutrhinaon family were in tbo room, and that he ' wu> *un 11 they were antti d th, y would give a song. (Ubitn ) Tli>-j were *i(h hliu In the iteaiuooat tUis ng inorning < u tluir way to hi ar Jerny t ird a* It lurntdout thai the llutcbinoo lamlly were not present ty It wa> then tmnrunn'j that u lecture would be gln-n. n? I on Sunday ev> nlug. in the Meth'diat church of the ?w lltv I r Kirria, of Cu.rry ctreot and th:. iu>oti-?g he broke up ?n ,H JOarliie A (Tolls. i0 8rkam*hip Ohio. at it*. Sept. 21, 1840 At a iri etiug of the |ntswg|?ri held on b~>urd this lr' Kip li lpien their tut m if- ol regard for tho captain ,1(1 end 'fllcet- of the vet'.l Judge Woodrooir, of New urlt-ai > wai ratl? u t I be , iiair end K I'. QiUin^ham of I'hiledtlphia appointed Secretary. ?a 1 Le ?ict iminid gen'lenien wer* appointed a " ron.uiKtc? to cralt auttabie resolution* foi theorrv, ion 9amu< 1 C I'ptaain. I'hiUtielphia; J;?iae? H. 1 ' Hrown i'.alliniore W u. BowJilrh. Beaton; 4'apr. ?" Tl.t* I.Koowlt? Ualtimore; 1?. 9. Hunt. New York, who j relented the (ultuwmg reaolution*. whieli wvra 00 ui aniuic ufiy adopted : ? li<io!vid That v-c tender to I'liptaiu J 7inley : < PrkeBik. our rlir. re end hi*artf?lt Ihan'ai. for the rh : k'.nd irauner in whioh he a .? fcrrne h<m*elf toward* j *|t. and m re especially for hi* kiud treatment toj w.ird <or eli K and dyinir felb w-p*?*. 04 r* tlnee our I departure fr< in Havana. lit en-rgy and skill as a ,u | eouimandir anJ other ou.u? nunhle good jnall,i*?. sj will ever emit!* him to uur waru: ?t regard*; and we 1 tr?i?t that ti.rouirh the voyape ol lite he m .r ever r>* .,,j i far red wi'b fair wind*, and at last let go hid anchor J in the haver ol e'ernal re?t 1,1 j Iteeolted. That through Captain l^chenek wo exto > tend our warim at thank* to the ofllrers ol the Ohio. !,? | f?r tb. Ir gentlemanly and offleerlike deportment, during the pre*?nt paaeage between New Orleana and | Now York ! Hi rotted That the proceeding* of thin meeting be J j published in th? .Vrtr Yvrh Hnuti, PKilmtUlphia Pv^tic r ! }-<rf*er btUimmr .sun. and Hoston Pott <nd that a ; manuarript ropy i f ibe taine b' preaented to Captain I p,'h> nrk b* tbe iferre'ary 1- | V. WOODKOOKF, freaidant. StTt'0*Ct> ^INKING or a Stfavhoat, ? sli L<i?.a . ok Liik i n tiik Missinsii'pi.?The New Orlrana Julln ol the Mlh mat. M)IK?Wf hue*- ju?t r?(find Ikr M<owin| l< tfer by the e'^amer M trv UK Kolejr, from Dr. William Mar per,of N.itchti. We rh kihrt? b to lay K Im fort- our render*, without comat, re mcrkiiiir that the writer, l>r. Harder, t n m- gentleman in whoae tatemeuU) the utmost reliance J* can be placed :? ?" A'litiKHi. Mill. Sept. II 1>M. >' I hara good ntien to bcllrTt that a ?t?ambA?f, ?*< (} r< lal.ljr tLc Alti u) rank n?ar the lo?t ol Kill*'* tlitl* "* on Monday i. ir lit. 1'th loct and that all oa li>ard j>d f< rl-hul Oil that nitfbt I wa? called to ava a patent, >7 ! a few Billea dIMaut The wbf> r ?ui fur u? n,l (a nrgro nian ) reportej tbat he paw a flraxti >at " lick oppi utr tli? lane ju?tb<!>* the el iff' and tbat i lo roe d lll? etory ! e<>rrcborat> d by tha In ; ?t?t*Bi?nt of tan otb? r negri*#. who aay tbat they ui ill | tli? brat maklcir rery >lo? pro?re?* up th- rtr?r and a- tbit tbey beard a boIm oh l>?ard Ilk* trriMi hamm-ro i ritt. when suddenly ?he weat down wltb a loud biMtn* it* ana babMIng Bole*. and t?? wn an ui ire n >r >ai any *d oi.e mcd to escape fri m ber ThU happen* 1 ab ut trn IU 1 a clock. P M The Alton Pacifla. lirtflln Yeatratn m. 1 and Cbtrlfl Hammond were adieitlaed tu leare New n Orltaaa oa Saturday, and all earep? the AI too. w?ra L> ' Pf?n to pa#t bere b?for- 3 P M on Vnodtr It may. )<l ' In we?er. kare h?ea ab*t that Ml the .|?y t>ef ire a* tB I the ?? rnsBirg very Kluwly Toe rieer ?t that polat t0 if luppoted to be ol graat drpth a* It i* vary Barrow ll# fearerly ball a Bill* wl.le 11 ib iy I* prop-r to ret mark that I abtertoin no doubt* ol the nrh of th* 7 j almre Matement. allhoui(h H re?t? wholly on urgro 1,1 teettiuoay. K ! We wou'd add, that the aieaiiier l'.icifi; wna ?n | met on MuktUy night, by a bOit that arrivi-rt li?r?* ?y thi? morning. a ehort dia'ance tv-low KlliVa ciifTa, ie .mil it i? the opinion of the |>ilor, on th?- downward ! boat, that lh? Pacific would reach the cliff* a limn >'* ' the time the t'<ita?troph' is said to have talcn "* I pl?r? * 'J k* Ihlta, in It* evening edition, hin thf fol? lowing p?t.ikni(>b :? 1 he city w.ti to ik? hat aUroii,' ed ii>-liny by ih? circulation of * report, founded ! U| on (!??> ?ia'? ma-nt i>( home nt grnea, thai r ' hoai hwH midIi near kilia'a Clin*, on Monday, f>*l? i* inatun', wi'h ili? Io*k of all on i??ar4. The ? mw <o be the Alton Wf are ?h|e, on the larri authority, to couiradict thi* lUMnrm, w * far a* li e Alton aod I'm ihr at* com ne I Th---* 'n I... I. *.r. w i u Hy tl< m*n who urnvr <| in thr w > city ) ?* night, at leaat two hundred nulca above t* -Sail lie ? 1 - 1. 4 Ta tba Habile. ? Ttaa |r??t Ini rmtt of 1 tail) ntur C1? Iih. Mh it al.ia?aa *a<l ratal I, It at' ml' taM? auil U iha tut la^nnitai I : ha ai/la ul > ?( ha itrwao, aa lo th* (n inal 'ha in t a ? r?<* ' I a. i i.? on; lumxt ? II a J fiiV th lonakl) niatla t* >M'l ''ai'l lu.a iai ao*-jr - li uraoali) a4*ti taa thai *ah??a I m ? r- i?> alt?t t w tMa r?" laii'a la tha altn.iar tr*4* tha* aa?*: .af k?at* ia Ik* tai r4 * ?!? . I; rraatia*. M II air-, aa aailrelr " it* biai'k 'I t ill . -a* that am twin ti U? atct tlat c- tka an4 tinmai?a frm of tha n rrhiai Tall r. an4 lira ami Bift tlj-rl t al ia ?a? al <h? al >r aiof. I? It ??ll lj laraa-hat a>|t ia. ii tit lrti la rtntl't In ipiill if t' af I* thia r |? ', t. I I" an ?f a H,l; nin,l> I nai tV <koi? la larva jaaa'lilaa In lit tart t.- ! aa I lata* atjlaa 'll af k- ta?. ai.4 H.trtln?. a<l af r*l' *ia??tl?l?r a Iaa4a? i*. a t-?.i * ia tkr ruiii- latit tt> n at tk* ?- ta r* j?-r a a a- til a* ikt pen a:e it?t|t?n >1, firt .ai.i I .1 ,a In t?t ??t -mi|4. iain> i i? ina'attl; tint! latlflt a?4 laality. a*t*eltka tira tara**taii>l.i4|M ikair ia>ark*t, ,J . r ik- It ??a ata??r?t?. aa-i at ?a*a ^aittut t -* alfkv of (*r " imi I. aaaffolxtt ' -a 'iaaa>nii 'kai; h.jn I t IT I ha r t.Mt ?f III at m< r u > p. > r . ? ai ,-ari ?|. * itataii'ta'ttfair |r**< t?< ?raa a I'm nl>r|>rtaa w* a nlj n tta't *s*l ala< at all il>* 4iaila?iii,ha.l ,*t tail re aha (. Ittt via tea .* r <-i-? tl. a lallhat* < na I aar **i*ili*h a??t. a?4 aa ha efa.l-4 la i-?rerlf a t r jl, li.a-**cei' aatlaa lieai htlla -4 c1.okta? a< tt..( ltHi>t.'? tt aaltlitr all t?alara4 tka ?t)la aa4 n>akt of aar . i il.iai haa tmrl aa? tlao r.r>.?t.??.? t? k?. | >a? t?a4? ma la t%r??a?a. <tar ) "ta - i r<at|>.,aia?,a . ill|aalt4|t4 ilal lk'|ki<? It ItanMa la ! lilt orci it'll a '?ai aia? la la a ?"? ? t . 4 a-f ? iki? r-i 'ai. a aat-.? i Itlltall'il aa *l'a a>4 ?m .?lla n a?|. It ik? lalarr aal "i u it m 4a i* rail *?4 ra?i?itir < ( mt raai tw?k ra aa4 aalt.-t ata latmaa' -r i . ?a^'? i kay r* i?|r?. !! tkajr ,4 ? t 4 a 11. all ! > k traa laat- Iaa4i ta <a-hiii. la aar n.'tk fi t tl.l* 'ali a*4 al* at aa I an aiaay 4f?rrlii[: lltattf f f* r* It hirh ?rl 'a?n? ta ?a ah r 'i? I* " kat ai' I ttai.t. a?l'?a >*ri 't l ! *t. *t a aMlatiaaaa Ika Itlitl r Ktattn in 11m inritu a'ata. shirk kaaa rrratt4 ra-h a far?r I* ih* Italt. Tto ?'a ran ka i l*ra*4 aitltrn4a a?i aaklai a p?rT*r| ar4 *1- i*at aa?r 4'k.ra* 4 >i|aMl| >ii|l?rt?i I* -alar <n aithat .?/ , na? ! #14* f. ram a h*a<ia?aa r ??li iraaalix a*?< ?4 t' ? t| Haa alar ni t a for aitf T -a? r, ,t* c?-> k* f?ti? l rr a at ra tlaa. Our h"rt. a?M* n?a??? t Pill ??4 avail r r i ! r< la, i - ha..i (aa >*n 4 ral f at' fit t* th .t a h i m- l ata a 11|*' a ta aa -r a ?. *?4 n 14 hi g | ttalfaa,itaw 4j wfcnwi, ikat titn < tiatk af hi % t . . -t in mi inH ilAff t? ? (? , * I* 1r m ur Wi *lt I# r? m? f ' ri'l ?lf?f ?l <H*t 4 * v #.*?&* it th? t*?l *4 I I A4?t ?wit* #*f mtf?? iff' *w (i.t kf | rt wt e ? I of i ur V ?> I * i K ' ?'* ? ? r ? ? t f ? f 4 n? I* t? I'** ? h tn (?tir ? I?f ??|'I Htft'rf ?. te?4* i? ??l! ?n ilt? Wft t( M |<r^ .y? <i|. p r .' I ? ? or o 4n he liri'M i *i't?tr4 < It'll 'If ' ?% t K# m >fl4 It k J r'ftVM*. 11 ? * nj-hi 01. nom^t * *. 'j Ci. M. t larkr. hi or, IIS William MrMt, ** ?ill | l?? 4 t * ?i**rv |?? f#r * 1 *r d? >m? l>r? ?.f " Pr-" h Oft*, to* $'* t lift Hi i i J'< i ' Ih r * ? rf( il. r. hfif & k C . tl" I njr ml ??ll It I* I > >! *r.4 ??n >. ?t ?i aiili i ??r? Ml I putt. I think II ? aill l? fn' t ik" '* t? tail The iratan iliat ? mI'uuim'i llal? arc ?np*> ri. ? t? ?n? - -r? t? Ha* Ttrt, li tktl. If * jaOHona ?r? * nrrtn < ?t, tl>? inrMtntt ?h?f? >a llir pr-ft* of th# : * I 'i ti ttftf m?n h lat*(\?i*4 i* pr -lae'nf t w <1 t in t ! ! ?(. Il<* will iMkatl it *1 f I l.p S.<- ?? > ?i. In* tM ? ry W?t M< I.' ii?. , I i| fi?iii?.?Ili>*lt'? llil??lniia li (jiilliprnJ |H ' i m ? ,1 . t ?. ? ? > -???> I. ? ! S*t Mliil. I ) '>'!" ni'iir ti 'f >k|n t 'K iiri f ' ' '1 it .Tl ?f 4 fc-11 lh? ,? 1 r. t | i <)' ? P??l? 77 It l r R.-.i.,n ? ? v i [ I i.t n ? ?< . ?fiM, n i' ioi *< ? ?? ( ' * *"' < i J itr ???*?. I J oat Hwel'-ed, fr?m A cUoh, lOO Ov?r< HI tel. Drit, lid Browt, at ti weh. Fifty float I, IS lo rati ot Nuui aid BiAmu itetiu?>S Suit ?tor?. Tbe moil nqmUlU and aupcrbljr mad* Gar??nU for ehildr?u that arc (tea In thi* couatry. ar? r] fri?m the *?t*t iiehn: nt of J. Finn dor*, 47 Nimau street. Ho fca? oitr $>.K0 worth < .* %hiidr??'e olothtn* in aiore. a in" a#: I whitb ere neuy entirely new etylee, worthy the ftttentioi; g of fft?iiie?of fMhiou. fttlea by tko tingle suit er p*ckft4e? 1 Dr. Wlicflcr, (h'ullit, IM Barclay street# J devotea bit attention to tliM.iaaa ot the |wt snt( to the ieavrtioa of Artifioifcl F.yaa, wkich he nu jnet lMp?ri*tl "J from 1'arta, of an iu'rri irako and auparior quality. * They will to supplied or inx rted nn leaavmbla ttraw. Otlioo htura, fttm V A M to 3 o'clock. P. M. Or. Jurnri W I'owtU^rullimAwtat.Aei devotee bit attention exclusively ta diseaeea of the ftru aad Ear. from 9to 4 o'olook, at ?il Broad way, eitrUM% Wairan at r?*t, where can be had hia popular "Treatiea on the K)e," third edit on, pnoa 9*) ??ate: aluo, bia Salf-jLatlaet Ky< and Kar fanntaise. Artiloial Byes inacrted. Rcmrmhrr illll, lite UlaUtablt, at Ne.Ut , Naaaau, corner of Pine itreet, weettaflrat, ardiathaonlp ! on* who deriatea from the old, diegaatiui, monotoaoaa ay?-. i tern of rottltg arery paraon'a hair aad wniekera alike, wl'lw ' ont retard to a difference ?f features, abat e*. Try Bill; be ever cecfurma to all the** rev nine. IIair Uya.?BaMDalai'l Oexaln* UfaM Hair Dye. aau inly be prvonrad at tba m-aufactory. f Walii treat. Thepnbliai oaldnuard agaiast imitation!. St* mj> varione tipiomae. Persona wkoea hair hataaacaad a kail Svlor from U.? na: of the imitation dyea. can bare It >?r? ( tad ky eaUiag tr ak"v* Pave the addrtaa. Wl|? and Toupeaa--Another Medal had been awarded to Wa. BatoheWr, far the beat Wiga aad T??? - ?i. Tbe public are invited te inspect hie aew etyle foR ?. et BATCIIILORS oelebraud Win raeiory, 4 Wall it. 1 He k?-ne the lar*?et an' beat aaeertateui ia the aity. Goes , theaadraaa. Vrevkiea, Tan, lallowaeae, Pliaplea, Biepn *>' ?. www - nun ?IW IV i* wm taowi, ?r 'J tr n?;uf Gouraud's Itsliaa Medioated 6oap. Tfc? I P<ni?w*? aur tile eradicate* hair from any eart of ih* tcdy., . IAC tV'?ic? for t-ale lip1 and cheek*. Lily H'hitef or rf*nj|hf, I ftu feed, ?lujyti?h eoinol'i*on* at <57 IFnlker atreet, flrvttiocv (r -a Kr*adway. Cali^^r. Mouth Third at., Philadelphia. Truaactf, Shoulder llmcei, Abdominal g?p^ porters, tloay Ii?*lr?. MiKponterv, liuudniea, ttc., etc. OrsV twenty differ*lit kinde, of the aio*i approved maken. ?a?k' ing the largest arid b et aaaorttntnt in the city, for *a!o ' y I CHAS. fi. kJNO, Druftjiet, 19*2 Bread*ay, eorner ?i J\ ho I street. Mr? Ilemult - Ifiar Sir, Allow mc the 11"lerijr of eaHinp, tot <?m> your attention, but thatefvour c&dem, to the wmJoHuI dUoovery of Mr Tatbot Wat*. 1 have Keen attenleil by eotne of the tire* phdfieiaaa >u th<ji rity. for Ner\< or Del"lit> and broken ooneiitntion. without} f eft'itmr m.) * >.,??, an<l one bottle ef Watte* Vervou* Anrt? dote reetor* * me tc j>?jff? end ro).u?t hetl'hia a few day" . . I reinaia d ?r i rfully, M. I, Gedw-p. *rehite*t, i'-. Thirtrentn Mrtet. > b. I rhoulu noi have uk?n thU ItIcrtv.fcnt the or ieem * or. I might eev. the faaatioien of. llr Watt#, ia Mi*' ii?i that it ?iil n -k^ite ova way from ita wcadtrti.l ooelitt** ai?nt-. without hie endoavera to ad-* , vtrtii-c i*. ii ui.n> tie. tor tie biuefit of uty tello A-stiteiere, to do eo.?If. L. G. HI :ea a Om | t ort f.ivtr Oil Cantljr. The alehyioi^te < I . 1H i.u?l t to traaemute everything tl< - ft t"U<"h?"<1 M V fe(| haa luteeedoi b* tter 1 h.<n ile alchyan?t?, in diecoverin* % remedy by alio ' u ? * a?-< i> tran?n<ut*<i Into health, and Uila rcmedj ip hi i i I.:.. r i?;i 'enf'y, vhieh m the reiamly of j the a^e?havirr | r ^ ed ot va?t aei vice in all caaea where it has l*cn ui d for the curp oi too ;h?. Cold?. Iuflueniap, an A all aPeoiiona of t*-i t|,roit an 1 i h?*at To the a?t9niahmeut; t f an or *!??t*\ er c??k a t r- |- ot t od Uv-t Oil, th?s caadjr ie perfectly jilatatle B-.o our friend* wlio w?eh to put? chehe most !-taai?* of < Mitittrf* it*. f..r atk, wholesale and retail A. B *. l? Saud:i. 100 Fnlton etrr.?t: Joht* Milhau, l4.i l<i? ad*?.. at the Ajtor and Ixviug Uouee *lrak. pwrat, Md mom \ n A M K r. BvnvAt, Bapt. 22?6 P M Duilog thr r * k, the ttock laarktt has beon mora e vetted tliun *? have nollre 1 at any time within the preTtoua t\x fijt'tiihii Prices hive rapldtj a I vanci-4. aa<l tin trartactlun* Lave b*ea exceediDgly large. Hprcolati^D liMe already breii t irrted to aoon* Idtrable elU ut; outeidrra bhve agalu ba me fairly izcbnt d with the h| irit of tb game, aud we may lo?>lc for an inflation tar h**^oiid that already eKiatlug. So | far a> tb. -ictuM T*lii? <-f certain 'tucks, which haro advanced during the pa?t week ?cT?rU per cent. is conJ ctrnrd, ?> Lh?.' at prefmt nothing to say We could i t>nlj repeat what *? bare so (r?<{U?ntly stated, an<3 Btako rain effort* to stem the current which is so stiorgly sttting foeard* a Hood. Speculator* do not ; (top to ii.^uir afcetl'er any fanoy stock it rralljr worth [ what It la celling lor, tbey oa!y want to know If tho | n, a: k< t value is likely to increaee or not. and guvero th?m*elv< a< kordlngiy. Al! who involve fh?m?elveB lu any ol 11.. iu. feel cocOdent they will get ont with m handsome profit betore the re-action take* place and they therefore rp-rate fenrlnsaly, and. a? thi y believe, ui derstacdlDjily. All these thing* have occurred be tor*. abd will rcour s/hIq. The runlt U ea*y to bu seen; fcullt la undoubtedly a great way off That tb?r*> ,s a basis for ao upaard uionmnt iu nil kind* of etocks. erery one a ho has cloeely watched the course oi' vents mui t almlt. Tbat ao important Inflation wlU be realise J. ?e have net the slightest doubt, and that; the ultlaaaU ve. ult will be siaiiar to all movements of a similar character, la as certain as the riving of tho j snn. l>nrlog the past thr<e years pnblla affairs throughout th* world b*ve been lo aa excited unsettled (tatc. I'or more than two j ears Europe wa? convulsed with ! revelation*. Everything connected with OnauMa and conmtrelal affurs was deraoi?d and prostrated; confidence destroyed ; the mereantila and mechanic** classes binkrupted. and rnin staring every one la I the fare Although such a state of thing* ahroa .t advanced the credit of American stocks, and Induced Knroptao capitalists to Inveet In the** largely. It n.ora than offset whatever b?n*fltc were derived fr<?" I su*h investment*. by destroying the beet markets for | our product*, and restricting commercial operation* i generally. *" sooner had the revolution* in Kun.po I erased and things b>gan to avaume a better shape, ! than onr awn political affairs became agitated, and tho public mlod highly eicited For nearly twelve month* wa have apparently been on th* eve of a revolution of a more terilble character than tho-e of a Kuropaan origin?one which would h??? aHonl?he<3 the unl?er?el world. and Mtin^uhb il forever th* light id republican!.m for nearly twelve month* we have l>e#n in daily apprehenilon of a rupture whioh would bar* rprted all th.> horror* of a eltil war beoadta?t through tb* land, and bav* annihilated on* of the ui' At b?autilul political fabric* *?*r ! by litn All tble i> pa-t In on* ahort week all daa|?r disappeared When mm tegaa to r*a*on togei tb?r ticilenret <ubi!4rd, and the ?<oonJ *o??*r | thowf bt opebrd th* Je? nl all parti** Comprotnl** I bream* th* order of th* day. an I all tb* dlffleuttlar wefa amicably adju*t?d. and th* vari?ue <|U??*.lon? at E Imu> w< r# arranged In a tplrlt ol e< ncillatlon Titer* nev*r ban been period in tb* political hietory ot thl* coaatry. when tl><?# vital juration* whirh Itai* to olten threatened di<?<'iatloa-which h?v* been from time to time patched ap and temporarily put to r*at have been *o * 'Ufactorlly arranged a* during thu pr< *ent teuton o| t.'oigreM Tb*y h*v* k??j per mi ally dl?r?'?a of Th?y cannot by any poeaiblllty com* ap again In any thap* and. fr-m thl? time forth to epprebra?ioa need be rglfrltinad relative to tb* ceatieu*a*e of oar|lortou* confederacy, ao far aa th* ?lar?ry qne>tioa I* c< n-ern l It I* tkU qneattoa. mor* tbaa any other wulth ha* *?*r afIt*' ?4 tb* pablic mind, ibat be* deterred th* ?aplt*li*t* of turt|e frva ia*>*?laf their capital la oar aaeurl'le*. or en. ploying It la th* dUerent department* 1 af lada>lry witbia oar limit*. It la tiki* qaeatioa that ! ha? attrac'.ed ifce att.-uMn ot Knr< paan politician*. ! aad beea Je*igaat>-d a* t he rock ?p?a which ear li ra af goverrmeat would wpllt Bat tvr th* Mlsf **Ming betw*-n different **ctl"?? ot tb* I nloa which aa InceMaat agitatioa <4 thla p object crafted, it would not bav* lejuired a reroiution la lipiyn, ehlch threatened tt. pro* tret* every monarch, aad i fova>ra*?Bl to k?? luraul tk* ?li ?f rspltal* j Ittile ror ittiuiUN. *nd f< aiprli? l ii? "? hitii^ iao ?y to plat* It )m ra i<w ?*fo k*?pia( Rirk eoitjfift I ??al4 kaf? k??? lb* *r?ult of our unproc* lant* J pro; fc*T?M aad pr ?p.rl!y Oar ?n?|J aot. i bit* Wra KMliriid <?ml't r?-' tt ?n.l tiikotih ' ?<>t f?ll> ?ot^4 t > <-"6(1 J< o'? rtill ?.,J rai*r j tkaa tk**a bf Enrop*; Jurioj th? . *i?t- nca ?| poiulI aal rvvoiattoar W? matt. Iinff-r. )? tt?flv| *lth tb? ff?lt wlth?at aakljilPK tk'? <! skuh kitrvpr it. W > I r?tmt ?p<r? Hi w ?ko Iff 1(4 llllai'i); |n|iMt?to4 1th out t iitk?l iD-tltiiilm . who t?.lf do not >11d?r?UM ear toim < ( gwaraaMSt. to r .nipi?!>?o J It" 1 itn?|tk M Htitti'i tM nml'iiM* in It* lability that ? ? aw< n? our t>mn p< rp lint 111* ti?-? It at>? far wh< n tb" ? Who !.?? h-f?tor.?r? 4??U?lW r??f)ih g rl;.-. ?ir>* fro ? t'lK ?!! ?>f tho AIIM.'IC. Hi: I , ??rlii" ?UP|1 T(?" Tl<? iniih vf ?hl# MWtUni I* rt I by ?1?' <1* I |n?tlD> (k?t tl>|?a f Irrtwtf |: t l?.? 111* h'l't ' t# ?n i ? Kicdtll/ ?xp*rt*neia< it? full for?? Mte tr?rtrr < A- l'>r.p.?n i* tr?a?<r.rr#?? t ?>a* ?h???- ?l. !i r ( r iiint||<(| lu nar ??ffnrl? , tir?, or lor i m| I ?B)' at ' ih? ??r:-u? j jr?ait? ol la1 Janry MMM I rtrni* ?i'h It it will oal l># I n ' k-l >r? Ul? V>4f f"ll"*? Is Ikl* ?.ijr rauit ?t- r 4r%W a<ro?? || th<- At'.tfttlc *n ia>|>< riM>t and valaatl* ?! ? of Rraat> I; brr->a* lb* *# .'.M??t Mtl'?a> H In thr An n ra iaUiilgrnaa r'ark?a Katop* that til <*tr [ elitlral tf!W;fii't|.-? hat* b-rn ?. i?!a- ./rtlf ?n1 p-r aoiiil; *ti!?l 111ib? ilttw; 41 ? <>!>. par* llrvlati; La* U?a ^raiirull; >yu-<*'l; itet

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