Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1850 Page 1
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w i r. t H NO. 5956. <rv / DOUBLE SHEET, ntw yoiik in a pmuiiiiit. THE SPLIT IN THE WHIG PARTY. ADDRESS OF THE RATIONAL WHIGS. Opinions of the Two State Organs. BY V.OUl'8 MAUNKTIC THf.EGRAPH. Bt*acv*k, ^ept 30, 1850. The underlined delegi nto? whig convention h.'ld t Syrscuko on the Utttti Ai d 27tli day* of September inttant, for the purpoiv of n< minatiag a Uoveraor and other State c(7io*r< having b-en compelled to withdraw from the convention. an t withhold their approba ion f Ha proceedirgn, have >!??iu?d 1% proper to tubmlt to your co??i<ieratlon, a ?Mt< nient of th? reasons that lave impelled them to thin ourie. It wai evident, upoa the aartmbling ot the cmrenlion, that It waa dlvid-d iato two partiei. one of wblch woa cninpoaed f those who embraced thu peculiar priuiiplea, and retarded with extraordinary favor the p >11 < ieal course of Mr W? II. Seward one of the Senator* from the State f New York, in the Congress of the Ualtal State*, j while the opposite parly repreunted the opinion of that clare which, wtiiie rioignUing the Individual ' referred to. an a wl !p, holdlBj an euinent poiltlon do ; .vA..u v??u*n u|?u luv>viwua luuit iiupuriani /htn ?ap that dirlJe the political partlea of the oonutry witli fentimt-nta the reTerite of approbation It *|ra aooa appeared tLut a majority ot the memberi *? ? cl the former clasBet?<m (encBi thu* differing, 1*. la obvloui there wa? but one baaia of union, neither party could reu- I onably expert to degrade the other, by requiring it to | abandon it* prinolplea on queatlona whera dltferanret ' listed, but both might unit* without forfeiture of ?alf reapvet upon tueh principle! aa were held In ' ooiin. It waa accordingly upon tqU baal* that the Mndt-ralgaed eoaatantly labored to preaarra andaaoure , the anion of the whig party of thia Htata. Immediately after tha p?rm?nuat orgaaiaatlon ?f ' the coareatkn, a committee of eight waa appointed Io prepare resolutions for lt? adoption, four of the t members of thla aomaltto* were appointed trom the minority, and the olhur faur were aelecLed by the ma- [ jorlty, and nominated by the I'realdant at thair , ?*<iaeit. Thia committaa. aftelr a Ion* ie?l?? do vhsch autters ?pon which difference of oplnlaa existed were frinkly and fully dlaou?*ed agreed upaa a ft of lecMutlooa, tn wliioh all the member* of the omslttn ellb a single exeeptioa, fully concurred. i The dissenting nionilx-r, who waa of the mnjority farty, wai willing to give his aseent If an addition , should be msde to a eiiigl.( r< solution, whieh addition hit three rolksgut t ti th? taiuc par'.y, believed to be , 'limnitfriil, and it was lelt doubtful, when the com* smittee adjouraed, whether he would net, belore ths report wae made, make hie assent uno >nditioually, so 1^*1 Ruck report might b* unanimous. Cl'he *fn resolution* thua ngreed upon were pubed ia the HtraUi last Saturday ] Whea these resolutions w,t? reported to the coavtatioa, tliey wera received with great and very general applause, and. with rare exemption*, satisfaction teaaiug in every lace at the proep*ot of hartaoay and I totted action. It was u'4 long. kowuver. before a maligu laflueace, >7CClriJTJsSt S3 Si*?U from the metabers ot the conventica as trom other* without it, ana et.ieh waa constantly at work to distract the oouveatiou, and thereby divide aad defeat lbs whig party, began to exhibit itself under the prompting of r?rl*iu individual*. Symptoms of dissatisfaction were mauiftsied. aad a motioa was insie aad carried te lay the resolution* oa the table fur the rurjio,* of proceeding to the aoiul? at ton ol candidates Tail motion however, wis stated aad csrried. not | aa a tret qaeetion on the resolution*, but as having reference only to the order of business, sail when it was repre-eated to tht minority that titia proceeding ] left them ia iaaoranse as to whether tliu resolution*, framed la a spirit of coiuprouilr* w. re to bj adopted. ' or whether other* waro to he substituted, to which they roald not assent or submit the convention refused to i>roceed to the noaiinatlon of a candidate. Jkttrr Making lb* laeolntloiiii tha ap?rWl order oo tha j a/arnibltar "f the ecnacntinn Hit oi it oanlog and Ibrrthj |j tIof tliam ptr?rd> Dr* Ofrr tha uooiluatlon ?bay .? madia taly adjourned ARrr the adjourns*'!*! of the convention. tha dalo- j galea ( tin- majority party m> t t?feiUar, sod Ml la | HfH4 ir?l?> till lata hour of tba aitfbt. Th- [ am) raign. d wrra not permitted tn bo ftrtcant, eaan at i Xrtatora (>a tha aweoiMInK ?f the ronranUto la | foM(o* of tbU day, tba alTi-cta of Ibia eitraordl 11; yrtri rllnn veil ui?iifr?t Tha tpirit of harnoay 1 afta?4 to hate fled lT.>a? tba majority Th.y?ot?l 1 IdffUv and tatod together anhdiy and impenetrably { rcTarmnz tha |,ro<-?.a<li"gt of tb? pre<-a*iiog day. Thai laid ta? imcIiI order on tit* tablr. and prcotfdwl to tba aoailnallon randi<Uta? Afi-i tb>a bunlaaai. ?u acaplrted car of tba luaj <rlty (Mr fornvi-lli Intradarvit a aerie* of raaoiatloat wHu-b U Is pre aumed were agreed up< n In raneiti th* pretoj* al|kt, ail which ha noted a. a aubr*.ltutr (ur tkc reaolaUoaa raparte4 by tba coiannttee. To aoaa of tfeeae reeAiutloae tha itnderrtgned vara itraafly tppaeed, for tha r> aaoa that th -y o< a>t ier d thrtu ai lin- 1 >|)la| cai i>K' upon t b rr> et-imt ?n 1 bia cabinet. au I a<unt< aaaeiog a renewal ot U.a Flat. ry agitalioa Tba acbatita>e together with the original rxaoiuMona vara, after an appeal. allowed tn b>- reoouias it.trd t > the Committee ra Keeclationa to which eight In number vara added, but It vaa aonn apparent that tlila ae^eaaina arai oar of Mrai and net ol ...l.atanre Tha three member* of tha committee who had varmly aupportad th? com prom lac rtaolutione npp?*ed tb- m now Tba iub tltute ol Mr Corn well vaa Inalated on. withoat aay a.leratlon that rendered It la tha allf hteat degree mora arrepUW to a#. The roKtnttt-e were Uiut unable to agree, and ra actl<4 that fact to tha contrition, wbeu lb* reaolutioa* of Mr Coravell vara taken up tn 1 paaard Upon their pa?it g. tba uaderetga?<i latt lha convention, aa tba a bad bereto.ore fieen actlce tbry Intended to do Tbu it appeal a taat th* a iirority w >ald have b?ea Allilad with tba paaeing ol tba rtaotationa, and raaa artlaf all Ik* principle brrr'otor- ?"?-rUd by lk> whi?a al N?? York lurn >i| night bar* bMnproI. Mill Ik" alitja ha?? rootlauMl 'laurd. J*l with lull kaowlrdgr that tho r oav^uonra would l?l ? ctaaioa from the coavmtlua. m. I it (llrtdoa of tha party, th?j lnalrt?d ui/t>n an tatr.xlurtlon of matter felgkly r(J?a?i?a to tha uilanrUy. aud c. rta.n to pro duar din union aud ila'aat Tbr, uta raaolatlom ol Mr P'.rn??|| to which ctyaatlcm warr t-nWrtain-d. war# a* f< Uowa t. KwhHl, Tliil ?kla oanall"*, rwfwlllH tknaa wka ka?? aaa)aia- 4 wklf rtlaalplaa with ?< ' ard?r la m?. f?rliy ai la iilittdif, MaMli tka ayi-ariaaity a<? aft. r?4 for maklr * ?<fi?? nf raaaw* i r?uklan. a la tha yr?aant aanaaal almtantrtlioi aid lb tk? a Ia4eaa aa'l aDIearr wltk vtifk It kaa adalalitvrad tiia garrraaaoat, a>4ar airaaaataaaaaal aaainl aa karra'am* a i ana diflkaahy. ? B?a?l?a4. Tbat whila wa laaiaat *arfly tha lrr>paratla I ? ?< m eklaf au-<-ra<a. ftaa. /.wharf Tartar, ai a nMa ta aar aaaatry'a klamrj wnah hia rlaar In Jfiaaat aa4 lana kriaaaa aa?a<4 at yaaaha'ly 4a?i;. *4 va aaal. aa4rni llaaii fortaaata fat tka aatma tkat kla |da?a l? a 11*4 ky ft awr Hill *? 4la?la?nlaha4 aat aapaMa aa Millar! flUaor*. la wbaa* aiaartaara. IMali y, aa4 aaliaHtaa-4 atataaaaaakjy. tka yaapta -t Hew f*rk bata UiaW I* ra*,%?r f iff t. tta**l tt4, Tkat rar thaaka ara a?*.alallr 4aa la ?h* a. W. H. *aaa>4, far tka Mjaai ahali'y a.4 *4allty witk akiak kt I aa aa*tataa4 i* ?k> I alt*4 fttaaaa Saaata, thaaa b*l?? d atiarlala* af fak'la foliar .a laa? rlianahad ky tha wkl*a >? tka ??|-lra Mala. ?tf ?a?? I la *?at* aa4 *<i*aty *?a?aa?l?*a, aa wall aa la tha ??t*a aa4 laatraatlaaa ?f aar stata Laaialatnr*?tfcaaa prlaHplaa ara *ala*atir aaUaaal aa4 rayah iraa, Waaaa thay ara Jaat a?.l a^altaMa ?. I*arlrr4 That lha a4a>l*?ivn *f i'alif..rala lato tha I'aiaa. aa a Slaka. aa4 trltk a fraa can*tltaU*a. aa*U aritk ar kaartr aafftkaiioa ; aa4 aa * larrltarlai (aaaraaaat I* aaubLM (at Naa Malta* a?4 L't.h. witkaal any praklkl * ? ikti aUtairr li l???l kf atk*r niih, it I* iha Hlni Mlflf '' "ttnii <* **t*a4 tk* J>ta?nii>i Iftr UtH > '!' <' !?4>Mti? Itll llirn* M I???1#n'?rr a*r>na4a ta llkelj t* W iaiMawl lata tb* "* P. Ttal w* ?w?lf tka Murtl *Mdlda<*a ft Ik* >*irr?.**? of tk* p*oal* If ikia wmilM. I* Ik* 11*4 *n4 n?|tU* >?PMI M tk* wkl?a *1 >? Tut. kimi ?f 4iatla**i*?*4 aMIftr aai worth) of nakl*?lafc*d r*p?tatl*a. *f tr?* ?4*iu? i* th* ri'-.pW* of Um aka r*"f. **4 u k*lag **?*?ali/ naali*?4. la a*ary r**p**t, la* im ki(k aaJ bu?.r?M* trait far wkiek tkay tan tkl* Of V**a a*l*-t?d. HI. >*a?l?*4. T?it tk* wklga of Kaw r .fk ha?* *aa? l*ac* la tka k*w*?i pwrp***a aa4 a*'rt?M' ki?ii*>* wkich ial< ?<ai*4 ika w kig na?m?< iraa I mm thka hum la th* fa4**ml lagiat alar*. vkll* aaaiarra* ia< aaatura* l.ata '-a?a t|llaM la ik* ptaaaat Ca?(rtM Any aa* al aU aaatanaat with put III aaaata will at nadrrataad "bat *r* tka * IB ba/raaai ag ,n*aiooa aliaJ'd t? la tha alitk raaolatloa of Mr. Oorawoll. ao4 tk* rlgbtb raaolaKlon at tba tomaltt** K-l-r?ar* la had to Iba bill* for aaUUI<hl>i( territorial gr>?*rnia*nta la *?? Mailea and Utah aad tka bill for tba *?ttl*ai*til of Ik* boaadary *1 Taui and *?f*rltll; lo tb* latur m*a?tar* Th. Poal.laat of th* L'altol JM?t*a rarrmm?nd*d tb* **ttl?ia?nI of tb* (oilmran; ratallr* to tb* bmaadary of T*ia* by filing a Ha* bf a|r**a*at af lb* part)**, aa I ailoatag at *<|Nlval*at la ?<'B?T %r> Tria* tor tb* territory to which ah* tarr*adara**i bar elai? Thtrt?-*a a big (r-pf aaalatl*** froaa tb* Stata af >i?l ork ?nt?d f?r a bill Iraaad la arroHiae* with th* policy of t' *> Pr?*ld*at. Tb* wblf iaaalar aad alit**a ?ht< r*pr*M.ot*ti??a from Maw Vor k ?nt*d agalaat th*t bill la th* aplkl?" of ?b* andara<ga*d, tb < IV>ald*?t aa<l tba lblrt*?a "big r*pr*??t.t?tiT?a who ?appor??d lila w*r? rlfbt aad tb* *nator and tba aliUoa whig r*pra**a'ailT) who itt.l agaiaH ib* rraoaaiandad?a af th* Prraldaat. war* wroag N?T*rth*l*a*. th*y war* wllll*? rli k*r to oaalt r*f*rr?r* to th* <<aaatloa *attr?lf . or If It w*ra rafarrad to. to ar'trd parity of mot It* toaJl.wltkoat pa*?lof jadga*nt nn th* ia*rtta of tb? oaoatloa Thl* ll wbat waa don* by tb* 9<>(aaaltlaa la Ibrtralablb raa>tatlna; and tb* a|>aotan*na? aad aabla**?d ** * of tb* cnaraatlon aa ta th* Jaat a*** aad fhlr?<*? *f that *our? waa dl>play*d In a aiavb*d aiaatwr lor It waa raralaad la tha iaagnag* < a r*??ri.r wltb |<ro|. ag*d aad d*at??lag apilaa*. abl*k talily ?h<?k tk* r*p*rl*r a tabt* Hat wltb vkto Up IIt tkihar l*?f wba iirtelrd It* E NE h B?Jofti?. were not natUflecJ The/ were willing te allow bun- *ty of purpoee to oth^rc, but ?her In fitted Upon a dlrtinot approval ef the couri-o of Mr Seward, ai.d a ronarijut>?.'l crn-ure of tkoMi who differed frotn him Td f kie tli* itni4u**ia??.l -? -1 a ? ? ? UWU<<<VIWV<1 i'U<liU LI U L CWU1VIU Tbey ronld not ruu .enl to rvfTik* thou* whoa tliif bWieve to iiavv b*en right, and to praiie thine whom they b?ileve ta have bwo wrong, they woultf not <lo tb i either directly by their votes, or indirectly by ao(luiesien# in the proceedings of the convention? They oid not choose. tor the sake of putting a crown of ,;lory on the head of Mr. Ueward, to stamp with c<>D?rnirntloa tbe President of the United States. and Furh eminent whl?? m Henry Clay and Daniel Web- I sttr Could they have done this without bolng recreant to their principle* and troacberous to their friend*''' The spirit that nnim<ite4 the lealoti in this buslnen Is well Illustrated by the declaration of one of them, that "the OLe hundred guns tired by the order ot the whip CI uiniiltee in the city of New fork must be answered by thia convention. The vote for Sir. Seward *11 th:s autwir to the gnus Qred lor Henry Clay atMl tb? I lit n " When from all the wlilgs In Oongrixa and n tbe Union, one Is selected tor a special laudation I', bum be for soaethiu; marked and par ticulor In his course. It would be rain to deny that this ?iupb?tic commendation of Mr Reward, cspecislly. >n the circumstances under which It was giveu, has reference to his course on the nuuject of slavery. it would ro forth to the coiauiou understanding of m n as a mtnction ot hii peculiar opinion* I * NMM as an incorporation ot th?n? into the orred ol the wh'g p?rty. The design to convert the whig ]>?rty ot this State into an abolition party, or, rather, to destroy the whig party and build up an abolition party on its ruins. Is also manifest in the adoption of the seventh resolution of Mr. Cornwall Tbe con promise rnolutl. ns. while they assert the well known doctrines ot Nurthern wbiga ou the subject of slavery, aciiulesce tn the settlement that has been made.'and dlscounten.itwe agitation: but the ruaolutlon adiptcd by tbe convention point* tn a renewal of agitation, and wonld have b- ?n followed. If aasenlrdto by a re-agltatlou of the Wilaol proviso la every eouuty In the State. Ot the two points of difference between ns and our opr .Bents, the o?e relates to persons, und is transient. It Is a <|vje?tii n of personal honor - a (j neat ion of tide try 10 iii'du*- a |u??uuu 01 (landing 07. or abandon ii n men. wh ia our juilgmeut h*?- -to I '.7 their country at a dangtrouit rrbii. The otber different I* ditturenca of principle, and li permanent. Ktjoieloj at the restoration ol baruion7 and the pacification of the country, that have followed the parage of Mr Clay* coinpromise bill!, we xtand hy the settlement made therein and we are opposed to all attempt! to dltturb it. Our opponent*, on the other band, are n?t eatwfed to l<t the mailer rrat, but insist upon renewed agitation. They have aougbt to convert the machinery of party to the attainment of that and I We have reeUted. reaoiutely, tlie 0rat attempt to da tbla , and that re*i?tance vat uec?Mary. when, and where and in the manner in which it wa* ma le But lor tbut movement, the whig party ol thla Bute would bave be< n irrevocably loat in abolition agitation , or. rather, there would bave erased to be a whig party In the Btate ? ! New York. If, from that convention, tb're bad walked but ten men?If there had walked but me?with tbat man would have been the whig paity of the T'nlted State*. The undersigned have not felt themselves xathoriix J to bled thoie thvy rrpreaent, by elthtr aiaviitlng to. or repudiating tb? nomination* thut hava b?an made The candidate*. mo*t, if not all of them, wa believe to be oouud national whig*, and apposed ta the action of the majority in the Hjracu.e convention; but their poiltlon I* at precent ambiguona. They may accept the nomination.! (imply and unconditionally, thereby hlnrtlng tbem?< ive* to support the principle* declared at tlie Hyracuro convention; and In *uch caae (bey would not probably appear worthy of yaar lupport; or they may deeline the nomination altoge- , tber; or they may place themoelve* before the people i* iidepcnU'-nt whig candidate*. broad national (round*. In any event, a necessity eii*t* that the trua whig* if New Tnik*hould epeak for them*elve*. Wa have, heiefore appointed a committee, with instruction* to nvite lha whig* to a Pta'e convention, to be h-ld at mrh time and place a* tbey may denn eipedlent. It I* nat for us to anticipate the action of that eonven:icn When ar*?v>bled. they may adopt the pre*?nt candidate?, or tbey may repudiate them, or they mty nominate candidate* of their own. a* may he aoat aiKdiert. under circumstance# then exleting Donbtes* they will feel it inmmbent an them tad for tbl*. f f. r noil in* e]?e. a < on vent ion le necessary to daelara to their bralbraa throughout tbe fnieii th-lr principle* an J aenliment* on point* In which they hava been >ttreprr**nted tn S*yr*,*ua?; to vindicate tka'cUin of Mr iilliootr to the attention and confldenca of hi* eountrvmen. and to thank-ira in *unh word* a* the ?craiii< n demand* for the wWdom, patriatlain. and rcaraga ha hu difj iayrd in iiuletly avtlllng eeclioaal comtroTcr?le?, ?t? rtln^ war. >uJ preterTlng the Union. IliMTflM. Fhkii Hiinin. M L Con Williix 0. Ili)inii)ri. OtLn I> Thomas Cttnin. lumn. Oi.m?*?. Wll.llAV Dl'U. JoN* 0. ? LLTMAS John T. Bum. K' uiu Utirii. Ituti Tuattn. (I. T?? CaMcrit. Hum Ruim. trnnvi .Iimii Wood, Wm. T. MirttllL. K K Jcwitt. J??ir? Dkwkt. O. L Hiitiimii. I 0 Bimii. V B SrisoiA. JtMM V?i Oiurf. Prih? L Iloarrw. VftLutu J mil K TuoMreo*. M K. Bauwca. lioatar J ('olu.1I. JntarH I ln?in. Wil l I4M II Sr4Baa. Ww. U TtxilMLT, Ptm >i. V. Ban lot. Jttin 8 Oi'imt. I. U HoTcimif, Ji Lkoi?*? Srta*. T. I. OlIiTtllK. t K ll*T>* K H. I V. N. V?i?<NiL?. (The iVovf addre?? wai renriired o?er M*r?c'a Naw Tirk Albany and HulTala line in on* hour thirty two iiDt>a. on on* ?lrt commencing at twenty-tbra* mlnutea pa?t nice, and ending at five minutra before eleven o'el"?k It waa a-ot by J 8 Brown, chief operaior at A .bany and r< cch ed by J A .'ohnhtoa of the tfflca In thia city ] I cam. ro* tuk wnn conykrrro*. Tli* wbl#? of the flute ut New lark who deiira to malt.tain th. ir rocneotlin with the whig party of tha Inltad State*. and who are opuoaed to tha action of tha 1 Convention. rec-nNy held In Hyrncuee In ?on>lennlnc I the cour?* of I'reetoent Hllniore and hW cabinet and In peeking to renew agitation on the Iibjcet of alare ry nr? rxjneeUd to alret delegate* for a 8taW Oonren- I tlon. to !< h?ld in I'tiea on the 17th day of October lart. Each county will aand an many deb-gate* aa II la tnllUad to alret aienibcia of Alterably. cwmmitti* wjlma* ncra. wili.iamo.iiasbrocck, IHANCI8 OKAKOIR. DAN'L. ULLMAN. joiin t. bt 811. ? in at'\T mn\a rwv m ITIII l\? It AI.H41T. VTi' Ai P?*v Sept JO -1* M. Tbe J a? nml of tkla evi nlnj rtaea not aaaver the nrtMs i f the h'iMtr, M hu 'll?r?ver?4 a mirr DMt In the talegtapble Hr Puller ?ent Weat laat Fitirdi; telling tb? piyn not ( 'ndorw tb? finrsir ruimtlnl Tb? .trfni nj wr both rbucfcllrg ?o 'I aaylng at.ij boy." TL? r? In eonaidarahl* in town In rrlllloi to tb* removal of Haaettot, and the app?Vntm?nt of Joarphkl4d W <* alio h?? the minor of the appoint j meal of a new failed 8tat*-? Marshal la ibaNoMbara dlatrlrtot tbe Btata ufKew Vork, vlca Talmcr T. Ket- i loag otitic* The Ae. edited by one of tba cu?t?ai kouaa iff rtau raUa tba convention a ping anas." Tba Rrfitrr baa aaotbar atrong leader again at tba j yraruia romatloi, Meaara Dirr k t'a. will laava for Naw Tvrk elty taBrirov. lha plaa of orgaaiiatk<a M the national vhlga. la ta call auirlot mar* convention* lnat*ad of delegate* (too each town. fca Mr Hunt a letter. I ani?ntan4 will ?ppaar In to aiorraw'i pap?r* IT MAIL. ?PfVIOJIS PF Till! Oia.txa. (From the Albany Bvaalng Jaaraai. I#a?ar4 or fan) Rapt S* ) Wf a*k the attention of the whig* of Nrw York to thf reaolutiona kdo|iiril by their State ConvenIk>d. We atk it with an umlnvbtioi conviction that thai* reaoltitiona will find t hearty reapooae from all narta of the M ate. I n?tl the dHcgatea who withdrew from the convention akall have aliened their rea?on? for doing ao, we forbear remark ii|mn what will he deemed a 1 M e*traordinay courae. Nearly two-third* of | the delegate* tot he convention were atead > fa-t in the c< miction that the whig party | tnuat eland where it haa atood in its paat ronilicta and triumphs Any departure, hy that convention, from cardinal principle*?any faltering in the path ot duty-any mmpmnaiae of the cau?e af freedom, would have left the whig l>atty defencelraa and naked, lo tha pity o( it* frienda and contempt of ila foe*. Hut thanks to the Krmneaa and fidelity of an indomitable majority, repreaentm* a constituency ta which the whig party iaever indebted for ita strength and ita atability, there wan, in our State Convention. no wavering in faith, no faltering in actios. We stasd firmly on the platform of IHI8. We go into the flection upholding the banner tinder which General Taylor and Millatd Fillmore were elected Preaident aud Vice l'reaident There is not, in the resolutions of the Mat* Convention, aentinvnt a M tiienre or a tillable, which doea nol he- i long to the whig creed, and on which our whig Preadent, wlii|r mem Sera of Coagrow, whi* tJoTcmor, whig Hute crticera tad H?ir l?gi?lsture wei? flfetfd. Nor it Ihfff wntiment or word ia ih?K rrmlniioni to which ihr Hon Mr. Urr ia not onenly con.mittrd and pablicly pledged Wh? then hare thrae gentl*-m*a boltedl We will aot attempt to anticipata their aaawer. Nor wnl we iarinlga any reHrrtioaa npoa their courae Time and teaaoa i? aot unlikely lo call aome of them? prrkapa all?bark to their poaiNona la the whit party. I*t so door he cloaed to their return Hut thta ia a (juration of importance to themaelaea only. No forty gentleman, however hith la office or diatingntahad ia character, caa, hy their defacti**r, arreal the onward courae of a great ptrty , Aj ? ell might the un? aumber af paaaaayra at W Y ( <%r 'IORNING EDITION Tl tempt to stop the reflations of a locomoti ."D bj tbiowing them?el?e? upon the track before it, * to ?u|i|?()bc the diMieat o.'torty voire* will be he* * ed by more than two hundred thourtnd whig free' ?? n. The eye? nl our deluded friend* will i?* uu ealed in forljr-eifibt iioH?. Nothing but thai "mudiitW w Jnch precede* destruction cnn lieej them blinded. Strong men row rapid!? with the tide?to pull agnni?t it is a hard nd alow prirceni. leader*, too, are btronif when thry ?u:t in ?ymin I I. w W i I K >k. t t?*ni|?t 10 mislead. Instead, therefore, of weakening the whig I'Ttjr, or lra*ruiug Hi chances ol cucct'Hj, ihr del'eetion of certain delegates, upon totully insiitlirirnt ground*, imparts vitality nail strength to the contest, und inspires freshness ami coutnlence in the result. We are nil ihe stronger for having paswd through that ordeal. Parties, like ores, must he punned liy lire. The Wing State (Jotivrntion, though severely tried, atom) by whig principles. The Whig electors, catching from the wires in magnetic whispers, evidence of the fidelity of their delegates, will take up the shmit with which the convention closed its labor*, and make the whole State resound wiih their ch<*er?. We went to the convention with the strongest desire for harmony. We labored for harmony For harmony we were prepared ts concede much ?did, indeed, concede too mush But all w is, by the wisdom, lirmi.eris, and liiehty of the convention, overruled. Instead of concessions which would hare left us, like our opponents, without principles, we now go to the polls abundantly fortified. The whig party is better prepared for tha a,v proaching coullict, and Mrougrr by many thousand voter, than we should have been without the glorious platform which the convention has given us Nobly has that convention dono its duty. And lor doing it, under severe temptations to err, it has commmded ltoelf to the confidence und gratitude of the whig*, not of this 8MM only, hut of their whig brethren through all the free States, [from the Albany Btatf R*ai>t:<r, (national whig organ) Sept. SO ] It will be seen that the names of the nominees of the late convention at Syracuse, ar? this morniig withdrawn from our columns. Of the late convention which assembled at Syracuse, we must* be permitted to s*y a few wards, not of pataion or of criminatian, but of sober truth, mid nu>r? irn m*\rv\mr fKsin in W? aKull nnr go much iato the d-taiia of it* mstory, tor those are set forth more abijr than we could do it, in the Address prepared by tlie com nittec appointed fi>r that purnose. A majority of that con rentiou undoubtedly a-fenibl?d, imbued with * spirit of conciliation and harmony, and it was only by stringent appliances and discipline that a spirit of aiMord and fanatacism was infused into them, and the tiiortdutasirofli results produced. There has been for souite time paa?, a disposition manifested in certain quarters, to find fault with aad embarrass the present whig administration of the general government, the instances of which it in not now necessary to enumerate, aud we foresaw and gave early warning of the difficulties and dangers which the Stute Convention would have to encounter. We gave early notice that any attempt to convert the whig party into a sectional or abolition party, or revive the agitation of the vexed and distracting question* which had been so happily settled, would he resisted to the last extremity. Upon those subjects it was well known that a radical difference of opinion has existed among whigs for s. me time past, and any attempt in a convention, to force the doctrines of one portion of them tipou the other, could not but prove disastrous. These wrri matters about which there must be toleration and forbearance, or there could Ik* no harmony?unfortunately that toleration and forbeartnce on one tide did not exist. A committee of sight was appointed, with the assent of a majority of the contention, to draft and re part resolutions. The very utile and impartial president a|>pointeu, tor that |)ur|>o?*, eight of the ablest and most members? lour of each sort. They met, and levtu of them agreed unanimously upon a set of resolutions, not satisfactory to the national whi>ja and triends of the administration, nor fully expressing their view*, but wLich they were willing and contented to adopt ia a spirit of concession and eompronu.^e; the i iglith lueintter of the committee concurred in all the resolutions but one, and objected to that only in a single particular. Thow resolutions were reported to the convention. r.o objection being made by any number ol tlie committee that the report was premature, or anything of the kind, and as they were read, were receivt d with unbounded ap,>l?u-<e, and the one wiih which Mr. Dickinson wa- not quite sitislied, wuli more applause tlutn any other; and had the vole been immediately Ukeu on them, it was evidi nt ihey w ould have been curried by an overwhelming majority. They were such as ought to have been satisfac tory to all imroaat?l? men. and as we trust the treat body of whuis will approve. The question unfortunately, was uot |ierinitted t? be taken thir; an adiourunies' was hsd appliances were used l>etween that lime and the reassembling of the convention, we will no' suy to reivrntr: suffice it to say that a majority of the delegates came in (he next day a changed and altered set of nv u. Their own honest convictions had been done away with by lonx i>ro:ess, aud all Uieir opiuior s changed. They had now become fanatical ind intolerant, and nreiudice had usurped the throne of reaaon They were no longer Ire* agents, but the toola of outaide wne-puller?. Dome of whum avowed thr ptirpi-ae to e? ptirnir one portion of the f>arty trim ihi ether. Keaolntioai were introduced nn<l olleird ar a ?ut>atitiiie for ihoa?* rewMhjr tiwooMMttoe, Iimvilo kl lustily ottr naive to the minority, ami couched hi tTie m??t oiirnMve l*nguage. Tfce majority knew if th? y were packed, there would be a ??^??ion of the mi norit) . Willing to leave no ?<l??rt at conciliation untried, Mr Knah -nade elu.jvntand appropna'e remark*, and moved that the aulMitute be rtfeired to the committee of eight on r'aolutiona, ai.d Mr. Inter moved that eight more be added to that coirmittee, which motion* were adopted. The repreaeniaiivea of the majority on committee vtlmmake noconcea?ion*;theNHkllkaMI Th-*ub?ntute waa adopted,and the minority left theconv> ntion It la untrue that Mr. Ihier at any time moved the previoua<|iiea'ion, aa haa been aaaerted. Of the action of the delegate* who necMed. we entirely approve. I lad thev d< ne otherwise, ttn-y would have l>een political out jaata, fit only to l>e deo|iiard?they would tmve de^-i-H tlieni?elvea Their aerearion marka a new era in the political hiatory of tliia Matt- and of thi* nation, and in the dawinns of a brighter day. The delrgatea who acceded are the true rep-e??-?tBtivei of the whig part)?the national whi?? of tbia IH18. Thoae who remained, now conrutute a aectiocaJ political abolition party, with the poor, defjxaed mrmler ol the I'nited S ate* Senate frotnthi* Hiate ?William H. Seward?far their leader. Thev can nevei aoeoeed in thi* Viate, and, if ihey could. mu?i always I* a miserable minority, and powerle?a ia the nation Wrre it otherwise, thee must be a inotl darferoua i*rtv. lor. to My no'hinff or tlieii IfiDUira to nil the outlandiah ilea and i?nia of thf dev. Jvward. the agitator and aboiitioaM. with al kia higher law h>re??a, In not only (heir leader, but at on re the embodiment and ei|<?nent of theii principle; and abolittioa <?nd renewed aritatiot of the question* winch hnd w*ll nigh deitroyed the Union, are their creed. w Th? priariftra of their reaolve*, notwithatand tng their i-roiewuone to the coatrarf, atiike d>rertli t thr conaliliifion ant I oion If tho?e who think with th? m -lioul.l ever become a majority, th< la ion aad all ??r glonoua institution* ninat inevi tabl* be deatroypd We can eniNirh io ao aucl mad rri*ade. We love the Union, and we lovt the niea woo have helped to aave aad who natail ii?Clay, Webater and 1'illmore. We ctnnot, w< will not aeparate otiraeUaa from them and thei aiipportera They are national wlug?. I nion whig* true whig*, the illuatriona leader* of the aatmn i whig |?rtv, and tree exponenta of i'j pun ciplea. We admire that M^nrMn haad, who, a S> r*r\i?e. would aot have an oath of all^tianc to another leader, who morally, mentillf, ?n< politically, ia Wide a* the polea apirt from 0111 great leader*. rmmme.l rlown th? ir throata l>y at inaolent aad tyrannical maionty. We honor th^n for refuaiag to awear that ha ia the embodim*nt o their prineiplea. The* are of the a*me atantp ai the men who threw the t?a ovrrNoard in Oontoi harbor, and aa th>' men who agpied the d*rl?ratiot of independence, and their namea already be long to the hiMorr of the eotmtry. Sink or awim aurvive or |?nali. ?e ar* wtth thrm Thejr art men, not da?tarda--an ornament to their State, an< bright example to their roiintrymen The ron >lu) t of that c*lliuit band" m?t? with a wartn re (rrm the national whif< of thu lo^ We have ne\er *een th?in more happv over an] political event than they are in the rontemn'atioi rf the noble aland tafcea l.y the seoedinf delegates in defence of their principles and friend* ai f yra ew. Having raid thus ninrh, we would flndlf pni>*e but we are canatraiaed by the inaolort ronrte n the Albany oreaa of the political atalitioniata, t

an a littla farther The rnndoctor ?f that jf u t is not satiafied wit'.i h vtnf a???ed in ornate. at ter the sen-won. that he and Ma aaaneiales "ne| the wires in th? contention?'that they meant t pwll th?m. tt jii were glsd they had done h"?h reHwees pu'^irly in his leader of Hntnrdaf at tb rei-aJi ! Wit tinaanrtOi^ labara Tha aai'eci m k_ E JE&PAY, OCTOBER 1, 185( v ii rfr.-uoprf Hilt Ow'1 UP to I'oWic odium bell wuh oth.r., dared ?. be - |.rrs,,,t ttt bu " ' . Ii.uuit for the Culled 8:ar<r? 'he North. | ?rrn district, nor the canal com??- 'M' ST.T'Y1 u'r t I atniy of ubordifl&te*, atd oihfT ,? I ? ! wt*f< preaent at the convention, an.i . |I"8S pl* i ; i ticie.Hly active there, tbim they Jmd been k " I i assembled The decltration of a New York a* ,r? j | an aeli .*e outsider, openly nude, that he was u '* ' | sirousoi'a ecparntion of one portion of the whig ! party from another; that he Was anxious to get rid f of the conservative whig* and aunpljr their places with free a oilers?we give the nWAtlll. not the word*, of hv* declaration?is passed over in silence. And sois the cW*e caucus heW in the Supreme Coait room nt h'aat'a Hotel, on Thursday evening and ?n Ftiilay inomnir, from which the minority were strictly excluded, and in which the impor- i tant hti.-inees of tl>e convention was, in fint, i tranmeted. Hie sealed purpose and design, hut too apparent, of tfir wire pullers of the t.^ujority to bring al.?'H a division and secession, by the course i of conduct pursued by thein, is |mswd over to abuse such noble and *elf-su(.rif>eing whigs as Wiiliuui 1'uer and thooe who acved with him. There is much more that we desired to say on this occnsion, but we niubt forheur to day. We have received :he Addreaa prepared by the comn itiee, but not in time for iusertion. We sh*ll ca deavor to publish it to-morrovr, together with fr cull for a convention at I'tica, on the 17th October. The position* assumed in the Address in defenee ! of the administration and the Inion, and thosa ' who have nobly upheld them, are sttch, we think, | as will commend themselves to the great body oi the whig parly throughout the I'nioa. Theatrical and Hualeal? Bewi?r Tiikathk ? Ths new play entitle! "The Avenger." or l.ava'i Trial#," being so completely ?uoceetlal. and being no generally liked, will again be presented this evening with the tame exoellent eaat - Mr. and Mm. Wallack, Mias Wfajit, Mias V. raain aad Mr. Tilion sustaining th? leading character! The concluding piece will be the new drama taken frinm i the I'rencb, celled the Kule ot Messina. or WSo's the ( Murderer''' The principal members of the excellent . stock company will appear in this interesting drama, which is received with the ifrosgert ntarka of appra- < batloa. llaoanwav Thiathk.? Mr. Murdoch appeared, last 1 evening, in the character of Mnebeth, tutor* a eery good bouse. Ai a whole, tke character waa well jv?tainej. althengh we think a little softer elocution previoua ta the murder scene would be a great improvement. Miss UiehaidsOD. as Lady Macbeth, we ooml'Jered too tame, although, to tome. It wiuld appear the bitter reading. Dyott, aa Macduff. wai excellent, and Scharf, aa the first Wltrh. surpasaed anything we have yet seen him in?tt vu tri.'y orlainr.l and nrevea that he now^Men a noetic mlnti The play km welt supported throughout, uil il the ' roucludon Mr. Mnrdoch ?n called befbr- the curtain ' Ti' night, ti? appear* Id the Btrapgrr ' with MtM Richardaon u llri. Mailer. ' Niilo'i U*ann?.?The evening'* entertainment will ' be lor the beneBt of a very worthy man. who hu rttered well, (or man; year*, (or Vie amuviuen- of oar citizen*. Mr. Jerome kavel. The pit ecu aelecied rootlet of theromlo pantomime of the ''I'our I.over*." Tbla will b* auccerded by. (Brut time in New York.) a mythological ballet pantomime 1 lt d "Plana of Lot* and Jealou*y," In which aeverai beautiful dance* will be introduced; and the whole will conclude with the elegant new giand fairy pantomime, "Kaoul. or the Magls Mai We trnat Jerome Kavel will have undeniable testimony that bin theatrical exertion* are ap . predated by the New York public. Buatos's TnraTB*.?'The legitimate drama. a* fro- ( duced at thla favorite reaort haa been very auceoaarul. j The acting la eicrlient, fia orchestral uiude good and the attentions paid to vialt?ra, in Baking them a* ooa- i (ortable aa poatible. bavo an deeply lmpie*aed the pah- f lie, that Barton haa everything bin own war. !! Ii ma- \ king money, and he richly deeerve* It l'c-alght the beautiful remedy of "Speed the Plough," with aevrral i I f bla esarlleat comedian* la the principal character* I Mlea Daly will king one at her ball ad a, M1m Walter* andM. frredoric will dance and the amuienaad will clone with the taroe of the lour Slat eta," Mia* dker- r rett In four character* I KtTion.ii. iHtirar ? Thla evening la art ay art for the benefit of Maater Mmray, < n which occasion Mr. t Booth will appoor la bla celebrated and unrivalled ? character of Hlchnrd 111,' hi* aon Kdwin aa Traaaal. i and II A Perry as Klchmond with Mlaa I. Meatayer a* l.ady Ann. Thla pteco will be followed by the great llerr Klat. In hla aatonUhing gymaaatic teat*, aia?d by hie talented eon, Valentin* Mia* Mllvllt will tben give a favorite dance, and the entertainmcnta will conclude Willi thi ala^ant dram* of the Ailopt'd 1 (Jlilld. ' Mr Perry apt earing aa Mlcharl. and Maator Murray aa Albert Krom this 'a'tractive Mil. there can be little donbt of a (till house. Aavoa Pi at r Orrat Uoi ar ? Tboae who are fond I of dancleg. and that >( the moat relined and beautiftel I , draorlptlen, mould urn tna Ailor riicr tlrntrr. pra , rloua to Ihr drrartnra of tha graceful, aglla and I ( ltemi|blj Mrtmplliibrd Iba*. hu ?nr rliltnl . thla ally. Mil* 1,'ali itln> Fraark aij alio th* ilaiblr 4 aie*ll?at dan<< r. II Ui? KipluiM, 4?ninr fri Hi I'arla Tba performance i auDMit < with the eie?aiit (It isia ul Napohuna Oil Uaard"?Mr. MckiiiKiiiiiUaitrrark. ai.d M.aa Meklning a*Mrlanle TLIa Will bo Mwnj by l.ea Mfuaim ' a /rai d romie ballot. vLlch la InUrrperaad with b-aa ttfol dances and th* rnt*rtalnn?-nta will cloar with a grand dl?*rtlaeii>rnt. Cannt'a Ori?? Dovai - Th* rnterlaiamrnt* gl?e? I arrry errnlrr at tbla p< polar place of muaical mm- i tton are a* at tract!** that th* hall la filled at an arty bour Chrtatj a management la aicellent. and henca bla unprrrrdrnlrd rurfna Th* aolna on the alalia aod RUllar ara vicrutod with excellent Biklea) pra cUlot, ud Iba nrfro BrMlaaaDd ebortwi in rcn(UihI tllh ivkUi>a and harmony. A? regard* tha dancing nothing ran ?urpr*a It. The burleaqoa Italian Opera *01 alio com* off { fuuwi'Biiii Tli* *nt*italnmanta tor Ihla *raI nlng, nt th* Olympla. ara wtll a"li el*d. ronai?ilnif of I ?ons|- durta lnatrora<-nttl performance* and dan-uni Mr M?)er, lli*ettrlnt nt rlollnlat will pltty aoiu-beau t It ul plicta. and b?tw*en th* funny repreaaatatloua at I to.. hbakaia and tha I'utch drill, with 'Jatjein/ a ft ry plraaant evening ran b* whil-J away. Ani.rm o M aaraa ?Tha moral and cgcdlent Jraaa of tha -iJrunkaid" la drawing aurprl-ln^ b?ui< ? tba Irctatf tocm t ring crowded arc ry nlgbt to auffnaatloa Iba afternoon arooaemanta o?oa<ai of aatada ?I lira. t*ll rtngera and dancing The nuui-ron# rlalt *r? of thla utaUlabiiK'nt will r?- lli ft ihat Mr 0 If. l.'laika a brnelt eomea of tomorrow No doubt tb* t-mp? ranee el*a? will murter ilrong aa ba li ana ot th?lr brat l?< torrra, and dea*r?*a a bumper. Tinisifir - Hi Prmpatrr will glrr two mora af t I bla charming cnnrarta?ona on Wrdara lay IbaMhrr i VaMaa 11 a III air. ... ana.. ?n I. fin* 1.1 111! tlllti by Mr. Kpaa itr^anl. " Tin lilLKU M ao.l Madam III!) j?r will ?? a fWfri at thf Tltrriarl* on Wadaatiay muluf Tba program** (ratdii fffllfit a.l?ction of i I suitel] >??! , I - ? Tk? Karrril Case. M.'nnilt?-|T-*rwui. nm* or J>tn r rkm Ait i??. Firt J* r?rtari>' ,V. t'arrnl it. Ur n /'rrttf Tbttrli B<ut moraa to b? dli-clitr|>1 from arr-?t iiiil't t writ of?? <? ( iraitrl L; on< ?f tb? J111.ll ?. ol tbla rciirt Tha qu<<tloa flnt I* b? r?oald*-f?'l. U Iftkir >orh an irn?t la anthorttrd by tba eoir of , pmoodura Tba prorltlonaof th? r'J.' irbirh b*ra (tirrill; ba-a r*trrr*<l to a* autborl?ln{ tba writ of nr nrai, ? ? r<ntalt<d In -i-rtlon 2U Tba! ? ti .n tfitlarri tbat until ibr l.agl>!atura tbail <.ih?ral?? , prcald* tba rourt may |pnt tb? otbai proatalnaal r*m*dl??, now ilttir.|t acr.rdlr.K '? "* pr. ^tat | prarttoo. aa olborwuw |mirl<tr4 Inlbltart Itlltlx d'tUh-il undrt lli? (moral k' ?l?l pra Ulcinal rrm?<1|.t In rltll aatlua*. that ?a |.?r?aa tball bo a?r>-ai< d In a rltll artl<n ft reft at ?h<r?ln Cr?rld?4 Tb? art I ben t'ataa, iprHlltill;. tht f?"i wblrb a <J?f?a^ant nay b* arr?-t- 4 It la not yr?t?nd?4 tbat tli? 4*l-n liat In thla ratronld bt arrtwlad la any of tba ra -a mroiloal ??d aad aa tl * rod* only r?-? r**a lb* r< ??latlr? at tba t ma of ita paiaajtt oth>r Iban th?r> In irorldrd for aaf aa a prorlal- a la mado lorailraxa In wbirh aa arr??t may b? mad'. I' torn to at tbat It f-lWwa Ibat an arrott by writ of ti? ? ? ' In a-a-" lil* tba praaaat la aot aa?horlar<t by tha tactlea of tb? rn.1* r?fwrr?d ta A rtbrtm a to Ilk flrtt rtpnrt of tbr rnmmlaaloatn la Traotlr*. ir . tbowa that It ?a? Ibrlr la laatloa. by Iba rod* tabmlltod by tb?ni and adapt* d by fba LaftaUtaro, to abollab tbla writ, aad In tbalr laat raprrt.thay rrpvat tbat aarb aat tbalr la'rntHa. aad aipraaa Ibt-ir aurprla* tbat aay nat ahonll romr to a <1 (f-rtat kobMiuIdb (lat Hap >rt, p. 1*1, Raport ul p inn ) I I'pfii gr??nv?t ?f thW mollM. hn*"" "?* r I'laiatm r?lled M?r* ? ?arlallj naoa fh# porM-ai I rnataiari la Mll"i 4?*. vhtflh d??-lar?? that If . iim tkall arte* la whi?-h aa aoUoa lor lb? ?nfocn?B^nt I a? prot*r?fc>a ( a ?lrht, ?r tb? radrm er arr? of a ?r<ian faaaol Itr ha-l uadrr IhliWl, tB<f awlln? In rMolnr* la n?? m*r ka ad?r??-d. *" HIIhM" 1 tl>a 1*4 daelarrd thai If a ra?? a Lai I arlaa la *hl''h ' th? ar???tillon ?f a ?to?| earn"! ba had aad<-r tl.l? art. in., tt mt(ht ha rontaad.-! that lb. writ af w I , >?> ' rn?li| W rM?rt?4| In h lkl> l?IK# IIM | ab<?>Tr4 I hat tka ?t*tai<-pr?Tl4*? oa>7'ar "" ' 1 | Wblrk aa antlaa rannat W had fc<- Tkta l?aM a of that klad. lat h< r? tlx arlloa U kraa?ht und-r th? rod* 1 Tk? 4?f. ndant ami k? di/*hai(?d fraia arr??* ar t Ik* bold (If*a kr him * ll??r? I ap c% lk? d*f*a4ar <a ' r??tannl?bl*g all auffof. I tlijbt- M < lloa fr< ?4?.I *?lotlk# itrirt t'aNMi State* CIre nil C*wrt. i ' ?? Jt.-dn i<i?i - 7>? f?(^| hrr >' m', if *?., II J ItaMl t%4 ?>Wa, I). rturlr i> l> fwa >mgf l,hH?n mn4 nrr*1'"* T><? *m an a (a- ?l I in.a> tfea AarWIoa aI lha coart b?i*a, aa a Mdat orja r rl>4lr?N Tka d?rt?t?a ef lb# r /art Wan* tt> al j llraiaij, a ad th? raif i*iraad*d C JfUr >< M* f J^wi ?-v# Jtmrt B' 0 '",?I Tkla tai l aolln fn> aa iajnarttm atttail r d'fmdant" t* r?atrata 'dra If* yaWMU^ th* f ?***!nna Vanit y ra4fcr" aaa ivr nl'i V MlliMMiM intM [ERA > > TELEGRAPHIC IftTELMCEflCK. Dii The lati'Bt ni-wa fruiu W.iHhin?lon will be found on the lu&t page. MortneiiUor Jcnnjr l.lnrt. Burro.*, BuiiJuy Supt 2f?P.M. Jeanj I.lud. l>y Invitation, go?. to morrow atlxmoar to th? Cambridge (?bi-r??tory It it tiippotuj th*t lfr llond will <ll?cOT?r a ?tar of grrat brilliancy on hi?r eaterlv * The pro? *,,<l* of the neit concert will be about flf tern thousand Jollarn, tha l??t wan about $1W00<>, and rot (29.000, m stated In the tl'ralH ot Saturday, by telrpraphlc or typOar*phic mistake To morrow week' concert will be gl?,en in 1'rorldence. It Is to be hoped that Junuy will not put little Khody In her packet when she start* for jluw Tork. The excitement here la a til.' increasing. The uaanimityof the Ifoiton pre** about Jtauj I.ind'e iurpuling excellence apeak* rolnuirr. or. rath?r. column* ANOTHKJt KRVPATLH. Born 01, Bept SO, 1150. It i* ana?uac?d thia morning, by authority of Mr Barnum. t j *t Mdlle. Liud will probable not airain come to Bo*t?n after thia Tiiit, as nhe goe# to London In .lane, to be present at the " World'* Fair;" and therefore hap bat about eighty night* more to sln;{. which will lie principally divided between New V"rk. He* Orleans aud Havana Bhe will sin>{ little, it any. .3 Philadelphia or Ks'.tlmoie, and probaMy not at all lat'lnciniiatl. tit I.onis, ar other Western cities She sartj? at raheareal ts day, but ?M quit* indignant at the arge uuuibers (recent Klarc-ap In tha PHIIadtlphN Wlilg Central (enaalttae. PHii.Aoai.rin*, Bept. SO, MM). Th?r? was a grand Harvup in tike WMg Central Comit."ttee to day. caused by the arbitrary measures of the 'othctor la hi* appointment*. Ti'ir** resignation* ia?a alr*ady taken place, and bo one kn?ws where tha l.Hhrulty will end. IMnth PllUkargh-Pnglllve vlaee??Vic ntndaai Hall llorm, Ac. Pirr*a*ai.H, 8*pt tX 11S0. The excitement iacreaae* among our role red popula;ioa in relation t? tha fugitive alar* law. Nearly all he waiter* la the hotels hare Had to Caaada. 8i nday. hirty fled; Monday forty; on 7aesday. fifty; on Wed esday. thirty ; and to thi* time the numVar that >aa lert will not (all short of the?e ht?ndred. T 'y went in large bodiee armed with pieteia and biwie mires, determined ta iia, rather t?ian be aaptarad. A moat it utormrlitted u* laat erasing U was >ne of the earrrest storma a??r kn< wti in She Weat. 1? !iinBeneiKl abont half past two a'olork in th? after nooa? the fton n descerding a* Isr je as h -kory auls rowards three o'clock the storm lacrraaeJ. arcompaaied by rlrld lUhtaing and tieary crashes of thunder j The hailstones at this time varied lit *ia? fiom uiae ta I I fourteen Inches, and weighed upwards of otnt pound I ' iMtial ptrtons wera mora or lee* Id, are J I i IX II aupporau inai oar i>iuun <1 ui? |.nr'. ... , I*lltMor?h hnd A'.t.^ghaay 3ity w?? >rok*a I.mog?ton, Rorgrn k f > , 1 l!fl2 |.an.< bri>k?n. th* Hmih- , -uliWa Hour*. kM). tb* 8t Charlaa Ilr4?l, 340, ta? fc'ut hi* boildtega. lull. ?aT?ral church *. hrtc'a. sail public building*. ?-r* injured A t intxr o! bono* ' rn Th* l.t-rttr to day.record? about itrit; c iroident* Irom the ifaoti of th* atorm non* ?*-ri*i?*. li i PrHphta to Cinrlrnatl. twenty c*?ta A (> *t of ap r*r<t?oft?o hundred coal b' am ar* r?ady wah'.Bga r urther ri** in tha rlaar Thar* ar* no* H^bt fc*t of f eater la tb* rbanml and Tiring. la*awi)P lUvn Uelhirtd to tlirtr Nmun. ? ll*a?irai'?un. 8?pt. 80, ISfiO I Th* al??*? *ho w*ro (M>nfl??l aotn?tiu.* alaoo for ( lot. aft*r b?-log 41arliarg*d on a charg* of koror atral , eg, vara thla aftoraooa brought h*for* U. 8 Commit- < inaar MeAlllalar, uader tb* tBr-.tir* rla?a law. abau ? h* proj*rty waa proran and they w*ra dalienr?d to , hair vinatrra. who took than barb to Virginia, p-r -alla*ad, wltboat nolaatatloB. ? I 111 (Treating htwa lr*ai Ihr I'lalaa. tr L hiii, Rtpl il. 1M | Mr Payla haa roar bad bar* frt>m Hunt* Po. hariag | Irft thera an tba 16th alt II* rot Urn.a Mi* pr**l*ua I accoaats eoacorniBg th? d'pr*4atloaa of th* la Jtana aad th? iaauflli ioory of til* tr< opa la chaatiatn.; than t'otoaal Monro*, by hla a. ti?tty baa ?ad? hima^lf tba theme of anlvarval admiration With th* additloaa) lore* oi * oa th* way to N*w M?*ic?, It la thought ha will Trader r*ry . (B, |. nl earrlc** affalnat lb* hostile fadlaaa Mr Papin irrt Mr Conaniif a ad trala at t'edar , Ipriaga Tb* day prevloua h* had eighty two h*ad of | aalra atulrn In in tba train by th* Indiana Tba >1*. | rant waa an aaddan an J d*xt*roa>. that th* atol*n , " party aapaiaUd from Ih* ath*r animal* aad a d a n rd waa eicl.nngr.l n* a gun flr*d batwaaa th* la | liar" and hatd'Bian b?*** th*y war* under full . rall' l' I* lha ax untala with tb- Iri>re. b?fca tli-ra Col l.rviurar waa aiat encamped about four lall-i J Pfi Di l amp JI?rro II* waa wltli aarcral o>b|ib: ? on | ]*tarli*d **t?ie* a AI nut twenty inllra pre?l?.ua to reacting tha, rr.?-to< , o( tba Art at >*4 Mr l'apia ai-l a eomptuj of tnfaatry on thi Ir vay to (aati ft. all la good health. On the l.ittla Arkanaaalhay catar np to ihe encamp | BiantofCapt Hrauf->rt. la r< ninand of two or thra* < rrmf aaiaa PaT*fal r>lt.*ll w*r* aiik. bat BOB* daa f*r?'t>?ly. | aj. u...? . nonaacl trin an m t It iurt I.? . Itmlr. A Mfonl ri>*rrammt trmi ?n icat thri> rail<-> lr>ni 0?in|>I>?U ?Jr< ?*. on lh* 4uf iI?t M >14' ' " nm'l rou't'-r ?* jui'. itartlnj from M*ala All tb? m-kl h?t*f?n th* M*'"i nnd famt>b?ll <Jr*?? w<r* dry, wbl>-h wm (ia<in( -u(f?rlnir Ur ?ul of ?lkt< r. both amoov man mid anluiala. A <r--a'. aiaay afctroala w*:* l'?it by a ?tra/i*? di> 'au-ltha BMrrain Tb? cattia gan'-rally ill'd In aa hour or t? afl>r b*'ai illirktd It ?? auppoard tu originate from ( dnnklng o??b liom watar Urtil ? ii? la ? ?ilrandil(, r?. c.TIH rOKTT HI IUMVW Ml RMTIl, |<ICM:plW I1I*T I om< r, TWu 01 inkjcr imri Ln, nr. kr- . ll imiMir, l?pt M, I1M. At mlaatei pit*. e'rlark <? flatnrday alabt. a 6r? ? ?i diM>?r?r?l la tbo raar of o w TU*- j It' lun.iti'irWidili II oaniualrBlad lmio? IIlUly to th* dj"lmiB( bitJUIIa* tad b?f.>ra flva o'olook ' i a ."MBday norniBK third* "f that ? a? b*tva?a , forty aad fatty ball<iiar? war* In a?brt 11 la ippo.- l to barr b**a tb* ?irk af an lacaadiary Th? [> > mat ol l> a* and daaiaga ranaot yat b? aao? rtalnad All tbIM tad bu-iai ? put nl lb* loan ?a< burnt Tba Mlowing aro tlia camx nf tba fi'ti of of th? ItlliilBira d?->troyi'i|; tbay ar? ?nara*rat?d la lb* t*ib* ord'r that lh* fir* ran fl W rb ma*. tar?ra aad barn, 8 K ya- r, ItoUlai Vnw; Plrkaoa k Co , Manual lln.lfina . law offl *, Hra lliiaa ll. mlll'nar rbo?: Mill- k i>oa (tor* aa I p->?t < lb-? ' P Mcfat. Jr , ator* W W Bronroo, Ktilrad M?f(, I' < ? >!> II tar* I 1 -J ('lark. ? !?, J 1 0< r? Maiiatna llnuo*. A id'I I k "n , .?r?*. * A lt?n?- I illrt. Cat hon lal* ;???,, > ?r prlt.i,a ( pfljcr I?r ,??wt, darning llto?' , Mr Brrtir*, .|?-lllr? T'np??n" ' Mr I r?(J. II. jw?llln?r t- ; J '.irJnr .l? ltn? 1 Mr <>rlnn<ll darlilar * ,*? All m Ik* *wl ril>i 1 of Main alr>ft fr?*iilr?* In I'" 'tor. all oa th* ' raat a(J? fr' ia Pirr. tk Hi;ior < t?> William Wrata', ill an I Imri li atr<-*?, ?? ?? 44* Ir n Wll*?ta'a to J ' ArrMbaJJ . tl,hi*u Ik* T<uip ran?? lla.l and 1 llr^?l(lkri. Tbrl*U>rt | ?r ri an I do'um'B'a ?f lh? pi*t r.ffl ? mi'tr ratf l t j ?i< at r??r?i-n II no tr*da. and p-rhap. IhiM'Ni'U of dolla-t ?"fib ff ??r? rtnl>i an4 rtrrN "(T ha tk* mlnnra ?k? ??rk la ?ka Mai aliri oMh? !>! ? Ttr fri *M llillwllr art* kar* Mi( a dlatan** ..f ?lit. n in l??. #ad a la-jf m"?i.tala k* I tarn ua 1 li. a?*rral *knreb*a h??4 I* P Th* l*? hi iIk CirbogJdi Ir* li ro?|kl; ntl I mnt*d at *l<* b>< ?nd tk* Ihauranr* nalr amnaali ta tli' 00 Tl>* ? ?jn? Matual ln*ut?a<-? 0a. lo-?a aVxit WO, lk? Lymmln* tal I'Ktla l< Iphla < oaipanlra th* baton** Mr MnBat > Inaa la fin noo; nnlf ? no tniu ran** Mr Bfan??. l>( th* Hallway ll"(*l. ah'iit ISft/O; trail ln?ar%aaa Mr (Inr*. nf tk* Maatlia Hour*, about tt.M*; aa laaaran** A BcttUt tat* *f Kl?lln| In Ti?a.. Naw Dm ia?i, R*pt 17 IIKI Tk* aMp r%tti*a4 hat arr1v*4 *itb Taiaa >lai*i to tk* 90ffc Ak* bt laga i*ti that tk* paaaaaanf Paara*'* bnnatlar? Milks I k> *a ra**l??4 bjr ih* r*?aa I ?*l-i? tnra. ar jtba ladlratks< that It will b* a?rppt*d by tbat I" Af ara aery latli ring Thf fa t?a fafrra ?a? lliat ih* pnpalar f>*ling I- 4?* Hi Ay I* ln*r tf arr?ptla? tfaa propn-ltlnn nf tk* I ?li*d Ctataa Oairaaa Alaina and Diain|< la Ih* Takacra ( rapa. ntl.llMOKK, M (U l-wm I TVi f i nlh'rn mall l< throvgh 1b? ba'J Hour of 1 Vnradaj night l?jor?4 tkr ?< h%'- I r?rt*|? la Kdmrt and CMn rnualW. Tt , ' ' I'll I.y*rht??n ptprra ??f that i ( tb? pravtaua. Ur hall 4a*i*t,*d tha rr?j?? I la #?r?? ronatli. la that dlrr?tl?a and that U'V ? (V??t an<11< I a BaM;?or? ratal?. Iim ai(M. l->haaf???? Irjaml. Fiona Ohio. Cm ??<". t?pi * Tha IJ I faort PrMB??rH ho?la?aa b<r-I" day I ?a?laaaa ptftall; Uriah.and !?< aaaihar (a* Wf bad a In a?y inal laal aifkt. Ih? Iff! Ikil aaa| fail. IM?t 1.l4fllraa a?alt< Raailaalitf PiKriill t ?, Oa?H>, m. r*? Th> Frtf toll roax-aliaa. thla f*aw ih afUr I r.ooa -4 the Haa .l.thaa N 4i44?agi W a ' (*?4t4*t? lM Ia tdi * ' * AMtrtal. L D. TWO CENTS. llfg.meiit to he Ke<-a1i?<f. Ctr Louu, Sept 24 14k* Aa eipre.t pmped through tblt nil; jrata-#*j tar Bauia Fa. Ilia object of ?biah ik eupp'.ned to b* "k* rr call ot (be ?iT?u(b regiment of infantry. JHarketa. Km Oilimki, 8#|>t 27 1M0 Cotton is <aty Tb? duy'a talet bare b??n 800 bklaa atlt',0 a 12'-.e for middling. Tbe wtathor It hot, and Olio for tb? crop* Nc* OaLia?s, Sept 2?, 1140 The Halm bf cotton te da? Jb*?* been '2 040 b ?!.'? goad middling at l"',o fair 13\. Pale# vt the wkek, k 'JOS bain. I'uiUu tian auiauctd i!io tellt a*. 1 Jr a IS*. H?rrn.*. 9apt SO. 18*0 The receipts Satur l i> bare twen Flour, 14 0M blilx , aheat 8*(>00 lju?b : eorn "27 UOO hath. Xbarv i* a lair demab.1 for Wr?terD flour. without mala rinl change in tbo market 'i'ho kale* hava bean 1 U)0 hhl* at *8 87 a J.4 fur Michigan P-.nk wiaai >? iu lair demand, with a firm nirktt; bat cmin til korluliunH ara dull, with a dowuward touteaoy 21 OiXIbiiKb hare b-en told at SO a *2e tor Ohio Oora ia tiriu. unci In good rai|Ueat witti ubmII galea at W altera mixed at ile uhlo klilikfjr baa been dour kl 8^>. Flight* ara without cbauw. Ai dant. September I# llkt The receipts eliire our l?>t h??e 1.??b as I'llows Flour, 1&.0C0 bbla , wheat 14 000 buahelt: corn 7.fcWr do ; barley '20 COO do Flour ia *taady, but withoat much actiaity The demand for prlinn wheat U good, aad prlcil are firm, common description* tead downward. and the market it dull; the taln.t Ha<? bmta * M) buabelr. at (1 14*4 a f 1 18 twUni?< e Th laqaiqp lor eorn it br^k. and prlcet ara firm; 7 6,r> bushrta n Id at i?4c lor Biizi d Western Iu barley, tb-tranraoltaM have been 30.100 biirb-lt at 72c a 76c. tor twa r?>?4 and 7Jo. a 77k for Iwar rowed UU0 bbU of whirkey changed banJi at 27>ie for pritoc and 27e iar Ahi*. Onr Baltimore Corrrip*ii(larte> baj.timom, sqit-rcjber 3#, imf Arriroi of Ilam'tl, thr Fugttlvf Slave?Hn />utituition? Offer t? the /tyiyathuerg? His Modi- if An up??lhmnlut, the Fugitive?Oimrr* tn Pmr The nrrivkl of olTicrr Graham, of thig city, frav New York, kccompdr.ied by Deputy Marahal* Tgliradge and Brown, bringing with tVm tha Jamm IlnmlfI, has canard unite an ex?i foment, aud there ia no doubt that it will re ad t? quiet much of the agitation that at ill exist* at ib? Eolith, proving to them, beyond doubt, the r Scaejr of the l- aire tiluve bill, in enabling the Havehold' to yo into the Northern t'latea and bring ht>mi- hia Mttvrp, even though tK? y have botn ul>(wut muny years The penalty kfpHed to the agarkh'iU acta ana prevantiiivo to procrastination. The flave Hamlet is now dapo^'ed ui Mr. Donovan's i-lave jail, where he will rrDiaia a few days, in order to allow hia Northern friends aa opportunity to buy hun oat, at the price which his owner ia oHered for him. Hamlet corfr^sea that he made liia escape from I'.ulmnore (Wo veara ma or, l>y .jumping on the night burthen train vfcrn ttwm 10 leave here for Philadelphia, ihat by laying fat in the tcy <>! the eara, he -acuprd the vi?ilanM at he conductors, nod arrived in I'luladelph kat day :vht next morning. J It-aru :hat thero ia a party now a! ili- North, 'ndra>ormu to ferret out uud arrest the aUrr Don;lav, who liatt ao alien hurled t-Uaehood ltd delam ral hi* mawter, and traduced and villiltd the karat ter of the slave owners. Nothing h l? beaa ieard oi mm since th* adieurMii?ut of the Pegitiv* 'lavrs Convention. There ar?, aUo, known ? ha ?->eral thousand tueiMve lave* m Columbia, LutaMer, lUriiaburg, and PittabiH^h, the owner* of rvtiel In udrrd ol whom have already taken atrpa or their rr< ov-ry, and there w.ll sooa be a groat totm in that direction 1 lie nikKiulicrat ship built by Mr Plannigaa, far J ugh Jenkins, l'".a?| , called toe lUushee, wMak ngniliea an lri?h witch, wnt Uuuelied on tSalar.laf illernooa. fc*he ia of live hundred toaa bnnhon, ue hundred and thirty live feet in leafctli, twuuty i?hi lect beam, and fourteen leet, tea inches death .rhoid. t>rirra"?-Ti?r Oawrt-si.tAfiaw in Mi iimikik .?ThU naming. hrHfii two ai>4 thr.-r o'clock, a Ira aomrrr4 In the aartb rattrra part of Moyaneaafag imi- aculli of tba city llu?. wbi-b was about e^aai la i ateat ?d box doatructlva. psrbtps. thaa ta? aaa Bsgtalloa ?Mch receatiy b?M tba ?nt<rn part aC that district The ptrseat <lisa>t?? hkt tfea atkrr, * 1 tba rtault of InerniHartiav The Bra ot thix morulas W"ka o?t ahout S s'elaak. 11 a I wo ttary brisk batkitng l bj Jaha MrArthur rr , aa a carpei,wr shop ai>J >ltuitrd at the of the prtsils** on Ahippe* NlgHth. aal Kni-Llae -tr.-au This butiit.n&waa totally dasirayag, alth all its contacts, rail>rs< mg tool* a ooasidsrabla isaallty af valaabla lusksr. a lot ot maita up ?<xk k*. Tbe liaiura spread la mtj dlnolui, aad et?ata4 '?< baroc with aaay of tba <urroiaadia?[ pr^psrUaa, Mllai graatly rnuaagartag oib-ra A uuaVr of UI* loaaaa ua i:mejla? tlml ?-ra ltrul?>4 ia ilia wark af la wblah tba d?voarlng rl*m?nt perlara*4 Ua the borth slgs ot kaallai aireat. niaa beiak uium >, brlotflai ta Jaha MeArthur. hea and aaaa 'l?g l.y roll 1*4 people vers nearly ail vrwokag Tba rtadpal orrupaata wrra J. hn Collins IliiaMk 'i cuij ioa l.i aual Uabrsw, Kcbvrt Holitea. AUaaadar aeey tliliiin Johaaoa, ? DHoo. J.4tua tltaka, >>> K?rri ul?rrr< ?b-lr l?rullir> til otbar >ImH If* or brokaa to pwrn li Ita naoitl Mr MrAttkar U partially ln*arad in Ik* FraakMa II* tut*. o??r aad ??> ? bi? luaruri will NMl .*(?<? ob th? ?ouUi i-lda of Km*llaa alra-i, f >?r tbr?? lUrf ,r i \ I mm ?*r* huroad It! "f ts.m Iraatad >n I Uirhl.r <tr>rt, vox ?? <X>cupl*d hj l*ra?l l.ilMa, <<>U>iid. and thr o\het by Klitibrlli Mct'laary aai llary Ami rtlawart, rularnt Li tin |<><l avrrytbtac. Mliibrtb MrtMttry ?? r?ry vntortiuiata la addl Im r o?b?r lna*a* ah* NtM ( |lll prla M<>ld f'h? bad ?i"u tU* ?.'? ? ? > ba> \-x I' r ??h- karplDg. wliaa mat" oa?M latoib* h< n*? in I atol* it from a Ubl* on vklah it ??* nn o.? nu n tartly pl?-?d. Mary A bt?*art wm? alio rolN d of M Tb* h?artl??? tMrrn war* afterward* In tb* ?tr?*t dividing lhair 111 *ult?a U?a nr* Hark ol tba?a kouMi twonth*r? *?n burn* i in tkw npl?*r port* Tb*y ??r* la tb* n-c^a. y of J**-pb H>tard J?a?pli L V*rd?. Tba?* f >ui b lit! war* o?i,. a by Tbnau|krwl who U litiarfi Hir llr? xl'ii M tn two mall tunrK oa n*rt? *ld*ol *klpp*a airaat ria?ln( fatal rt with ear bakhar nani?<i K?t Nbipp*o Placa and Wnt (?-ip| ?n bat call'd I ha " Muppaa Hir??-t Arrad-" 11*1* tour ball 4 It (> the two aad b"aaaa la *a? b mart w*r? partially"M*t>rd Tb?y w?ra linani?4 I7 ?hlt? paaplr, *l? Klitahwtb Atlia| W.ihaai ft-ctafr far^ai?r| lii-rnard I talirrt. and Corarlia* lawaiaa Moat ? th??? |?ruiM loaa all lk?f had la tb? wurld Nn. l;*fl*t*r p*r?d ?aly th? fro -k iipm fear kack I rou lb* Drat haaaa la Wrat f lnpi-a 1'iaaa ?l< afe ?? 'lightly J*ai*^*4. J*r-anak bail'b laia a aaaab pmrt*r la l>o*k ?;ra?t. who had k?-n f ir II' ** aibatka, wa? rart'rd aat ?? a * ? *, by Iti Aafe.aa aad (tb*t?. to a | la?-a *f ?al~? y Tb- pr*|>?rtl?a oa tb-aa an art* ara awu*d fey ?r. M?rp"? Tfe*? ?w laaarad a. . . A Ua.k.kllb .Kor aad?>aral ?a?all >b?d< a|>?IOi?c Ihr carp. it?r >b^p ??r? Tb? l?rir??t ti'imlc f of cafWri rt by th? ciaflt .uUtea ?r? lb* r r??l p? |>l? on Cm io? ?tr"?t Tr-t *ar* < (? ?? Ij, w* no J-'rMifrl. si a worth* > lait Tb? ?<* ? cf lb- tflMata* pr??at? a frt?btfal < (?? >ra? tarat? f??f laa?lll?- b?" b. ?n r?a4*r*1 k"<M^ mm. ii'l mar" tbaa half of tk?n ?f? tlkna, t m awm nr.-. irm?nr?hr<iiMk??|li? 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