Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD.! JA311CS UOIIUOJ UKPHIETK, PKOFRIKTUB AND EMYOR. rp.ri w. w. ooHNi H oir fiilton and massat* st?. 'WUtt PALLY ItKt.AI .0. 2 tents ptr 47 1?r THV U '/.'!?/? l V HkK.iLD, rt?#ry t \ i?#m/a frr ?#f>V >' t 'psr >u*n: Ih* k.irofnnn tditwi., $-4 ;?*/ <a . .'-?s I# >.'i %>f lire it Urn tin, <imi <0 *u*y jurt 0/ fcW (JotUt* *t+:. 10 H.rl'j 'r t*U }H >t,l )t. All i E'VTKKS by mail, far 9 vb*tr if irit* advcrti-if ' l? i*p-urtAf psti.iyjc wUl fcr Jvw*ofr?/'?** tk? m*> -\ rrit>W0<L ro" 47.N TJRY CURKLfiPOSnENCE, t+ntafrinf impt?;.< Vr teliritt.1 from any \+<iriir / the u-"l4. \f * ?<' * ' ? mtt vA'y i?t? for. Clvr Foifini o^kkitwiMikM* a .* JjAfcTitri AILT Kfjqi'KITKD TO IfKA1. TltZlS UtTtii AJ*D PiiKAtn. A*lJ#2i;*NT* TITS EVENING OW^RTTHSATHS. Boncry- It >m?o a? Ji u?t-T.h ki. ___ BTOAPW IT ry?i?2K, Bfot lwtjr?v?ntc? PttauifM -(?( 11 Tiara. Kl SI.O'S CART>*Nr. 3fciJ?M -JnAix*T-:a hi JiiWr ?IflABA - Raobi,. CRtOVli T SATK.B, Ch*iclJ:? ?trost- Wiu> ??t<VUI M Bl.-Vi K>. Niri.ivM. ri:f:ir;:s, cl* !??m s(??r? - juolitmA? !M??I Exititfi. -T. AlTOi? rr \CE O'.'ERA UOU.>S-P*ri'? CaciUKA -0*tui-Lu Mat .>?? ?. _ Of'KI?T\"rt Ot'KKA UOUS?, MtohaiiM* DaU-BrHioriAm Uniriitiir, feLl 1! !'I0- riiLO'd' Eihioi iam 0??:ia Taovra. # > BP ?N MIT? KUM- VnarvtiMA m im IrTBB v.. a:.i Uti TABIKKM'U-Clinii CJUCHT. Ktw V?rk, Thuiad*7, (>fl??nr 3, INJO, Nt ni> KxjmcIi <1 Ttils Wei k. Two steumers v% i;h lluropenn, ar.d t!ir"e with California gt-ws, are expected tins ?? it. The Camfcna, from Liverpool, '8 now due at Halifax, and the Atlantic, from th>" same port, will b" due, hereoa Sunday morning- The Empire City,from Chagree, ie now due at thi** port, and the Georgia and Chejokee uiiy I <' eap< tied I -morrow or Saturday. KI(tilftN Hitutirt'l hiift Fifty, file Aami 17ti*bl Is or <ur Hepitlilic. tfongrejs has edjourm d, . nd the loua: s'rusgle bsiwt? n the st) tee men and demagogues of th'1 nah?n is over. Webster, Clay, Cass. Dickinson and Foe:e, in the Senate ; and Hiiliurd and his coadjutors in the House, have won the applause and gratitude i f tlieir countrymen; while the names of Sawird, Benton, tt it' omnc grnus, hare been re- I due i to contempt. It has been a trying ordeal for 11.e r< pulation and popularity of public men; and > thtoerh the searching tire nothing could pass unMa'.hrd but tehl civic t?lent and honest patriotism. | Most ?f the mt-Tiitx rs i f both houses have wound ' up their political hittory, and at the earliest occawon their constituents will disjxnse with their further servic. r; w hile the few really great states- j Men, who hav shone out so brilliantly iu the contest, have recured to themselves lasting reputation. It > > now a j roper time to halt a while, and sur- j ey the ground over which Congress and the na- I tion k H \>? ,mim#>*i Till, nil Klin min.l Kan i? I l?tfc\(T from the frenzy and excitement of the j gr?at cris-if. anil the whole country can now <-onIciaplMe what has been done in the past. and look on the futuie with calmness and philosophy. We Kt ve with fearfully accelerated motion in the TnrUd States, that it is ouly on the consummation f some great national measure?the close of a turny sersion ofCongrc** i We the last, the deith , fa President like the pal'.ant Taylor, or of ai ll- : lartrious statesman like Cilhoun?that weewfiad | th? time to look, or pet into nn atmosphere clear Kiijh to command a I :oad, far reaching horizon, i W? have row tisen to such a point?and we are steading on an elevation to which wc hive been I niried by a succetaion of events, the most atart- j lin?; and tolemn that have occurred in our recent ! ktctary. A consummation like the present could j na\e tx tn brought about wily by strange and uu omir.on events. We shall briefly gUnce at them We nil know full well thit as the present Congtnss began to assemble, clouds l>e^*n to lower \*r the capitol. Tlie session opened with omiacus aigns. The discordant and antagonistic elements nikhed wildly togeth*r? and no m.m could tell how or when these hostile elements would combine, Hresipitste, or explode. The first clear ilevelope Eient of the real state of feeling among the contending parties and cli/utt, was in ide in the Ion;{ and lolrut stri'gir'.e to elect n sp-aker. But even alter | U.ic had l><?n lion* , no progress seemed to be mide [ n ti e business of Congress for months together; , and, finally, a general alarm rji felt throughout the ^ <>wutry fir the safety of th* Union Every new sign ''nly created fre?h appreh'-nsion. At last, the 1 death of Mr Calhoun occurred, and there was speculation everywhere on its probable consequences 1'iiesK n b- g in to subside?party spirit lost some of iu bitternes!?demagogues felt rebuked, and fanaticism ga?e way to moderation. At this moment, the fcf?ut ruen of both potties, in a spirit of c*ndor ' and pat not ism Mining the occasion, met together to devise krm means for siting the State. The Co:n iiitee of Thirteen was the beginning of u new spirit, and new measures, from which all good citizens borrowed hrpe. The plan that committee proposed i luiit il at the moment: but the great statesmen of the Senate hail rallied around the constitution, aad they brought with them a power too overwhtlaiir.g to be successfully resisted. Mr. Clay t>ened the debate; and with matchless ability, and tn the generous fiatrrnal spirit he had always , shuwrd, pro|H>sed the Compromise bill. Soon | after, Mr. Webster brought to the aid of ttie na- j Im.bkI party all tlie power of hit >*?t intellect: an i mi an argument of more convincing weight ih\q any of lua life, fuatnined tV pro,> >?;i!a of the com- | nwttee. Thrn cantc t.enrral C'aaa, the veteran j attimnan and patriot, and thrn Mr Kootc and Mr iKkiatcp, until tbr nation believed the eauae waa : gained At Iavt, however, when the day came for ' teetirg the meaaur*. il waa defeated But the < fnenda *f the Union did not deepair. Tliey be- I ' lievrd they were too atrnng for deraagoguea tad 4ii umoni?t?, although the) felt and they knew that ?ll the wnght of the < ralphin cabinet waa aecretly , tb own*t them. At laat Frovidence inter,>o**d again, and took away the good aid brave old IVeaidmt. The naturn gathered around liia aahea, and in ailence ! and tear* commuted them to an honored grave. J Mr. Fillmore now allowed himaelf equal to ?!?< responsible dutiea of hi* new poat. The bote* of hi* cabinet during the aolenn calm ! which followed the death of Taylor, aatiafie.1 the American people that a man filled the chair \ of the thief magistracy who loved the whole : country, and ? ho would lend all hii aid to carry j tlx re out iir thmuflli the ilnn#er (tare tor* the fr.enl* of the Union combined their | atreagth, and rame to thr rracue Oar by on* ike j provision* of the Compromise kill were taken up; j and one by oar they all pawed thr Senate. lx vu triumph of madrration and patriotiam Thrrr wu but ona aourae lrfi for the Houte. ' The repreaeatativea did nqt darr to brave public pinion, or defy the withering rrbuke of their roa- ! rtitaenla Thejr imitated thr action of the Seaatr and p???rd ita billa. A ahont of joy wrnt up from 1 every portion of the land The criai* wu paaaad? the republic waaaafr The mrmb'ri of tb a m?inoraMa Congreaa ran now go gladly and cheerfully to their homea Wherever they meet their constituent*? those of them who have ailed >o Nircmg about ao glorioua a con*nrarnation, will ha a*u* of the most cordial and feaeroua greeling* Thaa the CMfTena which, for upward* of eight month*, wat the asene of more that alarmad the country than had ever been wiu?ea?ed there before, at Uat proved iiaelf worthy of public coafideace. It finally accomplished ita duty, aad made the year MBO the meat memorable ooe ia onr hiatory Mare the adoption of the federal constitution. Another chapteri* no- rloeed m our aaaala,and ?ew etei.r* are opening for the fu'ure The laat hmarle lt*a rwe* removed whith oppoaed the l**tre** cf the commonwealth; and w- can now ntrr apon n new csrrrr of r?mtn?re?ii and po??u mil advanerni'nt Who can tell what ih? neat ?#t in 'h?- ar?ma of m aMtcin ciriliutioa, on thia CMtiifat, will unfold ? Thf DliUtan In U>? Whig r?rty. It umufci.i^ to rea l the coinm>'iita m de by the Ee w:\rd abali'.ion orgnna m this Siat''. ou th'? reittriv.i. of f.>rty dele.ralep, lieu.!. J by Mr. Duer and Mr Grargf r, frc in the recent Abolition Wh g Convention in Syracu". Th'-y are ij.o'.eat, false, an 1 unw arrai tid by the facts of the cane. There is but (lie way in which the conJuct if Seward, Weed, Hrecley 8c Co . fur a ' e ir or two past, cau be intcrl-ret* d ; sr.d tl.. t is. i; wis de?igafd to convert the whig parly ef the North into a geographical, aeotiv iihl fuCtion, to deatroy the party, and build ouitd ruin* eu at ' lition faction, embracing as it3 princi, | U'* i remwal of the hid very agitation, condemnaI ticn i f the course pursued by Messrs. Clay and ! Wt hater during the late session of Cougreaa, end a renewal of the hostility lately existing between the ; N< ithern and Southern Slates. If either the phi| loaopher of the Tribune, or Mr. Seward'a organist in Atnv tlinf l)tiuvv.?4 tli?ir intention can pilot to their acts at evidence of the falsity of < their assertions. Hut what could be expected from 1 one who Mid he preferred * dissolution of the L'uioi to the abandonment of the Wilmot proviso 1' ?r of another, who defends arid advocates the principle that there is a higher law than the constitution? j There is no prospect, however, that these abolition faclionijta will succeed in their base attempt to force such a disorganuer as Seward down the throats of the whig party, whether they will ' or not, or induce the national whigs of this j State to recommence the slavery agimtion, and condemn such patriots as Henry Clay and Daniel Webster, who, at the eminent risk of selfsacrifice, stood Ny their country in the hour of its danger, and defended the constitution from the assaults of its enemies. The Whig General Com- I mittee of this city, have, in the most unequivocal i and distinct manner, and in terms that cannot be i misunderstood, repudiated and disavowed the | action of the majority of the Syracuse Convention, I and have spjuintcd a day for the election of dele- I gates to tlie Convention of National Wfiigs, which is to meet 011 the nineteenth of this month. Such a proceeding is worthy of the conservative whigs of the commercial metropolis. Too happy are they 1 j at the passage of the compromise bill?, to recommence the agitatisn of the slavery question, to subserve the purposes of a clique of demagogues whose determination appears to be to rule or ruin the whig |>arty and to embroil different sections of the country in a state of hostility. The whig party, heretofore, has been national in its views aad principles; and although a large portion of them are in favor of the non eitmsion cf slavery to free territory, they detest from their innermost hearts all denmgoguism and factionism for sectional pur- 1 poses The w hig party has now to go through a severe ( and trying ?ideal. It has to be purged and purified of the demugoguitm and tbolitiouiMii which have crept into it wubin a few years, and to be relieved i of the incubus which Seward, Weed, Greeley A: Co. have placed upon its energies. It must arise in its 1 might, and shake oil' thoie agitators and demagogues, or be forever in a disgraceful minority, not only in this State, but throughout the ' whole country. The good work of purification has been commenced in New York, and it is to be hoped that it will be followed up ' in every part of the Stat;. With such a platform ' of principles as that formed by the abolition whig > c> nvention in Syracuse, the whig party becomes J extinct, as a national party; and therefore it fol- > lows that if they wish to preserve their existence, j they mutt upset and repudiate it at the earliest possible mi-meat. The e>e? of the rest cf th<- couutry * are intently directed towards New York. e An attempt is being nude by the Seward organs c to wheedle the whigs into the support of the nomi- C nations cf the abolition convention, Ik-cause they were made prtvious to the adoption of the abolition platform and the passage of the obnoxious resolutions endorsing the demagouge Seward, and , ?>penii>g the way for a renewal of the slavery agitation. We trust the trick will not be allowed to j succeed. Mr. H int and the other nominees m iy ' le all good men; bu*, emulating as thejr do, , flora convention, they should resign, aad if j fl<#*v iln nnl #r./> must hp r* mi t. Y u *> .1 Tli#v I cannot get lid of (he odor attached to them (rum | having been nominated \<y that convention with- I cut cipresaly repudiating the platform wsurd after their nomination: end the most efl-ctanl m jy of , doing that is to resign, and decline to be candidates under such < ircumstancrs. We are satisfied that I this it the view liken of the matter by all the national whig* in this region; not that they have any objection* to them personally, but to rebuke in a proper and forcible manner the insolent attempt to , fusten bewardisin, abolitionism and socialism on I their party, as patt of its principles. TkbCnicv Emihskk akd the Cosm.>* Cornell, j ? IUtiuhekt ?' thk l'ir.k i'm artmb^t ComMirrai.?1The j<nut committees appointed by the Common Council and the l'ire l>p?rtment, to in- 1 vestiffste the chara's mad?" l>r the Chief Knaineer I rgainst the Common Council, entered upon their duties on Tuesday evening lift, and eiamiard , several witncMea concerning that portion of the report lefernng to bell ringers. It was cl? arly de- | mot strait d that Mr. Ctrwi did not at all emggerate the d? Ircta of the tystem, or the careless manner in ? bit h bell riogera are ap;*>inted. Instead of having three or four ringers to each tower, instances hate occurrtd where there were but two, | and in another but one. The result was what 1 might have been e*|*cted?the men were ex- I bausted end slept on their posts, and the interest* t f the city neglected. If Mr. Carson was Mayor of the ci:y, we art sure he woukl bring about t j rtltrm in this and other abuiea. Th? inveatiga- , tion was continued last evening; and, as our read- | era will perctive by the report, in another column, 1 tbtre was a grand blow op, the Fire Department | c< mmittee having withdrawn from the investigation We do not see how they could do other- ] wi*c, This *ii a case to which the technicalities of the Uw ought not to apply. Mr. Caraon, like a j plain man a* he ia?being a blacksmith?mide a plain, straight forward series of charges aatia.M the Common Council, which they canld disprove 1 if it was in their power to do ao. But they would 1 not let him proceed in hia work of bringing hi* charitea home, and accordingly they attempted to bind Inm down to certain technical rulea of Uw, which, in justice to the Fire I>ep?rtment, had no artual beating on the case. It was at once nern, i by the Fire IVpartment committee, that the com* j mittee of the Commou Council tried to stave ofl the m\rstigation, by bringing certain abstract rulea to bear upon it; and the result waa that they retired, and refused to countenance such a proceeding The concluaion, therefor*, la, that the charge* which Mr. Carson made against the Common Council must be taken as proved; that the Common ( ouncil are guilty of all that has been statrd ; that the interesta of the City and of the Fire I apartment have been outrag*oa?ly neglected, if oot al'uaed ; and thtt Mr. Caraon maintains, aid haa ruainined, the position which he first assumed on this important question. Who saya that Alfred Carson is not the best man to elect for Mayor, at the next electioa 1 Assitti rsom Pot t? Amain -Wi have r?m(<rs from Montevideo by the brig Baaeeraaaa. Captain**n oar Mas ?(the Q*swiiii d*l r*fa to tko lTth of July That paper Inllewla* the eitmple or 7*S? ?? lef*#/ere'rf publish*'* au edition lor f.tretga *oaotriee but aa we had preTlrualv raaeiraj troai this reauhlir aevi to tb* earr.e date, re hare fceea umMe ! *?lb?r from oar f 1?? twj la'.rrrttiof it'ai wortSy of MMMltfhV Cf?tlpiua Cc ??, - I T?Mti?o.-A Mttkfri ?M* ?in ">m? *ff ta-*<?-Ta? ?r?f tb? ab??* Mira. b>lt?r elk ? llMt Utit) itlik | R>li4w; mil* b??t? tHt Ikrf il Itt, li litrtNi TW? ?? lf?H ! *? ?1?IW>IH '. k Ml Ml?M? a Ur|v tt.-ute* j Piooraw or Tamxo rncC;.vwoF rnitCir*.? The |ir??;r? m of tl.r AtiinUHt >T..rthttl? in rather Blow ia Ukii.? ti.e cc usus ol Uuj city, ..ud we urr to yet without uny r<*tur..s m a b.uia to en iMe ui to form r.n rjiiuioa with rrg<ir<l to our pr??n'. la' .on. Tin? iv .r/1 ncfjr nu flip m his tcvn tuken, exhibits sa unejpectedly large increase, two of the four district* *ho?i.):j u po.iuUtion of 11,500, and the indications are that tti<* total population of the ward will be over 25,'KK), a^:i:i*t lft,7"io in If'lit, and 21,0.>0, tLe pv :lati>n in 1H"> This, it will be remembered, i.s one of the lower wards, where but few new buildings have been erected wiiiiin tbe la.?t live years. The following chows the number of buildings erected in the city for the last ten yearj, in two ! ?. riods of live years cach At u* V'i? lV?r. iuiHt>ngl. Ttar. l>uiU>n{i. 1U0 SiO 1S4". 1 ?* > 1141 971 l?tfl 1 010 114*2 Vl-2 1H47 1 W IMS 1 i7;j U4S 1.191 184 4 1210 1S19 1,818 Total in 0 ytnrs ft 'il? Total in ft y?ar?. . 8.8'J--' Tl.e population of the city in BW, was 312,^52; and in 1845, it was 371,229. Inereai- in fire yearj, 58,S71, being over eleven persons for each new building erected. The same projKirtion of increase to the number of building-i erected during the last five years, would make the present population of the city about 470,000. it is probably more, however, iu consequence of the great numbers of foreigners located in the lower waids, in the old buildings. The population of the Tenth ward is 23,300; in 1845 it was 20,993?increase iu live years, 5,307 There have been but very few buildings erected in this wuid for the lust five years. Mr. li irnard and his assistant took the census of the ward in 21 days?a remarkable instance of industrious application, which is well worthy of imitation by the assistant marshals of other w ards. The following is the census of the Twelfth waid:?Inhabitants, 10,7%; hoises, 1,095; families, 1,339; deaths during the last year, 1,500. The Nineteenth ward has been set ofl" from the Twelfth ward. In 13-15, the population of the Twelfth wnrd was 13,378, which included whit is now two wards. Fire Department In veal I gat l*n. EKOINEKX AOAINVr THE COKroEATION ? WITHDRAWAL OF TDK FIRE DEIAE1MENT COMMITTEE. Aldermen Wood and Chapman and Merirrs Mill*. Hope and l.acour, pree.diug Alderman Wood?We now proceed with the buaiBCM. Mr. Horace F. CUrk-Wc propose proceeding with Hit charger against the bell rlageri. Alderman Wood?Olre m- their name*. Mr Clark- We lave no name* In particular; we proteed against the whole Common Council. Thomaa Mtigaon was then called as a witneaa. Mr. Clark?We propose to prove by tha wltneii that FudJtn change* remcTal*. protracted vacaneiea, and tha detail of Incapable aud inexperirnoed folioem-n, continually tranrplred at the bell towera. Mr J. T Brady contended that the question of wlia- | thtr luccmpt tent pollceu?n w<re appointed, or not la not the thargo here. The c harge la againit certain ! < Atrial*: acl we are not to try whither aDy appointment if good. bad. or iaditrtreot Alderman Wood We tiak- thai t1#w of It, and we do not f<?l ouratlrca aulhorU-. J to enter into any other vatt* r Mr Hope, one of the d-legatea of the Fire Depart- i Bent raid it waa cl> ar to t i? iniud. that Mr Cars >n aa at lib, rty to produce witue?aee to aub'taatiate he cbarg> In hia report, lhoaa increment* must Live been crJerid by (be Ma>or. Alderinen. or tone ueelae. and it ihoae charger are not to be heard, he lid net err what his duty waa there The other two delegate* of the Fir* Department rerw of the iame opinion burg*, and that w? ouyl.t to hear it Mr. Claik-Will the Chairiuau from th* Commm 'outajll let n.e know what mtmkri of th# Common louncll vp are at liberty to btiug our charges agiiurt T : Allerman Wood?Any member* that yon tame We 1 llU btutytlBc cImti'* >??lnat llw u*nh?n ( the I 'ouiuton Couucil. cr juJgea. *r ofhcira. Mr J T Hrady I peifeetly understand th? deaijrn ; ; >ut th* Committee of tl * Common tiounell are lha ulj reeptnail-1* party, as ! they would be wanting in ! aspect to thea-relvee It they consent t? do mora tUao bey bat* a right to do There U no parson capabl* of iiidrrslandlnii tb* contraction of th* Kngliab Ua- 1 singe *ho ?nl iay that you bar* a right to g? into i politic*) charfra. Mi Hope to Mr Carter U tie charg* ron'.alne ! in J page fl?e r f your report, mad* against tb* system or [dividual* ' Mr Carrrn-^galnst tb< persons who make the ap- I "Ointments Mr lirady. bating read the preamble and reaolutlcn -r.d?r which th* C? mmlttee were appointed, then ?ubnltta d tbe f< ilowmg document. which th* Commute of h* Beard of Aldermen adopted ' TLe Con. mil tee of tb* Common Council wh!cb wu [ pointed to inteatlgat* certain charge* contain* 1 in M last rep< rt of tbe prexnt Chief Engineer d*cid*. I at under the j ream Lie aud resolution from whieh bey derive their authority they inelte th* moat full ' rid tb< rout h examination of all tb* ' statements *r barf s agaiust the Courts. the Judges the 0rand Jury, h* Mayer. litada of liep*rtm*nt* and the member* of I be Crmmon Council, which. If true. tb* partlx* bnrgtd dssete* th* ceusur* of their fellow cltlaeua " ' Hut thle Comn.ittee d*cide that under the resolution 'r<? which they de-ire th*u powers. they hare no au Lhoilty to Inquire whether or net any public a rat. in ?" eilctirg affecting th* fir* hepartment. Is. or i* not judicious, if no charge In relation to It be made In he reprrt of the Chief Engineer, which charg* th* .'ommlUce nr* by tb* resolution aulhorlssd io inrss igste. TheComniltU* further inelte th* utmost latltaJe nf jroof In ragard t* the acts of any on* of th* offlclala r*err*d to in tbe preaaibl* which precedes tb* r**ulaion lor their appointment, which shows th?t *lth*r of ho** oBcisIs baa bet n goli'.y of any act In hla puMIn apacltj. relating to th* int*r**t* of tb* Kir* Departn< nt. whirfc. according to the statement or charg** in th* last rt port of th* pre*. nt t bicf K nglneer, would itil>i?rt him to Lkr frofurr c?f hli f*llo? riUi?na " Mr Uor r tow and Mldtkit the romialttaa of th* F in epartanrt vlahad to aibmlt tbelr ?la??. and bad iccofdingly drawn up the teUowlug iNMHt ? "Uo CumailtUe appoint. J by the repr?eeat*Uvea of he lira l>ep*rt*ent. holding that the object ol their I ipprlbtiniDt was lor tho purp- ae of evaaiinlng Into ' he ttuth ol all the nal'B' nta and ah tr;-? eaatalm*! o the report ot tha t'hiel knglaeer - aaJ uaderatandtigcleail; that at Ilia preliminary meeting ot tale cmmltUa villi that appolated by the Hoar* of 4lJern?a it waa nndaratocd and detnltely agreed that Mr. i ?ar?ea tbonld h* at liberty to pro 1uc? aay proof ha ' I bight deelre for the purpoae of ceub.iehtog the m?t- ' ' erteoblalaed la hit r> port and bel'eeiBg further, I 1 tat tha allegation that th*r? bar* b'?n an Idea i ihang.?. re?o?ala, i roirat'.rd vacaailaa. and the daat) i f Incapable and laeip? rlenred pnllcaaea aa bell Ingera. are ?peclflc charge! agaiaat tha par:7 or par- I I lea bj whom eni h change* imoikli. *aeaael*a aad ipp?.lat??eBt* haae been ma.le or cajaed. and whereaa 1 h< rrMli u e ot tb? Hoard of AM-rmen object to ra' iiiag proof of aay general chargea or rutaaieBta. | iad all hough hating l-cijed to hear epaelta chargoa ifaiaat altber Individual* of tha B -mrd IndlierlaiiBate y. yet objeat to allow pre. f of the chargaa of th* change*. ?arauelea," he . la tha be|| rlaglag depart a nt Tbeiafor* tha Coaimlltee ot thet tre l>epart at withdraw ftrm further lareetigalton. aad refute cnger to act In tha matter, holding that tha tourae I. tn mined upon by tha Comaiittee of tha Board of thhrmea la decidedly uaju?t an 1 llllbera'. t >?arda itr I'areoa and aot ealcuUtad t-> decline tha trath _ >v. ill...! I Z 'l lUR MILLS. OKO T 1MPK. JOtl* P LtCJt'R Tb* Coai*iltt?a frrn tt? rii* l>*|trtm?ot tb*a iltkln*. Mr Ci *? tb?a r?ad th* follovlag ? Th*Cbl*f la it **r hu ooaa t?fnr* tb* ecmatltt** thl* *T*nlog tltb l??ttmoB J to pro?* tbr troth ol tb* rBargn son HiiH In hl? r*fort. r*latl?* to tb? lutlJva mang** me tali pr*trart< it ?*r*Bn*?. aa<l th* detail of laapabl* and In iprrU nr? l potlomva, ahleh c. atlaaai.j t*a?plr* at th* b*ll team, ant which war nmt ?rlon?lj if alaat tb* ?flel*n*jr ol th* fir* D*parttu*at rblt ?ubj*rt of tb* boll rtaf ar* waa. at th* preliminary n?>Mrg of tb* eoBiMlttaa. dlr*rt*d to b? th* ftr.t aob<ct of Inquiry, and tb* to*tlaxay ttk?a laat *T*alog ?*? la acootdaao* with tb* dlivotlon of tb* eom nltt**. ron?n?d to th* ponloa of tb* report which lat?? nrlaalroly to th* b*U rlag*rn Waat ?houlJ ia?* Indurt d a rommltt** of th* Common Uoaaoll to xrlud*. tbi* ???oiag t**tlmoay of pro*U*ly a almllar liicrlptlra altb ttat ?tiraUi?d l?at tr*aiog th* Cbitf ICngtatrrl* at a lo** to <JM*rmia* 1! tu d**lroua o ?*?| l*t* th* pioaactma of tb* t*ailmony r*iatl*a j <t> tbat roril< n of tb* rvpott. aad to bar* abnwa mor* cnrluMToly tbaa haa j?l b?rn rihlbiwd, tb* ii|] ilttd* ef th* *?tll emnjla a*4 ol la th* r*part. Tb* ;o*Kltt*? of tb* Coti.moo Coaaoll batlrg <J*t*rmln*4 tot to a*tmlt tb* Iatro4a?tloa ol taribi# twtimoof. b* Chlrt Kaglk**r pcoUatu agamit ?urb d*Wrmiaa lea a* aajutt to tbr oobllr aad aajuit to hiauwlf, ind I* a??rrt? tb? truth of tbr rbarg*a rclatlv* to tb* >?ll rt?i?rf, *Bd tb* mauag *m*Bt of tb* hall tow*r?, lat> d la tb* rtport. Th? Uklaf Kaclar*r tuppood. it tb* tlmr tbat br raUrM apoa th. laf**tlgaUoa.thtt J>? rominltt** from tb* Fir* Depaumtat w*ra to b? irrroliud to tub* part la tbr d?<l?l o ol all qaxtlooa >< to tb* admlMloa or r?J?etk>a ot tb* t?otlaoay rblrb might arl?* la tb* progr*?a of th* InTaftlgatloa. ind bat ftr thl* Imprmalov would ait bare app*ar*d tafor* a ernnaltt** of th* b?4y ?aia?t then hi* aeniuilntfl Lti* h**n dlr*ft*d. H* i* dUtnitflULii at iBdlrg tkat th* r<*imllt** ?I th- Oonam Coua-ll >m< tr ? l*t?r?il??t|n? vpoo It* q**?tlo* truing la b* Mirn of 4b* l?r**?lf*it?B Wltkoit ' n<all*iina rttb th* rrmiBitt'* of U* Fir* Prf*rtm*a? n4 b?. b*f?frt?. *??!? tb?t b* U 4?pr1?*?l of ih? pratm-Mon tblrb b* c??r?l*?d tb?? lb* *|'|'Ointin>n? at th* t'nm?Ht?* o| tb* r lr? ltU?4?4 to *?<f4 ?*r tb*?* ??r*nw?Un**?. b* h?< *? to lh* r i? tbat tb* fVoin th. rir* D*ym> uwit ^*1 v*m ia (In <hUm cf >11 which may arU? la lb? eourn* ?l the Inigatlon he would h? permitting palpaMa lojmUoe to b? doi??, ?| veil to Limn It a to thn Fira Departunit, whi,c? inti rt?U he biu tt h art b> submitting th? eiul>rae?itln hu r> /ert to thu dneliiua ol ? tlihufckl whoso powers a.e tu b > exeraueJ fOltdy by Hi' ol tlie bojy tu whoui hi* report principally Th? Clerk of the Beard of Aldermen then read as folios it ' The CoDtn-.itlce cl th^Crmmou Council think it Jos to tl.t iuulia to rt-<iui:-? tb*t Mr. Cir?a prootl to furnish .11 tbe ttstiuiouj la hid power to show olllcial miKcoLi.'u?t ct. thu par; of &ay parson. t!a<s or baity ri ft rrt'l to in hit report, a:vJ oiler hiio erery fa*lllty wiiiih he m.tT re<|U< > t to pri cure i<-u test.1 Jiony. Tht-y also request him to l?o personally titoilqo<1 us to the truth of any charge* co,itu;n-. d iu his r?p;rt. a!I<Btlin the- aoaduct of any public otltiser, or officers, or bodies, aga'L'M lie ha* alleged any 1 mprnprirty of eoaduct. lor which they would or oo'iM deserve the censure tf their fellow c'.tlseut..'' Mr Cl .rh !* > M? P.rnin it.,-lln.rf ?a r.F.M.?? I further befcre th? tribunil. dp at p-i-sent constituted, U(2 tie handed iu the following 111 !it:? :? ' The Chief Engineer declines proceeding with any | \ further prco!f r> latWe to the subject rnit'er <>f lii* r-<port. before tl.e pcawnt Committee ot thi' Coram >a Council, in tlit' abeeace of the Committee of the fire Department, who have witbdiawn.'' 1 lie business then terminated, and Mr. Brady (1*11 to would advUe the Committ?? of tb* Common Council to meet spain to morrow Mr Brady then eerred a written notice to that elfert on Mr t'arsou. through liia counsel, and the proceeding* were adjourned. on the understanding that the Committee ?f the Common Council will meet to mtrrow (,thl? evening.) at ?eTen o'clcck. Tnc Calottd Meeting. s?? voki. Oct. 2 mi). 10 TBI EDITOR ?F 7HK ?I* 1011 mill.D. Pie- Pleai-e correct a ?ery gres* mistake in your report of my i. mark.- at Ziou Church, l.tst night. I did not advice the people present to shoot or kill any oue. On the eontrcry. I told them not to do go, an our Mayor had armed bis police to shoot down any one who should interfere to r< cesie an alleged fug'tire ; which faet I learned from your paper of the 2Sth inst. Itenpictlully youm, J. M CL'NE SMI I'll. NovtaicBti of Dialing (ilaheal People. Hon W II Seward. N. V ; lion Ily Podge. Wis; Hon A Dodge. Iowa; lion II. II trsball. Ky ; lion J I) lioty. Win., lion Hiram Waldeo, N V . Hon. 1> B TruiiaLi.ll. Conn , lion. Robert 0. Winthrop. is >ston, Hon E IlUley. N, Y ; Gen Ca lwallaler. 1'bil ; lion J F. Conklio, Rochester; Q?a. Janes. FwiMmti and 110 cthere. arrived yrsterday aud took room* at the Actor House. Th* Astor llouxe war nmr io much crowded ?itb distinguished guest* aS at the prtseut time. Oapt. Chnuncey. Taal Shirley, Pr. J. .larko' n. U. S. N ; ('apt. shearman. (.hip Virkuhire, ivn 1 tl otters, arrived ye.'terday. and took room.* at the American

Hot*). Hon Daniel Webber is cxpcctoJ at tUe Astor Iluuie to-day. P Daniels, K. C.; P. Tjler, Spririf fl? Id, Hon R. .HuUb M n'rral. Gen. Tallage, N. Y , linger, L'.S. a.; Hon. H 1' Chape. Uhlo; and 14'J other*, arrived yesterday, at the Irvine House. Hon J. WW tight, Member of Conrrec*. California, and family; Mr. and Mrs Robinson. I'hil . W U lloffbian. N. Y : and 21 other*, arrived at the I'nlou Place Hotel yesterday David Jane, I'hil ; Samson Carisp. Bait ; TVtn L Ellis, R 8. Retinoids. Va ; F C. M utile bury. W Bpeacar. England. M D. Wellman, Ohio; W 11 McLean Bait,: and SS others, airived and took rooms at lb* Howard lii.Ul dur.og the past twauty-lour hour* Senator* fluster and Mason of Virginia, were tendered a public dinner, yesterday, at Warrcnton, la that State. Important Cikct'Lar ?The Secretary of the Tretaury has issued a circular in relation to the payment of the eiien^e a of weighing, measuring, ami guugine imported merchandise, the effect of which will be io relieve importers from the payment of these expenses.?Phitoitljihia Xorth Amtii<an, Otl. 2 MAILS FOR EUROPE by nn lew Americas Ball Ktemik-hlp Fraakiin. T II K WEEKLY HKRAL.O. The n?w American mill steamship Franklin, Capt Wotten. * ill 1-ave this port on Saturday neon for navre. to touch at Coves en rente The following are the rates of pottage 00 letters and papers, seut by tbis line:? To England, Ireland, and Scotland can be paid or 1 sent nr| aid Newspapers, do do 2 cent* To France, must b? paid 24 centc >, ot. Newspaper*, do d' 3 cents. < To the Continent of Europe, if addrccscd via Havre. , most t? paid '4-1 cents per >, oi. . Xewppepere. do. do. 8 cent*. To tbeContlaent or Europe If sddreseed via South- I ainptou or London must be paid 21 cents par )? oi. Newcpapers do do 4 e?nt? To Portugal, Ipaia Bardlaia. Sicily If addressed via Southampton or London. must be paid In fall. Newepspore. do. do 4 cents au i uri?K>i. opaic. ruruioia una fieuy, II aiiartttta *i? Hurt mail b? paid 24 c?nta par ?. 01 Jo io 3tuti Tui WlIILI llllllh,?ltk the UUft lat*Uif#B*? ' fHm til partt ol th? American Continent prluttd io , lunch and Engliah. will b? piibiiahtd at bait pant nil # o'clock on Saturday morning The mailt will clot* at htlf past tra o'clock Single ci pift In wrapper*, tizptce# To Nothtrt.-EiiMlnt Knox's itcck mt Ft aft Halt, VtWtlCapa, kt., for thildrta art tht D< tt tuprrb tad I tautifui arti*Itt of Oit kiad wt l.att t'tr ?t?t. Kioi tat tictlltd Kimttlf tbia Mtm ia hit ditplay. ai d tttrjbodr ihould tali : nd it* kim at Ii1 Faltta tirttt. ' Cboitt fttat al low prUta," it La i t attt*. Til* nichtllca ?Tcr-polB(?d Cold Pen* art loo wall ?at* n to tht vriiia* ttainniaily tt itinirt aay i " [tffr; " fr'm tit. All thai la atrttaart for at tt tat it that ?b?jr told calvty J V. HAVAUf, y2 raltoa tirttt J V. S. it alio iBptritr aad wholttalt aad rtlaul daalar la lat , tU aad Silrar Qucatlnn falloni qaratlwn, wkfi It r?f?ra 1 o ibt arili It tf litott, fhttt, aad Oatttrt, k* Tktaatwtr t In a) a K-II *i,u mill t<> ioniathiag particularly flat Bad rood, go ?o UROOB'?, II* II" I altos iiraat, hla M'Tlitill ! lb* 1ar?a*t. I.I* g?i>d* l**t aat ta*?l**t, hi* p?io*i th* lo* tat, kail Ml fits paificlluB. Doctor HirBonntII deratea apaelal (lltv ?ioa to diiaaw** af th* ebaat, laaga, b*art, he , a'. b,< tlr*, K?. 11 WarraB AnA i?ai Broadway; boar* lit 111 M , I ta * *l4 ; m P IT flu Pulaoaart Balaaa.priaa fJ aaa Bruptla* Liaiaiat, priat 11, alth in* fu]gla*at *f laportaalMvln, hai rnrad rcaay abatlaBt* (aaalatat* af Ik* liip. Traaiaaat hy lattar Bad ialtabli rca* aiaa lirftrlll Dr. JaataftW, Pom r II. OrcalUt, A*rllt,JWi lavat** hi* aiMim *l**i**ly t? < Huai af t!aa By* and Iai.lrnVK 4 (alack. al ft>l Broadway, nlraiM IH Warraa *traat. alara aaa b* ha* hit popalar "Traaaiaa ta If* Ufa/' third *dllioa, prlea AO oania. iIm, kla Ml-AatJaf By* Bad Bar V**alaia*. ArtlA?ial Bjaa imml Klagaat Bridal Carta, Earilapaa, Oak* Baa**, and Brllal Wafara. af tha la Wit an* a?at tfaahiaaakia (i/la*. aaa ka ha* at BVBBDBLL'A. k'l Br.iifif, ?fBar of Da aaa itraat. Mr. Itirlall kaa a kraaak iUn at Ha. I Vail rtiaat, (at U* iHtaaittilia af hi* 4i*i Ian *aalaaita. ___________ Ctlr*ki|k'iWI(a and Taapa**, atlll hold thalr aharaatat far Ua boat at* akaapaat la tka aoaatry.? Tlair light. *< **. n*r f?l?ta, aataral tnrlad kalr. raraataal t, aa alrtaklB*. u I aataral appaaraas*. barattaap** thair lapanortty artr all tha world, ja**a far fnraalraa, aaaaaia* Bad ba aaBTlaaa*. at 17* BraaJaay. ap ataira. lair Dyt? Balrhrlor'a Oiaaln* LJqtald RairD)* ran obIt ba **<*rad at th* ataafaatary. 4 Wall airaai. Tla pibli* thoald tuard a|*iaat laitatiiai. ?a- b; tanaaa di|l<ma*. I'araaaa wha?a kalr ba* **aa*d*b*4 aalrr fran iha aaa af th* iaitatlaa dya*. aaa hat* II **rrt*t?4 k) * alii a* aa abat*. Capy tka addrca*. \VI|i and Taaptrt.-Aaallitr Modal ku t**a awardad ta (a. Haarhalar, far tha baat ?i<* aa< Taapaaa. Tka pablla ara la'itfi ta iwati hlanaw atria far la.'o, at BATflltl.OR'A aalabraiad Wig ractxry, 4 Wall at. Ha laapa tha largaal aad ba*t a***rtatat la th* ally. Cupy th* IMftM. Win* I Wl|al Wl|al Cltlaana and UraaMTtara ufarad that IhaTarga*!. (haapaat. aa* b**t aaaortn.ratal trig*. half-mm. Inapt**. htmda *f laag bair. aa* cthar araamaatal hair. I* <* I-a faaad at MtDUl'BST a BIABD'f, il Maidaalaaa. Tha 'radatappliaA. Vracklaa,Tan, allotrnooa, Plapl**, Hrap til at, aa* all akla dlaaaaaa, ara. It I* wall kaawa, paatMraly larN ky a*lag OonraaA'g I'allaa Hadiaatad * av Tha F a4r* abtll* araAlaataa hair fr?a Bay part af ?ha ka>d? LAaalA Baaga fat aaia lip* aa 4 *h*?ka I..I r Wbltaf ar raaah. hail, alagaiah awjUttaaa at 17 Walkar Ittaai, tnt atnr* tr?a Br**4?rap. OallaaAar. Aaath Thir4 at, rViladalphia Krep It W* for* Ikt p*apl*. that tka *k*apaat ta* kaat pla** la M*? Vark ba gat g*a4 Bo ta, kkaaa ar Faaay at JOKli', 14Aaa*tr*?i. DI9Iaalt faat altrapa ltt?4 *a th* aaat appro ta* [ aa, tu.: T- ____________ Thagr a baat ta aaarrf, abnuld abtaln 4b kaltla av Vatt*'* Karaaa* Aatiaata II i* th* a**t waatarfal tklag la lb* warl* tapart* haalth, *tr?a*th aa* aignr. laaaalaialr, aa*. **a*a'i?*atlp para bratth. aabla baar rg. aaJar la tha ahaaba, bright a>a?. ahaarfalaaaa. ail. plaaaaam . aad atari raaal?ila la ba agraaahla . g, aa aaar vith raariahaaaa. irrltaklllty aa* a*r*oaaaaa*. |l p<r babtla. ( o**itgtaa. Br?ata*p aa* Hag* >b atratt ; aa* Raahlaa tag l lark, hr- Mat; Itatrhlnga' Dytpapala lllttai* U. wlthant tat rarapli b, tha a< a' 'I'mMi r?a-4) a?? la ajgaa. far Dwr*P**a aa 1 mtnj blaaa th* gat that th* Blttara va* r? a'aaaadfl t* tbaaii. vka. aftar aa(l?rla.- far r*ar* ia hapal*aa alaary. haaa bata tat*li; raa<*r?g t* h-altk kr thair aaa. Laiga kattia* M aaata. l?fB*a 122 Faltaa atra*t. harraaa Tr a an < I >. m a W r kainaa af aalh> Ill lm>M< *klek miniH *> m4 trw>mm %n ik? ? q?itkly < mik mi oh r*rt*J?t| kiii^i llMUk IfiltntlK RllWti. T??r act <:mUf poi lt< ilfutix mm,ii< tknitk r>ir??(? ih? raitn t;itni Hot ??lj 4j?rM"? it< ill "f l*4i*??<>?* ?r? rr> r?4 kf i(?r lai ??? kt?- ?f aiiiinii (limn 8*14 fc? ihi 4r?ulMa. Unml D*f*\ M Hi4ki Fifty ni> fUMU*. BIlM'l (" mpoanrt Cad l.lrrr OH C*nHf.? A Vol I t mt ?l*o* Mr tl>M t N<unvgv 4n??i*4 * IT ?f K> . ir tr?4a*<4 ? W<* p?MI? kit nt?lIntiUI I ? )? for lh? *?nfk?, < Mi, l?*ie. r* k>iik.<*rK-ltfr***4 thatma? r?i? milnfim k?r? > ??* i*t fntk, ??? <f ?hl?k i* mlk tkt |?pt U,Mlknii<pl?l<lH>*. !>?? friMUt ikinit 'iii With rtmtltiMi *f I. U>r * i>4 ikMl l.n.M IN l? II (hit tk?T |trt??r? th? r"T ikt*. ?l "* kf * " ? f?. r??<U. |i?< r r*Hi : J*k* Milk>?, ISJ irn*4 ??J: tkt Irtiaf il'w tin <I?| uilN Tlie best rot trull %t Jenny Unrt -^friiri. GC'ITIL & C'O.ln hnelo inform Ihi public, lhal ib-?y bft\? ia pr fr?M of pnMi^atioc. ra a lar;e ica'e, th? p ?rtr?ifc of th? *\S*?d: <*b Nai/htT?*aie.M after a ro< *1 admirable dpf?*rr*<?l? p*, tak* u t v Mr loot. I' tho special r9 iu<wil?f II at* eaio italic LiaU. The cxecutu n ha? t.eea ?obS2|U t-> Vr. f rvLcr, and tl.? public may rent aisur-J that the p >H*aifc ? ure iibaiax ?ill surpass anything of tbc kiu<i puMUfcad hcratofcr* >*rko of tad. ( pr plain $ 1; eo!f>rH, $1. Orders to le addreseed t? GOtfPIL k CO., iSU Br*al?raj. They mtc Inimitable* Rvrryhorly ndnilh that lUot's pistares an ioimitaMj. Lverybudv admit* liial I they cannot it ai pr? -?e?l hi \ int <t acirio/, s'yl-?, J f aisb rnd tasie- fame is \\ rid wlda. Hi# daxutrr ?c?- ; i' Jiirv Li&d, ttkia ftl bar r?q?Nt, ii4 prait?4 t<t icr as the t rst ever ?<*<n. is a splendid ibiu/. QjupilfcC.. 1 are crsraviu*il in ureut style K >t has ? ? I * .a ?*.i mit? of tuorni ?t ilic euiiu.mcit curucr ti iifu?d??y kuU 1 JlflAllii mm. Jcniiy I Ind ? Jint laiunl, the only rorr??t < Portrait of kht cici-utc! by F. l|,A>irn .n, tram ' Hrsdy't d?ju?rre'>t< |.?. I'tiie 50 cioti. I*>?? li-h? 1 Inm j lira)*'" UilUry, ?Jft llroadw ?v. *n 1 f >r ? .!?. nt Uo j kook ?tur??. U B. liRAOy. Proprietor. | Thf Plnmbc National l)n*ner?ean Gallery, No. Kr< wlwuy, ?tr?tn"r? md ?h.>uU not fail to j yliit. n il i? one "f th? iuo>? iu'on- tin# rln. .i iu thij litjr. t li U I ? <;ly for an individtitl to thU c?lt1 nut j acquaintance. Tlte Progress of the .1 IVw yturj rro nient fati.iTiia had their Children'* Clothing luude itl Ldiie, tat i ? tl.e majority buy it truly made, hucauae ther pet a I etter nrtx le at lea* trice, cat and made in a >iea,"i and ni rr fa.-h ionaMe mantiT, at d f?ve t he ' irue and tr-MiIde nf attending ?<> it thennx-Wea. The jT' ttin< up of ChtldrenV Clothing in now conducted * ith a* much *y?tcm aa that > f 11 itu't, and is uinn\if.i< lur.d in <|Uite an estuaaire stale. AmcD| their e?clu?i?el> engaged in thii l.iuin ??, w? know cf no f lie whe displays netter ta?re than Shaffer, at .1 J" itreet, and with pleannre rrcommrr.l his estaMiahment t" tin aitcntx n of purchasers. lie hit* a I > aotlful a*" rtm> nt of poods of ?v?ry at) le and material, to suit the mest faitidious taste. MONKY HIAIIKKT, WEDSCSDAV. Oct. 2?6 P. M. The stock market opened quite buoyant this morning. and the sales were very large. At the first boa'd, ! Erie Beads, new, advanced per cent; Erl* Inoouiu i Bonds. Erie Kailroad, 1; Harlem. Jf; Beading Railroad, l^. Erie Bond* were In active demand, and there were sales at par on time. At the second board, Reading Railroad went up 1 per cent; Uarlem. J,; Portsmouth Dry Dock, M- The mirket closed firm. Operator* for a rise, at present prist*, teol full as confldtnt * at tho ommennement of the upward movement. and buyers on time are daily becoming plertlur. j The rectlpts at the oOice of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, to-day, amounted to (70.102 93; pay meats', J 7,131 C( Balance. K>?30 008 44. There has been an aetive <Um?nd for land warrants fluce the adjournment of Congr**s. and holders have exhibited no disposition to fell. We quote $136 a H40, at which a few have changed hands. The Land Bounty bill has been laid on the shelf, and the probability 1*. that it will not be again acted upon until near the *lose of the next icsaion. The market will no dcubt, soon be swept of all the Mexican land warrants, and prices must rapidly advance. The North Kiver Insurance Company have declared a dividend ol 10 per cent. The Firemen's Xnsuranoe. Company dividend of 10 per cent The steamship Empire City, from Chagres, Is due. with two week* later intelligence from California, be J from one to two millions of gold. Our next advices (rem San Francisco will be up to the 1st of September Ther* have been, withla the past two or three weeks. 1 large purchases of the stock of the Morris Canal Com pany, and the parties Interested have played the game so skilfully. and have operated so quietly, that they hav* absorbed most of the floating shares without creating any excitement, or any important improvement In prices. A vsry great change has taken place In the flnanelal affair* of thi* company, and arrangements hav* b*en mad* for placing the canal in a position te . do any amount of business that may offer. Bine* 1S43. [ the increase In the receipt* of the company, with the i prraenl limited ability lo eairy freight, (owing to in* ; inclined pialna not being anflloient to convey a boat acntainicg more than thirty toaa o< coal, or other I freight) baa >>een thirty three per cent per year. In IMC, the reeelpte wrr? $100,000. Thla year they will be >102 000-a fufBclent turn to pay the expenaea of working the entire line of the canal, and leave >73,000 to be diapoted of aa the director! may aee (it. Thla anrplua will pay the entire intereat on the debt at aeren per crnt, and leave $2&,000 aurplua to the atockholdira. Thia reault will be deemed entirely latiafaatory. hen it la known and understood that the alteraHow of tha plaint- alnilar to that ona which ha* been in operation nowffor two ycara? will be made and eomplrt* d by March, 1U1 or rather at tha opening of tha canal neit apring. The money for anch alteration baa been tubecribed In th* form of a prt f rred etock, aud auVject to anch calla aa the company may make. The Intereat on the bonda ol the campany haa been paid to 1851, leaving the company free from all embarraM. nirnt until the opening of the canal In 1M1, when the moat aatUfaatory reaulta are anticipated by paraona fnlly competent to judge, and wha are n?t aangulne urn. The alteration oi th* plain* will ?nahl* th* com- j pan j to pax. through th* *ntlr* 11ns *f canal, a **r*olj tf n boat, er. rath*r. th*y will then b* *nabl*l to tak* the Lrblgh Company* bout< at th* tiraliu of that compan; ? canal, and paM th*? ta J*r**r City, without th* Ion* ot tranrbipoi*nt of coal By tbli ar- ( ran|*n*nt. th# Morrl* canal will b? vnablad to pan down SOO.KO to 400.000 ton* of a.>al p*r **aaon. I n ad- j dill, n to tfcl*, It U itlmaUd that at l*n*t 11)3,000 ton* , of etbrr matUr will pui through ftirln? a too- I j Bar* of about 100000 ton*. Tbl* will fir* tb* company f 4(0 000. Att*r dtductlnf th* *ip**j?*. ?W,Ji>0-fcr It will co?t no mort to pa*? >00.300 torn than j it do** 100,000 t?n*. at tb* **m* look* and th* *aa*at- | laodanr* I* *ar*Mar; for tb? on* a*th* other-and lat?r?*t, $76 CCO, tb*r* will b* l*tt >Sl? 000 fdt tb* *to?k- j boldrr* In lSi l. Thl* on th* capital of MyM *h?r?* or M.COO 000. I* n*arly *l(ht dollar* a (bar* on th* on* hundred dollar dork; or forty par e*nt on th* itock now at *lfbtc*n dollar*, tb* p'aaant prle*. rb* *Dtir* tin* of tb* canal will b* In operation In Hi including th* taction from Bawark t* Jar My City, J (bleb. ?t that time, will b? la thorough rrpair ill n?- j rig ibl* ordvr. Tb* r?r*lpti of tb* Rrl* Eallroad Compiny lor th* Booth of 8*pt*nl>or. IMA rompir*d with tbo*o for th* rorroopoadlag month laot j*ar, w?r* u aan*i*d Kt? Von tap (m Hiilio*!> ? Iipt IS60 i 'MMopriMd mill $*7,117 M 1 F rtight Slaw 8tf | 1 Total r*r*ipt? tl.SO 017 ?7 i Irnlfti lot kplfnbtt, llll T7.MS 4* | (!** la *?pt?mb?r ! :? ??iS3* 12 ' Tb* i||tt(it< tittlfU from iiiur; l?t to October (t. ltwO amouaud to >1.119 .AM S7 a?aia*t MM #M ?t 'or tbo torr??poadlng period lMt jht ?bnwlaf an la 'roaao la nla* a^athi tbli ;wr of >#ltt>07 83 To nako ap aa aggr*fato of >1.440 000 for th* y?r. th* ; irerago rerolpta p*r moatb for th* r?aialala? thro* notth* mutt bo >130 1 34 It if *oUaat*4 that tho aralagi f.?r October will aaioaat to >174 000. Tb* rrrtiimt of tb* Mla*ral Baab of Caal>*r!a-id 4*rjUnd la rolatloa to tb* r*port* rcoeaU? pat ' ' a circulation. calculate 1 to lajar* tb* or?lt of that ( a?tttatl?a, ?ay? ? Tb?r* la not oa* word of truth la tb* r*port Our | ' >iak bai not *mplcyrd. ?lth?r directly r iadlr*ctlr. itif p*r?*a ia ftliohl?an. or aa/ othrr tut* la tho I> circulate oar pap*r Oa tb* Mtriff.n . lar* at bono aa largo and Mead; a clrcalatioa a< wo I raat. Our bank U driag two third* of all tb* bu?ia<M , n tbl* ff unty- a legltiaate baoklag ka*ta*?* ana* , I >*tt*r or aor* pre Stable la tb* t alua W* in th* | u?lo*?i of all tb* coal aad Iroa f<a>paol?* la thl* ounty and tb* baflnet* of tb* BotUanre tadubin I naiu?ia ? < >>) j. ?uiro an><uti[* 10 ?1UU (w par , t month *0 tbat ? bar* ih at b< for ill aar rlr?-a atloa and a (<*4 daal mora II w? bad oapttai B??ar | ? bart.r. wa ara limited la rlrealatloa u> tbr rapitil [>ald la. Uur flrruialloa I* all Lakta up la oar bu?l Our atcrk l? par. aatl jou i-aiiol *??a bar It at ' liar. I do sat l<all*ra tb?r? la a bank la tb* I nlaa In | ' 1 ?onnd?r rendition or dot a* a b*ttar 1 af?r ar mar* 1 [>r< AtaM* bwlnHf TL?r* la not an* ahara of oar rtock b?ld In tb* Ptat* of N?? York aor la th*r * aa j adlrldcal eat of oar coaatj. aho baa aaf caatfolorar r la tbr baak Th? lannrd itatotm-nt rxblblta tba qntitllf af ear la artlel** aipartad fron thl* port darlag th? w?*k ndlng tb* 1 at laataat. dlatlagalahln* th? d*atlaat!?a tad *at*at af ablpfaaat* to aa*b plae* Jaaaiiti ar tni Font or *?? Taaa WrraLt *? paara. ft u**ap?aL. near. bbU f>2H Clonk* raa*? 4A Koala ?S I It ih?a? |1 M*?b 1S1 l.ard tb?. 3*0?i4 H baat baab 10 02b WliaUf->otl (b *W l.ard all fall 0^1 llama ... li oil parai ell SMI Ruttrr 4Ota to Flnnr. bW? 8 041 But'*? !b. t9*1 | rtirp?ntl?D SIM Ch???i. W.M.S I'nrt ?inr. e??k(. .. 413 Bifoi *7 1 i* Oil ptpprrai , (MM 0 r?!m lv*l, bll? ... IVl t# rin?f. bbl* 4 F,*nn oil. *?t?. ... IP 1M brrar or? 100 !-*/<! lb* 2> *?o Rr.ln **> IW *.?f ?t*? ** B?<k*i 131 o? R)4fll pl< HW to mm **n Dmr bll? K?1 C >r?. bn?b 14.*K> Ro?io 1? I" 10 OjO to immfm mi hit, iw??? a*o riwk fM ir m ?!?*' ?o. m 4 TO Rifll PvtMb.lblf 86 Ord?r. lor. . . . rtar Prarliicb W?i }l?ij<>|(?nr. tur B**f , WhaUbc no, lbs". 1 ] 4% ?si Foin l.fiM l.'gnum?lt.x *> '&.>( (l rom? or? t>0 PUvn. Nu ' Kaik.Hida 1-3 ....JO,00* IV H41>E rotB-h. Vbl* 03 Cedur, log* i,| ]!<viD. MW V u>tlo, ton* ?(j Klcc. lies 1 ;9 8?g?r*. ease*..,.') .? W bkUbome, lkl. . . 14 4A4 Tohaooo, hhds .. . . jj to *rmc4. Floitr. hble . *>7 Butter, lb*. 2 372 )i?ef 7o 1I*oij 78J I'oi k 104 Run. gilt Brnd 2_'9 CorJi^n eo!l* gj i'oirdcr, kegs 1 #uo Lumoor, 27 toe 10 KKATIL. 1'lc ur, U1 ?00 Ho*'n,tbl?....... lot TO fl XTH ?l. IMfHICl Flour,111* U Butter, lb* K2 Uiec.d 36 UaiuN 1.(70 llioe. tff 21 Lir.l S.H* Lumber, ft 17CCO White Wax...... 1.351 lull. POMI*U?. T'lour, bblf 524 8oap. kis COO l'.rk 27u k'Ub. lb* 42,24c Mukml..14'i ChffM 20t llirritjr 40 Lard 60) AlttrlTfk fo BitUtr 15! Rice, til [-0 Lumber, ft S,Wi 10 *PAlt 1*11 Wf.iT IIIllM. Ala eurk* 110 8pCaoul<i bts.., 2* 1 urk Lbilf :.7 liut'.or, lb* 733 l'riisti. cm?k 170 Lard 11,H7C Hirl>r?l, bll*.. . . .47 Tobircn, Alld 2 04* 1'aper, nam* too He ops No , 7 OjO T* KJUTIMI ?1IT IMllIl. F'oor. bbl* 412 LariMbs 174* Dri'ld. . 107 Butter 150." kiitl 2x6 Cheew? 1,300 I\>rk 134 Oil Cake 3 80t Uo. Caidle*.bx*... &15 Lumber.ft #,OOC to **1ti?ii "OI1H AVKKtt*. l'lour.bbli. . ... .. b.'i-'.H Soup, Ijx< 4,0 l'.arley 27 Te^. lbe 51<? Pork 4W Ctaeew 77?* Unl 441 Lenther 8.172 Kjr? Hour 377 liuttur 1,74.' Corn, bufb 1'0 . 4.3')S Wheat 1 flOO Tobneio. llfd. .... 71,737 It will be wen by the abOT?, that the movement* In breadstuff* eontlnae aolire Tho rhirm'&ts of flour to Great Britain and Ireland hare b?en luelyuuusnaHy large. To othrr points they hava btcn li??ltd<i. The eiportof ?th?r oth?r articles h i? bu?a ?iaiUl: aoi exhibitirg no new feature. Meek Kxcliatig*1. f fli?l U S ('a, 1W7 II')* V2-. In t Ua C > *1V <VU V 8?>, 1>U6 iw?i? 26 JCrU KK kSi Pf 7S? 10H1 N Y?rk 0>. IS01 1U 60 <lo ?i>/ 74s 10C0 U 8 6'?, l.W'i JiiS'i fU J. r.O 7?>2 13 0 Ohiofe'J, 1 -'4 1W )00 <1? op< 75V MM |?e?r? f? 5.2'i *> ?> I7?ll 76 ! ! Kinl Hjf. 1-70 7 ' 400 Hatl.tii KR CJ. t( 00 tr? 7'a, la6? 62V Ic.i da .10 ttC ?XI? d> M? lni 60 d> Li* ?<S; 1M?> Iiiu lad Biindt 1*IU AO d ) ?V? KH 1014) do !-iH <" Mi t<iu do v.1o !>i*2 ho <"0 e: 40,0 d<> bid !'!? I?) d-> m\? 80 .ha Bk of Com, fall 107Ji 11 Rn?h tS?n RK !?' >?l lurcnrn Xiuti 4 7<JO itti lu; K? 1UO do t3t? 100 4 . k"4 tfiV W) do <'? M .'o e?0 H>Z i?t?> Morr? C?a?l Id 1WJ ?! Ml $">?p l>6>2 do 110 IS 1U> do C.'iVi 1V) do 175i 1"*> Pt.r-?m?i>li D D .' % 100 do kM I^V iil do ft"? HU d? ?*? 13,'i ?' do k*> TV 400 do ka ik #?> r.\ 600 do V?0 IS 60 Hu4 hiv RU 74.1?. 310 io ?W 17JJ UCOMI HOARD. f IPCfO U S Pt, ^"7 117K .vt ?t,i R-ad'n? Kl tVL I OHi do, JWK 1I7-| U? Har'.en Kit iW #2^ 60?.0 Frit Iii* CeaU ? ^ fr'O io ?iw MO Ktad RK C* *o Canton Co 61? .'0 do 06", I'M Purutu<>?lk D fi>ek 6 11.0 do V-"0 f * 10" r?rui?f?' Traat 41W 1 W do kSO l-ti 10 Krio UK trx Hit SlH) Co I'M CW, 20 d? 76li, i vi do 05*1 1U) Slorm C?nal LIS 17:? 60 do ?3 Ci)j iDmriTSTm rqevlu KUIY m. POST OFFICla KOT1CEI. ITNITID ?TAT?< MaIL TO H A VRE.-MA1I,5 FOR TBS / I'ritfd S'Ltts r?'l Fra th^ D*vi% 1 uf, nil) k? ta&ili'up ai this ? fT"?*, on ?ikttir?iap, tL# 5th iait . I '?< iu JUS o'cljck A. M. 11.9 loiio^iuK iri U? rmiM *. roatftc* ** and rM*''*?( n1 *'J !lI*e :"~ 1,. lulind. Inl&cd. and dioiUrd. cam rsid if Mnt utit'll K?w?r?p?r? io do I conti. T> Iraocr, mutt 11- p?i J, par kalf-oun it aau'*> Noaipaprra, do. d* Saaata. Tn the ti?li??atof karnpa, if aldrra?od ria Hurra, uuat La paid, |mr balf-oauM it aaala. Nc??par?r- do. do ,, ) tiat>. la tka Contlrout of Earopa, tfid rrrard riaSon'.kor Loadoa, muai be paid, par kaif-taaoa 21 aanta. Kaarpaporo d. d daaau. To Parlnga!, Spain, rtar liaia. and Sicily, 'f ad .iro?.-rl via b' miamptoa or X-caa.n, tnait ba paid ib fail. Ntwipapara. do do 4 aenti. To Foriaxa'. Spain Sardinia.a d Sloily.ifaddroaaod aia IIav r?. aiuit b- paid ? r balf-oaajo 24 iilU. Ko?ripap?r(. dv. do , Soootl. VI. V. BRADY, P.M. ~ " PK.H?I)?4L INFORMATION WANTED IIP llAKMO.N JONICS, PAS. Mi>f?r is irboenor Fl-riaJa. which l--f* N*w <?rl?aa?. Inly. I My. for s?a Fraailaoo-wa? la?i hoard frontal Rio. Noatmbor, Ihtli. liar* whiak ?!? a rapart kat rcarkod Na? Orlaaaa from fau traaola?a lb i aoaiol wai bnraad of thaLr< aat of Bomb Aorrioa. Art iaformaiiou roapoaitat (aid Jcoal *111 bo thaaafally t*cri?od by JOH N W. r aT TKftj>0 V, M Front itroot. MISSING,-MR. CEORCR SPRAUIE. A VIRCUAST ol liidlwu. Alabama, arrlrod In N?ar T?rk, oa tbt TtLia* of tbo 4lb of Bopionkir. aad rtg.atorod kii aaai aa i Mt kia bacgfiftt at tho I raakha li mn, H'oadr a]; aad Ai h? baa aot btoa ? ?? aiaaa tho moraiu* *i lha >?h. b ifinadfrar (one aacidcat baa kWallra Ma. B' ii ataal for'? jein of an, rathir dark hoavy ryckrowi, at rail aiatuia. atoat lira fr? tic inrbro ia houbt lafoimatloa vlli bo (ladly r?Mnri ky ki< frioadt, aldraaai to lb* tara of J. F. Traadirall, . fraa'tba Uoitao, l?r broad way. iKWARllt. STOLEN-TWENTY-FITE IK)Lt,\RS REWARD WTI L ba (iroa for h? dolittri f a gold lipiao aralah |Na. I ** lad boa?y *o d 'bain attar' ?d la it, wbion ??ro alalaa. who a | oroa c aiaiol- a ? u< ia->aoy aad koyo, fr?ia tho prom -? of Dr. bbaw'a Waur C?ro kaiabluhm.nt. Nj. i-? Two!t?k itraat rorrarof 1 tirrrai't placo oa Saturday. lha 2<tk Sa# . vai >tn a aa* or. m i?H" m 'I I ir? ail al-w II.? i ?n? anil itilmi, will ka firaa. nor aapquaatiaaa a?klil. to anj oaa Ualiratii| ar aaa4ia? tha wtli:iii4ttalil> No. t lliialay llmt, Aatar Uaaar Tl.a attaatiaa af pawabrtkirl U 4ra?ta4 w tkla a<!aartiirmail. TH1 AKMV7 WAKTto-rci* Tn? conpakt or r. s. sapper* 4 Mnara. (ovr latalligwi.i a Ha ko4ia4 ? >" ? mat ft |f?4 alaranar an4 , kalwaaa Ika a?aa uf lit aa* ?A>aar? Naaliaalaa prafaira4. Il la aa.-a.aary thai roarulta la ihia ark. ct tin- taraiaa ahaaU la alia tu real aa4 writa. li>4 kacw tamatl Ua of ailtknaatl. Tha | a y of tngia'*' loMlara It omrh Vattar tkaa af any olliara In tka army. Tka iom|>a>j whaa H1U4, la tu ba aon.p.aai alio itimb'i, Willi tka | ?/ af . ... tV Mr atoaah. IU a< rf >rala " " 14 " W artlkears " " IS " K* ptira'ta " " t " la a44i-.ioa. all ara alliwa4 ratiaaa. alt'.fc.a*. ma-ilaal at l?aiionrr, kr. For f uraliar panli-r lara laonra ia p?m a* I IS ( a lar atraat, ar la Cap*. U. II. KaUallaa. Writ Paiai. Saw Yvrt MUSICAL.. Ateachck ok thk piaivo ro?rs-<tRRiTft? frow Praa<-a)?affara ta al'a l?a?oa? f?r kia kaarl. I? a taapaataUo ti aaa. kafaraaa-a. aattafaa will l.a |in> ia Ikoaa wka a** ta apply M tkla ar, -a, kai Ma. I* ua4rr tka laltara ' ? II." INn I I HON OH TIIB IMA!?OrO*T? A (iBfTUt an, prafataar af tka riaarforta familiar with tka Ka(1iab ii 4 (.artriaa laamiat'a. kaataf a law biuti Ki?ntl>|al, ia li 'iiaia la glia li?.ar.a aa U? | n? U a faw ladiaa aa4 aatlanaa. l>ra< raaiaaatla At; lattara 4 raata4 ta Fffaaa-r af U a at ' * fultaa atraat. Itatkra. will raraira Imanaliata atlaad n. *PORT",a' ~~~* rmioti coriu. L. i.-r*orrii?a -octobib r. mi Paraa BIM. taila h'au. kaal t'.raa la tra^a 'uraaaa, fraa or all karaaa aa?tr w. a a pu raa a a ar (Id*, aai ataap'iar >aU?Ni Kl. 4e l-l ?!. t r i. ay laila. Ra-na 4ay. paraa k.V. alia :,-ata, ktat tkra a Pa*. t? Sft la. w a ."<aa. far pa. at kaiaa* ratal w a paraa aaar thataanaak. Batria* Va aa4? at t.raara k Va44aa a. Tkar*4aj ara-alag kf N i ali.ak. Tkiaa af ?ara ta aiaka a rt a aa4 t . > ?-> atari Hi" H MtSN . r riatara CKNTRBVILLBI Kl ' I 1M rr - I RIDi T Oatakar ?, at tkraa a'rlaak, P. at'ah |M. ?ila aati, ta?l tkraa .a (ra la karwa*. t.aarpa Vala-a laaai ilk ( R'aak Mirtr; Calaaal ItarUaa aaataa >k. t Rala4aar. ?na4 k R?a4all a lit* af Oatatkaaaw will I war a Falta* rarrj. Broi kira, at IS P. M JOBI.OOMT.IM Prprlakat. CKNTBKT1LI.K COrRSE. L I ? TBOTTIN'*?A PTB*B af iiWwill U #ira?. alia k?at?. laat tkraa la taw, la araaaa. for karaaa tkal aaaar waa a paraa arar (IM. ta .? I...W a bI.I. m >. .1. a J >t?f. (vuktt ? *. kf it at or*?? k m* i?||'| bit'l* l'? it u>* i t*m iii iw* i* (tart to *<! rit*. j" ft f'qmci.ix ff.^rwu, Cbitbbt-a hatch at tub abot b ahltsahb hill tftk! rlir? ? *i ?k* b'ri If ?mt hirlm' ?t*lll i |i?m llltn iii lk? ? itm-.a ptim. 4 U? M O*' W ill' Nr? \ ?r? I li??. tor (h? Mnllif i|< ina. h? f w lasmx ii n i ,lrl. a. ii i i.i.iim iiioi " rll* haomtic trlbobapr i oh " a k t (hobib uh,) ike irit ttir miiiik'.ii it u* nnilar i. .k. it*1 llmw il4 >? ? l*?*?l ? ik* uilt. ih* m iim* ?'? < *? k.l.**. n.?, i'm i id** pi, n, b*f7|mw.?4 < iikiiaioi nd 4*l,t?rib( in rxmtih mviim ii ik? ' III. >I|I>K*||*|I J*T?y riiT. Ni? Hf**??i.k ?t.? Miir> * ur*?* i*? I*ly l a* la Ik* maUr* II Ik* |r?~a: ||?m katla? a* ttmr nr??, k?? lll?l* ifi-r,**? ?n?k?l?? *?t?i >n4 {? a'? t.r*r?4 |? >ra???llt M< <tl|f It ?H ll?iK?r >( KWUH iMrh ?*? ? r?4?ir?< *f II f'r ik???? ><<a . luiaa ?f aMi?, ?lt* ? *"?T*<ij. ?r ?a4 ? 1*11ty, klikw* tn i ? nj ctlitr liai. Ifcia In ??? m?> "W?r *i?r??i?* M * tf ll*M. Ml'llt MnlliwllUxirl alio*. *r> *t 11 ?r ?r wfcirfc ?."*? a*4 r??'"??l ?lll ha 4?li?ar-4. 4Mira4. Tk* M?r>n if ikn lik* h?t? lattl? m?r? M>?f?*<lilir rt'kaalnllul'tiliiM. Ii Wlh III irtkimihlti ii<l W? ?l 4?? *"? it tllMIV It* fklfl at* ta All, ?||k laaalkl *>r?'?roa* tl I* ukiat ? ? utiwutiilk il' '? liillM fat kim?:i |f? r |.?|?4 I; ih* rikMir. < till ?r?f i Miliiit It, kai mi If ttn 4* ant aac Ik I* ?k? aotl talill 1a lira f*r t*l*cra|>Mrr. Tb* ><>NI *f l>M Ku nil T*l**riph f'aaipar* ?* . *< ? t*rk ft*. "> Baai*?? tttff. *?nif of IWkrcT- 1'M'a-V.Vk. Na. 1>1 OMtial Oranlt*|ln I '11 n c; Halilmor*. *a. * Har' n il" >a;> flat cratt Wa.Mai*. ?. rwiim Puia-?l??kik ?Mkn?. II M. M. Sf *1.1. . >?? Toai. OiV I. IMi ()0?roi( AND NtW TURK TKI.Fr.KAPH COWTAWT. It IHW* * "kJl ttr*at, (aaaaal ttary.)?Tfcia II**. irr? fwaM'i Pn'-at PrlaHaa lanttkarml. rata a*ara?i*? * No fla**a. MkrWnH. RfrlnfUIJ, fr??l4??aa ka4 Mg??a. Tk? InmM.min *rn f?4 i-y IM ieatraaaali la ?iu I a? >?l faltara?tn*? a*aWla? %k? **-? *! ? *f lr?? ilv m irtaMtlkiMLHl MM?)ani lirWIHf tairvat * i watilt a: -.aaAaal or?* al. ??ka? ntm*?f talacraaMag. r-> r>tr?*?|f tftlilla* ** l?pu *?-a paa?*<i*l iraaaaiu r. 4?ll??ry ?f ?'>?lr * a? 4nr?litwtlll ??'?lt?4H ?fc?lr n#?M -?! tk# ?lr**ar? la varklaf >r4*T I'ri'w-fw BMIWH i( HI V'tlA * *TUmm .rra?^ MM " - c'r?^ I J

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