Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1850 Page 1
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M Til WHOLE NO. 5959. ,, DOUBLE SHEET^ nUMBAPHM INTBLUflENCB. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. HIGHLY INTERESTING NEWS. AEKZVA& or nt? STEAMSHIP CAMBRIA AT HALIFAX* (ADVANCE IN COTTON. Scheme for the Protection of Cuba. THE DANISH AND SCHLESWIG WAR. AWiration of the Mrtlor of Hme (awl. AFFAIUS II EflU MD MB FKUCE. STATU OF THE MA1SITI, Arc., Ate., dec. Uwini; lo the fact that the telegraph lines east of Portland worked very badly yesterday, a delay of several hours occurred in the transmission of ihe annexed SUMMARY OF THE NEWS. Halifax Tat.eoiui'h Office, ) October 3, 1850. J The steai ship Cambria, Captain Leitcb, arrived at Halifax at seven o'clock this morning. She came in through a den?e fog, and reports having .net with coLbtant head wiads. The Carnbria left Liverpool on Saturday, the Jl?t ultimo, and brings forty through passengers, and ten for Halifax. The steamship Atlantic, Captain Writ, arrived at Liverpool, at half-past eight o'clock* on Friday, the 2Mb, and the steamer Europa, Captain Lott, *t one o'clock on the Monday morning previous. Th?y both report having experienced heavy east" crly winds. The Atlantic had booked one hundred and fifty ,'as?er!g*rs, ?nd was to have (ailed on the :15th. England. wj.ikt> rr.cnn or eras?thf caiijikt stnod i of 1iuhi >:? ?the haynau ekckpti03 at the lokdom ukk'veby? fatai. ea1ixoa3, etc. It i? Mated, on the authority of a correspondent of the Lond< n Herald, under diUe of Paris, Tliura- 1 lay evening, that arrangements are ou foot be- 1 tween Spa:o on the one side, and England. France iod Hollaed on the other, by which Spain, on ( conditio* ot having Cuba protected by the joint j action ol thote powers, engages to pay the debt Jue by her to Lagland, and to French and l>utch creditors. The chi? f featare of English news has been the publica'inn of *he decrees of the Cabinet Synod of 1 Thuiles, it; reference to the educational colleges or governments in Ireland, winch has been con. ienuifd iji tt>to, greatly to the surprise of all the 1 well M i?hm Cif that unfortunate country. The Liverpool Journal and ClironirU, which, > >eu?g edited '.y Catholics, are attppose.l to represent tl?e fx, ular feeling anions that body, are loud i n their dissp, roval of the cotirsa adoj>ted by a sec- j tion of the Iri?h bishops, al the command, it is said, of the Pops. The ChrimirU esys ? This ia | a mournful un&ounceinent, over which the statesman may well ponder, for the blacknets of the , l ast is uai'drenwd by the slightest hoj>e ol the future. This diflerence of creeds, whieh it was the object ot an enlightened patriotism to hral, by uniting the jouth of Ireland of all denominations, so that all would he cared for, i* to con'in'ie, it j seems, under ecclesiutical sanction, with all ita horrid brood of evila, bad passions, and personal aid arrtarsa antipathies. The curse.of th* past | is doMi.rd to hang over the land, and a system of ; education, admirably adapted to the rt^ iiteiucnta of the country, is rudely pushed aside by the prejudices nf the Irish bbhop*. At at vera' public meetings in different places, it hsa been projKMed to bestow a suitable testimonial of public arprobartaa upon the brewers and dray 1 me* of ftarr.ay \ P rkins' establishment, for their trratnvb' of i>en lls>nau. As an ollset, the 7'i/n/s .rnte. iiid' :irt I'srations are making at Vienna to greet the <>en?ril on hi* return, with what thit <>um?l ?tv|< ? n ffdendid demou?/ati in r>l lo> al d'>otx>n 1 fi? yurnaon u lo i-errnnde ln.n h> turcbieht, IB'I 'ij' I ni|?r..i ? t.i i-? hmi ih* r ik A a Mar? t' . 11 licEayiN It if dMNmdL N * he aoO.- rily <f ?n A.?* rion journal (h-<t the Antnan maiMrr, at Lci?i]i>n, hu b^n inatruc'ed in I'-mai d tit* p.'!ii*linif ii of the turn who Mitullril :hf hut> her in l.ondea. A fntiul i railton I arcH*nt oer?irr?d on the <H(fn , hr i: !} nit , by whi. ii nu. u?ci lo^t The f!o?h?T7i dispute haa now eanvneoeed to fita" the p'tWir mind. A !> ?!. < % - . ' it'-1 at L'tnd iu.on Ttmra1*7, ia the * :mty of the Corn K*ch*B?e That uitd ix ?materially in/ir<*d, and a large amount id trojtrtj waa destroyed. Th* wpdil-er haa been uniatemirf<*dljr fioe ihronnh<??1 all ,<irta of th?* kingdom for ecunug he ImI lenwMM of the harveet. Makm V <.n*. ii ti."if 'irrulur of f'ri<l?f, r?-|">r' ? f<ir -teadf bcrirea*. during th? week, in Honr aid *kM?M lit M^IM t? arrivr, an 1 that ejrli .'nlljr nun'iinM previcwa price*, the market looiaj wi'h an npwnrd tendency. ft ia proper to baene thaM'ther authorities do not gire quite ao troui <|;t( a view of Ike rnaaket. II rranrp. I >? MMMitT r-"T IIWWIIM>HlorK>IWW or I l.<Wl> UlK^ITt MllWItami Ti? I c?uroiMA, rrc. The ouij important political incident of the week I Hukfii'li' diacoiferjr of an < >rleamat plot, the I incurred * TnT'ed with which, whil-t th'jr do not appear'? implicate aajr peraoa, afWded the ''ana and pr-aa f.xxi for eery laag *<ltorlala. The Pre anient irluwd to Paria oa Thuradaf, *he ill. atiii Sia lour It aaid to hire h?en attended with brilliant nrrrw Some of hi* fn-ada have commenced to agitate the qaeatioa of allowiaf hm mother 3.0??.0iW franea for hia peraooal eip?adi. urea, but th propoaitioa mreta with lilriafaror, and a conae.pence, he h>ia, il la aaid, com* to the de. termiaaiina of making bo farther profreaa tbia | <moi ( (H 'h- ?h'I 'n'lm^'r of W prnvinri-ii rft'inriU, i 49 pa*aed r**olutioaa in fa?or of the reriaion of the i-on?tiHH:rn, with th* ?i??, ? ia unit-r-tond, of , rolonging the powr ra of ih? President. Of ike IS otkra, li only paeeed raaolationa decidedly *d \rrtr .? Iir |>ri>|M>'?d ekang* The go?*rnti<-nt | 'ourndi fi?.'.nd thit th? ft??i m?]onty of th*?e I'ouoriit kaitat admit;?4 the rriaeiple of necmwity of re? <? ?', *?? i*"rer to nad*rtnk<? nek reeiaioa ' accoHiaf km may be deemed roost adviaablo for ih? m >e*t? of ike country Tb?- doetnn*. however, inert* with 00 faeor from the appoaitioa lovrralr. inatniuek a* a large majority of the rourila ' **' a romftwH their reaolatioaa witk auab.Va.toa- ia f?*or of ike l^r??laMeo AnoemSly, and ? if?. ?"il? >"<>* <k%t nothing ahonl I rw Hoa* thorn tke roneeat of tke reprraeataurea of tko nftr, AIm>iK ehi'fly -Ion* 04 to th? old ia* I V ? ? ?a< - f r t aJforni* Tke r?Kor*?d rbaafra ia 'be miaiairy are aaid to br wholly intoaiadeiT Tke iacreaoe of it* reyeaoe. dunar tke firat . ,h m,?lka. T la-' I'V, la nair.t .1 > . ?. ?* iraaaa. Oa ibe Hoara*. on Thanday, Ktrea opened At < a, m4 1*01 d it M < . k E NE $ The Vanish and grlileswlg War. MOKE SKIRMISHING?ADVA* INU AM) KKrttEATIKJ ? AITKACANCKx BL1011TI.T IN FAVOR OF TUB SCHLBSWICJQKKS, ETC. Advices from Hamburg state that on the l'2th the Holetrin army made a forward movement, with the intention of attacking the fortified bridge across the ?chl\e at Wesaunde. The Danes were driven frcm their unfortified positions at koshendorfF and other point?, into their entrenchments, where they cannonaded the Holsteiners for about an hour, but without effect, when the tiring ceas<d and the lloU steinfrs begun to retire. The Dane* then replaced 'he bridge, which they had previously removed, and crossed ovr with the intention of harrying the retreat of the Ilolateiners, but found them so strong as to render it unadvisuble to press them closely. Gen. Williren took possession of Rekenford,aad established his head<iuar'*rs at that town, in the afternoon; but was subsequently forced to retire, owing t* the near proximity of the Danish ships. The army bivouacked at night, at points somewhat in advance of their previous |H>sition, and on the following day the Danes still declined to give them battle. They re-occupied the itosiiionx which thsjr held previous to the advance, aud up to the 14th no further movement had been made. The HolM'iners lost about one hundred and thirty, and the I Danes but about one hundred and seventy men In Gen. Wilhsen's proclamation he nays: " We i have offered him battle in the opea field, under the most favorable circumst inces for him. We haw destroyed all his fie'd works in the east, by Rehenford, tlohn and Hornmolfeldt, and his camp at Koshendortf, and thus proved thut lie is not so fully master of Schleswig as he gives himself out to be." Hum CaaMl. flight of th* xijcctoe?*?sistxnc e op taxes bt thk 1-boplk, etc. The Germans were occupied, Inst week, with the sudden and precipitate flight of the Trince of Hesse Cassel. Disputes having occurred between the Princr and the Chamt>er, an to his right to impose tuxes without the consent of the latter, and the people bavins obtained the sanction of the legal tribunals to their resistance of the illegal taxes im! posed by the government, the Prince found the ' (lace too hot to hold him. and lied.. | The Hessiery ap|>ear to De geiting on very well : without the Elector and his infatuated ministers, i and it is raid to be probable that other States will shortly follow their example. Austria ssd Praiili, These countries are viewing the outbreak in Heine Cas?el with no little anxiety. It is said that Auttria will take sides wiih the Elector. India and Chlaa. The Tx>nden press, of I'riday, publiah later newt from India, received by telegraph, via Trieste. The cholera had broken out in China, and the Governor of Macao had died of it. Commercial flairs at Porn bay were improving. The same remarks apply t<> Madras, but at Calcutta trade was less active. The prospects of the indigo crop are said to be very encouraging Coasinerelal Intclllge are. Cottoh ?The recent advices had caused the greatest excitement in the cotton nnrket, and prices immediately advanced one halfpenny per pound, with large a.tles. After Wednesday, some diepomtion to aell wan evinced on the part of hoMera; bet the Atlantic's advices having confirmed the reported injury to the growing crop, the market cloktd on Friday with ureal finnne?* at an advance of jd. on common an<i middling, and Jd. a ,{d. on the better qualities of American. Orleans, llit, Hid. ; Mobile, Sd ; middling Orleana, 7|d. ; Mobile, 7|d. The buaiatM for the week is estimated nt Mj,}?20 bales, of which speculator* have trJo n 2<>,b30 baiea, and aaportera ?>,?*) bale*. The American descriptions sold, conkiet of 15.7**0 Upland# at t>jd. a Hjd ; Orleans at 6id. a 10|d.; r?, l??> Mi'bilea at 04d nM ; and ISO Sea Islands at 13d. a 24(1 per lb. The stock of cotton in thin port is ( turned at IjI.OOO balea, against SW.bOO bales same tin<e ln.-t year. Tbe stock of American ia called H10,0<(0 against 473,0<>6 bales at the same period la?t year. Fuu> iai..?Securities have fluctuated; but little ha* 1 ro done during the week. Money continutaabi ndent, but its value ha? slightly increa**d. The bullion in the bank ie a trifle Iraa than ?13,- | OOt'.fHO The market opened on Monday at **>}, aiid ch rd oa Wednesday <it anl Friday at J. A ? kh kas i?Ki i kitikp ? Rell At >oo Mate thai j thf re i* :n.?re l>< na }W? l>usine*a doing, and tb<-> ;'inte I iiiini Stairs i'? at ?Q | (i'h, ff2, I'M to 101 ; 1 '<>, 1 - M|| Ut.r-tnn >' 1 ti-'. Hi m I divided Jtena) Ivania .Vb, to ; < 'hio tt'c, '70 a *7"?, MB to Hxi ; MaaauchiiaetU ?'a, loT in In*; Maryland 3'a, IH. tuada bwnda, I to J No other I tin ha quote<l. IJHtAi'hT' rr?.?Wheat declined from one to two | pence |irr bu?hrl Hour, Amenctn and Canadian, | uncbr.iijted. Corn inactive, at'/7a for y-llow, and > | 27*. t'ii. a iiHa. for white. I\iovi-i?.\s have been in moderate demand, at rather raner price*. I'orh inotea more readily; ' wlu arc now made with difficulty, fiacon ia in Rood d< iii>u.d at full pricea. ^houldero, fine, are idui h toughi for llama, at reduced ntea.air note : iojmred f? r. There have been amall ealea of lard ) MN rat r!ce?e there ia Ml inquiry, and the ii .tli-< i-uearly b?re Tallow i? ac tive at m;>eac? | advacce. l ohw?i'lanta ion(<evlon has advanced I 2i. :W percwt.; .lemaica do-a not participate in , the iniftirttwat; native Ceylon ia quotxl ai 'dvef- | pool hi life , *nd at London, Prid-y, 43a W. for | good or<*in?rjr. 1 Tra ?Oneae and black* very inactive, and pre- I I ?ir.u? ptic-a barely a?|>|>orte.|. Ai London, Friday, i a al'gnt rtduetion *u eatitbiahed, a&d aatea wtrio a lair exlrnt. StUAn?A^lar^ bunnrnwa hat Seen done at Liverpool and London, at an advance of lid tola. Tbr inarketa cloaed firm. Na\ ai. Stcrm ?Tar and turpentine, no aal<?. L-omii.<-n roain u> in fair demand at 2a per cwt Sputa of turpentine, in small auppliea, Bella for an MratM. On..?i 'live hta aliffhtly improved. Linseed ia in minl'talf demand, at Xm lid. Col ta held at 04. l.iv- km) Can baa advanced .la. a 10a. per ton. Kick, low to very fine, i? quoted ai 13a !*d a l#a ; yi niinni Babb ia uachaaced Amib* are dull. Pota, 36a , pearU, a Sit., for lota to arrive. A flight cnnrenaioa ia offered. Wim, firm, and in good demind larw la steady, but orithout aymptoma of improvement. Kbriokt*.?Owinf to the prevalence of enaterly ' winda there have hrea few arrival*, and the up- I ward tendency of freights haa roatmnel. Larfe anmbera of pataengera ofler, but raiea are ancl?aa(|ed. The report* from the manufacturing diatneta , I continue lavnraMe The woollea trade haa . ritnlinii#i( hriik rrfrtwKfrf inH fnr Im*?? amA hosiery the demmd his materially iarrea?ed ta i ihe cotton district great activity prevails, and I large orders arr being (treated both for home 1 lid fore 14a account. Advices from Havre of ike 19th. state tkat na the | arrival of the Kurrpa's ie?ri, l.oni) hale* of cotton charged hafts at an advance of If. a 3f , and the market closed with firmness Advices of the 17th say The produce markets are generally firm, particvUilT for roHee, which has r*|>'rtenced a considerable advanc*. Sugar has improved in demand, at , S*ner prices Afh'a have aiifhtly -tdvanced, and ! there have been aalea of *2 bbls pots There is ! nothing doing in pearl r Lard iajwbolly neglected, , wlnle oil ie in good demand, at advanotng rates .Sales have been made ol 121 tiercea Carolina rice, at 77 10 2S 73 For qnercitmn bark there ta no demand, and prices are nominal. MPraad AeelCsnt. and aaa man kills*. irsarrss, Otl S ItM A <fra*4f<il aealdaat hayyeaM last alg ht at teases Falls It n selllstoa ol the Weatera mall train wtthths Patters Poor ef the pass safer ears wees e?wptM?l? br' kea U yle? ?S, hat Ss eiyeaa Irala ssosns4 *llk??l 1 la,ary Oas sssn. wis was aUadlnf ?a ths plstfrra Sf ths *nMi train saa alaMl laataatlr klll*4 ?atasal stheva van war. sr I aaa lajar*4 The I 11a Rahktr Tararaa, Ost I 1AM In Iheaaeesf 0se4yser ataiast l?ay tb? t as* t aaa 7 Is Mass*. Ul eaaaeel sill (?a ay Vs arras | nsraiaf ? - " 1 "? * i - W V t MORNING EDITION-?FRI Maryland Hlertlsn, Baltimouk, Oct. 3, 1850 Annexe ! will be found tha re?ult, tio l?r at tuar.l from, of the election for (JOTernor in Maryland, on Wednesday laat, together with tha comparative Tote ( of tha lait Presidential election ? imo?> nss?, rot lioKiiot. I'oirsia "CT. /xwrr dm. Clarke. u kif Can. Tat/lor. Baltimore city. . .11,M4 8,S0a 10,996 10,474 I H tl uure co -nt* 2<i4S J \t. t 'j -.-u i , Oacil ? 97T 041 1,444 1,40-1 Frederick " 2 004 1 940 2,983 3.1(8 Kent " 648 <?5 447 04} M.tnrd " 1,48? 1,477 1 "_'M 1 Montgomery CI* 4#4 771 1,067 Prince George 56* *08 733 l.nM Waabiogton, 2 61S 2.820 2,4'U 2.JS8 Alleghany 340 mij . 1,620 1,079 I' ft.?Return I bare b?en raciired Irom tbe wh,>? State, except Calrert. Doreh''?tor, O'hariap, Somerset. St. Mary's, and Worcester enuntles [.owes majority to far la 3,091. The counties to hear Irom gave I.joo whig majority at the last gubernatnrU elation. The whig" have lost one Stat* Senator in Krederick county, aud probably another in Talbot The Mayoralty of Ilaltloaorr. BiLTiMoai, Oct. 3, 18j0. The Wbiff City ronventlon uomluated John 11 T. Jerome (or Mayor, thin evening. Congrtwlonal Nanalnatlona In Michigan. Dktboit, Oct S. 1850. The Hon. A. W. Iluell has been renomiu.iU.d for Congrrs* la the Third district and Mr Stnart ha* been re-nomlnated In the Kalamazoo dUtrlot. They u? both democrat" The whig* hare nominated Joseph R. Will lama for Confrea* In the Kalamar.oo 4'itriet. A free tall convention wn called, at Marshall, tor to. bat no one knew anything about it there. The Bounty Land Law. waimijutoi. Oct. s, i860. The Hnnaty Load law wil! go Into etfrot, but the flret a*?igt.ment under a warrant will be turned over to the Attorney iieni ral (or an interpretatlou of the law. ^ntcreating from l'tiu. Nk? 0aLun,Vet. 3. MM. Colnn?l Walton, wh> recently went to Teza* aa bearer of despatch** to t.overaor Beil, returned today It 1* understood that the Qovaraor ot Teiae will iaene a proclamation submitting te the people the propoeitlon ef Coniprea* for the settlement of the territorial difficulty. Col. Lewta had arrived with oflioial information of the paaaige of Fleroe'a MU The vote ot the people on the jneition *u ta be taken on thelaat Muaday of Oetoaer or the tint Uoaday In November (ha WarkUig Btn'l Convention. Aua**v, Ostokar J iHio. The Convention re-a*#eaaMed thin morning. Mr. hcatii < flere 1 a reolutloa I ?r a cuioi ttee to draft aa addrrsa to the If -rkinM> o a the State, ta be published la papers trieully to their modulates, which vif J anil the following 11 mel .j * . k committee imtri Kuni, Clarkaon. Uarr, II tckoi-. ud klurpby. Mr. Bui ?"artd tbe olioiring re*t>iuli?n which IM adopted ? ~ 1 bat tbe CooveBtion recommend to the Wirfciag ism of the Btate to vote for the frr* n<-i>ool at tbe approaching election, and la ????. of it* ?ii>j Uoa, to mrmoriallr* the l.eetalatme for the r?pool of tha dam* reatrlctiBK tb- rluht of <uTr?*- " Mr Muamr >nmMmtln of reaolotion*, wftteh, together with the original rwa^lutioaa. were r??e-red back to the c.-miuitiee. on iwaoiutioaa. wii9i?l)ih|itwlly reported the folloelag ? | The reiolution* reported ye*lrrday, were again ro- < ported with the e*ceptl?>n ot the Unt bat ona, wUek i nroBBfWkd * aeparate ticket] in addition to tae*e. the following wm reported ? Kraal red - That tha vorkingmiu were oppoaad to the prreent unequal reprv-wntaUnii to wblob we are aabj<-rt and for the fature wa are d.-Urinin-d to have a repre?eatalloa equal to the aumnrlral atreugth ot tha workiagmea of the State " lleenlvrd. That we are in favor of th< fre>1oBi of tha pablle land* In United -luaatttlna to actuil antler-, and land ItaiMatloa ti? thl* Stat* Ketolved Tbat we are ! favor of ouch a boaaeitoad aieuiptkoa aa ehall forever aeoare the bearthetona to e?erj taaallv Uaeolved, That we are in favor of the tea hour law la ail chartered roriiwatliiu mJ oa the public work* Reeolved That we are in favor of abollahlag ma- ' ehaaieal labor In our prl^ona, kaowlag and feeling it to be unjui t bb I oppraaelve to a?. a? a claaa Reeolved. That we are In favor of ahoilabing the prerent contract ajretero upon oar public worka Rex.lird That we are ia lav or of tree a<- hnola and recommend to the working Bt**B ot the State to uaa tti. Lr Influtaee and votee to aecure th? paaaa/a of ?uch a law aa ahall aakr the achojia of t\ia Mtaie entirely fNr, and aeraira aa edurattoa to every child Re*ov?d. That we are ia favor ol aa equitable aad jaat liea law to arcnre the workloffnaan again* l the | tllrhoueet} fl emplojn*. The vatic na r-aolut ona were thea p??*.d except ! that ia relatlcB to the plan of orcanl>*tloD aa reeom- \ it nrted by tha laduatrial t'oaare a whlc. wae pawed over by the coavi atn-u lor tbe jre??ut. The laet reeo latloa bat oa? uaa amended by abiding the fallowing w< rda -' and tbat all approi>rlattona of moaeya 'y 1 the fltale to promote f Juration be apprrpr.atel eg- t rluaivelv to cemroon aohoola." The Mtond reaolutlon, which related lo t ?e plan t orgai Ittllon waa th?n taken dp and debate la uoa praillog rtatlanal Itaturm Convention at Albany. Aniir. Oct it, 1HI0, The national rtlormerf held a Convention ta lay, and adopted a reeolutioa appointing a roainittce eonaiatiag of Mraart Iraaa. Keyaer and Toting to aacer taia whether the I'caaty I tnd I III had Voome a law aud la tbat event, ta employ P. 0 Trradwell. of Pbllad< labia. to teat ita < uatltuiionai.ty Tbe Convention theu aijootiied, to m?et In New fork oa tbe 1Mb iaat. Krce V II (oiornllen at Hot ton Bnriav, Oet. I. ISM. The Free Soil Contention ate em bled here thle oralag. Jo*. ph T. Buckingham waa choa- a prealdeat A letter waa read fraa Ike H"a J ha MIU* da cllnlag a re nonlaatloa for Lieutenant Ooveraor, 1 alao oae from U C Phillip*, of Suea. de?Ualag U> < be again a caadldat* tor tiovernor Mr TblUipe. ia hi* letter, argea the free coil party ta he arm la their ciwe, and expreaaae dlaapprobatlon at the coaree of ; Mr Webeter aad hi* ftieade: hot comm-ad* that of i William II Seward aa more lo a<**?rdei>ee with the 1 Irrmae eonrae cf the whig party Mntwlthttandlag hit I decllaattoa, the Noaiinatlag 0< mmitue reported bia saaa to the eoavi ntl? a. and be wa* aa?otm?aa|y raaoml'.at'd aa tbe free aoil caadiiate fur tlnvaraor; , rhtlraatn of ih? I rmnltt<*? oa Il???lat'oa?, r*po<t?d ?arl??, which fotv' ten la rtrons many of th? rrc?nt rnajnm!- t.f? nr. aJ">p?r<l ky Congraaa nil orii tb' rnntlamtra ol tre ?oll ??l?Uoa aad ; opposition administration Th? Hob Mr Julian, mtaK-r of <>n*r??? from tadlaaa. a<ldrr???d tbo r'.arradoa at l??(tb npa tka ro?w? of tb? M? ?'on|r. -? II, <l?n?nrtatlo? of th? raflllT* tl?T* blU ll' lt?J grrat appiaura. Tbi Mirtalki riiinb?r about t<0 frit Roll Conrentlan at Albany. Ai anar, Oet J, IWO. Tka CoaT?aUon rajrrtad all propositions for aatiac a arparat* tlrkrt. aad ib-n ?<tj >arn?J. ?.<?? i-111. >? H a ii. nmoiM<<tiT ri?< wmiyw or rtr* *< orkaT ticmtnurr?SArMATlCW, ?Tf:. Pirrtawa?M, Oct. J 1W0. It la Ikougkt that our Mayar ka* karoaa la*aa? On Ti?i*i j al?ht h? ordsr?d tka aff'it of a portloa of tka City I'otatllon. aad tkat tkay ba *>nt to jail Tk?y wara laai<?dlat?ly 4l?-h?r*?.l ky ttir Jndfat. oa tka Habaaa Carpaa act Tka wit day Mayar Barkar lbr?at*??d to kaag tka jadga, aaaaatlkora aad *41tnra. a ad a?ala roaiiuittad tb< aartlaa ta jail. Tk?y vara, of aovrw. agala dlirktr^d oa a aril of kabMi Mwpaa l.aat nlgbt tk? rouaalllar* ai?V aad toak tka nidation af tk? atty night valak froa tba Mayor haada Mr Barka* thr-?t?m ta Iraprtaaa ib?a all aaaa aorf. tog?th?r wMk all tka jud#*a Vfea graataat ?irlt?a?at prrraUa la tka ?lty tvdaf. la atioqwiN of tbraa olngalar pro??sdiaga of tb? fci*rM*?utr?u or th. nHf TW rlTT loot Uri D???f rl boata ?r? riuli| It l? ?ip?rt?d th? r?Ml will b? la ?rl? to 1 orrow * ____________ yatartoaa Nartltft. iiixt, 0?i?b*T J. 1*S0 " wa ' >n 't '< o?i" !.??( r t N?? tootiaad. la tn ? ' ulr klfcbHanMiiitma !>?? alar* Patar Uy | lw< TW ;nnii|*t *f tk? two. a*?d (It f??M, ?a? 1 in?a4 jut'fJir d?ad roTorM ?it? !? ??? aad a lar*a at*** on tb? body. Iht etkrr a'<aut ?tjkt i j?*i< w f?aad to day. d?ad. aad baactag to a trao Mo?pUI?a It fo**rda an lo<?l?l4n?l ' tk?B aad wa? praporty tboa* rhtldr> itlii M ? rdkMai. m?i ti*3a?, Octotor a. Mm a A wvlawa ilat <wrurT?d oa tha Potat laat night aa4 ?mt a? >n pwwi ?tr? Jaat?mu?ij vokb?M M* ' tot Ami. ^ .... J, l? U 11 W JL^ JL^_ J J ~:z rsz:"^zszr - ~ .--?. DAY, OCTOBER 4, 1850. Jenny Llnd'l Tlilrd Contest In ttoaton. Bostoji, Oct. 3-11 t. M The Nightingale has just eoncluded her third concert in Boston and her success Is full/ e.jutil to her former victories. bhe has got nearly over the effect, ot her cold although it was somewhat perceptible in the flri<t song. The audience consisted principally of country fol ks who looked eomvwhat bewildered. The females far tiru Jed iu number the male sex to night. The hoore was well filled and from th n low celling and bad ventilation, was terribly hot. The programme elected by her was peculiarly suited to call out her matchlet* and varied powers, and upon the conclusion of each picca the applause wis trem'ud'us. She sang "Nonmi d<r.' from Mozart's opera of ' I)on Giovanni," with great eiier*.y and spirit, and in the finale, astonished everybody. This was a complete triumph, she was vehemently encored, aud sung It still better the second time. In the 8inging Lesson she alternately tickled dallied and delighted the audioace. The cheering was immense; but the "Bird Bong ' produced a tempest of applause. The audience rofe to their feet, and their shouts of " bra- j vo" (hook the building. It was mcored and the same : exciting soeLe repeated. This beautiful pertormaace Is akin to the Koho Sonir." hut has more of warhltnir . in It. It produced quite a sensation Benedict's fine "March to the Crusaders" was encored, and Belltttl, I i who never fails, wou frecli laurels Altogether, tbii i concert was moat triumphant. Mile. Llnd looked ' ell, and everybody was lu raptures with her joyous, j beaming countenance There ia a great curiosity to ' bear her. oa Pati'day night, in sacred music. The fileees selected ara, " I knaw that my Redeemer 1 Ivmh " from th? " Messiah." and sows from ths < 'Crtation ofllajdn. I A large party Irom Montreal are doming to this I concert, via flurlinpton Tbejr pay fifteen dollars lor i the jaunt hers and back with a ooacert ticket thrown la. , It is rumored that fire hnndrsd dollars will he pit J for the first ticket lu Providence, to morrow Tutsday nijht will positively be h?r last ?<ncert here. | Ttie Hall Cearh Kebbery near Wheeling, wmnt wa, Oct s isso ] Ths stage robbery recently mentioned, oo-urred while the vehicle was asoendlng Luurel Hill. A uum- , ber of trunks were taken off and tided of their ooutents. A package containing $7,000, addressed to Cashier Tucker, cf the Raak of Cumberland, wai taken. Also, several other packages containing altogether some $4 000, were likewise stolen The trunk belonging to Mr. Lcvysoa, ot Wheeling, was itoUn. Several other passengers lost heavily. but I have not been able to learn to what eitenl The mail was not robbed, aa waa supposed at first. The trunks have all

b? nn fennd, but thoroughly rifled n( their conteati. No clue has a.< yet been had ot the robbvrs From the South. iluimear. Oct 3, ISM. Two s'ontlirra malls have arrived A Treat i'nioa meeting was held at Jaekxon, Miss , on ths 19th Sep iruiwra, mti urriRim 1U ||TI>I U( (||V VVOiprUlDISI* DI11I Tho Mil w*? Mgaad by ."00 ritltftb* Durinjr th<" wrrk coding -Tth tt N??0'l??ar lh?rr ' wrra It dtatba from rbtlara. aad 11 from jcllow ler*r j Rtmn|in at CtnrlnnaO, die Ci*< (Tot. 8, HoO. fi' 'T-r Iwfit- hoi. J- J I-Mrai by th* eara. arrl??.| fti, jra'.vrday, and many iiioiv today Tbn city warm* with *traaf?ra. tnmt of when bar* ?oaa to attend tb? Kpla??|.a] Ce?**ntlon and nf'it oambsr to Tidt the Kalr. ?>bioh I* now brlnrhald here ' Tho Ohio ri?or nrworii ttvrn f*?t in the chinsil brtwraB thu plaoe *?d Utal*TiU?. I (oart of Apprali. Ai *4i?r Ortobwr 1. 1(40 No 1. r-iacladed. No M, auUiulttr 1 No 2 arfacA Ho. S, paoacd No 4, argar<t J ? J . Raw York l??lillca? Th?Alb*jy Journal of iha II lait , **ya upon authority, that H aablogtoB Hunt will kroopt th? nomination ol t!aa Byraru** Convention. and It i* uadtr to?d (Lai tho o?b?r noaintt vcUl alao accept Prf?t?>a Kin* haatoea annlttltd by the frtnoll < irnofrato of U?e IHtb diatrict. lor re elwctloa *n cobgraaa Tb? i.aoliiilvui |ia?ed by ibo Onwiitloa etroagly appro** bU . ..arc* In lb* llnuaa ol lleprearntatlTx# It?j drin tb pr-jbibltioo of altw; la ii.: aad h'?? m .: * tlllam s,ir.*i.f la tb# democratic u miner f? ConffT*ee III tb* Ud illtlrM mo Tolinwia* iifmi-u ion* liar* bo^a mil* \,f tlio IhimiiK for (br Ami mtil7t? Kifil'o- ^b?oo 11 Allra, gu'i-na Co J?in <? M?u rlre, ft Liwn one l?t district Abel P Mom, :*ttffolk. Id dl.'trlat, Jgliert T J<alth j Thr?ti-r'it nomiiffi tor eouaty ortleer* he . la fYlunhia irt Kuliirt R Morm, tor lilatrtet Atturnor; AI> fuit- Hopenntendont of tba Poor; IVory A. I.lak. AaivroMT. 0 C f'Mrtt ick, Coroner,^R lialiup aiiJ 'ffllllain kuul. Jurtlaa* of Seaalotw HfUltaf Inlrl liyenta. Cr.j>tak?itia t'o> ??k, L I Tautriwa. V tr?tt iB? r. match for }KO Mil* heal* k??t thr.-e i-i fita. In liard*m. will ? !?ue off tbl? aft'Ta i'u. al thro* o'clock. The botMi n.atrh.4 a.-# !llack Harry and Relndat-r. Th?y ?ro lath kaewa to t? rary faat w4a upllal raca will, aa dcubt. taka i>iaca. Th? Fitrin Fi x Ktno^ Ki???? Tke (tftt (wit rar# which hua hern I b? chM topic wlih tba 'porting men for I he ?ck part, took |lac* on >S>nUa> afterp<? o Tkr ; at? ?w Iw (.IVO our mil* The o.< at w?ra IIill a bay ofoaly UytarioU. alTauawanda. aid aCaiunliaa Imltar of Moatroal a celebrated mrner. 1 ha Cauaillan wa* rioee^lajl J w?ll oi(4*. ' with a rtrrnyth of> aad cniupaotnex nf fram* rarely troa; while Will im <|Uit? the routi-ary wan ln( that Dillon tp which age will glva him Al th word the* weot nlfterjr e?*n at a ra?a hor?e?p?e'l llill out fofttlag tlie t'anadtaa hatidaoraely lletiie<1e tba flfat ',u?rt. r iu U aeeondu- continue I to lend to tho ?.alf In ? n ltu'.i? and 15 wccbiIi. Juxt alter the tlilr 1 ,u?it< r h? wai takes wltli oiauipiiM la 'h.tide, aad Mapped havlnr to ha V-lpJ Ir That'anatlaa tbon (-?**J *od aado th--mile lu tbo un)>reo?d?atod t'aio of I aiiauto* and 31 arreniV Ilal !lll! hoM ont for tho fl]?. eren f.itittlm would hare a wad*' ? ' * Hstmllit. Or talrr 1. I"..n. ? In t* Jllgrnrr. , < / ,sj?.Vinf A Mli* cWIrd .lo^pli Murray I ? * arr??t?d !t?l ' n a tbii(' of rttholai Jihim . WlUca In tli? bark M Wad lnf1ifMTi<? a ?t rj daa- { Jffnm *r>nt>4 Ik? li;nH nan *> roriaryaj to tb? | <Mty II r>?. It?l atl tfc. prl'onvr ? tak *n tmfnn ,> 0?V?rii aho #<>Bmltt?u blm to prUoa to It tbo r*-ult to tk<< JD,ar? I uin , llr strotufnl Hmru' Slat' A Mack man. | rallrd ll'ary Mrcaa. wa* jrrt. i ]?r hj tt.- i I rat avil f llf?, d? a rh|r? c' ?t?aliu* t Jl an t a ?ll?*r pao'll trrmtha #t?a?.i>a? v mplra Stat* 1 h? . tofua aa. roamlttrd far a farlbar h. arln* MavimtnH af DtaUngalakari P*o|?Je. R I'arUr. (| Louli. II ?u Mr Hullork, Ky . Oal. Crarkfr Ml-h!*ar Hon li Kl??nrfh. Pa, A. 0 KnWtt. SCWtt Wo<*J. Pan >rair|?ra, >il I?) MhMV miIim /aataMtay M Ika Irtlaf U . ? Lady ? renert and family P?l?lue. 0 Rtook?. r-i .1 Amij l'?( I'm r T lUU" gut laH t'a, II'.*. Mr ami lajy I'hita and ?l?iyinn atkrri kt? arflfail at th? l'aiaa Plara ll"t?l Ilia kirillanrf I. dr la it >?a. Ilaitran M'nl?t<T aad la>il},l<n lk? kMfl, n> raw lor Wa?klngton flty, yaMerdar htmhi n?a. *obn Adiiaa, T-?a?, Oanaral M St.>ddard R I ; Han T P Clark Ht'l Trotf r Kama" Raw Yolk, R R Wr.d (la.; S R. Fr. l-r Ml* , A II Jo?m, rioilda aai thirty ?th.iJ irrlfl J'?tarday at tka Clinton dotal. Una Tinman Smith, Conn H-n (' S W >r"b?a I. Ky . not. A K llay, N J . H?n C St-t* n , lloa. (I Raynotd* N?* York. Hon Uarld T l'l?a?-y (>bl?. 0 Rlrnnjd. C. S N . and 104 oth?r* a*rlr?d y?al?r Jar. *nd loot fsev* *1 th? A tor Hnu>? T rilllM, V R N ?f? 0 .' IHaton. ( I>r. Knhiai Oa in I forty ?|k Mk?r? vr1f?< T? , t*r<iar. ?a<1 tark at tb? Amrrtran It'M Major Utwttl .! tin K. Wool ?al lUI. war* at Sjiaaa-* nntfc* tot ln?t, Th?r ??r? r??i??4 at tk* , raltiaaJ <?f t by tk? Marr>r of tha (It; Rrr Tb'ot tH Mathrw ta at St. I.outw Mn Una flrery CUr *m varml/ r??l*?4 en hl? arrlrat t Martta.t.urg \ a . on ^atur Uy Mitrm-Trr* or (i*^. P.?r*, i* Th .Abta th:a ? i Thta Hi?tuigi.i#ln I ^r.<(ii.ur ?ai rrcrirrd by tlx authorities or I'hiiadtltthia. on W*dnra<lajr laot, and eacortrd to la?Vf*n<|rnrr Hall. where hemaH'the following aperrh in reply to th* Mayor, "ho tm4ered him th? hoapitalitio* of th? eitr ? "KlMii Mi \ ria ? I (wm r to Ha* in tnia Kail, ao aarred to lihery ud to iiiatory, and particularly im?<-rr<1ta tbc binary of thia republic? m a repre- | i aentatire of t r?? )i Amenrnn republic ; an.I the honor I recti?* at your haada, la an hon?r un- i de?er?'d br me, but t-bich I attribute lo the 1 kindni a* of lh? city and ill aulhonttea. It ariuii?a a douMe value, hecauae it t* offered in to hk for my a*rricr? in the cauae of freedom? ibovirb 1 feel that, perhapa, it if nut fully merited, f may. howerer. proteet that I ba?e n-??r drawn my aword at any time, ejicept to auji>?rt the liberties of the |>co|>|e?liberties baaed en th''principle* i' proclaim'd bjr tb' t'nfed State*. I intrad U> remain for a fcw daya in Philadelphia, aW'?M mine the many public metitntiona fnr w1. u roj : are to juitly famed?inatitatton* releSrair.i ?likfor the WnHi'i they confrr on m tnkind, and fi>r tW admirable maan> r in whtch ti?ey are e*adu?ted Accejrf, Mr Mat or, fw yourself, for the anthoritiea. and the ei'i/ena, mf "ineere at, f heart, felt hanks for the dts? agm?(ie honor fmt have r*?frrr*d upon me -fc>r ?he ??i? hiffh h^nor von ha*e added, by receiving me in 'Ma Mall ?4!<* H of Waabinfton m dear t? liberty, heth-r it He i in the I nited Satates *4 Nor*h America, or < ?ny aaher part of the glohf." : E R A Nation*! Convention ot the Liberty Part)'. CKwtuo, (?ct i, 1M50. The Convention of the Liberty Purty, called together for the purpose of aominating candidates for President and Vice-President of the United State?, met at the City Hall in this city, this morning. There were about oue bumired and fifty { ersons present at the 0|>ening of the Convention. At half-past ten, Sami i:i. Ward, (black), called the attention c f the assemblage to the necessity pf making a temporary organization, and proceeding to business. Samuel Well*, of Madison county, was appointed Chairman pro lem, and II. L> Pinuey, of Owego, was called to act as temporal y clerk The Jtev ? Rowland, (black), wa^then called upon by the Chairman to open the Convention with prayer. This being done, Mr. Thomas (white), of OnondagH, moved that u committee of three r.c appointed to nominate permanent officers. Mr.>, (black), moved an an ameulmeut that the committee coiibint of five. The motion as ammded was adopted, and the following named committee whp appointed Messrs. Ward, (black), and Footc, Stickney, Thomas, an<l Pruny, (whites ) Gkjirit Smi ih (white), moved that a business committee of five be appointed, to consist of delegates from ditlerent States. The motion was carried, and the Chairman named Messrs. Smith, Robert?, Foote, Palmer and Simmons, all whites, as members of the proposed committee. The committees retired, and the Chair called upon volunteer speech makers. The call was nut responded to, 1 ind finally, a call wus mad-* on l>r. Jackson, (white,) who got up and gave an account of a late visit to the prison of Win. L. Chaplin. [The remarks of Jack son were published under the telegraphic head in yesterduy's Xew York Hrraid J The business committee came into the room prepared to report: before they did so, however, Mr. Smith read a letter which he had received from lames 11 Collins, a law>er, of Chicago. The following is the letter : Chicago, September *>tb, lSaO. 3 hit pmmi. ksq l>t?e 81* ? I have ju?t rriJ tb? Fugitive Slave bill. M passed. It U infumoui Lan^ua^e ii too time and Innprwslve to characterlie It and (lit men who parsed it. It seems to uin thai thil vlllauuu* ant (hould be translated into all the civlllr.ed Ito^ua^n of the earth, printed, and circulated with the u*m??_ot those who tdvocated and voted for It. tbrou^hout'atl land*; 10 tliat these men ma; be loornoj, and despised. and bated, as thownemfes of the humnii race 1 cannot at trnd thei>?w?go Convention, or rather the National Liberty l'arty Convention," at Hint plaoe, bul would it not be well for von who will be th'-re to brio# tbla matter before tlie convention T I do not know what 1 may, upon reflection, think ol the suggestion 1 have above named, aa It only occured to me while reading thil vile document I '1 ; Lo|something better will occur to 70a, and those who may l>e preesat on that occasion Something must be done to put the seal of infkBy and disgrace upon the act raid Its authors, and to erase it from the statute book To defray a small part of any expense which may be thought expedvat 1 t? incur in the |>r>ini?<s. I send > 10. Ood bli ss all j?u liberty m? n. for ycur work Truly your*. JAMKH II COLMN*. On motion, it ordered, thnt thw letter be entered on the minutes of the convention, and printed. The follow inn Jetier *?s next |>re?eute<f and read Thiois*. l.ik (!?, In, , 8?pt 19,1960. r? t?r i.isui. ir I'savr Co- ?k.*viois : ? hufn IklHM I -I out an bumkle ludtvtiual rota th? martyr But* to a l<lr?s? you to a f -w word* of ympathy and encouragement We have yet a few riaj spiiits lu the prair* land. *ho have not bowel he pliant knee to the hideout Juggernaut of the slava tower, whosrt p rilir >-is e*r I* drenched I* human [ore. as Its <i-?k.wv' wheels roll over the in.injtl'd >odl?< and cru-hrd spirits of our fellow countrymen I'b- unparalleled auds -itv with wl.ich the slave power r.i.r.1. lira, a I..^nit. ?..? (>?h .Irllm, b"uU muw rrrry fraud of liberty aaid ri,-ht ; and ihitn?r Jim hit y of 'pinion* mar axial ?u oiii( u?, >n laattii* ot mhur u.teraat, In u... with atrau/ band* knd uLit?J liaait* lilt high our Iwrnirr, -nJ lUruii]k :ht bollnt ot tha hat'b- tuah to tha n?ru? Lat our not to Liberty imHI] fr?tar.iity and tight bf 5ii inoaa of th>* d?*itny ot tjiLDt* a? war tba hand arUiagi on tha ph.jr. wail ol '.ha ha.irfbty aaJ bcaoitad king ?>l liab) l?n lli? crluftlDit i -^diagr; or l>?i? bypoctlay rt th< ? > w!i? HKumn lo b? l?**<l"t- ot the lr?r aoil aart/i? <t*H? w-r* anmrrct and Tan ia tha aoM iatort-d of tha Jt'ata which liaak tha Hood c'f ilj. aalatad Lcwjot hi* brotbtr, ab< our tbr gory tn4) of *.ba u.irltr. to a ml atrrnal ?ar with fliTrry aaJ w.V.aa ;.eal anJ aioqoaae* hara 'ram yaar to )?ir raUUd tU ho-u f battla, !i*< b<-aa 11 a*>da In thalr <V>io:ra*?ioniil lonarotlon to tmka ocm far a mn a b*v- jiIIidI ?.a . it, h?* n>ft r rnu.t 1 lif' rf tha -lavalta* ILou^b lha frN wll no>?B nt by it* at 'i, anu?< r?7 baa hrokrit our auk* an.t iblinaa "nr ntiui'x ra and paaudo roillor. lata httf kn.ikl our ilwia anil pu' llahad oar Htu?n *? < I ttlu Utp ; tad a ?alra from lh> j all of t'bapliu, f?IV aa ilia i T< bit..( hyr P< I* at aa ! abi lal'a ti%. o< p. ? uuiBioDa 4a to Mi i"ii. wmjld i? partiolpat. mtb ;t>ti in th- prlvttifaa. tta raap..o?i- I lilitUa tta od'.um ot jour roti???.Wa Rut that ran- ( sot br; aud>l tti> rift <1 Ml] nbtm*!?a, I : aovld It. tbl> naga-t i|>rtai ; V a-ty roar arran."a n tha ft<>p*a.t'oii t f Uir '?ar>aUai of futititn to ur.minatc l< r v r??ci-tit Wiiligat I- Chapiin ?'ftwat i||:>u>.)? ratfu r. I wotaid ??? b? mh>ib? alraadj *rt< dtot that tPvitli :i Kj tl fiotidaaee iiflM and ha malUnity Of tjtat.ta Tbt* ti.bjr.t linwaTar. mbnit aioal rha. rfull? t'j )iut lia|H<.l aa I whota |0?af Wl.-di Hi Biay a*l*ri ?. niiail itoiihtl < < h-?r'il? ti.pport. W ith t fir tioi?a Varta.i t'bapltn and l?r?yit aiitl .toyaa mi I Itarrta i rrry i<hit*nlh'opl?' mil li aply t) Bi| ?th'??, I i.t tn till" w no hara f *| ari?nn I lha iratiun I priaoa l<?.t> ?...i tl.r tliiafi-oa t gloom. :bair aufl?riii||a u^prai mtli raai^liaaa HioquaaOa- la j thia tba l>oa> l?d land 11 lib?rl ? A ra tbi ?a th? rifhta 1 for whirb our f?th> r. toil-d,-and f-uirbt and bid that Ihalr d?-??nd?nfa mlrht. for n'dita da?dfc br mada to harr lb'fat* r>f c?b?i a And tola, ton uod-r i ht '<>rni < r aUtut l?'-incut*, t.. IU? r> v .< atatio? j jf aril My Wd fr?? p#<pl*' A*?> with 11 UtM in?ek- t iy o! frn-iJi n Ni.l ow ot u? la taf? Nothing t? tm i li?r? In rut h-r nu<lit >nj l,jn-h !nt H it li-t u? n-'t ' it'ft t liftd I- ?litt n>,iai) in th* d? of th>- ; >l>iioot<<) ?< M?tkt -wnal of tt.. Ir iwtnliii; jnua "tnwaid thin tn the iihiio of th? Uv(| of ju?tle*. of liamanltt, aod th* ?hrl? eorna of r'ra'o* and tldaita j jrrt (hall >M? fcr ? ?? tailla J 'thr llf;h*nlng from h-lr J broo> a 11 powrr and lb* aof.I fag tul again bf i?ard " Trar? in tartb. good wl?J to tr i Moot iff. rt'ocaUl; jon?? He J, CRtlM Thia letti r ?m r'ril"- i with cUrnorotu *[? liauar, .inH ?n orderM, hkr tho other, on thr hi: MM, After th?- lottrra nrt* ln-p?.?. <1 of. Mr. r< rt?dfd to r?*Md ilia r?f?ort of th? bn*in^i?? rumtiiiiw. Ttirjr kid |f|Mrr4 ikf follnwr* Mfn in<i n flolutinpa A BDIEf9 to tin kvantii ti.t utmurr nut 7. Tt?a Natlrnai Co?M?n1k>a i f th? l.lbr-tj 1'artt a< mto'-d In tha ri\j of 0?w<ko 6rlol?f i l*in L ua 1? word* to >i) In J'-?. Yen art tvdurrd tl I h*a?ll il Man/ bat* f>n* aark. M'l walk no nor* alt .1 ) ' AoJ ihoaralut *M?V- rr nl1 ^alMpitl) Oa iway ) ou rarta. jly will ualiaa j"u ha?r nno'-d tb? ' oat of r?ntto?iof la. aad rarryma i??t tbr grv+t or I. tnal ? <! I'l.tBibrr ptitaioira nf tba liberty tarty ha |>rtnal|ila of K|iml rliV? tf a!I Kimi Tillipr iota filuatpla la cnntlanally aal'lni ??> a yn for taw. aa'ti 4 aad ' rl lat ?r; I"h? tattl* to whlrh you ir? f ibucikI aod Into >b'?b t'ii bar* Vit J?t fitci I- roatwnal'y thick >BlDf ' W bat It ** to Wt a ,lb*rly party tn?a two nr hrr? Ji art ato. la rhaa j rotr, ?i--~l with It la to a a lllfrtT rarlr lia no* h.-croach -a. i rll? to < - . - 1 I. 11. V........II, ... nl 11 ..11 4. ! ?"!/ ?v ? . jam way You as* not linv-fTfr |. Im ?*irrrl?-d<?r dlrei?y?dat ' Uf MtW <ll*.rultl#? 1*1 Tia ?ht. *1 *"U ?. I to >?#rBnt?r Th?? ?r? th- Laiaral r???ilt? of your hda- | riworimk Thaj |.t<w!?ln. It? f rh.f h-rald H. trumrb llad V'O !l\? !? ? of thoti- | >?pdf thn ttri t nrn .lb tnu. alld <??n Ifelo Iba ffw w'lf.ifiy. of cmiJH *'? ? th? <aum* ?t tb??larala >rmr Ihrr ?al.? ?i ll ll!ut?d and ? aaa?.-<-ut aall-'iati ry *1X1 bad ? h# Anrrirti, Ant. rlarary llwMy |nn? llkaali* 'b? *im "f ?MWm hvl by thu tloi? b? KM* quM, aad *? (ftnj.r m,i Jl? r??o| hi. r? in iMHKtM bi't by ?bl? lima arty. Hnt y?n r<nilt<n?d to fl(h? ?t> ; and br n?w yotir at?nl?i mb. ' liatxi In ijht on Thay haya r*t: -n?d yoa bl*a for | Mow. *fcd II tb? laralratloo of yoar prla, t| li - ba? f>' ultad in r.uu 'fiiii I aitfornia with th? i ii<-a ?la('? ?< ha? It aim bad th? aff?. l to tlia'jlal* ?lar?bold>r* tn a*** IbV an In tb? M i-na roa of Ca'ua and n'baralaaa territory : and If ynar la I i? la b?b?lf of homan rlchl* ar? raaalaf t n . ?, a ?brr* oa? *a?-B*?d l?a y?ar* af? tathl* ?fl?rt I* It owtnt that a law ba? ja*t (? **a<>?*d to maba Iba | rol?< t|n? ; f ha fnattlr* ?laT* mora dlArnlt. and Iba |aaUl>ii'?at frr prni??ilo| blm atrr eartaln and > 1 ara M. ?ih<r? "f ?b? HVtl; ara yon pr. p>r 4 (4 rarry o?t y?T rrm -Irtlona nt <f?t? ia tb* fa <.f th* lit l? htrh w* ha?? h?ra r?>rf?<1 > Ara fn mr* |.?n4tMiilT'f rr-rf r*prr??h anil* lr?? yanr pro P?rty, aad yo?r llh-rty. i;?, aM yaur Ufa al?o la Vtartnn rJ ding IK? taalllv* lar? All tbl? C >< tb* eri?l?al and dUt artT*# prlarlpla of tb* llt?ilj wrty r??i?lra ol j?a. aa l If ?..? r? aol I ar?<1 tot all thia ih?? JIW ara ant praparad to h?**r th* liberty panj. and to r ??tl?u* I* eanaar lion with It Th ? pr1i 'Ipla, to hlrh all (abtrrlba who "itr 1 ka llbarty frtr r?<jo'raa yau ta r. ?Ut a! ?bau?*r tha tb'a.lo* of II Om* ?hai H ?>?M r?m tariat a law r'lu-liii ?hl?a m?? I" ?la?ary I'm, ?1 r-fnra what H might j?n ?o?t4. If f?a war* barx? ti4 I partial, and tbofoachly l?Ko?d with tha 4f .'trio? that a man a a raaUt tba lav M | t??ltrtl?f Mark ia>R !? ? aaary t> haa row* to ba n?tara?li/ lalWVaJ by aaaharaaf ?ba llbartv party that i'l?7 la lfir*??*l? ?f l?t*ll?<^ ' ,oa> ,at<a. ar?ry 1?? ?**? to ha far +**itr F* *tt '-f\ ** ? II U (MM LI). PRICE rl WO CENTS. law You are to regard it a* do better thin in ??tet* rnent of piracy and you arn to rtyar 1 all ih*> whom tone It ?n tio better tlian pirates- nyr ax Tery pirate*; * ?n? piratra. too of the moat uiurderoua tvp? Fwa iloiDK til'" come of our uumbi'r hare euir >ri d imori r< tim?D*. and on<- of them Imprisonment uuto de?tli They did but what the great origin*! and dUCiaofira principle ol tbe liberty party required thtm C<> 4o, and wiict we. if as faitblui a< thiy to t!i!? nrin <p'*> in*; yet do; and hence auob a'Mi.jtlona sk they war* railed to mtfer may abide us alao Let It be uuler??< od then, that no man in worthy of c:>nueeti >n with the liberty party. who. to car# hi* praporty, or liberty, or life will >uCer the escaped elave to b? ran bach again i:to the t.ell of alavery hot it b? iiod*rato??l that thin principle of the liberty party re.juirn.4 tti?4w who eipous* it to be animated with th? spirit of haro? a and martyr* A* you will know the wrong* of the i>n*Itreiir* not tbe only wrou(i? to which the liberty party givoe itf stteutlon 11 hold* itself' boun 1 to t?k? u >tio? of 11 the wrongs inflicted liy unrighteous. and oppra* ive, aiid spurious civil government It :? til* only political psrty *llcb re.iuir** eivil k ^ i. rnnent t* al'Olihb the traltl. in intoxicating driuke; tail i?eoaot?* It iii it depounres all mi. h teoiprrnuoe in .a an liMeag to .th?r political parlies ax wickedly incounietaut Hint nnfuit liful It 1* the only political p*rty wiioh espouses " land reftrni ' Tbst all m^n have an absolute iiiid equal right t< the noli the li<ht and th air. in an we'l oettUd a doctiln* <>| the liberty party me tba? they have kui h right to life and liberty Indeed, th. y believe that tha D'ut effectual guarantee ? ill), rty and life will be found in tba practical acknow l?d*ment of nrry min i right to a boms Civil y* Ternment will never be worthy .if ltd n??n until! accords to every man hi* needed (hare of thi aoil, ?n i protect* him in (be enjoyment of it The wronira we have spoken of sre not theoalr wrongs which the liberty party -eeka to redr*** National war* and the uiatranchiM-m?nt of wimaoarer!m? s with wbiob it baa no patience Too often ba 1 the liberty party, in tt/i addreasea and reaolati*av, dwelt upon the various abuses ol M>il goverumeatt make It necessary to enumerate tbein at the precea time We clone thi* l.rief paper with uanoaucing tkw name af William I.. Chaplin. of New York, an th* liberty party candidate for Preeiuent ft the Uoited 8tatf* and the name ot for Via* Presideat Tin > are wire and tine men. and tit tor the offlaet M which they are nominated Mr Chaplia. ai it is alleged, allowed a couple of fugitlve slaves to get Int* Lie carriage. Tbl" kindness ba* resulted in hit imprisonment. notwithstanding that the doctrine that "all Dim are created tree and equal,'' I* the corner stone doctrine of oar government Tber< are nevertheless. three million*, of slates la our nation, aud t? tell one of them where to go. or how to go to reach th* liberty be pant* for. it to render a kindness at th* pi rll of both litierty and life. Mr. Ohaplin now awnita bis trial ia Maryland Atrocious a* are the law* of that State, nevertheless. eould his trial be according la them. and according to the fact* ot the caae hi* would t.e acquitted Hut be is among barbarlaus. wh* for tbe sake ol slaking their thirft torbU Mood, woald violate tbe requirement* of their own laws, and wh*, a* false In their Hp* aa they are cru?i; In tb?lr hetrU, weuld testify In whatever measure or manner uilgLt bi needful to effectuate bin convict!?n. To illuatrate tbe unaeaaonableoesa and cruelty of th* slave power, notwithstanding that tbe penalty lor tha ( 111 Dae with wbicb Mr. Cbaj lin l? charged, iu tba oit|T of Washington, U but a few bundrad d?llnr? Judg* Cranch. to bia ererlaatlng disgrace refused to let Mr. Chaplin be balled la a teea aum tbaa nil tbounaad dot larn. Ihe barbariaaa ot Maryland will, pernapa, require a greater inn for bailing him in their 8tat*. l.*t tbem do ?o and draw down upon th?m*e|ve? tbe reproaches and condemnation of tbu olvliixed world. It l? bnt too probable that aome bee* and wished Iran, inntead or tbe pure and hlgh-mindrd Chapllu.. will be elected President But who d<>ubt< that 'Jhaplin would be sncce?aful were tha question to be determlred by tbe vote* of the alaven or by the vetei af tbetr friends, or by the votea ot tlie true and heartjr fri? n<1* of righteous civil goveraiiii nt or by the v*t? f t tied! W* do not forget that Mr. Cbapiln la In nomiaattn* for tiovernoi ol tbe State of New York We rtjM4? f< r |*r??t<l'Dt of the 1'oitnd DutH 111* tlHtl< D to tkx fctBDrr oflre would rbori* o Li* ?t?p to Ik" Prrxidrnry bo liberty party n an of Ik* Btata of New York lira la hi* * for th* rlaotlon nt Mr Chaplin to the oBe* ol Urrrrn"r unlU h- iktl batt got all hi* DrlphborborK to eooi.rnt to mta far bin (Th'- molutitss and i?n>cw<lin|* of lif ft?*?der vt ?h?- iIhj , wrre (jtvru un<W the v|r,;raj>l*? brsJ in j?rh:<.'rdH>'? Aiw Yotk Urral-i ) BY TKI. KilRAPlI. ?tv |?NI> SAT. UawiM.u. Oot 5, l*rt Tl<? i'onrralioa ??? r*U??] to (T'l?r S o'slaeh 1'iaj ?r baring bwi I'lffrnl tip b; Ihr 1% W:- kr*U if TroJ, Fajou'l Ward trad t!i- 1 ?tl> rflRh and ttia kith clipti r o( 1-aia'i which ??? lolluwrd by prayar an! mftfmi*, and at bait purl t-n the Ixi?ib?*? *t tb? (Vnrt ttloo waa rwaiir4 Tbr folio*in ( ntra rraol iition - wrr* report nd It'WltM, That ?hli*t tbo ral >?,<>*, tha ia?r?it I* 4?<*b>j?d. loala* bad a?raaal?alv 1?ai. ia that r-il?.?a. i.i lo?? i? 0'?l aad *** ?Aj- h k iau*bt ta th? acup.ara* at iiluttrai?d ia il?a Uft ol Jrana Cbrn? H ' l??d, llial ahtla w* warmly *- ?nm' n J ta all Ma Mm<ti of Itrolva tad of ruklMua "oil (xvurna.rat ) * rart) fapar p<iill>linl ii^rvni- >?<l lit fafwIml I iii'i a, pnilialH It lu.?t"o, ? di'M'i J !*!??? taa? a* Biiadi- lia?? uadar tlia aw *- i?fl<iaa?a nt lla-i A ?wi' /> a rapar wlii< la, ia rt- e? caaai<tta<'/ tlika av.-irlinilii, diin ltd (alltalia***. nutuiaalir aa'i ?l?i ary. la aia n a > il to itaU aaJ autraa'W tba m m vital prin" fie* ol ua|t?H by i''o) i?r. tliat a ir.aa baa aruht ta I a? Vatbrraa < ut at alavrry by aa? rtta.r tlaaa aboaa i||rii'? I i) 11 >la*?li?U?r?? ay aaj alttar anaa tbaa air a atLartii'l by lU ralaaaad laatiaiiiia of pira?y. "ifc%Coti???llon tb*n procwd?d to ballot for Pr*a?. drtil and Vle*-I'r??id?nt of t?? I oit??l ?lat?? Mr l'i?n allhJriw tb? aiai ol Wa l. t baplia ?? a randidat* for tb* pr?U-ncj Tb? ballot l?r IVaWmt au a? ioll?w? ? i.arrtt Mnith 144 w m la. t baptia .-amial Ward a WiHImiu UO >d*?U J. r if at l ll't't'Mn* thill ?bihiid<-*.1 Dial t.-rrU Hinitk waa im ntoati d It* rtudllai* lor Ih* rr><al4?acy ??l >b* I'l lu?l Malta 111 I?u2 {' Hit f''HH lb?n r-i' anl thankalth* U????o lion for (h> hi iior tl>?y he) r< iii?rr? j up ,o him It* tiaii atari* up hi* lulu I that Wpi I, Chipltii wat tk* mm tbtl iliMlii W (h? Donln?; thT?f<?r h- nnft 4<->lo*thi ii-m.Ballon utthiioi it any nthrr llnir. lit ?r old t*ll tb<- mnilmi of th* Coar?atl.a r*r tb* ,*>t Un>>. th*t h* would b* raadlilat* for m *irll t lb. Mr I'n < ?. r.| >'. ? \ ork ?al4 tk*i hi tioJ h* < ??*t*4 OH hi* n.tit 1 ibm Mr Pmlth *M lb* am II" lh?*t?U t* nil that b- wctlM ??'! tor him iir tha Pi*nl l?o(f Mr Jiii?? iiU tbatio nr?? Mr Sn'tb, ?f>r ho hail dttllnd on intuit lo bin by tbn mrtttbora * Ihr l>*?tklloD Sir ratal other* *|>ob*. and tbo Il'>n?-ntti>a tk?? rati; 'J to iffr^t tbo rr>l|*klii of liarrlt Saitb A rollirt do *?> than t*k*a up for tlx purp*?- ?f ii< Ii ajio* tb? < ?! *" of lb* <'nun Hilda Th.j ib'b adjonrntd till 1 o eln.ik P M A #1 kb NOHH av Of Tb* I'dBTi rition ip?o?l with pf.y-r by th* ft >r Mr. ti*)i'.il H l.awrrne* Tbt OnrrsttM th?? pro-o?J?t lo htllalfor a *i??r? ?t?iit t'failr* Purkor. of Wiaroiali. It fa't*C ? r?l . fwi-liirao J U Oailla*, ?l Hiatalfaii ai.4 Umlp llradbura of Ma*?a*'ha<aU*. *?* n*tti-4 a* raidldat** 1 b* b?i ot we* a* follow* Ward JW t>u*k?a M t?Mlli.? 4 F*?l I llradbura SI Tb* !'* IM th*a aooioorrit Mnml It War4 %? tha ritMalt lor tb* ttc*-Pf**M*?r7 of lb> HaltM tlblr? la IHbt. A ri..|i?ti a <>f fitly 4rll*r* >u |h>* lab** op for a in*ii nauiiil I'ulm-r tf Ml.'h'<an Tfc? a<14n? of th< l'ontni|"n ?? ttiaa p \? a l Mr. ? th?a tnank?4 th* Coa?*ntv>a lit Ik* an?nla*tl?a at4 ?al't k* ahoiil4. If ?ta<>t?4. rarry * * lb? I'brrty patty 4ortrta** 1 b? f< l.i ?i?|t molatlna wa* oOt r*4 by Mr Pliimb i'?. Tt? raataartoa hat*. by rn*>l"Hm 1?* f?l * tl*ti U? Ii*. t* U> huart ?t pr?p*r<y. UIii'j, tail lif?. T'nifon R'?"l?'4 That *t adtia* tb* lntltliM a** I* l?*t? tr * r|i l. 1: 4 111 la*t'?li?" il.?r irt I" ?>?* t.?? t* *ait- m a* ivt.i. la itof'**-* ?r th*?r libort!* aa* ' :.?lr !. ??*. >at If tk?y art 4t?rtaat la af*a at t ant*. It t ii<?ia taka tb* adriaa *f t Sriai ? . ! * 4u*lp?*<w a a mi al aalantar |?ril. *? ! aatl Iliair (armrati aa* tar l? ? A*4"*ttl * in|n?i"a W *ffM<t*i, lat tiaih t?ita a* tVIr fiith** "fraalt* for * lril*aail' '< * **? ?Hb tb* lati p?*?r. Th* af? u rraolutkin traa pa?**4 f. rt*l fa.lth lb-a oC*rt>4 tk* foUotrla? raaatattoa. ?M*h *M?I'II paan il ? Haaaltr*. 1h*i w* htar wtik pl?nrt tkat *?r **'a*a*4 ffi??i*t A Itradvta. A?a S. ?h.? a*. Mama Hi'MN. ara n.|l>ji?l *ti?arli<?iiflliilttia>lBlk> i4t?>a*f m tl.* tn?t al rtrktaaa* i>|?|| |iTar?m>, aa< tkat tra rk**rfalljr oaataad *k*ai a* i*allb*4 far **t k a*?n*a*y by tb?4v latallM****. A tot# if tbackt an ik*a t*a4or?4 to tk* riti*?a# *f O???no. Afr*r a toaf by Mr Clark aa4 th* fTiit*kia*oa bmMf, ?aa |>r*yrr. 'n? loitainaa ??;.'urn.-? Tb* tr?# N'llm hat* romiiit' I A *? VtlM. # Ktc tMJ. lot LihIiiuI (lor?ri?r o| tb* ?p*a<>h*at? 4*f ? ? of ?|?M* ti<M rh*rart?r r?Jatl< to th# ?l???ry qa*rtlaa. Tin Rofxrr I^??m BlU.. ? Wf art lo Mat* that ap| liratinna for bounty land. urnVr Ik* ir?*ni art o < ungea, or aa> oiK't act, aa well aa all in<]inrtea r*lati?* to mirh claim*. or to peranaa rui jK*#?J lo bfealitlrd lo land, aho'ild fx* a ldr*aar?l 10 tin* f*rrftarr of th* Interior, or th# Com mid ?ion*r of r- nn?na, and not to the S*rr?tary af Wh' A Mil* attention to tin* matter will prev*at nnirh troiiMe in th* rotrraf*bd*nc? to both pan ma. and procure mnch ^**di?-r iaformatioa to applicant/ and inr<uir?ra ? jV<aii<m<W /?t?(/ifr*r*r, (M i. Rat Mr Rtrala, Catholic prUM of <-abm*<ll?. ha* , bni bol4*a la hail la |M, tar f?lmrj la ??nHw 1 thai a aia Sam, wfcaa to Ha* awrrt*4. waa act .alt* aaatri*4 nharoaotir uaoaatlaf I* MM haa ?nrttwrmnr* Waa alluWI a< th* *aN af Sal* Mr iralMoaa at rata taH*rf maH'lirt * aut Im laa4 ?aa4w*t allh lh? vomaa *a ?haia b* ka4 mantj k'?. ablrfc '-mrlalat aaa ** , o??t ? -

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