Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1850 Page 2
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WEW YORK HERALD, i; am UOKL * BTT i ' PB0PK1KT0R AV tliirOU. um-i/ . w curkkr "r riikiort >1D bahsau #1%. I JK'i PJII Y llh l' U li, < ? ? - $7 annam. I i'V K irkl.M \ HLU KJKi'f | ff , u.Liy. ,? ?v.t c?i^j ?rr i Wf| ,r-. $.'< f" ? ?in in . 'A< fc? ?. >r. rMte?i, (4 yrr a j.u/n, j pari qj ( ' h t' JKatt.. IjiQmy part uj u*4 Cvw*- J Wn fc?* l? t. r/?.V lA' pt Jl.l LETTkli * ty i.iuii. /or nWrtjitfm.'t. eruiA mim-r i ?. (u fc- fjatZ-p.: Li, ?, |Ax un'l t* ?.Wl?l /ri>M M? ? . ?? J. JIil'f.K TfSkitEKTS /vn*w, J er> ry mointng. Jt*b I' KL.\'i ISLm txtruUJ t.irA lualtMii, rAffipvn a?.' dtfalek. AJU'BBUJiNTB Hit arMIM MnSTTnUfHI !??'?}?l>n Orrui?-ffma? n in w*??. BKOABWAT THEATBi, 3M(lin^>riii(M -Fti- } ?*m?i r?li01 GARl>iSi, ? ?<r? ;u*/i 1 ^tHTON'S THEATRE. C?.?u>o?fl ftrt**-?** Hi ,?rt j I) Bcl.fc I>:i*eoo??. UATIONAL T?l?ATI*. (ti.*u'ut BflOA?*? I?!?i D*A?.*>i W?T?* W.t. ASTOR PLAt B OPKKA UOL'IB?PunM 0?tu?i?A -Of Mt-Ln Kii'MMl ?BKISTVS OPERA BOU iK, a??h?aio?' Ball?8-nut/t. ?n Visit?U>. CILVIII "1C? T- JOH' iTMiuriAN Onca* TNIW iMIllClN UDSEFM- AmaiNS rtiroiniiui iitit ??o? ihd irii.TjBU AP41X* R(H>MS?? t?i? BKI.I. Kncili. Turk, Ktiiday. (>< lulirr 7, l*>0. KcWh Trout F<un>pt. The Atltutic is Hilly due. with four dtys later , i'?g from Europe. HUt hu? jirobuhly experienced i h<a*y we?irily pales. "Ill* Kew York Dlcni:lou Picu-Tht Vcxl ?'rctloi? Several of the vhif oreans in this city, and thuugkoBt the Fute, r? iei vonn* to enjoin tli*- fjrcplr !o ?oie for the uoiiuBanoas of the ab.tfcu?K wh>g convention recently h-'ld at ?yr*cu#c, n the ground that, Li CuUM those nominations wtre made helore the adoption of the resolutions atamiug the demagogue &c*nrd, und affirming to the plaioeet language the unalterable dcrermi stion of the whips r.t New York tore-o|*u the ?l..?ery a itution, ?ti4 to w igc war on the ?> ! urtiikliotii of the South, and through th".n on ! the Union, Wai hiogton Hunt and his hj? octnte j Bt DiitK ?s are not retyouisible for thern ; athj, there* fore, hi whig* of N-w York, of all ?hades and enip'eiioDS, can volt for thosie mtn without Joinvr Vi?l*i(( to eiihtr the c;>uftiilution or their con' ; K?n?ei. The Courur and Enqwtr is one of the p.vter* .Kirk ?, .Il.iHu Wtlk n J.inM .?t ? _ ?<v?>r placeree that wcul I naU* Satan himnrlf l.mirli that journal mj? thi i Wr Duer and his associate j uttoiiHl wbifs, who c?ll?d ? State conven*?rn io ni'fr nt Syracuse, on the ? v<u'eenth of I thu month, may obviate the objectionable feature connected with tfa ir e< ct*?eion from the abolition ccavention, by renominating th* ticket nominated ?n that imimud, lipou such u platfor.n us th? connection inay approve. It is ull very well, and quite in keeping for that journal, the juaior editor *t which mi one of the mo*t violent abolition n r?i:btr? of the ]< 'gt: lature, and mad*' himeel/ onspicuoua id forcing through tint body a atriearf abolition resolum .ns ? it is very well for ; thh' |?i??-r to eiprraa ?u? h Hcaiim?'nta; b'lt ia doing i ?>, we are certain it does no; represent the opinion* | ef iii? proprietor, Mr. Webb, nor of ita pitrons I and mpperti rs in tbia community. There i?* a rfcif and important princip'e concerned in the | <iivi-i?u which ha* taken place in the ranks of the > wkif paity ui this- Statt?a principle which is worthy of tilth in;, if not d>icg tjr?a principle which la at the bottcm of oir whole end sociil ?r$saization, and the lo*? ol which would no: only ?* rwh'lm thi? grett eon fed- racy in dumber, bat ?Aich would luin the cause of republicanism for p?ih -i? u Ci alut> to co-ne. It is not a qoes'ian wii-nher the demagogue Seward shall or thtll not be eadorird od supported by the whig*, or by the people of New York. That contemptible timeaaivcr i.? eatirrl) lost sight of iu th-* ccntrmplife n ol the great principle involved, lie iaas much o.?rlool?ed is the midnight incendiary is in tlie tr.mult of the cotf!ag ration that h- villaniouiiy 1 ?.? .ted l > his tor-h. < >n such a m-loncholy oecv Mer, ail ciaa*?* oi im peoplr devote tatir to ihr ejttiajui brum! of the liimn. Tor iiiucl f our cciuri-p poiita cot aoch a cou;ae; aud to it i ahonld he, and i*. Wt hetieve. on thi? quf# ion The ^m?|ogw S? w?rd 1* lost ?i^ht of, or if not. he frbould be. That i.icnJurv hu? applied tne m?"h *1 thegr*n< temple cf li'jcrty anJ rrpiUicniim in ; tlir Uni'cd Sutra and m the wo ld, and hII trur 4in?rt?bi>?, without ;ion of party, a;- c*!!< d ' b> wrrry coaaid; ration, to aiouae unl put i at tb<* ildr.iro. Thin cannot luid outht no: to t>? trrut* 1 t'? lo- j ?v! qu>a!i< n. 1: i? not locwJ question. I: :? ? ? Mien ? hich concern# every tnan in the Vnird fcjt.i**, a>id every ?ute ia our conl'-<icracy; for it W aat ! >.' ult on the coofedrracy?on thia pri at and gtoriotia Union, in wcurtnij which mi touch iiljod und trracuie were and j w tilth, in He tcnagr ?Dd ??.uth, *a? r ir? d by our ' evly jctrtota with a care and affection iTond j Oy to r^rer'al in tiacf; no that we, their d'aend- i ant*, might enjoy ita fruit*, and become, at we k??e t*rooif, the eu\y and tke rdmiratitn of the WclM. Viewing the matter in thia light, thm con- | l<>Me, rravtn demagogue, U'm II. & ward, ; and all the Thcrlow Weed*, and Horace tire* leya, j etui Fred iVtiglawa, and Mack and white a*>ol?1ir<D'?i?, who, if lied together hy a "'ring, would reach fri'in Nf* Voik lo F.thiojxa. aiak into liter ftdmnitrd d ejpit-t,c?>r.trnip: ai.d oificarce. 1* fKh 14 ractttd, Mack-hearted ur,d deep ;cah'e c'tjue ?/t acnrv) d-*ro?f<iirur? aad tra!'j:ou? Catiline* to bf weighed in otr bale-ace, aad the I'aion ill the mO.erl Air they to be aimuoaed en tar ami* day ! Wf trout act. Let, therefore. neither the wUif* n<ir the i#c?le I Urijc look Uj?? tl*j? quecion *? a local iie? L"j tk> in view it in nnti?B*J litfh:, and contemplate lh? efieet which the nccea* of the abolition whijr* ?t tin* ae*t elrctira m this, will )>rola<v- u the i < untty at large, and ?*,-? ca the iiihob- r la which tt * ill atVct Uir ur.i <n of lb**** Sutra Wr and fi'DNHf?ii.vwl? he.ierr, if the d>*?fi(?niv* ew?ce?d ou the platform which they tnrmi'J at 9ync?r,lk?l we may >et our hruir* ib order ? tor before fire yrarathelaioo ? ill be at aa <nd Who can ih-ak otherwii* who bns marked ?nd odtifed U|?>b the p?rt hiatiry of that ?l'?<#ina, aad th- [?Tni ioa? an i diatarbiag ii flwf ore which It Iim et'rrwed on the fortaBea < f ihi? republic 1 * '0 two orcaaioBi it brought the 1'n.on 10 the r ry verge of ruia, nad lot for the BoWr |?t.:<tii>?a of nrk mea ^ m anu < i .y. uni < ?*?, an l ilUrr?. * .,o mm 4 up, ?* it wrrt, by l'ro*idew, t? ; met? il f-otn 4rMrvUM, r would, on lh* l**t (IWIIMI, tiv< br?a ah.Vr' J to III) ihui hfiulMnl, frui ijnT.ilntil. U4 h'.rrnia'ouf ty%t?rn of gnvervmfnt. t?tt.?i? uni ho(w>Mi1f itroyrd. ?r*i with it thr h?>,- ofrciillioa*, boru iui i iinborc, in every f?rt of th* world Th? hoti a*?i< n? nf-ibat coDtrtirtioB, therefor?, inu*t he totally and completely rrjudm. J and m t a?ile, e*rry tnne of lh*n?, vaUrr th< j com* forw ifd, and, ?vr ibeir own tinnturen, ?aJ in lh? mi?l ftpttett, (litre*, and 'tn?-|*'Tor*1 tntnarr prmriN*, <iiMT?w ibr rraclu'.iOB* aio|>t?d m platform by IV abolition <o?iv? ntmB wbii'h nominateJ them, and r i|"r?? *h*jr di^rof i.ioc with the de-lfucir# *bri tacrnd.ary principlea therein em'ained l Hta'rw??e they should D?t he imrH by *?y m*#, ; *bm or drihflcr-t, evra with a forty too: pole Th?y moat el#-?r ;be>r ?kirt# of the con'iffwwi with h'eh 'hey arc ;af<rt?.| in con*r.jueace of r'nbiron by that conv>'nti<~o, or ihey Would !? allowed to auk Into oblinoa, never lo be rea*?Il w to be hot*d thai lL? merahanla, nnnufa* ??# ?, and fTKiltarwta ol Uua c*y || m Willi I Ml I at Jtafcp, will seriously reflect ikes* matter*, ! ?<lus the ruin whieh assuredly awuiw all | t bueiarbs i;i ??.- * of th* suecriw ?)f the whtf <!:? | iiiioni*ta at the next elwion iu this Plate. Their twrn frntr wil t* 11 th?in, that if that ftulioa rutcefd, their euccers will be the nc-fiil ?f a rcaewil of the slavery agitation, and a Mow? and a ttrcug one, too?aimed at the Uuiou. Tin* disurii iiiota will not he *..uafied with a vtctory in N? w Ycrk, but they will continue tlieir asa.t ulu ?>n the South, until the Uttar will ae obliged, in | seit defence, to eetede from the Union, and luike Uk ms< Ives independent of ue North. Let audi a catastrophe occur, Hud th?* fate of New York, from that moment, M ill be aealcdi Ship* will rot at our wL.ivtt? will grow in our thoroughfares? iyny other heme * ill he leiiaullfac?the cheerful s< ui.J of industry Will he hu-h<-d, and pensive aileiite will afsert the supremacy no?v held by the hum i f active iudubtry. With such proepecta before this great city ?this great St Ur?this great republic ?is it not for the whole body uf ihe merchants and mechtujice of New York to call a public meet'mg, ae in revolutionary time?, and to ascertain if they will permit the eoutlagratiun of the teptblic to go on 1 Can the iii luttirioi* people of tl>ie metropolis look with composure upon the ioCi rdiary movements mi l doctrine* of Win. H. Sewurd, and the fatal policy of Thurlow Weed, Horace Mreeley, ;.nd the Coxtrur and J^Kijuvtri House uj>? ronse up. fc! K. WtltSTI K*S AkHIVAI. AMD 1 'a' /vMTntK ?Th? dutinjui-l.ed Secretary of Stat- arrived tn fe""i '>o Saturday morning, took l< dgkuga at tl A nor Houi?, :<nd will leave for his nml re# unce at Mar^hhelJ to-di?y. Yesterday monihftf. <e attended divine i-ervice, ?ud afterwards r rued to his ro-mi, w hi re many persons callwd ni" -? hiiu Siace Congrrts diwolvtd, all the pLas, diecu.-si.ta \ and 1 arty tactics have been traarferred fr*. m WashuigtixtoNew York, where j>oltticiai>9 nre straining Mwnyat every po?sible point. The halls of Con. giesi art desert# d, ami all the ttoliucdl movements are or.ginuttd and sntt lined in the spacious htlisof the Aster Lnd the living House, where politic* i.nJ puddings tre freely dissecttd. Wi.hin the ni.igni ficeiit atone walls of the forme rt Seward has tried to mite up a { option, and in the course of his ?ojoi rn, he was visited, in the durkntrsi of twilight, by a few intriguing, d'>d?it>g |K>Iitki?n-, who hop-d it n(lilt' capital out of the abolition agitation There were few calls by daylight, or g ie light. Ciss established his head-tj iatlera at the Irving House. Thi* ib tie great houbt for Southern rnetnt e rs and Southern ludie?, where the chivalry of fororter nays ih atill maintained, in all ita spirit and elettuce. Theie i.< no difference of opinion at this ?atablirl ment. There if, hovs ever, a scramble at the Artor House ; and one half of it may yet fx* At vct*d to Un- w hite |-oliuci'ii>9, and the other half to tlic black cues, with Seward chief etewiud, Ciirll, frlid buttle ?uhrr. it b.ut l>een a vtiy curi? u? |4-'ce of compird'ive ubti! v&tioo, *u lcok ii|>on ihr d. tinctive characteriatka of the ptrnont who h>ne called upon Sf<ward and uj on Mr Wt-U t< r. Tiic former wore of all pc-tible hues, gaite, look;1, ami opinions, :ipp;'.iri.ig like half Mcrxd politician*, rtudy to L>in jut t oa bh>? d, if ntcei?iry The latter were of ? firm, I.mIiIiv, rhrertul and imiiliiij! aopoct. Many of them were n^w to the eminent Secretary of State, Ei ii cutne up, af devoted friends of the country, to throw of! paity ftelinr, and pay their rr?pect to a man uho baa thown the htfc!ir?t patriotism aud ptue'erre, at a gretit cnr:? in his country's hijtory. Mr. \V? Later leceived nil of tl><-m with an urbane n.d (li^Liticd republican fpirit.aud encourged them tr believe that thrre were yet frieuds enough to I tl i' Union to prewtve i? a';?inat the chocks of the j I'O'iiioaiAU. ^uirly, th<> nviht'r tniad of the preren'administration ln?ih? influence to organize iL- (itmrnti of the wl-ij party into a uciveraal, national one, that will eflrctualijr cuth ^wurd aui )i!a hrawlirj? ararciutca. Thtre are millions to r< 'ubitc in tkt hannoaioaa elWt hgf.iajt the mad Ihiliaothcr* of the A'li.nv arhcol. Out eflort, will l. arte, will jive a .]uirtua to .St v*ard. lie n.vM be r. ,i4 out of ttir wIut pmly?uui, at on:'*. Tit < n\xr Kraiait am? th* Fm? I>ki aht<, , ?We atr.ted recently tbut tlie r< pre*rnUL*t-* of liif Fire Department wouM, cn Wedcead.ty lii!, nominate Mr. Caijou for Mayor, wfci.k w<u!d ensure bin election I y thousand* ni?j? rity. We lean, from reliable auihonty, th t t!..-re ate a few acitrvy politician*, of Hoth pariiea, ic the depariint-nt, who will o;'p->i"e Mr. Carton'* t< n mutior, on the hjfoeruic*l ground tlut be cai/t be ?|<er< d from the de;<ai(uent. The depirtirrnt cau't part with Mr. Cirron, beoa i?e, if elm d as i'.yor, they would drend hii.t, from th< ter.oraid ccof.'rxalioa he would among tue < vil c'txra, i.Ld the l*>ld ?ud who'.tjale , lunuerrra of our tax payer*, through the public treaa'.rjr. Can't ajure Mr. Carajn! The hoaeat (ci)'r duu't mru thry ahull apare him, for thejr lu'md to plac>* Li 11 in u poaition where he will be at II nearer the l ire J>.-p?rtir*nt? wh' re he e*n wx'.ch the cuniiing i n 1 corrvp' lrjlalatcr*, anl put n fold veto U| on their infamoua acta; and wh?re he can r?nd?r t-ul> tantuil aid in mnkin# th' Fire Di'(artincnt whut it ought to be, nnd a* he den.tndid in bia valuable report. * is >t time ?b<i e*ery Gremm ?ho?M rally an Ubd bia noble chief, and sustain him, at all ha*ajd?, aa a* of procuring for the dijmt tfocnmtBt, tl.r moral rftv-ct of ulnch baa doo* luMr f.,? thr df i-nrinifut tliut a'l Ihr Kjwrta that li %r i vrr cm tnut?d fn>n thf Kir* l>;u.inir-nt, in i'j ?hrlr h.?:ory. An J La thia cootrthon, we *i "Id icjuirr *hat *:# thr Inccrucr Companira it W .11 itrect dc; 1, with their rtaki, invoicing HiHiona of dolUra, drp?ndinf ? n the rf!i< :ency ol t?i? I ire Der?nraent, aai thr h< ;?rv and mrgy of i'a Chief ErKi*r?r! Will thry at*u( by him in :hu rtmrgrrry 1 With to much of htiar.l, can the; hciiutcl Arr tJicr miTisg in Lia bh?'fi If nit, tbry ahotild t?, and aprr.iily. Alfred Criioa, thr brat fitrnd ihil thr inaurancr mw' Ciatltma of tiiia city aver had, liaa to roatrnd, mluaty at'! alonr, with thr rntirc corrupt Corporal jb of U?i" city, tog?thrr wits thrir &rne,.a|*r hireling* The* far, h* baa drivrn 1>j- poa'ifiil adirih'tnr* N f?>rr hun. with thr anroii^urrafc'.r n'aj-on of truth, and arattcrrd thrin in all diirdiciis u> terror and diatr.iy. J?et tbr inaurancr aMCtialk il Irak to th a matter iajir !iiirl;, and ri c*r * ith rorrcy in hia aupt>irt, together with ail foul and patrht.c ritirr??, who would liav th? r bilitationa una warrhoiww pnt?'?.t?*l (rum the f:?ry elrment, and thri/ prrxnr aec-trr from Ihr a outdirla wbft prowl ojr rily, w.;ht aai d ty, wttb teffbe* ml da/g'ia, for ccn1?';'a i"n avl aaa?etinaw?a. Tin (dtTKIU Mail o* ?t*i>av.?-For *ev?ral met the paat, by an arraagrment of th' K'W Jrreo railioada With ttie l\*t Cfi'.rr I> partm *at at Waabingtco, tbr So?itl.< :n mvl baa > a druiaed in Philadelphia until ti*r o'clock in th? tftrraoon, teatead of leavieg at nfrir oVI.tA ia tbr morning, ar wna always before the f?f. SJo far ar thr New J? r cy railrcada ar? emiCtnr 1, wr caan; t rec th# ??il>jrai-r brtwrrn ruu>4oc a t>aio ia thr mornm.' and rurning it in tbr aft <*) neon. if tbr trrnl ing of ihr Sal ' ?ih la amight to If okrulrd. If it ir a t iproa*i?trnt with tbr id?*a cf Nrw Jrrary proftWly, it wcvld be a gn at a?vomn>i..l.;ioa to thr trwrj?p? r r*r?a of thia city, if ifcr PouiVra mail, ih? n.i.?t imponaat or?- a: th' p:"?*flt timr, r j jIJ ccwr ly tbr old arranc i.i *at. C>f*ra. of U?r, th# it.nil Im not r?arh*d thia c.-y na'il *rry Utr b^j/ on : nirfbt, rnikicj. tt *o ?rry L'tr w jra cur <vht>rs<a rrtirh uf, thut H ir ItrvoarlMir to glvr i ur iraiH fa ali the la'r p*wr, a ad hare iVtr jM,>rr KOivprraa in tunr to Wrrk effmirrdl'i ? at t!i? I r? r DM. W? hryc ilr <>IJ arraagrm< .n will r|< i dil) be |t?wrr4. f h II" ar Hi i *b? ia W*an:>?r<a ?Tlir a'?plntna'ir carrcr of ihia ?f?;'aw?a/ in Wa^biiginn, l.rda 'air to urn in?t? a? lno c?urar did in M?drtd, a frye yrara agn. Ilr waa rt bach to L/Midun fot bw turoVW ' "if I'l.iliti'B U??*tr*, Jr?MY Lrm>, aud rnic Piim ?W? per etire in aeveial exehsrife paper*, attaAa upou the Nt w York prer* in reference to ih* Jenny Lind } eaeii'Mrnt; and the UmiM, aa oajnl, some* ?n for ! the principal abare o( the abu?e It in more thaa t inncu&ttd that " black mail " Vina lieen levied, aud i that the artirlr* about the ^wrdta'i Nightingale 1 bate been paid for This mu*t certainly be all very rich to Hamum, who, Iw-hiud the ecenes, enjoy* the joke, and pocket* hi* $5,000 net tA-ih ooac<.rt. f 15,000 |>er week, $7tt0,000, ?r mora than three quarter* of a miiliou, per annum, while the pap? > receive nothing but vituperation for their fervices, except, indeed, a few free ticket* i|i?en g; i<d{:iiigly, and very often to the worst p*rt of the bona?. Tkire can be no doubt that Burnura i? coining .lenny LindV notes inio dollarn through the new=l>apere; but there the mailer eud-J, *o far a? the pr?M ih concerned, unles*, indeed, we except the aouae we iiiiit>t pocket as the rewuid of generosity. Hut how does biruuni turn the pre*# to hii aoccunt? Juat aa follow*:?Being tt shrewd YuuUee, and oict of itic- ptess jrmia luiiif- If, he known the ropes, and having enlarged his experience duiiug liiii exhibition of i>r. Edaon, "the Living Skeleton;" Joiee Heib, pretended to be the nurse of Washington; General Santa Anna's leg; General Ti m Tbitnb. end the Woolly Hor^, be sends paid agents about in all directions to gel U|> an exCitemeit. The papers report theeicitemt lit us news; thi- report produces u new excite meat among the render^, more or less, in proportion to the eitent of the circulation?other papers copy the report, and tliirs multiply it ever the land. Barnuin does not : ,,(1 much as thank tbein for their piins. For mouths before Jenny LiuJ's arrival, he k*pt : up a constant excitement by wmling coTiniunica j tii-ns to the iiewi>p>pt rs about her, all of which I were inserted without costing him a While j the if on l>ojrd the Atlantic an excitement is got : up by liainom's aytnts?a concert is given; and a j repoit is published of it on her Then, pre- ; I paratii'Ds of evtry kiiul are made to give her a re- | ' ception. The r< ception, w ith the attendant excite- | n.ent, is duly published ?>y th- papers, at considerI able exjieiise, rnd much labor to the reporters, who : g> t no than!..'- for their troul'le. In the next plac*, I it ie given out that the furniture of Junay Lind's I apartments in the hotel* eo?t* a mint of moaey I ?in lit*.-ton, to much ? $ 13.000. The furniture | iti certainly magnificent, and the in&nnficturer it I praised to the flues. This is sported, anil stimu- i lates the excitement. H it n h?t is the fast? Some of tliik furniture turns out to be actually secondhand, while the new i lent by the furniture store fur the occasion, the proprietor considering himself well paid by the puHs he receives from the press. When Jenny Lir.d remove* from the hotel, the furui.'Jie is returned; or, perhupa, a portion of it is I v aiiied for the eUabluhnsent But this is not all. ! r?:: i.m.hy bis agreement, is to |?ny the hotel exrr-'-b of Jenny Lied and mitt The unsjpliisitcaied reader will pay that this must cost an enormia* amount, considering the magnificent : futnituie of the *i>artimnts, private board, and j pold rtrvice. He will perbapa I* a*t<v?isbed t when we tell biin that instead of coaling LUrnum i BE) '.lung, be makes money by the tr4Mt?tion. 1 The hotels do not charge tin* a ccot; and it is even f-aidthnthe his been well p .td for bringing the J i Nightingale to these etlablishmeats. Now, the re- j | port published in the |?ipers of the greit expense I be incurs for hotels, ? bring** to his mill," for | j it impreases the reader with 11a idea that such an ! I expenditure ncceararily require* very high prices I *o tustain it. And tbe boulr, on tbe other bajid, participate in the p ofits of tbe excitement, by tbe a.ur iins'irg irom uieir 9up(H)soa if iril in mining cucii preparation* for J.nuy Lind, nnd by the ahcula of fi*h that consequently fall Into their net. Thus ell parties are beailitcd by ihe |>iru,(urpt | the preaa itaelf. All thia time Jenny Lind i? unconsctou? of the :t?e that ta made of her name to swell ihe amount I ol the ri ceipta. Why, the receipts theniaelvea are | rmij-iatej, in order to produce an effect for the text conctrt. For example, the Swede, in the : benevolence cf her heart, devoted the estire of her hare cf the profit* of the first concert in New ; You to the purposes of charity, but did not Vi?h ; | to have it puMUhed. lt iuutn, thinking it woul.l ' ! be pity to hide th- virtaea cf "the angel" under | a hukhel, proclaimed the fart at the cio?* of the ( concert lie acnc U!.?-> d :!>at $10,000 were h'Tthare acd desipahted tli* difiereat charities to which j that arm bad been appropriated. But it turned out thst" the ihirkcna were counted before they were | hatch' 1," and that initeud of (10,000, tliere wn? \ only I*,000 forthcoming. How were the other |3,000 to be made rp' Jenny I.ind had to put her i hand in her pocket, and to pay what ahr never receiled Thia chv.ty, of courae, waa only "lend| irp to the Lord," as the inscription cn the lock of one of her apartment* in the Kevrre House, j teaiihea; for whatever is thue given, ia amply rel-aid, and r*n>um re a?* a rplendid harveat, though i the teed which produce it c<>t'? hira jo lung. Then look at tlir esciieai* nt got up by ectlmc the hrat ihoice arat at au< Men. lWorr the event- : ful day cc rrea, Barnum'a aj. t* tie Utn?y at work, j j il-J a fttrort ik raised; iiuy m- will be given fur j a m ?i that ia eomctiu;ea at.out the worat in the houie, nt Ca?tle Oerden, find ia never better one thut coath | >. The rivalry if pride, or an rye to bnaiiitaf, purh> ? it up to jJU.\ f 'i", or, la?tI), a? in ProTid' BCe, to I'.'M Thu hua iia effect, I not only tipcn the other uck*i? at that concert, and ' ; the It liowisg concert* in the aanr plare, but on the 1 hi*'ticket,' all the ticket*, at ib~ cocrrrta ia tke ' n> at c;ty; m> that would not be aur^na^dif j the price cf the brat eeat wow.J reach $1,900 at the iirat conceit in New Orleaaa. All | Uicae reaulta flow from the I.Ser-.lity of the . | pt'M, which haa n ade oue f*ltine lor lomuji, ( I ar.d tanow fart tnakirg aao.her for hirn, by thunk- i I lenly a i. .1 glaluiloutly oCCUp) lag H? ?p?ce with I J accoun t cf the laying* uddcinfa of the Sweliah \ 1 Nightingale. It i? true thtt the nlonnu* wrmin ia 1 worthy cf all the honor, and j,l< ry, arl renown, j ' | ihe prrea can ^tve her; but it i? well lb* public ' thovld underaum in-?t ?i I'jom nth cnijr finer in the buMnet*. Madcmoiar lla I, a J, of ' court*. ?bar<i ba!f the r*?*ij*a; but thra ahe de*< ea them in the eoMe work if ertu ation ia ber J |ri>;v If ml; and f?-r ihi-, it r)? of lii" wnderful RIMIdl g'Biue, at e bux ihe ?}ni| ithy of the ' |*riw, lid t f two woilda here b?U>w, u> %ty no- ' ^ tbiiiM ol tbf world to come. i t m Tin Di *r m Utrw i'trk ?it u ' i f? ? ;? J that the h*autifol I'aro^i?that charm.on ( ' awtliat, who baa been eipretrd to uk? a portion i ! at /vima d +na, andtf th* ai'iaifemt-nt of M*ft- i * K, at tar A?'or Plact I 'err* 11 jure, will not HH ( ! tbia coubtrjr. ^he h>a bc-n m) In wj bf the I ! rub* i<f Ntcliklir, who it ia ho|*a to nuke a 1 j fiutnn cnial etipafenient with ner. Thawouli ( j j I r niora j-roti'abl* fur tbe dunning l'arodi tbaa atjr p^iaUc arrangement? geaeroua old l dull* would atttle an iaimea?? a jh titoa art ?r~ ] ! r? ir.| l;?h'd a Ud> Tar Ihtke ia afoat ai*t? yrtr* i of i ge, aid J'nroJi nearly forijr jrttra ) mnt-r, aad la tt-Kinr her i-oaitioa ia tb? Caveat ?h fnmd?, i | wialJ F('d intrreat to ita bnlliuit b.atory How- i i ever, it ia to t e b? p?d that the charming Tocaliit i will privail tipoa the 1 <uk' to format u> brr fal liilirg her fngacemeoia with the eaterprU-iag Ma rruek. Tbe jbMic here h?rr h?an nati ipatiif great e'eaeure frritl the atKrat ?f tl..? y<niv* ?? ralief. and wi'l he much d Mjt minted if ?be ahcttld di t come, (>nl> tbe most fia>?b' j aii^u c\a aow I* tok-uted ia New York, abJ if wa cuiaot hare i I'ari-dt. we t mat prevail tf;<or> acne o:h?rfre?t to rr?be ? fvrv lb.- A Aiti i ' ,r IE.; r? ?*i" hcwe\er. l'?i. .Ii * ill roTi'- ' tbe dej*.. t?d a very l?r? *Jin ? aetunty for j tb/* Mhlment cf h<r rrrtra-*, KaH will cm be ' w? lag in fotf. >l 1 i* ?:< r 'wig Uaitti'k ki> I C .i i <?i ?rr 't?!. ai.d o .... a ' to !? fcie |?rui *1 <r atar." ClMMMM r'a Tira .Saw VmiwAmII 1 ? i far t'.oTara ir, a?wl rh<> ht l^ ! J mmmmmm*- - n?i ?>? rnmmmmmmmmm?E? i w?t m. siwinr'n da ijcath plumbs bbtom iip Elbcuoi..?Our itadrrs w i I lind, in toother wrt of to '?y V Hirml*, a ettrr written by Wra. H. S< ward, previena Id hi* region U> the Senate of he Unit d Slum, with the v.< w of showing his m< derat <>n on tie ?j i<*n,un o n'art ry agitation, ind bIm> h>? frrtn tiu.ii r dualism, with which be wae then charged. It is a pirce of duplicity and deceit throughout, xnd q lite c'>& scterisuc of the man. He proniiMa everything and nothing, and it ia cautioui-ly wcr el, an U'at he might fall t>?< k upon it ur any time, Hud **y tl>at he (till act* up to it, no matter how much Le ni?y agitate the slavery mum-.inn It wua intended for no other pur]>oce but W .rci-ive and humbug Colonel Webb? I and the conservative portion of the whig party, into tuo *u| port. ii* cau take any course he pleases ujdtr that W i <-i, Hr>-1 a'terwar<lt> sxclnim that it ia I I'oiirictent wi'h nhrtt t e -'a ted in it. The org ins of the tecedeie ray that Seward hua violated his pledgee, but it ia not so. lie has not violated any, for he made none, and, in all probability, Greeley a J Wild, m tip k r-t? #tive journals, will quota that very Utter, and exclaim that he has acted in accordance with it. Seward h ia huinlxigged the paiiy all rouiid, ?i.d will do bo again if he gets the opportunity. hul-GXTAVr ftHi'tKjKNT IN THE UfilTKD FTATK* Catiioi.ic < ut'tnii.- W learn thit Vo\>* i'malX., of Kt.n.e, l.ith eliminated fi?e archbishopric! in this cotiiiny, hiid ihnt the principal oaf is erected iu thir met repot ie, to which Bishop Huglies has been a ipoinu<1 ihf fiut anhbishop For inauy years ?< have endeavored to i re?- upon hii Hiiliuena and the Cardinals thr propriety of taking sach a course toward* the Catholic c' utch in this republic?and when our better hail (Mr*. B.) visited Koine, a few years k^o, the ebtiH' poli jy waa recommended to the Secretary of the Concltve, or the ViiiCua. At leiigih hi* lloliurpfc bar adopted ?uch a course, aai has very properly nr.,? ated Bishop ll;ighc?, of this city, to the hie. h ( h and holy office. We rejoice over il ia ou earth, whatever they rimy ray cr do i* where. For many years pd"t Bishop liiightt. hat l*cu our f >vorite prelate tuid pri.ieyi*. II.h toiful propensities, (all men, aud bishopp, too, ?.-< more or lees sinner*.) we have re i .nutii t?n> n i derated?his good and higher in.; utaea we have t iicourayed, cultivated, and bioupht cut m full rrlief. We refer paiticubuiy to Kit Unt . c>s (meet M<l>ir>tee , wlucb we have uad lor)?ari>) un r< potted and recorded in ourcol.iain?, i r.o tet.l to Kc me to be inspected by the I'ope and the Catduihlj. Otr lalott are rewarded in tLi* ' Me?m haiever lb-y may be hereafter. Bo-bop Hv^fces is on i rol I is op, nod <ve rejoice. Amen. I Tne tir it ne,i w il lie to make him IV,>e -an Aiuei.f! n l'ojt?l<ir we may a* well go the whole as a part.

Polities. ?.|>urr> -!) pclitiral hnrixon of the North In I gi mirr Uvi k. i lid parwudii the swallowing up of tUn : wt (( J-.'.J in b "toiiM.m BOTvax'Ut Tin o^una ci t> ? nj.ijini) of lt? PvraauM Couvmiiloa Committee U > lj inn ltd throughout the North ?nJ tut, ' ? > y., i*:i> in 11. putt. or ? * tcii n ? n d.??o ai* |trd il* l?i ?bl|j plalk-rin. la tbi? e.ty wk>ii> hlrrtrt wm:d prompt a difiarcot #o-jr?- th?r??> Ui'.ii n> ot that eci.Tfnllon linn b ii d?ao*re?l bj ihr mil* ao?r!d?ra ol It* f?'tj but in tb? It t' M iri tlfil l-ltiOM *f tbl Sul? tha prine ; I'U" for*It r.n4 acTointaa by H illis U Hi'wrJ . n.eotf A ltd if pi bl If bed * tl w 5 i Tt* pre?? in tboaa aefilocr with t t!? pa, of r.iiicr buicur. ba*a t?l> u t. r- and vbrc no tlr aiiti ?lav*ry I'adad to t. bn T: Al!ary Pitt A?*i?ifr *1.6 HIT.lo Ct.umt . ul. .< ( are tli* only pa pel a of IdI^ih or note tbn. U*? t trc tp the fiui tlrt to ba:tl* *{a.n?t lb* It'"' ioj Th* Albany Etnu-tn Jutnei In th* If : t? p: ccUim tba of Gerard an 1 l!i? I (tin pria'? In II r Id ?r-?i ba?? folio and and nib i??ry lima, d<ntD?? all who do not tadorte th? l uii'ye' fcl? pi'u?ii| 1<? The lata po*tmaatrr at Al- | l?*tiy. L Benedict, ka* published a ?orrt?pond*ne* ia lb* hvrnmg Jfutmul b^twren Hi* Foitnuttr Cianural n. J Limn If nft lbs Journal baa road* an attack up>>? Pr??ld?at kUlmor* and hla, whloh rat not fall to luaka wlOar tb- ulrudj *lUtinf breach In the whig party Tb* can*- ot th* publlratl >n ot tb? ?orre> prodmr* ?a* b- < au?* Mr llmedirt fa' ad to obey tba Inatiuctloni of tba head of tlia !> part n>?at. oi laft iba ahole buoonaa of tha ofS-a to lb? rare of aa aaa'?taut. abtrh raanl'M It M* r?mo?al ar d tba appi'liitBiaat of aaotl-ar la tl> ittoai Tba da- ; nio-ralir praaa ar? of co?r?* pieced ia tba dilemma la whieb tb* ablf |arly la fland, and abo'jld th? frea j ac.iler* h id ta th? 0< tu'.iall. a? nail* by lb* d*a.?- 1 cra'le C'lltttk*. tbelr ?ur??? U nuri than probable. Tba whig pra?? throughout th? lul'in Plata* ara Jarorahl* to tha Fewurd principle of actios, and tba I I?oftcn atroB*'j c?a?ur. i tba ah'g aaoadari for tha crura* the} fta?a puraiicd H itb tr jnrd to tba c< c promla* a.*?av.-?a a^jpi' J by f rngrr? < th- y manllr-t an ho.U.lty aad upstUH; to tha tatttiv* tlava ina.abira tbr> MMtl >a uncooatltn t - nal and a4<Ua Uia fufltlna to racial to tba laat iitrtnitr Tb< Boat m jMwrfl'in la Ur "my wbt^ |a|ar ablrh t>*? takta a onaanatif* roaraa. and w . ih (mo-'odt tba atUltl aad M >1 th* law. 1 Tba d< Bnrraii* pr??a gaaarMty ia <(?il?t and i*af*a tba wl.<( party to ai-?>rl? itrrlf intt aboHtion without an rxprtoHa ol op aion At all el tb" lata htata aul M?a%y NMWMM?<Ik**M| party in ilia North- \ at d 1'ai t-rn Stata*. tba ilaaary atNtioa ha> bwt iba cblal aatv'rt of nccitl a^ltlry la^? nniiira.'f < cntd'EMd tba aetii.n ot l'ocgri>?? In *.ba p "aa^r ot , tl.? ub,i body kw bin t? J r'.rongly e< >urfl lor not Inrcrprratlne tha problb tlon la the Nt* , M'lico and I tah buia P?i ihiiK - Tba Im> 11 ft In lb* lloatb ra Flat** U , ??ry lonrh dirlJ-d lu >l<|lala tona* i1k?1? b??I> popet baa t piittri Ih Klii) er Coait??e la tbr pat. %r tf tba bill* toyraiof elateiy |~. b? I.I '.'imI II t. t lb? IradlBg wh'jf pe; rr of Iy ?{ Plata but itri-r uttered ft.nbnct ary lit *hi?h h?? b?*a pro- 1 prerd, bat I tboojht th# po ley of tb? lit* ilfntnl*IrellciD the otl? truo ?ar la Kirt> Carolina tary lit' 1* bu barn ?ti4 tb< (). tb- liU Mat* election **i Fifcrubii to tl r d< mar ? ahleb nj? the t* U,??. tm J.nul l t*l'r oftra: | Arty ?e? attributable In a roli'i'i < tf I'f if Inn '1 ?on. r! ih* ?bl* ai*reb?re of Oooirreee lro? tba' State It I nth Cir- Hoi bet oar f- rllag p?rtad?a b *.b the ft eat and th* people Id aertral dlttrlrt- SeuthviB E.(hta 4??,cletl"at bar* i b> rr. foraied. and tbry bar* irlesinly j WdgeJ them- j lelret t? Lrld aa 1 a<lr>e?a litt??r???ltli I rth*. n mtB ib4 b>T< tirr >d iw l>?Ua| ao ? fata lo ihlp tLrlr |coU. by Kor b?ra t?ai - all aader Iba (? !< af horther ? 7be j Cbailaetta Cnmrr. tb# letdiBf wbl? af iba rut* Ui Ibrt i^boat tbaagitati. a *r' t-Mi lonaiy up/in Ibe danger to wbloh tha ?ratb ?aa b-lnf bn igM tad bar repeatedly ea la i up o tb- p< ' I'ie la d"p*ad bjv a tbtBrWtra aid b.ala'alu U.*J rigbia as j tha j hcacr af tferlr Ptate, at all haaardi Vba Charted a M- h?p baa beaa in; Mulloia lu tha eipreialea t-l Ite?p1?tctt. thoagh rtrrairly rpp?e#d la any aatloa 1 by Cati-a>a iipoa tba iia??*y 'i?*eU'a. Tba reoeat I I 'j r< |J ?rntl ti Hi thla Pta*a *M h 1 r?*d W i.ilaul I II tha Mtr,wv Itliki It ilotl hat nl|K| U? aipicta4. ud Ik* ri'tiurM ( Mr CTtr la tha l?Ml> iata'tly t?a4ad tc> itraajthaa tal b?ght.a tba abo.ltloB Iwher Mvaryatrlda la Nortkara poll> j llr? Vlit ft4a lc yrait thla TUa toalllloa of tk* tan ( Ir'lum cf tha da metal le |ut; la till P'at* u< tk* | i Imla- n af Jaha Vaa l?rto and Caabralaaf. aai IL? n.W?j??ot rtka f t tha ?kl4 #<a?*atlnn kara r?l; atta Ikll; lk? ftft. lliiMT|tt tka | u !!? at* dlra'tlj nfp^-ad up"n taa<ja -atl?in? Ju?t aMaJ fepck bj Afrrxbl) !< It* <4 kh* l?y >ia i Ian- ?b. U?t>r> rcf ibat ??a b?a callad ? fotrn tK'Ti Th? dtai'Tt ata j pr> j,--a <1 ianl> a and j l>uill Bi-ftiBK* kar* bffoa b> J aklrb paiaad taanlal < ra to Ibat .M la oa^mltlnn to thla tha wbi(a afa la farrr ft th? ta on. and inkaixi a (o all th? lava wSlah C'-at ? b?? rr may |>?m Tka Patannah iMniM, tk* prierlpaJ 4a nrrtatla |?r** la tka Aii.ta. ?hl.? It 4?<a a t j r? poa* ?ar?aataa ??ra? Ika t? taka oa>a if tk?tn?'l??a and at tha lti?i>fti rf tha floatk lh< < <1 to. baa ?j?i>1j ft poaaaa iiaawnttea of th- I H'? aa It nan II that l> But f?MrUd to t V kola 0 >alk will b* hfOithi ooJat tka d< minion nf tha a^oillj >1 tba Serin. ah.?t all'i^ta aim la tka at-. Ulivu ot ?U?< ty la tha ? u:h- rn P<?t?a Tba ?Mj 11. m, a ;tk< at a ala*!* aaaapMoa. f .at aa aa ara a4ai>?4 <-|<p?.a? tha < a-a'a' in* ra?i*<tjb7 tha (lorara <r. aa iitfi'ioaf; aid on' aatltotlonai and oaly aalraka<*-4 lb lla aal!?a to ranaa ?ba afi'.atlon ao* at an at 4 .M??m |? h. ?a N~n bald t y brth parti** an I i rran.i t|n?? | aaa*4 far aa4 again*' tha pvrartalty ?.f lb- I'nlrti fl IN' ?"ot?a Hon Crawford \-<J I ' rtTnn?h? af* a?ITf t'j* ?V? raa lldat*a Iff ifta fra?'Bl|rti. an* a*?r? alnrt a.?| b? m?4*ts >J??-t a wajoriiy of wfct*?. wl'k a ? ta aoai tarhat**** lb* aatlr a ?i tba d??iH'?U In Alabaa* a?4 ; ?a*7 att' rtf tr-lia* a(Btaat to* Bal?a U mt<Tta<>a4 and aaj-aotally ao aiw>? tka adalaalaa af j 'a.l'?n^a li ft* WW rtiata i>i*' ract waltaaa . I aa ( va.-t kla |^atlaota'loa Inr a rnnaaat*- a to ana ite?r * bat ,?l ail ba 4oa? and k* la >ii*talD? 4 b? tka ^a> I'? r*t araNt. f'?? ?-.tta, was kal4 abx't tlaa itraa la Jaai.ra. akl.>h pa*>*4 raa'la laaa a*t?faa n tka taar>* af ?ha Uatinirt lad laan-abl* l? *ka L'alna; abMrta alai*at vary faatf m?atlaffa atrnan'v a Ufnr arf a?aaaaW.% haaa baaa bat4 In AlaKaaa it* tka Ibm af tk? faau tiUM? wt JloUta a vary atroay (riling afainat tl<* lata ae'lia of ("nngn-a* Id tba of r?li'iTnU aid kindred uiev are*. pralalla. I < j i. d it- fnim all fhe runt of the Pon'bfiB 8 ?!? . Tba eowa o| all the r*?t. a.rarir to lb* aatlon of Onifm b.- W"n reprobated by the fr?i and by Me people of New* In the northern ai d w ftrro uarti nf the Plato where the rbltf planting I ut areata are al'uated the pec pi ara with t li# drmiK-Ta'.* of the other Siuthem Slates. The daicocrete Iiutk throughout. oppurd the Interof Cri? ra?e with the elavery i^uaatioe, in any way wbUa the ? M*a baee manl'a 'led an almoit tot&l IndiOt'iaucv t'< tl'< aubjeot (we apeak no* ot the preu;) or cppoti d )!,( acton nt of tajr nrxnru to pre ??Df avi'ii anion <ip-'<n tba righta of lb? Mouth. Tu.t tbonv In fa*i r of a.-.ii.n <<n tL>-par' oftb*t?iuth ar? l? the naji.rity the?? I* not a doubt, and the tra'.h of tbe araertW n nixy be np'ly a? q from tea farm that e?ery alaaetiolnii % fl'aie, amce tba eorauiuBO-m* nt of the leal aeae'in cf Coa^iea*. eirept Kentucky anl Mkiratl bav>-jm en lug* it. mooratla niajnrltiea, and the ably* anrettflad In tb- latter only by the dltUion of lh? dtUiocrul-in on tbia htj <juei>liou. lite L)an< leg Siaaoiii The faablcn of tba city ar? low ramming from tba rurlona watering jlacea and rural retreat*, In which they (u)ournad during tba luomar, a:id tba eraaan tar tba dance if net? aettlr* In The ariitom f.>r tea b in* and Warning that nearer ary aooompliabmant la sow also (omr and M bararto of tba danei&f academy la Grand jtrref will inon ha?e enoagh t? do la drilling tbeyouoK of both arzaa. for tha winter campa'.gn. Tbla di?tirgulih. d pro ea?or. who flrat Introduced fashionable darrlnir iLt? the I'til d 8 ates, aad f ar y?ar* t/o constructed a b. antlful naw danea cipreaely for the ladle* af Naw Yoth. cut of t'eot-b, ?p*uleh, and i'iu?r umir??. >? |<rt-p?riug ? on i 01 ooutioni ana Kaiurka tor tb?lr ua-. U. oarac.:j ball* ftoai Tarln. and wa* t?*cb?r of darolng at Venter The faeh1i*d of tlil< country ao<l p*rt cularly of Nov York. U lharb ln<l< Ltnl to hiaifor the produnUon of a adw tra aticn from tbu Inspiration ot Trrpilchore. A) a proof of thv appreciation in wbiali tblt coapo' Kion Is bold we may nirDtioc the tact that It he* reallied (So 000Had AuuuMr arJCiocra will a 1m. open their m bnol* iu tb* courn- 01 thr that to "trip on th'- light funtaatio," ?ili iood be the rage throughout the n?tiopolia. Murlii* Allaire. The new at. amahip Columbia relume 1 to the alty yeturday m >i Dioii' fr-'iu * irla* trip, having be-a afar *aet aa Nantucket. Aiiiid.n?Lighter tehconcr Pcpit^h, from the rcrlt cl the II>?re packet Argo, with Ijoklag-glasa*?. Carman ?A rail boat wac eapsia. J in the Ea*t Rirrr jiu.r lij Bcrning. The peraona. tbre? in h?ub*r> were reicu- d by the (tram ferry boat Na^aau aad takea to Btoukl; n, where they realded. 1Kb OEPAHTUilK <>K THE t-TCAMSHlP ritAXfcl.IN, TJlK O* rHK HAVKK LINE At twelve o'rlcek t>u Pa'urday. an liamenae er.>wd w?re an.mbied ?t pter No 4, to?t of Morra street to wituei* the dipa.tur* oi the new atramer I'ratikllB, Capt M oUtu. lho p' of the new liauiitiaotlo Una between New Vork and U rr?. Al tv |U|>i in ehorrd in the neighborhood a a J All the whiree*, wtr? Ailed with people. aniluu* to ?e? 11. > depart nra of IS is DoliU steamer. while the numirou- f?!?nds nf the pu atc|>r> who tbr<-Df(pd|tbe dunk. were ahaklo* and g v:i 4 uu ad.uu tw Ihiir reiallTea. IIluuJ. aa 1 MftmtaiMi. 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M ( karrh, V|tlt '!( a?4 I ? ? l*r l*? la* I I X^Dihoi', htMi Hum lUaataf'il It.aa t.'f *awi a , ' |*lia4 4 Mr fii ?iiu> ullil'it Mr l>Wj?ltliWI Iran ! * ** n>t. 1 ? ?ii ami. f?t IM imiiumImM af k.a 4a a n Haa ?? a.*#a Mi(. < old ( nil) ?1 In Orwil irililt rtk'?i t"t hv|> ?. i4a. iiv?r.??tH u? u>? aariau* Uf ?' iWiiM a.?|laiai? Tr .1 ?' ai^(.i aaai- iy? aai?rn Ii < a> v?* < ? III 4 a? Mas Ml Hi bitijJ> /KNr, > IIIiHMtm. Wt I J4inal ii. fkllalal; L.a, itl k? 4ra(?laaa taaara If. lour I .If* ti In Pn. I ' > | h >nr Ihnt na a**'*"* " >"* ?i? ?aj af ika lam r t'raai < in |i. ? il? Uarca ii 'M M amrt ii l>>l )m ! l*ai tkt li? ( IIihh mi ai a?rk apaa M aw! 4aii in rr'l. a af j<ar fli'iiitl arramaat. ?. feaa't aiararar* tna ! t> aaia A ?a? ?i i" 11 - !? ??. ?i 1 - (i-iwa?a <J at ft** >i t^raa ya< kat< M * ??! ' III t??r Oil I a?'lj Mil nl'mfia. 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Tki uMii tk??li |??l nana laia?a?i la ai >aiiiaill|J aw I'arv.l.a ak??a kair a?. awtaii I IU r from tka aa* af tk. wwiai l,a?, aaa Ual II aani*?H| a4i:.a|uaUtl UfpMaiiraa. 1H he arr tkr Qnarka !? if I am Oaa I flaff la tka aaa>a. tala > my <|rarkrrt ?la anr* an 4ta> uai la ?? ally. ? aaa r?ar a* laaara-la kr ia? fa-alif altkeaft ihaift an'II r?4 Iftlil.ial tt'tac afcarr* ai all If |?? ' k aa af llayaa, r??'ala. a?. anaaaaiaaio* pataj. Si Vila* laaa*. ?k> iara. a^ Hiaa ar>a*aa. r(>?a?aa. ftlaai anal, aaoial^'a, IM laloara aa, t/aatpa. apaa aa, aa4 all al ?Trry l!a**?* aa4?r tha haal aaarvata, ?r p Ka4h| ' aa llaiirna Talka.tB afta I P .M ilraaalil I'taii 1/afal III llall'l 'tliaftl An i4at? IM Kaaai llraal (I |#r K ill". f> IM < < , $y<i kat iraaa. Tka aiaaj h.uhI If aft afaat'iM. KlUn'a < oni|ioui;d < oal LiT.r l*ir?ndj-*tf aaara n laiankaa.a ai w laia a iia4 aa laataa*!^ ?mj that aa ak"all a?t* taaail* *aak ilaa Bi aa ?Oa?praal I'al liaar 'Ml Haal/, caaik'a-aj aa Ift l"a I" all aaaatara* af tka m< aa 4allrai? arliflf if p<?l-?W?aaif, Tka I ail) yralaraa Ika aaal aaaikia* aiaa: ftha*-|f?a tf ?rl<?. (ra'aalla ritaaaia# tka aykara #f llaa I a ill tka niaai .katiaita aff.?al?aa rf ftk* akaaft ar> falirral. Tk? I rklir kaaaaar, amlkal aaihr l arirfrf aala. abalaaal* aa4 ratal I k? A. B. Ik V. Mala. i'4f-li.? J>ka Vilkaa. Ift Biralaan aft ftkr ? M"4 U-?? IN Inn J>t*| Ham mi U* *r aala ay ???mmmm ^ oill MARKET. vimi, Ojt. 1-4 r. M Tb?r? bu Wi aonaldarabla antiunion la Ui at* aikat durlaf th< paat waak. A further rl?a baa b< Ml raailitd In mtuy ol tba loading aaouritiaa, u4 fh? bfiu bite do km?i iDilob tu Hind tk 4 iMOOli 111* bulla oontlnua to purchaaa aa aar ftdrnlly a* it an J lh?t* U a > doabl bat that Ulf will ba ab!o ta tak?* tu all thalr ooatraeU at Matarity, aud eairy tb# rtw lu tl utea??ary. Tha llialtad margin rtquircd upou tha l.j puib>M?li?n of tha laaal prodac'iv* Unaj ?t<>rk k 'be Hat, eu.-blea buy art ta aon trcl a larpi numbir ol har?a aui pravaat aay ^oan I Uty pr>??ing upon tl. uarki'l Taking the fcaalaa out it tbt Diali at III Urga Iota and puttlaf U?a out of tLariarh ol th. Iwan will create rouitdaiaUa tatjulr j for thcir who buve bfrn telling *h?>rt aa4 aoaa p?l iLtm to 1>?J wh?t*?iT prlea may be d?ata?Au4 by th*'** hatuy it' ck to tell filler* of th* tinaDar ?laa> of ?Uck? will If tli?y ar? Dot nito evillowa tbaa tipy hrre be. n. Bud tbnuaalTea In a eary aneoiu tcrtbblv eorn-r b*t?ra tba Iny-e of tn.tny Weak* \V>' hI1i.iI* pa.t.|cularly to Morn* <"an?l, aud (tonka [ which require but a euiull aim mil of at >nay tv I eor.trcl. llujrr. of Mori la an- pr-pared ta take | aid finry tfvTJ tliara tliry pnrjh.vfa airl the apara. tiuca made on time buyer'* option, will, witbaut *oul>t f in tie b?ar? a Ta*t deal of triable. Tbr ui<>?aia lit in that ttock lor < air tlnia pa?t. bo< br*a upward, aa 1 a groat dial of ih? ?took haa b?<in p?riaanautly with. diawii from the marka'. unitur the Imprrhalaa that la leMtbm eigbttea inunt b? 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It will b? ???!> tl ?l KBii< oi tin i*iieli-a h??? dTMn*4 v?rj ripMljr, and it ?t th? rlo*trg i>rlec? tor all te^aal to lnoj? vf tin* work prtTioua : tfvpramaa to* t?> Pui?eir*i Ptockj i? th* Narw You* Mitttr. *ii w?<< fw. ir# /. fv?. Vrl'rJ ?,7 117)* II7H U7.t; 117}; ? II7K II7SI Ohio us - ? 10. iiw 116 Wij; iir.>?J K*u:a<-! i ? ? ? ? _ ? 1'itini ulkl'i.,,. M 9? - ?:'* KV >.'S ? Illiauia IH HV &*'? ? Ki * ?.? ?J Iki'uisu Mars A'? ... 7'*H ? (i0 ? ? HO fc' Bar.tjar R. R. Doad*. 7>? ? ? ? ? ? ? i r; Vui;trt Alt Rl V ? ? ? ? 13 Rvtdlnf lU.Ir-.d ... tJ ?<W MK M ?v, #i'i Sflt.i I M*> rvuUr.. 5ft A?*% Al1, ? |4 Al% In. IrW, at?... 7? 7' S 7i 7 WW 75% T?\ U.tUiu KajlruiJ .. ?-'V M 8^** W, M'J V <.r UUaa l."4 i.i\ i:\ ? ii M tJ*I lirhaak., M M ? ? ? ? ? Itiu t> ' 1 c.fca tr* Jl* ?J, ? gft \ mu > ? viiiiiM/., , , VI ,,u ? '4 "*71 "'> H>m>(<i <1 I")i 1H? l-;, lb U l>'i )"'? R-iUc K ! 74 T?S T? V? 7?M 7?4 7V? T? >'?? Ua\*a H:.iliixll'i ? ? ? ? >* ? *ria Boada. W 1**7 ? ? - l?^ \?W A,i>?. 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