Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1850 Page 2
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KF,W TOP* HERALD. urn* woRDOI BIII1TT. FEUPRUfMR. INI) BDITOft. p?1 n. w. conn or ti-lj on ><?r v*? ?C rjll V HI k Al l), Irrata prrra^-%T ptr muiwm t WKXM1 Y HhJiJW trtr* tUtiurdav. *t t\~nU ftr <MV,*r $5 . U< Laro?vn? l< f?r tt ? ?!? t+rt aj Iirtitt Urtbimt, ai?i $31* tav mi t *1 Uu <.<**+ i MMi wutAUj mthtU tK All LtTTtMM f-\ (or utittriptvuu. / ?.'i ?' " " P?i-fHtid, ?r U> [Hjutef f trui U iii?wK^ /'"? r mmnfrtmMInl. r"lUhTjMV I OR kf:>pnhtn:*' ? jr?" ?(4irttrJ frvm tiny quarter 0/ t\r trorUi . if waI. W " K* rally l>m >'O?ito? Cuii??w?' k'f ** rlRnrvLAni.T RrMi mai ro StiL TMuu l*r^* AfcD Fi'iii-u. ... . M hOTh'E taken vj tiMyww 4,*?tmm*W? ?* ? r?iu? ruMWo-MuMMIiMU. JVrtLMTrsr.likJ>T* rn, wan-try ?->-**>* .?>? HmhrrSii #/< ?.vj ?? AJlVMMWn nua ?v *#!*?. MmT TIJX.\ W JE. itv**cj? I?IV'TUW-WIUII I M rm Vtx. _____ BOADVAT fEUrm, ?ri.fcdw?j-A? Tew Lixa lry?> n*u*T ??>? * ?t?T. noun OiKDEN, IrMrfni -Jmnm Jukt ? Os?i?> -Juc?o. ______ CBTOKTI TOIATM. Ch?mUii ItnM?hcmi W??i? ?>owi*c?Pai-B Bi?r?iu? I1TIOXU THKATRK, (kMkw Iqim-liiw D?i 4CM Willi WlTUM. _ ABTP* f-LACB OrUUHftDIJ-Nowi. WMSTTO OrtU HOU8B, Vwbuiu1 HiU-liW'i*? *J*.TTk?lJ<T. WiWiO-fuj^ti.' Etmiohaw Omii Tmtvpm. JVMBJUCAN vrmcn -Aurn::<. ricrolut'X UU?H>"> AMD IrctOKI. 1P0LLA IOOM!-S?ii? MWBKVA *OOHB-P*!.OkA?A o? Cr.A. I?w 1?rk, Tu-mIoj. OctcilKt 1*30. IK U I.EH LATER ruon EIROPE. lima! r! the Stram&hlpc Allnntir and Europa, tr IIiroiHnD. ?(f Halifax. rb' Oil.a* ftfairifr Atlantic, CipUm James W*ft, panned siambro Head, near Halifax, at nine ' lock ?n Sunday morning?the wind blowing a a itroag gsle from the sooth ward. She left Iamrpool on Wednesday noon, the 25th ult. The Cunurd ateamer Kurnpa, Captain E. G. Lott, it ? Mid, paeaed ten ryilcs south of Sambro light, at cine o'clock yeeterday moraing. Shi left Liverp??.l en Saturday noon, the 2t*th iast. This is the ire pert; but it is supposed that the steamer seen was tb* Hermann, Captain E. Crabtree, which left SanthKOptoQ on the 20:h ult., for New York We shall know to-morrow. Siaae the al>ove wa^written, we have received the following telegraphic despatch from Halifax, which shows pretty conclusively that the steamer a yesterday morning was the Hermann TILKO RAF111C Hiurti, Monday Sixht. ) 0>? o'elock. Oetot>?r 7.1960 S ?k?it win a!u|< Amnrl<'?n stsamsr off Sambro al fc.r <> ?l??k thin morning. Ebo Crt-1 thre# goo? The AUaau* j**? (! j??t?Tday. sure. The Atlantic will be due hare at noon to-day, and the Hermann to-morrow aftrrnoon. Tke Kuropa will be due on Friday. Telegraphic Nuiaatary. C?r leaders will tind, under our telegraphic Mat, a vari< ty ?.f despatches from almost every pari sf the country, and emSracinir every de^frijv?ea ?f intelligence, (Kilitiral and miscellaneous. It seems that a meeting of )>romiuent whigs f Albany was held in that city last evening, which was attended by John t'. S|*neer, Samuel Stevens, and th?n?, and that resolution.* were j?aajed en4?r*tnf[ the call for a whig national convention at Ohm This is all wry ?ood, the convention I ktllDi: l^tti ilrtiilftl ttpoti; hul It ?*<iU I>*to b?M I well to hate parted u resolution to the effect that site nominees ef the late abolition whig convention in Syracuse ahoulJ be repudiated, unless they 4fc4uct!y disavow the resolutions passed by that Mr Another mrlaurtioly steamboat rxpl<><noG ocaarred en the Ohio on SilunUy lam, an account of which will be found under our telegraphic bead. We regret to learn that ten persons wrrv immediately killed, and a large nrnib*r seriously M/ared It is to he hoped that there will be a full Investigation of the cause of the diaaater, nnri that, tf it was produced by negligence, the guilty r>r,7? r parties, will be punished. We ought to have MBr examples made, such as that in the case of the (lion, in Lngiand, en account of which we gave a few .lays since. U appears that fugitive slaves are poarinj; into anuda in great numbers, notwithstanding the do- | r-die resolutions passeJ at the negra meetings | krspghout ihia and the New I.ngland States Tha < riata simI iu Cumaism. We ara in revolutionary times. Blood hae already been ahrd in the atrerta of Philadelphia, (rowing oat of the conflict between th-- African and Anglo Saxon race* on tbia continent, and (rod nly know* when the streets of ail oar other eitiea, fraan the Potomac lo the borders of Canada, will be crimsoned from the seme cause. It is about twenty years since the agitation and conflict betwern those races commenced in the city of Boa Urn, and il has now reached a point that aflecta our barches, our partiea, our politicians, our states sea. and the great aud vital intereata of the lepuh c The whole country?North and Sjiih, l.ast and West?is now about to enter upan a re-agitaaion of tbia subject?no agitation of a mast fearfal arvalutionary and blood-thirsty characur, in refatooee to tha African race of the Soutb, and tbe Angle -Saxons of the whole l.'nion frevioua ta *t?e meeting of the laat Congreas, the Sfitatiaa of thia sentnn?nt was lelt ta sitch an extent as to harraaa political circles at Washington, and throughont the country, at the event* which suba^uenilf iranapired in tba: city failjr jiMtify. In the lament abla condition of whic.'i eiaued. uJ the j Jugrr in winch !b? I'won waa placed, the ffreat jiatnou and ?tafir'-o af both i?aiii?? ? friend* o ifcc I'nton and of ?onalituti?a ?united thru Wtorta in faror of conciliation, aai went d watk with thr ene rg> which ch?rat:oc;?ed the re\oia itoitry pen*>d of our hi?tory. aad accompliakod ?Xeir patriotic puiy<?*. kv the :?*?na?e of 'he b?k? J Iiuko u the t'-omj tc/?iw ntfwvKi. But ikw rtry bill* contain in theaa the gerwi ?x a new agitaMog. of a root* horrible aapeet ui of i raore Moctir ah* acter than any that hat taken place la *fcia eo-jnsry within :he laat half ffntary When tin original aholibooiata c?mu en <ed the fliuuon 01 th- alaverr iiueauon. twent> ffiti ago, at the Kortk, cburrhea of -very denomination ??ere connected. and jmaed in the bond* of brother hood?political partiea were organized on general t pnaiiplea, and on a broad platform, throughout the I'aited Stttea?the democrat* weir united oa certain (rnnil principle, and ao wrre thr wht(?. la fho courae of time, Wowem, aad throuj1. the 1aairsni'ntai ;y of the aboliioakata, tha? a(itatioa operated lo a? rh an extent a< to hreiK up the j a ion which j*#aioualy dilated betw?et Xor hern i aad you there rhureliea, of ererr denomination ' oicept the Cat*oUci it ha* nl#o brakea np political partiea, and aeverrd the aoual a id Iriendly Mea which ei ?ted between the Northern and the Southern ftatea The Miar r*aae i?, w?- fear, about to deatroy the commercial relation* which . oxtr betweea thoae arcbous of ihf r*p>'bHcs Hid *o ftaal ennaummatioa will, we feif, be th/ dUruptK a of the conattlulion and If > aion. whieh hare made th,< country what it i*. and our I people feared aad reap- cted tkroughojt the whole ar*il??d world The compromise m*?*ure? re- j eatly paaaed by both houaea of Coafrea*. hate frooa netted apoa by tWaQcrriaoaa, ftrwarda, Weeda, roeky*. and other abolition faaattca of the North, d they ara nmhiag htm the aubfert of freah agnation a ad eieitemeat ta New hagland aad ill York, tad fart* uJa/l) on 'h* FnpHiT# Wart1 Mtt. Tk?i ??u im to Am tfce pvtoaptl pfeafc I f th? h* pfctfom of the ab*Utio*ia(s, U try I iknckr Wkit ia ih? fugUrre rik\r k*, ?n l ita characttfl Vider tke voMtitmon (here ran be so doubt (I the perfect right of the rnaeterf oi staves U> rvoi&im -* * - ? - ? ""-L mI'iiia in fk* kl.irfH. mow wno ran ?w?j, uuu - ? -i- ? ~ eru and non slave hsldmg Stale*. Objections have been made to the mode of recovery and reclwna; tien provided in that bill, and a great deal of vituperation he* l*en indulged in towards Congress, rjiH to ward* the President, in consequence of the kut<a? corpus being suspended, and the fugitives being denied the nght of a trial by jary. Let hi examine this point a little. If, for instance, a permm in New York is robbed ?f property to the amount of five hundred dollars, or any other sun, and the thief escapes 10 ?ome Southern irute, all we have to do i? 10 send un officer alter him. and bring hint back to New York, fat trial n?J punishment. This is of common occurrence. Well, slaves, according to the lawsof the f-^uthern States as well as the constitution of the United States, are pwpfriyy aim me ruguive imvc uui v]^ink?* precisely in the fame way, by authorising ami JemaAding the reclamation of such property If the Southern States choose to leok upon slaves an property, it is a question with which the Northern States have nothing to do. At one time, we, in New York, regarded them as properly ourselves; and it was u?t until we found them unprofitable property, that we consented to the abolition ol slavery. Apart from the Fugitive Slave bill, the Southern people have, nnder the constitution, a perfect right j to dMMtd reclamation cf their fugitives; and yet, ! in the face cf that contract between the States of (this confederacy?in violation of that constitution which was solemnly entered into by the thirteen ! original Hutea, and which was signed by the iinmert&l Washington and ku? compatriots, and which n^ver would have been agreed to without the provision relative to fugitive slaves?we see the abolitionists of th? North, and a portion ef the whig party, opposing that law and th it very provision of the constitution, making their op|>o?ition to be the corner-stone of this new move.aent, and agitating the public mind to such an extent in con necticn with it, as perhaps to imrrv th?- next Congress under that rullying cry. The ultra sentiment* of < larriton and the original abelitionists are precisely eimilar to those recently avowed l>y the Seward p#tion of the whig purty at their convention in Syracuse ; so that, as fur as the slavery question is concerned, there is, to all intents and | purposes, a union wiih then. What, then, is the prospect before us ? Accord! ing to all appearances, the slavery excitement is 1 increai-ioir every day, in every possible form and shape, liven some of the organs of the democratic party?the Kveniag Pott in New York, and the Jtlat ia Albany?are favoring the destructive movement, und playing into the hands of the Seward abolitionists, and may powibly draw into their ranks democratic free soilers enough to ensare the success of the Syracuse ticket at the ensuing election. Thia renewed agitation is not conlitrd to New York. Meetinga are held in opposition to the Fugitive Slave bill ia New Lnglund, also. The ex) citement is spreading and increasing, an J out of I the lurge cities there seems to be but one ground I assumed on the question, and that if, opposition to the measures of compromise recently passed by Cencrees, without which this I'nion is not worth . a ttraw, and would he shattered into a thousand j fragments within live years. And according to All I ap|*arances, we wouUi not ix surprised to aee the I Seward abolition nominations put forward by the Syracuse convention, carried triumphantly at the next election, in ronsequenee of the new abolition eflerveacence, and the new movement undertaken by Seward and hi* an*o?.iair*, mnl ifci? mi burst of anti-slavery sentiment. If such should fettle caae, and me next i oxgrea* sbuutd tie circled under the cry of abolition, what would be the result 1 What is the prrspect oft continuance of hia Union tor even two, ihue, or hve years? The South is excited as mueh as the North, on thia question, bat m a different manner, and will not ... Ur^.l r\f tk... C.?l... Kill without one of the most terrible cr>n\ ulnloa^ th tt has been witneserd In thia country since th* foundation of tbr government. The project ia indeed gloomy. The people of ' thia ciiy, and the friend* of the I'nion, arc alexia# I on a mne of gunpowder that muy explode at any [ moment, without the alighteat warning. A;>aihy inexcusable apathy, prevails amongst our merchants, our bankers, mechanics and business men cf all kind*, whose interests depend upon the perpetaity of the T nion. No one seems to pereeive the importanee of the terrible cruis, more terrible (haa any that Re have yet experienced. We inay aa well prepare now, aa at any time, and endeavor to ward ofl the dangers that aaaail us. If thia abolition go on, and the nextelectioas should be earned under the cry of abolition, we raav make up our mind* that a devolution of the I'aton will take place in leas than Jive years Thia result is positive?certain?uncliaaguble aa thslawa of nature. IaxiU out for a s?cisl con* ulsion?prepur* for revolution and blood. ZoruAR Mill* a!?d rna F'ibrmiuv.?Mr Zo;4iar Mills, the President of the Fire th*partment, seems disinclined to the firemen of New Vork nominating Mr. Carson for Mayor, because he is under the impreaaioa that sueh a proceeding would conver. the department into a political machine 8uch a result would not necessarily occur. Does he not recollect that the Fire Department made Mr. tiulick Kevister of New Vork, and that th> department waa none the more a political nnehiae for so doing ' < >n that ?rca?ion they vindicated their rights. And why should they not do so nowl By the way, we have heard that Mr. Mills himself has an eye to beiri nominated by the wh:ga, for the same office Has that anything to do with hi* wish to ! prevent the Fire Department from being made a political machine t VtvirtMK iim Otst -I; th* *rri?*l of lb* ?U*m>htp Georgia, ** have rceeivtd nur Sltt of Ftrt Imtv.tnil 4* If it U If mm*, ill U?r'a *4 to the 3d la?t We h*v* b?g ? a'ui* after a i->ne peruial. to l? J in tA*?s psprn say new* worthy #f trsntlatlac np*'ilnf slM S'sih^enaM* Opera <Misn. Tonight tb* A*tnr Plaee Opera ilea** wlil be dia. tioguuhed fer tli* r*i rceatetira of Noras." tl at ?iagal9o?at sptra which eoKb'.aei all ?i* beantie* 9t tw'.'-ia* adaiirsbl*. aae'.odioua vtyla t>?* btl*?i the** Ul b* s great d**la? tJ see tad hesr Malana* D*vrW who bas a Suropeat reputatlac. and wW has b**a keen haadtemelv msatiwaed la the history ef ih< l/eic draaia fc^ ber *ffart* la Pvii (Vud*?c* Lyoa* sad fierieaox At Taalnai* w* ah* ?iai been qatte a favorite aa-'.. saore reeewtfp st 1*i Ortvsa* *b* has b**a *t*e?td for h<r basuUfel vaise so J ijt* iat? rorai** ?m ajp?ar to alg^B* Mrma Tkta < bttm.t ia ?#ry dl? ult It 4<^aaJ? bM o?if fin*, (tract ?'.!? ? , ?u4 g">e< a-liaj. bat t kwt-w.'slj" of oi??ti o| no nrlBMsr kin 1 it ?aa la tV> *h?rt? Ur that Mai bran Pa.U ?n4 UK1| di?t;at*Uh?I tka wI?m m l ?ny ?n ran fr***at t4? great f?*tur?a of tk* i l?k pri> :?*< n| t'j* Ucutd" 'a a tjl* appr<-?'hli( (h >? r*?J' ottMWl of tk? 1>/1* matBay i -prpd upon naii ? a lrii.tai?> with tk? p??pl? of lit* faxfelnnafcl* ??rlJ Tli?nr l? ?* ?kl?k 1 h* of tka oj ?ra ha?* bo*ti b* lUi <*do?M*4 to uada-ataa l a?4 appr-rut*. an i t)l< l< Jruly a iroat I adtiAtof*, ?h>r? ? waat ol kn0*l<>4{( wp< ? th* y?rt of a-.i4i?nr- *nat?Mm*< 4?pri??? ro ? i?t< of tk 4n* ta tb*lr *i*Tt|r>al W? wihiufly ?c4*?4 U | Vaiair* p??rU? th* oaraara?o?*at to ?ki*b fc*r r*. pu-aticn aatiUr* k*r, aal traat that th* mtf ! tk* rp*ai?i of tkr eprra aetata * brill laat oa? Af?ltln| tntrlltgriif r. C?>niiiiit (%rf ? L I Taortian Th* a*I*- j hratod irollcr R*? &*?t*a ha? ja*l Mrtwl ia Ikia ' artfkbrrkocd aal vtll *t>?t??<t *tU> Coa44*a?? a?4 Prlfcaai *n Tliura^ay n?* ' lor a puf?*. Tko tun* ot tkli k'ra* baa loaf pr?**4*% k'" and th*r* ha* b**n nark aati*trai?< a< tarfa\*0 wttnaaa kl? port?rm In a rar* ?MK frlbaa aal Coak?*a*o ko ?l'l b* *0* p*M?d to put hit b**t fW fcrr*** Yka?If??ta W m. class of nmm to am nmromv mr?m >mi??ui taiu>aa; urun or socialmw?wb-itiii nOHHO* UI tub touido A rrAIR? JA*T* **umtia Nmrr mminu fob a ?ui -tm iiuui or tub courtbm i>b CAUlfOCT'b uotbi.. a* Coart of Sawtona. for ik* trial of criminal** ?*?Manaa^ I#a (talftKaf turn ??atafdlT. Tkt Dlitritt kM quite i timber of Interesting |>M for Ike MMMentloD of the Ooart ltd Qrand Jury. It the lr*t place, there we forty or ftfty poor fiertM Uilori* to be trial for t iWUIIot of law, In the *xce**** which they committed whet ot t trlke for wage*, in the etrly put of the a muter. The hUtory ot the affair, which terminated to unfortunately for theae poor fellow*, wa* limply thia : for (ojao year* pta t,"tbe wholo*al* clothing boMneei ha< been growing larger and larger in oar elty, and, ae t uODwqaenee, an immenae number of pertotn hare been employed to matnfa<-tuf? the article* of wearing , apparel whieh go to (apply the Bouthorn and Weatern trade. Of conrea the merchant* could not afford to pty large price* for manuiacturitg aheap article* ot lothing, apot which two or thrc* profit* wtre to bo realised before the wearer got poesemion of them. The ootaeqtetee tu that good tailor*?met who had learned their trade well?had nothing to do with the low prieed work, bat feuod (teady employment aad good wage* It the (hop* where ooat*. rests. pantaloon*. eta , were made to order as our clothier* in Broadway ttd itoitlly The eheap work thet went Into tho hand* of woman and poor work met, who mtltipti** it ttmber until the merchatt* wore abl* to diettto their own price* -the Gtrmatr however, invariably working for lower price* that any other elae*. They thuc. of themxelee*. reduced the prioo of labor tttll they eonld gain but a *orry livlug for their terri***. It wai finally proposed that meeting* of the tailor* ihould be esll?d and iome meaeure* taken to enftre b-tter wajei, if poeeible. Theie meotlng* were attended principally by the poorer workmen ; the men whoee (erriee* were raluable being alway* (ought for and good wage* paid thein by th* reipeetabl* draper* and tailor*. The meeting* grew from *m?U to large one*, when It ?eotvred to certain ucscrupulom politician* of the #o| ofttliet tchool, that capital e. ald be mad* of them. Ppvaker* were, therefore, despatched to hartnga* the | dUeatieBed tailor*, wh* finally came to boiler* tkat they were greatly abuned ; and. in order to better their condition, they quitted thtir work, aud went roaming about the city, telling their gri*T*nr*R to each oth-r in the day time and attending the meetings in the erasing. | The (oeialUt orators were alwaye there, and kepv in'using their poiion into the mind* of the deluded idier*. until they at length worked them np to su-h a p.teh that the; sallied fi rth with ? deliberate design to break the peace and infringe upon the rights of a quiet citizen. There violators of the law were mvMtly Germans, wh? could not speak a word of English They bad cocuted without their host. for no sooner haJ they committed a brcach of the pt-aee than a jjosfe of policrmtn, with their short club*. dropped down upon them, and 1b a lew minute# order was rsstood. On* or two heads were brokan snd the disordnrly persons were caged in the lock up ThU result opened the eyes ; of the misguided disciples of loeialism. and there were ' no more disturbances of this kind. The rioter* wer* duly presented to the Orand Jury, who found indict- ! meats again*t some half a hundred of thus. It is to b? hoped that the court and jury will treat the pcor 1 ignorant Germans with mmiful consideration, bat ; visit the penalty and odinm where It belongs?upon th, , heads of th* socialist leaders and mlachitf making | politicians, who for their own purpoaM, urged th* poor fellows on till the matter resulted in overt acts of disorder and *rime. Lei the blow fall wher* th* stotaj guilt 11**. Besides the cases abort referred to. the safe of On* liyed Thompson. ant-used of sending a torp?d<>. or infernal mauhine. to th* honse of Thomas Warner. In ' May last, will be presented to th* Grind .'ory This will b? an interest ing cat*, and if it is proven that Thompson was engaged in th* dlabolieat scheme to d*' prlv* an Innocent and iajurad woman of life, it will only remain for tta jary to r*nd*r a tin* vcrdict. ani for the court to tend the culprit to bU appreprUte ; home tli- ?tat* prison : it will bo seea by r?fer*ace to the rej>*rt nf y*?ter. I , da; * proraedl ug? la tb* Bfiions. that .'uues Ariing \ tvu Swuiirt Ir ?? titg ?. ?. i rhargli.g htm with obtaining moaey bj talM pretenoe* i from Mr. Antkaa. of this city Y!w 1-fendaul ia thin I tut bu been a persecuted man an w*a proven ia this : nni todit nonths sine*. wher* and wkii he waa trlrd and promptly acquitted of a charge whteh j accused him of attempting by frsadaUnt ami' I tn obtain a larg* soia of money from a geni tUnao named 1'otUr Th* jury wer* but a law uii* 1 nutn ia making up tb*ir mind* totb* eatlre lm>?c*a?* i4 tba pneooer. and yet h* had bean kept (lately coaflned ia tba Tomb* for moathe, upon the groundless barge Tbie charge of falsa pritanraa *?j brought vp about the sam* time a? was tba other, aad although I tba aeco*ed bas aarnaetiy loagbt a trial from month j to month, ba baa not aa yat been permitted to prove thefaleity of tb* cruel accusation II* Is a ?en! sltiva man. and cannat without great pain baar tb* Idea of eo grata a charge hanging o?*r hie fair ropatatloa llr ieat liberty, and only a*k? a trial that tb* Imputation may be remoead from hie character. Tha Court of Vaealoaa bat* alio under coDeUeratioa tb* raee of Vlremaltre and Denham who aland charged with robbing tb* hotel of t ?* C unt?.? de I t'anmont In Paris. of fnrnltur*. plat* *tt? the ! talue nf soma $10 000. part nt whlah . It W alleged I tbey brought to thli eity in violation of oar statute* Altogether tb* Octobcr t*ru promises to b* an inte: eating en* Th? fair at Cast l? Uardta. The great ehow of dahlia* and roe** took pla** yesterday, at 14 U The exhibit Inn wai certainly r*ry beantlnil and to bothered the eapiant ;a4ga* that they were ab*ut tbr*? hours In dcidlag upon the 4rat prirf alone, prading their d*rialoa, w* laibar*4 aboat. aad wet* attraetad dawn aUlr* by tha watklag ot a i very remarkable aad meet useful invention, which we eaaaot paa? "tar It was an artificial leg eon*tra>t*d j ?f u!M willow >M.I with _l..t. I with t h? ball ?<1 ?Ao*ot joint W? wera admiring the IBBfT Bf l(? operation. ill llghtBOoa end exceeding atrongth. ?b?n a Touni **n.>??n *m pointed out ta na uliHfii "Be In BM up?B Mi own boJr HI* walk 1 ve??rrfe?t; and B? ?? ierain?i him ?? ?r? d??lil?d I It nr opinion :bat it i* or.? of the kwl tbiagi In the hole fair The judgm'nt wi? Saa'.lj prononnud npon th? lovtn Tb? competitor! were, r?K B*Hlli?. , rb?? Mpt?, i J??i" b, w'm Ixkata . , M Wcnadi 0?n <1 U HlTTltr n A rtra-t. M Coleman Mc Raotb Mt Lea.Mr. Uoary A. CargUl. J M Tborbnra 1 Co rea ao?ti. C. Mot*. M< Lu?lr MDoaaAt ; Mr Ranch INMI' ? t?J M Thocbum ller.ry A. Carfllt. ui William l*?kDtn. far tha b?i*. ..peiimia* of named daJhilae - a j Urn modal Ta J?ha JaaUoa for i?eaa4 boot kendoir Botinjr i | fa 0 II ltr;krr. loriklid b*N-Nrwai Roee MaI na?l T?M Doaadi. (or teat tfeeimrai af r->t?? a eUror fdal To t\ More far ??oo?4 toot Bondair Bouay To Mr 1 ?nolr fbr td?t?d hrat-Pevalng ? I.aa4*eapt 1 flart Ta If r Ran< h for boot Amrrtaaa eeedliat dahlia* MwunM. To V Daaudi. for ??eend boat do ? American Flora | To M Tonadl. for beet A*artaao eead;lB| raooa-atirrr modal TeC. More,far aecoad boet ditto ? Am*ri<*aa ri*ra ort?enU of INiUu|at?hed ladlridlal*. I> A < ?nch. v it A O ila.-rlooa c. t a t'aat ! J no W rhmaa V * Mail A(?nt. ? r Blair ftaoh iBftrn. C. H Jooorp. Wa?k-ortoo and IMot&eri, ar' rtecd yeotarday at tho Irrlng Hnae* J. nartofcora, Baltimore. I. 0 Uari. Char ie? tea; I '"? pt li>u>ad I A Wo<h'Eft?e t Nantniea (I M KoVrt P. Tlndoon rte-ca W Jo*.ata? I Columbia enJ M> other, arrived yce*erjiy at the la or lean i el. C Pierr* Raglan I ?t Ja?e?. T??ae. *r. Car. I j oKin Wwhinf^n C Wr-?drn?or Novurl-aa* *? ) | >U-d t Ir/laia and M otti.ra eerier J M tho Am*r t I II' ?'? yesterday | H' 1? ,'areM,Cefate Caj?t I.C l*an?e C M | Iwruk Pn?M Pr?l' T t Ar*rf * tbama ' t I fc* ilia I hlrtgr l.|r*t * llroi I||:ng 1 .Jo Ik* ? ?rri??<1 t'oi ro >? ?t 1*4 Ihtu J Hold. J dnrlnr'.h* twr* h?*r? ll'H %' A Ph?'p 4 K*l1?nf ,l c War j K?r> tV ?J Mooljr N?? Orl????, JMeatacaf ii*n. ! Ilnttirl ?lifi I' I* W ?J < .?!? 7. D H I) . I Hfumi / r*?? ?- *?lSli-lh*M fMtfiJi* tnd ln?'l "*?tc *1 Ik* !>?* * IIMbl n?? I?r r?flOf I t H : I Ulit <1?Uf. >ry. ? ?? M"f I * '* \ft, W rlMnftn ftid fjinllr l<liiM?i? linn KJ*tt< <???l " n< *?ir WMklMlH V I' . II n Mr ban **1W 1 bia4?lpt i an I 41 b"rt Ln? irr># l *t lb* I ?*> I I ?? ? li?M Z '' I Tlo?.|? m*4*ln?r<l?r vrllkiHr FilnilMic i. ?i ..-.i. . |/iii5i nuoov# ? >. i ?' "> ft J- | .'.'If link! I' ? i-?j nllinln II H?n t? l*? ?"?!?" ir-fl !?? *??/ ?if?l Or a >htn h* *??r? t.?n4 Hrr? <ti < ! f-Mlfs* a fi i. iiw -*4 ?*4 ??. ?r ?'? s i|"? ripti**. Tfe* R??ir*ifr?K ' l.lii(l^-'H*???*. I dot TIL k I'O.I'I ! ?!? 1*1 r-? tkfl ?"?|/b? tb?f lltf l< rrwfci rfriHifl 111, "? )?rj? ar?l*, <%t " llrtil f lh? ,,*??4i?li IT?l?b?U ? ?tt-T *?.) , aia*i.?atap* k? ?r ?' *1 - ? al ?4?a*i>alla 1 . Tnanar* ni iiiIh> ? >.| >? *" Cr?' ar tV? pvW** *?> f?*' ' r?4 ?i I -h* | ,rt^k i | ?? ?r* Xnni ?lll ni|M yUia? *f ?b* k.a* paMt*)-,** ; S5r?;s?r - >, la MUnitiUinii mm Malta* Alaiaa, riuluM ?. Ttimw. tka pit) Id 41* kikkw mm a? UoifMf iTlu ?> tn?uti4 Batartay, ky tartlat la f>in at 1MI1 r. D?r. i Tkla if tba ftrat tary (rial inr kU Wi?m am ptrlM. ? wkeaa llti|tliiuiMi umiM tm inn at a > a- , *1'J thaaaaad dullara. Thi? tarfM kaa a * ay*r*U< tha ti I?aaaal? all alama aai apky Good jaw agaiaat Day, altkal t u U>* i>ai(BM. or ik? joiat ana mutual Mftaaau ef tka yarliaa. ay la atom trat of Jaaaary. IBM. aad laavaa Mr. aot m t>ay fraa ta BroM?ata Mr. Qaedvaar far daaaca* ob hlaeoT'raata, ana s'hcra aaaoeiaud with him, for lafoB??iB<at af * '**1" Tkm lifHwiaaiii kara ai'-<ad?d for a ya- Cm by lit* ae* of Day'a m?ebln*ry, yUlflai a prortt t* th* partiaa of ot?? thrvo hoadrad tbotiimnd dollar*, for all whiafe and ] tliiy ar. Uakl* to rwpoad m tauu i* Mr Day- " _Cmb??1 f?rKlalBli*?Both Fsiaple*. **. P??tia(Ui. tompl I. W. Dkkiaaoa, aad Wm. Jndioi. For dofoadaat? Q*?. wi?? f D. Vroom, 1.8. Vaa Winkla, Oh. QiSord, and ti**. A. "ITa Ytfwi Tb* olomng arraarat for plaintiff WM mad* by ?Umi Mr. Btapl**; tkat for d*f*adaat by P. D. Vrv*m. ^ I wllii' IMlng Bdawn.?Kqmrtrtanly In- ramal olia?u fau on*. wiU Oad at fcNO.VS, Faltoa itroot. aa the.** *l?gam aa*ortui*Bt of moat tatty aad bocoiaiag Ridiag krar?rf, which bo i? Mlllag at *ir?*diii?Iy low ratal. Like kd lai kli ftaou Uiti of tfco fall faakion, th*y aro "oioeUodby , d bubo aad *t|ualted by f*w." Ovcrkani the maaaar, Edward 1 > Cattl*, aad naka a aot* oa it. Tk* Thd Children'* CloUInf naoafkctarcd by J. fukblkt, u>|cib*i with tb? a*w atyl* of Ot*ra Coat isiprrtvd by blm, arc enatiag a graat ax*it?in*at ibiiu th* road, fa*liiuuab)ra. la poiat of atyl*. tb*y ar? aot to b* *ic*ll*d. Maia eatraare to tka aalaa rooma, 47 Naaaan atr**t, brow* ** >ot ?toa* bnlldinf. ^ a Wigi and Tonptw. Balckilor'i new ityl? ,nk* for IMi aro bow oa axaibitUiB at iba Fair, aad all p*r*?a* pldtlo reotiriag obo of tbaa* aaeful articUa boold tiaaua* th*aa, k aad > ? pcrfre'.ioB la tbo art of wig nakiag. Batabalor'a ?*Ubrat*d \\ ig Factory ia at i Wall atrMt. Copy th* ad- try tb drew, and tall aad at* hi* naasfactaro*. darad HsUklnf'i DjripepgU Blttcra.?T%1? metll- Wad* ia< la woraiBk w*ud*r< an cv<r th* aoaatry. for th*y who tion. oio th*m for dyapepaia. aooa Aad that th* diiaa** ll eaaquertd. Bom* can** almoai aatoaadiag bar* b**a curad *f *unt laic, aad th* dcaaad for th*a* bltUr* u oaormrni. Th* M . Cunt barium* aad diatraaalag fatllag whioh aSaeU th* atonach i? at *aa* rali*r*d. W* My t* tho*a aOJlotod, try tttcac Pntablai'a Dyrpfiaia Bittora. Prio*, M c*at* p*r botll*. M riaoipal ctho*. 1 it Faltoaatnat. "ol thla t 5,000 Wl(t and Tonptci alwaya en hand J10 1 at M&DllUBai k HKARD'd c*Ubrat*d Wig Factory, 27 u, ", Maldau laao, N. V , Bad National Hotel, Waahiogton v. C ; " * warraatrd a porlact fit, aad not to ahrlak or rkaaga aolur. W> Alio, kraid* of long hair, froat braid*, (to.. 27 Maiden !bb*. noig of tk< Mrg. JuTla'a Cold Candy?The tireat flrr 1 aid* rvmady tor eongna, cold*. Uoari.?n?t*. aad tha rariod* r*' et throat aad Inn* eomplaiatt. Thia doma*ti? D*di?ia*. aal- w?it I reraall; si mil ted aeod. > told by MBS. W.JIRVH, W> ,re, , Broadway, by Zieber. No. 3 Thud street, kelow Ciieeaui #?., i.,.t Philadelphia, M< by generally. JJJ J Prwklt?,Tan,Hallawneu, Plmplei, Erup- Aft?' tione. ar.d all ekia diKlM, are, it is weii kuowa, positively tiii*. ur?d by Bring Ueeravd's Italian Medicaid i,oap. To* f' \" Poadte r aktile eradicates hair from aay pan #f tbe body. tarici l.i-tuid Rouge fur |>ala lips ?i.d cheeks. Lily Whits l?r clear ron^h iuebed, ilafniib complexions, at ti7 Wslker Mreet, rlrsn (Iret e*.?re fiom Broadway. Callander, South TU^d street, ourtti Philadelphia. #>tir Trnaiw, (honldtr Braces, Abdominal Huppcrtcr., Ilody !>-. its, tuipendera. Headers, eta., ate.?<>?e* ?d foi i**ntv d'fjerco* k-.sds, ol lue moat approved uiakt ra, makiag ...i. the larreat and beat aaaor'.meat in tha sity. for aalt by CtlAS. 11. RING. Drujaiat, ISii Br: ad way, oc-rnarof jska ? *?dl atrtet. DOB* point

Some crowd* lure no Pbllonophy? A hand- 606 fall ol ibeaouaul tu ?m? exiitouient thrown amia^at mi* cross in rait< e will eaute lubblea to txpaid sbj gliiiar the.r ml- faror tote in tl.ii sun and buret; but the intellectual crowd that u,%i tone with slusr and ileady aircam far the great firendc re- V ucdy. Mrr Jereia'Cold Casdy, know, from tue experience of 'J?*1 their lr>nds. that if -ir pulmonary eumptmicti ran ke eared ' >tJ ky Mrs W, Jsrvix, 3t-6 Broadway. it ?ii the ? Knapp's Health Restorative Bitters.?Xot- m?y nut van ;ug tb? many tun>c {reparations whioli hare r?- In TJ Um introduced, theee bitt?rt make a steajy ouward cross Erei>r?sa In public confidence. Well ktown eitis-:ns, not vori] kclr I te carried ?w&y by popular opinion, withoni thuir J," , tea deliberate lodgment g.ta with it, certify tbat the , . Health Hiaioratier Kutera a re tbe beet article tbey hats inter assrms'l for etretptheBiBg the digeetios, tha nereen, and Hhcs tho wlile syeteic. For sale by tin proprietor, lluJtju thrci atrcai, and by Druapists xcneraliT. M cents par bottle. ,jjj# Tbe Plumb* National liaJlery, Vo. 951 1 ",'J| lli<i?<i?ay, K niains tbe largest collection <>f Portraits of ; to .> distinguished individuals in iliia country. No one flatting i J tbe exteasiee collection <an fail to nivst tuasy familiar faeee. , ^ Dr. James W. Powell, Oculist, turist.&c. ' Hon. ile?i.i?Kfl at tention eat ui.n ;i.y t? diw a?i e of tiioEjeaad ' sourl far. fr> in 9 to t o'clock, st >1 Brosdnsy, entrauce IWar- thr tj ren street, where ean be bad his p polar "'Treatise on the I elotii K?e ' th rd edltiPB. pei'e ?ie*n'*: at*", hie Self-Aetin* Bye 1 way 1 and Sat Fositainp. Artiicial Kyss lanrUeJ. . the" r llalr Djre.?Batebelor's Oennlne Liquid ' J? Hair lije oai. osly be eeesred at tha Baanlactary. t Wall street. The p'iblle ahesld (Bard a?ainet iaitstlona. Seamy ! * * , vario'.a dipl-mns. I'ersona whose hair ksa aatasasd a bad ,D* 1 eolor frvm th? nae ?r the imitation *!" can har* it eor- i finsll I. ctel by calling KS aboTD Copy the addreea. Thi - ' soon Beats tkeai all?Ves, Hoot surpasses tbem not 1< alii ca io the fairi asiaio" the wnok. L?vk at the ooarae- impo t< a sf this on* and 'he rooghBtsa of that?the awktrardaasa popu bete ea<l the tad taate there; the result yon will am re at , ?tiiv?,we aia conbdent. prrslsely the resalt to which we ) ..... bave at lereth >"ta? oaraeleae. via:?that Best ia tha great- P?ris eel el ail lieiag l??*ii?rr<oiTpiais. lis makea a pirmre?a , auut. Cieiars ??u an scar>el> tell ir< m a delicate engrarlag. Be prss* as the lead i l a lad*, at the fa.r. that saeeaaa eesrythia^ ths fcaft^a **e *wT 'he art. Oa bas ,'itias goodat hi I slscaaft | H #w ?~TT~?! than XOIIV MARKKT. I Mo'sear, Oot. 7?9 P M the j There is sothing new ia ths stosk market to dsy up?n fpeculatora were setivs and prices wall sustained | There ia eeery appcarancs of s boay wesk. sad It is ths ' tbr a lapresel'in that higher points will hs touched than 1 Bosti IITV J? Off* * ur HUH ftnire i?ut; ?-ii tuf j | li?t to day was Canton Company which a J eanred 4 t40i percent Harlem went op, Erie Railroad. ?'; Nor ,f(?J wlrh and Woreeater. X, Morris Cutl. R-ediag I < "> Railroad ; Farmers'Loan. '4, OalM IUtM' to, V j Itiii A larger portion than oiasi ox the transactions to-day wrre for ensb; and there was a healthier complexion , .!" about tbs market !o-d?y 'b*n wo hare noticed for ,?5 <ona .lat | ii'. Tbe larg- r-eipt? of fold from Call- lit t.rn's, tb? teTernU* aJeices IroB : he mining dlitricta, * ? and tba pr-p?et of remittances of gold greater than 7 any yet readied, haie bail a goo.I affect upoa tba |{JJ minds ol ' aiders of etoek generally. aad glean tbera '?j greater tnith la a farther rise la price*. Money la i.v M dally becoming more abundant, eana are more eaaily Jj^ c negotiated, at lower rates of Interest; prime business Jf*t papar iidaile becoming scarcer. and ta mora sought ifter in tba street; and tba probability la that Ibr tba h?o aeat slaty or ninety 4ays tb* upward movement In l??J! stocks generally will continue and prices considerably It Oil abore tfcoio now sn/reat deuhtleee be reell/.ed Tba }* surreal Is setting In Strang, and It would b* folly to l?? attempt steaming it It nay be dangerous to be- u> aoaa daapiy laroi>r?d ia > ; of th* ap?eulationa of tk* j J'JJ ? day Tin wUaat paliay aay *> iawtloa, bat that a j v> aprralatlT* niiT?a?nt of roaaid*rabla iapnrtant* la yat la th* prMpaatlra, ia b*yoad a doabt, aad thaaa , ^ ,, aii'T eat o! Boat any of tla leading laaei** Railroad bnada anatlaao ta attract to* attaatlaa af ? aapMaiata. aadar* rapidly I. artaalai la public f?ror Wltfcia tb* paat tw? o- hr?* mt>alh? thaaa aaaurttlaa ? !? bat* b?*o appr**lat*<l aad ?r? ao> mora Mtm aatijrfet aftar tor paraaasaat loTaataaal thaaaay at bar aa?arity oa th* llat Thay ar? aot eo plaaty a* tb*j iuh hat* brta. aad tb- protlrtloa aad* aar*rai aratlii aiaaa. bat ?b?r ??ald ba la dataaad. at high urratlaaa will ha raail'*d aach aooa*r tbaa aatial- pa;*d C' Thar* waa an a* Mr a i aiaaad ta day for Merrt* Caaal I ?ad th* atoak ail aaaraa Ballart vara bovrowlag tha ?*tJ: ?tork ta dallrar oa contract* aitarli|. aad foaad II I JJj** dIAaalt ta obtala Thrr* bar* baaa ao maay !arga m H 'ata takan oat of the mark*t lately, bal tka baar* J'/! hat* aimd their calculate aa aad th* probability la j tar 9 Ikat the ball* will f*t th* adraatag* of t b?a Marria 1 Hl Caaal clock kaaaa loag hoan aoaaidaradoa* afthcaoat j _ _ aonhloaa laanca oa tk* Uat, that aoa* partl*a bat* j M b*?n *cillaf largaly vMkaat api>araatly th* allght?*t apprahaaaiaa of aa adrcac* *aV*rtalaiB| aa daakt ac?i Ui? iatpraait^a that there ? ?? Hiatal tha m.xt ra- kf ".* ' n?t* pcaafhlHty af aay lapn ?aa*at *r?r takla.- plae* *j'* la th* afclraoftb* coapaay. If th*y hat* arwd apaa thi? aopp*- tlnn. th*y hata jaaUc a fatal atrtaka. aad *11. Kafop* tk* lapca af a*aa day*, hare to pay lar th*lf g l*a?rlty H * here ahowa ?hcr* th* tapur r?a?at la thir -/ a *oaa*ra had ba*a ma4* bat th* public t*a*rally har* J cat the eUfh oct id*a of Lha ailaat af the laprere- ?* a*atc. er the affect af thea apaa th* praluctlraaaaa ^ | I lh? toiki ??i<J by tba mva i a rnwill; btaa r-ada < tba link by partiaa wko ha** j to a? ?wJnei Mlltv ii it in iriliurf Utici bat wh" ta'aat ko'dinf i frr ? J<*t J<-a4 uJ itywl fc> rv? t? 1?M tb?? t.fb'a*n saatka ItlkaM aipaetad j / < ( that uboi. ?bo bt ? |M Haan p?U4 uj> ti i Ikr tbaa(*t abJab^av* b??? aiii* ia tka porft.Ti and : k*> i pr*p??-a rf thi* miini; ail pwebata tka stork. J"jJ| but tboa. ?ko ha?? jjt kuy'ag all Ibalr aiaaaj *UI ' *a*mlt- : Tta?ra#a^t?at tb? nt r* of Iba Aaaliaat Tfaaaa-ar I ?t Hi la |WK tola/ tji '?at' I to *1 f M4 M); pi ? j U>* aot? ??U?M-bilaif> ?4 MiH M ! J,','* Tk> laoiitcf rwt JiW< rwilnl at tk? i'gii?a *"? linear rhi'.atHf Itia larlaf iba flrit alaa aaatki of Ml MH I (at Iba MMNW 'kit yaar, |TNt, Ot Inn 8r?t ala# auatbt af W T/irr fcMlSMa.l a. rit' ioiMkt at taiu rnllit txl at tha Pltt<bur?k aC?a i ? /aa ?i Ibr aiala l!a? ol tfca f na?y?#?nia publia ?orkt ' up ta ffcr trii of Octok* 1?? wai ?11? 70: ?1 a?aia*l J S V.I ?? "''is. ?? |.?? tb- er rwyoodin* p?Ho4 th- pr?riou/ ! *h < far ?bawl?>f ia tner?t*a thl? yaar *f >H,7M 07 at I ' hat ffflitt At rola?M? tb# tolla baa?t?i]?? "ff <bl? ->t( r?ar. Tb# *arainft af tba #tati itllro*4 kara la I Wi ii'I'fl tbl? yaar aa-J tka probability It lti?t tka !_!L m"l?l" from Iba pab i aarbt a'P?afc,rl*?" Krr' lU. Ikiayaar alll kaM|lalaal '.. .kI Tka 4irrrt?ra af tka Barnttakla baak ka?? 4a*:ar*v> >" ? kaif tontk aam> auNi 4J^4aa4 af fetuaal ?M* ?t fek # ? ??yiu n Inliy, tk? Ttt lwt IN U?ra?4 tWt tkte kut Km p?M 1big Ik* ftwit ?m, M tki unit ?f 1SSX f*t n It* Mfitel UmI, (Im* It* laeorparation. ] tome Mist inta|tB?t. Holland hMfafMUM >lu of her Iti wi tea guilder piecca, u4 thu j b?B to ?aah a foreign Bukat, ud u tkej do it over $4 I* mlntiag, w? quote tho ten galldors M, and tho if gailders Bt $1 N. tracts hare kMB BtM for building that dirUioa Chicago and Galena railroad lying between Elgin ielTidore. It la *xpect*d that tho road will bo eted to Belridcre by tho 36th of Dooombor, 1811. thoaoaad toa* of Waloh T r*U har* boo* pturi oa tormi highly NtiiUcUr; to tho company, kowud ton* have already boon shipped, aad tho aing four thousand toao h?T* to bo delivered on aboard la March and April int. Tho Iron 1* to d down oa thU lid* at a ltttlo lot* than $38 par nty paid. i Mobil* and Chicago Railroad Company hm, by I of Oongresa, boon plaood la peeseceien of aMarleetlens of land for six mil** wit and woo* of tho along It* cntlro length ; aad when ?Uoh cannot md vacant within theca limit*, they may be ta'haroTcr they can bo found, within fifteen mile* road, on cither tide. Thin ensure* the coma ol the road within a roaconablc time, an 1 opens it* for the vait extant of rloh and fertile eountrough which it will paao. Coogrei* ha* eonaithls a great national work, and haa wicely oxd ruch aid aa will guaraBtce its speedy constrnaThe annexed statement, giving a condensed acof the ronte, he., Is from the Bt. Lonls Rtf ubknd will be road with interest in all section* of inntry iftE *Ro Chicago R/ilhoad.?Th? belt route for T?ii lBUAvmnt khi Imhii hv survey*. It paasea through Ave Hiatus, u fol M.vj mils* in Alabama. 271 mile* la Kintern isippi. 11SX centrally in Western Tianewrt. 30i{ stern Kentucky Mid 376 miles centrally in Illi-makiag the distance trom Mobile to the month ? Oblo, 492 miles, and the entire distance from the of Mexico to Lake Michigan. 807 miles. Its geneurte frvu Mobile to the Okio river if (lightly ! uorth. thence to Chicago about the same delait of north. It rroi?? no navigable stream, i or mall. In its whole extent, except ths Ohio riit or near its month. It is an average distance of leu from the Mississippi river and not lees than miles average distance respectively from the 'In and Wabash rivers. Unobstructed by the trlbuI of the Mississippi on the west. It Is oqntllT cf those of the Tonibighee. Tennessee and Wabasn i on the ea^t. Thus, in its course, nearly due i and south, it occupies a belt of country almost ly destitute of natural channels of eoamuulcaaod forms at the same time the most direct,cheap lurable trunk line of railway that can be projectr the great valley of the West. In length it is II per cent longer than an air line, with no aslog gradient steeper than 30 feet per mile, and going north over 40 feet per mile, and its highest > of elevation south of the Ohio river above lid*, feet. Its position for the intersection of other or diverging liner of railway is at all points very able, to wit:?ono hundred and twenty miles from le, inGlttk county. Mississippi, it will cjjss the iburg and Montgomery line; one hundred and mllee trom Mobile, in Oamperconnty. Mississippi, 11 receive a branch line from the cera) fields of Hack Warrior Valley, viaTuscoloaea.which brantb eventually be extended to lluntsiille. AI > ; >%m ? ishimingo county, Mis*., it will conneot with the line of road from Memphis. Tennessee, through b AlaUttna te the Ge irg'a railway, at Rome or tanooga By a branch r. ad 23 miles long, it will sect tiieTeunerfte river below the 'Great Bsnd 1,' Lit) miles from Mobile. This branch extended ijrh Columbia aad Nashville, Tennessee, to l*ouljor f rannfort, Kentucky, and thence to Cincinfotms a connecting line of immi nse value to the is of Tennrrsee. Kentucky, Indiana sad Ohio, and te teTerai rawway i?aaing iroiu wn ; n (? the Atlantic cities At Columbu* Kenlu.-ky, 11 lecelre a branch from the St. Louis and Pacific via the Iron Mountain of Madison county, Mi*I. About CO Dill** rait of St. Loali it wiil Intersect mportant Ha*- from that city and Alton to Giniti and LoaisTiU*. Still furthi-r north, and halt between the Ohio and Lake Michigan, It will oross ery direct easterly Una from t<priognelJ, Illinois dianapoll*. Columbu* and Baltimore. At Peru leathern terminus of the Illinois and Mirhi^an I, it will branch to Chicago aid Oalena. to gather raffle of the Lake* and the Upper M'mi?-lppt and j be extended northwardly to l.aka Hoperior. j total preteat pepulatloa. white and bltek. in tier to be maliily accommodated by thUroj-1. U see than 1 000 OuO. with an ajgregatft export and rt toanag* of 7,'iOOW ton*. The entire present latlon of Ptates and part* of State*. who?e marara, and will continue to be. chiefly at the Gnlf U upwards of 6.000,000. with an estimated export inportaattonnage ol 4.108 000 ton*: while the wh^le at population of the Mt**i**lp)>l basin mMadtajr western portions of Virginia Pennsylvania ana V?>?k, wlJphwlll bw connected with 'he Oulf by loWte ana Chicago road Tin lew dUtanee and tine by anr other avenue, I* 8.400 000 r total eoet of this road from Chicago to M 'bile, ilia*, crnrtruetfd with a^keary iron rail.OS lbs to ard. and lully stocked" with machinery tor its log buitneae, In proportion to the extent and proIveneM of theoountry. will nat exneeJ j-jo.OOS per or an aggregate of 917 340 000 Una then one half Mount already Inverted in railways by the eity ot an Slosk Euhaiigti 0CS?'a.'M 1*'W 1.3 .t. caatea Ce iiW do. >7 117% V? 4* VI n M& ? ?n, VI II, ? W IO No Yorl fi,'? lit AO 4* *10 1*6 ?Okla*> "M |?OS ? 4* S? llliM.ii Wca4(. ?7 4u 109 Ilia H* a?< 71*J ?! < canal pr?f vi * .'tii < rkit ;??, iPaanait ?.?, w> 4? (in ;**. D R.a4i?i Bd?. T? 7S 'Jl 4* ?|? 7? ' Irla 7'?. & 1M 7?l 4* oh 7" I 4a Co l(? Ml 4a rfu 76 ? Iria laana B4t ItV IlkJ DulwlK Btlk lutriri llfV; 7,?? 4, jf h??n B?>k ioj to ? tie u1. 1 k Mud Cml Ct. IMS, t v (| ?a MB SO ? W.0 MV ir*rn' limit M', I JO 4a lit*. 4a 100 4* i.l* ff, 4a Mh IK i* Jtrnji 11 -IIS 4* k.1 #4 ? Korft W?| IR ICO it m? c???i m?? ii \ a i !?' hi n? 4o k:0 !?-, 1UU RR CM OiU . Wit Ct 46*. ?U 4? ,10 4* k)0 VIV, U 4* HV I RKCOkD BOARD. Rria l*r Bit C.I 100 (ka Raa4ii>< BR i3fi M < aJ ?l\ M1M4Ih 1R t? M 4* buO *J\ 1*0 4* 4*\. rla "'(. "jf !?'* lilniRl kl? 7**? x Rria At (40 71 ? _M ri 4* UD tov, l^gi^ba CjO <9 Mat* r>| M '"IKiiil l> , 4* " u o hIWIrr or. 4* M IO?IUrl?M RH M0 ?'? 4? ?IB U II Rria KB im 74 ?rlt? ft; 10 4* ?M 74 IK BR ?? 70 Im Rta4tac RR 45j? > ?aa 7? !? Irl* RR apt 7#If 4? ao<> ii fi 4V 1 7C1, VERTWKIE.m E8NKHKD KVRR\ BAT. cpr.cui, voi ii ei. j RfOlATIOH WOriCK-lALBOr PROPBRTT rOR ' r>i4 T<mi ? r?l li- inut 1a haraka <it a aala ??ar?? <ar km ( t??c?'m i - mil *<: ><4 :* ?. ?IM W? 1< *?Mi? ? ! > ?* (Vy ?'! ?f Ik* ?ttj at Yark. aa oa4ir.Uii aUiaaaik 4if ifDmakniiit. at Ink ai a??a. ta4 ka eaatiaaa4 'rv? Car la la* aaiti Wia K (ai4 ar-p'Mr 'kail k? >a)4 ia< that tha 4(talla4 < ?k? praaaOjr t ka a?14 fat ?mu4 taiaa U aik- | ( la tki Ma? 7ar>.r laawxl A4?ar*.a?r a Jiila ?? w *>la*4 la l pa?Uah?4 la tka ??? ?C Ma? Vark. j JMIM ?- T4Tl.ot CaaataalUr. a^'ralWi i>Baa Tark *yf?. 10. IkKO I TIOM TB? n ??l 1' AMI HDBUV CAl TIO > Bl? ) maint ( l>l??ii| a?'?? ik*tl4 ur ai- [ ? ka ma4a aataKai* <Ca ?im-, aa <ka; at a iUa(al n4 ' kavao ktaa ak?ciaa4 kj Iraa4 ft<-B it.% aakara, vka , raf- ? ta rat 'ka taaa. ?1. T?ta<t-faar a?fi aa4a | a Ban4*ia > ta. j?a?ak!a la Ikaarlaraf Akrua : r. 4ati? tkr f7kh Ja/ af *?-*V IVW, In. aarli far | ? aa? if IT W aaa l? *Ol. rayaklafaar ?aa ? i 4a?a. Bit. a*ak far B1M?. t?a, raak far BI.O00 aaa | MVj?,ikU ai a*akt ( !> fram lau Raaaa, raak I I.JW. i?rakl( it ivalaa aaaiki Itta 4aia . M IATBOK Aaiaraay. Btman. Oalakat 4. UBO MUMI? iKtl'IW fllrtt.' Ml* 101 1KB, imiiN u ' iiini iij ? v. ?. uh r t1 r ? ?? it t* par?tia I lti4 " iltMt for kaia"itt.4? aitila lux 4i??aat? ?f ?k.t al't, at1 4i?i4t II amtar" >kt in- at lira cxi n< ant r'.lai will ' ? O'H aa I 11?, Oalftor ?>! ?'? ?. -rk ,P M || f* -.?4> Ml ir> *r??immf ul ( f???r e-rtt' t i?a. Ml krni j-t r ' li ?) l'ARVSR rtfi'f ! U K . I Wt?l '? "jfttHTIIW. > TF IV! I LI COIRS! L. l.-fiom J?r.-TTir *1- I la;. "?('tor lOlk, at Iva t'tltak P II . *lltl, far taX>. i kilt kHU. &.?*? . >atat taatt V a. V'llMi Hi 3 ; IW ,m *i|ti: i fnlnf IISH ?k a Aata ltl??t. I -kt>'tt wac** J"II ( 'iXIUM. I'rui-nr NTUf ri.Ll ? m HSf r*OTTT>c a mh>i f ?:t j ill to ?(? . ?i!' k? < k?? thrt- la itt, u *.K Mill ti?t far k->r<? Ikll aa??t aak i i.ri' otar 11V a* of i?Mttor Ittk Ka?r!?t tt tlitt ?a Wa4at?4ar kJ. at '.ran k M>j J?a - Ratal: or aart la alkt a *a!4 at4 :a >* ran la mtt? a JOE I. PONk LIW. Prtpna-ar. MHkTIl LI COltf*. L. l-T*OTtfK?-T?l HV I. O. t. It, at Utrtf >>l*aa F. * ? P rar. |IJO- m la . k'H tl<raa it *?a. la Varatta. 1. Wkalfla rttar< ?. t Ma* at; S Mr I... v tal.a l?'?n ?b. a. CcaMtic Wm. la man k./l I'll W nat al i> I KmdalVt l a* a? Win oil: l??w r>l'it lifif, Hr ?k yt a- ball-pat I rltek fat Ikt tiUK J0?1. COMI.IN. Pra?rta-r. a ' PA I . i ? . trll, to ji?a-i a l? ii'i, N't* tto?t It ? r. nt iaf 411 Tita far W'f i?t? t?t-T a'* a a'ir?t? ti Uk Bt a* a* Mas lay. 0> *ak" ttiji. tirlii In t'oaa Tat'* ?aa,a*. Of. *tk, ?/ 19 a'aatl i- 0- -tat k ?>iln a: iiaak>tl?4i Iti'aiiN'.. ?4M|I .foil OOJfint. Frifrnalaf. io>irtf *ar.i i .1 Tonr? iiTI-rvill M*. I r?? ?ll? Mill. fr?? Itr til rt'iat ta4 'ratting hora?a I Jit k P-lk; >a"" ? t? ' kw'a ki4 iratlir* t? >1'at-. Ftir-t MV tafi at CM*a I tfa44*a'a. -a at4aj tittliL Ocvtl>tr ' *, kr t#a*?la< k; tkrat ar unit kr I it t, tt4 tan - ? ttlfl KPK KI N Vikk'. Pr-rr atari. ItnUf 4ni*flO!?.-TfO Hi" N Dill MALL ItUfJ"' irrtt art ? ?a4. ta to tkM.t? at TtaatJT. , tttl. Ililtn frank Ut*?tfaal af Ipljj ttfati II I Ja<*.4 M. MOWO. M. fWJUnf. Pi apTittar af lall't ranr Htttl. Kit itrwf ION AT %fLLUWiriiil i4ntt4tr, IVftktr ?'*. ?cfcat, ivathtltka*. ? . ri'tly of I*t4? UL V'TICI- TW? CKHINO OUl ?IT WATi I i thilaaaaat. ti ll irttlt to tllra4 ?a Vt4a*<4a . ? ! r. la tttTtMtMf ttMp* ? ?? ?4tt l?ik u-it- i aa ito aiaitta will to |4i *to4 till ?kkav A N fat. I t?4 arokataai art Mtf'ai?|il? Itt.rt* iak<>tt4l' a tkti Crtkti (||ial. mmcAi. Kb. tktJfcnowtM uurt *" ?-*? wittNwi .wZaJJTT /vtiMAif, airoa. kltn4 CkftftMU", KSf* ?? *, BMrg? W. bttM, J*k? Ww*. n?Ma Buu. Daanl Mvhaa. Iw> 8 u""m TV"* c. H?rn?ii?, VitHMB 8. Dul?f, rr.4ari<k QilMit. Tliouin Buultoi r/Trwi. i>?' skyu,. Ikoma* Um~ n. Belb* nagtoa, Va. Tkoupwn, rairioa uoi**d, juna iuh. J oka RohiBt*b, John ShtrMUr Tbomu King, Jbakt Ktrricaa. Tticuu MeLaafhlia, Riohard */Ur A. Cbaaeeltor, Thoauu BtaUlu, Piltlik MeAlpia, Patrick Dajfr William Miner. Thorn** C. lumiui, Richard D. Utter, Ckorf* W Iiim. I fcarkta DAVIKL Mill AN. < TIIOS r. HAHKISSOW,) ltt?akia> 0. W. ISAACS. ) THIRD WARD ?AT A MEETING OF TUB DUO. M. l?lll Rlectoro of lb* Third Ward, hold ii tho U*um tg Joha Mtanne, No. MO Ureonwich trill, * Mva4ar mtlu. 0*M>b*r7lh, 1860. F. B. Wart*, Icq., >u *aU*d Mi* preeide Mown, fmlth and Clark w-ro *c lee tod a* Suit. lane*. Tho following roeolntiuBJ war* pr*t-?ot*d V) Mr. Ocori* R. Smith, ud aaaalmoaoly adopted, at tho mm* tc thl( m**tlo|: ? R*t*lT*d, That w*. tho drm"er*tie oloetort of th* niff Ward, ha? *lew?J with hoartfolt regret aad dmgwM th? *o*re* of eoadnet adopted thio oreaiog. by oortaia ioHwU balllei. who <o nut rraldo to th* ward, at th* ri aaaa j aha i tloa. hold at th* beat* of William Woodraf, fto. JM P?lt*a ?trt*t. RooolTtd, That w* da aNt colonial? pr*t*tt agaiaet lh? a***ptaa*? of ?1J delegation into tho oarica* bodice Fta*d apoa th* tiokrt headed by William B. Bolton, J. U RidridgR A Co. Th*; h*T* dlehonectly rot,bod a* of otctj right that aa hontit man *am hop* to eajoy, whil* la th* u*rt>M of ft mu*t one red truit. Reiolced, That a ?ot* of thanki h* leader* i t.i p. ?. Wart*, Ei'i, ob* of th* ia?i>*?tora, who* h?a**t* r?*i?ot*4 him to the anfer of a J ad a*?who ha* ilnalM f*r inn pait to control th* a?iioa aad wi?h of th* democracy el th? f ird. Reeviced, That w* deeir* t* <** aaeleetjea o*adacted 10 thii ward ob tt* Briaeiploo of J Bailee, aad w* ecnfida ails e?;iet that we ihall at lead b* p*rmitt*d to hat* mA am cloetloa before Bay dologatioa ah all bo received or l.*t -nti to, either at Tammany Hall or elcewhere. On Muta, the mooting adjouraod. P. B. WART3, Chaaicia. GkORCB R. EwiTH. ) ??orota*ir? Jab ei> Cu?. ] S**r*tanc.. T^INTll WARD-AT A PRIMARY ELECTION OF TH? A l lilttivn VI HIBVB ??iu, uw? yuim^u' n 'iifiiu of the Doniooratie Republican General Committee of tli? eity and eoanty of Mow York. attho homo of liaae b. Smith. No. W Perry etreet. ? the e??amt o( ttao 7th Ool., be;nve? the honn ?i < tad 9 o'clock. The following tlekot roeeiy*4 Aai tko follcwint tuiLet rfy 117 Totoi. coiroa 2M vote#. JIDH liRV. MATOKA1.T . Peter V?n Antwerp, Co?*??oi A. Conxtor, tktrloi Kuwarde John L. Tm Wan. William Qoacktabueh. William R. Ripley. IIA VOIAI.TV. JI'PICIAL.' William D. Kennedy, Tbomati Martin, J. D. Baldwin, Edward Strata*. Juha I. Develin. Eugene M< Grath. Com.aaoa. Coioioiioit! . Coorno Starr. Tilliia T alltao. .I.Dowit roohaj, Hoary M. Mnraacc, Pattiek Foley. Samuel Ruwlaud, Samnol Vaa ? art, Sataaol Martin, J. lieward Bektr Charlce PeTerolley. AohkmiiLY. AHMKI.v. Dand Marth. J.Shertaaa Brcwnell, II. Huilitilia, Jaiaoi B. tn?>r. Ceorgo II. Clark. Lewie J. Pmker, Abiaham Sharrnt. Willlaui Morraj. Aognatae H Smith, John Sharkey, Jnha Baaaaa, I.evi SpriagitotB, John Denaie. Jani?< Martin. W heritor* the ftrat hbooe iam?4 ticket >? hereby de> Ur?4 duly el"r>#6. CHARLES W EHKH, if , laepecior. Kww VoKN.Oit. 7, 1S50. A CARD-1 WAS APPOINTED A Sit RETARY or A meeting hold at Mini'.o'o, in the Third ward, on Mivlap craning, at which a pi ?teet a*aia?t tho eleetiob hold >a that that vui,iag. wao madoont ami iiguod. 1 an h W big, and hare alwa?e baeo a Whig; and wa? repeated I* Ml, ar d did art, *1 one of tat Soeretarioe of that motile;. JaKLE CLARK, No. 3 Vandem itrnot. Eighth ?ard^ HORMI, Ac. _ V*" VORk HORSE BAZAAR. SI CROSBY STREFT? Auoti?n Kaleeef ll?r*oe. Carriagee, Ilaraoa, s*ddlf(, Li . ovorT Mcaa.iT and Wednesday. '( muicm-ir.* at U| (Vl.xV JOHN 11 OATKIBLD. Prarrialor. POK fALl J DARK BAY aoRSC. HVKV TRASS U. wtsr ilitooa haada lutk, kit,4 in b?n? or nadoc ?Lt fndiila, II ylia-i ictioa, kail a *o.jd irmlnr, Anylv &b Br*,ll?v 1 Ci ' f'?Mo, omatr of Puarlb artaua lad >?)) taeatb atriat, hi' t twooolock P. M. EOICATIOH. WAXTED-BY A PRKNCII LADY. PtMrEOTkV COX??r>?ul ?:th tha laf'lah led Italiau iMinipi, ft ttaatloa kUKiiTrraeM In Hi"1*'1 family #ho la tfcor-, .(ttaljr 0B[ai?l to ?uh ika piano aad amiiaf. Frtitk, u4 all thr Irutliei if a Rood Cr)rli?h aduratloa Ska kaa had Ma rear* aipariauot, aad can pre lb* hiahut roftnaaaa. Sail r? aoi an maeh an oltjxrl aa a scmfortaklt ktaa*. Ad&raa* t. j. K Herald oBlcc. Would ?u?* aa daily (nttraoaa. EDI CATION.-A TOI NQ FRENCH C.RNTLMMA>T, (who aptak* Eaaliab) wall <?aaliRa<l at a toaahar of tka piaao, waata a litaatloa ta *i to loaaaafA mnaif, aad hmra a ?iaM of I'roaab, la a good prlrau tanmr wto would fira bim kia hoard ai a e-w>i>aaaatioa for bia a?-r?.oo? TLo rary koal iMoanoLdauoai fi. m porioaa of ataadtaf mi FraaM win bo |i?aa. A >?lo adoroaood A B , at tkn i??t. wt.l ra oalta lawofUlt alUlMw. A LADY, R DO DAB BAD MPCII EXPERIENCE AS A ttatber, wool wiib to form aa tuuoaiat aa Oororaoaa; waald i alt rait In Radial., Proaob. Mnaia aad Drawl u. Moat lalufaatory roferaaaa* oaa bo fifoa. Uinaa MUM BURT, Hi raid offiao L^RENCII I.ANi.CAUR A MORNING CUIS VOX R|. (lanrra -to onaalat of ai< puplla oalr? ia aa* latrnMI af formation, aad will iibdmcc aa Haadav, Or tabor |L sador tl.o ttiltjoa of Prof. D. l.acroii.. at h>a iaoma, Nao. 1* aad 16 l.a Part* llalld uv W Broadway. Trrma ti far month (trolroIfiaoaal. Or.o r% nombor oaa bo admlttM a aa aToaiag oUua. ouaaidorobly id??c-od. Urn. L Haa tko obario of tLo Priatk doaarimaat la tka ia?u?Mttoa af Mt. Moaara. Joha aad Jaeak Abbott, la Uat of Mr Pauaa. ud la tkat af Mr. Kiidar. OI'JIT* l.AWDS. COLDIIRR. AND AIL Or||R H?'i HA * 1 NO O alaimi fur laad uaAar tka raoaat Rotaty Laad Aot, Ita atrlkar. it hla Sn iTllUHa lltMt, Nt? Wrl > alaa4itlaial7 'aa4 n-an ii r*aa?aakla tarail M ?t*r ?? U %. ial?a4 >hraa?h mi akBar ihihl W. i. ^sll?mr_ A li. orricm* and soi.dibr*. jkd bubi or alltaahaa Hr<ii .? anjr war aiaaa 17v. akatktr la. <tian. firitlar. ?r N?.ui. aatt a a w yrMnn lh?ir ktaitr lai4 ftrikaaitk I; appl/lac ,n '? I'aitaa U>1 l(l>' i . 4tf>, hr?a<aaa? Vlrtliuk. cfHkM Hli DIM apta fr*m aifkt ? ai-?i. aaaraia*. u at*' at !mI. attaiai. A. JAM. irONCl. UOUT, JU. Lost iiiiilaid. ok stoixn-a koib or hand or 9trta*ar it Tt ?o?u 4aia4 Jul/ ? %h. a) an aaaaha, tai l* tl ?n, la fktal *1 tha takaarlk?r. All |?r? a< aaa?laaa4 aga'aat iimiiiii m* mi>, faviaaat ka?tar >m 1 r will >?(?? a fatar kt r?l tti itr il I* J. I'RIIBTLIV. Papar Waralivaaa, no Nairn airaat. Ownkk wavtip-rob a i'ackat.l l? ft |v thx karroos af ti? IJ tUl, 71 ( i>irtl>i4i nm ? i?? In <ka taualh si V>[.t*ir*?r laat, oaUiani #f- ?r? aaa atkar pr> ptrtjr. W F Ifllmj. AwHtoa, \ T paiaai?-?r |-1 (taaaur "aaa4a far LiTtr^vL rRI.KOHAPIIK . THR NAII.MTIC TRLAoRAPH COVrAlfT. HOIS I ( M kra* i'?i kf ut n?)n|i ia tha I aitta StatM aa4 wa?]aaitfi ik? sMaat. * | >a?atr baa ii'n4iai Waam > ? T?rk. rL:!a4alpk>a. Iiihaac atl Waafcia|t?a aa4 lalirrrtag aa4 f?tal?lrf a.taaaaaa at W? ItataMlaKilii1 it J'tw/lll; Ntratk Kn trauaiak. Pr atal'>a. Tr*n Wtl?.a?a?a. aa4 Uaaia ? (.raw; Ika air Uaa la tiM aaiaarr ia tM pruail tisa lutiaa ?f (oar vlrw. kaa la'?>r fadiataa* aa???al?a rarart ? 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