Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1850 Page 3
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difficult of indunorj-t magnificat voice?u unexceptionable method?a be?>iteoua person?and animation and power " M'lle Poui and Meoora. Moo on and Live renin were deseivedljr applauded ji the other porii. " Ernaat" baa been given at Arona, in Lombards, with great aucceaa M'me Caetagnnle, whom the Italian papera deaignaie aa " a pnma douua of great reputation," wan, it appears, an excellent Elvira. Meters. Caen-Hun, a truor, and Lovati, a feaeao, weie also much applauded. The Omnibu*. Neapolitan musical paper, etates that the Teatro Novo i? uow tilled every night by the admirers of M'rnr Evrard, who nightly creates mfuronia the new op r-? " Don Checco." Mal ezzi, according to the same authority, sings wuh Enid of suffocation quite dixtretuung to behold. Movement* of Individuals In Europe, The Trxatt Otttrvrr. ol iln J*tn ult, iiieatious the arriTnl on that dai, from Constantinople and Aihens, of Madame Luma Kntikay, sister of Kosauth. That lady, with the pernnaeion of the Emperor, bad conducted to her brother his three sous, who had remained at Pe?th It appears thai Geoenl Haynau was very badly derived at Cose), Br?il?u, and Oasael, on his Way to England ; and also at Coloune and Hanover, on hu if turn to Vienna. The Austrian government lias written an angry n?te to Lord Palmerston, dejriHiding the expulsion ol s- veral urriata refugees f democratic principle*, who are saia to be conspiring against Austria. Special order* from the Lmtlish Admiralty have keen received at Wwulwi :h, Cli itlitm, Sheerness, and other ports, directing 'he authorities to allow Admiral Mackau, the g*llMiit ex-Minister ot the French Marine, ta view the dockyards, and to pay cverr attention to this rii*'ingui?hed officer. Admiral Mackau, we believe, is the only French ofiicer living who, iu a fair huht and on equal zertus, captured aa English hrigof war. We correct an erroneous sutement going the Tound of the press, to the effect that the gallant General Guyon, late of the Hungarian army, "has forirniton his faith, and bus become a Moslem, to Kdiu a pachalick." This is not true. Tbegeneral, In accepting an appoinnnent in the Ottoman service at Uamascus, was not compelled U> change his diiih. and be is living at tint pUce, with his wife and family, after the manner nf an English Christian. Moreover, we may state, that he is a native of Hath, and has never been in Ireland at any period of his life. The Copenhagen journals announce the arrival lit that place of rilibu Burntt, member of the Peace C-ngreaa. Great disappointment wis evinced on finding that he was not attended by the Ojibbeway gentleToan. La marline is at present in London ; his business, it is said, being to negotiate a Inan for the cultivation of the Smyrna estate presented to him by the Sultan. Lord John Russell is staying at the Dowager Lucius* of Bedford's, at ih- Doune of Kothtemurclms, whence his lordship will proceed to Balmoral Uastle. The arrival of the Emnrean of Riissin nt Wirmw Dulicr way to pass the wm'er in a warmer climate, is announced for the en?l <>f this month or coinBiecceinent of the next. The Emperor will, it is u i?l, accompany her Imiwrial Majesty as far as Warsaw, and will then be present at the autumn mano uvre s. Baion Rothschild has deaied giving a letter cf ] introduction to llaynau to Misers. Barclay and Perkins. Gent ral Changarnier and General Lamoriciere ire bjth in Paris, and regularly assist at the sittings of the Committee of Permanence. The Corn Trade of Europe. I f I on the Mara Lsus fciprree dept. *5. P. M.J Vi ry little change h*9t/. k? n place in the general Cone of the grain trade since our last; the belief that the yieldof wheat is ?hort is now almost universal, and it is consequently deemed certain that we .-lull have a higher rau^e of prices during the next twelve months than we h-ive had since the harvest of 1H49 This opinion does not appear unreasonable; but, at the stnie tune, we cannot agree with those who calculate on env material advauce on present rate*; 40<. to -iS-i for red, ani 15s to 80s per qr for white wheat. are uu>|ueBiiouably lew prices, in this country, ?iih sw short a crop as thut jtmt serureil. and will not, we feel convinced, pay our farmers; but ihe terms named will give the foreign producers a pood return, and we are, thenfbte, likely to have l*r<r and regular supplies "him abroad. The average pri"e of wheat for he United Kingdom, duriug the year 1819, was Ms Od.i>erur., whilst iu several of the months srbrn the imi>orta were largest, it was only a "ruction over 10*. per qr ; heme there was lot much enconrsL'en.eui to tihi,> to this ,-ountry; still 3,^72 5<X< qrs. of wheat, and cwts of foreign Hour Were imported into mat Britain. It may, perhnp*, be argued that ibe crops abroad are iimi so abundant tinm aa thev Here last year, aud thst the re lore higher rates will ;* expected by foreign farmers than those which alitditd them when they hid a larger Yield to the ^cre; and this may, to a cerium exieot, he true; ?ut we are Inclined to think that any deficiency which there m iy be in the produce of the continent of Kurope will b^ more ih-iu balanced by the Aim 01 nnrrici, ami iu?i me c < > rn, <' 11 lioa -ftHPcr the ?hi|i|i>TH from thence and those of .urope, to ?up,ly wu| keep our amrkett bundantly tilled, eveu if .ju?lilioi)n here ahould ot co higher than they no v are. Within the l*rt( day <>r iwo, we have bad a Urufiv of weathar, and aome ahowera have fallen Cam wan b? gimiirig to Nr much w-ut?d for tur!; ?; and, aa little or no corn now r. muni abroad, >rn in (he moat backward districts, a further Ui "ly of moiature would do Kood. The farmer* have thrtahed * he*t pretty freely, ut ihe ei'i'i'lin of spnug corn hare hitherto beeu -ilhi.^. The complaint* of the yield <1 wheat from ! ie straw increase, and f*rmera generally ei(>rraa | teiiiaclvt? di*ap|>oi;i?ed with the result ol the barest. Wheat i? decidedly abort in quantity, and bt nearly of such e<? J qaali y as laal year. Harlev I * D?t ao delictent a* wheal, but fine aample* will | e \ery rare. Of cuts we hear fewer co nplainta ; ild we believe that bdh on thin side of the chin- ] el and in Ireland, this crop will be better th<tn ith< r * beat or barb v. Means have gtveo t very nd return, aad pe?a ti ?ve proved almoat a fulure. 'otatoe* Live e*c?i|?!d letter than waa at one time jc(j?*cr? ?f; owing i > thf fact thm in very many u" the growth of ill- tul>er ceaaed at the time haulrn wa? attack*^ by diaeaae, the yield will >1. "n'enaily abort < t vvhat it oiberwiae might avt b< en. The quality it b< iter than in any aea*on uirr IH*T?. The wheat trade hit* he. n morr firm than briak j I ill buvera have maiir- ated a dirpoaition to in- | kur their atocka. an<l aellera have br< n leaa diat?. d to pre?a b*?in?as. At a*ver?l of th-* matketa j tlir agricultural di*trie-a ?e|*a<lent on the grow- , r? for auppltea, the value of ?*h>?t lm crept up bont la per qr ; but at mmr of the |?orta on the I ha*\ where the arriralaliom abroad h**e been j Ural, a fall to neatly th it extent has taken place. Harvest having hern hui-hrd in Acotlan 1, rep ?rta * the rsult have reached u? from aeveral ot the i -in?-i,x?l co untie a, Ironi which ,t appears th it the Jury done by the atorm which occirrrd there in iiguat, ha? turn* rt out quite aa great a* *ia and; atill, on the whole, the nonheru Urmers ive Ira# reason to be il.aa-iiii>li> d than (heir southn neighbors. The wheat trade waa lirm at Kdiairgh and ?Jlaagr * on Wednesday, and prices hid i i.pwa-d tendency. Oar Iri?h letter* agree on one point, vis: that e i-at crop ia Urge ii> quantity, and of tine qualtWheat i* ahort to the acrt; and, leas breadth mi naual having been ao?a, louaiderableimporta e likely to be required Potatoea were, we are l> mud, turning up tolerably round, hut very nail in atae. The arrival* of wheat co^atwiae in'o th* port *f omion, have been t? about the same extent thia ctk. an during the tight daya preceding; H,f#M a hiving be mi reported up to this (Saturday) eniig Very little baa, h?we?er, been brought r? <ri) aim * M >ailav l v l-nd -< <trri*jie aaniKlea Ill I'l home o>> in?'? ?<ni( tin' firm tun" then uni'd lijr at-lkro ha? lunce hern maintained. <? Vdnrfdajr, the Kmw( and Kent r'lidi wrf a'trl>Mf, w h int llii* rflrra from f.iuci In.hir- an 1 ini .n tgeehire were hy no meana numerous; the r.. i( ' i ltd w.-f. . thrr?-f"r.*, i f i.'-n mily, ummpar,ii. but the few ..ilea ellero d *K' II un| lully hit h a? thoar rartent in th<- beginning of the 11 A very eiienaive fire occurred on Thuraday rnirg, in the immediate viciniiv of 'he Corn Ki-i ?>e 1 In.ugh ccrrifr.i l*> Ijr little damage wa* ,, p t<> the market, the potitiiin of the walla of a i.l the mirrounding huil ling* l>ing conaijrred onefi'tia, it became necmaniy to remove many the atauda. which ini-rferrd with butineaa on iday. and the oprration* in Kngliah wheat wf re h iii re restru"? l ?<I? th in umial Thia i'id m, however, prevent fnrtor* asking full pricea, I .jiiotatK-tt were |inte a* Inch at the cloae aa in e beginning of the week. "Tii- receii.ta of wheat from abroad have not heen if. <nl> H) "A'? qra. having come to hand ein< a t : ."t We have, n-verth? lei.?, had i plentiful |.tay of aamplep, having, in addition to a fair ?i ti.y ?n granary, a portion of th previo-jaly reived aufpfcea remaining on board ahip, which tl?>rier? are g'netallv deairoua of placing without . nrrmr Jftvling ei|*n?^a There ?n? fair pon mptiv"<trrriand far the finer kinda of foreign !-?t,?n Wedneaday, and the aggregate amount hii?ineaa don# waa aomewhat larger than usual the *i?4dle of t'ie weeh, hot no advance on for r pncra rouM be eMabliahed The oonfuaion occasioned by the diapltc?ment the drilereat factor?' ?t?i?da. in ronaeqiieiwe of e (ire, mtiaed aome intoavemenee on Kndtyi p* *, peared, however, to b* a diapoaition to pnraae id moderate quantities, and the trade rloaed iily at the quotation* of Monday laat The top price of town-made flour haa remained tiomry, and r?ther aortu have alao aold on much ? MOK frrDU tefrr* 0'OWl fr*ab tfenab flour bu been taken at Ma. to Ma., aad some superiorparcel* have even realised 96*. per atcfc. The supply of English barley baa oecn amall since Monday and there baa not been much done In malting qualiiiea. Really fine aarnplea are likely to be rare, and auch will probably command relatively bigb rates; the few lota exhibited on Wednesday and Friday were coarae, and consequenily moved off rather alowly at previous prices aay 27a. to 2Us. per qr. Foreieu barley baa hitherto come to hand pretty freely, 7.537 quarters having again been reported this week: it is, however, the prevailing opinion that the shipmenta from abroad <vill be much lew extensive thaa (bey have been, owing to the generally indifferent yield of all spriug oorn on (hi continent. Holders of the article have therefor* demanded quite us much money, and the inquiry having been tolerably active, the rtcenily-establiehed advance ha* bten steadily supported. Light, inferior boris eun now scarcely be obtained below *A>s., and good heavy grinding samples command h (juartt-r. withnur much Hitfi'iihv Fine malt, made of last year's growth ot barley, has beea held very firmly, at the extreme terms of laxt week, in consequence of th* belief that the new |?iodine will uot prove of a? satisfactory a quality us the old. The market ha* been well supplied with oats. The receipts from our owu coast have, however, been trifling. having amounted to only 52 qra., aad the bulk of the supply is again from abroad. The total arrivals, inclining 1,785 qrs. from Ireland, hd? amounted to 35,082 qrs The large dealer* have, during the two or three weeks, been gradually getting into stock, and there is less remaining in Erst bunds of the last Russian supply than might be expected. This week the demand has not been particularly active, but good corn conld not be purchased cheaper either on Wednesday or Friday than in the commencment ot the week. The new Irish oati which have hitherto come fotward have proved of gcod quality, though not very heavy in weight. Beans have been inquired for, especially tine old, th? new being decidedly inferior to last year's growth. No change has, however, takcu place in prices siuce Monday last. The shortness of the pea crop, both in this country and on the continent, has ciused the article to rise rapidly in value, and fine boilers have advanced to 36s to per qr. Other aorta have improved in proportion, and at preaent the market ia nearly bare of Enelish. The business done in floating cargoes of wheat and Indian corn has not beeu ex ensive, but this has been caused more by the huh pretensions of sellers than from any w ant of demand. \ ery little change appears to have taken place in the corn trade at any ot the leading continental markets, and our advices from abroad are of less interest this week than usual. The most prominent feuture is the extreme firmness of sellers, who appear to calculate with so much certainty on an extensive British demand sooner or later, as to be u.diflerent about realuiug, except at full terma. Dtiuzig ia nearly iha only place of importance at which any extent of business lias been tone. The Intent advices from thence are of the 14ih instant. During the preceding day about 460 lusts of wheat had changed hands at very full terms. For a I arcel of extra tine equal to 45s. per qr. free on iMfcim liou iTru |?IU. (lllij -?? * II IU lf*~rU gt'IlTttliy obtained for fine high-mixed of 62 to 63 lb*. weight. Altogether HdO last* had been sold during the week. At Konigsberg, on the 14th of Sept., there was little planing in wh?at, and the operation* during the week had been una retail acale. Farmer* had commenced prepaiing the land for autumn aowing, and but moderate supplies of grain had consequently been brought forward. In prices no change had occurred: 40* was about the value of high-mui d, Hk 6d. to 3!*a. for mixed, and 36*. I?r qr. free on board tor r?d. In spring corn and pulse the transactions had been perfectly nuimportunt Barley was quoted 15s. to 17s., Rye 2Us. od., and Peas 26s. per qr. free on board. Our Stettin advices are of last Monday's date. The supplies from the growers had not increased, and the operations in the grain market had consequently Wen trilling during the preceding week. Wheat was quoted frotn 9#s. to 41s. per qr., according to quality. At btralsuiid and Anclatn prices ranged about the same as at the port last named, but these rates vere more nemiual than real, acarcely any business having teen done. Barley waa worth from 17s. 6d. to ltis per qr. free on board, at the principal Lower Baltic porta. Lett# rs from Rostock, of the 16th of September, inform u- that tcarceiy any supplies of new wheat had c< me forward, aud the atojka of new having been reduced into a very narrow compass, holders have raised their pretensions, and for sui>erior<tiit?s. qualities of old as much as 41s. per qr., ftee on bonrd, hud been atkrd. Of peas only 200 or 3U0 qr*. were held, for which 22s. to 28s |>er qr , free on board, hai been demanded. Barley of M to 64!he. weight was quoted IDs. p*r qr. The first port of the harvest had been securrd in excellent Otter, but towards the finiah the weather became wet, and icme portion of the new corn would consequently, it was ft a red, he of only moderate quality. At Hamburg, on Tuesday last, business in wheat wnsin-ctixe, bnt sellers manifested no dis- ' positir.u to iceri't less money, and where aal?*s were made, previous prices were obtaiued?say :i{ > 6d for wheat weiglnni 60lbs., 40i. (id for tiO^lhs, 42s. for 6ljlt>fc., and ?ia for 624lbs. qualities. Barley had hern in fair request, and had commanded tall terms. In oats no business had been done, owing to the want of supplies. Linden letters of the Miih instant Inform us that the helves! had been finished in thst neighborhood, snd that though the crops were generally inferior to (hose of Ust year, no material deficiency was spprehtnded in any article but rye. Stocks of old oats were small, and the prices asked having been nb?ve the linn's of the English order", lew transaction* bad taken place. At Rotterdam there was a fmr show of Rhine wheat un Monday, which moved oil slowly nt about previous prices New varied in weight from >.I ... 1. i. Ik. -...4 ... t in. .. u. v ... old wheat, wcifhinu ?>2| loKI ll>s per bushel, was qtiotrd -II* 3d to 13s Wd, per qr. tree on honrd. U?i? were warre, hut hurley wa* in Rood supply, and receded B-1. to a Is prr qr. In piice. At Antwerp. on Wednesday, wheat waa dull of | htle, and l>arlfy atipjiorted lie previous value. M< ??ra. Ilroirn, Htilple jr, & Co.'a Circular. , I.Mktrooi, September tfi, HiO The aecc.ii.ts by th? Amsriea, recehsd early on tu? 1 morning of the XA lost, created as utlf* Inquiry for I cotton In the early part of tha day at 't *?d per lb advance, but the demand hating again oonp?ra tlvtly caaaed. holders b??e been unable to maintain their position, and the market slates heavily at a panj tlal Improvement of ',d per lb. on tha above 4001* Hons There has baen rather mere doing In wheat aal flonr bnt without change In prleea. The Markets. I,??[>?? Mmh M.nir J' pt Jl One O'clock ?Tha Kngllsb stork market confiture both unlet sn-t steads. Hikes are the hd' Ibis morning as tbej left off yesterday. and the dealings are few. and not iK special interest Consols are marked at IH>H to fur money | atd S*\ to U for account. Eiehequer bills Ala to . CAs put Inula stock 364 a M*. <iKte boa is a U pa Thsre Is no alteration i.f any moment In tha qnotatlcaaof the foreign securities, and baslue?s remains . dnll. Mea'can ate Hi', to \. Peruvian SIS >?*2H 1 A considerable improvement haa taken pis ie in t he railway market thla mornlag. I'rtcss have advanced afc.ut Alt par share and are flimly maintained T?e Ol'im 1 - There has been no alteration uhat ever la the market far fons?|s-the -{notations ars Mfc to \ for m> ney and M1 to \ for nemnnt. Ki- ! chequer bills 6tV to Ms. t remlum A good deal of bualneae has Seen transacted In the foreign sesurlttei. srd the market is Arm Met Iran ba?e improved to . *1 S to 81 Perurfnn kit, to "hlllan all p?r P<nta INI* )* 'a Tfcrw per V'lU U; Titainvll .Itti, 1 Hraalllan 921, to V- The r?li??t ma-ket pre "Ht? eery (lie i^imn The ilrinrt ?hlch I Iwl pl?c? tlth* mtn menrem ent of bgattfi* ?ae etea- j 411; maintained and bualaoaa taa Imi aotlre Tuair a -foaaole eloee 96 ^ to MS fl?r 7 and HH for the aceoeat Ibarra are Urn par tlaalarly the Mora aperularlea oaea Brink aa flreat Nortbrril aad Olodoaiatt. foreign ttaeka ara ateedy Li'lirtai Cotton Miaarr. flept n ?Tha ealce to. i dajr aaioaat from k<XO to ? Ot)o kalea of which l i*oo American lu> I'eraam aad Maraahaa aad too Bakia , j ha?e been taken oa apeenlatlon Tka aartrt opened Ithan atleanrenf d per lb for Aa-rlcan which had the rlwi of bringing out naaj eellera aad aa eloeed with aa adeanre of s d to **d p?r lb fir Am* rlraa aad all athrr klnda rirrpi Rgyptlan and a?a Maada Tba ealea Include A no* Amerlcaa. ] ?*) 1 Pernare aad Maranbam M toB<*d . 1 000 labia 7*f d to*Sd.M>? Karat ?d to 8*d ; M Baa Idaad. 1*H? ! ta1?Hd Brer 21 The ?ale? today are k to 9 000 halo*, ot which 1 too American haee beea taken for e*port aad 2 MO oa epeealetton. aad MM Jurat oa ep??alatton Tba market baa aa upward tendency. American la 1(4 per poand higher. aad eitreme rate# her* ba?a obtained for all other klnda The ealaa Include T 000 An erlraa. *0 Pern em aad Maranham.lH to t^d; ?>0 Wabia ad to ai,d M0 Kgyptlan, l>. to*m. 700 flu rat, H to i)|<; 90 Ben leland. 14d Lr*rc* Kit MAiaot. Bapt T1 ?At thla morning a market the eupply of aew wbeat frnin Kaacs aad Rent aa large bnt there vara vary few arrlrala from aa; ther jaarter The quality and rondltl<>n of the tarn rlaa being fclr talee vera generally effected at laat Werineaday a prlcei hat there ?aa a., brlakaaaa la tha ' trade Fc reign wheat ejperleaced a mojerate demand. bnt Hkmrt any Improrrmeat la the arleee Flcnr continue# tha ?? aa teat week. aad Frenok haa eold > a i, jl e a- uH tarm- the arrlrala having rather fallen off la lo?.t'.ng eargoea of wheat an I Indian er rn there haa aot been aiach doing Uorrn Koac Maaitia, July 34 The trauaaetioai In nor Import marker daring the pe>' moath. bare beea er oalderahla chiefly cw*og to tna low rata# at wl eh gooda were railing (niton The Import! hare been moderate daring Hie moath aafl prleee hare Bartaate? aoailderahly Tha aalee are reported at BB 000 halm Btork 54 4ro balee a^elat ? no* hale* la IMI Cotton Tara Aboat all haadred Italea have been placed Shir* Inge In tfca B?er klad* there W ? UnpieTtawt. Ike gala* an wtjailH at 11,000 piece* of fray, and l-S/wK) vl*% " ttl w:iiu Woollen* - MpanUh atrlpr? ar- I a toj <lrx*n-l About 1400 pteoee have bwi quHird Li.n% U,M* amount ?o about 3.000 ple?*e In *u IrooiKk, 0 i>iiiiid but quotation* much the a?ui? at line ' ? > 'u Baler about 6 M0 Turkey opium la dull, a' $48b "?" chlneal >ia0to?14* Tm ?Of the saw arop of . oon go??. 300 ro 280ebop*, and mu?U>ra ot ab >ut 60 to ^ cbope more are In the market but a* yat ?n * baa been done, tba teamen (till aakinf T 4 to T t a bora what foreigner* art willing to pay. UUck. Qrttn. TaUl. Expert from July 1,1849, to Jane 30. 1850 32(19.000 7.673,000 40.092 000 Kiport iron July 1, 1848, to June 80, 1M9 28 438 000 S 604 000 34,910 000 Kicbange on Kngland, 4*. 7d to 4*. 8d ; on India CoaipaD)'? accepted paper, 'itOr to 22lr per $100. fc_SniMiHAr HuttTi. July 13?There van an increaaed butlneaa in the import market but prieea bad declined andatocka were beary. Tea.?for tha new ceiigoua the mork?t had opened at about 1 to 2 taxi* above laat year'* prioea Monte re et 100 ohop* were d< ?n; about thirty obop* had been purobaaed Pekoe and kouebong ware bought at laat year opaning rater Bilk.?A oonaiderable buainea* had beau done In thia article, and about 1,000 balaa of the new crop had arrived Contract* uiade aooe time back were reported at f4bu to $466 for Mo 1, and 2IValtre. in equal proportion*, but the ailkmen are now aakiug blgber rate* The quality o! the new eilk* mi couiartrd lopwior u> imi 01 imi?o lut mm The export lor tki ?t>a?ou endlug tbe 3Uth ot June last amounts to$14,8c(J Shirting* nad declined, and ar* quoted?lor gray, $2 16 to *2 80, while. >2 to (it TO Salee were entimaivd ?l 4u OIK) pieces. Hpa nisb strip**, assorted tH); long ells, assorted, (8 26; *carUt, i: 60. Kxchaugw ou Kngland, U. 8d. to *? 8H4. General Convention of tlx* Pro tea taut Epiacupal Convention. [From the Cincinnati uaseite. October 3 1 Thin being the da; appointed for the trieunial meeting ol the General Convention of the Protestant KpUco|,al Church in the United States. the Right Here rend Bishop* (base ot 111 : Mrownt-11 Ueade J. Smith, Mcllvaine. Itoane. Otey. Kemper. MoCoskry. John* Lee. W httUBfham. Heni'haw. K1 lu-t Cobb Folk, Da LlBN|, llawka. Chasw ol N U.. Potter. freeman, Uptold. and Greene, and a number of clerical and lay deputies. aanemblrd in Chrlat Church. Homing prayer was read by the Her Dr. Proal, assisted In the lesaons by the Key. Dr. bull, ot Pennsylvania The ante-communion ?ervtr- waa raad by tha Right Rev tbe presiding lilahop; the Kplatle waa by tha Right Km Bishop Meade, anil theGo*pel by the Right Mf. Uirfcop Brown-ll The aarmon waa preached by tha Right Kev Blabop Smith, of Kentucky, from Kphaslans, >ii chapter, loth verse-" To the intant that now unto prlnoipaliliea and power* In heavenly plaoaa, mlfcbt be known by the Church the manifold wisdom of flod " The preacher. altar alluding to tbe grander, but more familiar topici, which the text si>gge*ted In connexion with tbe great work thus assigned to the cborcb, selected tor hi* theme. "The peculiar work and vocation ol the Protectant Kplsropal Church In tha United State*." Thl* he defined to be? I To reassert the dootrinrl of Grace apart from the arbitrary deflnitloua and dogratlc formula* by which they have tarn encumbered since the Reformation 2, To restore the primitive order of tha Church of Christ 3. To bear witness to the Importune* ofbtr unity 4 To revive and ei. uuplity the true notion of tha Church ii car* lor little children 6. To bear testimony to Urn principle* of just toleratiOD with regard to mere matter* of opinion, and to settbe example of infinite forbearance a* regard! difference* on tboM subjects upon which unity i? clearly impossible The impoitanre of clearly knowing and faithfully endeavoring to fulfil tbin vocation wasimpresiively set forth by reference to the law of progress. by wblob man i* gradually advanoing te that cendiiion in which it ii the design of hie Creator ultimately to plane hi in After the sermoa the venerable presiding bUhupa* lited by the other bishops In order, proaeeded to the administration of tie Holy Communion The service* being ronrluded, the House of Dilhopi retired to the room prepared tor their session Tbe Oicinui of the last House of Deputies then called the House af Clerical and Lay Deputise to order, and proceeded to Cull the liat of diooesses. Clerical deputiea from twenty six dieoessea. and lay deputies from nevi nteen. answered to their, namea, and laid their testimonial* oa the table. A quorum waa declared to be present Tbe 8t< k t?k> then nominated the R*t. Dr Wyatt. of Baltimore. an President There being no other nomination the vote waa taken in* ioct, and Dr. Wyatt aa unanimously elected 1'reeldent llev Dr Www heing condueted to the chair by ' Dr* Bull and Burrows raid: I ahould do injustice to b< th yeu and myself. gentlemen, If. oa a.iaumtng thla chair I failed to eiprran ny iegie of tbe confidence and kindness wblrb you have exhibited In calling me to it Before entering on It* dutle*. let m? rtuilndyon that you have, in tbe thinned and whitened looka and broken aocenta of jour chairman the evidence that be needa your kind Indulgence and support. and I Invoke them both In the hope of being thus sustained, I can only give you the assurance of ar earnest endeavor* by (lod s blessing to serve you faithfully and to tbe ntnioet of mj capacity The next huaineea in order being tbe election of a Kecrvtary. Kev Dr. Utiuc. former Ijecratary, decliaed a re-nomination. Judge Cham**an nominated Rev. Bdward N Meade, tbe former aaaletant secretary Kev. Dr. Bull nominated Kit l)f Howe, of l'hila deli hia Tne delegation* frnai Massachusetts and Coaaeoti rut called lor a vote by ordera and dloceaaea Home .|ue*tioa bavlug arisen aa to the eff'Ot ol thia call the CiitH explain-d that it would give to the clergy ot eaih diocess one vote, and to the laity tbe save, and would require a majority of both order* to ehct. Tbe llouee then proceeded ts ballot, and the taller* retired to coaat tbe vote*. I'eadlng thi*. it *a* on motion reeoived that a eommittee ol two be appiiited to make arrangement* lor in* moompioaimon cr id? i?u>nop?. wnnnmrj iu?ti in? I'll ar*d In attend the d? JI *? ration* of thU boj?* and lo m?I(D by lot* peat* to tha intrtl dHuiilloii R*? Dr. Brook* and .ludga I.'oijiIub. of Pa . war* apnolcted tba commltte*. Ilia trlJrri reported that of tb* elargy 36 dloraaaaa had toleii of which IS ??t?i war* giran for K*f l>r llo* a aod lo lor K?? Mr M*ade and of tb* laity IT dtoe**** *ot?d. of a Inch I* *otaa were tor k-t I?r Ur **. and 8 for Krf Mr Mead* That* not btten a majority of belli or J*r?. tb*r* >u no *l?ctton. A <*>* #* ta) received from tha IIon** of BUHnpa. it lormiBg tbia boup* that th*y bad patt?d tb* follow Ife r*?i luti? o : Ken I?*d, tb* Hoof* of rlorloal and lay d*putla? eon curling. that ton roatdtlon during tb* pr***at ?Niot will m**t wary morning lor ditma wrriea. at KK o'oiorV and att*> procaed i? butineea t*k* a r?rr*? at ball pant I o'rlaok. r*-a**?mbl* at half pa*t 3, and ailjouru at 0 I' M On motion tl.ln IJouaa conearrad In lbl? r*?olatloB Altrr which, tb* llanne adjourned until balfpaatii P.M. a*'i kr 'uoa jkahoi. Thf iluu** r* a*-nnM*d at 4X o'elock <>n motion tba calling of tb* roll waadUpcnw-d with. Tb* ininutaa ol tb* oiorulfjg ***rloB wcr* rial aad approved Kn Dr lit iidki Bifid tbat tba election af ?ecralary br po tpuevd until to morrow at II o'clock Thin wan ud located by tb* mover. Mr K ??o?. of Md . aad Ilea Mr Van Jogen, of New Tnrk, and opp<>**d by !?*? t>r llronk* Mr N*wtoa. of Ma*a . K?? Mr Babcork and II oa Jadia Coaygham of Pa Tba qn**tloa b*lpg pot, tb* motloa wal loat A BiHloa wai then mad* that tb* nimea of tb* Dloe**? vol I Dg b* written upon the ball >t l.oat Tb* Hou?*tb*n proce*d*d to ballot for aacratary, and tb* t*ll*r> retired lo count tb* vote. Peadlng thl* oa mottna of R** |)r Paaal, th* rul?? of ord< t hr tb* la#t IIoum of Deputies wara adopted a* rule* of thll III Ul* Onmi 'lon of tb* rain* It wn R*?o|t*rt That tha Pra*ld?at b* r*<)ti??t*J. during tb* r*r*?a af tblahoua*. to appoint tbe ureai ivaailla< NMItt**! Tb* teller! aow oiada tbeir report. a? follr.wn :-0f It* clergy. tb* vat** of ST dloe**f*a had b**n "a?t of which Re* I>r lam rec elved 14 voter and R>-? Mr Mead 13 Of tb* laity, II) dtoorrae* bad toted of which Rev Pr flow* r*o?-lt*d 10 rotea Rif Mr Maad 4 aad R?? I>r M*ad* 1 K?v Dr How* barlag raeelrad a majority of tb* rot*a of hotb ord*ra wi> d?clarad duly *l*ct*d On motion Re*olvtd That a commitle* b* appointed to Infi rm tb* Houa* of Bl*b?pa that thin bona* la aow organised and .-<*ady for ba>ln*a* A motion wa* mad* to roooanlder tb* rot* adoptlag fh* ruler ol ardkr for tb* purpor* of amending them hy ttrlklcg out tbat providing tbat tha aamaa of Bi "* r? f.r i eeeiui" 11* ' rikii noi appear "a me j' uruu Thm *m idnMitnl by Mr N??tnn. nf Mm *od nf^ifrd b; Jgii|? < h?ab?ri. of Md and the ?ot? b* In* Ultl. It ?u Io?t It wn* thm ob notion, Keeolre.l That tb* clergy of the Proteetaot Vpl?eo pall hnrrh etndeat* of the ll?n?f*l Thenlogtonl Keailnary rau'lldate* for order*. and m?mh-r? nf the rt*trr of rbrl?t ( hnn h be in?ti?d to honorary i?Hi in thin MITrttldl On dm ti?n the conrtatlon adjourned to half pa*t eight o'clock t?**iorro? morning Law Intelligence. Comt or Arrraia Aim<i Oit I Tb* argument of ruta No 1. commenced y?*terday I'oaoluded about 13 H to day No 3 Kdward N Ketahell. *o|. iNtw. ke . appellant act Jneeph ( ran* and aaetber adari . respondeat* Argued. No 3 l'*li?d and pa Med No 4. II > n? f Wlleon an I another al m r? kt re?pond> nt* agt Itarld Moor"* abd other* ?ir? . ft* . appellant* Argued Ot t i-Nt. U. InkM and another, agala>t Rank* and another. administrator* fee -*uh?ltt*d npoa printed argument* and point* yeeterday Tbl* being motion day I he following wer? Bade and decided ? r l?a> C BIIm respondent. *gala*t Dal* Sweet and other*. appellant* Motion by appellant* to dlimlaa their owa appeal wit boat coat* granted Daalel Mkhtetbwalte and other*. respondent* agaiL*t lagea* a Thelaid administrator fee appellant aa1 oth -* Motion by appellant to *at ?*H* tb* Judgment of dismissal. and remittitur entered by respondeat* under rale T, denied with c?*ta No 6 Walter at al appallaata. *? Bank* *t al . egaoutnr*. fcs , r**poadeati. ! 1>ecrea ifltmrd by default No 7 called and referred No 8 llsmsea and another, administrator*, he agalrst the Saratoga and R*h-neetady Railroad Com raay respondeat* Judgment affirmed by default. No Clayton and wife, respondeat* against. Wardcli and other* appellant* The argument of thl* ran** w * ermmeaoed and caspeaded. in ord'r tr eiamlaa

tb* <j?ee?|on whether the ord-r apps*. ? t from I* an apreala) le rrdar No 10 - Dalltb aad another, i tin tlrs la errpr, against Aim* * defendant In error t ailed and referred for a defaalt to be takea wb*n froof of serrlee of notlaa of argument l< peod^aed. aa motion of plaintiff* la errar No 11 aalled and rei aerreg Ne It l.elteb appel.aat against llei||*t?*ad other*, reepwadenta Argned No II Wtetiag. ra powdeat igalact dealer, appadaat Argued i There were *4 loath* la Palli?or? P>T th* week a tig ' l?f tb* Tt* l?*t tmjm I' - ' ** IU 1 WaMMMMMHHMMHHMMM Jhe It'naltal Mania Down Bant. I*mf u?l/S iBlttU corirgjif Jj? Iusiuji Boutoh, 11 o'clock P. M., Oct. 4, lix) Phr great warbler, who bu delighted ud a? tomshed B?ston ? lib her songs for the last week, added another laurel to her brow last evening She excelled heraelf, and New York haa yet to heat her in her beat performances. The character of the audience at thia concert waa n 'her different. Hitherto it consisted chiefly of citk **0b of Boston ; to-nuhi a vast, roportio.i of it wu 'om the citiea and towns of New Kngland, brought here by the fame of the Nigbtingde, and fearing tht'T would never have the opportunity of hearing het Among those present was an a|ed Vermont*'r> w'10 kt?od right in front of the stage, with a overcoat, without a cravat, and wt aring a lonjt ^ard. He presented a curious contrast to ?ome of t.*1? white hid exi^uiattes urouud htm. He stood up an <1 gaxad anil gazed upon the face of Jenuy Lind, anrt ?" ! h>* wonder grew, uli be seemed utterly lost in Astonishment. The rtinhitnce waa reoe.'Vd with ao pi HUM- on making her sppe-irunce on the ?t.?^e to e'Dg Pirndi p^-r mr," f?otn .Donizetti's " L'Uinir a'Amore " She was tastefully dressed, and limkivJ exceedingly well, notwithbta.ndi.og her iudisfmmtion, Miid that she had been batfKui; her tempi** with cold water lor two hour# beforre the coucert commenced. All seemed drlighted with her tiue, excessive, open countenance, beaming with joy and benevolence. There waa a sovereign beauty in it that casta into the shade mere fine features, without the animating soul M-tny ladies exclaimed, " Is ehe not pretty 1" " Dear me, I was told she wsi homely f She did not sing the scena from Donizetti's opera as well as might be expected from her great imwers; and many who had not heard her before, and did hot know from experience what she cau do, felt somewhat disappointed. The truth is that, in thit building, it requires double the eft'ort to sing; and, after all, it is a comparative failure In the case of Mi?? Lind, before her notes wtre half given out, they rushei back ' into her thraat, snd, with the hot, close air of the i place, hulfcht ked her utterance. Add to this that, so ' intense waa the headache she felt, that every high 1 note she sung seemed to pierce her brain. V et ohe triumphed over all those difficulties; and even in the first toug there were touches of beauty that told the musical ear there was a power far greater behind, which did not, or could not ihen, let itself out. In her next performance, " Non mi dir," from the o|*-ra of" Don Giovanni," by Mozart, she vindicated lier empire over the humin heart as the queen of song She sung it with an euergy and s|irit, and a brilliancy of executioa |?-culidrly her own. {"he was encored with the greatest enthusiasm, and sung it a second time with greater fire than before. In the duet by Fiovaranti, known as" The Singing Lesson," she showed so much delicacy of connc delineation, such splendid vocnlwation, such a marvellous capacity of sustaining her voire in the lulls, that the audieuce laughed, admired, and finally burst into the most tumultuous a,ipkuse. This beautiful performance, in uhich Belletti so well sustained hid part, w*a encored. She sung Benedict's ballad, " By the sad sea waves," very expressively. In the first suuix, her tone* were as plaintive as " the morning of the wave* over hope and pi* asure j?one " In these i uuh, worn inr orram ui nunic u^uu ncr imitMi, there was a joyousnen truthfully corre^MinHtiirf with the t-emiment Then the tnuaition to the "awakening in her grave," was exquisitely marked. And finally, the aspiration? " Come sgutn. df?r dri ?m, So {M'trctully that smiled'1? was mng with an appeiilmg fervor that touched th>* heart to its core The mechanical execution wax very tine, and her liaping pronunciation w.?s iu?"f.t sweet. The .Swede improves every day in tier Hinging < f Lnglish hullada. The great riunifh of the t vening was the " Bird Song, composed exprestly for her bvjTauhert, in German, aud translated into Lnglish She sung the translation with ?urh sweetness, beauty, and |<ower, e? to Cast all her other feals taco the shade. The sentiment af the song is descnplive of the Swedish warbler herself, while the musical composition is designed to give scope to the conbiued excellencies of her wonderful vcce. Thuac who have not hfHid the " Bird Song,'' know not yei what Jenny Lind can do Ttie audience were in an ecsmcy, Bnd the people from the country who never heard her sing belore, nor perhtp* nay other good vocalist, scarcely knew whether to thiiik her f>n Mngel or h womnn. The cheering, cl p| ing of hands, stamping of feet, and shoutj oi "bravo," ton'inued for several miuuteti, and nude Tn mi 'it t '1 f rnplt shake. The ap|4auoe was tremendous. f*he hud losing the mhi| agua, in rc taonse to th? calls trom a AMNU4 mntl, when th<- snm?* tempest of exeifment swept the house. The following is the song " Lirdlir.g ' why slog In th? forssl aids ? fcsy why ? Hay, wgy! Osll'st thuu the Bri i?gr<>?m or I ha lirlds' And why' And why."' ' I sail do Bridegroom -sail do Bri4s, Although I Mug la fore* wlda.? Nor hoow *hj 1 am stngtag." Birdllog ' why I* thy heart s? blast* Ob. M)' Oh say* Marls o'srflowlng from thy breast* l?h sayT oh say* My hrart Is lull and y?t Is light, My heart Is glad In day or night Nor kaow I why I s ulaglag " ' Ulrdling ' why slag you all th? day" Oh. tall' Ob Ull' 1)0 any listen to thy lay* Oh trll* Oh tell"' I cara r.nt what my scag may bs; Now this now that, I wsrblr ftra. Nor know, yat mast be alaglDg ' Pouqueu were thrown on the stage from til dtreciiouM, logeilier with ? beautiful garland. The excitement win most extraordinary. miu I.ind caught cold hi Cambridge Observatory, i d Monday night, and she still labor* under Uir rtlecta. Mil ought to he more cautious in this ctimate. , She h in been visited by the poets Longfellow sod Sergeant, Key Mr. Lithrop, Bev. Mr Robinkd, Urv. Mr. Clinch, He*. Mr Lambert, Rev. Mr. Y. l'lav mutis, and Theedoitdy, from Mount Lebanon, Syria; Mr. Amos Lawrence, blether of the minister: Mr James Lawreace, hi* na; Ut Warrrn, Mr. H B. Bodgera (Aid ), Una C?. S liilUrd, Mr James, the uuvelist ; Hun Benjamin Sealer, Mr Thatcher, the luniah consul; Mra T. H. Wale*, Mrs Churl'-* Tracy. Mrs. (Jeorge Ihllrrd, Mra. S K. Lathrop, Mrs. Charles Siixnlard, and inary others, n( high standing. Hhe is worried with visiter*, and uptJiC ition.? for charity. She has no rest. hverybedy speaks of Ikt goodnee? and her chanty, and thousands of religious people go to hear her, who would not be Induced, tor any consideration. to attend the cnocert* of any o h?r ?tu<t? r She will thua spread tls?* refining influence of n.tieic in ^uartcia where it w*< very much wanted?among a spurious, pretentious aristm racy. I find that the Boston critics agree with th<* llrraM in giving her singing of M^yroeer's i/win-lo latrmi, from Robert |e Lh ,ble," the highe?t place among her |<erforniancea. Ail musical people I have - en s|?'sk in bauadlrst eulogy of thu, while they diHer about her other feats, some pr> ferring one, end some another. It was in this song of "Alice" thut she msde i l?e hrat great impression in London, and the music aud ?ntim at seem more wuited to her genius than anything ?lee ] have hemd her aing The moat nnfsvomble of the j critiques I b*vc Been say this song was " given by ! her with most bewitching beauty." It is in this ' description of melody sh" shines mast brightly I She hie tine conception of the beautiful and sublime, and her tone* indicate a well spring of pure |?rennial feeling, gushmg from a depth far be) end the reach of mete dramatic art ie.>*t undN rot rth com t*t m to*row October 6?10X r M Tli i M u* I.U4 ga*a b*r fourth r?f?rt In Tr*mont Trvpl* It ?u a n?? | in h*r aiding In tkla It waa th? atrong**t programs* u< tb* b?it e??p?it y?t |lm Th? hou?* !< rrowd*d to *sr**a A a?w aat of andltor* w?r* pr-a*nt -n thla *# caalon th? ranMlmonloua. who would not att*nl ? oonrrrt of prolan.' mualc for tka world but who. In tk*lr a**l for rail (Ion. not for th? daUelou* m?lody of tb? ' Mghtlngal* erowVd nround h*r Ilk* b*?a It U n rurloua fact, how***r thnt IhOM who do not m*k* an? high prof???i< nt of rallglon nor think th*ma*i?*a. Ilk* th* Pliarla** a a parlor to otkara u?d*r*tand id ?nj' j tk* *uMlm**t work* of I!*nd?l and Uaydn b?tt*r than tk* anntlng bypoorlt*. It waa tk* aama in lag land. In Mvarpool. about tk* m *t profllgat* city In tk* world tb* publtrana nnd ?ion*r? att?n ltd h*r * *r?d ronctrt* nnd otntorlna nnd w?r? j'i*t * much dallgKtad m tb* Sortlx* nnd Pharta*** Tb* *nthiulaam h*r* t' - night waa g?*at*r If poaalhla. Ihno on nay form** o<-<-a*i?n 7 b? *i?lt*B*n< wm mo*t lnt*n** atvd tha Ippliuf WH o?f continued Wmpaat f.-aia b gian ng to *nd Tb* (lotion* man-?r In whl'k ?h* ri>| th* pro ln?tlcoi ot tk* grant iun*t*r< of ?arr*d ran'!", pr> r*? th? raraatlllty o? k*r *?nlu* Ph? i* wanting In tkoa* d**p and dark paaaluna wbleh ait* up th* ?u-?***o? th* trngla op*r? ringar. Mat la nomad? - In tb* light or gt*<?ful, tk* humoror ar a?ntlaa*ntal. In tk* ?n*rgaUc and aubl<*.?. In tka inWIlwinal and tb* eirltnal - ?b- alania nl'gg... tka rrra. i, art barn light daaillag all nation* 1 h* V*' ' Pf,nafcrt wu ?ntlr*ly d*?*??d to aa?r?d n-.iod( In th* a,- Ir m llnnd'l I know that *My R?4??n?*r llaath aha waa th* ??rf ' P^w^oatlnu of f*rr*wt pl?tr nnd 4*?otl*n and r<>*? to thafnll h?'ght af th* of th* #abj*M In ".ko nix-liaalo*! *i*?ntloa *h? waa grant H?r awaiting ? not** mat ai.d Ml upon tk* wr with III* pow*r of an | argan and th* awwatwaaa of an ?allan bar* Hat It 1 w?*lntkratr On witgbty pawa " trom flaydn'i ' Craa I llaw ' **>? wr->n|it fcar |T*gV If Wtctsfl Tk# Had powwn aad perfe*' lona of her roloe k>4 full ieop( and Ibf nodienoe ??r? enraptured ui aelounded t an incredible degree 1b the aeooud part ah* waa no liM ?u<-u?-'iNJ than la tba flrat. Tike profane waa a lea*? .quel 10 the mured In My opinion, lake It al In all, the ^rtattit thing aha haa done jet >u hu ft rlbrnancr of Weber'a grand aceoa ' wieaabtenli dar Hvblummer," from Der Krloeohuti. and If ah< ahonld alng It In New York, I have no doubt that the udienoe there will agree with me It la the longeat ' piece *he haa jet eung, requiring from twentj to twrstj In bIduUi to get through It The miuic la oiajeeiic, and (he know* how to do It juatloe. It waa the flrit time I aaw her aet, and I oould not but ro?let that ehe made up her mind to quit the ataga. r111 bout degenerallag luto rant, there waa a ti-i j, lofty energy In her manner and a beautiful propriety of aolion, that showed bow ihi i ,, blj (be entered luto tie fplrit of the composition a<id that thu in r jual to the biftbert conception* of the great uonipoaer* In tbe trio llute aong and t'?e never tiring Swedieb nielodj she crowned the triumph* of th* ulght. and left tin* derpept linpreeeWn jet made upon any audi not In tM? country. It w?j> almoin a aurfrit ot swaeU brlirtu * rendering 01 " Wtaj d<> the Nailonn ' from Hendt 1 and I'ro peocatb." from tb? ' Slabat Mater " of Hoaainl confirmed and lealcd the judgment already formed of Ilia great excellence a* * bar j tone Tocallit. Altogether thi* waa the greateat concert jet Id lin?.ton Kvery time one bean her eing be thluka the (luf it'trur?? ol that ereniDg muat urely b? bur beat, when, to bin arti n'Hbtm nt. on lilt n-xt night ehe prodncee something greater aull. Ou Mood*; evening Mademoiselle Lind sings ia Providence. On Tneaoay she returns to Boston, *bir? he will (leg on tbe taint- evening On rbumday she will give a eoneert for charity and oa Saturday evening *be will flag fot 'be manwi in tbe great room ot the Kitobburgb KalTnad d^pet which la capable of accommodating 6 000 persona. The tickets tar seat* arc to be redaced to $2, and standing, or proaeuada tickets to 91. t>n Men day ike return* to your city, in order to In? ia the Uerewr street Hall, on the following Wed- 1 meiWy evening, the 16th instant, tf the building about tbe r-'iuly I uurt*n*?nci that Triplet-. who first wished to gire the nana of Jenny Lmd to the new hall, and then changed tie mind, preferring to call it alter his n *n name has written here within the lai-t two or three days again neking Miss Kind's pcraiiMion to give it her name This she baa tetu-ed to do, so that I suppose it will be sailed Tripler Hall I have also beard that llainum aitancea jilO.ijU'J lowarda finishing tbe building, so that he will bare a liea upon it. I believe, by tbe original agreement with, he might monopolise tbe ball every night, ami rome friend* advised him to do to but he wisely concluded that he would only claim it on th? alternate nights, and would not interfere with the Bishop and ii^chai concerts, aa it would look a* U he was afraid of the result of a comparison. THK JBN.NT I.IM) ft KORK IN 1'ROVI OB^CX. [irom the frtvidrnce Mirror. Octuber 8 ) Tbe couc? ft last wenniu, at Ho?v<tid liall, was uioet undoubtedly the urandret aH?ir of the kind ew r witnessed 111 this Providential and t'uruanic j city?we mean nut only the tinging and the singer, | that, of course, was bejond everything ever thought of l*fore?but the whole alltir?the display of | white kids, white vesta, bare beaded ladies, aud ' something of a profusion of all borts of dresses. ! Upperteudom was in its glory. We shall r.ot attempt to BiK-dk critically, so far as the music is ! concerned, for w? should be "bwami?ed"a? decidedly as some others have been in tbeir crm- ; cimjis, which they have thought wonderfully profound; but the t llect produced we can say something about. There was uo class of euthiisiast*, m? u and women were alike infected with the feeling of hurrahism, and the cheering was participated in by both sexes. The ladies vindicated their rights mobt thoroughly on the occasion They were equally lavish ol their cheers with the men; and wlio could do otherwise! The comiiiuuity has been whipped up to the highest degree of exciwll.i lit for the last few weeks, and must have vent somew here, and would have had, if ihere hail been the most common singer in the couutry present. liut here was sonieiinng worth hearing? worth pa>ing for?worth bhout'ng and cheering Aa soon as ihe doors of Howard Hill were 014 ned, the crowd began to pour in, aud in a very afioit lime every aeut was tilled, and Hi iny wbo would glHdly have had a irket and a seat, could get neither. All preliminary performances, although, perhap* never surpassed in this country, I sank into intiguiticcucc with the impatient audi- < ine, who were all anxiety for the appearance of j Hie Queen of Sob? In a moment of quiet, Jenuy ; ap[irured U|x>n the s'age. The atoim of applause \ *ts tremendous How one that thus looked the very perMiuitn Htmt ol mllil|m4n() could withstand such a reception, is entirely beyond our comI ItlMMiN, uul'-as the man of the Chiunoty/i VH right in pronouncing her u genuine angel. However, wt are sure she wan rial llesli and blood, siid not of the most exquisite mould at that Some of our ciiy belles would be terribly tnortitied if they were not more beautiful than Jenny, wlrn at the rame tinie they are not li xlf so go. d looking. Jenny's face is the very p- rsoailicatinu of unostentatious goodiiets. It ajiesks out that benevolence which has t>een inada ao manifest by her sets, aud beyond that it showaafitnd of trunk good r* lire quite rare in a popular singer. Time an J Tune and a good voice ar^ not the lii^hent aud best gifts of Jen ly Lmd. She haa au expression that at oace shows you the ietealini(s of a great soul that is comprehensive in ita views aud embraces wiihin the folds of iu philanthropy, all niiokiud. Sh is of m?di>im al*e, a'id looks much townger than her real age, wliiob ia uearlf iS? She has rather IM|>cle a complexion to give u-< au idea of perfect health; her eica are Mm lad prissive, her hair of a sandy t;o*a. We may t* thought irreverent If we atate (he fact that Jeany'a mt is not of the most ornamental kind; it is about k dintn length, but very broad at Ike end aa4 considerably turned up, and when ?h<* aitig*, the expansion of the noMnla caus?s a crease above each nostril, not uulike those see a in the arm of a tiae lb shy infaal. Iter thin is Uulilras; her face of that broad kind which la almoM always p >?aesaed Ky frank and bt?folml fMOM liar whole soul ia revealed in her ?mile, aad none can fail l>emt nttgoeti/ed into ay.iipathy with it. Although eo oale a complexion iceiiis to indicate | o'herwisa, her full form a?d ample ciieM ahow that there is no lack of vitality, ami her vocation is adaiirably adapted to increase a h althy action of the luugs. All site still) k with the idea that Mr loo* 01 (iiiuiiarNi ?-? nrr grrttnm m ,?u y. ThfM ?r< our Ki?t iiiipreaaioijii, ami thry arr alwaya the he?t, eicrpt in piiniitnr Hut limh' th? Ming-'ieaa haa romui'ti ?d bvery ?ve is tun^rf. hikI emy breath in held. Th? jr h<rdly retili/c that that ran be i> Ihihmii voir., an i u d..r? it eicced even the exiton^ at thinea hrr? tolor- an id ol it. ilut ihrre abe *uinda. W. kiowittoh* her human voice, and Wf are latounlir.i U< Irani , that thut machine, no ''f-arfully ami who Irtfilly in* de," ia capable of producing ?urh <>und* *et thoae attempt tod'acibe it wli" fancy ?b*m?r|vea cm J it mr wr have DO hot vanity- 11" mii h prraun.puon ail former dracrit>uoa* have failed?all written oaca will. the innate ol hrr voice we b?-ljeve never win e?j lallrd by vmilde human bringa, an.l it cannot he mid or dracriwd throne* t*. *in>l? eveniag, (be il?h wa* a aero? of the wildcat ej< itenirnt, aliuwmg how raiily tha chord" of aympathy arc torn: >trd in the human urganiioi* Fancy Bau. at fx" laviu.a? Bai.i.ik Warp.?The l<oniavil|r (K>) Crww ;on(*iaa the ' deaeription ?t a faery I).ill ? tin h cam** oti at t-ie rriidcict?( Robert J. Waid in that city, on tii2>rith lilt .and rpraking of Mi*?. Saliic Ward, Utr MraT figefow Lawr> ure, n>) mia* !*?ilic ward, a* u?ual. waa'hr ccntre of attraction t*be a|i<arcd danng the ev ning in two , epletidid comnmra, rarh of winch w ? peculiarly hrc< tnwg. before ?uj>,>rr *h* waa " nournuhif, ihr l.iglit of the harem " 8he worr a pi ik mi in tkirt, with atlver lamina o'rr it, and a hrmiirird jvilit silver and ptu l.t^d m ith dianioipla; her oriental alcevca w< re of wh; a<l-nr d *nti? atfveratxi (old, and hrr tronw ra of m'in, ?| invlr.| 1 with glittering rolu} ii r hair wi bin.led with C?arli" md covered wi'h a '* i jrrrfc < and n tiny fir.k ?hn -r? w> re p< re- *?? i ii>ro, jrr?4 with nhrr ihr ap'rndid j-wrli. |tofu*e<| over thia magnificent (oit?m? threw hack u?? i'ght which fell ii|< n th?m a? it in ahrer diadaia oi inferior ?fl"ii!gence. her aecond ap|avrance wa* "nourmah*' at ihr fea>t of rnaea.** her dreea waa whita illUMon, dotted with ?ilver whi:* wlvered veil, wre*ih of while ronre, white ailk hoota with nlver anklela; and ?he horethe rham?e?l !ut?. in thia irtter c h?ract< r fhr wai a i??aiiiil >1 eirmi'hficatiod of the |m?t cal ihrtuftu ?h- reprc*?nted alway* *weet, and fair, an 1 lovely, and beautiful, ' he waa, if i<oa?ikle, more an dm of that evening, i 'i h> 'i n nt . haracterawere fiatamed acom- i l?ral>ly t*o llen? tm cat.troavia ljuui inn ^ctiot c??*?wa have hefor* noticed the tin which iiirm*rt waring, of new york, aabed < f tin >?nrt of o>mm'>o i'lra* an injuor liou ufaxi |l i.ujti .(f'aliforniagold, de^oai!etf in the i'mted tti*tea mint, in thia city, h* smith ('t)iiie. of v i tii .!< city jn siiur diy, tf>?? cur, which h<?. U rn h< Id under udn?cpi?nt, wa* tit"in Iwfirr thr court, *od fjdy K n,r drh??-rrd ?n ofiriion Afvr renting thr facta of th>> cf *r a* ?M forth in the l?ll and uvi, a?vJ ei?ing thr liw n* it bor* i.p?u thr r *, thr cnurt rrfu?'d ib' injm tion. holding th?t thr Ubur f or.' ol thr partner* in another hu?m# w than tb*t f?r thr currying on of wkich they kid n?octnt*d, without mab ng mm of thr |>ariner?hi| projirrty, cnuld nut hr rnjfiij'd fur thr n?r of the !> r:n?r'.ii( Mr Crtnr *n onr of thr Putnam Mining Company, which wr?t to thr gold region* lor Vrannu. upon certain ttipnlatrd conditions, which thr <i> fence allege wetr not fullillrd, *ni in conaidrtatio.i of thr plaintiff f-iiluig to m*?t hi# contract?, thr tornPiny ??i dia^anord I'ranr tlvn return*d t" s?n rancino, ? >ih hia alitp, and engaged o th* l?i*inean of pi Ir driving, from which about gll.'iOO wm r?aliied, and on tF.eir arrival at hotnr, it wa* drl??itrd in thr KhiM'Irlphia Mint It waa to prr>rnt th* removal of thia mim hy t'rnnr, that thr injunction wan Hah* d ?PkxlaHrif*vi Nrpttmbrr 5P,. Th* Oo**rn?f i,| gontb Carolina baa a?pniot?4 III i urth IfcarMay ofOfltMt M . 11 a d?y ?(tl V " >' '? 'len |M tba??'?'? >, TIm Bomntf Land Law. 9 I INSTIlllCTlONS AND FOIII9, ' To bt oL$ervtd by ptrntmi api4ying to the Pmiim f ?thrt Jar ll ??iy /.an /, under the act of Sefttemf btr 5W, 1S-60, entitled "A* met qr<intf%jt Bounty r I Mint to i ertmn ojfUert and toldiert whoKate l>etn ( ?h tii/ military tervut of the Untttd [ " * ' i In eyery application for th? benefit of the act i aforeaaid, wheiher by |||*> surviving officer or oldier h inn* If, or by hia widow or minor child or children, a declaration, und?*r ou'.h, muat be ui&rl# a* nearly according to th? following form j a? tW nature of the case will admit. Such declaration, and nil afiidivita, trniat be sworn i? before aome justice of the ;>eitce or other officer authorized to administer oathj for e^neral I pnrjKJaea, who tiiu^t certify the (tame. 1 tie official character and xii;natiire of the magiwrate who may administer the oath, mtibibe cer1 tified by the clerk of the proper court of record of ins county, unuer tue seat of bis court. &mh certifnate mtut or*omjuini/ every rate. lu every instance where ihe certificate of the certifyira officer who tuthenticates the pa|?er is not wruteo on the same sheet or' paper which com| tains the sftidavit or other papers authenticated, the certiorate must he Attached thertto by a piece of tii|>e 01 narrow rihboo, (he ends of which mu*t pahs under the official seal, bo us to prevent any paper from being improjierly attached to the certificate*. The third section, in express Urrns, only provides for the location of 11 warrant under the Utr. Thus, the right to brute not being given to ?* asn^nee, the IVpnrtnient insy w?ll nay that no a?sUMiments inadf prior to location will !* rrcogaizei. The fourth section declares all ifales, etc., going to aflect the title to any t.ind, granted or to t?? I granted "prior to the issue," shali be null and void, and expressly declare* that rh? land located shall not be charged with or subject to any debt or claim " incurred prior k> the issuing of the patent." It thus np)?ars clear, that it was the inteution of Coiigrrss that the claim of the soldier or his heirs should eoiitint** free from every Uiud of incumbrance until after the t?? ue of the j?itent, and thus reheve the f>epar<nient from all tne evils growing out of conflicting claims <inder alleged assignment. The object ef the law is to confer the right to the land itself on the wai rante*. or his beirs. After that purpose is effected, it is of course competent for the grantee to dispose of it as lie may think proper. form or a dkclaratiom to bt tiie *? orrrckk or soi.dikr. Statk or i Coi.mty or $*" On this day of ?, A. L). ouc thousand eight huiidrc^jnd ???, i<ersou*lly npi>e.ired before me, Justice of the Peace (in other t kcer authorized to admtnuter outht fur geneial jturjhint) within and for the county sud State aiortsaid, ngt d years, a retiideut of in 'hie State of , who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical who was in the company* commanded by Capiat* in the regiment of c.icnuiended by in tbe war with Great Britain, doc'art d by the United Stutes on the IHih day of June, 1812, (or olnh var rm'nartd in mid act, d*~ wluit ifar:) ihdt he enlisted. (</i v*f{ui%teeT< td, or vat drafted) at on or about th? day of , A. L?. , for the term of , and continued lu actual service instiiil war for the term of ??. und was honorably discharged a. ?? en the day of , A U. , at trill apyiur I'p In? original rtrltj>tat< of diirhartt heriurilk jTftoHied.i or by the muster rolls of * u<J companr. llr makes this declaration for the purpose of ob11inid^ die bounty land to which he jiuy be eatitled biider the "act granting bounty laud to ceriaia officers jikI aolitins who nave beeu en tged ia I he military service of the t nited State*," ptaaed September SS* h, l*GU (Signature r>f the claimant ) Sworn to and subscribed before me the day aud year above written. Audi h< rel?y certify, that 1 believe the sunt to be the identical man wti? s< rved as aforesaid, aud liiat heia of the age above stated. (Signature *f the magistrate or other oflieer ) KM frf A 1'Kl t.ARATION to Ilk. MAX>V BY tub wulow of a iieckaskd c. Kicaii mi >oio>iKa. Mate of i County of J**' Do this day of , A. I), one tbnusiad eight hundred and , app> hetort me, a Justice of the Peace, (<ir other oth er authi/nird to a<Jminiitrr oil fit In gr iietal y?rj>otr?,y within aud for the County und S'.ate aforesaid, aged years, a resident of , iu the . Mate of , who beuig duly aworu according 10 law, declares thil she is th? widow of deceased, who was f. ? in the ?.vm,> tuy coinmtinded by Cai>tnn , iu the Kegi.nrat I commanded by ? in the war with lireat Britain, declared by the United States on the 18th of Jure, 1812, (i?r otkrr war, it tht m** mtjf If;) 'hut In r laid busoand enlisted (ur v>U?nirt'?U, 11 irai tirvfttd) at ou or ti?>out the day of , a p.??, f'>t tin(erai of , aud ccntintud in nctnul service in said war for the trim of???, and wis h uombiy discharged at ???, on the day of ??, A l> a* trill apptar by hit 'irigl mil cut m ilt or dm Ian ft, herewith yrtimiri } !8he fuither rtntes that ahe w<i marro d '? the said in ??, on the day ol , A. L? ??, by one , a , aud that her name lie fore sanl manege v? a? ; that her sind husbaiid dieif at ou Hm 4*1 W i A I) <? llial klir id mI111 willow bi>e tin* dfcl?rjiiou for the i>u-|x?rui obtdiutl f the l>ou:ity Ulid U> which ah* may lir ratified uni.'rr the " at I ji.tM-* <i ."V|itrmber 2-ith, ISOO." (Glaiitiaat'a r /na urr ) &wotn to md milwcribf J brfoM- inf, ihr day u4 >?ar above written (Ulficcr'a i^uaiure.) II'I I.IOIIJMI HV MlltOK UIIUiUI. If r.ny utii'-cr or K>M:rr wb? would Of entitled to bounty laud undrr raid act, U Imn#, h?? Jird, lea\ in; 00 widow who fill aiirrivea hun, hut l-arwir a * in'd or childrru uod-i ilir ?ijr of ??j< nty at tin tunc ?it the ptMutgt- <?r said act, ate it minor child or children 4re ?nlillt d to thr a;urie s unity of Inlid Wirtl tlio father would he rntitlrrl til H ring. lu viii'h caae (he kihuiIuih of mti'h minor child or children rnunt mMh<* a declaration n nearly corf f(-indiii|{ with tlie fvirgoing forma a* Ilir 1 *turo ol the ' ? < will admit Hi* m"?i ?f?fa tin- t t? of the frrtlir-r'a drii'h ; the fact thut O't widow -rorvivr* t.irn ; and rn'Jfl ?lte thr Niinw ufoiwi, *ad r/mii//(f?i?iir of hia aurvmriir ?n.or cJ.u l or cbildita. Thia declaration iniiitt b< a ?, Trm,* I Of aatt*. fuitmy }*<* ! of th*- fath? r'a drnld, lilt' no triiow oUfWa bun, of the aget of tb< minor cbii<l" it, and ol hia own ajy tiaunent, by constant autiiori y, ra guardm If tb'-r?- ?a nny pMltfy allowing the ajjre of ?h? children, it, or a miiiN*4 copy ol tbr na.ur, aho tld be lorWardrd. with tbo allid ivit of noil'" diMbt'-rratrd p- r^m. |<ro?ri{ tbn t> namrnta* of lbe original, and 'hat the co|?y cortifi'd ia a true and corrrrt coj j- of II * If tbr ' Uiaiart a rr*lm ratal or ataff udaar, tbr drrlaratioa meat ba ii rd'u* f> tba faala Of the rw?. t ir tba dlanliorf* haa boat, I oat ar j"'ruyad tba oroa la i?o'.- all) i>a oailt'.ad and tha forta ia r?lot oa 10 Mr lota ol tb* d a. h?r*? '.airit ia hao taaaaof It tbr olalmaiit tiatrr rrralaal a aritiaa Ji<?k?|a. or II dtacbaryrd ia ? ? ?,iguana* of durability, or it hr vaa la raflllil) ?ltb lb* anasy br uiuat rary b*a dralarotioi at) a* to a* I f. rth tba fceta of tb* aaa? J Tba antra to tba |i|t<a4lii| dralaratlou ?r? alao ap j.irabir ta ibta la a?>ai? rw-a it wiil. parbaa> ba linkoaalbl' ! r tbr alik* to atate tba f*ata la rala'nt to nrr boabaad'a ?rit'M ttllb tha yartlrularity aa ta data* Itidiratait by tha abrtn f< rm It att* oata br Biaa' art f rth tbr fart* ?ltb aa arorlt acrurary aa yaaaibla It trill l-a ouTi.< /? I "T hr, to ,1 |U tba roat|>any and raviiarut la ahlcb ha arrrail If ba bo^band aaa kilia I la battl> tba. fort nimt br aa forth la tUa d?-laratl a Thia der lara'kia moat ba aa> oaipaalrd by aaltataa lory yrovl ui tbr trarnafr aad of tba Luabaai a dratfe. If thrra It any yublH> raaord of >bt n>arrlar(a, a lulf rartlM r'fj al auab rrrard ib>uN ba forwariiad. if rbaalblr it Ibara la an yat' Ir farord of lh? aurritjr, ut a prliata at faailiy ra. ird aaob faially r?oord a a rrrtldrd eoyy of tba a?iB? ab ul? ba f<ww?r4?4. wltk tba afbdattt tit anna dtatOtar?at-<l y?ra..a yroaia? tba (rnulBraraf of rha crt{laal aal tbat tha ?op? errUvad la a tra? aal ? rrari e?yy of It If no puallr or prtiat* raaord ol ?ba aari iag> aalata, ar awa b? yrorur> d. tbat fart abt aid ba art forth la tbr drrlaratinn, aad. In aarh aaa* <>th? r at\4?ar*. aaob aa tb? taatl a I>l uiaaaa all. Inaa Ikr mitiaa la tha llfatiat | ol ttor kuabaad ?n i ka**tb*m to ttf* tog.ttow m bart-aal toil *Ur m l |e b* to r*L-ut*d will ) ? ??i MbM ?- m aa iih bo****r *U! tb* mrf rtat-aMat nt j that tit* eUiiMftt fa 'V vW ..f th? 4? r*mni b? 'akin a* of th? marrta?*. * ? ?bo wlioju?t atal* |h>/?,( m l iirfnnt(??fi from whtih tb*y drrlr* tbrlr ki)"*l?d?(? or onlalca Ui? aba I* tb* *Hu? of th" i)>nw?4 A ?*rtltl a?* from lb* c tfrmaa or ma?n\ra?? ?b? lb* marrua*a It a>4 * aap?t?nt ??ll?noa, uatawi tb* f-ualitta*** if tb* oortinoat* b*< ml tb?- f i'fB ?! |tfr It b' ah* *n ta baro Km* aatb<?lk?d to i>'l'aiili> marrtag** Thi Httr ?a r??r Ui?n ?'t at Ci at -A ?*f** 1 pond*nt of lb* H** Ori?an* l> "a, writing from Ita ana m>d*r dat* of th* lnh alt *ayi tb* m..tb*r ' of tb* Mat* *f lb* O*org'?aa Mr* ttraftoa arrlta* k*r* )> ?ui iar ' tb**i*<ia*r Oaorfla from !? ? t?*b, j to a*k tb* pardna of b*r *. n Sh? ha* bo*a Iniro; lur.J bj ( ald*roa 0* la barea aaJ Mr W?t.?tar la ! 1??tor* t- tb* Co?4* Alt 01 *bi?l. *111 r*oolvo raapoat I lal a* J ktad attxttW'B Tb* f"0< matron wa* paat*4 n andl?a** y*??*r lay at! wa* r*colf*4 la tb* aej - i?t'.a>*il urbaa* rtjla that marka tb* aatara of Altoy ?*d (It*< bim aa airaa'ac* o?*r aim oat all a? tbat *?*i* la roataot with bim To tba llttnwil e>otb*r. wbo bot* bor part with n?rf*, tad witkont t*ar*. bo roll tb*r*op?rt which bar soblo davatloa aaMtW b*r to. lal ?bl*b bar an* d*maal*4 *blio ha Mmpatfclool with b*r ? rrow. tba mattor baa ?a*aa4 bayoad bio eoatrol hat thara la ?*rjr llttl* o^aaa ta dowM that tba arbitrary at tribal* of rojal ?aor*y w? mllWbrJr.; Ir bar i;i| kiit tarn b?art, a* ii?* aa ' baavtg.r' f j? ? to (>* eotifi J.'?t<i?lt a* ,>?fc ;

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