Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1850 Page 4
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NEW YOFfc HERALD. J <1 i MEN aOUDON B KMMBTT, I PROPKIKTOK AND KDITOR. ] >r;r* N. W. COKVKR OF ri'U^ *ftk *AVIAV *1S. TUP. PAJI \ lih.UAl.D. 1 cent* pf r cotttt?17 nfr iTJutuin Tllk HktUiLY ^ K J U .,w uT^t; ,W? C r Mr>.<r U n; **. t-Ui ou'lin t,IUon, (4 per , " "U"'' "/ Hr&iln, .in f $ftt* ,my pull oj './u l t .lt- 1 rr<.l. I? .'*< j AI.L I t. I I tllS fcj/ mud, f ir uforrivifofij. or mth it'U 'Ttu.Wii. lob. jK.,i-yuW, nUit pu.l U UtJutUd j om i Of m >!. L ritruitii. I V,l? t 1!?W'*ST' ""* * '-vrv . jKJti rHVsllyii exteutra %cvh ar^thrtt, ctr.ip/%* tt and . +,*vc'k 'LI S TAR Y i ORRESP( WE.\t ? enmt.n ^imforlani j >romuny if*,!, t, r tfth, t.-orM i i, used. i rill hr iiWrrtlly fxiut for i>iii I'n'.umoinnn amc f AMitTiimv Kiqiuiic to Sml riiUA Lntcm* anu VIOK SmTK K t iktn of .r-jci/rntrti We do ' *>t return rfje^tetlcotrmuniciUuMs. AVLL'IMl^TS THIS SVKNLN?. HCWr-XT T'lCATK*. be wiry-Wnino or mi Vtu ! ? I'hi n.w family, rMf 1TIIK, **y-Qi'Y MA!?*rEij*aX'AI CH X.; wl ii\r. SfA*?. srrBLO'fl et.%VTX. Bro*?w*r - U fb Damomc - r?? fi'ALtAj* SniDAKll-fOL- A?*- Ve>T. BCRTOV? I'liKITRl ' Lauiv> r? street?S^catra Hchh K^owi-g-Btjii Rny HATIONaL "84THE "Vjoire WITCH | ?Bibb K:.r-N?w Vm? Tinu*.k*. 4HTOR PI.ACK Ot'RR\ HftU<*?D?roMrrn? o? thc | *t?i a-G? abb r?T?; Ptn?ivi-l'? < ;iK!KTV:5 UPIRA HOUSIS, HtchaaiM* n?U-*TRl?PlJlrssTt it;j* OLTHflU-l' i.o?*' biuun v <irrr ? T??vni T' A. fi:m Picnrosuivcu itr. i xj?r. * iv Al'OLJ.l BOOMS-Sv'As Sri i. K.i.rBH. ilNET.VA liifiJI- or Cri* DOUBLE SHEETS K>n Vntk.lbamlAX, <>?-tol?*r 1U, IBIO. SVur Lal:r fiom Europe* T) the nrriv i of the -'f . in ?uti A Initio At this ! I ,\ < bit r<!.; v, ? > arc in re -ript of f.>ur diys later ir-teH^err .'r- Ti hi] i ."a rf Europ#, the detail# of | x?hi< li will !>< fitc.l in our < > luum-< to-day. Ti c iiit< 111.rf is uf rt very important character ! {<> * rtniiiu r< >c t i* tut ?>f view, but not polliy. | U ?i'V? re llt-il our Southern btai'le, cotton, . 1 *b i.tlviii red a quarter of a |*nny bterliog |*-r H uik!, which lh equivalent to the large aum of I ?neu BiillK nt? <>f dollar* on the cotton crop uf the | .(j? t jfur. Tiif af!v,ii,r will lie r<->t*ed with * JJiebt il?{. ti e o( , 1' r* .ure by OIU iSoUttieru friends, giidbythr whole country, for it ia a jjnn of tint attti to them. Tliic, together with the continued reoe ,itF of I. IJ.T Binouctt. of gold du?t from California, w: II hut ihfpr of nil kiada more act'Ve, nuJ nrre?se die j>rt>Bpctiiy of the (Jotted sUiteu. Tha extraordinarily hrilli iAt rcption >>v the ?tiueiicnu |h o it- i f the far- ftui.ed i at lattice Jenny '.:nd, hnn ereaud quite a furtrt in England, and is i uBiRit hted ii|'oh at tome Itny'h hy the London : io(.'l,cr new-j.iiptM. The Euglinh |>rople are a f m. If frli -f 11> I l.u . . >U... . . .... ?k.:.L ! f><* ?'!>>>;< d biff, and the immense nuiiit>-r ofj>ei>. p!e h ho s'lendeiJ her co(ic>rts. They are beginning to (hit k that true mit-ical nhility c.:nht aa ti urh *fvr>ti?vd h*re a* in auy p?rt of thr world, .cd thet ?r sir, aa we always have claimed to be, a i-rml country, ia fttty acute of the term. retrains quiet, aud may continue so mil the next presidential election. It aeeins ihnt a jrent many of the jieople have ex. |?irtsed a Jo amend the constitution wh?n the work it HJi-cted, it will ia all probihihty I e done in mch a manner as to create uo empire, e.rd n uder J^ouiu Napoleon'* office permanent dritirp hid life. There apprais to he u combination i? parties forming iiguins' him, and it ia not at nil improbable that.there will be an (mfute, if not r.aoth* r attempt at revolution. A atrong and united effort will ne> doubt be made by both the ultra democrats and tar riv .larchiata to put Louis Napoleon down. We perceive by the London Timrt, that the j>eo(le of llnglon-l now lock upon C*liforuit aa a reality?a fixed lact. They h.ive been a loog time aruvinK at that conclusion. They think now, that that new State abound* with the precious metal to fce (treat an extinta'wan tirat represented, and are rr*cuhitint! npon the influences which the great sad rtearfy yield of gold kfrom that quarter, will li.;vc on the price ot tint article through"Jt the wwid. There can be no doubt, aa they My, thit California ia the perm of a va?t empire oo the l\tc tie, ccnnrciion with the Western States, will bef*>re many jears hold the balance of power l*?w*en the Northern nod Southern sections of tiiia republic, if not away its des iny. That new fc*tate ia nothing now, c<>tnpued to what it will be in a ct n paranvely short i>eriod of time. What la Ccmtiiftl This ia the question now; aud every fnend of human progress aa i republic amsm, who will allow^elf time to think, is asking himself this question, neaioiialv. every day. H'e cannot get away from it, cloac our eyrs aa we will. Keststletsas fttte, < v< nts are fwcepinjf on, and toinething start. ;ing mutt and will tike place. Something mud grow out of the long continued, cjust?ntiy intreaaia and now fearful and appalling, abolition cicitenient. Society ia heaving with p*?n odic throe*. Thing* cannot remain as they ere. I?ues are rising, and issues are to be met. j be long gutlonug tioo<t m rwmmg down on us, ?n<1 the quration now where ita force will break, and what Wiil be iu cona^nence* A word btre. We have n*ver attended to a!arn< thia republic. We hud do mtereat iu duia# i*. We never i-hall have For fifteen y?ar?, we kave foretold the inevitable remit of ihe alavery agit?ti< n. L'arly in oar career a* an independent jo*rnali?t, we foreaiw that (he Garnoon eicitcmrut, *?hn h f'tfan in the prayer meeting, would *i.d tU the t . lot b> *? itud to the ballot box tt baa Abolition ha* left the Throne i f Cure, where holy |>rie?ta miniatured, and g< ne to the hUftn.g*, where Seward un/nrla ' h>? Hiir. !!i? |ioua work U doue by the eainta j In tlu'.y wt'tk, L)' lifffkjf And Wred. The qve?ti a i? tW < u >" ?l a. Wr have now come I to the mam point St wwd aid hi I m>*a packed tha ?j-?acu* Convrptinn Fimrt 111 b ?iu'ngaea and tifasoa in 'be 1 Pf aaie. bf ipnrale4 to hi? corMittteata to sa*taia lua 1 ime. aic .!.u . r? I iLv acticu i.fClaj, Webater, t'ai?, I'oote, I tekiwon, <nd th?ir noble comber*. ' I<e ?ccrr?i?d. crnvrntion turtaiaed hirrr, 1 f i??l r? ' ? ordemnrd he cour?e of the 3en*t? ' ail the 11c ute of Representatives. The Union waa I I: ti.;t of the q ieatioa?i??triot? of both p?r* 1 |ieiw>r-0 ' *r o^rthonrd. fVward w?< captain, fend ihe court* ?.f the v?tael muft be deciJrd by a polity v l iili ?ui:rd the int* re?ta of the Com. raarfit. Hue i i d, J the frr?t t??pter. The ne*t will rfen with >he coat rati a at I'ticv Or?nji?r, I>J?r, and o'her gm-d whig*, mw that the Syracuse move?n?nt would ruin iheir party with the nation. It w?b ! w?r m n ii;r t?jrte 11 * ujr nn-l Wet??t' r, and hostile to the policy of Killfrore'? admtni?'.ra? >-n. Tbejr lli?tt Cnutterai t it, of iicnfirf theny f? Ivp?, th< ir pattjr, and the miu n Th-rr w?? |<nt one w?) to do it? call a con?"niH>n?brin* out the mil frrce of the party in thia State?measure It* rottrnBeaa?calrtilBt* it* fi?n?tici?m?in a word, nir>her the people of Urael. This is r.ow to I* done. What will bp the reMltl L*t u? ju<Ue. (?olv a^out one whig paper in twenty, in th;j> ^tate, fowh the l>uer and (?ranfer amiiMit. Sf?n4 i Ancfi are more aune- I *?i s tban wss snppoaed But the cooeeBtioa will in?et, and it will t?e ?ure to take national ground? I < tttlirtwtw the wh< la thiag would b?* a farce. ' i W? i. wii .t tn?n ' They w:ll nominate a ticket | ft " * ' ? ***w?rd and ahotit.ouirai. Thia will I , ?plit the *h'ir try, * 1 to. ih?m o, .> flection in $ K>w % *?*li. nnlrw th sip* fh. 'ild com* to auch a i before election <?h>rh i. not eery pro'wihle) j j (tat the foaeTtatire portion of the democratic ? jartj tbcald ani'e with them, tad thereby gi*a ' ' n mi i ? -firiii i i riumph to the prncjpise of the Union n?it if the . rue * bigs lose one election by acting a* the 1 junkers i'u(i the last time, when they c-i*i V?i Burcn anil tlie free soil?*rs overh>ird, they would preserve in some sense the integrity of their (urty, | atd thu? keep the South on their fide. Their only talvatioo, however, is to take this cour?-e, wlMt- , ever may be the result. Hut suppose a union of nil the abolitionists in llie State?whiv, democrats and uigxers? hrt'ild 4'ive Seward a triumph. Other State* at th?- Morth would follow the example, and the democrat* would not lo?e the chance of a filial and complete victory. They would, in spite of everything, he- ! conie the national patty. The whols South would go with thi'm, to a man ; ol I issues of tariff, hink. Bill -ireuKury, fltc., would he forgotten entirely ; and the i reat question?olavery?would absorb all other considerations. The next great point would he the doings of the Corgrest- ol December, ISoSS. Th-it Congress will be elected, part tbi* fall, part ueit spring, and the rest s year hence. That Congress will find, when it j assembles, a new stat* of things. The si ivery j qufstion ?'II be the paramount question till it is prrintiD? mly settled. Everything will have lotjtve way to it. The two parties will ihen l>* the Union, or coi -titutional, party, sod the abolition party. The whole South will j<o with the former. It may devolve on 'hat Congress to elect a President, ami the hope is that the constitution'.! party will be strong enough to nut in a man who will carry out the will of the people, and abide by the compromise and guarantees of 17S9. This in what the South atk lor, and it is what they will have, or tl.ey will be forced to leave th- Union. ?To this I oiut tbii'iiH term* row to be tending. Congress lias passed the Fugitive Slave bill. It w^s the only thing the South gamtd in th- compromise; tmd this whp 110 red! gain. It only secured to thein w hat the constitution of 1789 had pledged?the r*ht"iHtion < f " tugitiv? s held to I ibor." The jon, stituucn hud already bound the free State* to d<")i-?r up every fugitive slave; and h-tl that co>ni>*ct leen trulv en.I honorably warned out, the njw lull would have been unmcesaary. But the South felt il,t-!-cuie, nuil flie w itted an interpretation of the old niurcd b> living men?the men whose fit hers hid bound them. The North gave it; and now, when the t-'outh u>-k9 to hi?e this fresh guarantee carried c t, the whole of the abolition party rises tn rrinss and says it shall not be done. Here is the issue, clear hb daylight, llotv will it be decided ! Here is the end. Hither the present Congress, at the next session, will abolish this law, or toLfirni it. In the former case, the South Will lie compelled to secede froui the Union. She is dtivtu into a corner where there vj no scape. ShekuoMsit?she feels it?she declare* it, and she will do it?she his no other course. Men of the North, will you sustain the course of yt-ur representatives in the last session of Congiess ? If yon will, the Union is safe, if not, it is gone; end, he it remembered, now the iejue is wnh you, and ou your headd will fall the contequeue* e. . And when the final question is decided, and the Utiion is br< ken up, what will he the upshot of it i n you, your families, your interest*1! Stoo Ion.? erough to ai-l >ourt-*-Ivemhis question. The South will ti t war U|*>ij ) on?she will leave you. And wti?te arc your inatkrts, your mmufaciures, your commerce, your agriculture, your reots, your investments, your dotiestic relational Hive you measurtd tlie extrnt of the evil 10 yourselves and your children 1 Above all, have you calculated the constfaiences to mankind of the final failure of the only successful atlt nipt ever made on earth to establith on a permanent basis the fair fabrie of reI uhlican institutions ? Why did you aend up your lament-tliorm ovtr the fall itf Hungatiaii^fr-elorn, or the destruction of the republic ot Rome ? Aad yet, what was all this compared with the liual extinction ot the republic of Washington 1 Lawk at the |>ottrcit? of >our ancestors, aud aaawer the question. And at la*t, when the American republic la dead atd laid tn the grave of the Father of hia Country? when the ruin iaall wrought? what will hive been the cause of itk?ll t What will you have gained, even for the negro, and on whose heada will he execrationa of the ppresai d aad forlorn of all nation* fallt The L'nion will be broken up, N < auae you violated the term* of the original compact, and drove the South into aer^asioa- -yoj were l*d blindfold to the |**r|>etration of the damnable work And will you have achieved the emaa(ipatioa of the *1 tves, or bettered hi* condition? By t-omrans. Your three miliums of Africans are there still; and but cross that line to free them, and the first man of you will be ahot. You have rendered emancipation impossible, or you have rained a war of races which will sweep every African on this continent to his crave. You will hive drench, ed the free States with blood, too. And yet, under (<od Almighty's clear heavens.this 10th day of tober, lNr>0, all this is done in the name of humanity and rehgtwn ' Have you ever asked yourselves if you ure not at'eaipting to make war on 1'rovL d'-nvet Can you not read itsd'tigus of mercy to the Africnn race, in bringing them from their hitherto unmcigated barbarism, and gradually tiding them for freedom, arid at last to l>e the instruments by which the civiluation of th-A'glo-Saxon race would finally be introduce I among two hua. dt? d millions of savages ? Can you not allow Provide nee to perfrct its own plan > ( irradiial fiuinri pation in the Southern ns it h?a h<*-n rhifvrd at the North T 1'oea history or human experience aliow that f.tonliti8in ha* ever ye1 worked out mi y food to the human race 1 But, if >oi will follow your l<ad. rr*. and hurl thia Union to ruin, lrt ua aak, what will b?<onie ul tin m whrnthe ruiu ia wrought 1 There ia hut one an#wer to thia queation. If toward, and t'.rerley, and Weed, and llenton, and Van Buren aull pemat in urgtug madly on the ina?a of thr Notihern people to the 1'a'ruction of the Union, when (heir dup-* aw,ike from the deluaion they will drag their aeHucera and he'rayer* through the atrrrt* No mob ia ??> infuriated aa hooeat but betra)rd men, whoae fortune* and f.imilt-e have bern mined by demagogue leider*. Even liobr *i ierre Inmarlf w?* |>ut to death by hia -<wn follower*. There ia nothing that can n? >ie for inch calamine* but the blood of their author*. To Ihia *tate of thing* eventa are now preiuing u( on Whether we *h?ll t>e hurled into the ch i*m, a ill deprt.d entnely U|?n thr artiou of the North rrn people in their coming election*. iMrrr.TAST Mmti>o or pnutrcwjm ? We have In n inferred thni riunig the recent *i*u of Senator S'wnrdta thia city, on hi* wjy h vn from ' Waaliiri&ion to Cayuga county, be receive-* ^ Trfr ) iinprttant %icit ftotn John Van thf*e two dutirfuiahrd pub'j^ n, n la ,jeep Confutation together I?r ?honi n*e or thereabout*. The interview pUee at the Aator Hollar, and in the duaV of tl?e evening. We are ?l*o informed that IVm-mi Hall, fc>i . the U S 1 i*tm-t Attorney, ia acquainted with the facta; but whethrr lie coui.l ,*> t'> th>- a?.curacy .>f all thirf?, we cannot veofare to eay. N?>w for word of comment on thi* ainf iMr i?l?nl?w. What I roueht, at thi? triala of politic*, twonuh men to*e'her, a.?the eloquent, the wittjr, the n mly .Uhn Van Ruren, ami Ihe pro**, ?h* cant ?p, ihe ?n*afcirf, the avibttioita Willnm II. f*?w?id! Waa it a mere rcmpliinrnUry vieit of the former to the Utter 1 II *4 it anjr reference to a proponed union between the abolition whiira and the harwbi.raera T t >r did it look to the election of ihe I n <j Man a Serator by the ne.*t L?:rt?Utnre nf New Voih T The two leading al?>!iiion jo'irnala ittr ? h? i 'o ihe den . rv-jr, ar- the ilba ijr Aliu li <1 tV N' W V?.rk A'wiinf /'.?/ Th- *r (n,*ra ir? etra <nr? every nerve tn m?h* the drm?>r ata la ultra o? aN.lmon aa ."-ward h*a m*de the ahiiraofN'W Vurh. JIow i? all ihia t What ia te it eanirj * A re the harnhornera fining ovrr to he jv wmr4 |4ai'orm t ft certainly la mafic of iha a ne tin.h*r *a itt ' j'la'fvrai, and prrhapa U'. t*u.< | lft4ia Mok* okious kkvmjinons i* Lboal and Social Life ? During the past year, there have been many intricate plots aud counterplots within the ciicle of criminal movements and results. The public will not soon forget the rem\tkable at'emots?now bcii?Ved to have been set on foot Warner and his gang? to get up cases against Arlington Hennet, the independent philosopher ai d undent of New Utrecht, aud against Samuel l?iury, hii iuhabitnnt of Astoria?both of which have result* d in leaving the chitractersof the.*, perrons just where they were before the legal pri). ce dings came before the courts Mrn ha* ?< frequently been euHpestrd and tried, and provej iuqoc<*iit of grave charges; but in these v ises tnere w?re trials aud evidence for which >'uere wis no xppareiit caute. The whole fabr?c 0f suspicion whs carved from moonshine, atv', in good time it vanished If any |<ersons soi> ^ht to make money out of the^terrors ihey held out, of a hud verdict, U|?>? i adoubted and indiv^utnl'le testimony, they were ('.eceivmg thermel'.es; for the men assailed were retolved to withstand ull the conjurations of htool-pigeon magicians, rather thin pay for such iniferhievouH iiigepuity, new fjweimens of which ran always be ready in a great metropolis, where j men do not fear to stoop to cunning for the sake of money. We have seen charges preferred at the police cffice against Mr. Niles, .1 lawyer of this city, which ure curious in their character, and which may brii'g out as much nurih, magic and mystery ; as any story 111 ihe Aral>i?n Nights. The Grand I Jury are now bring lied up in a perfect 'iordian I knot of intricacy 011 the aubject; and, to come to j some conclusion, they may decid* uf>oti letting the I public hive a full review of the past history of a halfdczea of handsome, lively, interesting and j lusciuating women, and we do not knjw how 1 ninny rich old father*, bachelors and husbands, wliu lave paid the penalty of an incautious curiI oeity. We do not assume to know much about the ('eiaile of the socialistic and transcendental school ' of crime that has tHkeu the place of the old N'ew. gale and Singling order of things; hut so fir as we cub comprehend its lemarkable origin, iatricary, execution and results, it embraces a wide dramatic activity, quite startling and deeply impussive liOHgine a beautiful and accomplished woman?not inferior to one of the falleu augels? becoming the tenant of a rich Wall street merchant, and, s'ep by step, uuder one plea and another, becoming highly interested in his property, and exceedingly anxicua to pay to hiin punctu illy his rent. Imagine thi<< semblance of the fulea angel inviting the rich old fellow to her house? nay, into her private room?and there, bolting the door, to plead to him, with tears iu her eyea, to leduce her rent, or to do any other reasonable and philanthropic act b* coming a modest geutlrman. This done, then imagine a husband?putntive, or otherwidt?rushing in and demanding satisfaction ! for the outrage committed under closed doora and duiing his absence. What sensitive old gentleman would wi*h to be subjected to stich an ordeal ? And yet, who would pay "to hush up" such a ridiculous matter, al| erowinu out of a mistake, or something Worse 7 Bui money is a very important part of the social momentum. and no one can get money, where it has ni t been earned, ?o quick as a smart lawyer. Lawyers are applied to; |wrhape, the services of half a dozer are required to finish the drama with full moral and social justice. Threats of divorce, of action* for rrim con , and for heavy damages, are nude; and the easy victim of a confiding nature, finds himself wrapped in a whole shroud of difficult^ and |>erplexitie?. The wife, with woutded honcr?the husband, with mortified pride?the i law) ers, with Minted purses?are in a sad dilemma. However, they all think a sufficient quantity of money will prove a plaster; and the poor old dupe of I he plot, pays down his thousands, to be held I hmmiets of any kind of exposure. This kiod of dr<ma has been often repeated, and has made a full treasury. It is estimated that Wall street alone has been drawn npon to the amount of about seventy or eighty thousand dollars, which hive be*n divided itmoug the principal actors, who have been interested in the |<erformuncea of the rich old smateur of the beautiful aad the fascinating. We > have not space to indicate the peculiar detail* of various plots. They will all be published in due tune, when the trills are going on; and aa the facrs arr likely to owae out, in conaequence of a quarrel about the sqflttable division of the spoils, we m?y ' expect somH>??g rich, lacy, tantalizing, exciting, I puzzling, snd Ml of pictures of legal aad social life in the metropolis. The public may be prepared for a very curious history. The women are quite romantic, and clever at this new way of punishing wealth while they enrich themselves. Some are very handsome, with hakban Js?some are widows?some are single?and some are, no man know* what. Still their letters sre remarkable?excellent love letters, curious, cobhding, conetant and communicative Then there are the lawyers' letters-curious, but cautious, cold, calculating, tod commanding. Thru there are the stool-pigeon reporters' letter*? classical, close, captiriting, and conversation il. In fart, all lb? materialaarr rich?the stool-pigeoat arc full fledged ? the decoy duek* arc fni and fanciful?and the every p?n, parcel, person ?nd | particular, such aa to create a mo*i remarktble impression with resjwrt to the social and legal advarcement of ihia great centre of refinement and civilian ion We do not know wbere the guilt if, or at whose doora it will lie brought. All ws bare to do is to wait, conscious, aa the poet any*, that to-morrow will bring ua further than today. So be it. TwK(*HIBr h AM' Tltt Co**o!t Cot-rni. ?The repreoei.t?nv?s ?f tr>e Fire Department h< Id a meeting Um uuh fur th pnrpooe of hearing the report of the coinmitt"- v.omte* by Ihe Fire 1 Department, to act with the Common Council j commuter* in investigating the charges |.r*fcrr*d i hy the Chief Knfineerin hi* Ute report. By the 1 report of the committee, and the resolutions, which will be found in another will be seen that the Chief F.nnn?er was fustained thrughoot by the Fire Department Malt of Anln Be> to the Fair at Castle OahUn, F<mcoitr>? af th? (I'min Io?tituta aaltidon tba I'tt oikD t'ommluloDar Amla Bry, to ' utcnpm; bin and bl? (till to that (In > collection of tba batdiwoik of our cttlira* Oaarr-* ? . . > vi_ _ .v i fliuiM(l 1 irromptkxd bimorar the ' . -aXflltt; bad at twa o el??k * 'WlMi't ahcfr ?planlld dlnaar "" t*? (Inrnl T piopoaed tba health of t!,? tA*'T't^t nollt young V? "I tba Ottoman ?m VVit. Aid ul U'jid vblrh *M draat with applatt'e by II prnct. tandirg Af'tr ?iar.y band*oma c< ir.pltiefBt* ?r? r* i to th* ntfciginioiii d?fco ler it KoM Jlk and Lli bra** but uaf'>rtiaate r?iiBtriit<i, Ati'n H?y prcporrd the health ot Ibe ftr?t gentleman it lb* fatted M*te? tbr graceful President Mr. f III tort; ?bleh alio tiaak| minding Itaforr tba rii if rl thr dlam r. Aaita Hey h-jj' il l-?" to ptrpo?r aaotbrl t> ' t ahlcb hf pitta-!*! by MTcral < b?*r?atli?? friendly and fla Wring to thccttliat* of Nea Titk I liarr tr?? ' ha ?nld wall a* wa rat racollaot, i '? ?; to}?*? of di??n?tj. Ii fattr of mr a bl- tad rrvctid n trr?l(ti aod bi? p?opl? I hate com*, not to tali* of tba ooutitrlcp I Sri. bat to dortrt |n>?!>?(r trim thrlr Inhabitant* Th* klnl boapl tall'j with ?h ih I ?m rrerltrl on ay Srn.laadiug In ?t? S** World by tha rlty of New Vork. ha? ?n drtndlt to my baart. and on thin t (turning t* It. f fn-l that I haar rcturna* hem* again I bjr |att? to pr<|o*?tlM hialth aid prorpcrt'y of fh? ho*plub!a and ?ery ta??Btad rttlieu* ot tbr great city of N*? tctk." After dlritrr. tbr ftrty ratoeB,i ?<, <{,. R?ttary. I ?hrt* Hay wat i-boan th* Of sratloa* of (ar-rai j .. 9 - ---- .,, - - ? "< ixBvu w ?n >n{ wn'"T wt ? ih- ?fO'"rttil ?<|0?r? niiir-r-tho li?r p nrg*n HrK b? ? !<! rvsitbdrd him of tb* ??i?t ?i?fc? of ,! tt) Llnd lb* tn>yroT?<< b<ll?r. k* . kf , ?r, 1 j &impt oil . r? of th? pr?**??t IntTut lo b.m II* | mii'il lo ?ppr**Ut? th? ?(tb r-??fk. My quirk "I tb?tr Amu tt-J ni prnmMtl*. ><! lh? ok b?n>l? With. ??? *?( I* lt??. | k< ?rr>|K?i>' J bl< ir?r?t ?t hta latbiltty to r. r?.f.? wiib ibm ai.<l t?ll tk*u bow mark bo I th??T (?<iilr; To oeo who hM hi in * hrth>r b? ?|?k? ?? ?!. he r-pltwl thu h. hod ?nl b??B ob p?*klr ( I'fmi with Ih(im? ?Ib?* lb* n>????T? v( tb* briw f?nntrjBi?n of Kn>??th i ?<b H?j to d?r tor i-*tog b?t return* voo* |tiL v> f*vfe* Uf to?tlt?t?. | Muk*l ChltKlHt Tbe romo' njarria#? bttvna that Doha Ot Derontfcur and ^Qorina Parodl, will not take plaoe It *** baP .bug The beautiful rocalUt at; b* *xp?ct*d to ?rri f# by lh# itMDw Pacld* n uto tppitr it the A*to c p|ae? Opera Hdiim next month Th* Duke ( 1,1 ?onnhlre holds bU title by unllcriaw, and it would ' AFRtod to the young and rloh Karl of Burlington, Should be make any matrimonial engagement. Therefor*. the Dake'f admiration will not drprlv* N*w Tork ol the pit mure which ha* bven *0 long autiolpated. Part di will come out brilliantly. ?o*n after the r*BOWBrt mpriMiM, Maretiek, ba* commenced hi* aea- | sod, which will take plaoe on Monday, the twenty-first ot the month. The season will be opened on the twenty-Ant, with a great treat "Der Frejsohuts''will be produoed In magnificent st)le. and Bigaora Bertucca-Mareliek will be the prima dmn* on th!s interesting oocasioa Tbuii. we shall hare the epera season commencing la earnest, with a brilliant opera. In which scenic effects will be combined with startling melodies. The true. fanhlonable fountain of musical enthusiasm will be the Opera House, and the small musical vntertaluments in other places will only give a keener relish for the graud opera. Concerts are less sa'Ufactory than the representation of complete works of the great masters. ar.d ran only be moderately supported, however strongly forced by numbers The quality, and net the quantity, of sounds is what the mutical public desir*. The two last opera seasons under Maratsek and under fader, have had a powerful Influence in this community. The companies hire been so complete and effi ctive that sbtllltg concert singers and vccallsts of slight . biiity, however lavishly praised, cannot make any rivalry worthy ot notice. Considerable discussion has arisen in musical cir-l cl**s siuce Dr. Castle's curious article in the Xrw York Trilutu, upon the poweru of the human voiue, with regard to the nature of Jenuy Mud's vocalisation | The ventriloquial peculiarities of aeme persons are quite remarkable, aud the science ot the human volie is jet in its Infancy With more study and with a better understanding of the nature of the voice, of whiob Dr Kueh was a valuable student, we may expect the public eventually to distinguish between m> re tricks and a genuine Inspiration of tbe soul. Doctor Castle 1 sr ts down Jenny Lind as a vocal ventriloquist, and that is tbe secret of her power snd popularity It is stated that Strakosch, tbe pianist, is engaged in wntug a ntw opera :o: Mart tie*, te be played at the Aster, l itre tli<aire. Strakosch is a tolerably good performer (>u the piano, but he is not capable of writ 1 - nu iuu wouiu or worm |cr cruling \\ al lice 'b<- great EcgMrh < ouipos?r. who hu Hirea ly gWen to tbe oorid in ar.y half a dtr.-M of suocethful operas, eliould b> lbe man to b? seli-cUd by Maretrek. Ahrival prom Vrnkzubi-a.?We have received b) ilir M'hoouer Eltunore, from I'orto Catx-llo, El I'tnic/ari" <>l the 12(h instant. It is hllrd with hu addr? w- u lu nnricn fr< ni Antouio L Guzman, oae rf the < niididuti g for the i'resitlciicy. Ii is on the uflitre of the nation. Sporting Ihlclllgt'iitr. Ct NTttvi! ll C*t kit, L. I.?Tbottiho. ?Ths race b?j t?<?u tay l!o*ton. P..Lam and Confidence. somes off I this This race bas created much sensation stncng lur tie punt week, and more K*?tern mm 1 have t<ui<! en to wltLers it than on auy previous oo1 ration !ir mum J ran. Day Bostob is the favorite tfkitift the (t d. bhould Prlham however, appear on the track himself- aud it wa? sta'.ed yesterday that | be tievtr *u iu totter condition than at present?the Saltern horse will have the oiort formidable competlt?r he ever set with. Confidence inu?t not be treated tooligbil); for (honld ?jlit heat? oc !Ur. hi* rhanoes of w lining will be > r jood ai < liber of the others. Marine Allulrs. roa Kr?orc ? The K M. steamabip Niagara Captain Btoiie. lift our port yesterday, for Lirsrpjol. She Cairn d out tr.2J.190 in spacls, and 74 passongers The osmts of the latter will be found nader the marine 1 tad. Bi'bvkv or i mi Pacific Co?it 4in Coli-mri* Hivca.?

Litter* have bteu trce've I at the Coast Survey Offloo. by the last 11 aunt from California.stating that Lieut. 1 Ccm'g MeArthur bad completed a preliminary aurrey of the entrance of Columbia river, a general reooa- ! noist ance of the coast, from the entrance of Columbia river to Ban FrancUco. and had alao examined the Ita of a l'gbt house at New Dun|ram, Oregon. The officers ot tbe Kwiug were all well. BiAil**tic.? At a meeting of the ptssaag?rs on board tba lotted Htate* Uail Meamship Atlautle. tri m Liverpool to New York, convtnrd on Monday, 7th October, Colonel J. Watson Webb, of N?w York, was sailed to tba Cbair, aadlieo A Buckingham, of New York, was appointed ttec.etary. Uu motion. It *as resolved that a 1 omuiittee of Plva be appoiiiied by the Chair tor the purpose it preparing a >tali-ni< LI, t? be signed by the paeieugers. expressive of trail i piuios In relation to their preernt parage Tba Cbalr appointed tba following gentlemen as rack Committee:? Si. tu.l t. tf l.r siaaa; Mr PraaUia, cf Ke? dsiapabire; hr L" K'j.ol* * Yeiki CeL U.tehivjt, lii'rt Cum An?t. he UalU-sil el Peaasyliaaia; Wort. on ao'joi. tbe meetiug sojourned, to meat oa Tuetcay, Sib Instaat, to hear tbe report of Ike Comu litre da Tue?day Sth ll slant. the meeting Asaembled agreeably to adjournment, H btit*upon Mr K- bb. Chairman of tba Cominitta* appointee to draft ?al I etalemeut reported the loilow- | lag. wMrb was unammc usly adopted and tbe sama otuereutol.e publieheu in tbe New York paper* Tbe unrferrlgbrd. paesetigrrs on the steamship Atlsntle, iniiltig front Liverpool, on the it lb iteptnaber, foi New York, bar* great pleasure In (tvtug their testimony lu favor ot her admirable peitmmsace duriu* a furrtsilou of severe gales aud hnai witiU', aud tbet, takitg into eonslUeratlon all tbe eiicumstannee ot esirrmtly boisterous and severe w-at'iar aod tbe time taken te complete the voyage they tot I authorised in uniting in a general assureuoe to the putiile that 1 there is no reaeoii to di<dat?inat tue sleauier Atlantic, I In tb- perils ot weatber aud sea. e< mbines la svery re*p< rt romtort and security nnsurpasaed. Vi Teeia S. 1M0. I.e. rn l?..?la?a. Jobs Ua?SB. R W. ft'iraetl, J. H'sts a | u lk jeiu'i L ?*..?. m 1a. ai'raral 1 . --..k Junlktl.H S Cvraallna nat'h. * M. t ?U*t, Uuitl UK"ji Ihaoduia M Tt'dd. Jtinr* Magi*, J. I hailaicA, J W. I u?6tfIt, It P, Voit^ L D?whn?. Col. Uiulirvfk, (I- B A.J. H. I (Wbbcii, W. W. y.ut*.r> ?r?. A. aalajnai, M kauadlar, a. J. Hurrtaaa, J?> iBtu I.??!. (i??. T?al. Miiiiau 1>. <ia?. ddrtfs UiTft", Jan. Iliaulfl. t?>?. A H'Jck .mii.m, Iwo lra?*n4i, .V. i l>n.?r, M. I.. I *b I' UaJia??il J,.l a Uc r*a?i. Oald LalarKar. I". W. Khia !?bla/. J> 'J vir??3i 0. II. Wi kl<Kk. *. r. ? J??. fc.?< Hr M. V all, Tbavd< rr ? an. j. II Job"-. V* a ll-i.n ' ? ? a U. Jail. J. (miiat. H. Vtrnti.W. t?ira" < i i-iti t "l;~*. H..rt"a, J K. I allaadar, Jaa. SriSaa, j. A. HrUanaa. ki ?J>ita. II t -?? A. I.. lo)a<. J. F. Jtainuii, U Faraua, C. litral*. A. Magnaa H C. ? >. Mat. it Uia|?r. II. It A II Il>i|'ia. K. 1*. Lvaiia>:i. J. * tt'airvii. I'raaau Waii?, J I lla>l-y, A N ?)!??, Vtn |ltv?f H. L. taniiU, L, rtuuki' I)r I. K K -?l#r "tljrrrme C'onrt?< Irr nit loart. (Kt.Ii -*?? juo?? batlu^ Imtu a>?l*n-J By th? (ItTrtbvr tc bold iba Orti tMu'Clrsuit of ihla court, aod tb? ol tb? district bam* Uf*ge4 la tf*n?r?l TVrui lb? Circuit Court ??i adji>ur:i?d >tiw dir b) tha fb-riff on Tim>4a; cijtit at t'^ut a'clrck. purauaut to itatut*. C aurt ( AlOTdAT Till* L**rP' rum Car at (Ciart it) ? Aojuururti ?i<?* *??. Q* taral Tirm -4gl?. II to Su. both ischialm ?? ?H.?7 n, 74. ?? ?tl? J?fcJ ** a to 116. Hi <n? in, i'.;, ny at, 14. 117 to 1X4 mriu-?a. '.a MM aw Pi??a ? fart 1-N?a M. 711. 713. 714. 711, TS7 7tt- 7*. 741 747 74W. 761 art ? ?M *72 r?? ow). ?<4 em. awi. #w, Tim, 7va. ift.704. 7M _ ^ Rarr raltlnf*.-Mr. Prralro Inform* Ihr p. UK *t > ? Vxia. IABI l.? I n l"f " tb? >?.l u?l tiwra] al liaaifK, ( 'In j l.iMBa, *< raar 'I Hr>a4aaj i aaa l?iuil atrtaV ? hIImiii* ihrni of t?a c' laiauiM"' Italy, t? ?bl?A IwtwM r ? ?. trally rail taa aiMitu #f ' tiMiHiitn anJ?ira:l?mim ?f ta? ? Uxa-u 1 MUMtlMNM ky aitf th? ?i?t ar.i ?f Italy, ! rlat t? ai<)tt>tM <" ? "< f? r tala la ttaia ? jau'rj. At th* Danrli'g htMnn la at hand. W? hare a ? ' ? i? ?? tw |>ai?uwa. Hafibn litri cMMtaW iiitndl . RHBilor .1 n??? *."a f' r inraa.l'a 4nr n? i??t wiatar *a ' *ti* dil iMnl aiik II * aia) aow Vaaraa ixaattd i>> Mi. i. II. HAaKIM*. al h> >>H lUHt. U ? M|lU a*a? to >!? auli a |ia? aa4 |>ra<tai?a truly aat< ai>ui?(. fchii Krr?t, Anctloiirrr^?^niwtbcollrctlifn rt ridlll A?* aTii,ja.?Jinx A i a...< >| mill >ail tfiia (IkkfiUaj )i nair g. ??< ? It'ih, at 7 a'?l< < ?, ai ih? Aaatiaa n a - . atj* >7V hinadway. ?'<t??_r af a hit* atr^at. a l?rga ond ?*iu?n* rxliotnok ?I rh'ir* irKra>inM. tto m >ot 1 ???(?? n.any.,1 ?ki< h ar. in<-i.-**it Iram-. .*4 I taito* ?"t*? |oiloTai.<t kaut .f. ta-ai<.*ur* >i ta? tak'i i tv n , oL?ro 111*/ IN fur eih|!>itt?a. A ( aril.?The India I! ultber Co??? I wUh to | '*> 1*1 li J titfat* ?l.?l 1 lia* t a< i. aat on ail Not on *ni|>nt i. . |<|>i t.tiu tmt. m< tktt if it* aa>aan>n* i?a* tier* to ?>* |?-IMr4 omaaa r if n a* nr mf ATii on lufti furpon I* k* tho * fni-ii to tho Jn?, it ??? > > ? oi J U' Ortat. ? m MiMt I lnw l?.ttiMir??t, lli't 4ill-r y*ty mat?na If fn !!. iht iro?h. Won/ aiatr Ikl i Mnio pat Is noror ?p>k?a 1 > 41d?o tir ?f, 01 4 non ? loft oat wkioh ?oro ?p "k?a kr > Bi. k?iti it ?tH iruch aliko m a f'i'Mo ?<i' a "art t'l'tl 1 art VI ? ta:i?*o<i with tho foil a?4 ua-1'all i?4 ?-r4ict of It* nty ii That tho coasktnat l?a tr* a?t *ant. . ri >, ,?.?? a i t-ar*at. from ikolr BoBorouo ?p. tat |.Ua? ta lilt NHU.I U. Dir. FlnlniflnK the Kdltlon? K i??.*, of 111 Fallot! ttrrrt lit a ahnri ?lt?o atai r notiot (.at a f*w >ii>ia4r-t f f |i*f ol kto Irtmttokl* aorfc. oatttl-4 " Knoi ? th? H?a4." But Ik* dunaa* bo* laotoa?o4 or. rortalf Iktt tk? oditma ko? rotrko* io th*a?oo4? ao.pjrat ??. an I ?.?a ?t|l at ki i* U4?o thai job aortr frcooooa* 1 a Ha. Ii.ttor, tkoapor. ao?t a?r.i? ?>o?oot la at?l? and arpaaraato, Um kit " laat pto4a*noB A ti?m illiil tor Ihi rnrr and prevention of ' Ht*? I A tiook ?a?|.|j of Wiio axiigatfal ft PMa- r" M?a. jfcat raaairaa a? cl?-?.? ...".'J ?J. The Best Portrait of Jenny Llnd.?)Kn?^ OOVfiL ft CO. be* Uin to lilun the public, -.bat thO have la prosreee uf DBblleitiu. M a large eeale, the portrait f the 9w?dl?h Nnifthrinaala," after a ooii admirable da??ern>otype. Ukn hv Mr. Boot, at the apecial riaiinl of Mademeiaelle Had. Trie eiecitioa hu bt? togMid t? Vr. Creher. aad the pnblio may reel unnd that the portrait we ar? laasias will aarpaaa aaythla^ of th? kind pnbluhat heretofore. Price of eaoh cepy. plaia. (3; "olor I, |i. Ordere to ba addraeeed to OOf Pit. k CO.. M BrtiJvirThe PI umbe National DafMrrlan Gallery, Mo. 161 Broadway. &iraa?era and otuata ahould aot fail to viait, aa it ia the moat intareitin* pl*ee of tha kiud la thia oountry. The aelleetion la tba limaat in tbe world. Everybody wyi ao?That of all superb llkei e??ea?of all productiona in the photographic art. y?t attempted, ihoM of Root at tha Fair, are the h.-at ana mo?t aitietical Their taale aad flniah are remarkable. Mia magnificent room are R. W. cursor 8road?ay *si rranklia etreeti. Call a?d eta him. 3,000 Overcoats, with Rich and Elegant Limnge, ? to **l Cloaka. I to W; S i?jO pain Pant:, I to 4; 6,i nil veeta, SO rente to $X $S Suit itora, aorner of Nsaaaa and bcekman atreata. American Cast Steele?The Adlrondae Cast f>t?ei Work*, at Jeraay Cuy. that were roomily partially destroyed by lire are being rebuilt on a lar/er lisle, and are to have added rolla, for making round and flat ateal. Th*a m>nniactnre ia ooirpaiaiively a new enterpriaa fur thia eeuntry, and iheir eteel ia hifhly approved V? srtnana, and i? warranted of aaperior quality, folly equal to any imported. Warehonae 81 John atraet, New York. < , I Patent Bed Clotlkes Clasps!--Something en- | tirely new for the ni<>et uaelul ot purpoaer. W hat can ?? m<.re deairabla than tbia anug lirtie invention, like a eteidtaat frit nd at your fccdeide. to keep tha "lo'hea . n tbeae cold ui|bta. They can ba attached without diAiulty to any leaetead, aud will moat effeotnally prevent aayderangeuifut of the clothee daring al-ep. For children's brda ther will prove Invaluable, aa ohildr.n an- more liable to eipoame from reatleaanex than aunlta; and thia claep ketue them ci mfortably covered during the night. They maybe ie< l in operaiii n at the great Fair. For aale, wbo'aeale and retail, at Tuttle'a Emporium of Fancy Goo-la, 515 Broadway. Comparison ! Um1(u. ? Brooks1 Boo tit, 9hoee, Gaiters, ko., takes the shine snurely off anything before pre?>ent?d on this uuniina spbt*r?, at lfa? Fulton street. Our rtudera can al?aya flud a lame assortment of oLtap and desirable goods. Call and see. -and be aacistied. ] Some crowds bare no Philosophy ? 1 hand- < full of the soda of eui'iric excitement thr >? u aui .??--?t ih s ignoraneo will eaure Lubblea to expand and giitler thcr iui- 1 nnte in the sun and burst; but th? intellectual cro*d that fl'jfi With cltar an-l i tra-iy a'.reaui f r th?* ptva flra ni i remedy. Mia. Jervi*' Cold Gaudy, know, from 1he experienvn* -.f tbfjr friends, that tbeir pulm /nary oomplaiuta cam to ourod by Mrs. V%. Jertta, %6 liroaaway. Hair Dye.-Hft(thclor,i Genuine Liquid B~irt>>o> b? ?tour*d ai ihe ni*aul*ovory, * Wall trect. The public should guard agaiust iumati >?a. heo nay vr riona diplon aa. I'eraona vabose hair ha? ass .med a t?ad oolor from tbo use of the imitation d>-s, can ha.eitoorroctt.d by calling a* above. Copy ihe adJre?a. Waters* Liquid Hair Dye, now exhibiting ' at tht 1 ail < f the A iu? ricaii lustit uu , i* ths beut d>e fcuouru. 1 It la in on* battle, and free lr- ui all until. aa?a< iJor? a I trial only 1a repeat-d. For >ale at Chitaon a,ttroadwaj. Wigs and Toupee a.?Uattlielor's newntyle for i^Oi ate now en ?juu?hio&i at i!i? F*ir, and ail ferine 1 . requiring one of the*e up^ful articles ah-ula e*atniu?< tbeua, j ' and tec perfection ?n the era cf wig making Ben* tela r'a 1 cfltlia (d Wif faclury is at 4 v* all street. Copy tLe address, and call -uu ate nis mam fact urea. 5,COO \Vlg? and Toupees always on hand j at ftifcilUt H&i & n?\KI? calibrated ?V.g Factory. Z Maliltn lane, N. V., and National llutcl, 1>. C ; eariauicd a perfect tit, asd not ahrink or change color. Alao, traide of loug fcair front braids, to , 2, Ma: ice. lane. A C holce.?-7 liot e who liare itrang bcai*d? cd teLdtr lnee<s ih ul. avatd ccinm n eo*p. it is a J?lett rum Von have a bei'er ahanc* la Bj*Ii's Auiot*, waich in part? the moat invigorating auu atrenztbt-uiiig rtfc-ci* to aid and skin. Bold by ik? inventor, MTiliiAia Begl , 2i7 ^ u liicgton atrtct, Bo*t? u; also by A. l?. and U i&aaua, 1W> Fulton street. Fretkles,Tan, Kaliowness, Pimples, Kruptlcne, *uu an tkin dia.uea, are, it ia we.. kbtwa, positively cured by using lineravd'a Italian Meditated Botp. The tVudie mi Mile eradicatrs hair from an. part of th? body. 1 L juiU K< age for pule lips mid elueks. l ily Whi'e far rough, flushed, aluigidb complexions, ai 67 VI ?lkor atreet, fiirt a tore from Uroadway. CallenCer, tf^uih Third meet, Pbilft4elphis. Dr. Jatnea \\ . Powell, Oeullst, AurUt, %vc. rotis'his attent.on e>iiu?ively to di?t?icKS vf t??o Ik/e auS j kar. !r mi?to4 o'clock, at 2J1 Hr?*adway, entrance V**sr- j J rtn a*r#ei, where can te b?d his popular "Pr~atiteon the j l-\e." third edition, pri e SO cen -?; a?e*?. hi? fieli Acting Byo ' and Kar Fountain*. Art;ft lal fcyee inx*rted. Ihfrr h nntlilng so aatoulehlng at to hear pt (le O'Uiplain ut nerv OUB di ta >es u ?, tor they are *ulirslj duLe away with, by use ( f Dr Watt ' Nerv^ui antidote; e^n epihpey baa yioided to its wonderful power. Tins aetata impiol able, Lut you sir uld oail on lir. Watir* and see the tea. iui< *iala of the cures etfectec by the Norvoui Antl- I dote. $1,00 bottle; depot, 10: Nsssati atreet. Onili y'i Arable Kltxlr^?1 h? demand for bis areat remedy lor all nereou* aiscas*a morea??s a rapidity alu.ost unt xaropl* d. Orders pour iu upon the proprietors by evnry n ail, and tbote who LaTc trial th?* artiele certify that, for nereoua uepresaiun, h> poch uinasts, hyaterica. neuralgia, tie dolorena. toothacae, n err on a tretnora. lie., it :a an abaclutc and infallible apesitie. WHice, No. 3 Dey atreet. Knapp's Health Restorative Bitters*?In addition to the properUt tof thta preparation as a dure for a}ec tie ditcares of the rtomach, liver, boviela. aud aervea, iia general invig* rat ng aud renovating etf aia are w >ader* ful. an^ we adviae all who ?efler aay of i*??e oxmplaiabe, or from nbysieal v?takae?n, er aro at all emarisui, tj g<v? 1 it a trial Far aale at 362 (Judaea atrevt, 13U Fulton ftr<et, and by the drnggiate geaaral^y. 476 Broadway?Dr. Krlllngrr'a Maglo j Fluid telle for ca;S witaout a maruiuraa ru o as tan p ; diaeovera o?r refereieea. it reaeas tbe hair. aM enr?a al> most all dUea#**. If these a be buy ar- deceive i th ?y go > : with napectaMe eompaay. It if,and ba? be?-n waea tor jr% a 1 \7 the lion. U. 11. UrlSbtll, by the irvingr, haes, De;>u*-r, I liradLni at a, Car maaa, t sat ere, Ludlow a. jT?rm??, Uvin^?. ] vni, l.orillarda. Mar^hanta eaoaor fail to b?> if I it1** will call on Dr. k. ScU it lorn* bottWt at 1,2 < in 1 v. I ' nek I arte to Inrctga tradora tall Ml M 1 car ?>iliilal ctm aa<l tala oih the Dr. bianK. I Ppiir.gfleld, Angoit 8, 1HSO,?D( ar Sir i?It j It ?i<a [i.ktn mat 1 ?w aiilt tu mum >VU mat t.ia diapafria and a-rroatama altk wli'rb my wife ku h<-? to I uiiah Uoukltd for m* tl?a paat, hw ae?a eatirali o?are.?e aiilitM. t'j il't uh ( I'lanott'e Imtara 1 U.iara , tliia to t? inaaluell- la tbia coai laiat. > wall a* a ?o?.d ( tame for tbr ayati aa, baaiajl myself d< nral rau-h b*n? n bjr t thtir nt. Vary tiair )?ara. [*i?atd] l.K. WHITE. I Fur rala b? Jho Nilhau. 1M ttrnaaaay. Juha It IKdd, , 771 Itnadaajr J !"adlf. JM Bread a a}, aad by WlilUm T. a Hi-ki a C? lti> and 141 F. eat (treat. Phj-alral Training?Dr. Klfh "*"fVimllr MM uncae thai bia laatituilen la t'ro'.y MMM. a?> r i telow bltackrr. It aow open. aai Irady lor tba i.c-ptioa of aubrcrikoa. To ?tifTetia( frjm draptpaia ?r aifeatieateftke liter, ti? Weald earreitly r??..aaioud tk? prnaih-e a( ku tjtttm at ireiala*. aa it ill afford rrliM la m?dt rteet Dr Ritb will d??*.t particular aitantUa to Man d) .an Imgalanuta of f.rm eiti-er lu adule ur '111- \ oraa. tat ho ?ill ?!? private laairuction in tbe dilTrrant , departa^nta of phytn al tratalac to thnea who u ijr doura { II, tither at tbair ratideate, or at hit iaatltatlea. I Bllaa'a Compound Cod l.lrrr Oil Candy? ' l'ribai* oo aiodicii.a aref K?ia?d (o excellent a ttLuiatioa la ' ao abort a pan d of lima .< loi ulita't tendy li it oai/ a ' f'tt BonOn tia< e ttie aarlralied ariiele >e* la'.r; luoad lata 1 the n.trket. and lit tale it aow nnprei-eden ladljf exteaaite, ( aad lit eotoeet aoaderful. A*rv*a<ne a* tito ai >tt drliea'a ' eotnponad of CLl^etionary, it otill rrtaiaa all ih? curative jua met i f t od Lirer O 1. No < a< tea u-a it for ooida, fee., witl in u?rmo(| adtaatag* from it. K^el-r. lo k mH for ( vaatarfaita. Far tale, wbol. *(? and : a: l ty a B. a. ' Panda. lui Fslioa ttr*?t< Joba Mtlbeaa l%1 Hr?ai? ?i. at * th? Atur aad Irnac, tad Alur U?aet|die( itoraa, aad 110 ' rpatiway. DtttlllC<lKtllln(U'i U'ondrrfkl C?r? of Mr. 1. l>ta<, tlit '*l?brat>d K'|<<e.tiiaa kat>/ir and I'r-.tin i.'oii ri lr a >?a Francii<*i ?nn a lr ?tn i o< aoiuiiklna Dr K. taoh th? i at* aad aad? an *ntlro cura J la It ta i aa a ai"al b Thit aitdirinr r aalaro't romtdf, la pit| an d fri ai i nc ahl'd, for la araal and t istraal utp. It , acta d 11. <11> pj" t tl># ??aa part. (I'in? it kaallk aad ,, atitaatk. Ii br?nke ap t u?u? aad colda af I. ai ma aitc, ditraiar/, abolara, navp*. Mllloat abullr, an 1 all itra- y (.laiii ti oi i{ a ttoaiaadi aad bowrlt aar? mi diaa>>rt a-? latiat.tlji rnran. diaaaaoa of tbr kidnaya. aad all aaaaarr of ?<tlt??. m malt i r ''mil' it mattrra in! fr in aiial n etii t. laaitti i ltaaJ. aad ttarr d 't? < r arfUcati m ia Iki i if hr< akiM d?wa tha |atl?at lark; da/ a - rd'.n* to tka _ Irta'iaoat af th? prnfraaioa afacrallj It 1a rarjr pUttaat, tad It adapt* d ta all acta and climataa Froat Ittit a <> .. I tl0 8n:d aUo, Uiatt'a Lift Balaaa, Bib?ard't Willl'a?rr? 1 K tft? ~itd? aad Towettad'a ?\raar*rill< il<i''i ! ad f U ... . . .prr- ? I.ui.r. LfT k *111 ptnat,, t? ri?? \ ll.illJf. tnytiHur, Oi't'l hiT Knll Mi Ht ?a( I ?( ?1 r.d'rlul "?r*? ai.d r?f .n-nc?. f?l4 m rert !?rr-IijUUi I li ' ' - "*V I fj The IHonrjr Mai kit, Ac., Will l>? fugnd on / the clfthtli page. 1 * i AIUKKTlRtflE.MS RhMWEO EVK&V DU. ^ POUT OFFICE ROTH BI. | ? ,_-Lr,-Lr? - - ------ . J *< I-miin matm uiu roi C4unau.-MV s \J k*? tnffc o*t. t, isMi.? r&* Miiit m*tt for IKltf- rai*. Ck#gr?*. l*?n*t:-t. ko , p<t l'mi>4 Sum Mail ViMLir t.lUH'.l A, will 4* ftp *1 Iku DIM. tji Tt,-i*y, . Ik* lltl IMV, ?lo*i*? M 11 M. UlUltaC *ir*? Pi c?ata, | I to I Hiikik? JU *<?U, i?th ( ?hl*h Ml 11 at ft* cr? >?il. ' W I. V. ?WAl>t. I* MTID PT ATCJ* M til < FOR tl'HOI'B -I'OSTO# flOf, ' J >tt Ink "ft l?, I /?, ?Th* l'ult*4 Stat** m?ll* f?? kut?|*. I" k? rtlri *i.h..| p<r I nit* I 9t?.** lill M??vr ' A 'I l.? MIC* cf lb* 11 III**' II**, oil l?n?U ?p at thlt i We< i f?' uH?j. t tie I'.it I Bit., r ! '?) * >1 li't i 1 L? I. iii it tfci (*:i*?*t ?f r?i-*, h? tt>u li**, riii h w w .i v iiw?u> r?uu<'*r_ I'M \ n m M ?- mn ? Cii.irotxi t. r?? ? V' it*** *r t;?o*t?lA.?r**t <> **, Ch*?h*m l**!*, *?riitIim lire,****) u*tt*f .** f>r *i?*m*r n*.t?i* ?nl i i*ie *i ii.k e,ffi? ot rniir, I Ilk i??t? '1 *'jKi. ?. 1. liff.f* cf *1 till 10 *'*1**11 ft' ftlltt At W.M SfitM ItMP*. f I,' > ?> ( H ?I<HAI*i:At. U?M, ?t.t Brt'itriWiT, tl r np.talra. .???lt* lh? lllj-mpl* lh**ir*. r*c?iT?4. ?i i * rl.e>i -* i I Fr??< h L*I?| , nf *?rr)- kiarf. fhia* **< rle-h * (mii i h**4rllrr*. Laatr**. Be*. kM* ?? ! S??p***lia?; ?, (,.41* v>?? L*m,.. Ik* ft**, ?'J/ -V^TII.U?. W Ufifl and \ in ??m?. S' il A I A I 1 ll 11 m . m. 1 ? ?>!* . ruiiit'-i . a? tl thf f?l??ra-?< t f- o'' >n 4 Hi- V All' dni lilur ilii' I 'm < 4i I fit* >H fruit fcMkrMI ? ? i ' rk? t' P ' * ? : ' if I t?r << ? . I la <1 ? Uatinaa nilrtr; i? <tf maJ i<l rii'l, ri, ? . *i>IHh UliKii.t v I >i * liiimrrtO.HKin f ) alt. M>t inn iituli, sppnita tli? Church. * - - < WilHlHa. TVELUTtt ri WASHHU PAWIMI' IT-WAH- ^ fin'fl tin* ?< pj. m Kin-Mil bf Bail, (nt of |>?imt, f? llll K1)*HII ?? ?, N. T. r, BPATBl.TS WASHING CIRCl'l. tft - W AIIR IMTBD I, ?? ? kjr mall, fiM of point f..r ,vj ?,.(. ? K Atpliatdl Jf?a?att atw. w V s, n'WtUlTKl B ft lUVIbT IMTBI>-TUC T?TO ~ 1 piaai ib >>Mk, Irr ti. Mai kj ?ail, fr?* of p ?ta?? th A| pit at ?l kwm lit"' N. t. m TWCI VBTRBB80B ItrAVBI , , ..p l* *l?h?r ?f Ik<*? plM*. ft.4 pot <?a?n . ~ , hnnirol A a* ' " * ' f li't*. Aipljpa- ?l;, , nr. I {, " L Ji BOUllT^LAWDf. Boirty l Ait v.-tv orrtcBRi 4hd soldIersor lb* Am) of 1h?, of pmliu ladiaa ware, wan 1m florida and Mexico. militia aad xlutmn, or tkair rimmwtlim. Tb<> (ubeoriber. who tarred for aaaay roari la the irmj tubee-ineat to 1811 u4 wta ooo of um oo mail too la ippljlai to Cvacrot* for land, aow thai an appropriation hat boon sad*, offer* kit hrrtmo m aa aceat, la pvooariM their warraat* *ad dltpoeiafaf tkoa. If aoooMMy. Uttoa poet paid. Wathioiton City, d. c. Bep'erobtr .V, 1850. CHARLES J. NOUESE. We. the uo<l-rei?aed; bavin* bota membert of a eomaitw*la applying to ot?r?* for aa approprlatioa of laa4 for old toluitrt abort mentioned, reenmmtad Major Chariot /. Nonrt* of Waahio(?< a City, at a taitablt tnai to bo la pl'iTod ta attending to tboir iluu. C. 8. todd, Jno. o. CaWp,Ootcb?r i, iw. 010. b km dir. Bocnty LANDS, pat, ro.-officers, soldiers, or b?ir*of any of tho wart of tlio United Statoo awa I 1790, wtr of 1812. Florida war, Mtxloaa war, to., oaa aow obtain thtir land or pay, oa auptioaiioa at_No.u Croaby ilritt to william b. browne, Lara Liatrr. u. 8. Aawr. All officers and soi.dibr*. and heirs or all tnch at terred ia any war eiaeo 1790, whether laiinn, Briiith, or Mexican, oaa atw proouro their bountw land forthwith by applying to tho United Statot last Agtmy, 412% Broadway. OAot op?a from ei(bt o tltok? ? n,ettiii>r. *' ome o1'lnc%. erenia*. A. JAB. WORKS. COLOURS, AND ALL OWKR PERSONS HAYINCt O claim. for land under the recent Bounty Land A?t, m rltaia tlielr neoeeearv papers upon application te the sub? icriber, at hit office Nn. 79 Nuui street, New York, as *? pedi'iM >ly and nj "n ai rfaaonahle Mnu ?? 'hey can l>e obtained tt rough any othar channel. If. I. GILBERT. LOIT, A?. " REWARD.-LOHT FROM ONR OF THE H0token Feny boate from Canal street, ?h?e lout one-third of theweyover, near t o'clock ycaterday mi mirg Ihe HtL instant. ti a tide being fleod at the tlm*. Naiiiel Trimble dreaded in plaid nr airipod pantaloons, bin* rrock coat, sack or overecat, of greenirh hue, and >11 k under ihirt. lie en aliont 5 feet 10 incbee h'gh, (pare ftgnre. high laid ferehead. The above reward will be paid far the re?Dcvtry ot tbe body bv LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE fc CO . Ne. S? Bread at. fljtl K KEWAKD ?LOST, ON W K1>.N ESUA Y, Til* ITU iret., a Porte Mounue o.uiaimn&in the neig .bot? hi i d rf $100, c. misting of flee dollar notes md Bve dollar [eld pieces. Alan, a note for (14?. payable nbsnt the 1th ot October text, bi aides snndry memorandums %iS reward mil be paid on lta being returned to No. 3 Lcroy place. I'ayment of said note has beon stopped. (OA ERR'ARD-LOST, ON TUESDAY EVESINO J?*" Oct. Mh, in w alt in/ fr m corner of Ann street sad I.road way. aculored is irocc > steel clasped wallet, contain* ins sbnu' (ll>i ia city ard this Slate lulls Una twenty d 1lar bill on Fhenti Bank N. Y., the balance in $10 %\ $5 sna S- bills on this State banks. The tinder will reoeive the above rewatd, sud confer a favor nn the unfortnnat'1 ownec by leaving it with Mrs. 111.' I VTaTER. ?fi Eait Broadway KEH'ARI) LOST. ON YESTERDAY EVENIV1, O** between tie hours ol two and three o'clook. in U?bo? ten, a Pi cket Book containing $75 seven $10 gold piece*. ud ?i.e $5 till Slate n.-ney; Note of (land, Agent, Rih?rfc Flower, tor $-1 ! 1'apn e end Receipt, of no uae to any hub tiie ?? tier. *l.o is a poor man. lleriuilage llall, ooro -r Al11 l and Houston rte. IO?T?ON Ur.DNESDAY, TUB <TB IN STA MT, INT A Broadvay near Courtlaadl street, a lady's hrncelot. lreAndtralll be ati. faetorily rewarded by leaving it at 17 Mercer street. LO?T-A coil) It It AI EI.ET, T.1R TOP SET WITtt gamete and pearl*; supposed to have been i >st in a I'ry Drrk S'me, it it Orchar i feet. bi> ween Qmuil t I Dalar.cj S'reels Ti e tmd?- will be liberally rew?rd.1, by letie nj; t at No. liti lieltucy ?t-ce?. or at the Ala Uat Company's store, US Nassau street. OWNFR MTAWTFD-FOR A MCUOI LEFT IV TUB? barroom of the Jersey Uu'el. 71 Conrtlandt street, iotnta l.nif '.u the month of September lant, c nt inini s?s'.re un* other propejty, dlrec'ed W P Whitney. Aster House, N. Y^ paaaeugtr p?r steamer Canada for LiverpooL REWARDS. OJ. 1 IVI REW\Tirt ? STOLEV ON TtlE EVRNINQ OP 9 1 WU the Hli ol Oct oner, between six and s-ve?o'e!n - it. Ir ,o ?Be pretniet.. 17d Secou* street, Ite foil >wla( aet>. ie? sndin'ity vii:?ene s"ld levtr w?t?h, wiib gnard oha.n; one kpin> vratcb, nnmbers not recollected; one pair ?f ear? r nss. with bluehtouee.ii email gold pencil; ou- (t?ld r,n<i.. and |."K in aotsev?anr ag which wa- a (10 g' Id jiiece, SV.: in 1 ? bills. iLd the balance in billion various coon'rjr ba- ks. 1'l.e rewtrd will be paid for tl.t defection of the il.i'l kilit. very ol the FMl t"? ?r for paitof it in pip-rtloB. JACOB . IVfK SSi-ulbk-on wednesoay, tuk itm day or 00lobrr. Iron infrort of the |>re?ieae of thumbI' r.b' f, N# 2U Ninth ?trwl, * flrcy Mar* and Light Rock*? r.?y W uirnn, i" ikcr'a "ii a hraaa plate, " H'lWi & Co., Jamaica, L. I." U hoaTer will tc'ain the ?*me to tbc fi >? irritc, or wiM five eu'-h informatioa an will lead to it* hall w aiiitahl)' rewatded, i>n application to th% tubacriltr, at hie olbee, M?.!V Walker Ne? Vort city. EM j All uouuiitow. NIKICii.. ' CHard-*i?* aiglsta browns, cokpuur ?ni> I'rofeuut of- Mane, con'iooee thrive Ueaont on th? Piaculorte, <ad in Harmony aid ia Sia?lu|. Yirmi Dtdb known at her rtaidence. <1 L'roeby at reef . DUTI TUITION.-QEKTLBM Elf WISSINO TO 01. ] * >a'D tha art. f [laj inn oa the flat* la a aaperier etyla. 1 aitb reaped to tnae. tone, and t^rouui, and at iheetn* time acquire a remarkable aaey methor of bteathlaic, am re- f lueiitii to ?ppl? to 'to I'roft-aeor of that iuatramca*, lidS| line atitei, three doora weak of Wooater atreet, Ketwea I and 7. auj evening Turns moderate, aad refer aeea j ?e? a 'o bia capacity and grtak eaperienoa aa a teacher of ib? Bute. MI I.I.I N KIIV AM) DRT (iOODH. Pm A H IS MI LLl M F.K Y ? M KBO VLB. LATE NO 3A PARK* Place, haa removed to No. }l? Hreadway. aad will - pam [.11 Tneeda*. tbe K'.h leataal. bar Pall and winter My lea of Paria Hoaaeia. fee. The adiae are reapactfally iaeiteJ a* tail and eaamine the aama. Millinery-bon*?t%i>rb?acaP3.lacb*, rib-' koar. Rc.?The aubacrtber la ernataatly rceolriaf tna geweat and ai?et faaMouable patternaof the abuee aruMae,for the S< ntheru. Weawra. aad ooaatrr traie, ? hirh ha . ITera for aala at the lowtat eaah prea*. Ord?rf ' h. aptly enau:ed. J b HIKIHaV, M Johm Hr?i, up a tain' * Modes and robes.?p. cjatkli e. < formerly rj OoUfrcy )?Preach Boaae'.e, hlka. braae VauritlL tliaka. Bmtroidcriee, Re., race! red by tl bkal, teaaer.-7 ' J Dr?ee?e made to erder. S12 Broadway, betwtea Itrooae aa# , I Jprir* i-'raaM. , Til Mil I INEKS AM) l>EM F.RS IN FANCY OOODS -J'l \v (III K- I KR? r.M\.N hate ree. ,ved. fr.n . -10 aaeortKiat of rich Clu?tere, Imitation ef iritiaiia*, and a variety of far', ? T7"r ^ !"* IroMea. They ala? bate a *oo4 Block . a, . u ^ Or....,., ? W. r. 'T.' *h'r""K Wt^V, =" - PI BLICATIOifS. f Texas m aps ? le cordota s m\p or tb^as. roV? l?^>, la aow ready, and caa be by the irada. at ih. tf "f A H BRAN.3S Water atn-.t. 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