Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 12, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 12, 1850 Page 1
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IT H WHOLE NO. 6967. DOUBLE SHEET. TELEGBiFBIC nTRLUSEMB. From Wuhlngton. 701UUWOIVSBB TO TREAT WITH TUB I.fDIAJfS, KTC. OUB ITKUL TBl.B4.BArhi0 coBBkironDKMua. W??ni"ii.T?n. Oct. 11,1666. OMienl Caapboll. lata A mariraa Consul it nrsdi * MBDilwioi to aceompany Ut? Maileu boundary cor pa, for the purpooa of traatlof with tha Indiana ! tha Qra?t Colorado for part o( thair eouatry. U It aboold turn out a'lrantigeoua (or whita aetCJcmenta OaB.-ral 0. Li to ba aocoapaniad by C clonal harlaa f. Todd, of Ohio, and Ooional Taapla, o( Tan?e>ia>. . Baddlofc IfeCa*, (laorja W Barbour, aad K. Koien*raft, bara baa* daaigoatad as CoumkaiioMra to nafottat* trMtlea with the Indiana of California. tk. ... ?.i.t.. .? a..... .... ik> ;_.1 >ku n CtUfcniit have been Ailed a* yet. M Mir* Seal and Millar. at Mew York, bar* been appointed elerki la the Ueneral Poet Office. Tioe Mcmr?. A il'.tnms and * Isher, removed. PelHlttl {nflirmktloii. tATIOKAI. WHIO MKKT1NO IN SCHk.NKCTAnT. Bchkiectadv, Oct. 11, 18&0. The national whig meeting to-night <u thinly ateoded. M. Swlts vse appointed Chairman; 8. S. -I'ggs and C. H, Mathews Secretaries. Hon. A. 1 Linn addreeaed the meeting II > said that the I'tlea Convention waa not for the , tirpoa* of dividing the whig party, but would serve to strengthen it. Da oonelodad by moving the appointment of a ? immittee t* draft resolutions eipremlng the hum of *'^he meeting. Hon. A. L. Linn afterwarJs, from t*e Committee on Jteaolntioas, reported resolutions sustaining the oo -se of the minocity. The naolntiona recommend the "whig* of the 8(ate to lay aside all personal Interests *D'l prejudices, which threatened th ir division, and to (tand firm and united In de.enoe of the men an-l measures which bare heretofore dlrtinpui.-hed them M members of great national party. Tne resolutions approve af the course of lha nd<ulnl?trai|nn, and l ?tom?nd tr- the Convention concurrence in the t kat already nominated Sc. The lion A L. L:on was nnsnimmiMy appointed a lelepate. with power to select a ?ub?titu'e. Pev< ral niOiioas of a local nature were adopted, and Che ui< tiling edjourc -tl. PARI# MOTKMBN rt IX MAH*ACHU*LTTS. Bsitoi, Oct. 11. iSSO, The !>ee soiled Lave cmi' st-1 Cbsrlei Allen for Congress, the Filth, or Woroceter dUtriot. The ?higs have re ; oiuin&ted Janx * II. Duncan, and the lemocrats Alpbeut) K. Hrcwc, of Lowell, lor Congi jss, in tba Third district The free aoil<*s and democrat# of Worcester county Uave r'initiated a union ticket for Senators. They ' hate butr united in four a inii'<s. and probably will | In rvary county when- there ia a chance tor th ,r sue- ! ~es? Tbis noirn nt ha* brought out a card from I Samuel lloar t> U. Hans, and several other letdiog ;rea si.iUrs who oppoac the uul -n of th if pany wltn .hat o; the democrats, lb.- card also calls lor soother fret so.I t on v. uti' ii, to be lietd at Ooncord on '.he Ittn Jit. \tw llautpablrc Kleetlan. liusron, Oi'liiOMr 11, ! <.<<) Tht- able* culm the (lection of I'erkiat ;?biir) to i Oopgresa. t'lilon Ntillng nt Mobile. Mohilk, Oct *. ISM *A *r?at iu??t'njr of the friend* of tbt> L'uioa ?i -Mid la tbla olty thl* evening Frfrttl ?orf eathu?!. Mir ifwuhn ?rr? mad*, mil r?*<vlation? wer? adopted, avowing datermlnatlon to atlch to the klmV'ii oonrtlttitlon nod lb- la*v Thf l-'ugltlvr KltTi Uh. Hokikki, (lot It, 1H0 A Urge id] riwpeetubl* netting ??< beld l?at m?'u(, tu takv into coLpitdH-ation tin Kujjttirf Slave law %t whieh a commli lee wa* appointed to draft rvaola*1 >t.? for tbr oooildoiitloo of ta adjourned meeting to le b**l 1 ob tLr JI at iu?t. \ imIn Dry In BostonBurro*, Oot. U. ISM. ! .lull Hr;, tba Turkl'b CoinmUalop *r, arrived is I Jluuae The Mayor visited biui thl* uirc.ok and j??e hiui a b'arty wel.-ome. tie w'H acrami-anj bin tbroagb Um Mtf tfci? alteration Tb* conitnltrtonet i illl Itlrataiw 'Of Ivll** at FailrU lla*l to Bight | ad |T' <'?*4 t? Matab&tll the leildraca of *h? Hon. .>anl*i W?bsi?r, to-sorrow. 'Ila* rmlMlant EplK?|a1 (mitmiUou. Ci?i'i*>? *i Ortober 11. 1M A reartutioa wai pa-aed la?t K?4a*aday, thai t>? j ci-naitlatlM cf ?b* General Tb> ulo<ical a aiaai; mtj . N r imrodr-l that ap?.rlal a?nlaf< of tba Board ot rrv?t*#? aiajr be railed by a uinJ rtty of the hlahopa, * b- n Ibr blobiipn of tb? die ?a, iloy any disability, input rail (?ch a Binetlug. A r<>.?latlon w?* alio mrmA tbat th? r vnntitntinn of tbo ? minarj bo fur'tv r it'll -d #' tbat in tba il ctlon of j>rof<M<>r? th? trout*c? anay Tf-to by proiy. A Beth'r raaolutlMI wa? olWfi tbat tho coo?tltutf"n J* %l?o f'itth#r iinfod d. to that th?r? ifcmll bo a < ( tli* lo>r<i of Ir?4Mi. at tti tlmo ?Bd r lac* M wolii < f <h? <J?-B*r?l Coa?*Bt o? Thl? ?i*ln;iaa ni wipported by Mr. ul Man I Mr WIMIbum ofTa;?*? Ur Tayliw.of Mkh , M*oar*. ??lll|bin i>4 r*fl*r of logtkCtrollia; aid >u oppow-d by ikr Krt l>r N?hl of Conn , nd R? r Mr. Ptltlxi. of Mla? WhH<- Mi* P?|> ?r *m apoak'ng. h? r narration adjourn-'! till n?*t day Ob Tbn-tday. Maryland m??o'l?l aid th# p*o. ?e??d Mnon of tli? <1n?U? ?.f aoro brought if Til* FpUoopal Vl> Hit >a i .pmin ?' ? U ',n?i",'*l ?f ll'fbcp-Irg'i ?ll llpV?- f'* Mcdo .n, aoa P.'lk IWlWIr*pftB or,-* pr?*ojt*d , nad th? Matteal ..ndcr <tU?yf*<>ti f? 'ho day p?nl. u, ajaia rootlit op *a<1 fnr'h?r Jnhatod by Ro? Mr Paplor. Hot Mr (VIH? ?f Ma-?*<hn?-1?? ; Mr D>.I.Mn? of Harylaad | aadMr P?odt?V>?, of <?h'0 IaiaaadUlotr b- ' ?? tb* a ij o-rm at tho rooola'toii >f an?Hd?rnl rrqalrlnj that 'flat of ?b?- rr-m aboil bob?M at 1b> t.ia* an * pi too of IhoUonoal Co*Ti?U<n *a? r?-rl?<l Tbo tm? ?a? Utn by JIommb. and *j o*dor? *"h ?h- Mtowia# r? alt Twraty ??"?< ?mi r?rr???M by lb* olorjy, of vbtrb ??T.-at'? ?o d ta I h? tan n S? a?/ati??. ar.l I H?td-J ; t?-a.T-fnnr dlo<o?o? wrr> rvpr* -ill' by tho l?lt> ot vhtob Bftooa ?? a Ibo afil ai'ln ????o In tho a??atlt? and (* JWUod Tb* > .B cvaiaiKtr# na tbo Maryland aatt- r an l l.? prop yl d oaooa? 'laMot t? Ipwlpil fblMMM, -portod a n. a?rt'r t rott abkb >u ?! ? an ?ont -d ft* ?ot\)?rt *a> a>ado tbo Md>r >f tbo day lor lo not -*?. at oia??? o'elurk. TV* Crarratl a will pr? bo'Jy adjoarn by tb? tnldila ?f arat w**k Jonuy I.IimI In HoaUut. n?TO' rtct 11.1*10 Tk? ebtnly roacm U?l al|bi ?a?a?r??d^l ? , ?ad p????>d of ta tbo aatlra lattAclloa ?' all ooa ora?d Tb? roroipu an ratlnaM at otot tIDOw (bay wtH It la aalV* dlitflkiud by a eomnl'.to* of b'rb lb* 1l?a Ndw*rd I'rorott I# ehalrataa I'mir t HoaatH. aluiwwr ri'mii-tn.'.iin niMor* r, urn. BuiuMf, Oct 11'SiO 1 S? Cf Ullj ra a-?.1 rf tti< ?*< nla/ lirlo?? laf >t?aIon Ibat a n?t ?irul<i t d''???o ?n jpo???l to b ?Uo>ra. baa mraHt Vrak^a at at Kfra<wn I a Th? at. aiao V . Imt wli 1? no h?r o%??aim f f ia tho 1*4 Rlror tc N?? "rlraan on th? 'J4 io*t .8ra M ?? !*-? < t ikr ntn <<)(* fk? ftnall -rM' ritrn for Mr B?11nr4 (tho r-f alnr ?ktf n*>n.t?.?? ( 411 ih < ?aran-y la th. Thlr4 Cnn(ra??4onal 6l-trfti ?l Lnal itul !? attrlbat?4 to hi* ;n??a n uttba CaS?n rtpoUltlan. W P ll:nH , H ' ?II iimMH |n .rimi'T Kl? fit p*rprInf'iB? f' n| t'l" Mor'innlc*' Dtrk. 4M It I* aafslnr ' "a tfta rtlaeu of sblorofora. la lb* n*lU r>of <Wj ja.'l 'lh? <otl<m Crop Injnrrd. Mrttro i T'??, 0?t 10, IV*. Wo o??a kCling ffrut an tl- 8th InaUn Tha ianty tn "MaiUd ?i IUi 000 fcai.? !* ? ? ittnn l< tlIn IS1 o Tka firft Trort lot jmi wat on ? on<1 ?l %|>|?4'sla. At out. 0?t. 11. 1M Vi? +* Jw? k J(?m. ??' analnit Jn44. ?l>t>?Uaf ?atia<ltto4 n|>uo ?ilutn4 ii|ia all ui ,.<>Ma P tl. Rahrnek appal-oll- nat?na?rr onatT Mutual I?.?nr*n<'. Compan? Jn4,:-n> nt af rmo4 kt d. fnait No. A ra<la>*t?a i(fUMl. ,?aln* n?l>aaan ??ratrl?, tal otfcara ?r?n?4. t*a ft taa?ttt. raaalvor Id., ap? llaat, on. P rial nay U4 anothor \rgn???l ^maon?t-l E NE M PcnniylTanla. A Unitad Statf Senator U to be oheeea la plaa* of Mr. Sturgeon, democrat. UKISLATUM. The democrata will hare a majority of about tweaty la the House. and probably on* In the Senate. COiWBKvaioNAL SUCTION. The vblf* la Italloa- domooraU la Rmu-frN aotlara in email oapltala. pt?w cuiccacaa. ai o oeiraanaa. Diet. 1. Tbrmaa B. Florence. Lrwit C I^wm. " S. JvrpK U CkmtUltr. Jos'pA H VAanJUr. " 3. lltnty P Mrort. Henry D M?rt. >< A John Rnlikin. i. I.U 1. ? 6 John MaVair.' j7J?? F,r7d?*J' " fl Thcm?? Romi. Thomaa Koaa. " 7. Jt. i' C Uttk*y. Jftt C lhakry. " 9. TKi.dd' ua Sif?ru?. Tkmddeut SUtxm " 9. J. Clancy Jodm. William Strong " 10. M ? IMmmtok. MMDImnalok " 11. Henry M f'uUer. Clutter buiUr " 12. 041.1*11 a A Qiii*. David Tnutr. " 1? Jamea (lamble. Joirvk Catty " 14. T M. bilnnKaui. C. W futmn. " 16. William U. Kurtz. Ilrnry tfu. " 16 J X Mcl.anahan. J. X Mcl.anahan ' IT Andrew Parker. Samuri C'aMnn ' 18. John L I>awron. >Mm J UgU. " 19. Jutiph H A'uAm. Job Manti. " M Ji*n.Uliion R.R.RrU. " 21. Thoumi. M Ilnwt. Muhtt llmmpUin. " 22. Johw W. Ilimr. J .mi W II *1 " 23 John II. Walktr. Jann Thompson " 24 Jamrs Taytvr. Alfred (linuore In the 8*?enth Dietrict Chetter county, tko oontiwt baa b> on clofe betwei-n I)lck?y (whir) and Morrixon (lemaeritt), the difference cot being more than twenty yoiea either way. Plokny In believed to be elected, al though be ruca about 600 behind the State ticket. There are contradictory account* from the 11th and 24th ilitrWta. which are claimed by the demaorat" ?a well an the whigf. In the 23d diatrict, the returna raeeired are faeorable to Walker (whig). It ia oertatn tba the demo rata ham valued aix member*. via. in tLa lat, &th, nth, 16th, 17th and IStta diatrtota, with> for two more: while the whigi hare gained one in the llith diatriot, with chance* ior two mora, in the 23d *nd 21th district* In the laat Ooacres* the delegation atood flfte- a wMgn to nine deuocrata; one of each party being free aoller. 8t .'iniiTni Vouc o* thi; Btatk Tirairr 1M? 1849 Whig. Dew H'W| Si. Adnma 326 ? Ml Bradloi d 2U0 ? 103 Wjcm tog.V... " ? ttrt vjt"wv"'_ Luternr ? 360 ? 671 Cleart:i Id ? ?>2? ? 365 Clint a ? 160 - #31 Blair SCO ? 420 ? Jumala ? 250 17* Pajette ? 1 0t?2 ? 631 Urrro ? 1,0'? ? 1.013 War!en. . ? 830 ? 130 7i.enty eouttl<? reported jeMerday. .10.448 13 156 16 444 16,346 17-183 16, US J 16 301 19M* Wblir majority.. ;tM> Dem inaj SMS WMs nam in i birt j two cour.tlef 3,413 Thr d<mociatlc n;%jt rity In the State la t year, *u 11 &?>'. on C?oal Cuininli-iiioner, oT?r the whi<??, and 8,1.'<0 or?r the whig* and native* There are about thirty rouniiu moieio bear trorn a* to the majorities on the Sttate ticket. It will be ?een that the pnpnlar vote on th* State tick, t sbowi betier for the whig* than latt year, althoagb It exhibit* a great lose compared with 1S4S, wh> n Umeral T* ylor'e majority o??r Caee van 13,687. Ohio. COMSt* UP.IAI. F.T.rrTJO.V Whig* In i'alicj-d.morrate In lioman free toll la nnall capital*. ?i? nn.?i,>i ot r? onncaua Dint. 1 Parid T Dl^ocy. l>?vid T Bl*ney i l.i wm I' liMftn i I.? vr ? it ' 8. l/ih.m h'll ttMrrt C Schrnck ' 4. Hryjauun Stanton Mum H. Corwtn ' 6 Al'rtd I* rirtton. Koirr? l> Puti?r ' 6 Frederick Urtiia A mot, 0 Wood " 7 >'</ < ! Kortnt. Jnai bic D MsnU. ' S. Not hrnt l from I. Tnn'nr. V r I'mn Trump K'lunn R Old* ' lo 9*w17?t Clurl-" S* i t?rr ' 11 Ottoriro II Buibj. Joha K Mill?r ' It. J?hn Mih S?,*u-1 f t'inlt*. ' 13 Mm h.?rj from W A WtiliUiM>jr " 14 >tl>iWrr llatprr, fit-jut. ' 16 Not timid from B*tha.? f. Hunur. " 18 mom-k uon^laod ko-m llenjfUnd " 17 Joifph r?S|?. ' IS Dutki K Cartar. K 0?rt?r " 1". Eiu Hiivrm Jon* Omm m i.. ' ivl JmNI * It UlI'Mli.*, K 0ll>M?<X " SI. K. 8. IoWB?b?od. Jumtrii MKooi. Id Ui? diitnct* hfud t'roa, tkr dtm?n rat? h?m calatd on* Dfnbrr and lh? wblf? two if thr r-po: t? ?r? roi Prni*d tho Ohio dil'K%tion la th< latt Oonjttm* pto< d 11 d'mot?ti 6 whi<>, and 4 ir?* (oil *hl?fi A h from 0?luotiiu dated 11th mil. >?ji that It U thought thr ?h.?? will hat* aajorlti** m Mb braorhraof tha l.eft?latur?. Tb* Truth Onfr?Mlonal district was ?t(ll in doubt l*t?r*B (dfin ) and Oallr??aj (?hlf * la tba fcari-Dth dutrirt N?l?on Barr-ra (whig) U r'aetod. Instead of Dr. EUabury (dom ) Vfora rrpnrtad TMo U a ?biR ??ln | Tfcr Ninth district l? r<-j>?rt?d to ha?a tl'ttfl Tnn ' Tt??p (?U|) tin Dt Old* id- in i if so. a ahlr g*m City PollilM. 11IK MAYKKA1.1T COKVUITION Met l??t ? ri-nl t g ' Ta/tim 11/ Hall, ahrn J ir >b F ' "aM?jr. A.tlrrioan of Iba Fourth a arl pr.?U?d and 1 John 1. Caragr jr . aod J V. KUiuonJi aetod at R?cr*_ | tartan. *?rnando Wood and J Clara war* put in nwnlattloa. Ob the #r?t ballot Wood rt??l??d '?b rote*, aad ; Oirco U. On tin- reread ballot Wood waa ?l?t*-l by I Ji ,c trs, !i'i voting lot Clteo Tha minority prot ?t?-d, a ad oill Brd |i> aono? arming at ll<) Qwnatrh | ftf?t " h* obJ? ftl<^n to Mr Wood I* not that h? U a , hai Dt ?n??r for h# l? a hna*?T. but that h? wa? a rar/ pt< a ip-Dt n'I tor at r nf tha Dialog I boiikar* and oaru1 bii'irii a?d ?aa rtialrn ?a rt tha conmltw whlnli I ?aa opp< tit to that ol wtilcb Hmr; M ??i | chairman I P'?n the motion tnau. to da lar? hl>g u??u a aunly rlrrttd ther* ?a? a l>ud rr>p?nw It Iba r?<atiT? ai d *r?-at n?arr>liiog htf'al -at 1 b- bctit ah? iild hf rlaptrd. aothar* rontnilrl that an hr I bad not tba nomination, It wan battar to jo fur him ad b?at whlf? Ftt t?<-a'l Oo?'k ri?bo?ffcr Miekla Prownril, f"(v>p?r \ Pt< m.e aod l>??pto? r?w?l?rd ?on>e arat'ar-d rutN durini itr ballouafS but the raal contae. ?a? oolj b?| t*> ?n tt ood ?ad Uiaco Tha following war* th*a put la ao?ln?Moa 'or Abna Il'ura ?.cmmla>lur r - Moi< Purrar *i-,hf. ! Iltoiy Mrtfahon and C'cl# Tba furlft ?i< ba| t?r n Patritk ll??rj aad Mora On Ike flrrt ' 1l?ar> r'?alr<4 17 ?< !? aad Mw IS On th? r?co.d llrr'y ree?lead ?<>ta?, and ?a?. of soar**. I nomtprt'd Mom rwrtM Id | Tba did art pror-?d any furthar aad ; tbaa adjoart J iht .irwrut* rojnnnTto?? Mat lait arming at Taaiaiaay Hall. ?baa R J I bUH n prrtldri!. aad K C. llruning aad Jam'? VI0 1 von an ??-ra<1 a* Bacratarlx. Tha toiloaln* wara put la notn Ins tloa for tb? rfHr? j n'liHUlii rrr<4?lf)f n? tl?? flnt ball?*. t?a I turner of Ti'tt* iHi'Wl'iii'h biw J?m <Jra i ham, 14; Wrt?ki llavkaa 10; Jot a? It PhlMpi. 9: I f M?H?r.}| Lwin H ikiMrt,!; btaial ' R IMi kl??. 4; llarry M Wr?bn.8 I thr wbp m<?m? litnhia u1) Kxti*, who ha* l??? traaallitig for at I ??ar? la Karnpo. and haa I J??t raluiBvd Oa ib< ravanth ballot. Uranaai ratrltrd 11 ?<??? and llavtaa an On tha ?l(hth hallo', Ora I ham ia?alr*d tT. ??1 llaakaa ?> Oa tBr nlath hal !>? ., I lha tBBltrn ?i"nd VNkM v* an I llaaka* 14 liraI ham aai oaiaitod. aui tnto aat thaa | takan th L><< MailnaUt a 'hould *>a Velar*4 uaaat IBirmr atli h i?sa rarri'ii. It * in (Kan put tn rota, whathar lha aovrratloa mm 11 C'j<'urti or |?rorr?d to th* rnmlaatloa ?l a Oty Jmlfa Tha ailjonrnmaot *aa rarrlad TBa fnllawla* ar? f nt la ?< Tb?nt?aW ? |-tka. O f? Una, < It ilaa.r*?W Mat'rll R l> Drtniatoa. 0 D P'na-h, j Jf.l n J. Mfd.-r. Th??a? A llanrf R F.lln* | Ifiiftoa. (I U. brlakar. Joha Coabrana.ft H Morrto, 1 M. 'Jhho'ffnr. I Thr folloariaf ilakat wa? ran* I rail >aat Bight at Tarn ! taanr Hall, lorth* Foartaaatk ward ; ? CAB a*u l:i I I.KR?I8.V2 IiiMri I. Dirn-iani, for ra ?lart<'.B 10 tba C 8 Saaata. ./? !>iar? Jam? M ImJ, Thomaa Boata, KaaiJ Oar liaalta tfayrafry rnA .flaitgntr HIcMm Moonay, Philip O'Hnan. Maliaal Tuoinay, I airrrnininl-V lillam P tnwrm Jo?'ph II IbHtf WUIIaai llayanr. Joha Eak*? Joha Mrt)ooald - A hralixm l> Rrowar. Joha O'ttoaaor A4 l R'arkladga, I'atrl'-k l.rrab, Patar RTalah, Robert Coaaally. Ur< rf 'Ii. P?ahlo-* Kr?d Watkiaa. Wiil<aia Vlajr*. Aariia Hanta in il II. Craack, William MUuaa, llanty V *>?t Daolal (Mil- apla. Thomaa Prady Xo*tinetfnf I fmmitlrt- Wllllaia Fltipatrlak. Iftchaal J lan h?r P???r rblT?llL Mtohaal Ilnika. fh'maa 11 *a ?rtt. T?J Duff/ r?trlrk Polaa. J?? a H ynaM. R-hart llannhrya. Ilatir^ tan llollao'l Joha *r It > | fan '.a<r?a W?taT*. P?t?r Aatas, fhomaa H ?a(raty, Jtha < alU<har 0?Miir?aTif R<wrtfttTI<JW?. Far rnaiim tkiid ???ilfl aoaipt alac lat. H M. Mk aid ilk aaHa. I?immI I Bart It Aaa>ahlf - lat .Itatrlit M??rl ii( la* aad M watrta Albarti tkaaiMia. Far W diai lat fmpti lac M Ilk vardf, laatoh.R; a l?r* 9# or M 4totri?t, W YO ORNING EDITION?SATl romprUIng 4th ward. Dwry J. Allan. For 14th dUtriot, eomprUing 16th ward Ira B Davia. The following ticket wu yeeterday elected tor the ttk ward, new election having been ordered at Tammany Hall:? Mayoralty-WilllamD. Kennedy, J. D. Baldwin, Jno. I. Develin. Congreea?George Starr, J. Dewit Foehay, I'atriok Foley Samuel Van Wart, J. Howard Baker. Aianmbiy?David Maieh. Abraham Hharrot, II. IlaughtallB. Aoguftu* II. Smith, lieorga U. Clark, John Hannan. John Dennla Charter-T MeCot miok, John B Spafford, Michael Conolley, A*a V. Miller. Matthew llalllgan, John Montgomery. Lake Pagan. John Biggin*. Jame* Ham ?ivuu, U?i.i|c I. J>vun?, nunaiu [UUW1, JU??pU Mo-hrr A II W *tiner. IIfury 8pic?r. . There weie only rlx vote* agaiBit the foregsiog ticket. It wm elected by a majority of 641. WHIO DKI.F0ATK8 TO T/TK'A. Tlird end flth ward*,Jame* H Tailor; 4th ward, Wllllui II Hptrkii; 7th ward. William I). Andre**; Uth ward. Daniel llliman, 18th ward Vranni* I. liarrie, iVlrgUe BraMu* Brook* *ul?titut?. Harrl* received tuo entire rota eaat for delegate ('it/ Intelligent*. Timt or thi or ink Thkiiubt t.> New Yoaa.? Within tbo la?t two days, the I*ror?lary of the Treamry vUited the llnndeU Warehouse* in tbi* city, nd insf-oled the wbolrCuetom (louse e*tablt*hment. The object of the Tielt U connected both with the *d valorem uutyaud the redaction ol the eipenditare In tbe t.'iKtoni (loure department. Thi- IIotom L?iukb? ? Ye*terday mnrainf, at ei^bt o'clock the Hotton Lancer* left thi* city for Ronton, by epeeiai tiatu Tbe National Ouard Colonel Duryea. turiK'd ?ut to *ee tliem otr and thee* waa a i?r?e crowd, whioh cheered them loudly a* the car* went off. Thi. Kmmi it m*utm. or B*o? ?Thu tine c lrpa. whore US lorm I* the i<j.m> at that of the United Htatej tuny, pa??ed tbe llnmU effloe yesterday, from an excumion lor target practice They were aceomoauied by Granger'* band, and proaented a Una military tearing Fmi 41ii Lom or Lir.-.?About TH o'eloek onThur?I Jhv eet uing a child tbre* yaara of ag* twdi.g left atone | a few minute* at '.'-'5 ilidge -tn et. fourth *ttry. took tbe candle and went under tbe bed when Itn clothing | tvk flre. togithT aith th? beddtDK aod before a*<Utance could be rendered It wa* b'irned to a cinder The ' lire wti arretted without rnu'h damage An la'ineet | waa b. Id upon tba body, and a verdict ol aocllaatal Kili. oi tnm?i ort ok a Wmiiow.-At half f\?t 2 o'clock veeterday morning. Andrew Charlea, of newark N J., fell or was thrown nut of a window Id the ?> codU atory of the public bouse known a* the O'aigow Houi>e. corner of lUnal atreet and llroalway Ho ?? dreadfully rout Hat-J and was conveyed to the city boepifal. Ai'cii<e>t.?Fiwk IIibk Ku.i.rn ? V?aterd?y m-rn lug a f?tiD?r from Kluahinj( wan driving a II n~ enn'ry wagon. driiwo by two apleudid grey liorwf, up If niton rtreet. opposite the market, whoa a market boy came drlviug uown. mid piunged th? (halt ol lilt carriage Into tht> bread of one ot th* homo* killing blm on tk? spot I'nvatm r Pi'irtnr.? Mr. Danirl Trlmbla, of the Arm of L*wr> nee, Triiuble It Uo . eooislulon uierobaota. In ltro?.l it reel. w<? loot out of tbe lloboken ferry boat, on W. dnemlay morning la-t lie wa* luelunrholy for ( mi- time pant, and it i? euppoeed he threw fitin -lf overboard. A tewerd ha* been offered iortbe recovery ot the bid;. Thcitrlnl mi <1 Mtulral. Bow? h* TH(<r?n ? tit* beautiful nautical drama of the 'Yvfxard of ibe Wave " ha.i been Tery auccenaful ? every itigbl tbl* epaclou* and beautiful *?lalMiehu>eat in crowdea in every depar< ineut, to eee ibis excellent ilrau.a wbirb bas been placed upoo the liowery atage, in a etyle orgeat splendor Mr J It floC'Ct. a? t'harlva Faulk land, U excellent and being an old favorite and an actor ot gi tat dramatic oeh b i: y 1* nUhtly cheered | throughout every esene Pleven* nuJ Mum W. m>yn ' alno r <-r|ve pi rflon of public tav or fr.r the HUnIm of their excellent talent* In fine, the whole piece If i well sustained by the Howery company The (Jtti I pany Family are becoming great favoiltej their it I ercise. give greet pleasure and auuaemettl The xint 1 bill tor io night iMtnttt Thkatbi ?Mite Charlotte Cualimxa U (jrawing iiiinr> rn-n houses boxe. panj'ietie, faoitly ! circle ard galleries being crowded at an early hour. | T-u^p ih> appear* aii.-ttn lu her gri tf and surprising ! chkiaSfcr of VerMl'-*, lu which n w-> iuld before, ' ?he t.a'?o tijtia iii U.e world- Mrs Abbott a- Julia 1 SlanneTinx end Mr Fr?"iwrtfk* as I'ol Mano-rluf l Tt is piece will tx lidiowei by a dan"e by Mile AilsI lalde aod Hlgnor Nerl an ) tba amii'ement* will close with the fa're r.| "io#, or the Veteran una kll frn/a. j nv " In wblcli Allee J. liougrabeim and Mersra 1'a. viJge and ili hai I' will appear to e are intoimed that I th- chaiaoter iu wh *h lis* t,'i?hinau vroatrd sDoh a : /e. in Kopope, for lt> beautiful retn eeenfai ion?that of li men in ("hakenpeare s tragedy ?,f Romeo and ; Juliet'?-will be ?usia>ued by her on Vouday tveuliig, wifb Mi?? Anderion. a rhaimiag antt.,?e. ai Juliet tm? will be a rtch tout ?nd do doubt will attreot I more tbeu the tbeaire U .'*|>ebl> oi eont?lnlnr Tho?e bo lota"terlli-g d' ^mattr pertoriauaew- will d.< w< It It* >ee Ml>a cLuebraia bei>re Lei eDi<afeit?ut nloma. Miaie'a 0a*pro.?Th* reoript# of tbii eriolng ar* for a m b> purpore that of adding to lb* fundao: th* (ret eb H-i.i ik| nf Piwleiy, Althongh b'nevolenc* j thuuid not require to be eieraUt d by a ?,Mid pi |tw, ! yet Ite amofeneolt oll rrd for tbii eveijli are w>iaj Ing'y n* WWietlve Ikn tut They ?*am(DM frill tbr f mis panti irline r' th" 'Ml lintr- ' in wbl >h n.eily all the l(nee| family w|f| appear Thit will b* *ucr? ded by the flr.t act of Olreile '' whit h wll' !n | troduce the taerinaiiog beautiful drnttra?e, M'l!e Hertfn at.d I'aul H. who wi i rterofe *ev?r?l nf | their rberaifg tteneeft The coorliidtnp b!-ce wjl be 1 Jev neife and eennn'd ' 'D ehv h fie Utv>l? ,?1i1 Axil ftla^aiu Mirieift, an J all tbe i-*rfi> 4r ' nllfl will piiear. 'I hi French haie a ndld opp irtiialt; for I' the vxerc'.ke of fielr benevolence, tali eveaif g lltitc*'' Thutiii The excellent coxa dy ol tb* ''KlVkU," a bicli heA b- en wltbt .xd with deilgbt. will **!b be t-reeenlrd Ibi* ivvniuir To kiirak iu fU.ier t?TD.? ol tb? p*M<riuan?r u drtiurd utin-r?.i-?rjr. i>rr?oo ?bn TUIta CbuMlfn attarl tMMra will raaully aJiniti that * t.ntr oviii|.any it carat dWa? | rtiibbl l? lou iu v i Hi In lhv ??ii? hi a ij iktuni UurI ton alwaji a h ?llu blutanlf, Ilia*- M an ??o>ia | pDalx-d antrr, and tti i, riadly a grant nurtt. Laatrr, , a? a light ( ?om dlaii, ta t\e>lltut; Wind U i t?D?lhlf ni'l n?nr 0??r ai la hi* part: .loha<oa l? co. > luteal In tu? ?*tr? tot, and lloiui .u it b* ha) it lltu* | mora n.1 u ?d ill- upi>?t akUialtlta by a lit Ili* mora actloo nod grana uj'/ht mik" a "O i.l actor. Tb* f-nial* |?>-rf< rm-r? arr all flr*t rat". Thr a oii <? i nirtti ?IM i "ii'n il*, vlib tb? 1 Koiigb IMamool.' Mlaa I HaJt*r*aa'iM tudrllo will d-nrr Ninon I Tuitrai Thf Kf^at for. ??? of tu* drama i W lh? tMf?kflMHai"lM laMMt lfe*l M ! i-r to ci-aiiai!* ita trj r.-?rnlnt>un I'i rrj wba b?a 1*111 am It (rerral BtipfbrUvB lu tha rharaol?r of | IMtrkl Jiiorn- * II app?ar In lhatpirt L* K*? <r aa Aeaiiltia Ptaliha, Wimj? a* Mi Wealthy and 1 Br)I*our al CiaciBBAtua Ulubhar. with Miaa X?la)?r a- did ll*?tbor?a Tbl? life- wiil bf fi ll >?r J by a l'?? dr t.'alftniila " by Mi a Malvlua, attar ? birh. Iltrr Kiat aili U'?|'laT Ula uroadarfal ?vuina?lio aal (V??? aMrh ar? ob. i r? d nightly by la'<? a<??aiblrf?? Tb* ins"- tareta aril: el .? a ith th? draiaa of " Jarh ahi ppard " Thla thwatrn ha* b?n txrji iuiMwafki ?tBf It bi> fallr ;i Into tb* haa1? of Iti prr?*at aatmpritlnp pri'prlflor Mr 1'utdy. in it I'n.iOriai llnvit?Uit tight tb* epara of Norma' am. n pcatfd al.h a aarc a a; .miar to that blfli u a'kcd l.a trit r> ptaaantali-a. hi* lama Da \ i UI<>r< d iinotr tAf kaun llCl-inty a< iaipf.lad bar j Bi?t? <>a h?-r am appearance "'ha an Imt lallif-r?atl? and. nnd?r lh?tirriinil?a?a< It wutild bf until to jtu'ir' of b ; ni-rltn > a fonalfal. \ <*. it 1* ?> tj ratu nt that tb* ia ?n a* full ?.| ni I light an'iiiy B'T wairna * purr *nn n i? u?? in?ny mqiililltH. Mn> >w>titnr b?r nolo al'h f*r?t alfaet ?i* rw oimll; !,<1 <*t?pla)? ron?ld.-i at.I- ynrr la t, >th hat ! ?-l *u I ? | |" t r. g ' thnngh aba r?. |? In Ini tk? lattrr AiKMtirii. thai* vary Iiluita4 tn3 I rflrattv*. tad ?| Ibr ah If la . utltiad to a ??r; h>pk rakh Wr r-rrat that WI> h??a tiad 1?r> i>pi>>>rtaml) < ( htatirg bar aodrr th- mn*t larorab'r etreamlUlifH CHiin Oriaa florta.-Tha aama m?h to k>tr tha^a r.|.br?tr<| Bteuill atlil cootliuaa Th- bill fi r la ti'ghl la tary itlrwlha Malndra I n'-tBrttll p?r'~?tnai.r*a ann d?r< tn* with th? hirl??jn ot?r? Am -l a??n?a i^rloraaera a) tbfa o- Inoli | OitMPM e.llo?? t.?n J ara <?.ry li ght irflaii ( thalr abt'ttlra la >ln?4ac. laatramaatal mnal.v a ad ' <'a?.fliK Th?ra will ba aa aflrraooa rot?trUt lkia< I n'riork laitKxV'f ? - It la ?n? ifivlf In uj *ar> In n-gard to thla ?at tbllahia<'al, tuaa m-r-'y ' tnaaanaaaaa tt.a n.oral dram* ?f tba ' Tba Urtarr taaa la "art al?h? aro? lad to tli?>at Ita | p?rfot?>a?'a. ipoiia kaxm - Tha Rail Ringar* aoatlaiia to glaa i thftr auitwlag eonerrta aarry earning Tbdr progtairiua aoa'alaa (laa ar.retiua ot au-leal |>m. Hmtn liPuM> - l.ooaila'i a; r?aa<l atoriat ol Cuba la a vary taa painttar aad la ?*?ll wntb aaalog Tainan Ilai.i..-W? ara lnf?rm?d *liat tbara la ?o

. trath ia tha ruanr thatJaaay l.lnd aad 4ana blahnp 1 ara ta alng ?b altaraata night* at tM? hall aftatr lt? j opaalaf aa Aana Hlahop'a mnnatar eo?o#r?* ratnlra ; B>a?y prlaata rah?arrala la ordrr to ar-laa to that l atandatd of a p?rf??"M- ti hlr*l I* tha aim of |U? bta A'?i im?ai Wa alaltad 'ba bull Jing yaa Urday aii'l > aat aay that too muni pralo? aaaant tta ; b*ataard '> 'lia nalaant arrbitaat Mr Trlaabla. R?r I hit tr.ata g?t>ln? aad graat Mtlfity Tha ball U aiag ntBi'Ht r-mht aplaadar with ! ???? and no donbt * n*.a Rt?bop rn?o.i( nn Thnrdt*. <rt|l it tnrt an<? Sk* u .,ulia richt to tin* ?acb. thoifh tn *p?n??' Dint Ha t:?ni?nd<>n? irt Wiutri Thin ?Mln*at ptanUt nil trmpo^r t>? \at?ly fi>rtn?d a ta~ trlmnnlal III?*? # with tfld 11a IMryol a lady of (r?at v'|t>(i?w???* 'n iba Biaatpml ?rt Tba**ara trrl'4 at th< ho??? of tba la<*y'n brotbar la >n*to?. on H?tur day >a*t Wa n<i4rrt<Mi| lli?t Mr Wallaoa Itt fo??i i b>*attful >M( for M%dtla Jtitmf I'll. ?St?l abavtll doabllaaa. ?ln? oa h?r ratura to N Tork. It la to b? *">? - ?! that an*. aM?d a* H- ?U( t? br Mr? n* lao* a>4 hia ?lat*r. Madia* W^llara R??Wll? k< *11! I? Ii4mu4 to fl * a fa* w*?rtell Uila ulty. ar? tl<aaio b<? ?l?lt t'. Kiiropa a? ?? ar? lnfr>rir?4 b? 1 *111 ba ohliffad tn r 'nri? ?o Mnaland la a abort tta>. Ml Ma *a y t? ?. rtta !>?? ha la n|a(M ta aaaarla| ?rM tb? pr"?aa1taa of b i if* a^wi abifb It aril. I (tad fcarl?y RK E rRDAY, OCTOBER 12, 18i I MOTHER EUiOPBAH STEAMER! M A Li STEAMSHIP EUROPA. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. I The Hanifestoea of Louis Napoleon and the Count de fhambord. AFFAIRS IN HESSE CASSEL. STATE OV TUB COTTON MARKBT, *?., 4m., di?. The ateamahij) Kuropa ?r. red at thia pnri, from Liverpool, yealerduy morning, She lr"c ou the 2Sih of September,and her arwn in three days lat-r tlian what we received by the Atlantic. Annvd is an AIISTRACT OF Till I.< K? Of TIIK LDK?PA. PwK Wind C+urtti. DMmrii. 1m J.,m. Brpt. M. . . WNW ? 20... ' - 30. ..WNW I 14V 1U 6113 12 02 0?t 1...WNVT " Kit* uu tii is i" Mi M 31 24 ft> 3... " 81 *41 41 54 M4i 4. . W SO 24? ?? 11 tt f>4 6. . . " 70 258 41 33 43 13 ?... " 7? ? '!? 47 OS 44 61 7... g ' 299 46 8i 64 40 8. . ,N W TS WO 44 18 81 44 0. . . w. 54 20# 42 12 85 34 10...Culm 70 tbo 40 84 T1 30 8~pt iiStb -At t I'. M left l.l??rponl; at * parted park.t ?hip (iti-en o> the Wart going iota Liverpool; atrcng i*K? niij iit-av) trm. could not Uu.l tb? pilot. Sepi uvili ? UrlaK ??.?>, 7:3kA. M. panted KoyalMail attauifbip I'iiberoia. Sfpt Pirorig galea and hi*yj buadaua; patted j ibrig '"cronloe of AbeM?t?ith Oct Int.- Krmh gtle*. a?i| equally Oct -i -Fr?nh lirwit and cloudy Ocl. I'd ? P'ron* brm I*, and huad e?a Got. 4lb ? Kri-hb lire-aa aud cloudy. Oct. 6th ? i'rerli brec?e, aud cloudy. Oct I tb ? Prrxb |talc. aud heavy bead ?ra. I Oot Tib I re?b breere. a? d cloudy. j Oct Mli ?8tronit gale; 1U:40 A M , par*?d tha bark Eutciprifc, tx'iind W Oct. wtb ?Stroii* br*?*>" ao<1 clear j Opt loth - tine vrathrr; 8AM received pik't; b 30 t M , anrboted at the S W Spit buoy. j Thr nfwa is vuutually devoid of interest to the general reader An urtirle, which is considered h manif<-Mo un the i-art rf the I'rrt-ideat o( the French rrpahll:', a|'|)<Mre- in the JWo*?/?Mr d* S-nr, n acmi-offijiul pai*T, unr.oum inir liic intention, as mentioned in the Anr Yorl- lUrnld i:f ThurrMy, if necewarjr, of ae rating to th<- nuiiou for a ,n<ilon^ition of hia j I*w<i f't omre. a citM-eonon app?-ar? 10 exist 10 the F?MH-h < hbioet on th-- subject of the maniit >io m < nily ( ili.i-hfd iu the Mnnitcur </* Noir, but ? liirli bai aiiit e be<-n dtaavowed by authority, and it ia bt-ii?-T<d thit n change in the ministry will he th* resolt. The Count tit* Chnmbotd bus. put out a iwuinfi j?'o, rejecting an appeal to the people of F;ance,aud ap)K.'tntini; an his minister*, the l>uke de Levi?, Gen Ml l'ri?bf, M. llenyer, the L>uke dea Curs, and the M J" I'?t. tuft l A* ?ai ? obuul tutional principle* is mentioned tn ibis dec!ar?ti"n, it hes already given gre*t ctTence to M. de I?urvchejiqueHn mid a |?>rtion of the legitimist*; in* d i/d, its on.y ellect will he to strengthen the parties of the P. >sident and the Count d I'nris. 1 M. de I.arochejaqiielut ha* aiMreMtd a letter to the hading legitimist papers, insisting upon the oec?*aetty of fwjiii*?ng th-> narional will an the bate of alt aovt reignty, and showing thit this doctrine is oct new, but has ainays been the rule in France. The law requiring that editor* aliall ntlacli signatures to their leading article* ban eome into operation. It will CMidnte much to we?k< a the ptwtr of the pre?s ol Fraace. A jjiutf review took plac* at Verstillea on 'he JStd oil , at w hwh the President of the republic, accompanied hy the fcrpaulese tnnbitT*d?t, al!eiid?'d. The cotton market a n qniet, and quotations were {.rtduully going down to the scate of the w?tk J reviot'a. Th*- last idvanc of <d tnJ.| w*? hardly susuiutd The following were tUe quota* tiona on the 27ih t? Fair ITplabds T\J M rihll" H New Mr|i>ars 8^ .%li * on Friday, jvpteir.b'r 27th, fi.'KHi to W.ism bi Lgp. In the absence of en cooragiitg al\ice? from Liverpool, tlit llatre cotton junket was very dull oil the 3?>(li nit. only 113 l>tles sold u? at 2 o'clock, Tlir t?t Ih-niii had arrived from New Yoik, with 1,1 (.2 tal?*? of Cotton. i Advice* fromt'mhaven ?titethnt on th* XM nit, the t-r? cet?l<d to blockade th" river l.yd-r, and that ?h*y therefrom aa many m forty vt-?+*-U ol varicua nation* The AuotrMn Council jow fitting at Krankfort od the difference between the Kleetorof H**ae ami hia auhjecti hna reacdred thiit the llewiin (ioveminent ?h?ll u?e all mean* 10 pre?erve the *nver .*11 authority in the Elector-it", and that the Pi<-t wili take ?a|| Decenary ste|? to neciirc and r*"or* a atate of legality ard order. The High Court of A ill***] at litleft>waide haa revered the verdict of the lower court, which declared M II??ien|>1.ig gwilty of forgery. .1 he council of tiertnan government*, aitting at Imukforf, ha?> ili il*r> d that the r> fut-al of (he llea*'an iHet'o gri'nt theaupphe* la illegal, and opposed to the Interest* of the confrd-rition. T)?* city of Ca*?el reii*in??i perfectly trauqml, though aull-rme from the ra*peo*ion ' all dmiai*trart?r hostile**. The Krunkf^rt Council hare instructed the government* of Hanover and Wurtemlmrg to pr**par* 10,000 iim u, and to keep ihet.i in readiaeaa for ary emerfency. It i? f fated that the tliflerenca which h*ve e*iat'd between the court* of S(4ta * d Sicily *tnc? ttee marriw of tlw Conn'd" M?nf'*molin liare now ovaard, and ibnt fie form# r ambj?aidor at Naptea afw it to return to hi< dipioma'k poat. The Queen of S mm Ins aivned a diploma, granting the Order <*f the OoMm Kleece to the l're*ident of the French Republic. k fitr nrpinun1 of inr irn? th irom rjnin, nnm[x*i 'g thr ri|>f lltion to Cuba, fa fli^d for tlif l#lll of (>etoh? r. Thr Bovfrnmentd of Autria, !'ra wi.t, Rartri<, And >??*(?ny ha*r, it is atalrd, cnaciitdrd rravi*ntios fo* t|>? eatahlivhttK'nt of rlrrtrir tr|rfr?, ha, and hn?? to jr*n' r*l tariff, by wi ich tha |>nc? it rnlurr t SO prr c? nt. Tb* diapoira brtwien thr Po,* *n?l th< Sordini*!! *n?eriifiw?t mil cnntia?ff. His bailor** i*f??r?to rrreirf M Pinrlli in hi* uTiciil cupacitf. Tarkey i* id no improving utatr, hut th-* A?*'rian fcnvrrnmrnt I* 4fi1n ?'on:mr orini; a abotlt lit' Hutfuriu r*lrffea Jt i? Mirl ibat *hr Mag of Greece mend* to ahdiculr, and w; uat? from hiaqnren. The I 'indon Po& (I.ord PalmrrrtoiTa organ,) ?n?W? *r? aahUd to Mat* thai tk* rn?4??t nl miailnkkKmUl and Ik. Oaraoraat. *t*a?-*la??, ?w lh*r..Mi n| Knatl U r?ft?r1rr lb* "? * ?U??T*, ttBg th? in.nit In tfc* HrHl.b AM ?? < * ??lUkliHt * Ion that ?r*4 at M* >? **-a a^t ?" ?? | by th* ai na th* ?i?tt?a *a<t '* ? ?? ran* at k?? bat baa Wa ?*iit?J by th* aa*>?it-m I at &l> [ERA 50. Car Krrneh ( orrmpoiidenw. Paiuh, tff|?rmher 2H, MX). 11't Urand Rrvitv at VertuilUi?Q enck PulUict? State of Euruyt, ire. The most important event, worth mentioning. | since my letter ot the <t;<l inst , is the grand rr view at Versailles, on Tuew1t.y l.iot. The official narrative of that iv^iliLe <iia? . in honor of the Ambassador ol N'fpinl, run l>? found in the French new?p:tperu which 1 send to | job; but I think you will prefer to receive the private detai'.* of that a flair, whirli I have witne we.l ni}>elf, btfinj; on the grouud, anl having s<-cn and heard ihe whole of it. MonH.iv evening list. after having mailed my correspondence for the I If raid, I thought proper to go to my house in Veraiilles, in orrter to be read) on the next niiirnintrj and scathe sight before nnybodv. As soon a* I arrived iu i Veretillee, I ascended the hills of the Satory wood, by nine o'clock, J'. M., and went to .see the encampment of the troop?. 0"e of my friends, who i is .iu officer of the 37tit regiment of the line, had dh ed with me, and, knowing the pnaa-witrd, he ( had no dithcnliy to lead me among the soldier*. It vr<ii? really a very splendid tiaht to see these < warriors trying the,life of the camp, aid surrounding the wood fires which w<*re prepared to , cook the sup|>? r. The brilliancy of the muskets, u, on which the rnys of the moon glittered; the ' mirtial ai'ptct of the froo;*; the repealed cries of ( " i/ui vtw " (who'sthere 1)?even-thing engraved i n n.y mind the idea of an encampment on the r\e I ? of a battle ?>n the next morning, by ten o'clock, | ' the aspect of the 1'llline Sulmy Mas beaulitul. '(lit i'resideut a I rived at twelve, fallowed by 1 1 lary tiall of officers, who had taken bretikf'.iat I in his (oni|>anv. at the country house of L?>rd | Normanhy, the Bitish minister at Vei*ailles. Th? AmbiM-ador of Nepaul wan e?de by side with th?* j President, and he apt>eared delighted ?vnh wnat uo | taw. Never w*e ttiere a more brilliant cuiinuie Chun that exhibited by Jung Bahamor. The ladun chic WDie, lor that occasion, the military uuilurut <>t nf|?ul, Which coiibisted of i-jhskirt of white muslin, embroidered with gold, over wSich was a lr?ck coat, also covered with gold embroideries. '1 he epaulets hail long friij;*?- failing to the elbows, j and they were t wi*'t <i with eiiiMand*. llisp tu'H- : l.i.xj . .l.ii. i... a .. ?i?i > > i? 1 I - waa autniountcd wnh a amall tap e.aainelled wlili pr? cious aionea and diemoinfa of all aorta. Avery biillmnt plume waa atuck in the cockade, formed of a riclt naaemblage ofiubtra and rosea el'an imnn-nw aize. Lest, he wore a belt, or rather ? bewdritr, , adorned Willi brilliant^; and, I cu afcfUrc you, that there never wan a man who had a more cosily cowtunic on hit* bhouldira. Ah lor the review, it wos a trreat afluir, nnd the ! Indian chief muiult af> d much t'ltasure during th" exhibilicu ?>1 'lie fititr %un re which look place hrtwe? ii t> t Ive ami three o'clock. 1)> (hut time the 1 resident nod hut tUalTreim d under u teul, where , a Ittnch lit-d beet prepared, which ihey pirto >k of till lour o'i lock. In the meantime, two thousand j bottleauf champagne wen dielrihiited utiiinf the i officer*, arid ?egara were p'mtilularound the t ihlea ( upon which thrae rt lit chiiieuta hud t>? <-u placed. , The aohliera weic al?o luc uded in tliT-a inuni/i- | tfmiti fi tnetlrtt, and I HJ ca-kt of red ?vin:*, which j had I* tu carried to the .-t(a>t, apeci ally for the line j ol the troop*, were opt n* d r?y the cunamiir$, ruid the cotiteiita diatnbiiled it tnrinf Afier the lunt h wai over, by four o'clock, the > rev ii w of the irooiai be^nn, and it wis not ended tul mx o'clock No accideut took pUce, but ihHi ol the double tall ol Mr. Horace Velnet, tin famed . painter, wlui accompanied the I'remdent in the ca- | | parity of Colonel ol the National Iiuard of Ver- ! | aiilha 11in Inkt hurt* waa IriKhiened, and U|?tet j him ; and the t-econd animal, Iteluti^ing to Louis t NM|toki>n, whi h he mount'd af.erwani.-, vie<l in ! I the aetnc r<iii.BD?r. Fortunately, the illaatnou* , J I aiaUr * 4 I.? I aa?a*i liurl,nuil I "tad the I pleuiureol "plating whist ' with limiYn the aamc j | i vi I'liij:, tl hia houct, and tube aai-uzeo, uiyat If, , thai he h?<J >?/*? f'? JtHl yltf <i< tnitl j I'.ut, uti* thai 1 nave you the d"*rriptioa of llixt I revit w, at w hit h lli.l <X| m> ii ol mint i<h<k part, mid ! which v <* wi'0'f?ed b) about taiani t? opit , I , i nit>?t explain what wua the pirn of the, in , imtliultal military exhibition It i* i >?c(rlam thai thia display wu? another trial t?f tne feel- i in< of the irocjia for the lVeculenl. No tloabl that hi> courtier and tnhnro^t it li< <1 up.ui the great' at J rttlhu# 1*1111, which W./Utd hxvc been '.be pretext of 1 an oiation. Anions the groove of|* ople, I ?,?w lutnjr I membei* of the eocicty of the l.'iih Llrct-uiber. (a* j , a e cull tin m the JUi fmhriifi/iTi/n,) nb> w? re tIf 1 only prce rt ady lo about, " I'lo '. /*>! Si/xtlron' Virt r&mjftttu ' I'ter U itWith tltf i rxr< plioB ??f a ft w cru a reat*?n1 fd to thoa# la the rul a ol ihr r1afT, the jfr> ?f??l ell> uce Waa oS?t-rvi-d by the ma. h of ihe p? t pie ; and thua ended the d ty of the 2l'h inal , which, k>Timli*( to mtny po'ilical prot ht if, was to b<- the *? ry day of the era of Cltoar " C'Vtf ? rtrntnmfnirr, aa we a#V in French Tli? n om e'ear p.irt ?f theaflur i? ifi?i the ir*a??ry wi!| have to pay 2 !*<( (rauc'j for tu?' j f?n< v o* laitiiB N'aj. Uou'V Male UiXt-1 wanl of con ?! iSuli . . A* ?jm i .n ' ?4< tuticn fur J* o< , ion a, in'ri*;ii1? lit 1?k? b?ro I'ri irw'rd. hv Hn'f n of t*| *!!> W Ilk ill* Oldrr ot lit* ?i >Mrn Flore* (liK- i ?<-n i/'tn,) tin! it j ruini n d tknt Quran V'ict?>Ti?t of I niiUiil infrr.i honoting Inni with tke order of ill- Iiuu r. The l??l<ii< tat (nr'y i* in murk trotiWe, 01 *r- > coudI Of that M'Hiiiti f-t frneil by lUrf hel-riiy, * kit li T mrniionrd ia my U-t t?u-r M<>i?n?-ur d* U llubrju^oflin, tkr mo*t pn m;wn' drr of tfcet ttzur, tsyatutt Iroiu thr " ri In r irt" of I'.? Nation-) A?"rtnl>ijr, an In' !ell? u lnin-rli, k* acerpt : liia " rx? < n in'iri" iiton'* Sui h * set HOB 111 tkr :&bka of llaf Irjii iUii-.'c. if I' illy deplorable, .lid tuiua (hit |?irt) ? >it Ira?t for a Ionic time. 'I Ilia ia atiotht r cfianrr |.-ft for Loni.a l<?li \\ ill he k.icw how to um- il to kiii adviii- j luge I i I und< rataiid from a food aourc, that ih?frorerni mtm iliowtdi ntm fe-r of Iryitimiatr, reai<ling ai FcDt'toeblratl, In celebrate a noira in thr clia.a I of tlit rirtle for thr ai.niv< i?aiv of Henry V'lli'a binli di-j, *? 'iich Ink'ii i'l.ii< on ihi IP'ih of S<)ili ruber The On?t!e, itwlf, will Ik- open tr? the public, mid a pcrtv w ill !? kiv? > > * 'he fi>?ll and parlora of llihl pnlare Vrry atr?m<e. iodn d, lu I t lltf irMblic iltowiaf ita < ormie? to eelttoate a letiiral in hon >r of th>- iihM uoweifml an' igini t ! of ita |>r>iK'i?'lra. The Firm li Bit i iaanll at ('hrrkourf. A? I told ; jmiib my I at corTra|ondra<r, lit* men cf war of ' our Kjnmlior wr*? to prorei d to llrrat, but orJ'T? | havr l??n ?fnt *o heepth in io tli#? former p>'tt, i till it ii decided i-iherwlae A rrrt of m> ?UTy t'i'l ; e?i?r!?i*a three rrrji-eta. Tf.e law of 'he M of Jnlv, ob tk<- prera, bf win h i.II the arfiVl^a niMifiiH m i wwtfij'r , attf to |.e aiii,..<1 by ifiru authors, wm jwi' a*r? niii n ti.rr* il?ya ajft? VoV rcnwinkrr tkat tka i dalay W||?i?i?io tin ifithof Votfinliff. AI?o, i'l W>a wiitrTfutie t*n io tbr Ptthataa l'rf?, hit" l?a> o 1 omij'rd io i>ni ib?ir mm?? at iha ?*nd of tii-ir artirl^a, a*d now'li>>ra ia no rrrnrr mT't'ty aVxint ib' ?r |- I'lirim. Tkrir nia-l? i- Bp: tk?- anoo)i??m ; ia iiiivrit??f. It matt*ra b?/I Tk?* f?'W Is a t i"-r of i ?obf?i>i*, ind ! am i>rr*?id','1 It will ?ocb fall (rto 4Hur*. I From Aliwm we bav racrivrd ?'?i fiat the 1 tiib?a wbti h r< e??tlr anbo>.' - J to Kr*ar?*, ki I i> Miliiri ai'uiKi ht-r di'inmwic. A f""" (? k^rd) of tin b^lharlana had t>?i n m? t on the lW*h ina-au! t) ! ??" ? .*- \>n?<>d, ?nd VOTMrt ! Into [?l?te? Ttrt* f fl'rtr w->? | iiTMiii>ijnaf etieini.**, and i? win hpjw'f) hit he w *H nipft all of ?h?wt IT'' e t|iei? 10 of^dirrrt . Theeholem i? illr.ii'ii?Si> ? in thai eolopjr, and |t? ?ffr< !n?h r. *?"l ?<> >? he ?.vrr. N'?? from f\ r 0 mawire n? 'It * fmh'Ki??ry tin??tn'n' w???iiw:ti appfh? nd? <1 i n l!?<h tna?*n*, anl'fcat the Kin* h<d taken rntfiir |tf can ten* er^tn* t?. Th- (^"n w "? ? ? <-.fc iff til, and had wrrten fo the Conn* of TlK>mar. t?'o *? n?'?ent, 'n r itm In the ?h??!t?w tine, ibmr'tin the r-?>'?et w*n- minor* I?dhe Infce ??t TVrr?ira anil Mr. fjrlva Cabral were to f ft tl.p ral. im?t The rflair between Pwrtunl and th? I'ni'ed ftatee, |a to h? attSmitfed tc t*?? nrMimm-nt ol th? IV?f?V?.t of th^ FrftKh t?i nhlij. I 'i'iiWjf la Cour-a in named l?ove-n?j of <io |-'a-e of f>en Ke.fenco Itoncali, r?ofi? ?l AI<o> Tliia (irnndep of ^,taip ?t* th- ronv 1 manti'f-ln-rtiief of the ' avn'ry rftf'ieen l?*i*l'*. In lVflm?>nt. the ilifTV#n't|e? htiweea tl^ governm*i>t and the rharrh vf l!'?io are not tet ?en'el Chevalier Pirelli, 'lie n>ar l i'aife ol IV Kiru W Vr -r 'I en t t'<Vr> n#'hr P< ; lint ha conM iv>1 i Hm an\tt.ini t?!l Mon L-aor Fttr.*"ol wo'.'d he _ ? m - M i FinMrr. ,?.,,;. : .': "? wi ^ ?h. of <v Ihf <?^r"l!> TJTi. k "*JW* "* * I A**' k? r?r4 LD. PBICE TWO CENTS. budget for the Elector, bat we do act know, a.0 yet, the details of the role l>erythingr Jeada me to believe that the tmtmtf cordt?f", of whieh I rpoke to you, between Auatri* and Kuarta, will remain thua. The influenceoftbo nWit<'fiivM by Kitmm ra'atrra to the reatoratkM* of m (lermtar. riunnt be da pied, for iti preliminaries kare been signed ?f Frankfurt, and Mcutrs. Ha Neaaelrodo ud d? Schwar/enberg, haw sealed the bargain. Oi Ihii subiect, I will remark that the two meeting* of the Diet, at Frankfort, and of the Prineen at Erfurt, re two very important fticta, which will certainly brinjr forth new developments oil the German question. The notation still prevails in the Great Duchy of M'ckleaiinrg Schwrrtn; and tlia??reat Dake issaid to l?e desirous of abdicaUAf in favor of bis younger brother. From the Duchies our intelligence ia up to thelHth inst. Is'o other sktrmirth ha* taken plsee ben tween the two armies, with the crrewtioa of aa pncounter between a Danish corvet and six boata and the Schleswig-IIolstein maa-of War Kiel. This had noefleet, ana the former nition hod but tour killed snd seven wounded. The I)nnrs arc fortifying Fredertckstadt, nn<l filling thnt: ptarr fo't* with troops. No doubt thut snoihOT gre-?t battle will coon take plaee. The Prussian army ban rereived orders to proceed towards ih'* fr?.ntiers, and I part of the Kussiun iJeet has abandoned the month nflheKiel river and proceeded loihutof th1' SrMei, n Schlewwig. Ft is to I*- feared that the pacilitalon of that unfortunuie debate will be p-fnived to t l?n(r time. B. >1. K I* S?I understand that the Koman minintrf >sh discovered the nnitderer of Const llos?i, sod hsi th<- trial of that wrr'ch ia proceeding in the irestest imstery. The AuMrians are fortifying Vernnifaod Vienna, ind their engineers hav? proceeded to the p i??-iga >f the river Adifce. which will also he fortified in he strongest manner. Btlta, horndn Ml a ' What iteans sll this > Par.-*, September iti, 1*50 The Gouty nf Part*?Chit ('bat, f,-(. A tuvt ttt gf'ur, frmf hcmvrur' as s'lysthr French ?rovcrb; and I begin toy " Parisian chit chat" with he description of an Irish beauty recently arrived a Ptris, where she comes to meet a gentleman 'hose position is Ihe " lirnt" in our Utile Fiatut Hiss L. F. Seymour Bell, seed nineteen years?a harmer among the charmers?atop* now, in a >rovisione I manner. at tl>e Hotel ties Pnnces, and ?tr presence has been nr.nounced in all the French capers. Who is she ! That was the general qucslion; and when she appeared at the ' ible d'UMe of Mr. Privnt, the proprietor of the hotel, she was Ihe point tit tnxrt of al'!bt hoarder*. Never was such a rich toilet exhibited by a lady. Mis* Mrll Mas literally coveted with dim uda and previous mioses. A rival to th*- um?<x?<i(lor of Nepali I .she was indeed. The enchantress w is tl \ ersailies, mid mount* <1 upoo an ndmirihle liorse, followed by a Lilliputian gro<?ro, ?h? jallopt't! at the ?i/|It of t<ouIf (Nttpoleoo, ?? jm im ?t ii jtmt i/u'un ofii'jcr of hi- st. .. VV'hei the ln-?jl? ivasn rved under the tent, Vis? l^ll folio .red the Pres deal and wus soon by hie aide, talking with i m and h<s fniour<n* h> the freest inanter. lice will stop, 'iid before giving )ou in >re , irtieclars, ubich will .e deferred to am. I her Utter. ! wiM only il you tliut Ihe new e(?e e m a beautiful t?p"eiii? ii oi the feaiibine hj The city is crowded with slrintreri, aod th? nielt me lilU-d from the rit-de ehaiuUf iothe roof M the Hotel dea Print ei, of which I j M sjMtk to a K"*' t'l' '"?Uf " H"e 'h'" tiri<n< n->e dinine room of th? ''Alhllrl^?rli , tilled by |w >j>le of nil nationa. The Ani'iicm* .ire iu grr.u number* id Llist lornfortnhic Pnr'.^ui ntrot^mvaxl, nu1 tneir [imitit'iB arc i.iu< h liked ! ) til tlnwr whut'Mrd *t Hit ibmi A ?tt) curiona iu< "lent, which ranwd much Mentation, f?c it wua a a'udy ? .nmnett lor thnee wholiii?. wi."' ilwn? i n?i?>m*ry in ibo I'nil? <1 State*. w?? tb* ni'i* new uf a geutlemma off \t- ?r Vi'fk , (Ur. li mni|MI"( IWtl Vlninf Indie*, M ho v rre tb- rwirtof pwoI Iiih ffterida The Irei dotn of tin *? yoivi)|> Iniit ?. the roattdeno* ol their father iu li t- )i >rt;i of tbi couiiir n..'.n vh> ihrir r/>riWirr intlnir TIar<)|? 11 tour?o*?ry thug i ru -d much trnittiiui, ?uii i: iv.ia it.i of Much (;? ?||1. lie Hit?or< d. I but no Uilti r, m?r mo'her, in I ranee, w?uld lb ui-r'-'i<;-r thru ititucitrilrM into ibe iii??>d of i. ;Vhim />.< ?>?r i H coins-1be koBor it* in favor tif tUr I ai>ed iii'm Winter i? c< ming ; In *w.? low* hive alrvlf di-appeated. and, in a foflnifchl, ibe wioii nu 1 t - .} will fcave swept ?wu\ tbe couu/) pleuiurt* I*li? i Iwirauj, or ruihiT the dunrin lur r<xMii?, v i?? will he ringed, and in " pr<?fi>ir41 ??" n ili take jd?<e The <ai< .itimbei < < il?*?e >lacf* have rlrrndy i?but ihnr lour* A?uiert ? m ii' more j La fbmini.'re Imm t.iru I out to* hind: he JUcrlifli linn f h .;f if |la d... <uu ail"oo into I ib*atre ; und ibr f hari'itn If m. l/i>i DiL'Vf if* la I.- r! t'irtt M.bJii w ill r? in i u r-- 1 ? f-w i fhla more, na well tbe t Itaieati di ? Kiruia, tit no doubt <b? y will * ou lullua ibe r&duipU Ji l;i*-e wliioh I Kme nut d In ibr meantime, the V rivbail hi* it cue or d its a)o?*na, ?n?l the ?>a||e St. ( ei lie, the f.n-'non i ble end* rvooa of a'l the hwftrt and 'ntt*i of P*ria, !>ve last r.fpht tb? hr?: h* II of ihr aeaaon. Mr biie, wlni ket|w th'- l>i?t e?uh||-htnrnt, la li.m iiig maMtr o? rnm h a* ility, who ilemrvea orolii, ami be will tind it ani iog ih ftirei(atra by irt i m hie ball tm?ni v r.? ci?*i d. Tbe the*>r< abnvi lir-d a Very f >od Wi-rk. T'irat, Wadi ri'Miellf All'rn who'i|', > .u> >1 .it'he Fr> th Vn Hi n?e, in tbe ynnd "fera of " ''larbra VI.* i i I with great at'ci? ?, ni. w?< r?<ei?eit with tbe itrrnit fi'i'latif. For tb !* twu ni(ihii, hi j'?ra Iliii-ae lir.? Iv rn rro*\ Je ' from (<li u? doiiir At the Tht-atr- Kran^-i?, h < ? n'dy. in two aria, 7 Mr l,eon ?'ii'llard, i-iiti f< d " I'll M iri'if o: ? x>cta XV." wan rereived -ar??f> tniny (lUndit , aai will diaw wr|| far aonie tiw The |4ot iJ r lor' ent, and it baa been arrayed wi'b nincb ??>il by be Miibor r%\ i?-r fiiwrTir", iw* ? * j? j ? n?if r *^n viKtHrri*, which -n it- a art" ?fnl Tiw ftf?t la c?ih?J ' Annmr ri I hurtif," un-1 th<* ' Mtiii' *11 iS cuiul-?.atcnn mi Ctotjnif n?f," ii kfinc ttrmitf ??l a ni?rr?d ruttriuia wlii> teriw t miflirM 'J hr ih.airf Ihi.n rivrn . 4?- looifrl" r , ,i fUH iif AlntMIr llnnu*, ?l??i V.i ? * I* L' I.kMiuqiiierr." T'lmro ?> rli in thr i?mf a. ihr I win rf) jirr fnr?r,< rt ? ? ynra tr > at <k< rrm Ii Thra'rr, aati i aj r?| "1'nr loir i?u Ureal,'' i uiidrd ii|*?n llw oo>rl of it?/ mmt rhiif I l.i- M w V11.1411: i* vrr? f ml, ?bi( |mo?> < *?? ri*lul. Mrn>r) Mr io<!<ir, IVfi ? and n?* .MH<I<UKIMII<* Con Mailt, df?rc ?d tba rr>'Nti?f plaadi'a Thr Tb'?irr ?/ thr PW* m ' <rtm ir ?.?! niif , at..I wa* i .-o ' d in tf?r m?-( miflo' line m< oner. I war mm ?)< (o tinii room "ti a iiin) f)ii," and I an to ue ruf rp??n for my ar*i irtirr. I h?- Am'>i?a ' omi 'if will i-t?f i.k |?aMm ih<? if a n? w dram i.raUrd " lit aur " At thr !li|?"<^lro?i?<', IIv i?> ?, i imi> l?h*-a (lit ^uMir v In. ;?itfi i >? hi If tt?-l?. Naa ic*:'dfoui or-rii h> a, whrh *'rr -!>< In ha.i !?.pi Aftira ar t w?uh i|??*? I lo tt. lir.i i rim i ? i h ago Thr I r ?! ilv i* f<>ar lard m ?i'it.1 l.> y VI ||( l>.?n till |U ,\ |< rf 4ii<,aa? in 4 't'lfvci?l*4 i>y U.r v I K>'xa i f rt Nn rti?*tbt h>? v? el ark wil ha?r a l?rr <<y INmai'ii Irnti/<#Vribr Italian 1 'cm olimntni, ||.(1 I unri? ralaiMI lh?l M llr l>o|?rrthr d iiijl'i'ri i'f thr f n,' .1 tftar, will la- n.-nr ihc a'm i>! i.'ic wW'panf. I Will ?i?hhK 'I iri'-t ?, y, | J* puitni' of M-n- N ' j? i'm**, hi. rlr ?m Uumht ?.f t)i* for N?*w Vt?rh, wlurr .->)?? ?re?t,<l hy MM M.nli <1, . i. i ,.m? irr of y?-?f r o,*?m Tht to.n,. U)t, t(i? i* 'h" ? ? ! of Orlo?m (trid. *ill . . n tl> i r? Hie rnnrh ?. UP I'H >, jfi \i u f .11, i. t ( u li < ! h'T uttnrtt gr.nm, n f< r tlx fa<< t?i wWh Ii. Ii R. Tb? 1'ITtti of f allfiiriiin In > 'i??Ii??mIillMltlia l.i>?<n-a> l.m r-rfi it | A f?#lii?ir h?? now dr??mr |.rr??i??i iti?i W?M n< ro'iii pfrum filiform*. ? l-wh w^r* ilrrfiM in tl?* Htiu ?l M" i ilifi ?rf t ' V'i'H'Hii ?i? IttiMt* Mfewytf th?n ?' * IM r ?t f??r>nhl* mtii'lp* '?? of if*? |>i*?*M 'Mi I |"f'< ?'nt fi'M. Ki?m i hrM, Hmrr (mi ? **m r?<?r? lo?m? !??!? it?i ?fh e^nrrnl .< >! nt aimi^nl rriirS, wouM *< '?<* r on ler ikin o?? ?l." iraUt, um. f?rtl Mini nflu ?<nii?' h ? laird In Mi,^v | itai imp?'*?M'n. Th? .? or?,.ir?r* Ii cuiuiti r?aw>irlnha lonnvil lor ti? V?? ?W*r* of U i<V nrnkwi 10 m <Im cmiitry M>op!i?<l, *?4 ?!?*? ^ lir ivniv* r-.?l imwrf" on ??rt of rfl?cov.?rrr? ?i?lt *or.Wa the* Khr" fifMtfly tf??? l'u', I a Iff h**r *|w-M1?<l v > mi pf" witll j trior Urn y fc.fc% lhf |?- n*re ?Bia? W K-ro^ti^ci) o t the l/hi iilr, fcf 4 r.iil n? rr powrtfti) cfctradvt. TV Firj iti*- *? htvp Br*#f lv-?a fflnr* lU?D ft kUtll 'l?* mtH '>f tl* tvtMilniin* workwif I imi h**f, < heritor- , If tiff wm ?n? ' hfiiH tl?? Hfiy ol t- .it hr|U limited, ?!<*? ?? Wn int't*?u 4 In pf??# ating ?njr rinfcrr %r?!*??; Wl.iK ?? rrf?i>{* lb* lov# ol lb? W m ti>* part?< it n?n?t t* ?4 hit lb# v??U I* fet mi* this rwtfrr*>?>M *4