Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1850 Page 1
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fr = TH WHOLE NO. 6968, ft? r-r= TELElftAFUIC IWTEIiLISKNfEi Important Proffwllii)f? In tb? ProtMtut EflM?p?l C?iiTciitio>i-Ref?wl to Km tor* BUhop Ondrrdonk, ?S?c. ei.iomlTi.Oat It. 1RM. Th? Houn of Bishop* havrefuaod to mttn Biskop 3udrrdo?k. and hare rajootad the petition ot tke dloim of Brw York, both by a majority o| about 2 to I. A oaaon kaj Ufa p*??~d by the Boaoe of Clorie*| Lap PepaUoa pro?.ding for tk* eUotlon of at ?IWiat Blakop where the BUhop of a dlooeM kaj kN> mp?a4>4 Tbo order of tko day wa? ukxa up at 11 ' look, being tbo memorial from Maryland, and tke proposed ?aaon of placopal rlaltatioua Tko oonTNktioa. yaat?rr<ay. adopted ? resolution providing tar a triennial meeting of the trustees Of A* ThMloglotl Seminary at the eaine Mint with the MITMtlM. Political InToruaatlan. MOTUinn UF THE WHIUS l> i**W YOU. I rHiCA, Oot. IS, ISM. Th< national whigi of *bia plaoo hold a mnoting thif <?T?nlng for the purpoee of selecting representative! to oouaty convention. mhich U to appoint delegatea to the litioa Convention. B 0 Frrrii, M?q , (H ap. pointed chairman tr l John Kendall. secretary. Tbara were onl) twmity four perirua lu attendance, locludJ?g a few whit huiikera aad barntiurnore Til a whig o>fc*tea were not there;- lliey will b<> found true t* Mie old vbig platform. UtiCA, Oot. 13, 1850. Tha OneHa County Whig Convention met at Bome tr-Jay, an J made lb* li-Uoaiun nomination*: ?forConare*?, Orxaata* B ftbe preaeut incumbent;) Jur DU'rict Attorney, li>-i>coe Goicklla; duparintenUr.l ?< tk? V.mvt K,-)i,vl..r U'-.l- Initlna i\f Itia Am. sioi.s, lus J. loun Tbe convention adopted r?so'ntion* endorsing the court? pureuvd by the President ud hit ci.biu?t, u miiln to* II aa llenry Clay, and ?o*. FUh A resolution ? al?o paused expressing the Mue of the convention an agalnx! the Fugitive S'a ve lew and the extension ot ?le?ery The bee', of feellug prevailed throughout the ???eloa. drnscct., Oot. 13, I860. The National Convent ion wv 'eh ?aa o ailed to da? haa adjournud till the 161- a?t MOVEMBNTK OP riil V >!()< HATS IN vrr YOEI.* r. October 12, 1860. The dribocrats have nnoiwsted Krastas Cornlag u lia?ir candidate for CbagrtMi- in theTbirteaath district, and Andrew J ColTin as Mutriet Attorney lor the vonaty Iti rr.Le Oetobrr 12, 1840 The Erie Comity T>eni?<vati? Convention, oe>w In wtsiao, have nominated tho lion V P Stevens lor Congress, and Uei> V Austin for Prosecuting Ittorney. Both of these grntl> cs?n are barnburners. TIE DEMOCRATS II WI?CO.\*IN. Mm.wavus, Oct 11,1160. f The deasoerats of the First <'?ogresalOi al district held coaventiou on the 9th io?t On the thirty-sixth fcallot, Andrew Kllmore. of W(Ukesba county, was nominated aa a candidate tor Congress, to aupply the plaoa of Charles Durkn. the preheat tree sail lncunl>rat, whose term expire* arlth the pretent session. A Dtiabrr of resolution" w?re p??sed by 'ha ooavanUoa In favor ol fri? soil. Interual Improvement*. Jetorre, cheap postage homestead exemption, tree trade, and direct taxation The convention also ex. preened Itself In favor of -r' ob i? ilart Uentoa for the sect Presidency, and in opposition to the Fugitive Mm lav. l'he P'.oiida !Clcctlon. CMABLKeren, Oct. 11, liiO. lidward <1. Cabell, the present whig baa reatlved M raajertty tor Coagvees la JaoksouvUla. and . i ,iia<i:M><i. Ohio KI??tloa. PltHMMN, Oct. II. 1?M. Tke followlaj ?r? th? maj rlila* la Zatiaaallla City: ? ittaMfi, 180, Oonoaar, Canal OoiukImIobm, 174; ItffM (Wblg), U?lip>h lii rnuoul l.< e. It Oat 12, 19W Tba Twatil Lvgulntura mil at MontpalUr on Thnraday. P. W. Clark ?hlg wan alaotad Clark of th?l?uUk}(taU of 14 to 9 Tha llouaa ballotad tftaan tln>?? for Bpmkrr brfora aSTaailog aa alae- | tloa Tbomaa X. Pow?r? <> tba *bl| r?n il lat? and ' hi* rota rap fram K ta lui On tha tourtaruth ballot rba rotaa wara - fo??n ?bic. lol ; Tbomaa Bartl?tt, 1* , dam arat 49. William Ma'toak f -aa aotl.>1; Oao. ff Srua4|. II; J B Buxlliek. Ill; a^aitaiing. >. On ilia itiaanh Kallot l>r P< ?>r>, of Wooaatook, ?aa oiaobl ftpaakar \Bl? Ufj- In lloaton, 4tc. Iiixta*. Oatnbar 12, 1U4. Anil llay ~aa praaan' at a auppi>r (Ivan M tha t uMMM, at Vannul ((nil al'ar i h**ir rvturn barn, and ihrongh an lnt?rpr tar r??lla<l to e >K|>llmantary ?? iimanta la a planting manuar A ma*tlng of tlia to tha Fugltlra Slav* ! aw will bo bald In t au> uil Hall on Monday night. . J?ahy I<ImI In HMton. twiuv ontobar 12, lld\J Jrnny Ll?.d ? nonaart nt "itnbbnrg l>*pot laat night, j ju tall attaniad liar anna aono4?d nin*h battar In ' ibla hall than In tha tampla Tha Uat eoneart In thla 1 olty In nt tha Mn< plaaa la nl?ht fiha ianraa on )! Jay tnr f bilartaiphla wuara ah* will alng twleo during tha wwk . and than ratntn to Naw tork. Tba proravda ?? Jannj Liud'i thnrl'y ranaart nt : "lnrton wna MM, and not tlOOOO, aa ataWd by I wampChual, ka?r?u <??t It, 11*0 Navigation baa tancimrx J In tba Dlanial Hwamp Sana! Vaaaala eon>ni< naai ruunlag tbrsngh It yanUr4ay. Thata ara ?bout lonr la-t tl watar la thn on nal and nnlaan aa baaa tain anon, na rlgatlon wj( agnla bo avaprndad Tba hand* baloaglrg to tba ntraaar C Oafaa Ha aarUng luattly to gat off tha ofclp Loalia and It waa >||mu4 that May wanid ao<ynpli h tbatf a^|>al ay night Bng Waahlarftun aalUd jaxariiay ter Mablli. Wan 4bai ttna - wind ll?M From tha laatk. Bai.ria.aai Oct It. 1?M. Wa parr at aa by tn night a Wont ham mall tkat a r^raat I a Inn moating U lo tuka plaaa In Maaoogaa <a? *aty, u?rr|u. Ob tba 1Mb TL?r? ara liatrMi i)l If: t? to tba eall Tba Inl l(?l M m* ii|U arrlrad it R?* Otlaaai or tba 4lb iul Tha fr MMl ifkli I MiUlia'l, #*io tti (hot la tha ?lreUN tllt| tha otbar a??alaf tMt jlaaa Ibll omthK kb4 vm i mil In laagib. Tk? alllur; and Ira oanpaii>?* taob pari la II Mark rK'* li>.?i,nn 13-1 r. M lUaalpta nr'fbln th# na?' 14 bi.ara ?flour. > *?? t.*rllll, tlmt, 10 WObinbfli; cori * n? l? Tba mark?t 1*T flr>ar I* flrai tor Iht |ra4- bat loaar for tha tafertor itrarrlpctoaa faUa 1 '* " bbla Tb mirl>l li i?a?y aa4 taroUra Inr prim- ?h'a? ?al?? I 70" tin* (1*. ?? ? at |l It. Tba Ik'jal * tor aara it ao<Uf tor lb* tart; aalaaSAM baa raii-1 Wa?t?ra at Mn llarlay la la lair Aawaaa and atMHl;. aalaa J4 n/o buibala at 7*a tut iwo rovad aaa Mw for loar roa?d FKrr??.?,Oet 11-1 P N. ftM*(nta -fitbin tba pa*. *4 h.ora ?Hoar. % 100 bbl* ; Tlbaat. l b*, baabala; aota ana* Kalaa Two bbl* floar (Ml M *'H for Michigan Tba low grad- a of wh??l ara #rare? aa ?aa*-4 hIh iii4l bn-b> |a Oblo at HI* a V Tbara I* bat I' tla <i..ia? la aora, aad prlo> ? ara .?* y?rv-r4aj, aalaa of ?it< ildM* V ikii >ii Oat 11, mo Wlatn aliaat may br qmta 4 at KVi a Tta par baa . , *ad ?prfac wbaat 4Jle a Mm Oauatrr (loar aaUl at > 2? a >4 M. an4 city mUla at M 41 a ?l W Vutmatt, Oat. 11 1U0 Wbaat baa darllaad Rai aalu at fl. float alaa 4 all a ad Jrooptn* Wllltaan t*?<*a * la i? ?* !(>, M I . ??<! N' ?"? ! t.. h? > tut*: n thtn >t Il-.*?a?W? for Ik- wi?r4?? of hU ??< Wt< ?rti 4aar*i? ?lt ? af?l??t M? T?'? ^th?tr *a^?.a4 ? !*?? < 'fcM ?t?t M?a?r*4 la J |*t It |i im *?U? Mb I Mr P T *?f i?a? MM a tk<. i?ia #iH? r? > ? ?roa.1 thaumni ?M?? b? k?? ??' ? "? t<>" *alt?l'B> ? ?* ?/ t>bat? ? - ? ?*? Vari??4 ? ??t al f!<ls?iwn Can a f* ?b? aa?a??* < ' r?vaMln? W Tk?f? ?? l? *?? la***"*'* >' t?f?,. . j ir'v ?? ?*?k ?a4i?>? ? * ?th t??> E NE' Oar Bo?<? CtrrMH?toli. Borrow, Oct. IS, 1W?. T\e Welcome ?f the TWfcuA Onmmunoner t? Lotto*?Speech uf the M*yor?Tht Reply oj Amtn Bey, ff. The Ottoman Commissioner, Amia Bey, and hta auite, arrived iu this city by the (in of last night* from New York, and put up at the Revere Houaa. At about 12 o'clock, the Mayor, Mr. Bigelow, with several of the aldermen of the city, called at the hotel, to offer to Amin Bey a welcome on the part of the city. The Mayor made Amia Bey a very happy and appropriate addrosa, to which the Bey replied with the name aptaesa and good breeding which characterized hi* remark* in other place*. Mr. B ?aid? I have pom* with tb? i>itl?ni>n whom I have just bad th* honor ot presenting to yeu. to Ml at* you oa your arrival In Bo?ton. and to expre** to you th* pleainra which your visit give* a*. bo h oa aocount ot th* very hieh nt?vni and reapeot whloh wt, In oominon with all other ctilirui of the Cnittd Sutw, entertain for the present high-minded and noble-hearted Sultan of Turkey, and on account ot the regard and friendship which ? leel for you personally. We are peculiarly a commercial people, and have many valnabla relation* with the Ottoman empira ?relation* of long standing; but no motives of Intereat, not even those of a commercial nature, hundred* of year* old. oeuld hare *poken ho itrongly to u*, a* the mimane. the benevolent, the noble and ganerou* cour** whloh yeur Soung Favarelgn pursuxd in protecting and praeer? ing ie live* and ier*on* of the brave but unfortunate Hungarian*. N jtwitbhtanding that w* are of a differvnt race an't taiih. we admire your good hearted Sultan (or the iionorablo path be th?n pursued; and If hi* governront ba* birntnfete been tamillar to u* all a* the "Pablime I'orte." the oonduct of It* torereign in far' r of ihe h> 1 ple?.', but eminently brave men wbom he aucooured in the hour ot their greatest p? lil. when ,h? banda of all the powerful Christian monarch* CI Kurope were withheld from them, has made bim doubly sublime In our eetimation. As a representative oi the ' Par Ka*t" to th* "Par Want," I am bappy so weloome yeu to New ogland; and It will give me *rwst pleasure to offer you every npportunitv hi m* hi)*i?r of xmniiiinir Ail thn nuhll* matitn | tution-. and tb* edifice* of private industry within the | el* of Uonton and IU vicinity. I We are informed that Amin Bey'? reply wu . much as follows: ? I thank you roost slueerely for tha kiol welcome you hav* been pleasi d to axprt u to me I hire heard srfeb of lata ot the beautiful prospects of tho Northern Maun ot America but I bad no idea of the peculiar fai: m k of the hill* and valleys. and ot the homes of N. * Ktigland I learned eith much plearur* that 1 bad '> * -u cbosen to wlelt the n?w world, and espeoially that I was to speak there the friendly feelings of my sovereign for tbe governmental th* United States, and to n test the hl^h eme. m whloh he entertains for toelr acple I truet tbat my humbls mission mny inorea-? end rtrength> n tb* friendly relations which have a.t ays exieted betwee* the two countries It Is his bop? bat It niey al-o be produstlv* ot mors extensl?e c"iii4. erHsl relations between bis subjects and the cititciM ot th* Uaited States I te*l peculiarly gratified b) the kiLd manner In which you have *x pressed your?? If In favor of the enndu*t ot my muchnonored sovtrtlgti in regard to tb? Hunga'tans It was spontaneously adopted by hiin. and was but a part of the uiual t,<nevrlenoe of bis heart Ills kooU intentions and purposes have b*-u warmly participated in by the people of the I'nited States, and their ' liberality has been bountifully expended in favor of the llui.gariane who eoufbt a home in Awiariea. Hospitality and genrrceity arc traits of character e>ju*l!y prominent tuning Mussulmans and Americans , and tbe Id: mediate protection which It was my sovnreign's hsppiaers and prld* to extend to th* unfortunate Is now being p-riiiNorntly b??toeed upon them In this country. I sball be nioet happy to avail raysalf of your klrd offer, and I will visit with mnok Interest, ae mony t>{ th* publls inetit utions and place* of private Ir^nstey, as my tlm* will permit. The Mayor subi-enm-nily rondttcted Amin Bey to the Bunker Hill Monument, and to Mine other of the more prominent parts of the city. Our St. 1a.uis Coriei<iM>nd?ncc. i St. Loum, (Mo ) Oct. I, 1850. 1 it. Hr a ii '. /< ? Mnm jiiimiinfmuM?uun ? imririum for Murdtr? Mitnuri I'ulUici?Dtuintn?Sttambojt Lhnutltr, 4'' 4'r. The care of the Monfepquioua, who, it will be 'ecollected, have beea once tried in the Criminal court of thin county, for the aliened murdtr of T. K. liarniiin and Albert Jonea, hua been again poat|>oncd, and it ia row generally underatoo* that at the November term of the court a nV/i prouyui will be entered, and the accuaed diacharged. The younger of the two, who ia of aane mind, haa, for ae^eral inontha, been at large on bail, while the elder, GonzaJve, ha* been undergoing clo^e contin* ment and medical treatment, at the ho?|>ilal of the S.*tera of Charity. Ilia insanity iaof the melancholic order, and at time* he ap,**ar*ij<iite Yerterday moming early, he eluded hia kee|?era [ and eniuix d to the atreeta. Search waa made, but tneflectn.illy, till h - brother Ktyinnn.) recollected tlm* lie hat ulii n ? *prra?< d a ilreire to go to the com, try i-rat <1 Mr Char lea (houie^a, aeveo inilea oat of town Me??engera were aeot out, who fuuild | him near the residence of Mr Chouteau, on hia return to tow n. He had walk el the whole of the diaiitire, and waa walking b,tak. A horae waa reeled him, whi. h he declined, .tid continued hia joitney en foot to the hoi>i*tta! The firndiah di aiif to eirnite ihi? man tor homicidea he evi- ( di nilv romuiillt<1 wlti'.e lie w.i m,.iu>\ ha* ilnunt detailed, ant) it m |>reaui..?ble that the prosecuting < Montr) will <> lonu-r !" rmin?*?l tioui ijmmiM- | ing the caae, through (he fe lr of what ta called i public opinion. The r*arrnnati*n of F. M Harris, the coachmaker, who efiectr J aev-rral fi rgenea on moneyed inatiiuiiona here, i? now progressing before the Re- 1 cord# r. Not a doubt of in* guilt rnnauia. Hia ' o|?. ?ti< iii hmr hem JI.Ai" fmni (he II ink of Ml* . ouri, on a forged tin ck in thr ni iw of Mr. Tiaann, , broker ; fl.iXMi fr< m Page <V Hncoo, on a forged cliei k in th>- name of I, l'i> ot, au<l fW), aame. i A* you may have been advia. 4, hia detection w?a cauMd by thr oreaebtation, through a drayman, of 1 another forged clieck, al?o in the name of Mr Picot, tor frff) The forgery waa detected, and ' tbe drn) mun di ti?iu< >1, w h><. h kci to thr arrrat of Huriiiiiid lih tiUrini-M purtner, Schuater, who ia 8uin?,eed to fie an accomplice. I Tf h morning, a i<rson n-imrd GtJlagh'*r war found xiuiliy ot ni'tnbr in the firat 1i grrr, in otu cnmiia! court, and will doubtleaa be handed. Hit crime waa a mo?t firndi?h one. By i. -ana of | drugging brandy he a'upttied a poor latei nerate woman, reeid ng 'n thr u^a r part <>f the to* aad then raviahed ai.d choked her to death Hi w i? foand drank, l>tnt by hrr aide, and her litUe ci. I< ' df n occupying tlie aainr room. We have now about one hundred peraona ! ?nr coin t) jail; tome li'*e i r an arr undrr aeutenct ut drith for murder, b aide* ?nrul who have beeu prntenred to l >ng irrma of iiniKuuniiKii, lor va* , noil* rhndea of homicide I h??e noihiag of peculiar inter**! to communicate with regard to political ?ti*tra The three pafira?whige, Mentonttea, and anti-R*ntonitra? arr lying baik. and .iwaiima tlie at-aerriM.tif of the Legislature. Mr lienton'a only hojir ia from the whig party) ?f any die*fieri ion *|>rioga ap in the whig ranka, to a < to prevent a thorough union of a?rer nth, a i?rtion of thr party will g.> for Benton, I and he will be re-elected The anil- llentun men, I ft r| iHurrd, will form no allianc* whatever, wt'h nn> aecond pan* Their object ia to defeat lt? ntnn, hut in doing this tbey will yield no'hing lo iHe whig*. The Kenton wn will rrmaia firm; and if tiie wbig* do 'lie annir, Miwnuri mtiat get aJong for two yrara with but one Senator. We have had a remarkably (>leaaant autumn ao 'ar, %l>.l eurti'y ia quit- heiilthv Kuamraa, however. Iiaa been unitauaby ataynanl, there being little demand abroad for our leading at*|.|*a. Thweatern rivera, ioo, have brrn lower thtn uaual ? ..L. ....I. .t f.. ), .W.1I.1W. ,i .... profit* of thipinenta. The Wrat, hnweaer, ia waking up to tbr inporlaace .if r<tilri>*da. an.) in a frw yHr? we ?*e a difleraLt atate o< iffun I iipartl of mttii't Mrrnnhotl i<i<u'/r t<>-d?y. The little atearmr Financier burat h'-r ciiumiiih t>ii?, *t.??e the npidaolthe Mi*?i?ei|ip4, killing Mr K ?ff, (the raptiin'a mi,) and Mr hwee, aeroad entmeer hoth were aaleep in their bertha. Two ntliara were badly eralded. Youra, Amii. Tub Coat. T?ai?e.? The miaatity of coal aent by raiin-ad tbia week ia 47,M0 II. which ia an incr'aae of aearly & (?K) t?na over l*?t weak Th* r?ilro?d coaipaay nm day and mghi. and i??t even 'he elects 11 raiieed anv ohrtrw tma ".the trad? dnrinf tha week. The compaay ai- n?ing attranrdmary e*. ' ertiona to work eaery portion of their rrachiaery to the beat advantage, and ao f?: th?? ha*- ? -rnaaaed tkeir mo?? I Ifi ine ?i rectal* -n* n U,e .,aan'*T t-*afpwe'ed ?0 rtiarae* The I.?hi(?h trate an<* |w. ihf trade no > he L'tlie ft. h.iy Ik ill. (tnrv meaced during h* ?e*t- T'>a dfnan I for eoal tMWtianea lunch fref>r liiaji the ah lit* to at'iH'l? . are, and pn a rem?ia b'n. <>a ?r?t ft ' u.nord -jl/iatf't //*~n?ai, f>? I'J Apiiitntaitnl k; Ike T*reaM*nt. Rl\<ll ? i ??t h. H la ' %?arilai; i* *?a ia tha ! nam-< M4 lai tha T'e<?taent, a*. pa' 'at* tar luaii a >4 1 | cf pr**1 ?d tha aa'h^ritj >h* r-..t*4 ivataa," I .n rlaca ft JMroanJ M ( ?* a-, t ,#tra?4 W YO SUNDAY MORNING, Tka igTlcBltaral Fair at Tarrjrtown. i Che BoeiatT of Aarloultara and Hortl?ulta? />? WrtitwUr oounty. bad their annual exhibition om Thursday and Friday The display fu by ao awu qaal U that of the preceding year, yet It waa exceedingly Interesting A largo number of p rises wars warded for fratts, (took, vegetables, he. The Amertaaa Institute gave tba prima for tba ploughing and apadlDg tha contest tor which oame of on Friday, forming aa additional attractloa to thia talr. whloh waa visited by large numbers of pretty ladiea and rather a minority of tbe other MX We regret that our limit of apace will not allow ua to give in full a j detailed account of everything amuaing that waa Soiag on but w? are even compelled to leave Out th-at ol premiuma for all else save the twa main features cf the occasion Tbe following Is the reault of the plongh match : ? To Tbkttiaa Kearney, ploughman, of Weetcbeater county, with Me) her A Co.'a plough, flret prise, ellver cop. To Mr Munn, ploughman, ot Orange, Raaex eounty, N. J , with Meyhvrt' Btrgen plough, second prise, silver MW To Mr. Peck ploughman, cf Orange. Hssex oonnty, N. J., with Mtyber'e Nagle D, third prise, diploma. The Joint Committee conflicted of Colonel D. K. I Sherwood, James Knowlton. and Hlihu Leach, with J. 0 llergen T>ltr Fountain, and II. W. Tibbet*, of the Ameticao Inatitate The following la the reault of the spade m?tch time, tine hour, arts, 20 feet by ten leet; depth, 10 I Inches To Archibald Henderson, finishing la 68 minute*, first prise, silver cup. To K. Urifhiha, in 47 minutes, second prisa, silvar Dedal. To Joeeph Mulley, la to)* mlnatee, third prise, diploma. To H Peacock in 4U minutes, a volume of the ' Transaction! ot the American Institute." of 1849 the difference between hia work and that of Mr. Muliry being very email Indeed Tbe Joint Committee on this match oontisted of Colonel D K Sherwood (the gentlemanly secretary), Mr Leake, and Zem-r Ua'ght. with David llanka Cbas. Turnure. Alkuxou r>a<b. and P. II Mead of the American Institute At one o'clock, and fcur. ample and ex??Uent din nera. served up by Mr Wilson the elvil aud liberal boat ot tbe Franklin Hour*, were enjoyed by bla numercua patrons, and everything wtinl off delightfully. Th. linn Jnh. A lllw I- .k. 1- .u Mnc# of a large numbor of ladlea and gentlemen. la the Wnt erected lor the purpose* of the exhibition, dkllvered hq MOress of a practical character. though hi* allusion* to the free school law were deemed by aaity out ot place before such an assemblage. lia advocated ln< reaj-iai; the stock of knowl-dga among our Igrirulturlets-ot paying more attention to the oheuietry ot soil* of Improving on th<' Mat* thrown out by our State geological survey of limiting farina to u rn wbi. li could b? brought under proper cultivaLlon. and of applying an lmpravwd taete to tbe conitructton of farm bvuses On this latter theme ha ?uloglted the rr.ral distri-ts of Kogland. and hoped that with tbe grt>wiug fuuillttc* fur learning the best I principles ot taste In rural architecture, an lui provtment might skow Itself lu thla particular The prejudice against atone h?uses ought to ba eradicated. I'ropcrly built, with nimotpheric air between tbe alia they would be as dry an other houses He hoped la n-e more of theni riiiilt because they were w>re lurable and w> 11 suited to our climate. A variety of i theme*, iroxt of them urged with trite remarks, particularly those upon labor the self-evident dignity of ehich ineds no pufflrg- were dwelt upon In the dialonrse. which ?u patiently listened to; and at the sonolnslon a vote of thanks md a resolution to print he address in the country paper* were adopted It | aas toted aleo to print Dr. Uardner'c address. pilfered on Thursday. j t There was an auction at t?..e clnaa of the exhibition >f fruits, flower* and fan< y a.tides; and through the lind MMMmtlM < f l?r t .u er hill a (HMUM dls ribution of grapa* cnll?.r d tha scene, the ladia* -aiticulaily (baring In the bounty- the gentleman In nast eases surrendering their share of the dull-loin rult for tie gratification of the fair lex. Tt>? ( raps. The Franklla (la) llunnrr. of the 20th alt , say*; ? Die result of our inquiries respecting the cane crop of bis psrlrh Is not i*s satisfactory as we would wish Planters from different section* entertain opposite (pinions as to theyutd of the growlug crop Thar* s no doubt, hiiwi v-r tbxtthe location materially affects tha cane here Thoee who have plantation* contiguous tntb*- sea ' hi>r? speak ??y oiably of their ^ ?|4't< ?bil>l Ibun mora distant hava leas coufile nee III the result Many of the foeuov aspect te torn out nsarly. If not .julta a* much (ugtr aa laat year, but the latter say their crop* will be fully onethird short of last year a prodno* Una thing, however, Is lery certain that in the aggregate It must tall short fi r theeane in'ome s?ctlon* speak* for itself ~ It has not the nnantitv of lulea It should have Al though aouin pl?i?t< r? h*?e Iwao luor* fortunate than oth?ra M MM ' I hi ui ptetaad to a greater yield than that of l*?t yaar and all agree a* to a lata aeaeoa In the parUb of St. Mai tin by all wa ran laarn. there la let thai |rratliiri|galil; wairh prevail! bara. aad la irany place* ' > ran* look* (jalta promli-InK Hall? ahowera would bi rf graat *?rvtee juat now. and would ] oaalderabiy I HiMt lb? j>K?p?rt? al *uma, who at preacat aca.ot-iy e*peet to pay axprnaaa. NntMil' Ati'vunoi n Aiu>r.-Tkl new?boy?cf | hi* eltjr?ita .otl'iiti to'i*. enterprialng art of lada aaku i all paper* at tha railroad depot* aad afeanihoata? | lava organised Ihraflfri ibU a aoalely; a Biw-tlpj I >elngl?ld for the purpose en Thur>J?j rrrn'nj at | rblrh John M.-<>?n ?v unanlmoaaly *Ia<-te4 King," i >nd John Mi-Oil lite Financial Secretary The followng eonetltatkr ar.a hjelaw? wa cbrerlally pubheb at be rr<|ae?t af a i onnr'itea of newaboy*:? Artlrl* lat It *ha'l be the duty of erery mimbar of lha roriaty to a?:.*iid Itr regular maatlnge at tha plaaa alrrtad far holding tbeut < r pay a fine of ?i* cent*, 1 ahlthmcsay ahull fee di-trlbul?d >b uj tha a>*at?er* Vd It ihill ba Iba duty of tha King to notify every ni'inl i-r In llna, or no flax ahall ba exacted fd It ahall ba tlia duty ol every m?nb?i to obey Ihalr King while al tha imelltig undar penalty ot ?* pulnlon from tba aoclaty. or a Una, ta bo hereafter regulated 4th Paper* 'hall ba told at the following prloe* ? Albany Knickeibock-r. two casta; Kiprea*. twoeenU; Journal ata eatita, l:egl?t*r, all cent*: H. Y Herald, Ihrea rente; Ti'bune. thraa eaata; three saota; Bun two rent* lib Any nrnbar of tha roelaty who "hall aall pa para under ffea above eetabllabed prtcee. ahall pay a Baa of l>i a??j?- raid Bi<i?y to ha dlaldad aa above tth Should any n>eiafe?r of tha aoelety gat Into a BbM " tk> r- ft ara h and to 'go la" aad halp him ??t. or pay a Ba- of twaira cent*, to bw dlaldad aa above Tha roDatltation It will ba urn I* a vary juat aad rqnltaWa cat and aa doubt tha lada will thrlra under Ita iafiaanca - k'nn*?riaffc ?, Oct. 12. pt inn ar tnb Bi-iioa or qi ?a?c ? Yaatarday Doming at V u'rlwk tha raaiaiua of Mon*?1gn?ur Joaapb rlgnay ArebMahop of Quebec. wtra ronalgsad to tba atlent tomb Tb> ra attended tba Hpaakar or*'aa l.egteiative Council tba Jb<|*i, lb* l*arn> d prol-aatona tba I'oKaiandaat of the Oarrtaon and l?utte. and aq rmtdlaituaWral cttlaene from th-Hal ara, r uad ttv flara ll'Araaa to tba Cburwb tba Hoyal A Hilary the IWh nnd TMh H?glm?nt* "rt lr??n t.'ln tan lte* ?. through hi'-b th* piiirM*li>o p??*a I. A* tha officiating Hiabop *ud th* ><1 jr raw* ufc th* Mlrn >iMiii<d mm* At l*?t It rntbrd tha btirch Thr m>hi- at tbl* m> m?n' >u ami lmpoalng Tb* rl?r*y ?b* oavoant** lha Bllltar? In fall dra??, tb* ntb?i? ni th* ftmarnl In d**p mourning, tha aoldl?*? undrr *rn>* lit paopl* In thnnwnti oro*ilio| anvnd. *?*ry wln?l?w In tha grant unr* orrupt*<f, and tba ?tl*nro ol th* mighty m'lllltud* vara wondar fully l?pr?**l?* Tha hedy Wan* Into th?' alh?dr?l Tha trr'?|>? nl'hdriw Tha eomaioa paopl* yr?*aad Into lb* rbun h W itUIn tba altar r?Ud th? body. Tba tilabcp. . <ba prlaat". and nrel**tn*tlc*. took thair ponltl M Tba lunar*! party w<-ra *anl*d Krary torn*' o< tha grant rbutoti ?k? crowdrd and tha orgnn pt nlr d laitb a hymn A rotlnn*l laallng bn 1 tnk* n rn**> **lra ot all | i*??nt nnd maa* roiaiu?nr*d Tbl* Hrt?h.d.*n tO*rti?* lun*ia< ?rm<>* *u prrnahrd by tba M***rrnd Mr Ta?rb?r*nu th* body wn* dapoaltai In It* ramlrg plara and thn wkola ?M WT, Tba i'tili>4ml ?m dr????d In mourning Tha fll'iri *np|ortl?f l*- g.ltaro * tb* front* of tba gnll*rl**. tba plrtnrx tbr tlmri, tb* pulpit, tba winds**, warn nil wi*lpad In hark. Tlia largn painting b>hiud tba nllnr ?na eoarrad with n l*rg? blnak nloth on whleb warn ik?ll? and atoa* b n?*. *mbl*m* of mortnltty, nnd n rtiflli Hrlun tbl* thara burn*d tba xnndla* AU tba b'pim* in p>r? bad ibalr fltgi at balf nul, tba tbo|* war* *lo-*J. and nil work for tba mint part *n?pand?d nntll tb* Innarnl wn**T?r?1 n?Wr {Cm) Oiwht, Or I I lontmni'i Hon* to aiv a Paino***-* R*r?rn Yantaidaj nintnlng n *o?pl<iloa? looking pa<-kng* wn* raaalaad at tha foat ufllr. In tbi* ally. po*t maikad "8t? Lanla? ?>* paid? liar 1** linker car* of M Wlckaf. b*m " Hai.r to whom tba parkng* wn* nddraraad, wn* nrraatnl a tar nib or two *mea, on tba mall ront* batwnan tbl* plnr* nnd nt Lout* aftrr batng datactad ? a ah ing ana f.f tha mall hag* A !* day" altar tbi* com* dlw>n**rtnn war* mnd* in n trunk in po*??*?lon of n woman pacing for Pakar* wtfa In M, Lo?l*. wbtab Implicated him n* hnrlng b?"n ait?n*l??ly angngad in mall d?pr*dall< n? I'arlng H a ?- r * ronftn*m>al *a*atnl demonstration* hnrn bear -uO* nt night ?W tba ,?il it *nppo?*d, to ? *?' ro lanaa and on ona OI two aai-??lo?* bar* r n?*? making bl? ananpa T>.? jni|?r tharwfo* v <>fn In Iron*, nnd *e*ur?' I m to tba II -or Tt.. pa. ! * allnHad t* wu oi>v J an 1 tonnd to ' iru . panpblata. koand tOff'W ?D1 ItlUh I ailL t..i4 "All for Lot* " Our ??t?iiUi tail *r W ronolaiwl th?tth??? pampkM* nttr of ?hieh ?? iS? trial of Prot?a?"T W.hPt.r w?r? ntA ?n ?tl7 ho .nl for noa, 'I ' rd I f)j *Tl? H?>ok w?( u * book ?r. pi ?i |n???|t4 i? | t 1l i ? n.uff Wnkmhti Ha .hn??bt iron th? tMi-ko?-? -f Ik- aorara that ?b? k'.- ?d ? *hlab ?a* to aaalat Rakar n m* - f hl? ( *ri-r -?a- iaa horn* ha ??m i Ma kook, aad t*a n?ll ?*ia?o?t i<hl In fftk .a-h aa mm h?.l t? tiaa la aa-... a brought ta Haw * ?*v? lit aorkiaa/. h?r? --a??al?d 'baaaaavt la U> n?f? nf a ? 1 notta bnt a **4*010*0 ragaa v?<?: t k?w aya:<4 UilUk and naaa hat a *l?liant i-J?ar eua!4 hat* I IV V ><t/'U (ft ) RK H OCTOBER 13, 1850. Ceauian Council. IDilD OK ALDIIHIR. 0?t U.?The Board mat at a little altar I o'olook. Tbe Hr?U?gt li tki chair. Tbe niif utaa af Ibe lajt evening war* read and confirmed. rrririow mptliii). PetiMon of Hon Ooapany SI. tor Daw carriage Alderman V ianiiik offered tbe following resolution ? That tba Btreet CommteMoaer ba regime ted t> report tothil Beard tf there ara any periun or persona In hie department who ara In tba employ of tba gen?ral government. and raoelvlng pay for Mid mriioM. After aoma disotmalon tba raaolution was laid upon tba tabla. PKTITIOH* tnOTTIP. Petition af Hook and Ladder Co. No. 8, for a naw truck; petition of Engine Co No. 14, for an increase of member* to the number of 00 ; report of tflnauoe Committee, in favor of extending and lengthening Dl.rN? 11 n..1v u 1 Thire wer* levtral petition* for the remission of taxes ; among which was OD? lrom the ladies composing tbe management ot the New York Home tor th* Priendl**a. LECTION rolls. It wu rwlrfj that the election poll* Of the Eighth ward b?< held In the following place*, vil : lit District?Meroer Uouu. corner ot Braom* and Wooi-ter streets ; 'id ditto. 119 WToo*ter at ; ad ditto, Spring *t.; 4th ditto, comer of Douiiilak and Vartck *t* (llasleton'i); Oth ditto, corner sf l)?tni nick and llud*on iU (W**tervelt'?); Tth ditto, Mo. 3u3 Spring it. Revived. That tbe poll of the flr?t election district 1 the Second ward b* held at No ltl Fulten itreet

Resaleed That Joseph South ?orth be appointed Infpector of Eleoticn of Third district, Hlerentk ward in the plaov of John O'Manl. resigned. WsTaa mai km. The following wu aubmlttcd by the Alderman of th* Ienth ward, and adopted Wheteaa, An ordinance waa adopted by th* Oemmon Council In April laat. a*tabll*hlug the rata* ot the regular and extra water rent*, to be colleeted by the Croton Aqueduct department; and whereas the rate* so fixed are deemed by many aojuat and ungual in their opt ration and cnemn* in their b*?rln{ upon tbe various lntere*tn thereby affected?Therefore, be it Rorolved. That the Croton Aqueduct Hoard be r*queiua to comniunioat* to the Board. 1st. The r*sult of th* practical operation of th* present ordinance flung tbe various water rate*, and what asdifl oation*. If any. are required in its provisions ltd, 1 heir opinion apon the propriety of abo'.iching all th* regular watt r rent*. *o that th* use of th* water ni*y be free to all oonsumers for dameatlc purposes, charging only for such water at may be used for nmauiacluring and busluus* purports, or'other extraordliiiry use* th* deficiency belw?*u the receipt* and the iniereit on the water debt to be oolleoted by gen< ral tax. <ju j p? provable amount 01 revenue iuai win aoorua DBdrr tlie preseut ordinaaoa for the present year, tot regular inil extra rmu 4th, Aiij other information the dcpartmant may be In p[??iiciu of. that may assist the Common Council iu psrtvcticg soma perman> nt system In relation to thin subject, lucre equal iu it* operation than the present cue locitltd or TH militia. The following resolution* of tbe committee to wbon thi' matter waa reftrred, <?ere read ? That tbe plot of ground on tbe northeast corner of Klni ai.d W bite street* be granted to tbe first Division ot tti* New Vurk Hiatu Militia, during tba pleasure ef (fee Common Cornell and that t he nppropi late d toward* erecting a aultabla building to ba used ixrluiiTilj for military purposes. It* solved That upon tne expiration of the present lea/e to Messrs trench & llelner, of tha premises known m ('astle Garden, the Ufa of the preml'ea be grafted to the First Divislc u of tha New York State Militia during tb- pleasure at the Common Council, to b? ased for ibe purposes ot a so bowl for military In tfrucUot pioviiit-u aultabla accommodations are not ' previously procured After a very len rthy discussion principally confluad lo two of three meuibrri of the Board, tbe report wai lent Lut k to the ooBimUtea to till up tua blank in tbe ibi< unt to be appropriated, and iu cinueotion with .his decision. Aid j* Kiui moved a reaelutlon that tha Cninn^n Council provide ample aud suitable grounds aud buildngs t< r the militia 01 thl? city Tba Board adjourued at 8 o'clock to 6 o'clock this tvenlng Ot t. It - In tba abeenoa of ?.ba President, up to half?sst five o clock, u was ted and a**ovuded that klderman franklin take 'he cbair There were hut Laelve members piesent at lb? comm"nc?in?ut of tha proceedix.** The mlnntaa of tha last meetiag ware read aud cvuQiiiivS. rcTiTions airkssso. Kcr e (tension ot pier at foat of Day street to tha a*, tvriorliae; fn m Th mss Young, for leave to purchasa atnttuon lands ol the city, situate ou th? I ifth avenue, oatwesn Silfj-sixlb and duty-seventh streets, or fe? algtit to twelea lots on Kltt;-f?urth and KlftySfih streets; Intra D Randolph Martin, fur tha porebats or a lease ot pUr at tba font of Chambers street) frrui 'he ssme for removal .1 nulsanoe and daduetlou of rent for sewer in Thlity-flret street, from R Taylor tor tba purchase of a goreol land In r sth avenue; for the paving kn. af ilatavia street be wean Kooaavelt aud streets, rsport of tbe Crr'on Aquai' jcI IiepartsneLt on petition of several pe-sons to have waiar plpav laid la Thiity-third street, from Hlxih to Kaaolved. that lb* Cotnnii??l?n*r of Repair* and Nuppilea inquira lad report <h>thrr It would oH hi 10 the intereet of tb<> city to nrffl > building in the ftouod uMd l?i Uuurerneur market. that will anewar ' th* purpoee of a uiarkat and aiaHou-boune foe lb* Brtttlh >ird, lor < ruton wai*r In the flltb ittiut, at tortleth ilrnt for* M*tr la Oatliarla* (treat petition of Uoh Company, No. 2&, fur enlargement of thtir houee, frtm i oglo* Company. No 21, to bar* a tew kouiai recti d Itr their tri apparatus KT'tlONK (wrtu. In favor of eouoaoling drain* with th* arwar in Twenty aerentb atr*et; In favor of laying water pipe* in THrty thlrd,Thirty eighth and Forty *hlrd atreet* It ?aa revolted tbat tha eaat "Ion of Math avenue between Twi nty third and Teenty-utiuh llgh'ed with (an, tbat Houih utrrrt from IlooaeTelt to I'atharlaa atieet. l>a regulated. fce . and carriage way he repalied Iteport ' I Doniniitte* "i> ri m faeor of rr ballding nw? lo H> ?. otit ?lr?< t, bitaen areiiui ll,aod C A c?iiiniiibloatl?B from Uj? Coinml?*lon*r of K> pain and Huppllta. ai kin? fur no appropi lati n ior building a houae lor Jtngina Co. No V, lo Marlon tuet I.I.K TI0? rtlll, It *a? reaolred, that the poll of tb* Fifth al*?tlon district of tha 1) th ward l?a bald at No 74Lnrtlr>v atreat, that tha elaotlon poll of tha Kigbth dlatrlot, Mh ward, be rrucfuij from U7 Spring ilr?i-t to No lli Charlton ttreet; that tha polle for tb.< tUctlaa la th* I Irat dtrtil t ol tha Third ward. b? bald al 4 o 47 C curtUnd rtraet, in Mid aaxd aura TNIB*M. Th* follow I eg win an h nutted by AMi-ruian (Jmirm*: ? wteri a* tb* Chief of folio* In hi* r*port to bit Ilobtr th* Mayor, *iate* Ihai th* rieert and dock! uf tb* city ara inftat'd by finga of ?ht?T*a. who pray up- I on lb* property of our attlten* n*eea?arily eipoaed upon tb* dock4 and river* and that tbeae thia?e? natal* In an eioeediagly adroit and akilful uanaar to rib the vtaaela I) lug at our dneU and In tba (traani. and to carry off property lak*n irom ?*? *!? for tba purpc** ot Mn; reaiaved to tha merchant*' utoraa; and wbr(*aa. it la atalvd la tba r*pnrt I hat thl* tl??? ot thi*v*. Ir?i,it*ally Ian I at our duck*. and rab dw*il- ; ir>ga and br?*k open along, and commit numerou* otb*r depredation*, and by mean* of boat* ar* *nabl*d to taeape from tba polle* or avoid detectloa; and ?her*aa. It app> are Ibat by m*an* at their boat* rlrer fbi*v?-a ai* enabled to m*^* **eaealcn* to neighboring towaa aaa villagea, ami bring their plunder to tbla city wuh ?.- ?.|aiativa impunity, and wberaa* it U tba daty ot 1 ha city euih<rlie< tc ill-ird full and ample pr trntioa to tbe pruperty of all paraon* engag-J in a'rantlla par?uit? In (hi* oily and. If p'Malbi*. to , atraat tbo?e predatory land* of f\wl*M m*a, and tba pollra tore* of tna eliy being aufflvl-nt to all?rd aaeh 1 proteetloa. If tha meana of detecting and parading peraona engag* d In f arh Illegal condaat I* protldad for tbeB; Tbenfor* bait Raaolvad. That tha rotnmlaalonar of Rapaln and Pnppll?a ha olreetrd to pronaea and fnrnl h to tba i Mayor and Chief of l'rlle* forth" n*a ot tb* falloa I??partmaat. aurh anitabl* boaia. with tha naoaaaary >1 an lb* Mayor and t;ai?r 01 rutwa may W?*l| ?1 that Ibo HUB at |6<JU bs aui W barsay ftp- | |.i c>t>rtata<l thoafor. Alilatmaii Wonu oppoaail lb* mi litlon. II* mI1 ha had tra?a|lad oifr loartki ol lh> tofl-i. Md ataiy rotrlgn pni t ha ha I Won In, ha <?? tbat t bay | war* ( tba habit of kaaplny wat'h on dank, by day and nlaht. to praaaat robbing of *a*>aU, lint ttar p?a | pis of ni York ata com* to ?u' h pnfwiliii thai thay mart htft tba city bay lor watching tbalr poshat*, , wbilatbay >lwp If lk>M bwU wata grants'! tb?y would ba but uaad ttr n?bin* and otbar plaa?ura a?- 1 eutalona In tnr arilb?r|and In mu?k wsntbar tbay would not b* u?ad and that ?< th- vary Una tha ; IM??? would aciia Ilia opportunity ft committing tbrlr df prrdatlona , ba al-o oppoasd It oa tba grrun I i of ampanaa. for wban thaaa b?at* wtuld b* hr"k?n a#ait,lit tba whaif la rough ?-?ath*r. tba polio* would t> ma to this Board for uaw on.-a Ilia mat tar waa ratarrad to |p? CMMriNM oa I'ollaa Tha raport of tba ('..mmiltaa oa A?aaamanta. In | f?Mi of st-aeurrlag with tb? Hoard of Aasl-taats. aad adopting Iba raaolutinn tharaof ralatlaa to tba |y>ti ! tIon of W c WMda, tor rallaf from naaaaaaiaat fbr | ragulatlng Thirty ililh atrrat fi< m Filth to Bllth i a??nna, was lost on a division KRMU'tNMI rMirRlri' I T ? a raxauin. h..i>. i. l rnirart. to annasat lit ?b? r?(f In Qravavlxh m?at. k? hullt oa | U<? nortu mi ?craa? of Urwavlnh aad Harrlaj i att??t? u rtiiKuh th? III aft el Cllitn , nar k?i (hat Roklaaon fr'rl la tho Id ward ba llgh'fd wltk ga? froai (Jo -fa 7 '?co to Wool ?<r??t I tktt W?it itiMl rtam F: hn? t' .aooroort otraat. ka , r?pair?d. that rroai *. -*?t ?1d? ot Nlntk | tr?.t, ainM C, ka f?t aiiod. J"* k?tka?a, tror i ' Or?*a?1r'' nr.--. t? r?i auod, to Ugkt Oraaa from Caaal tafcriad ftrw-t wltk ga? to ka?? i a?.p? alar Ml la froal al tho Mortk ?M1 *aHnr?.<i Ckarek la rranklla rtroat tke? ontk ilf?t katw?>1 Tack tfta aad Matd?n laao. ka ltaht*d vttk fM that j ir*t ?tr?ot fro* tka Nlntk ar*ana to >ko Hadoo* rlror ka ropalr.d Tka Hoard a4jo-ira?l la I a'alack en M a lay. ontili nr iNIDfint I Or J 11 ?Tk* Hoard "f Aatl?<aat Ald?ra?n ?<?t at fill It*. twr Pr?*ld<*< k?lrj 111 tot'taat Ai ? [ERA drman Ward, of th? PiflMnth ward, >u o?U?4 to tfe* I ehtir. Th? ca*dlnf of tho iilautw tu d]?paa*ed witk. petition wan prevented from mem bar* of Company of Kngine No T, for a nc* hon?e Referred A petition from Honk and Molen to have the ? object of bone burning In veatigated with a view to aaoertainl*f wbatber it la detrimental to he*itlt. Referred to tha Committee on Public 'lealth atroai* or toMMiVTaa*. Committee on Btr?et> report) d in favor of Ino'ni vacant lot* between Thirtieth and Thirty ho>nd itrerts, Fifth avenue, and Broadway Coaiu'tttee on the Croton Aqueduct Department, reported in favor of appropriating >638 u.'i to pay for ooBipletiii^ tke Bowling Ureen fountain. Ou concurrence. cot curr d In Ccmmlttee on Ordinance! of the Board of Aldermen, reported In favor wf amending the ordinance prohibiting bone t'Ji'lnj rto . to ?* to Include a prohibition of bone burning and bone grinding establishment*. Referred to Committee on Public Health ? The ('nmnilttee on Street* reported in favor ot giving pcrmleeion to the Bo?ton and New York Telegraph Company, to change the route of their line of wire*, to a* to earry tbeui through Sixth avenue, Sullivan, and Grand atresia; alio, to erect rereral additional polea on th-lr prevent line Adopted. aaaoLDTioMt. RenMutlon to appropriate |>2C00 for a fountain in Washington Parade tlround. Referred. Keitolutiou t? light South atreet, beiwoan I'eck slip and M*id?u Ian- with gai Adopted. Re?olutn.?> appropriating f 10 to pay tor clook in the ofBoa of the Clerk of the Board of AMintaut* Oet. It - The Board mat at 6^ colook yesterday afternoon Preient the president In tha ohair, and a quorum vf members In their plana*. rrrinon* Petition of Cunmlng* .1 Pollock to be paid arooint of contract tor regulating Ninth avenue and Kerty eocBd street Adopted Ut Jihn R Dingeldlne for Croton water, at comer of Sixty-tut itrcet and third avenne. Granted Ut J. H doodriob to hare euukeu lot* b-tween Thirty-ninth and Fortieth street*. and b?tween Sixth avenue and Broadway, Oiled In. Referred. UEroHT* or I'OMMITTKK The Committee on Street* reported in lavor of conenrrcnoe with the Roard of Al-t?rinrn to pnrchate a well aad pump, corner of fourth ?v-on? and Uaeiiuadred and Twenty sixth street Concurred in. Same committee in favor ot referring petition to pave Tenth avenue te the afreet oommUrioner, with power. Adoptad. j Tba Committee on Puelle Health reported In favor i of concurring to ?a?nd ti e ordinance relative to bone boiling establishment* a < a* to Isrlude bone burning aud bone grinding uktabllsbiuent* in the p-ohi?i?i?n , Adoptad. r*i'in* raoM thi board or *i mtimr.n. Refolutien to introduce gas fixture* iato tha First ward Bation House Concurred in Resolution that the clerk of tha t'ommen Council be aud 1* hereby directed to give the u*ual legal notioe fir an election of an tldernan for the Tblrd ward in plaoe of James K Wood resigned at the anuual elvjtlon to be held in November uext. the person elected to till raid vacancy to lake hi* seat on the 1st Monday of January next. Concurred in. , Report ot tbii Committee ou Firs Department lit favor of furnishing a new engine to company Mo. 3 , Concurred in Auo. In favor or turnuhlng a u*w bos* 1 c?rn?K* to Hose t.'i mpany No 42 Resolution to change pi teen of holding tb? pall* in Ik* vaiious district* of th* Klsvs itb ward. Concurred In Conmittn* od Kir# Department in tat'* of assigning a n*w bow carriage to llont Company No 2V, ui-o in favor ci furnishing Hosd Company No 41 with a n-* hose earring*-concurred In Also in favor of fural-h irg Boii' Ci.nipuuy No. 13 with a now bo** carriage? concurred in. Rvport oi Committee of Financ*, in favor of lengthening Pier No 44, North river. Concurred in Report in laror of making two election distri its in lli* Twi lflb ward. Drat district to bi nam of th* Klghth avenue, poll to b* b*id at tb* corner of tb* Third av*nt'e aad I With street Tb* second district to b* went ol tbr Eight avenue; pull to be hel l at tb* &iuggold IJotfl, in MunhattanvUiii Concurred In. ] Report of Committee on II >ad? in favor of granting fi ru.u-fion to owners ot property on tb* Sec >n j air* Due between Klghty rlitli and Ma. ty third streeti. to i grade the same at their own expense. Concurred In U*V*rt of Covmitt** on Lauipi aui Uan. In favor of lighting Burrow strict, brtwe-u lilcclur aud lledforj s*re< t*, with gas OlMMll in Petition id Joseph N Barn** to bar* Broadway, W* tweep Walker and t'anal street!. reiitim t>?md Concurred in felltlon of Hook aud I.ado.r No I lur a n?w truck. I at ?. >it?M?nl 4.'Ukj Concurred In. * n?i ? . I Be?olntion to direct Hgbtyseventh ?tr?i t, from Third to ITlfth atenuul, to b? r-gulated aud gradod. Hef*?l?d. K-eidution to adopt son.' more eulti.hl* mod* of epri'ikUng the streets than I* at present used. K* f'7r?d Ka-olutlon to r*mo?n the eighth district poll of th* Eighth waid from 061 spring trovt to 11* OlinrUtoa ; mi let Adopted Reeolved. That f 1 000 b* and tb* nam* is b?r*by appropriated, to purchase in* of Tan'? III riiantol Vibra- | ling Itrak* Kit* Engines, for tb* u*? of the Fir* D?- j , pertinent of thl< city Adopted K< solution to put ?as fixtures in tb* sialic n boas* , of 1 be tblrtj palioj district oi the city polio* Ad.ipt*d Kisol red 1'hat Pier* TJ Hi 40 4->. 40 47, 41* 60, 61 , ' J 6.') M 60, 47 M. AW and IHI be extended to tbe *xt*- 1 r.or line ot North rl**r, by *?it*ig*.usuf. of the ?|i^, in ] cnl'diiilty with th* plan of Dtninl K ?# , late Clly , Burvejcr. llNltll. Heroiutlon calling on the Connsol to tb* Corpora- I lion to r<-t>crt to this hoard t'ie term* on wblvb tb* Corporation lea>*il to th* Rri* Railroad Company tb* ' land at th* tort ot liuane arret. Adopted Iteeolutlon callltf i n lie Liwi moult, e to rcnort * u rcinanre. compelling o*n>n ol good* or lr?!<hl. landing on pit ra, to ;?uu>( th? taunt wllUuut dtla/ Police Intelligence. Chart* c/h'mgnt Auguetu-d? Kltriss, ag?d 1) jear? a nulli nl llorleMix Id Kraui'?, waj brought belora J uilk" l.ntlirup jntrtilt) morning ou inil)?t|,< nt hatitg i I,tallied, on I'rlday la?t from Mr Jobu Mollreeo. of lug franklin atreet, the tutu of >6 <10 forged latter purnniting to b? written by Ur Henry 1) K? lt< r, of M>W Utuadv.a/ Tlie litter ) to tbo followlnir tiid>:? Mil. MifJtrai Inn hm-Vm would grtatly bllgt?e, by ' r-r fur m? ibe ? i.f aia duii?r>, whlen I tball r tult y ? an 017 lonrw it ti t m< run 1 Ti?n, In kut?, II 1> I eMail r I?I ilmU lit imkh ??n, itiel th?t iln k"il wi aid v? Wvta u.? b>; 0 *1J <> aa<! r?tore Ir ? Cmti atiaat. ftaw York. Iltb Oit., inMi. hlaniac, It ipptind. bud l'??n for eoina tlm? 10 the pbi ploy air n l of Mr. feller. and on t?.e e?eolng Friday <1? llr? red the letter btaaatf tilt MlllfMI aad trcetn d Irom him ih? rli dollar* T*?t?rday morning Mr Mcllrtm nut Mr' Itllrr, Hid ibr aubi?et vh Mnotlomtl, vbtn It w a wrtiiifd (ktt liii letter w*a a tcrirery and that Mr Me II >eeti bad I) en lefraud.d llotb pari in r? paired to the polio* otto*, md iiiorund a ainet under which iilamac ha* teen ?ire#t?d and licked up. CtvtH i* (*? .fd - Vr>Urd?f morning about nine O' Mr. Martagh th* watchmen of Mr. Aftt> wait, of Lrradway. *>< p??-lug down Wlllia-a etieet, b? M.W a colored man ftamuel tnderron In the aet ofatealing co.i? from the (tor* of K II molt It Co Mr Martaah liofin diatrly er????d the atraet to NTfttUf ftl'f upon which t)?? fell..w drew a ca p knife and point.a it at him He '.h n ran In th? dlreo. Hon ?>1 Chatham atrcat. puraut d by UkiUgb, th~B?e la'o I'eerl etrewt. Bp I'lt.y llail Place Uto Broelway, ai.d'aa* captured oppoalt* the ellf ho-pltal arti-r attempting a reeond time to etab bin pureuwr lla wa? girt B ID rharga to on* of tb? j?o?lc* who rnnreyel hifTi to the llllloa hour*, wber he we* l"ek*'t up < ( rand i4troi|i -diinri Wlliii4il. an wld thief. who ?ai arteaU dm Ifrlday, ob a cuarge of p tit* laroauy, aad locked Bp *r< charged juttrlij Mr fran-n It 11 n 1 et r or N* Wt atrwt. with harlng na th? ;<c?h ol f> | >unib r la?t. ?tol?i a ,uiint(t j of Wiring r ruwlillll of coMl. ??t?. > I | ?u'al" > ? an I $< la bar.* bill*. ann.itnMp* li'?tf?th?r t* ?T? Oaa of tbo *?*! > ? * fcand on biro. whi"ti Id to tba dtacoi?ij II* *v <>np itt>'d 011 both rh>ri?? tiM'/ft .^ Uin| (?i# 1>? li ran indlOflMl on * I'ltriaj Mtfbt. a* MfMtril Ut|irt, I it?l J"il if Cb? rry ' rtrrK *|?>klli|| (ntlwtif Miur git ku^O, lo CNTTT hrtm.n Wnr'.?t Mil k'l*? #tr??t? a m?n ?>< fcd* ?ri B??b* alia* Kalllifr ! ? ? ?p ml tlikml Fp'xku.n a word ?llr<)||?--t. rtritk ' Mm (ii? l?hln-i with ktilir or wan other ?hnrp la niBrnt Tba bio* look ?lf?t IlltU lliorn lh? Irlalnp tli* r.b and than flaai Inf duo award. IrflftlPK a ??r? dan^arom wound noaio t o or t!ir-? i |D'-Ii?? In I'fftb li?t? lk?n fl.'d ! M?p- m tikrl to tU hu?M of [it. Muph, ?bi dr?i.?rj h.? wnnad aid drelaiad It to b? frty daug?roui lla u af1?i ward rnnri-rr4 to tiia fai )?nia. an I up to iMt BlfM retrain**! Id i ??rj prmrtiti* Hata Tba i>ir aaa iwn altar (Im at taa Ra*??th Ward tlrti ll'?i? aad Maab? fin urmUl in tba Fnnrtto ward In tba aoaraa rt th nlubt an I war cnmalitad j??l?il?j tnorninp by J uatlea Mouulforl. lor ataml allM. T*? ('?*? p/ Birlri K< h 4 It "111 bo rtinint?r<dt)al Itoaa >a> a>rr?at?d aboot w?ak ago, for drtratdlti thrft br' thm laiaad l.ammintalna Irom > a part rf tbla Mara. of on prataaM - I fifing tb?m paaanva to Pan Pr*Ml?ro. In tba ' am *r I'iritt Alnra ikm tba ownrr of tbaataarnar Mr u ? Ik. .kl. k..lll.. ..i ba laatiOaa that KfM MTW ?M tha *?. nt of (ha IH tal r,or ba t Ta any mmiMioi with bar. aor waa ho tar atithortiad to book paa*anirar? or la toy way to In bar m?n?^rn.i t. No lot* thin n I alloliar r< tti lalata bar* boot lo<J(*<l o? Krlday a*?lnat How. upon ??k of which ha ha* baon bol4 to Tall la $MMi aa<l la dafaalt tharof >'omalita.| at Siao/tog l.aat Prlilar a aian nam ad araard I'oaagaa waa arraatad andar a warrant laauad by Jaollea Ma*rath oftha Km-i Mark at Jlatrlrt tt tppaaiad that r'"n?*an >u la tba aarly part oftha day. la "raaga ttraat. attempting to aaU a lot o'allrar iwooat ait fnrli Ra waa jooattnnad how ba 'am* by I tha?. and ha atatad that ha foaad thna la a privy k thraat aa thaa Bad* to flat blia la abarja to a po. Ilaoataa aad ha ?|?ar>d oat iahafcinaallj tha air ki^tfa waa Baa'Ion ad ta IkaJaatlaa a art ha It mat hi* wa: raat aad bad bin arr?at?-i| I) a >n being bmugM U tba atatloa boaao h* ?aao ooatra-tl ' nrf atataaieate aa to whara tha p'op* ty wa?; a* a ti.i# ?a\laa It waa at bta bo?ia* in Hoft *r? ar>?*bar ( ?? *ar'? a ?ta |a tu? ? ayin < I a.? i Tbitty tlr?t tfttrrt Hamh aoaiajl yth* . LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. fire It ay, bat be peremptorily refined unlea* ke n| paid the value of two pair* of paatalooa*. whteh he mM be ?p?ile4 ?earohing for It In the prl?y. u| torMd loo* ot time. Filially, the fl.era took the k?y o< hid room from him, weal to bin realdenoe Id Matt aueet, and found it la hie room It oeodata of tileer terfcs and vpooaa. marked 0 0 4 8 M . which are aaw at Ktaex market police court It enemy they have beca einee identified by Mr. H*lley, a jeweller, realdlag ! John etroet,a* hie property, and u hariag been etoUa from tun on Tueeday or IFednaaday of laet weak, bonegan ha* been committed for further examinattaa. .1 Rout Hi tin //#ui< Thi-r ? Oj ?Hday moraiac, Mr. John Barrett. of No Id Spring etrtel.appeared before Jaetioe Ueuatfort and obtained a warraat far the arrant oft'barle* J Crlapv, one Of I ie boarder*. It a?etared by Mr Barrett * afldarit. that Criap* came board at nl* houae a few -.reek* i go, aad that. hartly alter wearing apparel belonilBg to eome of the board*- waa B>iaM<j upon wbljh lueplclen fell ape* the priaoner and thereupna hie carpet bag wad *earobad and a pair ot boot* afMr Barrett'*, a eett of *tnd* and a pair of drawar*. btloagiag ta twa of the boarder*, wary found, a lot of jewelry and aaother of filk a I'd cambric |>..ex?t handkerchief*, were alea found together with a lady'auiuff aad two pair af moocaaiaa Me waa committed in default of 1300 ball to take hi* trial Prtil iMicrny ? J amen William* ?W ca?jht in tha act of atealiug thirty yard* ol uauallu the property of Fatrlok and Jaiuee Bradley of the Third avenue. Be wa? committed ia default of t.'lOu ball. (Jiaml Lmrccny.- Maria foete Wiii arretted ia Cbureh rtrrvt on anapiclon ot (tcaliog a gold watch, ralued at and locked ap in the Fifth ward ate Hon bouau tor examination Bl Tk* stubbing Cttt - Jurtloe Moantfurt attended the Ity fioapital, la?t Friday ami to <k the depoaition ot Seorge butt, which oorre?pondi< *ub*tautially with iboee ol Me*rr* Blair and lleadnor. lie 1* etlll ia a precarica* atate: hut strong hope* are eatertaiaed at Lhe hofpltal. o! hi*recovery f?*uuw a'w Baifry - A man named M iliiel Walla* y wa* brought up, on Friday murulcg. aad charged by luibroae Main lit w ' h a ri< l.-nt aaxauit aad battery. II kppt-akra tliey were in a heuae toge-.her ap Iowa, (a public houao of couihe.) anJ that Uallaly came behiud U; ik lit who waa Mlting eta table, and without any predication knocked tint down and while dawn, beat aiiu ??ry mmh; hie fane and head badly out aad satigled and he bled piefu?ely. Dr. Niibulawa* eeat 'or. wba draped hi* wound* and (topped the bleeding, jallaly wa* held til bail. (Simi.'I Iaik?*p Tboma* Katen. the keeper of a junk i?or?. at the corner of Broad and Water eiraet*. aad W. Kaae hi* porter, were arretted Wednesday, under I warrant giented by Juatice Lothrop. in which tnef ire hargol with atialicf "ASH lbe. of wool the property if Royal Cb^pen, of tbt value of fcM, from oa beard be aloop Hieral lying a' Hie pier at the foot of Maidea ana ft which Kayuiond Uurfee ia niaater It appear* bat Kane went to the aioop Wednoaday morning about >ix o'clock taking hie handcatt wi'.b bin iuauui?*ar with two young men from wh >iu a? bt nay* he re. ik. ......i TK.. w.._ uih .?<miu.a ? an*w?r, in dilaiM of $300 bail. Theatrical and Mmlcal. Bowmr Thi 41 hk -Tim gra.iil pairiolio drama at ' 1'uti iiii" will b' product*1 kt tlifk aatatjIUbmcnt to morrow aremnjt with *11 the aplaodid icmli afTaot of il* fornirr rapr^Hriii at.oi.a I'd' How*ry. Iron lit *la* S< Iiik ane I tb? Urjeht tbratrai In tba Union. Il Wrtil calcalkti <1 for I In-gri per production of tb?*a plaoe* bleb require ir'"fct wllib ?nd depth far tha intraluclion oS horiati 1 ha pi-cn la wall eaat-Mootl will u-t*iu hi* great cbara' tor of Ontanta. and l>arr a* J* nrrai I'utnam Tb-> <>tb**r character* by tha talrntad tock company Ml?* lllflrrt will amc a pop alar ??lody, KU'I tha :tmu*aut>*nta will clo*a with the Ur?a if '* Joa In Loudon " l'bia in vary attraetira antar. kiaiuvtil auu no ioub- will draw mu lum?M aalenea Biiuuwit TwntPii,- The ('??' attraction of Charotte Cuabinan la pterin* u aouroa ot great pr?4t t? be partial eooatrnad? Mr. Maraball auu Mi** Ouahuan hriaali. L**t *T-i,lti< abn a^ain appear**! a* Meg tarrllla*, and aa u*ual by h?r fplaodi 1 abHi'le* and iraat pbyalcal t-x rtioti lu)|>ra.<?ad upon tba mind* af hi* audnncc the opiLton. that ia indeed the .Willi l?|li MUCIIll III tbil llfllivil character that >aa rrrr b?*?n *?-*n aitbar ou tali or tba mti-r aide ol illi- Atlantic Ocean Kradarlcka wai iix?i*llant ai llai. Hanm-ring. aa indeed ba il In erary cbara iter, aa? drs. Abbott waa a* happy an erer. Mix* tiouKaabcim, ! Lucy ll-ttrain au>ia b?l L-r character wall . aha >|.rar?ful and lady Ilka ir har action aad bar apjcatanoi* la Tery piap*>*e**?*lni( l'> morrow oaeulug, .bar* will ba autx<**'t'1>n?ly.rteh tree at thi* tU?air* ? 'bakapi arr'a b.auuf*tl tr?(ji dy of " lie ncu and J allot," auh MIm U'lKttinan in lie? tnlniitaljla chtraoiaraf llouivo with tba tut-ren m* an I excellent aura**, kliaa And*rir,u i uiu>, n >tt u >l?ren?io, Cr'd-rlclu ?? I rlHr Lawrmm aid Mr* lltald a. tt>? > una 1 tbi* pit oo d?i not crowd tb? Broadway iou< baler tba tine of commencing. wa will b? niu -h *nrprl<*4 ViaLo'* (>* ran1Tliartitcrtalnmrnti for to gidrr** """i.c n atU cf tba coiuie bailat paatomuae af ' Mcednnui " in which all tba Karri* i.*n,ii*u faatlly. Madam Ax*l Madam Marr**ttl *u I I.ion Jaratli, will ap|? ar Tbaro ar- a Kraal Tarialy of dancaa la tbia piK?. aad it I* a aa4a??ary to *%y thai Ihaj will br ax*outa< ? tb clrvrra-** ?ul ura*' arut nc ainuiy in?ni;oiri on ma tltfht mpa by rraucoli Karal, liuaia J avail I. U*Jwu AI>1 aaullapaUtd KHaal.ith ara a itua?M 4 arary at'imnt >Hh ri^rN ilntia of dallght lu'l ?r? (au>ially rtMrilfil by mb( laHlr cilia" il.< Tlia >IKUMtilliU <r 111 a 'ufiui-* WI|A h* paiitoniinii- of " Jito. or tha Mra/IIUu Apa," ilariaiil In lalml'aHIa rapraaantatl'ii ot ?ba 1 a? La Deo and f|il>iitkl plan* of til* " (araan It'iBiMr*, nil lia praxlm d on 1 in-nlay arming Minima Tiooraa tbli ou^iahoiiiat la la ?b? nil llda of tnfe.?i Ita-ry arauln* Iba tk>*lr? It lowdrd ami I hi prtforaaauoaa |i?r tbn (tantl aMltirticn and (.laaaura 1 uiiiim* m iiIb^. ilullfaltkl laaliani tuii.nii ol Rl<? Mioopa to oca-iawr" ?||| ba w iilnl, with a pnwtr?ulra?( Hut tli?*r? la llta na rifitjr 1.1 tli a aunniuc u.i at' u *b'?a *b? ha?a alaltd itiii laiorttn md pri<?paioun tliaara, ?ill at oaoa ay batlar ariltn rabaot l? wo at aay thaatra Har' t m .? ba c uaidalrd lh< Vtfiiua Apollo of ItaBr Mukr * fill' roni'MlWn, l,?it?r ?.|ilally nala ralrd, Joliioon, Hand Hri Ku<mII Mh Hear rait, ilnlMra IIiikIk* all ol ih? Heat atanip In ISU rwftiI* ? walka 'I ha ?m??- arMi will < i<n? wim iba hi;>im1 >la< a autlflad '1 In Hold IhaK ioui," with Uiirwg, l<atar and Jordan. > tba Up*?''i>Dl National. Tiaratna Tb? aieallant <lrauia af tl?* (llhliabulnoaay " Mill b? praaau'ad for th? awuaanatit of thaj.atrona ot tbl? tnaaf r- U? morro<r;ar*aioi{, vllb Ml J l'i ii lor m iba I'aatOh character. fuu Itrca will ( ? I' llnw.'d b" tba uiu-li-a antart?lu"i-a? af ha Mala- llall rtm*arn ?hn will alaauta aararal af ,lia I la t |iMraa 1'bla baad la wall or(anU*d. and ilia; play wlft jjnt' aaralnaaa and hammiiy tfiaa Utlf'ta will a| |>. ar n a fanoiita oarra and tba inmi-nieata will i?i in luda wilb tlia local |laoa af Tlia ,Srw Vi ik f Iranian." Mr I'arrf m Irnlaimt Ja. ?tna and tba iitbar akarMtni k; ikt Moek cnafaa;. Abu a Pi ? r ThiiUi ?Tba laat aiipaaraana af kadauia bitnai will taka plm a to a> h row araaing I hare la f ra al Variety lu '.be ai, t> rum mania Atie arOl Drat appa ar aa kaina. In tba 1r>t llnaa anw Bait la karani fri. 1 l.n. larul In wbl'>i aha >111 rapre >?Bt tba i baritUr ol lllielda. ami lb eat rte mm a a nil rlrna at'b tba four f art ol I.a Far.Tlia ' In biah aba ?lll lyipaaraa l.annori Th'? hainr liar l?-l Ippaaraara. 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