Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1850 Page 3
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mmg wr avcnon. Br jautt i. coolir -wuo wants to maki a fort une?? Tuttilky, Oct IS, at IS o'eloak, It 377 H< 379 Breadway aoraar White ?., Mia of Dualap'a graat aaerel hiatariaal paiatiag ?( Deatk < ? tie Pale Horae--Ths a?lab re ted MiBtiBg of tha Opaalnf of tha (rat four Saala. or Daath on tke Pala Boraa, Misted by tha 'ata W? Dunlap, Ee<|., of M. Tark. pupil of tha celebrated Waal. Tkia pioture la take a 1MB. Bud Illustrative of, tha siath etiaptar uf Revelations, embodyiBg a large uortioa of tha beautiful vieiua had by Jbka. the beloved dleciple. It U Justly eelebratad through at tha ooaatry, aad ia coaeiderad tha " i'huth" of tha artist. It aovera a sarfauo of tan hundiad square faat, and contains about ttfty figures, many of than the sue af llfa. Tha painting la in a perlaot state of preaarvation, and will ba aald without raatrir Tha above ,iriat work of our llluatrious oosntrvmun ia n-?w on exliibiti"B, at tha aataa room, where descriptive catalogues eau l>a obtained. Any eaterpntiBK man might taka Hie above splendid iiaintiax and faakc tan thouaaad dollars par year ont af it, ba exhibiting I throughout the United Sta.c, or ha might m?V* nesrly aa maab by exhibitiag it in this rant emporium ji North America, where there are ?o auj etrangere constantly arriving. Such achaneu to igakea fortune may not soan agaia J reseat itself. Tkia painting ha* beau valued as hi<h a* ten kouaaod dollars, but will be told to tha highsnt bi>' ler. Ia tka oonutry, and in moat of the cities. ohurehes cau always be had fm notl ing, by admitting the Sabbath school gratis. A plaadid lecture aeeowpanias the paiatiuf. Terr J lireo mootha cr?ditTLRRENVK BOYLK, AI CTIUN EKK?QRUt'KKI S3 IIV order of the assl^n^e, This Day, 19th instant, at 10 a'aloak. At No. l(Xi ai?n< a c, earner or Seventh street, oobristiu|of teas, sugarr, ooflcs. barley, rise, flour, ioap, easels*, spices. me I asses. oil aad oil cans. brandy, gin, wine, eordial, pork, hams, shoulders, stand, eark*. kegs, eennters, ecalea, weigbta and veasnrca. One karaa wifn and harnei*. JW. 11ROWN. AUCTIONtKR-HOUSBUOLT FI'K aiture, ete.?To inerr vr. (Wednesday,) Ouobcr IB, at ll'H o'clock, at No. SM Broadway, will be sold at auction, without reserve, a larfe a aortment of gentenl Furniture, easbracing every variety suitable I t parlors, chambers, diutag rooms, etc., together with a large assortment < t ihm and ornt mental houta keeping articles. Catalogues new leady. ABCTION NOTICE -BEAUTIFUL OIL PAINTINGS, in rieh gilt fianies, at austina, by Woi. IV. Shirley, Auotieaeer. Wednesday, October Id, at fl o'clock, at J. U lat'a Imllnn Una Ki, Iftl William ,'H.I * krr. n.illml'iin oorsisting of American and foreign scsuery, worthy the notice of families. 9a)** peremptory fur oaeh. TO TUB CITIZENS OF NCI TURK AND VICINITY.? A spleadid coin ction of bar diomely framed nil pointing*, principally Amtncun reenery, the works of an Aintrican artist, got up for the oitiseud of New Yoik and it? vicinity, To ? ?old at T. H t'NT'R auatioa store, 161 William street en Wednesday next. Kith inst. at II o'oloek, A.M. Said paintings are all ready lo banc on parlor walls, and are wade ef the best materials. All person* desireus of having m??dera paintings wiil d< well to call and examine fer themr?lv*s. W. W. Auetionenr C1ENT1EL FTRNITL8E ? B?K ./AMIN 1IOONEV WILL J sell, on Wednesday, at 10 ?'cloekt at Bfo. We#t Twenty-sixth street ?wo deors from the southeast cornet of Niti'h avenue. opposite the ttruunus of Kipr & brown's #snsl meet line of stages, c n-istiag < t Mhoganv J?ofa, Chairs. Rockers l>ook Care, TaMej. liiraodoles, Bedstead, arpots, Oil Clothe, Bureaus, lilasw and Barthsnware, Atoves, ard kitchen ntunsila. The whole to be aoM for eaah, the family leaving the city ClOttPORATION NOTICE.?3\I.E Or PROPERTY POE / unpad' Taxes.? Public notice is hereby given that a sale of property for unpaid taxes f?>r the vcara 1*47 au?l ldpi, will take nlaoe at public auctiouat the Pity Ball of the oity of New York. ??n Monday, the iix e*nt h day of T>ecaV*tcr nett, at it o'el<*k at noon, and he < oatinued fr ni dav to day until the w hei* of said pro|*rty ftlitll be sold, and that the detailed atat'-ment of the property to be told for unpaid taxes is published in the New York Commercial Advertiser, a daily nsoenaper printed and pehli*l?d ir the city of New York. J<T4?Pff it TAYI/OR, Comptroller. Comptroller's Offlse, New York, Sept. 10, laftt). fOft 4IAXJB AM) TO LET. AFPLENTID r.AK ROOM, SITUATED OV THE oomcr ot Mercer am1 Howards roete The premises mro a larpe laleor. l<a? a ro >ui, and ikoti-room, all on the an* f! i r e'eg:<ntly furnished, with a^w oil cloths. Bir amply tun lied with cut and B he rnial glassware, and finest eolfecti? u ?f sport in* prints in the cr>. Ga.4 and Croton water fixtures attached a lea?o .>f tt.ja years with the pitm./ea, at the moderate rent nf $r'f. Ir? si'na'inr is ?ns >f the beat in the city, within a lew doors of ftiroadway and Car al strict, and its proximity to the various plaona of amusement. New Haven Kailro&d Depot, ate., ensu a it a ge -d business. It will be aols low, for oaeh, as be proprietor ha to be in London r the H^ih Nosetnher. Apartments in the buildii g ran be had for a fatn ly. Immediate application. from 11 o'clock. A. V until 12 o'clock, M.. on the prtn.>s<*. A lalv. wh? understands th<* eonduc in.' ft a saloon in a respectable stylo, would soon make a fortune in tke nbo\e situation CTEAM MILL K>H IB STEAM PLOtKrVG O mill in Clyde. W'avmo?tinf?1 New York, is ofToied for sale at a ver? low prise. The hn<ldicg I* iarjre. Commodious, and oavenitatly located on the Erie anal. The steam engine ia ne 01 tt e neat at,a tereki i-on t u.-non rne miu i(?nis, jseerinx itud flit urea are k< od, end ia rood condition. There are four rnn* of etoi c?. tn J tlx entin < liae power anfliiiint thi r i r The whole *ill le ?.>nl torather, or the en/inia, Villi rearing. fcn^ nil the fiaturea will he n?ld aenarai.ely, to W removed, fir $4.iV), without the boild in* a-.a lota. Ca411 iit of C. 8. 1?B Z1NU, tlj'U. or C A. COOK. at the Bank ef fieaira. Hotil tor 8ali-tui undersigned, beisq oUi|rt1o Jo 8"0th tliin fall, "Hers the hou t 'lowa aa ?l a Saraiea'e Read, and I ?ai- for aala, or will lat tlte kl 'im aa? aall the Furniture i.nd litafti m u re-ponaible tenant. 1 h? 'rout baaeruent haa lately been fltte-l np aa a refectory, nd the honar ie now doinr a firei rate hueinee*. To ?n enkerpriein* Ban thia u a tars opportunity. ai there k* no fla e in tie city better calculated to make meaey thaattua. Apply OB the piemiaei, to H Vt ALLEN. U Il?r atreet Storks and building lots rem sale.-william atreet?The two atone, No, 47 Aad bV If 11 am atrial, ear Piae (treat, wil nay a large inter at?a coed location ?o a ha' k or life iaatiraaoe company Maiden lane?The ail atory atoie. Kn. 7" Maid>a lane. Man*i?ttauvllle?Sixty !?? n Tenth arena* aid the adjoinlnr ?t'e< w, near the ehnrch Bad ?ch"t |. honae. Bui'able for faoinriee or dwelling, and May ef aneeetotlie lower part M trie eity, by MMMMM aad laiiroade. Tcraaaaaiy Apply to 8. B. ?fTlllrrmW, KWJehart. To cuuuis anu HHVMOlANB?run saib-A valuable Cabiaat of Minemla eoatainiac two thouaaad fpeeimrna Alan, a Medical Library, with the recent Stat* work, Bunical Inatrameata. ?ed a ' rtkj pr' pert? of a dereai?d |1iyiician. Af|i| at No. t ttamaok, S.jta Itteklya. LOT' AT YONKEBA FOR ail I SUPERIOR HI'81neia and maet'faoterinr locative*, and highly eligible Villa lota: alao, two handeome eottairra Toakera la a healthy ad fli>?riehtn? town, aad pro^rty in it* riolaity if riaia* tepidly ia value, from the famlitiee new alfordei by the Hudaoa Hirer kaiiruad. Applr to IF. W. WOOOWOKTd, Manor Hall, Toakara, ar te c. l. Mather, efVe Aaver Hoaae. For balk.-ihknkw and bleuant tii rbb sto 11 brown atoae fromt H uie, oa Tweatjr.efih atreet, between fiiirth and Leiingtor aeeanea It ia three room* deep la all thettorlea, haa all the a ider* ImproTemaata. aad riahed la a euperior etyle It will be eeld cheap, aad but a ainail amoaat repaired to he paid. Airly to OBO. U. DOl'OH f V. 7J7 Broatway, opporite Aator Plaee. HOI 8A1B-TBB LlASB, FIXTI RIB. AND GOOD a! will of a drat elaaa D uma: Sali>oa. with a r.>o4 ran ef aetem in a baaiaaea loesiioa, with erery faeillty f?r maklai Ir ni two to foar thousand per aaaam. R?aaona ler aa line, moat aatiafaetory te a por**haaer. Addreea " m. C. O.' at thia cffioe, with name aad place af aa lat?TTi?w, will Beet with atteatl'a. For 8alb ?KBMARK ab1.b cuancb for mircantile Baeiuree-Property Iriated ea the North rirer. la a fli nriehira rillaee-81 ere.' I)weliia( Hoaae Steek. hr? aa aid aatabliabed baalae?a. The (tood wtll of th^eeaeera eery saleable to ai>y taa'aeee man Veiaa aow 1a fall operatioa: hot the owner la *hll|>d %o reman Soath oa aeesaat ef ill health Apply to P J. 8tryk?r. Kroadway. I.Xllk BAl.K-A ti K K at CHANCE for MKRi antii.b r Property at? .1 ! tha Ntrlh rltir, lit aiHtrlakln* <lllagr. Rtnra. Rto'k. h?? ?n oM aataMiahad tab knamaaa. TTia*nol *<11 rtrr valuaklo; hatlaoaa tl--iad In full kin. in; In Vad koaltk. Bimt r<aort l*t/?lh. Ar11 r ?" P J fltrt bar. AM Broadway. CJrORTRNEN AVI) OIIIER" f'lK 8 A I.E. A* 1ST !.C lent flrat rlaoa doablr i*arra-lad Ova, by tliaaa oalabra'ad aiabarr, Oaa/mma k Kya-.B.of Maarhaatar, Endaad. harlna II ?!> r?ea?t laiprorananta, tona?har with laa bar aaao aaa J Ml 1- I l||?r. .'Mi *??Wr at No. 7 I'arb Plara. Broadwty. FIN I TUT GOODS STAND TO LIT.-STORR TO I.IT. Wllllaai atroot? Tin fnl flair aad kaaataant i f lb* atara No. ?7 William atroot. w??i? I'iar aad Cadar i<ra?ta. nllabl* f?>r dry-*ooda, hnatory, or faa?) (oodi haitaatf. Fmaaraica Rlvwb ituaiailiotaly. A|p'y " E. n. ^-inirriMif. TO BARBRR9.-Ttlt OLD AND ??M KNOWN bop No. (7 Paarl d?..j fi m Br ad ilml, la t? lat. Alao, tba Dwrlliay part. Paaaaaoina rlraa Imiaaditttly. JaqMra at V r* 1 a.l?> atraat 11 aalla tba P .al Oflloa, TO LIT?A lANDnoriRSUITOP IUO>I.OMNmNO of dtnitif aad drawl** room* ?a Iba (rat toor. aad taroa or faar bta<??> hadroeaia. wt'.b paalrtaa altauk I'nT>u labia aa attoadaao* farmabod. Tba haaaa il aaplaaa w Ji all tba Madera Imrro'roitoBia. aad I tab tod with caa ttnifkttk. Apply at M? Uaaatsa atraat. 1?0 LIT-A TWO RTORY HOIS1. WITH AI.L Till olara laprorraiiiata. ta Broadway, aaar Syria* atraat. Pi.?aatai<.a (lata imaa.lla'a;y Apply ta 0. A. 1ACCI1I, Ftraad atraat. TO RENT-ONE PARLOR. WITH TWO OR MORI kadr-'Bta. fatalabad. la apnaata haaaa, wbaro Ibaraara ao koardara Apply at rb? Broad way, baaaa adjolaia* tba Taloa ft. t?l aad la. fr m tha ?n?ar?. Fi-rnisiied r<m)?s. or part op a aoesi to lbtTa a >iaall family, wilboat abtldraa. or to ?ia(la caa'laB<a la t aa* hanaa, It'ntta katba, aad all olhar aadara fcoproaananu, a> 'allawt'y tiiuata*. Blatlaianllawi>a a<iht k faraiahaJ withjkr?abfatv Apply at IW Watl Twaaty araad tlrrat. aaar filth a<aaaa. HOIRKR Ann iiinimh WAWTKO. ft 1 nn< I -WANTiD-A STORE, OR part op A W I jV/TIU. atcra, la Hr<adway. frr aa 'iclaaiaa raataa W irt aad taai ai at' ra. ar aoald ka wllhai ta for* a partnara* p wltb a lady or aaatlaman alraadp aatabliahad Tha f'Vrrikar I aa long loan kaowa aa oaa af tba b?at tblrt t*or? la Now V ra. aad bia anal niara trill follow aad r?arnaiaa b m Aat coram ?f al ar paad rradlt, aay Ind Ittoib-li adain<a?i. to aldroaa a liaa. pnat paid, to W P., 191 l aaal atraat. A'ao waatad, a paraoa of ai?aaa ?o taba aa* a pa'i-at rtakt for an m-arrltf ay?ta? of aLiri aatt.nj, aad Ma| It kafi ra ika pakllc. nOr?BWtMriD-Rt 1TABLRPOR a small panilt, la a atataol >il|kl?.rl.Hf altbar la Naw Park or ti aklya. Maul aat to aaroad f .ar baadrtd dallar* par an W??ild pral?r taklai It aa a laaa? for flra yaara. Addr.aa ft. A. P. boa Wi Maw I'ork P?at OSaa. TUP I'PPRM PART OP A HRiraR WANTRO- AT laaai faar r?nait--wltk.a ?ra alaataa walk of Mawt'li-.a Atoaaa Parry, Brai.vira r-aaa-aloa ?a tha lat of War, Addrxa T. C? Harold tfc-a. a?atla? loaatioa aad r?at. W'ANriB FROM TilR PIRRT OP NOTRMMRR OR " I'aaaail^r, aalil April or Nay. a aaatly foralabad tiouaa la tha appar part of tr a a.ty. Addraaa bai 1.071 Poat II! ?a IIOI r| li rauoa and lama. \1" AKTKD? RV TWO l.ADI?\ A TARI OR AND TWO TP badraoaia. faral'l ad, (aat la a kaarllaf baaao ) witk a prlrata lakla. alaaaaatly altnaiad. aaarCalaa S^aara. Ad> din B T. I . tkr<a?b tha I'oat OIBaa WANTtD IN THR I.OWtR PARP OP THR CITT, two faratabri paoaa. oaa aaaittiai Ika a*har at bod riitn wlthoat board, for tara* alnala (aailaiaan Addroao, ta or Iraatiaa tad taraa. to P. II W . al tba affloa of tbtt pa par. W'ANTRD TO IIIRR-A PHRNUHPH OR I'Nn'RTT ai'kad bona*, aitaatad ta aay r-ap-atakla aai?hbarfci.i.d, ap ar dowa 'oaa. aa ar aaar Bratdwar. Taaitl r aaiall Fa!ia'a< tory raf?raaaa aad aaaarltr |i?a. Addraaa A. B , Imld a# ra. *1" ANTED?A DWRLLIN? FOIHR OR PART OF ONR, TP a tba o - altr of tha Itowarr Tbaatra. aay Rark*t rtroal p. t Br oadway, ( btlatr, or P?r?r?b, or aoma atroat aaar Addraaa by lanar ta R. P., Hraa-S IT tat, WAOHtnH. Ppo"7 I I ERR* Willi's.-; TR1IR WA'HINa IKifR A *?ll -riMM #?II ?l .V Lr'.??? 1'WI, ro?w l>n n, *d?m U.r iii kin it n Ut mimiMi mm. wim. \MJ ANTBD?SITUATIONS FOR ABOUT 900 SBLSCl T Y rtulwtut Mrtuli. rtBllinud iiihin, who daaira, maj obtain ihe beat of help at tbo Pruteoii?? Protectant 432 H adeoa it. A. B. FKIBMaN. Proprietor. WANT1D?BY A RBSPBCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN nittnation ? teanintfeu In Dreaatuaker, and w?olo make hrr-elf u?eful. or mil. id tbo care of obildren. C?l of refereaee. Cm ka hii for two ?* . it 43 u ir u atr? ; CtTANTBD?BY A BBSI'irTABL* FRJTBSTAVI " )uu >mu. a aituatioa a* eoek, waaher and ir< Ei-r ; or would trarrl South with a family. Bool of oitj roferrnoe. Chatabtra atieet, No. 147. WA KTKI>?BY" A HEM'BCTa BI.b YOUNQ WOMAN aituatioa aa Kuree aad Huatnct reea, or light obaaaberwoik and araaiatr'ae Wonld have no objenloa to go tort dfatanco la the eonntrv ("aa give tiie beat of reference, and lu iota for two day*. Please oall at No.73,S CaniiI atri rt. WANTBD?A siti ATION IV A rbm'ECTA Itl.l joeng ladj, of good addreee (and whu apeake France and fcnglieh flm-atlO to attend in a store as ealoewoman. SI o Laa a pood knowledge of knofacea aad oan kaop aoeonuti aorroetlr. Caa give good eity reference. l'leaae addreae H 0., or call at No. 74 Bixtb annuo, in tho kookatora. WA NTFD?A SITUATION BY A KISPBCTAHL1 y> nng woman, aa imrm, or ehanibormaid and waiteris ailling to aa?iat in waehing and ironing, and make horaoll Jenerally naeful. Ma; te atan at Wm. L. Jonef'a kookatora, t'2 Biilfi avenue. WANTED?SH CATIONS ItY TWO YOUNH oai- a* uook, tbo other aa ohamboruaid or eeamstreeo, and to do tho (ln>- waahiar and iromag Both would prefei plaoe* in tha same family. Gon?l elty referenoee given. Apply at 22 Minetta lane, between McDougal street and Siatb a v mi n a. ?17ANTED BY A MftPBCTAJILB WOMAN, A s IT ?' A " tion to do housework ; she is a first- rate oook, washes and ironer, and haa the beat sf rel?r?nc? from her lit# place Can be seen lor two d*>* at 5tt Maodougal street, if uot eugs*ed. WANTED- H V A YOUVQ WOMAN. A MTUATION as rook Cook; understands brwai baking, and pastry , or aa Laundreaa in a private family, or in a respeotable private boarding hou*? . The m oity reference irirfn Can be seen at 38 Thirteenth street, betvrveu Fifth aui Sixth avenue*, for twe days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A i! IDDLE-AQEE WOBM, to Cook, Wash. and iron; is willing to mako herp^lf usrtul. Likewise, a yount woman to go a? Nnr?c id a private family ; baa no objection* to do Chamberwork. toed city rofercneeiuven fr??ru their Inst place*. lu jciroat No. 10 J^cottd av?nu?*. Can be *een f r two daya. WANTED?BY A RESPE; TABLE YOUNG PROTESTant woman, a situation aa Cook, Wa?h?r an* lruer ; also, housework. Can be woll reo?uuuunded. In^niie at it" U uibarrv street. W.\vin? k Q1BMAJI (.: < 111 RIB MONTHS IM this country, vants a aituation. Ia a perfec t cook, * arlter and ironer, and is willing t?? l ake ohargo of otiildrcii or to doKtncral bonaework. Can be *e?n at *J6 Greenwich street, s< cond Itoor. freat room. H'ANTED-A SITUATION AS CU AM URRHAID. OH as Laundrfsa in a resp-e table family, by a 'ouni woman, who can give the best of e?t.v r*fer?noea aa to honest) and capability. Fie ace call or send a note to No. 35 Croaby stiset. ro m No. 8. 117 ANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND T * Waiter, <-r Chaiabermaid and Laundress, by a girl who can give the T est of city references. Apt ly ihit day and i> B>< rrow, at A06 Hou-t< n treet, ae< wail floor, front room. UTANTED?A SITUATION TO W WASHING, IRON f ir.g, and general houaework. by a girl, who i? willing ts rale herself uitful in anv way tb.u in rvtjiiired. Apply tbi^day and to-morrow, at *VJC Il unt. n ?treet, aoooud rto.r, treat roon. H'ANTin? BY A SMART T1DV AND RESPECTABL1 yr.nrr woman, a situation n t'hambcmaid or utuld'i maid; 10 witling to asiiM iu washing an<l ironing; bas goad r?o< <lution. latjuirt at ?21 S*v. nth sires:. 1I7ANTED-A SITUATION, Bi A RESPECTABLE ? woman?1* a good Co<>k, an eicellent Lanndresa and Baler. Fliat? call at No. :i9 Ponrth street. Can be wen or two days. H'uh.i to go to the eonntry. of r?>!er?nee fivn. IFANTID-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV your a woirsn. as Chambermai I or Laundress. IIaa ?(od reference from ber last | la< e Can be ? ?n tor two days, I not ?*ngagrd at 93 Nudum aired, sec nd floor, front room. WANT ED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE woman to ?c>ot, waob. and in n. in a private 1 auiily. St e has lived in ^ie eonntry for tha last two yeira. S'ii ua? tferatanda knk ma. and ?o forth. The c? untry preferred. F<?| partioulara inquire at No. 7 Caual street, bi?t houi? freni Contra. XJLT i NTED?BY A R BP PICT ABLE IOVNQ WOMAN, " a situation aa Chambermaid and B sitcr. or to d?? the general hmsework of a ainall private family. Best city refersneu tan b. given. Apply at W Ninth avanne and Nineteenth strict ??' AN 1 61?? A Biru ATIUM, Br A K 1^1 i'T A IlI.E vf girl, na Cha rotcrmaid. or to do reneral hooe< work ilia private family. Can ahew ro< 1 city refcruncce if relinked. Apply at f'WJ Mott atreet in the rear. WAN TED-SITUATIONS. BV TWO RKM'Bt'TA B'.li alrle? one aa trat rate Co< k, ami the other at Cbambem.aid.aad ti auiit in fine* and Ironint or ai Waitreaa. in a ri?|-a<tablo private family: none other need apply. Hint of city refer<tn can be prvUuced. Ple&ee oall al No. 5 Firat er*nue in tko r"er. yL'ANTED-A SITUATION, TiY A RESECTABLE TT idora man, aa Chambermaid and 8"ametroee, oi would do homework in a private fatally Can ehow the beat of eity rcl'erttee. Can be eeen for twoda>a. Pie'ee call at No. C7 Kerne atrect. between Prince and Creaky etrccta WAKTBI*?A SITUATION AS NURSE, I V A MIDDLE aged woman, who ia perfectly capable ef taking charge of a youi.K ii faat, ar email ekildren. Beit of eity re'eren-e gmn. Plcaee apply at 10<? Tweaty-eaveath etrect. n. ?r Third avenue. or ?y note addroeeed to C.C., Herald office, wi<l ke punctually attended to. 1jtrANTBD-A SITUATION BV RESPECTABLB WO" man aa i lain Cook" Waaher and Ironer, or to do general honeewerk. The beat of eity refcr-noe fern herlaatplaoe laqnlre at 18 New atr'.et, tlrek doer, baek room. \1" ANTED? BY A YOCNO WOMAN. A PBOTBBTABT TV a aitaatian to do etamberwork and wiiiiil ar aha*. ?erw*rk and eewlng. or aarte and aewltj. Good alty reference t an' be (lien. Pleaee call at Ivl Virat aeenaa. Ileveithetreet. Can be a??n for iwe daje. WANTED?BY A RBHPECTA1ILB TOP WO WO MA I* altuatloa aa Coak. Waaher and Ironer in a amall private'aii-ily Baat ef city reference l'laaae aall at 7V Bull aier ??. la the tailat' ate re. C an ke aaaa far three daye WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLI girl, to eaok, waah. aad Iroa. or to do geaaral hoeaew rk la a email private family. Uaa the keat of eity referetea from her leal plaae. Plcaee aall at BU Blieabetk atraat. (ret floor, laek room. U ANTED?A SITUATION ?BY A VBBY RB3PB0TAbleglrl. aa Chamtermaid aa l Waiter, <>r to do general kenaework la a email prnat? family. Goed eity reference eaa ke rlvea from kar laat plaea, where (lie oaa be aeen for two daye. at 47 Lerey atraat. WANTID-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE yeaag wemaa. la do chamberwork. or 11 mind ahildraa. Bae no obje- tioa to go a abort dlatanoe la the o oalry Can Ii re aOy rafereaoaa. Pieaae aall ak M Great Joaae atraat, ack ia ti e tear. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ WOMAN, a eltaatlea aa Chambermaid and Lanadreea, ar wailing. la a private family, (le'd eity reference eaa ke given from her laet employer. Plaaaa laqaira for three daye thin week, al Na. t? Ualverelly place, np ataln. ______ yon ftt woma?. ft illuitl i Cbftmbanna'd or Waiiar; la ft good eoafc. Vfttkar, ftftd Irniu; ku bo akjaationa to da tin |f>'rtl huaaatrork of ft am all |ri??i? (annlr. Tha ba?i of ally rafanaaa (Iran from bar laat plftata of fiala*. Cfta te for ta? dftya, it ?? faalorr atraat, up aVftlra. Wi KTI D?A SITUATION, BY A RCSPBCTAIILI young ?r man, ft* Ubftai barmaid, ftftd to unit la vftahire ti l lr- fitif, or ko Itki ear* of cklldraa. aa'l plftm awIftl. Tb? baai of rafaraa'a ciraa from bar laat plfte* for twi yaara. fU?< fttply ft? 37'. Boyry. far t?l toy. AVTTD?A SITUATION, BT A RRSPBCTA ft LI ynncc wamaa; oil ylala Cook. ?aab?r aad Irnar arwoald ds thambarwarh ftftd l*i< aftra of abildraa. la a?d plala aawar. Cfta (In find ally rafaraaca. Apply ?? I.- B. Wrr?, la lb* hrMary atara. for two daya. WANTRD?IT A BUI *. TABI.l TODWO PBKSON, a aituatlrn fa ft pri- t? fftmtlr ta wait oa a la Iy of takt aftra of thtldrra. or t .?al with ? lad* Qood rafaranaa Plaaaa Addraaaaliaa to U. D., 41 Iba aftaa af Ihif pa par ?M'h will ba promptly tiUiM It. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RB'fBCTABLI ? i| ?< man. at Saamatraaa ftad draaaiaakar m i??t t tablr prlaala family, kba alaa nadarataada milltaary, 1 ba > <! af ait* rafaraata Oa baglaaa Will wait t all* fai tan ilt)t ?> nf Br >adway, aomar af Tvalfth atraat. ll/ANTin-A SITUATION. BV A SMART, ACTIVR r T jaaag < rl, ?Ma t? da hoaaa?ork lagaaaral, or at ah?mWrmftid li a prl'ltt family Tha boat af atty rafaraaat glraa. Apr ly at t71 Paarl airaat. Na. Ill ay ataira. U/ANTRD * SITUATION. BV A RR tr ROTA RM ?! yaaag (raaa. la a tr.?ai? family; tka ta a flrat -rat? 0m h. waabar aad Iraaar, aad klad aad abllrlag 'a arart aiaaaar ; aba baa (tad atta rafartaaa frata bar laat placa C*a ba ???n, ntll aa|a(H, la ?ba fr? a I Uttattt. Na IV Vftrltk rtraat. _ WAMID-A SITUATION" AS COOR IN A PtIVATI f?mil? Tba laat af rafaraaaa eaa ba (lr*a Caa bt aaaa f. r t?n dftya ftt 1 JS Tvalftb atraat. batvaaa tba fifth aad Sittb aaaaaaa WANTS 0?A SITUATION. IIT A RRSI'BrTABl.R yaaa* aomaa Mia It a (sad t lala aaok, and ft Sratra'a aaalar aad tr< aaa. or par aral hnaaawark. ?r ftt ahftiabarmald or vallar. at woald traval with a lady. Plaaaa caU ftt I.TX Ha>tar atraat. WANTED-BT A RRSI'RCTA BI.R TOUNO rOIAR a altaatloa ta do plain Booking. vaahtac. ftad Iroaiac Coad ally rafaraaara. Apply at SOI)Ttraaty-lrat atraat. Mt?r?a ligh'baad math a vaaaaa. WA N T I D? A SITUATION, BT A RRM'R) TA Bl.l Pr?taataat woaiAa, aa t f.k . aa I Iroaar. Rial af rafaraaaa r??a. Plaa>a apply at dA.1^ P^artb atraat. WANTRD-A SITUATION BT A VOTNO OIRL. At ( I aai'ariaaid ftad Laaadraaa. Oo-d ally rafar*arat fr< at bar laat Ilara. Caa ba aaaa. ar by dlraatia* a iat> K C. D.. ftt 144 Tlilrd ftaaaaa. WAKTID-A SITfATION. BV A RRSPRCTA tlt-l I aaaan. a# < bam barmaid a* l.aiadraaa. B?at at rafaraaaa ptaaa. I'laaaa apply at II Prlaaa atraat. Cai ba Miltrtaa 4t|t, WAMBD?SITUATION* BT TWO RRSPR< THRU raaac tn'man aaa aa aoah. vaabar and lienor, thi atbar fta at?>ubariafttd aad araitar I'aal af r-f.r-a-a ylraa. Caa ba aaaa far 3 dara. at 141 laat llrnadva*. WANTRD-A SITUATION. I.T A RRSPRCT till yaaai watraa. aa abaaibarmaid. Iaaa<?raaa and f?naral kaaaavark. Caa ba aaaa far t?o daya at IIS Raat Rlaaaatli at r> at, <a?raar li/at aaaaaa) Srat Snap. Sniafaotary r?far?n^? m. ba glrtft. Wl RTIO-i 1IT1 ATllll. HI * lliri'TlllLI ?< traa, lo 4? Ctiaal>ar?ark ?<! tak? >?' af ahlldwa. ai>4 4o?laia <??!??, tr 4* (antral koaaawfk la ?a?ll rrltata fatally lii|i>4iulittyl lr?aaf. an4?a?*i?< ?h? kMt of ra'traaoa. lit Mltia fat It* 111 frilM frrnt lilMMIk WAKTH?-A RtTtfATIW*. HT * KKM U 'TaWI * Oak In a j?ri?a*? family; ?ti" oa ttaa*? all Ha*? of o?t?k ?* frtflf wall. W *U b* wil'ai IHllI la U? taaaMac a*4 lr?a a?. Tlia haat of ?ltj rof?. r?f(afrrai K?r 'aat *??? F1a?oo aall at ItC RI?l*oatti atracf h?*?ara ti?Mk aa4 dutl amiN. Caa ha wa tor ??< tell _ %JL" A N Tt f>?A ?i*' AT|op?, HT A kl<rfcCTArit.l TT yarat *'rl , ? ' amk*riaiai4 "T nart* aai aaa-aatr*M ???irf?a?(|> aa aa^lafattorj I, throa >a?ra la hn taat ilata. AN" ?aat?4. a nlaaM"a at aaaoral koaao?o<* l? a (? <! ?a?k*r >a4 Iroaar aa4 plait ?> k. U?l raf?t?a-< J traa. Pl'M"a 'af1?'li fMl Caa W tMafoiMm atr, tr'.m, fl-at foot tL'AllTrit 'ITI'ATIO.Xa Rf TW ' RI*rRCfA ni.l TT j ' ???' ?i*? >.?? a - ? ?> ?? - *r<t ' >* 1oa tn . tag if aaarii a. Ifci ?M>tt to 4a aaaW?"fk at I talta oaro r| ' t?t I4r?r Th? k??t'f ?1fy i%f*r-naa aaa Vo t'taa. rl ?- ??'t it I* Mr,at?'aih a' r??* ta?a??a Sava'l I'M It It'l ft| Itt it)? 1 WARTIi I TI7ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE "" w. maa. with a fr??h tnui ef milk. SmufMto*T ait* refereno* fiveu. Can be ihi far three dayt. Apply at W.\, Grand ilmt IVANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN' i *" ? tituatioa a* < hamberiaaid ?u.l Waiter is B I ?' !# fnuii family. Tho 6<nt of refertaee gives. PleM* a!) at IS Moaroa atreat. WANTED?A SITUATION, Jtr a BISI'BcTA B'.E )f"OC woman, who ia a moot eieellekt took, whit aad iroBor. Good reference ooa he gftaa. Pleaee ?o apply 1 at No. 1* Priaee atraet, oocoa'l floor. I "Ilf ANTED?BY A SMART, CAPABLE YOUNG WOtT man, a aitaaU >a to 4o chauVerwoik and waiting, or light chamber* irk and anree, Good eity reference givev. Pleaar call at 76 Eleventh atreat, Utwaen Fifth and Suvh Caa bo eren for two day*. WANTED?A GOOD SITUATION', BY A RIV^It'Tiblo Wumun to took, witah and iron in a private fai Mily. with good eity reference. Apply at '417 Wuotitr etnel. Can ba >aan for two daja. WANTID?A SITUATION, BY A EUPf "TABLE Proteetaat vonni vrnnan, as Seal in a niae.-ieUe family. Pleaee eafl at 191 W'eat Twaatiath etreet \ET ANTE D?A SITUATION. BY A MIDDLE-AGIO TT Aaiaricaa woman, an Uoneekeep r to k gentleman, ' bachelor, or widowrr. Pteaaa addraaa (pxt paid) " M. I ," ' Chatham Square poat office. 1ITANTED-BY A RESI'ECTAHLE VOl NG WOMAN, A "" (ituatien a<i a Cook, either la an eaiiag taloon, or ia a hotel, who la \o II aeqaainted with the bnaiaeia. 1'Uase aall at No. 1M1 liarolay atraat, up atairj. Caa be iara for two , i *?J?. WAMID-A SITUATION, BY A RKSPECTABLK ynong weaiaa, an Chambermaid and Waiter in a private family, or as hildrtu'a Nurae. Ploare aall at 14 Monroe Place. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAlioa at Chambermaid or Laundress. Can be sesu for [ : two days. at 1M Mott strwt. second floor, hank room ; IITANTID?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLR TT m?l| wnman, as Chambermaid and Walter, or to do icaeral housework. Has >?od recommendations turn her last | !.i' o. iL-jiiir.-at l(r< (j.,! i street, Bro?klyi?e WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN* H a lituation an Cool, and, ii r?* p^rmi, to wash an i iron. [ The beet of city reference given. I'luaae eall at No. SI Prince strict, in tho st>>re. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng girl, to do cbamberwork, and assist in the waahvr2 ard iroilnif. Che uudsrt-tands wai ting perfectly. The best of c4ty reference an to honesty, uobrie'y and taxability. : Please eall at No. 112 Nineteenth street, bet weed Sixth and Seventh av-nnes Please call for two 'lavs. \JLTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN, v a situation as Chambermaid and Waiter, or to do general f ou.ework of a small family. No uhieetioa to go a 1 fhm distance in the country. Good oity reference can 1 giver Can be seea for threj days. Fleai* ?all at Wooslcr i street. WANTKI) A 81T I' ATI ON, BY A H E^PK 'TABLE Protsstant young woman, to do general honsework, and is a good wa?ber and irouer. Ware* will not betheobVct, so as to proovro a home. Please call at 54* University Ia?c, in the store. Can be seen f??r two d v?. | 11' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KE8PECTARLE vv vomss, to cook, mash, and irou. in 4 small private family. The best of city reference. PUase eall as 87 Marion street. Can be seen for two days. "Wf A> TED?BY A RESPECTABLE CIRL. A SITUAfv tioB to do plain ok inx, wa-i ins. and ironing Best sity refereece fr<?m her last place, where she has lived three year Please oall at 243 William stress, for two diyi. Ttr ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A v v situation as Chambermaid and Waitrefte, or to de plaia c Lids in a bp.all piira'o family. Good cityreforaiiee being twojear* in U? r la <* place. Apply at WU tiatt Twentieth street, near Third are.*ue. Cat. be ee?n for three days. \\rAVTBD El EEEPRTABLB YOUNG WOKAW, vv a situa* ion to d<. chamber aork and waiting, or t<> tako cere of dblldroa. ^Ihehest'f city references from bar last I iti b# bna for two 4iyi. 1 YV AN TIP?BY A KE4PBCTABLE YOCKU WOMAN, * MtukUun km Cbauibormitid < r Waiter; has no obj?*o'i nft to do tbo grncr*! hourcwork of a small private fumtljr. Thf bept of city rcferon?ea jitcn. Can bo Boon for iwo daya ? 4" ring atro t. YVANTED?BY A KK3PECTABLE YOUWG WOMAN, A " MtuaTinn as Ktir?o an 1 Stnn*trw?s, or a? Chambor maid and Haitrrss. Best ?.f city referonco cm bo niton. /I ply at J&l Hitabo?h itr?*?(, wLer? aho can be scon f^r two duya. if not tnp&ged. ? YV" ANTED A SITUATION AS GOOD COOK. WASIUil " and Ironer. The boat of oity refor^cc* can be fifon. Al ( lyat% Ei|btcenth stroat, bctwtun Sixth and S^vonth avenues. UTANTID-Br A RESPACTAHI.K PROTESTANT " girl. ? filiation an Cl.ambtrmald. an t to a*?!?t in wad,In* and ironing, or to do rtticrnl lu uaework. City raft renca can ta , itan. Can b? ae?ti fo.- (n o days at 141 TUird itnu. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A VERY COMl'El BVT tirl, with rood ait; refirenoa. i- Sanmttraia in ? r?ri*1 U family. Can ent an 1 fli ckiMrtn * rlothinc and la ilea' w"?M makr keraalf ganarally i.itftiL Arply at 74 Silth ItllH, in till- ok Itow. Ur ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RE9PICTAULB toon* ?<>Bian, to d? plain oookia*. waahinf and ironing, or to ti. (antral bocrawnrk. in a aicall prirata family. Oily Ml'.met *mn Ca.Ha will !>? atundaJ fur twodayaatM Oarmiaa atraot. in tbt atora. WANTCD-BY A BEM'ECTABIE Y01NQ WOMAN, a altuatlon aa Cook; aadaratarda French o?okia? parN'I-It Can hava tbe baai cf tity rafartaar. Pinna .ail at 191 lfntt Mian, in tba raar. Can b? a?an for two dayi if not aimed. ANTED?A HTUATION. BY A TODNO WIDOW, ?" aa Laundrea*. or Cl aoii.'riT.aid and Baainatraaa i..u4 aity rtlaranra aan ?? alaan if raqairad. Flaaaa aall at Na. ll.aTT ainet. third floor, bark room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTA Bl.B PROTBSTAWT '? |irl. a at>uation aa Oaok. Wa.lnr and Ir?a?r. B-at of ity rafaranat from her laat plaae. Can bo aeaa f'-r two daya. Plo*aa call at 143 Yariak .treat, batwatn Bpriag and Vaadam ttre-ta from tiKmrnt. 117 AHTID-HT A RB'PECTA III.R PBOTBSTAWT t TT yoaag womaa. a ( nation M Nam aad iitartitn, " ar Cham! trioa! J. Uu llttd two jaara aad ai*ht montlia ia 1 h?r laat titaatioa. Plaata aall al W Uraad atroat, froat t?"m, up ataiia. 1 \17ANTED-BT A KBSPBcrAni.B YOI/WO woman. tt a titaatioa. at Chambermaid aad Waita?, ar ("b?aiharwaik. aad to da flat waahlnt aad Iranian. Vu tha fry b*a> aitr rtftraaca from liar latt platt arhar* tho haa li??d f?r tba laai two nan. Plaata call at 97 Marion imtt. Oaa It a? fn tw ItJI. " TLrAMT1D?BT A BBBPBCTABLB TOCBO WOM4H. tt a utiai oa aa Irat rat* Cock, who tburoachly aadaratai.da btr Iuiiumi Can (Ira tha ha?t oily rrfaraaaaa J'l'aat tall at M (iraat Joaat atrttt, ia tha raw. Caa ba itca far t?<. daja II' A M T I D - A SITl ATIO.T, BT A UIPKT1BII TT joaai ProtMtaat woman, aa Wat Naraa. la a raip?rtablt [.matt family. Good tltj rafaiaaaaa. Plaaaa call i M> Craaaj atiaat. ia tha raar. tfaa ba aaaa for twa dart. W ANTED-A VITI ATION. BT.A BE.SPECTABLB BRrr dli.t: tcaaa, aa Co?k. IFaaiitr. aad Iraaor. in a a-aall pmatt familv, or utM (<> aa Laandraat. I'laaaa call at 1 Ma. !.1 Tea*; ttratt, in tba atart. Oacd rafaraaa* gitaa. |I'ANTED-A BITCATION, HV A RBSI'BCTABI.B tt young woman, to .! (antral hrvntawork. ia a prirata amily; tht It I I> i waahar and Irnntr, and a food alaia ' to?k. wonld likt to hata a plat* fir ilia wintar Uoodaity 1 raltrtnrt *l?aa. AppU at l-l Riith artaaa, aamtr af 1 H ?httta?h ttraat Caa bt aaaa lor t?n dayt. \Lr ANTED?A SITUATION, nv AM BXPBKIBNCBD I tt limit, at Nnrta ?r R*amatrtta. Sha ia aompatant to ttkt tba tatira thari* of aa infaat, from itt birih. or aaaitt in chamktrwnrk. Sh? haa lirtd for tattral yaart ia that > nM'ity. Woaldta willing ta go South. Tba bait of aitr rrrarrarat ran bt (itto Apply at HB liroadway, la tba I mntia a tort. HfANTBD-BT A E'PEf TA BI.B TOUKG lilRU A rltaatlon m Cham* rrmaid aad tVaitar. ?r K?r?, ar 1 P*am'traaa. who nadrrataadt antting aad tttlnr nhildraa'a drataaa alta nadtrt'aada Praarh fating and bairdrat*ia(. ran ta ia*n for twn dayt. flood ait* raftraac aaa b* (lata from btr laat plara. whara ita llaad thraa yaara. Plaaaa ap|>|i at 1J* aiitatnik ttraat. a?ar Bataatb avtaaa. w lion M Ca?.|. wha it fill? " Hnl af bar knI rm III! hu mk f"f tbi Uil Iwaatr faara. IIM aa I I ? a mpmik1' print* knar4la? hoaai. Fk ih< kin (.fill; Cii ki i?a fir tkm iifs. ' r:-M? aall ?i IT1* twalfkk (tml, <>ai 4aor from Cairanilj rim, iwiid < VL* AMID?A BITVATION, AS WAITBR. IK A PRI" rata <??all)r, tr a Proia-tnai aui.tikorl lima from , , Irriand, ud ?h# ku lull in Un ihm. ml bw ?o? (kt4 nf'U tnaa4klloka Ilk bl?, ka4 akn ak?aia I ra. ! ( HIM >.?r* if iaqalra4. A44r*?a R A, IHI ak?a?a?h , > atrrai, lataraa Rlith aa4 ftaaaatb a??auaa. ?r kf aola te lk* | j PHI Kraal, aaraar *f mi?i. WANT ID-A MTCATIOI, A!) ?MHTA*f RROOW cr lldMf Hrtial, kj k arakrt U4. |? jakr? of M' Ckk k? ??ll ra?a??aa4a4 by hi* Ihi iHlir. AJfi?aa Anlnul B*>al4 ?< * WIT NIRMNO-A IKI'KCTARLE MARRIID worn mm aaha ku mat bar InfaM af a ft* 4ayi al4. la 4?klm?? rf takiai k kkiU la wal (nm k( bir earn konaa. lainlra fur In Rr?? M Bil??rT7 airaal, la Iba rG o4 I ! K'' nr - HT?k. Ar or no and biaitbt wdkax, wmi * rnivi kr*k>l of Biilk.ia 4iairnnf kf atltnallon aa ?>| lit? | Is k |ii'?al family?bka lalaly loll h?r knikaa{: aha beat of I ail; nfaniN. Cad ka laaa for t?? dajra kl Ma llAlkkir airaal. ARI5PKTARI.I PROTI?TANT TOINO WOMAN rant* a Ittaatlon la k ptlaaia fkmilj. kka took, "kah | ka4 lr?a. Plaaaa aall at III Malkcrr; Hraat,la Ika rrar. AH IDtrc AT?f? WOBAN Whill< A am?A. Ilea m Boaa?ko?| ?r. ?r aa laa^aalna aa an laaaU4 or . k?*4 la4j, ar a? la>traatr>aa af abil4raa. baaia* alraa*y ka4 ' ?al4eraklea>(<artaa*a la tka laitar oaaapalioa Brat of 1 i rafkraaora ai<an ka4 t inir*4. A44r**a -.r r?il at Millar a 1 Baal flora, f4?. ar al Aw Br >a4*ay. a#*? Prtnaa. I AM AMBBICAN WOMAN WANTS A BITFATIOIf At I /a Cask Waabar aa4 Iroaar: oaf aba tboraafbly ka4ara'kkda bar kaalaaaa. Caa ka aaan for tbraa I a a?, al Na. IIS Twelfth itreet, kaiaara Pint araaaa an! Aaaaaa A. Tka | kan ?f ali a rafareara aril! ka |ta>i, A RRspktabM pmsoN is npannrs op or. am tainiajr a aliaatlna aa ? ?ia?'ra"a, la vhiah ek[ka.?y b? baa llaad nparir4a of lira yeara, aaitn ? Ia4y *" whom iba an. rafar far aapaMIHy. Rr, llaa ao nbjaatina ?o tha aoaaI Ira I'm tab* eara af ahlKrrn n? 4a li*M ahaiakara rk. | Art'T at WU lloaalna itran, In Ika raar. AB'IM RR?I'KTARI.R PRO! IATANT IT'iHlf I'll ailaalirtn aa Mara#; l? aa aioallaal plala a*aaar: rant ro4aaa tka kaat af any rafaMnaaa B? pl?aaa4 lo aall . aA wait r ?' Can ka aaaai for l>n ilkra TO JKR II ?R?-ir A H T IV. AN Ilf'RRIIffl'ID Mallar AfWf la Hrlanall a?4 a,a J< RaMaa lkn?. f'OOK- WANTtn. A ?ITIIATIOW. WT 4 KUPB'TA' l it. ? ?<!? ) ?'? < ? ?. M C*?k | I* r -o4 N?k ir< I liM t?l* ?ipl" ?? ! It'iilf. *1)1 <iar*r<linit< lt) >i >-. 4. < ? r1?? ?h? *? ? of ?<ij fUT*tn. FI?m ??U ? (t?0* WaBTIP -A TOVINi WOMAN WBO If* dm' t'atda 1 it ftntl l< ffillinf >? ! ? in th? ? ??hu> ?n< ir ?m. ?> ?w'y. ?it> *<y II>iih? Iimurt j |r>T I I^IM.A'IIII l? " T? * ?in *TI<>* BT ! , ! * ?? . ** < MMllM* ?t ?h? ! th> rtril If ?h? i* * * ?>? ? ??4 i?'t m #f t I ? ??? ??? pr..4??? ?h? 'r <m h > I t?rt*Ttr i? ill! * ? ? V? M*( ?t ni>?, t* W? kHrl rf t-t tint A?r?- n??? i44rcaa ^ II B H?r?l4 ?Mr* f1*" toiku voiii want airt;*r>o*i om ' I ?? 4 M ! tht <?h?T I I ( > ??' t?.?l4, Ifi4 w. l~*? > ?MM*t *?4 imi?i TS? l | W<i*f mtf riltmMm W r:?t? **11 K* ' H ?!?? , la fH f??F. Ciitt nnfnm'ip. _ ^ wim. WANTEU-an EXPERIENCED DKAHOHTMAV ipply to WH. 8 TOOLE. 36 Mcaalway. W4nti d?house painters. AT (12 met. None bat tk* beet workmca will b? emplojud. Applj before 7 o'clock A. M , at 1t Tui Iud ctreet. Wanted?two first hats tinmen.-to sih;b, *?od wai aad toutiil employ gtveu. launire ef M Bon?,it Karle Hotel, between tie 'our* of ff, A. M . and 4. P. M. WANTED IMMEDIATELY- A YOUNO MAN. TO PUT up Ou /latere*", end aeeUt la etore, jood refrraeeoe revolted Arply at *S7 Broadway. oppteite Aator Plaee. Wanted two halefmen, who ake tuorotifhly A0<]Ufttntud with th? Lite and Embrumnry tr?dt, iione otkere need apply. Aleo, iw<> emart Boy* Apply to PETEK KoHEKTS. S7S Broadway.

ur ANTED-ltY a YOUNG man, a situation IN a, ?* kudware or dry ?nd* More, ae Porter. U?* bora aeeuatomid to euck emploimoat: ie faithful and temporal*, and can be well rccommcndcc.. Iuqnirc at t)i Dank at reel, ti r twa ilayc. Wanted immediately?a silk DYEK. ONE WHO naderttand* bia bnalnraa well, and ic of elcady habit*. Will Una steady cirploymeBt at JOHN MONEY PEN NY'S. 1N3 Canal street. Wasted, alao, a copper cylinder lo puroka*?, from lis to seven feet long, aad two and a half ia diameter. TANTED?BY A FRENCH GENTLEMAN. IT1IO " speaks the Frea-k, f.n(liih und S| aniali languages, a situation aa Bookkeeper or Clerk In a bank or an* other pnfcljo insulation, ?rui Professor in a respectable family. Should be moat happy to anoompany an 1 take the kindest are of children iniruMed to him for any part of Europe. References and security, if required, to be had uf John Milbau, Esq., IKS Broadway. SITUATION WANTBD-AS CLERK. IN A DRUG Stcie, by a yonBJ man aeqiaintuil with the oomponudiai and retail of medicincs. The molt unexceptionable reference given. Address M. J., at the offlco of Dr. Robinsen, 186 Oraad (treat, for l?e 4aye. Sn IAT10N WANTED- BY A RK3FECTAUBK TO0IIO woman; aa Couk, W'aaher, liukwr, at.i Ironer. Can be well recommended ia the eity. Apply at 179 ijsurens streot, in the rear. SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE TRENCH Canadian woman a >111141100 r> oool; llao no objeotina to usiat in washing and ironing. ol which eke ii qualified to do. Inquire at No. 4 Desbroaos street, between Hudson end Greenwich. SITUATION AS BL'TLEK, ETC.. WANTED?TUE ADvertieer, who it middle-ajeii, just arrived heru fr .m Europe, having fer a period uf upwards of twelve years till. I th? HI nation of butler, kc , in on? of the first families. ia desirous to meet with similar or other employ ment in a lar ly iu ti.U or any of the adjacent ciiiea. In auch a faui'ly he would met object to mal 0 himio'lf ;-"n?rilly UM-fnL Tin' advertiser may r# beard ol' by applying to Mr. D. Evans, 7i >'asiau street, third floor. SITUATION WANTED -IIV A RE4PECTAIW.R MAN and wife, lately arrived from England, strictly teiu|Mratr. and bavin* no incuubrance ; ho n- Coaohmaa, or Gar derer, or to make Mmsclf f oeraliy useful iu a rcspectablu private fanlly ; the, thoroughly nnderstaudinr hoBM'wirk. dreefcttiking. and nillinery, wonld render essential servioe to ladies. No objection to any tart ef theeountry. ( ity refortuew given. l lease call at 11! Gansevooert street, sear Hudsrn. raiiciAL t xn nnnio I.OAN AT SIX per CENT inter'? Jvf jV/V/vF eft, on bond and mortgage 011 Meal K?tf to, in thin ci'y or Brooklyn, in our or more sums Apply to JOIIN F. CONREY No. ft Wall atrcot, eimer or Bread TO PRINTERS.-WANTKD-APKA! TICAL JOI1 PRINter?one who would be willing <0 take a share of the pr fits ?f hie wage*. Apply by note to W w. Wright, J) Ann street. Money to i-w, rRovt five dollar* upwatds, on all description* ef P-ovrty Ooodjof every kind bought at a lair valuation. Caeh advanced on U..nd and M. rigage. Everything connected with the auction I Bfin'M attended to ou th.- n>Mt reasonable torme. Apply to F. U II (ildtwIJ, auctioneer, ?eal estate, bouse and K'JUtral (rent, ISM WilliAm street. CASH ADVANCES, IN |V? FROII ?J AND UPwatde, can h? had for any .encth T time, on e alignment* of gold and silver W'atckea, Diamonds, silver and p'atid Ware, Jewelry. Merchandise, Ito. Goody bought aa.l i' Id cn tummleoiOB AM IfftaiuUftiia atriot Iv c jnfidential. GEORGE J. LEVY, Nete and Money Broker, H' Maiden, np stairs. (^Ol'NTR.' PAPER-COLIBCTBD BY J. T. VAN J VL-ECK, (office oorner ot Wall'and Ureal streets) 1b every sectioa of the UaioB. Miliums are mado in eltyfunda Dispute h U guarautood. Refor^aoes and other particular* at tbe otfiea. F1!<K TBR ATTENTION OF TOE CITIZENS OF NEW York is reepeclfolly oalled to visit a collects n ef real old masters Pais tings, brought to yuehee fr?ia France in the tiair of tbe first revolntioa . bv old Fi^acb priest*, and 1 for eale at 37C Broadway. AdBieaioa. free JOHEI'H LEGARC. piNB ARTS.-TO DAflUBRREOTYPE ARTHTS.-tur | tion to tha I ktvnl Talbolrt?> hraith of th?ir rataMiahmen'.a. ar? ditiroua to ditpn** of tlmir Dtrfurrre'tvr*a Uallrry tad good will, to a rrapottnt Dafuirraotypijl Tln? galltry l> tli* Dtti *cuip!*t* and raluaM* in ttna otcniry, ami ?onlalna naar on* tbcuaai't i rljlnal d??iif rrr.'.ypat ?' auiiacBt lataamrn, many of wh?m arc ai w arad, aad no otbar Ja(utrraolypt* of lh*a la Miitaao*. Tbo r?iab!i*hin*ni formarly ander tha name of Ma??r? Aalhoay. Clark k. Ca . and lata tVhlia, it la the moal dtairabl* la-.ation ia N?* Y.irk, 347 Br .adwaj , haa ?I?t>t barn faroraMy known la thu e-xintry. am! ta d.iu* *?od bn?lnei? AH p?raona danri.oa aad aotnpattat for tba nndartakla*. mar haar tha partioalart, It itlliux at Ilia aatabliilunaai, it Rioalaajr. l.ANUSNIIRIM it CO. KmrCATION. Boardina and dat sraooi.. *f> ninth strbkt> bvtvaf a Firat aad tt*a< nd aaauuaa ktiaa Oiaa. Principal. A lJbiary and fcaadian Rooa. larmahiiwi a touplat* a aria of Ba?li*h aa4 fraaoh l.iteratar*, Troaa aad Poatry, with aoapataai taaokara to dtraat tha raadiag of y?an* ladiaa wli* hara aano throat tha nrdtaarjr last booka. ia I atta. brd ta thla taatitauon. Laaaoaa giraa la X>rawibf falatla* and Mn*la. AM CARD.?MX- Oil VIE H. GOLDSMITH, IC^HBuTfallr aanouao** to th? *tlltta*<.. Naw 1 ark. l>p tlyn, aad Wnlianabarah, that hit antuu room* an aow opaa, day aad artaiu.Tar tba raaaptlaa af pupil* aad rial tar*. It ta aaa*o***ary to dllata apoa tha aiaalrMd advaataft** af wrlila* a <Vaa. Uflbl*. rapid aad graocfal ha E vary marahaal, aaaanataat, and pr*f*a*i*aal aaa?*r*ry yoath aatariag rpon hatlnaaa llfo-*?*r? lady ia tha lai.J?and ia faart. amy hiaat talad *bo daalraa ta oaltirata aad parpatuata kindly rrlatioai with ditiant frieadt or aoaaaaioaa, ar to obaarva thaeoayaatiaaai iTlllti a of aoaial Ufa, know* and appnciataa tha value ol Ihit aaruiramtat. Naw puptlf will b* raoalrad dally Ihli waek, at tba fallowiai haar*. ?i?; L*4I? ala**aa at II, A. M.. aad tV a'clnok. T. : U*rtl?a*a at 9, A M . aad 1,7 aad I o'alock, P. T*ra??Fl?* Dollar* far taa Uaataa, or Tan D llara far twaaty-**a laaaoaa af on* boar attab. kacladiax ttatlaaary. payable at lha oommanoa Tarma?Flftaan dollara far titMan* of fc-n Clranlara sat ha had nt tha lu?at, tail Bihkm, lr>l aoraar ahOTt > : r. ni I, . TO TBACBIBS. ?WANTBD?l?T THE FIRST OF NO. raubar. a yoanj of alaala (antlamaa In a** aa an Atala. Met T>a?htr la aa f uliah and Clnaaianl Sahocl la tba roantry. Ha aaat ha a (radaata of aoma aollaca. and and ?ntnad Fraaal, ; mad ha a HBaaaitanl of tha Pntraiaat Beias... pal rliurrh ; aad mall Irina good taa t imooiala of cl.araatar. ar.^irtmnta, and aptitada to tanah. laimra at No. ,17 MrD agal atraat. hntwoaa H aad a'aloak A M ALADT IIKLONOINU TO Till EPISCOPAL OIII H 'H, who It daairaaa af dlipoalna of a part af kar ti ma at rial tin* Qoraraaaa to two yoaag alnldron. aad who la fully 'inallled to aauihlaa ralmioua inatrn'tion with th?ir dally tadlaa, way haar of a family antloaa to Maura aunh aarrlraa, tv addr'aaieg m II. T., lot 7f Pott Ofllaa, Ilroaklya, atating Bare tl.a api ilaaat may ha foand, witk othar partiaulara. Bafaraacaa ragnlrad. INDICATION. AS MORNING OR DAII<Y GOFBKNBSS M-J ? A lady eipariaarad iaadoaattoa. la daairauaof forming an aagagamaat aa akara; aha tanohaa Bagliah mall itf IrauaLta: franrh (ar^nliad la Pnria,) aa<l Itallaa. Addraaa R 8. V. P , I.DCaaal atraat. DAHCI1U. Dancing acadbbv madahi okavibk, (Latb m lit Daajardlaa.) will, far lha areommodatioa of h?r atia>tr?<ia paplla, |lra laaaoaa at No. I Washington Plain, No. ft Third ataaaa, MM Ilrnilway. at Madaaa l oatau a ?< ho'l. aad at kar raaidaar*. 74 l,?anard atraat, whara ao?aaalaatiaaa art to ha aldraaaad. aad whart aha ran ha found at all honr. unUaa otbaralaa aagngad. _____ DANCINO ACADBMT.?BIONOR GnERARDI. THANKfal for tka kiad patroanga of laat a?aa?a, rnapaotfnlly kf ha ia)?rm kla ratroaa aad tha pvklia that loa Daaolag Broadway, will ha opaaad for tka rajawtt-ra ol pari la aa Pntnrday, Oatohor ?. atlo'aloak. P i T aai (aallotnaa'i day, at 7 a alaak P. M Prtvata alaaaaa la aakool. ar familiaa atteadad ta. Tarma aada kaawa aa npfllaatlaa to PIra?r O. DAN" IXi AND WAI.Ty.INi; MR L. BBOOKBS WILL op?n two morr aaw alaaaaa, at tha tul? Bo> ma. aaraar ?f Ctirj atla aad D-laaoy atraaaa. aaToaadnr. Watohar l''tk. Ladlag afurtooa alaaaaa fim (tad. U?nta alaa.oa from 7 *" IPH P* I- Mr B'a prirata raaidaaaa. 133 <.tnnd atrtal, acraar li wary. CBARBUAt D'S R"<i|f *. ? WHITE BTHKB? ?MR**B* l iad aal Ogiltla, aad Bra A l?aany'f Hanaiag ad Wnltniac Claaaaa, wtU aoatmaaeaaa Taaaday,?!d laat., at half paat 7 a'alork, P. B for aoat'aataa On Wadaaaday, at half paat 1. aftaraaaa. far ladia*. aiaaaa aad maatart. Daya af laatntatlaa. Tnaaday aad Saiarday for (aatlaniaa, la lha aaanlag: and Wadaatday aad Pnturdnyla tba af tar* " a. for ladlaa. aiiaaaa aad aaatara. M? J B. FIARINOS PBIVA1 E DANCINO AMD Waltalat Aaadrnty, M ll nd atraat, i( opwn for tha aaa?*n. A alaaa fnr ladlaa aad tana* maatara a Wadn??day and Pa'arday, at half-paat I a'alaak ; Toaaday and Friday at * a'alaok. for fantlanwn. Prlrata laaa..?a aaary day. Aaadawilaa and faatlllaa aitandad. and olaaaaa f-naiad ta aalt partlaa. Far larwia aad fall |?r inalara, apt-Iy ta Br B., at kia raaidaaaa aa ah' aa. CAMKOH*IA. C ALIFORM IA A CSMTI.BB A N IIA V (NO CO\MB?Tad himaal/ atlh a hanat a randy oavahlla^ad la i*aa Prnnaiaaa. It daalraaa of ahtalnlapaddltl >nal <-aplial ifMalcaaiaata of aanaln artialaa aot anally a*at thara Any pan y daatraaa af laraatlap a w-dara** am .aai la artialaa, tnra ta any a laraa par aaatar* will plana* addraaa !B T. D., " ' ' ; ?r ar l ad. tiMad r'-feranfa-*if?B> fkra>FN i IMvsy# mi ii I. T?BN T I J " llayaaa> - Vholaaala and Citml IVmaMot Bar ahaata, Bna Finaaiaaa, Califoaala. Barahaadiaa a aairnad ta aa will ha plarad on hoard anrat,.fa- ahir and a<>ld ^y aamplaa thua aaoldiaf all rlrta 'f ?r-. ata. Hafar to?Wm. I. Ca y A Ca?, Nay York- J aaph T Banaar. do ka^trd a Bnttriak da ; ifarr k Maraaa, df ; t>mnn H'.pkiaa It On., do; CoakUa A BaitA, do. t. T Ha,aa. da.; Raad A Ha. In. Albany. T ATI-OB A DB BAPTBB. yoMtFABDffl AND COM. HBBlfMI BIBmKamEB r>.a?aa K fl ?W* If* ?ft weite ferweH we? eir ren, k??1?t * ? lt?hl *Hk talk* nl>t>?r r#? a*l? ** >?? of rwm^ri ?M fr?irM Wt fc?r? ?! " ?a?? ?Uh R.a>>* O . *?? ?. M 0?f*-aa u< C" . m ? ?< >Vr? will V- on H"l?f "M? ?fc? Utbaaa. ?.TaTUjR,1?u ?t IMwora _ . J m ds mvrti.httrf j?r?or'.?m. *?l.r?t*|,R?Y?rt ?.>? * l?r<*<?af Oar ?r? I. lu., m r*?. .* f?rwla?, ?r? k Ca.. G. * r tHlit,. ~-T 0?a?ar? k 0?.,Bu r?Mtlaaa. rallfnvte. tra rmiir at' i nr.. Nvw tor* awd PHti.ADti.rrtt*.-w*w Tom P,r. i LaltaA ?**<a? ?*! til K.? J*r?r *?.lr ' far* r?4aoa< t? U for *r?t ?|mb, ?< |i Hi f?r ' a<l U?t? * ? T?ri Ml t. rfl, fr? fr?l ?f C??r?l??4l ??H at {*,* , "< i r. ? f??? ( l<t?rr'<r?>- i*mr% M I Hi I L* tr M., trim M* f?hn ?? ?>. r**n?* *"r> amiot raflruap UNI n>t rnu Mttrhia, at tf?i A, r"' t ?!? *, p ia Vf inlt V porTRR, i?r? ?from ri?t ? . I, nr-n? n?a?. f*r?~ r?i ?Mt m l\ HMM ?M im H AireSKMKBTS, DOWIRT TBI ATRl".?TCI DAYS iriWIHQ.OCTOBI* M.J IMh. wall be aotad, the famed aqneatiiaa ipmimIi .f riTNik-Owirtl Wa?hiB*ton. Mr TilXm: 0?b Hum Mr. W R Darr: Talt>*rt. Mr Pape: Sen Or??? Mr (lonldaoa; ('ailaia Daplinx, Mr. Wiuaue; NtarXUa:u Mr J >>rdaa; OarMlM, Mr J. K Soott;UtB. C'ornwallia, Mr. Bu?i, Kate Fritu, Mr*. Walanlt; Tloletah, Mr*, Jordan. The p?rforuiauee will kiuiii with the comedy ?f JOB IN l/>1DON Mr. Ktrawbarrr, Mr. Martian Jo?, Mr Viaaaa. The Clitubiag Boy of Loadoa, Mim 8. Dcala, Kaaalla. tin. #aleett; Mim Prndeac* Strawberry, Mra Broadly Bum, ii NDti; i'il, US cent*. Doora open at half-pad If. BUITON'K theatre, CHAMMIM st*mt-trhday araBian. Oato^ar 15, will be pi a red, tke eomtdy of BE KITS WORTH inowino-Mr. Orarilla. Mr. H?!maa, Mr. Enerton, Mr Bland; L'adermiae, Mr. Uaward; Kontrum, Mr. I*ater; April, Mr. ll'iike; Nlobolu baa, Mr. Bartoa; Mr*. Graeille, Mrr. Roraall: Roae Sydney. Mra. Kbomtt. To uom lude with tha farcc of tha LAUUHrNO HTI^A-Mr. Felix Fiimcr, Mr Burtoa; Mr. Rimea Harablower. Mr. John Mra. Felix r. , Mra Uolman. Po|>ey, Mia* J Hill Roves, Drer* Clrela and Parquet, It) aea'a; Family Clrole. JAerntH. l)"ori open at i\ o'clock. Perfecmaaeeenaaiaat at 7)? o'clock NATIONAL THIATRI-CHATUAM 9TKBKT. NIAR R'oaavtlt.?Taeeday errata*, October IS?Tha perlormanee will commence ault tha oelebrated drama, la 3 ucta. ef tha JI BHF.N A INOSA1; or, Nick of tha Woode ? Nick of the Woode. Mr Proctor ; tha J ibkenalnnaay, Mr. Proetor. Aftor which, tha Canipanalogiau*, or Bwiaa Hell Riucera, will perform tha Au rioan y ua-lrillo. To ojtialude with tha iuoceaafol d-aua of Till NRW VOR* FIREMAN. or tha Ueireaiof Bond ?t wet?Frederick Jerome, Mr. H. A. Parry; Mr. Wmlthy, Hr. F. C. tVemTaf; Mra. Jerome, Mra. Bnrnatt. Boaea, 'it ocnti; Pit, lllf aenW; Pritttt l>oie*. tt>; Seat* la Oralieatra, AO ocata. nil.l/iws1 etiiioimav opera TRorrr i at* r Pierce's Minstrels, at the Olympio. 444 BrA%dway, between Howard and Grand streets On Monday, October 14%h, and open every night nntil th?completion of th<ir new hall, comprising a company of thirteen performer#, under the direction of J. B. Fellows. Contort will consist of Sunge, Duets, Glees, Ouartel tee, Choruses, Refrains Sic fcc., Burlesque on Italian Opera, Dutch Drill, Black Shake , Instrumental Polos, and Ethiopian Dancts, the whole t y the I * st performer* in Ami I'ira. Adiui*?ion twenty-live Mill Doors open at 7, Conoert to commence at * o'clock. Afterneon Concerts on Wednesday and Saturday. at 3 P. M OPENING Or TR1PLEK HALL. (BROADWAY. OPPO itc Bond s.reet,) by Mtdum? Anna Bishop, who will Sire her three first Grrnd Concerts on the evmngs of Thursay, Oct. 17th, Frtdu v, ()< t. 18th, Saturday, l#th. Tb? magnitude and perfection of the rooal and instrumental arrangements, for the ooc?sions, hoth ii Hiptol U number or talent, have nover before been attempted in the United States. Instrumental Department?24 l*t, 2nd do., 10 violas, 10 rlollncello*, 10 double basses, 4 tfaU a. 4 oUoi, 4 clarionets, 4 horns, 4 trnmpet*. 4 bassoons, 4 tr rnbones. 1 ophecliedc, 1 drum, 1 can* The Choral Department will number marly two hundred voices. Pr<gramme ??f the Opening Concert, Thursday Evening. Oct. 17Mi?Part/1.?1 Grand P>inphenv iu C minor, No. 5, Beethoven. (Movements: 1 Alio eonbrio; 2. Andante con raoto; S. Schor* < and alio finale.) 2. Recitative. "A1 Tempioel move." t avatina, "Ah quamdein R*fJ i . ;> n m i g bi Ma4ame Anna Bishop. 5 Aria, "Ti rcrma " Semiramide, Rossini. ' ting by I Pignor Novtlli 4. Grand Chorus? Calm of tlie Aaa. ( Mucren Stille.) Descriptive of rti* awful ealui upon the ocean, the rising of the nroexe, and the joy of tliu sailom at the eight ef laud; tiist tuft* in this Country. Becthovoa. Part 2. ?I. Overture to thi?K>isitati? '>pera ol Eurynntho, Weber. 2. Recitative, "e Suyamta n>n vien," eavai in "Dove s- ????,* 1? None di Ktgaro, sung by St.'am* Anna Bishop Mozart* 8. Grand quatu >r. on Pirtou's magnificent double ^ran l pianoforte, by tour eminent professors. 4. lUcitative 'W hen the eheep are in the fold." MalUd, "Auld K >Mu Gray," auug l>y .Madume Anna bishop 5. Full cherus Hallelujah ! Messiah, Llandel?by the principals, chorus and gran- orchestra; tho wholo under the solo direction of Mr BocHsa. Tickets one dollar each, to all parts of the Hall, wiil be ready for delivery on Tuesday, lath, at the office, 2,"?| Broulwsy. s:oond florr. at the nmfo stores, and on the days aud evenings of performsnee at the hall: also, bo >k.-. containing programmes, ar.U other interesting matter?price ?2Vi cm". Carnafon t*? K't their company do* u with their tiereee'heads towards Amity street, and take them up in the reveraea ?r r. BAlLAD ENTEHTAINMRN T?., H. J B. WOODBURY, sud the Pianist, Mr. Vaader YVevde fioin Germany, a ill ^ive a ( < necri of chol? e ItallaJ* Anas, uu l other ooturo^itions for the if'.olian Pian >. on Thuradsy evening n-at, at RUTCiERB INSTITUTE near East Broadway and Clinton street. V r. Woodbury will sing several beautiful souj:s, s u e of tlietii entirely new : nm ng these "J ui y I.ind's Greeting," by Epe* Ssrgent, and the song of iho Prize Corn Ittee* Mr.v aader W ey d m II \ i.i% a riub ith ti i from the great enn|o?ers, snd several beautiful impromptu tieces. bingle tickets, .'h) cents: admitting 3 person.". $1: to e had at the door, unu at all tlr Musio Stores AMvsBiuBiTi i\ iaoouii BROOKLYN MUSELM?LRHSCES, MRH^KM. I.oviia k Ring?Treasurer Mr. J. A. Jaakson ? Se-ond night ef the ei casement ef Ifr. aud Mrs. John Brougham, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Sloan.?Tuesday evening. Ootober 16, l^W, will be (crform?.d, THE SI.Kit'lTS fAMlLY-Captain Msguire, Mr. Brougliam; Charles. Mr Lsvell; Aminadah Sleek, Mr. J BUaa; Mrs. Delma n, Mrs. Brougbsa; Mrs. Torrens, Mrs. Levtll; l.sdy ( reumlv, Mis. Dyoit; Emma, Mies J< ffsrson. To soncleds with tie HI Ti EH' ? Lonuy McTwolter, Mr.; Deputy Boll. Mr. Taylor; John Lump, Mr. tloan: Grace Gaylcr*, Mre. Aleaa. Admission, 25 cents; raser?e4 sea's 973>%eeate. Montague hall, court street, broorlyn Mr.C'tarruauU and Mrs. Lannay have the pleasure to inform the gcntlemfn of Brooklyn thai, there will be an ere kur'day (lid Thursday, at half paat ? ?? n p li . t"Vomni?ni-a n thallat lnatant, at the iwtmtlr room of the ahoao place. Mnj.lKBKV ASU UHT ttOODfl. Millinery. bonnets. dress caps, lacks, ribkoaa, Aa Paaluoauhla pattarna nt tha abae aatMkla for tha futbtra. V* altera, * 'oustrv and City Trada, fur ?*U a*. tba loaa?i aaah uj?(i OHnra promptly ait*cutal. J. B. RKKSH AH'. !W Julia atraot, up atam. CCOTPH PI. A ID SHAWLS?TUE SUBSCRIBERS ARC ? MM Ilia ahaaiaat and larfaat aaa>ritnaat la ?ha oily I lung ( laid ShawU, a.|oara do., aaahmara loaf do , aaahn.' ra ojuara do., Canton otaiw do., Saa-fa, Aa. Alao, juet racaifxd, oaa aijuara artiita India Shawl, oaa blua, oaa black, ota rad, aad oaa rtmd. Alao. a faw lout ImMa KhawU ?bnb will to a?M abaap. Maui tllaa and floaaa?a ha?a a larga aaaortmant ofantlraly *aw forda d'*?ei f?ai Parla, whiak ?a oflar at tba lovaat pnoaa, at 364 Broadway. JAMEd BECK k CO. IESSONB IN DKB83 CITTINO -MISS CULVER WILL A leal No. iiw Canal atraat, fur a shaft tima oaly, to ta* h it a 1adi*a Fowlar'a nan method of Draaa Cn ttiai. tba brat and taaiaat plan Interned; It la nothing bat amnaemrnt la 111 a drraa a I moat an? p?r?in e?n a' i it? it la halt a day ro aa to mafcaara tiitmaaltaa or athrra, and makaa alaa lit. Familiaa fad it eioallant. plaaa.-call aai aaa tha plaa Pattarna fur tba waiat. I* aaata. aaaeaaa warraatad Kalaa for aala to tbaaa who iroald lika to Mack Ui< art. For tartua, plaaaa aall. ipowroa. CKNTRBTILLB COL'BBB. U I ?TROTTI NU.-WRDaaaday, Oetokrr lAtk, at saa a'elack. aaatak far |W, Bill* haata ia baraaaa II. Jocaa naaiaa h. ?. Putaant, C. U.aamaaah f Kaan. JUKI. CON El.l N. I'rojriator. CF.NTBEVILLB COURSE. h. I. ? TROTTINO AND Paolng ? Wadaaaday, Oetohar Idth at 4 a'alaak pr*tlialy.?Natak f r $**>. mila haata, kaat tbraa la Ira, la karat aa D Stephana- a nataaa k ? Mandbata Bald, trotaar. F. Coaaalyaa aamaa k |. Tom Book, aaaar. JOEL CONCLIN, Proprietor.^ rEHTKEVILIX COIRSR. L. L-TBOTTINO,- WEDaaaday Oav.kcr IStk, at S e'cloek M. Paraa |l'a>? mila'aata kaat threa la flae-to IV lka wa?ona. Oai?r ntara kr | II'neat Joka: W. wbalaa aatara k. K- Bcbo, W. 1 oaaar eaten oh KMouat N' ma JOEI CON KLIV, Pr?rriat r CENTRE VILLI COl'BSB. I, I TROTTING 1 III KBday. Oatobar 17th. at 3 a'olack.?Mauh for $>?>. mila haata, kaat thraa in Saa, In karnaaa. D I'llftr aamaa b i. Detail Ckarlaj; J. % halpiay naaiaa k. ? Pntnaai, formtrly knotta aa Bhaw'a Colt. JOEI, CONE LIN. Pr??ffr>t. UNION OOt'RBE, I. I.-PACIMO ?TUBSDAT. OCT. I*, at 3 o'aloak I'M porta I'JWi. tlira? mita haata, la harn?'(. B NoLaaahlln aatara roan tnara Lady Ratana, laasa WoodraffaalcrtD. m Cat aia Maid: ID MrMaaa aniira ah |. Cm)Hot Tba ?n will laaaa W.a Caul farra, Brooklyn, It IH o afoek, u< rttorn a* iuh u tha ip' tu ara otar. BPKBR * MM ann. Praprtatora. UNI?J? COI'III. L. I.-TBOTTIWO-OCT'tltBH JUT. ParwIlUi, two milr I ib l.araam . Hitohar *?lh, Farta |3no. two mil* haata ta wm<. ? ?? n ail dri?>T t walgh tl raa l.andrad | <>aBda. Pr?a far all kuraaa that n?*ar w?a a i n raa a?ar licit, ?ot axai <i>>K c i n*d?a?a and tmariana. Batriaa to ka Br '? Tnaxlay ai?maf. O?toh?r 1.1th. ky Ita'iluk, UUmiit! Madiaaa Tliraa >r aora l? laaka raaa and tan to start BPICBR k M' MANN. I'lopf-taBora. nc?u,*iieor?. ~ WM a DIPBBOIT ft RIDIWO BCIIOOI.. WO ) POURTH Aaaaaa. aaar ta'?t Plaea ?<)p-a 4a t'y far ladiaa ai< |?ttl>Baa Boar* fcr ladiaa. fraa * A M ta I ? M . do for r?a"' man. from ? la - A M anfl I ta I P. M. T- nag, 1 a< ? aa<1 eanlarin* lloraaa ta l?t. \MROAI.IRr I'KARO-PIPTY RARRBIJ. IW PRIMR i rdar, )b?I raaai va I and for ?a'? a lot* t" anlt rarfhaBaraby BBa< MAM k a 1t)(U| LBS. > Bit PRIMR WBAR PlftD S'tCMDft )?vv taltakla tar rataini <iidar, fof ?al?, rara low. If ANtlk.v.N a NA<I,AT. W Pa Una *'ra t a?r?ar rf Wat?r. CM 1'BRB !<AKI IAt -TUB BUBftl'BlftRft BITBNH PB I? aallkaitoa of bahliaa at Aawria. L. I., la aaa ta fall kl >?ia. A t(~almaa aland, af faar tmadrad Boaara. and a aalaat ?ua ,.f t??n'y f nr ar? "a aahlbltlaa at tl>a Patr af tl.a Aaartaaa laatitat*. t aatta i.ard.a. wklah ara ahantad wt<h fraah t>!<iaaowa " HoBday. W-dn'tdaa, aad Prl'tar mort a|i. 4 B THoRHt MW a f*0? IB Joha atraat. LKBrBEl* t.RBf BBC '!- PUW I A BOB (WBDI9II I?.ahaa. jnat airtaa^. far aal> at t?? anal ! w a>. >aa. t T. ( I IV Kot. 7 Hi *1 Jiki'llioi. " RBOnriNC -?OOBH IJIt P4TINT ( BMBtT anitATHit* a> ti A aaA paraunt t -f H<?(h kataiaak t?ldi ( ?(>? fat aaata par ( *!. warr.ataA, naar tin, use ,t rhittUt tar l^NiMliftwI. !>?< *M *(rta? ilr?>i. a>ar ijtifi'.a. II < RATH K nPM>THB*T 01* !? To I APIBS AMI. J pratlaaiaa whw haar Manra lima la li?kl aad ?-aia?l fariiji wark, imil.l in a '?1 I ?aa? Caaaiiarakta mi'.fn??iil may ?a dtnr.4 a* a?u ai M<inra4 Apply. par. > naln. hatwraa U>a k?araaf Ki ulltit >1 Ir ?n |< it Ranli; MTNt, aaar BraaAaaf I'ramlam fit laa'tn*. m Mwi> tmriNfMiW HtDM, ."MlCfl. AMD TAmiU.? T Bart. I, 17'tail 177 William nraat. ka< tha rr?a'aat an? I aar*" a#f?rt?a?t a( a a t atora la tha alt?. T*ra? ?Mh, ar atpr> ?iH papar. Ctliirj aartkaata ail! < vail t? aalt AMI Bl. r. BaRTiI. K B - All' f?w lata la Uia Siam>i4 tlllaca. il Ua Bukth atnaa-prtaa AlACaaah AH A B PAVIRI*. IM Br a'tway, kaaa a?* la n?ti . .11-i I a*i'rt??iit af rartna atariali nf aaaaa a??atip'l a, laaa aaA wiaalta aartalaa. wladaw ?ha4?i an< a<rwii-aa (i*|a.Wapa, fe? , w tk <t?t an ala la ?ka aptiaU v*r| 1 la i, fraai lk> kaal aiaaafaatnrar. la Barapa. an#. I rtel.aai# far aaal., Ihaj a#* thatafara aaallad ta iall 'k ta, wkallaala lad rita.1, at aai4rra> iv laa* lhaa lay ?lkar hcoia la %l? al?f. AH It B. IiaVIBA, I phal.tanr.. Ha. Wl Hiaal a By. rAI.IPOBMA (IDI.ll HI MUM ?*li V' A?TZ, aaata* l.p IT *ala??a A U? I. 14 ant Silrar Raflnara, A??tjir?, J*a? p Hallara, and flaanara af aartli'a alaarala, aa4 all inan awA-taa.aa that rtavata tha ak'.aa m?tala. OI4 I' l l, ailaar Alawioat* aal jta^l ia n dm kawh<?? Jawlian a>* ?ll*ata*iiika' iwaapa ir? aula" ktH ataaiaa iri.?a< at ?k? ralaarv. Baflnarr, t - Agn ? r?l. k w V'fV. H B - AU kiaaa at gilt ul flaiaA >. ill win'ad ||(khtiMAR\ If BKI.I IfiuBB a LIn IHfBT < ah I k* ha4 caalaa Ataanlll ItMiitru ailrtf ia?h, w< ran mm. data rat fi aadl a? tfcaWaMor'a kaal k-ra.t, ky ?fca 4aa?n ft r?h?rw.a Wn kaj It kraaiaa wa kata triad ar1 praaatl II to ha all that tka D"?i'r tailall I"*. < all at Aba Mra aal HI t.ia Baatar i ?<?a4aial 'ar** a4 r>faratiraa. J B. firU.AN /' it' fi. a11. tha iiHi h ubbs nrrr.u r<?H Mia ??.* kMI K*4 n?|t wr""1 r* It*???r4 Uo|4 ttrklM ?4) IlMi IT f >> U?lt?4 ? ? Miftt, ?t ??.<? mH *?t" 1k* ****** tlat ih?> uk* t>?t ? ?/ MUf ??r?y >?M| i? >H ?r? i?**h n't* ? *??!> ???!?>.. V*n*?t ??* > *' ?n?-U * ? *?' * ? *r> m4. ?f ih? i-r t" irtwi ?? itiMlo Cil fi'nn iiWwM ? MMrtM M>*? r* irHaWf ila?lMr< ihn, hf ?M?. 'Mtor J*Vrtkfr:rtrrt\ nil *> 71 WkU'Ma ?<* ? | AXtiinrrt. ' DWUViT TBUTU-1. A. SOLM Umm -Tm^>) tttaini * > I*'* I b? pr?: nm utkjpMni dr ?r ib? rwti.rri' NIagi~ ' [>?k* Or?i?n. Mr Drot?; Tal*>*in?. Mr. R*jru I- Curi*,. Mi. Mtn4; Bit Toby Bsloh, Mr. WbitlMi Mr A?4r* Acq* L' '*k. Mr. B?rr*u. ttohutinn Mr. *<ill; AiNnn, k. H*rn?. hoktriu. Mr MAthew*; Vi"l?, Ml? C??fci. ?* T? I ESfiSiVfl* ,WM * >'?- * * VSTBSAW A .N B Mi ? V hT?Pkllij. Maiboii. Mr Dmini Plrrt. It. Vni'i Mr Aektrf [ *!?#,, Mix Ovonskeim (Wi C r.1. ??4 PajmjI, T? h>u , rial* ?Ml< Mi THM ! ii,r *' "?*?; (Mltnr. i*H .?u | ftJIULOSaASDEM.-TlCKSTBTO A1.L PASTS OITM : if- "T !""?? * *? $?. Mifl^ur, Mr. J*ha ?4ki rwlor'uuH *WJi* *oii4?rf?l Kav?l >'tally. New faivy Mmto Pnntomun*. Franc.!. ?. H?rU.,ul?.-T?ii?y ,rniu,0?t. ? ? .? ?h. Tnht B.m, iy th- R.rrf FmmUjr ul Lmb Ja<r?lll. To b* 4, Ul, 4* H*f. .,f .h. UKEBM MON 11 IS, or tht l>r.*in Ao* m^li.h.1 -Ciir??li?? MlnqM, Mr th? HM-. Kim*', Mr Antoit* Rat.T I hcvnlicr Mamr. Mr U. Well*. Uir' |aiu rriacoU Ravtf ?li. i.rr?n M: nitrr, Mom Maraet'i. . . ,i.. Mu,?. \ .. ITALIAN OPERA HOt'iK. AM'm 11.ACS.?TUB USKiilar ?**? of the Italian 0]>e-i ? U ?< wm*i?? o? Mom day .recing, th* lid instant, with the |. rf rm*Li- of Si FRANCO AKCIEhO. (D-r Fr.y.lmt.), Ur.nd Opm t) Carl Man* ?? fTibcr. it* br. |4il?rauM in l'aliaa Ml (tu oountry. Tht box office i* i. ur o|,en formibaenbtra. ' MAX MARBTZEK. |TAI.!AN OPXKA, ASTO t l'LACE.-rOR SAL*. THJi M. (two) aeMoD ticket* o* a five y*nre eebetriber, now abroad, with the privilege "1 m leoting eaaU'. Addreae > a* rn, box 2.070 Poat OAt< nana n CHRIBTr'B OPERA ttOl A7iT U xUADW xY, A BO 71 Grand etreet?Open o* m^bf during th * week nutfl farther notloe.?Tbe origlnv well kaown CUriety'e Mibstrels, eompri?ing an ctfi 1 rt and versatile "eorpe" ot " talented " and ,rexperien' ' perforate#." under the rnaaage meat of E. P. Chriiity o?i?u<wte in this oity tar* euocteaion of "four year* . i \ . '.tea roi?ivt4 with favor by liifhlj respectable and 1 f .' ie .udienaaa. Tinkete 'A cent*. Doors open at hall -tBix: mrmmee* at h-uf pact, even o'clock. Afternoon ?rt evnry Saturday, eom? inencing at three P. M. Buntnrt amkrica r. t. barnu*l Proprietor aad Mauair *; l.n m . aaed Jr., Aeeift? ant Manager. Monday a> ?>, ( Wh?r Nth anl 15llu iftfti). In the fcfteri.ooi* f \ > 1 ?rt*?i 1 and ten wqo F.cvpttnu Juggler, HHI j**, inaknuM ?>t the nmat extraf ruisary experim-nt*; t: ry Ui. ai l- p-eoe entitled MY NEIG UBOV8 HI PL ... M'yd? vv^r, tft*? Hearing, end Mr. Fletcher Mu <!,. LtNCA.tHlRE ItEIX KINGEK8. In the eve urn p-j> ?lar u> >ral drama THE DRl'NKARD. On Wedn en.,- *iltb<j<?ven THE 111 N(UliAi'K Amonjcn ? > 1 itie* a' tbe Museum* a richly executed bun cl ? J. ?'iil there. Also, Madame Lament, tK -i.h r : uom roller, *o.# * . Afternoon perform auce nt . i-.a 7, ? ? < lo.k. AdVMlll?c? : 1 1 r . CeBtg. 'IMlf. MINSTREL'S Ct h * iKWLJ > J by Charles Muller.?T 1 V ' ? r r-'V . reerivod the rreat gold medal at the Nh K' . ?.r '*? a, ' Jgfc. u now open to tho publio a* t vJl h*V*r(ctuu Academy of Design, 689 Href? *tte ft. Admittance 25 ccnte. Soason t from 3 4 m. ou 10P. y |1BiXUiimiU81irM 17?? TWCr performancee are givm eai.. ,r at 1 > olwe in tlic afternoon, and at halt i>a. \ 'iiing Tkc eatertainmente arc Tario<| and ? h r.g ean r t *o>? at no other place of aui"seni??a* ^ i.i?jtu&K of l?ea'e Yctr.air Kttiiapiaa Opera Tr u flf't 1 ? *r. it mlentcd band in the Inittd stet <: :ul \rMi'e. who arceeleet?d for ?i-ir : rht p^reoiiato a number of h<autuul .up# from tlMH picture* of amcient and ma4era ni Vrab Girls, who *0 throxieh a variety of ;?h ard doatcrity? Madame R^alino, the? n1y ^ ' ;'?t m th* world~?tf*or Kd^ar. the font Vantn! an im exieteaca, with a variety of aw?i?t*it 1 y, ev?cy attomoott and evening. Admieaiou, > ? -H B??xee 55 cent*. Parquette I'iK ceuti WAUBALU.MtANAl. ^TK 'ry? New Haven Kailroad dnpol ? \ ** l4it. ^)v?rliwui?i to witnaes the onnvul . .i.- 'ii-.Mtr^li. 1 hie land eteade uuti^alied both for 1 -.i'liioal tiletk Fhf fui r1 ie greeted wliU alioute r approbatloa . The ori? gin til aiodele, pere<?natcd by th?. in< el ? ; f -riu 4 a?men in exieteuce i >>rua ?erly ead p?m i > u -taie. I'crfurtraace te c< nin tuco at.' o'?. > ? 1a * f;v u >n. and 7)k l? the eveninK. A?*e?? n?Or?n**ira "'ioeuta; pirqn 'te SAeente. A I all every night. AXTNKHtEXTS I.V PIIII.JlDI3Li IJAHNI M'.-SIMMI'M,'A-P I i <Vl ll. X) 1'ropnetor and mei ager ; ll-n*y >an(oru, tni mani^r. Kore attrecti ri. Another elaxaat M? iaa. Tom k will be pre*ented Mtloer'n splendid ratir Irama called * MUfaniel u. ' pn duccd in a ruferh inan 4 t4 entruntcd to a mo?t reliable cast. Also, a variety of . ?r?>priate Uii-l enterU" inr p>e es. Two prftnmwi c nitr? ncirg at threo -nd hall peet seven o'clock T'?i .?ijs plac* of aumscmeat < j *n In the afterao u. Adoeittaaoe tt cents. Children under ten year*. i^Hoente. political. ^ ATA MEETING OF THE CONGRESSIONAL DKLRfates fr<,m the kighth. Ninth, and lonrtaenth ward^ Henry Arcularme wan unanimously ab otad and ieelara4 the n? minee of the aa d t (invention for t'oaxress, from itMl Fit*h i'ongreesi< naldistnct. L RING. I'hairataa. Ch>iim A I'lvxHUir. Secretary. N1NETEKNTU H'AKB LP F"K i>k IN V, DEMOCracy.and Fair Pia> ?The Dau^cra ic Elaciore of tka Nii ? ternth MTerd?th? *e in fav?.r ? rnn?..n d**o??oy aa4 ordinary fair dealing in the primary arrangement* af tl? Tarty?ih?>#e wh ? believe the modern mode of coadneiiaa ni- at of the primary elnetiona to be a perfect farae, aad thai ona in particular h?-ld at the earner of iir adway aad Farlyniuth street, on Monda> evening, the 7?h ine%.. net only % perfect far-e. hut a downright pre meditated oheat aa4 swindle, from its conception 10 its < U *e a'l itaaete, therefore, a fraud, in no wav>n?r, shape, or aeus?, binding apoi ike Democrat 10 RUetoraof the ward. Th?.*e n?i willing ta ba ruled by the donMe and treble vaunc of ' Rock It-.y. ' and rnwdiM, end the ltk?i floating capital fr^ra all parte nf the ilty? ihoae oppoaed to wilfully aad pun- eel* ruaftniag ench eleetkne to remote eorncri of the ward and *ielud?ag there* f?cw? the foil liats Mil (i?ii vi- ?i I. ?wi id Mr um for voting- and, tbuee all. thnaa oppo??J tt the by < *li meant. i r election k> any nitu ef ? p 'litieal dena?'tue a I'ftlta politician fruu aakher waril ? to rapre?-<.a them In the ouaotU ' f the "Iky, or any other eouaetli, a* the ea<luel"n therefrom of h-.aeet, worthy men. bona M* reetdema of the watd in eeery ? ?#? of the word. eery danurratlc e1aat<r of the Nineteen'!) V^ard. uitnrtaiuiac the ato\e eiewa are hereby reapeetfnlly mailed w> ttlnJ % t?f etitiK, I" k?lil ?t Wm. 0 "parka' M tnnni II ?ih, rtm r of flaty-Aral elf ft and MrJ aeeaae, an *edne?Jay, Oetoler IHb, ai < o'etaak T M , lo deti*o ana eoaeidrr tha teat uiaana ef rtutaoMM llemeelaee aaaiaet tho.a obeat* and Iraade, ana to take aueh otb?r m.-aaore ai tbey *>ay deetn Wat aad DiMt adtiaal le la tba premane ? H. t). MouU toa, Thome* fiaekney Henry iloraag*, Joha O. I>ab??aaiak'r. Pamnal Unna. J If Dnnlap Tbnmaa Kerr, Jobs tartar, * illian. Miller. Robert Rllritrlek, t fattta, bJward Tigtoa, Ibomaa l.enroa. /oaeph I'utlipp, Rehard flfaaea Ii?ha*l bear. Jaiaea Kelly. Wm MrMaeai, Jainaa Walla, llrabani Taj ran. Pftai Mlake, Jr . Joba Dana. TUou (I'Naara, Richard OKtara, Jaba Flyae. Aaaoa H'rrirb. William D *rarka, Metres Aiaimoaa. n a at r tie tee. Uenry t ala er. Jaiaea I>-iaa. John ('aaiball. Nlrhulae *?aItrtei. ka? 9. Willet'. ll IV Oolliaa. Il?a?y If"aglaa I. Daoaia Turbity. J. I a 11 ??r, rater Fim.l, Jaba C. Parkea* Jan ea (Julrk K N (jiliarre. Jaba Kaat.Joba D>>aahae, J ' Kelt). Are I. il aM Tap| en C . ah II H.eknan J aapft farriaen. Jatraa fiairaa. Ibauaa llall. Uaorge Ball. 0. I lark, aad many atliara KAOIOAMi M unit; AN SOITIIKKN RaII.ROATI COM PA NT ? < ? ?aeen pert ant M?rtea(a Lo-va. S taled pr | huadred ia ?a?4 dMhare af Iba l"rat aad only meti?a*a t ada sf tbe Ktehlian tuakhara Halltoad C' paay. beartr.? " ? >af aaat taiaraat. wilt k? reaaleed anttl lAlh day rtllufiakar naat Thar* han inlMll iindar th" r'"?i"la?a of a apaaial aet of U.a Lefialatan of Mlehl^an an<horliln? iba (Joiupaay to diapoae >>f or (all tlialr oh|i?*i|naa aithar attbla ar wllba?l that 9.a>e, at raeh ratoe at prieea aa may be acraad u| n aad If e ld Ul?e par, ta keaa bladiaf aalf aald a? i ai. They are aeenrad by i inort?a?> eaeo-ttad ko Hbepbar4 Kaepp. C*<|., of the ally of New Verb, la krait for Iba hol'iara. . .'"1" '' Tui Dtcrrai* en>?n >n* on tiro lino ar im C'iBfur'i mi la Hichi|tii. ?jrotd; built ot fttraaftor tab* ooattrtciad.tud it |ra?i4rt tbt l? ndi to ta taooat a?tata<?a4Ing ant t.llli'n of tollart ia til may ha >tjntd. ( wkiok aaoaat aat m'-re than $ "? 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