Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1850 Page 4
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NEW YOKK HERALD. J A BIB ft (ion lion B KKIBTTa PBOPKIBTOR AND HDItOE. wnt i ? w. coiuok or riiLion na*atj btv C'Vl-Y copy- |7 jrr "nmtat. THH M fj.h7.> HERjil.l) tvery Saimrd.iu, pft I &yy,*>r $3 pr/ Emr n*.:n dk!it>r^ $4 * / <r/vt?m, 1 *m ,mv P>I rt of O'f+l lirU;. u, a*<! %j li> *r. j +irt oj '-k* Cvmii*"*1 fo t/tcltuir ike 9o. f i>,, ALL LETTKHb by mud, jar i*t+* *r ^rmrtit* t> I*j?*' pi id, or Ou pott.iff mi! h* d+dmc1*d frwm , lotT\t'ak\ '( Okkr.$Po\7>K\rB ' toll* tieJ fn-w any yu.j , Ur of ihtw'U, '/ uted. i"%U bt l%6eraU)t paw for t#i n Yvaxic* C,o'iK?w^i>*in' AM j fAkTiti LABU Rrvi-tf rti n- tmju* Lrrr**a asd PACKAOKI. I frti NOTiCK takrn of nuomy*o*? e*nw> ***>*&& ?. W* dm j mat r*t*r* rrjeri, ,t cor?n.iiuic-Tit><* JDl'EH T1SV VF.S 1 t* / . nr. V<t rt'*ry afiormtm9. JOH P M/> TIM* *MifuU.l *rHM a. ikuft, ihtapme? ami 4**pat(M AOViKi Tiil-iTK*. Mew**? TvrmAM-UAtB o? Tt* Bui.. ?? IV'JtKVA V TBKATE*. aroc 4#?J? Xn? A3n J?lur?l isiT*coAr MlBLO't OAllDSX fcrcauaaj &ora?Soiixa { jui. -r>.? u?iM Xumik. BtnSTOfffTTJKArBS, Ch?njti>r?t>nrt- LSMK'II iw?ami?Kro.i B> >. M4tlUN4li TllKVfPl ?i?h?-Tk? kill, hti.i. New Vi'h* PilicMiut. UDKUTT S OfXKA BOrftS, B< eha&tct' H?U?Inrrf r 4* Kinaritauv. olvmi id?ffcu/uwi' kth?i?uii orait tigi-rk 4UiUtl.N MLTEUm-Ani'lix* I'llHtai.tmi L?* ? ? axe S?*si:.'a MINERVA ROOM??Patuaaaa or CraA. DOUBLE SHEET. Vf w York, Wrdi fsiUj, tirtaber 10, I8M). Ihc Arrival of the America?Kuropran Kiwi. J',r the arrival of the tiuglish mail steamer Ainerira at lUlifu, wr have received full lelef lut'l.ic dr'puiolifi of <01r-rt-1-11 ni? commercial and political ne ws fium Lurope. Tr?e cotton muket baa Dot i hunted ita tone mile the j>r?viotlJ i'l- ! vk??; and iht hi^h priee of cortoo in t?ugUnd, l? |t? liter wi:h the probabilities on I he American Clip, ?cm 10 have eiimnlat*d (he India ex|?>rt i?> 1 k?< L'i-iuh-b in Uuglaud uaJ France ia re? ? n i?t? d to hri^-k. Titughoo ktirtlitig intelligence of a political n?.t re airet-'a ilie attention, >et thereare many i'i ti>t> of ne at? * Inch Kive rooai for conjecture and uitiicipaiion Alter eight >e-tr<? of rtivcuaaion, the project of making tome port mi the weateru coatt 1 ?>f lithiud the ^t.rt 1*111 for the Koy-tl Mtil ateaiwra, | hu? ine? with fivor from the govenrneni j c< it'iiii-ei.>o, iiiotructed to report u;i>ii a vtrvrjr. Gtlway has heen reconimenoed; hut y--t the tone | ft lilt- llt'W?paper? lb tlrcillrdl)' III OppO*il|<>n 111 this ' I li?w, "hull would do more to hem-tit Ireland than fell Hie trnaiit leagues uud conciliation h.iUs thit CoulJ he invented l?y the mg-nuity of man. There ,a ua irnMiD in uature why Ireland should not he bleated with tiri.-h p?r a ou her wea:?rn coisr |l < u.h il in > aty lo conceive thut Liverpool, mil biirlvl, mid other Lnglirh ports, would consider such it (Hilicy of Itttemluy towards Irelind dan. g< ro?.i to the commercial ifreatnese ot the hu^luli vtiiew. Let Oalway tx-come the port of the Atliitvc aieimer*, and evrry town oa the wuntern ca.-i nf unhappy Ireland would gradually improve bi every reelect. The other Lngliah news, )?.r'icularly with reaped to thr ei tubiii hriirnt of an African sq tudroa oi mail steamers, in not uo important Lord Palim rstoti bus busied his bruin, for many years, with the coast of Allien, bri/ing and destroying American ?'?nis ;here, at pltiusurr; and with an additional foro. of bry rctirlt, be mijjh' be able to carry out the vit*w f winch his supe,-odious ambition has so lung ent? rtiiiaed. The question is intimately f? lated with the aflmra of this continent, and ts ? part of the train of fiH-tiis directed to the establishmeat of a power over Uracil. la Ireland, the tenaut liugue appears to be a c sree of auxifty, and the government a(Te? I to fear (he rtsulia of such a combination. IUmbtfesa however, the miuijtry will find a method for sub<taing any d*n#er, when it beeotn?s really apparent. The little vitality left in the green iale, utter what has happened, will be no venous trouble to a j government which, since the d..ys of Qieen Lii w.tx'ib, ban Iwen cl -d) in# the chumh nod rt me J dit - for an acknowlejgrj evil ante of things. The | an:y cure fur Irelaad la in bct.dinp her natur U re- < Mum- into enlnrg* J enterpriaea, fearleaa of con- | kqmctf. Commerce alone ran rave her from ; ruiu, or rauc b?r from the accicat lethargy whr-h till enfold* her beautiful ehurra. In France, poliucai utlaira remain to the nme tare aa at the lat* nd vices. A reveion of tbe conttitutioa is the great topic of di^caMion; and. ia the mi<1at of the contending faction*, l.ouia Na% y*> eon seems to t e going steadily forward with hta ; bed ability to nettle (he public mind for the future. P? me of the cui-otuary Trench cicitemrats hare ,ak< ii place. A soci-ly has been broken up, ani the exigent populace are to be treut'd to lottery n a large ac?l-~wi'h California aa a \i\ie to :ha Ink; speculators. The tnt sange of the President will bo a document that will ptum;>h.m aa tatennr.aa. and by it ahall be able to )'idge how fir kr mtrtda to follvw the eiam,4e of true republican fau iota. Germany still remmaa the greut politic tl chew- | board, oa ?hwh vnnoua laovca are made, to poxile thw who do not ntfaduy witch the gum', la Mii kirn burp, near the border* of Truaaia, the lleaac Cartel drama ia being enacted with the MBit ajint aa ia the dominion of the 1.lector. The popular parry are agamst the derna of tlie minister, who hat art the ccp*tituticuat drUanee. Of coarsr? Fra-na and Auatiia are latereetrd ia thia moremen*, aa they are in that of llcrac Caaar1; ami the ailiiwht hryoud political w-oondsight, th?t ?t la rata to eater upon conjecture* unless we c unfile thom to tbe catTCipations of a f neral cob f??oa. Tbe gume, Lke moat gia??-s of the, will he a long one Woinaik the Ivchies have mil some mte. rent. Ihf llolaU mrr? hare liken up strung poaittoa* oa th? kordrta of {*chlea?rig and ((nlntein, pon the riff l.yder, and aerm ta be miking way againM the I "tinea. However, Lord PalmeratOn aanai t keep ','*iet, mid threatens to go iota the IUliio, Sir ihr Mmck lie of h .el?a msveinrni quite ta k f. iki ^ctica id that mad Hecretarr f tot?t*a Alluira, win- ta ?krirruiUMvi to br known ta hinoiy f?r b < activity, though h* mty b? mroiw-4 U r hi* prrtun, ik>q -a<l want ofiu.i^m'-nl II* Iiwy KM I. w l?ru toil laic, thai Ibr .;uarr< I* of th? |?My ? i?na?i ^uimi arr of -nrfc a a?turr >? to baiH* ?l?r u<ne>?i a na ig ?,| f(l? an^i'ion, uH to eirrwbtkn him ?. h au ingtorioua rrifjl, from ? !' < *ki> li hv rat-..M/t writ u*.irr?rindt aad , a^ftfM I?m Iiair by ? un.-rtiarat intrrfrrrnea. j f?r oli??T lapica wr trirt lo our Irk- ' gra|-hi?fMMM'fi ?*? b??t?tr ? ?*? to ft-b-r nor* f'o-r Ijr to t4? a (fairs of, or tboac cou ??l*d nMb Uir future of lutly Otm "Thbb licwiir ? ?%ton>? b? rr an I ruator* tbrrr, inatfl* aui mym.fy tb? mt fcnreH riprJ iom lo Cib?. IIm ' Foment a batv-f ia thi? htislar* T ?of dvi H-.icb ??..i<\?>l?a* tuta bur?hi.^ ! M i-h n?w cenid not ?>r riadr oul?f oc'bi ig by ?ny o'hrr frr?.m?. Tb? ! Ctktiw, Ituarttr, Kavr iNhiM la fr a/. Ilippily, 1 g*ib <i?, fur tbri*, all tbo U:>f? rr, e uii?>l*ra. mrmat * <?rt, 4a?ir>r. aad WTftil*. lrf\ out of ba?ia*?a at ( i.f tbr Mn.-an ?r-r, who mi*ht bar* *o?cM * fir 14 for thrir wijiitf ia (.'aha, arr dtawa 4t(f to ( aMnratn, whet* tbry arr tatldiag irr?al tk?t Cab* ku a. J.inx to frar or to a^,>rrb ?M *t |*r * tf 1'. iaq tiu* ridir?l?ia to wp)"?* I lli'wf hi*r ?ny crua" a<* ainpid (nth.- I? a if 4 y*a"? to (ry a r?c?>a<4 ( rro> rraaaJr Rumor , JV? R^<f /l> ?o or 1 > ' it t *T A-r?#*~a?I# ?WW I 1 ^urir^' l a iti'h it kr funify of Mr Taylor, ' f r#p*r #i iM Ci y Will* lh? BmH of Aaair'jjM I ' AkUnKta u".? ' taa?ja im crrauf. ' * \ Tkt t'tlcB national Whig Connntton-What will It Do! Tomorrow is the day appointed for holding tha convention at I'tica, which was called bjr ihf dtlegates who weeded from the Abolition Whij Convention at Syracuse, herded by the Hon. Francis Granger and W iili-im l)uer; and great interest is f?-lt in the pn c? eding6 of that body. It has been ui^ed u,x>n the <U legates, by persons tnd journals counrc'fd with the Kbolitioo section of the whig par'), and which are devoted to the propagation of destructive theories in politics and eoaiety, ns well as to the interests of the demagogue, Wni. H. 8? wtrd, that all that is necessary for tha Utiea Convention to do, is to pisa some vapid retolutions, endorne the nominations made by the Syracuse Convention, and uu-n adjourn >iiu die, with the determination to vote for those nominations oa the dry of election. New, it is apparent that snch & course would bo, in the highest degree, injudicious and improper. Aa we remarked, on a former occasion, the candidal* a selected by the Syracuse Convention cannot get rid cf the odor which attaches to them from the abolition resolutions which the delegates who nominated them pawed, by a large majority, unless they ccme forward end deneunce any participation in a coincidence wilh them. If they refuse to take this courxe, it will be incumbent on the Utica Convention to repudiate them in tuto, and put forward other men?men wiih national principle?, and not sectional?and establish a platform on which the whr!i? whig party, North and South, cun btaiii!, viilk abundance of room, also, for such Bi'ugglers lis may think proper to join their ranks. If they do not take this course, their convention and their proceedings will be a faice, and the seeedera ihrmaaivea will become the laughing stock of the country. As nitii-nnl whiga~as friends of the union of these States?as adrr'wre of the patriotism nf Clay, Webster, and Fillmore, and at> suppw't-jra of the present administration at >Y*?hin?r?on, they are bound to adopt ihis jH>licy or submit to be luigh^d at by the Sewitrd abolition clique, and lusult'd by them ?liin they adjourn The [maaitge of the resolutiuiii endorsing Seward, aud the first overt attempt of ihe abolition whig* in this State to Tylerize the [iirn ut (hiel nirgitiiraie?to weaken hia adniini*tiaii< n, and bring it into diarepute?not oaly in the Si \te cf New York, but throughout the whole country Let that attempt be succeaaful, and before ti.T m< ?ihs, Seward, Weed iV Co. will completely Tylerize Mr Fillmore and hi* administration, a:id bieuk down both. ia the object of the abolition c'iijnc; and when tliey have succeeded iu that, ibey will re-open th? frlavery <jueation, and agit itc ii m ew in Congress, and tt every election in the Noithtrn States, at the imminent ritk of diiunion, (ivil war, and bloodshed The bolteis, aa tli-y are tern.rd, huve now the vantage'ground, and it *,ll k. r^,.li ;/ .i._-.i.. :. i'1'ponrLta. If they have not mural courage aa<l fmnneis tu t?>llow the course which ih< y marked nut, th^jr will deserve to be sacrificed That luoh a file auuits them, in cue they filter, in, we think, clear to every otic?the delegntes to the Utit a Convention included - or at least oight :o be. The w hip j>arty are now in power in the general povercmen', and they c in continue iu the Rjcendei cy i nly fo Ion# as they retain their national an I genml charjcteristies. So soon as they lose tip ht of their eld landmark*, and identify the in?elves with?ectir>nuli*rn of nny kinder advocate seeticcil measures, or any which do not have reference to the welfare and prosperity of the whol- country, thry will be lit up and divided iuto fragments and sections, each hostile and repliant to the other. It would really seen as if the charge so fr? tueutly made sgiiiaii them by their opponents? the democracy?was well founded, vix.i that as Iock aa they arc in the minority, they are a formidnUe party to contend aga-ust; but as sooa as they rrorh power, they are a foe tlut is very easily conquered?thai, mfiict, they cut theirown throats, and bleed to death. It would appear that a p >rtr>n of them are preparing to commit suicide in this way; nd a blow bHTirg been struck at their existaace a? a national ;nny, by Seward, Weed, Greeley Jt Co., it remains to be s?en whether the L'tica Convention can avert the coa**quencc>, aui restore iLe psrty to its original s;r-na'h and nationality. If *u< h a work can be effected, the l.'tica Convention, which will meet ta-morrcw, can accomplish it. Knt ihey cannot do it !>y merely meeting as a matter of form, adopting a few vapid, wishy-washy resolution*, as a matter of form, and afterwards nmmating the candidates put forward by the Abolition Whig Convention at Syracuse. Such a pusilaiimoui course of action woald tend to proniotn the distortion ofthe whig* as a national party, and husten the movement nrgsnized by Seward, Weed, < rerley, ar.d their satellites, throughout the State of Kew Vork, and the other Northern tad Eastern State*. To Mop the Mr'hin cl fanatirism which is pouring in upon thr whig party, sad to dote the sluices of issue# that ilirrh??-o to inundate it, one course is nec? r-t?ry. and the TTtic* Convention ran adopt it w?th the b??t hopes ol suce' sa. They nri?t form platform oft broad, national, an J comprehensive character?they must aeiect <ts ih?-ir ebart nr programme, a niiei of principles aid measure* thul the wliiga of the whole conntry would rtpf?rt and would rally' around, and in addition to that, nominate a* their standard hearer, and, if necessary, as thrir madidate for the neit rresidenry, rome well known and prominent whig, who i# rpf <*< d to seetionalitm of every kind, and whose pas: history nnd act* show h m to be a deToted friend to the whole Union, and in whose guardianship the coertttnticn 'and the interests of the whole republic could be safely confided. This would aim a blow at the disorganizers, which would not only stssgrr, but *nnihilate them. Such it On. 3e?.tt? than whom, we air satisfied, there i? sot a more hich minded, en*fieatious, and jtre man in Ute country. Notxrithsuadinj the frw poliUral errors which he hie committed ? ami whieh, by the way, rmtntted from the head rather than from the heart?treneral {**ott in a tower rf strength to any party that could eliim him. Hi* integrity ?nd patriotism, ami devotedness to the Unni*, are unbounded. His whole king life has been spent in th? sen ice of his country, ??4 has brn ?ievoted to its welfare. Devotion to hi* country hss farrowed his checks and whiter ed hia lock*-with such a man a* their ehi?*f, and with am h a platform as we hire indicated, the integrity of Ihe wh>g party would never he jeopardised, sectionalism and aMitioni'm would &< rebuked, the I ninn of this confederacy rqiiatained in all i's strength and finme??, and the whig ,wrty be rnai led to reuin power years and vfMfi in la iddiii*! to doior tkia, the nation*! Wklf* of tkia ftaie akonld, imafdittely after rn?Mrurtirijt iheir platform, naJ tuin^jac lh? otkef nxatarra whick ki?? iadicaf I, proceed t i-nrr in reortftnirinf b* pnnjr .hr.njh >at til tk? CoT'ffMKMnl diatncta, aa-i puttia* forward no eandidatea wk<> are not ia hran and ia act, national whina. A a.I if it ah >a>4 be aereaaary, let e*ea path-ma*t? tf be aomiaated and elected on tkia iaaue; f?f h ia oae wkick concern* all our ct'i?en?, from the bij brat to th? laweat Pnppoae the national wkiita at firat fail?whieh mtf aM be th^ caa?-- failure ia ? uh a cauae, and w here aitck aa important prioeVIe i? iavolved. ia belter vktn Tie Irtf ia a bad one. *> abnald be rnateat t? fail a LbouMoJ titne?, ia defending the Union aad the c^-re'r'u'ioD, knowing that eventaail^ both will triui*i|d? over faaatieiam. ar t pur?e tke wl? g parff of *11 tke abolition paraaitea and fungi wkiek kaae Caikered around it witkia the Nat year or two Tkia ia the naff rf* rtuaJ manner in wkick abolifaoaiam and flewaHiam ia tke whif party can be put down in the State of Sew York; and th? aooner it ia tried ik' b'I'M Vr a kali await tke proceed up of the Vtim Oa*rnfioa w? k jrrat* Inters, and tke pw> lla will lo M> )ikaw?? Th* Herald Retorts?The Ixdia Rcbsee Controversy.?Mr. Horace H. I>ay, having publicly impugned the accuracy of a report made by one of our att*chi$, cf a charge to the jury delivered by the Hon. Jadge Grier, in a case which was recently decided in Trenu>n ; the gentleman who made the report, in vindication of its cor rrciD'-BB, ana or nid cupuoiuty as a reporter, R jdreeted the following Utter to the Judge who presided on the tiiiil i? iOrru r of tub N*w Yoa* HiiiU, { Hi* Von*, October 10,1M0. ) T" Tin If A. Jem fitm Sim I take the liberty of sending to you the enclosed pnutfd ei'py of a if port wfciih I msde of your Honor'* charge to the jury, la the o?se of Lloodyt-ar ts l)?y. which was decided a fAw dtty * siura to Treutou. Mr Day having sera fit to publicly csurt that my report waa laacsurata, that It **i at* aiu-b like tho truth a* a c.'etre It like a cait wheel." I Lake the liberty of asking jeu whether it li or not, a correct report My profession being that of a reporter, my luternsts will no doubt. be sericrelj injure] unlets 1 rsfuta the allecailoof which Mr. I'sy liKML*d\ Trusting that you will br ut leiKure to glre me an early answer, I lemain, yoor obedient lerTiit. To the t bove letter, Judge Grier nude the follewing rrply i? Pun inci ritii, October 11,1830. To , K?<?.? Pin : ?I hare jait reeeWed your letter rcrloslag your ri'part of my charge in the caee of (loodyear r*. Day. as published'lu the Hrrthl. In answer to your Inquiry at to It* eorreetnetj. I would ray. It Is. In the innlif. correct and accurate perhaps some sentences may MM been '>mitt<-d but 1 rsnuct recojntse anything in the report whl.-h coald justly czpoxe It to the charge of Inaccuracy or incorrectness There are some seutexne* and kxpri silcae which are not in the shape I would myself, have plvnu them for publication. Hut I tbitik it probable that in tbl* cane as In many other* Its fault of the reporter (if any.) if too grrut accuracy and not the uant >/ .t lour*. Lo. K. C. ORIEK. Having thus viuJiCLted the accuracy of our report of the chaige of the judge in the case referred to, aod having proved that Mr. Day'i statements regarding ita incorrectness are filae, we shall now dismise tins part of the etihj'-ct. In a . short time, we thull publish a fair and impartial ! history of the India rubber bttfiiiesa ia this country, j or.d will give the truth, the whole truth, and uo thin? hnt ?? ,, truth, concerning it, without showing partiality to nny one, and u 'thout bc'njj influenced by any cue. c?imp?.?l I)*VKnOrSMMT? in tub scftsioks? CfKiots Scenes.? We refer our reader* to the tcene, diecueaion, aod decision, which took place ! yesterday in the Sessions, on the motion to go on with t^e trial of Marcus Tullius Cicero Stanley. John M'Kcon, the District Attorney, and John Graham, tie counsel of Stanley? aud the great stool pigeon randidute for District Attorney?l?t out some interesting matters of each other, and threw pome additional light on the rich administration of justice in New Y"tk. The p.-o im Attorney General, David Graham, figured elsewhere, likely at the Astor Houae. The trial of Stanley was put ofl till Deceiiib.-r?and in D<*cem her it iiiay be put otl t?l> January, when John Gruliiiiii iiimv be 1'itirict Attorney, if he should be elected, Hn<l then look out for further scenes, uud curious illustrations of the new code. The richest ytacevi and developments ol crii uiul affairs?of criminal lawyers?of atnolpigeon evidence, are only in the bud as yet. Ttie robbing of the District Attorney's office, and the placs to manufacture evidence against poor, old, innocent, simple 1 'rury, have all to coiiie out in spite of the two Grabauu??John and David, and all their joint influence over the courts, juries and ]>ariies of Jsew York, including both democrats and whigs. John Griihatn has got the democratic nomination of Disnct Atturaey, by stool-< pieeon influence?and David nny get the whig nomination of Mayor, or sora?tliisg else; but we doubt if they c*n manage both parties for a single family, as certain politicians once did of lata years in New Yoik. The truth in politics, rascality, ! ", ui *?ool-pigeon iag, will all coma out attfcs pro) er time. Fata op thm Ambvicar Ihstiti ti.?Castle Garden is a curioua place for the progrsaa of humbug. The great fair, properly considered, ia a great folly?a mere annual advertising machine. Inventions of great utility have been captiouMy ahut out by the committee, while shopkeeper* an Broadway and m the markets have beea permitted to till up the area with soap, caadlea, cabbaae*, tarnipa and advertising vans The really aaeful and important inventions which have been permitted a place, are mothered in the heapa of carpets, blankets and bed quilts; and tiie whole affair ia a aad commentary on the liberality aad intelligence of the Institute Our beat mrchaaics, aad iaveutars of genius, ae?m to have ahunne4 the place, and It ft the whole a|?ee aa a neat for euaaing advertisers. Oar reporters have beea ofirred twenty five dollars, fifteen, tea, five, to aotice this, that, and the other thing, aad could have been baried un.ler a load of perquiaites had they eoaseated to pufl the branch advertialng warehouses established to aatouishthe million, barely, the Amrrican Iaswute receives money enough every year?about 1*0,000?to drf something better for our mechanics and men of ' science than they have done. What ia done with tk# mnn*V t Wkn hua thl? ItinHltnir nf ? t f a ikasa any eecret at the bottom of tbia butineaa?ihta advertiatng Babel 1 It aeema aa if B>trnum were null at Caatle Garden, and thtt the luau;ute w?a asly aaother Muaeuni for Joyce Heth, or tbe Woully Horw, or the Feegee Fiah. Pkixtiko Mac bijiaay.?Wr obienre that o#e of our cote it. porn riea, having a rare geniua for ^uffiaf, declare* that he ia about to art up % printing machina which will print tvemtrj*, thomamH Me*n am A owe. At thia rate, it w*uld itrue almoat four hundred and aeventaea ahreta in a minute, or nearly right aheeta in a arrond H<r atatea that thia machine ia to be made by Mr. Hoe. Wp think tbia ia a miatake. It muat be Barnum. the inventor of Joyce Heth aad the mrrmaid ; or Braeh, the author of the I'lainfirld and Lehigh bauka. No other men could make a machine to uptri a great phyaical impoaaibtlity, and print eight aheet* ia a atrond Mr Hoc ia a pracucal man, ami kuowa, both in theory and practice, how much time mu>t be eontunicd in the travel of a ryl.nder, to make a food impreaaioa. The hiuheat rate of ia?ue yet attained ia about tea thooaand aheeta an hour, aad our preeent machinea reach that point The !??malum never can be twyoad twelve or fourtaen iliouaand ahreia ia aixty minulea,or 15J0 maaeeond of time. We are g >ing to have aa additional faat machine, to keep par* with other important improvement* ia oar eMabliahment; but it Is not to be manufactured or puffed by Baraum. or Beach, or any of ih?ir imi'aiom. It will come freeh from th?> mind and h ind of Hoe Ac Co., who deal in ao falte tbeoriea, bat make juat about the mojt perftflt and powrrfal .unlipl (mil "llfl'iaul nim-hlllAv li..? .! r.r ill* tar*. Bo nt* h for fact, ina?ad u( f in-y V krt Rat auk *.?Oid Slievrgam'noa,?./ th* Trthwnr newajwper, hu not yet tnld lb" hirdworkinf 11 tubmen what ?? doue with their fXVttOO, pud oat by Uicm to make a revolution m Ireland When ?loe? be mean to reply t Will be open hi* month, arvl al?o hi* p?wbet, V*i>re th* election, or after tbat event! ltefore the Jri'h vote Mlieve. g' mnion'a Ik-kef, they would like in know what brcanie of tUeir moiiff. Wntat'a CnrvAt.i?R Wr?orr??The Nival Ftore Ke?|?er?a)n that Cbevalur Wi??fT ku engaged Ka< hH and Oertto to come to Uita ooviavr Very likely. Willia ia ia communion wi;b WikofF ?tfiey are bird* at a feather--and U >lli* niade (he hrM announcement. Wlkofl" appli .1 10 Jenny Liad for a aimilar arency?bat ahe dtvlinad, and fell invt Uk haada of Farnnm which w?* almctt h.Ve falling ont of the frying paa tale ike Hie. t ire ii?m Pt Damaca *; th* arrhal of the b%rfc flaalca ^aaa J ? run to St. Dawtago ya*t*rd?y inoealag, ? I'iri thai hla dlnvy ?f Haytl baa paaltiealy fr*kl44aa Dm anltl?| of as; BflN wHkla bla <*nliltM. Thta aat waa aattetpatal by ta 9t4?r jT*a>a'g?U4 by hi a r>Bc Mai* baet Tm Matoraltt ?The election of Mayor promiMs to be a bone of contention, among all panics, in November next. Two nomination* have been made for thin office already?one by the democrats, of Fernando Wood, and the other by Uit popular, independent nomination of Mr. Alfred Carwm. The whiga have not yet nominated The nomination of Mr. Wood hoa created iome little feeling among a particular and very questionable coterie of the Tammany Hall peopl*. Genertlly, Mr. Wood ia considered a highly re?,actable man among his own party, and hia poli ieal history and opinions are well known to all who are acquainted with the events of past years In Congreea and in this city, Mr. Wood h*s always been open and above board, belonging to the democratic feiti of the Baltimore school, or platform, of 1844?oppo-iou to anti-slavery excitement, to the Wilmot proviso, aid to all the isms of the day. He ia, moreover, a very energetic man, aad would make a good Mayor. But there ia a Utile coterie, it seems, whi are endeavoring to create a fuse against him, probably because he doea not belong to the rowdy aide of the democracy, or haa not sympathised with riotera or other troublesome peopls. This, haw ever, will help him with the grtut mass of the community of respectable staadiug, and all the opposition against him will amount to bit little. We have understood that Captain Rynders is at the bottom of this little effervescence against the nomination of Mr. Wood; but it is hardly probable that be would be bo indiscreet as to lake any such course. The nomination cf Alfred Carson belongs to another ttripe and another color. He has been put forward by the people, on the great question of municipal reform, in opposition to the present corrupt government. Let his friends organize as fast as possible, and push him, by every means in their jiower, on the whig nominating committee. This is their only true policy, and we wait to see how they will carry it into effect. Pbisidint Fjixmoki and uis Cabinst.?Since Proitit ut Fillmore has filled the presidential chair, there is much to admire and praise iu the manner in which he has conducted the affairs of the go. eminent. Between him and his cabinet no complaint can be made in reference to the way iu which they iiiauagtd the foreign and dome.tic policy of the government, nor have we heard of any from any quaner. We are lorry to say, however, that both he and his cabinet have dieplayed a waat of tact, in w hich very im[>ortant and esaentiil commodity bvth he and they seem to be very deficient. Bu: th s is nothing new in Mr. Fillmore. He exhibited th<- tame want of moral courage, firmness, and tact in former year?, when he was a prominent man in this Slate, or he never would have per.nitI

trd Thurlow Wted to plant email potatoes nil over the State, as he has done. The fruits of his management are now apparent in Ihe large crop of Sewardirm throughout the State. The want of tact and courage is indeed a great want in a politician or a HHUsiiian, snd iu the case ot Mr. Fillmore it now thow* itself. Two years ai,o he could have prevented the election of Win H Seward to the Senate, if he had possessed courage and firmness enough to have taken a hostile stand to that demagogue Bid that would have broken him up altogether. The same rem irk will apply to the | weak and lussy Brooks of the Eijnrtu, who ia J making a great noise about a stolen horse, and bow i wants to shut the stable door after he is gooe. Why did he not think of these things about a year 11 ago, when we pointed them out in our column*, and indicated in the cleareat manner possible, the result that would follow from allowing Wred and Seward to obtain the mattery over itir pontic* 01 this State 1 Tut Rvm Pa\kmxnt.?Many complaints are being mttdr sgainet the Rasa pavement, la conaeqnrnc* of Ita amnothnesa, and the facility with . which horses alip and fall when going over it; and ! Mr. l(nt? ia blamed because he doea not lay down amhller atone*. Now thia ia all wrong ; Mr. Bus* | ought not to be blunted at all in the matter. He ! crnnot be exacted to lay down small block* of ' granite for the price which he i* paid. It i* the I Corporation who ought to hear the brent of the charge. If the city authorities would spend lee* money in junketting here and ia other place*, and , ia providing contract* far their friend*, which arnruot to nothing, a* far as the benefit to the city i* concerned, they would have money enough to spend ia paring Broadway aad other thoroughfare* in a proper manner. The tsxes last year amounted to upward* of three million* of dollars?one million of which went, in the form of jobs, to the pri' vate frienda of the aldermea. Mr. Rum would pave Broadway in a better manner if he was paid more liberally than he is. He would lay blocks of granite one-half or one-third as large as thoar which he ia uaing just a* readily aa not; but of courae he cannot l>e eipected to do *o at hit pre! *ert rate cf compensation. We should not be at if! rurprised If it should be found necessary tQtakf I up a laif portion of the present pavement, and rtlayitwith m^Ucr block*. The foundation i* good; but to do so would of course require addi. in ml expense. Whenever charge* are made, let ^ every tub itssd on it* own bottomlew* frosb Cati?i The stfamer Florida, from Hafanaah, has , brought nt> our filea of IHario tit la Afar mi, to the I 6th mat, which were received at Charleston, by I the Isabel, from Havana. This intelligence la four days la'.er than our previous adviee* by the ; Georgia. The Manna is exclusively filled with translations, or reproductions of European rapers, and contains but a very rraall amount of local news. !r?o minima is nuar 01 tor cooiira, wnica, 11 n aid, it of an attracted character in the interior We have been unable to find anythinf ia the ' Murrna relative to n auppoaed in eiprdiiion ; a??tntt Cuba, Mid to be in active preparation in the Somber* Statea of this T'nioo. <>? the Oth mat , the entire operuti- company, uni'er the direction of Mr. Pmlcr, arrived at lla>aoa, by tbe fteamer lambel. Mnw. Tedeaeo wn the only mbaent member. According to aome rumor*, the new tenor, m ho cornea from Italy to takr tbe pUce of I.orini, m 8ennr Miratc. It ia raid that the prat repreaentation at tbe Tacon Theatre waa to bur taken i>laoe on tbe 10th in*t A corroponilent Irom MtMuti write* to tUe /tit la Miimm, th?t that city ia nearly overflowed by the heavy ram*, which have coaiuiurd for aavrral data The I'rencb ateamer tilaaa, from Martinique, ! w?? in tbe pott of Santiago de Culm. *i?h the Ppaoith *htp* of war Cortes, ( one re o auii Comiu. The Havana correspondent of tbe CiarUtttm Ci vftrr, under date of t)ctoher7th, ??va? Bn>lii?i? l? ir<>?t?at?d hj tb? *xp?-t*d intani-'n. and tb* irltid a?d 4t?iarb*d peftMon ui th* lab?i.Ue'? r?ai*i? trade aad tow??rrl?l < pnatli n* dull and lai>||tilil Out gntrrem'-at r*'? netir a fa* In tlae*. that ti e drere*. Ia*a?d laat Way. plariav tba bland la a rat* of blaebad* and atr*? k> wHbdrava Tb? aaval aad land fore** of lb* bland ar? i?la< anf nuatid cta*id*r*l-iy ??nr?l mot* raa**W and iimo tra of var ar* rbortly *ip**wd fMrnavtav r?< Tihiii ili ?By the arrival nf tha k*| ll*ary Iml, rapt Wo*d?ld* y?<t?*4af Iroa Irpmtnra P?pt IS. ?? ar* Inters'd at a ml?iad*r*tand>ag having brokra oat M??a tba goTaraor aad tb* taerina eraaal. Tba * *> ? nf tb* dlS <alty di?* a*t appvar bat tba r<*v?r*?r fcaa ft or m f.i > |? | forbid tbe anatal perforata* hi* . Atrial dutlaa at tb* rt?k if Imprteoarovat. ft ?w *upp*n?d at 4ni?*>tor* i tbat tfc* poalilna tb* governor h ? tb?u|bt pr?p. r to tab*, alii no* mietaUblb* approbatlca tf klifoiar*B'tl I.ati mo* H??; tro*.?We have received oar fi)?* ol Ilerniuila to ihe nb ia-tmit. by i;?e btif Fal on, Optaia Pitt, arri-rd yeaterday. 1 he following p*per waa picked ap at Middleto*'a Hay, an tl?? Xhh nltimo? ' i< *p?t Pepf Wd. ' Tbrrwa mrW?e< f??>a* th* tblp Xe*t>t>4?r fmai fl?w X*alard. b??ad to Ka.tnn. la lat 01:J N ad a?i W . dartsp ? b*a?y nna * I* f , In ?fcl*b IKI btl?Nkl MiroKo* nrfii*KMIT WILLI Ml tnn?MO*. MM*, JA?hi ?iLI.U*l:k>* 24 ( PtnmylrinU Klectio*. COM1HW. Ik?N I* not maeh doubt of the eleetton of J. H. WalkeT. (wblg., in tbo Ud dlrtrlot Brio aonnty blm 1.470 majority ?Clarion MO. and Warrea 800 (or CartU, (dem ) The remaining oaunttaa ia the dUtrlot - Jeftereen. Patter. and McK?an ?a* a ally giro, *> gather, Irom 600 to (00 denioeretl) Majority. Ia tb* 11th diatriet, (Lvaerne, Jtc ) tb? oonteet la aloea bat*?rt B Wright, (dun ,) and II . M. foliar, (whig.) ? probably not oter TO votaa dlffrraaoa either way. If Full, r In elected aa appear* by laat rrporta, tbo vhigi will ha?e tan of tbe twenty tour uieiuhvre alaot from the Btata, and the demooratie gain will be Ore momburr LCGIKI.4TTTBB. It appear* probable th?t the whig* wilt bar* a majority of ote in tbe Bi nate- M>sr?. (whig ) according to 1 tba Pittsburgh paper* brlvit in the Senate dla- | trlct eompoaed of ArmetieDg Indiana and Clarion eeuntl**, l>y t majority of 12#. o**r Drum, (democrat.) Tbr Smalt will, tburetore ataod a* follows tVhift. Drm. Bo11Id| crer 11 11 Bleated this je*r d I Total IT 10 Tbi* will gWa tba wh1g? tba control of tba appointing pcwer for tba ?omlog year, tba Governor being whig. Lsst session. tba dem, orat* bad a majority of one in the Senate Ihn llou<e having a democratic ' Majority of o?i r twenty ol the Dcnibtri elect, *111 control the joint ballot la the election of Uulted State* : Senator. Tba J'ttitutih ar.iai, of the 1Mb Int-t . aaya It Is now ' alleged that both CurtU and Wright, democrats. are ; defeated for Congress In their respective districts -tbe Clarion and Luieme district*? whlcb If true, will make the cew delegation stand 14 doiaocrat* to 10 i %?f. If .tbe democrats have let Drum la the Clinton dis- ' trlot. the whig majority in tb? Senate will h* one In tbe Bonae our table* cont*io~<t an mnr yesterdav, tbe correction of which give* the democrat* a tu?i >rlry of tw?i>ty.on* in that body Sufficient lor all ueeful purpoees. % lhe Ohio G.'MtUih COhuKass The following district* bate been h?ard f-ooi: ? Dig Demucrat? Elrcted. Hrti> {* EUtltd. 1. I)a<id T bisaey. B lliram Hell. 6 A P Fgerton 4 llenjamin Stanton il Frederic Ureea. 7 NeUou n?'r?r?, (|*ia ) 10 Charlefc Sweetier. 12 JohnWelh 11. Oeo II. Un^by. 14 *lex lla p*r. 17. Joseph Cable. IS W f HuM-r. 18 I'aiid K Carter 10. Johu John* n, (gain.) 21 N.S l'ownfbsiid (galu ) /* uiahr PtohuhU. 8. John I*. Taylor 9. Kdion D Ula*. l'< ?"| n. riiica, |un ) Far* Soil Whh.b let T>l?.?Lewi* l? ntn^Ml. IVth " ? Fbt-u Newton 2lith " ? Jo?b jh R lii'l linc* Prmocra'.lc gain. one ihe frw wIIjw); whig gain. three. The frte ?oll? re will hold the Kiltnne of pawer In the delegation ?< th?y *111 eleo In 'he L,-*gla1*1 ure. probably Muiit; the tlrctlcs ol a Iree toil U. 8. Senator ItnmiriiiG rivM In ??o? A>*>*?Br the hark Bt!<l>t,C>pt. iikrtoc. we hare im?Im4 b??i (n>a> the Argentine Republic down to the i'tb Angu-t Tin griritk Fmckrl of the 3d August pablithet the ofllclal d?wi of the ratiflca'len of the aouthern convention b?twe< D Koglabd and the Argeutln" government, and make* lb* I ol.owing remark* upnu the eubje it Inordinary mtxi turb on event wou'il have pen. durrd A de. p piDFttlni in the community ; but to Mil* IbetaBea tho r??ult uad b on no :?u< coot l-otl? au'icipated. that it ran hardly l? ealj t<> bave n?u-ed any prrerptlbl* eicltenimt In fart, iieaily ell the provl lone ot tho oonventlon had h? en carried Into e(T-ot pr> vioualy to the ratltieatl>>n a cirouuietauo" happily Indicative of mutual good lalth end ooni-lenia. aa-i which *? glecly ball a- the prelude of aiooere rerun iliatlon and iaating friendship. Thr chipping In th* port of Haceo ?uff-r#d ??verely In tbe gal * or the Slat and 221 Jul/, but no American tmhIi am reported an among tbe lulrfn. Tba French hark Tllltr wan wrecked daring the gain, on the Panela rock, near Montevideo Tba eteemer W J. Praae war to precred to tha a reek, to eniyavor to ntc tba cargo, immediately upon her arrival at Moatevldeo fr< m Due no* Ayr?a. iron wkieh latter elty the tailed en the 17th of J uly City lalalllgeact. I>!k? it thr Cirr Haemal ? Praacle Poppet, tha eclctad Ban who waaMrurk on Monday night it Leonard ?treat, by Peter 11 oaland. tha tfaadwieh lelandrr, died ytaterday evening about 4 o'clock, at tne Oity Hoeplial, of hie wound* HI* remala* were brought to the Sixth ward (tatloa honee, where aa lojaect will be I held thin atterncca. | tiaior* A< ciriat at PaLi i*e lion a Wace* ?Teeter| 'ay mctnlsg between lOand 11 o'clock, a reepectable man by the nam* tf Martin Dougherty. waa eerioualy > Injured in oinarqnence of the ai-h r?e ot hia wagon breaking down wblle paaelng through Twenty alitlt trret. Il? waa thrown oat, and one of hi* la(i cautt I In the wheel and waa badly cruihed beiore toe horaea ' ecnld he (topped. IMMV to a Litt aimniBo i? BaecKLT*.?On Monday afternoon. about S o clock. a young lady by the name of Alice Oreenwood. raatdiaf in Fa toa *tr??t. I Brooklyn. m*t with a eerloua aoeident in tbH city, (t appear* she waa pareing down the Tmlh aretue. and when near a pile of plank ataliiokit j ard. one of the limine Uew i ff and etrnrk *le* U npon the h-%d Injuring her aeverely. Tbruugh tbe kladae?e of aeeeral ; llla> aa the waa convened hon> la a carriage Ar. idb?t.- A * em< DaitDrru? Bvaaao ?About hall paet l> o clock yeeterday morning, watte a yoo-ig womaa aaard Mary Cary. realdtfeg at 11 ror??in itiert.*a> engaged in waehlng at the reeldea?> ot Mr* Miller, in tbe eame (tieet. h.-r alotbea noctdentaily caught Pre from a charcoal furnaee la tbe kit' he,i and In a tew aooente ber ga'ineuta were all la a blaae, which waa cot put cot until after tne poor w?m?a had bean horned abeul her faoe and >houldi>r* In the mont ckiac vanaer Phe waa reaoved ta her home. aa4 the are fa th? u?y render*d rrery a>*latanre In rl* p(>*ef Piaa.?Teeter day morning betwe?? th, h,a? twelre aa J o?e cl ?k a Bxe ,mt ln Bruokly n, la the paint thop occupied by Wm Bdni'>ad< la H*?C.JI?jr fulfB Itrvet, which Waa eatlreiy Jet flam* apread to the barber r^op ol J ) > UaUi?B acd the heuee aod etoee atore ?f gu,a1y k Co . eoner tf Poplar atre? on th., rne *lde. and <>a th* oth?r. to the groccry etore of JafcnCnep.eomer of Fnltoa aad ll?nry Tb?n ealidm4* were conewed wlihmoetof their ooauata The h??-e aad tarateh log itotr of Mr Banee ant to the grorery rem waa alao Kmewfcat daaigrd The ln? o. Wr KJmoadala ahcut ?t(W, Vuimby & Ca , M' <*>, fully laenrtd. AaeTi't* Ye?t*M?y alternoon at tl>r?a o'aloch. a flie alae broke ont la another aarpeator'a ?hop. In Hroektjn ?ltnat?<l In Lawrenceetreet b~twa?n Tuia^y lad . ob??n ceaed by Praocle Wehb. wbteh w*? an thel) K?Hae4 Lo?a M'< ao laeuraane The fl ta a tie* eotumunirated to tbe bouee adj <lalag wbiih wae a trama baiidiBg the aldea ot which ware fltlad la wit)> brick aad owaed and oocup e4 by LakeC Rydar rq . the b?:idlng wai nearly deetroyrd 'he furnitu a lni?tly taeed. llonee lneured for tl 0#0, no la*uraaie oB the ffertltare. A ?>rlek buiid'ng <>a the eida, Vlr.aglag to Mr MeMtMaa merchaat la Wald-a laoa. ?. ... , ...... . r-( rtklj 4uBk(>j rp tba (Id* anil r?ar ; lb* 1?m?? *?rt. h) lk? of i ( .kar|>(? of viUr. 1 a 11 It gunbi d aad ilia building anaad Tba Mm ? af I U? kitktl ( worn* Mti b?f mm ?ffle-nt, I tol v? did not in a ?ai?a thru N tkaaroaat Mr. | flal'a) " Iff la larublldrrahia k?jcaij Ik* hr-aklaf ami laattarlar ft til* furattara A am all bu'ldio* In lha r?ar of tik earpatari ahof wu alaa burst. It b? l lon)f?d to Mr Tiail<r bill Ki? P.iar. A k?pp*?ltlnB b?i ba?a aiata bf a aoaibarot r?i>l'il.-ti in *? Terk to lak- tba lata* Mil' Kaltoa and Poa'k t-rrlaa tba ana'llttoq ol tda l?a-? In ba ib? aatabll*ba>>at of k twrry to ma k-t?a.o *'? ??? ttraat Ik Xrkakij% to Wall tbnl la Nav Ta?k ' rl Ca!?ndar-Tkla Day. IrramViHiT Datatu Taaa ?Noa ?l. II, M, m in ? to ts. a raaiaa l'?rat Dm M la* til 111 61. 1J6 Ilk ' 111 1U 1M. 140 t I, 10 U. IT. M. :?,?* M HI, U. 1*1, N. T* Hlnd?nl< aa< UtrraiJ Mrn.?At Uw w attrtl I4r*nt? M t... a ?*> -. k Cka. a , ?. ? aiaa j tiki' tr> flHi.t ?r Mutar? la >k> Ca>llar* -t II?a?r IV , ?f I arU aad iftrrvarai rwwtt af Fiaai-h Murtl'ira til llni-t > la JaVrMi l'?ilai?, U . will aoaa .aftrtw laa.aa for r*rfarli*| fua>l? la Kraaak. wrttla* and a* ?ar. aatli a -i>aa I. r ladlia aad iltit^M l? i-ant m A a?t?l a' rl*'? and kf-ar all Ik. h ata kf ika la-aa? ?uriafvri atl?a aad tarmi. aaal* ? > t H??Hi l?t?t, l?i ?n titarm a? tt<lt>. I.ttftatw- It farkaa Ulraraa f ttrl; l.i tai j. T. V. Caitlaa, I a-. Barrad ll aaadaa, III raadaay, ka. ItTtlllra from K.nrt?p??Tutt:* la ronraaili addlai ? k># a?a?k ut tart aaa aianaat lam, ??ida, | * y Imp -?a't m fr m all |\r'? of t ia ?i?i|t?i vnrtd. Ha | kaa laat ?p fad a . a?? af M? h p?T'i trna>atM, Ia4l a' k <d , (ratUm** a dr?aali? ?*??aaal a rtr'r.a 4. k alt rat If ?a I aajlkim kara'aftta aaaa In al la rti ry Ali>, a<-aaa f { portal aaikttllat fi'to Pari*. Ik* frrat?<t a??*l j af tba ar? *rd lail'ba Olar far ttaarllar* At If a? mala, *kay | at' !>??.' aid ai<a ratlin .i. It mail < r ?'" ( t>p*kal ?r ?arj?t kaa '! > ar? r'k laallt thatr rrl*< '*r a t "??lkj In lay Mili| a' ?kt ir aatfka* at !i J *ad a aaraiaaaa J???? I lid a>a?la knaa. a?adt* tkr?ad#?a kallf a*, ^atrat ka<l I ' kaa aia?pa. aad a k?.l > f ? bar rarltiaa. mil ka ! * < IJ a mil ta TaiUa'a K??..||aia -f kit p ?a faatf baada. !U Hraadva). Tiltatra ara a araya aal- < <iaa. The OrfM ( attl# Shot* of |1M Anarrlraii Ta?tn?tf l?',' w > |. n < arfral Taiafroa I Median tia - I?r?. f ? < ik r-i <?* ? i ?r .?ll It Ttrtart * " fcri ?l>ly lit*' ?f ?*?' willl'?T f?-t ! kb? I Mk , lllipipl li>Tll?ll*n, At At <f?nr*h, J Tltti n ?n"l r?*? ? pr1*t*4 I* i ? ? ?i a> iM'fcU'i ** ?T>lr btin ? r?u- H'-atlfnl D*i?? t*t C*V? i 01 .???.,< iri? , 4?i ?T?frr? ?-.t Wl**r fVH Mr * .? ,?l| K?? i knu (i itar; ii Dr I ? ?;l ? *??. IM MMaaWiii * ?f ' hi* < ? ?? Manilfri' KU*HI? Tlklft Wmp, Iter k?tp* If r?wn> ?? l? rtn..- ^ II lb* > >. , wrlh.r'* T>'i ???? !?? ?*4 *?-?, > I lh? ih? t"' ? ? t?? (tin I I'' k fr?!" !< ?*tr?*4 MM i I >f? ?l>. >IT ??* ,?C Re*i???r *A4 fT" f r*?4. , Tha Baat Portrait ?f Jee\ny n? _ Go I'ML k CO. baa I-ate 10 itfm MM Mi*. Ul, have la f.ngraaa of pahllratiee. o? a Una ?^u"li.Tr. af the ~?w.dlth NanhtlnKale," aha? riilrt^Igggi! 4n<Mtmiip?. rakta bt Mr Baal, a* tkt imU * Madeuioitel . Liad. Theoleealloa hu Wtl MglZi ^11, CrahaT, and the public nay raal a tea red thai tka miliTa ?a are lmiat will nr(?? aaytklif of Ike klad pakUakat ktretcfnra Prtoe of earh'err. (daia fci; aelerad. ii nl 4mwW h nan pii. k OO.. tm Intj^ **" The Plaubf National Dafatmaa fflallai N< > I t n?d?a>; o.-ateiaa large.! ui Boat iateicai 1 g eollctie? 01 rarliaita la tki. eoeairy. lit itiataaa I" ikiougt Hit gallery without maetiag with ataay h-iu.. facaa. Of Course It la.?Of eourae tike Dagaamu trae i t , that bate created to eh a eaat eaatatiau. vr? ? I t Hiatalf. aad aol kraaght (rta i Thr) <aauol aika ?<t n ttiiru M Iomh Uo W K"i ?. ?rru. r llr. i. iv a an < Fraaklla tlreei, aad aaa kim prjuuee thoa* aaa^niffnee' ? On with the Dance."-?Mr*. Grow, Mll1-ner at d liren-uiaat r ' < broad .ear, it a-iw aam? ia pirpariug ail ihn bailee of thia ally faraheaapma iiiaiK ' al 1 i:>mn It ia raar r? a'rally kaowa aad admired that Hr< ir tin'a. aire laata. j udgiaeat aad taai. lti am1*illi.hp n itr f.ntu I wuuaan, tkaa any ether drtam?kensNtw lotk. T? t thia Paundera' Dreaaliaf Cbm Factory, 14T audi f*7 fvau??i.-liiiM v?t(, r .abiaa mtaf a4?ata?ta o?f lha imported. be i ( trade ?tth the riaw far mal aertiea. aoataimag the ka?t unaiKy ef ariielaa ia tka aaailaet pedal i IE?'n V Bread ?ay, eoraer of liberty. and SH7 Broadway. Trfpltrllall, Jenny Llad, Bamtraa, "tVaid Kw x.- i -l.j- ?t. .1 *. ierai aueulloa; tba fuur Inl a wed ".riicler," iroui i.i.e r oena?otion with aiaaia, tkalaet fn m hit ronnti t. oa a i h ban. Tripler Uatl la a naageltaent anBterl T" in. Je-'ny L lid a divlae aoagatreaa. Bam am a manaifottt nnlatnr. II ehaa a treat harpist aad tt'i the ' Iratu-i" of ?h? a**. For farther |>artiea(are iaqaire at 12s Fulii i) atreut, wh-re the iaot; fatataaliog elyleefhaae ait low aalliax at only lour tiollart each Cleopatia, tilt Prerlea* ! ? Mre. Rkewton. bht ainiaiie oioihii-iu law of the hanghty Dambay, a.rtr wore . 1 ythiiu au elagaai and etiUingly attractive aa Can tiell't men hle.e Uai rr rfoo't. Faahioaed eaparieoea. and nude ol the "it meteriaie. they are Ike aieet been mine a tioi't for ihe feet eirrr wi ra by tcaaiy. Ladiea, hoaar C.iNTWII L, No.Si. wuh a tiait. The Man and tlie Pliitr.?UrooKa tike name. Ku i.? Fu! on ?' e th*j pla a, t? m-t ele^aat, f.i9ki>>nat< dur?ltr and l" a| ?o<it?, >iit>e*t Uantrt, k> . Urttekait aea-riiniu i ill l.i[e >il a. t la the eity. N'oae wk-i wie? ar ill, go. d and iheap art.c.a clittulJ tail iaKiviat biu I aal . Fancy ( uCti ;.-The moat tUiiko taltetlor af >i?) tun..j . .i iii ilia >.ily; n auil'taowi etery feaa it} le |wt. p ' kel aud tp. rieine'a Kaltea. Stieaora. Fi t", at d Hat?i> It* ?ety bt<?t., warraaied. at HaUM147 brtauwm. r.t itoI Liberty, aad Jel Broadway. JlM rrcelvcti finia Auction, 900 Black Pat'... m ? . a una fr in d> '? *" a*!'t onamaily $iu In %U. nl A 'neat el'ttli. nnd faih faably aut ait'. wn?e? t. a tm I ale. t t u Comer of Naaaaaaad Beakaiaa titrte f6 Suit lti era. I)r. Jamea Y\ . l'uvtell, Orullaf, .%orlat,dte drviite* i i ai iii m.h< u ively la oieeaeua ul ium k>o ?iad kar. tr at b in 4 a el. ok. at 2 i Hroadway, antranee Itb'urrta ?'r* ?t. . iieie vai ia ha hit pnpnlar " fraati.ta oa the k<t " 'MrH a? ilit u i ri i- ' tin t. alto, bit 9eif-Atiiaf Myt aad Ear F"HBrait'? ' ? < I innerted. Ficcklct,lai', runutti eaa, Plntplaa, ICntpli?-a. dm an tan. in aee', af. it te wail kao?n, pvaiutoi/ enrtrd b> n.*U|i !? - ral'an Uf<Hea'ed .^'11'. Tit P. ndre ultiile er?"H'?te? hair fr"it auy part of the body. Li>|Utd Ri nee for |"l Itpa aid iknlli Lily MToita t-t roi gh *u>livd, alt aai-h e..iapleiinne, at (7 Walker tire; t, if i eti re rroni H"?i?a? Oell?rn>er, Boalh Tklrd tlreet, Pliiladelphla Kplcrdid Tild^Iligle'i Hyperion Fluid la ll.i :iwe> apj' "i"1 i iv a ilitu f <i eiivu|ik?iilaj( and teau* tiljrii I li.t l.elr; lue ani I- i, -ditp n a le ahareeaaeia ahavtan it d. n ai.?rd; in hie lit heainaa f'r the complexion i? uaiKai.ed Ntlo ny the larentor, W iliiaa tta^i.i, t!7 bithuiti a at'*et. Ho t n ,\i.o n> a II. a l> Han-it |t> F !ti n at rati: u, la t L Co.. 17.1 Broadway, New York. The Hitman IIair eoiorcd any Shade In twen ) tniuu e?, a> u-itg it ilari Biel pit-iaiBm tiail Dye. wrriioi'd m ii'r il ' ? ti fto ion. F ir nala, or appii <1 a I it "Ai t. Mo. i t t il o'l ttr~t?, aaaoad donr e?.| ol Hnxiti . >. ' 'i j toai t.i i n r Uite remedied la tea mini.tea, ca lint at aboee, or addrcat. Hair Dy?.?> laciur'a Ginalnt I.lqultl Hair tije can m touM al the maaafaetary, 4 ibail tiaal The public .hotaln ?u?rd a?einet i?itationa. Yea my earmae eipl.mae Hereon* eh. .. hair kat aanaaaed a bad aolor froB ihe ute af -he laiitatmn dut, aaa kaya It aarraatad by aalliay a> ah??e Copy tka addraa. Ul.. and 1 ..n>u. Hafrhelaela atwaltli ht K>, a AulattiUb at Ilia fur, as* Ml paravko rtquirlui ?i>e ? ihc?a u?lnl wtitiu ?h ala iiuim than^, mil >m ! ?-rt? ctiim < tlx art <>f ?ix mitkiag. Batahalor miLit rd Hi| |i iur> I* ?' 4 W>11 ??Mi <I?n Ik U droaa b?i? **11 ? * i"??nfaytaraa. Copib !' < tor), 3H7 DtoMtwij^Tht ** BOrl I4.?utul VlliHl U..? ? l.lltliv: lilV'llil , 1'. VI is thr tit), alibi r ? to taririy or iaa)ity; lha |rv4twl oarMi takta in t a hapiin af a acta, aa thai ihay ? U? haad la U> Boat variant aiauaar. A k J. BAITWDKU, pa Bra*iaiay. Tootl> I!rnihri^la?n4?tt, 147 m4 JW Kr. a..aia aua u.a>u:aaturia? tua liar*! quality at looth lirt'ahra. 'haaaralar ?ap?nar K lha impiraad; Iba hriatlia ara faatoaad la un a saw p-ino:p'*, ana an wa?rantad act ta eoair la' a* la th* aanuth. Tmaari, Shoulder BratH, A Manlaal H*p~ onar., ? <. v It. Ii?, ?aaa?aa*ra, Handacaa, fc ..**.?<ivar laati) d>?. raat kiada n( tha ra?at "P(<rt.Tid aaktr*. aUlat lha laraaat aa<l kwi aaaor'.aiaat la lha ait*, for aula 1/ <11*0. ll ElMli, UraggtBl, 1M Mraadway, arraar af Jaha MM. llatcUn|i' Oyiprpda Bid ara?TIm only Una* thai cat all p Iba laarraaiaa alia af th'a prr paratl?a. ta fha a adlratiun af iNMn. Ii?ar n la. aa* a n a > an Bath an: platan At pr.aaav lha <)aaaaad awraaata ?l h woadarfal rap-din. ana t?? rw>ra af iiaaaraa latalla la [ aa l<ortlua. Ptlaelpal (iTHav, IB Pallia alrral. Dr. Krlllnfc?r<a WandrrTal Car* mf Mr. I* ? laut tha aatlaatltM -.|*B-trlaa maaaaar, haa aataalthaH thi aaai da. Frun h? Bual dnabifai toadiuaa. ha tuivr la ak<.al tlir-? aaaka. tla caaa fr ? daa Fraatiaae, nit) h*a a< r.11'nIlea a*fully ahsttarad, Pr K. aallad aa I lia aad a(r??d w aura him. aad did aa, by aa aaMraly aaw Iraa*., atlth la kraaiaa aad alraaalhaal a* al (ran doa* cT ar appllaaliaa. bold, ia larga haiUaa, at ?!t> Braodway, (l aaah. Phyalral Training?Dr. Klrh rfl^MtfaUy aaa. aam that in. inai itviiaa ia craaay atraat, caa daw balaa H.eaakrr ia aaa npaa, aad raady far lha taaapliaa a< aaha?rtb*r*. Ta nimaa aaffariaf fraia dvaprpaia or aflaallaaaaf lha lla'r, ? a anala aiaai aam-rtlj r?0BB*ad taa rraa'ir. af hla ajat^ai of iraiaia*. aa ll ?ill afaH Bali*/ ia a>?al Da. Riah will daaata parllar.lar ataaatla? 'a raaiad' lag Irrapn Ian la* of farm, *4ihar la adal'a ar *bUd-f? aad ha will ?I?b priaaia laatr rt|n? la tha difaru t dapartanaaia of phy.iaal tralaiaf ta lb aa aha aaay aoiUk. II, ailhar at Uair traidai.aa af at hi* latUlaUaa. Knapp'a Hralth HiattrallT* BIMdra^Wa ara ai I jmpiiifii ta uara thai ihla laraliiahla laala I* ba aaa.'ap, far and - madlat-- " MaVtra* il* ftfaua? af-?"a Ta t Iti trtdra*'dfapapau raaoa'- "Iraaia faahl?r.??a, bb I k<ll?Tinc Ita -.iBKBid ruiTHllfi pr par'y -o naarpaaM, ? aara ly aad ecraial t raeanaiaad It :a all ?lwiafarfna a wa- k iuaia?k dthilily. aar?i>* liaar aca'plaiata, or aaa atara'a arlaiaf frou. ladifaatioa Giaa'J danol, ia. aaa u jar k. ti la ' i>Uan<ln| DIkot(< 0>r lk( MllHtk-ut'N li i>- ttiiln jarai (rMlf I ?litar? lad- I o ira*. ?ri>lili I'MtiM (ill M kfn iktlnlr tit tha m?t% i - i?rat? tntlilfi. < 4 we ) H" k? pvlMkaoa. u> a f i a .4 'k ?r Mlaa ? o? ||||> Tha I'ttMn i< .... f. ?..<! n< ... t nlj ky w%m la ?# < l>r tral C haaia.- Ml inM??lf<( ?f tb' aa-4 wkw hu 4??v<>4 alai ?? k>a . ailra I f- la am?!a? ai lk< praaaat fa n't h-. I? ?'l -*.?*. ala<l(*? kit '.'lh >lii<lM u ? ( UIIIH fut lh. ? ? > nfHiMmtj. rr'.m f*t Mth W. ? " ? ?m4 laliara will ra'aiaa Iaaia4iata IKtllM. i J,", lr?U?,. (if Tark Tfc# HMirjp Market wlU b? found m ikr right!* Ptgt. unvMninKBicim IKHWKI raf DAI PERIORAL. " F;??ak* ir i* - m ! .t7, Willrmo < aialk r ? fnt kla. tad al a k??r of aatkiac ta ki* a4* ??. ' j MiUnr at ik? ? *f ik? " Li% la *rw r .?*.* tk?a ?m&r. m l<> Ml. lt'OI W fflMLlL r?fH r.*VI?A. 18 la f'faara M? altrwaa ?a Ir.l!. f I. Hvtii N?* T rk. Mr t T L karta* annia lafniaiallaa fat Mr W ?hi*h wl.| !>' > Mm. ti(f?raaaka aMl>f> '? Br (* t. L thin Mr I aa; N fntl, la par iiralarl* ta a44rwi A aata tj tka* l*M1 ta tAa l>a?. lliwln WrIJM*A* HKKRT PI.AVII.L, * no I* tka taar IM?. at Alkaaf. la ika i"??a af Ha* fork, aa f. ra?rl? r?at4a? at aalaanti aa? Mlltaa, la Umaaialf ,1 Maraiak. k- la aaai*4 la raapaat ?? klamadtallw'i afiln. (liHin kaa liatMp?( Ihi r?ai4aa-a f I a >a<? Haary rmll will ka aa f**4 aa awaaaataaia la kla Iaaa4 atalj. a?naa mf ikla a'"Ti iiaN|i aa* th# aa.< Haai ? Haaall la ra^aaaiaA la writ a la |r. W rajaa, law PaHaiii-r lln(ia?, Wa?w|*l?klfw. aa a"*a aa ka raawita* ika aa.? aattoa. at ?a U?ia?tui Walla ft Ca . F r?wn linwi A??>av Maw tark la|?f. MfUaWr II IWg LOUT, Aa. aiemtii d?ufj. 01 si Ro?r r . i*tk? 9 III ?*? tf-ti' tlx ? ?( >? B?hm, ??? ?. ? all tki?? < karl*? Pp?? M, teak. with glt??V - !( ? MrtM I kali," ?iik ? ' ?? : ?!? . ? y*4lMk ul M9 ? h.a?ar ??ll r?t?n tka mai ? tka '? H'aw * 11 r?r?if* 'k? ?k. ?a ra??r! ICDkIUK* ItVikB I<MT It IIDtnWtr, I if i .it i *? . Th?*4?t w r>l>(. a mil Ul 1???r W?i?k ( H*?al j- ak*r). Ttia ? >.? r*??ri *11 p<M o? imm >| ik? |? H P. Hi'tTiD Ml hiU I* tii nit ?>fli .'mi. tt lit m.i? A*i> - mkt, OS m>\d*r. thi urir ? I ? " Iti' , *?1| #f till* 1 In m r*1 flk |M?k*t ha?. ka??? l? ?kl k ? fa ii'l- H I Va? 4 !>r4"< ?il??r )t. i i"'l aa4 >'l??i?il<lllll'nO?'? ? ?.?? ? Klk fl IK ?ll !?'''} ">?' ??>! ! fl,? !?> < Ii'tiff ' ?' t? Ha* fB ??r? ? fit fr?i? lb-sat IhfMk r'>Ml ? i>4 I n * ??.- i- r??i I.. k? rmm? n an* k? p.- ? a kl k, ?i?? ka Mil , . ..... r. - - > , iftr.'HR* L'l nlill.ii I* Pa>k io?. ill (?'> ?a lk? akata r??af? ?i 'k? |k-?k? f h? i < r Ihit oh SIOI hauit kvft?inu, ? J ??? <k? ilor I Hi < rml ?a?, 4 po*k ! aa Ut *lik a 1 alaap, ranaialag iv? < la ?Mi? mm I* ) K1 got# an aa? <r? pap.- .a I r?ni?ii?aor? a??aa all fl 11 > ??4" 't Ika "a r aa. I ka ti4?r I < ?la kl k' n in If I . .ill ...... .k. -v. - ?? y _ " . ? p?|<vr? m mm mm w im /*?W aunum.-urr os a tails, mi * . J?? '?*? a'i?r ik? Kitil'it t. '? . at tk? ifc-k* . *.| , J?a?? .tMMfl ?* . T>. -?<? ? M I. ri.M^ i* !? ? H ail* Mr. iijw.tki *>11 rlx i niMiihNttri. P.?*A*?''.-TN? LaDT ?ll'? Iff? A fAUlOt tfr iK* 'Olta' ik? ?rr?T of Rr .?*:) ?4 Oml ??. ?, ti l C44 || at K\'t ?- -? ??r*r>i ^ HID III fn t.*TH i?*TaWT. ASnrr r l>r-? *tl*rk ?-. ra ih? (rail irnH, >ni Nl?? *ak atrai. a kt*?k ir-?a* a?rl ana'la. taat?ialaa ka ??* ala- ih hta'nd 4?n?*. vhMl ik* tmmm aa? a"* ?? rr*a*ny aal r*r'.? twf aHrarttelac. 'l..,* arr*T k?f?r? I? A. *, at lS? f?-? ,t ?* ?, >*iil Hnr. r ai u ? ?

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