Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1850, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1850 Page 6
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Onr Washington ( orrripondiMt., October 12, I8M. glgtcitrmi kf lAt stnult?Th* Cum of S J. Ptttn ? 71U Cru* if S. Sui <mt?Tht Co* ?f Mr. Urttn, of A?if York, and Mr. Qoodin, of lUiMll, ff. Much conjecture and rurpriae have beei elidted u* New Orleans and elsewhere, by the Senate's re>lection of the ncininfttii.ii of the Hon. Samuel J. Peters, lo the Colkctor?hip of New Orleans. I Ivan from a Southern wht? Senator, that the nomiHliwi ?ll not rrjectt-d upon party ground*, nor by a -Mrict party ?ote. The objections urged, were tkal lb. I* tiers wieldtd too much moneyed power for ay one nan :o be entrusted with in a republicia community. being the president of one bank, aad the controlling spirit ( another; at the head mi the Ureeat m> nHuiile I. ire in New Orleans; the alleged ownrr of one of the daily newspaper establishments in the city ; and (he principal director aid stockholder of one insurance oflics, if not f ether*. Hence, Li < nomination as Collector wa? rejected. No charge was made against his integrity m<i faithfulness Hb a public officer. Mr. Clay waa not in the Senate at the tuna the nomination *ii acted upon, but he baa bince aaid that had he been present, he won :l have *oted for the confirmation and ngunbt < > injection of the nomination It ia untie:p rod tht>i Senator Gwin was the most ?.?aloui- fj ..f 'he nomination. So much lor the ca?" ol Mr. Peters, of New Orr leans. Now lor '.hut of M Sargent, of the i ieneral Land Office. The card of Mr. Sargeut, in yesterday's Ueia'd, n tuirri- roiue notice. It is made up of a long inn. i< ir si i.ia the ber?ices which Mr. Sargent perlnino : < :n- acted in the capacity of a two- fi'ld f ? n in- i ffice holder, and sundry splenetic thrt'f ?n> . f vour Wai-hiugton corres) aadente, f.n nunn u In: two or three of the uproar' rean . .< I.v r inte rejected Mr. Sargent's n<nnii> . i . nl?r ot the Land Office. It ia rtiHiciii' ! 're Mr. Sargent's reasons for holing the , u it so I ?m? a card about compa.*t>livelv >i i * \ n ir correspondent sever aassilt d him, 11 tu .i>lic journal, or to any of ih'-Senators ^ . ?c" Mr Strgenttoba a capable and t n'h'ul , >uc officer, and he never Swaa opj o?d, c , to his gettiug a goo.l public office Hut Mr. Sai. links your correspondent is his euemy, ami wi-.- hi.u " a grudge," ?Ssc ; aud so he llui^a e?(-it v. . bun, aud charge* linn wilh thing* lie it > iturdi.ue, mii:h aa mikmg "secret elloiip '.o jn. >.j tlie munis of Senators against him,'? A' c Your corn st udent mvir uttered or wrote, or gat any body t? < . ?>> vrite, ,? %vord agtiust N'ithan Sargent, to ?uv >ci,?iors, tn his life. Thia is Ciod's truth I - Mi -> 'ui-iit show it to be oilierwife, as be knovsn ih? Seuatnrs, or acknowledge that h? hvi in.trfr . false* accusation, llu'il he does one or the Min t, it tuti'id against him and pon hia foreht a-i Mr. Sargent m'f he o.ipoted General Taylor's doih ii tii. i. I. I lie Presidency, but contends that he dlit .;i in i i ,m?er Co elect him when it was made li .I ? not ?ay at whit time, ufter the nominator c <- < ?-. he ceased tin opposition .-iiil co iiii . support Peril tp* he can ofodi if tome n i hm ?upiM>ri, 111.1 h( what time it waa civi . >>. your correspoudent will uiideituke lo rlf\* iiiembers of Congress and Others, W ho I|.I< .1 I ol (hi- tact attlietune, and have *pok* u i t>**queuily, that Mr A'athaa Sargeui w i in in itik his o,>,?i>sition to the < I* i I .*neral I'aylor, ufter the whig ticket! hi in iioimuMtiou by the Phi Fn Ipl.ia * ' .1 Ii ynur correspondent dn?% BOI |i:? iliu < til Ih's ertf ct, he will make the a< know U I'm v'nch he ruuuoi now do, that ti.cliilo ii- -s and others, whnrii he deemed im'v * riave iniMiifortned hnn. Wh'it be kin w > ii knowle lye it would tas of no rat lo m. . ?<hiM go no farther tiutn Mr S-nii'riiiV tn Mttiu' iit io the cunirary. (lis Ui heli. t Mr Sarg^-ut did all he could io el> 11 i i it lor, alter tie wis nominated, hi- will o. in bIiom- Home eviden w of ma gcho ?.ik- r eotrrm^ouiit-iii ceri-timy rrvtr ht'Rii< < an TVyl'ir iimd until the fact ?'l Ta*h i * .1 w 10 fully mice ruined. J.ut if Mr. f . it-i ?cB i?li| time, he bee. li > v mi >i rlo.t'ly after, a* most of th* n end*!-< l il. ca'nuel, wbwn he Oored without aiitii i>>r ii.. *i?.i ni,j of ihe Tre-i*urv, 40J (tiiiutt hi Hi 'in 4U<iitori>hi|i, until Mr. John V < fit on rot ot to* i.c? aaunl hortu^, jolG'-a Th* > r i; _ urn (kr Krci>rdrribi|iof ik? (irnfctuJ L?m < li*' ^1'' **l?? ton had |>rrvi?ii?ty rrccii mi t.<i< < ."! ,> iii'? Int nd for the Hecvrdt r?h.|i, ii.<i .? ', < io- ?>xii volition. written a [*nal iM>it , <mvm in-i he would pladtv we t?iin ap|*>int< d to li \.nr rrevpomteui, iu his leiier Of the J1 lin-t , I ii Siiltjx'l, Mae III ide lo Mf, hjr a li.irpnnl. (wt n nii?lMxly hut Mr Strsjeu could Uudt-n t. <i ii-|iriu',) that Mr CUr, H*iriK* ?f Mi i I i . ??Hi lo I'rtairient Tiylor, a?. f *?it him i i" io I! 'C<>idei*h |> ii(miu mc;her j*-r?>ii i?o?.> k<* kul tiim-df recomflirt.11 d Ii r l\ . d. h? ? ould jjladl/ ?'-e him i|'|?>iuii if i" It i? ? ?#. ??ty ukt, in Mr S-trjfnt to avail liirj.M if. i mi 'fiiiii ioiir <K VIr (.'Uy into lh< liioller, ?ii?i ii- e th ii h.- ilul imi! ?? ? ' ? I'reaideut Ta) l? r > oil l loin i? ninfrr iIk l?? oorderahip r.t it wm- ' i i V.tur C'Tren^in lent OOI quite w. l < i. . - lliak* iucIi ?. altleineul, or accuse Mr I minu miy such iihu< ll he had aii.'eil dm M " -y i-.Hild urn l>e hiired or i n;iOflu:i?d to r. i ii. Mr > litem'* awM4t|iM, *4 ? |*c??l IPH'I' i, i >? i n.i<1ri.tiMn? he i- died ii|> 'hat of Mr 1 'm-iom I. ."-iinih, ?ud It acted iim ii, in .t ll* i VIi iff hi ww lint at all well I'ieaM d iu Cil en,in lie. ? "ill.I your C jrre*(.(>Bil-!lt have hrrn kiiIi i i ?niiiat ~Wiimt Mi > iu- n -. y >iii Mr Tom Ewinf'a declaration- ami vohi m r? ?lmhi.ient'M?|',Kuiiiiii''iii, It Itlflt " hall.' i .-I'luio lot Now for ili> tim v i;.i?? Mr <?r?en, of New York. w?? *t I < inm-i ii-d for the orfi * nf Mar ryi r (tent r- I k ' hi tiie |.i?t night of th1* eraien lie thu< i.'1 ? I hrnii hi* uo mua ??n htd li'rn wot io > ii i'r a i..I coil tinned The ferr?ti.r> ?.l h?- It. < . r Ml, #?a und?r * initial ini|?i? f ' > u ii'ii io iioke K?iir ?uce duiililf ??if, oa I he I lh.?'B< Mm,lit) Mr. I>feen weat with a Intl.ll i" I'e . ? '-r? ol i lie Senile, who, i| r< | l> to tiie ii .(loll* r. ii.toitin d IIIi.l III il hi* 011minhtion h. ci Imti m ii hi mi Siiutil iv mi{hi ?n I ctnliiniiii, ai<i 'riniii'iiliM him ii,? ?n ma ai> pou :mi hi 1i > n iv hud )u?t mttlr ircur l ?f m?nnriid> MI ' ? . Mr lirrtn - li i|n'V iimn. Ilr!- fi fi.r Nrw York'o |i?rr? a -iiijinrnta an I other ihiiiL'* br nuihl linil l>i lii! ahrn Ihr ntl"; iiIi>hMcitl??l) Of thi* ?|1< mi '?' miHrmfril III lh?" Wa'ttl'lifton pN'.vrnI'm.i oat. n w.? <ii? -i>?rr>-^ ihii Ar ( ml p, <>l IHiriii- -inl in'i Mr llrtrn, Xf# York. Nilti'l Mi 1 r. *im ^ Iivrriir ( rrn? rti?Sl,? It m|? ?'? !( i Mr i.imIiii, whi> ?? known to l*Tr*'ii tit Fillim r> ,? r i'u Hy, w? ultimilif feon.nridid l. i >?' r'ur-. and hriit* a b?w*1 mm for it, hi- - iii hi h> thf l'f?*?i'trTii nut rii^ii'mii, in >< ?- limry <>l thr moinrnt, thr rtlhinrf M- ?.Irr?i? witt > <ixi a fwxl fh<ncc to got aone Miwr cv?4 kjh* lull. lit. Thai'* all. W .?h.*o r?>x, Oct. ii, mw. ,\> ? * t t*t /m?. Thorn** Tlntli'f K i u fcnviil It:p rrM'-ii'ul" t Oollf t'i r of C m I i iieiaro, ti?-<t*y Tttr ri?l Jiffiriill)' Ihrrr ?l?.iil tt, wa?. ihit IH1 PM dent withh Id iIk? ?i>i?*iNliiirNt nil tt-.f rnnrn ofth* JVtrrt*fjr of tbe Tti imiry from Nrar N orh, h* atiM-. >? thr #|i(n?ii.i iirnt hrloiiifa to hi* d'-ptlt meiit, it w i? (>ri'i?-r ihithe *hou..| be ciwnM r ( "ta in r< nrfiijr ?i ,, iif?c. d It t? ?i k to Mr. Kin* to ?a> thi-t hr h - not aotijjht 'iita it, |>ointm' a'; Irtal that will rnnkr it all ihr nwirr aeeep'ihle to <ht C?lit< rni di ai d ihr i? itmerotal inter ?t. Tli - l'- nn?j lv<ni* <V>?(trHliiml eler'ion* 'nok had f??r tbr taiitl, and ii|?>n 'Ma ?'-,w;ial rpe?ti<ia the adm:airtratinn or* <i> b.\e rap ciailf labored all for in thing. trk- r tor grant*d tha' tho rfa of free trade la coming ?' !/,'u h<> Mil ihr princijiW-i??irM.|ity ?nnin ground The reatilt in P'tia-vl*! iim la inirttiaive .< the fict, that th* da) ?il pfiMt tM?n thr -tfcr of |>roiecTtrm. f at n ar t>y. I fce titrvrv tmiag -n?r *- at IBlCI-at ? ?Bi"b?r, la 'iH'tH. ?ai|| rtghta ind njwal ffMtni, tf any, if the law wuh the |M?(w<V ?> understand thai rbe remit in I'rnnaylvanit, ill rflrrt Mitiif i ha Lire in Ike I'reiadrm a reeoinMeitiiaitoaa? ike llriM i*f fi heia^ 10 |>ro|NMe ?j> b ?? n? t !> * !.? if * Alt ^ifl i?- litirlw fii hr Mff |M> l>lf lo l'on(ir? If lid k*r?rlf uttmiflt fur n iihiirrtlw tariff, rfCMMKnitaimii* woiiM h?. Or<*n j?d?*iwr; but, in tb>' rrMilt arid*. th?* U? of W, it towrbrd at all, m<i?t hr touched Aim >1 jr with ine *ww of fraude. nD?f Hi* w.'h tfc^ m?ia of th* mhmri, .1 raduil > h*n*<* in the jrati m And wa take it ih?i Mr. FilliBut* h*a to* Mfh |c?l rt? to rrrnmm>'a.| MrW| (! tanfl to aa antt-pr??< tiv* CoMtfn?*a, ani that Mr. t'?rwtii will ro^hae * ? ?r??m*rn fora rh^nga i f <hr fraad. i?4rr the art ?, iu rrjfard t-. kwh aonx" iH'n.lm. at* are r*v?<re?l. Aao'hrr tbinf of paramount im^'anw W? ftfKt Mr Killmw, ?t be in* jioe n4 Mr W-K te?. t?. recommrn.l ? ?e rhai . -e t? iSe Ku/iM>e H4a?" law, a?Hl aa ?Hr *mr>? m*rm, had the irinl kf )irr hi rertain m?'i . Thi?, h<?? ??rr. it I'llcaw fimiM, and wili res lira g**J 4*al vf ??? MNNlM. Tka Foot* and Fremont Affair. PlUUNU-IIUi Oct. 8, 1850. Mr IWr Sjk?Col. Fremont, having through the Hmrold, au.l other p*Kr#? published a card, la which he charges the authorship of my Kallimora Bmm letter, of the 30th ult. to Gen. Foote, I request, Man act of jnotice which I kuowr you will not deny, i hat >ou will alao publish m j unqualified denial of the fact* stated in Col Fremont'* letter. Gen Foote left Washington on the l?t of October; hut hid no knowledge then, an, iuderd, no one else j had, of Col. Fremoat'a card of the 30<h 8-i.temb-r I Gen Foote, C?>1. Fremont and myaelf, were, -tfter Ibe adjournment of Coryreas, on Mouday, the 30th I o^pieinoer, 10 me senate c(mmrv.-r ; hd<1 i f?el ' quill" coutideut that, hid Col Frriimul't card hren then published, Grn. Coote would aot h*ve left the | lhrinci wah..ut ukintr notice of it. Will you, theu, , be mi kind m to re-puMthh my Irtt-r to the Baltimore Am (here enclosed) in reply to Col Frem >nt'ii ' communication 10 the same p ip<-r mid much obli ge, i vety respectfully and truly, your faithful m-rvani, FKAMCU J. CiKUNO. jamxa Goruo* k.-.j , I Edilt r < / y I' HtrulH. [Coir< ipondeooM of thn Baltimore San ] Wa^hi-noto*, Oct, 5, 1*50 Rrplf to C*i Ftfhtuni't f?i>lrntu>n, +e Whi n I limited my puniialieri letter ot Monday, September 3<>,h, iu which I nlluded in veryreapeettul, and. air 1 thought at the tiiue, in very appropriate itrtim to ihe dilJicuhy hrtween General Foote and Colu.ti Fn-muut, which h*d juat Imen ainicdhly arranged, 1 had no idea I should ao aooa he ' calbd iij'ou to revert again to the eubjecl 1 htd, U> the he?M oi my ahil ty, lone juati?e to hoth par: tie*, without enpouiuiig the cuuse of either, and complimeuied the respective frit-mis of both on the AkiIful and fcen* roua manner in which they hud arretted a hostile aieeti.ig between two gentlemen of *o much merit, anJ ao < nnucutly ?a,>*hlft of serving the country In thua clmmng Col. Fre mout with Gen Foote, I think 1 have evinced a diepontion raiher u> (litter and heuefit Col. Fremont, thau to ci<*(<fr%iiiL* or "injure" him, a* Icj would now, ?t> ill-adviaediy, chare upon me. At all I'vrutt, I disclaim anv such maliciou* inienHon on m> |>>rt, din) mil upon the public, whose servant 1 am, t* judge between me and Col Fremont. Col. Fremont, in alluding to my letter, ia pleased to ascribe ita auihi>r?hi,> io t?en Foote, nnd forthwith treats it as " Mr. Foote'* letter." I ascribe thir to the iin|<e|u<?'i'y hia disposition,-or the gallant Colonel would not, 1 feel Mire, have nought i to deprive nie of my reputation aa a letter-writer. 1 have never hud aoy oue to help me in the perloimance hi my *e-If-imposed task, and would founder myteli laiitiler* to the public, were I to j*?rmn Senator* or Member* to dictate my letter*. One ought to he careful how to make such qharge* I would not, following 'he au^gi-stioni ot other*, be ao rash a* to charge Col. Fremont'* letter to any tource but hi* owu : I would not even hint that it emanated Irom the |>en of Cot. Denton. But to the point I Colonel Fremont quote* the folio wing pa*aa?e from my letter to the Baltimore Sun, which he proni uiice* us "false in many particulars":? "The dillicul'y between Senator* Foote and Fremont ha* beeu amicaMy arranged, aa you will hitve wen hv the card of these gentle Bieu's frieud* in to-da) V Cuion. Thai* a* it should be. Mr. Freinoui wu? wrong to nttack Mr. Foote tor word* tpoken in debate, which, as he (Foote) diatiuctly avowed at the tune lu t?-e Seuate, were ui.t spoken wnh a view to wound the personal feeling* of auy Senator pre?ent, hut merely to protect the coiiutry Mganiet fx paite decisions id ttie California Bjaril ot Coinnuwiouer* for the adjustment ol laud title*. All General Foote had observed w?i, that anhuut Eaing't aairnduicut, granting an ?pi>eal to the Supterue Court of the Uuited State* from the deciMinsof tbe Board, he considered thit the bill would displace the Republic, >tud that howerer iuclmed he was to Mi|>)mrt the bill with ine amendmen', he should kvuiedly vote ugain^t it without the *meudiueut. Mr Foote retracted nothing, but diriit'Cly avowed that he did not mund auy j>erfrOMal dlsrespit t for those who Wer<* ag onal tl.e , umendii * lit. Col Fremont could net but be satia- | tied wiih thi* explauiiicn. Aa a *e-naible in in, anil a nixti ot honor, lie mu*t have *r-en hi* miatike in , atteniptii'g to g?g S. uMtora in regatd to all legislative act* lelaitug u> California. and in constituting , himself the heir aiiparenl of a Unity feud, which, , for the h< nehi of ttn* whole couutry, had bftter be , bulled than renewed." I shall now show th at I whs correct in my statenieut*, and prove it by the vety fact* aubinuted by Colouel Fremont himself The first objection | takili by Colonel Fremont u> to the word " arnica* Id);" ii ouyht, hi hi* oi>iiiioa, to re*d " *atu-fac- j to > " Now thi* aierely a matter of taste. All thlUK* In tt '? world K" by comparisonI and wltt u gebthliou come lioin blow* to reasonable et, >Unalious, the word " atnii'aM* " i*, (lerhapa, q'Ule a* eiptt-Mive of the change ot *>iiiiineut who h ha* t?kea |il*ce lu tbrir hearts, u* the term "nu'is'actoiy " I ill t i will not iptsrre I about that. What I did not say lu inv It iu f, and * hat I did not know till at er ihe publication of Colonel Fremont'* card, i?, that he mci i pted the teiiiia of settlement a* *alirtacioi), wlib a mental rieervution that they sliouln i.ot be satisfactory, if the Sm or couumnou i n un- Hur.|r? i iu h manner di*n;vi*iMr III lih lu>r. Unit I known thin xCIrl renilve < 1 Coli n. I Fremont'*, 1 clioulil aaauredly have ab?iau>i tl fium all cixiimedt on the anhject; I mil at | ffctr fw l? n iinli\i<lual?, na Irmren the dlllen li Mf-ciii'ii* tit our loiiimon country. The whole ditliffLiiV, ?itli iln fuel* known ami |>iinlieheu, nul the chiii i.l the irieiidn of the |>?rtir*, in-wrted iu the public |)'II|I>, Mithciently explained i tar If, nnd wn>, in ?'l I'ttdi .miiiy, i|iiiu* aa ' ?nafewu>rv " to Uflrttl Futile ? any uMiifiv ul ot uiiue, |Hlbii*lied iii ih? ^u?, or any other i<?,irf. Ag?n * on i i I i' nii-ii t ?y? it in "untrue" thai Mr Knot* tetracted nothing. nnd by way of l>fo\iii|( it.i? aK-ertion, tetere to llie report* of the Auiitmul Inhluti+ifr. 1 ? nou Id certainly accent ihi.J Imjh itulliotily, hud not Colonel Fre.noiit hi merit turn-tini a hirfh' r ntni more direct one, m the note ol In iienl t*ootr, evoirn<ly in ?ii?wi-r to one miilri-md liy Colonel Fremollt to li nil It would. indet il, tnive hei n more ?>iiialautory, nil mi una. il Dolwn I Fr~rr mt Imd ,irniliiced Imih lf?fti r*?h? it i* iin|iomihk fully to apurtciate one w;thnut the otl.i r. full. Jlr. Fo.ite letter, l.iiMirlieil, tx /vrlr, by Col.nel Kremout, I* aufFieteni lo prove that my leiter to the wa*nM * uuttue." I quote it !? rtt <*iu*?iw, Sept ZSth, lnOil. " Sir?I iln ion Ie. I that 1 hlii iu Id be d un/ jn.?lice i<> ii.trill, dirt I not in wmtnjt, (u I thought I diit ver) explicitly Um rignt, orally,) deny that I ( tirf mi)i(inn iiiii mciatory ol the nil I to which you liter, nt nl llioee w tiu lutn-luieil It. I Wa* m tutor i f Mr hwin^'p mrieiiuin>-ai, mid in favor of tlo- bill lUrlf, ptotided Inn iifti-mlini nt coull be lliciH|4>laud Willi it Tin* our (Mllt-agiie well known I pi Hi ciiiain n w? had bceu ex|.ri?iil iii 'he tourae nt deliati ti(>.>n thnt hill, mil I IU ?H|i| oil ol it, III r I Mtn IIODI I I') Co-grr?a Would ilMftwt ib< r? public. What I m aul .'m, that itie eri?lilirl.nirut I a Hoard ot Ct' iium-i<>inr? in Callforma toi ihr anjuMiiirn' of lai-i tii|e?, without the nmibge of to the .s pteine Court of the I niirit Would, la my opiuiuu, rruult in ceiiea nl i-i-trui'iii'ii and ici* of tujualice arhich wimbt be arnoual) .unmawi) to the national cli* racti I bo l.liiwk ft!) to I ahall alway* tuiak Hi.n ?ay. ** It, nftrr thin ?tat?inrnt, yon |*wr*?rr in the ilrlii ia<l tuutaiiod 111 your ><>(', I tlnil rrrtouly ra lly >< ?!. tfrourh ' ehall, Iron rrrtain prud nHil on?m. r-iiK'tt", Urfrr a of )(>ur i<iii|<mihii) Haiti I (Mn Iravr ihr Dutnr. of Columbia. Yom ohriiirnt nrnan', "Hi ii J C Fntih wl Jl 8 Fimn:." N..W, m imi !<>?? frwnl Kttotr f?y m th'# irtmrl " I ??> ? tit hoi do jci !! to my*rlt di I I not d ay in wtiniif, (?* I d I ?fry*i|)lknl|i l<?t n^ht orally,) (hat 1 raid an> lh> W ill turn la'Ofy," A*, A'brn he (torn on lo i.ite ?liat he thought ad nimrd at, ?kwk, on ki?( c>iW|>aniJ a iltl mr Irtter aho?n qui nit. Ki:h*i <ntial'y ?orroOor?l'-n my o?rn ?.i?en rnt Mr lion hiMrl Ho f .Ollik yet, llillO I tl: 11 1 . Libit . '.J N? w, I > k all ciwti.1 rrnler* whether thin in TPirn?'tM>n of a hit limrrnl Note iiid il thi ^ naiir ! ( ? u? r I Powtr ? iimiMi'i:"ll.tlirr ibm U'rn.rnt, you pewerrre in the il? n<?iiii roi'U u? <1 iii your notr, I ahull c-rmiuly rrvtify yon, though I ahail, from certain i>ru?trntinl rut iwiiiliM', dtlri Mnwl nccej^nner of yonr l>|oi oMtmii till I Irivr ihr liintncl of (JulomfUn." W hat (ifHlll Fin.|f nirant hy n<?i'e|.'ini( the t riv |i?*i'ion out of the I n*tnrf in flatly pu -nn^d at. I l*e-wmr br nil no: wi?h to n?*rpt n tnalliiiitr, and m lo r h'tn etf to hr arrrnrd nnd drnKffnl before a jiifticf of ilir prutr. lifnrril Flxrtf hwalrenlj lut |r> -?nird t? ihr nriind jury , ' ol f cniifhHt* tli 't Mr. r'i?otr iq>?kr nn tlir tnlHiifkll I md til|r hill when thut hill had hrrp laid , n thr tahle. U it<-n I'ol. I'rrmont *lnll h**e ?< t' .1 Hf inn. h putii?iiirti'?r) *,? ro-nre ixn noinr ot ;h? ra ai jinrr hy liatr ntf to the debarn, h> will (h thai it ii? lit I for SVnutora md " i *r* ' "'i ???ry jret r\r.--pt 'lir one in rti>iliao ly tii>d*r oood> latinii, and thnt it in an nc*jrtnn to tlir rulr ?h. ? ?l?"- ape ?ker conlinrn h'nif to ih?* - 11 j t * niitirr Tli?- ^r* nte?t m> n in thr rotinir. I.a?? r?l*pt..,ly nvailri ihati-^lv* of oi>a i .o ?|?a* of anothrr, a a ban hern illuatra'td during II*- arnnton which han jnat been cloaid hy Cut, Vt'. hwrr, (. lay.and e*en t^ol ronton But O n f -oi?- di I -i? loth ? 'N|r? t ?hrn b? t|mtr of Cnlttomm on th<- navtl ?, ri>(.ro?i?oo loll t'bat Ml root a or .1 ?t n-inihrr of at , n n?li?>fi* for (.'nli/or* a ft>r docna, .a?t rirvrv, rtc , and it wna ^rer-irfy in r?-frr-r r to on of than* Mpn?'t.iMiri.lf ht i ?r 't?in !i;ii n?Je th* i?nia>?* which pr<>?4 off nu> c^?| Klr?iOll. i < w?rH mof* ??H f .!<%? C?| Fr<-mnat M>o?><irt? my "no? u> mokr btTiwir b*ir t<> family i*nd, inip.rtir?nt " I ?mK Dim " th? y rtm* *7 of the I'mirt h?4 not bera prwrd * I by tlx- circumstances aa tbey trans,* red, thoo rti I I respect full) duwlaiin any intention oa my part to tee I ini|?-rtineu( or ot1en?ive Tbr very t?r?t word* I which Col Fremont rpoke to Gri. Coute, niter calling him out of the Semite chtinber, wu thai "Col Benton did not like the tenor of hi* (Poole's) remaiks." This certainly wore the 4ppe*rance of espousing Col. Bentoo'tf quarrel, and if ; took the liberty of cautioning Col. Fremont agdrtt it, it was done in kindness, and with a sincere regard fur Col. rremouts reputation una character. I have m>aelf beea corn-ultra! le of a cipherer io my younger days, aod feci a natural affinity for alt mathnnaticians who do not <ly o(T in tanger is. In conclusion. I hope and trunt that the difficulty between Gen Poole and Col Fremont will net be reopened f>n account of my letter io the Bidtimort Sun ; but if Col. Fremont wivhra to go behind the record*, after the matter bus been h jaorably disK*ed of by the respective friend* of the parties, ih he and Foote muat assume their origiaal |>o?itions. It is fortunate, at all event*, that Col. Fremom's letter, dated September Kith, was not publibhed here till the -Ith of October, ia letter foim, and in the ahape of a cor-imunication to the S*n till the day following. Gen. Foote, agreeable to bis avowed intention, left here on the 1st, and is now pretty much in the position in which Governor Marcy's letter left General Scott, after the latter h id achieved so many glorious victories, wbi^h had loaded him with honor; It ia to bi hoped thai both gentltm-n will cool down befors the next met ting of Congress, and tha' matters will reniai,. where the wisdom of their friends has left them And now I must thank Col. Fremont for the kind attention he hns bestowed on me, at*J the adroit compliment he has paid me, by feigning to believe that my letters were the emanations of senatorial kraiiiH. In common with other men, I am not iosentuble to (lattery, '.rd in this instance shall doubly cherish it as a utimulou* to further honornHe exertions. X. Omx Noant Tirnoi Correspondence. Moot VntNoit, Fairfax i L.O , a , UCtOD T 13, ItSXI > Firit to ih* Tomb of IVutlimqtun. How thia sacred place enlarges upon acquaintance?diaclesing Iff ah attractiona, and new acd interesting little earner* at each succeeding viiit. And the work of improvement, which ia ripping mountain! in-ide out, opening cavea jnder navigable rivers, bridges (.cross the Nea, and turning tha world upside down, haa crept in, at la?t, upon the consecrated stillness, decrepitude, and decay, of Mount Vernon. From the bearh a atrong and lurv hle wharf haa been run out into the river, au the steamboat landing, and a graded way for the pasaengera haa been excavated from tho hill-aiJe, leading up to the tomb of Washington, and thence, around the hill-ride, under thoae old black oak trees, to the lawn in front of the familiar view ot ihe manaion. It indue to Colonel John A. Washington, the present proprietor, to gay that thia accommodation of %. steari.boat passage from the Federal city to Mom Veinon, for one dollar the round trip, has not only been introduced with lus consent, but at hia instance. The annoyuL^e to the family, of the cor.stoutly straggling parties overland, is almost entirely abated, and the arrival of one or two hundred passengers, by the steamboat, upon atated days of the wt'k, n maining an hour or a\ and then departing in a body, is an advantage lu all concerned. The principal rooms of the hmse are throw n oiien?(he CH.i'ain of the boat m tSr I'lnHr ot the ci mi<aDy, and the whole thing i? arranged onleily nod ry*t? mHtually, wifli the full privilege ot m | io dic any where on the gronnd?. The whole scene ia very betutiful to-day Under a "bright October sun," with the first touches of Jack F row's fancy painting mi the laivl?cape, the wi oda are at-ainiing their splendid autumnal drapery. The purple maple, the deep crimson of the while oak and t.V gum tree, the linght yellow of the hickory, the deep green of the fanea and cellars, all intermingled with the varying ihrdea of the |?r#immon, th-' easafras, the Ma-h, Pr4, Spaui^h, and (hesnut oaks and other trees, ihrow ujxiii the hilla the meat gorgeoin costume at ihe dreamy Indian summer The melancholy flory of the in ason harmonirra wrh the aaMtcitUors of ih* spot, and elevates the miud from [>atrintic thi uj-hte to religions c notation. Within the I hi mouth, 'wo white marble wheliska have been rretted in front of the tomb of ** I'utT Pulrtte," of cotres|?indtng sine, and aame twenty Feet high. The vbeltsk to the right, facing the ouib, bear* the following tnacrtpaiohe:? [S< rtL (iut.tfsu* tie tomb] (LtstsiJa.] Wlililn tills vault lit hatUJ 1fc? Mor'sl rtmain* -Turfss W.*^i*a f *b ih* Ma of BD3BROD WsSBlWGTO!*, Jona inuniM WanAd AMoclat* Jusrteo*. Of tfc* I'me and ?h? ntjphcw f of ti l1 I aitrd f tale#. lUn. (ieorfr II Its ?'d 1 Mia.lrljk.a, who appnlatod tiiia .N??cn.l?r 2li. ISJV. <>aa of till K? out.ira. Attcd (A sa<l l>o<|?ra<li*d Mi* Bj hi* til* l< ia'?rr*d M?aat Virata. ht? d??otrd Wits AN MA BLAt KBt UN U ?ur?iT,d k?' toloted Buihai d hoi s 4?j>. [looth ?4i.] A??d lb. _ ' Tkt kr irt mil hrnlft a-d As a Jadf* l.? au i'rh*i ih* morf."^ ^ WlK aod Jasl. ' '? " A ?> rf truth k '< ?? rordi hiA i**v M J?Mt J. _ Firm la a**rr tuaanMo put[Writ rid* 1 f?n<|nmi',rilpi? H? ?n< rua4?jr>adiu? ITii IiibU> Innaxt A d?ti> ChtntU*. To'ho Mr* rJ of tli* Dola# la all tln*<i tho will Vumklt Ji<|' ?4 l.iU- of till iniff. IfiTfil tlft, And ntlii| hi? hn(<? *f I* ptarH h?r* ! ? hi? ?l r?, ct-raal h? tl<? f hli U"t? la ?h? rpt nntu John A. Yaahiagtoa. of J*tv? uhrttl The obeliak to the U ft (i>r writ) bear* the following inscription*^ ^ [ N"i iL ?ld?,fa?ia? th? niafe. ] (lul ? df ) facrtd U tk* Wamory 111* mortal r malai *r? last ?lvo?4 atilila th* rault. JOHN Al'UlSTINK Aa4 tlii* liumt Ismosuairiil <>a >( to hla worth, hli ptirl'r >> l Cocat' i<n Bmiii It aiMintillon tinllnri WAfHINC ION, I all its rila'tis of lifo, <-l>hrw ?f l< trMWii by kit wilvw Jrwa Br?iciinii1f??in?ai", ? wb? ioiwiiM Mm oa* [Wwl ilia ] af til lirntwi, ? An<l i'th? il him IIS' ?tr*ftiW "f mtad ; his X<Ut tirM, Ira iai.?rit), aa<t fwrs Wksf* U lul. Ja .? If. Utt K>| iktic.n rriarl|>l?*,w*rc AKO'I 43. Wwt tn kl( who wcr* familiar wiili Mai. The eatimahle wk'ow lisfr spoken of ia the -wither of (he pri-aeat ;.roprittor, anil living with him at V onut \ < rno* Ali'i.jj aide of the tomb to the eaat ia another hunrfiome obelisk to th? nieauTy <>f the Ute wife of Charles M. (.'onrad, prenen f*?rre arjr <>C War, who waaagraud neice of G? n Washington And, we un rt'taiid. It ia ihe Intention of the living family to gaiher the dead of the house* of Wiihii>Ktoi> un und the ?|iot where refine the rem lin* of li- r i l.i* 1 '-i . '1 h<* design ia eniinentljr arcper, and we trial it ? ill he carried out to I he rulliat eatent, hi *s to aflori to .oateri.'y a hietory of the family of Wa?hinr*on ia the inscription* orer their c'nsterini: gtaiea. lu t-nr rftlowr of the pr> rut**-s, t<vd*r, we ci rw tmna an old i.egrran a hundred ?rar? old laat Chr -'maa. Mhe waa sit'iag on the threahhold of one of the cabin*?atone- Mini, and ha<1 a fadtd bandage ?v? r li'-r oo/ing eyea. Warpe.l by the iniirmitiri of a?e, her appearance indicated the truth of hi r atory. Ulind to the wortd am nd, a!ie said she w.?a paid fir it in a ?learerj vi*w of the loiter world beyond, aidfnfnday to djjr <*a? only her ere at Mast* r ohote to < all hi* poor old * rvaat fiorne. *he hit l fimem Mount \ erron ?ince the death of Waahia^'oa. biit ah? had i hint l>efor* i!.*t, nnd rrniMM < rea mm it w - n;.??,r at thi* nncunt * mm, to avoid thinking of U.irmini nn?l Ioyr? Urtb, r nl of th<- antinomy of old llinnnlioffrilir M>ny >i?fim?D 'liiibi'r^NM yenrarffo the n?ir?o of ih< jrcat hero of o?r indf |<lulonoo Ac ifcr boat ta riopin^ h?r U?t Ml.* <mti lk?*e farther ol>*erT*ti na upon rr?i<? <4iaraii?c r'trtil to notber time. We tin*, that (*on?rer? mil buy It. and pre?er*r it, ?a Ion* w it ran tw preamred, j iat aa it ir, in all its rtacatiul i tentilirt u th > homo of waaler ;loa. ____ Rkmovai. or in K**aiia?r l'ii?a!i??tt Tati.o? ?Tlx rrtn.ima of f'.eurral Taylor, lata Preairlmt of th" T'liitfd Sut'-a, are to leave Waahiaf100 city, on thr 2T?th of >< 'nh. r, for I* Itimore, where ( a|. Tr? lor and Cn|, W ! < pi, , will t>.k< |H>a*ee?ioii of the cori'e*. Tliey will th? n proceed over the York and < Birberl >n<l or ^'Uttd'hani)* road, will atop at Votk a f>*w mimitra, and will :o iherc* to Wrughtaville, Yori roi.aty, where they >c? cd hjr the iirw r i ?r railroad, en the eastern hank of the i ' iiaqn n\rna, ? Mid.lletown, whrp' the? will i ir.eet (W hia that Ir.ivra 1'bil idelphia ui the | irirmin* at H o'clock, and proreed thmrato (lar- i 1?l ur?, and ao over the Central railroad to Pit'amuh. wh're they will take th? at??mer to Louia- i rill*-.? Ph\Mt>rhia /-yiirrrr, <lrf 11 I A ?a ? T ? n Oaaa Brr A r^rraapnr 4*at af the , harleetevo Cfmnrr riilr* ItWi Hey H <wt wa4?r | lat? of 0atobor *<l. ?aja Th? *]>?oi?h b?lj P?'i??na , i I nulla aklrk arrt*?4 ti. aa rn 'he 2?'h r la nat?<-te< 'a ha a a>y or ai<T attempt at laTaeloa that 1 iay be ioa??? fern Koy waat , ot thla an>p -ion ' tier* iraw to ha |W<4 faa?4atlon. >rn other Mara ' a ha dlvtaed far her iwaalalac here The eaa'aln ? ?y? It It hi* latentloai ta atay h?fa%wtll the tO?k af 'utaber aa4 the ?eath?r la ( . 4 Th? -aatrer baa ^ - a ir*o?i aear ataea her arrival, aat i..a wla ! %lf | f h-rU prn*~4 ta h?e aeo?a4 <l? .iaatka. Ch rlea. j a. dha la *all ta Irak ba lly aallraty uaflt for a?a.

>a4 ta la ballart ft ta rather alngutar far a teaat'h >aa?l ta ha fona4 N? TrlaMa?t ita Oaha In *l?a. lea I 1 aa la baUaal Thaaaftala lath?afht ta be a I 1 ?v?l ' I Our Ung hh?l Ciwiipniiimi. Pobt Jarrnaoa, L I , Oct. 7, 1*50. Iji omelet?Hut tit I'mtrrt--Sctntrg?-JJirHkmmrri, je. Knowing you take great interest in nautical matten, and in the progreaa of American ship buiMtng, I muat inform you of two beautiful launches that came off at thia thriving little port on Saturday last. At precisely 17 minute* to 11 o'clock, the aloop Wm. H. Sauford, of 100 tens burthen, and to be commanded by Capt. B H. Jonea, glided gracefully from h?r I. ?J-J ? >-- " *-l and Frovidence trade, and built by Messrs. Mather Sc Hawkins. She sits prettily on the water, and 'rom her build will carry a large cargo. At 11 o'clock, the schooner Jamea McKee followed in the footsteps of her stialler predecessor. She ia intended for the coaat trade; ia of 200 tons burthen, and Capt. Jacob T. Wilson ia to command her. Messrs Bedell X Darling are her buildera. Meaara. Mather \ Hawkins signify their intention of build>Dg a yacht shortly, and from their knowa experteuce in constructing fast vessels, I wauld ad viae the Cornelia and lTna to look to their laurels. Fort Jefferson was all iMn on thia occasion, and to a casual observer, many a pretty face could be aeen earnestly watching 'he vesaelsaa they glided from their waya. 1 can cheerfully recommend the Port aa a pleasant place of reaort fur the summer aeaaon. Many New Yorker* have been staying here during the past dimmer, and all have been highly gratified with the alvant gen the place pata forth. 1 have been sojourning near here (or the p*?t three or four months; and for tine fishing, gunning, bathing, beautiful acenery, kind, hospitable people, and a healthy atmosphere, itseuualcmnot be found from I-rook!) ii to Greenport The bay is peculiarly adapted for sailing, and many are the sail hoa'a conitantly seen going to and tro. For the benefit of the se who may desire to pass a few mon'tis here the next rummer, I must say that Fort Jefferson is prettily situated at the head of the bay that puts in from the Sound, about fiO miles from New York, and accessible either by railrondor steamboat. Ou the right, as you enter the harbor's mouth, is the tine farm of the lion. Sel?h B Strong, (late the very able Supreme Court Judge for the tecoud judicial district,) and which borders on the pretty little bay of SeUukrt, famous, ss well as the Fort, for the number of fist vessels it sends forth yearly. Before I conclude, 1st me ob?erve, politically, thnt the barnburners here sre heartily tired with the course they purvtied in 1818, aud will all go " regular nominations" in 1K>2 tira. Caaa is their favorite for the Prrsidsncy, for they are anxious to dh'uc iui mi taic iiijiiviic <1 ?nr ui mm, ttiui ury ay they will never again aid in (he election of the whig caadidute t>y withholding their votesfrom the democratic nominee. Fiux. Oar CftDwllkii CorrfrpondMM.,, Oct. 10, 1850. The Jrnmy I.ind Excitement m Canada? ArtuU for f*? fVtirLl'l Fu\r?Ut<i<ni'Ol Dittovery? A'ftg/iiA Patent? in Canada, +c , 4*r. Jenny Lind has occasioue^. more xcitement here, without having visited the city, than could by any possibility be prefaced were one of the European potentate* to make hit* advent, surrounded by a of brilliant generals. livery person is anxious to sec and hear her; but, save thoae who have availed Lheiraelvea of the Vermont railway cheap traina, and proceeded to Boston, it seem* probable that few Montrcaierscan boast of having heard the Swedish Nightingale Mr. Hayea, the owner ol our oily theatre, oll'ered Minium twelve thousrnd dollar*, if Jenny Lind cou'd be brought h> re to give three concert*; but I suppose Mr. Iiarsniu's other engagements precluded him from accepting Mr. Iia>e*' oiler. That gentleman's idea whs to have had the concert* pending the Industrial Fnir, which will be held here on th* 17th, l*;h, and 1 !*tti day* of ilri* month, anil, from thi anticipated uumt^r of visiters, realize enough to cover an ofler whi ih, looking at the extent aad means of our population, w** very liberal. The receipts by the coiiunittee of articles intended (or exhibition are so num-ron* and varied, thtt ,rr? at all ill and tact are requisite in making a judieious selection, and the fears whieh now oppress ihe iommittee ate, that the am de aceomfnolations prepared for the storage and cUasiticjti'in will be insulli"i'-iit. 1 enclose you a list of (he prorreniine, subject to many sub<e<pient alteration* and amendments, for alreadv a steeple chase has (*?b declared, (he |Mirae, ?V*>, paid in, and bit If * dozen entries notified. Thr !n1lm? Will likewise figure in Ihe fesitvities, aad perform sow of their national games, full t-nrncuUrs whereof yon fhall receive when the hour arrives. Tht rr hax been h <ii?co?rrjr hi ide in th? vicinity of the Caledonia Spring*. iir?r the Otl???, of * *peeie* of lignite, aa contrsid>?tingui*hed from c.irbouiteroua depot-it'a. Specimen* irr in town; it burnt fr-rly, like moH ?|?-ci> a of lignite, aind emit* clear bright flame. Jo*eph Ikmigaiut ia huav with hia Arteaian well. He haa already p?-netr>ited erven huodreJ feel in eearch of wat> r. Hut thu* f?rpi?*?-d through lime tc be, an<l lie may toil on for year#, for geologi-'? M-ert that the Imea'one re|a?ea ??o the |tnm>iry rock, which no where crop* o>it in thia valley The <| lea'ion haa bren rai^-d in our Courta, whether |*len'a rrrorded in Knitland cover thie colony; the oiinion of our judge* ia adverse to auch a pretenaioa, inasmuch iia Can tdt being i lothed with the forma of a l^g*?lative cuoatnutioa, ia alrne eompetea' to deal with auch rtgh'*, end conw.piently patent* recorded ia Kaglaad are vpiW in Canada. UV ar* the recipien'*of your at aeondin* n?-gTo?#, and a clo?er aotjuaintam e with the ric? ia not in their favor. The are, at bet-r. but a nnuwa-e, and ought to be (hip|<ed back to Africa If 'hey come in the nutnhera aj>preh? ndi d, we thall be innt-cj. 1at?d with Southern idea*, and ado,* mrena to Mjirrt them. _____________ U Oar CwrBewaCorreapondanee. Caaacaa, dept. 3, 1M30. Ehetirm* a ml Ihttr Hrngrtu?IS ml P.ttt? Krj'ulium of tht J, mtii, tfc. My la*t, d?ur iltraUl, waa of the 9th ultimo, and it* a ihjert the exiled rho-f ; the, " though fill<-n, great" .South America "hero of a hundred battle#," the warrior-stateeman of Venezuela, th?* compatriot of P.olivar? Pae?. I'rotid, very proud, hhould hia ungrateful country be, of one wh?,born among the graiay aa??nu>h? of the Apure, tin rrhool rcom the aaddle, hia text book nature, and hia companion# the untutored aoua of a .South American de*ert,livid to redeem hti country from the Itah of the Spaaiard, to mould her into f.?rn, and place ia the rank of aunai.-uf one wh<, republican aa he it, carnea on hia breaat th\- prjuJ gifts of I'urofenn monucha ; whoae fame iu the old world, ia only equalled by the devotion of hia countrymen In I In new Surh ia the n*.n I K?i?? drecribed to you, and auch ia the man yog hi?e imoii who can aympathiae with four republican tq-titutu na ; on?- who will )rink deep itrnMKhta at It)*- fountain ul your li-vrtiea, and will, ar triiHi, return to ?re imbittrd, t>y the rouncila >( bia couutry, lb# wi*dom an<l ejprrtrarr ot'ier world* ha??% ti upht him. I'- rhaiw ?< gr?airr tikwiai rnuld have hr?n eont?-rrrd no I'w/ th >n I a h?ni?l>nirnt to l.oyliiiri or Armrica: f.>r do , ali'rf, tin.a in either, em grmtrr tiu'h? tw *le,, n-d with which to return and (I?< th'- ha.irta >f . hi? rrmntrynn n. fur only tvfir nf rnnver*a'i<>n i* the elec'iooa . I am nlirwat frarlul I htvr forfeited your ojiQion, aa to my of inaltai* ? ? the | ral Hrmrnta o( Cani'?a.vll? wafffllrr, Th* twlltici.l *ane lirre ta ni ?rr al'-mif, hot *?-era alv. ut . with alrr>o*t every wind Many r >n<Matea tor pa I'tilar favi?, and the |>rriNdeney, h ive pre*eat<-d tht'tnM lve?; acme bate airuttrd thair ' rief Hour npoa the and huff a* *non hern for* often. " O.her aotiw," howeaer, " a?w-d thrir aeed upon better grourd," and the entreat lira betweea them. Thoae moil j?r miaew now, ar* th* preaent taeambeiit'a brother ; tJeueral M trino, who dxl good w rvtce ia ihe war of indeprad'M-e, and w hoar only fault rffiai m b' hi* advanced and honor-d are ; Kuiz,?one of whom will, nO doubt, be til l>H. f hr el-c rana for ty firetoral TotM, have been Vld Inith here ard ia the ilitlrf nt canton* < r proline* a, and in October the rrrah'i nt elect will I? known. tlm igh a??? before then, aa it wo?.M -eoh you. ?m< e tn? favorite of the flartcral cotl"8e la not n' wa, a th? " people'a rhoire." Mwiar-.a **ema tob-: in t.V aacend.uiry, nd ?uc"ld he l'?* tlrctrd, Uk my word Mr it, many of the h.tter *Mrca?in? and aeaihmg jokea of h.r i pj-oamta will be wnl raw in V fed Gn/tnan, too, and Rendon, hite their partie* ind hold on 'he minda of the peeple. and either may prove anccepalul, though I doiiM it. Marian ia one ?ho. If atrirt lotejjrit)- of |Hirj>oee and firmueaa of deriaion could ?-ff?ct it, would go far to the reatorati"B of Venezuela to the pnaitioa ahe haa oat dur>a|t the la>. few, hut neeer to he forgotten ii t .f evil di?aer*i?.o-yeara marked, ay itainrd n? ? Nly aa 'he red alrif?-a of h"*r fi-rol fed flat, with a violeaee c4 party fe'-ling not aaily anrpaaaed, and I ijaeatlos if eqnrlle,;. I hn?e little loeal newa to *4ve yon; hot lata art: ralaftom Kogota, the heantrul f afUl of t .ran id ?, i ??e tnrt.iahe.| me with l U >?e w th wa>rh to mhte a* leaat a mraLirarh. w'.ir hm??aiiH? with mt ?? iBterrattr yo?, nwnnch m the iihiwt i in Mravfrr to the rrlama* ?l tKr MmtM A*fcnrt i iiw utr* the r?*??.ir*.l if tht. ftournKiof reywH- ' IC I'nte* ripvllibf *U tlM mcMbtm at tba " Sorttty of Jtiua." The decree is written it Ik* nenal energetic and efrar style which charaetrriv^e all Gen L^pex's works la the courae of his i>i(.-amble, he goes as (ax back aa tha jraar 1767, aiid referring lu an edict of Charles the 3d of Spam, and her trms-atlantic dependencies, in which he baaikhea from (hem every member of the Jeauit aaeociation. he a:guea that, inasmuch a? on repeal of the aaid edict has been mtde either in Colombia, after her achievement of independence, or in New Granada since the divisioa of Colombia, and her consequent aep-trauon, when ahe became a sovereigu State, the edict continues still in force, and a law of the republic, and thr-relllkfin iiailM hid HMTM (A mII fho Af nr<Y_ vmces, authorising them to acqu tint the different Jesuits in their jurisdiction, with the necessity of their leaving the country. The measure aeema to he a popular one, and many had already left for Euro|?, at the public eipen?e. Lopex had been congratulated by Congress, on his hrmneaa and deciaion in the above act. And when you remember thit Nrw Granada is a republic, aud one, too, of no mean order, and when yo:t consider the world-wide and mighty power of the Jeautta,which id acme atates are linked with the very viula of fovt-rument, the question increases in importance, 'mm the manner in which one of our own organs alludes to the subject, it would seem as though the bitter spirit of' Kugene Sue, or at leas', his sc<tthiag pen, hid found i's way acroaa the bread Atlantic, to display ita powers on its well loved theme in the columns of the />u?m, which admirable little sheet characterises the measure "as u evidence of the progress of the Hge," and remarks that, such w?s their corrupting influence, that revolution, without their expulsion, would have been int vitable. Gransda, under the administration of Lopez, is fasr gaining ground among her si iter republics; and the present immense improvements on the Isthmus are bringing her more before the world No where in South America ara foreiguers pl-iced upon a more equal footing with the citizens of the country, and no where are their rights tri'ire securely guarantied tbem. Lopez knows well the advantage to his country, of foreign immigration, and while he encourages it, hiscouinry is benefitted by it. 1 have seen, iu the last few dtys, aud converted with several from th? gold region, and will in a day or two, give ycu authentic accounts from it. In the interim, I am, aa uauul, yours truly, Fiwrt'a. CiiiiRAi, Sept. 7, 1S30. The Gold lhmn ] Y*runry?l)tKripti<t% of tiu Country, JQ my last, of a few cttys sinre, I promised you some news from 'he already pome what celebrated " Ynruary gold minea," a-i thejr are improperly called, inasmuch a though there may be, and in all probability are, extensive deposits of gold and other ores in the vicinity, yet, until now, the river baa been the only place in which they have been cearch< d for or diheovered. And first, aa to the locality of thia " fubul?tu Hydaspes." The Yuruary ia in the canton of lTpata, under the jurisdiction of the provincial government of Guyana, one of the fifteen provinces of Venezuela. It riae* in 1 the moui.iuins oi I'pata, emp'i- .1 lato the Cuyuni, a > branch of the EeM-quibo, which latter, tlo?iug to theeamwtrd, through Hritieh tiuvana, finds an outlet in the AMautic. The village of Tupuquen, the near-at r.omt to what vou would term the "dig. ' glut's," is about one hundred and fifty tnilea froin I ft sntul tova (M the Oroaooo, called Laa-TabUx, and pe"h*| a the amne diatmiee from the nmuth ol , th>- Lae? qmbo. The enure tract of country b .-t areen I the later ia covered ?%i'h im(>eiiei rattle virjtn 1 forest*. mter?perred with swamp* uiid thickets, und I croMrd by innumerable creeka, Ctlled cuius i...d deep ravines. The orniuary course of iKe C'uyuoi, Iwfore it rmches the E??e?|Uibo, is broken bv sere* 1 raHalls or csacarirp, n bicli, while they impart to the surrounding country * twautifil and roititntic appearance, impede hIi-o <11 navi^atioi, jnlesa in malt canoes, called 'curtain," which may be Cirned nn the xhouldera of the native?, or, as ia often done, drugged bv a rope attached to the tail of 11 mule or horse Lt.-T.iblaM. however, is the civrrpuig point Hfn-r l?MVirg 'he Uronoco. Thi? tu*u it>, we hive a?id, one b'ludred an! lift* iijilm Irnrn Tu|>u?j>j< a, iu di*t<utc froiu Cuidad Holivar (lute Aguoct .r*) ia between amy and evenly. The r??utr \tri*'rru thr two forinrr can only fx* imvrllrd on in'ilra or horer*, and paa?-a through San Frln, IJpita, and Oum.iati. Of tlirsr ihe only OM dweifie< ol mention i? I 'pat-t ; il in at h coiiaiderabU- height ? ?? thr l?vel wf the era, an<l i be climate la d? li^Mlul, the tin run mi t r seldom or never namx aoove 75 drafts is the hade. Thr population ia about onr ihoimud. Nowhere in Venezaela, or, |<erhtip?, ia all South Amrnca, i? b?-ttrr tohaccu ^rnwn, aod thr soil U equally anil admirably a<ta|ted to the culture of almost any uram or vegrtablr The inhabitant* are of a kind ?n<i hoepttable demranor, and from them and in ihr iieiuuborhood, the traveller may obtain proviriouaaiol daeiataoce Cattle are abundant, laige " Halo*," or HUtn ui theui covering the country. Game, loo, ?ut-h an deer, wil l bof*, Arc., is pl'-n ty, while timers ia aumbri*, ?ud an occaaioutl lion, ar? fcli|?>Mh arlMk, md hy wiy i>f ?? riely, will be loun.l th? nil Imiir water snake of the country, wkit h ahotin la >pru x* of thr finr*( waier a ? not wanting VtM two milea oI I'pata are sevrral gold ?nd ultr' minn, which wnr woikrd in the time* of 'ht- rarly Spaniard*, I nl airier iVn abandoned, a* indeed nearly every pursuit bus l?rrr, winch irnd< d I" au increase of wealth in iliv country. Tin- ^xi-i'ion of t'pata ia in a w< II cuiiiv.ii'd UL-irict, *hiU uie iwiutry inI'nruing lutwrrn n ami thr t uruary, is a wide teach "I Mtvantia, tuir ' ?(? r??-<I Iwre aud (hrrr with a I'ttiiop i>f wooria, a id comril ity several creeks, ? hich are I'oidalile only i? the drv araann. r*evr. lalMOh tatii>a * i/ thr iitouoioay of ibr riw l, ' aud the ik;i|raraii(> ol thr touinry, which iscoVeri >d ovtr with uin-a, sparkling l>ri?bily in thr amiI' time, leads thr travruer to imagina h<- haa already reachc i Im III iHirado. Itui though 1 hare mid the climate of Upa'a waa d? I'lihttlll. "to i.ot im mw Ihut 'lir nr: . I li'i ilhm cootifilttarverva heyr <n thr ruiDR (x-d v( Tu|iu)uva, ?n l along the )>??in of ib? Vurniry, ia ratrnnr, t'lou^h I have nmhinu >>t tln-rr riletlng tbrtr tboae .Intfura m uwwtilnl countrira, tbnla biiJ l*Ter?t aii'l whub arr ouiniMii HirouKV cut thr irirt i t tiir rrt'iililic- rujuc/uru, almoat <>n tli? hank ?>t thr riTrr. and bui a fr w inniiirnii walk from Hit gold region, coo *m< about t wn ii iu<! ?-ll IimI'mIiC, M huw foO?l I* i ao-l |/l >||uma tim former ia ? ? 11 bm . m la frrma rc>??t callr.l ytic* Front thr uttrr mil of (ii:tut?i natil ik*- tw{inning ?t A|?ril, thr VuriTiry la Mart) <1ry ; whilr during hr rri.lander of !?? >?ar, wn? n it "nrtrr rama f?ut il ^uura," ?uil which M-Dun i?callrd, jftr rrttUr?t. "ihr rainy," ibr nvrra iiid t .iiio* nrr grr?tly ??i.l|ra, and the banka ou ei'bar ndr. for a trrrai ili?uuer, railpirtrly mnndatrd 1 Hiring una tun- thr currrat of the Yupiarr la trrry atroau, ai.d thr l?.I? la wnii h tin * l.l '"I ?" |ri? y mi l>-r w? trr Towarda thr lirguiuint; of Nirtwilat thr men raantnrncr in fall, thr i<.w ? ?irt ?r dry ara??ia in, and by thr middle of in- month tlir attrramrrl to thiai'tbrr Caliiornia tiny art t?? wort Thia i?, to tabr b(> iu m ?<?m|rn Itaata <>r ttowl, a '|uitaiit> of ibr rar:h at thf ri*rr ; waah it ?rll, and in ihr |irr?| fa'r or rraidur at ibr bottom, among thr hUrfcrat Mini, will h? tan,id thr ( aMClr* i t go d flaring thr o,?-ra ion of a-??t?n f. thr jji.l.i huntrr ataa?U in in- n.rr, wuh thr ?mrt reaching hia waiM, and hiving bia howl floatiM >o tlir rcitacr aa Ihr li<hirr (mhi l-a of 1 Iny rik. to Hir lo(i be low T* thr howl in ihr TITrr, a id they ate lloaird oil thr runrii In th?b d ol II ti?rr arr alao found |?r? ra of^iurt*, who h g? wi-ally roaiaw mmr or I'aagnld Sonir (Hfffi of a* ?M'*ift\rri|iii haee l?r? n found; hue Irw of lhr?, hnarwr, and aoar Urg? r ; thr ararch aa yrth ?mg hrrn ritrnaaly h.oitrj. arvrral Imurtp d mi ra ia all ht? in< brra tha? far th? prudueta nftNf a " Thr nio*t auciil, ihiialii baa baa a S???or Mor>a-t'?o, of Hmuaa, I hrlirva, whnworkrtj ia thr nunnrr I have .i.-.riird. and who, abortly aftrrk-a*ini( thr aiiliagr of Tu.xHjara. waa aara iii?? limit through i |*d a Mb a inalr toad of ta>bart-o, inaidr of which hr hid 'akra thr crtTaaiioa to ?>a?T?l In- gold du-i. The particl?a of ?: '! * rr foano at tlm drftn ?f a ?rry Irw mrbra; ihr ftrat atrMai i ia a larfr r?ar*r ftnrrI, brl<>w whu-h ia a ab road of hlarki b clatr f< rni4lH>4, and ibr third a barn yrll .a clay in waicn ihr orr arrma to rrat; nr ir ban b*ra fojad towrr, and I Iratf thr (nitncmta 'otrll ibr why and whrrrforr. And i u i ia "iilnrrt I ini?tt aa wnl BMMtM ia paraing, that tnrrr can, on nrrhrr cnannrnt, br tound, ,?iha|w, a wldrr, o* rnorr ?*rfd fir Id f?r K'ologital irrrarch. than In tbrar mountanioiia dia'ricta; rrfarah too, *h'h would in^dy c-?n(irnaatr lor ibr dc*rl?.p?mrat of tbr troaaofra with ahicb natair arrma to fta*r ao profit rly rarn hrd thr diatrw tr wr arr pooatdrrmg -b^t to rctara. Thr labor cooatata in thr 4iaan:ut?Oii of thia rlay, men n nimciui rmrii aprcmi?na ai I hare fffi, wrrr of the ;hn k'?t |r? ur<?, hqH nlnio?t latoluhlr M fT'ich douifb lit 'he rivr hrt? Bid there, are rocka and Mrnifi of a dark grat rr Mark i.ilor, wader whirl., >H? l?rife?t depra ? are |M? rally found. Tli r?- ar? man? thet n?f ra in which it wonld pee i r?rn more r<\rceaaful e- aK h niifih! !* mart* tbau th' \ iru. ry Anting thete arc the Arrrhtra, ' h<" Junna ami nthf r?, all riaing m the m< unuias of (be |?r?Tio',>ard being braachea ( the t'nyuni. The toiirre of the Y irniry ia oot far fram wW the C-.roui receirea the water ol the hrtpti, Tbe w ater of the former, tlom it* opacity I i^r^urw, ia aa?d to appear peifeetlr hlarh, u?til I^Aed ia a flaw, whrn it ia an elea. a? cryghl. 1 a,miliar it about Shy from the mon fc of ih? Yarvary. Ytu may he anrpnat-d that ia f.ving the ainiVr of milea, I ?bo*M <j?ialify It With an " al<oat " " j*?hapa,"? hat in all Ven^aiKla you will Ha l it HiWiraalt ?? bare any twa prraona agre-? oa di* t?m tw? ' my kll. ri t? y**, to oha kinJ of * ;?M-n ' ring* ofini?v AM aow ihtt I UtT^ glvo fu? the latitudes aid longitudes of this " golden field,* yon will be eaahUd to placo the point of didder upon it. In tne interim, I am u umu', yours truly, Pssrus. Items from tb? Gold Btglsns. UTuc-nrmmTuii CAur.tanu patsr* A mau uauit-d Kletcfcer, at Murphy's, has invented n machine which he terms a goldonaner It sets in relation to sold in the same manner that tho magnet does to ir n. A p*rty of men who hav* faith in the instrument, bare commenced on a spot indicated by it, and in a short time wa shall b? able to report progress. Antonio Mariano, who is the supposed murderer of Foster, the partner of Savage, of the Merced, has been arrested. Mr. P. R Porter, who latelv commenced business in Stockton, put an end to hi* existence by cutting bis throat with a razor. Mr Porter, for sometime past had beru tailoring under mental excitement, attributed by his friends to anxiety re*.>ectiug commercial afTurs; he also evinced mental aberrations <-n religions *ul>jectN, being impressed with the belief thai he *> In Inmnv > >riti/?a fnr th? salvation of the world. A young irmu nnm?u Andrew Kerr, a mtivr a Forfarshire, Scotland, was knocked overb.Mrd hf | the maia boom of the schooner J. L. FoUnn. i while on her passage in August, from dan Francisco, and drowned. Every immediate exertioa an made to save the unfortunate man, who manfully struck for the shore, hut before he coo'4 reach it, or the aid of man could resuas him. h? sunk to rise no more. He left Livertiool l*st January in the bark Carthagena, and bad been but a shoit time in this country. The editor of the Sonura Herald waa shown a lump of gold weighing 194 oz , and another weighI ijig 3 oz , which were dux up ac Shaw's diggings, i about one mile distant from Sonora The larger , specimen is one of the most beautiful weercrjuw, : bring pure gold, and of very peculiar form A | company of three men took out 13 oz. from tha tanie bole on the same afternoon. We are indebted, says the San Francisco Journal <if Comment, to a gen'feman at San Jose (?t i the followingA party oi men were ou' hunting . some eleven or twelve miles from this place, oa | the road leading to Monterey, a few days since.? All but one weie mounted They killed one very large gnsiey hear. In returning, the individual >>a foot lingered some distance behind Suddeuly he raw an old bear, wi'h three cubs, emerge from tha 1 woods very ne?r him He very foolishly tired u)M>n them, when the old bear made at him, and , wounded him terribly. As soon a? hi* son (t>y a i Mexican woman), who was on hori-cback *>ms I fthftil uu* th# !/>rili?na itAaifiAa father, hf returned, and, at the risk of killing th? old man, fired on the bear, when she was still tear* ing him Fortunately the bullrt took ?-ffect in tha he?r, but Htill *he did not release her hold Tha youi-K muu immediately dismounted, >tnd literal I jr drove her *11' by bating h?-r with the breech of hi- gun. The eld man, who is an old resident of thi? country, inmost horribly mangled, but waa convey id (>y his party to a nenthboiiug ranch*, ;md it is thought will recover from his wound*. The old bear, though evidently mortally wounded, made off. Gregory, of the eipres*. lms rather overdone tha thii g in hie importation of wedding cake. Heretofore we have been a little abort of the i-.rticle; now we have more cake than ladus la order ti> equalize it. and k<-ep in-trim >u<al mutters ab'>ut equally laiianced, Gregory should immediately order an invoice of wi>tnrn If th?*y come l>y hi* e?|.ir>*, we will WKrraut they'll !>e in agoiiil condition on thi ir arrival, ?? they will come thriiigli wiih fut-h ija ed a* would prevent their losing their freshnasa. Captain .lohn H IVdrick. who came out to Nta Krai ciho an inafter of the brig K K indall, of B uton, has i>oi been heard ot for the l*at we?k, ami tri m ih>- tact of his having b-en pre* loualy di*raaged, the worvt aptireh' uamus are entertaiued 001< tning him. Me w?* a native of MarlilHietd. M??i . and a meint**r of th?* Masonic and Odd F-llows' rot-it tie*. lie left a wife and three children. The citizens of Sunora held a mating, 10 t'at place, on the 2l>t Augu?t, to take luto ronsideratuin the approni hing election, and the pro,>riety of nominating eitutlidait a who will reprtaem tha mining inurett. Three Fienehmen working a hole, within 'ha limit*o( Souora town, took nut three poundsaad a half of theorem lees than three hours from tho time ihey began to o|*n tbi'ir hole, nnd anjr th?-f have wi-n flumth mo'e ??f the inetnl ia their dirt to sntirfy th> in that 'hey Will get aeveral ;a>uud* mote out of it. The San Francisco Pinyumt, of Aug 20, aaya t ?We huve this moment ba<l laid u,a a our tibia for inspection, l!u letg?st lump of pure gold wnii:ti ii bns yrt hei n nurgooil fortuue 10 actually haudl>*It* weight is eightrr u anH n h Jf pound*, and i* of pure gold?not m atom of q>Mr'z or sand, or other Mltn xture, is connected with it The lump w^a ihR?'ii i n 8aiurd? v i n' from ('nraon's an elt,on ihe Mantidaaa, and fron the mis? locality where tlJMJOO were takin, i short tim?' *i*c?, is twa !*)?. Tweiitv did' -.j.-i*r on ire have bean offered or it, and refns 1. The auccesafiil iniaer i* m I...L? . I aiiruiuau, uaiiiv i viijwii. We kin from u jfrntlrmM who left S^nor* J^nrla* I art, thut no liidMQ *.n ?hut la th- aim t? iu.U?r -a tha <*' emu it but think disgraceful, ainl loudly c-IImi* t?r inveaturation. A i< ih>d ?>y thi* phu.r nt :'*vr, ii oii?rrwii.>a wii?* h ii M -<>u, rrin i k? ?! that he c mi1 I iudi:c- that Ii diau, (<Mnlini '?? .?!*- nm'ting in the I,. .?? , either t. r?b t hill h. n; an I a ?i<nr w<# In id l.crordlllgly Takllitf l??f llKl.aQ (Mil, ClV* -.lid U> t> C|I iliMl Nl >.u had t inryr *mou nt of money, kiU) him wltrtr it ???, and i tfrrrd him h-ilf iiip pnnuiit he wont I kill or rub hun I uttirc mil> bit- h.tnil a piatol. h> ihrn went '? .?i vmmi, lold bun what h?- but Ikn the piei. ' 101 In S>i><io ati-rararda, thr Inlat Blerrd ihe home, lookrdaround, and th- u w :Ik>- I i Ul Mm-on ftllm ' <1 i.kii ?u ibIo th? rreef, itn i 1 hot him d?>?n. IWh partie* had been arreatpd. ^iich jiikn arr 'mil lun |ir ittical, uliliou^h th* \irtim in iiothinu 11 I100' Indian. The Mar) Millr ?ay? 1?Wf nr? rfdiMf in(i'ln?d flint <m<" fimii, ?t <n|i- haul, timk out a furiy c?u?d lamp of i"irr fold, nn 'he Yuba, ?'?? it loutt- ' ii riw1 ? We ham- n?i ?.? it. ( Ml??rr and Urtier mm have. It ii here. We I'urn from the slit* California, that C?pt. I.>i u ha? irc'ii iy rrtnrim u> i,imp l-ir W>?i, r. i i* 'I ? ! the t'lrnr I. ike e*,?-illl|..|? to t ni-h lb* muiOi rrra of Ca,ii Wani?T, anil ennealur hbd hia frfwatna. In the V11 iin'jr of in* I hi *b?n* Ca|'i.iin Wan.-i wi? k 1 it- .1. lhi? irn>l? had iriinl kiMHUie. wiifc thp liniian-, lio In.*' i'd ai id ilie t kiii|. nut enit'oiifi-1 t ? *?<*al .be ai iniHia ot th*- t'otdiii ?ud Oae of lb* iiitantry Mildieta w*a kilUd Wuhan arrow, an I tiin 111 '.nluna ?ii. Htii t. .'in race of Cip'am Wmn-l'a i' maiiiH aonld hp fiun I. and probably all atlpnipta with thr aatiie view will be eqn illy futile. The honor* W?"W. id A?f 1?< ?* Mmday U?t, our rider, Mr Avery, and Mr. 1 nny nl yiucU < ii, w?-ir atMkid be'wen A11 rl'i and .V1ar|?b?'? Mr (>? - ?. iini'rtuoai'-lr, | ? ?? unain.'d, ami Mr A'pry_h?d (mii one i?dif |f !? ! id i?ii-Tii?- oir<nm?uriri nrtii ini'i w? .Vr A??ry, in ? li'urljr ,'tri >?f itir load, mW two r?? mid i Sauilh Arn**f?rnn. r ich twhuid a tT? r, with ritlra at Kim linn <1i-1? * h< rixtr ii,i lo our ?.f nr (r^riir* tail ihi? ia -hoot h.m Thr ururo ni a ii hr who only Huniinf Mf Avrry o?, Imm ffp t,r w?? ihrre y*/'< dial ml, n hall wht/z-d bf him ?'l>?r to hm rar. >*r. in? two oitrr urirt yrt uadiarhanrrd, thr >?.? Kpittlrin*-ii (Nil ?>ura i<> thnr hor*ra md (MiffdH> a Iim of 'h? dotmtiona by our < m/rna. aa*a thr Pj*'fir lor thr rrlirl of Ihr Milf-riu { ovnland imnutfixii'a, it will If thai ahniil four tkouaaiid diHlarn h.ta alrrndy brru auhu ri'f.l, ao<1 ?l?>n wnrih I> Thin i* a granfv mg Pfull of i?f dnji'i labor in h. h?if i.l ihr alairing ili< u?niidi on tlr-ir way acri Iter |ilama Hi >rV, wh? nil?.ml* piHl of d.*f?r? al the Almodra w*9- r, hia diw?*?-r*d a h-aiiiilul tciiM i|>rirf, ? liuh, by thr aid of aci I, Ik u ollrn in Ihr h? try i????Mion ol hrmf ruahlrd lo pair hi* ftirt'ii with a timt r*i>' ilfmncnil dtatifhl. Thr iron aa* of M?. If) fir Id, jrwrllrr, *u Mi'l'l on I inihy ri* ?i', ami <1. an?il hy tbw ihi ?ra im Ihr crllar rorni-r of .-*arram"ito auu Ni? iii? ir i tj rrnif, .- a I-nun -< u Tim r?: hfTI^ * ho wrrr Kirm limrn, wrrr Iriahtrurd from it?r it booty by m me obt |>aa-tug, an l .h i -m,? d M'im TarNii .V Kol ii irroiiftriK iinf i liira ann rMrnii?iiona building ?n Clay atirrt, ar?r l^tHH Wh f|iia>r, ,H ii I'.ani imo. Il n lo In Iwo itonra?thr hi?i WIN hr a laricr nIhm, f?iu'? trrn frrl h'fY lbir*y fi?r wldr. and ?i!lty d^rf I ihr wi otid will hr orrnpird hy Df Collar M ill hind Ol mrnif rrrr t? 'r Will Irrnm irndali' " " thotimod ita d mrim ini will hr twr??ytivr f?# 1 h h. i fo ty d? and thirty 1 ?r wi ! 1 hr "Virtu " w ;t rr,yalrd thif rrrniai^ (Al'C IH.a'l1. hi'.rn \ I, I' I I ? hilfh'.V mditaMr firodr^ion of |?r Kobinaoa, and w ?a il prilornird at th^ Ptamatic M#a.'?in Th* ijoral of the ? not thr tract of ita many r^erita. Hr?: ,ri ihf " Virtiri," .' rml a'^rIllr?^lr d<n<rra it* iitdfd lo thr bill of ?ntf rfc-inmrnia,' ? wKich thr ?irrei>tin(t -aonta l.lcrrotf will t an arti?r jart. Mr and Mr* Th' rna Mk (Ml * jmiilim?n?arf ! 1 i". - a. - # * - I "* !?? iu >m i ranmacn, on tbr V>th ? Anguat, b?tor? ih*ir fVparuirp for ihs Mta'. > , oo which ?rr?Mnn they upp. itf.I in llw pl>'/a of tft* " Orplw* * Pkfta," " Th.rrata Vow," ?aH ik<- farc<j ot " N?mr? and Itiilnaoi&y " Kiw'i it ta 'jtti tail ti4* of ner*m, m4 th* aa?M*M?t fpata ?? tM rompa.if *tc mfWif witartrH >7 uaaar*.

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