Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1850 Page 7
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Nltt?k w Yom ? The proceedings of the whig eonlion at CtUa, have terminated la a vlrtaal ommHt ol the (jtMW aoaiutloai Mid teedlegs, ao that now the whole whig party, >wlng the dootrloea of thoae conventions, are Iged to abolitloaiaa, and will, in nil probaty iuoee*<j, at the approaching election. That ty bae now amw4 the oause o( Kred Doagand Wm H Seward, and their success will plao* State in the foremost rank of abolitionism. The any State Rtgiurr, the organ of the national whlge, t fully and unequivocally endoreee the prooeed* at I'tlca, and says the whig* should now be united ?n the Syracuse ticket; and though avowedly oped to the dcctrlnei of William II. Seward, that rnal call* upon the whig party to rally apon the acuse ticket, as the only one, in the event of elttoi, which will carry oat the view* always entertainby the whig party. The democratlo party, in every tlon of the State, will make a tremendous ellort to ii bila uoruuiucy in lur oww, w *bi u in uuuima. whigs of the Seward (action -and th?y are all vlrlUv whiga of that stamp, now? are holding cticgs in every direction to denounce the Kugi Blare law, which seems to occupy th? position in their theunhU. At Byruous*. a few inings ilne?, the whiga held a convention, and aft*r ninating the editor of the Syracuse Journal, ono of moat violent abolition papers in the State, pasted trie* of reaolutiona defying the executor* of the law, well aa all the powers ol the State. They denounced ) officer* of the government, to whom is entrusted execution of the law, aa land pirates and kiduaps. The speeches war* of the moat loll am mat or y trader In Oswego county a convention wa* held Ich sustained the c*urs? of i\e secaders at Syrasua* a just and proper movement, but which inseting l represented by the Albany Journal aa coinciding b the Ti*wa of the majority. Petitions are being ned in moat of th* western counties, to be presented Congrea*, at it* next session, for the rep*al of th* gitlve Slave law. In the event of the suco*** of ler the whig or democratic candidate for Cougreia. attempt will be mode to effect the repeal of that r; for whll* th* whig n*mlnee* are nearly to a man orable to theHewaid platform, th* democratic nosees, with but vary tew exceptions, ar* avowed free ler*. nt>ixt4.?There I* very little politioal news from Stat*, and the people generally *eem to bs en[*d in something els* than agitation. Though there a decided free soil feelingain the whig paity, from ' fact that no election 1* soon to take place the nation 1* very little diacussed. There are a great ny fugitive* in the State, but they are in th* into r and northrrn portions *f the State, with which re is very littl* communication from other adjait State* in which the queatlon is agitated. Tue w Albany ledger, a conservative democratic paper, l frequently denounced the coarse pursued by the i States in opposing the laws which are calculated 'estor* to tlie other States their rights. [aMACHrtrrra.?Th* feeling of oppoiitlon to the gitiv* Slave law,and the bills providing government* Mew Mexico and Utah, without tha slaTery rejtrio>. Is b*c*ming stronger every day. Th* lat* meetin Boston most plainly portray* the means that I be used to resist tne law. Th* press generally, of 'ton, have aaid very little of late, though the Boston as and Hoaton Ma,l, paper* r? jognUed by tb* whig ty, still continue to denounce the law. while the b. Daniel Webster is called a traitor to the North I to Massachusetts. The political horison of tiiis te i* now dark and lowering, and there Is no whig >er in th* State that takes ground agalnat free aoil. s whole whig party, aud a majority of the demo tio party, enteltalu prwcisely the sime views on i subject. and should the one party join with the er, thrre is nc doubt but that the dtai? would gir? unprecedented majority on the Hide of abirtltloaiNm stveral of the meetings alleady held. th? avowed riiiicatiun to put a (top to th? sieve trade between i Slates, as soon as possible, ha* been expressed, ich determination has been eudersei by several ig county conventions. m a portion of the wh'g d. The New ISrdtoid -Vfovu'y la imoa^ tD? 11 ?t lent in its opposition to slavery, and thr ajh"jt excitement. ha* always taken the si la ot th - afco onift? Id every part ot the itale ai d ' tjt a<J 0( ; >ritiou has beeui-hown to the k'egilive giave law, it should an attempt be made to arrest a fugitive t and bloodshed would follow. >hio?The el.etloa now over ia this dtate gives a tty clear Idea of the teeiing of the people la the ts. The members cleat to 0-7ngress are claisl Bed sording to their views on the slavery question, and ong the whole, three are set down a* antl Killm re igs. three as free rollers five as Fillmore whig*, and as democrats. The whig party is divided Into eo cr four "d "? consequence is that the socrats and free MUm h,k" l.ha I*"1* 1? ?v of the een&tlel the two factions or th* J-matic party agreed upon the same principles, and the ult was a very large m*j"rity lathe p >puiar vote of BUte Though Vne whig* g* U-ra'.!y alvocate the tition principle. those of the democratic party who ertalnnl li te ?l*ws would not form a coalition with m? hence the result above stated. laaiau.?'There seems now to be a greater concert lotion among the democrats ol this State. Though whig party haa always inclined with ths North, 1 their principal Journals say that any measure o: sgrtss haa been an aggression against the South, or 11.'. w . fbere are man; ol tli it | i-y III tn inting dlatriet* who ?U1 not go with the gr*at bijy tbr pn>; In tLU movement, but take a decide! oil lor the South The Richmond Kj*mimti ??/ it Virginia u an agricultural State. like all th ite* South, tod what ad-eta the inle-eii< of th uthaQecta Virginia la the Aeeomao Dlitriot the opla. without regard to party, are mroag lu their p.'ritton to any moti-mxnt calculated to abrUge tlie hta aod privilege* of the eUreholdlng intereti, In 14. when the agitation of the ilavery 'juration wa? fined almost entirely to a limited number ol aboloateta In the Northern State* a minlater ol the ip?l wae tak?n from hia pulpit, and ordered to leave State withia twelve hour*, under penalty at death rau?e he *i?>ke agaiant the Institution of iw the people of I tie ?*aie di-irict hev.> ctm-n-l on thilr reprea-atatlve In C'lagrei* that h- wae not ffloiently watchful of the ulavo latereet during the it iMiii * of Oongre-* Thej have held a meeting, which they declared th~m.?eli e* at any time ready join the Snath In aeeerting her right*, ragardlee* the o*n*e.,uenoe* to theuiaelvea. The people of the nte generally txoept In the mouutamou* region* tich are but poorly adapted to *lav<< lab ir, are rongly oppoaed to any Interference with the |<iee>n ol elavary, and wi.l reaiat any encroachment upon .elr rtglita Oaoama - The time for the approaching election for legate* to the eoaveutloa nailed In consequence of admlprion of California iato the l.'nion a* a Stale, ereaet* the eioitement ameng the people, and the rife hetweea uaioaiat* aad di*uaioal*U grew* more et'r Tha Han. Kehert Too?be ha* addreaaad a Iter to the people at the Kighth Caagreaeloaal l?lalet, appoeiag the adoptloa of aay meaaurea of ra tanre a<ieln?t the federal government be anie m le adwteaton of California. t'ongreea. be aa*erte. had perfect right ta almit it a* a State, aad. bv *e iota f, e commuted no wrong agalnat the South He op*ed the paealng ol the Mil. hat wae at the aame mr aware that Cebgreai did not traaacead It* diitlea i the admieeien of mullet- e hieh the government i Imperatively demaade I though the prohnittoa of aeery la the conetltutlou bad a controlling inliuenoe. i favor of Iit lmiui >11 *ith Northern n>ub?r< ?ipr?bla*?il par'eotlj atie4?4 with the ??UI? t of th? knaattr; ol Tfitt *n<l think* tb? d'?to ' UeorgLa ihould aot objoat to th? HUUni'Dt of *o nnakleated ? qn**tioa. The loath. h? h*< o right to obj??i to mmy of the a-a?are? |ikwJ k; esd the pr?elaa%tioa nf tJoTrraor r>?n for m eonreatloa ?a oil; Lead ta uki wij?r th? raach betwean th? North tad loalk. where ao ?aoh reaeb thoaJd oilat Hl? *w AVD I??ric. Tl >1 AT TH* A*?rH*T., H* M. Wtx.i Mijor-<>rn>-ral Wool hel.l his *nual review and impaction at Ihe artenal, at Wr?t 'ru>,on Mon-tey. The t?e?eral ap.ieare.l on the toim 1 tn full uniform, accompanied by hit atall, ?.OM?ting ol .M .jor'' K W'inithip. AawaMu: Onrtli Lieut. I. E. McLe*o, A I). 0.; .if"t (>. Tallnrtfe, A. I). C ; Cap?. H 8. Shtlda, nrd Artillery, t )n arm u>( at the araenal ground*. ?e General waa ifc ivd with a ??lu'e Th -re re re already ara<-mhied quite a number of Wdtea d gentlemen Irom thu citjr, Weet Trof, an I mm the familiea of the rental ofiicerr The tin er* at the areenal are Brevet Col R. B?ker, ir*t Lieut. J. ttnrt'^a, h*r*?4 Lieut J McAlliaer, id Lieut. J. (J tymmea, 3d Lieut. M. Unain, all <>f the ordnance departmeat. They were n the prouari, an I in their reepectiee noaitiona nade a line apt? (trance. The pirade aa I m?pecioa <?f the military look piaee between tw We and mr o'cl<>ck The ?oMi'r< at preaent etatioied at hie ararnal number not quite owe hundred, the pm i?l port of whom are operanvea in the machine h>'(>a They drill only one hour each day, and in on deration of tli. ?. f* -ia ihnr i-oldi'riy hiring eaa highly creditable to themaeleea tad their ofliem. Wc ahould state that on thta occamon the onimaml wni aligned to Lieat i?organ, (Cot Ba trr fccc?i ymg a place in the < ieoefal'a amir,) who iC4?itrrd hineelf with nuch credit, aa did the th* r ?.nirer?. Arr<r ia?- military exerct*ea, h* ,r?ri?l, with hi* at .tf .'i I a>vral g^atl-m-n from hi* my mrr* '?*odac*?l hy Ool Tl?iifr thromh he eitnraive marf ine ihiyn The reader aho.ild enr in rund that thi* *n?nal ia th* omat eiien i?* in ?l?f country I' mnt the Mmk m war, the rdnaare .department waa abided rrry cjteniiitrey from ?fci< f*"' lif)ine?ar number* ?f carta/ea for Ihr heavy a?n*. a* wHI the va J ai d imiK>?n.| i>ara|ih'*nal? of war, are turned >ut hrr* !< ' r . d II.-I -TIIOB we were'^bl'-d r m.fc'' of HlfWtf |o?N?mc?l ea?a*li?hn?nU imvre?*-d > * with the idea that the whole #aa wider iimmi adairahl? ?upT?i-ioa, as4 tfcal he n??err-ment waa mott fnftunate in pv'ir*ai| tie Iimw irf'H ?mJ '"aJo-u 01 er?i*J?r of *o 1 a* Col.Oihfr. I hi? a ^u?i|-i ?he<l offer haa Van ?t?uwo<-d at thia poai ahwui ten year*. dm of 'Ae Mejvta war rendered hi- rmutry , r. #r.,.oit-?t fen:?.v I* on,-, <> ? lk' ''T Vr ?ie glad t* m>t lkf?>wnm nt ilt4 over, flckih'*' pefffcra, tui rewarded them With a ten11 The nonditinn of the areenal rticii'd arm t.|v"*Mf?ofi ftfin i?-arral Wool?Trojr, MY , M ?-s, <*l 1* htpfise. Dob ur?*roou?u* mu, iti? mail mAMr (kl? ARCTIC, Ctli Ju. C. Luoo.?Tkio itwrtlf will opart with tki Mia for Burvpo. po?liT*lj m, ?tartay, Ootokor Mtk. froa kor birth ?t tho foot of Caaal ftroot. All btUra But pu throagh tho Ptit oSoa. V* korth iMinl til pa>4 for. for frolfht or p?m??. havta* ?HHll?< MiwHttlw for ologaaoo or ooafnitnil; to ID WD. K. COLLINS. M WiIt n. l*o ituMr BALTIC will iaoooo4 tho ABCTIC. Ml Mil lortmbw lfttk. PB NEW TOU AND LirUPOOL UNITAD BTATM 1 lUll ?MMMn.-Tho thipo oomprUiat thU 11m. mo tho ( ItoHiagi? ATLANTIC. Captain Wool, PAC1WC, Captaia Njo, ARCTIC. Captaia L>oo, KALTIC, Captain Comotook, iDUATlC, CMUIi QraftaW Tkooo ihlpo bavin* boon kuilt by ooatraot, Ultmly tot ?0T0r?m -ut oorrioo, trorj eaie h?a boon ttkn ia tboir oon traotion, m aloo la tkoir oagtaoo, to oaaara itroaftb aa4 pood, ui tboir aoeoiamodatiuaa for ptWMlin an ttaoIttUii for oioconeo or oomfort. Prioo of puaaco fit m Now York to Liroraool. $130. Ezolu ?' extra MM 1IM1 too dm, $HL fna UnrpMl M Now Tork, ?98. An oxperieaeod Burgeon attached to 1Mb (hip. Mo berth M<n< until paid (or. Pro p?o?l datta ol aaiUng rloHM* lull. rmOM UTUNOL. Saturdny, Oatober 26,1BS0. Wedneaday, Ootober 90, ISW, Saturday, November 18, 1880. Wedneeday,Novemb'rlOiiaM. Saturdny, Not#*ber SO, 1N80. Saturday, December 7, MM. Saturday, December 14,1HH. Saturday, December XI, 18HL Saturday. Dtatnbtr t*. 1HM. Saturday, Jaaaary 4,18?l. Wednot day, January 8, 1881. Saturday, January 18,1H81. Wedneaday, January >2,1881. Saturday, Tibnacy 1,1881. Wedneeday.febrnary 8,1861. Saturday, February 18, 1881. WedaeodayJFebruary IV, 1881. Saturday, March 1,1881. Wtdueaday, March 8,1881. Saturday, March 18, 18W. Saturday, March V, 188L For freight or paaaace, apply to IDVAKli k. COLLINS, a# Wail it.. Mow Tork, or to BROWN, BHIPLKT It CO.. LlverpoeL I. 0. ROBERT* It CO., IS Kiaf'i irmi Yard, London. L. DRaPKR, Jr . 8 boulevard Montraartre, Paris. inn ttuta ol thete (hip* will not bo accountable for (old, diver, bullion, opecle, Jewelry. preoioaeatone* or mctala,unloaa kill* of lading are ilgid thcrtor, aad the rain* thereof After the Ut of April nozt, tho rato of freight ky toe ikon taaain from Liverpool will bo materially nducod. FOB CALIFORNIA. TLA CHAOKKS, WITBOUT DRtontion a* Panama.?Tho United Statoo Mail Stoaaihip Company will deepateh tho (plondld doaklo engine ateamIhip OHIO, Jaa. Fiadlay Schenok, lulled Statoa Nary, Commander, %n Saturday, October 16th, a* S o'olook P. M. from tho pior foot of Warrea atieet, Morth river, with too Kverameat mailt, aad paaaeagera for San Franoiaeo and tormediate porta. Tho connection at Panama will ko oarofally kopt up, to a* to provost nay dotontlon boyond tko usual etay in port. The hooka art bow opt a, aad paetagt oaa ko ooourtd at tho following ratoo raoia >sw voiiK to cxiaia, S tato room btrth $Nt Staadto btrth, forward aalooa 81 Steerage btrth. fouad bod aad aaparato tablo 80 raoia rawana to aan raaKcuoo. State room berth $900 Steerage, fonnd bod aad acparatt table 190 > raoia new roan to _ . State Room. Staadto. steerage. ; Charlootoa |]| )20 flO Savannah - ? ft M Havana 79 M It Mow Orloaaa... ... ... 78 60 28 Freight to Now Orleana, 90o. per cubic foot. Paaaeagera for I b agree, will ba tramferrad at Havana to the ntw and apltndid attainibip PACIFIC. To atcurt freight or paeaage. apply at tho oflio of too oompaay, 177 Watt atroot, ooratr of Warren, to M. O. ROB MKTS. Special aotloo ii giTf a I* ahippere by thia lino, that tht oompany hart prepared a form of bill of lading adapted to their buainoaa, which will bo fnraiahed to thicpera oa application at tho company's offlce, nnd with whieh tkoy art requested to provide themaelvos, aa no othor form will bo signed by tho aconto of tho oompaay. All killa of lading meet be aignod baforo the a ailing or tho voiooL LUKE RKUL'CBD.?THROL'CUI LINI FOR CALIFORr nia nnd Oregon, via chngrat direct The now and fa forito e'uaaaahioa. CHEROKEE, 1.3U0 toa? Captaia H. Windl*, PHILADELPHIA, 1,100 toaa Captain R. H. Ptinn, form t he only direot line between New York and Churca, and In eonaactioa with the Baited Stitot mill aMnjiutitl la the Pioifle?* ee mi-monthly tile throngh to Sia Friaota>o, aad a monthly line through to Oregon. They iMTt N*? fork about the lath aad aith of each month. Kits or Iiti to Ch Asaaa. Cherokea. Philadelphia. Saloon ftita INM fliJO 00 #1U) U* 1,-wor Cibin ,. 80 00 Tho ibara dint at the ammo title, aad hire the prirllec* of the til oca. Steerage. (Innd with mattriuM lad board). (0 00 M(? freight to Chime, 70 oenta per foot. Eioh MMim ia alio wed penenal bagrige free to the exteat of 140 lb*., not exH.dmx la msaaaremeit Ma cobio faet. Eapenaoa on tn? If.hmua are tome by the Ditaengera. For frtight or puKfe, apply I* HOWXAND k ASP IN WALL, M South atreet, H.T. Pacific Mail, Btcaimmiv Ccurisr.?Th? Uaited Statu aailatoem packet*, JKMoN, f.uwtoaa. Cip.un cirllle E. PiWaraoa, PANAMA, IMV tuu* Ciptaia Divld O. Bailey, QALirOKNIA, 1.U60 tone Ca.taia Thoa. A. Bndd. [INM>S|[, i.suo ton* Captain Oeorgo A. Celt, CAROLINA, 600 toaa Captaia K. L. Whltlai, UNICORN, 600 toaa......... Captaia J. T. Nieheleoa, forti a eeml-Boathly una between Pinimi iad porta la California, aad i monthly line L-' weea San Prinoiaco iad >regoa Pieeenger* In the ifter citblaa are farniahed baling, but nut wlaoa aad llqutra. Pauaangart in tha rtenii are lonnd with anohratloaa ia ire furauhod to the erew, iad with ma< ireaa and pillow. All piaaeagera will ha allowed tpaoa for paneaal baggage free, to the extant of VOlba. weight, not exceeding in aeaanrameat tea on bio feet, rreigbt >a eitra rv.i? ur merehaaduc, whea taken. $11)0 per toa, tad one and a half p?r eeat oa al! ipeeie, Pikig" ahoald ;M aiaaad lis Iba. weight for mala earring*. 0 *!> '?. Jiwrtil ?a**ig* fro? Piaina to Baa Blaa ar Ma aatlan ..... ??'* $100?0 "a* e f roa Panama to Saa Diaga .... tW l? Ojj " Bin rriaeiaa*.. SU0 U0 110 01 Mo atoraa t* ba liad*d will b* takea aa baggage. All per??a*l port eharge*. laoladtag health faaa and boat hire, ta bl paid by the paeeengure. We paaeage aeenrad aatil paid tot Apply at th* alBee of the o?m*isT. N?w Tark. S? touth RATRSOf PARE REBUCED.-EMPIRE CITT LINK. ?Through Ticket, to Ban Princiaoa, *11 Chaare*. Beaday, 2Xth October.?The apleadid Kteamalap CRBSCENT CI IT. 1,V?? lona borthea, C. Stoddard, commander, will lun <i*t *oak. i tr na. a, n. on aaoaay, uiwm ?u, II 3 j v, f< r Oka*r*a. mi.l'CU' rAll TO 0MA4R**. Jklcan ?tata Ro< ma 9100 UO UnrCiVii W i*) t?araf?. (aa'.triak aaukoard) 60 JO PHHtMn kr thi? ship will *ad aeeoBB*4atiua( aal W k* ta1 an it; oihar ataaaar. Tka SlHrua pkNMim an fornlaho* with a varala labia. For fral?hl MMwaw. >( ply to J. HOVilD II ron.M kroaimr. SrEANBK FOR KAN FBANriSCO.CAL.-TUB A 1 NBW an< laat 4?akla aaclaa inuibii UNION, I'atlaii J a*. Marks. harm* tka aajor (.art of har targo aa(a?rd. will laara thu far tka ibtii port. UmUu al Rio Jaaaire, Valparaiso, aad Kauaa. thalaitar part al Ihla aoatk. For frai?ht or pu?|a. baa >a* atacaat aeooi?Bo4aliaaJ, apply oa beard. |'iar i N. K . or to K ZACHR1MOX II CO.. *7 Wall at-aak. i/o* ban fbancisco-fibbt vbsbbl-tbb ar'aadi4 allppar aklp IIBLBNa, Laat. aamr, wiU raoalra fralcht for A flaw dajra. al pl?r Ha. IM I 1, aa4 Uti (Ll?k iaapatak. full ar aot full. Thl* rtaaal bain* ran (harp an I af aauall aapaeity l<mao41ata applicatlaa wall ka nad-, to aaonra fm*ht. for wkkeh, at lanni. karta* iiata rvoa accoaao4akioaa. aarlr to WATTTL. L.B (IRQ QBISWOLD. T1 ?4 71 ?aaU *Waa? FOR SAN FRAN CI9CO-DI8FATCII LINK.?TBI ?pl*a4l4 A I akip I'KIIL. Aiapaoa. MMLII piar S) Fa?i nrar. A faw paaaaacara raa ka a?c?Bao4at*4 la IMj Ba^aitinat ahir. oa tarn* Jiaia applicati. a to K. II. SUTTON ft CO . SI IFallitraal. I^OR CALirORMIA AN? OREUOM.-TBB FIN I HI* r 4aakl*-an*laa aitaatahlp COLUMBIA, af *?i toaa barikaa, Man I. Oao. M. Tattaa, V. Nary, aiaaladaf, will k* laai at?h<4 lor Raa Fraaalaao. Califarala, an4 Aatorla. Ora*ra, oa Saturday. paiokar lith. Far paaaa?a, kpplykakft* P. ^ Wall a ua auk In I'unraii 14 R~atfc alraa* British botal mail stbamebs for Bermuda aad Bt Tk< aaa.?Tka aaw auaa prop? liar MKKI.1N. RIO toaa. kailt oa Ik* Cly4a ky Mr. Joha Wood, will aoaaaaaa roaala* aaat aoaik kalwaaa Naw Tarfc ?ad St. Tboaaa, sallia* at Baraa4a cola* aa4 ratarala?. Rka kaa aiaallaat aaaaaaio4aii?aa far wu>w?n, aa4 aa ikora I* lUaa aaa aaalaafiaa kotwaaa Rt. Th*aa? aa4 aUita Waal Ia4la laIaa4a, Vara Craa. Baraaa. Faaoaaala. fti.. paaaaacara will (a 4 tala tka anal aaaraalaat raa la far l>ia Waal Ia4laialaa4a aa4 tka Mala. Natlaa will ka (Iraa af Ik* 4ap af stilly. Far fral?kl a* paaaa?a. appl* la B. fUNABD. Jr.. * Broadway MRDKAL. Tbb mabbied womanb pbivatb mbdical oompaaii'B ky l>r. A. M Maarlaaaa. Frofaaaor of Pi aaa aaa a* Waata; Tomb a4ul?a, Ikaaa., ap. Mk ptiaa ftl.-Toataaf alaria*. af pkyaiaal aa4 aoatal aaaulah, la aaaay aa aBtaMoaaka wlfa, aad paoaatary 4l*rnltlaa la tka kaakaa4. aifll kkra kaaa apara4 ay a tlaaly raaaaaMaa af iklawark. lilt Iat?a4r4 aapaaially far tka aania4, at Ikaaa aaakaaplaMM laarnafa.aa ii dlaalaaaa lapoylMl aaaraaa wklak akaa!4 k? ka?wa to tkaa partlaalarly. To Itoa* wkaaa kaallk Aaa* aal pmUl *f aaa laataa** M faally. II I* af a?p?<lal 'aportaaca. Hard. ti??, ?r?rj iwiu im wii*. aaa aimr Ma m aatbar kaaJta* lata w?aaakoa4, ar tka imIi lha 4m1Ihaf fMlf, l? ?kM UHN MlHdfltM M l?r?tU< 'hW't aa M>? imm. I]nipt?w. u< U< a*at aAaiaai iwaaftM. a?at witli af mm. la itn H?vlcta* Mvktok I htrtM af I Wiurfraa i (Ntlmu la DtfWi, OMtJ Darraia. Hay 1. IMT. Ok. A .Ik>ru>imt dui ira ?17 rtfi kaa mm atakiacf* mthimrmnh la hw^imm < k?rintta? piaa u4 aaffarla* HW anlkt Mian u4 fariM Mr M? larval itir? innUi a?n w4 am MIIUM u4*i?4 kar. pittlaa kar Ufa ta laalaaat 4 aafar. m4 rtira ?* *a tha wat MMhi, ItM alial ?4. I MfVaaai Mat akta rMM af itiM waa lantMlU, w4 ?.a4?a?* afMl ta awl tfca wank. aT tMa uat (aaw akaai ?wa Miktl, I l?H pit bwl kick 17 aaafeaa a*, aa aaaMlalaa aaaa aattan raaaMat ay mm. On tfa raaaipt u4 lanittl. I aaaaat aaCn M r?a tha rallaf It iMal ay 4Imwm4 ala4, w4 | )ay I (a para* lawul to a? wlfa, aa laaraia? iktl Ihl nil riniB) af B. I. OataaMai wa'll>4 a naib. n !Wm4 a rrw^MI M aa ahtak I littta ml>a4 ? Mailt. Ml fat tkla. ?ra aaatkarraw anl4 Utt MM rvaf ar kMl, la all kaaaa arahaMBtr ay wife waaM law Ma la kar era* a, n4 ay eM'ilrti I aft a-tkarlaaa It la, af Haifa, laynattMkla ta arnaiana nilr tka rfc riaal a?H|aeu tmtel af, M Ikaj Ma af a uiwa <Matl| ta"ai'al far tha aaniaA, it ikaaa aoataaplatlai aaa 1 kaa, r.r Mia a* ttt Bnt4*i;. aaf at tka KmailaaMa (n tbaraaatyt af fl.a May will M traaaaIt Mwl rtaa af taataaa, ta Mf part af Ua Caltaf I'ataa. 10MM aaa I Va a44f?rl. p*?t yalf. ta Dr A- d. *A VUOul kaa IJkt. flaw Tarl ally. cm? l? Ukaatr ikMl D*. bai.ra, ai'tiin or thi ri?i ticai rn rata TlMllaa." l?-4Ma< hoara. ImIia i" IF. I. (ftaafay ???aytaf)-Ha. V laraaawtrk riaal la kta k?-a a aaitar af aarytriaa ta aaaa. tkat aay aaa of raaaaotaklllir aaf of pr-faaav.aal attalaaaata ahaalf darata (la attaatioa ta 4i?raaaa artilak paapla af aaar* ??1 mlyloa praMtl ta aara aa aaaily. If, haanrar. tka "aa lhaaMaltk Mr* al tha iaariM III aaa aai^a krlda apaa Mhif wara kaawa. a rary 4i<t?r. nt apiaioa w?all W for at I Aaf It la aal aaly tka pnaant almrj aal ?aj?Mt"*, prarlaa M tka am 4 M wall M tha ka4f, tkat la taplaaal, tat nal an at nrft a aatan aa to ak>al poatarliy. a?4 am ta lialr; tka aa^r"fart!ra faralir al'acatkar It la a faat. tkat, wkM *.. imili trralaf trr? aaa raaala an 4 .ratal la tka ? u ?rr??r t? ? ?r*>? If H.*"*1' ?liwmij in am ' >?'! i>M4llf mi"^ rr?? t?? ? ?< ? *<UualM?* wAot hu mi*?*' u4 ??irjMi.?xr. ' ,kU *?,*** "rt# MM* tor Mf! f %h?T ?' * ? w.nkU.?>ur><?H'u fw? Mgy tmrnpm H immtm m+ ?r?*m *' *?* fr?? M tk?f -*/? l? *?***.?-. ?"' ^ r?. Mtt ?!- wi?i* *???5 ""i*' ?- >?f ?tm* |?t. ?. Ir ? ! M?"?- ? ' .****? '.. Or?? ? ?f tM'Nt. > ? M4r?at ? "* " * > T"*fc n< kr litur *Jt? 11*. CO*?rm, M DVARI *nU#T H?S, fO? TOT U r?ckc?, 4 laf? pr*-- < Mi? ?t?m. ? ?? < ??rr*rl?l u< tfc? it ?* lw?f Itf4 ?IM ( tkla a|l< M )||tVMl(fl4af?. * NXMtmi. M w iiw I MMPlCAJb. 5oo sa/s^er^ns^jst triota***. aad dmilar It ukN..^li^S witkoat tk* 1h? r**tricti*a* Cf iltt, drtak, uHnn,? faitur* of tv? knadred 4 ollar*. Furtlitr? the <1hw luir k* ultnoM If a do** of Ik* *l*tur? It ttku whoa TlCTiaat It (? pat no la kottlo*, with fall dlreotloaj, at $1. 0^? V?IvJ laat* a WM-auj an onred la two day*. |s- atit v. i S RDffl. in Broadway i 108 Bayard itraat. Nbw MBDICAL U00E8.-A COMF1.its PRACTIC 11 work oa t0? aatur* aad treatment of private diteueo, >,TI<,..arM, aad all kindred affactioaa of the uriaary organ*, llloitratad by a treat number of beautifully colored plataa a* large at lire. By Homer Bqatwiak, M. D. Large luarto. 3t0 tag**, 2d edition. Priee $10. Ritraot from the Boetoa Medleal aad Bargieal Journal:?"It may ba eaid, fearlaady, to b? equal to Rioerd'* or dcton'a work oa tk* tame family af diaaarea, aad far anperior to aaythia* of the kind stoi KMUbod (a thia oonatry." Aathor of tk* werk oa Benuaa aiiaaioaa, Impotenoy, ke., eauaed by Improper habita. Fourth editloa. 14 platea; rrice $1. For aala by the Pabliaber*. 8TRINGKR k TOwNBBWD, 122 Broadway,aad k) tk* anther, MM Broadway. Dr. glotrb continubb to curb all thork .ilffleolt aad promoted oaaea that hare eaoaped from the haada ol empiric* and madloal preteador*. Dr. 0.1? rogiM&rij eeuraiea njimu uo ni|Hi 01 jd jt&n experience Offloe 13 Abb it., mr Breadway; private trust thronth the tatry adjotalag hi? itore. DR. JOHNSON, NO. 1? BCANR STRUT. BO WBL1 known in tke treatment of delicate diieae**. The I>o?tor'erepetation for ikiU in thee* half.oured owl, that hast exieted for year*. i? pre-eminent. Constitutional MBM brought on by a mm habit. efftatnaUy onred. Recent mm nre? infoardayi. List or lbttcrs rimaininq in tu niw yoke Post Office, October 93, 18S0. OrnciAM.T rirBuaHm> n rxi run urnii TU ui*m Mfvunoi. Please bmUoi the date of the lift la which they a.-e adfliUMd. LABIHV LIST. Abraham* Miu Kate Adkinion Mr? Jane AlMion Mrs CathlAherne Catharine Armitrnr Mri. rine Aiher Mnjneephiae Avenue B Albro Miu Marion Arigt nia Mra, Abrahams Mix EI- Aloorn Miss Hary Scammel at Ian Ana AihfordHrsCatha* Anditwi Mri Clara Austin Mm Amelia rine ^ Aiplea Bliiabcth Baeon Mrs Char- Brown Mrs SF BelfonrHrs lotto A Brown Miu Una- Brenan, abas HeBradley Mill Caru- both Carty Mary line Brown Miu Mary Beat UN- a Frances Bailey Mra,Janiant Broekway Mrs Brins Miss IliiaBaker MisaKeiiaor Pearly both D Mr Junta Boyle Surah Brim Ann Iilaok Margaret Bruce Him Agnes Bicknell Mrs David Mangy Miss H Burrell Miss Louisa Bridgham Mra Clark Barry Mm Ann B Bock Madam.BroaUBarkerMriEA BurahamMraC way Burnett Mra, Cha- Byrac* Mr* Elua Boland Rosaaaa than) ?trnt Brady Mivs Bridget BmadbriIge Mrs, Barrett Budget Bradley Miss Re- ?1-1 st Bait ley Bridget beer* Baton Mrs A L Baxter Mile Mary Baker Margaret Brown Mrs L Beatty Mra Blare Mri Mary Brown Mrs Amos Bell<>n Ann Blake Miss Ilcia Br<>wn Mrs Leonora Berry Miaa Caroline Black Miaa Virginia P Brentian Miu Mary Baanington Mis Browa Mrs William Aan Ellen Bayd Jane Bre?er Mill Mary A Barry Miss Ilannah Bourdett Mra RliBird Mary Barker Mra, at Mrs labsth Briton Madam L, Hay'* Burke Hisn Mary Greenwich it Baractt Mrs Han- Bucgshaw Madatn Billiland Mra M, nah A Allen roadway?1 llarrett Mra BUia- Byrne MisaTB, Ana Bogardos Mies B'iia both at A Batten Mrs Mary Bryan Hiss MargaBolton Miss Sarah Ana ret Bros* Maria C Beaoh Mrs, 17th it Bryant Mrs Adaline Brooki Hiss Aliia L ^ Blarney Miss Fanny Craft Mrs I.ticretia Cortlin Aon Can Madam Anno CaffreT Eli?? Crowell Mi- Ellea Cave Mri Tho* Chambtr* Mrs Croi-?aB Fanny CluaryCatharme or WUhlrgton Coi'clli Miry Bridget Charlock Mrs MllfsSCounliiitin M;k< tnii Collins Catharine Cl*rk Mrs Kash- Cowcn Mr< Belinda Chlnan Elira ingtnn-t Co* Hi*- Ann Clikcr Mi?s Ann Clark Mrs Wm Q Currcn Mis- Ann Marin Calwell Catharine Jan# Coaly Kargaret Campbell Mu- Mar-Cuntnf or Mi"Jaae Connell Mr* JerethaM Cunningham MissB miah Card Mr? Mary Cnnniaiham Elira CoacannoB CathaCaryMr-GertrndeM Cillrsy Mr?, Wa?h- rin? Carly Catharine logtoa .t Mr> E A Cargill Rtcliael E Cha.<c Mise Adeline Corkry Mra, Water Carrell Cordelia Chapman Mine Mar- atr:et Ca*ey Mary tha C'jreotan Margaret Ca'udjr Julia Calialaa Mir , Mir- Croei.y Mlsa CathaCatrell Mr- Fairfax gar;t riae Can field Mary Clark Mi-? Elwa Cj?xrore Mi-- Mary Ca*r.aangh Mi-? Clave Madlle Council Mri,Suffolk Ellen Cald veil Caroline street Cleasby Miaa C,' Crannic Ana Cover Miss E J Bowery Carnr* Misa Xliia- Crowu? Mr> Finny Checs*nan Miaa beth Cu.uel Mad lle MaFhebe Ann Carey Mary rianna Coleman Mrs Carney Abb Ciirrun Mr* EliiaCliaton Miia Caro- Carton Mri Char- beth line lotta Cummingi Mra CenlaB Margaret Caeey M!?s, Bi.yari Verina Conley Ann street Cunningham Mill Ongdnn Mri Mary Caitle Mrs M, CnioB place Cooney Mary Cuaidy M ry Curry Misi Julian C'orry M!sa ABB D Paly Mrs, Lewis at Doonaa Mary Dirwla Mrs CatliaDaly Mies Julia Dundlc Mre Mary rise Daley Catharine Doyle Catharine DelahantyMargaret Daltcn Mrs, Kcseat Duffy Bridget Devlin Cathariae Da| hneiMr.-MichaelDoff y Mri ElixabetliDlbtle Mrs H E Davii Margaret Duffy Rose Dryeke'l Mies Mary De O 'Bdrtecurt Dunne E'.Ua Donne lljr Mra J, Madam 4 I*n,*hir Smerlioe Mil ii "iverraui Julia Daly Mrs,M?nr?e it Donovaa Ellea Deane Ellin Daly Mrs Sarah Doleavy Miai Mary Deraea Budget D-ify Mrs, Pearl at Djouan Cathariae D.ay Ml-- Mar.arel Lalto- Mill Mar- Derrisi Mri Martha Deees Mrs Jaae gertt Doagla" Mill A an Doha Abb faulty Catharine Duplies!* Miie Cortl. ,111 1... 1l? ?,ll. Mr? l>r<-call Km Mary [it Itvk lluilm Duffy* Ana UtritU lit Ctto- Unify Mr-Mar / D"bI?d Kity liae Doyor Jtlifi D>arraaAan Dmi CllhniM Dnun MnB D"i?>?n Mary Dciiham Mr* Sarah Dtyu Mn Ana Doacihit Mar?ar?t B fu>*n Catharin* Carta Miaa Mary Farela Mia* Emilia li,ta Dtront Edaard* Mix Jaaa Ellall Mr* ElUakat i Elitr Mn kliiaWtt P rtuun M?ry Fllna Mr* or EU*n rrad*rick* Madum Fraacl* Mrl, Law* P***r Ferrla* Miu Sarah r?ac? it Flnigaa Mia* Mar- Flawwallin* Mra Farrall Mr*, Oak at (ant Julia S Farrant Mra I F Fitijamca Mri JarahTllat Mra Mirla lama Ml*a Jan* K Fulry Mra Ellra Fialaan Aan Ft a nail Miaa Mar- Folly Mra Mlckaal Fltafc Mra Mni*ara? ?arat Fallon Ana FoaniMlaal'J Fialdta Mra S. MatlFlaauan Miaa Maryr?ta? Ellaaoi H?aalrtrt Frirrafly Miaa Calk- nah Flyaa Miaa AUy artan ^ Foatar Miaa II tiath Canaan J Madaa C, G'iffln Var<t .CbarTyfira- a Miaa Pan I in* llraadway alnal Oarbar Madamu.aalla Gallltan BrUtt Gordaa Mra Lauiaa llr*?a Wiaa X C>-ld?a Miaa Catha-Gikkxaa Mary Greaa Mra Matilda riaa UrilAa Marxt. John Ana Ga?? MianOaroliaaH atraat Glcaaoa Miaa H Claaa Mrt.C'aluabia Oriniall Mra J.Firat ttr??? ry Mra Dalia atrtat araaua Orimn Via* Eli;..- Oara' rill Mra A 0 Clo'ar Cathariaa talk Crtaa Mia* A E Coldia* Mri Ourualy Marit Ititcrtr Thtr? Biutir Km Catba-Ha?a"y Aaa Jih Uttkiti kn Ktltir naa U>.irii Mti T.alUla tin Maty II"M Kid Abigail i'lk| lUalay Mr* M Bcbba liu, Cham- H'n laranaMraAt-iBull lui bar* tt ? <? BhIiih Mar; II m r MiraAariiaaU* rixrt E'.na liar a* Miaa Jabitaa*H?raa M.aa Ana utaitoa Bri4?at lliilli HriVUha- l|or?an Maraarat Ui?t? *ln J?m rlna !!< xlaal In Illia- Blua llaaila MrtCharltt btili IIh kajr Aan Ttr-aa Uaa*h MlaaCaiba- B'uibtfiaMitaRaraliHIII Mra Camllaa A rlt> HobTt Miaa Sarah Blliaaa Catbarin* MaydrnMlaaBtraliB Barbatt Bra Bach- Hail,art Mra BtatbMra aal Iluobarl Bra Lriter Hraly Cathariaa Baffarr Bi?i SapblA S B??arty Naacjr Hall Bra Sarah Q Habbarl Blai Jaaa lliilima MraHaa-Bart Miaa Ana?I lliia<u<lriJannN ab Bartaay Mar? Buff In Maria Hairy Hniaaaa, llar l m.a MiaaBarrHufhaa Biaa lirj Baraaib atraat larni llnl Uuttaa ra.BuraiU Ilarri* k Mra Ana M Harm lta>Ua S F atraat Hatbatintioa Mary liarr <4 Miaa U P laitn Mlaa.OraaaHirbay Bra Aaa Mayaa Mra Maria wtah atraat Bit. >aa Mlaa*u?aaB Ilaywar4 Alalra L Bylaai Br* CathaBilton ? < Aaa Ua?th Mra Aatra* riaa Bart Catbarlaa I J Idl*yMr< Babaeaa Jtab'aaMift fraa- J aaa Miaa B B l> a Hra Jai a raa J J?aaa Mary Aaa Jic. Mra Tharaaa Jaraaiab Biaa Car- /< aat Mra Maliata Jabb Bin Mary Aaa rliaa ^ Jatawi Biaa S Baaa Biaa Bin a- Bally Bcaora Bally Miaa Aaa bath B-alia J an* Bally Martarat Baibiaa Biaa Laa- AaaaaAy Alira Baat Biaa Jh?? * atta r Biaa lay Blatuanr B naadjr Miaa l?ri4Battint Aaa KaaaOa> a or ftarah (at Baaaaa Baaaata Aaa'iaa Mra. V aa- B?y Mitt Bally BraMi M at BhtA- taa airaat Aiaaalla batb _ Raaaaa Catbarlaa la LaaUrt Mra Maty i Ualaaatoa Bitt Ltat Mia* Jaaa I ijkaJ't Mra Maria 1. Uaa?a liullaaaik Laagdra Biaa Ua Lariat Miaa BH:a- l."?ri Jaa> Laaaay Catbarlaa ?atA Uaa Bin Jaia LaaaMiaai att ariaa Ual*aa4Bliattalb Liibkrt4?a Mra B B L*< ann* Bra L? Lyaaa Mr* H. A*a A Lialagatoa Miaa ala4a f Laag Miaa Aaaa Cbarlatta Larry Miaa Cltka- Ui.|?a M<a,Caiha LI -y I Phllllt I r>ia rtaa l.<ngbraa Mlaail ri4 Lraaaa Br*. MWt at Laaaanaa Miaa, M tat U>i .n Miaa Marat aaaaaa L aaaa 1?b? Mra Lawta MraBliaaAaa lartm Mr* B.Ttbtl Haaaali Li I ara Uaaar Laaiblia Rr14g*t Lr?aa Mra Mary Lilian Biaa Latf Laa Bit, A*a A Lya4*ay Bra N Bar) Miaa Tr atria J Morv?a Miaa Oraaa Barrltt Mra Jaaa Mah-r Mar* MnrtaaMrtCamllaa Hilar Mr* Bobl Balrnay Mra J a- Mal"y Rntgai Millar Mani baaaa M*ld'?ay Hr d?*t Mitahali Bitt Fraa > ? ! mim rut- ?u?? Im M-illicaa Him Tt*- lilN'rtinl >W<?I AS* 4*ri?a M -T,., llM Maikar Mra U?o II A M a?' ?n MraMaihar Ma*??r Mr* lir^r tN M raa Hn4ft B*m BoJ* c ? r?h> In Abb l?rnwiliMlii|U Imkul Mn Mm- l>rfM l>rt l>rfM HuaiK niA lanbtllK lu(t Inlfiki It i?ri l?nlf Ulltlt Mikir |ih IIUi Inllnt Br* tvr titer Mn |>|m; Mr* Dul tm-t Mart.a IM M?rr I Mallall? Mr* iM Miak.l! B1 naka'k Baa-* I<m A n(*aia ail?aa?r Mm Dally lantln lull M<-a l Nary I, Htrphr i.'B?k? -J Maaaay Mr W m tMdMr Calk* Marphr Mary MraraaikMr>t*rah M?IUa Hat?*\ Ipn IMi MHckall Mr* ItfT iHUmi Mr.Brl4- Maria*1! Mix Mary *? * ? __ MarpU? Aaa -J Mm MaAIIWtar Mra.*? Mi.t 9. I ttlnrm Htfulii lirf A ! *, l<Mai>n Iriltif *<l*rry Blaanr ?I"|H Malaaaa Mm Mar- M?Utll Mn M E*! "V V. . .If1 MiOair. In.if r( ar<ky llaaarmk MaflaairiMlaiAu itmr atf?l ?Minir.t M* N ally 4aa M'?- Mia. ?! ? - * ?< ?>? farak or tl- Mr 4i>,lay Mr< l"ka latk l?aVA'k**B Mm Uttj Man ? MaSianai Mra. M'< laalay farak A arr-a llaa Mcf Nral at HrMg,t Mm arthr Mary M'Lau Mr. DaaM " t?at a>4 Mar* Ma? ar.lak B-llft M'BaAiaa M aa Ma t cD-aaall Mrt4?at M'Oa B'i4ja| M -Naaiaa M.aa ftaH'llraj Mia iaaa Brmata? I,aa Aaa Wr , M-**M?Aaa Maria _ Moliif Mra. Llkarty MaOrath M aa Vary M'lv?m lira. ?a at IrOaa Miaa All ?l k F|ra M-?la*ta Mra Mary B-f> nail Mr* M?J, M-v< la la Mil* t?a 'Ma(k Mary Ma (I hail* MaKra* Mt.a Am* _ iDnaoach C*ih* ia Mlw a*r?? P??*l Kit A*a Mail* Niat Kunclitoa NI**U< M>4 11* Ja Ntaal Mim Cltaa Mi flat ?l Mpaia* Hr? H U o Otto Mia War* (rff.*. Hi > M.rr O Brtwi a.M " a Ir* I W O'Litn < Pi'r a-| U?k??ra In a?f* O'Aaill Pun/ 0 *"1?? M-irr A C?r.<> ?H.?? Mn Rll?? 0*?atll Aaa Biaa liH O Maill tlloa c?ik? Ot??m Mr* t O lllay am (?>?< Bti llltit i>Hn.? Mr' Oak H awi'i Hot an aito^ o*a?*H r Umi m a?v*t I ??m Aaa ^ (>-Ura4f ar? FirllnVvi't rnlk fetkar Pntlw Mlii Btry P?w?n an Waafc- way f^WK*r?5VL BSBR" P Mi* M?r? PU>k? KiV^'*Periini Miu Fraa- Perkins. Mn H D liaa A _*** A PhtlkB film Pluaktil iu Pik? Ilu?k?th-J PrtatUa Mn P d Qttism Mtqint ^ Q?Ua Kuitnt R^rd Mr> Jnll* XukKnflw-l *o??r? MU*. Cherry Re ill; Mirft Kum.11 MIm A4*- H Re?d Abb lin? A Rot Mr* John ( en Ifn Kllen Bvin Juhunt liohda Miu Ailik K Rittirbnah Mri Rattoom Mi if, 8th Ronacaa Cath K.berta Mri Miry I it Runglei Mm Julia Rabertton Mri Baiily Bom V Sarah R*c?r Mri Hellan Byau Miai<Jan? K?fcn Mit Bi- Rich Mra J W Ryam Mary uiantha K Rvuk Mtrv Riu Hui R?t* Miaa Itirbirj Rubertain In Mu| Kouney Miu Abb B ^ Eirall?y MriDS Smith MiM Marl* Smith Mra AM Sulkeil Mra L Bhilda Mri D Smith Mri Q W L Pcnnlnn Bridiat Shillon Mr*. ISth it Smith Mill Ana bbantan Mri Ju Spring Mm Rhia, Smith Mill P ran cm Shaw Mill M R or Cath'e Smith Mian Harriett Shannon Cath'a SiigUtoa Mui'l Btonaa Mra Ii Sandaia Miaa Mary H.eridaa Cath* 8'iuiru Miia Anna Fuundi riMnPlnllia Shi pyard Mra, Run 11 Mn Eluabulh (liauft ntM?y Anna franklin at Stuart Miaa Payre Lucritia Sexton Bndftat Bullivaa Bridgit Sheridan Uridgat Btevena Rliiabath Sullivaa Kliaa Smith Mri Hinri- Bter.-na Miu Marg't Sullivan Marry atta Starrna Mr? Leti BrtliR Naacy Jane Sttlth Miaa Mary K Shrevan Miai Mary Syfeit Mm 8u?:in M Eivewriflit lira Dr Blioouiaa Mia?, Zlta Baundera Mra llutScott Mr> Sarah Aim it rlaet T

Tnhany Cath'i Trayner Bom Han- Toohy Julia Tracey Miia Kllcn nnh Thompson Mill Travii Mitu Marx't Taplin Mil* Kliia- Laura tl t>?th Thompson Mri MaThayerMriLaaran-Tcap Mr* William ria cy Bailer Tryon Mari't Taylor Mm, Rnae it Tobla Mia* Mary Tully Mra Bridgat Taylor Mra Kliia Toblt Miu Marx't Tupper Miu Axunta Taylor lira H*|>li I Tltompeon Mr* AMI Tburiton Mrs tfatbe ' Taylor Mr* Johu F 0 J final Miit Abb L Tim Vim Add Van Winkle Celia ! Vosbargb Mri Bury w J Ward lira John El- Willard AlmiraC-1 Walih Mar 7 ! liott Williamson Mra Welle lira Kliia X ( Wfcaley Mri George Wilkina Una Ann B Wetinor* MreTheo Waldron Susan Wiliun Barriat dor* R < Waltron Bus 1, Wood* Miaa Come- We?tfeldt Mr* Geo > Waahbnrne Mri N ha M Whit* Mra Kofes . Waleli Ellen Wood* Mil* Mary Wile* Miia Caro- t Walth Margaret Warran Mra line < W'tmor* Mrs Sarah Walters Mary Williams Mary i Taylor Waldron Mra Wine- Wilkina Mi?sAnne-2 . Weitfall Miia I?a- fred Wilann Ann Jan* I dor* Walpole Mr- Fanny Wilton Mm Fanny < Wright Mri MA Witlih Mra Bridget Wood* Mm Julm < Wotheripoon B"E y I ' Young Miaa Anne Young Mi** Elenora I i GENTLEMEN'S LIST J A AdamiJAlonio Ackerman Johan Adair Putriek < Abry E Adara* Col J P Adams Mr I Andrew! It <'a. DC Adams Alrin Abgar Ab'm 1 Adama J F Akin Chae R Alexander Dan M 1 Alexander Amoi W Allison Mitchell Akely R?jv Bmij i Albea Samuel Alden Geo F Alien James M Alfort Augutte Alvord Germain* . AlrerJobnA Albeit M 'DI Her-.' Allen Win E AUdn Rioh'd A-2 I Allen Edward, Allann John AkinW?L 1 Armstrong J AkinCR Allen Joseph I Angi\lna ?r Ambrose ReverdyR Agent New London i Anitry E F Andereon Maibew Pack?ts 1 Andea Peter Anderson Jamea Andrew* Broadway i AnderionJ Anderaon Lieut CO Anderton George 1 Andrr?< n Hv MB-2 Andrew* J **ph Andrew* k Urik'lyi I Andrew* George Anderson J R Arrowamitb A 1' ] Ayr** Burns Antbon Richard E Ayeregg Gerard C 1 Ay re* Win H Arehdall Geo Atknson ft Rollina 1 Aaliton ft Bead AroletCaptJ An be Jean Baptnte 1 Aram Samuel Araubla J nan Pt>- AmoldCapt John-.' I Arnold Geo T bio P Atkinaon B T 1 B Backus T R Breed ft Co. 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Patrick IVaa ioha M t>m<a P*'rick I'afl'T W * Doan I'alH'l Daa?<* Hakart l>nara<i Praava Chartaa I a*k?? Paa'aa Jian f?y? I Aatkaaj * fNafaa ? D P??Hn Traak Dr)a4 * 0 ?r ? 0 #T? OIITW A^ar W?rt C I4aar4< ffa tw'oa *< N larli JVio B'jar W? I *"? ill'ka ?< ? T H inj Hatkaa *!?? T"' ?k? taaaa Thoaa# Kl?< ^4 rairark ant* Vara iarkalr ( karla# IKata Thaaaaa R-> J?ra Mr trf*l4 Thaatava faar*->? mm (-aa? IfiiMk* llWl.taK laMaUtl R-f?f Italaf iak* F riui Wm a tvm FaClaa B Fairleld ChM C Faiichlld Wm U rim o?? a ''**? i*>tw fwtoj i???4 r>|u Jmn Fawloadawa Mr Fairbara Alfred Mmior Wm Q Flaherty latl Flaherty Uwi< riutiu By rruw Dr J lluuj PMk O'CcaaeU IliuTa ?."".?L,Jot- ^ Farrah Jot Friauii John FUalahaa P?lk Faroell Tbo? FaweattWin ?**0 . ? Fkrau 1 b Q Fundi Matt Fwlkinioi I Favour ? C Fcrrtll) Ftlk Frnlll J 8 I Fergeaaom Wm Preeaaa i? FaatharaUa Wm Freeman Rev TQ Frtuiu W ui Freet Capt rrucil Fremaa Wiu F-.llowa Joihui Falter Ju J hiftiJx Ireland John U Fleua Saml J Ft?y(o|lo Jacob F Ftrrie Stephen Forguaoa H B FerriaThnF Fletcher J<e Feaneitav David Fereoa Wm Fennel W W Flaaiaa fhoa 0 I'letcher Wm Fleming Ltaal Ferria John F rrtataWmS Flint Frantia Fiadlav Wm L?wi? riia Wm Feildiaa Wm Fliaa Thoa Pitrgerald Wm Fiata I'atl Firtli, ThoratonfcCo t'nk Tbeopholee Fiaka S U Fritb Kd ntapatrics Nicbo- Finhar Ueo Fitapatrick Patk laa Fiunerald Mlchl Fuller Wm II Pitigerald Wm Fiti|>alrii)k Jaa Fvraee U?? rolMiB 11 jr r Foley Martix Forolet Joteph roi4 Wm O FolgerDrKB Front Win E Porreat Ju Ford Saran Fowler liut Floyd 9 Ford Jon Flournoy Dr Joiilh re* Wm S Kowkc f (> A Foadiek K B Flournoj Geo W Fowler A brim Frott li W ?2 Fulton Ed Ju I roit Vb P Fmkit John Wm FryarJolin t aruiaa Chat Fuller Goo B Flynnjohn I'yteAlt* Fvllam Cugan jkllina Wm Graham Wm Gallagher ChM lialo K F k Co Gallup M E Graham Thoa 3allaghan Barnard Gallagher Tho? Gallagher John Ballaghcr Jaa Garni Wm Gamble UN Bannon John Gamble Ri'bt Gara Jaa A Barnbam Mr Gardou Geo P Grary Sam I 3arnham E W Gardner 0 Garner John 3ray llui.b Gray ilunrv Ganvin M?ua Bray Kennendy GuyAmoaW Gray John B Blaybrook B S Gaunt tin I'atk Granger k Pbilpa SreeneJST Green Jaa k Co Greta John T Sreen Jobn S Green Ja? A Jr Greon J U-2 UleeaonJabn Gter Oeo W Gregory Daeid E Blen Saml Gerry John Rocaay Gereda Antonio Benet Matbiew George Wm t Raciner Berriab ('apt Jtaeph Glenn John Glen Saml Qcorge Tbos Genter Cbaa Greiley Mr Bertari llantiat* Qertyoriraky Bru- Gltnneld Moles Bileaey Jaa non Ueraa Chaa Bibbini Mh hi T Giddmgt Dr S UrittUba Mr Billlaplo Go Geo L Gillidtrt Edw Uritfin Thoa Biililan lleromlea Grtawold Miltoa W Cillmd G Dilpin Wm Giltlaple I) II Gi1>-e Wm K [JilpinWm Griaoure Jobn U Gillum J W Unmet Patrk Gilaion Ili nry Griawold BW Uuigraa Leandrr Oilroy Martin Glinn P II Qllbtrt Man tllut Gillen Henry Gilmow Wm Uoddard Leonard Gilmore J C tllnaty Mathw Boadell Henry C Guiding Walter (i ma Alfred Bolden Miebl Gilliam Mr Goodwin 11 C-2 Bcldimith Binder Qolah J Golaoith E I, k Ca Golden llonry Goodwin Saml Srolgtn Km G?rd<>n Acklaad W Gouran Jaa Horn W Glover John Gordan Adam X :ior<on Jat (iorman Jat Gorm Hum Butrlne John Goth Geo OoidonGeo Oorney A C Gurley Gao 11 Grumman C M Btnlltdran Imllit Gutrel Wm Guatlnu Dr jut heron Mlchl Gurmendikt R N Gulfoyt Godfrey Bruninger Saml Gueam n Victor (iunn Gao llurnor Jat 11 Guthrie Jat Gathrie Mr BtnbibeA II Dale Wm F Ilall Smith Hntt?a lobt Baaiart Wm C Bale Capt P M Hallovay Tbos Hadley Steph W Bait Capt I'hilipM IIad Mill Aaa B BalplnGto Haley Edwd Uallock Silaa Hallaran Michael Ball Jot Uilliran Jeremiah Mailt Co KG llallAobtC Hall A Hall J Hamlet Win-2 Hall K 0 lUnncllv Jtl I'lrmnn 1%' mi A a r. ?! J r Harrit Tlioi Dard"erjio"L-3 Birring * Co J L Hart Jan llarrii I<]?d lurwood Geo W ijtrrii J Hart vr \ H Harrlton Tho? Hardy Henry HLrri,ou,ptriim niru o't1* "arry Thoj Har4?roye Edmoad S:&,% ux,j * &jr ssstfnt flat field Philip llaaee Diirid B U?? 1'itk f Uatck Hiiy|4 B Hatkint Wald., K llivn k l'? bawk.aaEdwd Jiayee Jacob lisyn-y Thoe JN ? j t'l? Unrj 0 HccktuaaAB Heard John U?d(u Frederick Healy J S*Mn *^5h" { ""? HeenyJaa Heath Hoary Q <nn?n A B Henry Prof J If1* I ft .1 Htadoraoa Mr Henry Capt J W jltnthtulTe Jolia Henry A J Hendly Ro?er Urnr* H J Hoornan Itaac Berrcy F Anetla S'Uli?? P?.!r He rdliaat T B A U%na?h?l?tt HerlyPatk Hea Uadjoteph ff'n'SJ ?# Hick* tCoVa II Ir?11> Cktt 0 If! ! ,v" U'" J"hn B|U '? ? !!! ???? Btamaall HineiDarint I KikCoJ llofaiaa Mr Hollaty Alfred D if W * i Hu ,?rt D K H lah J Hark-2 5 # Holintt Byron H>bbt iliram U Hofcldt Capt J lln?|ia< Owen Holland John Ho* y ft Co Hoirma 8 Haa?t 4 llokaahal Kdwd lli pno* Pnmrote II. ployS Holdea Charlet Hurt ft Co 8 Houaihaa Thot uopkini Bly ll?wtrth Walter Howell 1) Buu?htalia Fraa- H >nde J t ELe ll uilihau Patt _01? . M Hu*hetOW Il.ikoard S<hyl?r Boaard NtnUi Hoihrt J?ha Hubbard ft Co J SutrdThot HuUruu M Iluber lleorjr II Ball ft Partna* Dullard Wm L llnatBd?? Jues Micharl Uuat Solomon T llnuUr Mtthew T lutulty ? P llun'rr H ut Iluoiitiire} Vfm J ilt Jaa UutcMag Capt llniehlnaoa Rlwd luiibitKi K m W"'.d ' llyaaa Joha Hnii-d Jamea ll 'UMoion Win J line.'Hutchin.ou John HurJ Geo lut'ktai Aatrtm "u.ey Joh. I aelleCha* Iradeli J Ire tan J staph B llianartk Rokt lrlatd Kiehard lairaiiaa S f ppardTb< t J faaper tieorge Ja )?? Louie T Jarvla I Georre hieoh J nr.. Jmr/rr Mat Jt *t'p <?eori<5 lellllf Aaroa H J<ili?VmU J Mr A K lehaeonRdwin A Jobea J ,ht. W J?ha? a Jonathan T jobaioa Paul W J *?* ? Hiiv-y Johastoa Peter lobaui W J frt? Uj |' >lita Johnaloa I'atar John liayid J m, ~ai?.> l.' ke JuJiS?J MH>wV?.ii r J"li*?lva Joha Joilyn LC Jeara Copr.aad I Jcydaa John Jw.?iWaH JoLaa ft. Jonitiat Alfred Joava Jam<*? Joiat ai J'K..J hn Jolintan U F Jvaat SUpkta J ,a,. H B Jad(e Patrick K *" ?* Day 5"?aa?h J at KtM Patrick fti " a"n,J5' ? K"'Jr Dr M ?5 / . Kelly C_ Karfa 8tna?a Thoa J Rally I?ar(4 |> I'm'TV* ktaraay Joha Kaith W H Kelly Joba k^lu-an Patrtak Kally Jaiott?2 Kaaa r Wa KatarJohaT Ktlay Oil'hoat K.llyBer Kefiay Daat.l Ktaraty P kaaua? Fraaela, Kaaa?y ft AIford k<aa<dyWB Tbill.p, a Jat Kean.itH'ary Krmp Wai 11 K?a>?aJoha Karr Janet i<kdl( II. ary I. kaiudyjaba Karwia Bdia^ad Iicttf litkMl Ki;ta iiimv K?|ii i nu II K>Mlaaae Mirhaal K-rae; II i*h Kali luat Ar<-h C k-T-iillrynn Xa>(liio? Ml-.' KriagJallua Kniiht Th"? S Knight < hM Kirraaalha* IH?th< rtrK Kiag Chaa irk Jobs tiqiKI' Kii ling J U liaailt Tboi Kt?? Math Kiutmal Am II K irvia Pa'rlak Riraaa Thai Ring Wichaal Ktmbtr!j Ju Ruk /aha Raowlaa Richarl L UiliiC Tlinu 01 L?T?tt C?r* U W Dtiiia Loabaj tkaa I ?'k?? *' Uxmar Jm Langhlia J..ha Largridga Jaha Uurr " itinr Um-laiu W I aaahrra ?a AtklSIa U4|Ua Miabl l.aaah I'atl LabarraPO-J l.nkaaa Alai I ?a? Mr Hraadaay lai dry II A l.ynuh Joa J Laraa P-t l.a.-hra Hugh l..i.<a?on NTakb Utrim fa V Uaa (> > l.anra* Jama* l.aa raara Capl W?l?ai?ai4 B R l.aka Cuaataal IgfkryA Initio D Li it !..??? I'hu l.a-l<iy I'atrlek l.atl aa Mr l.allyPalt I a? b W UdtiUi Jiomi LamhJatnaa lalaadVV-3 l.arkln Martin I aai?at Nartaia-2 laan>y Miakl Laagdoa Hrakta Latlifo It Bilchar I t' t W la'lir I'tft Jrha Law Win l<rt(H TLoa Laatall Tkoa R UntBf 1 Uil Git'|a I'd Joba H Lartnar Dan! lainaid iNtaii L>? Uiard l.aaania Jacob l.taiar Jaha II I Laffltigaalt J C I an Jacob la* la K' ralmirt J t-?l? fr?< f Laa C Lxiaptaattn l?a*yjaaaa U> lafat K LlUla Va l.aa la Aloata I . ary I'uraahil l.i|>nab I)m Laatar lharlaa Urai I't'.k LirdaayTh.a Laptrn Allan l.>a 'anarOi I T Lltwa?rt H R Iaij k Ca l*aaara Simla l rHI, Llaaraa Don Baallin l.???t C ladaa P.laa'i MtadarLipp Oalllaaaaa I .a wia Alpli?aa LmI* IWra L it Thaa llH JB?W I ' raa Jamaa litiatiua VFL l.'inta Simoaa U*i J' ka P l<aag? Uabala Liadaay Haary U.raj N Ladga liankl.a Lialda rapt Jaha La a?> Tk?a I o-ka Huriraa V l.adaafalaar J ba Itaaa i M Ixvajnt Raaha* llring"-"n J R 1.1 < laptaa llHff U flaaa faary k CilJ<.?d 11 O U4(a Baratar lk?n< A l^-tlar Oftaad? I ?a?k?t I' at Laak Uaa I Lartaa Uarry Lyatk Oaaa Mart 1.1 figaar Oia- Mar-1 aa Maaa MaMalar 0 P II* MarkWni II Manama Jaa E MararWm Maaaa Jnba Maltar saial Maaailay ( I Mattan oa<> Mall ry Jaaa-a Makoa Jaha Maatataaa Nathaa Mabaaay Palk Nagar J ok a MaaaiagPta Hal a?r Tim. thy all' i-j Palk laU kaar.ta Maaataa D>aaaa fcah<aa*Patk MaUiaJanai |<l<naaaa JaaM Mail'a Baraa Uaa laa Palk Mania Mr feaalry J< ka Martin Win W Marila llaraard Maalaa Matklaa Mari'a k'l'lna Maalay Painak Markay Praarla Martia Jaa >a M a a -11 lavr'aaa Mar a r V Sara Sartta I Mama Rnbatt Patrlak Nafta Jaaiaa Ink lUMrt Martia Jaha M<> a TH aat I. MairaUalk Ual Nn<a<ll'-a P I. Milhaa.a Mark Ma'ai 0 MatKraa Jam?a Mtlh?r Maarga I* M*r a J ??? Mal(aaO*>M Maa< a J?ha ath?r !*aa> I L M u ?-ll Jaaiaa ata.iilaaa Patrt-k Matkaaa** Ma* II 0 M- aaaaiia Mr tvwryn m "111 I ' 'II 11 b I I Ntaiaty Jala IhUi J>ka R?a? r M>.kan? 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Hbtb ThamM ( 'Mall; Id ward OrReill R.r Father O Naill Joha O'Urauy Pan OUtgaa Dauilo O'DobbI Jaaei () Dinnofthuo Jao PO'Uaxau Dauicl Odall Andrew J Ibomu OdellJohn ON.alHuth Oliver W 11 OrrJohn Ormebia B?bJ O'Shea Jarnaa Owena F! O'Reller Edward Oaborna Albart O'.'heajoha Owea Id ward C Shaugbuesey Mi- Opi*nli?iiaar Far- O Roilly Jua* abaci diaaad OrrThomaa O'Reilly Wm Oliver Aalraw Prall John T Parrisen Wm O Parker Rcnylar B Parkburat Cod- Palmer J II Palmar JaiQ yerre?2 Packard U O Parry Julia Park Robert Paine Alirtd Paeco Themaa Palmer Tbotnaa Parsons W li Pasae James L Patterson H D Patten Wm C Payne Charl.l P.ddi. Duncan Pease E M Peak J M Pease I.uthu P.ll ChasC 1'eok Win P Petp Gi orne P!.el| a Samual Pl.elan Andy Pbealon Andrew Puraoa R Phelan Jeremiak Peck W H I'eter lo? T Pearson John Peudlatoa C L Peadleton Fi&.taj Preecott U O l'reveat C B Posal llattio Perry S 8 Peterson J C P.rty A J IViry Jai Peraine John Pea|un"or An- Pepino \nthony Peace K 11 theuy Perry Wm A Perry NtraU T PerrinekCo?2 lenllj Perry DrA'ax Fine Jno Phillip Joah Phinev D M Piarsm V R Prlehard CliA* Prior Br Phillip* Thoa PiolliL-uie Phil brook Geo Piu*leJa.iK PiereJasli Pidceon Euxese Pinner A Miehaal I hi ipa (ieo Phili|? Nai htali Pitcher I'etar M Philipe M?ae? H Priat Darwin E Philips Chaa Pott rS II Porter E k Co Parches Arnun l Potto'Jno Power Geo Farmer Por Phillip PohI Ja? R Porter Aathony Proctor Juo?3 PotfrJaa PortorPredB Porter Saml Ponall Wm PaliuiaJnoll Pomaroy t'h?a l'awnr Patrick Pas da Saml Pori Andreaa Pollo-k Petaf Plummer < apt Pulford O T Push ki -hd , WashiagloB Prirh Jaa H Pulf.^rd Mr Plumb J Plunkett Thomas Plummar Wm P Piatt Joha II Park, lSei'jamis k Patt-n Wm H Pratt Wm W Co ? Payaou Ira F Q. Qrirk Thoa Qnack.nhos 0 B Quian Barry ouelet G tj jinn Abraham Patrick $uiuaT iutiM i'00 u naoe j A n iytn >n'j i M Ki.DC Wiu F Rajbonld D Rlakia Bdw'd Ray Francis hand Ueo ltaad P S KtK'iRlilri Fran- Huy Ja Randall UW cesco Rmf Alex Rathnyueag AntORaadall Andrew Reynolds II T. uui KriclikardtCuutare Ronwiok II II Reed R k Co Keid Artur D Rcmsen W 11 Reynolds J H 01 Ray James Rene Monsieur U Co Reynold* R 0 Tlieodoro Reedy M.isriee Resd lteubt n Reiley Gill>ert V Reynolds Peter R< ady James Reynolds Jno Ri'iuiie J Riley Patrick Reeves J P Rued Daniel Rlckard Jas Rice F. K Rick Alexander Riobard Stephen RicoPorlo Rn?s David Riol ardson Jas Richards Chat 0 Richards Robert Rilly II D Richnxad U tu li Ril?y J"> kicktd Davll Itittenboun Cfeas X Hire William Rich 11 II Ridgley Win P Kltly H-jan Rider PC Robertson Kobt Rolrh ITa Robert! Jno Robcrtcon A IV Koblason Robt Robinioa Kda.iri Robinson Fayette Robertson Wra Q Roberts Jno 11 Roc li Jno Ro'linson llenry Rodgers J no Rollield ( < ' A Co U ill llaviil K. tern llith.i B Kocben Fr?dor;ck Robinson Jonathan Rockland Unl RoiucOea-; Koaev. It B J Round Ceo Ruoner Jm R.i.thron Cdwia Ron* August!!! J Ross Jno II Kofirr U U HoustiaaJas Itouca Tlioo Hoes lA>ri S Rothchilds Surol H main Mr Runkel Peter Hutdlt It I'has W Rudolplnon Fredk Ruseel Peter Rjan Nicholas KnssellJno Rylun Kraucig Russell Peter Ryan Jus Rnmhln Thos R) an Daniel R)au l> Rusk Thomas Rj an Valentin* Ratensteia A Ryan BltnoaJ RiitiellTC Rogers llobort Rose Levi-J Roberts Edward Roldnsob Walter Robbiasoa W H Robert! C S 8-2 ^ Robertson W U C Farford k l'ntae- Sraulding i A St John Fmn<l? lee St Felix E lwar'l flalteeaeide llichd Small Jm Saltitn Albino Suiter W H St Ji bn R ivmond (h.ju?JC Startord Patriok Stnnxn John flaufcr I A H Sltaeaan Thos, Qumecy bhanaon Thomas, Duane street Slantoa Suml Wi.tBJwy Stably J W Sanders F flraraell Jno lb?*ia?i MT frhaslr Pall Baaa Jan Scania l Jno flanlirft n T P Fna'hle C H fl?al! >n R Swarey EJaarl Shaw J W Sharp Or Oeo K flayers M Shaw flary Sa inhere CK ShawPMilip Bflnvilloi) Bauadere Mr.ll eml Helgntck A E fleers Mr street Feiluiy F W Spur E i win Sawyer Chatlea Sheeter M m 8?4ill? P F hbebley Chew?2 fearing Rnbt Sweeay Tbomu Sheahan Jamea Stebbias Francis SeddonRlsaao Soars C W flbea Jaa Andrew Stearns Kn. ene Schedel Oerninf Sheahan Daatel Saeeny Mr 8*<>ly Bamael If Jr ? Self Mr S*ig!e T Sheahaa Adwill >t?in L? 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