Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1850 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 5979. OWE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. A&XIVA L or THK | BRITISH STT IMSHIP ASIA. THE SCHLESWIG WAR. STORMING OF FSEDRTCHSTADT. THE REPULSE OF THE ML8TEINERS. MeiEJIfiNTS OF nil IS NAPOLEON. ~ OIK Ef ROPEAft rOltkt>l?<?llDElfCE. THB MA31KIITS, &(., Sic., &CM The Pritieh mail steamship A*ia, Capt. JudUina day morni.g, from Liverpool She sailed thence < on Saturday noon, the 12th iust. She has, there- : fore, made the passuge fro n wharf to wharf in ten ! days, twenty-two hours, and ihirty minutes. The A?ia, on her outward pnsaage, arrived at Li- ' verpool en Sunday the Bid, in ten days, twelve i hours, and fifteen minutes; ?ui the Pacific on Thursday, the Kith, in ttn oiys aud twenty-two hours. We arc indtbted t? Captain Judkins, of the Asia, for the latest news received Sy electric t?le$raph jn Liverpool, a half an hour previous to his de parture for New York. There was no alteration in the vilue of American State str.cka during thr w erk, in the London market. Annexed are the quotations on the 10th instant: ? I nited Statf? FWe per Ount Hotidf (18W)... 93 a 94 ' fix per Cent Bi nd? (isHJ). . .103 a 104 ' ' 11 *?*)... 109 a 108 X " Six pt-r Cent Stock (I867-6S). 106 a 100X In Fiance, the Pret-idrnt i?<M-cuiiied in reviewing and feasting the soldiers, wliil?' hi* minister* are busy in prosecuting the editor* of the newspapers for infraction* of the new law M Montalivet has l?ublishid an hi count ??f ?hr moneys expended by the late Kisu of the French, which completely exonerates hiiii fri m the ch trge of ingratitude towards I.afitte and others,who a:-Mste<| him in 1830. This document has caused a great sensation ia Paris. It ' appears that M. de Persiuuy visited London on a | matrimonial exctmion, t'emg about to marry the i daughter ol the Fiince de Cum n o. M. Thiers was 1 at Clarcrnont on the fith mat. The grand Attempt of the Schlfswig-Holsteia srmjr to uko Fredrichstadt by storm, so Ion? threaten* d. f** failed ; the various assaults have j !>een repulsed with great low. of life, and the beau- : tiful little tewn ia h heap of ruins, and its inhabittints are wandering about without house or home. j Tlx- Holsteiu urniy is to bf increased by four bat- j tuliors, or more than 5,000 m*n. We learn from Cassel thit General Haynau is 1 under arrtet in his house On ihe morning of the j 5th, Lieut Gem rals Urll'md Gt rUnd, accotupacird by two auditor*, went to intetrrogate the General. He wass? ruth Astonished that h?* opened the window acd Cticd " treason " The officers, nevertheless, pror? ? <!. J. All the officers, except those of the j Hustara, informed Gen liuynau they will lay ! Wown theii situs, unless the Elector puts an end to the present state of aiTtirs. General Haynau at j fiiBt threaUued to send the officers who went to j arrest him t?> | rison, but when he perceived that they had t^Ltn measures to carry out their inten- i tion, he premised to susiwiul all farther proceed- ' ici;? till he hrid receivsd n?-w instructions from Wilhelm<ba<', acd not to break his arrest. The j General ia mi i to be an well. <1-L. C. . - I . t LI .11 . U?A. An?M..l ?* IRCCIH I Ufliri li ?'i II KIII'I U|iciir<i IH the Hasue, I v ihr King in prreou, on the 7th inst. The ?| -f< h wns of * very J ivora Me character. Auaijie. II .? ua, Saxony, nixi Wirtemburg, ha-e entered irt? an otleneive ->r<1 defensive afiiatK-e Huvaiia is t<> at-siM the Kl*<'ii>r of Hesse Cd?:el a ah trocp-'t, . y order ??f the Fr.uikfort Assembly. Thin, Pr? -> means to re?i*r It i* probable that this afiiiir * ill br'njj the (^rmm question to a crisis. Anothi r fi review took place on Thursday, ' he 10th ink . t Versa'lie*, it wim:h the President (if the Fie lie nl lie ami u inneromand fashion* tilde re ure nl. VVlien the cavalry nnjiepfed in if ill* I're.Mrnf. they cried vociferously) ''Vie Na; oleon!" " VI /e I Emperaur !" <J? . lifitidoa t orrrspomlriice. 7AK *TAT* of KI'MOri. frl'lay Kvt-nl'.f. Oet. 11. lHJo. 7"'? Af .ITi . /.? G'rm j i y? /' Kiw Cairf. />' ' France uj' <.n t?? th* i?ad In polntof Impor. tanca In li' il^.'noe o> o?ejrwd lo jrun by llilt cull. la aiylait I tn'allowed that a *nn'??hn of if views fcnd " <1 i ?r l'ait?. ebtefly at Vernalllea atwbirbi.ov v !< h?d r.|?l J the e?"u with o< H I rovUtut/* * ?:r? ? r< tit of which *?< that niMiy of Vive 1 t mp*r*ur, Vlvs Na* p_ifOD anl . kioatloti* Tbi?rtuU jive umhr^? to ?nm? of th* offlctr* Is cou 1. r J provided abaadaat material* for tha ra?ai'.< . . u l'r*?td> at fo comment uponAt the lart r? . i?w oet mie. 0?n?r?l ChtQitaralft clalBfd ' If?n<??'?*, sawt 4* via enmm* rtl*," to oaa of tba Inteadabt* of tb? Pinidrot who vti serving out li? rat: In'rn lni! r?, >ri- 1 thn t<) the I'rlii Che.ngmi.ier p?rc?-iv?d It. and putting spur* to his hnrta, galloped up to l.nuW Map.|?nu. sad aald ? i'tin-? ? < V *il I i "0 to * *ub irdlaat? wh > tells talsa ot M? comriamler ' Th? Pranldent took olT Ms *vrrla>tin,r ?oi krd Wat the tubcfflalal retired. anJ ChangarnWr g?tle|ied baafc to hm plana. Thlslnoident however le4toaarUti Wh-n tha National Aieembly was profftied a eotnaillto.-?>f p?riaatieaae or c.>ami i w? I ?' I'arti f > th? p.i : 1 f..?e o| ./ ? !? ef-nN ..I : . I. i li '* l '? "I li u* III pri.i .<?'ion ot AK.rmbly. ih? aoroinitlre ??? i i/it >k? i oa Hon la; <-t. >? ? ii. i>i f th? I'r ?! l?'i reduca lb" imj |tr It. Iia- -**n ?tyl^d.) Into < a?td"ration l*rlltlc I i lrclee in fari* were all In a hutx ai to tha renilw M Dupln. lb* Craaldeat uf tha A?s^in : IT (imt up fi ll rn?l' I'l I mi" _? .. .... following pt> > i el >htt p?<* l l? ir.? u nan of tba ta>m twra ol tha lommi^lnn If It will denmaiirat 4nnr? st-.jthlrj ?t?*. tha J-almay and dlrieloa wDiuh *tut< la partita 'n Kr*nio The :tg 'I tte c.minUlT ?< [ reel I I n?or hf '4. the Pi -.da?? af t.'i- A???Mhty. I.en <rml 'I !! ? i :p ml | n? Mlkt'lci ?' W ??. ?h'> li?<l a |> oTii.??l? mi mtO' ii'1 to | tl*e e?|latanom villi re peel lul u ndltluiie ori?e taada i>?? ?f lif ?li 'r P? ?l lh? iMf?t Mini, ml ?1??. jirTin ?r? wlilrh (nil fnrtl-tilartj a'ltacud lk? attention if he cirnnit aid wliieh tli* him th?? 1*1 ><? lha ( rnnsf < f . i r?l rHaa'puul, n*? tha' of ' I'lte f 1. ?,w. Mrtr" Al l- i ' tin*' ( the wm?|IIii?, mnnl n'BlliTft "f lh? r '?mitt?0 C?W!pU.n?'l that ?h? M !?! - "f <?f n' " ?' 'I ! ! >.. ri 'i i. i ea be ?atd? In ht? pr???n?? diiit*| the deftm* ..f th* r ope; K?d thtf aaked him wli*? m-?".ir'< h? int-?d<<l tu lake I > jre'ant tha leeurrenre ot i nrh e> mulnlntii ic?w<. Tl * IMaieier <.l ? ?r tiflini that the?e a *rdi I not ?rT?ar ?c l? '! rtnif t.i* ttri?aa ron>l4>riit?n of th- onm! ? : 1 : - !.! . ,.|.|, ,i. , I t y i i in <inr1rnr1. lh?j ar? lime la thalr pr?p?r flare, ul | in ht ( !< '' hi 'h 't? | 1 I |in?wr draw In'' h i ar?.T?- r.tnU, hvh ft-m yOdiloa Bnn?t and M. Ini|>m The tare* 'aid, " Hinrieur la lailtfe- * " trvTft* f'f VHfirnri V. il p n f ii'< pour n ml (ltel?*it?.f /oar aaaoar la a*t chli-nla:" ! ii lettoraert c i?l'iii?.| Ceaeral < H .ntpoal lS?? a?eueid tha 'nrrmllt## that a? I Jtriitfcr* try hud Urn <itl?fr?l ir htn |ira>tnt?. The roMnU' "f !> Ai?- a krd liraeral d'Rmfponl If he did nut tlitak that tl.- err ol " A U iTntl'lont ' ?*< a ffditloi ? "). ""* th? thi r,?? th? ittal ?f iti h?ia< utt?i It (ha a?l ll?t? >< ?'.nl I ai t mlj n t toWata U. hut w i?ld tit tho " < ?",'f mtaaiir* ti nafnro* raaaeat for diael Mae ard f<>r ' if rotmtintii n I If tha? waa the eaie? I iieoaMnot* ?* It?Mia tjr "Vita l'K?|><^-ar 'waa all* a< I illiMia * that of A l>aa I* ' reatdaai " iha Miaiati-r < I * '?' iai>lia I **ai * Ind not haarl lh* a J i f " Tita i l mf rear." tha . '<a*idoa that, ha thrunahl* 4 rrpro*eilof am ?aah di?. and that k? ?oul4 aat lira<i?? tat ?he roaimr tee e- uld anpp lhat he had aathoriaa I an/ I .|?pf'!?ki Allrae-i.?* a i<alf In <Jeaera1 (huraar mar, ta Miail'er -l/? th> < ?it aM^ir In tlhlrf ol the rm? of farl he anlttd ?ha i|n??foa H ho (ilaaeral ?:ha**?r,l?r) ? * ? ; ramiae'ot or aatWIt* t tiaaeral C! a?? iraler hefraJ (leaeeal ?t Ifantpnal tn oh. ?ar?a th**.. la h.i tn*liiy ?f 0 .nimand la Oilaf >f t ia rrfef Tan* It ?a? ao? baf.iea tha on<* n'ttoo of prorofa l?a that h* *a< bound to *l?a 'iplanatioaa ta ?ha Mlalatar <f War| and that ia hl? laallt? ol r*pr? tati*<i aal af eahafaf tha *i l witfea, tha ttitlilar had ? rt**! la pat ray aa'h -laMtloa % > M? . .. . (Waaral da iaraorie ar- th?? addreaed tha mealla* aad daanudad at Ih* >i?i?t?r ?l Wat what b? ( taid?4 to da a I ? K TV F. M< reaptotcd tbr fntuifl. In hi? opinion n oH?r of the day fcrb'.ddlrff tVn tr< op* '? inn'tr i .p of u'. n.ti'ational oriee, apt eared to be the c?;ir?e r">?'r?d in tl. ei rouinatanM*. Th* Mmiatar i.f War. in hi? reply. refaaed to publi?h anv (nth order cf the dav, wV 'li b* wouli oonaider. tas *a'd, a li'uiiaution of tho n??uttve power, in eppoaiti'm to tha lerialaMve powtr, M. Jnle? ile T.s-itryrie?Int tl.o Miniat*r ?f W\r hm juit stated that la disapproved of the crv of "Vive VEtnparenr'" In 11 ?rely im 'ul ivt'n ttnr| n if the nooeMity of respecting diaeipline and rbe Uv, by an order of the day, th? ejeeutiTa power w*uld only obey it* 'own oonvietloa It ti ( uld uiak. bo ?n i-iCfe o ti(? leti?la ve powa?. I' wauld ?imp!y annoua< i publicly i'? null ? with the Assembly: and thin teatimony of tti? l^rmenv and ?nod umlpra'aodini axlatinj! could htn r<i other iifeot ixp.ptmg that of giving confidence to all good oicizens. N ' withataiilinr thi e ebiervationa, thn M.nUtar'p?r?i?ted in hi* rcfoaal with rt?i?ot to tha oruor of the day. He merely renewed to tha fumiri ttea bia proMatationa that he I larr.e-i the cry <vhieh er> ?t?d so ttnic'i itneaKine'a and auaceptlMlity, and he pron-tred that no aedition* olamora ahould hrrcefortn be u tcred by the foldiera or tolerated by him. Tbf commute* than adjourned to thin day Friday. Oct 11. yepliriay (Thursday) bavin* been nulected aa the day for another icrniid r?vw? at V?*r-aill?? lly tb? I'arin express, juat arrivid in London, tho following account ot tb? mint ban bean receiyed ? Paiir, Thnrfdav, 7 l?. SI .?The mnah-rpoken of eavalry review on the plain of S&-o<-t, near VeriktlUa, took plaoa. and attracted an Immcnae cr"wd from Carle ami from all tha neighboring pla< ee. The number of troop* on thj (round * aa aboot 2M40, of whii h fnlly one half were cavalry Tha Pretideut of the tepubllo arrived on tk? gr Mind almrtly atMr eleven o'alock. having ctaia from Veraaille* in hii private rtrriage. ile na? ac<-< tapaniad by General d'flantponl, tto Minister of War, and anveral other general offlc?r?. be ..v,a ..I. uiuaj oriuiani a'.an. IFO nil war Irons the palace of Versailles to the plr.ln of Sa'ory. the rwu, through which ha pas.-ed, were deu??ly crowded, end he wei loudly oheered bv f he | eopli, kvt the greatest portion uf tb? oriea were ViTe 1* President!" with only ? flight. sprinkling of "Viva Napoleon !" end ' ViTe la Republiqno!" U?u Changarnier arrived at Verfallles from Pa-ia by the 9 o'clock train, nod w;\* on the ground *1 out half aa hour before the arrival of the President. Immediately a'ter the a'rival of Louie Net> >lean, te (aaaed ab ug in front of the whole line, both of the eaval- air! llfutr} but there waa bo demaaatratian er try ol *n\ kind ? mil inanniivree then took place, in tha envrrr or which. the light cavalry akirmhlitu, thl whole line o * heavy cavalry charged in line, the infantry formed iate f'lnaref, and lr evolution!. The dvflliiig of the Irei f?. in front ot the Preaidant, then took place, the nfantty taking the lead. The cha-aturaof Vineennea paired without utteiing a tingle ny. and the whole of the infantry, with the first a<|uadran of artillery followed their eiatapla. The cavalry fo.lowed the ran, *>ein? led by the carabineer*.? The whole uf the tirst rogiment of carabineer*, in paaaiug the Treaiueut cheered ? Ith immense enthusiasm. and an Irani enoe majority of them ori-d " Vive 1 Kmoereur'" " Vive Hapolton I" The three other regiment* of caranineere a'*? cheered, but not with ao rouah cuthuaiasra as the Srat. There were, however, a cjaaiderable uumber of cries af "Viva rirnftreiir !" Ti c regiments whioh followed were two line rejiimrnta of h?avi dragoons Tkey pastel without uttering a aigle cry. although the colonel of one of them encouraged hit. taen by crying " Vive l'Etnpnrttnr!" at the piteh of nil voice. In the cavalry redn?ent< there wae very little ohearing, and the only cry uttered wa* " Vive Napoleon!" "Vive la President!" It must be admitted that the trojps do not appear to b? ranch devi ted to tbe republican form ?f go vernn ent. 1c tbe whole c..u me of the review I ilid not hear a eingleeryof " ViTj 't Kepubliqne." After the defile the troops returned to the uamp of Satory, but 1 have not heard whether they were regaled with rhampaigne, oauaage*. and tiiuri. a* at the 1 nr-r retievrj griei [hi l'ie*iden?. aocemraniod by hit ataff, paid a viait to the eaoip, but Ueueral I'hanjarnier left the ground immediately a'tet the djliling of the troope. Th-? whole affair wai o*erb? four o'clock. The I'rraident then returned to the e .urt of he pVace of Vtr.aiile*. where his carriage vai waiting for M-n, and at halt-putt four he, accompanied by (ieueral d', the Mitiwtet of M ar, General H<>u?et. and Colonel Laity, hi* aides-de-camp. started fcr I'rnia 1 he review pasaed off without the alighteit aeeidoat, notwilkstnuding the immenso erowd <f people :itI vehiclea I'reft n' >The weath?r. though threatening in the m rnlug had oleared up. and tl.r i:roiin'* * as nor. a < deep a* might have been eipected , i oariderlng the r?in of the t wo previou* Java. Among the distinguished peraona pruent were the Marineaa aud Marthioneae of Nornionby, tbe IMike de "otomayor and eviral member* of the ro ; i dipl'm itirl**. Four Hr tiah officer* of lanotra followed among the atalt of the Preaident. The nest ateatner. which fail* on the 11th. will bring you the rt (ult? of the,'sitting of th? coi.nnjniou to day. 1 tliould not wonJ r if the a>.e"'m')ly ulioul<l be runvoi.ed before November. The eriaie ?? Rrimirg oti. Tho quarrel between Auatria uml P-ua?i? or th? Heart) <|Uration. remain* In ttatu <j u> The KI tutor of Ih'Me hasapje iuted (leneral llayii'tu (not to b' cjulountled with liarrlny t'ekina llaynau ) coinmaa<ler in nhief. Tba flrat atep of the general wa? to order the I'.urglier xuard to lay down their urrna TUey refaawd He then ordered the troop* of the line to dharm th -ui They refused A cammiiuion ha? been aent to the Klector. who held bia court at Wilhelmabvd tn aocuae the ganeral id exceeding hi* orders. A pretty ttate of tbliiga If Pru'aia interfere* on" way. Auatria threatenw to Interfere the other Civil war on a large aeaW hang* by a hair in Germany. A Huropemu war might to be the ultimata re*tilt. The war bet*, en Iienmark and the insurrectionary fiifbiea coutinuea with tinibaled fury unt gre^t lo*? of life Tbe l)atie?hiv? al way a the beat of it. The 8i'hle?wig? Ilf l*?i'ir er* have beeti driven b?cll Irom bel?r? l iedt'.i batadt. with gteat lo*<, alter ah iuattcctual alt* in) t to take thecity Uy etoi in Tbeftcooot panyitg paper* will givejyou full detaila. The tu.'iiiUr* ol the Peai'd Congreei htv* offored their good office t, but f ia a^arcely to hepreouiaod thai two iioyeriinient* listen to the advice of atr.<ugei?, however well lntentWu>?d that alvine may b*. viiiw Djoatmr uiiiku in t;n,4uil>cr? or A*?emhll*? ( t tha dil!>r<-nt Kuropr.m Sintr* *r? reaitwuibUaq for 1.1.The Hla# of lloliouil'n K^vrcb, (t>uol"f*d,) beam a plpsmuR cotuparlKtn to tb* r??t of th? (!?rui?n coutlumt. That bt Iho Kinrf Of Wurtemburg U illliou?. It In enrrcnMy repnrt*i that In ra?* of w?r, Auitrla, Hiiirit. W urlrmb>r( ami PriiMia b%?f mtrnd Into a 1" ague r:i. n?lTr ?lu "l-frn?ir? a^alnat th<i aabltl >na pKijfCtn of Prui?ia. Ttuse at ?ue oau prova tin* reality of thl* rrpt.rt l?end>ou a c >t?ii*d a-rootit of a borriblo oi>?nrreor?, it Ui?grac>- to hui'iamtj ; th.< uiurOor of ten n' blf Circn??ian?. who d<frnd*d br??-ly apninrt % PriiMlan d? ta.-Nui-iit whi b ?n<l-*i??or?-i to luake thi-m prlto nor*. (th?y having d"?*rt?d). to *!? tl-tui up t* tbn 1.uipttor of Ku-?i? It c.?nn.>t fall to crratv nnlr?r?al h 'rror anil njr.t lu tha br?a/U of ?Ttry patriot. 1 br < irrct produced *t Romo. by th# eilla from tha Fujoiuiau dominion* of the ArcbbUhop* of Turin anl I'mtllan hat not ) ! trao*pir>' I Th? forrarr hai iut j.roc??d#J to th?* \ *t'.e*n an wm ?xp?ntrd, bat h*< taken up hi* re?ldenf.? al Ijjrnfc'i In Kruno* Th? hoth. aded of OH^l'larl bat arrived ut K<nn". with a ?uit? of twn'y i ?? u anole?| ntlo*. A ki an 1 cnnMM "ry ?.<? ht Id at K'Ojh, on tti<* HO'.h tilt . at wblfh tha f>>llowlnt cardinal* wera appointed. In-In| th? ?*t number of foreign cardinal* *rir ppointed at onf i-onblntory : M< r -i-i|B?ur i'?ul 11 Da/id d'A.'.reJ, AmhbU'iip of TvtlilN Jt*a Jan| li fiotael * f)rbo, Arch'.l.h< p uf Tu'vIj. Joarplt AnnMih-f "f <"H'tia Js |U<? Marie-Adrita C ?ir Walloon, Aro.ilitlnp of Datar eta. Jud?-J i*rh Rant*. *rnlil.i?h?p nf 8?eill i, 1h..n)k* II mil Aruhbithap ut Kit id,t. tin mllita- Jt t?fh Control, ArtlibUhop ut Olaa'.i, ia Mara* i*. J. ?u Orii.'fl, ArcMi?h"p of Cnlo-r#. Olrr I'm I fr ? iiintij de < on a # Mtllo, Ar:hblih"p of Bt*o i* l' tlin*l. Nicdaj Wi'diiaa. AreliMihup ?' Wt-iini;ait?r, la K:.<|laaJ. i i_??tiip<.?itat (< rtMiUf ftn>, j ky th? Top*. Fit'-i Bnkopt.f llnjiv. ltl. fr -Jo I'm i r lli? p ol BR luw. The nomination of l>r. Witfatg * \rehbl*hop of Wertoutitter a Metropolitan # "111 doubtl?'? *l?a !'> 4l>eOMtaM la Kn*Uud wbera t i? lata t?Blrc>r*r*y h?- I'ra'ly lnrr?ta* J the ra|t. rati of both ptrtle< l!ooi' it rrtikin* rapid r-trlde* la Kunland; 71m wontd be a-ontthel at tha biiajhrr Of black go?o* and *l> urn "J bat* '.o b? M?n an'.klng th? Loti'lnu tboroagbfatM. It wit bit ji?t*r<*,y that I ml a monk fri th? PtranJ with uaktd In t and tainlal*. triling hi* bead* a* ba went 00 teemioftiy uucoatelou* ol the b i?y and animated thrrai ariund hici who. howerer. I m>i?t *ay, took bo ??hrt of blm Rely upon It you will h?ar bim 1 t thl* by and by* In fipain. tb?r? i? n> t much ?lirrin< Tba < ortri will thortly ratet wh?n It I* **id the <|U?Mloa of iba f< reljn botidholdei* wll, b?* ?p?rl?lly ?li?-lad to "f it ha* baaa 111, but li batttr. Tba Oort-i opant on tha ?l*t in?t There I* llltle In Ibe way of <<v<*lp. ThatJue.'nU a*p?ct*d bark *hrrMy from Halraaral. 8he ?l?<t? Kllnburgh. and take*' op har quarter* at Ho1yro'?d. I regret to >ay that tb* vuien ol th* H?i*>ani I* eerl>a*ly ill. ti ll not eip?*tr<l to *urr|re Uer mo'.har. the Px-Uueen of tba I ranch, ne??r leaee* her tide ; tha tioeheea of Orl?nt and tba Duk* of Nemou-* wllb Tb" oth* r ? nib* r? ?>f tba Orlean* farniiy. ar? tipwir4 at Ottend wh>? tba royal Invalid it atayiag Thar* ba* bern a *ort of huff at Madrid hutti-fn l?ord II ">wd?t?. ' 11T ami M '!' r a Hi 1 li* V renrb aml> <**a I <r but it ha* been mad a up. Tba empire of Hor*?ao it rapi rt?4 to b* In an unsettled ttata t;?lt, hat It alway* wa* M d? t'errlguy'* nil**ion to Load>n I* now fttlid to hara b*m a matrimonii trip on hi* own a#roust; tha loan hoaarer. wan. I b-liere. tii? ehi*l object. which l.a* failed Th* t*tabli*hmrnt ol a Roman Tatbolir 1 (Ifinltl nlr. land I* under r-)..temnia'loa (I't'onnrll * hrii**. In Marrlon ?.|uara la to b* let. and bl* roflln asd rematna reported to b* kept a? pj*iire? fr r payment rj the eip?a*e* int urrtd In trauiferrln j bit body Iron Qtnoa Tbere bare been ?ery *a?era fal*?, laat week, with gr?at lot* to thipplnc I enrioaa y? u a latter en tha ' Protection of Oetton In tba Writ Indie* *|rriply |a *h"W yon that the *ub j*?t tat oot been la*t *l*ht of A lottery ba* bren lormid at Pari*. *tyltd Lrtttry of tb- Initrtnof Uold,'' (Loltrit Jt$ I'mgnlt it nr.) *?r. n railll t tlrki f* at onr Irani etch Thl* lottery, anB( nor i to be undtr the protaction of th* Frenrh g?TernMaot, ba* for Ita ' bjt>'t to tend Are tbou<tnd Vt trbtpen (raltiitc>n>ly to the mine* In ralllorn.a, to prtride lh<m with outBt. tool* and profl*lot>?. 1 he ttnnrtrr't Ktrrnnr of (irent llr lain. [from tin' l.nn.iru Obt?rr?r j The return* of the qaart r'i r#v?nui> will b? m*tl? tip to Thur?<Jn? mil, th? loth of n?tob?r N?twlth't?niln? Iho *r?>at reduction* which hara ' Iti ii limJe in Ibi taxation of tho country. tba piiblle have been li-4. fiom lb* b?Ml of the la?t 1 two or three qaartern. to look fr r a on*t<l?I ruble buojaney to lb# ptihHc renonr.-i'* From , ttiiiin. lio??iiit. which it la only necuMH y to print out 'Imply, a?er? ptrton at e?i?te?i?.J to look Into th??a nil! n"t be mrpH??4 to I Him ibat, In j ?,omf?fl?o? wltli the f|u?rter ending tt?a lo?h of OvtoUr. ICtfi. the present 4>ll ?how In flaere* it tailing j < (1 ?f littl? le.?? then hail a Th HIT >i--. i too. will he nmii.ijr nhaartaMa- ??lod?ed. it n?neraily l??la the (Trent leading Itetr* rf tn?tcm?. etoliia. and etampa. Th# felling ott In 11-r> eu*tom< will not ba of j irrtat amount lr.d#-?1 ml to an e*t?nt oiir? than I what I* eatiard by the diminnt'ou ! the ln;?Tt of I brandy. which banc* a nt frn|MHt">ii to the ty imported In tb4 autamu iiariw ?( !t>l f?w, ) ? h!ch aea. owitif to the alarm iVm the cholera, wnI urutUy large, Otu (ta4at? vlU ivcuIImI .hat lata* W YO -?t> \tt vn fnttrnw rnrtrm Luiiiuiv?lUUn quarter ending October, 1P4f?. the receipt* of the nuntom? were very inatf rlaily sustained br the Urge < importation of brandy, which. like in all periods ot panii- was not only provided for present use but for future M?ergeucy There ha* Mso been in tha quarter j?st I ntied very little corn importation, an J the sugar ditties yield lens and less, a' wan expected aad i Intended. With the*' exception* the foreign trade ; continues in a most active and prosperous condition. The brick d"Mes, repealed la?t. session. yielded, whan n operation, co leM than x'jlXI.OOO a year; and. as bricks were manufactured in tuinmer. and the greater part of the duty levied in this quarter, the repeal ot thi? tax will ol course be stronnly felt in a comparison of the excise with th<-quarter ot la?t year, when tho brick duties were in full operath''). The excite reve. ftntt for the quarter ending last ; ear, with which tho presi nt is compared, wat n ore than usually productive. contrasted favorably with the quarters of October 1848 and 1M? Subtracting the repealed duty on bricks. the other items of excise revenue yield more than an average receipt. Tile stamps will also show * decrease a* oompared with the unusually aotive quarter of last year, when trade had ju't recovered its previous depression, and whin the dealers in stamp* had heen increasing their storks lor the purpose ot availing themselves of the acvanUge ot the eipected drawback. This year, on the contrary every one is waiting for the new and reduced scale of stamp uutleg which comna iuto operation this week. The other smaller Stuns continue much the sarus ? the lnccme tax and the post oflUe holding up their accustom* d buoyancy There is nothing in this state of things that haa not been fnlly provided for and expected The excise has already, in some sort, made up by other items for the total repral of the brick duties, which were relaxed in the last session ot Parliament, and will, there it j little doubt still further tend te replace, to some extent. the reduction thui designedly made The Chancellor of the Kxchequer also stated his expectation ot losing jl'3t<0.000 a year by his reductiens in the stamp duties. A more than proportionate amount of that reduction has taken place in this quarter, however, from the eanse we have indicated, namely, the holding baok of se many tor the reduction and regulation, which comes into force this week The revenue will still contiuue greatly in excess of the expenditure, the reductions in wbloh are making themselves extensively felt more and more every day. Spain. The journals state that General J Concha's departure for Cad's. ?n ruu/e for Cuba, was fixed for the 3d inst. Uenerals Manisuo and l.eymerlch. Brigadiers Rosales and Vargas. Colonels Aylloa. Morales de Ilada. aud Castro, and various aides-de-camp, go with him to Cuba. They are to join him at Cadiz, and embark in a steamer on the 16th. The force now going out is oompoeed ot four battalions of infantry (1.000 each). 5U0 dismounted cavalry 160 sappers and miners, and a battery of artillery; and several transport ships are prepariiig at Cadii and Santander to receive the troops on bo.rd. Tim Corn Trade of Europe. f V r m the London to ei can tile tiazette. Oct 11 ] Ilaong lor it me time past experienced v?ry favorable weather for plougl ing and other eut-door labers, farmers have been busily ei gaewl during this week p? * *n" iaua ior aucumu sowm*. nuanrtn. nowever t be deliveries of grain have r.oi fallen off suffleirntly to ( ImfX the downward movement in price*. i acd a further decline has taken place in the value of wh-at at ail th? leat'itifr provincial markets held einoe i laft week. We are. however, inclined to think that wo have jow touched the lowest point. aud should not be surprised it a email rally were to occur. The last published weekly average prioe tor wheat tor th? kingdom is a (ruction above 42s. per quarter, but thi* return does uot rnikrtoe tn. sale? made eince the late (.til, end th? aetual average at pre?ent c.ia scarcely exceed 4<i? tolls per quarter tn many p?rtg <f the e<>untrj fanner* are d: t netting over lib* to 38s per <|outer for goodrxl wheat end iDthi.e districts where tbe quality was injured by the crop* becoming laid (n an early stale ot thelrgrowth. which was most extensively tbe rase aecjj tbe east coast. * b 'at has lately b' en elilug at tos to :?s per qr. Abroad the harvest has pioveil much more (aw raolethan in lireat Britain both in ) lelu and quality; ai.d our tariuers are, therefore, in a worse position than last year in every point of view. My tbe mmt recent advices from the continent it appears tVat the contiDusd dull w oonti front h-tiae had had mere or let* effect, and that prices hud rather given way at eonie ot tbe principal port v From tbe ltal- I tic there was not a great deal being (hipped still some fui ther purchase* been made on Kuglioh account, abd we are inclined to think that w shall have arrivals trim thance ? > long a* the i av.gatlou continue* , Am frtila lei. Our Kreoch letter* atue that notwHha'aa.ilig tbe vant of encouiaKemenl lium thU eMe a o< nriderable buiin> si bud been done tn wheat and flour for export to lirvat ll'ltaln an 1 as tin re is no , doubt that a laige quantity ot tbe Utter a-tlcle I* at present CO passage (torn A mer es, there api<ears no lee ton to calculate ou any immediu.? falling off iu the upplie* IroHi abioad. 1'he opinku above ventuiedon ? ?l? : thai priei s are not likely t i ko lower Irian at piei-eol ia. lbn-(oi?, based principally cn the belief that, during the time oar termeri are engaged in ploughing aiid (lowing the bom v receipts will beao scanty as to render ftt.ih threshed Kngllsh whi a'. comp?ra- . tively valuable, instead of leitig, a* at prevnt. [ i da lively lower than foreign. The arrivals of wheat roastwi<e into London have not been so lar/{? a.i they werw last wee k, and ihe quantity brou^kl forwarj at Mark-lane by lard carriage sn.iples from the boat* Ciouties has alfo b<en smaller, l'usiness has. nevertheless teen eioeeiiugiy dull with the turn decidedly In fa?< r <>f ikt pmkMN On Monday nop Mg c uM be made In sals* until faetar# cou.-ente j to take prices la to >. per quarter lower than those carleLt on day se'nLtght. i?|. I even at that abatement a clearance eonld not be effected a considerable pi?>|>ortion of the Keut supply regaining oa hvi l at the clrse Part ot this ?m placed on Wednesday, and the remainder th'.? ov riling wituiut any further otian^e teniriu. n ?< c I|?<1 >*ry no#r?i arrival* tl ?h)it fita abroad ilLTirg !a?t wi-ck hut alnc* then the; luin ufd'T"1!1 whl< b mtr. peiliap* baao- < r< ln.WJ lor 1>> llir fcOUWrou . WMthOT *\prtt*ooed on , ( unda* ard Monday 1>a dtmaud for lorelgn wheat j tiNx lit !) t?r!r <i of t lie wt?k h-en "ill aotlva, I i.J ifcouv.ii lpiportir* liar* n-frainid front pr.n">in< m!r* a reduction of 1* p?r i)u?rt*r lnu t-ik*n pi*':#. ,Th? drclln* ?a* g*ner*flr fubmltted to on Mut(J* v. all i tin* I?Ot. KlD. inn IHdffNtl. Tb? tap price of t uti maugfactured flour hn rcniH.! ii<niin?lly unaltered; country marl:* nud fecomiary U*n up'I jim il foreign have. lb i?r otkMt, b??ti |.-?ri* 1 with at an aljat. m? ut ol If par ?a;k and o irrcl oa lh? pri?-?-a ol Monday k 1'uglieh Vul'jr h?i ?"A* to I and father *paria<ly. and of tb* lltil- brought for*?rd rttv a m ij uti til proportion h.?< constatd of Ana Malting (,u*ltty The b*?t unrta have c nrequeutly rrn ii' in ?rj fully an much roonay a? before, but ordinary kiii'l" w?ri a!> ut I* t>? r juart- roh-aper ou Monday tban on tbal day *a'uulght. and wern quil.1 a* if) to bur to-day an in the l>< ginning ol tli* week. Tbe lalua id n<alt h%? rather t? nded upwaxjr W? t?d ?Im. a large dWpiay of oata on McoiUy (tb? ?ur. jilua of lb< plavloua weefe'g*): th* trad* wa?. thi ?f<r> fcta^y aaJ m-w black Iri?b. of whtaba large i ion of tba ?upply <-oo--led. were a'>iut ild p?r i|Baftrt rhta^rr. i>n Wmu May there wa* little Uotpc but to-day there w?> a i-imhil t improve! demand, and Ilia downaard m- iem*?>*. ?a? rb-cked Veh? I.Mr'iit el'tr-d in vaJn* Mace our laat, nor ha-- my <jm table charge ocoorr-d la map!* pea* bat white lot>r*anf k> g f*" ??jr about li. p?r quarti f Nothing of a t h?? ihi* week tratt*p,i?d in (lifting ? arg'-*? of beat or Indian corn. Mra?r?. I<?i ?t j*?* Clrrn'tr. l.osi-M. trldiy wet. 11 A o'elo^k. P M. W<* have bad agalu im wilia week In th# pre J .j'a market*. and large t mn-uiUci. * have lak> n place In giany article*. at further Improvement In valac. Coffrr Indigo and ?n?;nr ba?a Iwn m'-t lufivor Cottfii all Lout Mt'llal cbanjr. With eoatinnad Itr^v arrival* of flour an I wh*al fr>>m abroad, th- norit trad? haab*>n C? J. tu<l prior* have daclin^d. 1 Tb* 'an i lili'ial rvturni by the w-aid of trala for th? fiat tight u.< nth* of tbl< y?ar. ahow hi Iturimil eoatnaiption I augar nn4 t* . but a d?-cr*ai?p of upward* j nl i toO.i lb* In tfcat ot wfN, a* romparr i with ]aiu The rtat?in*iit of lh? ri-?i nu? tor th* qnart*r and year mad* up ta y?>i*rday. ta ronrldir^d ??ry ?atl?fai-t< ry. M'? & tall L*|ow th# principal trat???- i Hon* id th* Wrtk Am?i< a* ft? ii Tk?r? kM li?*oI hit bmlifiIt ! 1't.ltrd Mat** roupuB bvnda ol >t.t ijo nrli at IIM^; a r?ituntlon l? iuad? f'^r la-g?r boad* th* n>? til ? raral Mock* In lh? I'oltad 8iat*>> ha* prtvaatrd buMtar*, pariii ularly in Aiaha'tia and lllibol- fo* heldara will tc tfixapri?* 1 ni'-d Plata* 6 ? 1"17. I ju a lu7; In(llana i*taia 4 Mi a 71 do il?frrr*<l per e?nt? ;il; Maoacbu'ttla 6 a, *t?rli .g, ia> a 10J. Maryland di 8'J a Wl; N?w Vork 6 *. W4 a Vt>; Ohio ?'?. 10J a lui?. I' nn ylmaia t * 91^ ah-'<. Hoaton Uity 6 *. \tl ??llor?, do. '?. 1(?1. r?ll?r?: Canada < * M buym CoiMiwto - ffr ban nprrlmoed a *t?a1y d-m?nd for tlil* article, and about 400 bag* hare be?-n *old rltafly la Ifondara* ?'lter. of recent arrlra'i, f >110 J*. Id a 4a 4d . alth a f?w black at axtfina rata*. ran and T> neiifla maintain their valua Cocoa -- The public ra|*? bar<- atf-reij 41* hag* TrlnU dad and b*>0 baft lira^ada; tha former all aold fTon 4a*. a 61* , th? lattr were, partly renliied fr?'m 43*. ?<*?. Cr rr? ? - A good demand *pr?ng up anrly Ii th* week, which hai cnntlnueg. and pilre* ?tr* advanced S* a:ia pirewt Native Cay Ira baa b-?n in fair ee. qi.iri pii-j n i ? ! /? n?T? i ing i< ir id w t il np to Cf.? 04 . tin- market closing firmly thin ?tt<rfccflti. ?!th bnytra at tli- lattfr rata riaritalloo kin 1* bar* *Hr?rt?J tO" rblat atMi ti"0 up?r?r<ln ct 3,600 ra?b? ba>? bvm tak> n prlrtlpaMy from Oil % 6,l? wl?h '<ini<- t?ry t>-?? oark* at Tin In ?!h>r Kvt ll.ilta and tora'*? <f--?erlpUrin?, bii-ln-M l>?a b> ?n cm fa'rt to 1.K0 ba?? Ports Hie? at Mi ; M) b*f* Oo#ta l.lca, l '? a ?? ; I"?0 b?)t' '***, 60* CJ : and TO tv*gr<* ltio ?t AO* A rar^o ot 1 S7u bag* good flrit ' Bin in{ar'kult.r h-?> W* ?o|.?a:loai. ? <Mit?rabl<* In tha M^itl'rrran'an. on wcr*t t-raj>. tn t+V? ?J In t?*rk?t, jr-at ami*l'> pr?ta1l? and pfieta ar? it III MtunctaK InHt. Itcd not it' *U J'lnfi good ordinary Jars b?ld at .10 Ifltr. At An'.warp and llaiuhro'. b.'.l<i?r? conliiiu* to (bo* flrutu'-ta, kilt th? d' r.aud ll lliulted I'ittuk lb* nitkd ban beat. but In tha Mi?a ? ?, ??n?prl?li f tof tba ir?-k I Sto balm Ourat I' a(<J wad *< 0 Madraa, 5S a ??,d f?rp>?r prta'4 Itf b?? a r*aili?d At l.ttarpool pni-n *r? uo<*n?B-.{> *d r- :lridtt?tf l>T|??U?, V' d l?o* fti? trade it??<j, tltb a currant d? a and Vi a on d??rriptlona at format ratal I. ? ?>. CtlM III! ar^?>:rd ' r. ?ti! lata prlcM Uirljf auf.port"! *? ()#ott >>??t N-a York, A'7 1*? , (kick i.?m, aw lj? a AT, I..'o-tvu uitJt, ?J Ir, n TT XI iv jv n SDAT, OCTOBER 24, 18J 1 square Marseilles. afloat, brings X'fl 10. co?t, freight and iniurance Mui.assi* has *f length attracted attention. and eboul 1 800 puncheons have been sold, eomprisiug l Trini<J*1 at Ifi* .; Antigua Hi fld a 1"?.; J'orto Itico, i If* *:id HefWce 14*. ?<l Prr ~wt On *.? Sperm in firmly held it i,'S2 a A'81; 100 tun* 1 Southern, to-day brought i\84 5?.?i.'.'kl Pale*c*l n~mlunity. A'o9: atid pod. jt"3#; Oliver, X4" a ,t'4S per tun:

palm. 80? 8d, a 31* ; cocoa nut, ;M>s a 33* ; linMed ! IiriD?r at ?2*. for prasent and fcrwcrd deliveries. 1 Sai rrn ar.?780 bags Hepgai at public nal?. war* j tougbt in a^ov? the value; but by prtvat* contract, , 2 600 b**e have changed bandit, fror.i'2t>* 9rt a 27s 9d ; for 9toftV, lb* retraction, being tM? extreme value; j 400 tan* nitrate coda have bean Bold at Mr, and it ii now held at 14s ?d per cwt Tali ow ?We quite St, Petersburg Y. C. .Ut f*4. on ! the spot and to end of the y**r and 39* .14 for Janu- i ary and February delivery, bat the dtiiT.lutf ha* been I moderate 1 Tr? -The market fc? very firm; 10 000 packages were ' offered In Hale yesterday and to day, of ahloh 4 600 found bcyors The trade were well disposm! to purchase. and price* on the whole were full an-Mn some Instance* a *hade higher particularly for fine Hyson*. We now quote common Congou 1* Id p?rlb Tobacco continue* to be held for higher prion* There ha? been more inanity for export till* w??U but ! thus far it ha* not reaultvd in bnoinex*: while the Home j trade act with caution, and 8re slow in submitting to ! the advanced rate* InMsted on Tr*r?."<Ti*r ?The drawer* are ler* dl?po?*d to pur1 ehasa in view of the quantity known to be on the way. and we ccn*ider 7*. a 0*. 9d. the neare*t value of good ! Rough. Spirit* mav be quoted at 31*. a 31*. lid. fcr American, and about 30* for British Whalfhonk i* offered sparingly and price* tend up- ! ward*.?We quote South Sea and Ilorth West ?185 a ?190; Polar Jtl95. I Hrnri. BrOwn, Shipley &- *' Cirrtilar. Liverpool, Oct. 11. 1150 We have no change to report in cotton *ine? the departure of the lafet steamer, the business tor the week having bem to o considerable extent, but without tbe 1 leaM animation and the market oloring vtry quietly at our last quotation*. sayFair Orleans. H,'4d.; fair Uplands and Mobile*. 81.; and middling descriptions. TVd a 7?4<|. p?r lh The s?l?*?for the week are estimated at W 4'W bales, j of which speculators have taken 11.150 and exporters j 2.610 btles The American descriptions ?rld consUt of 9.'JOO I'pland* at 7 a 8^<1 ; 7,180 Mobiles at T\ a ; I 12 320 Orleans at 6X a 9>, d. and 240 Sea Ulit&4j at 13>f a S(>d per lb The stock of cotton in thi* port is cali-d 482.000 bales, of which 324000 are American, again>* a total tork at this period of last year of 682 000 bale*, of which 4(2.C00 were American. There has t een rather m< re doini: in goo Is sod yarn* at steady price*, in coniequence of tne itap rvrd demand for 1 ndia. Imiiau corn ha* been in more request this wvek at a Might advance, and may be quoted at 28s. a J>*. per quarter for white and yellow and 27s <d i-i-s for mixed tVheit and flour contiuue in mod*r%t? de- i n.ani*. at last week's prices, say?Western Oacsi 9r>ur 17s. 8d a 2l?: Philadelphia and Daltiui <r? 2is Od p-r bid. Wheat to. fd to 6s. 4d per 70 ib?., and iu >Ua corn meal 14s. to 14* fld per bbl The fales of turpentine consist of SCO barrels at 5*. lid. per cwt tall taolt ) Nothing doing in tar American rosin 3a. to 2* Id. per cwt. Narkitti l.owrn* Moat? XtittT, Oet 11?3 o'clock?'"taote close tor money and (W?4 to 97 for the ascjK Shsres are ra'htr heavy. North- W-stera 115 to 1U1; . Orea: W*s*?rn T?>1^ to 70H Or-*-. Nor.h'ra 12S to i;i>, . Foii h la-tera 'A , to , Brighton 41 \ to U, Eastern C -aatie* ( ; ta4*4 . B.i * ?aiM M idle ad to 44. Ttt :or?i?Q maintain* a very f.wdy appearance but a no* a great leal Of bu?i?e?ii > doing Mnicau Bond* %r ?1 ? Piruviao Tfc'% to *0; Dutch Two-and-a-haiT per CVnti. b'\ a X. d" Ktur per Cent*. 8#l? a \ - ,p*ci*h Viru p*r Cent* l?'i I 1 *??; <lo. Three per O'tU. 3$N a J,. tiranada I8'? a "!? U*- kK Markkt, October S>th ?Cotton -Our advice* ! ' from the I'tittd State* by ?t?aroer llibernia. w?r? received > n Tutula) nlgtit Bu>ln?u b'catac *,,ui**wb>it nii-re Heli">e. hdJ nearly 1 'JOO bale* changed hand*; but on l)i? morrow. Liverpool coming dull, our market remained inactive until the clone of the week, and datiiiulmd our broker* to lower quotation* t.l ou superior dercrlptieu*. Mid t'J nn fret ordinaire, and below i tiat designation. On Suutlay we lwtrn*d the arrival | ?.| the \Varl.m?ton. with dal'H Irom New York to the 'J" h u'.t . an nor u ring a treat f?? in re** in price*. and very little cotton ?n ?*le, notwithstanding the untavorahle account* wliieh have b?>en received t.-oia Europe, hi,J an tio further eblpmrnt* are *dvi??d. | and Liverpool v>a> improving uuiltr the lutlu?n<'e <>t > ItTonbl* advice* troui India tbe demaud revived L?r? ' rn Monday, and upward* ot -M't) bale* uliingxd hand* | with n?i?anc? of fi^m f I to f ?. and ye?terd*v the ratae ' activity prevailed and the rale* naihed l.'iuO bale* at j ! very foil price*. W? m?*IvikI tun lutelai?t uu'it our j advioa* per ett am.r Ana. uu ler data iVttr Turk i > h j 1 tilt to notice the elfrot they may produce iu thi* ; Ciferaolr all we cau ?*y at preaent I* that *ald *reerner arrived In Liverpool on Saturday nttftit and that It knowi here on Monday evening, To *um i,p 'he rale* ul the wok reach fc j,W bale* a?ain*t 6.i0l b?)?* H?ip?rtr. and we remain with a rtonk In | (ii *t nnd reoond Land* of 46 547 bale* of ail *ort* a* j p-r rtatrui* ut at To it. to which w? r~f?r al*" quotatlvn* The following were the *al?? effecti d, vl* I 3116 bale* Mew ('iliac*. ll.-O to li'i'r; H'iU do Mo- I bile, 11 i ft to 115 tr . 1 do. t'planl I' Mr to ! 1 lift fr.; II do. (Juadaloupe US tr Total.6 619 halaa. A?l er- Since our |a>t report. w? hat* to notien a further impto?en?*nt In potaeh upward* of 100 htil*. hiving li'iind *tiye.-r at I Ji '25 to IS 75. IU"?k in port would*litcb f.4N 10 to 40. and to arrive In November ani I>ec? tiitcr f 49 -i to 4b 50. Prarlaih i* eetlini( at I 19, an', a further decilne in lovked for in thi* articla 0aran niay be quoted at f 4(1 to 47 per ,*i kil , duty p ?id Import*?ll'i bMi p?arl?*h. fV#iu New York by rtpl?ndid and t'mperor aad 2 bbl* 'mm Klo. bi Impira- ' tilce du-Bri >11 Stock on the aoth ult . 6?H)bhi- Auio- | Tic * n |iOta?h. 1(0 cai*k? la>an. and 1AU* pnaila^b. I.iiril ci nt liiu-* M.|>p n ti I at t^4 In Ml for foo<t qnali* i tl<? rf American, llale*. 14,? barrel* No arrin?l?. IBtcek. l.WiO bartel*. OlU- W e liara no tran*ai(i'ina to >utiaii7? Whale i maln.i wej rupporl** I at t? 1'2, but o'ber (li frtlBilon* an- noinirnl ut t.ii'i t*> &J tor i C( co?, and I 4It to 60 tor palm Htnck on the 4Mh ult . f iit-Ok l ; aim. aiitl 76 i< o kil ci.coa Import' be*f?|<??. i'iS earI' of tl:e latter from Rio. by Irapnr>4u Krriil. Mice 'I he ?>tit?nd for thi* artlol* I* at wort at a *:aid the only rale . fli rted nine* (url.nt rapoit l?-ii>4 if) tlrrct* Carolina at f 2V. Price* are quit* nctnl- 1 tal at t V7 to 30 for Carolina and f 1.1 to III lot K??t In4la dv*criptlon*. hto?k. H to l*^? tierce* i t'ari!lrn end 16 to IB l<0 ban* Kart India. No Ium urt*. Tail w ?Ttl* artltle ha* |l?rn rim to a con>tJ?r*bla d>m*nd ?n?i a uikikxi ImproTi-mi nt ba? taken ??'"*? in prices. Tba ralaa reach 4i*l ca?k? Ku??i?n it fr. Ml V'. a (-7. to urift In October an<t Norenit>?r Stock In j p< rt nay be otiated at ft. 5# Sit In other *ort*. w* nolle* ftit' ?*?< Blienor Ayre*. at fir 54 '2h a a-'i, JM in ra*ka Itiu>'?r. I ? il ra?k* of wh> h in n??; 40tt0 ktl New York, and 75(HiO kll Ilueno* Ayrea W hal-bc?o hit been oeglected for urine time pa*t and pftc?* l?ti|iii|tl at <jn<>tatlon* We notice bowerer, Kit.0 kll. Northwestern MifNiWlM *i fr 35 a 250 Kitrnje price* rary fruu fr i4 > a 240 In North ?f?leu. m *f|| a? Southern bos*. ItMl. M (40 kll. WooOr lo flyewnoda we notice the foll<>*lnc eal.-* I 1" 160 kll. Kamlc Tbuapan. by hm?r at It || MjMO kit. (lino I y Corlolan ?t tr. 160 > '! ?>ii0u kit. on WnHwt at fr 6 50, r* Lnuire, from fit p*rW kll. duty ja!d. lBtufb : Mlop* mahogany a-d 1 f>-'h .e i: eya ? fiom Gtiac'alc.tip*. by /.amp* Hi W' Hoeewood, 150 lrir* n..ih> (funy, aau 1 o*r*o t'Mipeacliy lr.nn SI Do- | n.icfo by M*rle In rther article* the only **'" rep^rtU that of 100 tale* Orchtlli at fr 6d per 40 kll. I lutr paiu. Import* 310 barrel* Tapioca from Rio, by Imperatrlc*du-iire*il. SO ?? ? camphor fi*io? Kit* tttdam. TIIK L1TF.MT IIKWI, PT H KTtlC IIUeUPH IR >M Ln.lDO.t to U'KltPCK'I.. l.o*n??, 9il?r<lir. Oit '3 II SO A M. Tli* It i pu Oar eapre** from I'atl* ha* B"t y?l arrWad. and delay la j n bably caused by tha waiting for the Im- | portaut pit titiff which wa* af pointed Itr jwiarday. fba iVtnmiltae of Prorogation, on the tobject of the 1 rttldeat'a coaduot and thai of the troop* at tb? re tiew* wU'rh hare lately taken pl%ae on the plain* car >arcaillM Tha following ju?t arrived - Tba Commiffion o Ternanance met to-day at half piwit I'J o'elnok. Tha meeting wa* better attended tUan usual M. I)ut?lu presided M Mole wa* pre*?nt Th* *ittlng wa* tot *ntat"d It ia laid that th* e?|>lanatlon* on the Uta tetlew* and other qawatioaa of public lnter.*t, n ?n by minister* w? re *atl*f aetwy It wa* not propped to summon the A?*> inbly. Tha aittilig wa* orar at a I r,catur to a o clock The,weekly aoeouat puJ>lt?h?d to-day. by tha floret n< r of the tiank of Frauca. hImi* that thr ea*h In Dial establishment ha* a*er>-a*ed wltt.ln th la?t weeH by | by >.6?0 ffanp* The commercial Mil* dlwwil'i bate l?'f>a?f -1 I 1* o two trano*. Th?- pr . '.o?t',J bill.' hare derrea?td by 7?.W<> frane* Hink n->ta* in rlrrulatlon hate lnerea*t d by ?.4<t0 &?> . Iranr* Tha bat- | atoe to tha Trraa-ory ba? decreased 5 40') f 0 franc* Pr nrra i??< not ?o animated to d<y *? )e*t?rday. I and the pricet of roterninent rtrck 4eollaed i'ltet, 'M. 3i). close J at W; Tlireea clrNd at 67. 0pftln? Mti'Rin. Oti 6, 1W0 The Epetq ftntfi 1h%t th<? flitttlatrj ftc i?li(loT?r bj ina I'vin or TtMDr a Bh romp.- ' i-> '? j-*' of Flint* nr?. and bi-lltTN thit imf llw Wirt- j l!rl m?nt of a r?prr?*titatiT? (nrfruiD-ot lo Ppain. ha? J ?i<) mtoJitrj had ao lung a t* nur* af ?M??. 01 I iiert Important ?banit>? for Ik* r untry Nthl??wlK'Hnlitrl>i. Tb* a?itie?a iroat ltoftriH>urg. of tki> ?ib ln?t at*', a I Ihr ?b?l? lore* of the llrtntalu army ba4 h?en ?lt hdra* n to K???l?wrg I.altera fratu that p??r?, i.| the T' V hofM report that ?t#wl liio 1*1 Vf .?*. tfe) llaaei had atl.rkMt IhfU position ?iiJ fia<l K < ? I ?lil? n bark la rnnfartou The'* lait?r? u?n* lk\l i O.e-r IsicaMon* upon Prt*4rrteb?ta It *Ui b? abaaI li'l Ad>lrea from ft of tba flth Inttant a^ntaia Iba r?-pott (bat tba Dat r( ha.l b??a bombarding W*i l-aei it r>? tbat *14* of toe Kibe. Tba T>ani-h (ua V>al? ??e lying .'nnalng A ttat.l u>4? P?f? l? ao arttcU A?V* fcWtOtb, m/i vj 11 \ >0. : 1%. N * ^ [ that tbe Rukmiu i> e?. confuting cf <* ? ateam frigate* and ele*i ii large wriMng rfuwlii wetted anchor before l V?Vst?r It adds. KV*i?g dale Kiel 7th ?bat part of the tror.p* aouudad infhen>-a?U upon .'wdcrlohitilt, had arrived there. imd that hop?g were entertained tbnt. the prit of the Hrtatein rmj wonld not prrora, en enquiry, to b<* ao lafge a* during the "ret panic Mowiontd by the de.Vnt had been .i.iflelpatad. loae heavy artillery l? aald to arrive at Kiatw^urrg BarMrta> Mrnon, Oot 8 US'). The Centra!Agricultural ut^Atober Featival. o.oened to-<nyin the presence of tht hlng MiviiruiUlau. and the <>ue*n Maria accompanied \ry KintfOtho ami the I>ucl?**s'of Leurhtenberg Hii Majeaty the Kirn ?f Smxocj, waa present at the feitlval 4lng l.uUwJjr joiiitd rbi roval party at dinner, at tha Court. It i* paid that tVe Km* Maxiraillian will ratarn to IIohtnshwangen. whtre tha Emperor of A'letria I* expected. It ii (aid however. that tbr in if w!41 proceed to Ri'UM to ^Jaat flic royal guei-t, th" Kmper<7r having gone to tiat plana to inspect tha troon THE FORREST DIVORCE CASE. Suprf me Court?Ueiural Tivm. CATHARINE N. FOHKEsr VS. &DW1.N FORUKVT. Oct 23?Tie argument in tbis eiuu wjm reMiineJ tbla morning Mr O '*onor commenced by *t?titiu that tba rata aa Jar aa regards the preaeut application. ooise* btfora the Court upon a motion to reconsider the decision ninde at chamber* No new or additional fact present* itaolf. except the fwt that dnfendant nriicht baie answered. if ha *>>uld. the raau made I/y the plaintiff; but h-lia-full ?<i to give any au^wer to the charges made against him. Tha caae wa* heard av a special term, the paper* ware merely read to J uatlce lid"ward', and counael, upon that occasion. aldreaeed Ma Honor very briefly, an J no ircely aujthing wa* said by tbe counael who opened the caae. aud I now thiuk it would hardly become me to- hunt up Kama tor tbe mete pleacure ol running it down myaelf. therefor* the proceeding* betore Judge Kdwarda acarcely desrrves tbe name of an argument Upon that argument, If it may be to called, bia Honor made an order, abirb la new brought here for review, and in accompanying bia decision with tha condition a atated in that order in 1 whinh no .l.mht are prudent one*. th? c?'-e now come* her? to be deliberately lit ard by the whole court The general Nrt< as tbey preeeut themselves tn the Court, run he i-tated in a tew word* As ( before stut*d the complaint contain* three cause* of action The first, abandonment; thu other conducting htm??lftowards her in auch a manner that hii ccnduct made it unsafe tor her to cohabit or live with him; ar. 1 the third cause. aiiich I hare stat.d t? be on* without precedent in thia Court, is one. i apprehend, which is entitled I* high consideration and one whish thm Cout will sanction Now let uh see what the ra>? is a* it presents itself under those three form* of action If. iheu. this third eaosa la< no precedent in oar Court*, it has. at Uwt. a precedent in our constitution Mr. O'Cosar then referred to case* whi<-h occurred before the revolution. in which the government ef tiraat liritain claimed the right of tr?u?p- riiOi its sibjcs'* heyondtbe feu. to base them tried by a foreign jurisdicticn and said that' n the trial of one of those case*, it sa? well said that although case* might vary, prin- j cifl-s were immutable. He then asked. dll not the application is thi* raee comm-nd itself to the farnrabte constd* ration ol tte raurt aa one which wax based op >n the eternal principle* of justlcc No# let un M-e the ^rounds ef the original application We find a citizen of the f ailed State* who from ao hu;aol* begin* log by the force of hi* own genius, raise* for Miner It a high and great fame; surrounded by these attribute*, he goes to (he mother r?uutrj ? for such he would still call lireat Britain? and tfci re lorir.* a connexion with a young lady ninet< en} ear* of age. and trani-pnit* her?win-re ' Nut, ! certamlr into the wild* ?f tneweet but into tb*t region of this country where, of ail others she hal a right to *np|>o*e ehe would obtain protection against all outrage that Utitftll be Offered to her, wh?re there wers well e-tMblished tribunal* for the tirni aud nubia-el aOUiinistia>ion ef law tor all who require it' pro lectioa. and cepedally for a wife who ba* beeu dea-rti d by her husband luder tliese au?pio?*. aba i* brovght to ihi* i-it). and resid?- here until she arme* lo the age ol thirty and her hunhand tn tortt fire whro be become* til ed of his wife We find him th-n trump up a charge against her. and r> iu ?e his re*idense to Knottier tftate aud rebel that one amoi.gst tL-ui all a* tic b-st smt.d to hi* purpose \\ e tmd aim a?lecting his tatiTe State. wb>-i- i i. 1 ;>e aur f it* in ttueac* in lasor of hU interest lie appurs to a l.egis lat ur- which I* undoubtedly as much uu t- r liib*iy in iluince as the Legislature (f an; stale iu this I'mo iib?l tn such a mauner as to cliiaiu a ju Ig.uent which ?. nld at least have the ap^ea su?e of a gra?? an 1 - >)m II tn*ti utm ut. but eon thele be tailed Ilia rext applicant n i* to the court f C< i >m>'u IMta* of I'h l I'lelpbia. whl< h I am wit mg to admit i? not *o reprehensible a* the first, and his secoud ?j>i?Iir*il :!. I base no doubt. ?111 be as Irultlcss aa hie feral, t >r I a in ante that that court ? ill HM assume ? in- !>11 n In *nch a caee whcr? no appearance or de?en i ua le Now he might a* well go before tho County ijur', of K .ilatiaioo. if ?h?re be an- h a place :tnd ( * bi'iR th- re is a comity of that nam* iu Ylishigan. it would be jiiet a* well to go there fur that oourt would hare just a< much jurisdiction as a County court In l'enn?yirenla Coanstl weaton to aigue H at .Vrs Ko-re-t ha-l no l r.*edy ag i Inst the a<-:s of her liu - baud eae*-pt tbrouith 1 fl:e inti rpositl. n > f this court It sa< th b undea iiuty of their hf unrs |o interpose their a.i. hortty and ' Itise her protection Tbey have shown tflat. all tae < ofTenre* < hargen against inia i*dy are aJleg-d to h\rn I -en commit ted In this State Tney hare also ahosru that all the wi< a*-?ee ie in thi< 6 a'-* a?ii tha' It Is J a'.i olut' ly Imp w-s ;bi- lor he to bring them to th- ^tate Of PenncjUai.ia We hare al-o shorn (It It wer- 1 reaily iiecefaarj ta dn ao ) that Mr Forrest * object in s? iecting the State of l'??n.e) Irani* a a i for opprI and to obtain an unfa:r iidTan'aie or.-r lit* wit Your honor* know (*ald couusvl ) that it would be ureleis tor Uk to rpi I) tn tb-> courts In Philadelphia to coarse me wmr i1 y wonia n< I lutea to an-h in applirktian Mote<?er nuoh ? atep 1 -abject i nr-i Uf" tr> I V<> .Ui k'r ot 'Minimt ? n L'li ihir jurl? dirt ten. aad pla>'u n* oi mpi? tely the uit 'v of a fi'lfl|n Ullililll. i ix. w r el ?lit 1(4 tin ?d< of doliit ju? I. We have therefore ib?wn ihtt t hi a I* * na?" ruin ii|( aitbln thi "1 tt'ly power of the ri'tirf,, nil I mlt < lor 11* mtt rroeitioti ?' hirH<ho?n thv It c?n Int??fere by tli? turret Ct the p?r?on In ot I>r t > r-?t.r?in Lira n d bi> ri.n'rd ti'i" from prn*ern nn hi. wife i mxri pt in the tribunal of tbi* tUt*. ? b, r > <>11 hit < >'- | nr**?**re aod where h? nn Uve it full and perfect rttredy lor any wrptia he ira? liar# puff red Mr John Wii Hii nn on the par of the J. f?n 1 t!j. u "< e. r.i.a a?J 1>e-?*'J th* court In support of nif'tl"?i In the r< mark* which I hall ni ike he nil j a thi* re< aelon I ?hall ndi??ir In ft -nflii* tny*?lt a? n?ail> an | -atelM* to tb* jtnnli?n prrren-t A lwto?# toe ef urt. Tin* exlmi idmaiy course taken by th' ion- | plaln^ot, th? nulMpilvtn ol tho bl'l* filed at. I tbe different kind* ot relief rnnjtht ar* ?o luiKt that It *<> oppo??d there would b? mi diffl ulty la pi?>niiiit i the aierlt* r?f the iajH* to th#i*i<nrf, fa"?iffi*r *o nirh dltMri It It may i f to |>rn?iit lh**ta to the pub l?. In ' l?rh a *a]r > to preterit tb? def?Bd*ltt from he'np prejudiced now tl a-, an appeal lite h"?n Had' t'i tin r< mmi nlty ( > dei- thi* aontr??er?y an I pref-rredtc the i.Mirt 'I he coi.rt h?? hwn notlfleil thit d t? thai the r< inu.i.i lir wim vtlrlilrf th? di-p'-a'ttoo th?T ml*ht nukr ('I ihif nri>, ltl> nfp'awri tor me to ?a?*. thit It l> hiplily luiprr p?r t hat >lie rnnnnngilf ahoulJ tak" ?! <? urte. W> hare mnv l-i .j* th? Court wirti a litjl" af.dirtf Mailt* t'at tf* ifrln l?ni ar. rtM'd or a wtMvil nr r.tml. and our motion it to d??<1 wipe that a i Wberao'e the r h ? aV>||?h? I It In rofckmff tbat motion. ae did not think It n?-??eary to i hnw tn? ustt itlti m many r f tba ?tat> {n>*iit4 c.->atain< I Ik tbr ?< ui| laiiit Tna Court b??a k n ralarr?d to tha ktMlMtlKttwMtl <bi< Dimiou ?-aa ra?d?at*p? rial u rot It wt? al.nply an afllJ ??'t that wa ??r? arrr*trd cm a writ of a# mm?i. and tbat wr applia I 'n bata It di?>harf?d ai.d In any atfr<~tl<H>? I may bit* to traka In ihla ra?? t d"?'t lati-nd in impola to lb" (i'iilllt( JiiiI(> ?bo l*>u?d that writ, any di<*|M> ilk't to Irrrtiia a parly to bunar-* lb* d?f*l'laiit I k now tbat In an*i pa/f? j.rpr??.:in ( nf tli i a kla 1 It maj I?p{.< B ? I*b tha b??t dl<position la thi'WoiM. that ll.> court tnay mioiu t an act whl. h in It floot* tcay hr an op|.f??a|on on t'ja ri^bta ot a citiitn and nc'b | pkM'Im tbla a?t to ua Thit tray happen fr in ln*dra>taH< a an l I bar* n ilotib; that It d d bapp< n In that war in tl ia ra*< Bo* f ?r M ot' ilfi in? aiixillatyto the*a procM.. Im^a ba Ibr 'ante apt |o|ty I don l noar pro^ ?a to dl#ru?i I *'ll alan (tat* lhat tba affl iatit mada to <u?taln tha r'tii'lilnt In thl<ra*?ha ni lkinn at all to do with tb?pr?*?ki Pioti-n. and of riiUt** yoor IIiinor* will n p i t <>t rouBHl to ?bow ?hl* t<> li. court Th" pomI Unit ?M *worn toon tba aarovd day nf Slrptrti'M, ai.d tba aftlda?it wa? tworn tC an tha aa.ni1 day. >i.w. without itrpploR to imiiiira how f?r tha a'TI la it wi'? pn p? r ?' a | apar at which to 'nor. he Inj iantic*. I bate -laii'i* tn aay.thattba nc tft nktalJ have b?an ri.und'don tha Ronitlalat. ! imi.vlhiii't Wh-n tba nfhdavtt waa reail in the er txt balow I ahj>- '-d to It bat It * ? r?ad In rppotitinn to ou* m >t. n NntwithetaBdirir aben It waa read a?;sio. I did not ot.'ert tn It. Keaidea, I *Mld not dany M IW'I I ha ^r?tlf.catl< n of I' HtJir,n It a <til( craatlon I'ut Mil 1 t< 11 11 nad to t%fcr tha ehjerlIon thai It baa no?Mir at all to Jo wltb thM m *?i- n Th? objartlf>? we make to tbla wilt l?. In the Hr<t place, tb*t Ihe e' Opl% nt <Jf?< not prenent any ca? - ueilher d a* tba nf|l Jfcllt which a ojld iua<e it pf?p?r ia. a.jjh writ; and la erdar to look, very briefly, at tb" c> rrif lBeM of tbi* po itlm it will ne-ianeary to n?i r to wbat the Nil Is lafnded to ba Th" road ReviMd ftatntef 1 *Re tl, n atirn 'S. provide* for a d?erte fo* lt??t?d dlroTre aod aepatation uoler certulri cirroni*taae>a Tbera ate flrat, ernal and Inhn m?n : Mondly. ructi reluct oath* |mrt of lh? V.\.?bnn4 ? r?nd*r M 'in<*o1 Impro. r?r for ih? mtd to c?>h?bit with him tblrjlv *H%n dr*Bi??? and to prt>? ? !? ?cr h?r. Tt># nr>m flh'Ht In tbu f??i' n.vltf'%<(?? to ? # ? tv> of th??? r* i'< fcr lipnl I NftfWUl MMMNN th? m\r* bl >h- hit?hsn<V ?:.4 th? l?fin*#) In |>rc?H' ?rr V?? ??d, itmllj Inborn* * tlt f f th? - if? b? thr h<l>'>*?4 >r ?nc* ??.? dmt * f?-nd?f? H itr?iV.??r t'tr ? ih?Mt with | h>*?. I will f?H thr of Ih* o?H lo th? i li iM> pr?|>li<lKt t>' (tit til propor to I crmt thi? r?ll?>. tf ?b< i'nt t? >1* *n l? rm?t?4 h? !>) bill rf Cl lill/r. *t Tf'trf ?? Plltki# * out in il.? bill ?)'fh I ! talk* flr?i tkon Kin- doubt ?hit th?*? ?-m mftrV 4. ?r< 'rfftb*'tUt th? *?hrt Apt'l, tMt <?.>i bt if.iU *? th*'tl?r t ft* , "h erndvet rtf?rrrS "Ti tb> f.*rt f th* plxiatttt 'hnl tb< hntVkud rt#t*ttnlii?d lu ?? ' H?r in ? r> ?*- ?.. ho?*> ltd )! * k?t ttn*t? ||fi Ifn* - tbnt bj gT??ni?? thriving! tut* to 'bmlrM frSltii )*? ?uut*i LD. TlTIT/^T* 'T'lITfV nn^Tfn/i -riwv/n. i tivj ^HirNTS. frr h> r nupport-that rhe c^oiented to tak* it ani rremlaad to try and live a^on it. Now is them n that auy abandonment or neglect to prortda for hi* wife ' It nppe;.ri to i>*? that tbe at aunt i nt of the cane which >u inad>" by tile plainUC ber.*elf ebow* that there 1* not the slij/br- " t prateuoa of the flret onuMt of action in tbU oOWpialnt Sua myi. to be sum that the auui does not be- '? live in the ?!yle which iibrwu yreriouily llriui? fu. At pa** Hx or the affidavit, tbe complainant nays *he 1 a not able to maintain ber homehoH witb th? ?nui < f *1 too per y*ar in a manner contorcmblw with he"u? i? I iuoJe of living Whether it i* deeiraXe abe ehorrtl Jo FO we hall fee. but that thin aura w?? v^reed upon, :M>d (hat rhe did live upon It until the time wheu -he tUw<l this bill there :* no doubt tir dispute. 8?hj jay* in ber complaint that tbe xanner in which efc*? waa to b? flUfprrt. d wax dVcueaerf. and that on M?. Korreaf# part tbe diffusion conducted by Mr. L-*r*i?n. that Mr Korr?*C Inele'.ed i"be could euatain heret^f on on* t Ynifend dollar* a year but that abe said ebc wanted ti;t*"i hnndred drtk*.ni and tbat thil *um wac agreed to t^ush thm ha- been tbe allowance mad* to her fron that day to thU, and auch the ciroutnetau:** under wb eb the p.irtle* separated y>t *he ?ww?t? in ber eotaplaiut that thieia the mode iu which be> Ifer. and r.eglecttU to profile for her I *u:>mit i hat n) f Jrh inference run be (*rawn :r*m theae Now IcV 'jh *e* it there ir acy ftatem-m on the other ride ax To disbelief by the defendant in regard to tlh* pleinttlT'i Tullt 11 baa been Matcrl thrre i* a poaitir* ailidavit t^at l.iwfou raid tbwt Mr h'orrant >-al4 th?ra no guilt on tbe part ol Mr*. Korrt at. and that win'e.J \o Sod tb> r? wan. Now there in no auob statement iu tbe affidavit at all (Ke?d? affidavit.) H!> - a)l. ' That chi haa h-aid from people, ?u i iha ihiuk* ebe car. prove, that l.awm n ha* been beard to ray. be hat 'ward Korrort ?ay, there wa? u> <ulil on her part-thai l.awaou ha< bnen bis cooti lautial a-ent- that ?be tvn prove. by aeveral w;taee<e*. that i.avxon did etate. In the autninar ?r" IS*#.- t.'mt he but juai th?n hcaid said Korreat nay. there eta do cnoia on (he part ot the compUlnait but tb^t ?* withei to tied there w?? " Bo too. Id r< gard to letter w'?i -h It la ehargtd he wrote What wa? tb vt 'wtter ' By Icokirgat tolio 224, It will b > ?ean what It was What r< th< re eet out iu ail that ehe ba* choeea to giee ua ot it* in point of (act. It wa* obrloualy a Fetter'-bwjpnc hi r with guilt, and her knowledge ct it: that ber husband knew it: and that, notwithstanding all that, *h> peraixted in making ?tatemeote itnpllcat'frHF bint. (IWa<l? >fT, Javit.) I aiu contvnt " he ?aya "that UM paet rliali r? main In, but I am not content that jon or.any one el?e. ehall ascribe or Imp ate to ire naiaeotiduct My lutnru c n.iucl will d' p>-ud on yo>tr reply " Stie ?a/? ebe replii d to thia letter but omitted to allege hur lnao.'enca; and that ominai m wi? n<e4 ae an ariiument againat h<r Now let u? m?? if Mr. Ktrrnt rerer ?u?peeted ber till February, aa she flay*, btcauee tbere i? not a itatem nt of fact in tbi" wiwm wLI. h can ba de?med matsrial in thi* eoupiaiulfewn* Mrs fcrre?t'? p?r?o??| knowledge, eicept in one particular which I ehall rail tbe attention of tbe court to In her afB laeit, Im rpeakr cf wbtt ocrurred at Harriaburg. .iuJ aaya that he mi? the tKI,iiN>Ij iu TMrioua DlArr* in wh h il ii * i trade a material poiat tl a' Mr Korr"?t lit t pcvar k r.<>wn of any tviJenee of bt?r nU'eondutt offered to ' the I glriature, >-aT? only the Conauelo letter. and -a certain lmautdrrt (act uotiuly alleged to b Kern long pr? vlouily, in tbe year 114# No* It will be perjeieeil there i? no statement here within her ?wn kuowledga, but hti'- ?aw thin In the newpaperia *h?n h- male application to the l'eniuylYauia Legiabtiirte lor a dlvorc*. Now, I aak why Ibia woman w.-ut to a ?> p?: it* ah. de and received tl.?(M> a year au 1 agree! t > li?? aeparate ' There in not anythtug going to ?h >w ?of Nbamli nni'iit on hi* part, or nejjlaet .o proviJa tar her, hut there In tbe oon^eloncui-m on her part that he had a right to put h?r in a separate ?b?lv nod tnuke an kIIuvum lor her lo rmt l to tk? ? -ad CMiae it wilj be remembered that thl* a l.iwance ?U paid regularly to Mr* I'orrwut ; th?rer,??er ha- '> * th?* ?l)(.hte?t thient to take It away fr< m her. Tu?r? ?it w neglac'- in paying it pun tuUiy and tnera ueaer wae any complaint on h-r ptrt tha' <?? ?a? pat in a eepara a houa. ui.tii the aivurea a? l ie aayi. <*? asked lor < n ground* that in-ulpat<d her aij th?a fhe thought It nece??ary to make a d-f^n r? So ai.! sit tor afcaDdotmeat, and r?l?.*ai to pr^t.J- f r a->r \\ hat ?a- the tea*oo tha' ?be afsjue*ce i ia L.? - * put in a bouee. ?e; arated by her. elf Aa far a- it a; paara in tbi* eaae. it wu Minply at) e*;re-,aioo < ! Uia wirb. and the a--ent*d to it. a.ii ;bi* ti-a ?how? that ch? wtull cot a -eut to anything that wai not |<#t(>eM) reaM>oatle and la r t?? mceb a* la the ctu>l trta'.nebl ol vhe wue ay the nu'Baai au4 Nrh Mtduxtm nl(h< m>4?t It uuftt" t"r k'f t"> habit with b m. 1 ehall briefly aak in- attention r tna Cevit to th.? point and tha- < u-: will ?- t .? pwemiaril y in t?ga:6 to tbi* ra>e that tb aba ,,J .meutanl neglect ate ?'atel a* matter* o' app-i-h-u-. ..a ? da n-1 :.Bd in iba -tatit* aojin of Uia. w .u i ?ar>t'.a Ser t' file a blU under there e:rOBIO*t ?arr? c'jel ti>a Diiti ia itated < r. informal n u>.d b : rha Court will ?ee by the afli iaelt la *ha? ntaat er t ?il et?t> aiea; i.? initue fot a larth. * and r-vjd raiaa* I fif ?ct?"ti." ?aj? " t ha: -.tie t m beau I.. iHjj ? ^a: ale and apart lr< m tV ?%iA Korteat tie, that a^>4 V-ire-f ha- uot ?t??te<? h-r -al l hi-ii*e >'B<se t a tenth rl F?hr-t*ry lf>V), that Mid i rr- t it a man n( grnat |.byilral etreugth. and ha' In hie rp'.'ir m?n o4 |i>OBa claracler and tnat while abe r?< an itr ug apart, (hit Mid Forxeet haa h-*n gull*/ of ?u*?h c tu to* narile htr ? to render ir un-ate lor her to r.>;i.ibi' wi !j l.ioi Jkr j ami bm. llml a?id Correct an ?b* li inIcrmedat d b ;i??ei w*l jeabe waa ao li?ion' in a * ]> tale abode wiibont any protection. &. ..|.| on lb* l'nh n| June and at aiiier liae? pruwl f>i a aerret nain-r about her linuw. hatiag in Mi hand a loaded rtick and othor dangerou> we.?j? ?nl then and there by p"?tiirM and by ab'l tee language a^ainat her &e . be. to* ?ai t Forraat, l.aa ?flted apireheori'ii that h* would ?u-l lenly a--ail h-r with aaid I >aded utick aai eoniult ?? uie ,(t?at bodily lejiUv on her and forjlMy carry h>tf out ?J the jtiri-'itcl'iKi ol ihi< olty. Xr " N.??, la ta?r? ulj tact ata'?d in thii hill wht<*t would authorise tha eoii't to act on each a r metedinu ' Sh" then g->"i on to glee a 'bird c\u" "t .1)plaint that !io c-aiui n - -i h puit av>lti-t h< r in 1*' a-ijlTanla to which I will ( fit ii!ti r n..\?*r( Tu* . la \ i: ni hr .u it In frlh* ptitpiw* ill pWiilm ov 'H r"inittit I b'lli??I i ?*? r*ad tfe* wh<>l* ?ta? nt about cru?l tr?atm??lL ?ro th? court *1:1 otiv i tiai Ih run 'tiling ?t.?t?'l ? h would m uttu'rl ? oid'-tt rr It Ik li>>l a r o| ni'pri h> ar no Ih ?t tti" ?tatat?- ">?*? uipl% "i T!?a I' ni>l?l urn ii ?*r aouti .jiptat* d 'hut ur ?(mr.aK4 on tr;- |ittl Df in' iitn ?r? of jlfurt* I'b'j Kti-wlh'jwtr w?*kfT' ' ii fi r rearrlmj ?*n %ni ii < for i id mikiili \i. Ii" ''i m.i ntifloi" | t ?ot ilrb Itif *toH mi'I '*?t t ii* -a. I . t at ??e It th* kM.ti* , nonlil lathi'tlii Uit l iii-rr in- m i? > n?*?n'bi-l ?b? Li'd i I' "i i m i < tutu ii?y. n* rt? I (' i > . ti. r-( . tbl?'h<-d< rlin?<t tr go l I j ( the } utile ilr??t tf'r ii , I . i ? m . . in ' vi'l lit ?t< um! I < it lh It ir m#ot ! r-h t> nl r#J ro- , r t r with him ' lfttii?#??t- i .v i. 4>i to pti trtt the lu iy fr< ' ??r < \ " nil If bin t?'?K'tit" ? ui ' I' uoii In* ralirl to b?r 11 ? i. > i jjad* on ilii.'h It ! thought t ' kl < ivm?t * ba ') ?rd l? 11 ?t > rrt??t hi ' tfc? lltt'.>'nf Pftl* ji??ni? *mI nl?-<i * bit. I r tbir* f<i< ? tore a, on ihi gf u?d (I l ilt ' Mr \?? Vnri b ?-rn> t Vrijtk t^nV*thtt Mr Trirekt vm act-mllj - ii*ai ol tr,?t ttc fH?* tin t'Mtft-d tk?r? tor a tr**' ? to ian-B?l?j I j'tf f??rtlr^n Tc (Stuff ri. I.t i r? ( ! o ? )a Pmnijlrt' it a. It In #?l<l k* katlt * kaiut al tk? .\orth rtr-r baft ' tl ?? ti???r i-iinipl-'i d. ?n.l be n. vrr ?l*pt Ii It lit j-ii'?j i'?n Ii j t in ? fo'iD h iih ti I b? pri-n >! 11# !?"?> fc??? * * oi?d m'rt^* '? to > ?M i dra?rlh".| Mat fm > mid' nt "f New York Mllhii w % % aitre eteri?%i itror A* fori.irinTrin/ j?hn-?. 1?i: i.Ji'?np ylr*"1 a, tt I" <tu? to blnx1 if *' out of til rnna* t h !?. t>i ?\f il.kt b? t Ii i mi ti a ?*?iti * and tb*r? ?a? a>*bMM( to|ui'r?at M" Fi rr-?t fro?|.Ji|. 1. nlinj ta-fw 1*?tti fhr ?*i'i r tha' ?ft?r iif bn? put li -r tn a ?'pa TMl" U Tt IP I MPiil' H'l r 1, W ? >1 I P ?' . r* nl'i attMi.) t aith tb? Al I of r p-r t? ,-? vi<t rmon Nr Mi tb? *! 'Ori" rt mi !> % > ! rin-n^ ?u-h a rrr.clof!"n Ar-4 t ot onlt t fat Iw lit'Ktwt o| bi r ow n ?1? 1<?iV wtl-V ? l p? ?. i i iriljr put h* r a?*v fri 01 him. *?i<1 n?* r . t ?n? rr** i? t9 t> m> * t< r from tb? if of 1 nr I >4 <t h?r rrt> ?? ?*r?y tri,nri|? ta ifc* ii i of l??c?ntb?f 1 n * ?h?n h< - it I h?r l>i| it( In at ? ' n?y ml I* ti? t<?tk ! ofh.rnwn aflMavtt na?h"r Hi? Imt'n.i ,>a Of r. unfrl n 4< liM ?hf trrV\j 1? that Sf t In ?iJ nf i < u r ??i n? h" ill ??.IUhU;? itt?n i' t? M lx? ini| i( ">i't? h*r Tli I" ? f?'l if lh" *1 lirlt ht<-h I r?* r ?? ?i'b fialn 11 l? 4tm<niM ?i r-,ll?? tt a! or ? ?l ih? otb?r??x i-nold und.-rapj nifun. !itaeM umlty ft t??tifjln? to app?*b?n.|..n? whii-b wra <lll?Mljr" fal?n hy In r rmn In an'ttlm' t>?rt PI h? r *8 d??lf *tnl In 'Mir Ii ?V? ill# r?iian?a * hi*b -ilklit la l'? pl?c? I *n tht* * (B I irit, ( will r-f?r to uroll i r i?i?ni-rl *|n f? >>* t h?t at ni tima pifiNr to l> IV. did III K?irrf?t flan* tha (.i|*lit?ft ; i?loo?f Pi li#r '?f an? rtonbt of b?r pu-lty ar rhmtlM'. 'In Ih" 7th of Ao?'i?t h?f*l??l hi- petition in l'fctl*d?i|phla. In ?hi -h h? char^r* h?r. br infoi mil brll>f, w fh adnlury ?Ub ?n>fiffitr?at man. I n >)i> 1?i->' of tbat ?b? ?* ?> tbat V..rr??t n-rrr fill tl<? lirrwdt limr ?iiltrtn'iinj * 4>>utit or ?n>pirion of b?r I urliy or ?h??tl?T ?iir1i ?'? th? f?pi? In t?ril t?> th? "hlr:! finini "I i*n?np)*tat Mf Van Rurcn i h?i? r? ferrt J to lk>- proo?? la tkl" cantro??f?r; to th* Ifjuprtlfnn tLat l-at" b*?n l?r?rd . and pnnriu1>-il by rlt'nd pl*>"1 to fbow t ,? f'i? writ of ? ? *ti ab-v 1iIi-.iI.miJ tbtr-lori' tliat it tboulJ b* dU?hArn*tt la ! Uil?ta*?. I'ovrtof dturral Hraalona. ft tot* tb? Krfotdi r, and \ldt rran CihiIi and Uriffla. (Hi 'i" - Vfai'd fiMi'lv I r .Ifrmptt til Hat $Urp. ' A*"-'J" Wlllw. rbtitg' I *ifb alt-ui|it?4 burglary, in it i third d -grn*. In nitiinitiiif to ?nior thv ftoti ol lir A H .4tf"?rt la flriailvaj. ?orat> ttra* , iluce lh? p:i?"T-r wa# ??at to tha fltata pri?on ton tan j??r? ?r>d ?U mo?,yi? J: H't M i'llam*. a y'ui j man *<(ht??ii yaara o< ai?s p!mJ?d K*l 'f to ?tt< n,ptiii* to br^ah Into tbr d<r?.lIrg hru?? of flrt'f tlran. of No |4] Hrt>?n*|rh iitrwt, rti th? 1Mb pI Ri-ptan?b?r lla ?a? ?aa* to tha Mala t?o > ?? Ti S >? fvmtrVrnrf fmt.- flrt'p W Wltes, ?p) j *- d (n t -?rt ?H? Hurtling *al p)?*4?<t not Rftilty t? 'Uil'ctnuiit ph?rRin< f'm with "huialcv; niMMf ? V t tinfHUiffH U- h??Mr**4y tor t/Ut no) w'antri in '.j?t M? < %** rik l?4 on ?t *? ??>'7 !*)> m IKHmMM*. tb? fmrt #?i<J th? ?* ?ho jld K? Uk?a u? fa an ??t t <! ?? at th? N?t?t h-r i#rm I I 7V,tl fnr Kb <M?( fco?? f'aUr Prtltnrt . i tilai of Lc<l'*r t Arc*, r tor nbt?lnla^?n > l? Sy ft1?a maa4a? tU?*. t I tus.?4t?-<Uy, 7 ??c#?al ?<! ?.

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