Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1850 Page 1
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! ; TH WHOLE >jO. 6983. THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. Arply or A.lfrr<t Cara*u, rhlei Kaglnrer of : ttat> Flt-e l)i t?rlin(nt, to th? Common Council CuBituUtee. On the first u ucober, iasta.nt, after various i^atbblirK aid hiaviog oil", a committee :hu hid been appointed h the ('ommon Council tor the ^nrpo!M?, composd of Messrs. Wood, Htrd. and Ch?| nn.n, bey iu iiu investigation. or inquisition, respecting the Wiuh or fallacy of my late annual report. The c*"nrnutee having invited, accordiu# , to the '< ruin of U.r r"n Ijimn Ly which they we>e j appointed, a counniiite fiom the repreieutauves of , I the Fire Department to join th--m io the investufa- I Uon ; w hich the. representatives accepted, appoint* ing Mr.-ara. Mi.'Ih, Hope, andLacuur to co-oprrate wnh the Common Council committee in (he investigation. At a preliminary meeting, it was agreed, by both e?mmitire?, that (he Chief Engineer should have | ftiJl latitude to prove ull his chargea, both specific and gent lal. AIV r tne Common Council commit- I tee had very relm-tanily consented to admit the i public pres?, or to permit me to employ touu- | el, and had closed the doors against the people? ejecting even my own witnec^en, s*vo one at ; a time; they had carefully locked, and barred, an I bul^d all tha doors, and placed ; entme.'s, like the inquisitors of dp tin, to : guard them ugaiu^t the people, the iiivestlga- I tion or trial, the ridiculous farce or inquisition, began with those who are arraigned in nif annual re- I port, actually aimog in judgment, nut -tmly upoa j themselvta and thr members of the body that ap- ; pointed them, but also upon the iniearity of the j j Vire Departn em, through its Chief Engineer. Such is a brief uuthc (of the disinterested and personal n cktieteOoitbi ?* wdoifrnmrtl nnmmlMn. who were to act as my judges, with closed doors and withabeolute po>\.i; a>lj;id^ing, too, 1 repeat, their own acts, and Hie dirtlection of the whole boJy which ihey represented. When the truU > egan, I called three witnesses, 'jonaecuiively, oui of some twenty who were ai the doors outud- , and these three honest mea I opened mch an ir?-r-i?<broadside upon the per- i nitiout evil* connected with the present bell ringing ey?um with which Mayor Woodhulland other ( highfollicials are eeriously involved, a?, I think, will b?- remembered by those present during their aatural lives. The first witness w;u John II at it W<m. ?iiio*wor? that bo was a bell rlo??r ?a Union Markrt lower for from fonr to six days la to? | toutn ot July, 184! , tbnt wh:n ha went t j th* tawir, he found t ut "i.? il l uit3 ' hui?( an 1 win i>?? tha only Ml rlo^i-r ?t the t!m*. the regular number of b>'U > r'ogfMtnachtow.rbeinjthree; he found he ooul'l n-t (to lh? duty wi'h one inau *ix hour* on and *1 t hours off, and ^ppiii'd to Ii-utm; that la the Or-t iaatann* ha ?? a*t?il.U for two wrrkf. that he had never In-en a bell , rioger b?'orw, it wa? taid tb?t it was too hara fur two men to aUaud to that tower, Ao. Jamm lieraa owora that he wa? a brll rin-er tor two day?, when Ca ?e* tuk' n buck lo ?i'Q due;; thai, he I repaired thi order to leara the tower from bi? captain, I ind did nut coubult the Chlsl Kngiuoer; that (luring ! hi* abe< ice bit ?sc.?nrj km not supulivl on tin tower; tliht there waa only one oo the t?wer nhcn be < went tht'e. and that iriag i.U raoanny thsra wat but i "Be tberr, that to dojustioe tithe Kira department and > th* putlio; four belinngrrs nre ccceasary on that tow- ! or, tuat two are Hieat-^iate, and old griMaly inadequate; that he ha* ^ej,i the *' whole tower." that w, thu wfcele ail hour-, an 1 that was owing to the ia?alicte?cj ol lut'Q &? , ilibt lr?i)u?nt changm and refflorili of bell jitvrs di*turb> d tbrt <of the tower; that it wt.ul.i t>? t>?tter for the lut. r -atj of tha Fire Department it the bell rlnjjrr* w?rs pmaar,nat, and alnu if they w?,e under tha ehirn ot th< Chief Kt-nim-r; wniie fen *?! us tha tower, ttirre wi< no reaord K> |.t of the absence or altenlauoe of th* bjll ricgara, and there **? uo w?y far the (.'Mat i%ogine?r *o know whether to? duty ?n prr/:>rn?o3 or not, un1cm tbr ChUt sn^'nt, ran there hlciee'f or ha 1 iooik ana to watrh it; that after ha was (Jiita'led, h* w^? t nnder tl.a charge vt b!s captain, if hit captain told him to report hiai? -II for duty, he woull hare to 4"> w; il tba('hi.<t Kn<iaaer went to the tower anrf 'tare him direction*, ha wotiltl not oonaider hlmseli bound to follow theni, d< a'o'ut twelre hoara' duty an a pilicemau: 1 rot.eider it ea?1ar than bell tlngia*. it 1m ?lUH*t impMrihlr to atep awake; h?a bean tin the t?war two weeae, ?h i there *>? i nly one roan beHidea tilm elf, that ia when ha alept t ? whole ?ii hour*, iu addition to pert-ruin,< Uuly a* bell ringur. he wan called , to do potior JutY on elee: i?B day ana vn aaif an hour lata at tha tower, an teat u'xut in oooee^ueuce. Mr. Jain<>? Paruu aworo. and <-siait??4 ? fa a po> iiar mm of tbe Thirteenth ward ia now m^a^ed a- bell ringer in the I ni >l Uai ket tower , want th ?ra in Sapteaitar. 184W ; the toa*r waa rai'nnt wnan ht went thera : ? < cat 'here by tba Major baring b?*u datailed l>y blui ha iniiuired wbo had rbarg* ol tha tov? r, anl l' - io-<l that it ? * Mr. M*?3oi ; ho waa pcint? . nut. aud hf liiir . luoeU hiainelt Is Mr Mt >n ?a our of kia wMtlaUl; remained at th?t towar from tir.e to tie pi??ei*' wOen ha wn first employed ; on the lower t be.* aae only oua b. II ringer, hid>i ha ! haa bem thera Jtaiaa Orrau baa Km ^ppolawd; ha , iatt. lid h'l plaea was bllad by Mr. 1'a Kim :he; wa then bad Ifraari* I a aoga; ti?r*u s plaea waa iiiiad ia . irti . or a.i alt>r ie lelt; liaran^e r?maintd uutil a ?<<ak ajn Ia*t n^ht wlien he raid A" waa rupera d-J; j wa bare W' i. d< a/ with tm ra a alnsa up to ycittor<!ay; Ibr?e dlfVrep ; i ?m ha?? b^-en on that towereince he baa l-t an eor n> ?d w.tit it; tliera abonldno: ba |e*? ih d tl.ire m n iu the toaer; uid a ?t know who bit ton wa* baa h??*u a b< 11 riugar >tt JelTtrten Murkat; ??tp?r?i a d a ganUnuan H'ird , tv.ata hare t>. mi *o ju-u) e e? ? ther.? J. r.n/ the time he ?u hell richer, that be i :?nact r?,.o]lajt th. m, there w>*r? aoma ti'Uty el>a?<aa; a< tga of th?>d did not r> tu?in mora one wirk; ha knoaa It beraura Jj? t?J ta Barfoiai the dll'i a r>t tht>?a Who raeated; there hara bu n gnat tnary ea. anoiea, too, ami at one time, ha arai Ilia ri'l) man ndutf, l.aa boan th>'ra ail da/ and all nl|cht without. I'* rellered. and l>a> n frbligeil to I aall poraou to wa'eh whlla ha tcok hl? ia> ala, on it a- J owi' r .? .i<>n >;? * -1 if I hi lown-v ?-t it'cur.Unn; y to Ml; after <Mn{ b? wft?t t'l tb? nt*ilv?u boa>e t<> . MMidiit 'h* r>*: ti ol (.is ui>i fc*lKg r'iliurtd. tb* o?j>Ui:i :?iil tt.?* oa# ?,? ih* l>?ii riiii{iT? b?<i wort co tiitn thnt h* va'rtsb; *IWN vb?n IrleJ Jo a??"rtaln ? the Utm rt tb* o'hi-.' tin ft but eoul'l not flu 4 out; wnt Ni?H tc tf ? m 11 ?n oV.nik nil f on*, ??? tH'H rt.MH by hi* *a?ro- c ported ?r ?irk, Ui>r? >u ?o tfi k<|>i of ?I <?q?<i i] or ?ar?i,?i??, at tbi tlai* tb? b. II rlini-fn bar* to r?- |port lb' a. w-lTA* l t! <?f pol.c*. -*?< call?<t oir j ,, t?M t?i .a low-r !!.?? Co p?rt.>im poiloo ?rrn?a, .1 Oaths 4 r ft J if-rwin Var.'.> l tower MMtw li? , rT<?i?"l to iV? pairot But/ ?t>.|li?a ta anttr wbsth *r b* btadu't, t b. r? ?M no pslienmta " 4or? Lot n-g1> ct t 1 kntji r>irar.?<H ram ia a l.tla * tf?r t * rk ih ivi < r. ki" t<tl 1 n? -taK* at fl tfc* J?0?-'K'n >U*krt in ? n? <]<t?a<<s of tba l<ico<aof the brll rin| -a; tblak* a aai?'*k? oc*air?<J c at .Utfir ta Martat t .r >u?'h n -fil'-.14s; ?i>n tii?r? t 1111 fr la Var'rk 11 *i? ti il ?*iu * (* ab?a k (tmir'i u- Kats tiruci 'a', ha* k.i.?n r.?-Tip-liat .1 rr??n to l*? ai u Kboaa kTin?l?l^a < ( N ? . Vtrk ?n art rufl l?at t? aaMa tn?ia t> K-chargt ffc'lt 4ut>? pr?p?:ij , alw? a a who * re ?l. k, ta K' bs callri tb* lo? . * 1. ptUt latt*ri). |(?r w til ?( * * ? tak?a away. at 4 a<?ft <> |>la??l li tWIl t'sil) * ha? im ki...wn a 01 kb a I Jtai?4 to It^j'ir ta be a,><> >lut ri< 4 a? a b?ll rtafsr. ha* mi?u?I ;? ?.< .ii? 1 ta/iln j , tb# flirt of b*U rh<(rt?.tto or Urn ??>?> att?r tb?ir r, a|>|>?latn.*at, ni la a .'? >t*y?, 4o*? (> kti* rtstb.j ihtf t?n n ?r>?a or act HrfP w**, tnJ. r.l, a | r? i wjr loar fo' th? M^jrof, 'the i',kf to! I'iiImi*! tb*! AlJt rmi-n, as4 alt lavolvH y in Out uii^rarrfill i.u?ia??t M rti '?mn-'u li'i^ .ia 1 tr doinl.r.i; ?uch 1 ?1 . ? l( ?w?, ub>1 wren luait?4 0 uumtwr, ?t il %U>tiU tbc roo* r??i??i?nMi- tr ?ti 0. ip the my, thi t 1 f tn '.jr arc 1 t i)r ?Hir fi?- ip<n an?l 0| ?itir?Ba tn ra?b M *1 .tin.atrKua i ?iill. jr*. ,j t?o? Mi?<>t Wi .Kiiiuii ^aj*eiaiif wrnkH, togrtbi r w?(K Hm* u;ik?? ci 'nruit'o^, d( no tau'.ly rtt laiBirrf. " for itk'i <! > m ?u i- n, ?)e the irtitl.ful torsi** of U*?r Sri I rikfrra, ?ol ,M confitir the irr, to a;vti? [ ckurgea, if, ta<t?><l. th* iawUati?i nm?? t* ro?- p, ttowd at Mi," fraoac (ka au *e? rm ? w?t?e#^a a ?t iU? iNlthilf, r?<ri tu oull 10-r* r* ra- ,r on'mirj im<Ii i < lU- i, ?i?. ii ?? r>?-*-? ? x< i i?H f- rii- A* :'i - , * t, VM about to t?k>* the atai.d, who ? ?M h??? B( itirhril ih" M iter |?nonillt Hul, mwl ik? || >rtor, a mo?tm?at wan tr> <\r for adj at, f, ?ad MiiitHilf cari ?d, lb* coo? erneuoa ? U i h ihr> J . ?| hon<at lirll ringing wiukm** had ?i*?ad ?>?rr ibnf (, misda bring iu?'<otiy ?U(>?rar?J?-cl hjr and t| heartfelt joy, u depicted ia ee*ry tac<* of tba a?? n anwl it yOa the oe?t eeeaiag. * I etfWCted, th*if tactWra f, wrr* andd-aly ebar<g> d, peremptorily r? l i?.i ( to ?j receiee f?r'hei evMfeace re^-e^iatf the |*n?Ki??via bell ringing ajairin, tlkitk ! km l)M( . r ?>d 10 my a. -ju ! if* >n, clt.r. -<t *k >| Mdern u, ai ! ?" lirr < (l.i ? i?it ciioee ?>f '?il? ibat r>p<t*?d to cuwital de- r tn?etlon by tire twrMhirda of the c?uimricf of r< hi* country, together with the targe?i and ntod | beautiful cltT ot ihi?r??ii???t. The t'ira t)ni*rv> meat < mmittee retired at tin* jiuicftre, leafin* ^ ; olMnn |?roieai behiad tbrm, baiag abl? aoloager , ? tolera'e thetr nv*?tr<'m iaj jeiioe toward# ni?; |, rd, la addition to nth*/ ms lit* oa that ainuon -a . . renin j. aaceHaiaing, tor the UrM tine, that they J Had on?v be? a Invited *k ?p*n.itnti aad aot ai , linmMi ? ?nnrii ?n>nam*?. ^ *Th? Firr mwiinw, s*l?g fiilH with c ftoinM M ???: ? ?t Ik* -4 rmp+- , Hon * hirh lh#> r*?eri???l. fH?*U. t< ?* , ?? , rci?* th' rommmni ?' J ?!? * i?w?r>fci j Sa dixirgumktd r?i<rf*ehta'ive? i.( ih* Firt D?> , rtmrnl. who gnt?i<ou?ly pruti'd ???r \k* mn? , . haiiUble. mhl, ui ?kp?nm'?i vf ovt r ' "fctao. *f courr*, ret?r*<?, nfter th? F.w Drpw \ u,,,t c?mmitt*?, ?ot ?*??? ?U1*M ' HitMr pr+- 4 ??<><}, w?#ci?llT Coniww OwMiil tmiM j, kid y r*>Hip?only rrf9**<1 M> P"ml1 * ' ?44?ia* ( .???? ?. in ' ? f r-ui?r4ja , my vkilk lir?lTf4 tfc* if Al t k E NE Mnjcrnnd Common Council, acrordir* to th? raretment of the preliminary mretin*a or the two Ci<n:n>i?teea. And I th? more ea^cia/ly retired.believiiig, from their injustice towurda the Fire I>pariruent committee, that 1 had very little juatic* er percy to expect at t'xir hands, while contending r, ith th?iu alooe, t.nd in the ab ei><e rf ih* people, whom ikry had at tke OOtStt so uiK *irni< nionaly excluded- To have found thematlveh jotilty, wsi Id have been i|>ecttne far too much from poor human nature, even more, pf-rhai*, th<ut the l?w, divine or hum?n, (*. If-preservation beii-g the lirat Uw of nature,) would hive tolerated, en'l which, if they had lirmt^ht in eo righteous and truthful a verdict na aelf-ondemnatii n, ciitainly would either have exi>o?ed iliemlehn to the ditpleaain^r charge of lunacy, and been 'might jacketed, t>r have received more credit for their disinterested benevolence towa'ds the Chief En-inter at d the Fire Department. th:n thev have hitherto hud crt'dit fur Hut the truth is mai ifeat, that their opinions were moulded for them by the body that appointed tliem, together with a little moulding ol their own Their decision, 1 say.forrny cocd?miibUou, wad lorn.ed even before they were r|'|h intcd; and being conscious mytu If of this, it I hr.d hnd ?ven the hnmMrst privileges extended to a cold-blooded murderer, they never should htve been my judge and jury, preferring to abide the judgment <>f those far more disinterested and merciful than, it seems, 1 had just reason to su; pose they would piove themselves to be. That conmiilee intended to take every advantage of me, by excluding the press, by depriving me of counsel, by excluding the people, as they really did, whom the y knew to be against them, not during to admit evej my own witneaaea, save one at a tune. That committee, und ihe direct l>ody, and other bidits aud individuals whom it reprejented, had formed a powerful corrbination throughout tha municipal government, to rtlect my defamation and utter condemnation, and thcdegiadatioutJ (he Fire Department, to which they *te. ia their oflicial and private capacity, so largely indebted for the preservation of the city itself. Aye, that committee would have crushed ami blighted all that u near ?ud dear to me in this lite, because 1 had the temerity to expose their dereliction of public duty. Ai;d yet, in the face of all this, Mayor Woodhull has tent a letter to the Common Council commit* tee, which is embodied in th. ir vnlunnnana in which be haa the boldness to say, m connection wiili the heII ringing system? That, with the exrnption nl polio* man liulnon of thed?v?nth <*?rl. who ?r?.i at thu b?ll-t3W#r near K?. rex Market. from th? 16th of July to th? l?t if 1840?? period r>t fixtees days?all the p.jlieeoira detailed by mo to do duty at the bell to? ?*re rtaommended by Mr Carton, ths Chief Ho*tn?~r. ac 1 were rt pi e?ented to me by htm as cr it. pelent bmlrlufc^r*, and a* 1 avis* been firemen. lluj*un. t?? :i,?^>?in tikm iilrk. was superseded by a policeman of air. I'ar i'D ? selection. wfca i? (till on duty at tb* irw?r Now, to prove Mayor Woudhuil u?serta a fallacy, I assert and challenge to prove the r? vetse, that I did not rtcomrii n 1 the euccesjw of Mr. Hudson, which iucnntrovi rtibly pnrd (hit there is even a bellringer mentioned in tin* very lirst pe?-*.ge of his letter, whom h'- detailed, not only without my reccnunendation, but rve.i wi;hout my knowledge. And how, Iatl/.c.iuhe ext? nuate himself for making aa aseei'ion, ? ho?e ailbcy is jKilpable in the very cluu>e, or bieath, . i which he utters it! And misni'ich as h* did driul the successor of Mr. Hudson, without mykao?I cge or recoinmendution, whom lie sj f.iUely charge.* me with recomniendiug, how msny mora lie mey hare detailed without my knowledge or rrc< n in? ndatian, I leave a cundid public to judge. He h!m> Fays, in his letter, that, I mad* It tuIh. an 1 ?o inr< re.'d the Cblef Engineer jtbat.l weuld bate it to him toseleet aujh police- 1 i>< n a* be preferred. for l>"llrin,'ir?; and in every initanr.e. except the our abort noted. I bar* detailed tniy tl.oee r hoi en by him aid la no sua Lata rejected my one whrm he recommended. Did you not abruptly Mat- to me, in the tm,m> able mtemew rea^ttin^ the tailor policeman, whom you detailed us bell ringer, at the recoil* i iiendaiiou of Aldeiman Morgans, without my km wlecfge, that you conenl-r"J the AlJertneu 'Ue Hoper pemin* lor you to lo >k to for the recommendation of the bell ring* re, and nut the (,hief [ini'lneerl l_?are you deny this! Dare you, 1 say! The Mnyr-r alt.o Mates, in hit letter, th it I r?:omtmnded John Hanmfen ucd Jam?a G?tu>i aa Ml in gt th, to be d-iuil-d for two wceka only, whiib 1 I'eclare utterly false. I did recommenJ ihote men, bat urged upon him the necessity of their permanent detail as bell ringers, which he f*>Mti\rly reined to do, because, *j he said, they mie good |<>lic?mcn; and that their cap'itin, on hat iu count, did not like to p. rt with theoi for the >eM towers. 1 replied to tne Mayor, tnat becauao 1 knew them to be good men, as their captain tated, waa the very rrasoa why I wanted them is beli ringers, feeing that the city would be more i?f- in thnr handa than with the sick, and lntemerate, and f nthl? s* mi u, too often detailed for thn uitn, as ewi rn to at therrceut iuve*tiu><!ion, by vrrthy bell lingers. Hanuiltn wis the lirst demled, and for two wckr, but did not remain more han b ur dan m ball ringer, being permitted by be Mayer i.iiiiself, in the very teeth of what h** isse;ts, to return to the ward for legitimate Dolioe luiy. In this ca.?e, a* in many oihera, [ wh ibbped to s?e k for another min to Uke his p!ar?, itidi ?< d reooaitnead ed Jamea tlerau, who w*a nUo let ailed for two ka <>uiy, notwithstanding my irgect request to hue him detailed permanently. i<n u wna culled ? rt" by hi*ciptmn, ?4 he recently wore at the investigation, t'> perform ward duty or n veral <laj #?. At tlie end of tUe two weeks or Which he w<ii detailed by the Mayor, he w*? gtiin (Mailed for euly two irci k t more, 'Jerau Ti aiD^ some week* after hi < la*t detail, wh<-n he h ? r< ialif d to the ward for legitimate duty uito*iher. Ami I all tbi* rnnfueion at the bell towers, ari-ing ror?i theee hnef and numerous detnils and eudd?n hnngea, I ?' h nicih deep - it incrltr usked the Mayor, F he could iDfoiin rne where I ( ould g'-t men for ell rmtefa w ho would be allowed to r'tnain prr: i i' at th?* tower* ; that hta brief i he itnceaeing and sudden recall* of bell rioters tin the tow era, by hi* |?mii*?i<>ti, to the ward* r bfitimate jolice rl?<v, constantly exposed the itv to destruction l y lire ; who giving me no sati*Htion whatever, I finally le'i h'.tn. 1 i < w aijHifj (hf lienor the M.iyor to ahoir 91 e re e) liable ol law tba! adthoriv* Inn to detail KoItU rjr hell ringer from th" . oli'v-men, or from njr source whatever. And if there he no I iw on >ia t uhjecf, a? 1 have to ofr> n told him, why ues lie not coine out and tell the city so, inrail of nioat audaciously giving the lie to the hief lingmeer, when he knows that 1 have a!? >aya hitherto, and especially in my annnil r -.x?rt, 1 ?e bll ihat one |w>or m?>rt tl ct'ul.l do ti 'fifcl an fb:i? n? re< rganizntion In the prrient imbecile and r rrupt bell ringing system, on which the safrty of , ..... J *,.J Ilil^llUO Oll'l IfJ-WW-B ofr r a volcano 1 Ar>d no* , if anch be the error md fallacy of the ' yor'a letter, in canneetioa with thin conapiraey ??" .- ri 1to blind ''i" , pie "f thu my t<> le dagger ihat truly le#eta (in the humble , ii on <>f i rr wl.o hit mad* thiasibject the atudy f hi* lifr.) for the Immediate wmt of a more effi- i nt otjMnizifion at the b? II tow<*ra?1 fay, if auch the n (<a?trr>u? falltcy of the Marcf'a letter rmbo t ii hi rci4>it,t?lMi, I woald a*a,lu God'aoaine, *t ndr?d hr the Mmni ih?rac:er of thia rer< o( -my i>a/e? of etupen.toua M.iehooda 1 Shall mkwit, m nil ita Irngih an.l breadth, and e**e ard diaaeci all ita hid'oua f.-?*tur-a I li there m w?i ?t>rr tn the rivili/ed world that cr>ald hold, ' half a dff?B iaanea, aueh a volunnno'ii review, i it wruM rrquire to thoronghly review it, nni I utlmra with inlelihle diafrace 1 it >( ?r.ot>dh tor the )<u(j|e <f thia city to know that lat iej*?rt wta concocted thr<at(boat hy the IotT>:ed|?r*o??, andcIkj>iea, *a 1 pvtuan editor*, who ( l>?huag. like d> nf i(la<iia'ora, for their pol>tiil e?n>tetce, thai they may he eonhled to foiat ????* l?ea aeam into the h'pheat porta of honor ?d emolument, whf re they continue to fleece e great body of our prople t I hraad that repcrt <in Ita title page to ita contl i?ion?aa a u-oua I mora and imaatatetriertta Ita anthora. themilltl, are guilty of the (barges of which the* acwae me, aad I hurl them tuck upoa then with all i ?e < iry of i bail It'd truth and connetona tick lity. Ii * "'ily ur )>leaaant In ?fehK tliua of wha' ?fiould fieatirrahly he the pnreat municipal jnveroment I *t.? civill/ed Woild , hilt I I nnr?i*e it tn h* my a<?tia and earred duty to uiu r the?e tratha in forci- i le urma. lor ihe heneht of i) e jMir h j.1 of .hemibr* Language ia maana to an end, aad ahould .waya m cflHKniri u> iy promotion or the pur> r and private Hjr U??mh?? we should ratmr >?d apfciatd, and, if ttuMtbi*. thereJ ternff the bid (/ the e*e of battle, do pent t.4 ini^nUi?* word* ;B"i'e the *bl<il?>ra to rfpe.l* <4 rmtMr and the Ilk*rattan of a eotiotry the ha na af la the d?n ratic rtrele, the btld I* traiaed ! > *i*we through tb* Me of bin- j uage, is it* ValM-ua tbiee* The A**'nna*nl f*jn.aa diecovrted or ibt* ?'e4 the Hiaita find I )|bob*(, to etfnai lheir thon^hta an ' feeliBfa, ihirli are ibe iirolifW a??rce t-f litftiitifi and bcW ?c*. aad of all that r?fi?ea ?ad ??naM a our M? tea (a all #f*a, and IB ail a?wintriea. And the \ fyf'aae p4ae?d ?B laeatimabie ??l>l? ( a tha I .1 raa legreea of er?*|>?nBo*, aad racially *4 tbe ?f*r*?<? degtee, wbicb ifcey foaal il ?o eaaeatial t?. ?* >B :k.*r ea?1f, rade. and baibarna* aft, *?,d ?b'? h, rt It ? ?a a'<*r?arr to ta* <b? BffBreMff b?b* oififr'd , W YO SUNDAY MORNING, municipal ofllcera being ?uch mfu aa I hare described them, and for a great public good, I found myaelf compelled to penetrate the long vieU of ceitaries that binds the t*at to the present, mucc tlie day a of tlie earl) Egyptian*, in order to obtain the ?"?|H-rla'.ive degree which they discovered and used to anathematize the evil doer* ?f those early times, uud to thereby promote their public virtue. It is painful, I say, to be thus compelled to use this superlative degree ? often in connection with *n expoaition of the infamous cureer of the present municipal government; but, " we must be cruel to be kind," in ord< r to |*e??rve the children of inen from a wide-epread clieos, and a wide-spread degeneration. i This report, ?f sixty pages, thus concludes: ? j Admit, however, that there waa troth in tha that fce h?o junt mars to maKe theia that publie nffli-cru had been guilty of great Improprieties acd ollWiti mi'nouUuet?thut tl.e Conamou Council wctt n. diluent of their dutlev and th? Criminal Courta and Grand Jury ot (troaa corruption - should he nut hava ecucbi-J ihein In language which, while it may bare been either homely or polished, would have been at the mm* tim? re*p*ctful. lletbrma -t old measures a? well aa in the pa?*age of nrw onaa in relation to thi* Department, hwe buen i>r?uKDi [> rore ir>M tlm? by tormer Chief*. to the at- 1 trot ion of the Uoniwn Counoil -by nucli orn >? franklin aauCox. Uulick and Anderson? but the l?n- , giiH^u ib which their Hi),jiir?tlonn were oonvcyud gain- | ?J for thim m *f 11 the r-?p?ct of the mfmVrj ?f the body which they addret?*d. as the conildrne* of the D*i>*rtmrnt ?t the h- of which they respectively j stood. Talk you of respect 1 I got tired of that. Re- j rprct you 1 When y ou begin to rennet yourselves ; i wh^o you cease to hire buSlios, at bo much per j head, to fight y?ur battles f.t the polla, whom, aa a I c< ntideraiion, yt>u pe.rdou from our prisons, m the ; ahf* nee of uny iiiumi ipal law to justify you ; wli*n I you cease to hire ihece abandoned men to Mock up ile polio and to Ix at <M worthy citizens from j voting against vou ; when y??u ceaae to dii'y liberate, by h*< k and ay crook, from our station h< nset> and from the Tombs, men who daily c;>.n- j mit the blackest Crimea untier your encouragement , hi our cletiiana, by w .iy of gratitude, rheir degrading , aiiimul |?Meraf tc want# disgracing ?ur highest ! posts of bon*r and emolument witn your pr?i'ace; | when you cease to hire tonvictn, fresh from Blackw li e Is|?nd and >vnn Sin?, and alnMlulely m ike l?licemeo of them in order to procure your politi- ' ial elevatiM through their l?ue physical energies; J wh?nvou begin to reaped "the Fire Department, and imar to make it a political machine, by not : (< imng to its relief throughout ihe yenr until j jurt i liw <i?y* b< fore amunicipal clcction ; when, to tickle it, an-i win its votes, you would, in r your eutbuMHhtic snd apparently disinterested Irn ndobip and fervent benevolence towards the r ire l>eparui ent, barter away your own birthright; w hen, moreover, you cense to convert the Fire i Department into a politic*) machine, through your ire Itepartn.ent committees, of either Hoard of ; Aifurirrn. a* luiiy explained in my last ttuauul It. MM (WW fo mhiilt its distinguished reprewhen >ou icaae to belie and persecute iii- Chief I.r>i{ii. er, w hum ycu would ngain gladly ' < hold loafu g alaiut the Park and City Hall, ana h? M-ei hint you, like a worthless h? gg*r, to come to the um^.if) rein t of the department; when dil you Ixgio to re?|Kct the people whom you have so long insulted. and whose pride and feHinea you hivw a<> errsalv outraged!?talk you of respect 1 Why. w hen before, in thi? whole history of mankind, did legible ton manifest lens rennet f?>r themselves and for ibur constituent*, as to self-constitute themm l\>? a judic ial tribunal, for the trial and premeditated condeniuatiMu of a muaicii>al officer of one of the leading detriments of a great American eityl And when did a committee from a tnunicipil corporation ?*rr set m judgr.ieut, bv self-appemtnect.on the r?|K>rt of r. leadii.g functionary 1? Iteeptciyou 1 when )?u cease to go lo Boston at aeon win'ee re pre** ting the worth of th'i mighty metropolis, lo attend the solemn pageant of a Pro idential funeral?*f.en ihia whole nation is bathed in tears at the Ion of a patriot and couraHKm soldier, who ha* just ce.iaed to oocupjr tlibiahest civil craat aiU'*ng twelve hundred milltoat oi huniaa l>eir>|.??when, amid ihe imp^iug mnivn of the funeral trains of a hundred (Ties throughout this beieaved land -whea, amid the solemn i?n?a | ct the fur.ersal hells in ihe mi red hthiutiio* consecrnti d to the worship of A'm'chiv Ged?when, anild ihe lou ilHIMldl of IV (HUM lrurii, and : whik twenty miTliooa of mourners are uouig up j to the beloved sepulchre of 1'achary Taylor top.ijr their Inst respect, and todrcp a tear of gratitude over his lib h as corpse, < ? a tinnl testimonial of aff'Ctii n for bia heroic ile. .Is, and apotleas career, aiid for h,a piofsund love ami devotion to the bereaved country amid thi? folemn, afi*-ciiag, and imposing spectacle, can it b? believed that mernbeis of enher Hoard of Aldermen, of thia citv, could he errertrd for riot and intoxication in the public streets of a i.eigbl>cring city, and actually imprisoned; and all this revolting eacrileve committed withia view of the patriot Tavlor'a , heme, and within a rifl' ahot of Bunker Hilt ' The admission ? f this t;r> naucqal devotion to th?- irerrory oft mmi who mM nM the thunder* of bat'le, and who prove 1 htmw-'f to re 01 c of ihe puicst | ?trio:*that ever breathed?I t-ty, the &4mi><?ton of th.*',al/noat incredil?U hair hi degradation, by tb?- pre^ni Chwmni Council, in ii:d< td hi.rinliatinf: but it bving the livmif truth, , vccordirg to the I ?*>!< n p 'per#, under thejh?ad of ''police return*," ?he a?inr? md degrading fact mutt lie ad'nuifii in nil .t? ?i, .. . i i* .>u \ >???, .?> featurea. Shall I jo >u ? Simll 1 continue thia n?ir?iti?' 1 Not m<I her* l mutt r! ?.?. I might i*ny more, hut 1 d^re not The people are not pre]>hr* d to c< ully beiir all I rnuM tell them cl your CTit deeds. If! ikwM trll all, I know it wntill hock the virtuous senae of thi* community a* never before, and ratw aach a ?;orm a* would hutl you from the placet of honor joi didgrace, l;fce chairbefore u whirlwind. )l I hrd l>een pernii'fed, I could hnve proved eucli a Much Bi?ae of oflicial corruption againtt )ou, during the recent investigation, aa would Itavn caueed ev< ry New Yorker to Inde hia hea I, and b!u?h with thamc at the degeneracy in the municipal courcila of a city that give him hirth. Aid I repeat, that it wna (juito fortunite (<>r you that you <'m?i|'ed mi narrow ty, through your detierou* coil nee I, from the brand of Cain, which oi;raged truth awaited at the h?ir -f f<nr, to ind?*l<i>l? fatten upon your fori headh ^unng the rtaidu* of your intilonou* day*. Kef)*-* you ! I did atrive i to reefttt you. and aent von re?.#ctful r?r<tirta and i petition#, r??a?A:hfr>({ vntj to r< lieve the detriment from the ?i'i|htofrnNtkM were blighting itsmercies? etila that houn<l ni? h-?nd *r?d hx>t, nod f? r | which the whole Uep'tlfffiil held me ree(">naiMe insead of yo<ira? Ives. In coticluaion, I do ter??ntly bop* that wn will eton be eelect'd 10 pr>-?ide over im, win will, at leaat, keep sober during 'he hallowed an i reaperaiMe f"uro ef nnldp?l l'g<al?tinn, and th>rehjr begin to f how aome r??pect to them?elvs and for the people ; w ho will herd tht ir respectful and momentona petitions; who will lemahite for the real welfare of the people, mateari of themselvea, and contemptible and blood-sucking cli.ju? a, and a corrupt partisan press ; who will look well to the efficiency and itlorjr of the Fire Department, and to all other depaitmenta of our city ; and who will guard, end not unceaaingly pluder. tlw pvbttetnmup And at-ore all, that men will aoon be elected aa itifiribera of our municipal government, aa pure and patriotic aa the great horty of their nnsMtueota, which ie, most aasutedly, not the case now. A if r k:> Cars /, CU(f Kuijineer. New York City, Oct 21, 18R0. Tlia Mingy I for lb* fiijrfinarf ?f the l?a? ?The ? otllxa aiid Cttnartl kti ann. (from tbt l,ond"n Dally N*?s, Oet II j Rating ia the great passioa of the haflixhman. HolM racirg, boat racing, foot racmr, mIw racing?no kind of racing cornea amies te him. Wherever the Englishman goes he muat kave hi* rra^a. i n? ra arc r-juur noat rneea ai iae isooa 8tr?it wttle mritii, in New ZeaUod, and thare ia a raca course at Sierra Leona. 1 , .A race ia eyeu now "tomiaf afV' oa which i Faglocd baa a atakei of t^rnM' m??nitu !< . Vfa \ alluda to that race of an indefinite ausnbrr oi hrata, bow ruaninf an the Atlantic, ky Cuaard'a and <'"l- ] lioa' ocaan ateaimra. The atak e ia ifither mora or l'?a than thr aaceadency an the aeaa. We uaa j the word aot in a ailly and abaolete aenae of thoaa who uard to dream of any naa natitn aaaerl nf, h* i ( forae of arraa, a waatery in mantim* affa.rnoyer aii , ther naliona H< n< < forth there raa r>e no aov raign nation : the prrat eomn, airy of nationa ia ?ad ; < niMt continue a repablic. Hot e*ea ia rrpmhlica | Ui#re ?re individnal* who pe.aaaaa mare wealth, more power thaa nthrra. bagland ia still the Irat I riti7f a of the comnuniiy of uatloM; the flag of t.Pft'flad ia atiil lit" t'jtfno*\ on the ocean. If 1 I'.itp'aad I- a^a the CorAfH and Collin* race, it will be an ereut of had ir/? f?r her annritime areemiaerca Fienah pvQtit'.t* at C'hethoarg, Huwnan mat rati* na < ? Raltlr, c?n only alarm old > wi m< It in and tn'? prt'ieoaia Pra-rmiaf ? # a! m? m??t belenf >o ire natica whiah i-owrwwi th* 1 ni?,?t autrfri ?t* a'/d brat apv?ia'?d i?.en:antile ma- I ria*, aad th? imp< riaat hranall of tha aovm- , ")' rr.ant' will *rr Ion# be it* ? ? ?** I''?"* if It irua that aa Arnancaa at*am*r *i?i #>nr and fineat TatreTa oa ta Af? lai.tla vnrago, it w kipK tirna that wa had a anora raaTrhirg inquiry ialo the atate of nnr <>?"an atram pen ?a?ie? iaa tkta waa toiu ha?.f. 4 kr Mr. h?aJej'a coira?it'ee. Aiiwtfug ta (ha Ntw YarV ?m?1 *h* imt- ' >RK I OCTOBER ST, 1850. rican ocean ateamer Pacific ma<lc .Ser last voyag from Liverpool to New York in ten days, four hour and three quarters, from wharf to wharf. A write in yenterday'n Timet states that the Pacific lef Liverpool at 2 P. M > on the 11th of September Th? New York papers state that it reached thu city at 5h 16m P. M , on the 2bt ult. Add Ih 15m. for the dill'erence ?f the time occasioned hj

riitlerrnce of longitude, aud we have 10 days 91 hours for the length of the passage. The Enulibh wan Btei.-mer Ama in Paid to haivt made herTat-t homeward voyajre in 10d<ivs 7 hours Allowance imiM, however, be made for the tjreatei speed wuh which, owing t rhe set of the currents tiie voyage from America to Kogiuai i* accom plithen, than the vovsee from Knuuud !o America The Asia's outwara voynee to New Yojk was ac complit-hrd in 10 days, 11 hour*, 'iH minute*, meat learning time. Frsrn this, w? ?ro told, must b<! deducted 5 hour* for the detour l>y Halifax. Bji tiis allowance is in excess; the increased distance ! is i.of th? only element to be considered; the les? ! renstance from oceanic current* on the flalifai route ought nl*o to he taken into accoun'. On the whole, we arc disposed to admit that the Pacific, not the Asia, has made the quic kest passage yet made between Liverpool and New York Tt it*, however, a neck and neck afiair. In July last, the. American oceaa steamer Atlantic made the voyage from New York to Liverpool in tea days, tight hours, bnd twenty minutes, only one hour tweuty minutes in excess of the time uken by the Asia. We aie anxious to state the fae's correctly, f,?r there i* an evident and not unnatural straining on the | art both of English and Americans, to mike tit the best ensi for tneir respective steamers ? even cn the assumption that the victory is still doubtful, the result cannot be vt ry gratifying to our national ( ride. Cunard's Company have h id ten years' practice; the first ei(>eri;iiei?i in Atlantic sttaril navigation, on the pait of the A mericatia, was made last year, by the New York aud Bremen steamers. The Pacific and Atlantic are the tirst steamer* launched bv the Collius' Company. Yet one of these trial ships, if it has not beaten, h n equalled the matured production of Cun&rd'sCompany. 1* there anything in the history of our ocean sttam navigation that can account for this 1 Some ten ) ears back, governnment, unable or unwilling to carry the mail* across the Atlantic, granted a contract to Mr. 8amuel Cun&rd, which that fortunate gentleman is understood to have sold at a gredtjiiemiuni to a Glasgow company, for the conveyance by stsam vessels of her \Tai- atv'* mails httween Liverpool, Halifax and Boston la iS'-Mi this ( Hutract w;m renewed for ten yara, fr?rn the l.-t of January, 18-18; and, in expectation of th* AtmricKn ccmpetition, whicl* has siuoe arisrn, leave wns given to omit Halifax, and make the vojuge direct from Liverpool to New York. Both the original contract and its extent-ion were riven without any com|>etition. A'he owners of the Great Western and oiher steam vessels, who had risked their money in establishing the practicability of making the Atlantic voyage, were uncereoiuniously bruthed aside, and the contractor has had a virtual monopoly of the Mteam communication between the United States and this country for the last ten yeurs. For thu service, the country pays JE140.000 per annum. Following the exampls of the English government, the United State# parted, in I'M*, to a Mew York company, a contract for carry nig the in tils to Liverrcol: ana their two first *ts>els, the Atlantic und Pacific, made th? ir appearance this year, to be followed next spring by the Arctic and the BalUc. The Cunard Company, thus put on their mettle, constructed the Atia and the A/ricu, which were ulf-o placed on the s ation tMsyear. The result of the contest, as far as it has b*en cirried, is stated abovje. " We are t<n years i-'forc you in shipbuilding," nnid a Yankee skipper, the other day; "and'en years l? hind yon in machinery; in live years inore we viill be ahead of you in both." To prove Jonuthen wronif, we shall have to get np some competition at home, and not wnit to be taught tike oi l lersen that there is no tuoh thing in lia'ur*1 as an iii'pn . lr monopoly. CunntU's Company commenced with of 1,100 tons and engiues of 350 h? power. Th? y ha\?, step by s:ep, reached 2,900 ton# ami !>H) hor<?e 4Hi?er. Hut t!?* size ami power are the only tliitgs rhariL" d: the model hi>? remained thranate. The Aeia, of 2,300 toi #, h un eularged euition of the Britannia, of 1,100 toas, hod goes bowltn? down the Mersey, carrying a aea belore her ersogh to ??amp a revenue cruiser. The American strainers are of larger tonnage sod l? *? power thin the Asia unJ Africa, hut of exauisite model. They are " ten years ahemi" of IM ilii tDd Alhts, u far as the hulls are concerned, and bs far behind id the engines. They slip down the M'reey with wtirce h ripple at the bow, d<ridire the w,iter like a Ora?enend ste.imer. In accon im-dhtion, vt Dtilntiori aa 1 general urr?a;en eut, the American v>scel?>are fur superior to anything that has been before iw-ea in this country. It Will doubtless be suid thu.t * e attach tO'> much importance to the ?uc<e*j < f wir trans-Atlantic couhbs We shall be told that * One swallow does not mnke a ft'mri'.f r; on* 'Mr si'ge is not a feir criterion." We shall he advised to wait for a twelvemonth before we give au oj'iircn. In spiie, lmwet?fc of taese ami othir wine snwi that may pcurt d nut, we coul>?* that, to ue, the voysgcH ct th? Atlantic and t'.ie Pacific lot k like " the hanclwritirc on th? wall" to our rulers, which it behooves them to Uy to heart. R?M|tioas Intelligence.. KkMOKK Tl)*DA?, Preftbyttrian church, Washington squaro--Re* Dr. Ad*ni?. evening l'Uflbles Blretlnif-hOUfS, g4T?nttenth StMet? Dr. If. K. Pnrptrd. mnrulnf. Uhlrrrtalist oliur.h Orchard strsut?R?r. C. il. Fsy, nit'K. K* forked Dutch Church, Blueoker .itrset- Pst J. A Car?y ?teniae. K| l?rO{al rhurch, kinlbirrj rtrc. t -Rs?. It. H IMIU, HornltK af l.o <-,w b>? It roadway- K?t Ralph iioyt, *riolti{. I cbimh. Mai k? t itTMl- IUt. K?l,'h IJoyt, PC'tbll K I'uptmt Grand Mr?#t-Rrr. D. M. Oraham, i?> i?*r g I'm*i-4? Waatlng-lioa**, n*? *tr-?t Lu?r?tia Mott, itllllt k*v.&a'liartl?l I" p1?r?i? *ki inm .jfi pt lmol tbr ehvrrhoa of W< <t TYwu *-.<4 I lonVUI* Oranga ronety N. Y on TiiMdt; Oe'oti r l?t K? t Win. X Mcilarir' if Aibt'n. r.m* i ?> nlpi' (<11 to b< tk? faktor o (tb? Kit it IT**t)t?rr. n ehgtrl of IUt a R? ? P?ltk-a ila)T f? i.tbi'tlf jailor p| IL? Haukton >tr >1 akurrb la till alt* I ? r* . l?nl and a<"-(, da all in i.i tb* Cr ?rr. gaito: al ebcik Id dmih aM?|!< . hwi, K*? < barW* of Fort Warm haa b?*a dlk- i rl???d by lb* I'nfl tVaya* rr.,rt>jt?-ry at fclk fan ra|?Nt. K*t K ><aC*H if >l*?k **'?r;k * r,kk?br?? , on'| ? In ! to l?at? hi' < >! ?<r?, at. n for tba tbat Iia aa; M?k Ik- rt. total un of kH fc< aim by trai* l ii?. Mr ll L. Adam* *a< at<fklr*d a* an ?*an?rilktby .b? "ai.mla^a Pittlyurr at lUKwIaa'tlla, W. Y.,?a b*?th<i..t R*? It W CimII *a* dtialwi from tka pMtnral 'baff* *1 tka i ai k at<uf<*b -yia.-i.-*, ou ilia l.)llt at . by iki Oaiiadasa frtthr"?7 ml ImrtallaJ |>a?- | ?r of ib? lira* PT??>yt*r'aii abuftk rf altoa *? T Hair ba* r?-?i,n? i tba pa?t>>tal ebart* of tka ^r?b)tiil?* rkmk In I wi l>?ibia *i*?aa couniy, ' b4 la abvat to liamtt'i rrlli-HM'* tu'll'k *' faay koaaty, M. T. Tba rburrh is i.a?t Dai haul Ik i as atil. K?* (I A Ovlatt ?m hk*'.aU*4 at Ck!<ko|>?*. , m Taoday of |a*t (ilk Mr i kttln It n.-t-* *h ariia>a*l ; r??|r>gattoral rVirtk at.4 kociat; la ??rt Aadoraf, K?*? ea tka ?th lot! A I >>btr?|kt*raal akar-b *M <>rfknlk?A at ?< ?? rfort, a ioart?Maf ?.lla?? in tka tova of <>gd*a, ?. 1 an th* kth laat tar J oka Mnuh. Vata of Kt??*ta? N ?? ?!? , itallid o*?t tb* I'mI *hur?k tat aoi gtagatlna a lork. M* ,*k VitvHay ft?t I _ t *?? rwoi viji rarmirl; ?I iTrmnn-ta. ? " If a the *| |,utrr, tn ' .i iri ~ ? * aad I artiga l.hrlailan 1'aioa for lha | IHaw'tt U Io?b' aJ At i'!?rloo?ll IU? lh?Li-m r Ald. u Jf , of Hi* liilfk. UltCl' l , ;a?1r**f ih. ,Uirrh In %lw?hrt?iJ m lh? .oik alt H?? T)l?r TkMtkn i.f Sor'k W> nlh?i?- Mbm . I" ? vti rton i<- is i?* *?r* ? lh" >atk N-w Wmii kr>aa<l Hr r?llf'#nt? Mr T)w?t?bf ? a Bio?t vnrtht !,< hlgklv mlm-fr sad >ip?-*U t? with h>n ?b4 to ??? ( him >?lf ? th? -alu.atry ?ub?r In Callf<<rala m oi??nb Wair*n <i. J?b?? lata < ! ?u?k Ula?t?Bl>Bry, j M l?**Bl*?4 ?fir tfca C?Bit?i?tUakl ilii'tlii>4 I Ir?* '!< * la IIbtvIM' n Cor.a <>a tk? 14 laat R>? C*l<b f f.ji IfraiT j el BiVlpfc'*. M? , B?a In?talla4 om U.- rlrttaharek la ur?a#y,Ct Oat 1?iS Ra? W. 0 l.ocka. of Rrtx klja ku r???i??4 B ananV m< na aaU to Ika trtakytariaa akatak la llaaipata'A L. 1, Ra?. Lyaaa OVoa P k af Ika 1WbbIb|???. V? ratatina af Oa||t?(Btk bb! B?laWt?r?. la "?/-fa*at, aatt-4 ?Hk tk? 0 1 Praakrlary of rkUa4?l ;ki* ?a Ik* ll'h iBft Mr. Joka T> < >?? rti oriolaa) r jUll*4 a* |>??iri M III frr*\j\rr'*n .Sarah *t F ftaaaiiatUa. t k??lai Oa? r? . ti Ik* ?ih liM Mr Taata H IU>? wa? or1?in?"1 a?^'jiU U4 of Ik' akatrfc tA UrMt ?a \ha lotfc ln?l Tka bulla tOBatttnllDf tka *?,? R?? l??ra%r 1 0 |i!|l|. t of Raffalo u Kbit v Hwtfotd. arrival Tka tt.'-a af Blah?? aire* will Uka plaaa la It f airtok a oka: ah Hoehaakor. on <?T, iM Ittk of Hera* bar Th? Rl R?r Dt OortUo*. WUtiOf ?Uo?of 3a*?ai?a?i will k? Mint or rata* to Ml 4?hk> ektfcfc,l"kiiaJol#\ta, taftu?t*f lot, lfU [ERA S r KuiltiUConcert* ud tk? Opera. To-nluM. the KfconJ iwcred euaeert ol Anna Bishop r will take place at Trlplwr llall The first cue waa oi?a of th* most magnificent musical intertainmenta ever | known ia thl? metropolis; ard the selection of mutir, for tbli occasion, KWee promise of gr atrr escelleuoa f Ktill. The ?ery best composition* form tbe pr"?rkiBia?, 1 and Anna Bishop in the aplendid aria, ' With Verdure , Clad,'' from Majdn's "Criation." asay be expeoted to produce ?t?b n?r? tmpreaslon upwa musta&l gemlr billtin. thai the did lact Sunday n't.'bt in ' Let the , Bright NrrapLim"?cn* of the most tlnislmrt piece* ol Musical exprt ttlcn and necation ever heard ia thttf metropolis. Other* may auto nit h and delight, but A a, aa lilihop ha* power over the *oul of t*r audinnoe, > and charms by tl]? united grace* oi her styla and her I niirft'At matllAi) uri ?vaa.i>?U> II..- V ? - At- a w ?. ... ur[ WI'IIU 1 IKtl'D lO the prop?r places there are ao suspiraticiis forced go ? But like discords upon t'le ear. but .\U Iser vocal power ? and it ifl not ol a limited kind If In unUon with the harmony of the theme and the spirit of the eo*>poser. She will be ably supported to night >y several other favorite vocalMts. and the orchestra will exhibit. probably, ths fame perfection as at the first sacred concert. Certainly, when the talent In tl ?#e magnlQaent concerts, and th? musical "elections are 1 cotu'dtired, words are wholly iinperflcus to Induce 'rue lovers of sacred harmonj and melody to pait with fifty ceatsi for the pHrpoie at such true enjoy, ment. Thou*acde. undoubtedly, will appreciate u -h en opportunity for listening to the sacred works of the great cocposers. brought out by the great Hklll of that eminent musician. Boch<a, whosa own oompeti. Hons have ranked hia among the first in his art There will be a change aC the Alitor Place Opera Heuse to- ( now night. The German must i will give way ta the Italian, and " Lncia dl f tmaaeruror," with all the strength of the troapa will be brought out In the beet el vie Xbe house has been well attended, thus far. and we have noticed many distinguished granger* present on each occasiea. scattered by na nmnn rpaimj nuivllg lllllHf Well ailOWn tkP 111U All'l t Ut I Ofttlll t< in pie of rong Th?i aubscriberi are more nuiaerou* than tbf y were ut first because It ll well knot'n that thi? it lo kf i very brilliant afMOD. and that uth?r ne veltles baslde the coning of I'arodi ?ni Nathalie Fit ijamta are expected in the course ot the aeavrn. City InUlllgCBie. TRr.RIBl.l COLI.IttON IlKTWKF.It A STK4MJOAT A*? SLOOP ON TUB MORTtl RIVKK. At an taily hour. yeeterday raoralng. a fearful collision took placa b~t?e?n a sloop and steamboat, an the North ilver, a ihort distance aVove 1 the Coitlundt atreet wharf. Tha particulars are j aa followa ?It appear* tha itaambsat Umpire I commanded by Captain Tupprr, was coming d>?u I from Troy and whin off about Chambers tlrMt. tha pi'.ot ditcorrrrd a sloop under full rail.onaiing dire-tly toward* th?m, with a etiJT brieie that whs btmviag at I i the time. fie Immediately rei|ne*ted the man At I he | i h-ln ot tte sloop. to champ* lili cour??nud ic> unisr . t their stern but it *eem? the iteertraau ooul i o? ?#- t tomplirh It In time, aud suddenly 'h* * '. < 1 -vat* la I < collision with the*t>amer ad lstrnck her wilhgrc at lorn-i , t a rboit dietaui-e. aft ot tha hrwi(4|M|*l| Several | ' ef the steamer* brace* were stove in. at was also a por- I ' tlon of ti e guard*; tha Hiding above the (lrst ,l?ok 1< t- gi'-stly damaged. aud It was so< a ascertain**! thai th< ho* spilt of tLe rloopbadrun through the atntt- 1 $ ro<m making great havoc with the content* aud ! tearing it to piece* At tbn moment, intense exoit*- j a mrot prevailed among all on b?ard aud they were , ) e'urilid by the announcimint that aeveral p-rsona , li were iii'tautly killed, whlcli *ub<e<(ueutlv proved to a We without foun>Utlan, but upon entering the *h*Uer- ! t ad atcra-roi.m th? crew tour.d the head cook (a colored 1 I man nam d liavid Lee.) with his legi jammed h i w?en i the gcartl* of the at earner and the stoop* bulkhead j Tb-- poor man waa quickly extricated, aud upon an [ , examliiatUli hie l>tt leg wat discovered to t*? irushai , to a jeily. atd other parts of hia body dr.-aJf illy lu- j t joraa Tii?f liiob will probably lure to be tmpuiated p Attar rr.n>ia?iable ?*?riiou the two ntaaela wtrn not ? eptrt fctnl the aUuniar wa* tr ?--d U her t?*r;h foot of 0 tYrtlaiOt *tre.d, wLera the dnrnage* ? ill b- repaired. 1 he ci.lott ni.ktf colored roan r??ilad In I'eari street, , n?ar Kroadway. ?1.-d on ahore. but it wa? dn-axt rx- ( j). dlant to r?n?ey to the Cltj UmpiuI, uhloh *m t dor.e by ord. re oi the rapt.Jn There U nertalnly cat. t paid* i conuacled with the a'.ore di-aa'er, but w? a*re unable to ?< ertfclb el.ioh of the ptrlle* t wtre to blane Fortunately uo other* wtro Injured. III. Mi I nil TnrATMt>r ok ? Chii? ?t IT< MorMra.? f Ywtrrili;. woman tiauud l.yn-h. living ia * -duolee off De i>ire?.f, IJrn >klyn. ?tru"k o? the heal t child of fcirj who lay ut^th M. ebik of droo?y bn- I eaura he snM t-<-i g>i+ p turn ).>d (ittn iiim. Tha wretohed ?om?u ?ant 4 f< the child'* in?ney to purchase drink, and b-?-'?me eiI ajpentrd on brio/ returad fh? *m univtul ?ml ton- d I ??; (! to prNoti by the police and on to- way kepi ' trarintr and rboutltg and threw her* It >'nwi p"f?r?l t'mr* The poor child *a* taken to the hospital. The iukabltauti < f th? *t'?*?t will b* ilaj to *?t rid of h?r, (j tor lb* k< ?pi up horrlMe n i?e at ni:' it, ^Mtrlilng ; ji I tilt vfeflla p?MsM"rho-4 with dnHtf murder,'-ber I pt In av uuicj CIK a??d by luttr.p) ra'.ra. bring oontion- ( ] ally H?Than, tntre ft'a frequent rowa j j. htt and h?T bufban 1 b"'.h by night and day wheniha j, a*o- r 1 (en " a* eb? < all? I iiu. arid t. i't?e a terrible . c, ' flavor. fhe U tli" pW^ua of that l" -r.l!ty the little boy* run aft-r hi-r t? r >p rt, and drive birr 'rmj, , 1 whU ?fc? pur'?i"* tfc?tn. an J fl'iiR??toor? afttr tUnn. 'j Mii.itu Vi*m - Crt'kT or Arricai.ii About four h>in- j. , dted eiUl? wttt a-?eroMed la?t rii'uli i a* Vul'ery <jlinll, fcavlr* I ron notified to al'end the 0o**t of \p- j ? I p<>alD on that evebinit to make th<-ir ?'|RQh?k if they ' Lad any. Ttey w:ilt. 4 for t.'arly tw> liout, bit 'he (*titli'UieD el the g"l<l tptnli'i ? a -,d '< u *'id fnai tM/? aid imt. nntkf tht-lt upvaian*" t 'ry ibe pia- * i bian?'' It *M taid ' (,'iU>n 1 Hal r to pr?- 1 rtrtf >1 tfcl* eourt martial, h-n ha cMfted It r-n to the j * abi iitil * ra i f hia in?j >r. So doubt t> ey wl 1 t??ry * man te* flu* 1 and - u- ui H!?< ue c live tr d- u*n I 1 f' II ? mn?. r I.r i hn fin ,1. Tb- m K ftoJrurDrj, iltrr a (Vw apl"/ briar ii lurf?**i. j*ii< laDd'frtl tf Military Hall taking tba part of th? Mfti-rni ai d ! :< rail ? th<-in t. ?' Iba eol'Mtrl or 1 mI w?rr imhln t<? arr< ?t Vr *u?h prom- !in?*, II wna uixnini' n?ly i-?ol?rd to drpviil wlib tlu and- ' I'.rJ thn t?ot;i ? ? brlJ bj up!, o ail prianut. an I b? ' frty ?illlf>?rly IfMik rhar,r? o| t'tain protamine In Jo J ill ( ruuld lor tliaaa mrmb-r.? nf tba J'bbitaU iti ' Bivnt HI't Yoik ftat* Mill'"*." Mii'r?a? limiw ri* lining ?t Onr?aPir<?Oi t Tu iflar ant *Vtlilnt. HrKadlar U?ii*nl? MonK jj liail. riul CaiDK'* aayaral lu .* > '?? ?> >>? ra*law?d . at > aJf put f>?r o'nlnek P U . In fr? .'. of tha I'i'j c Mall, by tbat truly ?r?at man anJ lllacrton* patriot. . brMtll I'dl IL. IA>?lli.Tr '.f tli -n- : t: ? . ar-Ml. u at ir-r?at in auparlj anno i n. a-id will, upon tlila , | < rra*l?-n. It In cnnrtdantly fcalltrad. pr->aaal tb>-?d?'I ~y mul'aiy dtaplay of aitll-ry Mi a try, infantry an I riO?t?r. n?t witcfftl Ip 11>I.? city Th? patriot!* Mr'g?di<-t OtTfftl lUrti' Up - b"< r torlta I to jotn It tb?a? l< u> ta tu ana of tba bra. sat ni - a of lht prr??at Miii dir > . ? './ ara Intrm>'J !h*t a?t*n If? ?rnr{?iii'M? ?f of ir fit.* 1'ivaid for a * rand * 4 btuliant mili ary aa<t target *aaari.lon l,y tb? Tartii i O > n-w-i ait-r ,'ap'ain Tueti'ii .. of th? fltb Wcid r?;iea > rroti>n>!?l by 'ap'.aln U v drrhlll. of tb? M-r.-?r llano*. Tha affair m\ I pribaUjf rf aia > 0 n or about \ '.m ilat of Novraiber fin Aotrrsr t? Riihii?(t.?Yaatantar dimIrjr. ab-tif M, ? whtl# * (ftllrmin r?> idltt at II ua-?n N > , a?u>? I R?njamlu > An>?>*. nirM' lag I'rt ad way. mai Mall-p Ian*, ha alippad an^fidl apnn tha p?r?Km' pf tha rmrSar* war ^hlii ??? < ?iift to tba ilnrl; and aiatahad mndltl^n id tha , r??ai tbr tonth'are Rafora !*.-. A annld rxioyoa klDI , alt. ba nai sail.??ly Injur* I about bla ? .?? and > ' rot hf I V i wv. i.f ft r iS. tkbl M <" 1 U'?r ti'i* Ma wo pirli<4 v, )iy iwtirkl kind ?m can '' j( J Mm to Jill Jkctal la 0e:?rttan1t f r???. P-niir ?? Tjxi^o l.?' im ?.-i'ep?iir ia?? y??l-idM. h.'rt *n in ,n- *t al Jo M '? '?r?n#? ?< .r?ft on ,, tk? body hi Mi* Marr Oallia*. ?a<*.| as ;??ra. who ?? > to k>? <1 ah by adaclal'-tartnt to h?r??l?. f?r in >f furprn rf iy.f dartrnSUan. ft jtiftntity o! laitjaanai, r, kick in ba? il'ftik Tha pm / woa>?a hnn , baan lahorit 4 uadtr ti?*or?ry laranlty lar coaia 11 ? tl pari A. i> dMt ?ft? mndarad ftr.eordin^y r Marin* AITftlu. iu.iii rw ma P?< ?ai Srtii " 8i;?riiia Tha a?w parkat ?\?ip ' Surprita," ffuptala Puirirr^ arrlrrd ri ><-atird?/Hnra'if, from Daaton la v>w < f tha rr.-pWI?r t< tar?>?? MU? It it ellppit bail! iklp. of atiout 1 300 ton* baric* pha arrlaad off Ilarl < ?!?, laat a-ab?, ?ad ^ trk'#?ri. Tha llurprUa bring* aa pftWnjt't* fram tha * '? it?*?r ?H?," AlJarinati Hall of Jl-iaton who kulll th* i| rhlts Captain llaat. th? ?#t?ran pl.ot <'ftft?Ja l.o'hrop, t .Wijktr Paatt Hall. Captain Kumlr\aba. 'harl?? P. ' H a* ord acd J >ka Claik. Tka rhlp Urk ? b?rth at u ' H tin Ul Dim ?tr?at, whara ?? doubt, aba wiU ka t tor Hiiial lap, aa ohjaat of latataat. ttriMMi - In Warrin. Ittb lart , Vy ***" * CkMt * k barir. kark Dolphin u4 aboot *< t?a? totandad <1 | for tka wh?lint bu?ln?hd aird to k? omat*odrd by C??t Collar. lata al bar^na HmIw At Pa a PraaeUao. Tlh ult . v? Ml? l?n Craak. aBaa ? raai?r, aallad tba Hoary 7 U ' lay. 140 f?at lonu, M faat wtda ot?r tba gaarja. with two rapariar ? 111 t< rta ftr>Wvt *a<ft- wUk I - ? S ; > )??* alrr ha. mixta d In lofkt nn<Vr tkt ?n>?r?'.?ico ol a/ tha ? ???! Uor fram* ?aa (ot not la talk *1*. ?< <?a?aa * ftaad Oa*? Mora la a laiUnft f?M?|. Th? dlamata* ol H kar ?h*?la ia V-, h?t ak? hu nn tin pram.-?a<ta J?fk * loeo M fa?l )?nf aad It feat wl<la, " till i w >ttu in>nii <? aUk?r tlil* (t- i U< up. n? uMn aa tka maia 4?>ak h%? a itlalng ff#C? tnl MW la t?t*4 k? Mwwre. Whit*. a R>r>l?i) aai Untaa. aa<l by 0%f~ Murray, a f?aaiaa f <??) ?? raaWf. ?h* *111 ?!o??aa<i kar. k laa p?w aakooaar ballt k? M??ra Ad4ta?n .% Mo < Iftt.-tk N Xaibanlal(1l<;*lrj a lnl?n l?>4 far tk? * rtlillag tra4?. ?i>d im?am?ada4 hy Oapt. J B Mnfga?, I ( ??? ?nU lanrftinl at Cbwle tin 33 ;b? IM iuU H. ! | fall ftp*' i \ LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Comrt fGiirr*l lettlmi. Before tb? Recorder soil AlJornj.u u.nBu aad Cosk* OcTeaKu 20 ?This being th? last day o * th? term. ? tr 1 la took pi8<>Ter?l prle?a?re wire 4 I'flharurd, eiidraoe appearing to justlty their b*i.H detalaed 1' DK?r in prisno Two long argumruta we made before the Court, to <jua?h inditiacnU; o.v* lamaa U>...k ..J tk. ...Ji 1?? Phll.nil* ?- a |'Mi mmw ??uci |?ruuiug |?iu>k I Jobh No ditOUCalOO. Ckmgt at;01 titt Ont /Cgrd 7Tk?nj??n diimitn * .T Grand Jury baring inreatigated the cam p a^emst One Kyed Tnomp?on on charges prefert *?d tot manufacturing tba torpedo box, with Intent to d? tb? life of Mri Wirarr, which exploded in the h cm?* of Thcnu Warner, yesterday handed into court paper* and aflklavlts, endorsed on the back " mured " Thompson, ?hn. it appeara. anticipated action of the Grand rn([o<^t. was on band In Oour. * > and when the result >u announced by Mr. Tander * Toi'rt. the Clerk of tb* Court Thorop?'?n'i eye beamed . tip as biijth: a- an evening "tar ; he appeared to sail* all over. Tee ('curt ordered the surety n| Thonpeoa to be relieved from KDir , urther responsibility l>amrt - /. Gal* huiUtf t%ain Daniel A <la3e, the Individual who wan arrested on Friday having farfetlej bis recognliannes. when called lor trial on two indictment*. ?M bailed yenterUav by the court, tn the mil of>I,nuO Mr .iamea M Richards beciini" the surety. and Sir Uale ngaiu avt at liberty ThU dale la a rt ry important ?ltn/n against George W. Nilea, tba iuwy.T. wfco standi; ir.dlctsd for obtaining f2 UUO trom Mr. H??imi in thv rim. cm unmplracy case The business of the Vrm having been thn concluded. the ooart was adjourned till the first Monde/ in Norfmber. Supreme ( wri. si'lXIAJ. TERM. Refur* Chief Justice KJmand*. _ Oct. M.?Dmium ? Wa'twr rt. Moffat a*J othert.? xa? fcitrfc?tloQ ( l fraud auainut llulfat S^njf denial nn I dleprt-ved l k? injunction restraining him fro a enforcing judgro*r,t Ij dU.oired, sad %n to tha I ropertj levied upna und>r hi* <ic'iitloa on the ta?ti' u for a recel??r, la itmi??l Mat in regard to th* r?nt? ef T. Warner a r>il eii >te. to whloh Uotfat htt do claim, and ia r?:ar<i tf> the a*?i?ninent to Mu(T?k ?b.ah appears to be fraudd-nt by r?mon of the proeieien tor payment to. au 1 piefnrenoe of, Tbompeoa and Btifby, tbe injunction coatlnaad and ?vr"<;eirar appdnted. Leave tu file a ;uypl"me?tal aomplaint granted. Slritai t re. Elwrll and nt '.ft?A a "aeetnnt. though aoatainiag nun? Item*, yet kvi ( nl a aingle purchase and aiade at one tuna la n -i a lost account *? an to warrant a ri-fiTeiicf. Motion to refer denied.? The cast* of oppoaing thi< motion lo ablda the areal. I'l'mii n WAUnmt It aot ipp-ar!ng, by tha rap rt of the referee, that th<- parti*'* vera e?er married* or that thi-jr realded In the 9;ate, or thit. th- iinrr.aK* waa hoUinuiied in thin Sut?, or that tha alleged offeree *a? committed in thi? dtate. application for divorce denied. Jfmifriti n. Mirtihtteton. ? In ?a antlin for a wrong againat a aon resident defendant, at: utta<ibm*nt viajr iMue, and tbe defendant ! property be lertud upba under it. though no mean* ot ccormeociag a auit, la ?u< b a caae, or obtaining a judgment thereia. are pra?id d la tba coda If th?def< nJnnt rolaatarllr appears is the putt, it may proceed to judgment, but if ha doe* rot. it will be proper to dWhar?e the utta-hra-al, becauee it ran be of no avail to tha plaintiff uoleia the defendant will voluntarily appear M >:|->a to dlactia'ge attaobmeit gTaated. but without ooita. Mi Kv tr g tmr. ft. I'utU.r nittr.ittr ? Where, in lotion axainst a n n re?i<irut. defendant the ran- n?aa i#aer?ed by publication under an ord?*r of the J idta, he auit ia not cuiunmoed until the expirati ia of to* ,!me prescribed for publication, to thut if tba defes:*nt ole belore the explratloi ot auah time na aeiru if p-ndl'ig that can b? raTired agiinKt hl? reararDtatirac. Motlen to act ail la order of re?l?a\ an<l iiheeijui-nt procecdlrg* granted. Motion tor extra aluwance and coett <1.*n;ed Muklt vi. bodlt?Motion to change plaea o( trial ranted. // lei.VKOu* ? 8??. 1 ofartlcl# 1 ' f the Oa?tltiltls?, rid the prOTielona of tbe at la h??e ?i'perilled tha rovialona o! tbe K"Vi?-d .4U.tat?4, -e^olring that aa i na joined <ru a cociplai'.t for a dieorce hy r-?? u of dultery, shall be trie 1 br a jurr. ?o tar that tbua h* p?ri:n ronpant * ret?rcn?? laay b.i crdar?4 M?I n tor a re(or?Bc? jjranteJ. ilffarr tha Hon .Judg" ltd wards. Oct. Jft? Di?cii>ions- Jut. W<i/f r? .hcKi'uU IT?U n*d !*?? ?.- >1 ft Ion frr dlrcotrry d?ni<4 Ja-nrt Miiii t'? Jtkn and i.tkrriTh'J initio* u < -Imtig !h# pl,wn of tri*l ran.-'. Wy <M?r tiutil t&* aity moving nbail kit* no.icn to hi? co dafaadaa'l. utota ha atiall obutn th-tr oon?.-nt to th? propoM* bang*; in which mot (.lie moiln 1? irr?i>lril Hn'ifttH Humtr r? Sitkol*in ?m?n4d undertaking ximt b? !>d mi l thn inj'inotin* or. ! r modlfir <i ?o (.bat thrt J.-'itiaii'm ?y ) # ficrmi U?<1 o et.llret thr *a ..nut ot hit judammit, after U> dueling h? >11 hi ot (6Q0. Im Iht inaltrr of lliram f'A, an intt'lrr*! iriur.- Stolon tor a ri rti"-arl d<ntt<L Rvfu* I?'| Igkl VI. Tltot. Sttrm* ?->i nlltrt.?Xotlaa or amor Jm?ut l?ui*d Sr,iuA /*. Colurli <: Surf I. 'I"! i"< tA?n.- M*i'B for ?tay of proeadir^a ua'il |> j rn>ut of <">it? nrm?rtnH itnt j?d \athauul i' tiim'.ull vt. Junvt li Unli,ri?i, ? II lid* >r judgment o? trl??lo?ii> amuriiT granted l.ucy CM tn. H'ilium C?M. Jui,;<u?ut far 'iirtrit Mki Pol Ira lutelllfrncf. 1nnittf * hnifar.'-lMlf ya?4 ! J.yioo-?4n?, n(* u<|iir. ofthn KMhward, %r>?<ttrd i ynaar :r.?-i ra".-< >hn JUlly . wlin ? ?? t In t'l* < ??! ( fllaa naota??1 by Mr Bart a Ski lix ?r??,No 360 NTanbtnglon rtrsal. tin ri'jiac h?-i forced op?n lha win-in and ti? I jui? rV*t*?t two p?|.rr? ot t"ba ><*<>, ?h?n * a? ii||> i<o4 bjr th* police, and arrwatod. Ju-tkea l.a'.hrap BiMiltrd Mut to prU'in for trial. Srt*hnt Vtiuli.? k yooux man, by tha nama of tn ? ?'< l' t, w?n nrri* it? ! 1 ir "n n >i?rea ot pMoU, liiiTfi. fee ir> m toa utoraefA W. p(?i jw, No ill Maid*n Una a*ln?d at or>r tM. t r Mtl'ffd ??i rubvavi'il h 'rr? M"tntfarS, ho ccnirutti d him la prtaon ! r a further tMarlog. 5u?f ii'< M i>/ HltaUng * Horn* and If# ;<m. 9l?ie 'art,* of tha Ktglili ward. arraM? i na Prlday, yn.n< mn by th? n?m?t tf Thorn** (Ifumbf, on w/ici' > of having stolon a ;-r?y irnr* *ul naf'? h<i ! a uraf. ?h!u?J at f I'di. li ( Pin tha *!"uiii o?. 'b? kor?a aud V'^na up at Mr Rnnrka'a, o'?ro?* f -.hi I* .tr*?t aud ? t ar-im" and mod altar b<i oif. r-d I r?*J1 tba inarw, hartMl ?aj ?ag'<a f?.r >.Vt |a Mr. ' rrk# which at car*naat.-d * ?u?p..~lm la tba mind t Mr. H< iirk? that tha pn partr h%l haaa oh'ala-4 '.!.} < wMljr The pollra wai? ? tl la*. and Urue ?r. i '(U? a? to h< w ha ram* la i x'.m property. mil' ??Y>r?l ?<*?y enatralntnrf Int-mi-iita whuk 'h!jr t?l4'4 ti otaala a attune ? n'P?on t.f hi* f.ullt Tka M?wr4 IM rM<?7?d ra Jnatlra Mct'rntb, who ?omu?Utad Mm to prU?? r ?furtb r bMrltf An own*? l? waaud ror tha s>? and wagon. a? It la ballarcil -r> 'ja ? ?l-n properf. Apply to t!?? Magi-trnta. a' ib? ! ?li<-? Oour. Jut* ;??MKi>rt Math avrc aa, fo">t of Xiuth atr??v > /r<i A wi'-nao, eaii?4 i.iua!>a.k > Belly, ??j *rr<i-?-.| on a cbarga ?f M>lr>( a ?(.Ml*rMt M bill, pmporilog to b? c>*4 icti?y, m tk? Hai.k <?f Pmrlda nea. HK?la (aUud. u?tlr? Moi-yffit J t?^*ltha a. 04' 1 tarai'aitiMC taring raw Ii trlllR ?BtW Ofltitt cr Arrr?i< Am<t Jet 28n^nmrnt [ aald A VMtin. ap?iri? a<a'a?fe rrm < lui. raap*a iant; Wi II *pp- i.aak r?'n-t i rt H-avn r? p? i i., i, Ji.'.a Bri>a??fc trirtr fee.. raapo-n) d< im? milUbfrt u. Crook *oa t fh#r *pp?ll?tjiii, Hiniaon Oiajr. ?- , >< ndrnt, n rg? i4?crfn?r *ni aootb-' ap^? tlaii t, >B l'??l r?f(K>Ddxt. agklu^t >1 m 5lr ..?* ao<l aoo. r. aip*il?nH V'rlah P twJt a^patlanl. icWM r.lrh'p ' pon'!?t? ; (Un !),??. 1 unJ othr. tiapomtmt" ^atnrt <i)ov?(.?d. .It. uppalnt; CarurlU I aro rafp^-jU at, inttaMMa II < tppfllaot; ftoKh I. Mallory aad arxothar, r*> ctb nt?. aga'.Mt L'hatl?? 9 Willi* aad u< t.iar appai.0 ; M id t! MoCdarl ?n<l andbar. r*?p >nd-ntt aimt tha l' ??l |iiot, ki' . of th.? M r h?nu Hank vf m Vork, app?llanta. i: ?org? W Phial la and oth?ra. *p< t>2?ijt?. agalDkt ! aiiI. I I.. I'att-'o aad otbara, >??:iauU; Ha'biai II *4'?rd 3i<rTJvor, % appollaoi, ralntt Ja??*9^m? aid o'har*. r?#p-odant?, (to k? ?t?T? l a* al laat. J una |. rm ) Dtrrtt .Iffir*"f i*?org? I' f>aa* -rth, r?<J?i?ar, ka , r p?il:.nt, agalnat f-?-r#i.iand Pori?ca ami otk?ra, pfHitoata. Kill* Mir*a aaJ nllvara, appwllaou, nalaat l>a?ld Orofoat and othari, ra^yoaili'ata; Jo'ia Miarla. apfallant. aga aat Va'.aatlnaO Mall and wtf? * " prtkjanta; Ja'bk f!a**rly and anotbar, raapoa / Hi. utlaA Oldaon B*?k#r appellant, Juha D?M< ?. ?>per.drnt arala?t t'laj tor S-a nao? appnllaat ; ir?aj?n ? foaaraaa* Oo . Albaajr raapondeaU, agr . t iaha/d H Hay and >lbar?. aputllaata. Rob? aj'.ar, ra?pr n<?at. aga',n?t taaan Vlooknay appi jMifgrnml rai trtrd **4 a aaw b-M grar.lad? Cot -l.i! a want Vk'Jip ('a, a raapondaat, agalnat t fl? J jbipt llaakiag Aaaoclat'on, appallant*; laa ?.? . ; n, tppallaal agallat Antkoay ?aad?rallo? r.aoond" at ; WllUa* Hovatii raaaoadaat, agal . t ? ,h ?lta?, appaUant; Ltdla Wail. ?pp?llar . r> 'InVtll ?*.pc???'ml Oa?p?r r.?oDi?.?t~ fffclBftt lUljIBlQ f Kltbloiyrf apD'UAB JA?m Hy. irg? r*?po?d?ti*, *ln?i J??k?oD ??' ? u>l MitMll. Jv4 f?t n?rt'i "< ,uJrm~U f*r ^ ,, ti itmmrti* S- '"I u4nl. >??!4 Hr.dt* J*itmm fm lKl u< *?*?! - * T?ll??o, appaila ai, A|.i%a ? U C#?o. Wipon4??t Ptirrt*/ Ik* SmfTtmi Cm$rt r?r ^ a>U fW / IK* J? "f ft. V?rt BHro MM*. ??? 'I' ??d #th< r?. ppolUnta ''" - * *? **JJJ and oth?r? *pp?U?nt?. ?* Ti?m ??d tl ^ to4 ta->th?r, tNftt llt 'w1 * ~U?(i Rr?>k? ml nirth.r rMp?a<l?nt. K? tmpj ,ko.. *pp-t? ?? M Vi?hrl, Ni't .<*1 < k.f? ??.p?i.???u ^ Tk, tntrtM, uai iHirHN '?*? >? ?pp?ll*n'4 ' ^ fUJvtlrr hi trrm, 4? *ai.n? In mri Iff***. 0 (?rir "VtolJ ?* '*" ?! * T?h?r tor 4*U?<Uat la *rr?r. *? I* mim) Rrooki ?n4 o(h*r. r*> i^(?n<*??* A??Tf lap'4 fc? ?pp?IU?it. Arf??4, rUM* 'jflla,. fr? uMlltot 1 >1111 T? hf ? - ; |||ft f M imi ,?4- ?"M Ifc.t (Vf r?<um !' tk? Urt * %r(n?4 UU ?*n.

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