Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1850 Page 1
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v TH WHOLE NO. 69S4. "do u b lesheet. n e itk by t i: l. t: <; u a l> 11. .motrm shout pissace ovek me oaii. AB.B. IVAL of nti BRITISH STEAMSHIP CANADA AT HALIFAX. THREE DAYS LATER NEWS FItOX EU50PB. Arrival of Nathalie Pit-s James, the Celebrated Danseuse. The Passage of tlio Franklin to Cowes. THE DAM MI WD SCUl.ESWIG WAR. THE POPE AND HIS APPOINTMENTS. GENERAL ASPECT DP AFFAIRS. STATE OF THE MARKETS. itc.. Arc., Sco. Ttlt^roplilc over Main's Lines to the Wew York Herald. Halifax Tki.f.grai'H Office, > Mondty, Oct. & <, 1350. ) The Cunerd strHmhliip Canada, Cipt. Harmon, arnvi d here at a quarter after ten o'clock thia morning. She left Liverpool ut eleven o'clock A. M, on the lttth inst , three days after the Pacific, with bixty iluee through passenger*, and fourteen fur Halifax. The Canada got on the rocks about thirty inil?a eati (if ihr harbor, laft night, but is supposed to havt xuatiined uo matenal injury. She sailed for Boston about twelve o'clock with ihi* wind blowing vtry heavy froui th? north vvett. Anting the passengers in the Canada are the Bithrp of Torouto, Nuhtiie Fitzjamee, the celebrati >1 ilitmtrute, and n number of oth-r diaciagui-1: d 1X16*1)8. The new steamer Franklin arrived olT Cowes on Fiiita), IStli iu?t., and proceedeJ to il.ivre. Thr j^ news by thin arrival possesses not* iEgb hatuie of the least inter-s'.. Affair* In England anil Iro'a*t:l. The i oliucal and general newj, since tLe sailing of thr Pacific, is wholly destitute ?f interest. The Qut?n returned to the Isle of Wijjht. Five Dfw biehopric* have been cr?eted in the At f!lo ( dtbuiif. (Church, and Gardiml Wi?>raiii ha? rrceivtd the appointment of Archbishop in Ireland. Th' Government Education bill continues to o> cury a lat?;e share of public attention; and the Catholic bishopa ani clergy i re ursine a scheme, for their own university, with much energy. The Tenant League continues tj agitate the cour -ry, acd the meetinga are fully attended by g?nt!eioen of respectability and ialluence. i l!r r.pfili;h and Irish papers supply details of ma ?y out h c* ernling in robbery, murder, tec. In vm'od* |?ari? of the country, fanning oferaii< u*, f- r the spring crop, ha?e commenced upon i n rxu u-ive scale. It its a ii?l thM an uniisu i brn^'h of win a: will he sown in Ltigbnd aai Irelei d ilr* year. t>tate of Thing* In Franco. Thi Mmiitrur publishes a decree of the Preside*?, which he applies, upon hi* own authority, gS.COd fr*nee, t<? the payment of th* clets of the ^ecltia'ioii cf the l.t%inn tV llmnmr. Th?* rt venue returns for the pi?t nine months, have been published, and sh>w tin increase over the CRtne period l ist year, of 2^,000 francs. The iVulimts/ assorts the urohihi|ity of a concert -'e modification of the 0 ibmet t ik:ng plac . M. de Peieigny hasdepirt?d for Berlia, it is 8iil, i)|ion n poli' mission, connected with the compile ??ti>'n of (.< rm*n difficulties. Tb?' treatment of the President to the army, i? fhe mhject of much cmnmut in th? journal*. The cties of the army will he put down, and the tiirifcei.t me - tirra taken to pr? rent inaubordina. tion in the aro>y. ??r any f-eli ng tending to threaten the r< j'tjb ic It is slid the Pre. id-ut's t .ur through the country, wiii form a subject of warm deba'e npen the n ee'irg of the Assembly. The RepublL can i ud <>rl? nni?t parties, respectively, Inve become consolidated, whilst those who threaten the repair tic. the logitini'Hsor B?<n'pirtist 1 itioiiv are rftily becoming wmki r It is believed that the stringent in'H?nif? |t<|o?ed by the committee cf safety ,n icferrrce to the army, will have a desirable eflect in atiil further weal euins the prt tensions of those i ariiet to power. The < librta maie to limit fh? f nr 1 firn if tK<* Pr??iu^r?l\ r tern to lit# nri tifinl ? - ""l ire hriru itr 'tiiitMixly ii created, and r>i< lhit> if a point upou which l'*i(iti n <iu at t republienl>K ?Hfl H^rrr, II is tholigtit that Itf .C j tVlll atrrnrl their eff<?iu. H\ telegraph. we hire ndricn fro n I * rl of 'I h" t y. th17'h in*t , whtrli v?- t i it 'h- }' -.rI hi ii ? i t?iy curmiiiaaien had ni't oa that day, ni>H, after H ?l.?nt un i important meeting, adjourned It laia.lthat ih>- heads of the ptry of ordtr h.ive tpm <1 to fhi n'?>tion of prolonging tfi ('Tin of the I'ltiUtacjt, provided that the lue m ?a irebical are not re,<eatfd It i* itleo reptir'nl that, tnwurdit the end of the I'recid'-ni'a renewed term, ii wi.uld he il^ht to Ike tiiiutiirf to deri!e b'twero a monarc hy anil ? republic lie hia pp mined to throw no obstirle in the way of Ihia | n>re*diiiir, und it i< con?et(ii"ntl)r exacted (hat the A*a? niMv will be in better tempt r than wus . ulicip tteil a few dava ?eo. D* i niaik Atktl lie Dnchlrii Nothing new hit a occurred in the relative politico of tbe I amrh and Schleewijj a I Blica since the assault on Fredrichstadt, and it ia now confi dentljr Bfaent d that dip'omncy will tie culled in to settle nil rtifi.. i Itiea Knffland and France are named its the mediating puwett. The n'tnth-r* killed hid! wounled in the las affair are variously stated, hut It appear* certain hat the people of Fredrichatadt suffered severely rom the?ff< cte of the shell* thrown into the town fcy the Iloltteincra. M my |<ersone, it?der gr?at deprivation, have hern obliged to abandon the fdace. A public auhacription has hern stared to meet the exigency, and 'he King of Dearuurk subscribed l,?no dollars to the fund. Ttie Oltllrnltlrn la lleaae faasel. All the n< wly appointed minietera are a?rong adtiernnta to the ronatitution, and the popttl ir voice ii said to be greatly in tbeir favor. The revolutionary feeling *em? to be increasing; upwar Is of twa hundred officers have resigned their commissions ) the army, which ia now in a ruo-t di-?>rginiy*d state. It is reported that Oenenl, Haynau, who, hy proclamation of the K lector, h va been creat. d commander in ehief of the army, propones to promote the noa-commi?ioned nflicern to the vacancies. Hsynau is command ?d to remove all gradts, who refuse to obey his order*, i-nd to con* , Ign themto immrjiate punishnwrit. According ta letters from'Frankfort, it ia the in* ??nii'? Of the Fleeter of Hesse to abdicate, in trb* h case the Prince of Gatsel will snece?4 bim. In the l*?t sittini of the College of Princes, at JJerlin. M. de Kadownt formally anoouueed that ,fcr government wrold not suffer the Federal Assembly at l rankfbrt to Interfere, by etie, to Ilerac CMsel, nnd th-t any tUniipl E N E 10 Ho to would hr resistrd by I'ruasia. Conae- | uuent i'} on division on the subject of H < Chp??i, a cri-'f bn taken place in Han- 1 ovtr and Stuve, nnd t'ie Premier hns retired. ' A corpres* of deputies of all the different com- i miitees ejtuMi'.hed to rnipe fond* in euitport of the wir of Schleswig-Holstein li is b?en reported Rn- 1 yond the neual ceremonies of nn address to the i nation, Hnd the passim' of some s'ron* resolutions, j nothing w.'8 done. The deputies did not coin- . menoe the subscription at once, bill contented thtniselve* by urpin|.' others to do ax th?*v should, j but not as they did. The reef ip's were ni/. t The Ctrmaulr Troubles. The two diviaiona of the A uatrian army, upon | their march for Hesse Cassel, h ive received connfor /\ r A m ra un<4 kiva utnnnu/4 in tKiiir nMnruaa Tkin. .v. ... ?uu ..a.TJ o?T| > ? ? r?=.. I ...... it in said, has been the resu't of a joint remonstrance upon ihe part of Kng'aud and llus*iu. Prussia still protests against thecourse adopted at the Frankfort Conference. In other Germanic mvters thare appears to ha nothing to report. Austria nid llanpirx. A telegraphic dispatch from Tri*it*, states that the cholera has again broken *ut in ihat city. In future, all important attain cnnnecteJ with the Austrinn army, are to be transacted by a military council, composed of live generals, who will meet under a President, appointed by the limperor. Czontagh, formerly Secretary of Kossuth, hn been arrested ; also, Doctor Munich, late domestic pbysican to PaUkv, on tbe ground 'hat h was in secret communication with Paldky, during the time of revolution in Croatia. Tokens of a returning sympathy for Hungary, daily manifest themrelves lTome?Appointment* by the Popr, ?fce. The only recent occurrence of interest, tins been the creation of a new batch *f fourteen new Cardinal?. In the secret cons:story, hold on Monday, his Holinena made a brief harangue, in which th? Piedniontes??<iuestion was skimmed over in a ner that indicated a hope that some accommodation might be brought about, and a desire not to irritate the Sardinian government l>y h ir?h or of. festive expressions. The Pop? then proceeded to nominate Feveral archbishops trd bi?ho^-? to vv car.t tees, and finally published ilie mmei of the new members of the nacre.1 collect*, who appear to have been selected impartially, and are distributed tocne Neman, two of th'e Horn in province?, one Neapolitan, three Frenchmen, two Spaniards oae An- Irian, two Prussians, one Portuguese, and laM, j not lea", one Knglishmin. for ctich must Cardinal Wis'rr an be considered. fho;i*h actually born at Seville, in Saain. Only four cardinal! are now wanting to complete the sacred college. India *?(1 China. Eicept in a commerci il point of view, the news from three roun'ries possesses no iuterest whiterer. Perfect tranquility reigned throughout IuUia. Commercial Matters. Tur Mo?kt Makkkt continued well supplisj. and discount* v?n easy. Consols Ml on Thursday, the 17th, to 67',. but advanced to W?4 on Krldsy. Ami iu ai? Stocks.?There was net mu<*h activity In the niirktt. lut It was flriu, Advancing teudeucy. United Ftates I'l,'(( 103 a 104; do. '68, 10#^ a INK ; New York ?'j, 65 HI a 106 | Ohio 6's, '75, 105 a 1C6 j Massachusetts 5's. 105 a 100. Cot to.*.-Geo. Holt 1 Co report a better f.olinj in ?>i* lt.aiket f luce the earlv Dart <>f tttn week. couimen cIuk mitb the 14 h?tha depreMion that w?< prevalent liavlrg picaad away, and with It a Mkht yielding la *Uo. Tbe quotation* current. ?t th? sailing of l Le tbe 12'h Intl. are reported, anil tha bu Ii.f.-s of tbe *?t k precenta ia'> ti- w feat urea (or oomm?nt. Iheaale* for the week wera :H> UNO bale* ; tha , Mie* on Friday wire 6 000 bMe?. and tbe ina:k?t cloned teady {"peculator* bar* taken about 4 000 b?l*?, ?f whirl, f<a were Am?iiean, aud exporters 4 400 ax which 1 300 ?ilt> American. I'hxi mi r?i - Makln 1 Soiii.' report, under date of Fridty, tin Ibtb. ftatee that the leading article* ot ttt~ ti*i> t ad a>juD'rd a firmer afpvct; aid that a lair amcur.1 ut bjalarss ?? b?in< transacted iu wiieat and iM'i'th tn. at i'. | K tlog rata*. flHf tlM, i icvid b.&i? Ji.i thu lull rates of tha 1M !'?"< IMOaa ? In beef there wa* inc;t?'ir>K dulinen*. Th?ra wete mlts t?f po'k t*? a fair extent, at linn piu'CH. 1 ii haeon, the extr- uta quotation* <it th<-p ?I vim* wcik mre ni.? alnfd. an.I prio a teuJ.-l up: *a:de; thouHer* wete v.ry *<-*rce In bam titer# | t n i.o liv prev. CiMit Laid w*e in actir* , a" fl.jetice advance. Tb?re ?t* no e^firun-nt of ] eh?*.*e in the market. fal'ow wm> let* active, aud quotation* ??re unaltered. ii i am ? C- e Committee of llr >k?r* ftate tha'. ther^ | *?c a i ntim alt, n of the preflou* aotlve d'maud, I with a further advance ?f (d tola. Ai >t *?>ia * * In afl'iva (! ui.tu 1 at Ad alvim-e i'iihi -Tin ilruiiMnl ftam Itie trait wi? I ititful 1. btt rx?> rtt ta and ?p'eulat. ?n k>ep up a b i k lut|lllrr lit fully Jetni' r ia'*? At I<oodon oil Killay.t.ia 1Mb ibe ii.mike. (Ii fi J dall, uii 1 Jilt-a wurn ma if at ! a alight ilfllue Item j.revlon* ra'e* T> B< ?<ral aalei- ol black bare bee* mad* at full raiea. 1 he tiumllnn In erred* *ai Halted, bit prl Il.aridon i.i. lilt ay. ware ni?> at an a<l??no? - <omiiro qt *1 .tin l> .Ljlrc one alilUitif <tnd bftlf penny to _tlv? lar'Mrg* |(?r pouti*. J ic ? vra? ext ? luely dull: ?*tr* of 100 tlarcen. 1 - / ; erd t.nry 4'uri litu. ??re *fT*rt<"l *t 13* (id 1N? N?r*i. Mr ok: e. -In tar ?od ttirpi'n"n<> thirr war* bo pftli* rr flu wa* in groti <l< utfift pii'I 4 i 0 btili a Id ?t ; If Id fct enfieicn qBftlity, ftud 10? iiwilnft AwuWMtMl rtofcu* miJ f?lf? i>l IMi pot* vrrr D.ndi'?t ill* ft ell ; pt aria V.'Uimandtd 3o?. p?r I III. .'u ?Cltrr e'1 wa? In at- r*?*y d- at full prle??. For ] )? r ai i." 8 per ton w?r- d?'umid>-J In o?l. n tin <li rate I'Lili. liadk>?-n d?>n? ?t *31 16? ? V> . 6f> | rt<B ?at'?ol lin>??,cl WTf B-fttlM ftt ft W>. I It'ii-J cnke kid further <1 In.* Tti'"'-* *-?< Bn!aipm/ nu n*. In prira. although * hir? weir it l.>eftr? d'In'i' I, Ti?.??a ? < at'ftily at fu'l prWa. except for bith, wbkk bad cj. Fbbi* lira.?The dulli.'aa ot the early part r' tk" ? n k bft'l ti?i n ?ucr<'i d< d by ft batter letting l'fti(rt|f to rcuticurd alatidant. I II>rr > M<a> kT Oftlft?Corroa?Tftatftrdfty thepalu J rMi-hcl I MS t itle* ftt ri-lng ratea. Tbr Mtlaa ( Iba ! f >'k * < re 6,f.00 bale*. 0ot?????The l i,ih-ft rate* of the praTlma montn ere rrw currrt.t, with ft fair demand. Th" taark'-t i mM I.?rn bM Infreaeed In demand. and piloe* aup: pot tad. liicB - Tba market 1? uBcbaugd?heary ttippliea, J aM prleee nominal. Whiij On. In rer Irrti i? hot prices are steadier. Ittn tt la inaodevanl. ' Qvaaiian* I!?m continue* n.i<l?str l. at 20 a SO fratir* fcr ThUadalpbla. Onromrreiftl ftfiTiera from Romhay. to P"pt 2T, Oftleuttft Ttb. ftiid Hon* Kong toAog. 2ltb, w?re r?e? i??d at l.lvHtpool by telegraph at lata hour oa Friday, the 1|i>. U#t. Tb- hn?lneM reaiton baa oommrn*<>d aad there !? a f opening in tow import markat. Th* >tln of notirn ci ii km ii (I at Boaibry at farnrablr prices, tiwy MutTe T.i mMdl'a? quality. w?r? *o?gbt affar Kintu U.i. Calcutta luaik't **bare equally favorable acropntf. ltula tatat c 'tnrcaDflrd high prlr??. and much tt"ln<w wa? dona in r*4 .rarna la Mmi? the trad* ?a? firm. Tba wbel* ?t"ra of Indigo ma* *oM. ami "U^ar w?a takt-n at ra^lTata |.ftri F?it??->?r. ?mi ctOantli in <]rn*n<] ; and ?o Wert rlra an I u* >Ilk ?i'h price* look'n* vp I On. Kir ia t?r? In (OBFtaat and < pium | *a? br^ k Pati*ii|?n by tbt ( anada. 1.1'pep Cf T-r. rln Mr an I Mr. IWnlJiat. kr ??< Ifn < il- 1 Wr and tlra Oatbherie kt'M-ea MelniK Piujaieea. ElH?< a rrattl, *"?t? It-nwa, IlardeaMlft, Ilirrutr. tTil'ltin#, , Fiafa n ?. Flrrl*, r.i?d<n?. Eclu'a, Balta, i nr:r\eri?? llaft it. a, Fcrltrl, CnMtillti. ?:a?*'tal. Prre, W. in ana, ' f? (T?at, Wardla* Wllma, Tn<?p?na. Hvalota*. f?ra?tit, I rf p?<?r'jl, Halt, (laniard Drapar, Oarti, ' hrtit, I lit I, Fiinl?r, r?mj|??. Pratle ftllrnete, Pmlih, nr*><m, rrlT v .. P'el. I'haaa H*rer. Irnt?, R?dd?r. D**at. it* kire n. Mtebsr, H t'ts, * < anlif. laaa-ko. Hra Hilt, form| la). Keiha. MilptSrg lalflltgrnrr. i Jiuirrt ?r>?* (Hi i v Art Wold Uavi<??, NTorl I J.'a?1. IK I l? Arr AB?tlran *?*!< , Dilll. Ntnl. I (, a ?* rvi n, <>? ' ??Pld Jaaai.ra, U?kl>. MYufkj i>tiif\'a, lamkia l?k?r dr; fTc'cn Ma?*?, d.|. I (;>e? ' i.T?a, '>a? 'Id Oak, llaHa*. Raomna r.-i| v Art H' rd *? ?! * ffMfc'*. XYork. ftai.Tii**. O' ? II? 8ld S? HMraa, 1 .aaa.M. ft. I IT 111 4 fell 12 1*<1 Rttll. 11 *? * M* . ( h ft?- 1 ' liipittinitf?tlinil: iiih Vr*i''?i?. i?. P *R?||.I m 0?? 7-SN i CVhfB. Homo? ( * ?.to ??? t r?u, yf'T*. frurrrat, 0?t ? KV?k. I Tun ??*. <*t t(V-*fT o-f rt? *V r*. tMN, 0?tl4-*fT Rtrur V!??? . XT?rl. (f^? I ??n??*K , 1t>? 1* r?t?rt?i U h?vt ?M (at Kn Terfcj fr^i | I I ?< ' l ltM i . *r. ?rtn<> wr:raU fun w ?tiUr?* In I 1 W. YO 3RNING EDITION?TI ES Items from the Capital. ^ARINKT CONM'l.TATIOII?TIIK WORM>*8 HAIR, KTC. Ot'? SPKC'IAL TEl KflBArHlf l'{IHIt?rO!ll)tM'|. Wuhiwiitoi*. October 23, 1550. A mbinwt meeting who h?-M to-day, on bu*in??e of nipottacco. Among tboro p-cmnt wh? Mr 8t?w?rt, I jtcri'tsry oJ th? Interior, who l?st evening returned rrorn Virginia, where fee had bo?n on visit to hit family. F?ti ITcnry Warren to-day resumed tils duties as iMietant Foitmantcr General. aft?r bait j absent gome time in the North (or hi* family, who returned with i him. The family of President Fillmore arrived at the , White House !a*t Salurc'ay evening. flem ral Wool came to the city yesterday. The President and Secretary of the Nary have ; panted to the Unitid States (Central Committee here j first rlst> national frigate or (.teams*, for the par- : pese of transporting specimens of our product. mauu- | faituref aad inventions to the World's FaL* in Loo- 1 don. The FngltlTe Slave Exillcment In Eoatan. Hosto.if Oct. ?8, 1H60. No arrest of fugitive (lave* has yet taken plane, an 1 the city Is quiet, al'.hough incendiary hauUbills are pouted about the streeta. William H. Hughe* of Mancn. Georgia, tlie person who came on to reclaim Crafts has voluntarily given bail in $10,000. to anewer to a charge ol slaudor in fating that Craft* was guilty of theft in :teali3? hist(elf and clothes. Knight, who wai arr< sted on Saturday afternoon, for rlandir. came on here on hi* own private busin^**, and was called on by Itu^bas to Identify Crafts, whom he had employed in Macon. The Vigilaioa Committee has b*?n inereaeed to ona humlrtd. C 0. Lorlng and othrr leading lawyer*, have volunteered to d<-ftud any fugitive who may be arretted. Ciafta remain* quietle at h'.i hou?e on Sonffcau rtreet. The houses in this cart <.f the city are harrlra<!< ii and pl< utltully provided with arms and ammunition. P i-? P.M-J Knight, and WTI Hughes have again hero arristcd. <n a charge of conspiracy to kidrcj> M iilium Craft*, the sll-gt-d furi'ive slave. The ire?t Chined another crowd btit m the parties rea j>ly obtaim d bail the people soon quietly dl.-ipersfd. Tie re??'B given by the opponent* ot the law, ft- th-dr BioTfnur.ti is that tley wish to drive the f .{ltira slave ttekera from the city. Great FlcxxJ ml Dotrnetlon of Proptrly In lh? WtiUrii i?it of New York. Ltica. Dot. 28, IRV). We lu?te gathered the follow inn p.'iribu'ars r<-laure tin: great xtcrm ao<l tlood which we mentioned yesteriay. l ast night we wm rhltei by a tremendous g?le. which did cotsiderable damage. Tho caure ol the great ride of >ail Creek, and daB' j'f to the mills in that vicinity. was named by the opening of waste water on the Chenango canal, which threw water into It. Cor.xiderable injury was done to the Clinton plank road along the canal, and th? canal lttrlf, fn m Log City to Hamilton is nearly gone. ?o much ?o that it will bu impossible to flz it thla eaten The C?c(|Uoit is Tery high, and, we hear, has don# great dmcage to the damn along its lina. The canal was filled, yesterday nearly to the top* of the bancs and at one poiutovei flowed the str**tg The < B*bac> menU f^ave way rear R?in? yesterday, and it will take two or three days to repair the break this ,.ij? of Home. No boat] bojad West are a'lowed to pars this city. Another serious br-akhas also Jmt been heerd of, thirty miles wast of this city. It Is worte thrn the one at Newvilte. thisiide of Rome Wo le?tn by the pack--1 from the Ksst, tl??t the Mo" ba?k is ll^lu r than at any ptevl<>u* time this year, and a Ires tloads have caose J irr at-.r lo?< of prnpert e, Ac . <0- fear we shall hure to notice Mmilar dii>a*ters in thin ii)<tar>ee. A l umber of houses w.ra rariied ( IT at Log City, aad ro?n* cattle tlro^n* d The ?Mir at Rocktvh U higher Ibau It ?a la J use. ratpA'a ( nirrf)iiii(fi>i1 with watfr At Cher twenty-(Itc h'-'d of caftl* w*r? drrxrr- 'l aid tb* lactoiy of Kirtlk. iiollister i* conaide) al It Injund. I'M- i*'rlfk#ny wa* u hl(h ?? eyer b*f>>r? Iiiiowo. Jilifl * i'l cciti all th* of th? rt-na woollen Imtor;, at I'tlM. Tlio eit?l>U:hiii?rit will I* te-lntf again to n/?>r" w 11 * jlnr.1i fitU are ijui'e tine in pit***, but it la IrcpoMibJ*. n? j*t, to twi rttla th* e*t, c.t of lb* dauii?* t'oneidcrahle de*trnrtim ha* >iws to farm*. trldjK IrmM. lie west of t'tlc.v If >c inir froin the an ount i f matt rial floating down w <i hi* ci btinuaily braiing of th* rataje* of tht fr? ?lu I fx id arocrd tbit city. Ti c I-n will t>ot be ! <?? than $100 (H.0. The r tot in wound up. ye ? tor day. by an attempt. a* a ??o* ifnrm and th? hlilt around Utica wer* covered tbir mrinirg Otwei.o 0itcb?r 21, lUt). flV pre again vliited with a great fr??h*t For th* last fenr or At* day*. tb* rain b?* t&ilen in torrt nt* and without interni**i? n The damap* hat tot b*?n nt prrat to th* farmer* I hoy baric* all their crop* in, or to th* rnllread cotrpany ai It *a darln* the mmncr. Th* temporary bri 1$* at Uoa'nn, ot> th? Krle Ilailn ad, war. wttbed away, hut hat b**n repaired f >r the train* to (to over to dty. Tb* hrldtfn at that pla^? wa? waihcd aw?y dnriop tb* 1??t fr?*li*t A rtntll bridge t/? the < ben.tin/ Kallr a<t. n?a- .Tetf?r?oii. wat al*o rattled aaay. lb" train* bar* h- n put raueh hi hind their tint*. at><l will r.ot, ptohahly, rn regularly h>t a <!-?> or two. Th* Pni(|Uf t.anna it bigtnr than It hat litntran for y? at t. Tnnr, Oot. 28 1*50 The r**er at thl* pla?* I* **rrral feet ikor* it* orI. * ?! ttirlall fl,# 1.*- mrm auhm* rai il The 4iMtfc! up yit.ftftl t,r and 'he w*t?r to ha?t rt? ml II< t ?* MF an'rlttiEr4 that It Wilt r?c?d? iturlBZ tb? t'ght. Ai ??n O't 3* Tk" ci'y him h??n vIMtad by a bum rain ?i> I flood, ubi-h l<?> rm.nd * Mil lufiilun ol ihc do< k?. The rl??? li Mitt tHrg. Iterrcc* of tbc Vellour PtTfr at P?r?i Oct. w, iim. Tb? brig Garland baa arrived at !Ulrm 'r m Para, baring *all?d (>* . 3 Fh? ri-p >rt? that th? yrW?w faTcr bad ? appear*d atr.'ng th? shipping th>r*, with grrat ?!rul< ne* Many for- lgn r??iwil? wafa detain* I by tha illr.ft* of tbalr rr?w? . inmi wh?la erawn balng down with th? alrknar* and ??"?ia ?? !? h > ting Inrt fit* or nIx <f their har m Tha tarar wa? mil tly ofit ad to tha shipping * hrn tha Uarimd lalt *?h-? h ?t bo rt-Jii.aar on board whan aha laft ; bat on tha rtgh' h day "it lurriptiii. Wililam Hilln Wanham tt? l of u i> r ard m??t of tla craw ba?a l>a? t mora or Iraa 111 during tb? pa? Impcrtant fram Tiuo-Dtatli of* Mom bar off Congrraa. >?? Om.nn, Oat. M. 1I>0, Tfc<> rot" in Taiaaoatba I o nda-y quattlon, glraa a b?a?y majority In fitur ot acc-ptiag tba proportion of tba fftiirt! gover?m> at. Mr llartnamon. lumbar of Oosirmi. from Loul?laca dlad at Naw 0r1?>an? yatt?rl*y. Tli* Hon. na?hlngton Vlant and th? AutlKtnltr). Ai a?*r, Oe lobar W, HV>, fetUalnf th? antl-ront aomination. Itkooiifr* Capalsrd. Bouro*, Ostobor M 1W0. I'nttoR * ??* ionthwart P']u*U, yoatorday tot*b<v>r, tbo tehoontr Tankra IT?ro from Hofton for B!cur<-?t?r. ?u off Capo A dm. Thf or?? ?lnr.ff to th? wrrck. and ??t? takm off by tba nebonn r KHianeo, which put out from Oloucaatar tor that , purpooo. An unknown ?eboon?r. bound iron Boston to fh<? karlanrd. waa aap?t"?d nboiit tba tan* iim? Tba rrtw who takan off by nn outward bound t Dulh of IHllllnnatrr, Ac. Ntw Oaiatt*. dot 34, IKK) Jobt ^l?T o?noni?b d!ad baro, of cholara, on Sat nr. (7. H" wa? a tatl?a ct Baltlmoro, and la oatimn'ad lo l?Tf b??n wftth tan minima of dollar*. Th? N?w khiaani f'- tyvir <>my* bo l?ft hl? oo'ii; to tho poor of > Bsltlnora and H<-w Orl??na Tb? ?tfa?u?r PaalfU will ?aU tw Oka (rot tn-nfarr w. | ? r. * la . Of tcK<>r "1 P M. t rry >et?ro IVnot la thla rlainltr Ivt nljbt. ?old n<l olll rliath t) ? T*nulnd?r U-nlabt "em MRU L AO. 1 [k lMU?r th:abaw. to Jay. d??.4 Mr.* . just . ?Ut<? 1b?t th?ra ww ritgM ?r< '.AMb, vliteh tb<- rT??it^ V??'? ?rtd la*??? e< ?l | it>Uoa low an J V >tt in land tb?hljfh; n .0, 1 t#rg omlj arc4 bf ? ili a IrtvjV.4 RK H DAY, OCTOBER 29, 1S5< InlcitUiiig from Mriito. [Frrm tfce New Ont-?as Pleuyun*, O.'t ? > ] B> i} ? arrival, yet-terdny, of tin- b 13 Millau.lon, fioni Vera Cruz, we have received fiiiu of papere Irt in the city ot Mexico to ti?e 2rili ult., tn-i.ig t< n il.ivc l*t?-r than previous advices. The Presidential election still excites the greatest ; sharr o? attention from '.tie press. The returns are j in, hut not very rapidly, 011 account of th? diffieuTiy of communication 111 Mexico, iind the. ' f?'t lhht 1 lie elec'ion wm field on ditli-reut days in different jvr's of' the country. The election* in the federal district we re to tahe place on the 2rtth, end, of course, would materially inlluence ilie remit. Tfier** Wrre ull eorts of rumors 111 circulation concerning the intrigue* of the various pirnra One report wur, that the vurnt, the- cou?ervHtives, and the JSuii'eni-tie, had enteral into a coalition to (Meal ArisH, by concentrating their strength on Almon'f, tlie candidate of the pmros. Ac<'tlif*r report wan, that Arista wki makinj use of the National (tuard to procure hi* own election; then it was said tfiat church piopertyto the amount of $M.(JUO had been couvrrted to tbe u?e of ttie conservative*. A committee of th? republicnn psrty hud directed nn addritMi to the goveriiiieut of itie dia'rict, complhiriing bitterly of the conduct of the uynnhtmienlo of the city of Mexico, i-i respect to the elections. The returns of the ele :tio:i, &a fur us re1 ceivtd, indicate that neither of tli<i twelve caudiI oates will receive the nnjority required by the I constitution. The election will th-u devolve on the Congress. As far n? h*ard from, Arista has 1 carried sixty-fix Visiricte; Almonte, twentv-six; | Iliavo, seventeen; IJiva Kalf<cin, two; Gomez ; l'edraga, s? t eutet n; l<0i.i, eight; Conto, one ; Mejua, two; Trias, thrr-e; Santa Ann), two; Bu?u| meiite, one ; and Cutvns, nne. In adaition to thii, 1 the Statre ot Durungu aud New Leon voted for Sr. 4i* la Wcsa. 'l h<* papers Mill eontiuue to recount the depredations of the Indians on the holder Stutes. Tne St .ten which surfer moat ate Sonora. Chihuahua and Coahuila: hut Tamaultpaa an i New lx:on are also greatiy troubled The people complain greau ly thHt the government cinnot find tim? ev< n to protect the inhabitants from their savage fwi. i Feeling the inability of the government to comply

with this duty, the Minister of Relations has addressed a rote to Mr Letcher, Mioister of the United Stat*#, calliag his attention to the eleventh article of the treaty ot Guadalupe, by which the Urited States hinds itse'f to prevent the ludiina I within its borders from making incursions int.) the i Mexican territory, sod to punii-h them fur uoy such ac's wherever committed. The Wait d'Unum announces the arrival at Vera Crui ol Capt Jonas Levy, who, it was said, int? establish a line of ateamers betwetu New Orleans, Vera Crux and Goatzacoalcog. Capt. Levy haa, says the Unirm, a contract with the American government for tran*portiu? the Pacilic mi.ils, and wishes to get the consent of the Mexiciin government. This story is newa to us. The Monplaisira are still daucit.g m the city of M( xico, and are aa popul ir as ever. M'rne. Monpla'tir was to take a beneiit on the night ot tlie iJHih inn. Knbbt rim are becoming more and more frequent on all the roads of Mexico. Every day diligences rre robbed. A l The 1'residen'ial election, a voter in Sun Luii Potoai rest his ballot for President for " Our Lady ofGundalujie," thinking, no doubt, th it the distressed condition of the country required superhuman asbiatance. An Irdisn cl ief, nnrred Bijo el Sal, hid corn" in and informed the authorities of Ch'lt'ixhua that the Apaches, C-munches, and other tribes, were about to assemble at Like Jaco, lor the purpose of R-.akii'g overtures of |*ace. The Mexican Congress his annulled the elec: tiors cf V'ucatan, held on the of April last. The c hoi era is making sad ravages in the country near the Gulf coist. At Oru*ba, ju a pp}>iiIit>ii or ?uuuuv uifir niu ucrn w,?rw tavs, ' u:d 1,100 dea'ba. At Guadalajara there .1 id been, ' up to Ao^tir-t ?3,171 raws, and 1,534 death* In addition to l-'illisola, whose death we mentioned the other tiny, two other general* have died, Anar/a ai d Cortaiar, ilir latter *1 cholera. Lkut. .I.M. llHUf, if tl??? la tf. H. Artillery, died in the city of Mexico, of ' fever. He w hp i n ins ?nv home from (3nlir<' The taauo > of Mexico are trulfw* denser tte coin ition The Minister of Finance dr-tn uid d of ('on err hi the *1 .aoo.iwo rrmntiiiiig of th<' Atu rican ii.d< mr.ilV, or in d' fault of thin, 10 authorize 11 toopege of all payments. The indirection headed by the chief, Melenie7, which haa for to Ions a tinie diatraeted the Southern I'ffvinrrH, bite at last been aujjpreaaed. No I>aiticulara are Riven. The Klrnragna Canal. The Lend 1 u, ol the l">.h inat., hai the fol1< w u s; | tf1 glt| h:? Tt>- aciioonriinKHt mart# by tba T-nft. thin w>rnli e ?>| the e> iuniiMlon< ri tmm America reprewatlnft t> e Atlantle ai.d I'neifie J uctton 1 ' m;><int Dneing I < Pr? t> tt ?rrm K'aien,n with our leading mpHall -t* Tjc | a<eepUfff *t 1 he proper period, a proportional* tat*. ' r? ?t in 1 lita prcj?ct, I an been a topic ot eoiiTitr-%: i a in elty rlrrlea 'i tie ( muii.-ftoiiT-. ?ne White ?r. N Vandtrbllt; and the hourei b?-i? wbo h?rr enterj tie pt<. | o?nl, are vn<Jtr?tood to b* Mun-.. Ri'th'ckild afl Vettm lUring |iroth?rn, ard ?lh r iaf.uenttal f?rtin. I'ndar the*-etre?m?Uo<v. the i If ?? rj prtiejret of tbe ucdeitaktn*. when ll?? oecip 7 ntj iiirri)* b?ll h?ve l. en ooaipl?ta4. b> ip< p-i-h-4 to a rurcrprlid lri>ue. TI10 proepect of Kiotlat'U anl A Itn 1 e? ji / b> elt arid linrvl In tht* aiirnl rlul en* 1 tei pri?w i? an 11? tit ol mouiantoui Inif ortatie*, e#p* si lly ?it e* I' U known ' i.?t the pUu of <j|?-r*iion? will L? t? .cUtui ii by b<>tb aouM itnniit? APSOIATOft. Pollrr i>t?'IJl?rnr*. Jirtnt rf a I onttg Hague.?A n>y of rrry app< a /id 10 )rtn, by tfc? lot him ??f IV ll.1*31 linn jr. ?? am-rtad nuiitji Imil wrrk by olfl-;?r Jrfff-jr rd ?x < III. *r J.lid iikt tnK in I"* l- ,k * <1011 ? nurp? t i fttr* r* kncwlDK Ltio to !> . atn.u-. t > >k linn lliio ru u ot (In rimnln i'tc tlif 1>i?h It ?l< found tocontain a r of htolt n artlria*. I lia m <Wi?.| vl p..l I jti I l? j <?i r.g rrgua * (. to < tit' r C wrlllbg b"t?n *lf h tliv mr| %t I *(f. | roe?> d ? |> Malr* icltlnail-.' I - mil , c!?a lit wr.i.lil pick ap ati'l pi* > in t l? t>M aid II dl*C'j ??r-U n Ikt rttlm by ti) of lb* iLtnatr* of 11.* b?a?a, i b< ?i t i?l i ??:|1* ?*k tin o .in* of priiicn v.him M kn?? did iic i re iu? 'lirri, itii'i pri-trtnl h? b?d in i In n.Utaka. aid tlitn Bhkc otf a* tart a* pn?IM-?. ,'D'ta a lu.tuifr of m:u i> ? ba- r b ?n r ror.rml. nrh a? au Lour |i'a?r a of iri* lli? n'< parallel I aha to h? ?t?!'U In l'!iiKl?-lilii?, at?ni(Mt aiid Mirglr: 1 InfttriJiQrtit*. h*lot ia,< to Ir Bally of Arttrta; an op*ra|(li?? a t?l?#.i?pe al?o a to) vhita bt?.? ii t:at and a t trl'" r>nk j-oi.y I,hid I at taid to U ?K|<n lima ?<in- boot# In Nataan I rtift. II* r go* baa arkncwli dg*d lit? and II ill.?r ula'rf. iul ati'iii hit*ok< -loo*. ti?iut?r? d h I oi ? la i:? nd ?ir?at f> .m ah.ib b? ?tol* a lot of ll*?r rt>('?t.* and au op. ra ?Im?. Talutd In all at ?#*T V.H1 It* ?lir?r ?po n?, th? ??j . L? ?old to I'latf A Itrdhir* c< ro?r of Littlo Water atrret and Itpr, lor fat). A nutuNr of cthft ?rti?l?-?, m.i b a* r?at?. i'awlp (I'fuiau pip**, fc.c , for whloa C'?ii?ra ar? *at>>d. 'I I" artlrl. ran b? ??'B bt ajpl>lr? to ?r Jr burton el-rk of Ilea. I' ??* market. J< ?lli? oattfoii cok uilklt j tan boy to (txon tof tr at ( htngr; tlrmi't ? f>|ile#r * .1. Ftolth ?rrr '"'1 yrrtrriay. a ?,?n by ti o nam* of John tJatrod for u.-tly lt< I In* in.jloy of Th*o<lors raU?t>< n. Ii inor iiirtuBl. No k3 i^prue* I'mton a atrraa'. ivunl br Ju ttr* OtbotB. ab?t*ln ha atacd* ebar<?d with Inilii ? tlx dollara. by r?l|lr< honor and pta.-lnc t!?? Into hU own fx rket It appaar* that on lh? M-t daj of At.gnat. i.triMl r-M two rv| g o, talm d at >3. to <i R Kloaar* and on th? 21 h Hi pho ''d t< or gallon* el pin. rain ad at S *. hf'th thiw >umi fltriml I* ?llt?"d by Mr. I'ati? r?on to hat* rmhntlrd by |'l>rlr? tbn tuoncy lnl<> hit or n ?ork?-t. *cd not n?d-?li.t any *p*onnt Ju?tt>"? ' l orr h? lil thr ?eru?< 'i to boll. In th* ium rl f ,a.u. to tha chary* . hrrtl / ? r,< tporktl in r ?*?, 1. -A* t*# ?*Bgr?RV Uc? ?f I?f Hank * Cbnrrb. In kithth rtrwt. war- pro- ! carding froai rbnrrh Mr Iradanck H T*llfo?'lg?. w? of Vm?<! f vaiiinadgo obM-rr?d ni* tri-ry bu?y j ar? m.rt lt? p'>rk?t of Mr. Ilayar. and Anally be obrr!? << th? band of tba roga* f< ma 11 a tb* pockit "f | Mr. Htt?r A* ?r>on ua Mr. Tal'aad#* ?i> abl* to . rrarh Br. M?j?r h? < (! him if h? bad l??t mr- J thirg trrtn M* forfcM. ?h?n Ur ??r>rtalrc<l that hi" puraa. nutaii.irg $.) To, bad atobn. Mr Tall ; niadg* lmtn< dlMrly p?rf tad lb* rofu*, * Uo wa< orartaki n it *W'? ?tr??t An aixrm of atop thl-f wn ?!*<?. ar l cfT-wr Carlo**, rf tha ninth ward, j tof>b ?h* orrn?d li?t# Puat<"4/, at i h-> ?Jl ton- | Tfjad V> th<> Foil'* Ourt. J.ff*rron Markat. wh?r* ha paaa tba rair<" of Macrg* Allftt but w?* rr#or? l/.d by tba polio* a* an old off n !ar. known a('at>rga llarrlann. alia* tba fbinay On a?i?rrhlnj hi- p?ra< n. flip it. pold *o!p and ?1 'n rUrar, w?* found alto a liandaorua uold wa?--h and ?hatn Tha tiiktuta ror^mltta* hltn to prlaon ft r trial '>n Mr. M ayar icvrtilau! back t? tha^rhurek. bafura the pacp!* bnd all Uft, h* di?e< t- rad a little /In w|?b hi* ! par** tt>d ucnat . afcl, h ?h? <*l?l ?k? bad plrkad np ?rcr> tt.a ?oor. wk-ra M had *tij?ntly (" <u Jropiad by tin rrfu* M . ?te- ,-t4 ?:> r. 1 ?M?-Tanl. I A ti?tr. who atand* ltdlcf?d U.t pi-rao?-atiu? an aflwr *td obta|Ali?K M^i ay by lai>* j.r?tn?r"? waa ?u'r?n dirrd ihflmj. hy hi* l^all ard-'tif-tlo* IHbnrs ?on- 1 ?lt??1* h.:? to ft iaon fr?r tId Uala waa only b*#l?| ?n Cat 'it day. *?d ?<r ; *md*y. II "*<? ?on1d?nr* had } n lo?t t>at?ra*n himwlf and bl? bon<5?mao. and C? II < 'tt f -f U'?Umg m GtU ?" %?. -A ??%? lb? lk?> of b ?* ?rr - W I. n F*tnr??? ' ? ft ctiST?? bl ?#?!'i>c ft ?ftl4 H ,h. v?:u..4 ?t <4u. th? I rofiif Apn *ftbo??y. ruiJtft* No li3 . iid ti.r mt^'l tft? VtUMMT ft?i?t\?i> ?P mm'. <k. .tfi-r |, > iir*T t?C t" frl M UX Ulfci. ERA] J. Kenraitr to Pkro>ll I.tut \igtit. After the Optra. la?t uig'ut. the orchestra of the ; opera serei ?"J?4 I'arodi at thai New Y-rk Hotel, wh-re 3 ! b vest concourse was prment in the ml 1st of torches 1 | b'atlcg unfliT the canopy ot ni?ht The overture to a 1 '-Norma'' having been executed in admirable ?tyl*, I'arodi acjjt-arij at tlio ?in3u?r of her apartment' and gracefully saluted the vast crowd in the s|u*r* t Ore of gfrauss'ii waltzes wan ?h-n played. and t ' shcntr|for th* beautiful vocalist followed. "UallCoi lumbia" wax text performed aioid much enthuxiaim ; when Parodl, carefully cloaked. to shield her from the | night air, came out upon the balcony. amid vivas and 1 ! brttvikS, and. In answer to the cries in the richest tone j possible, exclaimed, " Viva I' Ameilca?viva 1' Italia.'' ( St.out* rer.t the air. and with a thou-tad exclamations of ''Good night,'' *' Huona notte." the crowd dl? pereed, highly pleased at tn opportunity of aeeing the charming eanlatrict. Fourth Nlglit of Hit- Opera. "Lucia dl I.amm?rinoor" was performed la*t night to a very fashionable audience. Never did we bear Bertucka Maretzek to more adrantugo She looked b?an. lifully. and sang throughout th- whole opera with more power and effect than wo have kuown ber to exhibit in her most brilliant achievement*. Hhn wan enthusiastically applauded, and called before th*i curtain. r> celvirg several bo.juets a* tokens of alteration. Fortl made hit first appearance thii iia<nn as F.f'gardo, and Bang with great energy, farce ai'd taste. He was loudly applauded, and oalltd before the curtain to reoelve the approbation of the auditor*. W? think he kan made a rant improvement tn hi* style, and cannot but anticipate much pl*axure from hi* effort* a* a dramatic vocalist. lie acted with grsat epirit end t-ffeot. Beneventaao and Uossl ware highly acceptable In their roUi. and. taksn altogether, the opera west off admirably. The next representation will be a v?ry rich one. and we doubt not that the lovers of mu sio will be very anxious to be present. Thratrlrnl and Musical. Bowbrv Tiieathb ? The d'but (if Mr. Graham, the tragedian, attracted, last evening, what we nay truly term a monster audienoe. lie appeared as Tirglniu* in the tragedy of that name, and waaoh< ered throughout every scene. lie is a well-proportioned, aoblo'ooklng man. and there was only one drawback In the entire performance, which was, that Mr. Graham'* voice was a little Lanky owing to a very heavy oold i However, his representation af Ylrginlu* was w?!l roBceived? hi* n-nlinii good, witnnut tne stlgntoat approach to ranting. lie 'fill appear tbi* evmag la ; t) vlegantly drawn character of llamint. which he I* reputed to auatain in an admirable mtnunr. At the courtarIon ol Virginiu*." be wa? called betir* the ourti.iB amidrt enthusiastic charring 1'h cb?er* having rn'f <1 bx nddresred tb? nudienoe. by aaylug : ? Ul'iu *nn Gi ^riotm:?I '.htnk y a ?lno< ruljr, I r tl.o kind n , opu n ji,u bare (i??n in?, to -night, nail a<?ur? you tint. I bate teen, for tl.u last tlir?a 4a>a, under tho advio* o: adtttrr: ami were it nut fur the poaitim in wliiah Mr. HkniMtn wa* placed, I would cot havii appaarrd bufart yon tf?Bi?ht. 1 am aware of the kind inuulgc.ue af an Awriou audieure. and will only a*y tliat I b:pa mj futura effort* , rkall t-? directed to pa<a tacit ea'.eem and ar.p.okitlon, by the ixurcUi) uf oi> Abilities to picaao tocru wher*T?r I may appear. Tba new K|ti?sM?n dram* of tba " Witard Steed'' wan iLi-d pri ofi dfil with, and for (oenic ell'Ct, and , geed actli g by TllU'O. 8t**i u>. and a ??iy gnd ItoaK K'iDjanj Bulbing that w?- hate *?eu, in thn ahipo of ' an equestrian dr-trua ha* over been produced in thl* city, with rurh ?, l?ndid irenory and *xceilent dr*. j vatic effect Sir llauiblln, aided by hu Mil 1 ata^t n.ata^r Mr 8 ?-t? n<. ?|>?r?? neither puna nor I PIprnia to pi- clue* thoae hurie piece* in tbn utinoat | epleuOor. aiu we are glad to pero-iae hu it amply r?- ) warded bj tiowdid lo'UHi. To-night, ' Uainlet," aat ti e ' Wizard Meed."' I llaOii Tiiiitmb?PiriT Arrn?jv a o?- 9ia \filt iim Dow at tnr Ame?k** Brimc.?The riuid anecetaion of nor. itl, a at the liroadway Td?atr? it ij'ilt# aMorUi log. but Mriura Marshall and Barrett i-e?m da- ' terminod to tuke public faTor by item. Scarcely i baa the yucen Ol tli* American atiRe OOCrluJei a UiOrt eurcur-lul rnna^eUient, and rotired tor a alillo j fn ni the *cen? ol bur enchanting power*, thai the j manager, ever watchful in bit cu.lerin^ for the puplic ; t* te u tiei? to our view a >itra aria ol thn *oak and i bur-kin a Uurojtan ?*rot>et? aIW* U*?on*t," ?ud . | wnh 1'alricUn b. od. t< o, the ten to an Kirldom, who I hap for tile nonce throwu aaid* hi* an "toe ratio a-aocl- | . lion* to gratily hlu own peeuiir taftu. and ah >? the I ?-. rl.l In. K. ,1.1,.,, ... Ik? .. . ,f ,1.. oriuidian. Ttio lir?l it|)| unrauov nf Hir Will, mi Doo, j I ihc l<roiid?ay Inn cl^bt. **?, I bart tor*, u :iil*b: Im vxixctcd. t ha for i uourir ( ? vul nia?a ui ?in iou? ruttou* ndltlrtrt, and pi' r in ol fix art. f a? home wkF out- of tie moat cro?.i?l an<i r?hi<U.tb!? of the jraaon. The ptoccM In wbiob tbh u* r h.j.:. raut for hlalilonlg /.cu? w*a announced to appear, ?i re Lai'blrDi a nun.- i>:aiu? uttn j ?4 th-' n?w farra of - i?on? on Beth M I'a " I l(Dg>''fnr? tb? ri-lng ol tba eurl?lu, tha hou?? ?%' crowdad to ?Arid, a* lUiiiU .?>- tho , tljr pta-a for critu* i? ihi-j it. *? dour- 1 r-l?aa lb that (ait of ttr hou*a to *ito*aa tba 4-!> < ol ' ' i il.i/i tiKDraiUntil ici"n of uuoirnt ari?ioer?RV la bU ' | a<:< |t> d proierMon. Th? ?atr?nra ot dir W ill.a u a. 1 i JfLu Iturk. ir. tba "Joeobtta, ' w*? th? ulttti&l a t'.k bi'acti UH bur?t of ? Iconic. ?uch a AUi-n a.i. oau ' t H a ?t*ar>|j?T. tkflkllfhflMN trim ,?U parUif lt< brtaa and thr l..di> - Wbivd lb* r ialt iH-tr?bl?M | ' f.ctn ih? ho***, rtir Gillian i? a ? ?jr tln? linking i n.!?o. (i un ibu.K ovt r alx f<*t hi^h p'xiaratng a ?r n- i | j l??l Bttin*. ui >1 a b?iuir> in* fa?- iila volet Utfiol. , Mid hu lot k i-tid b?mIon irraitnMbljr rc.nt.ij tin u 1 droll v vkl|(Nril; ; n-ll po-?* f> J aubiut lm- , i puc'aiia; racy bi-tuiai rtud jualit, olthou'. a iy ?p- , ' fa-fr'?traio'nK aft. r polm ortta*a<lf ct All th'< a ( | .(i HlilirMticrr will with a llttlo aip'-rl'-oca tank hi.n j j blgli lb tk? pofaa-lon of tha drains, and ;><ja I411 / | { ? Hm for t h** dtdim at.oa of Romi? eha'ar. ar< Tb? 1 at ^*yri/ bt will dontill'M pro?? protita'd- to 'In wnnritnuttit, itid Kiva 8ir WII l*m Don an opp"rtu I itj cl *ar? n?.ln? at I t r ma Cap * ot tli' U.l .i r ol bio aii.bitton. '1 b? bill :or to bl||tit I* Trrjr attraotira- I | Niaia'a U?ar?i ? Tha antrrtalnmant* at thu H tn fifl'l tliilllf Mil eouintnra, tfii< r?aniuT, ?ltkttl" f 1 r *'mime of - Jt?eii< tip acJ Jtaon't," In ahi-hihflaxlF 11^1 liana. Mad ?tf|. Mad. M?-?-ttl, aed !. atly an tfca clcflliat bailat cunipini will a;>p?ar ' ' f i* will hr nccnil'O by I to f|?>i..ii 1 iml-t p?nt<> II tma ?f ' Oi dit.c." nlkli a ill l#!r">lti-a all t??a p ia<i|al dat-tra of th<> lta??l oompaoj?d'lla. Hartln Addaldr- L< I man kl l am Mriil tol an I a wrpa d? l>%lj iat 1 l<a tmo mrcta will eooclnd" wilb tba f?lrf I ant< iiiltoa of tha " tlrraa tlvuht ' a !il< h I* f?.rjr Mfft *tin*?'*d b* huuOrada. aburtpraaa ttwir a ltaij ratttti I j i.tbuM ?li? cr>- iihf. 0> no*'? T?tr?iea.? Tbo till for tbl* -? nl?< U ana I cf treat attraction. Alti ll'l ?jvll-at com- ijr of ' .' Ian and H lla ' ab rb alii rail luiit) tba d i tal> nt at.d fplri di l drama i Inlltjr of limarii Kur I ico. M?k*. Lmtar. lilaad. Jobitntoa, Mr* lln^i. i Vir nki rnlt, ai d yina J fllll Tb?ra can ba bn m? I ) li .>>n r*r^rdirt tha p rlnrisanM of tbla pl?e? an t tl tt fa. tbat It will r?r>iv,> all that talant f tb-hijh ; < tt o.<1. r 1*11 |[lia t?. it. ?o a? to raod. r It aff -tita ?u 1 ' aiinalija to I ha audiar,r? kilaa Wait?ra ami I >n*. < I n <>nc will durra a ti>w "!'? da r?ui,"MI?" f??'jr ' 1 ? ill >ltif t i t ot k?r 'W??t lialiada an.l tba aotar'a n , no a will rlo<a with th<> In gbabla, an 1!; j m. u-h'* f?rea of' Ciloi 'on Crla>?a " A flaa Mil for <nt night. Kalionti. Twramr.? Mr TtirdT wa prc.laa, U ' artntl; t ira^'i d in maklnn thn .Vational Ibxtra {lara ot biKhly aiuti>lB? antart ilbm ut? IIa ba< 1 u?ln d thuf* graat favnrttaa, kfr aud Mn H \v* abr. is||l (bortlv apiaar I ha rntartala- t ' n.?tit? to b'^fct will cotTim?-nra with lh? lonal pl-r?. ral.fd a - tilabca at b> w Ictk ' Chanfran in hit ' fi??t ?bd nnrlaaii'd parmnatlon of Vo ?. Tbia>-x'a|. i ' i.t ( Md'.an ft n boat In bi??r|f. aud t? on? of tha r at'?t ta> i imt mat cat r appear*n wurnu in? anil* < tial Tb#aln> A fuinbortna D?1M I by Ml a Mulvlna, aad ibi- p?.-fr m?n?K will eonaiaJa . lib tli air u?lii< tarn* of tb? ' h inn and 1.'* [ rHMatv'a Orra* Ifo- ?? N^twHhirtaodln* tha In- i Of tlla Wtlhft, Hall croa I n^hily laat w?? t*?r CbrU'y'a Ktbt"pi*a Mlu | ?tr?lf a d ?irtllnut pr >trar.iui? for thin ? vmin* I OitMPic.- Fallow* M!r?tr>!? ara do!n? an rtnelknt I WltMii Tb? "file* b> Ur)?r. Br^naiHUalicf at*I(M 1 A??r o M nm Tb? amuri m?rt? at tbla b-au liigl trabllihiMit, N tkii aUirnoon tt|l eomH?l of ??ud??lll? ?. ? nga. disnrt. ke and in tb" ftVrain(. ib i<??rtltlog rrnial iframa of th? I'runkir.l, with IIt Clark*. Mr H?rkln? M'm < hapw ?. and many 1 j nb?f ran llni p?rf"Mn*ra, In lb* ?a?? Lootna' Pur t?m att'arta ?rn?d?1 hr>a"?l a* th<> I liitMH Room* ?*?ry ?? ninjf It l? tb? N?at ? u'-i ' p?ti<r?B>* Ska* ban h??a ?thlllifl l??r? for y?u*. I? I ' ihovld b* ? ?a by ar? ty cut. itmiin Am'Mithi ?tri- tfcla kuntlfnl Clranrp?i>fU la^f ???n>nf. with tk? rlabtal?il tr-??h e >iv pity r.l ?<[in->i;?lan?. utilar tt?> to?'iadnn?f!t of M??-r? I Ignr k ('<> lfi> P<" for IB ?liP?? <f Mar. Itouol'.. Mil.' lotti". M U? To?imM?. an J Vr lie* fit an- truly , a'trokblng Tba hcn?? ) fltttd up iu n mott uplt ftdt I ?t>?Akitikb T'?*?--?a ??*n'o irnu Mel*- < m l??l)? Pti?? But*. a dam*nr? rurati? ativVvl to tfc# Italia* <?f< ra In I'irta. h? arrt*?4 to tola ri*r. ( | ?d will app--a* In tlp?p?B;n*?-f Hmm'jam ? Ly ?m | Inlliaadwity Bba la i*!dt"b' fufy p";>*lf and * ?a?t latar*?tlpr arl at m, _ if Ipartlnf Infi itlgniki I I w* f>ra??. L I - T?nti?t. fm<# ?k*i i ' ??!< t?, :? wajati* aftd drlnr ?? wl?fc I [ J*? MfMmi n?f?r?J b * l>B t Jc^n *811 |t> 't'librlirr'i b in. V t, I UI >Ta! I. . .0 1 3 J , U. Biimr mr' rt b > Atn. dr. Tim. . ?;< *&*' * rorf??l;l bp ttrltr* > . ff.-ir 0/ 1 1 u'lto, Stnag**i ud i;u(<iw, LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Mai lne Affair*. Bt? i?i*Mir PMiUlKLfNii.?Thin steamer -li t unt rail e?tn liny as wa* expected. for Chagr??. Menrv Mow?rd & A dpiD trail have withdraws her from the lira, u.4 intend h?-r to ran In future New Orl?kn* Cliegrea SD.tMiHir C?rm-?i*T Crrr. Capt Stoddard. ?ail?d yet* rday afternoon for Chagrea. Her 1 let of pasaeugora will be found under tlie maritime h-ad. liviHui-At Thomaaton, 21*t lout ahip Jamaa SoHtuitb. of IUjO tou*, to be commauded by Capt. d. Rat* At Portsmouth on ftaturday la?t. by Mr Oeo Haynea, a ruprrlor > hip of jikk) tone, called the lieo Kaynae, r>*n*d by Mem?i> Cllddvn 4. William* ot Hoston, b r the builoer and by Capt P W Penhikllow. who la to command h?r At Searrport. recently, a ship of about 040 tons oaltrd the John Hnnjan built under the eup'TviVion of J( hn Carver and owned by Meaer* Carvor, Nioholii and t there, end to be comiuairled by ('apt Amo* N'icbola. Aleo. a barque, called the Mary Kiixitbi<tb of about 440 tons, built by Master Crooker. and owned by Mciri M'Ullvery. Mertthew. and othera, and to h? commanded by Capt 1). 8 (ioodell City Intelligence. Th?: New VohK Ukiiu'ti Cot.i mak ?The (lr?t of the introductory 1-cture* to Lie giv?m at thi? iu*ti'utioa luring t he pre^eut week w?? delivered U-?. evening, by Doctor (Jreen to very full auil!ene?. W.> regiei. tbe tate of ocr column* preclude* ui from giiing it * ui<>re lengthy uotlee. but wa will, if po*slbli>, give aa abstract of it in to-morrow' paper. Bimoi ? ArciaitT at a Louairoi ntiii MavcraoToar. ? Yeiterday afternoon, a )<>ung man. xixtewn year* >>f age. I y the name of (leorgn M i lieu met with a ptlolul Hceident at thi looking yla*? lueuutaatory ot lila er. ploy. re Mm r?. Wail r K* ps it U42 Broadway. 11 Hppeara tbat lie wax at work upon the floor of t h*4ttt cry of the building, and winning to denoead t<j the Drtt llo< r very imprudently clung faat t-> tbe rope um d in tbe bat 'bway (or hoiating and lowering good*, for the purpose of eliding down in plaen of walking doun tiie ''aire. Unfortunately, when he waijuit below the third loft, tha rope parted and precipitated bim to the tloor of the raletiroom with eurtl f >roe that hid bead *a- horribly cut. hi' arm* and legs bruited, and bit body iierl >u ly lujured inter nally and although he baa parent* r< aiding at No 142 U?lf<>lk atreet, It waa deemed advlxahle to rend him to the Uoipilitl. AI'I'IDKNT WHII.B F. ? rreive, av OMVI*U*.? A youMg ladv by the name ol Ml** Annie McDonald, residing In Clinton itreet near Dalancey utreet met with a eae *> < ! lun I, yeeterdav meriting, whik In th? ajtof ent' rti.n uu < miiibus in Urand ?treet. Hhe had ju?t rearhej thr ur-p-r step o( the vehicle, when the horaea ttti tL|t>-J to etart and in an tuetaat ?he tt< thrown upon the cobble atom a with uri-nt violence oaminj a fracture ot the skull and other injurUe of her l.tnly. A private rarrlnge that ?a< pausing at th? time oI the casualty. luime 1 ately stopped. and the Inmates conveyed the unlor 'nate feranle home. Pi ddfi Dkath ur Dnnm or tiii IIu>t -Coroner C? .r h< Id uu inqu^*' yesterday, at No. 1U Antboay street on ibt: bi>fy of ? I -ra .'Miuhim a colored woman, h>(piI forty-two jurn. who caine to her deal'i by disease of tin* heart. \ errfict accordingly. Atihih it utinibi.?robert. Coldlngton's book store. U?<> Krwery. ?as attacked by thieve* on .Sunday night The front door bore marks of irreat forje being used by a jlmtny or rrowbar. Another atom in tbw eame bloek ?f* broken into U<t wee* and fobbed. Would it not be w> II if the Fifteenth ward police had an eye, occasionally, to the (tore* along th* liowery T Morel should bo protected ui well a' private dwelling*. }'?Mil r Ttnrr A**r?Tio ti I1ho0ki.ii.?officer .lavea Hroun arrested n girl uauiod Maria l?ou*.h ) * in M rowr ?Vut New Vo k. on ? warant i??oed by Juman Hini'h. ehhri',ic.r h r with having Dirtom-^ a uuiu'?t of e lk dies-en wonh, io all. about $ 10, ami ab >ut fl7 in bank bill*, from i.h< bonne of Mm. t) <t? illy. la liol >ar street, Vr. iklyn. t*he wait committed to tbe county jail fr>r > xaum ati-><i. Cut Cut a 1, flxooai ri??The Joart wa*oseapled durirg all of yeiterlay la trying a nuliancr case, tbe pei pie aeatuHt John li.irhujr mi ludictiueat i >r auisnnco. man ufacluilng |\j roligneou* acid. Thk Ui.amd Ji *v, linmini?The mfobrm of tbe stand iiioiii et in tbe Court of hi'i ioik wei.iti bu-h ym'mrilay. in M???r? iiunttHt V K?nd?lt nt bi?M omotbvu. forth* purpoaa ol l-japrcttng th- ooaaty builiiliif*. Ak mni' ot itt?- Couaty Siipt-rTt^ir' d-murrvd. i-hort lima rltic?. lo tba jul?-iu-u'. ?| a mll?r bill th'} ('*) Oriiil Jurors ) L?ta roiolvrd lo d?lilt; tb?ir own < *p?u??H. MILITARY I'AHAD^. CUJion Guard*. Capt l l< ait ota, and aecomp*n;?d by bodtaortb'a Cornel Hai.d, |iroi)t?ni*d ta 11 >b>K< a, jt rtriUHy t> r tarft |>rMtl?t. and. after oout-<-'|iu f'f three priirt- aiii?*I linn of two tl'eroupa <tol it gold peiieil, wbieb *n? n?itiM Ar?l to K daard \lt<??u, i r?r.d (o CatUtu Cl-iu?a ? thi l IO Jiati DinM? itey pinr?eilnl t? lb* Fb'nJ Ipht* llni a. In ih? Boatry. wh?r* they partoi nl it llo? il:-i'i?f T'ny pn? ?U the //?rW i i t!i ? iii i'i? a!tnri. ?o? an t uitJe a vi ly aol.iniiiae t^niwtko. Ibe T?nd (iutiili, (,*pt Iud n vnrii alutw Jm Itruny. I.u Ilia | irp >?? of trying *li i vara tliu li?<l hoi* They caiub* red (klrl/-?iM uium-t* and liokej Trry hatidt-i m- m.d ?* iiinul alter tVllliva r??-f 1. * hij randbla'.e f r *??? lanl Ai.lmiitn ol the (l?reuth H ard. On I bt ir ret o-ii. tbi y p*?*-l th- //.. .u.i .Ira. Thy ami accoai, ai-i-1 by Ablli?u'? W - h I n(* t >a Ur?i lland The Pod Guard*. C*pt 9prlri,-?>i 'n, nuafe rin^ itty K.II krtr ?< . t O >. ilj.y I r t tr<-> pi ' . t *'i4 r-1 urn- d I" tha ti(> in tli- ??? .in/ ann a t .rj. t wit a1 iiuii*d Tli'y pa-r. j Um nHls? oa tb* Ir i*tura, Hid made a my credit* ?l? a^p a tli'l. Tlii1 Fron:|>-r Guards, ?!apt. Shate, nitnbfilo/ I w?uy i?? uiu.fc. (> a,?o >a-? I on th'dr r?.ura Tha l'b?r * tiua d? 0?|<t G o Rrld ac9ttnp*il*4 Lit M>?it?-u i> l:rt>? |i.t .i |> I iihi ofl upon tn?t? ritu n tri tr II I Ir ai . i nr-i n f-r t?r;?i praolir? Tbry nnitihirid 1 iuikt> and h?r*ar?ry i MUriy appimrai ' n,?. lira t ri? a ailpora 4ui. ' i d |i i (>, ? ? a<-a ' rr I tn? nail it a rpli'iidid >i|*< r I''Iratm ?V,?i 4. liieaaj lb" tblid a ft Kold pura tu )>anl li Vm e< nt; i hr l' in ib n mtn'atora ? I ati;h, t'i p'i?tit l( 11 it K?jii ?l? 1'iw ft ?. t bora i vi J-ul d> iii'iattrv lien of their iK.II a I'kom Ft 1 ii o<t ? Il> an arrival at H wtM, |Tdi M. I < i, i-go, h iiri- .n-il ih .1 th* raiiacation of tbr ir? ,i? h i*?i-fu 1.i;v11it<i and th? i>on>ni ran rr tiblu nc lfhr li d U? a |?*iWie 4(in?-r> ?.l winch ihe I'.rfiU-Dt of I'onrnlca (?r*?i<iri(. Ti?? IJi.tifii n n?t?l wut h'-a |irt a<-nt, who a(atr4 tkat l ia fntrrrii.r lit v uuM not iui- rt'Tfl iu th? liiajntt? ixntrriilhr Ikiiti <ticni<a and litvicni. T?' ?'? *<! ? of ihr Ar ?n *i?i on uJ it t'ir dinner i? m>iirrd, aa wrtl a* ol Ami i a ahi^iiiiatera. IM-a lrr?lv Mir' '-aT'il'l I I if 'ni!if a I'? mi i.I It' ll *t-.rl-? I|I?' ' ' ll ' ! nirtij t ?n, >t hliy c? Bia Irra ih ./i n j> id on Am^iiom r?a^rla. <>i Ki ttirn? for ls'O. M'iNifK <i?fcT I .11 ?V.i- fi,?CI ; f"*? Meek*, 173 ; M-ivm, ?M)7U?t ifal, ft 9X1 l)-*4?ii?? * li} hl.nk?, Ml?im^l I'M r?.?l in l*l?? f'.SUt ?'i.>n in H?t, S'7? Hiirrtmr. bt't Tkr I>l4< I Wh r? Ml ill H:r c?<>inty w Mr* I'hu.i* Ann J icw ??n, nijrii 'JL U?r i M Tk i* l>4 ) ?ri cif A' "Air, N V ?T(if siit' (ivrt, H|WA ir Mil.olll) i f itiif of ttl- (I .it'#, pn^|i<?. <ni l (h"iiiv iti it>r Mbi*iag ?v ird*, to wb u *? h?\e unrth?I ui HI* ; ? I - r. | o Fifft w?n! 9,129 J>??S J)-f 2 VI .ipMh WJif.J M*)l hi'71 fiic t,U>* SiutliWfcH (i,2Ut ti.X'.i lac...... HI Mifirnuii ?. N II?Th'- (wyaljtiou ui Mirvbcvter i- l:i,!'..2 IUtM< tb? mrwlnf o| th<. ?*?ii ?t th? r?fl irnr* it d?r (?'h?r hj. th* H?? C H fay Mln< Kun Vumi, li)*)! ?>l W in 8 i'on?iy, o( thl* eltr, to ttr \ *? Foim vf l bl?HP?. IIMte4?. ?>s ih?- #" > (o?i?nt In llrookivn. by H?t. MTbi II. It l? Mr. * W. Hi ? of Whitby, r?nt1* ?r .t, |r ?.**, rrrtd ?J?>.*lii*r ef th? l?u Mr William Ilklfi B rf itii^klothtui It WUIItlBifeurc, on the 23.1 ln?t . } j |f>? Mr It**, liar Mr Jf* P.m. t>?m Hiiro* *o Mix K*ii , f, ,.? I*< ir?*. fc?lh at th# ??r ?f |rl?c?. Dlfd. On tin ITth '?? . It!-**? > ut*.* V"1 r??r? fiwr ir^rtht un t t?? nfy n-rm 4ifn. Ufa ?fl?r -?<??tt#ii4 ?!ultnt of th? ftr <* ?rr. ?d<i hi . n n*vi?i ?*r* t?s?n lr?ai Ma >t?wMilnir? No lei B ifr?B ?!ra?t ui ?>?T*y?<l t KoutitlbrCKik N' J ?>in li t wit-a 1st-ml Tlu? w?? ?>?? of rur n < ' <r*tUu?b'.i rlti/?n?. *m4 n'i uiuiMl IN' < Ur|? (ircU of to n. r 'it ? *'? |f > tin Mcti4?j. ik?" 2*1 b tn t,trin9 flio?***<i*i, ?n?<i s?r *?*; til'" rni ? ?r?4 rl -r-u '!lj? ?b? fit. Mr nn1 t? ;.ii- ? ot s b? Itcillj ?r? r??yrtr?.ll? tntit?<1 t" inn d ti? fan> r?l whinh will t*h? I ikr ?Mi nt two iroa m? MtUttrrrl Tktt*li'>tp|WlU b? *??? ? to i)fi?nw<*>4 h t lo'urtt til i>fi MriJtt US: it in?? "f iff' nt??y, VmnftKT ? Li ? itnnlUr <1 W??i4 ?>1 ()r%r? MoLtod, >2*4 i? l?? ta< ?'b# * ! J * J I|.i> U ai>4 t>f th? fealty ?f? f? fitfully ? Ut#t 4 th? f?n?*?l, which will ? t'iirn i? ?? i*l ?? l?y> m rnoA* ?t thrx? ovin<?k. rr. hntlii??? H h?v |>?r?o?? *i?. M Whlt?b?ll <jn ???! <. Sfttk Ihrt ?* nr*m n'etMk, k??? ? J.'?ntn )?*i|p?t tmM '.npH C ?4 Wiry L' l.ltkbur ?r ?c 4 tr>> tciottw at4 u'.y l*ht 4?y? At I'lkll'i.n, I. [ .mi l?uft lay. f(k lnt,,Rri?l? T. ,i. . .. i Kii cf R J?*ni?tra.;r , wtfi rtiwii y*%im K?>?? r titb? aM At <5f H * .fa he IU'4 ! *!, V?6f? a^Attfc >W JMM

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