Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1850 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 5988. IfEWS BT TELEGRAPH, Wuliliiftoii. W*siiiji<itoi?, Not. 1,1830. Mr. Willi***, of New York was Installed to-day a* principal clerk in th* Post Office department, rice Sanders Several subordinate changes have keen made in various departments, of ao special interest. We understand tbat Captain Walter Warder has been appointed to the lucrative post ot Sub ebtef of the Cepitol polio*, by the Commii>sioaers of the Pub11a Buildlugs. riee Scrivener. Tha Rev. Dr. Lea delivers a rtries of leatares here, next week, vindicating the rights of tha Methodist Cbareh, South. Political Movement*. sewabd at ai.bant. ai.rant, Nov. 1, 1850. Tba Sewardltes of Albany county, last evening, held "what tbey termed a 4 Grand Ratification Meeting," ftt tha Capital. Bonfires were burnt in front of tke square, and at various points on Stat* street, which, together with considerable music bad the effect of attracting quit* a large crowd. Among th* speakers on th* occasion was Mr. Morgan, who. amid the flr?, th* music, and th* smoke they had raised, put th* question as to " whether they would consent to be gagged, as proposed, by th* N*w fork Tnion Meeting, at Castle Garden T" (Th* response, of i urs*. was "no.") He also put the question as to whether they approved of "the Fugitive Slave law. nassed at the recant session of Congree* !" ( Another -'no" evinced tbe feeling on this subject) The resolutions are decided in their jopport ot the Syraenit whig tioket. FREE son. V UNOKKSS NOMINATION IN MASSACHUSS ITS. Bosrow. Not. 1,1860. |* The free (oiler* of Boston have nominated Cbarle* Sunn?r for Congre**. KUODF. ISLAND SENATOR. Pit otidkxik, November 1. I860. Tha election tor a United 8'stes Senator in the plao* of tha Hon. Albert 0 Greene, whig, whose term expire* next March, has been poetponed till the next January session of tba Legislature. VsTal Intelligence. Bos-rot, Not. 1, 1860. The United State* frigate Bt. Lawrrnoe, from Bretnen, via Portsmouth. England was boarded off this .port, lsst night, and ordered to New Tork Canal j^ari|atlon? Uric*. October l*t. I860. Beat* ara arriving freeij from the West, and most of the boat* bonnd to tha West hare gone. Tha oanal 1* filling np, and will be fall by to-morrow morning. Tha 'Jhenatigo Canal will be repaired in ten day*. Tits Michigan Central Railroad. AlmantjNot. 1, 1860. The Michigan Central Railroad U in operation to asiomgan uuy. A train or ears reached that place, from New Buffalo, on Monday last. Cincinnati Itrnaa. TH* REMAINS OP Til It I.ATK PRESIDENT?TIIK ORKAT WORI.D's PAIR?FATHER MATUIW, ETC. CinciKiiri, NOT. 1.1860. The remain* of President Taylor arrived here yesterday from Pittsburgh, and to-day pasted down th* rlv*r from this plaoe on board the eteamer Navigation. "Old Whltey'' followed In the mall boat | ( reat preparation* are making here to attend the IFarld'* Fair in London. father Matfcew baa addressed a letter to Bishop Pnrcell. regretting that 111 health oblige* him to haaten to Florida, lie will not visit u* nntil the spring. We have had two Inhuman murder* oommltUd on female* within a week. Th* river ha* risen two feet, and 1* (till ridng. fhe Mayor of Pittsburgh, die. PiTosi'tbii, NotrmDer 1. I860. The Supreme Court adjourned without denldlng th* ow* o( ' th* Mayor against th* City Council." Ther* It great excitement In oonasqufnee. Th* water In th* channel h?ie measure* **v*n f**t. From Africa. 8alkm, Nov. 1,1850. Wapt 81m*. of the brig Mesteager. which arrived yesterday. ha* furnished a* with data* to Angust 6th, from Fernando Po, (lull ol fluln*a Our advices contain nothing of epacial int*re*t. Considerable damage was eip?ri> need by the M. during her homeward passage, *nd at on* tlm* she had eight fmt of watsr In fc?r hold. Front and Damage to the Tobaeeo Crop. Clabkstill*, Tenn , Nov. 1. 1860. It I* now aettled. that one-third ol the tobacco crop la* been destroyed by recent frosts Consequently, .ilea of th* artlol* are being mad* at heavy prolt*. Mrwrm*, Tenn , Nov. 1,1860. Heavy front* h*v* occurred her* *is weeks earli*r than last *ea*on, nnd all the Bsuthern article* of proJuo* have been, nor* or les? injured hy them. Thr Krgro Troablr at Iloston. Bosron, November 1, 1860. Ther* I* a report current, that tb* lion. J. O. 8tc Trnfon hii a ni?f?cm? 10 ?m i;rarm ma all*ga<i tuk-i tl?a, i.lTorln* to purehaaa th? frradnm of hlmtalf <1 wif? if ho would naacaabty con?ant to bain* ur??tad by M*p?ra. llughaa and Knljht*. Cralta, bowera*. po*ltlr?ly daoltnad tha offtr. Nlw?IUntoiu Xonthfrn Items. BtlTiDvic, Not 1, 1154. The halra of If r MoDoooagb, la tfcla city. hara ?mployad tba Han. llarardy Johnaoa, John Nel?o?, and ) M Campbell, to oont?-*t tha legality of tha will The Sautbarn mat1 baa arrirad. and inform* ? that, at tha Tthuantrpaa Railroad mo tiu?. at Naw Orlaan*. oa tba 24th ult . tight hundred and nlaaty tlx abare* war* tak< n. Tba ni|w crop In Plaquaailna ha* baan graatly damaftd by troat. Tba eottnn orop la North Alabam*. although greatly ; <'ama(rd by drought baa !>< ? a gaiti<i?d in m> <d condltloa At Grannda. M!?a Oot Qal'man'* proclamation hu baaa r?e*lrrd with anlaarral a*toai;hraeut and dlaappn ball' n. Abaali m Yanaay, of Raaaall. Ala , wa* brntally motdtrad by hla 'lata, laat waak Tba ijoatbcra Rights meeting at Wilmington. N 0., on RTeinea?J?.y. declared in far>r of r?taMI?Mng a ?nutbarn oi-m'mereial marina, la oidar to rrudar tbam Independent at North*rn manufacturer* and ahlp own?ra; and that tha repaal of tba Kugltle* rtlare law. or thm abolitloa of alarrry la tha Dlatrlnt. will juatlfy and rrqnlre aecaaaloa. Tha Virginia Conatitutlona! Contention. by a rota of Hi to O'i. oa Thursday, dacld> d to adjonra till tha lat January. Tha elalmi agalaet th? Frank I la Railroad from tba Maryland lln? to t'tan. b<-r b.n * re ntl* r>uraha>e<l "by a' Now York ecnpany, aaoanl to %bt) ova. Th?nki|lTln| In Ifrw V6rk. RfKI.AMAllo.l nv MIH.TON PIM, OOVFMNOR OP Till STATB OP !I1W YORK* Tbo m?roW? of on all-kind HrnTtdonoa etll for an arknowltdgniont of irttliui* udol cliip?ndoo<,e from tbo oroatarrs ol bi? boaiitiao. Tho yt<r 1- ?t?. nt t : hto b??n m?rk>>d bp InaureortMo Ur*i>l?|< to u* ? * aallon As abonJtal kwrf?t and profitable labor bavo brnugbt rich rrvirtfi to boiNt Induury P??"? and tr?a (at ill y oro Mt*bllobi ?1 at bono and no dI-cord dl>turbo our mlattoa* abroad, lloaltb. prooporlty. and abundanr* ha?o bam fr < \y rovrlnfM to u?. aad rollglnut liberty prevail throagbout the l-m<th and the breadth of tbo laad. And to all l? eenr^d i h? Iree exorelio of the worship of tb?lr Ci rotor a e>rdio* to tbolrown tal'.b. And on tblaneeaMnn wo >bould not forget that while an Ii<??riitablo Pro*ld?n-? ha? nc-a At to ro oro daring tbo pa*t year tbo t'bl-f \fi(Mrttn of oor (' Ion. ti nt uma Frntidenr* ha* p"?-rrod *i under tbo trial a free aad an uol od p??>pI . bat wn>l h< (ram anarch/ nr rlril aaaaotfc a, ail h*? *ontlnu?J to a* tbo mild operation of a government of our own i dopttoai aad to Urn of onr own ebuino. I da. th?r?for? ani r Thur*d*y, b? twelfth day of sett. t" b? obterrad by b? foot pr<<pl? of thta fM?t? uidtr of Public rhaDknglvlng to AlHilthCj (|n4. In witn??. ?h?i?..( [ bix h r? i > > ?nb?fMb I my -tana ??<l iffli't tb? TrWy loot ol lh? State it lha 6Ht tbl* .11?? ity of Ontober, tbou?aoJ i f|ht AidrH at g aft* [* ? J ntMtLTo* risa. By tha (i?T*rnor; Ro?t. H Hnian, Frif?U ??rr?Ury. Attoipiii Bam Ronn**r ? An attempt was T?de, on Friday ni#ht la*-, to ?,#. I.<ineasfff' lank, aitaaied id Lancaatrr, N. II , by two men ircfliljf dlichvffd from the New Huunbire ute priaon A young man heard OutjM Jriwa ?t ? ork, and went and amnmoned iwo rTMBpnen : ihe three then proceeded *> the bank and hailed .he robbers, who, becoming frightened, jumped hrough the window, and ran away, without being ji ?leafed by the three men who alarmed them < ne of the lattet had a loaded fua in his hand, i nd |??e m a reaana (or not firinf it, that he did I ot think ' ( it aooa enough The thieves h*d iwoeeded in forriag open oar of the safe doore, , and removing five nr aia bolts, and one or two bands from MM other dooT of th? aafe, and tea ulnutea more woo Id have been auffieisat to havs nablad them to have completed the ioh, and beea way ? ith the money The mmr roi.hera atiemptd to tab the UMls River Bank, ia Vermont, oae ight latt week, aad were frightened away, after bey had sommenred operations upon the s-ifc, bf .Se an roach of g man - Boito* MnU Oct 81. E NE M fcNEWS BT THE MAILS. Oar Wuhln|ton Correspondence. Washinoto:*, November 1, 1850. Uu Nev Ytrk Union Mutiny? IJu frith and German Voter*?7V World'i F\tir. The newt from New York and the account of the (treat Union man meeting held at Castle Garden, have filled the hearts of every patriot with jay and gratitude. The capital of the Union is safe, and the metropolitan spirit will, no doubt, in due time penetrate into the provinces. The anti union men are very much disappointed, on both sides. They agree with the Tribune, that il a Union meeting was ta be held in New York, it ought to have been held on the sixth of November?the day after the election?not in advance ol it?so as by any possibilityto influence the elections. Then, if the elections had gone with a rush for the Sewardites, the meeting might hava been called a meeting of condolence?a great jeremiadu?that might have added to the brilliancy of the victory of revolntion, riot and disunion, over the Uws and constitution of the country. As it is, New Yorkall New Yo.k? has spoken boldly, openly and wmiuui irornr. " A nc grrai Dttll IIH8 Mfn act in motion," not "solitary and alone." an Col Benton started his; but by tena of thousanda, who have acted like one man, and who will yet drive the enemies of peace and union back to their obscure hiding places. The slavery agitation in the North is far from being cotrectly understood, and its consequences are not yet fully realized by the laboring men of the North. What else do the agitators contemplate than the degradation of labor oy raising the negro to political equality with the white laborer 1 What els# can be the consequence of political equality eiweea the white laborer and the black but (he aesaectHtion of labor and of the laboring man 1 Th? white laborer bring once associated with the tegro and mulatto, the aristocracy of capital will lord it over him, in spite of the hypocritical and stupid cant of Horace (Jreeley and his Fourierite associates. The aristocracy of New York and Boston?wealth, with its most arrogant pretensions? could not have devised a more certain and unfailing means of creating an artificial distance between the "upper tens" and the honest, producing laboring man than to associate him with the runaway slave, the African, the mere accidental ingredient of our civilization. The newo is to h??rnni* th? tor of the white man's labor, for the sole benefit of the capitalist who employs it; he is to reduce the pricfe of latwr in trades and manufactures, and he is, in the end. to share the public domain with ?ur sturdy agricultural imputation. There never was a better means devised, in any country, for the systematic degradation of the laboring classes than this same negro agitation which is now going on at the North, under the cloak of philanthropy, philosophy and political equality. There is yet another consideration which must not be lost sight of, and which ought to bs pondered upon by our adopted citizens. Certain leaders of the whig party have always complained of the undue influence of the Irish aid Germans at our election*, and the degree of independence shown by them, on all occasions where they were called upon to exercise the rights of citizen*. They now mean to cmalgamate the adopted citizens with the negroes, who. they intend, shall hold the balance of power, oa that well known principle in chemistry by which a bodr is first dissolved by an agent, in order, afterwards, to be precipitated in a new shape. And what is worse, our adopted citizens are constar.tly appealed to, through tlie Tribune and the Evening Post?the two kindred spirits of abolition and amalgamation?to help in this work of degradation of the whole white race, as fur as that race is employed in itsgre?t mission oflibor. Were their tfloris to be successful, the adopted citizen would ewn rank behind the negro, us not "American born." The descendant of the African slave would claim superior merit over the martyr of European liberty, or the descendants of those who have tacrificrd properly and position to a great cause, which, as a mighty movement ot Providence, is sweeping the whole civilized world. We still live in hope that the Secretary <>f the Navy will send a first class frigate, or the line of battle ship Ohio, or the Pennsylvania, to the Worln's Exhibition in London, instead of, as he was adviaed to do by the ghosts of the bureaux, a atoreship. The best thing we can exhibit th> re is one of our model ships, with a picked crew and officers, that are likely to make a proper impression nn nnr r*>lafiv#?a mr%A nnf t??K uritk ( room in it, unlesa (to borrow an idea from Pun h) eaiblr malic of the heada of fomr of oar bureaux, always excepting that of docka and yarda. D. Our Dnitlnaore CoirttpaiidtntCt Baltimore, Oct. 31, 1SS0. Tfie McDonougk EtiaU?SptnUaiiont?Thanktgirin% Day? "Pit Unit* Mtelmg?Utn. Rdty't Sword-?Colonization Erjtdition, frc. The immense estate of John McDonough, of New Orleans, excites much attention here, and cenaiderahle anxiety ia manifested by our citizeas as well aa the relativea residing here, to obtain a further insight into the will. I understand that he left Baltimore prior to l,H00, and at the time of the cession of New Orleans by Spain, a large portion of the Spaniarda left, r>-fuaingto live under the American government. They accordingly sold their lands for anything; that was offered, and Mr. MclJooough became a purchaser of immense tracts, in mnny cases the cost of drawing the deeds being more thaa the purchase money. The relatives here seem rather disposed to test the validity of the will than to pocket the small beqjeat partitioned out for ihem. They are all poor, and even the small sum said to be bequeathed to them, will be thankfully received. (Governor Thomas has appointed Thursday, the 2S h day of Nrvemh?r, aa Thanksgiving Day, which haa already been designated by a number oi rMMee. The t nion meeting at New York, on Wednesday evening, ia looked ui>on here aa one of the moat glomus movem* nu bf the age, and a confidence ia felt that it will atir up the mtriotiam of the North, and establiah a conservative party of purh Htrength that abolitionism and free-aoiliam will be totally rooted. The iword manufactured by order of the Legislature, for General Riley, will be presented to him by Governor Thomas on next Mofl<l?y week The presentation will be accomivnied ky a grand military parade of the entire volunteer force of the city HkThe Maryland Colonisation Society will sead out a Urge number of emigrants by the Liberia packet, which will sail on her ninth voyage about th* mid lie of December. A large number are e?pecledfrom St.Mary's and Frederick counties, and several families from thia city. This pucket ia owned principally by free negroes in this city, and haa alreidy declared dividends amounting to fifty I*-r cent on kg whole ?-<>? ? She > beaittfll ?e? el, with fiLe accommodations for emigrants aa well aa cabin patfengera. Owr Philadelphia Canefpsndesee rHlt.ADKt.PNtA, NOV. I, lSNtl Politiml fiijlrulttei among thr Hrkmn in tht A'ury Varrf?Colortd Rioltrt Convicted?Murder TVtml, +r. The nativea of Southwark have, for yeara, been attempting to ouat from the Navy Yatd certain oremrn of the workshops. who h-mxmed to be of opposite politic*. This, however, was never effected until about two month* since, when Mr. Powell wu dirplacrd by Mr. Copeland, as master joiner. Mr. Ellicott took Mr Smith's situation as chief of the laborers, and Mr. Snyder took the post of mMter painter. The ohjeet of these re. movala was to effect a change in the men employed in the It several departments t but Com* modore Read, the commandant of the yard, hss checked the removal of subordinates merely for political opinion, by refusing to sanction them. The officer* displaced, with the exception of Mr. Powell, who objected fo fill a eubordibate place, have been employed in other ntuatiora. Mr. I'owall, besides the duties of hi* poet as nastcr joiner, ?uperintended the wtiarl rniildtHf, now in ptofrera Commodore Krad, after hia rrmoval, orderrd Mr <?eorge Powell, tl-e foreman under his father. t? take the superintendence of the wharves, c? which he hasliven employment to several workmen removed from other departm??'e. The aim of the forwarders of these removals bavins betn thus defeated, there I* much ill irroper displayed by them. f*ev?n of the nine colored men, on trial in the ' Court (I C{u*rtcr Preside yeaterday for riot, have be# n mtlciri Tin o'hy Brown, colored, la on trial for the nur drf of fo?hua Lester, which occurred in Bedford str*e?, Moyameneirp, about three nj'riihn since I The sccuird bad quarrels with letter, b?in| W YO ORNING EDITION?SATi; ; jealous, and stabbed him in the breast with a hook, at the end tf a stick, which he was in the habit o( using in Ba aaployment as a rag picker. Patrick Slave#, tfe Moyamensing police officer, died at half part ia'Jock this a/ternoon, from the wounda received aa Monday evening last. This ia the second officer of that district, murdered by its , ; rowdies within the laat six months John Corcoran, deputy constable, died this morning' from injuries inflicted by John Wiley, whom he had arreated, on a warrant, on Wednesday evening. Wiley ia in custody. Attempted Bank Robbery at Daurrri, Mu aebwsctta. [from ths Boston Traveller of Oetobsr 31 ) A shurt time tince, the directors of the Village ' Bank at North Denver*, received information which tendered it probable that an attempt would shortly be made by a daring and expert gang of robbera to break into and rob the bank. They ! acco.'dingly narrowly inspected the defences of their safe for such an attack, and having conclud1 ed that it would resist a pretty serious siege, they appointed a citizen of the town, named Aaron ' Bateman, as bank watchman. This latter fact was not generally known in the town, and the rnbbera themselves were probably not aware of it. At two o'clock thia morning, Mr. Bateman heard three or four parsons approaching the bank. They came to the door, which ia of glasa to within a few feet of the bottom, and haa no shutters, and hailed to know who waa inaide to which the watchman replied, that he was there; and to another query as to what he was there for, he replied, to guard the bank. At that the robbers began to presa against the door, as if with a view to burst it open. Tha watchman warned them to desist, saying that he waa armed, and that if they entered, he would ahoot them. They atill perciating, and he, fearing that their intention waa to get in and overpower him, took up his gun, and wed airongst them, as they stood upon the outsi?le of the door. The ball from the gun, it was afterwards ascertained, paased through one of the lower paaes of glass, carrying away a part of the sash. 1 in mediately after Hie discharge, the persons outside were seen to run; but one ot them, who waa eviden-ly wounded, only went a few rods, when he staggered and fell. The others escaped in a cartlliue. which thev hronvht with them In th? hunk The noise ol the gun awakened Mr. John Page, an aged and estimable citizen ef the village, who lives in the hoube nenret-t te the bank, ana only a r< d or two distant. He cure out, but did not nolice the body u|?n the groand, and returned into the house. Shortly after, however, he came out again, and was proceeding along in front of bis dwelling, when he stumbled over the prostrate i body. He at< oj e.l down, and discovered that it was hia own s< n. He immediately returned to lh* lasute, and aroumd hia son-in-law, Mr. Weston, who ia cashier of the bank, and together they carried him ( into the h?use. At that time he was breathing, but 6enstiess, and he shortly after died. Neither | Mr. Weston nor Mr. Page then knew of the affair at the bank, and they at tirat imagined that he had received a s?.eb in some affray, but they soon had information of what had occurred. The deceased was named John C. Page, and i wbb unmarried. He was about 43 years old. Until within four or five years, he has carried on the brick making business to a large extent, and sustained a gool character. Loaves in business are stid to have made him rather irregular in hia habits. He returned to bis father'a house some time aince, and it war gent rally hoped that he had reformed. His father ia aaid to have provided liberally for all hia wants. This aad tragedy has caused a great excitement , ia the region round about the scene of its occurrence. A coroner's inuueet ia to be held unon the body, when the matter will no doubt be thoroughly investigated. Mr. Bateman, the chief actor n the ttffair, bears a good character among ha Vownsmen. Some time ago, the keys of the bank were stolen, and siace that time the bank has been in pptehensica of an attempted robbery. It is supposed that the unfortunate man, when he fonnd himself wounded, ran with an intention of geiting into the house of his father, where he resided. He fell under an apple tree nearly in front of the house. We learn further, that Mr. Rdleman, after discharging the gun, remained <n the hank, and did notkaow the result of the shot until morning, until which time the door was not opened. Also, that the lobbers, after being warned byfMr Bntenian to desist, under penal-v of being shot, rr-(?li. ,1 with an oath, that they were wtrong enough to get rid of or msnage him. It ia also stated, but we do not vouch for its correctness, that there was another p-.-rson in the bank, who can testify as to what |?ssed between Mr. Bateunn and the robbers The ke)s that were atol>-n from the bank s>>me two years ait.ce were taken Irnm Mr Weston's pillow After the robbery of thete keya waa discovered, the bank changed all their locks. Page had an aged mother, also, and brothera and sisters, who are plunged into the deepest affliction by his aad cad. BT RATH Inqwest oa the Borijr of the Bank Robber. Boa-ron Nov 1. liM The Goronar's Jury, who htld an Inquest on th? btdyof John 0. ra)??. "hot by Hatcmna. ths bank watchman, whlta attemp'ing t<> brsak Intu tb* Villa** Bank, North Danvern, has returned a vardiot that tha said Bai d?d is ' ju-tlfled In what be did. The Texan Frontier. The Republic furnishes the following extracts from letters received from an officer of the government, addressed to a gentleman of Washington. aw Anto*io, flapt. 15, 1H60 I hara racalrad aurh Information In ragard to tba ncrtl boatlla coniuct of tba Camanobaa. aa In^ucaa ma to dalay a day or two. In ordar to obtain an aacort b?fara going aaoni tba Indiana Tbara la no bat tar ?vid?nra of tba warlika nttaaaiti of tba aontharn Camanrhra at praaant bafora ma tban report*. but acma of thaae rema In a nhapa tbat raqulraa that tb> j bould ba, at laait. In part bvllavad. <'na raport U. that aiaaparatrd by tba daatb of ra??ral pr mioftt and aataamat warrior* klllad In tba lata rngagamanti on tba Ilo Uranda tba wbola Contancba trlba baa darlarad opan hoa'.iiity Anntbar raport aaya tbai oily a amall portion of than ban raat>lT<d on war, and tbat mark tba larger numbar bad Cad to tba Vppar liraioa to avoid tba dlfflenltlaa wblab. It I* frarad, will fall upon tba wbola trlba by tba anticipated eolllalon batwaan a part o< it and tba wbitaa Still anotbar raport ?ay* tbat tba Indiana hara only wlthdiawn to ?aak a placa of safety for tbalr wl*a? and eblldran. intending to ratnrn and attack tba fronttara. All of tbaaa tatamanta ara baaad upon a eonTtraatlin bald by a parti of gaiitlamtn with tba Lapana. a f?a daya atnra, "a tba r1??f Concho Tba Lapana no doubt nada hut tua atntamaat. yat apaaking a laeguaga nat ua lar food by alL tbay hara baan mnda to ray th'njl ??>t Intan dad by tliam Tba ?'*t> mant of tba Lapana probably waa. tbat tba Camaacbaa wara boatlla. aad tbat It would ba propar for tba party to traval with caution and ba guar dad In tbalr eondnrt A a a ganaral rula, littla confldanea pan ba pi a? ad In tba a) at am an ta of onabnnd "f I ndiaaa la r?U*lon to aaotbar. ard nona wbatavar In tba rnaora r f Indian ag (rraaa1< na floating through tha country, bat I faar that It la trna tbat a portion of tba rontharn Camanahaa. maddanad by hangar and aiaapaiaWd by tfeair raaaat loaaaa. bara baan guilty cf a< U ol opaa an 1 un liagnUad tba ft and muid'T It la aniaaatloaably trna tbat tbaaa t'amatiobaa *i?it>d a #m?ll tradlag aatabil?hmant on tba filaao rlvar only a taw daya aiaaa, ktUad a voting man abo waa 'landing la tba yard, and aarrled away a larga com bar of horaa* and mtilaa. Thli trading botiaa m? abont thlr'yflra milaa In advance of tba Hattlamaata and within fifteen of tha place aeleotad for tbe council to ba bald on tba 2lat luUlt. Tba owner* bad baan repeatedly told tbat tbay would ant ba ?<>nnu?-r? " jHwaailOB oi ina i ium rtat?a troop* In ?ha po*ll|on rlartad < th?T bad adrnnoad b*)ond (hp Una Intaadadto l>a d*l*nd>-d Th>y ?r? at prurnt ri'inoTiaf thair good* into the a*ttiam*nt?, under tlx pri ttrtlon of ?<>ina Unltad S'nW* troop*. A Inrga nnnlxr M bora** ar.d inula* h*?a b*?n atolm within lha p**t f?* m<nth? ; but a* tha M?il n??. whlta* aad Indian* art- all vtaaltng whan aa opportunity offar*. It la dilleiilt to any haw far tha Indiana ?tand rhafgraM* ?lth tha tlfll* eon-tnntiy going on. It la prnbnblo. bowarar. 'hat tha Indiana bava tak?n all tha lor?a?th?y enuld find. a? thay ar* In Marring roadltl<a and thin I* tha only way In alkb th?) conld obtain |o< d. Tba nltaronllra with tbrm I* to rtaal or atarra. In n tonaarratlan bald laat night with (lanarnl Brook*. ba Inf< im?d ma Ihnt on tha ISth of Oatobar ha rbonld >tnrt twenty rompanta* of mounted troop* Into tba Indian country to damaad restitution of tna properly rtolm. ud tha rvmidx of thoaa who had < ctr Blttad murder* Tha bor*r? ba*a been c"n??mad at hod. ar d Iba murderer* will not ho surrendered; and aa man; < f th*?* troop* will ba vol'intaara. whom IballdllRr hit*, t e>??lrt wiU probably ba III | 11 IW^kn ?* and aollaat tba friendly Indian* together and i.main n?ar them nntfl atptdlll'u haa " apani It* forra,2> n nanaml Ight may , ; ba pr?t?t,??d, bnt It will br tmp*"?lWlf to *a? them. I f?ar a* th< y ara *oaltared ot*? tbauaand* of mil#*, and I bar* no manr* <>l *nb*latlng than for *o long ? 1 | tima At*Til?. flept SO 1MM 1 I I wtnta yon on th? 1Mb instant Horn Han Antonio, tint I Taa on iny waj to tba Plana, to hold a aoonrll with t'.e Irdtiiit I reached tha place appointed ? tha 121,t, aid r>maln?d font day* In tke vicinity | Tb* Lr|*n Indiana rnn* la, manifesting % Mr*n| fnlti In ba Mendly, and enjoy tha protaatloi 1 i of tha I nlt?d States Thay ara troa fH?nd(, an4 1 nlll t*?*tn ?0. tialMi th*y K? oaagbt tad mat I R 14 1 [RDAY, NOVEMBER 2, drrrd by Mm bud* of outlaws. I pare! 11 sty dolUre' worth of present* and gave to I | and the; went away highly delighted with I ' big captain," who, I Inlormed than had : those thing* aut specially to them, after hearing the Lepans went good Indian* and good friends c people The Oamaachea did ?ot attend. The; 1 fa n folly notified of the time of meeting, and * | to my mesaeBcere and to the Lepana that , would attend; out about arte month before the ! of matting, they aaddenly dlaappeared from hunting greundf on the Colorado aud tributaries out aaaigning any reason, -and since that time hare not been beard from by any of the Indian the Colorado There la a rumor that they are up on the Braaoa;" and I am on my way to thi glon of the eountry to find them if poeslble. and I the reason of their strange ooaduot from theme* The Lepana say the Camanohea are hostile, will kill me or any wfite man who goea ai them. The Kickapoea, a lew of whom I in the woods, made the same report. The 1 warea are of a like opinion; and there are more here, too vague and uncertain to be relied wiiicii mtur iup rmuitf oouoiupiuu. i miner, id m lief, from all of them. That pome of the Camao it ho Lav* lo?t friends on the Rio Grande would mi any white nan they night And unprotected. is bat that the nation desires a general war. or will? Into one unie** forced to do so to preteotthemseli do not bellev*, and shall not nntil I see then, aad

have no declared. Their non-attendance at the ] appointed to meet them li easily explained upon i groutd* than a manifestation of hostile feeling; when the wild character of these Indians li loasld their flight ceases to be even Tory remarkable. The Indiana who killed the man at the tea hoc*e. were a war party returning from Ike tirande, the main body of the tribe having ielt vicinity aoma weeks before. It will require lrom to six weeks to mak* tha trip upon which I started. If I And tha Camanehea. and they will I shall attempt another general treaty at the I place about the 15th of November, and I shall den the surrender of stolen property, and the nan who petrated the mnrder at the trading house. I did not gat an escort at San Antonia, and c not prscure one to ny liking at Port Martin 8< I therefore have enployed. in addition to ny it rreter, eight Delaware Indiana, and when I r Fort Orahan, which lie* In ny route, the number be Increased to fifteen. I have aent one half oft up the Colorado to neet ne on the Brazo* - the ot I have with na. With these men I shall seek Camanehea, and shall rely upon them for proteci Although the nunber la amall 1 have sunh oonfldi in them In every way, that I thlok I shall b? safe. Notice to Benaty Land Claimant*. DirilTMMIT 01' THt InTKMlOB, Washington, Oct. 31, I860. Applicant* for bounty land, or tor informatlo relation thereto, are re<|nested to addraaa their c municatlona on the snhject to tbe Commission* Penalona direct. Their transmission through th* partmcnt proper Impose* on it a eery great and ui ceerary amount of labor, and tha additional axi nation they must thereby necessarily undergo < creates delay and inereasen their liability to belos Mislaid. Whenever newqnestiasa ariae under the lit, derision of the department will ba communicatee the Commissioner of Pensions. and be will thereby enabled, aa he Is required to da, promptly to ackn ledge the receipt of all communications, and am such inquiries as may be mad*. As numerous inquiries hare bean directed to tl point*, it may ba wall to state lft That where the service has bee a rendered b substitute. he Is the person entitled to tha bene! the law, and act his employer 3. That the widow of a soldier who has rendered service required by the law, Is entitled to bounty li provided she was a widow at the passage of tha altbaugh she nay have been married a second tl bat If not a widow at that time the benefit of art enures to tha Blnor children of the deoei soldier. 3d. That no parson who has received or Is entitle bounty land under a prior law, Is entitled to tha nnfit of the act of 28th September, lWe. 4th. That no soldier Is entitled to more than warrant under this act, although he may have lei several teims; hat where a soldier has served sev terms, he will receive a warrant for the greatest qi tjty of land to which those several terms, con datad. willentitle him. AI.KY U. II. STUART, Secretary af the Intorii England and the Slavery (juration. to iHi K in to * or tmi: fat * ?oa* HBaaLD. Bis Permit me, through the medium of your 1 spreading eolunins. to warn tha citizens of this | I and CKlorious land of a danger whl h at pr? | threatens them on the subjrot of slavery. The Kngllsh government has. at present, amiss In this country lor the purpose of. if possible, brea up your republican Institutions tbrc ngh this mei I am M advocate of slavery. I hold it ta ba aqi,. and unjust. Hut 1 know It waa a cura tailed upon yon by Kngllsh misrule, and that you not In a i'ay escape from ita ooasequenaas. I. at the same time, know that tha conditio millions of Kngllsh operatives and lrl?h peasan such, that that of your slavm^l* more eaviabie, and It is t? perpetuate tha misery of theee w serfs that tbe present government of Rngland attac to exalte civil war lay <>ur population Nothing la more dreadrd by the placid states who at present governs Krglaudthan the advan repul Ucsn ins'itations and'or this purpose, at ti destitute of the eouragato aeiail you ay direct he la with his aold-blooded craft, and hypoeri calculation, endeavorlna to work out his object Bran* of clftl war II* know* writ that if jour u I isd (Inrloui r?putll< enntiBDM oni and unlitid if It adTaaera daring the next tea year* u It hai Tueid lo tba put - that the whole of the hideoua time-worn ayatem of govetnint ut in Knglaud wll | to the ground I truM Ibat yon wilt And tn?ana to dUappolat ltd hi* tmngulnaiy MarhiaTelle da*Hna. If p>rmlt m? I ahull be happy to ?.lT~r a tew allege*! on tba tuhjeet t>y mean* of which J untie* may b-? < at one* to tha wblt< and tba loo* enduring Afr r?ea I liar* the honor to b?, Hlr. jour obail ?*r*ai,t. D. WKMTM JOBBoN, New Yoaa, Not 1, 1*50 No. 117 ChambaM Police Intelllgrncr. Charge *f KmkruUmi ? A uian named Harrt'OI Ilull ?aa arretted. Thursday aranlng. by tha polie thr rifth dlftrlet. on a charge of am basiling aconel abln amount of property. e? naltting o bank bill* trinlmuj not**, belonging to Mr W?rm-r. ol V Troy. It appeata tliat Mull twuiii'nt to W? who o?n? ta?tory ait waa aent by him on a tot coll<<Ml< n On Tim day I oat ha raturo'd to Troy ralltd on Mr. Warner whlU In a of Intnlcat Wiim d??lr?d bin te go homo and ?l?p "IT dmtikrn fit aaylrg ha would tb?n mttlc Vtth I Inatead of which, bo took tha boat f'>r Albany, firm th?nr? ha ram a to (hi* elty. Warner folio bin k.ob aftar to Albany, mad* a rom plaint. an 1 an ( Boer despatched aftrr Mn whan ha an arrn aa above ptata-d and money and n' '* found wltn I to tha an onnt of |4*0 lla waa transmitted to f In anatrdj of tha Albany i-fllear JlHrmT* It Muntrr, ??rf Hue? flanj ri"lma' Thoa MrKia war* arretted by tba pollea of tha # ?< district o? Thariday algbt. Helm** for Bring a lei f>tatol at Wm.ll II <.u*?- nan In Cherry ?tr??t. 1 nt. nt to kill him Aftar llr nn wa? arret MaKim made an attevpt to raacne him. aad thereupon ?l?o art**trd Tbv) w?r# b >tb ?uf"qii ly mrrbfd, ind t< I c?pp*d ml In?df4. w?r?fi) t o ?a? h ot tb*m Tkor *<'N committed by Ju? MovitMrt. 5o>p?'r??( ? A man. who g?T? bin ?? ? M (! Prrkhaai ??? found, by pollconmn P?tl4 K?llj.ol Frurih dMii?tt. la Or?r *? ?tr??t ?l'h * (oil pl?' In hi* pni>*???|oii which b# nfT?r?d fnr %' t?* ?r tt r?? | la*) r Tb? ( fflcr *u>p?ctl?< th?? i did not ? < m? by II kntrrll;. qn> ution d biro M to b* oamo t.j It but bo 10 ntWMlw; ?? r.d tb* i fllrrr <-ouT?-yid blm to th* ?r! n i"o? l*tbar alth th# ca??lm. r? and bad Mm locktd up Court of ( ombioii Pl?*?. <? BNf R M. T> R M Fr*wit-tk?llng. Jaig*? Injrabam and Dil] No*. 1 ?D?< mom - Stmtirl C- /? '" r' Vhom* CM*mm* - Motion to ?et n?ld? report of rafora*. d? with coat* A'vt o n r?, M*i ?Order affirm-4 wilh Emkin avH t.ikn a? Hrmrn *?4 mother.?Jl'fr rr?*r?? 4- n*w trial ord?r?d ~en*t? to abide th* *? Sikhwi r?. /"?fJnd?m*at rtTM??4, and trial Md?r<d on pa>a?iil of oo?ta King r?. Jud(Ri?t>t r?T*r?od. ??J ?'* 1 onl*t*d raata to abide th* ???nt if* TVrry et. Bptitcrr M Clerk -Jti lgm*n >.r.. J _i?k ? AII m WitHm* nnyton.-Ori* rpaalal tfin mr4ifl-d, withcat eaat? to althar pari (irifltn filmy rt. 7'JUaat !*tI.-.'ud|f??Bt r?TH ; with caata J IF. Ray dm/m gk rl. /)a>id Ct'ktnl ?Jwlfn i afllrmai, with oo*t? _ Thnnmi R. ChlitHplrr ? ?. JnJrrtr Ji nt ordered Ur flilitlf far amount of aota,' lOfti, Jffetoal KV?f? (I r?rw?t J. nwlt and n?w trial orlml - eoata to ?MJ? ml. Hitam 1' Dimi r> .VrtAtn Frartr?Ju'lgm?n ?mi4, aad * trial iritrtd - eoata ta irrtt. Cwn?li?i F Dt Fftiirt (?(?! (? 7V*n??. t Wrrn 4. with rout* Af*Url IU*mn?. CAar/?? IF. B^gf Jodg??a' vn?J, with eoita Cprwa CUrtl**J r?. Mn ,*A.*aW?.-Ju.l|?am ??ml ?Hk rc?t? ran 0. ?<M? - #. WiKHani W>i?* -Judfi n * ?rnd, with imU. i-? d>. I>. ??*" -Jilfc Ryh<ntii ri. j|a<i O. Retrtll. ifltarf with ca?t. Ha<r* R f*rr JadB??i ??# 4. with roata. walaaa plaintiff, la MB daja. h tlca to dafradaata attarna*. raailU all of tha *at afcoaa ?! M, la whloh raaa the jnd|?? i affirmed far that aaiowat Coat I on appeal I Op noiTAL Gowatn. ?TW Pi*aide?t hu r?e< i e4 Fr*4. A ffcokea u Vice-CoMul of the Ori 1 rn ublic of Vruftuf, tor tf* port of (Hlr??u IE R AI 1850. baaed Maria* Affair*. "'tha Thi HtTii griiNiHir ruiiiLiK-'TlM firfomx* ln? ut ?' tbli aplendid itMmiblp, on bar flrat Toya#* to that Havre. taking every thing into consideration, baa ta a ,f been such u to give perfect satisfaction tojher ad air- orr trr. She l?ft bar* on tba 6th of October, and arrived they at Southampton at 7 o'cleck, on tba morning of tha and 18tb,thus making tha paraage. from port to port, in B,R with- 12 days anil 18)? hour* Owing to tha heating of the ^ they crank-pin* and journals, and other trilling dUar- Jor on rangemvnts consequent on tha warking of new ma- ?n* ehinery, the v***el waa delayed on tha voyage 39 learn hour*, which bringa her travelling time d*rn to 11 j)rt >lvaa. daya and 6% hour* liar angina* accomplished lia- **ai nuni! teeB r*Tolntl?,? wlth ten pound* of (team, naking B MW from 12 to 13X knot* par hour. She la apoken of by Dela- ? gentleman who eroaaed in bar, a moat beau- qar . ra' tiful sea boat, riding tha waves with tha aaaa and ?u* I OB, . _ <r*U y be- buoyancy or a icamew. A* a flrat trip la not a goad iches teat, at all times, of what a new vessel can do, owing tale rrnt' to ^e *Dy ii?advanta?ea ?he haa to enoountar, oftl . t ' from ?ti(Inen* of tha machinery and other oau*aa. it ("BI! n , would be wnfair to consider ibis aa being her maxi- P * tfT'* Bam spued, una her trieuds fully anticipate nh? will . ' make trip* which will compare eiunlly with any trnin; ttk?r steamer afloat. Ai it is, aha bu proved herself a most 'Pel __*r excellent vessel, and It a credit to har builders and "hai nj}> engineers. etfoc erM<1> A New Steam Tow Boat.?Ifr Than** Collyer, th? arck enterprising bailder of ooean and river vessels, at the ?* _ foot ol Twentieth street, bus just laid the keel of a new aotn steam tow-boat, lor Russell Slargls, B*j , wbleh U to lowe. J* , betbelavgeat craft ever aoastMoted for towing, In of Sii , the barber of New York Die la ta bare an engine af slogs lour M iB0b cylinder and 9 fi'et-sirok" and will Ik> coat- 111* i! ~*7* pl>'ttU in the courne of three months. gene Thk. Mouil Sikam?hip.?The noble and substantial lined same medel fteam hip Caribbean constructed by Thomas aotii lttua CuUyer, Ksq , for Captain Wright, ia rapidly approach- ohsr Per' lug aompletion. and ia espeeted to be laanched iom Sir V . time next week. She ia one of the most elegant speol- to f< oul<? mens af naval arehiteotnre we have aeen for many daeb ooit yeara, and having previously given a graphie deaerlp- for ii ,tBr" tloa of ker dlmenMons. 4to . in the Heiald, we deter satia ?!) further remarks nntil after she has been placed upon 8r,t? win her watery element. did t r"*m Skizvsk ok American Vksski.s i* thk 8t. Law- of h *?cb ?Twa American schooners, the Columbia and onrti ; the n n Corliss, both of Gloucester. were seised by a *?d ;lon. British cutter in the Bay of St. Lawrence, lately, thro< pnea on a eharge of violating the treaty stipulations. The arpli Columbia was valued at 91.600, and had 264 barrels ol him mackerel on board at the time. The B 11 Corliss waa tkroi released, on giving21) barrels ot mackerel as a flaa. serv Tbt steamship Arctle. Capt. Lnce, for Liverpool, J lB was passed at 6 A. M , on tba 28th ult, In lat. 40 JO- Vp ' am- Ion. 68 36. She left this port at 7 o'clock A. M., on the ; * ?t tba 2?th. t1'"1 _?!*" Card ?We, tha tinderslgned. cabin passengers on board the packet ship 1 x?ac Wright 0.8. Peabedy, . Commander, from Liverpool to New York, cannot too fnte tor atroogly express our gralltnde for the great klndnesa p>rf, and attention received Iron tiin during tha pum|a, ,i notwithstanding the frequent calls on hiatlae. baring j, j t0 experienced head winds and strong gale* nearly the |ant , h whole ot the voyage, when he exhibited the greatest u ow_ skill. His abilities as a sea tearing man are not to be |n6rt iwar qwestiooed ,h, ] Nothing coulil exceed the oare and interest shown tf| , by him to those In theaecond cabin and steerage par- . tlcularly to the sick, whirs his benevolence and syin- tt, a pathy could not be snrpaaaad. administering himself, com| o( what nouiiehments w-r? most conducive to their re- atar' ccvery tBll t Allow us to recommend all those about to cross the d Atlantic, to sail with onr muoh esteemed commander, By ' when tbe recollection af the trip will ha to th?m, as to tra il ' as. a reflection of pleasure uii delight. '" 1'' th? [Hgi ?d ] Ifranclt Hamilton,Matilda Hamilton, John U|j 8. Davison, Charles l.elan J, and the other paasengsra. , City Intelligence. u,?' t Kmkihatiofc?The following la a return of the paa- ' aengera to this port during the month <>( Ostober 1660? ?V Great Britain and IrelMd 18.582 *h,n Hans- Towns 2,78:1 " ? Frsnoe 2,?80 u. Belgium 444 ? II eilaud 453 Wr. 1 .. Chsgres 744 ?* Othar pot 2W Total MJN Jhl' Ai rivals In October 1840. 10,247 ,u ride- ____ flcei lTB?* Increase In October 1850 #i>8? N/ )I6U* _ _ a a nmk hiunr* ami nisovi.Aa Dksth ?Last evening a re- ' * arise spectnble locking man. whose name we ooul 1 not learn. B kloc entiled the drinking saloon ol Mr. (ieerge Beckett, In i?, Water-street. and seated hlmstlf la an arm chair. ?r,n lially where he remaint d but a few momenta when the pro- rt ? ?n- prletor diacorered that be wai dead. His body waa ' , ean- ? moved to the 4th Ward Station House, where Ooro- ?, ner Oe?r will bold an ln<|ueat this morning, and inree- 'ins n 0f tigate the cause of the sudden and singular death. its la Accivist iiw llaeoaLvn ?Yesterday afternoon, while York tar, Mr. Howard ih? Junior partner of Measrs. Howard It racte hit* Bon. of this city, waa croesing Fulton street, in Brook- j,v tf, nota Ivn he was struck bv the Dole of an oinnlhu* and oros. 1 . UmImI to tb* ground, and Wore b? could get upon bit Clud? man ' fret th* wbe> I* of th* Tehlrl* paaeed orer n portion of ment - of hli> body and *oinewh*t Injured bliu about tb* arm* . i* to asd br*?ft Kortutately it reaulted In nothing aeriuua ' war. | and Mr Howard wa* enabled to walk bom*. natf' j Brot>ts Dratm ?About two o'clock yeeterday af;er- *?.ry "f noon a man. ag< d about tbiity year* nam* unknown w< r* *h*' ! " nt bout* 80S Water atreet. kept by (i-ori* |n K, Beeket, a* a puiWri boarding hou?e II* wun-1 to b* nor* 1 *1' In liquor, and rat down on a aota In tb* bar room t?mt> iVn No ?< Ue* *a? tak-n ot him for about twenty tbm* I fall mlnutea, when b* xuddeniy l?ll from bla (teat and pow* eipired Mr. Heck ft aafct for th* Coroner, who had _ him conveytd to th* Kourth ward station bout*, whi-n . Iom t'# ^0<1' "Bailil, waiting for the Coroner* inqu**t *ight ion* *!? >?* Pi'ir.?Run J. Hegwman, a con?t?bl* from t* a i |,.ltu Flat bui h. cornnii need a mi It to tlinl'lty Oourt of tirook- pre?l liuat lyn on Tbnrxdav, nRnlnrt Oornrllu* H llngardua, tb* , | democratic nopiinu* for Oongr*M. 1'h* complaint a!- di rtl a. ligxthatMr l> called llrgeinau a caniidat* for tb* the b ?ta:e priton a thief, \c.. ic. The damage* ar? laid at ldM fb 0C0 ltd (j u || R?.di ctiow i* Fkrrv Kitu -The Union ForryOom- and i ? 0| pany bat* reduced the fare heretofore cba'grd to foot pt*dl d?r- ! pa??eng?ra to on* cent Commuter*, and all kind* of lam 8 and v?hlol**, ar? cl.arged tb* Mm* a* formerly. t Chi V"*t j MII.ITABV rAH AIIK.H. *d to] nar, j The riuniberi' (luard. und*r command of Captain *tr*l< r ot Drew, and accompanied by Granger'* Brooklyn lira** fecui and Band pa***d tl * H"*I4 ofllc* on Jtloiday renirg, on who I Ion. their r? turn from their annual *icurrlon for ball prac- , M* tic*, when the follawlng person* won th* prI -i-.r ,rl lim: Pu| eti? r rbootlng In pri/.* a *pl*ndld maaket by *uu i.i ut , 2d priia. a very Datdroma mantel or Krtti r l in m>nt with rmblrDi* of lb* trade. hy ivtar Grant , ,p,?n had ;,d nrtie. a bat by Tatar fteott; 4th prlte.n f>ld pennil d?lti ited. by M J O Brim Tbay numbered 4j autknta id<I the" u archt d remarkably well They h?J a vary Land- ,,,, roj, ?< ? t>atin?r. ?tth the mMetn* nf the tra la escel Tha Hlchmcnd Hill Guard* on th-lr ??J t? a *"' lupt rironlog, Md mid? t rvr; r<>p?ot*kli >;pMr- i?i ' >ntb imn idd The Vrrgtown Guard*, of M'illlam'bnrjt al?op*?*ed l'r'" ?'th l |>e Tl**r Uutidi a tunny looking company dr '-'J c?rJi t,'<' in fantaitlM. were ? at In rorea ye*terday, netting tba Ax "? city in a rear. with their odd appearance pulai ' i- Tba Bulger'* Guard*. IImo Company 20, Captain ?lli?? ' I I'avld II llam'tead. vtaitad J*ma < a, L. I , on a tar- ?l?? tic* |?| etcuraion Th? lat priia, a cold pan-il as I pan, irr I waa *ri by private Theron t'opeland; prta great w(|? (pirnd<d certificate frame won by private Blcbard Van man' t ha |uo|M>ii, Sd prlia. a gold br?a?t pin. won by Lieut age. ' ol Wm II. Ja-<k?oa. ?tb priia. a aplandld areata. won by a>iR.i la ai unnnt K m (')> Ma ba 1 ba Military court of In<|Uiry rai??nt'.y b?ld In thii that bov el'7 to dai?rinlaa tba precedence In tha r?rh f G*na- if|? vrf, |||? Mnrrl* and Btorm*. decided In favor of tha former .10- Tba Washington Guard*. Captain I'adley of Brooklyn. proceeded on a tarft e*eur*l?n to lluil'a ferry Tba priiaa war* awarded to thefollowing <aui>m?n - W' 1-t prua tf Aaron William*; Ti prlie. to CKarle* P. great M-tt*an. Si prlie to Jo-hi aUre.n, 4th prlaa. to Geo war* r tf urtDij fctb prlaa to Kdward Cndlay Tha it J Tb? Carllalo Gnard* 'ap'uln I>e way. *l*o pw?a?d our ?'arr niad f'#ica Thay mai'e a vary Una appearance bin I Tba Continental Guard*, Cap Lain Co*. paa**d on ju Monday morning, for ball practloa, ace lapanird hy ,j | aait liodwcrtb'g band Thay wora old fa*hlo?ed bate, at(| nt rltlian* dre?* whiteleather belt* ami bayouat rheatbt. hi net* aad looked vary handx ina Tha Lafayrlta Ouarda. I'aptaln Turnbull. p***ed o? rial a target a*cor*ion. Tbay lookad wall ^ BtWder Guard*', Cap* R II. Vultaa. Jr., Adk'n*' braa* jair *' r*- band. egrar*lon to Turtle Bay Garden Flr?t prim, a g (old chain, wan by ttrdeily S>rgiant. T. Martmaon , p,,*t * *e?ond prlta. a allvar eup. won by I.lent IWhrle third twet */ prli* ?nv><r cup ??u ?y prtr?i? n rM?nw; mnrw j|ot? '? <!, *koI4 won by prlvat* ( M?y<*, fifth pri?n. * gold p?*f*tl. won by prlT?<? W B A '?ju, il?th 1,nt prt??. ? gold p?noU won Uy prt*?t?fl*o Ilt'J. _ W*?Mn*l<>n Hoard* Flx? F.n?ln? Co . * Rroofclyn, ?'<" writ up< n an ?*rur?ion to Bull'* Mi j, > it<r<Uy. accrmpanlvd by Dod?wortn'? brawi band. C. ?a 1 r*' Trroaty Rwrlfti ?nd Ki'^ndllnrM, ?ttJ /'ion In ^ w Ml* 1M<?. M MBIlPt*. Irt ,t*" From rtirtom* .. . . f4 i Tftl ?'?? Frora Ian4? ?)7 * %. J> Unl From lotn t.f 4T (Ttimiitt not .hi ruadari, Jl'l J II Fron nlcoalUatou* aour<&i 4i.> - Tftfc Mc(.| k *** $11 42S 440 Al ? M. "W'ttt'lM. Clvlt. mWr?ilani>r>u?, and, foreign Intar aa.r.. $1.900.MT AO ? ? " Ob Mcon*t of tha trr.j, fcs ft T?? S?oT M TortMftUwM M.W1 14 ,..e,oala ? a> 1,M5 338 49 ? Indian D?f*rtm* j|, ftp 14*MIM m P??lrtowi.rr. . .. . .... 1,007 M>4 >4 ? '! 11M31?4? H*? * T*" IdOt.TttTS * is* ' ?? ? "* ?w " ?r; * 11 R.J?>om???to?Trr?fnry?ot?? lid to 00 ?fi 400 0V4 TS IW * ?*: Tr f??rp? Ptri?t*r?T. iraUl ,.!,*?* (Offc* ftatrtwr SI IftAO. 1 m ' fOWNMXU HAIMM, B*gl<t?r. >nj ,D. PRICE TWO CENTS. and Mut??i, o?bt Thbatbc.- The entertainment! fer this itm: are of r?rj attractive deecrlptlon. Mr llamfcltn m? determined that hit theatre (hall not b? Interior tny other In tha oltT, 10 far m the legitimate li canned ; for, aa regard* aautloa] and aqueatrtao <trai, there ean ha no ooiaparlion from the great width I depth of the Bowery Theatre, and the aplendid I gorgeoua manner In whieh they are produced Tobt two atara appear In Shakapenra'a tragedy of thello"?Mr. J. ft Soott aa the Moor, aad Mr Or*d aa Iaga ; Mtaa Wemyaa aa Daedemona. and Mr a. dan aa Amelia. Thia caat will, no tfouht, attreot of thoee monater audlcnoea that vary frequently it thf Bowrry Theatre. Thla pieoe will be followed the beautiful e<|uentrlan drama of " Maaeppa,'' Mr. t appearing a* Maieppa. Thoae who wuh to bn ted comfortably had better go early. aotuwit Thkatbc?Fii??t Bnttrti or 0m William Notwithstanding the operatic /Were which in ited In thla city by the preaenoe of the t?o rival enn of long, and the crowd* which were doubtlaaa acted to the sacred concert oI tha Hwediah ulgbtini laet evening, atlil there were number* anxfoim la Ify their admiratlcajot the peculiarly rloh and (joaint nt displayed by Sir wiUUm Don, in hie portraitom la eccentricities of thejeoiaio drama, anithey aooor I'/ Ifxaiunu 111ill Wliu IU1I KDU lajDIOBaDIB DOM*, voting a brilliant array ef beaity on the ocoaalon it first N-nrflt In America, laat nl*ht The enter' ment* conmenoed with the farorlta faroe of Ltlcoot 9<>vernment. ' in whl<-h>Mr Davidge, Mr. r and MIh Joarpblno (ieugenheim were nlghl live, the latter auatained her part with graat dkm and naivtie, and ooatirmed ns in the epinioa lave already tormed of thla rerr olerer Uttha a*. The admirable oomrdy of *'Uaad Up," foltf In whiehi air William I<on performed the] part r Charlea Coldatreaui. with that eaay and natural inoe. which the atatlon of the character import*. Ircaa. in the Orat aet. waisthe Wuu id ft ot aimp Ualaf ie aiJ hie conception of the part, natural and rail we pronounce It one of the moat flnlantd plecea of >? we hare aaen for aome time on any atage Th acter st Sir Charlea Coldatraaa, ia wall aulted t > Ulliam'a powers aa a genteel comedian; he aaama t el unite "at home'' in. representing the gay. log and extravagant young baronet, ~ used up ' ?ck of aome frrah excitemeut ta aatlafy hla aim oat ited taate for pleaaure, and elreumatancea angid to ua. to wonder why the author of the plao* lot think of the atage a* a panacea for the enittrf ia hero 8ir Willi*:* Don waa called before th* kin at the conclusion of the tirat aet, and at th* ot the comedy, and received than, ai well a* ughout the performance, the moat euthuaiaHia ion. Ilia appearance In New Yorh haa atamped with a fame that will carry him triumphantly ughout th* Btatea. Mr. Shaw'a Ironbrac* deea oapeolal notloa, Mil the Mary of Mlea Oapal was llTfly The farce of the " Jacobite,'', concluded * t delightful entertainment Thla evening, - Died ' will be repeated, and thoae who hare not seen fouog and handrome baronet, will hare an opporty of wltaeaaing him to the greateat adraotag*. Hi.o'a Oiaott.? In apHe of all the mnaloal and trieal attractiooa of thla elty, thla beautiful bona* .rn.rf.H !..( . I..K? . II. 1,_ <m? ?? - ? ?<?? rtalnmenta went off aa uaual, that ia te ear la a i?t manner, and the audience from beginning to ga?e (Terr mark of aatlafaetlon and delight, ifoii in " Vol M-Vilt,' M ile Berlin Mil M. BrllIb the new paa. and Antnina Kavel in the " Qreea ?t?r," were received witk numeroua aad wall ted applauae. The proprietor of thia garden and tavela make the greeteat eiertlona to pleate their )ae. and it la hut juatiee to encourage thoae abla era of publio amuaement. On Monday night, tight rope by the Kerala and l.eon Javello. the c ballet of " Nlcodemua." and the "Qreea Mob* 1 will be performed altogether. The houae cannot 0 be overcrowded. iki'i Thbatbb.?Tbe perfonaaacae at thla the*, lat night were for the benefit pf Mr Barton, the >ct eoniedlan and the director ol the eatabueat Every anat waa alto early oooupiad and at ritlag cl the curtain not a ningl* place could ba d te ecoomnodati the late oomer*. The enter* neata commenced with lhat never tiring jpieoe id ' Dombey i. Son," in which Burton, aa Captala le, la truly inimitable. The other parti were aactorily rendered and the artlata ia charge of 1 were rewarded with repeated applauae. Attar a tiful duet by Mr and Mr* Uolmnn, the farce of ater'a Rival" waa admirably performed, and kept mdlence in a eenlinual St o: laughter To night lleckett. the celebrated American actor, who la g to Karcpe, will appear in hia famoua character alatall, in Bhakeapeare'a tregedy of - Henry IT aiued by all the atrength of the company. Foe ocranion It will be neceaaary to aecura arete earl/ he day. by th??? who want, to wltnea* thia magulit representation. iTioati. Th?*tne.?Thia evening Mr. i'haafraa ra hia laxt appearance, and from hia great reputaa a comedian of the ttrat order of dramatic ablthere can be little doubt but that the lieaae will be urned in every department The pleeea a-l-oUd be ainuaement are Brat, the drama of" Jack Ahep* I;'* Mlaa M eat-aye r appearing an Jack Hbapparl. Mr Chunfrau in hl.i inimitable repraaeuialiun of akin Thia concluded, Mlea Vla.vloa will in.rj> a" Medley l)?nc?,M which will be l,>ll<<re<| by t^e drama of the M.vaterie* and Mlam-loa of !(c? 1a which Vbanfrau will appear aa Mt?e. a cmr iu which he baa no eijual, the uther rh iraot ra iec< mpany MlaeM*lvloa will next dance a fae *' Paa Heul," and the entertainment will con* ? with ' Moae In California.A flue bill ofamuae* for twenty.five centa int Liub'a Fimrt Hf arn C<>*citar ? Thafe ?u r>-"p<-<-tal>l? nud full audleuoa to hear the " Mat' Iwt r ifth t. tl Triplet Hall. The chcrua *M throughout, an J aonia of iheaolopartt w?H txonutrd The app-aranea ot Janny l.lnd i Krgllth oratorio JlrpUy>d bar iiuailtiei io a?bir at j la ot Biualo lliat aba baa arer before att~4; and in ' 1 know that my Kedeetu?r llr-th,' pitM'Bt wtra able to inaka ao eatlinat* of bar r* aa an interpreter of tacred tnujio. rim IIall.?The grand tutored oincor'. ot MaAna.% Ulahop take* piacw to morrow evening. at o'olook It It alino.t unu?cea?ary to ?ay it will 'I Undid affair, at ail those who bare aUeitl'd tha otn onnrerti will adult. The orolietlra'departItfiill and powerfully effeotlee the chnrua. untie guidance of Mr. I.yrtcr, har.nool?en well, and aautirul vot-alir.atlon of Anna Hi-b ip will give a l to the antita KeMo'ft Mr gegulo ilr. Maaaart, ll?u< r Not alii will exert tbalr mutioal ubillUea; tub tucb a boat "I muairal talent. ? reotu-e to ot another brilliant aaeetnbtagt, tuob at that of unday tntlnii lint'i Orrat llat ac ? Th eutertainrnenlt ?>f ?rr tbia hi i'I ok by tSie K itpnleoa of n??r'i mlnly. ara anrh aa haaa won for hln th? aateeca an I rd the (atrai.a(a >f that portion ot our cilliaan, Itka |>l-a?ure In thlt klod of amuwomit. a Yen* AurtiiTHMTai June k Co 'a apl?ndi I itrian r- ara attracting humbtrt tc wito?*? gractfnl and tnrprlaing partorman-ie* at tba rb company Wa li?*a >eld?.n eeen, g?a*fallf urc a better orjatiU-d tmupr l.adi *t who t..ka bt In bora# riding wouH gain much by ?eetnf para and grace with wbinh Mile Touralalra ma h?r beautliul tteel. All tlaa otbar rMrtlM ara Int. i.Lowa' MinaTtti ? will gl?e a flat an'arftirin*at fVtnlng, collating 01 n'??< rlnm ?. relation* ot lha ."baking rljlin and aoIf a acloa. with dt ncln; l'he cmp-tay la k? J rui aa Mi act m.?Th? enl?rt:itatarnte at thia po-leacrt continue to draw hii I"lia ?a?t?i ara Ight aod amu'lr; as I lh?e -Indiana vary r. Tha great number of carlmltiai to be at??m ikewlte a touroa ot attiaetion. and hen*e th* fuaee?a attendant upon tba *l??rta of lha manage in not only hating tbegrta'eat nurlo-itl I ibn but whieh tan be at en fur lha luna price at will t the abater* to tha Lecture il *?rn. ??n M ha Wn.i nan. two of the traalatt fttnrlH bate erar appeared at the National theatre, wilt ?t there on Monday ereniug City P*lltl?a. iTiar.ii tt Baonm.ta - Tbe wbtgf Ufal4r4 I* ; aumUri laat nlclit at the whig bo \ l !r?'??aa Mad* and rac*lf?d with *uthu?i??tla rh-'rto< lri*nd? of PklUp S I'rcoM ?l?? h? l n?itlo( ? ul Hall th?y wrr? in alt?n4ansa la ccoMdor* lUBktri r. Hat I>??io A tlcirr. -It ?w aarrantij rop-rt n NrooXlya, y?*???rd*jr, that tlii? g?atl<*?an b? I Wlbt J?r? ?rf?tlc partj tMurii!|th<? ?<i|>rcil and co oj^ratlon MnttnmH of D)>tlti|(nltht4 Paopl*. Ill* Nathalie >Urjain??, Uid<'n; M vn Clt*. do . Mndnm? Vl!?jam??. V . Majjr Born?r I. U. my. Minor Mcttta iJ Loflmana, Ual?, K on, J. W 111 family. OKnara* aa4 ?j alnaothvrf, ka?< uritii at thtOilo* Plana I Ittad. V *. Nary, J. Mortal. Nawbar<h; *. l?", Ma?? { (l-o W. dm an. Roatoa; < park a. vni.trraiiy, i * u v. n. n?fy, ?n>i ( oth?-r?. nrrivd j??t?rday M tho Amarhaa flout. W Conk*. Wn'atloo; T Bancroft. Bo<t?a; T. n Paltlaora. m l nln*ty othor*. arrival yaat?rday ) Atlor, r Albany; D. II. Jon**, Dtfroit; V 8 For I Army, D Da#. Florid*, 8 Oilbort. WaWiIng' <1 WT'Oty flr? othara, arrlY?d y?at*rday at tha li( llliu* on Ml P. Halo I* to IddMM th*N*w Kn(Ui| ?ty. X Cincinnati on tha JJ4 of Dtei>mb*t, Thr Mrilrnn Bnnn^jry Cms ml avion. h? following I* on axtiaJPf % latter from % *?itl*i *tt?< h> d to th* Mt-ileaa RonwUry Snrt?y, to h<* ad In Wn>hlngtoa, da tod in nai, nrarian A atoOetol or 9. lit(> : ? Mr ftartMt. th* eomialaelnner. left b?f? f>' 'J othl* morning with an aaoort of thirty m*B, and k th* lnt*atl*a of *r??ing th* M?*laan , ??r at that nUe* hy tha #mt of If or*inl>?* Colna-1 'Mian wlllltar* on Monday tha Ufh. ??j ' ** of a mounted company to g* oUhhlw- ona?r r,%r??l??'? a fine ?amr. and h?4l*** p ??y Indlun fore* On* of our hor*** ram* la naMnlag that la the h?*k hy " ln<1,*a i? ' ? a? a (tolling In htm 'L *? *?.**? > ?>>ola norn.t ofalt l?*l>?*** at gTr? ;?od'?I the rt*t t|? Kill Mli v1 ts

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