Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 3, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 3, 1850 Page 1
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TH TtrrTrtT -r* *rrv trnon W UU-LIi. rMU. j NEWS BY TffSLEOR.iPH* A It 11 I V A is or THK ALABAMA AT NEW ORLEANS. VERY IMPORTANT FROM CALIFORNIA. ANOTHER'DESTHLCIIVE COXGLIGRINOJ I.X SAN FRANCISCO. Immense Imports of Gold Dust. Arc , Jio., -v.c The ftteamship Alibmiu, Capt Foster, arrived ?t New Orleans on Friday, the 1st ins1 . from ChaSTes, with late and important intelligence krom California. According to our brief telegraphic despatch, dated on Friday at Ne?' Orleans, there has heen another destructive fire in Sxn Franriiuo?thr third ' omjlaip-atinn time lint visited that city wilh>? the 'ast sir months. Thit hit disaster ended in the destruction of over a hundred buil'iinc',s. Thete repeated di*a*ters>, by floods and fires, in California, have fallen h.-avily upon some of our commercial houses; and it is not unlikely, from the immense accumulation of goods for the fall and winter in San Francisco, that the lones upon our m?rchui?s will bo es heavy from this third conflagration as from either of the preceding, if th? purport of our brief despatch may be rtlied upon. San Francisco has to contend with two great disadvantages. It is built of wjoI, an 1 chiefly of (>ine, the most combustible, of all timber, which, after exposure to the six or seven months of the Jry season, becomes as inflammable as tinder. The location of the city, too, is, perhaps, the windiest iu the w odd, a strong gale for the most -of the d>y blowing in from the si*a, a suction created by the iutense heat of the great interior valley. Besidee, there is, of nece.*sity as yet, an imper. fectp?lice system in Siin Francisco, a I irge ;ind increasing loose j-oj ulution, and a great want of fire engines and an efficient fire department. The city, therefore, has to run all the chances of its combustib.e materials, the effect of the late dry season, the winds, nnd m Urge idle population, and the only w onder is that it has escaped so well. This last destructive fire was immediately to be retrieved, and although it fell heavily uj?on the enterprising prople of the n*w State, it did not add much to the financial crisis mentioned by the last arrivals But there is another fide to the picture. The ?'ooa aim n?<i com# tngrtner. uy the regular teanwrt?the Georgia, Cherokee, and the Ennpire City?due in a few days, three millions of gold J%ut art expected. The winter, or niny *ea6oa, wa? about sitting in?the miner#, with their Id dust, were leaving the mines for tian Francisco, and hence the unnanal shipments anticipated. The accounts from the mines are good. New discoveries c?ut.i ued to be made. With jlenty of gold, San Francisco and N'ew York can aithir.u to the Insaea of a fire ani an in in* dation, now aod hen. The pa3senjjrrs by the AUbnma, as a matter of /rurse, hate CKii-iderable go d wuhtlte-n Annexed is eported as the latest a^iect of the Snn FrjncUoo natket flour ??.i tn , I r>- in-'nt at f.11 * $10 f "- I'hlll, In -#e lb ?sek? ?wtrt W?it?ro, at Ml Hrick??>r? tilting moderat?ly. at >29 a per M. Coal h?4 a ]o?n**rd trn-J'-ncy. C.'ff-e ijul t, and j price* h?-if J. I. uab?r continual in goc>l f|i -t ti . t"?dy u4 n'Vr Ib|>v--vIuv prl<*<*?. T#* ? a plvntf. id I ptto#l in roD??<|U?nr? flrai ? iml'.a'V wMlltO in^v -i I nr. Provision mar*.-' - i -n j *\rnj faW* of Riros pork at a $21: ?u ' ( m< *t >18 Butt r, If i t"<* l.?rJ l"v ?':! I' > I n'tU wm drll. Mou'-jr market firm. 0?.i Jn it, j N? w ? ftom th? Iitlimnt, Ni:? Jai.r*t?. 1 1SV> 1 Tfcortrun r A: ibaina bti arrirad fr ? Ch?j--? T?port? tb?t lh? h ?'.th th- I )lhmn< ? ? . ' ; fcat lb# i * ii t, t r l?:l?? to t>l* a' :-ti- i tlcn la Now Orar.ala had die I aw tty. R*;n r> ttlaufd . tn 'all. til ... i' ; I n I Tf I'l'fl h<i! ilttta ? !." i Tcada. wblth *?* In tueb order at to ra.iio til |o J Ml ov-: ?. >i . i il. IT I'o.ltlral AflValra. nr.M'?tTATi < eik'Tro m *t?r IIAMPSHiaB. Ooncaan, Nor 9, ISSO Tha 1 ? r a ?<-H-tnn* of th* #l**Moa n tha Thirl OMJitfritHl ItUtrlot of N?w lltmpiHIrp. I 1o All th* ptaoa i t -lar.i 'f Wilton, Whig: ? 'Marrlron d>-w .rtit * -TO* PwU*i. *>'.? *.#W Scattering Morrlioi i; 9} Ifotwlth'taclti that Morrlcon I* alaotrd by a p'u ralltjr *ot# tt U prattj certain that bin a#at will b? oontattad. ai It I* *oat?adrd that r#rhln? hi? V?n ?l?ct*d I; ?I7 Hiltirit; thronth tha Tata of tb* Harr Imar town* whlrh ??ra n' t la tha dlatrlct at tha tlma of U*a Wil?*a * tlaatloa, bat bare tiara b?aa ?dd*4 Tl'-vinai in .>Msurni *?na B .aroi, Dm. 2. 1M0. ThaWi. r C.'\al C"nmlttw thl? m >rnln: jobll'h (f.p**' to tba whlga of tba rnaanairaaHh. It ia highly Uadatnty of tha lion Rob?rt 0. IV'ia?hrep Tha lion. ftwl. II ffillj mn pta Ik* nomlna'lan KF Congr.-a fr m il?r?<<a SUr.n * dl*trlet. HutrwllTf Plrr. CT?c4,KO? 2. 1 #30 Tti? PyraeuM tail I'llna Railroal ?hop? at tkaila'Ml d?pat, ??ro r hy flro lut alght. Tba Bra wa? dlaearavad by than . onrfuttor of tba K?>t*ra trail, tararal aaa <>aa?h<-a wara burnt, with oaa laooiaotlaa aad a larga aainaat oilrrabar. fee. It otiglnatad la ' ;ba blac*?aiHh I ?bop Arrt<l and Hfw? of a Natdfrcr. PiTT?m-aon, N%??. a, 1810. Patrick Capar allaa B*ltlm^ra Pat, aeooaad of mar. <Vflng a ?at< htaan la Philadelphia, arraataiby poll?a' lata tot lin b ?n r-?cn?d by bla trl~nla, aad Pox tarrlWy abaaad Park PatM?f at Clnalnnatl, Ate. 0l*CII?!?4T?, !fo? t, IV>0. A* tb? parking ?a*aoa appmaobaa. tba ataiumaat la ,h? b"? B?* v r-*a.a H I1f?r? h??* ?t p ? ?d In or mark'I atH '0 prr 100 tba . bat aa y?t thara ara ao aallara Tha fi-m-r antlMpata a matarlal d?fl<i1#a?y ta tb<- avaply. af ?hlrh thara nan ba hot llttla dnabt. Tba Ohio rlrar l? la g?od naatgabta ordar. and rlalag itpldly aad the paaaag* oa good boata to St. Loala la aa* if tvr aaab p*r?oo Wa hava a fbli ft9tfaot ol b?a?y nla thU atWrtena 0 E NE Highly Interesting from Tnai. THE Vol K I'K Til* I'KOPI.K ON AC' Kfri^W TIIS HOWN PAKV BILL? MKaSIHKS AO A1.NUT THE INDIANS, NTt:. I'ii11-aj'ki pm'a Nor i. 1S60. Lotf datra trem Tdim Inform us that It lu dtcldai in G?l?frtrn by vote of 1"5 auainet rt'J. to bocept o Pearce'a Compromise bill for the settlement of th< boucdaiy dWpute between Texa? and New Mexico. A r< ry small rote was polled. At lluntsrille. ia VT?lkrr count/, there were 22 toU? fur the bill, and only 24 against It. lu Ilsya county the Tot* was small. but there wu < majority in :?*or of the bill. Milan county a* far aa heard from noes a^aloat th< acceptance ol the bill. Gen. Brooke hax iasued order* to all the comtaanderi of the interior military potts, to purine and punts) tuchol the tatagea aa participated in capturing ant carTytac 00 the daughters ef Air. Thomw, from Ih neighborhood of Ban Antonio. Tho fun Antonio Lrdger atal's that the Vesical Boutdary Commissioner* bare nearly finished sur Teyii g the road from Indlanola to El Paso. Thr South and (hr I'nlou. THE VOICK OF OEOUOIA. 8a?*n!??m, Nor. 1 1860. The friend* of the Union, In Chatham county, Geo. laet evening met in large numbers in tbis oil/, for th< purpose ot showing their approval of and ratify ini the compromise measures pawed by Congress at iU late section Spirited addresses were delivered by i number ot eminent speakon. and resolutions wan adopted avowing the determination or the meeting tc stand by the Union and maintain the ujapromUe. at the only means ol preserving peace. The meetin ( throughout was moet enthnsiastio. THE VOICK OF MISSISSIPPI. IIaltimork. Nor. 2. 1850. Judge Shcrkey recently addressed a great Unloi m<eting, at Natehe*, MIm., at which he declared, ii the languagn of tbe lamented Jacks >u. that "theUnloi mutt and shall be preferred." lie asserted that l majority of the members of tbe Nashville Convention were decided!} oppnsed to dUunlcn. Senator Poote has been woloomcd to Jackson. Miss by a great procession and the firing of rannon Th< General will immediately commence canvassing thi State against disunion. The Press of Mississippi. Oisnsstri, November 2, 18 >0. The ftrtjsix papers published in MUftlislppi. an thus clamfleJ :? Whig for Union 2 Democratic and tot C'nlon.. ' l>eniocratlo anJ avowedly disunion i l"li o.-tatic I liemo.ratlc, ! i?orm< the.Governer'i Proclamation but (.p(.o?i d to Uiaurion aa a present remedy .... ' Unknown, 1 Total It Til- Latent from Wellington. CAi i.xtr i i.ty amom* rut li.Of KM Of THK l.tlERIOK DKI'AKTMEXT?THH OUOOK M'H\HYOKMIII*? HI JM IttlO KKI.A live TO A flENItmUL PROCLAMATION, KTC. [ova irtciii tklmkaphio i-oaaKariUDit.tcB.] Wi'inii.T^. Nor. 2. 1840. There *as a cabinet im-eliu# today. Mr DutUrfield. Com m If-loner ot the LaaJ O.H.-r. is hopping around like a grain of popcorn on a hot (riddle. 1I< claims the power of appointment in the Land Odic? Itepartuit nt, but Mr. Mtuart Secretary of the Interior, baa overruled. ilr. B .hat, eonei jueatly. appealed to the Prc?lilent. It la a well ascertained fart that this Mr. Butterfl? Id will bare to (0 out of offlci. Ilia Ingratitude to 8. Lisle Pniith. of Cbieago, an J to .lohn B. Mark toyether with the falsification vt bi* pledge to tb< lorcn-r. bate all been laid before the President, Mr. OoaJraan. of Illlnola, declines the B^reeyoi Octi ralehlp cfOregcn. and the office rill be tendered to Edmund II. Greene, of.N'ew York. Tk<lt.<n<it<ll I. th.i n.llln?iM Al tbii day. announcing that tha Pr>*ld?ot bad orjared the arn, j and nary to eo-op?rat? with tha United Ftatea Marshal* Id MastachuMtU, In tlia enforcement of tbe Kutlt JJlara Law, la humbug. No uoh ord< r bad br< n l?*u?d np to the time af tha adjournment of the cabinet aieetlag to day, at 2 o'clock. The C me of tha Mayor of Pltttbargh, Ar, Fiii?acaan. November 2 llio, Tba Supreme Court has decided against the Mayor? the opinion tu filed after adjournal* nt. Mr Barker ra\a* as ueutd, bat Li* poner in gone. Tbit city la <|uiet. There are reven Act ot water In tha ch&unel of <lia Ohio Hirer. Pkemi knt Km,imors ani. tiii: FruiTiv* Slavic Law.?The- lollowing incident i* t?dd in letter from the Warliinfton currr rjmn it nt ol Tuemiwy1* Ht'hmwt /'tiyuifi r : A eMItijruiphed gentleman from the Went?nn e?Hi nator? i al.el oo Mr Filltncro and. after etcbangIrjt tbe u^ual eouitaalef, *?1 alked by the President > r m tbe Pogltlre Slara bill ?a? r?cel?.-J in the Wast I be it j,l) a*, tbat the law. abhon^h uu|<:>pular in hi* fate.* uld joultlef# b? enforrail The remark w?? playu'ly ih?<1- that, ai tha President wa? awora to * pief?r?# jrotpat. and del?n<l tbe eon<Mtuti'?n and liw?," ha (tha e<-Senator) preoiaxd Mr Kill mora > tl i- law. "To the ?a-y letter. ?lr.'' w?- tl In I.i *. y ol the Pwldent? to Ilia rery l<t?r -- ?t'ita?>-r may be tha 0OB-?'|?aa4a?.?' The- II' > ? :' i Union rrhtetumtlMtinciduDI, In *li. I ?: i" t?*d tint thr I'reHid'-nt declared tl at he v * il- icrnuned to executr faithfully the II 4*i\ el.ive l.'w, cut] would np|tuint no nun to dficewbo a unt be called u|miii tud would not v-t-rtlouaiy co?oj*i*t< in ita execution -.Vtlidtt/ Jnttliint n<tr. Sitpri nif Com oim'rai. TCIi.M B*fci* Ch!*f Ju?tlca EUmnni' and tha lion Julgn* Kdvard* ami Mitshelt ?.llUir * ft'nrkl ii ,ir< hrr Or I'min. ?Judgment of Superior Court ttferMi and rrmn .(< awarded. II Mainr n I ft try II k'^iig N aw trial granted coat* to ablda the arent It'a D Thamr-ou tl *1ut" lint liilviin?Julr meat of Superior Court rt??nt4, rewi'rr it vrj ivwdfil 7> ?. rirwi'iM ?</?. Carrr+Hut Rvfarl - Mew trial jriii I'd fO'l< to abide lb# event H fntltt ?! Prtrr Cam if, /> .- Jiic'cwnt of gnpertor Court iDIiidpiI CniW .1 lla'dirin mis Chat. It'. Laurh?No* IrUl dented. with co?U. Maty II Poltnti It. Pre.t'k DtPrftltr.- Order ?fepeelnl inn a Pinned irith co?t?. Chutlr> N'lirn t?. 7>? /*??/?'#.? Judgment of On"ral Saturn* ?mrnj "l: [ThW I* the uitorlon* o.-ipo of abortion, f? r which penaltle* oi laiprtfonmeiit and Ane were Ib>P' >ed J John ()r<|| /> .'?,?* Jxi M'aJi.?Appeal di?mi?f?d without crate, and without prejadlae to a motion ta irt arid* the r?pott ef I be re>n*?? In th? maitrr ?f Hat'rt If'Aif#.?Order ? ( 'pedal l?rn afflrn<ed. with mete, (Htd-rtktif. 4? . ?. 7"^ rrwpl*.?Ja<cm?ot olComm< n I'lra* affirm d. (Uirrr Jahm?n r ?. 7V PoopU ? The Ilk* dealeloil [! there <"?' th? con?tltutlrnalil jr of Ibe jn<t(m?at on the ricoccliiiMi liktn In tha Court ?f (fulvif, I r affirmed | HfccVl 'f Infirm' Hj'/i r?. Julia fail onJ Ol^rt? Vvcrrr otSp"?!al Trrm affirmed. with eo?t? 1 son aid Broun r? JtUrr t Com< * ?Motion ta itrlke r ibmi firm calendar granted without cnata Rtynaiiti ??. |i?ni Superior Court rrrerred fVrr Jlfxrtap r# Smith' f'.J > Ve. . ? Judgment ol np?rior Court mereed an l > i* m?rc a?a. d?d P H f'tm II*n???l?rr r< />' H Ce.?Order ol Special Term r>nr<H, without co?t? .I'm Crial aa />rp />* A ? "' ? Th- like de.?Mon Hr? i?im ,H H'hit'lorh r? t'nifrrl If. Jt^S.-OtlW ol Speolal Tern afllrm?d, with eo?tr .11/rri North ri. Tht Sam*.?'The like d?<?l?|->?. fnlAimy JlUairt arti Saml.F t)rd r of itpwlal Trrm rarrraed * Ithnut ooata and a refarenee ordered to Inquire whether the partle* have violated the laJuartlra h.Hu txl Plart r? Isnf R. R. Ca ?Motion de Bled, with eo??a Jonathan <h II r?. Tsritlt. Rr -r Order Of apodal teraa ifflrnH. with eo?te Jlr'tir* 4- (: >< <> r?. f r? t < Judgment Ol Cowmen Vleaa r.?rmed IUa,h |r I?. II,n tariff .radeaien* of Snperlm Cenrt affimrd. J.<hn II Rtrrttu n. * >*? I f.e<e?r Jjdfreaat of Cowrt h?-low afll' mtd I'aial IV' Wal'T r$. Frmirit 'I .i.'miu- Net rtal denied with poet* Margaial />rm|)fw r?. IW'm /I R R C? ?Ord^f ? epeelal term affirmed, with sort* Mutual Rrrunlf Int. Ce. ri. J DrammanJ.Order ol enertaltera aMrated. w'lh Bawuri F Clnrknn ri (tfargt / Ilaiul^f ?Order 01 >p?flal tirm > Wrmed. wltheit p*<ie I'Val .* JAi J F'rai" Il?e>*rrt illiefl with lea re to iaiiil on pajwnat ol c?-U 11 i ?W YO SUNDAY MORNING, Our Boston CotTf < Bourn, Oct a, 1M Attnn Pry'i rt?if to the Ijntfll Fa toriti?Hit Imprrtiicnt and H markt?Hit ti the ' Srhooln bf Bottim, tfc. Go Thursday, Amin l>ey and tea mir, accoru' panied by Mr. J W. I'uige, proceeded to visit the 1 factories of Lowell. He ex^nfeed **ein in detail, : from the buildings in which the nw material id firet carded, to those where the prints are packed k fet transportation to Boston. He was much struck j with the excellent system of the factories, an J i good ordtr which prevailed everywhere. Tlie I extent to which water power is used in the United 1 States, he s.ud, ought to enable the Americans (0 1 furnish cotton goods us ch?*ap us those of England, 1 es|>eciully as the former produced theiaw miteriul, 9 , and paid no duty on it. Americans tirat introduced a i cotton cloths into Turkey, but the manufacturers ol Great Britain have long since btopped their sale, by the inijortation to that country of a cheaper nrticle, and of a lighter weight and finer texture. Cotton twists art also imported ex'eusively into i Tuikey, Persia and Georgia; ?nd the Bey was much (-truck with what was told him, that America could not take any part in this trade, on account of ' her goods being more expensive than those from the steum looms of England. He examined fcevi ral pieces of the goods, and expressed his admiration at their superior quality; and the aim,?li, city of their colors and figures. A-mn Bey siys the harem? of Lowell are much too large. 1 | At noon, he witnessed the spectacle of the o;<eraI tives passing out of the lactones to their homes j to dinner. This is a sight peculiarly "American" ?indeed, quite " New England;" and, perhaps, no | putt of lM world can present the spectacle of some I thousand. of young Um&les engaged together in 1 public factories, conducting themstlves with entire 1 propriety, and sustaining so high and unblemished ? a character ss the Lowell girls. What a contrast 1 with the position of frmales in his own country. , He also visited, with, apparently, very great interest, the carpel factory and iUi wonderful looms, where he exclaimed that the Armricau* had made | perfect moiikrys of machinery, so dexterous and handy dees the latter work. The prices of the t cai|M tine, for which Turkey furnishes the greater part of the material, were explained to him sy the kind and attentive superintendent. These are Irss thun the priccs of English earpeting. The United BWMmM(i no coarse wools, such M those imj"-ited here from Turkey, and. it is believ? d, nevej will, l*r reasons which will be obvious ts auy ?ne connected with grazing, where a sheep of 2 fine wool costs no more for keeping than one j ot coarse. And yet Turkish wools are saddled 5 with a duty of thirty |>er cent. Not with? standing the facilities of our great water power, the cheapness of Wood, aul the great superiority of the Lowell o;<era'ive? over the too much worked and halfstarvea ones of England, j mm/ |ti n-m mi an imi'vrirn arncie rniaerd cnmMtiUi.u with thofe counties, where nutters are i r-ftttr managed th?n here, wholly impracticable. Factories are established not only for home consumption, but for exportation.' So one- uhLu " pro1 ! tecuon " ft r the wool of sheep, which we neither want tor will raise; and yet Congress, in it? wisdom, bar, of late years, pi used a 1 h * which, whilst it add:* a mite to the treasury, bears heavily ipoa ! the great principle of manufacture. The coarse wools of the Turkish empire should, in our humble opinion, be imported into the United States ou the name tooting as they are, nod alwiys have been, 1 ! in England, viz.:?wholly free of duty, or with a i 1 duty ol one per cent, for the puipose ot knowing the statistics ot the article. Amin Key next went through the michine shop of Lowell, where he had an opportunity of seeing w hat llbw tun t iW-t m the shorie,t length ot tunc possible He expiessed hit" admiration of the gooi older and industryot its numerous departments. The water wheel about txing constructed there,oa a new p and novel mode, was examined carefully by him. j Ilia visit to Lowell, apparently, made a profound 1 impression upon him. He there saw the acme of r American < nterprise, industry, ind the "go ahead " I pru < tela iVvrlopei in a manner worthy of itiitai ti* n in his own country?where, with the best ini atituticDson the part of its excellent young Sultan, the minds of his people are yet sluggish und unenergtt.c. 1 I On Friday, in the comi>any of the Rev. Mr. Bipelow, brother of the excellent Mayor of Boston, end himself on-" of the superintendent* of public reboots, Amin Bey visited several of the latter, with very great interest. The spectacle of some N.0 )ourc yirls, of from B"Veii to fifteen years of age, being instructed in geography, mathematics, r? fitrti tr A n ?nil Kriiii h#). tJ Lnnwlf>r!ifi< t&'lneh in hi# own country, are nffr taught to females of ai/> rank, rtruck h:m fmcibly. He waaj>res.*n'.id to the lhdi?-s who act as teacher*, and frnuently | exprrned hi* admiration of the position their pnperior education enabled them to till in these institutions. He examined the hooka of education in use in the (< !:? (t-, - . <1 n d<mre to carry copies of tone of tht in to )>ia own country. In our I of the M hool* for males, a young gentleman, one of the ftholtfik twgged permission to mak" him an adilr?a?. Thin was, of coiirae, cheerfully acceded; and he wns ajrree ?t?ly auriiriacd to lienr fr? hi the mouth of n youth of ?oine mteen years, langting'? I reatfiini* th?' name futirneiits of admiration for th'' conduct of hia sovereign in fav? r ol Kef-nth uud liia brave country men, which he lis* heard from eo many other source? ainoe hia amval is this country. The aker, al*<?, evinced a very |?erftct knowledge ol the petition of Turkey, the tnceavorr being mule by ?he JSuInn lo rea>*ne. r?te it, nnd of the objects of the mission of the II'y to the United States. T<? tliia addreaa, A.nin B?y mtde an appropriate reply, thankiag the young oie.tor (whotjKk'- in the n iiiie of elf hi* fallow rtmUfita,) for the flattering language he had held, aid for the gmtiticaticn t?" had exj>eri< need in vittitiug the school* of lWton. At other of the be addressed a few word* t? the pupili j-r? -ent. t >ne of hi* remuk* was, that hia fe.ling* hut! been luiKh moved by thi* great * ?ctic1e ne )nd * i'netfed in the schools, tint he felt he irvght I cuy, " New Kngtand njMinat the whole wnr'tl." f? r "he eicel'-nce ? ( h?r eemioines of knuwl-dge, aid the prai'eiror hy care taken to educate h?-r youth, and under tt ein comp-tent to enjoy and pc> (K'tudte th>* ifieat iiiaiitmion* of their wonderful coniittjr. The jen, he arljed, was indeed inore rlul thr.n the sword, it found ka way Into the ft ir era c*i nu'd, nni wigra w..r agiin^ inr cnri e*t mien of lb* liberties of mankind ?i^noranr-e and it.doleme. Knowledge waf, indeed, pMW| t.i know wj>? to l>e powerful and jus', and he could cot ?h< * the iotrrest whii h he Mi f-r the wc|> fare end presieiity of the vouM t> aseemhl'-d before him. n a l?* tier nnrrrr, than hv rnco iragim them in il.cir lat ?n lo acjurie kuowlt-dge and inform*lion. On his vif it to Mount Auburn, Amin Hey said, " It <* a beautiful place to stay in for a short tin.e." Bo?to\, October 31, 1890. Ri*t< n rs. A* ?e Ynrk?Ht (fifnrmitirt ?-/ bnitatv??Tlr f.ariict?I.iltrfitHrr?Mrvn.! AmiwH. ? CttrivM Slnttnf fiJitiral pnrliti? A vmrtt th' Si vanhtft and Anarchiitt?AmtKrmtnti? Pfmykin Pirt, fir , ttc. Our last letter which pointed out pome of the l-oliticnl, philosophical, and theological short* comings of the citizen' of thia great, and wise, and enterprising citjr, excited amie attention, we are hr-fpy to perc ire, in the quarter where if* grave af'monitionti were needed. We hope they will pcnder it well, and profit by its teachings. Notwithstanding 'he uneve* aspect of th* city, the narrowness and irregularity of it* streets, we like it marvellously. There is something practical in thia imgtilirity, which strikes th- imagination far mere agreeably th*u the mathematical symmetry of Philadelphia and some other cities If New York excel in elegance, grandeur, ' and state?in the magnificence and beauty of her i vhlir works, llneton excels in her municipal re*u latiom -in'order and neatnera, In ber public arhonla, , literary ircietiea, and general education. New Verb la ?mine?flj rfirty ; the atmotpbere i< imI pi:re : ar-l n?>t unfre?ine?tly, in li>?t weither, intoI*raW* nffeMlve. Ilntton, for the moat part, ia neat r fed clem; d?ad dofa aad ca'? are n.>? left da say In the ?tr"-te: aor are gentlem-n and ?wine pertrltted 'o resale thrm?el?'.*a in the public riien. Ciatm Is ?nt beautiful; ahe ha* f# w eiterior ad. ' vantujjra of attrition* ; hnt th aweet and lorely f whirh li'nlcng her horfer , m'he a??ple amends frr her defee'* ; and lt?e anil tronrH h?r a rrn?erTat?d grnitnd. Then- ia Uitnlter Hill, sanctified hy a thoneaml memori** of the I I'atfiiM hall, where, |?rtmeai.f jxdi'i -il exci . m? lit. Dim Htihrtiaintnlir the h^lp'nl pre<er.ce of the liri a the *'*.d and wise, who once a-win J h!' Uit?re; ahd tfc>-re is, air.*, Mn ia! A ihurn, the RK I NOVEMBER 3, 1850. beautiful garden of the dead. The Boatonitns ri-Mliy. n<>i*iihttniidiug their scepticism, think the departed, and offtr * sacrifice to the apiritd the dead. Lituh crave in Auburn ia an altar, C? Bfcrt-Utl by tear.', mid highs, iud holy ulleciionu; i i the tiller* that bloom thereon, are the offeru which ^forgetting love present# to the cherish htuig who t-lumber* below. It' there be a place ih^ world, where without regret ?r fe ir we coi lay ourselves down in the repose of death, fori; Imn the world and of the world forgo', it ii he where the released upint would unite itself to tt spirit of hi auty, which seem* to have fouud, in tl celestial *i*>t, a home. Although noteipitl toyo Greenwood, it in worthy all the pride and affecti with which the Bostoniuns regard it. It is taal i fully embellished, its m:>nmneatj are chute, a many of them beautiful. But the most beautil uuu muuriiiif mouuui* u ? u-rt?iriti spe the most pnwrrfulljf to the heart, aud which bri to the wounded allectiona the ino<t it*ruler coniol ti< ne?ate the llowcrd tint !Ue hind of love h plnnted on and around thee- graven, and whii Spring perpetually renews. More expres*ive a touching are throe than any monuments of gr<ui or of marble, which are too oiten more the symbt of arrogance and pride than token* of bercared t ft (Hon, or emblems of a under sorrow. Massachusetts politics present, nt [this tin*-*, most curious and singular aspect. Freenoilisin h j broken up the old"pirUes completely, lathe ea? i ern pait of the .Stat'.*, for example, the fre-st ; whigs have united with the democrats, while the Southern districts thefn eaoilers unite with tl I whifis. In Horace Mann's district, however, tl I wind's have had the courage to cost off the utv> j tit pi?ta. They have dropped Mr. Mann, the fre fiui ear didatc fot ('onyrei^, end nominated Saruu H. Wo] ey, of Hoxhury.

The people here are still ngitated furiously in x Cird to the fugitive si lve law ; and we have ooc i hcd to be astonished every Oay at th<; ignorum which jrevails among all cla;i?< a here in relatn I to it. They speak of it as some new and evtrdt I ciliary usurpation of authority on the put of 01 ! general government, whereas it is simply the r publication of a principle always recognized ai acted on, so far as practicable, from the fountain the federal gavernment. But notwithstanding the loud and freq ito'. pr 1 clamatio* here of the treasonable and destructi1 doe'rines of your Seward* audlireeieya, the peop ; are at hesrt patriotic. The remembrance of 01 I pa?i history and achievements, and the bloc wht< h specks from Bnnker llill and Lexington, the North, and the equally glorious battle helds i I the >outb, plead powerfully with every heart, ar i forbids, surnly, the dissolution of the Union. F I that history belongs to the whole country?tl 1 North Hiiti the South? that history, so store 1 dc glorious, sanctified by the hlt . d our fitors, ! the property of us all?the cherished birthrig ! which all prize; and when we turn to thit, oi ; hearts, burning with the sentiment of pariotis i and fraternity, run to embrace each other Not soul of us would relinquish this glorni'i* birthrigli j cr cut ourselves loose from it ; and yet that pirt nr l liht S'wfn u'Ki/tk rutMd tr?.i ^ t a r. A > r\ ( . ?K_ lion, ami treks to disunite what our father* joint> virtually doea ! JU-stcn is rapidly extending itself towardi Ro; bury, w Inch it promises soon to ab.-?i?rS>. Throus the politeness of Col C'rock-tt, of "he Bronfiel 1 loiicf, we had bd oppoitur.ity of riding, yesterd*] tMoufch this Southern sect.on of the city ; an everything weaaw, gave us new cause to admit the thriii end enter,>n<?e of the iljntoniins. No w ulis anrtiug iisnewne n, and the fact that ino , o' the soil bus heeu conquered from th;* se t, it bic I lair to become, at no disiant dty, the Iiu>n part? j tii'-ci'y. In literature thete Appear* to be nothing new ! aor is there any iaterei-t in public lectures of an sort. Mr. Jstne*, you renieinb< r, rend his ablt! lei tnrr? before the nnpty e?a> of ttie Masonic Ten ' pie; and now the reverend and talented t iihor i | "Probiia," and of the "Letters from Palmyra," cuing the same, probably us a scholastic eiercii i for his own amusement As a general tliiug, tl : ciiursi of Uoetou are intelligent ami intellectm | > ltd governed more by the i-.ead iIiaq tli-* be.?i j Th* moral theory in vogue, here?adhered to I both business and pleasure, and pmllM fro i the palpii- is a refined epicureanism,?the sail *>??? in tl ethics winch fOVCHMd I: h e 1a the a. j ? Ausubius, and which ?laM calls the "dortn. i of mi < bhjthientd teif-iutcrrat," I'imterit turn r tini/tr, mi cnchrietian doctrine, no doubt, but 01 j that will t!o very well, so far as this world is co cerned. Still, the ix-ople of Hoaton are pollle, s 1 rial rnd obliging. The gentlemen are tuergetic ! butirets, and equally accomplished in thor-e eb | g&ut hag a t<-1 lea that grace a drawing room Th ladies are delightful creatures?beautiful mi angel ? full i i vivacity and grace, end well worthy thn I profound himee which here, in a pre-? iiiinci i decree, is paid ihem bv the other set. The ;>e< ! nl...rl!...l?r <>...*( V-... i their love of airmrmrut*. Tbey linve six or p vc | thea'rca in full operation, and the ptteinn for thei is mi rtroog, they go day aud night. M-.\ Mare uk'i it the liitrlon theatre, i? iu hish f\or w i'h ihe fsahionxUi-a hire, audi* re .illy d< Mtving i he very highect praiw. 1 his it? the Mhfii of pumpkin pi'*, and oth< Yni k?e notion* of that de?on|>noc Yon Knick??i locker? do noi know what a pumpkin pie i?, mad K'un/.'ifxi arlem. It ia quite dillerent to tho* ?l< roumiion* winch so by this name in your cit] Should any of you, who read thin letter, desire t ta> te Hiiy.of the* - \ aokee d< Iicaries in nil thfirpur iv. (it ia dow pear ihHiikagmng tin#), come wit ; in* 10 the Hroomlield Honae, mid you will aee wh n Vni'L"- hottl uud Yankee 'iramcare. We turn try thu l'?>aton surpaaees all the cittr* we h?v ever titilid in the excellence of i'a hotels. Tiik <?r r?u. Eait. oxr W>kk'? Crixk t* Exm.aso ?Murder an are afteiinnnn the imt>ortant position < inhiic ulaita, end turimh, indeed, hy |.?r th Urg' *t amount, aa well an tnoat Mining portion < our we?k'? n< v? *. A more rein irkahle vuiety, Wore c<H>iooa fertility of mventif n, w.n never < ! mpl'u d l>y the record ol annulet* , Aid w?-?JkiTid the record tominr-r oft?-nce?, it h -cnrnf *i<11 more cvriotia. The most recent of the on regt*, i? one Im longing to the <*ordercl?je. Ja< I'enny, the helle of Itanniarrhiir*!, near Brrn wooit, ia Inveigled, hy a faithleM ItiW. Into liD'l) plrce, and alrangled. Tlie rascal, it won I , ? Mi', h*d U r Miine time k-rcct r> d the art of ?t*ai in la'?>n in In* own room, wi'li a view lo facii tiite his marriage hy putting the mother of tl child, ihal would h?ve le- n hora to him, or.t < the way. The rent belon-'a to nn ?Id ?l?ms; hi it haa aeldoui been presented in a t. nn I rrvoltii c, fiom ita coId-Mooded deliberandi At an iueti<tt>le place in Walea, oie .lnne<, failni to H*>n |0*ses?ion cf a leracy bequeathed to h rro'her, tmigiatca to Anwnet, his wil ard children,?ao Mantle the acetiKalion?to poi?<j the reensant legatee. In the hirclaty at ltiriuios hum, whtreMr Murston, * goldtieatrr, fiirht* f< a quarter o? an hoar with a pirty of hurgUr while hia daughter vainlv eadenvora tn per*u*d two policemen io enter,?they declare th*y thougt he wa? correcting hia wife or hia aoa. The repuls of the nun ?? ho trir.l In l.rr !t in'n Mr llnlfird hnuae in the l!tg< ni Vp.irk ; the attemr* to mtird? ihe Krirm4 Mr. Mlntoxh ? k?nd*li; ?h?- c<?o rifum exploita of Kenah l'rior, irnr Swiadm *N driven forth o brace oI burglars hH|iing no cf tlirnt "lit ?>f the wiidow with a pinch in h back and a witticiam; the eanfiadon of one < ihe men ei gaged ia th?* attjek on Mr. Hi>lle?tcor.ttibutr in the peculiar diversity. Among th Mtarger incidinia ia one of a mildrr nfrr. A $tr | il<m,.n wiii fo aiauifdat i!?< Friinley ?wm?i I thai hr premrrd hia pistol* a^ain-t the i>o?#iMlii of an attack. At liat if caif?he heird hurglii atterrptint the hnuae, and the o;portaiii'f had a tivrd for tr>ing the eieelbnce of hia |>i*tola: hi he w.?a new mi alarmed tiiat be wia perfectly pa raljved, and could do nothing hut ait Mill, ani, w? nlJ reem, indulge m a rapidancceanien of iwooi li?a. w!.lch he continued with peraevernnce tint the burglar*? mnrfr off. Of the fiercer kind la th dilivirv of an ii.f?rnal ntathina to a f'Otlrmm i Hrmcndpey?a b<>x of Ueifcf nMtfeaet and gui |ovdi r, whit h would have hint* a him tip if a?>ir ruepicion h?d not induced him to atihmerae ill wa-er hefoic he opened It.? IjOttHun Isailt j CM. Iff. Tut Krw Yori Crrrm ?The Coflei tor nreived and paid into the tfa.nirv. froinJui 1??, l??i, to Jtine 10th, 1M0, tfl.MiO <?15 W. 11 cccounta hav? been a'j'iaied at the Tre.-j'irjr L> pnrthrnt to the above date to a cnt.# Hi*a< count* a* dit burring agent frou .Inly l<t* IM9. I March Slat, 1W50, hirf n.l?o been adjusted witboi d fieience. and amount to ?). Mr Ma well hat collected and du'uir^d a greater nmcni of mc Rey than any of hia predece????ra wi hin tt #<ine |eii?'d of tin>e; und <h.ti h<* ahon'd lia>r* dot thia wl.#re he ha* b*en obliged to ci?'if?>rm ?o ne Inwaatd ce* mnHri of hwaine^a?'ha I He a So a ba?r licen ahle to accomplish eo much and wi w? wider ik'Wtlrrifii?tai!trii ir?*)' lw ?t:r?So:rd i lem to hia own ?killnid jnHp'ti'Ul thin to ihn I o' ;l e able mrH fnitli'ul men by whon be h*< hei | *id?d in 'he diet harge of hi* duly ? M'.ia/imaf I H 1*bhr, Of :tl The flMwter al F*n<i?vraela ha? app>iat?>| i 1 "itb <f V^efrS-r a? * !?? ift*i?o\vc ?ia< a ill I 8t;te. > (ERA do I New York F.lrctlon Statistic*. of \ We h*ve prepared the following tdMes, arranged ,?! ' I* Congmtionil diatrlc'.?, f??r the convenience of n<j I reference tit the enauing election. They show, in itfs i the firM place, the votes in each county in the ' State, for Comptroller, at the electionjant year, ,|(j when the whig candidate was Washington Hunt, et- now running for Governor, and John A. Lott rt*> (hunki r) was the candidate of the united dernocrucy for the siune office?Second, the votes for ,ur inembern of Congress in the four Coni?res?ional on diftricU of ih'9 city in lH-ni, when the whigs c*re" ricd everything, under th? popular lldg of Gentral U Taylor. nk The anti-rent vote, last year, is shown by a comI,!? purison of the total for the whig candidate* on the '** anti-rent ticket, with thoae not udopted by the antich renters. For example:? nd Wai-hlngton Hunt, on anti-rent tickot. tor Comptroller, Ite had 20 > CM4 Toted >la Kamuvl Slt-von*. net on anti rent ticket, kf. lor Attorney (initial 1VJ.779 do. a Total untl r?ot rotf 5 265 ts ? Or, the democratic ticket msy compared i lie it- simie way, vi* :? Leil 8 QhatArid. Attorney (lenoral, Adopted by th# 111 (.nllrrntrr* SU4.795 fie John A Lott canlilaU !<>r Com ptroUer,? ralie jeoted by ttif anti r. ntrr? lw 134 li- * e. Different-* 5'iol lt-l Ctnuatiiiiiioi OnriHTt-^ltk th? Tatej for Oonipl(, tidier at the taut t lection. November, 1849 j. ; W. Ilm, J. A L?tt Dill. Counliri. H'Kig. l)em Le 1? Suffolk 1.347 2.066 >0 Qattui 1.758 2,002 ir maj. 952) 3 106 4.097 e: 4? King* 6 006 4 803 id lllchmond V2tJ 802 (Whig maj. 1,130) 0,331 6 69> o 3, 4. 6. and 6-NewTork 20,174 18.203 re (Whig maj. 2 071) le 7?Westcheater 3,328 1.748 ur Itoaklaad 8*? 1 i.;.t >d ?? in (Dt-tn maj 857) 4 024 4 881 L>r 8? Dot chefs 4 O.i.j 4.880 id futnaat Co9 1 213 ie (Drin maj S4f) 5 541 0.0Vi id 9?Orang* 3.639 4 0114 ii Sullivan 1,847 1,816 hi 1 Jr (Dem, maj. 423) 6.48S 6'JQi m 10-lMer 4.187 4 210 a Delaware 3 374 2 811 ^ (Whig maj. 720) 7,541 6 821 V 11?Columbia 3.804 3.4'W j Uruena 2.614 2,79 > (Whig maj. 124) 6 418 0,291 V 12-Bfnwlur ,6 251 4 903 ! J (Whig luuj 843) ' 13? J Ibaay 6,934 *,604 (Whig m.j. 1 330) .. 14-Washington 4.'42 2 704 Knaex 2.323 1,917 j1' (Whig maj 1114) 6.82i 4 711: t 1?-Clinton 1.85J 2093 11 Ftniiklln 1438 1 347 r Warren 1 062 l.est J iy (Democratic majority, 739 ) 4.34j 5 083 ' c" 16 -> ulton. > I noi i an I * Ilaullion. > 1 m 1 9,1 if Saratoga 4 1>2 3 631 | is Kcbetieetady 1.7oS 1.477 (Whig majority 811 ) 7,861 7.051 il. I 17- lltrklmer 2.372 3 4>S It, Montgomery 2.874 2.V74 (THtnocralla majority, 1 216.) 6.217 <i 4W ,ie 18~6t Lawrence S.f.iJ t MS t,c LenU l.ti>6 1 w id (Democratic majority. 1194 ) 6,2os ti 4oJ UP 19-J?ffanoa 4,840 a Mi u. (Hi mocratfc majority, ii2 i o- 2U? On?*l(J? 0Si<j 6 337 ;n (Democratic majctity, SI) f. 21--Oi?ao S.tfl.t 4.710 ip 0ehubari? 2.614 3.312 [* democratic majority, 1 TOO.) 6 2j5 8 022 K 22 VLruuutio 8 46.'. 4 ')7K | l>r?cui- it 44,'i 2 300 ? I Tioga 1814 l.bli (D*UO?tatie waj-rity, 46*) 7Mi 8 291 " 23? Oawrgo 4.036 4 717 Madinon 3.26'? 9 J4I (D? met rat l<- majority. 764.> 7 2W 8 Out 24-Onotxlaga 6 01 j 8,710 ? (Democratic majority. 28 ) f' li-Cayuga 4598 44SI tier Hand 2 JUT 1 t>S4 <t ' _____ r- | (Whig majority, 340) A ." *>.? U 44 > ? 'Jt~(MHMM SMS UK Ofcrniuug I 7*9 2 240 1| ^ Yaiaa 1,8.,I 2,102 it (D*m mtjurity. H74) 6.67* 7,166 C 27 - 8i m?K, 1.783 2 201 Wayoa 379K 3.777 ? (Dam majority 466.) J.iiJ 6.038 28 Monro. 6 424 4 1*3 (M liig maiorily 1.1(1 i ... it* ofttui? t.wr I M ,f LivlBgaton, 3 6U4 2 .146 * (Whig majority. 1 701) 7 ;.*? i 7t? I ?<*? KUulwn. 4 C'.?> 4 787 Ail?r*ny 2W? ;;.?? (I)?a majority. 902) T,08i 7 b87 j 31 - Cbantnu<|tio .... 4.4VT ." *47 Cnttaraaga*, # (73 j *04 tWlig majority 1 l.v?) 7 MU 8 411: * ! 32-F.rW. 8.7** 4W? (Wbig majority. I 782.) 3S-(WB?mw 2.687 1 0)5 1 ' W yoming 3.t7T 13V7 (Wllg majcrlty. 1 JO.) -.364 4.M0 | 44-Mnaara 2 78 . 2 2?* orkana 2 34v 2.102 (Whig majority, '214 t 8.151 4 W7 To Lai 1 ota of tb? Btato for Cmptroll?r W Uunt (ablrf ) 204nil 1 J A <4?ui I 1M.IK | Wbig majority A'K) j (II wbig Dirtricta, - 16 damocratia Dintrict*.) r>t?TiticT* n TtiK crrv or nk v voik l .t. J*r Nf+'eri ?/ ('Mtr.11, AV , 184 Tin* i' DurratiT. /Vor, Hm' NmiiS, ] Wmit, (r8.f ) (Arm.) (iL-m ) I 1 1011 741 II | 8 604 3!*V 81 I 1 704 689 ln? I * * :*i in.. it?i i - * 1641 914 SM I ....MM 70*% TJ3 r I'hr. nlj o??r both. 1 ojn y Vol iitn Piatlin, ' Mmrlmyr Ibrkrr, f'wb>, M'mtlt, |<pM| ) v'"? ' <* -. | mi io: " T a 1ST 1m .in j<4 10 1 <>4 4 1 luV 1? it 1* C4? Sit 79 il Tofal #f|? .1904 l!?a* ~N4 |fl I Ddrrklll uTfi llMllt, |.'4i. #l Total d.ia ?ota, .VM.T, ilim. majority y.14 Fiiin Dntmrt. JTaM. Nptnctr. ifitirrvri. liM.) (< ??> (rfm .) ln 2l?l If 6 s<K) r? Up #4P ?o; (UO 14 *'.'4 I W1 SIT Ui IV Total 3T0\ 14T* l~w] Iy W*|.h t?H2 j, Total Jno m*. s.ftw.; (loia majority, M. SitTH DnTKtCT. . f'rmnkt, t.l'r t'ltiJ. " " mi 1 :ii *?* ,t 1* *?? MMI ?l ? i? tout ??: M? nt '? 1 4*' S43 IC 17 1 < * IM? 411 1* ! I S4u ?r* T! Taui ?fw foil JJ >ro<kaoT.r hoth Wl Phut *\ a Hot ? Piwivii?On ThvraHfty -r r>|;h? lam. a rnt<?*ay ic-grp, having atol^n t hnrv " in Brown rotinfv, CM", was piMMrd t.v Mr m (Wlirnn, rh* o*n?r of tit* hnr*, j?ia?H hy Hia : n?i*M>r>r. Mf. Willi-im GIHwrt (Hi fh? party h. 1 fnmtna ?p, ikr nrrro iariietiag it >1 ta^rxat I l4, ?rna<l H l||f Strf' til \'.r (' ""?!. 1 tj 1 * | tap. ? C'rr dtMii fc'?f nHM 'H. X a D. PRICE TWO CENTS. lteilgto** Iiitrlllftrnr*. hkkmons to-hat. Church of th* Holy Martyr*, Ludlow ?treet Rir Dt. Tnjlor ?r?-nlDK N?w .Irrucalnm church. Aftor Place-K??. S Hrowa, veatnc. ViilTrrnilirt church. Fourth ifrert ? Her II K. Sy?, Apollo Room*. Broadway?Iter. Ralph Hoyt areniof. 8pitc|t (trrrt oharch?R*? Mr March, ercuiog Wfft Kpitropal church Mulberry atraet?Ker. B S. Koatar, morning: !( > I'r l>.trbiu. evening. HaptUt chapel, Grand atreet?R?r. D M. OrahaB, tTltllg Chun h of the Memlah Wooatrr itre?t-H?r IL A atbon. Church of the Crucifixion, Unlveriity placa?B?T. Dr. Sctiroecer.?\>uio< i iui .iKiiuo, ? wen Known Metnoam clergy mm. from lb* On?idft roulereuee, is ?xp?ct?J to priftoll during the day lu the Ueutefcnary M K. church, ooruar ot Jay ?iid Jobiuon streets. DtOtkaa ok nt* Yom.-1The fi?nJlu< Commltte* have directed tie mil of a Special Convention of itM Ltiocerp of New Vork on Weduetd iy the :?7tU d*y at N*veml?r. in ft. Piul'i chapel. Id the city of N?w York ;?t t?u o'clock io th? mernintf, to take luto e?>uftlcteratlc n the canon pafaed in the ia'e Central Convention. entitled "Of the election of a provisional bi'hop la the c?reofa dioce?a wlio-e bishop la impended. without a precis* limitation of time ' Kf? Iluleey Dunning haw rfceiv-td a nail from ttM Third i'r?Kbytfiifcn chureb[N. t) j in lliohinend 7a lli t S'epben W. Taylor hui received a call trom tha liuvali htn ft church in Richmond Her. Oeorge *V. Leyburn of the O 8 Presbyterj of Mpn: gnmery. ma* r.c.ivt-d into the Hanover [SC 8 ) 1'resbytery, at its Uet meeting. lUv. Call in 1' Stove. l>* D.. wan inaugurated a? Collin* I'rr.feseor ot Natural and Keveaied Keligion in liowdoln College, ou the 16th ult. He*. Mr. Fuller baa bi en dUniined from the pastoral rare of the ohurch in W arner. -New Hampshire, vhiclk n now vacant. Ker Mr Willry ha* elated hi* oonneotion with tlM church in Chloheeter, N. 11. K<? William A. Bron?on, who ha* b-en laboring for some ne > euteru year.' in Michigan, part ct th? tisaa undtr the Uom? Mlhlon Society and State Oonreatlcn. be-, together with hi* family. suffered ao mack Arum ill health. that he has b??u compelled to return to thi*. hii native State The he* W K Wei b hai juft closed hie labora with the fcaptifct church at Lyerif. N. V., and accepted th? unai>lnj?.u? call ol the Kapilnt uhuroh in Jo. Jin. l? become th> ir | a>tor aad ?nter< upon the duties of bka new pout iniiutdiately. Ke*. Charte* F.lli?t ban accepted t*v> call of the Baytint chutrh. in Skaneateiaa. to bi oame their put or. R< * Krarci. Pack, baa ifmovedtTom I'rovldenea, R. 1 , to llioi'kljn. N. ^ The He*. K H. Li'urue. rcaigned the charge at St. Thoinafc' chur:h. brtoklyn. The Re*. Ueo L. Niide haa acneptad a unanimcu> call to the reotor>btp ol til" churcU of dt Julia the KvangelUt, Stockport, Columbia co., N V. Ker. K II. Downing haa accepted au iuvitttina from I he vtMiy and congngation of 8t Philip'* church Kirkwood, Mia*., to become again the reotoc oi [d<1 |*0 i i'd The IUt William I.onj hn rraijuud the cli?r<? af St Mark it cburch. tlkluu*. Vrtukitn O'l . !t Y . ui areeptrd a call to tho r<ctor?lup of rit. 1'aul'a ch iroh. Flatbdi-b. L I. Ihi" Hut II?nry 3. AttwaW. cf Malona. N T , Uaa cc?pl.d a call to the tectorahlp ot St. Atijrscr'a cbuicb Sr* Uuntou. Mart I Thratrlcal and Mmlcnl. liowim Tiiuut. Ur. ilaatoiiu, pnrc?lria< tha err?t competition which ua* xi.-U ta t n* trtt-Hl ?ph'r*. <rui drlf rwia'd llntibi oil Uo?aiv Ibiatr*. which Lax fur )?ar? l?.*n th? at.'Diw thiojgh which uaiiy ? ininfi t actor* who fir?t aojuir-d a |it<i|?r Know.rdK* 'I tli< hlatrioulc art klttia it* *iui, bate nub*?|u> ntly ili-tribu <*d thnD?-lr?? throughout the VnlvD, with th? greatvat huccji, nhail not be ?ecoi.d to any th atro la t.hl< oav ' tiy *? tar n laU-nloJ ani?? are do?c*Tui>d Th - bill | lor to morrow rvMiiliijf rxhitoit* tht? l-*atur? prntty ! con?pio uoimly. Tbr esti rtatciiirriU common with ' bbftkcspt uVa trtg?4y ot' J oltiu C' In vliloh Mr. I' Urabatn. tt r ? tragi <]t>n willapjuar at Ural**, and .1 U Poult a* )i?rk Atitui), lilton a* 'a-?lu.?, and >1 IV -ui jsp ?? I'oroia A! h iu ,rn thu 14 ?ullcl-tt to attract a lull &ou-- y. i ?n.i k?r ? l'nl'?M( i pl?r?*. natu' lr. tint < f rt'alin-e " will alv? > * pr?. rrntwd. with tor J. K hcott a* ?.h? htnro of tu-pi - ViiotDKAi THCATkr ? 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Mlbiatorr-f lt<?b abaiar'rr h 1 b-*a*u<if*J t"K?:h?f wl<h b'? ?ll- wbo in Vatikrjr ikmitoh hat n rival, will apptar to morrow .r?.< at tbo N?t -ial lliratr* Thr pirrnr?i?rt il a?a lb* dr?ma of II ?ry ( Moorr." UDn'i Boy " an I th -<-oui'<ll*tia of Mla t-ri m ' In tb* rharict r -t It *j ? M?>'>ra. b? wtll Introdorr Lot'i t bt lad of ttoa 1 a-ry Ih.y and will dnnrr a Itornyhrork j>f wIlU <l?i- M UbarlM l>'trla( tbi i-ml*i| Mir* Malrlaa will latr ilu** ??r r?l bra*, tlfnl <Jar ma I'vrdr f?r bl? -iit?rpr'*r an I utiftl;, ill HTM lUCCi ?* / tab Vi a< a Orraa lloi -( nr4*r to ? < ( lb* w i-fc?? of tb? pihllr tb? pria* of aln> ><t t ? thr a a tibltbratrr ?III br rvly on* <*?ll%r 10 r*t lb" crlo biatrd ranlatrlrr. 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Ibtoa tim?? ??fh wa.k but ?? ba?w of inta hlrli ha* br?B produe?d with ?u?h g-?a< a'i-l-il ofli fl ti thoaa nlt?a oa 8an<l?y 'tnl?|' by S *l?hoo Tha oTrhcatra U ??ry pnwarftil aad ha'tn^alnwa, i IM rhorw# dapartamt full aiH afT ?tl??- ?od t'ia ??e? ll?ttt ?r,raiiia?loo by .tana i'lfhop. aa-l k??aT?. noa* lit *?,?itiiin f *!?<? iraaTal ?M<f?<-tl?a. . ?f tfcfM ataa'tM B'bal traaU 1 tbUrvralcg at ?l?al el??eh {ft* Vi'Ot - t) "rro? ratting *t? pi mii4 -rich I |u#?tI Un roirp?nj will ' nnt>n<>? I 1h??r ffoil ? ??! tM? ?*|tf Tba?? who trUb t4? I rbllt in;*i ?i>w wit* mf haa bvttor 1 t /flt. tb* AiBphUI?***tr# N?l ?i ? *>?( of Ola rartoiM , fratu n. rf?" bjtbl# talrntrd no<a??ay tha b??<ltltill iMlBC afllUa Toutnlar* l? worth ia itaalf lha mIH or Kii;iori*< if..-Fallow* h*?4 nj.-r % im bill r.f f?t to-morrow T?ttlij tha ifcxfttoc fonrrrt" af n?frii m-lo<lt?? rrpr?aantatlnn< of ibr "baking ijaakrra. 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