Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 3, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 3, 1850 Page 2
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% NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS VOHDUI B IIIUTi r&opuiBToa AN? KDITOK. tries n. w. coknrh or ri'LioM namav m. Tfl? DAILY tttHK. ALJJ. li'fMi M/ (Ml ~|7 M?* OflflM. THE WEEKLY HMHj^LD.#wry Mohtrday, at6%emis f*T Mfv. ?r ?3 for annum: Uu birowa n wiMon, ft jwr ? ??, llW|Mrlt/0rW| Rrifctai, and MUiny p,irl 0/tho UouUm#al hofa rj tikclud* tkm *jLl LKTTRRS by rfwiii, /? <uWrip(wn?. or urttA adporto 4* vool-puid, or UU /nmU*. uhV{ k /r*? m wu1 l remitted. TV I VSTAM V GOJLUSPONDCNt'S. omtatninitmrortint Wf**, tol*c%Ud from any quarter of thr toorlJ ; %f uttd. will bt ?m*ralty patd for. own fobuc* ci?ii??'>"n * " rUTICI'uklt Imi rnit to iUL 4IX I*T?M **" ruttcu imt to tt|, , Nil NOTICE taken of ammymou* eommuituWi do not return (ami rrircun. iDl'iKnSEJftVI'N rttuire/l eorry <n*ni4*f. JOB HltWTiNtt UKuUd UKIA nealn*,,. choafiu,, and SoopMok. AMl'BMJLVrS to-mobiiow evening. ITALIAN CPBRA A?rOR PLACE-NoAMA. BOWIHV TUEATKE. Bo??ry- Jwuvi C*AA??If ALuh. __ BDAtif AT ti1iatrb. wr??<w?y-rcvbh blamond? 101. 0* thi vmiii-lmi !> MIBLO'S GARDEN, Bruktlw*}?TwMr R??b? Nicodb v?-Uiua mobitim. c ft ton's tueatre. chiotui ittmhdimn abb ???? lu?b i'bubh i.l>>r i'ukt. NATIONAL TUVATRE, Vbi;hM (sttn-biT o'mobb -lllll Bo? ? iii mtlklbm rflR:s TVS op era liOL'aL, Utccuto*' Hall?Brinon? mtbatbbunr. ocVHP 10? tbi.lowb' IrHioriii umt Taorrs. amir1cam ml'secm- Aaraino PunitiuRca afwmnonn AMi> evbmxs. MIMKVA KOOHB-PAKOII4M4 or Cru. N*W YORK AJfPHlTHKATKI. Z7 Bowerj-X*t'??r*iA? htKimicM Thik Iri?ino. TRSFLIR H ILL? Minx* .Ik.** Bi'noe'i SA??? # ?Wr-vr l?rk, Sunday, Koifmlxr 3, 1830. One Lajr Luttr from Europe. The American steamship Washington, Capt. Floyd, will he due to morrow, with one day's later lew.- frcm Europe. The Xi w? from California. lTi->r our telegrapiiia head will be found late ?o!ellig''nce from California, by the steamship Ala4i.:n a, which arrived at New Orleans on the 1st in?unt, firm Chi-gres. The general complexion of ibis news, if not encouraging, ia nut so bad as was at tiriu to be eppr? heeded. Buildings in San Franeibco. iiS a genital thiiig, are of wood, and put up Hiftfewdije, and the destruction of a hundred ef this eorf, unless stored with valuable goods, ild cot iiifiict a very serious loss upon the busings community. From the language of our *< ! ! utchef, it would appear that the buildings oubuni'd were mostly dwelling houses, an exIremely inconvenient misfortune to the inhabitants, at the setting in of the rainy season, or the California winter. The markets appear to be in good condition?the money mcaWet firm, the gold dust still abun l m?, fn ni the new discoveries being constantly made; and iltough there were some apprehension* of a nruneiui crihiy, it was Deiievea that it would be Meiltd. 15ut, nt the beginning ot tue wet season, ! when the miner?, with their gatherings of gold . ?us>t, me tJockiog into San Francisco, trade ought o lie unusually bn*k, and prices uuuiually high. Peihris the Meamrrs due at this port this week ! l ive us more satisfactory intelligence. T? 1.KOR AMONO THK Uu> PAIlfk iorHMAUS-llH- j kKTT A TKKB1BI.I F*L,M>W. ?The Albany Et'C/U*g Jvui nul is P?- ward's anti-slavery organ, ami conducted by Thurlow Weed. Tli'* AW-tny llvtntnt; Jit/at, the anti.sls.very org in of Van Buren's dying d)L>.-ty,i* cetiducled by some one whose name we don't know. 1 hey are the chief ormns of the Ui iiack leaders of two rotten parties in the inte. nor i f thiu cjtate, hy which we mean the democrats Hid v? lugs? that is, the leader*?rotten alike in truth, in honesty, in justice, and ia veneration f?r the cci.fclitutton una the Jnion. These journals art now engxged In ubusing the " Union" movement in this city, denouncing it as a mere "e? 'Un concern.Thurlow Weed, eg|>eciallyt ?ndet*or? to ahow that Beniett-?Gordon llennett ? Jamca Gordon IViinrtt?and a few other editors, are at the l?.,ttotn r.f the whole " con?iiiru?y." We confess to the charge, as far as we are, concerned. We admit, to the fullest extent, that we hcire tcdeavored for yesrs and months to bring U>< |*ihlR- imnd of thkcily, and of the wh i-North, #1 to the point of action which it hat now taken in relate u to the consii'uii >n and the I nion, an<l in j*?mii? n to the anti-?;*very nullitier* aid diaor^ar>i?rr? ?f l?oth the old factions. If Thurlow ?? *? ii ana n'^ " ru;s i>e?:in 10 wr me uniawi? >ra on th? ?all," ar<*, no far, content. Th* n urnsl* of iliiit ity wliicli have formerly rtpj?'Mett tub inuigae*, in hegumiag to become *vtu>raed to th- importance of taking n oorrect ? ( the )N)niiioi> of ntidir* in relation to th'.* linen Th?' CourUrand Enquirer ii nlowly lackiuf i'ui (r"in ;!cv?. ?idinm, and m giving it* mipvri ?? ?h? I'd ton. Th** Kiyrttt i? following in the ?n.direction; bi:d the other journals-will have 10 trtur liie course, or go oat of existence, or iii?" th? jtorhruie. The ikies are hrighteuinir; l?i;? tie titier defaatof the whole Sfttew alioli. Mow tickit, with Hunt at Ha head, wouli brighten ilirm fi'ill mart. * , f:? nan Tho.m? >* a\it ma Coloisk Vikwi. ?Tt ' mni.h? r of the H?>u*e of Common*, fr^ n the < w< r Himletf, ia tarrying ia Boston, ready t<> rer? a jublic welcome from the colored populalam of the NV? Em-land m?tr'>;?oJia. One of thr ire?u I !< ck i-iin* of thst region id gt i.ll pot iI ( prwiicr into hi* calibre, to maki-a loud report t i l.?t!i'i< c aitilh ry?and wc h ive no doubt thai tin.r < Thomjiv n will rcceive the *ilo?e with di-?tfctr reap?ct. After the ?-irent, this agent of law Hrltifh feeling an-l kmeddl*aome impertinence wni h.* ?e<dy for hia recond c< of imitation in ih? I i ited State*, where he will attempt to rai??? ibe I'lmri of i!i*?ord aod dr??tru<!?ion. However, ?? tt.nli w?t<?h bin cln?Hy, and if he utter* agiin the *Un<1rr a,on tlu? country in which h?? hnin4ni. r.] I.'h to, we ?hnll ?nt de*,wiir of fading a platter to at*y the inilamma'ioa 'hit i? co<Humos? hajudyni inf. W nerd uo ?u;h ndm r in our d n 'Mic ( 'liiicf, na the il'tn 'gogne and uristojrat Oerie Thnmifop. Ti k Arm ani? Tit*>* ?By flnnc 02 at the eleyr*i.fcle wlMBe, It will he nh?er*ed th-it the frtrn'aof the Union in t?. orgia, and Mi*aiaai?>pl, ?n--.u I'ete'11. n> d not to he outdone by the New Yort%? rr in ahowmg tbefr devotion to thr conf-derity. L r^e meeting* h.?v? hirn br|j at Natch**, Savannah, nnd other placea, at all of w hich the lit ? ?? harmony and eathialM n pfrvtiled. Three, with the mreting at Mobile, hut the m*regli<nnwriaga of what th* South will do, when they eo or to read and und'M?tand t lie arntim n?a of an cverwbeln.irg majoti.y of thr Northerner*, aa eiprrwed at f )aatl? Garden, the other evenin r. The * r ice of tb* )^ojil<* ot Ti 1*1, on the Boundary Hill, a'to ounde well; althonxh it w*? nntic I*trd t hi. t the eompronnae woall be accepted by a large mrjoiitv Tr. rr< T or Ixckbam; t* tiik Citv Portr,*tiow ?Dne a>e"tnr n', not mrntioned by Capt. Jtyndrr* at the Tanimmy meefiag, ani a rtroag are, too, ia favor of the election of John Graham, ha* finer been circmlited through the city to aome eiMetit. Ilia e1? ction will increase vaatlf the |M?piiI ation ?>f NVw York. Aaaoon aa the f.ict of hi* ilim ph *h*" hate become known, we ne?-d not be at all Mirpriped to areThoma* W*nier returning ftom to th?aclty, and M. C Stanley retnra<nr from the ahorra of the I'arific In f*ct, a va?t acceMi^a to the papulation of New York may bee?. j jected frnm the [Wgiliata, the fugitive^ from justice, ( the burglar*, and we don't haow what nth>>r kind af people, from all the obi countries of the world. Thm view ia worth reft (ting on, and may swell I be ceaaus considerably. j The Candidates for Disraicr Attorxzy?I is very seldom that we ttrree in opinion witl Horace Greeley, on any subject at all, unless it b? on the color of squash. But when such a fac exists, it ought to have some influence among sensible men. The Tribune, in some remark -* ? ' J-? > k tte\mmv relative to toe cauuiu?icc .... ?i very justly oba<rves, that, between N. B. Blan and John Grabum there ia hardly room for an; difference of opinion in regard to the capacities o these candidates for District Attorney. Mr. Blunt is the whig candidate, and thst cii omittance may briog hiin votea from his party; bu this has no effect with up. Bluat, when com pared with Graham, is immeasurably better ajfef>t?< for the |>o?t he has been nominated to fill. He ii a man of intelligence, sagacity, uprightness an< discretion, and will make a Dutrict Attorney sue) i as an intelligent community thoulj expeo' q the contrary, Giahtuii tfl a young p?'aI1> wjth ver i little ex^triittce, but witb plenty of bad tongue lie never could have received his nomination fror any party, but through the medium of gross abui and dtinors'i/ation in the primuy elections. Th influence in Tammany Hall which produced Grt ham'h nomination, presents a character the mo: dangerous, the most corrupt, the most demora izing that ever disgraced any party in this countr) It is the influence of rowdyism and stool'pigeonisr of the most deleterious character?influences whicl more or lees, affect, of late years, the organuatio of the nominating committees of both parties. These are our candid opinions of the two c&ndi dates for the office of District Attorney in this city 1 Mil n # urithntit mLmh/ia tr% ltaa narfv nnlittn< which have always been whig, of the most r< | spectacle kind, is a man of high character, an will adorn the office he hu been nominated foi Giaham is unworthy of it in every point of view as much from the influences which gave him th nomination, as from his own want of ability an temper to till that office successfully. CO-OPERATION OK THK TEI.EORAPH AND THE PllES! ?We have received from the office of Morse American Telegraph, the annexed polite note The New York, Albaiiy and Buffalo T'legraph Com jiany (Morre's Una. If. Wall-fttrsat) presents to jo tbm free urc of their th-we wires from New York I Bo Halo. for the resrptton and tran mif, n of eleotlo ne??, during the night of t ? da r ut el*, tion. Novell btr the Otli instant. By order of 'h? Pr. limt. J. A. JuU .I. T ?V, Chit-! Operator. We take pleasure in noticing this instance < liberality on the part of Morse's line, because uflorda an opportunity not only to do justice to th owe blanch of the telegraphic enterprise of th country, but to place the general conduct of tli itl<grb|h companies jn this country in contrai with that of the English lines, against whos managers there are continually very serious con plaints by (he British press. The methods of doin but incse on this and the other side of the Atlantic ai quite unlike, In England the telegraph companU are stiff in their prices, not at all courteous, and gat on examples of ruch amenities as are common i this country. The character of the people in boi countries is well depicted by these two systemsthe die uarrow, grasping, and intent on immedia pecuniary benefit,?the other, liberal, generou and ready to do more than its part, even ill n tim when intelligence must be obtained at any cos The New York, Albany and Buffalo Company, o th* nli.l.tVf 11... *AlalA 1 .. a vt ly strong bill against the press; but it fen wai\?d aH hope of inotit, and makes a gift of il seivires, not merely for the benefit of tht* puhli journals, hut for the purpose of supplying the puhli wiih news of a most interesting character. It is by euch unexpected courtesies,?.by sue sacrifices cn the part of public companies?thi greut good acrues to tliein in the end. The ' li\ and let live1' principle it involved in such liber; lily ; end there naturally grows up, from such kin feelings, the interchange of many civilities, i which the public become largely the gainer , Wuhiit two or three years, the press have pi enorm?ue amounts for news, aud every hour dr.i? largely from all well managed newspapers, f telegraphic intelligence. There is no enliiuiseme cf pi ice to readers for this improvement on the ti t> fat em, md ail arc p<rtttker? in the benefit, wit out knowing or caring, perhaps, how they obtain much more news 'Inn formerly, at the ?urn" coi Tb? cre.'ent instance of liberality, however, beii n direct fnvur to the public, as well as to us, " tike <<reat plecfaure in making known the souri w h< r.ce wt -liol! be able to derive,withont any co? the full' U possible results of the moat i<n|>orta! election tl at has ever Ukcn place in this 8ute. ?i"nl>*v Com tins De.iou.hckd.?Som* of tl religions papers are uttering denunciations again the Sunday concerts in general, and agtiast M*n A. lb-hop's t?ui;day evening concerts In pirtic l?r?one of which will 1* given ibis eveniug, TiipW Hall. This is only a species of narr<> minded fanaticism, ch&rftOteriitie of * fo* of t flitfioUH nrw spapt u. W'hut ip perpetrated a! Hutidny evening concur win re Mcred music is funt?, tha' should rail for the d' annotations of those who claim to be re! j ()us arid bnvfnljf-minilil people 1 Uaes not rnua constitute a part of the religious service in eve church thel o|"*n* its rnrtiboa a S*li!?d'h il ] Ac- not thf accounta of paradise, jriven us fro n t (, (terminus ih^ h.ti>?>iuraa of hesven h*i niter, nothing hut descriptions of perpetml ma* morning own and nivht, from eternity to eternit Heaven ittelf, according to the repoiU furnuh< by the miniptera of the goeptl, it nothing but 01, perpetual, concert c.f sacred mmic, wi an^'U and fouls made |<trfect for choru*, an I ct< rity for cone rt kail. It is true that Muditnf Hi ep's contftu are crowded to suffocation by tl p? i ;>l? of nil cltesi s and it is true that h chare*" ure at ilie low rate of tiftjr ?enta for r*1 rotil?but w li t objection can ther* he to ft cheap sy?*eiri, or of tul<iu? ?uch small aums at tl Hoor fur the pnym^nt of lh?- e*p*usea ia g''ttlag t these concerts 1 The morning ai<de%euin? mn?i executed at rll the churches thi* city on Hi heth o, y, fr? in Trinity to Calvary, are not hrnuj forth without rxpeetes It com* sctnething hai'd churches?it eocta something to endow |>a ? &s, (? ho frequently do not deierre it;) It co? >< inethlr ir to p'trch?sr ortnns and educate smg*r I? the rr Mijr dillerence lie I ween pettinc moaey t the year to pay for fa?hiotiahle chor^li muilc c a .wtirdiy, or in ptyinv tmsll s?m? to heart! wme on Snnds.y e**nin? in Trtpler Hail ! Awny with all rt:rh sh'iirdity and fanaticism If such id- its Hi re to be tolerafd, the sanK f.iuati< ?t?M soon proceed to forhid hoilinff potatoes e the ^nb'-vh <lay aa a ?in, or denounce the h< * atrr to make a cm at tes for Sunday evening. t a wicked abomination before the f.ord! Nation*!. Joi an si i*m.?An obscure i*nny p? per objects to the national character, which ih ptnH ? i i i???;n run'inrmi f?r-vr to in'* *>f Ymk HrraiJ, and why 1 Becan?e wr have ukr atrot a *nd distinctive ground* in favor of th 1 nil n and coaatftntton, and "gain*! Seward and al wetionftl politician* of the day. Wf are perf*ftl; content to Mifler auch ifnorant imputation* fror *uch inilecile quarter*. If national journalist) e\i?tiat alt in tliia rntmtry. from north to aauth from ntl to wrKt, it ia (o be fjutid in the ton? fj'iiit. ?nd comprehenaivrnev* of the Xnr Yon Ihialfi. We coar nbo\e uil icrtional pai tiea?nl loc?l clique*: ami have alway* taken atrong, deci del. and i?j'right ground for aurh a ltnml principle a? iavt-lve the unity and perpetuity of thi* jrreat re j.nhlk:?Cf ntprefcendiDr libewi?e the prosperity nn> commercial freaUiesn of thin city. If we lire to be denounced far auch a courae, w ar- ?repired to meet *?ich di nunctstiona with com P Mire and equanimity. Port* jut* or J**xv Liktb ?We we inundate with portrai'aand lilfneaae* of Jenny Lind, frori ari*'*, buth at home nnd abroad. Among th"n all, ti.rre is mly one portrait ihit look* like th , or gioa!? and tkat cae is iseued in thi.-- city. I The Mamasemkkrr or M^auut, and rue Taci tics of Baknlm.?M<*ret?uk h<ai hut Parodl?Bir! sum has his Jt-nny Lind. Both appeal to the public t to listen to their respective voc-ihsts. One is qaiet, 5 modest, unpretending, an. I hopeful; the other ia i busy, forward, active, an<l anxious. On* look* to , the true value of high art to reward hia zeal ; the ,t other searches at every point of the compiss to i agitate the public miud, and to onng m aa ava>f lanche of receipts. One asks two dollars and a half for a capacuill P?af? WP" an'1 cptn" ? fortable; the other demailds three, five, or eight ,t dollar*, or six hundred dollars, as the. p** may 1 i- for a painted plank. One sits quietly in his s&hq. J 1 turn, to listen to the application. who b desij* *o enj0y true art; the other flies from * P''.iar to post, under streaming banners, and ?. in all the shapes that picture books and autou biographies can devise, to keep up a continual y bretze of curiosity. One depends upon the simple, I. substantial gem that he possesses; the other n would shiver his into fragments, to make it e go further, if not to fare worse. One appeals to e the judgment, taste, and discrimination of the comi munity ; the other to the agitation, curiosity, a?d it passion of the multitude, led captive by the gauds I- and tricks of a public caterer. Maretzek is a mild, ' judicious, unostentatious, artistical manager and n artist; Barnum is a wild, incautious, showy, sut>ert, ficial Bbowmaa, and lecturer on tem|>erance. The n former loves art for itself alone?the latter worships it, or Joyce Heth, or the woolly horse, or L Tom Thumb, for the mouey that is made out of the one or the other. The manager knows when i, he has perfection, and credits the public with judgment enough to find out the fact; the showman d does not know what he possesses, and treats his r. nightingale, his woolly horse, or his negro "turn% ing white with the juice of unknown plants," with e equal phrases of commendation. Kach is the d " greatest curiosity * the world ever saw, and no fish ever beat the Feejee mermaid in swimmiDg in a popular current. Maretxek, in one word, is an artist?Barnum, the keeper of a raree-show. S Such heinc the chief relative characteristic* of , these two prominent guardians of great vocal Ul" lent, we cannot doubt that each possesses great 0 genius in his way. Maretzek'a ability confines n itself entirely to one art, and its various kindred l" subjects?music. Barnum's genius is of another stamp, and, perhaps, so far as human pleasure is yf concerned, equally useful in its way. Art is agreeit able?nature is agreeable?or both combined; or, is if he finds anything that is neither in one or the is other, so much the better. The more monstrous ie the idea, the more potently will it take possession st of his soul, and of the souls of men generally. It >e is his misfortune, not his fault, that he cannot i- make di?tinctions, and thinks one thing as good g as another while it lasts?be it " striped pig," or a re ??queen's eijuipage"?the "fattest man living," or f the most diminutive specimen of the feminine hure man species- the ?' Fairy Titania." n Well, Maretzek is the custodim of Parodi. Barh num the presiding genius over the destinies of ? Jenny Lind. Maretzek is here?Barnum is here, te Parodi is here?Jenny Lind is here; and here may s, they remain for several months, to try their forte tunes?the former at the Astor Place Opera j t. House, the latter at Tripler Hill. Barn am should n not leave now, in the midit of the musical exciteip ntent. He should remain with his prize. Ma- j is retzek, of course, will stick where he is. The next four months can be made a musical jubilee, c All the hotel keepers, shop keepers?everyic body^ in fact?can afford something handsome to keep these two vocalists in the city. In four h months, strangers alone would distribute nore *t than a million of dollars here, that would j 'e be lout to the city, if Parodi and Jenny Liai ) ?- were absent. By all means, therefore, let ua 1 id retain both, by hook or by crook. It is well known in that they are rivalt?and rivalry begets curiosity a. and interest. If we cannot persuade Hirn im to id keep Jenny Lind, ws must get up a monater petivs jion on the subject Everybody must hear her? or all ought to hear her. She is of the light, airy nt t-tyle, that suit* the public marvellously?,md ild should she go away, all the hotels might sutler, h- We hope, on every account, that liarnum will nut so tkii<. Nightingale away. Parodi will do "pretty ?t. considerable," as they say in Connecticut, or jg j "pretty much so," as they say elsewhere; but fe with the representatives of Scandinavia and of :e Southtru Italy, both at once, what a fever of >t, fashion might let in ! Harnuin, do k?*ep Jeuy Lind at ?Maretzek, we have faith that you will hold Parodi. So be i . te Amin Br.v aid ms St inc.?Massac hi setts has st received the representative of A bdul Medjid, the ie Sul'an of Turkey, with every mark of resect and # attention, lie has visited nil the principal estab#t lichmeKta of the eastern nart of that State, and his v.sit to Lowell was much relished. The sight of >e bo many iutelligrnt girls, reared in the arts of industry and contentment, was one tlut interested hint deeply, while the manufacturing establish1,1 rmnts, wi<h their vast machinery, oj>eued his eyes iC'* to the wonderful progress of this country, aftsr *'c only seventy yearo of experiment. ry Amin B? y and his suite will return to New YoVk ' ' in the course of the ifawa, ptthdjM it an e.irly he d?y ; and he will have opportunity then of e x. * nmiuiiig our grest establishments fur the tnanufac? iwe of the various article* of commerce. H?-hu only seen, ss yet, a small |Hirtion < f the enterprise f of thin gnat metropolis. ?e th Tli* Aw*oaciitim Election.? W e publish, to-diy, I r- a lut of the candidate*, a* far aa con Id be obtained, fi- to be voted for in this Sta'e, on Tuesday next, le Though not perfect th* list is very full, and i-Idw* -r the various parties to be represented. Accompany h ing the list are aom-* im,-orU.>t n>tea, useful to ie those engaged in the canvassing of the hi I lota, ie On Tuesday morning we shali publish the list of 19 candidates to l>e voted ftir in thi.4 city, only. The c, | peneral list is published thus early, that oar readers l>- in otli< 1 portici.s of the Sute may know who are ht the candidates throughout the State. r_ Bagst *'* Lmnt/MTY ? It ia said that ticket^ ,a ! for the Lind concerts huve been kindly givaa to ' mr-ny who have not th" ability to parchnae th?m " ; In this, Barnum has been very liberal. Jenny Lind , (Hid she wirh< d every person to hear her, and if (i, I Harnum's liberality continues as extensive, as it has been for the last week, no one need d-sp*ir of (, hearing her sooner or later. :1 Ansa tllthnp'i Se.ei e?t Concrtt at Trtplrr n Hail. ?' Anna Bishop's third s?cr*<l soneert will b? trtven at is Tiipl?r Hall to night. The aanounerment will All tbs kriire. for webava bad no raorrd amictrta ?a well eaten (at*d to pleat* the public no tho*e given under the Jll* r'ctlon of Booh'* The cr?hf?tr* 1* the m?*t full m l e m*gnlflct-fet ev*r collected togethar In thU #lty. anl ' r they mat.age their Instrument* with * unity and harn mouy tjiiilii exeltlng Be*ld>'t. wo hire tli? va?*|it?e tlo? of Pfgtiin. Nc ?elli. and M!n f>e Luaa. II together with the extrn-rdlnory vorallratlnn of Auoa rinhop hern If. which. In wrtintia Bni-b and brihiauoy, ' |f truly wourforfiil. The trlimptiant manger In which 1 *h? tang. ltct Punday. H 0 ratla* aqinno*." bn b?en an 11 l.onrly tl eme In m?*lcal olrele*. and her rep?tklon of ' It to nlfcht will be highly acceptable. Betide*. fh* will *lr>fc naveral other very btllliant oainpoeitlon* -tha *ht la forming an entertainment of a eaored character. I ntflleiently varied to he effect!** with thiwvaatand f*?l.ionabl* multitude that will h? pre??nt. I " . _ Morfmrntd ?f DIMlHgnlnhtd luiliridntli. ! H Hartlett,lloeton. W. C. Clarke. fh lart-iphlm, 11 1 J Pleven* Geo; Mr. Aoittll. V H. N . and thirty i other*, arrlred y?*t?rd*y at the American ? J Shepherd. Buffalo; ff Kldrtga. Va , Cap'. Anthony. *t>lp Bavaria; J. 0. ilunaM, t'. (. A.: A. Nye, ' * j lad . and tfty other*, bare arrival at the Altar Ho* Riibt Klflhol*, Oener%; L. It Roy Parker, U. fl. ' Fqnidron; J. I<ery. Mootraal: M La*tlller, do j J. j | Curtla. Callfort la. Hon J Watern. Halveetnn anl j fluty other*, arrlv?d y**terday at the Irving Hou<?. " M?j?.r Conde. < onn ; Hon. Mr . 1/oncer and lady. Jf. n T ; llon.tcha Meal and two ladl?*. Portland. Mtine; W B. Hionat. K?q . I.ondon; W II Morri* K?-j Pfcil* Kr Potter, tieo . and twentv "? o?her* h<v* arrtvd id taken apartment* at th? I'nloi 1*1M? Hotel. Puvdl'i RtkMiMl ?T Hwwu TwUrdtjr morning, at eleven o'elook, the nkwH) of " Mwrak," which U to be performed to-morrow sight, commenced punctually at the appointed hour. HireUfck precided orer the orohaatra, la hi* eaftomary graceful and *01 stent style, the atualciau all being trlotly tttdotUe to tbelr several duties. Altar the G Introduction hy the chorus. the gem* of the opera were ( reueareeu 07 (M principal sugtrs, no vein, Lioriai, ana Aiealia Patti, taklif (litlr parta 't the bmlneii. Parodi. ^ however, elegantly but simply dre?.~*d- W?a ?hsorb?4 L all attention. Taking her Mat in the ?ni* tlla a. etage. ab? count need the recitatho of the ciratina " Those present wero breathless with e?-- v" _ station. TM Komcit IllRtft&tl/ arrived, however, to end all dcubta, and to katlpfy every hearer that we hare now the greatest dramatic tlngvr of the day, In this metropoy?, Buoh a voioo? such cultivation?such method-auch fulneaa, heigh', depth and completeness of tone, combined, will Introduce ua to new delights A 'Casta Diva" waa aung in a subJusd style, bat with su?h a variety of exprsaslon, with such feeling, pathoi A and uriiUincy. feat we recognised the true Interpret a- B tlon oi Bellini*! Ideal, throughout. Aa we shall have C more to aay after the performance, we will not ralaa c. any further expectations. We know how needleM it la to say much of auoh talent. It will make its own way, Ci triumphantly. Three full ootaves ot fall notes, we c, judge, are in l'arodi's voice. She haa not anly the deepest notea of the human voice, but ahe has the {v middle and hlgheat ones, In rare perfection. She ? trllla and abakea to teuoh the soul, and bells on c< her upper notea with vast power, and with the D sweetest tone. Indulging only in characteristic an<l 0 appropriate ornaments, she entrances yon? stira your bleod till it tinglea-aud, with the eleotrle expression K of a commanding face, added to a magnificent form, holda you completely in her power. Thla la the elTect produced by a rehearsal. Tbe public will see how tho * soul of such an artiite will sweep over the public mind F, on Monday, when ahe addn tbe genius ot the tragio " muse to her vocal accomplishments. t Every seat has been sold in the boxes and parquette, hbu inf ampnuneaire seats aione can now he obtain- H ed. the pale of thrie will commence on Mituday. Thua. without anj parade, does Parodi commence her ' glerious career in the new wcrl4. Marine Affairs. 1 Steamship Artic.?In our notice of the steamship L Arctic, in yesterday's paper, we inadvertently atated that rha tailed trow New Vork on (he 20th. instead of g the 27th ult. She had made 209 miles in 23 hours. Sikamship Citv of Gla.k.ow, Capt. Matthew* failed M from this pert yeaterday afternoon, for the last time, M previous to going on her new route between Glasgow aad Philadelphia. 3 his steamer will ao doubt receive N as good a thare of the custom of the travelling publis in her new line, as she receired?and deservedly so? in her late one. She took out a large cargo and about sixty passengers, whose names will be found under tbe Mailtime Intelligene. Stead ship Florida, Capt. Lyon, sailed yesterday afternoon ler Savamnali. For list of pafcrfengers see Maritime Intelligence. Steamship Brother Jon?than, according to noticei was launched yesterday morning, from the yard of Messrs. Perine, Patereou it Stack, of Willlamsbugh and was immediately taken to the Morgan Works to have her machinery put in her. Lai'M-hed?At Damariscotta, 24th ult., by Meaars. "N Wm Hitchcock 4c Co . a ship of lo40 tons register, O: called tbe Northman. She is feet wide, and 23 1 feet deep; it said to be built in tbe most substantial i maimer, has a lull poop, topgallant foreoattle, white 1 oak keel and frame, iiiahocracy after cabin. &c. j ? At Malapoisett. 81st ult.. by Mr. Wilson Barstow. a I splendid t-hip of about 43i> tons, called the Arctic, j owned by Edmund Allen. Esq , of Fairhaven, and Is i 0 said to b? one of tbe finest ships ever built in M. She ; bag a round stern, length 12ofeet, beam 28 I'eet4 inches. j Jj| depth 10 feet 0 inches She will be employed in the N<rtb I'aeiflc whale fisher/, uniir command of Capt. CLas. W Gtlett. formerly of the Uncas, ot New Bedford. 0' Police Intelligent?. | 0 7 he < <>>* nj Ckmrlri 11 Cat pettier Jar Fnlie Pre>rn^$. ' ? Yesterday, a hearing was commenced before Justice i p, Lctbrop. in the c?-e of the alleged charge of falsa | Qi pretenes pending against Charles II .Carpenter, on Ki the complaint ot Mr. John I>e Forest. Nothiug very t material transpired during tbe examination, auy fur- R thertban that one of the uitnesos, ic k*?m>. his b<wu K' a ?un?*T*r - a Mr. jopepn u"i-n, rtiiiu^i m in ?r. ,\o. :t<> s> East Itroadway.. from whoa Carpenter ub:aland ^-)J | wcrth of lurutturu in June last, on a credit ?| Mity S< tin jr. by milking similar representation* a? main in ; thf charg* preferred by Mr. I)* Forest. Mr. Coles j t(, iurthtr ict forth that on making th<< inquiry of Mr. ' g, kutuh &l<fch. ?d? of tli* reference* giveii by Oarpen | t?r a? to Lis r??pon*ibillty. Mr. Meech stated that Ei ; Carpentir wa* got d. and that h- would any I ot Oirpritel'i paper at thirty day*. Ueliafing Mr. 1 Mrrch Mr. Colea concluded to itil tb? good* to OarI penter at *i?ty day*. aa at the eipir*?lon of thirty fi days he r< uld then gut the note c**be 1 by Mr. Mreoh. i Ti but in tbi* latter particular a mUl*kw hit I ' *' taken place ar. 111 about two week* before the note ..

b?r.i.aie dun. Mr. Coler ottered the ni<te to Mr Meeoh for discount, lived on hi* pre?lo?n statement*; but | u ! ke decltm d taklug It. Mating that the parson who W ' would glre the money fcr it wa? out ot toen; nor was (he note paid on biatnrlty. nor la it paid np to thl.t 1 " time. The hearing baa b?en further postponed uutll i Holiday. Chartr of HnKirny Rol-btry ?A man named .Jo*eph 1 w I Clark ?af arretted yesterday morning, by the 1st Y ward police, on a charge ol knocking do?? and rob- 1 ting Usury Laing ot a $2 the foot of Wai! *tre?t i ill He wasseutta llw Tomb' and locked up , but up to ; 1 i M? o'clock y?*t?rday evening Lain? did not appear j <i gainst blag. ?" ywj'icitii ? A Kan tun J Jofeph W*l-h whila drititg a cart. yeatardaj, on which was a large I cr tiunk wa* s*m to dikm B.reiai su-.nptt to ' ti break i(open. PoUc*tnf\? I.aa^'t attention wi" called I la 1 to the circ uniftauee. and fc? arretted h.ui an 1 took him toltieMti Ward Station liuupo. | Pttsiuf Cunntrrfr i Money ? A woman, calling her- ! Self Mary McLaughlin, ?a< taken up Tt>*ter4ay lor at- jr tempting to p*s* u counterfeit bill, and committed. j /, .tat.e* Ltilt *4* arrested, and ? nt up tor Ht-alP.i^ an India rubber * agon top Hohhttt'i in Ihi I ii im'y nf Xnr V'?i At. Til* ntigh' J *' b< ring riile* and vlilugH* arr tadly lult-t*d with bur- | 1 flat* Nit a day p**s.? but what complaint* are _ ,u H ade to the l hlel ol I'ollrt* l**p?cMug <t?pr< rt?tl'>n*. ' el (tn Thntalir a pr .tismsn 1r mi tt lliitia^buric'i ci'l-d ] to gl?* the ijhtei Ibtoruiatinn that *'>me burglar* had the ni^ht pi ei tout entered hia pramiM*. winch mada the lotir'h time within th* lai-t tbr<? mou'-ha U?oy n'ber* hate rr'd ?l Ihe 1. ke depr'dation* A ct g>atl?R<an tr in K:.teu??co.| likfwlae ioformed the of thtWibat >n Motidav tlitbt. wnn bftH rtbbari hat | towtd wp a hrat on the bank of hi* pr>-ml?*.v an 11 ra . . Due. large tat Jiog?. lu'nOid for alorar n??. It -a I > , been eiaughtered in tfca pea. and aoireynd by tb? ' j T?gurr to their bout, anu in tha'. maimer carried ' j. rft Itso track of tb? n.en aud the tta*? ot bh>od 'pot* 11(1)1 ihe toga ant Trry ?i*ibl? to the water* ' *' tdfr. 0uch robU ri? * art; 11 n'ghtly ooourrencc. and | , ?. jlK..- ft. ... ....a . ? - l.-l* ... -1 rogvt t ciuld b< caught in the art of bringing In thrlr j. plumlrr * htrtl a L-nn'it?.5fl?mp! t? Commit SniriJ*.? On att?moon, officer tilrawn ir'Wt'il ? man by J'J tii. iiu.Ml J rax en U?n?A*M, who ?a# d*'art?-dln tha !'" ut of liaii) r,; tin a--if b) tin- mrk t" *9 awning pout j! with M? rtik p<rk?t LanJk<-n-hu f. Tbi- b?ndk<ircti)if 14 w?? ttrawo mi tight vi>ud I bin neck th i? ?IUi m<- it R (MTi'ilt) *?? it l>c*"n< d. ro k< to allow nim 1.0 Jjlir???h*. Man?feld *a* takrn to th? patina en-jrl b? } " lor* .<u*tle* ??:boro?. wh?n it w?< avldnnt that th? J,K rniin wan lub.iiir.ic und?r an nharrOion o? tnlod; and ji*?o d?f*?S'.it>* d wa? h* to t k-h,* lif* th*t whil* In St th* court, Wore th* fi<llc?rii roald Inttrian, h* drvw ?> !r< ni M# f ookrt a knif*. and In an Inntant tnftlot*d a d*?|> an I da"i *tou? woaa t on hi* n*ok . with a d'fti^n 'J[ to rut hi* tin at Tk* blood tli>w In all dir?ct,uu?; J?_ bi>t l>?l<r< hi* rould 1 f?rt aootliar wound ofllcara 77IW?i ?i'i*"t bin by th* arm*, a ad pro- V *n'*(l ni y Inrthrr t!nl*nr*. tor tna,{t trat* rog|. ? 'uilttid bin to prlann on a rliarg* ol lo*antty and Ui* vi.biid war- dr?>?' 4 lit l?r Oor?l. th* n'^on phf?lcl in. ] SutfHi 1 'i < / fjrtnif l-nrt trty - Vu Friday *Ti*n'n ?. a ji. Bias, talllnir liinimlf l'bo* J. M.-Cab*. wh? arr*?ti-d at St Tir tinrj Hail, by th* pollen of th* fourth ward, and locked up. It appeared that Mrt'ah* had. matin* ?lnc*. tmardidai lloUI. and whil* th*r?, *< ni* of th* hkfd'tl' room* w*tw nit*r-d with *ippit*. an in?tri>im #t tn g*u?r*J 11-* ain"ii. ?t het? I thi*??*. I??ir pldon i?mrdt*t*ly f*ll on Mn :*b?. and h rron ilt*tlili th* h >n?*. but < uUuu.d to o un ii...n .i? * .....u. 1 i... ,i?. ? ..... ...i, ?r r..., w.r...., - "" ?-/- ??. " |1, nili^r* ?a* Imt In ft particular bf f?m? f?r?n 1 j, known. up n olili'h an otllovr wan prof uml from tU-* (ji fourth riMrl'-t and direction* Mm to watch nnj Uu arreet who ???r might take tk> m. On Fflday evening Mctabe r a tut tu tbe hi.u?e a* u*ual. and after look Ai li g rotud. and f.i.dlin thi.t < p?ra n ? < looking at bim. L?- took up the nlpptr*. lett the hoo*? ami pro. tredid t<> Tamtuany Hull He w?* followed by the ofll- At or. who lay In wait, watching hi* movetaenl*. who arretted ktm. and brought to tin* station boiiae. and /mm tbaftre rent to the police offlce. Ma In al?o oh?rg?d with belag a pickpocket. A ni >o of tha imnn of Parker ?? aimtrl at th? aame tine, on *a?ptclr>a of beleg *n accompttee el kl.? /inrg/m y ontl mllrmpt a' SoMerf.?The dry good* ftore ot it?pbf ii Waaif 03 llou*ton itrwet, w%* entered en Friday in i log abd an attempt mad* to carry off Ilk rbawla and fiber article* valued At f.WI Tna rtore w?* eiiti red through tha rearwindow by outtthg oo'oneofthe | '?nel* florae of the pnllue of the rirtenth district, ? n pa>*lng. beard a nni*e. cot Into the *tf re and attempted to arreat the thieve*, but they eucceeded In eecaptBg over thefenee, baring dropped the got da In the yard, where they were afterward* found lit anil ? Pernard Rafferly wa? arre*t*d on a charge ofnttali&g fih from Michael M alone of Oxford, tlraega county. CrmmUtid. Till OkKaT I'nioM Mketino of Nbw Vou.? We have never before dernled the ?ame amount ofotir apace to matter of any description wilh more antiafar lion than we hare given the preceding p?ge to the proceedings of llie great enthusiastic >i nn?etinij in New York, in tippsft of the I*wa, the tlii constitution. and the t'Bion. No American, whether in Pouth Carolina or elaem here, can read ' those proceedirtgf, nnd the noble aentimenla which * J* bre?th<' through the apeecbei, the resolutions, ^ and all, the aoul-atirring letter of Mr. Web- ,*>? sfer, whktilt feel ng his heart glow with renewed bnt patriotism and a dveper devotion to the constitu- t. r tion of his country ? Nativml wif M M W T Oil lOMIIiflOII. KLBOTION MOTBMBKR 5TII. poi.i.s opti at and close at aiKsrr. U Tk? foBowiaa in tka ualiitiau far Mate ? ??? . lade fcy tlM part lea la thia BtaU ? ~ ItitlOaMn. * _ (/fciin. Democrat. Horatio 8n;aoar. lorttlo ItmMr t] '/TJ; <<'*?*ge J. Cornell. Saoferd B. Ckrtfl. L aha i. Commim a. . J ohm C. Mather. John C. Mather. a r?? Pauuii Isir Abiii Bt|?r. Ctiarlei 8 Beatea. hmmxor Armu.liml 8. Smith. William P. tu?L '' H Hig. Auli-KetU 0T,B"?* Waahingtoa Hunt. Waahl ngtoa Haai. k< |?VT. Coiihmih 0#. rn J. Cornel). SaafordY Charah. ? ahal Cokhiii h. Ibaueser Blakeley. Skrneaer Blakeley. i< rATaPm* !? Ahner linker. Williaa P. A,?|7 _ " *? w i/j riU.f Mil I. Smith. Chirlei 8. Bontaa. S " Abolition. B OoTKooa../ u *,nu?.L;??PU?- " Lievt Ootkbbo*. ., Joe?p. * , ft Caiai. Coaaiiaatoam. John O 111 jjT^Tf P?i?>? If-triccTOji... 6aS?d wTh? * ? w.-ri ?l Ammbi/. tii Couutie$. DLt. Whig. Demerol. ! ?*** 1?Jeha Bonok. Robert Ilabcock. *" 2?Adam J. thultei. Au t'Hiit. ? S? Hamilton Harrii. Robert I. Tempi*. ?. *? i?J< aiah Q. Hoot Eli Perrr. ixcoam 1?Bmery t Norton. Aaaoa Cougdoa. of ?? 2?Samuel 8 Carter, leaaa H. Couaolua. tb ?oomc. 1?Roger W Hindi. William Maelnra. ?-i TA11 Afovs .. l-AI?mo A. Greeory. Daaiel MeOlura. ?i do. . 2?William j. Neleen. John Carprater '? ? 1?William Ua>dna. l.itl ColVSa. I? 5? 2?George t'nierirood. datuutl P. Oakley. t! do Deloa Bradley. Andrew P. Laweaa. bl hatavq. K .. . 1 A. Gregory. Heary P. Whalaa. 4o 2? W J Nela^a. William Cwlvill """to 1?Leri Harrii. a in do 2? Laa an 1 ncer?o!l TJavid Vaa Harae. J? iiin'KO 1-Jamaa M.Millin Samnel Miuler. at 1-Henry O. Hewitt. Ira 0. Cham'-erlaia. bi.i JitiA I?John D. I.augdon. Ilonry Sn.ilir. ?- .... 2?P. W. Riihop. lleory A. Link. M oiiTi.Asu 1?Alvaa RtUong. Aehbel Patteraen. 1* iiavaui.,.. 1?Van) Ring. Sarnu 1 B>>le. ]?, .... 2- Wm. Glaaaon, Jf. Johu Laugliran. a I'Ti'Mrjia l-( harlea Da Boia. Charlea Kebinaoa, " do 2?n. R. Sherman. John H Otia. 10 S?Wm. H. Jeltorra. Benj 8. Therae. *t 1?Orlando Allen. W. U ?. Smith. di 2?Williaa A. Bird. J. . Vunderpoel. n .H?Hear" Aiwoed. Rrvin H. Swell. . Ja 4?Chaa.C Beveraaee. Morris Poadiuk. "** 1?Abram Walden. Alteon H. A Ilea. ""?> I_i*-m ? VI.M1.. n M u... _ 'tun & II'ton.. 1?A'fred A. Haair. John dtewart. )j BKMBK. 1?Albert Bruce. Samuel Wtllati. d? 2?Levi Fifk. Daniel Saragae. i" *r.rn* 1?John A.Cook*. Turaham K. Cook*. ? do 2?Yheo. L. Prevo.t Henry Klngaley. n ihkihk* 1 -John Markell. John H. Wooittr. h do 2?Amoa U. Preaoott. D. Shall. g( >.t > in tor. .... 1?W'm. A. Gilbert. A. Tibbitti. _ do ... 2 - Hiram McCulloai- John Poo's. _ do ... !*? l.oren iso* I ? George K. Baker. Alired Conovar. " do 2?Howard C. Cadj. Al.ram Yerplank. Jt do S? K. T. Bn-klioute. Chariot H. Hooper. ai iti^mtox..., 1?O. D. Lake. Lvman OJsll. , do .... 2? AlviaChamberlala. John Vcroam. cwi* 1-J A. Wiltord. John Newkirk. ,l ahiion .,. .,. 1?F. B. Qjppm. Joseph A. Norton. J1 do 2?Hrzekial Betoher. Jiimca French. OMto* 1?Narhan II Fordyoe. William F. Holmes. k, do 2?t'aleb B. Corser- Samuel P. Gould. , do S?Win. A FiHhugh. Asa llowe. l,i ONTOOniKk... 1-8. P. Heath. JohnH.Craae. di do .. Dirid W. Kali-r. Conrad P. 3a.ll. ac Tor k ... l-^rd7eVw*uCT" Albert A ThomMoa b< do .... 2?Charles R Swords. Isaiah Rvnuen. do . ...S?Charles A. Kara. Lyman Candee. fo - H Heary AUen. ? -o * *" ? < W^m^Danlgaa.*" Mich. Don,.,.rt,. e, da (?wvllis Rlacksto*. William B. Aitkia. 8(1 do ....7?Henry J. Ra\i?ond. Janes 0. Potter. to da .... ft?S. L Macvmbel. Smith Crookar. hi do .... U? John Ryan. John B. Brenaaa. w uo ... .10?L. B. M ard. Garrett U. Strikar. b( do ....11?Jam.. Dewey. j ^ g; DowaiM- cf - "? ? O^ory. j J*; da ....IS?J. B. Varnnm. Kduard F.Dounelly. Wl da .... 14? I uorie Clark. Ira H Bavie. d* ..,. 15?John J. Town-end. William V. Barr. ir. u n r???n. JSaintul Bradhur*t. a 1 D" CtMI"- } Juinoa U. Suydaa. *1, iai.aka 1 -Ah'jnh H. M*m. Chnrlea Evan#. v. do 2?Jeptr.a W. Babeock. John Porter. . mii A 1-JoMBh Ben.diot. N.CurtU Whit*. ' do t~Uii Utrtli. Wm II. Hubbard. W d<> S?Lorenio Ronta B liuM IkJiog. tb do 4?UroTK* Brarton. I.*wl? R>dir. pr kokdaca*... 1?Joarph J. (lla??. D. (!. Le Rov. VJ <lo. .... 2- llorac* Friacll*. Elijah W. Cnrti*. i do. .... 3? (ie?rge fltcTuna. J ^<in F.Clark. _ do. .... 4?George V. IIiird. Duuiol Eeanlaoa. u* mario l?Thoicn? J. VIiLoiiih.Jutius W. Granger. an do. ...... 2?l*aa-. Pardee. in Iti i ann I?AWah llattea-jn. Sila* M. Bnrroogh*. rM ?.<> 1?Henry J. I ampbcll. John Scot! do 2?Edwin S. Ci'ffiu. NavJi. W. MaUeaoa. ] do. ii? ~ W "i h Ion V igWt, . .~ ? t?.o 1? Jamea Pla' t. M ubj P. Ilatih. t>)' do 2? J., ob Cro.riMcll. U'njainm F. I.owii. ( ? KANCC 1?OllTor Uelknap. Themaa Fulton. ,,,.( eo 2?Phioea* Rnxsey. Chart** Thompaoa. 11,, do 3?Jamca Burt Milton llarut*. ,, , iinaw l?l bausecy R. Weak*. William Hown*. !??>'? 1?John if. rennU. Jamei llaiirlc*. csf-KUAKB .. 1?Uerrge I.aa'ej. J. tl. Uock*r. do. ... 1?Matban Krunntll. Wilian Rnaaall. ( do. ... 2?P. W. Uiahop. 0!ir*r I!. ThrmpsJ*. ich*i"nii I?Wm. 11. Ariban. Benjamin P. PralL " r.Ki.AM) .... 1? ?? Jiioi?'jJ Sickl**. 1*' lhatoca.... 1?Alralat* Leggctt. ( ' do. .... 2?John I. Perry. Joisph Banen*. hohabib.. . . 1?John C. Skait*. Lswi? R'ck**ll. W d?. .... 2?John Hare. AHrum L. 1 a*y?r. loi 1?Orin Botithrfoll. 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SjijucI J.iyte. Jr. T. L. Car.-^r, Mnrr*? Wookt?r, T. U. White, and O. T. ! , am-bard. aia iibeitv party candidate* iaOatadaza county- 1 J J Th'-rewill ie thrae t bo? ?u>ed in tht e?miDgal?c- J gu on, except lnl>r* Yoik and llaibilton cnuniia*. rtn l in nntlei electing 'local" officii* to dlt< liarga the duties of i< *e? or Simtata I The 8'u'e b x, 1b wLleh will be ill; tailed the ballitt atatairr the natter or ail the S'ate Ovi-cr*, Rapraaaatft- ' raain C< u(refe, aau all tha County Ortiesra on the aauie f'' I'lot. / BU 2. Tie Arrrn Hy be*. in yrJUch ? HI be dapoaited tha ballot ? ' r Men bora of A- -i'?nM>, arparate'y.?I.nm nj .Vtr 1 vfc. l b ??, I I a/*, i 34 . S -ri.n. J. S. The tW'boi i l.?w box,in ?\ * ill ha it c pa* i ted the b tlt? for ?nd ?.al?n lie H?p?3l of the New Mhool Law. nr. ..t V.i - Voi k, K*>. < k-itfrr 3H; S.rti.,., .1 *,J la ti e <'it) and C?uat y of now Yctk, ad in th? Omnty or amnion, the mine* of all tha r? ?< ? voted for by any rrtor for !: (iiaieaial lr? in tjnii*ri (? ninit ba opoa a ft rale ballot, aoi' "CoiiRtM##." L'nnti'Ma ?h?(e Juiij>-?or Stirrocate*, #r loeal ofnier* to | VI rcharfo tb* > I a t v t Cotinty Jrd*? or Bntr#?at#are to be li" > i te>l, lbet> f uet I e a lox laballvd ' Judi i&rr '' 1 1^>' Ihe Jujllae ef the fanlunt la cla"ej on tb? Sta'e tlckat. , 14' ). hM i.r inr ? in?>i. i M.i.'.r. . In ''.V< honl."Foa Ihe ll'i-'al or the ?(#w ."ehool I,aw." 1 d> 1 >i * W.i.ais r I Ha H->t" i'I or tha N? ? S.!li<m| U*.'" I the ballot* mnet ba folde l ?.) aa to e< ttresl alltha ?? rdi ai. I i I t tb??ard '>eho< 1," ?Lieh ?u*t art'?*r ca thacutiida ! tha ballot. "b' ' ?a OtnKrriii If. f? A?.? /I'm* r#f. -Suffolk. fc?.... Abraham r K ?M. J?ha (J. Fl'yJ. -km<i *i "1m liah IU? (' ru. S. ; ' * 1 ?Fiirt ' Mtrdl J J?'hn 1 Kv>dm*u. j F , . ,, , , Ntv Y"t*. . ( J*tnri II h?d. j t.m**o?l llarl 4 -MB. 7tK W*k, # . ? n?k,_. ???.. } Jo?*pfc * MWi.J *?' k IStli H "d? J 1 U?l?rl Itaara. j , ,f UrM#h ,, * 14 b, Rtt||? frl. *?. Ilir.rt Ar<-nla>iua ' ? I -IdlHtll)) . .Jlh?> Rmti. J"> ft OoW.raaa 1.. - ? uhwti t kt.Ji'hnJC' tmt. V'-'I ? ? I*. ; n -llnlclun k?., I hn O Riuj ir. U I'wrl Dm?( i.m V Kt?.. V W i ill .m ?>; i r?r. -t!l*t*r. H?. ... Jt?r'a Sln.iniu?'.?r. Or* -a *. Allakaa. 1 ?1 nlfcntl i*. kf. HMrct P. Cow Ira. J??>*li MllhrUnl. tniMli<r ,,, kuwll Htf', ' L 'ifnosr.J ?Albaayt*.., J. hu U P 'H c'?r*U !*rt?mj forulo* ' i - W aahingtiu Sa.lM.n Il.'il. J W Th.>mpa?a. ?'"I'm?? l>*?. t. T.-?i?r. r?, fc- . j !i n ..ll*. 1 h vh*? J. M*rria. - Il>rkin?r. Ir. l1. P. M'lun.Ur. A 'a lander II Bad. -ft l.airrae* fcr I .'a? *. Oram. I'raatoa Kin*. V! - Jrff. r?o? < i >rl?? k Clarkt. w iilard |th. - m?|il? Or'i<?e II. Ma tftja.Ttitmhy Jan kin* { kr**?. William W. 9a*<? -Oieaaaro, fco. .M*n*y Joh? J. Tiylir T , -< wr??, k".... J?hn MMliam*. UaaHtr MSmk I i>?imiir' Vital V. Inltk. ltaalel T. Jaaa*. Itr -(m? a k*... I lv*td H Xtrui. Th?ii T. IHv. it, I 111 -in*|>kln?, to. .ii'fr "V WaihrtdM. K?M>rt Half-* J. 'n> i a, fee..,. U u. A. faokatt. J*w?* 0. SuiiMi. >< Kc area A. *?. S?'i?rLi-rh'>r?.P. O Bmka?. - ('atari", *< .. . V?J*'l *li tlnafirl. Jtut. S. Wadawarth ] ttaulta k*... I'hilip Cbnr h Riah* RaMa. ri. ~"*?'r*ti?tti, fct l r?d k 8. *Iartin K.ll Walt*. Itri* ...... ... fc. II. Uavafi. I'rad'k P. RUrmi. ,r, ki.,.*??n? P. Ri tall Wm. II Ktitiat. <4 Orlraaa, kr . . L?rtn*"> Hnfriwa. Siitrknrn B I'lpar. I .!< I n J. Hir 11 r>r,i, Ann R ut. J* it* ??rr??. *i?lltl?a. 011 ; a Praia. I.>t>?rtj F?rtjr. < t.i-xrec W. niaif, N?(i. t.kl Whig. < | UtirS'Ta? II T, a I aioK'lt. _ ir New York lity Offl-era. |>| I VMn. Itrmnrrtl. im A C (iai'lui rrrm^.d i W ?<. r. A-> r<>? ?*r.. .*atM. B lllitnt. Jcka Or*h*m. irjii'i W It llfkff. Tit'*, W. Clark*. v. Ai ii*H< > John J. tltrriak. P?trlak Ufarjr. * Raril, {/ TV Ty't (V<l'?. f '' inw*. ... .1 j o. W. RlaitavM*. ? ... IR- W,S. iMktn. ?? ? An >>?>> , I?Ortli indata, Alir*h*n Moot* .. M J. Rtnir. Dudley llala/. *" , (??n/l K Ma?>h?ll. Ae ( Amu* 0. Uaritl. ? .. 4-jM.MoAlilaM*. J L **5^ri?hZ " .. H?4?hn Baysa.* * Jika J?\a*on. ? , . ... ... \ 1 R?rr. ?-Jaa CailUla. > M MXaajhtia. 1 Vi>iV. w?i. M r?t#d . - . ?-)/?:: ?.;hiVr. tlol " JiJ'K'S.SlSS WillUmI BrlaHy. b.j . .KK-DarM Cbarlat Franei*. rn. " . ,||?W. T. M?o*?t?l. VmUt Smith. ' . .ia-0??. W. J?aVla?. F. Titrnan. tl? . .13-John r??r.all. | g*l ' ^aV,Tl"U "* ( K' l'otl A. S?ada. frm " . .14? MarrU Miller. < P. Cunalaaham. ? ( limi.thr I>?lr W?i an. " . .tft? lfi>nrt H D lilir. Cliitl'l L??*. " . ir-K*thaa C. Ely. H m (1. Carnal *? ' - !k~ R.r. l ?rmn. pm " ..It?Waia* C. Irfwifda. joha Dohtrty. * Jireat L. W tn|h. National Wht<. 1 ? bai *nprfmf Caart. ^ 0**B*A1. TKKM. iot X- Amrn*rt U>a rfa?l?looa jUan by tha Court ' * day. aw that ronpaettna tbn a? cmI la ' Th? Foanmt Pi?o*<? 0a?*. j 'ituin Atr^if rl. CWklfAw S. IWr#(f.-Th* ?fdar of rial Tarm iffltmM. without co?ta Th? Court bald tn* t tha writ of n/ ? '?t. aa prareptallra writ, had not tota 'it nboll*b*d by tha cod*, hat that In till* ?m? tb* tlm nplalnt did not nab* out a raaa of abandonment. , marrly af appre h?n*1o?, wlthont ?tatln? any in- w" Hon on tha fart af Mr. Forraat to abandon bl? ton ? T III Btuktttw ttw VIm AM. W* IruiUti from the ?< i Italia, an excella^tti An paper. edited by Mr. Beeehl da CimU, the ig rrmarke upon the work of a young Am^Sp aintar, ot Boaton:? V Being. a tew day* ago, In the elrgant apartme^H la rdttor of tba Nru> York iltrald. at tka Uaion otel. among tba ohjaeta of art whlah attraote^H ttrntlon, we remarked a ploturn In the old atjlall relenting a hrrmit. Tba attitude U aaajeetic meiabla. while hi* thought* ?**m direct?* towarM itter world. The t!nt? arv yorj natural, I&4 u, H reavion true throughout iuy 6a? Would hX ippoted it belonging to tba old olaaical aokoel udl "WITT -ur"?IM'o ,l b*l?"g informed by Mrl that ?he bad nought it lor 0110 hundred dollar* A 1 American artist. Mr, of Boaton Thl tuia la, undc ubtedly. far superior to man/of thail lat figure in the gallery of tba American Art Union! roueh praise is due to the amateur of One *" j _ "" * ??un* artist. who ia certainly d?? 1 10 rt>ponr?av- * "f higher merit. 1 led to produce worae t ^ I City I?telligrMM> Printers'Union?Last evening. a owating of tha 'inters' Union waa held at Tammany Hall. A pilot-* having been adopted, James Broohj^ tdl^r of ? Hrpittt, was denounced aa not pa^'mg fair wage* id an bring opposed, in bl* P?r-?r, to the interact* ofe working man The merging retol ved not to *ut> ' rt him aa a candidate for Congress. One man ianiil lompton got up to d^utnd him, and wm hissed down t the meeting Fitil Accidfst ?A ship carpenter named Miller tbe employ ot Mr. Wt-bb. ibip builder, waa killed >eterday morning, while engaged in repairing tbe earner Ajaz, having been caught in tbe wheal. Sho< kiku Accidknt. -On Saturday morning, Gordon rll' D. one of tbeWnds an board the staamboat Ajai. log at tbe loot ot Hun# street. went into the wheal- I our* lor tbe purpose ot regulating the maehinerv. I 'bite there, or as be wa< ciming out, it waa put fu I otion. lie ?a? struck by some part of it, and in-1 aatlj iiiled. The Coroner held an inquest onSatnr-1 ij morning, i.nd a verdict was rendered accordingly. I e waa a chip carpenter by trade, and reaided at rwia street. B Df.atii or an Anas T,aoy.?Mra. /.ipporah Davit. I l(e of Mr. Abraham Davis, aod mother of our well H Down towctman (Jl.bert bavin, died at White Plaintfl I* Friday evnlru in her eighty.third year, llei H uaband ia eighty five yean of age, and previous til er death tbey were tie oldest couple in White Plaint, H aving been married sixty Ave 3 ears.and their loage-itH paration in that p-tl d was twenty daya. They ere tbe first Metbi>di?ts iu the Plains, and w?r* H lucb efteemed by their neighbors Tie neighbor-^! nod ia remarkable tor looc>?ity Within live or si ears several of the old inhabitants have died, at tko^H ;e of from eighty three to ninety-sis?their averagw^E (e being about eight) ric yeavs. There are twa per-^H >ns now living r.enr White Plains, on* ninety-seven fare ol uge. and tbe otber ninety on*. Ketd ei>.?A boy about seven yrara old (name not^H dowd) fell from the top nfa pile of lumber at the hotim ul West street, into the river, and would have been 'owned but for a mail named .Irthn !!/??? wWrt I in after liitu and brought him out o( the water after a had funk twine. Km nii Dnuvinko.? Yraterdny morning a man va? uud la the *uter at the loot of Rubiaaon itreet. hone ni.M" In to b? I'eter Rrady lie wa? >tu tbont'iereo o'clock on Friday n'ght. on the dock, jquirltn (or the packet (-hi;>' Western World rerjr ihi alter a rplifh In the wxter w?? hoard, and a cry r help. The p*r*OD* who board him ran to the ipot. kit : were unuble t" jive him any a?Mhtance. and ht its drowi<?-d The (lutoner held an ire;ue*t on th? jdy jwtfrd?y *t?<l th? jury rendered a verdict In acirdaiice ?1th the ah"?e iao?e A paKaage ticket foe herpcol hy the We?t.?rn Kuril was found lo hii >cket. ?H -h led ti th? Ui.ccvery of his name. Ha ii? abcut fifty year* ot ace. Un.iVtRv r*Hiui'-> ? 1 h* Johnson Guard* proceeded, tew dajtiuo. to Kav*t?wcad, u|iou a target ezenr[>n M m II Cornell l? the t'aptalit. and they namted forty eight mii?*et? The prixee were won a? llow* ? Vlitt prfte nir^r cohlet, won by J W. Bandrd; second pi Izs gold pencil, won by la*. Hyatt; !rd ptlne gold hreart uin won by John Alden; feurtb lie. gold ring, won by (J?.o. A. Jereuiie. The target in very fine. MMW of the fu'tain of the Twend Guards i* >n:an. not It number* thirty-eight mntkeU, d Captain D ii a oan l-l*tt fjr Acahtant Alderman the Seventh ward. Flrat BrlRiulr \i? lerk State HlUtla-8p?* H 1 IJ. vage .s . i urk, .>?ToaM ^ IDM.-t'oL 3|i> r. < f tl>e ?? . !. J K??im nt, la lie rby directed la detail I 'e iu Untiteri. 0*-it'i'-?? " ' 'lehtait'on OntinMital* to : in ii.imiI habere u < ha nutiiinl a irnllant ildier or s ??r of IM2. J 1. hit, t?-m?r.ow, (ijuaeay,) at tw? I'.fk f V . lr? ri hi. la c io-: i?i ??. fir- en I'oiut t,)B? lal>t. Hi order" ' i N H V f-TO K AS, Bri*. Ileal. I. J. RouAUT, Rr'r " ir - In-teiior. Tlie preot tia>e ui l)iy Uiudu at Lane A H rier'a, ( alliotli.t tr ?t f?cr? rren' IndnCMuent* tu to to i Brrhate the-r >l'? v l? l>te?? il ?i?, t'loako ?vik? p?caa. nraMMM, Mum . Pll?l?l I'i.b'wI OBnevM, h i \ .'? rt 11 i>>a <i Dry Ge*M, s1 I *Cottoa-, o.illrre uttt i4'ur?t?an, nn b? rurchatHd then at very r pricei. l?olni??' two new ?kyi|;hts are row cein> H tt?d. ?itli in pto>?4 'ur l>lautrrm jpe makiai.uurpai.Ml In Itia world l-oii e e?r%l.U of taliiag |i?i tj l'n) itiiirs jer day. Hcluie? ?m a?r??di>< a medal a? the fate, I d lBtct.d> to iiierit iu'o<5 a a?d ashiere honor* front en<l|> atid the Infer* of ehaeni'nc ficturef. Ne. t\> uadway, Ltate, d Holmei H Would j oa attonliih ttaeiia! Would yen H to tn? M oi ld'< rair. ? M4wf a ad antoniaii tliea with i'lure ruoh th?> rani.ot i-i ?iely prodofe in Europe? fan iMiiTn cpe I.ikeaeMta (< in pt fOTi i-r < f ]lr??d?ay ai,d rrsnl 11 a ?tn?i) for they are (iipctl, ?9 i.atmil, " e1-p?nt, ihry eaau?t b? e>i'tailed. MMIo. Jftuiy Ixlix) Tt.c beat L>lkeneaa of | i> I i ly, nd tlit nioat i-ii|*ro p> rtrait tur proJaaad?by adyVsaw prMca* of D*KiMrt o |ii<c on i\crir? ii u"w fwf I, f.itl. n a; ISrady'a Uhllivy. ca, Jjr. J?i), ci tu< t at l'ula >tn> t. Ptrodl.?An Accwrntc Llkriiru and i* mili'ul pirtrall of tbn col hr?t>1 pv.rua dvaoa, hM b?*u ken at b! sJ an 1 I t rxMbuiou at bla (t)lxj of da?ttut)|u, N". '.t'i lire a 1* ay. Oflld )!(4nl.?ll*iUril'l liiiiuovni Uqnlil lir 1' ?. rroiiraa th? hi.? prciiit.iiii at \iairic-'? r. Nf* I ork, ?l ar? i- * ? <x*ui>u?4 by l?r. ihiltoa. igvil, :i d ?fc? pn t o''*c? l it t 'ia k*?t ! ikii n<*r??< jraparatioaa [ r oala or am ltd. waratirt tn ?!< frifr" " ftdl n O. M. I-M.I.ARD, pn.iit, fee., No. 15i KulU'ti atitat. 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