Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1850 Page 5
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_________ MikraMarad auUu, 461; wlrtU, I.MS, 1mm. 6,331; i ?laak. 678, aoUoMdaa, 1JM; n?U 60S; (iotim. 339 ! fvUtlan, (W; spool, 6,123; koaa. 84.806; 3 94U: , MM, 1(4, c<>rda. 772. ToUl. ?08 i'71. Manu/utlurtt *f SW*.-VaJu? -gllkJ, $31 403; ribkoia. I 346: Imw, 1.977; do ?llk an J cotton. 1,761; emkroidery, 2.420; attlu, 3.300; Ttlrata, 6 643 ; do. ?tlk ud cotton 039; kdklk , 1,418; erapaa, 5 248; Tails, 862; aravaU. 3 288; *11 k and wcratad aha via. 8 820; aaarb, i 19: I.lmh 3 824 da ailk and eatton, 8,476; Mlk and otton vetting*. 1.690; *l)k kail linen. 400; tUk tad cotton, 1.871; *Uk ui worsted. 12 804; tllk and merin* lurtrea, ?40; buill mil binding*. 0 127; cord*, 700; lrla|ee, 310; hose, 106; glovea. 106: br^lde, 365; galloona 418; gimp*, 724; 1 aorta, 208; other manulacturee of *llk, 13 191 Total 143.0:4 Mann/at lure f oj ."JIP^?Linen*. J7fl 831; da and eettoa 8 486; hdkft, Weed 7 884; roll*. 4Wt; bobbin* 488; yarn, >283:'HHmB. 77$; other manufac ture*, 761?total. >102,7m MmtlUntou* form*. - Vslue?Straw good*, $24,119; artificial flowere and feather*, 160, collars, cuffa, be., 2,606; embroidery. 4.199; (bawls. 601; hoe?, 806 vest tags.1010: pearl buttons. 686; leather gloves, 9,r>47; kid do. 1172: button*, 828. do. stuff*. 6 439; i|aeen's cloth, 1 7l2; grass do, 76; bemp carpeting, fl09; <* J web, 160; hair cloth, 6 029; drugget, 2.60(1; cocoa' ting, 8ft?total,901.449, WITHDRAWN raOM WiRtMOVRC. M*nnfa<htret 1/ H'eoi.?Valce?Woollen' <nni<v Cloth*. 3.382; stuff goed*. 2.292; cotton -a 1J19; Canada keAys. 319; lustres 281; T , J??; blanket*, 1 265 ; other manulactur . All. $16 068 . **' i<H*r </ Cott<m ^Co%tont $11460 . ?i ? "a*'' UmK 219; handkerehJefs, '9; mu.lln embrtld , 37# ? Mg . other manufacture*. 640 T ou-gw MJ,_ alae-Kibbons, $833; PonET'SPfiwP&Ti'J9 and wonted. 894: do. 4*'i#? r?" 204 ,?wln?i 3Mi button*. $t,glovM, 4.219. $? Sol. * * "f l lax - Value?Llnnn*. ? 11,320 ; thE?md'?1'44,J- T-tal, $16,763. itCiUf!?ZOMt .?Value 8tra<r good*. $2,335; leather gloTMB, 286; vraw cloth, 133; burlaps, 1 1*24; long ahawle, 75V-Total. M 080 1 B KNTKRIID FOR WAHIHOl'SEltt;. $16,777; cloth, 1*44; cottcn and 6.430; blankets. 1.620. Tot*I, $'24,611. Manttfmrtures of Cotton.?Value- Cotton, $19 464; bftnJkerohletP 87.1 Total $ "JO X17. Matutfot tutct of Silk.?Valu* Ribbon*. $1,484: l&e?s, WO; do . ?Uk and cotton 670; ?r.iT?t*. 2.82V; Mlk and otton ahawtp. 1.277; button*. 1.808.?Total. $S,67? Uanujaiiun < of flux.?Value LImu. $6 532; bandk?rekl?ft, 1.6J4; thread, 4 728; shoe do . 923 Total, $12 792. MitcrUaneous.? Value- Straw good*. $89i BlCiriTt'UTIOK. Consumption. Vockagn. I'alur. llaaufccturea of Wool 431 $137 3dJ Cotton flia #8 #71 " . 811k 108 123.<13 " ru* 521 102 79. " Miacellaceoui... 3(12 41.449 ToUl 2128 $524,218 Withdrawn from lVaiehtuit. Potkugil. I'nlur. Maaularturvs of Wool 48 $16,15.1 / " Ootton 77 16.382 >ob * Bilk 80 2U.001 tb " Flax 112 15.70.1 " MiMeUaneon*... 72 4,?8<j Total ~344 $ 73,786 Total consumption 2,128 624.218 Total thrown upon the market 2,472 $598,003 KnltruI for Jf'arrhimting. Packaft*. t'nlur. MaDUfectorea of Wool 8'i >21071 " Cotton -114 3D.337 ? Silk 31 8.878 KIm A3 1VW " Miacellaueouf... 7 892 Total ?7 $67,388 The inportationa are steadily falling off, and the amount pat upon the markit daring the past week hut tlightiy excteda hall a million of dollar* and the aaennt entered for warehonaing waa also very llmiljjJ. Tbia U a very favorable feature In our foreign iiqyafc trade, and t. la dealrabl* that Importation* for the next three or four month* ah all he exeeedlcg'y mode' rate. Our export trade haa lately beeu quite active, and the value of the cotton now going forward, at the preient price*, mutt rapidly reduoe any balance that may, at the clote of the Import anaaon, hare exla'ed again* ua. E nough la already known raiatire to the new erop of cotton, to make it pretty certain that the production this year (1850-'61) will be uuder two million a of balea; but the advanoe in prioet la likely to b? aurh aa to awell the ag^rejate value ot that aompaiatively amall yield, to nearly double what haa bean realiitd for many year*. The cotton grower* of the South have the mannfa^turera ot the world In their power, and tliey can diotate each Uruu aa may pleaae them With* demand at leaat ane third greate, than the aupply. holdera ot the raw mat<-il*l hare only to keep it out of the market to pat price*, at once, up higher than haa been known at any period within the laat ten year* Thia advance is the aiarket value of ?urh an Important exporting itapl* aa cotton, oanno but hart a eery favorable influence upon onr foreign trade, and place the balaooe on the other aide of the ledger The riaa in price* tor thin aingle article, will b? greater aonrce of *<tltk to tta? Initod SUtM than three or four California* Th? production this year (1M0-61) will, II tf> eMiaated, be about one hundred 'hMiikad telri Iwi than last (1S4& 40). r twith?t*nd Mg which, the aggregate rain* will thin year without mIi doubt, be full forty millions of dollar* mora than teat Wa eftimate the total lalau (5 the eottou crop thi) year (1860 SI) at oae hundred and forty m.lllon" ol iaiMg*. Stock Kirhance. S19im l'8 6 i'67 117 MO Herri* Caaal 21 ?M? do *8 117', ISO ?? 12\ ? *> do eonpon IS) >f> Caataa <'0 !B 10000 OMn ?'? '7ft 117 tft d h.% W IXUt Indiana Biato ft'i hi mo Erta R R ?jU 00 da do 7VW t?!i do T>'> 3*0 Brla 7'* '? Mil 0 100 do k'?> 7mV M"l Irlt lae Boa/* V.1 *2 100 44 bio 79 "2 W0 do r? t* W, MS do 7W l??h? Bki'om.fnll loll V?i do all) 7#', 10 Ilk Slate of N Y l(H ?XI da mVi 7V>2 M i*aean *k ION1, SO da l<4a?* Hn , \U> N Am Trait II)', 2i Mohawk IIR Uu 91 M0 da l.lO S da ?l *11 da M0 14 Mo Htrltm RR ??* 30 Mach Bk Am 104 MM) do hM ?4 ft Dal k Bad CI Co IMS l?l da k<H tit .' 10 4a do im 1011 da a*) 4i\ *? Txi> fnr i ?IU M da ??? m da 140 sj SO do htmaa diV KO da a<9 51% 71 Ro*h ft Fjrr? ?*a lift* mo do la ;ft da iuu M da IV 11 ? da ll?? IMI da Umoa SIU VI Jtonlneuou Rtl 41 MO da 11% 100 Readme HR hM G7.'? in da M too do <17% M? do 1*0 M*i *10 da t>ft) ? ?> do W0 US 51 N r I NIIRH 111* 4*> Morrf* Caaal ?A da 111 MO da aW BtJ WUUtR M*?d RR 14V ?0 do Mnoa %V. 70 War ft Wor RR 60 *0 da *S0 2l0 100 da Uaee 61 ICO da k? Id ISO da 00>? tft'OVD BOAHD. r?l> I'lt' 1 IS"4 ]!?> tho rir Tr a*> SIU l?i?0 da tl.v; >? da aio MM da <1 117', ?oo do SIK Hm da ?'*, (*, eon liH, |Oi do a? Sd MO efc* Bar lea b.iO 64 lit R*adii>< RR ?7 IM da at* *S?a H? do jfU IM da 1*1 L an laiaad (00 14? *D Brla ICO 11.10 d-t 11*1 W la 7VV m da MM 2A da kll 7: V 1* Mecbr rt? < Am i?l tlffV) Illtaote Roa4o, 17 6.1 ~ ion Morn? *10 ?S >*4 ?t. Par Tr W? M ??> U U>, UVBIVBUffTI RK1KWKB RIKRT DAT. UUOIOVI NOTICE*. ?? okiioid' hi roust* ?rtra clouds,andevbD Tjtjf ibollioo hl?. ovr? th-y aha Dief?*.| him; id 11 kta4r?<l? of ?!.*' ?& tl! All aal.' Irnnf* of hln." - Pr^aohia? m th? ?l?o?a tr*ai tb'wa* to-Borrow. it IMS A- * . ?nJ ? P. V., at It I hj r.U-r 8. S. liiw, Br rb<jt EST Of TUEjDBV GOODS CMtKA' MI'TIAL RoarM PMHoftlro A?'0<-latl00. ?li? R. ? II. T. Pf ?ao will Aallror **i M a aa tha ?*rl r rloo'ai Moroni oat, an Hat ?? Kina. N?t. I#th, ak floo a4 (troat IfWw'. Ctmrok. r Aronao C. Th? |>abl|? am ro?po<tfallj tavilo<i ta ?tt?a4. H? armr *f tbo A'?oel?llo?. W it.I.l A M ' II T?T>< 'CK. R'oordlac Srrrotary. gncJAL loncii. A" 0. 0. r.bolanu lODfll. wo. m.-mbbbbh* or i Loiif" M'.nr" I i?rr?t at thair l> 4(< Naom, nerin tf flraa4 aa? ia4|aw ttraata, r>a Baa4a? Bart, at half- Mit taa a'olook A.m.. la Mack 4ra?, wkito (!??( . aid la fall rr?%li?, to ? ? tho laot trlknta of rrtpri to oar ar?1l balr>?H krothor, r o. Jnha J?f'? m?aik?rt rf tki ot4< r ?rr ro?ro*tfullr larlt?4 to Attovl. BrorHor of J. f. W. MANOBt.S. W.O. IV Koa w awa r**'w. Baarotar v. Lt*l tenant WIL1.IAM H. BBOirXB'* 1.1ND am0 Pori<?a Agrary orttco, 42 Cmtbr otroot, (flrot tinio* kor? Rraoaa ?tro?t. 1 Hi? art*rloaoa In tho amjr aaahl-i klM MMMtj to all ?lal?. of oaloirfa, w?4owa, a??4 orpbaao, aa_tM tTa1t?b_Btato?. mtb prnmptnooa aa l 'Hopatoh. TIIOMT ') riNTIST.t HKIWO OFI.I0BD (I* of ill krklth ) to 4 ?0?*t I** ' ?fcO p '1'"* f hi? wo?ll rMpinfillf i?h? kit ftlnm Ml fr1?a4? to Dt 1. Il??k? , 17 lorriT ?lfaa?, wh?a? l"M at wiiiM oa4 (kill *111 iot foil ?o ran4ar '>! nforoHoao MiMfMMfteklt. L. TBOlP((?W. I.ati> 17." ( haaikaro Vow \ ?tV. rfciwoi# now or < I>PA*I vrmiiip TH? n blk mJ ?r? horokf i*fwn?4 Ihtl I hiri tkl< 111 Tnll|iltll( Itk4r?w* (i ? tha t.rm of l*rahort, t?ha?o. 4 Co., No 41 ftroo4wir, N?* Vnrk. oa4 ?!> ? ?ai4 Irn no l?ac?T oaioto ?a4?r iho ? ?!? ?f Jol.aM. k Oo . to I baroao MMtMtioa *l,ot??or altk It, ul an mt I??crr r?*w -iklt Initll'iiUlll t"l tr?n?ae<ioa#, WH. H. JOS N IS. Now York,>*T ?. IV" EI.WAHI" ??* " 1 ? I' ' A -oaer liorraa. I>i a?d IH Wall ^^TSi?t,a? IImmIO/I %tpr^f?4rr HwaHa, ftaaford * Co aaaaaaiai ?ap?rW foollltloo la I.lir?n?*LJta)|. for .Ji.. (iuji ** ff'Mu1 futN, will (Mr >11 artloloa lh?? at Ike law otamiaaloa of two ohllllMo mi mt I too for tfca ?r?? i vkM1'. Ml oao ohllliat Ut'th o44. (laaoIMM ?.li????. ??Bfor4 ft Co. .ill f orwat*??a?k-ooJ, ?t? te I'll i own la ?r??t Hrltaia or oa ?MI'aftSui Viotfk, !??Tfro?* k fa. win foranS o<?h* 4raf? f * .at r*m. fro* 41 oP?ae4. whlek wUI k? eaoko<T tkroagk or fcaaklat knaoo la Qroat Hrikola ntvilMtii' ?uTD?. CZWZY*: vrrtr^^y^: ~ mtwr TOIK us ,rv>M N .o4 Hllot.lHi.a Dlroa*.-I'alt?< ** * JNll Uaa.Tkfuh >a ?.S k??w. rl? l*o? Itntj *a.'V.>arf. fori ra?ao*4 t? 'nr ?rt? fl??, aa-l W ?fo* ttwyl 'law. WowTw* if?'*.ywu? ?>Jv? 1^???? jWUWCAU T NIW YOKE, NOVIMIIIB 7TB, IMO.-UNIO"' Committee ? At a meeting bold this day, ? reaoluouna were paeaad uaaaiinouaJy: ? 'oUowiaj ReaolTod That the objects ef thi? eommi' . what they in declared to be in tUa m . pr*oi1*fV it* appointment la deriY?d-"to r.ri d?u,!?? from whlah the whole people of tha United 8ta' " **^ fPfJf the Union waa formed aad the ooa- ?^a to rental any attempt' to enfeeble i 1 * kliS ??? liab together the variona part? ,,{** or#^ tiea which now ",?S'U. a-W.ajS.WSJfS'JSfiX mid a I. v faaat iaa'at ^rrtioai whioh, for years. ha?e beta I t he people of there *?* ?<orth 4bJ ?t he Sonth. to nlleaate i Reaolvrd Thai respective aeetioaa from W5U other, the bmdi or f- -tl?i* committee hu neither, by iti aati or With the rer -ads ander it* toatrol. Interfered in any way [ but that It " ant eleetion. ai r authorised any iaterfereaoe, pcintmer- <M Mhvnl itrlctly to the objeeti of lta apKenol * olfae -'d, That the foregoing resolution*. sizned by the ha * *'th the namoi of tht* eommmee. be pabliahed is eaily papere. F. 8. LATHROP, Chairman. Mil a J. ilt xav, Secretary. Duxu Pica aura, Treasurer. < The committee, em'tnin* of 100, i* bow full, aad ii competed of the following Kentlemen:? George Wood Jacob Ami, PCotteaet, M< ??? Taylor, Lucien It Chase, Edwin Royt, llirum Ketchnm, John D Van Buren, Ji?eph Lawrence, Bciiujler LiviagttoaJamea W lianrd, Alfred Large, Cliaa T Carleton, STNioholl, Sarnl U Foater, <iiJeon (>?traader, Jacob A Weatervelt.Saial D Babeock, Jo?hua J Deary, Natal L Mi'<hell, R 11 MtUikin, | Joseph Ktroochan, J Phillip* Phoenix, Jamea Bryo?, : Francis 8 Lathrcp, George B Bntler, Gerard tlalloek, Charlc* O'Onor, Oeo f? U Gillespie, T B Davis, Robert Smith, David W Catlia, Bonra Qulbrook, Jauiaa Brooka, Wm Stores*. Win B Altor, Itaac Towaaeud, Richard Berlew, Stephen Whitney, Chaa B llullar, Geo W Hempatoae, Jama* B Murray, I John J Ciieo, Saml B SproulU, Uenry R Daahain, Nlobola* Deaa, .lame* T Braiy, Rmh.trJ K Uaijht, J (IDT Grant. Alfred (! Bontoj, Ellh Chcc*eborougti, Uenni* Perkins, J*.ha MeKeaa, BJward Oartia, B:ilph Clark. Jatuea Moaree, II A t'oaovar, R?bt C Wetuiore, WmTRou, W.nGale, Kdvard Sanford, Wm A Baaniater, RPUeter, Frinoi? Griffin, Andrew Moon'.. G I) Bahc ,ck, i I'haa B Salter. Klbert J Aoiieranu, Wm S Millar, II M Wintlock, Nieholia Ludlatu, James R Walter, K K Collin*. Tfoa W Phelpa, Israel Corse, A M ronea*. Wui M Rieharda. J L liale. Wm M l.ambert, Che* M Connolly, John Cleveland, Jaha M HraCburtl, Sidney Ilrooka, Jame* Follows, (lodea Huffman, Wm 0 Wsbb, Siml G fioidrioh, George Doagla**, Stewart Brown, Neliun Rob.nana, Marshall O Robert*,Wra 9 Wrtmern, Henry L'idlara, llenry Grmaell, Geo Griswjld, Jr. Reuben Wl'.hore, Janaea 8 Thayer, John C Greon. Jr. Tho* reaaur, Sau u, 1 M ( oraell. A meeting will be bold at Howard'-' llotel, eoraar of 1 Bmadway and Maiden luae, on Tuesday ercntaj, 12tk laat? at 7 o'clock. PF lllif l\ VI,. JOHN I, DtRRANCl. *8(J . LATE OF WISTER* NEW York, frill delmtr a L?otur? tin evoning, on "Cuanmree." >i Clinton Bull. at half past 7 o'ulook. Tieketi for ra'e at tht Dc*k ot the Mercantile I-ibrary, Ratkbua'e II>? Ml, Aftor Bonk*. Irving Uouac, and Hull's Musio Store. 1KFORMATIO? WANTED?GEORGE, THOMAS, AND John Lillie left Sligo. Ireland. eighteen years aio, for America, aecnmpsnied by their eistnr Anne, who aftorwards married. She t < now a widow, and would be thankful for ' Ray information concerning them, at No. 112 Lauren* street, in the rear. ANNE BELL. INI ORHATION WANTED?OF Mft. JOBN LISTER. OF Newcastle, supposed to be in tbe earthonware lino. Any informatit.n adororaed to Christian Huttmann, Miners' Ami No. 2 Front street, will be thankfully revolved. THE FIREMEN. ATA MEETING OF ENQINE COMPANY NO. ?, HELD at th? Engine Hou?r. on the evening of Novotn>>er 1th, ISM, the following rnolutions were adopted, viz : ? Kcnolvcd. That the thanks of tbis Company are due, and i a*u hereby Winder*, to George W. Hoflman, Artia*. of Wo. ?> First atreet, for the magnittccnt portrait et J. L. Miller E*'i. Aiaistant Engineer? unsurpassed by anything of tbe kind | ertr beheld. ftesolved, That we prevent our compliment! and flunks to Jamee L. Miller, Eeq., for hi* kindness In tatting for the I atotc portrait. Kmnhed. That to Mr. William M-ad, of 112 B >? ry, onr warmeat that.Ua arc due, for hi* ft i u isi te taste an t workin:iniMp disrlaytd ia furnishing the frame. JOSEPH A. GAW, 1 (Signed.) JAMES B. FOLEV, ' Commi tl<>. Glo. W. BUCKMAN, \ ~ ~ rpwENTT DOLLARS REWARD?LOST. LAST IVK a Din.', onair at saw Acivr i IM'U uptn, or 111 ?i umaiuui t Brradway, ? small cut. ennaiimn* of (ix diaroonli, Jtbree small and threw Ur<?,) bains the atta-hm^nt of a fold nvrltt. The finder will be paid twenty dollars t<> ret.nrn th* 01 or Iikne, on calling lot Mr. It., at thu ll-cald office. qyBEWARD.-LOST, IN OR ABOUT FULTON J? MarkM, on Wetseiday monnu-, b^twraen J an-l ltf o clock, a |c Jet book, (much wora.) Obtaining $142?two ftiW Mile, not on III* Pulton Rank un>1 one on tbe Sayan' h W ard Ilank; two S20 billa, and one Si Mil, >.a banks in thia I aity; and sin'lry bills and paper* of no na? ti any parson bo t 1 toe owner. Whoever will retnra the .i?id pocket book and 1 efiDteLte to J. MeKINI.BY, 12 and 13 Fulton Mark*', Front { itr ei, will racelrc tha above reward and the thaaka ot the i o>*a*r. tfjl \ KBWARD. I.'isr OM HfflttiT irifMO, 1 *t Ji?y. 7. K'liBi Irom Hie oora'r of Brond and Be.iver I atreets a r..?a Bamtflcn Ferry to the corner of nnMnt i ad Van l'>rnat etrfrts, Brooklyn, a pocket book ooataining $ t and Otbw marka Which the owner ?*a identify. The t mler will raeah? the abuv reward by t> turning it ' e P. M. WEI DON, V". Kl flroad street, Kew York, or aev. hoaae to the ncrtheaat corncr of President and Vaa Brunt street*, Brooklyn. a ,% RE WARD.?I.OST, A SHAI.L BLACK AND TAN ' ? -* 1 nciifli t-rilcr having i n a red leith r oollar, wlta a allv?r plate , w th Teuy trx H"ll Air," enicroe4 tip.->n it. i The above itaratd will be paid to aay ono returning hia to i No. 43 Broadway, in ih< l a*i n.ent. 4J \ RKVA RD.?LOST. ON WEDNESDAY, BETWEEN I B'J elevi ii and three o'clock, in Greenwich (treat or th? Itowcry. a pa'r of ^p?ctaciea, n dd mouated. The It idar, by 1- a*ii>; thaw at l!r Wm N. Beymowr'n, ia the Bowery, oral Me srfla'nt'ad. Ualnee k ( o? Ns-sau ?tr<-et, opposito tie ; Foot Office, will confer a favur on tbc owner. OWNER WANTED. -A BILK CRAVAT WAS FOUND, a hurt time since, In Chatham street. The aw nor can i kavo the earn* by callia. at S9>a ileitcr (treat, aad giving a j dca< ri|tio> cf It. INKlRAilCES. Omet or the bun m ruAL inu ranoe company, N w York. Oitobar list, lvVI.?The following afat'aient ot' the affaire of thia Company I* published la coafiralty with tko requirements of the lOUi a. oti?a of tbs aot el ita tnoorpc>ratlon. I*rciaiuta? reean id for the year eaditiK (V'tob.'r <th. IS."*. Tin?Oa Marin* Kiek*... |1,JM.91W U On Inland Navigation and Tranaportioa it ska.. Ill 'I On Fire Riaka, ?? II ?AUO*i '?) Eirnfd Premiums dnrin* the year aforesaid.,. $1 Wl.llio ?l l?(s Uetnras I'rem urns 77.2U Btl N?t lirnod Premiums 91,414,946 71 Ix?m* doling tho nne period On Mariaa ki?k? ... .$711,176 62 On lalaud Norii^iiia ?ad frm'^nttioa Euk< 1 tW 17 0* tin kiaki. 1 <*J&4 S3 $WX0B!1 J1 , Fo-Iaatiraar??4irria* lk? ytu, ?7.7VI rJ IipniM ?.?M ? B Molt Pr??to for 1M0 ............... twTr? ? The> of tho C"iaf>a?y fr>m 4th Oetohor, I 1MI. to 4ih Ovtokir, 1W9, for * hioh cortiftoatoo wore iooaod. aaiount to $1,3^4,41160 ' Alditioaai Profit-a from uh Ootoktr, 16*'. to ttk OtUkor, 1980 3H7 7T) S? 9l.77i.M7 * ' Certificate*, |*14 off, 1H?4 iaelnalT* SHAM 60 Kot lutiiii lo 4th ftetohop, IW, 91..W-V4AP m T,? aexote of tko Cob pot 7 oa the 4uk OvWker, 1840, were M lollove. Til ! j B">nd? ??<! MnrtK**00, ,. 00 took* l>4 l.oor.i en Itofkf, 671-OT * 1 Cook*. 44 Intotoit fc- oro'l oa Bn.l? ui Mcrtci <ot uJ Leaa*. >4.151 4.1 Bill* RofloiTahlc 8W.?? M Prcatinii A<-oontU uaeolWed, Sortp of eaadrp Mutual larvroaee I' >mpaiuo?.ke.,.. 19.479 M ?j,n*iir ta Tko Btiri of TmtoM horo tkii lap declared a Dtvidead of tvoatrK-Toa aor coat. ?n Iho Bora<4 rreatiutae of tko I tor oadioc Oot?tor 4th. I*W, for vhioh Oorti flnatao wi 1 ? lionod oa aad after tko lot Joaaarr ???t. Thoy hoot aUo 4lro"t?4 tko aajaioat of ill p. r ooat la tooh f?r lateroot on tko Bo rip heretofore imil, payable oa aad oftor tot 1 November. Th? Trattpoa bar* fartkor raeotred, Uu tko Oertlfteatoe 1 af Proflte loaaed for Uto poar IK?7. aad *ft? aor ooat of koao I for 1S41, W> ro loom?>l aad pol4 to tko h-11??? thrro- f. or their Intal romaMaUtlToo, oa a?4 aftnr tho .Hit Dooemker . ant, frim which 4afo all i a to root ihall eeaao. By or4of of tko Board. . _ JOHN WHITEHEAD. Pe-rotarp ra terra*. oaoo H. <v narll. ?<ho-?I1 ?rr??no. Oearad w. Bahar, OIItop Slate, Jr., Bam no I L. Mitchell. H illiara H. loop, Mortimer Uvinc*t?a. Drake Mill*. fr?4ori?k tJ. Pcetor, fohaplor LiTlagetce Wm. Illior I? >wloa4. I ph Qafllard, /as. 0"4frtp rattiooa. Jacob E. Nerine, P. Itraahon. Bi'hard B. H*l?h?, Af'h' or B Noiiooa. Potrr Potrlar, Alfro4 ftotna, Oa*. Wlothr >p Crap. t f arl?? hf'TJ. Rnhtrt L. Moitiaa4. 1 hoo4. ra I>ohoa. Il.-ary A. Colt, Trad'k Vlooaaa, John A. loolia, Joooph Paalka, it.. >4via Bartlott. fa. H. Opaidk, Chaa. U. Marohall. Alai. M. Laartaca. tliao Poarort, K. B. NKIIBOV. Pro.M?til. AtTRRD *ET?>N, TlaafroaUaai. JOB R WHITEHEAD, RNNUTT. Naw-T<.rk. Ntttmbn lit, 1M?. rriLic axiom*. Ft OA HO?OR CORRTNR OIIRONICt.l Or AHUSHtnnln? No. 11 rr?4f lo-4ay. Tiltai'Ui? W*fk, Wowa'ii Kitkta; SitnorA F*r*<li; <J?a#r*l Mnrrin. lk? fr?g wrift, E*MI*r, Editor, *?4 P?*tj J?ai?y U*r* C'n??rta: Ann* Blah*|>: Air Vn. D?ai Th" Pr**o ??4 Pa* Pnk'Tt; ?S I th* TkoatrWI ***? *f th* w*?k: P*a ae-l Parrt|?, rrif r f mil. Offlfo 4 B?rrt?j *. T. *. IRKNCn. PuMiahrr, 131 N*?**u. f or a* I* hj *11 B?<vok**lln*. _____________ PtRTIf VLA( ANI? IMPORTANT that TOt' BHOCI.D r?*?l N"H Ruatltat 0?? thl* week. N#'l??rt if At home, and *Itm hla Bomor<ui rr*4*r*a rink trvAt. H? hM Wf? at. work. ?nh km iI**t*( roll*4 up. tnil th? war h? haa * *Ik?'t into ???? ( kla i? I f*atl<*a H All mm Hla ibmi particular frirada at h??? hat* ?! *?aap '4 Ma aot Bui ok' what a lis* that aatlriac orittor , th* " t an ia the whit* < oat" haa ka<?A fall Arooaat ?t hi* | 8?oth?ra trip ia tkli wetk'i Nad Btiatlia*'! Owa. Faraal* all or?r t*w?. 1/HElMAftotKT -AI.TJrS ItTt'AL Of riUMUORF n, ? ?hi?h 11 *4<i*4 A KfT t? O.I4 P'Uo?ihlp -Aata*r?m fli aa. A fi* roplaa *f tkl* ***rr* kaoh far a*la-?*< * Ri rrmittia- tk? k?*k raa k? a?at to ??r p*rt ? *ha I alt?4 Mat** or ta?AdA Alio, l.*? a hv 0. 0. Colta*?*aw a4ill?a. W. OOlTAN, I?' Paltoait. TO INVENTORS. AND OTIIIR9 ENOAOED IN THE Art*- Baiiiiah I artntioa*?Th* Pat?at J>araal and la*?*tlo* r.faatno, pahlla!i?4 ia I^>a4*a, w?klr, ait K? h*4 i raaatari*. o? applfation. h> laitrr, ar paraoa'ilr, ia H*aa ' I (a. MrUatlta Aarriraa <>?< ?, Naw f>rk, wk* alao ua<l*rt*k* to fTn" f Lattar* Pataat for R**lan<lt And othar Vr*4cx on?aMi??. Tha priaoiral raatrat* af tho Pataat ar?. Ap*rfip*ti*a? *f Pataata. I1la*tr*t*4 -t*a to t? -if ar* (I'M ia aat* an ahar: R?P 'rt? *f tk? Pari* Araiciaaa** Aftltba on tainw. r*t?at Lair; Uit* of f ? ?*''*raat?4 ??-'klr; with athar ml*o*ll*no*na aaattrr TV* Pat ?l infill *111 ka f?na4 ata*a4lac*r a*afnl to la- I rrator*. > *' *Al?akla la all Maan*. Tk* k,*k aaaW* may I ka ka4. 1.* > *t*at Javmal 1* aahll*h*A br ><*m Bar- I i low, Par** * P*rk*a Pa'rat ft?*a. *> (Jaaaoary Una. I I Uaim S E^aatf* Hill, B?r?i*chi?: ?4 I ?'r**i atraat. I t>* ii raa la Moaara. | WAflTI. W1NTID-A SITUATION. BY A R?8PBCTABL? yonug (tui, u ChiU'e Nurae, or Clivtib jrmltd and bckmitrcM. 8h? i? a good Apply at #5 Qreenwieh drMt. 2 1 floor, back r :nn WANTED-A SITUATION AS Nt'KSB AND SEAMitrvM, by a ?tta.ljf, reepaetablc Protcntaat woman; aim, a yeun* woman a* Mtoiirnw, in lomo reepe.table faintly; ogr other net J appl' ; good city ruforeaco given. Call at 117 Third avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION AS CLERK, IN A WIIOI.B ala ?r ratal! drag utiru, by a gentleman of eight year*' e.xrerienee. SatuJactory references can be Riven. rrefera going Bonth. AadreeoS. Y ,boi F, UeraU omu*. WANTED-BY A WBI.L EDUCATED GENTLEMAN, w ho is to ate >rnev, an riiKMcmeut a* Clerk in a lnyer t office. Reepcetablu reference as to character, kc. Application by letters addreaaed to 11. F , Herald offlj*. WANTED?A MIDDLE A'iED MAN, OF RESPECTAbility, to take a ?c of a Bar. and Liquor S .? To steady person. who underatands himself. a good situation *111 be given. The boat tf retsrcncu required. Apply at i?l Houston (treat, corner of Mulberry. WANTKT A SITUAlION AS WIT NURSE BE>1' of ruferenoe* given. Apply at 06 Centre aireet. WANTED- AN AMERICAN. Or GOOD ADDRESS AND ditpotition, * < Steward or Waiter in a private family ; be muat ? well acquainted ia tbit city, understand aoeouuts, and take care of every thing (strutted to hisohar^e. Addrata Steward. Herald oflii-e, naming reference!, be. WANTS D-A YOUNG MAN A3 SALESMAN IN A retail jewelry atore. Addrcta L U , at tbit office, Itating refereacee. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. A GERMAN. #118 CAN peak English. to take charge of a wholesale aad ret il I liquor iter*; muat b? a competmt barkeeper. aa<l have the beat re'erenoe Apply, after 10 o'clock A. M., to JohnU. Rue ell. 271 Tenth ateuue, between Twenty-aoveath aai Twoaty-eighth atreeta. ______ WANTED IN A FANCY GOODS STORE, AN Active, intelligent boy, of fifteen or tiiteeu jeare of *i?e, who lives witb hit pare at a. AldressG. W 3 . n jrald olii e. WANTED A FIRST HATK WOMAN COOK. WBO thoroughly understands her buainxaa . none otber aecd apply. Wages no object. Apply Jit T, Bookman street. 1I/'ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG MAN REIT cently arrived, with unueaiabie t?etimon<ala and reference, who hae been for twenty < eare warehouseman, ?al< man, traetller, kc , in principal earthenware mannfatoriea Speaks and write* English, German, and Dateh. Ad'lrot* b. b , Ilera'd oflioe. Q inn -EMPLOYMENT OK ANY DESCRll'TION 5 Iv/U. w anti <1, by a gentleman ol bnaineaa habit*. Be wonlii deposit the above ?am ia arcuritv fur iotr >ini?tii>ua, and give reterencea. Addren * . b. B? offioe of thiH paper, i A STEADY, ACTIVE MAN, FROM TUB CITY OF Dublin. Ir-lard, withea to engage ia a *111111.100 as waiter. IN ha* lived ia tint rate fatnilio*, 'inJeTUumU hi* bminca* in every retpect, anil tot goad eltr reference b*re at present. Addreta Q.. boa 747 lower Port OEat? CnuNtT makers-Wanted, three or four . ocJ hands to go a abort dint an a ia the i"umtiy to work; to good workmen, steady employment and fair wa^ea wilt t c given Apply tin* any, ?t AaM) I M .lunu itruel, It m 11 to 1 o'elo*k, or for three day* at H. Martina, corner of and Chamber* atreai. COACHMAN AND GKOOM.-A YOUNG MAN'. JUST ditcn^n^ed, andwhociin prodaoe *atl-faetory Ultimonialu ?i to character and abilitiea, i* d??tr.m? to pronu-e t'Bii lot meat aa Coachman or Groom, er to act la the e%p?oity i.l both, where sot more than thru* or fear horeen aro kept. I'lea*e addreaa O. P. y., box 2K!i, I'. >.t OtUae. WATCn MAKER WANTED?TO GO TO RHODI Itlaiiil a good workman. Apply at 21 Maiden lane. ^ VINA NCI.VL,. THE 0('E\N HANK WILL REMOVE TOTtlKIR VEW building, on the ecraer of Greenwich and Fulton itraete, in Mrnday. November II. J. 8 GIBBONS, Ca hi r. NEW YORK FLOATING DKY DOCK COMPANY, OCT 2U. 1U40.? A dividend of Uvr por cent h.i* boon declared from the earning* of the Doek. tor the aix monha ending November Wt, payable to the itcckholdcre, on and after thl Hh of November mat. The tr&nefer booki will be oloeed from the let to lite luth oC Nov. By order of the Board. _ U. Y. *ASON, Secretary ft in AAA *AMTI D?FO.t THREE OR FIVE fl* I V/jUV/l" y< ure, at *ia per rent iaterrat, upon valuaMe Improved proi erty la the lower part of the city, worth at leaat doable that amount. No brokerage paid. Apply to JaKED SPARES. t>i John rtreet. PARTNER WANTED-TO GO INTO A FIRST-RATE buaine**. a* will bo pruved. II'1 muat poa-u.?? the following <ina<itlee A notarion* good character to be able t? apeak a od write Eagliah and German, and to diapoaa ol the um of $2,(100. Direct A. B , at tke otHon of thie piper. Money to loan for short periods -from*! upward*, on all dea?riptiuna of property. Cuh advaneol on eooda f.<r aale. E^erythinj eoaoeotjJ with the auetioa aid < oiumif *ion bti?ine*i attended to on the moat reaa> nable term*. Storage to let. Apply to F. U ll. OLDFIMlJ. Auctioneer. L'ommn-lea Mirebant. Hounu, Rani Iatate and General Agent, I8.1 Will an etreet. Money to loan, in si ms of tioto to u,om. on Improved real estate in the el'y of New York, at 7 per ceat per annum. App'ylo Til HE AS morton, 63 RlUabeth atrft, corner H' -ter. AGENTLEM AN. WHO IS MASTER OF HIS Bl Aire**, la 4ealreua of n.eotii'g with u cai>i'aliit of SV(*?i, w no would be dlapoied to join turn la aaaufarturi* 1 article* of (tea', cini umption and ?ood profit* Application* to CoatJi utlal, at the ..flu e ol tlila paper, will be at:cad<d to. nun iimk GOID'MITHS WRITING ROOMS. 2*1 BROADWAY T La Farge Buildinra, 4 tirat comer above the Ir viae Uoaae)?Term* r?dneed'( For 011.1 m?ath only,) to oae hint the nana) eharr". via , $2 0, for th? eonree of ten leneona, of ?ne b ur each, anJ a iiatlafactoTy impru. em.nt gnaianMcd to avery pupil. To all claaee*. condition*, profeaeione, trade*, lad calling*. a quick, dear, and aailonn *tyle of peamanahlp, la, with the eaeepticn of trading, tne moct iatiep?n>able or all aequlaltioa*. Mr. GolaamTth wauld aay, that ef the maay thonaaade of pupil* to whim he ha* given laetniotioa, aot oae, who wae wllliag to devote 1 rdlaary aiten Uoa te hie leeaoae. ha* failed te become anood writer, and be l?Jn*tll?ed ia atatlpg that tke very beet poaaten in the I'aiud Statee, ?ome ot thea teachere. and ether* la pm ate Ufa, have aC'inired their eitraordiaary devterity with tlie pen aadcajil* tuitioa. Circular* at tbe rootaa, i*0 BroaU way Oouta of Inetrnctien- La.liea, daily at II elock A. M., and 4W o'clock P. M Gentlemen, daily at f A. M ,\1. aad S F. M. aiceptlag Saturdaj-a. Private iaatrvelioa at all koare aoet convenient te tbe poplL Term* $14, payable at tfca wa?WMMi WANTED A SITUATION Al GOVERNESS. BY A highly educated yoaug (ionaaa lady, folly ceinfiteat r.f teaching rrt neh.Oermaa drawing, paint lag, embroitenaa.and all branohea of an Eailiah ladva' eaacaii?a; *he apaak* tbe Bnrliab laagnage fluoaily. Pleaae addreae H. B., Herald Mhfc Uli waak. TO TEA< HERS.- A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. ABLE TO give ladraetioa In inatbematita and drawlaK'. will hear of a (itoatioa, by ealliag at thlaolSre. Atk for A. M from II to S e'eleek __________ A SPANISH l.tltv, < OMt'EIENr H> I IIRR aatlve language, can thUIn two pupil <, by aaadiag ber addreae ta boa iC7 I'oft cilice. WANTED-A ftlTt'ATILN AS OOVERNESS. FOR A ladvof b ere than n?nal ability, being <oaat>eteat te L,k Ii.Ii.b !!??. ? mw.A V..n,.h . .mlt*J In Pavii an,I iro-ia, la ftditltirn lo the nunil brantbei of a eon,plate ?doeatm*. The hl*h?-t refar-aeee fitea. Addrttt, pott r?id, C I.. C-. lawtr Pot OC< , N*w York. MIBCKIAAMWOITH. Or ERA UI.A if E*. PARIS PANCT G<K)l>S, JEWELKT aarn-oa runtlnir fee., for aale ky VICTOR BlXIIOP. Importer. Mo. li Maiden I asa, up atairt. M. B Jeweller* Bad daaJara in faacy fooda will bad u IIliulx uinlant at the eery lo*Mt prleee. T BECHKS1 I KE' III? *0 .O VK'tV MK.f ?WKMJ tilth, .tad arrived |<rU?i imu r, for aale at law utm. la qaaatltlea to aalt pcretiaaere, by J. f. CLEl', lmr or*er <>f loaeh. a. Mo 7 Joha atraat. _ AriBt BNOIM r?R Mil IN FIRST RSTEORd?r. laqnlr* "f J II. M'DIXM.U UrNM atrtct, !* ItMii ftraad aa.l Iinm attoote. Kit IIA ED? OVR l.lR ENS. - JAMES M. RtCHARDWV. Sr?? t Oa l*a. #1 B?l!> ?, lr-lia-l. h?*la? proaf that ?o< la of (intin4 r?>.rt'\ mailt- tip to n?-i?Ue their " Honeawlfe" lla'na. aad a-*led "William,arda..a fe Ca., R?lfait..' wtta t..ld a ?h"rt time tiara la New Tork, ta ptrftet *or.da: til l kaowiri tka ll?j-i??l af rich, to thnea Imp?rfe<!ly arqaalat'-d n ith their aaal. mnat. If allowed to p*aa at h?e<!ed, i rar.' d> trlaicatal ta their repatatloa a* aaaafaMarera. tkoy thiak It rleht to iafrna thr pnr>l'. that ao tnrli k u?e ta " Mllllara Hirharlwa k Co." la engae'dta the l.llea knelaeea, either la Belfaat, ar *ay athar p?rt nf thNorth ?f Iralaad Rlehardtoa, Hon* k ??d?u. would re<iaeet th'te ?ha d?a a rrafarrar* lo thilr gooda, u ? < that th? aetna of the Ctm la fall It ttamptd oa taah pie.a- aruarantic of It* foaaria"' tad dorablllty. J Oil .1 Bll,LOCKE V JOHN B. IiOCKE R'pr< irnUtlfn, Sh I'laa atreat. N. T. Di an k wF*rs mrmitrn manoik. tiih Mantle la a lahor-eaTlnt taaebiae, at l? eatlraly an perM'ltt tka dm f Iraalac tmoothita Ham. aheeta. fee., wi'l. -teat raplditj aad h?eoty. One paraon wi'h thla matLlaa a?ar do > tnn.h work u tit with atxoothlad lroat. Tl. r raa ha ie-a at tbo Actor aad Irelac. ?4 tho priaolpal hetele ib tka city. Tl ?i art aiii'to aad polThr Dnacan k W'at, 4 Ufcartv platt. atar Maldta l?a?, Naw Tork. Prltta frta * to ta *?<? |>OLIIBRD BTBBI. riRR IRONX WIHOLR fe < O . V I MalJaa Lan*. hara |n?t < \ ?aad a l?ri aaaortiaoa'; af P' llabad it?al t Ira 8at?, whl.'k tharall?rat < trr lav ?r1a*t. Aanai tk? l?.t ar* a*u altk itan'tarda ta aa'th. or aoat ?l"Kaat flaltk aad tha lataol fu'trttfr a the ka*t En?llak aanfaatarirt; alao. thO't ?( aicdiaa naalltr ttiitahtaf r kaf'an-at ?r ahaaib?r oa.-, aad aoma fill lower, that art adaptad f^r paklla or pri a*a ? ffi"?a ar hattla. Alar tha* offar roal aaattlaa ol iraa, ?>r?a aal oappar; otariar ?horel?l alao, barrola aad ath aiftara, dual [taa. pokan. roal tna?a, p<>al raaoa, ftadara, fit Iroa t'aadarda. r?*l?t?r r?(Wu r?, ka. ItntAD! FOR A OCCATT U Jnat aprlakla I.joa'a Powdart whort Aata, rnaokaa. had-knra make their lair, AM af theaa lataeta fx.n ron'll tad That aot a traea la left hehlad? W hlla rata aad inlea hl? M??la Pille Bona pnt to alaep arainat their trllla. Aad rat tha lafaat aa jronr arm, Mar Pilla, aar Pawdera. a'ar ooald ha*?. LTON, tin Hro?dway. LIOI iriHMR ori AtRX \NDBR A TRKIOBAPH T. Thla eelakratod I.iqaid Bur Die kae ao t<inal. kelac free frcm tka aaar akjaatlona to all ether ??ap*r?tloaa. It la la-taatnoaaaa la 1M affeeta, p<rmaaaat. aad defyiat 4ataatiaa. rrorn tha baauty of Ita aolot?aorar iaipartia* that parpJa hat to aaaaaioa to all athar dr?e. A elade trial will K?a ita aaaortorlty. For aalo by Rnahtaa. Htrkt fc Ca., adway: A. B. fe D. ^aada earaar PaltoaVtreet; aad Wil nam ??T' ? iaj KIT. -VI MKido* la**: by I>m?*iila ?ta* rally tkranghoat tka t'aita.l .????? ?, i>4 If at'ata, R. fc O. A. Wrtirht, Fkltafalpklk. Jiirisp cold r*wnr too liti "T??> lata' taa lata ?ii a>< ? <? w. Whaa flnttarinff |ml-a U><l ?la<fa( aya. And tka ayaaoya Pftalalm tka ?! * Bin?t <1*. Aw, 'til Mtmnptim 1?T kan< aa ir?r^ ?h? vl'tim. to ael wait | Arrcol, *rr??t llfaa fatlia* ?aad Bafnra l? ba toa lata' tan lata I tin M|4> ?ha ?nath lint alar*. T\i Jart-U cart nnfaU<n? ?lM| For Wilms trlat ite ma">hl'?? balm. If aat M t?a law," akall awraly lira. _ f?, /trrto - CoH Ctl4; wli kl Mra. f. Mi Iraalway, ?a< by immlaba >>aafaay. a AAA " ?*" " ** " **?'> "? "* JVavFv?\/ Kalllnftr li*am?a? haff aaaa aal4, maVla* frlaail* I* arary ^aartaraf tka ?lnka. Itkaa mada ara turn. and ka< ?!roa*ar f?iaa<? than aay otkar artlala arar offafad fof ?Ua Tka craataat ytanf af lit *o?4 (|naHtlaa li tkat tka Dr 4?ra oall it trvm aaa to tight dllia^a a bottla. Ha aattar what tka *"**??aa ar f?ala nnm-t frata. it laaa eartaia ta a*fa aa It la aa?4. ftaldat tka Dr a lawaa* ?rtaa? at X*1 ra?rl a:raat; lagaraol fc Hafaa kC4,m. ?ad J?ha #. Taw ? 110 r?arl itrwat; C Maa awf Jaka ai(Mwa(| iy tka *n?ht?aa: and by all tka Dtaf (>ata ta tka ?lty and aaaatrr. W. B.?Da'at farfat ta call at tka aaataal 4afat, 47* Itraadwty. aad aeaaalt tka Of. A4 _ IA.L.BI BT APOTIOH. AI'CTIOM KOUCB.-TBI ATTXimON OF HOU3Bn# i i d < then, la invited to the laraa hU of roac*?? d aid faraltura t? ta nM thi? <147. Sararda?, ti II' t' UNiwtu ttreet. k<twMi fillm 10J Juhu 11 <t?, wticb aompriaee a vary large and iplaadiJ i< i rtmart of furniture aud Iiodn furatahiag aruoloa, which vill bo f mod wall worthy of notica. Sale poaitiva and without reMr ra. Cataloguaa on the airntaf of Mia. MBINRY, AUCTIONEER -FARSONfc BIRR Hit a Mil at auction thia evening, at 7 o'eloek, at thr!r Oulirry, 311 Broad *ay, a valuable o<>Uautioa of Paiutiags. containing Rama from the pencil of Cola, Jarvia, aad Duulap, new ready for uaammation. FOR SALE AJIU TO LBT." CIRRI tOIS FOR SALE.?ONE IS A VFELL-Bl* I I.T faiLily carriage, aow in good ordar, Uavinx been nevly painted : coat (oOU. (Fill ba 10IJ for oaa ^a?r?ar the original price. The othar it auitabia for a hack, and will b? acl<l fur 10. Alm> oaa ?et or double harneaa, nearly new, and ia g cd ordar, and one let of ootatnou liarneaa For carriaioa Knrlw in cllmnM a Jar?l?. 277 Uioka il.reat. near Atlutla : hart,eae it Fitsharrn't i'J Atlantio struot, lirr-okljn. GIOIOR BALI.?A 8TRONULY BUILT OIO, IN PEKteet order, nt ? l> trimmed and paiuted, suitable for a pliviciaa, or for any busineee where an ruy riding carrino

is roqmred, will be sold h>w. Can bo seen at the stable. No. Maabattaa plaoe. near Ilia ?tr?et. Maabattaa piace is between Raadi and Dana* strata. HOIMKS FOR SALS.?No. IS LAIGIIT STREKT, NO. J J Twenty- firm street, four new first < las." in Tweatyaeoonrt street. I do in Twenty-third street, and 1 do. in Twcnty-ninth strsot Terms eney. In.|'iireof ALEX J. rUOMSON, U* Orttoe, No. 235 Br >d? tr, HILLlARDAND BOWLING HA LOON FOR SALI. IN the moat central situation la the flit* of Philadelphia.? Thoae disposed to enter the businsss w.II find tlna a fa% orable opportunity, application by letter to L. Dunlap, ear': of Win. B. /.ieber, rntladelphia. Fine drt goods stand to lbt.-a stosb to let, in William street.?The first floor and basement of tli?' store No. V William street, between Pine and Cedar s>r?ets, suitable for a dry goods, hoelery, or fanoy good* businclr. Possession given immediately. Apply to S. B. 8CIIIBFFELIN, IW John street. For rale-the property of a gentleman leaving lor Europe?a Horse, Wagon aad Harness. To be seen at Yalun'ino k Cook's stable, AUea street, near Grand. Frits. $480. __________ ijlor SALE AND to LET ?at 14 BRAVE* 9trcsr. JP twootfioss on the first floor. and on* loft for storage, Al-o, a steam table and boiler, kite'ien range, and oopi^r boiler, it a bargain. A BARE CHANCE.?THE GOOD WILL. STOCK. AND natures of a ptiblio and emigrant boarding house, in ? good tituation, and now loing a good basiae-s.. For 'urthir l artlcnlars.apply to WlLBltAU AM k JACKSON, 34 H'b tttiall iWsl. To KENT-tkiPLBR BALI., THE REiTAI RANT DEpartment, including t he Bar and Supper Rooms, ire ottered to rent to a competent and responsible ttnant. Applications, by letter, addrwwel to the proprietor, and containing references, fee., may be left at tho Ball, until Saturday next, the 10th iaet. TO LIT-part or a neatly URNISUO HOLS*. iu tl ? vicinity of St. Juhn's Park, con-ia'.ia^ of pa lor, kitchen, ?U'I thzue alctpini; rooms. Addreia WUl^m, u?ruU A FURNISHED I'AKLOR AND BEDROOM, TO LET TO li.gla itdtlcDU, in a private family; a baih and water el' aet attached. Alio, a fnrnlahed bedrojm. Term* very moderate. Location uuaarpaaaej?No. Mi Broadway. Beierence* exchanged. IIOU8K8 AMD HOOXt) WASTKO. WANTED?A ROOM, FURNISHED OR UN TURN tSHitf. tor a gentleman and laly, with hoard for the ladv. Lcratii n to be up town. Reference* not to k? re inired. Addr<M Heetor, Herald offl.'e. until ant Monday. "117"anted?a single gentleman, IN a privatk Tt hovae, to oo.-npy a furniahed parlor, bedroom, and pantr>. Apply at 99 Green street. HOARDING, 4te. Board wantid-in a private familv, witu no other boarder*. where all the oomforti of a boina eag ' tefcund, by a laly, with olilld and aerviat. Termi auit b< moderate. Address A B. C , llurald OtU?e. Board in south Brooklyn-two gents can hare Inraiahed room* an 1 partial bnard, with all thi Comfort < of a heme, In a private tamily, wi thin three tninutei walk of the ferry. Apply at li* Atlantic etreet. Boarding.- dkiiraiue apartments mav be lonad for single fentleiren, at 101 West Twentieth at., with hreakfaai and tea. Oin lil uaea run near the door, ana the ImkIoi la rery danraMe. Board wanted?bv a vouns l\dv in a >*rivate family in Brooklyn. Where there are no boarders preferred. Address, atatin; location, ke., Ada, Box, 2,034. | Boa h d. ? a ivi do w i.adf, witii a small familv. harm* more room than he r* inires, would let n> w and ] well fnralibed rooms toliidles an I gentlemen; boar J for la duaoaly. Locution la t?.? vluinity or Prmee ? No retrtence r<" iiuicd. A.ldrure W ateou, Broadway Pott oflloe, rvitii' paid. Board down town?a gintleman and ms wift ran obttin a rery detlr'hie front room, withk?lroom and pantri. ? attached, a< No. 41 Barelay etre-t. Too or ihifi- ?n'? gea.l?tren eaa aleo be to -emraodated with plctaatit raome. Kulirni ipvtn and repaired. TUB nUTAlT. A I T A RrCI'LAR MEETING OF TOE HRWiOKPAST 0<>*\trneur II1iic? held at their Armory on Thureda> cT>mn*. Novetaler 1, th* fellowiaj reiolutioa wae unaaito ti?lj adapted Mioliid. Thai to tha I-laa 1 City Guard, Cap'aia Johi M. Conarl, wa ret irn Mir tiacere thauka for thair gentle msnijr map, ? > btuatifal tupply el refreeliinanto furaiahet u* ?a the re> urn from our sixth Annual Parade, the raoiembraaee of whiah will never b? araeed Irem rnr emery. Ard to Mr. Jaaea Phc-Itoa and liie nnrlrallad Baa l, wi alee return cur ihaakt far kit artlriaj 'fTjru to pleat*. Aad ear thaalt arc alao due to Mr Thomne Starr, the r>?tl< manly boat of tha Fir* Mile Hont". for tha anmpta<>u< dmatr t<rvid upon tha etaaaion, aad heartily raoomai sad him to all C'otapatiee tola* <>a <n.?iUr -lenreloae. Ciptala JOHN CASILERV Chairman. E. W. #e< retary T1IE I NI KRRIUNED WILL OPEN NEXT MONDAY. Net. II, in the ?pa< ion* room abate M ine. Prrrla'i la etitate. No xfl Broadway, ela-?< ? for fcaolar. broad-tworU rtertlee. military Jrillla*. and l ayontt- fta'-e. AppUoaUjn for lee'oae ta ha made te Man*. P> rria. or t? the nadertiratd. ketwten tli? honre of 10 and II A. M. or 2 an I 4 P. M. t EHLKKT rx-oBieer ef the Prutnian army, 43 Walker ?t. CI *kfl **WARD. ?8THATED OR ITOMV, IN TflE <9 a *J\J <ity a< New York, on Patarday nl<ht, tha 24 inataat, a Llaht Oray Mara? Ion* tail, tlx yean old. akoi' ftftera haaea high, flat footer, fa?t trotter, aad at tlmaa el MM tlmtaoaa. Tka aime MM wae a'taehed to a aew trottlai burgy of Godwln'a make, meriao 'op and ti'ver bundt. I *111 ?It* $100 for ll'a dellrery of the mara and l.erry. and $'4l for the arreet aad de'eatiaaaf tliethlrfln any lailetetof Mieaa and Dlioa'tllne in the United KtaUe. j a. harkinutun. Lerejay't Hotel, N. Y., Noyemhar 9,1850. *> Kfk REWARD-TUB LAST WILL AMD TESTAMENT , Wfv/ ef William Al Burue. dteene< d, wae de poll tad ky ' him. Ur aafa keeping, with a-ine pereona ankaown to hit haira. The akare re aart will ha paid by the ewbaariber to aypareoa who will leave tka atune at tha aBce ef John Aathoa, l?<t, kl Liberty atreat. I K. AL BCRTTS, 141 Pearl etreat^ LTI'I EN FROM ON IIOARD SWEDISH BARK CONDOR t? ea her arrival yaalaiday from Ma, at ead of fler 0. N Bletr, a Bilear Pa teat Lever Wateh. with Oold Chain. Ray and Peal attar had?5?al with the Initial* of J. F. S. A attabla reward for tha raaoeery of laid wateh. fee , will be paid by tha owner. Capt. 1. V. STAHRE. Apply at M fat ?t reek. KAILKOUH. \f ICHIOAN BOKTHBRN RAILROAD COMPANY 1 1 fdtO.UOti Sere a par Cant M>rtmt I <>?a. Bealad praeotala for foar bnadred tkr ueeed dollara ef the drat aad only mert?e?e koada af tka Ml< hl?:*n (aathtra Railroad Crniraay. be .rlna aevea rer f?Bt Iktaratt, wiU kt rajeleed natll Lfttb day ofNoTrmb^r aeit TkiM k?d? in leased nader tha preria eat af a ipa?*i **Michif in, ?uihoriciB? %!? Ccmpii} ta diapoaa afar tall thalr ablixatoae either withla er wlthaat that ftata. at neb rat re ar prieae ae ma* ha a<rr*?4 Pja. if anld below par, to he ae bindian aa If told at par. They are aaaarad kr a m?rt<afa oeaeted ta Rhepkerd Raapp. laq., af tlka alty af New Yerk, la Urn it I jt tka ka?4 MMTk ITile tn?rt(taf t ear era tha entire liaa af Ike ^empaar't rea4 In Miahifaa, whether already bailt at hereafter te be eaattreetad, aad It praeltaa that kondt ta an emmat aetaaaaad* ln( ana milUna of 4allara la all may ke leaned: af whiek amenat net mora thaa ?4<W.i??i aaa ha leaned aatil after tb? road ahall hare been ooautett4 te Bturtea' Pranle. a 41ataaoe ol 117 vnilee Irom l.aka Krle to wMob Mlit It will ka aonplaio* Vy thi |tt day of Jtnnary aatt. Th* Moarttp offar*4 far th* Voadt It th*f*for* a n?r'iwi lUw.aad nfcttaatlalljr th* only II**. up** * r *4 whiah, whan coapUt* |? tha gtato llat ( lidana, will li??* mill l49aUat of *aln lla?, b*>l4*a a braa*b at lOmilaa aa4 wttah will IttifMt, Ia*ln4la? tk* ari(taal outlay bf ?h? Vat*. tha rraaaat traak. aboat ii^ttJ.Wftal wbloh tl.fiY .1(10 will b* nprmnii'J by ttotk. Tb? porMna ?f th? Poa4 alraadi la ap*pa?laa, ***' IT allot. yl*ld> aa tnt-oaa ampla ta rrM**t th**atlr* 4*bl prapa**4 to b* *r*at*4, ?rt4 iba Ua?th of ooaplatad Ma* **4 onaaqaaat Inaraaa* of r***aaa I* daily laaraaataK. aff*r4lap * aacarltp ?hlah wtU plao* tb* paraiaat af ha 4?bt b*. M? attar***!**. r*r Ancaat. H4V, th* aaralact war* $IM17 V. Tn ?*pWahap, (a).**). l\*?* raaaiptt war* 4?ri'"*4 fro* tht roa4 la l?a rraatat na*alah*4 oaadttlra. ?i'*r mil** af taatut*4 ma4 will b* *44*4 t* It wlihia thra? aoatha. an4 win I ait*a4*4 to tk* Rt. JaaapVt BJaar, *t th* Ia4taaa Stat* ltaa, ?arl* aaxt Ppria?, tbw* 4**bU*? tk* l?a?th *f tha aata Una a?w la 'p* ratio*. TMarna4 la a part of a aoaMaaont lla* af railroad a fro* J*J ' * * T*rk t* tk* Hlaaltalppl ?lT*r, bp way of lb* Erla ftallro*4 aa4 U>* Ijtka abort r?a4. an4 >a aa l*p*rtaal liak la tk* ahataff*arly th* whnl* of thl* (r*at lla* from W*w Tor* ? tb? tk* MlMUaippi fain l?*itb*r?*apit .t4orlB tk* **ar*a*4 Hnm*u*a. W A* th* **ta* far tk* ao*?tr*?tlo* of tk* r*a4 r*ady fat t ha iron ar* pro?lda4 for by tWvah *?U*rtb*4, and Mat pw?4 la. bp r*(alat l*ttal*an*t, aa4 tk* pT?**a4i of tb* k**4* act tlnly raqalrad for th* pwrrb*.** af Iroa.baary rail aa4 ?<|oipm*nta. It It b*llar*4 tkat a* railr**4 koa4*. b*for? tb* Cbll*. off*T preaMr la4a***?at l*t */* laroataaat. tbaa aa* of thla ( imput Thti *oTt?t*. **pow*n tb* Trarta**. la aaa* *f failar*, t* pap tha pTlaaifal *r lat*r*a? of tha bo*4a, t*t ah* paaaaaaiaa *f th* r*a4 and raoataa |u aarniait. or to call It, aa 4?* 4*b?*' m* >nl' foa**4t V* tha uUifaitbBNt af U* RTk* B*a4? ar* |? tha nmt of $1 OW aa*k, p*p*bl*at tb* 'kb"'**' Banh, la th* ?lty of T*rk, Jf?T**h*t t. lH?n, with lat*p**t at ??T*a a*r a**'. p*r una*. ropaM* i?fnl> taanally ta Naw York, oa tha ?r*t *f N*T**h*r aa4 If'ef *?f. latar**t warraatt ar aoupoat ara atta*h*4 t* Bb* bf 4a. Foot haailral tk*aft*4 4> llara af tk* boa4* ar* *? *ff*rad far a*!*. Baatad fvnp**aUi for lit ***aat a*t loat tbaa (1,000 will b* r***l?*4 aatll tha l?th day af N*aanit>*r a*xt. Prtpoaala *a* ba a?4r*aa>4 t* W I *HU>tr I.* WI?* ft Cl?., Wojjt Wall *tp**t. oru K C LlTrnnilJ),Tr**?wfar. ffa. M Wall *?ra*t, and. ra*4 "ni|fh far IU?ftl(aa B*w4a." ??,<*0< half tha aaml a***t?r*4) aill ba 4)apaa*4 of abaolattlp a i4 wltbaat rater ia I* tk* hi?h*at bl44*p. Tb* t"*p*ap rwarra th* n?kt t* witbtrawtka ra*aia4*r If ,h? *ra aat ottaff torr. All aaaanary tafnnaatloa (a ralatloa ta tka h?a4a> t?a*th?t 1 ASl?5f ^.^"r taWfltfi"".. w'bi^k' jfV ' ? ' ?"**? ? ^ hft*CCapiat af tka k*a4( aa4 *i>rt*??* ? ? *! " b* ***a aa aploatlna to dh*t>htr4 Kaapa.R-|, fjoaldaat *f th* M??h*ar Baa*, at * J>ataa Taa ]>tt>l??4.l*t . Pr*M4*at af tb* ar?t ao.?- l*oha??* Baak. Partta* wh*a* b!4* ar* a**apt*4 will ba r*?*<r*4 ta Nt| paraaat. apoa tha aaaaat awar4ad ta tha* *m?4;*'atp apow balac MtIM af tk* *o**p?ta*? *f tka/ bl4?, an4 th* va*ala4*r la aqwal aatonata aa tha |at *a4 lft*k *4 Dta**b*r aatt; bat aap aartp *111 h* at tih*rty * pap ta fall a* B0W1IT T HIT IK?Til 18 rkBSE IT 8ATUE- R1 NoT'Uiber I 1th. 1160, will M | ? rf roird, ~ MACBkTB?Dua>?n, Kiu of Sootlaad Nr Mm- JLV Mr. Graham. Macduff. Mr. Ttltoa; *aleoln, Mr Pop*, ?*N liaasuo, Mr. 8u??n, Laly N?e?eth. Mi?- w.u)tf; Sibk- JJ!" >?* Witafcca. Mr Smith, Mradam>? Ilir?, Lirr>'U?, fc?. ? *< tha prrformances m!l innclud. with TDM ( AhPCNrlH f"i i'f BOUKN? Vartraa, Mr. Siutt ; Du<* i' Saubigne, Mr. i titoa; Anton* Iti lUrd. Mr. ropo: M*f;<trato, Mr. Jor<J*B; ISr?-t, Mr. Caouldaou ; Madcloa, Mr . Jvrlai; Julie, Mr-. WaJoott. Boies, 35 cent*; Pit, 1^ ? * ? Door* opoa at */') half-put 6; thfcortam will rUt at 7 o'clock^ F:"' Burton s rutAike cuambirs street, rear ok City Hall.? hfii-. nt of W K Blake,? Saturday et-'tnaf, Jr/ ' November tftk, will bo presented, til* oomed/ ef fcDt'CA- _ T10>?Sir Guy Match. Mr. Blake; KiKn Mra, Hkorrott; Pueklinf, Mr. Burton: Mr. lempletaa, Mr. Klaol Mra. JJ? . Teuipletoa, Mr* K?> ell; Mr Damper. Mr. JohiMtwi; Br.adcut,Mr Bkerrett; Mr Aerie Mr. Jordan. To eon "lode with P" the farce cf CKIMSON CRIM*S-Fi *kt, Mi. liarton; *> '' Mr. Tremor, Mr Johnston. S'lilTem, Mi. Ilolaan: CSrah'ein, ;?* Mr. Hurley; Mr? Fright, Mrs. f kerrett. Bo-ex Drt-- Circle ???? and l'aripiet, 40 I.tti; Seooad Tier, -ft ecn'.n: li jxti. (J and SS; Orchestra Chairs. 75 eeate. To begin at 7. ___5; NATUNAI. THEATRE CHATHAM STREET NEAR |TA1 R. weev< It.?Be&rilt i l Mra. Harney Will .aa t.?Sj' ur*ay * ?hi eveainy, No?.;iih,'- entertainments will en nuiun. e Prop, wuh tue drama of aMI.RO^E G WI a ETT-Amor Uw 1'-Or nett, Mr. H. Watkiaa; N<d Uraling Mr. M KraiHn; Mr. knd ,! Celllae, Mr. F. V Weauya-; l,o<-y Fair'ote, Mra. (irattaa; ? Mure. Mir.? M. Cliurlc. To he lollowed oy th> dr.ima of Niatl VA DDY rnt riPKR-P?dir, Mr W Uiasa.- Di>k, Mr. '??y JePereoa; Kathle.-u, B. William, To n >a<?lndo with euma I be draiaa ot IHKUMi AS IT Pat, Mr Wil- ?' Su liams: Dan O'Carolan, Mr. litandoa. ttiaaK, Mr. U rbert; that ' Judy O'Flaaherty. Mm. Williams. tYkl Madame ann\ bhhoi"Skoirthgka.\iis a< red <ornij Concert, at Triplcr Hall, on 8anda> uieainr, Sur. J? 10, tc befin at lialf-pAst seven o'cl >ek. miac PROGRAMME. f"? pa HT i. The whole of e#*l> nnac(vra v r? it i t hattii nrln PrtTieui to tb> o?Ik?rated composition, will be perform* 1 Mtroadante's Qrand Overture, introducing aeicral Melo- thoat diet of the Stabat Mate?, written at Nuplei in IM6 JJ?* 1?Introduction and Chi**!?" Stabat Mater," i?lo parts by "UK. Mme. Anna Biiliop, Mire E. D? Luca. Mr Manrtr' ana Si*. * r* Novell!. 5? Aria?" uju> Animnm," tunf by Sir. M:mv?r*. Krent J?Duetto?" Qui cut lloino," mug by Ma lam Anaa Biihop and Mill I. Do Luco. bo or< 4?Alia?"Pro Pocoatta,'* anr* by Sift Novelli _ _ 6?Chorus and Reeit., without acctmc?aituent?'* Ela Miter," IV1 * Mr. Bck?I*. r 6-Quartette?" ganeta Mater iatcd arat.' Madame Anna Til#* Bl?h"p, Mill t. !?< I.lire, Mr. Manreru tad Mr. 3:<u.a. 7?Oaratiaa?" Fao ut Portnu," Mill E i>? Luce. H?A ria ?" Indauiinu'.ui." tuug by Madame Anna B?vf. Overt !>? Quartette, without ao-omt annntat?'"Oua?4o Corrni lavjt Moriatur," Madame Anna Biahop, Mid K Di L ieu. Mr. Minveri and hcftuin. Arta10? Fib ale, Full Chorus?" Amen." *'l? past n. Chef* 1?Overture itul Prayer, full Orcherr* and t kta; Chorua?" The Marty ri, fcrat time Diauetti. Boat 2? Hymn?" Ave Maria," inn* in Uoriuaa b; Ma- *ar dame Anna Kiih?p Bhubsrt. Tee li Duet?"Thu Lord ia a Mai if War.' Ikrarl in ay : lltypt. mnn by Mr S?*u n and S pier No ili (Ian4?L 4?Onerterium?" Ecoo Fatal Ansaloruiu.' uia by Overt Mill E. De Luce Cherabial. Duet! i? litadel'i celebrated Bird Son* ?K ""it.?" Fir t V? and Chief on Golden Wiiijc." Recit.?" jaott Brie* Bird," lung by Madame A I. n. Butup. Aria" Flute bligato," Mr. 8ieie. Plaj 6?"Grand Coronation H^roh. ' from Myrbe-r'i '. ?? Prophet*, with Double Orchestra. Stit ia '-'-i , thii country. 1 The nioit unpoia^. nuwr m fcni itupeadct:? Orch??*ra ?vir auemblcd in tin* coan' ry, Grant Choru. Mailer, Mr. JS Lyitcr. toi The wbola under the ?ole direction of Mr B^hia. At Tieketi fifty eunti to ult parti of the Mall To bo had at the 1 music itorei. noteli, and at ?h- Hall 8eat? can be aeenred in ?L( the grand tier only, without any extra chargto. at the tiiuais lecor tore! of Mr. Gould, a?7 Mr. adway: and of Meair* Kerkilcg A Bicvain*, 421 Broadway; ale^.stthe Hall the whola of g^t ur- aolu day, Nov. 9, and on Cnnday, the 'i)th. from 1 to J. and from I to the evening. On account ef the Immoaja ooacour.'e ot per- Irlrl ion attending theie ulaiileal eonoerti. d? r? to open al **?. o el... k. No B ARNi; MS AMERICAN Mr? It I'M -P T. D A EN I'M, Tk< Proprietor aad Manner ; John Greenwood. Jr.. A Mat- facto ant Manager.-Thu aluracon will be p?r'>rmed, the Gray i!rma of the DrfUNKAKD. Thii eveninx, the capital Boi und amniing faro* of MISCUirr MAEINd, la whiol. Miaa i? Iti Chapman will cnttain the part of Manettc Aiao, that obtai verj lauahable farce. I'ODIKT MAC AIRE wit' U akim Mai Iaa Ma'aire. Mimic by the Liataahlr^ Bell KlnircrJ. Aid. 'ha f< Aiming anJ K.iu Itif. /.'.a eurioii le* I3 hr-?I a tory ' n rda large and rare collection, am agjt r hid, art the Ciirriaje of Wodn tin can Adelaide, a Marble Bnat f Jenay Lin'*, a Inr.ip of prooa. I Uo)<l froni California. aroijhin,- lifty-fivo and a half ponada. ton, and worth uvcr JI.'.hki tit celebrated Chin*'" family ot ill* w f.?* ptrivna. Including the Ch.naac Maatity; t;.? En< inh 1l>* Giant, eight lett luich: and -.1.a Oip--?y Ixrv-.n* T*il*r. a re I Afternoon porformaneaa a: S: craning at TW o'alack. A t- York, miaalon, tS canta? children under tea run, 12,'i oonta. Ttyf i PILGRIM'S PSOORK3S. ?H'lLI. OPEN ON KONDU MErtning, Not. Ilth, at Wathingt)n Itai:, Mo. Broad- Inrvki way, near Uonitrn atrcot, tl.a grand f II inyaa'a MINI Pilgrim'* Projrr?'. Doora c;oa at 7, to acm^ensa at 8 of "tl o'clock. AdmiMion 5U eenta. elil'.Jrta half priio ; l:.; agemt ticket*, admitting Iot p?rf ne. Jl. An jftano>a lihlMU"* aucce en Wcdacaday* and Batarday* at S a'cHek kl*hl; I'UIE MINSTRKL'S CL'R"E-A GROUP IN MARTII.E? ao'en ky CharUa Roller ? TM? werk of art. ? >h r . ? i> ed m*aoi ih? great gold m-dal at th? NMiaaal K-hi'. tti. a . Pa .-la, 1M?, ia low open to tha pnblic at the new rottaa < f iii? Ma- I^EI tional Academy of Dcf./n, IJrcfadaay. f>pp?ti:e B -ad .T i a'reet. Admittance. 21 ernta. Be tar a ti.ira, >i canta. infer) Open (ram 9 A.M. till 10 P.M. kail. I LOOMIS'S PANORAMA or <L'BA -OPEN L\ CRV thrr nigh', at ilia Mincrv . K??na, i 1 Kru Iwt;. -rai-wnit. Thai la? ita *lti?a, country, ard tr piral aragatatVca. aU t'u*" \l aeata snatom* of th* Creoira, an l nearo laac ia. ttoava a; *n n< #" , p.*ad o'clock; panorama move* at T%. ptJOiaalj. Almi-'.aa j ?6c.; ay, ia hkldran, hall pric.. hietl ON BiaiBITION AND SaI A. AT TBI GALLERY ., Broadway, tlic celebrate! ptctaw, ky C'^'.nt d'Oraiv, than ' the aiic of Ufa, of "guoan t ia*. ria aa 11 >rt'ka k.' ion- rv,," portant ?orl?. ky the l?t. B. H'eat. P. R. A., of h? " An^el J," . appaariaa to Hagar >n I lahn.aal." " Tka Trmmpii of I.'>Te,*' and full length portrait of tha artiat ia hU i-.n ll?, with |kT| . ' Death oa tba r?le U< rai aa bia aatal, bMutiful HI "'rawiaga and other Hoc riaturaa .a Lhe and ?i <?ru dar echo. !. Admittance. ]i'( cent* from ? A M. till ! P. M Tran GC. QCICR ? CO.''8 MAMMOTH MRNAORRIA-S1X f.""?] * Daya linger -Two treat oallaaUoaa ot Antmala aoa. aa ii# biaad, formerly Va? Amburf It Ca.. and June. Tltua ft Co.? " , ' Tha abora eollMtio* ?U1 aahiMt is thia oity at Aeter Plaea. aaraer of Highi* eeraat and Paarth aranaa.far ett ??! i loag<r, commcacimr Mcaaa; November 4lh. Doore opob nil., fr?m 2 to *, aad 7 to # a'clack. P. M. Admiaal <n W aanuahildraa. aadcr ?*a yvira, half pri?a. far fariaer panicilara. aaa fatara adrertiaamaata a ad kUU. rABTI.r. (1AKDEN.?TilK PIBLIO ARE MOIT RK- ia tha .peotl lly lafartned, that tki< papniar plate ?l raaoi; ta enie jwrned far tba laapectloa of \idler* front 7 a el>.'V A M 'a at *a 6 P M.. affordia* aa opportualty ta view tke kcntifal Lea'* aceaary of tar bay aid harbor from tli* npt-*r fillane* forme Price of admiMioa. 12', a < a la. talen' WA1.LUALI.A, >i CANAL STRRPT OPPOSITE TilC jenaa Naaa lla?n Railroad Ikepot ?Tha ra cnam. aj aro- pictai ea. laeely tarat. ai.t liaadacnae f*caa ia tbtieaiU. Tla.a Oirl*, it tha aaly rlace ah.-re tha trua lirinx p :n*aa tan k* aeca tarita ia tk*ir tn<* liaht. TV cal?br?t?d Tataa'.a Min.-rrtl linn I, ?orld tecatherwitk the dar nr Arab Utrl*. The k*,?t cntat'.i i.wcata aaiata ia the etty. Coaia early aai aecara yaor aeat? Piij*. al 'emoi admieaioa -Orahaetra teat . S7.V.: Par i?atta, .'.Va Boaei AMl'SKMICKTH MU)OKLYJi. A Brooklyn mubei m-li-iem, Mcsrn* i.ovfi.l R*! ft Klig; Tr^aa rer Mr. J A Jack>in. B-ealtt i f Mr. M..V T. Br*iiham. B>'nr?ay avantaf, Nie-mHrr 9th, "ill la i?iaf proacatcU ROMANCE A.NO REALITY. It cos lui ,.ith JtT", Uia faroa of the IRISH I.ION-1 iia Mo?r* Mr Br.tig'aam: Mia* IIMr*. Brougl art,. AdBiMi>a.otata raaar' j I * ' <mu. i. i - , ?? * i A MI CAMFOItlllA. g? CALIFORNIA COLD M > ?l FACT' RED /" > (KU>E3, lito Wi?fhf#,('hiin?, Ifl km, J ;i, I , if ' r - rania tlca, a laaa thia aanal priraa. kj JA* W. 1AIM S NKR, l* W Br U?l'. liana* ? i; ?nul? lor;, ?f lili <,? u lh? B?ai? praalaaa. ptra<aa may 4raaa4 tppa rat lag thtaa:n?| 14 ia rati ra. W?trlm? ??.i Jr. irr ra?airt4 C< ?t?n;l) ? kM<, I *?a4 of flaa Bar!.. nl Jmlry. /"fcfJDEK ft UATNBR (RIIB D L. OODRW, TSOA J HV. " Bajraat)?wkaiaaala aa4 Oaarra] Coaaliika Bar- rj.*' ahaata, Baa Fraaataea, Ciit.':r*ia arrhaa4laa *on l(a*4 *" * will ha piaaa4 * hoariaariUr* ?Mp aa4 ?.14 kj aaaa> ' ajaa-ttaa ar,Ula? ailrukaaf 4ra ate. R?^-Tkf #ia7# 6a?y ft Ca~ N*w Yark J +?ph T fcaa?t?. 4?.; t/?aw;l ? Ml Baltriak, law; Bar? a Staraaa. 4a.: Uasaa. Bapk'.a* * r* 4a.( C?akha ft ha. ft. 4a. iTt. Haraa. 4a. Kaa4 ft R**la. I, Mww. Tatuik ft D1 1A1 r*?. roiw\n:.'>?-, A>0 J*. A ?<I alaaioa aarakaa'a. Chafrat, S. O.? IT* a-% a?w a* B f MM ta forwart allfooda aaai to aur tar*, kaxat in? iuhl r?r?l? 4ran(htVoaU, with Ia4!a rnk'-ar aorrr* I ri'.i I'-m-i HaftfUM af rama<?ri aa4 Wi km al*? malt *ri'?f Ifnatwin with Rnaalaft Ca., traatparffttloa aita a. at ai4ait, t*r|(aau4CnMi,Mtlialth!nirillkiM 4?iar ihhU ' ,L btkaat. K.TATLOR, !?:? of Baitlrsart. ? r?a. J. U f>? BAt'FRB. lata af ,V'? Orlaaai. Bafaraaaa la Raw Tatk. J. Ilowara ft Sea*. m H aiwaa aj n Oar AiaaU an L. Ha p, O katir lit ??t C?rw ?. Bra ft f^( ,, Ca., C. 8. flcaaalata. Plata* MM aaAarr c Sa.. * Fraa- f, ,4 ^aJ^'aawla. B| hn CALIFORNIA.?TRANSPORTATION ACROSS TBI J,1?'! Iathaaa af Paaaaia.?Zart.rlaa^a, Nalaoa ft Ca., >< ' , Ptaaaa.ara bow pr?para4 tc trarvai rt fr< tfht arr'it tha a.'.'il Iathaaa af Paaaaaa, ar taka It thra-ich to >aa fra nnn. 11 _ illffri "ptiaa, kat aaak parkara tanit k? af r rtakla alia \| R ana *al#ht_ a*4 praparlr aorarfl. at M. ft C? art 1" r aat raapaaalkla I t lunif' or ar?4nl la th* tra/li - ra Tna Tl.a ?l antaa af tr\tuMv>rta?lon ta ka prtpa^4 ia Ba? Tark. '"'M fat faftftar partleiUra.apvif t? Haa *i A *A<"llRIM<'X ft CO., T Wall nr?t ?a?-4a, n.a4? I TUB t'NITID ITATU AND CALIIWRMft KXI RRM tv,, C"?panr will 4t?pa?ah ?K?:r aait -ipr*a? p-t l.wp ra IIV cify. * ?. 13th. ">aa?rtiDf with t).t r.a.l ilaau> t fr 1 Pa- , ' *' Ba, DfiaWr lat. Thla ia tha -?alj 'r**r rj (aliMri.a I, raaa CMapMy. ^a4 art prat'r ta laa I raaalaro, ia akaat '.J a Capt. A iat.?:a Itiu.. r, l" lha wall haawa aftip a?w* r> llaetcr f?t tha Jfaw Vark praaa, T i takaa akarta of aar *a??la ra tha C'-.atr*< Rlaar ' rr-.h'at *{'' 1 Iavaa4a4 f r tha |ntan< r 4i?pa'*hal i-i?*4i?Uljr a' r <a arrital of tha atraa-rat Saa Traa Uaa t>.a? .n.u mar , X ka\a thair l??"l*a? ?ri.8"l at tftaC ift a Uouta ? * UftrlM *!U," ibtat at tha aCaa. Ra.2 Ball atrial. v" ? Propriatrra, k. R. MM.t.CR a C?. (iRtUORT'l CALIPORNIA I PRRPl - TH t SIR arrikara will fi^rwaN thair aait atproaa, ia har(-il a 1 IBM traalal aaaaaafor, par at?a?ar I-.plr- Cltr. aa ir?4a??>:a7. 1 ?h< l.lthlaat. Tha arrancmaata i.l tt,l? liaf tar th m ?- *. P?-hii palah af frai?kt > ? naa Pranal>to. art af th< haat 4 ?r > ladla tioa. aa4 n>?a whi h ai.ipj a? <mar wt'h rartatatf re .7. W?hkl ParaaU raa?l?a4 -a'tl tha ? rala f tha 4ajr af aatt.a?, aal artl'-lt lat'ar" aatll 2l, I' M l'a??' aal .Tfr-i'tn ? > ma>la 4?tlv?r*4 a* aar rfk< prior i* tha 4*7 f illM. wfctra ?n|wri vaadi wattla* ahiraaat art- < < ir?i '?i >int .if thrtni TB?>*p.*oit nnvdcoc*. B?aa?ara tad Arutt I4*? Pa-?rf ">r .ar af ft a,I. ? .. P. *- Al|>t??ra ky Rtpr a* .14 ?S?aa*-> ? I and t>r?M of rlaatlai tfctin Uaat Ui iitt>? ?, : Tarma raaaaaabl". ttr " HOHB1T.*. ?W. r?yB| L*0? BALB-A KPI.BNDID BAV MARC. 9SVRS 1I?U ? ??? r ?U, warraatad aauad.aad fail aUtaaa ku li ? 11. j'l- fl?M fattly gaatla la aaai? wall nlt?4 uadar tv?adl.?. ',WJ* aad aiwaialT |?od fa hirn< (?. Md 'i?lj f?r ? af ?ark. dray. *P?lt to Br. V AUDI SEN ? TJ Prlatdftwr ?m it* RIMo a. '"*Lr ?. ?. ? - iaatVa l/o* balb-a dbairablb pair or r *?w.r u'v h randi Wt Bavaaa, k*in? dark kaaa. ??ry * id and rata* I \ aai ' lal??ka ijaat aadaraaaa, av?at ala-aan ha->i? <k Ala<> a ??r>' a jaa ?a whim, ud a Oap*? aad flarn * pr?r?T?r t>ala* -Sat ? tha a? a priTata family akant m laara tha >.? kal-? tat aa i i?ia WMW tm ? ?? ? will M>? (MM. Far 'a J partt??Ur* la- aaraa i tail* at MB*ro*r <* ?h*r- a ?h a?a?kaa~-? raal . To M)l.b AT AWJfTf'N ** UVat Haraa Baiaar. Ra. Jl C 'adajr a?a\ " lltli laat. kat?r?t> It .ad I ?>l ' ' r? ' ?'/ ' t . ralaaMe kafaaa?r?aa aad trtr. iTarraa-ad aaaaV r,pt?,i aa4 kl*4, aad raa *at thatr ><: > <a lata. aa a- - J* Thayara kath haraoaaf ftaa- raduraa- tha?a? ' ' r laajar KIN tr. ART*. Mt?a? T'BB WRBCK OP TB* ?BBr?A FOB tALB -kLA*<3S aaaaai R I'tiaHat, tka araakaf Hadaan, a Ina ? ln?at? I" *M?h p?riaha4 aa tka r-an af Atrtaa la IM*?1? Bill t ?- Ka ?ill S'Mnl aad daalj ?*a*nt?d rri > Vi '?! i- \ ? i"ti? lha fiftaal ftatara. paiaiad kp Jwrix, ao? ia -s? I'arai n*. at P*r1?. A? aa aaklMtl av-t ra i- < u,in| i?'"i all, aad a.U fca at Id at a at ><! >*a i'iaa. i nM<t W ' ad V nattilMaaaaol afart. Caa ka a?aa at LafaratM Hall talaaj latattladaj. F?f farthat lafnr?ati..a aaalj ta A la* JtJ^l BABCHBB. Ul Bcaada.y, at . iMp?W ________ tMi HdiK a. IQABWAT TH?>Tk UUUUU SOI.B ou urk-Mr. P,U, ,*&.??'sre [ICS, mi. M.ari, Mr. h m Mr Hh*w Mlaa ilia# Crv, Mr? AV-bof. Stare, ilra. K^aifbt. I. j SAOHl Fic5?Bob C, Sir William Doa. M. ? appW MinCapel. nelude with the farce . iT 0 >VI".HNM1NT . HaetieMr. W. Devm. |TU;.n?; Stuap. r?rry. Daora opea at >*r?i.ia ? ll r? at 7 ?iy BLO'B c;Ah i>KN.?TK i. ' l>l* PARTS oy TUB Inn JUNuli; Prtva Muvt. Hr. Jobt d ?Door* opes at lial | 'V. pe"-m*ate u> H?ca at 7>? ?The w .elFaa, .1*. V a4ay dk, Nov. 11 b, Oreitu > eaietta Tba parinoea |o row aeuc-a wit C< mi 11>? Ti(ht K?? e Kavcl Family Bad I Te b? auaeeadae rti liar la New Vork. t paaioai >ae, <a ui % Invented ami pre* n*. P- Brillcat, wiib 'irml mniH oomuowi* BrltllAnt, iNTl To ooaclvde 11 IN MOfcgTKB LtAN OPERA HOC-1 , n . 'LlCl-NKf *Ainary by Mr Ti m?"ii ? by Mr Dabiorra ; rtiee bj A. K. (albert tad de oratlcaa by ala. I'rloaa of a<lmi? ?d SMti, Par?:uen? loier. (2 #0; adiniikun a and BuiM ca <h? n* il perfermaDoe, h*atre. 30 etata.? ruUcriftl 'D n'ght. I, a bafi left re refpaetlo aanounue, that in ' '( unavoidable sir taafe?, and I y and ?i t of the CoMaoitlee baaribera, thT" will i> aaoa on Triday, aaU 'be Ninth SuliKcripii"!. >ko place oa HatorNo\einler !Hh, on win sifnoriat TX1UA 0I>I will m.iku liar thu , when ? .11 be r?rid, for me laai time I- > o|xra ol NORMA, lioh oeeaaioa ale will I *i*nor;aa A. Haiti, rLonm.and ^i*n. r N ? Marvt ?k baa alao Ifiw are to ann< uoeo, ' >>amea' ?i lueat af a nember of hia pa m . nphithvatre, lad la iiaaeeaith their wi- > pla^? . >, tlia ? of all an 0[ p. rtunl*> hi diaticrnitt id ? ? , ind actio**, that tbi oaten to tta Virl. re will ho'?af.or be Si niday evcou,-. Near 9th. 1HSU, wi11 be )>< t Hni'iisrin' pera of MA?Norma. Sunuriii. Ain't,;. Sitair.a* til; Pollion*. Sifcnor ' Novalll. lotor and I>ir*otor . 'taab i. 4-r, Mr. :?cr- Cborua Hamr i i?r. Doot? oaaa at a rr beft re 7, It ccminei look No rr?? lijt; tara. iDKMOlSII.LK JK> X *IbL CIVS RKB Twenty-flf'b tiraad t a at ll<? ir Hall, oa :a'.ardir * * riabcr tHb PKO' n ca u i urt?Tbe Men of Trun. ItaeUotea ina?"SorKaui," M?;w a, 8i<Ballrtti ' ai.aJ -"Wni la v^oa," M'lle ^ IPaBl .. Bt >. Ill i? of Pr.?oaar>, by tb L.odytFide'io ... &?e:ls"Tea inn Cborti, by the Of im?taai. jaatbe* lird Skn,(?(by(i-aeral Vile.JeoUnd Tk-btrt mr i are -TLe BuUr of the > WeteX ?o?"Appar?i atlaluo j <nujLind Sijsnur Billii'i. I.a ti. Dte^etti elcid, by the Urrmao I o ... Piaay -"Neil rititier. ' M Mud. L. bto liliiru >lt..krt ParBnttlla." Slraor B?'l R'WtiW Motin'.aiaatr'a Son* " > ir.y Lln i Qerdamaa'a fconi, o. n ?lled Tm ift Eobc?(by icua-al J > J?oUld. idictot?Mr. Bentdiet all Oreliottra ?i tint - eom?n? a* tLa tr?l it ia tl?? cunuUj. hi>? <><*. I rricfi or tiotet* in t!i> talisc.a tnii .? t)< idclrcle *111 be t-T ?ael. 1 t row afha ftr?t alrU ?cJ lh? remainder le, Si. Irciy tioktk for any part of tlie hout . ? n ..o VerlaaicaMag curing particular . . .ijmayla miirfM i?t DallJ Wm. Dall It fl i "tire. ta Br? adway; at iLe priuoiral Hirr H. jJ Hoteli. tn opea at <t o'oloek. -n-najoji at t (iWek. eheeka nill br latvr4. r i.riai I'uiimH pu H: <iuo U frotr. tbe mka?ry of Brard, an J imp > fc>aeM b *ronaa fc , i f All any. okfc eontaiurift the proa' nil ?or1? f tbe tout iliaa, Orrnar Swedlib -u iraua<attoa?. may be acd is the lobby ot th? " Umoiaelle J?uay Llad < > ? Mr Caicnti 4ai.bc >u"?i?i{ *e*k, vb Moart.i iraiaf 9rk*y. >i< ?aj?t?!bibm. and will a t r. ora^|kiob??tt. oa jaday ?>(, <ium?ccin .l int, S?p will iB<rtiy ad to i'iilladulphia, Hi * :.4hHi? on CkarUaIJa*ana, New Orlcaa. >un *ad < boioaau, a* ill rri/bablysail for Kn ' Kijitn. " Bird 9. UK," and " i ?'.* ? ill (ty a*aer*l d?t>? ?ub? at each of the 'iialaiBkCoacar-e ua Mtw X'HJ N ICS' II h LI* > ..???ADWAT, ABO V Uraad etrte'.?U|xu m r. i. Ui tu-ia< tii- week bbmI ar aoMoe.?The original ? ?U kaean CiHUBTTTJ intll 8, otcprlaiuf ai> ? < .it tttlt'iU "wift" bleated" Bad ejrpenon. - i y?r , rvi.r?."uu'ii>r ?/,? biblat of B. P. Chna.y. wb . . nue.'.e la ta.a t*t a aiea of "four yuara" b ?.? it !? ? with favor k? y reapectakl* and faah in e aa.iait.aa. Ti*ke?e ll . Door* <ip?n at half p? m o>. nn.-?a at I all pwat ( ' lock. Afteraocn ?... ?at* BavariUf, ? lai a> tkra* P M. LI/OWS' IIIMSTIt K.L8 - J Kl.l.dW}, HANAtiER tad proprietor ot P>11?? vi>a ..oia. haa tUa boa?.r ? n tb? oitiaeniuf thu m > i iitrapolta tUa*. hat a?w rrectcl on tin old Tatt r < 1. ?r.mn3, ? ? Bioadway tlBiihad, aad hia will n >j > aud of xulat r?l" aft*?i iirat lonoart m it on It u :?v ?v?BiB|t. No*?nb?r ??k. 1.11 i. . .4 ... i. . .. . ... ... .. , ormttd, >nJ bmuMliit'v I a4. Th r.an4 >* oiaa I of the proataa. t?lrn , r var ij B.hiop aa Bi aa'ftli America. J. B. (alio* >-li ?** It > Ictv to proa*** lant* to Mi it ioi't u- I i mk, tnJ tfcr|-i'l :( ?*raUy, have eilrndil an lUarul a | < < aui .ah-a aao h??a la that no pain* < r nm ? ?l n* apart l te Bill thi* >k<l rna* pao* ? m??r id I" ajij ? ores at ti;,-Co?c?rt l? ui?*nc* tt 7'? A4ia..u*?*? it*. tW TOKK AWMITHr* ?? HOIUV Cka*r.?, a aplcidil ptrtom at *t!1 ht gircu tbi? * ifatttrnooa, cm aim>'in< > (H o'clock. V* th* Frvaab pr. Saturday *araliig ? Kb all li pr""-o'*d a I ??ml Ination <1 at ra il.i.ia Hi lu.l a< th - noil |>l*a* iraa if th* riding **ho?l. >< u m?ii? ay4 tut l^tglK labrrai'rhl'- p moiral * * aril* >ai lair; Milr. T urnialr* a d ? Mm*. IJaaoi' kM a .f talent. I'rn il? I ? W . tiaa; B >ih, JhbJ. I)i rtm'f f'Mldraa hair ir ? Nok?? pri** t* |.i. topta at half | a*t I* rf rvwu w * tauiaa<* ?t a ir paat 7 o'tlocfc. tNXMN MUSLIM-17 mTUA* ??l'ABB.-T?* erformaaaoa ar* daily e->aioB<ac.u at J n tk>ak i llunto, ai.4 at half pit' *ta in th* ii'Kti. Tha i iucb ar* < an* I ? ' *. >l iu uciaHma a *ah*r plar* of aaim-ur' I t, .> Vi rfc. ooia* " lac at Ftatale Btlilopiaa <>-ar? Tr .ap*. 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Tli**r??* B> . taa J .l't., ? bb4 will app*ar atarr a < rn"o? .a ! ia ? ndefal f*a'4. iImh *ra >ttj attra tit* r th. Ir ?nait'*M kb4 lata. t rati".It.a?. Tvo p. rf" .nhm rach day, naatMim >r**lid half>raa< ?n? io h Adm naaa* t?*aly. '?. ChlUraa <i?4ar ?? yoaia, I. ?lf prtaa. TIIK IAU NT. \*OS. B (LAUANIk ?R!M n.I.LHIAtA It ILLS ' Lal I?. Chart.*, Ranaip . L.?ir? 1 I' iut< an I UvaHaad al' llnd* af J b Pr si ai, 4. ?? a UlI> Ijrla. ai4*h**p far aao, at i<aip<a i Jo* aa<l CaH lug IIRf, IM ralaaa *<r*?t h*>vaaa Naaaaj itma r* a-?a? tall and ~a >aa naaf. TftoVAR R urro.v Printar, III r*".'B rt l)A1l tst*. MI.O KOMM DtK 'lM. AI'tOKir-TII wtp?n illlama aa4 farhar wall pva th*?r a*".a4 itaaa lar ra W daa?i'a? tha llih ia*t., ?l *rala4iaa aa! t<ai ara Nrtitjfail; la'C-.l .ana* th* aaap aa4 al B"a? a* 'aoaha kj ?l aV .a ladia*. ?h*. with Mfaad *ar*. 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"Ml?< Kill 4ailar Ikt i>aa It prorata haU??,tht "rat *14* |1M ?* J" alt ' 'it adnata, m4 ifii r a?r~aa a??n?h i?f if II of It af tka ant aalaaat ! ?>' ?ItMk f aa?rr r ? ?rit?ta ?h?i?m that ? %. l? fraaa*l*?t ml vtUi aaka a p>' ? *k?. i?* Hit of tha h>-?.naaa. tmwt II|\m I iMkn that "ataa-V tkaaa taaal aUa **1 w.^ata I, Will Un? Willi whl?k ?a mrtf aa i>|? raMraa. Il nw '""""M araaa lataatrr. aaka atar pa i M iha M hi*, ao4 { It . th? anaMaa'inn ai kit "? '* akaa >?a aaaaat 4rl<a nr kr sa r,., a lira#* "i aa I at fat aaa 4ra* lata aaar a- kna rm than <1(1 It aiad i? Mr ?lMla x tka laa? aavar ?* tb? tartar th? anaiW. it. HI I-a f?* tti??aatl? aatlnt tka ?a*M aa Ilir li ?'? a? >aa h>a a?<a? ? - v-a^- -a-*. ?, luilit, aa.' .1 .ta taa a*aa la vkl'h yaar t?aa i iJm" .ldi.a ,-( r it -> ?*j aa i',raa f r- ,ar ??.. n??raaa fa- l-a. aa-l ha M>rfa*;lt avvlaMa t .rata, kit la^l RaMar CUt f?r ?vi* k? t.. UClit'lMlllmi ICUOIt! Ul

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