Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1850 Page 7
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I 0 Comaon Council. BOARD OP ALDKKMB.f. Hot. 6 -Th* Preeident la the chair Th? Board t at about a quarter pait 6 o'clock. Tha ouly bufinm done vu ms follow* :? A report of the Finance Committee, in tkror of remitting pertonal tax et J. k 8. Randall, waa adopted. new riiuiMT. f A memorial from Cllntoa Rooeevelt, reapeeting a ntwlj Invented pavement, wae referred to the Camnit tee OB Streets. * A remonetranoe of Edward Logs* and other*, againit widening and extending Canal atreet, waa re L The Board adjourned at 20 minute* after 6 o'clock, n the motion of Alderman Kelly, who said that the attendance of the Alderman might be required In their respective ward*. ' Nov. 6.?M. Morgana, Esq., Preeident In the chair. The minute* of Tuesday evening were read and approved. I FETITIOft* mrtlllD. Petition of 8. Robinson, to extend sewer in Eighteenth at.; of George II. Vogal and other* for transfer of talis In Tompkins market; of James Bolt, one of the Mew Tork volunteers, for relief; ot several persons for correction of taxen; of William Q. Sterling, to be appointed commissioner of deeds; of 8 K. and 0 W. Tremble, to purchase a lot of ground in Forsyth street; of Robert Handly tor payment of building pier foet of Coortlandt street; of Henry Raymond, of the Seventh ward, and 120 others, to have Mr. Raymond appointed commissioner of deeds ; of Petsr Carroll, and others, residents of Twelfth ward, to permit the construction f a railroad through the Sixth avenue. tCroaTS ACCCrTED. In favor of paying the sum of $138, the amownt of a i judgment obtained by Robert II. Morris against Wm. W. Doherty ; of tame committee in favor ot remitting personal tax of John N. Uayward ; of same committee adverse to petition of Charles Campbell; of same committee In flavor of remitting personal tax ot R. Y. Laurence deceased ; of same committee in faver of receiving the tax of J D. Locke, without interest; of i eeme committee in favor of remitting personal tax ot Pranei* Colton. ofaame committeeadverae to the petition of Ira Todd for remission of taxes ; of Committee a Lamps and Oas in favor of lighting several streets with oil and gas. nrers rsoM the board or Report of committee on atreeta recommending a concurrence with the Board of Aasistants in a rsaolutlon for the grading of Thirty-eecond street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Concurred in. ui same oommniN. recommending a concurrence with the Board of Assistants, in the adoptien of the molutioa for regrading and repairing Uanaevoor street, near West street. Concurred in. Of iubi oommlttee. recommending a concurrence with the Beard cf Assistants. in the adoption of a resolution for flagging sidewalks in Thirty, seoond treat, between Sixth and Eighth avenue* Concurred in. eefosts accepted. Of Committee on Fire Department, in favor of allowing Engine Co. No. 29 ten additional membera.. Of Committee on Croton Aqueduct Department, in favor of placing a fountain in Tompkins square Of Committee on Arta and Sciences. in ralation to the eemmnnicatlon of the Mayor on the subject of the presentation of the avord of General Paez. formerly President of tha republic of Vanasaeia. and racom Bending that tha same be received and placed intha library uf the corporation. and that the Mayor he requested to transmit a resolution to that affect to tha Oanaral. Alderman Shaw aaid ha oould not alio* th? report to paae witbaut saying a taw words on the aabjeat. Ha then raviawed the military character ot tha General, and tha variona aervlaea, both eivil and military. which ha rendered to bia country ; and ooneluded by hoping tha Common Council would not atop there, but would go a atep farther, and request him to aet tar hia part rait, and place It alongside of that at Bolivar. laftumtx the board of assistants. Beports-( ^Hnanee Committee of Board of Assistant* in ralation to the report and resolution leaving the park or the Five Points to People.s Waahing and Bathing Aasaoiatlon. non-concurred la. 01 Committee an Streets, recommending a concurrence with the Board of Aldermen In the adoption of the resolution to tlaga, lie,, sidewalk in trout of Nos. 11 ftnd 13 Hubert street, concurred in, Of same Committee recommending a concurrence with Board of Aldermen to H dswalk, A;c , In Vsstry street; concurred In. Kemonetranee of owners of property against extending Canal, aid widening Walker street, or taking any fvrther proceedlnga therein. Referred Keaolutlen that all itreets above Twenty-flrat street when the numbers are Irregular, and also where the straets have not been numbered, that tha aacne be VUD HUVCI iur uuvcvivu UI bus oirovv tUUlDllNlUURr, Not. 7?M. Morgan*, E*q., President, la the chair. Tha minute* ol the preceding meeting were read and approved. rtTirioxl arrraarn. Of B Bkldmore, for remiaeion of tax** oa property in Beocnd avenue, Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth treet*. In consequence of a large manure depoait In the rleinlty Of John H. Bcudder to hay* lota at th<corner of Ninth avenue and Thirty aocond atreet feared in Of A. W. Smith, to be appointed Comml* loner ot Deed* Of Isaac Adrlanoe and t. 8 Lathrop and other*, lor the (Immediate arching the Fourth avenue, in conformity with the ordinance of the Com toa Council Of the <'hamber of Commerce, with a resolution attached, that It U Inexpedient to eacablish a ferry at any point between the JTuiton tad Booth Jfcntaa. imiciTttni. Of James II. Dill, to be appointed Comminalener of Seed*. Of Kdward Koaeh, tube relieved from tax. Of Orinaeil. Mint urn h Co.. and other*, against granting a license tor a ferry to Brooklya, between the Fulton and Sonth ferriee. lUOU'TIWI. That a joint com mitten of the two Board* be appoint ed to tender the hospltalltv of tho city to the Senator* and Assemblymen eleet,of the next Legislature, at a ?nvi-nlent period before the meeting of that honorable body, and that they be authoriled to Invite th? cooperation of the various railroad and steamboat c m* pas leu in carrying oat the ohj?ot ar.roKii icctrvi!!. 01 Finanoa Committee. in favor of leaalng out So. 161 Forajrth itifrt, to Mr* \bilci K w eed Oi aame committee. adver.?e to aelllntr lot U1 Forayth atreet to P R lifl.V Trembly. Or t.*me aommitlee In favor f laaelng lot 14U Forayth atr??t, .0 Barbara Murray. 01 ??m>i eommittae, in lavor of W-aalng part of pier at loot of Beakman itml, to Oharlea II. Marahai Report of Committee on Street* In fav^r of feaolng vacant lot* '>?*w?en Thirty third and Thirty-fourth atreeta, and Filth and Blith aveouea-Concurred in. Of aame onmmittee. in favor of flagging aide walk a on the w> Ki.'rly aide of ijouverneur flip, from Mouth to Front (treat* -Concurred in Report* of Committee on Street*. on petition of W W. Fry and other*, to eetallitli a saw Una of bnlkh?ad* from Eighteenth to Twaatjr-tkird *tr*et -Concurred la. ro?nif?ir?Tioi?B. From tha Street t'omiriaaloner enolo?lng ea'.lmalae for regulating and *t?dlng Fifty aeventh, Thirtyninth Klgbty ?eoond. and Mighty-third ctreeta. Concurred ia vnrtimi aoorveo. That tha eroaa walk on Fourteenth atreet and V Ightb venue be repaired under tha direction of tha Commia lonera of Kr,,?!ri and Bappllea; that tha flra hydrant at tha Bort'iwe*t corner of Fourteenth afreet, and Klghth he removed In in it* preaeat p'aitton, la tha centre of the aide walk, to ita proper place at the margin ef the curb atone under the direction of the Crotoa Aqueduct Department ; that the eroaa vilk la Ferry atreet. watt aide of Uudeon. he raieed and relald. aad that theComml'aloner* of Repair* and Buppllea eante tha aama to b? dona without de.ry Bitla for medical aervloee at varloa* atatlon b u'" were then paaeed, and tha Board adjourned to Ova clack aaat day. 9a*. I.?Morgan Morgana. Eaq . Freaident, ia tha Chair, The minute* of the preceding meeting w*ra r*<l aad pproved. I fit "te?i? K'J'rrtJ. Of aeverai pereona. far the correc tlon of iax?a Of John Dunce, and other rwaidenta of the Twelfth ward, tor the ooaatru tion of a railroad tM< ugh the ?l*?h avenue. Of th?re*l<%ntain Thirtyeighth atreet, lor aewera in that and Thirty ninth treet Of ownera of property In Morrla and Knotrr atreet*. for widening thoae atreet* Of John lllxl-y, and atveral other*. tor tha ccnatrn :tlon of a aawer b-ttwaea Madiaon avenue arJ tha Fifth avenue anl Thirty ninth atreet Of Inhabitants of Greenwich atr>-et, to have it tenumhered <'f C. Bolton ani other* !tr raiding parta of Greenwich and Waahlagtoa itMta. tnata acc rr r?o. Of Car.mittee on Streeta, recommending that petition f Hugh JteOab* ba refrmd to the Finance Committee. Of eeaie committee, adverse to the pnymv'it ot bill of Thcmae Cadwalder for damage* to him. la conaetjuenca I a light beiwteu (Ire companloe Noa ? and 8 OI Ft < ommittee. in favor ol Inviting the m?inb*ra of the fegi lature ot the Bute ot New York ?o vlei' the alty, oti aome convenient day. prevlona to the meeting t the Legislature, and that the vaMoua ateambnat an I railroad onmpanie* be Invited to ao- operate with hia B'>a?i tka Mayor and the Committee* ot the Bnarda ?f Alii>rmrn Bad A*.l?Unt* for tb%t purpo** CnB>mlt<ca ob Whinin, M?r* ?**??t Slip*. In favor of W II. Patnml* for aitra l?agih of Plar No 0, Fuel river Of Com atttea > a AwoineaU. advara* to tb* pr-tltla of l>aal?l <1 Ala her air] otbi ra In ralat'oa V> i??i?innil fm ? *aaar ! Tw?n?i-al?hth Itfwt, from lmou<l **>?? t? th* fMt (t??r Of aam* comr.lttee. ailvrrae in the petition of the tra?t?e? of tha laptl>' church In Oliver ?tift for relief from B?'*a?B>??r tor Naaging ?t th* ? .TB?r of Amity an t Won?t*r trait* Of Cnmmittaa "n Arta anit *fienra* in favor f mil ?.UIiioo?l apprt prlati iB of f2MI to c*rry oat tha *}?t?m A' International aanh?ug*a. Of Kloanoa Commute". In favor ft lasting port of mldlla Iff fo?<t of OoatrtBmt atiaet. Of Itonmltt** ?n A??er?m*tit? altrre to th* petition of H, I,. PrherfMen. to ha rellevel from ?* aien'. Ol rani* *om?iltte*. adverra to petlMoo of 1'atar tl Jarfcu.ii, B?k<pg..fnr r?ll*f fr'in *fa*a?rn?nta Of ylnaaoa Committee, la favor of netting water prlvl t? J n Ipafoul, W flag- John V. Beam. %a 1 John PitMgrew -laid on tha tabl? oa inotlnaof A Merman Wr.'it Of ColBnilttea on flea Department. re. era wndlrg ' ipnWIon of W T Oataa J. II Johf?*on. ?nJ another, ftoi: tha flr* department. an 1 tfca ta?p?B?l">B of llo?aCo M f' t three month* rimoviif atioa. Fmta tl* fotn pteallar (afh an orllnane*) aatlng * npftrptlation of en* million three hnnlrad aid ftttv thomaail i.lan bur,dr*d *nd flfi jthr*a dollar* far lb* ?ut p^t of tha alty goteraarat. lor tha year II *> *TlVaVaian Oairi i? eall'd up dooametit W? 41 b?lng tfc? raaort of tbe Ka?lnr?r? of the FIm" I>ep,rtm?Bt. In relatloa to dividing lb* olty Into eight dt*trti'U. Afiar a fe" wot4? trom Alrtrrnen Bhaw. Hawaa. and other* It VII refrtre I to tha Commltta* OB Ordlaaaraa univnm ?"OvrcD. T v?.r ik> r*?ptroli-r rati'* an e?tlutal?d v?1oatIob la . f aU la* r. ?i . b*t rg ng to tha city. signed Tihrur; 11, 1140," oppesitc to the same of Aralsaal M. Phelps, ? nimktr of engine ecmpany No. I 9, ho k it Log kMi to returned through mistake. MOniHI.M TO UENUA1. WliHIMUTON. Tho following preamble u4 resolution woro offered by Alderman Qairri* :? Whereas the attempt bu often boon nade to ralss monument in this city, to commemorate tho memory of Washington, tho ffcther or hie country, and ha* neTer yet received that favor with the people to ensure its itrueture And whereas it is believed that tho failure of such attempts Is owing to tho want of a more proper location than those heretofore contemplated, or choeen therefore, Resolved, That It be referred to the Special Committee on the subject of enlarging the Battery, to inquire into the leasing, at a nominal rent, the plot of ground on which Castle Garden now stands, to the Washington Monument Association, of this olty. to aid in the erection of a suitable monument to Geo Washington, conditioned that the association shall have raised the sum of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars be- ' for* the lease Is delivered, *o as to ensure the completion of said monument. Adopted. The board then adjourned. BOARD OP ASSISTANT ALPER5IKN. This Board adjourned on Monday evening, to meet at 6o'olock yesterday. P. M. At the appelated hour, the Clerk and several members of the Board, were present, but on the roll being called, only elgbt member;) answered. This was not sufficient to form a quorum, and the Beard therefor* stood adjourned till 6 o'clock this evening. Mot, 6 ? This Board met at half past Ave o'clock, afternoon. Present, the President In the chair, and a quorum of members in their places The minutes of the preceding mesting were read and accepted. rti itiohs. A number of petitions were presented, and appro* prtately referred * HOSTS or COMMITTEES. The Committee on Streets reported in favor of fencing vacant lots between Thirty-third and Thirtyfourth streets and Fifth and Sixth avenues. Adapted. Committee on Wharves. Piers, and Slips, recommendlng a concurrence with Board of Aldermen to extend piers thirty-seven and thirty eight, East river ? aoopvta. Committee Street*, against fencing lots in Fourth trenoe. between Seventeenth and Eighteenth street* Adopted Alio, in favor of concurrence td flag aid ?walks in Twenty-first street, ewt of Fourth venue. Adopted. Also, to concur to aet curb and gutter (tone* in Forty-first street from Eighth to Ninth are nue. Adopted. Also, t* non-concur in resolution to employ a surveyor to estimate the expense ot extend- 1 ing and widening College place from Ba-clay to Green- i wich streets Adopted. AUo, in favor of flagging sidewalks on the wenterly side of Gouverneur slip from 1 South to Front streets. Adopted. Also, tor changing | , the grade of Forty-fourth street between Filth and i Sixth avenues. On concurrence, Adopted Alio, In favor of establishing a new exterior line oi bulkhead from Eighteenth to Twenty-third streets. Adopted. , rarcae raoM the aoaao or aldrbwe*. Petition of John D. Lee and others, to have Thirtythird street, from Tenth avenne to lludson river, lighted with oil. Concurred in. That the Clerk of the Common Council be directed ( to erase from the Register of the Flieman's Journal, the expulsion of Charles French of May 7,1349. Concurred in. Petition of 8. W Lewis and others, for permission to build a sower in Twenty, seventh street. Concurred In. RESOLUTIONS. Assistant Alderman Ward offered a resolution, call- , Ing on the Counsel to the Corporation to give his opinion, as to whether the AssUtaat Alderman elect of the Nineteenth ward, (new ward,) is entitled to take his seat immediately, or whether he mnst wait till January next. Referred to the Counsel of the Corporation That the crOMWLlk across Perry street, west side of Uudson street, be raised and relaid. Adopted That the firo hyd-ant at the northwest corner of Fourteenth street and Klghth avenue, bo removed te the margin of the curbstone. Adopted. That the crosswalk on Fourteenth street and Eighth venue be repaired. Adopted, That the Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies reCort whether the work to be done about Fulton Maret. is under contract, ?nd if so, what it will oott. 1 Adopted. I Adjourned till Thursday evening. Nov 7 ?The board met at6>i o'clock. P. M. Present, 1 the President in the chair, and a quorum of members | In their places The minutes of the preceding meet- | ing were read and approved. _ "vv'0!" ur tne uudflon Ki?er liailroad company, for permlsilon to ran email passenger can on their road bale* Thirty-first itre?t. Referred. McroBTS or committf.ks. Report of the Committee on Markets, ia favor of leasing Uourerneur market to Individuals, for j years- the market to be used a* now by butohers, liah Tender*, ete. The report waa accepted, and the resolution adopted. Of Committee on Sewera, In favor of concurrence to repair sewer in Thompson street Adopted. The finance Committee reported In favor cf paying to Garret Storm $360, amount of award to him for damage anatained in consequence of the corporation bnllding a pier on hla land at the foot of Bani atreet. alao to give eaid Storms 9100 per annum rent for the aame. Tne report waa aoeepted. and reeolutlon adopted The Committee oa Koada reported in favor of regulating and gradiag Fiftv-first atreet. between Second and Third aveanee. Adopted. Alao, to regulate and grade Kighty-aeveath atreet, between Third and Fifth avenuee. Adopted. KtWLl'TIO?l. Resolved, That the limp be removed from the corner of Catharine aad Madison atreata, aad the well at aame plaee be filled np Adopted. { Resolution to Increeae the pay of John Vandewater. Clerk el Tompklna Market, from (30$ to $M0 per year Referred Resolved, That the eroaawalk at the eorner of Fulton and Waahington atreata berelald with large stones Adopted Alao. to ralre and rebuild eroaawalk In Charles street, weat aide of lludson atreet Adopted. Resolution In favor of erecting a fire hydrant on the orthweet corner of Washington aad Canal atreete.? Adopted. Nov. I.- The Board met at half past five o'c'.oek Pre**nt. the Treeident In the chair, and a quorum of mi-mbera In their places. The minnte* wen- read and approved. rain ro*?. Several petition* were preeented.'and referred to appropriate committee*. hi roar* o? cohmitth*. Committee on Fire department reported In favor of repairing house of hoee company No. 80, at an ecpenae of Adopted Report of Committee on Salaries?in favor cf raining the salary of the Clerk of Tompkin* market from $Jtl0 to f&OU per annum Adopted Finance Committee, advene te paying Jams* Clark, for lees of horse killed by the breekiag In of pier No. 8 North River Adopted. Committee of the Fir* Department, In favor of purchasing lot No. 02 Sullivan atreet, for hoee company No 33 Ad pted Committee on Street*, adverse to paving aad setting enrb and gutter eton>-s In Fourteenth itreet, from avenue A to avenue II. Adopted Also. adverse to grading Thirteenth rtreet. between avrnux B tnlO Alee, adverse te Ctgglog sidewa ks aromd St. John * I'ark Adopted Alee, adverse to grading and setting cult and gutter *tonee In avenue B. from Thirteenth to Sixteenth streets Adopted Communication from the Street Commissioner, 'am plain it g that one of his deputies <3eorg* 1. Campbell) bad been appointed aa Appraiser ot Customs, aad fail* to perform hit duties. Referred to the Law Department [(TUport of the Committee oa Finance in favor ef leas! ins oart of nler toot of Beekman itreet to Charlt* If. Harebell. Concurred ^n. Se <?r?: report* ware r?ad and referred. areei ''Tiowe P.y tb* AMlnUntAldfnntn of the Ninth ward R?eolted. That 740 Iron b?d?t. ad he orl-r? I for t he M of the mNm of tha city ?t *- 7ft utb Adopted. i That curb and gutter at?n>-a la ttnno D, from ( *- i cnnd to Tenth itreete. be rein Id adopted that Olleer a*feet, from Madison itreat to the K??t rlrar, be repaired Adopted Hoard of IdarallnN. 1" C Ren?dlct, Eeq , President. In the "hair jj?v r. ?The ui i nut's o( the la*: meeting *?r? read and approved An application for the nun of (1.330 to meat deflctenafc a of tba Twelfth ward, wax raf?rr?d to tha Fl- I nanaa Conmlttr* tha report of tba Rieoutlra Committee ol tha trea A -a<l>qit on tba omiuunlsatlon addrrao d ti tba ' Hi *"l of KtlU'^atlon by a Committee ot iha Maw York I Medical College offering to admit gratnltanaly to Ita courae of Inetrsctloae any aumhwr ol young m?n, not eiceedlng Ave who have dlatlngui?bad ttiemw Ivea for < ! good acfcolarehlp and are In - aeceael'oii* clrcum I aiaacea ' waa lead by tba chairman of eald committee | Tba report, concluded by atailug "Veur committee cannot reeon man * the acceptance of n privilege In T<vt*log a compliance with ciditloae wbl,-b would create in th? free Academy dletlfiotione now happily t untbown In that Institution an 1 which If Introdu ced > there, would be ae un?'|ual aa tbey would ba odioaa The committee therefor* re.-ornro-nd that the Tr-nt?e? of the New York Medical College be raapectfnlly Informed In aa?weit? their omaiinlcation that tha | Pr?e AeaJea>y cannot "tall 11 ?e 11 of the privilege proffered te certain of Ita pupil* by tha Trnataee of tha Mtaleal College from an Impoe-loHlty of c implying The retort of the Finance U"niralttaa. on the appil oai Ion of the teborl nlUner* of the iMrat wnrd In faror nl appmptlaiiiig ?l 4?4 H(< nlterntl"n* aud enlarge. m>nt ot PrtoiirT fli'biHil, ki. ?a# adopted .Vrtr ?*? ?< The rrport rrf 'h? romml'tee on tha appllcntl'n of the ??ho?l fflloera of thu Sixteenth ?ard lor new reboot In call ward, wa? ?d?p'??d. ji Si* Ptih - The pre?ldi*nt antiounee.l that he bad r?eet??d an Intimation tvtm Oherlea T from well, l?n rftblaelty Matin* that be would award mrdal tr the b??t?rb?>lat In thed-pftr'ment of hrlin iMfrtt It ? >* r?>oired. that fft be appropriate K*t tha pnrpote of tilt'n?( np. and fnrnlahin* 'lib book* ?t%mwiy. lutbliwie ha.. ?< ? I'hanl hoa*a Ho 2t In linn *lrb itmni' la the Ninth ward A vtioti anthorlain* <he tearing of building IM a | r'n ary ?. hool ?n th? ??rl?lty of Tw-nty ninth ni>M an' Math it'tn* a* a nh??ltiite ??.r th- raw I lit lot* of the friH Of the l*th of Ortoh?f l??? whleh ??i?>??l*?rt the rtimnMon'M to lca<e a hulHInj fir a?lit purp'iae In tba rlolnl'T of Tw?mf "ith ?trei?t aidf i I a> enua. wa? r?f?t 'dtotha (Jotnaitlea on >n feh??'l?. Alttr nine other hn?ln??e the Board adjouraed P. I. ('Innlt Vnmrt. TV* Inn Jferge Pelrm pri riding Jto? 6 ? 1 he Jnitge ept-ied tho t >?iirt nni a?*o?*?ed Ha' hi toglD take tp ?he ral?nrtar In the morning. ? fn 4 ealt it throng b in tii r??nl?r order, and hat iti pet Hie moil be r>ady to try lltlr r?'i>ntlra rli ???. a? ha had bwt rhnrt time t.> remain hara . SUPPING. | TN1TID STATES MAIL BTBAMEBS MTWIIN NIV York aaJ Liverpool.?Th* ahipa aompoaiac thin 11m Df tbi followini ATLANTIC. Captala Weri. BALTIC. Captain Comatoek. PACIFIC, Captain Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt. lirafton. ARCTIC. Captain Lace. The*e ah 1 pi having bees ball! by eoatraet, *xpre*aly for govcraBtnt *trvlce, every rare baa beea taken in their eoa tructiua, aa alio In their engine*. to eaeure etrength and epeed; and %> air aooommudntioae lor paaaeagtre are unequalled for ele(ano? or eomfurt. Price of paaeage from New York to Liverpool >130; eiota. ive nae of extra ail* itate room*, $320, from Liverpool U New York J.36. v After tba first of April naxt, the rat* of freight by the above (taamer* from Liverpool will be materially reduced. An experienced turgeon will be auached to eaobabip. No berth* eecnred until paid for. The owners of the** thipa will not baaoeonn table for gold, ilver, bullion, apeoie, jewelry, preeiou* *toa*(, or metal*, nnlee* bill* of lading ar* (igntd iherefer, and the ralu* thereof therein expre*ed. rnoroiKD ditu or iaiun*. From New York. From LiverpooL Saturday, Not. 16th, I MO. Saturday, Deo. 14th, 1880. Do. Dec. 7th, I860. Do, Dec. 2?th, 1860, Do. Dee. 21et, 1850. Do. Jan. 11th, 1851. Wedae*day, Jan. lat, 1851. Do. Jan. 25th. 1861. Do. Jan. 15th, 1861. Do. Teb. 8th, 1851. Do. Jan. 29th, 1851. Do. Feb. 22d. 1861. Do. Feb. 12th. 1861. De. Mar. 8th, 1861. Do. Feb. ?th. 1861. Do. Mar. 22d, 1861. Do. Mar. 12th, 1861. Do. April 6th, 1861. For freight or paaeage apply to EDWARD R. COLLINS, 66 Wall street, N. Y., or to BRoWN, SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. E. 0 ROBERTS k CO., 13 Riag'a Arms yard, London. L. DRAPER, Jr., 8 Boulevard, Montmartre, Pari*. FOR LIVERPOOL-UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM hip BALTIC. Capt. Joaeph J. C'omstock.?Thi* eteamahip will depart with the mail* for Europe, poaitively, on Saturday, November 16th, at 12 o'olock M., from her berth, at the font of Canal atreet. No berth *ecar*d until paid for. All le'tar* and paper* must pa** through the Post OfBoe. Fer freight or paaeage?having unequalled accommodations for elegance or oomfort?apply to ED W^D. K. COLLINS, 4o W .U street. The ateamer PACIFIC will aucoeed the BALTIC, and *ail December 7th. 1"|CEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY?FOR BKEV t men via Southampton.-The Uniteu State* Mail*team*hip WASHINGTON, Q. W. Floyd, commander, will aail for Bremen, via Southampton, on Wedneaday, 20th November, from pier No. 3, North river, at 3 o'oloek, P. M. Price of pa***xe in the first cabin, $1S0 ; price of parage in the econa cabin, $tM>. An experienced surgeon i* attached to theehip All Utters must go throuxh the Post ottioe. Specie delivered in Havre at reduced rates. For freight or pa sage apply to MOLLER It SAND, Agent*, 50 Broadway. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY.-THI PUBlie are interned that under the arrangements of thil Company, iteamer* laapeoted and approved by tha Navy Department, and carrying the United State* mail* will continue to leave Panama aa i San Franeiaoo on tha drat and fifteenth day* of *a*h menth,unlea* detained by unavoidable accident or tb* n?n-arrival of the mail* at Panama. Tht tftimpri nf thf flrat of t hi Fnnnth will tnnr.h %.t Aninnlno Sea Idas, Maiatlan.San Disco, and Monterey. The steamer* of the fifteenth of the month will loath It Aoapuloo, bat at ao other Mexioan port*. The new *team*hip COLUMBIA will ply regularly. after her arrival in the Paciflo, between San Francisoo an'i port* in Oregen, awaiting at the former port the arrival of aaiU and passengers from Panama, and returning without delay ith mail* and MMMM f?r the following steamer from San Francisco. A regular line ol propeller* will be kept op For the tranapertatioa of freight and tranfient passeageri between Panama and San FraaoiMo. The connection In the Atlantio will be maintained by the Iteimship*EMPIRE CITY, leering New Tork on the ISth, and CBIHOMI. leaving New York ea the 28th of eaeh month, for Chagre*. A third boat will al*o be kept la New York a* a (pare iteamer. The aew steamafcip* CARIBBEAN and PHILADILPHIA will form a direct line between New Orleans and Chagrea. leaving at nch period* a* will eaaure a* little detention a* pnMible onthe Iithmu*, an< forming with the Paoitic ateam hipe, a through liae to and from Now rlean* and pert* ia Mexico, California and Oregon. Through Ticket* for aay month oan be teonred on applleatioa to the Company, 64 South atreet, New York. Applieaticna for paaaage from New Orlean* ahould be maJe to ARMSTRONG. LAURASON It Co., Agent*, at that plaoe. New York. Oot. SI. 1M0. 17OR CALIFORNIA *IA CHAOR1S. WITHOUT Dlr tuatioa at Panama.?The United State* Mail Steamship Company will deapateh the aplendid doable engine eteam hip GEORGIA. D. D. Porter, Uaited State* Navy, Commander, oa Monday, November 11th. at S o'clock, P. M., from the pier faot of Warrea atreet, North river, with the government mails and paaeenger* for Saa Praaciaoe and intermediate porta. The ooaneetioa at Panama will be oarefnlly kept up, *o a* to prevent aay detention beyond the uauel atay ia port. The book* are now opea, and passage oan be ecared at the following rate*:? iro* miw roan to chas^m. State room berth...... .. $]00 Staadee berth, forward aalooa 80 Steerage berth, found bed aad icparate table to raoM raiama to raAnciaoo. State reom berth $300 Steerage, found bed and (eparate table ISO mow jvaw roan to State Room- Standee. Steerage. Charleston $36 $30 $10 Savannah M SO M Davaaa 70 SI M New Orlean* 7S 49 u Freight* to Chagrea. 70o. per eabie foot, pre-paid ; Havaaa. JOc. do. do. Pas*eag*r* for New Orlean* will be traaiferree at Havana to tke new and splendid ateaauhip PACIFIC. r? *fcore freight or paaiage, apply at the of&ee of the oom puji wI ? h> iirni. corner ei num. u M. 0. ROBERTS. Special notice l? given to tblppera by t hie line, that th? ] tciirur h>ti MMM a form of bill or lading adapted tc their bualueee, whioh will be furaiahed to ahtppere on appU> i cation at she compnny'l nltN, aad with which they are r?qaeeted to previa* litmHlm, u no other form will he igatd by the agent* of tbo e?ruf. All biUa of laAiat mutt bo timed before the calling of the veecal. Rates or fare reduced?em pi re citt linb.Thrurh ticket* to Son Fraaeltoo, via tthagro*?coaaecting with the U. . mail eteamer Panama, on the lit ol l/tcemlcr?oa Wedneeday, Nov. 11th. The aelendtd itwn.hip EMPIRE CITY. I.oflu tool burthen. J. b. mandor, will leave her deok, pier Mo. X North Kim, for ChacTO*. oa Wedneeday. NnveurW 13th, at 3 o'clock. Ecuvceh paaa to CHaoaac. Salooa, State Room $1U? Lower Cabia N Steerage, ma i trace and board M PAnjatA w Saw Fbanciaco. Pint Cabia ??? Bteeraca 1M Pot freight or aateagt, arply to / HOWARD It SOW. 84 Broadwwy. f," K SACRAMENTO CITY-FIRST VESSEL. TO SAIL p< aiti*ely oa the U>th November, or demurrac* paid. Freight to the aaoaat of SUO bbla. will be taken opoa a cure rlor fact tailiag talk, by Immediate application to P. It 0. Fowl.BR. H* treat treat. MEDICAL. PARIS AND LONDON TREATMENT OP PRIVATE SIBeaeee la a few houra. b> a vegetable applicatioa without paia. In eoaetilatioaal effect loae and amieeioaa, impotonoy. and debility, 1 combine mediciaea with the looal r?ni"dy 1 ran ah w Kay oac there are thouaaada whe eaaaot bo enrol without It. ac 1 have oaeee daily, of yeare' Heading, from the other phveiotaat. In all. I guarantee a peruiaaeat ear*. I hare ooatiactlone daily, I cure without oauetio, whlok other* nee. caceed by their act ripeUing the dieeaee coot enough. My diploma, with tliece, and the huadrcdcof oertifioaiea, ehow that none sea c<|iial It. You cured me la one day, D. M. Corby*. Tou cipelled mj complaint In a few I h< lira, 0. Der nd. I wae aider the other phyeictaae over a year, without benefit; ni body waa oovered. yen eared me ia a abort time, John Rolliaoa.jf. I paid ever UUU ia Bvi yeare, to be ourod of emiaaioaa and debility, without beaeflt. yon cared me. by local and general treatment, in a abort time, J a* Pallab nry. Treatment by letter. OOoe houra from b>ot. and 7 tot P. M. DR. LARMONT. U Roade it, two doanBw Imdtay. Doctor yoursblp-for twenty-five cent'j? by meeni of the Poeket .ttecalaplue, or Ev*ry One Hit Owa rhytieiaa. Thirtieth editloa, wl-h one huadred ?agraviagt, *b< wing and Malfnrmatlone, ia every hape and f?r?7*7 Witlla* Teaag, M. 0., Gradaala of tba I n vanity el I'etinavlvaaia. The varioat formt of Secret I) are faithfully deaeribed, aad all the reilpee givea In r'tio I* age are Tne chapter oa ??elf Abu to it worthy of particular atteatlor, Bad ahould be road by (very *u*. Young mea. wfco have be*n unfortunate la contract'Bg dieoaee. prevlout t"> placing youreolvec uader the car* "f any doow. 1 ac matter wba* hla p*et*atioae may be get a copy nf thit truly u? ful work, Straagere vlalting th* elty, particularly tboa* cntemplating airilue don't think of returning home wl bouta'opy of th* rook** -**rnlapiu*. Sea cant aiae and p. raoae ?< lug to aen, rt.tald p-aoeee Dr. Youag'* Trea'ita oa Marriage, th* Pocket .tfecilepia*. or Every On* Mia On a Pnyetciea. Any poiron acedia* Twcn'y-ive eea'a eunloaad in a letter, will recelv* oa* copy of thla boet, oy mall: of fix crptef will be eeat for cue dollar. Addteee PR. WM YOl'NO. I3i Spruce * ret, Philadelphia, and fj? aale by Sir ager k T iwaaead, 2'^Z Broadway. New V ^rk. NO CURB N? PAY -DR. CORBir;. I? Dl. flt may be caaalud oa the treatment *f e*r?a(a dieeaeet. A practice of tlxt*cn year*, devoted to fht treat* meat of delicatedi**a?ea, eaablea Dr. 0. ta euro the were* form of tbl. dlaaaaa Rooaat ratec cured la three day*. ? | meraorr need. NERYOI.B DEBILITY.?OR DE l-liriHard Itrttt, eeatlanec to pay particular atteatloa ta > thnee die' rd??i arl.lng fru early la<li*cro*t habitt, Ac., in*apaeltatia? the maa for butineia, eooicty, and matrimony. or> of bin a*c>*a*. bo nlfar* ar*ry d**ir*d *uaraaty for a ?rt e? fir? Hi* rrru'tr?*tia* ? th<?? cmi in'nta to bl> p?tl??(? ?Tatl?. Or coon*. i? dca.nb ?tbrri bas. roit mi l?* t f<iort**? ennflxrd hi (r?rti .loih* tr*atii?i I I Birrmtitl a?d otk*r llwn II* ran 'iir* tk* inott iirnviul rx*?n of thin diMW, ami mild ca?aa r?m?**d ia iti to ?t?* daj* A pa.fMl or a?ehar?aList ur i.ittim ? * a a t n i wo iw tub xk* t?>bb fim iwn, ft?*rm)>?r t*ik. inm Ornoitlll rrrinatn ? Tl> r*rrl ItifM mi lAMtrr natUTiDa, n*aa* aaaattaa aha MM *? 1>* lint I* whiah tk*y ar? al mttlml i.abih' list. At hot Mr* Jan* Alk*n Jan* At?at?rMr?AP Archer Mi*< M >ria tcknami MtaaBllan Atkinaoa Mta?, Alia a Mra, ?th at Ad..r*r Miaa tUra I'xarl a'. Aidraara Mr? Mary Araar Mi?a Jana f) Arnry Mrt, BarAi>a?r.oa Mia M?- A'm ' Matilda Jana row at till* Aadcrnm M;?s Rilia B Dakar Miai, Mkrty B^ckatt Mra Sarah b?rtn<n?hAtn br*. at A Mm BtKa Mra Ana Bmtwiak Bra B B B'-nr*r Mra Char* Maria B"?U? Miaa Bll?a In'ta Ha lay Haa Aaa ?t Brtn'i?m Biaa ll?a? PatelarMraJ W B j I* Ml** Ora<-a tutta fcarr) Cm; Bn*a Miaa I atha B Btlakarh'ifl Mia* I avmanu Mad'll* b*k?r Mr? Ann JnMA Ann M?ri* lt>M?n Mra Mott a'. Tlriatna MmPrana** i.yd a?I Haialay Mr* Namy lloaart Miaa Ann D< U ?? MmMartha Harry Miaa Aaa allra It- riiilnfcMm Mary Barrett Mar* Ana Boyd Mra M A Pterdjai* Bxra Via Haanak Bojrla tfaraamt Buy** "r? Mary Ball Mr* J, l#'h at liiirtia?* Mtaa Ana Br'"* KHta Brnoi.aa Hat a* tlnrrhill MltaUaaaa S'likr M>?a Oa'k* liara* aia* Bliaa Hum Mra II'rt<> aia f ra I<n. Mix Mary Uiraot'ath* B?nM i han Mai,-t Bnraa Miaa Mar* Hywa?*' Mr* Aaaa Bttkt tHl* Bnokard *' Jnha Baaat it Mra Miry ( M'?* A L finak Mr* Catka- C'lit?ad*a Br* CI ad* i?k Mra 1 It nna l.ydla 7,if h rr"'t?r Mr*Saian*ir*lllne Miaa Vary (a1 milMrathaa Cntk??t re Mary C*l?m? Mia*. Aaf a' Mary t *nt*at Mra Laaia tboaya'raat Clateydaa tn?M?M*ry rinol*y Mary t'atk Mta> Bttaa r*ll*? Miaa Mary ?'ial?n Catkariaa 1 amll Mr.fa ah man ir??M*r**mtrnnn-ll Miaa Charf t * Vra LH Ch*d* l< k Mir* Aaa lat?? *11 Ir aa Aaa Aa- Cahi'l alaa ? atha Onaklin Mr* Joka 8 ?n,ta rin* Cook Mra Kllia B Ct Irn-ar M'a? Mary CaHan'tr M'^'aa- ?ynok?r Mra Julia 1 nlitr M a Mary h?i>? flamrMnnarit < olaaall Mia Jai a Caa?|.? ?ll Mra R'laa ?'*r'"*'?tMr?Ki<'h*rd ( if rd Mr>Mtr Clay ay Ml?a('atba Crowta* Oatbarta* i *r*t tlaa pmii* Jalta f.B ij t'i?a Ma*v Carrill Ca haria* Callan *th*rwia? |/M>| f"ai*?>* B'i?? Mah?*y Marta C ?t H. M?a fr*art> C***n*|h Miaa C?rryMr*Aaa fi <k I Vila#* M Byid? Da'y Br- Bl.aal* h D?a?b*rty Uia* Diikay HI** l*AI alt"* Ai ra poaara* kalla tv | arrr'' V? P-<j Madtla Rl*nin Mi*ora rw *i if ?i'***r*h R.'^y Aaa lv>taa Aaa r.ik.i Mr* fetah Dai*aaa Mary-1 Doaald Mra inhaaaa 1 lit Dram Mia* t'atka- Dnaaharty Mra I ar. I a Mla? ?Arah rin* diri?ti*n Dttni Mr*Sank A Dili In Pat?k Bit; Vtlta D?wa fitnut Oiut IIm 111m Diu Km OltUDilloi Mm7 I)H|l>t> K11*b riot Diiui Mary Dewy Charlotte Duad*r4al? MIm 1 DuaUa Julia D*t(b* Bridget Imlly 1 DooJy Cathaiiat D*T?r*m Mil* Mary Kacaa Abb BdwarU* Mr* Lilly ttliaoa Naaey Elliott MLii Sally Kldridxe Mr* Mary Bt*i uoa MIm Mary Aaa larlv MIm Jaa* Jaaa V Tlan MUa Harrnt Fly** Min Km* Fialay MIm CathaFalToD Mary V< x aliu QuIbb r>a* farnll Mr* Mary Mar?ar*? FltipatrUk Mill I Feehea Mia* Ann Fuller Mr* F E Julia Fleming Ellen Furlong Mia* J, flood Hridgat Finl*y Mr* ?*rah ?h*rry it _ Fo*ter Mary Foot* Kit* Ktrli M Fines Mim Maria II Fowler Mlu Ann Ford In, Uth ? Falvey Mi** Mar; Fox Mr* Jam Fotter Mr* Mary H Flannagan Mary Floyd Rowmond Fox Mrt Catharine Fl**tham Ana Fulton Mr* JKliia ? Galllghtr Mi** Ca- Grogan Mil* Mary Gibbons Mr*. 01*T*r Mr* Kliia- VFaali n *t Oarigan MitaCatb* heth C Gilorieat Mary <.arr*tt Lydla Geurn* Mil* Emilia Gilinour Mi** Ana Green Mr* J Galtard Mil* Ttieo- GroM Lidia

Griffith Mr* dor* Gouidmg Mit* Mary (Jillooly Wcnfred Cattan* Mr* Jame* Quiata Teresa and Mary Gavia* Florida B H *F*n Widow, llclaabbel Mr* Hegen Mr*. TweaTenth arena* Fanny ty-*eooad at Ilalaedt Miaa K Howard Mia* Mary Henderson Mia* Banley Miia lath* Jan* Cath* Haw* Mia* Char- Howard Miaa Sarah Herbert Mtaa Ellon lott* Hubbard Mrs l*a- Hewitt Mr* Mary B Ilazrard Mill Mary bella II< nan Catho Jane Hugh* Sirah Holt Mill Elizabeth Harvey Mia* T M Balaey Mia* Mary A How* Mr* Ann Harper Mi** Jan* Banaon Mia* Margt Eli* ih Heath Mr* Hae?an Ml*a Mary Howard Mia* Ph?Heffrrman Johanna Haven Susan obe Herbert Mr* G L Ilayie Mr* Mary Hoyt Mr* Luciaa neater Miaa Mnrta Harria Mia* Bar- Hue* Mia* Ann Hcflman Miu Cath* bara Hunt Mi** Allct HoganMary Hart Miaa Bridget HuroaaCath* I Si J Irwlns Mr* John*' n Mr* B Jew swell Mr*, Irwin Emily Irwin Mr*, Sigh- Nith at Je**op MiatEliia- te?ntb at Johnsun Mia* Anna beth W Jone* Mix Har- Johuatm Bridgat Jone* Elizabeth rlet N Jacot.* Mr* Darld K Keane Ann Kmie Mra.T'ld it Kelly Mia* Cath'* Kent MiaaEveliltO KililWa Mi*a, Kingston Mra Hunting Mrs Suian EUiabvthit nah L LaBlaad Mrs Lock Mr* Hannah L I.een Mary Lan* Mi** Margaret Long Ml** Mary l ittle Mi** Mary Larranee Mi** Loomi* Mi'* Mary A Li?ing*t*a Mr* Elia'th A Lynch ail* Ann C**h'* l.ea Mra U Larkin Mr* Martha Lookwood Mr* L Leahy Cath'* Law Mia* Mary A Long Mi** Margartt >it air* Mra Joha Lawreoo*Mia?iarah Lowry Mr* Louita. Linou Mri Emily A Lee Mrs Amelia M tfsckie Ann Morrli Mm Mai-win Mart haAun Karon Mil* M Mburiauu Mrs Ra- Miller Mri VJ KMIitv Mr* h B eheal Miller Mix SaraliA lundtll Mli"Mother MullaTell Mary M tohell Mri Mary If archall Mile 80- Munn Mre Franklin Molcaey Bridget ptila B Murton 8uaan Moataguar Mra dartinezMad Joe*- Murphy Mill Cathe Marnt pbene Murphy Mift Mary Morriaaon Margt Head Mini Almira Mage* Mri Aboi Morrtion Margt *'>er Mm. 4th et Ann Mullidon Maria TerrellMiuBarrietCMaldrime Mr* Julia Mnlkoran Roee Miller Miu Irene Mannham Mary Mnnro* Mnliabvlla diner Mri Ann Martin Mre Sarah Murphy Mri, Holliion Miae E Marehall MrsMioh'l Cherry at tfoughren Mtry Matthew" MraEliza Murray Eluabeth Horrii Mri M*i'han Sarah Murphy Mary Ann Mac IfcAnally Margaret McKee Mra Thoi McDonald Mra Mrllride Mary MeAenne Mira Miry Fanny Hot artLy Mre Eliza Mel.eod Hannah, MeEnalfy Catharine MoComb Mri, Eliia, ur lielka McFarlin* Mm I hur h at Me.Morrn Mrs Margaret Hot'utcben RonannaMcBride Mra, Vlier-McGrenajhan Ellen McDonnell Mra 1* ryit-1 MiGillenMiai Ellen McDonald Elita McCann Miu Jane Mcllawkey Mri McDonald Mary MoCray 11. a Cathe- McKean Milt MarMcFarlrn Mary rine garet MtGarry MnKliik- McClory Mi'l McKinney Jane bftli Bridget MiMtinMili Sarah McCill Catharine McDcrmott Bridget J J| McGloin Mr* Ellen M McDonald Mi Ana NfcMaous Margaret-1 Mel!ally Margaret N Nancy Xoi'rand Mri A C Nomhauuher Mri Niekaly Mra Anna McboliMri BarahE CM Noble Mm Mary ^ Dibom Mri C F O'llartt Cathe O'Donnell Mri llii* DWriau Mm Ann O'N'eaill Cathe ()'lioga:i Mm Mar^t D'Csnor Mill Bar- Oatrander Mri E A U'NcaiII Johanna bary U Conor Biddy ORcgan Mill Bctiy P Parlon Mary Pindar Mm Sunn Ph Ian Ellen I'arktmnt Mri Ba- Fomeroy Mill Fan- Penoy Mm Louiia rah L ny A Ferry Mary Paaimore Tereia Plow* Mill Sarah P:oo Madam* RoPatten Mri Sarah Parker Ann line Patten Mra WillU Partridge Mri Ann Follard Mr* LouP.aree Mra Dr Flatin Madll* Mad- iia E Pendltton Mill line Porter Mill JoieMaryM Patten Mil* Vir- pliine Pentr'ey Mr*, Cliff it ginia A Fow*r Mill Margt Perkim Mri Mary X l'atterwn Mri L Powell Mri T .... Qutsnen Ellen Quigley Mary iJiicnUn M t* Cha* R layMla* Catharine Roaeh Emily er Rich Mr* Franeei Read Mri Pbebe N Peter RitMon Mr* George Krilly llridret Ryaa Mary Roche SUen C Hfmwick Mm Mary Raymond Mill Ban- Rutlcdge Miia AnRmargan Eliiabolb nab or Mile Sophia ni* Robblm Maria K Reilly Miu Ann Ryder Mil* Annie Sharp? Mr* A J Sujdam Mra Sarah Stareniand CatUaSanderi Mill Lydia Sin mom Uiu Uar- rine M rift P Smitli Mri Eliia J Swain Mr* Marga- Springer Nanette Smith MI11 Maria ret I Stokei Mil* Emily Smyth Anna hra Mr* Maaciret Sullivan Mr*. Va- Sttell Madam AnSedwtll MiM,"8priBr>n*k itreet relick atreet Snllivau Haaora Sit lie Mill Crac* A Pelf Mri Jebn Sumeri Mra Snian Sitiimou Mill Mary |l. ear man Ann* Sharp* Mr? Sarah A Himth Mr> A, Shannon Johanna Atom Madam J Jim ? crMt sa?yer m Bum icnuifninri Bmuli Mix Mary ?:. * Kr> J>n?i Sullivan Catharine j Bmj tb Ml.', fptiai Strtc*. Mia Harriet Sullivan Mr) Sarah uric B Sturteraa*. Mite Shield* Mrf Ana O ?tere Mrs Miriam Marlanaa Stttee Mlee Barrtet ? T. mi M m Miry Tomy Mil BridtetToTr.; M c Mary i T Inn a Mri M U Tirrne* Mary A. Tki.'P Catherine Trimble Mi?e Mary Trafli S icnora Thcsaf-oi Mri Tkimai Mri K Reale.Tylta tt:i\J*nr E r 4i v Cndirwood Mra Sa-Yaataaaa El.iaketh VanJajriar Mra rah VaoteaMriC ! th at Viaftll Mra EUaa I Vau flaet Mri M A W Wala Mil* Ueartet- Wricht Mra Mary D Wheeler Mr- Lutin- I ta K WiUiama Mra S ?'-2 4a Waliii Debky Williami Miaa ElitiWma Mri G E W alitor Mri J W ill I am Mri Jarah <VrUht Mri U ulia L Wallace Mary Ana Woolny Mri Maria Wiley Mr? M Waiari'.n Mm Mer-Wnlh NrMant Williami MiiaCaro carat Wal?h Mri Mary Una *l.?.l*r MraBllia MWallace Mmi BlUa William Mr.Jalia M'endtlken Mra Ma- Wakeman Mill Ca- H illianit Mr* Gao tllda roline Wood! ory Mri JiVlrlKht Mill J, Wearer Mn Miry tin K llroalway Wordiu Miaa Mar.a ? Vork Mri Charlotte GBNTLKMEN 3 LIST. A All' n IC Adami Caraon W A! ?f?r 1 Allan I 0 AWnrdJnbnA Alllaj a< k J C. ?rk< r:nan Oaorira Aleaaader Ami.i W Auliri n JWia B < Aatbuay baitry A -'iton k liaird irntfaii Mou't Artnitnaf B f Atkiai Aldea A Al?.iil < A mora Mr. Adiiaa ll?n aaiia 9 Adami fa R < Alitrun J.'i Alcathe Joetph Ami?orth Wbj Aiai w Dr * A(i? Wm Allan Mnlford J Ahd'ra i J P A b*reet? Joit.a Andr'WlM i ?>.r> JrHfn C A tarof d tilvar-l A real Jot- i h T> A tma'r m Ceo E Ara> r r>< J mei A i?tJ l.ti,'iia"j ? AliinKU Allien T Carl J Ambler Alexand r Abel Jolia Ar. Uraon F iltrn J Aaca ft Oliver Arrn*tree? Tho* A: pie'?a Dr U i> J Arul'ni Mya?r Aaderaea M b Au >11 John j B n-mdl n-y Offood Brr i?I*y II A-i Fa??a Blkut B lir?<<y buK'i Br*dy Patrick Blakr* Jac??oa I'.raheIjr H llltil Juki IJailryHC Hak?rCN n>ne\< rJ W Bjmhm P?U Braiaard \r? I'artUr In S Barrett O'o M Hull itt B Bla- kl sll W Ba?c??* Oa'id 1* li a*kl??k n??ij Blaikuian B'm A Ballard Mr. Blm ?: l!r? n?r<l Diodata Riakralan Sam 1-J Br?*t Ja??? B*i? htkct V J l!nrth?l m?w k W ?"'B . Harr tt 0c W Harry J< hn BradU* lU't l>a?idC ni-.<-k.?#oi Jtmti Brady 7?#?ph MralUy Biekatl C BakarBCaB daily Dr C Blair R 0 !* *?'?T U 0 Maker Thoi 111 an W B Bra'niii Phi I lUrt ?tt B Bark lay Ja* B ??. P?ol litnWT Bnnl?ttU< arf C !!?' tO(0* KinuiTB tlmt CblMilfl IUft?? P B llarrett I. BartMl Oto W r? n?U JM llaliar Vci!l l?wn B?n'?j J? E llark?rO,a? J> r-lav'iminl B?rt ?t*. Th*? Build BtiJ T.?rrv Mici.i*! |u?l<T*' Ria?i?r I P Ilaylay Baraard B?*t?r Ifra Ha..?tt B C Hrat?. n 0 W -J B?m?n k C?1 R lira B Bi'tl Wm Br. il'yJoba I ftim k 1, R?>nn lit Mail Bm" Jm ?.?" M?a*Jo?a|>h Bwim *f. Hull-It B#Mmf n Jotf pk l:o?kaa* At<ram B?*ch<rWmU BdlliBicaN* Bfl" 0??r*>-? Ball Ju A Ball T Rallawa t Ball'alk-r ?t B-m'ru T a? 0 B< II Til till Bannrt*Juba A ?? ? ? AV ?' 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ConaUbU Julio Cloak CIbt*bb Cookty Jm Cooloy J K Cooke Alkort K Ccob ir Coopor Ltrkia A Coopor Wai Coogrif Bobt Coopor Mioltl CroohyJoha LJrofBt S L Cor?ia T I'orraUine Uiovasai I :ornlik Johafl Cro?l?> t' W Coody Riohd "oirigvu Tkoo Corouraa Mr Cuufblaa Th<* ?oagruv*ja> tTOHii Joiin Conner Thoa I w ?ott?rell Tkoi B Cro?l?r I U Colin PtU u ?otirell Joahua Coil* Patok Clutejobn B u ruoiminii Gaatine Culliwan Ju Clymer Dr Mere- 5, TnyUrKP Church Rubt dtih?2 u ?hureh J U Cnrtia Va H Curtia Chu 0 T 'srrierBaaal Church J V. II D Churchill Win?3 S, furrier John M Church Mr * D *< Gallon Hy?2 Dus Gao8 DutJuT) Darby I Suiili Pliay Daniel* Sam U M 3art John II Davia K K DareyJaa " Davie Thoa R Dmi; W 0 Daili By L " Da* Paraoaa Davia Anthony W Day Jeftaraon P " Dattroylci By Davie Marshall liirii J B " Davey k Hill* Davit Jat W Day Joha H Davenport Bradford Dekoek Florent Dawaoa Phillip H Dechamp fc Dalacy Befcrnaaack Meat Debaud Antonio M Decaetro i'ranoiaoo Da Agrella Carlua T Decker Niekolaa II 5' De Groeta Albrat D< en Uaao De Arala Manuel Delano Wm II Dc'.ahaye Moni I'?2 Deifenbach Adel- W>' La ferda l'er- D'holloay All red N bart Alex'r facta Dcalyjaa N r>elany Martin Dealy Thoa Delnionioo Bouthon N Derby k Miller Dcnnison Alex Demera Louie N Derry Thoa C Deining By Denaiatoa Chat N iemot Monaiur Derickaon Everct Depcdroao Jo?e N Drexhacen Mr Day Wm W D<?inareta V \ irew Valonea De\annyjuha Devontoa Moae N hllon Jaj Dillon J a* Dickeneon Robt N Dickineen Horace Dickerton Loftua Dlckaoa Mr >aicy A Dlafenhack Prol Dlefeakack A A Dickinson S Diaaat V Dulaney J P DinierTkoa Dixon Thoa Dinrk Jaha ... Dimon Edward Dodge D S Dimnick S 0 v., Dolling Christian Dolaa John Driaoolt Dcanla x, Domergue Mona Drolat Peter D?<ld. WakeflaldkCo J. Dnevan B G Dodd Jehn Donivan Michael 5r. )onadi Matbew Doer A Donloa Mlohl y. >< aaldi'.n Mkhl Doughty S II Doblia W H [j, Jowne Wr. Downey By Dougherty Mk-hl )oran Patrick Donghertv John Doyle If alter r. )ouglaa Jer'li Downey Kugeuc Dowd Riohd X. )owneJaa Mori'By Downs Eugeni ' iowden John Duncan Thoa Doanell Miohl IntlVfm Dubois Marcus D Du nn Sd ironiuond John Dnokon Gilbert D uruar? ( Capt Phil- V iuncau Thoa Duhmo k Co lip )uuno Thoa Duval R R DutAnPatk >u Key Guttxv Dye Joha P DwverJaa EPa Pa taatwood John Tlli? D,?. I.u.rJ ft./, ~ ?nd". . I'llc Col Ad an KkVrmanJM f," n\S Mdri.lge n K. Elder W m p? >ml~ P ? Jmoiii Horatin Kmer?on Geo C B p? ?.?7?a / * 5mery'1 D Binary Robt 8 f! 1*1 A J .Event 8 t Iirinosft Mon-> ?? I'in Wm n0 Jvtri" Ceo Eva frtMii {,* U.enGeo Kmrnou. H m EyimLCm. ?j F ? 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Iord Q40.n Forre.t Wm^J Hi rort Philip Foreazo ?i*nor Foren Matthew Ki ^0X Mayer Barry loiter WM KnularChn a k Floyd David k U Front Gidoon fc Co Fo?ter C J Rn FoeterJno Foyer David Froy B Re Fuller Ja?C Fuller Jfeleon U Fulchir Ceo Re r urnncr ? D gc O Kt nJihPm'w-, n Craliam L Craham Lafayette 5? ifC Sr*i'JniJ Gladdia* Jno A C S. mi, Graham Wm Golden And* 5 ualejao Gabandrn k Condir Gallauhrr Jno U?U?*her Vm Gnat Jti A Gu?Tr A 0?f''rechtThe?Q-a G*nia Jno 0 ;>r*nt (.llbcrt A Gabriel T Gareit* P *>' A???l Qrui C'hM oirUri.rrftB JaU Stml nre,n?w^d CbM 0?OM*ni Vou il Ju5;ml escrow Ureeu L Y *? Es&tt l-'vx -"?-Fr"k ? ?S" s-k p<"& SMbt? Gibbow ?21.? ? 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T, w:" SB? gsp- * ! # C Joa'i Thi'maa Julian K I via J* ' <14 II Jud.onJ Jojra Saia J J? l-rdan D'talaio'ia Jadd * J?m?? Job** liaal laaka W /aakiat Dr Hoary Johaatta arthar P1 !obaa< u Mitfcl D Jofcaaua U k J* K J Ul<; A J Kiaatll; /hi Kiafnia Va 'ftnjia AlHri* K John k?atlB( Jm 1' vail) JiBi'i II kCo K>llr Utal D Kiltk Um P Patk Kfll'.?rr k Matatoch Kara fir Jai .?U?T r?ml 0 K?< nan TV ? K'lIyJao 1. kltialt Mialiaal lUttMf John Kalijr J .ha 1? lall?r H Rally >n Datl koaahaa Jm . k?llj kickaal Ktatp U W Karn Jack i?lia?yJP K?o'.'.' m?r K B Kiaaay Panaia if On V K'aina Amiia karrla?|-2 i" iaaalhaa Karlia Jaha Bad Kara U H I' ?r?d? W'm lh<.? Ra<??h J Patk 1 I'llar J< lia kirklaart < haa K kiddarWtn T la.l Jaio M kail | ?a Kuxcll ?im?j k (.'? Had r.d*d Ktni rr.o? T Klnyon Wh!|??ir* a-Sjrui klmi allDr kln? l.tiki P?! iitd??ra Wai KirkThna Km? A?aa I'ai ?a koaiac r KaoitTho* hayi Kathow _ Karl Mr Tli I* la *B<t? Tiirath* I.BB-loia I raa'n LallaJ ha V? 4hiiMtla tl L Uiddtat* l,?n? Jira?i Til aadr'.a Jaha t Laalor H m I ??r lalla Mr V* aw Caotra W Litlirnf L It UjIWS # .a-.aadar W D Laonnc? Wm l?a?roaio k Co ,a' ardy Ai I aa? Pama'l II Lao Michaol A* 'fcl.rona taftwiuh lit *' D I <-??lor Kiktar*. 4<m tin LaaKu'ot* I*' * Co , .?ary Pa'rlrk Utalai Or J R Ulthm Hoary , ' I rtai D I/O-aaiJ Or?lll* J > , .oyHsry L'B"rtBaad M?a- Imirl W?Ml aaaoi lltnry aat.r J U?? I* JJ ,atta Wa Lanlar I/onirl Miah'l * .??, a-< D?bb.* i "ti (i iMdaaPai _ I ' In Jaa l> l aa?f Ijnarr I. n- .In k rh?w>p- J*1 is-lalay M 4 l/<>tia( k Co C >a * <hi kahart l.iit'? Aa?? I,ib4??v f? II *' .t kt?l O W V* a>r J .i.b 1. oo U*o K rit. Hn k<r-- l.?/lf Mnnt?/.ni?ry I - ?*? M?' -ilufk-f L?4m Hani tun L?l(i Garaaa .ad?n Bint a an l.odca M' tiah lam " <d*a 1.' V At' i l.i to-l, . Trial'* *' <i^?? I.* faj?t<? I,. ;?? WKh ail' i ( .1.4 I'y.hv * ,ndaa R'rict Ul- l.od?a Alhloa Ixi'l/a WaahlB^'. a ? aar^aaca l/0?ran Win ? hatt*r wta H Un? D. anla Lliyd l>?aai< ,?l>J>ai.Pf l.awra'O praak ifit'n at'iam Caj t Ua l.ama' *>arl? W .layd J Loatll r>ar|4 Iunkirl LC II J imu'o i.i r. .rli>? W i,"??Iot Jaha t Laaa Roktrt l/??a^'a Th?? Uoov umi. ib .h .md (iatrao I.amna Natkaa luJi ? WW W W? W L) n Saul l.uankll Chas It I.) aell Mtrh'l L)m?i Jlmtl I.yarh Patrick Patrick Loll II A l.jonp Dr Hcnrf II Ljo?? Jot IB l.jin?n l>s?id B w ??rn!r? I ?rt .tkn MataoWf fc rra?t>?r MaclM* Sinvkai cmillfojr J H MMkMt Ik tlllK.t Ma*' L??i 11 NURutr* Ma. k?? Caleb Maialre C Mi oaf ! ??" M??nor John Malaa MwkM HtfiilJrhk HtB'B ?,! ? ?rd Magnir* Wm *? llkr' Jat? kti Mktler ? Ar.a? Maaaht?t*r Wm 8 Vtrtir Wklilmann Caft C Itnn w ? Mn.n AlVrt H Maifraa Vletor Man lull Ja'*k M?U'r> C?o ? ri< Mr Maltrn Hlolaal ? ittla W H Mi>?m Ar't n? Mar'ia J H I I r G? r?? Mar'cn l?>a? Mar?toa ChM II V .(i t I'aik J?- /artiaW'm Mar'bajt II S italo Mkr'ia Jnm?? Martfa l.?U ?r in*IU JalM ka Bartta H ht Marjabaa Joh? I k illkf* Martta W m Mai " ? A VatMarlj M MwvIV Mathaw* ?k* d C H**h*r I ifira Va?h??? lfcr?k? Matatrd ik? 8 M?rk? HalrlH D M'kra V-ir>? m?th?w M?i?ia<m ioha *???r. k i mitt H.nry Wrrodlfh ?k?>1 K n?a?rnfr.?ai Mta4l?a?a1 Jiiaa I>??arrlil J?Ma ?art ,t a#k *?? C Mrt'ttrJ S,"'1.** MtraH aa Joha * ? ?< Skkk I g'trH* * t> lit l?r fair irk S*r"-\* Mktkkik Villf Ntilar *! ! Millw JM M t) k ill?r Fr?4?r'k Millrr ? 1 b"?r*?a Mill* Thaniak Sit "all Jal>? Wtll.OM P*-l BtlUrWka. ? MrRif ?! Mlllor DarM A Vlt?H?ll Tfiof I. ?l?ot K?l>?rt Mttakall Tknmaa Miltna Wa D piaall Altai* Hoteli T *'" ** *??* t>nia J llaaall Hiram Hnllajr Inn Hnixfkka M?ki Mnaa^aa Mtahaal Mt?i??r*l<t tlfar H' BaoraJ^rfh Mix>r? Joka Jaa vtrr? ??fr.a<l M?.?ra Hr coa^aatt l^rt vtr M- >ra l< !> M~*t k Ca ?f|?? '6L53L"fiKgSjAf'-'T RBid&B [uloal.y Rick J M?Fv*y I'.i r 5u 1 r^bllu'jeha difaai Pat* Malta; Patriek My.ra W? "V 9*?W * ??"* 'CC m"mo, Wm rphyjohn Murphy Wm Murray Tl?ath? urpby Johu MjeraJohaC Murphy Denaia Mc oCaJIITe John MeKiUop John R McDonald John R Cartaey JoMrh MoLaia John MoU.aald fn sCarty Miohaal MeLane Orlando D MoDermott Joha tie re Robert MiLimon Jobs 0 MoFarlaml I, B sCaakca/oba MoMabon John MoOrath Wm :CartyJD MoMaa Miohaal Mi(irutti MkLII >Callom A T K MeMullin John MolntlreJohn -Donait Miohaal MoNamaryS McRrell Robert, sDoaaell Ju McNair Hneb Moltiu Ju Dotal* Alts- MoRbane Felix MeKinney Pail inder Motiueer Aleaaadar MoLoufhlln Detail -Doiald Ju T McBtrre Pat MoLoou Robert Denough Ju MoCaue Jerry McLobbbb Daniel :RirenyJuhn MeConaoll f? MoMullia Tboa :V> r?m I McCraekenT MoMabon Re* Mr :Or*Rur Robert MeCabe Patrick MoMerth Jm B cGowan John MoCaffil John /r MoCoree Jaa t-Krehaie John MoCanghan John Me Name# John tRinaey Jehn MeDonald John MoPhemon Rdward cRlnley Jaa MtDermott John McToarman John a coke Captain Kaaham Wm Nathan M area Edward Nell Adam Niohols Henry cabas Wri Neunent Wm Neviaj Kpbraia 0 laon Murriy Nielaon Wm Nieea A C tUon Jo'in r Nlcbolda A U Noron Garry UhoUOwuS Noonty I)o?ett N> lan Rdward orman* Juliu* Nor* d lauan N >rrl? Wm H fil F >'olan Bernard Nugent Wm A tbli B ?n Northtn Mania Na?h Jottpk O 'Coanar B O'Rcurke Owes Owon* Patt ConnellMaa Odiorne Geo O'Connor, Michael Crook .Mr Oat man Daniel O'O'iinell Mi' hael Ci ancll James OTalligan Jure- O'Connor C' raeBrine Dcbbi" niiah litis Connull DanKl O'Brien Mania O'Uriea R: hard KccleJobn Oats James Oliha Antonio N'i al Join F Ollpin Wm O'Neill Dyaa (I rn. B I'ttir Oley Dexter O.K>'axaa Juha Hara Timothy O Keefe Jeremiah O'Laaoraaa Mail Nail franelt O'Maley Jaatia Ozden E A Riley B R Otard A Oeborne Phillip tianon M P Oifurse James D Owen IIII J 8. erlock Benj B OtelUey Peter Owen Mr, Lc*afer4 r Thoniaa Oigood fe Co at r f l? I.ufti ?rne fe Gilford Oaborae Chat btrnt Janes M C'R>urk> James Owin Palter a> reone S Pi?> R Parker John U ltatrJM Paasaju tl:irry Parher Wm B rker I.aurmce Packard Capi il 0 l'?lmer C?r- 8 r<?( An Irew W Pareone < ? Dr i' B Paddoak Beat 0 Daniel H Packard a Ourrian Palen<u?la Rayaok rite Edward PlatBer (c Porter ?2 yton Ik Co Paytoa Henry Payson J D rev t'haa Platte Blieon Pratt Franoii O licbodc Chae Pleasant* T W Peck Aaron ane? C W Pbelpe Capt J W Phelan Jaiuti F X ik P U Peter# <> Pr .t n tin W mtlM Henry Perkina <'ha? 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