Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1850 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6997. wvwa RV TELEGRAPH. t Affairs In WuklagtM. Waihinuton Not. It, ISM. We vt new dally expecting the ntvi tf georeUtiN ffibiUr end On' an. and itwritjr Omni <9ritteadra. The woni departments an actively engaged la preparing thnir reporta lor the next MMioa | of CongMM. The mail pox la prevailing to toai extant among the lower claaeei of tbl* city T *o respectable oltiaena vera takaa with tbi* dreadful disease, Mid died during (ha week. heavy treat occurred he*e last night, ul there wh lea (or the first time this e^aeon Re elating the Fugitive Mare Law> bALTiweaa. Not. 10, 1W. Bone talk baa bean created bare to-day. by tha arraet of taree cltisens ot Pennsylvania. who are charged with having forcibly telied apoa runaway negroea, while tha latter were in the custody of ofBeer* who were bringing them bask to Maryland The Maryland ConTeatlan. aidirolii. Not 10, IBM. At tha arenirg lerMon of the Maryliad Reform Convention, yesterday. the Committee on Confxyaaoe reported tbat they ooaid not agree npoa any compromise for the election of a presiding officer. An adjournment then took place till to morrow. tiaa. Chapman, one ot th? principal candidates for the Presidency of tiio Convention, li an anti-reformer, fully one-half al the members are alao oppaaed to any reform in the Htatr coneMtutloa. I Hung Himself. Okhmamown Pa.. Not 1), 1850. A respectable eitlr-n of tbl* pl*se. by the name of Monk, during a temporary Ot ol ineanity laat night, somnltted suicide by hanging liimiwlf. Burglary at Owcce. Owic.iu. N. T., NOT. 10.1860. A gang of thieves, who hn?? (or >om? time b??n lurking about this town la?t nlcbt broke into Mr. "Vf A. Kly> dry good* store, nnd carried away about $000 worth cI broadcloth* Intelligence from the irthmni orPuitmn. Til* THXXATXNXD i:XVOLUTION IN NSW GRENADA ? affairs oh the fac1fic coast- the puosfxcts or rANAMA, ktc. We h*ve received the Panama Star of the 18th wit. Our private advices are of the 23d. The dite? from Chagres are to the 28th. The steamer California arrived at Panama on "the evening of the 21st, with about 233 passengers, among whom, were Maj. Km?*ry, United States Topographical Engineer, William, Prince of Wurtemburg, Edward C. Kembl#?, Esq , one of the editors of the Alia < al forn'a, Hnd with an amount cf bullion nit Itu than $1,700,000 mamfttltd. The ports along the Mexican coast were entirely free from cholera The California spoke the propeller General Warren, after leaving Acapulco, hound for San Francisco, with passenger* generally well. There had 6een four deaths on board. There wai no sickness at Panama, and the rainy seaion nearly at an rnd. The town cont lined but few Californians, and an eirrsa of new comers fiotn California, whon. it were, perhaps, best to de ominate (in contradistinction) re-Unionists. The steamtr New Orleans arrived from San Francisco on the 23d, crowded with pa?*engers, anJ bringing datrs to the 5:h October, the latest from the Pacific .Sttie The S^mh Sands also arrived on the s*me dar. wi h pnKHewgers. The road rxiween ranaina una uruces w.\s ;ierfectljr wrrlchfd. Th? coiiatuut travel had ?vorn ]oo#e th<* lUioci; and the late h>?ry ranis have rendered th^m . and the footing for anirmU uncertain, to a degree <itiiu>eroua to life and limb. The mtauaof tranx^ortatioa aeeniworae than nar. vVrora out hiulea, at.>i iuolnt, C4reieaa attendants, with l?ifron''?, to complete the iniaeriea of the roote. A man (pai-wwjer in the nherokeel wa< 'caught n*H'ini4" by the w?y?tde. |**hed to a trt-e, aftT ftemr badly cut about the head and *houklera, and hia trunk robbed of fH,(iOO. A great ileal of baggage ?'i? lovt and left. Crucen acarcely pr<?<iita more hnaniuhle ac- ; Con modntiona th \n when the tide of Jaltforni* emigration hmt awept through the place. Jt ia line ibat ' ef!iert>uniii*ot f?r m m with beaut," in*y be hAd at the ho?ela diuuiried t>y mme of hotel*; but here, ?io pitalitv ceaaea The lfon. J. C. Fremont and Udy, with their ateodtng frirnila, psa^ed through Crucea on the 21th ait , in health ( hajfiet. w?n more he lihy ahca the Cherokee Iff, ou the 2Mih ult., th> u it lui been for imHitlia imvwiua. The PuMiu Star, of the I -4 h, aayas? ()ne da/ in the ?arly part of this ?'e-a, l>r E. A Theller, who haa be. n re-Mi j lore for a->r:ie "nontha p?a', wax arreated l>y ihepiov ocial uuthiri- j tiea, and committed to tiie prooa of 1 fi-i city, ti? await a trial on charg* of heif.n one of the i>rin (ml leader* ?f the laie aborive ntte n,it at re roll* tionixiug ihia lathnma, f ?r th- pt.r e of declaring it indept ti lmt Of the republic "I New Giant la. We do not know wh*t rieifr--e 1 t imoortimce attache* to the information lodged afiinat Dr. T.. *nd which h.ia ltd to hi* ? rreat; aid j at I hm trial 1 b?fore ll>e tribuuala of the country?wtuch ?? learn *t I be in a lew da)a?we r-Oiut from uiy irtnatk other than that we a?nc-rrly ho;*, lor the honor of the llag uu^er which he <1 tuns tirotection, a? well aa ?<r In - in?li* idu il rr(.uuuou nixt hua'ii-n* iB'rrri'i, Ihil he Will be ?mi- to Iiiiiik-Ii of hr iffl|ivtiiuM which now lit- df iiut him. The U. 8. mail ?te*m?hi,?, rraneeaee, ("apt. Coir, nailed je?terd?y *i'h nhout 100 |tmri{fr*. The steamer It!bum* lira Dwiiefi, with betweeu *1 and 7<l pvt+ngrr*, for the s me pl-ice vjiri time Diner wi" indi'ed tin article, in which We threw together Dome fvt ta, la relation to the |>ref? nt and futurr (iro^ircis of our city, and wh'-rein we art forth, a? fully and clearly ? ibe data before na would en.ihie ai to do, the excellence of it* loeatiwn, ?h>' a-il.ihrry of its clinate, and it* superior ai*nnt?#< ? far ihe trnn-unia ion of paaaeagera and mncbaiidiae over all other | known rout'a of communication between the Atlantic and fNnfir ocrnna J*ni<-e then, we have brea waiting the deaeloprrnrnt of event*, upon which Inner the i>?-rmnn? n?-y ami stability of our nimerri.?l i>roa|>? ri'y ; and we mow resume the | subject, for the^uitjioDf of cwlmly ?nd diap tsaionatel? c?B*irtrriv( whether i t not ihr |iriM^rcN of our | city are brighter or darker tbaa they were when we l?*t wrrtc of them to our opinion tli?y are hri^hw Mid m<>reeac?ur?liu* to tbe man ?f buDine^., th n 'hey ever were. 1 here are many atr'Uij ua, we lo ow, will amile inert Hulouaiy when they teal tlii* a??ert|on, and will declare, in tfelr wiDdom, "there ia no halrn in Giletd ?there ia no help f<>r I' nama?a? a place of his seen Ita be?t days, and hrn^a ? Mb it* decay will be na rajal a* wa? in growth, u-. j;ii., . ,ik ikiui ., tin* o. lnion. Mid ere DMif "inosM|" we ci>ntid?-n;ly predict tl??*y will ha** re* on to ching* th'ir prn?nt vi?*wa. Tii true, jo?r now ???,:nntt"n i?rr?Kif? in ttety j branch of *t*rnlativ* huMuem cirrt.d on in thio city-but inttrad of mu uuMvoraO'y, we look upon it aa m* the very kt-rnooe of th? arch u|*?n which we *re to erect our uture ami, rrmnnrnt C'uniiirrri I proap?rity. The minrnw tide rf emigration to < /iliforait ha* r * ed, an<t la now a Hirer of hti ? or no profit to thnae *hnr hiieioeM hfMiifrrf hn? fv?-# n jiretlcated upon it?hut aa thia nonn ? of ir>ule and tnltic ia dwindling down " mull h? il'grrrg an 1 heau i* foil* lea?," other and more 1 Jr <? d legitim tie isdioatiooa clearly and m<lul>i iMy point nut the trowing diepoaitioo on ike p?rt oi merchant* and other*, ?o Mind np a i?uimu'ii( hn^mraa heie, which *h ill cv? ntuslly < inbrac: iu na operation', a larger portion of the rwn iifii ul int?-rrata of the Atlantic *n<t Pacific noeaoe, ih?u It never yet?? itied. Wnh?ut raying e word of dieparaifmr:.! again#* any ri*al rouu* between the two octane, we will Htrply a?h attrntio' to the ndvaat**'* already p? eeaed hy thi* ; and rNie turn* ofthr? aaone why, in our opinion, it will continue for mitny >enr? yet i# ""me, th* grett highway ?ivi>r which the rifh prod net? of (California, of Ohini, and of the whok Pncihc ocean, will hive to pa?* in reaching a market. The tir?t important fnrt in .nir 'hreBd of argiment i? that of the commence ent of the oon tr 10icn of the pia*>k rmiii fn t* MumiroUa nr Limon ftnf, to tht flif*. ft'* *r? rrtHtbtf ?n) h mrt hat $*v*rml mi/ft i>f tSif t'tml *n>tfriikttn hue* eeo grodrii trithtn fAc /-aaef fir# riowi^j ? that mate iala of all kindi are brin< thrown forward, m arge qiiantitiea, and ihwt n(>rr*iive# are ddily ari vin?, * ho are mitwrtiately put f?n the work f.?r porpoK of completing It with all despatch. E NE MC KtraU mt Um H?w TwkSltcttM. e We bow ooultor It n?*rly cartels that th? follow* 11 log 8tet? offloora. (m w? stated probabU th? morning y _ww. w? VtWbVU im UUI OUKI ;? D Cot^nwr?Washington Halt, (whig ) 1 Lieutenant Governor.?Saaford E. Church, (4*m.) Conal Commit riontr.? Eb?neser Blakely, (whig ) Sfaf? Priun Inspector.? Vm P. Angel, (den ) ' Cfcr* qfJpptuli ?Charles S. Benton, (dem) \ The above is the ticket adopted by the antl Renter*, t who that again hold the btlanee of power in the 8Ute. I CONSRK8S. Whige IT. Bemeormt* It. I ' Two district* unsettled. , * ASSEMBLY. v Whig. 84. p Democrat* 44. : J Whig majority 40, whioh may be varied one or two 0 member* I ?( MAJORITIES FOR GOVERNOR. ' Seymour, dem. Hunt, whig. Chemung 597 Albany 960 ' CheDHngo 279 Allegany 100 _ Clinton 383 Broome 116 u Fulton St Hamilton UK) Cayuga 100 Greene 302 Cattaraugus 150 Herkimer 1,2H| Chautauque 1,438 ? I Jefferson* 800 Columbia 100 j i Lewis 200 Cortland 245 tu i Madison 17 Delaware 700 n New York 1,108 Dutchess 100 8< , Oneida 1,053 Erie 1,571 i Onondaga 687 Essex 750 Orange 131 Fraaklin 100 f.1 Oswego N00 Genesee 1,118 J] Otsego 615 Kings 672 G Putnam 460 Livingston 1,112 u Sueeus :?7 Monroe 1,525 tfc ocklacd 627 Montgomery 200 bi Seneca 2:W Niagara 721 P< St. Lawrence 1,450 Ontario 1,E50 Schoharie 100 Orleans Ml Steuben 800 Rensselaer 150 di Suffolk 4?>9 Richmond 130 tb Sn lit van 60 Saratigaf 800 f* Tioga 4U Schenectady 250 Tompkins 160 WushingUn 1,490 Ulster 400 Wayne 350 Warren 668 Wyoming 645 We3tchsster 205 tu Yates 220 17.620 T1 15,662 <*> 16,662 Hunt's majority 2,508 " 'The Albany Evening Journal hu a deapatoh giving di only 640 I iThis majority of 800 la acoording to the Saratoga vs Rrjmblieon, (democratic paper.) j0 SCHOHARIE COUhTY. C< Patriot OrricB, Schoharie, Friday noon. Schoharie oounty will glye Seymour about 400 maj?- c< rity. W? have ret urns eniugh to make a sure thing. Snow * 111 bare about 10# majority In the oounty, for Corgreu. It l? thought, from the returns received, J? that bit majority oannot excead 200 For Assembly, In the First district. Rockwell, damoorat, will haya . about UO majority. Tha result in in doubt In tha 2! western Assembly district. Tha majority la small s either way. Kumor gir?*? tha whig oandldat* (Shult*) 4. his election. i * ooTianoa. , Hunt, Sey'r. Hunt. Sey'r. L' Schrharie.... US Sharon ? 138 ?. Cooesville. . . ? 48 (Carlisle ? 34 10. Qilboa 80 ? Summit tie. Wilgbt ? 43 Jefferson 64 ? XsperuM.... ? Seward ? 81 ,i, Midulfburgh.. ? W1 ? ? iPti Broome 40 ? 291 711 L Fulton ? 1M 2S1 Cokleskill.... - 36 ? Ca Kicbmoudrllle ? 77 Seymour'* majority... .424 j, Blenheim. ... 2 ? tt, TWanry-riaiT ce-macsaioHAi. district. acHeiiABis county. Jj, Ckntf. Sru,w, Chait, Sn?w, ti. w i). vr d Bohobarie. . . 118 ? CobleeklU . . . ? i? ' (Hlb< a WO ? Richmondrlile ? 88 Un rBK. .., 34 ? Htaaron ? 80 .. Blenheim.... 20 ? Carlisle ? 20 M J> Union.. . . TS ? Seward ? 28 tj( Summit 41 ? ? | OenasyUle.. . ? 6i 881 8*1 Wrlgkt - 41 Ml g, R?(?r*nce ... ? 28 Hi Middleburgh. ? 0 Snow'8 maj 180 , Fultrn ? 188 aTsaua caaNTr. _ Ckatt, Snow, CAait, Sn*i?, F w. d ir. i). 1,1 Cherry Talley 1J4 ? Worentir .... 9 Iii-Oktur 88 ? Burlington... ? II Ktrter 29 ? Butternut*... ? 31 tlai twlcfc .... 9 ? Kdmraton.... ? 4* f, I.jiu'd* CO ? Ni* Unban., ? 119 nf MUf*l4 ht ? OornutL ? 160 Maryland'... 18* ? PltUfleld ? 20 JT Morris ! ? SprlaglMd.... ? 132 "J Mid)!*fi.-ldf. . 89 ? L'nadllla ? 1M Z\ 0"to 26 - "ri Ot?4o. 18 ? 803 98* r' IMalntield.. .. 68 ? 884 KlobfMd.. . . 19 ? W>?lford . , , 42 ? Chuj's m?j.. HI " ( litFt llrea In thi* town t Tb? atagr way bill. Ii?t evening, gar* Chafe 1^9 wn u^jrrily iu Muloirtit Id. ll'thli be correct, Chaa* may tj be tin-ted hot the iol? I* ?ery clca*. 8oow*9 majority In Srhobane 1*0 th * majority In Otiego 118 ^ ?? ?. i flnoir'i majority In tha district M %n hkoomi i nrirr. tl Fr-om? ku flxitrd ibM whole wbl* Unknt. Hunt'a d< majority for Uo?nin>r. la lib llt-niieit'a tor 'Joagrrt i, 1 lllrds' tvr Aacuibly 41. liarru Ijr OUtrlot At- " lorciy, H2. Rb iwMTT-rirtN enwcinoaafowai. siiraier da Morgan. whig It defeated In tb? Cayuga ami Oort- no no district by Jo tnag?rity Thorn l? not id reliiia m< .'o d>It? ? o? b?twt?n <'b**e and Snow In the Scholia ol l> ard oik. go district The fo?? la aim ol..a> be ll? lama McKlw?ik and Mniray In the Orange anitiiii- ? l:<an rflatrlrt, and between fnb~r and Ku?f*ll in the at dlftrlct. composed of Clinton. franklin, and Warr-n, Mi and a town In Hamilton emmty. Mr Dlnn*y. the ar if?'?? * r pro ifm. of t ho A -eemblj la*t win! ?r. U defeat- th< ?atnSt?ub?n 11a I.a* had two dt*app<dntm*ntJ - ha m eipectrd to b? elected and ?ip?st?d to be 8p?ak?r. tb< our Alio OOtfJlTY, Tfce Onlorlo girae >h? following aa tha **' teen if if the election on tba Stale ticket. la Ontario ? c< ut.ty. a* far a* l.*ard from. The whig majority la '' the couLty will not eome tor ahnrt it liM : Hunt fbfmmtr. . Cat ar d?igua 213 ? Karm'.cgti 181 Kan Blo< ai arid It* ? Hopewell 28 ? ItlMebeeter 04 ? South Hnittl 9fi ? It trhicend 2 ? _ RrlMol 71 ? Victor. ? ? 7 ??it Hloomfleld 148 ? 109 1'belp. ? 9# 8#n.ra (Own) 271 ? ? Nafla. 24 ? *' Casadlea - II 13U 114 ' Aiarxii f.?Ii No. 1. Mel.outh laada tkl * llrkat Ilia nijMlif cannot ba ItM that KO. DUtrirt If*, t Mr rardoa ba* abont MO majority tJol U orator dt majority, for Ccii|T?h ia about 1.100 ** at rrm.* cotnrrT. At lan?tb w? hara rallabia ratnrna of tha majorttlaa ra In old Suffolk. wLirh nra aa follow* fl twfiMr. Confrnt, fj Bkvmoi a Brirr. Fi.oro. Ron J? Firtl JitrmUf Di$'l. (/Va ) (M'tif) (/<m ) (ITkig ) hi Hobthold IMS ? 330 ? M Hbrltar I aland ? 1 37 ? m (tat Hampton., 44 47 ? rr Southampton ? 900 ? 300 tr Iti?*rh?ad ? fc) ?7 II Total Flrat dlatrlet. .304 8il 810 4*1 ri S'rnmd IMilritl. pi Hi?<kbttrn 319 ? 264 ? rt Iallp 40 ? 13 ? emit blown.. 44 ? ? T rt II nntlrigtog. 347 ? 1W ? T< tal PaaoiH dlrtriat .MA ? ?W 7 *' Majority for Baymour In Saaond d atrlet 410 e. Majority lor Hunt In Pint diatrlet 147 of ? to Faymow'a majority In th? aannty 400 H Floyd a (dam ) majority for Ongraaa. MO w1 Tuibill. (fW|) ta alaatad to tba Aaaambly in tba (| I lr*t diatrlnt by a majority af 133; f-mltb. (data ; do. p] li> Kraord dUtrlat, by 464 majority. pr Tha abora Tary naarly torraapnnd* with oar irat In- < frtmation from tba county ; bat having no poaltlra 1 M at*t?n <>nt t>l tha majority fot Uovarnnr. wa ba?a a IrWtllWI (Iran it at VMi In our tnblaa a* raportad la variour qnartar* but now provad to ba arronooa* * T*Toi?T*0 COl'HTT. Tba Warrnw A.*- i.fW alalme 643 majority lot ? Rent Tha tamainlnf ?bl? candldataa on tha tlahat I' bara raaaltad tba following ??.i?r|t|-a - Comall, Lt> otar. ant ?or?rn*r. 618; Hlahaly, Canal Commia- n ilonar. t<W; ("mllb. rirrh i f tha Onort o? Appaal* ?7?; " Hakar. ln?p?r?or (f Frlaona PM. Hn?call Oongraaa. {' 7f?; llnmphray. Atxn.bly 6P1; Oomftre*. Dinrlat " Attf may, M8 Tl.a aota on tha Sahnol a? f*r rtr^tad rhowa I 3V7 fcr Ita rapaal. L?ft y-nr tha aonnty gata 1 0 In favor of tba Inw, c?>*ti.a*t> roi nTT. i ti Tha n-ajorlty In tbla rennty for Hunt I* 14$} I'at- p lull, 2;-4j MiTfar. whin. m> mbar of ' < ngraaa. 144, ' Kallofir. ab't. mambar cf Aaaambly 361; 1'uall. whig i l>latr:et Attornay. ^8. I MkATi?* COVNtT. TW V?p' ' '.ran rt *th inat ,?nya luflrtaat raturna i p h*T? j..HB tun.?< d iro? tba c?m*i towns m <M* 1 U ? W YC MINING EDITION?MO* ounty. toeatlafy na that the whig* hare carried everyking exoept DUtriet Attorney The majority for the big State tieket ?U1 be about MO The majority foe Fall*, whig. over Marvin, democrat, for Conmaa, will ? at leaat 100. 4x11. democrat, la no doubt eleated ilatrlct Attorney, over Brotheraoa. bolting whig, by Ter 160 majority. CATTAlAUQUg COUNTY. We learn by a gentleman who left llleottville, hart day morning, that Uunt'a majority will be from 60 to 3(10. Two whig memberi oI Aieembly eleoted. 'he whole county ticket eleoted, exoept Dlatrlot Atoraey, which la In doubt? Bn/faU F.rjrnit, Friday. THK KRJtK SCHOOL QT'ISTION. Notwitrtaading the majority of 38.000 In thla elty gaiaat the repeal of the Sebool Law, it appear* that h<*re la aome uncertainty with regard to the vote in be State. The Rochester .fwen'ren eaya:? ' The rural dlatrtota. ao far aa wo have learned. In Featern New York, have given majoritlee (or the reeal of the Tree Bohool I,aw. Thla may not be auffllent to overbalance the vote In favor of the law In ther local KUb yet we are by no meana anm in rrgard > the rrault But lew return* comparatively. havt eea received on the ecboel queation. THK COMPTKOLUtRSUIP. Should Washington Uunt be elected (Governor, ha ill reelgn the office of Comptroller, and the Legialaue will be called upon to All the vacancy. WHO WIU. HE 8PBAIIR 1 The whlga have the Aaaembly by a large majority, 'in- will be Speaker la the first Question ta be eettled. . B Tarnum of New York, and II J. Raymond of the ime place, will be the prominent oandidatee Varam la a national whig and Raymond la a eort of a sward whig. Tf. i. SKNATOE. A majority of the Legislature being whig the jouraln ot (hat party, are already eanvaaalng the <|u*aon of Senator Granger Duer. Spencer and Wcod ol ew York, are talked of for the place Wy the ' Silver rey" organa Washington Hunt, and Hamilton Hah e the prominent candidatea of the other aide. If le former should be elected Governor. wbii;b la proible, it leaveathe latter wiihout any formidable oomititor In hia own aeotion of the oartv. districting thk statk. Upon th? next Legislature will devolve the duty ef vidingtheS at* into ('oui;rr**lonal DUtrlot*. adder * cenxu* of 1850 Th* present dlitrict* are vary ir, wi b the exception^ the 1 4th, composed of ffuhgton and Kmi. Political lnUlll(*Mc. Massachusetts. The election in thi* State, for State officer*, Legislaire, and member* of Congress, take* plan* to day, .ere are three parties In th* field and there U no alttion. except in th* Ninth Congressional dlstrlet, tiere the ?hig* and free (toiler* have agreed upon th* me candidate It 1* very probable that a majority ill not be obtained In several of the CongTeaaioaal stlicts, which will render It aece*sary to hold aube*> lent election A Senator in Ooagrras. in plaoe ol Mr. ititbrop I* he chosen bv the Legislature. Th* folding I* a li*t of the candidal** tor State officer* and mgree*:? aormios. H'Ai* ftmnrnilit. Fret Soil. lorge N. Er f?? O S llratwill. 8. C. fliililpt. 1.1*1 TW AUT ?UTIia!>OB. H'Aiy. Ilrnio-riiife, Frtt Soii. ha Bee*. H. W Cuihmsn Amass ?T?lk*r. UKKU or I'UM.IIU il. ll'Aid' Drmocratir. F ti Soil. , Wbi Arpleton. Jobs T Heard. B B. Mos ey. C. ?. Irhsm. K Run tool Jr. 8. E. Bewail. J*? H. Dnr.cao Alplieos R. Browa. T. W. UicginMa. BerJ. Thompson. B ri othlrgham, Jr. J .ha 0 Falfrey. lea If Bart?n. J. a. C. Knowltoa. (Ttiarlee Aliea(lee. T Davi*. C. W. ( hania. 0. F. Ilintin^toa. J so. Z Ooi>4rieb. B W Nishnn. ( am. II WalUy. B K Wt.iisker. Ilorae* Maaa. 0?in Fowler. Xdw. I'. I.lttle. Oria Fowler. Z?ao Eotidder. C. B. H. Fei*ea4ea. Simpson Hart. DKI.AWARB. The eleeHen In Delaware tor Governor, Reprewntare in C< D?r? ** Legislator*, Jte . will take pla?e next tesday. The latter will elect a United States Senar to nerve for *lx year* attar the expiration of the rn of th* Hon John Wale* Tae whl?* sapport P. F. usej for Governor, and O. Rodney for Coagres* The mocrats. Caleb Rom and J R. Riddle A political mperanr*| ticket I* al*o In the field, supported by a eauher froui New York who t* engaged in makfag .imp speeches we observe for the temperance party k?t. The democrats ar* ?ncnuraged by .thi* third rty. as it Is said to draw ntf three whig* tor one dew-rat fr<>m the old parties They confidently expect carry the State by the aid of thi* third party, and gain a I'ntted State* Senator from th* .fourth of tch next Dr. V. Walt run* on tha temperance ket for Congress PItNtSVI.rANIA. Cos. Richard Rn?h I* talked of for llntted Stale* natcr, by the democrat* la Pannaylvaala. The trrl*burg TrUgrapJt. the whig organ of Qnveraor ihanton. ha* an article going to show that (ieneral rfy" for UnlfedStatai Senator Horn liaary I> Foar 1* *l*o urged br tb? democrat*. Theatrical and ImImI. Bowirt Thkath* ? Tbla *??nlng a l?? drams of cat Intereat will b* prua^Dtad to tba patron* of tbla urlohlng ?i . bin' n' 11 ii aa hurtorieal ?k*toh tba d*yaof Maria Antoinette. who became eitramaly (arable ?< In* that nothing could ar*r aatlafy the rca pa?Mon< of tba peopla. but tba toUl overthrow royalty Ilelng kept a eloaa prisoner la tb? tempi*, r friend* d*em-d noma utln niaa-uren nacevary la iar to ?Itect berea'ape Among thoaa attach <i to r raufe ?! a ynun* nobleman tba Cheealur of tba d llouae who bribed two ol tba municipal (varla, In ler to hat a a earn munlcal Ion with the priaoner Ilia Idetpe joined the temple, and ha aoon effected bla feet Be bribed a flower K>rl to preaent a bouquet, hlnh tbara waa a letter concealed to ? lady who i* go?np to tlalt tba gnetn. wblih letter <la'lo??4 a time they wera in make tba attempt; hut the plot > re?eal?d ard An flower glil condemned. Krm l,i and ?nM?<]uent hlatnrlnal Incident*, a dram* hn in wt Itten i t *te?t lr ti-ri nt and effect Unentitled "he Chevalier of the Ited llouaa " Mr. J K Acott d Mlaa W. mya* will auatal'i t be leading character*, ia ?mua?ni< nta will eloae with " Joe In Lond'in." flo ubt tba bou'? will ba crowded Baoai-war Tmk*t*r Sir William I) in. b?ln< reK?l(ed lor *hr?e nlghta. will appear tbla evaniug in t rldrn'a beautiful c<?m? dy of The 8> hotrt fir iS-anI " Hia< harlaa t*urlace baa b?en vary bandaom-ly tlcad in tha Kngllah papara; an<*, fir m what we baa* n id bla ability In penuw I euuedy. In tba character Sir Chatlea Colder reacu. thei-la every raaann to bait* tba alalteraof Ilia llroadway tbla emiiif will joj rich treat Uut In ad itlnn to tbla Ibe ?t>ie d enterprising tnanagera of tha Broadway. M?*ara irahall and Barrett t.a?a enlaced tba celebrated Ire a. Madaine PonlMl who will maka bar debut In i- cbaeact* r of l.ady T?atl* The a*>t l? excellent. ibt*?>rg nearly all the taleuted artieta a"la>-he4 to th<a're. I'afl'V* ?'tl >ar?on**a th- rhra^Urol Teter Taatle; Barrett aa Plr <Hlfer 8nefa<??, Kradrkiaa Joe?ph Pnrlaee; Pcbarf aa Moaea. an I WnlIK a* Oral ti??; Mr?. Abh'tt aa Vra Candir; Ml-a >?|rtih*lm aa Maria and Mr* Illeld aa Lady int rII A n<--? cratid Bwlaa walta will ba daaod by It'-a laliee ar.d .-Manor Wail. aid tba atpu?*in?nt? will >*e wItb tha favorite far-* <1 My ) "qn( Wife an I d I ml relta " NiaLu'a 0?ar*?-The antartalnnenta. thl* evnlog, il eon.mencw with the cl**<ic and tviuttful aauloi* on tke Tight Hope by tha Havela Mad Ale| and a celebrated l.eni Jatilll. Tha net' in ftlcceaainn ill b* tha n?w ballet pantomlina if "Mlran la. or tha ulptor'a Illusion '* The part of Herman the yanng K. Ll... I I .HI..! .1 Ik- - .1 V l . ? ? "? p?'?? "I l?"?l ??bt*r of lb* Bar<n ?r<1 Miranda ahlld nl th? Knr r*r, b? 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NOVEMBER 11. 18S Ltrtvn of Bishop Hoghri on tkt Decline of Pi ttwrUnlim. Last evening, Bight Rev. Dr. Hugh** dell vera* t i lecture in 8t. Patrick' Cathedral, on the decline Uittnltn. The building m crowded to excess. N

only tu every seat occupied, bat also every standing place In the alslss. Ac fifty cent* were charged for admission, the run token at the door coold not be under >1,600. There was an entire want of accommodation for the prsss. There waa not even a seat reserved. The reporter* were obliged to stand, whloh, together with Insufficient light, haa caused their report to be imperfect, especially the beginning of it. 1 The Bishop commenced in a very tow tone of voioe, by contrasting Catholicity and Proteetantlsm. The one, from Its very nature, was ealoulated to endure ; the other ooataiaed the seeds of dissolution In the [ very prinoiple upon whioh it was founded -the right of > piivate judgment, an4 the denial of all authority.? This inevitable tendency of Protestantism to deallne was admitted by Protestant writers themselves, and among them, by Macauley, the essayist, the reviewer, and the historian. To the Catholic church there was always one rallying point?the unity of the faith. Prom this central point Its dootrlnes spread on every side, and the heathen were oonverted lu myriad*. The cross triumphed wherever |it was raised II uc the Reformation came, and not ouly our churchee, but eur universities wt re taken possession of by the professors ol the new creed Protestantism immediately seised all the wealth, and became master of kings, and armies, and navies, and eenatca, and nations, and everything which the Catholics had in course of time accumulated, ei'.her lor charitable or religious purpoees. We will now regard Protestantism in Its professions. What does It profess ?v vv??r??B tv mi m ihi piuivniou miaaioD 7 it* i miraion. according to lt? on statement, >u to rcgu- * late a fallen Christianity- to introduce a pure and j perfect religion, m * substitute for that apor>tat? ' church, M It cnllad the Catholic faith, trom which " itself emanated. It anoh *w it* purpoaa, we should | think thai it would take soma oertain /round iu t rritixuce to its mlssioa, for it it really believed that it ' was tha form in which Ued would save tha world, it t was hound to labor for the salvation of tha world, to < hptak in unequivocal language, ao that it ahould ao- J cimpllrh in ita own time aomethlog like what the | apostate church had previously tceotnplisheJ. Two I thlrgs, however, It was bound to do; first, to convert pagsn nation*. and tha other waa to preserve its- If. for ' if it lost itMll in attain p tin it to gain over would necessarily ahow that it waa not what it pie tendtd to m. 1 obeli not attempt a detlultion of whs ProUetantisci is I have sought in vain for anything like a definition, nor, indaed, do I coaolvc it povibla to give what may be called a deliui- i tion if the word Protestantism. Uo?e?er, I shall 1 laLe it in the ll.;tit of what it i.? RU'pcuted to bs. slid then esdtavor to End an Idea of what It is i by the elements of which it is composed. I think * Protestantism la a generis term the condition* or I which arc that the inuividual who calls liiaieelf by c this Damn protest* against the Catholio church in to* r brat Instance, but prlreta implicitly agaiust all hu- '' man authosily , ami ?n the ether haul take* that <' meauli.g Irorn the Holy tJcriptaren reflected by his " own mind I will take th? period of UioT, when Pro- fl testantistt a as comprised in three great divisions? L the Lutheran. lhi< t'alvlnist and the Anglican. On ?" looking at the books of that period. I find *' it is understood aa eomprising two elements, d ne position. and tlie other negative At thi* time it ' enibodled a gream many ot the esrential truth* of 7 primitive Christianity- I mesa tha doctrine of tha ' um/ iiiuii; tu>lumlMl.oU(ll lb* BaViOUr i Irigl nai ri flu. tb* Holy KuoliMlit, and otbera Tbaao were th* iwltlm iloctrlLiw *hll? tbc doetrioi of t h < Int*roea- ' *lon of tlaint* a?<l utb*-ra wur* cut >>tr The** wer* tb* n> gttivo faith of l'r itcKtsiitmai Vcu hare, therefore, tin** two principle* and b*?ond thin I cu t pretend to defln* what Pro(Mt*utl>Bi la ; for If you paa* from th* gent-rio terra to a ap*cifla on*, and trace It to Lb* pre**nt day, ih*r* will b* fonDd the** two rltaniU tk* on* embracing theea and iKm. and th* other reJei-tlLC tbaa* Mil the** doctiiue* Mr* can't at thla jay bat tegret, tbaa what waa poaltlr* ha* ceaaed ? k* ao. and If Prot?atantl?ia included ail tho** lundamental doctrine#, how great haa been the decline oa the *14* of latltudiaarianiem I hare written for thla lecture, peihaua. torn* all teen or twenty pa(M of aathorltlea and nar* been obliged | to put them alTaside, b*rau*e, If I ai t?u>pte.1 to quoi* autbcrlllt-a It would occupy my whola limn. The iptaker then (lanced at tb* pr**eat *tate *f pr?t**taut Kur< p* In (larmaDy the d<>otim* of th* Trinity la held. 11 held at all. only by afew and by the Ignorant, 1 but aa for y*ur great men and docu.ra they hare I no conception of any aueb thing Kadoitllac i k?? taken tb* place of Proteatantl-m al ' though tbey atlll claim tb* airlrpt name, fom tb* meaning of which they .bar* departed 1 , you apeak to tteni of Uie Dlraalxi. tbey wart all 4on* ihnvgh nae>merltm. Tbl* i* their expiaiatlon of 1 Scripture, and yet they are rajuying all the emiln eat* cl !'roie*i*ai>m. the old benatioe* iaaiitutud tor lb* rrppcrt of the Catholic clergy. bo you go to i | Rwl:a>iiaa4. In Uenara lhey hare a patron aalnt not Calvin. I>ut Rowan; and hi* erillnieii* ar* tlmi? of j 1 rem r.a railing ibetn?el??? ChrUtiaua Inthedayaof , i Calvin a in tin would b? turned to death for denying i tb* di clrlne of ti e | at tli* preaeat time, h* | l ill Lot H* buruidto death Tor believing in it but I I e will ( * laughi d at. (lo to franc*, and trii- | ' Tiller* will tell you that tb* ohurcb'i* r?pre**nt a ' i OiOaker) . (Jo to Holland, and th* fame thing in?*ta ' tb* eye. (jo to Bwi-den aud all \? dark and cold aad dreary asd atlff a* Iron becauae freedom of cinveiaac* 1 i? a 'i.inu untbewn W* read of a man of gemua who i wi.f.xJ to be a Catholic. I e .l?h i an I bia property I i ? iimI I.r* * overt e history Protectant: n " IU> , Ki ll ni. na' 1 an' rountry t a (.a -i-d llir'iugh T <i . 1 > * 7 >'T' lt-Uoil n. il in "htk t" n . ).n li ?ll?|-a, and II )<u lot k for any propagation of * I r<>trrl*utt>m tb?ra joo alii l>xk Id rain It ll ? l >ng * lit* . i? It fi :t th? rn-cn. Itjr ol it'?npt|ii( unvt- I tbu i- ?ba? waa a<-. Bi'.u.ii.>| ?./ th* Caihille 'I < buiih li W? rnnrar-lon ol lb* bmtbn, an I w? "1 find that, cna bm.dred aa>l forty yur- a&o njl'alonary ?i w?t? Mhbll?b>il but what th?y har? iIimM *i a blatk ?t lar aa hi*f>ry I* incproni Wt know tl tl tit nithin our own im niortaa oilllU ui and million* (' l.f a Hi>J biTt b* rli i?mtTi"l III Kngiaad an I In thi > t kli'd t t*U* fur tha purpoaa ol dim on*. *11 ol which 1 * baa Nan aacrifl-tad. altb thou **<!* of nl*nmirlf*. * in atta-mpting In do aomntbiBg to priparata I'ro- * taalanM-Ki. and I "ill fay boldly, all without *ucea*?, 11 *'? b??f bw'l muth of tbalr "uicm la tha rtandwleb *' l?l?n.'?. but I I liara it will b- found tbat th* prolan*- v tli b ol I'rototai.tlnRi thrrs la IIUa?i?? W? know that th? , " popula'ioa ol thoaa lalaad* liaa dtiniai*b*d noa half t> nndar tba liiflu?nr? < I ml*>i< a*, aad w- know that tha " roarirrlon of th<>?? that r?aialii U ol iiu -h n kind that ? lb? p??<jla*. y law ara driraa lalo tha cburcbra with , " ta?>? Tbaaa. tbvralorr ara ayinptoin* of d?<-lin? It ' ' ih drellnln* oa both ?ld-a <ln oaa ill* la tha d'- *' cllsa uf all who ba?a ? para U.I from Ita primary don- > trltiaa Wa muat altb-r admit tbat all llarmany arid *' II".land ha* dar I It. ad lata Infldi lit*, "f wa inu?t ailll n all It I'mtaatant Rut ProtaatanU will not admit w tbla ; but It abovi h"W faal Protaatantiim d?t?ilna* f Into llfldrlllj. It drcllnaa M tha otbar aid*, lor It I* a rary connoting raflarllcn tbat many of tha ba?t ?l nod puraat minria that nir aahraaad r rot* ?tan la n? '? bar* coma, oa* altar tba oth> r. In tba diractiin ol Uia II Catholle Church. In Oermany too, wa hrar *' of four bondard man enanaatad with tha nnl??rltl? b( b?coming Catholic*. aot In a body, bat ona by ona tf I thay nmaln thay will aot aubiuit to any yaka Th?y II aay tba Prrfptnraa ara tbalr gnMa. and thay ara tha w letarprafera Vaa hara t?u?ht aa tbay aay. to dl*ra?ard tl atborlly. and yoa att?mpt to laatrn your yoka upon M It may b? aald thai Calh'llr nation* hava turned onl many lafldala. bnt Ibay no*r aan do an and?r th? ry of t'atbollrlty P rot* Mania haitiorhwk on thaa If Protaatantlaai tbarafnra. baa dawtlaad. and U drallaln?. and la ?a*tlnad to d?*llua. li nay >* aot ba nnn a*onabla to ln<)alra Into tha nan' p ot It I tblnk tba !a?t Itaalf i* ondcnlabla for It l? dm It tad oa all band! Tha qaaatt'n than, la what if tha ranaaf Vt< taatantUm with ail tba advantage* "f " Ita pofldon. and aiaralalnR aa laflaaaoa o?ar tba human ra?a wblth a lyalam ba?ln? a banrdlrtion from t.od woald natatally produea Tba nauaaa ara maiy. hut I tblnb tba prlmarT on?? ara lo ba laundln'ha " try <4 i'mt?*t?atl*ia lt*?if; for I a?o??-lra 0| tbatUod )im glrt-n *o emu hut tv<> prtaclpl*' for hit ftUilaaea; 0?a to Btilbnrliy Ibanthar I* f?*?.>n If M r ?kid that mm 1 *!h< ltr> Wriwt ? adlott ?th?THf, t do aot a*?ri*to? r<a*on wa h*?a an i?n?*rr whieh i? tl > hrloar atd rnghl to b? rail factory. ?hlnh to. that If jxt'ki- m hr IfMltilil to iilfeorilf. " ray that by tha rgrral** of r?a?on arrtra at tbi tl KMIMIM that Uii tariff !? '* HnMlH tl bra n ?d? ? atnrah. to bo th? guila of tha p?-pl? to tha *rd 01 Ilia world If thl? H? tr??, ?h?t * ens bo tnoro rational than that ? rbnald auV It mtt t? tha Mibinc ahlrh 0? d Mm#* If Inn pro- | ?l<!rd Thla |? our ?r*nirn ? but ?n tha othrr hin l. tt.a ProtaMant ryrtrai from tha brgtiititof raat off all arftorlty. It to' r?y illffralt to ray. i?ow. wfeat w*ra t tha aiot|??* lor rtlnf thla prlnnpla. but ono tht t* tor War tbat Ibr ftrrt |.rtnalpla of I'no Km l? V pnlldna*. It* Urat tntarloa aaa not tn hntM up. feat ? to pall * ? ; aril a mora #??< ' nt la*tfaia?nt hit i pwllltg <r?n ??ald m tn b**a *>** n ma }* bv ' b? io- l yniulty rt r an <ba prlnrlrla ?ht*h n.?4? ar?ay nu | ll a j?dr* of ?ha? *aa rl|ihl and tr m In U' IV ly i frtl|tif?), Hrfrtrtr, Ibt 'tort /raci^la of rrotr?tat.1l*Bi ?* a rntclllton of ??-r *?|ty nrn t It tr? nr not to >-o?> f'.raa1?M to r? t?<-t tha ttbW prlcrlpla ronld ha ttlM d apalort an>tbtn<| ?',? llrnoa you f od ttat rttrr it f ro4or*d tha all *allitiaa a If rrlti ot b?lf r< llglona *rd bslt lolllt'*| tatoluHon, it bagaa to fix lltiiitr, and - irarc r*A to pnt a>mp ravtiatrt* t a Iba ?tld??aa tr. It* *Ah>trnta TW? tnrra. ft ta. tot* a o\tiar attain': ja? iron that parted t<> i lit Jt'Mit iUj. h*tmt',(|,a tiiu a?alf*a ad that It liaraf rfnld r.i.d. t ?vrh trlltl(lrl ball Ul o?n ( I |tt>pafat.a l? ti"l %hy * Haraoa# tb??? two prl* ^vwj.ofc. <4 Ua tfcrf Uxcu r T71 A Li^li A ;o. 70a make ma free to reed and judge the Scriptures, if von tie me down to the thirty ain? articles or to the nominee or to the Wentmluater oonfeaalon ' What kind ef freedom is that ? The freedom you pro claimed invited me te deeert the Oathollo Church, in rder to put mj neck under a yoke whioh you hare framed tor me Yon give with one hand, aad take away with the other Preteataatism. therefore, la In centra diction with itself and cannot extat Hence itia, that all theee person* who hare none ia the direction of re tloaallsns. go oa the first principle of Protestantism and all thoea who. denying authority, aad seeing and ferllag the necessity of It, coma oaa by one Into the church from which their anceatora departed Thle principle haa followed Proteatantioai everywhere It la like the blod In the human system It springs from the heart of Proteetantlam, and followa it everywhere; heaoe. the uumber of secta ? they cannot 1m- enumerated; but all of them are juatifl< d Is their character by the rery lirst principle of the aasociatlon to which they belong. And her*, alao, I'rotejtantium haa lout all power e?*r the maoaof mankind It baa ao loat the capacity to preserve any d??trlnra ol ita own, that it ia paralysed and fiowarleaa It haa loet all ceatral force; and benauae t was ccaacloua of thla t.?et from the beginning, you will obterve that In every instance it haa attache ! itself to the Btate. The Proteatanta hare no land of freedom except there United States. aad here they hare the kind ot freedom of which none ol the adrocatea of I'rotestantlem hare reaaon to be proud. I a erery other coeutry It la a department of State. You may peak of ita bi?hr>p?. It* minlatera. and Ita dignitaries liut >on will Had that they bare no tongue except that blch the minister or king put* In ita mouth. Ilave we 1 uot proof of that In Kngland ; hare we not seen a ili'putf the other day, between a presbyter aud hia birnop, about the nature of the sacrament of baptNm ? ? doctrine which waa aetMed by Chrlat 1 800 yeara ngo ? Jcclded by thejudg* on the bench Tin that dispute the t>iahop had ao advantage ov? the presbyter On the contrary, he ?as opposed by the Archbishop, and there Ltoloaairg to be protectant*. auJ yet tbey could not 1ud what the doctrine of baptism ???, until t wm made known to them by a civil ofticer he judge on the bench, lu crery country but :bl* it is a mere slave, a function of governm-at. iu *hlch tha civil In* speaks to It. a* it do** to the ?ffl< ers ol tb? army and|navy Again, it you apeak of it* *ant of success iu ovuveralotu. how i* it possible that t ran succeed * We hear of miaaionariae g"ing ?iib high hopes of converting pagan natives, ind holding, [on board chip. oouvention* to ascertain what kind of dootriues to preaent to the leatiien. We have seen u missionary leave the eounry, but be converted ou the voyage and baptired. low could we expect tba hiatheu to llit' insn vbo are contradicting ea h other ' A n ?b r his ia not ihe raw, they have coi.f , lieiit of the pagans. trooa the la atanta, they muat commence by s?) i . n. ir 'htlour eatabliahed a church, which, a; r ntteni lundred Tt-ar?. 1 ai. I t at they came to ri new it low ii- heathen, with the perception of Hi. -ay. wbat eoufldenoe aau I plaje iu <rr)i ot the author ol Cbriatiiuity ia>led ' l.-ui haa no bodj ot dactrinea It ha? no t . i. uo oompietd system b? wtii h mtn e . .-ought into an association ot a rellgi <u? l*i '-tanti'm atlll numbers. perhaps flfty milh ol l. , u. many of them the mint euligiitetied Utl Ileal educated In the werld. Vet. unUor (he uu - ppy au-picei ol tb? (1 rat principle of l'rote.itaatiam icu it (iod would make known what were their *(>eai So creeds it ia probable that not ten out of tue whole < umber ooul<t be found on all point* to have tj t a?m* < it-lief In regard (O the sab-taupe and detail* of tne 'bilstian religion. Ontfaeeihrr hand, th* CaltolHs lumber two hundred millnnn, all over the <!>'> . trcui ha ii?ing to the retting of the aun. and I r in no riak n statin*; that ont of these twohuudred million* fiere ould cat be found ten that disagreed In regard to the u relation* ?>f the Son of God Them are oth*r c? i?e* i> which I might refer If time *11 ><r?d In erary k runtry it ia u-ed ?* a fl'ate ro ;lu?. and barn, wber* p I 1* not ?o u?ed, yon will p?*cel?a th? eg-evei and tl inatart- ! into which It rnna. What I* New Kn< tu 1 u w? It I* a land of aceptlctnm Th-> rery pulpit* n r acted for the purpoaa ot preaching the doctrine rf ri be Trinity, bar* bren u??d lor preaching a* ain't the tl Irini'y af the Hon of Oo4. You *ae pera-ju* declaring a: Bey expect to a?e greater m n than J ?u? CbrWt and g ou ?ee vomn, the *rx io much honored by ilod, o oidlng conaentloB*. and <{uarrelliog about womiu'a rl ghta Look at Millar, to3 11* caa aet a uatlon oraiy, u nd who ran atop him f Where 1* the antnorltr In tha e: rote* tact Church to aay, unhappy man you tuu?t ti ac*' 8o. too. with Jo? Smith and tha M'>-a?on*. ? nt where la tha authority In I'roteatautlaiu to pro>nt htm fiam sweeping otf thouaaaJn aud tbou- . udit troin tha path ta beaten ? They preeoli rum tha pulpit tha drt'laioni of eccleataatical iodiaa But what authority ara they! Nou? at U. All la fono tbe lira ta goto. tha ?oul ' a I?Da. aud lha principle I* (flux. If th?r? w?< ?' icy principle axonpt that which wad cal'uUl-1 v 0 produce a a-tlm ol dtaputca and cuutralie- t lcim among thow to whom Ood had bw.ju?.*th d. a* a < epaey, i'na united ?y?'?tn of Ultlne revelation , 'urln? all 'ba tima tu wbluli 1 rat-r, In which lb" 'at hollo Oburch ?f aeeeral nation* tall from th? riH'tit <J a'h like Mara from th?? celltilar firmament. aha waa * ot Idle the baa mate gloriout effort*. aud ha< taken 1 roni Protectant* tbrlr t???t men aad rcpieniahe J from n heparan She brought H.uth America <n I all it* | (? nc:an tribee Into eonimuuion with her l?h? ?ai t bar i " i<- ! narle* ia'o China, and plaatad there a oualeua ' H hicl. n.ay on? day turn out a glorloua and beantiful riton of the Cbarch of <lo4. She awn*> narieato Paraguay and they wera ait of t^a dell- h ate f'inp they wera it' t of tha liamp of thoaa ' hoae mlelug app-ara to be to d'j?.r> hut* tvsta. and count tbeai hy the number of ptg-?j but ilr/lonarle- acimat*d with (he ar ul anl Ufa of truth 'r nd If the ('a' bolieCberch ba Inarror and l'r<>t?-t?ut- |?< in trua. how atrxncely ha* tiod waulfeat>d tba dU- '1' 'OetlDn between ttu h and error, when th? l'rot~it 0I nt* hare roriterted nca.-an J the CatbolK-a all' M'iiai. tt| ten. ha* f rote tu nt triu d<?u* ! Wh<>re. in a void ha< .< 1 eihihltad nian any ot thoaa ?lfn* of ilivln" approbal( n which h*r* aiway* ? < < uii ai,l?-1 thai!atho|( mi-. *j lotiHilea? Pratr?ianii*m rei|iilre< all that It arer had '1 >r itf<'ll I' :t?lned noitilng. It could a >t aiaaaiis U' t?ll or ita dnetrluea an I when w* nutn'ur Ibut who m are unhappily gone laither l-oai the truth, aud wh? n hi 'ti i. urn In thorn who ar> dally admitted I'no tux i!a \i holip i.'bnreb there ran I.a? b Itatloa la Ixlleriug | *t Crete-1?' tl-in la deelinlng that It l< d--?tined to (( eellua and l h?t probably Im re the rnd of a 3?ntury i in thl? day tberv ?111 b?- throughout the alviliiel r rid. nothing of what had been Prr>feitantl?in an 1 I' I * Prot?>taiif rbnrrh Thla I* th? probability; and It i id itl? a< ? uni tha'.th? ?i urrh hi#?eTer eeaaed for o tin ni-rt tn i. D'l h?r throughout tha p <lU. It In <>u iLI< aeeo> nt Krnt??t*a:t*ri n?>-J* and tl retf lulu to b?? df'eoiM?4 |tr*at aacHtf# (j Hi dl-i'oTrry h*? b< -n aiad* tbat It l? tb? InMi lu i I th? p? j* t<> ??!* th? vall> y ol ih? MU?i-?,p,l rti>-y rn (? iMnk ikl>??>rr?t >otao V.f*rj on* J li"? >ihI lb> rhtitrh *111 ?vnT*rt th? wlio'a panpla ( ' * I'aitoil flta'*a lfo?o ?<*rf tha array,- h? n??y. tha )?rrta*ll tot*. r*pr??*n<attT*? tha Prwli?tl .ir,p- It W? h* ?? r<-<*l*?<l from ' ir>d what l'r*t~?i antl?m Hfr - irni?n?B4 t* (<>?nd tra h all aailna-i. ?d wt>y pbould v* not d? "iir baat In a fountrr ' bieh w??r? tinind by ? > many tl?? at duty and >0* ' It I* in rrtft? tha ubjaet and hop* or tha ai bolls t.'huiab ar* to conrart all natt< o?. In*!u II j< npland with lt? hl^h FarHatuoot aod linpattal it igo Uod. ?ho ban p*railVod thl* grant t> it* pla'*. know* tha tlm* olrnMlUlMM ?l lb >a?*r*lca ta tbi> m?antlaia look at tha ll?t of (t?tl i?a wbo ar* lra*li>4 Ugh p,a>** *a<J *w>lunm l* *ttabll*h< d Obuifh of F'.agland and *?klor adral* Ion to tha on* trn- t'harrh l.ook at tb? ms-o'i $p?n r ?)ii 1* willing to b> callad a loot fur tha CltirrVn ik* Who ma tblr.k ft V?waian with all tha rn?jr?h of Ma mighty in'?ll<wt and all th* Ittrtm of a |.ur? pi vl lafaM J Into *r?ry pag? of hta rlting* rmi'Pi Uft aad <clo< all la bl< paaarto '; atr tbf ll.jiiry which It* and bit a?ncia'*a h? I mi Who ran tMnk anting rurwl'w th* nuniVf at bnvt alit-a'ly com* ia or ar* preparing U> d ' I i? I think I may pay, In tb* pr*g< nea of Protaaiatt , at In *11 my lifr I ha?a n*?>r ?on?*ra*d with a Proliant who wag entirely oatia'jwl with th* r- lltln f I t?rtaiur l I do ii't pa? > o thin '? >i?' ia. ha i-?*rr.d i athallclty Bui on tha o?h?r b.'il, th* la trtowa ar>a??tta wbo h?i? W?n br ught ap, a? it ar*, In tb* tamp of tb* > n< m? lion lb m iuml t*y ba*am* Cath'dlea tb?lr anil* w?r? Sli 'd with ' ritliad* Dr. Adama' Irmian. I.apt .*abt alh n*tiln* aft? r eharch ??rrlc* tha H*?. r Ad*m? pf ?fh?d % wtb'iii In tit* Broem# I ' M?bjt*rl*ii fburf h on the dntio* '( Cbrtftion poo I* to ob?y tb? ! nniWr whlrh th?y ll*o, to n r?r; n?tt.i:? ?rd r*opvctot?l? odlrtco. Tho r?T???nd itnlUmM *h * m hi* tfil lb* Ittk ir? ???>h ?h*pt?? of Romtm : " l?*t ??*ry ul bd tilj*ri lo tii* M(k^r po??t*. lot th< r* I* <> fo??? bat r ocd ?.* fl?r *r m* pr?lt?tf>?ry r?ro?rK?, h* >*11 th* iotromtlfin ol thottnl imlrt l ??tUr? th?t o-*r>i la |i? l*?t rt?(r?f ? aman happln*?a T*t m ?h* <lnm? o?'rl?i?? that hi? loon i>f"iiiui?>l?4 en ?lth?r *14*. ho ?nriotu Vd*a* hfm*hid by fovavaaiant*. It m *m* hot t) wtrld b*t s???r h?>n i^bi* lo nmi to tight or t<r*tanjlng of p?Ut'?*l ?<?*r nnr It - b? ?nA*f>4 >1 *Wb tho d?*r**t ?<i4 l?h??t right* of Mankind u* at ataH* Woh?ll*ro. I J UottCT AAaw*. that tfeo gT?*t principle" of hai*?a artrr m- at hftio I frra* Ool W? ih*? ?*?at a tn latuont .? tii IM. I) t < of r*l*fton? and poU'*al , l?b>at?, ttll Mid It * flllllW to J?aj that rlreunv- t titniIMM ?l**n I* M?f o*n ornn'rj ?hl?h M** n*?n til- a ?.ff H?#iy lat?r?.? by ?b'?b tho J # H rt? o| nil; *?)l ii?toln| ??ro i?r-lj |?l< *1 1 \\ . 'jco? th.ra ar* pla*?? ai. I i'?- ii r>tl ?l?, n4 ^ i'iM W '"I"''''1 * rr? |v tut km If 't'ty r?'l?t ? m I * d?l ???>? ?r ???!' ? k ' -i ?> ' * ? ' 1 ' 1 'n d? I ??t ?b.r?r. ti?***a* w J? ?' f ?0o??*o. hm'd tfc? lmpitt?n?* "I 'h? "?"v f>Wp?i *n d Ibo '.<!i?tt limit* lv.'?---? It i? T. p?*?d ?? !?*?. *lld M>n!l?H?d ..? H *lll ' 0 ai o..** I?ad* U ?h" ?%? ? ? **aMait<?* t? ?'?|l|i? *?f *n * "' ' I 'l?o*?d|?n?-? ti I ft>?t rotirtni?^ It I<,?ln*<? of <?'?. ?? * VHH b> r? fr??d Hit It *? "* tntloo ?h%t. b*?- $ ?r>?*rii?'? H ??*?i??ti?l to h'int??hnr tH |rol?tt rn ??>l r*i?% wllboiil o ft*** |M**t ?n<l?i* k nt *>??" Dr. tfco? r*An4 to tki n- 1 LD. r-_- _ . _ ^ PRICE TWrO CENTS. rloua theorW* advocated by Europaaa irTtfrt. and particularly to that of gotmu. whlah, be Mid, >h aueh a theory u might be eipected from ?ucb a man, ud which he cendemne* in the moit exprea* term* Bat II* who created ua made U mcMiarT that there ahoald be tone government compact, but what the form of government in. drpenJa not upon our oholc* ; bnt that some etate of society la neceaaary where thara ex late aa aeaoeiatioa of men whether *avag* or eirlUaad, ra<{ulree aa argument to prove, tor w* kaow of no aaaoclatioa that ever eslxted without it. Thar* ar* oertala limit*. howewr. within which govarnnaata ar* to b* oouBned. But to dee troy all goraraaaata at tbewblmrr caprice of ladividuala la ao monatrooa tb?t It re>julr?a no argument to Ulaetrat* It. Wa moat obey govrrnmenta which emanate from Qod, not bwcauae we approve of every act of our rul*r?, but b*cauee all government* emanate from aad 1* ordaiaad by Him and all good men <hudder at the thought at letting lotae the human pa**lnna. daehlng like th* waree of the tea] againtt etch other, aod tearing op aoclety by the roota The goapei aay* thare mnat be a ruling power none where, and that power we are bound to obey, bat whenever thero are men who of ncelve the Idee of dentroylng all g*veruiueata and railing the red tlag, the goepal repudiate* them, for Uo4 ha*'>rdalned that there ahould ho a power aomewhere 10 putiUh evil doer*; therelor* universal re*latann? to all government* la the moefe odloo* sentiment that oao be entertained by mankind. Doctor Adama then went on to ahoo that while tho gonpel clearly pointed out the neeeeaity of gaver* uient. it |no where point* out any particular lorm, and i hi* feet at once dlepoMd of th* claim aet ap t>y K. ur> pean government* to the divine right o king* We can. aaid be well unler*taod the aotlon :liat prevailed in Kurope for age* of dlviaa right, aad how ft crept iuto the mind* ot Kngli*h atateaakea. ue men rri*rre? to tile willing* or Unary tho Kghth, of England. and Jauir* th* Vir*t, sad to Lhe revolution ol lias, lo *how that the Kngliab people w.rv fully jurtltted In cashiering J?m?a, Hid changing the *uoc*n*ion It war hit aitid, lot only th* ilub'. bat the duty of the gor'rnfd to reform al>u*e? and r**i?t opprannion Tit* principle of re>intanca to human government* under ertain clrenm?taneen,iii conceded It cannot ba d#nie4, aithout condemning all the patriot* that ever liveil ind -utt'-rfd I do not deny, however, that there arw a*e* in whlah it might bit criminal to reiiit oar ruler*; ut will any one nay fur Amarloau revolution wan not uaMOrd' Wan it not our duty to raise agalnat oar 5 rant*' And whenever our happinew can b- promoted >y a changa of government It i* >ur right tu nliaVe o( be power that bind* u* Wh< n the [.outlet Uve4 Hid prtached, monarchy wm tlen the eattbllnhni t rm <>t government. and they preached ebndianoa to t i ut ?li?t hMtim aireBMitaoM to do with our Jay it a b<-ttar form ran he feua 1 by uhJ' W am not i uw I' ..'I by what wan in una in that day It ought wtll Lie *ald, thac because people in thona . yh were obliged to rail in rioKdtty re***!*, Lliat ae. the people of thn present day. fh mid not go Dti ln?ard steumrliipa lie then referred to the |Ueatii n whether l h'Te i* ? higher power than human garernuientn He said thare wai anly one *lda ol that juration stated. I speak, said ha, a* an Ameriaaa siiuen and ait aChrl-tian minlatar. and in that tors t admit? of no discusrl' n We cannot, of oourae, deny t e supremacy of Uod . but tha question bas nevar win latrly prra-nted ta tha American peopla. re murt not raaka ialne Usuva. nor put any mania* aloe pw It ion We all believe that th?ra 1? a<Jo4, power 1* omnipoteut. and that theory cannot ha t'batfd Let u* know what Uod will* u? to do?OW uty in plain, and we will do it In the laoa of all oppaitii'D llut that in not the question ? tha only uemi?n U, what l* the will of 'lod-by what mean* oul4 wa arrive at a knowledge nt what ha rairren un tc do? Halora you bring hi* nan* i sanction renlntanoe to human lawn, you must show it in hi will tbat we ahould do so Naw, diea otthe,lawof Oad ra<|uira you to obey thit law aa4 epthapaace' The question, then la ba* thi* higher oatr brau proven to our **tl?faction' I caanoOtak* lie word ot ?ii7 IndlTidual In opposition t? tb? law of br oorpi I ll>-ui?y b? wrong although tail motlvaf i?jr b? good.) Ua m? j h<* el'.oillad or h* may ba i(nalut.rr n? may make the assertion from Interested ative*, 1 rare 0"t wlil h but I repeat, t cauuot take oy wan'* word th?t tliera If a higher law ttasn humaa "Ternnient The r-Ti>r?nJ gentleman thea pointed ut tn tat* bearer* tbu mod* by wbloh they war* to a*. ?* at a knout ledge of the will of Mod. wbloh wai by illg-ntly ?*?TibmK th? gospol, an* by the honwl > rotm of tbelr own reason and judgment II* oonnu>d in enforce hi* position at great length aad poke for nearly two hour*. TurollliiK of an Kfn'ptlan Mnmmf la tha Utilatt |li*iai.U| Mnwaa. We aanouueed in our last (say* thr Manner af 'Jitter,) the mummy pocured by Sir J.Kisi?. it Teiuirut la ihr year and kin lly larvarded by bim to this town, w.t* to be unrolled la In- muarum of the lMlaat lliatory Society, in Thuraday The CAaminaiioa wm look- <1 fervard to with considerable interest, a royal atiue ecurring in the inscription on the e&rcophages, n4 lbe hieroglyphics ruing the dale of the iud;idual as connected with the twelfth Kgyp(iu .(/R?fy The sarcophagus, which is in a state af rrfect preservation, ? <t* obtained ( T/ietwa, -aom the city of t hundred rfntr?," the sue of ediiicsa ithout a parallel in Uiu world-now a Heap of una?a Vital necropolis, of yawning pi'* <nd >iiih?, in which it is calculated there are froa OUb/JlO to 10,1.00,000 muinriiied bodies. Thera* ly, at 1 o'clock, the numbers of the Natural Ht?>ry ami J*hilo*ot hical Society, with a number of ie?d?, Rat-emblfd in the in-iaearn, for the ear?e oi witncreinic the o,>eratioa of unroliiag, taoM- pre?eut having taken iheir aeata, the seaie I the caw, which wit* place* on table elevated i the centra of the large room, on the second i*>r, weia removed by Dr G rattan, wi?e, listed by Dr. Carlyle, Dr Stevelly, ami Mr. eny, at once proceeded to uncover the uiiruiiy The cane, which w?i enclosed ia a irrophiigii* of wood, about two and a half inches i thicknt-M, and omaiMuled with aa mime use #ru ty "I hieroglyphics, repreaentiag figures of doirs, and their gifts, bore a large nuinb.-r of inscrip<'na, I lie name of the deceased, .her g?d?, her fpar me addresses and appeals, Vc. It *.is ooiaj?ed '4 lath*, covered ?vith canvass, and a layar of ;mie adhesive compouiid. The hieroglyphic*, both n the outKide and inside, wi* aa legible as if the Hint had been laid on a few mouths ago No now r had the covering Hern taken oil lhau it w is t-cmeied that the care must h ive bfeu opened efore.and that some rud^ h ind, probably of a planTir e Arab, had cut thrimgb to the lace the truck ?n<l*vini< winch wr4[>,?-il iti* hr*d <>l thr ni'i'nuf, n<< i hi I thr hwviCmu^ iu?ln, wr?i;?i rirodrd in two or thn-r j?!ra frum thr he<td to tlM -rl, h ni hrra carplt-Mtf hau ll?d Uf> mil In 1^--1 rndr the ?honldrr? A ?inall j>trcf of gi|i wood, ui>d* d, and aimNdic*! ot l.trruiiy, *n iiiiid on tbrr f?r? h?i of the uidivi tu?l; ? irnr coll'ctiuo of ifrrro 'r?d?, really at ittal, wai* diafiow >1 ?t thr head, -ind tiir*? itlr inlt j?rd?, and thrrr i*1 't w.|* t?i?-?. W foillirr from the r>i?*iI ?ldr Ot I he li'ilv, and I fi? ittrr from the left The unrolling aeripied ub trly no hour* Thr txtnd.itfr* ?*'ve <d li:i?n, th? rr?t?T number hemi; at?o:it thrro vanU in le uth, ud f?urin?h?? in hre idth, mid i.iviiim nd fringe at one md rhrywMaof r?(ia>wi(|* in - M?nr c|i?-'-iin? nn about th- rhe?t km tine m m>liD~wd in n ntnti* of rrm?i kitKIr i>rr??-rvAii<>? hit'ni* th? pri urr?? of thr on olliog. aerrral pwjM llii>? i< tufcr-n imm the rl?>uld? r of thr in i n nf rrvrd, by Titrloti* t'tmprd uiaarutioi*, to id*n>f.e if individual with thr < iifin, and to point out h-f irmn-ge, mi.", and ciroaiuatniic-^ It-f .re t*? liirnmy had hrrn cmn|il'i*l|r uu -otrera-L it tacovrrril that ?"t a Mettle of thr body h'ttuf ^'eihrr?that ihc mif l|. i (*, aid alin?M .ill t i? ourf. wefr comji'rti lv j d; *nd, art*, a tlm i-t fold* wrrr rem tr> H, little ela* th<a * of u?t r> tnamrd. Thr liuen wai not much injirrd; be ?nico| hNKi'SHinl r.L-? wen |>eit-c'; tl?r h.env;t>4hic-? were iyai*Btly freah? evil ihr *?!? ?ere ?afe; h it t>i? *c?i(4urr truth. iHml ih >J rt, and nnto dual ahalt Minn return," *rv u nn ak'-atdy apfatrni! in th? totally deety?*t in.'tn'jrr* if ihr individual itac'.f Without loin Awn. on ' ii nforma'ico to be cunmuoteated on W? tn 4*/? >y l?r Htnck*. wr brln-ve we a/r rorrrit i.< iitlmi that thr rrault of the rnarta iMna will ' < .? h ! Ihr iit.H.iiljal WAi Iil ??tn<tli<in ? i abetit forty yrnr? of nt? , four Kn uchri m h?-i*kt, and ;?rtly iVfortW; lh?' i?w? < <1 wm^iihI ?ritS f'l'iirpfn, ami l? ot Im?< ?,UU yeara ttld? >Im- ol.lraf, * ah im? *er unroll) il. We uudtr*>Aud, lfw< i?t>ui? ln? kuU, und on?* or iir? of ih? i>ri:>ci,.il ! '!> o' thr arm* and leir? , >h ftoh Hi m wl"?, moo whti'h wrni to h if ?iMrftp?ar tome raaiarfcnM' i Ui<(in 10 ownta'Ahm *iih tk? biitiiip*', i *l*rim?ntn ??f .m toi? .rttinf rh-tMcU-f *re to M niari*. ai)d ?l?ai i*? ?.tm * tll >?? Minn)niii!(t?J Mi W?dn*?day. af?-r fin Jinn Km?r?>a IVniMtat 'hall harp m?I'd Of nrvuuiFtMnor* <n?d*r whicn h? th?' r/niiMay, an<l l?r Hiaok* ahill ha*r ocniniumra' /J 'hr rccnlt of hi* rKininiid i. ictTiii RPiST?!i(t ?At Ohardon, Ohio, fi'ij i.f thr mr* r?*?(.? < iaM?\ lnHn<*nttal, and wealthy rt.MB* b? r < fnrtii'd ihrma*>lvea iat<? a DltUi\rf mpnof, v> r???t. hv 'orce of arma, the Ftt^??tye 'lite In^f m th-.t *i? ini'jr. *' ?#? ??? * ?l?atb? In <:tiarl?*tt>a. 4 0 , <1 irln* t"\? r' ?k . i <lieg lb* '*4 l*rt. T> rr? tai a f .11 -f ' ral leehao ff ?a?? 9?r t.a ?1?. Vr-t Va f n ih< it*t? ' t. W? (h?t iMkM of ?on? Ml ?% i nn Nrlaod M(? on >>.? ? Marrmrnla of DMln?Ol?kMl Pmptw. r A t i lntnl pr lha 'Mao'al w ?l I'tUfta?. With k'a t l la. ?-*Ta tb. I Ml 14 *?>? , oo. ??* d*l??a*o?, I'tiu, r>? Oil ii?K It tt? '.'mmrt Ooorgia.