Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 12, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 12, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD.! J \ M R ft UUKDOl UKWF.TT, POOPKlKTOit AN* KT) TOR *> rriE N. W. OjKNKK OK Fl'LTON AND NAS?-aU STS. tf\ UAll.t tcttUt i*i -%J mt r VI V tilMALU..*?,??. I27?..x. .iT? V?. .-Uf p: e?; t.o-f,-' i ?? < <i, "lit &ur ntwon ttlisina, I', p., ,t*, irr hi-iM, a.iW ? i-/ ft x, Atf/.Trt /W ^OfT/4 0C <(' /. Lk. I"l RHS by mail, far w^rcrij?'i?w ?. or wiih <tdv*t? f??? ..?/?. fi? or Ike p>mhjp# nnil U* from V . ?#?rfc r*i .*Vr(t. Y1*I.IS i ih > CUKMEOVOVDUKt fc.c ? ?Wu ' J frinniuy quarto*' of ike %>rU'?; ?/ -?"<* t -? !, I , I .. |. K . I I ? ? .'9 AB? v. ATicri.ARi v K.kt4i ?t?p ro itfit 4ll Lrrrnii 4*r r.t'Mbr* l?WT T?> I f. ... . M# M#TN K of arum^ihi'ui comm"ucanmto Ws ao i .. .1. ? r, AMlBKMK.Nlt) rlllfl KVCNINU boirrhv tm*ai;:s. r ??v*lie* or th? Kl> llui>? -J? I 1> l.o.M ON-lo* Cfcl?<".K BlOiOVAf TU/.WHX ?lr..?.|w?y-l"?*D 1>-R M OH X>l A ? >1 ?Ck * ?l <r?i H'HItMUl), NIBlOl ;ARr>Jt.N B-nndwij?La CuAm-mc? m/. ci- ..>?.*. ? U'K?T?H TUIMTrfK. Ch*mb?r? ? Elite AnO*? t k,ii fiitiua J *. _____ NATION AL 11; RATS*. Ch?th?m flqt??.r?s?B" tin Ma* or Mj.?chi ir yi A*i ? D*ai> Sm.t. K KCUAN I ' BALI?Omit Tt-< Minittubli. '"SLLuWS' OPI1A HOUSH, 411 Broadway? Etkiopias VlMlTHIIA _____ AlfKHlCAN Hf^UM-Ash'mn# PKHKuRMUacju Arrtiyi-on AM> KYKMINO NKW YORK AMI'lliTUtAI'llK, 37 Bcwiry- K^ru-nia f uiik o ru WNKRVA ROOM?-L'"?n' Pa*o*ama or Cdba. WASBINGTON ALL-Pa>ouama i> riu-nix'i Puoci>n. lirw York, Turtdtf, Sov.iulifr I'i, INSO. Til# K?[Kr(nl VfWIi Thire tleainerd from Kurope will nrrive, this n'ft k, wjih late newd. The Atlantic, Captain WfH, from Liverpool, Oct 80; ihe Franklin, Cipt.'in Woiton, from Havre, No*. 1; un<l the Cam hria, C?pUun Leitch, from Liverpool, No*. 2. we ?u?y expect the Atlantic at any moment; the Fr-hUlin to-morrow morning; and the news by the Cambria, ever the wires from Halifax, sometime to-morrow. Tcle^ropbic Smitiiinr)-. Y/c :t-fer our readers to our telegraphic advices ?'wn to the moment of uoilist to press, for the kiett intelligence from various quarters of the eoi>ntry. Tl.e ni<p'. important information thus received, ?- ? f ihe meeting of the Nashville Convention.? <>?\ Mcl'roald.|of Georgia, as chairman, it apI'ure, made en eloquent speech, savoring stronjily ?ii?-un??>t?, i.ffer which the Convention adjourned l< r tl e tl-.y We shall watch with interest the ulUin*tnm ot this < onvent'oa. Though the Southern ^tn'fs may be hut partially represented, the r? .-i? ra'ien of the harmony of the I nion, or its ivriihrtiH', Af j*!:<)/, toa great degree, u|H>n the proccnii ab of tfii< awrmlilage. It is to be hoped ha' I ruJe'ice un<! mo J era'ion will prevail. 1 TJu ll??eul OntruKf In UrMilwaj'-Mirnlt of \<w Voik Politic*. ? -otice juir?-u" a gang of ru.Ti-ui*, end in their | mid tb i e they will convict thems''!ve?. If ; any e re required to prove this pom', j it hi e b? i n fun.ith> 4 in the rufiMuly outraze coin???itt< d n|-on the editor of thio nupr onSiturdty Inht It i* rot oft*n, even in a cumauinity of bur- , b :ri;'ue, ihit a company of detper-tdoes M ill ass \ull ; a ih n under such circumstances. Highway rob- i U r- tr<" not without their feelings of delicacy and t maitlineta; and the niort desperate character* ???* * generally thaine ullieient to wait at lea*t j th?- rover oj liefore engngin'r in a com- j Mar d attack upon en unsuspecting pasienger. Hut, t in thit iiHuBflf, we hive i gang of pu^ilifU and ; k?'lli?s, in oj't 11 day-linht, upon onr most public ibor< vghfare, end v.ith the ituv-t fh uncleM dis- j f-card ?f common dtcency, civilized or savane and manlv feelings, n-'ailin^ their victim j ?ith all the f. rnciiy of a |>acU of bloo ihounds and , *o guarding their assault wi'h numbers a* tn defy . the interference of a strunsrer or Ikt officers of the law, until their dastr.r-lly def i'rn was accomplished. ' If ihecithrns of New York nc lcd anything to ' frove the correc'neM of iJie oour*c of the A\w Y. tk Ittrvid in 0|>(o?irj: the elevaticn of such tiesl<erM<'rc? fo the dignity of administrators of the taw. the evidence i* in ihe outrs . on Hroadway. , An- n" irlt lli??r.t men, the city elections w< re li '! d as a tiiuiitfh of law and order, and decency m 'fit- oucdida es elected; and pirtie;il.irly in th>* UH t-t obnninca i jr.ilidates defeated. So we rega,d?-?l it; aid if their defeat hus resulted in an *.?. ault u|* n , it has at least saved the community A Kin s i f outrage*?a system of stool pigeon r<kV>iits m.d j-'r.-i mtious, of which tt became nrduty, * ith il.e d>v? lojx ment- before us. to give a timely wnniri*. have been suppresied. It Wat tuite nitural thiii r-verge should follow njun-t the editor of this paper; and m being singled out us th< ir victim, w* an endorsed as the moat efficient ?rnt in kreaiitg d< wn this infamous orgini/Mion n^aiift the peace of society. There could I* no rnf< iy if the ?% nts of the law were to be selected fr> ni a cl?M i f in* n in -uspicious sympathy ?ith the n o?t notofioua vagabond*, and ino?t Vigilant in their d? fence. We lm\e ali"o exprcte.l that all the obscure, old e'o', it second-hand io\trnils of the city, more d?sirvna if b?ing brought iuto public notice than rf ri uMilting a decent res.-ect tor public opinion, would asixc itfon this outrage as a windfall. The wctet of their malHmi:)'. th?ir jmlrry and misrrablr MirrepreacBfatiors. th< ir shocking bad taste asd hod tender, is easily explained I ron the old ' hack of a Jew. who would ni t Imitate to eat bacon if it would give Jaine? Ocr loo Ilennett a pain in the ttotnacb, throush most of the Sunday and daily ob.-curitiee. it is the most pitiful motive that actuates them. With a few hrnoiuble exceptions, it is a lew. grovelling feeling of envy at the success (>f a journal which, not beinf! able to understan J. mey cannot ion-rate, iiii'mi? in . ? rn the entrrrtite, tact, eud i>n>are?aive ?p?m which arc the iccrrt* of ?t? proaperny, Mr.nd* in th^ir way. Of courae. neither editorial ?curtesy, n<r f >r and manly dialirr, i-4to h* e*p?-eted frotnaach puerile i and ilullow-pated t < mfetitora. The cotirae i>i'he .V. tr Wi //.><?/</ aiandf vin* diea'rl hy tie remit' of the lair < lee'ion, a-i 1 confinned by the Broadway pulrapc. II <>ne man ha" r# <i ircni mHiane, lite coni nririjiy haa been aved. We are pfor i of our trt\ Ic-1 in ?np,>re ?injr. to I>im < Meo', tli " ci r. J| t.??. lhal hail cfri into ' annp ay I .ll a nn * nl ceu''*M the noiTdta haT? a ma.< .ty in titi* i,:y. With i?ffi(NUl>le in emh neraMe rounarlac<ntrrllirf ihrir nnn ev n Willi the city pitroaage in ih- ha ml a i i. ? ?;.#r party, the de? nnxrat* might have (acceded Hit they will i l.-aro from '!? ' the wor-t (*? | Iwy of any rarfy 14 tn "' 'n*'! *l'h vajil?t(a frr thnr on 1 1" ?' ?* th-m the r?intr"ll!nft voice raiher. *h ;.1 notr iheir d. nre. I?tperi? nee v til trite!i them wi-Inni f??r the falme. brc ?n?c f?H rty di*< ,,?iio<* r innnt coerce r??. peetaMe m'n ia'o ill* Mipr^rt r-f niton""-]) die ?< t Mahie c<wd.?iat? * Hr < tl cf. I"h .V?e IV( Tf J i/) ha- com, ln:rt?d ?f ro'mp'ior? ir th* whjr l#ir.iat) ineeni>K? an I elerri'in*: hut a'ill, in the reaulw, their ran lid*'** were m hft re^ffcliM' nirn, m> iViHted and o e<-ewe.l, w ith no obmn- i w?* ?\tejrfior-. \\> ihviht ant th?* late election ' ?il! ha^e n co?1 #fVct -sin N'th patiiea in the r*y# e>i < i?hit in the ' ii , re*<4fta of the rulfi?0' , v '?f? |me t . Iiii i{ corrupted the notm tit*?n? of i V 4iiM|>i Had W jth r? r, 'to 'he gitg who a ?ill<v| an hfutallf ?0 11'<* Ml of paltry revet)?-, ili?y a?e ?i rt,/"trr <? ;l e rriimwal an'hortiie*. ? |,K h f..|. i |?i?a ?- r Iri'iiiniM e ronarqu nce of tke la'eelec- ! ' |ir.B Tltur Ilia I ??> I di?cl?#t 'he character of 1 tbtir reanl), and ui?e ih anSHTf fV P'W o|<| Nmh i n hn t/fctcurr c??f?.j>?r<,rt?l. i ? CATMOI.TC* AVD Pkdtestot* ? Ancnmtiiop III aiii-s \ fxm ? Kit. DowruNa.?On Hundijr ev*n* ini: la-?, tie Vrry Hfvrreiiil Archbishop Uujfhe-i ilrli\rrnl a pow?iliil Ircture utSt. Patrick's Oath*. dt>.l, cm thr 'l'tclinf of IVotoUiitmn, an ! i'j s"? i. In.i:iiiii<fifty cent*? audience tliree thi'in-ard. Th?* Arehhtihop, always with a prunt <-jc to the turnin/of an hoaest p?nny, tur ied hi-iutere .tin'/ discourse, not only to the ea>:onrige> ni'iiti fth<* fuiihf'il, hut to the caus>-of charity, tp ihe !"iiii of fifteen hundred d<>!Un. This take* thepnmium from tli?* contributions ?f ISirmiin. But, in one respect, the Archbishop falls behind. St-nia had l? t u provided for the reporter*; b it the I ii .-urt* of the audience?fifty ct old each?crowded iliem out. Justice to Barnum requires u.s to -ay iliat he never c.?riies hi- charitable ajpirationa quite ao far as to crowd out the reporter-. Hut in the caiite ot charity, we cimi a^ree tiiat our ret*>rtera thai) trke their chance*, and even p?y doable f? r th? privilege ?f i-Muding up. Such is charity. But where'-1 l'arnuin T T!ie If c'ure of l>r. Hughes was marked with all that ingenuity of logic?tha. mathemtiical j rrci-n u ?f argument, fur which fie is so di> tinguirhed. He was light lis far a* he went, A declin< is creeping in to th?- Protest int churches The causes tire to be found ia th'>*e htcadv jieriodical r? volu'iona which have marked th" history of mankind, in their religious an well as ia theii political fybti me. The Archbishop, however, on. ttrd to carry out his argutu lit, in coatining the decline of the church to the seceders from thf Kick of Aces? which is the lock of St. Peter. In the mother church, he might havi- traced from the e me fundamental causes, the ihadnws of decay stealing ovt r the reitplf nden' glories of the Vatican But the ufiii?-:i< a of the Archbishop was a'liply filled ujtby the Urv. Dr. Dowliu^, at the Baptist Hope chupel, in a learned dscour.-e oa tl?<? " llise und down tall of Poj fry." From the argument ol the Catholic, it is manifest that the Protestant churches nre in a rapid progress of decomposition. The Pope himself appears to !>< of this conviction, from his recent general order re-estiblithing the true church under the very nose of i^ie. n Vutorii and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr Pu?ey is, perhaps, to blame ; but such in the s'ate ofthectae. We agree, therefore, that Archbishop Hugh's is right?'.hat Piotestsntiim is on the decline. We alro concur with I >r. Dowling that the Catholic church is on the decline. Kven in this city, with all its Apparent pros|<erity, the church is in drfbt. The young ladies' academy at Harlem, and the school for boys at Fordham, are thrifty and sueceitful, as tuch branches of the Catholic church generally are, under good management; but the rhurch, from its prodigious e lions to extend iistlf, is exhausting its resources. Hence the fiLuntial eiiibarrui -nienta here, which have been so npeutedly relieved by the ability an 1 tict of ihe Archbishop. Cn the other hand, the extravagant prices paid for |>ews in some of our Prot* staut chinches, so far from being an evidence of spiritual ptot|>erity, i:< but a proof of the inroads of worldly vanity and folly. Neither splendid 1 hutches, nor lavish extrav/igance, are proofs ol the spread of true religion. Hut in the "Decline ol Protestantis i." and the " Downfall of Popery," wl at ere jvcor s-innersi to do? Let us be patient, and peist vere in well doing, and all will be right. The mtlleuiuiu can't be postponed forever. Wh?n tlu t ct>me? icum!, un<tf r some new revtlitioo, "old things will be done awuy,"?old churches, old traditions, old ceremonies, and old clothes, and " all things will become new." " There is a good time coming." Brethren, let us watch and pray. Over in Jersey.?'The rerult of the election in the Fifth district of the State of New Jersey, has bi en, some days pact, in doubt, but it is now ascertainedto a certainty that the lion. Kodmin M. Price is returned for C'ongiess, by a majority of ltf?. This is the most astonishing revolution of any tint ha* taken place in that State, for he h id a cb ar majority of n<> less than 3,"h>0 whig vote* to over-tide ; in fact, this was the strongest hold of the puifyant whigs, who have held possesion of New Jersey n;any years l.ut paat. It weslitird to believe Mr. Piice the successful candidate, and that is one reason why the whig press so reluctantly announced his election: for it is in teulity giv^ne up the key to their citadel, and we CADnot wonder at the tenacity of their unbelief. Mr. 1*. has, indeed, had a triumph, nude more acceptable and glerious because ao unexpected and unlocked for. The great chinge in this district is somewhat attributable to the |>er*onttl popularity of the new member elect; but the immediate cause, no doubt, is the unpopular course pursued by the present repretentati\e of the district, the Hon. J. U. King, upon whom the people seemed determined to placc their sent of condemnation at the polls; and moit snr< ly have they done so. Notwithstanding Mr. King bad those brilliant orators, his brother from Island, the philosopher Greeley, and Kiclilieu to liis uid, from New York, to atump the district. who fulminated th< ir hich tariffth'ind'r thioughoutthe fourcountieuof which it Isoomposed, till have the w higs been routed, borne, foot, an<l dragoons, und they hive not a hit of ground left w hereon to re?t their feet. Greeley is w hiding ou the ruin that himself his helped to lirioz about. The lion. Mr. 1'rice took the broad piitform of atiti monopoly, homestead exemption, ejual taxation, low and aloft, and uufurled hi.* standard for the gloiicus I nicn. Tin: S'i rum"* I'm:** .?<?r> the I'moi M ki im i\ N?:iv Vukk.? There is a portion of th* Sou hern | ret* which have always been ia faror of uitrai m, that seems d- teriniced to pervert the publie sti.tini'M i f the North, to misrepresent all that ia utt n U in thi<* irgion of the country, und to give oai.o credit for CP) thiii^. ao matter how mmily, In i.t-r .Me, conciliatory, ard e icnti utioa&l it m\y !>e. Of cla ?-T journals the Charleston |>.iI < r?, life the most cntspicuo :- in this re^cct. It n ni>f.tir urn! nnL't neroos to ridi.ule th? meeting at (' >?rle Gurdea ,*s ihey do. ilut f? r the m inly stand t.?h? n t > ke in pendent preel U.e North, und the good r? n?e in<l 12a city of the no rchant*, prof(Hi( alnxn, aud neik*ucioftliiit itf, ivwatd, Greeley, Weed A* Co.'s ir'urnee would ba*e reloiir d 11 irLrckeJ, ar.J the people would Imve he>'0 (ieladrd supporting an I rnuateaanclRg them, i'lit tl.i | t>s and a ptrtion of ih<* (? o,.le st*ppe<l in w i'h the detrrtniuaiicn to arrest those dfcorg.ini* -ms n iheir rar? er. and t-> strm the torront of f4na - i;i-1 hit h wst ?'\?r*pr?adin* the Mtate, and ih. t ns mm and disaster to tbe republic. The n : M Cavh Garden wns the first ni.?vein< n' of ibis ili ract< r. r.i. I o?e ihit was not ititenhd for a ihiy, l' it tl iii ii' nc of which will be Ml la ijti 1 i|cction?in a d'tree tha. w ll convince tbe "(nth, and the <'isor_??u / rs thi mn-lv' , .hit it was ibt- i!f i ia taii.t st. a d dtmig-iues ?h ill not . iM?e their career cl destr nation with impunity. It i? I'tifa'r and Nnfccki rut* ia th*' Southern prres l.u to i c .k ?f tha'in'vetr?n?, and ih 11 to t' p?y it li 1 .t m 'hi k. . fv if .? il inai.'f T i A*fn ? h' ir. ?Th- rotnjvuijr fur th* ftr\?y 11 ?t?i< r?i it* hi* b. fa o'jfjit'cJ unlrr ' f UnuwJ, nf ih" I nilfil i-uteii !:? i (*>?,>#, ?n?J will (W^nfrnt'' *?' Newf Orl*?n?, m. 1 ''r?i ot ; -c>:,! whtu t!i-y will pt. t?-v? ith. -I *?' ijr. To thr 1 iitim i*. It mill i' i - > : forty JtfNMto, iron* vUr I It grratu !:? nny b* rxptcltd in rtgtri to tti*t irrjwinr M ?tor llirflird, ecofn,*!* niv*i fv i ?l W iefi )i,trr4ay m il,<* :?tfiiT lirormi, fur Nf* Orlei if. liirMnl1* I'M Kni?1W> Tt^ t *n? J* 'llnrtlfOD will !<??? H. - n t?w?!iww aooa. let Halifax ?ni M??rp'>oi Hrr ?<i.N? *111 rlOWlB Ik ??l * *t ?.o? an 1 thiva o clack kit I'li-ttWn 41 in ptillb* flW4i?< n t??viV*k tH? tn<*al t g Will htT? 1 he AfcollttnnUta done f?r the I Fonie twrn'y year* h^o. when G*rriaon aui hi* uanciatr* atarted niv; Hgit it'ims, it u??i? chiefly in prayer meetings ?ud iiio?i? th? maiden sisters tbtit their first riplviti w. re achieved Finally, thrv not u few nH ni?-n anil children to till up the chinks; nn<l, 1 ioi i f >11, fce ward,Greeley and Weed, with u.n oceasionvl piojs ap,>eal of grace from the Kev Dr. Samuel Hanao- Cox, who ! had the honor of beiog wr*'"ke<l on the c >as'. of I Irelend, "in Europe," with Fr?d jjougliaa and iuc ?irunrsv cm un t il wmi rucu iviaicniia ai these, they could afford to give ?i? their appeals to lift- throne of Grace, and they <iuit the altar for the I ballot box, ovrr which was unfurled, in blood re I , color?, the abolition fl ig. A mighty flourish o' trumpets wan made, and it good many good people were humbugged into the idea that the millennium was dawning over the coa;it of Congo, and thtt it would be ushered in "in bltck." We h iv-.seen the upshst of it all, and what has it been ! , Fire-t of<11, under the alarm felt by the South, leu I their wives and their children bhoulu he slaughter, ed in their beda at night they took good care to sea tliat the " chains," which had hitherto been rop-s of sand, should be convened into b mils of iron, and the day of emancipation waj indefinitely postponed. Thin excitement had not been kept up more tliau two years, before a convention met ia the State of Virginia to alter the coastitution. The subject had been agitated in that State for many years, and pr.idtixlly the public mind was approaching a |>oint where discussion had grown common about the wisdom and the humanity of introducing into ihe new constitution a clause which would gradually have abolished slavery iu that State. Suddenly, when the convention met, a feeling of alarm and apprehension manifested itself ; und, instead of a mil l, humane, and judicious f system of gradual emancipation for the negroes, ? more etringent and severe stttutes were passed, which bound the yok? all but hopelessly upon the African The new laws were severe, because th*y were dictated by the sternest of masters?fear. Many years later the subject was ngita'ed in oth?r S ates; and, tot long ago, even the mild and generous policy, wh'ch the noble Senator from Ken, tuc Uy had advocated for almost half a century, was abjured by his fellow-citizens; and, by an overwhelming vote, that State refused to change her laws on the subject of n?gro slavery. In a word, throughout the fifteen Southern Slates, slavery became an institirinn to be defended, under the guarantees of the constitution, against the outrages of Northern fanatics, ami an a, peal was finally made to the Congress ol the United States. Here was n tribunal, where there was good sens", legal knowledge, justice and patriotism enough to establish a precedent, and the consequence was that oi.e, among other measures proposed by Henry Clay, and the great men of both parties, secure i to the South those simple rights which Washington, and Jefierson, and l'iuckuey, and Randolph, , and Moultrie, and Sumpterhad guaranteed toth"in by the constitution of and which their descen Ir ants were refolute to assert and maintain?the Fugitive Slave law. The abolitionists were not satisfied by abducting all the slaves they coulj^ but they were determined to get away the rest. It is most likely (hat they will lose all ; far, to save the l'nion, which really was the great business of the last session of Congress, moderate, and sensible and patriotic men were willing to give more to the South than tbey had ever uskcdTcr, except at a crisis when their rights were so fearfully mcniceJ thit f)it>v U'prp nniiirutllv.l f rt a !/ an>l tk^ iuIi.iIm nstinn to grant protection to their constitutional privileges It became a question, what were the guarantees of the constitution of '!S9 1 The recovery of '*fugitives from eervice" was one of their rights by the original compact which they, to their honor be it said, never had enforced for sixty-oue years ; and so far from saying that the South his bullied the North on this subject, all the bullying had, in our opinion, keen on the other aide. The upshot of the whole matter has been, tha* Nat them Senators and Representatives have been forced, by a sense of justice, and the power of po" pular opinion, to atone for the fatal consequence! ot i.ohtion agitations. And now it turns out thai the Fugitive Slave law was not a mere inscription on parchment, but a living fact; and there is a general disturbance arrorg " gemmen of colot," lest 'hey be taken back to the spot from wkieh they catne. 1: may, in the end, (for we like to be just to all parties) prove to be an unfortunate circutn stance that this law, on its passage, was allowed to go through in a form which admitted of an ixpmt facto interpretation, whereby nil that hid escaped before its passage might be claimed afier it; ye' even this unforseen circumstance It only oue of a train of unfortunate events which hive been | brought about solely and entirely by abolition lam. \ ticiam. Hehtdd, firemen of the North! what the abolitionists have forced you to do. I.ook on the I past and on the future ; and in the oue read the cause, and in the other the effect. Such are the miserable fruits of social i> in. Paiotll n? I'licreita IforRln. We <-?LBct ssy that we w?r? onpr-pared tor tie unsur- ( piMtd triumph ot I'aroJi, last kt^ht, In Luitvila | llorgta bad faith that a brilliant audience. aim ! would b? prr iftt. It was to. K \ ?ry nest was o-.auj piri. ar>d ecvirbeforr pethaps, las there bien au a? ( scmblsge in this mi tt opt !ls, better in?trnctej to ap; predate the highest TOcal e*??llence. It is tbs fault j of those who bare n? ?er board the graataat vocalist* ; I Kurope, that when they b*v? an opportunity they are so fastidious. In fearl ig to e>mmit an error In judvment, that they fall into th? mot (illy an t ridl culous decisions. Anj ptrson skilled in the style aril aeecbit Ushmtnts of ilfbi, \ lnrilot, IVriani. i'rriwlitil cr any or all of the great fwljtn art!.Us bovever, no such UiWculty In making an otliaate ol th* II K li IV IV miltu I invwi irjwrn; rmilir'i. All thru# toralleta nra gn-at In th ir wijr, an ] th< ir ' wtllmraai ltn? t. J* no detraction for th? deration of inMhrr brilliant itir. Ilail not F. ur pno an li ?r.c?a, however, Id th? moat rl^oltleant mann< r, aettlrd If their Sat the po?ltl n which Tar^J) comroan !< hyfcerplfta and tnleuta It ?ould be a ?aue? of Juat pi Id* to Inrtruct l.rnd'n and Parh how ti value to m i i. (arable an nrtl?t a* they hare now teat t9 Ihla ?ld? if the water. Me <1 > n.'t lir.eni to make I aty comjarir n? I.H tho?a who btra laflreU wr?r enjoy thtm : but Fftrodi a cannot b? Um brilliant Hat they hate theira. Hhe atanda alone. In onr opinion at thehtadof ail the great tragln roetlliti, and f?( m Ihla position ahe cannot be dlrplactd. while aba li tain* h?r present voice. capacity. power, and aneotn| II I menta llrr tolce It pure r |ual In 'inillty. Ijll of lierhccta aid vitality. unltt* th# upper aal lo??r rrplrttra with lnlmltabl# perfection. U a perfect ' while In Itieif aa fan ha oltalmd In tbe worl I ' ranniciita arythine or low, with the ut n'-tt I liUlanry and affect, and. addt-d to thl*. It i? dlreated If a jnn.-ieal knowledge cf uneojimon drptt and cm11' tem f . Tbl? would tc enough to p|a?r Parodl, a? a j I' vocallit. among the Brat alngera ol tba a>ra ? bit aba I 1 oi e u* pow.-ra abrte anJ bejond the e. Sbc l? an | aotret? fnch a? we *ay liuaglna*tddon* to b.?vi? hennas atria tI.i ai lull' al in aJl (bat appertain* to the per| >< i at it>a t ( cl.aiact? r. at.<l t,p> tbe *ei|nleitl?nt of ibi I Cage a 11IIT <1 the griat aclfeetaa of tbe Knglleh ?ti*a Mm ii a j itand b; tba iltio cl Itarhil. and not fear to tail; and. whrn we taka thla truth In ernBMtlon with h- r gnat aiurlcal aci rapliahmi'nta. and her ability to ut. la tl<e wLole Of har ger?lut upon a Ijrlc aoerje. w?t ar? foit?d to admit that?h I? foe t>l thr moat r.inarkatle wflni n m tbi-pfwamt awntwty, It It nt nirik>ly that Mire may add aow>' thtnir r'ltl more enchantlig to hat triumph" In the dratnttl,* and lyric art; l.ot w* ate prepared to btlleva that alt It det. t tlmd to I'# halted, aa P?*a ba? preil'ctej, " the flr*t J dran atle vfialltt ot tha aga " In tbla opinion, all | : !?. btii any apprerlati"* of tlie earallvnca of art, J and ttbo btt.rd Paiodt Uat al*lit. will eolneMe- ami It;' n tb ni. rlta ff ti e petfrrmarioe. an I Mot wpoa|the 4.citiun of tka Loudrn cflMaa, though th< ir t-xprct. | ?iot.? wlih rerpert to Tarolfa f.ucrenU ar? atcb n? to kara lltti* nom for fuitb^r praUw or aJinlratt a In htr Hr?t >oeao. fnrodl waa grtwted by tbe vnat a**i inl,|>|? witli i be witmi lt applaw>0. wnlph lasted f<r ?i-t?ral Hha then commenced that hean'lttil iirt'igtua ? rit .hat ?tji? i? pura, lAai aauiwtt tion ao dMlnct, and th?t e?pre*?i both ot rolco id eountmanee, which constitute a prineipal charm of her n>?thud. Thia U but prelude to th? t< rribU t-t'Tin tbal thrvatmi I'rest-ntly aha la confronted by h* r rn. un. n, who aurrouad be? and diive h< r to ?.*g at the teet of Ornnai" for saJetjr. It would l.e oitleva to attempt a description of Parodi'a vocalization or noting at this point. She swept the judgnitut *?.iy and h*T tcIc* poured forth tooei of (it rj.air which wrought tba audience to tbs highest pit> li ot excitement. aud th> re ? a? no oes-ation to the uir.tdt-ur of the scene till she fi ll upon the stag*. in fan attitude startling yet appropriate Twice w?k atie calli d before the curtain auild the moat eutbusla-tlc st-cU mat iocs and plaudits. 1 n her next scene where she appears with her state rn n, mo wore in.< spienuta diamond tiara, cosung iev< rul thousand dollar*, prerented t? her for her tirsi tili.uijfc. by the g*n?rous aad gifted Pasta. It ?n ? diudem tit for su:h a brow, ?rrl when that noble woman e(?vc it to her tn nirf, fh? within the lustre ot iu jewtlr, the brilliant symbols of that tame destined to crown tils ijuren of song Jewela, dress, everything. Lowfvrr' f.d?d into inslguiflcanoe, as th? ?o*ne proceeded. Tho face that had been marked by ?Tl?f, grew beautiful with fitJul eipres ion, and the voice harmonised with all the arts in computing a wonderful picture. The power of the opera ext iblled itself with it* fall strength. thus aided by meh extraordinary genius, and we crn conceive ol no higher diaplay of the scane butween th? Dukeaod Durhess than when (he implore! the faiia r for the fatety of G?nnaro. After this rame tbe terrible seen* with Qtnnsro alone, and here i'aroli at once dispelled all doubts cf her supremacy as a lyrio artitht. There could be no separation oi the meaus by which rh" produced the eifeots; but above All arofe the tones ol btr voice, ringing silvery and sweet upon the car, at a monition to the judgment that it wu the power of music tbut swayed the who e. The curtain t?U upon the triumph, and three times more was l'arodl sum moned betcie the ourtaln to receive the plaudit* ol tht excited auditori. 1 n the last act, a similir brilliant triumph was acj cmpliahed. The wail ot despair at tbe death of Oonnuro? evtiy note telling upon the scene?not an expression lost?worked out the terrible, catastrophe ol tbe story. The soul of Tarodi seemed filled with tbe design of her composer. She rushed forward in her de (pair, and poured forth a torrent of mu^icthat told upon tbe audience with an effect perfectly overwhelming. Some of tbe auditors sel/.ed each other by the arm, and several started up with amizeratat. unconscious what they were doing, and wiea the curtain fell it was only to end one of lh) m?M perfect and powerful personation*, and one of the U1UM ""J c* uiu?i. <uo c.?? we venture to (ay. iver known on the at. 140 We have but faintly anJ hurrluuly describai th. ruterUinuent of last ni^lit. Wefbtll tti? nn'.hi': occs?lcn to notice the great points ot th* Tjullntlog and of tte acting They wire combined. bowevtr wurj u unity tf design aud accomplishment li a'. almost buttles uiif in such n task. Tlie performance wa* an even ec??? grand whole, and a* HJih will i ja;? b> remembered. The other vocalists were pretty satlstft? tiry. litmventano was lb: boat. Ilia noble voice did gocd lenlee; and Lorinl merited appiau**. though cold marred his desire to pleaae. AtaalU t'attl did all sl.e oould with the ule 01 Orslno. though she Uottd d?clMon of purpose, as well aa power, in her ltwei not??. The chorus pang eicvll-uUy and the orch.-atrs were very effective. We presume thla opera will be repeat'- J; a nd we ?uppotp now that I'arodl is acknowledged to be. at leaxt

the greatest dramatic vocalist ever visited this country, the public will be no the watch t > witness her noble iff. rt a Heat a, we btve no doubt, wiil be scarce. The coreria oil the tea kettle. ' Jrmiy Llntl In Tripltr llall. Last evening, at Tripler Hall, the Swedt'h Nightingale gave her twenty-sixth concert in America. Uer success was as complete al upon any former evenly. The house ?a< tilled with a remarkably well drossel audier < e particularly the first circle, whieh presented brilliant array of b'aaty and fa?bion. Miss Mod's reception was most cordial and enthusiastic, and she nil either encored in each song or callel out. at It* conclusion. to receive the marked applause of the audience. Bhe fang ths "4ul 1* root" with mora than h?r utnal pathos, and the ' Bird Bong" called forth* I simultaneous burst of " encore' before she had time to leave the at age Il?r execution ol the allegro of u Noa l'aventar" wi< a wonderful piece of warbling and such 1 as we might look tor in vain from other human lips. The ' Mouiitalnrei a Bong creat< d a perfect /Ware; I eel ilie e?..llih melody t> rmlnatej one of the most captivating entertainment* ever enjoyed by mortals in this suMunary world. When we My thl?, we do not mean to apply the observation to the whole concert, for the performances of the Herman I.iederkrani might have been omitted, without any deprivation to the audience. They wera extremely dull. Bellattl was himself. and that is saying enough In his prnlna. To morrow, at on* o'clock, will be given a Bernini concert, when children will be admitted at half price, and the Nightingale will sing her two eholoest songs, from the sublime comoosltions of the treat miatera of Mcicd mule. roller Intflllfriift, ?fi-i e>t of a ) cimj Thtrf Ufflotr Otlrt*. On? Of the Cbtrl a rptrlal aid* trrntfil yaaterday m youn< nun of nhout t? vrntrrn j?*r? of age. railing him*?lf W illlam >iuuni'i a on a cburg* <>f robbing the rt'wi -rn Hotel In Caurtl'tidt It M'Ui* that yeaterdny limn.lm out- of the aerranta at the hotel found til ilocr of ihi tatm (etupled by Mr. Itnutxin K tVllaon to be locked o tin Isildo nod. on w*ti hlng tb? door, roon after yout>;( Hmmoa* uame out. and ran ditn rtaira. Tin' wait< r gare tba alarm the young rogaa ??' ?t( p|n), and taken Into eu?tody. On going bark to tb? loom. It waa aaroitalned that the trunk balonx11M t Mr V. Km n had been broken open. and a k-f !> i< |j<u> to a ta> itPlan Thla key ?aa found on the pei>-rn of Sin-aCDf. alao. other propcr'y; gold limr watcb. valued at $9&, ?hu b ?b? Identified by Mr Geirtne*, tutil mkrr. Ni 't02 Broadway .|t!ie nni hn*ir?' h??n rti len from his Hore an FaturJay l?at. tMlier valr.atle pt< ri-rty *?? fouml In bla po??etelon. mh * f< Id chain*. diamond pin* and other jewelry, valuid In all at upward* ol tlto. Roma of thla Jew. iry ?n Mcl?n from the Hotel dn Parla Owner* are wanted lot thla atolen property. ant like*!** two 1 rteif at* Aiplr to Mr. Maekeilar. dark, at th? i |M fx "' n 'i he arreted waa detained by || of l'< lie* ft r a further hearltg. ( i <ffloer Ul>M arreated. jeajerday. a man l y tbr name of Laiara* Mw on a rharg* of ii jlng n >erot,d woman while tl.a firrt aw atlll J aim- tl.r law ? n'y allowing on* wife at a time The fit <t Ife * * married at the police court. by Justice ! OaVct n. ca tbr 1Mb of July l?rt. and on Bunday la?t be ! ti.allied another w< ir an making one m>>r? than allowed ly law. at.d the 9i ft wifefrellag a?gricred ciuael Mr 1 MoKatobe arretted on the charge Justice Timp. ? u n inu.itt> U the accufed to prlxon for a further i l? arlng .?> ???/ ? / 0 -A man caUini bim?? lf Tho* , I elly alia* Joint) *t< arreated on a rliarge of breakIn .-tit" the pr< mi?> a No U&M I'earl atreet o*cu pled by Martin llel*cndt, ' Ith intent to at<>al a gold watch, ' Ta'ti d at Jietlce l.otbrop committed the ao- I eueed to pri-no ffr "|?| aim . Ii j A fellow railing himaelfjnhn 1 I'ewi y ?t? arret t?<l on a nhnrga ol attempting to ateal, | at the New Yrrk I'otel. The rogu- waa dieoorered ae. reted In a room la tba hotal, vldently with the Intent to etral Tte aoaied waa eonrayed ba'ore Juatle<? Fl<?kl?r. V; o1*etr 0??e and the magistrate ooa ii lit. 4 fcljn to prl.'rm for trial 7 ifi BTifUf i t m Ti'jriiy nrr? rrrn,? ?ir p?nirr ui io? T ? h ward t roT?rvd on tb? thora of tha ilud ?o? rltrr. VanhattrfiTltlr. a larg* quaatltv ot property. ?< ntl'llrid of Jl W<? of odtoa BWkrd n In * ilwBnad. I' i I , it I im f ?< "!' - cbfirt* of t. a l l. >* of randl*-*. antl oihir property for whinh o?im ara *antid. A rr'j > th? poller itktloi houriv llirliB Wa Irun by a trl'irraphlr drapateh from Moatpt liar. \ t . Ihiit tb? rommlltM of both llnuten bar* tinanl mml) attiail on a bill for brldglac I,all a Cham plain, t lloirf i Point, and bar* rtpertad to lk? Saaata, Court Cal<n<laiwThli Day. Pi r*kmi Coiat.?0i*> i it C>" aT (Kdwarila Joa- : tic* ]~ No? KWX. 713 1001, lUOi, 1003 1006. IOCS. Ituf.H'ic. 1(11,1' 16,10U*. loin :?f. I h Dutru t Cm at.?|,iuilaon, Judge ]?Not 4.6. ?, its n< iw, lft. io. si, 22. a?. M. I.mlt. l>rnfl?(, fid* llmiuluar, the In* nf if prim ipl* ?f at?oapharie prs-aura lain l?a?- | Mn.ln ! ?\ rttiatat "Mi p.->rtl?nlat" si tai.i I n l? iha In- i ftrticn i f Ar.'kt-ial farth. H i r? pilar liiti-? <ri.' tikaar- j ??llMl aa ibf ? >? af I iviav tha fai a." om kt ( cbtaitiMi > a appll' a?io?. at abate. I)r. J??ir? W. T*o*i ell, Ortillat, Anrl ?f. Ar. ^ *^ |"? bum f">n axolatlttly to 4l*r-aa * at the R/a t >a t ". fr-ia!?in 4 e>l?ek. at >i| Hr..*dtr?>, aalranee l.S|' w? M e'reat. al rra ?-a? had kit f- riiler "fr-atls" ->a tht r.| * " :k'r4 a'Mtloa. pri<x> r.|lr.-utt: alar. M? Ml Itiim aad Ear I'uun.atk-. ArifnaJ ? ' ineertod. III . Ktlllngrr la itrllnhtrd In limr that lia?ff?iiiiii aft luakkf anan. iheex nai kbay reri?eim 1111> t 11 a ill ke i r Ki II- i- 4 i- a at-lt, aa<l ) ttlilia* i? l<? Jul', elite I'm r nn In all b a'* k) /actltat. i r 11 i a Ilia rtoatar at 4tn fH<tad?a?. Jfi teener wlml f*t tfle er ?eetet>t "! .?? fiaai. k? at Ml ?ar? Ik, hMi* a Ifiir4: f?... I it all j. ti ? a*.i llk? raa.-lr liaa aail trill -t?. in a air, a I ? ?eei? ha?- talle* It ia iset ier ?re-i? Paid n il'ft l,? |t> tl't a'(taa<: Ita I a. *? ,.nl)-r^iiii-'ly iti rtnarlt* lia.r; II a. ?>r ba# fal'ad. A 1 nln*li> illrlur Mr tlnnlil tnkr ri i I ht t (mi it la It. H kaHaJyt h?M a? r ?? tl Ifrntia t ?i>ti w T*hj aa'l r.lla'l* pw.ela. trtiieh tra at Ci.k.a i <4 a a ?*i 4 . th't m. al ?.-?a a, fy?|< t*'i. ak'tl.ta ilia drlaa U.? ataal i..i it a-t ylald ' r ii i ) I III. fut-til tiinilit .p Hi m> a"r?ll? a I 'i ?! ?<? i* tMt tf at <niat?a<*i ?'? a-a f ria , 10 I t *. k?*. .W. Pi.avt, al Witt, II! ! t!ua i?l', S. V. A id hoi. y J. Hlevrker, *?filoi?rer ?|lly,0)0 4< Ilif > nil noidiat nuru.n.-MJ'nfoV J UU?ck?r ?i)|??Uat lui tun on Yhurrdev NovtwUr l4?h, at naif *' p? t ]j o'clock K M m tbe Merchftfete' Kxchi&it | cue F1r*t Mortf /? Hoad*. to ?lo-e a cm ? ?r? Vtr particular*, tf| 1| to the auctioneer, Ne 7 Brondatreet. 1 1 " f] To tlir Pnltllr ? Jnul rrtclTrd from Hoars. O l? u4 I-l ir, I tiij luytriiir i?t Turtle. *hi*li ? I n ' >. Id four ?n I St. ik (nnd?r tte iiikuu.ii < ? Mr. l> Jmim PeeMvel, ivrw.rly ?> *d orit ur* . f :tie (ir?ri Turtle Cl< >) Tuuhfi wedneedtf aad Th??e4??, the ilO? l.h Cl nd'lth n>'. at G uli ? Ptrun/ ft* I none, Wo 10 I'ult n ??itet, Nt'w York. V B? Soup *nU S e.ikj reely from 11 A M to 4 r. M. tl Wintt d to Part hmt, I In- Itur, good-will 1 and flxtun? oi a Lumber- *ar?i a?>w d? iu* a <o >t bj-ia-*# in thi* citv. or to leaae any 1-cation 0?tir?Me for t to timi. fc, <\ n luui'i- ution* to lu Ktfdrmte-i. with fall lurucu'are, through the Tcit OfBce. to lloratio C. Clark. si Klnr Alt*?Tullioi yprs or Llkrnrix'a on i\<ir> rarer.?it fa now uu u-tai lialied lac. that lh-r? ia ao * ii ? r mcd* of oltainii g a likonu** than by th? Talb>iipe j, pn< < #, while till itilicue aittiaga are at the oiua tllue avoided The Talbotyne portraita aro takea ..f all si/ea Bad " in a an I* which baa taiaed for th?ui tha adiui'a'ioa of all rt Ilia art loving people. Tin pnbl a are teapcctfully intiui to cxaniac specimen" af 247 broad way r? A 1/ UK ?tJN S, (lme I.angeahciu It C?.) ?, The C'RlIeti Ind? Wliicea^-iloiv f<n>ll<h tor '? th* Hi ?['!> in'od t i bluster a-d complain llievbut mam i, f<a' thveby tl.e'i aorineaa. Who not *fe highest prim urn firiliabrif l>a<??rr*ot j p*s at tUa fair? n r thu HOOT* II And who ooirplain ol'it. lb' ugh ?> ear onvy ( ' Wby, inferior ., irtiili, of voarMi i. My tlWi The Pliiinh* Xntlona! Uwucrrrnn ( nlltry, C Jto .2 1 Urvl.Mu ai. .a tlif p acu v?l,e c the 4 nio;ICJ>p art " < an be ?e?n i? p?efee?t n ? p'.-'int Imnrovi ;n n .? tlu? a] art are a?ti m ah ng I\rt?Be de-tr,.-* ot aktiiiiifl .o>d , picture, should by all means cxami rif t' in larii oollixtion. " The Klr*t and only (>olcl MrdaK?The Da- " gm ir oiy | ea t l at re> eivel i h? rr.t anJ only gild m tal ?? r a* aided liv the americn listitun, m?y I a < en at Urady'a cl i Calhry, Hoi and "i*7 Hrondway. n roer "f Milton "tre t. Also, Daguerrcoty pi a on lior?, by Hrady'a Be* prrce-a. ?' p Fn?hlonnhl?\-Kvtr> thing that Mrs.fironni, h Mi liter and Ureas Maker. and >t'.i Itroadvray, in .kei op, t. t it is the hi^heat anda'ylv .,t f.eliion ana taete. Iadeed. 1 ate ""'illud iitb*r io ire alitv < !' her g?o4a or in tbe fail i n of them, 1 y any miLliue. or dieaa ia tbiecity. Thia i? a feued iact. p ? (| Tlione Superh "\Vatn loo Miuw'm nntl Vflvet faiks that iiuve mado ao muon rxvueaieiit am >ng kho ladies, aio atlll selling by ke"i-. I ano >nt I'ortor. of t? il , Catherine street, at too name l,,w p?l< e at which they were j off-?ed on SiHirJay. lury olhtr de criptlou nf Dry Oooda tulted to tbe season, rich, cheap and elegant? ono pric# only, ri KnoV* Exhibition for thr I.aiiirt?'i'hf Lual bahikition ?i 'emp'ir^ and picturo^iue Hati anl ( apa tor children. Mid elegui.t and vuliitble I uri for the la- li [ difa. i? n* w op il lor tbe public. AtmiBaiun free. Gemlemen may accompany ladina at tho aunie obarg". and they u I w ill fij a in bia aesnrtmi-nt of Mata for the fall at via autficicnt a'lractioii to do ?o, we bate no donbt. llij gallery ia at 13S Fulum street. p The Lnillfk' Sh u n, Caltna, Sllppt i'i, &(,, ' fold by J B. M1LI EK, SI ? a*ai ttraa i. have ?>>|nirei aa ?avianie nniorictv bcihfcr tbi ir eacellence ot iualily, and cbeaptcaa < f rrico Ki'Vr'. Jonge^pirien e haa laughi him to me?t tzactlv tbe wiahei oi our i?a r cit zen , and we invite them to five him a < all. Hie Slar? may c< u?- to stilnc, (hr Sun * JiJiti in - ilio ihuudar rum: old eir h m:i> el ?' i fr"iti t.?T fouada'.'oa; b ;t >.->n nannot bjy baiter or cti??p?r Bi" 1-. fhm'i, o?i ?r?, ()?. r li ?j, , than ?t Brookn'e, No. I.VI Fulton . Ii atyli* ?f lanioi'gentler.?-n'? and c.ildrena weAt of the o. at tnaliiy, ai wry low [llrti, tl, R, Joiita, I t A tin fctrvrt, near tilt-A marietta .Muavnm.?k'ii" lir? > Jtoot:, it jtl to J5, uaualiv S1' ai 't S7 ; French Patent f^a-.! er C t?, Coo<re ? lloota, tt.Vitufl; Ironeh Water-lrouf lloota, Iron ?4i0tot'. AVnx Doll*!?A plendtal nxHortmcnt Ju?t imported for tlio approacning kui|iila> xaaia, l>y t>?OK<ial W. TLT1I.B, L.I.porian of tur |*an Fans* Oood*, >45 llr jdmy, neat r to Ili'e) 1! I iVeaior'efa-uotia i dry ?,oo?a f Then* dollj ar.- m ev*rv ai?e and yar.ety, dreaaed and nndrrsaed, ai d will t.o aold r.t liwer t prices than any aver in tbitcitr, W lii leaale dcakra | and otheii wi.l find it to tliair advantage to call. li I VTnrr deemed l'lriim t fiom Auction.?5,000 * Over Coata, (4 to *i j: SOU" truck and d.caa. t- to SU. S.UUIJ ? pairs pant*, tl to (4 U.lfO viri 60 cruta to 4>:i, JtXI clu?k?, ?, i >2 to $12, aoraer oi Naaaau and beekman at*. It freckles. Tan, tkUowneaa, PlinpiM, Krap> t!o&a aun r.'l akin >' ica?e , ar . it ta we I known, (?lti?elj wind by tialti* Oost-and'a Itil an Medicated reap. TUa ' P.ndre lubtile wradieatea hair irom anv (ait of the body. Li'.nld Roaae lor pale 111 * and oboeka. lily Whit* loi run h. flnelied, unraiah aon.ploxioca, at K7 H alker atiael, r?t atora t'roia Broadway. Oallaadjr Houkh Third awaat Philadelphia. jr jiMiH ? ana ?4? niMitieii run iiuvf mrir n*ir y col' rd Itv absde in twenty mlft'ltoe by nun* V I trd's t?r?t u rr<miuRi Li i'iiJ Uair bj*. or up ply ox at hie ultiw. Wo. 14". , Hilton lttc?t. n|? fitiri Tile heir. an . |w<ilitih praientad J* frciu UlliBK til 'bsn 21 hu-rt warranted. l.y uiint T Lallard's Aiti- Wig llnir Tonic. 1'iirr .uilm ?nu. 11 L Oil, What In ilila wide world can b?glii a to c? i?rt.te with a tin* dnrl. wit, b-autllol bni of *ool v Imir Swilnni over acted to charra't xly < n had, eoirw, or r tiry >'.air ae J<-ii?a's Coral Bit R.-ati>ratiTa It make* it . rrow truly Kauiltul, stops iia tadiag. and cloana it. It costs * tut tlirc ah li ve, ?i.d ia sold only at Broadway, or 173 " Fiiltiu atr??t, Iirn kl*n. 0 To Young Men ? To r.iitOTi- any latent J, a i ion it havinc ariiT-lat iiuuri MMN ?( tlian I tlie tact niirimi. ? Ineli an approach t>? a lno?a ia Iwld to J' liii(),iiai liutli'i Uiccrpi llili It la tha l>??t mttnr ' and rnaairTator of the Lair, aa public ap| r eolation pro???. e Bold by A. B. k D ?ania, ImiFoitou street. L llalr Uylit|f.?PlutIon's Maglt Hair Off, . t* i."lor tho hair or whiskara. tb? iiuilkI It is applied, " williont ir)vry t-> tl.e hair or skin. It can bo nnhid itame- a, dintely without dietnrbinc tho color, and 1i*i no bad odor. . It la applied, ar sold, at rhaloa's Wi< and 'fotipit aaailw- 11 tory, 1/7 Broadway. Hair Dy?^-Halrhtlor'i d.ermire Liquid Ealr Dja aan only bo aoourcd at tha aarnt notary, ? Wall j: trtit. Tho pnblja ahoald gaard against iauiatiras. Son tat ' ?arteos diplomas. I'trai aa whose hair La* uamid all] ?lor fr->a tho <n af the Imitation dyee. can hare l? nor- i; root 3d by ?aJLin? aa ahces. Copy tha adirvss Wlgiand Tau]ku -Tlir Public are InTlIrd t< tiliai?? tl'iihi'liir at* il^lo ! K i(? aut tiealpa?Ultf j ar? tsallv tli* moat sup. rb ar*iola? of tl<< kind wo have otti ' asm. and present superior attractions to wt* wir?rs. boit| ! une<|tialled lor excellence of workmaiMliip, and easy, aitura, I appearance. Call and exnmtne tliea at Mr. Bstchelot'e ael?> ' brand Wit la-tory. No.d Wall straat. Copy lit addraaa. ; ~ ~ IS Wlf? and Tov|>rea.?-Clf Irene ami Rlrangrn J i are invited to exaaieo tha t>*??titul ?i'< and Tonn*aa ' manufactured by Mfdhunt a Heiri, ;7 B ?i ealaae.lil. V, * and Natiotnl Hotel. Washing on. b H aimetvd ape?l*t t tit. and not to ahrink or ahaar>- eclat, dim B?.l la of I kg ' Hair, front Braida, ae. Call at tl>e uaomj. .n?y h at ore pur- '' < haaiait eirewlier* Onpy the addre>*. * >1 O N I V M A H K K T. ^ Miinav, Nov?tnb',f 11 (J P M 10 Tli* stork tnatVi t opened buoyant this moriilnir and |n tberr was ecnsld< rable a' llvlty aui'.an tb<* fauelar. J' Fat meia'L<an waa In d 'tnand, and tba tratiaactlons in I ]. Erie I: all read wire unuoually lar^e. At th? flrUbon"! j,' Farir.rra' Loan adranred p*r cent: Uorrl* Canal S< I Krlo llnilroad fell off p?rrent K aJln? Kalln-ad. i Uatlem At tba recond bnard all tb?- Lading fan , ?'? flea Impr ved a trarilon. ar.d tie sa wi re i( itte "* biary. Kr!e Railroad went up per cnt.Krie In I ! cone font! a. . Motrls Canal. ,. >'arin< r*' loan. ; ! ? Keadlns liallrrad 1. The tnarkt t rl'*< d with an up- i _ ward tfndency. and It ia our Impri'sslon tkit this week |. w* *11 aea aa great an excitement in the #toak u?r- j ^ k?t. hu b*eu e*|orl*nced u; tin* Ihi* y??r. ~ Kvery atock ia the ll*t appear* to be r?o?lu< upward L In ceveral thereI*yet a ?Ide margin lor an Improve. , Jj' mi nt. while in other* price* have boot reach*d their maximum The element* of "p. oul ?l. n n"rn ??? |] In a more fcealthy *L?tc and it i* eeid'.ui we *,'a *o much f I confidence eihlbited by holder* of Hock- generally a* pr< at pre*?at |i Tbe receipt* at the office of the A-?i?tnnt Tr?a*ur>-r 'J of tbla pc>rt to- day. amounted to f*I.U79; fay meat*, t*' $1(0.413 o9, balance $4,116 706 $0. The demand for exchange for reulttan.* by tbe ri packet leaving Bo>tca for Llverpotd on Wed need ay, ha* not been active, We hit* no c ha tire to report in v r quotation* The balk of bn*lne*f In foreign exchanr- ! . will be done for the *teara*hlp Baltic leading thla port i A for Liverpool on Saturday Tba Baltic will, probably. J 7 arry out conalderubla *peeie. VUrltng exchange will. ! < ' without doubt, fall off a? ?oon aa we bare one or twe or* ateamer* from 1.1 ret pool All apprchenaton* ; w relative to any fall In prlcei for cotton. will ?*>n be i ? removed, and cotton bill* will be la b tter favor. and 1 , , be freely taken for remittance. II !J<-ra of cotton bare nothing to fear; they havo the power ia their *" own hand*, and If they k?-ep firm. the maaaf.icturer< : *" of Or? a I Britain will hare to pay higher price* for tbe 0 raw material than they bare known for many year* We?hall get moat ?*tl?factory account* from Lieer- * ? pool, relative to the cotton markat. by the ateamer of ? the laet week la November, ftrm that pert & < The aaionnt of coal tranaported on the R?adingr*U- (!. j road for the week ending the 7th la*t . waa 4!) 2 I **' ton*; previously. 1132X8 ton*-total for the year. Mai 1,192141; aame time laat year. 1,0*) II ton* Th? * f enn'jlvaai* Board ol i'anaiCoaiml??i< aera h??a aoa- *-f lurf.rl ? ..I. I.Ik. Pkll..' a?VI? ??< U..4I It-.: road Company of th* railroad bri<tr? aarora th* Hchnyl- ' kill, the Una of railroad from 1ha foot < f the ia^llari ~ plat* to the clt). and the car ton** and Int. aod Cotlector # oflle*. mar Hrond atraat, for >24P. :o#. The act ^ of IMP uhl 'h authortie* the nlr r< iUlret that lha T*t ptrrt tda ahall b* applt. i to -tr*l*hl< e and repair the i'?ai Colna<Via railroad, bet?e*n Whitehall and CalmnMa "j,1. Th" tranaf<r? of t'tltad Statea atoek on r?r?i*o ao- i? ruat. made at the Tr*a?Bry Departm-nt. for tha w*ek JJJ adding tha Ith Inat , am-tint'd to ?TT 10" of ?bleh f?.l'ro ?a? of lha loaa of 1M2 P2t (00 af 111: and ftp(CO cf tha loan of 1949. Tha report of tha Auditor ef the Dtata of Kav lltvp. ih'ra afaVa that tha rereipt* f^r th* var audio} l%' At(?lt 31al. 1M ?rn 9)211371 '? and the expendtbre* dntlav th* ram* period. 73 - laaviag a ' t a'arra oti haad of >3,111 ?.T The aip? na*< *ie<*-.| th??* of 1940 hp fl T?l t>7 y*t they ainbraoa *1. ,10c of ?? eilrarrdiaery *ap*nilltur**. to alt: t h* da) ?atura of raai th* Canaflt.rtloaal Con*eatlon about f9 WO paid '*m uniform aiititla marly M <h0. and repair* an fltata llcuee aboat nn?0 Th* itat* lo<)> t t*da?<> ia put f 4 dran M ftllo**:? Da* th* S.?My Vtind Bank* J ft 22; due for loan iil?rlM to , >19 93# U toU MOaa WS r??oure??. $57 629 38; balance ot debt, 4f 7 18. Tbe IONi(D esport* from Baltimore during tha vttk ndiBR om Xhurniay. amounted lu the aggro(?t? to ll?#fS2 P3 Of the exported we uou? 11 ?7(> i>if. oi Dour, uni on nun wneai. l t>u?beU #f urn, anil 61*2 bb^e. ol tobaceo. During tbe w??k tudiag Not 7, eleven bundr?4 ml birty-oo** ton* i f coal were shipped from Camh*r'.?nl :> Alexandria. Acuordlrg to the official reports, the thirty-twe ank* of Main* hart on th-5th of OjtubvT. oapital lock paid Id. $G.24S.OOO; MUD In circulation. V2 Oil J08; et profit* on h*nd. 171 944 ^4; balance due otb?r bunk*. 481MJU1; cash drpoi>U<*d. Kc. not bearing interest 1,723 67 1 7*; ea*h d>'p< rited hearing intercut,$ IS 285 57; >lal amount (lae froc* the banks. (7 384 118 -U. Th? itources were- gflj. silver. kc , In bank*. $475,359 U; al estate, $111,005 10; bill* of banks In thii State. 912! 8 15; bill* of banks elsewhere, $05,1.^7 77; bA?rcei due from otb?r bank*. 778,9.ij 81; dee t> the ank*. excepting balance *5.840.230 74; total. $7,384.18 >-9. Amount of trmi ai.nual dividend, $1J0.800; intunt of rei-erred pro*t* $134413 09; debt* ?u? at<&. smldereU ai doubtful $'7 459 #4; of bills In clrcula' n under fire dollar*. ("48.569; due f.-ora president ad directors a* principal*, $210,594 0(1; due fr-._, d>nt nod directors a* *uretl?* $291 192 99; due from oek holders M principal* $212 108 38. The Boston Courier ?<ys m' nty conMues to be M*y r acce?? at th? back*, ai.d very little good huslnus*aprr seeks tor (treat accommodation. Loam upon It dged stocks are readtly obtained at comuaratively >w ra'es of lntere*t. which enoourases and justlflan h>e in a further improvement^ the stock mari't. Tbxtr?n>ttetli q? at the broker's board during the aft wetk. have been respectable in amount, and at igbtl> advarced quotations, npon tb? average prion1 the prerlcus woek Dividend day it las', approach ag with most of the railronti corporation.'. and that nportant fact fhould L? borne ii mind both by the plltrs and buytrs of tho>? lucrative securities. The onoord and Northern roads divilea month earlier ban the others, which makn up their accounts to lh>* int day of the pieseut month, preparatory to the Jan ary distribution. [The annexed statement exhibits the receipts sad ex.enditures or the Wabash and I".ri*? for the year udii g October 1*t, 1&0 ? W.Mitsii awn ERIE CAVU.. accKirT*. Fr-m toll and wat?r r?at.?.. . $110. ">.24 27 I.iiuJn. I.nganiport Offline ! Y'J4 32'ts Vincennes district. V) ?2.4 47 Interest. Exchange 13 414 24 Bondholder*' subscriptions. 2>i 010 OU Total receipts >621.971 30 iiirt.toiTUat:*. (Hitrai exptu?es $19,303 04 Ordinary repairs of canal :!0.84O 0-' 1'xirarruiji?ry repair*. 2t ill 81 Superintendence t>21i 22 I.and ofllcea 1 773 47 Oollection expeiee*. ft lsi 88 stages Hud water power tlHHO V) Kspenses of surveys 12Mi 11 Interest to bondholders 40.794 84 Comtruction 370,130 2.i Total $510 013 07 This exhibit shows a revenue of one-fourth or a mil on of dollars, independent of tbe bondholders' subcripticn. which h faithfully applied to the prosecution f the work. The resident trustees arc devoting them rives faithfully and efficiently to the work an I exp?ct s completion ,'n the tali ot 18i2. Tim (inintltv nf ^nrtuln imnnrt^rl Into T!nf. ilo. n'a tb? Ukr*, during tb? month of October. irk nch of the j act (our y<*rrr. was a? ann?x?d CoMMin t: or Bi rnu-Lm Imi>ort? 11 O'Toxkh 1817 IMS lM!i I860, lour. bbls.... 220 482 833242 1uii l20 Uul,li4 oik... 72fi 1 (40 li.tWJ 277 k'birky SIM 6 938 6.093 2.01V eed 4 693 8 947 4.02H 1,385 i?h 250 447 512 1240 llow. lbs. . . ? ' 21S100 SOJSoO 121000 utt<T 211.700 1228870 1 6.15 H? J 1.328,300 aid HINDOO hd2 100 1.004 040 *37.45? ?h<*d. c??k?. . 1 148 1 893 1804 1081 t'brat bn?h. .l.fl?,100 1 O'JO.SOO 9S8137 7*9.00?1 tn 316.048 to4141 411.9.10 .yrt.wOT at* 105 ?<>0 12 487 M6S6 SO 77D lid**, No. ... 6.482 4 Sua 7.810 1163.: oal. tons,.. 787 1 *20 1,1(8 1.9RI ig iron 82(1 878 292 708 root. bal**... 1 883 1 060 2,M>4 1.383 i atbrr. rU... 1 OoO 488 74<) l ./,? *ad. piss... 'C 564 2'.81 1.895 l.SJ> tar** No. . .1.160Otll 1.MS000 l,Sao.1iAt I JjSOOO umbar. It. . ,21'Jil 369 '2.041,1'JO 4 900,'JUO 4'13910') Oonpar*d with U?t y*?r, thor* lia* b?? ?.n incraane > lloar, fish. ??hm bid**. o?al. iron, aud leather. In II cUi?r articles th?r* bus been a tailing cff. I a soma* h* deficit ary ha* b**n tt'jr great. Block KMhaii|*. *5*? U 8 tl'- '*7 IJTH s?l ih< Mor;.?C??*; 22'. *5 ",0 "7!* < ? >11) 22'? ?? 8I7S 4Ki H*rl?m RR Iii?' ?W r 81", 1886 lirJ KM Vo hw r<?Oto.7*.l.<*8 1<? ' 1*1 i! *? ! *.>; mo 4ii E} *? do K.>'i r? do SivL Hi!! S? !?' * ?*'iea BR 1*1 ..m , . .. . l"i 7 8)twk K?rN KK 1 ta? * i? fi Erie lao Flon4< y.1U 2?) Lcpc ItUo.j ItK lt<?' Itnd BI* RU Boa |f*"* ScaitJi S ki> i;v2 J^MSM.aCC. IBS 80 B*aJi*< K3 ?7?. , Vf '?f'U ,WVA* 100 40 *?' ?Ni An Trait It ImI i9 lj, ?7'* oin* RK TV'i IV '* S> do K'2) p 'l SO tto ,,;\f ? J- >*> 79 m i> Vm-. ?3 k..) 7v<? I'MVarmoii'Tru*; t ;i 32 J! ? ? ' * **? do 1.0 ftju " *" * a* J" d? M?o* ?8& " ? . ?* *13 7? ?? do *1 ij I' Moks wk RR ?f 1W) d? w.4) nj B"1 "*r B H o* Kit liO IHV " < ?,'< .'41 do Wroin inMRtt. IM? r?i? RMd? \:K M)*h* Oant<'i ?* u>: Aa)i? kric HK 7'", |m| <w> w t !! J" "* jwhratti'lt M?>? fti " r?g i"" d? h u M . ,n L'i? "? do a40 38M I ut r'Ji oo 4? (o ft?!? ? <*' . , 7!V loo di. I M S i> Bum*?.??*! I3? do r,jt I- H ?> *1 1 ' ."? St-4. J 4o M W\ fcV! 2?aiiu( RR 'i i* a;v ion 4* ?? rw i tn wo ;rv 9HI> d? i 4? in? f , in? <t* ?W ?" I 4 > a-, i??i Harlam RR Clfe IDYPRWEHiVn HKHrWIIll t liHY PiT. IK) A It IHMJ, im* I ' * K T? \r < * U 1 M --uT.? I. ! \ , . * . I ?N * ! ?< ?. u l * , aa-t pi- i ? 1 It k? ar<t, ni N? II I.I 11' air 4 fit. n??r H i ' I'lARDIMi AT M) ' > U)tD?At I f? ? .1 Vl.l.l * n *r I ' ' it 'i. 1 i,i?? r ! ir nila-?. * ko wltk koart, kj */>. n.; a*( ?'-!? l< il tti. ritnp WA.Nirn k K A UCNU.IVU AMI IIIS ?if? ?o MM 'tliriilil. Iiwlt rT III, l? ifttltifMlIf, a-' or* ttfjr ?? t>?io troat'-'tt ( a ft. / Iim?. i. ( m>, Ik i i,.'ti I'm "4 i. I': ii.*a P>HW. I OA It t ! N f J A ..'NTi AMI * T '<T*c I I.r : |> nt' iron u t* > * ( n a MIj* t at If * ?'%i* it ?rt tatoa Th-i f?omi are o% >'?'* ! fff. an J tk. rt -it Unit la tkc kvaoe. Apply I lt>l llt<a?**r ?0 fAHTNTf- < TOtyO If A V. IT ' >)t?J CDI Atin*. l.o hka kit r ' art 4>j??o oT a ?-It t tlt to tttrh a )ukil fotnlit lor hti kiant R< ;c- '.akta oily tmntlfn. A4<ti nt it, HtraM oPlto. OP.UK AN l.ftMlflAV l? li*?Mot T'tonTAIM i kta<t> tnt fnrr ; l-raw.aith ki?i'<i'?*A,la n .ift ?atf l?iu.l?,?p : 'no. aki?r? bo-aa aaio* tV oioiWttai onto. k'ruotKi ltMktipi fllMt XlAt ta Utt iiWlA.'*" w of thia paprr. LOAT. mlllW.CID tM IT. nl Till R'O W ?. K*tJ*0. J? ? st*t7. k pa.r cr R*(ll* ia^aa'?A .j#?kll?o4 tia?o. tarp'fl t? M'o ka a rtr ri' 1 ' "krrtai? kttfiifH ikKi ffffti i? J**" C*?f r r?. of iHa*Iroa tk* k?< k it Tr plff W?U ? ? -k ? otraaU ? I ri.' ti ' 11 * ti r. i t ? ?< *r?ial?< ?I ? ?* ttrt??, I i. r?|?o ' t' r I \ RrWAKD 1 "J' -I fPOSkl) l<? M? Jl<?l.?!?, >t vt. HlolA '' Itf l?* T - i i4lar Vi isliii urt'*, '> * ? *'! in* *tfta thf tlttif Dot. Ak.r k.A> itt oti*. I? * !. roctl.a tkdi t niir' ____ ! PUf.tll' I ' T IN ?\Tt ?r?A? . I? TH* if *im ?, jt it ?" n?t ? ?t?'n ?"i * > ,1 ti ? \ Ki. ? .. -t - -i.i ? ti?*t ? I in'!?. TV ?i ? r?? *i 1 lbs. |. ! I \ J |, k> tor it * P 'U k Hrxlwi'r fci.?titr?, 1.<V Hj vla??, Hlfrtn Ita ! ?' kail I lfc?J_*iT*e^l ? O#T ?>a wimkiday i ??T. in A nno.i.iTAr m.i F?n* dtfnif ???, 4ui r<rr' M.iantlt. h#r'",',,*t'v (C" "* ;*il #>? .' ? \ ' .?l mm I* r m J llt'tf Tl - t.B-'lf Mill kt tl'ltVllj !. !( ltd. *B tlllfNt i WBTftlT flM4. IN-I ,H\t ? ?. JkTH'WAL L04* f! >0 M?E ?BSI n\Hl ? *> UTT tf tr a-IH.- <? a?f l ?? ??'? Ul*?, 71 Wall j;f. I. W?<r k. a< t. II. I " > *? ?It MK" 'U> n4 ? r?? ilaMa* Iht f.ntJ i' lit* it* Lit! if l>* ! it of nr-ha'f ..t i , It ?f !:? , >m ,,on iman >1 prtm? ) ? .! I; ibf in.*m i? iluttnllarttf, In ralt^t*"* It f!??i * - i?<f*l?arr ? t l: ?<?:, ?.*r4 ;>?.t i??t?. 4 ?*? lolkwtic ?? ft??ttMt ?j?t?ni of |'iw for In mm * i/ - A i ?r ; latart* Itr tkt wh 4* ura if lilf r ?l >*J ? ' <r ir Sail t|*tl? M ma'ltl iKinr. a i ? < Hi ?-> tr f'int/. tir l.r il *f ? ? 1 iil'UJ ? llii' ?a i It 'uiy i*lit llac m* ?? hit ?"lltj on rt ?lrt > ttk ai taint i *i "nof on? HaH irt ? -nit lid i j i. n i* imntl ?a?ai?B pr?m<?i*? I ? ? f un ?i I i . i. i ti ttlr In t illtlM li*rt?f t it "ivd. A p\r tf % ?4i?? iftitl f?r * tit it III* m?j. r,?ii t' t 'ntll ?? ?a kit iiwiri*-* ijfa a a*t 'k? tjt*i? ?i? Itttrit'fJ. Ptrf'tt *?l> nni?J III a'lf.-l to iwt-'Mrt faM, tit "( f m < fr??'v4 |t? ikl; i -??, if ihtt t*?fnr l?, ?**> ?rir? fiatH I* tl't *f cltfj't ta?ai.!>' a A p?ti??ir. n't .un I fr? ? r m lamrt f " l f?. ?i? If r? itc rtn k ht m> .A v f ytti t, iht i, U it m I* li* I flit f Itjk*', till ht |aU ft M??: tr If ? .l|?M Vtfkf* Mti i>?i tft. II.t n't iuim .Maft<l ? II kt ptl< Vt lut llf. ?r Irtal it| ftw a ? |t?t. a. nji. i. aaitoRt inn Mi rv?M. I t Am. mt tli*lr?j?; Ht->?> I. n.m, fjiLiirk. * "???r ?l Un i it. . i.AIM* J. IiiIm l 'i?;rit, I Ij V ?X II Hi* ; LEATT?t* ST A**, 0 am! *r*U I #

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