Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Kasım 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Kasım 1850 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6999. DOUBLE SHEET. MEWIBT TELEGRAPH. Prom Washington. Wa?hi!?i.toi?, Nor. 12, I860, littm bare bm raoetred her* from th? coast arraytag parties M 8?d Francisco and Print Conception All fflt Weil 0. W Mammersley baa been appointed Poitmuttr m LweMttr Pi. A north. *?t storm commracad last night, and it hai Wen raining violently ???r vino*. Items from Baltlmora. BOAT WrSIT, AND (-even MEN l)*OWTMin?arrested rOR RUKNI.NO OFF si.aveb?the fugitive ExetTE*ent, etc. Baltimo?k. November 12,1860. Seven men, including George Smith, mate of the schooner Cornelia, Crook, of Newark, N. J., and a brother of Captain Grant, were drowned la the bay, this morning, by tha upaetting of a boat. Aadraw Spiea aad Adam Albert we re arraated, thU tnornicg. and committed to prieon. on a charge of carrying to Pennsylvania. in a w?gnn three nlave women belonging to Henry If. Miner and Mr Coekoy, mar ou?rii? ?i iota cuy. ir>? jr are is tin ui <r>*an*. Nothing henrd u te tbe trial of Chaplin, to-night, on ??rouut oithe kt"'m Effort* are Baking to remote the trial to Baltimore. We hare received no mail Re nth ol Savannah t? aight. The Boston fugiil?e slave cane haa oauaed jrr??t exolirntbt in lie.>ri;ia As the itlave* were from that Stale. the difH?nlty bids tair to averthrew nil tba eff?rts of tlie Union men to secure a majority / r the Convention Disnaters Oaring thr Late Gale. Moiroi.i V? . Nor 12. 1*60. Tfbe "fcrlg Bergen K Reed of ilaltimor*. put Inhere In di*tre*?, with loss of jib boom Schooner Ira Bli??, ol Naw York loat both her anchors Schooner India, f New York, lo?t anchors and chtinv Schooner "Ellen Burn*, of New Haven. lo?t ovorboard William Bale.mate belonging to North Rr?n?ford Ct. Schooner Sarah McDonnell. of New Haven. lo?t bar anchors Schooner Mail, ot New York lost her anchors and "vindlaM A British brig nmne unknown, waa seen off the Cape* of Delaware, bottom upward. There was no nereon l.y her. ?nd It I* *uppo*.-d that all hand* are HMt. The frbooner Simon Baker, from Boston, lost her anchor* and chains. The eehooner Dand Rl*ley, boa New York, ha* arrived; aUo the Franklin, from same pluae, with lose of chains to Alio, schooner Ponta. from *ani* place, with ln<* at her anobort Tbe ecbooner Mar; Oallant. Capt De Watter*. of Am bey, frem New York. In balla*'. bound to Hampton Road*, ene< untered a tremeo'lou* gale on Sunday afternoon, and anchored under Smiib'* I eland. She slipped her cabU*. and endeavored to make Cape Henry, bat struck on the Isaaea *boal. and went to piece*. The captain waa picked n? but tbe crew, oonalsting of three men and a hoy were drowned It is supposed that much other damage haa been done by the storm, wbloh was vary severe. Halifax, Not 19, 1850. Nearly the entire bueinee* part ot the olty of Frartoriekrtown. N. U., ih destroyed by Are y eater day. It eomtneneed near the Methodist Church end burnt to Kront ptr*< t ?nd through to thf r?ar of the town.? Thru hundred building* ara reported to be daatroyad. OulrndlT* Fir* at Mil port. jKrrKksot. WOT 11. 1S50 A Are occurred at Milp-r' Cb> tn>iDg county, this moTDir j end conrumri) 'he ftore and (?od? of Joaaph <3. Stall, the Pont OfTlie. and the l'ow a Clerk'* Office. ? The cause of tbefir* U' > i Known Five Uaj a Later from HaTana. Oh 4ki k?tot. Not 11. 1850. The ateainrhlp leabel Rollloe. from llarana. ha* J??t arrlTed, with dat? to tb- 7th Inxtaat?Ut? day* lat? r than the neve by the <).or_<i? W<- lmrn by thin 'nrrlTxl itiat th? Cuban gOTtrn ent Intend to Increase the r?t>* ( duM-e ab >ut th< ?omir?rir? ixicnt ot next year oa oagar CI fl??. aad tobacee Tbe ImietM on Im port dultee, K?n?r*l|y. will be abf nt l>i par cent aud on pu^ar exported, about 7 rtalr per box. Ti er* waa no political new* of latareat when the iMbel *allid. Tb u-laud > > ut.tnii?d quirt Tt e ftoek of eo^ar on bar.d wan limited, lea el bro* - were tnakiurf at 7 a IH rial* jallow 7>4 a 8 and white PV a II Laid firm l.uuibrr. (18 lor Cortland halea'nt rlee, at 1"H r-ale Other d.acrlptloni of produce ware without itumh chant*. From Cli.clnatl. RIOT ON UOARDA Ml AM H"A I ? > IKKMaN'b FlfNM U.? ricarothK i*. an: Oi.uikMti. Not. 12. 1850. A dr'-adfu! fl<ht took plai<u th> I'll tnhur^h ?t?-a? packrt I'lipper on M<>noay shortly al'^r Iti boat left thin | rt bttw ??i th- I'l teburnh coal b .*1 men an! aome liai atha flit boa'ttira Howta knlfM and pl?toli wer* I ' ly un ! aud ahiu.t * .1 /m ?ir>- bmily wmind ?d. The teat flopped ai >i*w Kli Itmond for larglcal Maiataac* Col. J 3 Straff ' a, for a numWr of year* rraeidenl tlth> Clirlltiatl f ire ,\?ociati<>n. wan Interred ye*leri'ay. Ail 'he Lre rotu|.au.e<- firing a prooetaion wearing white erape aut ap?-r?uri*te Thl" city l? a u>J) e?.rruu wuh rmi.iterfelter* O' ai4? ?n<i i ptri'i four are aow looked up, awaiting ax amlratli a The Mai) 'and ( onatitnUoal Cot Trillion. A a ><i ?i.ia tN >?. li Th" Mnrjt.ird TNform Con vm Hon li. I oix more b?l IU'1 tor a rieeiu II' HI I Ai>n ian ' III. IV w? *!* <) that II tbirr w*? 0" rl.oierf ?n tb fli'.h ballot (bit ob the M*th th* l)l||li?l phi'Ul 1 be de clirxi Krr*M?D( rhapuiau NwlfM) 4|> aoj Jobnaot 43; M traUtrtd Cb^piUMU wa? ihi-r.-lorn, d?ilar*< ?|rclrd and >l< oonuu-teiJ to tu? chair. Att*r I apa*< h fr -a kiia tha contention adjourned. Arrival of Ui> N^uthari rr. CMtlkMNI. Nu? IS. 18JO. Th* tl>im*h<p Southerner uriftil tbln morning frel N?* Tot> llHltid fir. ait Cawit. The ll"U Ju?lfc* >*!? !. preelUlug. NortMkici 12 -In tb* sw of / P. f.'.ini M. Nk< fitftninii />imrinif iy, ttlx ouua??l an boll ?1d?? be?log fuiumed up. Tfc* ,l?ilj(i.>Vr<ii'.'?,d*dto charge th* jury Cpon th< t?w ?f ib* <-a. *, b* remarked I ?*r-<f that the f?e tnfliluf ??tl? did not u?t>nil ibr <au?e of utlui agalnet th* omiianv. ant tiat tho?'i proceeding* < do tiair J bar con-*.| i? ir ly plalutlff ml(b Jltft >-u?d iBimoiliatrljr aft?r In annua due uudti (be poller Thin linlrmn la BO' trtlUMr Hut ua tbi frrnud of waiver. that U th* lair and legal lat*r*nc< roBi th- fart* Mated by n|r Child ln>n the lat~rete? <B th* r of 1841 between Hay and dep'eubrr ifUi lalkloK MM. and d>ff- rm< aa to the am >uot aai 'alhrg to agree and ?h?n liquidation eould nut t? at ad* iHih agreed that tb* i: <npiB? eould not bi ? ?p*ll*d ta pay till th* faetortilag ialt? w*r? ??l'l*4 ev.u It th*y agr.pd oa tb* am mm nod they lurth.i agreed thai after t*? fantortinng unit* w*r* r?mn?ed Mr fhlld* ?h?'iild go tn llaruoil to try and nettle It The?ff?etof tble operated a* a waiter ol thin abort bar. virtually a promU* by tha numpany that thaj waold Awna attempt to ilijmdtte and aatti* whet th* faetorltlag *Btt* were removed. Atl.ra review ol tha tntlnni; of eom* of t h* lim?K the Judge ?ald ?Th* point af th* ca?e l? to arrive at tha real lota oa. M?lon*d hy tb* flra Thay had tna t*??l nooy af Hay ward and ol* clerk rrnn pat*at witaeaete; an t on thali teatlmony th* plalatitf wholly or nearly raliai. U nak? out tha amount ot hi* |o?? Th*aa wltneMet tata that after th* Ira occurred tbay b->tb proceeded to Make aa inventory at ib* artlcl'-e d*ttroy*4, and they Biaoa out a lUt of tha eelltng prlaaa, and a* account Ot th* value loet, etceedlug th- amouat ol inruracca, and oti that view tb*y elalin tbat thry ari ?atlU?d to tha aboia amount Injured Th*aa wit a*?r?* alao (lata that tbay bad bo othar m *an? of ar cruinin aa accurate anouat than th*lr r*oo|la? tlon th*y had no ? moraaHuo but thoy na l- u( th* lBV*Bt?ry tr?ai tbalr r*r? ll*rii n. Ou tba part oi tha d*1*ndanlf. it l( loiUtrd that thla Inventory, madi ap under tliew nlrnutnrtanc** of th* m*r* r?o i||?e tli n til ih* wltBaaae*. rmbranlBK a l*rg* number at Warn* of varlou* trmrlpiloK ot p?iperty. Inmlrn "B? iiB?*rtaln( r. and ahotild be taken hy tha Jury *< Ih* aatual loaa. with e.,i,-l.l.r?hl. >ll>.*?n.e >.11* UOMtlcki, Md Ihil th? jury ahould look lato It wltl aara nid >cm? "ii?plrl,.n b-fur" th> v wnoid noma tr tba cnrlOM.?n that tha aanoiiat thm ntl? up ?u r<* llabla [Tha Judfa hara rafcirad t? tba aaid?Boa ol tba hooka, Ird^ara fce.l It In ?<lattt'd. on .11 aid** that thoaa book* tha Udtjara parti-iiUrly. ciotaln ar croat t of bit tba Biarnh*a>lt?a purrha??d by tha in uH Iroai tha tin* of th* Inauraic* d?*a to tba ll?< lit' bra Ipoa that la r >at .l.d tha aonalualon thai tb* wlta*aa haa atatod ila ha< takan tba M(T'fat< Mxuat ol tha niT IxnliM |n t ut hook I'n'nni ootlha ?rt?cla? that arara not la lud'd la tha policy ha *ff?r*alnl tba amouut and d'bita that acooual with (Toodf nnt apparently aoaa- etad with a?rcbaa lit*, and, la itrlilng a b*l?ooa, Had* aa amoual I two hnndrad and aoma ?d<1 do Urt It la ob ??ou? tb?l tbU balnara would aot afford any la faranr* any wall fonndad lef?r?n?a th*t that aionnal waa tha Tblna of all tha irn >d' la th? it?r? at tha tlma oftha fit a f"?thl? r*aaoa i hat tba aaimnt of aalai wabraoad tha proflta that ??ra raaln?4 on tha hooka Tha mart am^nal |a rtatad by tha b->okkaapar to b? aj2u II Thla la tha annul at 10 par naat profit Ob tha part of tha plalatlff It la atatad that that* aai aroflt of M> ta 100 aar ? ?at on aoma of tha artlnlar arttanlarly n* tba lfcjnora Thacjnaatlon la uadoubt adly Hirolrad la aaiaa obarurlty. and tha rraalt mu?? dap?ad npoa tb* aoaad aana? \o I aaraial judjra?at ai thajary oa thla particular point ?? lh?oaahaa4 tbay hara ? l?wat>ry of tha g x?da that wara la th< atora anthaathrr thay hara tha aaauat ataiad on tha r?la of proflta, hat aaitbar saa b- parf-atiy ralla fia . Aftar ?*?a farthar ohaatratioa*, tha rotawlt ?adtba>aara tatha haadaof tb-Jary whr la a aborl 44at, fcronght In a a-rdlot lor plalatlff (l?ot?<ttag In cataat hO. E NE MOB THE H*W YORK STATS BLBCTIOV. MAJORITIES FOR GOVKRMOR, I ORftfCTID BT THI UTUT REFORTI. Btynumr, d*m. Hunt, whig. Chemung 632 Albany.... 965 Chenango 2K5 Allegany.. 11*2 Clinton 388 Broome 125 Dutchess 168 Cayuga 124 , Franklin 100 Cattnraugua 130 ' Fulton ic Hamilton 140 Cbautauque 1,476 ! Greene 253 Columbia 15 Herkimer 1,230 Cortland 215 ' Jefferson* 600 Delaware 800 Lewis 380 Erie 1,571 Madison -17 Essex 680 New York 1,103 G?nesee 1,418 Oneida 1,066 Kings 532 Onondaga -126 Livingston 1,403 Orange 550 Monroe 1,538 Oswego 821 Montgomery 195 Otsego 615 Niagara 724 Putnam 460 Ontario 1,280 aueena 364 Orleans 144 ockland 627 Rensselaer 338 Seneca 238 Richmond 95 , St. Lawrenca 1,600 Santogaf 800 | Schtthane 401 Schenectady 270 Steuben 760 WMahington 1,490 Suffolk 510 Wayne.. 213 Snllivan 46 Wyoming 645 . Tiogra 420 i uni|>Biu0 inu ?? ] Ulster 600 Warren ?f? 17,3*5 Westchester 206 15,SO , Yate? 220 15,833 Hunt's msjoritv 1,553 The Albany Earning Journal bu * despatoh giving only 6( 0. tThis majority of M0 It anoordlng to ths Sarafga Rrpublica*, (denocratio paper ) The above majorities for Seymour are the highest amounts claimed, and are. doubtless, exaggerated; while those tor llunt are placed lower than claimed by the whigs in several counties. We have seen no re turns from Saratoga but those from the Saratoga R?puUiian. The Albany papers give Hunt's majority at 390; which, if correet, will reduce his present apparent majority In the State to 637. We believe, however, that it will reach 1,000. but may be mistaken as to the amount. It rheuld be observed that many of the statements ot majorities made up for the newspapers, and some of those transmitted by telegraph, are reports and statements so got up for the accommodallor of gamblers. In somo instances the conductors of newspapers are interested In bets, and make up majorities to snable themselves or Mends to hedge or rnaka further bets; In other cases, editors and collectors of election news are made the dupesof the gamblers. We are only interested in giving the most correet returns in our power, snd will venture to compare our statements with the result, or with any other paper. C'OMl'A It ATI VE VOTE Of OOVEKNOR AND Lilt TKHAVT OOVRKMOR?OFP1CIAL KKrCR.NS oorsasva. lieut (.?nation. Ill JiT. BrvMOun. Cok.ici.i.. Church. (curtisi. It hiii. /Vm. Ma). H'Aw, / Vm. Mi i. H"*? 1>I* tM 1,M<> 2.W.I MS Rnt aWer. XII m?j. ? ? ? ki9 ? I Columbia.. 15 ' ? ? ? 071 ? | Alitor... 7.?27 ?.?r? #f? 7.MW 490 ! Uvacbk... 1,7 U 2,' 'M 3>A 1,7*1 2 lit) JW DIMS* ... ? MO ? ? SKI ? 11.423 11.441 1C32S 1.1. *?< ll iiS io.:m ?ii cctiMrc- S?y . mour'tmei 20 Church'* maj.. 3.28S Coratll iuk behind Boat S.Sw Tbe*? few return* will iter** a* a **mple of mora to eomr. nod utttlj Mr Cornell. we prmuna that hi* fi'? i? a hor*le*? on* not *ith?r audio* tlia Maturing pt(ifp?ft? held out to him id eoine ot tha whig paper*, in rrnn'|U> nci-"f bin large rot* on th? Oaatla Harden union ticket HI* Ulead* of i be Hileer Grey '' organ at Albany, (the */ /r Utgi$irr.) k>iilo to open thnir aye*?and tbw* ?lprtii lb<i> *rr?b- ' ?w* lltlOB ?bl? rota Wa arc mora than erar convinced that Hon. Geo. 3 Cornell, oar candidate for Lieutenant Gorcrnor, i h?* been defeated by the tr*?.hery "t the abolition whig*. We iblnk It will be found ba ha* run behind [ Mr Ilnntintbelr Mrong hold* Tbry did not dare to ' rely upon th* *ntl rent vote to defeat him. and tberafora " fecri tly" crocked bin tri n tbair ticket* COM PARATIVR VOT* ON TMR WTATR TICKRT BY THR OPf'tCIAl. RBTITRM Crnnall'om S Hi it. Imftrlor. Ck ?f Appt-ilt. ( ouulift. Eh'luJu.9 Xiilhir. H"krr. A>.0<1 gtmuh,*.* Whit, IK-m. t?'hl?. l>?m. W lil?. D*a. Queen* I 7M 2 i?? I 7>-t 2.HM 1 W l,7?J Albany I.MS 6.*!'? 7HI4 B frt 7.l?? Too I.UK* 2.-VS 1. .*7 2 ?- l,h4? ?.?< ,' ItniwUtr. mj. 1-3 ? Nil ? CM Columbia.. " ITS ? MM ? frii Uraatc.... " V>? ? .VO ? BuU T<.?.Btaua.ll.0l3 11 711 10.MS I3.U1 lu.ttf 13 401 Dta. maj 74D 8,1*7 ?,vi5 Blakel*. Anrel aad llaa ot vera > Ihe *ati-r?nt ticket. M?iI er. whor ?ide* in Troy. r> n? tetter ihaa h i ticket la ' t'olumbia and Kant-. Iter, in i n-e , <*?* "f the Tr"y enmiren itl lateu tt nterteii id hi* f?T..r, kut Blakeiy will m >ra tbaa wake tbi> tip 'a the i trer anti real ouatiaa n*4fa the aeatral ?ad wa?t?ra *e*tinn*<.f ilm Sta't. Blaktlr la daablltt* l< < tae. a* * bara brfi.r* naiad, la gain* I irrely on Maiher in New Vi rk city, In ootid*. O t *o. Orlaaat aid other aaaatlaa. 1 AUiOlNT. 1 The I era!', publl l>e<i at AogellAa in Friday.claim* to have circled the en'lrn <b| county ticket (vitb 2 potaibly one < xrrptl. oi by majurity ot from 00 to ]<41? RirlnR tha fhlR titnta ticket a email tnijority, an d 1 the whig candidal for memb-rof Confrea* at l*a*t MO najorlty ttblcb I* probably oeer balannad by Bt?nh< n county A* uxii"I tha nrat or nortnarn A*??m hly difltlrl ha? gona "big b? aboal DUO aiaj ?lty ?od tba ?rrond or (outliata, <Kmo?r?tle by ab> ul the mm * majority i MOONS. Tha Blngbamtoa Drn.?trmi Nov. 7th ?*y? that tha whig majority on tha Btata tlekrt If aatlmatad at lii r (II**' NO i Otun. Ror 9. t'baaung eounly 032 for Baym our. rot.t yhia corwTY. In ?plta of tha i*tl Ml tb? eouaty l? n>arly txlnrnl M O?ori>r For Canal t'oiumU alonar Math.r . I'bareh ?a4 An?al will Uin 4i<). ai>? ?*a'?n if m 6?w to ?K*> Mo*, d?n , and l.anadoa hie for Aw^mhlr ara aald to b? all# Batbarlaad baa l?r I'oagrawa ahofllPOO. Northern AMamhly dlatrlrf. able by about brought about by tba datrciloa of ftaydar. who carrlad aff MT *otai. and daltatrd Mandarlll*. tba d?mo?ratln oaadldata. rl* Hi*bop .big 1 ?M, Mandarilla da a , ' 1130, Bnydtr, d?m.. #?7 cmxt >!* corirrr. Full ratnrn* publish' d In lb* PlatUbnrgb R,puUtcan. bow, tba alaetWia of Kraal a* > M 'ad damocratia Pbtrllf by 387 majority, of Darld If Paraoaa. d ?. Cl?-rk, 441'. Tbnmaa Armrtroat d>-m Dlatrlrt Attornay, by 441. Bajmnur baa < #? majority n?ar Hani In tba county. Il<nry <1 llawltt. ahl( la alactad to tba Aa> a in hi > by IBB majority o??r Oca Chatnlarlaln effected boltlae and lo?al jaalonalaa Cbarla* f Tabor wblg eat.dldata for Oongreaa. baa a Majority of 4411a tbla county tATTAOACOtV Tba Buffalo Liptrtt aaya Wa laara by a gaatlaman who left Rllicotrilla Thursday marnlng that Hunt * I ini>, rity will h?- Irom l.'.n In ;(.n Two mamt>cr? of \?I a mhl j alar tad Tba wbola wl |? Bounty ttckat alaotad, I aiceyt IMitrlat Attornay ablrh la la doubt. IMIV COI MTT. ' RtrartiiL*. No*. >, |k(n.~ Through frar Ibat yoa may rat rieilra tba raaiiU of alartlun In tbla eminty frrm Iba t'ammlttaa of tba eouaty. I taka tba llbarty foray llat you may put down old Kaaai 7?0 whig majority on Btata Coanty aud Coafraaa llaloa ara tba dataila lor Uoyaraor fTMr Whim. J Jay IA Kaaaai 17 K*?na.... W Waatport 87 Wilmington 104 Noub lludaoa 8 1 CliaMarllald 38 Morlab 114 A illftlmratiah i& Tl.-nnil?rnj? al Inl',,.." 40 Crewnpoltit M KiWahrt-lonn M ? KM Schraoa (don.) IM Whig majority Foar fit ill lc??? to haar Iron, which will lootaaaa mtb?r thaa dlmtnWh tb* ?bora majority -./(Amy finning Journal tltrFirMO* AMD I.RWIS Itorr, Kn? 9th. t r m H?turn? ju?t In from 'afl *r rn and J*ffar?on. <v 0. and tSO, for Stynionr IIXOi rot ITT. Hunt'* majority la Kln*a cunty h*? hwi ?t%t*4 | at ?7i; tnt a lurtbar anamination of tha flgnraa haa ' d> t?t)>-d an arrar of HO In bl* laror In tha aocead dl?, trl?t of tha Third ward and al*o an arror of 40 acaisat f?ywitir In tb* third dUtrlat of W illtamabargh Dadart tbu 140 tri m 172 * ahorr and wa bar* tha a* i tnal majority of llnnt in King* eonnty W, and than i w* bara antarad It la ?? 'abio Tb? Bnatd of Tonnty Ca?*B?*r? aoaranad at Um I Coantt Clark* offlra yaatarday att*rnooa; bnt upaatft- i (jnlr* It a a* a*a*rtalnad that raturna fro?i Mtartl a# l ' tbr illa'rlrta had not ha*? mad* ; <w>n*a<|?*ntly It wm Impoxlhla to trananot any hnilaaaa Tha Board, ' tbarafor*. adjonrnad nntll to day. Thar* apyaar* to ba ' ba.n lha maat cnl|<*b'? rar?|aaana?* In Making I on I tha r*tara* from both ally and rountr and It la rumor ad that a a am bar of tha foil ll*ti will Bar* to ba rant taak tor rortaloa and aorraatloa ' I MnNTQOKMT. I I Tfca Fuitimrill* IT?i|, of Frldar. atataa that H?it'i | majority In tha ronaty l? 19T Haath whig, and Snail, 1 J?ai , ara aiaotad ta tka A***ably W YO NING EDITION?WEDNES oicdsa. Drici, No? Majorities Ib Oiddi county w? u B tol.ow*, m nearly a* can be determined I* f?re the ofli- ti la) owitui Beymour, (Governor) 1 >?? ; Cornell, 1.131 ; Mather. (Canal Commi?*ioner> 641 ; Jenktnx. (CoagreM) 106. We barr nothing later from any other eonmlm than waa given In oar isrue thi* morning - Oneida HrrmU. Bi ONTARIO. jo Canardaiuua, Not. O.?Ontaria b?U?v?d to b? 1,368 ,, or Hunt. *' ori.ka.ns corrcTY. u HufU't iw. Seymtur'i u, Bait* 117 ? 44 Carlton 4 ? b Clarenden 49 ? /, Kendall ? 36 | Gainer 106 ? 0 Murray ? 16 0I Rldgway 19 ? Shelby ? 146 Yate* 44 ? 330 186 L* s Hunt'* maj 144 [OrUmu Amrrictn. ^ (WWKUO. i 1 The .iIf,any ,1rgui give* the majority for Seymour 061. The Oawego paper* give the reputed major I tie* p in all the town* in the county a* follow* II Seymour'* majority in fifteen town*. .. 1.163 e] Hunt * majority inOawego olty and ?ix town*, 313 ?j Seymour'* majority, ., 840 g The Oiirtgo Time aaya?Thi* would give Seymour (j SCO majority in thla county, bat we think It will be tl found aomething leaa. h qiken's cotjmty?official. _ Mij. ? (itprmor Hint 1.7S5 Seymour... 2.009 ?>4 V. IJ. (iurrrnor.... Coraell 1.783 Charoh IIHO 2(7 ' ( amit l.'om Blakely 1 753 Mather 2.0K1J 337 M I'rutm Intprr., Baker 1.764 Ar gel ...... 2,065 91 1] ( In k -V/*"''-..Smith l.Mt Beama I ?7S 79 ii <vnvr>i> Bote 1,786 Floyd 2,001 TU v Aftmblt Demotl..... 1.646 Naorloe 1,617 7J ' inMt. Aiiumry,,, Ondtrdona.. l.Hlfl Unbrnoi. .1,191 1* " Stipl. t?or Ajatbooy... 1.HJ1 P. Smith... 1,973 133 It WhkI 8. Smith. It will b? seen, has a majority, bat 1' no other whig. * HKNSSKLAER. ~ Tb? Troy Whig, Not. 11, giree the following m?jorities lor Governor. as far u heard Stymrar. Hunt. Rcbodack 80 Troy 126 Stepbentown 37 l.anningburjti. 64 1'eteriburgh 107 Nuna 2H4 . Orutton 44 Sohaghtieoke 57 _ Berlin e Bruniwick 58 582 ~333 | The remaining town* ga?e a democratic majority 1 last year ot 8G. S1TF0I.K COt'NTY. I CoaarcTSD ? The town of Baat Hampton give* 8?y- I v mour majority, instead of 48. a? reported. TbU ?, makes thH demooratio majority far Governor In th? ,, county 010 Instead ol 469, ai lollowi ? j Srymour. Hunt. . East Hampton 117 58 Southampton maj. 300 Koutbcld 1 W> Shelter Island 18 10 Biter II ad ? 60 Br< ekhavrn 260 ? Iflip 40 ? Smlthtown 44 ? Huntington 600 23S 1.170 6?0 8aj mour's majority In the oounty. 610 Vloyd'a (deni.) majority tor CoagraMis 240, M before UU?. j, ftCHOHAKIB, A Blip from the Schoharie KrpuMican. Not. 11. giving reported majoritiea in all tbe town*, ahowa a majority J' for Seymour ot 4t9; also Snow a (I'oagreee) at 17t. Bnt wiitten on the margin ia thia. dated Monday, A. M "A gentleman arrivea In town laet evening fro? O'aego. ray a the oounty baa given Chaite about 100 lie alro brought return* frcm two town* in thl* an- T ty, diflen nt tr< m what we give them in thl* nhe?t reducing Snow * majority in thia county to 62 " This turn* fleet cbue (whig) by aamall majority"* B?tb Kockweli tod j?r, deaoorata. are elected to the Autnlily, mruN. The majority In thla county i* atated from 700 to 800 t A Wttrr In, ihe .Irrn ftmr*. Of Ua other tl,<ke?? ? l he qua*! unUn into wnmh In* demoerntio party la 1 thla count j ? .1 l In wriggling Itaelf. Mr two I 1 at rang ?ltorta. bw reaulted in th. election of nearly nil , tint barnburner uomloaea. nod the defeat ot ovary . ' dtmoi rat ?hoc? eUclion would beat aided la re*t< ring i ' the neondaney ot 0eaoera*.te prinel|>l*a nod polloy in the nod nation. Thi? county In which thern coul.l eerily l?a*e bwi elected three demoeratin arm ber? ot AaaeliblT. will e?nd for it? repreeentatiaea la Aateuibly one barnburner and two whlga. t. C. iHunlny and T J lleynolda nra both de'e*led.an4 ; Chailea UI ghee fre? MjfUr U elected by a large ma- ' I jority. Trtaebery defeated th? fliat two. and noting la ' good faith on the (ait of all dauiourata elaeted Hlgbee. [ Timlin Hobie, fre? aoller. la aleo undoubtedly lec.ed * to COBgTvea by n ifunl majority Phil. Ilubbell la rln ted fonnty Clerk by about 900 or MO LMatrlnt Attorney la Mill doubtful There appear* to hare b?-n n a-1 tied ceteralnnllnn anmn the try aotlera In tbia n unty. to defeat any riiiilKui lor tha Aa?-mhly wbata<? vrr. wl o wx au?perted of a d*elre to reward I I'auirl t< Dick inron fur bie unawen Ing devotion to hla country and Iba I men by aaaiating to return him to | the Bennte. | si IJUVAIL PtraMon'a majority Aaeembly, 1 ! " Deaecratlo 1 State I'ongreia District Attorney, lo . abaut 00 majorHy. I \VA?1IINOT"JI COIHTY. The raturna from ail tha tnwua In thia oounty ecrorolpg to tha M'*?trhall IIrmortal ot frilaji.ako* a whig Binjiitlty <1 I tvo i wayniK'x iit ii in Not. b Motley ny? 230 for Wayne. Ibe Lafrat hjr TelryraphorriciAi. trrtiui). Itn*< a. Not 12. ISM. I TonJ|>klnieonnty--Reymoar'a m?jorlty. 129, Uhuroh, 1M; Mather, U&; Angel. 140, JJnlaay for Contra a 14. MidWon 8<)m"ur, 74. llblrr-fcjntur. 622. Or'land Hunt SU Kit*- Hunt. 1.601. Hamilton- fw j motir 144 Hunt ? majority la th ?UI?, ofBoUl tod unofficial, tfcoj far I* 613 lKHtrtl DkMnrm Orria. Nor If. 1*60. <J*l?an? aounty |I?m Huut 144; r buret Ml Na otkrr rrtnru tierliMl H?im? county |I?m 1 625 for Hunt. Tb? laat rt-port from All?|ka?; wn 12ft lor II until* will ba null* safe. driawark coi.itt. lini.Ktmo* Sw. ll-l A M Tba official rHornr frrin Dataware eoun'.r glra tluut '* " , Blakal). OM d?.; Bawtow, 3 644. Aac*'. ; 1ca7; i burcb, s 032 For Con?r-aa. tha whig majn.ity U 47* Kor rap?al of tha reboot law, 2 029. MAMACHCIHKTTH KMLCTIOM. T T K L K 0 II A I' II . arrow. Not 11 1(60. ranoltM. i Pa?on4 dlatrlet. (all bat two tr.waa ) Ipham. (wbl*.) { ft #04. Kantonl, (4am ) 4.r44. Raw all. (fraa aotl.) 2?v4 , reattariag. Z1 No oboic* Tblrd dlatrlot. complata. Duncan (?U(.) S,7?8, ' Drown (d?m ,) >460; lltggtaaoa. (fraa aoll) 2 411 ' aeattariag 97. No rholrw. j ) 8?r?oth DUtrlet? 86 towa* In tbla dlatrtct tUad for Ooadilch. whig, .rail. Hit hop. d?m . 2.070; Hoattarlag. 432 Goodrich In probably alaotad ( Math Dlatrtot?Orla Fowlar. whig I* ra-alar tad to | Coagraaa by * larga majority Kaaalt tor Oorvra<>r In 1 2fift town* and eltl<?? Brlgga. 46,707; Bnutw.ll 90.722; Phillip* 23 764 ; Bcattrrleg. 364 No eholaa by tha i pa#T?Ia. ron oofii*?i, | i Km*i county, reaplata, Brief*, no?tw?ll, ( ft,190 Phillip# 3 T41 aaattarlag. 97. < H?rk?Mra aonotr (tblrtaan town*.) Brl??, 1.0*8, I Rontwall.901; rhllllpa. 66, NitUfll|. 1. HttMl HtrtltD. I flofTolk C? H kirn. (I, Ilatnp*b1ra Coalition. 9; no akolea, I: Mldtllaaax Coalition. 6; Worrantar Co. J alltlon. ft, flamprian Noabolaa S. Ilarapablra Whi*.?, , 9; Franklin -Coalition, 1; Norfolk - Coalition, a. Bria (el Coalition. X rijaontk Coalition. t-Tokl Whip*. I; eonlltlon XI no eboloa. ft To b* hoard ' ftoai Rarnatabl*. 9; Harkahlra. 9; Kantn?k?t, L-Total, ft. , Foffolk W hlga, 44; ooalltlon, nona; no ahotea. 3. #

111 mpablra-Whig*. 19; coalition, 4; no abotoa, ft. f Franklin Whig*. I; ooalltfoa. 10; so aholaa, 9. War- I aaat?r Wblga, ft; "-allllOn 00; no ebolea. lft limp I Va Wblf*,4, aralttlon. : noakolMi.ll Norfolk Wblga. II. coalition,0, nnakolr* 10 Bilatnl Whig*. ?i 10; o.-allMon, 7, no abota*. 7. MWil'wt Whir*. *4; > " oalltlon JO; no fhMc* 11. Kaaaj Wblga. II; aoMI- ? t'un. 1.1; no ebolaa, 14. Barkablr*-Wblga. 4; "mil- r tlo*. 0; no 9. T?tal Whig* 128: roilltl"*. ( 114; no abolaa M, ) Iraiudlng Mjmwlk rnmrtif. tba llauaa itnada Whlpa, 1*?. eoalltlon. 131; ?o r1i?l<!?, ?! . 1 bara nill ha trlala In tka tewn* to Mart ft* day and In tb?aa wiaka fro* iWa * In tfft ?o?na In *n(Tolk, W l.ldl?a*i, *oroa?*ar Bria- * tol Uattifdcn 1l?!ip b'ra. Irmnkl'n Kuti. R?r*jhlra 1 RK H ;DAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1 ad Plymouth counties, in* reann in a< rauows : ? rlggs, 40 780; Boutwell, 33 25B, Phillips, 26 292; am . c irfeg, 37# Bosva*, Hot. 13?P. H. The result is mot j?t itenrUiDwl. Tin coalition luv rtalnfy carried twenty Senators, Jovt one half the 1 mate Twe coalition Senators In Bristol ktf< 30 ma- 1 c irity. but tba aoatUring vatee may defeat their alee- * on. The Hooee atande, a* far as beard from. 1 to coa- * tlon, 13J whig*; eighty nine towns no choice 0 Tenth District?Nsw Bedford give# Scudder (whig) )1; all others t,041 In several other town* he run* rhind hi* tleket?the result ia doubtful Goodrich whig) probably eleoted in the seventh dlatriot ? Hampden, no obolre for Senator* The whig* hare nly eleven member* of the Senate. whloh i* all they an hare, unless they get the House. BY MAIL. MASS ACHI'SBTTS LKOISLATT7RK. MKATOns. Laat Tear, coalition* on Senator* wen formed by the ppcsitlon in Ksaex, Middlesex. Wort-ester. Berkshire, oriolk. and Plymouth countle*. They auooeeded In llddlesex, Worcester, and Plymouth, only eleoting airteen Senator* Tho whit* eleoted in Suffolk, Bill. Norfolk, Hampshire, Bristol, Barnstable, and uka*. and Nantneket?in all twenty-one. Im frankn. Hampden, and Berkshire? aiz seats -there was no hole*, and the vacancies were Oiled by the whig oan1 dates, eleoted by the l.egislatnro This year, th* loco-fooos and free-soilers united on enatorlal candidate* in all th* counties bat Suffolk, lampshire. Barnstable, Nantnoket. and Duke*, where k* whig majorities are sa decided that unions could ope to effect nothing for those who made them. sicNAToas sr counties H'htgi Coalition. So choict. u If oik ? ? see* ? 2 3 llddleaex ? 8 ? iampden ? ? 2 ltnlifhirM. . . 1 ? ranklin. ? 1 ? orfolk ? 3 ? rlrtol ? S ? lynicutb ? 2 ? r'orcMtor ? 6 ? rateable. t ? ? antucket and Duke*.... 1 ? ? Total 1] 22 6 Tin-nty-two Senator* are two majority of a full Seats Berkshire alone remains nndeclded. Wo hold It oubiful at present wrttlne, with the probability of lectlng at leant 1 coalition Senator, perhaps both. tKrititniiTifu ar comma*. H'higi. Opposition. So Ckoiee. lampden. 4 0 13 lamprbirr . . 12 t 6 lerMhtre . ?... 0 i 2 'ranklln 4 10 9 oflolk 44 ? 3 k'orc<rtnr 6 40 10 lortolk 11 6 10 Irirtol 10 7 7 liddlerex 24 30 11 Iiki 11 IS 14 Total .~Isi 122 02 DKLAWAHK BL.BCTION. BY TKLKQRAPII. PHii.adkt.rhia, Not. 12- Midnight. The election in Delaware, for State and other ifflcar*. took place to-daj. Brandy wine Hundred haa given a demooratio maorlty for Goveracr. In Wilmington, the whigi hare only about 130 maorlty on tbo State ticket. from the Indication* already had. it i* thought that bo Stato haa gone democratio. P. 8.?Another decpatch corroboratoe the abiva. 'her* is but a poor proepect of anything deflnil.a toight. PuiMnujuu. Ha* 13-3 A 11 Dover hundred bt? (inn" whig. Little Crack hundred ha* go no (or Boa* ml Kiddle. Ntwetftli bumlttil hw bmi oarried by the whig* , T ? small majority. 7ftahead. Th? drmc cratlr candidate* for Geveruor and Co* (Tt rx ?n b?lle?ed to be fleeted by about one bualied md twei.ty majority N( iblig In known of the Legislature. The Raibrak Convention. oin< ikoati. not. 12, 1ia0. Oovernrr Charles McDonald, of Oetrgia *a< elected >ri-ild?nt and Or a Cbaptran. of Alabama, sloe prwellent. Ai hour * as consumed in reotdvmg creueu. lals. nd Oiling vacanc:ealn committees. whan the c'onrun .Ion adjeurntd to 12 o'clock to morrow. IIall road Affaln, Am lei not. 12 1850. The city ccunell ha* authorised tbe rote ot the peojle or the city to be taken on the <(iiaatloB of tbe oily I lub-'Tibinir $A00 (00 on (he rallioad to N??hville; i y.\>? W <t tn JdNisonvtil* an 1 Columbia Railroad. and I MOO i 00 to the L<-slnit<-n an I Meyaville Kadrosl It baa also apt rot riated >100 OCOIor the completion of the Fr<rkford Hallroad River on a i and with At* teet one inch ot water in the channel. Weatl er eald aad cloudy Political Intelligence. Kmimi ihii C?iion.?Tu? annual meaeage of Clot m nor IMm. of Kentuoky. has b>?n tran?tul't?d to tbe Legislature ot that Htata. Af-er speaking elaborately npon i he local affaire of the State b? lay? with j regard to the agitation of tbe slavery question ? "Kentucky ewes ad-Id of gratitude ? a debt she will aver i>e ready to pay?to tnoae distinguished statesman of the North and tbe South, of botb tbe great political par tire who. disregarding all sectional and party dl*ielens. boldly and pa'rtotieally etepped forth In the deftnne of the constitution and rescued It ft?? { the bards of Its enemies and deapollers They hare pimirid the I'nlon. aad they bate won for themselves a placa la the hearts of thalr countrymen It ab< aid ever be borne In mlad that the general go- | vernmeat Is oaaof limited poaers and was never u*- | alga<dto Interfere with the dome*t.le Institution* of any it tfca local sovereignties directly or ia lirectly The power to deelnr* what should or whet should aot be property was sever Intended to delegated to It; hot Its protesting shield waa extended over whatever had b?ea recognised aa saeh by an; of tbe States I ceia<t bat be deeply and ptofoundly impressed with the impoitarce of mamtaisiag w|ih Inviolable ?anetit* the grsat doctrine that a government which is the federal representative of ail the Htatee. should, in IK legislation, abetala trom hostile action against tbe property at any State or action It has no right to throw Ite moral Inflnerce agalast the tenure of property reongaleed as each by any of the State* It prostit wtea ite powers and the purpoeee "fits orgaaliation, by aeewmlng aa attitude of boetlllty to tbe ?il?l??(ie at nay particuiar property la aay State or sactlon It wleely rt r o axd i tee If In Ita original orgaaoatloa ta the domestic institutions then eiietiag The go. rnaieat was made with a reference to the laetlta'loa rf drmestle slavery Any. the slightest Interference 1 with It wae cautiously avoided Th? surest and ma t re?*eln mode of perpetuating that government peaceably and la harm?ay. mast he by administering It la ??fI>B>?Bt 1 Mrk *Bil all I hi' 0Uta? It ?? h'"'IO>l not to , rt<art'?l?*ta b?tw*an tha domo'lli- ln*tltnt|ona ofona Pt?t? ?ir pod anoth?r Atrial noo lofar*?ntl<-n by iba with tba prr taatloo *?iv rant lad by ?ha oon-tltotlnti 1* only ?rsa ?n1 a?fa lwtil?i It I* tb? (ofitii? whtob tha gr??t rr* prr>Bila? qa??tio?i wera M>lt|ni Th' "' iju??tlOB? ""Id M* ha?* tx ?n ffltl'd npoo ?ny oth?r prlaalpl* II l? tba orly dratrloa aenipB'lhl* ?l:h tba u?rf?Bi?ntat ptlnripl. rf our pnllttpil 'y?fi?m that * p.opla h?re % right to f*t?hll?h whatarar gnYnrntnTi: l h?y Ililnil proper for th*nia?l*a? Hi* Jmwt -T1t? lata tlrrllon In tM? Stnto b?? ramltad in Ik* triumphant nM?* M lh? iti-nwritlf parly Tha f?B?ral ratnrai ?r? alr?aily wall known Bd now tba arpart *t ih? UcMnfar* In aattUd Th* P?natt ?t?oi|? 1<) vblf 10 daaioerat* ?ad tha lloo" n ' A?a?mhly 2* whig* Bad m d?m orrata. firing lb# latt?r b majority of two oeJa<nt ballot which ** ?t? to th<-m tha I nitad atataa&rnator la plaea of tha Ho? William Dayton, whig Ho*. Piraaa Bona aao tub Dmncnti or N?? | >?i iiTH.-i aprraapondanea ba? r?r*atlT pM?< h?Iwaaa Hlhty of tha r1?mf?-r*t? of Now Orl?an? and tha Hon PWrra Son!o, r?lat la* to hl< ?t?wi upoa tha comptomlaa maaanraa p?...<| by <!oti(rr??? Mr K rafar* ham to hla la tha tnlt?d Htataa J?n?t- and )tha haa B'lhlag to ratraat ; aad a? ha a?BBOt ra- ; [ard fcla latarrngatora aa tb? organ* of tb? paopla and tata Bor a* tba pebo*< of tha party to wblrh th*r aay I bay k?tn?| ha vhall taka n-< otbar not Ira of tbalr , inorfa* propouadad to bim wbll* b* aalth'r B?k?thMr : ipplanaa or aapnort, than hy ??nrlng th?m that ha l? i , >ot to ba miT*4 nmt of that proprVty which Wobh i pabllc man and ahora all ?n .% mari-ar. Senator { F?n* Bot.iviA ? I^tr Limn rrcritrrl in hia city, (nraiak <Vt?ila ?f aNt t' inpt *hn h U i.l i wan matta wr^?n tha of Grn R< lz*. PrNMril M?oti*>a. W'hilr wbIbio'.'. f>n lh?' "''pl'tn>*r, Willi Colonal l^ijivaa, nmf ih? Srnata. J >?n Atifuatl* Mnralar.aarl ritkfnt, a atnclrni n im?"i nan ki*?i?by^r (ira<| a |ii?i<>l, which wonndad Jrl*a In ihr facr Aa h* ?r|j, Hn<>'h>-r piatil trad hy Mora Ira, but ih* hall oly altehilr nn/*<i , iten wmf aliaht att-mpt at a rryolnn?n ai>prara nh?*?l??nt|y tn hav* haan mad", l>u' wuhont a?n a?a Tha origin of th^ afliir i? inii>utrd in lrn?ral Palliriaii, fornvily praoidant of tHo rriaiSir, who, with hla jar'uana, h^tl withlrawn from l^tonatry. Th^ Pr^aidrnt of lha Hanair, Ool -ai'iaa. wm impliritad In ihe con?piracy, and rnai?irnad)o ha ah<4. Tha amianra w?ararrr"1 iito (Vrt oa tha I V h rf Saplrmhar Monica and (MM)er hdtd ala? btra ainuUily acattacrd- i [ERA 850. Historical Lfctan l> T1IK ST'BJXCT OF THT. JKSl'ITX, KT Till REV. it 1)4ICS HYD1R, OF THK SOCIETY OF JBSI'S. LmI evening. a lectura *m delivered la the Taber ildt, Broadway, by the Rrr Dr. Kyder. Fraeldent of leorgatown Collage. D C , embracing a historical ahaacter of the Jesuits. Tha meetiug wu not very folly ttendrd. Tha yrloa of admission waa tweraty-flve emu The reverend geatleman, on bain* introduced to tha leering wa? reoeivtd with applauaa. Ha ooamanoad y saying that ha felt enoouiaged fa hlj duty by tha attorlog reeepMen thay had given hia, though, whan % assumed the aahiect that haa b-en annoonoed. ha eared almost to aaake his appearance. Tha nana af eauit soands very large to the world, bat the living peoinians of tha ordar are not 10 The sixteenth entnry was one wlrieh lever would be forgot en : it waa a period in which great moral and eiigious changes had taken place, It waa an outmrst. he had almost said, of power ; certain it ia that mwers were exhibited em the moral theatre at the six eath century; but the yesterday of the aixteaath ,nd the entire world were of oae religion , the entire rorld ackm wledged one authority under tha guidaaoe if Christ himself On the day after the morrow of the ixteenth oentury. an individual presents himself, and lofting the oowl of the monk and bis sacerdotal robes, orgets the gospel whiob he had preached the day be ore Very soon others roaa np by hU side, and gave a . or dial welcome to this individual For tweaty odd tears th<- strife and struggle went on. and the disunion < n thxCatbolic family went on from day to day. ltwasa , earful time for the Catholie churoh-she was assailed i) thoae who but yesterday anuounoed her dootriaea. 1 U ibis period arrived the dangers that succeed that dl- i line establishment Ignatius Loyola vowed that ha ould serve no master but one and then sougnt to llfluseabroad the spirit tnat aulmaled him After trills end struggles after appeiiriog among his fellow nen as the outcast, after dotting his robes and taking he tattered garb of the plebeiau he fought the blessrg of Ueaven antbe work In wbi.-h he wai then encaged lie Sought to collect together a hand of intelligent men NiDe was tha number that belonged to the tUUUl liUJUia ULn *11 tlirin uwi K?i uru kua ll'iiuv njjun:le. and I* koown as Francis \inter The Council of ["rent was onf o( tb? most extraordinary bodies of luarn d mm. Tbe speaker here spoke of the writings of the Council, which lireatbod tha spirit of sanctity, aud base inci-been translated in the Knglieh language, and be h> ? gave an outline of thi m * bleb he (aid might be use ul 10 tboau wbo were in the babit of reading the work* >t Cailyle. Inane Taylor and others |The object ot these ipiritual exercises tai to ?bow the Indlfidual man wLat was tbe spirit of Christianity, ai exemplified bf [be Saviour As tlM Saviour ol the world did not dlslam to buinMe himself to tba lowest, so it is with the Jesuits, in buuihla imitation The?e spiritual exercises turned tb* co? panlonsbip ol the .leiultf and have been lu tha Catholio cburch for more than ttiree hundred )esrs. M Francis de Sales say* that these spiritutl exercise* have converted more people than thrir lrtt* rs in that whole work, and the t'atholio ehurcb baa uniTirsally adopted them ever si'ioe. Taylir represented those constitution* Of our couucils i< tbe greatest works of Ingenuity to tulijugatt tbe human mind The Conaell of Tieat pronouuoed Ibis constitution holy, and this Is a testimony that in unique; and Richelieu, wbo was certainly a inau of greit capacity? a great statesman - a great pititlniia-came out wltb a declaration tba' the constitutions were tba masterpiece wt a great mind Tb?s? constitutions weie then tbe laws to guide both tbe internal an t external nan sad be was not afraid to make the declaration that the very spirit which manii'e?t*d Itself is sll traceable to the spirit which guide I trw?e constitution*. The glory of Ood W presented in thus* e'>n<titutions, so tbat whatever will tend t? carry out tbe great work of 0I'd I* the object to which the Jmulst derotes blnirell. Tbe Jesuit is not what he ha* been It some represented to be on?* who would go at tha ionniDii ol his superior to poison another man, or aire the standard ol ^insurrection. Ht Ignalu* da larea that tba Jnuli aball bare no pirtl uUr brmc he l? to be a oonmopolite; he i? lo lire ?b?r? Lbe Interaatii of religion ajd huinnuity (hall demand 111* pr? iru(?. "lha speaker hi t t>ud >u anecdote ahlrh onrurred to bimwlt wbrn trarellln { lu a <1111lence Id franca where he sat oppopn* a Kr?nch offl Mr, with whom be commenced containing about Lb* Sardinian eoldlara wbrn th? ol* er ra- | iuarkn<i t b <t the; ?>r? not i mm brara th-y had hern brave In Ibe lime of Napoleon, but ok -aid the trench olli<-?r. they are all in the hand* of the Jetullf (Laughter ) l'hry twi t the imck? oft kln?? imd tnvihU ri?*?aM |?"*-nr4t>n ?nQ l? <mmm*m tban all ?alu be they are m>T|?li>r? and you oaaiiot ??< them (l.auAhtar ) lie ?f?r K ) b-IUr-d tbat the French officer thought the world waa tiill ol JrMlu whU?*. iki laci l? there are aot in >ra than U,KM), all told. Ttte JmuI I ar i a.p-Muliar Oojy of mru. co opera) Inn with the li'-'i' body of the aburoh In t'brlMlan'ilng and clTlHilaK the world, though they bare heel r>prr?eu'rd a? the ureal?rt ltl>l|U>ri lor the subjugation ul kingdom* and tha perpetoatlon and eiteDetoB of th? pai-al lomibloun Tbay hare dlrtaled theai??-lren of their o?n will, aod here erer arrlficed th?n?elm to authority Tha Jeault la d< ?lle and tractlble to l?(ltiigal> authority, aiid l? not tha paeelre Inairnaient to usurped autborlt j. <>D?di*n?e to authority I* ob wlienoe to Uod and tba moment any authority <et? It* If id o>jpo?i tion to the command or I Jo.I tt dom not d wrrr ob?4l anc?. Tblf band or religloua h?ro ^>y'I* and hia KfOrlataa? knew do home and were to taeet the tnea>l?a ol tre rburch oa e??ry gruu id Think jei t ot tba Catholic church U to obt>tn rational ob?dl ?uri IIU Kl VHVIJ IP'rpirprBirM "? -? ccuted ot keeping I be people lu Ignorance. The triple object of lb* Oathollo church i-iiihr??? *11 the ?)? tor the Infraction of tbe mind end h-a-t. The f|rt'lkrr h>re rrlrlfrd to thr ftKinMi opt Dion ot the Je?uit* m eipreeaed by Lord Bmoii Hi- tlio tlluiicd to the wtiilim# Oarlyle, t??lor. Macauley, ?nJ Outsat. nod a<?n ?lud?d to the cleeetcal production* of tbe Gotiaall jl Treat fltill It ta ?nt tbe .l?*ott? t?r? nothu d hat liiirlgulug turn, n>fkln< tluli own argrafcdlaeiiieut tVbxn th* tact Id, tbey have nrnde t n* row ot p ieer'y, and no Jn ult can own ou? dollar why *ay that tb-y are In tilgulngT lerhap* It will he eaid ma*, the lorn of buiior aud power niki" them ao ; but *'i ftr trom domiiil'D they bare hr their tow* deprtTed th-m*elre* (f eitb?r eeele-la*llral or elrll honor* The lt? *i>eakir hore ritarrd into a defence of the general cperarter ot the Jeault*. ?him It ?m a matter of lfii?rc?t. ba aald to repreetnt an a < roil laM* body, hat who It I* known, haee no more power to tatt lenca the petipla In their teahy than any I'athoiti HI*hop lie m*} ba a u*e|ul IoJmMm| hut he nei-r ?.. b? a dan?eicu* one. And afier aM. '?iva mmb'v, (omnia bleJuuii* kre republican* (Applau-e aod hl???? ) j Andaa an elucidation ol that fact, he atood open AmiTCkn Mill, which will cry eut to the world. " yea the Jeeulte are republicaoaitliaaa*) T?e apeaker then went on to deeeilb* the baneflU of the mi?alnn of the Je?uit* euioag?t the red race, of wt cm m?r? than SOU l?Mi ha-1 been conwled to t'.bt |*ttanlty, and In lorelble term* he tl4t?d the ' Infillua?!',,l!l Ihat J*?u't? were tbe friend* ot d-* j po I m Wbo uateliie '* language when they re I numtiered tbe history of their own ? !, an 1 the history of Mar) land, where t bey were the drat to land on tlat elrgln M >1 M i hat lib-rty which t h*y eoald aot | Hmi ' bone' lie al*o ri-pud eted the chaig* ol laat- ( re lit y that bad been made acaloft mat tenlj by Harauley and l'a?cal.<r?m whom Marauley ,)U ted The r*T?rei:d speaker en-Muted a eery e|o.| Itaal a I I rem In defence of bla Older the membtreof which b- a<iert?d did not mk tb>lr own agcrea llaam-at. but gloiled In rendering thenealrea tae Inat naeata ol tbe itlary ot tied Police Intelligence. A'?fini>/r?* If* pnMlabed. on Monday la?t. the arreer of ? r-tnrned rallforalan gold htinur by tbe name e? Alearado tj gord. na *u* picion ot harlng pa*eed t? CM Krancl*eo a qaaatlty el counterfeit money, Mid to b? i n the - Rank of tba State of Mlnoorl;'' and, Wheelee, on hit arreet here ' mi tM.c of tbe ?am- kind of aoi-?y w? loan I la hi* poeieieh n. o<a?l*Hrg af fitly dollar bill* oa the raid hank l?ii a the te?tia><<iiy now before the potloa ad- | thr ritiee there I* ao erldenc# vbatefer golag ta abow that Frrd *a< aware *be n>o?ey wa? cenaterteit. and tbe /Teat probability I* that be ha* beea Inpixeil ap a by n me dttlgnlng partle* In H*a 'ranclaco. tr im the left that wh-o fr>rd eicbaeged the fifty dollar Mil* with burgpyne b t'o , hi* naae. Pord. Wm? mlmii'd i a the b*< k of ea?h Mil, and that p?aka<e ot n->aef ?a* f< taarded oa to tbi* elty a ad arrieed ay the < ?? Mraaiihlp thai t urd oaa<e la. whichrIrana*taa-a Mid tothearie-t Now It do?* not aeeni probaMeihat ImJ. I' be ?* cognleant the aoi?<y >u *piirkuu* would have allowed hui correct name to he endorarrt oa the k??h ..I kills *..! II,.. fmil In V.. . iv.l l. Ik. r?Ba Bin>? ?b?r? b? kww ?h? Mil* would b? for wnr4?d Tli* l*ipT?aalon of Ih? poiW bow I*. that | frtrn ban h? f?i tftiporod npoa. AM* ?OtltMt hit< bra ; ??|||||| h I Ml IH'I ? r Tpl< ??' ImM >? l?tdij by Jutffo I'aly In f>fd?r to lti???t'fa'? tba Kol? d att* r Mob take* pla~? at t?li o'tlork thl? moral**. at Chamber* .Itrnt qf . Ittmihn IMfkniM,- Captain l.ootiarJ. of Lha ft road ?a> I pallf- retard id loan jaan-rday m tniDK (rem Buffalo. bavin/ in ituatoily a fOtiiu Ban. bj tU? naa.? a? 'i <a I: W? tH'f whom tfta i Pif r air?* l??l i'o?l? itl ab n: thirty on ? fro-n l.i.:'alf>, ?,n ?tr j.I? Ion I bml? ? bt an runcTnwd Id tha f< bb?> > ?T t7A<" <>1 *tld <inat ?h r?.ing tax l>thtrti?. f" m r?nama *? ?h.> pr <p?rty of liMBtr It ItaaMna TV lu tb? poa. ir'tlTB Cf tf? arru ?d ??"" of p-??d ritti* t'ltlu* M 7WI. holder mt? ral Irtnpi of tha o,t. mn ,| f ha artlc i>f? l|klt?tili|< prtat-air at pr*-mt I* nrr?If ?uahleiov. Iltittttr. ba ?m d? atu?.| I ?r a lartlat btorii'p thmfrf Slu'it ? #7?? An|iw il ? Ah"tt t ID' iiiidk tb?- p?.l..? <> th? 4|| h ward par>i>?d ailklkr nf a mi ap Hri?4??f a ?b"Tt ???-? if > ?r? fl* wMrii j fm4 n^oii lit ih* illlmif tr??t b) * ?uii.l*r ' ( ilMlitmi p,,i?ii,?iuat|.? I I (Warlaa m a*r < n 1b? p?d??- ?n IaaIf 4ttt ( )ttt?iit? llirai *o?nr-<'ti ??'Wt p-??fl?l Ih?i?< Htttaman tj?-otfc?r? *a ?e ib?lr >r* |f ? 1 'Mrtlti'f |il? ili<rt* !> ? "' f..?ir i-f An i<r-od aa? u ?u ir > d ir tp? i-ba"*" h?h>t"Jtt lt?t?a??, *d to ri-Trtal p?* 'M iSt'f V> I arva* tl?? ri?or?>r utae-ahal t?t*ir>M 'h? K.r?n ?r .id A..i-iaat f.f a.?a wf H aa rot*. rali>4llll>* a*'a*li-ard ? <? ?# ' *? -t>*l?i# , P?H'.I??|?? ar?B Bill to rrptr to ta* %rrn -|'H ? k?t la???it???t(,* a. p .??.pvx?1 . Ktti ttb t ?t 1 11' ' 1*1 ' oB<a?lv"'J a 14 t|Mi ttauuf LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS 1? IV ROPE. A R R1 V A b or n AMERICAN MAIL STEAMSHIP ATLAVTIC, wrrH FOUR DATS LATER MEWS. ASPECT OF THE CERMAN QUESW. Tbc Hesse lassel Troubles. THE SCHL<<<1SWIG WAR. THE MARKETS, 4m., 4m., Ac. The America* mail steamship Atlantic, (Cottins' line,) Capt. West, arrived yejterday afternoon, at one o'clock, from Liverpool. She left that port on Wednesday afternoon, at thrM o'clock, the 30th ult., and has therefore bee? twelve days and twenty-two hours in making th? , manage. Annexed ia the length of the paaoage of tha A., compared with that of the Africa, (Canard* line,) which arrived last week:? Time mox WwAnr ro Wharf. Tune. Strumtr. I* ft I iiirpoci. Artit a$ S. York- Day. liourt. A t ries Oc t. 36, li K. Not. ?, 8 a. M... 1* * Atlantic .. .0*1. 30, 3 P. II. No*. IS, 1 P. M. .11 n The following is a list of the PASSKNU! RS KY THE ATT.ANTIC Mr Furchard, ladv ?h.ld A Van h.u-aWer, no >err?nt O 11 Mldlttea, lftdy wl I, * Kip lady ami daughter daughter, Mr K11>. J rand 'i brother* Mim J??i J A larbutn Mr "irn-wiad ill lalf, Platen ! and K H I-otnmoa a lU>wd?u and lady, Mr. Jcnea aLd 1 duu;ht?n W A Sanda and 1*47, P i laton Mr I, iuar, W M Goodrich J II Itiuer, John M?er S Ca???<?y, I. Le? In. Jr Mr> De Witt CUatjn. Mr ~errill lit-I'hatr.pUo, Mr Mtdli-y Ki kirbr, T A Napu r b t I'oaaldMa. A (i Stout, la lj and Mr J Meinrr, ier BH'hitvcll lira JVC Smith Ml ? liltw*U M\'? Nutton II FaariBft T It Collin* l>r S L Abbott V II't a*?ar I E?Hn* John Kau? J W Miarp (' Jerome W II cl*i*aat t J C?'irj(ill. Mr- ' lay, ? r&ildrtn aa I t?* K Chrut). aei Tanta J (ifl orn, lad/ and four J U Si ?uwood chldrea, S Sa?<ta Ml.a lleai int and *> rT?nt, Mr Mulligan II ValdcBila HI Water* H A kun. H' W Warren. K?<i. Wane at 8 II ItoniM, diapatoh** Irum C 3 HltU(J Trui t, Jr, ?E# ll ij, ter at 1'nnrt of St Jum A l??rd ?n4 l*i?y. Mr?W w Warren W II limn naU fad J, Rct Dr BeiKuuo Mr* E Trull Tot\l Iri. The Atlantic ran into a bchooner, on Monday night, about fifty niilen south of Sandy Hook. It was not ascertained what damage was s istaioedThe pilot boat W. J. Homer was left to rsuder a?us tuica The [?8seng<vn by the Atlantic held a meeting on Monday, and adopted resol i'iona expressive of Ihrtr satisfaction with the bhip, its cmumaiidsr and officers, during the stormy pissage just cimivpl? ted. The D?wa brought by the Atlantic u four day* later than that received by the Africa. In cotton, the quotations of the 2'nh ult. are supported. The sales, in four days, have been ahsut 21 1)00 bug*. including 8,300 for export a ail speculation ; and these consisted of about r<|oal quantities of American, Brazil, and Surat In w lie at the dom&nd w as only moderate, and i>ticm of the 'Aid ult. were barely supported. Flour was held firmly, and in fair request. Oats and peaa the turn I >wer. Indian corn in fair re juent, and full prices realised. The political intelligence from KmrUnd it not important The re-estaMmhrpent of a Komtn C?tholic hierarchy in Knglnnd is yet the all-engroasug topic. The conservative press and Biahop ?f l,oad< n are loud in dtuunciation. The government, it is said, will not interfere. Cardinal W seruna has isaued his first pastoral; the document contain* nothing new. The preparations for the Great fcxhihition of 1*61 are progrei-sing np'dly. The |<?Uce of glass is being raised with miraculous quickness. Murders and burglaries were of the most freijusnt occurence. Nothing has yet transpired as to the result of Um course which the three Great 1'otveis have takas in reference to the l)ani?h dispute. The Munich tihtztllt, an oflitiial ptper, states that ihe Ausirinn troops in the Tyrol have received ordrra lo take the he<id. The Daily Nnri correspondent saysVienna 24th nil ihe lilhange ia in a panic ( the orders given to the iriniri in the Tyrol and Vottl> burg, and pnrt of theae in Hungary and I'aly, to tuck an Au-tnin army of 150.000 men, is lo he concrnU'.t'd tiO.OUU men in the neighborhood ?l Vienua. The Jotumnl iJoyd informs the publ.c, with semi-official authorry, that the Bavarians and a baltoUaa of Aiutriana were ? f. Hesse trustier )ealerday. The new M?vk U+tiHf, an official paper, states that the Aii*urian troops in the Tyrol sr.d Voralberg hare now received order* to lake the held. Advice* have heen received from Waraaw, intimating that the Kmperor of Uuaaia will h? satislied with nothing hilt the implicit recognition of the iHet It is reported that the Berlin cabinet recommends the government of the (><M'hies to negotiate for pence, la the de?patch carried hy (ie*. Ilahu. The diflersncea between the cabinets of Li?hoa and Kngland nre becoming more eimu* in oppe-ranee. We have nothing new from Piedmont or th? K( man States. Although various rumor* are current aa lo the had understanding atill eiti?ting between <ren*rsl Cbangnrnier and the Kren b government, little credit in attached to the ii m wi ll informed quartern. The commercial accounts from Lyons ate null unfavorable ; the mills nre waiting nr.h-ra from Kngknd, and United fttaten wheat ia falling, with very little dome- The potato divenae progreeses. The quantity of wine will he larger than l*at year, but the quality inferior. The Oetmnn pipers confirm the reports of a ce#. satinn of hostilities, because both pnrties think that no success would attend any advance. I',.v.l. I. II... !>... I k ....l.?l ? Kfunwn, had ? tt?-ct*d * commercial a-gothMtas *iih ih>-(Jn??-n cf M?d*gii*c*rt hy which, for a prrrtnt p?i>rr.'-nt of IftMVM, he life! ??*cmred the riu>e<>tw>ly with that wl.iod The <h etfim-rrnra'e Hibroit, lute one <4 the llilifit fiimilron, h?# If ft 'he M'wy, for O 4dia, tn u utr to join h< r nm er aMp the ia the mul u rn'!* betaref? ('*1* an<l limit. The IJifwriiia *>iitrig<fd id nlfl", nurl prraen^ed. ? ?he the rivef, n very luir rawing tyeet?ele A l? iff lrt?ni CotMtHHtaople, of ih<" 5th iiMtiM, inihr C'o??<i(ni!(?? ?/, v?,"T?? <h (Ureek) Mrt) who, MOT linif llncf, hlllrd h?-r ?t?kiu hr, h?f l? c? *f?-ti.?i?>1 to * \ n <n tv'i* w n.fBt, ni.d l*?r new ni|>iHri) 1.1 1 m mia* ithiwM. f'T JM*ard t?r"?H roa'ri^io 'J?e *?'? ni? it 11 .? he li^.t '.it in * Tkf MtumWy UmrIiiIm, if.iM ?t Lsvcri* ??l, at SuHiIfy, -h* 27'h ml'. ni ih? P?ti> iW M. 6n ? ??? L mo. ? i b> ?M a??ite ?> ?' m?n. ?.m1 Mkl tl Jcanjr IjjhI, fat*j??t ui?x4 u fuia

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