Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 13, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 13, 1850 Page 2
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anil ,? about to proceed to Havre, to embark for 1 n the United State*, to join hie stater. I * The Spanibh government had received ?o fur- W ihrr account* from Cuba relative to the revolt at tl Pi rut r del ltio. d The Purm Union says, upon the authority of it* 1 German correspondent, that there is a strong re- ? ligiou* let-ling at the bottom of the complicated I vjuestiona which now agitate Gerrnauy, and that a war must Bribe which will terminate in the extinction of Protestantism in the cent e of Europe. Intention* of Itu>iU< The followiiit* information has heen communi- [ catcd from 11 semi-official source, and we understand that one of our tirut banker* of Paris h ia rtceived simitar information from his correspondent" mi Yn una at.d Llerlin:? The Knip?ror of Russia makes no concealment of hip dissatitfacion st (lie coaduct of the Prussian cabinet in the all ir of the Ouchies. lie has told the Count de P.randebur?:, the Prussian Minister, that he ?'?iiiiot see the policy of hist cabinet in throwing obstacles in the way of the settlement ot the question, and seekw," to cover a depirture from hoiita'y and jjood faith by a dispute about the cjustitutiou of th.' 1 Jiet of Frank !'<irt, which has rati- i k< d the treaiy of peace. He expressed himself in e<|iiall) aircnK terms on the Hesae question, which he find could have been settled at once hy the aioptiou of tbe anew:nt arbitral system of Prussia, had it in t excited the people on tlie one hand, and irritated the sovereign <>n the other. The menace of pievriitiuu the iuterveulion of the Diet by force i?f hriri?, was strongly blamed by the Kmperor; au<!, in conclusion. lie declared that, if the minister* of ihe King of Prussia should continue to excite the revolutionary teelinj: in Germ-iny, they would be eiuliy of little lets than treason, for the dtstiuction of the monarchy, or, at leHst, the d<> p< mik ii of the reigning sovereign, could alone be the rt tlIt lti. p? tuhle that ihere may be some exaggeration in this ai rolin'; f-ul nodoubl iN.n Ii- eat-rtaiue 1 of ifi jpiri' hi winch 'he Kin1>? rcr of K:j-iia nd lr?ff?'l 'he Prussian Minister, for the subject was the topic ot general conversation at Warsaw, uri.' i y the olho ra of ihe Czar. Eunhe itovt iirport..ut f.ct is the reported re- i fatal t ihe l.rrperor of 1!u*mi to receive his hro- , tin i m-la w. the Kin*? of Pru-sia. ut Warsaw. It ai'j ms tJ.ut M itiulowiiz U d I'ois'-(1 that the Kni| r*<r hi-<1 t? atively udcpti il the came ???' Prusw;i . w iuht Austria. This reached theeuiaof th?i tii I- ii r nt tin- v?ry moment when he received a leiii i from the Kuitf (if 1'ruiaia, exprejdius{ hi* luuiiiiou to vi.*it hun nt Warsaw, it it would be t.p?e<.l.!e to the Lmperor to re-jeive hin. Tl.e Kmpoor replied, und-r the circuni tdiictr, it ?* oiild be more a;;reenl>!e to hirn to hhvt* the\i?it deferred, arid immediately aent ;io mu? tri i h letter to the Emperor of Aaatri?, in*itii.i! him to Wtiwv, as it *..? high tune to briim the rm. u question to a solution. In order Hint it niifcht tot he miyofed llawia retried Auftiid ks her vataul. anJ ttiat the Emperor of Ai'Hru wari j!<<iu^ to Warsaw to receive inatracti? i wt> to ! it> luture conduct, the C/.ar took every irifPiitt of iiiuku y known ihat he had invited hid ; *lly. Bi d to prove'his the more, resolved to ni?ei 1 him on the frontia*? this net of courtesy betat iuiendtd toprove tint it waaa.suu .illvuu 1 *a eyjil ' thut lie wirhi d id receive the young sovtiviita. | The Fniicli lt<|iubllr. U e have icceived the i'ari.- j >uraala of Mon iiy, t'ct. 2t?. i tim?ral rhiippartier id even more divide ised with ( rrcmi Schramm than he waj with General d'llnnt^iul, and i i n i'ldim of th* iiiMreas of the M* MS lit' W.? ? t -i ihf a r nit/ *J U.. inanK * .4- ' dr-*sfed personally to hirn??-If; he is also ijre itly anluiynl at the removal ol (jenenl Xieuinayer, his jfc/us Ailwtit, troin the command of hu division, : and coutidero it as a pr- lude to hts inn dismissal. i The ( olic#* have been very busy in genius up a i 1 hain conspiracy at Lyonn, for the pnrpoa* of enabliru the authorities 10 remove s*veril perr>r>M who 1 i are <'iv ted to the government, uni among th-m M. Gent, from the city. These persona have been arrested; tiny will proinbly never be brought to trial, hilt alter lu n ? detained a few mon'h* he 1 <li?< harjt? d. France, unfortunately, lus no hubrat coi f t f act. M. I >t!| <>nt de l'L'ure htsad<lr<v*d a letter to the approving ot the reta liation adopted by ' the rei iihho n ratty to abstain from voting ?t the ei bumi; election ?>l a repitKcuialive f.>r the dupart ei.t?f the North. tl? t eral i!e Jin rjolly has addressed a letter to the Jirfyumrnr, den>tiig rliat his differences with <ien? ral d'Haui|Minl arooe ei'ber from any ac' of i Liu Ai'ini?uy, or because ho had promised hiin the gov, ininect i<l AMi J ' 1 he t<;iit>tiian /r:r, w Lieh v. j? to have t iVen l>la<eat ihr Champ de AUra on Sunday, wa? po?t?<Ui J in obeeMtti nee ni the botl weather, after an iMM i m- n uiidiu'ie bad collected t!?ere. Same contusion utm-e m conn naence of the disappoint* unit. Snow Las aire ?<W' fallen at T trbe^ and at I'au in <)U>tiiliiiet The < ( e-itiy!" tut publish* * the following article by M.Veron It may he cno^idcrril th> olTioid pti'KiiiDimc of ihe i'reeideutiiil i-olicf. After allurinii to tl.e v.j:i- l? eriulen wnich hive appeared , in the I ?'iirl oni<t imis a .!* . n tne suhiect of the revision ot ihe Constitution, the Viynthtuii >ntl thm |>r? eeeda:? The Pii ?IJ?at of th? republic * ho hn him?-l? t?d m<iir than not of our j.r??lo :? ?. h?* uadT'tooi the and 'he want* ot all Frar.n* We m?v be sura ut>.will |itr d- .lk,r pretvit tothar mjp.niau nor to tbe lrart l ?ind"ii dl?tru?t In rparitiug him II from Geo?ril d 11 rutpool L'uil* N?p?tfon B >n? ( ?? ? I k>l?\ l>l IU| WUC( w un d'~ en ui> lit J Jin <n?l *'r?n,jt!i bj a uuitr of pf jrlnrtpl"* ?n'l r>f rcntimenta It we are well i?!r Bid a -o?-!rty. that ot the l> fk r.?\i-r, which t?? J< *n loaJ <1 ?uhju<t cr uom?rtl<-.i iim MIiw, will b? ihcrilj -* ? ?nJ a* n > n.1- ton ban .-Tfr U#?n flirn to tlit? ninety. au<ln< It ii h o?r?r Itaelf ?> no it?i1 any of lt>e p>- ii'cl* wMuh har ? b wn tinp'itrd (Alt. thin tr< ?min ?UI b? onljr pur# un>l ulaijile annnl'tilon of all the reqtilitotlut aoi rh<r<?? illr??>*t*>l ( an*lo?t It A? tilth* ijUmlltig of (h* prorogation of p?w*r? ?lileh forte ? the kaot <f th? *ut? of all ilrt, th? l'r??l?l> ?t of tb? r?p?iblic will n>it b-* t^# flret to touch It lie <* th?- uuljr in*n ia Jriorn. who. ?in~<* ttf rcrolot <>n lis ' hi 1 to take an o illi a<nla? an hon?Ht ntii k* Hlliib-rtTilI. ft will he I-r th? A win My to r?lea?r limit ?! th<* oath h* h?e iiworii Tku?, on r-i. tairc><tft troii Hi* < ?u try ml from tr.?rrUin*. th? I reMrfnt < f the repi otlr on tb? on? h?n<1. .ml w? h<1* the National 4 >irmi l? on th? other *111 b? tb? teithlul lntftpHm as I th* (livoted mtoiiter* of the wteb?? t>l tb? country. In ??ot.l,ng all <ltffiarena*?, alt rotll?k r.? ?n.l *11 aiiocka for the pre^nt A? to the i,!i??t;< n of tb fnlu.'fl cl k ranee. N'apoUog Ito. laiattr Vuuri 1<y an < ?'.h tnn?? a-ii will r;n*lu p*?>l*v luac'.tre without etiJ-' torltg to break or quality It (VmhiI Fil.virr, who, ?)mrt!y h? forr t.t<* irorofallen ot tkf Awrmlilf, kftiiM'1 tofwjH niiropont(oD f rthe rr'i c rf AM- I ) . J r, whtrli whi Kjrri'il, 'h *i |'f **iit nt ihf ("l it-i'i riWiahniM, \Mijus lie till iiK. i? eaptivr, ?hr>, it is mi<J, thafiiirit him H'ainiy fur ili?* mrci??' h aliown iiki'irrinRt. It u 'h' la'< diini of Ike Grartl J f?? 'inrif ft rw r<| i i:ntherpr?,ww:t-nn <?n the nihjecf, | kit V'l-il i? Ainhwte w faf :he purjKJs* ??f procum v rii < 11; < i i? in mil . ort of it. TilC HUMUJ* 1 A' ( KT AT IMt r.l. , Th?- ir?rrhiDi? ol I! ,\r? , on irur?l iy, th?* 2nih l?, e^vi- a n.l la:" j? % a: !'ri? .ti'i?f to th?* rapum al>d i :t,rrrj ? ! ih* Aineri< m MMtim I rm.k'in, to o? (he arrival, In i hit port. ol lit# tir*' < I t' I.' lir e il tr.i n"r?. Tl?r w illiol ? ?'< ? wn?p ?i?C''r*i?d wi'h I r< nc h and Ariie* i m?r M. I.t* .\luMri*. M iyor ?f II*vr?*, pre* | M?l?d, ?t.l !?d itc Jim riuht hand I y'ala VVotieD, rl lfi?* K- I \ ;<ml n' W , M !,. I'-iper, ( I r.i ?il >'i ' t : Tin* bi-'i'ir? i at'< lnJ<d (>y llw i'ii'iwIi ?'f the l?t lijjht Infantry, ? tl.r drill i i j. A>it ib' rapine*r?, I / the coninna- < nn cio'iii <1 i '* nurif. tlu- ?uh-pre/ect, t *?* I Aridnrofthr ruatom*, ar.?l ? ?'i ' raiment f??> ? Im unlit a. On the tatde win rn imnMnw piec# of I ry nitttKn^l by a in<xi< I t>l ihr 1-MnMia c Tl.r c.f 11.ivr?* prop ud the heilth of Capti inWrrtr, sndrjprfivd hi* ffreat plea rare at i tl r it; i MiiiJitii.ii ol direct rteam rnrrmtinication hri???a II. ' a*.11 the Unifi-d Slate* Captain I i r'i;,iU * I'Ii gmi imo'iCin. anil proposed ? "tl ? 1 \. " I I.. I' if lit of the * 11 r M I ' ' ii rr?- retort > d think*, and jfire I lie Ci mrr'n if the I n:> d 8latf<." \Fr. u lirtprr, Ibf maul, an?wered in a neat ajvcli, iriliwif'iilt 'i *o t rmi h i ommrrcf. Other I ir>??ta to the army, tin I tdie*, t!v nu'horities, etc vi*trih'D ivi n 'I lv b*it?jiiet, altogether, ft laarn T < Il i xrrrftiraly w ' II. **d the l? f -lirnr \\ A * 111 t. ^ Minted b< t* i?n Ike I reach and their ku?m?. t m r***< it ? nmit?ron.r^< r. *' October 21,1889. ? r*m?TAi no??ir. \ Jlt/xft nf /'?'> *-j1irtnn'r>n? irilh ik>tt 1 l.irtfg fhrlfliS /tlla'Sol la th* Car?11is MfarfriH f flail <m? ITttnirrt?0/fra ? Alhnni?. * ihimat?liailfl? fl'ins a>iH Oil Vi fw?? I pom/M?Vuri*tifie$?7V Stmmrr Frank/in, 4*. * We are in full winvr. I'arij i* completely a < hirt-f.i, and the cr Id is a? intenae at in Jannnry. " i 'ur public gardens j?r sen? an afflicting aspect, and , ? general sadnttaseema to have taken |xxwenlon t n*the Frmch c until, Hut, at yon know very J well, all this Is only apparent. Th? French kno?r r< how to aupi>ly the plea-ure? of nature by others oI thfirown invention. <'n all sides on the Parisian y walla, the thcatrea announce the most engaging b r.oTeltiea. The public l>all rooms begin too,>en their p doors: and, be fete a fortnight, tl?* < irand Opera, nn- n ?ler th* direction ol the celebrated Musard, wilf ?' inaugural# theae masked halls, th* celebrity of n whii h i* European JLu.or^ ?iac ff?:i.i'iff of th* list wrth, I WiU ?'?" wmmm lention the performances of the Hny<nni>, rhere M J'oilewa made one o* the ww numt> ju? M-f nsiona in * balloon, iTr mmc- oi rntm ban twenty thousand j?r?on- The e?*-r,f ?? ?w lanng n r^ery reaped, for ihe ?m.lwun . ?* y intrnae, and the danger, conae |ueatlf, ?aa very ;reat. M. Poitevin ha t awociated, m the j>*r| oi tit aaceu?ion, three t* uytrri oi the liipfodro;ae, ft ho, covered with a dreaa ?l whit- fau/<-t :* |>rew utiut{ ihe daughter* of ih?- air, wr rr ?ja?>e?d*d out of the car, and ?n>r?rr.l a* three ?>!,'? H'hen the Ixtllooa took it* arru wtv. at i nm u?e ny of Irmht and Hdnurauoa *u beard, and all p>?h follow d, aa far an (Nxmble, M IVitevia a ad L.. .1 , It,.? mII .1... r~.< ills unci- ioii vwiiijwiw ?' r " very Mien; t>nd, on th?- following day, it w.u r?l>ori< d iu I'trw thst M I'oitevin had rn?ir- hi* ilt*tien t, without accident, near ttt. \Uur, five leagues from the capital. The ?ptu>i?h aerouaut, Monu-mayer. ? l?o ?u to depart from Madrid ou the 13th m?iaat, Mr i.?ndon, in his atrial niHChlnr, hu net yet ei?. j r 1 Iti* project, ^otne a? c edents orcurrei to kta Nilt *? , and he is detained iu the Mpaaifth I'ne daring aeronaut will leave Maind ?>u the lirat day ol November. Meson, liarrall and Biiio, member* < ( '>" A tr demy of Sciencs, are makio* preparation* aleo, for nnother aerial pilttrnuute tn orl?rto in<k?ante experiment* upon the weight of th air, and ? veral other phenomena of uature The theuiriiul w < ek ha* been very cairn The tbeHtres of l'?ris l?ive not given any u w i*ee*a, ui.J luve inutie good hou*ea With ih<??e of l(?e pre-ceding fortoi^ht. At ilit- Opera, M'lle Albani t;tracts, always, in* numerable ?uitn m e? At the Comic 1 'pern, Mine I 'galdt ?irt<p, every night, before a nurrn roust public, and M Perrwi, the able maunder, direct*, with alt hu power, the reheattdls of a new work of Scrihr aid II Uevy ? Lu Dame de i'lijue. ' At the Treture i'ra(4U, the new comedy of M. M Scribe and I^egouvc, i* the gre.ite?: MiCctM of the season. Kvery night the puhli? bexie^e the box-oflice of tht? house, and the la'e comer* ar* siways unuble to find teats All l'trta la deiitmu lo tee this new worV, iu which the he.tu.iful M'lle Brohun continues h-r (Uhuti, or, nther, h-r HiniiH'hs. The vvhole I'mriai^ii pre** is mi nuiiou* in celebrating the tileitis of lUia new M'Ue .Vlara ? 'I lie charmm" Vl'lle b'.ivait, another beauty of tIum theatre, M ile Fix. MM .Samson, IC-gniT. l>-la inay, and Got, ijive, aim, a rein irk-ihle t hit to tf??; performance. On tlit- whole, M. AririieiinuM|w Ii.hI bet ii veiy fortunate iu protecting M'lle ii;ohau, oLil in tt | restating the cuiiiedy of the two French authors. 1 have nothing more to say to you about th- other theatres of Pari*, but the temporary cloving of the Theatre ilistorique. After the circulating ratnors, for a lout; ti'iie, M. Alexandre liJina*, an I the nwninul directors of flu* theatre, str i<?led agilnst bml lortuue. In ejiite of ths greatest activity, au<i of an Asiatic luxmy of dreaaes aad ?iecor<itihis in all the puces produced un ler.their direction, those geutlenit u could not coutiuue, beyond u year; and they have failed. It is baid that M. Dennery, author of " LaGiucc de l.>ieu" and several oth^r succetsful dramas, will be the successor of MM. A. Duinis Ac Co. I know |ierfectly well, from an authentic source, that Mr. Ileuuery will continue tlie partnf r?hii? with Alexandre D^iliae, who in i/ be called, without exaggeration, the .Napoleon of the drama. Toe I'll aire Hist >rn|ne, for i's re? j*iiid)l', will produce the third i> irt of Monte(. MftO. M lie. Haclie! has not yet r< turned to Paris, as | announced in some |>u|ier*. She will ?tr, at tlie Theatre Frai chU, on the first week in November Thecelebrated truu'dau is >tt iu it.-rlia. The vintage, nil over France, ins been pretty go?>d. iu t.-iw of tfie diyeane among the Kjri;>es. Ilia only to be feared thit the ijii tin y wiM uot be l- ?o<'dn9the uaiuity. In Gh>unpugue,'(?nd it is not ol a little iiitere.-t lor the Anient mis,) the quality of J the wire will be bad. Th- IJordea ix wine, alone, ^ iot depreciated bv tl.e connoisseurs. Axt.iiiw I otln-r wine**, they wi!ir>e, it is said, pitiful indeed. The oil trr??p u Pti'l u> be very poor- 1 n?ve rec> ivni from the *t uth of Prince, ?vhere my f unity ha;e olive uee pltutali< ns, some letters iu which i!i?- crt p ii uuiiuuujed as in a bid utile. The of London for next ye ir, hn revived the activity in l'arin, mid in alt the provinces ol Ftciice. This industrial *trugi{le, for which Enifl.'nd h iconvoked all the nitiout, will produce, no doubt, in iisiiitict'Dt r?*titl!8. Anon; tne most remilkoble things I hivtfkt'en 1 Mill cite a n-t of P< rcelaiti^t c?-in,n?ved ol 2^0 i>ieue*, U(?on wh'<;h .ire repr?-n n'ed tin- most beautiful pictures ol the Museum ef Versailles. I have also noticed a irold iaide | n f ..I an exi|<ii>ne work. which la'-Jv ^rvc?l mi iiiM>an?|Uct fof til* iaau^inttou of the Itn llun l lit Nvv? ??. An American who lifea in I'arWlia* jim* fiuiuhed tt'.n ii.t del of d u;>p*ratiit which will reninUul'IAtr tlx fireMUt f) bit ill. 1 will P^ealt <11(1111 of It, audiuore ut k? ug'li, at com* Ijiiiik time. Ibt <1 Mutfum <>f the l/.tuvre reeehrei, eveiy dty, new riches. 1 will cite among IJiem a Mi i.-iiiJic ill picture of Itovid, ifprfs-nun; N?< l'f|?(.u i-iiit. iiijj ihc A'ps. Wms Ti'aruin, ti.ii ;t?. it i of ihia cltbriN pii.rtr, off-red fiist laic tnhUuux i? the J'residilit of the republic; bat Louts .Nnpolenn bua only accepted thi-< pre-ieut on ci iiilitmu tli?( he would idive it. f<> ilir Muwmn 1 he r.> h if tin' I.ojvre h we !?< r.: ? n? of il riinv t curious coll-cuoii:* ofdres- ?, furluture, itinir,' i.l viiniw:< other thtn<?, from ('hina. 1 ImVr v:nt-0 ihit Muii urn, uo>l I c-in auore jT'it th it the i|HHii<>:y&iid thr .j'talry of the obje?tJ cofltniti'-d tin- *, aw LT-iti)- 6'iiwri jr to uli 1 have aein in J'hilolri,.Iii ( and Xf?v ^ ork. I will touciu./? litis letter with tl?i* mention of ll.f air.tal tit ?h?r .uijiutui.ent bieanit r Frmkuu. I hi* ptoiirer of iIm* Amtritun liir, rntncil llivre on the morn mi sj of the h it m?t. CupMin Wrtinn, In r tihlr con. it indr r, hitd performe.1 the trip in tl.iiir* ii i!?j ( 1 v til ii it fi' ik to you ?tft w in mfireiice ot th .i vetsH, which is known to til the inli 'i.t. lit* of N'fw Yor't, h it I will t-Mi you tint iinnii ci. ti 1/ Oil In r i rri .nl, ?li?* inumtT \\ n taken I y florin, l?y nil th?" inhabitants of 11 ivie. M. Ik lip, iIn- consignee of the Veasel, wis over' ii?-ln f J with .|Ui n'ions i>f eveijr kin I, and wi*h lna umiwI < l iii{'ii!! lolitrnri". t-ue' eeilrd in * i'.i?fyi?p eterv me. I Ii ?ve, tins lut-t tut, hi ei apprized II th>* tact ill it th- municipal autlrint: : of lj ivre, dewrnia lo rep^y, in the p.-r-on <>f Cap' tin U otion, the untnerouit actot ctvtJity that the Co?unon Cornell of New Vcrk h.i.l Uvinheil on C>v am lie) t it, late command#t of the French ?i? .i n<hip I nine, hid reo'lyo! to oiler a/<:< to t' ip aiu \Vott?>n and hij officers. Ciptiin Woiton, on the oilier Ii nd, iutenda, it would arem, to ?tve a f'tr to liia tellow riMintrym* n who are Ii Hivre, arid to the authorities ol I'.uim and of Havre. Mr. Riti c, the A merican Ambarn lor at l'aria, at the r?i iie?t nt the Miyorof the l?t:er city, went to solicit IVfiilfot Loiiii Xiijioleon to n*,.ist ac thi> tttr, nhirh is t:? thke pla^e on Ttics ljy next, the iS? h iii-t. A trnin Ht /V<mtr will be org.ui/"d for ihe occmiob, i.tid 'ho ailmiairtutioi of the rhem'n rtt frr rriiflouslv placed one hun Ireil n?ats at the rr ,Of.-l of ih?- c-n.'icnee of the KrsnMin. Kveryrhinir lend* me to f < lieve th?t thewliole afftir will b" iiii ":nihcent. Thanks to the kin lues* of M. Inlin. I tm one of the iavitrd, tnd it will be a tiii?" pie ..-lure for lite tw jrive you, in a'l iU details, n account of t tia i irtuco-Anif ri :sn ftU. B. H. R. iliriaay. j\> i n ,i? irom > i? niiMjoi tnr .'in, nnnnnac th if, >n thut day, u llavaiun and*n corjw enr rrd iIt nHe-Caasel? th' former cori>? w&g aecnnanied ly aa Austrian hattilion. Th>' army iu the Tyrol i? to hp rrinbrc?d l>> l,(mi men from the army of Italy; this ?ill niw ihe furce of the urmy of the Tyrol to 11,< 00 mi d. Th<- army, which co:i.?i?ta if ?.*>,(4i(iinen, ta to reinforced by fonrtern infuntry i x an t lour riiraaeier r^im^nta from II"inrary Theee armies are atatiroed eloae to thr roi>ri?ri?, ninl when od active aetvire. *r< to U? mun mtled 1 y General* Schlick and Cum. < Jeuf ral L> ii ingrn ha* au^f r?*?l< <1 tieneral St-hiud< iu na Auatrian commandant in Frankfort. Atcouita ftoni I.erlin of the 2>?'.h atute, that the 'ruaaitu lorcea contiuiieconcentrHiinion the Ilea* i..n fri ntier. A d< a.m'ch, of whi.^h < neral llalin a> - the hearer, h >d h> -n r< nt c If rn fie 2>th to h* "Staathaiterrclnfi of H?l?tein, hy the I'rufaian ;overoment. The CiM'tyit fiiizfllt has the following from lancver, ot the 2.":h: ? iif'T* Llnd< mat n. Von Roafing. Von Rnlow. and nn > lin?liau??>n. ><*'1 a enter*nc? to-day. dotib'loia r tbr >* < t Ictmln* a n?w r%> ln?t, II p ' lia II, nmit toiling hat at length been brought to t karwlmgr ttat a new ablnct i* on tha point of ir g IntW ! The AV?r Mun hmtr /.ntwig, an oflirial ps?|*r. laleathat the Austrian troo|<a in the Tyrol and orall era have now, indeed, received order* to aVe the held The 7'v" hr, of the 221 tilt, confirms the < lew*contained in the A'rut Mumhintr V. </*?*/, bf i auti nil nt tha? the hrigadta of /oh? l and Kollery ?ave received instructions to join the Bavarian iimv on the hrtska of th>' Main. The Irili / ? tir/iitw r, of llrnaaelf, of Saturday, the !??th till., haa the following aumtnary of German tew a ? The < rroan Journal* anaonnr" that the fata of !Wteral ll*?" l? It last decide I. W we can t eller* he"* tha eolation l? thla - The Kin torata will be orup'rd bv flat'tal and othar tirrnitn tr*?op?; tha n-tl'oti< n will ba ?u*p*nd*d. and th* Rleattar will Morn to a new lastorallaw will a? granted. mr n-w rb?mbara will ha eonvok^l to ffv1?? tta cm titatloa Thla new* a^nel-l.a wlih tba ral?lo of tha im.ln ramp at We'rlar. the tfOopa of wbleh hava ran arnt to the llea'lan ft?at|af; thrypaaitil thf .it", katirand Pneby. and by th? military mir? which m?ala had rr??r*ad to h?ra?|f In tH? Klea*?rala, to illy tb? Prutalanieorpa atatlonrdon tha lira mo lr"i. ar arar I'nlda and PuttUr Rnt Ifce McrrapM dl?at(f aa of the 83<1 ana- unc# th?? n> fn'lif'on? r>r th? rm><tt>n ot a minlatry hlra |. I to no r??iilt. I'lrar* had rrtnmed to withaln??h?d Tha C^nnIkr of Plat* |i' ?>o#ar had bo#n nominate.! m?mh?r *+. Jar f i- , *?U ?< ?t>t tkta** la 'b? Mt' ll?bt M Ik* Uhb4? Hat aly Ao lk*f aol aaUa m?*Iw?m 4 ?h* ?1?tw of Imm b?S iHftMik Ik*; ftf* i'mhIIj k?l ll'tl* ?l>pM?4 to k? IW?* I* ??4iMi?a ib?y 4u ?ot dt?f?taa trim u? that vlki a'u'?ja*?4.'*4 ?'>4 tkM, la a wor4.iUa . Ituatloa > A* (Hltoal ?? ? W l< i? !ru*lbat Pr?Mlt kM >?n?4 to l?r?U by ll'Olii. Iai rifklnf ? b !:? k?r in-apa k; i*>ui la llxw ?al >k> at. 17 ?! TtM tk* rtjkl ! r?!lj!a? h?r ta? >?pt 4 *m> mi ?w? m i ItatUar ha*. k*fora MrcUlif lit r 4*1 %t ->a*kt to fc??a (ll<? *14kit '?? HvliaUa'* i* kit* lilw??4 lh? ln'?rhih ??* *m -i *k? kw d t !?? [t i* 1 k'>i4n itet lt< >'?kia?t at Rarlla ka? ? at to >*u*ral Vm 4?r tr'aW* ik> < l-f to Mtot ik- ItftrUn b; K iW; I a't-ai't f? litoritM la ll?m Oar FraaVhrt racr. -t -aJat tkiak- tk t Aa?trl? ?ni Itorte b>*v m (v^iiii ?/ ? ! ? fr taeU i'r mad lug k*r ttnepa lto?V(ii llff*. a )'a(l?f rirfht ?kkk tk?* ka** ? ?f<>l to lk*a*?it?a by traatl** la Ik* l>aaky aC ? <*a *a4 rtaw <k? ai'ltor? raau* of tk* 4*ckf t* ka *?*apt*4 bj aa iaaUw Bavarian Ml pOw k*rli* roftw|?*?**t Mmin thai tv r?*oluU?a til to t*k>-a k><?N tk* af f .-?* wh.ta to la kaava tk* K?a*t?r of li?4a U to ba?? aa?'h*r iatar?iaa Hk Ik- >af?<? at Aa*trta W?itk-r?T ?itaat t,a? la aaf atfc. r ? ??l liuauf li a eon Iki t*ar <i n>- tiatk I* tk* *k* attaailoa aaaaot b< l?k| pwlwrN oa N l? *aI tkat *?*ri 1 kiac anaouu*-* ik* appru*> I ?| t * ? ?' ' < >11 It ka poeifla * Will It ka aailika u at.I i^abak.* a*l|k kaartly aa ik* *aiatlea ?kl. h atU p**tall W* frnM in ktrla( taJlk la a paaltr - < A IrftorfWxn Oaaart, of tlk*- }t(h, ia th>* ?*) > ? lltm kM ?r>.i*i iraa THktlSlM, Ikal M 4? llaa?*ap4laa la ?*? armiy * t*a tkaa ??* ta I tkat all bap* ail ka -arly ?>?nt aa; to r*(?r ird a* UlMMf. Tk* h -*t Am,* of Fmb'^'oM, m-Htfitii a rnnior < f u ui nn m ? bt 10 I'roaa'i by AtMtrit ud k mr !h- f ' t, %n !?:afer, Ik arliirti tV riliriLtr of l*i 11 "Mali ir?*>|?, iau? rin-biral lira*?, ?,tlu .1 !.? 1 at tl?? uriwu I'Kt, 1? nti' a (MM btUt. Th* Iwftturf 1?":rttt has th* following ttom \ M IH. da <-4 Df tM ? Tl> ^Hir>l b*l<r< > fruwli tal liMtrU bu rrlrlwll'll^ll* k? ' !" K.t kt C' ai.4 lb* &'?.- ' ' r ?' ua ?*t itoartiol* ki in Tiih 4 TL-? lb- t! M a> It |?ii ou a ?',?lon in fail*. Tie l'>uu*um "*/ at4tr? th*i th* K n-?*r?>r of I!i:t*i* will M'<rl tl.f l.iii|irrt>r of Aui'ru at u?" firtiM. r. Two cw invi* k d airiK-d at \ from H? rim and M araaw li ?*? bo,?d thai th* cou ItRtcnil th-' tan f < ir w?*?M |.t?d to in arrang*mfitolthr ilTitncO tnuay All 'l? wwi|< >? war if th |?n i>t iV l crir I ar4rn tu > 111, I'll' II MM Lot l>I*?u for ?hr d^a'liialio.l. <ira?nl ..? l)u. Iimli'i hn I armed at Vimua to fell th<-po*< uf Mm *trr PI<*ai|M>i?ati?ry of I iiiii-ia?lt. A ? * th* (r** ic?ttoa tJ th* I'an'ihr N't l? . I 'tfUdrl l*twee? linvirta aid Austria. ll.e S'lltmnu i??i:?'< of IVilo, under dit# of Vi< una, 2id, hi f tfitt tkr girriMon of iJut ci, ii ha?i iritiudM<lrri .c m ilxh. All '!?? ?rui? is it is m.J, tu !" pluinl oa a w?t f<H>i>ug. K?d>-t->kjr i? i" mi.I W.UMI in- h iiito Ihe V'oral >erg. and Uii-f hriuadt * art alrradr<? ruol< to rr|.U??- :h- girn^o of \ i*nn?. Thr llnnau U*:dlt rthat n> '? 'Winding the foiccd MMrchra of th> 1'iur- in ?n<l Llinr.ii iri o| s, no collision t>- *nn th* great |?ivtr?<>i <rii htjy w*> i' i.? t ,'ro;nMi*. ! adlr, .i v* hat it conaidrra ;o.?d authority, th*t Atetria aid l'iu?tid had eowelo ae eejefiiBedie.'wvh i<^pe * to Ekctoial 1 *^: i*. i i ll .hat the l.uriiu wt? (o I noniulgatf an< w < i t :vr?l la*, au I tu con> >kf two lit w l'lu?i : r*. in the U-t of I 'fin - hi 1! il... h-l.l < ? the 2l'h. a letter Ka? totnm'.iiuc ite<l from the M?utrr of Koitign All lit , atating ihe I'ru - government c nnot <>n*ider th<* raulication of |rm Uttveii k> and i'ruwia i>y ii e j?l- hi,?r? ir a. - ut rnufbtt mitiM MmI ml? tia oiLrr ihdti the net of tU>- minority of theT-rnir n govtrUMIi rtflNfllll t?y ttmr ,itiai i? h The 1< r r further a'ated, tnat th< IViio u gow riirr.rnt hail oid-in) it repr* aeatafivr at 1) i n ark to declare to thr lun' h ro??r'im -n' that it I **pMtrali uronnly wniui thr ra>itio?ft?a of ttir Utiriaiof Frankfort b? iiik considered a valil i? ?>f ihc r iil a??emMy of the coul lentoM, in??much a.- ?uch an uhm-<nl>l> cjci <>' ra<-1 without the pnrtif-piition of I'msai* ami thr orfaer i?o\rrum"ut-. which wff not represented at Frankfort; hii that, an in this alliir it prrier* a ml and complete l? ?c?f to hu> otlirt c?i.Mdriati m, it unheaita inRly iiciltrta that it coflfeidera th?* act of Ir-vakfort uihe dulatutiou v <lnl obligatory oa th? jovrrnmrnta which w i re reprr irntnl at Frankfort?A'i? iria, >&xonv, 1!?\ <ri?.?Vc." The cnllej*>"Prin adopted a resolution fully approviu of thr declarv tiona of thr i'n.cMii government. A letter fr>m Munich of ilir 221 idatea that, ?>a tlx . filutii arrival of the Khiiot lUvar. i, tbjtwo innnniOtia tf me IX1II ; a I--Pm-Ui, KlltCfl Were thorn to miiri'h inwtreii the l?lectoral tleaae, htd rn rived ordeiato m i?-nd tbnr departure, and a report wua current thi* tlir ufl.iir of (lease ?vo?ld I t- atwngrd without the oeceaaity of an ur:n-d iat r%? i.tiou. THR (JKUMAV 4RMIK?. The following I iter givea a Miltlag pic-tare lliC nnlitjjy and political ? ;arl of Urnmajr. ? Got.on\ic, Oct. 21, l*V) I irmi'r an rx?U'rfior> ty thr Hh-ue, from ukich I ri tnn>rd tc-d*v. Ou board thr M*uwr wenr vertoua airaggh'ng partlea of fiirlo-'i: ? men, ha-?trninj to join their regiment* on ttie lK*-?i < i fron'ir|. I hud tome talk uiih two going to Wnlburp, in Nattuiu, wh? re thrir reyi<urr.t fmw< j..:i ol tU?riilitwirg of Count von drr C?r' > u'a force, thr head qmirtera of v. Inch are at W?i/.lar. |? forma mi indri-nnl. nt ; rniy of itaelf, with DMfeln artillery. Thr precise Hr^ntrth 1 couki not Wr?, for ihc FructHnn arr doing thrir work wi h lr?a noiae than thr Hivariuia; hut from the niunSrra of rrftiiTirota said lo havr pn ard through Co hie lit/ within 'he last thrtv wee k.<, thrrr mu?t hr a ttronx ft rer collect d on tint |ioiu?. This [ con.mandi* Ihr high road Ir olios ffoni Fr.'.nkfor* to Ca.-frl. lira al i ui twelve rrilea from thf tailrcad nrw op n from l'ran'-fort to Co- ??n. .in I. lying! on thr Latin, communicate* by iu hi iu? w ith t'ohlent/. On thr north, the two other tima roa la Iraliaii fri m Caait I to Fru.^aiun Mmdru oq one -iilr, an I to Halle end Thunni(ia on th other, arr ^'lardr-d ly fiT.ilar corra, tlir nucmn lietwern th?- n can tie ?liecte 1 in a two <1 ?ys march u ,k?ii Cu?*e|, itnd when united they will not bo lew llian Hi),IK*) in force. It is essential to remark thit, w hile t!?e | p^lit Hank communicates with Coblentz hy the Labi and the high ronda that follow it# vtl gtrat railroad from Cologne to Krfurt ruru entirely round ita rear, ailonling mean* of conveying *uiI'lies that have never yel been u*ed in milittry o|?Taiioni>. A corps which would b_* isolated, were it not that the IIIiIm UM the command oi ilw steamers ia concentrating in B*d< a ; aud to facilitate this movement, th town* of lii?irn are to be occupied by the troo|>* of the Grand Duchy, with the exception of Kut.i It, in which there i* an Austrian corpa. The Pn?*t*n corps in Btdcn will ho:d th<- passes of the Mark Forest, from th< ff >1lenthal (celebrated from Moreau'a retreat) to the pais of the Neckarat Heidelberg lietween th< Vckar nml the Maine the GfMd Duchy of Darmstadt, the government of winch hold* with Bavaria, hi* from 10,000 to |5,nu0 men, and in the valle? of the Maine, from War/burg to Uie frontier or llfwr, the formidable l!iva- I nan force, composed of almost more troop* than Havana can well apare, e?'imat?d at a^out JW 1)00, are taking tip contonmenta. If we add IQ.OtIO wurte'mbersr troops, together with the lo.imo of th> < ;rnnd Duchy of H?*re, the force on the ai le of >onth Germany ia Mill equal in niimb r to tint opposed to it by Prussia. But there i* no railroad communication available for tin* fof* nearer thin Nurrmberg, and the Maine, the only line of sti^ ply,ia too shallow to iloat either men or gun* through the rugged lull* of Lower t-'ranconia The main difference between the contending parties, If matters come to a conHict, li ? in the fact, that If the Bavarian and NVnrtemberg tr<>op< (supposing them all to be staunch) "hould,differ a defeat, those powers have nulling to fill hack upon; the ay?tem of l.andwehr, by win h every man it krpt in some military training for many tears after leaving the regular servce, hrmf peculiar to Tiusaia. Besides, the disposable force of Prusnia is at all timea more than 3)0,1100 men, and I ?uf oect that if a csnfiict take* place there will r* an llort made to annihilate nny HinirlM MTf which should venture into the defile of Uelnhatr sen. In that case, wh?t the result would f*. ,t ,, difficult to tell. Tli? Hicnsrif* in number* i< nf fnnrin n? for the |<r?il*>i)gntion of the war, by the aupport i?r?- I miied l?jr Austria; but at preren', advantage win to be taken of H>me warlike feelmcs at Munich ro I lit It theffroi of the Bavarian army intj the firat fire. thf Austrian* k?e| tnc back until room be made l< r th* ni. The Avatriana have lumfd two move- i iihle ci>ni|*?,one on the llohemian fron irr, destined, 1 it ia paid, to (hbnmhtr I y ihe l'i? of T.ger, in 'he I direction of llHtnhrrf : nd the Maine; tb? p-cond. I inT>ro|?nd VorHlt>er2, intended to replace the j I'avNrifeit and Wuremhv ra troo,'! a* lltry a?l/ance to ti e nor'h, a measure of in lUi- nmhl (> er* i- . lirp, for t <-th at Munich in I u; j irdt a atrotir leelirE epoifft Aua'na prevail* llavtiy it? tatie <i the military pr*parati< n* on the i tide ft ?t.e | owera moat ex, o?nl to the exfrrmity of a i f. I recur to the cause* of tin pr-jrat q'lirrel, ?>l' ! ?b di|.)f n.rtic ?of whicii 1 tiny give a ve rtton | lifleriiji fr? in tlr.t u-utl'y ait'to|i'??t,i?iitone which I'tevaila her,' in the l?r>-t inform; >! circle*. and a|>- ! iwp i ?'v wi'h pcnd rcaton. The uon?iito<'ioial | jtuftlMi In Elfilt#: I Hr?? is not th?* pt iinblinf j llorfc if tlore who wi?li f >r |* IVimii i? nite in accord with Anptiia ua l liivuij rei^el- ' g tfe tie?-f??i:y of ir>t allo-via< a miui-trr t??de. | et it for |???tr ii|>on a i-uli ii> i t.irv vnte, a-id of repmtiaiitg all miction ot a i>ir!unti ni i y wttV rtidii'i jr '>t ?D|v'ira. fa fW, Oenn icv i- u no fit tj?tf for ili-cu^'Mf anv ?, ir? ion ?> ' to iMitntiontl I i * w. Shf h -p koi e hark Id h'* tt?M ll?* * i a, and he mat'rr ttf'k wMr.h tl>e jr o ?'e U o it? ? t. |? i herhoi'f .f a t?w?l lil.ftef. while I tic >' n-n f tf 0 tf it *il' k ^ < ii? UJ Ivt. Serioaa uiDbruge bu been taken at the extension o#ibe PruMiu troop* in ^rrminy, the natural re*

kuR of ibe event* of the past two ye<ira. Hainhuryh ia^ virtually in Prussian ?c.Mipation. iKNMrin wouiii DC loo nappy to tcctpi 11 rru*ataii army. The little principalities of Hoaeu/nllern ocropy th?- centre of thr Black Forest. A Pruuiia corps holds the passes ol th it chain, and, with the ( raud Ihtchy of Balen, occupies th'i whole of the Rhine, from the Dutch frontier to Switzerland. It is for the purpose ol not allowing this exteDHion in obtain preampiivj tight, that Austria and B.ivaria are in such commotion. Cast-el turned it* former IJIector out without cmsiog an intervention, and might do so agiiu, were it not for th< ee concurrent circumstances. Hrre, then comes ihr solution, which, if not immediate, will not he HUtaut in it* operation. Prussia will give u,' Hamburgh or Baden, or both, and will he alloM ed to occupy what chare of C issel she pleases. Bivatiitn troops nuy alsoeuterto save appeirances, and will then retire in peaceable order. The sooner this din* mm! it brought abo?t the better ; fur all I'UHnene id at a standstill a* Ions; as the uncertainty remains?# Isct for which the low rate of ex(.Itunge on Jjiiglaud eulliticnlly vouches. Were the cabinets to persist in struggle * h'i h h is lor? thre .ten d to come to ex'ieminee, the destruction of the standing armies, ant the cot wpient duornaniaation ol the governments, *i uld le ve an opportunity tor the Beds, who are im w throun iuto the background, to get a'l the ,4>wer into their hand* Against such analterniiht Ktench and even lluwi&n domination would e gladly accepted, and if Aurtria survived the content, ehe migh' have it all her own way. ' i 28 ? It is repotted to-day that Pi mill M < | - Mm already crotud the luMiu frj;i:ier. Tlie StUloiwI^ War. Ar. (i i,i, r'cived from Kei.dsburg, of tli-i 2-lth, ti" BtK'in d a -kii minh which took ,>1 tee on the 2'.M 'etwefH the |)4ui?h aad lioUteia outposts. Tne l.dlovnu^ is liiHal William'* report of this al'nr Karly t**'?r'ay m rniri ? pstrol of the lit battalion < f Infantry n-ointi r?d a rirou? ill vlsi >n o Uani'h infantry at UiMHOlteld anil lout thru mm la it>* i. ao ut r. 1 l>l? iii<<rnin? two ilttUloii* of dragoon* J a*4 tfr-v* back twoiilrUlonii Df Uaulsh e? ?>iy win)?<!?? ..*> J fioio Ivtj.p They ?tiO"Uat?r. . ttirr <it? i?tpn* et th? enemy's, anil Ik. 4. ilah o i>l ii <ui*k Ja*?*r.-i They w.-r?-urrjuHiled, l>ut ?ktorl"n-;y fuugkt th !r way throsgh. whereby iS? lo~? sktl iuJ?<i into th? hta<l-i f ?li* Vea<-- Atur ih.-j r?*ti*a <t a conMlera! !' 4liUi Ike) ' >rn?J round, attark-J th? Danes. ii iitM>tr?i.n ri*a vrironcrt. A* the l)-tn?H had iM>lai-n klll#4 an* voandet la this ?-i>couoter. their I i* prbablj u.u-b gi than *u.h. Non otllolal ?t? liiht .*ut lUti- u wai attiored in th* nu ^ hubli (Qiiilrmii he. however. tou^ht bU *my through the in dm of th-m an I lo-t elvht iui<n klilrU ana ?<und> d but. <11 tho otbtr ban J, killed i?<l venndrd nlu lu l took seven meu prisoners. Urfitlier with th-lr hone*. There i* movement going oa among the 1 ini-h trtx |? which j'Uialy indicates that tliey are ? < ntemplann|! some nteps ?>t importance. They , ! closely ?tlclM I t v ( 'i iTill Von WiUisen, hot tt>?- want ol able leaders is sensibly felt in tlie rmy. Thi ' kai'^f of >lli>l?liy In llAiiovir> | Kii>m il? - London Ulobe. Oct ill j K nn 1.rural, of Hanover is geitm;* in o aserjpe. We yrt-atly feir that arme ol our Lnglis't economics will, bffoic loii^ fie obliged to lake tip a ft??h note witu i-gara tj hie Majesty. Culouel Thoini-eor, and Mr. Hume have been in the habit ol roiitflaiuiuc lhat ih'' Dike of Cumberland's MMtM w?a spent out i>t tu? country, and we nhall I l?- very lut ky if ihey do n it timl *;?*edy cause lor I lamenting juat a? loudly that it is spent among us I here at hi roe. T>? the rrrat delight of the lliiioirriti torks, M. Stnre, the tot 4umt liber ilmiii.lit r, gave in Ir* ren^uat i surne teu days ago} ' Th<- ininval has been j^wrd ia Kiteiii,>t* to tor n , nth* r an avowedly rrtti ^rude c<.ln?i, oratl<-a*t one of a iirc i.lrjl) iiiietocruticiil complexion. Whichf \ rr ? ( Hi* - t? -.n i- hr > , lit to even I tnnjaraiy completion, tlie next meeting of the I Mat wverian chain Vrs will be the t>iyn?l for Ktich a | stonn as will make th<* king siyh lor M. Von f-th?l?? strong arm and clr^r lo ud to carry him thi?ugh a repetition of !l llanovi r has turn lor centuries the : tr<>ni.h >ld of <<riiiisn leudslinn nud art<-iPCracy m their most ofleueive lotms ; and ihti character hu constantly I reproduced itself in all the loliin al strn: lesof our own day. 1'auperued, b it not cru>h<<l, by the thirty years' war, tin lUnovernn aristocracy have mice rot:-isteutiy ttni'-.led to rejiur their fortunes by a monopoly of oliic?*. Not oaly places about the coum, but even military and judicial ' fuuc.ions, weir fur a lor t.ine uniformly ciosd :o i.t l m it l no: Mw a patent of nobility. An r 1716 the nhs?ee ol the soreret n m I airland per* ii ill*d the exorhilaal end unchecked urowt'i of tnr?e i*e rniion* A lua vn sinp wis put to triu regime when, after Jera, the north rn |>rovinces i ol I layover wrre incorporated iu tii* t rench ern| t ire, and the routhein onea fot.tu-1 a put of the ( Wretphalian kingdom. U.n under the r cacti >a of IP1& it rttiit-J in more tkau it? io.'nier strirtgency. In lireiuen und L'lnelnii. , the HeiLMorml nvlill 1 were rr-esiubiished. I'er^oaal * rt<lom was re, Ntnicd in the iirw provinces of Jlildeshcim nod t '. ui.hmck, while the ptirch i^.-rh of J/ie iiiti-inil 1 property wrrr robbed in tlie lsm<>ua proc- ?? ( thj ' WeKtphalinn donuine," which his taken so pro; ininenl u ti re in the butory of Gernun liw. After l>!IO, William I\'., a>Mft'"d by the l?'e Pu'arof L ?im riO: ', (i;a liij rx ?t id ritet'k tlm intolerable t)r*any. t ouni Munatrr, the ab*olu'i*t iwnuttr, was duii.ii>T<i,an<i a tomutution ?-?uMi!i(ird which a<imitt< <1 a \ery limited and ccmwn it v?- fer n of pankt rrpfr^-nu'ioa. H'f ifr noinlity chi*ed i- aioM th:? infin rm*nf of thrir prero.Hire, and the jinwp^'ivf arrnwioa of King hrnest wn hail* d the e|>och of ttfrtaio (*au>Mtion. IW7 arrived. On ir??- -?th of June ike Mir kio; mt>k hi* M'lt'iiin ratiy into llauover. ' <uthe he ron nii t* <1 hi* fir?t act of ueur|>.trioa by |>r<>ro2tiin4 the ('hamt>er? lieft>rr ukiu*! W?< ftiacntM-J o vih to the coMUtuiioa. m. Vm6jIwI?i a nun of < iriige, In ninth*, .hi.I official elpeiieuct. carried hi n through the crtaia; umI, afier two orilireeyar* ?>f ft Utile* j opjWtlliiUi thr Hi h ml'u In |>t a linn hold <>n thr rem* till the revolution of I*!-* To do tiina justice. King l.rnett met Una t?- njM nt witn IkjMb? *? aid intellig-oce. He aittd the tiiitocwjr in rpite of iht m?r ivra t>) calling t* hia couacil* M. Muir, thrn the head of th? liberal op;* Uo.i; at ibe tame timr he euccratfiil!/ ?iyi!fil to ibr Kfal ( atrioti.n>. thr of Ii ?.t ver a/uu-t thr Frankfurt pnrlmn ni ai >1 mitral!/ition M. P!ui', in return, nude himaHf ih ehi?f *--ent in hrtakinir <<tl thr I'man in ailltnce ?>n tbe Ji'h ?f Hijf, Iki9 iUi'M- i>it'litfi, ihr arnallet-te nchi'ity, never coocculrd th'ir di?!ike ro their Mi ant tour; and tin- ,ur* of !! ar C ?* I hi* olferrd *n r*cu*e for ?a< nfieii.j him to thr most n tnown.iuilr ti. uvnbearib/, .mil ri|MewM fa.tioa -hat i?. i i. ir|< I t ii !! I th?- in me o fan .trwtorrtty. M. ftur trluard io ? *?caiei'i? Me de11? r of tin mock clift, | rovidin/ for the n w ii^Wih of He*-e C'imiI b) lUuwrui tr<0|*. Ilia te *nntioa wa?, aa wraaid *bo\ r, tendered and at I MM than ten ilaya (*, and be ia no * bod.jf ?fTirr till thr ap{?>intii. ntnf hi" *uree*r r. We imH not mini* .d o ir r^ailrt* i.y a V. * :?t I tW ?U<| bleat ia*cr<>l m tl.? raW* bt) ami till. Ai tlf|iii' m.hnKk, U< inok a le4 ling ptiri H ?'n^f*on ?. tW counter fvnlnimi of IM/, an?l it com nttn thr u?a of a fibwdisatr 41 * m the treamr/. and il?e r?|?-??*r tif a goTrrrt"n "if ) <* I Mfftlo.1. lial Ike Moat thai can ho m>4 of nidi II that l?e w?? a wvt'hjr cMiatr)man I -wa King (iecrge |1|. I? nboM, indeed, ia kt* li vneaa^ I Wn toamgr,hi* ,*r?oa*l m?? grity. and h ? 4?tl. ,fell <ii?eJn rdMKmy, be idteraa Mark d rrm r llr ?oul I h?vr inade a hi ctdlragii" l? r Mr 'VrIrtnl. lie hfI'd the arutixmr-y f, r the g > na in#o!encr of tl etr |rr leaai??. be bird i be mri tin w hn in'rrlereil with hi- man *! in lrj? 11. . r, hr hft'.ed rrrn a ftrr |<rr^a* a fien? h Iw.miUIh.j, --ab'ive *II be baled M CniMiaMkr mM>' *<>n, fiiat ?a for* atri?, and aeit ai |k l??| h*ra, ? r wimt he called ll*^?iMna lie ?raa Ibe ?,?:* ( rej*en ntative of rbr # ?? > ? t ? ?la eenrveM aed ni? ?t rrnur i* ?t ? ** < . m d i k nttn far *./i The anm- in*?*i>dii | Hi yn> cr?cy whH'h luadr k'm MuiVy | *rd Mel I i hu?* of < >*iiahrucft agata** > on ^cf t-\ m r* 4 hun wiib the d'*? t 4 ik? i*m i* i .... -ii.i UHTF.-1'.t *? b " ' ' 'Til . * hn h hrx.lf.1 !li* I'rtiUi'il ! ?.? i. i ? <i 1 imifotm trn i?n< y, W nliay ?* n lid t? v | i I ..cj I |>r i#tv*l 1a r pnrrni n p\<T) ( cp of hi* I < ?>*. !** L*?- wtIt i in l< J. ' i-l m IM* H ,?*nt'4 hi* >ul m ? > king'* I it'll M ? Iht >rm <4 a rrfeirali/n i ! *? "IttWu# * ilk Ik# hnrk I ' ih'.opi'ar ''rfing, w hih k i ik* ni- iv nl u ?r?a imrtTt tc|i*|'f? IIp uri'W' I h -rdl? ? .<1 ?*crrr?ri,|Jy ??? llim* - r Iknn Wir ?|.<h --dm the 1 nion oI I ifurt; aa1 kia Srr?rk < I f?1*K (ll'f II ? ?? HO I"*) ae'lUPd k??? h. f,|P ? It. )M cirua Iruit la th? majii *-d and 4m ?rfr J n ? n* a??uiird Sy :li* union a frw <iat ?fr?. h* find# h thrown o\> r at lU ii/v r> iururr i..f?'r? o ? ih? ? o*:r>..u t it? r nw>?t lMt?tff?f?at. Ilr arw pUinlv en uji tS th?ir mi no furh ?arr *?nr to ra*a ? it ?f ll/Mrtrr (o i.lf.i t) it wi>H :1k *?.?, Ir?? M?U of 'lU'limt |?| ilar Iiktrty la H'?* (air?l fit tc a r?,4r?Hki .itrp .?? Sriii ! i-f. kr had a'r< ad) f nfli'tk* tin<wt v- 11 1111 it [ laiiaiitr ; ? 'I Io?? ifcut r\ n k r~' hill to carry hnn r'jht ottr a *, w . i Bf fremrt.'o*t?!j d> mia-* J. ' ?* r nnn>i ?c??fu # ii>? lit*rn'? I ? fcaa tk?atftd and t'.rwI>ijci?y ..< hmirtrl. JIi* In'I * i I kp k?i'?d p"ry *>< ! I> ? n It*, nowr at Wirr ae (-rtimlBe Bade wartniif T'i - . Itiviftr, il>( n? Nn \ i l kit ** i > ?irat>|i IV d?fpi*p IkpnWlif* l' 'hcf i . k ?? 'kuri'OiiilaHtr ?(tk?ir vletioi IL- lii i . *r ?jl. tl 'rUt? ?'f >' ?!? . tj willy i i lii r rn ? r Tii?r . I?it Imiftd o< i*. i-?? > |i# i m inia-k n ih tli? I'll- ? ?( i ocr'' it * 11 I ? t n?ir< v i?-< taliriH onlf n fl 'M 'If ii< h) i H?f ti i * hi# t?. ?iKim In '. * m "vr y. .a * ?-?. i nitH In ' 'f?' r iH?( I* *r i <? ' r^n' '! r> I. fi.v'i-iattt tl ti'? 7 "V V?.4 *A a common revenue system. The mHJ1e cI?m of Hanover rightly looked upon turn a* their natural champion and representative. He hid ufl>-re4 for iheir civic right* afainst the feudal mvirioa uo l'f Kit# Erneat; and their pride was .ill the more flittered when they (t* that he preserved the ??in? doughty attitude to PrusHuu diulonntuta nn i delt-1>erg prwlVssora. Fatal aa we believe hia influence to havf been in Germany, it w<u? undoubtedly I Ur in llanover. His immaterial existence was the eole condition of Hanoverian conservation, and the " King'* friends" will tind they h ive u very dift'?*r fni KHiiir 10 piay uuw m.u - fir urn-iitirr or ine rniadie class is ao longer their tool, bit I heir ill-usel and exaf|?-Mted antagonist. For G-nnwy and Kurope we do not preti-nd to regret M. < fall. Whether immediate ly, or utter a very short deUy, it chh only remove an obstarle to the consolidation of Germany. But we confess that w<* marvel that this truth should have ereaped Kiuk Krneit'a icute eyes, and tS?t he should fail to perceive how thu* roughly he ulieaates the only support 01 which he has refted since 1SI8, by thus di*<jhsr^ng th- m m who, with all his errors, has been a suuacli plebtian minister, loyal alike to his king and to his order. The Partition of Prussia. I From the London (Standard ?f fvM4oo, (M W \ Kusmand France have proposed to Emgldnd the punition of Prussia. Russia desires Silesia, end France the Khine provinces, la consequence nt this proposal, an extraordinary meeting of the Btiiish cabinet was held on Wednesday. We believe there cannot be a doubt bu, thit the proposal, whatever the inlaeemeuti held out to Fnglarid may hnv? been, h is been cordia ly aud uuanKtiously selected by tin* uoverument. The ollenc of Prussia has lieen f i;thl?'senes3 to the treuty of peace concluded with Deuuurk. Without PruBsiaa countenance, and conusance, and encouragement, the Schle.-wig-Holsteiueri w culd not b;ive continued iheir hostilities ugiiust Dennntrk. The proposed punishment for this breach of faith is, the dianiemWrment of tins faithless kingdom. The possession ol ."iil'sia would confirm r.nd consolidate the domination of ilussi* 111 Germany. The i<os?e?sion of Cologne and Coblent/ would extend France to the llhuie, aud probably tecute Louis >ap<>leon four ye^rs more ol piy noil ciinniputjue. The comment would coutinne to lie, fot some years more, u d pendency 01 Asiatic bjrbamm. Great Biiiain, r.s negotiator of the treity be. tveen Prussia nod Denmark, cannot permit I'russie to disregard it. But neither c=i 1 the British jjovenimtni permit the partition of Prussia. Bv vu? luticg the treaty, Prusaid ia in the wrong; bat tin remedy ia net to joiu Russia. and France in i>er^e trnting a double wrong noon ih" settlement o Kuro|if by the treaties rr 1815. However, it is the lact, that us Russia, Austria, and Prussia co.-nhinec lor tin* partition of Poland, ltu?.?ia and France have ctuspired for the partition of Pra*aia. The propoc&l of England to Uuaiiaaud r'rance is that each t-hul 1 separitelv rernonatrcte wiUk 1'raa sia for ita want of good faith. <>f course, thea? r* mon>trnnees will be enough Prussia, of neces aity, will &oon put an end to tfie hostilities o th<- 3chle?wij{-Hol<r.<;iaers. JJut ibe projected partition ia au import mt fact Prui-fia has owed its existence to Euglau 1. Ii i thrown for wlf-preservation upon the closest ulli ante, oliei mve and defensive. with this country By a Mtnilur uece^ity, it must become sincere!] constitutional. Without it, Frederick William, i: hi.- hour ot need, can have neither England uor hi ptople at hu back, lie inus-t diuiiia fr >m hi councils Jem its an 1 reaction.uirs, like 1! id iwit; and M?nt( nil. I. Men like Wnlde'sk and Unrul can alone save him from diiuiem torment and de ttrur tion. Whatever the preferences of the kini may be for the ad vice of cannons, he must listei to the advice of a free press and a free p-iriiiuieut or abdicate. The unmietakeable revf latioa of the identity r the governments of Russia and Frauee, given b this ailair, is prt-gn;.nt wi?!i consequence*. Fo many months hfterthe election of L'>ui? Na,oleon : .1 .I... ... a/l.;,. prod t mint this fict Personal and p^uliar in fermiti<n enabled us to know if. Now it is pa tent to the world. France is n Ktts?ian subaltern The seizure of the lMhne provinces would hav been popnlar in France n few years a^o We dout it now. The French of tvday are wi3e enough t kuow that it will be better for tliein to have th Ht'ection th*n the land of th* people on the lihiae Hut the attempt, ani not the dee.!, w,II confoita M. Bom parte He is the serf of Kussia, and wit his mBfter proposes an net of daring itud wicke l*>liauon. ICngltnd ?*ys, No! and therobbersar paralyz? d. Indeed uud in truth, the proposed pal mion of Prussia is an event ffill of important con sequences. lluljr* Tv? of the 21 it, mentions rumor now current alnrnt a note sanl to htve b-e addre^ed by the court of Sardinia to tho^e of N<i del. Rome and TjSCaay, and countenanced l> Kiitland, calling upon those governments to liea their i-hnr- of the seventy-five million* due to Aut n la for exp<nt-es of the Ute war, the campaign hav ii'jr t een unleiuki n by Sardinia with their conieii and assistance The .\auoual Italian (committee, sitting at Lou den, c<>nei>-iii)^ of Mtu/uu, S .lli, an i four others h.iii promulgated a plan foi lai-nga loan of 1D.0J0, K " francs, to be subscribed, one half in sunn o In) fruncs ear h, and one half in sums ot 2jfiauci The money is to be deposited in a Loudon biult ai.d if to be devoted to ihe servic- of the nationa came in the " ine\ itable ariig:zie" which is repre sen'<>i I' be coiuinz. Vouchers are to'?. given n ihe subt-crifx rs, as in regular government loans and the bonds are to bear an interest of six pe cent | it annum; but the nam>s of persons who d< nui w h to be kuowu are to be ke,.t tecret, thou J a note n to i?e taken of them to prove hereafter, i Decenary, their sympathy for the cauae. Advice? from 1 urin, oi the 2:! I uIt , announci that on ilie i2d a dspiitntion, composed of inhat>i t. i,t! ind of reluct es, presented i<> the uovernuien Ihe plan of a na'ionsl work house for reliigees. 'flu Mu is'.t r ol 11,. Interior presented the pi in to th< K inir- llh Majesty approved of it. Tins Duke An tomo Iarta is appointed president of the committee ai d Signor Kotaeo Aodrea, of N*i>les, president o the coiiiimtt- e of Neapolitan emigrants, i?Kp,<oitit*< vice pirsniect. The committee is authorized b] ' th> ven m? nt to take measures to carry the plai into execution. IMIIItsrf I".i?< ntton? nt Home. A * hi.If sale mditsry execution took place ot the !)th u!t ujKin the p'rsons ot si* offenders I ohnrg <1 with having been the principal agents u ! a hoinble tragedy which sullied the streets o Kerne writ Mood last year, during the early par | ol the fiege. When the Neapolitans wire u Albm-, *utSieniiooi!y to the defett of the Frencf on 'he :iiiih ot April, the defence of the sonthen ? alls became natnrally a point of anxiety with th? i Koiuun government, snd therefore the vinevan wuii* iind cottages were levelled in the ioimeiliati *ii i i ? ol lie i whilst the i>ro?isi i!i?. wine I hrrx e, *n<{ uima Uicy containej were lnoujlit in, 1 po tbt.t it' > nii^ht not mil mto the power of tli< en* my. No doubt inch a measure *r? calculate, to nin.le i lie malice, (<*,irmaHy aa the miliUrj l?'t.'U< if .Iwi i.ol elways hi* conrfoaa mtnnen in tii< eaetuuon ul ihe?r j er<|Ui?itionr, one of which, n a ?n?y?t<l neur the CaM do* H,iiritl, i?i -1 - i Hi. i-. ," -onjht on a '1'iarrel, wh.jh enui-d ia the death ??f the cultivator of th<* vineyard and tlf i a[ <>ite nf three of hi* nephewa. Thti wan on the S<1 c>f May, 1*1?*, and It w ii stated at the linn 'hut a rne of the jiatrul had been knied by a |-arty ol 'es-tl ? m diefuiae; b.t ft>.n iv . i in i*l l<ri>re':.tinga it trfara r?*i the k>c*U<*1 Je.?iun wrre f>l' C'< iati)nm, aa<l thai nnje nl tlie i) ?.r? allied. The patrol c.>n?i?t< I ol caftteerra, or teniarmee, aod nation* t gmrili, | led by a * iRMUii iW Maaai'a regtnitut The Utfr sogC'-?tr d i he M?nr of the countrymen being Jemtitj ia ?*!? '. a#?c, ?h?h, boing aii|H<orr*i| hy the discovery of Hmif medtla and rru /fiie? atom their per no*, waa eagerly caught up by the furious pupulace, *lm t rtiwded r- ml the pri?>nera m l their > m ort. UmiJIv d' ii in.liaf l.vnch law. Near I he I'riiwiiw, the ad roc ate tialetti, then g>-n.-r.U of M?e earh a'etf met ihe rki?\ and having learnt '.he cant* if ,?a v. temeat. gave ord< ra that the I yVtoHM ) afc^u. : iw ith conducted to the ca ?' " * > lo Theaa directicaa the n ort aM> n. i the i-iaz/a. lie lore the j|e ii S. Aagolo, the ferocity of the people b1 r#t all it < i.??d the m-serablr phwaera were L'??U , i?ca and thrown into the Tih*r, when I VMIiw mr l? . f t- m -iv.'.l Itiaaaid Ifcat the feral bk?w wax firrtt hy a carbineer, who ?aa luCntfrd that tin- prbnnrrs were diaguiaed J??n i*, a: I had hilkd ? a??ldi*r <>f hie r junent, Wot tl.i* ti l ?>t c learly te iJt from 'he i idictal In* oairy Alu r?iher the atf ur wa? a convkte f*r?r fifo d \lif whado Mamr rea'a wuh the iuteotor of the ral?? ay which ?o excited the vinilu lit* fo* i I I ? T? y.. u I .. i <v cjgiu | uaJLnrat tV 'Kh, wtt* ih? irritant If*rf -?.hr, I ? ?llfr??nh?* Itcur.t.i |-rv\ rjCr?, ?nj * b.rthrr, 22 jrrkf* i f ?fr. Jf.Mrvn K r/t 7V felt initiurjr iiKr.c.n..-?<,iMfiM.| Iter U?t ftttrnlwM<4 the in.*k?, ?!,# m.*?,??:< < il?'in in ilirrcN. un i ?*fr ?fe?! Uf troWi'Mln. W|n? oliftlll itrlf JTf?##l i* Nwti t* ite* ? \hoii of ibrif vpin'ntl iNt.W'1# TK* f? "rh'r^il iicl hU T'|'Hi?u?rc ?m<0i f?l hfcrrf.f. an I )CAr>t Willi Ifc-ni on ib\+*\ry ?.l th* wrI'ii**: *.( th* muhif |>oli?hrr 'rr?? 4 hi* h-i. I ?* t> iimii Kk |mm**, f xrl tifn.ri?, **( dW ? Ui.r , all** " At'"r i .JfUf, rj?. Mi'iii4tli<- (tmt :ir?? crimtil?-(..|- nf I'll , u>( I thf fH'fKl )fl?r*i?f#", m i?k ?j*<4 in r?r#tr? l?r? ? S*r . ? art'KW* 'ff? IM '#? f,? hi#Vfc lli#?? * M* *"l IV In till i . :J- I t mi I ij?> iiu*ri?? ?> r? ?<f?e ** t ?cf?.!.? '. Mtiu?t?'i)?r Mti*ii.?4 frh4*r?lr '<* .;i||i?(, 4-4 * f i'H .? ? lu itj* Mi l it I r.| ?,- t ,1 jf , Til* |:.*T?r lf?~ - ?? i #-|r prr* i.? <|| t|l# fk ll'l* HI I l'1 < - ? !< ? H?r- > ?,.!? Ve?'? t |>r f?!?i >? I n t.'i-mtVi fc? ?'''<|| 'ila %?t r* It* H1 M / I'd * / > ?*? ml int ts itlnV ^ I. i ?. kl | Mk< 4?UU a'.| vl 4 frimtUr loxuv, .r ty*m H iia?r t> ?t# I ( -* ?? I .tfc ? ? ?<? fn'.t *> ? irf'irr^ I k r*r?i ? ?. M?? T ? fc?.j .*.1 < r ihit' .mlii- ? I '" "-"iH in ?, , mot? * n>n I U.t. a 4 I h?i. . lit c. Mftl'b, Wi'liu i ?t II 1?? ??< hi! I - rit in t) !? r .? I" r i--? < . \ylt ?o thr to'\ ?' ?i ir,. Ho mtrn* < <*>'> ?< > ' >', I h ?i I ??r tk?i ",-y ad nu? lit* lUtiiM ot IK? - 11 ' the l|i?.Jy, hu' i, . u. . mhn nrtrl ? , pfrtlKd.U' .'It. . .'"1 'ill >! <> (i?d l<T\, ,.r,M>u from en urniTtwi U', h j, eiimf brt ii on, unfStrr ia:.iti,nj but her>* it wa ,?. t i > ? <>ni i?l p'wy. i,?K aa M mn;*r rytn; .'? ? < -homn iH t<1 party sprit." T*t?IWrt?k ?f mm Kialfraiil ??ht|i. Wej'ijret lo Mini" uu.' ti r t i ^r?n ship hud l*-en totally no t>i>?Dd?. The (xtriK'ui r*-t. <> toll ,, luylbht ihr t. ji M Ji>h.<iia t, el I i ibn? WhirliHi., I. I u I. II m >1 la I i r... and a crrw'of 16 n tn4? ^h>- ? am n.d f? . irlr? inn, South (" ruliua .i t? ? i ?, < j, . . i ? -r?. had u gener?l <\?r:M', * lu?-<1 - i f'.nai w? u on well uu'il the ivi uio^ ii I '. .rr.lar U-1, >. .v thr < innlleet hijHts. wi-p igi' d, ..a I t> U'.t error, W?-re m.j. * at A i - th? So i'H i .? nil I'ght^'. Th?-*hip'?coium ? atrrreii i l-r tinniijires-ii a, wh. u, ih? m dal li lilld / inv, Ihi* V -wlnnirl lirivlyn ivli,, proved <o he IIi * (? ml! -i . u in i?uji couslt riid'nin : ir .at th , an 4 rvtry p ttau-r, mcli-i. ; .may -vo . . aa I children, hurrifd to Hi- iV, k Tli n ?ver-* pperdily cut nwiy,a id <> V < *-H?>rT- mi l- !< ivti the heav'ig tf tin-i?hi|i.-i.<l in yet hero! if all Wl'h II') v vnil, a-H on n>- |>, ? .bring r <kd, there wiH h ui.d fu let: ?ii <vt?rr iu i?er h. l?e* t-lde other iL'l no Mill.- Ili-.I in w .? ho^*l' j-ily 1< st. The ci p'*.i'i ? h i throughout 'inireJ ' edminhly, had u ticm' r rnju-H , - i arroaa 11??* thit\ which the (?i wmi-i tfratvod, to r ler u? 1 ii. linuiii their fooling, li Una way, a * ;/ao l wietclieil niaht w.:.- (i -- il ll of theni -ctu: 1 thut the 1 woui.l. . .ery rn'>|Hen.. l'.i l?> ' jiiecen. At S the nrx mi r io't, (Frul thr-y w? ie det? iii <l l>y th- irew* ?.r -everil iclu 1 \? ho iinm' Jnr< U went t i tii< ir n.-i.ns* i:\.' T'ititle hud left the ves-H *iih bit lit.l- ^are.round hi-r, ?o th>i' tl " ?mn'kt' b.mia . 1 uol 1 cet ali>Dpride. The voiih-ii an I chi'ori . a* liist lowered from the si 1-, u i l. . ' *d by ttnni mis,waoei] nnmnn inc <r?Kr ui ne D.411 hy which they were co vrjcd 10 th* i.aicka. 1 In this way all were h fjly t ikea fr > n th v s?l, ; and one hundred mid toriv "I them ultimate)/ larvded hi Harwich, the la?i nuiirv-r of th<-111 i m l nn &t J late as one o'clock on 3<tiuid<iy inofuia^r; i> rf in dining laaaengera wer* Uu.lea at either Owche* teror Brightling^ea. The captain and two mate' remained onboard the burk until fo'ir o'cl ">ck on " Friday afternoon, homing ih it the ves.f 1 i/ii^'it vet bt saved ; but a? the s^a r >se >iie rapi llj oroUe iio, and became wreck Mea?ra. Udliiigaley A: ' Co , the Bremen vice consuls at Harwi'U. paid every attention to the emigrant?aMr. Willi im?, one of the firm, parti' titariy exerting himself. Thei iiaasengera are very grateful for th* way in which they are being treu'ed It ia r-upposed that they will remuin in llatwich until anoih- rahip ia n.ovi l. d for f them The bark h-louged to Mea.^ra <_?!of-.tein 3c. 1 Son, Bremen, and w ? not insured.?Harwich 3 (England) Ultir, Oct *if?. The (intcway of th? Occam. 1 [from the l.utidou Spt ctator, Ootofc?-r 1'J J The forcing of the barrier which for 8<iu years ' haa defied and imperilled the commerce of the 1 world, seems now an event at h ml. ( ne-hslf of ? the coutract for the jauction of the Atlautio and . Pacific, obtained from the State of Nicaragua list * year by the promptitude of the Americans, ia to ' be held at the option of btigluli capitalist; and r an understanding ia at leugih annouueed, that it [? tke contemplated ship canal cuu be coaatracted on '' conditions that shall leave no uacertaiuty ui to th* profitableness of the eulerpnt-e, 11 ia to be c&liied '* forward Willi tlie influence of our highrBt mer' canrtle tirms. The ntceBt.?ry sane,- . i>een 1 actually commt need ; and as a teni| orary ro He 1* >l at ihe tome time beuig opened, ?n amount of in0 formation ia likely soon to t>? collected wh'.ih will e familiarise us with each p?iut, regarding the c-ipaj bilitics of the entire region It is uuderaoo f. more" over, that when 'he canal survey* xhill '->e com'' |>leted,thty are lobe submitted to the ruid serutiajr '' of government engineers both iu KngU'it . 11 th? e (Tinted States; ?o that before the puhllj can b<' called upon to consider the ?:x,*dieiicy of -*.nbark'* ing in the undertaking, every doubt in cona-xion with it, a.^ f. r as pr.icucal minds are c . ?raed. will have been removed. a The immediate step* now in co?rae ?f cfnptiow n n>ay be explained in a (<* w words At pr?ei.*, thn L. transit across the Isthmus of Panamaoccurs four y days, and it* inconvenience s mid daaif'-rs >;r- no:o,r rious. At Nicaragua, it is re,-resented, tJ>> ; imir may possibly be effect. d in one d.iy, au 1 ih'.* by ft . continuous ste ?m rouie, with the exf-rpj j i of lif,t teen miles by mule or omnibus. Tif would l>e up the San Juan, ?<*!?< V. i to the town of that na ne, and thmiv t.i ; ,-jrt oi 1 ?>an Junn del Sur on the Pacific, On arriving at this ierminuH (wln< li ! NHMilibl) MUth of h* f on<* oonfempluted f.?r the p? rinant n: ci i:!, us i*ty, Itralejo.) the piiM? n?er would liu.l - rur t K0or7iKi miles nearer to California, thin if he It id I crotted at the Isthmus of i'auniui; audit* *h. rate . of speed of the American steamers on t'l 5 . rvicc j is upwards of oUO miles a d?y, ins biv.j.f of tlire?' j ds?s in crossing, louphd ?iih the; iti sen r distance, would I c equivalent to a t> .it < t l,5Qi* ) miles measured, iu relation to what is aco n^hshed ! by those vessels. A lo*er charge for t!?e transit, f and a comparativi ly li>althy climate, ar> a (<(ttioaal inducement*} and, uuder these cujum timces, ai.ti. 1 >tti,)iiB an entertu; if .1 tlit iiie great tide of trallic will t>t* turned in the n^w I1 >*oUon. t This tide, according to (he last account* liom Pae nunui, wiim kept up ut the rate of 70,0UJ tnrhoas a ? year, and i'. w?* my c d to increase. The n ivigabillty ot fie Sin J.i.m, Ito \ \ r, in ; its present Mate teu>uia? yet to be lea.' J. fhr f American compauy, who tiavr obiai.)"d *he piiviJ lejje bf the route, have ?i ut down two vr -?>la of f li^ht druught, the Nii'.ir.iKua and the l' V' 'or, f:ir II the burpour oi forthwith placing the nutter heyond doulit. At the l.u<l d.?te ilie Uirectux li 1J ufely Ctw: sed the bar at rs in .nth, and waa f re i. log to ascend ; the Nicar had previi'ii-<ly gn.,r up th? 1 Colorado, n branch river, where, if is 1 I'd, t irough the r n li -uetb ut li-r ?-iiaiii<-er, >1. i d rm J. 1 ogrcund U(iou a sandbank, Umuiifi ? u'aai1 it g uny danisge. The n?*i sccoiiuts wnl ' > ise.-4 ' I >-?: niut.Li . 0 .? uaf Ilia/ ?? III'- l? I Cl|lta I wlriea ol the river, acrid-ii'a tvri ; ,Uir 1 1 snftritwiU'ct in itir tireii m il of * n-vv u.n . > : oi nav1 testing it Even in our ow n river, th?? Thaut''*, the j tir?t Menm? r could *< in fly h ive been >i-< ed ti> ' nnke a tr |> faun LuiJoo-bridge ta it inomt ' witliuur some imali |>. Should, there!if, th?> preseni rxjierm:'nt ?h<>wany clrar i.i li: T int of > auccraa there will he r?*-? - >i>*ble g-ojui >f ooti ' gratulntion ; audit f rum no i<n.>o<t<tn( i -r ' in the hiM?<iv of enterprise thnt all mi rd it w ith good wtaliea. 1 If the rr?ultj of th n lrm|?orary Iw-it ?(ionld ; real /e the exprctatinna it *eeOM iowjimH, i.'iere eta he litije doubt the cuiiiflrtion ol tlie e m il will ! foon be commenced with nrdour. , it aurveya ahow a c?t not excredrig Ih-s c.i.n eatl* 1 mated in IKJ7 |>y Lieut. It uly. th> proij* <>f the return? would, there la reason to beli? ve, ih much l?rger Ihiin the public have at any time ? '-u ao~ rvfromrd to an^oae. lhtrcia alao th:-'??; tfeat 1 the iarreiar nf these reMrnn can know uj Iwirt ao lor.jl aa ihe commerce of it?e w?rU ahull .itcieav; ut?i, .nat?ii, Mire uly, ilte idea of the sain# t" .v nia|-|>rura to have Kiruck tome mini* wit* ajjli force n? to bad tbrm lo queation It the pr rib g?n which have bc?n granted are nolo/ a ki^ i #i cx'Moidtnunly favorable thit they t*vi!l aooiter ?>r later Iv r? pn<ii tted by the !<tate or .Nicar ig 14. No mch dnnpcr, however, exist#; aitlu ?J 11 my arc fliiHrattn d in the s?fe |OMrHi?n of all ih *;r nght? l>y 'he ireaty of >>rotrciH'n which hi* /? ?-? t\'trie,l between Or ai Ibitain and th (Jni'e 1 K' ,*c.i (>ae innet iaiixnttint ?ijjn in favor of ih? ?j-ilrlc 1 ompletion of the r-hip canal I# no w/n rushed, in the circumstance that there ar<" an n- j.' ?a. Al l'anaina, n cheap wooden nilwuy U to I. conafrnc'fd. which *ill prove i-ervicoable for n i,-li of the par^rrger truliic to P?rn an l Chik: hit th* project for a c.inal, at that poiat, lit# been entirely given m>. The nine i? the caae at Tfh'< <-r, where the d?flkuU ea ate far greater thiniitL'anntn*. It ia true the f|iieftion naturally nri#?s whether, if an exploraib n were made of other pirn o( <>nfr*M met ie.t, or N't-w Granada, a,?nie ro'ite might not he d<?C( T<re1 which might admit of mc < oa I'rtKllfH of a cantl, even at a le?a e<*?t tfcan wilt he nrcc's try at Ss\t^ia ; ?n llut ia a ni ?tt *r which concrintIke commerce cf the whole WiirtJ for r^r#, there are other pontatobe considered he#iden iii? te cl'oapnr>a: and thoae who hare I'.'ut.eJ the arimMaca of Nicnrwena maturoin, that enough i* brown "(the whole country, hoth north 1.rid south of that fc'tite, to eslaMi#h the fact thit #h<s e* InfrliiM'c capabilities raaential lo the perfec'nesa of the rritire work, * hich are not to be found in at y o?h?r ./nan *r. ar I f./r <he abwn -e ot which no *k.\ii g of any ciimrd'titK #um wotilil co:n,> naite. In the firtt place, it la nearer to Californi 1, by iere??l handted mile#, thpo any i.ther route UiV. coil?l be pointed of except T?hua:i tepee, while, at th? nine tlrr?, it i# M< central a* dulr to com'xle ihe ml' r?*t? bo*h of 1 lie noil Ik rn anil ninth-rn u ninlifrk <4 (kr Paulk) in the next plao*', it o?? itataa t? 9 migfcif.fut n * I dooke, wheie all 'h?* ve? < I# >n the world mitfHi refresh ami re1?j ilnrlly, i' tin rrf.? in natural urnlnct* ok all k u l?, ? 11 ia ben*!**, ci mpiritively w?ll pe.)|i|c<|; fovinitty, iV to?, a a'emc ratnrV vrhn.h la rrlillwl* hi M, ? Ii i<* 1' ia alao. i 1 moat piria, uNduulttetfy u-- ibn> j ai 14, f't ally, it hna a baioor on tiic I* ?? ih 1, <?ni?h, lo 1 *e 'he ? orda of (Mtilo,>, in Kh Co ih 01 i>Kr I ^nnlr<,t) aa *o?><? ? ??v p?rt in "t- kn>wi> otiil. 'Hi ? rid'-d'T ii'P" rior ri-11 <? I* tr'a m? itH? ii J MVU '( I - I ? J M*^M| A 0 | ! * V

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