Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. Jill) UOKOO* BIIRITf, raOPHIKTOA AN* IDITOK. wnci n. w. coknkh or fulton ard hassau st? r?l BAIL T MULALU, ^r'- ri f r IHS WZKKLY HLKlLS>,^i?Z^7ul%o*mU*r rpy, or $3 p*r mmii, (At timropan MUtton, $4 jwr am jarf of (trtut Brtfata. <mJ$?? <M? ?ar< / lA? (M. ML but* .c l .i (Ai DuaLuM LHTTKR.8 by mail, /or tvburiytmf. #r ?** advrrtjttmmMt, u> ?r Oit fmtaf mil bt 4+ducUd from njLvliTA&Y COKJtMBPONDKNVM. eonlattlnt tmfrtami Aim, tolu-iHd/rom any ^uarltr uj tK? world ; \J <ftd. vt11 Or ?raJI( rut* /<r. (h'l rotutN ill PUTWCUIU Rni'DTU TO tUL AU. LBTUI ABB rtoaua nrr ro ra. ... _ . WO NOTKS fhnot ,owwumie<U*m. W. 4* MtrKuralW rtj-, ltd. . MDVERTlNE.viy Ttt rr?rv*d*W?r*+t. JUH PRO/TlhV tifuud vilA u*.u*?, ?k?afmm mnd AMI^XUIM'S THIS IVKNINQ. RAU1N OPIKA, ASTOK I'LACK-IEHAR! BCWCNT rniATRK. Bowerj-Shoblakm** Towdvu ? !?.. > C'nii xt Baza*. bioadf at thbatrb. Bro?4w?y?Th? IhiotulPl.tuaio Attach mmts. NiBLO* OAHDBN. Uroidwty-tight Ror??Oiaud SnriiTisimaT-Riai'l,. SUiiTON'B TBBATXB, Chamfean lliiTll'l i'vil national > li BATBB. ChtiHn Bqnar*?Cockbsy m liuit-fioru'i Liwtn-Buoi Itiu Sisaw. MBCBAN1CB' BALL?Cmbistv'* Hiimibi. rBLLoWB' or bra BO CSC, Hi Broadway?Btmjomab tt-mtahji. KtKI'.A.N MUSXUM-Auvuh* P?iroiunia a?* uin Btbkino. MBW YORK AMPHITBBATUK. 37 Doirery-B<jt7?r*iAJr PuitlMilCU H1NBKVA BOOKS-L;>cmu' i'tAOiiiaii or OciA. ITA8BINOTON BALL-Paho*aha ?* PiLOBiM'f P*?uw. atoptani hai l.?pasohama iw r ai.ironm a. New Tork, Monday, NoTrinlMr IN, INSO. Trlrfritplilc ttnmiaary. We have received some further intelligence from Nashville, detailing some additional proceedings of the Southern Convention, now in session in that plice, hut we tirnl them not very interesting. Sacurday alternoon, it appears, was occupied in 4thaiing a motion to adopt the report of the committee, which was argued, pro and can, without coming to any conclusion. They will meet agitn Senator Downs, of Louisiana, has declared himeelf in favor of the Union, aud in opinion to secession. He announces that he is favorable to the adjustment in*de at the last session of Congress. This, and the speech of the Hun. Mr. Ccbh, must exercise considerable influence in the Southern States. "We were in hof>e8 of being able to publish a telegraphic report of Mr. Clay's speech on the invitation of the Legislature of Kentucky, but it did not come to hand last night. In a speech delivered by the Hon. John M. | Clayton, ex-Secretary of State, a day or two since, that gentleman spoke in favor of Genera! j Scott, as the whijj candidate for the next Presidency It is not unlikely that the General will be in the field, for, according t? present ap^araaces, ! there will be a scrub race, which m iy throw the lection into the House of Representatives. If such should be the case, General Scott's chmce would oot be very good, as the House will be demi cratic. The statue of the late Jjhn C. Calhoun has at lencfh reached Charleston, where, we understand, it is attracting a great deal of attention. The Recent Steamship Arrivals?The Supremacy or the ISi'M. The steamship Cmihria, of the Cun&rd line, and the Frn,klin, i he first of the new line running be- 1 tween this city and Havre, arrived In the Uuited States within a few diys? the one at Boston, and the other at New Ycik?after a verv interesting race, in which the American steamship was completely victorious, having run a distance of three hundred and seven miles more than the Cambria did, and in sixtren hours less than the latter accomplished the shorter distance. The Cambria le/t Liverpool on Saturday, the 2d inst ,at II A M . nd arrived at her wharf at Benton at U P. M , on Saturday the ltiih. The Franklin left Cowes, also, on Saturday, the 2d instant, at.') P M , mi arrived at her wharf at New York, at 8 o'clock A. M , on Saturday tie ltrh insant. This makes the pas- j n?gr ?>f the Franklin?taking distance and hiur of arrival into consideration?forty himrt uhorttr than ihat uf the Cambria Thu?.? tnr ruui.kl c? the (am hh i k 1*d fs awkliff . %ictimj Total Timt I Diilmf. lUyt. Hourt Canbrla to Roctoa.. .. . .2 MS miles 14 10 Franklin to New York...3 160 ' 13 IT Diff*r*tir*. ........... 367 milss 0 IT According to this, the Franklin run three hundred and seven mileamore than the (Cambria, in s<*vcuie mi k< urn l? hh nme The mail* of the Franklin were delivered in this city, and despatched over ih > conntry on Sa'urday; those by the Cambria will not b?: distributed till to-day. We may as well mention, loo, that the Franklin made, by two hours, the sbortett parage ever accomplished by any Cunard steanuhip from the coast of Nova Scotia to New Yark The Franklin will 1m succeeded by the Humboldt, which, we are informed, is e?|utl to her in every respect. Ojr readers are fi iiltar with the feuta performei by the Collins line f steamahips, so that there is no necessity for re(tiring > ihem si this lime. There is now going on one of the most interesting, snd at the same tune important, contests, which has been entered into (ince the cammencc i? nt of the world, or in w Inch any nation, or nt- { toons, engaged. ]| |B not a contest or conflict in ' which one cation exerts its influence and expend* its resources in inflietingr all the injury posMble an another; it is not a conflict of brute force with misd, for tbe mastery; but il is a struggle?a manly, honorable snuggle? worthy of the nineteenth sen- j iury and of the present air of progreaa aa<l civiliza- 1 ?h?o, bfiwffn KogUnd ?>l the United State a, (m bo le*a |>n/e tU in the au,>remacy of the aeaa?for aacendenry in the great world of commerce. It haa been dtacovered that commerce ia anpreme king, and eierciaea a ?wajr over the deatiaiea of man and of nation* graater than any aovereign, any 1 emperor, or any potentate. The nation that po?wr*mr? thr moat commerce l?, ptr tr, the moat poar rful, although it may not have any atanting army, r ita people m.iy not be eppreaaed by the eipenae of maintaining ? tWet to overawe ita neighbor*, and ifrvo^d to the tingle purpose of war. In a few ororda, mind, in thiaage of the world, haa achieved perfect triumph over matter, an 1 intellect haa aerted ita au primacy over physical ?r brtre lorce. Thia conteat ia between the United Stitea anil (ireat Britain? ita coarae will be watched with the moot mlentr inureat by every nation in Chria ' tesdom, and ita reaulta will confer benehta and advantages to the whole world, and eitend from prle to pole. Tin* Mate of thinga haa been hastened by the ute f atei m aa motive power on the oc in; and the Mti?n which makea the greateat nae of it w?ll be M(.'rra?ful in the struggle to winch we refer, and ?>rr* . 0 rh t.rise It ia onlv wnliin a ahort time that I ha United Stnir? h*a n*ailrd itarlfof this frrt' rhnirnt, and the progrran which il ha? nude tkuK far, au((ur> writ for (he futurr In one bound, ml wuh comparatively no r?j>er!rnee, we hare dated to f.lncr ournrlve* in com(>etiur?n with V.auInnd, ai d rrrn now claim ??tp?r?oritf. Thrnteamnhifj of <hr Ci Ilia* line *ir with and outstrip th<?ne of tl*-Cunard; and if we can acc<>m,>lmh no much nt o?ce, what, wr m-y a-h. ran wr not do, with in eifrpear* of n f??w yar.1 Wh?-n wr ronawJor ihat op to within three or fo'ir yenr* wr did not own a mulr Mramrhip, and had no rx^nmer in constructing machinery mitrd lor orran navigation, wr havr *vrr) fooo to be proud of our auccrna tkm? f*r, ia the frieadljr e?Hit?*t going on between tttf IT?i'td Suit* mad J.KgUad If. the *u,>rcia?cjr of the ku, ud for the poaaeaaion of power. Bat we ahall not remain contented with what we have already achieved. We want mere; and we moat and will have it. We must leave all rivals and competitor* behind us; we must una no? the greateat ahare of the commere of the world, and other nation* may follow in our wake, and pick np the scrape. The commerce of the Eaat, through the enterprise of our people, it undergoiag a change, cod taking a new direction We are tapping the Pacific in three different points, and ere many montha the waters of that ocean will be united to thote of the Atlantic. The commerce of the whole earth will soon be brought to our own shores, and the United States will distribute its blessings to the rest of the world. India, China, and Japan will be as neighbors to us, and we shall curry their products to the utmost bounds of civilization. When we contemplate the vast and magnificent prospect which is in store for us, we cannot but be amazed; but we cannot help admitting that our reflections are, in some degree, tinctured with pain. While we are thus pursaiog a career which is without a precedent in the history of nations, and have aprosptct before us that almost overwhelms the imagination, we see at home a canker gaawiag at our vitals, and threatening to overturn oar gigantic fabric of wealth, greatness and prosperity. Who d?es not see, with alarm, the tendency ?f the course that the fanatics and abolitionists of the North are pursuing, at the instigation of designing demagogues and ambitious politicians 1 Wh? doeH not see that those disorganizes are pursuing a policy, the natural result of which, if succebsful, will be the dissolution of the bond of uaion which unites the republic under which w? have become whut we are, aud in the psrmaneuce of which are centered all our hopes of the future! Let that union be rent?let the political cord which I Ulli(IB us ingrinrr, i?c miappcu, auu wc en an ai once fall front our high mute, Instead of retaining onr poMtum as the first, greatest aad most . powerful natiou of the world, w'e shall become a ; collection of jarring and hostile nation?, without strength, and unable to command respect at home ! or abroad. On the other hand, if we continue as ; we are?if abolitionism and fanaticism are put i down by the good sen*e of the people?we shall go on in our grand career, conquering and to conquer, | until the revolution which we commeuued, shall have brought forth its full fruits, and we shall be , the brightest star in the galaxy of nations. New York Elkction ?Following up the deI tails of the recent election, we give to-day a statement of the votes for members of | Congress, in each of the thirty-four districts of the fcftate?all from the official returns, except about half a dozen counties, which we have included, as the majorities are known. It will be seen that the whigs have an aggregate majority in the Sta'e, on the Congress tirkets, of fi,2!IO over the democrats, notwithstanding their majorities were cut down by the operations of the Seward nn n in some districts, aud the "silver greys" in oth* rs. The remarkable discrepancy between the vote for Governor and members of Congress, on the whig tickets, is mainly to be attributed to the buj>port given to the whig candidates for Congress by barnburner or free soil democrats, in districts IX' K t> Ktm W?r r\ r Paac nnri I li r? If i nunn A v m f\nr u t u received the nomination. The extent of these o| eraiions will be seen by the comparative table of majorities far Congress &nd Governor, which we give with the ather statements. The same effect was produced in favor of the whigs nominated for the Assembly?the free soil democrats generally defeating the democratic nominees when known to be in favor of the reelection of Mr Dickinson to the U. S. Senate. The aggregate majorities on the State ticket may be stated as follows, which will not vary much from the official returns:? C?i nnor- Washington Tliint. (whig) MS majotlty , I . nt Otmarmm ? Banlord t Churnh. itrwe aotl drin ) 7 3U."> majority. Canal ('Mmuumir John C. Mather, (bunker dent ) | 1.014 majority. Sia'r Pmoil Iniprtjar Wm. P. Angel, (fraa SOU d*m ) 8 M>0 mejorlty. (Ink r/.lppfit Charles 8 Denton. (trse soil arm ) | 8,t<?0 majority. All <f the above were on the anti-rest ticket, except Mather, who owes hia election to the Castle Garden I'nion movement. He is the only man on tie Union ticket elected. Whig majority on Congreas tickets, 6,290. This is a moat curious result, aa4t*disatea, as in other States, a general breaking up of the old parties. TiiraLow Weed onCvstom Hoi'sk Removals.? Thurlow Weed saya that Collector Maxwell ia turning out of office some of those who gave active and zealous support to Waahington Hunt. Thurlow deplores, sadly enough, that Mr Hastiags, of Albany, known to him aa an "untirioi" aupporter of the whole whig ticket, and Joha I' Curran, " a hard-working man, with influence at the polls," and "worth mora thin a dozen" collectors, should b? kmong the number of the prosciibed. With a terrible denunciation, Thurlow winds up on the edict of the oollector, whom he deaignates as a petty tyrant, guilty of " nepotism, duplicity and folly " This is quite savage on Thurlow Weed'a part He ought to be well aware that one aet of whiga ranaot be id office all the time. Each must take hia turn at the s|>oila? and when changea are mnde, to give fresh ones a taate, a little patient eqaaainuty of temper on the |*rt of politiciana is - ll_ tl. j i...... #.11 . A ?r UJ j irnrs ui **njn iau MIII u?iu j fro?t. $k*ator Siwabd ?" The hicher law" Senator wit here on Saturday, and haa aince returned to Auburn. The nhj?ct of bin visit, it ia aaid, wai to aee Archbishop llu|thea before hi? departure for Europe, lie believea that John of New York poaaestra aome influence over the Iriah and Catholic votea, and it taa part of hia (tame to pay court to hia " lord*hip," in view of hia raee for the next Preaidenry. With thin influence on one aide, with that of Frederick Douglaaa and the darkiea on the other, and with half a million of dollara inherited fir m hia economical parent, at the berk ef both, the learfar of free coil and abolition whiggery will make a deeperate run We are half inclined to back him at an even bet against the field. Th* Ho*. Da^iii. Wkihtk* c?mi*o to N?w Y> br ?The Maaaachuaetia Senator left home on Saturday, rn rrmft for New York, and ia to arrive here thia afternoon. It ia expected that he will addreaa the merchant*, either at the Lxrhtnfe or Castle Garden, upon vital queationa affecting the general weal, and if he ahould do ao, he will dnubtleaa find more sympathy in thia Union city than in the fanatical region cf the Enat. It ia aaid he will remain in town for two or three rtaya. Jitmnr Lintt m Pot.i ric# ?The only whig cantfi<4ate for A?ar mMy for oae of the district* of Rrnatelaerenurry, wa?Jenny Linii She had prerio<ialjr reived a vorr for Lieutenant Ooverim for the State of Mtaaarhnarta, and rhe received aereral votea in thia ci?y for the Mayoralty. Ct i tmtiM rr Tv? iu Ba ?tit ?Our la?t advleaa from Braill Infnrmed u? that the production of t?a la that empire I* rapidly lner?a?lng. and b?eonilng an l?por taut article of growth it In thought that la few t?a will b? produnrd in Rraill ? e*?lly and M largely a? eoflee and that that country will furnUh the world ?l?h H? t?? favorite beveragea. The enltl vatlon of tea la attract lag the attention of plantera tbronghoat tha empire. many of whom are dividing their plantatlona-one part to he d* voted to the pradortltfn of tea. and the other ta eoffea Tha C!on?nlgeneral of Braitl. !. t Aquiar. K?j . wboaa offl,-e la Ho M Piatt rtrwt baa aaveral eamplea of gunpowder hyion young hyaon and hlaeh whleh were ral*ed In the provlnee of Rio de Janeiro tha quality of whleh. In many reepenta. la aqnal. It la ?ald. to the pro<lnetlon of < hlna W? believe that thin continent from tha grvat variety of aol) and ellaata. It capable of pra dn?ln? everything Mfraaary far tha hepplneaa and aalart of mm. Visitir* TH* Mxtvotoi.19?Sni!<e nil Lium? Bmrmn in Fashions ?The drlicioUH, bracing air?the clew ilues and inspiriting tun light of our * Indian innimer, are enjoyed by thousand* and 1 thousands of strangers. from erery part of the * land. The hotels are filled to overflowing, and never before hu the city been bo thronged, a> t during the present beautiful and exciting season. | The temptations of the weather, for the last two I months, have been only second to those of the ' great artiatical talent which has displayed itself in 4 i the metropolis, for the admiration of the commu- ] nity. We have now Parodi, Jenny Lind, Anna Bishop, Graham, the tragedian, the Ravel Family, and others, all attracting, by their remarkable skill in their several arts, while those who have left us for a season, Cushman, Buchanan, Sir William Don, have drawn largely the attention of the public towards them, by the exercise of their taleats. Music, tragedy, comedy, and pantomime have ruled in their several spherep, directed by the great artists we have named. It is through the influence of such a wonderful collection of great artists in the metropolis, that Broadway has been crowded daily and nightly for two months?that the hotels have enjoyed a prosperity unexampled ia the best business times, and that all places have succeeded better for the very competition, which, at first, threatened duoger. Vast sums of money have thus been distributed ill the metropolis, and the public economist has perceived, with pleasure, that distribution and activity of circulation in finance is the true source of general happiness. Our daily notices, advertisements, and criticisms of evening, and sometimes of morning performances, have directed the public to the several places of amusement; but the great throng j of straDgers desire to complete the object of their visit, by tilling up their days with an examiuatioa of the best places for purchasing jewelry, articles for making brilliant toilettes, for improving the understanding, and for cultivating those graces which give a charm to social life. Oar country having become largely enriched by the treasures of California?this city being the great deposit for gold duet?thousands flock in here to draw upon their wealth, and to bless themselves and trade, by adding to the sum of their comfort? and luxuries. The jewelry marts are sought?the dry goods shops are frequently visited?the boot and shoemakers are called into requisition; and, by equal steps of ambition on the part of those who seek accomplishments, the great teachers of the fdshionable dances ore sought, in order to complete the whole purpose of a scjourn in New York. Our columns make known the names of hundreds who have the ability to minister to the wants, and comforts, and luxuries of strangers; but in the line of brilliant btjouttrie, there is one hou*e that occupies a petition so pre-eminently distinguished as to be worthy of special nonce. Tiffamv, Yooho, and Elljs, 271 Broadway, on the corner of Chambers sireet, have a massive display of jewelry, of the very best quality, which is always cheapest in the end. Their diamonds and precious stones, generally, form a collection distinguished above all others in this country; and such is the extent of their capital, that they snatch from the rich belles of Paris many a gem that, in former days, could not have been brought to this country. Our California treasures are like magnets. They draw from the European ciues the best of everything; and thia r firm, who have a partner and a branch of the house t in the Kue de Ilichelieu, at Paris, are the recipi- 1< ents of all that taste distinguishes as elegant in Europe, or that capital can command. Their saloon is as deep and rich as the gemmed cavern ( of Aladdin, and every step brings the visiter in the face of new wonders in the jeweller's art. It ia * one of the sights of Broadway. 2 In the dry goods line, Jamks Beck and Co., 356 Bioadway.atidSTKWAaT, in lusgreat marble palace, unroll all the finest textures of the world. Beck and J Co. do an immense business, and depending upon great sales and small profits, art continually issuing, ? like a lloo<l, shawls, laces, gloves, silks, satins, \ cloaLs, mantles, sc.rfs, linens, cambrics, and every J abric that the loom creates, in such variety, bril- i liaucy of color, und fineness of finish, as to astonish even those in the trade. Here no counteas need fear being taken for her waiting maid, because she is , in dtthabxllt. The salesmen have an eye to real J politeness, and there is a Uvtt or c<mver$a:tont * every morning in the extensive saloons. The dtscu*ki?ns are on the great triumph of l'arodi last night, J and what ahe will appear in next, or upon botany, * geology, astronomy and Mm Mitchell, ?f Nan- \ tucket, or upon the new dances introduced by J Saraceo, and others. Every day brings new subjects forward, and each tUe A tUt is turned to , account, in the round of social elegancies and J delights. But what can ladies do without boots and shoes 1 i How could they expect to take steps into polita | circles, or make less than a lame aHair of fashionible life, unless on a pro|>er understanding of the < very soul of grace and carriage. Elegant feet, \ "peeping out like mice," as the poet has said, are a J principal charm of beaaty. The ancients under- ' stood this part of dress better than we do. All the ancient carvings and statues make the feet of I women me rrry rounaauon 01 an grace a iooi \ was rrcrntly dug up in 1'ompeu, or llerculaneum, J winch is supposed to have been the Uat at some belle of one ot those eities. It hu been admired J for its wonderful beauty?for ita itaiueifut ele- J gance of form, and has been made uae of, by W. < H Jrflrra, 4h7 Broadway, for the boots of several ' distinguished ladies in the metropolis. It is said , that nothing can excscd the elegance of the result* j from this foot, and as a beautiful foot cannot be \ fitted out of New York, Jrfiers is overran with thousands of lorely strangers, anxious to test his judgment and skill. 1 Neat to patting the feet in the very best trim, is J to know how to use them with the most graceful eHect. Pierre Saracco is a perfect geams in his way. He teaches all the new dancra, the " Polka," < " Majourka," the "Schotuse," and all those new i hgurea that have driven out the ancient family of " cotillon* and contra-dances. His halls, at 110 (irsnd street, are always alive Madame Augusta ! ?t James, in Broadway, Madame Ciocca, and ] several others, are also in vogue, for their admira- i ble manner of teaching. Madame Augusta St. ."amee is meeting with the most distinguished saccess Thus, we think we have blessings enough to b? contented with?that we have reaacn to look upon ' the prosperity of New York with the utmost satis- ' taction. There ia no place in the world that com- 1 manda more talent in the beautiful arts, and for 1 two months past, the city has exhibited such life * ard activity, such gaiety and enjoyment, as is , scarcely knows to Paris. The money expended r by Strang'rs has amounted to an immense sum, , and upon its distribution, h*s grown up an unexam- 4 pled prosperity among all classes. Such is the true t mi?Mon of talent? that equalizes wealth, by optn- t nig the purrr-stnnss, and by putting the currency * of the country within the teach of the industry and * enterprise of nil. Jd tiiM* Ti??h.-I?ih to Cinrnnn Th? ear- t' in.tfOuthw.rd. and the ni?r?tlon to Oallforn a ara ? |>l*tty utroaa juat now. Iht itfM<kl|i floridi loft oi ? hlnrdi; for with two or thra* bundr?<l r piMfK|rn. and n??ril of h#r itatr ra<m? *r? already tl ronci (or tha n?*t trip Tb?itMra?blpi)hln on her tl n?lt trip to 1Ib??bb. H?? OrlMM and (barren. will ? carry aat quite a larga Buaber of pawengera Sereral tl faailllaa go la bar ta Haraaa, to apend tba winter In li that loaatlfal city, many Hoath?ra?r? return la her to New OvlMM; and tha another for Chacraa n rm,i? h for CallfoTBla will be lar*e and reepeetatta Amn< ? thoee bannd lor the fold r*ft?B are the Hob Thoiaaa ai Roller KIbr aBd family, who gn?? oat a* Oollootor of r Pan friBtltr*. Wa leara tbat Mr. K. ha? already p engaged ja>?age In tha Ohio. The 0 ilia ob 1 ue? lay |( the 86th iMt || Inpnmr Caarl-I irmit (ntirt. Tba II' n Judge Kdwanl- pr?i 4ia( 41 Not IB l?n? una C?<r. la lb* rate -( H :'<?r ml am h?r ? The "'..taaiMan I r.a ir*r? , <nt Uie ? Jar/ irtdared a rerdlet for Ula plain, iff $4 97 J W. ? % Am?m Witif'i VUth fctiwl Owtert. Lilt sight mora than tour tkoiiud f?M?i wwn mill it TrlpUr Ball. notwithstanding th? *Mthw bronghont th? tej hid bun wy nnproplUau* It ma tin avidaat tkat tk? t?a ?f Amm*. MA? u>il nf er Me red eoaacrts It commanding the attratlon of he public generally, for tha audience ni of aahionable tbmcUr. The whole of Haydn * erato io, " Tho Creation,'' waa performed and the aolo, ihorua,and orchestral parte, were well performed. 8a[uln made a very decided Impression by hia artistlcal lellrary of his portion of the music, and hit >owertul voice told wall upon the audience Maorers taa equally lelicitons In what he had to do and waa ncored daring the evening Keoently, he haa not itraioed hl< role* a? he did at first, and it haa a bet:er effect, and 1* altogether more satlafaotory than ehen ha ftrat tried his power* in the great musical liall. 01 Anna Bishop's performance. It ia aoarcely netestary to My anythiug. lier utual brilliant and Inished style shone conspicuously in every part of the >ratorio. and each solo was rendered with that strict Bui-leal exactitude that forms no inconsiderable part >1 the charm of her vacaliMtiun. " On mighty pens " was ejqulsi'ely sung. The director. Boensa. merits much commendation lor the admirable manner In which tie guided the ershertra and Mr Lyster has done wonder* with the thorns The effect produced oy raising the lights, at 'Let there be Light," was well designed, and added to the impression of the mnsio. In the third part, however, the most brilliant portion of tb? ronrinrt ?a? nr?Mnt#d Thnow#ptiip?an(i nMvur icm l)oniiettis "Martyr*. w<r? well executed by orchestra and chorus In Uandel'* celtbra**d bird song. Anna Bishop sung charmingly. Her rcbo, and th* flute-like tones of her voioe created unit* a MM ation, and in this, the most diflleult pieoe of iba bind lately heard in this aaaatry, she iu?di a Lrtnmpb not easily to be equalled. She was very delerveJIy encored. and sang a portion of it a second Lime, much to the gratification of the delighted auditors. On tb* whole, tba concert was on* ef the most satls> factory that has baen given; and as each one seems to be an improvement on the preceding one. there eta t>e no question that the next concert will be a very tirillinnt entertainment. Parodl In Kruanl To-n Ifclit. After creating an unexampled sensation in the pable mind, three times m Norma, and three times as Liucrtcia. Parodl, to-night, will appear as Donna Klrira in ' Eroanl " We shall be prepared to expect mother great triumph, in which the vocal abilities ef his great arliilt will shine with even greater effect ban in the other operas In which she has appeared. Elvira will give great scop* for brilliant vocalisation, tnd we have such faith in the musical skill and the lualities ot the vole* of1'arodi that w* Lav* no doubt >f her adding largely to her fame. The extraordinary icmpasscfber voice, we are rur*. has Mot yet be?u ully appreciated, because it i* one of a very rare lind and seldom heard even in Europe. It is capaile, if we iul*tate not. of doing man? m.ire remark ible feats thun have yet astoniched the public. When iuitaLl* opportunities occur?when I'tr >di ean use her w( e e(? citalily to herself as an eminent irlUMhl atiluc i ot the Upera will learn the extent of the treaure tbry are invited to appreciate We shall, thereore. *i pect her to night to take advantage ol an op lorlunity to increase her tame as a m?r? vocalist ? >cubtless, n full house will testify the curiosity of th* tublio to hear her in " Kruani " Court of tirnrral Bcaalona. lefore the Hecoroer nnd Aid Hrltton and Delamiter. Nov 16 ?7 tied for Grand Larcrny atul .1 quitttd ?A lountr man nam ml John < I vtni ?aa nl&?ad ?n hiatrUl

barged with haviDg stolen ou th* night ot th- 4tb o! luly last. in mon-T. from John Burke. who kept icjuor store at No WV (.at hart no street Tne eouiplaiuAt. Burke, deponed that he lo*t the money above jamid and that he subsequently brard that tbe scIMlkllll flwens was arrested on the Vth of July. Ltd money frond upon hie person, whtoh Burke ilaimed ax hi* On the part of tbe defence, it was irorrn (hat the accused was man of excellent obarac?r and industrious and Irugal habit*. It was farther hown that fr<mi of the very money claimed by Barke lad hern paid to defendant by bin employer Burke rai under the inf!uene<< ol liquor at the time heloet hi* noney Ills own testimony *m. that he wen', Iota be aarket and laid down on a stall to sleep, and when | ie awoke hi* money wai none Tbe jury, without tavlng their stats, acquitted the accasrd. Superior Court. Before Justice* Oakley, landlord and Taine. Not. 10?,/eAn .liAAaAf, plaintiff in trror, 11 Froiptr 'oiiiiis. dffmSant in error.?Judgmeut reversed. J arm i B. Dmforth. a/iptllant. ri John J. f Wtstertil. rrt/nmirnt ? Judgment affirmed with ootts M i. P Sflt t ?. Juilut E h'.jrlr and Htrjamin T. laUiit ? Mition to aet aside report of refarsas denied. DoyU'i Collection of Books at Oooley'a nati> n roem.- This *Teaiait will commence th* Morad week I th* sale. Hie department* to he oispaeed ?f are, R- aad Novel* ; e oeltesiioa of Mast*, most uf it i-y th* r at r< n.p srr<; works oa Edacatioa ; do. oa ths subject of llaeerT. l'hienolocy. Mssuierirui ho., Freewiesoarf, artrt.? ?*.< !.? ??. m* tn? rivhest -?il?rtion of weeks om kre hit. dure, Htsteary, k*. imaginable. Oh. what aa "P>or'mi|ty f< r tcolttors architects and ecannisaeurs, ta this nbl a>? aad sanoblisg art. Mr. K*e*e i wit. aa usual. elicits >?als of lsu|hl*r. It is felicitous and brill.aet, like a Bin* f i urc gold, eraabliar awsy from its owa richa-ae. Hair Dylng.?Phklon's Magi* Hair Djrs, eolor th* hair or whiskers, th* moiaeat it I* applied, rithoat Injury to th* bair or skia. It oaa be washed imiaeilately ?ith<>at disturbing the eel or, and has no bad ndw. t is applied, er sold, at Pbaloa's Wig aad Toape* au4sery, 1P7 Broadway , Chap*. Chafra, Roufhn*M, Ballowneaa, 'imples Eruptions, and all sua diseases, is well aowa, poeitit-'t cured by using Oouraud'e Italian Medicaed boap. The Pvadrc Hubtile eradieates hair from aay part if the body. Lii|aid Roags for pale lire aad checks Lily White for rengh flushed, sluggish sompfsiioas, at *) Walker treet, first store irom Broadway. Calleede?, South Third met, Philadelphia. llcknMl at tk* Stomach?Thl* la a fi%> |eat coeseqoeace of ladigeaiion, and i* generally aseom>aai*d or followed by preeiratloa ef strength, eadache, ir esulantycf the bowels, aad svimmiag of the head. The caie aad brariag iaflceac* ef Kaspp's Health R.atoratiee Hittsre at oacc sweeps sear these symptoms, aad ressws isalih aad v Igor ia the system of the invalid. Osae'al de?t, :W2 iludaoa Ureet. I or aal*. at l&IPultoa street Mo. per tettl*. Wlgiand Tonptes ?The Public art liTltod U> IIIII1M Bitli?lur I Itvli of un?a Rail Maalna -the* tn raallr lb* oali?[?rb artfalaa of tha klad wa avar aaa, aad praaaat (iporlor attraotioai to wig *?trai>. baiaf laaqaallad for aieallaaaa of workraanahlp, mod aaar. aatarai tppaaruaa. Call aid aiamina than at Mr. Batabalor'a aalaWtM Vic f?? tory. Na. ? ITall atraat. Oapy Ui addraaa. Hair I>ya.?Bakhalor'i Ucnalna Liquid lair D}a, aaa aalj k? aaoarad at tha unanfaatorj. 4 Wall itraat Tha pablia ahcald (aar Utfaiatt lantatlaaa. laa mt ran cat diploma* Paraaaa wboaa hair bM aaaaaMd a bad ( lor fran tba in af tha laltatira if. aaa ba*a |t aarllltld b? oalliac a* aK?r? Opr tha addraaa riarkr, Tailor, 11(1 W llllam atrrcf, (oppodtr ba Waaklaitaa il?na) aakn to ardar Baa araaa aad rath r. at*, from $ A ta caaaiaitra paata fro? t? |<; raata frvm $ I i? |.V Ala.-. aa aaaortnuat af raadjr aada iraraoata aad aiaala-braaatad utki, tiijIm ib pnoa from H?to?l6. taiablubad IM4 Caaak Factory, 30:? , Hrnadwaf^Tk* aaertmaataf Shall toaba at tbtaaatahliahmaai laaat aqaallad a tba aity. aitbor aa ta ftrlrtj ar qaalltr; tba graataat aara a takaa la tba Sitlri af aaab. a? vha< tba? at tba baad la Aa Boat parfart auaar I'oaba at whalaaala r. M HI liHV.JW^ Broadway. Elegant Maalral Doir* ?Jnit rrrrlTfJ, an Votaa of (aa laraa Baataal H ? , aalaotioaa from La Varotlta, I aorana n ?*ia, Paa-a Diva frn? Norma. Laoa dl ^aaarawr.U Fill* do Raaimant, II Parltaai. aad Sarioai raall; Polka, aa plarod at Horioa'a A. VAN VaLKKNBIBCH. 1W Pawl at.. ?p Hairs. l.adlra' Clodtka, Jenny Llnd larks, Barks, "Waka aaa tillaa aa.. af all kiada of (tail, wail mada, and baapar than yra raa purchaaa la Bmadvar. al tba 'Baa llTa," JB7 fir aad rwt, Now York. Alia, afan* a?aortm?at I attaw t*?4a, ribbaa*, a b. D. HAWKINS. n. R. Jonra, 14 Ann alrwl, naar tka Aaaa<aaa kuNta Piaa Pr*aah l?rraa B?ot?, |4 an ta Mt itaall* t? aad |7 . Pranah Patent Laathar BooU, Caart? flooM, 80 to |4. Pranth Watar-Proaf Bom, froa l4NI ti l,; All (coda ar? warraa'ad to ?l*a aat lafaatioa. MOIIT MARKBT. ImtoT.KdT 1MP.V. During Iha oarly part of tha wa?k juat cloaad, tba tosh mar hot waa qolta buoyant. bat toward* tha low. a ratrtloi ww raalltad. and prlcaa drpraelaUd a rartloa. Many ?p?-eolator who hava for sons tins Htbaai operating lor aria*, bar* p?na?d la thalr no?em?nt* and ara sniloualp waiting tha sonraa of raata It U tha Impraasloa of othara that a fnrthar Ira will b? aiparisassd. whila tha baara fcal that tha Ima baa coma, aad that tha fall will ba aa graat and a* thlH ki Iha rUa kbi K?aa A ?aak #vs? t?A will a.lila 11 tboao point*, tad show whloh party hM tha a>coa i?noy ? a do not look for much ebaoga la tha poalIcn of ?ltbor of tha two aparnlatlra partla* goal* of bo faacla* Bay fall off conalJ.ra\>ly during tha dull rlator won'li?. whila othor* will continue to otoadtly IfMft. antll they roach a point corraapondlng nor* rith their actual value. Tb^rr arc. at wa hare b?tor? > marked fanny itoril oa the llit, aelllag much ahora b' lr pre*. at or protpeotlra raluo, and tha Iwara will, iltbnut doubt. go deep into thorn. Tho margin for p?eu1atlaa I* m great, that large profit* will bath* ??alt of hoary hammering. and purchaaari may hare bo facility* for carrying tfcem without daring to hold hem la tha fa?o of a atoady decline Wltk proper dinrlntnatlnn a rirh barreet can be gathered, while, on fie other hand, hoary lo??a? wool J both# ra?ult of discriminate rale* of tka loading fknclad. W itbln tha put ale moat ha. a rary Important cbaaga boon mada la tba financial affair* an l operation* f of onr railroad aompanla* and tkalr ataek^ i lBrro?infnt? hara largely approelatad la ralao boo# who tako a inporfielal rlaw of tba ptaltloa aad rtopcctr of oar work* of lataraal lmp"ra??rnaut. nag'ca that ?V-an?e moat of them were eoaeelrad la [norasee. eonetruaUd with aitraragaoaa. aad aonnctod without tba allgktaat rogard. apparently, to la lateiaat of tho?a who had M> frooly expanded thalr K>a?y. thay coald aot by aay ponaibillty ba mada rrdnetlra aad tkoaafara ha?a ao actaal raid* aa iTaat meat* Tka growtil Ml prograti oi thU aoaotry .r, a pMt, that work* ?f latwat) lafi*TNi?t in- J iMtcl w\tb i b? iaroloyawiat of lla rM?ar?M ud it* I prMpafftty. Improve ia pfdactlfa?a, ui al' la??t?ly ant kNonu profitable laTNtaaaU. I Tber* la hardly a railroad or aanal la tb? country bat ] will oTauiaallj pay goa4 4iTl4aada. It aioat b? borne i In mint th < ountry U yet la lu Infancy, that th* I population U widely distributed, and a very until , j section la *t all thickly settled Oar railroads draw their bualneas from anry large tract of country, and, i unlike those ef Great UiUian, do a great deal ef work for con para tlTaly little money. A* business beoomss | more conoentiated, the population mora dense and tba traffic 01 oar railroad* greater la proportion to their , length. ?to*khoMkr? will iwoal ve better return*, and the alae ot the work* greatly enhanced. It I* therefore, the helghth of absurdity to *ay that railroad* and canal* never will be worth anything, or that thair tookholder* never will be remunerated for the expenditure. It will, without doabt, be many year* before om* of our road* pay dividends out of their ao- I tual earning*, bu' we bare bepe* of sven th* moat un- I promising. Canal*, properly looated, and connected j with a traffic in which railroad* cannot compete, are j destlnsd to be among our mo*t productive work* of i internal Improvement. Tbey are much more eaonoml- j rally conducted, and their revenue is almost all i profit. Having nothing to do with the expenses of J transportation, th* companiea run no rlak of lose In ' that department. The eipenditurea on account of repairs are comparatively limited, while their oapaclty ' la Miffielently large to insure a good revenno, if only 1 partially employed. Canala oan transport bulky mer- J chandiae much cheaper than railroads, and tbey must. 1 therefore, In the carrying of coal, ore. granlta, and other heavy article*, successfully compete with roads. < Those connected with the coal trade, are destined, be- i fore the lspse of many years, to be particularly pro- j duotlve. and have their capacity tested to the utmost i The time Is not far distant when there will be a want ot adequate facilities for getting coal to market in quantities sufficient to satisfy the demand for con- I sumption. < The exportation of apeeie from this port during the past week, >11 as ainrird 8nirm.nn or SrxciK from the Port or New Tori. Phip Plato, East Inlies, SpanUb dollar* $41340 ; doubloons 2.031 j Ship Bavaria. Harre. five frnnrg 7.000 j mixed sllrer 10 810 1 Brig Dark, Port au Prince, An gold 35.000 < ToUl Not. 0 to Mot. 16 $98171 Previously reperted 7,094.041 i Total for 1850 $7,790,212 The steamship Baltic tor Llv rpi o , ear lid out about one hundred and titty thvueand dollar* In apecle, ' principally ailver. The demand in Europe tor silver la ! increasing, and the premium has already reach?d two ' percent. ItTery packet for Havre takes oat more or j lest l.lTer coin ; iu laet. It Is laaTing us In ever/ diree- ' tlen, and we begin to feci a scarcity in our own mar- t kets. ' The receipt* oi the Baltimore and Ohio Railroal , Company for;the month of Oetober, 1850, were as annexed 1 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. J for Haurvgm, For Freight. I Main Btrm $37 61110 (.99.326 03 j Waahlcgtou Branch 23 734 77 4 002 33 J $01,270 87 $101,087 30 Making an aggregate of $134 807 1 3 on the Main j St. m and $28 897 10 on the Washington Branch?the i total being $163 263 23. The aboTe shows an Increas* [ OTer the corresponding month of last year, of $12 69311, c being $8 905 92 on the Main Btem. and $3,787 19 on the !! Waehlcgton Branch. The transportation eastwardly 1 on the railroad into the city of Baltimore, of ao meof ' the principal staples has been as follows ?Bark, 15 ] trxs ; coal, 14 298 ; tire brick. 233 ; flreweod. 52 ; flour, j 45 786 bbl* ; grain 107 ton*; granite, 519 ; iron, 1,220; < iron ore and maganese, 538; lard and butter, 40; leather. 113; lime. 0 ; live *tock, Tlx , 12,979 hog*, j 1 033tons; 20 theep, 16 tons: 212 horse* and mules. 119 ? ton*. 46 fcorntd cattle, 12.ton* ; meal and ihorta 240; ' pork and bacon, 22 ; tobacco, 78 hlid* , whiskey, 376 ? bbl* ; miscellaneous, 100 tons. The quantity of flour, wheat oorn and barley left at { tidewater dnrlng the 2nd week of NoTeaber, in the , year* 1849 and 1840, was as follow* Flour, hhh. Wheat, lu. Corn, bu. 1 * -"> "i. "is onniM U l? 1I2.S35 1060*.!203 0U3 236 422 22 714 109 344 I?o_82 7R8 I no 2ft 200 Dm 62 418 Ine 17 009 The aggregate quantity of the uma article* left at tide water, from the comraenremeat of navigation to ] the 14th Not. inciuaiva, during the year* 1840 and < 1860. ?u aa follow* FUur.hMt. Wktat hu. Corn. Int. Rarity hu. 1849. .. 2 710106 2 217 737 4 862 40') 1197.416 10MJ. . . 2,e04,866 2,694 362 8.100,392 1617 418 < Dee. 106.800 Ine. 470,026 Dee. 1,080,017 Ine. 320 001 The aggregate quantity of the same article* left at j tide water from the commencement of navigation to the 14th November, incloalre, daring the year* 1848 J and 1860, wai aa follow* : - < fleur Ult. tl'kml. hi. Cent. hu. Barlrf. hu t 1848.... 2 682 111 2 844,371 2 712.260 1800.864 1840. ... 2 601.820 2 004.802 8,160892 1.617 410 J Ine. 22 744 69 901 464.142 "212,002 ! By reducing the wheat to floor ahowa a decroaae of j 0.975 hbla of floor. The following table abow* the quantity of aoma of j the principal artielea of produee left at tide water, i from the commencement of navigation to the 14th of j November, ineloelve. doting the year* 1140, 190 day*; I 1040,100 day*; liftO. 200 daya I? iiciirn or rnoorcs at not witkb. 1*48 1849 1060 . Flour, barrel*.. . . 2683.111 2,710 166 2.004 865 Wheat, buabela. . . 2.?>34.871 2217 787 2 094 102 , Cora, do... 3712.2AO 4 862 400 8.100,892 | Barley, do.... 13O0 8ft4 1.107 416 1 617 410 | Kye, do.... 232.674 264 938 3/,5 718 ? <?h grain*, do .... 1.1 (Hi 636 l.nOft.Orr 2 134 6 .1 1 Beef. barrel* 37 691 0ft 614 40,169 Pork, do 00 470 70.097 40 032 Atbea. do 84,630 4<* 092 20 ftOO Butter, pound*. . . 18 803 670 II 803.310 11 494 00.% Lard. do .... 9 063 607 18 8:.ft 341 >018 848 Cbeeaa, do .... 16*09 H93 24 606 900 24 4X1.887 i Wool do .... 8 010 000 12 028 ( 60 11.000.160 I Bacon. do .... 8 09ft 610 8 320,820 9,270,821 There la so poeaiblllty of the defleleaey In the receipt* of floor and Indian cor*, thia y<ar compared ( ?lth laat, being made up. Wa Boat look for the oloeing \ or tAa eatal" or inn Slate, in ID* cnun>m two orturra wwki. u4 tb* probability la that thara will bo bat llttla. Ifaay ebagp. Ii tba relative poaitloa of tba ifprptaa iipoa the oipaiii?i ot Mflittloi By re- | daring tha wheat to Sour. It will ba taan that tba aggregate thin year doea not Tory materially from lt*t. 1 la Boat otkar ar tie lee of prodaoe, tha reealpta tbla year ba*e bean com para tl rely limited Compared trltb 1 Ml Mm baa baai aa lneraa?e la all tba loadlag artl lea of breadetaffa Tba aaaeied atatemeot ehowlof the aggregate movement of the baakf of the Btate of New York. at period* deelgnated by tba Rtata officer* la eamplled from offl- ( alal return* made to the comptroller The J oae report , mbrace* return* from 1M baak* and tha September report from 1ST baak* aad branch** B aaa or tri N T Rttnrtn. < Saee, JO. Htpt. 'M>. Leaae aa* dleeeaate.eirtpt tedlrta(are and kr< k*r*.... ?91.1<M.?44 tM.fltt.14l l^aa* aad 4i*eaaat* ta dlrertara ,. *.7D.tZ7 i.a.V.UI I All atktrllaMlitieaakeelateereeaI tia*>at ta diraetere l.?91.M1 1,?*P..*>4 | All *aaia da* from krokan . J 4*7 WW I .P7M0I R?ai rata** "t M4.illt ' R*ad* aad Morlraca* % + >.\r-H SW'?.t J IJ.4J7.4M 1*177.944 1 h aimrr aota* etker ihaa for loaaa aad dl*ee*at4 1I7.17? 87.21" I*** a*.I aipaa** ar*?aa? ?I*<>IJ M?* 'l . peer 4raft* UK.*! M'M * ?P?a.a 11/M.'.T? 1 r?.a Item* ?.IH| 4.-1 in.ttM Htl f t Bill* *f *<>lv*at kaafei aa kaad .,. . J.07I.7M 3,0.11 c*7 , t F. i 11 * af inapeaded I ank* aa liaad... ft.J7l ft.WI j *B>tiniatad ralae nf*am* !" 2 H , Dae tr*? *ol**at kaak* aa demand.. 10,Ml WW fl*? mil**! laaii aa mall Hf JH 4'J* Tpaa from >v?ak? om 4oiaaa4 X.16H 7# 731 tR?ilin?tfd Tain* of . 4I.I.W in,n j AU ItimU,, Ml 820 | T?lalr*i?nr<ta* ?l* i?? l?7 tCH.MTtl!) ' Tko *> I* rf 111 item K< r*r'? of th? itfmi nir 'mil 1 , I* ?? *o l* to tk* xaarral MtrH'K. CaaHal 147.779 7*? ?4?.?1?7fi3 ? Prolti MITIH4 MPlM f N"? # la aircalatian aot r??ift?rr4 .. MJV.7W rtr.V* ( Jloflittrtil rolo? la ?ir?iil?t'oa J#,9W.J81 T>n? Tr???nr#T of tho Stat* of N T?r?. I.?7.V"'I 1.970,'VKI Dna 4?|w?it?r? oa 4?maa 1 44rt?l,?'4 4%.I*U,AA3 , ?i indiridnnU a>4 aoraeratiaal a th?r tkaa baakt aa4 4?p?itor* . .. MUM 1,044 *71 Pn* bank* on 4tm?a<f t*.t*>.6<7 II.*7.U# . BillHlilimMt..., 7SI.M mi? | at ? athara aat ia*lu4*4 la atikar , ? B of tka iMi b?a4? tJM.-'lH 1,171 >* * Tatal UakilitlM tlMWfcW lUMtUK Tka fallawlaf kabla aihlblta tka aaa4ltioa af tba r kali n tha Mtk af Mwik th< Mtk of J ana, aod tka J Mtk af laptanlxr, IMt- u IbrilW. ??-u* Hrff. 11 kianH 4i?a??aW ..WI.IIM* HW-WI *J ti.ii3.xs iMr ni:7.?t? . Kpaala T.:9<** III" '*0 I ?a<h t.tW.Wl 9.1*1.*11 !0 imi f aak aotaa... 1461.7? l.?7l TW J.MI.MT L Pa* fraakaiakr . M.IIUM 1l,*l m lO.'O'MO {, ?a?uai r.*i m m.rr> m 4*.?ii7*i ffeeala*?oa "5J-*1 MJIS.Mf " Kaaa.w ?.*!.?? 4".<M?U ?> aa *a kaaki I7J7MM fijkl.TM B.?44 m " turn ttt ibrnli *B U imiMwklk tha mM ? >MIM? liiriHi* l?lli^llimiuimtML I tec off, io*M<rd wUh U?o Jimo ??port, of Dm upooUl omptUl hu door wood *10M 60?, whU? tfco oiroaUtion of not*. h*r? boon laeroaaod 93,401,31*. [ othrr lUni tboro wo iomo chongn, bat thoy u? ?v? " - ? K? ?-? ?? nmxaury feature la thin comparative itatemaut, i* the frnrntio In tb* amonnt of epeeio in tho vault* of the bonk*. It i* a matter of ooa*iderable ourloalty to know wfcerw all the receipt* of California (old dust gooa to. It is pretty certain the bank* net my little Of it. Comrt Cttlendar-ThU Day. Strain* t 01 ?r? 'taci it Oouht.-Edward*, J matlce - No* l aoo. 833. 1,007. 1,M7, 1.030, 111. 1,022, 1.024. l.bM. SOU 428. 1,016. 1036 1,038, 1.030, 1080 AiJVkRTISJJIIiim KKMKWKD KVBftY DAY." | yt!utlnmci?. H p ACTION TO JB VftLLEKS -A SN ALL GOLD TRAMC? V,?"rk- eT to a Diameid Braoelet, tontain\hf (the attachment) *ix dlimo. d?, (S Urge and 3 email > waa lort on* eveataa laet week ib the Aetor Plaee theatre. Next motniaa. a per*< a called at the theatre and w.e^d t* ee a certain box. The h?x ke.per, David Graham. *howei? him the b?a, nn<i af .r a *e?rch or two, the boxkeaper foaadl the ?mall attachment, and *a?e it to the pereoa who called to bare the March maee, with?at <ine?*ion*, bnt kaewinc lie per on. Tbe pereoa who ha* tie diamond* ia known. ird he I# hereby requested to return them. 4U Jeweller* and Xhert are r?i|ne*te1 to detain any *ueh artiele* that may b?* ?ffered l?i **le. Application to J. O. B , Herald of&ee will er-elve t n<mpt a' tent loo. nlBFHNItN U B. S0RIBTT.-TU TWBLrril an nual Call of the u I . II. Sooiety, will bo held a* Tarnu.aiiy Bail, on Tuendrv e??uin*. We*. li>. Thu -eeiety ba* been l?iu and favorably tknown, for it* beaevoUDO*. Wm kdvi*e uil who wiah to enjoy an evening'* amneemaot, with he rleajent r> ttecti n < f aiding in a praneworthy object, to )e prereat ob thie neeaai?n. IN Dl 9TKI.iL D i ? E ASSOCIATION, No. 1.?A SPTC'IaL MEallvQ of hir Society will be held thi* (Vtn? lay ) ever iiii, a* 7H o'elocV at the corner of Grove and H idM ItMtl, (It. Luke'- It >.Iding,) for the ei.le purpoae ol; rccuivirr a* member* there whine name* pa**e<l tb* com mlttee laet Friday exri'n* N. U. Thoee member* who have no pa*t boot* can obtain ruch at be meetinc JN. STEVENS, TrMident. T. P. Mt'HRAV. Bor'e 1TJ. TEat'i.KA.N B KNTEKTA1NMCNT.?riHST iii arterlv mi-: c: "f the Nati'.ual Tetnprraaca Co-siwtv, In Broadway Taheratcle. Xnridav cven.g, Nov'r l**th. at ?>,. The P>??idei.t. jkIiu Falconer, taq . will preside^ avpported by Vice Presidents, H. M. Hartley and F. B. lUtli, tfqn I r?)tr b> Re*. E 1.. Mnoon. iid report by? the Secretary, her C.J Warren; ad Ireeeee b* R>v. Qenry Herd lk-?iliar ? d Rev J. B. W'ukely. of Newark. Rev. Dr Tjnc i?executed >o take part in the lurtieo. Benedielion by Re*. Dr. Pewi t The Tabarnaole Chi ir, lad by Pre Tenor W. B Rradfury, will aing eeveral papular oho ufea inilii'ini Gen R?rrla'e pocuiar eoiiR. ' The Flag of Uur I'nion," adapted to by conatnt ef the luthor Ai'minairn free U?. MAILS FOK KREHLN?POST OFFICE, NEW 1 "rk, Not IS, l-'nl v'ails for rite U. 8. laail toamir ir AAR INGTt'N * ill e n ade up at thl? olllc#, oi V(diei> lay, lb* Juth inn., doeing at - P. M. A'M V BR\DY, I'oHtmn'ter. CALIFORNIA HAIL#.?POST OFFICS, NEW VOBK. Nov Id. 1HIM'.?1 he f Mowing extract from a letter ot nrtruciii ik from the Poatmaetar General, oa the inbjeot el amphlate, f:e? .eri> to Calitnrn'a. ie |'iib.i?!i?U for the in'oro ation and i< danee ot |>a-t:ea int-re-ted :?"Von will x niider no boo)., we (thing o -or 8 ounoae. at oontainiag OTat Ml) iiage#. as a pan phiat. i.ut charge it at the latter rata, U >vcr that *i igh (Signed) N. K. II*) i., P M. General." Under the ale-ve in?'r. ctiona, all b??? ? an 1 printed mat;er. except newapap r , will beeharxei pamphlet p ireighlBi leti than * ounce# or contair.iog lera tt-aa 3?J0 paiai, rit.ii)i eontn t' r the tir-t "unc.. and 1 cut far atary addl|i nal ounce or fraction of an nonce. WV. V. BRADY. Poatmnter. nIBBRNIAN t'N I VF.R-'AL BENEVOLENT 90CIETV. ?Twelfth A' iiti I itail of the above Hon ty will taka dice en Tuerdnv Evening Novembar IHtli. I".*', at Tunaiif Hall; th" proc??da tote givea forohnit?blo purpiaea The'ee pledge t'ie" m-lv.-a that nothing aha 1 be waatiag u their lart to make thia the beat ball of tha aaaaoa. KitANCI? O'HEILLF, Prca't. Joiiji It? i i? See'y Dissolution OFCOPAKTNERSUIR?thecopartaerahip beretof. ie txlriinx be'ween 11-nry John Le'tnanr. and Joseph Orim under the etvle anil Arm uf Laituann It Co., traaeariiag u ine?a ut Mo. 107 Blceckerstt' si, omer of tiultiean, -n tha cit\ ef New York hie beei dis rived; the laid llrnry Joha Lctttrana will coa'iaM the boliren at the abovvi amid place N>? York, November 16, m biww wan i etthanv. ra? PARTNERS" IP HERETOFORE EXISTING BEtacen tba aabaeribere. under thcsnnoif Senee and Flare'la. la th'a day diae lved The bualat-ai of tba lata firm liil ho continued at No. MS Broadway. o> tha Mbaeribar, ^eonard benee. io"i>iduallv. and no other penom ia iatoreted therein, or anthorlied to contract anv eBjraffemant on it. ace?unt - Nov II.IHW'. LEONARD AENCR. CL1 PRIME COURT?KLlAS D. 8. WILKiNS AGAINST CJ BoaMa Jane to ilkiue - Summsnt for relief. (Cob. not ler ) T* Sophia Jui ttilViae. i (^defendant abore itntd:? foil are hereby eummonea and required to aaev.-ar the aoa? >lalit ia tkii action, whieh wee tiled in 'ha oftoe of tha elarlr. it tha elty an4 a?uit> of New York, la tha Cttjr Ball of eatd. litj, on the 12th 4a* uf iXtj. tr .aatast, ami to eatre eopy if yorr anawer t? aain complaint, oa Ina aobaonbar, at kit offiee. number aixty-einht Wall atreat, ij tli?city of New Tork. within tweati data altar the avra'ca of thla aummoni >a yon. exaluaivft of th* day of anah aorTioa; and If jou fall ia aaawer the aald eomplaint within tha time aforeeaid, tha plaintiff fa thia action will apply ta the oonrt far tha raliet leananded ia the eemplaiat. D?t?d OaJoba? 12.18^0. GEO. T. STRONG. FUinl.k i Coiia**!. liOST. <*? A HOT LnST.-jAMRA M OlUV, A LAO or 12 yeara old. left hie farm* oa (Saturday oioraln*. ISth mat., w. collect a arm of moi m. alaoa which time he haa aot ban a lieard of. Any in<orma'ioa raapeetta* him, w.?h or without! the money woald be m at tl.ankfull? rreeieod by hia hearts hrokea par en' a. JAVM II OA RET. .VU i.rond atreat. LOAT-A hold BROaCB. IN Till SHAPE Of PADloak. aet with p?arli and hat*. A liberal rewa 4 will k? (iron to tha tinker br leaei.g It at N .. 7 ITa?t Piftaeath at. Lost?on Saturday, n? broad wax o? oa* at, atreet, a Puree, ecntaloing raoaay. Re., tke trader of eliiok will be liberally tewarda4, on retomia* it ta No. SB Piaa atreat. DKUVAID-LOIT (N SATURDAY, MTVEtV W Nineteenth aad ? all atraeU, aa aaftaiehad manatsrip'j* if tweot* pagea (par' ly written oa be'h aidee, partly aa (aly.J Wt.?e??r wil leave the aanre at the Trlbaar afflca lhal] nrfiti tke abate i?wira. ft Ilk R*WARD.->TOLEN PROW TdE SUBSCRIBER, ur RVF corner of Tll'a*y aad Adama atraeta, B?o?kIym, aa if r momini of the Itlth faataat. a light low built iraaerr IPa?o?. w|tna-' t top tall hoard feateaed with iraa pine aaa shaiae. Whoever will retara eaid wuia a;.all rereire th* rewa'4 ? BBNRY PARLEY. reward-i.ovt-a paib op diamond barDltJVF Rinfe, with looped drape, by a 1*dy, oa Saturday, k)H?i aeoa while peer i at from Naaaaw op I'altoa atreat. to in* I naaiirai n.aa in nr?aawaj% aa I ItuMf MMM Win I ? ?. Ho*n Nuiiii to Fullrk HI. Th? atara raward will kO paid to ??r ? *bo will laara th? unit witk D. IVAN. No. 79 Kkiuu it. """ ?mn?o. UNION COCRBR, L. I?TROTTING AN? PACINO.? Wadawdajr, Not 2Mb. at 2 o'oUck J*. M. Pari?|J*'; 1*0 mil* haaia. *illiain Vhilig aatara t. ( Palham. Ik taraaaa; - HrLaaihlm aatara f an a. I ada Baf iaa, to ??? [oa J. D. MrMaan lien k. a. I'ayu** Met I. ta waioa. Thd ara will laaaa tka R- uih baft v. Brnokljra, at \ji o'tloek. ami Ntan u aooa aa tka i| a Ma ara afar WIK k Mo MA MM, rr?priatara. NOimil, Ac. NtW york hor*r BAZAAR. si crosby" 1TRBBT? ? ill k? an I'I >l a nation, tkia Jay ( mda r.) 17tk iaat.. k naaUr i>r kor.- . nniia-1 f r all |> rpoaaa; alia, earna|H, iarmaaa. ka? aoBa?a*laa at IS o'al *%. JOBN n CATTIBLP. Prnyrlatf. For bai.b?a > air or hnb < arklao* horhi. dark l a?a. (aatla apiritrd. aaaaA, and waU naat?h?4 la ialcr. loag talla, and of k.tnUfal aeti' a. Ttia onaar aalla thaan War an. a ha hai a" further aaa fat rarriao kraaa. Apfl? ta Bar^aaa'a Btafclaa, ?a a Bait Foariaaatb at raat, La'aa Plara L^or balb?a db&irablb fair or familt ooacb r Dotaaa. Wia| dark baya, aarr kiad aad ?a?i'.a, Bad of mat oadoraaaa. at-at a n aaa kanda hick Alia a Bteaaeh Wac^n. and a ('aapAa aad Harnria. tka ctavarta kalaj tka* I a priaala faalfy abont ta tha r,,,. Mi| tka oal? raaana for parraa witk tka laai Tat fall parti aa lan ia aiaa at M Waiaai .?a?a? wfe.r* tka whola aa* ka aaaa. i/or bai.i?a m i ?ndid rat mars.strut tbars r I Id. atrraaia I Bound. and f>.]| ?1?-. <,a h.a la fci*h. parr?ailr?<nila la aaarv r??pact, wall ?ai-rd naa?r tha aaddla. tad aitr- -nalt ia haraa.a. S?-ld ?nlp for want af work. * M'? <o Mr. TANDl'BRN'B Btaklaa. 73 Piiaaa atraat, appalita fc iklo'a. HORBBB FOR * I.B k FAIR Of M ATCHED ITOB^tB. (a* ???' old, fnlj maaaa aad taila; klad aad aaatla Ik laraaaa. and aoard; Jnat from Ik' farm, ?a which tkay war* ralaad. F" par tlrtiiara, laqairaat M Maraaa irttl A I BARB CHANCB.-POR BAl.B?TCR OPLRRRATBft ladlaa tiottla* paaaa Jaka. fnartaaa kaada htjk ; ka? rattad hla talla la thra? lalaataa Alar>, a Ii?ht Wag.a aad latB*Hi. la rompla'k rdar. To ka aa.e at TALRN IINR A J OCR'S, Allaa airaat. a*ar flraad tALRI Bt AOTIUB. ~ At'cnow balb or talcarlb o?l rainnitoa m V.^kitlar. Aaatloraar, will aaM aa Tnaadaa, Na aWr Iftk, at II a>lo*k. at 4. Raai'a Aarflaa aad Cnawtla? iaa fftora No Idl Wllliaai (traal. a larga a?l|aetln? af Ult >aiB,ib?. la rlakly (til* fraaa*. kala? aiawa af AaMrioM led for.Ifn > aawarj. Bala poait'ra Auctiom bai.b or all pliirRirTiowB or hou<k? hold F> rnitar*. at P7 Oraaawiok i?, thit lloadap .......... nn"<n?>?? itmiim. roai-tin* of mah m; (? !> a*d 4iiiib? TakUa. *a? i?Mrior kfa H'dr **d 8< u 4*. m*lin(tnf aad vtlaat Char*. n?r*ln **4 H Pt?ir < ?*lnut *ad nulla Co?in H?'r linrwiM f-nr Ho* tlirnti. Uiraa?'m a vim Cuh, < ? -p?*? I.WP-, i?M. k*. Ml* ran #r ikla*. 0"*>l? W mi>i< iiMliitil), ^ I ? U W \ >1 A W, A<io?loa**r. 4 V< T.OW -LBWI* k MUSTIOR*. If; cniTltV ^ Saair* rnfr of Oli?*r *'r*?- will ??ll* Kin lay. No'. C. ?t hail ja t to'elnrk, t?**?v Poa-h?r R*d(. Pillowt, l|i Th* Mi *111 k? (oU Wor* tli* r*?i l*r nU. iir itornii k. u T.o^noxrci: ?w K I'ormirk k ( will *?H. en Tilt day, It U ?l?fk. at IS ?|>r*r? iltNl. tn iwotigMil ( Par'of ??* i?dro*nt Paraiinr*. from ? family Al??, ;l ??*o?4 h??4 in . f. f'l I en.itiu hMH D'lk. It?? f?f?? ?' *n4 Racrttkry. ko . ko. fOBN I,. TANDIWArkR. ACOTTON??K-T>l*TCB flnll f in ri?w*r at Aae'lra C. UffllJ,' 11 O will **11 tint 4* v. Pondky.kt II ?'?l?lr, il W v" mat, n.lBi-r t of tw?t kiad* 4on?.|.> *o4 ?! #* "T? ei?tli*, allool.rr, 4?iVI> *r,d Unci* TnMpc lllaarta lyklrtfin do; PUr'! ?*, L'r ? * lra?*w*tn- ao?, Crawk ? " tiki*, kt kc , nil U f?. ordor, *ad w?rTM>t*d> 1 MQlORft, 4w. rnr. fi ahr i*tit?d to m?ki atiuai. of" TtalllviorV* *tol'T*tod Al?, P?yt*r, CI4**t ? r?n|hf. at i ooat* mi i'ih kno. hi* *a parl?r nr?k4 f. Ik. Him. Cordial., Wo, kttho HIM rrlaa. Ml Hon.t'i* mt, nti?r ti Mnlkoiry. Ono ?ri?l will rrv?* U m *<i*al t kkf Hkw k??t? to th k<ty. BtllM k < ?> ? POI rn WII.LIABr J ttrcrt, rttt for Ml* f*?? th* H??4*i Wkrahoa**, Br?kr? imp nr4 th***. Otksd. Ittipik L'k., P?l? IK Bktfti ls?t,i'Miill k C*., I'?l?? ? Tally Ho ??d Pr*n?i*. ljO?4*m c?k, 0tk?4 m4 BtnMMtT U kintrfl et?h?. f ??d ( (niollat, Qrlaaofl. Pall?al?lk, '<*??*, kMka*. .d ?arloa* o< kor t-ra.4. flollaad aa4 l^<a*oa 0(a? Wtaaa, *4a?ra, Toa?r ITa, Bhorry. a?4 araotllo* * W????laitar ^ u

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