Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1850 Page 1
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I T H r:. WHOLE NO. 6008. R DOUBLE SHEET. thI 1 reaImass meeting IN PHILADELPHIA, IN SUPPORT OF THE WNION AND THE CONSTITUTION. EIVTHI8lAsn or THE PEOPLE. THE RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED. Letters from Clay, Webster and Walker, i&c., ate., <kc. BT TEIKOR1PE. Pii i.ADKi.rHiA. NOT 21 -P M. Th. CIlln.1. Munnm li Ji'nul? ?ro*d?d h<r u u. ami.lag* of frero nix to seven thousand people; ill thousands of peraone. unable to gain admittance, are leaving the ground. The ball is decorated with numerom flag* and motto*. and over the stage. which i? erected in th? central a large portrait of the late President Taylor la hanging The If n . John Sergeant la President, supported by , event j-flTe Vice Presidents, and sixteen Secretaries. > In the organisation of the meeting, and daring the ' reading of the list ot officers considerable uproar occurred on the announcement of William D Lewis, I Coll* ctor of the Port of Philadelphia, a* one of the Vioe I Presidents? tremendous shouts of "No!" "Na!" re I sounding through the ball. Order baring been re atored. the resolutions were presented by Hon Geo. Dm Dallas, who first addressed tbe meeting in aa eloM fluent and patriotic manner. His speech was very II long and very Impressive He would not argue to I" PennsTi^anians and Philadelphia!)* in behalf of the |A Union. but would take^t for granted that all present were In favor of it [We have no time to make an abstract of the speech.] He was Interrupted by frequent cheering. Tbe resolutions were seconded by Josiah Randall, who made an able and effective speach In their support When he bad concluded, the question was called tor on tbe resolutions separately, all of which were ucctsrively adopted, with Immense applause. After the adoption of tbe sixth resolution, three cheers were given, atid thne more for the repeal of the law ef tbe State of Pennsylvania referred to In said resolution The resolutions are as follows: ? \ 1 Resolved That the Constitution of the United States, which was widely framed lor the purpose of establishing a -acre perfect l.'nlon," and " to secure the blessings <Y liberty " to unborn fenerations. has fulfilled the elijeets of tbe patriots who assembled In iConvctition in tbe name and on behalf of the people t the I nltcd SlatM unit is and support of their ' posterity 1 That In aucceedlng to the guardianship of Liberty and th- Inton. which were arhl?red by the blood ot oar fitber*, we here inherited an obiifa'.ion to prem-tfr ibrm untarnished together; and It would be 9t(B?lly b*'f to forfeit the national i'ldepenis nee and to tan In allegiance to the national I nion. 3 That the care of the Union ia a mnetlfUd trait, and r Ufcht to be dear to erery American, but those oitln uk nr? ea| ecially ita guardian*-. who. standing on the spot where I U'lep?<ndr>nce was dealared waere the Constitute n t .is ir.iui. J and wheie the I nlou wai rendered more peifeet, are stimulated to its preserratlon and find additional raottr. * or Ihe exercise of tba( |'i?u< dniy. in surrounding memorial* ot the past; in J In re on the wry ground up n vhmh oar heroic deroted themaalres to their country, we ren> w to the sane o?u?? the pledge* which they onca gate -B<i ^loriourly redeemed of cur '.! ??. our fortun< an<J 0'ir -erred honor. 4 rial the Coi^ti'utioa proridea that p?rson? 'bald to serrice or lubor in oue 8tate under the laws tfc. r. if ercariag into another, shall be Jelir- red np on eUlro ot the party to whom sueti vrrlee or labor nay be due " I i>r many yeara ! ; ite i?f< la'.lon C"Btrlbu ?d means to carry this constitutional proTlsion utoetT-ct. W hen State legislation win repealed a Juty d?rclred Upon rVacrrsa to s-ipply lt.? plaee. and X be bi i n dUch-rged in conformity to luniUtoeat*! law; anJ ftio e&artni -nta It ha? adopted aro entitled to /I,. M??Vkw.< e f n? (S. ?r KAla nillntt "b Tbal' 1 c*untrymfu in ill* tUdln| people. I The} delejute to cfcnrin repre*enta'lv?* la th? Conitn oi tl - I'ultnl S?ntp?. power* < ! i" rlel.r nn limit- .J by tLeeonetltut: >?; and they r?-|?'>-ronfidnne* in the ?<-tf <1? m?ji rlty rr>intD>'tj?ur.?t?' r\ifi hp character Ot a republican eo'ernment Whi-n li lTldoal- array ib?m?-l*.l? apaiuftt the execution of l?*< ttlCH rJl?^t- ! d ?ud by i-r <nlni tr.iotV up u IV ri ;hc? ef th? 1 whole j le, th > are guilty of at lea?t moral treason; | and it in tB>' oleum duty ot the p. p> to ri?e up In j tbtlr imjrtiy. ?lJ bj carrying out th* r?*ular pro- ( cwO'iif >' tfc Ir rt j r <'*> nUti~e t > tiudloate the t<uj)r>ii < 1 nod the mitiirl^nty ol hp In > 0. That ?o murh cfth- art of Aeeetnbly of Pnnneyl* rani* ? tort' .i? my oBIpith ' the citumnaweafth from nlvlt'H ffb't to any art >t ''oni;r? ? r'ppetln* pi r 11 --< in ft' n ?<ttIc? I, ' 'hi i r>'r>-* mid proTld?* t>? ntilt.. ? |nr taking eoduiren-e or Jurlxdlettoa of tbe ca<-e <f any eueh fa*;l ire. ought to bo at tho farJieat p'ff ible i.,'.ui'-ot r-pialcu 7 That further r.j ration of t>.c ?ubjsct of "Urery. jvlnrh ban fcir. promote! m l"h-r tU# welfara of the *i??m nor tt rau?e of <m?n Ipation oen h> vrrdurtlre rf D' fi. i ; hut eTll It he? heeii ?i1 j in ted by V aid ? : i it Pit aJjiii'mi :it it nhomd be p?rBiitto' Ir our ??t inailrm. to net. tt 'tin :]'? p?-raH;i'H nnd H.ll'y nf thl Cnlm ?re endalu?TeO by tte oPlelouit later'<reeoe of fa a?t:<n Hii-I di- ? > ?! In th? x- b w|: 'i c nirrai that d<- ft b? I >t>< ( ' th?m mid > y th? c. >u nt> r n-tlng Tiojipp" of dl?l"yal eplrtt* In the South Mutual deaur.i :et,nn? r " und from tb->?e pj.?lte ) . irt-r?, and thrrft'rn nrdt?crlr>1natln|{ Irjnry and ^ron* to the , Whole mint ry Wo b>Here t h?,. I n-in<~1r*t on? tT he i Vitbont ?d iltn esnee. to be prompted hy en^ry feeling* r'ther then due ^efl^eM')n; t > manlleet. by tl.'lr < i.tilPtlt g ?r<ument? ten linj t >i hiu? tetal T??uli? f f dl*folutl"n ant mutreby. t\%t tmtb re?ld?? i-wl'b t.i'i h?r end the' bp"tllity < itie .! utlun of ; ' xie'lDg law ma>t b? at Tare?i'*e with efil ,'htet.-d 1 Tfaif'n w e lit ill-re tint the " n ' f * t nt. ? po* ted ?t lb* late >f.'i in ot l!OM?'? r t h? of p?a*e w?re p??'fd In a Spirit of patrlMI'in aad J'idl -lou? | |CniT|i mlee t hit '*ey ?r? to no r--r.?p ?.|".*rlur? j frrm th> enMtilntlet and tbat ** It le the obhcetii>n. roll nht to t't the deelre, nf t ? "ry rt * -?i of the rejiubllo nianlnlly to eoMaln them Afier ad' prion of the ree< let|or.-i. the ai>*mbly vaa toriber addrr*??d by th* floa Rleha'd Ru?h. Hob. Joetph R l*R?r?oll. Col June* Page, and letae llaile- , burnt til In th? r%mr tanor ' aS<iTa. an I all racalrad With -rriU anthuMaam i Latt?r* of Invitation had b??n addraMad to Tirlonl (dl?1 h-'l gantlainan by tha Cnmm i?t?-a of Arrangpjmant*. ard particularly to M??n. Olay.C***, Wahit?r, Taota, Dickinson, Coopar, Buchan io. Walker, Ja*. A. Bayard, Oratigar. Itaig<?r. Stockton. and Katahum. Hoplla* w?r? if^lTPd from ?^?rr?l of tbr?* K?nUcravn. bat tbay wara not read at tha meeting. for want of time. IT h ? If" rt cf lion TJanry Hay linn Danlal Wab tar and Hon Ilobart J Walkar are anneied. That lef II"n Jairi?a Baehaaan. whl<-b la v#ry lengthy wa ' art nnat.le to give thia morning. on account of the prr?* of i.thar natter np'.n our column*. K. CLAt'S MCTTClt. A m.inn. Nov 1.1154 OrvTirari: Ihtrayrnr latter inviting my nttan'lan?' at a "nf-ni plat ?d i:nion m?et tn^ of tha p<op|e la Pbllad' lphla I 'hnntd bar* btra highly gr*ttfl?d in have h??n -?M<' to ! j.r???nt on im-h a di?tlnfui"h #d oooaaloo, bat tba neaeaaary attention to ray prlTat? affair* forbid* my leaving bona *o aoon aftar my T?tUM Hi tu U" Utr prntractcil drmlna of I'nntraK I rvjoiee li tba propnaad public demonstration and ?tbar Hollar manifestation" of pnblie rent I meat ol the North Tha qnaatlon bafora tha nation I* (It wonld ba folly to blind or dlagal** It) whether agitation ag*ii>"' ?i*r?ry *hali put <|own tha T'nlon or tha Vnlan II h* praeerred. and that agitation ba put Vlown Tber* I* no other alternative And I* thara an? patriot that oan iiobm or b>*itata on taeta an Imm With ?rrat mpMt, I am ftrntl?iaaa. yonr ob#dl?nt fitrut, n. CLAT. mr. wiiwTKn'i i.irrmm. Bo?TOf?. NoffHtw 14. IftM. OrnTiKMim?I hara th? honor to a^ktiawladga tb? TM?<rt of roar l?tt?r of tha 11th ot tbl* Month, tnrl tin* ? b?balf nf ,h* frl?ad? of the ConntltuUo* and ?*" CtlM. Ilim of aarty. r*?ldaat ' in tb? rity *0'l ffotinty of Pblla<Mphla. to att*nd ' Tnkllr larrtln* la that ?lty on th. Jfrt la*t I wont ?lft??r?ly ?l?h that It ?? In my pow?r to tftltd that That ?r?*t ?*ntral eUy It not ?? t '' *t th? frl?nd? of th? Constitution ?>u: fnll , -.rrllMtion* fonrfpt?d with lu adopU?r> ml ?th,r >>i??t #???t? in ??r hmtory. In Philadelphia the ii'?t revolutionary Oonaraaa bWd; la Phlla' <?|rr tb? Pmlaratloa rf Iadop?nd*?4e *u tnada; ' In I I l?.l*l|ihia th? <' ???<I'ntton ?? fr?m?d and r? ' <,|t 4 th* ?l*ratnr*? of Wa?bln?toti and hi* an.anl t?? And no* wh?n th#r# i* a tplrlt abroad rl4?ntly ? lahmtr a to ?ff??t th- Mparatlon of tha I nlaa and the tab*' r?u n ef tha Con??ltntl?n Philadelphia of all . u?, r?iaa the fltta?t for the aneemhllaf together I <1 tb? frirad* at itet <!o?aUtutloa aad that Calaa, la It E NE M pledge themselves to one another, and to the country, | to thf la?t WffBltj I My public duties. gentlemen, require my Immediate > pr? Hence in Washington: and tor that reason, and that alone. I mint deny myself the pleasure of aooeptlng your Invl'attan 1 have the b?nor to be gentlemen, with great regard, your obliged fellow-cltiien, anil bumble servant DAVIKL WBB8TBR. MR. WALKKK's I.KTTKR. New York Not SI. 1H&0. OriiTi.r*!*:?Your letter of thai 1th inat , ban been received, requesting me. in behalf of the friends of the Constitution and the Union, without distinction of party, of the city and county of Philadelphia." to at tend a public meeting to be held by them this evening, In your city Concurring with you moet fully in the noble purpose of tbi? meeting. I deeply regret that it is not in my power to attend I thak you. gentlemen, for tbe kind and favorable manner in whiok you have been pleaeed to speak ol my humble ?ffor*s to upheld the Constitution *ud perpetuate the Union. It is the Censtltutton that makes the Union : and to overthrew the one ia to destroy tbe other If there are any who believe that the Union can be maintained when the fundamental prinolple, and sacred guaranties of the Constitution are overthrown, it is a dangerous and fatal error Among tbe guaranties contained in that instrument and without wbich it is well known that it never could have been framed, is that clause requiring j tbe surrender of fugitives irom servioe Tbe fulfil uirni ui miB oiauae. in leiier and in spirit. is demanded by WW) principle of honor and good faith, and all who would seek to violate, evade, or disregard ltd provisions are enemies of the Constitution and the Union. The purpoae tor which your meeting in convened, la the moat grave and momentoua ever submitted for the consideration of the American people. It la, in effect, a question whether we shall continua to have a Constitution a Country * Union or whether all shall be overthrown I deeply regret to nay that all are in imminent peril; that we are, in fact, hurrying on to the brink of a precipice, aud that unless the fl lends el the constitution and of the Union rhalltake prompt and effective measure* the fatal word* may aron reach ue- it is too Uue ' ' Who ia prepared to say that a week or A month, or a year, may not witneaa some one of the States, by a popular movement, nearly unanimous withdrawn g. or at least attempting to withdraw from the Union. And what will be the remedy ' Will civil war preserve or restore the Union T Will that war be confined to a single State ' Oan a vanquished State even if she can b? vanquished. ever attain besome a member of thr federal Union ? No. my countrymen let us learn, era It be too Ute that this niTer can be a U nien ot vietor and of vanquished of aovercign and subject States : but that It must be a Union of equal", which is the Union of the constitution It must be a cordial and fraternal Union, founded ?n interest, and cemented by affection This waa the Union founded by Washington and Franklin, and the patrlota and statesmen of the revolution. and that is the only Union that can be praaerved and perpetuated You might, perhaps, by superior force. drench in blood th? fl-lds of asi-ter 8'a'e; you might, perhaps wtau her villages in tlimus- but yon could never aiterwards restore such a State to the Union established by the constitution No. l'eliowcitliens ; when the rtar o^ a (state ia extinguished in blood, it can never beam again in the banner of the Union, for it will no 1 >uger bean aqual. a sovereign, or a aiNter State Let It not be aupoosed that, in making these tugg**ticna. I advocate the doctrines of nullification or eecesslon No. I hare ever opposed these doctrines, believing th>m to be revolutionary in their character, and leading to the overthrow of the constitution and of the Union but we should remember that it ia revolution that has changed or de.uroyed nearly every government upon earth, and if a slnila , State, bv the t>early unanimous voice of her people, even if unaided by < ther States, should withdraw from the Union, although the mea>ur? would be revolution- i ary. it would be none the lea* destructive of the go- ( vernment and of the country. If w-wouid desire to preserve the government from revolution. we must re- 1 ? 1u' V.?.rr wutsi irgn in prouue? PUf.n afttaS- 1 trophe. To tbi* nothing I* required but fidelity to the con?iitution and the exerolie of i ju*t Mod fraternal spirit toward* every State and every ectlon ol the i oion Your ii>?etinfr may be attended with the mi<t bma- ' ficialrteuH* It if afftembliMj in the olfy ?ehera the ! Dtclaratlrn of American Independence van anb?art- , b?d and *b?re the couKtltutloL wa? framed and promulgated It ?* through jcarn of toil and ?ufl?rlng, ! and amid aacritloe* the uioat profute. of blood and treasure than hi* Union ?a< maintained by our forefather*: and we ore unworthy to he railed tbeir *on?, J it we will make uo effort*, and submit to no saoriflc**, to preserve th" priceless heritage Tba eye* of the ADfrinB people are npon you Th? friend* of the 1 ( nion look to you for succor and encouragement. 11 hey look to Philadelphia now, a< dl 1 those who | have goat' before u*, when the patriota and srvgea of the levelutioo wete assembled in jour city In 1778 and ITS? (Jrvat wan the work which ? ? ikaa aeectrplli-bed, aitd the Am?rioaa paopte look now tor a f 'Ignlrg and re aealing of the oonatitutlon In your rl'y. I'rorlaim It now. In tonaa whirh shall roach | cverj State. every city, and every county, that the constitution and the Union can and shall l*? preferred > T'M your bieihren of the Bouth. that Pen;i?vlvania i will iatd firm an ter rveriaating hill., in maintaining ( all their right* ord?r the c?n*;Uutioti. Say to tha coun'rj m**n of Watblngton andJelfer-on of Maiieon 1 and Monroe, of Iteary and Mason. of M*rionand | ftunptrr. that yaur heart* are linked to tb*ira by < tiny tla of lot* r<*?t and alTection. and that I'enn- J syIvanla will roll back the tide of fanaticism whioh i threaten* to deluge in blood our common country. i Fellow eltlien* I venture thua to addree* you a*one l of jrur country men. innt-u to partlcjpata in your meitlcg i fpeat to you an a native 01 I'enmy ivanta whose roll w?* defended by departed tire in the war of ti e revolution. II I f pea It to yon in word* cf pel cm ii import. It la btoau*- I know that the d?np<T i* git-af ard pressing The eyea net only of our countrymen bat the world are upon us Deapote, and the satellites and mercenary emissaries of despot*. are looking on. In t-he vain hope that the tnion and the constitution will be permitted t>> perish In the very cities wh?re both were tirst promulgated There are other*. aUo, who will ponder upoa your proceedings. It is thi' friend* of free government throughout the world; it 1* the opprenwil children of Ireland, and Hungary of Germany and Poland and of every spot of ear.b where freedom ha* tound a frler.d. tLat look to the I'nion a* the la?t hope and asylum ot freedom. I.-1 thein learn that thi? U nion 1* overthrown and jou will do more to sustain their cruel oppri mots than if you had cent an array to Join the force* of the Kuseiaa (,'tar or Austrian despot. Perhaps, tblHV.ry day. jou hold is your hand*, not only the fate of your own country, bat the cauee of free government throughout the globe Mere paper resolutions. howevar juat or patriotia. will avail but little bow to nave the country, unl'se followed by act* by which those resolutions wlU li? oarriei promptly Into full and complete operation When our frit fathers estaldkebed the Union, they wire not satisfied with pa|.?r dec arstons. but proceeded. amid every aacriflce of blood and treasure, by act* prompt and ?-nergetlo. to carry thnee resolution* lu?o|. iTect And will not sacrifice be ma-'e ky their (b-eeetidant* to maintain and perpetuate tba' glorl >u* Uti?n ! I.*t that uu*?tlon b* answered by thi* ma? ?li>? and by acta eorr??|>*ndlnf with Ha Jul and patrlitle leanlutlotm. and 1 btlitn thu Penrnyltani* rin fllll | rticru tb? Union t,i t h?rlU? MV a'a> d up?o tor ronatltutioa, and ra?al?a thit *11 It* prt?IM<na and all It* gnaranta?a aball ba earriad lato full and p?rf?et operation. that jn?tlea ahall b* doa?to avary IMataand cvarv acotioa; that thfj rapard tha ) !? of th? Fonth aa thflf eounlrym?n, that thay know no dManoa. alth?r In lnt?rfat or af. f??tlcn. and will permit nona to ba n* l< b?t?a- n th# Ncrtta and South. Iba Raat or tha Waat; that all ara tqual aiid that tha right* and faallaga. and iatnrarta ot all aball b* ra?p?etad; that thair fanatical rnamiaa a) all ta rrbnkfd. tbat ao rarolutlon ahall ba gottan up ar?ln>t tti 8 ^nth. and laaat ot all an African raroliill' n and faithful hlatnry will raaotl. aainac all Tonr othar graat and glorioua asbla?<*manU, that Panatylvanla haa aavad tha t'nloa ! Vary truly, your frland and Mlow-dtlaaa. R J WALKER. IVaTkl Intalllgvnoe. Tta Ttvrfol\ h*a. n< furnlrbm tha following lattar froa ao cfllrar on board tha V 8 Ft ?<; Sinr Pi tmot th. at t'a Aug 20.14V). Wa ara now hnaiaward bound touching Anjar Point, OapaTawn (tin tha Capa of flood Hop*) St IMmiv frrm ih>nr? to Norfolk. whcra w? aip??t In arrlaa about tha l?t to tha anth of January, 1*41. Wa l?avt th? Marlon on tha utatlon. but at tira#?nt oa a rrulia Tha Toipbln ka? laft(Jnly 10) for noma via California Tha f fllr. r? rf tha Plymouth ara all w?|l tha following la a Hat ?t'ommodora. P P Toorh??a; Comtntndar, ? ? ? >?- i-.-? * k ii n..i. ii n' iint* l?4(l. f>on*H?c n Aeiln* >ad Ma?trr D and J L Dl'll: Pun?, I. Warrington; i Snrganii J ll"pfcln*on, Mld?hlotnnn A. J. Dallat. Hapry Wllaon. < h*rU? Pmtth A lUnba . K W WlllUma. Fallm Ornady; Bnatawaln Whltln*; Carp?>ater, | H O, Tbotn**; Oiinnor. J I>n?l?; Ballmafcer. B B. KtiruMMit, Puiwipn. 0m L Min,ii4 A rdrrw w?tr. t' Biiir Yoaarow* ?In refaraaaa to thla aeaaa', raportcd lo?t it ft J?>n t'apa da vard? tha PhiUJrlt>hte Inquirtr aaya "The Yorktnwa wa? commanded by Captain Marataa, of thla elty. and l.lent Fralley, of Philadelphia. ?I(K? one af her ehl?f odUera Both are niorg the moat ertlmahl? and ataminlike nfflcxr* of the r (I N??7 and alike e>ta?ina4 for th?lr ?lrtn'p aa wall afloat aa a*hor* Both ham famlll** in Philadelphia. and many warm frl?nda The Yorfctown *ai nearly at the eloee of her rrnl-e having b*en ordered homo antra tlm? eltie* A dlaaater ntiter ?ni*h t?rrnin?tanf#? ranaot bat be regarded a< p?rtlar<1arly nnfnttnne?e The ??r?leeow tba Afrleaa eonat la at alt tlmia ardnona; while tba daa*er of atrkneae and d> ath lro?i tba roaot fcrar. U hi no maan* ellirht W? aball deepl* d? plora tba loe# of tba ?h<p, while we cannot bat rejoice that ao Ht?a *?ralo?t P*nr>wirN lai ?i??a.? Wa ara In riealpV.?>f ftonalnla paper* to tba 7th of doptatnb?r. but that contain ao latrlllgenra of intercut Thara 1* a treat wmt of labtrata In tba laland and by an ant of th? Kin* aad Ottaell tha emigration of native*. to California aa I other coutil ilea. bad b??a prahiblt-d Tba wife of a laborer. who rr*ldaa la !*ew Or1a*?? p repeated bar bn>band with three aklldraa at a birth en tba Mh laatant Twenty hon?ea vara deetmyed by Are at Albaay da , on tl? lJtfc inat L?m f *Q o(W. W YC ORNING EDITION?FRII NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Interesting Dr*m WuKlngtM. Til* CALIFORNIA DRY DOCK Srrsi KNDBD?REMOVAL* AT WAMUNOTON? CHAKOKS A0AIN4T AIM AMERICAN COUNSEL DISMISSED?ARRIVAL OP MKMIIKRS OF CONGRESS, ETC. W*iiHifi(iTON, NOT. 21. 18M. The Rrpublic. of thU morning. denUre* th?t howerer much the President would deplore the necewlty of enployiag the troop* of the United State* tgtlnftt in urgent citizen*. b? would not for mnn?t or falter In hi* court*, bat would brine *11 the fore* placed at his command, the militia, army, and th* navy, if accessary to im that the law be faithfully executed Secretary Grahem hai decided that ttaa Dry Dock at 8aa Francisco. (or wbloh Congress mad* the first appropriation of ana hundred thousand dol ara at the last session shall not ba commenced until Congress give* further directions. The decision created great astonishment, and ia attributed to the old salt* at th* heads of the bureaus in the navy department Tbe charges aiiainst the American consul at Panama, have been thoroughly Investigated by the Stat* I)*Sartment at the Instance of tbe consul's brother. R. [. Corwine Ksq lawyer from Cincinnati and it is understood that tbe investigation has resulted in th* o*mplete acquittal of tha consul from censure, and an approval of his conduct. The decision gives general satisfaction. Mr. Corwine is becoming a popular officer The fourth auditor. Mr Dayton. Is to be reraeved? the State from which he hail* (New Jersey) having gone democratic. Secretary Corwln will make many removals la the first part of next month Senator Clemens, of Alabama; Mr Holmes.and other members of Congress. have reached Washington. A large corps of engineers, under the direction of Major Barnard of the army, is about starting for the Isthmus of Tebuantepec. to make th* necessary survey* for a railroad about to be constructed by the cltl *na of Now Orleans. Later from Mexico. KLRCTION OF I'RESIDENT BAR THliUAKKS?ROBBERIES?RAVAOKS OP INDIANS, ETC. BAI.TIMOSK. NOV. 21.1850 The New Orleans papers received by this night's mall contain advices from Mexico to th* lit Instant. Th.- . 1. , tirn tnw O * 1 ........ ... . . nucm wm |i'iuff un pc?i:r?uiy. Qen. Arista. so far as board from, has ft coa?iderable majority; but it li thought that there ban been no choir* by the peopl*. Lie stand* a fair chance of beecmtrg HrrMdrnt Juan (iranja. (formerly Mexican Consul at Now York ) has obtained permission to build u telegraph from Vera Crui to th? city ot Mexico. The financial affairs of the republic art stated to b? in a desperately bad condition. The Btate of Darango in still suffering from the ravage* of the Indian* New Leon ha* been *haken by an earthquake Highway robber* are a* abundant aa ever throughout the country. Ncim?? of the Governor of NiiilMlppl. Vickshurgh. Not. 19, 1860. The Legislature of this State convened here jesterday. and after bring called to order, the Menage ot Governor Uultman was presvnted and read to the two hbuo'* The Governor enter* at length Into a history and discussion of the grievances experienced by the South at the hand* of the North, and decidedly favor* kocenion from the Union The following is an nxtrict " Let the proposition be distinctly put to the nonslavehoidinK States?That the wroDg* of the South must be r< dressed, so fur aa it is iu the p >wer of U?niress to do se. by obtaining from California a ronces>lon of territory south of Ztt deg 80 mln ; otherwise lhat they (the non slaveholdmg*) must onlit I to tucb auiea<lm> nts of the Constitution a* shall h?retiter secure the rights ?t the slavrtuldieg States from rurlber att'xression. Hut. In the event ot oouttnund retuMil to co so. t hesitate not to express my deeded ?|>lniou that the only effectual reu.e ty tor the evil, which must continue to grow from year ro year, U to be fi iitil iu prompt eud peac able recession Iroiu the aggressive ri tales ' Afier the reading of the met sage, the Legislature adjonrneU until to morrow marine lntelllgenre. Boston. Not. 11. 1W0 Th* bark Chusan, Capt. Water*, from A**ra. AMea. Pept 4 arrived at 8*l?ru thin morninr. Th* United Ptatea brig Forpol** arrived at Atan, August 2tth and railrd the 2 nth for irawurd. In t*arch of tb* Pi|uadroti. At Ann. ship T**pa?lan. Howe from flslain laewerd. tailed Auguat 29th. brig Loul?a, Webber, from ??Wm fi:T l<**wnrd, at Anamabo. Augu-t 28th; ship W icr.e^aur?- < nllcnp for leeward noon All 11 at K.lmira July Uo rapt Frr*jth of the brig Delaware, 1i*d ot aprpli jy and the brig left lor l*li<rra Leotie. no date, tn rhat g* ot tb" mat* Tl>? following ure all the particular* in th? l*tt? r frrrn in* Dal" received here of the leu of the Ynrktcwn. It If dated fort Praja. ?"pt ~d. anl aays : - We arrived here Irom Madeira on tb- 22(1 and Warned that tb? Yorktown an on the I-land ot Mare. seine twenty miles distant. The nett day we went to ber aaaistance. and to?k on board h?-r crew, alwo Lieutenant* 9pott?wcod and Frenly, and Dr Fox. We then pulled again for thU piece where ire shall remain until th* ling ship arrive* frim the aoaat. I.leut Caldwell and some other (.fllrers temaln at Mayo until the arrival of the i!imBiridor*. No live* were lost by th* wreck of th* v*m*L" Reception of Daniel U > batrr, at llaltlinorc, Baltimore. Nor 21. 1M0. The Hon. Daniel Webster arrived hare to-day. and wan *nthu*lastlra!ly rrcelred br the ettiieci. lie left for Washington In thl* evenln* earn Maryland Reform Convention* AMiroi.ii. Nov 21, I860. The Convention assembled at iha usual hour, and. after being called to order by the Pre*ld~nt. a letter waf received frt m th* Secretaire of the fat*rkr. pro mlslng the Maryland census atatlstle* at an early day. The day wa* rpent IndlfUMin^ a m?M'>n to ret?r the baai* r.f representation to a con ml'tee of twentyone, and th* i ulject was Anally referred to a committer of nls*. T1i? New York and Allaanjr Malle? Fire, Ae. Crica, Not. 31, i860. John Bntterfield. of title *lty. ha* contracted with t|* Poet Office Department to aarry th* mall* from New York to Albany, by tb* lfnd'on River Railroad to Poaglikee pat*. and from Pougbkxepal* to Albany by itage* Th* (Mob* Tavern and out building* were destroyed by Ure. I aft night, together with five har?e* that war* In th* (table*. Theatrical and Mnaleal. Po?r?? Thmtii- Th* addition of th* oreheitral bote* la an excellent Idea, and will have the rlf'tt of drawing many to thl* theatre, who wiah. for comfort ake. to be apait from interruption. The price of admls*l<>n to tl.ia part cf the theatr* I* flfty cent* Th* pit >CH !.<?? ? ri'rr:?'n > nn?r? i n? umuii 01 inn Sboamakrr cf Taulooaa' will again ba praaantad thla Mmliir In eon>aqa*n*a of tba mthnalaatlc m*nn-r In which It b? b*'? n r?i>f|i?d Facacwav Thmtii ?Tha proprietor of thi* bllahm* n' Mr K A Marahall. and bit able and tal?ata4 atage minitn. Mr Oanrga Barrett. vbta frtryMj like* both aa an Kotor af great dramatlo celebrity, and aa an ar?<>Bipllah?d are uareatlng la tbflr rffnrtc to plw* the pitmm "f the Broadway Theatre. Th? RetrethaT' will again b? repeated to. night. with Conllork an Mar?lo The kauoBinti will rlrae with tha ' l>*ad fihet " Ntaio'g Hardin.?'Tonight the great and anrpriaing rope dancer I.eon Jarelll tak?? hla benefit lla daaervea ml If m tha ?t-itera of Nlbln'?Tbea.tre. ?? b? baa contributed Tirymtirh to the ple*?nre they hava anJ'')?4,il*N tha RtH* appeared at thl? theatre Bra ton'a Tiirarar. - The manager of thl? eataMlah ment la wall repaid for hi* e*ertlona. In nrodiifllng tha Ufltlntt* drama undar tha moat hrantla and effaavita nlratmetaaeea Tin ?t?? Thl* evening tha general flavorIta poaiadlan Mr 0 Burke. takee bla benefit. Mr R ha* many ' lain)a upon tha draaiatfa pabllo Ha haa long contributed to thalr amtiaement. and It la hoped bta n-lenda will uaa their Influence In giving hla a bumper to Bight. Cn?taT?"a MinaTRRi.a Maobanlea' Hall l? crowded a*ary r'rtr ^y tn? <Hnir?r? of tnia moiimt una m K?hl?pli?n nilnftrrla. An ??call?ot pregritRimo for IblMlflltf FfLtnwi' Orrm II or a r ? Thl? bund of mlMtrola ?ra drle* tin Merllant bu>ln*?a Thalr programme IWr thia fTtmlrg r.ontalna tbo choiroat pl?#*a of Ktbloplon Atari)it iit Mrni'N. Th? grrot oMmetion of Or**r?1 Tom Thumb la fllllng tbo Mtuwum d?llr. do la Tory rurprlaleg. Ill* prrfnTmnnao #*?ltaa tho n'mnat ra#Trlmant. ond ?l? rrwardod by aMhualiatlo rfcoorlag N*w Yon? A vniit mi ?r*r -Grnot prrpirntl.ina ?r? h?Jng mail* ( brtrg out om Mondoy na*?. ? tbla I ???tltnl rlreu*. tb* folty ?pa????oto of "Clndorollo" II will b? prn<liia?d In noat magn'flrent atyl* Tb? parf'iraHi'X of tho Ffanob trmij* ira rt?!?lfa>l ??#ry right with lb? cmtort npplauao Than will b? an liarioon porfoTintnco to-morrow, lot tho ftoaomandltlo* of famlllo* MiM?n Roova l.oomla'a ponoromo of Cub*, will eloi# this work. Do not looo th? opportunity of rlalt lor It. WamiootOw TTai.i. - Tho " Pllcrln'a ProgrMa''otftO?ta )*-? Mtdl?n?-?a arary nli ht. ft la ft b**.itttnl i pointing, and c*rrt#? with It g?od morol l?-taoo faott IT ?i.i - Tho po??-ritno of o ' oyog* to Co In Tv.ia in w. T'by of t6 A-oot r - tij- U rir.1??i | blgbtl/. IRK H (AY, NOVEMBER 22, 185 New York Hlatorle*! dorlttjr. The lerty-alxth anniversary of th1* Society wti n*ia? brated on Tuesday availing, in the cliapel of the Dal varelty The chap?-l ill well filled with mxinbera of the 8ooletj. oitixena and xtraaflara ladies and u?n,

tl?*ni*D Mr Bancroft Keuulinore -!oop?r. and the The annual iair?M bj H' ff Campbell K<q , on ' The l'rograes of Historical Knowledge in thin ( inntry for the last Twenty five Years," was the feature of tbe evrr lag The putill- proceedings In the chapel were opened in an impressive appeal to tha throne of Divine tlraoe, by the Rev Mr Adams which w?? marked bv a fervent implication for the interpolation of the wisdom of tha lloat lllgbtn the guidance of our government through our prtseLt difficult!**, and for the eontinuance of the blessings wbieh have heretofore bean 10 signally showered upon our beloved and happy country Mr. Campbell read bis address from the manuscript. The present meeting and this anniversary were oheerlul evioence of the progress of tile Society To ally the tut ur? with t he past was one of the ohlef objects of historj It is trom the light ot the past that we are enabled to penetiate in the mystaries ot the future In this view history was on* of the most important tudlea. If it doe* not disclose to us the coming enables to anticipate them with the certainty of demonstration A modern Hainan writer had said that the study of history had become the order of tha day Ab'traotlons and metaphjMcsl speculations bad given way to experimental realities, to hietory its analysis and Its philosophy. The learned orator then descanted upon the great discovertst of historical research in Kgypt and Nineveh and tb'ir importance as confirming the truths ot the Moly Bible He next followed down the history of our country, after the discovery ot America, trom the Pilgrims and the Cavalier* to the Revolution aud Its glotious result* 1) at the main subject of the discourse was tbs rapid growth and extension of historical enterprise and r<-s?-arch in the United Htate*. during the last twenty-five year* and the value of the immense mass of historieal matter thus collected including, especially, tbe journals and writing* of our earlier PieddHut* He ooeeiu 'ed with a beautiful eulogiuui upon Ueneral Taylor, late an honorary member of tbe o.-lety lie was a link connecting u* with tbe golden chain of our early history, a chain which the speaker hoped would continue unbroken , and that our institutions would remain the bright example of liberty regulated by law. *uch as it 1* the happiness of American people to enjoy On motit n of Rev. Mr. Rethnn*. a copy of the address was unanimously request*d by resolution to bs piinted Dr Urtbuu* followed up hi* mation In a strong and pungent appeal in behalf of appropriation* trom our wealthy c^tlseu*. for tbe purpose ot ereoling a library building tor the use of the society The President of the meeting Mr Luther Bradlsh, announced an adjournment after ths Deoeilctiop, and invitid the audience to a oollatton in a room adjoining an invitation which was accepted bv a large majority. and a cup ot hot coffee wn certainly a verv agieeabls conclusion to the agreeable proceedings of t?e evening. I*. 8. Circuit Court. Tbe Uon Judge Nelson presiding Nov 21 ?I'{fringrmtnt >/ m Paten/. ? Talham VI. Corvrll.? 1 he counsel in thli cus which was for the infringement of a patent tor tha manufacture of lead pip^s hming concluded, tbe J udge a<l>ire-*ed tbe jury at great length In the course of hi* observations he taid. that the jur> should not be misled by the mere difference in the uiechanlr*l construction of the two machine*; but. they should tnrn their attenti >n to the new idea developed by the plaintiffs, and which tbe deftndants have embodied in their machine (hints is. of itsell conducive thkt th?j are different; but that view will not anfWfr Th-y m?y or nay not be different; the qurKtlon dies not ari<e ( upon the mechanical iirraiiit' m-n' but whether the orl|iinnlity. the discovery 01 the plaintiff, if eubodled in the defendant's construction It I* an i-mr that i the patentee rbould be tl?u down to the wry word* of his patent. Thr rul<< is tbat the description of the machine in the patent not only protects bun against tbe uactine thu- d* scribed. but it protests him against eviry other irachtna. whatever may be the arrange- ' ment o* it which embodies his invention He (t!i? ' Judge) made these observations to assist th? Jmry in ' arriving at a proper conclusion as to whether or not 1 the novelty- the tiaw idea developed by the plaintiff I in his machine is or is not embraced in the dt?fentfam'a. If It is,.it is an infringement of the i p>tent ; if it is not. then it is not an laI'ritifeiuent Ou? of the groun1? of th? <li-knae i is, that admitting the ohingu In the defend'at'* ran cVine to ?n.btac?-th" novelty ot the eonstrnitlon of lh<- plaiuMft. still the new construction of the ib<l tendant'e has proved a beneii; ne' an improvement over I he plaintiff* roar ruction; tbat titey ?otJ4^sl I tbat In Its practica' uprration it Is diiieren' and ??. and greatly b?n> ti -i*I; and that they are entitled to a paten' >i r it T<> maintain the d> fenne in thU aspent the cbanre must b? new as well as b-neflcial. Improving the patented machine so ai to make It batter will net britg the esse whhm that principle If an improved result by a formal change, would I void the infringement anil supert<?le ttie patent i there are very tew machines tb*t would he worth | the eipsnse and the labor of procuring a pa- | tent fir. An invi u'er may not b> a me -.hani'v and the mechanic whom h? is force I to engsge to work out bis Ideas, may not tmbody all bis Ideas and may fall to i petf?-ct It: tbereb ^e no one will say that ano'h-r p?r?on ' i an step In and hj an improvement of tha'. invention ' carry off the milts ot tbe discovery Another defence is. that the remit of the opetation of the two machines | i* different, and no uoubt. if that i? ao the defemjaot's . mai bine ought to be tha tubjeut ot a patent The jnage th n went over the matejliJ points cf theevl j dene*, and stated tbe results of tha experiments testifted to by some ot tbem The evidence. b' said w? j too stri ng to induce them te believe that there *,i. ' any substantial difference betweon tbB working of t&n ' ' two mscbines l')>on the subject of 4ama?ea. the j Couit remarked that tbe rale at law Is. thai tbe plain- , tiff li allowed damages to the amount 01 profit* mmla j by the use of the machine which is his Invention. It | l? not a care lor vindictive inmates. but fot the m?ra loss tha patentee baa suatainad by tha use ol his invention. ! i :oud?m ior <i?T.?>aaoT? nxoepTea to me cnarge. Vttrdict let the j.Ulmiff fi'Ub Court of General Imloni. lletrro Judge Itmiy ?B't Aid Bruton and Dalamater Not. 20 ? HlniHtd (imi/iy to f\nt>ng ft <->r4*r.?An in'elllgent linking Kan-h lad. named Da Mat tac pl-aced to forgary In the fourth d'greo, and ??c eent to Blarkwrll'a Maud fornix month* Tha Indictment ckarged the Vfiirrd with fjrglng the namt ot Loon Jarelll to an order for >fl The order wa? presented to Mr John Setton at tha time oftha fr-rg rjr tr?a*ur?r at NlUo'i Theatre. The ace<i*ed til intolilgent IwkiM lad and th* court made tb? ptialalimeat ItgcliT. with tie hope that it might eaoM a ra- < I formation <n the part of I>e Ulanrto. Trial /?r Ht$Lumy kithkny -Two unroM. named Pamnel Murray and #n. Williamson were put npon thrlr trial, cbnured with highway ruhb-ry lo limektog i . down Proaton W ||mib. a colored man. and rebMug hlru ot a watch chain and tome money on the nt<ht of the Vd of November la*t. The outr'a/.n waa eomaltted In Anthony *<io*t Preittn Wilcon being duly eworn, toetlfled aa follow*:--1 am a rrafarlng man. tbreo week* ago next Hatnrday night I w?j unwell, and went to a poteowy fhrp for rrnne medicine; aa I wan eomin tr >ugh Aotony rtreet dat are brown eklnned man dara. flam'l Murray, bo I nocked me down, and tha otke*>ne pit hi* hand In my pockatand took nut the money, I coi?h bold t 4a man dat knocked me and bring < n. an4 hollerod. | Murray tot my watch elm In. tho chain wa* worth Krut 11a- I itrurk m mt h*kd vltht nn tnV hH 1 h?r?; It knocked mo down dnil, (ebowlnft the eourt tb??r?r) thar'a whar ba hit at. cm t you w a a If fereBre In da color of df> fktn. he rartin hit me wld tometh In kui> ha eonld'nt hit in hard ?l i hi* fl?t. tlOM Ihb<m4-I knn* U wi< Murray, for I lay flat on my kirk. huay holding on to him lain(Martin polletman of th<- Hl*tk ward aworn ! ?I an rated ihe prWonar* on tha UofNormkM batwi?n 7 ai.o o'clock In the tmIii Tbla man. rrrattn W |l.on rwitt tha atatiea bona* bleeding. He mid he bad b< n ktotkrd drwn I want with bin. aad cn cur ??y?i?n Centra rtraot. a black w. nan told u? ttat It waa P.ianirl Marray who committed tba araault We frand him la a oellar In ('antra itrwt, D'ar Anthcny atrewt Ha attrmotrd to throw away the cha'n hut wa discovered tha attempt and took tlia chain tr?m bim (>'hain ahown ) That la the chain, John T Kat ray, al?o a paii-eman of tha Pltth ward. t?>tl#<4 to the arraet of Wliiiaieaon and bla Identlfl cation by the canplalnaot WII?on alae Identified Murray at tha Mm* ha wai brought Into tba atatloa | honae by the pollrrnan. Tha defence undertook to prove that tha prlanner, W HHam-on war at the cellar of a ma a nam ad Jaakeon. at No M Ontre rtraat, daring tha whola erenlag of tha 24 of Nttanlwi. Tha character of tbla witnaaa, however. waa pmirn to ba very bad. and tha Jury would not hllria Mm. ai thay randcred a rerJInt of 'Hitiilty" agalnrt both the prlaonara. tfti? rallil op for aea'eace the Clerk aafce.l tba nana) quaatlon of tha convict*- What have yea to Bay why judgment ahoaid not now ba preawaneed agalaet you'f To thla, Murray, who la a l?rge, early mulatto, replied wii hi i tf pnnnmj ip ininonn?i?,i the ?i?n down but I dldnt gi> no "Ion* *bot I hit Mm with my flat; but that am man (Wllll?m?#Ji I didn't do HBvtHnu at all. II# hadn't anything to do with It what?'tnrvar I tad two tlhw don# It, and you mat And oat wb*T* th?y ara. II you eaa But t don't Ilia to h> ar t. man awaarfalaa. I Jo??th??hol? rf It. and that ort old aian didn't know anything | about It " K?.ta|ih?tan<llnc h|a Inflate*. Murray'* arjumant rr aaaattmn* ban ?uh an rffi-ni on th? jary. that, at ' tba ?P|fk??tl) nt rona?al and with t h? approaal of tbo lliatt. thry a k#4 in rarcaddcr tb'lf imW?, and, aftar an at<?>aow of a frw inltiata*. ?hay r??nraad with I a T??dlrt of not f tillty a* to Wllllam?on who wa? thaa llMkarfxl Mftrlrt Attorawy ?Tow rati (to. WMtMM. Wll,?#m?n?- Wall ataing aa thaOnwrt ? h?-a? aojoo4 I I h'pa th?y II pay mo *nn)?thln for b?ln' In prl. WB ? l?W|t t)lrtil?t AUorary? Tow may thank tha jury that ' yow ??eap- ?wr| t?> ttata pri?on. F?lt * I',lam-on In hurry Tha ?>,irt th?a proraadad ta paa? ?aataa?a ow Mur lay. wi> that h? h? Impf i?"t>?d In tha Btata prtaoa at ha rd labor 'or r?w yaar* and Haa month* Tn>-tar da- .do r. r. tr.d hl? aa itaaoa and aawt away law*Mo? ? \>? fiod j?*? had baaa parfatrata* luck l? th? bUiUl.o?4 * rrl*a. [ERA 0. VERY LATE FROM HAVANA. Arrival of the New Captain fkMrai frout Ipaia Ae , Ae. A*. Tha Crescent City touched at inataad e Kingston. Thla enabled our agenta at tha formal place to send uo newi to tha 18th lnat inelailra. Tha new Captain-General of Cuba. Qen. Don Joaa d( la Concha with a numerous staff and 600 mun, arrived at Uavana. In tha Spanlxh ateamer Caledonia, (lately I Cunarder.) on tha 12th last., and took charge of th< government of the ialaad The naw Captain General laaued two proclamations one to the troop*. aid another to the inhabitants - ii which he felicitated himself on baring been aominatei by the Queen of Spain to the high offloe >f Gavernoi ot Cuba; he alluded, also, to the invasion of Lopez and paid a compliment to the brave conduct of the troope and of the citiiens on that occasion On the night of the 12th. ail the musical bands ol the garrison gave to him a aerenade in honor ot hia arrival. On the lflth at 7 o'clock A M.. tho Captain General, followed by a numerous e'&IT. and the princiopal authorities of the Inland, held a grund Nfiat. where all the troo^i fct the garrison. and a new company lately arrived with him from Spain. v?re present Tills was a brilliant afluir. and I) T de la Concha was <|uite satisfied with the martial appearance of the aoldien Nearly all the inhabitants ot llavnna were presunt at this review and greeted the new governor with enthusiastic plaudits On the arrival of the Crescent City at Havana, with a clean hill of health, from Cliagres. Capt Stoddard was informed by the authorities 'hat every passenger must be provided with a govemmett permit before they could be permitted to land, and that, an aid of Ills Kxcellency the Governor would be on board for that purpose. About 9 A M a large barge w?s alongside, the r*ew hsvlng " Capitania (ietieral'' on their hats, and displaying the national arms ot Hpain The aid was aecompaaied by a secretary, servant and sentinels wh- m he posted at the gangways and t)i>-n gave out the permits, signed bv "Concha Ceptain General," and countersigned by the aid aud bif secretary The Italian Opera company at Havana attract, every night, numerous sudienoes. ' l.rnani " "L-inta." Macbeth.'' ' Lucretia. ' and La Pavorita have Ween performed. In the last of these operas. 8i:;nonna StetTanoni Balvi. and 0. Radiali. w?r? received with nurierous plaudits Colletti performed the part of Kverardo which waa filled In thia city b7 Mariai; hu was al> o applauded ' Semirnmis." an opera in three acts, w>? to here prrwnua on tnn wnn rauiae leaeeeo aoa i inn 0 iladiall and Viattl la th?* principal chMMteri Therew tenor. Mirnte. had not arrlv-d It 1? po*ltively Mtid that Vuor Sai?i. alter thW th? i trlcal tritOD, leave* the ttage. and retires to bit Till* In Italy. Vtry Lote from Jamalrn?TrrrlMc Ha* vaf.c* of the ('liolrra. We are indebtel to II I.rrd. h*<j . of thw CrMeoat City, for lata n;*w* (torn Kindlon. Jamaica, reoalrtd at HaTana by the 1 :ti?h mail ateaoier Tb? advice* are to the 8ih ln*tant. Ineluoire. When tha Crescent City arrived at Port Royal. Ja 1 on her outward pa'*age. the cholera wu* esiKtluf and raging ?o *uch an alarm itig extent at Klngatan, and other part* ol thelrlaiid tha'. It *i< not de' road prudent by Captain btoduanl toreturn that way.he having large number of pa<aenRfrn Annexed 1' an retract of a Utter from Klnfaton. Ja.. lated Nov 8, 1860 received al par UritWh l'earner of the 1 it.h ln*t. I reRtet to teport thnt onr i?lan<l. e*paeiiHv fwir eltyi ba? b> m aud ptill I* *ttfTerlnii trooi tr e nhnlera We liave had over 1 000 death* fr at 10th of October to 7th iliKlMDt within the olty alone, and other part* of the land , pay about 600. Uustno** i* <iulte *u*pvadad, mtf all partie* at work in relieving the want* of the <?or ana *lck The King*ton Colonial Slunluri of thi 4th in* Fay* .? Wa regret to announce that the rholara. *o ft* from kbntlogtii Klcft'ton. In d-old'-illy and paiu/uliy on tha Inereape Indeed nc lliiih < an e |U*I ihn liiHre-* wKie* eilt-W on *? ry ml", < rnMnctia l.< ail but T*ie tvaih* within the U*t twenty if hru.* naanot ue ?h> rt rf f.Le l.ufidn <f and a ni*.ileal K*ntl< man ht* ***ure<l u* that he had ju*t luf: thirteen d?iad and djli'g la on* honaa. A correppmorLt al Movant Fay ai^uaint* no. that up lo t rldnv. thai* had baan fl< f???l of nlv^lor t lu tf at. town %i.d t l r-t mora ntfnrk* Ju?t r<f ;rtf J me ba wa? elo*iri(j hi* communication Tl?- waathrr. during tha l*?t f*w day*. ha* h"a:i I i H'y ut-Uvoi ?b'? for lb* iU|>frr?<lot cf th? elx'lrn ? ! thr mcrtality b.i i r > pioji n.lm iSly Inernt* <! Murine tha whMa of Thar/* lay *->1 K>ldar fiafall of rain va< rentlcoou*. %*?l th? tl?ath* for tho*< two lay*. In thl? city, coal'l not haaa fal <in tbort ol l.iO. IV huxBothiir l tha >tata of oMtrtallty on Hatiiriay ?C(1 Holiday bu' wa faor that haaa Iwn ??ry o -n*! 1'flWr. |>< m? |.l*a II1KT b> fo-rja.l nf I h? ?rt fata llty in K Icgaton. by tbr :a-t I bat h* an official rat ir n tli* burials of who harv dl?'d from riolara in Ih* Kpl?< opatlan burial (fninj a'nn*. amount to (*?. >n-t?.> n 10th of Oclob-r aid the I at tt NoT?mb-r 'b? third tn^ra may h? ?d<5*-l to thla uaaibT for hur'al* in oth?r fround* not tonnantad with tha rttaI llffctm tit. which would bring up :b? total ol mortality lo up* rd? rl (' lu ft Catherine, tha urojrga ha* a!<a proyad rar>*t da f tractive Pptnirh Tr.wn l? nufT'ting aayarcly. although wa h*?a n m>iu* of arriving at anvthin: like a correct ??tifnhte of mortality. The greatest dlfflrnlty I* thcra loutid to bury tha dead. th? p?opla, to their ?h?ra* rafwlng to <11^ tha arnr a. or a?*l?t In tha ram< teat d grn- In prrlnruiltig tha ta?t oftHea fir the d?ad At tha Kara Pan the deatlm hn?? a nmin'?<l Hir??''y to between AUy and nl*ty; and wa wara Horry tokam on Saturday, that th* di*en?? ba-1 ro i l? lt? appi aranee in vary malignant term at th? Parry. Crawl*, and Caymanaa e?tate\ on all of which tha fatal ca>e* bad barn nuBi?ronn From St Anorew wa learn tka' tha ir.aU'ly hat made It* appearance in Oordoo 1 wn at the B .tanle Harden*. and that tan death* h id reiuite] It b n alio appeared in a fatal form at P*piae. T5a raporta from tba onatry atv m yat vary hioftbla Wa do aot laarn of it* apraailtog In St M*ry kl'hoogh it i? (aid that lour or flra < * ? ha-l occurred ?t port Maria, and ha I ba?n aucc. lully traatad by I r C'ooka, and there la no confirmation whatarar of the rrport that it bad appeared at Porun la Mm rbMtar. Intvlllgrnrc from the litbmni. Oor adtlcat from Cbagrat ara to tha loth lait , and tf m Panama to tha Fth ln?t Cbagran liar waa unu?ually rongh whlla tha Craaeant City wan at anchor, but It baoama murh woraa altar bar [old aad pa?*Bg<rp wara ambarkad FIt? laraont wara drownad on rbafrat bar, la an A<-?rr<ring to r*aoli lb* Pacific In an Indian caynra; nrth*r boat captzrj. at>4 th? p? -iip?r? ln*t thalr ?nd HI 000 In frn'.d du?t No ncrHnnt h?pp. u?il to th* paM"-ng> ri or mtrrhandl** land?d to crow lb* l*thirn? Paniina on tl>? 4th ln?t?nt ?* ? p*i"*abla *nd I ell hy ' ?ny nth*r ol r junl population la any part of tin* rontlornt Th* flrltlnh mall ?t*am*hlp fir?*t ir?*t*r? f?ll?d from i luirx on the moriilog of tha Kth, for St. Thenar with mall? Kr Poller lnltill|(rnw. ftrnf ? / }'inm| Tki*rrt *tui Knrtrtrt / Shir* Pr<v p*? - V??t*rday a!?*rnoou, Captain Dl'Jihfti, aid'd by < Wiotr I'KTdn and th*r? of th* Fourth ward arre?t?d lour yum* rog??* railed l>l<-* N'ort. n. Jim I.tnrh, Jark McManua. and Dirk Brown. All tha** thl*r*? w*r* poti?r?d upon ?udrt*tly. by th* poll';*, an 1 ?ob?? y*d b?tor? th* ma(l?t.rat*. harlnn In th?tr pmi. ?? ?!< u a qcaatltT of ?toi*? frnp??rty. ?neh ? p!?? ? of flannal m*rli?o drum patt*rn* K.e for which >>wn?rn ar?m(lrd Thi> Captain al? mad* a d??r-nt upon th* pr*mla*? No. 31 tan** *tr<-*t. kapt by a w*|l kb' wa Individual ealted Jrbnny Uooi?T and a ?im>n nam** Jana Wa'aoa, on whoa* pr*ml??a tha pollea Mid nrlow artlelM iMtittf th? pian4?r<>t turn, roa?l?t i?( of on* n*w black frock coat, an nrarenal, aad * ??ral i th?r* *om*wba? worn. Ilk*wla* ?hawl?, tabl* co?*r?. h? . tnf*th*r wl?h a larp* p1*?a of India rubhar tabl* aloth. <>wn?r? ara waatod for th* abora nnn*d arMrla*. Apply to Mr fli*?art, Clark of P' iloa. Hall* of Jnfttlr* Tb* accu??d parti** wara all 0 >m? - .?--f w- - r...?k>. Kuarlnf " ??.??? .... Rrrtirry nf fioUn fltyrf* -Oi Wedne?day lant. oBm Dndnu, ol the fle?? nth ward. nrreet*d en <>14 thl?I. ealled ll?r??T. and. ? eearehlnj hi* per mib. th* <*fll?er found OMt thirty pl'-'le* tlnkafe. the product* nf atnl.n proj*rty, ?or?f*tini< principally ?t emrlrf epye-?l V erday. a *ult of cMhlnff ha] n*lD(t t< Kir Kdwtrd W Hull raiding at No 4M> Hourt'n ?trr*t. with other article*, valued. In all, at oeer tM) ma r?eo?'r?il and returned to the ovrrr by the cflcer Mr John Aletlne. residing nt No 113 Madl?e? ?tf*et, al*> recovered n quantity of property ralu?d nt tloat flOO A large lot of property In yet unclaimed for which "????? nre wanlej Apply te Mr Hte?*rt (",?rk f Police Tomb*. Tim N*it mm or Mkhkiii.-We nre unable. a* yet to Mate the relative Hrength of parti** In the n?*t legislature with n*ctn'?* Claiming th? election of one whig In <?n?? county. and of J V Hr>w?i In CMpp?-?a end of n whig in "Mlnton the H'u?* will Mand whlg? 20. democrat" 40 Tht* r??nlt l? npon the *nppo*tti*n that Or. fr?ln, of Mackl naw. (democrat ) l? eleeted -Whleh la not yet nartftln Of the number rlaeeed a* democrat*, It la b?H*??J tl?nt Tnni'r of flaglnaw;rhnreh of Orand Kaild? Ce?a of Ionia; Platen Flltehlng* nnd Watklna. o Jaekeon ate not farorahle te the rlew* of Oen 0a?? The Sena'* will etand whlg? *; d?mormt?. 1(V. fTw *nll r. rkoTili g Mead a* f'ee roll, b* ba*lng beei fleeted a* eneb Of thle nnmher two. gb*?m*k?r r 1 ltowae -f I ni* ar<< h?ll"'?d not to fi tor the view* of Oen ' ** -one of them baring ?ote agalaet ti*"lnJI*v tbe rcolntlna of inetructlon* I the late >e**len of the L*?W<ft'nr? There may be othi n?' mbera N tbe Tlnn?e In the aame poetiinn we tbln there are btit of the** we apeak with rompar(t(rt 9% i (Knly - jfpv. 11 li I). PRICE TWO CENTh. HIGHLY INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FKOM ALL PARTS OF CALIFORNIA. ( ~ r ARRIVAL or THX I STEAMSHIP CRESCENT CITY, ' WITH - One Million and a Half in Gold Dust. THE ADMISSION OF CALIFORNIA. [ THE ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION OP THE NEWS. THE ELECTION IN CALIFORNIA. IMTKLLKiEKCR. MAMLIAttSI AND DSATSI MARKETS, &?., Ac., &c. The steamship Crescent Ciiv, Capt. Stoddard, arrived at this |>ort yesterday afternoon, from Chngres, via Havana, with two weeks later news from California. The C. C arrived at Chagres, via Kingston, Jam., on the 71h of November, making the pa ige ou'wnrd iu nine daya from New York She left Chagres on the 10th mat , at 2 o'clock, P. M., and arrived ofl Havana on tlie evening of the Hth mat., making the run in four and a half days from Chngres. She left Havana on Saturday, the 16th. bt C o'clock, P M., and arrived at the quarantine, Sta'en Island, on Thursday, November 21st, at 6 o'clock,P M.,5daya from Havana. The C C. brings three hundred and fifty passengers, ard one hnd a half inillioit of dollars in gold dust, on freight, and in the hands ot the following pafsengers:? PASSKNGKItS PER CRESCENT CITY I> n Itoakell II JoltMos^ W A M.IJriU Hut <-i t Ktllf m W U ? Crocket r?( t F Ofilinn J A fl'.r- ?r ? ' J..I.B A llenB-tt H II Kao'lMf W ?. W I s - at mi a Lav (i Irkoi N* -???i V? - Id, joif UliMUfnl A Hu^-i J H h^niUr L c?- llBMl.t, CSN I* Uartl?4aU J ''? ? W Can |>, I 8 A I'"'' ? !? . , ,7 <' ,"? / r n Nu; Mr Tirk^nr * l-idy r \? r?* Ji.w?h tllrrmu * I woll I?r ?' .* Ti L.r,,r i;.pt J.'.Mumfrtt M!Wm|..on f r Nlllr w'iI in,,, in Jo-' pit MplKWn ** ^ooneia Mr Barlow 3 r f*r.m T> '?? ?" ?* K M Taylor AW* tftm J ( mill *11 Word i"' W?.lil 0<-o (ikvlord n V Hnl.kard t l.a (.Kir<w F ' ti,ni?K I' VV Kcod ^ O lMwtl Mycrn J ^ Htn?on A J %ti cktll TVo. P nn?\?o? llr M lietilluJ A ?! cW; i'i'i"'" fi'~~ Sn/JftiSuw ?-!n cnmMrb!ii I* D Kill*!"* ?. 4 Y Mon*ll JotrpK "!? P'rttlM Ck*n Urvwn 0 H Hm*m4 I. ? UwW n?>Tw?H tui.i ?r7'J'L^. V I' KI*hmon4 r rartrr ?r?d ***** N Ma.x'.ll I**!.- **?U? ? ?' W *1 ||ill J M ?rlar J Writ* ? P?" J 292ln" A uprt r<* Crarr I Bl*n A?a b<*r J A Kim alt Al** N Hiiiloi Jn? I" Lomirpt# Dr ?.n:jl..t> Half II ? <:a: wrt*k? John <1? nard B H Hrowa H m B*? i?r jiimi W FT Porttr > '< Tlo? I w ilklat J V P>t?akn H ?"? B.."?. C fttaaw PM'.?rtoM Hm K'Kul J Imb4( J ? *? ? J (i I'oul Al?*''?"P*r J 11? r A k.a J-?n ? Mir* ** ? ?J Vtetary J-nWtMl K I. 'I * Mil IttBir Kr?'r? J C Wood M B Wl'Jtjl N l? Brai'lr J l< VMWfl J PaftnUUk Philip Daily OCiM.Kfi'luf {M?'M Just* Sa?i*T '<vn ? D??'.a? E . NtkMl Ih-o ArrhkoM T. H KiB<?ao H<-"fol?B4 H An-I.'" Id M'o *b Pi???^lay I. KWh't ojr I) r. ? h??a t' M <-?bu Jo<h*ni If*#4 J V r??? J W?r? Jn . Witrrr A <lmn JUI"l J"" I. H'k . W II ? rai*? l??'- Tajrlof <1 W IWir*r4 I 11 mini'1 M M Tlia*?t A <irrm? J?.. |i?r?.. O. ro w Mr* hiAM?? II M H wrll H I. Huk-ar4 R D B-d' .rd jt t. d J?. llr.wa Vi K?*la? I | Mill f fH*?t J W s-?MI Ja?r?HB*T CSr.B? liavld <'?r?"n ?r ?B_ J IU? a All x l.?f\ar<l Jati.ta I> ? ?f>4 | kmn ? >' ?* Danall M-lnay Ar*.a??Uh F n M<? k??ak Jr. f llan n Rm-aalth J?*<n ftllllaall Natl-aa n anajr li M Vacknath A Ui-k?? ? K i Urrl'lM B/IMatna (I II tl.M A ? it land Ainu" n t'raaay C 0 T Briiuly J W>tr nil r W <! Ilatnmoatf WMIIn J B llioka n llaUa H Htll 0" W ll'Jfrd I ,J ThlMNt H ? D%tI<I H-df rd n W?<n> Jr.' < I <ai*r<l JCAM-n It V H.m A W Lorctnn 1) M Wi1'i?3> A H R>rti Tli'na* <' Iky B U? o4 A ? *t'|<I?L4 ?'hrul. Hr C M''Urk Cetl.?ht ?MnUt? R L Utut liana. I rika Jm>i Roiliatt Jwph Ryaa Finitfl l'"rtir V W ? 4)*t4 fn < ' rmtaa II 1'onar r t)a?n Ran K?oa J ( Smith R Ihnilliia 0 ? I Ul I, * O p land B T llamil'oa J fl Honylar J * B riitmaa Jana* Stmt <i L r.m?g J *hmw. Jt R n r*riot l> A Tneii* Jaa n.uan J I ? ( J* l<afl?y W Btifar To Laab B #il>Ur P l4a<ln M Ok LVM J ? <rr' t J?<*pk H.Vaal J W Ward f ? Wm *ykaa f I If II? hart ll K?ll?<? Tb?ai> ?ya? R l.nrlahala ?'?" Ri'll*C( J"t>n CU'aa ft R rfarriBftaa 1 K? ? I Ulw< I Ra<rlaa4 Wal'arYraat P R Inland A Dn'h IT M C Jf*tU J B Praaklln Knamll Daih?<T I' Waat r 'Tawal' J C Ovartna Jar R???t? II i"fi UaftM Oao O R?liarM Bdw koWrtl J"lii Ball B Ottrall N Marphy T 1 Raallh tCha?a E Aarfrna W Nnyaa JCDtani A P?aa?t t R Jaaaa R l.*d?raa A l.afomi I' n T.-Ulmaa J liar par O'" B't'lla W ralrtrotbat 8 C?away N ftptxaar Jaa Ola T M?M BrrryfjmM Hawaii Tart C Cuaimiaip IT"'l'r Jaa 1 Daaoa* J Ritaa J C Oalkoara M Silnara D T Clarka Wn Panrk TTl?a l.rary R R.I 1r?ra Mil Blaakartkip II P flraat J C Tkaa|Mk t bM W) maa Pan I J Wt'tat J f, ,.t RJIrartca Charlaa Horsa IH .nal W A TlmoiM I) K TM K Wr?M W C C<Hik C M < >>kom? P?i?rRik?r llitalMUt A R WiS?t?r W i'T?m Alhrrt tt JrfnVli* It W Kilby Wm H it Philip NcGraat? W H?nry'trtr J' ' Dick W W William* *??? I tmwmill J l?i?r-T?t?l, m The *i>ecie on freight > con?i*ned >a (He followins order:? amoi-nt of hpicir on hoard ttti ruv^rrr cm. rot nt tout T.I) Walter fcCa fll.000 Stoot k Ward. . , t0M HrOu. rotter * M?jer llubbin* % Co #000 Co 2?00 ft Jne*t>b 1IKW Hrd-r SIT# Hanoi* n * Co.. . , .XtWO K<i?*r<t Mlntnrn. *> r*wj II?utT l.ooniii ... Jionn wm II >? *(!?.. i <tij B I' Brady 4. C13 000 eh** I' Willlamt. A 0* , Martin k llltoh- tloekanrath k Voa cork 1VD f>aram 1/ ,n Hrnry Coftilll fcOo. 3 0*0 Rt?rn Atltl It Co. j,, llrtnhiK Ab?mt- Aaron Janob*.. , . t thy It Cotllne... a000 R fleh. fT?r * Rr?.. n? 8 k R ItarrU.... 4 rftn orctt 7 Robt I. Taylor... T W .Inbn Ph?l?n. .?r.. u,,, John Mao* 1 440 Jamb Woomlngt' R fc Cat. Ri- dale k Oo ?v . preaa Co 4 *00 I?aar fMl*aho?f?r ? JJ. ? 1R l.amar k Oto. K.lwar1 B. Inn?\ "**' 'WIIM 20C4 h niotoa roltf-B. . . 7(O0 Al.nn & Thinl.'' ? <**? <o?B. * W+i* 9 ? * uS&MiMI. ,m "? is *?.:r ?<?. . ::: ,22 L allow k ? / t ialain I Ol , a g 2<u t, ? , iunnfi. I 8lrnn?,fl?|d. Rii-h " *' \ To.!] ' }'" 10 000 1' Ho1c.r, j, *? ? k?h?7 * c* ir , *"* * *. oa.. "* I f>T4.r. . . 1 > 1-wbA r,?r,TV ?'2> k tdgmr., . ?2 r n J{? Wtil. **no r r??fonr? ,,n . I ' Hani* .5 A. Xiinf. m. J ^ w<?? iOnnwiin? ?? ? } c?Ttu? *?*? * ? IJT BttMOrtUft. ?* fc Vftjfc " * N"1** Hr?? -V . * ?v ' ' ?rr. "1,w' ' < ..' L!T! >1 <> . * ?.. 0 < it hM , VoJ? , Or.Ur. "t*Co. l?C4a .fnh?.M.a ,V 'n " (2" * n. H..V n *?2 '* , C? 1|inft ,To. " r*'" ?*r V * IU*tor*. _ _ , .. ' 1<on? 1 ^ *3