Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1850 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. ?<M)9. ONE WEEK IN TUROPE. Am A I V A 6 OF TUB BRITISH STEAMSHIP NIAGARA. Threatening Aspect ??f V (fairs in Gennii 11 v. ANOTHER DECLINE TIM COTTON. IMPROVEMENT OF AMEBIC >1 SECURITIES, TEBRIBLK LOSS OP LIFE. &C., Jcc , Arc Th? Britinh mall ste?m?Mti Niittrara, Capt. Stone, arrlTod at thl? port yentwr Uy m Trinn from Llrerpol, from whence she eailtd on s? nrJay noon, the 9th instant. Th* fhe bring* la ol xi-i)?-riMe interest. There hu Wn a decline tn crtton at Liverpool, and a heavy market at Havre; and an i mprovement in American securities in London The Arctic. (Ooillne' lin*>) h-nn? iffth ult., arrived at Liverpool on Wedne*d*j the 0th Inst , and th? Jturopa, (Onnard line) bene* .3d ult . arrived on 8unJay. the 3d inst. The folio *1114 ?La<cuient ot the time .made by the A. and fl? tb?* puntgit of tbeae steamer* at a glance Tim* from Wkjk to ffiiar, .h rived at Total Tint. Isft New Yi?k I rtpttal. d? hours. Cure pa. .Oct %X 12 M. V .? 3 h \ M. 10 21 Aietie. ..Oct. 27, 7AM N..r #. 11* P. M. 10 16*f In favcr of the Aretiv ... 0 Tito Artie. Id making her Ant ?ui*g? to Liverpool, !n ao abort a time. (mur.b *h"rt?r ' hio cither of bar eiater iblpi ba< done.) h* pr. rc?l h.r??lf to b? the Bwiftoat ot tke Collins lin?, thna fur. Th? Baltic la yet to be heard from. It in thought ah? la fully equal to th? Arctie. Annexed aro the FASSKNQEK* ItY fHK NIAOARA. *r. D? Rnjkr, Ma?t.r Do :;uj *r. Mr. UxywuJ, Mr?. Da Ruytor, Major Mill l?'iy, F. ICnrn, Mtaa D? Ruytor, child ?oJ Wrakbeckar, Vila Da Rnyter, Hiimr Tuot >r, T. !?. Pa?4 \ Mra Bankel R?? JHFulirr* ' Mr mlto k lady Mr MaBrydak lady A llatork l?iy, n a 4 M'ua?o?4 Mr H'ooeaoni j ehiMrrn and a-.r't K Hiiniii A Kiatman A Rill Q imaoda k lady Mr EagatfaM C M>-enin F f*ri*;,-n Mr Rich it ' ud Mr Kra-b O Oaklsy, Mr. Bay, Mr 1 h?Mnlln, Mr 8. Uataa, Mr. Bn'at, Mra Stapheia, Mr. ' lark Mr M Art."14, Mr *. ljauthi"-tii Mr. E Uiutbarig. Revd Mr. Moria, Mr. J H'Li'd'n.. Mr Jn. Walmcday, Mr. *. 1. Peteraoa, Cap' r>I'r l*>r *r. Ijrinj?t?ne, Mr. Qouraee, aa>1 ''en, Mr. F. B. -'mlth. Mr. 0 Pnaif k lid; Mr. Kn"-I?i,?t Mr. J. 0. 1 a"?u Mr. I'pjoha k lad* Mr T D TuckarkMr J.C. Sarflatk Mr. Bxriai k lady lady Mr. J. Oo"4ier Mr. Biiwheff J r. A h?^rar4 Mr. T. M V?k Mr. T. Waatoa <r L n-cma Mr. J. Bole Mr. Makin Mr | M'l-ra A large amount ot bu*ii,??? i* t-porta J to hare baen dona, In the I,on?on mark t in C:iit?1 State* stocks and bond*, by Ururi Bell k won* with rome iD<|ulry fortho** of the **paTat? Slate* during th* week.? l'rtc?* wer* i> follows ? AMFRITAN SBOI'Kirif IN Loxno*. m rniud 8tae*FiV* purUm Hol d-(lM'J) a ?|l? " Six p.T Oent llonilt ( 11 a 1IWS. " Six per < ?ol Hoiid1 11 "-'i 19'<4{ ft llW'i " 8i> wr Ont 'Tiitl ( 1s>?) |07C i ? yew Tork 8ta cfiveper''* t *< k?(i <fl>) m tt yt> " Stat* Six p?* C*nt M"?k ....105 a 11)6 B?*t*a Citj riv* p?r I'm Ron<i>( ? < sj/)... .91 ft !*2li )'et>n*jlvaai& ?ive per On' i ek *2 ft Hi <?>! Pi* p?r Cent* (Wo ^-7^> 104 a l?1 Ohio tin per '"eat* (lNofl). 9.1 a 91 VatiarhtiMtt* fir* per I i ot ( ?U. < ?-?> |II5 ft KM Maryland fiveper Ceat ( 8i*. !>? < U nd?) .91 ft ? c?ita Six per Cast B d. I 1874? 102 a to..".. The ge neral tone of th* advice* fro<a Oermany it not ?o favorable. With re?p*'M to the itTtlri ot lie***, it If now Mid that Pruaeia l? preptred (Ulnl'.lvely to acriflo* thr League anrt it* e?u*tltution. and no r**latuo? will be made to the Aii*tr<*n let rvention On Ike ether hand, we have are -nut* from Pnlda, that on the 4th innt , in eoa?equ-i"-e <y th? advance of the Bavarian troop* to within 2 WW yard* ot th* Prnxtlan out poet*, th# culraeflev* lett. the oity in <r-at h?*t* ar d proceeded to occupy the Per? berg, white the artillery tM placed on the Praaktnrt r<>? I. Th* opposing arm!** w*r* within *i|(ht ot aarh ? h?r tor twenty-tour hoar*, but the Prussian* Ml bark evet.tually without a shot being flr*d. Th* Ilanovrrian goTernm?nt h?ve reiuied to march any troops for the purpo-e ot the paoAaation of IIoj. atein, bnt ha* promised th- a' i 'anc? ot nin* battalion* to IIc*(* it M HafKD)<fl in h" ili oiiieed. and th* ximmand of tb* army (rtv-n to a* \u*t>lan general Th*C*pltan Paaba. a Turltl h |tne-?l hattl* *hlp -was blown np at Oonatantln >i>l* on the '24 J nit., wArw mt tkounnJ per i?m? <m froui <t icrr* ?;Utti. No further hottil* movement* Dave taken pl\c* by -*lth*r *t th* arml** In 8?til-*?ii< fh? Danith torn* 4* *ald to bar* received an Inerr*** to th* amount of 42 000 man. meet ku inti'ed Hpain to ln'erpo#e h r goad oflcM la adjusting It* dlfferanaea with Hriiaio. and that eareral conference! ba<l !<kt<n place belwam Lord IlotJn and tha Doka of Val-nnU A ihMK tin Uki>D p'?f? in the Perlin mioWtry. I If. TO? Undo will bM ten<J> red lila r> ?wo%tin<i. which kM be?o accepted Mil U ! n'i?< a I Von d?r fleydt lilt i1m> nut In !h)lrr"lja>ll'?? rtie fortoer h?? not b??i ??ri|)t?d, Hut nothWg d?fl hai tranpplred with ref peat to Ita> latter Tha Oleic Ontrd at Hau'tn haa b?-n ?1I-Jta tlly dlaaimedby tha AoVrlan an I Mir?r1m 'rupa and tha Jinn Oaz'ttt hai b?en anpp ? ? 1. T^e oB-era of the lleaaian tinard*. It la raid, will i-? .-impelled t? raalga their iworl* to the Cammac l. r lri Jftlaf at WalMuktl It I* laid that General Railefiky and other military vtaiafi, ha** been rnminonea to attend a grand ooua?U of war at Vienna. Tha Madrid Cottee wcra opened by the qtae?n la farton. on tha 31et alt. liar Majeaty. in her epe-eh. ?| preaaed ?a(I'fartlan at being ?h ? t? annaanee tha ''bappv pa eatahliahm?at " of ulp>nma'lc relatione with Qraat Britain, la a manner wor'ky o,* h >th ronntriaa Advice* Item Turin announce ttit tha Pope bad ax cmmuaicated piedmont. Oaaaral Chanfaraier baa publl-h>d aa order of tha day to tha armj ia I'aria In whleh be rvmlnda tha troopa that they are bound to ab i?la tr? m arary Joononatrat Ian. and nttar no crl?e h-n uad~r a-m? General Cbstsgnrnlrr aahaennantly had aa Interview with tha Prealdant of tha R?paMln In *hlah ha aaaured hla that the ordar ?a< nat Intea led aa a mark rt dlareapcc t to the chief ol the State, and to lha matl?r futi General Carralat haa been appointed to the command Of tha lrt Military I>lTl?loa >?f the Aria/ In Pari*. In tha place of Oeoarai Ifanmayar Oar London Corrrapondanro. I<onnoi, faiDaa tC?*?iao. Nur I, 1050. THR STATK OK HI lOTK. Skf Wmrtmw C**fti'*r" Triumph if >4fc<tW? - for* im %f rJU F.lrtloralt of Hft ? liratk ?/ C?? ul Brandtn turf R?ii'|U|>m <1/ (*< Prutntn Mimilir- 7*k? D? f?i?A QwHud-fMri / Tb? roDltrnnrM atWarxwar* ot.t, th* Kmp*ror o< RiNlt kw rttcroii to (t P?l?nk?rj(. th* laprt' 11 Antrlt to Tl> oti Piln*? Ch?rl?* of Prui<U to Bar la, ui th* ntb?r hlfh p<r|oii(?i ta th*tr r*?p**. tlra BUU*. Th* m?ult of th* tODf?r*n9N hu Agitrli ltd th* Dt*t h?r* triumphednm,h?d r one* Mor* er**t f?ll*a, h?? |1t*b la na rtrj qi*itioo Count Hriadtiiiarf. ihi Prtu*<*a MlaUUr. who atUnd?d (h* coaf*r*ae??. *u *0 maoh *ff*rt*d by what o?earr*d. and at th* 4*frada Itaa ?f Pr?**la, to which h* ?o*trlbut*d. a* It* r*pr*. ntaUr*. that h* ?a* **lc*^>lth brala kNI; aad a t?l*graphln ! "patch, from" H*rlln innnnK?< hl? 4mtil' Yotir t?d>n will h* forcibly runin l?d of tha daath of C?nt nraaaon th* Prtorh AmhiutJir at Madrid, tind-r olrenm.tane*. ilnml aim liar, at th* tlaa of tha Hpxrlah marrla?#a t!ooat tfraaaon oat hi* throat Count Brandanbarg baa dlad raving mad. It aball ba my doty to kr?p tha r*ad?ra of th* /few Vw* llfrmld,that la to ?ay th* gr?*t portion of tha tfading pnbllfl of tha Ua4t*d 8ta>**, mm romrumt <| ail rranta. In ?nrh manovr that th* thraa4 ?f tbanarratlr* aball n??? k- brokrn In i h-?* com mnnloatlonr th*y will form a *ort af political diary r ralbrano* uprn th* affair* of Rnrop* In ay >nat, I utatad pr*Uf rl**rly th* *tat* of tha wo anoatlon* In Oarmany. whiab olrida pnMl* attan< lm In Karopa. and npon th* **ttl?-nt?nt of wklrh th* , aaaa at Bnrop* nora or l*?* dap*nd* X trl*l rrsapltnlatlon la advltahla Oaraany Is lrld*d by two anwatloni; tb* lf?r*laa qnaatlon. and I ba Panlah or 8ehta*wlg qo*?tl?n According to tb* tr?atl*? of Vi*naa of lilt. Manad and gnarantlod by tb* grrat aowara. It agr**d that, I* naaa of tba violation of tba rrftory of on* of tba enapoavnt itat** *f ba Qanwaw *o?fad?tlon, or In o**o of Difitii bay wora to ba rafarr*4 to tb* f*d?rnl Dl*t. Tb* Plat *aa ta a?pr*aa judgment and taka at*aaa to raatora , T4mr 1m IMt. tba Riant** af H?*** graatad a eoaatl ttM to bla rahj*ot?i ba In aadaararad ta faprlra I E NE MO them of that eonetitation, no the ylea that he granted It nnder compulsion He rrfu*e* to dl*aia* M di II>*i?opflu(r, the unpopular and unconstitutional mlnlrtcr. Ilti Army r?-?ign and th? Kleotor I* com I" )! J to ! hl( capital hi RtatiM h.'lo* in a atate ol p???iTf insurrection Tn virtu.) ot th* treaty of mi?, he appeal* to tht- Dirt to rratore ardor in hit State* TIii? ?i?e* rise to the split between Aastrli and Prussia on the Ueeslau qonstion Prusala declare) that the Diet no longer edits sice it abdlaated ita function* In 1848; and d'etat*. thtt if the self *tyl*d Diet marobe* troop* into Heme Prussia wiH reaiil tbem by arm* Au?tri?, who uphold* the exIstence of th* Diet, and Malm* thr presidency of it, ii tupportrd by Bavaria WurteoiSerg Saxony, Radon, and two or three smaller Vate* liaaorer iidoubtfal. PrtiMiai* supported hy all th? small Northern State*. At t rrtnfurunna at It *- **? - *<***? -- . - >u -. .. - un hi- uin uotunni last, between the Rmperor of Austria and the Kin^i of Psxocy, Wurtemberi; an<* ll??*rln It wa* reaolred to comply with tha reqn?-st ot the Elector of cimtt qur < nuit, and advance fed' r?l trr>op( into the Electorate. Preparation* for war on an inmpnM scale wer? lead* iirmedUtely. and a powerful army of lederal troops advanced towards the llesaian frontier Prussia on the other hand. mad? qi al preparation*. and possessing. by the very treaties of 1?I6. t h? right of passage through a portion of the Hessian territory, taok adi vantage of it. and aent Gen Von Grrbsn there with orders ?o tire upon the federal troips should they attempt an Invasion Thoae order* were given by General Badowlti. the Prussian minister of foreign affair*. War reemtd inevitable, wh?n the Rmperor of Russia offered hi* good office* a* mediator, or umpire, which led to the confrranee* at Warsaw At these conferences, Prussia. aware that Russia would support Awtria, lowered h?r tone, she agreed to allow the intervention ot the Diet In those flutes which recognised it. in desalteof th- order< gi ven to General Groeben. The <'i?r declared that he should give hi* moral suppart to Austria The very next day the Austrian* and Bavarian* entered the electorate at Uanau accompanied by a federal Commissary, Count of Kechherg. f the tuna of 12 CCO men. commanded by Prime Tourand-Taxi*, a Bavarian 0em tal The electorate waa declared under martial law, the citizens railed upon to deliver up their arms, and harrh proclamation issued b? Oount Rtcbberg, In the neme of the Dl?t, accompanied by another rom the Elector to hi* ' faithful and loyal subject*,'' calllcg open them to submit When this news -eached Berlin great wu tha consternation A cabinet couneii wai immediately convoked at which General Kudowiti energetically demanded that war should be deoinr-d; the King anl tne rnnce 01 rrnrsl* *?? r?d for wmt time but wera CuaJly oeerruled bj tha majority of the miai'ters. The King Hfter all hi* Taifgiorioua bosstiag, submittal. Kadowitr inimtdiataly r-?i? nrd with two of his co',leagued l.adenberg and Vcodt-r (Icedt Hi* mUottion liae keen accepted. and. a', tb moment I in writlog. I'ruvia baa do foreign minister Count Hjrmidor II will, in all probability. fill that po?t Th? indignation of the Prussian army ia intenae; thn fueling at Berlin such that war is not unlikely now. the more ao aa a I'rii?si?n army ha' a I ho entered the Electorate and taktn p?s?w*i u of '"aasel the capital, arrlvlpi; there only a .purler of an hour befora the Harari m troops, who retired The outposts of tha hoitile artniti (as regards feeling, at all eren'sl ara almost within eight of each other Ily telegraph. ?i learn that Austria has already addressed a note to tha Prussian government.demanding th? withdrawal of th? I'riieman troopa. To this Prusaia however humbled, raDDOt permit It requires confrmatloa Couriers re tHirg about in all directions and tha question is as far from settled aa ever The Elector of Hesse has withdrawn hla represent*, tire frt m Merlin and protested sgainst the occupatiea of hi* territory by Prussian troops. So much tor IIarse Tfce second. or Schleswlf. or Dan^h ijueatlon. Ii by do mean* of minor importance !' < ? Klag of I)?umat k is member of the Uerrnan "i t aa King Duke ui nntiriD in virtue or *rt iv or the treaty of peace concluded hy hlin with <>-rra*oy he bM appeuled to th? blot to reetoro ord?riuthe l>uohl-e; houlil tbo Dlot refuee. ho mmt then .(?j ire take tbe cftrnalve. anil croa* the riv*r to put down tbe inaurrootionarj uioT-nitr-t The atatemtnt, raade In ?o official a manner hy tho Timet Of a threatened inra i"n of Sileala hy Kuinla. and the Khenlrh province* by franco If Frua-la did not Fperdlly take meaaurea for the paoileation of the l>urhi?.?. b^en officially cou ti a llo'ed by M. de Pereipny. tr.e Kreneh Knr >y at llerlin; bu' It ia i|Mite true th?t ftror>t expostulation* w> re made by the government* of the irreat power* to put a atop to tbe war. atid witch resulted In Pr?**la (ending general Von Ilahn to the 8tattbalt?ri?cbatl or prnvl tonal 1(0verrmrtit at Kl'o. to obtain a -u>p*nM?n of bootlltttoa. Kmboldenrd by aucce-* in iiea>e. the Diet (that la, Auatria, Bavaria & Co ) hare Kent order* In the aoapo of *n inhihttvrivm, to the Statthal'erachaft. commanding It. In the name of the Mat, to enw all fcOatttltlM: to rtduce It* army one third and withdraw south of theKjd. r In ca#e of reluaal. Auatria threaten* to M)*>nc? an arruy into lloliteta The Btattbalteraohaft haa mad* counter prnpnM. flora, of au exorbitant nature, lurapiy, an i It ao'.?d up to. tba advance of the AuetrWn troop* may be 4?lly oipect? d. Tho ft ate of flermauy waa never ?o critical tinea tho revolution of 184* Tho Berlin 1'aiUatntat haa been convoked for tka Slat mat. In the above you have a correct aummary of what haa occurred alnca tbo departure of tbo la it mail. Thi flee of Rngll'h paper* aro full of rumor* ol all doterlptiora, lut j en may rely upon tbe above a* aub-tantla'lr f IMll ia ?-v?'ry particular I have been partiou i mr in aToioipg ci>njeniur*. The lateit adrloca frrm Berlin received h-re byorJItary mail. are to the evening ot tbe 4th, by (. |>vrsph to the ermlr 1* of the Oth. According to the lat??t ?dtIc?? M d- R**e?ber* of the Pruii-iaa Ko-ei^n Offlaa, bad left Berlin. for Vienna, witb aii uinmalum. Next nail will announce another humiliation of 1'ruMla. or war. The Fit lie It Urpubllti The depute bttween the Piratdelit and General Chin|?rnl>r ha? b?en otiee moraompromlned. U?n? tal Cbargarnler ha? tuppreaeed Inn eulogltiui on Ueneral N? tima)*r, but ha* ptibllalu'd the loilowln/ order ol the d*r:? fun'*, w r.?. ww. In Mrmxof the lav the array < ?' n?t in iberate. In term* 1 el tLi' military regnlatiini it ami abita n fr u >11 demen*t ratios*. ar.J B?t prefer any cry vh?a nnlfr arau The Cer tr*l-iE-Cki<f riming the tr i-pt oader bie e <nia?ai ?f there diiroaltieB*. CiiA^oaa^ian. Tie Prluti *ay* that, at a late hoar l*?t night. on* reflecting men Inta feted, aod *ucoe*d?d in putting an end to a mlion d?r*tandlng which mtjrht bare lei to Incalculable tonaequence* It add*, that th* couueal* of good netidp aad moderation ha?r pre rati'd ?ud that cobfldenc* lia* succceded to laiultlng suspicion. Prnanla. We have recelred oar B>-rlin romapoad'ace of th* itli ir-t Th* Chamber* bad beta *ummon?d to meet on the 21rtln*t The lealgnatlcn of M Ton Radowlti I* confirmed by a rojul order published in the llttittr Thl* transfer* th* conducting of th* Department of Fcr*lgn Affair* to Count Praudenburg. ana, daring hlj lllne**, to M. Von MantititM. Tbelaat bulletin of Count Brandenburg'* conditio? I la larorabl*. but etlll great anilely waa lelt a* to th* rerult of hi* illnea* i Tn* Frankfort A?*embly bad lr*n*4 an lahibltoriaa or lajunctloa to tb* 8tat?halter?b?ft of llolrtcln. eommatiuitg tb* goeernment. In tb* nama of th* confederation to *u?p*nd ho*t Utile* Count ilernetoi IT. the rruialan tmhaaaador at Tien na bad been aummoaed to Berlin It waa helleeed he would be offered the Ministry of Foreign Affair*, bat nothlcg hi> yet b??e Aied. We hare ?lare reoelred a trlegraphlo 1**patch dated Berlin. No*. 0 whinh *te>* that the Dute of Brandenburg Prime MlnUter died that morning, at twenty-foor minute* paat eight a'clock. Inland. nif hi?i?iihh mahia. A lattai (Von Dublin d?t-d Nonalmi T Mfl ? Still tha emigration onntlnnaa oa i< graat a a~ala aa at mt tlma during tha aprlng or ?gan>r. m4 t hin h"*rd of ln?tanr?a wbara Itimt h%?? baa-i ? fT*-r * I at half tha f. rmar rrata and tha tamU bam rafuaad to ramala It imb< aa It tba rural population who had trogglrd through tba lamina w-t* determined to if tha couatry at. a lima when land* ran ba had at ?nmparatlvaly nicdarata rant* and th?ra la fair grnaad to hopa that brighter pro* part* ara bafora na From all tta cntport*. migrant* aia proceeding oa a winter voyaga arroa* tha Atlantic la general they fo by teamer to Maaraool . bat aalllng aaaaaal* ara going dlraet tolfew Yorh. We? Orlaaaa andCJaefcee At thl* BicBrat th? ra ara ?om? araaala la tha port of Dublla. preparing for tha raeaptloa af rmlg-anta j aad tha qoa;? ara daily ptowded aiih famllla* taking par* age by tha *teaoi>ra for Mrarpool A great da*I of thla emlgrati-n la ralf aupportad where fanp-r* and amail tradera ara taklag ant tba r< meant rf in>tr ?oi?nnr? om a i?r|? pi.p-r tlon of tka tnl?rant? h*?* b??n Indnoad to go oat by r*mltt?nr*? from ?h*lr r?latlr*a la Afnartr>a I lava a?rartaln*d that cr>n*td?raM* ?nm? In tha "h*p? of mom*J ord?r*. varying from 44 to A ll ar? rro*l??d by rfftt arrival frrm York. tbrnn?h th* banking hov??* in Dublin. m oil u nm> prl?*t? m?raantila 'ahlUhmanf* Th* a?<*r?g? r?(s-l??d thro< gh th* Natlrnal Rank U A 100 p?r ?f?k and th* fatal ?um la of'en A'SOfO wa*kly. Th* r-mttianaaa throngk tha Cork Llroorlek. Wat*rfor?l. and oth*r aonntiy hank*, an mii'h larger A Mom of tha money tran?mi?t*d from Amatl<-a for migration purpo?*? daHng th* pr?wnt ji ar. If It arald b* obtain*.] would atklblt a rary f rmKablo amonnt Tb? nn??Mon It no? ,?-k-d an ail Id**.' Wk?r*latbla lr?iT' n1?o* ^migration to and hat will ba It* eoo?r.|ii'?>< ? upon tha d'adl'lnn of If?lai?d Within <h? la?t *??k of l?n ? ?-r%l ?mlgrantf barn returned to ration* porta of tb* am'h. tl?l? g glornty armnnt* of tha pro?pa*ta In Am*rl-?a ; nt iht ?a dUeonrmilng Mat-m-nta ? .! to to inm no iff*at *hat*i?r In abating tb* *nlgratlo* mailt. Ike P?|ia1 A||rf??l?n. T.ngp irmif *r*?KI I. frt THK M Mir P Of "or RIM* Tba folk wing |*tt?r ha* ba*n addra?**d to tb* KI<M H??. tk* Blnhr a of Dn?k*n<: My rt?nr Lord I i?m ?|tk yon I* ^onalVHag l!?a tat* a*gr*??1on rf th?- Pop* up a og f |'ro-*.'*n>i?n " a* ' Ir < l?nt and ln*1 llou* " an-l I th*r?fora f*?l aa ! 4lrn?at aa yoa ran do ag - r> tk* t ,thj>?t I not only ptAn,?-. , ?? >,. ?? ?0 t ?f mf owtf th, tha Roman Ca?k?U ? to at) olrll r.f >?t. b*l W YC RNING EDITION?SATUI | I thought it right, aad ?*an daairabla. that tha aeol? i aiaatioai sjatcm of tha Roman Catholic* ahould ba tki 1 mrim of giving instruction to tha numeroua Iriab immigrant* in London and alaawhara, who, without [ ?uob haJp, would bavi boon left in haathaa Ignorauoa Thi* might haT? born dona, howcrar, without an] i auch Innovation a? that which wa ha*a now aaan. , It ia impoaaibla to confound tha raoant maaauraa ol i tha Pom with tha dirialan of Bootlaad Into dlooaaaai i by tha pUcopal Church, or tha arrangamant of dia[ tricta in Knglacd bj tha Wanlayan Confaranca Thara la aa aaaumptioa of power in aUtha dooumanti which bare come from Koma-a pretension to supraI Bm; over the realm of England. and a olalm te *ol< and undivided sway, which I* inconsistent with th? Queen's supremacy. wkh the rightu of our bishop* and clergy, and with tha spiritual independence ot th? nation, as asserted even In Koman Catholio times, i I coDtrSH. however that my alarm is not * jual to mj i Indignation i Even If it shall appear that the ministers and ser . rants of the Pope in this eountrr have not trans greased the law. I feel per*uaded that we are strong i enough t? repel any outward attacks The liberty ol [ Protestantism hue been enjoyed ton long in Kngland to allow of any snceeesful attempt to impost a foreign yoke upon our minds and oonsolenoea. No foreign prince or potentate will be permitted to t?st*-n hit fetter* upon a nation which has * long sad so nobly llidioated its right to freedom of opinion, civil, political and religious Upon this subject, then I will only say that the present state of the law ahsll be carefully examined, and the propriety of adopting aay proceedings with reference to the recent assumptions of power, deliberately considered. There it a danger, however, whioh alarm* m* much more than any aggression ot a foreign power Clergymen ot our awn xburoh, who have aubsoribed the 30 articles, and acknowledged, in eiplioit terms, the Oueen's niir>niiv hit# hun i)i< mn.t in leading their flocks. " step by step, to the rery Terga ot the precipice." The honor paid to saints, the claim of Infallibility for the church the superstitious u?e of tha sign of the crone, the muttering of the Li turgy so at to dlsgwisa the laaguaga in wklnh it in wiitten. the recommendation of aurlouUr eonfeaaion, and the ailminiitratloo of penance and ab^olutlou ? 11 these thinga are pointed out by clergymen of the Church ot K upland aa worthy of adoption, and are bow opeuly reprehended by the BisDop tf London la hit charge to the clergy of hi* dloaesa What, thfn, la the danger to be apprehended from a foreign prince of no great power, compared to the danger aithin the gates trf iu the unwoi thy sons of tha Church of Kngland herselt? 1 bare little hope that the propoundars and framwrs ofihise Innovationa will desist from their in*idloui MM But I rely with confidence on the people of Kngland and I will not hate a jot of heart or hope, ao loi g aa the glorious principles and The Immortal martvra ot the Reformation hhall *e held la rererenoe by the great mass of a nation whioh looks with oontampt on the mummeries of superstition, and with xoorn at tha laborious end*aeora whinh are now making to oonflne tha Intellect and easlare the aoul. I remain with great respect, k~ , Downing atreat, Mot. 4. J. KUrf'RI.L. 1 l?e Influci ra of Ktasala In Rntopa. [Frem the London OloOe. (Lor<i Palaiersioa ? Orgaa.) not 7.) We were enabled, soaiadaya ago, to anticipate tha German papers, in our announcement ot the <leol?iot>s tak'D at the late Warsaw couterens*. Our readers will lemrniber that this assembly wan attended by ?* eial of the foremo.-t priiicea and state-men of llermaiiy, who produced their respectiee proposal* tor tha tetthnientol ('antral Koiope. to be acoepted ?r rejected by the Kmperor ot Russia Theae august pleaders hare apfatently agreed upon a compromise, which la intended to satisfy the points ot gra?tast in'im?at to either party, and which certainly embraces matter of the graeeet interest t? tha dob Oeruau pow rs On tha one band. Pru-sla consents that the whole Austrian > inpire shall be included in the (larm?a confederate n avu that t ilsiaasa ot territories shall hara a diet ot plenipotentiaries at Its head On tha other I)*UU. AUMIII lD4LCOU> 'Of Ullll* dirt |MPt*ni Old IID IfT h?r f.atronaga at Kiaukrort nod ah? flnda iha l?#? ?ltftlculty In doing *o att?r bavin/ uu?uoc?*?fully aollckod Its recagnilion from both Xrauee and Kaglant Our Ortt thought upon tbi* atairra-Dl it ana of *?ton'*hin rut and iO(ll)ioutiou ?t tba character of arbitrator tbua coolly arruni'd bj tb* Kmperorof Ruaala and recognlzad by tba kings au I prince* of Oarmany, tor We lumen' to think tbat th?r? ia oo dietitiotion on tbl* p< Int On* and all. they hw yttHloaH torthab>oni of liberty or dnmiuioD, and humiliated thamaalra* befitf tb* insulting fkJ'tr n ion ?f ttiin barbarian erown Wo could expect nnlbla< from Princa Bchwarzenbarg aud bin puopet Kuij>*r< r; but O.-unt Ktasilrthurgh rbould not n ? Iwu tba iniul*t?r i% repierent I'rueaia in tbl* igoibla rivalry olahaauinant. Napoleon In all hi* jlnrji iinor r*i'iil?4 a mo a unqualified acknoa |e<'gn rut of hi* ai-ranaolp than hai been roluntarily yielded to tba I'nar br tfi? llapuburga aud U niollerna. Nor ia it uoimportaut to i.twtra tli* altirnl position of the Krnwiau riowo In It* >? dominion*. Wur-tw la b?couiu<tn .St r?t'r<l> if<k. what Cf. Petersburg ?aa to Moaroar? aa ad?. n'?4 poat for turveylnK aad duoilua'itiK Kurop- IT* are not envying lor Knglai.d tb* p*>< Ition tbna a* carded to Kuaaia ; lor ?a abali al?a,a l?> ?b!? to ebrck iu *Tll cou-*i|uenen* toward* our *l?a? Hat. aa friend* of Kuropean freed >ui and ol monarrhlnal liftllDllcM. v? deeply r?Kr?t tbat both should tbua baia b<? n -odat).* rrd by the rara agra-im* ntot Pr j*>-la and Auhtila Wa laisent tbat a ba-aaroa p w-r ?! > uld l ive hm ?ssUt?d on it* mar-It to blight tba rltiliaati' n and luera'ure of tb* Wit. Aud we lament, aloj'?t equally, that th? republican party in (i?im*ny ?hould ba?a acquire i *o juat a r!<ht to etiarga h?r royal houseswith thil treason to tbair common ni> tiopaliiy aud independence W* aball not baohar^td with usuaiy advocating tba right of foreign eountriaa to tnt?rl?r? in I ?*ftl. intuit i> f Jurminv Kut ?a do n< t hcnitate to my that tbla naw turn ot aifalra makaa tl at *> ttli ment a Kur<|?an >|unHli>n. and that it la li t bouniten <luty of tl a othar power* to obaaraa tha |Ofitiun< f the naw rMahbor Intrnduaad among them, at, 1 Jialo(>?ly to limit 1 ' r iin-t?<n*l"ii* It. ah?ul<l ha cl. arly If I t<><ltl*t an M it |p< u'reatir ran llrted t the )>pi<>a<-li11 l rnuli'i'imrr Ihla *<linl**lon of tha whole Auatilan emplra Into tba Herman oonf?l*r?? tlcn, put* the artn?d forea of Pnxalv Bavaria. Central Ocrmniiy, Auetrla llimgary. rislaronia and l.tmtaidy. at tb? di>po?itl'>n of tha futur? dlat; nod vho ran till a bat aucn a forsa may be in the haaii of nolhcr Krrdcrlc or tien cf a Joeaphll' Happily, tb? erection cf inch a powr It a point on whiah tha rmt of Knrrpa baa a right to dtmar.d a aolea Wa kvIlM million* of KLglieh lira* and gold to prevent tb<- annexation. drat ol Italy. then at flpain to tha emplr*'of Mapoieon. and thla naw uaitary power ?ont?mi>!at?d by Prlnee Rthtariwbtrt. ia an objact af apprikamian a# joat and r?aacoabU. Tha Vfty Latnt lf*w?a Wa are Indrbtad to Cnpt Stona, of tha Nlagnrn. tor tba following ncw? : ? bt narrate nt.KORArtt from r.o*i>a* to uttmrooL. Litmpool, Not 9, 1840 -11 30 A M ADSTklA. Adrian from Tlannn nra to Nov. 4th Tba rralgcatlna of M Radowiti will not produce any alteration la tba pinna of Anitrln. a* communicated yaetarda j, Tka hand inartara of tha foutharn wing of tha Atutrian army wa* to h?, on tha 4th. In Jorfleokurin, n district In tka nppar Danublan clroia Tha military frontier regiment* bar a aappllad tha plaaa ol tboaa troop* which hare quitted Hungary prussia. Onr Harlin eorraapondanaa of tha 6th aontalna tha aonflrmatlon of tha informntloa of tha d*nth o? Connt Braa<**nbnrg. and announeea tha Important fact that nt n council hald at noon, on tha ?ame day. tha eaWnat decided on Inning tha or4ar It nagntlred whan nronoaad by M Ton Radowlta. for placing on n war frntiag thr whol* of th? Prtmln array anil calllB* ant th? LMdvrbr Tli* miiN ( thla ordar l? fated to b? th* (Wet tbat Pnmit bat b*on eall*d o? by A uatrla. la tb* naa* of th* coB(*d*ratloo. to withdraw kr t roof a fro* HTh* fun.In on tbo B*rlla Roarao f*ll oa th* annoon"*ni*ot of th* 4>tlk of tb* Pr*iM>il of tho Mlr.Utry Th* dooUtoo of th* <'?onrll m to in tra?4 4m?wtnll?i hid ttt?a itonMy btiarirlM Th* MlBtot*r?. Vob L?4?nlisr| and V..? l?r llaydt *1111 r*taln*d r fflo*. M M*n'?oM hod r*o*lT*4 WMM that 'h* military pr*f>aratlooa In flatooy woald aot bo coatlnu*d to lb* *itaat MBomtrl. rumt Oar ifenflita from Pari* aroof Friday tho lth lint. Th* Bnr|*ty of tbo 10th D*??nib?r ha* b*?n dl<aolT*4. la th* two Biaatolpal ?l*atloa? tn th* f>ro?lac?a tbo rowmtlfN w*ro *loot*4 Th* iml?l(*li ahat*la*4 roai rotinf Pari* Boor** PIt** M, Thwa*. 6T ?0 iraun. Th* areoaat of th* trait* and ia?l|atl?n of th* eoantry, frtV th* ainath aad Bin* month* *adln?<>?tob*r 10 roatlBo** to pr*?aat a mo?t gratifying raaali. Th* d**lar*d rain* of *xport* for th* moath *ndlng urnnr in, n t ? i nvi m><nn w t? and ?4 (01 W 0 In 1M* Cor tho aUa m"?'h? andlng OttuWr 10. ib? iV?t?r?l rtlna of sport* I* ?H KM OM againal ? 14 It H 0 In ptrlnil U#t jmr, ul ?S* M4 (tfl to >4* At vf r'V nitirftilon. tha nnmhar of *? ! an'arnd It?u4 h? ntt>a isoiitha lllta j*%r W lita gfttmt MtTVln ?*ma tl?r last f?*r. am4 th? <jU*r???aa ?>?tvard. thii f?f. iS Mi ?>th t tonvag* of 4/iT w? ar?in?t altf.t with tor.a^r* of I ?toi M? Iwt yanr Th* totar?aae ? f < ipr rt? l? dlatrlM ?'l !' h r?m*?k V,? f.ltom.ItT thrri>*Viul almnat ?<l Santa of i l?#t?try Tk* ftlnrii at fantura In im(iotta tha Ur?a I* rr?a?a In Ihr fif flnnr tnkan anl umaiinH. Tb? r?t?i?a?ln>? ?h? Imfwrt of flo?f n'ldtn-al to Va ?lt l W> ?t*'a . M*lM-t 2*4 ??ta in p?rloi la?t y?T ?r d tha pinMlty ink an f r a<ia<umptl>>il MiO'O cw1? ?f;alt<?t "iw f <*> r?ta. Inat jkm I'ottM l?|tf>?t?4 dnrlnt iha ia?t Bin* m^n'ka, andln|IMk Ort'b>r 4<? |0i %(ain<t iillPO U<i fMTj I r?t?tti4 n MM rg.lB? '..4<<10<BIM9 t| Uoret m<?? !?>'# iiiKf-iiaa lltK I IDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 18 M?im. Barln|'i Olrtalw,

I LoptDon, Friday. Not. 8 1860 -6 P. M. ! la the colonial and foreign produce market* there baa beta little doing tkii week, but holder* have re. trained from pressing forward their good*, and in few r Instance* eaa price* be called lower Cotton, howi oyer, U dull, and >fd cheaper. The oorn trade i* etlll depressed by large arrival* of wheat and flour from , abroad. Wo rofer to tho subjoined remark* for a reoord of the principal tranaaotiona. > Ahiiicii Stock* ?Tho demand for United Btatea 0'a at former quotation*, continue* good In other (took* i little doing t'nitsd State* 6'*, 1858, 94 a 95; 1802, 105 a 106 ; 1868, 109 a 1O0\ for bond*, 107* for inscription*. New York Stat* 6'*, 96a 90. Pennsylvania 5 * 82 a 83 : Ohio 0'*, 106 a 100. Manachusett* sterling. 100. Maryland. 91. Ashe*?Our stock of both sort* i* reduced to 1.230 : barrel*. Pot*, SI*. 0d a 82*.; pearl*, 31* ; but there 1* little or no demand 0o< HirrcvL ?la the abcenre of public *ate?, transao tion* have boon unimportant. Tbe following are the ' nearest price* Hcnduraa black. 4* a 6* ttd ; ailr?r 8*. lid. a 4*. 4d ; Mexican black, 3*. lOd. a 4*. 44. : liver, 3* lOd. a 4*. Cocoa steady, but not much doing. We quot* Trinidad 40*. a 61* . Granada42* a 48*., liraill 30s a 31*., Uuayaquil 82*. a 33s. Corrt.B I* firmly held in the principal continental market*, but tho demand ha* been limited In the early part of the week we had more inquiry, and 3,000 hag* Native Cej ion were taken from 64a. 0d a 66*. with several hundred caak* plantition at prices nit obtainable last we?k. On Tuesday 200 bags St. Domingo brought 48* 0d. a 49s. 6d . and 327 bags Tellictierry Ml* a 70s.; but little ha* been ilolng sinne until to-day. when 2t)7 ranks. 279 bass l'lantationh>vlon 3 40n Coeta Klca. and 608 bugs Malabar were offer. I at auction. and chiefly sold at full ratea? Oo*t? Riga Si a fiHi ; Malabar 4Kg 6<j. a ht>? We quote Br* ill 4T?. a68a., and 8t. Domingo 48s till On* or two cargoe* are offered for Hale afloat, without a* yt tin lit < buyer*. Corrra in fair demand. Tile x'sd. Qake sheathing v>t 4; yellow metal 8d The Import* of foreiga bate been ooneiderable especially from Australia; Chilian rtflnrd ingota X'Sfl; Russian cake and ingot AST The Co** trade remains In the name d*prasted tate, the mlllera confining their purchases <>t wheat and flour to actual wanta. the present large supplies from abroad affording thraa an ample (election on favorable term*. Tha following are the average prices of British growth, for the week ending 2d in*t: ? Wheat 40* id ; barley. 24s Id ; oat*. 17s 3d ; bean*. 29* id ; pre*. 2V*. 2d. We have no American wheat but red 00 lbs. would ba worth abont 36* Flour dull at 18). a 23* Indian Corn Is flrmly held at 31* a 31*. 6d for Galatx and Odessa. and IbrtlU at 21'* , at which aricaa *?rer*l cargoes have bean iiold Cotton?The tale*for the week do not amead 1 100 bale* Ka*t Intia at a redaction of fully ','d per lb Ot 1.400 balee Burat at anctinn. only 200 (>uud buyer* trrm 8l?d a tM. while fiOO bale* W?*tern Madras w. nt frcm M. a 6'?d for ordinary to good talr. being '?d to cheaper. At Liverpool the market Is dull and tully sd lower, middling Orleans being now quoted at ~y,4 Darns. fee ?At publie anlea yesterday thera wa* I huh Urmtna. and mo-t i t the ai tides offered war* either bought in or withdrawn "SO casei castor oil, hi wtvtr. were sold (roDi 3l4 a &^?d . bfin* ajaia rather lower. 40 ssroni Barsaptrilia brought 1* 3d nil IJ, 1'? chests fhfllHc. 43* Cd n 4*?? ; aud 3 rawt oil of Cassia, 10* 3d a 10s. fid ; Cutch Arm at MM a l'Js fld Oamtier. 13* fld ; 8<ipaii Wood. Illinai A'!l 10s ai.13 lOl., I'tjloa. X'y J On ui.ll; Camphor nominally 82s. fld a fet a Turkey opium 13s. Od a Hi; qulcksilv.r 3c. Pd. 1 Hsstr In moderate demand. Ft Petarbur* clean XSt'8?. a A30 10a , eutfhot ?39; half c|, an ?27 a ?27 10; Afeiitla ?30 a ??4 Sunn ?18 a ?90; Bombay ?18 1>? a A 17 10*.; Jut*, low to ordinary, ?12 a ?13, Hi id ling to (rood, ?13 10s a C18 Ixdiiio continues tirn, with salp# of 500 chest* at 3d dvabce on the cnrren?y ef October; tha a#v<r?fcat* j average price ot Indigo then was tor Bengal b* 4\d.; hurpebki 2d , and Madras 3s 6Sd per lb In N in fair We quote bam A'I 12*. 81.; ; rnlla i4 17s fid n A'ft, both tree on board in Wales Pcottb pi* dull at 42*. at Qlacgow. foreign kind* a* last quoted lioat - Kight tons K;jpt!?n te?th hate been sold } firm ?14 10s a A"'610s. t l?i o in brisk demand at 38a for Western,and | 4"s lor bet t American In kegs t l.?*ii -Hpaui-h ptie is firmer a demand having j ! I ut'K up from j our aide, we now quote K !' '.6 k* a I ? 10 Ilia , and not rauih ottered tor sale at thorn rates. ' l<u>s??n Css rs qniet, with large arrivals of foreign. ' Tblck round American are ctf^red at ?7, and London made ?7 'Js tid O her kind* withcut et ang?. Oiis?All kinds of fleh continue in demand; sperm ma; be quoted ?85 a x'*1; southern CM a ?37 10s ; eat. pair, ?3H JO* a A'8?; colored, A'36 a ?97, cod. A'40 a A'4it' olive ?41 a A44; palm, lit ; ooeoa ( mit il ? a .'3a ; Hoe* e l quiet at Ma with a-tiers a 1 Sis fld for delivery the fliet six months of 1161. Ru t Is ratber cheaper We D' Use sale* of A 390 bag* Vartras from Re a b* fld , aad 1 I'K) bags Denial from I P? Cd. a II*.; M tierces 'inputted Carolina In sale today, were bought la at ltta A<l 8*11 riT* ? io the abemo* of puhllr sales. I* Arm at | Sfls. fld. a 2ks ; a parcel -jo arrive hae been sold at 27s. fld , for 6 lbs rvtiactl'D Mtiat? soda in ilenaud at 14? a 14a M. Hentis -Pale* have made at C <8 7s. 8d on the spot. | | aid Alfl fir rprlcg shipment Prea-nt stork, 4,100 tans against 3 1 (*?tons l*i>t v*ar j Hen a* ?Of l.fiOO bags Pimento In public sale, about i 4(0 bags have lout d buyers from 6Hd a 6S ' Pepper is lower; 3fl0 bags ball heavy Malabar have be?n sold | at:'.J a)',d. ai d Ms baits common I'-cang takes la at fcH' Tba other sal- s ccmprise 4i0 bag* llnngal glr g-r at ll>* a IVs fld , SO bag? Amboyna "lovea. SS?' a Id., and a few cast - nutmegs aad mac* at steady prices Bi'oa* The market bas been very Arm this wok. and rather stiffer ptlces hare beeu obtained. The trade ha* laksn '1000 bhds Wist India with abont I ti (00 bag? Madras. Il'tigal and Mauritius and MX) kind? wa no'lca l?? of 4 OtO boxaa llifiti it from 41* to 43a ; *60 rh??t* brown Bahla at 30k. fll , | , at U-a cargo of IA0 *hrrt? afloat at VM 3d. d?llr?rabla , at at) oc'poit. In tba near rontlnwr. tal port* prlr?a arr wall rupportad, with m<Klrrat? atonk? In tba , Mrdlti rranran tbajr ara qntat. At St. Prfraburj tba demand I* lnart|?? Tii i nw 'a rathor oh?ap. r W* el???, to-day, with . rallrra of ft Petarabnrgh V. O. at 34a on tba ?p<>t, ! 3Ta. 94. lor all tba year. and 38a ad for rprlng T> a <H 19 144 paebftf*a at anrll n i i 00 bar* found buj?ra , aoTrral paro?la of common Confoa " wl'h all ; fanl'a,'' w>ra tak? n at la. a la. Hd. A rare? of dromon Cmci. trrlnd p?r I'aale h?? k~ n Hold at la ',d d>lir*rabla at an outport aad tbli baa glr-n a firaa?r tona to tba markat. Ilttla of that ?>irt b?lnj kw to b? m?t with under la Id , 1 Tn?? Knglltb !n fair r?qu??t at form?f ratra Wa . l?ota tin platM. f. 0 e*ka, 27a. M i 1. 0. rhan-oal TJa fcd. par boi 300 ?laba banea aold at 79a 8d; atralta i 7?a. 84. ? i Tanacco-Wa haar of Ilttla do'n*. tba high prleaa i . aak.d checking nil demand foreipnr', and th* trad* alow topnrrhae* Tba following aratba attrema qn-v- I > tatlnna;? Virginia leaf, 4d * 9Xd , atemniad, 7d a la. ; < .14; Kentucky l*af BHd IHd . ?temm*d8d 1* 24.. . Mar)land lenf. 4^d. a la i Ti aeri<Ti*t-A cargo of rongh not prima quality, J haa been aold at 6a 94 ; foo4 pnreela bring 7a. fptrlta ara firmer at 30a. a 8<>a. Cd for Brltlah, Aaartoan 1 81a 84 Vtii. iiMi - Nctkln. nominal!* ? 100 . I ?XI, for both Bouth?ta iii Northwaat Brtwn, Nhlplrf * (o.'? fliroUr. l.iiiarMi, fildi; Sor 8. 1M0 Tki demand for aottoa during tba put ??l hM baan roirparatlTalv limited, with aa lnT*a??d aailatp ca tha part of holdara to raaliaa Tbl* hat eaaaad a farthar doollaa of V a d p?r lb la Aa>?tlcaa. roaj p?l.lag aa to radoea oar qaotatioo* la tha laat tan <*tl s a ',d par lb Fair Orlaana halng plaoad at Id , fair Mohilaa. 7\d ; aad talr Upland*. T?,<1 par lb Mldtlllotf qaalltiM, 7'% | a 7Hd par lb Tiki a tat a of thing* U aalal; ta ba aaerlbad to tha rigid datarmlaatton rf tha tiada ta aoalla* thalr par abata* within tha Malta of thalr actaal want* aad tha laeraaalaf un?a?ln?aa af hcldat*. aadar tha Might* at eaaaatloa la tha damaad Trad* la Maaahaatar la attt?a??ly doll with a daaHaa la pri?o< fur Moat da*'rip tlotia of good* aad jaraa I Tha aalat af eottna for tha waak ara aatlaatad at | 26,100 halaa. of whlah gpaaalator* bara takaa I V*) aad. i aiportar* S (M> halaa Tha total *torh la thl* port 1 g 1 aa'laiatad at 4dn.(K? ha?a* aratnat 4fl7 nto laat jraar a' ?| tha at oak of Am*tl?aa la 113 000. agaioat 309 000 ba im at ** * parlad Tha aora onarkat to wlthoat taurh chaoga. Wa- t,rn ! Caaal floor balag qaotad at Ifla a 21*; Phllal< iphla aad Kaltlmnra lla a 13a Ad : Canada. 31a. * t I'M.; aoar. Ika a *>?. par bbl.; ralloa Indlaa rora, >!>* , a 30* M ahlta. 'Aa iMi; rnii.d 2?* par qr ol |h, . i rad Wheat k M ah lOd . and whita 6a a 0 aj p?r TOIba No ?aU? of tarpaatlna to report Abont f nQObbU. ?n*no? American nuln. kit* b??n ?.ld (t |li 14 8a *d p?r owt arkfto> La*t-ni? Mnart Mnaanr. Mu? K-Ta,?> p. M ?Tba ? ?? trwn U*rai?ny ha? J lb* m*rk?t f ?r tba i KrglUh Saanrttl** iImwI* hare d? alln? I to 07 << to \ n>r ??l?J fend tdrngnt ; N*? Tt tw an ( % (juartar p*r ?> ?? h*?? b*> a doaa at ?*S * ? S *? * Stock at il.'iHto214H R>?k*qa?r Htll* A* (to7U?pm Th*** OTlo<:? - Coaaalt for (.0i?t ind account. WH H LiraaroaiCatTa* NtliM. f|.-Potto* l? d?al I d?dly lo??r tbl? * *. Wtt'JO-t anything b?? front Amrrtca ar chang* r4 oplr M m tba attmt of tba com It $ araa. tba fTaot < j B qalat Hia* and a ? >m parfe< a of ?oal?- of ?n? In rtlat?Baa <Hlb tbal (luting tba ?arly r ^rt nf U?t t?ar ha? b??a fo.ind iHlf l?> at ?? r>doaa ' Jbt. prlcf of tb* eomeion rim < f Aaftlftn Ml fff I'j Th>> Nt'rr qoallth-a am about *<d to H'i |<\w?r Tbl? reduction ban parbap*, ** . r?d?d (,.? r?\ ,xv rtailoa wfcf* a?p?-*ially ?o M , t b? t a do** n<t, appaar to b* any n?r?i?mt in tha **Tcti??k?t tarktl <4 a particularly dlaroarajlnj . rno'ar lUraial bran-b?? of ainnti'artU' a ar? ?ra?o?iy ra(Dtu>rr*ltra and tbat h?? hw? tb- e*a? for > | a arak* *n4 Nni'k (at I At ?am? tlma. tba I Unit d> trot n h?? k?pt 'b? oor iintpiloa of tba I raw ?*tr}1al ft ipj n* ? H* HtMa ?? IK ?? ??*< ?l N [ERA 50. yond that of a rhanga la tha aplnntni from cotraa to liner Dumbxra. the demand of late having run mora Ib that direction The rommlttM of broker* plana -'fair" t'plaBd* at 7Sd. Mobila at 7Vd and Orl?aB? at 8d 720 American, 90 I* am am. UK) Bahia, 350 Maranbam. and 100 Burat hare bc?n taken on upaoulation ; aad 1460 American. 00 Rabta. and 1080 Burat for ezpart. Tba ul.l nl f Vim n., >. >? BOA LiTinrooi. Corn Mmiti Nev S - The trad* has bwn extremely quirt, and with th? ex rptloo of some dt ale* of fresh arrived Flour, the business done hai been tl 3nite trilling and price* nom'oally unchanged At this . ay'* market there waa a moderate attendance ot the town and country trade, who. however anted with ex. m treme caution, and the bu<tnes* done wan quite unlia- p portent. Wneat ma* he quoted nominally without change, but te have effected ealea lower prioea tauit have been taken. Oat* and oatmeal were in fair re tl que*t at full prices Barley waa la good demand, at th eur lata quotation*; bat beam and pea* were offered on rather lower term*. Flour of all description* met with a fair sale, at late rata*. Indian oorn wa* quite neglected, though a radnatlon of el 0d pet qr would have been acneded to by holder* Not. 8.?'Th* bn*inr*? at our Oorn Kgihang* thl* morning was moderate, without material change in " the value of any article. -nd Tuesday'* quotation* are continued. There waa a rather better feeling toward* Tndlan corn and It wa* difficult to meet with first quality of American yellow at 2l>*. 6d. per 4*0 lb* , which wa* the top price ef Tuesday. AvraM a* Prodi i k Markit.?Liverpool, Saturday, Nov. l> ? All artloles In the Provision markat remain the same a* reported last week The markat i* nearly lot bare of baoon in first hands; jol>Ws are realising tha ele lull quotations for small quantltle*. Beef i* at a alstand Reductions of prices do n< t induce purebasar* iut to coma forward; and sons new Irish arriving, holder* pr< re mere anxious to close their stocks. Pork eontl- nai nues to* move Into consumption; and the decreasing in stock*, with steady demand and price*, is beginning urn to attract attention to this article Hams are without tio change Shoulders move slowly at steady rates and for one lot of very One. 6d per cwt advance bad been obtained Tie-Lard market is still ?upport<-d the sales nre about 100 tons, at last wtek's rates There- . tiners having bouRht freely of late, the demand Is not as brisk but tke market Is quite as Arm Cheese *di trcm dealers' hand*, move* freely at full price* to 1 far fine parcels There Is no new feature In the corn trtde. The principal business is in flour, which has been selling freely There la a bet- th? ter demand for sour, and lower qualities are Ad. per barrel dearer. Wheat has been very dull Th* demand I* very light, and ptlres Id per bushel lower tor all description* Indian oorn closes about the i urn# Inat VMilr Tin tYim K/ m'\ stni* ' *\t *?'" w prloe* gave way fid per cjuarter. but at yeit?nlajr '? *T< market they recovered. and wo nlo*e Arm ?t the laj ivoted prlcrh Tb? reduction in bark attracted *p?e Trl u I ator* ard *al?? t?T? been made at 10* for Philadelphia and P* 3*1 for Baltimore There ha*e been tur- "u ih?r arrivals <>t 1 .'ICO ba?i of Halttmore Freights are on fli mer, most ot the expected fleet having arrived and bu bem takmup; tbej have touched bottom aud we to may expect an advanc* rft**eager*, owing to the tb< never* weather for the pa?t week are tears*. and do< rate! n<>mlnal Quotation* - Bacnn. loa< tnid1l?? epr b?'0?le*t. per ewt t'J a ;]3a ; do. rib In 30* Id a .lit ; Th short do boDelete, 30 a 3Ps 0d.; ?lo rib In "9< 6J a ?h 3< *.; beet prime mtst, .'104 lbs 70 a 77k. 0d ; India the iue?t, &2* (Id a pork, prime mi", Kaetern 200 tw? lbi.. 60a 65?. (id . Weetern 40 a 48*., mem atrip* 4') a orr 42 , btiin.". in salt, owt Ore. 20 a 30s ; ordinary 21* fro! fid a 26? i (boulder*, 21 a S2? ; lard tir?e 87*. (1.1 a ."Jli . tu good ;'f? 0il a 3T" , ordinary, 86 a 3'<?. fid ; Inferior and grea?? 28 a 30* fid ; greas* butter. 27 a 30< ; chtoe tine, bole* 40* 44*.; ra?kn '!5 a 40d , ordinary boxrl, 3S a ?8*.; ra*k*. 30 * 06*. 1 ?? gpi l\TF.RESTI!\G KROfl TKSK/m,\. car \V\%NV\V\W\\VWW mo Thr KiMilt of the Presi?lrnlial Eleelion. 1 "J HB trt OUR VENEZUELA* CORR1?PONDK*CK. (bl ? ?< t*. Oct. U. 1?S? Th* P> ttiirntiul F.'.rclion in t'anrziula? (lew. I'atz't K? rej?/?m in Nrw i'i>rk. The Rlertor* ar*rmbl?4 in the various provinces of I'eneruela. r? the first ln*t*nt. to give their comtltu- i i inal votes f r President for the next four year* from * li he 2t)th of .tsnuarv frmtni bv of the fifteen province* which conaUtuta thin re- ** public eight hiiTw been h?ard from t? wit l!iricw, pOI Ar<gvn Carabobo, fiuarloo. har<iulalm?nto. Barcelona I'rtui aid Apure ? which rerulta ?? folio** -Gen. Jcru G:eg< rio Mona^**, ll'i ; Antonio L Ouaman. 40; Katanleiao tteodou 17 ; Jon Itula. 7 ; Jon* Maria Var |M, I. The conaf It utlonal'Tcte ? ' ?hlr<l? of the a'e? Pr'tlnce*. 1* 18*. Mon*ir*?. ?n f?r hae 'u' iiurnirm tl an the conatit utional nucjber. to eleot x liiea tn Mmt P" Thr fol!c*itc prnrlocea ar? tn b? henM from Ha t.noa? One vena, Margarita, Star Ida. Ttujlllo, Coro. 'l0> lleracalbo enl Th? ?oin takrn and to IwUk>m all from the Ifcarel pan j - Hoi *||a* b> Ing the military candidate, in*! i V<-f'ttn re O clrll FtnulilttH Th- d?tno~ra'.lfl rpuhliran party (0-O'ral I'avi'a party) hieeeaat no |As( ii'lK l?a??Bi; thrt /. I'traUr to fl^ht ?? >"* th?m?rlT?? ? j|( ll.e (tmial opinion la t!i*t Aanaral (Jr^i^rlo jn t Moi.aya- will yit a reu-t it utional majority, thr ush be poevr aad Inlluoro* ot hUbrother ithe Prealdent) mil In that care the matter will not hare to be decldpi' >.y 0|l|Ni| T1 fi? p( War BO'J the N??y h*? Onally quar- . , n!' d ith tl? PrcMd?nt nd rttln d to hi* reeidance. In 1 utnani It la t parted thai witia a aalary ol $S 000 r"< annually I r thrva yrnra and a half be haa Vath?r?J hie ii# at to tie tune el eiqhta tl)>utand. Thla bent* Ihr picking* af I'rw 1? Ham* official* _ Tlie gnu.*1 reception |laen to Omeral Jo?# Antonio f Tat r l y lh? aoreteljn p-ou|,. of ihe Ktaplre i'i'jt hta ' ' rr- at a it a gn at ex<-|i men t In thla <-epltal and through- ' nnt tha country It haa |l*. n m'lra e*t| (action to the irUnda nt Orm ral Pan and a>ao to all hla polltleal i>pp<<iierita. wllh the eicipnon ol th> aartnan* of I'realrl?iit M< nata- Oeneral Paei la w|th"tit d>nbt. the *'t rr oat emir. ut ard dletlngiit?b?d aoo of V?oeta?la and h enry will hand hla name d'.wn aa ati'h t,otwlth 1 ttao^lng thr f era> rutiona ha baa met with from Mo- lb| tagaf l.x la i fcw day*, I will lira you the re?nlt of the el*?. oh Ilea 8aN ANTONIO. n.1 Ot R Pt BRTO CAItKt.1.0 ORRHPONtifx B. , Fi'Kbto Canu te, Oct 24. 1460 |n| The Pt rmltnliul F.lri t m - T%r /'/ clerai Ce/Wfe* ?Gtn* | co rati Monacal ami Part The bark Maria having b??n liUlsril until thia daj< i|n [ Improved tba opportunity to i a for re j ou that th? *' Ittle aobaceer. eallad tba In>t?. tha pa kat running pr >?tw**n thia port and Li|?a;ra baa jnat arrlrad with lav* from Carwu and U(M;rt. Tbay writ* from -oth tb*a? plarea thafcttan Ooit> Oregorla Mooajaa ] .ba brolbar of Oan .'/mm Tadaa Monagaa. tha Praat ex I'nt baa fallad to ebtali two^tbir In of tba rotaa of I ha ?l?ator*l collegia tka number raqalalta to aarara ** in alert Ion It la ?ald that notwithstanding tba af. Kl 'nrtaaad f"?rcl- ,n ?mp\ojad, Mona?aa'* brother will |TI 'all abort xtii fourteen rotaa A tbnuaanl eo?ja?. f,| 'urea arc torr?d u to tba ro?raa wblflh Praaldan* j Manama* will r /,? adopt It it cooaldared moat probft- . hla that ba w* ji rail together an aitranrdlaary aaaaloa nfCongtaaa and rndearor to annal'ha Curaana *! - *n Lion. * p? #-r??r tij thf 7??t? hw brought tha fur n' lhar aawa ,h?t Praaldeat Monagaa haa already aaked * tba eonnr ,| ef government for authority to aoaroka in eitra ?rdlnarj *Niton of Congreaa. lor tha Dlh Daeambe t n? it Tba regntar period for th? relating * ?f Co?( arvM la tba 2Mb January; bat Monagaa da- 01 Hraa. at all batarda. ta'aarura tha eleotl' ol hla owa 1 hrotb< f, wbirh mlglit ba a doabtfol matter It tha *T Pre?l<* mt wai'?d oaa inoath longer a< on tba ?th ba )aar ary aert bl* term of ofllaa egplraa. Tha faallng th fa' n,t tha Monaga* family. la Or1*nta (tba aaataro wl pro a in raa> Bareakaa and fumana, Ibalr owa native rai P' ard realdence la treaiendoua. and ahonld tha Mi ' aatlaa of I'nmana ba annallad. " lookout for break ' rt ahead an It la getsrrally nnd*ratoivd here that Monagaa. dla- (j, pl?a?ed at lha raraetloa of flan Pa** la th* Halted i, Ptnt*a h?* dlr*i-t?d hi* *i*nt* in your city to d?f*ma ,a and writ* ?K?ln?t that worthy patriot. now raaldlng r Ith y< i la nil* Rut of l*nai It m?y w*il U? ??lrf . ' .<r?? matrti umhra " III* *n?mr hara , hi* alandrr* pa** mrr*nt. althrr h?r* la Van*ia*ln or . In tk? Cnltrd fltataa It I* w?ll known tkat * ?^rt*l? Fucll-hmtn ratldlng In tour city and an I*nll?n J now lit th* f'nltad StitMAi* mi<l?;?il to do tt?n job for . Morten* ntid In my n?*t I ?h?ll probnhly *tr* you furtb?r portlanlnra ntid an *>po*a of tha Kn<ll?h In- 1 Uigur* In tfcl* port of the world _______ fo: Pollen lnUlllf*nN> An .fllmfl f<t Commit ? H?r' * Mtait. by th* ? nam* r.t Murk Folay wn? otr?>?'*d on Thnr*dnT night, 0'1 by i flier llllllard. of th* Fl?bth wnrd on n charg* of ?lol?nt|y aaannltlnc Mr*. Ray nor. r??ldtng at !*o. R*dtor<l Mmt, with an Intent to romwilt a ray* ft n *?*?? that Mrt Rat nor *n*o?*d th* naruaad. with bla rnrrlaffo at tha foot of <'oartiandt itrwt topin . t*y h< r bon* on Thursday night. and aftrr drlrlnt a f*w block* di*tanrr. h* ?t?pp?4 tha rarrlac* ploa*d anothar drtrar on tba roanh and took n ??at blaaalf ln*<da th? rarTtag* A faw mlnutaa o?t*r. Falay rom ?? ?*n#rd Improper llbartlaa and Anally en<1?aror*1 by H lolanca. fo aomalt a rapa. Tha ooapUlnaat nltl- F< i*at?ly ?urTa<l?d In glang an alarm and 'k* ofllear P" took tba aaniaad Into ra-t*4f and unt'jH bla bafora .l?i?tlca Bletklay. who ommlttad bla to prlt?n rr fhr trial ?1 r??|f *f -A ?*n by tha namaof William e( Wklta. na* arraat?d on Thtiraday *r?ntng kr tha Flrat tit oollea on orhnrg* of atabblng Atom* (far- r< rlt?t< n with a knit*. InfliMlr* a aaa*ra wonndlntha , hn< k. Tba *ffray took nlo<** on hoard n hntga. Madl- |. ptl all wa* proanrrd, tk* wound waa**amln*d. nnd pi I protmnnr-d to ha on# of gr**t danfat. Jnntlr. l,o- |, ?hr< p rrmnilttrd th* oreutrd to prlton ta a?alt th* tatult totb? lmur*d man Mr Wllllatrt .laa Ha*?. tt b g? ?t *t?*o to tha adltor at tba l\r, M 'bat thor* t* n mlntaka In tha pn~arraph 1 In t*'*^l' n to tb?roVb?*y of hi* oti?* In ?t*M<*gthnt i | th??? ?a? a "funt of n<nw*v In Mm da*k" at ?h* tlw I | ?r.ll ha< ipada *t an trvarlabla rnla not tOl?kT*? ay I n.f na? is ht? lunm M LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Interfiling froiS WuWngton. f* rr.EsiDK.NT's missal?f?*pa*tm?rrr mpokts? iuk skco.nd com i'trolijr WIT?mr. wimtul waihutctoji, b?r m. 1m0. Th? tiUminti regarding the ooL,t??t* ?' >nt'? and the Secretariat' l * porta am BOt amitotic The meaeage 1? not etapl^M' nor *"1 " ? until neit week. The itrloui clerka ! dap?rt*nta are employed day and night pre) orta to Cocgreen. The Hon Albion K Parrl* ban been rem. ' <! ft?? le office of Second Comptroller of theTraa ?T ie Hon. Hiland Hall, formerly member ol C om Vermont, appointed in bl* plane. The Hon Daniel Webater arrived iaat night. .blnet are now all here The United Bitted steamer Legare arrived bars enlng. Maryland Rrform Convention. Ann iroi.n. No*. 22 1850 In the eonTentloa to day. a resolution im subtnlt1 instructing the Comral't?e on Representation to juireinte the propriety of dlTidlng the wh'.-le State 0 election districts, and that eanb district shall ct but one member to the House of Del"gat*e; and o. to similarly arrange Senatorial districts A resoion was adopted to inquire into the expediency of 'hibiting bank* from i*sulog note* of leu denomlilon than ff> A committee *as lastru^ted to report faTor of abolishing imprisonment for debt The rainder of the day wa? spent in diaouiiing propostns to employ a reporter Indiana Constitutional CoiiTentlon. Cinci*"?*T!. NOT '22. lUt 'he Convention is still engaged on tbo question of roittlng negroes Into the State, or permitting theta bold property It oauies <v>nsld?rable esoltemen^ 1 it is now probable the question will be referred t? i people. Great Kir? In lledfnril, Mau. Bonn*. Not. 22 1M#. l drstructlTe fire broke out about half past niaa last >nlng In Medford. wbirh threatened at one time U the whole town in ashes. as tlie wind was blowing ty Iresh at the time and the house* were raoetly lit of wood. The Are commearwd in (Jragg's stable, the north ride of Vain street tear the bri l<e and med all the l>uildings on both slii ? f th? ?lreet up the Mtdferd Ho Hue with serernl -cna'l buildings la i rear Fait thirty families were turned out of >rs end made penniless. So fart did the fle-ue* ead. that it wa< bsrely possible te escape with life, ire were seTtral bair breadth oecspes by women, o. with their children, hurried into the street la Ir undress One ohlld was burned to death. About utv-tlve buildings were destroyed, which w?rw upied mostly by mechatir* The loss is net far 01 riw uuu, on WD1CD tberf ia but a partial Inanr>e. Great Fire In !Ha*?. BramoriKLo, Not 21 ?a ^ P.M. 'be moit destructive fir* that haa occurra! is ingQeld for many yeaia took place thW m mlnj. trut, Bajiagton Jt Ce 'a enttinalre plania* mill*, I'fDter'a ahop. and lumber e takltibmeot, *?r? alft entirt-ly deatruTad about half their ato.ik ol ntx r (which ronfl>ta1 of nearly a million f??t) beall that wan aa??d from th<- fWinaa Thetr lea# cunta to f'JO 000 in uraoca. >13004 Hiser'e |??tn ahop and Wiight k tJo a forgin* natal H-hmaaM, illdinga owned by Mr %U*n, of U >aton,l adjoining -mt Itayington K Co 'a were tearly ooa>am?d. p total loaa will not fa'.l abort of \1'> OK). Dealrnet 1TC I"lrc at Trof. Taot. No* 22, m? ibout one o'clock thla morning, a flra brok* eat la ?rn? tbrta story building In Adama ftreat, oatupi?4 Mr flag# a? a planing mill and torner'a ahop, whinh a totally coneum-i The loaa la aery b-a?y, ?ni t partially cowrrd by inauranra the tire ia aupird to bar* been tha work ?t an ios oalary The PTew UruntwH'k Cnutlnyratlon. tft /en* N i? 81 mo rh? loaa by tba Fr< derloton flra 11 e-t'm%t? l al 10 000. earlnaire of io err handle# peraonal p'operty, 'altar* *?. The iataiMH Mioaaii t- VISoOi1,000 or jt 4 000 of vbieh la la the Oeioral ulDri, f ia 11 twr of tenement! deatrnyed ia I'll. al na oat buildtnge, Ao j ITT Nra'lia w ra r at*r-l 1/eina. SII Of ?boai eure lafl in tbe moat J. a lma ii'llba Comm ntallait of I'uul-huirnt. Amur. Not U illam Lowd*n, who bid ba?n ii . nr. 4 *u St h lag, Ibt.hI Albien Orlaana t'o for lh? in'i-<W of hla bti liiii hli nirgci Fdinoutwl tDloi|irlioaa?al ba 8tat? Prison at Auburn tor Ufa llr*<ry IHralratlaii. HtLTiMdKe NOT 72 18M. rilliaia A. Taylor. a elark af M.aar. Karr ft Co , la ad to b? * d?lauLI?-r to tba am cant of fJOOOO th? ?lt of r ktraragant ilring. Marktta. Veil.I , No?. 90. 1850. b* cotton mar&at la aa?y. aod rathar lower; aalM nlddllng at l^a , and ,go<'d to at l?V? fr?t<?iU la adtatioad. tnd tli? rata* now paid ara la. V* rra, and Xe. .? Mrarpool. Thi- wnatlmr U rainy. Oictmiati No*. H 1*40. bara 1* not! tMit n?w In anr mark?ta Fralgbta ara Ira, and flou la takan for N?w M'aai a*. #>a. Hrrvtio. Not. 21, HV). "ha raralpta alnea our las? kave b-an?flair. l.OOt >a ; whtat. 12010 buahrla; corn, nona Flour ha* -ndall. *b?at I* aUa<*/ and flrm. at 7<o a dOo for to Corn ta In lalr]tf?ur?t with Hal-a at ftoa for tad ??a<ara Tba tati.1 of fralgbt ara unehan?a<V Aiaaav, Not M. 1*40. I'otibg A? part 21 b'ur* tba ras?lpta bar* b??n ta iloartr-^Vloar 17 MM) bMa. wbaat. #000 buab-la rn. t.VJU baab<-i* tarlay, 11000 b<.ah?l? A go<>4 lalaaa* la doing In flour aalaa of 3 000 bbla at prar>ua ran W brat la ttm. with a good milling ?oJry, aalaa Of V COO koabrla prima whit* Mlobigan at 17. Barlay?15 080 bnabala anld at 0ft^o a lol *<a ta aaw aomawbat Ml>r. wltb aalaa at 41>{o. a Mi taoia wblfky la MUivg at ?Ho. TbtaliUal and Maalral, Ea conaa.(uanta of i b?aTj praaa of mat tar, w? arm Dpallad to a Of tall our tbaatriaal raporta Rnwtar Thla aataMlahnant la doing am callrat buaiaaa* tba tbaaira bring nllaj aaary night outflowing Tba aotartalamanta for thl* aranl^ oalrt of tba " Sboamak-r of Toalo jaa.*' and tba nd. roaafttla apart tola of tba ' J?waa? nrthai'oaa nf iVn.t?nc? " Tit* p^aiant tkvMtm by Mr. R feclt.Hr Tllttn in< Mb* V*ajM. Tmti t? r Tha apl?n l'? ?f the naw play tltlad tha ftatrotbal now halag wM with graaA "' > and which may truly ba aald to ba tha baat B?rl' an production. ?ltbar M ragnrda Ita baautltot itlmant . and rl-h |!k>w?ry I a r < ti *g that Iim hao* >aant?d tor aoma Una ?b"a'.d ba aaaa by nU thota 10 a i?h to *aenur*ga natlra talant. It will ha par. tt?d to-night and will wall rvptjr tha rlal'ara. Kiam'a Otir>M - Tha aatartalnnaanta for U nlay ??ing eonatatot tight mo- p?rf.>r?aacaa whlah will followed by tha ?? grand aklib a aplandid Hantrvr Mlla FUrtln and M Hrlllant, 11 atrnlay thai* aacoaapliahaaata la tha tarpaiohaan art Tha aam?aia*b(* eloaa with ' Raoal, or tha iglc Star " n ?ra* ' Throa aiccllcnt pl'caa tr^nfVarad for thla aalng a antartaiamant Baobalar'* Toraatta,'' - foar *Mara," aad tha' T >od|aa " Hatwaaa tha rraa M|aa Waltara aad M Fradarla will lanca a ' Paa i Polka Ooaiana.'' No danbt tha boaaa will ba nwdtd. aa uaaai. If.T '.i T'M.-at Tha i t>rtalnra>ata hara a'> rh? P? <pl? a Lawyar tha ' Lady nf tha l.rona," a nl " It Dcgraaa of Crlaa " Mr urka tha oalahra 1 romrdlan. will auatala two of hla hart -harart?ra twaaa tha plana*, MlaaMalvlaa will iotridaca aoaa rnrlta dat oaa Cnaiara'a Mrarran a. ?Tfca aannaamaala hara nor ^ it aa u?nal nf nagro matadtaa aad Inatramantal p m. i manraa A a aftaraaoa cananrt at 9 a'oloak. Faiiawa'Oraaa Ilot at ? A flna Mil fnr thla a- -1(^nalaglag and dancing Aa afternoon eon# ^ a j rlock A v? an a* Mrat'W?Tha r.-rfnTmna'-aa ' ??narU 1a Thumb nra attracting thonaaada t?tW ft *?tabllah< at. ha ta aa aitraarflaary ganlat. (ii ? m> r T'tirn .mp,?T m ? i?lr mrfrtoliil a?<l b#a?t|t*l h?l? of b?c?>m%a?h> ? attracting* 1* to the Bo??f j lmphltb?%tra apWndtd ?t?or mm of iho " Pitiin't Pm?w," l? ?!?* ?*olbf.?4 it WMhlii(l?* all- that ot "Cuba" It tha V.tMttt Room* ?4 a'? ?nd ('ravin pa crama of California, ' at Btop> 1 run Turi n Htu -Alli "?*'*'? ilitk w?rr4 coae?rt n??offWm< rTn? nlnr it |? n*?41aM to ?ay It 111 b* ? j.iMidl'l affair. It ai&y from fornar i|?r*Tt? Ar.ntu tha Hat ol paw .Mat, by tha r?ai??r k ItMn *??ph- % , .Hrlty an t Iraiitlful ?( *?. to from tha royal th?araa of t*?rro*| and Lan* m w, k?i??ot ?ha? tha artll lay. Vet tha ?a?' aae or?? b-r wilt f*t a f. i?ah?# ?rm>l?ltlo a 1?r*l Intolllg****. ^ . k. Th* Tnlta', |)ta?> ? -t'lr^Ulp Krla ?ai aol*. la tha eaty Tat# Thur* !ay la.t, at paMU anotloa, by ???. an r,rat?r, Jr ?ha 1? a thr?? <t??har, *" **aa hatih# n and a a* pnreha??J by Willi** <J N a 'ila-tfnrd fr>r fit ft*. Cbr' to IJt??4 ?>t M

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