Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAM K S GORDON U E !? .1 IC T T . PHoPllIKTOR AND KDrrOK OrriCKN. w C.'HNCR OK FfLTO.NA.ND HA^AV STS. AMI SitMENTS rnis EVCN1KD. BOWERY THSATU5. B??trj-Siiui i?ia cr TOl'LOrnE -TMC BROADWAY 7HEATHJ. Bro?<*?y-rn? 8 IT BOTHal? Dttu Sw.v. _____ BURTON'S TUE>TRfc\ fHiuUri ttreot? B icmbi *r'? To?m? > r? Fovk n?T?*??TM? Toodi.ii. NATIONAL -nllATRK. Chatham 8<|uu??PcorLB'l i.??ui Lau' tmi. Lio**?Sia Deokeu or Caia*. CHRISTY*' MINSTItEI.S, Mu?h*iuc't LU11, 472 Bntdm) ?STMIIWU.' Mlvnrtiuiw PK1J-. ?*S' OPKiA aOUSE. 414 BroftAwtj?Inuoriia Mm?rw??A _____ ?mrr!(CA?l MFS*0*?AxrhiB# PitTOLtuvoti &> fj, yt*0fef ASD CVBHIKS ,\Z V TOXK &UPBITRKATKB. J7 B Prnixuicu tri ?'ERVA KOOHb? liOimui' PtSO?iKt 0? CtTBA. WA'illlJiGTON 11 ALT,-P*..?.<,ha:?* s? TiLcmix's Puo(IM. New York, Satnnlaj, NoTiabcr 91, I* *0. Kuio[,car? !%< wh by Hit Nlt^art. The (Jui.urd steamer Niagara, arrived at this port yesterday, wi'h one wffk's iater intelligence from Europe. We aprsad her news before our readers, in this morning's Herald. It is rather inter)mine, nnd ominous of future events, than important from any r?hults that have occurred since pur previous advices. The complexities of the German dispute, and of Denmark und the Duchies, are becoming more complicated and tangled every day. Ministries are changed, councils are called, armies are marched wi'hin gunshot of each other, and then counteroiarched. It in not uuliUely the different parties in thi? grand political f vrce will keep fooling in Ihiii way till some accidental skirmish lights up again the blaze of war. The despots, however, re sfrnid; and while they make a great bhow of tiyht, they are (klBg all they can to hold each other back. Bombastes Furioso is running at 1 irge in Germany. The mu.-ing p nie between Gen. Changarnler ard Lt?i:is Napoleoi go?t, on. A very important piece of information has ' en communicated by the General to the troops. The ariay, according to the law, dors not deliberate; und ihe cry of" Vive 1* Einprieur" must be stopped. The matter, it nj>j? *rs, wi;n afterwards exj.l iin?d not to mean any ofienre to the President; but Mill it suppresses the enthutidfin excited by the champagne an J siusnge*; and of this Nnjiolcon has a right to complain Thia banattUt miy leud to something else, in the progress of the game. The most important feature of this arrival is the letrer of Lord John Iluhsell on the Catholic question. ; lis lordship is decidedly hostile to the occupation ot I'.nalund hy th- Pot>e; but the Puseyit09, iaprepaiiog the way for hun, cune in f jr his ptrtitulsr indigaeion and alarm. There are conse?ju<Ecesof high magnitude, and the most radical in character, connected with this business. Trie supremacy of the Pope, even iu Italy, is in the scales; and the power of the Queen's church, even 1 a England. The excitement appears to be fully ?p to the pitch which drove James II. into France, and may be carried, if desired, to a general political revulsion. Tiik to Governor Hi nt?A Vkuy Funny A?paih ?Donnybrook fair is not the thing, ai> we all kuow, without u tight?elections are full of quurrrlti among the card^dutes for the office* ; but it t; u new thing ua terthe sun, oa welcoming a new Governor, to have a quarrel over him as to whether he belongs to the Seward interest, the Silver Grays, or the Union pirty. There wan some njih exhibition on Thursday at the Clarendon, on ili ^<M?|>iioa o! Ur Oo%*r?inr elect, > / a mixrd party of our city whig*. Mr. iJuut made a clever speech, spreading him elf hitai.'aH over the whig platform, so as to cover upullth'' cl-iuks. Mr. Maxwell, the colleclor of the port, n< t ssf-fied with this, proceeded to rnlarge the area ?>f whig principles, no as to em- j brace "Clay, find Webster, and Fillmore, and ( Cass, and Dickinc< a." The collector imperfectly right There is no telling how politics may run h? r?after ; end it is best to have the platform well ; bracrd up on both siles. Mr Raymond, of the Cevnier, however, is oa a <1 itl* r< tit tack 1'roving lutmelf so good a speaker at the dinner, it is evident he would have no objections to l>e Speaker ol the Assembly. He is a capable win. Hut he knows a thing or two besides. The Seward interest is predominant iti the Assembly. They have very little sympathy with Castle Gurden ai d the Musical Fund Hall at PhiUj hia Mr Raymond leans the same way. He thinks these Union meetings are mere traps to catch noodles. He c?ii t imagine the necessity of admitting into the whig church such outsiders as Cas* and Dickinson. He jtorsfor the Taylor platform; and tti iy nnii) ?nu??wn.i uif inrans ai nio tnf?11 u fiee ?oil and Sfwird. Mr. Kijrmiutl g'?e* for tbr party which will nnite the moit votes in th<* Acffntl ly. That H the Union patty fur him?of course it is. Mr. HiramK proceeded,however, to catch him on thu very thing, lie thought the Taylor platform had run to teed?not a bad idea?and that Clayton ?ai not exactly the man to set up a |<Ut* form for the whigs to begin with. The " higher la*" of Governor 8?ward was a little too tall and rickety to b? p? rf*ctly safe. A man'a neck ought to be cci>Mdn< d in building platforms. Mr. Moaea II. (wiiioell at length came to the rescue of ti e Governor, by a bold defence, followed np by a compromise, or there ia no telling what miiiht huve happened The Silver Graya mijht have nin oft again to lTtie?, as th?y did from Syracuse. Hr exilainrd that it ??i all right?that Maxwell was right, and 1'aymond wis rifht, and K> tcham was right, and the President wan right, and the Governor waa ri S?t, uai that the tvhig platform was all right,&ad must be kept "right ??le up?with care " Now, thia ia a good begiaaiog?good, perhaps, or the Collector: good f-?r Mr. Raymond; and must have been very agreeable to the Governor. now it in t,.. mi ?" her ml It if* a very complicat> d nnd knotty job of work, and all th? worae for being misad (< with the cottnr queatiftn. 8uppoae we get up another dinner ?o Uie Gnvertor 1 Tn? PxoiDHru KittTinn Vnxi*r*f.A.? ( Wf have received tntrlli,,Boc front Venezuela to the I5rh of October, concerning th* Presidential election ia tint republic, by which we learn that in all probability, M<maga?, the brother of the jprenrnt President, in elected. There were a*vrn 0% ovinces to be h< arJ from, ths return from wK>ch may change the result; but it if not likely. Ges* ral Pser's pirty did not vote at all, bit left the ta nteat in the hands of the literals Gen. ?\*r?ta Ht,n t*t> P? rains** or M?> rc?.? | Fy the hark Rosins, (Japt. Wilson, arrired yesterday motning from Vera Crui, we learn thtf on the l?tm*t . the day the Kosina left Vera Cmz, news had beert receivrd th*re that Gen Arirta had, without doubt, been elected to the Prea<4?nti?l chair Mi aic and Law- Iiwt Linn in Cor*T ?We publish a full report of the curious m isicil caae at which Jenny Lind wt* examined yesterday. It ethihit* srme extraordinary developments, and ome edifying instruction shout musk and mu aiciana. SrrrKRFi' Mattf*. Ths eontiati *d prasa of motter spoil our column" compels us to deflrt ths publication f the >ecrni day's proceedings In ths t?"'al of Mart* "t Oevtne. ?t Jersey City, for inurdat Profetsor Mltehsll'* leetare last e?enlnn on AstrnaA^1*/' and Mr Praet's laetar* at the Amsrioan Institute %?? ",T**?af on Steam beetles other Interesting ? .'*" I *r whichw?h*reslre?irt? ??S Pi*TAL AkBAMBKMKMTS WITH MjUlCO. ? U Olt paper of Thumlay, we stated ik?t an arrangement had been made with Cel. Runsar, on behalf of & tympany cf this city, for the exclusive right of carrying all foreign *?r iffcnsit mails through the republic, fn m tea "u sea. Without calling in : question the convention which it is reported took place between Col, Ilarwsay, on the part of the New York ccmpvny, and the Mexican committee, I we are assured that we were in error in the state* j ment tin t th?v right of transporting corres|>ondenue I from one nou to the other, across the Isthmus of I Ttliuant*^xc, hail been conceded to that gentle- | man. The decree of th- Mexican government, of the 5th M November, ISMi, originating in the law, or n?irnit.?i4in frnm rl.#? ( '.laiiprul (^nnorn^a nf Nl.'t I and amply ratified all the concessions made by the provisional government of Genenl Santa Aani, for the opting of a communication acrosB the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Article 3.h says, "the rates for light houses, pilotage, nn<i for the transmission of letters, bhall he fixed by a special la v, I analagous to the provisions of that of the let of March, 1KI2 " Tnus, the Mexiann government coa'd not grant Col. Ramsay, nor, in fact, concede to any one, whut hail already been conceded, and actually belongs to the company of New Orleans, who arc now occupied in all the necessary arrangements for transporting correspondence across the Isthmas of Tthuanteptc, m conformity with their unquestionable right so to do. The Italian Opera House. J.not night. Douliatti'a opera, ''Parian*.' waa produced tor the tlrt time in thi? country. The Iiuobo \ wan not full. though quite fashionable, earned b) the | great derire, on the part of all those distinguished for i their taate. to bo jueient on the great gala night ? j i tbia evening, when Parodi and Nathalie nujamea, with i ' Giuseppe Carreee, will form the greatest attraction ever known in this metropolis. Th-.' opera of ' PariI pica" was well supported; and when it is eonsid'-red ' that it in the highest score ever written by Donilettl, we cannot but be gratified that it was so well rendered as by there who appeared In it. The music is very beautiful, paiticularly in the second act, and it was I adiniiably well received throughout. We fehall take , another occasion to notice it mora particularly. The t reat fntertuimuent aunounc^d for thU evening i ? and which, it rhould be remembered, is t} o'lmmunoe precisely at 7 o'clock, by which time every person should be seated?U one ot those remarkable events seldom known in this horns of geniux and aaooaiplish- ' cents We are to hive an -'extra ni$ht." such as Luinley gives to Loudon, in the middle ot his most brilliant season- an op-raof great brilliansy, supportj ed by the highest talent and a ballet of surpassing ! excellence and intercut. Parodi. on this occasion, will appear iu the magnificent tblt ot Lucreiia Borgia-in which she has no rival. and her personation of whish wiil thrill and electrify every auditor. t?f Nathalie < t Fitijauies it is nlino. t uueces3ary to say a single word I tier feme is Kurrptan; but having seen her at re. I hear??l we may {.a well prepsre the public for a great treat Nathalie Fit^jaaies has tiny teet naJ the ne.kt<st I ankles which eh* uffi' with Iniroltal'le f. ra.-e, ex "a- I tip/ the lno-t cri^iDul and difltcult steps with a I fascinating eltganc*. only to be approached by | Taglioiii Indeed, Rile reminds us of that celebra- I t>d Jimiini though in MW rcpecta sh? may rtuew our m unary if 1'unny KUsler. In th<) bt-aiitilul ballet of *i'a.,uita wherein sht i? to be supported by the agile gra e ot Carreoe, .'-he will Rhine in I'mr Spanish dance* >etto be the rtge in the m?troj,<>lin Hbe Rill iriineui&lely take her position in public favor a? second to no one who has appeared in this couutr} ; and tvhen fh" tan triumphed ? a* she surely will the public will be satUttel tbat the amiable, gltti d. ?ud ?-riterpri?ii j Maretzuk hat fulfilled the prouilse he wide a' th? clo?n of the lust f>aR9D, wli?n h# laid that tc? Julun opera In New York should be i mual to tbat ot Lonui n or 1'arl* lit has kept his word in all resp-cts. W"n h Parotli In th* op ra. an 1 1 Nathalie K'ltsjawes we hate an nt'-rtaiuiaeut ?uc'> is 1 I I.cndon eau only boast at the very height ot itR *- *ion aiid then only fot a lew rji,;ht<. N> arly all the M-ats have been ,?>curid alreiil) ; ail tkose who in-end to be pre *< \ t on thi", the ti rot ^rand raU bIrH of ibe New Y"rk season w'i?n all t.h? f*sh??i aMe wotld will do lh?lrduty towards M tretxek. 11 u c< nsult at the nine tine, thi hlg'iett ta'te ? will I loye i o time In appljlrg to the box ofTlee for pU'JS. It will be a great occasion. Jrmiv l.lnti'a bait ( oncf il lit NrW YorV. i.aat evening, Wad. nioiaelle Jenuv Llal car* her farewell concert in New York It *?? her tUlr'y.third In j* lii'iion TrJfler Hall was crowded to exes* The prcgramine waR the aatne as at the two previous ' concerts Iler succ??i> was complete notwithstanding thescfne the parsed thioujh In the morning Th* exelt-ment *a? moat iut-.nse aul theapplaute r?m and < nthuriettlc throughout. I.a-t t^h' closed the campaign In (Mi city and Ruch a RerU a of triumphs w??enevtr witn'-?ed on tblR continent. Iler Ruoaess is without a parallel She Is Acknowledged th* iju-en of song, reigning without a rl< *1 in the coneert rojm. and letgning too. In tbe hearts ot the people. City liitililgr.itr. Thi I.alt Da. Jar A Hit rtoh.-Wc beg to r*ml?d the professional and other friends of the late Dr Houston, tbat bis remains will be taken to Cypress Hills Ceme tery. on Muaday next. Moses Maynard, Ksj., Hj celier of the Long lilud R*Uro*d Company h*? ?t?- 1 tulfcualy placed at the dl-ponal of tli? VxacutlT* Com D111'ee of the I'ri i", appointed to attend to thn fune- | T?1 arraignment* no extra train of car* for tbe | oec??ion. Tbe train will leare the depot at goutb Urookljo. at twelve o'clock pr*cl*?l> on Monday and | will return in about an hoar Arrangement* ar* b' Inj 1 made to erect a suitable memorial orer tLe grave. It lira* or llofK Coirj^v No 3, I aoM P??n.a? ?? mi*. hut night the menhir* wl Kmpire Fir* Ko*lt? N* i'i made ^uite a vplendi 1 anpearitur?un th''ir(ura out to eeeori Indep. udtnt lloie C"tnp%ny No >. uo their return bom* trot.) a ritit to Thiladelpuia lion# car iageNo WO. wa? alto ott? of the eacort. f <rmtnc ?)U"e a lor.g proce?eion. Kuch company wv provided with torrbta. nekirit a lively i nhibition Rdtonaof the(Teateet at ranti n* in t.ia prooe-*|oa we.' a boy, net nu.eb larger than Tom Thumb, a pretty Hal fel low. dre.-aed In full Pn man'* uniform bildiug la hit bard a torch. Tbia iltUe joker w?? atandiag U|?oa the ti p of tbe u< Me engine apparently, from appe?ransM. feeling the blggeat man amors tbe pirty. On the arrival < f Ni> t Ibay f irmed Into line at the foot of CourtUndt *tre?-t. aLd matched up Rroa Iwaj tj tlielr re*|.*ctlve d< *tluationp. beaded by an axoelleat bend cf nueic. Awwivraatar rr thv Yot?ft? Kr?'i Brvxraift Aki" -lation The r*iiry of thn lejrg Men'# liefer* w Onevol n*. Aaeociatlcn of tha olty of N*w Yrrk will be celebrated in Twfilay evening. the third of I>*ei li tx r fit at tleltallm Opera lfon?*. [ by n grand opera and ballet trie oombinM talent of the following waired ertl*t* inJer tbe dlrvotlon of Ma* Maretr k, will tie den ted Is th benefit of the Poelety and In aid of It* futile tin Bluaora H?rtu?tt, Tn.ffl Tatti rerrinl. Ignor Kortl, l>u.d ttl. Larlnl, Rebeventaoo, Align nl fai. julriea Roll Mll'a 1'ltrJ?tnea and the ?ell know* favorite orcbeatra of llerr Krmti' r. and bla w>o>'lat>ii. Iron the rxteq*lve arrangement* that are b? log made, wt hare to doubt that the entertalncn nt will be very ^tractive, tnd it la t" h?- hep d that tha ree. Ipta wtil be proportionally gr??t. Tblalaonaof the b. ft rh*r1te>ln In'tltatt -na *e tare It# objact If to collect fondt for the graI iitti in. <ti ?tT ikul K.n i.f fi: I t the ludl -r.l rlnr.n* : he winter noli lb' eupaort < f an n>ylum forth* *lch and drttitut* of ll Jewl h p?r?u*?lon." and Hou<ht to b* w* think If prob?W? thit "ilii-r itli'ul, in addition to th?f?rU?U *1>otc b.imcd n ill rolunteer for the;oe*a* ion FinR.? A earn II duelling, rwn?d and oeewi-d by Robert McCramlll. In Filly rljh'h ?trcet. vixbarii j to th* ground, at *1* o'clock yeeterday tu9ralo|. Th> CiK?i>.ioirm or K V<f?. K ATiniC*p'?t* Mf. Ardle roted with Mr IMU'n to abolinh the purtat medical eyet'm on Ward'* I Maud lie ?n th* only t'oiiiBiiMlMwr who did no. Mot? inert* of Diallugnuiicri People* A trot,tt tb<>?* to* In town U the Hon Caleb Lyo? ot Lyoaedal*. recently ?l?'Ctrd member to onr btatt l,?trl> latnr*. II* wm tl* Independent candldat* In l?*al* county, and bett both hl? opp neati by th* tall nj?j' rity "f ff <?n hnnJrtd th* blggeet, by half, any *#? wblj man recalled thin year. Mr I.yon l? di-tingul>h?d a* a port and Itnpui't. a'd ?? f?r*Urr of tl>r California t'on?titutl< nal Conrantloa. Now that be hn? in politic* we'doubt not h* will bet i>in* alf tir cui?h> d in that fl-ld af?o C l? Weyman liartiord : J T Coop*r, Oalal*. M?.; J ft awe1 all Philadelphia; W King, Knulaud, R Bonmen. Madeira; ( apt rtton*. rtearaer Niagara, F. P*r*ico AlabMca; J. PteUon. Bo*t?n. and eighty other*, artir> d yc*t?rday at the Aetor llonee < h*? ?l?t It l.nnl* I d Towneend. Philadelphia; Hon Robt Mcrile New York: J.Nuhl* Ma?eaehueett?: prof?e*or Pc**l** Albany; W L. Ror.* Maryland and ninety other*. arrlted yeefrday at the Irving Hoata. J M*ol* California J W'iiil?m? lloatnn; Maj 0*o TtlUr.U $ A; A tlregory. Charleston J Ullchrlrt. Can* da I I Indolef *a<htngton and twenty other*, arrlrwd yerterday at th* Am*iloan Hotel V. ?. Circuit Conrt. Before th* Jlo? .Ia<l?e N*l*oa No*. 22 -Impvrtnnt C*tHm lliuw Can.?Frnntit Dm. rmJ anil rtk-m r# CifwWm* If* l*irrrwt Thi* wa* aa action brought br th* plalntlfMgalnrt the Collator of Cu?toa>* of tk? port of New York, to r*eo?er the iia of ff 2M ao. alleged to bar* beea iiifgally *iaet*d a* duty np?n red nine* imported from Franc* la IMS, and paid by the plaintiff* under proteft Th* defenr* I*, tfca* th* good* were naderr allied la the inrol** and ant according to th? market price at th* place of exportation and penalty nf fort* per c*at wa* levied according ta th* tariff of 1M3. The plaintiff**ont*od that the amonat of ralne at th* tin* of exportation fr*m Trance wa* rery law, I ssm Uadcuol | Jit Jcmiv Llntl In the Marl** lout. ArTAl li.UKMT AOAINBT lifcH?THK CONCERTS AMI) T1IE r* CHORUS SI.NOEK.S. Yesterday morning tber? tu considerable exalte- ^ meet among the lawyers and others, about the City Hall, and particularly In tlie Marin* Court-the tact having been known that an attachment had been P' Issued Irom that Court, by Judge Cowles, against Mademolaell* Jenny Llnd for contempi of Court, In hay- el ing related t* attend as a witness, upon a subprna in the eaee of Jan* Milaer against George Loder; and 0 Idle curiosity wan aroused with the expeotatlen of seeing her brought into court by an officer ; or, at ail ^ events, to ae* her appear a* a witness on the stand. 0 The case, in which she was alleged to hare been sub- t! pu-naed ae a witness. was ae follows:?(leorge Loder D wee directed to get up a cheras lor the Jenny Llnd * concerts, ud be employed Mr. Condon,* mnalcian. to si engage linger*. Among other*, Mrs. Test and Mm. Philips wer? empioytd They saug tw* nights. Tis., ? on the 24th nod 26th ol October, and received payment 7 lot their services. giving the following receipt : ? octobcr 29. rwi Received from Mr. ConUua, fifteen dollars, fur nervioei of fl nytelf and Mr*, I'Mlii.i, at two concern "f Jenny I,in 1. oa the 24 b and 25vh ia?t. MUS. J. P. 1'BIL. b But these singers alleging that th >y w?ro employed x for other conceit*. inetrunted A It Dyett, Attorney P and counsellor, to apply to Mr. Condon, tor the sum of thirty dollars, or thereabouts Accordingly. Mr. Dyett ri sddrefsed a letter to Mr It. Condon, demanding that m amount. Thin letter was dat*d the 12th of November, o No notice having buen taken of this letter, Mr D vxtt ji wrote another letter to Mr Buruuru, und?r date of ' 16th November. d? minding the thirty dollars from ' J, him. and adding a - follow* ' I will be compelled to a include Miss Mod herself in the *uit, m the concert* | r were given jointly by her and yourself. At any rat*, i n I should doubtless lind It necessary to make her a t witness,to move many important particulars '' u In the meantime under legal advice. Mrs Teal and Mr*. Philips transferred their ala'm to Jane Miluer. p and in her name, on the li)tb ot November, a suit brought against Georc" Loder fur the recovery of the f debt. Tbe object of tbie was to make Mrs Teal an l v Mrs. Philips wltnefpe* in thu case. Tbe tull was brought by William Mulock. A. K. Dyett, and 0. t Kvans. as attorney* ami counsel for i-laliitilf. A rub- ? jiorna was iff u. d for Mi*a Liud ai a witness, to ai>pear ? la court on Weduei>day. and Claries D. Kvuns a *ta- ti dent in the office of the*e attorney*, son of one'>f them. t and eon a:-<> of Mm. Philip*, prcceedcd to the New | Veik Hotel onTuevduy evening. and when MUa i.lnd B wa* going into her c arriage, otfi rel hoe a sealed letter, 1 which be sal 1 was from Mr* fieguin Mis* I.lnd said j mi- Knew airs oegum a uanuwnung. ana iiuti m? i*t- j ter was not from her and refused to take it, wh'i'e- v upon he thr< w it Into the earring*, anil the carriage t drove away while ne rail alter it. holding up a paper ? ' in hit hand. Miss Lind's secretary took the l?tt-r up r I and opened it. but did not. it appear*, commandite the contents to Miss Lind but biud--d it over to Mr < Barnum's lawjer, Mr Cromwell It va-i the subpiena Mr. Cromwell advised th*t Miss l.iud should not attend, us the serTice was not Wg&l not b?ing served per- | if nully; and a tender of morey not bt-ln^ made, or the original shown to her She did not attend Young Kuu? swore an affidavit of due service. and an attachmt nt wan issued front the court to arrest Miss Lind J lor contempt of court. Un Tbur*- lay morning the ofllcer prooetciJ to tbe New York Hotel, and stated he | had an attachment for tbe arrest of Mlts Lind for contempt of court. Mr. Benedict font for Mr. Cromwell, when it war arranged that she should att-nd yesterday morning in court it luoeintj. In the meanwhile Mr. Cromwell prepared an afflJa, Tit. which vas sworn to by Mies I.iod. as to her not bt log fervi d with the sul>p.. na; that she thougat the sealed letter was one of the hundred letters she reI ceived daily, and referred it to het secretary to answer. I and took no further trouble about it: that she wan ignorant ot its contests; that she had no intention of i ( committing a contempt of Court; and that she knew nothing ot the cuse to which tbe tul>p<ena refers. Affidavits were also pr pared and sworn to by Miss Lind'* secrt tary and her servant, corroborating her affi dm it. Mr Cronwell, at the opening of the Marine Court | yesterday morning, before Judges Cowles and Lynch, ! v made a motion, founded upon these aflljavlts to d dissolve the attarhuieut a.tain.-t Miss Lind. and, an concluding the readinr. said the person whoeworeto a the s< rviue of the subp<eua must look to his own pro- ]i tection for the truth ot his statement. It was an at- t< tempt to extoit money by dragging a lady into Cojrt. w Mr. Djrett. who appeared for tbe plaintiff in tbe n ea.v ol jtcted to the affidavits being entertained, lie si said a witu?fs could liOt be heard till the witn<*si ap- B, prared In reltrence to the assertion of an attempt )? to extoit money, the less >aid about that the better. Counsel was tl en praoeed'ng to itata the laot.s of the c] case between Jane Milnrrand lleorge I.ojer when The court interrupted him. and said be could not ! n go li.tothe merits at that *taiie of the p-oeeedttirs. I w Mr. I?y?-tt ini>i?ttd thai. Mias Mel must be j/reseut ' 0I btfora the court could act. Mr. Cromwell. It ia essentially om-?S"ary that tha t contents of a Fuhpu na be broagb? home to tli? party on whom It li alleged to be servtd B Ju-Ve Lynch said he thought when MUs Lial decinrrd that the had a H'oretary. she could not be i, allowed to plead ignorance ol legal papers aur??d on | him. ard rela'hitf to b'r | a Mr It. D. I!olaes, of ccun?< 1 for de'andatii, said | n there WkS no fn t?u. r ! m Mr. iJysit Tlie fuui oI twenty-lira cent* was en- ; , clou. d in the letter. I c Mr Cromwell d?nied that service upon the aecrt'tary I c] wai> personal nervine on Mm Mud. Alter tome fuithir discussion. counsel for Mien bind t, declared that, to cut the matter short. she was realy to attend, tf the court desired it. but that he wished M the attachK<nt to txi dissolved sg?lnht her, a* sha p had no Intention of committing contempt. M Kr Lyett said he was satisfied. j The Court said there was sufficient In the affidavit to ju.-y the e ntetrpt, and if Misa l.lnd would attend, it i p would answer all purposes It w* i th?ratora ordered | tkat the attachti4?nt he dlaaoUed Tbu Court then ? &rivate|y fixed h ill-past eleven o'clock as the time (5r . lira Mud's appearance; and in ord?r not to inoom I 0 mi oe ber by a crowded court, appointed the chamber j. of tha old Superior cruri. a room Immediately over- | f, hesd- as the place of examination Notwithstanding p the secresy. a number of persons got wind ot It. am i as t scon at the door was opm d the room was half Allied i p Jiid^e Cowles looking around the room, nv that It w?a exceedingly shabby and i-null. and taarsd that it B would not only be inronvi iiient for tha purposa. hut I tl that Mlsa Lind would entertain but a poor opinion of r the courts, from suoh a spvolmi n as that tie then ti daipatclxd an > Ulcer to seea if the chamber ol the ? Be ard ot Alderman. the library, or any other convanl- ^ ent and respectable room could he obtained. Ames- gj sage waa received f-om the Mayer that he had no attk oilty to give the chasnK r of the Board of Ai lt-rc. n. ? but that the lea room or the library might be had Oj t appl> Ins to tha proper officer, for aitbar of these rooms i. 1,. al/4 i.aa ? r\t <? I iVa l.Krirp Ik* K^nk a were all lying ab> at. and the tea room wa* bring j u.-i 1 by the Aldormen (Ito.irr of latt;ht*r) ' In tblr derpurate care. v Lr? Miri Lin J wa* about bring i tllfd into I >? rhubby room, ansthrr c?m* in. *ayiog the oflioe of the clerk of the Hurl of Aralrtaiit AMcinu n could be ha l wb-reupon the judge. (I f < Hlcerr the reporter* and th? audience proceeded thither. The ca?e <tu tbnn culled of UM mum AUAINST OKoRSB I.OI>ll Mr Jol.nK Kra4y ?n-w?re<l for the drlenlaut Mr Dyett app??r. d for plaiatiff. Mir* Llud rhortiy >lt?r entered the Court, anenm. tatiirj 17 Captain V nt of the Atlantis, (tranship. Ir llenedlct. and other lri?nd* %nl *?< aoeommo dated with a teat beride tba jul^e. In a lew minute* o the room wa* Oiled. Mr Dyett then proceeded to rtate hi* ca*e. lie *nij. a the plaint It *n the a>rigaee ot Mary Ann* Philip*. ? who. in addition to hrr own claim r?prer?o? d h?r *on \ minor and wa* al*o the arrlirnee of Mr*. Teal, all of . whom r?tided In Wil:tam*biir,{h. in tbi* State Mr*. Teal, and Mr* Philip* au4 her arm, Ueorge Philip*, u were ployed by a perron named Condon to alng at ^ Ibe Jenny l.lnd concert?-to ?log at all of them But u a', the third concert their rervtcea were refuted, and ? the choru* afterward* *ung at a concert at which they , were not employed, and it wa* for this the action wa* it lit i' Ul>* I,l?d had raid rb* wa? r?ry wellplemel with | the performance nf the olioru* at which Mr*- Philip* j, ami Mr* Teal rung For the two night* they did *lng. and for the other night at which a ehorm rang with- ? out then, the claim wan $45 Out of that turn they (j had only fMhdfll Nf *kM they had gi?en a ro- ^ celpt They were told they rtiouM appear la full drera, w and Mr*. Philip*' *on in black dre** and tb?expense* j ot tbi* outfit cort her considerably more than the >7 4 | rbe received. The drfence. h? ond-r*tood. wa*. fltwt, el that no contract wa< made : reoon.l that there aiager* , were not it to perform their part* It wa* very important. tbrrrfore to hare a wltnere there who wa* aeknow lodged to be the flrat ringer la the world, to throw j "K"> Mr" ?? ???"? I wn? fully comp#t? at llainua *?? making enormous i f? aum* af monay un l yat m paying thoaa Ndiea In a ,, mlat-rnbia mwntr ; but arm tka pittance ngr*a<l upon * wax net paldtbim Th?r? *w no attempt to eit"rt 0| money II* would prora thay wara engn??d for arery ernrart at which tbare waa to b?* a rhoriia Miaa I.ind wm then called a* tha Drat witneei for tha I (jj plaintiff, and b'lrg awarn by th? Judge hima?lf. wan j T, ? atnined b> Mr Dyott. Bhe app?ared agitata!, and T, looked pale and a failing of aocrn atideoUy aat m upon her Knitnai?? for tkoaa wha had oompellad her to come. aa ah# eonraitrd n-ediagaiy into court. The anamination proceeded aafoilowai? r| y - Ata you acquainted with tha Jefandaut Oaorga p -odrr' n A.-TM |.-tw *> " !?** ? ???b.r of c??<?rt? in Naw % Totk ? S r I* in y.~There wera rboruaaa at aoma of theaa MnoerU ? ? A - Yea. at two which wara giten ahortly kftar my r, return froa boa ton y - Waa tbara not third oonccrt at which thara j waa a cbrua f K A.?Yaa It waa a Herman rhoma Q Wh?. particular place o( nuale ill anng by iba chorna ?t taat concert ? A ? I do not ramamhnr. y ? On tha two flrat nlgbta tha ehoru lunt did y?? w hot than t i,C A-Ta# y ? Did you mak* any remark 1 i.-No y - Wara yon planaad with the porfrrmanca ' A.? Tm. y.?Yon expraaaed yonr approbation ' A ? Van L' y.- Wara tha chornaaa mployed under yonr dlra?- "* tionf. or did |ou requaat that thay abouldbaamployadr I v O.? W ho did *lra tha diractlon T f0 A.- Mr Barnum, I anppoae Ifa proposed having L? tha thnriwi, y.- Whr ?ot np tha roncarti ? ?I A?Mr Dtrnum and 1 did. Q - Did y<m atrt oonauit Mr Lodar aa to tha ana- Vl bar of aonaart* to ba flran with chornaaa * A -W? tfc y - When thaaa ?faornaa? wara (Ira* cot no what wm J" Tk? Court ruled In favor of the objection. Q. Ilow often fH the Meailah performed attar your turn from Boston ' A ?0*>oe Q.-Tbat *m not on* of the two firtt concerts which ia ehoruMi song ? A.?I cannot recollect. y ?Old you hear Loder say anything about who eialoyed him f A.-No Q ?Do you know who defrayed the e*pensei of the horusea f A - I don't know. I suppose Mr Barnaul. Mr. Holmes?That is a mere upposlUon on the part f the wltnesa. Mr Dyett-I have done. Mr. Uolmea?I shall not insnlt the witness by asking er a riDgle question I shall let her go from tha g?ia j rtha Avna<1 thftf fllli thin nmirt. inointinir to ih? mill. 1 itude, who stratoheti forward eajerly to see the witest ) Miss Lind then row to leave cor.rt, and shook hand* 1th the Judge and bowed to the counsel; and when be was on the point of leaving. Mr. Dyett adrexsed vmr observations to her. which the reporter did not Utinctly hear but whlah w s understood to be that e wax sorry to have examined her when her evid?ac3 arned out to b? of so little importance in the oase Miw> Lind?Then you did rery wrong in gtriag yourflf and me to much trouble for nothing. The great ralint then left, with Captain West, anl er countenance resumed it* wonted cheerfuluess. he crowd ruxhed out after her, and the court was pei dily clewed Mrs Teal wa* then called, and an objection was aieed as to the right of th- pliintifT. Jane Miluer, to ue ut all and. aftrr the point being decided in fav>r f the plaintiff, the witness wa* examined by Mr. ?yi-tt and deposed as follows: ? I was employed by Mr. Condon to sin; at the Jenny ,iDd choruees. Q ?What were the conditions of th* gret-ment' A ? I had leirned that th>*y needed chous singers toi the Mud concerts. Mrs Philips and lyself called en Mr. Condon, at his houpe; we stated I u'hiui our business, and he took our named, auj toll

Mr Holmes?T object to what Mr Condon toll this ereon. Mr. Loder not being present. Th? Court said he would take the te* imoay In tills crm. on the intimation ol Mr Dyett that it is the only ray he can g-1 at the te'tlmony. Witness contluut-d?Mr Condon asked me about an 1 Ito linger; he raid he needed one; Mrs. l'hilipl spok? t her Fon. and he told her to bring her sou but be ras not confident whether Mr Loder had the altos ! illed. and then he (Mr. I'oadon) told u* that we were o receive *6 each per nl^ht; he did not say for how ' iuny we were engagtd. hut he said th?re would be a umber Mr. Holmes here said It had been sworn to by Mile, enny Lind. that theie were but two concerts at which J English choru'es were engaged, and that the third : ras e xeluMvt-iy c< miiofeii 01 utrman cnoru-ses; ana i herefore contend that they cannot now bold us to j rhat Mr Cordon supposed as to the number ol lights the choruses would be required. Court overruled tho objection. Witness continued-lie said these concerts were to e omtorios. and that we ebould be expected to bold >urf> Ives la readlD?M lor all the concerts at ithio'i h?re?ereto be cboru??s. Alter the oratorios were lone, fce unlerstood that some Kngii'h madrigals i.'i# to b? get up; he (Condon) fpoke of Mr. Loder as f he were acting as Loder's agent; Mrs Philips and I an it Hi two of them concerts, on Thursdav and Friday, nd (i?orge Philips also sung at theia. his servirei lad been requested; Mrs. 1'hillps was reque.-t 1 to irirg him to rehearsal; after the rehearsal. ask* d '4r 'enden if he htard her son. and he said he did and raj perfectly satisfied; Condon said he did not know ! rhetber be could pay young George in lull lor the j Irst night. but he would for the second; the -'Meg- I lah'' was not performed at either of these concerts. | here was a third concert, and Mr Condon said we houUi be notified to be at rehearsal, and should hold i imrelves in readiness; he told us to watch the papers; j i# thought the rehearsal was to tak? place on WeJneilay. but it did not, we went there on Friday morning. j nd found Mr. Condon was not there; Miss bind and Ir Luce were there; we were told there was nD N> I lear si going on; the " Messiah" was performed thit j TI nlrg Mr. Holmes said tbiscase presented the m"St curious I base he ever had the honor of being engaged in. ! I'bat connection baa been proved between Mr Conon and Mr Loder' The witness was then cross examined by Mr II ? I m ? married woman; my husband is living In Wit- , amsVurgh; we are residing together; I did not at nd in the evening on which I state the " Messiah'' t as performed. I know It must have been perferm?d. < I saw it in the public press, and know persons who | ing at It; Mis* Jan" Milner is the plaintiff in this | stion; she rcfldes with Mrs. Philip;*; Mrs. Philips ! a married woman; her husband is living. U - When have you h 11 any dealings of a moneyed barai'ter with Mine Miln? r ? A --I never had any; I never owed her any money, ever bad any money di alings with her. nor waver as Indebted to her In any way; 1 am positively surd I that V - Suppose Miss Milner should mooted, would she e? p tlii* money f A -Yes. sir; I have given it to her; the gave me nthlng at all tor it. Q-Wbat is the reason you did not attend at the nit coneert yon have spoken of on the Friday night ' A.--Because we did not receive ticket* of admission, a we did on the previous nights when our nainns ere also left at the door: Mr Condon to'.d us. If we "Ve want-d I,.- would notify ue of the rehearsal an>l >nd us tickets sf admUsion tor the night. [Tne re>ipts for t be payment for the two concerts were (Trred in evidence, and admitted ] Chus. u Kvans wa? next ssr >rn. to prove the as Ijnler t*. jur lit lines rfierrea \v in* v*?ie. ow-in ruq "Wiu ction*, In wnlch It l? ?iatad Section 893 ?ay? -No erron offered a? u wltneM, (hall be excluded by re?>n of hi* internet in th? i tmii of th* action. 3t*0 my*, he la?t section tbull not apply to a party to the accn, nor to any pernoa for who-ainime1tat* benefit. It H roe outed or defended. nor to any aeslgaor of a thing i action astigned for the purpoaa of making hi.u a Itfce** Mr. Holmes then continued -What w?? the obj-ot f then# ladle*. In assigning IhU olalm' Let as ?? if ' ; ?m not done for the purpose of purging these per- j ' re. tn ordvr tliat they may be witnesses in the caie. I this were allowed a mau tnijjbt hive a conver?a- : Ion with another person in tLe rtrret. pretend he 1 ad u.ade a promise to pay him a certain turn of lrnny. asilgn it to a third party, an 1 become a wit- J s* of th* alleged promts* It would open tha d?r [ ? a vast amount of p'rjury, and that I* the eaiion tb? law doe* not countenance It Oouaiel hrrefore contended that the whole of the te?tln? >ny t;Mrs. T. al should be (truck oat, and tbe ca?e hould reft precisely ax It wa* when Him bind left tha tail Mr. Pyott replied, that the law ODly applied to rhf-re the assignor retained hi* intere?t in tbe elaiai. he Court raid that Judge (iridlay bad *o ruled It and e overruled Mr. tlolmet' objection, to which Ooumel xcopted. Mr. Holmes then ral" d another objection, whijh ra* that thl? woman l?*Ing iu coverture hid not the owrr to convey. She swore ?he w.\s a married wom in. nd living with her husband; h>' th-r?for* had nat be powtr to *selgn It. Referred to the session lawa i ills, chap 576. and eontenl-d that the right* ara e*ted in tbo huaband. an J if thase married ??n?n rere tha plaintiff* In this ca e they shiuld appear by b?lr bu*t>and* or th? ir o?xt rn*nd. |(>6j< ctl >n orerul< d nod *xo*ption taken.) Mr. Evan* proved tb? a?fl<niofnt*, to wbhb h* wn wltne**. II* al*o (i-pwd. that b? know* Oeorg* btltpr Mr Helm** obj*et?d to *ny t**tlm">ny r**p?etla j eorpe I'hillp". h* wa* not n?tn?din tb* action. Mr Hjott ?*I1 tbat Mr* Phillip* a**tgn*1 nil claim* galnM tl*o l<od?r sod that the wa* tsllilrJ to tM loni'jr forth* **r?lc** of b*r ion Mr. Ilolm** tbanput to an affidavit of Mr. Lnd*r tatlnf. that hyth* claim in behalf of <l*o Philip*. ? wan taken by ?urprl*?. but a* h? could not iwrar bat a po*tpon< mi nt wan n'c*??ary. lna*aiu*h a* h* ad all hi* avldanc* hep it w?* rul*d Inrufllaiant od>r the cod*, ai.d th? Court admitted tb* te*tllony Mr . Holm** tbi n ral*ed another objection. II***id ?a? the father who ?m *ntlt)ed to tb* tftvlc** of bo child, and aot lb* mother Mr. Kvan*-Mr* Philip* I* diroread from her ho?and and living *?par*t*lv ftom Mm; Qeorje Philips about fourteen j?ar* of at:*. I htdiFmmM'.lin Itb Mr. Lodar re?pectlug tb* parvlce* of the** par> r?; ho fald Mr. Condon *?< hi* M?nt ?nJ hi noirlrtlK'd Mr. Condon art*; L.oder ?ald If any body a* liable, bo wa?; thl* ?onv*r*atlon *m la*t wrck; think, before tbi* *ult wa* commenced To Mr Holme* There wa* n* nam n?n?J In that -iiti r?*tlon. a* tb* amount to whlcb h* wa* llabl* Mr. Holm** h*r* mad* a motion for non lult. on tb* rrui.d tbat no amount wa* proved. Tbo moll< n wa* r*fu**d. Tb* plaintiff b*r* rerted. Mr Jul** Benedict wn*th*n eiamlned for tb* dano*,?I am. by profo?*lon. a conductor of an orcba*. ( ooaduetor U not an good a jn lg* of tli# p*rf>roiai<<* ' arb<ru? alrpar a? tin* prr>?n who prartl**? th# ng#r In r#h#ar?al , U##rg# l.od'-r praitljod th- eb>- { i### for th* J#oay l.lad eoar#it*. the rraaon forth* pt taction I hav* mad* I*. that at the eonrart lb* Mr#* ar# M*nd#d. whar?a?. at tba rvhaaraal th* >ic?# ar# a*para?y heard ; th# #ar of a practi*#d ' a?t<-ian can <l#t*ct fain# ringing ; 0#org* Lodar i< j rartl?#d nniatclan Mr. Hand*I M Condon waa #**tninrd I am a mul- | an twenty flv* yam and mora; I eoa*ld#r Mri Mllpa wry lnc?nip*t#nt a* a ohoru* #ingrr, I know r J.o<]#r. I ha?# b##n anting lor him In angagtng j lorua alngrr* for tha .l?nny Mod eone#rta, I #ng*g*il ] rarly ail of th#m. mal# and fi-mal* ; I #agag?<t ' r? I'htllr* and Mr* T#al; th#y walt'd on ra#.anl | #ntl"n#d th# nam# of a p#r?on whom I th#n thought I competent Jn4g# and < n tha ?tr#agth of that rrf# no*. I engaged th#m for oaa cnne#rt only, I told i#nt th# t*rni* wrr# t'> for that night, which th#y a<lly arr#pt#d. Mr# t'hllipa apok* of th* difltanlty | i# lalored and#r of having ao on# to aa#ort h#r to th t nrrrt and inquired if tlekata could b# ha 1; I , Id. If on# got it1' prlvil?g*, all wonl4 claim It; i l* then oi#ntinn*d about h#r aoa riming ?lth r, "fating that h# waa a food alto ringer 1 y alto vol##* w#r# fall at tha tlai*. and I told J r that If th# hrooght bin ?h? waa aot to #?n#et any , numeration for hi# aervlc##. and that probably h#ar. ^ J*any Mad would b* anffl?l*nt remuneration I w jovfully aaeented *aying h#r aon would ba dall.tht > ] L *h# att#nd#d r#h#ar*al. ami Mr I,o4#r obj*?taj to t ,*h* wai th# only Individual h# did object to. i?. #d Mm why II* >ald h* objected to her be*?ua* j i knew h#r to b# Incompetent. and for otb#r r*a*on* | l>egged <vf him. for Ood aak#. not to d**lr* me to < umlM h#r n#w for #h* told m# that ah# waa vary I or. and that thla eniag#m#at wr.n|4 b* a gr#at ohjeet ' h*r Puba#f( '<#ntl v I V?ok my a*at alongside of Mr* al and Mr* t bllipa. and I round that Mr Lod#r'* < inion waa perfectly oorrect I f nad that Mr* T#al , i* alaa tn<- ir>pet#rt. hot not ta th* * ? * I i >trb#d th# >?*!< that lay b#far* th#m aad I w th#y did Kit ?fm( It Ih#y ram# to th# *t *cneert. aad aaag at It. aad aft#r It wai over #yatk#d If th*y might eoaatdar th>*. engaged r th* a#it conoart J aald ? . If yo* ? * to th* | earatully omitting tlim* two Yet they cam* to the accond concert. they told me that (ha rruoa they earn* tu, that they bad tmem an adrertlaemeot In tha pap* re containing the iam? programmee. and th?t, therefore, they tbouftat their aerrioes would be required. I told thorn it they sang It would ba at their own risk, and that they must not eipactany remunalation I have taught innate for at least twenty At* yeare The reason why Mm Philips and lira. Teal recalled >16 instead o? $10, under the contract, wa*. that Mrs Teal elated sba had coma a great distance, and pleaded po*?rty. I said to Mr. Loder. tlat I would feel obliged if he would, therefore pay them for one night additional between tbem. Mrs Teal told m? ahe oame on tbe part of Mrs Philips, and Mr*. P. afterwards admitted it. This sum was received as pay mint in full of all demands due, and with gratl tuae 10 tar i.ouer xne recollection 01 mil uu was perfectly the fame *1 mine as to the contract. I did not sing at the oratorio, beeaaae I thought It wrong lor ama'euni to come forward to cut out professional siogtre. ^ Crosseiainued - Mr* Philips minted h-^points, and then when .-he took them up from others, she sang them out of tune; I stood ten minutes beside her; the name of the person who recommended her was Locke; I don't know who he is, bnt he cannot be a musioian. Mr. Holmes?I suppose he is the moon mis Witness ?Though 1 heard these ladies slaving wrong I did not direct them, that was Mr. Loder's business, not mine; be conducted the chorus; dll not tell Mr l.eder, on the ground ot charity and humanity; I distinctly told them it wai only for eneconsart they were engaged; there was only one concert with a chorus then agreed upon; but I told them If they were fouad to be competent, they would be engaged for other concerts, if choruses were given and if I bad authority to make any further engagements; I did get the power to make engagements, but I did not engage Mrs. l'hilips and Mrs Teal fori found them incompetent; If there were a tew mora like them iu the chorus, the oanctrt could not go on; the etfeot of the chorus ?pu spoiled in that part where these ladies stood; Miss l.iud might not have perceived the defeat, from being eoiUu-Uitioslly engaged in bur own part; she had enough to do to accomplish that though she i* Jenuy l.ind; they are bad chorus singers and sung out of tune and out cftime; did not hear them sing at concert; tha object of a reha?r>al i? to prepare singers for a oon-ert. but ten thousand rehearsals would not innke a man sing well that ha? a had did not think of it, or 1 would have told t to sing at the oonc*rt, I never knew a go-id singt-r tD fing out of tiu?9; there were forty.six chorus mngtrs. of whom forty received payment. 1 said nothing about full aress. bit that is alwavs understood; I did not call on the reference; I told th'-m 1 would get them as engagement with Madam Htehop 1 introduced them to Mr. l.yster, who engaged thrm at $2 tor her concerts; Boulna's object was to get heads, not fingers; no matter whitt kind "they were. provided thay were woajen. Frederick i.jst<-r examined?Wa< at the two concerts at which tin) choruses sunn; he noticed the great hi citation with which M rs. Philips euDg; h- was there to watch the ia? r*- with a to enga them for Rochsa't conceit*, if a chorus wait"d for numbers, i-uch people would do well enough : in Bescha's concrt * the objest was to got a* rnuuli harmony as possible. but the numbers were ?l <olu ely necesfaiy; they wanted women of any kind, h* hi Sugcil Mrs. Philip* and hereon at $2 each, but they Id not come; in Jenny I.ind's concert there was only a si mi chorus, aid it required perfect singers; 1 mean not finished ar ista. but correct in time aud tune, and knowing how to Med muslo at sight, and to sing forte and piano as marked; hare heard one hundred singsrs sing together, at.d sing all right, the first time; my att? Etion was first attracted to Mrs. I'hilips. by observing a weakness in the treb'e part of the chorus where she stood; the did not perform her part creditably; would never tske li~r tor a professional singer; she must have marred the effect to a certain extent, Mr Stephen Leach deposed lie was prejent when George Locier f-und fault with Condon, for engaging Mrs Philip-, stating s!ie wits incompetent. The defence here rested George Philips, son of Mrs Philips, wis then called for the plaintiff Gondon told hiui ihai h,i would half pay tor ihr first night acd full pay. atterward<, for the rest of the concert*, fourteen or lifteen of them, lie said nothiug abont d~e?*. Cro?s examined ? Taui ht himself to simr. chiefly. His mother Is a teacher of Kinging. s.nt sin^s in church alno; cannot tell the difference between a in.nor key and a relative minor, nor between a major and minor. Mr* Philips called ?Oon Ion told h-r to look out in the papers, and u t to depend on him to giv.- h?r notice to attend the conceit; owed ili?s Milner money, and transferred the debt to htr; was airir.ed to do so by h?r lawyer, cannot tell the difference between a minor key and reUtive minor, nor the difference between a. in or and mijor; never studied m'ulo. Nivtr made music ber s'udy; caanot tell the difTtrence between a fourth uud an eitreme sharp fourth; Cannot au??er; (he i? in a confused itate; sung in ' Inliammatus"; cannot t"ll what key It is in Geo -fie (law* examined -I am not a musician, but a butt her?I am fond of music, but I never bad any instructions in it. Hoth ride* li. re closed and the Judge said he would give bio decision on Monday next. Court of Common Pleas. IN CtIA >1 I'.KRS. The If on Judge Daly presiding Not. 22?Tin F.iUnmt Forgery Cmte?In the ease of Whitney and l ord, charged with the possession of. and utteaing lotgi d bank bills, the Judge di<mis,e1 the complaint a* a^nist Whitney, bat decided on sending Ford for trial lie is to attend, this day, to ent*r into balito answer the complaint. Nportlnif Intelligence. I'mow Cwm. L I ? T?orn*o.- A trotting match tor >.>00. two mile heats. In h arness, will come off this afternoon, between Cardinal and Diamond Imin*dl> ataly aft?r tha match there will be a trotting rasa for a purse, between Contl ienoe and fanny. Court Calendar?Tills Da jr. B'^rxKMR Ooi ar?Cia< riT Coi ar.?Edwards. Ju<. tice.-Nos. 833. Ill, 1 024 -li*. 873, 2o3, fc,7. M, 239. 278, 744. 1,0C2. 1 032. 1 or.3 7iiC 844 THIS WKBKLT HKRALD. The H'rthly HttttlJ will ba published at half-put 9 o'clock this morning The late California news, tha European intelligence, tha local eTeuta of the week, if., A-e , &e , will be found in Its columns Single ccpltt, In wrapper*. Viltrtn Corpi of hl i? 1'hl oiKunUallon of thia *orp?, uiaoe in u it11ill M *iiu( ar mblt'l by pr*? vioat Botic*, St 22 Grand itieat, on th* oteninv of Tntvlay, th* IVth iuat., ?bert'il Henry Kuvmond prj*idiid at Chair*, lind Simaei B. \Vtrn?r at Scretary. Th* Ulvirio* t r -tjdiim are rroroultfated Tol. Jticb.laj 1!Bight, Coamiadknt. ffcnrjr Raj-mead Ut Caplala. Brjamin Mood U Capt-nr.. Jolm P. Dlttirich 1st la* Liinutiit, f/ a llrM ^4 1st da. J< I n l llnmlrr? Iit^l d>. William Tajl. r 2124 do. The Captaiaa war* author.t?J to ?[point N. C. oifto.Ti, aa I Ih* Ci vnat<lait a S?rr*:nt M?|m. Th* ln?lt?tl >n of Br ^adier-Giarral Storae, t?r tha c >rp? to pftrad* on ttia St* b ii'it , a? a iart of hit rnatid. ?u a. wpwl It ih deridrd ?aah m ml er appear na par a J* with a blaa or di.rk t -a' ar.d r an'aloone, with a black ribbon noakad*. with a yellow eagle la tb? aaatre. ?n the aid* a( tha hat. Agreeably to tha abi'Vf. aad ia 0"iiformity ?i h tha dq.le* imp-nd u ("< tnaaaaaat, it It dlr*ot*4, that the m^ rt of ihit errpt aa embl* at tbt Araeaal Yard, corner of r.J.n and Wi it* tirtei*. oa Mnda*, tb* fftth day o( November, at niu* *"?!<eh. A. M. *aeh member [.rovidiBg hiiaaeli witli a bin* or dath r**t aad paataluona. * ilh a b:?ek ribbna coikide oa thetido of hla hat. Sid* arm* Bad belt* trill h? farai'hed *! n the ri. nn 1. by their indii1u?l pled : > to return r? ifier na rare^e. Tte eorpt wtll ba tipd*r command l'*pt. Henry Riya*nd, at la* laptaln: Capt Ben) W ?< Mid. Tb*'.erat it t .tinned agreeably to tfcatr rank. Capt*. Katn..>i.d Bad M rod will appoint *a*h r*r*?ant* and Corporal* aa tha* may deotn fit aad proitr. aad rtp?rt their aa? * and reti'cane* to tb* Comaaaiaiu for **rtiftaat*a. Jrp'f n A. Wilklaton i* applaud by tb* Comaaalaat A4Ja'ant for tha day. who trill report hiat'lfto Capt. Ray. nr h* for daty aeo* rdinrl*. Tb* e*rr>* that m'itt?twd. will ttinreb to Wat irgt n Ptralt (iron aa.nader Capt. Harm nd, wl.o will repott hia>**lf with bit waaaa4 to Origadicr Major Jol n A. B aart. far rrtt in tho brig ad* lia* uad*r tha na maod of Uric*di?t Oneral Storm*. By eraer, Mli'DOltS HalOIIT. Commandant. Jirint A WIl.KI.VSON, A'l utant. N*w Torb, Notetaber 20, MM. Mr. Signing roiitmi tier* m Clan* for all Ih* faaliionabl* fa>iti*. <> M'ednetJay. at **ron o'*lock. Mr. B.'a ftitalr Aeademy, H Road ctrret, li *pet *r*ry day. Clat-e* ta *ait tb* n*w tafinner, or th? a>re a< iniH prpll. ** a:ranc I a* ta tn*ot t lie > on^eni. aso rf a I. Mr, >.'* ttjlo of t<a?hia? l? *o i t<), t vat pertoai of *11 aje* p?. tr ?i<* bia who bar* herctolor* a*?le? ed tb* palrtaart. i/Mnrin|( t MWff in mnity inqni* rlM, I Ic-t to inform my frirnd* and th* public, that a ntw elai?, th-la?t nn'il the ' r< ad quarter. will oomrneno* on Wedneaoay ?v*aiac. Bot. 27th. at t o'clock. Ora'lemea litnu* ?f )> laim, will plraic mak- early appliaatian. AT.I TH DOlIM OKril. 4?- Broom# *treet. Itrmlj'a Dagtierrroly pea on Ivnt > !?Tlie inl irriltt ln?lt? ut of tha pnblia to lila mm i' I< nrt'T rf !>* r i>rr"ot rp-n c ' a Irerr which nrolu'M aa la'|?ialiely beautiful miniatnre, Mondial the be*<ily of a paiatlry with tha acenr.vjy of a dagnerrtotype. Sp? ritnea* {f thi**"w prnrooiarafor exhibition at Brady'* UalWry, Hi. JM Broadway, ooratr of fnlton *treat. Ihr Way or the World ?It I* the way of Iht world to he en ?!< **. Bene* all tha da?a*rr*fltjpi*t* aT> tn>ico? of tfcc HOOT.*, (corner Broadway and Frantlla itr??t* ) ?hi?c 11?? p ? -? > are wcaderfal, aadwh**ta<r takaa k'l the rrire* aad praaimm* lately. Tlielr gallery af pielira to tpaa to all. Frrih from Paili?Umln hn? Jnet opened CTetal caa** of aort tnperb t hil4r< n'e Hate ?a1 I ape, of r f* I' aad teltft, 't eh l: m the maraitnei af the aioet elchrated t'hapelier* of Pari*. Tna ftyla* are at ono* nor#l. plrpant aad traeefnt. Me would alen call attention ? hl> eiitul*i ta Perieiaa (making care. They are tha riiMrt Fabric* af their hiad leer imported lato t hi a eoautry. OF.SIN, 214 Ur adeay. oppoiita St. Pan!'*. The Sole of Hat* at Knot'* amount* to twaaty Ihotnand a jcir. aad wa doabt not will d inble thai in tl>* conree of the n??t tlx month*. The ohjeat of Mr. fcno* appear* to b* to preemt to the roblie, In handeime Itjle, aid at cheaper rate*, a ealaaMe flat, eota'laiag mer* keanty with durability tbaa any other hatter ia th* world, rijiol lett h* ha* attal'ed; each hat I* a perfect m >dfl of laate, Icing carefully tad ari*tleally prep'Tcd, end will end the te*t #f the ???er?*t *rltl*ieia The gentleman wh# iriahe* to appear to th* b**t advantage when In fnll dre?, ibonld con?'ilt hi* mirror, aad aa*?rt*tB wheth*r an Indli* finable R n"* tile* hi* head Mr Kaoi haa a large lot of f?r* tailed to the *en#on*. for ladle*, ?*atl?mea, mi<*ea, ronthe, aad children. J*> Faltea itraet. Appoint a time for o Steam Wat, or a 'turn irain la *tart. ant OdTertlM la ?rery paper la tha I nlca, aal yat e*?ro* *f people will amr* jnn in tiae-ta e too lata. Moat lik?le It will be th* Mm with hnndrtda a ho with to lain Ool'emith* $2 SO Writing CHuti, *? ?r<nd* ay. Mark ! ?h*y eloee poaltieely on lh? 9?ih, fatnrI*? not ____________ Praetleal Book-keeping. ? Mr. Nanh'i ConatiBf hooin*, fortr* Mad? ot me art *o Important t* til In bnaiae**, eeatlane f pen tally, moraine, afterwooa, and letaiag. at Wo m C*dar etreet, near Broadway H* leeotee at* pereaaal atteatioa to *11 kit pupil* P roe pec* nee*, with lerme, t e . may be abtaiaed aa akata, *r will be f irwaedad la aay addree* Wehave often heard people eomploln of larlac a ba-i Watc... aad th* adrle* we alway* (tea M lo te e J, y Baeare, ft Palaon *tr**t, aad get aa* at him. W* MHttttfiftiBil Under Garii>?ni? -1 be Patron* of the <f?*r Tork Sti- kiuu ' r> * H???rt, who I?hm Mka paet, h?T? been ?? r9 l?r a nriiiitjrM ef Ci4h ijrrneili, tnr?|i mlf .nfjrmfd bat they are bow in atora. aad will be r??.l> ' r .ate'hla Caturday) Mriiu. Par~ louii wut o'ludi'Gi m?ri will And the gooda referred to fur 'uifn? ?!> iHiht*, greatly i a perior t*u>. thing of thekinri n'iii,r?''y f b-- found Amand nl, for the Cure And Prevention r charged hand* A t ;> . > > of thia deeirabla preparation luit received unit ? Ur.e e>anrtment of 111 toileb good*, at CHILitiV?, (la? Koueeel'e), Su6 Broadway, third tore above Daane itrwt Imparltlra or the Complexion originate oftener truu> b tr -u i I the i orea of the (kin, whioh militate auain-t the b??i lit ulrculation of the flu Ida. than frcuittnyotlirr. i l . 1< U1 t i Bsbeaiona is nationally reoomnienda<1 an the ui n effectual eradieator of taa, frecklea, ai d eru^1 i?r d ??u?a of tha akin. Bold by A. B. It. D. Panda, 100 >ultoD r*reet, Ntw York. Hair Dying?Phaloii'a Uagle Hair Oref t? color tha b it o, ?i.,?*?r?. ihe omuait it ll api'lia*,, ' without injury ti, the hair ?r akin It can be waahed immediately without, liiri urtti.* tha aolor, end hM tto ba4 odor. It ia arpl'ud. or icld a> I'bilon'a <Tig and Toupee ianacfa*?? tery, lW Broadway ,i Oourend'a Hair Iteatoratlre la Warranted :1 to for* th? air to trow. p.event ita falling off and. tnruing gr*}, and miff, ? irr hair. sllkvmrf glossy. Trial Itottlre-.'A c<tu*e **a?. OonriuJ'n Liquid Halt Bje will charge red >r ?r?> h*i r to beau tiful black er browa I li?f?? U!l??ie?. Pound "DlvBtG7 Walker atraet. ant star* , from Br ad??y: twn In Jordan, 129 Waanlnrtoa street, Botton. Chap*, Chaftn, Houglineii, ??Uawnrii, Pimples Brnptu.n., ?n<l e:i ?km diwuM, i a well known, po?iti\?'. uu: eil !>y u?ih<j QoureuJ's I taliaa Med Ii ted io?p. Tim Pan dm "'u^tilo oridioaUa h?ir from any | art of the body. Liquid K u?e for |>al? lira itndcaeeks. Lily White for rongh flushe'V kln?ni h complexions, at tfj Walliei* ' street, first itote -ow n ?d?aT. Callander, Stuth TBirft street, Philadelphia Hair U)t.?itatcUclor'a bennlDi Liquid Hair Dye ear ?ni> .ecurod u the maiinfaetary, 4 Wall r.reot. The pnhlv -hi old nam uaiaat it-., tat litis. Vt a* various uiplnmar Petanai uhose hair hat Bernard a v*4 eolor from the n,i? of the mi'anoB dyn, oaa ltd) i r? -ected Sy osllinr a? >pr the afldrc*.*. Wl(f? and Tonpera ?The Public irt InTiltd t to examine lia <- (> ur t n- ? u'.yle of Wits ard scalpe??h?f t are r?a'.ly the meat m jwrn ar'ieles of the Liad we have c?e* f seen, and preaout attractions to wi* ?earare. mibm , , BBequalled for . *< ell<i.oe of workmansMp,sad ea??, ni'nrM appearance. Cut ami mamiue them at Mr. Batehelox'a ??! >. brated ?'i/ In.for*. * ' ? Wall street. Cop? the B4dtM*. " Do It !"?Who tt>ot heard this ctdama, tloa of Faui.y Ken. oic ,n K wW play of The Wife can e ver [ forget it. .\Lrt?h<' ? 'lie i hat bavin* eiamiB'td Caatrell'r assortment if p : r/i loi liat'en, Slippers, Ties, B ukiar I and OTerah'ea, bu- <i >11 b<> ir tentiraony to their superiority. beauty style, and >>'?.pne ' Ludiee, reaxember this, i>ii I give him a call at WW Hi ? ?ry. I I Surprising It Is, but Brooks, So. 150 Fnl> itc.ia the eity The?ei on i?. hit itilrlti tn Mptrioi la ' quality and stjle h price* lower, and hi* a'sortmant tha largest tu Le fuirn All ? lio villi a good urucla uhcap, should give him a vail (I, B. Jonca, 14 Ann trrrt, near the Anr r'oou Mursnm.? Kinr rmeh Ui.n l''?oit, Si SO to $A, Bfually S>> nrd $7 . Fr*n<.ti Patent Leather Coot*, $8; Cancress Boota, $3 .Vita vl: Fr n h Walar-Froof Boots, fr.*nb ?4.A'to?t;. All ?'?') *r warranted to give i^UaLtatiun. I Keivoui DUcanei are the most palmar and ha aringdal ?. m. iiU.? ihtirai area i*!a tie itoiuvoh., and we ka?w of t -.11,. n that will isacli rh m, with ab*olnta eertalutv. except tna- be-1 f t' ales. oor*eutive?, ?ad restoratives. Ill T I1J.NO'-* DlSI'El'jlA UTTERS. Offi-e. M? Fulton (treat. Dr. F.tlllngfr'i lalnlim-nt ?\othlrg moro need be ?al<" rf I i" m.mud. tl.un i'. h?i been pcmiu yarn ' > tned beture the puMU, makinf frirpiis In evtri ot< 1 .n ry <i> artsr of the .iote. J.UWi.'k*/ of bottles nearly i beta soid euriug rhcuniatio and all t other pains. I'i lir>i lYIaadaata now its test. It acts directly upon ih? ? uk part. It break* up a deep sea'.ct t ccugh; and lit! nn;tiii t>i f?'tn and renciw t lie hair a* it ia used. 1 honrand* <>f c ' ea' be adduced, at 478 Broadway, where the I oe . r an I * seen at all liuun. Nerrou* headache 1* ln?t*?tly c ieil. Kiinpp's Ilea I til ltcatoratlTe Hitter*-? This irtparati n . l. m, it? v. y iuto th usard* of homM* ' where no other advertised iicdi.mes we.a ever almitted. Itj w nderiti <i ci ?. . >.. e all prejudica, *iJ r." dnobts, and i. tae Itmanii l?r it continues to inert.t-. j a* it ha* done It r t)>i U't i months. there Mill be a fai* pro*pcct of reml rin, d i>ei>tia, r. rvous debility, aad all the fi lms of Inrl^is i. n mid lieer disea*', obsolete disorder*. ' r.eiif al 1>i i ' J ' ' I u 'ie?-t. I r til", all", at 1JC Fulton (trtet, and l y ilie drugruts iren:rally. Tlmolat'a Kulpliur Baths, 347 Prnrl strrti, aesr Krcsdnsv ft. ..? k?u' liejed in 1*20, by Louis J. Timolat. from ' aris. lur tnr core of fthtuma^iia, ?rup-ie>it of th* SH-. Meitiiriol Aff * ?!..n.i. Cold*, ke. Thi* le tha flrat acd r-alv genuine Solium I.a h in thi* city. We rafer to Dr. Val-n:in< M Dr. Rogr;*, llr. Ber^ta, Dr. Vacbt, and the principal | liysloians in ttis city. , Do not dcapalr of curing ttaat Cough, nty ia valid frieari. ? ? 14 -'6 ' t.'od Liver Oil Caady la ? daily wirniua vieu.ri** i ver disease, evea after all oilier' Bii ant bave been trl< i in vaia. It is atreeail* to the taste. I and formidable a> < urative. 11 cost* l ot little to |ir" ll i trial, lii lajk a e dee* It oau be had at tha store of A. H. it V. SanJi, 10 t uli n *trt*i, general ?*eat*; Juhr IKS lit > i v? A-t..r ml Irvitf Hoi;?e dra?: stores, and 111) Broadway Price, cents. HOIBT HiRKKT. Kbidav . November 22 -8 P. M i ll Tha stock muM reaiaia* j?st sbsul tba aaas u ' previouMy reported KeaUIng Railroad waa in little i batter demand to day than uaual. and an adrancc of . i la n?r (*?nt *& malicBd l(n?*<a Ha aaal ? >* .. a 1 ' aaa cent; Erie Railroad. M Tim market appear* to have t lost it* resuprra'ive energies. and ? do not observe ' those reactions which hare throughout the muob characterised It. To the early part of the rtoeat spc I culatlve movement, a slight falling off In prices would >1 be rcon lollowed by a reaction that would put pries* ' > up perhaps one or two per cent above where tU?y fell from; but lately the r?t?tl< m have been the other ' ? way, and price* have but partially rallied. It i* altogether liktly that in this way prloe* will gradually , eettle down. two. three. and perhaps la ioai ca*es ar i much a* tire per cent. The decline will, without doubt, be so alow a* to be hardly perceptible and the depreciation will l>? *o dttriba.-U that no on* will feel It i seriously We l ave noticed within the put week or two, a disposition on the part of iraay outaldera, tooloee up I their *t*ck arc unt?. and with'I raw I r < in the market foi the season Th< effect of this will be to conocatrat* stocks In fewer hand# and compel the briker* to carry more of them through the approtehlng dull season | Uian they otherwUa would. 80 loaj at the mooey market continue* ?aay. no diflculty will be eiperi enred In ?o doin ; but la the event of the serevs getting a turn or two, many Mocks may be fore ad a poo the market, and lower pries sahtaittel to Wheth?i such a state of tbiags will be realize! or not, will b? t better dtttrmi . d in th>' c of two ir three w<vk? The receipts at the offloe of the Assistant Troaaurer of thi* port, to-day. amounted to 951,103 II; pay- 1 mentt, |10,444 M ; baUnee, ?3,1J1 023 U?. ? The steamship Niagara, from Liverpool, doe* 10I . brief any very important newe from the ether aid*. >| The decline in cotton range* Iron oca-eighth to one- 1 : quarter of a penny per; pound; but the Liverpool 1 market wa* cot active, and the falling off la price# i eoald act be satlafartortly accounted for. The core 1 , market wn without change. The moat favorable t feature In the new*. I* the advance In Amerlaa ?toek? 1 and the Incieasiug ?iiulrv fur investment. Til* Niw Jara+y Kiplorinc and Mining Company ha?a recently con m?oced operatloa*. on an eitinah ecale, In the Flftli ward, Sffiik. New Jeraey. The .j line mine* belonging to thin ??n;uf, la llMrl couaty. New Jrrrey are the ilitott and tooitn'.m (It* la the world. No* Jmm; (or It* ?i??, la. pr > UMj, the ilirhrat njln?r?l Slat* In tlx Union Thr i tine ore of thr abnrc nani"J rotnj.?oy la # pire that I It caa he ablpped to Rut op# and p?j Urj# profit, t Tha nrtlele* manufactured from It ara of the fine ft i texture, eloaely r* aemhiing (liver, and tha eompaay'i paint#, made from tha ?lne or# paa?Ma rjnalitlet t anperlor to the** made from any other atUrlal. Wa I' 1 are etlll Ignorant of tha mineral weaith filling the >11 Immediately nroon 1 u? California if rish ea^ i|h le ?' fold, but onr Iron *la?. oapper and coal mlaet ara ' i worth half a doien eomnmn golJ nine*. I* The Comptroller of the State of Taiaa eatlmataa tha face raloe rf the pob'le debt of that "fate. Hied an*r yet to be filed, principal and latereat. at 9123(3413 04, the par ralne of ahloh la >6 Ml 7? 40. Thli will (Mrr io in* row. di id* mh nilllnn* t'> b* r?nx1r?>4 from lb* PnllH ?lt?f the fotlra dabv np I ward* of tbr?* taillload of flollari, That portion of th* I d?M for which th" roTonua from ru'tom* >n nyaeMly 1 I pledged. monnt* only to MM 000 o?t?n?Ul? ralua. oi I Ml 1.784 60. par nJB- I Ptork F.arhnnarr. I tinnr V 8 r.. ? ,h.Vi* BR * 2 I ? *? i??u m d* m 11 L ? i in ? ii^tj m 4? r lOwrrtiatS'a S3 3MI Morrit Cutl MO >1 1 " r r I I 1(H) <n ?|0 I SK *B 4? 1<8?' Kri? 7'*, 'M !<?* tOO 4o I iMf 4a '? ioi s I no da no ?1> n?*lri*?>r-. < * ?? no iao da ;! ? ?ih* D?1 k Bud CM IM .10 4* _ da I WH 430 Rf milag RR _ . 1t> B?**ath War<l Bk III 9 4* " J*|t j 'i ri'Trnrt M do > I **? do Mi'f ion < MO ;"? I I' aRR M 40l> d* ? US 12 H?rl?m, |?r?frr?4 l?U >'*> do (00 J"1* *?) to ?l', m09 m ii < ?' rf l.W (llW M dn H lM>Eri?BR 7?V |n?;fH : ??*. '? M I7? da 7?S 17 lladnoa Rlr?r BR ,JJN J| .|<, r?M iofcta Tr?M ?"JK M 100 ?? MO 7?s M Dor ft War BB H in ?OA*B V ihoio Iri? la Bd? fc?) >3 00 ih* RH? RB ?' . m I T - . In IN do t? 1W*> Bad HIT BB Bd? |i? 100 da WtkllnlB 7?* (W do * ^jjo mo ho * joo ^ *0 w^j 8 too 5! no m SH?" ' 1 7? d* 80 ino Morri* Ciaal M tit ao r? d* r .

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