Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1850 Page 1
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I TH r ' ' ' WHOLE NO. 6010. ARRIVAL OF THE OHIO WITH T1IB :asaxx.s mora California Two Days Later from Havana. ? ?? fm?U it.inuKin ftM/i* Piknt Rnl.?nnV ^HBtrrday m&rning, from New Orleans and Havana, with the mall* and passenger* from California, recelyfd at the latter place from the steamship Pacifl* from Chagret. The Ohio brings :&0 passenger*. a large Oallfemla mall, and $806 000 In gold dust?$300,0C? of whloh is on freight. and the remainder in the hands of passenger* The following are the consignment* SI'ECIE LIST or THE OHIO. M. 0. Robert*.... $15,000 J. U. Browning.. 2,000 Mi not St Hooper.. ItiOOO Ccthi al & Co.... 20.000 Hidden 1 Williams 12.009 T Donnelly & Co 16 000 lohn M Forbes... 0000 N Itodgirs k Co.. 8.000 I'* '! 5<>0 Fit/.gerald, Booth Coolldge & Co.. . 33.000 it Co W OCO George Law 10 000 Thompson. <>uiok. Stcut h Ward. . .. - iOO k Co 30 000 Hebee.Ludlow4iCo 92,000 J. W 3.6M Annexed are the PASSKNOKKS B\ THE STEUISHir OHIO. Weight man David M Utariquei A Carroll Chas Rigg* Mm Caldcron aula B llalsyl < M Relayy B*rca 1. Kendall TcKDMtd Mi? Ballard J Litham *4a*t*r J K-arii Col Alien W J ThoreUa Mi?? B O l.'enas >r Davidson J M?nee Hies Jenkins .) Kastorbro. k I1 Ponton l N lieaulcrt C M liiakt>p A dela Ports t> Hutch TM Smith C C Dunn Mrs Torry DHilbe? J Motfitt Mi?? Job?k J F Ilopi'fleld C Tired well JMcitsm Hardy J Btyu P M?y M Surest A Th iria 1. H Ailam* <4 V, stptcr and er'iM.Kliiiii" Tlmrin 4. Mr Reynold! i (; Jones ilaiwhler John Dick Mfl J W Uy J D Iir&riellos Mrs Pillsbury f ran'U Butler W t'ateli Ws> Badger T 4>" i irii?Bi i L'm.-i <-r? A Fit'.jsroll j i. Manning EKWiJiy W Kdwards M* W Williams J Fltsalter A ? Ttaxtir t AI.hI,us J U Kobbtas, lady U J Huron . '9DB.I1 and fonr children 8 Btbcook K KMly A Webster F Morris Can Build Chus \ H >lbr"ok A Barring*!)-! E Po? la.tan ft Dunninoa Geo tioMaasit Chua tUl?srhom Fd Hat ey A NnKinn | W Cook K'>bt K?vm>lds W Edwards , L, l'a!u><r A J Taylor Wot tragus T Mi Do aid GitanKpiIo J Bri<ga w wtliin j t wt'iimre uinfnw l.orlhDjar C B PAlnier J Walker \bm Dyer J M>Srinif<*r H Roae (I I'rii.t ?vil!e K M.iGnrvey J 8 Walker C?!'t liaiwood GmJacUaon JK(Jarlnl?r W Ojn'lda > Ma>hii?i II Barattt w * j>rd E C Btilion WOlitii JO Dyer 8 A Kllakury lOOlilt* M'A andoator HTilln it S Nichola J' Allison D * llilla c!.?a Mocr? a Paddock A Totter A ( lark K rstmii W B Ly?*n A !> Phtlrf ( A Edward! K Thom?? T Ba-rctt 9 K Allen A Brown II Beik ? ? i'a liner ? W Brookl A II Bixly 8 O Palmer IT 0 ritch OtirifliDK H 1) K nt PUreeie K Beedu I' 1 IV.incr * A N.iati J N ??mwell * * Hint C Morton I I* Irwin W Illiott V Barren I Kenry J A IVl.aren R CaiweU II Prldi?i> ChisTiylor H O O-ijjn 1 n Bruwn JlClu I>Kil?r..*? A II Holton * J UrioKttt lltaty War* [| li "4| e * J Vollijun 3 Bjrnw | C'? It EMdwin J O Hnatcr 8 *nlra? A K ftiebirdton SAtwood K M -cm ! t rulv U Wi'toi W Ixtnden l> Itiijti EH <.,uir?-i l>'uuti?ld Ah/ (. .v ^(kuldioK W (iiUoa I HI"*!'.* All \ Huck 0?0 J?ati i J IVMtlrjVim S nrmld W Oilhert JO Tllbftti J M Minnies II I.vcm W A I ?r*< re "n A Wo. d Ci?o Oarpemter J T t.... ei old ? ;I II r.?kb^,d W A Weettn IBrlU! A'.t ei t Q .*J JDBom C I' .'arkiMi 11 O ilijun J kn Busk DrChtrehill fc Puree D?n VfarMe Cl.nrll.Uhcr B Dinkart L Harkall I I' W l *rr< it i J. C Tyl. r Jas JmUk Ufi 1 lukiit O U Uo.?k KG Ctijdoa A l)ow li U Ellaknry 8 *!? "? W rt?m 8 niown WKi">\ 8 A Bin: A C H'ekwith ?)<? > Or?en T. Bow iK linen Ju I ftrroll. 8 Maraon 11 r.? ? ht. Icr Jr y Mint Tho# Marion I l?'n.Lt. U I' Donuaily J 11 .ft> I *' H vhj I) C C lrrr J Ilf.wn J WT! a?:.-r C?'l?w?rd? M I, Kmi Iwicfc OColror 1 ' ? oik i(r*lt l) carrier ? IIHalt h ( ft-, I|?n J TiUmn g*)f?rliiil VI m Th, nipt? L tl f?Vr. H !'.i?ai-l J ibn Il??l?y U O 'Ui.vl <* i Wt IV C?U?ia J CUt'dW V r?y PONIel t ? < r i vii t j im ?*ll !Mi ? . ,id? i. .. |.ii Var If' K A' -iiHi? I H U'l Ii II tliti T After;rvinhia I ii : )J m y IVr er a flunk ii 'f ni:!;a j uni'*r * Cijpm (3 :? Bolt*# W Ileal?y W tWM?r Otii i.V per ? I i.ra ii to thi< f nt! -ma-ily puraer of the i , ltd U? Mei?I'* liirgory k Co auii 1'aliacr is Co (or l?t? tfW#. :\IumVn' r?t IViniai, ; Ii in?t, from San Fran cifo, l?J m.O koU dart on m?nir?*t. about tb? n'i,? inotj j?? !. f (ii tht? MiMri P?lm"r & Jo $ I'xjrrM I hJ f Jfi (H)0for different Individual*. . t | r u? l.nd crontvd Ilia Nicaragua rout* up to th? id Irfntit. Thtit wore no perrons roarcoly at 1'anama and but ? ?ti?- leia on ta?- toad who bar* come by falling Th* ra'ny ?t**ap was atlll at Us height. The road tiorilbie and waii.innly impaasabla. The rltar ?m -1nlt? high. lb# Mramfhlp Georgia. Tort?r, htnea, arrived at llatanr on the morning of tha 17th. Tha I'aoiflo left JJnTtpa od tb# ISth, lor N?w Orleans. at it'fcmihip Iiahfl BoUln bom Charleston arrln 4 at Havana on tha 18th. ? 1 ?i !?h ^?ni?r Caieit ni? waa t" -*tl In a few l?t* fir Spain, with Conde Alecj, the ei-Cap'aia r:.! ot Cuba Attn r g il- pM'eaa*r? la tha Ohio, ia Madam Cald* I - ?if. r.1 ??,. aninlih nil ?t?r at Wn-h I I > jr la varv^ > ?>. ?? -r < I- *1 - La-.r r?i-i ir?l lb fu.loainf ?u *m-nt from Mr. ll? Kl.i tt til FprrUl WIPITk'W Of tirefo-y 1 0<? a Kipri'ra ? tiFii k? o\ nir. pa ir:< coast > . ) S?o mi '!,? ! all of 'cobfr In th? ?? ?m?r CCumkuv with 1H rabln and at>ar?<? pan -?ujt?re. <<1 oiftftf th? rm to I'uimt in 19 d?;i ud | " bour*. inrln<Hap stopping at R*al?in 3) h"ura, | > ? . >u?l j.r? l Kn 'i on t> \t i ln:l ng thi , I-1 . N MIlV * t. j T|. J OIT '!? li?. 'I- C. I' of LtMlB|btr(. K y lln latt about $9.(00. whlrb wa? 1 !?kati br tk< Ctfttll, to forward to iJjo wldair ol a-ad At llaalajo ?? ramaln.4 33 bourn Earing tb? n)?bt -"or aiu*b>-ra ??r* dlitarbad by man nailing for a I boatfd * blrh to Uy out tba corpta ot hl? frland. b Vk i jut't dt. J "II ln-}ui-y w? f ami hln? f.. ba Mr TbomaaA IFada. of 0 all la Mala*. IJ? burl-d in a ?' ry d?c?at man car. a a dor the Catholic Church, brra lil* funeral took tlace. 1 *0 arrlr. < . in tort duria* o ir ?tar ?n l Jl?rbargad thalr pa?^?ni{?ra. to eroaa by way of Nlca- | raf?ia In Parama tbrra littla aicknaaa. and . ?aa bn< * * U"'al Th- roadi wera rny .on. h and th- hi I ? n mud a?4 ro-k ware worn but they 111 at one* Inaproee aa tba dry araaon I* ponnti?np1n| We bad lln# waathar and little rain In i' ir;? On arroi nt i t the rr'.t nnmb?r of r?* *<t j- r? a. CI ?ir-f \ I' -1" t<> ?k on board a* many aa poFkibla. wblla tbej premie*,! to tak* anih arsommodatloM aa tba abip had for than, and ware >U1 to . I. It I at tliat ratliar than remain In ChaffTea A ; n ?nge- ft "ir > > a by way of N?w t>rl?an? ' ri. if that li. ?rtinane fapt i|??e aalUd trr^i that port, *Ith pat-fencer* for N'aw York, on tlia ! I h ; t'ltoU-r. t : a ! ? t? u< t ? laja on' not on* ii board w?? atiit to p-rlurm duty ll thrn^'-s 1 tairaaxl takan alek. and tba Captal t wn tb" only a?r'l : M n OTI boa'-' It ' hla anto-tur. %?? ci in'Ion ~ -VI- ... tiaaiti hut did not Ik* lor is ?t ?????, mj "?<k ? ea f.*J ml ha tb.n ??oo? for N*w(M??a?. whan h* 1 vu li up by k tow b^t. aaU *rrl**4 In !f*w ; Ot1*?h? on th* Tib of WoT??b?f. Oat of tho?* risk, | the* <ll*<i b? landing at B'? Ufli wi ill two otb'rt dl?il la th* ?.?wpl*?i on* of *bn?, wo r?grrt to , in' 'i, *< Mr Cutter. of ITobura, Mm* 1*1* Ohio ltd !'??* ? at ?H o'clock A M ?a4 ?n ii< 1 ?t giiaraatiii - at o'clo-K A M on ?tar Uy, ffof M. A. K. AmcM th* aiany fa rani grant** by Oaaofal Coacha (th* a*w t |>Uia U?awal) li oa* allowing th* -U?ra K ?r* U Hi* Lalt. (1 ii?t*< Wall It nta?bip Company to on if ?l tb*lr lor*, whleh gr?a'ly f*?lllt?t** tha opaT?'.Wa? la coaling. lit. lUrrtofor* thl? prlrll -g* ha? b**a 4*at* d th*m Vy Ibli arraag*m*at, th* ?hlp< aio mib.i**? to a? dat?nltoa while in port, b*yoal lb? aaual :lm* occurI?<1 tn traa?f*rriog pMMafiri. f)i? l*r?fr??? of Clwlllaatlon In California. iftoai tb* Haa Fraarlaeo II-raid. <?ot 10 } -lltl. r*t/? ?IIII r HTWm KBt.LT A7ID MOM Tbh kflair, which hi* Iwrn In contemplation for e-eral w?-eh?, came ofl yetterday, aboot eight nil** from this dif. Th' place ?MH wa* on a tergii* of la- I ra th* beach. an titnated aa tc be .a *cc< mi hie r \ci pt on or.e aide, an<l fl.?r waa fe*r*d in. The prkw of ndmiMion r at live dollar* l<> thr?e ?.ot troimdiately interested. and a* there wi- lome flv* hundred jx raona pre*"nt, th* exhibition ?m not ntprofltahle. Liquor aold for dollat a fl?iw dorir? the day 1T?e men entered the ring at two o clock preI fiaelv. The* ware hoth ia good condition? MrCee having the advantage, however. In th*# reaped?and there did u?t appear to he a dinerrace of fi?e pounds ia tbelr weight, which wa? I rnhahJy not fcr from o?e hnndredand ilm pounda 1 K>|lj la abo'tt flvefm ?i?eor tea i*ch*? >u hvght, E NE * and hia antigoniat about two inchea shorter. Campbell and Donelly acted as Ktlly's seconla, and Country McCluakejr and Jack Smith acted in the aapne capacity to McGee. Ilea. Ray and Alexander Patterson were appointed judges, and Mr Joniea Becket was choaen aa umiiire. The fight waa to be governed by the new mlea of the London ring, and half-minute time wia cgreea upon. Iht Round ?The men went to work in good earnest They shortly grappled, and Kelly went down F irst blood for Kellv. 2d. R Hpid exchanges and Kelly down ad Hard hitting, a wrestle, and both down. 4th and 3th The same, and Welly down each time. 6th. An excharg-, grapple, aud both down. 7th McGee down. 8th Some facers, a wrestle, and Kelly down outsitle the ropes !?th. Another wrestle, and both down. (Kelly's friends, who had hitherto been desponding, now in good spirits ) loth McCJee struck down (First knock down ) llth. Kapid hieing, a hug. and Kelly down. 12th. Kelly down again, outside the ropes. i:$th. Mctiee down, but fresh and unhurt. 14th and 15th. Hard hitting, and both down Itith. A knock down for McGee, (Kelly's friends disheartened ) 17ih. Kelly down, and evidently suffering. Hth. McGee knocked down by a blow of KelI lv's left, which he used with great effect throughout i the tight. I'Hh Kelly fell, without an exchange of hits An appeal was made to the umpire, who' declared all 1 fair, believing the fall was unintentional. 2?>th. Kelly down again, and growing weaker. 21st and 22d. Kelly hotnjtimes down, without receiving a blow, and the fight was declared to be won by Met lee The combat lasted thirty minutes, and waa very animated throughout. Neithrr of the men to have much science. It was all give and take, and very little stopping or nparring Neither seemed , much the worse for the affair after the fight whs over, although both w ere pretty peverely punished about the face. Kelly's left hand hitting* told on | his opponent's face considerably, and his owu \ w its much battered. There was no tumult or qiw- j rellwg on the ground, and there did not appear to be any dissatisfaction. Both men, it is said, were j walking sbout the streets last evening. j Tiie W?y the Doctors Cluirge In California. 1 [from the Ban t'rauoiiculieiald, Oct. IV J 1 We would not be understood as attempting to i jebt cn a subjict so gtave and solemn as tint of I disease ; but if any additional incentive to the use I of all necessary and proper pnciiition ugdinst sick- . i ntvs of any kind were wantinc, it might be found t in the tuhjoined plethoric fee-bill of th^ combined ' fsctlty of San Francisco. It will be teen by the i charges below, that there are no homeopithUts, I at least in this particular, among jhe united medi- t cal Wifcdom of our city ; and whether the other t great t> ature of tke diviae Sangradiun system be < rirnctip'd or not, phlebotomy, at least, is not neg j i tcted. We beg our friends who are about to take t sick, to choose their <1i ease beforehand, if poesi- i Me, Mud by all means to ovoid those exceedingly i unpleu.-aut affections which require five hundred i dollar dictations In the present condition of the ? individual finances of our citizens, it is not probable > ttint mmy will be found able to afford such ex pen- < sive c omplaints. X The following bill is copied from a pamphlet, en* < tit>d " Constitution, Bv Laws and Fee Bill of the < Kin Francisco Medical Society, organized June * a, l-stt." i FEK B IX OF 11 IE SAN FtANCISCO JiEDICAl. SOCIKT/. I 1 For a <-ii *'? *t?it. cr advice. In a case in which no forth!r vicit* are required f>32 | ! ! t'lis I* ii't itit mdeu to apply to those cases la | 1 which the physician I* considered the regular medical at:nnl*i.t of tbj individual or family ] 1 j. 1'cr each visit in a c?m- In wiiioL the physician is 1 c la regular att?-od?nci>. or for advice at hi* ofliee 16 ( Kvery necearary visit on the same day to be rbargad. whatever their number, at the same rata. | J V lien detained, for each hour 32 V t r b vMt at The time appointed by the patient urbls friends, during the day time D2 j * ! ? ? lit 11 I. I'lllllOD. or ailtlrn In iMtliint 'J\ ?/\ Inn For visit at tii?ht :i0 to 50 | >'iri tWi ?! consulting physician during the day tiler 22 Tie *ame fee *>hsli be paid to lh* at trading phymntii 32 ' For a vmlt as consulting phyaljUn, during tb* f night 100 * For visiting distant patient* ten dollar* to be * charged for titty mile from the city t Kor tiritlog patient* on board ve**al* In the j harbor 20 } For aa opinion Involving a question of law 160 . Far a mt'ittt examination In cane of legal investigation 200 Fcrat !* ,, examination. nude at the r*ijue?t of thi' tun ll> or r? latives of the deceased v pirton \ 100 i For a certificate of the rfateot hi kith of an lndl- t tilual B0 r Fcr vaeeination .'IJ s For a race of ordinary labor l.">0 , For the appiiratien of the fnreep* . ... "uO . For the operation of taming. 6 00 For reoueipg fracture* and tLe first dressing. .50 to IUO ' For reducing reo nt luxation!) .3:1 to 100 For reducing eld luxation* .100 to 200 For removal ol atone fr< m the bladder.. . ,&oO to 1000 For the opfittlon iur tho rnlioal cure o( hydroc?le 100 to 200 I tr th? np< ration tor eiieo-vnglnel or rtcfo vaginal fletala POO to 1000 For the i p ration for pb>inosls or parayhyma' sis 50 to 100 For the Introdoation of tho cathaier In ordinary enana lit* Tor tb* introduction of the catheter In ca?e* of (VIioi'Ukb 100 to 300 For dlvMm of stridor* of the uretha Jon For the operate.n of tracheotomy 400 For the op?tailon for Imjerforata ant,* vagina 40-..,............. .. BOO For th^xedurMon of hernia, by taxi*. .100 to 200 For the extirpation of ton'll* 100 For the Introduction ot the stomach pump In rase* of poison 100 to 150 TcrniiMtld foreign *nb"tarc<* lodge J In the pharynx or *?ophngur 100 ta #*> For reduction of prolap>u* anl W tn lo0 _ I.. M fLA tA IDA r ? r f' Dl i ' ' I' H BIIUIU ?>| iNHiiia ii For ltitmiiucUnt'!"' * foton or forming anlMno T>2 Frr tapplag Ib or hydro'borai 100 to *00 Frr tbr ampliation of a l?* or arm 300 For amputation at thr shoulder joint 500 For ampntatlon of fltg^r or to? 100 For the rltlrpatlon ot tumor* lootniouo For tr^phlnlr* lonti F< r <t~f oprrattoa for rataraot 1U00 Ft r ct?i?r oprratioBl of th<? *j? and lt( apprn ? loo to looo For the opotatloa for anrurlom ol tho fubolaolon, . ?n tl(' ard f?moral arVrU* 600 to 1000 For tho op*rat1on f?r ftranTUlated hrrnla, .600 to limo I or the tpvTB?lo? for h?r? llt? 850 to 1100 Tor the r>p?ratlon for tlatu!* In ano H00 Frr f ?trl* In prrlooa -loo Frr tl o operation for h#norrheld? 300 For palUatirr oprratlon for hjdrooolr #0 iB'tirtntlon of thr rail ftO to 100 In a I othrr farcical operation! tb? cbar^n to be dl??rrtloB?rr with th?- ?ur*#on. For atirarqiirrit attPBdaaro In rurglral *a??? th? char** to I* propritloBod to tb? Ma* ooeuplod and tronhlo Inoumd. Tb? aeronttt of pbyalciana to bo d. ?m?'l doe and rajah!* innB?dlat?ly aftrr aorvleoa of pbytlrlaaiar* ao (oBg?r f quired U> It irn that a proportion hns twen mad'' to raiee there charse*, in the #vent of the cholera lecoinirK prevalent in the city. We do not vouch f r th? ntitb oi the atatemeni, ao<l it ia to !>e presumed ihe proposition, If made at all, wan dnubtriiHilr in icat; tint we think, without any aiiff mmMiop. the above liat *i'l cauae onr medical frienda in tho United AitH ?o believe that all th* < nlifornia pold ctrriea are not without foundation. We fcf* them not to be deceived, however, by the ahowy abearance of th?* above ratea; there are. unfortunately, many phyaiciaaa in thii city, akilfui and al>l#> a* any of the Medical Society, who would be glnd to earn five hundred dollara a month, even though they had to perform every day the atrange cmodinK operetiona to which that anm ia aRixed. Rival Intelligence. Uwittr fritri fnn Tonrn?? -The following attract of a latur from U*ut Fratify. alva* a mora partitular account than yet pobll?b#g of the Iom of thla timM ? United Bute* fthip Dale, t Poar ! **?*. B?pt 80. 1W0 S I)m Or* - I bava to ecmmunlcat* the melancholy i Intelligence of the entire lota of tba tailed State* uhlp Yorktown. on tbe morning of tka 6th inetant. while ?n<lea?nrinr to jar* between tba Inland of Mayo and I Butaa \ lata. the tbip ttrlklng upon a l?dg? of rook*, vtandlng tr<tn tba aorlbtrn point af tha format I Inland tblvt ? milr* dl?t?at tr< m thU plaaa. and becoming aa tntlra wreek la let* than an hour after flr?t ttrUlag Af'er bllglag and ClllagthehMd with watwr cr>tar* *n? ?l??n to >ave whattvtf artlolaa aould ba I ?at at. eat wbleb wrte tpeedliy r?ti?r?l to tha qnar| ( ? geek and po?p. but In a few mom-ata after and bafore they aoald ba r< moved to tba boata, tba *hlp , frU ot?t oa her alda. and everything waa ?wapt Into the a?a Bo avditen wan bar going ovar, tbat two of bar an, who vara b?low at the time. ?aro taved with <MBie?Uy, aad anly by rutting a 'joW In tha deofc, tba wat?r bavlag cut off their afrraa by tha halchea It, bava? ?. affard* m? great piastre to a<td that though onr lo?? ta gr?*t our ttanka we due to an all aiarelfnl , Provide*** lot aewc'.-AjuU hit awterlloa to ? U |*t Of 99! iaagn. W Y( """fl ' SUNDAY MORNING, Ibr CJrcat Exhibition or 1S51. [Ktom the m?oeb< at?-r Kxamlntir. Not.1 ] Mr. i'aiton'a de?i?n of the building ta I.ondoi lit* been variously fliristened The matter of far call it "the great glua.* hout-e thoar of a poetii turn know 11 at> " ili?- crystal palace." I'p to th< jn&ent time, ths structure ia only an elaborate ne work of iron. Much ingenuity has been expendet (and to little purpot-e) on descriptions, of greater o leas minu'.ein-se, of its gigantic proportions, andthi ingenuity of the principle on which it ia constructed it is, then-lore, wholly unnecessary for me toelabo rate on this head. The general effect of the vas foil nnur ia ^Jl.. la J. . --V-, .? UUUWU OtIIBlUg. II U i>ct the most remarkable s]>ecimen of that in donntable energy, and that keen practical sense which Prince Albert a?critx*i to the Knglish char acter. If, aw some desponding persons predict?per MM who persist only in set-ins the dark side of al things?the exhibition be a failure, still it will stam as a record of a noble idea vigorously and patristi c ally carried ML Whether certain manufacturer will sell extra bales of goods next year, or whethe their custom will decrease next year, is a questioi too comprehensive for discussion within the ordina rv limits of a letter; but I may add, 1 think that the most enlightened merchant* of th< tontrjf are with the Prince. Meanwhile, the building rixes apace Column after column L quietly adjusted in its proper place; from th< uppaientlv confuted hea|? of iron, which are lyim in every direction about the ground, some litteei hundred workmen are fashioning the ribs of & mag' iiiticent building. The extent oTthe clerks' offices from which lights glimmer long af ei nightfall suggests the magnitude of the operations going for ward Marly in the morning?as soon as d>ij dawn*?a crowd ot woikmen throng about th< gates, and wait till summoued within the encto sure by an officer in attendance Airain. at thre( o'clock in the afternoon workmen cluster, at whicf time the authorities call the further number o hand* they may require. Thin s)stem of not en gaging workmen permanently, but trusting to t, scramble from a crowd, reminds me rather painfully ol the dock system it would be at once fairei to good laborers, and more charitable to i fie pool fellows w ho loiter in the vicinity of the gates ir the hope ol bustling ihemselveB past the summoning ofiicer, to give workmen fair weekly wuge.-i F or the last few days, ihe state of the ground sbo-it the building ha* Ix-en very bad. The mud it literally ankle deep; and must be, I should imagine, vtry dangerous to the ioor fellows who have tc *tand in it for hours. A few loads of gravtl would 111ake a solid footing. All ihe workmen speak with confidence of the possibility of completing the building by Christmas. To a stranger thid appears 10 be impossible. There is no lack of labor, and [ heap labor loo, 1 imagine; but a* yet the structure looks like the veriest beginning of a vast building'. Notoneiiuh of it is enclosed, tweaking yesterday (October 51) to a gentlemau officially connected with the exhibition, he verv candidly itnid, that although the contractor* spe;ik confidently, doubts are enteiuined of the practicability :>l thoroughly completing the work within the time |>ecified in the contract. I? is imp??8iblc to sel :he cnrjvnters to w<>rU b.for? the building is roofed n; and it is thia codt-id> ration which causes a little iiixit fy in official quarters The carpenters' work ivill be immense; and will consume more time, in ill probability, tfiun ihe erection ol the building it-t If. VV hen w e CMi.-nler ihe .ilmnst endbst lengths f counter required, the interior divi:iiou% arc , which muM be completed In fore good* r. in Im? rereived, it is not UKretmcnable tn apprehend a little if lay. How ver, the ooatraot i undoubtedly in mrgilic hinds, as the present rate ot pro:res.t sufficiently toiLes The giats is arriving ipon the ground in large quantities. I expect haf a few alterations in the original plan will t made, in consequence of several urgent re>reeenta'ions on the part of exhibitors whose ;ow!s require transparency. It w ;ulil be abmrd enough to dejKisit stained glass upon a ountrr, or a painted window against u pmel The It irnnH for ui\nn+> in :iv frtsm all [UMrier#, with ov?-rw heltr 'D(r rapidity In a few ia\? we hIimIi have a complete lift of iat->ndtat.f exiihitora. l'ram e, 1 beer, i<?lik?lyu> be ? - h re?es?ijted; and b*iueiUnd will sruil some fin* petimenaof her native miumfiie'uriig cxcellen'in. Even the people of the C ipe of (?# <| Ho** idve organzed themselves into committee* to ?eure tJie due reptesmtn'ion <>f tluir induatry at th? ;n at (Jongrt m < f human ski I. Yesterday morang, the executive Committee aut'tniilrd '.h*ir rr>ort cu the catalogue triidem to the royal eonmi*ionera The amertion that the contract hud falln info the hbnde of Mew? l*l<?we? eonld b<? no. hiujf more than a lumnr, aiac* ih?* eomniiaeionera net oily jeftrduy, Ucl. XI, to dtcwie th<-qura> ion. It is, however, mote ih?n probable, ihtt the mdrrof the ho?ae in question * til be accepted, rii* pr?n>ii!m offered hf Mrrnt Clnvrea in craitdy more ik>>n ?2J >X?, ?h one or two printer*. vht*e U ndtr? nre re^cel, oii-trd premium* ?<-.rynu front xl.wx) u> ?2,000. In one or twoqiurera, the sum ha* been auted a* ?1,000. Ttu-ee untora, however, mml not be accepted a? fact*, mce I learnt <1 thnt the tf nders were t^*l< d up m lie preaence of the committee, five minutes *fi?r hey were opened. nud that they wtre broken only e stir Jay moiniag. ftwllirrlaiiil, ReMglou* dl'pute* are running v*ry blub at til* relent mcnunt In HwltiarWml. Tbi> mm# aplrtt of irnaelytlam wblrb h*? Indueml the Uonrt of H?m* to i?fume the light of natabllahtoK a Oattwlis hirrtruhy n t'lgUnd. I? btially at work In all thx eountrlei (d Curo[* containing a mUe* 1'rotfxtnnt and Catholic >orulatl"n; but In no pUre h*f It *hnwn Itaelf more >oMly than in Switzerland. wb?r?- it li ?neour?g*d by n? ifign ' nurcn party in fr?nr?. nun tin uract waiun bey would no'. Truti r* to dlaplxy la ttlfciWlMM tj An Imtacca hm jo?t oraurrad In tha Canton of he Grlarna. In whiah a prelate ha* acted In a manner iilrh would Irid u? to Iwllirr tliat ba narrowly atrbaa the proceeding* of til* follow laborer'In Iraand Tli* g.>r? riim-nt of the Urliona have at*bll?hd a college at Coltr. for the adulation both of 'rotaatnnt* and CnttnlJa*: tba HI?hop of Coir* ul hi* ace a^alnrt tba mltert ryat<m of education. and adIreaaad a circular to hla cforgT In which kadenounced he rollegea aa h>r< tic >1 and ln?t runted tba energy to >re*ent ttilr floeka front attending tbam The go. roinent jaatiy Indignant at the conduct of tba >iahop rallfd t< father tba UraDd Council of t!?? oanon; and In order to parent any Mich Interference or the tnture hrnuht forward a motion to tba alfaet hat tba dlftribulloD of do rplx opal circular* ahouUI je allowed without a apeotal and prevlotn parrataalon r< m tha ft'Trreniant Tba 'inattlon waa brought baara tba Oiand Council on tha .tot h at natober. A ?lo nt dUcnaalon rnanad Tba Catholic m?mbcra with heesoptlon of two. (trotea'i I agalnat tha stature, knd left tba mtrling .cfrra it ram* to a rota The l?aatton waa than put ta tba voir, and tba propoaitloo l tba gorernment waa rotad unanimously The t ethoHo papera ara e*-#?d<n?ly Indignant at :hl* rota, wblch tba* rail a fr?>h ln*ten<e of Protaa> ItltliniM I ' * Ikay ?ay. h*? lha? beau ;>a?a*d by tba Protaatanta ci the canton ofiiriaona ahlrb tortlda tha Catb< 11c blah .p2 from all offlMal onmunlcatlon with bl? clergy, without demanding tha Brat plaae tba oparial perml<aio? of tha garern mant. wbith ia Itaeli principally J,.-ot?',?nt Tha pap<raara wrong In thli. The law In <|ueetIon ha* ipeclal ref?r?nca to tba leboola eatabllahad by tha l*Ternmant, and df a not pretant tba ordinary oomtcnicatlrna between blahopa'and their elargy Rut air<- ltoth?rwl?e tha |>t.bfp? thi m-*lre*ar? to Mama lor they began tba attack It waa only whan tha 111 hop of t.'olra had laauad 1 I" circular agalnat tba In'tltntlr u* eatabllahad by tha go?errtn?ut that tha grand council w?' obllgwd f.> Mtilll'h mora afrlnget t regulation* Tha I'm rr? >ay? ttat It I* poaalbfo t hat tha gorerrm ?nt may haTa tha Intention ol 4<-eathollrlilng the paopla hy m< ana of tfce mln d r?.ll< c? hy tba lot -ed Installation ol r>rt? tract pri??i? ny i?wn mr?ri?u hh bltrarrby aid tb? dlrrlplno of th* Catbolin Church: *nd rbanld ill thw? mtnr btpp'n lh? bl?bop w?V b? un*bi* to ward off tba blow dir??(- d a**ln?t ?b< latbolle Cbnrob. b??iii?? tho *?Trri?m?nt ran pr? T?nt tb>-publication rf hi* rtranlar* Tha t'att,?4ioi m?y maka thMr mtmla oaay Tba (o??ma ?t <M Iti (JrUoa* by Kt*blUhioi ? ml* J of ?4a ration aid not ono airla?t??ly I'rotaatant lia? ?hoar* that I In actuated by ?plrlt of falrnoaa and libarallly wblet It would b. wall tor tb* world if tba Ohnrrli of Ron would latitat*. Tb? I'rnU'tant' (bow ?r? ywh?ra i i1l?l>o#ltloB to all?w tba < tbfll to part t*,. 0f tb banaflt* ot tbalr inatlt utun* wbll? tb' Ua iballoa wll t ?t* rtrmhlng axaltn Irrly tbolr own; r ,nd yat It I (b? Catholic* wl.o aceu.-? tb* I'roU unw ( I* mhmw. * f'lltra I* Pt rrAlxi. N. Y -Yea* ord?? nvirnm several tirea appeared in various j*rta of the cit inetan'aneoualy, whi( h *ave th?-, alarm that w ci?y ia infeated by a sang of inr ^nHmrv-a who <J< aign th* d*atniction ofthetowp,. Fire* were ragin

on the eact aide of Elltrott a* /ret, near th* corm of Clinton, and in the hlo ..fc between Elm an Michigan atrreta, above Cl; ntea, with the folio* ing lrwea ?On F.Hlc*ttl r left, the blind and aai factoiy of the Mrura I' jy?ton, wa? en'irely coi avnird, Iraa |l,f'Ut>, no .t?ar**ce." The huildin which wan owat d by Mr. N. IHmrfr, w? lem waaianired fov aeartv *?< value. A d wiling a joining wa?*)ao d?? .toyed, owned Ivy H R He mrur, r?ii. ,1o?a ao.oe or fHsit. Another dw< ling waa a' ho 9Mrom< d, lota abort; the aatne. Tl lire on *0im at*?ret convuni'd U.e ctrpenter ai joiner ?,iopof Mra?ia A >V H. Morgan, lo*-<abo f'Mf'.wwrar o*. fWOj the carpenter ahop <4 1. ! ? ? I). WUbwr, Iom soma $.">?*>, ao tnaimiM H" .e fmall ter? menta ocn>pi*-rf by colored |*raw T,?r?re dutroyd, all tranred. An attemot w*a *1 mrde to fire tie jein^r ah^p of V Heam. a cat(H ter th?>r n?ar t/n.ia church, and C?t> tt ' Mcf - ?*/o/e SfffM, Nor 20. IRK H NOVEMBER 34, 1850. Trial for Murder In ??w Itnty. coott or otkr an# tkhminkr, Hudson ooirirtv. 1 Before Chief J vatic* Greene, Justices Van twinkle, "| t Griffith, Cooper, and Garretsou. asaoeiatee. 5 t 141. OF Maaoaarr orviwr ro* rur Mfaara or irfftl MftCKIIIOHT ?v POISON. 0 j second day. Nor. 31.?The Court organiaed at nine o'clock, upon which the namei of the jurors were ceiled over, and the trial *u proceeded with. $| Janra Trapp. the brother of deceased, sworn and examined for the prosecution ?1? the brother of tho deceased; iound the paper with the label, on which wit written''arsenio poison,'' produoed in court yesterday, he found It on Tuesday, the Oth ot July last about seven o'olock in the morning; witness was at " ! hisaister'a funeral; It was on the 2a July; the de to 1 ceased and her husband resided in the heuse in which i-he died, eighteen months or two years, witness was in 3 the habit ot going there ecaaionally; they k*pt sale- on r ratue in the house in a (mail bottle; never knew of Ti: I deceased using salwratus but in bread, never heard jei that there was any ground of complalat against the prisoner before ' Patriuk Craven awern, and examined for the prose. oution?I.ives at liarsimus; is the man who was at n,, McKnight's house on the morning of the 1st July; II j prisoner followed witness to Mr. Becker's house, to ' " I hurr> the witness the second time witness wan sent; to ? ! was not at MacKnigbt's house the Buudsy befote Mrs p0 1 ; Mat-Knight died; i'atiick Keough. the cthvruan, was . | about tht> boure, the prisoner seldom < at with witness ?x' i i ana the other man, did net see Mrs MaKnight until set 1 attar he was neat for from his work on Monday moru- tbi * I lug prisoner aatd that morning that she was so uu| well shit ccold not milk the cows, but in an hoar at- 1 t> maids she did milk them wl' The c*he for the prosecution here rested. ? Man Miller aworn, and examined tor the defenceIs Ibe wite of Hugh Miller, the prisoner; came to witu-.-a's bcufe in May last, as witness beat recollects: *ilt.tM*aj at home the Sundtiy morning she camn 1 down liom MaoKnighta aud asked llu^b Miller to get <jo the arsenic; here the witnuts dutailed the couverra- . tion and ciicumstances, as testified to by her husband on tho preceding day; doea not know how much coi iLOmythe prisoner had when she caiae to witnesa t ( hou.-e Margaret Magee examined for the defence ?Knows WA the prieontr lett tilasgow in April last, and arrived in 1 New \ c>rk on the 11th of May following, the prisoner a * h? lather accompanied her to the ship; ttieir purpose in thi toinicg to this country was to earn a living thi Abruhrm Becker examined (or the atfence Knows art | tlie piipuner: knows the premises of Mr MacICnight g*' I (This witness *:kve similar testimony to that of hi* wtto, ot ' in r> latlon to the situation in which they found Mra. Co i i MseKnlght. The witn?is was examined at aoma 1S-J > ! length as to the locality of MacKnight's house, to j i | show that, from the lone situation ot the house, the i hi , l,.. 10 r<.??u ............ .... ^ . . v ... ..... p. ....... uitu> get round the brow of the hill which anrrcund* the rei houat, without being obftrfmi ) Lf I>' ctor Tittle txaumed for the defeaoe llu been a phyMciaii and chemist for souie yeara VTitneafi pro- , dticed two bottlen. in on* of whlob i* aaleratu* and ' in ike cthi r urn nic Mitueii* >aid they were au mash la? alike that one iri^ht be nib taken for the other, sale- rr, ' raiua in treqsenily u^*4 to make ten draw, or, in , I oth< r worda, to extract more readily the juioe fruta > the lean g ad I Letters from a clrrfrjican rind other* In Scotland, i , : wert thtu put in and rtad, by conacnt. a*to her prej rlcin* good character. Thono Utter* apoke highly of r | hn n;t ral character before i-be le I her own country tiT 1 Att.r thin testimony, the raaa for the defence * j,(,| ' ! cloud and countel commenced lumming up for the l | defence. They relied principally on the fa-t that It was not Iok proved that defeated died by polion. Inasmuch a* Doe- / tor Chilton, who t.nali/. d thu M"u.a-h. Uatiried that , j after the rnoft laborious InTepllgatlon he only found the one hundredth part of a grain ot araenlc an i that to ! lite tinea that quantify i? ire^aeutly aim metered ta j\ patients in the counu of one day. without injur*. ! At d recondly. ther? wti no eTldenoe that the body , eiLtni' l. and fr?>m which thf at m?eh wa? taken. A whs that of Mra ftJacKnlxht. There waa no peraon, tha j preaetit at the flrat Interinert. preaent at the e*hn, ination, except Pr. Oloott, and he candidly ft.'it* d that ' 1 he uuld cot iderMty tlie body And thirdly, there i ?ul | waa no (Tideace that the pticcnr r put thu ar.?eclc In ! a i the teapot ? , Aftir prl"cuet'? coun el had ooccladed G"i) Wright I '' lead ' ar able addreaa to to the jury, on the part ot thu 1 j'U 1 I'Toaet iilon I Tl.f Chief Juatlce then chargrd th* jury Alt?r re- j c?TH itH'it.R t br fuun'.i of tin Indict m?nt Vie natd It i 1 wa? tnci in bent on tli? pint of lb* pro^e^utiou t? mi- | ' 1 It'll ttobrti namel?. thai Janet MaoKnlght di?d by , tu | rcWn end tbat tha prinoour a-tnilolntt-r d It to b?r , II* thru recupl'u'at-<J the tr?tiim nj ot th? ?r?i*ral wit- > ue?re?. r<-la<iwu u tL? *ym pli iim rxhit>t?<J br Mrt. Slti Knglit prc?k ut tu her iln.t ti and itirn miorroJ to ?f ] tbr ti*rtlin<>?/ of l'*flor Ohtltnn in rittrlai to fa I f or. i at lour on tb> atoinaob of Ihi- d<ceaea<l; ana u tbl* t. t-tliiM my It wa? tba duly ?( tbe jury to ??y ?li > it rh> dird of pn'mn or not If they w?r? of A < p'olm tbat ahe t)l? t not. the priaoner ? < ?'n*.li i?.l in an a< (jiilttal; ai d 1' Iktt, thr jury, do f ud that aba did rl? l jc!>( n tbi-lr t. xt lr. |'ilr; * ,',( I f ad li nun i?d by the |^r|r. i t' I'i? Hour n?it ?mt j ciit the te>:im<>ny in relation to tbe eiro'id injury. and raid tbat they Ilia jury were bound to _ I ?i>?w.rin I hair edetnn i ath*. upon tba tietlmony, 1 wl o it wae adnilnWleted iba p l?un III* lie nor, Jlr Innttrtnra to tt? villi nee of the o< nf' Mlon of tba pii?c?< r fall the ai ld? n-e wae competent to go to tha juiy: but It ?at lUir fruiitM to payninb att- ntioi to It a* tb? j might think prrp?r orr jaot it altogether it they and h? *t> koimd to trll thi-ra tbat It w?* a iffrifi ot evidence tbat c urt/t ot juatira do not I ( flavor. lie ccncludtd by telling the j iry that it ih?y <0 entertained any reasot *b'? doubt ot the prlton-r'a ! ciiilt *hn waa milM-d to t> l-#n?flt ot It; and ll th?y *"1 In Hated bar iriitlt*. i. would be their next duty to aee ?ti win tbr r 'he war rfuilty of murder In the drat or ??<jon l i degree. Altrr dfllrarlnn bla rbarje he told tha Jury, If they U" wlrbrd II tbey might ratlrr Jor tba nl*lit, and not gt>? ap; in thtir verdict until to morrow. I | nir iumct. gT( Nee. 23.-Tba jury earn* Into court thl* morning 1 about V o'clock. ai.d up?n their bhuimi Mbk raiUii m? ovrr. tbay rrtlrad to lh?lr room and <ontiaueJ to da- | lib* iatv until oca o'rlock wh?n tbry raturnad in'.o , ni uit with a Ti-rdlct of *ul!ly ol nnrdar in tha rr:-and r d. (traa ar.d a raoomwim'la'l' n to narer Tba pri on?-r r rrlrrd tha nnounrrmrnt of th? rerdiet without any I parent change, and waa loim dU*>> It altrr raaiiaded to prlaop. Sbr will be brought up on Hi udaj mot ulog < to reetlll Dtlrira RrllKtona Intrlll|rurr. *?KM?>!W Til nil 1 w' I v. I .....It. .......I I!.. II n Hon! r.t : morning. ,, Home, 8rT(nt*?nth 'troet Hut 8 K. Hheppard nrmlng " Knickerbocker Ball F.lghth aaanu<v Kidar H* Brad- , 1 1?*, m< rnlag. ; yr 8o?i?ty of the Naw Jarunalim, MTa?t Wa?hlnjton Placa Ray T Wlik*. morning Con? n gar jonal Church. Salllraa raat Pmldwnt Maban. morclng. I nlTariallit Church Orchard atract R*r.C II Kay. ! "J tTcniog. i _ " t tlr?r?alift Church. Blaackar rtraat R*t. W 8 ' Raich, cvtniag. J Church of tha Epiphany. Stanton ?traat- Ray. Dr. PIJ Hawka. w" Bapilut Church. Gram! rtrrat Har D M. (.rataia. Iftalif Presbyterian Church, Rlrlafton itrwt R?r Abraham Tynan arenlng KpUcopal 'Jhurcb Monro* ?tra?t Rat Ralph Iloyt, | ' VtllD|. d? TV?w Stale HbTtrnnrt! Hlmlt. Timr of Kltctia*. humfaf Gain nor*. at Yrtmont. 8?pt. S, 1AM). C ?>'?? K WiUitmi. f,, I Mnth Carolina Ant 1, 1*ft0. ParM li. KtaJ Maryland. <>et ?, IMO Knoah I. l.o?ra p, "bio. Oat. I, IH&o. K?ub-n K Wood. > th Maw York, Not. ft. 1H.\0, tf'if>A?a|f?? lf**i NawJeraay, No* ft, HftO. Haorea V Cort. 1 Maaraahn??tt(, Not 1I.1V.0. l?*o * Baotwall T Dalaaara, Not 11, IftftO, William K. Roa# | * Thar* balnir no choice by tha Boataall wlU . probably ba cboaan by tha lagtalatura. 1 , ?? I ?1 Narlnr Aftlra. m [ Kim ei iki tu?n Kmr Tha Rr???a i lark Rita Captain T???l?r nhtch a?a?r?d N< m thl? i*rtoatha Hth of October, lor Hr?n>n. Uraporud, i or v ? '*> i %ik.? ...... (a hit* tw<-n araokaJ A rn tb? night ol tha 34 lntt , on tb* M'-ltiw Pta'? at , tltn ratranaanf tha riT?r Wtaar Tbt araw w?ra ?a?til t A Mo-arra B.>?t Tb# NaahrMla Vni.m ?aya. " A ? Di(i?t?r la about bain* built at L?u?tIII? to L ?un Minn tbat rity and N#w <. rltai JhaUaobaSM ? la?t loag, alth I boll-ra. R6 loab rylin.ltrt WillIM ttrifca- to throw a wafar ?h??l 10 U"* la <1ia??t?f. i 11 i?4 l? to mill tkn tripbit???B tlw two eltlM ia four day*.'" .. i- At Na*baryar>rt. ant lntt *Mp Kdtard Ml ?n B A ?<rut<1 of II of tor l'l? B Mo#al??y bat j Will*, and Captain l>?M Kntabt e ?? y BIoTcmcnta of UUtlnnuUhtil FVnpla. ir !l?i? l.?wlt Cart aad tabllj Mfhifan H n A jj ?- Fa?l, do; II.H ltbl?y and family Mlnti'tota; < Wl' ?(i< a I B A.: J Gliltna, WwMiiton. 0 W I.ay, U > a Jti?'??Planrbtrd. Michigan. Hon Jobn Mara*. B?h; , t 'n.und Ittkf, N?w tlamp?hr H * /> > Ta " roato, O. Il'iwut l Hbav. B ti n C <;ray, < a N 7" and ? r>tl ait. arrt<?d yitarday at tt-' Irtlr g II. jt?. t'ommndr ra Ingraft a on. I 8 N " ,;*r' M n- maim; J Wilat'D Boaton. T l.vhrop r *tlai Iphla f, Olft. Vlllwt laa franoUco. T l)>?tnn m M I'wWi W>iMti|ti b . aad 7 ? t hat ? arr tad yaa i|. tiaJay at tha At tot lieu to __ (ttafga liutitrr. Canada: V fab' tort. Ma?a ; 0 PtajaBila aad lanlly. Canada; M .it fttaphaaa I * lard; J tl Ptoi a W W Ornootf, Baltlaora. M U ' . Etannt. Tbuvaa I'. try. F Mob* a * a.bln*t' n, U.C , . n*" aad 11)7 o?hart attlatd at tb*> R >va'<1 llo'ol J Hr H?ary Balwar, Ktu . J ar ' .rilaaatr MaJat.y ? R? W y*7 ?.*tra> tdlnaty aad Ml?> a?tr ri?nlpotfcntiary to if. ( tha V S A.. ardtaltr; 0. T ,|?ard lllri-, ?aq . B.??loa, l#i M Moiktrb Pblladalpkia; Oa H Mllra B'alllinnra. II"H Igtr, I Mr I>?f' raat C?n?i, Mf, tad lira i',i4nii n. Uc't ' Mr. ai.4 Mra. 'laalta, -.bdt*>aty othrra, in- h*" 'n*94 ''wt laciaya. ERA . - * % 4. >vjC ' ' NEWS It V TELKGRAPII. I "HE MISSISSIPPI LEGISLATURE. igbly Interesting Proffftiinss Rrlatiie to the Rights of tbr South. ?e?ch of tta. Foote In Favor of ihc liloo, Ac., Ac., fa. Jai *soi, Not. 1?, 1860. SENATE. Tbe mcmb^n of tba Senate having met. n motion m made that the body adjourn iuw He. Lost, by 6 26. A motion wii then mad* that the L*tislat?re act It upon tbe mutter for which It had bean oonrcned. til wai laid upon the table, and the Senate then adorned till next day. ltOtf-K OF KVPRK8INTATIVES. 1'be House adopted a resolution to act only upon tbe itter for which the Legislature bad assembled. K resolution was adopted, requesting the Qorernor iniorm the House as to whether any official carreindcnae bad taken place between himself and the ecutlTes rf tbe other Southern States, relative to session: and, if such corre*pondeni'e had transpired, at the GoTernor furnish copies of the ?*w?. c I motion was made that thenationel flag be trimmed ' ih mcvrniog and raised on the capitol. Lost, tbe House then adjourned. Jii *soi, Not 30,1*40. 1 SENATE. 1 rhe body went into Committee of the Whole on the verncr's Message, but soon alter rose and. on mo n ot Mr. Stone, were discharged from tbe farther slderntion of the subject. Ur Hkook offered the following rtsolution, whicb s rt ad and laid on the table: ? Hi soli id, That although all of us do not approve ot r ' receut acta ot Congress, yet we do ni)t believe Ihut i, ry offer sufficient groands lor the secession from l, ? I'nion ot any of tbe Southern States, and that we c i disposed to acquiesce in tbe same until such ag tsions are committed by the North, upon the rights c the South, as are set feith in the resolutions ot th* t nvention* held in Jackson, in October 1S48 aud < 10. s I rtsolution was adopted requesting tha OoTernor ) communicate whether any State arms have b*?n ? moT*d from tha State *lnoe tha sitting of tbe last j gislature. v llOT'SR OF RKI'RKSENTATIVRS. K Die letter of the Missiseippi delegation of January >t, to (Jot. Quitman, a king for ioktractiona. wai id. c: l it resolution of the !a.*t Legislature relatite to the J1 mission of California. *?* likewise road Ha. Nash tbrn cITered a resolution approving of the ' a urse?t Senator Jell. I>avis and of the represent*- j 01 e? in Cougreiafrcin Mii-iaaippl. but condemning the llcj of Senator Henry 8. Foote. al l motion to lay Mr N i> resolution on thu table wan f t, hj ."4 fc} en to f?l naj K l resolution *n ollerad to acquiesce in tlie Com pro- gi ie act. Referred to the Committee of the Whole.and *' be the order of the day for to-morrow i motior. *? adopted to refer the message of the ? rernor to a joint committee of both houses message wan reeelr?d from (lor. tjultman) statin? J] t no correspondence had taken place between him sj 1 th# exfeutive* of other Statea. w;th regard to th? I ?' >ject ot seeeftion. * . motion waa adopted to tender the use of th? Hall tl Senator > ooU this evening. The House ttienhd- c rued. . (. Ju ksoi, October 21 1850. i mwat*. "baPtnate were engafed, .luring tbit lay, on local '' Nines*, mostly ot an unimportant character. HOC** OF KKrKEMENTATIVKS. | a rh'a body were engaged in discuuati"? tha reaolutiou J Mr Nub. oendfinuing the oourau of Oea. F'Otn J*ra*Oi, tt*r 22 Xi'-O. 1 t w j ^ , resolution, that the question be srtanltted to the i ?' pi* a? to whather the/ would liar* * Convention, j ' i adopt* 4 bjr 16 to 1 Aft r tha trau??-<t.ion oi ?r unto s ortaiit bu?ioe**, the gauata adjourned. HI't/DK OI DEPKUKVTATi VM. t? Ilotiff in rtill occupied with tba diecuuian of . Nuh s rcaclutiun condemning Ocn. Foot*. K|^*?h of Gtn. Footc. LAI UK A' IHKV E?UUCAT UWIIIAIM, KTC. Jtmot, Nor. 'JO, Ih.'iO. 'apltnl Hall ?n? I bronzed thlx evening with p?opla, hear the ppecli *f 8ei?at r Foot*. Tba aatbunt n if tbc largt audirnce nu unbounded. and wbonft the Oecrral had occaeitn to uae tha word nloa'' th<< firy root teamed to ralav, la order to font to the trrmrnJou* and valrnrtal thniit* of p'.aune tb-U 1 roVe forth Senator Foot* atowed hi* JrtarmiDatWi t?> fpaak In try count jr In the State und eh?ilen?<-<| any in in to ?t Tbc I.Ht<?t from WmhlrRttm. ??:KTt!*? aMOM tiik afrotbtkr* it the t>*rAWTTi?TPt?wmrirat. rn*. (ft AT ritll.Ai??.LIIilA? Tl'fc riEA?U MD9AKE, kc.,ftc. wi*hiidt * , nottimtur u, u50. t I* understood that Jan ??* E. Heath, of Virginia 1 t?ka tha flnce of Major l' .|?ard? a* nomialaeloner r ?n?lon?; and that the flft h auditor Mr I'lea?ant n ?* place to a northern aaf?n whig. perhap* John Allen of Ohio. "here wee a loaf eaWne t starting to-diy. at wbloh Webeter gnra hi* fiei fa "? the ttirrlog |Ua?ti"?? . V - .u. mil i n : heron A Mt.ikljd rKaBMI f b:'ei* bureau*. I*er*tary WlnMt will jr 4a fUrratary Carwln la m*kr clji?nr.m in nflWaa. ot , th? firot ol next m ntii. rha i.t l>?? rw ORiii" II. I?*r 1 Irl'h a> Victual Of th* I'ooMftitM 1-r I'MI I li-tphla rh? f t*a?*r I ***. < I ut I "nmniandmjf arri*? I our mi; yard la.t sight, troiu a erui*#, conaact*<i ih th? Coait SutT?j . ? .t?r llerrlrn. of ( rorgli. ItttiitN, No* 30. IMO. '*aaW H. rrl*n d *1l**r*d a ?p?pch la thi* city to y. (UrUilnir tha t rimiifl' ii of California uoeonrti'.u>nal. Ilr rprk* la fk*or of pra**r*ln| tb? Talon d in faror of a jnlcn of th* Koathrrn .' 'tat** In da- ; ira <t thrlr t* and Institution*, and ?nf*?*t*d ' p*ala. f r?t to) j.tlc* and r*trlott>n an I than to tba rk*ta of tha N *rtb?ru propla, a* a propar r*u>?ly lot j aiong* of t' j,- gouth. lt?int|aop. the Kigllah Altolitlonial, mil b?,i I'rlri d* at Worifltfr. ' foirmn. M>m . No?an?b*r 8-t-12 M, Ab'ut tw ? bunrin I ?o|or*4 and nhlta p*r?on* ran* j ? In tha * f,*ap trail tbU morning No *irtt?m-at i* ?*?n ab'nt th# iVpnt A m**tln: wan rali*d to 4'f In tba City Hall by Kdward Qalapy. an<l *ai P*r !? ,4 with tfca *ama t>m#ara a* nt Faaaull Ilall. x?1 *ight hun<lr*d p*r??n? ar* pr?*'nt. an* third of hrm ata f> mat** Mr Or.rrl*on raa l a a*rt*? of t> *o , Wi *?. which w*r* fr?.)ii?otly 'nt*rrupt#d by ap ai j > Mr Wrn<l*ll Pl.illlp* *pok? anJ 11'- * Mr b *mp?cn ?a? IntU'doc I to tha aul'*n'- and r?l?(d rltb applau** Thripp*rn l? now *p*aklnf. an?l no 'lit' of dia.tirbati'* nn-apparrnt. ( on?ld< rabla *n hu?ia*m piatail* In Mr Thon p*on * fa* r >'!-?| |>< n i n 11? rti Morrttfli, tin Tragedian, at Baltimore. tt. IISO. Mr. ?l order h. t h* tr?g> dian. ablU laboring tinder p*r?ly?>? tf tha V>t?ln. ttartrd o(T from th*b'4elat h'ch t-? w?< lodjrlnn yf*Urda? momin? Tha city ?a<1 fftir try. U r maayfMhlM rona<l bur* l>??n ?>?rch?4 t ; M? ftl'iiih bat an lr??? h?? b??a obtained of jim nt jit Fear* are ?ntrrt?ln?d tbat h? bM Wti (rttui Tht Maryland r?nrnill?i AmrtLit) HOT. 1'4M T>? carrot Ion Mfabl'd at Iho arntal bo ?t. and |>ror<>#J#4 t* tb? b??'r??? of tba 4a? A t <*Mnt'rn *11 fut f'>rwarl pfoblblHoj tha ??kaMI .hm"nt ot b??b<. ltlMi tb? rtfpkWil'f? U A ramInMen. flfrlarlpf th? alabltif t?n4 ter I'n# a*tto??l*b. ?>?at of th? fttt' dibt iaf\ot?'ia f a nnarjuonolr fitanttjr of Mlrtr at PhllxUlphla. tmnrn.lHu. Nor.iuVr 21. UlSO ci.,., -1't? ?r?,? I,.. . *a i tb* bonfci r?fr?Mta fay It out f?? tbMr a?t*f Jiaa* rtlwi ?**! t?* ik*W V* LD. PRICK TWO CENTS. > Oneida Coun/V Wk,? JabUee* *oME.N.r.(N0T ttt.lM* Th? whig* o( Oneida com M?*inbl?J, thU 4?y, ? th? Ptanwix 11*11, thU TUUfr ni4 **" ch*Bi*d congratulation* at th? t*?4 BtMuri o ?uo DMA Which has crowned the strug, o* tM whlf par j? In thlfl fall's election. Tho occasiv by all who attended, nott glorio. the afternoon the thunder of cannon i ^ j mm notes of triumph. The firing commen o'clock unrf, with xbort Interval*. *u odusk. A large assemblage (at down to * tjT*n4 supper. at which were u number of inrited , others trom abroad who united In the 1< <.araiCt" Bp?eehes were made by the Hon .loae^h 1 . yj member of Assembly elect, from the t r t di* ' # thU coanty; Rogeo Conkiing. Ks.( . District Att. ~ . & Palmer V Kellogg U. 8 Marshal; (J . C Cook, K* \ ' Clinton, Commissioner U. 8 l)epo?it? Kund j Bpe Kellogg. Ksq., of l'tlea, and severa.' other*, am . ? them the membera ol the Hoard of ft upervlsore w were holding their annual session at tb.'f place. He*1 p ral letter* were read from distinguish* ' whigs fro* abroad, who could not attend The f?a Ulvltles wera rloStd by three times three fur tke whig party of tM sounty,"?tate. and nation. During the \whole of tha ?rening. the streets were illuminated by I ?n *** ire balls. Really. Rome has never witnet * m!'^* nthusiastic whig demonstration than the k *nlf ublle* Of 1860. Mayoralty of lioeteii. Uostur, November M, "** Jan Tyler, Jr., a wool merchant of this aitj '' mt his brains on Cambridge bridge last evening. ''* 'oroner's jury returned a verdict ?f suicide wbU. * ***. an(t*< The dec>-a?ed was in good clrsusntameca, ' u.d been married bat a few ux-nths. John 1" lli?elow was renominated for >f?yor 1 l* iliflii by the whi^s. bat n\>t without considerable- 4 '** >OsitiOB. Arrival of I lie Ptriflr nt Vw OrlrMii/ Ntw 'Kin.u. November i'i 1*60 The Vnlted fUatea M ill ?team-hip Paeittc, tain ar*ircd from Ohagre*. ?ia I'avnna wtrh >250,000 in *>tU oruia gold lust 7Utnirlial Nn?lr?l. Bowiar T-hik*?Ttai' entertainments for to m or ? 8* evening are very attrativ I taU eetabll*hm*nt i In (lit* lull tide of eucee** *>ox?k pit, and galleriee ?inK crowded avery nlu-ht Th - ei.tcriaii.iu -nte w.11 cmuii'Di a with the grand draii..i'lc epsctttcle of la? l.aat day* ot Pompeii ' Mr J.K Hcott m Arbacei a baractir which he auatain* with great hiatrirnic abiily and Mi?a 0. Wemyaa a* Nydi.i. (the blind (tower girl >f Pom pail.) and tbe other char 'tern by an excellent lock company The great exeKiona mtde by the ropriftor o| the f'^wery fneatr. tv please tin patrone. ire being duly appreciated, and the excellent stage nanageinent of Mr. (Steven*- preserving suehjgrent orler aud regularity brhind the curttin ? creating mo innrceioary (lulay betwten the acts-la a uiittvr of nat mrmrnt The concluding jieos will be th* (fertile drama of tl:* -Jt wesf." in which Seott uud 1 if s C WvmjRl Kuetaln the leading character* KaoAOWAY TiiriTar Tba new and beautiful plajr atitied the 'Betrothal;" which hai b?' n produced la ii 'h aplendor at thia theatre during the pant week, as been a lopic of general conversation Many aa>rt that, for beauty of Uagoage, thrilling aentim?nt, cl rich ornamental ti.; irative i '<>mparts?n. nothing I late dr?y? baa betn pro*. tjo? d to e.jual it. Tlila it by 0 mean ?ur| rising Why not find an genuine talent 1 thin country a* Kurope can produce' And if thai Wlity esiata. why not eaccarage the geniu*of the age? ureiy natita talent does not nace??arily require a raiding from the Kngli?h iviee llare we not ae able Maarnea. aa undauuted, 'iil:ul. and experienced rnerals aa any country in tb? world' And why not > ge >d dramatic writer*' Talent of a sterling ffciipli'n should In ; jour igvd, and each a lay as that now present"d at the Itroadway hentrc ought to beexelusivly patron'aed Mesarr * I and Barrett hare jviaced tbt* exoellaat reduction on theit<i;u in gr*>?t ipleudor, and hara ik-aped the flrat order of a'.ent to Ail the rail ctive character* CouidocH ? Mar?io,the cunning, ufty ; b iding wan of th? w 'd m.nifj b*>ug im ad of bla Idolatry la one of tfcn >>a*t ?p?utn<-u? af rtat dramatic ability w? ha?r r --vr h*?>o Kicbluga, aw m al'.aat oowrdWn a.i 8 il?ltor?. o an not ba cihd'I Cis??> a? th? ton<J. ?'t cti'>n?tii Count uranlo *jtireriiiaoee of gr at Inharant ({ualltiaa cm li!? latb-r, wbo ?a? the b* t airlor of hi* da/. >avldge. a Stirling coroedlau u Pulii a j??t*r, kaapa b? h"u>" tn r'aro ot laughter Mr* Abbott, wno la idyll** In arery character and dr<a* n to perfection, araonat* * I illppi in a*o*ll*ot itj>, m<I tb4 part of ' ontanaa. by Madame I'onltl. ia admirable Ybla ittnc - i.l'i-t will b p-rliirti-1 e ary ?imoj na?t ??*k. AV a hop* to arery ?aat In thl? i>??utlful licatro nonu|d?d. Niki mt??i.?i.-Tb? llart la app<-ar in threw pie??t ami.rr. <rtlni| Th* firat 10 order l< that light ?t - ? -.Iwj ' ha s'iU beautiful roiinivai on tn? tight r >p?. u tb'a d'j>artmeni perhaps, two better perform r# inn' i l>a ft und in (be world, th n PriMoal* Karel and bo MI ~y.' hell"" I.e a J?> alii. Cl? 11* it in auo aaiop i-ota I'b'vrmog character. the uplandl! no* rind I>lT?rtlaem?-ot In right characteristic daniaa, ibirb wtu Inui'diift a <a?irn,< tbat may Uirly o >a?. ?te * ith iiu., *lm.:?r ai nt la t i?? ?t*tae, ib< gracaiil ta - na'irg, Mlta Heitin 8h? wlU b? ald?d by tf rl'.laat .aid fcila. A. L'baiao. wuo in an excellent, iodM."4iu<. if Tb?aiO'i ? at at? mil: cl >a? wub ba latertiring Birnlltrml t?iry ap cter|a, II ?onl, or tha I agio Thla bill ab all attract an laiueaae aaaaSUgo. Ki'im <Tii?.a*?a A bill of uucommen aitrartmn c'"tr?' r to;- v rtfii'Tik-'* er>t?r;a'.nment I oft'in kowa how to ca*?r tor bi? patrena lau*. r??'i?t - ha ta yatierallj odmit'ed ta ba tha b*?t o imia ictnr llaltig. baring b< th natural and anplrad abllU la# Mid > * may now baj'ittlr term'i ?aa of tha b at nnuagpr* The t' .iu will ''otmn*noH wl.fe bo r \i l>nl row a Jy of " Kdueatlon, a ea?t of ba biat r< into talan' In tha I ind, f'BiprHng vl? ara, lurtoa. liUba. Laatar UUn I. Jobn?toa, Mm. rtkarrwtt. in 1 Xra flugtiaa Ml** l)?l?y will alog a n?w ballad. - ? '"* w -1. ?. . J- .. ... ? /,/ ...^1 ulakrlts .III iittMive a Hnliej iJioot Th? nt?i:?lnaoulp will ?oqc)u<1? with lli? '.aimd moi Jj of I rdl'p" In which Laator appoura Hr Chsrl** Ji 0<> aitrly ant ??ra:>- jour Mat* N*tio/<ii Tkmiii ? 1'tirdy It g' in* aheil h-ii Inla hi* fforta nml It 'nm?i lio <f?'lf)ln? to ' find that thrjr ar? Jolt appiaciUtad To m.rrow ? <nii>? h* biluR* out ? i?'W pi'ow. mi lilt-dlht' Ma* to Wall 'b? ? < n. ?-y it ?hl :h. ? 3*r? Informal la ?( * ?pry rftflhru anl (or?>on? rbanwlH. Tha plana ! oi?v to ' Ia rnll'o ntr?b||th ?f tbo coapany. A <-?? Jim of (riot populari y la tho it t. Mr I.afayrtto fri *p a?ir*r*d aod will *pp*ar In tho fa ? of tho "Plnaoaai .> -l.-hVor Ml-p Mnltlna will latrolaeo en ArrlaJ and tanry I ooo> ul tho rat rtiUioi' nto win ron'liido with th? drama of T->m ?'rlngto ' Thl* l? a On* ?nt?r!?lnin'nt fur thr tmoll admUaton m^acjr of twrnty fit# cnti So doul t rrerr er*lle>l- Mat Will bn tikkrll t<? ??P th" B'W plot* Ciipipti'p Miiptppi ?Tho ontarialnmonta, tomorrow trailing crmmni'* with an urmira an t will b* fclloat a by n?gro mrlodW*. tantrum oial prriorm tig?*t and <1?tflcg frnooi' Orm i flit ". Thl* ?tehr?hrnan\ I? g.tlit ihrid Tho rntrrttlnnxU orx to ?y ainuatag. namrly. pnoir? ft.uplcnldWpl*j?. an 1 tlari' lnf. M pyora tolo l? worth the prlte of admlpMoa. Axikiio M'?>' v - Orn?r?l T'>m Thumb Invito* 1ho .irnmatle pnbllr t<> *ro him In hip *' ?? .-haraoto* of Hop o" my Thnmh lie l? a grrat (ttlw. and kMpa ih? fcorr In roam of lanrhtpr Viihii rot II?ii Th? U?*ntif>il panorama of th* I'llcrtm'* I'rogrrp* <honM ha Maa by thoao who ?aa adiuirr a 9c- \ aibtltg. Krorrmi lltn. ?Tho pplrnilJ panorama Of 'allfor*la l? l?lt( ihlbK' d at tho abora hall and la volt worthy a riplt Irom tfcOM latoro?t*d in tha g?l4 N?>? \'n*a Avrmri i?t?? ThlP -attMlthm-at It n'chtly il?lt?d l.y haadrrda. who ar? ?t treetad by th* grrat onopatrtan famr ol tbo Franoh company. B?ot M*w t l.ti" ? Trlmblp tha Indmtrlotta ?r fhltrfl pad t>nlld*r I* prr*ro?ping famonaly with thl* r"tabllfhpipnt' Tha craatppt aicltamont praraila I* tho g.nrral haatt ol our amuaamost aoakora for thai opmlog fairtp ba? h?raldrd tha boaaty and attala n<pnt* of Hr*agham'? tho op|pbratod l?noy ktrri' a>o trunr't'd abroad tho many oolahrltlo# ?). h ? >? |[ath?rrd und?r hli b?mir II* mn* try ard conm?n-? b#tnrr th> 13*h protlmo, If poaatbU , Tb?ek??litii|| nt*ht would b* a UM?r of th? MfMttf m of l.jream, not that It till r^nlr* n?k ?xt ^ aro?>? rff>rt ? fill It ; l?r",w? fltmly bollovt and prof l)m_ tlea'a that it all) b? tho ratorlU plara of ?<o>i*?f la lk? city. Iiim i Rm ? Tha complltnantary b?B?IU t a #Br worthy Kthlovian pa??rnlty la to tak? plaoa at f rlaiar IUU. OB I)Nf?btr loth, when |fNl thlafa may Ix upwtfj MIM PHnrort li ?l PWMMJ M?. Wallatt tha rloaa. and Modara Carolina. * h? *-,nM tiiaa arr In Philadelphia. Sir William Don I* at tbo Walnut ?tr? h thaatra niM?ifhit Mr Mr# Rafaaj WUttaaw a?a >>'ylnft at th#^ Arch itml thratra. Philadelphia Mr Murdoch It at tha rront ilrwkthHlrt l?> .. wort. Til* C horna tln(ir*. TO THK KOIToR or Till lit* AMI. 9>t I hate to raquott that yo* will ear* trr?r In tha report ot my eriden*? In the " ? M liner ta U4fT, In the f/rreM of Vrtde- 1 |r?l t dlitiartly ttaleJ, that I* oauarno A'-.. " ?t ?nd?d ?oale on whloh Bltl *** ? 1 we. fortord and of the great difllealt* j.V ?' !V ?r?f>ttat treble Infra, at 4 itktvlt j tioti of the permanent natr w ol *' ? J* rppertnattlee aflf f d?d U , t.nrot ^ 'h- tYa i|0* at, ... wVir .^Tn .VX? - ? *!? 1 ?o,ld not ?r '"it I J* IT'V. **T ;r:r:::V:dMr r-?< *.*i 1ISi *! . Jf' 1 ?, ' I toaiaa would <0 " thla eorrew ? ...V.". .? ?'(" '/at I hart the honor to b<v ' * . . .oti ?m* ' -T *" Madaaie TM?hop a ?oaf doootaUh ? appear before tha p?Ml? . ? ' / f in'raaal rwltloa of making an art >ae?aa .tirlsb rr#ard tot^eooaoera (a whl?h I aa 1 I ff>aVi airf>BToht eert'l rtl? LI IT MA.

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