Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1850 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6010. WEW8 BY TELEGRAPH. The K??hrlll( CouTenllon. Bali mom, November 24. 1860. The LouUvHle Journal myg, that the Nashville Convettlon edjournfd. as before reportf d, amid great nolle ?nd oonfuelon. apparently running away from the denunciation of General Jackson's old Mend, Major Donelson, who dfnTlbn tbe resolutions as of the most Inoeudiarj mil dlniaioo character. Lanpdon Cbevrit' rp-fch Oils ten columns of the Nashville Hannrr. anil in of a more dieuuion character than Senator jthett's faniouR harangue. Mr. Ittm-docH not yet Found. 13*i.ti tfuitK, November ?4, 1859. Mr. Murdoch, who ha* liewn mtSHlng since Friday xorniug, has not yet b-en t?and. All the roads leading to the oity have b"-n (-earcheJ, but, to far. without Ending aujr trace ?tk m Oar Pari* Correspondence. Paris, November 7, 1850. .Meeting of the Atttmbly?Changamier?Lou it HapeJton't Meuage?t>\e Lyons Conspiracy? Riot, 4rc 14 'The coming re-opeuiiig of the National Assembly, like the sword of Dumocle?, is a sort of threat over the head of Lout.- Nufoleoa und his entourage. ! Such is the anxiety a'out the results of the first meeting of our representatives?the opiuious on thai subject are so diverge ?that nothing can yet be anticipated ; but out tJ nig is certain?that the first ! Assembly, which will i. ke place on Monday next, ihe 11th inst, will he of much interest for all those <who are fotd tf political emotion?. j lie ministry of the President, and Louis Napoleon hi Hue If, seem tome like thive young students who have not heen 14 good hoys," and who fear to be reprimanded by their master. In fact, the reviews of Satory and fc*t. Maur, the discharge of General Neumoyer, who rtfusfd to utter the itncocstitutional cry of ' Vive l'Empereur!" the attacks of the Klysi ?n j .urnaux against General Changan.ier, and las', not the least, the existence I of that political " Society of the Tt nth December," place the government in a wrong position, which, no doubt, will be censured by the majority of the National Assembly. Geneial Neumayer has refused to accept the commard of the fourteenth and fifteen:h divisions of the army, which hud been handed to him as a reward for his removal. Despite the mtil income of his private fortune, the friend of General Chang^rnier, who know? tint he hiis committed no fault, wishes not to i?Vb at if he had no dignity in hia misfortune; and there he stands, " firm as a ?ock," waiiine a future tt<U dt chime. As for the oommaiidT-in chief of the French army, he produced, a f<w days ago, an ordre tlu , /wur, "which muy be connd- red as a protection ; gainst the attacks of ihe filtsre. The decree ot General Chargariiie-- " prohibited the soldiers uttering a shout of dity *ort when the troop-, were under arms." No answer wan made to th?t by the Elysesn press, and, pi'< t-uch an act of hos llity, it is said that ill'- l i <1 ui lias ?< n? f<>: (! ral Changarnier, and a > t*.l him of his li.ead hip towards him Such a comedy is re-lly deplorable, for no one J "Hit t#?ll if film i\l A*\i * U'? army of Louis Nu|?>l>*oii toid that of Mr. Dupm, in presence, ready to b-un the light, tiud only serrated by the bridge 01 La Concorde. The metsage of Uk; l'remdent to the National Auiemhjy is said to be finished. It w< s real to the and rpproved by them; but the greatest secreay ba. Iieen kept on tha xuiijecf, an I we do not know, a# yet, ?f me prorogation will lie dertiaiidrd, ?.r, at least, amgeated. 11 that doeumen? It ia rumo id that Louis Napoleon has no ' oiifideace ia tbr ?uees?of bit d rnand oa the National Aa?embly, and that h will watt thi* end of hia Presidency to place le fore the cminvy the demand of hia prorogation ?f potv-r, ia the .~h i,?e of "an appeal to tin- |*<>ple " Thua tlie constitution will l>e kept hi it ia oil tI?U epoch, and tV n the President can put ;he.(irstion in these term.?:? " The cona:ituiioa or piy*? If? mnke your choice." The receptions at the Llysee are not yet brgnn. Mr. Saoford, 8ecre??rv ot ih- Ameriosn I^-^*ti'?n. whom 1 hw the other irorninjt, tol l me that Mr TJacchioeci, ihe n <;- ( r irfths Pre*cl*bt, hil ( ??? ired him that ih'* lo'.^is would only be resumed , at the b< pinning of ! > < mb r A loaf li?t of Ami - | Tirana was already p .';.nred to be set t to the i Elytte, in order to r ?iv?* cards of inviutio 1. . Genernl d'H ?ui|x-ul ePib?rked at Mwn^ilN oa :hr <>th luft , on hia wav to AlifiT*. Tie o> #a of J: hi* nomination to 'bir y hi- bet n received with much displeasure in ur colony. Mr. (?nuot, wf'o w>.| -i- ni the summer season t the plica called A "I Kit her, h?.t return -d to I'tirie, whtre he will ?,< nd th>- winter. The election of t>< ceral Lahittc, in tli" drpir!- ; ment of the North, ia ?pi t?* certain. The red re- 1 , publican1- had not cow to the polls, and refna ?d to ' IVft? e Il.i r for or a? -nut t;i candid i*e. The conspiracy of L)on? h*ia assumed, since my last letter, n de*r. ? of r*irity which *ii nut e*- , prci^J, 'i rorn uiuniF. ?ir. who hud be?n arretted. with mm/ uVif, wis ' ealljr tl?c agent of th- rr/until in I, >n ion ami Geneva. A earmfoidfout w<u iei*<d, by which J thin fojt'.N man w* ? rt 'i i ripr - ii>i' I, m d I h ivc low no ilmiht th :t i'i" >ir is vi rjr * rii i? Th-' ' < ooapirncf w*a to htrat *11 orrr the southern part ' i f Fiance, on th- 11th t;-st , and an anti-govern- ' ment was In take the over the whale 'yyritnrj, which * ? ut.? .v- br n ia t(ie of ! he tervt n<? A* f> r the r-tilf of the revolution. The pilbt*, the mewire, end all the pr-ttjr nets of * eociaiimi, th'y won 1.1 hif hoei A /Wrr dm jomr. 1 We oca any witk^ke jrttt pnd? ) Net-| ?w?i ? 1 toui 0 Pn- :haffl ! { The It-orerlnre of th?- Cn>irt of Jn-itice took aim on Mondsjr la-?, and the ceremoif w ti verjr ? in>|oaii>it Thr ArchHisSop of Paris olCciiled m j ike Ckaprlle, where til the member* of th? t r< Tjrt ha i BMfmMcl Afi? r the c !>i < i >u of the t tviN, the apeerh'* which are generally pro- r nonncH, were d?Ii?' rr<i m the rr< at h . I of the i Court of Appeal*, at .I Mr. I>jpin spokr in the nr??t r eloiiueni manner. HMdieccurae waa cot onlr ?ond, i bat itwa# slaofree from that humor which is peculiar to tli. i'rcn ' n' of N.? i , ?I Ave iMjr Mr I>M#ni CoaM hive nid .?Ctrfxmt a>mi Ingv ! ' He rtiav remain q<iiet for a few days?he will soon j 1 i .L- ' Bf nw ' I'lira UT llir iu<im iu'i?i?i>. J A ?ort of riot took \??terda*. at th* re- < oprnins of thf School of M- dicine Th<? tud<,nta \ who wrrr linteninie to th?- a>?-*ch < f Mr. VV'peri, , look in ltiff h? a t' w worda * hinh could h* in- , 1*rpr??tr?l a* |>olin I Th?y il a <1*yrd th' irnxat j Yio'rrc. tiroanr, -1, < -1?. n:id evi ry nv -ui - of a , riotnun kiad, W? ir "ni l->v d by th? ac yot u? rn> n i Th< police conn tu 'It* and th< ivi'C'nti I retired. i The i.*wa from Iuly i? not of much int rfrt. , Thr Piedmont- ** qt. on huool y*t h*r? **tll*d. , t ia ruipor<?d th th?* I ?* hop of Turin and'"at;- | liary w ttld he nr " t th*: a co?d intor w?u'd , Ibr giv*n to ihun < At Home ihr TtScr ha* overrd thr whole C^m , pagn*, atd many dliirtcra, are *pj*theaded. A J Prr?h) trimn chap* I w*a opened on the 21th of Ot'ober, and th* Kev. l?r. llMtiag'a o(fiMt?*d oa ; he occasion H H. R Tkt Choin? To TH* KUITuR <>k tun "awat.n t b?t'?I?? that Mr FrtJcrlek Lyatar rorr?al? a sortfoa of > J raprtt of hti taotlanny la th* ft 5(11 DM * Lod-r II ho had itito4 that ha did aot intend to ray what th? wnr?t? atwibai-l to Ma actually in.?n r ah tiH n-t thiok It ?'f to raply, hat ?k?n h? ttj ? h? aertr mt*a nan of tka aipraa?V>n>. 1 ?i"t la ju?tlrt# to my own p-or???l<>?ial -bari't'' umrl Moat pMllitrl; that ka 414. and that i raaaot bo ln'ah?n for I dHlhrrataly to >* down what k* ?ald. at tha tino an t hl? word* no* (In b?fr>r? k?r?'a?, ka dap??d? on th? nno rtalnty of mainT af*#r ? lapao of twenty fonr hour* I did not pn'l fh nil tka taatlraany ka gara. tor K ?u knt , ,rnb r*'i( n of Mr Oondoti t aridanraj but In what I .wU(?d I tka ?ah?taa** and aplflt fairly and l_ tka tart ka dtopntaa I ??? hlf Tary wordt Ha l Ikia Xt no lima did I ateta 'hat nay kind of woma* aooli da " What Mr l.ytor did atata 01 that p-lnt what I ?waa? t? ' n?'-?ary, I now tra->?-rlHa _ f-y fraoi lay aotaa a? followi aa?a?*d tka a>|* (Mr* fklllpa) partly on aoaoaat of h?r .o? Mi| " in,, (|Sf?tr. for wo wantad alio riaaar* and partly tirnana* wa waatad w-man of any kind. for It wna riBo?t lwpoatlhla ta akUIn famalaa " Wa donbt Mr I'tattv ?> * **r ? **? "? hind to inaka np tka r*qnl*IU aa??ar. a* tkay eonld !2rbta" a*??ik of r?d afntara knt hi. war* war. glraTaka^ hf THW RIPQKTKR. DmmMK Wliarltanf. Bna (,,?ia Oaaa will dallrar a laotara kafora tka > Franklin l.yoan* af f roTldanaa. on tka Wtk laatant kTkaM.yor of Warti.ftoa alt, At MM h Aay of tk*akaglTl*|la IMtttf E NE M Interesting fr?m <** G?rt Salt Lake Crantry. abrivai. or cai*t stanmujk y and ijkvt. qi/nniso.n. [ Kr in the St Lonli(Mo) I?t?lll?t>noiT, Not. 13 J Hie St Ange arrived from lite Missouri, last evening, having, at paaaeugert, Capt Stanahurv, of the topographical engineer*, and FUeut J. W. (Juuni-ou ?nd party, who are on their return from an exploring expedition in the Great Salt Lake country. Capt. Stanabury, with Lieut. Gunnison and twenty men, left Fort Leavenworth in May, ItM9, to explore and survey, ky order of government, the region of the Utah Mouutaino, from Fort Hill, in Oregon, to the valliea of the Great Salt and Utah Like*. in the now Utah territory. On their outward trip they pursued the route of the Sweetwater Pass. or, aa it la now called in common parlance, the South Pans, and thence to the Great Salt lake, on two routes, by dividing the surveying ftrty at Fort Bridges, on the Blac* Folk of the Colorado?('ant Stnniihiirv r?r? the command of one division, whiUt the other was entrusted to Lieut. Gunnison. We learn thai the survey has betn made ot the two vallies of the laktb?a complete manipulation extending over their surface?the route explored to Fort Hull, and, on their return, a direct route wan taken through the plains to the east base of the Black Hills, which lua about eighty miles south of the Plane route by the Sweetwater river. This was found to be a very level, well grassed and watered route, an 1 turns the point* or the Medicine How Mountains on one haud and the south point of the Black Hills on the other Coal in ^reitt abundance was found in the bluffs of the Buter Creek, an allluent of the Green or Colorado river, up which the party followed to the dividing rir'ge between the Atlantic and Pacific waters. There are now four croasinsa of this champaign country, between the North Fork and VVind River Mountains, viz : the " South or Sweetwater pass.'* the *' Nmoai's route," taken by the Cherokee -migran s with eighty wagons, and paa*>ing at the North Pi.rk, the " Lvans' route," followed by a puny ui,(W the command of a gentleman of that name, in I8-4**, and crowiug near S?ge Creek, forty miles north of the Park, and lastlt, Ctptain Stantiury's route, of between the latter two, to the eroeaiag of the North Fork of the Platte, thence to Ihe head of Lodge Pole Creek, which creek lies in he pit.ins, and is a tributary of the South Fork, whence they come to Foit Laramie. Capt. Stansbury wis upwards of twelve months ictively, Hnd, we dare say, profitably employed in nakinji Miiveys and explorations, and his party reurn in g< od health and without accident, except a >|>rain fcUsiained by the commanding officer near bt.ri L iranne, from whence he had to be conveyed ;o Fort I>eavenworth on a litter, hut we are grati imI to Mate hp ib now better, wuh fair prospects of j speedy ricovery. The Mormons in the country where the principal iuty of sun eying was performed, aided the operaicn* all in their (lower, and are s,>oken of in high eiu.8 by Ciipt S. and his party, for their industry, ind deserve the favorable consideration from g<>ernmeut for adding a cultivated territory to the Juun, where the ordinary manner of civilization vould not have reached for years, and ju?t where need a thriving agricultural j>eo^le betweeu our Atlantic ami Pacific empiri a (.'apt Stanaburj'* party l?ft the Salt Lake city in their return h?me, on the 2*:h of August. Just in the outskirts of the town, the first ot the Morlion traiu of emigrant* from Council Hlntls was 11*t, under the command of blder Orsan Hyde, row this time, op to where C.ipt. Stanabury left he usually travelled route. Mormon trains were Uily met wending their way slowly but surely to In land of their hope. They were all getting along inely. Nothing can exceed the admirable inniner j i'iiIn which the muing of the Mormons from 't Micil lilufis to Salt Lake wan planned and exeuted ihiv teason. They were thoroughly organiz-d 'efo/e leaving the Hlulls, und appointed japains of lutuireds, captain* of fifties, and cuptaina of teua, nd ihiiiuehbut followed the manner of the moving itihethidriu of lsrul, as handed down by the i i'tt aiit.n lit aud beit of broke, and now, as then, tu*i admirably lu? it aurceeded ; when met, their ania were all fat, their wagons in repair, their iomen and children remarkably well, an<l ih? i en, to all ap.eurnnnea. hippy. It is eatitni'ed hat tMtlre hui.dred wagons will have reached the :ity of Salt Lake this seaeon, from the Mates, addng to the population i f that alreiily numerous and H>e|ering people, fnll seven thousand souls. The icj. are all pood in (he valley, nnd Mich a thing u scarcity of provisions, even with the increase it population, is not even dreamed of. (iu the trip in, Csft Stanshttrj'a p>rty were ha'g> d uj-ou by a w<ir party of Suike lid.aiia, but m v I'.iif i ii harm fur nn rnmiiw fii i>lnn ?ni irt' ' iey dii covered that prepMratmna were mude to ec? ive them; tnd also, that it wua not the 1'uha. nib ?h?ni they were at war. Tue Sumx and 'fcejeine Indiana were h*?-ti io jreiit niiin'>er?, >ut it iy wtre friendly, and showed ifreat dr-id of <1? omntt the soldier? ut Kurt l.irtmi*, near which re thnr hunting an 1 wintering ground*. The. Cbe> rases ere at war with the Utah*. the 'rows and tbe Snake loiun.*. al?o with the Pt?wieest froin the Ka?t, a*e ^arty of wIi did h id Irivrw them into the minify ot the fort, and a few c< < mi*uled the surveying jiarty tro n the Putte ii Fort K? arney In thiaconnection, we would inquire why h*? [ovrmmeat overlot kr-d the pn?iiiou on the Orreo liver between the tribes of Indlina of the I Loci, y tdoMiitbine, nndjadjtcent to the "Neutral (Jnmd, ' vbere th?re baitbr* ar-* rearly all fought, und i?u-!i he tioofii to Fort Hall in th mid.U of lit* frigidly 0'!i?n* ?i?d to a pnmt far (iiatanl from an/ of ihf nam rot.tea to California ! Th s n cert?l(lr a tte> 11 veraight id gcvrromen-, and cilia loudly (>r ben?e. In c?>rnirg in f-art Stmabnry m?>t with J Own?, utb r of Fort Hail, who-e train had !> > n robbed ) the Clow Indians, at the South Pats. in the alter p.?rt of August. He hid vent to Fort Uridgfr or avij-ianre, and hhe ere thia ohiained it. I<iv> piiCoi.'j <Sr Kineaid'a train waa m?-t at Fort )ri''K?ron the 10 h ot .^i.tember Other tr?ia?, eith t< <>d- for the valley in the vidnity. The first *. S mail arrived at Foit Bfdger on the Ptb The Ktai w?s met t >ctoher 17th, near Aah Hollow. 3?l't Tuttle'a trtin cn Plumb creek. 18 miles be'Otd K< rt ! r?n;ey, on the 2-V.h ult .ud Rkk ild(' rain wrb Indian gocda, at tbe head of Little Blue in the ?i It. A train wa? to bare left Salt Lake City on or ibout tbe 10<h of Sept''(iilwr for the St ?te-?. Oraon ~i)de, e dit* r of tbe Ft< alitr (Viuiri/um, and an ell.a 1m it... ?...M ..kne^l. waa in kiva r?tnm*#4 0 biapoat at Council Blufi hv thi* t'jin A large icn.ber ?f mianionanea to all part* of the globe r. n> to have been appointed *t the jjreat c.?ufeience <1 the Moimon church, held on of Sfptfrnkr > h. mil would a I co com** in hythe Mine opportunity. A*?it*T or a CaTWoUC Prik?t in Bwitw.["here ?uu uu'itoial Mir about the Police Court mm thia morning. from the fact Incoming known hat the Krv. John Uille*p?e, a Catholic prient, who >0iciafea in the Catholic Church in Kn licott atreet, a a a in the lock up on the chargea of assaulting with a heavy rane, watchn-r\ A W?h ( loiitm in, *nd 1W0, for a?*a tilting L) man/Ton tr and hi* wife. The 'acta, aa related by the |?r?on# aaaaulted. are m 'nh?tanre,aafollow* ? It aerma th?i between 10 and II o'clock laa>t evening, Mr. Towlc and wife returned fr< m an evening ride in the country, and icrordinc to hi* ttraal ctiMom, drove hia horafl to a liable on fudbnry atreet. r*'o>ping at the entrinre ?f ilie atahle, Mr T aaaiated h-? wife to alight fr? m the cnrriage, and while he ato,<|>ed a mnimnt nr two forthe turpoae of living direction* to the [>atler, hia wife atartrd down the atreet on the direct way homeward. Towle aoon followed, and ju?t aa he overtook her, they met the aeruaed, who an ed hold oi Mr* T in a rude and it delicate manner, causing her to cry out, and become very faint Mr Towle inatantly afkrd (tilleapte what he meant, when the latter replied, ** don't yoo aay a word?I know yen?I've a light to do juat aa 1 r...n^ In " I ll h?r? K Of (1 < II I IP H . ?* hl*n Oil lespie muck Mr Towle, and started upon the ran. Towle cried, "Mop him, ' and watchman Gloutman, being cloae at hand, gar? rhaae Juat aa he came tip with Oillespie, Clontman ?ang out, "hear? to?I'm a watchman. At ttiix, Oillenrie turned and atrurk C. a violent blow, whirh took eff?et on hia shoulder. Cloutman caufht hold of IHIIeanie, again telling him that he was a watchman, when he rrcri*ed anotker blow on the right cheek from Oilier pic's fiat. Watchman Peaae coming up at thia time, he aaaiated Cloutman In aecuriAg the nccuaed and conducting him to the went watch hnuae. The cane with which the blow*,were inflicted nyon Cloutman and Towle, ia mounted with a caat iron bead, and weifha fonr pr tnida. < .11 leapt e waa brought before the Police Cotirt thin afternoon, and for the assault uooo Mr and Mra Towle wm ordered to recognize In the sum of for hia appearance at the lVcember term of the Municipal Court, for trial. It appeared in evident? that when running from Towle, ha fell npon the pavement, and when watchman CI mtman ci'i?tit him bio nice waa besmeared with blood. The blood came Prom a wound in the noae, and apoa examination thin morning, the bridge of the now w. a fonnd to he frtctvrea. He prohthlf received the wound at the tiaie of hia fall He atontlr denies any iatenti< n of committing aajr aaaault UfO? Mra Towle, or any one else, and frequently appealed to the Almighty to wiiseM the tratk of his declaration -Mm .hm naf, Afo 19. $ W Y< ORNING EDITION?MC TI??-1 o*a of the IT. S. Ship Torktown, The Washington Kt)mbHc, of the 2:id in 8?> B:?The following letter, *mn* an accoun the loss of the United vStitea Yorktown. ci mantled bv Captain Mar*U<n, has been addrei by one of her officers to his parents aod brother whom we are indebted for a copy of it: ? Island or M*?o. (0*rit db Transs,) September 18th. I860 I lia?t#n to inform you of the wreck aud eutir? of th? I'uitoJ States sloop of- war Yerk'own. Kb* h.n stranded on a ooral ri*f, at the northern extremitj thin island, on the Oth Svotamber. I860 About fire o'slock on the morning ot the, wl endeavoring to pass between Bonavirta and Mayo, is i ui cuetthi in toming from the windward to P? Praya.) low land was discovered yrrj cloie on port bow Orders were immediately given to haul ship on a wiad. a? ?h? had be?n going fraa at th? r ot eevan or eight knot* an hour, fram the tlm? wet made the island*. which vat on the previous day; h ?o rapid' was the current, that In leas than Sft Blinute*. (according to my judgment) w? "truck o vtry broken coral reef. Kndeavors wera then mad< braoa aback but without effect aa dh? had complvl wedged on the reef The topgallant yard* were tl vent down, minute gun* flrc-d. and tha ensign hold union down a* signal* ot distress Happily for us however, by the untiring exertii of the offloars and men. thr boat* were hoisted out time, or elite deplorable, indeed, would hat* been fate. In ! ** (I should tbluk) than thirty mini alter wa had xtruck iha wa< an antire wreok Order* were than given for every one to rave they could; but, before any on* could get below, i careened over on tha starboard aid*, making It imu sible for any ptr?on to get below the spar-deck W wa* then pasred to cut away the maitu in the h that ahe might right again; but. alaa for the Yo town, her day* were numbered. and her race waa r althoagh erery thing in th? power of man had bi done to pare her; aod that, too, I muit *ay. with I utmost calmness and somposura Fortunately, however no live* were lo*^, nor i even the slightest bodily hurt received by any o although every thing an the deck was tumbling *bi in tba wildest confusion. Two inaa war* saved fr drowning in tha ward-room by having tha quart deck Hcnttled over their heada Everything having been dona that could be of * service, the boat* were called away, and every pert ordered to gat into th?m and subsequently we were landed on the beach But, alai. for human misfortn here we wtre doomed to suffer new diffloulties s privations, which you can murh better imagine tti it will be possible for me to describe to you at least psper Imagine a large, level point of land, covei entirely with bit* of sharp broken lava and sto which to many ot u* who wera fcroed to laave the *1 without shoes or stocking*, was extremely painl Hut this sat not the wont, for we had nothing to e and not a pint ot water to cool our parched tongu nor could we obtain any water for many h'?r*. I nearest spring* being three or tour miles eff. Nothl had baen saved from the wreck that oould allay < thirst or satisfy our hunger. lathe evening we auacaeded in pitching ate porary t?nt. which answer. J in a measure la shield from ike burning run and damp n iiht dew*, which i eo dangeroun in ihla country On the f( Hewing day, pn paratir>n< ware made fakir.guaall to the town ot Mayo, which wa? ab< twenty one mile* Olatant from the wreck Accordin we took up our line <>l mar h, Mini on mules andn> in b< ?ta (myself in the Utter.) and reached town I in the evening, where we were kindly received by t American Cr<neul (a colored man) and many ot the i IIth. We were aoon aa comfortable aa the cirou ataocer would admit. At the flrat alarm of danger the second lieuteni *ii dlapatchcd with the aecond cutter to Porto Pra to prrcure a*rl?tanee fur ua. and returned again the 8th with a fu)all echooner, rnnta.oing proviaio lor ua. We are all doing aa well at pre?ent, aa could be i pfcted by rhlpwreek-d m* rip era on an alm"-t deaoli lalaiid ai.d ate in the daily expectation of the arrii ol ihe rtore rhip. cr the I>?ie.' which we have In iuce learned wa* fitting out Icr eur relief, or ?oi'er vaaael, to take ua kotne I thick no l/lame ran be attached to Oom nan li Ma at?n or. Indeed, any other peraan an we hare h (juently paeaed through tha "Be paaaatfe. and we altering the aamn roune a< naual. whiih >hould ha kept ua at leaat twenty mile* troa the raef , but t oldeat inhabitant* ot thle place, aa well aa mny a* captatna. aay that there ia no regularity at all in t rutrent. at certain i--aa< ne Several wreck* have < e?t|ed on tin* Mmd rery lately, and witbim tweo Uillra ot the earn* apot where we atrutX ; the ot!lo> and ciew of one of which - the Ieabella. a bitk-i p i rt n> n In cur di-'re.? On tbe nib jnrn Htgea one ot our m ? wh ia wai Imc olcthea, aa ia anppoaed at the lock. ??* ill by tke aurf and Jrowned. lie waa atl?r<rarda covered and burled 01 the beach. enda one cf the ir o?t melanehely adveotu throi'gh which It baa ever been ny fate t<> paae. a which I pray Almighty Ocd inay never happen to I again . and let ua ail in lt? in pratalng illui for ha Ibg preaervid ua tbua far from harm A iuhee<;iirBt 'alter ta^aa the. all !nal Jhai been I taltad en heard llii Dale li>t< rretli'K fro in Liberia. W??ollect a few additional tteaia fn m tha la'e I b'rlan ni wapapera. which are worth reprinting The>rian go?*rutnent were applied to. reoent lor their urllni n b?t?ito two African monarch*, avert a threatened war A rommteatoner wh* a-eor Ir.jly an doted and aent to arrange the .lifll-u.ty, p< r itl? Hi.til*ae a difficulty ot a alngular .i urh a* European monarch* and mediator* are aeld< eallrd to adjuat ; and It mli'ht require wiaer th, V iirrreiti trm a rtam? n'l fA afla-rt m. attiafMiArV * ju>'nn tt Tb* c?"?, Kf Itatri by th* Ltba'rU lh*jJ4. a* ?oll> ? r> ? Old Klrp rrrmlry favorably known to many our mtrcbki ? wtiilr on a tlift a f?w day* *gi to l)n warm, a (Itlah t'blvf, f> r Iti* purpona of adding ai tin i to lit* alrrady l*v* *fo<k of wire*. *a> ?< !at .1 a confltad In ' *tlt!k' to.(?tbi>r with hi* whola mil'. * crpilng on* who l bf t!i>* of hi* li> r r cd who bring* tb* ra-l lnt?l!',?*fio? of th ? Indian! oOi r?d to hi* ?-a#t?r It app?ar? thnt on Jcmiufll bit bfi?clb< a, fiio? dUput* ar"?* t*tw*vn IJrosit tnd th* part iitu of tht* Kill. riitpretloj lb* axon) rrmr jur* *go a#rr< J t a. to b* paid tor tb? rt.u?? laiu'il. t1* i tl|?r Uatb. 2 rll??r band*. 1 roont ' Ibflii* 1 kroc? ol rlrr- lib;a*? kctti-*, and 30 atle of talk. Th- i an at* IfcsWttd that tb*lr da?(kl> ttirpaMlbf b* a>ity wblnh baa b*?o d??> lop*1 aln?* t original ti(*cu?iil t-atul-d lb) m to gtwatwr ?-o p*nratlca than tfia ?*! ? of th* artlcln annoTa*. abot*. TotblMh* king d-murrm*. and ibra?t-o?'d pc?Mfa him'rlf oI th# girl by for** . akltk tbri arottrd thr tea n't p*rpl*. ai.d bla Maj?4y aooa fou blm??lt la - limb<. " ll!? bl*ft and b?adm-n. baek*d by kin** Jlmi ard1HlI*y. bat* *pp Ird to th* Lib ria authorltl** lat'rpo'f In hit h?half , otb>rwlr* th*y 111 b? unt! th* n*?**tl'y tbry ray cf making war vpoa t tit lab prrpir A eo*ml?*lc*rr ha* b ?n ??ot to l argr tr* .Mllnul'y. and to proour* tb* *al*r<> mi of tt>* "Id frlkMr" Thr Hi;tV gW*? lk? following itc uM of a M*l* ??r fit ai M'trotla on thr rtrtlti of th* 4lh ol" An la thw a*t?rn pai t of thr b*arrn* ? It had a luuitnou* ?\p*ar.inr*. r**??bli*g a h of about two t??t In diam-rrr It otorrd with gr? trlorlty towarlath* wr*f, Ilk* Ml*?rva ? ba?ty tt'? f?< m thr p?ak? of "lyaipua to hraak tb* traca b?f w? tb* 0 r**k? and tbf Trt.iao* " At NM It ?w*m*d Inert* * la brllitaaey ro i? ta e%?t a darning I'g I-1 jn f ba rank and than dlaitnlah **aln until ab< ? o rlork whta with a r.put Ilk* >b* rtim'-llng dlataat fl *iflo4*l. th* partial** dirvrgt la *?*ry tflr*rtm? A ? rtou* (I'fllnulty app*ar? to hara arl?*? b?ttrr tha king cf Iiabomt and rr?ld*n?a In bit dopilalo lM>(lfat?d a* It would a**m, by rla'a tradtra. I IbTold ?ay? ? Wr ara not dafialtrl- lnf<?TBi?d with r**ard to t niltiind*r?t*ndlag , It ap|?ar? howafr that i ?la? ta la that avaatry hating b*foia* alarnad at I r?c<at iltortaof tb* brltlnh gotammant fir than pr*?elrn ? ( tb* *la?a trad* iW*. ???i*lft4 tl?a W of Ini'ti 'i.g tb* kli.f to a< nd out of bla fere'Jttua* Brlti b mtjrcH IB* HOI Munn nnri ... ItH, ha* (|| MKI ft Ifolov fret Hi. Inm J 01 Iff t hat ff? rt ?0d h?? t hrmlrnoj to mn*>?9rw *il Hril ?nty?ru crtaBx-artug with th* fnm>4 hi* t?rrltrrraf??T a c?rt?ln thort pcrlnd ?o alarml aad erl?|e?l wi? ?h? Mtnatloa rf 'ho Fn.-Uth In I hrn?? that ' ?pt?tn Fnrh^'.oi h?r hrlj I B?tt h?? bt?n il?| a'eh-d to with tba ! ! > tor 9 II %tv?. wh>h h?T? no food re??r>n to doo'jl tl *><> ? <! ?. I ? *'! to th?lf di?br ll' ?l tr?( h?T? itlfRlUM w* b??? naif to I that tiny ktt> intt? or?ri*?rt,?d tonafvlrn* and < bt ri?nU In own ?ttar? Thr l???t upjn?tifl?>>i? violaao# ronml'tai ?a H t)?b tnh>*?t?wMI b? bald MaiiKiIni pr?t?*t ami M?j??ty lofimnrnt will aott aaawr dir arall lbftltea ?.f It lo bio* k ad* t h- I'ahoay t?r;imri ?M tb* nnaaitlralloM by whlnb tk? >U?* trade than *"' ?>? amHaimd with ltd to*^| aanih lira Irnn bta tfi?lnl? n* " Tk? I.iVfIu i?tk*H>lri nra ta Vara fl?t? tial* ?(T?<-?oall? fr< ai tbr?r MMt An attai bad t>*?r in Ad* by a Portugo?a? ftlurr* to land at t Una# but aba ?a< aloaalr watebad b; a PrUlab brig wu and iTMfttirt to Trad# To?a. wh' r* b?f ?nj cargo landed ami aadaatored to Baku a har.-*ln n m? fla?*? Tba T,lb?rtaa gnrtmateat aebr L aal de?paleb?d to watrtk hrt aao??mint?. wblab alarm' <i the cap'aln tbat fca railed j>wiP|ta??tr If Trad* Tntl, lea ring the *ot>erc*r*n o? ?hora The p?rtarcn *a* alter *?i d? eenred and aaat oa board Brtllih brig Ilcand ? l??rf?m TVaif'ler. tf-r tl Ti?* Nrvv CorrtTT-TTo^ or Mtcmsa* ? At Hrrrlan rrturna thoar the a<;o,*i >n of the ,?? v> ? etitntion ly a tarn" m\intiiy, ai d *a, in 4|| bur probability, much of the roraiag legial I'Jt* ?* ? will b? employed in ent? naming. d'/raaMing, (;i*j oeiag of onmaroua ?m?mlm?i.t? akwn wil rt r| til it, we ahail, <luritg th W? take ?p, anrlendenaa* *? paaai > at 10 mir r<<*4 im ate of ihe moat ??f>i>ciionabie f? atur' a maM in it: in rioirg which, wr aha'.t be gift* it by a we belie** t? ne a aft'-rf /M, general belief oj-inion among inr? llig- ni ,nea " ?"? the pvori?l which tf propoae to rrbr to. We are o?*? whole | 4ravwtat?n of the pp.tfM ayatem. bnt abo ilH glad to ixe ii ao ai to iicrrue the ha vn ?f 'be Htnen, and the prwnperity of ih? !* 1 There gr* featrrpa roattinM la tb- taafraa I wbkb fc?<l t* do gijiher -Dttrtft Mv , H* )RK H ?NDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 18? Theatrical and ftlwnit-al. lit, Bowrnr Tur/iriiF The m.>at attractive bill / the t ot' Beat-en U prea*?t?d for ibta eTonlng ? nrauseui"Bts ? two beautiful dramee?the La?t l>aya ot Ponpti" \ and the grand rOmaatic *peetacN of th? J?*m? " j 1 It is alnjoet unnecereary to ?pealt ot tb- dramatic ta > t0 lent of J K Scrtt ?tw ii *o Ioh< and favorably known to tfie llowery people a* an actor of conHid?rable dra| matie talent Suffice It to ??y he will appear, thl* \ evening, In two of hi*great oh?ractcr* Arbneee In the low l La? Pay a of Pompeii " aod Kleazer Mrndizab?l, the 'nK Jew and rich goldeniith of Conatanoe, Mm C Wer "f mjsit. an aetrra* ot great prouil?e and who is a general favorite will aid Mr Scott In the flret pieea *be 1'B appear* a* Nydla. fhe blind (lower gli 1 of I'ompeli nnd (J1 in the IVj?t an Kanhel Menduabel. th- Jewaea. The ,rt0 other characters will be auataiaed hj Hrura Tilton, ?"r Hamilton. 8teveUa Jordan. Mm Walrott and *(ra Jorthe ja? One of the afcove dramaa l? in itaelf aufllMent to ate draw a goodbouee; but the manager aeem* determined imt that hie patron*Khali have th> worth oftheir monejr. 11' Bboadwat THtATae.? The now American play of the " " -III K- -I.K. . > , ?0 Its auccesa in now decided, and we hope th*t a New

. York audience will not be slow to appreciate the native leu of the author, and the theatrical enterprise of j the managers of the Broadway. The house during thx ' pant week baa been very well attended, but we could 0_, j haw wi?h? d to fee It more ao. Of it* tu-rlta. ?nd the . i_ merit* of the different performer* In the piece we hnve QUr already apoken, and our orincism* have bee? re-echoed Itea i by tht abole pre*e. A* a further specimen of the language we ijucte the lollowlug past-age id which Cuatanxa relate* to her gay cousin the story ot her young ha lover'g barolc achievement* It oha> oed a beggar's child, A pie't) boy, one if ihiae nimble i on pa ori* That liTf by miraclia 'twixt hursts leet, ope Ant< under carriage wheela ? be am! on anfli'J rk- In the unu-nal pres., ahriek'd nn for help, un Then suddenly ? as :ill for eery f at. ' Tho a hole crowd hold its breath and one groat heM t K*at th ro' it all. Now there aroso a cry, 'be ) ei while the silly people dm l>u t (cream, I 1'own frotn hit charter Uapen the n?valier, ?.ih Pssbed in the throng. and ere I cried Old bltss him !' He, The boy was launhiDgin hia mother's arms. ( >u, "T?as a great soene Tho Dnke stretched <>wt his litnd, . And gloiioua ia hta dimaaeil and mirey suit, ' 1 The hero mounted lightly on his horn*. er gome nobles laugli'd, some sneered, sone looktd aikanoa, but all the people raised a might* ah. ut, nr And the grei t sun, bursting a har.ey cloud, , i0a Shone round Jcranio I ke a hale." i ali The entertainment* will oonclude with the farce of . DR ''Platonic Attachmeata." j md Nibi.o's Where can an evening be paused > ] '? ! with greater pleasure and M%M than in witnesalng < on the varioua light ntertaining and highly auiualug f 'ed pertormancea of the Ravel Kamily 1 To-DUhtthe en 1 | ne, tertalnmente cunmrac* with the evolution* on the | , up >nm ii'M. ui mm jiiii ?i in? imurrmrgi we mutt 'ul. aweit. that for agility and graceful attitude we h?ve at, never Fern any anint* to tqual Kmucoid Ravel and the a; loc< mpaiable Leon .lavelli. wlio had no rival. Mi.lam he Axel'* dancing on the rmt/r r/otfivur Id beautiful, and nj . the featr ot Ua i'atite Kliiabeth. conditiering bar ten >ur der jearf are aitonlrhlng The nest indue duocea ion will b? the new and *plendid diverti*a*uiaut. in in- ; eight chirecttrietic danced wl h the the queen of the im ' Terpdlcborean art. Milt B>itinandM Drillaut, u* tha ire leading featured The entertainment* will eonolude with the gorget u* fairy pantomime of Kaoul. or the lor Ma^lc 8tar We are pleaeed to leaiu that the *plen>ut j did ballet paiitomim" ot 'Uriel," will shortly be pro;ly I duc-d 0118 Bi mc>'? Tiiuii)?" Education." one of Morton'* **8 excellent comtdied I* tha flrst on the lidt fur thi* *re "* i Ing In thid piece. turt'H, Blake Leitir. Bland, Johi don and Jordan, with Mre Skerrett Mr* llufhea, m- f Mi?? J. Hill. Ml** W?*ton and Mr* Henry, will I With*uth a ca*t the progrer* of KOuottlon mu?t be in* onward. Tho*e tine old comedie*. written in excellent 7? language alway* aiming at moral rei-ulf*. and in g?ne. 0D ral very in*truotlve, dhould b* extenNively pHtr'>ni*ed; IU* and we are glad to perceive that Burtou* ?ITort* to trtablieh the legitimate drama are entirely duccedalul. '** He 1* an excellent cat?rer lor pulllc amoiiera?nt? kt* k?ep* everything moTing like clock work and ha* alwkj> arcuijii Mm men of undoubted talent. Mt*a Daly "K will *lng a new ballad, aud Mi*e Walter* will tntralure a8 m favoi lt.e medley danon The amusement* will giom with the excellent comedy of "Uded Up,'' Leatar a* *r Sir Chaili * Colddream irt, national tmi at*? Thi* evening Mr Purdy, tha ra active and indefatigable mxnugcr ot the National, offer* l,_( a programme of uncommon attraction for the amu-e |a. I ment ot hi* pulton*. Tha piece, which will be pro.1. dared. hee pn*t the management a large *um of money; (0_ It I* entitled. 'The Ma^ic Well, or Kalry of the Deaert " tr It I* raid that It will be presented in a atyle of magulfl- I ,r, r< nre which ha* *eldooi been witne?Md Nearly all ^ tte extensive dramatic cori.d will apvear and from wliit we in | ."? ' th* -? ?k--? ?ii ' .i<ue ,k. Sa ional tr1* evening will Ve nmply r?qultc|. Ml?* ,vj j Malvibn will appear In various da ice*, and tha en'er' talr iai i t* will ocn> I jde with the exeellent nautical drama of " T< m Cringle " Thi* bill will, no dotibt. ... I.aie Iba ?ir?ct of crowding every department of the ad * **?1 1 nr Mr< iia.ik?' Il?i.i ? CbrUty'a concert room in crowd- > ? !? i ??1 tn rrnry ut?)it. (o hear tbn chiiloeat gnma j 1 of Kthiopian niinrtrelay The dancing ami nolo* are r?cltnd w ith thunder* of applauae Hereon* deeiroue ' of (Vafnltg good r?et?. nmi>t (O narlj, >i crowd* are J , tarred to r?tlm for want of room |j. | Frnon*'Orr*? lloi-tr Captain Fellow*' n?w aad ' beautiful tall I* crowded rvrj night to hear tha 1- ' joke* and tun of I'.ruUdir Bouh* The (inglug an>l I to pairing ate eac?)leiit Tba audience retire with a 4 full d' tiiminaiioD of r?!urniug ihn unit nl(h< to | If b?ar tbem again Thriolnaby Hri^g*. iluniley and r#) Mtyer are worth the price of admleelon. >tn Ahiikan 111 III m?Thl* ?pl? ndi'l plana of amti't I * tn-Dt ??? mind Ij in ui? tif-n crowd* rrry d?T i id- | !a?i week. to ric (irn.rtl Ton Thumb Tb? <?en*r?l la willapptar thia rY*niog in Albert Hinlth'* cs'rara (aijta ot "llop o'M; Thumb.'' whi#h will be produced of in a iro?t mn^niflrfct *tyin. with c*w pa^n^ry and >n uplerdld OrraiiK. Iitlif nflciirn Oen Tom Th'irab 10. will appear In a vaiiety ot charentrr* Tba oomi'dlefta iid ot' Mr aid Mr* P' l.r W hltf. ' will *!*o hi. performed. I * wl'ha tarlety of tinging aa d fencing- The *iil?nrtid III colleetlop of M n??um >i*? been aildad to I 'J thin tmaitnre ?tnbll> him-nt. making it com ol tha ! ng |ti at?*t muieum* lb tie world. j TairLaa ll*i.i. ? Mr. Kn.;h?a ha* eotnpM'd h!i ar \ , rai tviEtbii to aire promenade concert* .r la Ju ' rn rt ; a lu Mu urtl. The flrat of ti n * rie* will be glren on Thtir?day ne*t An initr.rn??- orcb?rtra of D(i*ar"H ol rnn haiiuend and twe?'y pertorniT'. hate b??n ?? r ? ' g ?g? d to neciile the work? of thn gri-atntl e' mp'ienra. j ' It I* t?gh to ray that .Mr Itoch-a will be the dire8- ' ttr. to ?n?ure tha mccm of tbia new feature Invrw- ] 'J dimtd for the flrat time In America An rmlueat pro' fpMor ef darning will nip. rlntt td. miatar cf crr?- j r *! , * ontrl ? H?w Yoaa AlWIIIWMW.?h.*aulHnl a.|?a#. I ny Irian ?p rtarl* oC'Cln^rtlk" w.ll ha pr>Ju.?a. fir 1 to tbr flrat tiinr at tbl* rlrgant rlrrua, thin h??iiIo|C All |?r Ji>*ail<? b?l"n(|ti ( to (Mi ?IWlt?rt roiapaflf, I h? ?1' h a criio i f tilt j (bll'lri n. erga<?d Ivr tb* purpose ir. will apt -ht in It fin V n-p?r>-t by tin* bt niai.njtr to Wrin* cut thl? baaattfnl la tb* 'mo?t M)l?. The ?til>t Frreob troup? of ( or, iqut>ttl?u? will appear in a rarl-ty of act* in tho i I J air?l*. W 'iHniiini II * it Tha Panorama of tha ril*rlm'? II PK'KIipi ' ittrtctl ltr|? tsi!l?tera ?wj tr'Ulnf. It ' t It a palatini w?ll w. r'h} af tha patronaga It tfortn-t. :,,t Pinfr?*i Il?i i? !# k rraT??'a Voyag* to Oall*" fcraia la aiklMtad a*ary ni*ht t? rrowdad hoaxta. | who baatew great prate* ?.o thla I>**?ti:ul pan -' ? a*. >nt l?iatrim 01 ?>? A<t*em Ao adtfiw "bo h"?a of app-arad in London uod-rtbv nana of Via* Faulk land, ng ?p|-??r*d lacntly at tb* fount? ilmtt, London. li trcutft XI. undar tlw following rtrfum?tarn?t Hi# n plaintiff i at*red Into en ag?? *njaut with Maaare i Wanna ?>oii and l'h? Ipa bj ?h, h ah ? ?u t" d > : i? juranlla ha tragedy. aa wall mined?. at a aaliry of ?4 prf ?rk tha firat aeaeon A 4 tb* and A O tba third eea h* a???,'' Pbe retired tb* Mrat and ee?<<nd w*?k?* ealary, I ha but ow ?pptylit? for ?b* third >1)4 *M ialirn'l th*r* ,h? m?a ti>r.? tor Bar Tha plaintiff. i>o ? lag ero?? ?* ;j> a mined *a?d. My raal iaaa ? Aa* Hi>bio<oo I bar* I,a ?'M'ru? l two itax. Mr>. ( ha ltlnM and Ml? Kaalk- | *,l land I p'lfnrn"! wltli Mr. Ma-ready, at Pre?ton, la. undtr tba nama of ('hadatak* <r 1 haa to hi*de me en < ffer of A'*! to co?proml?? the matter. I j.b iMntort iltlag aitti Mr I'ba-ialck*. a* hka alia for ng th*!a?ta|? y?rra I bara form*4 at tba Thratre*n > Hi jal Meifaa*. fila'gow fraaton. and other l?r<? eltleiy >,. at 4 bad ana?rtad the pattanf Lady Maefcatfc. ophel*. In Metgatat. aad a h?^at at ehai*'t r? I n?re walked aa IK. tl,? atage I j Ikou with gentian a al rn* rj'nut* i?'l arr^arad aa an o'd wrmao awit V m t'l" tiat Mr. I'balpaatatad tbal ha bad antad wltb tba ti*1*' He, tiff la tba ) ra?iu< ?? whara h? o koi>w I ?r a* iay b?lf(t Mr? i haJwiehe A? -oon a? b-f bar nil ) oa tha boarda. he noticed h'-r <tyla r! pi*iln<. and bar faea at o?aa brrta' fkiall Jar To ntlrfy bint' r(. ralf b* made iDi^ulrlea. aad to bU.bortot loatad It aa? bar 1" ' hadwtrka whom iia bad ?'*(aff*d ia r p'%~a n\ ,a M iaa (>r<par who had hy har atlraman: *-??talt?^ ,,ff rarMKtJ Th? plat at Iff rotilil M H>r 0?? ?W?W *? I* ?lth MIm Onnp?r. ailho la ja?'?l> trac"<lf a? Ms- | ?n*"'T' """ <?barai>??r* ? , I?-g"t>a. l?atna?- wl , otb?r? b? ?mit*d bar to n^^or In, bft ma pby?V??llf th? ud nnltH} 1?<l u. Ill Mi* ???M ?' V ?t'H apt | trad tk<? wthIIt ?unwi ?<van?r h?w tlraa i?l A'KO thvo ?b? ?faould bam ?iip'*rc4 on tbalr b>ard?, of an* ?a4 ha bnnwa her ?a?b* Mra CAadwirk' ain't on- ! Iff- fh? won'* ant bar* b*?a i?<a?? I In i frrr rti??*rxa?l?aUo? b) Hi L< at*. Mr Pb< Ipa aaid K aaa I ?r* anal.aiary for m?ni Vt< of lb? thratrlaa'i ?r<fe*?lon ta N tiuuMt (Intitlnna r%ra*>. V ,%t Oo p"t W aa**aau??J >?a. *? ? Mlaa f n?rtrn In Hm R*?d. ao1 Xl?? Jtdla ?. HatUad ta Mm. tfoakiaa. T^? IntUr fram Mr. ?tha -fady la ?blf>J?b? Mat* a tbat tha aUiatlff la Uk-lT In ha an anqntftt** tn th* Loud"* V>*rda. and "aly ffqatrad ??n?a London prattle* (ltd not aol?ly UfluIbr MM Ml t? JHMt Iff MtrlMi Th? Jud|a abaarr*d _ tbat tb? aattnu ?houU ba brought fur of c?a j ?ta>*t aad ant tor ?a*r?. at n? ?ar?l?a* had It appear ad. b??a fandartd II* ?a*t tharalora. hob >il? tha flalati#, bat without 00*11 ? Lin p>?l fimi, * ? 1? "*? -. *. ?~~ ?h, ~n? R'Omt inCnt'i<K Pi nun Pa* rn? ***< ? . fa ?The editor* of thf Putahiirflh ( P? ) tstlfrr *it f? ii>d I lately prt?*n?ert for an ?IMf4 hnel n,..>n Mr?. mat ! I*aa. of manager Fnaier'a lienttl ?-%l com^inf. ?rvi The rnaii>>r ^orpitUi*'d n? ncearre 4 in a <*rinela?n 1 ion? "M?* tfc? The ^ was ifnoivd, | ,,l, and tb? pruawcvtrii ordered to'4jr the ??ate Thta I h? dertaion it an important *?% ?a wrll to tk?- plea* | ppj. aa tn tfce ituff |i will" ?!)? qn- f(K>n t?? %ctor? an. a*trena*a*re p?thli^ rhnr te?era. and * anr V ' ,r0, '?f?r jr?fea?.o?^i art? ?r?- >?? f<f frMj , W Vi [ERA 10. , * <u Court Of Ofiirral HrwIORi. Before Jodgt L>?ly an4 A1J Uriitna aud Deletnater Not. 22 ? Trial of a Junk Shop kerprtfor Krithing Stotm I'rvprrtj) ?a irau named John McAfee, *bo keep* a ;uDk shop In liaiu*er*ley Mieet. wan put on Ma trial charged with receiving stolen good*, knowing ike Hunt- to k*M<n Joiue time coring last mimiotr a nnmVf of young boyt were arrested in Prooklyn for the eom nstMion of roblrarUit perpetrated in that (My On* of the boy* happened to lw a tyro in orims. hi'* im-netfiately oonffri-ed ?M that be knew in relation ' ? the matter. The eje of ti&e police had long been upot MoAfn and the developments in thit case made positive trfct* had btlore been but strong <u?piciou? Thv following testl Mjr will gtm a bixtory ot the cane : ? John Clark, sworn tm'ilie<l a" follow* ? On the l'.'th of August IhhI I resided at aid Went T??roty Her?~th cfrftt. that *?h my place of rasidenc* when in the oily, at that spseific time I ??? in the couirtry, a* wan kino Mr. Cumiuing and Uraily who occupiedthe house jointly witb me. during our absent**. th? house tn entered, and clothing guas. table, silTerwrxa, etc.. were carried off,the property belonging to -a* was worth over > re Were two overcoat*, a dre?s ooat. r frock o"a> three vest*, and thr?e pairs of pas tut onus; there wt-re ulr? tonit knive* and fork*, and a l>rocU? locg -ba? i belonging to me, 1 tave been on th < premises Of the accused. he keep* St j'lnk shop in tfaoimersley treet; I WH?it ihere in company with nflioer* St-phnns and 8badt>rU. of tbi* city, and olllcer ri'iuires, of Krookl) n we found a coat belonging to Mr Oumming. iud m nir |>?v 11 ticket*. I found no property of minx at the time; *>ut Mr Mi-Atee bi-ing arret-ted in the i'Ttnlng iuJ brought to the polioe oftloe, had on one uf my coats, (eoat produced) that la the coat; he kept a place tor the jnrchane of old Iron, bra**. etc ; he did nor appear to de?! in clothing. the shop wan in a l>??eQj'iit, it ?>* at a*wnt t>'. o'clock. P M , that we saw MrAfee; one of the offcer* went in and brought him out, and took him to the police office; nothing of any conwquenoe wan sk.'tl on the way a coat of Mr. Oumbiiiik* *a? found in the front part ot the basement *moig?om? iag?; ipa?n ticket* produced) tb**e are the tame ticki-is fouad at McAfee'*; witness atated that property of hi* own; and Mr. Cuininings wai lound at the pawn whop* deMgnaied on the ticket*. W ituesa ?a) rron eiumiufil ky the Ueti ndaut'rf ctu.sel, but aotbing n - w ?a< elicited Win A CumuiDg. being aworu. testified to facta imilar to those testified to by tbe liri>t witness lie identified wmc of the article* which were found at UrAlue'e and the pawbroker * Kr-deri -k Meredith sworn?I am fourteen year* ?14; [ live In Thirtieth street; I know John McAfee; I know where Mr. rumming'* hou*e 1* la Twenty-serenth itreet, I know nmething nhout the robbiry ot that louse; It ?a* on Saturday; I wa* coming acros* a lot It** to the hours, about two o'clock, when I saw a soy nimtd Thoa 8taven*?n, whom 1 knew; 1 asked lira what be was doing there; he eald nothing, but ^rerently 1 saw Johnny 8teven?ouand Kdward Dough rty eonitcg over the fence.from Mr Cumiuiag sbou?e, Se then t< Id tne all about it. and showed ma a revolrer, he ca d he hail a lot of clothing, n double barrelled [iin and other thing*. pa,-ked up to take away as soon i* It cauie dark. 1 went with him afterwards t? a junk ibop in llammersley street; it wa? Mr McAfee'* shop; Mr McAtee wa* there; Mrs McAfee told Jcbnuy 8te tvumii iuai - un i muer* uiu ueeu mere. una me ihings a*?y, *i' would not believe her. so w<-nt out. but r< turn>d af'er a little, and found bur sorting out thr cloihss i d tlie table; I uit two or (hr?? pairs of pantaloons ami a bundle tlej up; she had sura*- vests lor ting out; John 8t?r<orou said hf had bar now; she angbitf at bim and said she was only joking with nm th t rbr did not miao it; Mr. McAfee ri< there it that time alro; Johnny Stevenson wanted McAfea 0 buy a vest; ha shook hi* head but Anally told llrs. IcAleeto ?ive Johnny fifty cants, and *b? did so; > htny tb< a k?d me to go ouUide. and I wnt out; bn soon ram* out an 1 taid h? had got twauty p hllings, and ?a? promis-d mow; h? showed me fifty nt? and ??ve iua twenty fi.e cents for coming along nth biin j Johnny Stevenson is new in jail, in Brook>n t ross examined I live with my mother, In Thirtieth ' tr-ef; I lava bran arrested ouca. and imprisoned on charge of rtnlrp riltrr. lbfodMi" C. hhadboit Officer 8ij>ilres and ma ar fted this bay (Meredith) and th ? others; wa arrested i htm lor a rabhary In Brooklyn; us soon a? wa got b?m. this boy taid ho sn not usad to th bnsinass nd ha taut right out with the same story as h? ha 1 jdharr; we s< a~ched McAfee's plaje and fuuod suae r'i?l?S of property; wa bad git nearly through and t laat I looked in a clock, and found an old bit of i .ar?psp?r and in it were a lot of pasn tickets. (Th? j emalni'er of this testimony agreed materially with | but given t<y Mr Ulark ] U*t> It Walkirxwirn fie Is a rule manufasturer, j u -t k.. 4. - ? ?' lvil| ' ;? wa; I huve tiia stamp in whloh they ware made, | *e never fall tbrui. Henry W. Johnson an officer of pcll-]?i, t?etl1nd that ion;* tliv?r ware was fount in Me ilea's plain. stiwel iwey on the floor, under a bureau The def? nee produced witnesses to prove that the >ut(ne-s of the junk shop wa? carri-d on by th* wife j if McAfee, and ne.t by John McAfee biui-ejf 7 he esse ?* ruboiltted by counsel on both sides, ilthouf ruinmiog up Jn>.?e Daly e.'iargnd the jury, j nd In doing so be commented at linu<h. and with | staffs ad as teil'y. upon ' b- crime of wblfh th- Mu?>l ' ra? cbargetf. lie spok* of It a* leading youth aud reak miiided persons to the per pet rati" u of iriuiee | ihit b they wo Id not probably com nit but f.>r the n>u' sg' nn-tt which they tuat with b? uaprlneplad p.?r I i ll'', alto deal In tba tkbtniioua aiticl?- claused ueder ' he head of junk If Is honor r-vlewed th > te-tlmony. I r arkltg upon the la't of the purchase h-ing m%J? ufun-.'sy iu<rn.tig. an unusual Mine for irantaatlng uch bur-tr?S'; than upoa th* fietof the article* bI f coaettly kept lu th.< shop af the acu-wd, n*it ha , to the roi.duct of tfte woman wtio tr?u*actad ha bue<n?r- on Sunday nornir.g h r t iling untruths o the boys as to the tact of the officers having bean tiera, the hnsland being a I the time In th* loom, in^ apprktc'l to by the aoman Iroui tim* to tims. Thejuiy, without I?a*tn* their seats returned a Tarllat of iiuiity. aiid the t'ouit sentenced the prt<oner t<> he State pi Woe 'or tour > ?r> and five ut itiiUs. Not, 23? Trini fur a limit, nnit - .liinr Hargrnt ? a' f.ut on tilal rhar." 1 w?th ft hrria, wok' n and harm m, worth f !4 It ra t?b?rt It *a? ftU>g*tl in th<- Qom|>Ulat that bo jirtrooftr, hi 1 anotbar toan ram* i 0*1 <*y htr* i th? intM. ate. nt tfc* roirpia n.n t for t hf )m rpna of pi lnine Brh aU u? th? atr.? a, but in trad nt ratariitng h? bor*? and Trhlelato thto?nar It w*i?u,'?f.jn.'ntl/ i arnn] that tta boraa ? < <aol 1 lr? ft UvMpbla. Kohait II uiitcr. ot 1 >*b HI ?rtff ?t!<" t aaorn, follows1 lino* .laia-i? tfarv'til tha ptl nn?f I* and a mm mmrd l ?li hir^d a bor<* an I ta^n >.( na on tha Ifth of Noraabar I'M#, th^jr mi t> pa/ D? ft par day I h??a n? ?<*r aaan tho lorv an t a it", I ha?? Dot irn Italy ilii(?, I Hi>Ttlir 'iaa tiliatrd In tb* I'nlt?d 8U'r? army an I (ni? to f'.,w laKiro; tW hfr?. wagon a>id l.i\rn??? vara worth t, ?r i'S I aaw ??- r?J ilrun bnlur* I had rraatad. prt?-a-r raid thar *ril to PhlUJflpfcJa rh> r? th?j void tba hi tm a ; at th? tlma ih?yitot I a llMN ol n'? I? %lf jr a<-t' 4 a* apoavaiBaa, tbay t-rr v ura tb* boraa for tb* pirpoaa cf prduilng flab %bcut ba ?tmt< Ali?m llrcwar taatiflfl tbat L? kn<-? that >??lay ndtba ftlMurt *nrt?dtij[rtbiir; h- iuppiHi?li liny frTr pattfiOT* Dal; - Wby ir.jou ?uppoa- tbat thty ??r? art :>??? Wlt&aM (a capital ?i>a*lB?n of a Naw Yo-> rtrnat Vi'miii i If, yar banrr a Binat a b>ia fMtg>r> nth ?tni', >?u?r how could ha gat it v>T' " t"?Hn l ' worked A>r B 'tnlo rf onrai not K Bunt a' h> en parta-lw with blia. Judga l> - 1* it ro?toMary tor m>a who mU oyat*r? c act In j>*rt??r?bip* W | i?a?* - O yrt. to ba ?nr? thay do Ya Ma two of i a n ?a? and K'tii w*U. thru ihay -yiaa and K-t? ba Mar* rr ftan. a* ?al*m It In of 'e* aa t n ?h?t . ? Lathe hrt?a. and than. j? w?, th-y * ?? out and j all* the ttuff tad at n'Rbl thay goa? a%J?4 paya to* ho latam. p?-rha p* twntj dollar', or ?'*) ko' m l ut I a tamr tiaa ?!*?? bin hit dollar ft^.t,l?a mwr ?>r t ? :.?* t? yra. tt?y goa* pardaara. y 4 knirr S o<aw. a tj'tv'i tbiaa < n >m all f?ili .?l.'i?i'ift A a'rl aaanad Amaada Hart w?? a?it -a'l^d vil wotn M tiMtltad that aha h 4 aaitd Italy aay bat ba a??u far|?nt vara patta?M Till# W? tha mada out 'at tha pro?ar->i',V>n. Mil iki ua'rli t AtlOTaai did ftot. a*, tor rOurlatl a* ! In of wlli 'J?\j ?* uut auffl- . Th? Jud?? ?*a: ^ to . h?* jury t*i?" the tlrttiiiu- ?| pr?r?d ( ? iii/M ? ? ??rr?nt i rnn ' n>* , xtty ! ' utu< J a f-rdlet *1 net guilty J the , ^l?(l,rr on rtlfrhargrd. 7'nVrf for M mry ?,|tJf F?lt* fr>I>i>m I ri?n liaaicd Tl cnn Hptnlu V'i? ill an lv*llii(*ao? Hire ?t 1)1 .Na??*u mm < put n? ti VI <h-rn?d uh rbfali.ln* M* f* fri>a?. * po>r r?*t >? * (? Jnh? [ villa, by rlfftda of r%.v4 ,'m la d h?tinc jn?t ?it'ti rt la thia on th? TTth ?f *t?y la*t. appr>><1 to tb# for * ftlth?tl?n and n he *u> p*0. ? ?? p ?<I?. t? X ?in* If b? 'Mid l? Bd hi I*lpIr.k) ?li 0 Cvllatk *?'t Dot ao mu^ nonry ti itie, but hand?d ?r?r ?H?k ^ had !? , - MM f. r ?thlah rtplah r*n k a a r?e?lf >. al ?hlrh th'-f?'lowlcg l? a tr>py : ? !?.*. >**. May 27. '3*1. H<rt-li?d from J * n i'? l?n ?*.??. aovartlfii^ in* thirty algbt d<>U*?? and ?i*ly U?t aa?t?. on n-rnnnu ttl < n? htmdr^A MIOMA9 HI'Kilv. 114 Nwab ^I<lrk ?? l*? ?* n^r ffot htm an* fltlntlM tit r?t bin* ? work Mirv??lf cartjta* cut MrcnlaT*. ?<?v fOr?fc'?h rrrtlra* h<*. a<;r??d to p?j Mm ffikn yt ???k *Mo?. k< ??Trt. ho ??T?r did p*y Thr tr(ni*< rfr*p?.l < *a*t< tknn ?< ia reality duilaa tut b? < ? t'irrUhrd < r*jl- rra'ot. al'.kough to had aot prrirri M< Vf H* r?Jro?? for tkat ll#? In * ol?H >sli l%tuin*4 M'l iuUIj J -.11 far PnittnQ <'<u>n'>t/tif A. in.*a nara?d .!? <? Wooro ?l,0, Wwi ??? |.wt oa bl? trial rbarg?d tlib butt) In tk? >N?a< In pa??t?# ?* ? * t* It ?j. ar.d ka?lt>g III htn j a??r*?lon l*r*? aaonnt f ff atl^o* fflffartlng ta ha hill* on tk? t? ??ra lUrk Thn frorf ol tb? |???Mita ky tha a?oa?ad rf th?? *? ? was art d.nlad kj ktia Tkarawaa no prirff thaihokaa*H?tnk?k?d h^warat and a* ha rara an < *floa?Mar> *??oki?k? oamo ky It ria. that It ta> *??4 ? ? kt? la payoaaat foraharao. ?rd '? aickar g? for Canada mon?y Tho prtaonor ?p m. tr*4 to h* a and kad ??ld?nti* n kakrn 4a k? / ?barp?r: at loaat. It ?aa ta# r Unlit a' i armt to ral?* a Jookt la tha mind* ol ->h fntr M* fn'fl* ''.4 ho w?? a?qu(t>od I jfrv,i ( >? ? a Pimiixf Ojf rt.? Robart Or? 4-0T I kojr ,( n,r 14 or 18 7?ar? af *f. *?< ttlod oa a , I hra.aklrit 'nt? tha printing o?oa of Rohar* ^vvuw, [ avm rolto* rt?wt. Wo laroavy waa altta} M I ?o ?*a W ? a* aiUBft V* aa**H # hWta* JTI Li D. \ PRICE TWO CENTS. made against tha fcc?twcc?, -*hc was tovuilly fnnudo* the premiers of Mr. Oaighatd. The jur/w<-r? therefore. compelled to'aorjolt the prisoner, ?.* no fevetbl* entrance cowld be proren. Chargt of Slral ing a GM I faith, Chain, an/ /*r. A woman named Max/ Wbita. wm put on triad, oh. with grand Wroeny. In Mauling a gold watch. ham. and gold pi-noil om?. from Ann WrtgUy, ww -viii ??. or?, m orptnLTvrr wt. Ann Wrigley being nwurD. tsstifled ttlat Is Sepfcemb ' lwi she wan iud'ired to tend a xnld wstrh, chain ? ' " pencil cu>, werth Id nil about *80. to the accused, wh?' atter\rard* converted th?m to her own use. di*pto"BJ of them at rarioar place* Luther Helton sw>rn -Is an -*ffleer of the 8f*' ward The woman Wrigi<*Y ca*? t? me. afte*?'1* watch bad bst n sto'.es, and stst ?1 the esse to M * l'pon hrar.Vg the circumstance*. I went to iB Th??M * street, and saw both Ksnlay an3 viary Whlt?? l' asked theui wbir? tb> watch w%s' Uf;fiey (aid ti?*A his woman (tlo prisoiwr) had bonr-red the watch off Mlrs Wriglsy. snd that they all wsnt cot to the Abb?* together, that '.he womra *ot to <in.irreitng. and *H??* l"rigley snatchsd the wst .h off Mary> nek, imdthr chain ?aa br?ki n and te supposed tLe aatoh must' biTf been lout, that they would go out ~c the Abbey in the afternoon, and see If they cou' fad it I aslfd when I should call bgftln. itnd they told me I calledat the time they regutwted. an 1 the/ said they had been out to the Abbey. hut oouid And nut bin/ ?( tho wiitch. They mid they would go down and ?ee Miss Wrigley the u? :t .lay. Mr. Morton als^tes'.lfl'd to flnriirtg the watch, key, and other artio'.an, in po?i lerr'nn of di(Ter-nt persons Jt wis shown iua' tto* secured sold the key t? Htchard Fisher, jeweller i? llroadwny; and that Ni rman l:?gley left the waWh is pledge fur the price of a ocat. with ? tailor nauueff I) on oh .V, in Chatham street unl the chain to Dauial A Heed, * broker in Qr^nd rtre?t, who paid hitc *1? tor It CoudkM ft>r the defence asked the Court to io'truot the Jury to -acquit the accused, on the ground th?t tfctre was not testimony scfiicleut to put the aecus?<l on her defence. Judge Dmly reused this application of the defend*, end presented the case to the Jury instruotlag then as to (he law applicable to it. The Jury after a protracted absarce came tuto Court hiving been uneMe to airree upon a rerdict. Under instruction from tUa presiding Judpe. as to the doubt, it any existed a? 10 the articles being the property of the accused. tfc? Jury returned a rerdict of Not U artlty." [.(sapo-lnr Court, OH.NISRAI. TBIiM. Before Judges Duer Mast n anil Campbell. Not 23?Declaims J<An M J'il an. r* J?hn J I*. H'nfertWf, ihmffnf >hr city atfl rutin > of Xnc Kert ? Motion tor a new trisl denied with costs. Maria S. bh^arJut, Kj ads IfYtfnrm H bofuriut ? _ Motion to set aside report of r?(irsea denied, ei'h cost*. Jnwrph Huitan T? F. V-./rrf /; ; h ir.i Pttrr Xrr/ut ? Decree at special term di?niisatng bt.1 as against 1stendant. Nenfus, aftirmed. with costs H'iUiuw Jtnkint ami cfhert ads. TV r<oplt, t id. ArjWrstecinas.-ltiiaisltloi set aside without co?ts, unl< rs the rulsUir will consent to deduct the costt ot the attachment included in the ass?i>ment ot damages, in which rase inquisition confirmed for th* bklance. and ju lgui?ot thereon for thaplaintiffs; bat no carta to be allowed on ihta motion Jrrrmuih O' Uow rll an,I (Jtrardut 01 at L, rs Cha Irt Ktliry.?Kxceptions to report of Commissioner o?erraled, with costs. Decree tor perpetual injunetion, with costs .W * U. .'I Graham. ads. H.-n; nm FPiafrr6ury.- Motion fur new trial dmttd, with e??ti lltijamin ICitirturi, tn J.t'nti II Jl CroAjn - Motion to not aaidn uomult denlnd, with cost*. U.S. I)Ut lie tf ourf. IWora tha lloo Julian JudaOB. Nov 20?t>rciii?n t/nrgr ({ M" vh'ml, Tl Jj' n (i. Opit n> ? Suit Jor yrrig/it Mur.-y? Tha ilb**lI %O claim that tb? rMpin^nt ii indobt -d to thom la tha fi>m of >324 78 a* tr>-t([ht nr>n?y on * > > !? Hhlp j -.l oo board th? brig .lana. tr<>m th?* r'.?vr Tyoa. to tn? port otNrw\otk Tha an?war admit* the *htpm?nt. a -?1 tha rat* of freight. but Ncti up by way of dafann* tha bud utowaga of the good*, by inniw.* ?k??if tha gooda rff d to a at r ainr.unt than tha n?vnr*I lt-kht btlld Tin* rral i|U?ation to b? dwtarralnad la, whathar th? Road# w^r wall atowai If w?ll au>??d, and tlia daman* wai Incurred hv th* dung-tr* of tha f??* th?n tha liballa'it<. ara a.itltfad to a danraa; hut if tb* goods wore badlj arid unskilfully -towad, and lit ranM-quenna thanot tbe daviafa learuad, than tha liballantr har* no right to a daar a Tim t??tlar>uy i.u_ ?u-? -.-a ipi.... i-. ,ney rull on t h? pa'.nt of tha ft own*", and "fiallr "I-ar. a* to tha eana?4 thadami'* Th?? ??? th? rtnwad anl h-v.fc w?ra i.n ihlpb<.ari| w ban th* n'otir cama orar i tax ?bi>. As thalr testimony l? hi writing, It aaad only U- rafarradtohara. Ita noneliislTs rharaflsar hi? not i>?at? ihakan by tha taatimony ?l thou* ?hn p umnn l m<j >1 K?s of kaowlm ?. Tha Court finds tha Uot tl at tha Jnr tj* fells within tha aic*ptad prorlaioa In fh" billi rf lading, or, In othar wordi. tt>? d<a?f<? arena from th* ' dmmg-rt and scrldants of tha iaas ? Th* If-1 Innnra mtitlrd to a danra* for tha on ? >-T.f4 7M with lnt?r??t from tha day wb**u payru*nt wm ralufrd TTonifl of Sn|?< i w laora. HovtMaan 23 - Tha Mayor prraldlo* Thr of tha lk*t prooaalloa? w?ra rrwt and appr ivad Va'io j? | tltloisa for rall?f from tax aarv r?-f?rr ta tba Ommlttrr on Annual r*x Bllla lor ^rlnrlnc coot ty n tks? tud aaaaral cthar bill*. w?ra r?<f.rrad to tha flnant* O^mmlttoa. ?r?i rm r iioti, Air.->ujf?t tha Mill ?! ' rr?d wr.? ?>na frirn 11^ H. Whiti?? for l.o'i'i, tf r | la-.Tutln^ a< <-iun??lH t*?? A?tor Tl?ra rlota Mr Wl.ltlAn t-ftn 4awn hU f?? lor trjlpc tha Indictment a7%ln*t Judaon at >500, a?<t that tor trying tha lodlatbv ut a^ .an Inalah Ityndav*. ? Jlfl. 1'ba bill of Atmui'l *V nm?uilln{ ti tip; ">0, V>r m t'? ft ol niopi. &.<* . *m >f4.T?a to !* puU. < 'iron >< 41 t? ruti A co v.m<iBl'-*ll<>n from th? Ooaailii?i"n?rt of (' >x*a rating lhot to* 'Vot'in Ai)i.?<Kint Company Int-n I t? Inrnl'h them Blih a li?t t. farti?f tailing to pa/ I ha fcolit w?f?r rata*. with a rl?w of ?ut-rhi? ?ie!i rbtrjf* ar?ln?t tb? <ivn*.?tf th?ritl Htiti, ?m r?< ?*?lTtd Tb* CommlMlOBsrt a?)t tbo ioi>tr?f tion? o|th? Rriird to tha ran. T<atrrr?i *.3 tha ConuiittMon Atuul T? t>? iincrrr a r* ti?n, Tho rtpnrt of th? 0<> autitWM n? tmiMl Tmti, !? tanr of i?<liiolr k th? ob par*ooiil proi>?>riy ?n<1 r< nl la'* rfaevra >? rtov w*r* *rr '?'f M?w?il ?a? appr<>*?4 of. The -04:d Blj ^rar- ? Tu?fO?y tint. Ma <U* Afatri. IntMNir lUi.rrc.?lihlp Alwr lwti irrlrtjci JU; day from I.Warpool r?port?ap?a*lac a larsa Abj?U m , it'iM>lilpiiti<rli!| Qi b; It, (th* Piltia. (JtmtUml fc?nor for I.lrrrpool' on tbo i;th ii??t, 9 A m Id. i (* 40 30 Job eg 40. It* wn iadrr bot!? rtn.u i ,1 Uaa at tha tlm? ^u? IrnriH * !fii* T??>rr?n v - ft . Blth pli-a?ur? tk? centlncaJ aMi?itf ib ntra w ttlt t??trr? Bhi h j T?i:? In cut roJI'-H'ia 4l?W.| , 1KB ?IIt Mlilr^li ha?# k*fn "i'?*?l l?W * t lia lalUlBf rt thraa r?*??l , a* folio**: By I sail n. JP I AT'BJI W, ?n ? V -fN-, Jar H' '!owl"i"i to b" rr plty?i fn 0 . i . ' l?b?-ry . by 7 kJ Hill ?* ? ??rl n i II rrrto r*wh Proenl *tro? * % r-hip '4 #; to?? for Uo?rjr' ,'?h?r u Do , alio If f a ?h?h T H? ilt.ib n Km-it *> ,, . j M?trllt'* ?1 ?if ? r of 2< ii am.(?r An.lf * Hi^ka of V. eat port In ttwr* KM to ,, ballJIua o| about. ii? ton* * >, tarn i?r, ? i|# . own?d I'T ?b P II ??l?rvl of t>ll? rl'j vrf ltiot?r by paopf* In T>*rtucu'ti lm r*irt???nt*. oy H*** Pi?b a ' *!> ?| 4-V, ton*, ottrn-d bf Mr H l*b nail*, trnilrl for ?h*i?r lu Mt tapoitutt by W|j<ti Pa??tow a ?hlpoJ IMttiu. i?r ?Va Witkla* of thia wbt'.rr By .' Uh IWm?i, .'r a ?h'n * 41? tor A for < h?/4?t II T ?ok?t h Ca at thin oity 4 ?hnk*T. Ily H ? Br.r-I^p. a ?S?tp of 'JPi ton* for h * ralf -Urn lor l\o aba' fl?b?M I a ?>ppteao. by ? lUm lark a i-blp for ibr m<-r?liant **r*|e*. o?0 * '* Rip* ran and J?? Tort BraMaa tba ?bor?. th* * Bow > wlidln* la ItatV Ma . a ablp of 400 tnoa P> fa a a H Vnoraton of tbi? ally, for * wbaW aal aao fJ? i? Mr Th?mt?a. rd ?a, *>r tbo tn?rr>i*nt tb-rf r | lo h?- eall*4 tbo Tk|iIk. mmauilM b' ?ar?iot, ! foiM'rIy o| U>? N*ra?a. of 1 ht* port / / Capt* n o# about ?f0 ton*. P-r Joaa Ro-iraa Jr.# ?looa*H ? ! <?e tbo iU!a Oahary. !t*? HkI/ctA Mrrrm itblarltf, Lu b?a4*o?aW mod?1lod ?_ I about *l*ty ton*. oalWdtba Marahal Te? >"ot h^at. o| I hy Oapt J"b? Witroa ani othor*. r.' *7 *n,towao4 tieokal on Wtda*?day algbt at 11 Bn?tOB. ?aa Hamit l Laala South S?alrtn olook. by Mr. At Kortannlk. Xitb Inat. by Mr ?Mp Bo* Borprat. Ilor dlmanal' ' "to Rtya??, alr? nly (iron ' *< * t wo bar* At K??*?b?ak. SOU) Id* by P ^ . mi pat tor >b I p of abont iH* ho 0??r?D k S Ward a Ofwtt*. oira?4 by Captain* P ton?. o?llad th* w N??>H K Pofkln*. and Tow?a, A Ptona ThoN?w?ll vM tab* 'barfa of b* ." rT*" * Oaatal* ?ba nam* a flaa faot oatlln( ' Al?o. tba lltb br <d *??#aty flro ton*, ran * * baadra4 ? Koaarbnnb. and to f* "?fc?*?it*pao, owoa4 Pylrotrr Browa e 'maaadod by Captala RT*>M*nir Oirr or C f Ircraphlo eorrmr ' "' n" *7 ?P*nla4 roropa. tfat tbo f***?* "T* 1por tk* ?rrtT?d at Jt?w Yr A "f* > oorow *t*ara?r. n-ornlnr In font" * ? X*i m Wbara ?b* 1 JTT? *"* * ''V f>c" Oarrtokfaray ahloh or ' VI, u?f*,/T?" VL* ."***] *?! *""?, - " TMr* to th. Cly??*ad m.y h- lonk.d for ll?r <t*t?rd*y tk? 1MB, ? B??d*?. th? 17th ?arr??t. I, trip will b* from to Phil?>l?htart? ?*l>oo| w| li (k? tr*d? btiww* thi tM UMa* ?r?? ?ho will ttt?mf4i ho ?ail<7?4. how.T.r. thot dlroot laUroowrM. by m?hi, h?U??r(llt^r?,?^Nf?Yi)Tk l<niX)ir ail? aoftM. ahoadnarit A compaiiT with mpl. apital to h?tl4 two Ar*t cltw nit itNnm. hu Ww>? i>( aawtM tal th<? rlty ii4 u *11 lat oinrltm 'jom ?f tk?a >?? ?r? of gr??t?r ^W?T and ill* than tho " r*Uj." tea (f h??? laid doo n by WTt Tod wd M?t)ra?iir, > < H I. I* ip'rt.d >k? III ho r?ad j U rw?ai tha nnwairf. 4 niiM h?tw?. m niM?ow nd Row ! ?*, Mtt tyrlM >* H"*U. ir.r. I r ^

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