Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAM** OOIP OR II EN Jl ETT. PROPRIETOR AND 12DITOK rTICK N. W COB.SER OF PtTLTON AHD NASSAU 8TS. Tift' P<ii V IIHKII.I), 3 cenit per rm?t? $7 prr unnum Till: W MOLLY HUKJLLD.evry Haturdav, aU* r?U >rr mm. ?r tl? c iifUOiJI : !fis n ..ft I ,i?/.a UTt'ik r"'t ?/ Stm< a; /is to ai>v ???rl if l>u nt wL !w?A to t..W ;?ta lJu pot tsif* 11 L LETTERS by, lor . ub.crt,'*'*.. or ?*A adotrturnunti, to bopoU-yid orOit potf-rnt i nil bo ieducUt frcm 'rUL^TA K Y COKKKSfiINDlNCK. eynZHinmv .mportajl urw, toliciUdfrom any ijiuirUr of Ik* icorld ; ?/ uttil. tout be Ultraliy vti%a for. Ur n fcHsmi* toHBWQWi'KWTi ari. fABTIOVLABLV RcvO UITEP TO 8Kit. 1U LETTBIU A?l> rtcituci' ?e*t to v*. _____________ " AMl ^EMKN'ta TMIS1V1M1N0. ITALIAN OMKA, A8ToR_PLAC*-PAHiix."?i. TllEATR*. Bow?ry-Lait Dat? cr l'jxrtii. MBLO'S OARDRN, Bru?ilw?y?Tiqht Rofc-DivebyiHMO r ~ KAwl'L. BROADWAY THEATRE, Broadway?The Setrothai.? ram>IC ATTACMMKN f 8. i'RTON'8 TLIEATRE. Chambers strett?Kijucatiosi? I'mn Uf. _____ NATIONAL TIIfi^TRK Chatham 8i|uare?The Miok Kja-Huud' Khhwi-TJH Camel E CHRISTY'S mv-'KII.S, M?. anic'i 1UU, 172 Bjoadwaj -Ethiopia* Rinmtrelav FRLLoWa- OPXiA HOUSE, <? Btoikdway-ET? 01..AI 1 AKKKiCAK tfUcBVM?Ahi'uii** f'tfnljicom Ar*SV?*OB AND titMia MW YORK AUl'HlTUSATIlR. ST Bswwy-.Eui ariui FEtirOKMAKCM. mUKtlTA ftHORS? Loohik' I'tiraiiiiu cr Uvba WASHINGTON B ALI,-I'asukama >r I'liMtisi'l 1'roI1MN. \?w York, MuihIkj, Kovembcr !J5, The Ai>p?onrl?liiff Klcctlon or AMt?l*nt bishop for fie Kiiisiojal C'tinrtli. Th?r?-1..' : u - M l? uistle .;nd -xi*i!enie:itl about thfEe d.i j t-. in th- rtnkn of the l'roteitani I If opal (."buret of this tli.?c?*isH, in coii**i|ti?r)e? ?f u mandate having been issued by the 9tsnf;iig < mmitue, callog aa extri a of the lny a;ui clerical dele at of th it church throughout th'i <lioces?--cr ruthcr a . | cci .1 Kpit copal (\ aveutiou? to tet tt St. Johi.'j t'hu ch, in ihis city, on the twenty* v-nth iost., for ths |'Ut|>Oi. of electing an a s^taut bUhop t? }>erf?ffn e^i# :'>j>al fractions during the suepenaioa of Biahap Onderdonk. Th* lection, ac,o< ;<iiog to prei-eat apjieaiiinc^jt, will be tif'ndcd with some conei! rahl- piom excitetne it. Iiuty aciiii'ocv, i d *a nt-lUe. t< i, for it wtl' itfl. ri an o portii; ny to the two branches of ta church LiiUiUir?the hi^h i hurcli an J I iw ch'inh p rt)?to tept tiieir re.';*;, ive for jp?, and f-udeuroi to secute a.-c?i;duDcy, uo; in lloa ven, but ia thi; dii>- **, including the silnry. Th-* l'ope'i recent proceed ir fj, in reegtshlit hie,; a Catholic hier.iruhy ia llnpUi.d, and the ntraor :::ury and unprecedented j ; t w i i<.' (' h.-si : m : m :ki#*j ia Eur and in the United States, will give additional importance to the coir-ins? election fv>r aa ussistint bi-bop in this lUocee*, and ttriid to excite the h< Iv fetlir'j- arri pious pr?ji;direg of the delegates, lay end clerical, more thnu might b;? expected 11 dt r a dtflerer.t state of things. We mu *. couft>s tint, in this elec'i-ia, our ?yinj>ati. ? uud feeliugs are mi>r?* with the high church, or Pu > ite pirty, thin with otli?r?'if old fsfhioned low church. We r^ moved this w?y by u variety of caus?s, the n?st prominent of which is, thit the h yh church part been, for sons years past, h ukiog in ii direction towards Home, and seein to ?rt as if thty and the veoerabl l\>i?e Piu. were not fur start ci> might be supposed We like the holy Komt'.n Church? its myiwief, its cremoaie?, its li^e'ic, in confessional, iwvfneratl icrsment#, and its repudiate 1 of straight-Lced, I mg-facrd, cold, ctl :uUl::ig religion, which i.? enough to iv - one h fit of t'i? ckifls when hr Un..V- ut It W" lile !? Rome i>t th?? same re n* that we like the Italian ('^ ra?Ixi . . it iuf .rea u?, elev.ttes u?, ennobles lie, an !, for tl?- Urn* being, tr<nap?rti us from thi world of ti:i, folly, nd roaca'ity, iat > . heaven of i ?p ration, < cata.</, and delightful transj^Tt W?- lil?e it, 1 o-anr-e ii i? :h patron *?f tJi- ri ?e art?, n.d waa th?* faithful c istodi n of letrnlng during the d irk n ? We like it* c n.?iojal, h?cnu^e it aflori; Jh<* jriea'a ? ichan adnrrnble ojv l?'i!!inn> of j? ?'* iLg them Ivei of the ;o*-ip of thr whole parish, and givea iho<* piom elcrgywa n' tttr to laugh over wh*o (!?? ph) na! m hi is s if fchrpdurir? the t di< 1* d iya r*ud ai*Vs of a reg?t, >? and i' >atiry fxi?" durin/ L-nt. We lik - tin C*a:i4. lie ("hutch bef-ause if does not drsiy Inn* cu t atnuM-ni it and rcr ation, to th>* hudvotkirg mirhnnic or tradi mar, on a tiite 8;inl\y tfit mi'* n, after their atten ! ?nc<* at in 1*4 II it, in a M Teen tci il manner, we likr the Catholic church b?ruute it hupiorin the uuion of thfM thirty one l*l( lieu- i:i I the 0' i 'itution of thia r?y tb. lie. and r.rvir ?. ii. the alt very q lestinn. ltd jret?tern de not itceu I their pulpits, and deal out pot <ie? inctead of j>ii ly in th-ir sermons and discount*. Th y '! n<; fBtturtge violation of 1 iwi ) *. ally et.d eOMtitutionally rnceted, nor middle vntiwhwt dor h not ! < long to th*m The Holy Catholic Churc h, aa coua'.i'utrd and eondusted in the United !?'.at?*, ir onr of the arka of our aifetv aid our union tu a republic and a great mtion. I <f tt , u. o: *r r?? -oris, *r in-'it* to ihJ C?lhol c C'lurch ; and wr frel as if our a n will bf wnb ihot party of the I'rote-tm'. Church *bich approaches merest to it, in the c< n.trsr < If c I ion for un a?*i?Ui*t IJ.ahop. We, thrrrfort, \f nture i r? f illy to tike udea with the hi/h thirth | trty, and f?*or th?i election of their candidate, Ih cur f*eabiiry, wtm ic accused of Puayiam by hi* i p, . i n:? , iind eeita uly not wiihout a*me khow i f r< <? ?? At this lirae, a aolemn responsibility i? r?- rg upon ?# Oar old fri?n?l, Archbifhop 11ul.U* 8, if;t t firing ? ft it bomlvthrli by hi* I ctote on the " D . 1 ioe of has g?>r,e tcn?? cu to confer wjth the P.ip-; on mat. wis ctaiicfd with the church in th? United 9t?m, end pf rh?|? to lay pi,>e for a cardiail'* bat. In hi* abacnc*, the duty of attending to the Catl clic Church will devolve upon ua, an 1 we would r? rroni to our charg'- if we <1 d n?>t ca<-rt o tr. ??lvea!o ex??i.d it by every lawful mraaa. The *x t n ph < f ibr high church party, in thi? , w. 'd |> , tc a certain extent, a triumph to the Caihnlic { iiurch, for the rvMoas at a ted ; and, th?*re ore, a.Ivwale the ekclion of l>r. J*e*fcary Wr ar* *af?-, p.-rf- ctljr aafe, in aae'imioff thia r*?l*n?ibi'i:y, for we have in our poweaainti a pleav rj indu'c'tce, *hkh the vocable Piua the Xin'h forwarded to ua without our solicitation, and by wbich wr i?re relea*r4 of *'1 aina thitwi; have c< mmittfil, or may h> tr <fter commit We are, therefore, oa the ?!? *id*, even if we commit mi* im in w in^tn? in^ an ?ir? or me church, which, w?- hope, * ill no; be the caae. The Rev I)r flrabur;istherefore,oitrcsndil,??. for the office of aaaiatrint bishop in th- election wbieh ia to Uke plate on the twenty ?<'ren?h inat, and we hope be will aucceed. ]>r. Wainwnght, or I>r Whlli houae, hir opponent, in a rerjr talented, amiable, and l< arne<l divine, b jthr haanot eaaugh of the odor ?>f I'u*fi?m about him to rait us, or Arrhfciahop liifhee, or the Pope. He belong* rather to th<* atrai*ht.jacket and ?<>m*what claaai* < I ?choo| of l.i itcoj alianiam, wbich iavery well as far as it goea, but which doea a?t go far enough, or conform to our ide?? of wh it fulv developed re (t'on, or true worahip, ia. We like te pee rHigion wear a happy, benipn, and plea-nnf countenance, Me what we pre in the repr fnutiona ? angela, by Kaphael, instead of one marked with eoMneaa, at ateriiy, and Miff frigidity, *? liotth or Lnjli?h p-iftfinga eihibit. There i* nothing melancholy or arm bre about true religion-mite the rerer?, and h? nee the Catholic religioo, with ita fine arta. Its fpiend d music, it* poetic mysteriea, ita classical rerf moniee, rnd ita ptoua indulgences, captivateathe and mew*** rapHly throughout the world. Thf Citfcolio Thatch and the Italian O^ert are *>fh making rapid fracas in f hi* land of liberty, lijthf, and lightning Wj/ ajiovld the classical ti Church be left behind ? Th* union ?n 0 ngkr?row Amowo the b'-'h- ' i stockinss ?T ere are some syin toms of a revolution, or of a tern; e t, among the blue-stockings of New England, who held what they term a Wo- j 1 in u's flights Convention, at Worcester, Massach etts, a short time bince. At that convention it wuk urg*d with great force, by some amiable blue-stocking, that breeches would very well become the delicate limbs of delicate young ladies, on the grouiui, we suppose, that they would display them to greater advantage than petticoats do? that young ladies are entitled to the rieht of suflragt?that Ihey should have a hand in the laws by which they are governed?that, instead of being treated as equals by man, they are regarded merely as objects for the satisfaction of nun's selfish proj>en3itie8; that mankind are leagued togethrr to commit End perpetuate wrong on them; that women have never been anything but drudges in the kitchen orp>ppeU in the parlor, and a lot of other things of the same character. We have not 1< arrnd whether they drew una declaration of independence, iind p'edged their lives;, fortunes, and ' tacx <1 honors to support it, or not; but it would have I it quite as proper for them to do so, as to ' adopt some < . 11> lesolutions which they passed ( ?ith grtat unanimity. For our own part, we have always been gallant enough to consider that >c:nea?especially if they are young and handsome ? ought to ' have every right to which they are entitled by usage, or the " law of nations," and as many uore as th' .rmay p'.ease to claim. Who cculd resist a charming and handsome young girl, appealing to you with tears in her cya, for the privilege of wearing a pair of unmentionables, stran trd down over high-heeb d boosl Who could be go ungallant as to prevent the same unliable ti.d interesting girl, just budding into womanhood, from stud) ing medicine, and, scalpel l in hund, dissecting the mortal rt-tnaius of a crusty old bachelor, end taking eatisfuctna out of him 1 when dead, lor not fulfilling his duty to her sex wht n livingl We may do away with the needle? i i rum nurn in. ir u wn biociiUK"f wear mein with holes? let the men nurs?* thr babies?let thern surrender the breeches, and assume the pettiooat? let women's rights be upheld, and let them have 1 lib many more ae they please. Ir is said that " man's inhumanity to m .11 m kes j countless thousands mourn " Tat what shall be ; i i. id <1 woman's inhumanity to woman! Let an irting fair one stray from the path of virtue or |?roi I'i: ty, und how much sympathy or pity will she receive from her sister woman! None. It is from i j rrou alone she will get compassion So it ia witli woman's rights. How many of them will be advocated ty vomit! None. Mr*'. Pillsbury, an amiable woman, wife of l'arLer Pillsbury, a g' n'leir.jn w ho h?s made himself more conspicuous th in agreeable in the agitation of slaver;,, herself a blue stocking, denies to woman what we are j>erl ;ctly v. l!iiig sLe fh< uld enjoy. She c. ) ; that woman alna<'y has riirlils stiflicient for nil purposes She tvt i! goes so far as to ouy that woman's appropriate : sphere is at home, and that custom, good tist??, tied adaptation, have irrevocably fixed her relative 11 Mtion iu th* family circle. This is really unkind ir Mrs- Pdlabury. Poch Mm. P. really meaa to ety tbht in this age of progress?of telegraphs, I railroads and ocean iteam navigation?when the hiiinuuir.ind ia peiit in.tirg': i d bringing to light the hidden wnkt of nature, and graspi.ig th" universe ttelf, woman?charming,divine, argelic woman? i? to be confined to the nurtieg of children a d tin1 n...king of babies'clothes ! If the doec, she is urchantpblc and inhuman, ii deed. Whatiia hii ; y fireside, or a whole pair of socks, to the ii >tof voting! Wh t ia the pW?u:e derived from ring a curt, in lecture t? h r lord fi>r re miming out u.te a? ni^nt, to that of a rough &ud t * 1 b' li t ti.O rolls 1 Wl>?l fif-i-! Hi ij tii i ii'gii g lulluby to " the imae* of iu/f.i: jt," coinl<nrtd to th-it of ipulicu u stump speech in favor of I r I'lnr friend, Mi?a Squeera, u? Miyorrsf, in oppofition to tliit n:\tty thing, Mies I)ot>l>", who n'ia ii:n:,"hly eaovgh to say that the reason the was tint n . irifd waa that she ccu'd not gel a husband to ktve Ik r! That will never do, Mr* Pillabury; c. d ti:tt such notions, only ?howa thit you if behind tlit age. We arc in f^vnr of giving v i msn hrr way in every :Uint;?for M ho coulj refuse the dear matures ! We lb. :<-ore propose ?hat another Womiu'a Kithta Convention be held?Mna LucretU Mott to le prendenl, and Horace Greeley vice |>re?d?-nt. Our Fourietite cotemporary has a natural i I.11 p f^r womnn'a right#, and would make n capit u Ic (licet to officiate in such ail occasion. Tobeaure, , In ,!oe? not ifo aa fur aa *> e d?in fc incj willing to I taut to woman all the rights she claim-; but un Jer the tun ion of tome of the fair creature* who figured tit tb W( reetter Convention, hla intellect would, no di ub', be tharpened, and himself be brought to etteiUiu a jin ter #p;>recia'ii?n of woman'* riyhta than he dors, although some say tint he is rather d-ri igoguical on tliis, aa lie ia on ollter subject*. 1 htinoi'pmkd li?it '11* into a k, ash comtno? i Mr klwood F akcr, thr dUtitiguuhcd editor of tlir Su llitm /'mm, Iui arrived in thia city, and ia looking about Mm to tee the pi hi on* of tlir curMitt mid ?hirlpool*of public opinion here at the North. Mr. I'mkcr U a very amiable, mod^at, p i> iiiduatriouti, pious, ami exemplary citiz -a, viLo n.i^ht do a gr at amount of good by devoting liid taletti to -uttful end*. Unfortunately, however, he throw* the whole weight of hi* urbanity, ni< drrty, title at*, icd tatry, piety, an I moral iy rthe unity of the confed-racy. II* aeemi ht nt u;on deatrc) trip the constitution-u.ioa bjrai ing up the vrry parchment, co th?t not a ve*'ige of j it (tiny be left, acd th'js to leave the *hip of State without ai > < hart I.j which it may be girded. , Thia ia certainly very aingular ctn luet in *o amiable a m?n It ia quite attrprmnsr, indeed, how tuch a citizen can take hia stand again*! the Union, and counsel aeceaaion, wit i all it* train of uncertamtiea fed evil*, wh<?n th? only hope of thif country and of thia continent lie* in the permanency ef our brotherhood of State*? in the unity of that f m l) of inttrevt* which have grown up, aide ry nflf, since ine oeciariiion 01 our inu-pen?i?nce. 1 ft'.mpe Mr El word Fiikr may re?- f<irth?r into futurity th"0 most mm, and can find reasons fur a*m j?wg hi* conscience, while h< proclaim* the n? cessity and duty of the .South to secede?to di#| sclv its connection with the North, au<l to terminate the Union Other very (food, pious, moral, an<l well editj catrd men seem to he ready to turn their highly respectable talent* to the sume end Mr. Williim L. Garrison, the editor of the Motion 1 Antral or? who may ho won expected in this city, to take a p?ep al politicians, and prospects, and progummes for the neat seseion of Congress?is another pious, | n< n resisting, placid, honest, and sealoas individual. lie, too, is determined to direct all hit ahilitien to one great end?the dissolu ion of the Union. lie haft heen workinf with this purj>oee for twenty year*, and seem* to be encouraged to i roc- rd id )>,* intx ra by the shadows of approach?rg events. Itoth he and Mr El wood K?her, ( th? refore?ench in hi* own way?are cn the high . read to distinction of a very rematliable kind. The former holds everything in seciety to be secondaty to hn> one treat purpose?the diasolmion of the Union. The latt. r seems to think that, to preserve con* siitutimal rights, the same disastroua action ahould | take pltce through the agency of Southern citi*?ns Thns, at the North and the South, there ia a rt incidence of purpose in the irnods of these two rrfB. If>th of whom are devoting their talent*, their philornphy, and the ir piety, to acoompli*h the obpei rf their ambition. Coming to this great e etioioUtan centre, front which radiate opinions snd design*, boih will be prepared to exert their rwml, philoerpbical and religious chnmcters, and their talents, f >r the overthrow of the conatitution, sad for the creation of two governments from one, throogh which they niay possibly pnss to higher fields of glory, firr'un*, and rewards. 8-jeh, at If???, shears to be f "ir irabttioji. Cer^unly, it m iu:tr r remarkEMc aspiration; and shdald the di?Eulnticn of the Union take place under their auspices, we should no longer wonder at the power of pious, amiable and philanthropic men to shape evil from their daily thoughts. Howerer, we mean to interpose all the strength that we possess against the designs of these two distinguished men. Mr. Garrison, we know, can be gradually extinguished by u slow process; and we think we can throw a wet sheet over the philosophy of Mr. Llwood Fisher, that will nearly smother the flumes which consume him. In fact, we rneun to use the famous water cure in both cases. We bhall take our stand by the side of the constitution, in all its integrity, and bend our whole soul to the preservation of that Union, nursed and grown by patriotism, and rr.ude sacred by its passage through several fiery ord< uls. We shall make no threats, indulge in no absurd surmises, expect no great convulsions ; but steadily devote all the ( powtr we have to the one great end and aim of every eood citizen?the security und unity of the confederacy, and to per|>etuute those institutions which have blesstd this nation, en the very basis of their origin. Such shall be our ambition. The Italian Opnu unit FukUlonable Society. The lirst gulii night at the 0|>*ra House, on Saturday last, wag the most brilii.tiit affair of the kind ever witnessed iu the metropolis. Tt?e house was completely til 1< d, and the character of the audience was very different from nnj thing that has b>en m en for a long time. There was more tru*? elegance of costume?a higher style ?f public mannt rs?a more complete attention to the entertuinmeiit, and a more enthusiastic appreciation of the triumphs of the performers, than have heretofore been witnessed No on*', exeejit a cloae observer i of public assemblies, cauld well account for the ri n.utliable difference between one of the usual subscript ion audiences pi d th -.t of Saturday night. , The customary audiences are of a very peculiar kind. They are con.pond of the same families, who seem to meet on the mutual edir.irution principle, rather than to promote the cultivation, of muic, or to enjoy the efforts of the talent employed for their gratification. We have s? en for twenty-live years past, many a'tempfs to establish the Italian Opera on u secure and permanual basis?but no attempt has been successful. Hit solum n of t lit* cnu^e ol euch mortify nig re- , fuI s, however, is- now made clear, as can easily be shown. x i In establishing the various o,?eratic enterprises, i i: li: s been thought re*<juis-it*-, and even esrien'ial, to , cull in tlit uidof what is Cdlled fashionable soaiety. ? Malingers have |>iuned their faith to the sleeves of | th? se persons, and have b^en elevated by hopes l that the patronaj;? and liberality of this class would J extend wi'.h the eflorts made to present great en- j t? ituinmests. The m^u. 1 has only shown, in inch J in.HiHi ct s tint the eang'iine anilcipatlon has hi en , 1110. e Irilliaut than the jractical realization. Fai- 1 lure has su^t r\in> dupon fliluir,and the cm -e h i , been the utrip in every instance. Arti?ts have t lookee! lo u pseudo-fashionable class for sip.ur , J end having exhau ted nil the money th --e wojIJ l dole out, ha\e been obliged to letire from th ir several enterprise!*. When the present Astir Pi ice t house was built, it was thought tint ao me thing r^ull/ creditable to the taste of the metropolis ? would be accomplish d. What beeu the rc- e sulll The hou;e is a miserable alT.tir, cheiply " a ll > (I ?ith p-ite'i m< tal instead of . . d, ij built in li the shape of a w dge, and the bt!gc is wholly unfit p for '"le purpotes of ballet or opera. A ttructurn of 1 j worte design could not have been erected. Tne P Mage it narrow, cocfiaed, troublesome, itnd bad'y ,.i 0 utlived in every way, while the whole aspect ( & 1 f the ebtabluhmrut, at present, is faded and dingy ; in the extreme. Theaappoft given to th? opera is j ? hi k< epin;r with t>>e meann?*?s displayed on the ^ !??.?? i?mn?M?rr?nftetor> l tie s tb.uiiUn af, as lb* y alw >> have beeu, extremely e*ig ut i 0 ? *unt a great deal t?x? mu?h, for a very little rno- j j, ney?desiiirg, I t sides, the right to cau l ouuiJe the de < r* nnd t II their tickets, as they did last sea- j * H?n. Mareitfk, how ver, does not countcuaace | ti u?.h small business. He will make no suh- '* sctiler's tick-t tr iiifririlili". ? ?? * :e fuhiooeble fmtry ire <juite sivage that *? tiny ivnnot turn Fpec.lators aud ticket-seller* j,' i n tht r own recount. Mare?sek is right: but he i? ti lift* not goi.e f .r enough. exprri< nee m i?t b( hue taught hm th. t the f .lnonable worll -as tc ptetcu! ion delight* to stjle its cost unrd meanues?, ?nd laitimony, and small tstt.?is not \o b- de- | JJ [ nd'dupcn. The truth is, that ihe really fashi< r able eocit ty of Nt * York is outside of theopera 1" subscriber*, a* w.? abundantly proved on Sa'ar- * day night, ? h( n tot a doztn " pitrons" were present. It is upon this elevated fashionable society j B that^Mtrettfk should depend, lie should leave i i' the Miserable ettublithment where he is now n "cabined, ctibbed, coi lined"?go into Tripler [' Hull, or to Niblo'a?cut loose from the wretched | ptet'.ndera to tatte, who hiniT like a dr.ii weight lr upon hint?cancel all hi? obligations with these JJ part-mus, by returning their rn ney, and mike t> hi n If ihe head and ft & nt of the free Italian j c| i tjtffa of New York. ? \V*e are so wtII CtttisH* d, aft-r looking at expert- *? m<tils f< r twenty-five )eur:, thit the cu*toui?ry u iy*ra subscribers do not represent the liberality, * . !< liig* iice.wtaltl-.. nd Mr :e of (he me urof >lia, r l.s: we are willing to ihve, in connection with to Xkerr, any reasonable sum, to shut down the *eudo farhionablea in their dingy house, as we Cl s e w duld a Composite candle with an extinguisher tl \M those who really wi^h 10 Maretzek a fair M .?.?t :>>?? HiM B.1I. .11 I ( ? %*< ? ->? ? | . mm * M'Min jiMiIII, |. iow ci ine forward wi>h us. W*e will,for one, sub- ?1 icribe firt httndrtd dollan to m.ike the Italian ,? r i free, and to runmi1 it fr. rn the A-tor Place 1 ?i omiM such large house a* Xiblo's or Tripler Hall. Ccme, Maretzrk, j ack up and leave dull- tc mm to its own home, wht re you should never be ound. It is quite time. a, _ ? I I*Tr?rrrjTio rao* Cawtsal A?c??<?.- n?f? n- t? Otrf'tA (iuutrm*la to the 13th of 6'pt*m- j ><>r. and the G*r>ta irl Mrainr of th? 80th of August 1,1 ITa traniUts frcm th??i thi following Item* ? ] By an ordff of th? saprcaa gorrrnB- ? a military i |r towmaader ha? been aent to Pan Toaa*. Thl? tunc- b> lonary will flu the office Of judge, and will have al?< ^ ind?r hla ci mii-and a garrteon of aboat thirty wo A 1 u?1rm bou?e will be eat*bM?hed In .*r.n Torn** aa well e< it In l?ab?l with the n#r*#?ary mptofin, aa 1 all the lutle* paid *111 be TMtcd la th? trja?nry of the fo- 111 trrmeat | Wl 'Junto Lacere, leader of a party ot inaurgeatf, h\d K igalu appeared with hla band Id the Stat*, and com- j '' nitted severe! Crimea. II* la el^ly pureued by th? roopa of the {otprtant. j Id The Conaul General of Hamburg ha* offl-Uily com. 1 ul nxtiiceted to the government the ratlfieatiea of a reaty arr'fd upon by Gaatemalaand that r. publio Orrat preparation# are male tor the celebration of 11 he twenty ninth anniveraary of their lnJ*p?nd*noe. !"here will bo a 7V Dr? ?, r?vi#w. fir# work!, and a gou ral Illumination. A grand |uet i# al?o c rgaalaed. of n which all the mlnl*t#t# will be Inrlted. It In aald hat two hundred poraon? will b? pre??at at thla fht. tl> The rreeiJ. nt of tho State of Sta Salvador ieeued a 1,1 >rrclaaietloa. by which the government I* authorised o r?tabll#h a mint In the capital Thl? m?aaure wai leceaHtated by the gnldiand aliver "hi heme* In '1 treat abundance from the mln?? of the coaatry. ?' The State of lloaduraa baa ratified the mnainrM of to be convention held at Leon, by the commlaaiarionara tl >f Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras, for the ualoa >f the .. three State#. nailer a generalp< wer ae The newa of the death of Oen?ral Taylor arrlreU at n laatenalft In the month of September The (iuru <U ? l/malf??U bM pnhllahed a long article upon th* Ufa w mil the la*t motneaf* of tha Preitd??t af the I nit-d M Itatea with tha proclamation of Millar! Fillmore to I>i > agree# I r Aatav Place Opera lla?<?. J(' The new opera founded on Lord Byr?a a poem, ol< Parlalaa," will be repeated to night It haa been rell received, The maeta la vary baaatlfal. particu arly la the #?ooad a ad third acta. and. aa It l? wall nrrwtfd. It will draw a fceblonable and mnaloal [a adWnce To morrow, aaothar great gala aight will *d Iraw together an lm?eaee aaJkeaee Parodl will ap>aar la her juat aad perfbat paraaaattaa af " Kama. ' ad Nathalie aad Carvaa wl'J repeat the ballet la tt, 'hlth they have beea #o wail reeeiva* Tt \ Anna BUka^i Sixth lund C?M?r?. A T?ry elfgant a?mblag?, con* itiDg of aa?r)y (< hcutaad pertona, filled Trlpier IIall laat a igkt. 1 toetbauoaa wark of M?nd?litobn " L?u<U Bion," 11 icrttd by Mir* B. I>e Luce, Maovere. Beguin Inn* Bishop, with highly Improved chorut. mi uir&bly performed, and every part of It ?u * eceived by the audience. The firit part o luded with Handela Dead >Iar:h from " 8au rtiia *u performed in memory ol the lamented M Iflxrohn, and the principal vocalists, with all shorus, i-tood up during its first performance, and i Mt?r it waa tnecrtd. The ?Qrot was admirable, i the magnificent ore hestra interpreted the ^ompoeit by (Irict precision aud attention to the score, leeond part ct the crneett was Tery brilliant first polo sung by Anna Bishop, was beautifully i d? rtd and waa encored; after which, in an unpret* log luanner, one of the orchestra, in behall ot associates, brought forward a salver, upon wl was a silver cup, presented to Anna Bisl and a gold mounted bate n to Boohsa. T1 was no ceremony on the occuiicn. The rec enta cf the t?etimoiiials received them with all pre expression ot regard and Anna Bishop took h?r b liful gift with marked grac* and el< gance. ' Luth Hymn," by Manvera and thechorua. wa? well s alt?r this, and Eoguin was very effective in I)r (' colt's " Last Man." Miss be Luce was encored iu olo. which i he tang wilh ccni-iderable tut? The bhI gem cf the evening was " Gratiit* ag'tnus,''by Ai Bishop. It was brilliantly executt d. di <plaj iag mrurpamd extcutioa und method of the vocal ind a purity of toue and a clearness ct voice qt rxhillraMcg It was very deservedly enccr??d t sith unbounded enthusiasm The 'Coronation 'Jin >f >'eyerb< er ccncludi d the delicious entertainxi shich gave utalloyi d deligh to ertiy auditor. The promenade concerts will comuitnce nextTlu Jay. cn a giaud sc?.le. and we chnll now rival Lor;^ knd Paris in tbl* species uf musical entertainment. City liitt'lllgci cc. Tnr Rimiisi c? Uk. 1 Iocsiun ?At precisely twe n'elrek to-day. an eAiiu tiain of car* will leav? I ?outh Ferry. Brooklyn, tor the purpose of ?ranitou nveying to the ( vpress IIills Oemtti ry all peri. ho t ith to att' Cdtl . remains of the laie Dr J*. V llomtou. (sUu' KThpttr of thu U. S. Senator) Lclr I:bk1 reitlng pl&u*. Tin: 8ti?m Bom * Kin siorc ?It is a cnrloa* f OBBi'Ottd with the exploaion of tfce Pteam boiier of I umpellar Iteaolute. cu Saturday. that the men ? i ii ?o no?,n af*?? a?rd* from thu eflioio of the a?*Mi >y tl>e ?t?BOi ?alk> d ironi the boat t) the first wi -intion bout*'. ?h*re one ot th?m (Hull. the bin ;?>ok.) axpiitdln tite-n rjluuten af'u r '1 ho only il flio ?m carried an Watra, who broko hit 1h/ u i.rvived all tbo reat Th* boy M<tk>n?y ow>-d hi* >- f> 0 being on ilrrh, llt< *?a only acaM"l a li;tl? on t We ot l lie laca from the at<aai that catna thr ujh 1 ikylipbt. He linil the pit >?nre ol m)ti t to run to < 1 lm vard atation houae to give the. alarm, lapti iailn'i'n bor* hi* sufferlnga moat fceroi-ally. Hhw ? i* jri-prut ?t"o hit dt*d in th* Ci*v Hoapitil a itt< r ri .|u< *iing hi r to n-nd t r a doctor In lirookl; unn dlati ly rxpirtd The ufllioted w->inan ha* bt u a d< rmgtd Mate rf -n'lLd \rt fineo. She h%a be eft ill a OrMitut' cf a lit ion. together with three cl Irer. I'aituln Uitriutn waa an Odd IMlosr. and uoi )i 1 place to uorrow firm theCi'y Hot pit ie i#ti Ha iiit.?rrf<l In UtwnwMd Cemetery. II i r.ib'9 Of tb* Allanti.- loifge. Mr Willi mni t > Bird the brat. 1* In the greatest afUiell o ei ince th? tad acoldert occurred, and ba > proposed Ltar the defeated at l.l oa-n aspenfe. lie naya t iccldrnt fturrei f:>na nietakeff tv. > gtrlrg" i i-cbeci to the eafetj ralve. and the eogineer pul'.i he atenr o?e. nntndy thkt which r'., tlie val' rati ad ot that which optrnd It. Th1 ' 'iplanati ?n he aiplohino however fta? !> d c?1!hJ la (jiieatbi bebo'lir nr.* m w. The boat had ouly corn a Ire Iintgoirery tlreit wb n the or.ploai'in took pi ?< <<-day a foil itire-tirc'.ioti r.ill be held in reference Mr liieln.chdy afliitr Tin Co?owr?'a Iji, r ?Cori ner Oeir yr-e'crdi Id uti tber Inqueat, at tl ? City llo^jital. on t ody if Woodhull Km. lie, one of the J-ok lian

Pfitfi d < n 1? ;.ru tb? itcam ]> < pril?r Measlate, at tl r i ' tb< b ilt-r explti in?, on S.iuiJmy motBlag U> 1 o (.It*d at the Lrapital. In con- '^u< act of the tare vnrW* rerilved on '.' at torridc ic a Job i, vbcfp rieiueact r.u IJkiladtlphla haa I' i. . : . d OS'.-clit d ibavvl. '* waa notlfi?4 ot h >. "t ii t'a'.urday. acd aitl, ed ' < re yf terday t >r t iff eig of cm>Te;ing tlie body of her hu*)>?nd bt-k ha' c'tj tor iut-iuiei.t It ?ill ba eetn that fl /? m< I it Lhk luft lb if lived th'a a?:ul esploali id 11* slcoit all the praTb'U-< alamitl<* of the <ao In mi far the perkon wto abcuid b- hebl aieocrtab i kllimprcfir negbt tin '.he uent of at-a L> Inef. t r the tl. t <. tioj to th- ei|>l< alon. Tb < e li ??r, In tl ! Icrtanr aaitbe Crat mat) killed II ?>w ftr on the int> *!!, a'ln.i V f'or?< th< Ct^roBa" to ?? U w?>i'Mi ?fa or waul ot XBo tie 1 ii tbr patl of the tl gitear. iii the m?nagetaaat ot t. ' am belli r lr ccoti-cilou v lib tl.a Ob aster, la vet ib'*n. Th?: Km?' rr rnaiti Karr IlaaTivas ??rti Mat,-. rumoMMl I i % Amm. It ?i'<?ma t.'iat aft r a to ia net aj in a b bea'tu ui aome liiiglri? j. at at ?>i< luia tfl\eL at !aa.<t ? ciurb ? the recoiveJ. ?t it:ciie There a no coahlde u-ed. The wh j aa a r< t pli imd tun Me afltlr !n which Katedlapia , -r a a AmatOBias qialitie >. The matter fa i.< idedjat Tr juy the p&rtlea ai? ei; octed to ;n i 'I i tiaok w! . d the w'.ll pr '.ably I t--? i ma areport i* rile tl ou<h t wu that b ! ' le ki.iu ? Atiu Colt'* r*rolv*ra will be ia re.juii on In the aportlnK cltc'?*i? the bt'.n ?. ? tally i i *< 7 -Jj it thl p v&.lk ev. ot, as upon th* rue . liar Fir* ?A Cr* crrk* out ye.?t?rdar, In th* r*ar of ulberry rtn<t,*ti?kvii pat out wlvh trClluj J: M?. I y Iior? l'.tit 19, and ?ng!oe 21. C? mi o* Fm? ? A quantity of cotton on th? bui ad of pl?t No 5. North River. t?>nk fire jeit*rJ*y if ? *i inpui?ti< d by the | olict ot lUe.l ir?t w?rJ, *1:1 [it ID bill dainiig*. Tilt Bonn or iidtlMCi m thi Kutm A< k?: tii.nojii< - Iu the rrpi'tt of the yot* taken on the r lbtto? lu i ha Hoard ot Aidi rui-n. "I hut It I* ln*ip lent to ronfotm with lb* r> f "Tt of tint ?p*clal eon Itttecn the Mli'h Afi'diii Itallroad. a uiUtakn o Ma lurtibd ol tL* refolutl"? of AMtratu Ktl1 i Itp Iont by IS to 5 it nil canted by 13 to 5 A Wi"?i>r*LL.? Onte'urlay turrninn oneoft1i*nnr? i th? marine departim-nt ol the New Vork Hirpita iir>?d J< hn rati*. in!< rm"l Mr Morjan. one ot tl I" rlctec d? nt* of th* In-ti'.ntloti. th*t h* wl.heji ?'g? hi* Ids'ton. In rcD><*-iu?nr? ot b?Tia( Ju?t r lud th* (rtatl ylof latelltah* from llll|>. thit lit In t'baneery had recently h- n d?e Sed In Loudo h?r?t>y blBMlf and thru- hither* hire taltrn h*l > the curmoti* nint *f i M.OOQ atrrlln,; Thl* ! tru tort urate windfall. an I tbr lui ky Individual will a* r Ktfland at twali* o'clock to morrow ll? air <? Rm an An Ni mivi ? Now that th* n* U l? down and th* rid* r? on th* llarlcm roa.l hai i ea*r rid*, *t would mitffiit to th* Paper.nt>n 1*1 emplr.y a few ?jhInkIIui carta, to M o?*r th* roi :e? or twice a da* to lay tn* dw*t. The p?**ei?|5*r? ! i* city rnr* m- aim' -t ?dj tber> j la th* aloud* ratiw it only by the bor?e but from th mat* and *travr I ie cat t. It ha* ladeed because .an Intolerable nu nee and tliould he abati 4. A Brri i um l'ai>iMiTio< ?k la'fe number of hi z 1 Mapoctahle gentleueu tort on (>aiurday T'liuf i ip Retire liou??. la Murray et , near l'i >adway ?n i b'.bill of the ftlend* of Mr Prttt V. T trance. Kr rip Autli n Kkj . pr> '?M?c! blia with mn*nir<-''i ?d coniy rolld *ll??r pit* her and goblet which wei rkiy fb??4. tbUlrh b*.ring the liiMiiptloi of I'rtMttid to Fetar < . T?r?nc? by hi* l i?d4- >< ken of Ihrlr nUnr, New York.November auth. ll.'O r Taranca baa beetion" 01 the public caterer* In Ne crk for npaard* of twelee ynr> an 11*now one of tli of I) * IrTlng iioutr Ha 1i a popular g> nt 1< an. and. duting tbf abora tltna ha* gained th ei cm anil ccofid' nra of large cirrla ol friend* wh ?* riat.iu 'ted tbe *am* t >ward him by predentin in with the afcote rlrgant flint war* Ai.iirnr er B?ri*aai!?< ?OB Pat ird*y erenin ><<ut 6 o clock, a man nam-d John Olllmartln reali K at 470 Pear" *treet wa* *e*erely Injured In H i< k and about, tha thigh* while staged In th-i rael a* prattle* of ekylarklrg with a feilrw workman i la new building erecting In Broadway, near Job reit He ww pick) d up In a belpl-** condition an inieyed to the New York hoepttal Aiotitr? At i idist About 11 o'clock, on Saturl* ( rnlr.g a *erlou*aod probably fatal accident b?f< l old *ailor naBrd Tbeod< re Hlllman who. It em a* adjusting tba rigging af a brig lying at ona af tb rt TlT> r pierr ?V>an *udden1y precipitated to tf >ck with *uch fctee. that ona of hla leg* waa eriinli?d hl? body dreadtully Injured internally which laji e? will probably terminate bla esiatenca. He wi iffirdlately lenx ftd t" tha City Ifoapltal and plact ?der mealcal caro Tba Bo* i r? fancioi r*. named after tba gentlemanl r?a*tirer Of the<h*tham theatre and competed i ie yoiisg men of tb*|aboee eetaMiahment. f traded, o hurauay la*t. for tat gat practice, under the cotnm m l apt A. II. I'utdy. The* made a very Impoeiag ?| >ar??oe. and are a well drilled corpa Their anltori traded much attention Th* target bore the marl oMe rery *harp booting. Tm? DtcaWA* Oi a?m ? In *pe*klng of thin corp ier? * < a typographical mlataka In tha thr*14, of in>e- 'A Carrln" being Inaerte I for "A Canon ' PnlltUnl ltitclllgenr*< 0r.oac.ia. The election Inthl* State for delegatei t ie cotm ntlon. called In contequence of the paaaaj the oouiprimine raeaauree, by Congroe*. take* rU? i d?y Frrni til the indication* It if rery probnb i? nnl< n ratty *111 b? auccee?ful No* nt O?aoi 1*4.- The Legislature of thl* l?tat? ai mbltd fn the 18th lo?t . at Raleigh Hon Welde Fdward? (<i?m ) *?? elected Pp?ak?r of th? fleaat Kd?ard? M. Col Joynerl? Hon Joha ft ill ofBtoke *? ?lrrtf d .t?-rk ? m\ 'ti'jr fit) o??r if. nry n iller In the llenee of Cowman*, the Hon Jaate? ( ihMn (deia ) ?? n mtaat?ii a< (tpeak*r by th?- Hoi M P?M4?ri. li<l tbe IIrn K-ntilth Ki;ior wi la#t*4 k/ Mr Harne*. Th? mt? utood ?(1 for Do! n. and 4P for Rayaor. XhtMi B Bailey wa? elerte ?tli. Loviat*** -Tha cltlaeftf ofOuaehitn p*rl?h tender' n?t?r It. xn? a public barbaeu*. oa tha 'id laet . a le?timf aial of their aprrelatioa of bin ocarae duria late eieitlaj ?e?MoiT of Coacreaa The raaolutici ieed * ft" faer.rable to tbe m*a*nr*a of c?a>proMU opted. Or eat eKtboelana preratl?d C a?ri C I?tt4*r?Tfela Day. It eKiHK Cot at??t?'hit Cot ar Idwarda, Jai e._9? *? HI 1.M4 4*, ITS fM 90 ? 3? 2T1 i; i m, i on 1,01) :w. m *> Politic* And tlM Next Presidency. iut Ni* Yen* ?81dm the election in thi? State, tb* parte k i bare been nor* qniet. though there U great eom?P motion among the Sewar*. whig* aa to who shall be tnd feonortdwith the Senatorial robe now worn by th) ad- lion. Daniel b Dickinton It is understood th^t got. fell j FUh is the preference of the Weed party, but there is on- some dispute among the whigs generally as to his ll." views upon the higher law question The national en- ' whigs claim him as a constrvatire, and the abolition the whig* lay claim to bios on the ground that he is sound tl?o upon the rep< al of the Fugithe Blare law, and all other and laws sanctioned or di-.counteranoed by Senator ion Beward The ab< lition whl^s taTea large majority i > . ' the legirlature. and It is very certain they will be sure ft the views ofOovernor H?b. or anyone else, before The j he receives tin ir votes for the United States Semite, on- ; The Albany Kiming Journal says very little upt n t ie subject, though it is well known the managers of that n jourt al will have confitlerable to say in the irmlter his j At present, it is engaged in pronouncing maledictions itch upon the people of New York city, who took ptrt in voted for the nomin-es of the Union ticket, and ""P' t he pbrtj known a* '-eilver grays," lu the western irrc partof ttie State. All the whig papers of the Seward ipl- ! clique join in the cry. and proclaim th?.ir dettrmlnati< n to agitate the ?-Uvery qu-stiou till the institution 'P**1 i* dliven from lh? land The Syr*->i?e JjHfunl whose ?u- ' editor was difriited in the rongresfional contest. <ay? tr'n ! he will rtnew hi* exertions f >r the cause of the whl/ p&ity. the most importunt teature of which in it* tr?e un" | soil tendeney, The Xorih Siar. an adjunct of thfl Al'*11 j bany F.i tnmg Jvmna! aaj s it would do well for the In r devil t? rent out hell, anj anvplo the United 8t*t?i to rival. If po Mhle 1'rtsldeiit Killmire. heart vo : less position. ilidecii ion of char*-ter. und the want of DSk a viuuou* soul Lave rendered t.'tn dw 'pictblp in th<t the eyeg of the (food, and oocU raptible in the eye? of the . bad. ThU paper i? edited by the fugitive slave. Keed lJou#!aee. w ho wilds up hi* ati?-:k upou the governtfte ment. by saying that t** record of the infernal re- J tnd B'0?' can t xhibit noblaeker (Uads than tin American ' . archive#. M.^siciitiiTTS.?Notwithstanding th? free soil or) abolitUn part/ have just carried thiB State, there if a conservative spirit In the city of Boston heretofore I j ^ ! ntknovn The attempt of the English abolitionist, ] George Thompson to traduae the institutions of the United Statee in i'uneuil Utll. wa? not tolerated tor a moiLint; and the perple hooted hiiu from the hall, i lve amid fhouts and hurrah) for Daniel Webrter. in I 1 ^ othirs who took part in the Compromise majures >ns recently pasud ly Congress. But Bolton is a very ; MBall part of the btate of Massachusetts. and in pro ' l0 l<alily th" i>h)v plice nrhi re a tr.< i$n ab litioniit w.mld ' ] not fee allowed to speak in (*eri salary term* of the . : character ot the country Not it (iugle newspaper 'v | #ut of the citv of Boston bin yet i-*id a word a?ain?t "*e ' the coume of Ib-mpscu ai.J the oth'r abolitlon'jts; i tut fci< has bi tn announced to sp>a>< at Lowell. Wey. u,j ' n.outh an d si v?: al other townH The pre*s of H vtoa ir, penerirllj bus io* kid ?i'.li favor upvu the conduct of ic't the people t'i'ards Thompson: hu, the Uotio t.'lilnt, i the ln.iltnp orivu (I tile abolition whig party, ha* ' kept very quiet wpon the subjaci, and ?. h .lu I'. h*? n .t h : approved oi the eour?e ol Tbouipscn, his not suiJ a !" I wiid In disapprobation. The Lonril .I.nerican, pro| ft (it idly lut K-il trsndsthe treafm?nt of Tli>mp1 ion. at tii.euu Uall. a-i an outrare upon dec uoy. u," i and fays it is a fair specimen of t'oe dc^mdatioa to ? vLich the Websti r whijrs in tbat rta'e have fallen. ul thoidd Thornj *> n vitit <but city it detles the roua^u' 1 drels to <ipp< fe kim. and it i >'?uih ttie. people are evi<ial, M I ly inktt'.nii:.t The ij'irit of f .tiatlcUoi i* morj R-uer?l '.n | lit Ma?>achu?ett? th?n ever before, ai.d there cm ho !4" lo dovbt but the a : apt to entvrce t b< futItiv- livi i | law in any i.tber rla< e tl an Be<i:>n. w^-ilibe ?'t nd -d ' villi :Le molt aarii ua ccnsiqoencer-. Th" lUv Xheo' a | dore l'aik. r a f?w i>sy? flrn-e. married the tj^i ire _ tlavef William stu I'.lleaCrafU. n'ter which he pi*.c-d ' a dagger In the bund* of the mau. und adt:iOui..h<?U }? bizu to stain it with the blood ot thousands, l>eiire ~ sjiirnlttlrp to *je t?k- n a^;i.ia to slavery :<ueh Is the tne^urar'iiert silver to the u< v,t oe? lu tills 8tnt<\ arid I1* ! it is iuij ?>?sibln to tcl! wh?re t!.e rgitation will end, ' while there are men i t tnllumce tnd t nndin? ia (3' cfety. who openly di t'y the exeouti in of th< la vs. ,ui 1 PruRSvLi a.via.?Sioca tU? election In this State, tLe !?. ptople have Mtllcd quietly down and very IIUU L. i '? ) spckcn of politic.*, except In thj city of Philadelphia. The wfcigi of urn j section of the State tive thrm^h'? ' ott ?hown their pretermce for'he free soil ot aV>li'i3:i ds flatfcra ?hile the democrati have &n:.lj ailn'u'.ned j 1," a ecnaervativ# grouci. The vlaws of lion Jiui** j [* j uchistn. arc iu':. >uwj >.' iub ai m <rrauo pi'iy. ?ia ?h | fev?ralcf the titrnoeratlc pr?"-?e* of th* 8tate hive ft urged his mint in roucecttoD w.tii to* u?xt Pr?*iill di nry; at.d u.uitly upou th* groanl ot hi* con^rv*i* tlve principle*. The wbi^i. aJ&eriii^ to th* prints rifle of intervention. adopt the jeutlmeuta ol Saaa'.or n t'oopr and rp*n\ ot him for the X Ice Prurid-ucy la n, ' 1WJ. That grntNtnan baa ju?t. written a letter, in ?e ply to an Ir.vltntion to a public dinner In Phll*d?l>1? 1 jitiia. in which he e*nfe?Hea Lima'If an ah^lltlonlat hut m (1ms wot advise th<- realrtan:* of the Fugitive .HI iv* n- law, though It may be unjust and oppreaAvo to the at t.k u <n ol tfc* Noi th lit rbiladel) hia North .i.i.nihe tc?, the organ of Heua'or v, U thoio-ighi t l'r?e i* a ;t in tt* prtnctpl a and tattles, ?od baa n?t fail -d to lie traduce everything par itn1l| to the ptrcrtulty of to t'avsry in the t'nlted 'tatr? The fVmi>y/f<i>i,an, on the other hand, stand* npon the Haiti . ore platf rm ,, ncd railt npon the demrcraey tf tl) - flta^e to *'. iln U the jrlnrl; leg mere laid down. a* the aure **v of ,j ?.ititji lo the confederacy Wha: the r?sJl* ?t the If I ulon mi etlng in I'hllaltlphW will t> remains tube tf, t rn. AI1 tho principal w n of b"'.n the great pi'ltl.j cal parties took part in. and countenanced Ita pr> at cetdlrg*. ?t Hi-viii Cii ouwa.?What will be the rttaalt prudu-ed fcy the proceedings ot the Nashville Convent.on in j. tbl? State, r mains to be aeon The people have fer >a a?B<e time past acted op to their reflations with great dt termination. Not only dc th?y refuse to ahlp their prrdare by Northern *esseU: or by ve*sel.> com rami- ! t. ed ty Northern meu. but they have signed la *evera( p'.aci*. pledget, not to deal with any N ->rth?rn house, k In Columbia the rcat of government elghte< n merit chants have ?lr??ijly pledged not to buy thalr sap. 4- 1 pl-ee (rota tlie Northern cities. The Ck*rlti'?i\ Courier, K IT" temporal* in It* courae. and eatrein dy can , tioua in lta remark*, nay a, it the North arc determined | to persevere In tUoli *g?resaious -the of e j l.rt aklttc up of^the Unt^n will be upon their mtu I i. ' II the f ugitlve Blavv bill should be repealed, the South i J. would have uoothrr niteruillie but to rely Upon h'U' I, own retourcep. and uialnti.ln h. r rlgiita at all haiaida. In ibe Interior of the State th'- neopl* ? ?.n ' mora anxious for a dlfaolutlo*i of ttif t'nioa t'i?a I * the people of Cl arlcstoa and th* P >tith?rn ri*bt'' as- I ? ? v> u luiuiru iiair |l IUHU Ol} I r?c;ly to tb> d i'inu^ern: nt ol tb* Lnion All of tb* j ? l<?d)ng m*n *f th* 8lat* ascong whom Ohm-*, { ' Hlialt, Colcook. and oth-r?. bav* etprc?aad Ui-n?"*We? upon tha tuVji r< and th?y hut r*ll?ct thef-noral (* ! ; li u thro?flhnut tbo Htat* * This Otatu Imi u >t *e*aj *i nog lo lead In th* liu?lTirf?, preferring to follow, I 7 but ther* ran ba no iloubt th* people arc r?ad? at any iii ii). ot to Urc 'a-' in Nvt>r i f * oulh-rn cin' <1iTi -r id throw oil all int- reoui**. of ITIr? denerlption. with 1 w tb? Ncrthrrn or non t'arrhnliilnir futa* Th* ( harlot- ' r* Ii d .V'iri.i j call* th* rrftid?at t latter ton eitlaen of it (Ifurgle npoft th* fugltlr* tiara law, an unwarrant >1 ?d atlrrpt to Influence th* *l?ot|on for del*gat*? to n tb* ecn**ntlfn. and warn* the people to b?rar* o: th* i deception Tb* li mooratl* pre?t ??n?raliy. of tbi* n Bt.t* a* w?11 *r ih? wH? nffM tb* nam' opinion, i- nnd *>t*rt that it l? but ar"Uh?r attmipt to cull tha 8. Btb *bl> th* Pr? 1 ident know* that th* la* ii M 1. b< en violated, and will Iw rivlated >t Oioac.iA. I tlx Bfit to isipoetlbl* now to toll what ^ U tb* trn* Mat* of fe*1'ng in tbl? Stale. Nearly th.? ' it wbole whig party, and *?T*ral of tb* moat laflumtial '* democrat* of tb* Stale. ttrongly "ppon any moTemeut | ~ ft. tk* part of the people ajalaat tho L'aloa, and tho 1 contot fiercely b*tw.-?n tb* opposing parti**. I w Tho friend* ol tb* Union and tb* eompromlae ar* call- | '* Irg n>? t tlnitc In rr*ry part ofth* Stat* aul r?*a'.atk>n* '' art patMil deprecating any *M*mpt to dl**o|e* tho 1 Vnl<>n while tb* Southern right* party arc aontend10 log manfully for th* tupremaoy In tb* cont-nlm about to b? alaaUil and a hich *a< called b*na'i** '>f tha |af?>(* i t tha compiomi'* mraeurva. an ] th* adnl.v * lion of California In th* city of ParannaU th*r? are ' tunny wbo oppo** tha Unian with great deter tnlaatiin. ?* and a tro?ement i? o it i n foot among portion of th* t* nerctiantato nut a ttop to obtaining tnpptl** from th* North The Coiutr.but AentfnW, on* of (b* mo?t dotern ! ir.inad disunion paper* in th* Stat* *ay* It bat** th* id I nlon and tb* North wort* th?n hell lUelf That paper ba* It* tupporter* and tho** tupportert bare y tb-lr influence whlrh Influence they are ecnf'M>*<lly 11 Uking. a* far m pa?*iblf to bring about a JIm. lnti?n ?, of tb* L'uicn. The rtrrvrAw, a paper which it ban alwayi b*r?ti for* ridlenUd tb* Idea of a di**a?iii i? hi riuent of th* I'nion. ?ij? tb* North It moit cerd. , tainly pur*uli.g a eouroa caloatottxl to drlr* tb* loath i. , out of tb* eonfe ltrnoy That paper l^oka op in tb* i? j Fnfcltiv* Plara law ap Ju?t and prop*r toward* th* id floutb. but aay* II It It to b> annailvd by th* p*flpt* of I he Nertb by an open r**i*tanr* to It* prorlaion*. and th* owner* at fugltir* *Ut*? thr?nten*d p*r*on?i Innf jury and *ntij*et*d to arr>**t. a* **t*ral of lb* rltlt?a?i n i.i w? rr ri'. i ijtij m i>'? nrj Wi>"r* rvmtin^ 1,11 j on* trnrra for the Ponth to panne Fh? <h>ull ln>l*t . cp< n her right*. and If tho? light* are violated than It I* time to aet with IrmnKi and let?rm Inatlon. and If a dl'fol?tl< n of the ahoald follow the ft jtb will hara ai'hfd her hand* of all ag?T*?' on. an 1 will only be acting Id laleure of prtBrlple* dear aad aacrad * to her wall.N 111* The Havannah fV'ergMi lark* upon * I lie lettar ot Prralilaat f lilmora upon t ae entombment cl the fugitive ?larr law a* a trap to deaalve the unwary The Pr> *ldent kni w full welt that the law ?m violated, and made no effort to hara It atcutrJ. but on the ere 0 oi an Important alrftlon a?>ir?? the people of (itorr (,1a that the law *hall he m*lntata*4 It eall* upon ti e people to jay bo attention to the promlva* of the i l r?*ldeBt. bat look out for theia*elvaa. and tak* rare of tl air own right* regard!*!* oI the trataata'ioa* of the'ftter or anything elea that may c?me l>afore tha rWctloB of delegate* to tha oonveatfcB. Aumhi ?The people of thla Btata look with mi* plclon upon every movt m-nt of a ropaiilat'wy rharte- , tar, made at tha North, and reckon them a? prompted by Intere?t and not by *nr partlonlar regard th?y km* for the mklntenanea of tbaflihtaof tlia i-mth, I The Mobil* IbrtlA. hefota tha election la New Torn, i and after tha t'atoB meeting at ttaltle Carden pro 1 O' l.nred It a devla* apoa tha >oatb. throagh fear of the loe* of Powthn n patroMjra. It eharga* the Mover* I that ? < tlrg with h< lug. but a little whlla age tha bltterent eaeBitaa af tha loath aad on* ar?, apparently, i It* moet devoted friend*. The motive, th>T< tore. i< not I m good, but ba*e mercenary aad rellfh and l? likely to 1 la*t oaly until tha pr?t* of antl *laT*ry eanflm-at* hall male It Bora profitable to paadertothat inter*.t and the homa market Tha beat thing the (loath ran do I* t? agttate Proa agitation aatara bring* health. ' aad from tv they raw get jaeUne. atther wkhtaor wfth * Sporting Intelligence. Union Cocaet L I.?Taorrinu.?A wmt vplendiiS1 ruce came off on Saturday afternoon, between i. a, Fanny and *. g Confidence. two mile heats.In harneaa, for a purse oi $60 Previous to the day of rnee, anl,i? fact, almost up to the nmuietit of starting. Confidence had brrn the favorite at 100 to 00, bat when it wee nnd> rstood that Mr McLaughlin, tbe trainer and driver of Confidence, bad injured In* band, and that another p? reon would have to dri?n tbe borne Fanny became the favotite and as high as two to one became current on her wiuning. Firit Heat ?>avny had the best of tbe start, and vribt around uppi-r turn two lengths in front, and to the quarter pole probably more than that distance, ;u forty-three thoumin. < ontidence hitching all the way. The mar* comiuutd to lead two lengths to the score, naklu the Qr?t mile in 2 45 On the upperturn of the seeond mil*- she opened the gap and appeared to lie goiug very st??dy At ihe quarter pole 0on:idtbce broke up. whicii wen much in bU favor; he made a couple of jimp*, then struck in'o a line, square trot and gained rapidly on the mare. At the halt mile pole he broke fcgtm but wan soon at work and cloud ou the mare round the lower turny la; | irg her at tu> n of the homestretch. He ther? liri ke up a third time but lo*t very little ifrounj. anC' setirnd to be making a tine effort fur th? heat. At thedraa^ate Fanny broke up and swerved first to one> siileof tbe track ttt'l <h u to the other^tnd yet losing; v?ry little by ?uch p. r!< i mance. Con Aeuce bad now ? li tU the b*st of the i < me and it wax suppo?ed by ii : cy lliu* he -fould lead in and wiu the heat, bat within a few rod? cf thti sc^ie he broke ?p. Fanny folk wed S'lit. an l thev b>th eros-ed tfte scire on a full run. t army about a ntck ahea-1. Thi judges de Cided a dead heut which #? < received with applause lj- a majority ol the tpectafnH Time. 6.3d. Second Hint I'onfiilenoe took th>* lead, and wan a j lernth clear of the i.are ?t tbe quarter in forty-two | g'ciids. bud ot.Q-.inio d in nont until he pawed the j tl r r.quarter p le when Kann) took sides with him, ? i at a \u< y cr?,'f?u me tooit. Lrna to liend. in 2:43. (loiuj arouca tne u|>i>er turn, the mare fell off, audlay h Itigth b'hli.d but i she reached the lover turn, where Oonfiderce br'aklrg. ehe went In l.-ont. A. H>irittd content (muni us coon as Con ddence recuven d and, until w uhtn a few yards ot tno score, he needed to b wn.uli g lie there broke up, un.11'annjr ? n by at neck - Tilue, 6:80,f. 77,itrf iiTttf - Jr'Hiiuy took the .l a l, arid OonfiJiaa? i trailed b'r to the quart' c pile. ? Time, 43. He J ew out ou the back-ttri tch. ard yoked th? mare *f. the half mile pole i'iui'. II the ut;! vera ueak and neck around 'bi low, i turr. unci bait *vu.f up th? home atretcb. but Confidence breaking n,i twice, the d liiift, the ?<-?.re u . mtll-Tune. Kauujr kept tb? le td the llejt tore -quarter- of a milo, CuuUUenee breefcinit on l.? back trstcli; but he went finely roui d tie turn end lat>p< d the maut th--toot of th t-traljbt stretch h'>m, Anuthir brief peiiod ofevcltfinerit enfuerf 'he count muses of ohe ba-ker' of t!i nl'.derce brighten-I up; tb-y felt sare that, without au acrid-nt lie would heat the mare to the score Iheir bepes of succc*? did not lust lo.ig, bowerer; Confident > bioKe up. aud the mare won tli? hiut by a length Time, G:34)fc. Th- 1 liOTiig is a summary : Katiny. .la? Vr"h< U'cv 0 1 1 Cc ::! Jt lice, Jan Mo *1 ? uu 0 '1 2 Tinif.. 3 6: 33>?-5:34>* The trotting i.nitoh anuouueed to come off between Caruiiittl anu Diamond, for ffcltt, two auila hea?p. did! LCt tnke place - the owner ?t Diamond pio lug forfeit. CYnnrrmi asp K*v\i A?.*i*?An the time for tloaing the i??af? n apt re tcln s, t ?Mng peetue o-i the lacres . Thi* aftwuo n ton a deuce and Fanny tro; two ti 'le keate in : t Jrieude of Continence rot titling Mtiifl'd *i h th-ir defeat on Saturday. l>tei*es,there will bt air Hi ^ uiat.-.h of five ml'ee on; Utv>tn uto neil nowu i ,;s, e i< a foot ra^u ot a quarter Lt I a v u 1/ir? m II rinu and 1'. Ci jsey. Pellet' Intelligence. Jinrit ?f .htob r Jti- .k H An.?Some few month) a^o. offictrl wyi r. it tbia rl'y arretted two noto ... '..'luv.. . ? U4U imm <r mi'l I.'IWOII, on tic't-.rpe ft robiiii.g He I nouiiHank Weat rly 111. il? lfi&nd, la l)< I'rmMi' U.<t, ot rotne'.bliij ll)i? >10,< < . ki.< u <Do?in j til u Tallin* l\i? trl/U. ('" In !>?? ?-caf. <3, 1"i 'be pr?icut, and \a odievnj to !.r.t?- gooe in tin ti ic'li'ii <1 ralifomia. iu company with on? cl tha of tuia elty. At th. tlm-oftlm r^bbt a id .n by i he nam-> et Johi Coll nj w%? tni*p< but ibc viJeatM at tha.t liia* ii t If n Miff.oi' uc to detain hm. h.i * i? dl 'cturijo J ir{ m fUntodr llavrev-r, ihi:? that ti:n-, otBcer ilowytr ?iid otln i a b?v* *>ro:ur*t.l furlh -r a?;deace.i ?l puilt Itap'ira' in* i'oMiii to ihv- robb-ry; and oq i'llcny la?t. <>f:. er d'a. 1 tun. ia tbw Provld-n-a depot, ti< k colli** into tuMtl? and ccnfi y*d 1 iro to VChter y, l e t* ? m>git ti?>. wbo couuuttUd blin f?r a I U 'fetr H'.l!lll. tkliD. thor^r ?/ Sirt:lu g .1 ll'at on.?A in ?*1 by tha D imi of IT< i ry (.ill. wbo. a f>* l?)? ago wa< arretted oa * Clmp? of nt? ?:i*. (t ? *?*<r value J at JC ). bal lujfiug tun | oear residing in Wt.liaiui-burKh, wa* yerter Uy c u.iuitt'd rn ano'iier olia-(t? of K'eu.iug ? >.?;ou from Krislux Kanuei. rttidi'f in Jerjej city The *?t in, m? undented! ?>rt touod In the por?*inion ot th? h cui4ii* wbiel) property tbe privinxr aayt ha pur o .?m d in g< cd laith II An Shot Itir L .tt J'lJgion :?" J h m4 .^letU "?0a Thursday til i r&oi.n a ;laie< up took pl?t:e u tb? pub. lie hi u wiiu t of ai d Broom k?pt *y *1 r. Jolin Eta* la. The csta'alaut. with Mr. U>. tin, h!a barUmIw. Mr Cj-M.i. iiiid Mr AlticnntUr C I.??r?acf, proprietor ot lk? At i h-irl-t naloon. corn* r of I.enaaril ftrent at.d bioaUraT Thi diftpute art to have ( ijriiiiued a*, h ) ?'i.n aborning match at tbn Hal It'ibCK. rctftcUiirf itw ft .kuii UWr on a t t; anJ on Tb"ifday. Mr. 1. wren. , aroompialed ith a friaal, railed on Mr Pi?*le. eijj p< lUaly ?fk 'J him a <|ii?atlaa In Utlco to the t-'ak tn lOe-lu queNlton. Mr. tltanl-*, :< t tic,: ?oai??bat tni j;i ??itat t i? liharty taken by Mr. wl.tirut uv.Uer c-renj.Miy, orlareU Mr. l.*a??no? nr ot tbe lion"e ; Mr l.tor-no obayrd tb? -ei|W ?t. altb' u?)i Ut.t Ilea'. J by Mr. Steals f try |(eutl'-ir.anly; )ei ibv orjir a >out b'lrjf rom|>t!^<l with at. ii on p?' ii.[ out. a nollliioa took pi we and bldiia rd fir^.j b< t?een t*ieoi fora ritlin until u?ar th> rouettr*. ti.t: I a > tiuar relzed a U.juor pump, aai inf irted a ff .iif M ' > < ii the head ot Mr. L. cut'leg a parti lioui vbleh trie bl'KiJ Ho* *tl very pro* tur? ly >i- 1? en'i'arored to tntlict * blow with ? Mutv ro. or bui ; rtart*r. but *?f Inokily pre?eu: "t U til , ? if I.. ,? (if I l? nf f. ? . .ill'* ) ?1? K t n liad tk- blow it ok t .Tn-t n? ta'.'B l? t. I rvniii: Mr t >?r nt> r ?J? * comiiWint brfor* Jnttirr Ltlun-r *i d ? KircMt ? < Ututti for tho ?rm otJIt Pinif, nuil ck. hl? birtru i- ,~toan?\r*r thi* " nit. M"i UH'1'T- .oil 1 ?t h?a. lr< will tik* p'tef lnrtfctt?i-f totk tirit kg^r,' ?iuir. ( A?rft n/ Kaflit f a miliu m law oltle?r Princa .I.n l>atl? arr?*:?<t on *<tu dny .aiurnoen dud. by Hi n?i' ' "t 1 hiiCiM l??ylr. mi a warrant w^rntri the aotmrd *l*tn)? cLvritvd *l?h rt-xltpg J !7 1 in hU Hi,:turln-la* Mr. ym(c?nt lluuker TioprUan?r wa<t ci'Dtrjnl tufditJulWr L Ui >p. who e uin.lUl hin? tn pi i??n for t?l*l Jlml (/ hViiii'NI / H<4en Pmprrly ?On Friday, Oflerr ?r?rtt?J t?o nun. by th.i u?m-i ot Jot? ?D'J llii ?u. ur?,oo? tiiirje of ti jy nn A lot of valu?Mr In ry ) icsll'- p*n*?iirr* knowing tUw ' R* to b# ?lol< r tboi '?*?*< cfHr W?? \ WU?-ltr, lie drarr m?reb?r>t. 176 tfr<*?l*A7. ft appr*r* tb?t Mr. M'buli r.ln Auoi-t Inm *>?? ri bb -d o( ?< n r?l p?nkAg?a (nktlTii. nlu*4 * H- *r'l on till*/ on th? clTic?r Mtrclilnc Ibr yrtMloi of M<*? ?h* In tb? Fourth nurd, rem* > Itw t < r i -? of lln" kolT?? w*ro f' und wbtah ktltri b<lrg il tifj i -f ii?r <|u*llty, Mr. Wh*?-I?^ yrty rm.liW li^nttfio ! ? ? poril n fl tho** i!ol*n. o*tlc# Lothri'p on t i ft*'* ??t firt'i la *ffl.l.iil??. 1 rid ih? two ic?o??d pirti h to b?ll to antiwar lUe cb* g*. Pnnrlng ?In iirwrr to trm-tjr Inqnln? I tt| t? lBl?ra mxj f .i nd an l it paMia, th ? . i m? dift, tka lilt filll <b* ?% ! <iinrt*r, wltl innrnu on M I<ir?4ij Mot. 1. Ik. at V 'clock. OvntlMBtn 4? Ci.ui cfj.iklr*, will n ". msVt r*rly ?pp">?itioa. Al l K* ' nhWOI r?l Mi Uf. < r?e itpt<?. Ms ?Tnj*. nntl no mo* -l-'iom t'lU d?Irt G'ld.oilt!l *i I rae<W? r|a?? |irl? in i*i it a *? b rw< m? J'V Hi' *? ?. ?t ir ril ttUol |]N Thn* ?Lb woh t* * <! <bt?<>?lTMi of ;l r'-.flt ?pp-rtwaltr, wl I Job bi? cUim l?f?ro th* bonki elm* n??l 9?iur<lir ?I? >trinrkr, Tailor, 110 WUllniit alrrr*, nppo^lto th? MMkinrtoa il"T-?| MtM to ordor fia* inn *n4 K-i.<k f ?u. fr n I t lotti M?.niri rait* fr f.M? ( * ? fr*a. 91 to IV Ale. in > ortarat ?f ?p?4y na<!? ' *<"*n?t? ??<l *|p' l?.Vr?f .tf4 ck*. V?riiwt la prio* tt^ak $ ill to $16. !? ' 'I.hf* 1-41 < ?mb M?i nfkciory X03|^ llroailitky Th? alj in Brm1?ir.-I will (| ?IUn*? tat pr?taadi<l r?o? t ry *' ? |oa! th* r>nitia?n*. ia ' ??ii' jr or n*l*^, or In Uttlug tk* A B?w p*ti?m nf ahwll rnah*. wki*har* >?ry I . 11 ' fill' rtrarm , .1. ... ... v.. ? I . k. - - .1. - aaiaT r ~x~ii" iff'tjinV. a r>ro*4mftjr. Amandlnl Ant the tart and pirTfnlltn ?f t<?|p*4 k?n<?. A 'rath tupply af tkla dtitmkla (ffttl?>a. ?ltv larja naaar'iaaat of Ha* iwii ar.l 1??. ^irrwa'a'l l?ll?lV?f. Ib? flaaat at.a'.a, In ?*ary ?# IMt, that a?a ka pr?><l ?*?d aim, f?ti aa<l 'Nr* CTaiaw, ehaap. I_ * yumrr^iWH Braal way. $100.?W> *rlll pajr (o anf iMrbrrorothti rat?o? ?h? eaa rr"dwaa a k?t?ar artial? than Siaa'tC^m. I ,?n Hair Trltnphata Call aad atasiaa, at ourpwr'nm--r l'int,!7 jtumaii (treat, 8na MUltn and 't > . J Wttk Br iitrir, wpwlt* Hn<*?e? 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