Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1850 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6012. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. HIGHLY IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE. UNION MBSTZVOS AT BOSTON AND NASHVILLE. Letter of Attorney General Crittenden. THE MISSISSIPPI i crsiQi iTiioc 4cc.. dec., Ac. Thr Villon Meeting at Boston. BOHTO-I !tor. 26, 1850. Vaaenll Hall wn crowded \>y thc>u?aad? thW afternoon, at the great Union meeting, and thounands were unable to gain tdnlnion The meeting was callr J to ord< r by Tbom?i II. CurtU. Dr. J. C. Warren, a deecendaut of (ien. Warren, Of Dunkt r Hall, rax appointed Pienident. Amobg the Vice PreMlent* were tbe Hoa. Dtvil r.Iencliaw. lion. Nathan A ppleton. and other leading men. Among tbe whig* and democrat* on the platform w ci c kauuirihi'f jiiilj, %jt nrw i ui a, muu v? ru: jo Aihnun, Member ofCongrets; Charle* 0. Green# Bhij., editor ot the Put and many other* of the tiro great (.artie* of the State. &Tbe Patsiur >t, on taking the chair. said. thit a ori- J *la bad now arrived. The Uniot.aad consequently . the exlutence of this nation, Is mi'Daoed ; and unlet* (bare ia a great and general f (Tort in tbiir support we m?y eoon beheld the minhty tabria ot our government Irtmblirg oyer oar head*, and threatening hy ita fall, to'rruahthe prosperity which we hnve so lougand happily enjoyed He had II veil, he said d iriug a period In the hUtory of the eountry when there was no eonstl^a. tlon or 1'ulon, when there *u noaommerce n? manufactures, and little agriculture He contiuued, with treat force, tr portray the times previous to the adop. :ion of the pre-eut constitution-a period when men'* band* were turned against their neighbors?wh?nthe eoaata were beset with armed m-n? wnen law and justice were trampled under foot ?when towns and Tillages were threatened with pillage, fire, and the sword and when the soil was polluted with tb* blood of ita own eitiaen* from these scenes, the apeaker turned to the ttaU ol things under the preeent constitution. with eouimeroe. agrioulture, and xacutartuu.i ti >uri*bing and th> brlghti-et proiperity everywhere Id conclusion h>* >ai I. t go for the whole jonetltutlon aad th<* whole Unioa as the best security .'or the liberties of the peopl? - tor tht-se I stan 1 here, md if I am no? rtady to exert every faculty which I pOweM to uphold and m*in'?in tliem I 'hall be false to the blood which runs Id my veins -false to the an-esters from *bom I am descended .in 1 false to every sentiment ot toy own htart. The resolutions were then retd. anJ th?;y assert th*t the pre?t rr*tton of the constitution and Union Is tinparamount duty of all iImmi th*>. the blessing* lowing from the constitution In timo* piat. and whioh will In times to none. va?Hj t unseen 1 in imv>rtanoe all rtk<-r political contentions that It is folly to leny that ttiere U d?n<-r of the Union, unless questions wbii h engender fteling* of bittera?as between different aectlons of the Union, are set'at re?t?that the laws of the land are equally blading on every State and uprn all citizens aud that no one ran refun . cr seem to refuse to obey tbem. That the measure* of compromise passed by the last Con^rfM. ought to h- carried out by the paopl* ; ?th< rel?e agitation wi.l (gain aria* upon <jaealloii now happily art at reet That all resistance to . law is ml" iiievf us and tendi to anarchy That all who adri*e tho*e who may be th.- suvj--ct of any law, to renat. dfterva the opprobrium "f the community and the nnrrrest penalty of the law an1 we are confldeat that su'b penalty will belmpo-ad by an unbiassed eourt aad en lii:t-lllg> ut and Impartial jury. That we will, at all tit. es and in all pieces sustain the Union, uphold the constitution and enforce ob-dlenre to law. Mr B K fli stis then followed, in an eloquent speech. In which he denounced Oeorg? Thompson aa a foreigner coming here to arm the eltixeni of one por* tion of the enuitn unity again*t the oihsr Next tune the Hon. B K Hillstt. of the demacratis party. Ilia speech, in favor of the constitution and Union wsw received with great applajw. The Ilea Rvrus Cmostv followed In one of his moat eloquent sprarhes which was received with thunders Of applause Letters from a number ot leadlnr m-n In theeonntry were re?< l?ed. and everything passed off with great enthusiasm and a determination, at all haiarde, to uphold the Union and the constitution. I Tli? L'nlun Meeting at IfailtTlUe* Cl*t'l*?tTI, Xotnobol 'it. 1160. P?r?u?r.t to cull ttt humeroualy by raoit iiat Ingultbed m?mt?T? of both p?rtl?a. * large eon;ourc? of cltlaeoa aM*ahied ?i th* Court Uoiucontb* ' 2Td iiH , h'T th* purpcee of glfiujr etpre-'lon ol rrpular f? Dtimtct in regtrd to th* great question of tk? day Th* meeting wot off with * degree of unmiraity ?ldom ?1tn wd. and ??i chara.t?rii*4 by much ?pirit ul rBthutliiD The meeting wa? eall*<l t? or J t at l'i o'clock Judge CahUl ?af o?il?d to Lb* ohalr. Th* w*re th* Uoti Aul'*? KvtO? kri l Mijor Don?l?on. Th* former gentleman miyportej wl.h muob iMII'.y, th? oour e of Ibv Trtin*M<* delegation In Coni-em. In th* a ljn*tin?nt of th* qiieetlon* before Ibat body la it* r*?-t> - tin, ho<1 aimiuU:-r?d a r?b' ! i - th"-- wh > t? *. i . . i..> ?. >! .. seMlon a? a K'ound of rHr?<- for pabli grl-?a*i??* Tba folio*nk U a it of reeotati'iaa ?H( < 1 hat we ar- . l.ii n l?iu,- in I '?? ... . ? nd r**o?-tnit? >ubu?i??l<a Wtto l???a? th - i>r *??ry duty at all ?' <.< : cin -a* I'L* n .i - ha i? itltutlonal il?iit to hnl anr *u:'i *U?mH would be r??UutIon*r?, an 1 it* corti-q?* >* * oil - il civil ?tilf? MB J blood-bed. That tti* a'mirtna ib'<*m ad tint* la lb* ?fort*Wfl ?i I a. for ,-irevcaHat th? e?? cation ot ii?e Kuji;l??? rtl*e? l? * an I tfcelr a Million eom??tiiri? and t fi- e .titItiu? I .?< t ?M a of ?'j? ?l?T*ry i?ue. will If p?r?l tr 1 to. pualya* all oar n?rgl*e atd lead to th. total ali-n <tloa *1 on* ewotion of lb* I'll."4 l. "i s m >>'it?ta th* right of tLe |>e.iple of IImWiIm, abeo'?*r palpthlf, li tolerably. *ud moon li'uttotally oppr?e?* i. to throe if Hi cb%la? 'hat oypr>M th?iu, brt thl* r gbt li iniolaatary In It? rh*r? -. *o l 11?-: U n? pr - ?it u?* for lt? e*?r*l?e. Th?r-for?. w? no n?*4 f?ra Pontb? rn Con<r*#* or "'onv-ntlon Tbat w? unit* I around tl>? con iitut-l auth Tity of t h? country, lor tb* alntai*a-ipe ot tb? tapMin-.r ?f the law*; aai i a i)ilrlt of k'ndr.Ht* we re-i. -'f 111 v warn our Xor1 - ? 1 W-. - _ . , .. htlnra tn mlorr# ?t? "Mar* lt>, wi I unit* all tb? Sooth. and Binct proh.hly ?n| In * total inn i f th* Btair* Tb?t th* Ooioproa la* m?aju-*< of OnVMi our approbation. ti lh? b?n rti?t. iiml^r th* ilrctDiMiiirn itoald h* flnptnl and ?# pl>4(? c,nr??l?*? to llion (It* oar Marty atpport Hajor Bom l* ?p"* ?' l?((tli In ja?tli nation of Umbotw In th* lata Oon vratloD and onth*g*n?ral ,u*?tloa? of tb? 4a y Mlaalaatppl Lr(lil?larr. Jmum, No*?abir 33,1W0. SBAAT*. Tba ??at* *h. to-day, In Jt ?i??la? tba revolution* crmnrlaf Oi??t?l foot* Th* toU to IrlTf gii? i n of a *?OT*ntloa to 'tba p?op> waa r?ron.| t?r*i Th- ??< rof*rr?d to ijillt eouiUiltlr*. OBM. Th* Dour* wa< alto ?m*4 la <' ( i"l?| lfc? r* olttttona ot (tnraro Th* eomml'i'o will rrport on Monday la fa*>r of ) (til ot a ?<n*'tiMoa b> ih? L< (lalatora. an t tba ajorlty will nirtaln tb* <1??*m*r In hi* poaltlo* o fro* ' "sgraw forth* pvt and a. curtly lor th* totif*. Th* dUenrMon >u ??ry blttar. an I *IIjU?1 mush f*?ll?jt 01 both nidi floCh llou*** adjoaruod till Monday. Ja< aao*, Hl*a., Not. M. 1M0. intra. *- ?*- ?i ? - J.- tk. I of tbo bUI bjr tba JdilOoBBltlHyrarliilni tor a'innr*ntf?a la l?or??bor, lttl, to ki Moot*! In >r aoit. Mo **to m had na th? ratolatloat a>arla? 'Jen. OtTM. Th? H?n pa?o?d araaolatloB eaavnrlng ?? foiti, a sajneity ef M> to ST?13 ahaont and not voting j At tbr o?onla< aoMlon, r??olntlon? ? ? i ,i r" I i <-<l looUrlnj tba Adjo>tm?ot bill aatUUstvTf a?4 t lo? aot jMiiflaMa ual tb? f>i*?ti?a bill b? rapaa' *4 r ala??*y aboll?b?1 in Ui> l?l?t,rtnt <f Oeln-aMa, wV ib ??? lnd??al'?ly po?tpon*d fey a !??* m?j>rltr A BMMf'v fr?? tmi <f>r?fn?r In rolaloato tb? r??rpa?laatl.>n of th* mill la. and will giro It* to arotinfvi and akoitlng ' Tbo ooa?--aiit"n *tll bonalioi by tbo Ltfldtlirt 4 ACMlaUtrallsa an I opposition partial arc holding .,?*tt????*?{ '?? . ... Oaaatal DarU ?poak? to nlfht * . . _ ?r Naw Mill ItnrKoH. 1 itolfem * O* '* ?*kog-*By ?? mill an< I i fiiMilii #?tah!l?hm??t la tbl? oily ?a? con?nm-d l flr? on Hatnrdny ?r?alng Tha ln?o It about >10,009, ...bleb to eblofly ooTorod by Uraranoa j ftnMfl ?i>d Uk* H iron flallrMfl* Toaorra, Nor. M. HM. 1 lul aUbt tba OHy rinMll rot?4 IIOO.NO In al 4 of Toronto and Lako damn railroad, aad It l? ftata4 E'NE1 MORN hlfkly interratlng from washington. opinion or attobwcy ornkrai, crutkndkn rki.a- i t1vk to thi comdl'ct of thk marsmai. at bostox, wj, and the f1bitive difficulty?tim world's fair in new york?sbi.ection of the si?? i-ostaok reform ? visit of major hohkie to panama?i.1vino on hie treasi'ry i'kcaktmk.i i*, 1*? rrc. All w*?hiw?to'*, notenbc 2*. 1s50. nai xne Attorney Ut-neral. after full examination Into b? til* conduct of the Mirihtl of Ma*eaehu?ett*. far a pi* dereliction of duty regarding the arrest o( fugitive hi* slave*. addreaae* to Mr. Fillmore the following opln" am ion:? tio Ornu #r thii Arrotm* Ot<n?i. \ Wtm i.ioton, November 30 1H40. > | Tothi PuMirtfiT:? wf| A* requested by you. I carefully examined all the Up< papers placed In my hand* relatiag to the complaint . sgalnat Charles Deveu*. Marshal of the M assac ha etta ! District. for an alleged neglect and derelietlnn of duty, | in falling to execute the warrant which came into hi* fcrr hand* lor the arrest of William Craft*, the fugitive slave. These papers. consisting chletly of the afldaTlta ol Mr. Devina the Martha'., hlr deputy, Mr. P. , too Riley. Jane* Dickson. George T. Curtis and Willis U. Kd Hughe*, agent for the owner of the slave, with a letter ?t i from Mr. Fay and Mr. Curtl*. are herewith returned t. n Having perused them with car* and oertain'y without opi bias or prepossession la favor of the Marshal, or hi* to] ; deputy. 1 must *ay that though I can ?ee n > evidence Thi ; of any particular activity or energy on their part, It the | aeematoma there doe* net aufllciently appear* any *on ! cause tor the cenaure of their conduct. or the removal ?a \ of the Marshal f'om offlce A more commendable ae- stli ! tlvity and energy might have been exerted by them; at i but ih?y seem to have acted, to a considerable extent ?tij upon consultation and lu concert with Mr llughea. am the agent tor the owner of the fugitive; ind what ?r might otherwise appear to be blamwable lu tV-m may an<i ( have been the reault* of that ooosultatlca and non- the crrt In this uncertain atata cf the caae, tt s declare- H. tlcn made by Hughes at the conclusion of the traa- Thi paction, that he had no complaint to mate against u ! them, or word* to that effect. I* entitled to ami ha* tur rao. mob unumcf on my judgment. IT I touig nav* tfie discovered satisfactory evidence of n*g|ect, or ey?-ioti d,t ot duty, by thes* officer* iuthi* w?, it woull ha?e Col been do l?u conacnant with nr feelings than with the m? judgment to have recominmded their instant din- 01 missrai from the public service. Rtspect fully your* ike , ftl<t J. J. CRirraXDEV. ter It wag decided in Cabinet meeting, to-day. that 0o- rigl veinor'a Iiland. at New York, shall be the place where tbe n< xt World's Convention *111 be held, in May, mei 1M2. The good*, acd ware*, and objects of art exhib- hel ited, are to be aold. at the option of the exhibitor*. and *B1, tbe building In which they are te be exhibited, will b* con*ld> red a Bonded Warehouse. The duties nra to t l>? peid when the article* are uold. and enter into ean- | sumption or use; and no onarges arc to b* m*de in case they are re exported. It wilt be a money-making par and uieful concern. f ., The Rr/<vblic,ot this morning, warmly alvaoatea a ' change in the postage racea to two cent* for all di?- *01' tancea. with pre-payment. ' ?>a It i* stated that Major Hobble ('going to Panama on *>' Vj business connected with the government He h*? ob tained l?ave of ab*en<*? until April next, when he wlli resign bis office. a* ha* b*en agreed upon between him the and the bead of the department. eoj The fact has jutt been ascertained by Secretary Corwin. that Charles Abert and T. Uncdin, both demo- bh cr*ts, acd in office under tbe administration ot tlr p,a< Polk have each been drawing tour dollara per day deu fri m the Treasury Department since the inauguration U of General Taylor, although neither had a de*k, nor any duties to perform , in that or any other depart- '' ruent. The aggregate amount pild tbem from tha 11 Treacnry Department contingent fund, la $3 rtoO ton I'barlea Monro* and John Oraln. clerks in tha Sixth Auditor I ofBee, have been removed. . tier Hasaarhnattti Election*, Ate. tioi Homoi, Nov. 20. 1850. ia a The election! for additional Kepregectativea. yeater- .1ti< day. were adverae t* the whig*. In Newburyp'trt, which nut gave Brlgga a con*iderable majority T *o democrats the ware elected. New Bedford?no choice. , the The returns for reprcaentativea. thus far received ap<< ahow the election of 24 opposition and 3 whig*. Tbe. pap coalition have made a clean aweep. 11" The lloard of Aldermen, last evening rtfuaed to grant theuaeof Faneuil Hall tor another maetlLg to receive Mr George Thompson A hir? 4*1! j firm ?vll p?p**r I* About to b* rUft?d ^ hfrt- Hon J U Pallrtf, editor. Tbe irrinciiiiiiQU ir? r. all ronrlud*4 ~ ' P" Th? Drat know of the Hiwa fall this morning It ,0" U now raining. u> " ?u< Blrimtr Lo*t?tholm at "?w Oritani. tea Lokktillk. Rot M IUO. ** The steamer Fashion boned from thi? place to flt. <jt. Lent', "truck log near Hurricane I(l\nd below pr? Pbawnre Town, Illinois on the Ohio rlrer whirh burst A a larie hole In bar bull and ranted h?r to auk Iuim?- Irl) dlatr ly. $ be I* a total loaa - no lire* weia lo-t The Belle Key. whieh has Just airiead from Mew Or- 'ori lean*. with dateitotbe lUtb lo t . reports that the oho- lb* bra I* on tbe Increase there and tbat on* of the Brit I n'IntM mm In,the place was attarksd on tha morning of the l*th. and died la three hour*. Th? Interment* at the Charity llorpltal shew a Urge Increane of chola- , I ra ? | Bnrgliri at work In L'tlc*. tJi Uric*. N. Y . No* 26 ISM ** Tbe clothing store of Messrs KUaahaa fc tfrtgg* H"1was entered last; evening through tba sro m l atgi y window, and rolibed of sereral huii'lre 1 Jullart worth cf kt II. choicest goods. Camphlne *s th-u thrown on crl the floor and sat Are, but fortunately did not lira tha < I bulldlBg. , Blot near PltteburgU. fitTsai a><H November M. 1U0 At A r?ptrt reached h-ia yaetarda? altouwa that a . ii.1 .. il l bad broken out >uni< tba Iruli Ubnrur* tn tie t: bar tiers Kallroad about tan milee b-l.te this '? elty #*e or six a>a war* killed und th- light was tl? Hitl (stag Th? new* rapl'ly spread, an 1 In a sbort >? ?'ie>e h? Hb?r>ff. with two aillltary oompanlea. latt lor Its ?aaa? ot dlsturbanc* Ho n> Drsndfal Areblrnt. I, ( di-hii..?in i>. Nor. 26 1SS0 J t I ast nlgbt, wbila tha democrats anl fraa aotlars war* )( > ? salute a*ar th.-lr nolory I i *priogli>-l<i * rue- ,tr ocn prrmaturity went off and n>- mm. n ilu- I .?*m i I |g I'.iMns loat oca hand and wrist, and bad tba fl h torn iff psrt of tha bg abor* tha knee ebar to tba r, b. te it It donbtfnl whatb. r ba will aurvlsa. |f) ?????? .ii t'nlon Deinonatratlon al Cincinnati. It The In-nrta of the I Jamti hel I n me-tinc al Oifl- pa rinnn'l, Ohio, on thr H'h inst , when M?eloiIj?ri.ig ih if: olnuona were adoi'ird t? J llasolrad, That by ntiion our Independence wa? oh- fai tataid -out libsrtlaa acbiered- that anr gr?r?rntn-nt ly ass tba r.fnlt cf union and compro,? I** .hat fir ] power as a nation dapands up n tbat our growth and proeperlty ara tha ofT-prlnga of ualon ? tbat tha peace and harmony oftha di?t*s ara pra-arsad rr< by union tbat onr rl?ll llharty. onr moral eultnra, <>ur Intallartual adtanasm'nt our eoni:n?rclal growth. our Ittsrnal narglas and lmproram?nt our bapplaaat a? our vaoipla rf If gnrcrnmsal. tba glory T'1 of oiil nttna. tba bopas of the future - araa'lbnnnl up to j In nnlm, tbat tba gangrapblaal position of tba fttate* ! <k.? ... I ? 1 ...iuu. ihj li.ll I nf ' ' patilota -tb? tr-lr" ?f ib* ailghty df?l th* rolo* of th* struggling lirlng-tba VOW* ol O ><l bin* If. la th* Improved read It Ion of man on<j*r fr?* loatitu tiona mBBiDil tb* pr***rvattoa of th* Oalia. ?n I I* oar b< art* ?? daalar* ' Th* I aioa m?il and aha! ba pM?r??il M. Ilwolwi That l?? lid d'Totlon to tho t'alon rta*a aborr all party *oaaldaraMoaa and that tha r<?alrt of parti** ihould ba to oitfla rark otb?r la Inva for I h* I'nloo and la ?(Torta to adrana* th* eoaaoa gaod of all th? |l?fj and pioap?rltr of all 3d R**ol??d Tbat ? appror*, aad wil tn^ptrt tha tn?a*urr* of p?are aad ??aproaU> r*latta* to tbo ad >l**loa of Oallforala at a ttata tb? **tabllahm*at of tba territorial ga<*rnni?at* of Na* Union and I'tab. tb* **tf l*m*at of tba boundary quaatma of r??a? tba abolttloa of tb* alar* trait* la th* Dlatrlet of Columbia, an* tha prorl?l> a tba aora *ff*ataally to **our* th* on ob**M*no* al tb* eoaatltutloaal doty to d*ltr*r ap ?o tapttlr** owing a*r?lo* or labor Tr 4ib R*?ol**d That wa nttarly eaadamn and will da oppoao all forclhla raalataaa* to tha *aaouiloa of tb* r*i law of tba grn<ral gOTrrnm-ot tor tb* raraptaraof ?u fugltlr** owing rarrlsa or labor that w* r*gard >ach o? law aa ranatituttoaal. la arrordana* with tba oooi- In pn ml*a wblrh lorarl tb* l>aloa. and that wa wtM W ?u->ala and raforra It by all proper aal l*gal ta*aaa, i>o aa a taattar at eoaatltatloaal aMaptaalM and oMlgt- tb MM M 6th R**olr*4. That wa enadataa all a*ntloa?l par- *u tl*? irrajlai oaa nartlno of tba ooaatr; a<aia?t aa- tb oth?r a* wiebad mi*abl?Ton? and dasgaroua to tba III p*ar* and proaparlty o? tha Ualon l i Cih R?*ol?*d That wa regard any farther aglta- eh tlaa of th* alar* au?etlo? In t'oagr*-*. or among tb* an propl* of tb* Stataa wh*r* alaaary do*a not *?Ut aa an una I**, prodaetlr* of atl*rbt*f. awakening eeatloaal by anlaoattW and that ao man who eoatiane* th? agita- an tlon of Mteh qntftloa. to th* dWtnebanr* of th* |'-a?* la at.4onlatof tb* nountry I* entitled to publi* aoad- ro I (]*>nr? of nhonld b* to Any ofllc# of honor or C7c tm?t ?llb?t la the 8?nt?? or ?<Timtu?nt l?j Tih tlwol*?d. Ttakt *ny fffoit 10 r# ?>p-n tb* dill- 1 ! I'M# nod oUtraettnt q?i**f?oa? ?t?l#d ond rim prrmlwd by tb? ro?|rnml?? ?*d p*?*0 4 daring th? UU rf '10T?*r*?? *r? fMtloat, til 1 ?nd ibonld b? dl???pTO?? I and oppo*?d I *tb tUrolrcd. Thai ?h? tnlon houlil b# ?tron<?r c? In |cr? tbnn pn?n. that oof Tulod I* * n?l"? of thi m nnloa of h< ?t*? M ni,to? of loto ? *?H M of mi P ?t?* unity af unity of p-opl* ? unit* of g. ?t?t?? bawd upon on* on* or!|(1n. on* nnlnn- M ?nd l?t nc ffi?n ilir# to put ??un<l> r that hlrh 'toJ 1 bath joined tn??th?T Ut n? ho on* and eternal Mb R*NlTf). That tbofforuM tbo ?! ? and patrlctia m?n who. by tb* lyitun of n>??-nr?? of tha 1 ?l? ? *rwi?i of Co*gr< aa. h?T? dona ???y with ?ny j?tt raoaa of ronplatata In ?ny amotion of tb* a .antry, r, u? antltl?d to tha gratltada and ?tM???i of *11 tn?n f, I ?bo I'Tt tb? I'Blon m4 Mr* It# y>rf*taity I n ff ro *? ?. ING EDITION?WEDNES Polities a ltd the nest PrcaMfcnry. ' ? Yona Tha prt?rlp?l trpie of ironaidanrtto* h tbf> wblsparty of fhiaStat*. at fbla t>m? ia tbw etion of a Hfaator ia Comrraaa. In place of tha lion < cltl 8 Dlckinaon. It ia fair la puppoae that tha ? ticn baa b?n made by tha m?Da?lDs partUa at | )*dj. from th? faat that tha Albany Eiming Jourhaa Bathing to aay upon the aaVjart That b? will J iu?m u|ui; iiuuuvij wuq ioe aorimci Ml pntffll of William U. Reward, there can k? no doubt. lo? partisans have a large majority in the Legislature, i will appoint do oca who U not * thorough aboilLlat la let-ling and in practice Th? Buffalo ?xi>, the principal organ of Um Se?ard wbiga in the rtern part of the 8tata. is atill Tenting Its apleen on the national whiff* who withdrew (rum the party :h* late election. It look* upon the meagre in*jo- , t of Mr Hant a* the effect of a Tile conspiracy to ak down tho whig party ta I he State, which will be raided by the total political aaathilatlon of all who , k part in the Movement. The treatment of tha j gllfh abolitionist. Oeorge Thompson, by the sltlaeaa 31 a1 on it brands aa an infamous and outrageous at- i ipt to suppress IVee speech aad a lull eiprtssioa of , mon in a free country, where the taw* are sapaoied j protect every one while those laws are nut violated, i same paper thought the oeurse puranrd toward* citiaea* oi Georgia, who weat to ?>*toa to reolaim ue fugitive slaves, just aad proper, aad the ooly y to cnock the course of the outrageous aud unuoututioDal law The Albany All**, tbe oeatral organ :be Van Buren portion of the detuo ratic party, il continues Its violent denunciations of e??rjr man 1 eT?ry measare hi the slightest degree oaljuUtetf intended to do juslioato tbe Sawth The Cmintr ! ??fuirer. of this city, prcteee** to labor against tanaticUm of the abolitionists, but laud? William Beward as a dit-iaterested oad high minded man. at one ol tbe editors of thai paper u aa aoohuouiat. Larflhv d?ni?d Altil kia mAiauient* in tha l^ftJa. ti e. in the introduction of r*eoluti*n* tu b?ep allee > agitation of the elavery queitlon U but ?o flic o that h? will ***iri do the *ame itim* white the umu* ot the iitprr preach antiabolUioat'm and i{ nw time t?Mt of the purttj ot the great lander the fanatical |>?rty The Metbodlht? nt tbi* city re recently held meeting at their baa J i)Uarter*. I denounced the Fugitive slare law la no meaaured ni*. Tley d< fc ounce tba bill ? iniquilau* and uuhuoui In it* yrovUion*, and to flagrant violation of Itw of Ucd Th? present agitation tt< br(iu by f body of profeaeiog Christian*, and the tirat iuo?ept ?ai tha expulsion of a Southern bl-hop who J elave*. That lad to dlaaoiutloa ol tbe cburoh, I tbe *gliation ba? continued until th? wLola ooun) convulttd from ana and to tba otbar. in IlmrsHiNt ?Though there ara many aboUal?t? tn tbi* State, the great aua of tha paopl* are ikvrvattTe, and the chief men of the demee ratio ty. In the lata Union demonstration at ManobaeUr. y proved tba ttuth of their devotion to the Union, i I tbfir utter abhorrence of tha eeolional movement* i le in tha Noith by many of the pramineat leader* i olb the great political partial The New llampebire I 'wl. the democratic organ of the State, eachewi tba j uiution of e.'aeery but oppoaee any movt-mant on : part ot tha tree Mate* to ditturb tba doutb tn tue , u.. nt oi b?r right* The lion M<>*ei Morri*, Ou* * ib* principal democrta of tba State nt the late { itlog ?ai one ot the meat prominent la hli dentin- | ' ii n 01 me court* pur>u?a toward* tbr beulh by the iagr guet ot the North. a9(?cmi'iktii.?The eld party line* in thii State now completely destroyed and the free soil 01 a bo r >b party baa the power la ita awn baadf. The BuiJltlat baa publiahed aereral article* J*fining iba ot the drl?at ot tbe whig party at the late eleo . and attributae it ehiefly to tba want of dUpoeli on tha part of the whiga to go to the poUa. It , faet w?ll known through out tbe State, that the tit baa t*?a tbe chief ea?a* of the defeat, In It* da iciation of the leading men ol the State, who framed mta-urr* of adjuatmcnt In-fore Congreaa. from time that the Hon Daniel Web'ter maia hi* >ch in the Senate upon the ooMproui'.ae bill, that *r did not o*a*a to impugn hi* motive* and wam people again*! Buyporting any man for ofllje who tovedof tie courae Tbai journal pri f-M-e to be io?? d to tbe estenMon a( alarery ooly, but Ita whole tree ha* been marked by rxprv eloua ot tha sao*t tu kbttUUuii ekUMtu. all ene whig uaneia la the te i iribt a few l? * ka ef Hoe on, Ian pureuu'i claely the fame eouree ax ibe jttUt while tbe Boai t'out and tJoelon Timn hare throughout mala tied a conaerval ire < our*e The oon>e<{ueu*e o h taeafuiea on tlte part ot the whig preea. h?a da t?d the election of uearly the whole eongreeeloaa gallon, and there I* very little probability tha dc of tbe dtetricta will he represented tu tb<> nn [igreea, a* la the caaa with the fourth diatriet la th< lent Congreaa. >i Tor ie:t*r or i're*i<j*nt Kiumor* to a cltl- | i ol <J*orgi? expreaatre of hi* determination to en. ' . ce tb? Fugitive Slave ll?, I* hood at by tome of < 1 r?p? r? of thin State and denounced av ml**rable J mpt t"> humbug th* Bcuth The M ?otgoia*ry . ItUt , th* Pretldeni ha* vlolat* 4 hi* oath of effl e, ha t > betrayed bis high tru*t*. aud m thrtrlori guilty of i coral ir>?? u aud ebould be impeached ai no o a* i ngrer* a?*?mbl** The South will no* *e* that her 1 hi* are ertirely abandoned, not only by the north- 1 i Sat*? but by the general government The pra- 1 t admit titration i* *old. body and aoul. to the aboil- I rl?ta. and the only hop* for th* South now U union 1 h<me The Mobile kmnttr 1* equally ?er*r? to it* ' i?ute upi u tbe I'remdent. >mio ? Th* Irte roll or abolition feeling la thl* Stat* i ' Jally en the increaee. and It I* probata* the aplrlt ol J luance 1* more general than In aoy other State. I Cliaidou a company of llfty have organiieJ tbem?n into a miillai y oompany. and pledg'd tbnu ?l?^? 1 mlet, with arm*, any attempt to enforce the Ifugl Mar* lav. In eeveral of th* aountlea, the people. ! * pubile meeting have *xpre?*e<l their 41>appmb?- I , u *f th* law, and th?ir eppo*ltlia to It* eaf to*nt 1 he Hi at* Journal, published at Onlntabu*, J> r<d? dly free *<>11 In It* t*ad>'?cie? ; and while It ? ?it operly oppnaed th* eoforeetaeqt mt lb* It*, re|robat?d the prlortple of It la ih* *tfoog*#t nn The Clneltinatl ???*trrr, a d m tie paper. ror.Mtvaihe in |r* Idea*, and ha* al?a** t'pp ? "*! y moT?m>nt calculated to disturb ikt <|wiat "I th* ( D'id>iary. alltglrg that all *koA aoi iuli are ni)>(?d by Impure motive* and for th* a1 *'iu (lottil t'f erd* lalmlral to the proeperity of th* il?n. A meeting renntlr *?ld at Wilmington, i* d mr.|?iii.?i of th* DA<i Itilaomitnry ahara -ter ey brai>d tlio?e who voted for the fngitl** >i*r* 1 a* vi e | amtfrcr* to th- rlare power. ti alter* to th* u*e at freedom tr*|t? r* to their (iod aad t"> htt?i%nl ndjrt i mtu*n?ly worthy ol political daaua*l <n. ' llnnaa.a. TV- il.n.U. I. >1.1. f. ,m n It;dli tirnx eoDtt?ntl; l? oa th In- , m. Tbo pour?# of Our. Qnltnon t?m< to m*?t ih approbation throughout a?*ry Miction of th* it* 8*rator Foot* In bin oaiapalm, In ?*?*ral icra m>t vlib rooli rold Irriimnit that h* d*olln?d >pMl Thf VIck-t.nrgh .VMioW, tb* moiil pmml nt <i?oiorr?tle pap*r Is th* *tat<> op*nly d*Har?a 'n iot of an Imnrdlat* dlMolntlon of lb# Union. It n-l.lrm It impoaalhl* that thi foutk ran hart jm:? at the batni of th* North ; and th* paopla In all Hf BirMlnii bat trllaratf lb* rail for a paritlon Itn-fouib h; Umpi-ral* m?an? |fpo-?|h'? and by <*?. If th*? mo?t Th* pnhil?b?d at c?aon rtiMi'alra tb* ld?a of th* p<>?> Ihllitt of th* rp?tu??y of tb* l'nlna Th? m???a?" ol Uor Qaltoian lb* l.fbltiirn iao? la *?tra loo I* look*d for tb rnoaldarabla lnl?r> a? a* It ?lll la all probability, rem mi t d that body to Tof* at on?i? *?alnat r*nalnI loagrr la th*ronf?d*racr. | Inllfd Rtaftl Dlatrtct ( onrt. impohta.n r MCIM'MV, hv th* itox. .it'i.o* Jt'Dftoi* ffoT M - C?ll,Milliard and otb*ra, n*r? of Ifr* at?an>boat Hpl?t.dil fllxla llh-l in tbl* art tor rn|ll*1ot? In tm . ??*ln?t tb* aloon 'llrb*. of ty and ait*ln?t th? o?n?r? la p?rfor I&000 aia?r*?. and obtaln*d aa ?ri?r on th? proo??? to ar at th* cor**- ar.d bold th*tn to Hall ?aohlu'h? tn of UlllCfO R^S*rt Rohlaaoa of Troy, on* of tb* Krra of thr alaop, ?aa arr?at*d oa Krlday l*?t. aad d*fatilt of hall ?n impri*on*d until Aatnrdav ?h> a IIMam Jay Il**h*tt ?n npp. ar?d for Rnbla?>n In art. and mor*d for hi* tl'chart* on tb? grannd at a lib*I f r e illialoa la rtm and iwi ?>a<?. ?a? aloft th* tula* ar.d p>~ae lr* of tb* Cait*d Bta?*a pre** Onort Mr %toM*h n wa? h*ar<t In rani* iifl i ontl d-ptriwl that tbo pnatttoa bt Mf i?Ht th? l?? of lh* Admiralty and of tho Itad Btat#* Onpr.m* Court and onl?r?'t thrill* ar?? of RnMomi ?y m nintotr Mf Ma^ha-i hn r>??d for ml* toprrr'nd" Robla?oo from btin?la? i action tor f?l?a Imprisonment. Thla n< opn w?1 Mr HuktU ?ho?t>t>d that, h* ?hoiiM dl?r?*ard j urdar ra that point. and that ho would in 'tin' prore?dinr* forth# violation of hi* ollant'a r*'itnti"nal light* b? hi* lllrfal laiprl*onni*nt The oft eoald net re*tr*ln RoHlo?on, bit l*ft hln to hia lal right* to ?u* a* h? ml?M be a M*?d A Oo*?w?rl?r? ?nT*i*t ?A naral general conrf ir *r ?) I* ordered to craiaoe a? oe the Irtth Peeeaiber It t? nnd?r#too4 to hare r< lor * ?< * to a>au <or? Ap <'at**ht oae? and h? th'ee l.l?nt?nita ?o * hot h- alladrd In a Oal'fornl* It'tar, n| i hbjeet ?f" ^!^?*ft^o?l,, la W* Parlfle *<i?tidroa Cetn mtnto J T? ftrat I* ordered tor. p?nt at Washington ?? tf tb" binbftt of ?b* rontt Oiiaifrtlt Hl?< atlanyTti*r> ?'i? US death* In Philadelphia during th* r% k ti<*li r ' i * tM tart Tba Ocrrraot and (Vnnell of Ma***?hn**tt* ba*o m?ot<d the *??? ' - >f*a*thoa wiitUm ii'ilata. rrapo a poo a at Leaai to ia>pM*oaa*at for V i : SK ? iDAY, NOVEMBER 27, Marine Court. HIS CASE OF THK ,!K\NY CICWS SITOBHS. Before Cowl** K*r ifi ? .Inn* Miiner ? Urerge I.Mif. lnthil ?? * m?d? erlebm'rd by the apyemrmo* Je Court of fenpy Lind. who war eubpaned br th* pla^atiff1* *t >rvy I vttirin y? could not pf??? nnytWo.' an leral to tlte is"uc, JuJj* OowlflH u??n ki< il?c!-<ion tlr paid-TMn action "in mwm'uced by the pUiniff to rteorer from the defendant (who U the ondoctor for the Jenny IHad co?cert?i ft* the **r?ioes >f Mr*. Tr?l ?ri. Pbllfpi, *Dd Qeorg* Philip*, tha >on of the lattef, m ebon* nil?b<t? at the *a4d concert#. Tha plaintiff claim* title to tbl* Mm of soaey ky rlrtue of an aeelpnaieot of thafe cl%lm? by ftr* ?lTV ipumi) Itj Vr? Teal Ft ^appeared that Mr* Philip' a a frmmr *>/r ba*iag obtain** a divoroe fr-jtu b*r tufland. and tbat Mri TV?1 la a married womun on* eeidiac wit* fear bneband fa WIIIt*irj?burnh Tfw ataule* ol 1848 aad 1840 ooaoern fun the protection c* tba sroperty of married *on"0 doe* not alter thn former

aw. and coiteequratly the wife baa no *?|i urate |nte?e?t u or control aver claim for her Mrrtre*. bnt the rlntit aent.lrely vcetfd la tbe bueband : *be alone. a* formery, cannot claim and reoorerfor ruoh junior?. The wife laa no power to aMlga th? tame, aad the plaintiff oan>ot maintain her action for tha aerrlca* of Mr* Teal. Mr* Philip* t? a y>?w ??'? and ha? a perfect right ta naifn bar claim to ttx> plaintiff under the statute, and a a competent witae?? in this action Jud-ja U.-illey, it a ?p*?la] Arm af the Bupreme Court in September a*t decided as follow* -A party wbo ma>.e* a bona Ian M?lflDFil ol I cause of utioa I* I omupntrtt sitae#* on belalf of his assignee in an action brought 0 recover rarh cause of action. The lart th\t th? u ;gnm?Bt was nwk for the oiprwi purpose i.t --nabling he aaalpnor to b*com< * witness does nut after the aee.'' It dees notapptur that Mr*. Philip* ri?t*lne<l my iaterest la the claim except inferential!? and. herefore. she 1* properly a witness It aeeiascoaoeded bat Ororit Philip* la tbe intaat son ol Mr*.Philip*. and bat i-hf has a diruroe from her hunbaml Tbemnther 1 talltlrito bliHifloH. aod b' r a??Uum>-iit to tha Isinlif is regular The decree of divorce i* not IB vidence, which aaay contain provieiona concerning be custody, ir? of tbia job ; but of thi* tb? Court la ifct advised. and. therefore, cathe evidence pronouaoa tlslast tnentiraed aatlgnment rail I >B l suftlcisat laving thus disposed of theai prelimlnarv <iu?stioa* , ?* will consider the facts in the case Th* plaintiff UUa* that Mr* Philip* and eon, and Mr* T al *orv*d brae nigbt* each is the oboru*. Th* witn??s?i Mr* "tal. Mr*. Philip* and *on. all teatlfy unhesita' Ingiy to n express employment of all for the three coonerta. 'he tebtimonv Ot Mr. Condon, the agent ol Mr Loder, ertifled clearly to tbe arrangement hs made with Mrs. 'bilipa aod Mi*. Teale. aod teftifled that be only greed with than for *b* concert?that th* lad was o hare no pay, but the privilege of atteading the 0B0?rt. lie rarthtr tf*tided that he found them lnompetent performer*, aad expressly told them he roold not require their pervious at any future coaoert bat might be appointed; they. however, made their >ppearaaoeat tbe *eeoad concert. and they were perDllted to enter the room and remala duriag the cobiert He paid them $16. and told them he did *o in loaeldaratior of their pecuniary neceaaltie*, wb'.oh was ecelred by tbem with manv expressions ot gratitnde. t Is very dlflicult to arrive at * satisfactory ooncluIob upon tbl* contradictory evidence. The teatlaony of Mr. Condon wa* given with great apparent Irmnesa? it wa* consistent and probable throughout. I*he same may be raid ot tbe wltBe**e* who teatided to in opposite state of fact*. Neither have been impeached, and without the least disparagement to Mr. 'ondon or bl* tettlmonv tha court la bound to give ffect to tbe weipht of evidence The Court allow* Mr*. Philip*'* claim on her >wb behalf >16 00 Ua behall ot her iob 12 60 $2750 Firm which deduot half of the amount ot cash ecrived, 7 60 Balanr* fiO 00 Jni'gnjpDt lor the plaintiff $K0. and coaU allowed In aror of tha defendant fahout $8| tbe recovery not ( log rear %U>. No coata can be allowed the plaintiff. Tba fact t bat on tha trial the di?tinguUbed meal tat ' imy I.?n I wai fin mini as a wilneea. nnd tnacDuob aa tbe public mind nay not ba correctly Inforiud < n thii uhject. tba court feela It i duty to thla lUtictulrbrd peraonago trnm a ton If o land, and who >rcnpl?a a high place in tha ?atlraailon of the Amerlan people, to atata aomaof the faotatn relation to tha troreaa ol attaol>m?ct which waa Inroad to oompHl bar it tendance > witneea Thin attanbmrnt waa founded >n at alUirad penal contempt on Ibe part of Miea Llnd n not obeying a mbp<rna regularly Wau?d from thia 'outt and personally aerred upon ber The eauae reacall'd let trial, and tba plaintiff ratuied to pro:eed without tha ?(tted>an of Uuw Llnd Th?ra eaaerleler of roma two hour*, and tbe tapeartag. tba I#r tB" ??> produced an r maa-m fnowlog th? peraouxl' aerelee of tba *ubp<> aa. fta attachment wai moved, which the Court ordrrad retainable tbe following day. On tha return day tha -roarel I or Jflaa I.lnd appeared and Mored that the ittarbment agalnat her be dtamlMrd. and alan that the be dl?ebnrged from berarreat thereon The Court inheaitatlngly and unconditionally, granted the notion. V. A. Dlatrlt t Court. tirnstON?BY II l>OK JU?W* Ko? 20. ? Tfccmat S IKmtL'w. ri Thr HarK Hlokt'v. Tbe llfel >eta up i charter party of the I nth of De uihtr IMS and by which tha charterer a?rred to >a?, ae freight money. A'MO for tha ahlp; and thin : I* further alleged, that tbe master refa?ed to take n board tbe fell amount ol freight to fill the veeael. tiei?lr g thirty fire tone ?p* ? more lhan ?aa necea?ry lor the mi a. and altogether beyond what waa irual It wae farther allrii' d that tbe respondent* ? re Indebted to the llb-Hatitu $100 a* the ealue af ?eg*. for tha corn ahlpped. In lieu of celling and al*o. MA for d<murra^e toge1 her with twenty dallar* more \.>r orer-ftelght In tile progreaa of tho trial th-> IIt>< lie at f (tried In avidenne. a paper denominated by Mm a t barter party, daftd tha l!?'h day of December. imh. in id* unim una common pttntea iirra. mii-i up * lh? libelant ??< re according to the urnler at an'ling of tha ^artlee. and eiib?"rihed by Trotter tha ma?ter with M* i?al affiled: tbo into" being wlfne?*< d by Nelnn Plac*. After the ..IgnatBr* id Trotter hid b*?n affiled and l>?lc>w it mid al-o lien-nth tb* Klgnattira #f tha'tt. Nrlaon I'lare, tb* following word* were writ?p, to wit:? i>ilp may b* reported to aiulir'i bat Me**r?. I ft n W l ater i. Co. to collect Itelgbt. ?ud do ih? |.rein? r? of ttie 'hit?on* rent per buakrl. on two tboultd bufhr'i?. to b* alloaed tor terrier TIIOH a WINSlOW With the abira remark*."' Wlteeea to T. 8 Wii*?i ow. M|B'r. K N lliiiit. T* thla wrltlrg tb* re?pond*nta bar* objected and ike c bji etlon la found* d pb the faet tt at ?ttf r Tratter I. *d rvhgr rll? d hit Bam* ta the contract. wlian pre' iit< d Wlaelow. he appended to It. hm'tit* bl? ?'?n? lute tbe foregoing ' r< mark* " And tbla obji" tlnn hat i?*u urfil, ob tb? ground that thla waa an ?lt?f?tl?n t th? contract after elarrd by the other party and, llnnlnf. rendered rold Varloua authorl.iaa barn hi eB d'ed to FU'tala tha nhjertl n thua urf?d. It la > i'.a n princlpla that Ml IMIMI mt. ri n-?'.l?o or Miration of a wrlttea InMrununt by the party do** render It void. Rut thla principle dor* BOt aiTrct thla caea Tba i-oatiact waa hot aimed In any way. Tba written !n?tm n?-u' ?Uned by oua I a ty, and da) Wared to tb? otb?e. baa Bot been 'raced or Interllaed. but tb* party of the eecoad part ha* refaaed to elgti It, and therefor* It cannot be >n *gre?re*rit Tha addition at tb* bcttom prore? it at Wlaelow would boi glre hia coB?ent t>> tb* t*rm? it tbe contrai t ?blrb bad baen rtopnud by Trotter. TMa I* enfflcleet for tha Coait ta aa; that tb* pa'tle* had Bf.t finished thla agreiaieut. It la needle** to tfld that, befir* an Instrument In writing can bar* in) Mndlrg form tb* a*?-nt < f *11 th partial mmt b? kI??o toll If wa proeaai ?l?p fartk-r It will ba n thnt Wlnalow, b? tha writing tSon rwltwl. pro pa>rd iip? iwm', wbfoh rnqol'o tha a??ar.t n| Trotar; II to ataW It sora p|i nrly, Wln*l?w would auh*erll?a Iba c i ntraat ?4 hold It binding on c?a'1lrlno that rrntt'f would uiy ib? tarm* ?n a* to pay to W Inflow r*,a aant pound lor ha?|in?. In llau of tba palling ol lh>- ?a**?l and that John W. C'atar k. Co abould da ll-a butlnat* of tba raaaal nnd redact lb* fralght 1'bli addltlrn or variation propoaad ratjnlral h* conrnrranoa of Tradtar. wblab ?m narar obtalnod (> I ha otbar hand tba atldanca l? that Trottar prol??t?d aallnat tbaaa additional tarin*. and th* ra**ol ant to *aa withoot Tmtfar *l?ln* anf *?"?nt to tba pr*p*?|t|na mada by W Inalow Th? ln*'rumaat h%? no ( tea and ran not ba tba foundation Ot ant mlt Tba lltallant. bowarar prodnoad on tba ttlal anntharIn ttuoi* lit mad* on tr.a aama 19th day ol !>*< 1*4*. bat In point of fart aatarlir to tba Inatrumant IrfU-d a* ?ho*a mantlon?d Thin Inatrumant l? a ehartar party mada by Nairn* PUra tba ahlp tirohar. aiid atcot of both partla# In tbl< ?ult and upon thia Inatrum-at tba llhallant baa tba right to proaaad Tb? aarond InatruBant halnc nugatory, doaa not auparaada thl< Inlaid tba atrial ?a< loidad uod-r thla lnntran?at blab bad tialthar haan ranr-llad nor git. n na and I* b"w prorad by tba ah?p brokar Tbl? b-tn? th- "bar lar patty undar whlsb tba parti a a'tad tha llv- l.nt mar f" on wtth hU ault. Tha <(?-* Inn th-n a !???, ahatbrr ha la Itjad to rnooaar datna#**. and for ? hlrh of t ba allagari rlalm-? t)na roropla'nt la, tbat tha ?b> waa rh?r*r*d at. XM? tba rhartar wn? aalltl?dtotba wbola ahlp't oapaattr aad It la alatn?d that iba mnatar raaarrart thirty fl*a ton* mot* tban wm nan r-ary for tba rnafort of tba br?. Tha pr.tol ruataln* thla alalm, an<l n dacr?a for a rafan n<ia ta aaaartaln tba daa tgra Inenrrad b? 'ha Hballant on that noaount may ba takan by lha I b-llm' A a to rtfcar mattara tba 1lb<I l> dUmi fid Mr tha original a I ar'ar party baro raaognlitd a- tba ralid agrai-mant. tba ro*pandant ?*? to pa> ona rant a bu?hal tor oiling for 10 000 bnabal* of atfn hnt It appaar* by tha taatlmnny that W Inalow, n< hi* own alaa.tlnn aian drnad tba railing ?* ! *iih?rlt>it?d It'r By that haudonuiant ba |i*t nil alalia! to th- hnadnd dollara and hi* pronoa|t|on to tba raapondant to p*y nno rant par hntbal for tha baril>|. ?> narar naaadad to by tha raapondant Tha othar Itama ?aqo(ro no fur. th?r ?*|lar atton th?n for th? court to ? ???? ih? ?tldi arc U too to ruitloi ih*tr iIIovium Hnprmn C onrt. M'CcMi. 1***1. DoMotoa* hy th# lien J ad*' MHeholl No*. 98. ?1% ISt matin / fV flNIW) ?/ .1. Kirg, Jr.? Petition U* a an >lngi. ?? R?f???ra* of Oltj aid lwit| ?t K?? T?tk. d?nl?d with M wrti J-Ttmia** O'IHrnrU and ?lhm. r? j'kn D Prinrt mnA ftni ?td?r ahould to Mt *44*. hImi Tl.mtif la t?a daft, pay th? priaeipal ??4 latarMt. [ERA 1850. Citjr Iutelll|eiir?. I THE OKNSIJS OK TH1 flTV tifpftp. (Jrillln and Flint, deputy V. 8. Marshall. at point* J tut taking tho cecrua of the First ward i this city completed their arduoua t*?k yeitrriay, an the following i>lhe remit of their labor.- ? N umber ol lohaMtanta 10 77 dweiitof* 9) '* famltUe 2 9? " deaths iu It* year* 1 4i When the census of the United Htates vaa taken i IMS. the population of the above ward wia only 12 2*? thus showing the large iirrMse of 7.545 in the shoi r pace of five ft at*, which in principally owing to a v? i nuiaber Of emigrants locatfog themselves la varioi ! a# ?k. .14. A# ?V.? oar eitjr. The return* already mad* abow tha following faiti:1845. I860. Jacrcai lot Ward . 12,230 10,775 7 to Jd " A 902 6 #48 ? 4th " Li 000 Z3.424 2 4! (Ith " 10 343 24??1 7th " . . ,?6 :>&0 32,905 7 13 12th / ? < 10,7081 10th \ 13 378 < 18 462 > 14 ' 13th " 22,411 23 038 61 14th ? 21.103 2ft.36? 4.20 17th " 27 147 43 78# 16 M Total ICtl 930 228 08.') 60 84 Dfcreat* in B*'-oncf ward 31 iBcrtktt in Ave 60.13 The population of ?h* city "1 New \ ork, in the y* 1845. *u 371 2?3. The rwturnafor the pretent year ar not yet completed, but II the increase in the ward) which we ar* to receive, bear* any proportion to th above table, w* (hail find that New York ha*, withi the la*t n?* yearn, added to Ita population over on hundred and fifty thou Rand inhabitant*. P?Tr*?T Butir Thre? year* hart elapsed ninre Mr. L K Brel?ach took up the new I lei ft briefing into *si<t*nea eunh an *?tabli*hm*nt. U drew up. at that time, a plan whloh wa< uxatnin?d highly approved, and warmly racom mended by th' | lata l ulled State* Yiee Preiident. Hon (laorge M 'anas, ana oy otner respectable American cltlseas o Philadelphia; at th<> name time. it was *oiamaaicate< by Mr. B. to Mr Flelschmana. formerly of thin city Mr F being now a httldiot In Uerinany. ha* endea vored. as we are Informed, to popularize this subject to the end or Its realization by a capitalist asaorlatloi from both continent* Puth o? CsmiN Nor?ki(i,- Coroner Geer. yustsr 'i*y held the iniiuvt on the body of Captain 8we Ncrberg. master of the Swedish bark Oden, lying a pier No 11. North river, whose sudden de ith we notice in yesterday'* Hern/.f The derea*e>l It seems, on Mon day evening. wu walking op Hector ntreet. aod. *h?i on the corner ot that street and Trinity I'laoe. h< staggered backwards and fell to the sidewalk lie wai taken into the corner atore. and expired almost In etantly. Capt Norlierg wai fifty seven year* of age and a native of Switzerland, where ha has left a wife and fire children A Terdlct wan rendered, that the deceased came to hi* death by hemorrhage ot ths ch< St. Thk ftrinin <>i *ai>s - On Tuesday last the Freeman Unards. commanded by Captain W.K.Meeks. bad a target excursion. Tie first prize a ?plendld silver cup. which was presented by Jamaa C. Freeman, * as won by Christopher Taffy The second whieb was a * real h and silver medal was presented by Mrs. or insert and woa by John Connor. The third, a silver pencil, was awarded to Lieutenant Joseph MrFarland The fourth prize, a wreath, was won t>y lames K Coulter. Tbl* fin>< company had l>o4worth'? band, and dined at Starr's Hv* Mile House. lirtottav or I>aon*rnn Mrv ? Ye.terday, Coroner Geer held an inquest on the bodies of two anknowa men, found floating in the North river- one at th? loot of Murray strcea and the other at the foot of I)aan? street. Tlte one at the foot of Murray street was dressed In a black frock coat. gr?y pants, an?! woollen under shirt. lie bad blaok hair, and was pitted with email | pox and his height wa* Ave feel and ten inobe* Th< other was about the same height, about forty year* ol age ba'd. and had a round, full fane He was dressed In a brown overcoat blank drcs* coat, black vest and mixed pants The bodies can be seeu. for Identiflca tlon, by applying to Mr Bleakly. !>eputy Coroner. > verdict was rendered of death by drowning A Fiaa occurred yesterday, at half past ten o'elacl A M , In tb'i basement, corner of l*earl and Ferr; It.) e r tM vkinh I"1" trom Liberty Ilose Co. No. 10. A't mi NT ?A man. whose name Is unknown ws | knocked down. latt night, at the corner of Chamber strett and Broadway, by an oaulbua, and saverel hurt. Thratrleal ami Maelml. Bowiav Thkstbc?Two beautiful piny* are an acuneed far this evening's entertainment Tbe flrs of these i? the excellent drama entitled 'The Las I>aya of Pompeii," in which J. R Hcott nppeaea a Arl*ces, and Misi C. Werays* as NydU. From th i;ieat enthusiasm evinced by the audimce, on th loimer presentations of this piece, there Is every rea ton to sonptae the house, to-night, will be oro?d*d The concluding leature will be the An* drama of th< I ' Jewess " Scott In bis great character of Klea/er am; i Mis* C Wiinjs* as Raphael One of these pieoea vould make a good eight'* petformanre but lh> nanagement ot this esttbli-hment aeems determined that tbe vialtai* shall have the worth of their money Bsoinwsv Tuttraa - This txsutltul esiabllsbmenl ' Is nightly crowdtd. to see Mr lloker's new and excel ! lent remedy of tho " Betrothal " It la one of the besl ckuji Ui< s which has been, for years, prodnned and th' nsi ertlve narts 11.1 fliU J bv m talented alters as hitvi Ti-r appiaril cn tha Hr??'l*?y board* Uottldonk'i Mat !<> ii.iH talavd bliu i ?i7 much in pulillo animation It I* BMtMptM* tithar M regard* o -nr. j?rl i 01 acting. Illchlti**' Bi%lr?tor? li In ki'*plng with hi' pr<>ut comic ability ard Conway. a* Juranlo. glre* brilliant < * rript ion of tb? a:f?cti<nat* Jarimo. It titiv. tb? acting tfcroi-gb'?it, by tha ?ih?r tnnib*^* b*m?ly. Mr*. Abbott. I'onlM an I though l*?t ; Lot leait. (bat axcflt^iit comedian Mr Datldg- (in ' frMi<ralaatlrf?otl?ii. Tbi* b? * nl itul out 1/ l*d?*lia> i 1 to bar* a uck atid *uec*?*ful r*n. Bi ton'* Tnr?ra??Tha ?nt*rt*lnm?nta for thl ?i< nit.g a?* a* u'ual both io?*l and alirartlra Th I bit In ordar will bw tha enii??i1y of tha Y??i f (vaahrr," In which Burton, lilak*. I<ct?r Bland John j Mfcii and Jcidan. with Mr* t*k?rratt Mr* KumoII no Mr* lJ uphe*. will appear, Ml'a Daly will ?log a n? lallao and Ml** Walter* and M Kredartc* will dano " Lot Hareflinx," Th? concluding f*atur? will Im new fkrca. no* be lag nlaj??l lu London lib great aue r?*a, entitled "My Friend Id tha Strap* Jordan l.eater and Jobn'ion taking tha leading nharart?ri Huit'D * in* to b? energetic in tha a*lrenia h? ha al?* j* tha flrrt of every new pleea produced in Kur?p? Niaio'a 0?an?r.-Tb* Rarel* ara de*armln*4 to ?x r?*d ???ij ffrirt mad* by rlral a?tihll?h ni-ot*. In b >'.l tbr quat tlty and quality of tU>lr en'er'atnnienta To night they off*r four place* th* flr?t I? th* rura pantomlma of "I.a Fata : ham pat r*" - la tbli t h? Harel tarlrn* (la?o?* on th? tight rop* Tha n ? t'a'urawlll b* tha heautllul (rand dl**rtia-*ni?nt. Ii right cbararirrlrt\r d?nr* To tha ecaoipli'ba </n*>rai(. Mil* B>riia. la tblt plana I* worth rial frewt thcea wbo 4*l gbt In l<|al'lt* d*nclng Mil# A I.fhman. aim. dwrrn praiaa; and M Hrlllan'. an' llenil W ell* are able aualllartaa Thl? fn* Inatlng por H*'l? OI II y'TIKrmm^V Will piirrr- |f|| "J llir *i>r tl?a and h?autlfnl tabt*an? ilrmti antltlad th llailaii Bi igaada " Th- who> will MMlatl with th rand aad lmpa?lo( *pacta?l* ot' Kaoul or tba >lajl< Star ' NtunKtL Tnufnr - Th? n?? and ?lajant pla?a. ?o tit! d ' Tba Magle Wall." whl-h li drawing lrjim?n? audlrnrr*. will aaraln ba pr>a?at*d tblaa*. nio?. Tb arni?ry. dr??wa as I daaoratlnaa ar? t*at?fnlly richly ?*?cut'd N?ar!y all th? company atta?b?d t thla tbaatra ?IU app*ar la thla plaea Ml?a Ma!?ln a III Introdur* ?arl"?? dan'M. Tha a?*t In ?uro?ailo! will bo tba farra of tba IM-aaant 1al?hbor." an1 Ih e<>acludln< plar* will ba tba nautical dram* of tb ' M'atlnc Haaaoa " Thla a?tabllah?*ot la dnlog flna boala**! fnrdy l? Mtlra a?d lBdatatl(ab|a. an daaartaa tba aurraaa ba baa mat with. 'Htian ' tftvataria ?Thlalhtnd aa Io?k and ta?oi ably kanwn aa tba baat KtblipUa company aon- unc flaa programme for thla arfolo? F.iiawa' Ortat Hut-aa. Th# atngla* and danoin blob eomaa off at thla tbaatra, of a afro alMtralu; giaatly admlrrd A?i?ai< ?"? M' ?' w -Paranin la dntng wondara by til D(af>m*nt of 0?t>ar*l Tarn Thumb Tba lactoi tr< n la nrowdad ovary day Tba parformaaeaa ai ll.kl m.m.A kl.V.1. .? Tairtaa H?t.t - Tk? Drit of a mHm of grand pri m>na<]? nndar th> dlractlna of that abl tirtifto Rwhu *111 noma off on Thuraday araala n?it It will ha I aplandld affair WtwmoTM fl?i I ? Tha haautlfnl painting of It Pilgrim 'a Frograaa la w?U worth a ?l?lt fram thoaa wli , iak- dal ght In lk? prograaa of th? art. Imrrtm Hin.-Tkr |rai4 panorama of Oallfnrn 1 aoatlnnaa lo ba aihlbltad at tha aboaa Hall It I* painting af |Tftl Morlt Thi GiLLtirtr PtWM T will gl*a a c(i#??rt on Thnr day avanlng. tha OTth Inatant, at tha Naw Vor Madlral ColTaga. In Thlrtaanth atraat. naar Fonrl attnna It la oa tha ooeaaloa of a aomp1l?a*n ary hanallt to b? gtvan to tha* by th?lr frl?adi Mia* Olllaapla la o?a of tha aoat ateompllahat plaola I of Ramp* Bha p?rformad. at tha af a of alght yaar nafota Uuaan Victoria Mia* flalth. of tha ?*m- famll t hough only twalta yaar* of ag? alag* tha hl(haat or* of mnala with tha aaaa and graaa of a prima i*nnm V ban a full hotiaa Kra Y?a? AWfMiTMtataa Wa t*?onght wa had * ? tha eapaalty of thla honaa p ratty wall taatal hat ? Monday arming mora paopla aontlnnad to mI<? th-t aalaaa Into tha knll-tlng than any ona wonll haaa ? poaad f.oaalbla ; nnrah>r? ?ar? tarnad away nnabla prcoura admlaalon Tha naw lalry pagaant of " 01 drralla" la a moat tiaantlfnl *pait*rla all tha nhara Ufa halag m-iainad ba young nhlldran. la a ?atnn highly errdltabla to th?maalr*? and thalr taasha Tha dr???aa and appHntmanta ara vary hrlllian*. a . ha whnl* amlnantly oalaaUtad to dallght a rafln n?l?rra. Thla almoin * t?"forman?a will wa gl? *t half raat two whan < tn?*rai|* art 11 M fUy i Tad tha I rrnch Trcnpa will aipaar L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. Polfer Iniclflgcnre. Klopiment, nnd ProbtMe Setiut turn. ? The ?lectrlc t?l<? graph haa been a terrftle barrier to runi*ir? of every > dvMiripliin Not only l? it a terror to the bank daq faulter forger, or rogue, ot any stamp. bat to the eeduction-lover, who either elopes tflta his neifhbor'* a wile or the daughter of a frlf?J Another iaa'ance *t the virtue* of thU rapid mode of transmitting l?5 f< rmation will be seen by the following arrest, made H yesterday morning. under the direction of the Chief ,1 ot Pc lice whereby, it It presumed, that the character >., and reputation of a rcupe> table family, residing in Providence Khode Island will besaved by the restoration ? of their confiding v< t foolish daughter The Chief o? Po0, Ike. it appear* on Monday evening received a tetegraphr( in communication from Providence Ithode Iftan4. front a Mr. Traoy. wherein it wae net forth that a man. by 91 the nemo of James Hall (a married man) l>*d eloped m with the daughter of Mr. Ttaey, a pretty young of girl, aged eighteen year*. They had been traced to the steamboat for New York, and the request waa. to have them arrested on their arrival In ? thin city. ThU dispatch wia placed In thn hands of t Captain Leonard. of the Second ward police, who. yeeU trrday inorn tat; on th? arrival nf tha boat. sent ofloer Haney to take the parties into custody. The boat >j arrived and on board, as per advioea waa Mr. ^ If all. accompanied by Miai Jane Tra^y Tha o'ltier did Dot immediately take them into euatody. but followed the carriage to the hotel, where it ?n aacer0 taint <i that the loving couple would depart from th? 17 oity by the cine o'eloca train en route fbr Philadelphia. 1 Accorjiagly. aa no time waa to be loaf, they were both II tak< n Into custody aad conveyed before the Chief ot Police. w>o detain*d them to await further informa9 tioo tr"ui the girl's parents Hall stated to tha Chief I ot Police that no improper intercourse had taken plnee betwven hiras?lr and Mlae Tratty ; that h? > waa a married man. tnd hl? wife and family re- ^ ?id. J in Buffalo, but that be had been residing " ' for the last year at ProviJence ; and further^ mab aiw l ibcj w?ni? tiaoon nfo?DU cuuaia iii.ii ? | f.?itIvt-ly J. niK'l the charge of elopement and mI'1 that MIm Jane waa golag on a Tlalt to bin family at lIuITalo. by the \ra> o( Philadelphia Mm* Tracy, on ' b?ing questioned, repudiated tb? Idea o( the obarge of elrpement or aedactlon. and explained to the Ubiaf the ciuw of Mr. Hall ccoupylng the name atate ro<m. a She ?atd, that on the boat coming Into rough water * Kb* h*cam? rather eick and frightened. ana at her k owp aolirltatlon. Mr Hall ?at up In the atate roam t* f keep her imrapnuy The Chief, on hearing thl? plain and plauaible explanation, amtlod to bla?*lf. renii>?e4 hi* rperka. bruahed ?tl I he duat. and replied Wall. mf f girl I b*r- the explanation given to ma will prove 1 t-atlalactery to your parent*, and the public authoritie* in Providence At any rata. I think tba I mm-11ate arrait <>t your trip to HufTolo by tba way of Phllftt, delphia will turn out to l>a h protid-ntial eaeape n utter ruin " Mr. Ma.ll and Mis* Trudy b'tb exprewied a deflre to rttnrn to Providence. and la?t evening they .. started, in custody ot tbw ofl|.-er who made ih? arraat. n *1rretl of an O il Thff - A notoriotia roga?. well t known to ilw< Police, by tba nana ol J> ? pb Henry, j alia" Hancock. was nrrmtad on Monday, by Capt Whlfiaw, of th? )Htb ward police Tba rogne. it aeema, wa? detected In tba dwelling bonne occupied by Jaa* Horn* lu l.Mb atraat, onar avenue A. On aearshlng tba tccufrd. three rilrar watcbea. one gold patent-lever watch, eight ailver apoona. two gold ringa, two gold breaft piua. and r? picklock. al?o f,i In money wrra found Tb? aacu*?d wa? committed for trial. %fanihtr HouIf Thirf l autht ? A fallow called Jeaa* , litlf, w?* .lete.-trd in ana of the room* of the dwelling hoii"?. No 7'.* Third rtrnt. occupied br Mrs Usury H'illiami Tha rogue had broken open aereral Jr??-ti, and tad Molen therefrom fl3 The ra?cal waa UWewlaa Identified a* the per#oo aeen in the houee No. 01 fifth afreet. from which pla<!? be itole m en ill hot. and fifty cent* Th- maglaUate cMnmiiied him ta priaon ter trial . I IMtkamtit Servant - OHIaer Burl?y one of tha active member* of police, arretted, ymrterday. a eol wad wmau railed K1 ay Krana on a charge of iteaUoc M67 AO. the pvopartv of Mr* Lewie, rnei.ilan it No A 1 Thimp*"D afreet The money ?m ftnlnn Iron tha bureau drawer. The attorn officer waa applied to, who at once auapucted the oolored aerraot from certain > ?u>plc I on* elrcum?'anoes Aroortllntfly, the woman waa taken into euttody. and a room wh^re ehe Indued, > at No. 7U Thompson utrret >a< aearahel and between two bed* the cfBrar aucieaded In rnooeerin* $130 a( the atolen Bieney ami dk whi -h wn a bill. Identified positively aa one ot the bill* atnlen Trie aecu?ed > bed purchaeed two or threw dreafei and a haniaotna ' mull wllh the atolm iu?uey Blie *u taken before I J uetin- Oaborn. who locked her up for trial I Jt C harge of llui%e Steali?< --Olfioar Wood, of the Third ward, arriated yeatnrday, a man called Kiward i Noiuian on a cbariie of "tealing a hor?e. the property of lit*iij Budd, of New Brunawl;k. New Jeraey, Tha k iceuati cm rent back to New Jarney tor trial. J Ml KMTOR?DKAlt Slit " j IP i>eruntig jour paper of ye?f erday. I lawtn artlola In tbe polio* repor'. rtating that I had been arretted, .? which i? falee ( had been informed by t*ie Chief K. n a | plater, Mr tiaraon. that a warrant had *>e?n l??ued for y | my arreat, and t Immediately repaired to the Tom?? to a?e into It, and waa informed that there had been a I warrant iMued for my arreat, but n'ibidy there kn<w anything about It, tiarpt a policeman; and a< Jvatloa Ohborn wt>? not orenent I wan rejiuaced to appear t<w ; day By publlvhlni tbl* it will oblige the unloraigard and rt move a dlaa?re*ab|e impreaalon la the minte of tbe public until thia myat-ry. to ma l? cleared Op ccncernlre Rtii;leern SI Yonra moat reapeot'ully, HIANCIH t'l. \RK. Foreman ot Knglne Co. 41. CI Wan rraKKT. New York No* 21 18V). , 8m ? In )0ur paper of to.dar. under the head o( i Police itepurU. you do great iaj'tHtlee to Hr. Peter , ! Matters. ITJ lloueton etre?t Mr Mattern ha? n->t , j b?' B arrwiid on anr charge ehatever. The arreat t? I which yon rafer la, I euppoee, tbe arrwat of another man. on a eharce of atea.lng 30 *OTar> Una Anei| aroinatlou waa )e?terday had b-fore JuaMoe Tlmpaon, ; when Mr Mattern ??*? bail to appear to answer ta any cfcurge which may be hronght ?*aln?f htm Tha ' teKtlniery ch wu l conclusively that Mr Pet*r Mtttaia ' in I'utch Pete ' aa you atvla him ) knew nolhinf * whaWvar of the alleged robbery ' In Juatlca to Mr Ma'tern I hope yon will publlah tbe In your widely circulated paper, and oblt|? p youre te?p?ctlully. Jumk Aauia<oa.Jr . Oonne'd for prlion??. nrngmj ii * 117 iiiiriiiifrnrri Tiir titrki UiM-Cin Ootar, T??<day. Sow 27 ? The <irKum?tit on th? motion to <jii?'h tha j !! w Inri <'tBivcl round e?'?iri>' Mr Drury. ir .. wa* app< li.t< d lobiK been h>-ard tl.l* morning but (Ira. Iturji i, th- liletrirt Attorney. ttaled that h hat rt' etltM a l<tter ft otn Mr. Clark r*juweting ttiw It * Maud u* ? till n**t term, hi* rllrtt. Mr. Drury, * b?lrn rot lined much to hi* hou*e, In enn?e.|u*n** of the lulu *' rllect 10 hi* inn Th? I>l?trl?t Att< ici y mil hi- would coopult wl h hl? mimIM*. Mr. * Wiring at.a irf. tn tha eourt, a* will a?they had fixed a day. Judge limBwnod -xpree>ed hi* r-adW* to hear cour??l at their con ranianc* ant t ha ' iratter dropped Th# rl?ll buelueae #f thie oo?rt lor the pf-ti firm, ojnrluJ?d l*?t arming, and th- jury 1 m <Jl?oharge4. Fi'imiu ?r Ctrtiir Htimt* - The funeral ?*rrio*a upon the death of thl* unfortunate in?n who. It will * t>-,r tin inhered *a*a ftd?atally kM! d on ?a'urday laet, 1 l>y tfce np r?to? <,frba b >II?r ol in towbaa* Hen >ltit* ? ' It'bk place yesterday atterco a In the Fli#t lUp'.lat ' ( hurrh. Iter Mr. Hodge. paatnr Tha nwrlaH *?r* * era m?nred t y ringing,follow#d by the Ke?. I?r. Cox.a( the Meet I'reehy terlan I'burch. who read an appropti| ate chapter from tba Flr?t Kpl?f leof Paul to tha fn-a* elonlaa*. Ktf lleary W Beeeber otI?re< up an la' prteelr* addre#* to tha Throne ol <irac?, In b half at the b> rented family ol the deceased. Tba pa?tor thaa ' iMireied a dl<cour?* fVom the wnrda; ?1" What t da, thou tDoatit r.ct lot. but tbou ehtlt knnwheraaf er." The manner ol the rateren I *entl< .nan ?m ta > % ' tolinn and InipreaeUa. and th? dl*cour*i la wtihh ha * paid a mrrHed tribute to tha w rth of th. J. c???d. * a* an exemplary < hrietiaa. an alt nl>naie b.i?h?nd and parent wa? well calculated tn aoothe tha feailaga ot ta? afflicted and weeping ralatlr** an J friend*. a At iba <ODclu*i n, there wa* r*r*?ly a drr eya In th* e aaaonhly. Tie daceaaed waa barn la th? towa of 1 Kbrewi buiy. Menmouth county !*. J. which towa, n and Mr I lodge ban. by noma my?teriou? P'oridenoa, a urnl>hed mora victim* for accidental daa'b* by -team a boiler explosion*, than any other l? the whnla 1'ulaa. a lie letrtied the arlene# of navigation from Oaat. Pack a af the Hound ?t< amare, with whoa be tarred oat aa a honorable appreatlce*blp lie t?< hrtnat tlaoad iloytd by flterena k Co . on a New York aad Newark lira, la 1MI, h* wae choaen a* a pilot on oa> of tha p. I alton ferry boat#, alnce MtA and 41 h? ha? h?n ?ar***d la towln* raaa-l* around tha harbor He jo<n*4 the ehurah. of wbleb ha wa* a in-mber ?t hi< death, nearly flee year* ago and ba< alway* hien a "iItiqw * epletle known and read of all men It eu Mated ' that tba deeeaaed had bean noiumand?r nf tha ***aa> Keaolnta but a few day* before tha aadUent oo*urra4, i* which pnt an end to hi* ltf<- III* remain* were -ecort a ed to (Jreenwnod Cemetery by Atlantia Lodga I f) of ra 0 f , of which la*tltutlon ha wa* an honored mem bar. ItrrtliTTH fi*?.? On Monday laat. shortly after > II o'clock, a nre broke nBt la the itabla nf a Mr llatth, I* a butcher, at tharaarof Iloyt and Batlar atraata whhh g tonn cnamnaleated with tha aa^tdalng (tare, la tha *ame neeapaMna. and thaana *praad to a>a* *mal| ia tram* l one#-* tba whola nf whlah war* totally coaio rnmed. tha tenant* b?lng anabla to *ara aar ol thair pr*party. Tbtae fire en*tne* were brought to bear hat . with little avail, chiefly owing ta th* want of a *applf of water that which wa* obtained, belag conveyed to * th* (pot by pumping It Iroa oaa angla* to another. In the coarae of which nperatloa oaa wa* barat Tha $- |o?* la Mtimated at tl U00 Mr Hart, tha owaar. waa k ! Ir?*r< d for about halt the am >uat; hut non* ol tha h t. nenti wer* ln*nred at all ? A relic ot the olden time h*aSeen dian.vered in t# S?>uthw?tk, hy the ctnatia taker*, in th? < ! * Mra. Hannah Turnat, whi w <? Horn at S^llatwirf, ? New Jrreey, May 23<l, 17M>, and ?m, th'r-fore, ^ li'l year?ol age la?i May. Her mai^n name ?u llannnh l'oole, and ahe la the widow of Heary ,n I urnny, a joldier of the revolution, and U?e?J near IB M mmmnh Coii/l Houae, where the haute <.f thai nun c waa (ought. She hia ?een the m ?;h* r of p. t? n children ?ai* hoya and four gtrla?%ll ?* wh >n?. to wuh their ^scen ianta, ahe ?ui?i>oaea are rteid. Three ??f her eona fought in th* war of IHl'J, *nd one waa killed at ih? hatile of New Orle ina "* i? supported by a government penaioa aad Um kmrtneae of the family wl h whom ahe livea. *' Paikfr't eatton faatory at Caat*rhwry, 0?u . *raa . imtoiHM t?< T2j tul k"?| ?1VW, If *a Mu<4 tot Ml WO.

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