Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1850 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 60X3. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE, ARRIVAL OF THB * lit 0 PA AT HALIFAX, wiva oxra WBSE'8 LATER XTBWS. THE THREATENED WAR IN GERMANY. The First Conflict between the Austrians and the Prussians. MESSAGE OF LOUI8 NAPOLEON* STATS or TBS KAUUTI, yc.. Jtc.. &c. Halifax Tkt.korai'H Opfick. ) Wednesday Night, Nov. 27, IS50. J The steamship Europa, Capt. Lott, from Liverpool, November 16, arrived at this port at teven o'clock, with forty passengers for Boston and nine for Halifax. The renewed misunderstanding between Prussia and Austria is confirmed. All Germany is arming. ? Austria and Bavaria are in arms. Prussia has drawn the first blood Her troops occupied the village of Byolzell, upon which the Austrians advanced, with their swords sheathed, but were at once fired upon, and several of their number were wounded. The shots were returned, and the Prussians finally evacuated the place, carrying off their wounded with them. France, England and Russia, have offered their mediations on the German question. The latest accounts are more peaceable, although in Vienna war is now looked upon as certain. Lauis Napoleon has sent a long message to the Asaembly, which has given general satisfactionHe disclaims all personal ambition. The no popery cry is going down in England. They feel a little ashamed at having been frightreed at a Catholic hierachy on paper. It appears that there ure only half a million of Citholica in all England, and but eight Bullions in all Ireland, Canada and Australia. Through the attentive kindness of Mr. Shaw, purser of the Europa, we learn th it the steamship Asia, which left New York on the bth inst., was pasted at quarter-past seven o'clock on Saturday evening, M?th inst., twenty miles west of Hollyhead. The steamer America arrived at Liverpool on Monday, the 11th instant. She sailed from Boston on the 29th ult. Commercial Affairs. Ekot.ish skcraitiks were subject to considerable fluctuation duiing the week. Consols, on Monday, 11th inst., closed at 96} to On Frilay, owing t? more favorable continental advices, they advanced to | for money, aad to j a { for account. Ukited State* S*ct;atTi*? were tolenbly active during the week ending on the Kith inst., at the following (juotations :? I alt*J State. glass, lt>43 106 a 106 Do Jo. 18S8 lu'X a lo?X K?w York 8tat* Viv?s 185* 1800 lud I 1M Uo-ton Ci'.y Utr- 1S68 1802 M'*a i rabuvlTaala Kivss I'J a S3 Ohio Sits*. 1870 1876 106 a 104 Miuaehufttt* FItn 106 a 106 k. hi... >.nndi I HAM t8 S 99 OlMdt 1UJ a 102^' Cotton.?Meaara. Brown ?Sc Shipley's Cotton Circular st-nes tlmt the cotton market became exremely dul i: mecUtely aler the sailing of the ftisgtra, with a decline of fully one-eighth. Th? German account*, to which thi* dallneta waa Tin*inly owmtr, wtre, iq the Urn few diya, rather less warlike; ar.<l the America's advice* from New mtk havirir ennouncfd a killing fro^t in the cot;on dii<iiie?, confidence hna heen re-estahlinhed, and prices hud rallied nearly one quarter d. from the extteni" dt'pie*sion of the ?>th The mxrket closed steady on Friday, the lAib, at the full (incea of ?>ur last circular, for the better dee' rip'ion* d Arrn-rican, and an advance of oneeighth d for the lower and middling qualities.? The aale* for the week were 32,740bales, of which about 8 000 were taken bjr speculator*, and 1,500 for export. George H " cirrul ?r e*timaien the sxles on the 15th inM , at 10,000 halea. It also state that the reaction in the cotton market had met with no rerponKe ia M?ni lie*ter, where the f. urn na ta what m it lit be the result of aflairs in Germany fcept that market iu check. Havre advices of Thursday, the 14th, represent that market as much depressed The aales ofthat 'ay, up to 'J "'? ! " *. reached 4*3 lwl<-f. Hi a d-rli i" of 60 centimes ir, on last quotations The atles of 'he week, up to the IS:h, amounted to 4,82$ bales. Hrfm t The flour market is quiet but 'inn, at previous nte*. In wheat there bad been come speculative demand, at pric?s current, at the sailing of the ira. In corn there had heen a food detiu<nd, at 29* fid. a 301 per quarter, for j'llowu.i *!'i'e. Hid 2>?? for mixed Pio* iwom ?Tbe beef market continued without any symptoms tf improvement. The stlea were mill ;v licht 1'i'rk wna ina. 'ive, and a reduction w...? demanded. There were small salea of bacon, at full rates. Shoulders met with ready pales, at previous prices. Ilams moved more freely, |>ut had o< - !?.> I hnril hx <ftn i rovrd, an'i wag in demand, at an a<l*ance of Is per cart?amall atotk on first hands. la cheeee there was less doiag, and |.rlr *a had reced la per cwt <> line soils, and 2a. on in tilling vualities. Tam.ow moved m?re freely. Likkkkd n?ni waa leaa an ire Nat at, Storks ?There w*e nothing doing in turpentine; I 000 bbls. common rosin had been sold at 3a Id. per cwt Corns --Prices are not low, bnt transitions hare been very small. The continental market exhibits a dec:line in prices, both for coffee and agar. T*a ?A food business has been don? bjr the trade and speculators. Common Contous hare advanced jd per p?an>i. The Liverpool market haa be?? cleared at la Id per pound. Good aorta were beginning to attract more attention, and had an upward tendency. Sales of loe grades were effected at full rates. Siwan?There.wss a very moderate demind, but holders continued firm Mc?uas?1s ? Good demand at full prices. Rica contlinerf dull. Askks were very dull at previous ratea. Oft .?Olive, cod and seal unchanged and i(Uiet. 't.inseed and r<?;>" were in fair request, at pre1 oua qtotations. q, ktnti P**k?There wa? more inquiry, and sales had been made of hogaheada Philadelphia at 9a fid to 10a Toiurr?.?The maiket was very firm, and the ;raasactions limited. Wool..?Tke market was firm with a light stock. Igon.?There was an improved demand for ntaaahectared iroa, especially for bars and nail rode, wWch have slightly improved in value. Freights at Ijverpool ware dull, with a declining E NE MORI tendency, eapecially to the cotton porta. Pdaaen- ) gera were rather more abundant, but there U no improvement in mtea. Havek Markitt* ?For aehea there waa no inquiry. lieeawax do. Coffee waa quite neglected. Wk.U ~il ? A- l - ? ti-t. ?? " I ? noic uii wbb rui'iMin*-!! ai ni^n rniru, rar sugar their was no demand Tattow cntioued to decline. Whalebone hud coatid?ably advanced ia value. In rice there was no improvement. PtlMngcri by the Knrop*. Mr* fir?y, Mi u< lira Liotay, Mr ejd Mr* Uurdan, Mr ml Mn Brill Mr* Dr Ballard wu lady, Mix Mink Hamilton, I Meaere Phlppe, Beate, Melohkri. i ami bell, Motldnmoat, | IJaiohi. Jliani, Blrutbere. W}?an, Otto, Early Phillip* ani { tiioad. Bria'lo, Dyiai. Ward, 1 a 'krr. Caetyrail* Ball?ri ant aer?ant, Boetaiek, Holtum lluthlin. Shamahan. Stamp, Btany, WmBradahar, Dellabul-, Uertt, Smith, Bhauataa, Millar. Shlpplaf Intelligence. Art from NYork <J?t .-4). Milton (,'adli; Silt, Baltimore, tba Trial; Mar 7, Kibe. Hamburg: Frana Erneat, Helvoet; btli. Neptune, Brietol; 9th, Laurina Dublin; 10th. Ttiiau Kieldtn. Llrrtpo' 1; 11th. B?rdeaui l'aoket, Ainaterdaa 12th, One, the Clyde; C?n*tituti3n. Liverpool; OotJU. St Lawrvuce, Mabon; N**4. Eliaateih Dennl'on. Antwerp. h d for NTork Oet SI. idtliat, Memel; Not 0, Vermont, Dutlia: Hal*nia. do; Am Coanre a. Deal; Kenedeiaaxei, ' Mar.eillie. HtraM, tlio Cl) de; 9th, Mar.hat tan, Ivaahne, aad | loan, ilo: lUth. Maiae, Catharine, I Z and Jotoph Walker, ' Liverpool: Kentiey Waterford; 12th. Arctio. Liverpool; Sarah. Bliao: Uth. Home, Liverpool; Uth. Siddont. and Nii acara, 4o; Not 6. Blaviana Cadii; l&th, Edrannd, Limerick; i Colon Campbell, aad Z R Belfaat. Arrlrom Boatoa Nov .1, Oroce. Gi-noa; S h. John Andretra, : Maratille*. Utb, R( bert. Cioen; Paul, Oraveaend. Sid for Boeton Nov A, Sarah Purinton, D*al; 9th. Pa'eader, i the Clyde; 10th. Revere, Liverpool; Uth. Hube, Qieeaetowa; ; 13tb, raravoa. Liverpool. Arr from Philadelphia N?v 7, Olrard, aad J VT An drawl, 1 If lee; 9th. Hibcrnia, Liverpool. Sid for Philadelphia Nov 10, Europe, aad Philadelphia, Liverpool. | Bp' km?Wutln?t"n. of N7o>k, Not 6. lat SI. Ion S4; Vaai guard, from Liverpool for NYork. Nov 11. off Tueear, Mart. ; aer, fi iaf avacnah for Liverpool. Oet 9. lat <1. Ion M: Hebe. MbdiuK N, Nor 18. Brtkip' iiit. bound X, w?? *i?n?liJ*d on*2d. Frcm W?ihln|[ton. THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE?THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT?UNIFORM RATE OF POSTAOE, etc. Wi.ntncT?*, Not. 37.1860. I Th* F resident'* message will be forwarded to the Booth next Saturday morning, and to th* North la the afternoon. President Fillmore has consented that copies of the massage may be delivered to editor* oa the receipt ot a telegraphic anaeaneement by Portmasters that It has bean delivered to Cengra**. The Secretary ot the Treasury will not ask for a new loan, it being found that the resource* of the Treasury are sufficient for the demand* of the next fiscal year. The Postmaster Ueaeral will reoommend the adoption of a uniform late or postage at three cents, with pie payment. It i? rumored that the fourth Auditor, Mr Dayton, Is to be removed It is tumored that the President has ordered tha big ship Pennsylvania for the ooaveyanc* of good* to the London Pair We bar* no mail south of Richmond, ton Ight. The lion John 8l?an and family, arrived her* last right Mr 8 to day entered upon the duties at the Treasury Department. Numerous Senators and RepreeeDtaflT** have arrived. and the city 1* now rapidly filling. The Wttkln Glolt contains a statement. twenty-Ova cilumosin length, and signed by John C Kives. detailing the history of the sale of the Giefe. in 1845. to Meter* Ritchie fc llriss. It 1* rather *?v*re upon Father Kitehie. Jenny Llnd In Philadelphia. Philaoii.rHii, N*v. 27?10K P. M. The flnt of th* second series of Jenny Lind'a concert*. In thl* city, took place, this evening. In the Ma leal Fund llall. which was filled to fverflowlng. Tha Nightingale waa ia charming voice, and most of her songs were encored. Thousands, who were unable to i affvrt an antrattita ineMimJail *l>a "all aai ? -- cllerons In their demonstrations of delight. that their applause could be heard by tbe audience within. At the present lime there U a Uenee crowd In trout ol Jones', availing the return ot M'Ue to the hotel. The Lecture ofUen. I'au at Providence. ^ PietiDtaci, Mot. 27.1860. Hon. Lewis ('Mi delivered a lecture at the franklin Lyoeum. in thU elty, lent evening The andUnee ?u very Urge and appeared to be much pleased with the Oeiieral s r. mark* Owing to slrkaess in hit family. Oen.C. vw compelled to leave here this morning. The Indiana ConTentlon. CinnnnaTi, November 27, 18(0. The Indiana Convention alopted. by a large majority a aeotion preblbitlng State debt*. The Mar)lai.d Convention. Ai.taroLit. Nov 27,1850 The proceeding! of the Reform Convention, to day have been uninteresting. They refused to smploya reporter for the debate* Sailing of the Caauhrta. Doiitu, Nov. 27, ISM. The Rcyal Mall Steamkhlp sailed th'-s daj at anon, with twenty-loor passenger* for Liverpool, and nine for Halifax Among thnee f >r Liverpool, are the Assistant Commissary of Montreal, and lien Minds and lady, of the Drltlsh army. She takes out no speole. A Dllhoiltit Clerk. Uri??. Not 27. 1850. A clerk la the employ of Messrs flannegan It drifts, (ramed Leroy Gregory ) ha* been arrested fur robttlug th'tr It ere A large ijuantity of the *'.el?a property I was found la his traak. ftlare Takers Acquitted. HtumcM, ft, IM 27 MM. Tba p?r?on? who rama b?ra from Virginia. laat Avguct )d .(U?ot at *'??? <. aad w?r? irrr?t?d oa a cbarga ol Hot win trl*d ya?tarday ?nJ th? Jury, (hit Burning, raturt ?d a aardlctof not guilty. The Rlrtr, Jkr , at Cincinnati. Ci>c*?tft. N oTrmbvr *7, MM. W? bar* had tin*; mini bar*. an i tha rirar will b* high In a Hay or two. feat !" fr?UM is not looked fit K'lii ag< lxlag com paratiaal y aeiroa, Knprrm* ( onrt?fptrlal Term. Uilflit DkM JuaUea K dmuadl in* avtor wtij. c*a* NmiKnii 27 ? Jinn l)t N?<t>?rk and tt'i/r i t tfm H .Ifar at d OfAiri. Ktrmlart rj John Jjr,* ,ht?r 4rTbl* ?u an artlon to Mtflt >10" 000. elalmad to a Ugacy to Mm Da Notthack. undar a rlauaa in tl a lata Mr. A*tor'? will ht which h? ga?a to tha ail ftl Irm of hla daaghtrr Mr*. Lacgdon of whom Mra. l)a N'ot'kx k I* ona. or to inch of tham a* might *ur?l?a Mb ?HOtRO of N?w York rliy Mock to b? paid ta rach of t b< ro oa bacomlng twaat yon* j??m of tr; ad if aar dtad b?lor? that ?g?. wlthou' l#*oa ??r?l?lug. tha ?hara of tba da<>a*?ad to go to tha (uraifor*. Tha plaintiff ?laia? thtt tbl* I* a baqneat af flOOiiOO to urb of tba children of Mri>n th? drf'idint* eontand that tba >100ooo wa? ta b? dlrldad among tha children Tha Oonrt heard argument on tha part of tha plaintiff*, and tba eonplalat want heroupan diinlNfd with porta laprrmr CoatW irrnit < our* Kafora tba Hon Jndga Kdward* Ho? 17.- Hwkman rt Pi'rhrr - la thli MM ttia Jntfg* procaadad to rharga tha Jury; la tha e??r? of bia ohaarantIon* ba *ald --Thl? action *m brought ta rarottr tIMIO. blob, it la allagad. ait d?po?ital by tba plalatlff with tba dafandan'. a* a rtakrboldar, | npen a ait?t batwaan tha plalatlff and John Oinklln, on a nof?? 1 Tli* action I* brought ?ad*r tha amrtalona oltb* Mat tit* which th* Jad?* r-%4> ) II la*d by Iraitrd ciua**! for th* d>bniw, tbtt, by tba pro?l*l< n* of th* oth?r alatut-a thl? law to** a t ?rr'r > >h? Jud<*) did not agra* to tbat propoalticn Thl? prorlaloa of ih* ?tatuta do#a ant apply to a >?t mad* apoa tba raea rua upan tba aonr?? la within tba tla* aad Ii th* aaanrf nutborlaad by law tor c?rlaln purpoaaa Tbl' ba nad*mt'>od to bar* bran d*eld*d by th* Court ot A pP?a!? Tba natation wh*tb*r Mr. Rnakmaa ran raror*r tba wboia, although otb*r paraoa* w?ra latar*at*d with bin la tb* r?ror*ry ba (tb* Jailirai and*ratrod to bara b**n d*cid*d by tba kl^hMt authority, ard ba aoeordlanlr lnatrurt?d tb*jary tbat tba plalatill ean r*ror*r Th*r* ar* th*a. thr*a quaatlra* Klr?t Vaaa ?a?*r aaad* ? Paoond- Win thl? nnnar ' pot tip by lha plalatlff ' Third VhIt paid or*r, and In what maanar? It appear* tba ?i|*r mad*? th?r* la ao dlajata abnnt tbat | Th* l*ara* l jad<* r*'rrrad to tb* taatlmoay } Tba proof at th* formar trlala. a? tn payment *aa anb<tnatl*lly th* aatn* aa at tb* pr***at oa*. aad tba Judga hep* f*ad th* oplalon cf tb* form*r court npon th* ca** with ?hl*h h? eo?eurr*d AfUr aoa>* farther remark*. Jnd?* Kdwarda aald ha thought that although th* plaintiff *a< * tltl*d to r*o?T?r lnt?-r**t. y*t ha la oaly *ntltl*d to It ftrn tha tlM* ba mad* th* d*mard hat not fYnm tba tlm* tba Makaa war* paid orar Tb*r* la aa proof <>f d< irand *>a*pt f?om th* romm?n??aiaut of tbla aalt; aad. It tba plalatlff la *atlilad to raaorarlh* principal h* I* only entitled to tha lnt*raat Iron that ?lm* Maaaa* r, Ranifnrl aad N B Riant took tlnaa to tha charg* on behalf of tha d*f*adant Tha lira A. L. Jordan t itlna?*d to tb* aowrt tbat th* tlma tba anil waa comm*acad waa In .fanuaty, If** aad lha jury eowld ?#a from what parted tha latar*** waa da*. ha jary. Ii a M mlnnt** ratara*d % rardlct for I plaintiff of $3 noo d*ht aad " ao lataraat ' Tha reading of tb* rardlet ea?*?d *om* iaught*r A poll waa demanded. aad th* Jarora all anaw?r?d la tba afllr matlra. V. I. rirrwtt fanrf. i llatoro tba Hoa. Jadf* Jadewa Ho* 87. JUJni luu n. .'fdi * il<i ?Tbla la aa notion for th* InMageam t n? a patent for ana 111 a* tai | roaea'actuibn bricha Adjoaraat w yo u ?> 1 in - ixiwU m?? . - . NING EDITION?TIIURSI Pvm^Iih In tk? EpUeopal Chnrrh. triai. of tux kkv. o. s. noworr, or Borrow. An eccleaiatitical court awtemblrd in Boston, on the 26th mutant, to try wvrr&l charges preferred againrt the l!ev (' H Prryeotl, late annuitant miniater of the Church of the Advent, of that city, of teaching contrary to the faith of the churcn R< v Mfbhre Hxllard. Clinch, T/imhert, M ison and Slafter. comi>ose the court on the part of the church: The following in the preaentment:? To the Higkl Hrv Mnnlun F.mlhurn, D D , Bishop uf tht Prolrttant Epitevjml Church, in the Dioceat uf MaltachutttlI : The Standing Committee of the DIocpm of Ma'tacbuxettado k?ieby prt-aeni the R?t Oliver 8. Pr*acott. Prrabyter. of thu UloceM, a? having ba?n guilty uf entertaining and believing certain dootrlnaa. which am uot bala. nor allowed to b? held, by the i'rotentaat Kpincopal Ohnrnb in the United State*. bat whloh ara t'iDdvisntd by tha atandard* ot (aid church, a* wrong, unround, and heretical, and that he, tb? said Rer. Oliver 8 Pn-teott. Pra-byter, ha*, moreover. nromul gated. tiught. and delended held doctrinea, to the detriment of religion. the aeandai of the church. and the great injury ol th? rnu<? of Cbriat. That ha hit further adapted and pursued, and enrourtged other* to adopt and puraue oertaln form* and reremoniee, which tba church d(>ea not allow and which are contrary to her teaching* and atandarda. (and whloh are in opporltlrn to the general u-age and Immemorial cuatoma of the churrh and in violation of her a.immon law.) to the prejudice of the uo?pel and of tha iihi tion ol aou'.a. The Standing Committer of the Dioieae of Maaaachuaetta in conformity with Ca ion 1. or 1M6, of tha Protcatant Kpiacopal Churrh in aaid dioceaa. do preaent the aaid Her. Oliver 8 Praaaott, Presbyter, for trial (according fo tha provision* ol the canine of tha choreh. aade and provided, for tha trial of rlergymen accuatd by pulille rumor or other*iae. or offence# for whioh thej may be tried.) unJeraod for the follawlog cbargea and aprciticationa :? Chakci FiaaT That the Rev Oliver 8 Preicott haa taught that tha Virgin Mary, the mother o( our Baviour. la an object ot worahip. SptriJUatii n 1 lie haa held and taught tha immaculate nature and character of the Virgin Mary. 2. lie baa taught that ahe waa wlthrut ain . 5 Be haa taught that prayer* nay be, or ahould be, addreaaed to hrr. 4 lie haa taught that ahe may be, or (hoald be, regarded a* an interneaaor 6 lie ha* taught that It ia right, or proper, or allowable, for ChrUtlaaato uae the "llall Mary'' la their devotiona 0. Ue haa held, or acknowledged hi* belief In, or oonaent to. the doctrinea which are oontalaed in the above five aptclfirationa CNiiiit StcotD That the Rev Oliver S. Preaoott ha* held and taught the dectrlne t ranauh'tantlattoa. SperiJU a turn 1. lie has. In private converaatlon* with individual*, acknowledged hia belief in this doctrine 21. He haa. in private converiatlone, defended thla doctrine by employing and expreaaing diver* argumenta ii it? favor 3 lie hat at aundry tlmea, employed language in reapeet to the nature, neceaaity, and effect- of the Sacrament of the Lord'a 8upper. the natural Import of which waa calculated to convey the impresalon that he held and defended the aaid {doctrine of traaaubatantiation; and he did not no qualify or explain aid language aa to guard againat and prevent any aucb natuial inference, of hia belief la aaid dootrine, aa drawn from the terma and eipraaaloo* employed by him ia reapect to the Saerament of the Lord'* Sapper. t'kifct Third That the aaid Rev Oliver 8 Prea. cott ba* held and taught that auricular ccnfniiaion t<> a priert. un ' h- part of the Diabrra of th church, U proper, and alio* able, and profitable. Spm/lcation 1. He bar taught and defended thi* doctrine and practice at diver* time*. 2 De baa urged auricular nonlaaaion a* a duty. 3. lie baa encouraged auricular ooafe**ion ae a privilege and benefit 4 Ue baa allowed member* of the ekurch to come t? bin. and make canfeeeion ot their kiln, in manner and form not allowed or ranctloned by tbe church 6 Ue baa acknowledged tbo fubctance ef tbe abore four preceding apeciflcation*. in private conversation* Omabub Form ii That the Mid Rev. Oliver 8. Preicott h?K htld and taught the' prle.Mly abeolutlon. in connection with auricular coofe*iion, U allowable, and detlrnble, and profitable. Specification 1 lie ba* beard private conf'iaiona of Mn* from aundrv peraon* and ba* pronounced ab*0lutiona In behalf of *uch perxona on onratlnn* and uuder circumstance* not cortemplated by the church, and in violation of tbe principle* oi the churoh w> eet forth in her atabdarda aud coatrary to her taiabliehed cuetom* and utag-e 2 lie ban acknowledged hi* belief In the doctrine of piieetly abeolutiou. la onaiwailni with auricular eoareeeiaa 3. II* ha* acknowledged the nece?Hy or tbe propriety or profit ol private priecUy ateoluiion. 4 lie ba* defended :bi* doctrine f> lie ha* inculcated tbl* doctrine. C. lie ba* enconiaged or permitted eer*nln perenna to eome to him te receive aacb private abaolutlon T. He ha* pronounced aucb ab>*lution. In contrariety to tbe dcctrinta, ataadarda, and uaagea of the church. baf adopted and parruid certain cuatooa and araotlcri whlrh ?rf r?| iik'nant to tba Imhlsii of tha church ?otiarj to th* aplrlt anJ meaning of liar rtaudarda and atfalaattha e>mm<>a ord> r'and aatabli?bed uaajeaif Ua church and a rtilattoo of har COB MOD lav Srmjtntinn 1 (It* hold# that th# practice of auricular coafeaalon la right 2 Ma ha* delradad thla praotlca a* profitable 5 llr ha* mcourapad ether* to adapt It aod praotlca It a* a rrllglou* duty 4 Br baa bimo'lf bran la tha habit of tnaklag lueh onfataiona to a priaat. 6 Ha ba? practload mich oonfaMlon to a Praabytar, who bad baoonia antrrlou* for hi*It niianlittig tandrnclaa and who h?? auhaeijuently apoauii/.,..! tnun thu rhureh ?renounced hi# ordination row* -and oonnactad hlm>?lf with th* P.ooilfb communion 0 Ha baa baad In th? habit In performing dlr'na rarrlca. if turning bla back to tha paopla. whlla r-ad tLa I'falt?r?rfTerlig np prayer* and rrcltln/ tha cread? contrary to tb? practice and custom of tha chur. h In tbl* dloceaa ?lnsa it* flrat orgnnliation 7. lie ta? pracli >d thaaa vMaMoa* ol the common law of tha church *galnat t ha wall known and officially drclarad admoaltlvaa aud couawl* of tba Blahop ol tBa dtr?a>* * la making tba o*ual aacrlptloa to tha Tloly Tilnity, at tha aloaa of aarmoar ha ha* turnad hla l ack to tha people and hit Ifcca tc tha Lord * tabla aa to I tin nnat holy placa W. lie haa paid by dlrara turning" or bowing* or ganufl*cttan* that i?rar?t>c? to th? l-ord a taHa which la ledicallra of a belief in tba doctrlaa that tha raal body aad btord of Chrlat ara raally and ttaly "farad up tb?r*upon la accerdanea with tha doctrlaa of trananbataritlatlon. I" II- ba? allowed, nr approved, or permitted la # ! bratlng publ c *er?!-c. at morning and evening prayar. port] na of tha I'M' ar to ha tunc. In placa ol tha paalinr ard btiaai la meter which tha Ohurah baa rat fir'b ?< r tba' purpoaa 11 lla i>ra 'bo ? oar? moaiaa which ara on I.! ir? In t'br f I'tciBK ?>"t Of th* ch?r.ta la t*ll? dior ?#a, and th? rtiooai and of tba Protaataot ?.pt * * ! 'Jbvi'b la tba I'nit.4 Mia?r* an I whlrk ara wron* In ih> u>??1t?k *if.r??air? of rrnr, and % hladaor* to troa rrl'plon OmMf him- That tba MM Ha*. OHaar S Trtnoti ba* b?M taught pra?tlr*4. or dof?nd?J aovaor all of tba tai?< 4?rirl?M h?r?>ln. aa<l troi| aa<l anantborta?d Intma. and e?rai?o. nlaa blrb ar? I I fe tl I t?nd?r.i?, ?UkIl*ba4 ti)ai>t and nnnnn l*w of th* cbutrh a* ?mbracvd In th* bafora wtllt-a ehargat and tpvcifl#*Uoa*. Th* Ptaadlnt Sommlft#* aforatald do further pr*a?nt, tha? th* tali R?? oilrar P Prr*"??tt batb ba*a entity of tbaaVr* aad af?r* ?rUt*a rharg** and rpfcldet U< no within th? t*arla?t pa*t Art th?y do aa? that tba Right R?r-r?nd Bl-h?p nf th* niotrM do lirtltqtr pmoaodtaca la lib lb* tiotinr in 'I* and rrotlM tor tba d?t?rolalug of *n*h ra?? that to? honor of pur* r?lglon mar l>? vtndioa'fd and that Jn?'l?? may ha don* both to tb* rhnrrh and to the ?orti?#d Ry ord*r and la b>b>if of th* Ptandlat of tb* of Ma*aa*tia**tra. duly eitfra tad at Boat a on tM? a-*?at?*ctb day of July. la tba y?ar of car Lard fl|bi?r? hwwrtrad and fifty. GEO M K4NDAI.L, Pr*?ld*at of tba Ptan Jlpj CoanlttM of th* IM<*e??a of Hamtkufttlt W* R*r??tl? Litr, CWtlfy Domttl Ir Mleeel Ian jr. ffuri dally tad-M-d to Ur C. W. OotfM, of Ho.M Fifth etreat. *>t tka I'hiladalphla papera la adraaer of th? ntll Mr 0 I* an ?f*il for Mreral ot tho d Mlvtn th?m t? tibeerlb?r? la thl* city bifor# they eaa W ohtala?d by the r?(?Ur roarN nf nail Th? ebolera hi> ar?ln apj-o?r?rt at l*la*nemtn? La., aad te*?r?l draika ba1 o?eurr?d prior to tl^ IOth la?t Tb?r? >u a h?a?y Irort tt New Orl*aaa oa tho 17tk latt. oral Intelligence. TbeU.S rarrrjlBR aehooner Wallatla. Llenteaant Milfrt, Item New York, arrlead at Nnriolk oa frlfi; latt. ____________ Morimrnti nf T)tatlng?1ahc?l Prnplf. linn J Hoot. Oalo, W Hurim'.t Coaaeotlrut, l|-n. n. Kbit*. Cekoni K Looai* Troy; W Hooper. Roatoa; 0?l lla*lltr i?. Albany; Ilea W Mat-ton rtli>a, Hon 0. Pfeal linjt Hnffalo, amoafat tareaty other arrltala yaaterday. at tk* Aatnr Hoaaa J Randall Worraater 0 M llnrtt do , C Reeaoly, Philadelphia; <1. P. Reaeiaa 0?otfl? and thirty nthera arrived yMtnlu. It U<? Aai-rlnaa 0. Faiktr. Ronton; N Walker, B?? York: W.R flaitoa Portland, aad taeatr tber* haea arrived at tho Howard fin* |> 8 IHetlaeoa W B Benaior. Rinfbamtoa; lloa Wrv t'pham. da , Yavaioat. H"a 0 Rn?wt Jf, Bath, H<n Jotia A Collier. Bleibaiatna; w H Prraiiee. Ruetoa. Hea N R L1tll?fl?l I M 0 . Mala*; Dot Pr?atoa Riaf 0>daa?h*r(k. lloa. t Pratt Vratfavllle, Prot RokMaa Varaioat; Pro <'hyrrh. Weat Pi lat; Men R.Or?r>r R'ckeat?-r, L WR?evaa. (leorala. J J#ffray, Rnaian.l, W H l>e?ltt Alhaay, ? Klrhpatrirk. Pbnad>'vkU. Rev t Selkirk Albaa;, Rev l? >' M?l.eaai -*w Jar*?y. ?,ra am >a| Ihl I arri<al*, yeelerday, ?t the Irvlaf Hea* 1R K ? 'vrfi fd b*J1esiiw1 juMMJIw t0O#:<r JAY, NOVEMBER 28, 16 Tlie Special Episcopal Conrrntlon. oroakization nr the convention for the ruit ivse ok eijtctino an assistant bishop. The special conre ntlon, called by the Committee o the Kpisrnpal Church, met yesterday morning. In 8t John'a Church. St. John's Park, for the purpose o: taking into consideration the canon enacted by thi House of Bishops, lor the appointment of an assistant bishop. There was a very full Attendance, beth of laj and clerical member*, present. Church terries wai ( commenced about half-past tan o'elock, by the Rev Doctor Saml K Johnson, assisted by the Rev. Dootoi Ilaight.Srabory. &c.; after which. Doctor Walnwrlghi ascended the pulpit, asd preached a sermon rom th< xIt. chap, and 19th Terse ?f the Epistle of Paul to th( Ronact. The rev. gentleman Raid they were met t< ; take counvl of each other, the result of whloh will j raid he. have a mighty effect the pre?ent and futnr< J history of this dlooess. He then proceeded te exhort hi' hearers to peace and good will, lis said it wonld hi found that the tew observations which he would addres to thorn would have a direct application to themselves at present. He then spoko of the contentions at Rome between the early Christians. They were, he said, di videc into two sects or olasses, differing in many things 1 The Oentlles never had been taught to revert the feast of Pentecost, 'nor were they regulated open market; and henoe the contest bttween the tw< clattt a. The apoatle. therefore, to alia/ the dif pub and controversy between than, with word* of wltdoix trleatoheal the wound* indicted on the ehuroh bj tbote dlrrtntlona. Ha telle them they were at varlanct upon Batter* of no ao?ent. That liberty of choict *h? permitted to all on thoaa oecaeion* ; the church having prefer 1 bed no rale, every man ?u at liberty t< follow hi* own judgment. But attar all. aaid ha. thai judgment wit to be aubjeet to the great principle upon which the Christian religion I* founded. Thl* wax the rule in thoae earlj day*, by whleh the right* and privilege* of the early Chrlatlan* were to be interpreted, and upon thl* foundation, in Itaelf ao reasonable, the apoatle founded hi* diaoourae to tha Chrlatlan* ol Borne. Let ua. therefor*, follow hit advice, and let there be paaca and harmony amonget ua. We hare, aaid the reverend preathar, a bold and *uptle enemy,

who la ever watchiul of oar di**ention* and who i* up again, and beginning to make bold advaaoe*, encouraged by our oontroveraie*. Tha Church of Rome ha* once more inlaed her bratan front agalntt the eleot ol God The reverend gentleman proceeded at great length, to enforce oa hia audience the neee**ltjr of peace, and tor that purpoaa. to prooeed with a rplrlt ol mutual foitxarance and good will The eervloe* were again returned at the ccnclatloa of which, the holy communion waa administered to all who foand themeelvea in a atata to partake of it, bjr the Rev Dr. Waiawrlgbt, a*aitted by Dr?. Halght auj lieirien. Tbe Convention then proceeded to organize Doctor Haight, the ?acretary af the Convention alttr the ohurch tervicet were concluded, read the 5tt rule whleh provide* that tha praMdent not being in attendance, the **ulor clergyman present thall take the chair Tha Rev. Doctor Moor* beiag the eenloi clergyman preeent, waa called to precise Dootor llilaht Ikan r>e. A ..I ?/> a?II I)i. mil ?f Ih. at the conclusion of which, the chairman app Intatf Mr. Wm K. Dunncomba and the Hon Judge rtaodford a committee, to aaelat the lecnurrin examining tha rartlflrati * ol lay dflriitrt The Secretary thrn proceeded to o*ll the lay delegate* bj the pariah** which tb?y represented A quorum being preaeat. the chairman waa about to call on the Contention to proceed to el??t a chairman, when Judge 8**pi oik offered tba follow lop revolution Rt ?l?ed- That tb* hit of I ha *l*r*y wlileh hu ben snb ittcd by the aecretary,for tie pnrpeaa of rK?nt?in? tha ( ocventioa, ba reierred tu a ?omn.itu-e. aoaiiatmg of tluoe rlerr>u*a and two lay d.I?, ar*?. t* ba arpolat.- l by tha haimaa, to rapatt whath< r any r.amna at ? mbar* an laced en ancbliat, who art a?t eatltleil u seat* ia tba I'orvantlrn. aad whether the nance of any entitled to *4 at*. ata oautled therefrom Also. that it be ruferrsd to the tamo cinaailt'.M to exanilae and report upon th* ooatratcd ?rat* <f tha d*l*|a'*?, and report tVa n*ht to ?*'? In the C< avontioa "f all | *r*. a* cl timing to ill as la; ialffcat-*, whc*eaame* I ate not be<n called The Sn aitut aald the rulei of order made It impn! r?tIti> an the Convaatmn to proceed In tba nr?t in?'ance. to e lect a pre?IJ. nr. and. until such ?a* dona, the resolution would not b? In order. Hon Johii C Unarm raid that the resolution wa? Id rder. and that thta ??? the only tin* to offer It He Mr Ppencef, would Ball tha attention of tha 0?oretarj to the tulea and be would And there waa no rule* o order for tbia convention. Jk? lituuar tw?4et??l ilitl thee* war*, tui woult further Insist that tb* 'juration shf uld be settled be. fere Ibay proceeded further, a*. If It wan la order t< I resent tba resolution now. ha waa out of order In all he did to-day Ha than read tha first p*?e of tha ri lea. Mr. Bi out proceeded to aay that n o convention could Hake rnlaa to bind thalr enoceeeor* They might make n canon a* to t be dlaoiplioe of l he ehoreh. ard ?nch a canon would bind the cmTentlen ao far at it related to diaelcltne And ao far as nreeeilenta are r? n**ri>?d. b* b*lil ii bin hiuil tbx rvl>i cl ? MrDlil , t... nM< n llif II th- fi .tit. * | by wbirh It I* *ipr*aaly daclar-l that ru!n mad* by | m? ronxntlon euMt Mail tkilr lucgrnom Mr I. I |M pm*?*d*d to llliifttrata bU propoattlrn II* ralar. r?d to a difHralty In Coo*r*aa about th* admlwitnn o1 n t t l?r? In lb* Iftiu of NnvJitNT. in oon?*qu*nc<i f tf.? cl*rh omittlag to call tha n>n> ? o(tli> .' t<?j in*n.b*ra Tb* OnagruN coald not ba organize ' uutll tb* lat* Jehu t;ui?ry Adam* bad a coaimllt** appointid. ?bo rf^orUd to the Hon,.* oo th* Ml , til rtpcrt wh th*n pr*??at*d anJ tb* Ilon?* ?i!*d that th* Lann* ot tb* Jarary m*mb*r? ahauld h* oall*d <.?*?; ? hich waf dona, and th?) w*r* illovnd to taki tbrlrxata Thin waa a oana In point. II* than proc?< ilrd to argua tbat thia con**nt<on eonld not pro fi?J uutll it waa a*n*rtalnrd who It wan that had i x atandwaa *ntltl*d to ?ot?. To anrartalo thia wa th*ohj*rt of Judg* Handford'f r*a<>lutlnn ; and until It a a* pa*ard upon, th* ronT*ntlon eould not proo**l tf.muM ih*ra waa no oraanxation A n?nrit> n.btrd tbat th* rnlfa which g ramed t*ii la it convention rbould h? applied to thK Mr. Irurd laid th* motim wai out of orjer ai tb?r* waa a notion b?fora th* ebMr. Jud|* BawnroaD th*a ma* and cont*nd?d that tha toWiof tb* laat convention w?ia not appllcaol* to tha | pT't???t Tb*y tha pr*i*nt eonvaatl n, MBllMtkl bound to go o?*r ail th* piMmditK tftrf uioriiai It ih?y dldao. th*y could n?v*r t tl,i.>u.tu lb* bual L*>a which thli ronfra'lon mot to transact l>retor lltair* faid b* bnr*al th* r**?lutlna woaM I * ad< pted k? thought It waa tb* rhorttrt wa; t? l*t through th* bn>la*r? Judg*Joa?? aald th* pnw?r *f th* HI?hop had b*<'H r#t?rr*d to. II* tb*n w*nt < a to 'itH" tbat th* itatd i int rtmiallt** had vaatad la tb*ai all tb* pow*r? ?l I th*BI*hop. h* bad tb* pow?r of making out* I list of tb* ol*rg? who w*r? *n'?i|.J to ?*at* In tb* con' tro'lon: that tha commit!** had all tb* pow*r?oftha l<l?bop; that th*y dr*w op tha lint of >??t? and ban I?d It to tb*lr a*cr*tarj. aoantfr. tharalann com. plaint of any ot act king a > *: who I not *n?ttl*d t? It It waa. th?r*fora. h* thought pr?mt jr* to Interftipt lb* proc??dlera J udr* Maaoroai. again addr?ra*(l tb* cor rantlan and ItrlMi d tbat It wa* absolutely n*c*-iarj that th? r*??>. lotlca aboa!d k* paawd. and <h? am* ao fr -m rlrrua | atanava <?aia to bla kao?l<-d^a thi? naming. Mr W. II IIakkm. lay d?l"aatr for Trinity oiifrt, la thin elty. h<f?d thr (nit?nt|ug wiM rM ?'ln Itaalt to ba tnirriuptrd bat wauld pttv^rrd to ?rgaall< | la th* uniil nay Th* r??. Dfrtrr Viwto* Mid th*t lh* hoa"rab'? it r lr< f I Prtar a rhomb. Albany, let mln-a<1 a tide n? pt Inctpl*. by comparing thU ennrvs'lna to l political brlly Th? ttandlng commlttra ha*.* all th< p"W rr ? gi Iht I l?br>p, tbla rr.n*> nti^n la r*llrd k| tli?? un':*r tba powrt ?t-?trd In tha Dlabop. Tb* 'bird attl. e)a of tha eanrtltntlou an'horla** 1 b* raiting of lhl< j f tif Bitrn. polar* i at bow It la to ba orgatlaad and j a%o ara to br thr aMora In l? la pur*tiaar? of It th< Hat la trada out tin I plvan lo tb? a*rr?tary, and iht i rutin att>r?ardP prorada to joint out lb* in "la In htch dlapntr* about a?at? (akoul I any arta?\ **.?ll b< a t i?d llr boprd thrrrfnrc thai th< tewotloi would b* ?otad <?wn. aa tending to errata ?o?'oaloi I aad tlM r*. r lr thr church Mr fr*?rra tb?a raad tb* eatnn which ?oaf?rra< ' n tbr Mandtrir aommlttaa tha powrr* of tha I'iahop and raid it r*frrr*d t.. naMrra ot dt**lpltn? only, bu rartalaly to matter* of organiaatior Tba*w? att' tbrr anrwrr. bf ?< an . which tH? th?[?aa , a ran<.a (In Iba raaat of tbrra bring ao H ahcp) to ?al la another Rlabop to perform tba duty of tha ab**n B >b< p bat that la not a caaa In poirt *,nd. tb<-l*??r* I not appllcabla Tha canon and?r which ?? ?ot act I or. mora properly, ond?r which tbr commltta* han acted glare ao power of thr klad. thla aaana la con fn*d a* datively to organlta'lon Ha then pr-va- de< to tay that tba otbar raaona rrf< rrrd to by tba ram rand gentleman from Brooklyn, were equally laaj pll cablr tbay empowered tbr Blab** to make ont tl?' llet; but where tbara ail no Riahop. they th?-n ??? farrrj that power oa tha majority ol thr paw hold?r? with tfca rlrrea: aa aa lllnatrailon of hi* rum?n' ko? could th*canon* of oonron'l.n tbrtr (vittlntloi h?r* u, d*r' or. what nad It to J With Ibrm? A In* h#r? mo**d to lif th* r*?olutloi on th* tnhl* Thar* *m t b?n t?i?r?l ery of iom tlon qgiNlm '? Dr. IIiomvk rnao, and <*aU*d for a rot* by ordota flrf r* thla mot I on wan put, motion" ?r?r* tnad* t tak* r****a and to adjourn A Ulnar* wi< the motion to adjourn wa* nut ( erd*r nattl tha atb*r two motion* w*r* 4lip??4 nf. H?r? lk?rt *m l !? *> of |rHt oonfuolon and % r*r f n?r*l ory H " <H?**Ion ' Th* moMon to lay oa th labia wna h?r* withdrawn and tba motion to adjonr ? ? ryaln laafcwd o*. Mr II a* tani **14 that bo bop*d thoy wonld not ail Jmmi nntll lb* If on*# ?* organlod Tb*y aonli no m? th* *ff**ta ot tb*tr own pr*??dla*? th?yw*ralol rompar?tlr*|y wltbont nay rnlaa to anlda tl ?in Mr th*a ntor*d ta adjonra nntll nla t- *ln*h t* morrow morning Af*r a f*w word" fmtn Dr MtTlrktr, tb? Motion I adtoara waa tkoat to bo put by nrd*r?. Mr iti. Jr . mid. th? rot* b? ardor# wild not I t*k< n *??*yt by l*a*a of th* ? * ? It we* tbwa dooMod that tba thalnaan had anthi rlty ta ilraet tha aroratory ta taka th* vata la thi if?* th* *onfn?Un baoatma an mat. and *o mi mrabora ro? o* and *yok? tagathar. that tha Baar tary o??ld Ml ?rM?(i. Tha ?oU# and aoKwrto [ERA ?# -,' \ r. v4bufw V* r ; * ' '**,,* tfe'. j y>', 15 0. 1 continued for nearly twenty minutes, whan the Beore- 1 ttrjvu at Inst permitted to proceed. After calling I the ayes and bo?? there being only 40 eyes and 91 I noes. the motion to adjourn waa lost l I The motior to lay Judge Sandford's resolution on I the table wr - then renawed ' Judge then withdrew hi* motion, upon the understanding that he might be at liberty to renew it alter the Convention waa organised It waa then moved and seconded that Dr. Creighton be appoint)d President; but it wa? stated bv the Secretary that if the ballot waa dispensed wltn, the Tote should be unanimous. Tha question was then put wfcether Dr. Creighton bo appointed Chairman, when two person* answered la tha negative. The motion was lost The Hen. Luther Bhauhh then rose and said the proper way to put the question was to ask. was there any oaa present who objected to Dr. Creighton being appointed Chairman.' The question was then pat in that form, and a member from Christ Church, North Brooklyn, objected. He afterwards withdrew his objection, and Dr. Creighton was elected President. Dr Cmir.HTorr then took the chair, and briefly returned thanks fbr the honor tbey had done him, and besought the members to demean themselves towards each other, on this talemn occasion. with Christian forbearance. The Convention then adjournwd to half past seren o'clock. IVTTTTtO KKSSION. At seven o'clock the President called the Convention to order. It was then moved aad seconded, tHat the rules of order of the annual Convention, so far as applicable be the rules of order of this Convention ?Carried. The reading ol the minutes was then dispensed with. Mr 8rKnr>:a asked leave to make amotion in r?la tion to the seat of a reverend geutlemta whose onrtitlcate was informal-it was not signed by the warden, and it was therefore informal, and he would not be entitled to take his seat without leave of the bouse, although he was it jure and de facto rector of his parirh; and be (Mr Spencer; saw no reason why he should not be admitted He therefore moved that the K?v. James P T Clarke, rector of Qraoe Church, Plattsfleld. be admitted to take his seat. ltwas then moved and seconded, that the appli* cation to admit Mr Clarke be laid on the table. It 1 as broadly liiuted that he did not reoefrve the oail to , the rectorship in good faith. ' The motion to lav on thetalile was then nut and ' lost The application of Mr. Clarke wa* then referred to committee ot five, to lavectlgate bin olulni to a h??t. The Rev Mr Co* then moved* resolution. that all member* rmilling mora than 20 mil** (rum the place < f meeting. be fcllowcd 5 cant* a mile, aa travelling asp*a?e* fco ? Adopted. The OMAiaMAN next read a re??lutlon to the , lri rl? ot which *ii Oflrr. J by Mr. tipenoer , Ketelved. That doubting whether a c blending''Committee, for the pree?nt Or warranted by the constitution and th time ha* not iteen niven, that thU Convt J action on the eubject. I Mr Br?*<Hitraid be understood that ??> a cim luur icatlon *ent In by tbe Standing -aitr , , aiid be wlrhed to have it read before the re uiiuu [ we* acted on. I , The Bxkitjut tben proceeded to read the ;iapt-r? ] i frt in the Standing Committee The llr?t pitpor utated g that they, the c? mmlttee oausej tbe oonveatlon to l>? railed to take into oen*iderat!on a canon m?de by tb t f Ueueral Convention In relation to the el.'otlo* of an ; n?l*t?Bt blehop. durluK the *n?p?n*i3n ot th? bi?hop of tbe diout*a Anotber document v>i then real, t drrlgnate* tbe opinion of tbe coomittee, which de. ? tall.d tbelr pow?r* very fully, while the bi*hop was ?u?^)ruded, or when there *aa an actual vaoan' y In the dlonea* After the reading of the l??t paper. The ilft Mr VjiKihi, ot Troy, moved a reeolutton, a* a substitute for Mr. Spencer*, whieh wa? tub e ' quetitly laid over I ' The revriend gentleman *aid that be believed the pre- : < Cfeiiirtj* ot the Standing Committee would be ratlSrd 1 ' by thi* convention and a* the OeneraJ Couveutlon | ' had now n??ily ccme round to the view* of the Stand- 0 rftinif *t t+m h j? t hoiuhf bin rrunlutlAB woulJ mi?t I H lb- views of All parties Mr 8rr.M ?? the?, proci tided to vldrest the rouventlon In nafport ct hln retolutlon He raid that tin revereud g*utltican irom Troy alluded to the report of Ibe Committee ol Twenty, , ia;?luug It a perloitl (,uiftt' n lie lorry I >r th?t, b?o?an ha ?>)<*d to Uterus* thla at an ab-ttrivit question. Ha t lit n raid he gave the gaaUamm. tu l til ntlntl who lock part In thU ma'-'er, lull credit for dialntereatedi t?w. aLd he ?x^actd tha aaoia courtwsy would b-? ?i, d to lilmsell. although h? knew very wtll ta?ru r a good deal of 1 anting entartalned on thla sukjent. I It wan * try trna a* st?i ad by the rect>rof Troy, ?.*iat | the committee, In lMt, mul'i a r. port, aud 1 > that 1 re| rrt tliey w< ra In l4?ir ot cl'ltOit oa ns-itiut , bl-bops; aid It t?< aleo true that hn (Mr M|>?o>i> r) I > btmtelf tiered retolution*. that the lloiiaa of l>l-hopt j I should tak* neasurat to provide for lb- naeet-itlea of tbedloeert. and I' a- e juillr 'rue fiat be was trained I In a school in wbloh nvrryll o( should ba dona by j leif?l nit ana, and ansioaa as be *n that an eplanopal | bflln r slowld be app inteJ. yet ba would not leoi blniteII to trifle with or break Uown. any constitutional provision, aveu tc attain tbat d??irabl* objent. Ua j lt?n ti.d Ik flr-t proposition wan, tbat th? .l.andiu* | Oi n.niitttt had iio power to call thin convention ; and ' tbat tbia convent!' n having bean Illegally cail-l they could not art It ought to ba remembered *ald Mr | fpnor.thil *?ari not an Incorporated body t!a 1 ' tbsB vent into a lengthened argument In relation to i | the pcwer?. right*, and dalle* of Incorporated bJilaa, hltb heeontei.dll. were dUtin ;t from the po?. r* atid authorities of asaoelnted Individual* -by which we ucdeiMood bin to dmii the present cou? ntlou. In support of hl? propraitlen. be maintain"i that II the bt<l> ml ir.: I' Bt i no power, it would b? null and void lie rrai ti? iu Ueos. and another, oo oi>rporaUnr an<1 als< fr. m Anc?l and Amm American writer*, ( n the r ame t uhj> ct. I n tup prtt of hia ae iond prop >?l tion be r?adthe M-on.I arllrltiot the r MMNMlNi and then W, lit | :i ' .ir rII. Hint ill - mill -enr.y p 'P. i vlded lor did not o??ur and therelorn thta Ooaventloo oould not be legally convened he maintained that ttin I Kplscopate wan sot vacant; their bisbop wm still In i existence although It waa true that ba was suspended 1 and disabled Iron acting lie then proceeded to ?b"w I tbat the ?tandii>g i ?isu flee bad for tbe la,<t fl ra veart reeognlied llltbop Oadt rtionk by providing tor 1 him a } arly atlpend out ol the episcopal fund and Iby vet mus other art* of tbat body The lieu-rat Contention also rerr>t tiii?<) him Vy their acts and by lbs varlout ranoue enacted alnaa his ni' pens ion. ant contended tbat In every r>na it Ihoea acta anl canons I l.ej bate r> rocnlaed bin a* the k.lshop of the dloteas. Now aald Mr. Rpencar. i aver tbat we nan riot In tba I | same l.r. ath pay tiier- it llooest anil i yatavaraoc}. lie tbtn rsferre.l to the 4th rao^n ol . the Ueneral t.'oavantion of 18.1i At that cnnveniloa ha *?ld there wat a division ol lha cauona. tha 4th raost preaitlblnf that th?re shall ba a Standing (' >inuiUtea in earli dixep > ai d I hat wh> re there is no ( p : He taodlDir mmltt?? la Tested wltli Ilia biab >p a powvr? that Is, the rlerieal menbera of the conraltt-e ara va?t dwlth bit authoriiy for aU MslMlMilcal parpoa^a >o*,ta?k ratdllr is th re any authority in i atiy < I those can> n? tbat a Man tlrtr ooiainltt?a c ,n all a sreelal convention' lie. therefore, ront-n ! 1 i tbat uml* r cam n tour to tpeeial or.?et,t l ?n can bt { raited . In tart no c*0"n baa given authority to call a j I | ipertal onvention heeaase, although It would seem I ' tbat us rat'n <na invest ihem with rnie-.ta-tical { | authority, yet another canon va U thla autboiity in | anittrr ?m ily. Hut 1t, ?r? la uunfrroung wny tnay i litft n powrr to pall Ulf pnn?aiili m lor unlr'? tb'N 1 1 i? to iptml nrmr; lu th* 1iop?aa. t h*y flatinnt ii'ilar any Bf tlira*1 ration* aat >otr. a? I tald h?fbrw. tbara la tttn varancy hara, and thar?-f' ra any actt"? thay j might taka would b<- Invalid aud of no foroa Mr. j i hp< net r lh' n idniJ to tba tarn dlfcipllna whtrb ba I i t>n4ai?toed want all that r*0atad to tb? alTalrti of tba rhurh lit thought that 'a* too broad a ilfaKiv j tlon to plva It. it * < la h(a nplnl n mora u malty I um'I In natal dUcnaa|i.o? Mating ta rhumb affair*, I kltlnvfli tmonnt ol?r*)ni?n It may bo nnd-ratnod a* a bora ?tat*d fla than want on to ?k#? that ?l#a? tb? >ni|'l lot tba nammltta* Mr< )r? |U?n'ly laid and lil>< a? If tba Rlahop waa atiU In axlatanca. 11? <w <h? n ra* tbay d<clar>- ihat tbara l? a Tarancy, btpauta It la only In tba araat of a raoanry tbay nan art a* aa to 611 It up ' I Ibarafor* aubmlt that a l?*?a; latlaa body pant.' t *p-ak oi apt upon a auhj-et uaoo | wlilrh tba pnnMltotton baa alrrady rpokan To illna ttat? tbla proportion ha |0 .tad t'ha raw of a e^unty p|at k, which waa roogbt to !* di?ni ar?4. Tba coa?ll j tut Ian *a? aat tip wht<-h pro* idad lor a r ->nn ty llnl, and dirlartd that what* oaa w a* appolot-d ba aliould | apt in purtnianea of It Ma thru aaRad. waa tba fttandiu? q rmmlt'aa to pontral all tba parlaH'* In tbla dlo- I (??' Ha thonybt not Tba paopla of tbla divaaa j ailfht ni i and twatp away our an'lra MdtlMiH. Ila cone.vda I by o?a ganaral ramark. that authority la not to ba takm nnl- ?a It ll an Irraalatthla Impltaa - I tit n trowi from a aroiltlon and whara no oUl'T pan I i Orawa tr? m It, aad la-tly, whara tliara la aa ? - | prorl*l>i?, no tnpltcoiinn *?a b? dra-*a, *>* ! ctw? tha kl|k>r *uthorn j baa apukaa out I thara rot* mtinli tfct-r* In bo ground fr-r Impllattha - | bar#. Til* power for railing thin eonrmtloB m.|?t I, j b? npiw MfcrrtlM It cannot b? call*d at all. Hating ?r'k?n of the |<irril prlnelplaa Nlvlti to ? ! !> ralllig of thl? r"gnnllnn, I will provwi to n ak* #r>ir? re matt* In <H?II Mr rp>in?r than went OB to ihow th? analogy b?t???n tha p>wera a j o! court* of law and of l>i"hnfn and a<*?fta4 that It i> a a* l?t?b)w?l ob lh? romialttaa to ehow that thay 1 lareeted ?lth ill* pow?r lh>j e*?rrla*d Thar* ar*. li? ra'il two ratoBi ob thl* aabjaot an I upan o i tboab th*y *n?t raly for th-lr authority Mr *p?*a*r i tb*n tiled ??wr?l ritwi deatded Ib tba Haptrli >f Conrt, iMlr(ina to tlio praaaat quaattoa wblcb ab?? tbat tba aonitnlita* hat* bo powar to nail thta anay tertloa ami that *'?> ?<juant |y tba rtnnBtlna ha? t o power to art, but mor*o?*r It nBly a r?a???M? B d'oht aflat e Pa ru?>mltted that th* ron**Btlnn ought Bcttopro**?d beoaua* their prn**wdlntr? ?ay laad to I- kt?a? t" >d*-r la th* rtliroo awd to or**tlona 'i^atu.B a- It m?jr P> r? r y m> II donMad un-l?r ??'?tft > f r\ir\ in lari" ii th- ?n<t' at* whr war Ik el act ad A "aUtaat Hlabop would I * antltlad to a portion of tba fcpleropal fand lie 'aid It aa? al?o d**lrab!a that a< ?ta r?aeonat>lf tlrnb ahould b* ?lr?B bafor* tba* Bra ? railed apon to a<-t In tfcta mattar, It waa ?aly a'nnteU wai|i Mar* tha qtiaetloa ? ? lirat atartad Would It ?? ba aa well fall be to l*t It *t*nd t??*r to th? aa\t Antral fottrautlon* Th?ra would b* not muih t'taa * !??t He Mr Pperoer hB-l great OOnfldaBra la itl* af frary o' Hib* Th-re waa ao n*o*a?|ty for railroad ir"? I* *ht? n>at?*r Tb* elock h.tlng th*n atr'i'h Ian ltr??< la'.i?at*d ' tVet tl ha? law* req?ilr?-l them to adjonra Mr fr' nu ii.d k" ?ouiU flaiafe la. Bra L D. rv T-k I r? mrt7/-i i?n.. riuuiii iwu ueints. He fu then permitted to preetel, and,. In contin?a? lion. Mid he submitted to the oonvention, as good citttena, whether they are not bound to hold to the deei?lona of two convention* which here already settled tbla queetioa. namely, that there wm bo vacancy ' He then aaked how they could proceed under a canon which doee not declare there 1? a raoaacy, bat oa the oontrary afflrni that there is not ? liow, then, mm they proceed to elect a BUhop. while there ! one at tbla very moment in exlatenoe ' The analogy he referred to, that legislatures do eometlmea allow irregular election*, tut it must be remembered that ao private right* are iavclved in thoie caaea. and therefore they are not in point I contend, then, that no aot of tbla or any auhnequent convention can remedy the defect under tbia eonventien labora. Mr. Bpenrer then routed te the speoial convention* called in I'tiea ?fl in thin city in IMS lie aald the meeting in thla city ? ?a an adjournment of the convention held at Utloa. en I it wae called by the then iilahop of the di.cer*. thereto! it ia not a precedent for the present ?u? Mr !}p?u<.> r th?n oat down l>octor Vinto* rose, an 1-aid that he *i< net sorry that the gentleman from Albany bad mooted the authority of the B'.*n'ing Committee Mr 1!?tt?. a lay delegate, roee to order. lie said he moved to ad)ourn and hie motion was seconded The Itev. Kentleataa then gave way, and he (Mr lletta). was at a lose bow he could get up again and cutoff his (the speakers) motion for an adjournment The Chair derided that l>r. V inton was ia order l>r. \ mos agatnjroae, and aaid the remark* of the gentleman from Albany were very ediljing and he relented that h* wsh happy that the gentleman had dircu**ed It ait i if thin convention will eleet an a?s latent bishop they will do it In defiance of the learned arKumeiits and decide that the dtandiog < ouiml t*e of tbla diocese were right in the steps ttiey hare taken Many ot the houorable gentleman's arKkmmtf *row out of the habitual disposition wtthh be t>as to treat ecclet iaetiral convencions in the same in*? ner in which ho treats political bidia*. The U?v. ut:? mac tji< n proceeded to state the authority of be t?tan<1lnj; Committee, and referred to the ldih reni n which gave auoh power to the standing UommlLtee. in the event ot a vaoancy In ths dlooe a. U? proilde tor all its necessities. and contended thit the whole power otthe bishop waa lodged in the committee lie also contended that the term "discipline," aa understood by the clergy, was the prop-r iind?rKtsudlDK of it. end that the nommkttee wa< oloth~<t with lull power of discipline to the full ?! extent tf the Hlrhop, esoept In three caaea. whl cepted caee.? were te be exeriv 1 byt'ieeler. in nbera alone. Hethmwent 01 o HisuMthea q tor the election of a provl IM-' 'p 4 oon . led that It waa reeteie*' 1 to hi* dioceaa a i ne and nerer could apply to nfc> Iter ? i it was .-xpresely made to wlect a j. isionai hi | lor thie diocess, leaving It to our own dliore'in , t.> act n it ' < lie then went on to arirue that this oonrendld not elect a bishop This osnrention >nly nominate a n person to the committeea of the churob, v<b<> send* hie rnioe to the iiouae of lllsnop* and rrm il< n ? M not elected lie baa atteiwura? tub# utecrattd. and until thi* ordeal it gona through ha ic not elected bl?bop The Iter gentleman th-n refer d to the argument* of tbe Standing Committee, nbicb were. in tbeuiM-lTe*, a reply to IU? r?m irlt? >f the g> ?i]ciii:in from Albany Alter f? me remark* from Mr Burin. tb? delegate mm Ncwburgh. tba gueetien on Mr Spencer*# re?.?ution w?p taken by order, and wai decided in tha n?|?tlT?. M follow* ? Clerical I My. iyt* 17 Aye? pulikn II <oe* M Noe? " 1M It?a? tli?-n mored and seconded, that the ccxiraaii'U adjourn to ten o'riuek to morrow (U?n morning), a J then proceed to elect a bishop. Tliratrtaal aval Hailcal.^-ltt urauta entitled the LmI >aj? ot Pompeii " which baa beea flayed with ;NMt ucceaa during tba weak, will again bt> produced tbta >?cin?. witb J. It Noott. in hi* great nharaoter ?f irbace* and Mia? C W\ taym a* NydU tha blind lawt-r girl. Tba aaif attractive feature will be tha iren.? of ' Hubert Macaire," Mr B ti en aolor of ;real tlramallo celebrity, aa llobert Fba othar pa-ta till be tilled by a fine company of comedtana. Tha onclu Hug pier* wiU ba tba beautiful romantic drama I tbe ' Lady of tba Lake," Mr J. H. Hm>tt aa Hade rich >hu. ai.d tha eactlieut actreaa, Miaa Wemjaa, aa llanrhe of 1>?twi> . Tin* Will ia r > tli-lantly attractive o till emm y dapartu-nt ot thia large and beautiful Weatre. Bnoii'vn* Tin Aim --The naw play of tha ' B?rotbal," wbiih la niKhtly witneaaej by large aad dialeinlig audience* wbo express tbair adiairati >n an4 ii-llgbt l>y enthusiastic cheers will be prtevata't aiary light Ilia Week after wh>oh italllb* withdrawn la jrtl?-t to give place to other aoveltles fhoee therefore, alio hue not aa j' t e-on thin splendl 1 literary pro Juition eboald embra:a tha only opportunity tu iy atll Imre lor noun lima TW WMty la baaulifui particularly the garden xptrlaole. aid tbe a-itlai; of HouldPck, ftichings. Conway, Krejerloka. luri i<a. Mrs Abbott aad Madame 1'onisi baa baen tha or lh? dramatic pub'io. lor tba laat wark. Tbe bouae should t>? mini every tlsht by Americana, aa a teatfm ?oy of heir aet?am lor tba abilities ot the author. Tn ?i* italtiuienta aill conclude with tba favorite farm of A I.o*n of a Lorrf." Mr Ssharf ai Tatar rip) ha, tieeaa A and J'-sephine Uauga uhiin as <i?rtrude and ' raiatiue da Friday, Mr. Hiabiagn' ban-lit niM.1 ?<iii;.i \ 1)11 ol it' at varl"'j I r.)r hi* fi-nlog'i rnUrtalnmi-iit. Th? n? ? *?rlo.? nnlo rvpUia with naw and b -aallftil muds ?? UM" Mlianita,or the Sculptor'# Hidden " will e"mnmf? Ilic pTlurmanof* The part ol U<-rm*n, t be r<uoft sculptor, by M tirlllant lt?e by Antoine la??-l, and the cbaraeur ol M.raaOa by the a -i>u?- i >ll?bad kuiI n'icftul dan*rn*e Mil*. Urtlln. tf?ri-r%l 'irrllrnl deuce* take place la tbl* place, among which inlucridii ifiUl. u IUum' u I'aliah ruUllMu, Hoar 4 polka, l'a? ?!? Trot*. aud jran l I'a* da Ileus. I lil* plrce will be f llowi d b? the ball't d Action at><l Ml ailc tableaux, intitl'.l Ui? ll. il.tuin Arab* " Tha igi'imlnlun wltl thru lak* plaio. f?r r*fr?ihin?at, it.d the -utcrli.umrnt? *111 eennlii'ie with Him f m l try >p?."ta<*lH, rall*d " llaoul. or < b" Ma(li hlar '' lo morrow evening. that great tarorlta Krauovi* Kaval lake# hi* hi unfit lie deiT?e* a hamper. Butoh TNrtm. Rnrton announce* that ha hil iMMtlWoff b Knwwiax. which ba w.nlie# to enooiall^alr lo k full n uw Ull itmitK A* they am ol Impcrtanar to all the dramatic puiillo ha r?|ue*W a , . .I *tt> i.dai - . aiid a? they mu?t |,mi? ?>ty b-nellnal tl I* hoped that tb**e alio may I >rg*t tha * tl Jlary l-*?"ii' Ibay Impart will nail erert othi"- er?ulo* aid I., will take ?i plaaaur* In r?pe?liD? what h* ko wa o tbliii' it I'litr*1.. Ila will ba aided in ltd* ta*k by M*?*ra I lat'. l.-at-r lilaad and Joho-t n Mr#. Bk?rr>lt Mra Ha*Mll aa I Mr* llugbt* baee r ??*t?>l w Mil tli lb* niutll and lu*lruntt?* d?T*loj.ra nt. A >i. w daneely Ml/* Walter* aud a popular bal1 ?I by fcla* Ualy I h" whola will el ** wrh tha Daw larsa now playing la l.<>aii<in with grtat iumum, euUUeii, My Fnaiid with tha 5trap* ( ViiiOTti Tiitamc - Tb*??? ilr?ma??tlllH " r*44y tra ri|.?T ' writtaa by sir Jama* I'UgrlM. will r .mnmr# i ha p? rf"i m ?hi- *r?Dli<gi ml ? tr?* la to auatala iba b<m of the pl?o?. aii 1 <b? rm?t ol ebaranlara. g?nar?ily apaakiotf, la *"7 g > <! iba r* uaUn ?Up. oltlon la. that ta* Nation ?i will b? daW j urowdrd. Tba a?*t pi?c? will bo lb* ?<?n4 Biualral trtaio dram at I? ?p?rtarl' of tba ' M ??lc N>'?U. or ifcf hairy ol tba " TbU produrtioa liatrlm th<' utmoat aatWfartloa. Mk a* r?n?fJ? b-auUlal ?<tnriy and < ir?lii at actlr?. II t<M> a-w pt*a?< la not fill tha Natl' oal Thi-atr* w? will b? murk a*rptiaad 1'iudy. tba proprietor. a?.->n? illtn to Ih'r*rpnrrlblllty of til* altnatlon. and hy hla lu1. fa'.iKatila ??.< rtlotia I* reaping rlrh Ihattrlrtl tiiiinl Ch'i*r?'a Mi mt?? i.a ?Tbla company of Kthi >p?an parltrmaia atifcouaea a flaa prngraintaa for thl? araaIng Th?- inglug and ln?trijuj> ulal ;>?-rf jrmao at* nmum. Fki 1 aw ' Orra * II<n ae - Untr'n/ in?tr:'rn?nt ?l parforiiann* ?ni danclnc ?r- Iha Iaa4m< t-?tar?aaf thl* boura Tba audUnraa r??|ra w?ll pl*a*?<l ?n4 Manager Fallow* t? Wall aatladad Ni* Y?ti Amt Mil h a* 1 a r. Tba irtnJ fpaoU-la o( "Oli?l't>ll?" la drawing or?rfl"Wlng hIIhom at (hla I aautlfnl plaea ot amu?? maat Tb* <-'|ti*?trl?n f???a of f b* nalabmtal Fraanh trvupa draw d^wa tbaadara <4 applauaa. W*aNia<iToia HaLL.-TtM HlgrlnTa Prograaa la b.Ug aiHMtad U) larga aodlaaaa* ??ary night. Torn* 1 Hut. Tha Voyaga to Oaltforaia el>*a? ?hlt T? ifi i< fltii ? Tha ll?t ol r?rl?l of A m -rl -aa MimrDI l? reararta will eonn 'ft thi* lit thl* baauilful act*hliabm?nt Tha* will ba fi*?n on tfta ?ama ? !? cf ma(i>lfl<->aea ? tboaa b.-Hliaatlj tio~n*a fnl ectirfri? ? ih> fanotia Julian. la L oim, ti4 Muiard mj<I Mlr.lo In Parl? Th?y will b<? ??atln >?d 9111f 1bnr?dajr aranlnf Tha m -at b>autiftil orartiirm ! > B.I th<- gr*at t?ia?t?ra of th? at*, will ba ' *?oit?d, aad a? Horhaa th? dlatln*a>?had mmth*. Ik tna director, lb>N ran ha llttla d abt of ihatr ain*llaaaa. 0*?ni> Oanrtar ? f * Doatnr ant ftfna L Doctor III |Iti a praBd <K>imt. at Tilpl-r Hall. oa itatnrdaf aitningnatl Tb? pr'-crasiiaa pnatalo* an ticvllaal Mlaetlan of niuaieal Marina Affalri. Aantnia Cua'iara druiin -Thu a craw propntl -r Ontario |? adraitlaad to laara 4hi? fo.t oa tha jj ?f Htl Pat'Bibar. for Cha?ra? *h? ba?r?.ntly rata-n~t ftr la (Jfcaili >ton attar a ?atj#tartorT trip froa thli city, and Bill bow f? rm an ladapaactaat llaa hotwaaa 1m Voth and Chattaa W> unlarataad aha uadarwaata hot ough lr?pac;lon prarloa* to hot dapartara tor CktrlfiUl. Pmr Hi it titan ? Maa.ra f ard; * Aaldlaanehad fr?? tk?lr jat*. aoath aid* of tfca H*ala on ftatardaj.a AnHp amdi-llad i llppat 'hnanar, of 1*0 tnna hurthan. built tor I'aptalB tfanrU Nalll. and d??tca>4 to ro tn tha Paalfle Tha a*boon- r ?i< bulk with ?r-at rapidity *nt twaaty ulna worklaa day* b?la? t-nploy-d in ga?tin* har r?ad? for lannehlBf Maaara f M an ii* hnildiait a hri( ?f ioa tona. for a Nor'barn hmiaa. Ma>ara J 8 Riowb k Oo ara alao juat abut lamantr c a haatitlfnl bark of **0 toaa hnrthan batlt oa aHf an*1 ant. Tl.ry bat? Ukawlaa ja?t laid tba kaat at a riaimficai.t flrrt elaaa a?? amboat to ha bulk far tha t lti*ai.? I'aloa Waa, and latandwd t? ha pU?a>t on tba in%la batwaaa thla rlt* aad Phlladalphta ft will ha ha lar???t ataaaboat In nnr ?at?r? tba illaiaaatoaa h?lr c tf*> M oa drrk W fwt h*ata and M t?p'h i.1 hold th? a??j-t? aa ara haildlBf hy Hr. K*-4<sr.? Kpt ad.

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