Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1850 Page 1
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X TH WHOLE NO. 6019. DOUBLE SHEET. HEWS BY TBLBGRAPH. THE VERY LATEST ROM WASHINGTON. EFFECT OF TU MLE*n>RHT>8 MBS SICK. HIGHLY DVTEBESTING PE01 TUB SOUTH. CURIOUS PROCK KDIItOS IN THB SOUTH CAROLINA LEGISLATURE. Itfirtcd Infraction* to Cenfrewmen Hot to Take tfcrtr Scat*. THE MJ8SI8SIPPI LEGISLATURE AMD the NEXT SOUTHERN CONVENTION. OtMral (^uttniM Requesting tke | tlon ml tke Mllltt*. i VbIob and intt-ConproiolM Roottafi at lov Orleans. ANOTHER AWFUL STEAMBOAT EXPLOSION, Ao? Rnri from tike Capitol.. ma effect of the president's musaui?report that f ol'th cabolina kel'kesemtati ves will not appear?bright prospects at the capitol. Watki^totofv, Dm. ft, 18M. Tb*t p?rt of tb? PniMiit'i moo>f o relating to tho ??wj quottlon give* mj gooorAl wtWsMioa. Ai cEcetloot ifirlt hmii to yr>?*ll In both ho?m. Ko?r?t< of oil pertWo will mutotn the President, ad It la WJirred that the ?ullifl#r? will bo Himit "'j ?*?'/. Thar* la a rrport from South Carolina that tha dala( Uob from that BtaU will ha instructed to kaap away Hm Congraaa Har Ban atom bar* not yet appeared, %ut two South Carolinian*. Mr*?r* Bart and Hoi met. ??? In tha Houae to-day Thla report la tha only hadaw upon Cospnaa. The Northern naili Aeri areata <b? alarm. On. tha whole, tha aigna look wall for buaiaeaa. tboa far. Mr. Id*art*. Conmlaaioaer of Penaioma, racatad feia office an Saturday. Mr. Heath, of VlrglaU, i? hla ?uaoeeaor .BUaad Hall. Baaond Comptroller, and Traaaurar Sliaaa, entered apoa tha dlaahar^a of their dutiaa to'ffh? Clark of the Ilouae dlemUeed. on Saturday, Mr. Ci?y, of Connecticut, a whig *B(r.?*i*f olerk. and apyaiBttd Mr Chapman of Ohio democrat In hla plaaa. Mtaara Corcoran k Rlgft* hare tendered 110 000 ind a valuable lot of (round to tha city of WaahJngtoa. towarde creating a Uoue* <-i Refuge .Tha Rrfnthlit., thl? morning officially annonnoea tha ppoiwtmeLt of Chariea B. Stuart, aa KnglneartuChief of the Wary ; Char'ea H llae veil, whoai be auo ?**4a. < transferred to thr Nov York itatloa M Cbiaf Knglyatr Tk? Sonlh Carolina LaglalatarM Vhe r*<>roaBi> sol ihkk\ ?;<im>kk>? ? iMynnv BKLAV1W TO THK SK*l?>NO MJT UNITCU STACK* TROurj TO guimwa, aw B?LTi?oai. Dec S, ISM. To fgbi'a Southern mall brlnga tha procNdiafi if the Booth Oarailia L?fMt?)ar> (mm vfci ih mm pwmln 'that, lt> tha llooa* ot Rr|>rmii(atl?M Hr Parry off?r?d i praanbta and raaolnMnoa Mat tha Lrflalttura heartily eoooir la tha proportion of tha Rath-rlUa t>a?r?tl<? to eomrin a fl>uth<"a <!oo?r-?a ?that *ba Judlotarj Committee r? po-' a Old f-r tb< eleotl-ta ot rapreaaotatlraa to aonb eon*?n'loa-and that la oaae oI anj Southern 8tat? re'n?ln< or n?gla?tln(to affbiat d? leant it *111 tut the data ot tiM irareroor lo appalnt drlr|a(ei to *n<*h *l?tn. to tha paopl* ail Utlflamr* to nali? with otbar State* In a doayrara ol tha whole fouth Mr Wllkltiaoa offrrad a raiolnMon that th? Oo?aro?r b? ra<{oa.<t?d to avert* to from the tairral ?o??rn (- A tba pnrpoaa of *and<a|t ad litloaal treopi to ^iMtoi. and *hi>lk?r th?j were to ramatn at that "S*t* TMa rmlaliim *i- ad??t*d Tlir Nliila<dppl i.?jia'klnrr. ~>ay rxau roa ihk A??a.Miibi w >r i iih ?kxt*outu? KM N OtnVSMTlON?OOVK < NOH'H MK--AU* A*KINO ro* TM l)l??lklUTK)? or r HK M 11,1 11A ITO. i>Clw?. 4t?<, Nuf Ml 1850 Th? Lrgl?latar* hy th? Jot a' n??mn of both hoa>M, on t>i? Slat appeln'a-i reiumt'tM of foortaan B' Bbtrt (i( th? llouw nd a?*?* nt ib? 1?n?W. to rappit a b.ll railing a e?o??ntlou. with |?l?n?ry pnwar to t>kr ll' ft >ti P? W lh? ItMt In l-f > ) 4 tn prop- r III tbw p.-h'ttiiK liiffl itlllo Ar< >1 dirg to ioftruntlon. ih Jn.nt r<>tnniHr?a h??# r? jor??4 a bill appotntli g lot mh-r ?? th? lima (f?t banian lHa Konth-m Cwtrillia, Ik* d?lagataa '! I?r tlotii n?mt Pi-pi??bar Mc?rnnr(jiitB?n hn ?rii is a a<fclag far tbi iuinivdtaW- org?iil**'lnn ? th- mttltla. t alo>i and Antl-< ompro nl i? Mealing* at If IW Orlram, 4i< Ma* !?i III, Wa*. M. into. A larga and iilbii?lwli< of Ik? frt?oda af Ik- I pion. Irr??p??'l?? of par j.?a? h-M a' tha St. Cba>>?? !h?atrr la-t W?iln>-a-iay atra'<i>( rti? hu<llia{ ?M or??d*d to lit ei|>rl ; aad wanjr ??r? am tbia to fill adr. lltifi. Tb?iw f ma ! ia*-'ln? tn tba Mmt ahifh ?a< cn?i>lnat?>d tn n maaaar aal t?prr???il Itarll atroegljr In limr ot th- Talon, liana tar a I%?a?. of l.oulaaaa ami V >? 4<aat?*lppl ?p?ka . at b"> t at d ??r? vary la tb-lr 1 minaU'toaa of i and all who waoM wrli to tMirh an I brait 4ii?4rt tbl? |l?rt*si r-i?4r r??*rki Vfr* r?a. Ir?d alth l?ad and p?nva.-?ad t-b?*rla( Taa atdli,! im th? Ui|'HM*r bald (u L?4l>l<o?. An ||ttCnByrnnlta m*?tln<l? ?n In bal.| bar* to in til Aanatoi ileal* III addr."*a tha in?tla( Out. Qalimati ul Jrtmii I>a?l? b??? haan laritad la at taad Tha dlannlon party la NawOrlaaoB la a ?ara baadfal ? r.a'i.ri foot* and Do*?< laft ?i Ilnmlaf aonItg, o. WwMt(ti? In Iba >lM??bl( I'aalflo Aloat <ar ? IVnn liaa ba?a a?ai1aatad lor Ooafraaa la tM fbl.d dlMrlrt of LaaMaaa, ta anpply tba pl??a -O# Man. John V. Harmoa'oa. iMnaad *ar? FaytUr* ||?t? *rraata Anticipated In Boa rait Oaaaaibar t. Baa?<*f Iba anralag papara jlra a romor that aa otbar >iumpt all) aooa b? mad- ta arraal a fl|lllr? f9wmm Rn?n?a Ay raw iatmpai*4 W a* Wltfc ratii. nataa, Dm t. 1MB. Tktlaik Ariaatia*. from Haaan? A}raa, Oe to bar 5, arrl?*d at Malaai yaatarday Tba U B ablpa Coagraaa aad At l.onla war a at MaaUaldaa aa tba 4tb. Tba ilttat WHann 0. Hunt, (ram Na? Yark lor Oallferata ?aa Mill datalaad at If oataaldaa, aa aaaaaat ei W iHPraro aad aaglnaari haalag I aft Tba ahlp Araaa froai Naw Tark, bad art Wad. UlbN from linta A jrraa at Oet. a tela tbat a da aiaratlna af ?ar katwaaa Raaata Ayraa and B ratal I *M Ml) Baalaaaa a? dall aad prodaaa aaaaaa Tba rata) aaaanti had a^waiaaaad. aad Madarad tba brtogiag la af tba iftft. Drttraatlaa bf Clra aad Flill. Uric*, Dar % 1MB. Tba karaa af Baldar'a Datab Hotel, la Saaaaa atraat, ^ara ana?a?fd by bra aa taadar ainraiaf Laaa. car tbai-aaad Mian We bara anrnaata 0t aoaalderabla <Wata?a baring teen Ana a la OtMgn, Madia" a Latb, aad Jaffaraoa aantlra. by Iba lata rata* Barirml laaM vara aarAad a??r E NE" ? MO Terrlfcl* SteBmbeet Kxploelon?Over Twen- " ty-firc Person* Killed and HlNlng. 1 Moan.i. Not 30, I860 f Lut Tueedey morning tb? itraabott Antoinette C burnt her boiler, on the Alebem* river, by which east- J dent men7 pereone were killed, end twenty-el<ht j wonnded. Twenty Ave pereone ere nledtf. end but 1 fifty one eeoeped ub injure J The ?t-emer Arkeneee I J<o. 5 took the turvirore end wounded to Mobile. " The Maryland Reform Convention. ; I Annapolis, Deo 4 1S60. The report ee to whether judgee ere eligible for eeete In the OonrentVon hee been under di?cu??lon A resolution wee petted dttelerloff note holdere to be the preferred oredltori of broken bei ke Ohio Conetltatlonal Convention. Cincinnati. dec 2, 1860. | J The Constitutional Convention wwBblrd la Colon- , boa City, to day. The old oflloers took their w?ti. Oat of 108 BdakMi. 80 were present A Or unlm J portant proceedings, the Convention adjourned till to- 1 morrow. Tktatrleali. Bowaar Thk4tbe.?This establishment ku tent out 1 many of tbe best actors oftbe day. Mr. Davenport, * wha la now looked npoa in London, ai an excellent > comedian, la ona of Hamblin's pupila, and Mr. Wal- % lack, who baa been delighting Bowery audiences for 1 along priod, la now playing a farewell engagement c previous to hla leaving for London, to assame the tret ? position at the Theatre Royal Haymarkel. He will ap- p pear tbia evening in the beautLul tragedy of the "Avenger" in his Inimitable cbnracter of HUokburn. Of Mr J. Wallack'a dramatis abilltlem we al eays en- ti tertained the higheet opinion, and aa he reaaalas but a for a very abort period, we have no doubt tbat tbou- t! aanda will give blm a teetimenv. by their presence, that, aa an artiet. he atanda the flr*t In their estlmatlon. Mre. J. Wallaok will auaialn th? part of Philip. Mlaa Wemyss tbat of Alice Raby, ar.d Hi?s8. Denln aa Bdwin Biiarly. The amoarmenta clone with the comedy of "Charles II " Mr J. R. Soott In hU great obaraeter of Oapt. Copp. Mr and Mr* Wallack, during their engagement will appear In a rauad of their best charaetera, and aheuld be aeea by all who delight J In trae ertiatlc ability. BbOadwav Theatbe?Fibst Arriimici or Miss Kimbeblt or ant Btauk.?A first appearanoe la always attended with a degree of anxiety, bat the dtkut of a lady aa the dramatic stage la aa event which creates an additfoaal exoltement, aa well as a (sellag of earloslty. Miss Klmberly, who baa heea celebrated for her readings of Shakspere. mads har first appear- i anas la character, laat evening, at the Broadwav. and the part ohoeea for the occaeion waa Julia. In Skeridau a KbowIm' admired play of the ' Hunchback.'' the ? flnUhed tliftace and liritlon of arntimeBt. of which J ohm by thtlr propriety, bat render Julie Knowket o difficult for i flret eeeey. MIm Klmberly poeeeee i I pleasing appearance iudt good Hlgure with graceful end admirable elocution, her reeding ie perfect, her intonetieni good, end thouah ehe leek* phfiletl * energy lor the eerloua parte, there wa? e loftianee of etyle end dignity of delivery ebeerved by her. pooullerly 1b keeping with the charte end feminise nharac- JJ ter of Jail*. Borne ot the Biore delicate tonche* were j* rrmerkebl y effective. ?ueh ae her etrncgie b?t*een ?* pride, when eitghted by Sir Tbomea <'iifT >rd. end her . love for him who bed throws her off Ib feet ell thoee pwetfM which touch upon the heart were repee- r rested by Mia* Klmberly with judgment end a fault- > D( 1?M reading, whleh we hope to ?ee ripen 1 nto the re- j q 11 trite aecompenytag pertectlosa ot a hUtrtoalc art tat. and which cannot be looked for in a d firat appeatanee. natural mm and nn*tratned and nnexaggerated effoita fer atage effect The young or lad} was received with enthualaeni and applauded on throughout the play. At the end of the fourth n act. an i on the termination of the play, aba we* oalled before the curtain to receive the aco?ra*em?at ot the d? audience, which, we regret to eay. wna nut aa nnm?rouaaa might have beea expected It waa however, n r< very fair bouae. Mr. Frederick* per farmed the cbarac- fci ter o( M eater Walter la the forcible and effective man- b. well ttudlad knowledge Of the Uil mil a tiaUbod dra- m luetic tut* Mr. Coawaj'a Clifford w?a eery good and ?, a> tiBM feelingly rendered tJbaw'a Modu* and Mr*. w AkWU'i U?tat aura. by ae mean*. tW Imet attractive to character* Intha play Thij kntb ptrfornxl admire pl blj Tba entertainment* concluded with a new taroe 0| eailtled * Dr. Ellworth," of whioh wa munt apeak on w another occaaloa. Niai a'i (ii?Drs ?Tha uiual array of plaararo aaa- >. kara waa pmut, laat algbt, la thfa raaoh frequented fo place of aaMOMent, to aaa and conaeqnoatly to ap- n plaud tba Biatebiaaa Kara) Pamlly, Attar tba parformaocr* on tba tight ropo. in whloh uod Jarelll waa 'i himfvlt It U to any uneurpaaaable. "Oodenaki" vai perfc rail to tba gnat amusement and delight Of all g'j preaent To-night a wonderful bill la aanounoed It comprlee* tba tight rope, with Loon Jari-lil, Una. Jo- ai rome Ravel and the young Aatolne Ravel. tba "Mull- b? tier*." - Ondtne" wltb th* accotnpli?hed imm? M'll* ai B?rtin aid the Magic Trumpet In whlab Antoma CI a* Ptorrot i- incomparable Hun* a bill eaanot (all to attract all who wlah to enjoy a h?artj Uu?h to , fpend a plraaant evening and to wttna?* capital acting f0 Niblo, the proprietor ol tbl* beautiful e*tabii?ha?nt, n hae reen bl? bouae alway* crowded, nlace the -n<a<o- jj, n * t t of tb? Rarel Family. and wa hope it will b? ao tf doting th* thrrt May of thee* tavorile artiata la tht* j? city We do not know why the ?uc?*i>?tnl ballet of " I rl*ll?"ln which Mile lUrtln l? without rival, la not p?rlnrai?d at tbl* thratra. A arret many of our r*a<l*r? aotild Ilk* to *?e tbla place Inline the departure of the I" Ravel Company. Ut aToa'a Thb4T*b -Wa know of no place of puMl* ? amuaenient wb*ro an boar or two oan b< wbiled a ray li 1 with greater plraaore than within tba preelaeta of * tbiahmou* Thnajlan tampta. llo* nsi II be nth?r*Im, with Itnrton an the !! ba< mo* ?ul; I be|py Bi*tbo4 of > 104 anil laatrnitiva fa plro?a but aleo of raatlng the eharaetera to tha beat " aa?a?ia*? III* great egperUane rnablra him to r' m> a?ura lh? eaptbili'y of ??rj aotor. and It la a rare lt tbli ( to fled aar character tbmii*b>ut tba entire M n.Uri ?tnni-at llitt l< ont m>tt<nKi1 wl'h ?'*rilo( T, cijbio bait;. TV nt*ht he <>lf*re a fla? projramm* f, Tit* >rat In order la ibiiirrllnt euainlt of - Kluoatli a '' Tlinan who bare nm tbt? pI'N dm4 DO ( rrlitetin frna un; aafflae It toaay It la r>pre??at*d by ' tba beet order of tal.nt Bnrtni b(m?*lf. ?ho<? ("tl tutailoa tlnaala anflMrst In efta!!* rfce da<l*?t mind _ In alt lb aad ll*elta>-ae. a III Atfnre la tbla pUfl". Kin (| , Walun will Introduce a tiiml'i ilaicn aad the 0| 1 ratrrtaluimat* will oonclude with the and el eel- , lafet faice o< 'My Prlena lo tbe dtrapa " ^ Niuoaii. Tiitttm - tni ship l'tirr<r? - Ltrt ir?- '? Ring waa prodnrnd at tba National theatre a new J drama ?ntltlad;the "Strip Oarpeatar ' Though tba | put Uoaa aot po?/aa? nurb lnl?r?vt. tba pie.i* III ?n|| w ri rrlrad by tbn aadiaann na amonnt rl tba ptpoltr ? a> ntlnnnta with wbl<*b It I* eprlakled, aad tba nuti- f ma* laaldeat* I'lnetratlae of lifn aoinag aat'ire'e an. I la naa It la dlflnult to My >taall]> aruin* what d nlaaa of draaaa to place It, aa It par'afeee by tarsi of both nail; ul aaMriaa la aaaoy p?a?a^?? tba lat|(iafa b ntbrr lalntail aad aneuited to tb* ?U? r' o< p>i>ooa la whm* aootha It It pot Oa th? wtiola, k hoattrr tbla draaa la a* d???r?ie* o Ban -eeae aitoy " alaitlar play* wbmb bam ha I a "Inag ran '' an 1 It I* tall la rarmt?|a aatlfa talaat ?b?re?-r It abn ?a It all ?*na la raall b-* Innlnga Th? ainii|>r <i? er 'aa nurb rr?dlt for ofrriag prliaa for eaat MM aadaUoltr tba wry iltwilw taaaara In wbixh 'ha a play aa? brounhf o?t Tba turn <m1 |< a<tmlr>bl* I'D* plot la brief I* a? ?..l|,ia? Pi? Ar t >1 ??> na np-a? with a launrb ?t a>h.nh an ! eur? mil Julia Hartley' llfa la ?av? I b? a ?Mji n?n II trr n*m< d llaraaa Oray. with w+om ?h- Una <n I <>?. r> MirrM lij bn ptrrtu in oi<i ColonH f|?rtl?? f.? tha tl rill* of kip w?alth and bar hirrl("?tn<M Mil* aa.-rt f? lr?l. ?kt l?r tfnriln* apoa tba yoaaf ?-na- t* kin Tba old oolaaal dl?r>ia> r'It and ib? ?r?n?f?1 tl ' nirirtrr dan-ar* Mai. H?r ?i?a bew-aar h?. bla a ant4 plr?tp*-rl to Nallf, a foaadllag broa?bt ap by nl? p Biol bar ?lU ba raaolia* to k*?p It rha o|n ial fa jonai ?lf? prorara> bin a ronimUal .a of llmi m *, p bl'b ba arn> ptji for ba?lr( (aaa't h?r llf-* b it. raj?~U < bar i tt>-f of loaa and aaalib ll|? p??i"? tor tba a<*5 latarlrad Onai hl? graadfbtbar Job Frin?4d"?, tmnlaU* Mm to rhft- I* th- O'll^tn iiaoa'ta lla ptnnaada tkuktf a< a ?oln#l??r laatlag bin b* tratbad N.lly la tka vara of bla motb>r <? *> I Hartlajr ?l?r i rooaad* to Matlco. ? hMont' < ? > l.r ? rafolar uMIca la tka abaaB'a of l|a-*t?itr? tth?*iiy * k?i a dl?rt>?ara<l bjr a fa#blir.?bi? broil. n l"*a la#f?r > ' 4 Jrtrrll iba' tb" f'Miiilitii a?a> tb h> (' *< ?f Inn- tiaa |>rnp?-rt?. of ahlah ?V ?t< b rvlf r -it , b? mtrii ?< H h< r In h'1- li u-* ??l l"d |i- I fcar # rtpn a* ay aaarylMnt to blm H? m>? < n t to farina* bar t" aiflii ?t> >Hn?' p.n-? inns m*irtap?; but tbl? i>lt? r*f??"?1 to <1 ail f." lT'-d bat up. la tha I" | an irl*>"t??i?r h -r In cuaaltaar* M>? l? ral?a--d br * danok-n Ml ? "? . J l ,i?'by Tip1** a?4 Jn*t h>m* !? t* n>><"?l..* In t.,a,? >i I r?lla*a tb |ar;lb!? >-??p?a?? of I , r. rm >'har o'.d " ), b t?' P*d?a. and h?r b'tfo'hal P-'rnm rfbCt * bad Jitat ratar>i?d ?lv??|o?? f-m ib. r*niy?<Tn at-.d im*m yr a"n?d . fb? r? - oaptala :-r tl a ?p*> bawf^br a |a*??? Iro^i V. ?r l?j ( ?b? at*'1 frnm rb Cw n? bt? w ? > ! >-* b ? 1-M F1 , tn b.? lair Tba latf r 't' . I'T fa - f i dra?>r In bta nabiri't abl ir i ;?la? |?a|> ' t*? H?'a Mlla tn a mtM'i'a I > a fi><? f b* tba |d?? ?i. Il<ra,iri\ T >< U?f n'S?mtl' If d nk? *nnd 1J? pi ail r but ??""J I' A t-trwipha. and la. of ih or#- uia*ri"l'. V >f *Y> al iba ?ib? llaia ha tak<-+ t.>?- i jtoaal t t Jti^ ? nad> r bl? prot'-nlloa <ln< Mn?ltj?t, Mian aad Mr VatllM a^al'tad tb?m?a|?aa ??? nwHt- V kM;i and Klla'ar. a? nM Jut InmMm aiada avarf. | baav l?n?b aa ba x -tara d aaar aad awn. ' ? tha a blnrd of tlia lro??td"a'" par?nr?a**"a aa? fol I I ) d b/ tka Magle VaU.'* at* frtol aulcil t W YO RNING EDITION?TUESD a*lo dramatic eastern epeotacle with gorgeom Mm. It |t'i Ibbiiiio ntlibotlon. iMuici* Nvuvm -ThtNoputBiofpwhnuieU " or tkr tItKriiMB idd ?t?oId| Ii titrutlrt Tbe little I leneral Tom Thumb, evidently tbe gr?ate?t ourwelty : n the world, will be Introduced by hie preoeptor at hree o'clock, wbrn be will giro MTeral eongt and I lanoa*, and narrate bit travel*. Ha will appear alen, the coetume* of Napwleon and Alexander the 0 reat n tbe evening. he will apfear in tbe character of flop o> my Thumb." a iplendid mueical ritrtTi;anxa, which baa been written expreealy for the leneral Nkw loax AvrHiTHiATRK ?The Frcnoh company of qneetrtan*. by tbelr olaaaic and beautiful teate of iors?nian?hlp. are doing wonders at the Bowery Clr08 Tbe new fairr naceant of " ninilaroiiM" k.? ?. troduced ?lth great splendor, and it drawing luinenf.e audiences Tbe company, generally speaking, tb? bfft tbat bare ever appeared in thU city. Thk Fbkncii Ballict Coarawt. ?Tbe celebrated ar1Mk ot the French ballet oonipanj hare lately arrived n thlf city, attar a rery snooeratul engagement at *ereal theatre* ot Boiton Mile Galeatin* Frank, and her ?i>l?r, wba*e terptloherean talent* were *o wall apprailatad at Aitor Plaoe Opera Uoase gained new laurel* n Boston, and the celebrated eomio dancer. E*pl'.<o*a, ?on all tba puffragae of the lover* of dancing. We earn with pleasure that (hi* company ha? been entsged br theabia manager of Broadway Theatre, waere t will appear on the 10tn inctant. A new ballet will m performed on this occasion and wa doubt not that he *ncce*? of Mile C. Frank and L Ksplnoaa will be * great a* it wa* in tl?e city the* bare just left, W? kope alto to ?** Mile Adeline, the JUnteatt of ft roadray. All a part in thl* ballet. It i* a rerjr good ocoalon for ber to Improve la her art, wltb euoh an aslemplUhed danarutt a* Mil*. Celeitin* Frank. WAiHinr.Ton Hall ? A visit to thl* place of amuseaent will amply repay thorn who delight la a floe minting The panorama of tb* Pilgrim' Progress 1* work of great merit. STcrr*ni Hall ?Tha panorama of California is beauifully executed. The painting is exoellent?tha storm t * m very natural and etfeotive, and tha remark* of ba laotnrar lueid MnMcal. Pasodi's Second Persona non or Ocmma di V*B?.r.? aat night, at tha Aitor Place Opera House, Pared! tonlrhed every on* by tha extraordinary brilliancy ( her effort* In tha character of Gemma. Wa wllngly acknowledge that tha opera waa written for a rlebrated tenor, bnt thl* diminishes In no degree tha raise to which Parodl 1* entitled tor har artistic par r the opera, aad infu*** into It th* rery perfeotlun it d It* lyric art Bocobadatl. at Milan, uied to or*at* ? Maethlng of a /wore la th* charar ter, bat Parodl ao- B alljr earrie* th* audience bj itoria, and mak** b nrj one acknowledge that, la all th* raqaUltaa aad 0 ITecte of a great lyrlo eocaliat *he baa no rival. Nobing ba* IW? been known superior to tbia perform- tl nee, on *Ub*r contiurat. U we bar* any knowiedg* a I tb* great triumph* ot vooalWt*. and all wa bar* to i H ?y i( taia? that If th* public wUb to- wita*** the moat 1 ialt*d rpecimen of operatic vooalisation. tb*y bar* | a: nly to attend the Opera Uouaa on Wednesday night- >1 'be eatbuaiatm laet night <raa very great--Pa-odi *a* fi alltd beiore th* onrtain St* time*, aad wa* *how*r*d ! d 1th hnuullMtfl A 11 tllAM i^itlmAnUla ' 1 tbe tlaplNt poaalble recognition of bar traoa- i iDCMt merit. I.orlai ui| very aplrltedly, tad m write* nun applauia than ha received, A rig- jj obI gave great expreaaloa to hi# muaic and r, ovellf wan (olid ohaeta la hla atyle. aad aa- ?1 edingly aatlafectory. The " Id?" of Amalia Paati M a w?ll long, bat *be Ueka animation la the atoet j i port ant acena of tbe opera. She baa talenta aa aa fc, tree# which the ahould not hw to exert. A crowded a, >uae may be expeeUd oa Wadaaaday aight. w Bornaa'a kr?XD PaoMrnADB Cokcbbt.?Tba concert it algbt, waa received with tbe moat aatlafactory monatraMoaa of public favor Tba magnllioeat ,c chvatra performed tbe mbi manic a* oa tbe Brat raaloa, aad QHebel was truly brilllaat oa tbe violin. ?' i# of bi? aoloa waa vebemaatly encored, aad very laervrdly, too. Tbia aew candidal# for fame aa a nllnlat. baa takea tba m?tropolia by atorm, and wfll ?' otlnaeto be a favorite. Ilia equal baa not bean < iowb la *hl# oountry for many a long day Kom- to rg'? Children'# Symphony waa admirably performed *' r ihe orcbaatra, aad gave great delight ama?ing ra aay who had heard thte ourloaa coiapoalttoa tor the rat time Tha apUadld ?mayi?li ?aa > *? adaetag W rreWaa a* thaee highly popular roaeerta, are auoh aa u > Inrur* the atteatioa of the public who aeam to ap- at reclate the eflorta made to elevata the mu ical taete r the mvtropolia We learn that the aext eoooert 1U be unuaaally novel aad brilliant. La Sonrimbvla ?Thl* opera, with oae act o' ,1 Kraaai," and tha ballet of ' Paqalta," wtU be per fa >rmed. to-night, for tha benefit of tbe Yoang Mea'a w ebrew Benevolent Soclaty-a worthy laoUtntioa ea w< Iged la dletrtboting fuel to tbe poor la tbe aevrr# rv ana ef wlater Bertueca, Trufll. fortl, and Nathalie i kt Itajemve. will form aa eatertaiomeat of th? very but 0f -acriptlen aad It I# to be hoped that the ha?i< wll', I 1 entirely tiled. There ara oaly a few aeata uaea- 1 M 1 ri CnaiaTr'a Miiktbsl# ?Tha entertainment for thla ?: 'ealag will commenae with an overture, which will ki 1 f?lla?rd by exeelleat melodlea. aoloe oa the guitar ji id violin borleeqo# opera, and eiqulalta daaalag tirlaty aaya " tbete la no aunh word aa fall " 1 .| Plt-Lowa' Or re a Hnt ae ?Thla retabllabmaat bldl ?t ir t? make a iea)>ectable a'and la thla city. Tbe per- ro rmaneea are exrvlleat. a* full bou*ea prove ; aad the r) .epeetiv# performer# are galalag > ery night in pah- r, B eatimatlon Tbe alaglnj I* good. an<t 4>>yer'a violin tt >le I* worth tbe piiee of admlaaloa. Ilear them aad M idge tor yonreelv## h< m a unit ! ?!.i n? nrai app'-amnr* m inir< e-ia'n-ata.i i? lulinl?t. an Hatniilay arming. at Trlplar Hail. ?w Ir arfaatly aurnarafnl In arety rwpwl 'll? parforuiaa- fi1 > lacalred th* DKit anthuaUatlo appUna-, *n<l ?n It >ia iollo??dmoor*, until wa thongm. bit phyalini an- t? 'Kir* would fall In hit ff *h? atnit*nna T ?i? rr*ir4>d villi poihnt iho '?m of bou>i??ta, el a an artjat h? bust onra '?k?a rank among the ?t Ighaat Is M? line and *aonot fall attracting larga t> udiane?-a whrn?t?r and wbwrarrr br m\j appear M Cant* Fimii t.?A grand eoanart will baglraoby tbla * imlly. at Kluaftlog. L I . on Wadaaaday n>it Mm *' tllrapla tha youthful bat ta)?at?d rcxallat will apMr on tba ocraalon lit an Kaapaa. tha Hungarian voeallat la aboat fir>g a ronr?T? at a rara d-aotlptloa la thia aitjr. II* N n>g In Ko?ton la tblt y dlff-raat laaguagaa and hi a . If In M th? irrauit nnmpaii i4n|in(, It la nil, " cm doubla D In ba?? up to i: la tba aoprano. ' < Irrnlt Coirt. I* Briorx J udga Wiliard at D*t t -Grrtm r* thr C'a<>aaAia Innrnn'r 0a??- ' M?f.? Tbla ?a? an notina to r*o???r |]oai, tba hi Biount ol a polio* ot laanranra fbrd'frt lattintnf p, a bu-in.?a In Philadelphia but bara aa olllaa In Xaa |> orb Tba p?ll?y of inanranoa li ijnarthi. ?, & oa th? tint April. 1MT In Philadelphia (?ad in tba ?j l<b aonntaralgnad br tb? eoapaay'a M>-nt la thia t< ItfO on a hrleb baildtng In Rrooklya. known aa tba tl n-n>>o Villa T?? machinery j^e . vara ln?nr-4 fat d, I MO and fha afork contained althla tha oulldlng aa lr?nr?d for a>? the halane* On tba lltb Intra ar llwi.tba building together with Ita eouUnta vara aatro* d by flra Th? dr^nra aat up la. that th J! lalnttff bad laanrad tha praalaaa at a?)ll?r otit, * nd that ri>n"a-y to a nlaaaa la tha pnllef -IT-ot-d at tfradaat'a t>Ba? b? eaan?al*d that fact Adjoarnad Court of ( otaainn Plana. J! Tba Daaamb* r term ul ibia oourt a'<aaiaacad to day, z* tr tha trial of l*an?a of fast, bat tha aoart room > log unflnl?b?d tha eourt *?a adjournal to aaxt loaday. and tba jury dlanhargad until tbat day, Th* Klirmrn, b* UiIRD"* llg***TT. " t>r*a lit (a ) our papar of Voalty yon barn nada ft.a<< aiataatnt of a nnUlalaa of a row -af aa at- 111 .a . . . .a ... . aa a A n.pinj row rmtaaan tna momtxri o? Ko^aM 41 ini " H nil ibalr rainta. nn flundtr availing from a f?ln ' lar? Id tb- Ni'h aartloa Nov. H l? ?-ll kno?n U * | im? aaW?r?al)y < bat bo'b ooaipantaa ar? il??lroa? i <l|?cl argir * tb?lr Igtjr m llr>ii>* wbaa duty oalla '' lira- mt tat?<1 bjr yoa. of - awaalag ?b*maa|?a*'' >' <t aaat of xiaio1bln( ?Im to do by ha<ln( M?k h?r and <t?a?rratla| tb* Bahhatb flaob. Mr l? ?ot ' K* # ??n of tb* *>ab?l of Mtbar company of tbatr i" NilHatkii or by# lawr Nliktrlill iktlnftbi I* r' It Bant: and. la all fotora tla*. It voald b* aatli- ' ictory to tba mai anl?? to aipoaa any >ad a?ary I in el mp.taty -m tb?lr part ?b? 1 ?on ba?? jmt aail raa>D?bla ground* to *>mal aipoaara Raapaotfallr yonr#, F THOfl MR AlfS, a Wain bar of M. to Tint ubito* or i*r mcitAt.D a Vowr ?t?t???nl of tb* nr-m?n'? ? ?, la tkl# day'# H|?r anrf ilaai a lartf* portlca of tboaa laplloatad. p tat a? I n..|r? In 41 I* noaoarnad a it h lac Ilka j, ifliMrjr *?? In in war eo?t**plaUd. and tba m?I- r nt?l ct>HI?lon I* to b? r?tr?t>d only from th# pab ^ ?l?y ?ad lawriwt onaitraotloa arlntng Iroai your ' ? H roRNKLt. WlirTR. For#aan Kngla# Co 42 I N * V..b?, liAh Mo . 1 lftfto. N i:oT?mrnti of l)l>l In rn lahtd Praplr. ' Oe. ral aawahaoor. ftiU . Mr ^o1^!!. do; Hon. fii If. Albaej: K t. H"Wk??. !* ? fotk. R. B. ally la; B t. Rrltto? Ark; t 0 Capral. Tamato; Ha no- Albany: J Wllaon llal'ltnor?. 1 A. 'laid <ii. > I.Iia ; J A Bpo?n.-r. lo ; Col ifnarlan, Va ; J C M-atit bar* arrlr?d at tba frlrlag tfnna* P" H llnaa Boa'oa; W D*ia?tar. C 8 Wary ; W. b I l.tlti* P t?i>| Ka?* lodi-a. ItaiM V fnkt. V*. T r? . rif.t tba artl*al# ya*t*rdar. at tea taarWti. p .1 l b.lpfit HalMimr : T ll?r??y Rn'laad, lloa J. < i|\ KHifton; Mr. Aylaln. Qa*b*a; Mr. OolWy. ' ; I.apt. Wal*?, N V? arrlrad. yaatarday, at tba b ? nr. t ' H*rrt?atcr>. Ya : R. Hnalap, 0 fl Wolbara rhIU ; a r A 'I I,<affl?tan1, Jnba Mili??a. JU a ijna. Car ?d* lim iinf<4 al tka t'alif PltM ll? li II o R Adarna PblU ; C W (Mat. #n, R H Nriaaat t (id family B??t-a Nlaad, II Chlfp Klafatna; 0. Q. ? 'lil.AI* aad ta? Atfeara arrival f^itaMty anfto>k oo?> tt lb# 'Hlfltda rtotal f| ' " '"W * RR II AY, DECEMBER 3, 185< CNgr InUlllfenM. IhiTBcasiNu Accidkmt- Vora Mkk Woi-sdko. -A distressing ud probably fatal accident. oocoTed tsterday ?ft?rnooa about a quarter paat 4 o cloak. on he corner of Leonard street and Broadway, of whioh ho following are the partioulars ?It iNmi that four lalnrert in the am ploy of Mr. Jama* dtawart 378 Iroome rtreat, were engaged noon a suing bidder

lalntiog the south tide of Mesirs. J. fc. I. Ooi'g large ix story buildiag, altnated on the northwest corner of Iroadway and Leonard (treat; and owing to the hairy reight In the middle of tbe aoaffold, the ladder sadlenly broke, aad preolpltatad the uufortanate worknen to the area below, a distance of upward* of arty ?*t. As they Ml, throe of theai struck the sharp upighta of the iron railing, which mangled their Meiih terribly, and finally giving way. all oi them fell to the ron gratings ot the area, and were picked up for dead; >nt upon getting them on the sidewalk, they were onnd to bo stlU alive. Capt Carpenter, and officers Fhlte and Lock head, immediately ran to the poor sea's aid, aad catefally conveyed them to the oity lospitai. wners tney were placed in separate apartaente of the Institution, and skilfully attended to iy the surgeons. who did *11 in their power to relieve heir Intense (offerings. Annexed ( a list oi the ?mN of the wounded-?Peter McLaughlin residing .t 21* Klghtsenth street, slightly injured aboufthe *ek ana arms; Archibald Davison. residing la Oliver trest. dreadfully mangled In the thighs and out in ths ewple, and will probably not reaover: Francis Scott, aiding at 66 Charlton street, was mortally wounded, n consequence of an upright entering his left side to aeh an extent that It f (Tected his lungs therefore no topes of his reoorery was entertained by the physiians. The fourth man. by the name ot tieorge Odell, isd a miraculous escape, by clinging to one of the opes attached to the scaffold aad roof If the scaffold ad been fastened with strong ropes In the middle as rell as at the two ends, the painful accident vould mdouhtedly not have taken place. Iloskisi.t Btanai> ar rut Bvlosiom er a Powdkh (last.? Yefterday morning, a laborer by the name of 'homes ritspatiick, was brought to this city, by the larlem railroad, with his face aad body horribly burnd with powder, caured by the explosion of a powder ilast. la a well, at Kaatoheeter, a short distance from he city. The sufferer was removed to the New Yerk lospitai. and. upon examination, he was found to be ilind. and varlout parte ot his body burned to a clnler. It is doubtful If he ever reoovere. Death it Bi rrs ?Coroner Gear yesterday held an Bluest it 192 \erick street, on the body ot Uanoah lepoee. aged 78 years, born in Mew Yerk, who cante te ier death by her clothing accidentally taking Are, hereby causing severe barns on her person, which a used her death. It appears the deceased had been onflned to her bed tor the last two years, aud on Sanay evening, while endeavoring to reach some clothing ij the lighted candle, her clothee took fire, aad when Iscovvred. the bed clothing was on fire as well as her wa The flames were extinguished but ths old lady 'as bedly burned aad dead. Dr Udell made an exailaatloa at the body, aad fouod that death was caused y extaaslve burns A verdict was rendered ae srdiagly. suicipt hi taiino Lm hsvm.?a yeuagOsrman, tie name of Weyburgh, committed xulolde on Sunday ight by taking laudanum. The deceased was from amburgh, where his parents reside, who are said te sqnlte wealthy. The deceased waa 23 years oi a<e. nd kept a confectionary store at 114 avenue U. For te last few days It seems he had heea drinking liquor eely, which Is believed to be the mala cause of selfestructlon. The Coroner was called to bold aa inquest. Killed by the Raii.boad ?On Friday night, between I aad 12 o'clock, a man by the name of Michael Kgan, as lound by the Twelfth ward police lying near ths ladsoa Kiver Railroad, by Forty foarth street. appamtly severely Injured by the cars The police sent U bjartd mu to tha Citj Hospital. vhtrt h* died attar. ) comequenc* of th? Injurte* reaelred. ha Coroner win called to hold >o Inqueat. but a delay m tttoi place la ceufquraMofthi wist ol evldenca 1 to *htn the r*c?l?fd the lajury Th* Inijaeat 111 be held Ibli Morning at 10 o'tl'?k. KrrECT?r lnoiirtTi?ii..-U(t ?f?lo|. at half part o'olrak. Win Conor Ml into the rlrer, aear Pulton aikaL. while In a *tat? of Intoitration lie wan fl*hI oat of (! water aad brought to the * tat I on houaa Uoit Run.ri 01 Dar?ia?.NWic?B ? At 11 O'aloak laat ght a drunken row teok plaia at the public homo, >ri(t of 6th ?treet aad arinii B. when una of th* irty sained Patrick ' tdy leaped out of the window nni the 4th itory. atd wa* aeverely injur-d He ?uld bare br?i kIliad on tba apot. but that tba fall u broken by aa awning lla wu *?nt bom* la order bar* medletl aaaletenne Three other* of tba party, tward Doyle. Kranria Hmlth, aad Mary dalOi w?re at to court. I>r*?iiciaa. - Ja teaaalx otattd. about two day* old. a* Imad j?nt?Maj aneroooa, at ?o?atoi-k, flow ton ta I la rtrar at tha foot of CUrfcaoti I'.reat It bad a Lrla uf *llk drawn tight about It* neck, whtah no aubt wu the caul* ot it* death Ittiwi. kom a Liiidii.?About ton o'clock, ja?!?ray morning, a carpenter named Jama* Feeuey. reding at 931 Mott atrowt. tai aerloualy Injured by lilng from a Udder at tba naw bulliflag No ]It Broadly It appear* be we* aaamdlng to tba fifth *tory Itb a h?a?j atlak of timber and owing U> ona ol tha tag* giving way. he fell to tba ground aaaoag a pile oaea and brlrki. lie waa ramored to tba rakldanca hia Umlly. HtuaoAa Aniot*r.? At half paet 11 o'rlaek. P X , lebael I gan waa found near tba Harlem Hirer Kail >al traab. at 44tb etrret. aeverely Injured, ihirfly far the 11 o clock train paaa*d and waa aoppoaa I to ire been run over by It II* waa aent to tha City < apltal In the police wagon. Thk Citt llalTIT11 axa Ooaovia Una - Wf refer."* 1 i* other day to a ?a?a of an unknown man repaired . the etty horpttal, who died aooa after be waa adIttcd and that no oaa conld tall from whaara ha iB?,oalytbat ba wai" Injured by the !4ew llavra ir* In tbd< matter, aotne remark* war* uaJ" on tat oeraatoa. which tended aomewhat to r? It-rt on | r. Rome tha gratlemaaly ?ua> rtrtandeat of tha apltal. In not having taken tn< ui*er??ety caution i I'btatnlag the name* of the partli* who brought tba ijur?d man to I ha hnepltal Tha whota matter ha? w b?'*ti ln?.*ilgaf*d hy I'otoh t fleir and Mr. .toe we are hanoT to ra*. eiulainad tha whole mat> r which amn-rataa him from anr neglect of doty be lujnred roan la qxndlnn i?t brought from t^aat- I beater county. near Pordhma ?b?r? tha wliaat o?. irrfd Ob th* mf bring run it.- kno^a hi lh" pob'le eaar?p*ra l? Ifuiight tb? affair U> the knowledge of r Ulimore th- ag-nt of tha Nat llama l(illri%d, bo ?ery pioaipfly raaae firward ye-lerday and p--?a red lb* rfldatn n>ae*?ary lar Ibr (Joronar. showing ??flut|wl; that the death !< accidental at tha in* H?? patlrg all the nptwr: lafami la tha .rial of tha body. Fia*.?Tha oauiaet mak?r'? ahop of Ww. ft alllrar, ! 0 7M Ureeawleh ?tra?t van dlanorered to ba on flr*. I?nnt half paat 10 o elnck tha Hamad wara **tinulabad with butttlfliag i'?bii?. Ai ??w or fi*r ?Tha iKMtd alarai of flra latt night 1 ibr Mr-1 dlatrlat. waa occasioned by tha buralag of raw IA4 W h at r?? t near 7th arenu* Kihh 0?m??i?w Bill.?Tha filth annml ill rf lh* Oambrlaa Inndtlioa will taka plve at tha i 1 ?0?*iiBb to Morrow a?ril*? Tha rtC'IfU of thla ?ll?al w!ll b* <li?p*Dred In ehartt* fma the pra iratloaa that har- I a<-n taarfa w- hara at doubt bat lla will ha ore of lb* be*? ball* of tha aaaaoti It la i ba hoped that It wilt ha aril attended eoaaldartog la praiseworthy pirpon ta whlrh tha faada will ba irotad Th* l?rwt f?TI>4L at TH* lawai. Hal a? ? Ta aoalabtlbg apon tha vary bal arrabg* m?i.t? tha* wara ia4r for tha aceoaaooallua ot th? r? prroeatatlaaa if I* praaa at tha rraaat faatlral at t ba Iralog llouaa. r raportar did aot Intend In at lark any blaaa to Mr. I owaid, tha proprietor af tha hotal. AU ha had to da aa to proalda iha dlanar walch ha did oa a auoapta it* *<aia ai.d In a manner cbararrarlafle of tha Irrta J ouaa. Tie difficulty aroaa trom tha tae' that thara ara mora gnaata pra?aat than were acp*?tad. aad tha urry and ron'u*|oa aaaaed by tha aonaaaloa Intarfarad. a auppaaa with tha programme -f tha aomalttoa. MtUTARY AtKP OTttKR PAHADKa Tha MeMaaaa iluard- of Joraay trtty, will prooaai to "not M orr la Harlan, for target prattle* oa fiea?y., Daweaaber Mth They will ba aader tha com iaad of Coat Atillard aad will ba accompanied b? Idm'l Waehlugtoa Itraaa Han i. They ate nam?d t'r tha foreman of Atraaaaoh Kngtaa Uoaapaay No (if Jaraay Oltf. The White Oaarda Capt Jaaiaa Itarr. paaa*4 tha reraW f flier. yertarday morning oa tbalr way for laf- > t practice They wara a?eoaapaaled by Iiodaorth'a ornat Rand Thalr uniform a eery handaoaa oaa ttraciad aa?b attaatloa It aoaalaud ot a whlta icfcat. with whlta facing* whlta military eapa, with >4 band rad bal'a, aad hlaek paata with atrlpa. hay war* baarleit hy a plaaecr ahaat aatfi feat high arrylrtg a pondrmu* aia Aiiitun 1/lfVIT Mntrqii Mfnnptni'1 ny Aid I '? Hrtii Hand -til boy* ti?d?T IghtMD Tl? Him. fl??r4* mdhih?M by Wbltwortk'i flltf rwHwil Tilt* oorapony m?4? T?ry fln? ?pp??r naml>?r?4 thirty a??k?t* Th? In4?p??<t??r? f)a?rd tttuM l? l*|lMC?IM III 1*. of Brooklyn pMM><l tht Hn?H "*? . J?<>rfcy. Mfiipt?l><1 by Ortar" Brooklyn Wl Th?y to b? worthy ?t th? n?m? th?y ' ??? rh Nri OotNIUIlM K?f1n? f!nmp?my < 7. ?f IronU;*. | M?4 ?b# thrmU nMs* jr?.t.ri?y, with ft l?m i tight* b?Ht by Vwn fttll OlfNlilU fc 9I?IIm of York OfMrrt Jfb? (jnaitbli*. Willi*? H fmrj ?aaa?i l onriiin *n<i wnnaai varan 'miwn i ra?? Pa*4 accompanied th?? They nnmWml abeat M laHnl itfi Ml trtillM Ml of fallow#. M?f? lntflllgfnt?. 0?r|? nf ^fij?i|i, A 7"un< m?n hy th? *? of >arlaaC Altar w?? ari>at?d y.fardUy '>HD?a, ky (* ? K J Raittk. M a warrant land || JllllwO*ota. ?k?raln tka frn?d .tanrtfharna'l ?Hh ??rjarr k? nvfiitif ta *11 *? <! *m li ??it for I* tk? oowrt of rnniom fl*M. ky Warraa Vm 0<irt ? ?*.t kt? wlr. .In1\? t*o? ka with f j u< a? as nliltiM t? >! ? th? f?'t k? ovght up Alj?r t?> tf?t(fy to th? Inll lallty of '< ?na>ony t?< ?ho?m tkat K Ifar Ml >?ll? Had rUIU.I koaaa of 4t*r?pnta to<ath*r Ala?r. oa k?l?g * ml?*4 ? a *K?tN Ifdl'l h*4 tatpr?j>?r lUtntrw with .??! ? and ?w?>ra t# that Net Tk? otirt kn#??r aotwlt h?taadlng th? |n?ltlf? d*n1?l of k* iutth IXHKiatM aaf* by A If ?f, (ra atad a M *f?. an4 now Ta? Cn?rt krlfifa th? rh*r?? of p. ij icy AI ft Tk' rwi will tinlarf* k*j*|34 ?a ftilartli} imI. ' [ER AJ MEETING OF CONGRESS. ' IMPORTANT STATE PAPERS. ?? tl THE * FIRST ANNUAL MESSAGE * i a MILLARD FILLMORE, ? MLISIMIT OF TDE VJITED STATE!, i TO 0 OONQRE3S. r <1 MONDAY. DECEMBER 1850. j { TBS KEFORTI op Tire c Postmaster General, Secretary of ? Interior, 8eoretary of War. jj g ESTIMATES 0F THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. J Sicm Ac., Ac. si e THIRTY-FIRST (OH(.KKSS. " sxcokk skhsiof. ij r< Sena tc. '< BY MORA'S MAONETIC TXl.EORAIff. * Waimisotow, December 2, 1H50. ^ At twelve o Hock the 8>-nat? wan railed to order. r| Pre?#nt Mfwn Hrmdbury. Hamlin. Ilale, Norri*, tl John Darl* Wintbrop, Phelpi. Clarke. Upham, Smith,, Dickinson, Seward, Cooper. Sturgeon. Wale*, n Bprnanea, Pratt, Pearce, Mason, Hunter, Madder. Mangum, Berrien, King. Clemen*, Morton, Benton, Bell, J Turns j, Hiring. Cbaee. Shield*, Whlteomb, Dodge or a, Wixoonitin, Walker, Jane*, Dodge of Iowa, Fetch, and v Cm*. ? Mr. Bti k?kor offered a reeolution that tha Becreta- '' tj inform tha Uoum that a quorum wa* present and * ready to proceed to bujine**. Adopted. Ob motion of Mr. Dow;*, of Iowa, it wa* ordered \ that Senator* be allowed newspaper* equal te the cost ti of four dally paper* I* uu (uuuuu, it wu ururrea inn in# nour or meeting shall b* 12 o'cio*k. J, A mnuage tu received from the Houm that * quo- ,j, rum iu j>r?M?nt at Mr." lubmlttfd resolution, that a com- ?" mlttee of two be appointed by the Chairman, to aot ( ( with a lika committee of the Houae. and inform the President of the United State* that a qnornm ?u pre ^L at in eaeh braaoh, and ready to reeeire any com- in muaiention frem him. Adopted. 7? Meter*. Berrien and lMckimon were appointed laid ou eommlttea. J The committee retired at 25 minute* before two, and on their rdnfn reported that they had *een the Pr*el- of dent, and he would communioate with t'ongree* with- tu out delay , and, Ave minute* after, the melange of ?' the i'retident wa* reoelr*d The Meeeage wa* read, and the u*ual number of that ,jL and the accompanying doeumenU, were ordered to yc be printed. fo The Senate adjourned at three o'clock, m or .Hewer of Hrpr??rii* ?!*?? |>4 lie mmS Mutt r?u-< urwiCAl, tki.rurai'N. gi VfuHiauien, Dee 2,1860. Juet before meridian, the galleries were well filled? ft the member* were on the Hot exchanging happy *alu- P* tatlon* and there wa* great sontuiiou of tongue*, which wa* utienced. at 12 o'clock, br the Bneaker. who - allrd upon tha mainbar* totaka their aaata Cotnpar- g atlwa itillD'-M aftarwrarda reigned. Tha Clark then (' aallad the roll tad oit hundred and (lit/ mrmberf l? anawtrrd t?their nam**. A wn received from the Senate Informing j' lb* hi um that there wu a jucrum of the Resale pre ,j, at. anil r.adr to proceed to builneat A almllar ai mrxiK* wa* transmitted frotn the Hon* ) te the He- th Date CJ OtOige W VnrUcn (dam ), elected a B'Bkn for J|| New Hampahlra Id tba place of Gen Jamea Wilaon a|| r?ri*n?d waa qualified and took hla Mat Cu Mr Tvca (traa noil), of N 11 , preaanUd a memo- in rial from Jared Parkin*. contenting the Beat of Mr. H" Uotriica, which ?aa referred to th* Committee oa '* XlaotlOBI. M, Ob mat Ion of Mr HiLLiaaa, (whig), of Ala, It wu ct r?aulwed tbat a nnmalttaw l>a appointed by tha llouae. U to )eln Iba committee on tha part of tha Sonata, to wait on tha l'rraldi-nt and Inform him that a uaorum ' > oc of both heu??a I* now la ia??lau. and that Oougraaa U ^ ready to rfe?l?? any communication which ha may be f(, pleaatd to Mat*. It Mrnn Milliard McDowell, and Duer, wara appoint ed raid rcmmlttae. Mr Jiihhuod, (deaa > of ArkunaM, olfarad a reaolu- pf tk a that memhera vacate th?lr aaata. aad that they n, proan 4 to draw far a choice rti Several amendmrat* war < propoaed. bnt one only * waa adopted It prnvidea that Mr. owen, (whl|) of * ' Urorgla who la tick In thl* city. "ball hawa tha prltl- ^ Ufa af drawing through a friend. ,, Tba rceolutl'n thua ara-n led waa ad -ptad Tha *1 n.< mbvra waoated thrir ?eat? their niB'i wara placed * In a box and ai aa?h nama wai drawn, the membor Jj' ?< lected took bla Ml. ||| Mr UfLLiaan. from tha Joint t'ommlttee, reported p< that tha Praeldeat would immediately aand a meaaage H to both IIown. Tha documrat waa than announced and waa handed J by tba Spent at to tha Clark, wha read It. Mr. Banv. (d?m). of Ta. mowed that tha masaage * 4 lee?Mptt>)lB( doeaaaonts W r?t?rr?d to tta? I'on CI mlttaa of tha Whole on th? itat? of the I lls*. m4 that 16 000 Ira ropira be printed A(tm4 to Mr Vmiomth, ) of Illinois, k??? nolliw that 0| it sa Mrl; day ht weald n?n to Mo up the Rlvsr p, wd liar hot Mil di Th? ilouM then adjiurnod o( ? THE PRKSIDFNF8 NEWAOE. '! {* According to previous arrangement Mirffn the ?| Postmaster General and the several Postmaster* in ' the cities and towns along the line of telegraphs, the Mr range was dtlivered to the preaa feeler- e; day afternoon, "I p THR M F. * A (4 R . V MUlM^OMBMBIt thi SeiaTK, J AMD of TttK Hot *K or Rll'intNUTIfU Being ?uddenly called, in the midat of the tut n srsaion of Gongrera, by a painful dispensation o !' Irvine Providence, to the responsible station which (J 1 now hold, I contented myaelf with ?uch comma. n mention* to the Legislature - the exigency of th? <1 noment seemed to require The country wa* shrouded in mourning for the loei of ita venerated , Chiel Magistrate, and all hearta were penetrated ? with grief. Neither the time nor the occasion ap- ( pear*d to require or to justify, on my part, any < general expression of political opiaiona, or any an* t nouneement of the principlea whicL would govern ' me in the dtacharge of the dutiea to the perform- J nnee of which t had been ao unexpectedly called, i 1 trust, therefore, that it may not be deemed inap- ?i proprmte, if I avail myaelf of thie opportunity of the ( rearaemblirc of Gongreaa, to make known my (en- p timeats.ia a general manner in regard to the policy which ought to be pursued by the government, both In ita intercourse with foreign nation a, and in i ? ,| MMM and administration of Maternal nffiira. n Nationa, like individnala in a MM* of n?ture, nr? 'I i equal and independent, ponneeeiug certain light*, nrd owing certain dutiea to earh other. ari?int{ ), from their necessity and unavoidable relation* \ * wh eh rights sad d'tt it a 'here i? no common h'imtn ( 0?*hr*tty to ;-rn?ec? *nd anf >rire. Rtill, the? are 1 r*?l> iik* d't b ?. "a it fwwi", I ami im hoa**,. ui<rr? u ao lab jju! to LIX PRICE TWO CENTS. j rhich an injured party can appeal but th? tisintreat rd judgment of mankind, and ultimately the ibitrameat of the sword. Among the acknowledged rights of nation* is hat, which each possesses, of establishing that orm of government which it may deem mo<t con lucive to the happiness and prosperity of its own itizena; of changing that form aa circumstances nay require; and of managing ita internal affiirs ccording to its own will. The people of the United States claim this right for themselves, and they eadily concede it to others. Hence it becomes an mperalive duty not to interfere in the government >r internal policy of other nations; and, although re may sympathize with the unfortunate or the ipprewed, everywhere, in their struggles for freeIon), our principle! forbid us from taking any part n such foreign contests. We make no wars to >romote or to prevent successions to throres ; ta naintain any theory of a balance of power; or to uppress the actual government which any country hooses to establish for itself. We instigate no reolutions, nor suffer any hostile military expedi ons to he fitted out in the I'nited Suites to invade le territory or provinces of a friendly nation. Ti?* p-hi.Uw of murality ought to have a national, as 'ell as a personal and individual application. Ws hould act towards other nations as we wish them > act towards us ; and justice and conscience tiould form the rule of conduct between forrnments, instead of mere power, self-interest, r the desire of aggrandizement. To maintain a lltrt neutrality in foreign wars, to cultivate trieodr relations, to reciprocate every noble and geaeMia act, uad to perform panctually and scrupo>usly every treaty obligation?these are the duuns hich we owe to other States, and by the performoce of which we best entitle ourselves to lik? eatrnent from them ; or if that, in any cane, be 'fused, we can enforce our own rights with juace and a clear conscience la our domestic policy, the constitution will be ly guide; and in questions of doubt, 1 shall look >r us interpretation to the judicial decisions of that ibunal, which was established to expound it, and > the usage of the government, sanctioned by the cquietceuce of the country 1 regard all its proisions as equally binding. In all its puts it is the rill of the people, expressed in the most solemn jrm, and the constituted au'.hoiMas are b?t gents to carry that will into effect. ?*ery power k'fnch it bus ft muted is to be exercised for the psfcc good; honest roniction, even of what might be ex|iedient, cau jusly the assumption of any power not granted. The [>wers c?nferred u|>on the government and their istribution to the several departments, are as learly expressed in that sacred instrument as the nperfection of human language will allow; and I rem it my first duty, ni to question its wi*dom. Id to its provisions, evade its requirements, or illify its commands. I'pon you, fellow citizens, as the representitivrs the states and the people, is wisely devolved e legislative power. I shall comply with my ity, in laying before vou, from time to tune, any formation calculated to enable vou to discharge iur high and responsible trust, lor the benefit of ir common constituents. My opinions will be frankly expressed upon the uding subjects of legislation; and if, which I da >t anticipate, any act should pass the two houses Congress which should appear to me unconstitional. or an encroachment of the j ist powers of her departments, or with provisioni hastily [opted, and likely U> produce consequences inju>uc and unforeseen, 1 should uot shrink from the ity of returning it to you, with my reasons, for >ur fun her consideration Beyond the due perrmance of these conatuutional obligation*, both y reapect for the legislature and my sense of proifty will restrain me from any attempt to control influence your proceeding* With yo? ? the taoi Uk hum r, and the responsibility of the legation of the country. The government of he I nited States i* a limit1 government. It is ooufined to the exercitn of jwers exprerwly granted, snd such others n* m?y t neceasary for carrying those powers into eff-ct: nd it ia at all times an especial duty to gnird pnuist any intiriotc>-m>-ni on the j<ut rich's of the tales. Over the object* and subjects intrusted in ongreus, its legislative authority i* supreme Hnt ere ihat authority ceases, ana every cid/.es who uly loves the coiiftitution, and desires the e >? nuance of us existence and its blessing*, will r-?oiielpsnd firmly r>nmt any interference ia thone jniestic affairs, wheh the constitution has a Uaclf id unequivocally left to the exclusive suthonty uf ie Stairs. And every such citizen will also .ln?rrl>e useleas irritation among the several rairnSers the Union, and all reproach and crimination ndmg lo alienate one portion of the country from ibihcr. The beauty of our a> item of government ineists, and i's safety ami durability uurt nonsiat, avoiding mutual collisions nnd encroachments, id in the regular separate action of ail, while etch revolving in Ha own dis'lnct orbit. The constitution hssm?de it the duly of the Pm4tnt to take care that the law* be f ithfully exeit' d. In a govt rnrnent like our-*, 111 which nil ws are pasted by a majority of the rep?e*entnrtuofthe |<eople, and theae representatives ai.e loseii for ?uch short (leriods, thai any mj'iriousor iiioxmiu* liw cm very *non be repealed. it would ?j*?lilt* ly (hat any jjrf it nuinbera wltould >? uud rradv to r? mm the execuilnu of the Uwi Bat niBMt ?w fiorne in rniod that the coua'ry in ex'?live, that there mtf be local iutrietlit or prej,idiisea udering a liw odioua in ?ue |>irt, wmcn in no: ? unfile r, nitd that it?# thuauhtleM tad luconaidate, mii-le'.fny their paMi<>iia,or theirii(i*i(iiiaiioa^ ay hr induced madly to reaiat mi eh U*< aaihey aapirove. Mich peraoua nhould recollect that, ithuiit law, there cut he uo real i>ractical lihrty ; that, when the law ia traui,>led uo 1er toot, rnuny lulee, wh? ther It t|ywf? la d>i finm ofa Miliary dev| oumii ?r of point I ?r violi-nce The taw the only ?ure protection ofih?- weak, and the oaly licient rratrnicit ti|ion the ?tr?ng Wt|. n im artial1 and faithfully ndmmia'ered, Done ia >>-u?tta ila 'oitcnoo, ?iid none above ita control. You, gruriiien, and the cooutry may lie aaaured, that to ie u-moM of my ability, and to the esteat of the >wer v?ated in me, i -hail at all num. and in all ace*, take care that the laws he faithfully ea?it* d la ihe diachtrge of thin duy, ao'emaly ir?v > ? d t)j>oii me hy the < onftilutioa, aad hv inv 04th I <>flict, 1 hill ahrink from no reaiiouwbility, and tall endeavor to meet event* aa they may ariae, nh firmneap, aa well aa with prudence an 1 diaretton The ap|>nintin( power ? o?e thr moat delicate nh winch ihe Executive ia inverted I regit d it > a Mcrrd truat, 10 beexercwed with the ante view advancing the prftaprritv aid hiptxneaa of the o|le. Ii ah*ll he my eflort 10 elevate atmi 111 of nllirj<l en'iilni mf nt. hv tflei'lm* fur nlam F in i-oruncr uxfiVHl'iila titled for tite pot'.i u? kith they are a?Mgi.< .1, hy their known integ< ty, talents, and viruiea lo to ri'fiM?r a co?i?f, with m greai a imputation, ami wher- few teoii* appointed to oRice cm he known to tha il<iiniiiig power, mictahea will somen.nes nnvoidaMy ki|i|irn, and uniortiiMtr appointments I made, nmwithatanding the greatest care, la M t. C4-C?, th?- |Ki?cr <>t rem- ??l mo he properly ?? reined, and arglect of duty or malfe <?ance in ffice will he no more tolerated in indmdmla apniated hy myself than in tboae ipyoutrd hy I her a I am ht*>y in being ahle tc My that no unfavorale change in oar foreign reUtioaa hta takes lare aince the mrmi|e at the opening of the last raston of Coagresa We are at peace with all nv ona, and we enjoy in an eminent degree the leMioga of that p*a<n, in a prosperous and growing commerce, and in all the forma of smiesWn ativual intercourse. The uaexampledgrowth of lie conntiy, the present amount ot it* lobulation, nd it* ample mean* of ?elf protection, saaurs far t I he reaped of all natioaa; while it is truated that la r haraiter for iui irr. an I a regard to the rights >? oiher State*. will can* that rrt,?l to he rea Illy and cheerfully paif. A convention wa? negotiated hetweeg tHe Uaitrd *! (? Hiid Gr?at Britain, in Ajtil laat, fur facilitaipg and jnoifcfin* ihr mna'ruction of aahip canal wiwrt i tne ic and IVieific ocean*. and tor .'tier |urj*>?e* Tlila Inatrumni.t haa ?iner beoa anfierf i>> the cofitrariint partiea, tlM evchaage of n11f)<mn ia haa b-mi effected, tad proclamation hrrf of hra h?en duly made In addition to the stipulation* contained in thin niKtiM) two other object* remain to Se accontli*hed betwrea ihe rofctrading p?>wef?. Fiiat, th) designation and e?tanli?hmeiit cf a free nrt at cm h end v' i^e anal Srrotd, an agreement fixing the distance f nia M efcora wi bin which belligerent inuit m?J ope tion* shall ml he carried t?n. Oa the* pMitla if lliile dotiht thai the t*f o g ivetnineau anil ir.e to an nwderMindiag The ecn.pau) * ( eilisers r>1 the t'aited 9'ate* who ave acquired from the S';ue of Nic*r*g>n >h?- |>ritlege i t ooettructiuc a ?Ut(> canal h. t#e<" n the two tea**, ihroagti ih? terrpor) of ihnt 4t <te, hava nnde pr?>*i? *>? in ?h< ir yfhminar) arrai?4*t?vot?? rh^ bet ?? # I !?? f?i<* ? td 0~*"t 5ut?iu, 11 ?he 1.1 u nf April t a'. iS .? * rHfrrr?d t?, >? .ig ww * ul ?p r<Uuo, U ia u/ h. !??#,> 4 tuitto

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